Game 31 Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks: Fresh Off a Linsanity Game, Jeremy Lin Returns to Madison Square Garden

Fresh off a Linsanity game, more precisely a Linsanity quarter as Jeremy himself said, he returns to the birthplace of Linsanity at the Madison Square Garden to play against his old team New York Knicks. It remains uncertain if he is allowed to ride the momentum of Linsanity for the second straight game.

In the previous Wizards game, Coach Pierce decided to ride Jeremy’s hot hands in the 4th quarter to run the offense and repeatedly exploited the Wizards’ interior defense who lacked shot-blockers. Trae Young, who played very well with 19 points and 4assists with 5-11 shooting in 26 minutes, did not play much in the 4th quarter because Coach Pierce decided to ride the momentum of Jeremy and other players. It shows that Coach Pierce will rely on players who make a lot of plays to close the game.

As Jeremy Lin’s trade value increased significantly with his Linsanity game, he garnered a lot of attention in social media. Jeremy Lin just needs to continue to play his brand of basketball no matter how many minutes he is allocated as the backup point guard. If he continues to make plays, he would be very much needed to close the game.

2nd Highest True Shooting % Among NBA Point Guards

Meanwhile, Jeremy Lin continues to showcase his impressive statistics in limited minutes. Jeremy Lin has the 2nd highest True Shooting % among PGs n the league with an elite 63.5%, second only to Steph Curry courtesy of @CLICK


  1. UNO!!

  2. Unleash Lin again, Pierce. Don’t get blown out by the crappy Knicks again.

  3. back early from a failed all winter undisclosed beach vacation; sitting in lax destressing from crises management in actually getting where i want to go due to unhinged immigration official for no reason selecting me for special treatment causing me to miss my flight: punch in jeremy lin on my phone which ive discovered i can use for internet regardless of if i have a outside source via apps or something (i know absolutley nothing about these things and this was about the first time i have attempted this) and discover to my surprise there are a plethora of easily googled favorable headlines from a wide variety of relatively mainstream commentators on lin and his play in atlanta which is listed with headline enthusiasms and suggestions that lin is playing the best he has ever played.

    then disappointed to see that he despite catching the attention of commentators and favorable press reviews still only getting to play 18 minutes a game on the worst team in the league.

    before going further with thoughts on that last curious dynamic one stat of the day that shocked even moi:

    revisiting my old favorite stat points per shot find among all backcourt players playing any significant minutes/games at all harden #1 and (wait for it) lin #2!!!
    curry is third, dinwiddie!!! fourth, and simmons fifth.

    shrinking just for the case of ease of search to a more narrow list of players “qualified” find the bottom two point guards: trae young and d’angelo russell.

    talk about symmetry!

  4. I went to check the PPS stat. Low and behold, ESPN purposely excluded Lin from their qualified list, when Lin qualifies for it. They claim their qualification is that the player has to play in at least 70% of their team’s games. Lin played over 70% of the Hawks games. ESPN included Steph on their list when Steph does not qualify, since he didn’t play in 70% of the Warriors’ games. Meanwhile, Fox Sports does include Lin on their list and rightfully excluded Curry from their qualified list. This is the BS garbage that Lin has to deal with, with a biased and hater ESPN doing everything they can to ignore and discredit Lin.

  5. I think Pierce should do his homework and make necessary adjustments. If Fizdale traps the PGs, perhaps think of a good amount of Trae and Lin on the floor together. And yes, unleash Lin and run plays for him. The Knicks have won just 9 games. They’re beatable and I hope the Hawks win tonight or at least takes it down to the wire.

  6. That’s bizarre. Lin has played 26 out of 30 Hawks games (87%) but he’s not listed as qualified? That’s more than 70% requirement to be qualified.

    Someone at ESPN needs to fix this immediately.

  7. I asked @ESPNStatsInfo about it. Let’s see if they can fix it quickly

  8. Lin is very lucky the ankle sprain he suffered wasn’t serious and he was able to (somewhat) quickly recover. These common basketball injuries can be very minor like when Baze sprained his ankle but was able to play the next game. They can also keep a player out of the lineup for weeks and even over a month like with Prince and these players:

  9. The thing to hope for is not the pts/rebound/assist number but that Jlin get enough playing time in a meaningful manner. It is obvious by now (at least to me) that what stops Jlin is not his play but how the coach chooses to play him. Play him 25-30 minutes/game and he will always produce. Play him 12 minutes in 3 minute increments and nobody can do well. When Pierce does this, play Jlin in 3-4 minute increments, I seriously wonder if he is trying to sabotage Jlin, and for that reason am suspicious of Pierce’s motives. There is no “role” for somebody to play 3 minutes. It is not enough for a player to get any rhythm at all and carrie’s over to the whole team.

  10. They won’t care and won’t fix it. ESPN most likely did this on purpose. If they included Lin on the list, he’d be ahead of Curry and can even surpass Harden to be #1 from game to game, since Lin is barely below Harden.

    When you search Google for “points per shot nba,” this is what comes up:

    Why would they use the title “Jayson Tatum is 5th in the NBA in points per shot” when Tatum is tied for 70th place overall and tied for 15th among all SFs?

    Because ESPN is headquartered in Bristol, CT. A few hours drive away from Boston. They consider themselves New Englanders and it’s no secret that a large portion of ESPN’s employees who care about basketball are Celtics fans.

    They also hate Lin and have never forgotten / forgiven Lin for what happened during Linsanity when one of their own got fired for his racist “gaffe.”

  11. Absolutely, Pierce’s allotment of minutes rarely based on JLIN’s play, we all know the patterns (with occasional exceptions):
    1) Trae is awful – JLIN gets mins; converse also true Trae Not awful – JLIN gets NO mins
    2) Pierce will occasionally pull JLIN for standard “mistakes”; especially noticeable when Trae not-awful
    3) Winnable or close games – Trae plays, JLIN does not

    Fans want to believe JLIN’s play dictates how Pierce allots his minutes because:
    a) Pierce says publicly that’s how it works
    b) JLIN even says “hothand” gets to play
    … but in actual point of fact, this tanking development coach/team has their unstated Motives on JLIN

  12. Look for Trae to be under pressure tonight.

    Knicks like to play aggressively against Trae, trap him, body him — and Trae hasn’t learned to adjust (or perhaps gets no outlet help from floor-mates).

    JLIN is too smart and too experienced to be rattled by the Knicks guards

  13. Update on Chris Paul’s injury

  14. Wow, Fox Sports’ Andre Aldridge got Pierce to admit that it was Trae, Vince, and everyone on the bench who told Pierce to KEEP Lin out there in the 4th Q.

  15. I don’t think this particular problem is specific to Jeremy. Only 128 players appear in the “qualified” list. That’s about 4 players per team. Clearly more than 4 players per team, on average, have appeared in more than 70% of the games thus far. I’d guess the most likely explanation is that the actual criterion for “qualified” is something other than (or more complicated than) the “played in at least 70% of his team’s games” criterion cited on the page.

  16. This makes me SICK

  17. Not Surprised one bit

  18. The whole NBA is AGAINST Lin

    Thanks to traitor Joe, he had the chance to help Lin out

  19. Can we sue NBA?

  20. This is where playing Jlin with TY might help because you would have two legitimate playmakers (well, one legitimate and one rookie unknown). It would help TY because Jlin is a double threat to score and make plays. Play TY, Jlin, Collins, Len and Dedmon as a stretch 4. With TY, Jlin, Len and Dedmon you have a lot of combinations for PnR. Of course it won’t happen.

  21. A Bottom Dwelling team like Hawks every real real team comes in here expecting an easy win and thus sometimes put out no effort allowing ATL to sneak a Win.

