G31 PHX @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Lin performed quite well last night with 5pts/7asts/5rebs/3blks/1stl/2TOs in 22 min.

He could have flirted with a triple-double if given more minutes but it didn’t support the narrative that Byron wants to send out. “Lakers is losing and need Kobe badly” which he actually said after the game.

If Byron wants to win, he is smart enough to recognize the dangerous Lin/Davis pick-and-roll plays in GSW and would have heavily used them in the next 2 games but he didn’t. Why? Because he wanted Lakers to lose to make Kobe looks good.

If Lakers won 2 out of 3 games or all 3 games with Kobe being out, Kobe will be rightfully branded as “the bad guy”. But with 1W-2L, Kobe looks “needed” to score 25pts.

Only time will let the dirty politics disappear. It remains to be seen how well Kobe’s body can hold up playing PG and playing 32-35+min.

For now, we just wait and hope for JLin’s stronger plays off-the-bench. Lin fans would also need to find Lin’s inner strength to be patient to wait for the right time to shine.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. First prophet!

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  3. I think he changed his approach to the game. And this is in part due to Steve Nash. There was a talk between lin and NASH in preseason talking about NASH can always get his shots if he wanted to…but the greater things to do is the ability to involve teammates.

    I think lin really bought that idea. Not like lin can not run offense before, he is just more determined to improve it more than he does about just scoring. Last yr in HOU..he is taking equvelently young’s role..therefore on the floor, only McHale and is impeding him. Now in LAL, he is honing his game to be a great point guard, learn to make great decisions on the court.

    So I think he has changed, he is improving his game…

  4. LOL .. who’s been the second?

  5. Good change then :]

    I also think in the past 3 games, Lin is acutely aware of the thin balance of facilitating & not scoring enough that will make Byron bench him quicker. He’s trying to find that balance without rushing his shots but finding his shooting rhythm.

    But yes, he’s a much better Point Guard in setting up his teammates, not just play off his drive-penetration

  6. Kobe Bryant’s 5 stages of grief

    The 5 stages of loss and grief are 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance. Kobe’s loss of his NBA playing career is very traumatic for him and we are witnessing his progression through these 5 stages.

    1) Denial: Despite a major decline in his athletic ability, Kobe continued to play as if he were still in his prime. Kobe could have made adjustments and continue making positive contributions to a winning team. Instead, he compensated for poor efficiency with quantity. He took in excess of 30 shots in as many as 44 minutes per game, so that his point totals would continue to look impressive. Unfortunately, Lakers management and Kobe fans refused to see a problem with this and thus enabled Kobe to continue the charade. This stage might have gone on indefinitely if Kobe’s fitness did not continue to spiral downward.

    2) Anger: We saw the trash-talking, Charmin outburst against his teammates but there is probably a lot more going on off camera. For example, Swaggy’s sudden change of heart regarding Kobe’s value seemed coerced.

    3) Bargaining: This is the stage we are at right now. In a recent article, Kobe was quoted as saying that basically the problem is old age, but that he just needs to hit “the reset button.” The author joked that apparently Kobe thinks there is such a thing as a “reset button.” But, the fountain of youth is still elusive to mankind.

    Kobe’s bargain is as follows: If I sit out and rest a week of games, if I restrict my minutes in all future games, and avoid those types of shots that are most taxing on my body, maybe I can continue playing at an All-Star level. I doubt this bargain will work and instead the next stage awaits.

    4) Depression: Depression takes a variety of forms in different people. No idea how it will look on Kobe. Perhaps a lot of games missed on short notice. If they haven’t already, Lakers management should start to draw up plan B at this point.

    5) Acceptance: Kobe realizes it’s over. He has two choices. Retire or continue to play as a role player.

    Please note that I am not gloating over Kobe’s downfall. I don’t have any strong feelings about Kobe but at this point I am fed up. He’s had a long and illustrious career and if he wants to continue taking curtain calls while embarrassing himself, fine. Just don’t maliciously block the careers of younger players.

    The only reason I write this is to make Lin’s fans aware of how the situation is rapidly changing. Some have said they want to give up or stop watching games, etc. But I feel extremely hopeful that Lin’s heroic patience will soon be rewarded. Giving up now would be like giving up when Lin was cut from GSW in 2011. Kobe’s retirement is inevitable and imminent. As soon as that happens, Kobe will lose his leverage on Lakers owners and the marginalization of Lin will end. No need to worry about Byron, he’s just a puppet.

  7. I have said last yr that if he focused on scoring. It will only please his fans like us or general NBA fans. But in terms of his game in a pure bball POv. That is bad for him because he can do something more. Jeremy lin as a scoring guard like Ellis can be very good indeed, but Jeremy Lin as a point guard can be one of the greatest. However, it is also a harder way….the price for trying to be great…

  8. Lol. I just rushed to post that not dreaming that I might succeed in being first anything. I’m so humbled.

  9. There are tons of false and unreliable ones. Present company excluded.

  10. and Lin has the court-vision to be a great PG that Ellis and Westbrook are not blessed with so that’s definitely the route that Lin should take to develop.

    In terms of half-court offense, have you seen Lin developed a lot?
    We know Lin’s already great in transition offense since his NY days.

  11. great post … it’s too had on some fans to face the risk that Kobe will get to 4.5 and then not snap back into 2. We’ve all see it in people even who don’t get to 5 in their last breath. Very nice post … let’s keep tracking in case this slips backwards, we can understand better.

  12. 7 assists, 8 FGA. Take what the D gives with a different goal. Hmmm …

  13. … crash …. no guts no glory.

  14. Thanks, JT. I don’t think we need to worry about Kobe snapping back to 2. I’m hoping that once he reaches 4, the owners will have no other choice but to pull the plug. But yeah, we shall see… More drama expected.

  15. Not sure that is a good way or not. As this team is not a really cohesive team, and people running everywhere, thus not sure how much he could learn to run a team as this system really down play PG role, PG only like what Price is doing, pass the ball from one player to another player and see what they can do, it is not PG’s job to put player in the right position and set up the table for them. At least Scott do not appreciate that.

    Also Lin still shot 8 FGA. I really hope he would actively look for his own shot rather do bail out shots, and once he got his shots falling, that helps his teammates to open up more too.

  16. okay, fingers crossed!

