G32 Brooklyn Nets (8-23) on a Tough Road Game vs WAS Wizards (15-16)


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The Nets lost a close game on the road on a buzzer-beater against the Bulls 99-101 but it was encouraging to see how the Nets rallied and played well in Lin’s absence after he reinjured his hamstring for the 2nd time.

The good news is upon evaluation, Jeremy Lin’s injury is not as severe as the last one that caused him to miss 17 games. It is a bit of consolation to expect he will be back sooner than 17 games although it remains to be seen if the Nets would like to prepare Jeremy’s body to be stronger for the next comeback to prevent further injury.

Jeremy also expressed his gratitude for his fans for their support and prayers. He admitted how taxing the injuries have burdened him physically/mentally/emotionally by not being able to fight next to his teammates. But he will surrender the outcome to God and continue to work hard to get in the right shape again soon.


The Nets will face a tougher opponent on the road against the Wizards who is on the upswing by winning 8 straight home games. The Nets poor 1-15 record does not bode well in their chance to steal a road game but if they play hard and the defense holds up, anything can happen.

ESPN.com Game Preview article:

When one of the NBA’s hottest teams faces the team with the league’s second-worst record, John Wall and the Washington Wizards will get a chance to show the Brooklyn Nets just how much they’ve improved.

The Wizards (15-16) look to sweep a three-game homestand and win their eighth straight at home Friday night in their second meeting against the Nets (8-23) this season.

Washington triumphed in Brooklyn by rallying from a 16-point halftime deficit to get a victory 118-113 on Dec. 5. The Wizards had not found their groove yet as evidenced by a 124-116 loss to the Orlando Magic in the next game.

Since then, the Wizards are 8-3. That includes Wednesday’s 111-105 win over the Indiana Pacers.

KEY OF THE GAME: The Nets would need to continue to develop and improve their defense to win on the road. Without Lin, it would be hard to overcome the youthful inexperience but we can hope for the Nets to not give up and continue to fight despite their record.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. First…i hope fast recovery for lin!!!!

  2. Have a Speedy Recovery Lin!

  3. quiet in here

  4. of course

  5. yea.. 5.5 weeks this


  6. KA praised the Nets transition D vs the Bulls but expects a tougher challenge vs the Wiz

    “D.C.?Hear from Coach Atkinson about tonight’s matchup vs. the Wizards. #BrooklynGrit”

  7. If they play like the one vs Chicago, they can win. They just need to stop the overrated John Wall.

  8. I guess Lin did not travel to DC with the team?

    Wish that he recovers from the taxing injury soon!!

  9. John Wall is not overrated. Without John Wall, there would be no Jeremy in NBA. I cherish the comparison of Jeremy to John Wall.

  10. “Speedy recovery, JLin !!
    #Nets #JLin7 #WeNeedYouOutThere #TakeYourTimeButHurryUp ?”
    — @mikkelkaasgaar

  11. nets are like the cia. Im guessing Lin will be out 1 week or two. if it was longer they would of said somthing by now but I’m just guessing the secretive gamplans of the fbi-nets

  12. They are more like…. the MIB… literally, and figuratively!!

  13. Hard fought battle last game!
    We need this team to grab some wins even w/o JL7 on court. With Foye, Levert, and guys having little bit more experience – they will continue to improve. I Believe! It’s just the beginning and not the end.

  14. Sean Marks has alot of scenarios for this team in terms of
    1 trades,
    2 D-league /international additions ,
    3 pursuit of other teams 2017, 2018, 2019 1st round picks,
    4 caps space, ‘luxury tax saving’ deals for other teams.
    5 development of young nets for future or stat padding for higher trade value

    In light of this, the Lin injury and mostly everything about the Nets is kept very quiet AND Strategic. He has to always look to undo some of the losses from the Billy King superteam trades.

  15. Wall could have 6 assists by now. His guys aren’t converting shots. Whitehead looks good.

  16. Wall has become a very good passer.

  17. Marks should have went stronger for DMo at the beginning of the season and just get the deal done where Houston won’t match. D Mo adds a starting PF stretch 4 that will complement Booker at PF and help with Lopez and Hamilton’s rest days

  18. Not sure about Dinwiddie.

  19. is he messing up now? Im wondering should he start over whitehead today

  20. He looks bad. Whitehead has much more poise, better defense as well.

  21. the nets need to win a game like this unless theyre just looking at guys like this is glorified summer league

  22. last game even though it was close the nets looked horrible. the bulls disnt show up for 3.5 quarters and still won. this game mybe blow out

  23. not looking good

  24. Right now it doesn’t look good. They are turning the ball over and when the starters are out, they look terrible. LeVert continues to look good, RHJ looks like RHJ, but Hamilton and Dinwiddie don’t look good. Also Washington is a hot team right now.

  25. I finally made it to this Net vs Wizards game. Quite a few Asian faces..Sitting very close to visitors section. Apparently Jeremy could not make this trip. Wizards are playing well…

  26. Great ball-handling right there by Wall.

  27. who is gaurding trey burk

  28. you have to be a superstar to play motion offense bc you need to catch and shoot or catch and attack the basket. if you can’t score then you just give the game away to the other team
    this is on the players and equally on coaching. lack of confidence or lack of ability or lack of execution need to be addressed and fixed by coaches. this is a rant, but these guys are getting paid to make baskets and win games

  29. how does a guy who avrege 4 ppg have 20 points in the haif

  30. Harden.

  31. Wall is at 15/7. Sometimes he looks overrated to me. But not tonight. He looks like a solid PG.

  32. Sometimes the team is somewhat entertaining when Lin is out. But not tonight. Tonight they are tough to watch and nobody is getting it going, not Lopez, not Skil.

  33. Defense is always an issue.

  34. Wall’s speed and dunk was impressive. He’s very impressive in this game.

  35. LeVert is a good player.

  36. Another game with no interior defense allowing dunks after dunks.
    RHJ didn’t pay attention that time. But other players also lost their focus

    The Nets really need to figure out how to keep players accountable on D

  37. One of the worst games of the Nets..It is hard to watch and I even feel sorry for the players. Dinwiddie is making lots of mistakes..Non Asian spectators behind of me are cheering for the Nets..Nice to have them!

  38. Brook just can’t get his offense going tonight.

  39. no updates on jeremy right?

  40. Defense is their problem… rhj is the worst and KA keeps playing him… dont get it…

  41. Nets keeping it a secret again…

  42. The news came Wednesday night. His injury was in a different part of the hamstring as last time, it’s not as severe, and there is no timetable of his return. They aren’t going to announce much else, but we may hear when he practices with the team. That may take some times however.

  43. Who predicted NETS not going pass 21 W this season? He may be right – with or without JLin. KA may not be the only problem. Sad ?

  44. This team looks undisciplined… their defense is the problem… they cant stop anyone…

  45. I doubt the different part of the hamstring comment… im not a dr but that sounds suspiciously like they r trying to really stretch the truth to keep fans engaged… cant lose the bottom line!

  46. Well, the hamstring muscle has different parts, so I know why you would doubt them. I don’t think Marks is dishonest and I believe what they are saying.

  47. KA disappointed in team’s performance. Said they didn’t seem prepared to play. Put that on himself.

  48. KA actually put something on himself? That seems new. Is it new for him to take responsibility?

  49. Washington seems to play a PnR system and a bit of motion. But Wall just played great. 19/14. He’s not the greatest finisher at the basket but his jump shot fell. I think dunks are overrated, however you score at the rim you score. But Wall made a bunch of nice passes and played well.

  50. I cant watch nba tv bc mchale is a commentator!

  51. KA likes how LeVert is playing. I do too. I’m the most positive on him, pretty positive on Whitehead. Much less positive on RHJ. Hope we get to see McCullough. If he plays like a big Jeremy Lamb, that would be great.

  52. 2016 Nets record = 8W-24L (25% winning rate)

    With Lin as a starter = 4Wins-5Losses (44.4%)
    With less-than-100% Lin as a reserve = 0-3
    Without Lin, the Nets record is 4-12 (25%)

    Hope 2017 will bring a more Lin-ful experience

  53. 2 losses vs the 2 top teams of the nba. Dont forget that

  54. Think so.

  55. KA can’t discipline their players. These players just did whatever they wanted on court & gave up the game like that….??? Marks should trade them away. smh!

  56. It is rare to see a game post with less than 100 comments on this site :/

  57. actually, with Lin as a starter they had 3Wins-6Losses (33.3%)

  58. You’re correct.

    I mistakenly included the 1st preseason win on 10/6 DET

  59. No Lin, nothing to see. Just waiting till he’s healthy!

  60. no lin no sin

  61. It’s surprising Kilpatrick said so much. Here’s more :

    “As a team you’re not going to win — on the road especially — if you don’t come in together and try to play together. If everything is an argument almost every play that we go down, that’s what’s going to happen. Teams are going to pick that apart. And they saw that early in the game. They saw it very early.”

  62. I really think KA should take most of the blame on this bc if this coach is good enough why players need to argument about every play?? smh!

