G31 PHX @ LAL Game Thread

Byron Scott is setting up Kobe as the hero to win the game while still sharing the ball.

Will Kobe try to pass more in the 1st half and drain more ‘clutch’ shots in the 4th quarter?

We all know everything will revolve around making Kobe to be the hero in a win.

Will Lin play more than 22 min?

Whatever it may be, Go JLin! 

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  1. Let’s go Jlin! !!! Make dragic the tragedy that he is.

  2. 2nd

  3. Starter or bench?

  4. lol pregame chatter … has anyone noticed how on SAS, lately, Danny Green and Cory Joseph seem to switch off hot/cold days? It’s almost like Pop says … ok, today is your day, Danny, and we’re going to you. Etc. I don’t watch SAS games regularly, just notices the box scores and wondered what ppl think.

  5. Since Black is a rooky, I presume he will play from bench.

  6. Which means Jlin Nick clarkson and Black can play fast breaks. That maybe more exciting to watch.

  7. except that Byron has to do something to elevate Hill’s game because it’s hurting the team. No clue what he can do as coach, and agree with you Black will have to play from the Bench. Hmmm … Booz back to 1st unit, Davis to 2nd lol. Or just Byron’s messy 4th Q where he leaves Kobe in, Booz in, Lin sometimes, swag sometimes, price whatever, and lately, Jumping Jack Clarkson (great moves sometimes, just wild sometimes). BSc seems so unorganized …

  8. No idea. Don’t watch any NBA games except JLin games. Since he is in Lakers. Lost my interest of watching games almost from few games after seeing too much of KOBE ball. Since he was benched, I didn’t watch but picked up to watch a little only when he played well:-)

  9. hm, doesn’t he have to pass a physical test first before he can play?
    Maybe he did already.

    But yes, should be off the bench

  10. BS didn’t have any “brain” as a coach. Don’t even spend time to figure him out except he is the best Tank Commander and Ego Massager in NBA.

  11. BSc has nice suits lol.

  12. 1 day waiting?

  13. Byron said Tarik Black will join team tomorrow and take customary
    physical. Hope is that he will be available for Tuesday’s game vs Denver.

  14. yeah, I haven’t watched Spurs either lately.
    Knowing Pops, he’ll always go with the hot hands to develop everyone’s confidence and rest everyone as much in the regular season.

    That’s why the Spurs always contends in the playoff :]
    Pop is the best. I hope Lin gets a chance to at least visit Spurs for the FA next July.

  15. yeah, it’s hard to be patient for Lin to get his chance again but one of these says …. hmm .. Linsanity will ride the wave as Chronos leaves!

  16. ah ok .. makes sense.

  17. Did LAL gives up player to acquire Black?

  18. That’s interesting. Will check it out.

  19. get lost ellington Lin needs to stop deferring to this scrub

  20. In his previous interview,
    Lin said they had to “cater to kobe” and “find a balance”
    so if Kobe is your best player, shouldnt he be helping you guys and therefore cater to you? lol
    that sounds like a diss to kobe
    the team is bearing with kobe lol
    nice job LIN!

  21. SAS is pretty fun against Rox today. Let’s go SAS while we wait …

  22. Did you notice the score between Harden the cornerstone and Corey B? Apparently Corey is more efficient.

  23. they waived XH.

  24. Just because you said that, I’ve put the TVC on. Go Spurs!!

  25. I get tired of hearing Byron Scott say “on the defensive end”. He’s no defensive guru.

  26. Boozer did say he “talked” about defense a lot in practice

  27. Pre-game shootaround
    Need to click webstagram link


  28. because he does not know how to coach O lol

  29. Funny Bev description by Sean Elliott (ex-Spurs) LOL


  30. Corey is having some nice games. I hope SAS beat them down the stretch. LOL announcers calling out no D by Rox. SAS having some beautiful ball movement. Rox in it because of the star system, and I’m hoping SAS wins this with some great end game play.

  31. Danny green getting focus of Rox D now and Joseph and Mills stepping up. What a team, in-game handoffs of heat. Imagine that.

  32. Great Tduncan takes a charge from Harden down the stretch! Kobe said he’d never take one, that’s for others. Joseph to Duncan for small on that possession. 98-91 and just say less than 2 mins before, it was tied. Go Spurs!

  33. Harden with 6 TO a +/- minus 15. Comparable to Mr. Kobe.

  34. Spurs basketball is an art, so beautiful to watch and you can’t stop asking for more. On the other hand, Rockets basketball….nevermind.

  35. LOL!

  36. announcers having a fun day drawing out all the spurs plays. BBall clinic for me.

  37. BS is just bs talker.

  38. YES!

  39. Let’s see how many minutes KB will play. I would say around 35m. If overtime, will be

  40. Manu made a beautiful pass off his drive to find Bonner for a corner 3.
    I just imagined Lin in a black Spurs jersey doing the same move in 2015 :]

  41. just love TDuncan. Missed a FT, rubbed his head and swung his arms like a kid.

  42. Manu with a fake pass to Duncan off his drive to get Howard to try to block.
    Wrap-around pass to Duncan under the basket to get fouled. 2 FTs

    Also, Lin in black Spurs jersey doing the same move. :]

  43. The Big Fundamental, baby!
    Please postpone 1 more year of retirement, Tim.

    Tim always picked up Lin off the floor after fouling him :]

  44. Seems like a good pickup for Lakers. Rockets have released many good players: Lowry, Dragic, Patterson, Asik, Parsons, Lin…

  45. Lin plus 2 years, please.

  46. Amazing handle by the beard!

  47. LOL Harden just bounced the ball out-of-bound with fancy dribble off-his-foot with a chance to tie it with a 3

  48. with you watching this …. if Lin + Spurs, I’d have to take a leave of absence from work for 8 mos lol.

  49. LOL .. we’ll be laughing too much every 2-3 nights

  50. lol calling patty mills the tasmanian devil D.

  51. stat pad me some Danny Green – he earned it! Seal the game, Danny!

  52. Brent is right. Ariza is better than PArsons.

    Trevor Ariza can sure make his open 3

  53. James Worthy picked Jeremy as the player that should be making impact tonight.

  54. Only if he’s allowed to play…

  55. I have to say Harden is better than Kobe in passing the ball.
    With him covered, he passed to a wide-open Ariza

  56. earlier announcer’s clinic … I think they were saying fox PG D cheating PG to the left, and Dmo was on the wrong side of the court by 8 ft. That’s a Rox coaching mistake.

  57. Go Lin Go!

  58. harden is v young, and his ego isn’t as intense as Kobe’s. I would think he’s not going to give up the ball when he wants it, but he also doesn’t exude as much ball vacuum as kobe’s spirit. V deflating to play with that kind of 1-1 sucking vacuum when you have teammates that want to win together.

  59. Danny Green sealed the win for Spurs against the Rockets with his free throw. Spurs are such a classy team. Wish Jeremy Lin can join them this off season. Pelicans would be most ideal but not sure whether the organization will marginalize him for Anthony Davis even though a star PF is the best fit for a star PG!

