Game 30 Washington Wizards vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. Thanks to Psalm for this thread! Good luck to Jeremy tonight.

  2. Second that!

  3. hope jeremy balls out tonight. will be watching today

  4. Going to watch the first minutes if Lin doesn’t play much, turning this off. Pierce knew last game was a revenge match and still only gave Lin 13mins! His smirk makes you want to punch him.

  5. It’s Baze night tonight. They mic’d him up and he’s out to a good start.

  6. Wow, 10-0 run by Atlanta.

  7. Hawks coming out strong for a change. Wizards are acting like the Hawks and down 10-0.

  8. Lin stretching out with Bembry.

  9. Trae made a good 3-pointer, but then missed 2 out of his 3 free throws.

  10. Lin in

  11. Ariza starting immediately for the Wizards, and playing with a purpose – he just loafed it for the Suns

  12. JLIN closing out on jumpshooters nicely

  13. 2 FT

  14. Weird, slow game. Made even slower by refs calling so many fouls.

  15. Lin drawing fouls.

  16. Wall fouling Lin in transition resulting in 2 FTs. Thanks, John!

  17. tw FT

  18. Good to see Lin shooting. Shots will fall soon.

  19. Lin out

  20. Lin is a foul magnet due to his speed.
    It’s almost like players would rather foul Lin than getting beat by Lin’s speed.

  21. Why isn’t Lin more aggressive?

  22. Lin’s shot is a bit off, missed an open mid-range and 3-pointer. At least he’s getting to the foul line and playing solid defense.

  23. So Lin’s first stint results in him getting to the line for 4 points. 0-3 but his D looked really good.

  24. Lin kind lost shot feeling after the injury. Hope can catch up soon.

  25. His midrange and 3 were just a little off.
    I think he tried to attack the rim more afterwards

    He looks a little hesitant to go full speed yet, just trying to find his rhythm again

  26. Trae’s 3s are going in tonight.

  27. Oh God, it’s Tony Brothers, no wonder. This is going to be a long night full of terrible calls.

  28. Nice buzzer beater by Trae. He’s playing very well early.

  29. He’s horrible.

  30. He’s letting the game come to him tonight and his perimeter shots are falling which probably boosts his confidence some.

  31. Pierce played Lin with Trae for a bit, but the results like previous attempts, are not so good. Lin always gives Trae the ball immediately and becomes a SG, sitting in the corner.

  32. Good news is, Beal and Wall are not hot (yet). They’re being kept in check so far. Wall is 0 for 5. Lin played good D on Wall for a while.

  33. hows trea guarding wall

  34. Hawks are actually playing good defense. Everyone is hustling and rotating pretty well.

  35. washington a mess

  36. Lin in

  37. Lin’s gotta take his shots right now! With Trae playing above his average, may not have many more minutes in this game.

  38. Wall purposely tripped and fouled Lin so glad he got 3 fouls already! Lin got 3 physical fouls that got him on the ground hope his knees are fine.

  39. his unit is not good

  40. Unit selfish and someone else is always PG, if not Bembry then it’s Bazemore. Vince also trying to do too much.

  41. Lin AIR BALL….

  42. Shots are off tonight but he needs to keep shooting for it to average out!

  43. Only if he gets the ball back and has the green light by LP

  44. geez lins unit s the worst unit all of a suddden

  45. Looks like defender might’ve gotten a tip on it.

  46. Lin’s speed looks good. Ran Beal down.

  47. agreed

  48. Nice feed by JLIN to Len that’s not an easy pass to make

  49. End of Lin’s second stint. Way too short.

  50. Lin out

  51. Trae getting chucking 3 fever now after a few went in early

  52. Lin is 0 for 4 tonight so far, but at least it’s better than Wall’s 0 for 6. That airball though… yikes.

    Good defense from Lin in the first half. Some nice passes and setups from Lin too.

  53. scrappy minutes what’s new? turned it off, let me know when Lin’s back in.

  54. Lin started defending Wall tonight and he didn’t like it that’s why when Lin went for the fastbreak pass him he tripped him! They are forever rivals no doubt about it! Lin needs to get good stats this game stop passing so much.

  55. He’s playing well, shots just aren’t falling.

  56. After the Podcasts or whatever, it seems JLIN and Bazemore have become a lot closer — don’t remember them talking much early in season

  57. Beal is getting hot. Not good.

  58. Ariza gelling with a team he doesn’t even know — instantly — playing good

  59. Agree, noticed they were closer since that pretend baseball act on the court. To be fair if Hawks actually gave Lin the starting PG or SG role I wouldn’t want him off this time so much. The people aren’t bad at all.

  60. I said that is greeeeat

  61. Trae trying to do too much now. He played very well in the first Q, but is sucking in the 2nd Q.

  62. Putting in Trae was a mistake. Trae’s forcing now.

  63. Lin will get more minutes if Hawks start losing.

  64. Always dangerous when you have volume shooters get early success — Trae is chucking now frequently

    and turning the ball over

  65. Put Lin on him. Lin was slowing down anyone he was guarding. Here’s where LP is not doing a good job coaching by underplaying Lin.

  66. since the back injury lins +/- has been bad.

  67. Since injury Lin’s minutes have also gone done not going to get much with only 13mins. Even at his most efficient that would only give him 13 pts let alone when he’s not in rhythm. Pierce out to mess with Lin’s stats cause he was playing too well. Lin needs to look to score every chance he gets.

  68. Let’s see if the customary ATL starters 3rd Q collapse happens

  69. A mistake, only if you’r trying to get a win.

  70. probably

  71. easier teams so trea will do better. yup. knicks is another easy one. wall dont seem to want to play this game after going for 40 on lebron

  72. counting on it.

