G31 PHX @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lin came through with a strong game with 19pts/2asts/3rebs/2blk/1stl/2TOs in 26 min. He could’ve reached 21pts but missed 2 FTs late in game, probably lost concentration in a sure loss. He probably knew he needed to make at least 1 of them but he played great defense so it could’ve been a fatigue plus lack of concentration.

He also played strong defense that combined with strong offensive game made Byron leave him to close the game with Kobe.

Kobe didn’t make good decisions late (5TOs) in game causing the Suns to pull away but such was the scenario to make Kobe the hero of the game. It failed as many have come to expect.

Great job, JLin!


  1. Bling!

  2. 2nd

  3. got new jewelry

  4. I need a faster internet connection…

  5. I think the only reason Lin played 25 minutes tonight is because BS wanted to prove with Kobe, they could get a win.

  6. Scott has to “fight that temptation ” to bench Lin? LOL

  7. I like his honesty.

  8. He didn’t know about Linsanity either… hmmm… lol.

  9. Lin needs to do this every game. If his coring is off, go for the rebounds/assists. Lin needs to get in that mindset. He outplayed price tonight and has competitive stats as the starting PG. BTW, I think Phoenix picked Bledsoe over Dragic and Dragic is realizing that now.

  10. Even the announcer said similar things. I guess everybody knows what’s going on.

  11. yes, everything is so obvious right now. Scott even didn’t care to hide anymore.

  12. This guy must have escaped from a mental asylum.

  13. Both Bledose and Dragic have big egos, I dislike both of them for hating on Lin and wish Lin and Lakers won this!

  14. Lin cannot shoot 7-9 every game but I agree he needs to play more agressively and TRY to score 15 PPG every single game. This is not a team that wins, just go for stats while trying to play team ball.

  15. Like

    The Emperor’s New Clothes

  16. lol

  17. yet only shot after kobe cam in when the gme was over

  18. Bledsoe and Dragic are Lin’s OPPONENTS.

    They’re supposed to be hating on Lin.

    It’s part of the game and is all good.

  19. 1 shot is good, they almost won. WIsh Lin hit that 3

  20. Lin SHOULD shoot at 12 FGAs per game to have high PPG and be considered top 10 PG!

  21. Pfft.

    Kobe should attend practices.

    Then he might get more shots by utilizing plays that he doesn’t know because he skips practices.

  22. Me too. He shot it from his favorite spot.

  23. A touch of arrogance. He only knows Kobe and no one else.

  24. Lin is considered a SCRUB except by us. ALso he cannot force 12PPG. Still he must try to get 15 PPG

  25. No hating lol.

  26. if BS lets him warm up and get hot instead of benching him, he can play like this every game. if he was getting 30-32 mpg, even better.

  27. Someone here said it was “addiction” …

  28. No harm in hating on my internet connection. come on… lol

  29. It was so…close, went in and out, basketball gods didn’t want Lakers to win.

  30. Do you really need a faster connection? LAL starters are so slow…you don’t really need one..

  31. Lin just talked himself into more minutes reduction.

    Byron Scott won’t like that quote.

  32. Take your negative narrative someplace else. We don’y use words like like scubs on this site. So please take your negative comments to another site…smh

  33. LOL. He should just do it and shut up on quotes like that.

  34. save the trouble of going OT and lose …

  35. Must be a Los Angeles Lakers provider lol

  36. That is going to be Kobe’s downfall…smh

  37. I want Jeremy not Kobe 😛

  38. I always think coaches might dislike Lin because of this. Lin’s game is about winning strategy. He often sees what even coaches could not see. and I bet he sometimes just spell it out in front of his coach. So bench ya.

  39. Haha. Slow ever since Jeremy was benched.

  40. I’m just talking reality. It’s obvious I’m Lin’s fan. I can speak the truth that non Lin fans dont view him very highly. You don’t need to overreact to me either.

  41. Woohooo. Nice. They picked Jeremy over Young.

  42. That guy could just about jump backwards through his own backside. Good grief.

  43. Lin is handcuffed.

  44. haha, Lin is talking about that extra 5 minutes.

  45. Exactly…I guess Lin thinks he has nothing more to…..lose…

  46. Byron Scott disgusts me

  47. I am not surprised to see this… Scott can always do any favor or job for Kobe. For sure they like each other a lot. smh!

  48. He played the whole 4th and finished the game 🙂

  49. Perception on him is not that bad…

  50. So what i am glad he is keeping t real. It is about truth. I wander why you come here to post, because you have such a negative outlook on things. You ses Lin gets it, he is damned if he does and he is damned if he doesn’t. he is sick of all the bull that is going on. BTW, i have not doubt that limn will have the last laugh.

  51. Please troll someplace else, becaue you obviously don’t get who lin is…smh

  52. I hope I am wrong then.

  53. I agree. People have acknowledged the fact that he has played with ball dominant guards/players.

  54. Ya! Can’t believe this… Scott is not a good coach bc he didn’t do the job on control Kobe also didn’t do the job to build the team to win. smh!

  55. Which is why I think playing the whole 4th was a backhanded compliment to Jeremy by BS. It was close enough that he didn’t risk putting Price back in as usual. He will never say Jeremy is clutch, but he grits his teeth and uses him when he has to because he knows how good he is. McHale style.

  56. he’s just a paid henchman for the LA front office.

  57. yes, only for Kobe’s return though. BS wanted to win this game to prove his point.

  58. what?

  59. He is considered as a very good BACKUP PG…around that range. THat was why I said he is on the same level as IT in terms of the perception. Give or take…those are not really quantifiable..

  60. i think good coaches appreciate his wisdom and BBall IQ,.It is usually the clueless coaches who doesn’t know what he brings to the table. Even Mchale listened to lin in the 4th quarter to win games.

  61. Well then lets get coaches with some backbones and intelligence.

  62. I agree with the damned if do, damned if dont statement. I just hope Lin tries to get 15 PPG from here on out and get close to achieving it. We need him to be consistent to really stick it in the LA front office’s face and Laker’s fans face.

  63. I like Lin is not afraid of telling the truth now. He has less than a season to lose, why not ? Being benched is better than being handcuffed in his situation. Besides, he is winning the team and doing free advertisement to the ears of the right coaches.

  64. Ok I will take your word for it.

  65. didn’t watch it

  66. ESPN Game Log also chose Lin as Top Performer:

    Top Performers
    LAL: J. Lin 19 Pts, 3 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk
    PHX: E. Bledsoe 22 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast, 4 Stl, 1 Blk

  67. suns feed

  68. TWC? They didn’t dare to talk about Lin today? I watched Sun commentators one so…

  69. You know that phrase reality only speaks to your reality. Your words frame your world. If you focus on the negative that i9s all you will see. I am a half full glass person, so I don’t agree with you. So who is right?

  70. Lin is like I can help whether coach thinks I can or not. Taking 11 shots is less than any Phoenix PG took (I consider Dragic a PG).

  71. He is fine…really…just one contract at a time…do his best. What WE or LAL fans think is irrlevent.

  72. we are all right and wrong.

  73. He should shut up? No, I don’t think so. I think it is high time he spoke up.

  74. I totally agree. LOL

  75. How was Suns announcers’s take on Lin?

  76. I think it was planning for Kobe return & Young as top scorer not Lin… it’s OK. As long as Lin got his points & playing time for now. His time will come soon.

  77. I noticed how non chalant Stu Lantz was towards Lin AGAIN. Never seen this before and I’ve watched LA Lakers bball for over 30 years.

  78. He’s only had one good coach. Woodson was acceptable. McHale and Scott, not good.

  79. OK & Fair… at least not trash on him. LOL!

  80. this tweet is 100% accurate. I do have to admit Lin’s scoring is not in an exciting manner like Nicks’.
    Lin is like the silent assasin.

    Stu Lantz LOVES IT and gushes everytime IT scores on Lin. And makes it a big freaking deal.

  81. yup.. it’s so clear the narrative was to praise Kobe’s comeback
    And Lin was a bit distraction.

    Quietest performance to be chosen as the Player of the Game :]

  82. huh? negative outlook on things?? He is one of the biggest praisers of Lin. in fact much more than I am..I criticize lin and go crazy if he has a bad game during the actual game, but he never seems to criticize him. He just blames BS or have exaggerated negative outlook on BS as the coach, which is true. In fact, I thought he was going way out of line blaming BS in the start of the season and now some of what he say was true. although I still think some of it might not be due to racism as he thinks.

  83. I thought it was down too. Everything looked good about it. Maybe it had a bit too much arc, that’s probably why it hit inside back rim. I guess that is what it hit and popped out.

  84. it depends on the view. I chose to go the positive right and find something good in what lin does on the court,. so you do you and I will do me, but please don’t act like your view is the correct one, because it is not.

  85. I watched LA feed, and always highlighted Price’s 3 and Young’s 3. It’s been like that for a while.

  86. That’s good to hear…

  87. Saboteur! lol.

  88. Heh heh.

    I’m every bit as glad as you are about Lin telling the truth and just letting things fly!

    I didn’t say I was unhappy about Lin speaking out. On the contrary, I’m thrilled that he’s defying Byron Scott!

  89. I guess fans’ sites like Lakers Nation are more or less aligned with the opinion of the FO.

  90. When I blamed Byron Scott at the start of the season, even I didn’t think things would get THIS BAD.


    Expect Lin to be PUNISHED next game for playing this well.

  91. That’s right. Since IT takes more shots and has a better system to play in to his strengths, some Laker fans think he is better. He really isn’t, he isn’t anywhere the team player Lin is.

  92. Too late because James Worthy had already given Lin props in the game..LOl

  93. WRONG.

    Lin is a veteran and he can speak whatever he want, consequences be damned.

  94. Lin picked Dragic up and Dragic nodded and patted him on the back. I think Dragic realizes Lin can be dangerous. Dragic is a tough player, good penetrator, very good shooter, pretty smooth, can put the ball in the basket. Bledsoe has some punk in him, I didn’t like what he did earlier to Lin but he was OK this game.

  95. Well! I think you just put your finger on something that I’ve been wondering about for some time. And Joyce just finished it off with her comment below. Why, when Jeremy is so willing and so seemingly easy to get along with have his last two coaches so disliked him? As Joyce points out, they are both old school guys, former name players who actually aren’t very good coaches who find his intelligence and bball knowledge intimidating and insulting. I’m sure he tries to be diplomatic, but you just can’t totally hide who you are. I’m sure they just can’t stand him. I’ve had a couple of dance masters like that…accomplished professionals who you’d think would be comfortable in their own skin, but who just had to try to squash anybody who turned up with some native smarts. I don’t think they have a problem with Jeremy’s athleticism…they understand that, probably quietly even appreciate it. It’s his mind they want to kill.

  96. Ain’t nothing SILENT about Lin’s high flying super efficient game, including Lin’s mouth which is GETTING LOUDER.

    To me who is tired of watching bad isoball, Nick Young’s game is predictable and boring and low efficiency.

  97. Lin must break through REGARDLESS.

  98. fair ebough.

  99. WOrhty was like…”oooooops”

  100. That may not be possible, particularly if Lin plays well.

  101. I like a brave Lin !

  102. Haha! In fact, I don’t mind bc at least today they finally let Lin played the whole 4Q. It’s a big step to bring his playing time back. Hope next game will be the same then…

  103. let him get DNP CD then! Lin must do his thing.

  104. Yup praised Jeremy prior to and during the game. Not sure yet if he said anything afterward the game.

  105. Lin is saying F this. I am going to speak what I think is the truth. If they want to bench me so be it, because I came here to play basketball and not to play politics with an aging star who can;t seem to let go. Lin is sayin trade m, and I will take most of the Asian Market with me.

  106. Yeah might as well say it. I dont care anymore either. Just do it

  107. FINALLY. I wished he was doing that in Houston. Better late than never! Just get that 15 PPG LiN!

  108. Looks like Jordan Hill suffered the most with the demotion of Lin to the bench.

    Hill averaged .509 FG%, 13.65 ppg and 9.25 rpg with Lin as starter. These numbers attracted lots of trade interests from other teams.

    With Price as the starter, Hill averaged .385 FG%, 9.64 ppg and 5.82 rpg. Price has really killed Hill’s trade value lol.

  109. Lin-conceivable! :]

  110. the “I respectfully disagree … ” sounded rehearsed … he was almost inserting it in the convo when it wasn’t quite there. I love it.

  111. Yes, I totally agree.

    Lin’s not just letting his playing do the talking. He’s SPEAKING OUT, which is GREAT!

  112. you da man Price. Your days as a back-up PG is over!

  113. Lin fans like myself watched him do this high efficiency stuff in Houston too for two seasons.

  114. so did you.

  115. You are right, it’s about damn time he speak Up for himself! I dont care what he’s actually saying or what. Just stand up for yourself on and off the court!

  116. Blah blah blah…trust?…open up? He doesn’t know what those things mean. What I noted, however, was “I can talk to him about anything and know it stays between us.” For sure he’s not talking about the Meaning of Life. He’s talking about how he wants his team run, and for the moment he’s confident BS won’t let it slip that it’s actually Kobe who orders everything…who gets benched, who gets what minutes, who plays with who. Maybe there’s honor among thieves…but I would find it highly entertaining if BS ever found himself in a tight enough spot that he started letting slip some of the secrets. Could be quite a fun mud wrestle.

  117. Byron Scott is LOVING Price’s terrible game.

    I’ll bet Scott is all mad that Lin WENT OFF again.

    Lin’s not just sitting there and meekly taking the downward spiral to DNP-CD. Lin’s putting up a heck of a fight, and it’s KILLING Scott and Price and Bryant!

  118. A ball with too much arc does not rim out…I think…

  119. We all know this. He won’t be played much next game. I take what he gave us this game and spoke out as well. Worst is DNP-CD.

  120. Lin WAS getting burned in the 1st half. I am just speaking truth, not fan boy talk. Lin stepped up and shut IT down in 2nd half.

  121. ha ha, trying to do the support thing to keep the fake duo alive. Go for it, this in the end is a business and you aren’t able to produce or inspire anymore.

  122. I have seen Lin do this too but not speak up for himself in Houston. Maybe he didn’t feel a problem there.

  123. He was not

  124. So what?

    Isaiah Thomas BURNS EVERYBODY. The whole NBA can’t stop him.

    Just because Lin was getting burnt by the high scoring Thomas doesn’t mean Lin was playing bad defense. It’s not right for you to trash Lin’s defense on a guy that the entire NBA cannot stop.

    As has always been the case in the past, Lin SHUTS DOWN THOMAS when Lin needs to.

  125. …keepin’ the peace 😀

  126. NO.

    Lin spoke up PLENTY in Houston.

    You just did not notice.

  127. Scott could have benched LIN. He let him play though. Remember BOston?

  128. At least Scott didn’t put Price in at the end of the 4th quarter. Could have won it if they didn’t put Kobe back in.

  129. If this was a ROAD GAME, Lin would’ve played about 16 minutes this game for having dared to score too many points.

    Scott can’t get away with that at Staples Center with the Lakers brass watching.

    McHale did the same road vs away garbage in Houston.

  130. It’s not we, you are here to troll. Your laughter about ppl on this site at the other site is despicable. WebA was very classy.

  131. I had to pause and replay. Ehm, what did he disagree about?
    Turns out to be a statement about he can do more, contribute more plays :]
    Preach it, Bro!

  132. Lin is not considered a scrub by bball decision makers. Where do you get your information?

  133. you are wrong.