  63. Pray for strength and comfort for Ava Lee (Lin’s 8yr-old friend whom he requested prayers for her transplant a few months ago) & her family ?
    “Barring a miracle, it looks like we do not have much time left.
    It is a good thing, then, that we believe in miracles.”
    Ava’s mom ?

    It’s heartbreaking to read her mom’s words so any prayers and thoughts would help the family to go through this difficult time.

  64. They probably also miss Jeremy. At least, I hope they would argue less with him on the court …

  65. Thanks for sharing this. I can’t help to wept in my heart while reading Ava’s mom’s heart-breaking words. Praying God’s miracle and comfort for this sweet little girl and her family! ?

  66. must be talking about Bogdanovic who always seem lost on the defense AND offensive end

  67. We used to say Jeremy can lead a bunch of no name less talented players feel into playoffs as long as he has the ball in his hand to play PG.

    But look at this Nets team we were so ecstatic when Jeremy signed with the team the rookir HC displaying very little coaching teammates are so freaking raw and below average in talent and Jeremy himself over trained over started himself to be injured. This team is beyond awful. And thth belief that Jeremy can do wonder if he’s given the ball to play PG is evaporated. I don’t watch enough Nets games and do enough analysis…but the outcome is just disappointing and frustrating!!!

  68. Top Circus Shots of 2016

    – Lin #9, Brook Lopez #7


  69. Agree. After dropping so many games, you will see the team falling apart. So KA must stop making excuses. Not the time to experiment the lineup and start getting serious.

  70. Good indicator. Fans losing interest.

  71. Not surprising that players are bickering towards one another because KA didn’t really put players in orders who’s the leader and who’s not…everyone thinks now that they’re the man on their team.Nets don’t have any identity as a team it’s just a bunch of rag tag players trying to play for a spot.Lucky for them it’s the time to hone their skills but unfortunate enough that only 5 players are worth keeping.

  72. I wish in some ways Kilpatrick keeps this one in the locker room. There needs to be more direction and leadership from KA. I look at SAS playing agaist trail blazers, with both stars of team on bench, ie Dame and Kawhi. SAS’s next man up won the game. Aldrdige didn’t play well. But Simmons played well , and Kyle Anderson came up with rebounds. It is Pop’s expectation, and the players know what to co. Pop didn’t even yell.

  73. Not good. Guys like Lopez and Foye have to take some leadership now and get players on the same page.

  74. Tell me the Nets record with and without Jeremy Lin.

    If you wanna troll, try to be more creative.

    Happy New year anyway.

  75. That’s far more important than an hamstring injury.

    You really don’t have words in this cases…

  76. so what happened? did some mates argue about plays? when sean was running it or whatever? I didn’t see da game

  77. It takes a team to win and the right type of players in synergism to win. I never went along with the notion that add Lin to any team or combinations of players and they go to the playoffs, that’s an unrealistic expectation. I thought the Nets wouldn’t be a good team, but Lin believed he could give more of his game and himself with a bigger role as a starting PG.

    The thing with the Nets now is to see the leadership role Lin has and watch him contribute to making them more competitive, winning some games they’d lose without him. But, you have to allow how much time it takes as well.

    Also, it all begins with health. If Lin isn’t healthy, then we sit around and wait. That’s the thing to pray/hope for.

  78. We gotta STICK TO DA PLAN

  79. I think if players do believe or trust this coach. None of these would happen… KA seems to no authority to these players…After so many games, he’s still clueless on lineup or what really works or not??? smh!

  80. I agree. Right now lots of Nets players all think they are “the guy” for the team?? smh! Nets’ players are the worst teammates for Lin so far… Why Marks still doesn’t do anything yet?

  81. Does anyone else believe (or at least suspect) that with Lin’s first injury, the Nets knew it was something that would take about 6 weeks to recover, but decided to withhold that information to keep fans’ hopes up and buying tickets? If so, is anyone else annoyed or resentful about that fact? And if so, does that make others in general just not trust the Nets with their dispensing of information?

    There are many ways to deceive that are not outright lies, and there are many reasons to lose trust that don’t have to do with explicit misinformation. I don’t mind the Nets trying to make a profit, but in this case, it might have been at the cost of the fans’ feelings, trust, and ticket sales in the hopes of JLin playing (when they knew JLin wouldn’t play).

  82. I blame the messengers. I don’t even bother with this site now because all you get is negativity. Complain complain complain, lol. Who needs it? The world is hard enough without reading more whining.

    At least khuang made us think positive thoughts about how Lin can adapt his game to lessen his chance of injury. That was a healthy discussion. All we get here instead is blaming everyone attached to this team.

  83. No, Nets never said when Lin will be back, and never said how bad or how not so bad Lin’s injury was. It has always been fan’s speculation on when Lin will be back, and just like this time, I have seen people speculate it is only grade 1 and anticipate Lin back in two weeks, which, I don’t trust.

    Lin definitely had pretty bad injury the first time. He could hardly walk 3 days after the injury, but fans don’t care, and wanted him out in two weeks. I think Nets definitely holds him a little bit longer, but that’s different from rest him. It it not like he is healed, but Nets don’t allow him to play, it is really they just didn’t rush him back and ask him to play hurt.

    However, with current Nets situation, I’m not sure whether they will let him play earlier, I’d think they might ask him play hurt this time unfortunately.

    Just by the frustration Lin shown when he got injured, even Mark said it is less bad than the first time, I’m afraid it is not that much less.

    To be honest, I feel worse to know it is not re-injury but a new injury. That means he has two weak spot on his hamstring now, and the fact he got injured in different spot make it harder to heal, and second, make it harder to trust that hamstring now…….

  84. I thought he was directing to Lopez, since in games Lopez was very vocal, and yelling to his teammates about defense. I was listen to radio, and the commentators was praising Lopez to be vocal in this game and was hoping the players will start to hold each other accountable.

    Very surprised to see Kilpatrick is the person who complains, and talk this much, he mush thought he is some kind of leader in this team now. Really don’t like that.

  85. with Lin as starter, there are two games Lopez sit out resting too.

  86. “No, Nets never said when Lin will be back, and never said how bad or how not so bad Lin’s injury was.”

    Right, I agree with all that except the “No”, haha. A point of my second paragraph is that the Nets did not intentionally lie, or even lie at all, or put out a false statement. I think I agreed w/pretty much everything else you said in your comment too.

  87. LOL, feel the same way, first time hear him to take on any blame, he always “credit to them” guy……

  88. one thing is, the marketing department is not necessary in sync with the basketball department though. Nets has a very greedy marketing guy in CEO Yormark, he will market everything and anything. So it might not be Markinson’s decision.

  89. I like Lopez, LeVert, Bodg,and Harris. Kilpatrick need seasoning and coach discipline to stay in control. When Lin come back I think Nets will over perform and win some games. At present both the fans and players are frustrated. KA needs to adjust and force discipline or it can easily fall apart.

  90. that’s true, i never thought of that. i suppose the same is true of Lin, who might want to share more w/the fans, but it might not be his decision.

    still, lack of trust remains. (also, to be clear, I only suspect this about the Nets. maybe they in fact didn’t know how bad the injury was.)

  91. you and your pretentious comrade are always right and others are always trolling huuhh..give me a break you pretend to be itxxxxx

  92. they should know how bad the injury is, it is their doctor……

    I’m actually thought Marks come out to say Lin’s injury is not as bad is more about tickets sales this time though, more so than last time. Since Nets will have 2-3 weeks of all home games in Feb, and they were heavily marketed towards Lin. They had Taiwaness night, Chinese New Year, Lin’s bubble head night, all in that stretch, and at least now we all know without Lin, the team is not even watchable. So they could not afford people stop buying tickets during that period of time.

    That’s why they emphasis on Lin is not as bad as last time, so that people will continue to buy tickets for those games.

    This season, Nets pretty much win most of their games in home court, but gives up most games on the road, they still care about how the team works in their home court. And run most development line ups and plays on the road.

  93. that sounds right! I sure hope he is back by February for those games.

  94. 2016 NBA Bloopers

    Lin at 5:04


  95. Thanks! Also Lin’s hairstyles at 5:40

  96. Yes, you are correct! ?

  97. I had also wondered whether keeping Lin’s injury information secret is for the purpose to not discourage Lin fan who are flying all over the world and the U.S to keep buying tickets…If these fan are told Lin will miss a month or 2, than the likelihood to buy a ticket for a game in 2 weeks are very unlikely if this fan feels Lin will must likely not be back than.

    So it is in Brooklyn’s benefit to not telll anyone when Lin will be back and hope some of these Lin fan will still buy ticket while hoping Lin will be healthy by then.

  98. I think they don’t give details of injuries, nor do they give timetables. They didn’t with Whitehead, that aren’t saying much about Harris, and so on.

  99. Lin can lead any team to the playoffs under the MDA system but they are currently not running that.

  100. its very sad, but realistically speaking, there are millions of kids like this who are dying in gruesome ways all over the world. People only care about what is happening in front of them while ignoring the rest. It is unfortunate that Lin has gotten so deeply involved in this, because when nature takes its course, Lin will be devastated.