  60. okay! SAS wins now onto LAL hehe.

  61. lol i cant stop watching jeremy lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=242H7F8DKHA

  62. 😀

  63. Hmmm, maybe Worthy has an insider info that Jeremy will play more minutes tonight? lol. He’s expecting Jeremy to have 12 pts/7ast and praised his passing from last game.

  64. Sweeeeeeeeetttt!!! Go Lakers Go!

  65. there’d be too many good comments to read, too many highlights, too many articles, and waaay too many team players to get to know with all the ball sharing. At least on LAL, we only need to know about Ed Davis and Clarkson.

  66. only 12 pts?

  67. Non! Vu can’t escape… u r linned for life!

  68. lol although no more lakers broadcast

  69. well Jeremy plays his usual allowed 18 to 20 min

  70. oh well, we used to believe Kobe is more accomplished and won 5 rings so he won’t ball-hog as much.

    we were so wrong :[ but oh well, live & learn

  71. Rockets are trying to prove they are a better team without Parsons, Asik, and Lin. It’s not going to last, be ready for a Rockets meltdown next season.

  72. exactly

  73. 30 minutes lol yea right

  74. Kobe?

  75. Still want the Spurs to beat Warriors in Finals for an back to back Championship! Pretty sure Cavs won’t make it to the finals.

  76. Help…any live link? mine not working 🙁

  77. Always nice to see Rox losing… :p

  78. Kobe will play less minutes…… no more than 36 tonight.

  79. I can go with that … Want TD to retire as revered as they come.

  80. sure we will see

  81. well, we don’t have to be hard on ourselves. We are trusting but verifying dudes. No veracity lol.

  82. I’ll try to be the 2nd prophet after @Jeremiah

    Kobe will pass in 1st half and only shoot 3-5 times
    Then Kobe the hero will shoot in 4th quarter to become the HERO.


  83. See y’all after the game. Tryin’ to see if my wife will let me watch (by convincing her to watch hehe). Go Lin!

  84. then LAL loses down the stretch, but hey, it’s Showtime …

  85. lol Get another TV.

  86. Kobe: “Yeah, these people paid tickets to watch MY greatness!”

  87. BS is still in the game!

  88. ha hard knock life lmao

  89. Thank you all… got it.

  90. Go Len!
    oops.. wrong one 😀

  91. yup, I expect the same thing during playoff pressure

  92. Price is beginning to score and shoot pretty well now.

  93. Only 1st quarter then disappears like few games ago like what announcers said.

  94. just like his 14pt-quarter a few games back
    he’s a streaky shooter

  95. Next season? I’d say, before ASG, full blown after ASG lol

  96. Yeah, but Lin isn’t scoring. If Price provides scoring and does OK offensively, then that doesn’t open a spot for Lin.

  97. So is Lin
    and pretty much anyone in the league lol
    but price is generally bad

  98. They are coming more often now. He’s not so horrible at shooting now most games.

  99. sheesh…at the moment he seems to be on fire.

  100. Tying Michael Jordan’s rings and passing Kobe XD

  101. Lin should not afraid of a teammate plays well. He just need to focus on his own plays. He improved a lot on defence, and if he gets lucky to have his own coach allow him to attack and the teammates do the same, then we can relive Linsanity again

  102. Lin isnt doing much either so Price will be a starter for a while
    Lin needs to bring out his best

  103. it might be easier to practice a lot before game, and he shot in the first couple of minutes only. That’s the advantage being a starter.

  104. He has a coach that isn’t keen on playing him much. Anyway, Price will come back to Earth and shoot terribly again soon enough. He’s not a good shooter/scorer.

  105. Confidence is a wonderful thing and trust—-Price right now

  106. Kobe haven’t show symptoms of “withdrawal” yet. Maybe 2nd half.

  107. Jeremy’s in a bit early…

  108. 1 D stop first play.

  109. The assist rebounds and defense helped lin in BS eyes last game

  110. Haha…Kobe reduced minutes? NO fking way… still out there…

  111. That was a bad TO.. oh well

  112. Lin needed to be careful to get the trailing guy poked the ball from behind
    Rondo did the same last game.

  113. Lin moving more with Kobe handling the ball, glad he’s doing that instead of just standing around! Gotta cut to the basket or move closer to Kobe in order for him to pass you the ball!

  114. 2 prevents, 1 TO, 1 blown assist dunk Ed Davis, 1 good dive for FTs. About 2.5 mins.

  115. pizza man always foul-level reaches in on lin and gets away with it a lot

  116. true .. D’Antoni did the same with Lin with much higher ceiling, of course.

  117. It’s weird watching kobe so passive
    not used to this lol

  118. Lin doesn’t look right. Was he fouled on that shot. And Kobe has played almost the entire first quarter again.

  119. indeed. lin stands around too much otherwise

  120. yah he will be shooting free throws i believe

  121. Knowing BS reduced minutes mean playing longer certain quarters and sitting out others.

  122. He found Ed. Ed doesn’t blow many. Hope he gets some run with Ed this game.

  123. Lack of communication. His teammates have to yell at him to warn him

  124. Was or wasn’t Ed blocked by Plumlee?

  125. lol announcers giving geriactric props … stu: good job kobe could jump back up on his miss to deflect it to Booz. LOLOLOL

  126. Great one handed rebound for his 2 point!

  127. wow..what’s that!

  128. So now Jeremy is a deceptive rebounder?!?!??! Really, Stu?!??!

  129. lol refs

  130. wow… these refs

  131. Friggin’ Jeremy boxes out better than the bigs.

  132. Phoenix Suns so bias 2 fouls on Lin!

  133. you got the feeds, baby.

  134. Well… he loves Price.

  135. Lin chill dont foul too much
    youre an attacking pg chill wiht the defense

  136. JLin better get mad and go at Isiah thomas!!

  137. this ref is such a cheat

  138. Yeah…shame on these refs

  139. LOL thought you were watching. Not in office though, no instant replays for me *pouting*

  140. Wow, you’re not kidding.

  141. Nah those were fouls

  142. Phoenix Suns Refs did that last time when Lin played against Isiah Thomas!!

  143. yeah, I missed it, was the initiation to Sacre a blown pass or was he using the glass (lol).

  144. definitely some defensive star calls from having 1 ring

  145. F*king ridiculous foul calls against Jeremy. Just ridiculous

  146. Family watching football. so I get to be here on my laptop and earphones. Modern tech … so much family bonding.

  147. Dont want to watch it anymore.

  148. Lin is not allowed to touch anybody if he doesn’t want to get fouls called on him

  149. The scrub, Stu another racist obviously.

  150. lol

  151. As long as they call them against Pheonix when Lin goes into his moves. And that’s what Lin should look to do, punish that little punk Thomas. I used to like him but not any more and Lin should just take it to him.

