G30 Brooklyn Nets (7-22) vs Charlotte Hornets (17-13)


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The Nets could not overcome the 2nd night of a back-to-back game against the defending champ, Cleveland Cavaliers and lost badly 99-119 after trailing as many as 46 points in the game.

The Nets need to forget about the bad game and seeks deep to play well at home as they did in the first half against the GS Warriors. But most importantly, the Nets need to solve the turnover issues with 17.3/game that was the 2nd worst in the league. Will they need to reduce their motion offense to run more pick-and-roll to rely on the strength of Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin?

It has been almost 30 games but the motion offense has not been clicking well as the coaches envisioned. Multiple injuries, inconsistent rotation, young players, unnatural playmakers for players not named Lopez and Lin should make coaches reflect what changes they need to do soon to their system. Will they narrow down to 9-10 player rotation so players can develop more rhythm playing with one another? Will they run more pick-and-roll? Or will they give it more time in the next 10 games if there is more progress with defense and cutting down on turnovers?

It will be interesting to see what changes will be made to get the Nets to improve their plays as they are tied with 76ers to have the worst record in the NBA.

NBA.com Game PreviewΒ article:

Brook Lopez scored 16 points while Lin added 10. They also combined for eight of Brooklyn’s 19 turnovers, giving the Nets 61 in their last three games.

“They came out and jumped on us immediately,” Lopez said. “We seemed a bit timid and tentative, and they’re a team that definitely feeds off that.”

Brooklyn still leads the league in possessions per game but does not capitalize as evidenced by an offensive rating of 103.2 that places them 25th. Part of the low rating is an average of 17.3 turnovers per game, putting them next-to-last.

“A lot of it has just been on us and how careless we’ve been with the ball,” Lopez said after the Nets committed at least 15 turnovers for the 25th time

KEY OF THE GAME:Β Jeremy should get 32+ min and is due to gain his rhythm back soon. Will a game against his most recent team help him to inspire the Nets to get going with a Win? The Nets need to cut down on turnovers and tighten their defense not allowing wide-open shots.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and helpΒ the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets!Β 


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  1. First..

    Have a good post-Christmas game Lin and score lots versus the Hornets!

  2. First for 5 hours, I can still get 2nd. Where is everybody…
    Yes, looking forward to a nice game by JLin.

  3. I believe that the Nets would do much better than the last game.

  4. I hope during Christmas holiday KA had thought through that the best way of starting winning is to unleash Lin and mix. His talents!

  5. Christmas wish for Jeremy Lin and the Nets:

    Everyone stays healthy- physically and mentally;

    They go on a winning streak TODAY;

    The games they win are close, nail-biter type games so the players gain confidence and the fans get to enjoy exciting games; and

    Jeremy makes clutch shots at the end of those games, thus making him even more confident and us fans even crazier?.

  6. I hate to say this but Nets won’t win this game and a lot of games if the game isn’t centered for Lin.

  7. Feel the same way. I really hate to see Lin wastes his season for nothing… Look at Lowry, IT, all got the chance to become star for their team….. hope Nets will not be another Lakers season for Lin.

  8. It looks that way if KA does not change his mindset to tailor his offense around Lin and Lopez. After 34 games (28 reg+6 pre), loss after loss, he has yet to change his strategy in O&D and tighten up his rotation, SMH!!! After his sudden outburst against Lin which was uncalled for, his true character is starting to come out… I’ve been only judging him based on bb acumen but that particular outburst has me scratching my head…

  9. After saw KA said it’s Lin & Lopez needed to do more…. you know this coach got the heat from the top & he started to blame the players… that’s not good sign for sure. So afraid he will not change anything then after loss so many games no hope for playoff… developing mode in 100% that will be really bad… smh!

  10. Exactly. And he did it to Lin in front of the camera, SMH! Lin and Lopez have been patient w/ him without criticizing him. And they put in their best effort each time utilizing their own talents and high bb iq, while KA caters and dumbs down his offense to the unproven players on the team. Prior to the preseason, KA spoke of tailoring the roster to determine the system, but he has done the opposite since preseason started. His words did not match his action. That’s a RED flag!

  11. Somehow I think KA didn’t want to use Lin’s help for O anymore… Well, I hope his boss will be mad at KA’s lousy record so far that he will need to change his MO system…. I really think he’s not ready or can be a good NBA HC anytime soon. High character? So fake… Lots of these players they signed just dumb only…..

  12. The perspective of ownership right now isn’t focused on KA’s record. The Nets are coming out of seasons of dysfunction. The players would squabble and not play hard for the coaches, so all they want right now are players who play hard, and the Nets do, have good attitudes, and the Nets players do, and play competitively in most games, and the Nets do except they usually have a 3Q meltdown.

    We are a little bit out of step with what’s going on in Brooklyn and the Nets organization if we don’t understand what has happened there and what they are in the process of accomplishing. The ownership there loves KA, and they won’t look at his record for a long time. They are looking at process, not record.

    Lin is here for his high-character, skills, unselfish play, and leadership qualities. To help the process, not necessarily to be that player that brings a team to the playoffs or the next round. They tried to get some players, but even those players would have made for some improvement, but probably not a winning season.

  13. It’s as obvious as day light that Lin and Lopez should be the center of the offense, but KA is too stubborn or clueless on how to change his strategy. In one of Lin’s interviews after he signed w/ the Nets, IIRC, he had talked about PnR is one of the hardest offense to defend and alluded to that’s what he would like to do on this team. KA has the best PnR and attacking pg and a ‘star’ caliber Center, yet KA has not even attempt to utilize their strengths, SMH!

  14. 34 games in including preseason games, nothing has changed. 3Q demise continues or 2nd half of the game demise continues. I don’t think he has the “feel” for the game or he does not know what to do bc he’s stuck in the “development” mindset instead of winning games. That’s a big problem there! You don’t allow 5 unproven players to start or play at the same time in any given situation, and yet he allowed them in close and winnable games. That’s foolishness!

  15. It seems weird to me that Charlotte plays the Nets again in Brooklyn. The last time they played was also in Brooklyn and I’m looking forward to Lin going to Charlotte and getting a big ovation. I’m sure he will, mostly, they loved him there.

    I’m just going to enjoy the game tonight. I’m grateful Lin seems well and is playing. A lot of players missed more time than he did. He’s back, he’s giving what he can where he thinks the team needs it whether we agree or not with what he does or how he is used. He’s on the court, he has the potential to do something great every night. And I know one night he will. I hope tonight, if I see it live it would be fun.

    I’m not going to be down on anything. It’s the time of the season for good cheer. So, time to be grateful and enjoy the experience. Hoping for a good game from Lin, and everyone on both the Nets and Charlotte stays healthy.

  16. I don’t see they played hard for this team or coach in lots of games. Really hope they can change bc I hate to say next season or next team will be better… Since NYK Linsanity period, almost every year it’s hope for the future he will finally get the chance & team…. smh!

  17. Compared to the previous Nets teams, yes, they play hard. The team last season and before really show little interest to play hard. Some guys did, but a lot of guys went through the motions. The Nets fans and organization are looking at things differently than we are. We are hoping Lin and Lopez could be maximized, they are hoping Lin and Lopez provide the sample of leadership and hard work for the whole team, and eventually, a winning the right way culture will take place. And they feel that’s on its way to happening.

  18. trying to analyze the ratio of smh to post here. will require some addtional time.
    seriously im in agreement with you guys but uh “wiser” posters have more balanced or alternate explanations.

    all things considered lin is still on pace for a better season than last season which would continue an uptick from the bottom in l.a.

    a lot of #s are good a couple are bad some can be attributed to lin some to injury some to “the system”.

    its early “small sample size”. if lin stays healthy theres another 50 games so only one sixth of the season (his season) over.

    ill get back to you with some #s versus past #s in another ten games, that should be one third of a healthy lin season.

    (full disclosure, tho i know lin always wants to win, personally i dont care anything about the nets, just lin and i dont think lin will be there beyond 2 years but those two years are key for what lins future will be and again so far he’s still charting in a positive direction if not the season lin fans might have hoped for based on preseason expectations).

  19. Lin only is averaging 25.3 minutes for the whole season. Looking at the way KA’s used him, it looks like his regular average will be 32 minutes a game. So his 13.6 PPG average will rise with his minutes. I think to between 15.8 to 17 and probably between 16 and 17, the assists may continue to rise. So, look for things to go upward for Lin. The only monkey wrench is if there are a lot of blowouts, Lin doesn’t play in garbage time. So, hope for as few of those as possible.

  20. http://www.foxsports.com/nba/story/brooklyn-nets-week-10-outlook-the-waiting-continues-122616

    I like the positive tone of the article. And I agree that Lin needs to step up, but in terns of taking more shots. Let’s go Nets.

  21. Lin need to be the number 1 option. He needs to call his number more

  22. 5 more losses we shall see the last of KA. I hope.

  23. So i guess people have lost hope in KA? lot of comments wanting him gone.

  24. I was expecting 20pts before season started. At this point, all I ask is 15!

  25. Yeah I think many people did tbh

  26. KA, why haven’t you use Lin’s PnR strength? Thought you said “roster determines system”…

  27. It should be simple – PNR with Lin , or post ups with Brook Lopez. Mainly this then deviate sometimes to mix it up.

  28. LOL, the horror in deed. Just look at the game vs Cavs. I guess media is on the same page with Markinson system. 2nd half of the season, we should be able to see what it looks like. But I would like that:

    Markinson = MO+ Brook**Lin + PnR + PU – Booker/RHJ/Bog drive + (secret winning elements).