  134. I think that is is hilarious that Lakerantion has picked lin as player of the game. Don’t get it twisted Lakernation often reflect the thoughts of the F/O.. I still believe there atre two movements running in the Laker organization. One is to keep kobe content and the other one is to to try to recruit players to come to LA with the intent that Kobe will not be a Laker after 2016. I think F/O and Jeannie Buss trying to give Kobe that respect as a 5 Ring champion for the organization. I am sure that jeannie and F/O has had many conversations with the old time Lakers about Kobe. I think that the F/O will give Kobe enough rope to hang himself. just my opinion.

  135. Now that LAL has waived XH. Was he holding on the No. 7 jersey?

  136. Do you think FO will give Kobe the contract extend in 2016?

  137. NO he wasn’t. You said it so it’s untrue.

  138. This time I disagree. I think BS uncharacteristically kept Lin in because he knows Price can’t help win games and he, or rather Kobe, hoped they could eke out a win to puff up the return of the great one. I think it shows how entirely he is Kobe’s creature, because I’m sure he’d rather not use Jeremy, but if that’s what it takes in any given moment to serve the needs of the king, then he’ll do it.

  139. He was not getting burned the first half, KHuang.

  140. Thanks Brent. At least you watched the game, and some others are always trying to find the negative even when they didn’t watch the games….smh…makes them not credible.

  141. Mods…Oh dear…am I on some Disqus watch list? Another hold… I’m innocent, I swear!

  142. Please stop the madness. You are only on here to bait. Read the rules, because if you keep this up you will give the moderators no choice on wht the next step is for you.

  143. Didn’t see the post.

  144. Hence there will be NO DNP-CD bro. I still luv ya …

  145. just Disqus doing their thing :]

    I also put you in the White list to reduce the chance of being put to pending. Mods still do sometimes.
    Don’t abuse it :]

  146. My thought too, just like the crochfans echoing Rox’s top pretenders.

  147. You wonder. Might there be quiet conversation with J or his agents?… just hang in there, we know you’re unhappy, but we’ve just gotta run the course with Kobe. We’re OK if you speak out in your diplomatic code. It can’t last that much longer and then it’ll be clear sky for you. Possible?

  148. I promise to be very, very good… 😀

  149. yes, while TWCSN announcers are quite close to Kobe+BScott’s narrative

  150. The sooner Kobe becomes a commentator, the sooner LAL moves onto the next championship. They won’t do it with him again because he won’t play the old man’s game that he still can. When I was in my 20s, 30 yr old soccer players killed me regularly until one day I met a Bolivian who taught me the ropes. So many ways to get advantage through experience and playing with you’re team to gain advantage on those small advantages. Kobe is not playing the old man’s game like that guy. He’s playing the pre-injury game and about 200 other NBA players can play that level and beyond.

  151. He’s his own worst enemy.

    What a great education for you to meet that guy. And good on you as a young whippersnapper to get it! 🙂

  152. JDV (Paul’s bro) spoke the silent truth.
    Why is JLin not starting?

  153. Please discuss banning him. He has been banned before and was mocking mods here on the other site. I believe it was mocking on IJ7. Same with other trolls, but this one is active. Also GoodDayLA made a racial asian reference on me and got away with that. Brent saw it, but it was only a post delete. That was AFTER he was banned and let back.

  154. yes, I was lucky. Soccer is a poor-person’s sport and I’ve played in Korea, London, Africa with barefoot kids in a dusty church yard. Team sports that have live action are beautiful ways to learn about life, with people. Kobe needs to take a summer off and head to Africa. He would come back a changed man, ready to give instead of take.

  155. JDV silent in one sentence? You are the master …

  156. IT is an audition for his next team, wherever that might be. It is also a message to the Lakers FO.
    This is what a Witness is all about.

  157. I don’t see one yet. I mean the one who can truly appreciate Lin’s game. Even MA was not able to see, he was just lucky. Lin’s game is so unique, I won’t blame those coaches.

  158. Just like irresistible to the crime fighting ? lol

  159. No review by DancingBarry at LG forum (didn’t watch game) but there’s a short review by another member

    Lin – this is the Lin we need. It helped that Thomas was guarding him for quite a bit, Lin did struggle when Bledsoe was on him. Got called for a couple of cheap fouls, but great defense from him, helping down low against bigs and recovering out to his man and challenging drives to the rim from his man. He did a good job getting his shot against a smaller man today, and he was hot from three himself, though he rimmed out what could have been one of the best shots of the night that would have tied it. Good job by Lin, more of this please.


  160. What a great life. And from your posts it seems you’ve made the most of it!

    I have doubts about Kobe’s openness to such influences. Not everybody is able to drink when water is given.

  161. So Lin is needed as the starting PG to raise back Hill’s trade value :]

  162. LOL this is funny but not sure it’s good for Lin’s chance to get back the starting PG job


  163. aw thanks LAJane. I have a lot more I need to do. You know, if you are blessed, one has to answer the calling. I mess up every day with that … hence, love following Lin and seeing him come back from missteps.

    On Kobe, check out the movie When we Were Kings, about Ali in Africa, for the Rumble in the Jungle. Yep, Ali is a much deeper man than Kobe, but that moved Ali and people. It might Kobe. Also, my own travel to Africa … I learned a lot and still, I wondered why I didn’t go to China to learn about my own heritage. Going away can help these guys stuck in themselves to change up a bit.

  164. How am I baiting when I speak truth? He was getting scored on or fouling and it didn’t look good for his 1 on 1 defense.

  165. Oh, short reply: then Kobe will be thirsty.

  166. huzzah!

  167. Mocking mods? Please don’t make stuff up. Smh.

    Asian reference was not meant as racial. I explained it to Brent yen.


  168. No their hate is more personal! Bledsoe is jealous that Lin’s a Laker and not him. While Dragic’s brother dissed Lin’s All-Star votes last year, saying he only got so many votes cause he’s Asian!

  169. On Price and Kobe plus Davis

    Price – insane first quarter from him. Knocking down threes, driving to the rim. And then he disappeared. Vanished. And he got KILLED on defense by Bledsoe. What happened Ronnie?

    Kobe – good floor game, but a little careless with the ball. You could see that he was a little rusty from the time off, and he didn’t force much today, which was good. Got burned a couple times on defense, but shored that up late. Those turnovers hurt, though.

    Davis – good game from Davis as he did his normal good job making himself a target for the guards and challenging on the rim. We need more boards from him, but he was working to challenge shots too, so hard to get too mad at him.

  170. Don’t break your neck smh. Such a troll and liar.

  171. Lin shut him down in 2nd half.

  172. Lin better than dragic

  173. Lin’s statement is loud and clear to LA Media.
    Byron, your move is next!


  174. Accurate

  175. Looks clean

  176. We will see if the lakers care about keeping Lin soon or not with these polarizing statements. I think they have moved from Lin but I hope I am wrong, dead wrong,

  177. Not force just take more off dribble 3s and 2s which he can totally do!

  178. We all saw the game. We all saw different things in the context of the game, so your truth is what you saw, and it is always based on the negative., We have had several weigh in the 1st half of the game, and nobody saw what you saw.

  179. Except for Kobe’s TOs towards the end, He really shouldn’t be PG nor handling the ball unless he’s shooting.

  180. there you go, being obsequious when you said Lin is a scrub and failed on D. Why would you then agree here with someone posting a tweet about Lin’s solid D? Trolling?

  181. I will shut up about my take. But I am just giving my honest take.

  182. Shut it down…smh

  183. That is our standard last sentence to a troll stream.

  184. I heard MJ is going to suit up and play for his team. Kobe now has a moving target to pass, LOL.

  185. Unless Lin is playing with Davis, Ellington, Nick Young, and Kobe as starters forget it! I’d rather see Lin play with 2nd unit then be shackled with those slow starters!

  186. Because they are trolling. Have you noticed the negative content in all of their statements. They always flip flop, which tells me that they watch no of the games and are only here to bait.

  187. yes, I hope you’re wrong too for Lin’s and our sakes :]

    What might be interesting is if Byron will reinstate Lin as the starting PG in 5-8 games (he said 15-20 games) as Kobe’s body is breaking down

  188. I dont think Lin is coming back
    They will probably go for better PGs

  189. How am I trolling or anything? I’m just giving my take, they would never let bs bench Lin if they were concerned about Lin resigning. At the same time they still seem to showcase Lin in commercials and media here and there. I don’t have a crystal ball, just curious about the future.

  190. I agree unfortunately. Better no, but more respected by NBA? Perhaps

  191. Yes, and some days I call it out. Generally, it’s when you and others decide to call it out too. He’s just trying to ruin a good Lin evening.

    Happy to see you here each time.

  192. I think Lin will stay.. bc not that many teams have open space for PG now. Plus I think Lakers is going to keep Lin. Just hope Kobe can out for good.

  193. Yes

  194. Your standard is to play it innocent after some hard trolling saying some positive lin stuff and very sickeningly sweet obsequious stuff. You also spend some time ‘grooming’ your targets by agreeing with them when I know your comments here and on other places do not agree. Also, you constantly refer to how you and other respected posters are in line. For example, you use the DNP-CD line of KHuangs to attack, whereas he uses it to make a sardonic point.

    You are quite sly. But many ppl here have your number. and it is 66 …

  195. Would be more effective if it was a diverse group

  196. You filp flop back and forth all the time. You are no fooling me not one bit…You might fool the other mods on this site, but not me. We are done talking…smh

  197. I agree. They will not find a better PG in free agency that will play with Kobe.

  198. Strange that we’ve not yet seen Jeremy’s highlights so far. Usually when he has a good game, there are plethora of highlights from Dawk Ins, footwearfoot, jay, Blayian, etc.

  199. Definitely, Dragic can’t do anything without picks. Which is why Lin needs to continue working on his off dribble shooting! It’s the only want to get his points and respect when dealing with selfish teammates.

  200. The Knicks suck, at least Lin is not playing fir them.

  201. Kobe is done.
    Don’t think he can finish the next season of his contract, let alone extending his contract beyond 2016/2017.

  202. Scott will change that dialogue in a heart beat. Scott knows that his job is good as to the next injury tha kobe gets that puts him out for the season. He knows that all bets will be off and that he he will have the potential to be fired.

  203. Sad to see a coach playing favorites.

  204. He does play likethat 90% of the time. Even when torched, he is always trying. Lin played good D in 2nd half too.

  205. I doubt it they treat Lin like crap like he doesnt exist
    I see how things changed for him in LA
    He will come off the bench most likely on his next team but a winning team at least

  206. Joyce I watch every game on Dvvr and argue with people about Lin being good in real life, Smh

  207. Arms crossed interview … odd, why, …

  208. He is not dissed by the NBA
    just became irrelavant

  209. He was not torched.

  210. We watch the games too. so what is your point?

  211. Dragic might bite they are stupid PGs out there who will fall for that
    beside kobe done after next season

  212. Go argue with them. You’re not making sense here because it’s clear you are just trolling.

  213. BS left a staircase for himself in case Price as PG and Kobe and PG went south, which it did!

  214. Wish Kobe would just retire after this year but guy doesn’t know his limits.

  215. LA’s game highlights never include Lin’s plays
    seems like they like Ed davis andJohnson more
    they suck up to Kobe and Swaggy

  216. Cause reporters always try to get coach and players to say the wrong thing.

  217. I am very very tempted to think that Kobe will be done soon…

  218. The Lakers like the China connection. Don’t fool yourself, this all about about business and politics. They lakers are not stupid. Everything that Scott is doing, they will use it against him in the end, you can bet on that.

  219. U claimed I do not watch games, completely false statement

  220. LA really just sees Lin as one year rental I see it more clearly now.

  221. MDA. arms outstretched, laughing at the obvious. All MDA needs is a great D staff and what other bball minds think, and he’s got another un at it.

  222. I didn’t watch the game in full…just glanced the screen every now and then…so did Jeremy outplay the other PGs? I guess he did, right? within the limited playing time given by Scottie?

  223. For respect..
    Lin needs to let those scrubs know who he is
    He needs to yell at them and be more mean to them honestly be a bully if need be

  224. very true!

  225. Ronnie? yes
    wudnt say he out played Suns guards

  226. If you say that here, your ill be a accused of trollin

  227. Hard to see given the minutes he got was weird and the mix of people for him are not a stable set. But you could see him push it hard at key times. Amazing D … you could see him make an impact on most stops. Even some stops on his man, but they gave away the o-reb and 2nd chance erased his effort. On offense, I only wanted that 3 that would have tied at 107. Such a fun game to watch.

  228. No, he he it not trolling. Stop trying to tie normal posters to your agenda.

  229. Why? I’m not dissing Lin
    He’s obviously not in LA’s plan

  230. Best last one was on Boston.

  231. He’s trolling you to create conflict on this site.

  232. Lin’s defense grew stronger as the game went on.
    It’s a part of the reasons BScott let him play to close Q4. (mostly his assists and point-production)

    He managed to get Dragic not get past him and gave up the ball. Help D was great (only one time got bitten on IThomas 3)

  233. Your are lucky the mods play favorites here. You personally attacked me 4 posts tonight and I’m sure they will let you get away with it, Smh

  234. I think the reason of Lin closing the game was because Scott really wants to give Kobe a W

  235. Kobe supposed to win this game to prove how much the Lakers needed him…but why did the Lakers lose to the Suns? Because all other role players didn’t play aggressive? 😉

  236. If you go back to the game thread, you will see I purposely noted his first 2.5 mins and he started off strong on D as well as O. He had also had an assist for Ed D go unconverted. I think the casual watcher thought Lin got beat by IT because he did a couple of 3s, and I think those were where Lin had to move off IT to cover the inside or easier threat.

  237. This is right, as another poster noted too. A week from now, he would have been able to sing the Kobe praises, and Kobe already sung his tonight. It’s like 2 guys holding onto each other as the rip tied takes them out. Lin and rest of team I hope will remain on land.

  238. Best Kobe was still PG for starters and during last minutes of 4th quarter.

  239. Kobe and swaggy were given the ball after Lin’s missed 3, at 104-107 iirc. After that, it was all iso ball and game was lost. Kobe btw gave a nasty TOV when they still had a chance.

  240. So Kobe didn’t play aggressive to save the team? Lakers needed him for the win..smh..

  241. Not sure if I posted this, but in game thread, I drafted how Lin blocked an IT 1v1 to the hoop, and next possession down, all IT could do was to kick a Lin pnr with Booz. There’s your IT roasting for haters right there … ha ha.

  242. OIC, Kobe tried very hard but just couldn’t cut it.. 😉

  243. hehe … he was aggressive, he was just … out of it.

  244. objection your honor, leading the witness …

  245. hehe…i hope he’s out of the tank as well…but then…

  246. No I did not call you any names or make racial slurs on you like you did me. I’m proud to call you out on way more than 4 posts. You lied again, reframing what really happened. Like IJ7 and Joyce W said, who still hold Mod, shut it down.

    The mods do not favor me. I am nowhere close to disrupting this site, and if I do, I would be glad to never post here again.

  247. One was on Lin in a sense that he dropped too much. 1st defender always has to pick up the ball and slow it down 1st. BUT Lin knows that too….he chose to give IT that 3….I mean it could be better, but that was like just one play. Lin was the only guy back. What can you ask more?