  152. He is loved and supported

  153. I’ve been saying it’s part of the script of 1st half.
    Pass first in 1st half, then shoot in Q4 to be the hero :]

    I can read Kobe like a book now haha..

  154. that was really awkward, like an old codger using long out of date terms you know what …

  155. What is there to “aim”? You either play him those minutes or you don’t….unless you are not the coach.

  156. BS continues to fit his nickname perfectly, all talk!! Really!

  157. That frickin’ basket… sheesh.

  158. In other words if they are losing he expect Kobe to play more minutes lol.

  159. Kobe and BS are nothing if not predictable.

  160. the repeated bias/discrimination against lin by the refs makes me really not take the NBA seriously or care much about any of it. the ones who succeed don’t necessarily deserve to succeed and vice versa — there’s no legitimacy to it.

  161. LOL, I guess BS doesn’t need to take out Lin with 2 quick fouls since he won’t play him more than 20 minutes anyway.

  162. Jeremy can’t do help D too much in this game.
    Isaiah Thomas is too dangerous with his 3s.
    Just need to deny him the ball or give it up

  163. Lin needs to keep his eyes on his man before help. SMH

  164. 2nd unit more fun to watch than 1st unit.

  165. He should intimidate this guy with his size and strength

  166. Nick Young 3 for 3 on Fire!!

  167. yes. a mid J!

  168. Nice pull-up J by J!

  169. The heat is on…. come on!!!!! we want more!

  170. NYoung makes 3s thats cool and all but hes annoying

  171. Young keeping his defender honest and opens up JLin for his jumpers!

  172. Keep shooting

  173. phenix comentators talked about lins trade rumors to miami and detriot

  174. yes, and great to see Lin take the open jumper.
    Sometimes he would try to find Young again :]

  175. OK, now he’s getting into a rhythm. I think he should be careful about his help defense, IT can shoot from the perimeter.

  176. and that stat by Brent … J’s pull up 3s at 37% is 15th in the league. Jer missed his first, and connected on his 2nd. So, 50% so far so just keep shooting!

  177. rumors

  178. Young is fun to watch, and is a happy guy. I like him more than Kobe he ego maniac!

  179. That’s been a problem for a long time. You have to stay on a sharp shooting guard.

  180. True, Brent is right.
    Lin has much success with his pull-up Js now!

    5 more please!

  181. Your autocorrect… lol

  182. Yeah, but I wish he would sometimes pass it back when Lin is open.

  183. lol

  184. Swaggy P night, go Jlin!!!

  185. What a great play by Swaggy to give up the ball for an open Sacre inside

  186. OMG Young 4 for 4!!

  187. He is on fire!

  188. wow.. Swaggy 4/4 from 3s

  189. Not a good shot by Young, he hit it but he missed a lot of open guys there.

  190. Good, less double team on Lin.

  191. Dang, when he is on, he really is on.

  192. Come on J just shoot over that small guy…

  193. no way he was going to pass that weird.

  194. Only 1 sst for Lin? oh well… leading in the plus though

  195. lin needs to stop leaving ITh

  196. Thomas keeps scoring on Lin

  197. Not really hes juts c*cky
    Kobe is more fun to watch

  198. see that nasty attempt by Ellington? That was directly because Swaggy refused to pass to him on the open, so that’s what ball stoppers do to team play. Blocked and FTs at the other end.

  199. JEremy still in…

  200. 3 times

  201. another J!

  202. I don’t think Lin wants to guard him too tight since refs just keep calling phantom fouls on him. Not much he can do.

  203. finally refs

  204. Yes Lin makes another mid jumper and offensive foul on Isiah Thomas Whahahah!!!

  205. about time !!! about time!!!!

  206. 2 for 3 pullups!

  207. That was an obvious one.

  208. strange night

  209. Lin it UP!

  210. Lin doest have to stop Thomas
    Lin just needs to destroy him on the other end

  211. i agree. good observation

  212. LOL can’t believe Lin got the call :]
    But Thomas is one bad actor

  213. These are the blind refs we’re talking about, there can be a dead fish and they’d say it’s alive!!

  214. 4 more, plzzzzzz!

  215. lin has 2 pf i.t has 2 pf lol.paybacks a b…..

  216. Yes sir!

  217. That was like a karate kick. ROFL

  218. trying being Lin for a sec and see if there’s something you’d need to do with this team D.

  219. yup more pull-up Js will make Thomas try to hard to shoot

  220. But he isn’t penetrating, I want to see him get back to going to penetrating.

  221. isaiah gets all types of funny calls

  222. I thought you were going to stop watching. =P

  223. Look at those god awful screnns by the bgs

  224. Darn… have to give Kobe more minutes now…

  225. lol Punk Bledsoe missed the layup on the fast break, haha that’s right you continue with your 0 point game! That’s what you get for pushing Lin last time!!

  226. LOL

  227. Becos he really looks funny to me…

  228. there’s your 30. 11 Q1, 5.5 Q2. … whatever …

  229. He could rest the rest of the game too…

  230. Probably because he’s small.

  231. Cheating refs thinks Thomas is the hall of fame Thomas SMH.

  232. and TOV first play back.

  233. or just play the last 4 min after 15pt lead

  234. LMAO, Kobe can’t let Swaggy get all the glory.

  235. Yup,… all BS!

  236. Young stayed in when Kobe came back in but didn’t get to touch the ball once, go figure!!

  237. One thing I like about this rotation is that
    nobody plays more than 30mins
    bench or starter playing timing times arent that different for PGs an other positions except Kobe

  238. All three guards in for PHoenix. interesting…

  239. No need for the starters, they don’t look good.

  240. actually once lol

  241. At least he’s not chucking.

  242. i don’t like it

  243. because the Lakers starters are slow and one of them is so old and needs a timeout to catch his breath…

  244. Guess he’s not playing so “free” now.

  245. Dragic doesn’t look comfortable with this team. He may want to go elsewhere.

  246. benches are playing now

  247. I liked him until he had a breakout season lol
    think he got overrated

  248. I bet they called a timeout to let him catch his breath

  249. Lin 7pts/1ast in 11 min

    7-11, baby!

  250. that was so offensive when he said it that way.

  251. with 1 starter, Ed Davis

  252. Gk suns!

  253. they’re catching up quick……….all that work for nothing

  254. Price to Davis isn’t Lin to Davis. 2 times he called for it and Price didn’t get it to him at the right time..

  255. 2, 3 TVs don’t matter if you have to pay up for family time. But some here know, if the wife or kids wanna do their own thing, in modern day ‘merica, Daddies don’t matter. No big, we have bball hehe. It’s all the fault of the charmin ‘merican dads out there – you can’t be the boss anymore ha ha.

  256. he’s unable to parse. Or, looking for his midJ.

