G32 LAL @ DEN Game Thread

Byron already talked about preparing Kobe’s body better for next season.

Has he realized that Kobe’s body will not recover this season?

Will Kobe pass to his teammates to make the shots? Will Lin get another 25-26 min to close the 4th quarter?

Whichever it may be, Go JLin! 

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  1. meme me

  2. LOL .. I thought you are leaving for GSW game already

  3. LOL beat me:-)

  4. me too, but I was trying to make sure I wasn’t too mean to KHuang and ended up here. My first first, I believe. I can never get here fast enough. Pays to have a conscience 🙂

  5. We know JLin played very well last game. BS and KB will try their best to handcup JLin this game. Can’t wait to see which JLin will show.

  6. Let’s Go JLin! Continue with your hot mid-range shooting tonight.


  7. Scott: “Bench is your best friend, Jeremy. Go practice sitting on it! “

  8. Honestly sometimes I just can’t believe how sick KB and BS are for denying KB’s chronos and continue to live in a self-belief world of doing “great.” Feel so sick when I read their “fantasy” comments. Just can’t believe JLin and his fans have to deal with days in and days out. When it will end???

  9. LOL Shaw knew Kobe is the boss of BScott


  10. LOL Same mind here:-)

  11. I guess Lin, Wes & Davis will play well tonight, they are young and athletic enough to handle the high altitude.
    Good luck Kobe!

  12. July 2015….when he sign another team

  13. Guess another big blowup loss game:-)

  14. I hope sooner than July 2015:-)

  15. How about Mid May? Lin will go fishing at that time ^.^

  16. Everyone knows who is the boss.

  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  18. Let’s go Jlin. ..change of menu tonight. .. Mc nuggets in stead of Mc flurry.

  19. That’s too far away. Hope it happens yesterday:-)

  20. Spurs is somehow just hibernating in the season…LOL

  21. they always do it early on and then….

  22. Delusional BS and KB are working extremely hard. Expect a mega blowup game!

  23. Pop is pacing the spurs…. please trade for Jlin pops

  24. Expect an unwatchable game!!!

  25. Oh lawd….here comes Jlin DNP-CD. … reason: kobe

  26. Here’s to my New Year’s Eve with Jeremy Lin…

    @psalm234:disqus you can save this photo anytime 🙂

  27. Kobe now not even makes himself available in practice or shootaround, can he still have legs to stay aggressive in such high altitude? Or BS secretly wants to break his legs?

  28. oh please

  29. Stay aggressive by jacking up 30 shots? Sure it is an unwatchable game !

  30. when is it ever watchable?

  31. It isn’t if he can or can’t but what both BS and KB believe in. Hence, it’ll be most likely KB will be a mega blackhole the minutes he plays in.

  32. mmmhhh. Let me think. Only watched the minutes that JLin played well sometimes to spare the agony of watching Lakers:-)

  33. Awesome! :]
    Let me go ahead and upgrade the Twitter pic.
    Thanks, IJ!

  34. Defensanity! And hopefully Offensanity as well 🙂

  35. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 2 blocks in this game so Lin got 7 blocks in 3 games?
    If he exceeds 2, so be it :>

  36. Here’s promoting to @JLin7 so he may be looking forward to your graphics :]


  37. Just randomly saw 5 of Spurs offensive possessions. 3 catch and shoots. one low post ISO and one dribble penetration by attacking the close out defender..It is HARD not to get HOT at some pts if those are the shots you keep getting…

  38. Thanks 🙂

  39. They do play a beautiful game.

  40. May I use it to tweet my all star vote? Thanks!

  41. Congrats! May it be the 1st Linsanity in Denver too!

  42. Both team not good at defense……

  43. Go ahead.

  44. lol

  45. Kobe plays PG.

  46. Den shooting catch and shoot all day…hehe

  47. zero defense

  48. Nice ball movement…..Kudos to them

  49. zero to no defense

  50. lol

  51. For some reason, while Lakers have good ball movement, I don’t find it smooth …

  52. Nice! Rondo like pass

  53. this should be a blow out but ofcourse its not

  54. You are asking too much…

  55. barely

  56. when i see bad teams like this its basically street ball

  57. Did Price just do a JLin? Got to the rim and handed the ball to Hill for an assist?

  58. I forgot this is Lakers 🙂

  59. LOL.. Price was that an attempt to bounce pass?? to whom???

  60. I am not sure how good DEN is now. Are LAL supposed to beat them?

  61. When JLin has a good game like two days ago?

  62. yes ish

  63. Wow, is this the Lakers?

  64. this defense is making it very hard to enjoy anything

  65. Can’t see game, just following on live campanion.

  66. Kobe taking 3s now instead of forcing things.

  67. That was a good shot..

  68. Nuggets are really bad.

  69. Appears so, Lakers looking like super stars.

  70. Denver announcers talking about how Lakers have one of the strongest benches in the WC at this point.. hmm I wonder why? *sarcasm*

  71. LAL started hot, let’s see if they can keep it up

  72. lol Announcers: Price threw that on the glass purposely for Johnson LMAO yea right!!

  73. What a surprised to see starters are doing well.

  74. Not one of the strongest but they are the strongest bench in the league while starters are dead last.

  75. HILL is just beyond…….S_____

  76. what it looks like to watch to crap teams

  77. Nuggets not competitive at all against these starters so boring.

  78. beyond

  79. Yeah for sure, it’s not Sexy or Sassy…

  80. far from it….

  81. lol i bet he said sexy…oohh those dreads lmao

  82. Lin in with less than 3 minutes left.

  83. Lin’s in with 2:49

  84. How boring…

  85. Bias refs that was a block!

  86. Denvers scrambling on defending Jeremy?

  87. Crap Nuggets double teaming Lin like crazy!!

  88. lol boozer

  89. What’s up with Nuggets double teaming Lin but not Kobe?!!

  90. Betting on Lin has a bad handle

  91. the lakers are bad at finding the open man. the bigs cant keep getting the ball with nothing to do

  92. You are asking to much…

  93. well…..

  94. Price did got an assist there

  95. Wow Denver is all snow. These players are running hard to get some burn.

    Jeremy might be like me, put me in a cold place and I’m not a happy girl..

  96. So Denver game planed against Lakers’ bench instead of starters? what a twisted NBA game!

  97. Lin gotta find a way to break out of the trap. They respect his game..

  98. Not eben worth watching this crep

  99. Freakin’ basket! That layup!

  100. That was the standard way to break it…pass to the middle bigs.

  101. these missed layups

  102. Go Lin Go! Keep pushing on!

  103. Damn wish Lin made a reverse layup instead. =/

  104. LOL

  105. He should just dunk it….LOL

  106. He should!

  107. anyone got lakers stream instead of nuggets?

  108. You’re right…it’s back-a$$wards. They’re doin’ their job right if they’re planning for the bench, ’cause everybody knows that’s where the real danger lies ;]

  109. 2nd unit seems quite balanced everyone taking shots with Boozer shooting most efficiently.

  110. If I am a Ty Lawson fan…I might just like some Lin fans saying WTH is Ty doing…LOL

  111. His shots were money! Not any more. Anyway I will take it…

  112. What is he doing?

  113. Nothing….

  114. well thats it for lin

  115. What is lin doing?

  116. wth….?

  117. Some freakin’ J-Davis PnR could make this game exciting.. BUT NO!!!!!

  118. Unless Denver comes back, Lin will be sitting down…

  119. Well, time to turn off the game.

  120. I just saw one the the worst FB in the history of the bball…

  121. fb=?

  122. fast break

  123. Fast break!

  124. Nuggets making it tough for Lin this game hope he still comes through.

  125. He might get 6 more mins of playing time.

  126. Seen like BS trying hard to limit Lin minutes after a good game.

  127. How many minutes he got so far?

  128. To be fair, Lin also has three fouls …

  129. JLin is going to play less than 15 min in this game.

  130. 7 m

  131. 7:35min. My guess is less than 15 min for this game.

  132. %$^#@

  133. Lin will have a better second half.

  134. Last game 26 min was squeezed from today’s playing time then

  135. …in garbage time.

  136. i will start to label games. this is a prototypical wasting my life game

  137. He might not come back in 2nd half

  138. Lin will look at video during halftime and dissect what the nuggets are doing to him on defense. Come out strong second half

  139. on a positive note – no chucking this game. Lakers may actually win

  140. does it matter

  141. how many fouls does lin have..? 4…?

  142. 3 I think.

  143. not really, but Lin likes to win

  144. Jeremy will have these backup pg games it happens when you play backup pg minutes

  145. Score 8 -10 points in the 2nd half

  146. I felt asleep!!! WT….

  147. good note denver is the only crap team for the next 2-3 weeks

  148. So….I guess DEN will go all Ty Lawson mode in the second half? LOL

  149. I hope to see the good Lin in the 2nd half.

  150. Hm, Kobe is 10/7/6 at the half.
    He’s gonna go for 3D and BScott probably won’t limit his min.

    Hope Lin will score some points when he’s back

  151. I’ll second that

  152. If the Denver keep coming back and pull closer, Lin will get a chance , otherwise he will have very limited minutes, even less than his usual less

  153. ATP I just JLin gets some pts:-) My desire for JLin is very low this day. Just want JLin to play well and stay healthy:-) Plus get some pts:-)

  154. lol price

  155. did you see that mis hahahahaha

  156. hahahahahahahaha

  157. Kobe has 5 TO already? haha

  158. Yes … Denver is coming back…

  159. aahhh 6

  160. Yes… he needs to get more… give him more minutes!

  161. wht a ugly crappy game

  162. could be quadruple-double today 4D!

  163. Oops … they are falling back again… guess..Lin can sit this one out

  164. The whole team is hot….not bad…Even Scott does not know how to lose like this

  165. Bench hasn’t gotten much minutes to score though.

  166. Does not need to any way…LOL

  167. Are Nuggets on a back to back? They were alot better last time when they faced the Lakers at least it wasn’t a blow out.

  168. Ty Lawson folded for some reason

  169. JLin still not back in ><" but Boozer and Young are….

  170. does it matter

  171. teams relies at some point it isn’t there year

  172. Let Kobe plays his hearts and body out… he won’t last past Feb

  173. Lets hope so….

  174. Lin is in!! 2:22 left for 3rd quarter!

  175. Coach BS wants to give Price to be the top star for this game. To be fair, Price played well and get very good score. Thsi BS coach won’t do anything like this for Lin though. Just BS!

  176. now the bench is crap

  177. Not enough minutes not in rythmn this game obviously.

  178. this game is not example of nab level ball

  179. yup…. Lin attacks with hesitation…

  180. atocorrect lol

  181. Is Jeremy rushing or hesitating?

  182. really need JLin with high level of confidence in order to win this game.

  183. Don worry! we got Price!!!

  184. lol what a funny game this has been.

