G31 Brooklyn Nets (8-22) Has to Face Chicago Bulls (15-16) Without Lin


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It was so unfortunate that Jeremy Lin reinjured his left hamstring after playing so well against the Hornets but his teammates played inspired to win the game 120-118  on Foye’s thrilling buzzer-better with 0.9 seconds left on the clock. Lin’s injury status is unknown since the team reportedly is waiting on MRI results to confirm the severity of the injury,

In the meantime, the Nets will try to fight another game without Lin on the road vs the Bulls who had suffered 6 losses in the past 8 games. It did not mean things will get easier as the Bulls beat the Nets badly 118-88 at their home-court. And the Nets road record is a woeful 1-14.

ESPN.com Game Preview article:

Dwyane Wade and his Chicago Bulls teammates have tried to stay positive despite an ugly stretch in which they lost six of the past eight games.

The Bulls (15-16) have an opportunity to climb back to .500 when they host the Brooklyn Nets (8-22) on Wednesday night at the United Center.

“I don’t care who we’re playing, where we’re playing, none of that matters to us,” Wade said. “It’s just about getting better from one game to the next.

Brooklyn has endured a miserable season but is coming off a thrilling victory. Guard Randy Foye hit a game-winning 3-pointer with 0.9 seconds remaining Monday night to seal a 120-118 win over the Charlotte Hornets.

The shot marked the second career buzzer-beater for Foye. He could receive additional playing time against the Bulls in place of Jeremy Lin, who left Monday’s game in the third quarter because of a strained left hamstring. The same injury caused Lin to miss 17 games earlier this season.

KEY OF THE GAME: As long as the Nets has not fixed their defense not to allow wide-open shots, win will be hard to come by. But the most important news is to hope for good news from JLin’s MRI results

Let’s hope and pray JLin will recover soon and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. #1
    A vid with analysis of the KA yell.

  2. Don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG even he will not make it to ASG this year. I am sure all the players will want to see his fans to support for him.

  3. what’s the point in voting for Lin?..Is that just a fun thing to vote for Lin who hasn’t even played 15 game this season?

  4. When Kobe got injured his fans still loyal to vote for him why we can’t do the same for Lin?

  5. I’ll only vote for Lin on merit..I didn’t vote for him last year because he didn’t have the stats…Bu I get it if you want to vote for him simply as loyalty..

  6. I think he needs his fans to support him specially now. I will vote for him daily to support him.

  7. Excellent point!
    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  8. If you “only vote for Lin on merit”, then you should vote for him.

    Are you saying Lin did not play well with Nets when he was wealthy?

  9. Do you know if we could vote by texting?
    If so, what is the phone number?

  10. I vote for Lin for All-Star game, not only to show support as a fan,
    but also for his excellent performance as Nets’ starting PG.

  11. Did Lin go to Chicago with the team? Does anyone know? Or perhaps it’s better for him to rest.

  12. while Jlin was injured of most of the games this season, we saw also that when he’s playing, he gather enough stats as the primary PG of this team. we can see that he is the best player of the team like Lopez. so the merit you were saying maybe on the amount of games he played(Games played) and not on his statistics when he’s playing?

  13. I say he rest since he still need to take the mri.

  14. true..but kobe accomplished a lot before he was an old man injured.
    lin didn’t even have the stats to back him up. I haven’t seen a 13 and 6 max player be an all-star.

  15. LOL, love the chinese accent.
    But from another 3RD different angle, the reason for that yelling might be due to the history of lin missing his man for open layups AGAIN. I recall there was another time when lin was in front of a guy in the low post area and then SUDDENLY he just slided out to the peimeter AGAIN for no reason and bam, the easy 2 was a done deal because lin was not in front of that guy. It is the similar play that is happening this time…so that is why maybe KA was yelling at him for doing that. Usually and mostly you must defend the guy in the low post because that is a 60 to 90% chance of that guy getting an easy 2 as oppose to the perimeter shooter who has at best a 45% which is curry stats.

    So even though it’s curry, it’s still a 3 and higher chance of miss than a DURANT 2 (you kidding me if you say it’s a low chance to get in compare to currya, because it’s a DURANT 2). So I see where lin is coming from, but I will also say the same thing to 2.. get in front of that man because if you watch lin., his history especaily with another game where he made the same mistake, cost them 2 points.

  16. You’re probably right. Hope the MRI report is negative and he’ll be back sooner this time.

  17. I don’t know …. didn’t see anyone post the number. If I see it I will post it. 🙂

  18. ASG it’s about popularity not life achievement award.

  19. From the above…. In the meantime, the Nets will try to fight another game without Lin on the road vs the Bulls…..

  20. Dont kid yourself by saying Lin has the history of missing his man for open layups.

    If you watch the video, you should know that it’s KA who made the mistake by asking Borg and Skil to run away from their men thus leaving Curry and Durant wide open. So it’s KA’s fault as claimed by the commentators. KA is inept yet he chose to yell at Lin. I can guarantee you that Lin must be disappointed in KA whom he trusted so much…

  21. Why this bozos doesn’t say it right away what the extent of injury and what’s the time frame of his return,with the latest technologies now a days,they will know w/in an hour what’s the extend of Lin’s injury.

  22. My guess it’s for ticket sale bc if they said Lin will not play for 6 weeks …. their box office will not do well. But w/o time table fans can still hope game by game.

  23. So they just fooling the fans..greedy [email protected]@@@@@@

  24. Also TV rating!

  25. If Nets management have been straightforward or keeping fans abreast the extent of his injury the first time w/o being so secretive, then fans would have a much easier time waiting for Lin’s return. They’re repeating the same mistake.