  257. only if Byron Scott was smart enough to realize that

  258. Oh look, it’s starters blowing the lead as usual.

  259. starters too slow for this line up

  260. Glad he said it. I refrained from saying this myself. I’m starting to feel it’s better for my mental health not to outgas frustration….it’s like a negative feedback loop that keeps me feeling like there’s sand under my skin. Just get up and do something I like for 10 minutes and then come back and check in…ay ay ay…;p

  261. Poor baby seal…sweet,innocent baby seal

  262. The starters play like scrubs

  263. hahahahahaha

  264. jordan hill sluggish..kobe old.. price, not too sure about this guy lol

  265. not good

  266. Didn’t get to shoot though LOL.

  267. no basket

  268. Price did his usual scoring and is done for the game

  269. Baby seals paying the price…

  270. This time not so lucky only 8 points LMAO.

  271. I just want to see a few big seals lol.

  272. I love baby seals… dang, Price!!!

  273. Damn dragic
    I traded him for Lin really hope he gets benched soon or struggles again

  274. What’s the story about baby seals?

  275. Their specialty

  276. Is it just me or are more people buying Maserati cars lately? What’s with all these commercials?

  277. Not seen as high class as before….shows you how many millionaires there are in America

  278. He is more frightened if Lin+Davis put on the show…

  279. Lin to Price, Price to Clakson? LOL
    Scottt is clueless……

  280. .. and from what I heard from some family members a good majority of Americans have financial problems now…

  281. WHY IS CLARKSON PLAYING ANY MINUTES…… makes me rage whenever I watch him play

  282. clarkson didn’t play

  283. he played last two games no?

  284. Clarkson can shoot and defend pretty well but he’s still a rookie, looks lost every time he’s on the court.

  285. probably right if watching NBA makes them want to buy Maseratis.
    NBA where amazing happens!

  286. With KB on the floor is like a car running on 3 wheels instead of 4.

  287. Lakers Starters all -ve; bench all positive and led by Lin with +5

  288. Less rolling resistance you mean?

  289. Stu… Jeremy has always been a good rebounding guard. Nothing deceptive about it.

  290. Yes three wheels on three flat tires…

  291. To be fair Led by Lin and Young, both created the lead for Lakers which will be lost by starters as always.

  292. More like a flat tire

  293. very lost except when he makes a 1-1 run. He’s young so can have a good step on ppl.

  294. hm, maybe that’s why he wants to be PG, not SG anymore.

    Can’t “Shoot” anymore, just want to “Point”!

  295. LOL NBA with commercials for men – food and cars…

  296. IT is good shooter too

  297. never gives him credit

  298. Just 1 assist? Shoot, I wanna see him get both points and assists. Sometimes it is hard to get them with Young because he loves to dribble around and then just chuck them up.

  299. just look up consumer debt in US and you get a sense the new age will come soon for people not addicted to the unimportant things in life.

  300. maybe Stu’s eyes are easily deceived.

    Stu is a Decepticon :]

  301. I was surprised by Lin’s handed rebound/tip-in! It’s a first but that’s what he needs to do, be near the rim in case his teammates miss.

  302. Speed brings momentum

  303. Boozer’s sad you didn’t mention him

  304. He needs… Linception?

  305. Stu’s a hater and in love with scrub price. At least he’s more bearable than 3 stooges at Rockets arena.

  306. Make sense?

  307. So…so far LAL has a worse starters and a better bench…let starters play more can lose more…..finally tank commander found how to easily lose or lose a lot….

  308. like lin cat like move cuz asian guy cant be outright athletic but deceptively athletic lol code words

  309. moves =speed. i remember people said it during linsanity

  310. if BS was in the right state of mind.. this could be a possibility

  311. The Lakers new motto: Winning is BS!

  312. lol Cause it felt like Boozer completely disappeared when Young and Lin were making shots one after another. That was so much fun.

  313. Lin did pretty good today….this game is already a satisfactory watch for me…

  314. Calling it now, Kobe will lose this game but as long as 2nd unit and Lin get their rightful minutes, stats, and plays well I don’t care!

  315. This game showed that when Lin’s teammates gets going and he’s the PG, the game opens up for him!!

  316. He’s not a hater, he’s just overdoing it when it comes to Price.

  317. I Thomas is so good! Wait… he is 4 for 6 in 16 min and a plus 2, poor Jeremy is 3 for 4 in 11 min and a plus 5. So Jeremy was superior????????

  318. LOL

  319. NYK is not getting any better with D Fisher and P.Jackson.

  320. This is the forth time IT did something bad on lin then complaint about it….I am keeping the counts here….

  321. Yet calls Lin deceptive rebounder?! Right….

  322. but Cole Aldrich is having 2 good games in a row!

  323. Lin’s not on the court right now though.

  324. No, we shouldn’t compare JLin to a second string player.

  325. I meant over the last there yrs..

  326. Lin is pretty much perceived as at the same level as IT I think…..

  327. Looks like Lin is doing pretty good tonight, even with a tip in!

  328. somebody has to be a big …

  329. i wanna see more lin/davis show!!

  330. coming soon to a theatre near you …

  331. Bledsoe dominating!

  332. Kobe ISO…tsk tsk tsk

  333. Unfortunately. I think he is seen as less than IT. But I do think he is better. Now he needs to show everyone that.

  334. I want to see more of Jeremy.. by more I mean MORE including….

  335. Kobe with another unbelievably… bad shot selection!
    Who in the right mind would take off-balanced shot covered by 2-3 guys?

  336. as long as lal treads water until 4 mins left in 3q

  337. starters look more like the bench.

  338. ;-D

  339. Cole (discarded by Rox) is only so so. Good rebounder but shooting 40% for this game against Portland. Still negative 21. Bad.

  340. Isn’t that his favorite shot?

  341. Deceptive!

  342. Up is down. Down is up.

  343. well

  344. lol

  345. Great coach with no time out.

  346. BS, may be time to bring the bench out to regain the lead?

  347. lol leave them out to dry

  348. getting too confident

  349. Suns playing fast. They are trying to drag down the old Lakers starters.

  350. I feel bad for those spending money watching Kobe.

  351. Does a lot of laker fans follow Lakers Nation?

  352. dry or cry?

  353. either or both

  354. Lakers starters commited 11 out of 13 TOs as they lost the lead 63-67

  355. I like the suns announcers, pretty entertaining

  356. No need to be, they still think kobe is bb God!

  357. you spent money to watch kobe?

  358. Yes…till the wheels drop off..

  359. He’s always hoping that somehow the first string’s genius just needs a few more minutes to catch fire….hahahaha

  360. WOW didn’t follow the last few minutes of 3rd qtr, and it was 65-73 when I checked in. Go starters!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

  361. Come on. Bring out the real starters!

  362. LOLOLOL If only BS is smart enough to do so.

  363. I vote Lin in.

  364. BS pants catches fire before the starters catch fire.

  365. kobe 24 minutes

  366. I’m glad he hasn’t called a time out. Ride Kobe like Secretariat and hopefully the wheels will come off sooner than later. I’m not saying really, really come off…just enough to get the clunker off the road. 🙂

  367. Needs a bigger hole…

  368. Kobe! Wow scores! keep him until the game over!

  369. The starters are coming in 🙂

  370. Lin (me) now…

  371. bench being punished for playing better than starters

  372. finally!!