  17. After the GSW surprising win without Kobe, more LA Media agreed Kobe’s inefficient ISOs have hurt the team


  18. As Boozer said, BScott ‘talked’ a lot about defense.


  19. Let the trade talk on Lin and Hill begin

  20. lol lal from kobe to the others, what they don’t want to do is play for others, commit to the team, make the extra pass for the better look.

  21. not fun to read all the kobe praise just to get to the bottom line:

    1. kobe is killing this team in spirit and by the numbers
    2. “as a sports writer, to get my point across, I have to sing Kobe’s praises to get movement in the right direction.”

    Diplomacy is great for nice groups trying to grow as a unit, with time to spend. LAL are pretty much done now or in 15 games, so why is everyone coddling Kobe, BSc, and the Kobe fans? LAL will have another implosion year if everyone, fans included, don’t step up and live the truth that the GSW game showed. The last 2 fails I would put at the oppressive resistance to team spirit that came back, starting with BSc’s refusal to build on that by continuing to separate JLin/Davis, not reducing time for Hill when he’s just most of the game playing very inefficiently, and keeping Price out there so long at the expense of team ball. Yes, Price is getting his these days, but he’s not really elevating the team.

  22. Yes. Trade. Please.

  23. -_- why is it bad?

  24. It’s neat that Kobe is now 3rd in all time scoring. Nevertheless, what is the point of individual high scoring when it does not help your team win? Here is a table of the top 10 scorers and their respective WS (Dr. J and Dan Issel do not have WS data available). Kobe is second last in total WS just above Moses Malone. If we divide WS by points scored then Kobe is dead last, i.e. Kobe’s points lead to fewest number of wins for his team. As a result, I consider Kobe as between top 15-20 player of all time instead of top 10 as portrayed by the media.

  25. This is just old rumors … OKC don’t need Lin.. smh!

  26. Must read for Lin fans and non believers too http://t.co/XIRfxKBc3K

  27. I think he is getting better. I think he now sees the second layer of defense more clearly. That step back jumper really have helped him a lot..

  28. I wonder what is the efficiency for hill ISO at the block…..LAL were significantly hurt by him being indecisive…

  29. Last summer fun time

  30. The good thing about Scott system is ppl in general does not move…..easier to “learn” this way..

  31. He’s the same guy that criticized JLin when he’s having a bad game. I stopped following him from Twitter..

  32. Good points. Thanks.

    No one can “outrun the history train” ( Paul Simon ). How is it that the Spurs can continue to play well as the team ages? It begins with a mindset that Kobe has never embraced. Kobe has always needed to be the hero. He fought everyone since he joined the Lakers. As he has gotten older, he has grown more delusional to a point that he basically killed any chance the Lakers had when they spent all that money to get NASH, Howard and Gasol to create a super team that every expert went ahead and gave them the championship that year. It’s always been only HIS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. What’s sad is that the FO and owners refuses to see how Kobe’s selfishness has killed any chance for the lakers to succeed while kobe is under contract. Jeremy Lin is just the latest victim of Kobe’s delusional world.

    I really had hoped that he would have learned by his near career ending injury last season. It’s now painfully obvious that Kobe is being empowered by the FO and owners to take this team down with him like a dying pharaoh will take bury his living servants with him to the other side.

  33. I hope fo is just divided and not tired in to the dysfunction of kobe game.

  34. I am hearing BS shouting “those guys are all idixts….”

  35. Was it Josh that was recently waved by the Pistons for having the second worst numbers for this year? It’s funny that Kobe was the only one Smith was better than and yet Kobe is still chucking away. Says a lot about the Lakers that they continue to hold on to kobe.

  36. Pete Roces posted a link to JLintel. I read some commented there questioned why NBA does not step in for Lin’s mistreatment (or we should say allow/encourage unfair from ref). if they want Asia market so eagerly. I do not want to sign up for another account just to post there, so here is my take on. I posted this a while back at the dot net site. NBA only wants Asians money, they do not want to see 1) the arenas filled up with Asians, BB is Americans sport 2) It takes a long time for NBA to come to this stage in China with Kobe, Yao and LeBron and NBA is not ready for China market being taken away by a non-American. Stern, Silver…etc look at a “much bigger” picture than we fans. If you are old enough to see politics playing out in major American companies or at Washington DC, it is just like that. I hope Chinese fans can see through this, but it will be hard for them since they do not fully comprehend the American thinking path. Maybe we need a Chinese reporter to pass this around.

  37. Dude Lin IS an American he’s not a foreigner! You have no clue what you’re talking about.

  38. His point is nowadays America is still not color blind, especially to yellow.

  39. You must be a Caucasian, LOL , hence you do not know what WE non-Caucasians Americans face day in and day out, but that is ok. Just remember you first hear this from me. Do you know that even when Lin was at Harvard, students there called him Chinks when they past by him?

  40. For you information I’m Asian too. It’s not about the market but more about NBA being ruled and dominated by mainly African American athletes for many years. It’s the same reason why many white people has given on up being an NBA player.

  41. Good, then you should know that a lot of Americans don’t think we Asian Americans are “Americans”. Why you sounded so surprised? NBA has never been ruled by African Americans, please. NBA has a lot of paid employees who are AA which I agree.

  42. Thanks Acbc. “How is it that the Spurs can continue to play well as the team ages?” You don’t answer this question cause most of the resons are obvious. Kobe plays iso-basketball whereas Spurs play teamball. In teamball the workload is shared among the whole roster of players; last year (aside from Leonard who averaged 31 min per game,) every Spur averaged less than 30 mpg. Kobe likes to play 38 mpg. Pop will rest one set of players for the first game of a BTB so they are fresh for the second leg, etc. Kobe tries to play every game.

    But there is another interesting difference. In teamball, the players keep passing until there is an open shot. If you look at Kobe’s last game, where he shot 8 for 30, Kobe was missing wildly. But from three point range he hit 3 of 8. It seems to me that since 3 pointers are relatively open shots, Kobe can still make those. It’s when Kobe goes hero-ball and dribbles into 3 defenders to shoot his signature fadeaway that his body betrays him. Kobe has said that his back and both of his knees, feet, and Achilles tendons are all sore. Apparantly you need all those body parts to be working efficiently and pain free to make Kobe’s favorite shots.