  29. He was injured for 6 weeks and played 4 “half games” between the Detroit game (when he hurt his hammy) and 3 minutes-restricted games. That’s why his minutes/stats are low.

    Lin is playing fantastic whenever he’s actually on the floor (20 PER). The Cavs game is the first time all season where I thought he was “bad.”

  30. Net’s are in a building phase where they need their top players to take the most shots. Lin or Lopez should always be leading shot attempts for the game and not just by 1 or 2 shots. Like Curry, GSW was Curry centric for awhile until they could get the players around him, like Thompson, Green, Iguadala, now Durant.
    For the rest of the year, this needs to be a Lin and Lopez led team, within the motion offense, using PnR. minimal 32 minutes per game each.

  31. Should be 7:30, right?

  32. He actually got more points in his restricted games than the last few 30 min games hes been in

  33. Good he sucks

  34. Go Jeremy.
    Here is a vid clip with title of Curry comment on Jlin’s explosiveness. Nice comments. Seems like the same reporter has been asking in postgame some of Jlin’s former coach/ team mates e.g MDA, Walker and now Steph with the same question of how is JLin doing. Sigh something isn’t quite right IMO. Hope she at the very least ask a relevant question about the game, or the player/ coach’s view of the game that was just played before asking JLin. Or just skip the Jlin question.

  35. To keep defenses honest, there has to be more mid-range shots by whomever. Atkinson needs to adjust. Defenses are just packing the paint and are not threatened by the 3pt shooters. Aldridge was a perfect example of using his mid range shot to keep defenses honest. Lopez was protecting the paint instead of respecting Aldridge’s midrange. Have to mix it up unless 3’s are hot.

  36. It’s Atkinson’s decision on when he calls it quits and I think he’s called it too early in several games because of “Development”.

  37. There are some that haven’t and perhaps more active posters that have.

  38. His defense was superb in that game, however. I think he ran out of steam in the 2nd half.

  39. Lin had no future in LA, had to deal with Kobe who was the “superstar” on that team and a coach deliberately trying to tank. On the Nets, the coach believes in him, isn’t tanking and there is no superstar. Plus, he has a future perhaps with the hope of the team improving and he’s the starting PG where Scott took that position from him. The only real similarity I see is that they both have terrible records.

  40. He’s only played three 30m games this season due to injury. In those 3: he got 21p/9a/9r in a win over IND. And had double-doubles of 10p/11a/8r and 12p/11a/3s in the other 2.

  41. I have not. I want to see Atkinson changing his approach slightly, not gone. You don’t spend the bulk of the season developing the youngs unless they’re obviously with star calibre potential. Nets’ should prioritise trying to attract FA in the coming seasons because none of their younglings shows any potential of becoming bona fide stars. Some of them would become a solid starting caliber players but most of them would probably cap at being role players. With both Lin and Lopez in their late 20s, there aren’t many years left until this current roster would have to be rebuilt again. Spending more time than necessary to develop something that might not eventuate just seems foolish.

  42. The key to beating Nets this year. Keep the ball out of Lin’s hands on offense and run plays away from Lin on offense.

  43. …run plays away from Lin when he is on defense. Cleveland was effective doing this. Keeping Lin a non factor.

  44. The Nets IMO have no direction because they started their offensive approach in a very wrong manner.Smart coach always tailor their offense within the strength of their best players.The process that you’re talking about is for the Nets organization ONLY but not to do anything w/ Lin and Lopez.People keep saying this is the process but failed to understand that LIn is not getting any younger,his contract is only 3 years for the Nets and not even for a long term.Celtics coach Steven for instance,put Thomas right away on a position that he will succeed even if he knows that it takes time to build a team but putting Isiah to get the feeling of their system w/c is focus on his style will actually paid off in the process while trying to strengthen his pieces.Nets OTH is doing it the other way around,they’re wasting away Lin and Lopez prime years while trying to improve their young players for a long term.If I’m a Nets fan I would somewhat favor this so called process but even if you go to a PROCESS,whatever that means on NETS vocabulary you will need at least have some good picks within the years to come to build a solid team,even so their still no guarantee to take that route while comparing to what the Nets have now.The only way to build up Nets to become a solid team is through trades and salary dump players from other team,although it’s expensive ,the possibility of becoming a solid team while undergoing the so called PROCESS will eventually fruitful with the fact that Nets have already an ALL-STAR center and a very versatile PG.Nets just only needs 2-3 solid players to become a contender,but if they will wait for their PROCESS then it will really takes a decade to become a solid team.

  45. The Nets IMO have no direction because they started their offensive approach in a very wrong manner.Smart coach always tailor their offense within the strength of their best players.The process that you’re talking about is for the Nets organization ONLY but not to do anything w/ Lin and Lopez.People keep saying this is the process but failed to understand that LIn is not getting any younger,his contract is only 3 years for the Nets and not even for a long term.Celtics coach Steven for instance,put Thomas right away on a position that he will succeed even if he knows that it takes time to build a team but putting Isiah to get the feeling of their system w/c is focus on his style will actually paid off in the process while trying to strengthen his pieces.Nets OTH is doing it the other way around,they’re wasting away Lin and Lopez prime years while trying to improve their young players for a long term.If I’m a Nets fan I would somewhat favor this so called process but even if you go to a PROCESS,whatever that means on NETS vocabulary you will need at least have some good picks within the years to come to build a solid team,even so their still no guarantee to take that route while comparing to what the Nets have now.The only way to build up Nets to become a solid team is through trades and salary dump players from other team,although it’s expensive ,the possibility of becoming a solid team while undergoing the so called PROCESS will eventually fruitful with the fact that Nets have already an ALL-STAR center and a very versatile PG.Nets just only needs 2-3 solid players to become a contender,but if they will wait for their PROCESS then it will really takes a decade to become a solid team.

  46. Exactly. I feel that he’s a place holder vs one of the Stars on the team. Even though this is a team culture, there are still Stars on the team. Lin and Lopez feels like place holders until Atkinson and Marks get the players they want. They need a WIN now attitude with their current players, while developing the culture they want.

  47. Rewatching game vs Cleveland before Charlotte. Lin’s D is ferocious. Most consistent thing for him so far. He should be able to shut down Walker unless there are a lot of PnR’s for Walker and no defensive support. It will be interesting to see Atkinson’s decision if he’ll bring in Foye vs Walker which may give insight to what Atkinson thinks of Lin’s defensive ability.

  48. Well said that’s exactly how I feel… KA is not smart & also stubborn. After 29 games plus preseason games, he still has no idea what’s the best lineup for this team…??? smh!

  49. I hope they can win but not so sure w this team & coach. Hope KA can change today.

  50. We’ll definitely see some extra effort from Lin. This may be a game where Lin just says, “I’m going to go out playing my style”. In that case, they can win.

  51. Wait what?????LOL.This team is crazy!!!!

  52. His D is bad compare to MKG….

  53. I told you KA still has no idea what’s the best lineup for this team yet…???

  54. Because of size difference, I saw Lebron funnel people to a side so he can get a block from behind, which is his signature blocking style, similar to Lin. But when it comes to Lin, all we hear is that he is getting beat and the player can get past him.

  55. Almost half of the season and still he has no stable line up…SMH.

  56. against MKG…uh oh.

  57. was bog benched? because thats a good thing

  58. Maybe bc he got 0 pt vs Cav….

  59. idk but he never plays defense and ball hogs

  60. Bog’s D is bad and I feel Harris is more consistent and can play better besides Lin, hopefully slashing to the Net.

  61. agreed

  62. love that they r giving joe harris a chance tonight!!!

  63. Finally! Congrats to Harris on starting! Liked him since preseason! Been saying Harris and Kilpatrick should start. Harris has been the most consistent in his offense! So glad Bog is benched!

  64. I cringe when he goes to the rim or passes. He’s only good for spot up 3s that’s it.

  65. Me too! Better than Bog for sure! Been saying Harris and/or Kilpatrick should start since preseason! Gosh shows how clueless KA is, needs 20+ game and losses to figure out who are talented. -_-

  66. lets go jeremy!!!!! killem!!!!

  67. Clifford couldn’t play Lin more than he wants to because of politic. Another word, Clifford is a way better coach than KA imo.

  68. Cliff is a million timescbetter than ka and mda is a billion times beter than cliff. Ka prove me wrong

  69. Let’s go Nets, Lin, Lopez, & Atkinson. We’ll need their best to get back to winning.

  70. I doubt it, he (KA) pretty hasn’t done anything right so far. Can’t even call a time out at the right time. He called a time out just to yelled at Lin on the missed defensive assignment 2 minuted into the 3rd qtr. Yet he normally don’t call time out when they are down by 10+ points in the 3rd qtr.

  71. Booker is PG tonight.

  72. Adjustment? Still Booker one man fast break, twice already 2 mins into the first qtr.

  73. Lin 3333

  74. KA is making me sick, not sure why people blame the Lin’s fans who hate KA. We are just saying what we see from KA, that’s all.