  73. its tradition

  74. 8 minutes in the first half. Maybe another 8 minutes in the second half for 16 minutes grand total.

  75. this could turn to a blowout. wiz have all the momentum

  76. John Wall: 0 pts in the half.

  77. Hawks has Jaylen Adams, a young 22 year old PG. Garbage time may go to him. But maybe Lin can play SG on the garbage time unit.

  78. where did he come from?

  79. He’ll start the 3rd with the worst defender (by statistics) in the NBA guarding him, Wall has no excuse for not scoring

  80. I think they just added him from their G league.

    I’m somehwat hopeful that maybe a trade for Lin is close so they had to bring in a third PG.

  81. Pierce’s plan to make sure Lin gets single digit pts/game. Working out so far.

  82. what i was thinking. theyve kept him on the squad as well. hmmmm

  83. yep, that is what I think too

  84. JLIN’s shots aren’t missing by much, he’s rimnming out almost everything, they will start to fall

  85. except for that 3

  86. Does the Q3 collapse start now?

  87. Washington leads now LOL

  88. That looked like someone got a finger on it

  89. Hawks gone cold.

  90. We might get our blowout after all — JLIN gets minutes I hope

  91. right on cue

  92. Huerter just took a shot that looked like it. Maybe it is the lighting in Atlanta tonight, lol.

  93. Lin in

  94. Nice dish to Len by Lin.

    Lin needs to do more out there. He’s passing the ball off immediately and not getting the ball back most of the time. When he’s in control and handling the ball, good things usually happen.

  95. I agree. Make more plays. he’s the PG.

  96. Come on, Len. Convert.

  97. My goodness Vince what the heck pass was that?

  98. Huerter is waaay off tonight.

  99. Lin out

  100. Lin’s out. I guess that’s it for the night.

  101. idk lin go through periods where scoring isnt his focus

  102. Everyone on the Hawks except Lin and Baze are turning the ball over tonight. Super careless with the ball tonight.

  103. I am having a hard time watching Jeremy play right now.

  104. Lin out.

  105. this is ridiculous. why is jeremy’s leash so short? he needs to be traded

  106. this is beyond frustrating.

  107. Len dominating the Wizards’ bigs.

  108. I noticed LP won’t even let Lin finish the quarter after bringing him at around the 6 minute mark.

    I suspect this is done to let Trae get more free throws since team than to get into the bonus mark at the end of quarters.

  109. Me too. So boring!

  110. LOL Wizards’ casters crying about the foul. Len’s left arm got hit first, then his right arm also got hit. Dude got hit twice and they’re whining about it, even with slow-mo replay showing clearly Len’s arms got hit.

  111. he isnt playing like normal lin. maybe the bac isnt 100 percent. idk

  112. Absolutely. It wasn’t “all ball.” It was an obvious foul.

  113. Yeah I don’t even know how they can say it was all ball AFTER the replays. That wasn’t even homerism. It’s just being biased and blind.

  114. Did anyone see Lin call for a pick all game.

  115. Yes, of course.

  116. not really. no drives really. it tells me lin dont trust his body rght now

  117. Is Lin just waiting for trade? The recent games, he played really meaningless. After didn’t hit 3 or jumps, he just disappears on O.

  118. 1/2 effort out there. maybe the back

  119. Lin’s minutes is based on how Trae is doing..
    If Trae is playing okay to above average, he will eat up the minutes at PG..There’s only 48 minutes at PG….If Trae gets 30-32 minutes, that only leave 16-18 minutes for Lin for Lin…

    There’s nothing that can change that but Lin doing Linsanity.

  120. It seems in other games where Lin had ball dominant spells, he called for the pick almost every possession. This game, not even close to that level of green light to set the pnr. No doubt Pierce’s decision.

  121. He looks fine physically to me. I don’t know why he doesn’t give more effort on O. He’s giving it on D.

  122. painful. glad that i am not the only one

  123. Don’t agree. I think that’s Lin’s decision.

  124. i dont think so. Lin is holding bac in aggression

  125. lin lackadaisical out there

  126. Bembry is trying to do too much now.

  127. Nice drive for that 2.

  128. Keep this lineup in, LP. KEEP Lin in.

  129. JLIN settling down Hawks in Q4 just to get replaced by Trae to finish

  130. Lin’s 3’s are close. He’ll be hitting them soon. Lin has good energy in this stint. Hopefully LP keeps him in. But I’m not holding my breath.

  131. agreed

  132. There we go. Getting that lead back! Nice stint by Lin. Pierce finally made the right decision and let Lin start the 4th Q with good Hawks players.

  133. this is how lins unit plays. was getting worried something was wrong

  134. When you spent most of your energy on defense you had nothing left for scoring.

  135. He’s got Collins in this one. It helps a lot.

  136. i think thats it. lins unit sucks now

  137. Collins shook off the cobwebs and got fired up. All fired up!

  138. why pierce pairing him with bad players all of a sudden

  139. Again the double edged sword – JLIN gets the team in a good rhythm with a big enough cushion that Pierce has no qualms replacing JLIN with Trae to secure the win…

    … if Pierce does it again, I’d like to see Wiz catch fire

  140. Lin is cooking now.

  141. yup

  142. Awesome play by JLIN

  143. Lin with the hesitation move then drives left. Lin is looking great now.

  144. Finally, a little bit Linsanity feeling.

  145. Lin dared Wall to shoot open 3 .. and it bricked 🙂

  146. Atlanta’s announcers said a little taste of Linsanity here in Atlanta.

  147. JLIN only has 1 more minute left in the game

  148. im about to cry

  149. OMG YES! Even the Wizards’ casters say Linsanity is back! LOL

  150. Feeling better guys? Lin decided to turn it on in the 4Q. He can hang with Wall.

  151. Nothing new about Mr. 4thQ

  152. yes if we win

  153. he was pacing himself.