  185. Seems like his game is affected after that double team in 1st quarter.

  186. Like I said you look like a backup with backup minutes it’s going to happen with jeremy playing this role

  187. lin will only have 15 minutes or so

  188. Didn’t he expect the double team?

    Edit: Would have known double team is norm for him every game. Especially after each good game.

  189. yep

  190. I thought he will only play 10 today

  191. Lin hasn’t been double teamed for full court like that in a while.

  192. I don’t get it. He know this is what they do to him, he should expect it.

  193. Who knows…maybe Denver is really too cold for him

  194. Jeremy better attack before the double comes. He should have the energy to do that. There is only 10 minutes left.

  195. get more assists

  196. I am signing out to watch my show”Secret garden”.. goodnight.

  197. Finally And 1 for Lin!!!

  198. Fts for Lin, he knows time is running out gotta get his points!

  199. LOL Lin should’ve driven to the rim every possession.
    2 in row!

  200. lin done

  201. 14 minutes

  202. Well he tried

  203. Couldn’t get me my eight

  204. haha

  205. korean drama? lol love that one

  206. i said 15 minutes lol so close

  207. Lin gotta score more before time runs out, hope he can knock down some 3s!

  208. Haha…Not really that bad…I thought Lin will stay at 0 pts…

  209. Is it the inconsistency that box score watchers are talking about?

  210. Driven to the rim? Is he not taking opportunitys or what? Is he scared? I’m not watching the game right now, but looking at the box score, and some comments it looks like Lin is struggling on this one.

  211. Wonder if Bench will play entire 4th quarter, oh nevermine starters back in….=/

  212. 14 minutes… that’s gotta be a season low 🙁

  213. Even though this might not be a great game for JLin, I can’t help cheering and supporting him cuz he has something most NBA players don’t have…passion to play team ball in the right way. He’s my man!

  214. Boozer and Young gets to stay in but not Lin! BS!

  215. ok, who’s up for an OT?
    31 min for Kobe plus 5min OT!

  216. I’m up for OT if Lin can pad his stats.

  217. now lets hope LAL lose this one

  218. yes, if Lin is needed to come back, it’s always good

  219. If J can pad his stats, why not..

  220. Young also just jump and pass out……I guess Lin is ok LOL

  221. hahahahahahaha

  222. WHat a turn of the event…

  223. wow so fun to watch… LOL

  224. hahahahaha

  225. LMAO LOL Good thing Lin wasn’t in this mess!

  226. Haha. As soon as Jeremy goes out…

  227. This is hilarious!! Kobe didn’t even bother to run back on defense.

  228. Did Robinson just spearhead Price’s handle? :]

  229. I know it is not Price fault, but I can not help but wish him plays bad, it is all bc of BS unfairness

  230. BS points to Kobe signaling Young to pass to Kobe but ignores him and goes for iso, then goes down the floor with a TO…

  231. No no. Lakers need to pull this out. Whenever you win bad games are forgotten. When the team loses then bad games by any player like Lin is made worse.

  232. Lakers really know how to lose all the games!

  233. That’s what happens when you try to pad the stats of your “favorites”. BS saw how JLin got 19 pts last game and wanted Price to get his SMH.

  234. nba saved lakers

  235. What happened? Lin didnt play that long?

  236. According some Lin fans…He plays like a bench warmer

  237. he played 15 minutes

  238. Only 15 minutes this game =/

  239. bench warmer.. 🙁 Hows his stats?

  240. refs to the rescue

  241. kobe didn’t get that call all year

  242. Did he do well during this 15 mins?

  243. 0p 0a 20tovs….lol JK

  244. naughty Brent.. Mods, how m I supp 2 ban him? 🙂

  245. Dosen’t look impressive. I’m not watching the game either but looks like a tough night for Lin, based on what I’m reading and looking at on the box score.

  246. Looks like 4pts in almost 15 mins right now

  247. LOL Do u really want me to ban @brentyen:disqus???? I can do it for u. hahahahaha

  248. Started scoring in 4th quarter but got benched for no reason by BS. Boozer and Young got to play more with starters this game.

  249. Kobe got 7 Tos? 3 more and he would have quadruple double lol.

  250. I hope Nuggets take this to OT!!

  251. after every good game, lin gets further marginalized, playing further reduced minutes. the FO should step in or they are as crazy as BS is.

  252. That will be great!

  253. This is exactly why Lin needs to leave Lakers.

  254. refs again three times refs save laker could it be more blatant

  255. Ban him with a lot of love.

  256. haha.. J/K.. Hes the king of the troll here..

  257. Is that how you want to be banned?

  258. He has no luv 4 Lin.. 🙂

  259. I’m done for today good bye

  260. The stronger the opponent, the better Lin plays.

    That’s because when the Lakers are not doing well individually, they turn to Lin to save them.

    Otherwise the Lakers try to avoid playing Lin at all when the game is going well.

  261. Refs helping the Lakers win? Typical….

  262. Like I keep saying, the better Lin plays the more benched he gets.

    The countdown to DNP-CD can only be temporarily halted by All Star level performances from Lin in less than 30 mpg.

  263. Price twisted his ankle on his own LOL.

  264. WHat happened to Price?

  265. yeah, so ridiculous.

  266. Twisted his own ankle on defense and fell down LOL.

  267. Kobe just can’t win, even when he tries his hardest to win.

  268. Why??? LAL does not want to win, they are tanking. Is this to protect Kobe?

  269. Still got time come on Nuggets you can do it!! Only need some 3s!

  270. I guess Kobe heard about Jeremy’s 3D under 30 min lol.

  271. unbelievable. and some stupid fans play along with these crazy people saying lin’s inconsistent’s the cause here. smh.

  272. Lol hella ugly! But Kobe dgaf. #kobelogic

  273. Are there any other options?

  274. but Kobe needed to come off the bench to equal the record :]

  275. He’s an ankle breaker.

  276. Except Lin did that off the bench!

  277. Would you like to find out?

  278. all he cares is breaking personal records not team winning. what a insecure/immature/selfish person he is.

  279. Sorta. They can’t save them fully because they’re too terrible.

  280. Everyone’s ignoring Kobe’s 9 TOs…

  281. “Kobe, we are trying to win a game here”

  282. Can anyone enlighten me whether Jeremy’s marginalised in this game?

  283. His box-score is not bad. Scott doing a beverly

  284. Seems ok….unless you are talking about the minutes

  285. Says no one, unfortunately.

  286. LOL…it is ok….everyone will have their moments here and there.

  287. My take is that Jeremy is on very short leash this game. He needs minutes to wram up and paly well.

  288. Lin played bad, Kobe played great with the 3D, Price was hot from the three point line, the lakers win, and the overall outcome is good because the lakers win. Winning makes everything look better. I know some wish the lakers lost because Lin did not play much or well but bad performances are forgotten in wins and good performances are forgotten in losses. No matter Lin plays good or bad, for whatever reason, it’s always better for the him that the team wins.

  289. Depends on how you see this. Yes and NO

  290. I agreee

  291. Brent, please give straight forward answer…Yes and No doesn’t help..

  292. a dirty win by a coach with a dirty agenda

  293. Only got 15 minutes what do you think? I’d say YES he was marginlized even when he started scoring!

  294. no he cudnt get it going and price was hot

  295. Then I will go with a NO I guess…

  296. Well it is what it is. The starters played well and most of the bench played badly. The refs helped too.

  297. No name calling…edit it

  298. I agree – against another weak team

  299. scrub is name calling?

  300. ALmost, and you somehow attached some name on it did you not?

  301. lol i thought it was smart

  302. not many people would say lin play great if he had 9TOs.

  303. that’s pretty much how it went.
    When starters play great, it’s hard for Lin to get more minutes coming off the bench.

    Lin should consult Boozer on how he approached the game.
    Boozer has made sure he played great stat-wise

  304. Yet again, you win, certain things are forgotten.

  305. Plays were called for Boozer. It just so happen that he made most of it.

  306. Please read the rules.
    This falls under #7

  307. Not really….We try to make here clean….so…edit it..do not use scrub…..

  308. Boozer does seem to be a good veteran who knows how things work and how to prosper as a professional in the nba. I think he could teach young guys Lin something about the mental approach to the nba. A team that could really use a seasoned vet with a good attitude like boozer is the 76ers. Those young kids need some veteran mentoring.

  309. I find calling Jeremy’s teammates scrubs offensive even it appears they are.

  310. poor soul

  311. done

  312. TY

  313. there wasn’t as much opportunity as against Phx for sure.

  314. I am not talking about you but in general I think those fans forget about the fact that all NBA players are skillful, one way or another.

  315. Jeremy and Swaggy didn’t play well…it happens when you come off the bench….jeremy needs to attack and play like 17-22 minutes is 48.

    Goals for the rest of the season to get a good contract:
    6 assists
    3-4 rb
    1 steal
    In 20 minutes a game

    Equals 2/3 year deal with a contending team

  316. It happens when you calls out your coach…LOL

  317. Game like tonight reminds me why I quit watching NBA before Linsanity brought me back. The referees were determined to take Lin out of the game by calling phantom fouls on him in the first half while ignoring the beatings he took (3 fouls in 7 minutes and no FTA O RLY?)

    Then once the Nuggets got closer at the 4th quarter the referees might as well wear the Lakers jerseys because they just kept giving Lakers advantage through a series of disgusting calls. This is not a basketball game. This is a pre-scripted Hollywood movie designed to make Kobe and the Lakers (excluding Lin) look good.

  318. The refs are rather biased against Jeremy..well, I geuss it isn’t surprising.

  319. well, it’s a unfair world, i am sure they won’t forget if it’s lin.

  320. I doubt he will average 10 pts for the rest of the year. He can’t even make free throws anymore.

  321. Only because no one else is doing it. Jeremy spearheading mutiny?

  322. Not really, I think he is just in “IDGAF” mode…

  323. Not surprising but till disgusting to see…

  324. I concede your point I remember during linsanity they won. Lin played great. Yet, people said he had a lot of turnovers and couldn’t go left and he couldn’t play D. He fixed those things and now they say he can’t play at a starter level. Man, when does the merry go round stop. Lin has to be the most scrutinized undrafted nba player ever!

  325. agree, really corrupt, even referees have no Sportsmanship and self respect.

  326. LOL

  327. yep that I agree
    ronnie price playign well now aint a coincidence
    most of them can perform given the chance but they wont get it
    so hope Lin can seize the oppurtunity while he still has it

  328. And-1!!!

  329. yeah, he is.

  330. I read somewhere on the web that Nuggets’s new head coach was a Laker, a good friend of Kobe.

  331. LOL

  332. As usual, I don’t watch Lakers’ games unless Lin is playing.

  333. Haha, what happened?

  334. like it matters this whole year means nothing for the lakers

  335. Means a SG running the point

  336. @nhawj44 happened. LOL. I thought she asked good questions.