  75. Nice PG Booker, another TO lead to 2 FT.

  76. Booker is killing me.

  77. = KA is killing me. As a coach he didn’t do **** about it.

  78. agree, trying not to be too anti-atikinson

  79. fun game so far!

  80. Lin finally smiling this game after Lopez made that 3! Yup starting Harris as SF was the best decision KA has made so far. Sadly it took him THIS long to realize it.

  81. Good to see everyone smiling.

  82. 2 nice quick assists for Lin!
    This will be an interesting game

  83. Ya! Lin looks happy… good. Today will have more his game then…

  84. If Nets can stop Walker, they have the chance.

  85. Who the hell does booker thinks he is? i like him but you’re not lebron stop it.

  86. Lin can defend Walker no problem.

  87. ….Maybe he needs another DNP and benching <.< gosh hate i when he drives, just pass the ball you are NOT a SF or SG!

  88. Batum getting anything he wants with Booker who can’t defend, please KA just need you to bench Booker forever he is NOT a starter. Do you need another 20 game loss to realize that? *rolls eyes*

  89. JLin nice start, 4 min, 3Pts, 2Asts, 1 STL!

  90. 222222222222

  91. I hate hamilton i hate hamilton i haaaaaaate hamilton

  92. Lin knows the hornets personnel very well
    he just beat Zeller with the drive to the rim

  93. I missed Lamb, Bench Force One with Lin…

  94. lol lin went to hi five walker after free throw then realized they werent on the same team

  95. Hows he doing?

  96. Lin settles for threes way tooo much

  97. lol for real? I just saw Lin smiling and talking when Lamb came in.

  98. looookn good!

  99. well, but his team blows

  100. KA’s system just have to live with it for now.

  101. Do they have plays designed for him?

  102. Not putting down anyone, but it seems the Nets only have 2 players, the rest just seem to goof around

  103. lol yeah it looked like he was going in then he put his hand on his head hes like oh snap were not on the same team

  104. not really

  105. was like 3 sec left on the clock dude.

  106. he was open although 2 feet behind the line

    looks like he has a bit rainbow arc today

  107. No PnR still….go figure.

  108. That’s the reason why he’s shooting bailed out shots

  109. Only Lopez and Lin are consistently producing others are just hit or miss, mostly miss.

  110. Defense, defense, defense.

  111. missing, turning over and not defending

  112. Come on KP lets make these FTs!

  113. 22222222 jump shot

  114. Why Lopez off so early?

  115. Cliff still loud as usual. Lol.

  116. oh, booker like strolling around

  117. Lin got double-teamed, passed and got the ball back for the jumpshot

    Great to see nice ball movement!

  118. Because they’re tanking for no reason

  119. ($*@#&@&38 Booker….

  120. Teams are focused on Lin thats why he isnt driving

  121. idk man

  122. It is confirmed. I hate KA and Booker sooooooo much…..

  123. RHJ taking advantage of his height and getting much needed FTs. Good sub but seriously don’t want to see Booker playing with Lin anymore!

  124. Booker is enabled to dribble it down the court. He needs to chill with that

  125. I hate Booker more, how clueless can KA be? Booker is not a starter period!

  126. Only Brook-Lin!

  127. Can he be traded away before December ends? Please… He’s awful and it doesn’t seem like KA knows it at all! Play Booker with Lin is like going 4 against 5 and wasting his assists! That’s how bad it is!!

  128. That’s a coach job to tell his players to stop.

  129. Welp, Lin is getting his stats early for a change! 7p/2a/1s with 5 shots in 8m. Good to see him more aggressive.

    Now if only his teammates would contribute something…don’t even need to score. Just defend and don’t turn it over.

  130. i think the idea is teams are focused on Lin so if he runs the fast break he can get an easy drive

  131. Yup. He is being enabled . He needs to know when to do that, there is a right time for it. He seems to do it a lot

  132. I would love to see Levert more with Lin than Skil.

  133. Lin definitely wants to win against his former teams! He will have to produce more to have a chance cause his teammates besides Lopez are just not up to par.

  134. There is no more minutes restriction with lin right?

  135. Is Dinwiddie hurt? I don’t see his name on the roster list. Does anyone know?

  136. Yup and almost caused a TO! I don’t mind it cause some times he works but he needs to realize fast breaks are better to pass the ball to Lin!

  137. He’s inactive.

  138. As if Brook-Lin means Brook and Lin plays as less together as possible.

  139. The Nets poor rebounding allows the Hornets to get 34+pts in the 1st quarter

  140. Except he almost always misses his drives unless he draws defenders and passes it back out for a 3! Booker just can’t make baskets when he drives, once in a blue moon he gets lucky but that’s it.

  141. Ya! Two of them didn’t really play together that much…. Don’t know why Lopez had to off so early for today…?

  142. What’s matter with him?

  143. yea

  144. Worry. Hard to win this game…. smh!

  145. Ya, CHA 12, Nets 6; they double us on Rebounds πŸ™

  146. Nets keeps losing by 10 points at the beginning it’s getting very very old.

  147. this fool on twitter keeps claiming that jlin got owned by kemba last game, when he was out wkth injury…. i hate ppl lying to make jlin look bad

  148. I was wondering the same thing.

  149. Don’t know.

  150. I think KA hates that trademark.LOL!!

  151. 40 points in 1 quarter geez

  152. good assist to bogie by whitehead

  153. 40 pts for 1st Q??

  154. to the hornets of all teams

  155. Great passing and team play by Kilpatrick and Bog lol they tricked all the Hornets with that play and got Bog the open 3! Now that’s some good basketball!

  156. Bench did pretty well.

  157. That move looks like Lin….lol!

  158. How could you just let your opponent shoot 60%, as if in a practice game? Defense, defense, where is the defense KA?

  159. Lin wasn’t playing last game whatever.

  160. As I said there’s a big difference between controlling the tempo and the numbers of played called than letting everyone as a designated shooters or scorers.

  161. No discipline

  162. I think you mean Whitehead passing to Bog; BKN – Bogdanovic 3pt Shot: Made (5 PTS) Assist: Whitehead (1 AST)

  163. jlin has the worst luck in getting teammates that dont play D lol

  164. That’s cause Bog came off the bench this game and Harris is starting. Bog coming off the bench helps a lot.

  165. It seem any team can easily score 30+ points in a qtr from the Nets.

  166. It’s still better than Rockets remember the Naruto clone jutsu defense going 1 on 5 more than once?

  167. I can’t believe I say this but damn I miss Clifford.

  168. That’s the coach(Clifford) out there not scared of yelling and trashing his players

  169. Not me never miss that hater coach.

  170. Lopez w 2nd unit not Lin?

  171. It’s politic, not Clifford.

  172. Levert my man!!!!

  173. Except batum and walker…

  174. True,at least he knows his best players

  175. Great ball movement by the Nets with all 5 players touching the ball.

    LEVert 3!

  176. Levert-RHJ-Lin do that lineup for god sake.

  177. Lavert with the 3, this lineup is working without Lin and playing great defense! Almost got 2 steals against Hornets and messed up Hornets’ set! Good Job!

  178. KA’s new experiment?

  179. 100% for 2nd unit when Lopez is resting.

  180. it seems like KA wants to see either Lin or Brook be playmaker before closing the 4th quarter together

    Not a bad idea to experiment with all these losses

  181. No D at all? Someone deserves a yell!

  182. Who is guarding MKG?

  183. lol who was guarding mkg?

  184. 51 pts with almost 9 minutes left in the 2nd qtr, nice KA.

  185. Who’s guarding MKG?

    Losing him for the jam!

  186. MKG has done that twice already who the heck is guarding him?!

  187. i think bog

  188. i still laugh when hornets media thought sessions was an upgrade

  189. Where’s the grit? That’s a mockery for Memphis tag.

  190. What is sad here is no one knows the answer lol

  191. 3333333333333333

  192. Excuse, Clifford could’ve started Lin for entire regular season he has the power to but he rather keep his job and benched a player who was better than Walker and Batum.

  193. I think it might be Bojan who guards MKG

    No wonder

  194. Lin 33333333!!

  195. 333333333333!

  196. looooooooooong 22222

  197. You are too fast!

  198. Just take over the game. If your teammate won’t defend, don’t give them balls.

  199. Lin 3 of 3!

  200. Nice! Lin 12pts

  201. Foye is on the floor?

  202. Ouch great job Hamilton for taking that charge! Nets are playing great defense minus Booker and whoever’s guarding MKG.

  203. RHJ forcing too many shoots!

  204. whats lopez doing???? is he playing?

  205. wow, JHam block ..

  206. lin’s on fire tho

  207. bad behind the back pass from our boy but great game so far from him!

  208. Once lin kicks it out and there is no play. They should give it back to him and reset

  209. lin is finally back in form, and kenny is finally setting good screens

  210. Nets playing the best I’ve seen from them in a long time especially on the defense end. Hamilton blocking MKG now that’s a highlight! Note to KA for goodness sake BENCH BOOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. RHJ has the most acrobatic shots I’ve ever seen

  212. lol

  213. Kaminsky is no long the rookie. He improves a lot! I’d trade Bog and Foyce for him.

  214. huge upside to frank

  215. Bench Bog and starting Harris was a good decision now please or please just bench Booker he’s just awful on both offense and defense!