  154. yup

  155. This is how JLIN allows your team (ANY team) to fire on all cylinders — his teammates just look like a team with him

  156. me too hehe

  157. Lin woke up and is DOMINATING BABY! Pierce letting him get into rhythm and light on fire!

  158. “Lin AGAIN! … He’s unstoppable!” Wizards announcer

  159. *tears of happiness* lol

  160. Me three.

  161. That was nuts, Lin flipped the switch and went from passive to super aggressive. Destroyed the Wizards!

  162. Finally Lin gets to close during a winnable game, Linsanity tonight everything from his drives cause Wizard of no shot blockers! Meanwhile John Wall’s sealed! So many physical fouls on Lin when Lin’s defending him well.

  163. Lins drives loo good. strong legs out there. better then last game

  164. lol No love for John Wall.

  165. Unselfishness – is contagious, JLIN sets the example and his teammates follow,

    Then when they give him a seam he drives it – this is how basketball is played

  166. Did you see that change to the left at the mid? Never seen him do that before! That was sick!

  167. Wall just kept running into Lin’s strong D. Lin owned this matchup tonight 🙂

  168. did linsanity start against wall

  169. JLIN is playing with John Wall like a cat & mouse

  170. Sounds familiar 🙂

  171. Wizards announcer must be tired of saying, “Lin AGAIN!” lol

  172. Lin with 16pts! And making everything with his drives! So unfair if Lin had 30-40 mins with 20+ shot green light he’s be a star already! Hawks can be a contender this season if they weren’t tanking just to develop Trae Young and draft Zion Williamson which is pure hype! Zion is I can’t do anything so I drive to the rim!

  173. Kind of. Summer league.

  174. Of course Wall has been very physical against Lin for defending him! No way will Lin go easy on him! They are rivals since their careers started in summer league!

  175. he was the second or third game as well

  176. Yes. Linsanity officially started with the game against the Nets.

  177. Gotta give credit to Coach LP to keep riding a hot JLin .. Trae hasn’t come back yet

  178. haws arena is so dead. it killed the energy in the game

  179. Cant’ believe Pierce is letting Lin play the entire 4th Q to close the game out. I guess he really wanted to win this game at home.

  180. first game lin played alot when trea played well

  181. Lin got a lot more aggressive and also played good D on Wall. Just glad to see Lin look for his shot and get aggressive.

  182. Perhaps there is extra interest in JLIN with the recent Trade activity …

    … Schlenk wants JLIN showcased more to raise his trade value – HOPEFULLY

  183. I think Trae is in now.

  184. Is this considered garbage time? Lin is sitting and Trae is back in.

  185. yep lin looked tired

  186. Lin always owns Wall. 🙂

  187. LP has to be careful. He may want to bring Lin back in. Washington is coming back some.

  188. Interesting, right. He flipped a switch. Wonder why.

  189. True, if they catch up to within 6, Lin needs to go back in.

  190. Not over yet

  191. it really helps that Wizards don’t have shotblockers so Lin can drive for easy layups when his Js were not falling. Lin’s great D on Wall also played a big part

  192. we will see. ive seen hawks give up points in quick order

  193. Oh no. Ariza is going off this game.

  194. Should be safe, more than 10 points lead in 1.5 min.

  195. wow

  196. game is suppose to be over.

  197. Pierchlenk caught between a rock and a hard place lol

  198. LP needs to bring Lin back in. Even if is besides Trae. Lin knows how to close games.

  199. Lin should go back in. Need his defense, relentless driving, and playmaking.

  200. Lin’s in because of his defense now

  201. Lin still doesn’t get to close 4th quarter for a winning game! F Pierce! Only starters get the glory! Lin was the one you brought the win for the team and got 16 pts!

  202. Pierce is another hater coach! If not for pressure from announcers and media Lin won’t even be in for defense! 4th quarter was Linsanity show! This is exactly why Lin needs to keep shooting first because Pierce can’t bench him when he’s playing and scoring points!

  203. Another great addition to JLIN’s TRADE Highlight video

  204. yep

  205. maybe i shouldnt watch guys lol. jeremy started to ball the second i shut the game off

  206. thank god I want my highlights now pls hehe

  207. Man, Lin carried the Hawks in the 4th. It was a bad offensive night for Lin up until the 4th, but he flipped a switch and took over the game. So happy to see this. Pierce gave him the entire 4th Q (minus a break to rest) to catch on fire and dominate the Wizards.

  208. I feel so much better now whew

  209. Lin being Mr.4th quarter. Dominating with the PnR, and creating his own shots. Best game of the year, by far.

  210. So happy didn’t leave the screen before 4Q.

  211. Trae with a good gesture to give the ball back to Lin to run out the clock to end the game

  212. yeah respect that is

  213. hawks really couldnt be happier. trea did well. Lin boosted his trade value. win win win win

  214. meh. i think that was a good gesture by lin more to protect tre from having more TOs

  215. Lin should’ve gotten the end of game interview not Bazemore.

  216. i noticed that

  217. Let those GMs dial the Hawks FO now 🙂

  218. Yeah, good boy. :p

    Everyone knew Hawks couldn’t have won without Lin tonight. He deserved to hold the ball for the possession.