  337. Really not surprised to see Lin had bad game bc that’s the way usually happened in HOU. When Lin had good game then next game sure would be bad. Last game the highest scorers were Young & Lin, look two of them got today? Also short playing time.. Sad to say this but I am not even mad now.. need to get used to the pattern. smh!

  338. Thanks. Thats what I thought. So meaning he doesn’t trust Jeremy to be the PG, let alone Price.

  339. It will work when Price is hot.

  340. OMG, he is going to be starting PG soon. smh! Ya! w 9 TO today. I think he can get tri-double in the future for every game from now on… smh!

  341. the guy has always been a loner.
    He’s obsessed with being the only MAN.
    sooner or later he’ll get his wish to be alone

  342. He is also the HC-two, so…..his call

  343. HC = Head Case? yes, I agree lol.

  344. head coach LOL

  345. LAL has good ball movement…so they win….gr8. Lin was guarded heavily…so Lin lost the chance…move on…

  346. I know… but what I said makes sense too. Admit it!

  347. Once it revert back to everyone has to dribble dribble…the same old LAL will come back….nothing really has changed here

  348. honestly could fast forward 2 months and nothing will change. lakers future is bleak. lin will have his choice. continue to develop. lin has average 20- 22 minutes per game. its obvious to tell less minutes equal less points.this year is a wash. he will have to fight to start again although given his talents i think he can. right team and right personnel. the reality is kobe will last the year. price will start every game. lin will play 15-26 minutes lol. its funny young plays bad but gets his usual minutes. its tough but don’t expect any changes.

  349. it’s so bizarre why DEN would double Lin to prevent him from driving.
    They should’ve game-planned more against Kobe and the starters.

  350. I listened to the radio and it seemed the Nuggets’ defense went up a notch when Jeremy checked in. full-court press and all.

  351. Every team knows Lin and Kobe are the only threat.

  352. Lin is getting some respect…

  353. Of course, bball 101….more catch and shoot more wins…

  354. I hope Lin would soon master Boozer’s mental approach to play his game and leave BScott no choice but to play him

  355. That was from the season started… I think he & Scott just tried everything they could to stop Lin to in charge the ball again. smh!

  356. they barely won also got hot. denver sucks lonely bad team for 2 weeks so we will see

  357. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  358. opposing coach always seem to respect Lin than his coach.
    crazy league indeed.. but I’m glad he keeps fighting

  359. Lakers were lucky to play a equally weak opponent. Just have to move to next game.
    I’m already numb to a point of no feeling about the Lakers game any more. Hope JLin makes a right choice when FA comes up next year. All I can say is – frustrating and emotionally draining.
    EPL 》NBA.

  360. Only Kobe will force something out of a double team, and I do not know why everyone wants him play like KOBE.

  361. So why doesn’t BScott know this…

  362. Me too. I am not even too upset after all… sad to see this but still long way to go then…

  363. Lin told them to do it.

  364. He still live in the 80s..

  365. playing limited minutes lol

  366. Well, only 6 months to go. The only regret I have is subscribed to ballstream. lol.

  367. we all are. a trade would be great. but its just 4 months it will be over soon

  368. 5 we will not be in the playoffs lol obviously

  369. After Lin hit him last time, Ireland sounds way more respectful now..

  370. Still good to watch other good teams…

  371. LOL. I thought so too.

  372. Oh no…Price is trying so hard to please his coach oops his teammate my bad 😀

  373. LOL yes ma’am!

  374. Glad Lin mentioned “limited minutes”.

  375. What did you mean by that?

  376. Ha he is super honest

  377. That is the beginning of a new career for Kobe, try to become the top PG in NBA. Lakers have got to give him another contract to see the reborn of a super star!

  378. happy almost new year

  379. Last game Ireland Asked a Q to Lin saying that game is maximally what Lin could do. Lin immediately said it is not true…

  380. These reporters.. can’t the guy get at least a shirt first?!?

  381. april 15 last game so 4.5 months…….. idk this year is so boring. like there isn’t really any dominate teams. all this teams are at the top thats very fake. gsw is all hot or cold i say no to them. east has the best chance with bulls and wizards. still san antonio but yea very crappy year so far

  382. I thought it’s Mike Trudell?

  383. I still like to watch WSH BULLS MAVS AND SPURS. GSW too, but not as much

  384. And 1!
    Warning: Stu makes annoying comment at the end… lol.

  385. No only three months.. bc they will not make it to playoff so their season will be end by late March.

  386. BS doesn’t have a brain.

  387. I thought you love it…

  388. mavs well idk. clippers will be there . but injuries have slowed them down. again this year sucks for the nba

  389. april 15 last game

  390. jokes on KOBE, Lin is a FA after this year so GOOD BYE LA! and good riddance!

  391. In public I don’t…

  392. Really? SMH! April?

  393. Only 4 months and Lin is free to go where he wants! Last game on April 15! I just hope he chooses wisely!

  394. CLippers is kind of boring…..

  395. yep

  396. sorry okc idk they are so similar in my head

  397. I’m surprised to see how many Lin fans are not happy with Lin’s shooting in twitter.
    Sometimes we are too emotionally invested in Lin’s performance :]

    All players have ups and downs but some have such high expectations.

  398. Again…not saying they are fake fans. Just saying there are too many “you are only as good as your last game” fans out there

  399. on a crappy team there is no meaning. lin know by now. this year is a wash

  400. Can’t expect much when Lin only got to play 15 minutes, he got going in 4th quarter but BS pulled him for no reason. It’s not something he can control and he’s stubborn about dissing out assists instead of just looking for his own shots! He’s gotta understand it’s his contract year and that PPG total will determine whether he gets a big contract!

  401. or last season for that matter

  402. OKC is even worse…their bball is so boring…

  403. well sort of….:P

  404. So glad to hear the good news but I don’t believe what he said… besides, he said right now the answer is NO.. he can change his mind in 2015 or 2016.

  405. Yet he still insist on dissing out assists instead of focusing on scoring SMH. When he gets low balled a bad contract he’ll regret it!

  406. I can understand a bit how some LA media use ‘rabid Lin fans’ term because it’s impossible to live up to such high expectations every game :]

    Even premier players like LeBron, KD have ups & downs if some are willing to look … oh well, people will be people

  407. Hope Lin doesn’t have any emotional bond to this team. Christmas gifts are great but please go play for a team that appreciates your true strengths!

  408. yeah, even my son said 4p/4a is good in 15 min :]

  409. has anyone relies this year is nothing but stat stuffing. the lakers are in the being of halftime losing by 50 for the ret of the year. it just don’t matter any more. and we both know lin is a horrible stat stuffer

  410. Whenever the coach gives Lin a short leash unfairly, I counter it by voting for Lin in the ASG !

  411. OKC = 2 hero ball

  412. emotional bond lol cant a brotha lol just be nice with out emotional bonds

  413. Am I going to watch him play ? No.

  414. Somehow I think it’s not right to see retweet these pics :]
    PennyLee is too #LibraFree LOL


  415. I don’t like Scott or Lin plays next to Kobe but I really think Lin will stay in Lakers. Talk about X’mas gift, I think that sort of show me he’s #2 guy in the team even coach & Kobe don’t want him to be…

  416. Deal with it, psalm. Deal with it… lol.

  417. Thank you for the reminder.

  418. It was almost never him…

  419. Ya! Even I know he will not make it to ASG but I just want to show NBA or Lakers… he is still popular not just #9 in the list.

  420. Lots of Lin fans don’t know the game or are trolls…backup minutes don’t equate lights out performances in fact it results in up and down play…and jeremy if he is to have a long career must play with a little more consistency, which I believe can happen

  421. yeah, noone believes he can stop playing
    No big name FAs will come to LA to play with Kobe

  422. Like father, like son. You raised him well 🙂

  423. yeah, I only thought of you, IJ and tons of Lin fangirls LOL

  424. Lakers, Knicks and Celtics suck bad…nba does not like this. Expect interesting things to happen in this years lottery

  425. It’s NOT RIGHT???!
    It’s SUPER RIGHT!!!

  426. I knew you’ll be one of biggest supporters LOL

  427. He usually does courtside interview, rarely does locker room.

  428. I have a similar feeling. Let’s see if Scott will be fired by the time Kobe breaks down. There is no way Lin can stand BS for another season.

  429. Yup it is

  430. Hahahahahahaha~~~
    I have to say, you got me!!

  431. LOL except Knicks don’t even have drafts picks until who knows when, no one can “safe” them. Lakers are tanking so maybe they can find their star in there.

  432. Yup. Googly eyes an all 🙂

  433. Actually, I almost posted this but went against it for the same reason. But look what you did 😛

  434. Let me just go roast some coffee beans and move on LOL…..Kind of tired seeing Lin fans try to solve Lin’s problem (if any).

  435. Yeah why don’t they interview Price?

  436. Thanks :]

  437. Its been tough n struggling 4 Lin since he got demoted. The team doesnt hv a plan 4 him, B. Scott cuts his min. n hes been marginalized. Its been hard 2 watch Lin play less mins lately, althou I sorta lost my passion 4 the Lakers game, I still root n scream 4 him in front of the TV. Cali boy enjoys staying in LA, if its good 4 him, I’ll rather see the Lakers release him.

  438. :] you just need a helping hand from a friend

  439. I will watch Jlin and only when the rox lose .

  440. They did today. Check Lakers tweet on what he talked about Kobe… smh!

  441. They do but he doesn’t give out any interesting feed back… just generic responses… nothing they can use in their report.

  442. Ain’t nothing we can do but support the homie and hope for the best…he is living his dream no matter the outcome

  443. don’t worry.
    If things stay the same with Lin on bench, he’d probably welcome the trade or a brand new team next season.

    For now, we can appreciate and respect him to keep fighting against bad boss and selfish co-worker. Real life struggle indeed!

  444. My Knicks will never win in my lifetime

  445. And we do not say this like we are losers and are just finding something positive to say. This is the truth.

  446. true .. many fans just don’t understand the game
    as for consistency, I wonder what it’ll take for Lin to get back to the starting line-up to get more min.

    Possibly only when Kobe’s health doesn’t allow him to play PG or play well at all

  447. LOL oh no….live long and prosper, please

  448. I think he will bc few weeks ago LA Times had article on Mark M that AS coach from Stanford… they show him w Lin talked … somehow I got the feeling when one day Scott’s really out of Lakers he will be the one who is going to take over …. Look at these reporters asked Lin all about team question & BB game. I think Lin will be very important in the future after Kobe is out of Lakers. That’s why Kobe push Lin so much in the team.

