G32 LAL @ DEN PreGame Thread+Poll

Jeremy wisely stated to the reporters that he has more potential after a strong 19p/2a game where he played 26 min. For 2 games, he has registered 5 blocks and made his defensive impact known.

Will he continue his strong performance in Denver? Let’s hope Jeremy continue his strong plays so Byron will have no choice but to reinstate him as the starting PG with a tired Kobe.


Guess JLin's stats



  1. Leader!

  2. Linsanity!

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  4. I thought I had it!!

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  6. I feel lin can reach 38% on 3 for this season….if no injuries happen…

  7. New Poll leader has emerged (CJSHYY) with Win #4 plus several new members chasing closely at #3:
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  8. Kobe Brentyen is back to reclaim the throne :]

  9. Ah shucks I didn’t post on time…

  10. 2nd unit: Robinson not playing very well recently. E Green, G Harris – Rookies.

    Denver relying on 40 mins from Lawson and somewhat less from Afflalo.

    Should be a gg from Lin. Can’t remember, did Lawson do well against Price before?

  11. I hope we see more smiles from “Smi-Lin Assassin” and the bench tomorrow :]

  12. Lin vs Len!

  13. I can’t quite remember.
    Lawson got 18pts/16asts last time (Yikes!) when Lin started

    Here’s the GameFlow from PopCorn

  14. Tarik black seems like just another player who only talks….I hope he can deliver….of he gets some minutes.

  15. If I recall correctly, he seemed to provide minimal impact when Lakers beat Houston w/ Dwight being out.

    Some defensive presence but not much to remember

  16. Will not get too many minutes I guess. Davis Hill boozer and scare……are more than enough..

  17. Just watched the movie Chef(2014). Then saw this….at 3am in the morning…..this is torture..

  18. Updates air Asia plane confirmed crash plane in seabed bodies floating, very sad for the 162 souls.

  19. Just saw the news that they found debris but didn’t talk about bodies floating. Thanks for info. Pray for the bereaved family, relatives and friends.

  20. A JLin only Garden fan from Taiwan went to eat this. She said that it was very nice. Would try it when I revisit LA someday.

  21. LOL! Glad that I just had my dinner:-)

  22. More than 40 bodies retrieved…

  23. Pray that they are able to retrieve everyone on the board so that family will have a closure for this tragedy.

  24. Have been following the news the entire day.

  25. Just glimpse thru the news. Indeed it wasn’t good news for the fam to have chance of survival from this air disaster.

  26. Boo!

  27. Apparently there were a number of passengers on route to Spore to celebrate New Year.

  28. Ya. Has been the headline in all our media. The hardest hit are the families coming to terms with reality. I think CEO of AA and the govt are doing all they can to bring comfort to the affected families.

  29. Also saw the news that a fam of 6 members were on the plane. Can’t imagine how the loved ones are able to cope with such a loss.

  30. Not as much as here in Brisbane. It’s the first headline on news time but not live news. Guess it’s because there is no Australian on the flight except one student who studied in Melbourne. Australia did send help to search for the plane.

  31. SQ 006 Taipei crash, Silkair 185 Palembang crash, MH370, MH17 and Q8501. Forever in our memories.

  32. Oh. A few were returning to Spore getting really for school reopen.

  33. With such depressing AA news, I am having a heavy heart preparing the New Year celebration but at same time wants a memorable celebration with my family. Feeling sad guilt.

  34. The new calendar school year for Elementary and high school here is on 27 Jan or a week later depending on which state and which school they go to. Univ won’t start until last Monday on Feb or first week of March. Surprise this Monash Univ student returned to Australia so early. Maybe he was returning early to work???!!!!

  35. Hey where did I go? I won games 5 and 6 back to back! 🙁

  36. I should be the leader. ..I voted for Linsanity every time. .. lol…. every game Jlin plays I consider it Linsanity taking in account, of the hate and marginalization.

  37. RIP all souls. May the families receive blessings.

  38. Thanks.:)

  39. Even it may not happen but still like to see this…:)


  40. Don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  41. Ironically, Lin was developed into something he was not meant to be – a great defensive PG. I started to enjoy Lin’s defense
    more now. I think Lin’s defense started carrying his signature now.

    This year, he is obviously getting more aggressive and physical on person-to-person defense. His body is getting very close to the offensive player now. He even sometimes does a little pesky move like Bev to disturb the ball handler(ok ok not a popular name here) Basically Lin implemented his aggressiveness into his defensive skills.

    He also improved his PnR defense a lot. He often either screen the screen (lol where did I get this?) to disarm the PnR or channel the ball handler to the trap or easy-to-defend zone (sorry I have to make up those amateur terms). I am still amazed what he can do with those sloppy teammates around him.

    Another aspect of Lin’s game I enjoyed the most is Lin figuring out those star point guards. The more he plays against them, the more accurate he can project their next moves. Maybe that’s why Lin can block more?

    Maybe Lin will set some NBA records on blocks by PGs??? Am I too Linsane?

  42. It is called ice defense..which force the ball away from middlle and sometimes the screen

  43. haha, thanks! I have heard the term, but not sure what was the specific thing it’s referring to.