  219. Yes!

  220. Who wants that TO anyway? Thanks but no thanks! Pierce almost didn’t want to close with Lin and announcers were like “We thought Lin was going to come back in after that timeout.” Yea even announcers saw the bias hate! Lin gets mistreated worst and worst on every team! I bet coach heard the announcers and felt the pressure to play Lin for final seconds. You bet he would get an ear full from media for bench Lin after such an amazing 4th quarter!

  221. they had a specail thing with him today. following his family and stuff

  222. i think he gave jeremy a shout out tho lol

  223. To help Lin getting his 2nd TO.

  224. This is what Lin used to do from time to time as a starter. Not play so great the first 3 quarters but solid on D. Then absolutely dominate in the 4Q.

  225. Can’t wait to hear LP’s post-game.

  226. he did

  227. He closed it. Just got a breather.

  228. Agreed.

  229. Maybe Pierce said “let’s get some points” instead of “let’s keep facilitating”

  230. Putting Trae to get the glory ruined Lin’s chance at 20pts! Thank You Fortius! Thank You for correcting Lin’s muscle memory and posture making him a better player. Now he needs to worst extra hard on those creating space with dribbles and side stepping for those 3 pointers! It’s part of his weakness when teams clog the lane Lin is sealed like what Eric Spoelstra and Heat does every time. Learn an extended range 3 will also help and make him unstoppable.

  231. Can’t believe that with all the injuries Lin had and he’s still in the game while Melo is not.

  232. Preliminary highlights. Sounds like the announcers had some fun tonight: “Jeremy Lin is destroying the wizards!” …

  233. Fortius! Lin being only the 2nd player to go through their rehab, complete relearning of muscle memory, 1st being Steve Nash! NBA needs to tab into their knowledge asap! If Lin can get 30+ mins as starter and get his 3s down (been saying that forever) he will get to the next level.

    Lin would be scoring 30 pts on a nightly basis if not for all the hate thrown at him!

  234. Here’s more from Stein’s latest newsletter.

    Kent Bazemore is generating interest from contending teams looking for a swingman, Stein reports. Bazemore has one-year and $19.3MM left on his deal with the Hawks and the interest in the wing at that price speaks to how highly he’s regarded in the marketplace, Stein writes.
    Jeremy Lin and Dewayne Dedmon are also receiving interest from around the league. Both players are on expiring deals.

  235. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  236. Bazemore is a legit star and starter! He rarely misses, 3s, drives, and defense! He can be the Draymond Green for another team. Lin and Bazemore would bring this team far, not Trae and Zion but it is what it is. Bazemore is by far the least ball hogging, shot chucking SG I’ve seen Lin play with! Truly a great teammate!

  237. Lin and every player needs minutes and chances to score to get in rhythm. It was a winnable game against his arch rival John Wall. Lin definitely wanted to play well and get the win.

  238. Well he was asked about Lin and Collins. Bazemore’s words about Lin were very detailed, shows how mature and smart he is as a player. Said he saw Lin not shooting well but told him on the side to jus keep shooting, and he came through the 4th quarter, great teammate! Bazemore encouraged Lin to keep shooting meanwhile the coach… When you’re a legit star like Baze you don’t need to feel jealous of Lin at all! So confident!

    I wish Lin, Bazemore, and Huerter were the trio of this team. They would be the Curry, Draymond, and Thompson of the Hawks. Hawks have what they need for GSW 2.0 yet they are blind to it!

    Going in on Trae and Zion instead of Lin and Bazemore, they couldn’t be more wrong.

  239. Maybe. But we’ve seen Lin do this before over the years. We’ve been waiting for this Lin all season. He’s had nice efficient games. But this was a dominant 4Q. And he forced John Wall into a lot of bad plays too with his solid D.

  240. I’ll join the crying party!

  241. Wall did it on purpose cause he was mad Lin was defending him so well. Purposely pushed Lin and fouled him hard a few times. Good thing refs were on Hawks’ side today.

  242. They need to add, “Good Luck with you new team”.

  243. Speed of Lin …

  244. Great interview and game Lin!

  245. [2:00] Lin’s spin move drew oohs-and-ahhs from the crowd

  246. Lin’s mid range change of direction for 3 times to fake out the defender also drew noise fromt he crowd! Lin’s learning to create separation with dribbles. Now if only he can do that for his 3s! I’m sure Lin knows what he weakness are more than any of us. At in fancy dribbles to create separation, side step, and 1-2 extended range spots and he’d be unstoppable!

  247. in NBA nobody likes losing and all wants to win…But being professional, they have to accept whats the team agreed future. players happiness comes from having losing games and winning great game as a team..we can’t ask for more right now!

  248. This win couldn’t have come at a better time! 2nd game Lin back to end the losing streak and against his arch rival John Wall! You can tell once Wall loss to Lin on defense he’d purposely gave him physical foul including one at the face for that charge call! Wall made sure Lin paid for guarding him so close. Lin fell down so many times cause Wizards were all hard fouling him thinking they could get away with it like they usually could! It’s something Lin should learn when defenders gives him no call flagrant fouls.

  249. Lin’s hesitation dribbles, fake one way and go the other way and sometimes in different directions in a sequence and then using his burst of speed really worked for him tonight. I want to see him do more of that and combine it with step-back midrange jumpers. It’s very difficult to defend Lin (without fouling him) when he uses those moves.

  250. his legs seem stronger today. that helped him alot. Its clear lin is pacing himself out there

  251. lin does strength training after games

  252. The wizards game announcers could not stop talking about Jeremy Lin for several minutes on post game analysis.

  253. really? they proably win wthout lin doing that. he blew them out on his own

  254. Melo is old now and was a great player for over a decade. Definitely a HOF.

  255. Easy there. Bazermore is not that good, makes bad shots misses a lot and TOs.
    It’s an insult to Draymond.
    He is great when he was cheap, when he makes 20m/yr not so much

  256. yesss, his handle and crossover broke the defender’s ankle 🙂
    it’s obvious that his handle has reached the advanced mode in this spin move and crossover dribble!