    Prayers to Ava and her family.

  101. yep..Lin is at that age where injuries are common and he can’t do what he did before without consequences.

  102. Well, I have been to a few raptors games but I never understood how it was any better than watching it on TV. Going to games is your decision, and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  103. You didn’t answer, sorry. And you don’t even post with a name.

  104. He’s been the main ball handler for the 2nd unit and take up a lot of minutes when Lin’s out. He gets the most minutes out of Lopez and Lin. It’s a good thing to speak up when things are right like Lopez and Kilpatrick. Too bad Lin doesn’t do that as often.

  105. My guess he’s out 3 weeks minimum and between 3-5 weeks. Coming back early just runs the risks of reinjury.

    I don’t think he came back too early from the last one, I think the earlier ankle turning contributed to the new injury.

  106. I also think 3 weeks the max bc he could walk right after injury not like last time….

  107. FLAGGED

    I’m tired of your incessant personal attacks.

  108. Perhaps Lin is rehabbing TOO MUCH.

    But I really don’t know – and nobody does including Lin and the Nets.

  109. I actually like to see Lin take his time to heal and wait for KA’s coaching to adjust and develop.

  110. Watching Harden vs. the Nets there are 2 reasons why he’s doing so well in addition to D’Antoni’s system. 1, there is no post-up center or ball stopper, 2. He is surrounded by good shooters. They convert a lot of the looks that guys on the Nets don’t convert for Lin. If Lin was on the Rockets he’d have tons of assists. Harden is a good one-on-one scorer.

    One thing I’d like to see Lin steal from Harden is before Harden gets trapped, he’s figured out two guys he can pass the ball to and passes to one of them. I don’t see Harden giving much effort on defense or having the overall disruptive nature a player like Lin has so I don’t see him as a total superstar. But he is a superstar on offense.

  111. Harden 24/9/10 at the end of the half. That’s great stats for a game, and he has that at the half. Definitely going to get a triple double unless he gets injured in this game, or ejected.

  112. Nets-Poet inspires me to write this. Want to wish everyone Happy New Year 2017 w/ a poem:

    Nothing can buy health
    Not even the greatest wealth
    Like a blink of an eye it can instantly disappear
    But have no fears, God is already ahead of you in the New Year
    For you do not know what might bring
    Count your blessings for time is ticking
    For much is given much is required
    So live your life as God inspires
    2017 has arrived around the globe
    New Year brings New HOPE!

  113. Thanks! Happy new year!

  114. No one cares…

  115. Uh, no. Lin has worked wonders when given the ball…he just hasn’t been healthy! He’s played about 7 healthy games and 5 half-games. He’s been fantastic and able to compete with all but the best 3-4 teams in the league.

    It’s all health, nothing else.

  116. You don’t need to reply like that. Just don’t read it. smh.

  117. Lin needs help. Can’t do it with just Lopez. He needs more consistent and more skilled players to get wins and not near-wins. Or an additional season.

  118. He needs help to be a top team. But he absolutely could have made the playoffs with this squad if he were healthy.

  119. Seriously, no one cares about him… or that org…

  120. It’s not about the org, it’s about appreciating another basketball player. I don’t even like Harden but his numbers are insane. MDA is associated with Lin, and to some degree so is Harden. Him playing in D’Antoni’s system may interest other people, you don’t speak for everyone on this board.

  121. i do like his TO numbers though.. 8

  122. Ends up with 53-16-17. Insane numbers.

  123. i like Melo’s numbers too.. 3/11, 0/2 3’s, -5, 7 pts

  124. At 53-16-17 that doesn’t matter. That’s still a 2:1 ratio.

    It’s ok for Lin fans to give other players credit sometimes.

  125. i like the Greek Freak’s numbers more but i’m sure nobody here cares. it’s a Lin site. we’re not obligated to report on our other heroes here. i’d feel like i’m shoving it down Lin Fan’s throat

  126. So what it is a Lin site. Lighten up people. Why not see it from a different POV. Look at how D’Antoni has elevated Harden’s game. I’m a Lin fan here like everyone else here but I can also appreciate when someone is performing at a special level on a night when Lin’s team is off. I find this really close-mined however and unless a Mod tells me it’s not OK to make a very occasional post of an ex-coach or player of Lin’s, I’ll do it occasionally when they have an exceptional night.

  127. lalallaa lala

  128. Happy new year, take the high road sometimes. Seriously.

  129. And I won’t be bullied by anyone here anymore over something so minor. you’re all just regular posters, you don’t tell or dictate to other posters what to do. Only psalms can do this. This isn’t your site, it’s his.

  130. i don’t know what you want. Congrats to Harden! from me i guess. so there ya go Happy New Year!

  131. Not to hear it’s a Lin site stuff from some posters. We’re all different Lin fans and some of us like to talk of other players occasionally. Vive la difference with Lin fans here.

  132. i don’t know why you’re getting your panties all in a bunch…

  133. I think sws94 has the habit to appreciate and praise the players whom we Lin fans do not appreciate on this site. In Chinese we say

  134. I don’t need attitude from some posters. I come here and post good stuff about Lin and totally support him. so drop the attitude. I’m not going to tolerate it. You and a few others do it. And I’m tired of it. Posting something about a player I don’t even like, but is playing on an exceptional level under Lin’s former coach is not something to have a big protest to. It’s not even important if you don’t even respond at all. I just get tired of some of the attitudes you have. It drives people away. Good posters too. It needs to stop.

  135. dood, i ain’t even arguing with you. i replied to kauaiblue and you start making it a me vs you thing. get a grip, please

  136. 哪壺不開提哪壺

  137. You’re always giving me attitude. Enough already. Anyway, I’m off this site for tonight. Tired of nonsense.

  138. you strange

  139. No personal stuff, Dorothy. Not allowed.

  140. Not, sick of what I’ve said. And I’m not the first one to post here to say this.

  141. Keep flaming other posters…. lol

  142. Who is “we Lin fans”? That’s the problem right there.

    I’m every bit a Lin fan as much as any other poster.

  143. You’re flaming me. I didn’t start anything tonight. you’re another one with the attitude of “we are the real Lin fans” nonsense. You’re not. Just because I acknowledge how well an NBA player plays doesn’t mean that Lin isn’t my favorite player.

  144. Post in English. Not everyone knows this language.

  145. Go to clutchfans then and praise him with all your lil heart desires… lol

  146. oh, i’ve been so out of the Marvel comics loop that i didn’t even know the original Hulk (Bruce Banner) died and now there’s even a She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) who is the cousin of the new Hulk (Amadeus Cho). pretty cool stuff


  147. We know… she appears to be a fake fan to many of us for some time now…

  148. but then he or she wouldn’t get the kind of response he’s or she’s going for like on this site

  149. nah, she’s a real fan.. of drama

  150. Flagged.

  151. Flagged. This is exactly what needs to stop on this site. This is what bring this site down. And you couldn’t be more wrong either.

  152. Lol

  153. just playing, dang

  154. I’m not. I’m not here to play games or get into petty stuff. I’m here to mostly talk of Lin, and if another player in the NBA does something exceptional, I may mention it very occasionally.

  155. well, i don’t know why you’d post up Harden’s numbers and leave out the 8 TO’s. i’m sure it’s great even without the 8 TO’s. but whenever Lin does any little thing like get 4 TO’s, you’ve always got something to say about it? and then i post the 8 TO’s, and you’ve got all kinds of problems with it. and then you’d get into your “move on” mode

  156. Move on.

  157. that’s what i thought

  158. You know dam well that most if not all here despise houston rockets… get that stuff outta here and you wont get these types of responses… understand?

  159. Mods wont do anything… you skirt the line and they know it…

  160. mods be like, now now kids, play nicely

  161. You don’t own the site and you are out of line. That’s what you need to understand. And if you were really familiar with me you’d know I despise the Rockets as well. Don’t respond to me anymore. You’re not worth my time.

  162. I said to move on because this discussion needs to be done with. I mentioned Harden’t exceptional numbers and I haven’t said anything about Lin’s turnovers. Go back a few games and I had a discussion with another poster who thought Lin having 5 TOs was a big deal and I said it wasn’t. So, you have NO idea of what you’re talking about.

  163. Well, swrioisly, posters like sws94 have along history of skirting the line… putting jlin down unnecessarily and praising layers we all despise… i dont believe that is positive at all… we need to call these posters out…

  164. It’s their site and up to them. I did what’s in the guidelines to do. Anyway, is this really what you are here for? We can ignore each other, that’s fine with me.

  165. I will call you out each time you do this…

  166. you’re nothing but someone with a bad attitude who knows absolutely nothing about my posting history about Lin.

  167. I wll respond… and call you out each time you pull this stuff…

  168. x1000

  169. Any mods here? Some posters here seriously have a grind to ax. That’s not what this site is for.

  170. I hope one day you find out why you have this ax to grind against me. You’re so off-base I actually feel sorry for you.

