Game 32 Atlanta Hawks vs Detroit Pistons


  1. From last thread:

    Seems like the Hawks have an ankle sprain problem. Collins is out today, so it’ll be a tough game to win their 3rd in a row against a tough team…

  2. 1st here.

  3. than goodness rox sign rivers.

  4. Glad Poythress is available. He plays PnR with Lin quite well.

  5. He’s not that good and he’ll be super rusty from not playing in a long time.

  6. Not only does this mean Lin won’t be playing for that awful organization, it also means they won’t be going deep into the playoffs… if they even make the playoffs this year. Must be nice to be black and have your dad making calls for you to keep you in the NBA.

  7. Rivers’ deal with Rockets is guaranteed for the season, per source.

  8. game time! links please

  9. Last Pistons game was a blowout minutes into Q1; JLIN played great – would not mind a repeat today

  10. Other good news from Rivers to HOU is that none of the teams rumored to want JLIN in a trade took Rivers…

    … Trade JLIN!

  11. Pierce is going with his double center lineup (Len and Dedmon) for the starters today. It didn’t look so good last game, but I guess he has no choice today, since Prince and Collins are both out.

  12. Ha Blake Griffin has absolutely no respect for the Hawks just sauntered down to casually try to lay itup

  13. Len playing like poo early… got replaced by Vince.

  14. Wow, nice feed from Trae to Vince for a dunk.

  15. Trae 0 for 2 with 2 turnovers early.

  16. Lin in

  17. Not sure why Lin passes the ball then stays at the corner again, he is supposed to be the PG LOL

  18. JLIN in and the team is doing its magic under JLIN

  19. Len has to step it up.

  20. Len is so juiced when JLIN gets in the game because he’s anticipating getting fed for good looks

  21. Lin was fouled and no call

  22. 1st ref no call.

  23. im not sure. have to go up stronger.

  24. link please

  25. Hawks getting dominated by Drummond… again.

  26. unit running smoothly nice

  27. 22222222

  28. Lin knows how to score over a shot blocker.

  29. Unfortunately Lin’s heave counts as a 3-point attempt.

  30. Lin has some of the craftiest moves i have seen from a point guard close to the basket.

  31. Lin and Anderson, great chemistry

  32. And he’s also great when the shot-clock is running down.

  33. Good quarter from the Hawks. Lin kept passing the ball off and standing in the corner early on, but then got a bit more aggressive at the end of the 1st Q. His teammates are making shots too.

  34. Huerter tryna skrew with Lin and he is letting him

  35. Yes, Lin has 2 assists because Hawks are hitting the 3-ball.

  36. every so often its ok

  37. It was the right thing to do. You never know when you’ll get lucky.

  38. Yeah, Lin usually has low assist numbers because of missed shots from his teammates. They’re making them today so far.

  39. So far, I think Lin has been playing well. Taking what the defense gives him. Not forcing anything, good passes, and good aggressive drive twice. 1 no call foul.

  40. Lin fed off of carter and co playing well. didnt do too much. still hard shot but he made it. very calm

  41. Pistons casters are praising Lin a lot.

  42. Damn, that last 3 point shot should not be counted as a FG attempt since Lin shot it after the buzz.

    lol.. trying to look out for his FG % there.

  43. someone needs to write to NBA

  44. Dedmon has been playing well recently. Good to see Lin playing PnR with him a lot.

  45. Lin didnt get the 3 FTs
    NBA refs man so not inclusive

  46. Pistons casters recognize Lin’s intelligent plays and keep pointing it out.

  47. Yes, saying how he’s making good plays and how the team looks better with him running the point. Lin’s getting PT as well.

  48. Lin out

  49. Solid stint by Lin. 1-2, a bunch of assists, 1 TO that looked like he was fouled IMO.

  50. Pierce gave Lin 8 straight minutes. Let him finish the 1st Q and start the 2nd Q. Hopefully he’ll keep giving Lin consistent minutes.

  51. gotta double-check it, but i heard the buzz just before the ball left Lin’s hand.

  52. Hopefully.

  53. Palm call. Rare but it looked legit.

  54. 2nd time they called it on trey. to be fair alot do it.

  55. detroit not taking us serously. left bench out way too long

  56. Vince is having a solid game. I think he has 11 pts on pretty efficient shooting.

  57. He had first 9 points in 4 minutes

  58. Stepping up big time to replace Collins. Good to see Vince still has it in him to play at a high level… just not every game.

  59. LP doesn’t look happy about Baze’s defensive 3 seconds mistake.

  60. how is detroit 15-15? they are terrible.

  61. Or maybe Hawks are just on a roll and playing like a team recently.

  62. no detroit is asleep right now. not trying

  63. Hawks playing well. but i have seen other piston games…they have been terrible.

  64. agree. Trae has stopped taking all the crazy shots and volume. Distributing more, more hustle on defense. Playing more like a team.

  65. Just like the Wizards and Knicks, right?

  66. put Lin back in the game!…only 8 minute in first half

  67. Yup, either he reigned himself in or the coaches did. He’s not chucking anymore and copying Lin: if shots aren’t falling, then keep driving for layups and distributing the ball to get your teammates going.

  68. or they are bad. im not sure. this is ugly basketall. atl dominating the effort plays

  69. he needs to take some 3s and start making them !

  70. no they suck lol what is this not trying? they suck

  71. LP hates Lin

  72. detroits offense is predictale

  73. He actually doesn’t. Just take a few more shots and score a bit more.

  74. team is gelling.

  75. outside of blake griffin. Hawks have more talent on their team. atrocious team this pistons.

  76. Lin’s 3 mins in 2nd is just ridiculous… where is that trade!!

  77. Baze with a huge block on the much taller Drummond.

  78. Probably won’t happen until late January early Feb..I hope not and it can go through as early as possible.

  79. Lin gets no 2nd stint in the first half. Not good, LP.

  80. yup thats bad coaching. cant wait for that trade!

  81. No bueno at all

  82. I’m not depending on a trade. LP is doing his Lin as stabilizer thing rather than playing him the minutes he deserves.

  83. What i saw from the minutes he played.

    1. when lin is in he moved the ball a lot!

    2 did not get many chances to score.

    there was a ridiculous sequence where lin was pounding the ball waiting for something to happen, and it was like dedmon didn’t want to give him a pick…what was that about?

    Edit: i dont know about others but i’d like to see lin get some consistent minutes for once? it’s not like Trae has played amazingly making him play that many minutes straight. If they want to develop him trade Lin for a lesser PG.

  84. One of the best 1st half I’ve seen the Hawks play this year.

  85. He’s at least starting Lin to begin the second quarter now, but he’s still not letting him go enough minutes in the 2nd quarter..Tend to play him 2-3 minutes in the second and quickly pull him out.

    Naturally, bench player would check into the game late first quarter and play through second quarter for like 5-6 minute and the starters comes in to finish for the last 7 minutes.

    LP does that to give Trae enough minutes going against opposition team second unit, believing it will make it easy for him.

    He want it both way..He wants Trae to start and play against first unit but also wants him to face second unit too so Lin’s minutes’continuation is sacrificed for Trae’s sick….This is why Lin’s minutes has been so inconsistent and it’s a terrible situation that I don’t see improving.

  86. Trae is ok. He’s a very, very young player and he’s making adjustments. Yes, he’s undersized. But he’s mostly playing quite well for his experience. I actually like his game and enjoy watching him play.

  87. I don’t know. That was the only bad possession I saw when Lin was in. Lin deserved about 14-15 minutes worth of play. He got 8, all in one stint. He can play with Trae if needed. But that’s not enough minutes for such a high-quality vet like Lin.

  88. that makes sense.. give the kid a chance to get his against lesser competition

  89. The first stint was long. 8 minutes. The problem was he got no 2nd stint. That’s his stabilizer role. That’s underutilizing his vet. Lin needs minutes to keep a rhythm. Lloyd doesn’t seem to get that. Or care.

  90. They do seem to be improving. And does it coincide with Prince not being in the lineup? Trae is playing better, but it is more than that.

  91. It’s just crazy how Hawks are still playing well even without Collins today, especially against Drummond and Griffin. That’s a tough matchup for any frontcourt.

  92. Now they have to make sure to not collapse in the 3Q. But they haven’t been doing that lately.

  93. sure but i wont be surprised if he ends up playing under 20 min this game. You never know with Pierce. sometimes it’s 15 minutes a game and sometimes it might be 20. Thats not right to a guy playing good basketball and still getting punished. Look at the atlanta forums they want him traded because he is playing well. They understand the situation.

  94. Drummond was careless, thinking he won’t get blocked

  95. LP is only subbing Trae for Lin. If Trae is playing Lin sits. Which is D ummm m b. Jeremy should be subbing other players too baze…brev….heur…etc

  96. if i can be blount for a sec. sws94 and lin frankly is frustrating me. this is and always was hawks plan. lin s there to show young how to do it. as well as the other players. if they are playing well lin will not play. lin is playing rgh into this. not shooting much at all. he is a pawn for atl to develop young. sws94 mad at lp for doing what he said. lin stabilized things so why play him again??
    hoping for a trade. these weird minutes will continue. lin is not the future ..hell he isnt the today. how much he plays dont matther to ATL.

  97. they know they need to help each other because Collin is not there

  98. He doesn’t believe in 2 PG line up so Lin’s minute have little potential to be consistently in the 20’s.

    It’s all based on how Trae is playing.

    Lin simply need to make as many of his shot as possible…I’ve long given up on Lin getting consistent minutes.

  99. Hope the league can check Lin’s first quarter 3point heave…He shot it after the buzzer…That would improve his FG%.

    I know this is small stuff to bring up, but we should want Lin’s FG% to be as high as possible since he won’t get the minutes to score enough…so we’re reduce to simply hoping he can make as many of his shot and keep his FG% as high as possible until he’s traded.

  100. yup..I been frustated about the situation for a while now and can’t understand how people don’t see how bad this is for Lin and his career..

    I still believe his situation with the Lakers and Houston was much better because he got consistent 25 minutes which is all that matter for an NBA player.

  101. People hae different ways of viewing things and thats good. however nothing good can come out of Lin playing for this team. Lin is a winner and a much better player deserving 25+ minutes atleast. Plenty of winning teams that can use him as a backup giving him way better minutes. Pierce is here for one thing. develop the young guys. Lin is not part of that plan.

    It’s annoying because Knowing Lins mentality is one of a winner. It’s a double negative for him on this team. no minutes and no winning record. whats the point? he showed he is healthy, trade him for someone who is content coming from the bench.

  102. Have you figured out when Lin decides to take more shots? We’ve both been here watching him a long time and I haven’t figured it out.

  103. Hawks are ice cold and Pistons are getting hot. Lin needs to come back in.

  104. Well, Pistons are coming back. About the time LP will let Lin play for more than 3 minutes

  105. Probably will soon if this continues.

  106. Lin is honestly not getting enough touches this game so far. He made a basket because they were literally passing it to everyone but Lin to try to score. They gave it to lin with like 6 sec and lin scored. It’s on the coach as to how he wants the team to play or who to play through. Thats why you get to see Lou williams shoot 20 times as a bench player or a jamal crawford.