  44. This is an old picture bah?

  45. yes, you, Brent and 10 others will be the leader for voting Linsanity to fight selfish agendas all the time LOL

  46. hm, which username? I can check

  47. Haha very simple, basically just try to force the ball to go to sideline and base line. In NBA level you can not allow middle penetration, because if you do. No one can help you on defense if you are beaten by the ball handler. On the contrary, if you force the ball to go to the side, the weak side defender can fill in for you for few second when you are beaten without having to worry about his own man

  48. LA Times (Preview: Lakers at Denver Nuggets)

    “Key matchup

    Ronnie Price is an experienced defender, but he can’t match Lawson on the offensive

    Jeremy Lin could prove to be a valuable contributor, on both sides of the ball.”

  49. Wow! I like this…”Lin could prove to be a valuable contributor, on both sides of the ball.”

  50. Once your ex gf (since I’m a man) is gone she will never look back.

  51. “Experienced defender”, is that mean you use any methods to def including shoes throwing?

  52. Nice, now I see.

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  54. Just did that, but it says i maybe charged for a rate?

  55. depends on your cell phone plan. Mine has unlimited text msg

  56. Lin was this good defensively the last 3 seasons.

    The difference is that Lin’s players on the bench are VETERANS who know better how to help him defensively.

    When Lin was on the Rockets, his teammates outside of Asik were young inexperienced players who didn’t understand the nuances of playing high level defense. Also, the refs cheated Lin much more on defense when he was with the small market Rockets than now with the big market Lakers.

    Now that Lin’s on the Lakers bench, he has Carlos Boozer who was starting for one of the NBA’s best defensive teams last season and other young veterans who are solid athletically and mentally. Even Nick Young has been the solid individual defender that I predicted he would be over the summer.

    The big problem for Lin defensively with the Lakers isn’t Lin or Lin’s teammates. It’s Byron Scott’s utter lack of understanding of the modern NBA game. Because Scott is still stuck in the illegal defense 80s era, he has no idea that defenses have evolved and so have the offenses that play against modern defenses. Lin’s doing his best to overcome the bad coaching, but there’s a real limit as to how much modern day defense Linstructor can implement while the game whizzes by a clueless Byron Scott.

    Lin exerts the same defense and reads that he always has, but the difference is that Lin HAS HELP this season.

  57. mine is also unlimited text msg, but it still said that. I use ATT

  58. Anyway, one man can only do so much….after a few screens/mis directions….no matter how good Lin or anyone else is….it is up to his team mates….

  59. I think it is just a general legal disclaimer that they have to do. To remind you

  60. Well, this is my end of year craziness.

    I somehow don’t think Lin can become a great shooter. He can become an above average shooter just because of his hard work, but his gene doesn’t allow him to become a great shooter.

    I have my very weird reason for it.

    Lin is a very special type of player. I call it ADHD (多动症)player. We all know sports are also mental games. Let’s just look at mental focus . To play well or shoot well, all great players have to bear exceptional mental focus in the game.

    Why use such a weird term ADHD? No offense to those type of patients, I use the term to prove my point. We often blame kids with ADHD not paying attention by moving around. It’s actually the opposite. They move around so that they can focus. Myself is a little bit like that. That’s why I love video games, many ADHD kids love video games because intensive motions help them focus and calm.

    I think that’s the biggest reason why Lin loves playing with speed not because he is fast. It helps him to mentally focus better so he makes better decisions and shoots well when he plays fast. People like McHale may think the opposite because high speed causes TOVs and sometimes it does appear so. but they don’t understand how much more opportunities this type of player can create for the team.

    When Lin gets more stationary, it’s more difficult for him to focus in the game. This is just his God given nature, no one can change that. That’s why I think catch & shoot will never become his favorite thing.

    Currently, Lin was downgraded into a good under-control player.But if I am Lin’s coach, I will let Lin go out of control for a while, even ask his teammates to work with Lin’s craziness. he can surely figure out how to control those out-of-control moves/decisions and becomes much more mature and lethal in the game. And championship is just a matter of time because his team will become Linsane along with him. And I, as a coach, will just sit on the bench to play video game during each game Haha.

    Is this theory Linsanely weird? Lol, Happy New Year!

  61. Lin’s bench teammates are COMPETING defensively.

    But they still can’t really get stops because the COACHING is so horrifically outdated.

    Byron Scott coaches the Lakers as if they’re defending against a low post frontline of Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Kevin McHale every game. The overemphasis on denying post scoring against opponents that have no interest in scoring in the post is exactly why the Lakers can’t guard the 3 point line and cannot stop pick and rolls.

  62. It is a weird theory, indeed. LOL

  63. Yes sir!

  64. Can’t you just asked her nicely instead of stole it?

  65. Are you saying Lin has ADHA in general or just when he plays sport? My understanding, if one has ADHA probably not be able to do well at school and not be able to score 800 on SAT Math 2 at 9th grade. Just my 2 cents.

  66. I disagree.

    To me, Lin has the genes of a TRULY GREAT SHOOTER.

    When Lin was receiving coaching on shooting from his father and from Coach Tommy Amaker at Harvard, Lin was a GREAT shooter. Lin wasn’t necessarily a great practice shooter, but he was a great game shooter with super high percentages.

    Then when Lin sought out Doc Scheppler and learned that GIRLY form, that completely twisted Lin’s shooting form and that’s why he has that right sided hitch in his form that causes him to jerk as he goes up for his jump shot. Lin’s shots go left for that reason, and that left sided ball rotation is why Lin shoots better from the right side of the court than from the left side.