  171. Thank you dorothy… you can see her bs… thats why i left that other site…

  172. yo, don’t pull me into this. i was just replying to kauaiblue and you start accusing me of stuff

  173. LOL, 做賊的喊捉賊

  174. Mods, ive been here and the other site a long time… i support jlin and this site 100 per cent and agree with your mission… however, i can tell who is a fake and i just cant let these posters muddy up this place … your call… but i think many agree that this poster is disingenuous…

  175. Huh?

  176. Happy new year!!

  177. i responded to your “No one cares…” post with “i do like his TO numbers though.. 8” and then sws86 got all up on me for it. that’s all

  178. Happy New Year east coasters!

  179. mods are out getting drunk at New Year parties

  180. You’re obsessed just like a bunch more here. That’s what I think of you. You’re paranoia or whatever it is gets in the way of any clear thinking. You need to go find some disingenuous posters, go find them. But it’s not me.

  181. I dont care what u think…

  182. Good, then don’t care about what I post either and leave me alone. I don’t need you to respond to me ever again.

  183. or talk about me with your fellow paranoid poster friends here.

  184. I do care about what is posted here… we only have a few years to do this and posters like you do more harm… this is not about you…

  185. x 1000

  186. Geez, are you still going on. It’s not your site, you have too much self-importance. Let psalm discipline and worry about me, just post whatever you want and ignore me.

    This is so ridiculous. Lin fans on the other Lin fans, a bunch of them, posted about Harden’s performance and none of this nonsense happened. There are Lin fan sites all over that talk about other players having exceptional years or performances occasionally. You’ve made a big deal out of nothing.

  187. x1000 that you’ve got this stupid ax to grind and can’t get over it. Too bad. But I’m going nowhere. So enjoy your ax.

  188. haha…happy new year guys!

  189. 2017!

  190. umm…I care actually. I hated harden before for being a ball hog, but numbers like that you would be insane to ignore.

  191. Mods, shes doing it again…

  192. Thats great rick… just not here please…

  193. you know whats funny…something we can ALL agree on? Even with harden scoring 53 points, and 16 assists, the rockets barely beat the KNICKS by 7 points. Ball Hog no D Harden is all show, and no substance. Always was, always will be

  194. Exactly. lol.

  195. I’ll be curious to see how far this will go. I only watched the first half of the game. The Knicks were missing Porzinges.

  196. thats even worse…i’ll admit the rockets have a good team this year. Hard to say they don’t, what with harden, ryan anderson, eric gordan, a decent bench and a GREAT coach.

    However most of their wins have been against weak teams. They beat the warriors once early in the season, but it went to double OT. They also beat the spurs once. Most other wins have been against weak nba teams. A HUGE part of their success is that the west has gotten significantly weaker. OKC has been crippled, the mavericks are tanking, clippers are also in decline. Lakers are on the upswing but they are still young. Portland has been stuck in middle of the rankings. Even the spurs have gotten weaker with timmy’s retirement and TP/manu aging. Only the warriors are elite in the west at this stage, and it seems that rockets are taking advantage of that gaping hole.

    Both the cavaliers and raptors would demolish the rockets. Even celtics would be a tough matchup for the rockets. The east is stronger than the west this year, except for the warriors.

  197. anderson opens the court nicely and gordan is a good vet point guard

  198. I put the Rockets as a 4th or 5th seed playoff team. D’Antoni has talent around Harden. Part of me thinks if Harden could play with another creator, he and Lin would be an incredible backcourt. But I don’t really think he can. He’s a ball hog, he gets the assists, usage, etc. and doesn’t give much effort on D event though he rebounds well.

  199. they are currently in 3rd, and have pretty much solidified their place. I don’t think they will climb above the spurs, let alone the warriors by the end of the season. Who knows though? Some of it is luck, and its now rockets time to get lucky especially with how crappy the west looks this year.

    You summarized harden nicely…he is a hardcore ball hog, and wouldn’t work well with Lin. We saw how that experiment ended.

  200. i accept your apologies, sws94!

  201. I didn’t apologize. So stop it and call it a night.

  202. it’s still just 10:30 here in California. not even the New Year yet!

  203. I like sws posts. Harden did set a record so It is interesting.

  204. Well web, you r in the minority… im not sure why anyone would highlight his accomplishments here on jlinportal.com… a good simile: going to nancykerrigan.net and boasting about tonya harding… lol

  205. lin did that during linsanity… its all because of mda that harden is able to pass the peopl effortlessly..

  206. What’s your name? Spot? oh i get it, you’re spotless spoton spoting spotiege flaw flawless thats your name hahaha that’s your real name? or abcdefghi…acbd acbc oh well whatever if thats your name


  207. To sws94, if Jeremy wants to have insane triple double stats he can do it only he choose to be selfish.

    But Jeremy isn’t a selfish PG. He makes plays to elevate his teammates performance.

    So please stop the nonsense of singing praises of selfish lazy player like Harden on this site. And you owe us an APOLOGY for repeatedly trolling this site!

  208. Exactly.

  209. I agree. If you give the chance, playing time & ball all in your hand the whole game. Right now I am not even impress w these big number anymore bc most of that was created by coach for this player to succeed. Like RW, Harden… Ya! They are talent but also luck to get all the chance for them.

  210. Nicely put.

  211. lol….

  212. Fully agree…

  213. yup…

  214. Couldnt agree mo…

  215. People can make the same argument about Lin under D’Antoni. I think Lin’s talent isn’t due to D’Antoni only, he helped but it was mostly Lin. I just happened to stumble on the Knicks game and they happened to be playing Houston. I really want to see how Rose was doing. As the game progressed, I noticed that on Lin sites and all over other basketball sites, people were noticing Harden’s big game. Let’s not make this more than it is, I’m not the only poster on a Lin site that noticed and commented on Harden but only here was the reaction as overblown. And it isn’t related to Lin, either. It’s an OT. If psalm doesn’t want this fine, but it’s not something unique that happens on a site of one player, to talk about another when that player is injured or out.

  216. It’s true under MDA system most of PGs can have good stats. Harden is doing even more than just under MDA system bc even Morey said he’s just doing whatever he wants on court as usual…

    Of course you can post whatever you want but if you know Lin’s fans don’t like to hear news on Harden specially his big number stats why need to post & waste time to argue about these…? Just IMO.

  217. There are no monolithic “Lin fans.” Some Lin fans don’t want to hear it while others don’t mind talking about other players because if Lin isn’t playing, we just watch a game and comment on it and share with others. It isn’t a slight to Lin, because Lin is inactive now.

    This is the only LIN site where there was such hostility expressed over Harden. And anyone familiar with me knows that I’m no fan of Harden either. I simply commented on his big numbers, I didn’t say I liked him, he was great, etc., just that he put up the numbers. If some fans don’t the post, just ignore it. But don’t start up the usual nonsense that I’m somehow not a Lin fan, that’s what I’m not going to tolerate. I was at Barclays on Monday when Lin was injured, did a long report on Lin at that game, and was more upset about Lin losing more time going down again than I was excited about the win or anything else that night. So, I’m sick of people like Dorothy questioning my Lin fandom. I’m not here to please her. She should mind her business and leave me alone and not comment when others comment on me. I don’t do that to her. Ever. I don’t question her Lin fandom or anyone else’s. Nobody should do that to me or any other poster that posts in a different manner and people like kauaible and Dorothy aren’t the site’s police. We are all Lin fans here. We may have different opinions, and we certainly have different experience in watching the NBA. But we are all big fans of Jeremy Lin.

  218. You’re not a mod.

  219. It is interesting that looks like the Nets had a player-only meeting right after the game.

    Yet Kilpatrick still vented to the media about the bickering back and forth after that.



  220. yeah, I post it on this site too, LOL

  221. Ha, I just posted this the same time, but mentioned you posted this elsewhere.

  222. Why players only? Not happy about coach?

  223. Yes, I admit and most of fans here will agree that Harden, WB, Lebron are great NBA offense players. That’s how it is in NBA context, whoever can score are the kings on the court.

    But, just but, if you put these men back in 2012 under Knicks, would they recreate Linsanity? I doubt.

    Now fast forward to 2016, if you put these guys on Nets team playing these 30 games, would they far better? Maybe, scoring wise. Maybe carry the team to win some games. But this is a rebuilding process that delayed by Lin’s injuries. We will have to be patient to see how Lin can turn this team around.

    If there is one NBA player that can turn this lowly Nets team into a layoff team, that’s Lin. And we need to just need to sit back and see how Lin does it.

    Happy New Year from New York.

  224. It’s pretty common, players talk freely among themselves and try to hash things out.

  225. Bad fit. They already have Terrence Jones.

  226. LOL, they are going to have the argument of TJ and D-Mo who should play more again…..

  227. It is interesting that Westbrook, Harden could not co-exist with any other good players and stars, but they could go extreme with what their personal performance leads to.

    There is a reason why OKC decided to ship out Harden, and why Durant left OKC to team up with other players.