  216. Imagine if this a heavy Lin and Lopez offense centric plays and the shooters like Bogs Levert and Skil are lurking from the 3 with frequent cuts from RHJ.It should be a smooth play book

  217. too much Globetrotter πŸ™‚

  218. i mean if KA wants to shoot a lot of 3’s thats how it should be..

  219. Booker would be a good Green type of role for Nets off the Bench.

  220. Lin and Lopez centric would mean PnR offense and motion offense takes a back seat. Who know how long we need to wait for KA to unleash the PnR for Lin to play at his best!

  221. No if he wants to play an inside and outside game then Nets has more chance of winning

  222. Lin playing fantastic, but he should watch his fouls. This is NOT the game to pick up 3 fouls early.

  223. I like how Walker helped Lin up.. true friends πŸ˜€

  224. I swear the God, I am sick of Booker brings the ball up after the rebound almost every single time, the only time he didn’t was he passed the ball to Foye.

  225. I miss Lin’s Hornets teammates tbh.

  226. Kemba seems like a nice guy. Just no room there for Lin, who’s a starting PG too!

  227. love kemba man. he shows so much respect to jeremy

  228. He only pick up 2 PFs so far @ 2Q 3:12

  229. yes, fouled him but held his arm not to let him fall hard

  230. Me too. I really like him.

  231. they were part of the greatest charlotte team in nearly 15 years…of course they will be good friends still

  232. Again these refs….

  233. omg come on lin knock them ft’s down

  234. LOL at all the kemba love….i recall the days of the insane kemba bashing…including myself. I will stick by it, and won’t apologize either hahaha

  235. Brook cant catch a pass dude its hilarious.

  236. Exactly. Don’t pick up that 3rd!

  237. Lin got double-teamed a lot as a sign of respect from Hornets

  238. Double teaming the PNR. Every team does it now

  239. Because he is the only good offensive player on the team lol…along with lopez

  240. Booker absolutely loves to bring that ball up the court haha

  241. i didnt like how he hero balled every now and then but I always liked how he respected jeremy. you could see it

  242. That was not double team more like triple team on Lin and teammates were not used to such traps forcing Lin to force a pass to Lopez for a TO.

  243. lol i did too, but gotta love kemba. hes just a ball dominant guard, nothing wrong with that

  244. It to take pressuere off Lin. Doesnt always help tho

  245. He thinks he’s Lebum Jr…..-_-

  246. bad things happen for Hornets when Lin drives .. so smart plan by Hornets :]

  247. hardcore tunnel vision, and short. I always liked kemba as a person and thought he would be great as an SG if he were slightly taller.

  248. It was a bad pass by Lin when he was trapped more like Lin’s fault but no other teammate was there to bail him out on that double/triple team.

  249. its strange cuz lin is missing mroe ft’s than ever before, but his 3 point shot is way better now

  250. they know how lin plays, so they are well prepared to defend him

  251. Nice SKil 3

  252. You said it! No need to sorry Kemba is NOT a star.

  253. It’s always a double team for Lin as soon as he starts his moves

  254. No defense! Need a big man who can switch onto guards. Most important defensive asset in today’s NBA.

  255. thanks! I just wish alot of peopled stopped being hypocritical here. I admit I didn’t like kemba last year early on, but gained a ton of respect for him as the season went on. Others here hated him till the end.

    Lets please stay consistent here!!

  256. Clifford is a smart coach. Unlike someone….

  257. 33333333333333333333

  258. Booker was a point guard in high school

  259. lmao

  260. 2?

  261. 2.

  262. that 15pt half tho

  263. I know who you’re talking about. lol

  264. yepp, people always disrespected Cliff, but lets admit the truth, the man knows what he was doing.

  265. These refs…. I hate NBA.

  266. Always said this – lin needs to be more scoring minded. Then the nets have chance

  267. That’s not an offensive foul on Booker

  268. Lopez doesn’t shoot well today…

  269. unfortunately, that was his biggest problem…hogging the ball and chucking up low percentage shots. Sometimes hed get lucky, but most times alot of people would just pull their hair out with frustration.

    He did really well in the playoffs though…he let Lin handle a ton of the offense and trusted him big time. Its unfortunate that Lin had a bad game 6 in charlotte.

  270. We all know this, but KA is in “development” mode…

  271. Nets Owner. Please show up. KA needs some reins.

  272. Nets audiences are the loudest I’ve seen in a long….time and it’s all because of Lin! He’s on fire this game Gosh if only Booker passes the ball sooner and they got it to Lin sooner he’d have made that mid jumper.

  273. agree

  274. No rebound either.

  275. Booker ignore Lin and try to do the one man fast break on the last play. Culture!

  276. damn lol gret hallf tho

  277. Well, Lin not bad; half game; 18 min, 15P (6/9, 2/3, 1/2), 2A, 2S, 2PF

  278. respect his skills, but not his hidden agenda’s

  279. Booker got the rebound and just took it up the court again. With 10 secs left in the half. This dude just ignored lin there

  280. He never did….

  281. Booker is playing good.. as long as he’s not shooting and getting rebounds.. i’m happy

  282. He wasted so much clock! Should’ve passed to Lin the moment he got the rebound!!! Lin would’ve went straight to the rim if Booker wasn’t so selfish!

  283. ive been kenny’s biggest critic, but if he lets lin attack like he is today and sets all those screens for him this could be a turning point for this team

  284. As Sport said.

  285. no respect

  286. Looks like hard to win this game bc his teammates didn’t shoot that well… 2nd half. Hornets will fight hard even more….

  287. I respected him even with his “hidden” agenda. He was looking after himself and his job, that is all and I don’t blame anything he did.

  288. Yes, it was time wasted . Otherwise lin would not have been rushed to end it

  289. Agree but we also need other scorers.

  290. Yes or forcing shots at the rim. He just needs to play defense, rebound and please just pass the ball to Lin, you are NOT a SG! I’ve lost count how many wannabe SGs the Nets have.

  291. Today they did play more Lin’s game but his teammates need to make the shots.

  292. These coaches need to tell him to chill with that

  293. Lin creating so many open looks for his teammates…they can’t hit.

    At least he himself is having a great game. Would love to see him get 25, win or lose.

  294. 100% agree!!

  295. Lin is doing well but this looks like another loss…..sigh.

  296. I want Lin to get 30pts and the win lol I’m greedy.

  297. Feel the same way…

  298. He’s a wannabe Draymond Green

  299. Booker. Make your job simple. Defense and rebounding. Set screens and finish plays

  300. Their still in it. Booker needs to let Lin lead and give him good looks.

  301. I won’t deny I don’t like him either

  302. Sick of Booker leading the break. It’s part of the gameplan though (no personal diss); they want to attack ASAP. The problem is that no one can run a fastbreak on this team but Lin.

  303. See if KA limits Lin to turn off the shooting mode in 2nd half, reverting back to MO.

  304. Lins gonna go for 39 tonight with a clutch 3 at the end. You’ll see!

  305. I really hope they can win this game so KA will play more Lin’s game. Make the shots Nets’ players.

  306. Lin was the KFC something player during half time πŸ™‚ 6-9 15 pts. He deserves the attention and praise.

  307. Unless guys start defending, I don’t think Lin will play enough minutes for that.

  308. I have seen this scenario play out so many times already. Unless other guys on the nets step up, this game is over. Early on in the season, skilpatrick was contributing, but now he has completely vanished.

  309. Yea Lin can’t win this on his own his teammates need to step up. and Lopez needs to wake up. i blame this on KA he benched Lopez too much! Lopez started on fire and after benching just lost the rhythm!

  310. Lopez is about to get another 0 rebound game again.. amazing

  311. Lin can be KFC players most of the time if KA will allow him too.

  312. how is that possible for a 7 footer??

  313. I don’t mind that as long as Lin’s teammates can make the shoots and Lin gets assts.

  314. He didn’t shoot well. I want him to score more …. As for reb, he will not do it.

  315. L-A-Z-Y

  316. Man. Just do pnr with booker or lopez . Do this motion crap only to mix it up

  317. KFC, as in chicken??

  318. i dee improvement now regarding KA limiting minutes to RJH, Foye and whitehead…levert is starting to get in tune and harris being given a chance.i just hope booker becomes steady with hisdefense and rebounding and let the scoring just come to his games and not force it

  319. Hornets are doubling Lin early but Atkinson needs to tell his players to cut towards Lin to create open dump passes for an easy 4 on 3 cocky assist passing to open man. Offense has to run through Lin as he drives or probes to create plays off the PnR. Their competing. It’s time to unleash the young rookies, whitehead, revert, & McCullough for Bench with Bogs & Hamilton.

  320. the motion offense is awful.. it only works the way kenny wants it to if and only if everyone on the team is on fire from 3 pt range because the motion offense does not get teammates great open looks like pnr does

  321. Trapped every time

  322. Well. Tweak the motion so it ends with a lin play

  323. the kids lack confidence unfortunately. Booker is the opposite…he is a veteran and not afraid to take the shot, but too bad he isn’t steph curry or lebron james.

  324. When the squad comes through from Shanghai to watch the Nets in Brooklyn! Great to have you guys at Barclays Center!β€” 在 Barclays Center https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/05c37a97ab17f04b63865f333083813abb1a641f8096fa78ce5bbfd2f984ce57.jpg

  325. PnR doesn’t work with Lopez. He is now being asked to Pop rather than to roll. Best play is when Lopez is the one initiating the play and pass to an shooting or cutting man.