    ON the other hand, all the other Bottom Dwellers play ATL seriously because they don’t want to LOSE to another awful awful team, there’s no advantage to being the absolute WORST anymore.

    Thus we have lost to every other bottom team Knicks, Bulls, split Cavs

  22. His needs to be blown up?! Goes to show how racist the league is! You need players to ask for the best player of 4th quarter to close?!

  23. Good thing Lin has smart fans to protect him! Ridiculous!

  24. Dang, Huerter’s gotta make that wide open corner 3.

  25. Good to know that while ownership and coach do not appreciate good play the players do. I am encouraged, and for once the ATL fans got a treat- legitimate basketball

  26. Collins is a beast

  27. No, he does not

    The way LP treats Lin, I want Hawks lose whenever Lin is not playing

  28. For example, 10 of the Hawks’ players have played in at least 21 of their 30 games. (Meanwhile John Collins, who has played in only 15 games, does appear on the “qualified” list for PPS. Go figure.)

  29. Lin getting ready to come in.

  30. Bob and ‘Nique praising Lin again. Still can’t get off that high from last game…

  31. Lin to Bembry for 3!

  32. Lin in

  33. 2222

  34. Lin with a layup!

  35. Lin with a rebound to full court pass for Collins score!

  36. Oh man, Collins got hacked on the alley oop and is hurt.

  37. Knox is killing the Hawks. Lin looks very good so far.

  38. Knicks are super hot again against the Hawks.

  39. 2222222222

  40. Lin with another floater.

  41. Missed a 3 though.

  42. Lin’s cooled off from 3. Last one was short.

  43. Hamilton with a dumb foul, giving Knicks 3 free throws.

  44. knicks broadcaster said lin s the closer. lol he isnt but should be

  45. I love how Lin is playing. He’s engaged, he’s playing a nice pace, he’s not shy to shoot and he’s getting his teammates good looks. His D looks strong as well. Like how he doubled Kanter but didn’t foul him.

  46. I heard that. They got that wrong. I’m watching MSG.

  47. Yeah, good start for Lin.

  48. Lin looks like old lin today. not hesitant to drive at all

  49. Thanks, good to know

  50. Hawks want to relive Linsanity lol.

  51. Damn, Len got dunked on.

  52. Lin with layup!

  53. 22222222222222222

  54. Lin leads the Hawks with 7 points.

    Not sure why Knicks always catch on fire against the Hawks. Hawks are playing decent defense too. Knicks just can’t miss.

  55. knox is super saiyan lmao

  56. Lin really solid. Looks great.

  57. bad defense

  58. He’s in the zone.

  59. huerter played bad defense at first but those last 5 shot for knox where hard shots

  60. If someone could play tighter defense on Knox ATL would be leading

  61. Then again Knox is just making shots – repeatedly

  62. they did but it was too late

  63. Who is guarding Knox?

  64. Not looking good. Collins fumbled the ball and turned it over, turning into easy transition points. Pierce is mad.

  65. knox may score 80

  66. Yikes, Trae missed a floater and easy layup.

  67. Trae’s doing nothing this game. Nothing good.

  68. He’s trying to be aggressive, but he’s not making buckets nor making plays.

  69. Nice assist from Trae to Collins.

  70. Finally made a nice pass to Collins on a drive. So maybe that’ll get him going.

  71. Hawks need to run pick n roll all night against the Knicks. They can’t defend PnR at all.

  72. Ridiculous. Coaching 101 is you stick with the guy that’s in a zone. And Lin was doing it on both ends of the court.

  73. Knicks have really aggressive and good defensivr rookies. Trae and Lin both had physical fouls last time they met. They were also jealous of Trae’s hype so they will have his number every game to prove he’s nothing.

  74. Trae finally got his first point with free throws.

  75. Glad to see Lin continue carry his aggressiveness from last game into the 1st quarter

  76. Bembry is having a good game tonight.

  77. Mudiay is killing Trae.

  78. Lin coming back in.

  79. Trae proving tonight he is the worst defender in the NBA

  80. Lin in

  81. Late, IMO.

  82. Oh come on. Refs called a foul on Lin, but it looked like a clean strip.

  83. Interesting how Pierce is going with double center lineup.

  84. Lin is immediately passing the ball off after half court again. He needs to be in control of the ball.

  85. Nice pass from Bembry to Len to Collins.

  86. The one time Lin decided to drive this quarter, he loses the ball. Looked like he got hacked but no call.

  87. Good first quarter from Lin, bad second quarter from Lin.

  88. Yeah, he was tripped up or something. 1 TO, no big deal. Didn’t find the rhythm he had in the 1Q but overall, good half.

  89. Part of it is the long layoff and I think, his unit not playing like a unit. Huerter tried to do too much in a few plays.

  90. mudiay completely dominated trey

  91. Nah, Lin just kept passing it off immediately after half court. Then he just stood around and did nothing. Didn’t take a shot or make a play in 2nd Q.

  92. yea. no plays called for him. bremby and huerter had the ball alot

  93. Lin should have shot that last one there
    Not recognizing Len is trash shows his low bbiq there so frustrating

  94. Everyone, anyone 6’1″ or taller dominates Trae

  95. That’s what I think. They needed to get it back to Lin rather than force plays. Lin was in a good position to reset.

  96. Though Jlin needs to be playing in the 4th qtr, isn’t his style to get others involved first, then if needed to turn it on in the 4th? If so, then it should not be a surprise to see him passing early and often. Problem is he doesn’t see the reward of this system because he doesn’t get to play the 4th qtr. Plus, we don’t know what LP told him to do. Maybe he is just following instructions.

  97. Pierce allowing everyone else to be PG, all plays are Lin passing after half court and doing nothing! Lin should’ve shot a 3 with that last rebound! He wasted 4 mins playing passive. Just cause the coach wants you to pass doesn’t mean you have to, it’s a scheme to take away your scoring chances!

    Every coach uses the same scheme of relegating Lin to Ballboy PG, bring the ball up pass and move out of the way. Yet Lin is too dense to realize it’s detrimental to his scoring and stats! 4 mins and he didn’t take a single shot, that last one should’ve been a stop and pop 3 pointer!

  98. JLIN low bbiq? haha

  99. Lin played close to perfectly in the 1Q. He looked to make plays and took a good amount of shots. In the 2Q, the fluidity in his unit wasn’t there, IMO. And he did pass the ball off a bit quicker than the 1Q.

  100. actually lin and len made the right play for an easy dun. the big just put way to much on the pass

  101. Len was so trash

  102. for a leader

  103. as for the audition tape this is going good. lins body looks even better. i notice his legs have been stronger in the last 2 games. we all know lin is getting traded

  104. Lin doesnt have more power than LP unfortunately

  105. Reason guys love playing hard for JLIN is because he’s an unselfish leader and he doesn’t hold grudges against you

  106. Lin playing passive in 2nd quarter coach Pierce changed plays with everyone else being PG! Lin would’ve had a betwr shot going for it himself! It’s exactly why Trae gets easy assists while Lin tries so hard and never gets any! Look for your shots first and pass 2nd!

  107. Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry are small guards, but with muscle at this point. TY cannot let his height or lack of be an excuse not to be a good defender otherwise he is a one-pony, and at this point with his poor shooting % that one trick is not in the bag

  108. Guys love playing hard for Lin? who are you talking about? everyone steps over Lin

  109. What leader?! He’s a bench guy and sucker on every team. Pass to everyone while he’s getting single digit is dumb and naive! You got thw rebound, go for the 3 point or drive!