    Remember MKG was in similar situation not similar injury but the Hornets gave fans straight up answers as soon as they know. Fans and media were more empathetic…

    Of course, we Lin fans would still support Lin but Nets management needs to pick up their media skills…

  26. Did Spurs do the same w their injury player status?

  27. If there reasoning were just because of ticket sales and tv rating then that’s just a straight up greediness.It’s so easy to let the fans know so that people that get their ticket in advance can plan some other things.

  28. Nope,they will divulge it right away.

  29. Exactly! Well said!

  30. Then they should change the name to All-Popularity Game

    So you can have 5 pts and 3 assits and still be voted in to All-Star. That is like a joke and other ‘stars’ there might snicker at that person too. If a player has that stats they probably wouldn’t want to play in it. And even if they voted it in, the coach will make them 3rd stringers at the end of the bench.

    That was always my belief and I always have been saying the same thing about lin since 2012 which was the only year when he really did deserve to get in and they made him and exception because it was true.. his stats and popularity both backed it up in 2012.

  31. Like you said, this is 21st Century high tech era. The silence is what makes people get upset which can lead to theorizing and misinformation spreading. Hope not this time, but most people don’t like the wait and the silence…

  32. Exactly.Since it’s almost half of the season and fans want to know if he can just rest or what not and see if Nets can still salvage the season with good standing.

  33. Watch your language, young man. Lol.

  34. I thought they normally will do MRI immediately
    after the injury to know what’s really going on? But how come they need to wait until today? Their doctor is on vacation?

  35. I can’t help it.LOL

  36. Don’t know. But isn’t the medical facility is right next door or in the same building? Perhaps it’s the Holidays, most people are on vacation. Nets need this access to medical assistance situation remedy for future cases…

  37. So you are saying: All Star is

    a popular contest for “old, accomplished” player;
    but a merit contest for others?

    How absurd!

  38. good news good news good news

  39. What? He is w team in Chicago? No need to do MRI???

  40. Glad to hear, but did he even get an MRI? Why was there no report on that? Hope they won’t change the “questionable” to something else and I’ll pray that Lin will be healthy from now on. Don’t want Lin to over do if he does not know if he has anything worse happened on the last game…

  41. Did he travel with the team?

  42. Maybe the injury was a scare. remember the ankle happened before. Maybe no hamstring injury at all.

  43. Weird. I can’t RT this tweet???

  44. typo lol yea thats what i thought

  45. I think he del the first tweet.

  46. I can’t see voting for Lin due to a lack of games. He probably would be playing on an all-star level had he stayed healthy.

  47. It’s really all-star. Some players who have been all-stars for years get to play due to that reason, but it isn’t a popularity contest.

  48. With mkg, tat was a torn labrum… really bad injury… so easier to say hell be out…

  49. Maybe he is day to day. Maybe the Taiwanese reporter wasn’t wrong.

  50. I hope so…. but if these American reporters didn’t get any details how that Taiwanese reporter can get the details?

  51. I don’t know. I guess I’m hoping for a tweak, that would have him out a short time. I guess I’m hoping he sensed he was injured and stopped playing before he hurt it as bad as last time.

  52. I see. I can understand that…. I really hope he can come back sooner this time.

  53. When I’m wrong, I’m WRONG.

    I thought Lin was gonna play the rest of this season injury free.

    Instead, we are looking at additional injury.

    I originally wanted to blame Atkinson for not playing Lin a steady 30 minutes, but that wouldn’t be right because Atkinson HAS been playing Lin regularly with increasing minutes. Besides, Lin very well could have got injured earlier if he was playing a bit more. As always, I am in full agreement with Atkinson

    This season, Lin is INJURY PRONE. Not the previous seasons, just this one.

    It’s a darn shame because this Nets team with Lin would have won at least 40 games, likely a lot more.


    Even with a MRI, there’s no way to accurately gauge a hamstring injury.

  55. He had an ankle injury in this game, that’s probably what compromised his hamstring on the drive where he injured it. I thought he’d make it through the rest of the season as well. It’s an unfortunate injury, hoping it won’t keep him out as long this time.

  56. Sometimes, an athlete is simply injury prone for an entire season.

    I mean, even MICHAEL JORDAN with his juiced up PED regimen missed pretty much his entire 2nd year due to injury!

  57. So the hamstring what?what exactly is the extent of injury?

  58. snow ball effect

  59. that being said this is common stuff for hamstring injuries

  60. Yep. That’s what we may have this season.

  61. I think CP3 got few times…

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  78. I think after his MRI we will know more about his real condition.

  79. If an MRI shows an actual tear, then yes Lin is likely done for the season.

    But if it doesn’t, then we’ll back to the same rehabbing that Lin has been doing while out.

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    Let’s focus on hoping and praying for good Lin news, not on petty fights.

  81. If Lin really has tear then what’s next for him?

  82. All hamstring strains are the result of tears. Grade 3 is a complete tear but grades 1 and 2 involve slight and moderate tears respectively. But of course you know that Dr. Huang.

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  103. Another viable theory on why Kenny ran away to the locker room after Foye’s game-winner lol

    So great to see Kenny ran back quickly after the game winner, possibly to the locker room to check on @JLin7 [0:18]
    @bolero2010: Nah. Bathroom break. Lol

  104. Brian Lewis meant to tweet joe Harris is questionable not Lin bc Lin is Out
    not In n Out

  105. Although no one can ignore Mother Nature’s call, I think your theory is more compeling, Psalm. 🙂

  106. Lol

  107. I like in n out burgers but just not their fries

  108. The Nets never gave us any information on the extent of Lin’s first hamstring injury so I’m not expecting anything this time either.
    They are entirely too secretive about injuries and it pis*es me off.