  449. The thing with Lin is that he is playing the political game the right way. He will roots for the team if, even if he has an off night, because he all about the the team. I think Lin/Boozer are teaching the team, that you might not be the guy for the night and that is alright, but it is about the team win. call me delusional, but I think that is what the F/O likes about lin. They know that he has a lot of potential and they want to explore it, but on the same token they have an aging superstar with a fragile ego, who is having a hard time of letting go. Kobe thinks that he is still relevant in The NBA and he is not. No matter what he does, it will not make a mark in the NBA media. They are done with Kobe,. Nobody is talking about him anymore. Unfortunately for us lin fans the drama has to play out. I notice that Lin seems to be more confident in his speaking out now. I truly believe that Lin/Boozer are the spokesman for the ( as Kevin Ding posted” downtrodden”)

  450. A brand new team next season? 4 teams in 5 seasons, I know he doesnt like it. But if it 4 his own good, fans would luv n expect it. Yes, keep supporting him is all what we can do 4 him now.. 🙂

  451. Hv coffee at night? I cant, it makes me hard 2 all asleep thou. Enjoy it n move on.. 🙂

  452. Ya! Right now in Lin’s interview, he sounds just like team leader or AS coach… LOL! Can’t really say why … but I really think he will be in charge more in the future…

  453. No mater what, I will always support lin. Call me delusional. Lin will be the norm for the future lakers. I think the F/O likes him, but they can’t really say that w/o offending Kobe, but I think the F/O are running two political schemes. They are supporting Lin on the downlow without having to offend Kobe. just my thoughts

  454. No….I am just running out of beans….need to roast some more

  455. Haha! That’s exactly what I thought… I know lots of Lin’s fans want Lin out of Lakers.. but I really think Lin will stay in Lakers.

  456. I could not see him play for BS and with Kobe for another year though.

  457. That’s what Kobe wants… bc I really think he wants to get another contract in 2016. I guess that maybe part of the reason why he & Scott tried so hard to push Lin out (the best can out of Lakers) bc w/o anyone comes Lakers have to sign him.

  458. I know I don’t like it either but right now I can’t see any team wants to sign him (w really cheap price maybe) but Lakers & maybe Knicks.

  459. He is also broadening his appeal in free agency to other front offices but seeing him stay as a backup in purple n gold can’t be his long term goal.

  460. Lin’s been MURDERING Denver since 2012.

    Everybody knows that Denver doesn’t have a player that can athletically stop Lin from getting the whole team going.

    Denver fears Lin because he kills them even when his shooting is off. 4 pts 4 asts is HIGH PRODUCTION for a hated bench player in only 15 minutes, and Lin would have had more if Scott wasn’t trying to DNP CD him.

  461. I think he will back to starting lineup.

  462. I can see him signing with OKC or other contending teams (Washington don’t laugh). The two pg system is all the trend right now

  463. Skill set says it should be the case but with Price playing well Im not sure

  464. NO.

    Kobe played TERRIBLY with the 9 turnovers.

    Denver is a hobbled team missing its best players. They lost because they don’t have their full lineup.

  465. Don’t think OKC will need Lin. They have RW & Jackson already. That coach is not even like Lin at all. Waz? Don’t know too much about them..

  466. Certain things are NOT FORGOTTEN.

    Kobe Bryant is playing TERRIBLY and the numbers show it.

    Let’s not inflate that scrub Bryant into something he’s not.

  467. I believe Lin is a 1 year rental. Do You believe Lin will voluntarily choose to come back to this assuming he has options elsewhere?

  468. I only hope that they would pay more attention to Kobe+starters.
    But they probably didn’t expect Kobe+starters would pass the ball and be a real threat.

    Let’s hope MEM will game-plan against Kobe+starters more in 2 days and less vs Lin+bench

  469. I really think lin wants to stay with the Lakers because he is in Cali and close to family. I think Lins knows that whatever teams he goes to it he will be staring all over again.What I do see is Kobe having a hard time trying to stay relevant in a league where everybody looks at him as a has been. They say all the right right things in the press, but most of the players in the league consider him as old and washed up. Tonight spoke volumes to me when the Nuggets decided to double team a bench player. What team in the league has ever done that…just sayin..

  470. 3P shot come & go… he will not make the shot that good in every game. Look at Young or even PB… not worry about that at all. You know Blake was shooting well when Nash was out but that couldn’t even save his job in Lakers…

  471. 4 pts 4 ast in 15 min is NOT STRUGGLING.

    No matter what haters on the other site say, that’s a SOLID GAME even despite Lin’s 1-6 shooting.

    Superstars go 1-6 or worse in 15 min all the time. We’ve seen Lin miss a few early and then even up his numbers.

    Nobody has the right to moan that Lin “played badly” this game.

  472. Price is NOT PLAYING WELL.

    Once again, he got LIT UP.

  473. I didn’t watch the part that JLin didn’t play except 4th qtr. For those watching the game from beginning. Was KB double team like JLin??? I’ve found that very interesting for Nuggets to double or sometimes triple teams on JLin. That was when I knew JLin wouldn’t have a good scoring game.

  474. Price doesn’t understand the game well enough to discuss it intelligently.

  475. What I know is that the same teams that win the lottery every year will continue to make major league mistakes that keep them in the lottery.

  476. NO.

    Lin is a TERRIFIC stat stuffer.

    4 ast and 4 pts in 15 min? Superb production.

  477. We just have to wait and see what will happen when FA comes. Let’s see what teams will make an offer. If teams that we would like JLin to go to don’t make any offer, JLin only can take what is being offered just like 2.5 years ago. R was the only team who has made the offer. He didn’t have the choice but took the offer. Pray this team there are more teams making offer. Then at least JLin has the choices to make.

  478. You have to think in terms of how Lin thinks. Lin is not about the money, he is about who values him. I think he has developed a real kinship with the Laker players. He went out this Christmas and bought them customized headset with their nick names on the. Lin has never done that before and Lin is not extravagant on gifts like that unless he feels t. I think lin/Boozer have become the leaders of the the team and I have never heard Lin speak up as much as he has on the Laker team. I think his team mates have given him a voice to speak for them. I don’t know, but I think lin F/O might have an agreement that nobody knows about. The F/O had an opportunity to offer him up to the Celtics, but they didn’t. I know the Celtics wanted Randle(so the Lakers say) but I thought it was interesting that Lin was not included in the trade. So I will take a wait and see attitude when it comes to Lin and the Lakers. I have a feeling that the Lakers will let the Kobe scenario playout.

  479. I love your take, but I personally do not think the celtics wanted Lin in a rondo trade even as the expiring contract. I’m also not sold that if the lakers wanted Lin, they would be treating on the court like this. I hope kobe gets hurt only so we can find out if the lakers value Lin

  480. Yes agree

  481. For those watching the whole game, was KB double team like JLin??

  482. Agreed!

  483. in the 1st half at half court

  484. Yes ma’am!

  485. Jackson is a goner I think he is a free agent…OKC is intriguing because the backup pg plays strong minutes with RW playing the 2

  486. Unlike all out to JLin from full court???

  487. OKC will be too dumb to let go Jackson

  488. Price is 3rd tier pg but is playing above that now. Once he regresses to the mean of his career we will see where jeremy stands

  489. No…not the same. Well they kind of mixed it up…

  490. To your point the Celtics wanted to develop Smart so trading jeremy there, unless a salary dump, wasn’t in the cards.

  491. Ok. I was so surprised to see the all out on JLin. He is the bench player:-) Respect or misconception on JLin ball-handling???

  492. Both I believe. More about respect. Every team knows LAL have a good 2nd unit like starter.

  493. Press handles and decision making but to slow down the 2nd unit which plays very well with jeremy as the engine.

  494. I hope it is the respect:-)

  495. It worked for a while but then they made good adjustments and played well.

  496. Harden situation all over again and they can’t go max with him especially with other FA out there (Gasol maybe)

  497. I think they thought Lakers 1st unit are bad but bench are good. So Lin should be the top target for sure.

  498. I think Lin will stay in Lakers if they resign him because 1. It is closer to his family.2. He is a faithful person. Just like he doesn’t change his agent. 3. He likes the kinship with the players, like you said. 4. He likes the weather. He said it before he likes the weather in CA. 5. He has a huge fanbase in L.A. Money is not a factor since Lin is already rich. I would say all of the above. Unless there is really another team he likes so much that he can’t refuse, otherwise, Lakers is more likely his team next year.

  499. That’s very true. Lakers starters are the worst and bench is the best:-) What an ironic!!!!

  500. Jackson does not deserve a max anyway. But should get a good contract.

  501. That sounds great! to stick being a lin fan.

  502. I mean, this is an AND, not an OR. LOL

  503. I wonder if OKC regrets trading Harden and keeping Ibaka….but giving Jackson a boatload of cash is going to be tough

  504. OKC will keep Jackson bc he is good plus he is a res. FA so they can match any offer he gets.

  505. He will not get max contract from any team.

  506. THat was a perfect move. If IBAKA gone, OKC stand no chance to final.

  507. Lakers can’t trade Kobe, but at least they can change the coach for next season if they want to start rebuilding, which is the only possibility that Lin would sign with them.

  508. I know what u meant but I just hope it’s more for the respect:-)

  509. BS is hired because of KB. So, the only way for BS to be gone is chronos takes KB out of NBA for good. Won’t be either/or but both need to be gone in order for Lakers to be rebuilt.

  510. Their rebuilding start with Kobe’s retirement

  511. Kobe? may be. But not for BS for sure, you can tell from his body language that he’s not OK with BS’s bs. An incompetent coach in his eyes.

  512. Lin give his teammate headphones in Rockets too. So, that’s not special.

  513. That is right! Lin was double-teamed as soon as he got the ball, almost like in the last few minutes of a playoff game, so strange.

  514. Are those customized like Lakers?

  515. No he didn’t that was harden…; get a clue…smh

  516. THat was a good move…not really starnge. If I am DEN’s coach, I would do the same thing.

  517. Exactly!

  518. During the double team period….I think it was actually Boozer, Sacre and Young being caught off guard more. haha Boozer as a VET woke up sooner than others…

  519. Why not take Lin. He has an an exp ring contract. Smart maybe starting, but so far this year he has been injured. Lin would have been a great backup. He had an expiring contract. So your argument doesn’t work. It was stated that Celtics was looking for expiring contracts.

  520. Since I didn’t watch the whole game, did Lin get double team the whole time?

  521. Please do research before you come out with a lame azz statement which your know nothing about..smh..

  522. for the 1st stint….and selectively in the 2nd stint…

  523. That was the old plan. But things are getting much worse than FO had thought. They failed to realize that Kobe would not be able to bring up the TV ratings. I guess the FO could change the coach sometime before next season and have the new coach put Kobe to the backseat.

  524. This was the first time JLin gave teammates Christmas gift.

  525. But Lin didn’t have lots of TO so he seemed to adjust well then?

  526. I hope so…..but I will not bet my money on it.

  527. Let's get something clear. Media goes to Lin no matter how he plays because besides Kobe, he's only one readers/viewers care about.— Nathan Gottlieb (@zukovka) December 31, 2014

  528. That TOV was a crap call too. There is no adjustment needed. There is a reason why NBA teams do not do full court press often.