  110. JLIN is having another efficient stat filled game that’s all I care about on this team – because that leads to the trade

  111. I’m not as sure. Seems possible. But, it also seems possible others may be a bigger trading priority and a trade may not happen.

  112. ATL tanking so hard lie the hamilton kid plays all of sudden and is controlling the ball and btw gets a play called for him.

  113. LOL, EVERYONE dominates Trae

  114. like who?

  115. You probably said the same thing in CHA amirite? tell the truth…

    JLIN got a starting job as the franchise PG, don’t tell him how to play the game

  116. They didn’t in the 1Q or in the 4Q of last game. I think when Lin is aggressive and running the show, they respect his abilities.

  117. Baze and Dedmon come to mind. They just aren’t playing as well as Lin. And Lin may have some value in terms of being a vet that helps Trae.

  118. Thank you! Every team and teammates take advantage of Lin being too nice with passes when they’re a shot chucker, look at Harden and Walker and Prince! All shot chuckers.

  119. that has zero impact on lin and teams who need a playmaker. if lin isnt traded its because hawks dont wanna trade him

  120. Others may have a flashier name but Jlin is the real deal if he can find a coach that has the wits to figure this out.

  121. Mudiay hit two 3s on Lin too. Him and Knox are just on fire tonight.

  122. If you look at what the Hawks need, Dedmon and Hawks seem more expendable. The Hawks would need a productive PG in any trade with any team.

  123. I don’t see how ATL does not trade Jlin. What ATL would get in return outweighs his value as a “mentor” to TY.

  124. HOw many of you all hated the way JLIN played in CHA off the bench for Clifford?

    If you reflect back honestly this season is near a carbon copy of the way JLIN played in CHA getting his teammates involved before himself and taking over a game as the final solution

    … he parlayed that into a STarting PG job — so don’t think you know better than JLIN

  125. That’s Dedmon and Baze.

  126. thats not an issue at all. their taning anyways. a draft pick or two should be enough. this is all to say it should be unless they value lin very high and want more

  127. Why do you need a productive PG is you are tanking

  128. Not parallel. Cliff was trying to win. Lin played more minutes also. And Lin was not in a rehab year.

  129. my point exactly

  130. Lots of parallel on how JLIN chooses to play

  131. Franchise?! Lol Marks never even addressed him that! And Nets used him to develop players before throwing him out without a proper goodbye. Lin believed on the whole leader and mentor when he’s just a filler for their rebuild!

    Hawks and every team out right called Trae their franchise, Marks and Nets always “alluded” to “locker room leader, mentor”.

  132. But they need a second PG. The kid they have from the D league barely plays and when he does he’s not that good. You need someone who can play PG for when Trae sits.

  133. Harden and Walker are better than Lin he had to pass to them but not other skrubs lol

  134. JLIN got INJURED, go ahead a re-write history of why JLIN went to BRK and his intended role

  135. a third team could throw one in or dj augustine for lin

  136. He led a great bench there. This is a different situation IMO.

  137. I think a trade may happen. May not. Maybe more may not but I’m not counting on one.

  138. its similar but worse

  139. There was a time that JLIN’s Hawks bench was one of the highest differential benches in the league

  140. Harden maybe, not walker

  141. haws would be dumb to let lin walk for free

  142. Franchises get injured all the time, if they really saw Lin as franchise they would’ve kept him to see how he played before trading him but they didn’t.

    They were all in on the rookies like Levert, Russell, with Dinwiddie as the replacement. Lin would’ve been traded regardless of injuries.

  143. Austin Rivers LOL LOL LOL

  144. But they have other guys like Baze. We just have to see. Again, I’m not counting on a trade. And I’m always thinking in a sober way about trades anyway. So, I’m just dealing with what’s in Atlanta until he’s not in Atlanta anymore and I see what the new challenges are on whatever team he may go to.

  145. I think tanking is dumb, so there!

  146. Walker is a better ball handler and scorer. Lin is better at facilitation and defense. Harden is an elite player offensively but not really a winner and is not a two-way player.

  147. He won a lot

  148. Right. Knox and Mudiay are hot. When Knox cooled off some, Mudiay caught fire. Mudiay also hit a tough shot with Bembry guarding him close.

  149. Cliff was trying to win but also had to play politics and ultimately he was not good enough to juggle both and win.

  150. Walker is going off now more than Lin has ever done

  151. Both are not better than Lin, they are shot chuckers who can’t defend! Lin can blow pass them and he is afar more efficient scorer! Did you mis the match of Lin vs Walker? Lin totally schooled him!

  152. Fans here don’t give Kemba the respect he deserves IMO. Walker is a heck of a basketball player.

  153. 30 shots for 30pts playing 40mins evey game! Both Harden and Walker are on the volume plan! Meanwhile both are logs on defense!

  154. The last part are the two most important parts: being a winner and being a two way player. Lots of NBA stars who fit the first part of your definition

  155. Wow, Hawks came back quick. Down by only 1 now.

  156. He’s scoring more points yes, but how is CHA doing as a team?

  157. Yup!

  158. How are hawks doing?

  159. Yeah, let’s just ignore the fact that Lin led the Hornets to win 3 playoffs games. Some people here, I swear…

  160. the more you shoot the more you score thats how basketball is

  161. ATL is tanking, CHA is trying to win. Kemba is playing for his next big contract

  162. LP can’t pull strings when he’s on the court! Lin can break away from plays like every player!

  163. Hawks are on fire now. 2 point lead!

  164. And how many regular season games? How many games did he spot start as well?

  165. Still losing badly
    So is Lin

  166. Yeah, they usually start the 3Q terribly. But they started this one great.

  167. playing for his next big contract that is

  168. He can play him less minutes

  169. Yup, completely different situations for Lin between Hornets and Hawks. Some people either have the worst memory or they purposely ignore basic facts when trying to act like they know better than other Lin fans.

  170. two young inexperiance teams. this is bottom of the barrel bball.

  171. There’s a reason both of these teams are at the bottom

    KNicsk players & coaches – there is no way we can lose to the awful Hawks
    Hawks players & coaches – there is no way we can lose to the awful Knicks

  172. lol

  173. He’s already playiny 13-15mins, nothing to lose and he’s going to get traded on a 1 year rental! Also when Lin plays well, Pierce will be pressured to play him like last game!

    When Lin is scoreless he has excuse that he’s passing too much and wasn’t doing anything like what he told reporters. Pierce outright said they don’t have a main Pg once Tare is out while dissing Lin, even thoug those passing and plays are designed by him to make Lin look bad!

  174. Lots of season to go

  175. Lin back in.

  176. Lin in

  177. Kemba is a very good player who also benefits from getting the “star” treatment. Jlin is a very good player and better overall than Kemba IMO, but does not get the “star” treatment but is looked at like a mentor. BIG difference

  178. Except Lin actually got more minutes on the Hornets who weren’t tanking! Hawks are developing their rookies and tanking! They don’t need Lin to play well!

  179. Lin and the bench letting the Knicks get a lead again.

  180. Lin uninvolved

  181. Bazemore so trash
    who said Bazemore was better than Green again?

  182. Pierce has NO pressure to play Jlin more except by us basketball fans who FO does not listen to anyways, preoccupied by their “process”. So Pierce has NO pressure to play Jlin. None.

  183. Huerter with a LONG 3, OMG.

  184. why is Lin so passive after 1st qt?

  185. 2 loser mentalities the difference being ATL is intentional and NYK just bad.