  109. The secrecy bothered me the first time. Now it’s the re-injury itself that really pisses me off. As soon as Lin rolled his ankle, KA should have called a timeout to have Lin checked out, perhaps even tape up his ankle. Maybe the hamstring re-injury could have been avoided if they had. But contrary to what others have implied, I have not seen any evidence that KA was super concerned about Lin’s injury status either the first or the second time.

  110. haha yes

  111. “Jeremy Lin isn’t on the trip for the #Nets. Still no update”

  112. I agree. Keep the media and fans informed, at least of the basics.

  113. Hope not… but that’s possibility…

  114. No it’s not a possibility. Nathan’s “medical opinion” is uninformed and worthless. Some people just don’t know when to shut up and wait for the experts.

  115. Maaan i swear Lin does not deserve this…..could not happen to a nicer guy and a greater teammate…..I swear Lin is the only Bball player along with Rose who can make me sad when something bad happens to them on the court.

  116. Something funny to cheer people up loooooool too funny

  117. So did Lin get the MRI or not? At least let us know what the results are? :/

  118. @nick_lt
    “Going through Lin’s performance on Monday on @3ball_ and I couldn’t help sharing this pull up three in transition” #BrooklynGrit

  119. For those who wants a chance to get CEO seats

    RT & follow me for a chance to win my #CEOseats to @BrooklynNets vs Utah Jazz @barclayscenter on 1/2. Winner will be chosen at 4PM.

  120. [email protected] is not with #Nets in Chicago. No update on condition now but possibly later before game.”

  121. OT: “Bustin’ ankles in NYC ??? ”

  122. I’m guessing he had the MRI and we’ll get minimal info about it. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear another reeavulated in 2 weeks from them. I’m prepared for no Lin until February and if he’s available beforehand, of course that would be welcome. Preparing for the worst however, same injury, same time out.

  123. I think so too….

  124. Nets’ silence is making everyone anxious, especially those who care for Lin and his career. That’s what I’m talking about misinformation will start flying if Nets don’t update fans on Lin’s situation…

  125. So many injury bugs in the NBA, not just Lin.
    CP3 hamstring, Blake, JR, GHill, Capela, etc.
    Health is #1

  126. Sadly, injuries are part of the game . CP3 hamstring concerns me about Lin. It seems to linger for CP3. Is this Lin’s fate ?

  127. I think nba should cut 82 games to 70 games…no more B2B??

  128. Agreed.

  129. I’m not sure. Hopefully not.
    So many players have hamstring strain, too. Calderon, Redick, CP3

  130. yes, that would be a good way to set our expectations.

  131. unless the players association think it’s important enough to push it, NBA won’t reduce games.
    Too much money left on the table.

    Teams do try to give rest like Spurs and Nets but injuries are hard to predict

  132. What’s that mean? the injury is in a different area of hammy so unrelated.

  133. That’s what I thought… thank you for the infor…. Nets is really like CIA. lol!

  134. I guess, it’s not on the same area in the first injury.

    It’s better but that could also mean the whole area needs to be strengthened (not just hammie but the whole body) so one body part is not stronger than others to cause injuries from overcompensating.

  135. That’s good news. One month at most I hope.

  136. Finally, good news that @JLin7 injury is not as severe as the first one.
    Perhaps he’ll be out fewer than 17 games

  137. Thanks.

  138. WOOO

  139. i think less the first one was 5 weeks so basically 1 month and 5 days.

  140. I think we probably can see Lin on court in Jan 2017.

  141. how long was the first injury? If its less severe then id guess he would be out less time. He was out 5 weeks the first time right?

  142. Near 6 weeks.

  143. God’s Speedy Recovery Joe. Wonder when this happened to Joe.

  144. the extra week seem like more patience then anything. So lets say 3-4 weeks in the same patience manner. Maybe 5 weeks if extra patient. 2 weeks if not that bad. Lol nets being vague so not as severe could mean 1 less week out to 3-4 less weeks out

  145. FYI. According to http://patient.info/health/hamstring-injuries
    “How bad is are hamstring injuries? Hamstring strains most often occur at the middle of the back of the thigh where the muscle joins its tendon or at the base of the buttocks. The injuries vary in severity.
    A minor strain is classified as a grade I tear, whereas a complete tear (rupture) is classified as a grade III
    tear. Grade II tears are partial ruptures. Getting a hamstring strain or tear is more likely if:
    -You don’t warm up and stretch before exercising.
    -The muscles in the front of your thigh (the quadriceps) are a lot stronger than your hamstrings (see below).
    -You’re a teenager going through a growth spurt.”

  146. Ya! 3-4 weeks most likely.

  147. maybe lin fans unfamiliar with the nets history might be interested in their recent years “point guard curse” detailed in this post on netsdaily:

    “From Devin Harris to Deron Williams to Jarrett Jack to Jeremy Lin……All of these PGs have been injured while with the Nets.
    ▼Let’s detail it…..
    In a cost-cutting move, the Nets traded Vince Carter on the same day of the 2009 NBA Draft, leaving Harris to assume the role of team captain. Harris was out for large portions of the season with shoulder and ankle injuries, including the team’s infamous 0–18 start.
    Despite a good start to the season injury-wise for Williams, he went down on December 19 in the 91-95 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, limping off the court in the second quarter with a strained right calf and did not return.
    On January 3, 2016, he (jack) was ruled out for the rest of the season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament and small medial meniscus tear in his right knee.
    Now, we have Jeremy Lin…..
    Since Kidd left the Nets this is what Nets fans have had to endure….”