  529. Oops Joyce. Believe you replied to the wrong post:-)

  530. I agree w what he said but I also think bc Lin is #2 guy in the team even coach didn’t treat him like one but FO sure think so… bc who got the interview it’s all from Lakers to decide not reporters.

  531. I finally know what is the root of the problem. Simply just because not enough ppl on this site who voted for LINSANITY!!

  532. Saw the game in LP, thought it was funny that Lin had to be double teamed in the 1st half. He played a fair game for his shots were not in. Price were sharper with his shots hence his more playtime. In the 4Q the starters nearly lost the game if not for the foul calls for Kobe to stop Denver onslaught. Nevertheless am happy Lakers won.

  533. LOL I continuously vote for 15/5 after JLin isn’t a starter anymore:-) Before that I always voted 17/7!!!!

  534. So….Baby Lin had a good game 19p 11a 2 tov….in a W….I guess life is fair..in a sense.

  535. So you are part of the problem….oh com’on!

  536. Really? FO makes the decision on who should be interviewed??? Thought players should be available to be interviewed in locker rooms and reporters would choose who to go to???!!!!

  537. GSW Game report as it relates to Lin fans:

    1. we all hate it when Lin gives a great assist and someone chokes it, and I saw up close even with great teamwork and a massive win, a couple of grimaces.

    Draymond Green took a 3 and missed, and then Speights followed but missed but got his own oreb and then put it in. Was Green smiling? Nope, he was bummed for not getting his stats. Nothing bad, as he was Mr. Teamwork pretty much, but just interesting turned around sort of not happy with himself instead of happy for Speights.

    Iggy made a great pass that Speights was fouled on. Yep, Iggy was bummed he didn’t get the assist.

    2. I was paying attention to Livingston coming off the bench for Curry, and one thing I noticed in a live game (had seats low so saw faces and could hear callouts) you can easily not get your stats. Livingston was playing great, dishing when he could have pushed it for the rim. He traversed the rim once wide open for a reverse layup, but he rocketed it out to the side for a Curry 3. So yeah, as someone said below, if you are off the bench and have limited mins AND play team ball, you can easily not score much. Livingstone had a quick 3 and couple of buckets to get to 11.

    So going to a game live again tells me I’ve been too much TVing it and really, Lin is doing great in context with how bad LAL is in teamwork, now fast the game is, and how fast the stats and efficiency drops if you have limited bench mins and you are trying to make the team shine.

    3. Another thing I noticed … team spirit when someone goes on a run. We don’t get that on TV at all. Speights was doing great early and everyone was into it. Later, KT was hitting, but it was less spirited because he always gets his. Finally, when Babosa started hitting, the crowd and the team went wild, almost going to him. I feel on LAL Kobe doesn’t let that happen, but on the 2nd unit, Lin helps Booz get that, etc. You’d have to be there to really feel it and I’ve love it if some LA based fans can write about that sometime.

    Now I get to read all your posts to find out how it went today … looks like par for the LAL course. Next …!

  538. who?

  539. I remember there was a clash of powers right before the Showtime, and the old Buss changed the coach and handed the team to Magic. Let’s see how the young Buss’s handle the situation.

  540. There are PR person controlling interview process. But I think you are right.

  541. Lin’s younger bro

  542. ohhhh he nba material?

  543. Not sure….never watched him play. I know he is a better shooter than Lin is. Per Lin’s mom

  544. My vote was “defensanity” but it was the opponent that went defensanity against Linsanity. Haha.

  545. So you jinxed his game!!!

  546. I thought PR will tell reporters to interview the players sure not by the reporters choice.

  547. No idea. For those who knows this process, better enlighten us!!!!:-) Really curious about the answer.

  548. I voted 22/8…..that’s linsanity figures. Guess I’m not the problem lol

  549. I don’t know about you but I just can’t stand the look on the face of Kobe, the arrogant, stuck up above everyone else like he’s the god of all basketball. So sad for me that have to watch him because I don’t want to miss Lin’s game.

  550. M….we will see…

  551. Lin is a pretty good shooter

  552. Haha…..I thought most fans would Love Lin acting like that….have swagger, taking shots, looking for heroism….

  553. I cant stand byron and price more

  554. nice slow-mo of Lin’s pre-game shot.
    Sounds like many will hit the replay on this one!


  555. LOL Really????!!!!

  556. Come on… we fans need to stick together and collectively point fingers at the incompetent coach and an aging veteran who can’t simply let it go. Deal 🙂

  557. Nice one…..

  558. I saw that .. and realized this guy loves the limelight so much that he will get depressed soon when he doesn’t play anymore.

    Sad but Father Time keeps knocking at the door. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock!

  559. I just feel everyone is finding Lin’s problem, so I figure I should do the same…LOL

  560. Some ppl always magnify his flaws n ignore how hard he puts efforts into the games. When fan feel down, u always hv us 2 look optimistic. 🙂 Thx 4 the words.

  561. Can’t stand both BS and KB especially when the pics and cam zoned in to their faces. I quickly switched it to other tab when I saw it.

  562. He actually does all that with humility not arrogance like Kobe. That’s why we love him. He plays the right way and positively presents himself.

  563. Wow, that is a fluid form, trading faster release for higher release point.

  564. I just hope he can turn his body more..

  565. If you do you that then you’ll become my problem and I would have to hit that blacklist button 😛 … but I’m sure psalm will unban you for whatever reason. LOL.

  566. I think w/o double team Lin can make a good game tonight. smh!

  567. hm, do you know if Harden/Ray Allen turn their bodies more?

  568. They sure did…

  569. Yes ma’am!

  570. question for tonight’s game … double on Lin … was he effective to distribute, or did that grind 2nd unit to a halt? Did 2nd unit effectuate the win, or did Kobe 1st unit do it? I noticed Hill finally played a good game (been about 2 weeks) … did he contribute to win?

  571. Layup

  572. I’m with you Joyce. Linsanity forever.

  573. I think LIN would jump at an opportunity to play for Spurs at whatever capacity.

  574. looks good…to bad he missed it….

  575. Jeremy helped Beverly’s game (although Beverly wouldn’t acknowledge that), and I’d bet Lin is having a similar effect on Price

  576. Good for you Khuang, yes sir!

  577. Usually it’s the ladies telling the guys “hey, my eyes are up here”.

  578. oh really? I didn’t watch the game…love this pic and his kicks look nice

  579. Jeremy gave headphones to his Rockets teammates on Valentines day.

  580. Just waiting for “boom”. Not wishing, just waiting, at this rate.

  581. It’s time for LIN to ride the stationary bike on the sidelines to keep warm. Show the fans and BS that he can’t be frozen out!

  582. I forgot…but…maybe he can only do that in a home game?

  583. Kobe’s been so bad lately that they wanted him to shoot. LIN has been the one leading the second unit to save the day. So it was a sound strategy…..EXCEPT, lin had a great game so everyone here knew it was going to be punishment for daring to be player of the game. That’s what Denver didn’t accounted for. They DIDNT need to shut LIN down. Scott did it for them. Just bad scouting IMO

  584. Let me try to use Japanese algebra to explain the BS game plan on Lin…

    1. Want to win = longer leash
    2. Want to lose = short leash
    3. Home games / national TV games = longer leash
    4. After a good game = bench next game
    5. Starters doing great = sit the whole bench
    6. Starters doing ok = sit Lin only
    7. Starters doing bad = use Lin as minimum as possible
    8. Kobe / Price doing great = sit Lin
    9. Lin getting hot = take him out
    10. Lin turnover = take him out
    11. Davis on court = take him out
    12. Throw an alley oop = take him out
    13. Phantom call on Lin = take him out
    Anything else I miss ?

  585. No your wrong, a win with Kobe the hero is just plain bad for the team for the long term. You have to think what’s best for the Lakers long term. Kobe needs to stop being such a selfish sob and BS needs to stop being such a suck up. Every time these two win, the team loses long term. It’s already bad for the Lakers, can you imagine these 2 being in charge past 2016?

  586. Really?? 2013 or 2014?

  587. I have to add that i don’t want Lin to be with Scott and Lobe in the same team. I hope what I guessed above was wrong.

  588. Just a couple thoughts on the way Lin shoots layups. I notice that he uses his back to impart last second velocity adjustments. For example, when he drives to the basket, he arches his back during his release to slow down the ball and compensate for his forward velocity. I do feel like his shooting is affected by the health of his back. In the long run, I have no doubt he will regain his touch.

  589. What?

  590. 14. Jeremy making other player not named Kobe look good = take him out.IMMEDIATELY.

  591. 15. Name: Jeremy Lin = take him out.

  592. 16. Undrafted Asian-American who graduated from Harvard = take him out.

  593. 17. Sound too smart in Locker Room Interview = Half his minutes next game.

  594. Friends from Down Under! Among the first to welcome the New Year 2015!

  595. Yes we are:-) Just finished watching Sdyney live fireworks (slightly over 11 minutes long):-) Waiting for Brisbane one in about 45 minutes:-) Have a blessed New Year to all JLin fans around the globe.

  596. Price is still a 3rd tier PG playing like one.

    His starters are getting pummeled far worse than when Lin was in there.

  597. I am going to the Count Down. Welcome 2015 in 2 hours time. Stay strong and healthy.

  598. Happy 2015 Melody! I have around 3 hours left until 2014.

  599. Let’s be fair. This game Kobe was not selfish. He shot 11 times and 11 assist. This is only one game but unless he is injured Kobe is not going anywhere. Would you not want Kobe to shoot only 11 to 15 times and win versus 30 shots and lose? If Lin played well we wouldn’t care about Kobe and if Lin played well I think he would’ve finished the whole fourth. Next game he will play better. His shooting has just been up and down this year. (Shrug)

  600. Awesome picture. Thank you. I think Sydney has the best firework show.

  601. Glad u have found the great pic. Actually I like this year one much better. Another 5 min is Brisbane one. Don’t think we have as nice one as Sydney:-( Anyhow it is still a good one:-)

  602. Disappointed there is no live Brisbane fireworks. Anyhow I did stay up for passing the old and enter the new year! Indeed pray that it’s a better year for JLin and all his fans!!!

  603. Thanks! Don’t think I can stay up for your turn:-) Wish you a very blessed New Year!!!

  604. Except Old Buss was in sole power while Young Buss Siblings are in a power struggle. No need to contemplate, if Lakers want Lin they will make him the best offer over other teams with a new coach.

  605. I think it was simply that NBA installed some device in the ball so they can control who make and who miss…LOL JK

  606. In the last day of 2014, don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  607. Here’s to a blessed 2015 for our little community! May 2015 bring us prosperity and (good) surprises!