    Because those are the players who could not work with other team members, they could only go to the highest where they can go by themselves, but could not take his teammates help, and worse thing is, they prohibit their teammates help.

    As splendid as James Harden is, he leads the team to first round exit, that’s a total waste of his own talent, and a waste of players who play around him.

    I think it is not like fans on this site could not recognize talent, or refuse to admit their talents, it is just that, there are times talented players not playing in a right way. And it is totally okay for people just not being a fan for that kind of talent, or maybe not really against his talent, but against that type of way to play.

    Sorry about this rant, it is not target to you, but I don’t want to start another line with the same topic, and I don’t want to put it under some other discussion where people feel entitled to ignore majorities opinion by only acknowledge to modes voice.

  228. May be not beverly even under MDA system…lol

  229. Agree with you. Different players has different strength. In the end, only the title matters. It is up to the coaches and players (stars or not) to work together to make it happen. Lin has the power to make people around him elevate themselves to play in a higher level. Nets is the perfect platform for him. It just takes time and process and I believe Lin can do it, as long as KA let him.

  230. Just a question. If DM signs with Pelicans, can he be traded to Nets?

  231. Majority rules is not healthy. You’re a great poster but all posters here should feel free to post in their own way as long as it is in the spirit of the forum. That’s why the mods are the ultimate deciders on posters, not other posters. In fact, when that happens, you run the danger of cliques, which brings the quality of the forum down.

  232. I agree and I think KA supports that. But KA supports it in his own framework. And it will take time. I think Lin’s challenge is to be the force that can impose his will on a game and balance it with bringing out the best in all of his teammates on the floor with him while still being the defensive force he’s been. And he’s been a defensive force.

  233. LBJ is on a whole different level. I will agree JH and RWB at about the same level. I don’t see the use of putting them to 2012 Knicks. 2016, In 2016, LBJ, and JH have team mates who are talented. RWB’s team mates are not as talented. Lets hoe Jlin will turn Nets into a playoff team. Maybe take 2017-8.

  234. I am definitely not a JH fan and in the past few yrs Rox came short. This yr, I fear they have a reasonable chance to go to the western conference finals b/c of MDA. This comes from a SAS fan who is a bit cautious and not looking forward to a SAS /Rox second round in playoff. So far this season SAS :Rox is 2:1, so Spurs can do no worse than splitting the 4 games. I hope and pray SAS will eliminate Rox in 2nd round.

  235. Was Jlin in the meeting?

  236. I am not a JH fan, don’t even want to think about him or watch him. Just want to clarify, you are not saying players who manages triple doubles are selfish? I remember celebrating JLin’s first triple double a few yrs back. I think a player can hog points and assists, and assists have to be assessed in the context of TOs. That is why when CP3 had a game with 20 assists and no TO a few wks ago that was so special. I guess you can call double double selfish. But 10 or more rebounds are difficult. Just look at Brook Lopez’s STATS, he is a center, he is supposed to grab rebounds. But he is rather weak in the rebound department.

  237. Hate to ask, but is Lin going to play next game?

  238. Lin isn’t cleared for practice yet. Last time, he practiced, then he played. We have to hear that he practices with the team first. I think they’ll announce he’s out today or tomorrow.

  239. Lol who are you to ask anyone for an apology? you are not the judge on what counts as trolling on this site..just because Sws doesnt share your views on what Lin can and cant do does not make him a troll..stop being ignorant and childish.

  240. Did the team practice after came back? Today maybe dayoff since holiday.

  241. People on here calling calling Sws a Troll for mentioning Hardens big game should call themselves Trolls for mentioning Golden state on this forum in a good light even though they cut Lin yeah..yeah thats how dumb it sounds seriously get over yourselves and start a Trolldetective agency.

  242. I don’t know. Teams don’t always get holidays off but maybe they did.

  243. Thanks.

  244. Well, you girls go on to some other site and talk about them as much as like… i speak about sws94 as someone who has a long history ad pattern of posting suspicious anti jlin crep… this is not positive at all… you go on and read these posts and make your own conclusion… so please investigate before posting something like this…

  245. Harden has games where he’s very selfish. But, I watched the game, and he played a fine (offensive) game. Well, I watched the first half of it. Harden has improved. But he still hasn’t showed he can play well with other playmakers, something that Lin and someone like Parker and Stef Curry has shown they can do.

    When it comes to Lin, he’ll get a triple double sometimes and such, but numbers don’t tell the whole story with any player. Lin makes the big hustle plays, the stops, the rebounds, the key pass or shot or draws fouls on key players, these sort of stats aren’t what the media leads with but are just as crucial to me as any.

    There are plenty wonderful players out there to enjoy, and the fact that Lin holds his own against many of them just shows how good he is.

  246. Again, you’re out of line to talk to other posters like that. You’re not a mod. Flag whatever you don’t like by any poster, and let the mods handle it. That’s per the site’s guidelines, by the way. You can also block posters you don’t like and don’t want to see their posts.

  247. I will speak to whomever in the fashion that i see fit and is acceptable to the mods here… and i will continue to call attention to your constant presence here with posts which in my opinion do not follow the spirit and mission of this website…

  248. In other words, you’ll stay obsessed. Well, that’s your issue.

  249. Youre the with 20,000 comments… lol

  250. And? I’m not trying to portray you as anything. You post on Lin, I agree or not. You’re obsessed with me, and that’s not healthy.

  251. Nah i like it here the mods dont seem to have a problem with Sws. You expect me to believe you have looked thru the 20000 comments Sws has made or are you just nitpicking to fit your agenda? Well lets make a rule then right? lets not talk about anything not related to Lin no warriors no nothing right? since i am just a regular poster and not some mod i feel i have the right to make this rule so now i want everyone to follow it, if you dont like it well then go to another forum!!! yeaaaaaaaah

  252. You dont nees to read 20k posts to see a pattern…rule? You said it, not me… but you really should investigate before making accusations against multiple posters…

  253. Lol…weak… try again…

  254. ah please who did i accuse? did i mention any names? i have seen this once a year against sws lol it’s the same thing…obviously the mods dont agree now do they so why not just block sws or ignore the comments if you feel triggered by them?

  255. Read above and below…

  256. why dont you just ignore sws if the poster bothers you this much?

  257. Bc i care about this website and i care about what is said about jeremy lin…

  258. Is Sws in any way damaging this website or Jeremy lin? If so why haven’t the mods banned Sws despite numerous claims sws is a Troll? Who makes you the judge on who cares about what? If you have proof of Sws trolling well then lay them out.

  259. Look, why dont you read and do some research… there are multiple regular veteran posters who agree…

  260. im not the one accusing Sws of being a troll now am i? convince me sws is a troll lay out some proof you cant say someone is a troll and not lay out something that proves it can you? I mean i dont feel like i would want to read 20000 posts so why dont you just share the ones you felt were trollish that would be dandy!

  261. You do your own work!

  262. ah too bad.

  263. I don’t know about that. Every teams and coaches styles are different. Harden, Westbrook – they are superstars – hands down, no question. As for JL7 – he still have yet to prove that to the world. With that said, within this Nets system – I seriously doubt Harden and RW can do better than Lin. So far, Lin hasn’t played much yet this season. If Lin is on Rox under MDA or OKC they will definitely make playoffs and more in WC.

  264. Thats up to you… i will say this… i assume you hve read about the obstacles, mistreatment, racial discrimination, and difficulty jlin has endured to get to where he is… in particular, houston displayed extreme unprofessionalism and marinalization toward him in favor of a player who seems to embody the opposite of what jlin and this website stand for… i just want to make sure that peope are reminded of this…

  265. Yeah i have read it all and i know it is not easy being the only Asian/american in the league hell it’s probably Lonely i would think. But Lin has preservered and come out a better player and person out of it all while he is still becoming better and better as a player. Lin being injured leaves not much to talk about on Lin forums. Hope this is the last of it.

  266. It’s really silly to debate who’s better for a team. Bottomline is that team is making the playoff and keep moving forward. I’m not going to say Lin is better or not because there’s many variables to winning. One thing sure: Lin can hold his own if given the chance and supports. And that’s all I want.

  267. Well said. Cannot agree more. Character and style of play are at least as, if not more, important as talent. Duncan is the best example.

  268. I enjoy reading your post here & at realgm – do keep posting …

  269. Sws posting more subtle comments andd casual fans may not notice or read between the lines. Anyways I reckon refrain from posting other players exploit on a JL fan site will be more positive and better in fostering better fellowship here. Haha cheers

  270. Big numbers playing the wrong way may not garner as many accolades, but leading a team and being great includes shouldering the scoring load when needed and winning. Lin proved he could accomplish that during Linsanity.

    Harden is a good scorer but he loses my respect because he is a flopper, a turnover machine and horrendous defensively.