    I think everything that we see as terrible, destructive behavior, the masses see as Kobe being this charismatic bada$$. And ever since Michael Jordan became a worldwide phenomenon, most NBA teams have promoted such “superstar” players to increase market share. Since Kobe has won it all 5x and become such an iconic figure, the Lakers see him as a goose that lays golden eggs. What they don’t seem to realize is that no matter how much you pamper you golden goose, after 19 years, the goose is bound to reach menopause. It’s time to find some new geese.

  43. That’s not entirely accurate. You make it seem like his fellow students on campus at Harvard said things like that to him as he walked by. That would never happen for many reasons. I mean if you were smart, would you pick a fight with 6’3″ 200 lb guy? And there are many Asian students at all the Ivy league schools.

    Now when Lin played on road games for Harvard, student-fans and on rare occasions players from opposing teams said those types of things to try and rattle his play. Totally despicable and unacceptable but some idiot sport fans see it as a way of being an active part of the game. I also get the feeling that Lin chose not to complain about it. I think the schools would have easily put a stop to it. Perhaps Lin always prefers to keep a low profile and not raise racial issues especially before trying to get drafted into the NBA.

  44. mmmmm, if my memory serves me right, I believe they were Harvard students and happened at Harvard and more than once.

  45. You would think students at Harvard would not behave like that, but unfortunately it happened even at the highest educational institute in America. Unbelievable, but that is the reality.

  46. Hmm, I just noticed from yesterday’s box score that as a PG, Lin led the team with three blocks. And he managed that in less then 22 minutes.

  47. From wikipedia:


    Lin has regularly heard bigoted jeers at games such as “Wonton soup”, “Sweet and sour pork”, “Open your eyes!”, “Go back to China”, “Orchestra is on the other side of campus”, or pseudo-Chinese gibberish.[9][215][217] Lin says this occurred at most if not all Ivy League gyms. He does not react to it. “I expect it, I’m used to it, it is what it is,” says Lin.[215] The heckling came mostly from opposing fans and not as much from players.[220] According to Harvard teammate Oliver McNally, a fellow Ivy League player once called Lin the ethnic slur chink.[215] In January 2010, Harvard played against Santa Clara University at the Leavey Center, just 15 miles from his hometown of Palo Alto, California. Playing to a capacity crowd that included droves of Asian Americans wanting to see his homecoming, his teammates told him, “It was like Hong Kong.”[221]

  48. Dorothy, if your point is as BobbyH said below, then I agree. While on the examples you gave, I have different take on it.

  49. smith had a great 1st game in HOU. Looks like they got a freebie lol.

  50. The two games that Lakers won are the ones where Hill were benched for significant of the game. It’s a wonder why Lakers would sign a big who doesn’t like playing inside and just chuck jumpers all day.

  51. Again, students at Harvard didn’t do that to a fellow student, but you’re right, if drunken sports fans at Princeton or Yale did that it’s unbelievable and unacceptable. It’s hard for me to picture it happening. But there can always be a few jerks in any crowd especially if beer is being sold.

  52. Truth be told, not sure about this generation, the privileged schools have the 1% haves, so the stats on bigotry are higher. If you go to a public university, there is more driving force for diversity and open-minded thought. Plus, you have great brains from all over the world. Schools like UC system in CA are a good example of that. Only, with state budget and bloat over 25 years, UC needs good management work to retain it’s high qualities.

  53. Some school will take it serious, while some don’t though. Just few weeks ago, I read a fifth grader chinese American girl commit suicide because of the on going bully, racial slurs she experienced at school and on Internet from the students. Her adopted American parents were thinking about suing the school, because the school didn’t took serious when they report the matter several times and when the girl requested to transfer school, don’t know why the parents didn’t do it for her(probably because when they asked the school about it, they said they will take care the matter but didn’t, So…) ..sad for the girl. So young and vulnerable and helpless in such circumstance.

  54. A lot of seats are reserved for the 1% haves, but if the majority of students were not chosen on merit, the Ivy League schools would have rotted from within a long time ago. If Harvard didn’t accept the Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world, who then donated billions back to their alma mater, Harvard wouldn’t be doing as well as it is.They also place a high priority on diversity. In fact, that’s their excuse for not accepting even more deserving Asian students.

  55. That’s a very sad story. I wish her parents had been able to protect her.

  56. Actually I also stop following him not because he criticized Lin but insulting Lins intelligent saying that Lin will re-sign with the Lakers even if Lakers trying to ruin Lins market value in order to sign him cheap as a back up simply because Lin likes LA and close to his family.

  57. If it was Price, Stu would have talked about it to death. I don’t think the LAL’s announcers highlighted this at all… *sigh*

  58. IMO, both Stern and Silver would very much like to see Lin to succeed. It’s good for the NBA and it’s good for business. I have no evidence but I wouldn’t be surprised if they even played a small role in encouraging Lin’s trade from Houston to LA. I think everyone, including Lakers management, believed Lin would get fair treatment in LA. IMO, the problem is Kobe, but no one realized in advance Kobe would insist on treating Lin this way. The Lakers FO lets Kobe do whatever he wants.

    “they do not want to see 1) the arenas filled up with Asians,”
    Arenas filled up with Asians are family friendly arenas. That’s good for business and I’m sure they would love it.

    The problem with unfair refs: that one I don’t understand. Perhaps they’ve had their jobs for a long time and some are just crappy.

  59. What if team does not cover your a$$

  60. It is sheer bad luck for Malaysia, another airline lost contact from Surubaya to Singapore.

  61. WTH is going on here?!

  62. We are asking that question too, all we know thus far is the pilot asked for an unusual route change. The plane is AirAsia, the most efficient low cost carrier in the ASEAN region. Parent company of the airline is from Malaysia.

  63. MH 370 did the same thing…right? a route change..

  64. He likes to chuck 3s….I think

  65. MH 370 pilot did not asked for a route change, the transformer was switched off. For AirAsia the pilot did make a request and it is likely due to weather. The route this airline took is in a congested route between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, unlike MH370. We will be getting news on the whereabouts of this airline sooner than MH370. Very shocking for us.

  66. Hopefully nothing serious…

  67. I think it is closer to the truth.

  68. Really? Missing plane? Bad year for Malaysia. And also the flood. Pray for Malaysia.

  69. I don’t think this is coincidence, terrorist attack?

  70. It has been hours and with no response and contacts in a congested route is very scary and bleak for 162 passengers.

  71. 3 planes in 1 year is terrible for Malaysia!