    (@psalm234:disqus I changed the photos for the Twitter header and made it really wider. Hope Twitter won’t stretch it)

  608. Happy new year isabel and everyone!

  609. Happy bew year!

  610. Happy New Year!!!

  611. Happy New Year from Hong Kong!!! Wish you & your family a prosperous, wonderful & fruitful year of 2015!

  612. Happy New Year 2015 from Malaysia to all Jlin fans all over the world.

  613. It is just one game but at the same time Kobe is the control freak deciding when and where anyone plays. His TOs are so bad as ball handler that 11 assists don’t make up for it. This is as always about Kobe setting himself up to look good and not about team building. KOBE COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT THE TEAM. IF HE DID, HE’D MENTOR LIN AS HE HAD PROMISED AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. What we’ve seen is an all out effort to bury Lin behind the bench.

    My hopes for a good kobe to emerge is long gone. What he is doing is manipulating the team by a coach that plays favorites instead of merit. The pattern of punishing a good performance instead of rewarding it is why I hope the Lakers go on a long losing streak.

  614. The way LAKERs do high post entry shows how incompetent their system is. Lin was forced to just take a long 3…WTH…could not even enter the ball…

  615. FO people should know about this, right? They should be knowledgeable enough to differentiate talks from walks. Whatever BS talks, I never see the walks. Especially about his outdated system. But does FO really know this and value Lin and even be sympathetic about it? I doubt they care.

  616. As FO…they need to think more than just what coaching staff has in terms of their system. To be fair, this LAL squad is not exactly that cohesive anyway..

  617. You meant FO and BS not that cohesive? Any signs that you see to suggest that? From my view, FO is just being silent and being passive.

  618. ..

  619. I mean players…FO knows what happens….BS knows it too.

  620. Lakers are tanking so I doubt they care, keep Kobe happy until he retires then start rebuilding. With Lin’s stats this season I’m seriously worried he would get poor contract offers next season that doesn’t guarantee his starting role. Don’t think i can handle another new contract of this bias coaching and unfair treatment of Lin!

  621. Happy New Year @kauaiblue:disqus!

  622. Happy New Year @CJSHYY:disqus1

  623. Baby Lin seems cockier than Jeremy. But I believe baby Lin can be more easily broken than Jeremy. The 2 older ones give me the feel they can withstand more hardship than the younger one just from seeing them on tv and stuff

  624. I believe they are equally tough….if that is what you are saying…LOL

  625. Haha ok.

  626. Happy New Year @teyling:disqus!

  627. We will see in 5 months if the lakers and Lin really like each other. I hope Lin doesn’t resign if next year is more of the same. This is 10 times harder to watch than Houston lol. Kobe is not going to get hurt again. domique Wilkins played like 5 years injury free after his Achilles. Kobe is now taking games off too so it will be fine.

    Kobe should just get allow himself to be traded to New York for draft picks and young talent and Amare expiring contract.

  628. DNP-CD yr!!!!! JK

  629. Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of Star? Hong Kong Island?

  630. Happy New Year @moominfloren:disqus & @singaporebbfan:disqus!

  631. Kobe could make the playoff in Nyc, save the team, and be the New York man! He must see this. Fisher is more Kobe buddy than Scott! Carmelo is a good #2 for Kobe to play with. 2 ball hogs make it right!

  632. Lets just say that I used to have nightmares about how to initiate the offence by making an entry pass to the high post back in 69. This was a system dating back to the 50s. You can get away with it if you had a Tim Duncan or maybe Kareem but most of the bigs can’t handle the pressure.

    This really shows how BS is stuck in the past where the first move of the offence is to take the ball out of the quarterback’s hands and give it to the grunt to decide what at to do!

  633. @IsabeliJane*17 Wonderful & Fantastic 2015. May all your wishes come true in this new year!

  634. Lol starting role? Be happy if Lin gets minutes off bench next season!

  635. HK island, Wanchai

  636. I am hoping the owner and management is supporting Lin and helping Lakers’ business grow. After all, they are running a “show” business so the drama of Young, Lin… vs Kobe should help. I also hope more and more Asians in US and Chinese/Taiwanese in Asia will show their support to Lin so the owner/management of Lakers will know how valuable Lin is, money-wise. JLin is so unique, I don’t think there will be another Asian/Chinese/Taiwanese player like Lin in NBA, say in the next 20 years?

  637. Many Lin fans are new to Kobe and lakers. I am not. lakers are doing nothing wrong or out of ordinary with Lin. This is just how bad they have been the last 3 years now. The team is a mess since old Buss passed. Last years team was Kobe-less and had Lin been on the team, perhaps Kobe would have left this season due to Linsanity 2 last year. But nope the timing is all off.

    Mitch is an honest man and said Lin is just an expiring contract. based on knowing Lakers for over 30 years of watching, I predict Lin will not return. I also do not think Jim and Mitch want him even if Jeanie does.

    I believe there is a 80% chance Lin moves on, unless Lin gets to show LA what he can do for over 3 months.

  638. Yes, I hope Lin will play for Spurs with other “international” players. I think the “race” won’t be a huge issue in Spurs. And the team basketball of Spurs is perfect for Lin.

  639. I’ve followed the NBA for decades and will tell you that owners, GMs, AND coachhes are CLUELESS.

    If basketball people in the NBA were more knowledgeable, the entire NBA would look completely different and the level of play would be vastly higher.

  640. Why Jim and Mitch do not want Lin back?

  641. Are there other NBA players that have fan websites like this? I googled KB and didn’t find it. Neither for Lebron.

  642. Sincerely hope the New Year 2015 is a new beginning for JLin with more play making more playtime and more winning ways.

  643. You’ve got it backwards. Who cares if the Lakers want Lin? So long as Kobe is able to play for the Lakers, Lin should avoid this team like the plague.

  644. Kobe couldn’t exist playing with Lebron. They would butt heads. Carmelo might be the only star who could play with Kobe but would resent, in private, being the #2 while putting on a happy face to the public.

  645. shows how crazy Asians are about their breakout star, doesn’t it?

  646. um, u need me to spell it out? Ok, because they don’t think he is that good of a basketball player. They also need guys who can play with Kobe and all shine together. May be impossible to find that PG, but they will keep trying.

  647. No it shows how much injustice and drama their breakout star is subjected to, which leads to endless topics of conversation.

  648. I think it’s a bit of both.

  649. the crazier thing is how many non-Asians are hard-core JLin fans.

    It’s enough to make us pause to ponder what JLin’s fighting through as underdogs resonates beyond the color of our skin, Underdogs come in different colors :]

  650. Happy New Year!
    Eat some great food for us :]

  651. Did Yao Ming have something like this? He retired in 2010-11ish.

  652. Happy New Year! Linsanity 2015!
    Thanks, IJ. It works but I think twitter still covers it with header. It’s okay :]

  653. Happy New Year, Melody!
    May 2015 bring lots of blessings to you, Lin and all of us Lin fans :]

  654. I have to agree with you. DEN knew Lakers has the best bench in the league and discounted Kobe+Lakers.

    In a way, Lin successfully became a decoy.

  655. Maybe we all tend to notice others like ourselves…the way toddlers are attracted to other toddlers like magnets even when other entertainments are on offer. So maybe because I’m non-Asian I just delusionally see other non-Asian fans like myself rooting for a breakout spirit as radiant as Jeremy Lin is. I could well be wrong that the reason there don’t seem to be such devoted fan site for other players is that so few of them seem to be more than basketball players but also beacons of light in a generally corrupted world.

  656. Shows how good lin is

  657. If his health demands it, Kobe can and does modify his game. He switches from this mad-dog chucker mode, throwing up like 23 bricks on 37 attempts, to a mad-dog PG mode in which he gets double digit assists but cancels them out with double digit turnovers. In one case he monopolizes all the offensive possessions, in the other he takes the PG role away from Lin. Either mode is suffocating to Lin’s game. There is no way Lin would willingly sign to play on Kobe’s team ever again.

  658. You mean 15-16? Lol. Still got awhiles away.

  659. How would Carmelo play with Kobe? Wouldn’t they butt heads as well? They both want the ball.

  660. I think what Kobe did is one thin. Lin probably values more on what FO and coaches think of him. Idk what they think about him, but I think lin knows it and he will act accordingly in this coming summer….

  661. I don’t get you Brent. What does it matter what anyone thinks if Kobe prevents Lin from being able to operate?

  662. Because what Kobe does is just being a bad team mate. What Lin needs is a team that really wants him. Kobe can be gone, team that really wants him is just rare. Not saying lal is that team. Just saying this operates at completely different level.

  663. True, but I’m just ruling out the Lakers so long as Kobe is still playing. The Lakers see Kobe as a goose who lays golden eggs and they give him carte blanch.

  664. Happy new year friends and lin fans too.

    We don’t know what next year will bring to Jeremy. All we can do is pray for him, support him and make him feel loved, even in tough times.

    Happy new year to everybody

  665. Well said psalm !

    Not asian but still lin fan 🙂

  666. I think the only few reason lin stays with LAL are,
    1. A good contract,
    2. FO somehow can show their faith in him,
    3. There is simply just no other offer.

    What lin is fighting against is not ball hog teammates or imcompetent coaches, he is fight against the racial bias, the twisted perception. The only way to change it is somehow a team that is willing to do it for him. Idk what team that is, I have not rule out LAL yet…

  667. If only 1 and 2 are true (3 is false) AND Kobe is still “kicking” then Lin should NOT stay with Lakers. He cannot waste a whole additional season waiting for the Lakers to show faith in him. What Kobe does to a team is above and beyond all the “fight against racial bias, and twisted perception.” In fact Kobe prevents Lin from proving to anyone that he is a great player. Even his fans start to lose faith.

  668. Happy new year to all! Hope this new year, JLin will keep healthy and be able to bring the best out of him. Go JLin!

  669. No…but without Kobe….there is Price, Beverley….and the list might go on and on. I am saying the root of the problem. Kobe problem is definitely NOT beyond racial bias.

  670. it’s interesting to read you loud and clear on this issue. I see it too, and it makes me confused because Lin has fans that brings money, league has tape, etc etc. Maybe subtle culture freeze outs on court, maybe Christian non-Christian player (or even Bible-based vs liberal) dunno.

  671. How many crazy Asians do you see?

  672. I can’t find a good place for guys like Kap or Curry.

  673. Seems to me Lacob is learning fast.

  674. I don’t think racial bias is unavoidable. On the Knicks, the problem was Melo. On the Rox, the problem was M&M. On the Lakers, the problem is Kobe. IMO, if Kobe is gone, the problem will be gone. But even if there are other obstacle on the Lakers besides Kobe, all I’m really saying is, Kobe is insurmountable. Lin must escape from him.

  675. Got the NBA Curry 30 shirt for my son last night. Shy beaming smile at the arena … Just a placeholder until Lin gets free of this speed bump. Wish I could get the NYK17 white. Neighborhood kids v dad this afternoon!