    I bet more teams will be more intrigued to trade for Lin after tonight

  257. they are actually quite similar in play. streaky players. take bad shots. dray is bigger. both can e immature. thats a great comparison. baze s a better scorer.

  258. that’s crazy

  259. yes, they gave full credit to JLin to drive the Hawks’ offense in the 4th quarter and the Wizards inability to stop him

  260. It’s interesting Lin acknowledging that the Coach called some plays for him in the 4th. Seems like his aggressive PnR plays does’t happen unless the Coach calls for it.

  261. Lin will fetch a 1st round pic and a player. hawks are lucky. baze likly as well. this will help their rebuild. plz do it already

  262. Go go go. Do it now:-)

  263. 1st round picks are valueable these days. Lin and baze with expiring contracts probably 2nd rounders

  264. Draymond does everything better

  265. depends im guessing contenders want them so it will be late first rounders

  266. Lin had 2 outstanding, crowd-pleasing moves tonight.They will definitely improve his value which will please NBA GMs, especially the Hawks GM.

    No 1. Lin Spin-O-Rama

  267. 2. Lin Cross-Over Dribble spun his defender as he drained his jumper

  268. i have a feeling lin will end up on new orleans. the report said several team so there maybe several dark horses. orlando may wait for next year for lin. i dont lie phx. more tanking. more of the same but it depends who offer hawks more

  269. Don’t care which teams except no tanking teams and will use JLin to his strengths…

  270. Very interesting, Lin goes straight into training court after games instead of before or day before to avoid soreness and to stay fresh for games! Very smart and effective idea by his training team! I wonder if it’s by his own team or Chelsea Lane?

  271. NO is starting a pg next to Holiday. he scored zero points in a loss to the heat. Lin to No makes all the sense. they were interested in lin before he signed with Brooklyn. hawks will be asking for the house because it looks like they are desperate to keep davis. only way to do that is a playoff run

  272. Too bad NO can’t afford Baze and JLin both. WAS could really use Dedmon. ATL has some good, solid, not old yet vets. Include Len here too

  273. atlanta seem to be waiting as the playoff gets closr and people get desperate. high expectation and all. No needs a couple of pieces looing at their bench. but if its just lin then 34 minutes a game it is lol. thats what the pg next to holliday got today

  274. JLin and his team know what they are doing…..

  275. OMG so true but it won’t happen cause both have expensive contracts. Lin and Bazemore both wlll be traded and have such great chemistry. Bazemore is happy for his teammates and never jealous! Lin, Baze, and Davis will be a great trio for NO!

  276. NO seems to be the most desperate team to win to keep ADavis but the X-factor could be when Elfrid Payton might be back. It might be too late by then to be in playoff contention.

    ORL might wait until next year but it depends if they fall out of #8 in the East.

    PHX is confusing. I don’t think they know what they are doing. I hope Lin won’t land there. Too much mess organization-wise. It will only be 4 month stay

  277. that what we are seeing right now, its the coach who dictates whats to play and when. I saw how Jeremy were a bit confused because Bembry got the ball down (4Q)because of coach dictate…

  278. baze as well maybe too much for No. theyd have to give up a player or two

  279. NO isn’t exactly flooded with talents outside of Anthony Davis so it doesn’t matter. Celtics gave up the entire bench just for Kyrie Irving and it worked out tremendously with them playing better the following season even with Kyrie out.

  280. they are starting 2 pg and have another on the bench. so lin could fit in that. payton is averaging 10 points on 25 minutes. i think lin starts with holliday. payton gives them break spells. that way the bench s better as well.

  281. Bazemore looks good on paper. 3D wing, plays defense, and doesn’t chuck. BUT for some reason Bembry gels so much more with Lin in the backcourt. I guess it’s because Bembry is more of an offensive threat who can drive and is quick.

  282. Baze is learning now not to be a hogger but a true teammates . He was selfish on earlier games but seems buying Jlin idea of a team play.

  283. i agree. their bench is non existent. i notice starters getting almost 40 minutes

  284. That can work very well since Jrue Holiday prefers to be an SG so Lin can start as PG. Payton can come back slowly to be backup PG.

    The #1 appeal would be to see Lin’s assists climbing up simply by throwing up the ball to ADavis 🙂

  285. Lin is a great leader. i notice broadcaster selling lin because of it. thats good. opposing broadcaster always say lin veteran leadership. that willl help lin play alot more years

  286. So odd, Wizards announcers were praising Lin so much and were so excited. Even more than Hawks’ own announcers.

  287. he is a more athletic ed davis. a better tyson chandler. that would be a dream

  288. It could be Lin’s dream, too. In 2015, he said that his top choice of a teammate from the 2014-15 All-NBA First Team lineup would be New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis.

  289. Yet JLin listens to whatever the coach says, so naive and stubborn. Coach is obviously doing that to promote other people and to take away his chances to score! Other players would ignore plays and break away from plays for themselves (Kobe, Harden, & Melo) but Lin never does that.

    Coach will only be forced to give him minutes if he’s scoring and the crowd and announcers are rooting or him. When he’s just passing Pierce will say, “Lin was just out there passing and was reluctant to do much”. Pierce tells him to pass and give up the PG duties yet he uses that as an excuse to diss and bench him! In fact every coach does it yet he still insists on listening to the coach.