  72. And their economy!!

  73. yeah yeah yeah..but who cares..if BS or FO or ANY NBA team doesn’t care.. no point.. because they are the one who has the power to sign him and start him… not us.

  74. Just read the news. Ya Airasia has confirmed the missing plane over Indonesia air space. Sad.

  75. It’s not really an racial issues but more of a bullying issue that happens most frequently in elementary school. Bullying happens all over the world to minorities, foreigners, lgbt, people with disabilities, any non-majority of society which is sad. It’s something that needs to be taken care by those who are in charge with power.

  76. If Stern or Silver wanted to see Lin succeeds, it would have happened already. Silver and Stern like I said look at big picture and direction where NBA is heading. Giving up the territory in China which currently held by Kobe and LeBron to Lin is not what they want to see. Remember NBA is not trying to expand BB as a sport in Asia, it is trying to push NBA as a brand in Asia. If you look at American foreign policy to foreign countries, it maybe easier to understand what NBA is doing.

  77. Yes…me too. It’s all too late.
    Maybe the parents hope the school will takes care of it, and believed so when school told them. So the girl wont need to switch school, and maybe it’s the most near school in the place they live. (They didn’t have too much detail on this, just my guessing though. )

  78. Yes, in some or most elementary schools, bully issue happened quite often to kids, that may or may not involved with racial issue. But in this case, they called her racial nicknames and told her to go back to China…things like that. So, I think in her case, racial maybe the main reason and trigger factor.

  79. If NBA truly values Lin, they will interfere and give him calls. Sure this is not the case.

  80. Again?! O_O that’s really bad!!! i hope it’s not the same airline. If it’s the same airline, something must be wrong with this company.

  81. Sad news. Hope they are safe.

  82. Still good to know though.
    Maybe one day somebody in the NBA do cares like we do.
    Still dreaming.

  83. The ref issue is something we should really try to make noise about.

  84. Lin is as American as apple pie. I think you overestimate the power of the NBA commissioner. He is really just a representative and spokesperson for all the owners as a group. He cannot impose his will on any one team.

  85. May I ask you whether you are still a student?

  86. Different airline.

  87. Concerns increases with time, thus far no news.

  88. Thanks for letting us know. Just read the news. Can’t believe happen again with another flight related to M’sia.

  89. Worst is there were 16 children and 1 infant.

  90. When Jason Kidd was putting up these exact same bad shooting numbers
    that Lin is putting up, ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE CARED in a good way.

    If Lin were black, people would calling him the “second coming of Jason Kidd” right now.

    Since I don’t see race and see only game, I’m actually DISAPPOINTED that Lin’s playing just like “Ason Kidd” (no J). Lin’s so much more talented a scorer than Kidd was, it’s a shame that Lin’s jump shot is so BROKEN.

    Keep in mind that if Lin got a pro shooting coach and repaired his jump shot to become the Ray Allen level shooter he can become, people STILL wouldn’t think he could play in the NBA.

  91. Not still a student. May I ask if u live in the US?

  92. I agree 100%.

  93. I don’t want to get too personal, but my point is I bet you are still pretty young (to my standard lol). I have lived in the States for 30 years now. There is a Chinese saying hope you will not be offended. 大人的世界小孩子很難了解 translation: it is hard for kids to understand adult world. You and I will not come to the same conclusion for things so subtle since our background and experiences varies too much, therefore I will not try to convince you any more. Good night.

  94. Is this legit source? Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: ‘Linsanity’ To Take Talents To South Beach? Guard Could Head To HeatRead more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1708752/los-angeles-lakers-trade-rumors-linsanity/#ZljmkEhPjAQE7Z43.99

  95. Not sure. Second one I’ve read though about Lin to Miami. All speculation so far, but right now, I bet Jeremy would take it with both hands.

  96. Heat beat Cavs on Christmas they are still strong after Lebron left and can go far in playoffs! I’d say go for it but it’s up to Lakers.

  97. If Lin can get a pro shooting coach to repair his flawed GIRLIE jump shot with its awkward “hinge” elevation and short arm “Tyrannosaurus Rex” release, Lin will succeed on any team or even any role given him.

  98. You are probably right, but his “loyalty” is killing me.

  99. Speculation at this point so I won’t give much thoughts about it.

  100. You will be kept DISAPPOINTED for awhile….hang in there…LOL

  101. Not just the workload are shared…the workload are reduced too..

  102. Would he play well with that team?

  103. One of the reason Lin’s shooting suffers is because there were less catch and shoot situation for him. Pull up J simply is not YET his game yet. BEST teams creates as many catch and shoot as possible. Worst teams goes for pull up contested shots all the time. Teams assists is telling on if this team play team ball or not. But %age of all shots that ended as open C&S is more telling. It tells the style of the team. Total Asts partially just says if a team is hot or not.

  104. Yep I read and watched the news since then. Also learned about the worst flood news in West M’sia. Hope you and your fam are ok.

  105. In the month of DEC, Lin’s USG% went back to 20% again! (per 100 pos)

  106. Lol. My mom irritates me when she says something not exactly the same wording but quite similar to what you just said above. I think a lot of the parents mistake being “young” as “naive” and “lack of comprehensive thoughts” for things happened in their surrounding or in this world. parents should be aware of this “huge mistake” they make often times when they having conversation with their kids.

  107. LOL….it is very important to respect the elders…And something just can not be taught anyway. Sometimes it is not about if the young can understand or not, sometimes it is about if the senior can explain it or not….or both…or none of the above…

  108. Maybe that’s why both of them weren’t in the LAL Christmas ad recently.

  109. I think Lin’s shooting form is fine. BUT, I do think he should get a real NBA shooting coach during off season to teach him nuances of the game and take him to next level. For example, when Steve Kerr became a bench player for Spurs, and had to come in spurts and quickly put up 3’s, I remember him saying his shooting coach helped him to practice for similar situations (shooting cold). Coach would make Kerr shoot some 3’s, stop, start having casual conversations about random stuff to kill his rhythm, then suddenly he would start shooting 3’s again. Kerr said it was weird at first, but he later adjusted to it and it helped him to come off of bench as a 3-point threat. A true NBA shooting coach could teach Lin about mental preparation and types of shots he needs to practice to make most out of his role.