  148. Did anyone see Jlin stretch by the performance team before the games…if not somebody need to be FIRED! !!!

  149. the hamstring injury usually does this, all that other stuff is just bad luck.

  150. Thanks for the info. As of this moment and as long as Lin is the leader of this Nets team and the face of Nets franchise, I command this ‘pg curse’ to be broken in Jesus name!

  151. Finally! Not as severe, that is a good news! I hope that means he’ll be back in 1-2 weeks max?

  152. its a bit vague to say. Not as severe could mean 1-2 week to 3-4 weeks. The original injury was 5-6 weeks long

  153. This is the best news we could possibly have hoped for given the circumstances. But one has to ask why have JLin’s hamstrings become brittle and why hasn’t the Nets performance team done a better job of improving their condition.

  154. 1st start and now another injury, Nets are cursed. 🙁 Poor Harris he was finally getting a chance to prove himself too.

  155. Exactly my question!

  156. I didn’t see JLin stretching a lot even after coming back from injury so this is on the Nets’ staff!

  157. I prefer 1-2 but with Nets, I think 3 weeks is more likely.

  158. Nathan was totally off base and irresponsible with this tweet.

  159. I agree! In fact JLin should’ve been stretching like crazy during half time and whenever he’s off the court to avoid reinjury! Goes to Nets’ staff are incompetent!

  160. Lin injured a different part of his hamstring than last time and it is not as severe. However, no timetable. He’ll keep getting reevaluated. Just announced on Nets pre-game.

  161. I can only say for the last game. Lin was stretched out plenty by the trainers before the game.

  162. I think this hamstring injury is related to Lin’s ankle this time. He couldn’t use his ankle to plant and corkscrew into the reverse layup he attempted. I think the Nets performance team did the job and this is not a recurrence of the other earlier injury though it is the same hamstring.

  163. 1-2 weeks it’s not like what Nets will do I believe…. 3 weeks maybe the best.

  164. I remember he always did that before the game.

  165. Nets will have the chance to win if they play like last game.

  166. if it was the same injury it would have been terrible. nothing worse then reoccurring injuries

  167. CP3 is back in the lineup. His strain must have been pretty minor, I don’t think he missed many games.

  168. This is another opportunity for the ‘unproven’ Nets players to show up. Hope they continue to do it for Lin. Maybe their mental is stronger now bc health can be fleeting… At least Booker makes a pass this time…

  169. For this year. I remembered he did miss a lot in the past.

  170. So far Booker has missed 3 scoring opportunities.

  171. I’m beginning to think he has to go. He does a lot of things that harm the teams. He tries to do things that are out of his skill level, and he’s playing selfishly.

  172. Booker really disrupts the flow of offense.It’s like Bulls have a 6th man on the floor on the opposite side

  173. LeVert has potential. RHJ needs to play w/ in his strength, i.e. defense. Stop forcing. Same goes w/ Booker. Hamilton is a team player but he needs shooting confidence back to shoot 3s when he’s open. Foye needs to guide these rookies and control the tempo w/ this line up.

  174. LeVert is really good, RHJ should come out of the game. He’s ill. Wade doesn’t look that great tonight, he’s been sloppy.

  175. lets go nets pull one off!!

  176. Bulls is not that good. Wish Lin is playing to guide and lead Nets to win this game.

  177. This Chicago team doesn’t look anything like the team that blew out the Nets earlier this season.

  178. Nets look good right now.

  179. Watched the last few seconds of 2nd quarter, I agree with the announcers, Nets tend to go away from Lopez in the 2nd quarter. I hope KA adjusts that and continues to go through. The Nets are play well, not great but leading by 3 points in half time.

  180. but man, he sure does seem to get a lot of layups though.

    (fwiw, i don’t watch the games but just watch the play-by-play. i’m sure there’s a lot i’m missing.)

  181. I agree what happened? They looked like a competitive and scary team earlier in the season. Did injuries set in?

  182. I know they don’t look as good this game. Just hope they get the win.

  183. Beginning? Been saying Booker needs to go since preseason!

  184. Nets are loosing the rebounding battle again. Too bad, it is going to haunt them at the end of the game.

  185. “He sure does seem to MISS alot of layups.” There fixed it 🙂

  186. urgh, I’m sorry, I meant to say that he sure seems to get a lot of REBOUNDS. my bad.

  187. I don’t like how when a player misses only 1-2 players go for the rebound instead of the entire team!

  188. bulls seem like they would rather not play. very low energy

  189. Are they on a back to back game?

  190. nope. had one a few days ago

  191. They don’t feel any urgency to win this game maybe underestimating the Nets and feel they aren’t a playoff team. I also don’t DWade playing?

  192. Sometimes you need to have guys back to prevent fast break

  193. Its true that this team doesn’t have a lot of talent. But they also don’t play up to their potential. And that’s a coaching issue. If Booker and RHJ did more of the things they’re good at and none of the things they suck at, the Nets could beat a lot of mediocre teams even without Lin.

  194. Yes. I don’t like how he tries to go one-on-one too much, dribbles the ball up the court too much, is a poor passer. He’s better off letting others create shots for him, rebound, and play defense.

  195. Bulls have good players but they don’t show it in this game so far. Don’t let DWade use his super star status to influence the refs later in the game.