    If Lin got himself a true NBA shooting coach who would correct that hitch by repositioning Lin’s feet and untwisting Lin’s torso, Lin would get back to having the same natural jump and follow through that he had even in his early days of playing in the NBA before Doc’s coaching really messed him up. But because Lin is such a naturally gifted player and shooter, he can make shots DESPITE Doc’s girlie coaching.

    I keep saying that Lin could easily shoot as well as NBA great Ray Allen if Lin did the small fixes that his jump shot requires. Lin would be able to shoot accurately from anywhere and at any pace.

  67. I said I call this type of player ADHD player ah not refer him has ADHD patient. I use this term to illustrate athletes may have different ways to focus. Michael phelps is the one I can think of by now was real ADHD kid. Anyway, I am talking about playing sports.

  68. Well…..phone was in front of me…and she was not around…

  69. No coach was helping Lin on defense at all, they just complain about it. Lin was always on his own trying to figure out how to play with his teammates.

    I still think Lin does show improvement. Especially his person-to-person defense, I think he developed new skills or changed the way how he defends.

    On teammates, I still cannot understand how this team helps Lin better defensively. Lin often faces two or more offensive players wide open. Boozer is experienced, but he just seems losing touches and slow.

  70. Lin has the clutch gene and is a superior gamer, that is what I can tell watching him play for so many years.

  71. Must be the linsanity sauce

  72. Off topic- Going to the Cle vs Atl game. First time seeing Lebron in person! =D

  73. I don’t know weifang. I mean, life has slow and fast times, and so does BBall. He just has TOVs, FGMissed, etc, like anyone else, and I bet this year his Assist/TOV is pretty respectable. It would be higher if ppl didn’t get fouled, make the extra pass, drop it. As to handles, he’s pretty good. I see kobe getting stripped, and some key ones in just the last few days by others to lose games, so that isn’t really knock able.

    Ppl want Lin to be perfect, and that’s not the nature of bball or life. Some of it is recoil from troll themes, and that’s a prison that’s totally artificial. You can micro focus on stuff but for me, when it’s not fun, I pull back and look at a bigger frame, And if that’s not fun, I pull back further. The key is that you have fun !

  74. oh, on this theory specifically, I think it’s better theory to say there is the “Flow” that you can read about. Focus and concentration that comes from getting in the zone. Still, ppl miss in the zone too. Yep, you can say he’s not in the zone when he’s waving his arms and yelling at players to get in position, but that’s just like a QB calling an audible. It might well be in the zone as part of the job dunno.

  75. oops, now she’s going to get random texts from strangers lol. Honey, who is this Serena woman?

  76. can’t wait until press don’t have to say ‘could’ … rather, will.

  77. cool!

  78. Hmm. I was trying to make simple point that athletes may have different ways to focus. Even Lin is not having the ball, the ball movement helps him focus, like kids playing video games. Lin can shoot better if he dribbles the ball a little or the whole team is moving in a rhythm. It’s not just Lin is moving, his surroundings moving also helps. This is more empirical than theocratic for me. I played with this type of players before. I count myself as this type of player too.

  79. Joeteam, this was not some frustration out of Lin’s shooting slump, I had this overall impression even from the Linsanity time. It’s hard to explain. That’s why this can be so wrong. You can call it sports instinct.

  80. At first I didn’t get your girly form statement. haha, Now I get it after knowing Doc is actually coaching girls team. I don’t know basketball too much, but I do have some sports instincts. This is something I know hard to explain also can be wrong easily.

  81. I’ve been tweeting & texting ;]

  82. Kevin Ding : The goal for some of the cast members now is to build lives for themselves and maybe even something for the Lakers’ future. It can still go either way for guys with the potential of Ed Davis, Ryan Kelly and Lin.


  83. well, maybe a demand for action jackson addiction to the flow is part of it, but I’d say it comes with any high pressure situation that you get addicted to the rush of doing something great. To me it’s great, to be able to gamble to win big. I’ve learned lately that a QB has to be careful of that instinct as it can get receivers hurt. Early on in Kapernick’s career, they said he could throw hard and pick out the safe throws. This season, there was some criticism of his choices both for being timid, not executing, or throwing into coverage. I think he’s having a slump, and ppl are looking for reasons.

  84. Lin’s early form was ugly and with more hitch….His form now is fine…It does not matter if it is a man or a women or a girl. Shooting principles are the same.

  85. It is simply called momentum….happens a lot in any team sport.

  86. IMO it’s way too early in Lin’s 4 year career to determine if he can become a great shooter, @weifang:disqus

    What I learned is Lin is a rhythm shooter who needs the ball in his hands. When he doesn’t handle/dribble the ball, he becomes inconsistent. And he has improved his off-the-ball shooting in HOU. And in the past 3 years, he has played with 3 ball-dominant stars (Melo, Harden, Kobe) so I’m convinced Lin’s shooting will be better in FG% if he becomes the ball-dominant PG like Ty Lawson, CP3, Jrue, etc.

    And if we looked at the historical FG% from 2010 draft (Wall #1, Bledsoe #18, Avery Bradley #19, Lin undrafted), they’re all trending up. And Lin arguably has been the most consistent if you look at the graph
    Lin has increased his FG% from
    39% in 2010,
    44.6% in 2011 (NY)
    44.1% and 44.6% in 2012-13 (HOU)
    down to 43.1% in 2014 (LA)

    Wall on the other hand has been shooting lower FG% than Lin before this year and he has always been the true PG handling the ball so I have high hope Lin will shoot even better FG% in 1 system with a coach who trusts him the ball.