  110. I appreciate the post by Jeremiah on the stages of grief. It would help explain the inconsistent and evolving approach by Kobe. I think he genuinely wanted Jeremy to be productive and successful at first. Later he needed a scapegoat when there was so much losing. He later made the comment about needing the offence to go through him (i.e. being the point guard / lead guard). Denial, Anger, Bargaining indeed.

    On the other hand, Scott has been consistent about pandering to Kobe all the way.

  111. With some positive news… this site is now the #1 google search result for “jeremy lin forum”!
    #4 for “jlin”, #5 for “jeremy lin fans”.

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  112. That’s great! It’s better for people to come here anyway imo. Lol

  113. Congratulations to all making this forum a better place, especially to the mods and psalm234 for their dedication and firm believe in Lin.

    Happy New Year!

  114. I know.

    I’ve been waiting THREE YEARS for Lin to fix his flawed shot.

    I waited three years for Lin to develop a spin dribble midrange game with turnaround jump shots off either shoulder. It did happen. And I’m sure that Lin will repair his flawed jump shot, as it is the last remaining glitch in his game.

  115. Didn’t doc scheppler help out a few times? I’d guess it’s more about his back issues as you’d mentioned.

  116. I have a stupid question to ask. Does site owner make money when ppl visit the site? If so, who pays for it and how much profit there is. The reason I ask is because I saw this site asking for donation which I have been considering to do, BUT the dot net site owner makes me feel almost positive that he makes good money from owning that site. Why? Because I painfully saw him a true Lin fan allowing so many Lin haters trolling his site without doing anything. If the profit is minimum, I don’t think he would act that way. It is almost like he was very reluctant to ban anyone from visiting his site, yet if other Lin fan sites were mentioned, the posts are deleted right away and sometimes the posters maybe banned permanently. I had my posts deleted almost within a couple minutes where I mentioned jeremylinforum.net when it was first started back in Sept and I also knew others were banned from the dot net site by mentioning that site. In the meantime, posters there thought the problem so many trolls were because the owner was too busy to keep an eye on his site, lol. If it is not for money, then what there is to act that way? I am sure Lin does not appreciate that any owner trying to dominate this market. As a fan with no financial interest in this, I was completely naive thinking to help promote another good Lin fan site.

  117. Don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB or http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  118. I don’t see how heat can take Lin’s contract through trade, they don’t have that space.

  119. Wouldn’t it be only 50/80 X $8 mil = $5mil?
    (fraction of games remaining times actual cap space salary)

  120. I have the same thought and give up on that site moths ago. Just a shame (too strong the word?) that a wonderful site turned that way.

    For what I know, it depends on how the owner and the sponsors contract the hits in turns of profits. It could be a google model, which could be by hits on the ads plus the monthly fee, or just purely based on the hits only. Many variations exist nowadays for this kind of forum profit stream.

  121. When I first looked for this site, I googled “Jeremy Lin” and as you show, this site did not show up. Is there is no such thing as adding keywords to your own site? Is paying google a fee the only way to get this site to appear early on a “Jeremy Lin” search? I wonder if having jeremylinportal.com as a second name would help.

  122. Thanks, KL, I wonder what you mean by “at first.” Because from the very first game of the season, there was a strong push to start Price over Lin. I’m convinced that push was coming from Kobe. The thing I’ve since realized is that Kobe is very deceptive. When Kobe seemed to be praising Lin (and Price!), mentoring Lin, putting his arm around Lin, telling Lin to P on the hydrant, etc., I also wondered if I had been wrong about Kobe. But now in retrospect it’s clear that Kobe was just putting on a show to both make himself look good and hide the fact that he was hurting Lin.

    When the Lakers first decided to trade for Lin and presumably got Kobe’s blessing, Kobe’s real intentions toward Lin may not have been decided yet.

  123. I want to add, to me it is completely fine and well deserved that owners making profit by having Lin fan sites since the owner does put in a lot of effort providing fans a place to communicate with each other and promote Lin which I myself appreciate and treasure it so very much. but I am not fine with owner making money by sabotaging Lin in any way.

  124. What site are you talking about?

  125. When JP123 (i believe that was his username) and WuKong were working on jeremy lin forum dot net this past summer, I kept reading how excited they were about to launch that new site. I was excited too since I really feel jeremy lin dot net site is lacking many things. When the site was finally launched, the next day or so, I noticed that all the posts jp123 posted were deleted and his name gone. From the past experience when trolls were finally banned, I knew he was permanently banned. I therefore tried to get people’s notice about that site’s existence since jp123 was banned right after he launched his site. My posts were deleted within minutes, even though I was not banned. In the mean time, people were complaining too many trolls at jeremy lin dot net, but being considerate that the owner might be away for vacation or too busy with other things in life. I knew it was not the case because he deleted my posts RIGHT AWAY, but I did not want to point it out at that time since I did feel he had tried hard to promote Lin with every good intention when he first started his site.

  126. I wish somebody had told me this before I up-voted myself being called young, ignorant and foolish 😉

  127. JL.net is there like forever. lol…..I do not think JLinPortal got any money from its traffic. Most expenses were covered by @psalm234:disqus…..like server host fees…One of the reason we keep using Disqus system is because it is free and fast…plugins for advanced functions usually cost money……..All hail the Psalm234!!

  128. Yes. It is all about shooting situations. Doc talked about his plan about Lin….saying he added more scenarios for him to work on. For Lin…it is unfortunate that his summer plan can not catch up with his trade situations.

    While in HOU, his catch and shoot was needed so much that I think he worked a ton on those situations. And turned out it works great, however LAL did not need him to do that. I think He added step back jumper mainly because he thought this will benefit him in HOU system where relying purely on drives simply is not optimal.

    Same Thing happened when he 1st got to HOU. He was a drive 1st guard with good pull up 3 %age. He was weaker in catch and shoots. Sadly we all know was was him asked to do on the floor after Harden arrived.

    Kerr’s life is much simpler…..he can just focus on a few particular scenarios. Mainly because he did not have to create for others on the floor.

    I think Doc knows what he is doing….Yes this is about loyalty too but I think Lin also did his homework on who to hire. Doc’s team (high school girls) is always a good shooting teams. They get the game, know how to play. Just like Lin..