  196. Lol…. I guess you don’t actually play team basketabll…?

  197. The Nets only play well when Lopez is initiating the offense. He’s done that almost the entire game. His presence keeps the defenders in check while guys either do pull up 3s or cut to the rim for mid jumpers or layups. I also see many more mid jumpers by Hamilton and Booker this game looks like KA finally made some adjustments.

  198. Lopez with the 3!! He’s carrying this Nets this this game no doubt!

  199. Take RHJ out. He’s holding his ankle.

  200. Nets are playing well and composed this game, KA’s adjustments are working. Glad to see Hamilton shooting well again.

  201. Yes, they play like a NBA team now.

  202. KA should have subbed out RHJ instead of Bogs when he insert LeVert. Bogs had scored twice driving to the basket, yet his reward was to go to the bench.

  203. Looks like last game finally woke them up and brought the team together. Guess Lin’s hard work and injury wasn’t for nothing. Glad to see some screens here and there and glad to see the bigs like Hamilton and Booker and other players taking mid jumpers now.

  204. RHJ wasting possessions with his iso please take him out.

  205. What’s the score?

  206. Score????Anyone????

  207. 76-74
    bulls by two

  208. Ahhhh

  209. Foye got the clutch layup ends 3rd quarter with 2 point lead. Gosh RHJ needs to sit I think he’s either hurt his ankle or is out of control. Wasted so many possessions with his iso shots.

  210. woops made a mistake
    nets are winning lol

  211. It’s ok as long as they are winning

  212. Nets 78-74 or 76, but Nets are leading at least.

  213. Thanks

  214. 4 point lead for Nets still into beginning of 4th quarter. 82-78

  215. Foye is finally resurrecting his career

  216. LOL 26 FT given. SMH

  217. Plus a stl and a dunk!

  218. After being DNP and benched he’s worked hard for his minutes again. Exactly why guys need to be benched when they are playing awful and out of control. RHJ needs to be benched as well.

  219. Just like that, Butler is injured.

  220. LOL Children…Children…Children..

  221. looks like an ankle sprain. He wil be ok

  222. LOL It was funny please they aren’t going to do anything.

  223. Yes, he’s back in. Wade is out with a migraine.

  224. Just turn in. Good to see KA finally willing to play Brooks heavy mins. Go Nets!

  225. LOL KP with the flop and got the FTs.

  226. That’s the Booker we need. Get the rebound, give it to a playmaker.

  227. He went a lot to Lopez for initiating the offense and in the 4th quarter. It was bad how he always went away from Lopez in 2nd half. Hope he keeps allowing Lopez to initiate the offense and to score in 2nd half especially 4th quarter.

  228. This one, I have to agree, but a good flop 😛

  229. Yea… KA calls a time out to strategize before the last 2min of 4Q, lol. We’ll see if Nets can hold the lead w/o Dwade…

  230. Man.. Lopez.. why can’t you just dunk it 🙁

  231. Probably can’t, might be too tired and also going against his brother.

  232. Lopez probably fouled on the last shot, but time to just dunk it. He’s had a great game. Hope he has a bucket or two left in him.

  233. Yeah.. just ranting

  234. At least this time Nets are communicating about Lin so far. The Nets are looking good with the adjustments and rookies for the bench. I’m liking Atkinson’s adjustments and coaching this and last game.


  235. curse you jimmy buckets

  236. Nets keep putting themselves through the wrinker the last 2m. The lead always slipped out of their hands. Bad inbound decision causing a TO again.

  237. Lin not being there is showing. No one else can create there own shot but lopez. Kilpatrick is turning it over because he is not a pg.

  238. I’m actually laughing right now.. wow.. would’ve been a better game if they just hold it for the whole possession and just give the ball to Bulls.

  239. THis is on KA he didn’t adjust when Butler was getting going nor benched RHJ fast enough when he was out of control.

  240. lopez!

  241. OK Lopez, sorry about my previous comment.

  242. OH

  243. lol

  244. Highlight.

  245. Damn Lopez dunking on Lopez that was really harsh but awesome!! Good Job Brooky!

  246. plz play defense

  247. This team is improving.

  248. I just thought he was gassed and also had trouble against his brother. lol Well Sibling rivalries are real and Brook Lopez is a giant compared to Robin Lopez.

  249. Why Why Why this always happen

  250. jimmy buckets

  251. gg

  252. KA is improving.

  253. aww a repeat of last game except for the Bulls 🙁

  254. well thats how the cookie crumbles

  255. Bad mistake by KA here, you can’t put Bogs on Butler. That shot was predictable, Butler is an all-star. But still, Nets made it competitive. With Lin, this is a W.

  256. that shot was more skill and less luck

  257. Well. Foye is the goat tonight for missing 2 free throws.

  258. Wow, “heartbreaking end”! Bad decisions in the last 2m in 4Q even w/ KA had called a timeout earlier. Don’t know what he told the team but it didn’t help! Nets had 7 points lead in the 4Q and all 3 quarters. Feel so bad for Lopez. He worked so hard on this game.

  259. Total skill. Creating the shot, and having the move to get separation from the defender.

  260. That was a huge miss, but he played good overall. I’d blame those stupid TOs at the end.

  261. obvious someone should double team him with 2 seconds left.

  262. Missing FTs and bad decision to leave RHJ in the game. He had missed all his drives to the basket tonight except for those steals…

  263. RHJ with his back to back iso and selfish out of control plays killed the momentum! KA, he’s really bad about benching players when they do that! RHJ is due for a DNP/benching!