  186. well guarded

  187. As fans we never really know what instructions he is given by the coach, so we blame the player. Inquiring minds would like to know though

  188. He’s well guarded.

  189. Lin was fouled but no call

  190. Oh no, Collins is hurt.

  191. JLIN and the bench getting the Hawks back into the game

    Collins has a cramp

  192. i agree but why no threes and mid range

  193. He earned his playing time. He was in the Hornets/Bobcats many seasons and was productive. He wasn’t handed it. I don’t think Lin is overall better than Kemba. They have different strengths and were great teammates. I liked when they played together.

  194. all i want is 3 more points

  195. Every team playbook is the same, Lin brings ball up and passes while wasting energy on defense. Meanwhile everyone else scores and he gets nothing! No points, bo assists, no stats!

  196. Come on, Lin. Bad turnover.

  197. Knicks not letting him take a shot

  198. Exhausted from playing defense while everyone else scored! Still so naive.

  199. 2 bad quarter from lin on offense

  200. There is no way that Pierce allows JLIN to finish this game on the floor in a close game like this

    Two games in a row? After having to be convinced to leave JLIN in last time … lol

  201. Weird, like he lost concentration then just slipped. I’m not sure Lin is coming out to play the beginning of the 4Q. I hope, the next time he comes in, he plays like he did in the 1Q.

  202. Weird game from Lin. He started out so well but then played like pooped in 2nd and 3rd Q.

  203. Disagree. He played good offense in the 1Q.

  204. I liked Kemba because he did not disrespect Jlin. But Jlin as PG for CHA would have taken CHA farther than Kemba has. I think both got the best from the situation, unfortunately Jlin was injured so much in BKLN. But I clearly think Jlin would have taken CHA farther as a team.

  205. because he is heavily guarded click. No set plays for him.

  206. I think he’s doing well. Just not getting an opportunity

  207. i meant 2….. yes knicks is playing good d but he can shoot. if he hits a three it will creat more space for him to drive

  208. The more talented rookie who played defense is hurt. This is exactly why players don’t play defense. Lin needs to smarten up.

  209. He wasn’t heavily guarded in 2nd Q, he was just being passive. Knicks started double teaming Lin mid to late 3rd Q and Lin had no answer but to kick it back out instead of driving past them or shooting over them.

  210. he had the mid range and thee but passed on it several times

  211. Lots of excuses.

  212. I don’t know. Perhaps. Kemba is not a great facilitator or defender. Lin is. They were good together.

  213. Another good game by JLIN shooting 60%, 4 reb, 3 asts — efficient, didn’t allow opponent any major runs

  214. He only took one perimeter shot. Lin has to remember the midrange games and take 3s when he can.

  215. That’s why Lin is relegated to ball boy and defense only this game. He knows the coacb is out to mess him up and he still listens, dumb!

  216. No, he will try everything to prevent Linsanity especially against Knicks

    LP does not want this over New York media all over the places

  217. Pierce is letting Lin start the 4th Q again. Hopefully Lin flips the switch like he did last game.

  218. So you need to send your advice directly to JLIN – on his twitter maybe

  219. Lin’s 3s just aren’t falling anymore.

  220. Like he’d listen, fans been complaining for years.

  221. Yeah but at least he’s shooting again.

  222. hahaha, he took ONE three tonight

    He missed last few but almost ALL have been close rimouts

  223. Lin with a travel. *sigh*

  224. Now he has a traveling call.

  225. Agree. I just think since they were both PG’s who are charged with leading their team that Jlin would have done a better job is all. I keep saying this because it is true, but Jlin’s best attribute is his ability to make others better and if you do that you make a better team.

  226. Lin with a 2!

  227. There you go, Lin. Midrange J.

  228. 22222222222222222

  229. For all the criticism I see on this board about how Jlin is not doing as well as he should, these facts you are posting shows his game is good. Thx

  230. Go Lin.

  231. We do love our hottakes

  232. 2222222222222222222222222222222222

  233. Here we go. Lin flipping the switch.

  234. Finally a mid range!!

  235. Okay now I dont care if Lin sits for the rest of the game

  236. Mr 4th quarter is on!! Lets go Lin!

  237. Pierce is giving Lin the play call.

  238. JLIN probably only has a couple more minutes left in the game

  239. Crazy sequence and another dumb technical for Baze. But nice assist for Lin.

  240. Nice headsup rebound by Lin to Baze for layup. Too bad Baze the hothead started yapping at refs and got a T.

  241. Like I said, Bazemore is so trash

  242. Baze is probably PO’d because ATL is tanking

  243. Lin out.

  244. Lin out

  245. Hope Lin gets back in. Seems he was just beginning to heat up. And now ATL is going to miss Lin’s D.

  246. That’s all folks — if I were the Knicks I post up Trae ever chance

  247. Hawks coming back.

  248. Lin and Vince out, hope Lin comes back soon.

  249. I don’t disagree that Lin is better at PG duties than Kemba.

  250. Knicks coming back

  251. Trae meaningless stats, trading baskets, can’t defend and just gets out the way.

  252. Bazemore is legit but too immature with those technicals

  253. its like every game

  254. trea being abused by mudiay. im guessing thats why lin got the longer ride

  255. But Baze fires himself up; after his outbursts he gets going

  256. Still he’s a confident and efficient player. If only Lin and Bazemore can reunite next season on the same team. But both have expensive contracts.

  257. I guess the night is done for Lin..21 minutes, 5 for 8 FG, 11 point..good stats…Only blemish is the 0 for 2 from 3point…His 3point% is on free fall, unfortunately..I wanted him to hit at least 1…the wide open corner 3.

  258. Love seeing Lin looking at video on the sideline with the assistant coach.

  259. He can fire up without saying words.

  260. From what I have read HOU can get both, but would have to give up their future. However Baze and Jlin to HOU may put HOU over the top. HOU really needs a replacement for Ariza, which would be Baze.

  261. Trae’s shooting is awful this game, but he’s got 9 assists.

  262. Honestly I’d choose Baze as starting SG over Soften. But it won’t happen. If Lin and Bazemore played for MDA, they’d go far into the playoffs. Both are all around players unlike volume, defenseless Harden and Walker. Thise two are fake stars who won’t get their teams anywhere.

  263. STill shooting 38% from three – most guys would kill for that percentage

    Yep good game for JLIN

  264. 10 assists now from Trae.

  265. That’s going to go down after tonight tho.

  266. Bad pass from Bembry.

  267. He’s a gifted passer and he just racks up assists.

  268. Just not wins

  269. Nice drive and layup from Trae. Nobody in the lane, so he got an EZ bucket.

  270. Just talking about Trae’s talent. Will you acknowledge he’s a great passer?

  271. Trae has not shot a 3-pointer this game. Incredible.

  272. He’s played a solid 2nd half.

  273. because he’s not heavily guarded

  274. agreed. though knicks are falling apart

  275. Double Double without even trying for his assists. Something Lin needs to learn, passes so muc without the stats to show for it. Look for his shots first and just make easy passes.

  276. yea he is.

  277. this is one of those game i feel trea is playing within his limits

  278. Trae playingn well now, will Lin come back in?

  279. Young has some toughness to him.

  280. Wow, Trae in attack mode. Bulling his way to the basket.

  281. Traes given up much more points than the offensive points he’s participated in

  282. dream on

  283. Exactly just trading baskets but fans and pts watchers won’t know!

  284. It’s very frustrating that Lin is not in there finishing this game. Trae is playing well but Lin should be in there too.