  326. guys lin was getting double teamed during linsanity and he was still putting up mvp numbers. so the pnr works just gotta keep working it because even if lin gets doubled, stuff will open up for his teammates

  327. i thought foye played good defense when he was out there. Bog lost MKG twice for easy layups. He cant start in this league. Harris was decent out there

  328. id be happy if lin got 30 pts. Im not really optimistic the nets win, but as long as lin gets his stats, then i’m happy overall.

  329. I get it . Lopez post ups are essential. My main point is your 2 best players are lin and lopez. So utiliize them to the best

  330. We’ve been saying this all season, how long and stubborn does KA need to be before unleashing PnR and bench Booker?

  331. the only tweak KA can do is to tell his players to cut towards the basket whenever one is free because of the double teaming/trapping

  332. Nope.Let Lopez and Booker give a double screen from Left and right and let Lin decide where that ball goes.

  333. Yes to this.

  334. motion offense doesn’t work on a team with little talent, and a rookie head coach. Give it a couple of years when guys on the team develop more, then maybe we can do something with it.

  335. If his teammates have the bb iq to provide Lin an outlet to get themselves ready to shoot or cut for easy basket, but the coach has not coached them that way so they haven’t taking advantage of Lin’s double team…

  336. I agree that’s cause Foye has been DNP for several games he wants to prove he deserves minutes so he’s working harder on defense.

  337. Except hasn’t been playing PnR so teammates don’t know what to do when Lin’s trapped.

  338. I hope Lin will teach them that but not everyone is teachable though.

  339. Exactly. It should easily become a 4 on 3 hockey assist pass to open man for the easy point. They need to take advantage of the double team.

  340. Lin left ankle???

  341. Good! Lin Free Throw 2 of 2 πŸ™‚

  342. That’s what I’m saying let Lin decide where the ball goes

  343. Finally I see PnR by 711.

  344. Lin continues to play but I hope his ankle is fine πŸ™ he tweaked it pretty good on Batum’s foot ouch!

  345. I hopes Lin’s ankle is ok.

  346. This is the offense looks like if Lin is running the show

  347. Lin within 1 min 2 ASTs πŸ™‚ & Now only 2 Points apart!

  348. Hope it’s not serious if not it will be many games or weeks of no Lin again.

  349. yes..now he know what he’s role on this team..hope he continue to make his head the same always..not swelled!LOL

  350. Please be OK Lin. I am so worry about his ankle….

  351. Is boss in the house tonight?

  352. oh my goodness i thought lin was gonna be out.. thank god

  353. Lin is having a great game and teammates are giving him the ball to do his thing πŸ™‚

  354. Walker get a lot of screens from his bigs every time he starts his offense but Lin rarely get any

  355. Thank KA for not over-reacting lol

  356. also lin needs to switch his shoes maybe nike or something he has had back luck with adidas

  357. Ankle turns seldom too bad even if it hurts at first. Just ice after the game.

  358. When lin is involved nd initiating the offense, good things come.

  359. Linsane!

  360. Gosh me too, they will definitely take serious look at it after game and who know whether KA will make him rest again after this uh!

  361. Lin to the locker πŸ™

  362. maybe just to tape up?

  363. Lopez 3rd BLK!

  364. Shxt Lin’s limping and called time out……

  365. oh my god plz no

  366. aaaaand lins injured again….great…screw this season alltogether

  367. Sigh another month for recovery ?

  368. Lin has played through rolled ankle befpre

  369. ;( hope so. Can’t take another injury.

  370. Sigh..

  371. Ive seen him play through worst. Hopefully just need tp wrapp it

  372. Hope he’s OK.

  373. Not good. Expect him to not come back for the game

  374. He looks much slower after his twisted his ankle but he stay on the count.

  375. Yeah, ankle turn isn’t much to be concerned about. Can play through it — tape and ice. Not a long-term thing like hammy or whatever.

  376. Lin’s walk looks odd.

  377. Stupid Batum why did you have to trip Lin!

  378. He’s going for a dramatic win,he can feel it!!!

  379. Its been worse and he left and came back to play off a rolled ankle

  380. i believe he will play because they need this win..let him rest next game but to lin, not now..he will be re taped and will play in pain..(hope)

  381. Come on, be positive!

  382. We dont know if its the ankle turn or a re injury

  383. i really think its the shoes man.. lin sprains his ankle a lot

  384. I agree, Adidas are crap!

  385. Ok, it’s time to step up to win the game for Lin!!

  386. hopefully lin gave them the momentum to win now..

  387. they need to continue to defend Walker well just like what JL:IN made earlier for them to get the lead

  388. He stepped on someone’s foot. Not much a shoe can do.

  389. It sucks thst Lin has to continue to wear them ..

  390. when will we hear word about lin’s injury?

  391. defense gone as jlin left?

  392. No Lin no win.

  393. He grabbed his hammy it looked like might be a couple of months looked real bad….so thats great….30th worst team Lin potentially missing majority of the games and yeah….

  394. Too early now

  395. whitehead doesn’t know how to defend?

  396. Lin shoving the chair angrily makes me nervous. Doesn’t seem like an ankle he can just tape up.

    Hope it’s not the hammy. Nets training staff makes me nervous…

  397. Gosh Lin needs t come back that 1 point lead disappeared the moment he was out.

  398. Sigh another month of recovery brother

  399. the people o nthe nets reddit page said he was holding his left hammy.. damn

  400. The announcer said the same thing. Sigh!

  401. Hope the best! See you at 4thQ! So far with 22 min, earned 17P (6/11, 2/4, 3/4) with 4A, 2 Steals!

  402. this is so unfortunate also cuz it looked like the nets were finalyl starting to play to lin again as he is getting back in the thick of things

  403. Booker is the easiest PF to defend

  404. Are you a Lin hater? Go away!

  405. Lin looked like he was having the best game of the season with a win, damn it!

  406. oh god… this is not good

  407. Without Lin, the game turns soooo easy for the Hornets!

  408. another strained hamstring

  409. Lin is playing so damn well this season…just freak injuries out of nowhere.

  410. Lin gone for the season? shades of Yao Ming luck…

  411. Sigh…..


    Out for god know how long now.

  413. Oh, nooooooooooooooooooooo!

  414. omg this is horrible

  415. Why so bad luck….

  416. Nets have to win this game so Lin’s hard work won’t go to waste!

  417. Oh, Nononononono No, this is the worst news during Christmas break! Pray for a speedy recovery!

  418. this was shaping out to be lin’s best game of the season πŸ™

  419. Was left hamstring his original i jury?

  420. fukkkk

  421. yes

  422. This is kinda what happen with hamstrings. Wade dealt with this a few years ago. we will see for how long

  423. Its crazy Lin used to play way more out of control and never got this injury. I guess the injury never fully healed

  424. tony parker also dealt with this injury.. it can reoccur multple times.. damn

  425. This looks totally like a hammy. Last step had no ability to elevate. Here we go again. #LostSeason

  426. its cuz his body gets cold from just standing in the corner then trying to explode.. under mda he was constantly moving… lol jk im just upset now

  427. This is so disappointing for Lin. Let’s pray it is a minor tweet and he will be back soon.

  428. no

  429. Fml

  430. sorry

  431. this sucks so bad!!! he was getting back into the form too…

  432. old age and Asian. same with Yao. after a few years of playing most games, Yao got serious injuries every year thereafter. sad…

  433. what im hoping but hard to tell. Last one seem not that bad then weeks went by

  434. T_T gg… rip season

  435. my fault i didnt see the jk. im upset as well lol

  436. Lin Gonna miss another 17 games now? lol funny stuff this came to this team to play ended up missing more games than he played wonderful.

  437. the feels man.. I’m sad.

  438. This season is lost already. i dont know how long it will be. We will see.

  439. a lot of lin’s injuries are ankle, back and now hamstring.

  440. im pissed…he misses game on the worst team in the nba he has nothing to look forward to…no playoffs have to wait another month great…

  441. this season is gone…worried that nets will go for someone else to replace him as starter next year, just sucks.

  442. i think lin hurt his hamstring because of the tweaked ankle.. he had to overcompensate for that ankle causing his ankle to have to work harder

  443. It’s exactly what I said and Lin and fans could feel the win. He was looking at a possible 30 point game.

  444. So much for “Building up”.

  445. That’s so unfortunate. Is this the same hamstring that was injured before?

  446. https://twitter.com/BrooklynNets/status/813567543919132673

    I guess I’m done with this team until after the All Star Break

  447. Do we know for sure it was hamstring injury?

  448. Could be due to last season’s strain yes continuous play on a bad ankle. Gosh hope it’s only a slight tweak. πŸ™ I can’t handle another month of no Lin basketball.

  449. NVM

  450. yup

  451. I think it’s because Lin likes stopping on the dime after going full speed to lose the defender. It puts a lot of tension on the hammies and I think it finally caught up to him.

  452. It was the left hamstring last time right?

  453. I am soooooo mad at the way KA played Lin and the team.

  454. See u guys next year ? πŸ™

  455. Okay, come to the worse, KA now you can put on the development cap as much as you want. Just hope when Lin come back again, you will complete your LINE (9 man rotation, please)!