  264. you play what you have. If Lin was healthy it would of played out different. Good learning experience atleast

  265. Jeremy’s watching the game too …


  266. No even without Lin, RHJ should’ve been benched earlier for playing selfish isos and out of control! Yet KA continued to let him play!

  267. Not really, he make the 3 last night and the first 3, went over his head and miss the next 3.

  268. Yes Lopez pulled out everything he had this game initiating the offense, 30+ points, even dunks against his own brother. With better coaching this would’ve been a win!

  269. RHJ is like 1 of the 4 players we have who can drive. He has to drive to keep the defense honest. He just missed his shots. I agree he shoots at the wrong time and takes weird looking shots too often

  270. Nah, Lopez is the GOAT with 30+ points, initiating the offense the entire night and dunks.

  271. KA could have left LeVert in instead of RHJ. LeVert helped w/ defense and can shoot 2 or 3. RHJ has no offense and hurt on defense when he plays out of his strength. He kept turning over by his drives to the basket or throw up aimless empty shots. RHJ needs to go D-league to develop his game not in live NBA games…

  272. No he always miss his shots when going iso at the rim. He only makes them when he gets a running pass for cut to the rim! He was playing selfish and awful. Just when you think Booker tones it down RHJ is back at it again. That’s why I’ve been saying RHJ is due for DNP and benching. He needs to learn his lesson just like Foye and Booker.

  273. The thing was his drive mostly have no chance against a wall and usually out of bound off his knee, occasionally bail out by foul call.

  274. He is a rookie. This is a really tough ask of him since he has only played 6 games in his career

  275. Ugly… is the word!

  276. Didn’t watch the game but gotta say both team and KA did a good job! Hope they can start play better from here on!

  277. Even as rookie, LaVert and McCullough are more promising than him. RHJ needs to go to the D league for development while LaVert and McCullough needs real NBA games.

  278. agreed but like i said you play what you have

  279. A rookie should know his place and limitation instead of trying to be hero.

  280. Well we know JLin’s at home or at the facility watching the game.

  281. Too bad, if Lin was playing they would win. This is more like Lin’s game plan….

  282. thats not the issue. its mostly mistakes forced by the defense which rookies make in pressure situations

  283. Agree wholeheartedly! LeVert and McCullough have greater potentials than RHJ.

  284. its one tough outing. he was hitting his shots recently.

  285. There was no pressure forced by defense, RHJ did back to back iso shots time and again in this game and previous ones! KA benched him toward 4th quarter probably due to planned minutes only but it was too late.

  286. well nets will have to limit his minutes if that continue

  287. No he wasn’t all his shots were cutting to the rim with offense initiated by Lin or Lopez not ugly iso shots where he always ends up with TOs or ugly misses. RHJ loves taking back to back ios shots just like Booker while wasting possession. Booker stopped after being DNP and benched but RHJ is still playing like a running train wreck!

  288. Glad to hear that Lin’s hammy is not as bad as last time. In fact, it wasn’t even related to the other one, so that’s a relief. Just needs to stretch more and build up his glutes!

    I suspect they’ll take their time anyway, but the season ain’t lost (well, not from a Lin fan perspective). They can either bring him back before the AS break or wait till after and build up his muscles to prevent further strains.

  289. Not “if” he done those hero ball ugly isos this entire season. I don’t know what KA sees in RHJ but he needs to be DNP for at least 1-2 games and benched. When he returns I’m sure he’ll learn his lesson like Foye and Booker.

  290. Nope. KA has given RHJ plenty of opportunity to play his game. KA started RHJ early in the season then allowed him plenty of minutes as a backup. RHJ kept forcing his game w/o control. Driving w/o control. Shooting w/o control. This is KA’s mistake as well as RHJ. KA is hurting the team too by allowing RHJ to play out of control losing game while other Nets put in all their effort…

  291. The shot was expected, Bog left too much room for him to step back and shoot, the coach should have instruct the defender on his left to run at him with 2 seconds and leave his own man, even if he manage to pass to the open man, there is no time left.

  292. well he used to start so kenny knows there are issues with his play

  293. When RHJ was on the bench w/ LeVert on the floor, Nets were leading IIRC.

  294. Sometimes you win (Hornet), sometimes you loss (Bulls). Just learn from the game and improve from it. KA improved. No 3Q/4Q slips. They played like a team in all four quarters. It is a good sign. If KA coaches like this and last, they will begin to win some without Lin.

  295. KA kept complimenting Bogs for his defense on Butler on that winning shot. I think what he’s actually doing is defending his decision by putting Bogs on Butler. This is where KA could have made RHJ useful and effective by assigning him to guard Butler on that last shot, or at least Booker or LeVert who has length to steal… That was a bad decision by KA in my book!

  296. Before, the ASB is in almost 3 weeks into February. He should be back before then. This is not as severe as the other time, so that should mean less time out.

  297. Sometimes he gets foul shots and makes points at the line. But he’s a poor finisher and takes too many bad shots.

  298. Lin still tweet, good sign.

  299. Brook played great tonight. 33 points, 4 of 5 from 3. He played like an all-star. I only wish he rebounded the ball better.

  300. I agree Bog is bad on defense, should’ve put someone else on Butler.

  301. Exactly why he needs to have limited minutes and DNP for 1 game.

  302. I’ve started wondering whether the so-called all-star kinesiology crew needs some development too

  303. Completely agree with you heart! If KA benched RHJ earlier and played someone else who was playing for the team and not themselves they might’ve actually won. KA also didn’t adjust to have someone guard Butler, who took over the game towards the end.