  87. well, I do know that if you pass a great through ball in soccer, a great throw in Am football, the receiver almost has rails to get to a point in space and time that is adrenaline rushed and beyond human. It doesn’t even hurt to fall on this diving catches or flying volleys. Same with volleyball, not that it’s written.

    But no, I disagree that in any competitive sports, I’ve ever witnessed a player or myself employing ADHD to get into the flow. Quite the opposite, actually. One needs to stay still for a minute to get into the flow of the game and what one needs to do.

    On what you are seeing, this messy thing that isn’t performance, I would say it’s because Lin is trying to get a losing team playing individually into a team shape and form. That’s very hard to do, so there isn’t much energy left for that 2 sec focus that SwaggyP has. Have you noticed how Swaggy sometimes needs 4 seconds and maybe 2 or 3 dribbles through the legs and crossed over to get into rhythm? I rarely see Lin has that kind of time because he’s doubled or someone else is making a cut and asking for the ball. That’s the ADHD part, his teammates not staying calm to let him get his with it’s his turn, clearing lanes for him. Instead, they do the opposite … move and demand and clog up plays so they can play 1-1.

  88. I am not sure why ppl suddenly start to focus on his shooting that much tho…

  89. please do not ascribe poor shooting form as ‘girly’. Women from all over, from girls in kids leagues to women’s pro leagues can shoot better than 50% of the boys and guys. This is not PC, but a matter of being classy and acting with valor against BS (bovine …)

  90. Exactly….Shooting is irreverent to gender…

  91. yes, I say better than 50% of any side because people who dedicate themselves to a sport will be better than 99.9% of the people in the world who just do it for fun. So ya, it’s gender neutral.

  92. Byron planned to reduce Kobe’s min, but played him 35.4min exceeding 40min 3 times then cut his min to 32min. But Kobe’s legs are gone.
    A good coach would shoulder the blame. Byron is simply unable to follow his own plan.


  93. Shooting is like a religious believe. Everyone has their theory and explanations on what works /not works. I feel it is kind of bad that ppl are still teaching skills in 70s and 80s…..

  94. It is just a smoke screen….sorry @Acbc….I said something bad again …LOL

  95. Kevin Ding summed it up well in this paragraph:

    “Jeremy Lin, the only other Laker with an eight-figure salary, and thus the default voice of the downtrodden, has hinted at how hard it is to play in this system. In addition, Scott has put a premium on defense, which is good, but he hasn’t kept Bryant accountable on that end, which has been ruinous.”

    Kevin is basically saying, Kobe needs to pass more now and Lin and Nick Young should be the recipient of larger role from now on.

  96. I think it’s because the media falsely tweeted .. “Lin’s shooting is back after months” .. It was only 3 weeks after the BOS game that Byron unfairly benched him in Q4 after 14pts in 19min

    Media wanted to paint Lin got benched due to poor shooting while Byron’s unfair benching caused Lin and any players to be inconsistent in 18-20min.

  97. Ha….always to find something to bash him….gr8

  98. High pace is a must for LAL now if they still want to win some more games. Too many benefits to play at higher pace.

  99. hmm … how would you teach your kids good fundamentals?

  100. Simple, just watch how best players do it. If teach shooting, watch Curry, Harden, KD, JJ Redick, Ray Allen…etc….

  101. So Scott gave up this season already?! LOL! Can’t believe this…

  102. Exactly my thought…LOL

  103. Two of them start to think about how they are going to do w or w/o Lin next season now? Why not just like Nash take the money & enjoy the retirement now.

  104. Ha who knows. I think Kobe has too much pride to change..

  105. somebody sell him a soccer franchise … get him started on his post-player life.

  106. yeah, ok Curry lol. But did you see those 3-3s at end of last night’s game ? Harden is pretty amazing if he gets a little room.

  107. I agree… he can try to buy the team or be part of the owner so he will not feel bored after the retirement.

  108. Harden’s shooting form is almost perfect…..I do not think it is debatable at all

  109. May be to them he doesn’t fit the great shooter perception.

  110. There are not really that many “great shooters” out there tho….

  111. curry a little more wild wild west?

  112. He is also almost perfect IMO. The point is, there is no reason a 6th grader can not follow the same way to shoot. Or the same way to seal a low post position like Z-Bo. It is almost like an art…

  113. I don’t even know what is a great shooter look like but I think Lin can be one but only time will tell.

  114. yup, Byron is thinking .. “I messed up Kobe’s body so let’s restart for next season.
    I’m a great coach to plan ahead so Lakers need to keep me around” LOL

    Self-preservation haha..

  115. I think Lin can be if he work on it, I am just not sure if that is what he wanted to do for that 5 months in the summer.

  116. Yes, Lin can do more than just shoot so he may not fully focus on just one aspect.

  117. OK, got it. I am a little sensitive about the ADHD part because my non-ADHD kid just took his SAT Math 2 last month, but did not get 800 lol.

  118. kids remember lessons well. My college buddy came over and taught my son to use one raised arm to maintain space on the dribble, and he’s using it on me so cool.

  119. what??? I was trying to figure out why KHuang used such term. So it’s okay for him to say it not for me to even try to understand it?

  120. You mean like a guarding hand?

  121. Good point, I did not read KH’s post entirly..

  122. wouldn’t playing even faster send Kobe to early retirement? :]
    What will Kobe do if his teammates run up and down the floor? haha..