  129. if you get ads

  130. I think that’s especially true on defense. On offense, the whole workload is on Kobe while the rest stand around.

  131. Yes, I agree. Kerr’s life was simpler. And current Laker’s situation favors Lin to shoot pull up jumpers, which I think he prefers over C&S anyway if I remember correctly. Doc definitely knows what he is doing. I am sure he was a big part of Lin getting to where he is now. But, I think I am just biased about him since he lacks NBA experience. Anyway, maybe it doesn’t matter because I do feel like Lin’s current shooting slump is mostly mental (thinking too much and not adjusting well enough).

  132. Kerr knows exactly what he has to do and was on the same page with his team. Lin knows exactly what he thinks he has to do too, however, he is not on the same page with his team. Not gonna perform consistently this way production wise….However, I think his overall game were pretty consistent…

  133. Pslam kicks azz!

  134. Psalm is a god.

  135. jeremylin.net?

  136. I have a suggestion. Maybe the owner can consider putting some ads like link to some popular sites which average families use often like amazon, walmart, target…etc, I for one if I need to go to those sites, I will come here click to get in and the owner can get paid? Also, if the owner can get link or even sell some Lin merchandises on this site. Like my teenager son, he bought a t-shirt for like $30, it does not say “Lin” on it, but has a logo with Veritas on it, and number 17. It is unique and the message about Lin is subtle. He also bought a Lin phone sticker/case when Lin was with Rockets. He does not want a Lakers Lin shirt (I bought him NY, Rox shirts), but if something more unique, I think he would love to have. I know LINE came out with Lin stickers which I would love to purchase a set. We are also waiting for Addidas Lin shoes coming out. If this site can have a link to it, we will definitely click through this site. Just no link like Asian singles sites, please lol

  137. yes

  138. This is a great recommendation. Especially for Amazon. For everything we spend on there, the site owner will get a commission.

    Just a note to others, be sure you clear your cookies before you click the link here. Or else someone else’s referral code could be used instead.

  139. Not quite sure what you mean by we have to clear our cookies otherwise someone else will get the credit. I thought as long as I enter the destination site via current site, current site get paid. no?

  140. Kobe will start tonight. jeremy, best of luck and play safe. Don’t want to see you get hurt. You did well in defence last game. Lets see if you get opportunities to show off your offensive skills in this game tonight without your coach stopping it.

  141. Guess the bruised ego is finally healed, time for more bricks and stared down your opponent defense (does not require moving your feet).

  142. Kobe will never change his game. Ever.

  143. Go JLin! Keep your head up. Things will get better.


  144. Better in the summer. Not this season.

  145. Lin should go to Memphis, San Antonio, or Dallas. He will be a scrub backup oh well.

    Another dark horse? La clippers. Balmer from Harvard and they need a backup pg. clippers system is about spread floor 3 ball

  146. The days of Lin starting and starring are over, at least for the next 3-5 years. Personally I don’t see him starting again except when the starter is hurt

  147. That’s for sure. Right now his goal it’s to break another record not the ring. Smh!

  148. Let’s hope that will not be the case. Although many members predicted the same too..

  149. Lin will thrive any team that is fair to their players..

  150. Don’t lose all hope. I don’t think Lin has reached his ceiling yet.

  151. New record is the only thing he can accomplish. Scoring title.. I can see the Kobe fanatics be like, “Kobe came back from a major injury, missed a few games, don’t go to practice, he’s old, plays with scrub team mates, yet he still wins a scoring title! Omg Kobe is a basketball God! Like OmG!!!”

  152. Respect!

  153. Thx for this v well thought out post. Do you happen to know s currys pull up %

  154. He will not be a scrub backup, maybe just a heavily marginalized backup

  155. Ppl think that the girls team thing is not tops. You linked that doc vid and they know team ball. Winning teams are team. And, in soccer, the women’s world cup esp China 1999 is a much better technical game to watch because there is less fouling so refs are less impacting. I saw one game in San Jose whee the Chinese women, all smaller than norway iirc, touched the ball 27 times before making a foray. Now that’s sas patience. Win at Will, not fancy 1v1 moves cRenaldo

  156. We all know it is BS. All media knows it is BS. All fans, Lin’s or not, knows it is BS. FO knows its BS, Kobe wants BS. And here we are 30 games into season, we are still talking about BS. So can we say Lakers == BS ???

    I just hope there is an anit-BS Karma coming.

  157. hi @disqus_uvA4vLUdRW:disqus , let me provide some information but I’ll be careful not to speak badly about other site(s).

    yes, site owners can make some money if people click on ads. It really depends on the site traffic. From what I can see on this site, the amount is quite minimal but perhaps because there is not as much as traffic as the other site. But that’s okay. This site was started by me with the help of Brent, blubell and other mods to create a positive environment for Lin fans and even if we don’t have a lot of traffic from banning certain users, that’s okay with us

    As for donation, we used it to help to cover the site expense on web hosting, plugins (i.e. video, chat, spam, etc.), some donation to JLin Foundation and eventually if possible I’d like to reward the mods for their hard work with some Christmas gifts as a token of appreciation 🙂

    As for keywords to delete posts, that is a Disqus feature to filter out comments with some words. Aside from Disqus own filter, site owners can include bad words to automatically put posts in moderation. I won’t say much for the decision of other sites not to promote other websites, but it certainly poses questions about the policy of moderation (i.e. banning posters threatening violence, etc.). Some of us discussed about in the past but I won’t elaborate much.

    That’s why we have many mods to enforce the positive JLin fans policy because we want to prevent Lin-bashing, poster-bashing and negativity. It hasn’t been easy to find the balance but the mods have worked hard to keep this site a safe place. I’m glad to hear some posters said it’s a safe place to allow children and young adults to discuss about Jeremy Lin and life in general. I appreciate all the posters have cooperated to create a positive site although some may think it can be too strict at times. Some mistakes were made but I hope we can forgive one another and continue to get better.

    Thank you for your question, ideas/feedback and kind words. The mods will greatly appreciate them 😀

  158. Thank you for the great idea, Dorothy!
    Perhaps we can try to investigate of how to be an Amazon affiliate, create special T-shirts, etc. to help with the cost of running the website. I haven’t had much time to explore the ideas, maybe next year 🙂

    As for Asian single sites, definitely not the vision for this website .. although positive JLin fans can mingle together here LOL
    Perhaps I can create a separate website with avatar for single Linnies haha…

  159. oh no.. please no blasphemy LOL
    please don’t reverse it either. haha..