  285. Most of us are used this it by now — it’s been happening all season

  286. i expected it

  287. Rooting for Knicks to win! No Lin no win.

  288. Crazy how cold Knox is after the unconscious start.

  289. I did too. But it’s frustrating. I’m most frustrated when Lin doesn’t finish close games.

  290. Knox is thta typical young volume shooter makes a few 3s then misses 7 in a row as he thinks he can’t miss

  291. Jay Pharaoh plays for the Knicks?

  292. the last game was a one time thing

  293. knicks are so undisciplined

  294. So many opportunities to take the game but wasted.

  295. Just like the Hawks

  296. Trae got hacked and no calls. Refball.

  297. not today

  298. LMAO, go Knicks! Win for Lin who was unfairly benched!!

  299. You sure about that?

  300. That was not a hack, it was a block. Dude too short!

  301. LP blowing it. It’s just the Knicks aren’t executing that they aren’t ahead. Huerter and Bembry shouldn’t play ahead of Lin.

  302. Refs now on Knicks side lol, go Knciks get the win or OT!

  303. You never know. LP is pretty good at shooting…..himself in the foot.

  304. Darn it Baze will seal the win. Knicks coach looks like he wants to cry are they tanking?

  305. lmao….

  306. Pierce gave JLIN his charity game last time- no more for another month

  307. Props to Emmanuel Mudaiy for improving..I thought he was on his way to being a bust when Nuggets traded him…That’s his 3rd 30 point game in 5 games..Very impressive.

  308. No PG again?

  309. Happening all his career!

  310. I sawTrae

  311. Lin not even top 5 scorer for this team today. He did all the defensive heavy lifting with nothing to show for it.

  312. Wow, Hawks win.

  313. knicks are poorly coached. they should of won and had many chances

  314. i hate that i have to watch this type of basketball so often

  315. Two wins in a row. Pierce was actually smiling while the clock was running out at the end of the game.

  316. just waiting for lin’s next team

  317. Next game is an early game at Detroit on Sunday. Lin scored 19 last game against the Pistons.

  318. Jeremy’s 3pt not falling.

  319. yea cold streak

  320. Didn’t even get to shoot when he was on the floor so of course he’s cold! Defense won’t give him the hot hand and wi actually wore put his legs causing his shots to be short!

  321. He’s been doing that all season minus high profile games. So many more deserving rookies yet Trae get the franchise treatment. This is exactly why NBA interest has diminished over the years. They want to expand this garbage to other countries just for the money.

  322. Lin played a GREAT GAME. Disappointed with Lin’s time on court. But not surprised. If Lin balled out at MSG, it would take too much attention away from team.

    Meanwhile, given limitations, Lin looked good out there. Missed a transition 3 and a right corner 3. (Same shots missed vs Wiz.) But so active on defense.

    Not gaudy stats. But I don’t think the Hawks win without his contribution. He helped keep the game close, and made key plays. Like that BEAUTIFUL PASS to Bazemore under the basket. The vision!

    Another nice win from TEAM effort. Of course, the Knicks, like the Wizards, were terrible. Still, again, 7 Hawks in double figures. Good for morale.

    Pierce is still throwing different line-ups out there, but they have been cut back. Rotation has been shortened. Down to only 9 guys. I think this has helped with winning.

  323. Haha. Bob Rathbun and Nique (I can call him Nique now), still praising Lin. Not 100% sure about Nique, but I think Bob is a true fan now.

  324. Rotation is 10 men if you count Hamilton 4 minutes per game…I wished he’d give this 4 minute to Lin to boost his minutes count.

  325. Anderson should be playing ahead of Vince Carter who is kind of slow out there.

  326. This was from pre-game. Lin moving very smoothly. Nice spin move!

    Still not exhaling completely yet. But, a third of the season in, KNOCK WOOD, FINGERS CROSSED, PRAYING AND HOPING, Lin looks to be fully recovered from the knee injury.


  327. I think those 4 minutes was Hamilton ON the court with Lin. LOL.

    I know what you mean. But I have no illusions about Lin’s place and role on this team. At least the Hawks have been honest with him. And have let Lin play back into the NBA from his injury. So, far, I think it has been a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Now we just have to have faith that Lin will figure things out. And start looking forward to the next chapter.

  328. Agree. Very surprised that VC is still getting that much time. VC is a great guy, getting along so well with Lin. But I do wish Lin was playing with the younger more athletic guys. Now that Anderson is healthy.

    Could be VC is also good for publicity for the Hawks. Need to put him out there.

    Then again, part of the tank strategy?

  329. Full Highlights vs. Knicks, including recap of Wizards Linsanity 4th Q

  330. This is my daily rant. The NBA officiating is such a joke. Lin got called for a travel. Meanwhile, did you all see the Harden 4 steps step back? Even NBA-TNT was making fun of it. And how many steps do guys like LeBron or Giannis take when they go up for dunks?

  331. Watched the MSG feed, missed Clyde Frazier. He was apparently on vacation.

    Lost a bit of respect for Mike Breen tonight. All he said about Lin was that he is coming off the bench, playing about 18 minutes, blah blah. NO MENTION, or APPRECIATION THAT LIN HAS COME BACK FROM CATASTROPHIC KNEE INJURY. As I said, the NBA has been ignoring Lin’s story on this. Being there at birth of Linsanity, I thought Breen could have done better.

  332. Can’t believe the Hawks are only 6 wins back from the 8th playoff seed…The East is very weak…Expected them to be at least 10 game back by now.

  333. MSG media and their casters have orders from the top (Dolan) to ignore and diminish Lin as much as possible. They even refused to include Linsanity as part of a show 2 years ago where they chronicled the most successful moments of the Knicks in the 21st century.

  334. NIIIIICE! Great video quality too.

    LOOOOVE Lin’s passes. That fastbreak outlet to Collins, that shot to Baze.

    Also LOOOOVE that step-back mid-range jumper.

    Also, just now noticed a new female ref! Haven’t seen Lauren Holtkamp lately.

  335. I wouldn’t call it a great game. It wasn’t bad either. Just a decent to good game from Lin. Lin didn’t do anything in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. He played very well in the first, but then disappeared. Lin was flipping the switch in the 4th and was about to light on fire before Pierce pulled him.

  336. Yeah, I know, I remember. Now THAT is vindictive. As if Knicks fans who witnessed Linsanity would ever forget. TONS of tweets still out there today about how much they wished Lin was still with NY.

    Having said that, Clyde Frazier had no problems with giving Lin lots of credit. So, not sure if it’s all Dolan.

    Remember the Bleacher Report Game of Zones with Clyde & Porzingis? FUUUUNNNY!

  337. Lin also got called for a reach in foul, but it looked like he stripped the ball and stole it cleanly.

    Lin will never get the benefit of the doubt from refs. They only give preferential treatment to the stars and superstars.

  338. Yup. Such a farce.

  339. Game of Zones is hilarious and genius. They tell the truth that most pundits and “analysts” are afraid to do, and they do it in a brilliant, funny way.

    Sadly, they were also right with the Nets, Marks, and Lin…

  340. Our standards for Lin is too high. We’re spoiled. LOL.

    How about this, Lin had a great game, given the limitations. And stayed healthy. You even brought up how easily guys can get hurt, with the ankle injuries. And that Lin dodged one.

    This is where we’ll agree to disagree. Lin can only do so much, he has to play as part of a team.

    I think LP makes the calls, or the majority of them. There was one play where Bembry was demanding the ball from Young. Really, from the number 5 pick? Bembry turned it over passing to Huerter. Then Young and Bembry had a big discussion about who messed up.

    I think the only freedom the players have is when they are in transition, or from broken plays. Guys aren’t always passing to Trae Young either.

  341. Great stuff for sure! Too bad they only put these out in the off-season. They really should try and do this more often, during the season. Maybe at least twice a month.