  123. Please do not discriminate girl….you need to rephrase…

  124. He can handle the late shock clock while youngsters run for the 1st 7 second….

  125. Based on all your replies, I think we have communication issue. I am sorry I used the ill word “ADHD” to cause all the confusions. I deleted my post for good. I cannot find the better word to describe what I see. Let me put this simple way. I think Lin can shoot better when he is running around. But standing in the corner just catch and shoot, I don’t think he can improve very much.

  126. My apology, I deleted my post for good.

  127. I think you simply meant Lin thrives when he play fast

  128. so Kobe and Boozer would trail for long rebounds and late-shot-clock situations.
    The downside is it might also expose them on defense on quick fastbreak.

    But it might be worth trying since LAL can’t get easy points anyway

  129. Eric Pincus picked Nuggets to win.

    With DEN altitude and offense stagnating with Kobe trying to get his legs, it’s probably the logical choice.

    Good vote of confidence by Pincus that Lin can contribute on both ends, while Price can’t keep up with Lawson

    “Ronnie Price is an experienced defender, but he can’t match Lawson on the offensive end.
    Jeremy Lin could prove to be a valuable contributor, on both sides of the ball.”


  130. BTW…if you want to delete you own posts…edit it 1st…otherwise, when you click delete, you are basically just making it becoming a guest post. You can simply replace the whole thing with some random chars…like “deleted” then you hit delete

  131. Still down to how that 3rd defender rotate to guard Ty Lawson, assuming the screener’s defender does not screw up in the 1st place.

  132. If you can set up a pick within 1st 7 seconds. Lin will be unstoppable..

  133. yes, no doubt about it. Either And-1s or FTs.
    But I doubt Kobe is ready to give the throne to Lin

  134. He can jog back and get the 2nd screen with 4 second left in the shot clock…LOL

  135. I kinda lost hope that LAL screener’s defender can do the job.
    It’s almost everytime Lin got burned when he got screened.
    Only Davis can recover quick enough, I think?

  136. I personally like to read things from different point of view. so, it is all cool with me.

  137. They were usually at wrong position. So…what we saw most of the time is…Lin trails the play while The big just got beaten by the ball handler. And no 3rd player rotate to the rim to help. I believe this is due to Scott………who….is just not a good defensive coach.

  138. Happy New Year!

  139. I wonder how many Player of the Game awards could get Jeremy Lin to get into the All-Star?
    Maybe 50% of games between now and end of Jan?

    Realistically, it needs to be Linsanity but we’ll keep voting.
    Maybe he can get into Top 5 of West guards


  140. yeah, you’re right.
    Within 30 games of the season, this still doesn’t get fixed.
    BScott just talked about defense a lot, I guess.

  141. hey,.. it fits Kobe’s hero style :p

  142. Thanks thanks! You are just a bit quicker than last time but since I’m very happy with the result so I don’t mind. Happy New Year!

  143. Thanks for the update. Indeed very sad tragedy to hear.

  144. Good job done!

  145. No problem. Enjoy the discussion. I think you should keep it. Weird theory is fun sometimes like this.

  146. That’s exactly what BS does even in practice! According to Boozer he only talks about defense instead of going through them!!

  147. BS months ago even said he doesn’t mind benching starters since they’re losing games anyway! He’s had a losing mind set since day one= tank.

  148. someone is…..broken….down……

  149. I don’t think Kobe can hang on after Feb.

  150. What a diva.

  151. Kobe is breaking down, lets hope he sits out for the entire season so we can finally watch some Lin teamball!

  152. I believe he already had practice all by himself.

  153. Completely off topic. On the way to Taiwan for NYE with the fam. First time there. Very excited!!! Hope J Lin does well in the next games. Happy New Year to all!

  154. Do these player of the game even count for anything? Are they just a nod from the Lakers Franchise?

  155. Have a nice trip!! and eat as much as possible there…..LOL

  156. Just some media thing….

  157. If only Lin had a smart coach like Erik Spoelstra.

  158. Great! I want to visit Taiwan too! Safe and fun trip!

  159. If this were any point guard in the league other than Lin being forced to defensively trail screens, I’d be clamoring for more help.

    But this is Lin we’re talking about.

    When Lin is chasing after a dribbler off a screen, that dribbler does not automatically have the scoring advantage due to Lin’s speed, quick nasty hands, and shotblocking ability.

    Most offensive players in the NBA have not realized that it’s easier to score on Lin when he’s in front of them than when he’s lurking from behind ready to strip the ball from behind or block the shot or force the dribbler into a defensive doubleteam.

  160. I am NOT discriminating.

    Jeremy Lin is using a girl’s shooting form.

    I would be just as critical of a woman who tried to shoot using a man’s form.

  161. I cannot agree with that.

    I work in athletics, and I have to work very differently with males than with women.

    The joints open and close differently. Certain maneuvers that work for women don’t work for men and vice versa.

  162. What is defensanity here?

  163. There is no differences between man and women in turns of shooting.. only good and bad forms..

  164. And who is this smart person who also voted 21 pts as me?

  165. If Lin were a female player with female joints and female hips, (s)he would hit EVERY SHOT the way Diana Taurasi (the female Jeremy Lin to me) does.

    The problem is that Lin’s male body isn’t flexing at the hip and knee or angling out to the right at the elbow the way a woman’s body does.

    Because of these features, Lin’s shot always goes left. That would not be the case if he had female anatomy and joints.