  160. hm, I never thought about it but it’s a great idea worth trying
    Thanks, @Jeremiah :]

  161. Ceiling no, but Nash was starting for many years before Phoenix. Lin is just low bencher now 🙁

  162. Thanks for doing your great research, @real_dsb:disqus 🙂

    Per @disqus_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus ‘s recommendation, I added jeremylinportal.net (jeremylinportal.com was already taken) to see if it helps with Google Search rankings.

    Thank you again!
    I’ll give more update separately via PM or mods groups.

  163. Pardon my word choices

  164. Who will be fair?

  165. I knew what was coming in the preseason. It can only get worse for Lin. If Lin makes a bad decision this summer, I will be so upset

  166. Brent, things you said here I got it and agree. Was typing out a pretty long post adding some to what you said, but decided to keep it short so I do not mislead what Dorothy tried to say to others there. Most kids can feel it if parents sincerely try but having hard time explaining their points or just simply pull out the authority age card over them to get them listend and take everything they said.

  167. To be determined

  168. Oh, just my personal thought and some experience though. Maybe as Brent said sometimes it’s indeed hard to explain. I think Dorothy said it with no offend heart to you.

  169. you’re right. I can see him getting comfortable using the step-back jumper as a weapon

  170. Thanks for letting me know. I will tune in when the 2nd quarter begins.

  171. Don’t mention it psalm. I’d be thrilled if it helped direct more “good traffic” to your site.

    I also want to thank you for featuring my post. I’m sure you know how difficult it is for prophets to get people to listen to them nowadays. That’s a much better gift than any fruit basket could ever be and no Fedex shipping was required. I do feel more pressure to get my prophecies right though 😉

  172. If Lin doesn’t end up in San antonio, I will be worried for him.

  173. ok, I have good news 🙂
    Jeremy Lin will conduct a Q&A for some fans on Jan 19 after the Lakers vs Suns game.

    I’m looking for some ideas of what we can present to him as JLinPortal fans to show our appreciation and support. What can we do as a group?
    1. Perhaps we can provide a greeting card with encouraging words from our members?
    2. JLinFan Donation check/receipt?
    3. Book/Motivational quotes, etc.?
    4. …

    I’ll create a separate post to get more ideas later.
    Thanks, everyone! Here’s your chance to have your message be read by Jeremy himself 😀

  174. Jlin, do you believe khuang? That your on your way to dnp cd?

  175. I’ll try to buy you a linspirational coffee then. That’s that much I can do for you. ( ̄▽ ̄)

  176. Im thinking if I can ask him how many teams is ideal in his free agency but he might not want to disclose it publicly

  177. Oh yeah off record to his bros is one thing. To us? No way

  178. We can only show support and ask fluff question, like does he prefer black sleeve uniform

  179. Xavier got screwed

  180. Yeah for his sake, he needs to be PC. Otherwise LA media will slam him

  181. I was just kidding Lymania. You can both heart me as much as you like! 😉

  182. Just like that 7 is gone. Is 17 the next to go lol?

  183. thanks, the mods will certainly appreciate them :]

    if you need to support LinHarmony.com, just let me know. Maybe I have time to make it happen LOL That much I might be willing to do for you haha..

  184. Hahaha~~~that will make you an angel in heaven with God then.

  185. I think Price will be waived soon

  186. OMG~~~did you just trick me? There’s no such website as LinHarmony.com. When did you become so bad? (☆_☆)

  187. LOL … Prophets do have peer-pressure then. Ha-ha-ha…
    Yes, yes.. prophets are never welcomed and hard to establish street-cred as a start-up.

    May this be a launching career of many featured ‘prophesy’ of Jeremiah Linnies, the most famous Lin prophet-to-be! :]

  188. LOL .. it’s proof you have interest then
    ok, if there is enough single Linnies requests, I might consider finding some time to help them mingle ..hahaha jk

    @Dorothy brought up the issue, BTW

  189. I think he’d appreciate a donation to the Jeremy Lin Foundation. Maybe we can aska question about any charity projects in LA? If he doesn’t have any lined up, then we know he doesn’t plan on staying. 🙂

  190. Golden boy of BS isn’t going to be waived unless Mitch says so! And since Lakers are tanking anyway, I doubt Mitch cares. BS only needs to do 2 things, keep Kobe happy and tank.

  191. Hey Briiick. I wanted to thank you for posting a link to that ESPN article entitled “Kobe.” It helped me get a better understanding of Laker owner’s dysfunctional relationship with their cash-cow.

  192. Ask him if he wants us to “take care of” ronnie price

  193. Exactly BS dont got a say in it

  194. Xavier hasn’t been effective after his injury.

  195. if anything
    he screwed the Lakers with all his stupid injuries

  196. Q&A: Have you thought about the possible teams you want sign for this off season?
    I doubt he’d answer though.

  197. only if Price throws a shoe at Kobe :]
    As long as Kobe likes Price to pass to him and to start over Lin, Price will stay

    For Kobe, it’s personal. Very personal
    No more talk about mentoring Lin.

  198. mitch has the power after all

  199. Tarik Black gives the Lakers another undersized PF/C similar to Hill and Boozer. However, Black is a high motor player on defense which will help the Lakers’ interior defense if he gets playing time. Offensively Black is still very raw given this is his rookie season. I am looking forward to see how coach Lin is going to improve Black’s game this season.

  200. it will be interesting if Mitch makes that power play to defy Kobe’s and BScott’s agenda. If that happens, Jeanie Buss must have backed up Mitch to make a statement. “Play Lin or else…”

    I see a small chance of Mitch embarrassing BScott like that except in a situation where he told BScott to start Lin after 10-20 games on bench but BScott defied his order because Kobe said so.

  201. true, we need to phrase the question properly like ..”How many teams would you consider to be ideal place to play in Free Agency?”

    Then let him expound on it if he likes.

  202. 🙁 , I thought he and the coach would work well.