  456. Reinjury can’t be a minor one right?

  457. I’m not convinced with the Nets Performance team.

  458. I might check in once a month… but yeah… see yall next year T_T

  459. its pretty bad. its the same hamstring too

  460. Same here if he played PnR, Lin wouldn’t have to work so hard causing injury.

  461. same injury. Hamstrings do that. Wade had it and would miss a few wekks at a time

  462. we cannot do anything about it..its injury and all we can do is to hope he recovers well and with time.

  463. Oh boy

  464. Lin will be back sooner than you think. You can take a year vacation yourself.

  465. thats why you dont ice the guy out. give him regular frwaking playing time

  466. This is a good test for Atkinson. If he can coach this team to a win. They are competing and this game is winnable.

  467. The hornets took away the Pnr

  468. Whitehead totally sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  469. No KA took away the PnR. He’s been forcing this motion offense on the team when he should allow multiple screens and PnR for Lin! He hasn’t done that at all this season!

  470. he got hrt forcing the pnr with 4 guys chasing him.

  471. seriously where do you guys think lin’s future is? It is inevitable that nets make lin wait even longer to return this time around and if he comes back, the season is almost over. Do they try to develop their younger players? trade? With no teams offering lin a starting job i’m really afraid they will use lin’s injury as a reason he can’t be a starter..and lin turns 29 next year..im just sad

  472. He could of just tweeked it. Lets wait before we jump the train

  473. ????????????

  474. i think he’s gonna be fine soon . maybe by weekend.

  475. Don’t you think you worry a bit too much and too early? SMH!

  476. I hope so, but I don’t think so.

  477. if its minor they may still keep him out atleast 1 wek and a haif

  478. So sad watching this game now they finally have a winning chance because Lin worked hard to get those points. They better not lose but even a win can’t make me happier. Really hope it’s at most a 1 week rest. πŸ™

  479. maybe he’ll get to sing at the inauguration πŸ™‚

  480. 1 week better than 1 month! I’d take it!

  481. season is likely over. Nets will shut him down till next year for rehabilitation. A scarier thought is that nets blow up the team and trade for picks.

  482. at least the allstar break is soon enough so he will get some extra time off if he comes soon enough. Still its not a surprise that the leg with the ankle injury is the same leg he pulled the hammy

  483. hopefully nets at least win this game!

  484. Brooklyn 100%. He’s played great whenever he’s healthy and most importantly Kenny believes in him — this season was always a washout for Marks and Kenny. Only Lin and us believed they could win some games.

    Lin gets this season and next. Heck, if Lin comes back after the AS break and plays this well for 30 games of 32mpg, that’ll be enough to cement his status for a long while.

  485. any medical people here? What does lin need to do to avoid these injuries ?

  486. cmon brook win it for jeremy…

  487. Now we know why Lin hasn’t been charging at the rim it’s cause of the hamstring. That hard aggressive move at the rim while tweaking his ankle definitely hurt his hammy. In that case I think Lin really needs to figure out how to get his without going the rim this season. Floaters, mid jumpers, easy cuts to the basket “maybe”, 3 pointers.

  488. Some people here are so negative about Lin’s re-injured. Can’t we just wait and see how the report says later? Maybe it’s not that worse than we think. Maybe it’ll take less time to recover this time. Let’s pray for Lin’s speedy recovery and he’s taken good/right treatment.

  489. that is my hope. playoffs are pretty much out..just build something for next year..i really hope lin comes back for at least 20 games this year.

  490. Yeah, just more floaters and pull-up Js. Needs to do that anyway as he gets older.

  491. Alright Lopez, take over.

  492. agreed! He can still drive, but he needs to scale it down significantly…play smarter and more like an old man. Unfortunately, the PnR game is what Lin is all about…without it, i’m not sure he can be an elite PG.

  493. Agree all those aggressive moves to the rim really shortens his basketball career. His 3 pointers really need to get to the point where he can rely on it as much as his rim plays. Don’t know if his 3s can ever get close to the Tompson and Curry level.

  494. That’s why Curry seldom penetrate ’cause it’s easy to get injury.

  495. I’m more angry than worried, haha. Lin will be fine long-term as will his future in Brooklyn (with Kenny there). Just so frustrating because Lin is actually playing great and elevating this team to solid status whenever he actually plays.

    We’ve all waited so long and now we have to keep waiting, again, not because of Lin’s talent (it’s clearly there) but because of freak injuries. Nooooooo!

  496. nets are playing their hearts out!

  497. Yup especially with is troublesome ankle injuries in the past. Probably why his dribbling and 3s became his main weapon in the end.

  498. It won’t get to that level, but it’s looking a lot better. He’s much more confident and his stroke looks good. If he didn’t keep getting injured, his % would be a lot higher.

    As we all know, Lin is a rhythm shooter who needs to play 30+mpg. Tonight he was 2-4 in 22m and I have no doubt he would have finished 3-5 or 4-8 in 34m.

  499. started by Jlin tenacity..they are defending ok now!

  500. Im glad to see some fire… i liked his throwing that chair…

  501. It’s really up to KA to change the offense. He’s a top PG with PnR without it, everything tougher on him.

  502. I know and I’m sure Lin is now crying in his heart and super mad about the injures as well!

  503. i think Curry is wearing something on his ankle right now to protect it and its protecting him well!

  504. kilpatrick!!

  505. I just we’re all wrong and it turns out to be a minor 2 week thing. Or maybe last time it was minor, but they played it safe. And now they’ll just let Lin go when he feels okay again.

    Call me paranoid, but I think sitting Lin too long caused his leg muscles to atrophy…endangering his hammy. 5.5 weeks seems too long. I wonder if 3 weeks would have sufficed.

  506. Lopez & KP play well together now; Nets 108 to CHA 102!

  507. Curry has been well protected by many people (including his parents) and he’s the most smart player I’ve ever seen.

  508. nets are playing like they are possessed

  509. Yeah, I can’t imagine how angry Lin is. The way he came out tonight shows his fire.

  510. khuang is right. Lin is fragile! question now is will Lin be this fragile for the rest of his NBA career? give the guy the keys to the franchise and this happens. best ability is availability! hope Lin doesn’t need season ending surgery…

  511. KA Time out is now decent!

  512. what?? its a hamstring injury. This is normal for that injury

  513. That’s cause Lin went down after almost a break out game they want to win this for him!

  514. if his hamstring is torn, it’s game over. possibly career over…

  515. Cause Lin played is heart out.

  516. Dude what? its a hamstring injury what the hell are you talking about season ending injury? No D.rose is Fragile Lin is not.

  517. could be hamstring tear…

  518. Are you a doctor? Get out of here.

  519. DRose has played more games than Lin so far…

  520. it looks really bad…

  521. Shut up, you!!

  522. Lol nice reverse of the meaning of Lin is fragile so we are talking this season? of course Lin is more fragile then and Rose is the healthiest person in the league…give me a break.

  523. rose might have turned the corner on his injuries…

  524. Please win this one for Lin!!

  525. BKN – Kilpatrick 3pt Shot: Made (23 PTS) Assist: Lopez (5 AST); Looks good! 1:36 to go! Go Nets! Win this one for Lin!

  526. KP and Bog back to back 3s! Gosh if only Lin didn’t injure himself πŸ™ he’s the reason why Nets are fired up to win!

  527. thank you for saying it!

  528. of course you’re the doctor please explain in detail of you know it looks really bad?

  529. OMG! one point game.

  530. 8.6 sec left, Nets up 1!

  531. bog really took that shot??

  532. time out…maybe?

  533. LOL..must be trolling because he loves to get the bunnies out of JLIN followers!

  534. bad shot selection…sigh

  535. Your brain need a surgery!

  536. Nets coach is so stupid

  537. Come on, 4 Nets vs Zeller

  538. why was lopez not on that game

  539. foye!

  540. He’s back!

  541. Foye 3pt Shot Made! He is the one! HaHa! Thanks Nets to win this one for Lin!

  542. Wow, lucky Nets

  543. MG

  544. Horay!!

  545. LOL!!! seems Nets won the championship already!!!!



  548. i mean for defense?

  549. OMG FOye with the buzzer beater 3! OMG OMG OMG! So happy!!

  550. now plz jlin update πŸ™

  551. LOL!

  552. FOYE!

  553. wow…. foye threw up a prayer and it went IN!!!

  554. what a win and what cost that win i take if it will give them the grit they are looking for..KA is slowly developing his composure and he attack the game now with urgency!

  555. I wanted to be in the mob on Foye too lol I was that happy! For a second I thought I was watching football lol.

  556. even a prayer is the best now for the team!

  557. Glad we won. It gives us something to cheer up after Lin got re-injured. πŸ™‚

  558. Wow Foye with Tribute to Lin great teammate!

  559. Foye also said they did it for JLIN

  560. That was one crazy unbalanced 3p-ter and game winner !!

    Happy for the team to win one for Lin!

  561. Both of you are right.

    Lin is fragile THIS season but not in other seasons.

  562. Of course after seeing JLin go down and work so hard to get the 1 point lead. Now lets hope they fight hard every game until Lin gets back!

  563. Ok, no more trade for Foye anymore. Lol

  564. LOL!!!

  565. Amen!!

  566. do you think he’ll be like Yao moving forward in terms of injuries?