  342. Lots of traveling in NBA, along with what is called a crossover dribble that I call palming

  343. SSSHHHHH – don’t tell Travis Schlenk!

    The top five teams in East are pretty good. But, yeah, very true. After that, all the other teams pretty lame. Hornets. Miami is under 500 and now in 8th. Orlando and Detroit fading recently.

    And don’t look but the Nets are just TWO games back.

  344. A-la Kyrie Irving. And countless others. Just not when Lin does it. 🙂

    It’s the hypocritical application of the so-called rules that gets me riled up. Like Click said, one set of rules for the stars.

    And all the tripping and hacking and holding that don’t get called. But Harden gets breathed on and it’s automatic whistle. But I think, slowly but surely, I’m seeing backlash against Harden. See Shannon Sharpe comments at 3:25.

    BTW, JLin is mentioned in the MDA discussion @ 2:00.

  345. Orlando lost by 10 to the Bulls. Augustin in 33 minutes had 8 points and 2 assists. Orlando could use JLin for those 33 minutes. ORL should not be losing to a team like CHI if they want to make the playoffs

  346. I was on one of the Magic fan-site and one fan still think Augustin is better than Lin and while he said he wouldn’t mind having Lin, but as back-up to D.J….He wouldn’t trade D.J for Lin straight up. That’s just ridiculous.

    Some of these guys are clueless.

  347. Interesting video especially the comments about MDA creating successful PG’s. That’s why I thought it would be interesting if HOU got JLin and Baze they could at times put Harden, Paul, Capela, JLin and Baze on the court at the same time, what a potentially dynamite
    offense MDA might create

  348. jlin7 (IG) Always good to be back in the Garden!! Thanks for all the love and the fans that were rockin my gear! Always love for NY…honestly felt like a home game for me tonight

  349. any PG with 8 points and 2 assists in 33 minutes is not even a marginal NBA PG. This fan is just absolutely clueless.

  350. Sheesh I thought they were at the bottom, what are the odds tanking will stop if they get a playoff run?

  351. Interesting fact about Clyde Frazier: he lives in Manhattan but spends a great deal of time in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands where he owns a bed and breakfast. He has owned property there since 1979.


  352. Breen is great. Maybe he said that in the first game the Hawks played vs. the Knicks. I think that was the first game of the season. But he’s definitely pro-Lin as is Clyde.

  353. Lin is happy about the win and thankful for the fans being at MSG last night. Too bad so many Lin fans here don’t feel the same way.

  354. Last night was the perfect game for LP as I see it. Lin played his stabilizer role well, so I guess LP was happy. But I’m not. Stabilizer is a limiting and rather insulting role for Lin if that’s all he is. Winner is and should be his role. I’m very big on role as I think all players, including so-called superstars, absolutely all players play a role. Lin’s role here is minimal to medium depending on how much stabilizing force is needed. And only if they game is reachable at times does Lin even need to stabilize at all. Lin only plays a major role when things go bad for Trae. And that’s not really acceptable.

    That’s what is. Lin is a winner and should play a major role on a team, IMO. Another coach might put Lin in that position but I don’t see that coming from LP. Yes, LP will play Lin more if he’s scoring and playmaking. But he doesn’t see Lin’s role as the key member of the squad that he prefers to be part of the winning squad. That’s for Trae, Bembry, Collins, Huerter. I think Collins is worthy and I understand rookies Trae and Bembry has a story of injury and he’s getting his chance now. But Lin is underutilized once more.

    Overall, Lin’s game was uneven, but his strong minutes were strong on both ends of the floor and his overall game was good.

  355. I’m not happy about Lin not being used in the finishing minutes and folks like Huerter playing before him. And I’m not happy that after Lin turned the switch in the 4Q, the game after he led a win in the 4Q he’s taken out for Trae. Now Trae did well but Lin needed to play more minutes and he needs to start finishing some games. It’s time now, IMO.

    You guys know how much I prioritize finishing games and I prioritize finishing over starting. So, I’m not very happy about Lin’s minutes in the 4Q and that he didn’t at least go out there in some of the finishing minutes, at least for his D and ability to draw fouls in closing minutes.

  356. Doesn’t matter if you or anyone else here are happy or not. It matters that Lin himself is happy. Lin wasn’t happy in Houston or LA, even though he got more playtime than he is now. He’s been happy in Charlotte, in Brooklyn (when he was healthy and playing), and now in Atlanta. Even if his role and playtime are reduced and not where we think he should be and deserve to be having, Lin is still content and happy about his situation.

    All everyone here do is worry, complain, get frustrated, get angry, get bitter, get depressed, and spam negativity all the time. You guys are not helping yourself nor Lin by being disgruntled fans of his. Just be appreciative of the time he is able to play and root for him to stay healthy, as well as keep having good, efficient stats.

    It’s disgusting that Lin fans (not saying you specifically sws) are STILL rooting for opposing teams to beat the Hawks whenever Lin isn’t allowed to shine and close out games. Lin would be ashamed to read and see fans of his behave this way on a daily basis.

  357. Could be nothing or could be that Prince is hearing he might be traded…

  358. I hear you, Click. There’s frustration and PSTD and blame the coach or other players and that gets really old. And we should try to take the higher road and follow Lin’s lead which is how I’m interpreting your comments.

    Yes, it was a good win for the Hawks and psalm has said to the group don’t root for the opposing team. So, posters who do this are not following psalm’s directive, and that’s not cool.

    You’re right. If Lin is happy with the win, then let’s feel good for him. I think he was probably frustrated sitting on the bench in the closing minutes but he knows the priorities of this team. I’m trying to stay positive as well. Sometimes it’s a bit hard. But yes, I hope fans can be happy Lin is in the NBA. One thing fans should do is learn about other players. Some others, and some black players, have done well at one point and are out of the league and some play overseas. Lin is still in the NBA. And after this horrid injury he suffered. And he still has it. That’s something to be grateful for.

  359. I think that might be a good idea for the Hawks. I see both Prince and Trae are young men of faith.

  360. JLIN fans (with the exception of some who are willfully uninformed) after so many seasons following JLIN, know what is going on.

    It doesn’t take much to put 2 + 2 together if you are paying attention:
    1) JLIN only ever says the politically correct comment AT THE contemporaneous TIME
    2) You will ONLY hear JLIN’s true feelings after a period of months or years e.g. was not happy in the least playing in Houston, LAL; the trade from BKN to ATL

    So the fact is most fans who really understand JLIN are pretty confident that :
    a) ultra-competitive JLIN cannot be content with the way Pierce uses JLIN as a afterthought to Trae & others
    b) winner JLIN will jump at the chance to be TRADED asap

    Pay attention to JLIN’s career and his words and learn something about him

  361. ” Yes, LP will play Lin more if he’s scoring and playmaking.”

    uh… no Pierce won’t and he admitted as much last night that only after being convinced by Vince & Trae did he allow JLIN to remain in the Wiz game to the finish.

  362. Prince is a very good shooter, but he has very low bball IQ and tends to hog the ball / stop ball movement. It’s no surprise that the Hawks are winning again, and the starting lineup are doing well, without him in the lineup at all. If Schlenk gets good offers for Prince, he should move him asap. Prince wasn’t even Schlenk’s pick. He was the previous regime’s pick, so I can see him being expendable, now that the Hawks see he doesn’t fit with Trae and Collins, and that Huerter easily replaces him.

  363. What part of more means finishing? More means a few minutes more a some point in the game vs. yanking him out earlier as I define it.