  271. Agreed.

  272. Good observations but Harden is more often then not a selfish player that can’t coexist with a so-called superstar on the same team. The annoyance he brings to the game by selling/flopping for free throws should be stop by the league to instil more professionalism in the NBA not that the NBA fraternity itself is professional in the 1st place. Haha cheers

  273. Happy New Year 2017 to Jeremy Lin, his family and all Lin fans in the world (his extended family)

    May 2017 bring fresh hope, spirit, and blessings to you, your family, and your loved ones ? ? ? ? ✨ ? ?

    I don’t know about you but 2016 has been an extremely hard year for so many people with personal losses and illness, celebrities deaths, divisive US elections, and many bad things around the world. I noticed the negativity has even impacted Lin fans here more than usual; people are less patient with others, focused on the negatives more, and lash out our frustration and disappointment of JLin being sidelined while he was supposed to star in his own team with the Nets.

    The sad news of the passing of Ava Bright Lee, Jeremy’s 8-year old friend, who went to heaven at 12:01 on January 1st was also heart-breaking and sobering to some of us who have gotten to follow her story. Jeremy shared how his struggles and problems paled in comparison to what Ava and her family had to go through. She and her family cheered and relished Jeremy’s visits that lifted up their spirits. She wore Lin’s Nets jerseys in many FB pictures. As her mom shared, she has changed our lives and she has changed the world. She has such a sweet spirit and such joy in her despite her struggles that touch everyone.

    My hope is that 2017 will bring a fresh new start for us to focus on gratitude and blessings. Let us give the benefit of the doubt for fellow Lin fans who might have different opinions that us. Let’s fill our time with goodness and focus on the common ground of hope and support for JLin and everything that he stands for on-court and off-court.


  274. Jeremy said his farewell to sweet Ava on Instagram ?
    May God give strength and comfort to her family ?

    RIP Ava Bright Lee…you were the sweetest, God-fearing little girl and I’ll miss you #welldone #teambrighterdays #eternalhope


  275. Nets have loads of issues about time they had one. If your team is at the bottom of the league it obviously has issues. Hope JLin spoke up and was at the meeting.

  276. He wasn’t physically there because it was after the Wizards game on the road and Lin didn’t travel with the team. He may have used FaceTime or something like that to attend it. I didn’t read about him saying anything, Lopez commented on the meeting.

  277. i want Booker to be the starting PF. no need to pursue Milsaps

  278. SWS frequently choose to protect/supports players who JLin was marginalized for ex: Harden, Walker, coach Cliff. There’s definitely a pattern to SWS’s posts which is quite annoying including being negative in regards to JLin’s game. There’s a difference with GSW because Lin wasn’t marginalized because of Curry his rival on that team was Monta Ellis. Not to mention Curry is one of his best friends in the NBA the kind he will hang out and train with during off season!

  279. I don’t, Booker is horrible and selfish on offense and defense needs to go. Seriously they have a 1st round draft pick in McCullough, Hamilton, and a starter in Lopez they don’t need another PF! Meanwhile they need to develop and give more minutes to McCullough as a starter.

  280. Booker and rjh need to go to the d league!

  281. Booker was drafted in 2010 he’s a 29 year old veteran already he needs to go period. RHJ should’ve been the one who was sent to d league, not McCullough. RHJ continues to play selfish and go on his ugly iso misses.

  282. Agreed.

  283. Booker isn’t selfish at all. he’s playing the right way and is a team player. he and Lin are the only two guys who are 2-way players on the team. i think they have good chemistry. RHJ and Bog on the other hand needs to go. Lopez also needs to be traded for good assets while his value is still high. he’s not a good PNR Big and a horrible rebounder. and although he can shoot the 3’s, it’s a bad idea for a center to be shooting 3’s and not grab rebounds instead

  284. Booker kept going on his selfish iso at the rim while missing all of them just like RHJ. He can’t defend or chooses to give up on plays all the time. He only stopped after his 1 game DNP and being benched but his defense is still awful. When he goes coast to coast and takes it himself it usually ends up in TO or an ugly miss.

  285. selfish is when a player repeatedly breaks plays and goes ISO for their own stats. the Nets without Lin has no one who can dribble penetrate so when all that passing out in the perimeter got them nowhere, they have to find their post up players. Lin usually tries to find Booker when he’s in trouble because they have good chemistry. and i only see Lin and Booker do heavy lifting on both ends of the floor

  286. Rest in peace, Ava!

  287. Rest In Peace, Ava.

    You teach us to appreciate things around us.

  288. I personally think most of the stuffs you said have always been fair and square, Don’t be discouraged.

  289. Joe, thanks.

  290. RIP…sad to see a kid pass so young.

  291. Rest In Peace Eva.

  292. Booker just to need to mellow sometimes and let their Pg plays the right way(either Lin is in or not). His eagerness and competitiveness dampens his skills and decision to do the right thing..Coaching can help in making him the right player for the team because he has potentials..His defense is wavering to non existent because sometimes , his plays was dictated by his will to be the offensive player he wish he could be.

    team must teach all players including booker to be responsible in all their actions on court, otherwise they will be punished by being in the bench.

  293. they seems to love houstons rejects (or those who reject Houston?..LOL!!!)

  294. he needs to convince the team he can be a capable DEFENSIVE and offensive PF the team needs.

  295. this horrible team makes even Lin look bad on defense. Lin and Booker are the only two guys who are hustling and helping out on defense. in the Raptors game, i believe Booker called out Bog because of several lapses in defense by Bog leaving Booker vulnerable down low. Booker is the last person on this Nets team that i have a problem with. to me, the team needs to have a talk with Bog, RHJ, and Whitehead. and Kilpatrick needs a talk on the defensive side

  296. if the Nets are pursuing Ricky Rubio, then i’m all for it. they need a guard who can play defense and Rubio is a veteran presence the team needs. he can either come off the bench or start in the back court with Lin. i think Lin and Rubio complement each other very well. Rubio is a good perimeter defender, very scrappy, and has great vision. the Nets actually need Kilpatrick to be the scoring 6th man, and let’s move Whitehead further down the bench

  297. I recently watched this video by BBallBreakdown highlighting Rubio’s inability to score was such a huge issue on the offensive end. I thought I knew that until I watch the clips on Rubio’s issues in finishing drives.

    Rubio’s need to have the ball in his hand might also present a problem to Lin as a PG. Also, the Nets MO offense doesn’t suit Rubio because everyone would need to be able to score. IMO, I don’t think the Nets would pursue Rubio, possibly find defensive big men/shotblockers to solve the Nets defensive issues on the paint.

    Coach Nick went through the footage to identify one of the many issues plaguing this young Minnesota Timberwolves team under head coach Tom Thibodeau. While Ricky Rubio is able to run the team and generate assists, his inability to score causes a cascade of issues on the offensive end.

  298. Rubio is like a higher character Rondo, who do not have offense, and who do not have defense.

  299. No, Lin wasn’t on the trip with the team.

  300. he’s a very bad finisher but his defense and court vision is what the Nets are missing in the back court right now without Lin on the floor. and if Rubio is Lin’s back court partner, that would take the load off Lin a bit on defense and maybe Lin wouldn’t suffer further hamstring injuries. the way the offense is run, Lin doesn’t have a pure point guard role anyways so Rubio won’t be taking the ball out of Lin’s hands anymore than the next guy. they’re just passing the ball around the perimeter and hoping that someone is open or make a play, so now you’d have two guys who can do something with the ball instead of playing hot potato. the Nets have good shooters but they’re in a shooting slump. they really need to step it up defensively and on the boards if they want to compete. if they can pick Rubio up then that solves the perimeter defensive problem, but i believe they will also need to address the Center not being able to rebound effectively

  301. i think Rubio plays defense pretty well unless he’s regressed lately on that end of the court. but anything is better than what the Nets have in the back court besides Lin

  302. give me Delly over Rubio any day of the week! Delly and Lin together will disrupt any high powered offense.

  303. uh, you know Booker is undersized, do you? He is the same size as Bojan, only 1′ taller than RHJ. He is only 6’8. He got killed on the board when a real big player is playing against him.

    BTW, I wouldn’t consider Booker a two way player, he might be okay in defensive end, but really limited in the offensive end though.