  107. fair. idk. this is who he is guess. wish he was a little more selfish sometimes. he is in the forth but lol he doesnt play i the fourth when it counts

  108. If we fans are this frustrated, imagine Lin, himself. He is man of patience.

  109. the stabilizer

  110. And they get 6th man of the year awards. Lin could get that off the bench with the right minutes and if he shot more.

  111. exactly.

  112. Garbage call. Len got all ball on that block.

  113. They get to shoot more because they are put in more positions to score. they get picks after picks after picks. Nobody can tell me Lin gets that. The dedmon play early in the 2Q tells me that. Lin was literally waiting for him to give a pick and dedmon didn’t even try.

  114. Lin in

  115. Lin back in finally.

  116. Beautiful pass by Lin to Len.

  117. Another no call.

  118. Blocking foul.

  119. Bullet.

  120. hoping for a hawks blow out so lin plays alot

  121. Thought it was a good no call. Defender was in position, Lin tried to go around him but was already up in the air.

  122. Lin’s offensive stats may look ugly this game, but he’s been a big impact the small amount of time he’s allowed to play so far.

  123. only bright spot on that Detroit franchise is that security guard dancing!

  124. I don’t think he was set (Jackson). Would have to see it again.

  125. Lin gets the ball to Len. From there, it’s an adventure.

  126. Lin should have shot it that time instead of passing to Vince.

  127. I don’t think Len knows where to aim on the backboard in relationship to his position under the rim. hehe

  128. Good sportsmanship. Jackson picks Lin up.

  129. Then Bembry helps Bullock up.

  130. Lin grimaced when he came down. hope he’s okay

  131. Lin would need to score to get extended minutes in the 4th

  132. 2 FT

  133. Good aggressiveness to attack the rim and get 2 FTs

  134. There you go, Lin. Lin looks quick again.

  135. No, he won’t get extended minutes in the 4th — period

  136. That looked like a set play for Lin. Bembry drove and knew exactly where Lin was for the kickout pass.

  137. Lin knows he needs to score to get more minutes

  138. lin missing bunnies

  139. The thing is, he’s playing good D on Jackson.

  140. Lin’s shot just isn’t there today.

  141. Lin will get subbed i think.

  142. Yeah, he’s usually hitting on the drives.

  143. Lin set good screen for Bembry to drive to the rim. But got blocked

  144. Bembry’s been blocked 3x by Drummond this game.

  145. it’s probably not enough for LP.

  146. yea not his day

  147. Lin out

  148. Len is on fire now. He’s also tied Drummond with 14 rebounds so far.


  150. Guess it’s JLIN’s “wavering confidence” that’s causing all the weird minutes and lack of aggressiveness or is it the other way around?

    JLIN with 4 assists and zero TOs;
    Trae 3 assists and 5 TOs

    Perhaps in a different Hawks universe JLIN will get to see time in Q4 but wouldn’t be surprised if that’s it for tonight

  151. It’s very predictable. If anyone not named Trae doesn’t score enough, they won’t get many minutes

  152. Thirteen minutes for JLIN in a winnable game – 13 is about par fo r the course for these types of games

  153. Seems Bembry gets a good amount. Lin just needed to get a few more shots up. He was getting Len good looks. But Trae does as well. Trae’s problem is on the defensive end.

  154. yeah, it’s just one of those days

  155. imma give this a few more minutes before i watch football instead

  156. Thing is I dont think Trae will be good enough to warrant that to be honest. He got falsely advertised as this 3pt shooting maestro like steph. But he is shooting atrocious from there. he has nice passing ability and handle. I just dont see him being a force offensivly or even close to what doncic will be. They had a chance to get doncic and it would have been glorious.

  157. LP has a soft spot for Bembry possibly because he looks very aggressive

  158. by now, Hawks FO probably knows Luka is better than Trae. But they put all their chips for Trae so they have to prop him up so they won’t look half as bad.

  159. You’re gonna miss the Detroit comeback – at the end when Pistons take lead again, JLIN might get a min or two

  160. Trae chucking again. 0 for 3 at the 3-point line.

  161. No way. Galloway is on fire. Single handedly keeping Pistons in this game.

  162. Notice that once confirmed that Trae is no longer a threat from anywhere 3 pt shooter, defenders rarely play tight on Trae any longer = especially since he only takes 1-4 shots from 3 instead of 10.

  163. his 3pt season average is 25% before this game. just wow ..

  164. I think Lin should come in again, even though he’s not really hot. It is the 4Q however. Trae’s chucked shots are him hoping they’d go in. But they’re bricks.

  165. Pistons probably need to lead by 5-10 for JLIN to get some minutes Q4

  166. Trae is playing wild right now. Trying to hero ball it. Time to put Lin back in.

  167. they wouldn’t make that trade since reggie would complain about backing up Trae.

  168. Yep, if Trae is a bust, Hawks FO looks bad

  169. All but Griffin are rested for the final Pistons push… and Blake is a superman anyway..

    …ATL starters gonna be under pressure soon

  170. If lin doesn’t play atleast 5 min in the 4Q im never watching another Hawks game again. Trae is playing bad

  171. LP, bring Lin in now. Don’t wait any longer. Even if it is with Trae.

  172. The mins that JLIN and Trae have played this season togetehr I can count on my hands and feet.

    They don’t work together, it’s a waste – only helps other team

  173. Lin’s night is probably done since we’re in crush time.

  174. We need another 10 to dozen pts by Pistons to pssibly see a JLIN sighting

  175. Hawks completely cold. It’s BS that Pierce kept Trae out there and not letting Lin back in.

  176. At least Trae’s Ast/TO ratio is at a 1; 6 and 6

  177. Lin in

  178. Lin finally going back in. About damn time!

  179. Finally, LP is going to get Lin in the game.

  180. 2 point game

  181. Lin seemingly wants no part of this game

  182. huh?

  183. He should have gotten the ball back, Baze took a quick shot. I think he wants to win the game.

  184. I am surprised, I would have thought Pierce would have waited until ATL lost the lead before JLIN back

  185. he is passing it like hot potato. or baze trying to be a hero

  186. Lin and Carter in a serious discussion.

  187. That said, I think Pierce brings Trae in at the 2 min mark

  188. Vince wants this win.

  189. Bembry may be better suited to defend galloway.

  190. 22222222222222222

  191. Lin big time defense on Blake and drive reverse layup!

  192. Lin deserves better than this crap

  193. Beautiful reverse by Lin.

  194. Nice reverse! Haven’t seen too many of those this season.


  196. For sure. Let’s hope the Hawks hang on. Big reverse by Lin.

  197. what a difficult shot

  198. Obviously Pierce wants to win this game.

    Vince and JLIN both on the floor at the finish?

  199. a beauty

  200. I secretly think Hawks and org thinks they can still get in playoffs. Pierce has been subbing to play to win against Eastern division teams or unless they are at bottom of barrel, and he knows they can win a few and still tank.

  201. i think so too

  202. Lin draws offensive foul on Reggie Jackson.

  203. Good job refs for a change. Definitely a pushoff.

  204. There is no way they will even attempt to get into Playoffs – they need to rectify their last draft with a new lottery draft

  205. Well there is only so much atrocious basketball you can take from your starters until fans think they are tanking.

  206. Bad turnover by Lin.

  207. not his fault

  208. Lin has to trust his own shot and midrange. Tough to see him make such a costly late TO.

  209. yeah, needed to shoot that midrange shot.

  210. Not even mad about that turnover. Coach screwed this team over.

  211. It was 100% his fault. He drove too deep and hesitated while in midair. Literally handed it to Zaza.

  212. he shoud of shot it. still not much minutes to be thrown in the fire

  213. Agree. Bad play by Lin.

  214. Yeah, but it is disappointing.

  215. Lin with a big rebound! Time to ice it.

  216. Time to be clutch, Lin.

  217. 2 FT

  218. Yeah, that’s the way.

  219. Mr. Clutch 4th Q seals the deal.

  220. This game reveals that Pierce certainly knows that JLIN is:
    1) a better player than Trae
    2) perhaps more trusted even – didn’t pull JLIN when the novice would think that JLIN made a bad turnover when it was as much Len hestancy that cause it

  221. All Hawks have to do now is play perimeter D and not foul.

  222. What a choke job by Blake.

  223. I’m fine with that lol

  224. hawks want to win.??? what the f…. lmao

  225. Me too, 🙂

  226. Lin was always clutch with rebounds

  227. Good perimeter D. Free throws again.

  228. 2 free throw

  229. That’s the way.

  230. A game like this – Pierce and all of Hawks coaching staff know there would have been a huge chance Trae as floor general would have blown this game.

  231. Well, LP did put in Lin to close this. So, I’ll give him credit here.

  232. Great win. Wouldn’t have even been this close if Pierce put Lin in earlier. But at least he let Lin close the game and clutch it.

  233. Great Job! Nice, early Sunday game nationally shows clutch Lin ready to help playoff contenders!

  234. you for some reason believed he would. i didnt. you were right. we should go to vegas sometime lol

  235. Had the Hawks lead maintained at 8-10 there is zero chance JLIN would have even had a 4th Quarter

  236. Awesome game for JLIN – shooting was off but Pts, Assists, TOs were excellent for number of minutes played

    Great for the JLIN trade tape

  237. 3 wins in a row! Hawks now have the 3rd most win streak this year lol.

  238. LP during fourth quarter yelled at Trae come on Trae don’t screw up or else I have to put Lin in. hahaha….they only scored nine points before Jeremy came in.

  239. that was the weirdest game ive ever watched. the chance lin plays late was under 1 percent

  240. we will see if that trust in lin builds or not. the not tanking last or not

  241. My theory is if Hawks makes to the playoff, they will say it is because of Trae, therefore, the FO don’t have to worry they draft the wrong guy even though Trae stats looks horrendous

  242. i think the gm is unhappy right now lol. this may cause lin to get traded even more. still 6-7 game gap though

  243. yup..If they wins too much, the GM will probably have to make something happen quick to get rid of Lin, Baze and whoever if destroying the tank. Lens too gotta go.

  244. looked at the next few games its vs easy teams. so doable. just doubt gm will be happy

  245. orlando has last 2 in a row and losing today. 1 game back. what are they waiting for

  246. Certainly a game like we’ve Never Seen this Season – VERY Unique

    1) Pierce Wanted to BEAT the Pistons
    2) JLIN was NOT Aggressive, Not Scoring – so theory LP only plays a scoring JLIN is Debunked
    3) Trae was pulled for JLIN for the final 5:30 in Q4 – unbelievable

    For Future reference Pierce’s breaking point appears to be when the lead under Trae dropped to around the 5-6 point mark did he finally put JLIN back into the game…

    … anything above 7-8 point lead Trae plays – JLIN sits
    … anything above 15 point blowout deficit JLIN plays
    … anything between 8 point lead and 15 point deficit Trae likely plays and JLIN sits

  247. maybe they’re deciding to tank

  248. playoffs and 1st round pick is mighty close lmao

  249. Pierce talked about Turnovers first thing — another clue to LP’s thinking.

    LP finally getting fed up with Trae’s turnovers – had 6 TOs when finally got replaced by JLIN

  250. im starting to believe sws94. Lin wont get traded till late jan or early feb. they value lin leadership and frenly need it too much. unless someone offers them something they cant refuse. i dont wanna here this but it may be the case

  251. Additionally, Pierce talked about TURNOVERS and Trae had 6 at the time.

    Trae turnovers are apparently an issue with LP

  252. For whatever reason Pierce wanted to beat the Pistons (perhaps he dislikes Coach Casey)

    Regardless, this team is still a tanking team with a goal to be one of the 3 worst teams in the NBA.