  364. If you’re not willing to allow JLIN to finish a game smack in the midst of a Linsanity 4th Quarter; then you’ll never willingly allow him to help finish close any game

  365. I guess what I’m tired of and frustrated with is this idea is Lin is just a spark off the bench and a good locker room guy. That’s insulting. No. Lin is a complete player and a winner. I think Lin’s two major flaws are wavering confidence game to game and inconsistent production. But even with that, Lin is a proven winner that plays on both sides of the floor and really plays hard and competitively and can be a major part of winning big games. He steps up and plays tough opponents well. This constant limiting of his game is frustrating. To me it’s not about starting vs. bench more than maximizing his impact as a rotation player to limiting it.

  366. Just want to add to all of this trade talk. Trades in Atlanta may be not to teams expected if it involves Lin. But more than that, may be not the players expected, and may not include Lin. If it happens it happens. But trade talk is more grass is greener and hoping for some thing better. After awhile, we have to deal where Lin is and his role and realizing tomorrow may look a lot like today, just different players involved and management. Or that tomorrow may not be what we were hoping for. I have really no expectations other than to expect NBA dynamics on any team.

  367. “wavering confidence game to game – Absolute Conjecture

    JLIN confidently has a plan to get TEAMMATEs involved early – many JLIN fans of all stripes fall into 2 categories: a) fail to understand why JLIN does it; b) understand but hate that JLIN does it. YOu will not CHANGE JLIN’s perspective, he’s done it for a long time

    99% of NBA players who get 3-4 minute stints play inconsistently

  368. At this point I haven’t been as confident that JLIN will indeed be traded off this ATL team before deadline as when my confidence ran high on JLIN getting a starting PG spot post his CHA stint

  369. Of course you put importance to that one line. I expect others will as well.

  370. Ok

  371. That’s the point of my post.

  372. Does Pierce play JLIN “MORE” when JLIN is scoring or playmaking? Complicated to prove this statement.

    We all know the patterns (occasional exceptions):
    1) When Trae awful – JLIN gets mins; converse true Trae Not awful – JLIN gets NO mins
    2) Pierce occasionally pull JLIN for standard “mistakes”; especially noticeable when Trae not-awful
    3) Winnable or close games – Trae plays, JLIN does not

    Many Fans want to believe (with no definitive proof) JLIN’s play dictates how Pierce allots minutes because:
    a) Pierce says publicly that’s how it works
    b) JLIN even says “hothand” gets to play
    … but in actual point of fact, this tanking development coach/team follows his patterns rarely deviates

  373. For the record, I am a fan of @sws94’s comments and thoughts. Find them insightful, big-picture minded, and backed up with details.

    It is tough and challenging to be an A-A basketball player in this country. But life is tough and challenging in many ways. Great to see JLin healthy and playing. I tell my middle school son on a daily basis, “___, please stretch before you play and pray for God to protect you as you play.” Nothing worse for a basketball player than being injured and sitting out the season.

    So glad that JLin is still in the game and will be for some time.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  374. Did they really had to convince LP to keep Lin in the Wizard game?
    Where did you get this?

  375. M guess is they will wait until the trade deadline to maximize whatever veteran leadership they’re getting out of him with the young guys…Lin is a good guy and a good influence on their kids and u need veteran players like him who will interact with them.

    Lin has also created a bit of buzz among their fan who attend the game. You could tell the fan who were at the Wizard game enjoyed the Linsanity game and like rooting for Lin, so I wouldn’t be surprise if Schleng decided to keep Lin for as long as possible…

    But if it look like Schleng is hesitating to trade Lin at trading deadline, it will be up to Lin to get his agent to have a talk with Schleng and letting him know he’s not interested in doing the mentorship stuff beyond trading deadline…If he doesn’t trade Lin, he’ll ask for a buy-out.

  376. Happy holidays and thanks for your support.

  377. Yes, the last thread Click posted a reporter that learned that Trae, Vince, and the entire bench told him to keep Lin in the 4Q. He was actually thinking of pulling Lin.

  378. Agree with that

    I personally don’t think Lin is that happy in ATL..He’s simply the type of guy who will try hard to find the good thing in every bad situation and try to make it work as oppose to whine and complain publically about it.

    If you listened to his interview after the Wizard game, he was subliminally saying that when LP let’s him have more minute, he has a chance to get into a rhythm and this is why he played so well.

    Lin, of course, will never criticize the coach directly or give strong hints he wants out so he can get minutes, but I think he doesn’t like his situation as far as minutes.

    He enjoys his teammates, but I personally feel he’s not a fan of LP but that’s simply because LP doesn’t think much of him as a player.

  379. JLin brings in a lot of fans to the game by the nature of more exciting and competitive games with him which directly translated to revenues too.

  380. I asked because I’m not surprised by it..As I’ve stated before, I always felt like LP never thought much of Lin….The fact he had to be convince to keep Lin in that game justify the need for Lin to get out of there as soon as possible.

  381. They’re probably deal with the winning by trading Baze, Lin and whoever id doing too well to block the tank.

  382. Happy?! Hardly, Lin just tries to make the best of every situation. He smiled and celebrated with Nick Young for that win while Kobe was on his retirement tour. Does that mean he was happy with Lakers? Heck no! Liking his teammates and liking the team or situation are teo different things.

    You like your co-workers but the job and pay is crap, are you happy? No.


    Grading Every 1st-Round NBA Rookie so Far This Season

    In retrospect, I will give JLin a grade A in Nov and B+ in December. JLin needs to get back his 3 point shots but he suffered injuries and that should be understandable. It’s just a matter of timethat linsanity will breakout every night。

  384. I think he thinks highly of Lin. As a stabilizer and veteran in the locker room. That’s not nearly enough for me.

  385. sometimes I wonder would it be better for him to have that take over in the 4th qtr with the knicks instead of the wiz as it is showing the dnicks this is what you let go and also it’s reliving linsanity in msg. .. But then… with wiz, it’s against wall and in home court which will make the locals know that lin can really do damage and linsanity occur for a reason, so that might be better than that dnick ‘revenge’

  386. agree 100%. if the game is close, LP will let trae and the young guys go out and try to win it or lose and learn something from it. that’s what development tanking is all about.

    i personally still want lin traded to a playoff team. once there i have faith he will make it hard, for whatever coach he plays for, to not play him… the cream always rises to the top. just get him there and he will shine…

  387. as i have said before, his 13M is probably the problem… if he was making 7M, he’d have been traded in nov…

  388. win with the young guys, or lose and get a high pick. yesterday was a prime example of that. could LP have kept lin in and let him go linsanity again? sure, but to what end? instead he put in trae when the game was still close, they got the lead, and won. valuable experience gained.

    i dont like it for lin’s sake, but it is what it is…

  389. good on his teammates for allowing him to shine, if but for one night…

  390. I think JLin has confidence in knowing what to do in a basketball game. What we don’t know is what instructions the coach is giving him. Coach’s instruction may conflict with what Jlin wants to do and in fact these instructions may in fact be contradictory to what JLin wants to do. This conflict would be enough for JLin to hesitate at carrying out coach’s instructions and give the appearance of uncertainty. The games where JLin gets 12 minutes in 3-4 minute increments may be evidence of this conflict. TY looks to me to have free reign on what he wants to do. JLin does not except in situations like the WAS game where it has been said that the players prevailed on the coach to leave JLin in. Do you realize that otherwise we would not have seen that brief period of Linsanity? LP needs to keep his head in the game and not try to manage other agendas. We know you are tanking ATL, but at least give the fans a little bit to cheer about like the WAS game.