  304. no

  305. well, people used to think Rondo plays defense pretty well too……

    Rubio had the same problem as Rondo, who gamble too much, go for the steal, which is pretty flashy……

  306. i never thought Rondo played defense well. i’ve always felt he was carried by the Big 3 in Boston. he has long arms and hands but couldn’t shoot at all. Rubio to me didn’t gamble, he was just very good at being in position like right in front of the offensive player receiving the inbound pass. that’s a low risk, high reward attempt for a steal

  307. Rubio will probably go for a lot cheaper and Delly may not even be on the trading blocks

  308. he plays big for his size. and he’s strong. he’s a PF and sometimes plays Center. he can also hand the ball so he’s a good option for an outlet pass

  309. Lin wasn’t horrible on one on one defense as well as team defense..and that’s a fact…when everyone onthe nets already given up on a play, jeremy was all there trying to disrupt and some of the time was able to accomplished that. Team can be horrible because of team defense, but you can isolate a player and could still say he can defend. and that’s my take, (not just because i follow but simply because i saw facts during those times i followed his plays.)

    with regards to Booker, the only problem i saw was that he tend to waver on hos defense for the good of his offense most of the time. but i have no problem with his tenacity and aggressiveness. its just most of the time his efforts were misplaced due to being undisciplined. so with other players you also mentioned

  310. well, you and i are splitting hairs on Lin. my point was that this team is so bad that guys like Lin and Booker who actually defend their own guys AND help defend get burned for it and end up looking bad on the defensive end. Booker isn’t the greatest defensive nor offensive player but he’s pretty good and he puts the efforts into it. i’ll have to watch closely and see what you mean about him wavering on the defensive side but this seem a bit picky especially when you got guys like Bog, RHJ, Whitehead, Scola, etc aren’t doing anything on the defensive side and are boneheads on the offensive side. the immediate need for the team isn’t a PF to replace Booker, it’s the weak backup point guard, starting shooting guard, and starting small forward. also, they need to figure out if they really want a center out in the perimeter shooting 3’s while they’re getting killed on the boards

  311. I do feel that given the fact that Rubio can’t shoot, Lin will be off the ball way too much…I’d rather Lin play with a PG that can also play off the ball while the 2 take turns facilitating.

    A guy like Knights of the Phoenix Sun would be better because he can shoot and can also help Lin facilitate

  312. wow, I wasn’t aware that she passed away..May she rest in peace and I’m sure she’s with Jesus in heaven since she was so innocent and was too young to be too tainted by the world.

  313. Jane (@JaneUSA7Taiwan) tweeted at 12:48 AM – 2 Jan 2017 :

    Ava Lee’s testimony at her baptism a few months ago. A little girl fought against leukemia with grace & courage. #TeamBrighterDays #RIPAva https://t.co/UhLpHaT7mA (http://twitter.com/JaneUSA7Taiwan/status/815842126671986688?s=17)

  314. Nets would pursue anybody who would be available in the market that’s how bad their purchasing power at this moment so whether you like it or not,they will acquire any available veteran players.

  315. Hi everyone!!!!! We are done with 2016 and 2017 is here!

    Happy New Year to everyone…the the year brings the best of Lin and his fans!

    Wishing ya all a prosperous year ahead.

    Just got back from vacation…looks like Lin really need lady luck’s help.

    Hope the recovery will be speedy and come back stronger.

    Cheers 🙂

  316. Get Asik from Pelicans if they’re willing to dump his contract and I bet they will then move Lopez to PF(that’s probably his natural position since he is already shooting 3’s).Asik would solve some defensive woes from the paint.Move Booker to SF,although he would be dusted by several SF’s he can be effective against many teams.KA should realized that Levert has tremendous skills by now on both ends of the floor so it’s just smart to give him more playing than other youngsters to get him prepare next year.

  317. Be forward, this is a very long article that I hope can explain what Atkinson and th Nets are trying to achieve.

    These 2 articles illustrate what happens when rules change the nature of any sport. This change in the NFL rules changed the game from a pounding ground game to an aerial assault . I’m sure many other sports have gone through such changes. Having been involved in tennis, I’ve seen how artificial adjustments can change the way the game is played and how coaches have had to make adjustments in tactics and strategy.



    “The NFL has taken step after step forward in its identity as a passing league. While no change has been as transforming as the Mel Blount Rule, the total effect is clearly seen. The growth in numbers is certainly not as dramatic as the late 70s, but the decade by decade totals show remarkable numbers, especially in the latter half of the 2000s.”

    “The number of 300 yard passing games has skyrocketed in the last decade. There was a g jump from the 70s (149) to the 80s (522). This was likely due to the Mel Blount Rule and the fact that more games were being played with the league also switching from a 14 to 16 game schedule in 1978. This stat again ballooned like Rex Ryan’s waistline as we crossed into the 2000s. From 2000-2010, there were 843 300 yard passing games (75 of which were 400 yard performances). 422 of the 300 yard games occurred from 2006-2010.”

    I’ve seen many changes in the game of tennis from advancements in equipments wood to metal and graphite. When Wimbledon got so “boring” because points were averaging less than 3 strokes, the ruling bodies decided to artificially slow it down. Balls became heavier and slower. Courts became slower by adding more grit to the surface so the bounce is more like clay. Grass courts added new hybrids that allowed the courts to be rolled harder making them less slick. This change made Wimbledon nearly like playing on clay by the final because the grass got worn. The US Open actually became the fastest surface of all 4 slams. There is a reason why only 6 players that have ever won all 4 slams in A CAREER.

    Today, the courts have homogenized to slow molasses that players have to play long rallies to win points. Players now stand 8-10 feet behind the baseline and counterpunch until someone makes an error. IMO, it’s like watching the prize fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather. The offensive weapons have been blunted to the point that it’s suicide to take risks. The players that have adapted to this style best have become the ones that have won the most events and money. When I watch Roger Federer still playing from the baseline, it’s apparent that he hasn’t changed his game to adapt to win in this era.

    The NBA has changed because of the change in the “illegal defence rule”. It took the game away from the bigs when defences could double team them and made it much less attractive to go inside for easy baskets. The PNR offence is basically a 2 man game that depends on single coverage for each of the players. The triangle was a 3 man game on the strong side. With the sophistication of zone defence and rolling coverage, it has become much more difficult to consistently attack in just one way. For the PNR to work today, the kick out 3 is a variant that helps to offset the mainstay of 2s that attacks the rim. However, its a losing proposition today to only score 2s. Players now can shoot 3s much better than ever, it’s like putting a finger in the dam to stop time.

    The NBA has changed just as in the NFL has changed with teams moving away from the ground game to passing. The balance has shifted towards passing the ball more and using the ground game to keep blitzing defences honest. Even the triangle offence is antiquated. The motion offence is designed to run receivers off multiple picks to get an open look for a 3. The PG is more quarterback throwing passes to players running patterns downfield. The truth is that this system is the result of the adaptation to the rules that has made making 3s ever more attractive. How to create opportunities for an open 3 is the new strategic thrust.


    I’ve said in the pass that Atkinson’s motion offence is based upon his experience with the Spurs and Hawks. This article goes at length at explaining why it’s so fundamentally different and similar to the change in football.


    “the Hawks’ offense extremely flexible. Rather than trying to force the ball into certain positions even when the situation isn’t quite right for it, the Hawks can see where the defense is slipping and then exploit openings wherever they may occur. This also makes the offense highly unpredictable. As Teague puts it: “Other teams will call out, ‘Thumb four!’ and we know exactly what they’re going to do. No one knows what we’re going to do because we don’t even know ourselves. It’s like controlled pickup.”

    “The reason they are able to exploit defenses so successfully is because their “controlled pickup” is happening within the context of a well-established system. As Coach Bud describes it: “I like to think of it as a quarterback in football.”

    I’ve mentioned this aspect of the Hawks motion system how knowing the system allows them to defend against the events to come. WHAT Atkinson is trying to do is build in a system that puts them ahead of the curve so that a great quarterback like Lin can make unreadable read and react adjustments just as the Hawks. Right now they are completely readable because the system isn’t instinctive yet. It’s also why they keep losing ground in the third quarter against good more established teams.

    Finally, Lin is a Harvard grad intellect that understands the nuances of the game way better than most if not all coaches. I’m sure he and Atkinson has discussed the process they are trying to achieve to make the Nets into a NBA champion. Go back a step and try to remember how we dissected Lin’s choice of Doc as his shooting coach. Lin chose Doc because he took the time to listen and analyze the physical changes Doc wanted to make his shot form. Lin wanted to become a quick release and efficient shooter like Curry and he could see that Doc knew how to do it. Lin used his intellect to arrive at the decision that Doc knew how to help him even though he was “only” a high school girls basketball coach. I still remember how everyone kept wanting Lin to dump Doc for a certified NBA shooting coach. In a way khuang was right, that shot form is a “girlie” shot form. It was efficient because it allowed the girls to shoot easily with their body instead of throwing it with the arms. Lin himself has said as much that the new form allowed him to be more consistent even when he was tired.

    Lin has made reasoned choices to be on this Nets team. It’s time we stop criticizing every minute detail of their actions and respect Lin’s decision. I’ve always said that there’s no such thing as garbage time in the games or even a season; There’s only wasted time….IF coaches and players don’t take advantage of the limited playtime to develop the fundamentals of the system. Many of these choices often seem counterintuitive to us but only because we can’t see the end result that they are aiming for. For now, I can only trust in Lin’s intellect to guide his game into the future.

  318. After that spectacular games against the Spurs.

  319. I don’t understand these moves by Atlanta. I guess it is financial.

  320. KA is running the motion offense for the Nets is like Derek Fisher was running the triangle offense for the Knicks.

  321. I think maybe bc he will be a FA & probably doesn’t want to stay so Hawks wants to get something back….

  322. Nets can’t acquire these premier players.The only way they can get a player via trade is from absorbing contracts from unwanted players

  323. Haha! Well said. Like one of Lin’s long time fan said. KA sucks. lol!

  324. Motion,motion then Booker will try to play 1 on 1 on the post or RHJ trying to penetrate the lanes with his unorthodox shots and lay ups.