  166. His shot does not always go left…..The reason for his shot went left was because his body was not turned. He squared his shoulder to the basket.

  167. I cannot agree with the notion that women and men should use the same shooting motions.

    Women bend deeper at the hip when shooting, due to the pelvic differences.

    Women also have different elbow joints. Their forearms angle out to the side more than men’s arms do. It’s kind of the same with the knee.

    Doc Scheppler advocates a shot that creates a straight line of bending and shot release that extends from the toe to the shooting fingertip. For a WOMAN, that requires the torso to be more squared up than in a man and for the elbows to be brought in very tightly due to woman’s narrower shoulders and the elbow turnout. A woman using Doc’s shot would HIT EVERYTHING.

    But with Lin, his shot is unnaturally compressed in the elbows and unnaturally bent at the hip and knee. The female shot works great with female bodies, but it doesn’t work for a hulking man like Lin.

    That’s why I advocate Lin get himself a shooting coach, preferably one who has enjoyed NBA success and is the same stature as Lin.

  168. But Lin’s early shot WENT IN MORE in actual games.

  169. I think that is not true. Indeed everyone will look different due to different anatomy. But the principles remain the same…..Women bend deeper because their outdated coaches told them to do so…

  170. Lin’s shots CORKSCREW because he’s constantly compensating for his shot form.

    A good clean male shot form would allow Lin to go up for his shot the same way every time, even under pressure and off balance.

  171. This is not about the results. It is about the process. It is not just the form that will impact the FG%

  172. I do not understand what you mean by CORKSCREW in shooting….

  173. Shooting is a skill that is era insensitive.

    Good form is the same whether it was then or now.

  174. Not true. Shooting form has evolved

  175. I’d start with the Larry Bird Red Auerbach tutorials on shooting.

  176. I’d rather Lin be a poor practice shooter but a great game shooter than the other way around like now.

  177. Indeed

  178. When Lin goes up for an open uncontested shot, he compresses himself unnaturally at the hip because his feet are turned the wrong way. Thus Lin is not bending straight at the waist.

    To launch his shots, Lin uses primarily his right leg because of the unnaturally compressed right hip. But because Lin is shooting off one leg instead of both legs, he has to exert himself much harder in that right leg than if he went straight up off both feet.

    Then because Lin’s torso is collapsed in on itself at the hip, his arms are not always lining up properly with the rim. Compound that with the one legged release and Lin thus has an UNSTABLE shooting form that looks like a twist. That’s why I call it “corkscrewing”.

    Any basketball observer can see this, and that’s probably
    the main basketball reason why Lin’s NBA coaches instinctively don’t trust Lin the way they should especially when he’s trying to hit standstill jumpers or free throws.

    The thing is that Lin is SO TALENTED a natural shooter that he can consistently make shots despite this totally broken shooting form. That’s why Lin fans cringe every time he shoots but also expect him to make shots. I would prefer that Lin repairs his shot form so that he can HIT EASY SHOTS.

  179. You mean he has to square the feet instead? I don’t think that was the problem…if there is a problem at all.

  180. In basketball, the main thing is for the shot to GO IN.

    If Lin were getting great results with his current form and was hitting his easy shots consistently, I’d not say a word.

    Lin shoots better off contested off balance jumpers than on uncontested standstill shots and free throws, mainly because he cannot get into his improper shooting form when he’s off balance!

  181. No problem! I’m in total agreement. This loser mentality shouldn’t be part of ANY major pro sport; heck it shouldn’t even be in little league. How the FO and owners can allow a coach talk like that says a lot about how low they’ve become.

  182. Not true…But I will stop here…..I am really done arguing shooting forms anyway. Did too much last yr.

  183. No, that’s not true why women bend deeper on their jump shots.

    Women’s hips are built very differently from men’s hips, primarily due to the need for the pelvis to open up during pregnancy and childbirth.

    I work in an athletic field and face these gender issues every day. I have one set of principles for men and another for women. The bodies are SO DIFFERENT.

    Even in music, this is the case too. Certainly in guitar, women hold the guitar differently and play differently due to the differences in hips and arm joints.

    The inability of Lin to shoot open shots cleanly is testimony to why a man must use a man’s shooting form, not a woman’s form.

  184. Question: so what counts as Linsanity? More than 25 pts? 30pts?

  185. Hehehe…every game is Linsanity because he has not DNP-CD yet…which is a miracle if you think about it….

  186. I understand why they are different, I am just saying it is irrelevant to shooting

  187. Curry shoots the form I want Lin to shoot.

    Right foot forward, shoulders turned to the left, full waist flexure off both feet as he gathers himself for the jump, elbow above the knee and hip and toe, follow through fingers extended toward the rim.

    Curry is an 80s style shooter who learned that Larry Bird technique from his father Dell who was an elite NBA shooter in the 80s.

    Lin had that same technique once, and he flashed it during Linsanity when he wasn’t trying to line up his feet and tuck his elbow in unnaturally.

  188. Not until I see him use Lin properly

  189. Yet Curry’s form is not how they teach…Curry said in the interview when asked about how he shoots. He said he squared his feet to the basket….jump straight up and down while none of what he said is really how he shoots….Lin had nothing like that during linsanity either..

  190. I would too if I have a spoiled dad.

  191. I’d say Mods have to make an executive decision of a game feels like Linsanity. Last game might have been it had they won with Lin’s 3!!!