  290. make it happen lol

  291. NO or Magics will be the best options. Unless Celtics surprises everyone due to Hayward connection. Lin would fit very well with Hayward who loves League of Legends.

  292. The Hawks announcers are very complementary to Lin as heard in the highlights.

    The Wizards announcer is more shell-shocked on how Linsanity can take over in the 4th quarter lol. In the post-game, one said he’s surprised Lin is still capable to bring out the Linsanity performance.

  293. notice has been given to broadcaster to sell JLIN for a trade..LOL!!!

  294. FULL Highlights, including defense

  295. Reporter: “I feel you don’t give yourself enough credit for the 4th quarter because that’s when it happened”.

  296. Lin’s basically missed 2 seasons with previous seasons as bench player on tanking or unknown teams like Hornets. It’s no wonder announcers aren’t too familiar. I also can’t remember when was the last time Lin faced Wall head on.

    i hope they are impressed because Lin did come back from a career ending injury! Never forget that! I hope the refs know this because whenever they cheat him of his calls or gives him phantom fouls, they are trampling on someone who went through so much muscle memory rehab to get back at this level! Lin looks even better than before.

  297. Meanwhile there are zero highlights or mention of Lin on the NBA app. And you wonder why security guards are clueless about him.

  298. They never did this before, so I’m willing to bet they learned this from Fortius and his team is applying what they learned over there!

  299. I seriously hope so and preferable Magics or New Orleans!

  300. Draymond has single digit games and is also a brick layer who can’t shoot 3s! His defense and star status is overrated to be honest. GSW can certainly go on without him.

  301. Bazemore doesn’t needs to gel with Lin yet each got their chances to score. Bembry gets selfish, tries to be PG, and looks for his own shots the most.

  302. Great Shot Chucker, Melo was NEVER a great player, he just got the Knicks team all to himself with Duncan allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

  303. Look at that happy smile! JLin is a winner – he likes to win!

    Entire Fox Sports team has also been fantastic! (Including Andre Aldridge, the locker-room reporter.)

  304. #PLAYTOWIN!!!!!

    (Great pic from an Asian-American photog. Michael Eng. From game vs Nets at Barclays.)

  305. WOOOHOOO!!!! Just skipped right to the 4th quarter. Our faith in him rewarded!!! JEREMY LIN!!!!!!!

    What a game! Not the highest stat line, but wow, a win, with Lin leading!!! But also a great TEAM effort. Everybody contributed – that’s how you win!

    Now I’ll go back and watch the first 3 quarters……haha.

  306. Thing of beauty!

  307. Lin starting the fast break – the way it should always be done! Always give Lin the ball, then start running !!!

  308. Only jealous ball hogs like Harden and Melo can’t appreciate Lin.

    Other guys recognize that if they let Lin lead, they too will shine!

    Baze has bond with Lin too. Undrafted. Ex-Warrior rookies. (When Lin got hurt last year, Baze tweeted his support.)

  309. I noticed that the NBA posted this …

  310. It just proved that the longer he played the better he is. SIMPLE.
    Get that Coach!!!

  311. Saw both Lin and Young look over at Pierce several times for play-calls when either one of them were bringing the ball down court.

  312. Agree. Players NEVER play to lose on purpose. How can they just switch their competitiveness on or off?

    No, losing or tanking is always the front offices with the stupid agendas. Selling stupid NBA narratives to stupid fans. And the coaches have to carry out the agendas to keep their jobs.

  313. Pierce’s first comment. NO KIDDING! DUH!!!!

  314. LOL. He was mic’d up for this too!

  315. catch…” IF THEY LET LIN LEAD”!!!!

  316. Like Bazemore a lot! He’s great teaming with Lin.

    But he can be streaky shooter also. Can turn the ball over a lot driving into traffic. Defense is sometimes a bit lackadaisical, doesn’t run opponents off 3 point line, not always hands up. Also wish he would stop with the technicals.

    But he’s excellent with steals and knows how to throw it down! Fun to watch!

  317. Fox Sports was showcasing Bazemore tonight anyhow. (Baze was mic’d up.)

    And Bazemore deserved it too. He got the Hawks going in the first quarter. And made an important 3 down the stretch with the Lin spin-o-rama hockey assist to Bembry to Baze.

  318. Shot clock violations are team turnovers. They are not charged to a player. Is that what you meant?

  319. Keep up the good work! lol.

  320. Me too. So happy for Lin.

  321. Great Job Click!!!!!

    Watched the Hawks feed. Now hearing the Wizards analysts. Wow, they really gave him full credit, as it should be!

    Just noticed the Hawks PA guy: “that foul – was offensive”! LOL.

  322. JLin played so well that it was great on its own.

    But the fact that this is after coming back from a potential career-ending patellar injury. No words to describe what a miracle this is. Although some media like Howard Megdal and Nate Duncan have referred to it, the general NBA have not talked enough about it yet.

    Have to say, got a bit misty-eyed, seeing Lin’s long arduous hard work to recover, rewarded at last!

  323. Thank you so much! I enjoy watching your highlights.

  324. YUP!!!

  325. Who was the player behind Lin?

  326. And not just scoring. His defense on Wall was just as important too!

  327. Jaylen Adams, their 3rd PG. Not that he can really play that well, but he tags along.

  328. Thanks and you’re welcome. I did miss a drive / score by Lin, but I focused more on his defense and playmaking in this highlight.

  329. Thanks. Yeah, Wizards were impressed with Lin. Everyone was.

    Hawks’ announcer is funny. I like it when he says “threeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  330. Yeah, manic-depressive Lin fans. We get soooo low, then we get soooo high! LOL.