  567. yes, it would’ve been devastating if they lost the hard-fought game

    Hope Lin gets better soon “)

  568. lol He’s still bench player though but yes he can be exempt from being traded now.

  569. Thanks Randy for winning this game for JLin.

  570. WOW!!!! Happy for Foye!!!! He also did a good defense job on Kemba

  571. Indeed lol

  572. amen! πŸ˜€

  573. hahah i remember how everyone on reddit was like trade ROYEEEE

  574. Foye defended Walker great in this game. Got to give him credits. He deserves it.

  575. i remember that during hornets days when they are starting to feel the game is in their own hands..Lakers too when the wish they could win even one game at least…hope they start to learn how to win and win with all their efforts given in..mind that Booker was not on the line up on that win!

  576. Man I can’t believe it went in being defended so close! It was a tough shot!

  577. That is for sure. I was worrying when I saw him in to close the game, but he did do a great job defend Kemba

  578. I wonder when foye was last so excited …


  579. Bitter sweet win, truly hope Lin’s injury is minor and he only tweaked it slightly.

  580. Yes, hope they start to learn how to win and win it together while waiting for Lin’s return!!

  581. yeah, thats what he learned from watching how JLIN Owned walker earlier..they are taller than walker thats why they can take him anytime.

  582. Yao ming broke his damn knee are you serious? Like seriously you guys calling Lin fragile might aswell call him glassman hilarious stuff this. Yes ask Khuang he knows these kind of things!

    Oh and geoffrey you still havent explained in detail how you know Lins injury looked real bad could you explain that please since you have extensive knowledge about these kind of things?

  583. That being said that shot was one of the worst leaning left no balanced shot ive ever seen go in lol.

  584. we will see

  585. its a blessing in disguise if you can see the grace flowing in among nets players. It gave them reason to fight and reason to continue fighting hard!

  586. Foye’s only score is the shot that win the game.

  587. Yao broke his foot. but a hamstring tear is just as career threatening IMHO.

  588. Love Foye comment in the end about Jlin. He played excellent D on Walker. Still remember Foye hitting all those 3s at Nova in college.

    I really hope Lin is not hurt too bad.

  589. πŸ™ True it shows how they see Lin as their leader unlike the Hornets. Also shows that a Lin lead Nets can beat the Hornets or any team if they play defense and work hard. If Lin played this game entirely it wouldn’t have been a close game.

  590. For charlotte, it remains the same… no lin, no win…

  591. That’s the most valuable shot of the day!

  592. On the bright side lets hope next season Lin’s team will be ready to go and he will be injury free! I truly think Nets will not trade anyone (ok maybe Booker) during off season but they do need to acquire some pieces.

  593. Yao has broken his knee aswell look it up hilarious that you even compare Lins with Yao to be honest.

  594. I’m sure they felt Lin’s injury as his former teammates.

  595. well, walker was a no show during the 2nd half because he was being guarded by JLIN that much as early as the 2nd quarter!

  596. Hornets the unappreciative Hornets. They still have what Lin left for them but it won’t last until next season you can bet on that.

  597. Doesn’t look like it they were happy he was out and looked to steal the win.

  598. Still dont like clifford… he had a lot of wear and tear but clifford didnt care…

  599. Lol, “comment of the day” Haha cheers

  600. kahahahahahahaa

  601. thats like ages away

  602. Yup I agree, I suspect his strained ankle and injuries carried over from last season because of Clifford!

  603. I agree!

  604. Lin wasnt limping that bad. dont know what that means

  605. when everybody is in sync, JLin will not overly compensate his efforts to win games, just like today, he almost played his game with urgent urgency because he want to win badly!

  606. I know I hate the wait but Nets are only looking out for Lin and his long term career including KA unlike Hornets and Clifford! Lin was 1 year disposal and they didn’t care what happened to him.

  607. Everyone so happy!

  608. Let’s look at that shot one more time!


  609. Right… yet, clifford used jlin when he needed to win…

  610. for as long as it went in, its a beautiful good shot for a win!!!

  611. the team can win, but Lin needs to rely on team mates and trust them more, much more than before.

  612. Lin always limps due to ankle injury I don’t think the hamstring is that bad maybe slight tweak.

  613. Also he already had the ankile injury

  614. he wasnt limping that bad with the first hamstring injury either :/

  615. He should’ve came out after the ankle injury continued playing probably why he hurt his hamstring again. Now he has to wait for both to heal though his ankle is probably less worrying than the hamstring.

  616. for as long as he learn that playing teamball is not yet dead and let lin carry the team, he will be ok for me (on a limited playing time only)

  617. He has played thru that before just forgot about the hammy

  618. maybe they are just pain and not so much on its usage, that’s why he’s not limping much!

  619. yea agreed but remember thae ankle injury was there also the injury looked worst last time

  620. that’s the spirit! next game he will play!!!

  621. post game interview

  622. Lol same here can’t believe that shot went in, crazy but I love it and the team’s reaction!

  623. without the limp, its just the pain was unbearable maybe!

  624. some Hornets fan predicted that Kemba would scored 40 points on Lin πŸ˜€

  625. Maybe he can come back sooner than last time. Hope so.

  626. With the way things has been going and all those losses might as well start thinking next season. All Star is just around the corner before we know it.

  627. JLin Highlights for tonight’s game, praying for Lin’s injury to be nothing serious.


  628. lol nah be more cautious then that

  629. Ya! I sure hope so… haha!

  630. After tonight, I really don’t hate Hornets & Kemba like I used to…. they really nice to Lin. See how happy Lin was before he went down…..

  631. That’s a tough shot!! Thank you, Foyce!

  632. nice way of appreciating his teammates especially the manner Jlin locked Kembas game!

  633. I’d take a 1 week rest at most, can’t take another 1 month rest and rehab.

  634. Miracles do happen!

  635. speaking like the Nets “Performance Team”…LOL!

  636. better not get your hopes up. Hamstring injuries are one of the worst to have, and even worse when it repeats in the same exact place. Don’t know what that means for Lin, but it hopefully he will be back to full strength eventually. Im not sure that will be this season, but maybe the next?

  637. LOL he’d have single digits if Lin didn’t get injured.

  638. his purpose today was to let his teammates know how to pay with heart, and its resulted with a win.with that perseverance and tenacity, Lin team will definitely go higher now!

  639. @2:45 Thanks Kemba

  640. Still cursing Batum for stick his foot out and tripping Lin tweaking his ankle which lead to his hamstring reinjury! _/

  641. Of all the teams Lin has been with, the Hornets are my favorite. You can tell Lin had a special bond with them every time he talked about them.

  642. he’s been doing that eversince to the extent that most of the people here comment how Jlin passivity and team involvement hampers his stats…He know the team can win, but they have to find that formula and when they do, its will be a better ride going top!

  643. Stop with the negativity, more positive thought for Lin’s quick heal and return.

  644. Lin stop on his foot. Pretty normal looking play

  645. Ya! I feel the same way… I really hope Lin can recover soon this time… so worry he will not be out for another month then this season pretty much done…

  646. Ya! Don’t think Batum did anything wrong or on purpose…. just so bad luck. smh!

  647. that’s an accident and not intentional. lets be reasonable for no players wants to injure another player intentionally. , maybe to stopped a player to become effective, yes but not to injure!

  648. Batum can’t defend that’s why he was in a bad position and stuck his foot out to stop Lin. If he didn’t Lin wouldn’t have gotten injured.

  649. its just the politics really is the killer for a development !

  650. brook saying that jlin had elevated their play and that they dis it for him as well! gosh i pray jlin can recover quickly

  651. Lopez is genuinely likes Lin more than Walker and Hornets. Because Lopez actually wants Lin to be their starting PG and called Lin “their leader”. Walker would never say that about Lin. Pray for Lin to recover quickly too. Hope it’s not as seriously as last time.

  652. Here is Brook talking a bit about Jeremy …


  653. no, that was a good defense because he was asked to do thing to defend their position. I don’t see Batum as a dirty player unlike Pat Bev kind. let it go and savor the win and wait for Jlin progress..throw the hate my friend!

  654. The season has always been “done” Just wanted them to get at least 30 wins.

  655. I hope that’s not going to happen on him. Praying for miracles!

  656. good for them that they believe kemba is their saviour!!!LOL

  657. Thank you. yes, pray and hope Lin will recover quickly

    I featured the highlights

  658. Not to be negative, but if Nets are consistent at all, then we’ll get an update in 2 weeks, when Lin will be re-evaluated.

  659. Probably won’t get one until tomorrow after they do a thorough check up. πŸ™

  660. Understand what you mean. Players must have a clear path to drive or dribble. That was not a clear path. Even though it may look like an accident, but w/ a shrewd player like Batum, he knew what he was doing. Batum knew Lin would drive to the basket. Don’t you guys remember a video showing Batum actually hit another player in the groin? So yes, he knew why he put his foot there. You don’t see Lin do that to other players.

  661. 30 wins probably will not happen…. Ya! It’s done… unless Lin really comes back soon & win most of the games…… Hope he’s OK. I saw him didn’t limp too bad.

  662. sorry, but I can’t post like that pretending everything is fine and dandy. Sometimes we need to be realistic. I can’t lie and say that this injury is nothing, but I do wish lin the best recovery possible.