  248. Would’ve been sweet if Lin made that game tying 3! BS gave him the chance and he blew it. =/

  249. It happens….

  250. LakerNation also picked up Lin’s statement on not reaching his full potential yet.


  251. This is big. He is saying Scott is stupxp not using him enough. All ppl with sense should know…..

  252. Easy to figure out… Lin is excellent with PnR plays… none tonight … no such play in BS playbook (if he really has a playbook)…

  253. yes, good point.. Lin’s more a threat to let Kobe operate freely which he wasn’t able to physically do in this game.

  254. I’m glad for your callout.

    As I always say, I sense the flow rather than know the exact breakdown because I was never coached in the game. So you are saying he went with the odds on that one? Why? Was he trying to cheat to cover another or to stay available to developing play, or was he just trying to funnel it in case IT did not shoot? Are you referring to the one where IT was in the right corner 3 and it was swung across the court, or one up top?

    For me, I never hold a defensemen at fault if he has to cheat a little to hold 2 guys from forcing a 2on1 easy score. It’s the D guy’s job to keep them uncommitted and inn tension until you put enough pressure on the play where the guy with the rock screws up. But to the casual observer, they think you got roasted when really, you had to do what you do against odds.

  255. It is a trade off for Scott. Lin is the ONLY one who can make Kobe play better, but he is also the ONLY one who will take the spotlight away from KOBE if allowed. Young can do his swaggy thing all he wants, if Lin is unchained…no one will be talking swaggy P or Kobe at all.

  256. Well … for kobe, I now know why I never watched 1 minute of his games except against Lin. His game is basically against the teammates. I hope he retires, but not before Lin has a chance on future teams to beat him a few more times.

  257. Because IT is going full speed and Lin already lost his speed. If Lin did not drop…IT can blow right by him for a 2 pt shots with a almost 100% FG% for that kind of lay up. WHat Lin should have done is to pick up IT earlier and run with him…using his size to slow him down, to discourage him from taking the shots.

  258. yup, BScott has to play with fire.
    He played Lin more to help Kobe today but if Lin drained that final 3 then wen, Kobe’s comeback might not be the #1 story

  259. The way I see it is the hoop does not want the Lakers to win in Kobe’s first game back so the ball went in and out. It actually worked out okay because we got to hear Lin’s candid interview after the game instead of BS’s worshiping Kobe in the shrine he built lol.

  260. The PC way is .. “Yeah, I’m still waiting for Coach to use my full potential. Ask coach why he didn’t so”

  261. lol … the hoop from the gods?

  262. Yes sir. Also he was hitting back at Ireland…..who basically just said “You are back up at best and this was pretty much the best you can do” in Lin’s face. Lin knows it…

  263. yes perhaps it will result in LA Media discussing why PnR potential is not being used.
    Will need to hear more positive spins on “Yes, Lin/Davis PnR worked great and I’m hopeful the potential would be fully unleashed”

  264. NBA is a PnR league. No way any team just do not run it at all.

  265. yeah, the subtle narrative of “Lin’s trying to find his role” which could be a back-up if Lin simply agrees.
    Good thing Lin rejected that notion respectfully!

  266. They are so many layers in that interview I feel. Lin is just a smart smart person

  267. I think LA might be a statistical anomaly when it comes to Lin/Davis

  268. Mark Medina seems to suggest Kobe won’t shoot too much in next games to find offensive balance.
    It might be true as Kobe’s body is still aching all over.

    With more 5-7TO games, I hope Kobe’s days as PG will soon be numbered


  269. very true!
    Otherwise Kobe will keep doing his 5-8TOs/game because it brings wins! :]

  270. And many are intimidated by his intelligence.

  271. So Todd think Wes play good D? M…..Ellington was way better

  272. Wow…congrat! @JeremyLin….

  273. Has Lin been consulted to change his strategy of silence and compliance to fighting for his position now?

  274. Yes and No. IMO, I think he simply knows he words will be out with LA medias. Think if he said that in HOU. Will be buried immediately

  275. I think he has. I think Lin has tried to play ity their way, with him playing good basketball, but it didn’t work. He and his team might be looking at it from a business perspective, meaning this what I can offer LA as a bball player and also from the business perspective. just some thoughts

  276. I agree with you, but I think lin has an ace up his sleeve and he is playing on it to see how it plays out.

  277. Lin has repeatedly mentioned this theme in his interviews now. Seems like he is making a move, pushing for a plan.

  278. Wes had 2 blocks shots he played great D especially that block on Dragic!

  279. I think it is interesting that the media is getting into Kobe’s head. He is playing more careful and lackadaisical because he is afraid of what the critics will say. The former Kobe would have never worried or cared about what the press thought of his play.

  280. Yes…

  281. Scott should let Lin play 30+ minutes to make a bigger impact on the team. He only played 26 minutes.
    If he benched Lin then he knows he will be bashed.

  282. That’s cause Kobe is shooting poorly and chucking 20-30 shots isn’t going to win games.

  283. still no highlights?

  284. A sudden 19pt game just caught all highlight makers off guard….LOL JK

  285. lol

  286. Finally, highlights!

  287. Thanks, awesome

  288. Who should shut up? Should that be you?

  289. Why do you care so much about what haters think?

  290. In Popovich voice: Is that a serious question?

  291. I’m still waiting for a longer one that includes defensive plays. He played excellent D back to back games.

  292. IDIOT for kobe brynt

  293. Byron Scott: Kobe Bryant

  294. Same here, I’m waiting for highlights.

  295. Those hair stripes on the right side of his head.. hmm making hair trends ala Rodman (Kool-Aid hair color) or Iverson (corn rows)?

  296. In Popovich voice: You talking about practice?

  297. You mean Iverson’s? lol

  298. Kobe who doesn’t practice.. lol

  299. Popovich: How a coach not monitor an aging player’s minutes is beyond me.

  300. Lin is way better….however…IT is also pretty good efficient PG…

  301. I think the media and Kobe’s body has finally gotten to him and he’s telling BS to playing Lin more. With Kobe’s approval i doubt Lin and Young would’ve gotten more minutes! Both Lin and Young took turns overlapping with starters for a few minutes. Lin did that 1st quarter and Young did that 2nd/3rd quarter. It was a sub pattern closer to what staggering minutes with Kobe should look like except Lin, Young, Davis, and Ellington should be starting.

  302. Same here, Kobe and BS thinks they can hit rest button but it doesn’t work that way. If BS didn’t play with hidden agenda and pushed his golden scrub Price in the lineup, Lakers would’ve had a legit chance at playoffs. A competent coach would’ve started Lin, Young, Davis, Ellington, and Kobe long ago with staggered minutes where Kobe would rest with Lin and Young taking turns leading/playing with 2nd unit!

  303. Too bad that dunk wasn’t during a game. Been a while since we’ve seen JLin make some dunks!

  304. Jeremy finds Eric Bledsoe’s lack of faith disturbing.

  305. Kobe the foul-mouthed bully is not his role model, nor ours. He doesn’t waste his time trumping scrubs and haters. He leans into the wind and keeps getting better.

  306. Well said.

  307. Most of us have assumed that Kobe and Scott have the same mind. I think it’s not that simple. Obviously Scott is going overboard in pandering to Kobe. And they probably agree on most decisions. However, who first wanted Lin to be benched? 2 illustrations:-

    Scenario 1
    Kobe: I play better with the ball in my hands. Jeremy needs to be benched.
    Scott: Sure anything you want.

    Scenario 2
    Scott: I think Price is a better fit for you because he will focus on defence. Jeremy should come off the bench.
    Kobe: Ok coach.

    Which one is it? I am more inclined to believe scenario 2 but I must admit I am just guessing.

    However, this will get interesting once there is a disagreement between Scott and Kobe.

  308. so, MAYBE…. BS bench JLIN so he can assist BS on what to do and whats not of coaching by helping as asst. coach.LOL! poor Byron..:P

  309. I’m more inclined on Scenario 1, simply because Price’s “better defense” is a manufactured rhetoric that is completely false according to NBA.com’s own Def Dashboard.

  310. I was sorta sensing that too. I didn’t see the game but when i looked at the box score somewhere in the third I was like, dang Kobe took soo little shots today! I was expecting like somewhere close to 20 attempts at least knowing how Kobe is plus after his rest.

  311. Well yeah no one is buying that better defence nonsense. But my question is really who is the main driver in getting Jeremy benched? Kobe or Scott? Jeremy was having solid performances (albeit up and down somewhat) until he got benched.

  312. Both.

    Lin was the media favorite, and Kobe was sort of favoring Lin in the beginning, and appeared to be taking him under his wing, so BS couldn’t start Price even though EVERYONE knew that’s what he wanted to do. As the losses piled up, BS successfully convinced Kobe that the “lineup” wasn’t working (when in fact it’s Kobe not getting it done with his excessive ISO chucking, but no one dares say it) and fulfilled his own racist and/or cronyist agenda by leveraging Kobe’s power. Kobe was more than glad to find a scapegoat in Lin, so here we have it.

  313. Plausible explanation. If this is true then Scott lost some credibility with all the losing and Kobe performing badly. Will Kobe ask for Lin back in the lineup? The truth is that Kobe is ridiculously easy to stop when Lin is not on the floor.

  314. Truth is Kobe is either not too bright or is too afraid to “handle the truth”, or both. There were flashes of brilliance when Kobe and Lin connected, but instead of exploiting it BS made sure it doesn’t happen too often, just as he does with the LED connection. One would think Kobe the 19th season veteran with 5 rings would see through that, but his mind may be more preoccupied with proving ESPN wrong by playing the style that no longer suits his age than with analyzing team dynamics to help get more wins.

    And last but not least, despite the 5 rings, he’s still so small-minded that he can’t handle Lin getting a little attention over him. This is in stark contrast with the class Robinson has shown in handing over the torch to a newb Duncan, which seems to be increasingly rare these days.

  315. Robinson was a real class act. He was a Linsanity fan too!

  316. Not another GoodDayLA since LIN wasn’t perfect. Lol. To be Frank, its annoying to read garbage from the same people all the time. Words do frame who you. Ask yourself if you would dare to say the same things about a friend a co worker or family member. Stating facts is okay, but framing it with personal negative adjectives that’s not okay. One day you’re loose touch will come back to haunt you.

  317. So long as LIN is off bench, this result is my perfect scenario. LIN wins while Lakers lose. BS and Kobe can keep being the worst starters in the league, while the Lakers bench continues to be the best.

  318. LOL. One JLin fan wrote this:
    “湖人教練每次賽後訪問都回答差不多的內容,不外乎就是捧老大 ,因此,以後記者來問湖人教練,就直接進語音系統吧: 問老大請按1、問老普請按2、問其他人請按3、或按9 由 發言人Jeremy Lin 為您服務!”

  319. Love it. Good to see Lin have some fun in spite of the circumstance. Life is too short not to.

  320. One interesting thing about LA beat reporters, they love talking to Lin to figure out why they lost the game. I think these reporters troll Scott’s with lin’s words..LOL Also Lin played 26 minutes, and Price played 22 minutes.

  321. haha, very cute.

  322. Nice D by number 17..

  323. For a second there I thought I read … please discuss banging him. .. lol

  324. Just like many of us were thinking, Kobe’s body can no longer hold it up. I actually think Kobe’s season is about to be over.

    One of the myth about BS, he looked like a Kobe fan, but what he did to Kobe appeared to be a Kobe’s hater.

    Anyway, I am glad Kobe’s minutes overlapped with Lin’s is getting shorter. That’s all what I can cheer for.

  325. Ya! Mike Trudell did that for a while.. he did all the interview w Lin… You also will find out almost all the questions it’s about how they should improve their BB game?

  326. Today don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  327. Scott knows that the next injury to Kobe is the nail in the coffin for him as the coach. I don’t think the players like him and trust him.

  328. I just happened to watch a few minutes of a really old game with Byron Scott playing for the Lakers (I think it was in the 80s). The game had very little screens and lots of mid range shots. Kinda like how the Lakers are playing these days.

  329. I’d go with scenario 2, as the way Kobe plays, he could still play his dominate ball way when Lin is on the floor. I don’t think he will ask for bench Lin or he needs to. However, Scott could see that benching Lin and Boozer is a effective way to put ball in Kobe’s hand, so he do that to basically let Kobe do everything. To be honest, that looks like a Kobe hater move, as that pretty much is the move that totally run down Kobe, as he need to do everything in that first line up. And Kobe was saying that he was not anticipated he need to do this much. His usage is 43% when not share floor with Lin. And after lineup change, Kobe played most of the time without Lin.

    At the beginning of the season, when Kobe share the floor with Lin, he complained much less about his tiredness. I’m almost feeling Scott was doing an experiment with Kobe, he take all the offensive player to bench, and testing to pair them with Kobe one by one in small stretch of time.

    I think bench Lin and Boozer is not due to defensive reason, that’s only an excuse, as Boozer still play the same amount of time even benched, and Lin still not play more time even Price’s defense is not that good. And at the beginning of line up change, even Young’s time was dropped.

  330. Ok it makes sense that Scott is just trying out different lineups to see what would make Kobe succeed as a superstar. But benching Jeremy has backfired cause Kobe is struggling to score when Jeremy is not on the floor with him.

    Price may have a good game occasionally but you are never afraid that he could drop 30 points or something like that. He does not command that energy or attention from the defence unlike Jeremy.

  331. I personally believe that Kobe Bryant doesn’t really care who’s on the court with him or who’s starting.

    Byron Scott coaches as if Lin doesn’t belong in the NBA.

  332. Scott mainly.

  333. I can see the prejudice by Scott as well. At the same time, it was very apparent from this latest game that Kobe is really struggling to score when Lin is not on the floor with him.

  334. SMH, how can someone not trying to fit into the modern way when play a professional sport is beyond me. I would be fired if I used 20 years old way on my current job.

  335. but that explains what and why BS is the way he is now.

  336. LOL, soooo true

  337. In the 80s, the illegal defense rule only allowed man to man defenses.

    If a double or triple team happened, it had to be solely on the offensive player with the ball.

    Good teams like Scott’s Lakers regularly cheated the illegal defense rule by playing loose zones, and the lying cheating NBA refs let the Lakers and Celtics get away with zones.

    Back then, it was illegal to play passing lanes or double guys off the ball. The result is that pick and rolls and isolations were much more simple and effective than they are today. The best way to score was in isolation, as individual skills trumped all the fancy ball movement.

    Now when the illegal defense rule was abolished, teams still struggled to play zones because the illegal defense rule had been in place so long. It was Mike D’Antoni’s Euroball with Steve Nash and the Suns that revolutionized the game into the modern era.

    Jeremy Lin is one of the few guards in the game who’d have been successful in the illegal defense era where individual skills were more important. If anything, Lin would be even more successful back then because he is trapped harder today than even Michael Jordan was back in the day. Lin literally would be the same guy as 80s legend Michael Ray Richardson but without the drugs.

  338. Don’t get your hope up at this point of time we should
    already know that Lin finishing 4th qtr is a rarity.

  339. Good observations. Don’t forget that the increase in the number of players who are above 37% in 3 point shooting also changed the game a lot.

  340. The emphasis on 3 pointers in the modern day is because true shooting percentages of post up scorers was sky high in the illegal defense era.

    Back then, post players like Lin’s ex coach Kevin McHale were totally unstoppable in a way that modern day fans are unfamiliar with.

    Throwing the ball down low to a top scorer like McHale was a surefire way to get two points.

    Today, a post scorer like McHale would be relentlessly doubled and would be forced to play a passing game. McHale would be nowhere near as potent today as he was in the 80s due to the rule change.

    Players back then could easily shoot the 3 pointer too, but it was more effective to throw the ball down low for a guaranteed 2 which often came with a free throw off a foul.