  192. There are a few different proven ways for men to angle the hips properly to bend at the waist.

    A good shooting coach would reposition Lin’s shot so that he could bend at the knees waist more naturally and go up straight instead of sideways like he has been doing.

  193. I’ve not seen ANY shooting form evolution over the decades.

  194. I think his balance is fine. It was his alignment that was off sometimes..

  195. Then there is a problem here lol

  196. During Linsanity, Lin shot the good ol’ shot he learned from his father.

    Lin’s father watched 80s shooters like Larry Bird and Michael Jordan use the same side shooting motion that Stephen and Dell Curry used. He taught it to Lin, and it WORKED.

  197. How can you call a hands that lots of girls want to hold a dirty hands?

  198. Lin was not turned during Linsanity…at least not turned enough. It worked not just because of the form…he is a talented player who can shoot even if he shoots like a baseball pitcher.

  199. Is BS begging for not being fired so that he can still coach Kobe next season ?

  200. yes, ppl saying Lin getting torched while running full on onto solid screens by the likes of not-LAL-bigs.

    What I esp like about Lin is he still chases. What happens then is if a big does slow the guard down, lin is right there for a double team and he’s often eaten up clock, disrupted the passing lane, etc. It’s not just the clock, but breaking down the play is key to causing confusion and an overall stop even if Lin looks like he got beaten off the first step.

    I watch Lin’s D assuming he and any other player can be beat off the first step. The key is then … what he does after the offense commits. That is great D, smoking them out and causing a team stop.

  201. see above … I just love to see it when lin is present to ‘help the big’ lol even in chase mode.

  202. Yes! this is what I’ve been watching and cheering, the chase mode Lin stop that comes in whatever form. For example, last game when I noted Lin’s first 2.5 mins in game … his first D was to challenge an open look to cause a brick, and it resulted in a TOV that was credited to one of the bigs inside (it never got to the rim, so not a reb).

  203. We need Scott to sit at home while the game is going too….for that to happen

  204. I don’t agree. The hop step shot is fundamentally sound technically. What I see is that his shoulders are too square to his hips forcing him to take his arm to disconnect from his body. When this happens, the arms can’t calculate as easily the amount of power needed for the shot. A connected shot links the lower body from the right knee to the right hip to the right elbow to the fine twitch muscles in the hands. It’s a sequential release of power that can make each part of the body make the necessary adjustments to make a shot. It’s a kinetics chain that keeps every part of the body actively managing its power out put. Right now, LIN is shooting from a jump platform instead of a smooth release of the ball.

  205. exactly…thank you! Lin simple does not turn enough, hence the elbow flare and lower degree of alignment.

  206. 3 or more blocks? XD

  207. I just started it for fun…..more like a prayer for Lin to have good games…

  208. Yes let Lin take over as coach.

  209. I think it’s specific only to LakerNation, plus usually it entitles the player for the on-court game interview.

    Nothing official but it certainly has some prestige

  210. LOL .. let’s see if you get to catch up with the leader now.
    You’re pretty good indeed!

  211. I’m afraid I cannot agree. I’ve coached girls soccer, and their physiological differences do not make enough hay to cause me to coach their fundamentals ANY differently. Is there a docta in the house?

    The ONLY difference I had in coaching girls is to make sure they allow themselves to be more aggressive as they were more socialized to let the other player have the 50/50 ball. I put them in drills on how to contact the ball and each other to understand it doesn’t have to hurt themselves or each other. That hit a resonance because I got end of season cards that said that was a breakthrough for them, in kids words of course. I suspect the same drills will help little boys equally. It’s a difference maker to some kids, to know they can go in hard and not hurt themselves or each other.

  212. yeah, Lin certainly knows how to play team-defense, to disrupt the offensive flow. Too bad he doesn’t get enough credit on it

  213. surprisingly, the tone certainly has changed.
    It sounded like he’s afraid to be blamed if Kobe had to cut the season short. Could be the doctor’s bad news?

  214. KHuang, I think Lin has as much a chance to bucket standing as any other high performance guard. He doesn’t get open looks often, because they are focusing on denying him the passing lane or trapping him. They have to keep the all in his hands else he is going to deliver a high conversion pass. So, there have been times when he does get an open look, and I think he’s not mentally ready for the no-pressure look. I can almost feel it myself … like, oh man, I got an open shot crap I am going in too strong expecting a challenge … etc.

  215. exactly, and Lin has great timing to leap for the block :]
    Some guards got scared after the 1st block haha..

  216. That is because his coach won’t let him play his game or get hot.

  217. See above. I disagree strongly. I think you are arguing minutia … girls do not perform much differently then boys in the areas you talk about. For example, when I ran cross country, I could do splits and stretch easily. Today, my bball shot is very much the same as when I ran cross country. I will say by the time you get to pros, though, at lease in world cup, the game is very different. But as for ‘girly’ shooting, fugettaboutit! It’s not affecting any amateur and Lin is not shooting girly style.

    And LIN’s SHOTS DO NOT ALWAYS GO LEFT! they go deep, right, short too.

  218. yeah, it almost has to have the unexpected ‘feel’ like the NJ Nets breakthrough game.

    But yeah like Brent said .. it’s more like throwing up a prayer for the Linsanity miracles that we’ve been waiting for.

  219. LOL

  220. Good, we disagree. No foul.

  221. ha, 3 blocks is his career-high so yes..