  373. Lin back in with 3:19 in Q3

  374. He’s put him in the 3rd Q late before…but we’re under 3 min now. Oops…just came in.

  375. Lins defense on Thomas was really bad. Turn it up Lin!

  376. Not going to work with Kobe still in should take Kobe out.

  377. Been doing it for years.

  378. right on time. Was hoping out of that TO, but this is ok.

  379. Can’t 2 fouls already.

  380. Lin has to play better D. Don’t know what’s up with his D tonight.

  381. Lin’s defense on Thomas was really good.

  382. Yes

  383. Yup… BS made sure Lin is cool off

  384. Those 2 ticky tack fouls from cheating refs what else?

  385. Seems ok to me.l.what exactly are u saying?

  386. Kobe with 10p/5a/8r
    He’ll be gunning for 3D

    Let’s hope Lin will be the recipient for 2 assists for 3s.

  387. Disagree respectfully, Agree with Yascar

  388. I think he might’ve read @disqus_D7s5CnYDWA:disqus ‘s post about caring less on D to play more O :]

  389. Yeah, but he let Bledsoe go right by him. He has to be tougher, we’ve seen him play D much better.

  390. biggest fail tonight, not Kobe. Hill.

  391. 100% agree

  392. Yes Kobe finally out!!

  393. Why is this guy still here?

  394. That is like 80% of the games….

  395. Hope so.

  396. 333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. Lin for 33333333333!

  398. Yes 3 for Lin!!

  399. 3

  400. Happy happy! Double figures at last.

  401. bledsoe a good defender watch out lin

  402. true dat.

  403. I watched the first half, Lin was torched, the problem is Lin is not allowed to attack on offense. If Lin attacked IT would look like a scrub

  404. Good for jeremy

  405. A double digit drought is finally over. I would rather him play mini D to save for energy for his scores.

  406. Kobe already has 25 min.

  407. Amen!

  408. Kobe is God for bs

  409. Is this Lakers homecourt or Suns? Certainly feels like the Suns homecourt with these cheating refs!!

  410. yep well we know he will get atleast 32

  411. NO lin was not torched.

  412. The starters dug a hole, the bench now has to climb out from the deep, the usual Lakers senerio

  413. what the heck davis pass back to Lin u scrub

  414. That was a blocking foul on Bledsoe, he wasn’t even set!

  415. yeah, I guess the difference is he made it in the past

  416. He’s not moving his feet well on defense. Last game he played good D, not this one.

  417. Lins only goal is to average 15 ppg off bench on this pathetic lakers team

  418. Nah its plkay

  419. not happening

  420. yess…smh

  421. Big contract next year

  422. Its really unfortunate for Lin to land in LA and has to play with 2 ballhogs. Nick young is following his mentor’s footstep once get the ball will never pass back even triple or quadruple team what a moron!

  423. Then starters come back in and lose the game.

  424. Jeremy has played a good two games just been in a month long shooting slump

  425. He can’t do much on a screen

  426. just like last game. Lin plays in a league where moving screens and moving blockers are aok by the biased refs. Don fine me …

  427. He turn around the screen as fast as any other guards out there..I think he is fine.

  428. I watched it and honestly he was, you are watching something else.

  429. let’s kill the false narratives starting from the emphatic lies.

  430. How many times have Lin been unfairly called for those charges when he’s shooting?! It’s ridiculous!

  431. That’s right Jer…. embarrass that small man!

  432. bro. not you. you’re cool.
    Lol maybe Lin needs to change his sneakers.

  433. There is no team ideal for Lin, maybe Spurs that’s it

  434. moving blocks and screens are pretty hard to beat, esp if you breath you get 2 fouls.

  435. Lin is 7 inches on Thomas. Must abuse him

  436. JLin with 12 points woohoo! Lets go for 20 pts!!

  437. they need to pass more. theyalways shoot after 1-2 passes

  438. Another fg. 12 now. Great! Let Kobe be the one with 5 assists…fine with me. Shoot the lights out Jeremy if you can get your hands on the ball.

  439. WOW all isos and no ball movement.

  440. dang game is a bit out of reach …

  441. Lin is so good
    he’s a scorer

  442. yes, I’m watching the LAL v Phx game. We are def watching different games.

  443. Lin needs a defensive SG to play w/ him
    hmm shumpert?

  444. But I’d take Young over Kobe, Melo, and Harden lesser of 4 evils.

  445. swag is a joke a times, like his last ignore of the whole team and wayy off balance pullback.

  446. He just needs PnR with a big

  447. me too, at least he’s not too serious about himself in the locker room.

  448. hes so annoying i always hated him

  449. BS is not stupid, those pay him are.

  450. Never like his games

  451. I think he’s fun sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to try to rely on him for a championship run. He’s fine this year.

  452. He’s a good shooter, not a good scorer

  453. thomas and lin got no love out of college and both getting quality minutes in the league shows you how biased scouting is

  454. Lin for 14pts!!!

  455. Yes 14 pts now!! Go Lin!!!

  456. That was great 🙂

  457. Lin just snatched the ball from Thomas’ hands :]

  458. Woo hoo! Scr3w D. Shoot!

  459. starters doing work!

  460. lin rebound assist

  461. Count it!

  462. Lin is 1 pt away from his goal! His only freakin objective is score!!!!!! 15 ppg keeps you relevant

  463. Lin’s rebound led to quick transition to an acrobatic layup of Ellington!!

  464. waiting for Kobe to finish the game.

  465. Now Lin is beginning to feel it. Nice. And yeah, great defense on IT on that drive.

  466. just c*cky man

  467. RESPECT! Coaches always do that when Lin gets hot, they called timeout.

  468. Jeremy has played 2 good games in a row…Ellington was playing empty minutes before that bucket

  469. yea but once JLin gets hot, BS will bench him. sad truth

  470. BS! Don’t you take Lin off!!!! Don’t you dare!

  471. So long as BS doesn’t do a switch a roo and make Ellington the starter and bench the 2nd unit!!

  472. wow, Lin 6-8 FG

  473. If I must say..I would say 17ppg

  474. LIn 6-8 14 pts 1 blocks 2 assts in 19min

  475. he may lol it won’t matter the impact fealt

  476. You know BS….

  477. He will for he is BS:-)

  478. I’m holding my breath! …as if that would help…;-)

  479. Hopefully he string some good shooting games together

  480. game is over

  481. Doesn’t look like it this game but I have no doubt starters will come back in with the benches’ lead and lose the game!!