  341. exactly

  342. Although in the case of BS, I think that motive is only secondary but it makes it easier to carry out Kobe’s orders.

  343. Instead of admitting he can’t do it anymore, he chooses to brag about his lost skills and claim he declined to use them because of everyone’s complaints. LOL!

  344. Scott has no motive to bench Lin. It’s all Kobe.

  345. Speaking of foul-mouthed bully, who was KB yelling and cussing at in the 2nd half? It looks like it was directed at Lin but I didn’t see any mistake by Lin to cause that overreaction.

  346. I think Lin is able to be more vocal now because a) he doesn’t have much more to lose and b) if things do get any worse he only needs to tough it out for the rest of this season. In Houston, he was always looking at the prospect of being stuck in a hostile environment for another 1.5 to 2.5 years.

  347. I think that article is a bit harsh. The biggest problem is the coach now. His sub pattern is so obvious they are trying to tank.

  348. Lin doesnt have to be our role model he is a basketball player
    He needs to put these scrubs in their places instead of deferring to them doesnt mean hes not a nice guy
    u can only get so good going with the flow
    at some point u gotta have ur own way

  349. Kobe wasnt terrible

  350. Nah its very very exhausting thats why some players would rather lay it up even on fast break

  351. 7 trolls, disgrace to human kind

  352. I think they’re saying there’s another Lin fan site better suited to your style and choice of words.

  353. Now we know what Kobe Bryant looks like without Lin PROTECTING HIM.

    The bench moved backfired, more on Kobe and Scott than Lin himself.

  354. On 570AM LA RADIO, on a show called LA TODAY, at 9:05AM, there was a male and female radio host talking about the Lakers.
    The male host said in the past, LA had top talents like Shaq and Pau who would withstand Kobe. But now they have “mentally weak” players like Lin who “has potential” and lesser talented players like Wes Johnson and Ronnie Price. So Kobe should be nicer and less of a bully because he will otherwise walk over these players who are not his equal, unlike Shaq and maybe Pau, who had the talent, to withstand Kobe and succeed.

    Yeah, “mentally weak” – he said it, not me.

  355. There’s no way for the Asian guy to shake off that label, even if Lin rose up and punched Bryant in the face.

    The American media HATES ASIANS.

    Expecting them to change their long held racism against Asians is totally futile, now and forever.

  356. this crap pisses me off.

  357. Me too – and that’s why I do not follow the media or respect their racist views when it comes to anything Asian including myself or Lin.

  358. Agreed. At least Lin spoke up for himself and said he disagreed with Trudell’s analysis of him. I hope Lin starts playing politics through the media more and more. This IS the age of media, in particular social media, and Lin should use absolutely it to his advantage. I hope we hear more Lin zingers even if he is not playing well on the court. We’ll see if Lin eventually had the guts to call out Kobe. I’m impressed Nick Young has the guts at times to hint at it.

    I also believe LA is all about stars and drama and glitz and glamour. Nick could be starting with Lin and Nick would be showcased with his Iggy connection (they already pan to her face 10 times a game) and hyped up like LA royalty while Lin would start at PG and do his thing.

  359. Only 2 assists? Looked like Lin did more than that.

  360. Anyone who puts “Ronnie Price” and “talented” in the same sentence doesn’t deserve to be quoted.
    Lin is the exact opposite of “mentally weak.” Otherwise Kobe would not have felt so threatened by Lin and would not have asked BS to bench him.

  361. Never mind about what she said bc these radio host changed their opinion or story all the time.

  362. 5 TOs, especially one at crunch time, is pretty terrible if you’re trying to win. If that’s all Kobe’s got after a week off, wait till you see him play on one day’s rest.

  363. There’s no need to bring such garbage to this site. Haters will hate. IMO, you gleefully bring stuff like this to justify your own incessant negative comments on LIN.

  364. Exactly. I totally agree that this poster has their own agenda, which is not good.

  365. 10-8-7 isnt terrible he wasnt chucking

  366. No they dont
    Asians are part of the society

  367. THe point is which part..

  368. Scenario 1. According to Lin, Kobe is extremely detail oriented. He definitely cares about who is running the point. Kobe wanted Price to start over Lin, and BS follows Kobe’s orders.

  369. steve aoki is one of the most hyped/overrated DJs in the world

  370. He wasnt entirely wrong
    but Pau wasnt like shaq he sucked up to Kobe
    At least this guy admitted Lin had potential just needs to be tough which is true
    He cant let those scrubs walk all over him
    Clarkson wants to handle the ball? tell him to sit his azz down
    Ellington wants to bring up the ball? give him a death stare
    Nick Young shoots over a double team and misses it badly while you were open? Cuss him out
    thats sort of thing Lin needs to do as a leader

  371. It is not true…..

  372. You should bring something positive back….like………in-and-out burgers for all the members here.

  373. why not?
    Lin needs to handle the ball 100% of the time
    not ellington or clarkson he needs to put these scrubs in their place

  374. Lin is very tough…..period.

  375. LOL thats so many empty calories its negative lol
    maybe some salad 🙂

  376. The American media has been bashing Asians for the last 150 years.

    There’s hardly any progress being made.

    Lin is the sole Asian American male who’s allowed into the entertainment industry right now.

  377. I know and that is my point. He brought a complete combo of garbages back. I would rather he gave us in-and-out

  378. but he is too nice
    people will take advantage of your kindness
    like ellington and clarkson
    swaggy is a kind person he doesnt take advantage of Lin
    but we can clearly see elington and clarkson do

  379. He wasn’t chucking because he can’t do that anymore. When’s the last time Kobe took so few shots and scored so few points? Even in his “flu game” he went 1-14 (9 points). His 5 TOs are the difference between winning and losing. And he won’t get so many rebounds against teams playing quality bigs.

  380. There are so many asians in the entertainment industry

    things arent as bad as you say

  381. There is nothing “too nice” about Lin. SOmethings are out of his control. It is not like you have to speak out so the ATT customer service rep will give you 50 GC to calm you down.

  382. TOs are part of the game
    he had 7 assists and 2 stls to go with it not a big deal
    Kobe shared the ball and tried to make plays for others he did a pretty good job
    he might not have been very effective but deffs not terrible

  383. I’ve mentioned before that coaching share some similarities with parenting. Here’s one example. If a child or players messes up, a good coach or parent should point out the error while explaining ways to correct it. A mistake is just a learning process and in no way should define a child or player. A good coach or parent needs to take away the doubts and guilt that often follows a mistake. This is called staying in the present. Once a player dwells on the past, they are distracted and can’t possibly play free. A good coach or parent should never let their charge be locked in the past.

    Words do frame who you are. By defining someone by their mistakes, you can define your own life that same way as well.

  384. Not sure about that…but he was better than b4, that is for sure.

  385. Actually they do give you upgrades to calm u down you threaten to leave them

    Its not like Lin needs to speak up but he shouldnt let those guys bring up the ball
    He can ignore them or not pass to them when he wants to make a play

  386. hes in charge

  387. At least the guy said Lin had potential thats a postive to me

  388. My point is….clearly he was told to do so. They is no play to make here. If lin shoot, he shoots….just bad bball…..nothing tough about it.

  389. You are WRONG in blaming Jeremy Lin for those things.


    Go blame Byron Scott for those things, not Lin.

  390. No one is…

  391. Good way to just see the positives….Kudos to you….but you get my points…LOL

  392. That’s a TOTAL CROCK OF BS.


    Lin is NOT IN CHARGE. Don’t pretend that he is.

  393. Thats my point he used to take 30 shots and make less than 10 of them now thats terrible he was shooting over double/triple teams all night

  394. That’s DISOBEYING THE COACHING, and that kind of mutiny style basketball is BAD BASKETBALL of a sort I don’t want Lin ever playing.

    This is the NBA where point guards are supposed to run whatever their coaches dictate, even if the point guards don’t like it.

  395. He’s the most talented in the 2nd unit
    he should be in charge

  396. I guess blame Lin becomes a “must do” thing…

  397. THis I agree..he SHOULD be

  398. Byron Scott the coach does not believe that.

    That’s why Byron Scott WON’T ALLOW Lin to lead.

  399. “TOs are part of the game” You can say that about any bad play. But when they happen excessively they hurt the team. Do think this is the way Kobe would like to keep playing? Would you agree with BS that it’s hard to “resist the temptation” of putting Kobe back on the court because he’s still MVP?

  400. Not when your coach is completely clueless and an imbecile
    Byrons does not deserve any sort of respect from anyone who wants to play GOOD BASKETBALL

  401. Great post as usual, Acbc. Just wanted to borrow your sentence:

    By defining someone by negativity, you can define your own life that same way as well.

  402. Frank? which america are you in? Even the relatively racial harmonic Canada does not have “many” asian nor native american in the entertainment industry. Wake up!

  403. Blaming Lin is all too easy because it’s FLAT OUT WRONG.

  404. Sorry, but you do not understand that the NBA game is a FIVE MAN GAME and Lin is only 20% of what happens out there.

    The 20% cannot go against the 80% in the NBA.

    You don’t like it? Blame Scott for not running plays through Lin. Don’t blame Lin himself, as it’s not Lin’s decision.

  405. He is actually less than 20%….

  406. If he wants to shoot, shoot
    Ellington and clarkson make boneheaded plays very often
    If Lin thinks its better to have Sacre do a post up then pass to sacre instead of those 2

  407. Actually, you are RIGHT.

    Realistically, Lin is about 10-15% of what’s out there.

    Byron Scott is working hard to try to decrease Lin’s role even further.

  408. I am sorry…I am just gonna say good things about LAL and Scott and Kobe now…..LOL

  409. NO NO NO.

    Lin’s job is to play point guard and run the plays.

    Lin has been benched for shooting too much, even within the confines of the offense.

    Stop blaming Lin for Scott’s bad coaching. You sound like a HATER.

  410. That will be the most idXtXc thing to do in playing any level of bball…for a PG anyway

  411. Yah they can
    Kobe does it all the time
    Allen Iverson never gave a crp about the 80%
    Shaq was the 80% himself ignored by Kobe they still won 3 rings

  412. Must be in some parallel universe and somehow linked to our world ……

  413. I am glad you think Lin can be like them….

  414. Frank does not realize that the NBA is NOT STREETBALL.

    Inexperienced NBA fans like him don’t realize that in organized basketball, it’s the COACH’S CALL to determine who shoots and who doesn’t.

    Byron Scott has repeatedly punished Lin for shooting too much, even when Lin’s making clean plays within the outdated 80s iso offense. Lin cannot go against the coach and his teammates, not that Lin’s out there to try to defy anyone. Lin only wants to WIN.

  415. yah it does
    its not 1:1 ratio cuz asians are till minority there

  416. Lin is a very good scorer
    That should be his job
    his benching has nothing to do with his plays
    Byron Scott had always wanted to start Price
    those were just excuses
    he just likes Price better than Lin

  417. You obviously have NEVER have seen Kobe, Shaq, and Iverson play.

    Kobe has the full support of Byron Scott and is allowed to brick and turnover. If anybody cuts into Kobe’s shots, Byron Scott gets rid of that player. Lin was that player that Scott just got rid of. I can’t believe that you watch Lakers games and cannot see Kobe being SPOILED by Scott.

    Allen Iverson was HATED by his coaches and teammates. He was a horrible low percentage chucker who was weak defensively, and his teams really didn’t win all that much.

    Shaq had the full support of the coaching on every team he went. Every team, including the Lakers, ran their whole offense through him. Kobe Bryant HATED THAT and got Shaq ejected because Bryant didn’t want Shaq on the team. And had you actually watched Shaq, you’d have seen Shaq and Shaq’s coach Phil Jackson bitterly complaining that Bryant hogged shots away from Shaq at a detriment to the team.

  418. Anyone can

  419. Haha, I was being deliberately obtuse, but you still got my point. Lol

  420. well this team aint winning anyways
    coach is an imbecile why not just play ur game
    its not like BS cant bench him even more lol

  421. WRONG.

    That’s so wrong that anybody can be like Kobe, Shaq, or Iverson, that’s BEYOND STUPID.

  422. no and no
    but that doesnt mean he was terrible in this game


    Don’t you get anything right, Frank?

    Byron Scott HAS benched Lin more and is aiming to do that.

    We’ve seen Lin play only 10 minutes a game this season. And that’s 10 more minutes a game than Byron Scott would like to play Lin.

    The only reason Lin is playing is because Byron Scott does not have players that can take Lin’s place and replace Lin’s production.

  424. We’ll miss your posts Brent.

  425. Yep Phil didnt like Kobe’s way but he never changed
    proved my point
    same for AI his coach didnt like him but he kept chucking and went to the NBA finals
    Kobe is spoiled now but Phil always complained

  426. Yep, great reminder. I’ve been feeling a little squirmy myself at the recent negative streak I’ve been on regarding Scott and Kobe. Helps neither me nor Jeremy, so let it go. 🙂

  427. Anyone can ignore the coaches and be a chucker
    but most will just be benched cuz it aint workinf

  428. Byron Scott said that he doesn’t like the way Lin plays and that’s why Lin is benched.

    While Lin’s on the bench, Byron Scott still expects Lin to run the offense properly.

    Right now, Lin is running the NUMBER ONE BENCH OFFENSE in the NBA.

    What part of “number one” do you feel Lin is messing up?

  429. then screw Byron
    he can eat sh

  430. Most chuckers will be benched INCLUDING LIN.

    That’s the whole point.

    Byron Scott has openly criticized Lin for shooting too much. And Scott has benched Lin for hitting everything in sight, just like when Lin was a starter and during the Boston game.

  431. exactly thats why Lin will still get back up minutes until they get another PG which I doubt they will
    Lin was scoring last night and he finished the game

  432. Dude…if you run your life by “SHOULD BE” instead of dealing clear-headed with WHAT IS, it is going to be a long hard row to hoe and not much of a crop at the end.

  433. He is not messing up anything
    but Byron had always wanted to start Price
    even if Lin was running the offense and playing d perfectly
    it will never be enough for Byron

  434. The NBA system forces players to look for their personal stats, which are not aligned with the interest of audience, I.e., winning. A coach is brought up to correct it. However, in some teams the coaches actually lose their professionality and dignity and become the stat padding directors of certain players.

  435. okay I thought those were their own doing

  436. You are getting more and more OFF the more and more history you try to INVENT.

    Phil Jackson HATED Kobe Bryant and played him because owner Jerry Buss loved Bryant.

    Phil Jackson denounced Bryant in TWO books and made it clear that the Lakers not only won championships DESPITE Bryant, but that the Lakers would have won many more had Bryant not been such a LOSER.

    Because you never watched Iverson play, you never saw Iverson during that single Finals run.

    The 76ers had a STACKED team that was led not by Iverson, but by the defensive efforts of starting pg Eric Snow and starting C Theo Ratliff. The defensive 76ers led by Snow and Ratliff pounded the Eastern Conference until Ratliff went down for the season with a knee injury or something like that. Then the 76ers brought in Dikembe Mutombo by trading Ratliff and AI’s 76ers fell to a 0.500 team after the trade with constant fighting between AI and Mutombo.

    AI was WAY OVERRATED to the point that he couldn’t even win with that stacked Detroit team that misguidedly traded their leader Chauncey Billups for him.

    It goes to show that your adoration of LOW EFFICIENCY SHOOTING SCRUBS is misguided.