    An aberration here and there on Pierce’s whim doesn’t change the ATL Team Tanking strategy

  253. Wow, this is almost a near-miracle Lin got back in after not scoring many pts prior to Q4

  254. true

  255. Full Lin highlights vs. Pistons

  256. I also do not think JLin will be traded until later but not for the same reason as Sws. The longer ATL waits the more JIins value goes up. ATL needs a tank commander not a winner. This is good for JLin because he gets to continue to rehab w/o playing heavy minutes. This is all good for JLin. The longer JLin stays with ATL the more possibilities that may open up due to injuries. We never want to wish an injury on anybody but they happen, and they happened for 2 years for JLin at a most inopportune time so he has paid his dues.

  257. sws said similar things as well. cant argue with that. its probably better for lin the longer the wait. the better his body will be

  258. Everyone knows JLIN’s history – but no professional basketballer can continue to play fearful especially after one-third of the season has proven his knee/hamstring are fine.

    I’m not worried about injury and at some point JLIN will also get tired of answering questions on his rehab — he said he was 100% the other day.

    JLIN will be the first to say, if a team wants him – then he wants out of ATL asap – and I support a quick Trade.

    The instant another team gives ATL a good offer, then JLIN is gone because at Feb 7 his value becomes ZERO.

    Pierce did use JLIN today but I think it’s an aberration – Hawks fans/FO don’t want Wins

  259. I will say this again, but ATL has got some nice players and while they may not be of championship caliber I definitely think they are playoff quality. Baze, Dedmon, Len and JLin are fairly young vets. Notice what you see here is that these are all good defenders. VC is a senior vet but in crunch time minutes he would be valuable. Collins is a stud and Huerter can really shoot. Prince, if he played with Jlin might blossom because he has athletic ability. Tanking is not helping Prince, he needs guidance, direction and discipline that he won’t get from TY. We fans are being deprived of seeing some good pro basketball

  260. JLIN could probably take a group of decent Euro-league players and make them play like a playoff team, he’s done this with mediocre NBA players his entire career.

    When Hawks give up 120 points to every opponent they deserve to be at the bottom — because they refuse to use the leadership they have on the team in JLIN to win and are happy to lose.

    When they embrace JLIN’s leadership, they can be a playoff team – that’s why I want JLIN to even go to ANY non-tanking team because he will again do wonders.

  261. Lets hope for everyone sake that doesn’t happen..but as long as Lin leaves this mess of a team im good. they all talk Lin up left and right but looking at the game you would think it’s all bullcrap. So many times huerter wanted to go iso or bembry trying to penetrate instead of giving Lin the ball to direct.

    Action speak louder than words.

    He has no future in this team.

  262. Coach took Trae young out because he was losing them the game in crunch time.

  263. Teams like this must be like torture for Lin

  264. ATL has played 32 games with just 9 wins
    JLIN a super-competitive athlete and a Winner
    But ATL has allowed JLIN to really Play to Win in only TWO games, though JLIN has played well all season but never allowed to actually Win in any other game… must be very frustrating

  265. how does letting Lin close help in the Zion sweepstakes?

  266. It doesn’t help, it’s the opposite of helping … but for whatever reason Pierce wanted to beat the Pistons …

    … and went with a leader who makes good plays, correct decisions, minimizes Turnover, and plays great defense over the rookie that doesn’t

  267. maybe he’s allowed to win some games. the quota might be 10 games. Obviously he wanted to win this game putting Lin in

  268. Wrong! Lin couldn’t do much with Nets lack of talent and a horrible coach in KA who insists on only using motion offense, rendering Lin ineffective while taking away his ball handling and playmaking.

  269. should have been 3 FTs

  270. As if Zion Williamson isn’t another bust? Zion who can only drive to the basket is bot someone you rebuild around. Who they should draft is Rui Hachimura!

  271. JLIN won over 50% of the games he played (excluding min restriction post injury gms) that is a PLAYOFF pace — JLIN can play with ANY SYSTEM he’s proved it and will continue to prove it

  272. crunch time you put the veteran in….I like that

  273. Just cause Lin can play doesn’t mean it brings out the best in him and his teammates. Lin had to work twice as hard just to get his on the Nets! Hawks are tanking but they certainly have better all around players and a legit star in Bazemore. Huerter is a 3 point specialist who can also drive and do some handling like Thompson. Trae isn’t great but certainly a better playmaker than Russell.

    With or without Lin, Nets weren’t going anywhere.

  274. I suspect Pierce is allowed to win games just so long as he remains in the bottom 3 teams in the NBA

  275. LP was trying really hard not to let Lin in the 4th…but Trae lost the lead so he didn’t have a choice but to put in the closer. = )

  276. Well the lead went from about 11-12 down to 6pt lead and that is when Pierce got nervous…
    … this surprised me though, I thought Pierce would actually let Trae completely lose the lead before pulling him

  277. i thought he wasn’t going to put Lin in period.

  278. Would not have been surprising at all — had Trae not been so bad in Q4 JLIN would have finished with his 13 mins for the evening

  279. Lin played great with some dangerous plays grabbing rebounds. Only 17mins, ad I’m not wasting time watching games. Highlights are enough.

  280. yep….that’s right. But God won’t allow it. lol

  281. Nets are almost in playoff contention at this moment.

    JLIN just cares about Winning — not his points – Many think this is stupid but JLIN proved you wrong.

    JLIN scored 15 ppg (PER36) for CHA and then got a Starting PG job, so you see he didn’t even come close to averaging 20pts, 24pts, 30pts and …

    … I suspect many will be surprised again with JLIN’s contract next season

  282. I need some trade rumors guys

  283. Lin will get traded because they dont need him.

  284. But aren’t Hawks tanking? They were supposed to welcome a lose.

  285. Or contract extension. Honestly, Hawks are no doubt a playoff team if not for the tanking for Zion, who is overrated and 1-dimensional.

  286. Hawks lose all the time with Trae closing so that’s nothing new. Either Pierce wanted to win or it’s a showcase.

  287. Don’t think it is a showcase because LP did not bother showing Lin before.

  288. god forbid…

  289. Austin Rivers signed with HOU. There goes my wish for JLin to reunite with MDA. Of course Rivers was much cheaper than JLin. Would have been

  290. is it possible LP wanted to keep the winning streak going? whatever the reason, lin got some time to shine late in the game. that turnover was horrible but glad he had some plays later on to redeem himself. and of course those FT’s were clutch…

  291. Crazy things happen, you never know.

  292. your avatar is quite disgusting

  293. Nice picture of Jeremy talking to Jose Calderon after the game today …

  294. They don’t think they need him. Key word “think”, lol.

  295. Calderon was defending JLin at the top of the key in the Toronto game during the run of Linsanity in 2012 when JLin shot the game winning three. I don’t know how many times I have watched that shot and heard all the criticisms over his 3 pt shooting. Even now people on TV shows talk about his need to improve his 3 pt shooting. People on this board talk about how he should be more aggressive on 3 ptrs. There have been some tweaks over the years but I don’t think there is anything wrong or needs to be fixed.

  296. They dont need him for what they are doing.


    everybody remembers the tanking days of byron scott. get seated for another one of those seasons if Lin isn’t traded.

  297. I have no comeback. It is true.

  298. What’s up with these Sunday early games. Cause the Hawks are not ready for prime time?

    Anyhow, LIN FOR THE WIN – GOT IT!!!!!!

  299. Lin always burns Calderon too. But JC always seemed like a good guy to JL.

    Lost track of Calderon. He’s still on an NBA team, when guys like Sean Kilpatrick or Aaron Brooks can’t get onto a squad. Wow.

    Jose thinking: “Not you again…’re still on an NBA team?” (a joke….)

  300. According to Lin, his old form caused him to be inconsistent and made him tired toward end of games. Something like that.

    He was on fire from 3 in Nov. Then probably the back injury set him back a bit and he hasn’t played enough to get the rhythm back. My guess he’ll get it back soon.

  301. LOL. IW stubborn. Refuses to change it.

  302. Sorry Ace. I know I may be overly choosy, but I’m relieved. (Not that my opinion means anything.)

    Is Rivers much cheaper? I think he will still be getting around $12M.

    Chris Paul supposedly felt that Austin Rivers was bad for the locker-room because of Doc. I guess now that it’s MDA, all is forgiven? I’m sure CP is thrilled that Rivers may be his backup.

    Still waiting to see the Rockets implode. CP3 with a max contract. Always injured at the worst times for his team. But he’s not injury prone. He is not old. He doesn’t have a ridiculous contract. LMAO.

  303. what matters was not the minutes played on this game but on the time allotted, he was the man in front of the win!!! minutes that matter is better than more minutes in garbage time

  304. Calderon plays for Detriot now and played 17 minutes last night with 2 pts.

  305. Agree regarding Lin.

    But earlier in season, I don’t know if LIn wasn’t “allowed” so much as the Hawks dug such deep holes at the beginning of games, even superhero Lin couldn’t get them back.

    The only close game I can remember was the loss to Lakers. You’re right on that one. Lin didn’t play in 4Q. That’s why they lost. Haha.

  306. Yeah, I know. It would have been interesting to see MDA and Jlin reunite. HOU as a city did not treat JLin well so no loss. I predict though that Rivers is not near enough for what HOU needs. Baze fits in well here to meet their needs?

  307. None of us has a crystal ball, but sure hope we will all be happily surprised by Lin’s next contract.

    Now that he has proven he has recovered from his knee injury, I just want to see him play and win.

  308. Check out how Detroit announcers recognized Lin’s clutchness as he drained crucial FTs in crunch time 🙂 Thanks for the long highlights, @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus !

    [4:55] “You noticed the bulk of the minutes went to Trae Young at the Point Guard spot?”
    “But in crunch time?”
    “You put the veteran in”

  309. Went looking for the video of that game and shot and got caught up in watching some of the Linsanity games. Still gives me a thrill.

  310. Come on sport. We watched (well I watched) Nets last season. You were as much a Harris fan as I am. And we got a kick out of the JAllen blocks and dunks.

    I haven’t seen the Nets play this year. But they are in the 3rd year of rebuild. Given their win streak, Harris, RHJ, JAllen, Dinwiddie must have all improved. And added Ed Davis. And Kenny must have improved. And LeVert will be coming back this season.

    Don’t know if they’ll make the playoffs. I hate Sean Marks and Joe Tsai, so I certainly hope they won’t. But they have their own draft pick this year if they don’t. So, either way, I think I lose. LOL.