  482. Oh… Kobe is back… oh boy

  483. Time for Kobe and the 1st unit to come in to save the game, for Suns.

  484. Worthy praising Jeremy!

  485. Worthy is now praising Lin saying he’s pushing the ball and he’s shooting well.

  486. A Worthy praise 🙂

  487. Lin with great D on Dragic forcing him to give up the ball

  488. Yes indeed! BS, can you learn?

  489. Swaggy with a bad shot that went in

  490. Y’know…fine. I’d like to root for a TEAM, but by now all I care about is Jeremy and tonight’s a good one for him.

  491. Never…..

  492. Mini Kobe.

  493. Cheating refs at it again!! Is this really Lakers homecourt?!

  494. His D is so good!!!!

  495. Note, Lin blocked IT 1v1, on the other end, IT kicks it. That’s the difference.

  496. Lin will close?

  497. Boozer touchy bad

  498. LOL for the past interviews Swaggy was asking for ball movement.. to him?

  499. 33333

  500. Linsanity!!111

  501. Lin

  502. Dragic is like “Can’t get passed Lin today! SMH”

  503. OH my god!!!!!

  504. Hmm… yummy 3 by Jeremy..

  505. Lin for 3!!!!!

  506. oh no kobe back………………nothing else to say

  507. Lin for 33333333333333333333333!!!!

  508. Linsanity!

  509. jeremy D … professional foul making them earn it.

  510. Good foul horrible play bad kobe

  511. a dozen upvotes!!!!!

  512. Kobe bad pass

  513. YES SIR!

  514. Linsanity for 4th Q ^_^

  515. Kobe killer

  516. Suns is not worried, they got Kobe.

  517. Kobe just killed it

  518. Kobe playing no D

  519. wow refs this game

  520. That’s a good thing!! Jeremy had a great night, and Kobe is not solving crimes…let the world see it once again.

  521. Wesley ok

  522. Lin got the rebound… pushing it up… hey where is the rest of the team… the old men need a break

  523. ..when he is open.

  524. lol what a game all of a sudden

  525. Is that even worth commenting on? … 😀

  526. PNR action now with Ed

  527. 3 pt game! BS, are you going to take Lin off? I DARE YOU!

  528. lets pray lin plays rest of game!

  529. lol the anger that would happen.

  530. Don’t dare the man, dude. He’s capable of any bonehead thing.

  531. funny observation lin plays more when kobe is there

  532. Dude don’t jinx it!!!

  533. hey price needs to play defense…

  534. better u mean?

  535. He doesn’t need to be dared. He will do it at will:-)

  536. Come on Lin make another 3 to tie the game for your 20 points!!

  537. that as well but also more minutes

  538. Lin make a 3pt to tie it pls

  539. 4th quarter Lin is back. Thank you, Jeremy.

  540. PnR with Ed and have Wesley ready

  541. Sorry Team Lin, I hope i did not jinx it… sh sh sh…………….. BS, go ahead,

  542. All 3 Phoenix guards on the floor.

  543. cmon swaggy pass the ball

  544. Great D once again!

  545. Note: That was Lin on D stopping the run 1 on 1

  546. Lin playing great this ISO ball is insane

  547. This Swaggy Iso is annoying

  548. Great block by Lin! Hate these hero balls

  549. lins defense went 0 to 100 now were here lol

  550. Jeremy with 2nd block of the night!

  551. if they win, it’s forgivable.

  552. See what u did there

  553. Young ISO and Kobe ISO – same level of disgust

  554. aaahhhhhhhh

  555. Damn

  556. So close…

  557. AHHH SHUCKS!!!!!!!!

  558. so close

  559. I thought that was in for sure.

  560. That was so close in and out!!!

  561. In and out but it’s because he hasn’t seen the ball

  562. They are the blackholes of LA. What a disgusting tandem! If only they know the concept of teamball, LA will be unstoppable.

  563. Speed! sit Kobe down please

  564. Morris boys can play good role players

  565. Top Performers

    PHX: E. Bledsoe 18 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast, 3 Stl, 1 Blk

    LAL: J. Lin 17 Pts, 3 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk

  566. Hope they lose thou if they keep going at swaggy
    he aint that good

  567. w.e happens I’m happy

  568. That Dodge Charger in the commercial looks nice…

  569. Late game ISO is like you do it every game…at some pts you made one. Then you think you can make it every game..

  570. Hey, Lin stepped up the D. Great plays in the 4th.

  571. BS:mission accomplished, tank mode still on

  572. well

  573. Kobe with the turnover SMH…

  574. thats all folks

  575. phx so smart – prevents Lin from getting ball, Kobe TOV.

  576. commentators say nothing about kobe turnover

  577. ISO ball is soooo overrated. Still it’s being preached in majority of teams.

  578. nice 🙂

  579. Gotta love lin’s stat pad lol

  580. 19 points for Lin!!

  581. Alsao how many minutes did Bledsoe play?

  582. team concept basketball – spurs, rest of league – ISO

  583. 21 pts?

  584. Lin great game! Glad the LA Losers lost! BS coaching deserves it!

  585. Loving it lol 20pt

  586. hahahahaha

  587. 21 pts if Lin makes these FTs!! Darn he missed them!! =/

  588. nope lol


  590. bummer.

  591. How does he miss both? 🙁

  592. Jeremy, why did you blow the chance to get 21?

  593. too tired … with all the defence work 🙂 haha

  594. Can’t believe Jeremy played the whole 4th Q. I think it’s one more evidence the ONLY thing on BS’s agenda is making Kobe look good. If it takes using Jeremy to maybe grind out a win for Kobe’s triumphant return to his Charmin team, then he’ll grit his teeth and do it. Didn’t work out, but it was close enough that he didn’t risk putting Price in again. He’ll never say it out loud, but the compliment is in the deed.

  595. really didn’t matter

  596. It does for his stats to go back up!!

  597. just being Christian … give them the other face.

  598. he needed to make at least 1 🙁
    oh well..

  599. Lin why u gotta mmiss both shots? like why?

  600. Lack of concentration there.

  601. hes afraid if he ties swaggy for most points he wont get 2 play again.

  602. LOL JLin. You should get 21 pts and tie with NY. Wonder he did purposely so that he won’t be marginalized next game:-)

  603. are you serious jordan hill got 1 rebound, johnson got 4?

  604. happens. his focus less when team lost already

  605. haha… he does not want to get Kobe to yell at him later for scoring too many points!

  606. My guess, he was too mad about the lost.

  607. thats 2 (at least) awwshucks)

  608. My life over the past 60 seconds:

    Switched on the game
    Saw the score 110-105
    Noticed the time remaining
    Saw Kobe and a TOV
    Switched off

  609. and only 2 assists – is it wrong to be happy about that? So proud of the O.

  610. wise you

  611. Hill and Price shouldn’t be starters but that’s BS for you!

  612. Man Lin why oh why did you have to miss those FTs!! You could’ve gotten 21 pts tonight!! Stop passing so much to Nick Young, he’s another black hole go for your own shots!