  437. actually a lot of the fans just wanna see their fav players put up good stats
    Ask AI, Kobe fans

  438. TRUE – but Lin needs to run the point if he’s to get what few remaining minutes he can get from Byron Scott.

    Besides, real Lin fans know that when Lin passes it HELPS HIM INDIVIDUALLY.

    When Lin passes more, it prevents defenses from loading up on Lin because Lin’s teammates need to be guarded when Lin’s finding them. That’s when Lin strikes for scores.

    You do not understand that Lin can get his stats within the offense by playing the team game.

  439. Byron Scott is working feverishly to get another PG.

    The whole Wayne Ellington experiment with him as a starter was to see if he could cut into Lin’s minutes off the bench.

    Unfortunately for Scott, the Ellington experiment FAILED MISERABLY just like the Price experiment has failed miserably.

  440. Frankly, GoodDayLA gets flak for being a troll. Certainly possible that I’m naive, but though his tone can get abrasive when he’s frustrated with Lin’s situation he does seem to be a genuine fan and he knows more about both basketball and life than this kid (sounds like a kid to me, anyway). Frank seems like a troll to me ’cause he just keeps baiting instead of conversing. Kind of surprised he got such a long thread from us.

  441. That’s the correct attitude, but Lin still has to manage 4 other guys on the court.

    Basketball is a team sport and nobody in the NBA scores without the support of his 4 teammates.

    Lin has to play a delicate juggling act between finding his shots in the offense and keeping his teammates involved in the game enough so that they don’t freeze Lin out on both ends of the court.

    And Byron Scott is doing everything in his power to undermine Lin, which is why you see all these undeserving scrubs hucking shots that should be Lin’s.

  442. Ok, put it this way. If Lin had those stats with 5 TOs, especially on a regular basis, every analyst would say that Lin is a terrible PG and you would agree. Those stats contribute to losses not wins.

  443. Trolls are smarter nowadays…..LOL it is just a fine line between disagreeing and trolling…

  444. OK, you are just fine!

    Frank, I’m glad that you are openminded.

    Jeremy Lin would LOVE to go rogue and fire up shots and scream his dominance, but it really isn’t Lin’s call.

    A better coach would corral Young and Clarkson and even Bryant. That coach would snarl “Let the point guard play his game. You shooting guards, stick to your game and don’t break the damn plays.”

  445. There is a healthy regulation to it. Beyond it, like Knicks tolerating melo to repell good

  446. Any “normal” fan likes to leave the arena with a w.

    Edit: I just realized we are a special case because Lin is in a Kafkaesque situation. LOL

  447. The sad truth is that BS doesn’t do that. The worst was Mchale when he would deliberately pick on LIN even when he played well. The most infamous was when LIN had 29 against OKC and MCHALE said in an interview later that week ” scoring 30 pts while making 10 TOs, Jeremy, we’re trying to win hear”. No one is ever perfect, that’s why 50% is such a defining threshold. Even playing well, you’ll miss half the possessions. When you go out of your way to attack your own player’s mind, you are deliberately trying to lock their game in the past. BS hasn’t gone so far yet, or maybe because the LA media is keeping BS in check.

  448. Jeremy calls out Kobe in his own coded way, and it always gets press. Nick makes a bigger splash because he’s a more colorful out-there personality, but the truth is that every time he flings a zinger (loved the “Driving Miss Daisy” one – Kobe had to hate being likened to an elderly white lady :D) he gets a little discipline and the next thing is you hear him singing Kobe’s praises. Jeremy never says anything in a way he’d have to backtrack on…backing down is NOT his deal.

  449. local fans
    those bangwaginers are normal too

  450. Yah its very frsutrating to watch fo 3 years now
    Amazing how Lin still averages in double digits
    and 4+ assists

  451. Now I see why Byron has such an awful record as a coach
    he makes the team WORSE

  452. Melo is done
    I used to LOVE watching him do his thing
    now its just painful to wathc

  453. Well they do pay for their seats so the NBA likes them. But the days of Kobe fans paying to watch him showboat are numbered.

  454. Too bad he’s already locked in for 4 more years and $125 mil.

  455. thats true
    bandwagoners dont buy many tickets

  456. I can bet that you haven’t worked a day in your life. Do you really believe that LIN actually can control his coach and Kobe? Life isn’t that cut and dried. LIN had linsanity and still wound up on the bench. LIN put up a week full of linsane numbers last November and still wound up on the bench. That is the kind of power LIN has, or lack of power he has.

    Unless you are really really lucky and land yourself in a job that depends on no one else, you have a real rude awaken coming when you find yourself in a job that keeps you down while those around you take your work and get promoted. That’s the reality we face as Asians.

  457. Havin’ fun this morning with KHuang in the house. Not havin’ so much fun with troll (imho) Frank, but without him we wouldn’t have had the longest run of vintage KHuang we’ve seen on this site so far.. Always GREAT bball knowledge and history! I know you’d never call yourself a saint, but your long string of educational comebacks is more than I would’ve had patience for.

  458. Haha…that made me snort…:)

  459. Actually, my man Frank is TOTALLY OK.

    Nor was he the reason I was here. Frank did raise some good points and put up legitimate discussion.

    The reason I’m here is because I’m supposed to be in VIRGINIA visiting my relatives but USAirways caused me to miss my flight! So I’m stuck in Phoenix with a few days off, not of my own doing!

    Here’s how it went down:

    I booked a flight through Travelocity I thought was leaving Phoenix on Dec 26 10 PM for Charlotte.

    But when I called USAirways to confirm the flight, their East Coast reps told me that I was mistaken about the 26th and that I was leaving on Dec 27 at 10 pm!

    See, those East Coast reps didn’t realize that when it says “Dec 27 12:15 AM” on their East coast computer screens, that’s actually “Dec 26 10:15 PM” on Phoenix time. Other airlines do their reservations in local time only, but not US Airways which does everything on Eastern time!

    Thus I was stunned to find out on the morning on the 27th that I missed my flight! And I missed out on seeing relatives I have not seen for 20 years, thanks to US Airways’ mistake!

    I’ll be lodging a complaint soon with USAirways for CHEATING ME out of my money and plane ticket!!!

  460. I have worked
    i’m an engineer so that will never be the reality I face
    if anything, I do the least amount of work and get appreciated
    all about the results

  461. A good wake-up call.

    Sometimes, I was outrageous in this Lin treatment that I couldn’t fight the temptation of shooting negative comments towards these crowns. But hey, I don’t mind you say bad things about them because the actions by themselves define what they are and we can ridicule them just by their own acts, can’t we?

  462. Wow what a BUMMER!! That time dif would never have crossed my mind. I use USAirways now and then so I’m taking note of the pitfall. Nothing can replace missing seeing family that so seldom are all together. Really sorry for that. Hope all the obstacles for the coming year were collected in that incident and that your coming year will be all blue sky!

  463. Yes.

    Historically, Byron Scott has worshipped his superstars and enraged the rest of his teams for doing that.

    Byron Scott did OK as a coach in the early days of the abolished illegal defense rule.

    I could write a dissertation on why that is so, but I won’t do that here for now.

  464. If you really think I’m a troll then I feel sorry for you
    You either can’t read or you are just mentally ill
    I’m high on Lin as a basketball player
    I admire his skillset and his ability to score in double digits and lead team in assists even though his coaches and teammates consistently take the ball out of his hand and reduce his minutes and role
    I just hope he gets to play more
    but well if thats a troll to you
    then what are you?

  465. Now thats “ridiculous”

  466. What’s so messed up is that Travelocity sent me a confirmation email saying that I was leaving “Dec. 27 12:15 AM”.

    It didn’t say Eastern Standard Time or Mountain Time like in Arizona. It just said “Dec. 27 12:15 AM”.

    I didn’t think anything of it at the time because the US Airways rep TOLD ME that I WASN’T leaving on Dec. 26!

    What enrages me even more is that I had a cousin that was leaving town on the 28th. When US Airways told me that I was ARRIVING ON THE 28TH (exact words), I freaked out because I was only going get to see my cousin for 2 hours before she skipped town. I deliberately had originally set up my arrival on the 27th to avoid that time crunch, yet US Airways not only messed up my reservation but messed up the ENTIRE CHANCE TO SEE THE EXTENDED FAMILY!!!

  467. Lin fans have had a long ongoing string of trolls to fight against.

    Most of the time, they disguise themselves as Lin fans. So forgive us true Lin fans if sometimes we hardcore Lin fans get a little rough in determining who’s a troll and who’s not.

    I will vouch for both Frank and LAJane as INTELLIGENT OPENMINDED LIN FANS. I’ll even apologize in advance for both of them if any further arguments arise. Both Frank and LAJane are GOOD.

  468. My knight in shining armor…:D

  469. WTH! haw can this even happening?

  470. ACBC, Frank is OK.

    He just wasn’t aware of how the NBA coaching worked, but I think he fully understands now.

    By the way Frank, you as an engineer know that everything has to be verified.

    Go out and check out my claims about how NBA players can’t go against their coaches past a certain point if they want to play and win. Guys like JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Nick Young (pre Lakers), Adrian Dantley, Pau Gasol, and Chris Kaman are examples of nonLin players who clashed with their coaches and suffered coaching discord when they tried to play “their” games instead of running with the system.

    Hopefully I’ll have demonstrated that I’m not trying to mislead you!

  471. I wouldn’t be so proud of doing the least amount of work.

  472. Frank’s knight too!

  473. See, it’s a MANMADE SOFTWARE ERROR.

    US Airways’ reservation system lists everything in Eastern Standard Time regardless of where your flight is.

    Their quality control has not seen to it that their computers are updated to do local time in different time zones. Other airlines do that, but not US Airways. And that’s why US Airways has had BIG PROBLEMS.

    This simple little error could be corrected in US Airways’ reservation system with a small amount of work and very little effort.

    My understanding is that US Airways is merging with another company. So quality control STINKS for the moment!

  474. Sorry Brent. I only posted this because many members think I make stuff up or that I make up the negativity. This is stuff on the radio that I can point to and show you that I hear about Lin on a monthly basis.

    I just want Lin fans to be real in what they understand Lin’s perception to be and that we continue to fight and get upset and do our part until the narrative about Lin has changed or he is allowed to ball out to shut up haters!

  475. I am glad that posters can sort themselves out, having sane conversations. This site really preaches positiveness. Note that it is not equal to being a fan boy or fan girl. Lin is not perfect, LAL is far from perfect. Something, although is a fact, can be just left behind by us. No point to incite any negativeness by ourselves. We criticize…we praise…we do it through well-thought comments with respect and joy.

  476. There were many trolls when Lin was in houston. Very pathetic people.
    I have been on CF cussing out david harsidy or other sites to insult Lin doubters.

    If you read my comments on jeremylin.net I have been very critical of Lin as of late for not taking more shots and regulating his teammates but you taught me it was all coach’s call today so I know who is really to blame now and will be really happy to enjoy watching Lin play the right way.
    Hope Metalogic sees some of these comments you posted today cuz he had the same philosophy as I
    It’s hard for us to see whats going on on the court sometimes because we are still relatively new to the game compared to people like you and PFV

  477. I don think it needs any work at all. I believe all the reservation systems available now are capable of using local time by default. They need to fire that senior leading SE…

  478. I know. I mean you do not need to prove there is negativeness out there. As lin fans, I bet most of us have seen worse…..It was already proven like in the last decades or so…LOL

  479. It’s all politics
    they all blame each other
    and people tend to neglect the importance of good software development
    and this happens
    they have to go through all the software changes requirement changes and all
    as we all know, software engineers are lazy lol

  480. Lol ur fine thats why u havent been banned yet

  481. Haha let’s not attack all SEs…but my point is….I think it is by default ot use local times. So they actually went to do something extra to make it more tedious to use….

  482. If Lin scores 20+ every night, they can all shut up

  483. lol im shameless

  484. He has a few times lol….

  485. I hate hearing these radio comments. I feel so many Lin fans are in denial that the outside media thinks this of him. LIke Khuang said, maybe there is NOTHING we can do to help change this. Maybe Linsanity 2 won’t change it. But why do we have to pretend people are not saying these things about Lin in the media?

    Why can’t we figure out as a site on how to call them out. Jlinportal has a twitter account – this portal twitter account should attack LA TODAY and call them out on what PROOF they have that Lin is “mentally weak” rather than get upset with me for posting facts.

  486. Yeah verification is a very annoying process that most egineers dont wanna do lol

    Yah i see it now Pau Gasol is a very good example actually
    a lot of things actually make sense now

  487. KHuang, just so you are able to complain effectively. There is no system wide software error. If there were, thousands of passengers would be missing all flights that take off shortly after midnight (EST). The mistake was made only by the rep who spoke to you on the phone. If you ignored the rep and followed what was printed on your ticket, you would not have missed your flight.

  488. Just curious, how many sons Meta has now on JL.net?

  489. In real life, people who know me (1) call me an a$$whole and (2) call me an insane Lin fan. Thank you for seeing the truth.

    Many of the posters here want to live in a comfortable bubble that there are those out there who think poorly of Lin. They want to pretend I am making it up.

    I get more upset than any of these people from Joyce Ward to Joeteam to Brent or psalm. Khuang is the only guy I probably don’t get as upset as for these odd comments about a guy with no foundation to support it.

    I understand why the media calls Lin weak etc. I disagree but I can see why. Whether it’s right or wrong, I hope Lin gets the last laugh.

  490. Its only a couple of added lines
    Im a SE myself lol
    the reality is those people probably dont have the academic backround in SE
    Many people I worked with dont have Bachelor degrees in SE or CS actually
    those with the degree would rather work at real software companies because for airline companies software isnt there main focus they cant really work their way up

    but yall
    bad requirements Id say

  491. a decent amount
    i was one too lol

  492. Fair enough. Why can’t our Site Twitter account call out these questionable statements? Ask them WHY they call him “mentally weak” and WHAT do they have to support it?

    I feel this site’s social media prescnese would be a great vehicle to do just that. Call them out like Lin did to Trudell until they have to shut up.

  493. Oh wow…..they still try to keep him close?

  494. Good suggestion~ BTW…Lin did it to John Ireland…

  495. Maybe wants to keep free care for his injury… Lakers seems to be nice Org.

  496. Not really
    They highlights never feature Lin
    they arent that nice

  497. I agree with Frank there are others besides LIn in entertainment like Steve Aoki. but yea it’s rare.

  498. ah good, wish I had it on dvr. Losing speed when someone else has it is defendable … good point. -1 for Lin 🙂

  499. We were talking about Kobe: 10pts, 7A, 5TO. He was better than a catastrophic 30 shots at a FG% of 25 but he was still terrible.

    Give Lin 35 min a game and he will give you 20 points and/or a W.

  500. And there were never leading a big project I think?

  501. the more asian we have, the more will go into the business
    we will be more involved
    I believe

  502. Good news….I like him…

  503. It is like a pyramid….The bottom will absorb a huge number of us..

  504. yah i have no doubt about that in my mind
    and yah if Lin put up that number he will be crusified by media and fans

  505. LOL I thought he needs to shake off some rust..

  506. He will..

  507. oops right, Ireland does those post games, my mistake. Trudell is actually ok but much greener and lower on the totem pole.

    Ireland is high up on the TWC commentator totem pole and personally, I am anti-Ireland. He’s basically the Laker homer mouthpiece. He seems to be egging everyone on lately even Kobe.

    Last year on the radio before a game on AM radio, he said Harden was way better than Lin and Lin couldn’t play Defense so of course Lin now was a bencher with Bev taking over last season when Lin was in Houston and that the Harden trade was a no brainer. I’m glad Lin corrected him.