  331. Jeremy is succeeding under trying circumstances, and it’s wonderful.

    You’d think that Pierce would be making more of an effort to put Jeremy in a position to succeed, if only to make it easier to trade him.

  332. Dedmon and his new-born son. More Awwwwww!

  333. This is why JLin is so inspiring!

    I just can’t figure out what the Hawks’ agenda is. And how tanking really works. LOL.

  334. Not sure if posted yet? Check out the comments about Lin always got Wall’s number.

  335. Some Lin stats from Synergy, via Howard Megdal. Hawks running 38% PnR for Lin. 43% when Lin was with Knicks. Wonder what it was with Nets (maybe not enough games to qualify).

  336. Traveling for the holidays, I missed the Wizards game. I am so happy that Lin’s contribution (Linsanity-like-perfirmance) to the team victory was well recognized.

    “Lin scored 10 points in the first six minutes of the closing period to aid in Atlanta’s push and, when Kevin Huerter buried a corner three with 5:16 left, the Hawks capped a 9-2 run to build a 13-point lead. Moments later, Lin scored again and, when Huerter canned another three (at the 3:39 mark), the final result was sealed.”

  337. coverage is only about playoffs.. thus if he did that TWICE in the playoffs.. you bet he will be famous again

  338. I was smiling and whooping too much to get misty-eyed during the game, but totally agree that this recovery-from-serious-injury storyline should gain steam after this game.

  339. I want Traitor Joe and company to regret. HaHaHaHa

  340. sooooo cute….

  341. This morning’s Washington Post reported that “Every Atlanta starter scored in double digits, and Jeremy Lin (16) and Alex Len (15) did damage off the bench”

  342. I wonder if being from Vancouver, Fortus learning from some hockey players detoxing by riding stationary bikes after games.

  343. We used to tell Michael to go to sleep before games too. Lol

  344. So did I…maybe I should miss more games too for reverse luck, lol

  345. He’s not overrated. Definitely better than Baze. Anyone who follows the NBA would agree.

  346. He was great in Denver too. Don’t be hater. Just because he wasn’t Lin’s best friend doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great player. Hate is too strong here

  347. How is Joe a traitor? Decision was made by Sean Marks and if you don’t let your GM make those decisions, why hire them? Joe is just a minority owner not the GM. Trading Lin was a necessary move for the Nets anyways, Lin had no place on that team

  348. I agree with this….The NBA is a business. Trading Lin was the correct decision at the moment. Dlo is 22 and they had to find out whether to keep him or trade him + Dinwiddie had done well enough to be position as a good back-up PG.

    Lin simply happened to be the man out because of his many injuries and the fact they didn’t know whether he’d be the same player once he returns.

    They also had a glut of guards with Joe Harris and Allen Crabbe who has an un-tradable contract.

  349. BS, you don’t call someone leader aka franchise and trade him away! Russell could prove himself off the bench because that’s what Dinwiddie did! Nets went for the young hyped guys and will pay for it. At least Lin doesn’t have to play boring solo motion offense anymore!

  350. CLV is the real reason, IMO, not really DLo. CLV provided the down-hill play with the facilitation that is missing in DLo and even Dinwiddie. The combo of Dinwiddie’s facilitating and CLV’s downhill play gave the Nets the ingredients they’d get that Lin provided. But it took 2 players to provide some, not all, of what Lin provides.

    I don’t agree with calling Tsai out. He’s a minority owner. I never thought he had that much influence on the team. And Lin has no hard feelings for him, at least not publicly. While Lin does express how he wasn’t happy with Marks without calling him out by name.

  351. They are on a 7-game win streak. They have a good team. I never loved Marks but I still like the Nets due to Atkinson and let’s not forget that Dinwiddie, RHJ and CLV went to China or Taiwan with Lin. How could you not root for those good guys? I never root for GMs anyway. They’re mostly the same, IMO. They’re about business and will trade any player when they see fit.

  352. Absolutely! And yes, emotionally satisfying and moving win. Lin continues to be such a powerful story and there’s more to come.

  353. I’d love that. I wanted Lin to go to the Pelicans, not Nets. But Lin did have a good deal with the Nets that didn’t work out due to injuries.

  354. Thank you both for your sacrifices and taking one for the team lol

  355. Jeremy Lin ignites late push in Hawks win over Wizards

    Despite committing 23 turnovers leading to 30 Washington points, the Hawks and Wizards were tied at 82 apiece and then the Jeremy Lin show began.

    After scoring just four points and 0-of-4 from the field in the first three quarters (it wasn’t a great game for Lin up until the fourth), Lin scored 12 points on 6-of-8 shooting from the field as he picked apart the Wizards in the final period as the Hawks built up a five point lead, then an seven point lead, then a 10 point lead and then a 13 point lead that sealed the Wizards’ fate, leaving Washington with too much work to do in the final six minutes. Though they did cut the lead to back to seven points, it was too little, too late for the Wizards.

    The majority of Lin’s work in the fourth quarter was done at the rim, with a lack of rim protection for the Wizards to deter him from driving to the rim.


  356. Good article with play-by-play analysis of Lin scoring and D in the 4th quarter.

    The best was covering the ground with such speed to draw charges from a speeding bullet of John Wall. And good to see his Hawks teammates run to help him off the floor. Was it Bazemore who ran the fastest?

    When you look at the speed and the time and ground that Lin has to actually cover, this is a seriously impressive play.

  357. Good to read LP, John Collins, and Trae praises on Lin’s 4th quarter Linsanity run.

    LP also explained to the bench why he didn’t sub them in to ride the momentum that Lin led. He’s pretty fair last night. Who knew Trae would be sitting most of the 4th quarter when he had good stats (19pts/4asts with 3-6 three-point shooting)? I think everyone including him can see there was Linsanity special on the floor last night.