  222. Although not worth it, lets make it his career low from now on!!! LOL

  223. ah, lol just wanna take a lazy tip bcuz …

  224. re Suns game – Kobe yelled at JLin in the 4th qtr. Does anyone know why? (JLin just blocked Bledsoe on the other side of the court.)

  225. Have a great fun in Taiwan! Happy New Year!
    I remember the yummy noodles during transit only :]

  226. yeah, a little stiff to keep the reach in out and lean in a bit. It’s so cute to watch him do that to me. V hard to play 1v1 with a kid because they can fall down so easily so you cannot really body up. My son can beat me because I cannot go full speed and he knows it.

  227. now that’s talking shooting.

  228. Why? Because Kobe is a MFA SOB.

  229. oh god. It’s not about men hips. It’s about stretching and doing cross training to get the flexibility and strength.

  230. The Suns announcers said Kobe gave Lin an earful.

  231. Let’s see how many rebounds Kobe manages do get going up against the Manimal.

  232. what an unusual way to prepare for games ..
    Getting treatment & stretching

    it’s almost like he’s being paraded out there for show-and-tell
    kinda sad-story of end of career. He might turn on BScott soon if he doesn’t get better

  233. Apparently Kobe wanted to pass to Swaggy but Lin took that 3 which just missed.

  234. Well I guess if Lin has back to back to back 30 pts then it’s Linsanity again. With Kobe out I hope that happens even with the limited minutes….

  235. I’m taking about flow. it’s there for artists to athletes, for all people even doing spreadsheets. it takes some pain and discipline to quiet the soul to get there. I play vid games too … the flow there happens because you are drawn into deeper and deeper concentration. Check it out. Lots of different theories on how flow is created, because that actually is where you wake up hours later and say … whoa, I’m hungry.

  236. To be honest, I do believe he knows all this already. It’s just athletes “try” too hard sometimes and that “trying” actually disturbs the natural flow of the muscle memory. The harder they try the worst it gets. It wouldn’t surprise me if Doc has already talked to him about it already.

    the problem now is to unlock his potential. LIN was shooting 70% in practice from 3. Right now he maybe beating a dead horse by trying to physically shoot his way out of it. What may help more now is some extra positive visualization instead.

  237. thanks!

  238. LOL 5 blocks would be defensanity for sure!

  239. Too right mate! as the Aussies say. The bench intensity from Kobe and BSc for Price to do well and 2nd Unit to not flow to a 30 pt lead is a win stopper!

  240. Sooner the better, once Kobe give the say, Mitch will fire BS.

  241. That is beyond shoot forms…….tho….

  242. Sure. I doubt Kobe yelled at himself for his miserable turnover that caused the loss.

  243. After all this good healthy debate, I just have to make a joke … I’m very saddened that in my life, I’ve not had the chance to understand how women’s joints work as well as other men lol. Was it yellow fever boo! … Ok, just an innocent joke, don’t ban me please …

  244. Enjoy your time in Taiwan. Haven’t been Taiwan itself except transits a few times.

    Have a very blessed new year!

  245. oh, btw, you’re posts are nice. I’m just a guy who loves the Flow.

  246. No, I didn’t think it was ok when he said it. I let it pass because you can’t be awake every moment. But then GoodDayLA used it in a very different tone and I objected. By the time it got to your usage, for me it’s just trying to stop the reference and not you. Sorry, it wasn’t against you I like your posts.

  247. Can’t wait both for KB and BS to retire for good.

  248. not what happen

  249. supposedly kobe got the ball hit out of his hand. seemed like he yell at lin for not running back so there was more space. its was a bit ridiculous given he just blocked someone.

  250. plus I want to hear announcers be forced to talk about Lin spear-heading defense 😀

  251. Tip for loving Lin’s game despite BSc and Kobe/Swaggy:

    Watch him on D. Let the O give you what they give. On D, you can always have fun. Assume Lin will get cooked off anyone’s first step, don’t stress it’s normal just like he cooks others. Watch his recovery. I can’t watch off ball because I don’t know plays, but I know where ppl should be to adjust to his adjustments. A lot of times, it’s a team stop that Lin initiated.

    During last game’s run-up before Kobe and Swaggy took over for the loss, when Lin missed the tying 3, I was having so much fun watching Lin ‘funnel’ (not literally) the stops. It was a game within the game. I wish fingercoach would do Lin defensive breakdowns so I could enjoy them as much as his 3s.

  252. Apparently Tarik Black was a football WR. Obviously has speed. Would like to see him team up with Lin and receive some fastbreak passes. Would like to see a Black Lin, Davis combo even for a short time. Of course, Byron doesn’t like effective combos

  253. thx … I was wondering and as you write it, it reads like Kobe doing the blame game. Lin: ” … we don’t blame”

  254. Off to work then GSW with my son. Go Lin!anity.

  255. The crazy thing is that LIN tends to make key shots when it’s needed or when it counts. He’s been missing late game FTs when he is usually money. The amazing thing about the human mind to will an outcome is supernatural. LIN has always bend reality with his will to make the key points. So technically he may never have the high percentages, but what matters is that his average makes happen eerily around crunch time.

  256. isn’t Bledsoe with JLin at the back? it’s not as if it was 4 against 5.

  257. Have fun!!!

  258. Have fun, @JoeTeam! :]
    As much fun from watching GSW annihilate 76ers.
    You might be home by half-time!

  259. Wow JT, have a great time.

  260. Well. the kids all know Steph Curry so we can’t leave by halftime as you know.

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