G31 PHX @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Lin performed quite well last night with 5pts/7asts/5rebs/3blks/1stl/2TOs in 22 min.

He could have flirted with a triple-double if given more minutes but it didn’t support the narrative that Byron wants to send out. “Lakers is losing and need Kobe badly” which he actually said after the game.

If Byron wants to win, he is smart enough to recognize the dangerous Lin/Davis pick-and-roll plays in GSW and would have heavily used them in the next 2 games but he didn’t. Why? Because he wanted Lakers to lose to make Kobe looks good.

If Lakers won 2 out of 3 games or all 3 games with Kobe being out, Kobe will be rightfully branded as “the bad guy”. But with 1W-2L, Kobe looks “needed” to score 25pts.

Only time will let the dirty politics disappear. It remains to be seen how well Kobe’s body can hold up playing PG and playing 32-35+min.

For now, we just wait and hope for JLin’s stronger plays off-the-bench. Lin fans would also need to find Lin’s inner strength to be patient to wait for the right time to shine.


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