  325. KA needs time to develop. His offense looks good, his defensive schemes less so. I think he shows his inexperience in half-time adjustments and in-game adjustments and hasn’t fine-tuned players time to situation yet. That can come with more time and experience. And yes, Lin made the decision to play for KA, not really the Nets organization but Marks in charge made things easier for Lin.

  326. Same story everywhere he goes. He’s so disruptive on a team.

  327. does not work and play well with others.

  328. please NO! Do you know how horrible Asik’s contract is? And he will lock up the space for both Lin and Lopez, that they could only shooting 3s from outside. Asik is really unplayable.

  329. Although Asik’s contract is ridiculous on his skill set it’s still valuable for them due to lack of defense inside the paint.He is also a willing screener on every play and that’s very evident during his Rockets days with Lin.I would rather take him than most of the bigs that Nets has due to his abilities to absorb contacts and willingness to sacrifice offense from defense.If you’re looking for a future plan for the Nets,there isn’t any because of their present situation.

  330. Rondo is a 4 time NBA all defensive player. So it is not wrong to say he had the defensive reputation.

  331. Some miracle happens to lin please. Lin does badly need it.

  332. Pls ,pls,pls…..Lin for Rondo is absolutely a great gift for Lin fans this year.

  333. Asik is 30 yrs old already, could only play 16 min on a very bad defensive team, the fact that he could not earn more min on a team horrible in defense, kind of telling his value.

    Also I don’t get why people under rate Lopez’s defense, within 6ft, people shot over Asik at 56.5%, and they shoot over Lopez only at 52.4%. Asik is not a better rim protector than Lopez.

    Asik has no offense, even he set a big screen, but use him screen will constantly bring Lin a double team, whereas Lopez is a totally different story.

    I know you are not satisfy with current situation, but going back to Lin’s old teammates does not help.

  334. Wade and Butler would love Lin, but, Butler is still trying to work with Rondo. I’m not sold on Hoiberg.

  335. Lin needs a team that playoff would be just their first goal.

  336. both wade and Butler will want ball in their hand, unless you want Lin to sit in the corner again……

  337. Except Lopez ,there is no one on the Nets team that can defend the paint,that’s the reason why they keep losing the 3rd quarter due to offensive rebounds and put backs.Lopez is a pretty decent defender but he can’t cover the whole floor.If they can get a better bigs why not but at this moment,what team is willing to let go some of the premier PF and center from their respective team.Nets needs a decent defender aside from Lopez and that’s a fact.People probably thinking that Nets can acquire players from the FA or via trade,that’s isn’t simple since they don’t have assets to deal or bargain with other teams.Right now,the reason they keep putting big offers on every possible players that they can acquire is because they don’t have a choice.

  338. I think so too. That’s one of the reasons why some of us didn’t want Lin on a team with a ball-dominant guard. That team has two of them.

  339. Butler and Wade can’t play PG and these players aren’t selfish compare to other Lin’s team mates from the past.Why are you scared of Lin being on the corner all the time.Lin is a very skilled player and he can take care of himself.I would rather choose Bulls than Nets if he has a chance to win a ring.

  340. Lin on the Nets is the leader and “the man.” It comes with a lot of compromises and such, but I think, with time, he’ll show he’s a winner in this position. If Marks can make some key moves and LeVert develop a more consistent way to score, and RHJ get more under control, next season could possibly be a winning playoff-bound season provided Lin and others stay healthy. And I’d like to see Lopez stay. Lopez-Lin connection will be pick and pop and Lopez running the floor rather than a lot of PnR, but it’ll be a good connection.

  341. I think Lopez will be traded either this summer or next season. As for Lin, Nets will try to keep Lin but if Lin doesn’t want to stay & extend his contract w Nets….he will be traded too.

  342. I hope not. He’s a positive, fun, good guy and one of the most powerful centers in the league. I also don’t get a sense Lin doesn’t want to stay, he’s hardly actually played any games with the team. I think he’s only played 11 games and he’s more frustrated about that than anything with the team.

  343. Hope it translates into efforts tonight and a possible win.

  344. Nets sucks from top to bottom & if they don’t improve any roster this summer I doubt Lin will want to stay…. We will see….

  345. He understands what it feels like to be the main guy on the team versus being a “spark” or something more limited. There aren’t a lot of teams where Lin gets that chance. Lopez may be considered the best player, but he needs to be assisted. And Lin is the guy that runs the squad. I think he goes the 2 years, then reassesses the team.

  346. The only downside on this would be the inability of this team to reach the playoff due to lack of talents.Yes Lin is the man but if his team can’t make the playoff for the next 2 years ,it would be a waste for Lin’s talent even if he’s the”MAN”.

  347. It’s so sad to read lin fans have already given up this season and even worse not holding the head coach accountable.

  348. I thought Lin would choose to take the chance with the Nets to give more of his game, or find a team where he gets a good chance to play a lot that is going to the playoffs. He chose the Nets to give more as a player. It’s not a waste of his talent to help turnaround the team in that regard, it’s Lin’s leadership helping a team go from close to cellar-dwellar to close to contender and turning around the culture. But this is within a 2-3 year framework. It’s all perspective and expectations but there are positives in this situation. And Lin’s PG skills and leadership skills will improve due to the experience, however it plays out.

  349. He’s played 11 games and the team is close to the bottom in all of the NBA. Right now, I just want Lin to get healthy and that trumps this season. For me success for this season is the team playing well the last 2 months and hopefully, for them to be healthy. As for KA, I don’t share your view on him, so it’s kind of pointless to just rehash his worth. I think he needs time to develop as a head coach, and will look at him closer at all-star break and end of season.

  350. Of course…changing the culture and becoming a better team will need some time to develop but with this team lack of talents and unwillingness of the coach to play within the strength of his players really bothers me a lot.I don’t want to see Lin scratching his head all the time not making the playoff every year to realize that this team is really awful.

  351. Like I said you would never hold the coach accountable for this disastrous

  352. I thought they say he can work together…?

  353. lin is very skill.. in reality
    Lin is very skilll.. in lin fans eyes
    lin is average player.. in other gm and coaches eyes who is good off the bench and cannot lead.
    lin is an average player and good player off the bench.. in the medias eyes
    lin is very good and skilled and has leadership talent… in KA and the nets orgs view.

    So lin will be just a bench playa again with da bulla..and not a leader.
    so no to bullsht.

  354. Jordan,Lebron,Bryant,Wade and now Durant realized that they need talents to compete and if Lin can’t get enough help from his team mates as soon as possible then he might not even taste the playoff on this team.Wade had a lot of injuries when Miami was rebuilding post Shaquille era and I’m afraid that Lin will suffer the same fate if management can’t overhaul this team next year since he will try to exert a lot of effort trying to pull this team to the playoff.

  355. I don’t agree with you about holding him accountable. While players and coaches should put in effort and hold themselves accountable, ,y point of view is that it is a rookie coach, a bunch of inexperienced players, and they’re going through their growing pains, including the coach. Sometimes, you just have to go through growing pains. The results on this team isn’t winning, but they’ve played a lot of close games, and have been more competitive in games against tough opponents than predicted. League expectations were not high for the Nets going into the season.

  356. rubio is the MOST OVERRATED PG in my opinion and I have been saying that since linsanity.
    He had more opportunities than lin and he still can’t freaking score. Yeah, he can pass but can he make those QB long passes that lin can. He’s famous or strong play is da ‘bounce pass’ which lin already mastered, while lin’s strength during 2012 was PNR.

    he is not black either so I don’t see what the bigga dealla is about him. other than maybe he was scouted and was drafted and therefore they don’t want no nba scout system to ‘break down’. stoopid is as stoopid does.

  357. rubio needs da ball in his hands..and it’s usually the person with da ball most in his hands makes da plays or lead.. problem is rubio ain’t no leader. lin can probably adapt…but yall want lin with da ball in his hands no!?

  358. new game thread

    G33 BKN Nets (8-24) Opens 2017 vs UTA Jazz (21-13)
    @JLin7 is out but his leadership helps to unite the #Nets #NBAVote

  359. How do you explain Kenny Atkinson singling out Lin to scream at during the GSW game? Even after Lin walked away from him, he pursued him to the bench to continue yelling in his face.

    Lin is the last player that needs that type of coaching. So many of the Nets are constantly making the same boneheaded plays over and over again. Kenny himself makes terrible blunders with his in-game coaching decisions. He has no idea how to run a defense, cannot adjust for the 3rd quarter, doesn’t know how to set optimal lineups, and is an all-around clueless coach.

    When I saw him yelling at Lin that was the last straw for me. And right before Lin re-injured his hamstring he twisted his ankle. Clueless Kenny should have called a timeout so that Lin could have recovered from the ankle sprain and maybe the 2nd hammy wouldn’t have happened. To quote Lin, “Ugh!” Just Ugh!

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