  304. I think score is Brook’s main job. Reb is Booker’s job.

  305. If Bog really did a good job on defending Bulter, how come he let Bulter got 40 pts?

  306. KA, hear that? Checkmate! Bingo!

  307. anyone have a status update on lin?

  308. true..but then again. we don’t know do we.

  309. I reckon.KA is doing his marketing talk to boost Bog value for a trade. Haha cheers.

  310. he playing next year.

  311. So Carmelo tried to whack Thabo today and was ejected (interesting that his whack-attempt was less fragrant than his full uppercut to Lin last season). Silly refs.

  312. This second hammy should be a wake-up call for Lin’s midrange game. First injury was mostly a freak accident — he pulled up short to avoid a collision on a pass. Second injury was a classic Lin corkscrew layup — that’s a “young man’s” shot. Lin has to imitate Nash and Parker and go with a minimal stress “old man” game. Pull-up jumpers and floaters.

    Jeremy has those shots in his game, but he hasn’t used them much because he’d rather go to the rim (where he can get FTs even if he misses). Just as he’s far more comfortable shooting 3s now, I’m confident he can trust his midrange more.

  313. I agree. I hope Lin learns his lessons from the injuries. He’s been working so hard and putting too much pressure on himself. This could easily cause injuries. Before SM recruit the real talents they need, he should play smart and don’t do any risky play. The Nets are on developing stage, winning is not their goal this year anyway.

  314. I’ll take that if that’s true. Haha~

  315. This should be a featured comment!
    Lin please take note!

  316. Put up a video to compare both fouls and and to the refs

  317. Jeremy Lin is not an old man. Injuries happen. You could get them on mid-range shots by pulling up suddenly, too. He injured his hammy worse the first time, and that was a pull up and pass, as you said. And playing defense, Lin is going to contort himself as much as playing offense. Sometimes injuries just happen. I think Lin should use the midrange for variety, not because he is in any way “old.” At 31-32 maybe he can think of making some adjustments, not now. And Lin doesn’t have the “mileage” on him others have at the same age, but he does play hard.

  318. OMG, the first hammy which sidelined him for 40 days should have been the wake-up call. After finally returning, he definitely should have found ways to take it easy for at least another month instead of risking another injury. But now that he’s re-injured himself almost immediately, he needs to bring in some other medical experts to consult with and at least get second opinions. The current medical team has received a huge no-confidence vote.

  319. I missed the Bulls game in transit. It was a shame that Nets lost by 2 points, but good that Lin’s injury is not as bad as the last one.

  320. If the Nets runs plays for him to shoot 3s, he will be less likely to get rebounds.
    This is how Atkinson keeps him away from injury.

  321. He’s helping Bog by pointing out the area that he needs to work on.
    He does that to Lin too. Lin needs to play PG more than SG.

  322. It’s a case of one play that can decide the game, I think where you put your best defender on a superstar player, especially a hot one. If he beats your best defender, ok. But not having your best defender on him isn’t good coaching. Bogs can get defensive experience at other times. Now, I’m not sure who the best defender is. RHJ was under the weather, Booker isn’t good guarding guys like Butler, LeVert is inexperienced.

    When you say Lin needs to play PG more than SG, in what way? Run the offense, control the ball more and play less off-ball? Things like that?

  323. Question for people here:

    Should Lin change his style of play?

    Years ago, I saw an interview of ex Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan. He was asked about the longevity of John Stockton and Karl Malone. Sloan said something like “Stockton and Malone play a groundbound game that isn’t high flying”.

    We Lin fans know that Lin is one of the most physically spectacular athletes in the NBA, that he routinely throws his body around on the court to accomplish amazing things. Yet we also see Lin bloodied, battered, and now banged up.

    Every NBA athlete gets to a point where the youthful athleticism can no longer take the beatings. Players inevitably change their game, usually for the better. Lin will be no different from anybody else – and like the rest of them he’ll probably be better as he gets older!

    I’m not the biggest John Stockton fan, but I admired Stockton’s durability and on court impact. Should Lin curb his game a bit and be a little more like Stockton, or should Lin just keep being Lin? I myself don’t know.

  324. Lin already changed his game this year. I was asking why Lin wasn’t driving as much and yes defenses was staking the paint but we know Lin and players like him drive in there way before the defense is set. Lin slowed his game a lot this year. Lin drives much more strategically this year to not put as much pressure on his body. This is smart for longevity. The drive he got hurt was the only time in the past 4 games where he forced the drive. Lin gets a lot of his points from easy layups and threes. His ft numbers are much lower as a result. The hamstring injury has nothing to do with his play style. When he drives now a days he goes at a much lower speed.

  325. Lin needs to shoot more floaters and midrange pull ups. this team cannot guard anybody without him so I think he’s missed more defensively.

  326. Good question. Whack-jobs in past seasons were not sufficiently or adequately addressed by the NBA or refs. So Lin did take a literal beating from opponents which accumulates over time. It also doesn’t help that Lin regularly takes hard charges typically from frustrated players.
    Players do seem to change their game over time as they age and as their body requires, so not too worried about Lin taking unnecessary risks at this point. Lin definitely plays an exciting brand of basketball (attacking the basket) as his speed and ball-control allows. Would hate to see youthful athleticism sacrificed, but I think Lin can adjust and adapt and still make his style of play exciting.

  327. No timetable given. So it is day to day?

  328. He’s already changed his style of play. More 3pt jumpers and hesitation drives. He doesn’t use his floater enough, but he’s changed the form on that too (more ugly looking, but softer landing). Even defensively, he’s changed. His posture is more upright, which allows him to avoid getting crushed on hard screens.