  311. Bob and Nique. JLin sure has converted them. Rathbun definitely sounds like one of us, a true fan.

  312. Lol, saw that. Exactly right basketball move. I hope young TY was paying attention, after all, this is the “mentor” they are payin $13.5M to teach him how to ball

  313. Well, at least you should put the clutch veteran in.

  314. yeah, that’s an expensive tutoring for maybe half a season 🙂

    I also agree that the Hawks would probably try to trade Lin as close as possible to the Feb trade deadline to maximize the time to mentor Trae but still get some assets back for him. Lin is literally showing Trae how to close out games by not wasting possessions and getting to the FT lines to ice the game and deflate the other team’s momentum.

    But I’m still shocked LP wanted to win in this game. Probably because the Hawks got beaten bady 109-124 in Atlanta and he wanted to extend the winning streak to prove that he can coach a winning team if he is allowed.

  315. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! You’re giving Speed of Lin a run for his money.

    Glad to see you used the Detroit feed. Nice to hear that the announcers were so effusive in their praise for Lin. ALL FACTS.

    Rick Mahorn was one of the Detroit analysts. He has always said he liked Lin’s game. Which is rare, coming from a big man. Usually it’s the point guards who appreciate Lin. Like HOF IT, or Kenny Smith, or Derek Harper.

  316. Calderon’s been in the league for 15 years! JLin for 8. If he lasts as long as Calderon then he is only half way. Puts JLin at 37 y.o. That’s 4 years less than VC’s 41.

  317. I know, I was kidding…..

  318. Never get tired watching Lin highlights, from sooo many “Linsanity” games through these years.

    It’s what got me through last season with no Lin. LOL.

  319. After seeing how Bob and his daughter met JLin in the Q&A, I’m sure Bob rooted for JLin to succeed even if it might not be with Atlanta 🙂

    But yeah, we can tell Bob and Nique really like how JLin plays. Nique repeatedly says JLin simply knows how to play ball. Coming from an Hall of Famer that’s really high praise.

  320. MDA & Lin reunion would have been phenomenal. (Just not on the Rockets with Morey and Harden still there, and now with CP3.)

    When MDA was assistant on 76ers, I was hoping somehow they would reunite there. Too bad that didn’t pan out either.

    If Lin stays on the Hawks, I hope Baze stays too. But who knows about Schlenk’s plans.

    Baze is a good wing player. Not perfect, but tons of energy. Hustles for steals. And plays well off the ball. I think he’s a good complement to Lin.

  321. I don’t care about how fast I put up the highlights. I care about quality, showing defense, entire plays, and any praise Lin might receive from casters. Not in it for the ad money or subs either. Just trying to showcase and chronicle Lin’s good games.

    Detroit casters love Lin. They recognize Lin’s high level, intelligent plays and abilities. Unlike many other biased casters, they’re not afraid of heaping praise on Lin.

  322. Like I posted earlier, Rick Mahorn jas always said he likes Lin’s game. Amazing that he and George Blaha couldn’t stop saying good things about Lin. They sound like twins to Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins.

    More: “Smart player…already having an impact…Trae Young playing better with Jeremy Lin…veteran…leadership…Foul somebody else, [Jeremy Lin] is not cooperating at all…Lin’s been clutch, this is not his first rodeo…” Great stuff.

  323. Thanks for the quality highlights! It’s a good balance to hear SpeedOfLin highlights usually from ATL announcers and yours from opposing team announcers in this case. You can just tell the deflated voice in the announcers as Lin kept hitting clutch FTs making it unlikely for a DET comeback.

  324. From the Hawks feed. When Lin’s FTs put the Hawks up 94-91, Rathbun was funny: “since we’re from Atlanta, a little Southern Comfort”. Haha.

  325. Very true! We can tell they have great respect and admiration of how Lin as a veteran knows how to close out games. This can only help to increase his trade values 🙂

    I got worried seeing Lin tried to block out Blake by himself with the help coming late. He fell down a bit awkwardly and almost got stepped on. I’m thankful he’s okay and healthy. He’ll be a bit sore tomorrow combined with another fall when Reggie Jackson fell on top of him

  326. As Lin supporters, we all wish that Lin is allowed to play his game and lead a team. What I thought was meant to be, with the Nets. Unfortunately it didn’t happen.

    But, in the mean time, until he leaves, he is part of this Hawks team. It’s not like most of us and our jobs. Even if we’re unhappy, we can go home at the end of the day and leave it behind.

    The NBA player spends a lot of time with his teammates. Having meals, practice, working out, traveling, on the road, in hotels in different cities. They probably see each other more than their own families. How can they not form some kind of bond with their teammates?

    So, even though Lin is not used correctly, and to his potential on this team. While he is there, I find it hard not to be glad when Lin shares in a win for them.

    Tonight was another good win. Because Lin was involved to close the game. It was a good TEAM win. Once again, everybody contributed. Bazemore, Dedmon, Huerter. Alex Len with a monster rebounding game. Even old man VC. Check out what Dedmon said about VC and his walker. LOL.

  327. Luka with a crazy 3-point shot to tie it and get the Mavs into overtime…

    He shot 33% and the Mavs still lost, but all everyone will talk / care about is this shot.

  328. Yeah, I saw that. Griffin can be low-key dirty too. He pushed Lin down hard. A foul should have been called, but of course not.

    Unfortunately, the NBA is a contact sport, just without helmets and padding. Player safety should be first priority in the officiating, but it’s not. Sorry for my same old same old rant.

    Good news is, as long as Lin’s not hurt, he has two days to recover physically.

    And hopefully spend Christmas with his family, to recover mentally!

  329. 24 seconds of fun with Jeremy Lin. “If I could choose between strength or speed, I choose speed.”

  330. Some of us were discussing Linsanity in the prior thread. (Ace Pagoda…) That “Linsanity” is really an ICON now, whether the NBA likes it or not. And that Lin has come to accept it. I found the interview.

    Lin interview by Fox Sports South, from 2018 pre-season with the Hawks.

    “I finally got to see what I was capable of as a basketball player…..I didn’t know what I was able to do….but [Linsanity] showed me hey you can play in this League, you belong in this League. When [Linsanity] first happened, for the first few years after, I felt like I was living in the shadow of it and I didn’t want to talk about it….Because I never want to be remembered off of one stretch. I wanted people to appreciate the entirety of a career. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to shift how I view Linsanity from what I think about it and put myself in that person that’s talking to me in their shoes and what it meant to them…Through that, I’ve learned to appreciate [Linsanity] more than I could when I was younger.”

  331. I see our old friend Brent has time for twitter but not for us here….. 🙂

    But absolutely agree with Ido Amir that LIn’s rebound just as important as the made free throws. (Lin’s FT % isn’t consistently above 80%. But I don’t remember that he ever missed ANY FTs when needed. CLUTCH FOR SURE.)

  332. Lin’s Knicks postgame interview at MSG via CNA Taiwan.

    Lin, as always, being professional. Speaking candidly, but with grace in his words. LIN FULLY AWARE OF HIS SITUATION ON THE HAWKS. Knowing his competitiveness, his love of the game, his persistence in pursuing his dream. I don’t think he will just settle for this current role if he could help it.

    Whether the NBA will give him the chance is another story.

    Keep going for it Jlin, we will continue to support you!

    “Really feels like a home game sometimes when I come back…I get a large reception and I see my jersey or my shirts everywhere, I’m really thankful….Honestly, I didn’t think I had a great game, but I’m really happy about the win….Trying to pick my spots…obviously as a backup, some nights they rely on me more, some nights they don’t, and that’s just part of the job, and that’s my role here. I’m trying to be as great as I can in whatever role I get.”

  333. Dedmon seems really happy with this little win streak. Looks relaxed, joyous, and cracking jokes. Must be nice to get fed perfectly by Lin. Dedmon and Len have been playing very well recently. They know if they set good screens and roll to the rim, Lin will find them if they’re open and it’s the right play. These bigs are looking good with Lin on the court with them, just like Lin always makes his bigs look good.

    So, even though Lin is not used correctly, and to his potential on this team. While he is there, I find it hard not to be glad when Lin shares in a win for them.

    Just wasting your breath to be honest. Too many Lin fans here are too selfish and too disgruntled to be happy for Lin and his teammates. They only care when Lin is playing 30+ minutes and dominating the ball, even if that’s not Lin’s role on this team and that’s not Lin’s playstyle.

    Some Lin fans will never give credit to Lin’s teammates, will only focus on the negatives, and make constant excuses for Lin. It’s best to just ignore these kind of fans. All they bring is negativity, anger, and frustration and they want everyone to feel the same way they do, constantly spamming garbage every thread.

  334. I know everyone here “enjoys” speculating about where Lin should go next. Where he would be a good fit. Where he would be treated well and used properly. Where he can start.

    At the end of the day though. Unless they are tanking, I think any team that’s not playing well right now NEEDS LIN TO LEAD and get them over the line. That’s like a lot of teams. LOL.

  335. Look at the picture Len chose to use:

  336. Lin just has that natural chemistry with all the bigs he has ever played with. Even Al Jefferson and Lin had it going with the Hornets.

    Click, it seems like you and I agree about Lin with the Hawks.

    Don’t get me wrong, I too want Lin to play 30+ minutes and dominate and lead to lots of wins. It’s just that I prefer to enjoy the time that Lin is out on the court, healthy and playing. (Since my complaining won’t change anything anyway.)

    But I was just giving my view. Not really trying to convince anybody else. I’ve given up. Like in the “real world”, people seem to have made up their minds and they are sticking to it. Rarely will people change their minds.

    As long as we are not putting Lin down, or attacking each other, different people will have a need to vent. I just move past those comments that I don’t agree with.

    Just to be clear, I’ll never stop venting against those in the NBA who have wronged Lin. Like the Rockets, or the Nets, or the Refs, etc, etc. HaHaHa.

  337. Great pic.

  338. GREAT CAMARADERIE – THE MAGNIFICENT FOUR (I think they missed VC here.)

    “We’re the same height.” HAHAHA. Len appreciating Lin. George Blaha (Detroit) cracked the joke that “Lin and Len” sounds like a law firm. LOL.

  339. And it’s appreciated. (I wish I had the time OR the TALENT or the SKILL.) I bookmark these highlights.

  340. Right, of course we all want Lin to play as much as possible, but we’ve got to keep in mind that this is a rehab year for Lin and he wasn’t brought to the Hawks by Schlenk to be a starter or to lead this young team to be a playoffs contender.

    I’m not sure why Lin fans keep expecting the Hawks to play Lin over Trae or get 30+ minutes per game, then keep getting angry, frustrated, and disgruntled when what they want to happen doesn’t happen. Then they complain non-stop and spew negativity and troll everyday, every thread, acting as if any of their constant complaining will change anything. All it does it make themselves even more mad and frustrated.

    Meanwhile, Lin has chosen to see the bright side of his situation here and make the most of his time on the Hawks. He’s bonding with his teammates like he usually does on different teams he plays for each year. Lin has earned the respect of his Hawks teammates and the Hawks media… even other teams’ broadcasters and fans.

    Lin is happy and content with his situation because he knows that whining and acting like a spoiled brat gets him nowhere. If Lin acted like so many of his fans did, he wouldn’t perform like he is now and his teammates would see him like a selfish, disgruntled player, not wanting anything to do with him. Too bad of many Lin fans don’t learn from Lin.