  613. 19

  614. LOL! I get it…but Jeremy had a good game.

  615. 19

  616. you man chucky, right? lol

  617. That’s encouraging. I’ll just wait for the highlights.

  618. Lin’s FG percentage is proportional to how important the shot is, a trait of clutch players.

  619. hes afraid if he ties swaggy for most points he wont get 2 play again.

  620. so the trade rumors….. thoughts

  621. Lin kobe wesley boozer davis should start well davis is a scrub but better than hill and sacre

  622. Lin could’ve tied Young for 22 points if he didn’t miss his 3 FTs! So frustrating.

  623. The ability of playing PG
    Lin >>>> Kobe + Price + Clakson

  624. His free FTs are off lately.

  625. lin going to miami would be great for him.

  626. anywhere.

  627. miami

  628. JLin only has 19 pts.

  629. LAL have to build around Lin, Davis and Young to have a chance to get 30 wins.

  630. not gonna happen

  631. i highly doubt there is any chance for him going there :/

  632. guilty pleasures in life, chocolate.

  633. Yea not sure why =/ Gotta make those freebies.

  634. We should see if this playing pattern, having Lin close continues.

  635. Not with Kobe around…

  636. they should go for dragic next summer from basketball point of view
    and greg monroe

  637. lin shoots 8 for 11 from the field tonite. it must be that GIRLIE shot.

  638. It was a good game tho

  639. Lin has to be the PG and play 30-35 mins per game together with Davis

  640. Not sure how Dragic can fare in LAL system tho

  641. Calling KHuang …

  642. Kobe still needs to play fewer minutes, thought better than previous ones.

  643. Dude that’s what I’ve been saying too but they can’t not with Kobe still around! And FO doesn’t have guts to trade Kobe to another team!!

  644. Spo is Asian could be barrier breaking match

  645. not well but Byron cant mess with him so Lakers secured a legit PG as starter

  646. Why, he he is so negative?

  647. and kobe gone in a year so itll be dragics team

  648. LOL

  649. He thinks Lin has a GIRLIE ugly shooting form….

  650. Top Performers

    PHX: E. Bledsoe 22 Pts, 8 Reb, 8 Ast, 4 Stl, 1 Blk

    LAL: J. Lin 19 Pts, 3 Reb, 2 Ast, 1 Stl, 2 Blk

  651. heat are in the playoffs. good to see lin in the east its like chopped liver for him.

  652. calling a hall monitor…Disqus has me on hold again.

  653. I totally agree with you. personally think this lakers roster is very fluid.LOL

  654. thats a lie derek fisher did

  655. Everyone can see this except Kobe fans and BS.

  656. yet they went exclusively to young and kobe late

  657. If he comes…yes..

  658. always getting punished. for everything

  659. From ESPN?

  660. yes

  661. Kobe shouldn’t have played those long minutes in 1st quarter! That was 11 minutes straight, BS is clueless!! How hard is it to spread his and bench minutes out evenly?!

  662. yes

  663. Lin PG Dragic SG will be deadly

  664. Yep, just want him to own up to bias … we think Doc’s girls’ team can outshoot me for sure.

  665. With Kobe back, Jeremy’s assists suffers…

  666. what did you say…I see nothing in the mod queue

  667. 2 years not gone until 2016.

  668. Dragic is a humble guy like Lin if he and Lin shared the backcourt they will have great chemstry

  669. Done. Why in the world as that on hold, Disqus?!?!

  670. I think Lin’s form can be better…but it is already pretty good. Not like Boozer…

  671. including this year

  672. Not unless Kobe is gone, along with BS. They need a young coach who knows what he’s doing not these outdated geezers who have no clue. I’d rather Lakers get a start PF to match with Lin! Dragic will just take the ball out of Lin’s hands again! No more playing with SGs!!

  673. Get Shumpert or Klay…

  674. which caused this team to lose. LOL BSc … suppress Kobe minutes, but slow team down last 5 to give other team the advantage. Mastermind.

  675. or Hill.

  676. But, but lin is the bench PG….just sayin….

  677. It’s called sportscasting, but really its the entertainment industry. They tend to be bling wh*res, so they go with the colorful swaggy one and the superstar, natch.

  678. But same old same old will happen…if Lin plays with another ball dom.

  679. Trust me, Dragic is NOT HUMBLE.

  680. Hill’s form is 100x better than Boozer’s LOL

  681. 9 turnovers tonight


  682. Right here.


    Lin still needs a professional shooting coach, one with NBA experience.

  683. Well, LAL’s starting PG disappears after a good 1st quarter.

  684. A bearded Kobe?

  685. those layup where lin jumps so high he touches the rim while laying it off. i wonder why he don’t don’t it. to be honest he just higher on layups then dunks

  686. Does anyone know the exact month?

  687. I personally cannot wait for kobe to turn on Scott and blame him for his bad games, because it is coming.

  688. Their commentators say they can’t afford him without getting rid of somebody they’d rather not get rid of.

  689. OK……

  690. good god. i cant stand this brownnosing fool

  691. If Thomas and Bledsoe want to hug the ball, Dragic will let them like Lin does all lakers scrubs

  692. For someone who plays sports for a living, Harden is nowhere near an athletic physique.

  693. 30 minutes too little, at least 35 minutes and Lin should have that minutes clause in his next contract stating he needs to start and have at least 35 minutes per game!!

  694. I think Less. I think Lin should play 32

  695. He’s got bag full of excuses for Kobe…

  696. highlights pls…

  697. He is not…

  698. I stand by what I said.

    I don’t like Lin’s uncomfortable footwork, jerky release, or inability to hit shots when he gets his feet set.

  699. i missed 3rd quarter. was that where lin’s pts mostly came from?

  700. nah Dragic aint a ball hog Lin can get the ball out of his hands if Lin cant then hes gone lol

  701. I’m a Phoenix fan and I assure you that is not the case.

  702. until 2016 offseason

  703. 4th

  704. he is fine…just not perfect

  705. The whole team has to slow down waiting for grandpa Kobe to catch up .

  706. This probably is more on the coach anyway.

  707. I thought that was the case at the beginning of the year when he struggled and forced me to trade him for Lin….

  708. Crazy thing is Bledsoe looked terrible the first half. Lin didn’t look that good until the 4Q. Lin should have had 22 points, he missed 3 FTs.

  709. Of course..with/without him…does not matter. Per Lin

  710. Not sure why Lin can’t do more dunks as well.

  711. That can happen, Scott isn’t safe even catering to Kobe so much.

  712. to be fair, lin is the best inbounder though. and it IS possible, and common, to run plays for the inbounder. that’s where BS coaching really shows.

  713. except he is too short for inbounding I think…

  714. Yes, some. There were a few easy shots they missed Lin got to the big men. Even Ed Davis missed one.

  715. the taller ones dont do it better. not on this team

  716. Dragic is NOT humble. Have you forgotten how he complained about not making All-Stars? And his brother dissing Lin about him getting votes cause he’s Asian?!