  676. Kobe, Melo, McHale, Scott, and Dolan ,,,,they are just the “realizations” of the bias problem. There will always a guy, or some guys. Those Guys simply just push Lin down in terms of his rank on a, say, selection list. The problem is really about

    When I am the guy to make the call, who am I gonna pick? The Asian guy? or Black Mamba, or Melo? or Harden? or a pesky defender who played oversea or another pesky defender who averaged 4 pt in his 10 NBA seasons. Those ppl simply just happen to be on the Lin’s career path. It can happen with Rubio, Wade, Ellis, Thompson, etc……..if it so happen to be them as Lin’s team mates.

    Lin is perceived as a good back up PG…hence all the planing from a team to him will most likely asking him to be a good backup. Why? because of his perception. Why is his perception like that? Partially because of his last name. The is a way deeper problem than how bad a teammates he is working with.

    Let’s say Kobe is not on this team anymore, then indeed it is Lin’s chance. Not because he is top of that selection list, but because that list is too short. Like the same list in NY when MDA finally had to make a decision.

  677. KT those 25-29 games. Oh, wait …

  678. Lakers need to marginalize Kobe next season with a new coach, or face empty seats, no eyeballs and sponsors’ backfire. Their situation is still different from Knicks where Melo was still a star physically.

  679. I believe ppl sees how good he is or how good he can be. But it just when you really need a franchise player, will you bet your money on him or not. HOU paid him 25mil because HOU was rebuilding. There is no pressure of winning. Once a star comes, second star comes, a star made on that team. Lin is long gone.

  680. Then let us hope for Lin having v efficient stints and make the right deal this summer.

  681. Lin isnt a franchise player anymore at this point
    He was during Linsanity
    NYK had him as their franchise player

  682. Yes. But the definition of good is different from ppl to ppl. Lin is totally in audition mode right now. That is why, IMO, he is so focused on being a good team mate, making right plays. He makes sacrifices hoping for a better employer….

  683. Not really, MELO was, and still is. Plan and simple.

  684. yes, and his interviews are 10x better today. His management team has him doing media training and mock interviews, as I imagine. It’s not just a 20s kid coping and hinting at forces he cannot discuss. There is a backbone that is being well implemented in the past few games, starting say with 3rd game after benching. First couple of games, the interviews were unformed with hurt showing through. Now it is professional, genuine face expressions, and with intent!! Hey! Let’s Go Lin!

  685. He just has to work hard, work his way up. Can be failed….but still…worth doing so if he loves the game.

  686. First of all, Kobe is unique. Lin played alongside Melo and he played alongside Harden. But compared to Kobe, they were child’s play. Second, if you believe that “there will always be a guy,” then there is simply no hope. I do not believe that.

    MDA tried Lin as a last resort but once he saw the result he was sold. Melo was able to destroy that because, like Kobe, he had absolute power over the franchise. The fact that they gave him $125 mil over 5 years shows that, like Kobe, Knicks think Melo is a cash-cow and you must give into his every whim. Maybe I can state it in a way that you will agree with: Lin has to find a team that has a supportive coach AND does NOT have an anti-Lin star who wields absolute power over his franchise.

  687. There is hope. There are 30 teams in NBA. What Lin needs is a chance to make his perception better. He got 1st one in NYK, which turned him from a Asian who can not ball to a player that belongs to NBA. This was a huge change. It took Linsane production to achieve that. Perception can change over days if the chance is coming. Plenty of hope….

  688. Yes, Lin is today better off than on the 2010 DLeague bus. Tryin’ to see another like him. I want him to do better than Delly in Cavs. I like Ginobili’s rings for him. I’d love to see him with the starting rock and for a team like SAS with strong backups who who know his skill level and are happy to build a long term run. My friend who has more bball insider ties says NBA is nowadays a star sport, but the game itself has always been and will be a team sport. Insiders are then seeing both. Wish fans would demand the team sport as much. Most fans want to see the highlights, scoring, and wear the shirt.

    So as I meander on this post, it’s up to us to spread the word on team sport, which is what Lin is unique in the league on, and so even insiders true opinions can prevail. Team first, business 2nd, stars for draw 3rd. Stars cannot win games, we know that. They can put the last bucket in sometimes lol.

  689. Ok, then I’m saying Kobe will not give Lin “a chance to make his perception better.”
    If Lin continues to play with Kobe and the Lakers next season, by choice, then even his biggest fans will be broken.

  690. For those of you who love bball, Mareese Speights is having a breakout year. Not sure if it is Kerr or just the right time. Look at the year over year stats for Mareese. Lin has massive potential with new coach and slight change in focus. That’s all it took for Mareese.

  691. Not fast enough.

    He won’t sign Lin.

  692. Changing coach? really ?
    BS is hired to prop up KB and usher KB to, who know, 3 or 4 more years. KB is not retiring.

  693. Sadly true. I don’t think they have the room, salary space, and always the Kerr history that we talk about here. I don’t mind, I don’t want to see Lin as Livingston.

  694. Melo, Tyson and Lin were their big 3

  695. I agree. Once the Lakers are positive that Kobe is no longer a star physically (and we’re not there yet) they will marginalize him. Either with a new coach of by giving BS new marching orders.

  696. More like “Kobe will not let Lin to be THE GUY”. It is just so happen that you can not suppress a guy just 50%, you basically just throw him to bench….So yes the outcome will be the same. I am just saying the reason of it is different.

  697. See where is Tyson now…LOL

  698. Speights has not completely change his image yet….Let’s hope he does. Everyone in the NBA is good at bball one way or another. There is just not that many chance for them all..

  699. Do you think Lin should go with LAL (if they offer of course) and just to ride out the next season too?

  700. draymond green is having a bgger breakout year

  701. Yep, i do snd I think he will. He said himself, he is a cali boy, besides i think heknows it will be the same wherever he goes

  702. I have not rule out LAL either, not like it is my career tho LOL. Let’s see how it goes.

  703. I saw a friend in the hallway a few minutes ago and he and he thinks that lin will stay and he thinks kevin love might come here and all lin/love has to do is wait for kobe to retire and then the GM can put pieces around them .Also he use to be an avid Kobe fan, not anymore.He said he tried to give. Kobe away in his fantasy league and nobody would take him. LOL

  704. I hope this will be true…

  705. But Kobe said he didn’t want Love to Lakers? I also think Love maybe will come bc in Cav he’s not that important….

  706. I think Lin will stay…

  707. I think you’re saying that Lin has to find a way to impress despite limited minutes off the bench. He may get only 6 shots but he can’t go 1-6. He has to consistently make at least 3 of them. Never mind being a PG, playing PnR, having the ball in his hands, needing time to get into a rhythm, Lin has to impress unconditionally. If I agreed with you, I think I’d lose hope. 🙁

  708. My point is getting shots is not the only way. But yes he has to impress…If he becomes a scoring player…it is actually easier to knock him out due to there are too many “scorers” out there.

  709. I just checked … not really but close.

    For raw output:

    DG: 986min, 360 pts = 0.37 ppm
    MS: 509min, 353 pts = 0.69 ppm

    Last yr:

    DG: 1796min, 511 pts = 0.28 ppm
    MS: 985min, 508 pts = 0.52 ppm

    DG: 32% ppm production increase
    MS: 33% ppm increase

    That’s just one factor, points.

    For efficiency:

    Speights has a step function increase in efficiency by ~41% over avg of last 6 yrs, depending on what fantasy scores you use.

    DG has similarly ~31% improvement over his first 2 yrs, with 2x higher standard deviation between years (so that improvement has much less confidence of being statistically true).

    Take any fantasy scoring system you want, as long as it factors in other stats that are available and efficiency in terms of time on court.

  710. What’s his image? Would love to know because every time I call him out, ppl grimace. I first noticed him last year as a fun loving big who generally had big production but suffered from PT availability and a system that didn’t go to him. This year, he established himself and dare I say … I bet he can outplay Hill. Tolling you but not really …

  711. Hand it over, Kobe! So you know you won’t get Malone and Kareem. Does that mean a ring? You need Lin, not some other 2 divas! You need a team to get you the win because Divas will want you on the bench except for 22-25 mins final dance. Think about it please.

  712. yes, and if Kobe has a retirement transition plan, Lin’s management should be in there working with Kobe to not only get the K, but also the rock.

  713. yep. yaomingmania

  714. I don’t believe anything he says.

  715. LOL. Kobe in my league is not worth it either. Too risky to play him because “we’re trying to win here.” whine you know who …

  716. My new year wish is hitting a mega jackpot. If I do, I ll donate one million to Psalm’s portal.

  717. And it’s the year of the sheep, if anyone interests to know.

  718. GREAT post.

  719. He doesn’t want a ring that badly. He’s rather stay the “MAN” on a losing team.

  720. NO. This is LA, where drama reigns over false promises. Look at Houston. All lies to Lin. Fake promises.

    Do what Nash did, take the $$$$ and run.

  721. You do have a point it is likely to be the same wherever he goes. Yes, he is a CALI boy, but sometimes you do best when you are uncomfortable. Lin would prefer CALI and I would too but for some reason I believe he is best off in the North East or PAcific East OUT of his comfort zone.

  722. If Scott is not leaving, I don’t see Lin stay. Even if Kobe left. And if it will take another season for Scott to leave, why waste time here.

  723. I do agree with this post. Lin looking like a beaten down empty soul is not good. He is better of being eloquent and having backbone and showing even more charisma and charm than he has. He is on the right track.

  724. Melo is passive agressive but more efficnet than Kobe. It woudl work though Melo would hate being #2.

  725. EXACTLY. NBA Shelf life is too short to give up YEARS in waiting.

  726. Calling all sheep! This is your year lol so no beta rants please.

  727. Sad but prob true.

  728. Kobe won’t last for too long and he would be lucky if he can past Feb as an active player. Jeremy will continue has tons of road blocks ahead this year. Wishing him luck and cheering him on as always. Happy New Year to all Lin fans.

  729. agree 100%.

  730. when did Lin ever look like a beaten down empty soul? The most I’ve ever seen is he’s bummed for yet another loss and inability to contribute. I’ve sat benches wearing out holes in my shoes fidgeting to get in. That’s not being beaten down.

  731. I would venture to guess Kobe’s at an age where the best in sports medicine cannot carry him past any one other injury. My personal experience as an amateur was playing better and better, smarter and smarter, but fighting the age thing because younger dumber guys come up and they dive on your knees (Bev anyone?). Then it cascades very fast, because one injury leads to another when you are older. Then comes the doc … if you don’t stop now, you will be in a wheelchair at 65. At some age, you make the choice to stop competing because life is too short.