  391. Yes, we know you are tanking ATL and charging full price to the fans while doing it. So throw us fans a scrap now and then and alllow a little Linsanity to break out

  392. Did you all see LeBron comments comparing players to slaves?

    Speaking of racism, I will not forget how he, Wade, Bosh and Melo together bullied Lin. SMH

  393. SMH

  394. Honestly, no. Lin’s confidence wavers. How many times have we said Lin seems hesitant over the years? Why isn’t he being aggressive? And some Lin fans even saying he seems passive. Some players keep shooting whether they’re 0-8 or 7-8. Lin will stop shooting when he’s 0-5. Or at least stop shooting from the perimeter. Or, he’ll pass up open shots or pass the ball where he could dribble and make plays. However, Lin does “flick a switch” as Click says and then sometimes goes into a completely different mode.

    He’s done this as a starter or off the bench (until the Nets). There are other times when Lin comes in and he’s just in a nobody is going to stop me mode and we call it Linsanity. The difference between Lin and a so-called star player, IMO, is they consistently have the same approach and seem to have the same confidence level every minute of every game. Lin, OTOH, varies in confidence from hesitant and tentative to ourtright dominating and basically, in Linsanity mode. So Lin’s output isn’t as consistent as other players. But when Lin is on, he’s on a level of the best PGs IMO.

    My comment is not about LP or any coach. It’s something I’ve seen from Lin from the Houston Rockets to the present. I saw pretty much none of the confidence wavering when Lin was a Net in his first season. He didn’t really play enough in the 2nd season for me to comment. And if that hints as a starter he doesn’t, there’s something to that.

  395. Actually players asked coach only during the last time. Coach was going to leave Lin out and have the young players take the glory but players asked him to put Lin back in. That’s why Lin came back with a few seconds left for WAS game.

    It was Pierce’s desciision to start Lin during 4th quarter of WAS, as to why? who knows, maybe he wanted Lin to win the game and have the young guys get at the glory by closing the 4th quarter. It’s all disrespectful and psychological. Black people keep complaining about racism but it works both ways.

  396. his window of big opportunity passed.
    don’t know if there is another window, but I sure it will be a lot smaller next time and he must be awake and healthy.

  397. He really has no idea of what slave is. Every employee is a slave to employer if what he says is true. Humans make bogus statements all the time.

  398. Sws’ posts are thoughtful and balanced for sure.

  399. Lin is who he is. But he’s too good of an employee I feel. He will still give his all, even if he’s treated badly.

  400. As some of you may know, I follow Tottenham Spurs, an EPL soccer team on which Sohn Heung Min plays. If he played for American coaches in US setting, no way the guy would have been a star. But instead, Sohn is playing in a British sports league as a foreigner under a foreign coach in a sports league dominated by foreign players and coaches whose English is below par often times, yet is admired and loved by pretty much everyone for his soccer skills and personality. This is one reason I watch EPL soccer: it’s hard to call a time and pull out a player every 4 minutes.

  401. that’s the point of hoping he’s traded out of ATL as soon as possible. hopefully, whoever trade for him will have more incentive to win and it will be up to Lin to force the coach to play him a lot

    In ATL, the bar is very high to get 25 minutes regularly since there’s no incentive for them to win and the fact developing their young players is their main priority.

  402. This shows the important of being educated.

    Very few of these sports players went through college, yet they are the “role model” and the opinion leaders.


    “One of the things that was causing us to lose those games is that we weren’t getting enough stops,” Dinwiddie said. “We knew as a team with the style of play we have and the talent that we have, we know
    eventually shots were going to fall at a high level. We had a little bit of a hot streak. You may not necessarily be able to count on that for 82 games, but one thing that can always be with you and will travel with you is your effort and your defense.”

  404. good point about the teammates. I could see some intimidation factoring in to the way they reacted to the trio’s targeting Lin.

  405. On the lighter side, I heard LeBron is a huge wine aficionado.. 🙂

  406. SHM is a really good football player just like Shinji Kagawa was a really good football player, just like okazaki is a good player etc. guarantee they would be starting in a shitshow of a league like MLS. Giovinco who was a bust in Italy went to play in MLS and now he is like the star. you go to MLS for 2 things. You cant compete in european leagues anymore or you’re old.

  407. In soccer, you can easily be frozen out by your teammates. The difference between Sohn and Shinji and other Asian players is that Sohn is accurate off both feet and can shoot with force from far away.

  408. Difference with football and the NBA is this. I’ve played football at an proffesional level and there can be times where you dont touch the ball for 10 min. Thats not being frozen out, thats just football. Difference with Basketball is the court is so small thus making your touches a lot more. So you can easily see when someone isn’t touching the ball.

    I remember one game with Vince carter when he played for the suns i think he didn’t touch the ball for like 5 min straight or more it was ridiculous.

    plenty of documentaries of Indoor football legends talking about they dont want to play outdoor soccer because the the field is so wide 20 minutes can go by and you dont touch the ball.

    most problems in football usually ends with someone either not playing or traded away.

    Look at coutinho and what he did.

  409. Bingo! What stood out most for me was that Jlin’s teammates did not back him up. Miami jus basically mugged him, especially Chalmers. When someone posted here that ATL teammates told the coach to leave JLin against WAS in I thought that said a lot of good things about his teammates

  410. Glad to hear that liking wine offsets being racist:)

  411. Prince can become a better player or even a star once he learns to play with Lin. This dude can shoot but he is not a point guard. He is a decent wing.

  412. I just looked at a news website that had Jame’s comments about the racist NFL. It had by far the most comments to the story. James was critical of the NFL and how it was racist. The NBA by comparison however he praised. What I learned from this is that until more than 50% of the NBA is Asian, the NBA is racist. Until that time, I am going to drink some wine!

  413. That’s why it’s harder to notice when a player is frozen out on a soccer field. It makes it easier to spot this on BB court.

  414. Pretty soon, top colleges will make SAT and ACT and other tests optional so they can control Asian quota. Mark my words.

  415. Seems like the Hawks have an ankle sprain problem. Collins is out today, so it’ll be a tough game to win their 3rd in a row against a tough team…

  416. This will be great for the wine industry!

  417. So Jlin will get 12 minutes. Can’t stop the tank

  418. There is racism in football but teammates freezing out other player i dont really believe that. Never experienced it in my 15+ years playing football. I played in teams that had less than good thoughts about middle eastern people but as soon as we went to the field to play all that was gone and it was all about winning.

  419. You’re not making any sense. What does Collins being out have anything to do with Lin’s playtime or tanking? He was hurt twice last game and they let him stay in the game to win it.

  420. True. Not a complete freeze out. But watch how many scoring opportunities so called Star players get. There is a degree of difference.

  421. you cant compare oppurtunities in football with NBA you just cant. In the NBA you can actively get someone going by giving him the ball and telling him go to work. In football unless your name is Lionel Messi you cant do that. And not even messi can do that. Football is a teamsport not even messi can defeat a team without help. Basketball you can have 1 guy single handedly take over a game if he is that good offensivly.

  422. Not surprised to hear Collins was out. Maybe he shouldn’t even have played after the 2nd injury in last game. Let Collins rest, hope he heals quickly as he was on a roll. In fact, a lot of Hawks team forum talk has shifted from Trae to Collins.

  423. I was surprised they let him play out the rest of the game, seeing as how Collins seemed to be really hurt and they need to protect him because he’s the real future of the Hawks.

    Of course Hawks fans are switching to praising Collins and less Trae. Collins is actually an amazing young player right now, while Trae is not. Trae might one day become great, but everyone can see that it’ll take him at least another year or two to adapt to the NBA.

  424. Nothing against Collins. Sorry to see he is injured. My reference was to a potential winning streak which is not good news for tanking. Therefore use JLin most ineffectively, that being short minutes adding up to about 12. This will help the tank.:)

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