  717. He’s an excellent free throw shooter. He just was off tonight for some reason.

  718. He’s had a high percentage in the past. I don’t remember you talking about bad form before…do you think he’s regressed, or changed in some way? “Girlie” seems unexpectedly strong language….

  719. Oh yeah…I meant just in general.

  720. imagine wes inbounding the ball. haha

  721. dragic is a dirty, cheap-shot player.

  722. I’ve been saying how Lin should got to an Eastern team, no ball hogs and catering to fake or old stars! Also easier to get into Playoffs and finals!

  723. No wonder McHale liked him.

  724. Well..on the very same team…..there is one even dirtier…so…

  725. miami could really use lin.outside of wade who is where kobe is in terms of being old but he is a lot better averaging 23 on 50 percent shooting. lin could beat out chalmers but even then. he is on a playoff team. please heat do this. they need another scorer. lin would really help them

  726. he is right there lol

  727. I usually will turn away when that happens…

  728. Scott took every chances to cover Kobe’s deficiencies….it means someone is feeling the pressures too

  729. He wasnt wrong
    He deserved more votes than Lin did

  730. Scott: What you talkin about willis

  731. Lowry

  732. Blocking is a talent ! A lot of Bigs don’t have it.

  733. Davis is a blocker. Jeremy must have learned from his buddy 🙂

  734. I’m kinda jealous how Plumlee was manhandling Jeremy 🙂

  735. Jeremy will never ignore D, but I was actually happy he seemed to focus more on offense tonight. Let Kobe carry some of the assist load and let Jeremy do some scoring. If the mamba’s too slow to strike, maybe he can contribute something useful with assists.

  736. They were combined for 40 points tonight off the bench.

  737. so the heat would have to trade chalmers to get lin. i would do it but yea its less likely. although. he would start if they did. chalmers shooting 40 percent and lost his job to coles who is worse. but illl believe it when i see it. but i would still do it in a heart beat if i was them

  738. Of course, the real Kobe Bryant would not tweet this lol

  739. Lin shoots better when he has those rubber bracelets on, what do you guys think? This game he had 2!!

  740. It looks as if Goran Dragic is pulling down Lin’s pants and Miles Plumlee is feeling Lin’s breast!

  741. We were just praying he could get out of single digit gulag…and now 19 isn’t good enough LOL. I’m laughing at my greed 🙂

  742. I would probably feel him the same way and more…

  743. thanks 🙂

  744. Lets keep this PG… and I don’t mean point guard.

  745. then Booz’s scoring spurt is 100% due to Lin ha ha.

  746. IsabeliJane*17 must have beat you to it…already cleared.

  747. I’ve been calling Lin’s shot “girlie” on forums since 2012.

    I never liked Lin’s shooting coach Doc Scheppler who is a championship level girls’ coach who has taught Lin a girl’s shooting technique.

    I would prefer Lin to shoot a proper soft NBA shot using a man’s form, not a girl’s form.

  748. Purple & Gold?

  749. Could’ve been more if Lin made that clutch 3 and didn’t miss 3 FTs =/ That’s 6 points for 25 pt game loss! X(

  750. Lin is very good at blocking, rebounding and stealing for his size. He used to consistently average 2+ steals and many rebounds per game in Rox until McHale stopped him and asked him to cover some Harden’s defense.

  751. Pro players of Lin’s caliber need to get pro caliber shooting coaches in order to fulfill their All Star potential.

  752. no foul of course.

  753. now you know why I don wanna be Mod.

  754. Touching a boob xD

  755. honestly if lin got traded he would be lucky but teams my just wait for offseason to get lin cheaper. after the miami buzz thats a good option in the offseason

  756. PHX PostGame Thread is now up!


    Congrats JLin for a strong game in both offense and defense!

  757. stu: deceptive rebounding wha???

  758. Lin says he still believes he can do more for this team.

  759. Byron talking about the fictions Kobe rewind 10 years.

  760. McHale asked Lin to defend on the perimeter while Harden could just wait under the board to pad his RBs.

  761. Lets hope Lin continues to have 3 or more blocks every game so he can average that for the entire season! These blocks will show he’s a great defender and shut those haters up about his “bad defense”. His stats are the only way he can disprove these bias announcers and haters!

  762. I want to see this soon. Getting bored with the current script. Need a part for the cinderella who saves the kingdom.

  763. yes, that’s fine. Girlie shots are probably not a good way to say it. Not PC. Just can see on my TV many women who can dominate me on the court even in my best years.

  764. HAhaha. But Lin looked painful.

  765. Not that I disagree…I just feel there are some many “you are only as good as your last game” fans…

  766. Oh. I remember those threads on the pros and cons of Scheppler. Just didn’t remember your position in particular… 🙂

  767. and Bev.

  768. Scott:”just bring it…on the bench…i am all for it”

  769. Nah….I think Doc is fine….

  770. I don’t think Kobe got any more D than Lin. For sure Swaggy got tripled on some of those ISOs. Think Kobe has to figure out a new game to help team close it out, including being positive so people can step up without fear.

  771. Kobe doesn’t really care about anyone but himself, so I don’t think Scott’s mini-me role would save him from getting dumped on. But I don’t think Kobe will blame him ’cause there’s not much to blame. Kobe is the one who determines his usage, no matter what BS’s blah blah blah is. And he’s the one who determines everyone else’s usage too…he does run the team after all. It’s not that Scott is safe…it’s just that to Kobe he’s kind of irrelevant.

  772. Then Dragic ‘s fans can vote for him. Nobody stops them. You can’t complain because another players has more fans and more votes than you. Dragic and his brother should complain Dragic’s fans for not voting for him.

  773. 3 blk for a PG is not realistic and not worth it..

  774. he always wears those haha. i have one too actually. its from active faith and it says, “in jesus name i play.” more of just a reminder of who he plays for and display his faith. not anything that fixes his form or anything hah

  775. Not playing 11 minutes straight for 1st quarter and spreading his minutes evening would’ve helped Kobe save energy for 4th quarter!

  776. Lin did it these past two games, maybe he can continue blocking shots and be known for his defense. That’s the only way people will see him as a great defender, stats.

  777. I’m just thinking the fact he’s wearing something on his arms with that touching sensation might make a difference just like when we get injured we touch the wound/painful area to help make it feel better.

  778. Why do I keep seeing post on Lin and Miami. Was there some trade rumor I missed?

  779. I think hardens game is boring to watch but I’ll give him credit in that he is very efficient and the rockets are doing well with him leading. It didn’t have to be like this. Egos aside he and Lin could have been one of the best backcourts around even their first season together.

  780. psalm, since Google’s search engine uses clicks (popularity) to help guide it, the full jeremylinportal.net name will have more effect if people actually use it. I think one way to get that going is if you use it in the links you provide for the new threads. Also, I typed in jeremylinportal.net to get here but of course the browser immediately reverts to jlinportal.com.

  781. hm, thank you.. perhaps new thread links will work well :]
    I’ll give it a try

  782. Hahaha. That is so wrong.

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