  203. LOL …sounds like Tonya Harding plot :]

  204. Ha!.. that’s another good one
    Maybe he’ll answer he’ll decide next season who gives him 3-yr contract first!
    Yeah, I’ll create a separate post to list the members and total donation to send. It’ll be good

  205. and the plot thickens…..? lol

  206. I dont think Jeanie will tell him to start Lin or anything
    he haas nothing to do with how to use players

  207. I think Lin ain’t going anywhere for now

  208. lol
    well hit up Beverley while we are at it

  209. Question probably should read “how many shots will Kobe miss in his return?”

  210. I’d imagine this would be JLin’s reaction :]


  211. Me neither so hes screwed

  212. Off the court, I guess Black will get along with Lin because Black is also a christian. Here is Black’s twitter profile description: “Memphis, Tenn. native. Love my city. Jesus is my Lord and Savior.
    Everyday is a blessing because its another day to Glorify God. Amen”

  213. Yes… he’s stuck right now

  214. This season so far, for players taking at least 1 pull up 3s per game while averaging more than 25 mpg. Lin is ranked 15th out of 50 players. He is behind PGs like..
    3 M. Conley (44.2%)
    4 J. Nelson (43.5%)
    6. S. Curry (40.7%)
    7. D. Collison (40.0%)
    12. P. Beverley (37.5%)
    13. T. Lawson (37.5%)
    14. CP3 (37.5%)

  215. It will! Linsanity taught us something… nothing is impossible. Go Lin Go!

  216. yeah, don’t know why people would just pick up rumor like that. Lin is hard to trade, and also Lakers would rather keep the flexibility in summer than taking on secondary players. And with Lin’s salary, you can not trade that will only picks. Heat don’t have money to take that. Same with Pacers. For Piston, only you trade straight with Jennings, the salary will not match, I don’t think Lakers will take on 2 yrs of Jennings for Lin. Neither will Piston, it just don’t make sense.

  217. First he get stiffed on Lin’s headphone gift, now he gets waived. Not a great way to end the year.

  218. I am pretty sure, almost none of us can out shoot those girls…LOL

  219. Kobe & the Lakers

    guess which one’s Kobe

  220. wow. thx/ So eye test is wrong. I always like his pull-up shots, but didn’t realize it’s in the realm of Curry. Curry just has so much swagger with it. The real Swaggy. Ha ha, we have to admit PBev is in there too. Good to see the numbers.

  221. it’s ok, we have pride fouls we can use 🙂

  222. Will be interesting to see what happens to Hill now. His production in Dec was off significantly after Lin was sent to 2nd unit. The pops, as Brent so patiently explained to me, are not v messy so Hill’s FG% is way down. When Lin was feeding him, Lin had doubles so Hill was just standing flat footed shooting the easy unchallenged shots. With I had Tarik Black in fantasy lol.

  223. you do it on purpose so why bother with the head fakes afterwords? A foul’s a foul.

  224. or just watch here and lin might be in about 5 mins left first Q. That overlap with Kobe will just be the LinBallShuttle, so guess you are right.

  225. I think Lakers tried to trade him bc he is worthy a lot… W Black signed Hill maybe out of Lakers soon.

  226. Game thread is opened!!

  227. psalm, for a first year, this site is rockin’ good and it amplifies across the world.

    Thank you much, this is a great site, and yes the vision of seeing kids read the bball and Linspirations without having to get trolled out is a fantastic clarity to all that everyone did, that you created/led.

    I think the donation thing is good … is there anyway one can donate to it anonymously?

    Finally, the positive push in the center of gravity of posters here means a good culture, and that really is one of the greatest gifts of being a Lin fan. His unwavering positive and professional, personally grounded drive to meet and beat challenges goes way beyond Linsanity. In fact, we are now living on the D-League bus with him and learning from his lessons, and that is quite a gift. When Lin was literally on that D-League bus, and whenever he was giving 1st class seats away to journeymen players, we did not have the same access to the lessons and watching his reactions. I only saw a few 15 second soundbites on him back then on TV. So I take the downs of his seasons as pretty inspiring. I personally don’t need Lin to have a >20pt game to feel inspired by him. His very act of hunkering down and getting a stop is worth my 18-22 minutes these days. For you see, I need to get stops in life too. And, this site allows for kids to see the value in that in addition to all they see from the SwaggyTongues of the world.

    God Speed to a New Year in the wild wild west!

  228. he def is not a contributor in Dec, that’s by the numbers and the production in the paint for opponents. I wonder where one can get that by date so we can see the impact of Booz going to 2nd unit. I think Davis is fun to watch, and his blocks are great, but he’s not really set up to defend the paint either I could be wrong. Booz and Sacre don’t do a good job in the paint by the last 2 losses. I can still see Mirotic cut on Sacre with him trying to kick for it uuugly.

  229. 1. yes, JLin prob knows this site and would prob like something from here.

    Q. what would he like his fans who love his inspiration and bball to do to increase the love he’s creating from the court out to the Lin community? What would he like in his fans, because we definitely demand a lot from him lol.

  230. thanks!

    Here is the link:

    Let’s go, JLin!
    Let’s show who the true PG is!

  231. KHuang writes DNP-CD for a very different reason than you do. You use it to troll people by tying in people’s respect for KHuang. You have not earned that reflected voice.

  232. great post, Dorothy.

  233. Hahahaha~~you~you~you~you~~~~

  234. I can only speak for myself and Doc’s 2nd unit would outshoot me I’m sure.

  235. haha… that’s a great idea.
    So “How would you like your fans to support you positively on-court and off-court?”

  236. thanks for the kind words, @JoeTeam :]

    yeah, there are so many positive lessons of perseverance in Lin’s journeys that kids and adults would benefit from watching him. Life is about the journey and watching JLin’s career is better than Hollywood movies :]

    I’m not sure if there is any way for Paypal to have anonymous donation but there might be a way to do so through Paypal

  237. I’m not entirely sure how Amazon referrals work, but I do know that the referral cookie will last for a certain period of time.

    So you could click on a link that has a referral code to Amazon, quit the browser, and then a few hours later, open it back up and go to Amazon to buy something, then that referral cookie will still be active and that site will get credit for what you bought.

    Now suppose you are browsing another site that uses Amazon referrals and you click on a link to Amazon from that site. Then you come to this site and click on a link too.

    Now i”m not sure if Amazon will for sure let this site get the referral or the initial site you clicked.

    So to be on the safe side, clear your browser cookies/history to ensure that this site will get it.

  238. Please let us know when you do set up the Amazon affiliates link.

  239. Wow, thanks. Never knew about this. very interesting.

  240. Thanks, @SamC89. I do appreciate the idea and support :]

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