  508. I know – but there’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE between you and real trolls.

    Real trolls go out there and PERSONALLY ATTACK Lin fans as being “stupid”. That’s the whole point of them being on forums – to attack Lin fans. Those trolls couldn’t care less about Lin’s level of play.

    I’ve hurled mountains of hard evidence at the trolls, and all it does it make them more ANGRY AND HATEFUL.

    I can always tell a real troll because they react extremely negatively to hard objective data from Lin fans.

  509. Lin hit back at him. Good.

  510. sorry to read this – hope you can bond with your relatives some other way and get your refund!

  511. I don’t mind being a “Lin fanboy”.

    I can be a “Lin fanboy” AND a very veteran diehard NBA impartial observer.

    Believe me, I’d trash Lin’s game mercilessly if he played like Ronnie Price or even Nick Young!

  512. Oddly, Byron KNOWS Lin’s strength and weaknesses very well. He was clear about it on TWC before becoming coach! He just lied when he said about Lin’s game “I like him, i REALLY do” Total lie.

  513. Kobe has not practiced with the team for like 10 years now. Nothing new. He use to get away with it and still win. Now it’s just making it worse on all levels.

  514. Fan boy implies blindness. If you can trash Lin when he plays like Price or Young, then you are NOT blind. It is not an AND.

  515. joyce ward said this too.

    I hope line stays locked in the past, the glory of UConn, Linsanity, etc to keep him inspired as he chooses his right path daily. If you believe in chaos theory, entropy, then it is important to never forget the past as one chooses. It does take more energy to manage though …

  516. M….interesting….I did not know that..

  517. Yes..just not the US Air”way”….

  518. If you read some of Phil Jackson’s books, you will know Kobe himself decided when he wanted to practice or not practice. It drove Phil crazy. Phil believed in practice. Some practices, Kobe would just ride a bike and get treatment and ignore everyone.

  519. I see….M…..he is indeed very talented.

  520. Kobe once told a reporter a few years back he would go out on top, and disappear from the NBA before his skills eroded. Nobody has ever called Kobe out on this haha. Kobe said he didn’t want to be one of those superstars who’s skills fade and have to look like a chump and go out with a whimper. Yet that is EXACTLy what he is doing right?

  521. this is what many trolling behaviors count on – to pin the perception of their attack on the negative, starting anywhere along the spectrum including positive comments to built trust in the rhetoric to come (ethos, pathos, but never logos). It’s very elegant how a few words become outright false narratives that have nothing to do with what video shows.

  522. I guess he does not feel that way now…so far…

  523. BS did not lie. He just didn’t know yet what Kobe wanted to do with Lin at that time.

  524. haha yes now he realizes why the old hasbeen goes out with whimper just like him.

  525. sauce?

  526. especially if you are paid $15m. I’d imagine ppl come out of the woodwork to be your pal and then stab you in the back, not that I’v ever experienced that lol.

  527. you are right ppl problems take up the most energy and I tell engineers they oftent have an easier job (in CS, SW) because they often construct a controllable world and problems actually have reasons and solutions that can be addressed. Management is mostly a time sink to discover not only the reasons, but the emotions that drives the team away from performance.

  528. I know.

    But I didn’t have a printed ticket.

    I was going to print one out 24 hours earlier, but it was TOO LATE FOR THAT.

    I have lodged a formal complaint with US Airways. I haven’t accused them of software error, but I did call out their rep. Let’s see what happens.

    If I am not treated right, US Airways will never be flown by me ever again.

  529. Oh, I’m BLIND to all the hater claims that Lin can’t play!

  530. Good for you!

  531. Talented at shirking practices and shooting poor percentages and playing bad defense yet, talented at winning games NO.

    The Lakers could’ve won more games more easily without Bryant than with him.

  532. I agree

  533. .

  534. To this point, I said it in-game.

    SwaggyP was in trouble. Ellington was wide open and called for on the left elbow (sw was on right facing 2 coverage). Swaggy kept dribbling and ultimately made it. He got his own.

    Within half a minute, I think next possession, Ellington pushed it alone to the basket, got stopped, and on the other end was 2 FTs. Down 4.

    That says the team ball and playing with each other is critical. That’s why you need JLin to initiate in the system and keep everyone producing as a team.

    When Kobe or Swaggy don’t share back, that’s the beginning of the team and system breakdown. -4 pts in any LAL game would have brought their wins up by a substantial margin.

    This is why LAL can almost beat Clips, GSW, then beat GSW. They are good, but they play all over the place and the coach isn’t doing a winning job. He’s doing a job that some say is tanking, and I get teased back and forth. I know it isn’t winning bball, either through inability or some other reason.

    So, yes, Lin cannot ‘be a man’ and solve any LAL problems. It’s all about in-game TEAM spirit and dedication to team winning because opponents have moments of brilliance (team or indiv).

  535. I replied but it was put on hold. You are correct that I was exaggerting. What I meant to say is he picks and chooses when and how to practice the last 10 years.

  536. You have a tremendous understanding for anyone who calls Lin anything negative. Maybe you are not trolling, but I think you are. It’s know in negotiations as pinning the opponent to your extreme and counting on them to be fair to get you the middle ground, which is well within your side.

    I could be wrong and then you are pinning yourself to an extreme negative and you suffer.

    As adbc, Joyce w, and many others ask, why do you bring that here?

  537. That’s what he gets for high fiving Kobe after he told Jeremy to Get the _ Out of my way. Karma..

  538. WTH?

  539. This is unnecessary…no one wants to see any ppl get injuries. You better rephrase.

  540. Good observation, LAJane.

    SwaggyP is not as rooted in his opinions as lin is. That’s why his amazing shooting skill will fall short in a long term track record because he gets knocked off his mission easily. While we see Lin in cold spells (shooting), that’s because you have to put the ball through a small hoop from distance and everyone has their FG%. Like a batter. But, you can notice Lin is always back on D the second he suffers a setback in shooting or TOV. That’s not Swaggy’s personality. He gets affected. He needs more support to come back to his heat. He focuses on more iso to get his heat back, not playing the game in other ways. Remember Shump saying some days, he just won’t let someone score in ‘my house’? Swaggy doesn’t exhibit that kind of recovery mode.

    Another way to say this is … notice after Diving Miss Daisy, it took Swaggy 4 2nd unit burns until he started hitting again. In between, he complimented Kobe. Can’t really get into Swaggy’s head, so don’t know.

  541. Yep Kobe is breaking down. He can’t participate in a full practice because it might effect his playing on game night. …not good

  542. or, he has support behind the scenes so he’s building this brick by brick to try to save the season.

  543. oh, yes he was. That last key TOV was a result of not using his bbiq and seemed panicked.

  544. his shooting % was off as well. TOV, low D output, and low FG% means a bad game.

  545. only because he didn’t account for a swing of 30 possessions.

  546. hehe, good call.

  547. what does the 26 v 22 mean to you? Me, it’s just an anomaly. Some posters here pointed out BSc needed Kobe to win to point out later it was all Kobe, so he went with what he knows is true, Lin. I would tend to agree with that so the mins imbalance is not a trending thing but more BSc using Lin as he knows he should, but will not on any given political day. I’m not in BSc’s head tho …

  548. It has already, which is why there is bitterness spread to nice people who offer them grace. There doesn’t need to be karma (future tense). There is karma. I never count on karma coming; it exists and you can see it light sunlight of you look.

  549. Hmm. That would be nice. If it’s true though, it’s very subtle support. I think that Mitch and the Buss’s have the power to give Scott orders such as: You must start Lin; Stop criticizing Lin unfairly, especially to the media.
    I’m afraid that they allow Kobe to order Scott in the reverse direction.

  550. Yep,
    1. benching Lin = much more work for less efficiency for Kobe. Now that he has MJ, he’s unable to sustain the toll on his body.

    2. 2nd unit is best in league, so getting some minutes away from kobe has been a good result likely wanted.

  551. we will see. Lin does not just talk off to the public. Something is changing or maybe nothing and Lin has decided to move in the FA direction now.

  552. Southwest for me these days … love cattle call and being able to cut the airport time.

  553. That’s in our mission statement right on the home page. This a glass half full site. When people start constantly bring negativity here, it really annoys me. We don’t need people to remind us of what trash others say about LIN. It’s like going into someone else’ church and telling them that some haters think your belief is delusional or too weak. It’s not that we don’t know already, we just choose to ignore it. This site is our sanctuary from the madness at the old site. Keep that negativity there where it belongs.

  554. Lin’s comments are not burning bridges with the Lakers. If Kobe is out of the picture he can still re-sign with LA. If Kobe will still be around next season (which I doubt) then Lin would be crazy not to become a FA.

  555. I got a “refund”, but I lost so much money in the deal that I’m better off just getting a whole new plane ticket with a different carrier.


  556. By the way, it turns out that my ticket has the WRONG INFO PRINTED TOO.

    It says “Departure Dec. 27, 12:15 AM”. Doesn’t say Phoenix time or Eastern time.

    Had I gone by that, I’d have MISSED MY FLIGHT BY 2 HOURS ANYWAY!!!

  557. Those systems are NOT using local time by default.

    My ticket says “Depart PHX 12/27, 12:15 AM”.

    That would have made me TWO HOURS LATE for my flight. I’d have missed it anyway, even if I had gone exactly by what the ticket said!!!

    I’m done with US Airways. They’re never getting another penny out of me and I intend to BADMOUTH THEM.

  558. My take is that the past serves as a rudder or a compass. It shouldn’t ever be relived. Everyday is like a freshly fallen snow covered field we need to traverse. Knowing where we came from allows us to keep a sense of our direction forward. At the same time, you have to trust that past guidance and turn to face the new world before you. That’s why I always say, “don’t ever walk backwards into your destiny.”

  559. The REAL reason Kobe Bryant avoids practice is because Jeremy Lin WEARS HIM OUT so badly that Bryant cannot fight Lin off in practice and compete in games properly.

    When the uproar over Kobe’s practice trash talk hit the Web, I was the least disturbed person because I knew that Kobe would probably not be able to perform in actual games properly due to Lin beating on him. Indeed, that’s exactly what happened as my prediction came true.

    Kobe Bryant has good reason to fear Lin in practice, as Lin routinely takes out his bench frustrations on the starters. That’s why no team Lin’s ever played on has had starters that could outperform the bench players in actual games!!!

  560. I am pretty sure that Phil Jackson forced Kobe Bryant to come to practices regularly.

    That’s part of the reason Kobe Bryant HATES Phil Jackson.

    The remaining coaches? I’m not so sure.

    Certainly on the court, Kobe Bryant has not embraced ANY offensive system he’s ever had.

  561. I don’t call that exaggerating, GoodDayLA.

    I actually agree with you that Bryant largely has skipped practices.

    In the NBA, a player has to either practice fully and regularly for practices to not be an utter waste of time.

    Kobe Bryant has not practiced regularly since Phil Jackson was in his face ordering Bryant to practice with the team.

  562. Ok, this makes sense now. Kobe did not think he has regressed so much to a point he needs to retire, therefore, he is trying to move players around to see if that could help him score better. When Lin first came to LAL, he thought with Lin being PG, he could maintain his level, but that did not happen. So instead of thinking himself has regressed and become the problem, he blamed it on Lin and others, that is when Lin and Boozer lost their starter job. But now, I think even himself knows, he is the real problem, not other players. I think this is the explanation. He was in the denial stage before he moved Lin to the bench.

  563. I’ll rephrase it then.

    “That’s what Xavier Henry gets for cursing out his teammate Lin and not playing intelligent team basketball”.

  564. That is very strange. And unless the error was only on your ticket, then many, if not all passengers on that flight, could have arrived late too.

  565. that might be the case. Lin’s team plus talking to Boozer who got demoted will give him some ideas on how to speak up diplomatically.

    Boozer said publicly he disagreed with coach’s decision to bench him to express his unhappiness. Lin might’ve learned that’s the way to do it otherwise BScott kept reducing his minutes.

  566. Even if he knows, I dont think Kobe will ever acknowledge this is the problem at least publicly. Right now he can still tell himself he has weak Ronnie Price and some weak front court guys starting around him so it’s 1 on 5 in his mind.

  567. even Coach Phil couldn’t get Kobe to practice all the time, simply insane.

  568. It’s funny, as much as we joke Lin cannot play his game without fully command of the ball, Bryant is the same way! When Lin is on and has the ball, or even Swaggy P, Kobe even complained this year he got cold while his teammates got hot.

    It’s the same with Lin.

    Pretty interesting.

    I wish Lin got traded for Kyrie Irving. Lebron and LIn would be AWESOME. Kyrie would “save” LA.

  569. Coaches’ problem. They have to solve it if they wants to win more.

  570. Frank is a troll for sure. He pushes us ever closer to that line of anger and negativity. Lines like “Steve Ioki is the most overrated DJ ” has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that he is slandering another Asian. Frank is just a very Smart troll and should be encourage to either tone his rhetoric down or sent to another site.

  571. Prior playoffs minutes between Love and Irving is ZERO, these two players stat-pad at the expense of their team’s winning ways. Maybe Lebron finally realized now why those two players never made the playoffs before. I guess Lebron is also a poor talent evaluator like MJ. At least Lebron didn’t pick Kwame Brown with the 1st overall pick lol.


  572. It seems to be a trend where great players can see talent, sad really.

  573. If Kobe was smart, he’d have Lin, Young, Boozer, and Davis in the starting lineup with him! All he needs to do is ask Scott and he’d get it done.

  574. that’s 4 on 1 and Kobe can’t have that.

  575. Just remember, BS intended to start Price over Lin from game 1. But Price got injured, there seemed to be a struggle behind the scenes, and suddenly Lin started. BS said he would stick to the lineup for 20 games. Sure enough after 20 games, Lin and Price switched places for at least another 20 games. Will they switch back 9 games from now…

  576. There are always some stereotyped comments from ignorant people but they don’t represent the majority. No need to bring these to us constantly. It is not we don’t know. We just don’t bother to pay attention to these irrelevant things.

  577. You really have no idea of the hardship your Asian ancestors faced in America. It’s been less than 50 years since asians were granted the right to emigrate into the US. Before that Asians were levied a head tax like cattle. The railway workers were treated like slaves. Many of these workers never got to see their families again and we’re basically forced to just die off. You have no idea how much they suffered in silence in order for us to have solid grounds to walk upon. You really need to spend some time to learn and appreciate all that’s been done for us by those who came before us. In the older parts of China towns you’ll still hear Toisan spoken. They were the forebearers. Then came the Cantonese immigrants and finally the Maderine immigrants. None of that would have happened if Lydon B Johnson did change the laws in the mid 60s to allow legal immigration into america.

  578. “the man they hired to coach, David Blatt, has largely abandoned some of
    the more complicated aspects of his international offenses in order to
    kowtow to NBA orthodoxy,”

    This is damn sad. Blatt is a good coach looking like an NBA loser.

  579. Maybe we will. But BS only makes lineup changes every 20 games. LOL We have 9 more games to go…

  580. I agree. Posters so far have some degree of mutual respect to respectfully disagree.
    There’s so much negativity out there so we need to have healthy dose of 70%optimism & 30% reality.
    Otherwise we won’t be able to see hope.

    It needs self-restraint and mutual encouragement from posters on this site.
    Kudos for everyone who tries hard to do so 🙂
    Please keep up the good work!