    So yes, I think he should continue. Lin was denied his fair chance for so long that he needs to make sure he stays healthy into his mid-30s to make up for lost time.

  329. I think he needs to be a bit more unpredictable for the opponents. Yes that means he’ll have to develop his mid/long range a bit more and really take onboard more floaters. He will also benefit from improving more on his dribbling moves to shake off defenders. Up until now, the opponents all know getting into the lane is his money. Virtually all the benefits his team gets from him start from the point when he becomes a threat driving inside and scores. So when the opposing teams deny him of that oppotunity, they effectively take away the biggest benefit Lin offers to his team. Unless one or more of his teammates actually step up and take charge, Nets will become a wolf without fangs. Therefore Lin needs to really elavate his mid/long range game, while Nets seriously need to find him a decent wing player to take the heat off him.

  330. seems that way

  331. Yes, hopefully

  332. another L. espn preseason predictions playing out.

  333. Actually ….grease is the word…is the word…

  334. nosht

  335. His mid range was golden since last season but KA’s system didn’t allow mid range until last game? I’m more concerned with his 3s before when he misses the 1st shot he tends to going into shooting slump, needs to learn how to get out it during the game. If only Lin can get his 3 point shooting as deadly as Thompson’s (not even asking for Curry’s level cause he’s a video game player).

  336. Boj is bad on defense, why KA put him on Butler is beyond me. At least put your tallest player on him!

  337. Not like, Brook is an all-star when he’s unleashed and not limited in his minutes and games by KA.

  338. This is where I disagree, Lin can be more of an offensive weapon when he comes off the 2 guard with actual cutting to the rim plays for him. Example: How cliff used Lin at the SG position last season). When KA tries to do that Lin passes the ball but doesn’t get it back right away with nullifies the tripe threat possibility. If KA plays Lin with Dinwiddie he can definitely try get Dinwiddie to pass the ball to Lin for some great open mid range shots or floaters. Of course Harris and Kilpatrick can try that too but Harris is now injuried and Kilpatrick is still not great at playmaking. Dinwiddie is the only legit PG who I can see throwing or passing to Lin in the 2 guard position where defenders can set up on him as easily. Again why KA haven’t tried this is beyond me, a smart coach would’ve mixed in Lin’s best skills as a PG and SG to keep defenders guessing, making the offense easily for Lin! :/ When they didn’t have a backup PG I can understand but when they acquired Dinwiddie that should’ve been one of the main things to try during practice and game.

  339. Not everything is kennys fault when it comes to lins game Lin is not using the midrange is his own fault sometimes he uses it and sometimes he doesnt.

  340. If Lin works on his handles, he won’t have to rely on speed and ability to absorb contact to drive to the paint. Instead, it will be more like a Kemba and Kyrie style of driving with dribbling finesse. If he doesn’t work on that, then he will be limited in the future as father time takes its toll.

  341. Interesting read and video of Dan D’Antoni (MDA’s brother) , Marshall’s basketball coach goes over analytics and 3pt shooting. His voice sounds just like MDA’s, haha.


  342. Goes over why Post-ups are the worst shot in the NBA.

  343. Dan D'Antoni is a national treasure that must be preserved at all costs. "I haven't finished my damn analytics story yet." pic.twitter.com/ze3QUkQYxx— Craig Meyer (@CraigMeyerPG) December 29, 2016

  344. Not every post up is the same and not every corner 3 is the same.

  345. This I agree, you also have to consider mis-match. If the Post up guy can get “closer to the basket” and can over power the other guy easily you take it. With 3s when you’re off it takes longer to get into rhythm, those mid range shots and post ups not as much. Not to mention it creates long rebounds which mostly ends up in the opponents hands and kills momentum.

  346. That’s cause KA’s offense doesn’t have any space for him to work with. It wasn’t until last game that KA’s started to “allow” or adjust to have room for mid range shots for players such as Booker and Hamilton. KA also started allowing more PNR and screens last game though still not enough especially with JLn’s absence.

  347. So many hamstring injuries for PG (Lin, Chris Paul, and possibly Irving) what’s going on?

  348. That’s what I thought why all PGs or back court players — JJ Redick & Jeremy Lamb.

  349. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOn2BoRgX2-/

    jlin7Thank you for everyones support and prayers!! Not gonna lie this seasons been very painful physically/mentally/emotionally not being able to battle w my crew night in night out. But Gods been teaching me a lot about gratitude for the little things, full surrender of my greatest dreams, humility in service to my teammates and trust in His perfect timing. Im working extremely hard to get right again…thanks again for the love! Go Nets!!

  350. Is this today’s photo? so Lin is still practicing if yes.

  351. I am not sure about it..

  352. Yi Jianlian injured his knee during a game in China. That’s Carlos Boozer on the left, helping him off the court.

  353. Add Jeremy Lamb, and Foye.

  354. no but he does need to dial it down a notch on the defensive side. there aren’t any elite offensive point guard who are also elite defenders. that puts too much toll on the body

  355. I think players might be overtraining a bit. Kenny said he saw Lin overtraining last year in Charlotte and wanted to walk over and warn him…except he was on the opposing team so he couldn’t do that.

  356. Boozer is there? Both played for Lakers before…..lol!

  357. My speculation is PGs do a lot of stop and go maneuvers that stress out their muscles. Truth in the saying “you can’t stop on a dime”.

  358. new game thread

    G32 BKN Nets (8-23) Tough Road Game vs WAS Wizards (15-16) who has won 8 straight home games
    Thank God @JLin7 injury is not as severe as before

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