    And, quite rightly, for his fourth quarter exploits, Lin was a large focus postgame.

    “He just found a rhythm,” said Pierce of Lin. “They were a little confused on their coverage and he was able to get into the paint and get to his layups … once he got in rhythm, we’ve seen it before, you kind of just milk it. He got going for us. I told the guys at the end of the bench ‘I was trying to sub some of you guys’ but we had a great rhythm, Jeremy led us and we wanted to finish with the guys that were out there.

    “Huge,” said John Collins of Lin. “I didn’t know he was going to pull all those tricks out of his bag tonight. But we definitely appreciated everything he gave us. He just gave us that spark to help us finish out the game.”

    “That’s Linsanity,” said Trae Young of Lin’s fourth quarter. “J Lin does so many good things for us. A lot of things that don’t even happen on the court, as far as a leader and a vet. I think it all trickles down … he’s been through a lot of injuries and fighting back. I’ve seen all the hard work he’s put in to get back in and play this game. You can see the passion. I’m very excited and happy for a guy like J Lin and a person like J Lin.”

    Lin himself didn’t want this night to be about him but was happy with how the team rallied around each other.

    “I don’t want to make this game about me and what I did in the fourth quarter…”

    “The thing that stuck out to me tonight was our camaraderie,” said Lin of the game. “I really enjoyed that. I really enjoyed our team just rooting for each other and the excitement that we had and the unselfishness that we had. That’s why we sign up for team sports. That’s everything.”

    Lin clearly didn’t want to take the plaudits or make it about himself but he deserved those plaudits. Yes, he was not great through three quarters but when it came down to it and the game was still tight in the fourth quarter, Lin was a huge part of the run that created separation for the Hawks and led the Hawks to this victory down the stretch.

    Had foul trouble not been a factor in this game, perhaps the Wizards could’ve strung something together, but when it came down to it they entered the fourth quarter on equal terms. The Hawks rode the Lin-train and the Wizards had no reply.

  358. Feel free to believe whatever Nets FO wanted you to believe LOL

  359. I have to apologize for watching the first 3 quarters. Gave up and went to bed after that. Me of little faith.

  360. Wonder if the recovery rate of the injury Lin sustained had anything to do with them deciding to trade him. It is quite amazing how he has performed.

  361. Definitely a great comprehensive write up. Hoping LP will ride out Lin a bit more and let him close outs some more games. That’s all I can wish for xmas. Or a trade to playoof team, of course!

  362. I appreciate Trae’s comments on Lin. Very good comments.

  363. LOL

  364. 😀😂

  365. A Linsanity game deserves its own article/thread. Thanks for posting all articles/links.

    A Flash of Linsanity #7 in the 4th Quarter Powered the Hawks to Reach The 7th Win 🔥🏀🙏

    ➡️ The Making of Linsanity in the 4th Quarter
    ➡️ What Does This Mean Going Forward? 🤔
    ➡️ 100% Recovered from Lower Back Strain 🙏

  366. “Lin was perhaps the most notable factor in closing the door on this game, as he scored 12 of his 16 points in the 4th quarter and even crossed up Tomas Satoransky for a sweet-looking midrange jumper in the 4th”

  367. He actually changed directions while running backwards to stay in front of a John Wall driving at full speed to the rim. If that isn’t impressive I don’t know what is.

  368. Feeling sad that it is a big deal that Lin was complimented by a rookie who is much inferior than him in every way, this NBA is sickening

  369. I saw even bench players ran over to help him up. Nice!

  370. Entitlement that Trae feels he deserves, is as much on NBA and ATL Hawks as on Trae’s own lack of humility and egotism …

    … Trae [statistically worst NBA players (even last night his TOs exceeded ASTs; shot ok)] has never paid any dues in his life, has never achieved anything in Pro Basketball (apart from being drafted #5).

    That is the NBA way – until one day in 1.5 yrs Trae realizes NBA knows for every 1pt he gives away 2pts.

  371. Joe Tsai could have (even as a minority investor) demanded that JLIN at least got a chance to show what he had post-rehab like Kahwi, George, Curry, etc.. were allowed to do after their devastating injuries …

    … Tsai will NOT be FORGIVEN

  372. Or rather the opposite. The Vancouver Canucks have employed Fortius as consultants for 4 years now and many on Fortius’s staff have dual roles with the Canucks performance team.

  373. The fact remains that Lin himself felt betrayed by Joe Tsai. Don’t be two face and say all the flowery things about changing Asian attitudes and sounding all altruistic. On top of that he shows up in China like nothing happened? WTH! If Tsai truly believes in all the nice things he talks about, then he should’ve not do the “it’s just business” thing and paid the price of keeping Lin on to do the things he says he wants to do.

    As a fan of Lin, he gets enough crappy treatment from everyone else. When one of our own stabs him in his back, all I can say is only a saint like Lin can forgive and forget….and I’m no saint.

  374. man the nets are in a 7 game winning streak without lin…
    it’s like a startup that you help build initially and then they buy you out.
    And if the startup take off there will alway be this bitter feeling.
    I wonder if that’s the case with lin. So you hope that the nets don’t take off..but so far it’s 7 games w.

  375. nice gesture for them to appreciate a good defensive act..JLIN is showing them that defense works and it can make a team win!

  376. If you take race out of it, the Nets decided not to gamble on a player recovering from a major injury. That said, as an Asian and Lin fan, Tsai sucks (can I say that?)

  377. you need to chill on the hate
    its not Lin against the world lol

  378. LOL, but it is the entire NBA against Lin

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