  581. Well part of job is to make it work
    he needs to manage LeBron
    Man is out of control

  582. lebron is? how so?

  583. I doubt Kobe hates Phil who got him 5 rings, if not he wouldn’t have asked for his return before Lakers went ahead with Mike D’antoni! Heck if Phil didn’t leave Lakers, Kobe probably would have his 6 ring by now.

  584. Well you do need at least 2 stars to win a Championship. Watching the way Kobe plays, I can see why I never watched NBA after Michael Jordan retired until Linsanity.

  585. this site’s twitter account should stand up for Lin more often on statements like this and ask them to back it up.

  586. LeBron and Blatt and the Cavs probably will find more chance to succeed than Lakers by the end of the season because their goal is to win games. Lakers goal is definitely not about winning but “winning with Kobe as a hero”.
    And unfortunately the hero’s body has betrayed him due to his own ego.

  587. Agreed.

  588. There is a critical difference: Lin getting hot actually helps his teammates stat wise.

  589. Don’t be so happy yet, BS keeps rushing Ryan Kelly to return only to continuously re-injure his hamstrings. I bet BS doesn’t like how Lin and Young is getting all the glory and want to take away their minutes.

  590. By the the season would be “over”. Are Lakers out of the playoff picture yet in terms of ranking?

  591. Only if Mitch says so or depends on the power struggle between Jeanie and Jim Buss. If Lakers are tanking they aren’t doing a good job cause they are not at the bottom yet, Minnesota are.

  592. Hes taking over

  593. They’re doing well but they’ve had an easy schedule. Most losses are against the west.

  594. Great post.

    I hear so much bunk about how Lin “cannot succeed off the ball”.

    Actually, Lin is as good an off the ball player as there is in the NBA.

    When Lin doesn’t have the ball, he cuts and moves and siphons zones toward himself.

    Other NBA players could learn a lot from watching how Lin moves off the ball.

  595. Look at the rankings right now, Lakers’ ship for playoffs has sailed long ago.

  596. Looking at the rankings right now, what are the chances that both Spurs and Cavs won’t meet at finals?

  597. Means many players don’t have basketball/team fundamentals down.

  598. Well least he can retire this year and say he passed MJ’s scoring record. Of course Kobe wants to retire in glory with his last Championship but not happening, Duncan probably will.

  599. A LOT of players are poor talent evaluators.

  600. Pretty high.

    The Spurs age, particularly Ginobili, is catching up to them.

    I was highly critical of Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, as I feel that they are both selfish players with poor team fundamentals. Cleveland’s struggles do not surprise me.

  601. truth right there

  602. If Blatt had Lin, the Cavs could do all that fancy stuff that Blatt coaches.

    The problem with players in the NBA today is that they lack team fundamentals because they come out for the draft too early.

    Lebron James himself is lacking tons of fundamentals.

  603. We got the good Lin yesterday. Probably back to bad Lin for the next couple games.

  604. Lin is a unique player in that the more unselfish he is, the more his individual stats rise.

    In today’s NBA of hard traps and zone defenses, one would think that more guards would be playing as unselfishly as Lin in order to peel defenses off themselves!

    The one guy in the NBA other than Lin who understands that is Detroit’s Brandon Jennings who learned the game by playing overseas for tough coach Jasmin Repesa. Unfortunately for Jennings, he doesn’t have Lin’s size, strength, physicality, or shooting touch. That’s why Jennings struggles despite having a totally fundamentally
    sound approach to the game.

  605. Lin is a unique player in that the more unselfish he is, the more his individual stats rise.

    In today’s NBA of hard traps and zone defenses, one would think that more guards would be playing as unselfishly as Lin in order to peel defenses off themselves!

    The one guy in the NBA other than Lin who understands that is Detroit’s Brandon Jennings who learned the game by playing overseas for tough coach Jasmin Repesa. Unfortunately for Jennings, he doesn’t have Lin’s size, strength, physicality, or shooting touch.

  606. Ya! I’m also worry about that too… really don’t believe Scott will allow Lin to play long min … specially next game it’s on the road again.

  607. mmmm…..not bad~~!

  608. Psalm, for your interest, I voted 18 pts, which is very close to 19 pts! so……

  609. yes a new golf hole to address properly, zen and golf, and new snow I like that.

  610. bummer … as acbc says, onward! I say SW Air. V cheap if you go 3 weeks in advance.

  611. Yes sir!

  612. The good lin often happens if he gets that extra 5 minutes. Yesterday was 7 more minutes than he’s been planned for imo since his 2nd unit assignment.

  613. You you saying SAS will not make playoffs? Pops is giving Green and Joseph miles of time to get toughened.

  614. Guess claiming Black off the waivers could be the first domino to fall.

  615. Yes, probably a HEAVILY DEMOTED Lin the next few games.

  616. Please send Lin instead 🙂

  617. No, the Spurs will probably make the playoffs.

    They won’t have the dominant regular season and playoff record they had last year, mostly because Ginobili has been playing like a lower usage Kobe Bryant who has clean team fundamentals and attends practices!

  618. When was the last time BS gave the Lakers a day off? Practice is good but practice playing the wrong way can be a lot worse plus what good does it do if the very man who dominating the ball is hardly in the practice?

  619. Ok, let me know what you think of the Danny Green and Cory Joseph big minutes. I’m seeing them trade off good games. Seems when one is scoring, the other is not. Don’t think it’s the same as LAL or ball dominance, as when you see the game, they are all working for one another so it might just be working the ball to the hot hand.

    BTW, 2 things:

    1. have you seen Mirotic play this season? He really moves well, better then DMo and something like Cody Zeller.

    2. how about Hill to Cavs ? Will he get his numbers up again? Don’t really care, but wondering if even for him, it was LAL starter system.

  620. Haha….HOU WSH game…they have to roll out a back up rim now…….old one is completely out of alignment..

  621. Scott better takes 4 seasons to figure out how to play Kobe, but not in NBA please.

  622. This tweet says it all.

  623. Instead of adjusting the offense and defense, BS stays with Kobe, in fact he gave more power to Kobe to run the offense but even worse he rushed to bench the best pg of the team. Now if he reverses that decision only to tell the world that he was wrong and accept responsibility, that’s something he has never done and probably never will.

  624. Agreed. I called them stat padders too when Irving became an all star in his laughable team and every team was chasing Love. I was really surprised that James demanded Love.

  625. LOL

  626. i guess it’s more 1, if kobe didn’t like the move, he would say no to BS. of course, BS is biased too.

  627. Spurs have to deal with injuries, when one is back another one is out lol. They should be fine tho. Cavs have to learn to play together. We should see how it’s gonna be after mid-season it’s still early. I’d say 5% chances right now ^^

  628. “Need to accelerate this Tanking, we may win too many as Lin is taking over”

  629. Is Josh Smith on an extremely short leash?

  630. not to cavs they already got kyrie and bron
    Lin wont play much even if he does he wont touch the ball

  631. Get Hill off Lin’s team

    Send Hill to Cleveland where Hill will be the best defensive and most unselfish big man on the court!!!

  632. No Lin to outplay John Wall for Houston.

    Barring Lin’s 0-10 leg cramp outing, Lin has PUMMELED John Wall repeatedly since 2010. And Lin will continue to pummel Wall in future outings, particularly if Lin can get a coach who doesn’t hate Asians.

    I’ve been writing since the summer Houston has a bad backcourt and they’re gonna struggle big against the good teams.

  633. Wonderful post.

    The players know that Scott is wasting their time.

  634. Why don’t we try making Kobe actually attend practices so that the Lakers can figure out what to do with Kobe NOW??!

  635. Not farfetched thinking at all.

  636. A Jeremy Lin with Matthew Dellavadova backcourt in practices would MURDER the starting unit to the point where Lebron’s starters would not be able to compete in games!

    Delly, not Irving or Waiters, is Cleveland’s best guard.

  637. From you? That’s wonderful.

  638. consultants on the clock – takes 2 years to figure out what people who get paid by the output do in 1 day.

  639. send kyrie to LAL. Lebron said it, not a good team. Shuffle the deck.

  640. Ptt上寫了一段超好笑:
    “湖人教練每次賽後訪問都回答差不多的內容,不外乎就是捧老大 ,因此,以後記者來問湖人教練,就直接進語音系統吧: 問老大請按1、問老普請按2、問其他人請按3、或按9 由 發言人Jeremy Lin 為您服務!
    There’s a joke on Ptt:
    Lakers coach’s answers to the questions from the reporters seem almost the same every time after the game, i.e. nothing more than flattering Kobe. Therefore, it is recommended that you could call the
    Lakers’ via their voice – mail system , which will give you the following direction: if you want to know about Kobe, please press 1; Ronnie Price, press 2 ; the others, press 3, or just press 9, our spokesman Jeremy Lin will be with you right away. ”
    Many Lin fans here say, “I surely press 9 . “

  641. Kyrie cant play D but its all politics
    they wont let Lin play over Kyrie or Dion Waiters

  642. J Lin had back to back game with 3 blocks and 2 blocks. What kind of point guard was that? I’m pizzed when people lie about his lack of D.

  643. Plus Lin very much shut down I Thomas in the second half and Bledsoe in the 4Q.

  644. I’m with you!

  645. He’s desperately trying to stay relevant.

  646. Does this confirm everyone’s favorite conspiracy theory?

  647. I remember when big man had blocks like that the media made very big deal.

  648. Actually one aspect of Lin’s defense that nobody gives enough credit for is his size. I am not sure whether it is due to stereotyping. Lin is simply bigger and stronger than most point guards. At the same time, he also has the quickness to match most of them. Only the most athletic guards, like Bledsoe, have any chance of trying to power past Lin. With the right team support, we have seen him shut down Lillard, Parker, Deron Williams etc.

    Also, his effort and reading of the game is elite. The only thing average about Lin is his length. If he had great length, it would be literally unfair for any PGs to be guarded by Lin.

  649. Take a year to figure it out……if he’s in football league in Europe, he would be fired long ago before Christmas!

    Lakers FO & Buss family: Patience is a virtue

  650. The contrast in their attires.

  651. Of course. As soon as you figure it out you get fired.

  652. Stu: deceptive rebounding ha ha. Lin always had good reb until McHale told him no, let Bev and Harden have those. On LAL, he can get them on both ends without penalty, as long as he doesn’t outshine price, kobe, and stays at the top of the half court unless it’s his usage turn. What a system, freedom and short leash all at once.

  653. politics dictates you don’t figure it out faster than the rest of the organization, else you get frenemies.

  654. what do you mean? I took it he just likes his new stats from Lin …

  655. Don’t worry. BS and the Lakers are quite good at using Soviet style propaganda to justify their actions. And if you keep repeating the same lies often enough the people will eventually believe you. e.g. “It’s so hard to resist the temptation to put Kobe back in the game.”

  656. LOL. I had no idea what he was referring to. You think he’s ok with coming off the bench now cause his stats improved. Hmm.

  657. This is getting interesting between Lebron and Blatt…and the plot thickens:


  658. Stu: Lin had weird stats last game, 3 blocks. SMH ><" It's exactly these false narrative and bias about his defense that Lin needs to show case his blocking skills in his overall stats if he can do it consistently!

  659. Arrogance of the superstars! Lebron does it openly while Kobe does it indirectly.

  660. the sucke… rockets are losing to the wizards… welcome to the josh smith era…haha

  661. There are actually basketball fans who don’t believe Lin is better than John Wall when I tell them on twitter quite said. John Wall has his own team and flashy dunks but Lin is much better than him! The only time Lin didn’t outplay John was this season on the Lakers.

  662. What is josh smith weakness?

  663. I gotta say, after viewing a lot of the internet nba gossip, a lot of teams are falling apart. It will be interesting to see who is left standing for the playoffs. Lebrons manufactured championship team is not panning out how he thought it would be. Kevin Love was benched in the 4th Q against the Heat. Serge Ibaka is not getting enough touches of the ball because of Westbrook’s ball hogging(because Thunder management is scared to call him on it) Hill might get traded to Cleveland. Kobe sitting out two games, didn’t spark any interest in the sports media whatsoever. and the plot thickens…..

  664. really don’t care if he ever get it figured out…. Jlin will be playing his brand of bball somewhere else…. FU bs.

  665. FO & Buss Family are too preoccupied with their own internal power struggle to deal with to think about finding a new coach.

  666. everything from what I have seen… except he wears a mean head band… hehe

  667. lol I’m sure he’s loving his new stat line from playing with Lin. If only Lin had the same easy assists from his teammates =/

  668. The state of Lakers for this season rest squarely on the owners, they should not have allowed Kobe to “choose” the Lakers coach. And worst of all did not stop this nonsense of Kobe sparingly practice with the team.

  669. It’s going to be an interesting playoff and finals this year. At this rate I think Warriors will be favorites to win it all.

  670. The root of all sins is Kobe’s ridiculous contract, overestimating his impact on TV ratings.

  671. While Spurs quitely work its way up
    and Toronto play solid
    NBA’s full of drama and people love that

  672. The rox lost to the wizards with Josh smith on the bench. …hard to be a big 3 cornerstone off the bench…. haha

  673. I predicted that Rox would be the next Knicks last summer and I still believe it.

  674. Nah they wont they are too good for that

  675. hes on an extremely short leash

  676. My man says sport is men’s gossip lol

  677. No, I’d rather be spared of another harrowing experience of sorting through Metalogic aka Lion Ho aka Solidz vs Khuang epic saga. It really got extremely ugly back then in the other site.

  678. They don’t like PB that much now. He was not on 4Q until Terry made that TO then he finally back around 4 min left…. Ya! I don’t think Josh Smith really helps them that much. Just like when D12 had good game then TJ always played poor.. but they got Brewer who’s really good pick for them. smh!

  679. Doesn’t matter… the Jlin karma will haunt the rox as long as they are under the current ownership and management

  680. heat really need a pg lost to orlando. chalmers had 2 points – 12 play 31 minutes. his back up cole played 35 minutes scored 6 points +4. god i wish it happens.

  681. Yeah, Chalmers is similar to Fisher, who is Kobe’s favorite type of PG. Somebody should remind Kobe/Scott to force this good deal.

  682. LOL all rumors yepp
    Men are pretty dramatic too and sensitive

  683. Last summer I lost my putting touch and it started to ruin my short game as well. The pressure spread to every other stroke to get the ball closer to the hole to make par. I finally fixed it by spending some time on the putting green. Nothing worked, no technical change or perfect alignment nor perfect stroke did a thing. Eventually I just stop thinking and started to just see the ball roll it’s path into the hole. That’s the amazing thing about our human capacity to perform beyond what we think is our limits instead of calling forth the powers of our imagination. I regained my touch and confidence by shutting out “paralysis by analysis.”

    Dr Bob Rotella wrote a series of books on the psychology of golf. In the intro to his book “Golf is Game of Confidence”, he states that confidence is playing with your eyes. All target sports requires that your eyes can see the target with absolute clarity, UNdistracted by past failures or doubt. A pitcher locks his eyes on the catcher’s mitt and the body does the rest. “In every sport, confidence separates winners from also-rans. The best athletes combine confidence with physical competence. But every coach I’ve known will pick the confident player instead of one that is more physically gifted but lack confidence.”

    I don’t know what is bothering LIN and his poor shooting but it may only be injury related. It maybe time for him to just stop obsessing on techigue and visualize his shot, it’s arc and seeing the ball follow that path into the hoop.

  684. Chalmers is Charmin.

  685. if a coach pulls a player out right after he scores, it will destroy his shooting percentage.