  341. Because these 4 are the reasons for Hawks’ recent wins! These 4 should be the starters together!

  342. Because Trae is an inferior player. Both Lin and Bazemore deserve to start more than Trae but are benched for tanking and trade reasons.

  343. Baze is by far the most legit and unselfish rising SG star Lin has played with! Baze can get his own while making almost everything and not being a ball hog or shot chucker! Heck Baze is a much better player than Harden!

    Lin and Bazemore both deserve to be starters and franchise of the Hawks over Trae and Zion!

    Hawks are chasing GSW’s wannabe shadows when they already have what they need!

  344. Harris and Levert are great but nothing to the shooting talent, height advantage, and chemistry of Bazemore, Huerter, and Len.

    You also have bench talent like Dedmon, rookie Anderson, who are also tall, csn shoot and can defend well.

    Hawks have many more both way players than Nets does. That’s what makes Hawks better, Nets were always undersized with lack of defense.

  345. Well said…I’m pretty sure Lin is not pleased with his current situation but this is the hand he’s been given so he’ll deal with it as professionally as he can until he can be traded.

    As fan, we do not have to be happy with his situation and I’m tired of those who whine about Lin fan who aren’t satisfy with it..We’re not damn Hawks fan, we’re Lin fan and we’re here to watch Lin play…Not just 17-18 minutes while backing up an inferior player.

    Just like in Charlotte, he enjoyed/loved Marvin, Kemba, Cody but did not hesitate to leave for the chance to get more minutes in Brooklyn.

    At least in Charlotte, Kemba was starting and was much better than the guard who starts ahead of him in ATL.

  346. you go guy

    edit: after posting this i realized some people mite take this as a negative response (as you “go get out of here”)where it was meant as a highly positive response parodying the phrase “you go girl”.

    i even sacrificed my all time (for me) high upvotes to posts ratio to post it.

  347. The fact he can catch and get off shot in that situation is amazing though.

  348. lots of stats christmas bonus pack

    lets start with something that seems to get a lot of attention lately: “true shooting” or ts.

    counting all back court players (guards) playing at least 20 games and 15 minutes per game lin is fourth in the league behind curry, dougie mcdermott and former lin teammate joe harris.

    overall out of 419 players who have played at least 1 minute of time in 1 game this year lin is 58th. trae young is a pathetic 377th!!! tied with equal hyped bust lonzo ball.

    in fact ball and youngs stats are remarkably similar; virtually identical with the only outliers being ball with a lot more rebounds and young with a much higher useage ratio.

    in fact young is in the top 30 in the league in useage (among players who actually play any significant time) and yet look how little he does with that. 377th in true shooting. dead last in (a better stat i think ) adj. fg% (among qualified players all positions).
    bottom five (again qualified players) points per shot.

    along with only previous lin time usurpur dangelo russell and russell westbrook arguably (combining various offensive efficiency based categories) the least effective offensive players in the league.

    moving on only slightly away lin remains 2nd in the league among all backcourt players (harden first) in points per shot; among the top handful also dinwidde and curry and simmons.

    lin is the top scorer in the league (points per game) among players playing less than 20 miutes a game (rounding up j.j. barea’s 19.8 minutes).

    lin is 57th i think about that in minutes among point guards barely making then a 2nd string point guard, almost a 3rd and yet comes in 30th in the fantasy based stats i use for general less “advanced” player ratings. i doubt any other point guard has that big a spread of time v. results.

    hollinger per: lin tied for 20th; young 52nd among point guards. among all positions lin 89th, young 224th

    here are all atl players ranked by per worst to best:

    thats enuf for now.

  349. LaL for Lin and Len. LOL.

  350. Lin only played 17 minutes. The last 4 minutes are in Q4 at the end of the game.. Lin and Bazemore held back the Pistons’ comeback.

  351. Your wasting your breath. There’s no point in arguing with someone who knows everything better than anyone. LOL

  352. That play with Lin holding his place against Blake was a beautiful use of “being heavy”. Size in itself helps but the ability to make yourself heavy and immovable is a skill some bigs never learn. They get pushed around like paper dolls. Lin held his ground and forced Blake to give up the ball to a perimeter player. That to me was making a huge impact.

  353. May just then change it to the face of present coach to really annoy us. LOL

  354. Griffin untying shoelace was funny

  355. haha…because it is easy to twit with a phone, but not disqus…:P I still browse here…

  356. Actually this is a forum to positively get Lin fans together. There’s nothing about “hard-core” Lin fans. Lin fans are varied, not monolithic. The theme is to be positive.

  357. Thx for putting in the work!

  358. Quickness in a confined space is much more important IMO. Speed is quantified by distance travelled which more often than not less effective than a quick first to 3 steps. Those first 3 steps will get you to the basket and create separation needed to score.

  359. NYK and MSG is where Jlin should be. Dumb Dolan is depriving NY fans of a player who could create excitement regularly in this city of millions. But NY is now a place down near the bottom of the list of places where I would like to see Jlin go. BKLN could have been the same, but not to be.

  360. In the clips Reggie Jackson and Jlin crashed to the ground together and Jackson immediately looked to help Jlin up. Like that!

  361. Great minds think alike!

  362. And maybe especially NYK. They were the first to go down the road of doubting the BB talents of Jlin.

  363. It is about gratitude. I can see that Jlin is grateful to be playing this game at the level he is after almost getting bounced out of the league from injury. When you look at things from that perspective he cannot help but be happy. As fans we should embrace that state of mind too, of grace, and maybe we would be happier too for the way things have worked out thus far.

  364. I thought too that Jlin should be starting too but that is not in the cards on a tanking team. For things to change FO would have to reverse course on tanking and that isn’t happening. But now from a different perspective, I think it would be beneficial at this point for young TY to lead a bench unit so he can study Jlin on the court against the opposing first team and gain some confidence by playing against the second unit. It is not a demotion it is a learning experience, especially if it turns out that he can be an effective 2nd team leader and contribute to winning (not good for tanking though). FO is making a mistake here bu not considering this.

  365. Uh-oh, more problems for ATL FO:
    More unnecessary pressure for TY. This is a situation where TY should think: “How would Jlin look at this and what would he do?” Fortunately for TY he needs only to cross the locker room with a little humility and ask him! after all that is what ATL is supposedly paying Jlin $13.5 M to do

  366. I think that makes the most sense, Ace. Otherwise, we’re just grumbling and hoping for better through a trade which isn’t guaranteed. That he’s playing so well is really a miracle. He just needs to play in games, and we’ll have wonderful moments. It’s not settling, it’s just making the best of it. Happy Holidays.

  367. To be honest, I think more NBA like and respect Lin than not. It’s a different story with coaches and GMs, though.

  368. Many of us are still trying to figure out why Lin was put back in the 4th quarter to help the Hawks to get a 3-winning streak while the Hawks is tanking. But whatever the reason is the ATL announcers did emphasize Lin as the veteran PG needed to get a Win as he checked in. It’s very likely they get the note and direction to talk up Lin as the veteran PG for interested teams (e.g. Pelicans, Magic, etc.)

    The Hawks might need to go back on the tanking ways soon but hopefully playoff teams really took notice and make a move soon.

    Bob Rathbun (BR): “Jeremy Lin coming in for Trae Young … 85-80 for the Hawks, 4:05 remaining”
    Dominique Wilkins (DW): “Jeremy Lin, the veteran Hawk, being put in to take it home”

    90-89 DW: “The game is on the line”
    BR: “.. gets it up, gets it in! Jeremy Lin with a twisting drive! The veteran, much like he did against Washington. With his stellar play and decision-making down the stretch in a tight game”
    DW: “Way to get them to get that shot off. That’s just a wonderful shot! He just explodes to the basket for the reverse”

  369. How long did Curry take to show his MVP performance?
    Schlenk would get fired before Young means anything close to Curry.

  370. @JackNieto3
    So that’s why Jeremy was smiling before shooting the FT. He’s probably envisioning this particular fan’s face afterward. Funny dude.

  371. Now that Lin has proven full recovery from the knee injury, and that he has his mojo back, I hope the Hawks will do the right thing for JLin. Can never predict what agendas the front offices have though.

    Regardless of motive, Lin deserves the praise from the announcers! And so much more fun for us fans!

  372. I will continue to hate on the Rockets, and the Nets organization. (And the Knicks, and the Lakers….LOL.)

    I can’t say I hate Schlenk or Pierce. Even if they have selfish reasons, they didn’t lie to him. At least they gave JLin a temporary home for him to rehab and play back into the NBA. And several chances to shine. No other team gave Lin that opportunity.

    Having said that, now that Lin has recovered well, it’s time for the Hawks to make a decision and do the right thing for Lin.

  373. Great compilation! Thanks!

    The NBA is supposed to be an analytics driven League. No doubt they have all this data at hand. Add that to all the coaches who have claimed that they need to game-plan for Lin. You would think that the teams would be knocking the doors down for Lin.

    As we all know, there are other factors. The status quo power structure is strong. And so far, no team has had the guts to give Lin the keys again.

    But, as I like to say. You never know, it just takes ONE team, ONE owner, ONE GM. Hate to quote Sean Marks, but “can’t count Jeremy out”.

  374. Well, apparently MSG continues to sell out. So, what does Dolan care?

    Unfortunately yes, that Knicks ship has sailed. Unless Dolan sells the team. Even then, look at Brooklyn, 49% Taiwanese owner, and Lin still can’t catch a break.

  375. Considering all the hacking and hard fouls and flagrant fouls that Lin suffers through, it is a change to see some respect from other players.

  376. Okay, got it. Just checking! Glad to see you haven’t abandoned us!

    Wishing you and your great looking family a wonderful Christmas!

  377. Not an expert here. But what you say makes sense. I think Lin look like he has gotten at least 2 quick steps back.

  378. I also get the sense the announcers were given their marching order to talk-up Lin performance as much as possible to boost up interest and increase his trade value.

    But if that’s the case, shouldn’t we expect a boost in minutes from the coach if they truly wanted to showcase him?

    Maybe they should give Trae a couple game of rest and start Lin..They could say Trae is out with a ankle sprain. In fact, it would be ideal for Trae so suffer a small injury for like 2-3 game so to let Lin showcase himself. That’d be the best case scenario.

  379. I suspect that Travis Schlenk is the only GM who would have made that trade for JLIN.

    Most Nets fans think Brooklyn robbed Atlanta and got the better of the deal – in hindsight since we now know Hawks are tanking it isn’t so clear; since a healthy JLIN certainly would have been a key part of the Nets had Sean Marks not been able to find a willing trade partner.

  380. I would like to believe the ATL announcers were given orders by the FO but I doubt it.

    Frankly, had Trae not been so awful in the 4th Quarter – JLIN would have played only 13 minutes, of this I am convinced.

    It was a stroke of fate that Trae was BAD that we JLIN fans are feeling hopeful rather than dejected after that game.