    That’s what will free lin if it’s this year … kobe starts to see life is short. Though he can still milk out 1.5 seasons, he can decide to back off and play the effective old-man’s game. Last nights stats were, though, very much the ‘fix’ for the ‘addiction’ that someone so well wrote about.

  732. That’s the spirit. I really am so tired of these so called “lindowner” fans, which are just mostly lin critics.

  733. Scott’s job is only as safe as Kobe’s next injury. I bet Mitch has already made some calls about a new coach.

  734. I totally agree. I go you one better, I believe that Kobe has already re injured himself, but he trying to put on some selfless act that he is going to stick it out for the team. (rolls eyes)

  735. LOL I would certainly set up a charitable foundation to award ‘Lymania’ fruit baskets to poll winners to honor you :]

    Happy New Year to you too!
    You have a knack with numbers so I won’t discount any chance for that Mega Jackpot yet haha..

  736. ha ha, that’s so funny to read. You might be right. Diva acts. All I know is, once one joint weakens at over 35ish, all it takes is a 2″ longer pass that you reach for at the sideline, then stop fast, and you tear a meniscus. The sooner kobe starts to play as a team, the longer he can play at this level. That’s what I mean by competitive ball … if you are playing for fun, you just let those balls go. Oh, wait … lol.

  737. 2014 was more downs than ups for me as well as being JLin fan in a sense. Pray that 2015 is more ups than downs for me and JLin and all JLin fans! Have a very prosperous and blessed New Year everyone!

  738. Steph is a good friend of Lin and a good guy so he’s pretty good role model too.
    Enjoy the precious father-son moments :]

  739. Yes, let’s see lin and your own trajectory be steadily up and up!

  740. Happy New Year, @disqus_IFBkFbRLrH:disqus :]

    Yes, true friends and fans are those who are around to pick you up on tough times.

  741. the whole “but Jesus, I only see one set of footprints in the sand when my life was hard” “My son, that was when I was carrying you.”

  742. yes, we’ll definitely pray for your health to be on the upward trend as Lin’s health and journey :]

  743. I still don’t get it how BS and Kobe can sleep at night knowing they are ruining Lin’s starter career by purposely wasting Lin’s talent and reputation at his contract year. Do they even have consciousness?

  744. Have a great New Year Spot!!! Good to see you here.

  745. They are too engross on their “chronos” issues to care for anyone.

  746. I bought one too. Curry and Stockton. Think they’ll be my last ones, apart the lin’s ones. But i will not buy the lakers’ jersey for now…

  747. Even if i don’t find time to post, i still read you friends ☺

  748. V smart choices!

  749. Dude Melo wouldn’t even team up with his buddy Lebron as #2, let alone with Kobe the ball hog!

  750. A Happy New Year to JL’s fans including Paul F. Villarreal who is missed very much. With a great anticipation I am eagerly looking forward to his first video in 2015! From Northern Virginia

  751. http://instagram.com/p/xQP0pWr_X4/
    Cheka this out guys. Lin completely ignores Kobe! Definitely all is not right.

  752. Last post of the year. Hope everyone will have a happy new year! A little over 6 hours left here in NorCal. Have fun, be safe!

  753. He did give his hand but not looking at him for sure

  754. true. I think he gave a low five blocked by Kobe’s body
    But Lin definitely knew Kobe sent him to the bench so he can play PG

  755. Obviously a clash of personality. Wow JLin has matured. Good for him.

  756. Buon anno, Spot :]

    You’re definitely one of hard-core faithful Lin fan!

  757. I sincerely hope Jeremy won’t sign with Lakers next season. I would love to see him to play for a small market team and average players. The team play that Jeremy is so good at will be refreshing for the NBA to watch and win many more games than people would believe.

  758. 3 hours away for East coast folks… oh boy… another year slipping away from me…

  759. That’s right. You still live in an “past” year. Half of my new year has gone here in Brisbane:-) Have a very blessed New Year!

  760. Hey JT, that hypothesis I proposed wasn’t mine after all. It’s one of those memes that has stuck in the back of my mind for a long time. It came from a book on a publishing label called Human Kinetics. The book is called “Competetive Fire”. It had interesting ideas but it took a very negative slant on sports and competition. The writer really focused on the obsession aspect of atheltes to such a degree that it’s almost a neurosis. While it’s true that Jordan got cut in high school and it shaped his competitive edge, that doesn’t mean he’s neurotic. Of course he points to Jordan’s obsessive gambling.

    I’ve always felt that sports had a very positive aspect to it. It took me a long time to understand how to line up my thoughts to negate that notion that great athletes must feed off negative emotions of rejection and vengeance.

    In the last 15 years, teaching tennis to kids have changed dramatically. We don’t focus on teaching techniques anymore to youngsters. We have borrowed “end result process” teaching from early childhood education. Whereas educators may focus on the joys of learning, we teach the joys of play. Part of this change was survival because kids just weren’t interested in tennis lessons. Adults and parents take tennis lessons to learn. Kids just want to play.

    Kids want to skateboard because it’s cool but it’s also because it came about out of play. There were no rules. There was only pure play. I’ve seen it with kids waiting in lines to hit a couple of balls. They pick up a loose ball and start trying to hit it on the edge of the racket to see how many times they can do it. This is pure play. Skateboarders started a sport by this exact pure play mode of creating tricks with their boards.

    IMO, sports at its purest is just play, like a game of horse on the bball court. It changes into something dark and sinister filled with greed, jealousy and lust for power.

  761. Good to see you in a new year! Just haven’t seen you for a while. Wonder how have you been.

  762. Bring it in, Bring it in:
    I want everyone to tank with their heads up.
    Make Kobe look good

  763. Baxter Holmes helped his readers to understand what Kobe desires to be “shooting guard/point guard”, which has the effect of demoting Jeremy Lin to be a “reserve point guard”.

    Bryant is in a similar stage, and said that the recent time off was good not only to recharge his worn-down body but also to break down his game. He said he’d like to focus more on being a shooting guard/point guard, which he said will take less effort and energy.

  764. Just popping in to wish everyone on JLinPortal a Happy New Year. Better things are on the horizon, I can feel it. Let us keep supporting Jeremy in a positive way!

  765. LOL Really????!!!!

  766. How can a duo role be less effort and energy?

  767. The instagram has the missing hashtag of #presson
    , which is a reference to “I press on toward the goal” (Phil 3:14) verse

    Jeremy wants to encourage his fans to know that he hasn’t given up and will keep press on toward the goal!

    Instagram link:

  768. The instagram has the missing hashtag of #pressingon

    2014 was a year of many blessings and many hardships, but im grateful for the journey. Thankful for the past, excited for the future! Happy New Year!! Ephesians 3:20 #bikergang

  769. It’s reading between the lines but it’s right there in the article.
    I don’t think it mentions Price at all :]

  770. I think it means if he’s tired shooting, he can choose to pass the ball to his Charmin teammates :]
    so no time to play D either

    Yup, that’s about it. He needs to touch the ball in every possession basically

  771. Happy New Year!
    Yup, there’s light at the end of the tunnel of Chronos! LOL

  772. Must admit that I have no desire to read anything about BS and KB this day:-)

  773. Very “sick” aging player for unable to let go.

  774. I hope Jeremy can go to a team that he is happy to stay with. If he is happy, I am happy. I want to see him smile. Very simple.

  775. Read many a times Lin being labelled as inconsistent. Question: does these “commentators” knows what is the number of points per what number of playtime to consider it otherwise? If I am not mistaken this unfair labeling was first mooted by the Lin haters from Rox and it has loosely being used till now.

  776. Go Lin Go!

  777. That is still too late. Audience are running out of patience.

  778. I love sports, acbc … it’s a lot of things, ying and yang. From rules to busting a move, obedience to defiance, creative to just receptive and all that. It’s mostly a safe way to learn about life and philosophy. Selfishness v nobility. Ah … much to do, enjoy, admire in play and sports … happy new year.

  779. What if Lin signs with LAL, Kobe fades gracefully, Lin/Davis show, etc. I wouldn’t mind Price backing up Lin if he can score >10 pts hehe. Ah well, pipe dreams.

  780. Hope 2015 is a great year for Jeremy. I’m not sure it suits the picture but that’s all I’ve got.


  781. Too hot for my shirt?

  782. Happy New Year, Psalm, Mods, and friends at JLPortal.

    Below is what the rains have brought. May 2015 give you what you need.

  783. Happy New Year to all. When you are feeling down about Lin, watch this:


  784. Kobe won’t last says who? Do your homework on all NBA players in last 20 years after Achilles.

  785. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere

  786. I think the recent surprisingly good games (judged by box scores only) by Price showed us how much being empowered by your coach and your teammate can do to a third-string player. Unfortunately, the high-end game by Price (such as the Nuggests game) is not better than a normal game by Lin (the game against the Suns). I really hope Lin can find a team willing to empower him so that we will be able to see Linsanity level games consistently.

  787. Happy New Year to all my fellow Lin fans. If you still feel sad about Lin’s situation, please don’t be. Jeremy has become a better player than his glory days in NY. His situation is “temporary” ( I know it’s the third season …) and he is continuing to improve under these adverse environment. Things can only get better for Jeremy and Lin fans in the future. Lets’ see how this 2015 will bring us! Go Lin Go!

  788. It will be!

  789. Happy New Year from NY. Hope and belief are the most powerful medicine when facing adversity. New year, new hope and the same belief, that Linsanity is not a fluke.

    Happy New Year, Lin’s diehard fans!

  790. Calm Linsanity down? No no no for Year 2015, let it explode!!

  791. Go Lin!

    This bike looks too small on him. lol, this is the XL size?

  792. Happy New Year

  793. New thread is up. Let’s not dwell in a old bad game thread. New yr, New Hope!

    Happy NEW YEAR!! Everyone!


  794. Star Wars? ha ha. Traitor.

  795. And some Lin fans think Lin will resign? Ha

  796. Post game where he looks beaten down

  797. Yao Ming mania

  798. Hope so.

  799. Can’t believe Isabeljane hasn’t chimed in on this one! 😀

  800. Well, there you have it. Finally saying outright who the point guard is.

  801. Great post. Lot of very compelling research on the tremendous developmental value of play…but which really gets overshadowed by the focus of almost all cultures on accomplishment. Both sports and dance have developed to the point that they are almost indistinguishable in their edge-of-human-ability athleticism. Which of course leads to injury. In the case of sports, the “assets” are valuable enough for a lot of money to have been put into sports medicine research and healing techniques (which dancers have tangentially benefited from). The science information has in turn been SLOWLY changing the traditionally harsh and less efficient coaching techniques…BS’s stone-age practices being an example of the lingering old school. Jeremy works hard but smart, and clings to the sense of PLAY in his sport that keeps him motivated and persistently improving. His capacity for joyfulness remains even when shadowed by circumstances, and inspires so many in turn.

  802. Will you include my jackpot wish on your praying list? ^_−☆

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