  686. been there. Freezing temps do that to you

  687. Does rocket still praise pb like last year?

  688. No… no need to this year

  689. That Nathan Gottlieb’s good dog tweet keeps flashing in my mind.

  690. No. They didn’t talk too much about him not even his D… They like Ariza & Brewer a lot. Also like Terry too.

  691. Hate Houston Rockets w/ passion , but at least he has someone to hangout w/ (fake or not ) -Parson Chandlers.

    @JLin7 in Denver .(Minus 12 degrees).pic via JLin's FB pic.twitter.com/vtO2m2rY89— Penny Lee (@penny10654) December 30, 2014

  692. Dude Parsons and Garcia were the only real friends of Jlin! All those losers in Rockets weren’t certainly not that fake scrub Pat Bev! It’s dumb how Bev said he wasn’t friends with Parsons and Lin after they left, lol as if they were even friends to begin with! They were only colleagues at best! I feel sorry for Garcia for staying with that loser team.

  693. The Knicks system broke down because key leaders got too old to play, especially kid. If the rockets have any downfall it is morey obsession to keep dealing. He manages with a fantasy basketball mentality rather then let chemistry develop

  694. That’s why it is very risky for a player to have a say in hiring, because most player’s interest is their stats, not wins. Melo definitely had it and look at Knicks today. Kobe has it and Lakers are going down really fast after PJ left. Rox are the next.

  695. Lin gets rebounds where a point guard should properly get rebounds, right under or over the free throw line. The point guard should be getting the long rebounds and run. Don’t steal the bigs rebounds right next to the rim. That’s there job. Beverly would get those rebounds artificially inflating his rebounding stats. This would leave him too far under the basket to run and on offensive rebounds if he missed would leave him out of position to stop the other team from running. In other words he played the wrong way.

  696. Blocks are hard to get for a guard, … you’re right if her focuses on it, he would stand out.

  697. Sure if he gets to play his game. 15m to pay happy lol

  698. Beverly is a scrub but how is harden not effective. Lin and harden couldve been an elite backcourt.

  699. This. Creates superstition instead of foundation.

  700. Did you seed garden only ball last three possessions? He made three threes. Good for wiz.

  701. HILL is just not smart…he needs a very good shot creator to play with him.

  702. Or wsj in its day.

  703. More fragile.

  704. yeah the horden is padding his stats.

  705. Need Bogut

  706. Hmmm. Legend says good game tomorrow!

  707. They were trading buckets. I wanted that for Lin. Hou had a chance, but they could not get a foul on a cold shooter. Beal was hot.

  708. Joe Harris is only a rookie, and Hill cost even more than Lin, don’t think Cavs has any space to do that kind of trade.

  709. also I don’t get why Lakers would sign Hill with 9M, who would trade for 9M for Hill even it is expiring contract. Cavs even they apply for injured player exemption, still could not cover Hill。

  710. also the grounded jet terry had a shot blocked then proceed to turn over the ball the next possession…. loved it!!!!

  711. Spurs are such a crazy team. two games with 3OT without their 2 of their best players in Parker and Leonard and Patty Mills!

    Timmy’s bounce for Triple OT was just wicked!

    Grizzlies and Spurs Battle it Out in Triple-OT

    The Blazers and Spurs Duel in Another Triple Overtime Thriller

  712. You’re not alone, I’m predicting the same Knicks fate after the 2nd year Lin left! 1st year both teams want to prove they don’t need Lin nor any of his Linsanity teammates then reality bites them!

  713. lol So true and if you wrong them they will remember it forever….

  714. True without Bogut they are in trouble. Either way a Finals with the same intensity as the back to back 3OT games of Spurs would be extremely entertaining, so happy just thinking about it!

  715. When you have 3 stars and their record looks like the Cavs, coach needs to go… It’s too bad Lebron couldn’t drag Erik Spoelstra to the Cavs with him which I was surprised! You don’t create a new Champ team without the original coach who got you there! I’m sure he misses and regrets leaving the Heat now.

  716. very true for Lin this year this year. Last year, it looked to me like bev and harden were snarfing them up under the rim to each side. Maybe Lin didn’t have his last year because that team shot v well and most of the bricks could have been eaten up by D12.

  717. got it :]
    Let me check if you’re winner-winner-chicken dinner!

  718. very true … now with ailing Kobe, we’re about to find out how they plan to use Lin. Feature to trade or retain or wait around for Kobe’s health

  719. This is straight out of the MCHALE handbook on how to shut down LIN by attacking his confidence and replace it with doubt. Last November, Lin went into a slump after he got bench again after his magical week of 2 games over 30 pts and was second as player of the week. It became clear then that no matter what he did, he’ll never start for the Rox again. Not many players could have survived such devastating mental attack. Is it any wonder LIN is also going through a slump now after having lost his starting job to yet another scrub? LIN is so mentally tough that he IS able to brush it aside and in time find his game again.

  720. well. reading about Cavs coach/Lebron turmoil, it won’t be a clear mission for Hill there either.

  721. been reading something regarding America’s society, this kind of reflects the general behavior of our society and thus how a business like NBA operates in our country, I copied some of the sentences to here:

    “…The United States is fast becoming…image-oriented, emphasizing style over substance, symbols over reality…the communication media, particularly TV, are primarily concerned with attracting attention so that the public can be sold something…the only guideline is the ability to
    gain attention: what is noticed and in demand has value. People are so seduced by the slick package that they often do not realize that there is nothing in it…Exhibitionism and self-promotion are becoming acceptable as people do whatever it takes to be noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.”

    reading it kind of get me going thinking about: hero-balls, no-d superstars, becoming a chuck-machine instead of play to win…etc, and how the NBA seems to like to promote these player attitudes…because the audience in our country BUYS IT!!

    sorry if it is too long but i hope some of you enjoy reading

  722. I long for the old days of honest American hard work ethic … think the core of that has softened.

  723. I believe he can, Lin hasn’t reached his full potential yet! Unlike these fake stars he hasn’t gotten a fair run without worrying about his mistakes and minutes being cut! These stars can get up to 35 minutes which Lin never got these 3 years! If he played 33-35 minutes per game he’d have several 30 pt games by now!

  724. Interesting analysis, I agree except some times (ex: Lakers) the bigs aren’t there for rebounds or offensive rebounds such as that one handed tip-in by Lin last game! In fact i think Lin should go for those offensive rebounds more often especially when so many of Lakers so called “bigs” take mid jumpers instead!

  725. I have not stayed in US long enough to know it this is a true statement or not. I feel it is in general true in many places…LOL

  726. Coaching is more Art than science. Each player needs different buttons pushed. Some like firm guidelines and discipline that relieves them from overthinking. Others are freethinkers that needs to be unbridled. LIN was lucky to have MDA unbriddle him in NYC. Like MDA said “sometimes, you just got to let them play”. It takes a great coach to orchestrate a team’s different personalities and make them work as a unit.

  727. If that happens, I hope to have those weeks off from work ha ha.

  728. It is not worthy to get either..

  729. so the mantra can be … just stay cool, play well, don’t get hurt, get your own team next time … you are prob right, we can prob see 2 of those wall, rose blocks from behind every half season.

  730. There are just depends on the type of business, many food service workers are very hardworking and I’m not talking about McDonald’s.

  731. man…beautiful basketball, even during the crunch time ball passes almost to everyone’s hand before shooting, everyone can take the last shot, we all know in huston and lakers the ball just sticks on 1 guy’s hand while everyone just stand still watching the chuck-in-process lol

  732. To be fair Duncan and Manu did take a few more shots during crunch time. Kinda wish Manu didn’t chuck those misses for the lost games. Of course compared to Lillard just ball hogging and taking over, Spurs are obviously the better team. Spurs will be unstoppable once Parker and Leonard gets back but I feel both Parker and Manu are getting too old and their wear are starting to show. If they win this 6th ring, I think it’s truly time for Timmy and Manu to retire. Duncan 38, Manu 37. Parker is 32 might still have a few years left but will he be able to compete with the faster younger PGs? Maybe just maybe Pop will want to sign Lin as Manu’s replacement before Parker retires.

  733. its not that employees are hard-working or not, its the business itself spends a lot on advertising and promoting instead of like improving their products….
    and you know there’s a lot of employees just pretend to be hardworking in front of management :p

  734. many places are trying to adopt the US way…

  735. I agree. I think the issue is the 1% vs 99%. When I was a kid, my dad could afford to raise a family on one salary, not much consumer debt hanging over us, and govts spent ok. Yes, society was not as open minded, so that wasn’t as good.

    Now, CA has 10-13% tax, roads and schools are a mess, and the disappearing middle class is causing ppl to go into debt to appear like they are staying up. Result … TV, sports, pastimes, etc to placate the masses. The opiate of the masses has been written about for ages. The famous Marie Antoinette quote – let them eat cake if true, is an indication of how badly it can go between haves and have nots.

    What America needs is to reform laws to help the middle class flourish more. I don’t mean socialism – just go back to more protective so if you work hard, you can make it. Or, if you don’t try to ascend but work hard, your family is safe. I once met a swedish gal who said they system they have, everyone is taxed so much with such a good social safety net that the youth have no incentive to strive. On our side here, ppl are losing sleep because only a few can make it to the 1%.

    BTW, when I was younger, I visited Korea, Taiwan, and Japan on one long long business trip. I could see the emergence of the middle class from Korea none, to Taiwan few, to Tokyo lots. That is good for a society. For example, in Taipei back then, you either had the very inexpensive local restaurants or the v high end clubs. I imagine today, there are many more places ppl can go.

    America is losing its middle class economic power, unfortunately.

    So, I don’t blame ppl as much as now our govt has allowed the goodness of the American way (first 200 yrs) go soft on the good ppl.

  736. hope they copy our first 200 years, copy right away the civil rights stuff, and skip the recent 30 hehe.

  737. Lucky kids, in a hotel for holiday travels and runs into Lin.

  738. v funny face pose … looks like Grumpy if he were 3.5 ft shorter.

  739. This is certainly a growing trend with social media and style-over-substance celebrities leading the trend for the next generation to share everything about nothing, kinda like the digital Seinfeld theme.

    And the US style is certainly copied by many other countries, for better or worse.

    I guess we can only be thankful for the few positive role models like Jeremy Lin for the next generation, that they can make a difference in other people’s lives without over-emphasizing theirs first in order to be loved and accepted by others.

  740. As Briiick said below, it prob is easy to fix a golf or tennis swing because you know you can stay out there. For Lin, he has to do all that in a narrow window of time with somewhat random minutes raining from 14 to 2-what. Maybe he can improve with personal game plans and visualizations for at least 15 minutes by 2. That way, he can react off how the game goes, instead of letting the game run everything given Kobe and Coaching variability. I think that’s what’s messing with his head … the crazy randomness that is no game/opponent/hotstreak related.

  741. Not really if you’re suppose to be off work but returns to see if they need extra help. =) Could be for the money but still. I for one would not do that, when I’m done I can’t wait to go home.

  742. I wonder how the young generation falls in love nowadays. Every day they can see the same selfie on yet another post somewhere. How does a guy get past all that shallow stuff, it’s quite a gauntlet these days? I have to understand this to be a good dad.

  743. That’s the problem with American too many franchises and big box stores killing the chances of individual businesses besides restaurants.

  744. Started in the LBJ’s Great Society that dumb-down the minority community, took away the self-serve, self -reliance capability. Great Society singled out one section of our society and created a hand-out program, instead of an inspiration to reach for betterment of individual ability. Plus, about 60 years ago, the Universities started a false teaching of an intellectual doctrine that suppresses minority and individual entrepreneurship. The control of general population by a small elite group was the central effort to crush the American way. Life goes on.

  745. An individual sport is actually very difficult to correct. That’s exactly why so many sports psychologists are hired by golfers and tennis players. They need a second eye to sort out the puzzle of their fluctuating confidence that seems to come and go with no warning. In a team sport situation, the coach and assistants all chip in to help players adjust to the flow of the game. The teammates also help to fend off negativity.

    LIN is put into a situation to fail by his own coaches. He is given conflicting directives and is damned he does and damned he doesn’t. If he scores too much he is selfish. Oh he passes too much he is weak and needs to piss on the hydrant.

    LIN will figure it out, he’s already been through a lot worst with the Rox. Right now he’s already peeled away enough of the negativity to breath again.

  746. I think Spurs will aim for a lower tov% PG. Just guessing…

  747. I think charmers is under rated…

  748. Garcia is no longer with the Rockets. He was waived a few weeks back. I don’t think he has a new team yet.

  749. ah, ok. You’re right – it’s so hard to work alone to fix something. But I’m saying you can control more if it’s just you and the tee or approach. Lin has to deal with so many more unwanted distractions. But yeah, getting a ball into a hole 500 yards away is harder than shooting a basket.

  750. well, I’ve been reading about financial laws that favor the rich get richer, etc. Lots of good studies on the increase of the top 1% in last 30 years. Not much I can do about about it because I was busy trying to do my part in society. It’s going to take a lot of smart people wisdom to right this oil tanker.

  751. DEN PreGame Thread+Poll is now open


    i will post new Poll leaders there

  752. true. There us Food Inc, a dvd. I think they link low cost fast food as cheapest calories one can get, and it’s also very unhealthy. The poor buy that up in droves. It’s affected all of our food, because fast food dictates how chickens are bred so you go to the grocery story and it’s the unhealthy-grown kind. Eggs too. etc. The grass-fed and organic movement is wise. A lot of this has to be because of population growth. Dunno how this should be better. When I was a kid, it was just being scared of the earthquake and the cold war. Nowadays, there’s more to be scared about. Guns and society, food chain, economies of the world, etc.

  753. IMO, the creation of corporation produced subdivision living. AND a satellite of small and large elites controls the life of a huge population. I am thankful everyday that I am not in that population. I encourage all our kids to avoid corporate living, avoid corporate ladders, but, create your own business and make an impact on a small scale. You have better quality of living.

  754. So smart.

  755. The reason the rich get richer and rarely regular people is because they get the money first. YouTube money masters. The first half is long but important to understand the concept of money so you understand the rest. This is three hour documentary. If you have not seen it before I warn you everything you hear in the media especially about politics and the economy will flip your world around. This is almost like the matrix Movie where you choose the red or blue pill. Either live happy in ignorance or pull the curtain and expose the machines.


  756. the moment when the Bible was removed from public school

  757. I was never exposed to the Bible in public school, but I did go to church. It did teach me good values, but I’m sorry to say, there were some very bad actors in institutional religion too. Gets in the way of personal faith and fellowship, so what are ya gonna do? One is personally responsible for being a good person who strives to be better, no matter what the external stakes are. Oh, I guess that’s JLin hehe …

  758. scary. That’s why we need govt, to solve bigger problems that indivs cannot understand or fathom. Grover – don’t have 3 hrs right now to listen … thx will look into it.

  759. Yeah, let me know if you want big government to solve our problems after watching the documentary.

  760. um, I am a believer govt is charter to do the greater good that free trade or citizens cannot. Like, roads, public spaces, laws for the greater good, univ research, etc. Just because govt has failed us in many places doesn’t mean the reason for govt goes away. I’m not saying it was perfect back in the 50s, I wasn’t around to know. But, for sure Eisenhauer was right in calling out the military industrial complex in peacetime. He wasn’t harmed by his position, but we can see his ideals were not fixed by govt either. It’s up to you younger folks now. Really. Good govt has an important role, so don’t give up sir!

  761. like boozer hill these guys will never forget

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