  381. Yes, had Trae played just decent enough not to get pulled then JLIN would have finished his game in the 3rd quarter

  382. I doubt they “do the right thing for Jlin”. But they will do what is best for ATL and that is trade him for assets. ATL right now has some big assets: Jlin, Bazemore, Dedmon and Alex Len Except for Collins these guys are in their prime. If they weren’t tanking fools that would be the starting lineup along with Collins and I believe thick in the hunt for the playoffs. I don’t think BKLN could keep up with them. That lineup has 5 decent 3 point shooters and 5 capable defenders and excellent defense of the perimeter. Bench of TY, Bembry Prince, Huerter and Justin Anderson, young, they can play with reckless abandon (like they do anyway) but since it would be against the 2nd unit of the opposing team not so bad. Right now they play their real bench against the 1st unit

  383. And I suspect you are correct, that Schlenk is the only GM who would have made that trade. BKLN might have not been good for Jlin except in terms of minutes not played because he would have been behind Dlo and Dinwiddie. So from a rest point it would have been good. From an impact point not much. ATL is a blessing in disguise. How does Jlin, Bazemore, Len, Dedmon and Collins stack up against BKLN? I say pretty well

  384. Who knows, KA hates DLo and has benched him frequently – so I believe once JLIN had proven to KA he’s fully rehabbed, JLIN would have had as many minutes as any other person playing, KA always had JLIN finish games

  385. Trae’s game is increasingly degenerating due to his usage and minutes
    1) Never played an NBA season (already played more games than any College or HS season)
    2) Point Guard the most physically taxing position requiring huge stamina
    3) Trae occasionally starts games ok, but then in the 2nd half he noticeably gets worse = part of this could be just plain fatigue
    4) Trae has taken fewer shots recently 10-15 rather than 20-25 (could be any number of reasons) especially 3s attempts lower, even more so in 2nd half. One reason is shooting takes effort

    Trae expends lots of energy early (seems a bit more effort on Defense in Q1 than usual) has nothing left in the 2nd half

  386. if nov lin was in bklyn? and levert didnt get a freak injury? they’d be like 3rd seed in the east… dont forget ed davis is the bench big… it would have been electric in barclays…

    but instead schlenk had to ruin everything… just like morey ruined things years ago…

  387. Who knows. Maybe Lin will end up in a team we never thought of.

  388. At this time, while it wouldn’t work I would like to see Jlin in Toronto. Problem is Lowry and Vanvleet, though I think Jlin is an improvement over Vanvleet (shooting). I just think that Kawhi Leonard and Jlin closing out games would be hard to beat. I have become a Toronto fan. Plus they are doing this with a first year coach. Plus Toronto is a perfect international city for Jlin to finish out his career. Only drawback is it is very cold in Toronto

  389. TY definitely needs a rest and the best place would be as a bench leader for a while. The FO at this point is being unfair to TY, especially with the media touting up Doncic, and deservedly so. You could see this coming from a month ago.

  390. pelican have lost 4 in a row

  391. have lost 12 of the last 17

  392. Need a PG and a wing/defender: need Jlin and Bazemore.

  393. yup. we will see how desperate they get. they are three games out but in the paced west they are near the bottom

  394. That’s what I think. And that’s the way a lot of trades work out. I’m not saying he’ll be or won’t be traded, however. I just don’t know. Or where if he is.

  395. The chance of that happening is very unlikely. However, I do hope that LP will lessen the kid’s minutes. LP is burning this kid out and he has a great “veteran” PG that he is underutilizing. The kid’s role needs to be lessen and his minutes as well. And I say that as someone who actually thinks Trae has potential and is a good player.

  396. From Jeremy: homemade crab avocado toast with red pepper, green onions, sauteed garlic and truffle oil.

  397. It wouldn’t work…Smith is a PG that would need high minutes at that position since he’s very young with good potential and ATL already has Trae Young there.

    Also, they might trade Smith because they want to make Doncic a point-forward and not sure whether it’ll be good for Lin but wouldn’t oppose it if Lin were to start or get consistent 25 minute per game there.

    They still got Barea and harris who would get a lot of the PG minutes.

  398. Wouldn’t it be a blessing in disguise for even the Hawks if Trae were to go down with a
    small injury like ankle-sprain where he’d miss 3-4 games and this would
    allow the Hawks to showcase Lin to boost-up his trade value?

    Having a PG who’s not shooting well under 40%FG would give the team a huge psychological boost on the players but maybe they’d win too much for Schlenk. which would cause them to start Bremby instead of Lin.

    Also I don’t think Trae will be a complete bust. He’ll
    settle down to eventually be a mid-pack PG in the league but I don’t see
    him becoming a super star nor a perennial all-star…I think he’ll
    eventually be an above-average starting PG in the league like Teague and Bledsoe.

  399. Even if it’s true, it’s unnecessary to give fodder to haters anymore reasons to hate Lin.

    Lin himself would never wish ills to his teammates for his own advancement. He trusts his God and so we should just trust in Lin to find his own way..His way.

  400. Pretty sure Lin would not wish ill on any of his teammates to get hurt just for a day or two, just to get his chance/minutes but at the same time, this is the only way he gets any minutes on this team. It’s also the way the Hawks can properly showcase Lin for a trade.

    Linsanity itself could not have happened if the Knicks didn’t have a bunch of injuries that year.

    Lin himself stated on Bazemore podcast that if it wasn’t for the many injuries at PG, he probably would have been out of the league, never to be seen again…and I agree with this.

    So sometimes, one man bad luck is another man’s blessing, unfortunately.

    BNut as I’ve stated, I’m not wishing for no long term injuries and at some point, every NBA player will eventually miss a couple days.

  401. Not sure whether it would had turned out this way. Remember that when Lin got back from his injuries the previous year, he was under constant minute restriction so I wonder whether minutes restriction would had been even sharper with Brooklyn for the whole year if he wasn’t traded.

    and than you have to take into account that both DLo and Dinwiddie are having good years.

    So in theory, ATL was probably slightly better team for Lin since he’s always been the back-up behind Trae but simply does not get proper back-up minutes.

    In Brooklyn, he would be behind DLo and Dinwiddie, so his minutes might have been lesser.

    Lin would had gotten Shabazz Napier’s minutes who is the third PG and he plays 14 minute per that’s a good barometer on what type of minutes Lin would had been playing if he was not traded.

  402. but what i like about all Hawks co players of jLIN is whenever he was down on the court, it seems all phawk players were sincerely concern and run fast towards JLIN everytime, specially VC.

  403. yeah its a two conflicting scenario. I would suggest that the reason why JLIN only got small minutes is because coach doesn’t want to trade lin right now and still try to make TY his best rookie guard at the same time.

  404. i think its a genuine praise right now from the 2 commentator of Hawk team and marching order will only becomes evident because of the over zealous Praise, but theirs right now is the result of JLIN’s great game as per questionable playing time!

  405. no lie because its a trade and LIN has no say on this.

  406. well said

  407. TS made that trade because of INJURY and exopiring contract..JLIN’s recovery was beyond their imagination and right now a bonus that they cherish only to make young their franchise player

  408. Len(#25) 2+5 = 7 Jlin’s jersey number.. same height and same number by analogy…LOL

  409. “Trying to pick my spots…obviously as a backup”…JLIN see’s clearly who he is in the Hawks grandeur expectation!!!!(even on trade teams prospect)

  410. Hey fellow Lin fan zealots! Who knew that JLin would be balling out again so soon! Miracles do happen. So, let’s KEEP THE FAITH!

    To All of You and Your Families – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s to a continued healthy Jeremy Lin playing lots more winning basketball!

    Special shout-out to Psalm – let’s not take this forum for granted!

  411. Is that all for him, or was he planning to share? Haha.

  412. Smiles and then sinks 4 daggers.

    They don’t know that he’s heard a lot worse. Lin is all about mental toughness.

  413. When Lin took that charge from John Wall and fell at the base-line, even the guys (Trae Young included) on the bench flew out to get him.

    Lin just has that influence. What Schlenk was counting on from Lin to build that culture. The way Lin did it with the Nets. Lin should charge double the fee. 🙂

  414. I think Bob Rathbun in particular has become a TRUE Lin fan. Even more than Greg Logan back in Brooklyn.

  415. True. Lin had no say. But the Hawks were up-front about why they traded for Lin, and what his role would be.

  416. And now that Lin is healthy, now we can start to relax a little bit, and look forward to Lin’s next chapter of his journey. I’ll be there to cheer him on.

  417. CORRECTION. Yes, Rick Mahorn has said good things about Lin in the past. And yes, he was at the game yesterday. But, he wasn’t doing the color on the game.

    There’s a new color analyst named Greg Kelser, who was the one praising Lin alongside Blaha.

  418. But they ALL do that. That’s what the NBA sells to delusional fans! “Potential for a championship!”

    Like all this maneuvering will really get these teams a championship. Look at Morey, 6 years of shuffling the Rockets’ rosters, and chasing superstars, still can’t win one.

    Just like the Nets. That first year, if Marks kept Bogdanovich, and Thaddeus Young, with Brook Lopez and Lin, with some better players off the bench, they would have made a lot of noise and gotten into playoffs. (Well, assuming Lin wasn’t injured.)

  419. What?! no. Trae does the most damage to the Hawks when he’s healthy and on the court. And that also makes Lin look good

  420. Lin had the LAST LAUGH…. that’s all that matters

  421. Well I’m a little bit of both sides… I don’t mind Lin playing as a backup pg but not to a player who is inferior to him. Of course I understand that hawks is rebuilding and tanking but man…… that is frustrating.

  422. Griffin was mad. He dashed off the court right after the final whistle blew.

  423. Lin, Holiday, moore, mirotic, Davis

    It could be really good team.


    (Pelicans are not as ideal fit as Kawhi and the Raptors, but they wouldn’t be too shabby, either. Steal Double High Horns / drag screen from Spurs and Mavericks, and then they got something because it gets Julius Randle (running back) and Anthony Davis (game breaking wide receiver) out in space attacking while Lin is making split second reads out of pick and roll to disrupt initial set defense: )

  425. Travis Schlenk has brought in 4 veteran players to this team: Jeremy Lin, Vince Carter, Alex Len and Justin Anderson. They soon become significant to the team this season. They are going to help this team to win more games.

  426. Yes! Thanks and respect to Psalm for his work on this forum.

    And best wishes to all.

  427. With the vets they had, Dedmon and Bazemore, ATL had the base for a pretty decent team. With the holdover youngsters they had in Prince and Collins they had some good potential talent. With TY and Huerter they had talent they could have brought along and developed. That is 10 players, a nice mix of young and not-over-the-hill veteran (in prime age). We fans have been cheated out of the joy of sports, in overcoming odds to see how good as a team ATL could be, so they could copy a “model” of losing to win. Now I don’t think it would have been a good idea to play Jlin heavy minutes from the beginning so that was of benefit to Jlin. However by now we could have gotten a vision of how good this team could be and some good chemistry would have been forming (as it is even now). Momentum could have been built going forward and energized the ATL basketball (and NBA) community. But with tanking, we will soon be treated to the sight of an ATL who will lose Baze, Dedmon, and Jlin at least and maybe Len, totally gutting ATL and leave them floundering so they can get to pick youngsters who have not played a second in the NBA and treat the ATL fans to another season or two or three of losing-and maybe longer. What brief moments of sports joy for ATL have been provided by the resurgence of Jlin and of his influence over teammates in winning. It is not too late for ATL FO to change direction and try to win, to do the right thing. I yield the soapbox.

  428. And Merry Christmas everybody!

  429. Just hope the coach lets the team win.

  430. Looks like you’re trying to back out of this one Zcode, lol! You and Lebron, except I don’t believe Lebron’s contrition, but I understand what you were trying to say. Injuries are a part of sports and they seem to be more prevalent in the modern era (don’t know if there is any evidence of this or not) and Jlin has certainly had his share. But fortunately for him and us fans he appears well andis healing and has maintained his basketball prowess.

  431. I understand your idea and injury is part of the game. I know you mean well and that it could be good for TY to take some break form the constant pressure and watch how it’s done. However, it’s not what you mean that counts on the internet,it’s what haters will choose to see. They will turn it intonations something awful by using your words out of context. Trust me, almost all of us see how badly TY is being treated by the front office and a reasonable excuse to just sit a bit would be great for him. All the same, an open forum like this can be made to look like all Lin fans hate Trae. We mustn’t let the good vibes from Atlanta media turn sour by haters.

  432. If I may, one more thing on my mini-rant against tanking: One of the most glorious things in sports is to see the underdog scraping and clawing his way to victory. Or even if victory is not achieved in the end there is something that is very uplifting to the trying, the effort. The career of Jlin has been of that underdog trying his best, to overcome obstacles and the odds. Tanking is the antithesis of this warrior spirit and has no place in sports, though maybe it is considered acceptable and even “smart” in commercial sports where the money dictates all. So be it, that comes with the territory. However just because tanking is acceptable does not mean that it should be acceptable. Now what would be the greater feel good story: GSW winning another championship, Lebron undermining Coach Walton to build a dynasty to himself in Hollywood or the ATL Hawks making the finals of the Eastern Conference?

  433. Merry X’mas or Happy Holidays to all. That includes you too @brentyen:disqus

  434. Merry Christmas to JLin, family, and our global family of Lin fans! Happy Holidays!
    May the love, joy, and peace of Jesus continue to shine through JLin 🙏🏀🕊️💕

  435. Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 Hoping a peaceful and joyful trade news before Feb 2019 trade deadline. It’d be great fun to watch JLin in playoff basketball

  436. Dewayne Dedmon (L shin contusion) and Jeremy Lin (low back pain) are probable for 12/26 IND game

  437. Hopefully Lin is OK. He looked a bit annoyed at the post-game interview, even though he looked relaxed and happy taking those clutch free throws, since his adrenaline might’ve dulled the pained during the game. Might’ve had something to do with his back acting up again. He got pushed to the ground by Griffin and tackled by Reggie Jackson. Those 2 physical plays might’ve hurt his back.

  438. Here is the original picture Len used on his Instagram. Not sure where he got the original original pic from, but this should be a better quality for you to use in the future if you want to:

  439. brentyen briefly

  440. All star voting has started.
    Being a LOF, I only vote for JLin.

  441. Check out what Magic Front Office wants in their PG.
    Our friend, Howard Megdal, is paging JLin.

  442. Thank you. The IG picture was not very good quality and then I used special filters than did not come out very well.

  443. Is Howard Megdal an Orlando Magic reporter?

  444. Zion is a bust that I agree with! No skills and only drives isn’t going to get him anywhere! The GM smart enough to draft and start Rui Hachimura, the mixed Japanese/African player will have a rising star just like Luka Doncic.

  445. Lin really needs to tone down on those drives and get his 3s going. He’s getting too many hard fouls.

  446. Doncic’s been playing as PG for the Mavericks that’s where he excels in. He can play some PF, but PG would be his main position. Times has changed, PFs like Doncic and Watanabe can shoot 3s, midrange, drive, and make plays. Lin and Doncic can work but Lin would be mostly SG.

  447. TY has gotten the ultimate green light, this is hardly “unfair”. In that cast I’d love for Lin to get that cause of “unfair”, green light to shoot anywhere beyond the arc and as many as he pleases, starting PG, and 30+ minutes. Far as I know Trae certainly isn’t losing any confidence, he always shown up for those high profile games especially those against Doncic to prove himself.

    This isn’t “unfair” it’s room for development while the Hawks are tanking. Lin never got that except those few months with MDA.

  448. Lin simply beat the Pistons clean and fair.

    Reggie Jackson lost the game to the veterans of the Hawks

    Lin has problems with his pow back since his time in the Rockets. Just hope that he can recover soon.

  449. LOL I always do the same:-)

  450. 3s will fall or not. Perimeter shots. I’d rather see him get his midrange going. His 3s will fall in some games, but midranges are more reliable overall.

  451. I think it’s wise for Lin to play few minutes this upcoming game. 12-16. So, that’s what I’m expecting.

    I have a thought about something. Hayward is really struggling in his comeback this season. He’s getting far more minutes than Lin. I’m not sure if this is the case or not but maybe it’s best Lin is getting the 17 or so minutes per game average this season. Maybe that’s helping. Maybe more minutes wouldn’t be beneficial to him. Maybe, him playing on the Hawks is a blessing in this disguise. I’m not saying it is or that I like the limited minutes. Just saying it may be a possibility.

    Gordon is struggling and he’s now back to the bench due to his struggles. Gordon’s last 3 games and his season stats vs. career stats.

  452. Another thing is Lin hasn’t shot many reverse layups this season. That’s a bread and butter shot for him. The last time he hurt his back, if I remember right, was after a reverse layup. The last game he made an amazing reverse layup. But maybe that twisting motion triggers something in his lower back. Maybe not, but the timing is interesting. I don’t know if a lot of hard hits and falls are what hurts Lin rather than the way he contorts his body to finish on layups. But, those hard hits are going to take their toll as the season progresses in terms of him feeling bruised. That’s why he may want to do the icing regiments suggested to him by Vince Carter.

    I don’t know if it is the holiday or what but I’m feeling more of a sense of being grateful for things. And looking at Hayward’s struggles, a bunch of ankle injuries around the league that has guys out for weeks, and Robeson’s struggles to even get back on the court, I’m getting back to this is a rehab year for Lin and away from being frustrated about Lin’s minutes. That he’s playing so well even in the limited minutes is amazing.

  453. One more thought is Lin has been at crossroads in his career. Is he at one now? I believe age 30-31 if not on an established team is a crossroad. And if others agree with me, what does that entail? What are the possibilities going forward?

  454. “He’s one of the top five penetrators in the league as a guard. When he attacks the rim like that, it’s real easy for me to grab offensive rebounds because everyone knows he can score,” said Drummond. “The defense has to pick their poison: Do you allow an open layup or do you take a chance at me getting the ball?”

    Full Article:

    (pick and roll help defense is always what I zero on in when looking for synergistic tandems with JLin, and from some preliminary research, Drummond is supposed to be a tremendous athlete with quick feet; Casey apparently want his bigs to fall back into “drop coverage”, conceding midrange jumpers, with Casey yelling out coverages from sidelines just like Clifford: )

  455. back issues has always been an issue for lin from time to time. i see no reason to limit his minutes unless he doesnt feel his legs are all the way there from the injury last year

  456. as for hayword. its weird to have a broken leg. its amazing how Paul George looks now. No way to predict how people return from injury. Lins return has been amazing. Obviously he isnt all the way back but he is way ahead of schedule. i understand your point though. game doesn’t matter so why play alot.

  457. It’s more than back issues. It’s the nature of the injury he had and what’s wise to push in terms of minutes. The type of hard-driving player Lin is, and how he contorts his body, and takes tough hits and falls, is something to think about. This is still a rehabbing year. Lin has other years to really get himself to playing in those hard, physical, taxing games. Maybe this year shouldn’t be the year. Maybe this year should be a still build him up year.

  458. Paul George isn’t just coming off the injury from last season. I’m back to wanting Lin just to play most games this year. That’s really important. The last thing we want to see is a Lin out for 4-6 weeks. I’ll take him for 18-19 mpg average rather than missing many games. That would impact his career in a much more negative way than low minutes this season. Look at what he’s doing in those low minutes. People are impressed around the league. I’m through being frustrated and I’m getting back to grateful he’s playing and performing at such a high level albeit lower minutes than optimal. He’s not completely healed yet. Takes about a year.

  459. Lin is great because he’s a great situational player. He’s not a star or superstar which simply means gets a volume of some stat the NBA values (whether efficiently or not). I’m not into star and superstar players. I’m into situational players. That’s something Lin excels at and that’s why he’s a winner. Whether it is foul shots, defensive stops, steals, key rebounds, key passes for assists, or key buckets or a series of them, at some key point in the game, and especially if he’s finishing the game, Lin is just one of the best situational players I’ve ever seen in any sport. And that is why I love his game and am a big fan of it. I’m also a fan of Lin but I’m just talking about Lin on the court here. Has nothing to do with being a star or starter vs. bench or any other thing. That’s why even in limited minutes, with team support if they’re buying into Lin’s basketball philosophy of playing for each other and camaraderie on the court, Lin wins wherever he goes if he’s on the floor at the right times in the games.

  460. i do agree this offseason will be important for adding back strength. although lin has improve with it. he also said he does weight training after games which is rough. i feel lin is trying to have a rehab year but be ready if traded.

  461. i agree. which is why ive pulled back on wanting and praying for a trade now. i wouldnt mind it but i see the ATL hawks as the perfect rehab team for lin. the longer he is her the better lin will be once he get to a better team.

  462. it is frustrating seeing rivers hold out and get on houston playing meaningful minutes while he is haif the player lin is. that being said im happy lin isnt on houston

  463. Other players will get opportunities and the world is unfair. That’s just management in the NBA being what they are. They’re not impressive.

    I think Lin is playing for his future now. And I hope next season is either 1) Lin in a great starting PG position on a contender because that’s his dream and 2nd) Lin as starting SG or alternate PG on a contender. 3rd) Lin on a contender getting big minutes off the bench and playing great in the playoffs. That’s not his dream but he gets up for big games. I hope Lin would at least feel a measure of satisfaction from that.

  464. Remember also that Rockets were having some success with the Dwight Howard / Omer Asik Twin Towers starting lineup in pre-season year 2 with Rockets (chatter of Rockets looking like title contenders emerged then, then resurfaced in January when Lin was starting because Patrick Beverley had fractured his hand in late December) like pre-season games vs. Indiana Pacers (Phillipines and Taiwan) when JLin was still starting, though Rockets already trying to force him to bench.

    I think it could have worked if Rockets had stuck with Lin as their starting point guard, instead of putting Beverley in to distribute the ball instead.

    (Dwight also wanted to be featured in the low post (remember Charles Barkley criticizing him for initially coming way out of paint and setting screens in pick and roll instead?), and Terrence Jones gave him more space in the low block than Asik. Blake has decent three point range, but I believe he is also a really good midrange shooter)

  465. Lin is getting too old to be there while a team rebuilds. contenders are his only options. well thats a lie. id say teams close to the playoffs but cant get over the hump are his best options. it would also be good if he had a shot to start. maybe at SG. Lin trying to force a linsanity type situation is what got us here. It would be better for a Charlotte type situation with the possibility to start. He could be the number 3 or 4 option. Take big shots. which is why i love NOP. orlando is good because he could be a 3rd option there.Maybe phillie as well they look like they need a PG. Simmons isnt a pg. Too many teams need a player like lin. i doubt he spends the whole year with ATL.

  466. Why isn’t Orlando picking Lin up? they are looking for a PG with size and passing ability and can play off ball. This sounds like Lin. Expecting a trade in the future.

  467. I’m not really looking at this season beyond rehab year. Next season as a free agent is his decision. The rest of the season, whether he is in ATL or not, I’m looking for health. Playing games is important, no matter the minutes. I think the league is looking for Lin to be healthy, they’ve already determined his strengths and weaknesses as a player, though not necessarily accurately.

  468. I think flexibility is needed. But what do I know? Hopefully, his trainers and he will figure out the right work out, stretching and nutrition to minimize his back issues flare ups. But he’ll probably have them his whole career.

  469. Recall, JLIN laid-flat on sidelines due to low back – but played through the pain.
    Currently JLIN will NOT allow tanking ATL the privilege of seeing JLIN’s blood and sweat for inconsequential games. However I’m certain if ATL really wanted to WIN key games, then JLIN would play thru pain for them.
    ATL on 3 game win streak, & cannot afford 4gm+ streak for the questions this may raise in Hawkland . The timing of possibly getting fewer mins tonight due to low back is Oddly and Fittingly Coincidental.

    MOSTLY : I’m tired of hearing about JLIN’s rehab (I resist speaking of it, perhaps I’m the only fan that resists), because I want to see health concerns IN-THE-PAST and I’m convinced knee/hamstring are history and soon JLIN will be tired of answering rehab related questions.

  470. This season has been converted from a REHAB season to a REDEMPTION Season.

    (a) JLIN was, is and still will be an NBA star — Because JLIN Engineers Wins Without gaudy personal statistics – JLIN makes mediocre teams Win (Linsanity, CHA and NETs notably). Even Pierce now admits that JLIN finishes Wins (that is a huge acknowledgement)
    (b) D’Antoni, KA, Clifford all loved JLIN and there is a Resurgence of Teams interested in JLIN from rumors – strike while the iron is hot; JLIN proved his health now non-tanking teams want him for (a)
    (c) Trade coming and JLIN salivating. But this season’s trade is simply for POSITIONING, it’s merely a stepping stone to Next contract/possible yet different team.
    (d) Just as CHA served it’s purpose after JLIN opted-OUT ATL has already Served It’s Purpose – IT IS TIME to move on from ATL now

  471. Hope so – Orlando would be a great destination for the remainder of the season. 1) Non-tanking; 2) Clifford loves JLIN; 3) JLIN would most likely start because Clifford is desperate for wins now

  472. I might disagree a little here. Jlin was a star, a superstar in fact at the very beginning of his career with NYK during Linsanity. Following Linsanity the NBA diluted his talents down and he adjusted becoming this “situational”l player. In various games following at HOU, not much at LAL and memorable games with CHA like SAS, CLE Jlin was a star again because in these “star” games he became unleashed again as Linsanity. At BKLN Jlin was poised to be a true NBA star, especially in his 2nd season there which lasted for just less than a full game, but it was a very solid revealing game. Now at the age of 30, rehabbing a serious injury, you can see the confidence in his basketball abilities even in limited minutes. Jlin can go either way, be either type of player, a star or situational or role player, whatever is called for in order to win. Most “stars” cannot make this adjustment to the situation. They must always be in “star” mode, must always take the hero shot must always win or lose the game i.e. Kobe. In these cases the “star” weakens the team. I see criticism here of Jlin when it looks like he just kind of loafs through a game, deferring to other players to get them involved, then when required he takes over. If healthy, Jlin is in the prime of his basketball life and if he stays healthy can be until he is 35 because of the nature of his game. In the right situation Jlin can have a second “breakout” of his career. Where he is traded to after ATL will be very important. Where he goes from ATL will be opportunistic and his success will be viewed on how his next coach and FO view Jlin’s skills. To view him as a 6h man or role player would be undervaluing him and cheating themselves, not that we have not seen this before. I think starting Jlin with Baze, Dedmon, Collins and maybe Len or Anderson would be exciting, winning basketball that ATL is depriving their organization and their fans of seeing. Once again Jlin is underestimated for his greatest skill, that of making others around him better. The best team for Jlin at this time might be NO if he is traded there with Baze because all of a sudden you have a big star in AD with great supporters and the ability to be stars themselves in Jlin and Baze, vets all in the prime of their careers (well AD might have a few more prime years)

  473. Compare Jlin with Magic Johnson, both PG’s. The only significant time I recall they played Magic “out of position” was in the finals with Philly where he scored something like 40 pts playing center! But the LAL never played Magic at anything but the PG. Why should they since he had great PG skills. They never tried to make him an off guard, or small forward, or power forward or even center which positions he was talented enough to play because he was a PG! Teams are wasting Jlin’s time and efforts taking him off the PG position. He and Magic made the LAL and Jlin’s team at the moment a better “team” when they ran the team. And I think, based on limited evidence, that Jlin is even better at making a team better than Magic was. Magic just had a world class supporting cast with Kareem, Worth, Scott etc and a coach who knew what he was doing in Riley. All the stars were aligned for Magic.

  474. Unless MDA can work his PG magic on Rivers IMO this is not enough to improve HOU. For the long haul they needed a replacement for what Ariza gave them, a defending wing with a 3 pt shot. Baze would have been a great addition but there are better situation for Baze than HOU and I am glad he is not going there.

  475. Wow, this list is long. Basically half the team is hurting, but at least Lin is in the probable column…

  476. CHA let JLIN go after their accomplished season and suffered at least until now. So will Atlanta.

  477. It depends what the Orlando FO is made of.

  478. It takes two teams to make a trade. If Lin was waived or bought out they could pick him up. But Lin is playing for ATL and they would have to be equally interested in what the Magic offered for Lin. There’s no way for us to know what ATL is interested in with Lin or even at this time if they’re that interested in a trade for Lin.

    I’m not expecting anything. What happens happens. I have no idea.

  479. I wouldn’t compare Lin to Magic. Magic was an all-time great and one I agree that was. He wasn’t a great defensive player. But he was an amazing PG and he did make his teammates better, as great as they were.

  480. Not a star per the NBA. You have to do it consistently and more than one season. Lin had an amazing run but he was situational in that run as well. And it’s something I really don’t care about. I like Lin because he’s not a star per the NBA definition. I’m giving Lin the highest compliment by calling him situational. He does it when it counts. Not just to make a bunch of numbers the NBA can hype up.

    I was watching highlights on ESPN. I was appalled. All about how much Kyrie and Harden scored 40 points. I turned it off. It turned me off. What about team stats? Team assists? Balanced scoring is better than one player always scoring the most points, IMO. The NBA would be a much better league if they focused on team accomplishments over the constant pushing and promoting of stars and superstars.

  481. Lin’s probably was aggravated either on some of the falls and hits he had, or the twisting reverse layup. I don’t know. But, this one sounds less severe than the last time. That is a long list.

  482. no, he’s not affiliated with Orlando Magic.
    In his profile, he’s listed as Editor-in-Chief, @HighPostHoops. I think he’s an independent writer . He has a lot of NBA articles on

  483. 🙁 AND 🙂

  484. Again, great situational player in my opinion is higher than star or superstar.

    Case in point. Last game, Blake Griffin missed 2 key free throws. He’s considered a star or superstar. Yet, in the same game, Lin made all of his clutch free throws but he also got free throws by securing a key rebound off one of Blake’s misses. That’s why Lin is, IMO, more of a winner than Blake Griffin. The team can get their points as a collective but all must rise up to get stops. Lin unites the team to rise up as he makes players better around him. And Lin rises up even more by getting key buckets, like that difficult reverse layup he got in the same game exactly when a big bucket was needed.

    I’ve always loved Robert Horry because in the playoffs games, he made the big shot. He helped many different teams win by making that big shot. He wasn’t the player Lin is, yet he’s still a winner. He was big-shot Horry. And that’s very valuable.

  485. btw, Lin is a superstar ambassador to the game and personality. My comments on NBA-defined stardom aren’t covering that area of Lin’s appeal.

  486. All good points.

    As posted earlier in Lin’s postgame Knicks interview, Lin knows what his current role on the Hawks is all about. Given the competitor that he is, and the belief he has in himself. We know he wouldn’t be willing to just settle for that.

    As a fan, earlier in the season, I was grateful to Atlanta for giving Lin the chance after such horrific injury. Especially since the Nets dumped Lin so unceremoniously.

    But, now that Lin has proved his health, I agree. If Atlanta can’t give Lin the opportunity now to play to win, I hope that Lin can find another team that will.

  487. In full agreement with you Ace! Well put!

    Lin gives D’Antoni all the credit for giving him the freedom to play his game and play to his strengths. (Although MDA playing Lin over 40 minutes a game, when Lin has never done that, probably contributed to his meniscus injury.)

    After that, Lin was never allowed to play his game, or given the confidence to make mistakes.

    The next closest was probably Clifford. I believe that politics prevented Clifford from giving Lin the role and the minutes that Lin could have played. But when Lin was on the court, I thought that Clifford gave Lin some degree of freedom.

    The time spent with Kenny was just too short to say.

    Lin was forced to adjust his game in order to fit in. In order to survive. By doing so, Lin has added to and proved his versatility. But, being held back is never a good thing for ANY player, not just Lin.

    All in All. Like you said, if Lin was allowed to develop his talent and play to his strengths in those years after the Knicks. Instead of forced to minimize them. What a true waste.

    Lin would have been to Linsanity and BEYOND! But Lin continues to shine, whenever the door cracks open. So I will continue to watch and support, and maybe the door will fully open again soon!

  488. Howard is the best. He really deserves more national sports media coverage. Glad he’s getting that through Forbes.

  489. Megdal is simply a great writer of sports commentary. And happens to be Lin fan and supporter.

    Zcode, you may have forgotten or not made the connection. ICYMI. I’m re-posting these links to Howard Megdal’s articles on Lin. Well worth reading more than once.

    Two recent articles. And the one Pre-Linsanity, which I think you read.

  490. Yes, us Lin fans have to STEP UP! DO OUR JOBS! IT’S OUR RESPONSIBILITY!


  491. Yes! RESPECT for Psalm is totally the correct word I was looking for!

  492. I think it’s all the charges he takes (just like Kyle Lowry).

    He really should stop doing that, until he has a new contract with new team as unquestioned starting point guard, and expensive salary that makes it hard for new team to bench him.

  493. Lin wouldn’t necessarily still have reached the status of star due to his own choosing. I base that on how he played for the 1st season Nets in the Brook-Lin era. Lin gladly featured going to Brook and played a sort of “democratic” brand of ball rather than the type of all-out Linsanity brand of ball he played under D’Antoni. And even with the Hornets, he gladly featured Lamb as the top scorer in his top bench unit vs. going out as the top scorer or even assist player.

    That to me is winning basketball. That team won far more with Lin as starting PG than without him. But Lin himself changed. I personally think Lin is far more interested in team stats and wins than being a stat player that would garner the NBA’s “star” or “superstar” label. He simply doesn’t seem to buy into the whole stats building to get that status.

  494. Happy New Year!

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