  663. What does he mean poetic justice? Bc Nets have lost so many close games w/ the winning shot went to other teams? Glad at least both Foye and Lopez mentioned Lin’s effort and they won this game for Lin.

  664. In this context, he meant Foye defended Walker well that he deserved the recognition for his efforts.

  665. I don’t like BATOE for being such an awful player, but he has nothing to do with Lin getting injured. If anything, we should be blaming lin for playing so aggressively and not trusting his team mates more. Lin is 28 years old now, and unless he starts juicing up on growth hormones and alot of other stuff like lebron james, then the best option for him is to rely heavily on the young guys.

  666. Back from the game. Will give impressions soon. Lin got hurt before he took the fouls he took in the 3Q. Limped badly and went straight into the locker room. Just, no luck this season, may have been on his way to 30. I had incredibly good seats and he looked wonderful, but more later.

  667. That’s not so. I was at the game tonight and all the Hornets players were very friendly to Lin. Kemba helped Lin up when he fouled him and Marv, Batum, Kemba, MKG, all of them noticed Lin was shaken up on the foul in the 3Q and gave him a friendly pat. The Hornets are close to Lin.

  668. The current NBA teams have plenty of inconsiderate players that act unprofessional in many ways like putting a food out to trip or under a player landing spot. Kobe is one of the main culprits. Even so-called superstars like Lebron grabs n pushes. It’s up the the NBA to put a stop to unproffessional behaviors on and off the court. Haha cheers

  669. I’m sorry it is utterly irresponsible to say any Hornet intentionally tried to hurt Lin. They were playing clean and hard and having fun competing against their former teammate who looked like he was on to a 30 pt game, and Kemba, who made some great shots, and Lin were playing about evenly, competing. None of the Hornets would want to intentionally hurt Lin. It was an accident.

  670. Same here JLin was having the best game of the season and on his way to 30. He will have more chances when he comes back healthy.

  671. They love Lin. Anyone else at the game? The interaction was very friendly and between Lin and the Hornets coaches as well.

  672. Not close enough to make Lin their starter last season apparently not even as SG with Batum moving to SF.

  673. Well, I knew he was hurt before the drive that looked really awkward and he was right in front of me when he hurt himself. He walked very gingerly and went straight to the locker room. I too hope and pray it won’t keep him out for long, it’s hard to tell with the way he reacted. But it was a stronger reaction than the first time he injured his hamstring.

  674. Not saying it was intentional injury but it was intentional for Batum to stick his foot out to stop Lin from going to the basket and a bad way at that! You’d never see Lin doing something like that to another player. If someone blows by Lin he either lets it go or tries to block it.

  675. thanks for the update. It didn’t look too good πŸ™
    let’s hope and pray for the best

  676. i feel so bad for jeremy. gosh… i hope its not too bad… he didnt even come back out to watch the game like his first hammy injury. hope that doesnt mean its worse. no update from jlin either probably means hes super frustrated :/

  677. Yea he wasn’t there during the close game or after the game winner. He must be super mad to stay in the locker room.

  678. Welcome back to the site & share the first hand news, thanks, together we pray for Lin “a speedy recovery!”

  679. We have many time to be negative when Nets give some update on how bad the injury is.

  680. i hope he is angry and comes out with Westbrook type of anger..seriously i hope when he comes back he goes its me against the world type mentality when he plays…

  681. man What the?!!! WHY LINNA WHY!!!

    I didn’t watch da game and thought they were limiting his minutes again by watching just the box score and scores.
    Didn’t know he was injured!!!!
    maybe I shoulda bet on da nets.. I thought I was da jinx.

  682. im not even mad….

    this season has been the worst as far as being a jlin fan… might was well let his young teammates develop while he heals up. if they can get him back after all star break and win some games then maybe they can sign some players in the offseason and compete next season… for me, this season is done. lin is mvp for this team, no way they can make playoffs now….

  683. I agree, Lin needs to play aggressive and stop being too nice and pass happy to teammates. If he can get a shot take it.

  684. Seems like the better his situation the worst his luck is… πŸ™ Nothing we can do but wait and hope he’s only out 1-2 weeks.

  685. Mad respect for Foye… such a classy guy. I’m happy for him.

  686. next year.. after 1/28 is da year of da monkey.. lin is dragon..isn’t monkey good with dragons? this is what I heard from my maternal relatives.

  687. I heard this year wasn’t so good for dragons.too.. but next year is..becasuse it’s monkey.. don’t call me superstitious.. Im’ just throwing whatever is out there right now because there is no explanation for what happened..other than the color of their jersey which resembles eww funera.. ew…. They have have better colors.

  688. so much for that performace team..
    you wonder.. if they don’t restrict lins minute and time, will the same happened?

  689. the guys on this team cant help lin win. i dont want to see him play hurt and put his career in jeopardy. i’m already looking to the trade deadline and free agency. lets just enjoy some games after all star break or whenever he gets back and look to the future. just like the lakers tank season, take the losses with a grain of salt. we all know the greatness lin has in him. we just have to be patient and pray for the right situation. sign some players here, trade some there, develop the youth, and build some chemistry…

    if we somehow got crabbe, tj, and dmo…. this season we’d be 3rd seed easy. instead we missed on all 3 and had to endure 2 lin injuries….. its not worth it to rush him back to a team with 0 playoff chances…

  690. next year is year of rooster. it was suppose to be a good year for Lin. not meant to be…

  691. cmon, it was a freak injury. if anything lin should’ve taken it easy after the ankle tweak. that probably led to reaggravating the hammy.

  692. OK. So, I had great seats. Only a few rows from the court. I don’t know how my friend got these seats but they were terrific and I saw Lin up close. He warmed up fine, did dribbling drills, had a lot of stretching and such, he looked fine. He looked much closer to himself through the game. He had a big ovation when his name was announced in the starting lineup, and when he made shots, big cheers. He also hugged Cliff and other coaches before the game started. His rapport with the Hornets is obvious. Nobody should be against the Hornets teammates he had. They are really friendly with him, several times during the game they gave him a friendly pat or something. And when Lin was fouled by Kemba, Kemba helped him up. And the second foul when Lin was shaken up, they all gave him a friendly pat and said things to him.

    As far as the game goes, Lin was doing what we wanted to see. He was looking more for his shot, some 3s fell, he had a nice short jumper that fell, he got to the line once, had a steal on an inbounds play early in the game, and was really active. Kemba needed picks to get away from Lin, he only sort of beat him off the dribble once to score. But Kemba is really good, make no mistake about it. His ball handling and shiftiness is really good, but Lin’s very fast and makes great moves to the rim with had some people gasping in the stands with some of the moves he made.

    I was happy to see the no 3Q meltdown, Lopez step up later in the game rather than earlier because he was quiet in the first half, Skil get clutch again, Bogs played really well, Hamilton made a 3, and Whitehead made strong defensive plays and really, Whitehead played well. In fact, Whitehead is the sort of unsung hero of the game. He plays tough, tough D, he played with grit and determination, and although he made plenty of mistakes, he made plenty of good plays as well. And Foye, well, he made the buzzer beater and didn’t play that bad in this game.

    Batum looks smooth in person, Lamb even smoother. MKG is strong and plays hard. Marvin is strong. Cody played very well, he’s active, but as you can see Sessions is nowhere close to Lin and Hibbert isn’t good. For the Nets, Booker rebounded fine, but still, he tends to want to dribble down the court when many times I was screaming, pass it to Lin, pass it to Lin. Someone needs to reign him in. Maybe Lin should when he gets back on the court. Which I hope is soon.

    But it is a real downer and why I was stressing be positive, Lin was at least playing and he has the potential to play big any night. I knew something was wrong when Lin got fouled on a play in the 3Q. I don’t even know who fouled him but I saw Lin was limping and just didn’t look right. He had to gather himself before he made the two foul shots, but then when he was playing D on the next play, he just didn’t look right. Then that weird drive and layup attempt he took, he missed it, then he couldn’t get back up the court. He limped up the court, called time up, and hobbled into the locker room. I knew his night was over and I feared it was the hamstring. Now we wait, hope, and pray. Lin’s being tested this season for sure. But he’s a man of faith, he’s tough, he’ll get through this. And we will too. Stay hopeful, he’ll be back strong.

  693. It was a freak injury. They did a good job with him and they’ll help him back to health. The other guys haven’t hurt themselves. And Lin twists and turns and contorts in so many ways, one break in his motion is a chance for him to hurt himself.

  694. Get over that. Seriously. As a person and player, that like Lin. His role was his role, but they are happy he’s got the starting position and feels he deserves it.

  695. They may be now that jlin is not a threat to walker…

  696. its not a coincidence that he tweaked the ankle then reaggravates the hammy a few plays later. he played extra hard tonight. he always does vs old teams. lets be honest they chose batum over him. that’s the chip on his shoulder vs them. nothing but love to all his teammates, but the organization chose batum. lin couldve easily been starting sg and offer batum a lower contract, take it or leave it.

  697. Where are all those critics who said lin was taking too much time to rehab that hamstring now?

  698. Monkey is this year.

  699. I saw when Lin was fouled by Kemba & he almost fell down but Kemba hold his hand tied to prevent Lin to fell down… I really changed my mind on Kemba & Hornets now. Really hope Lin is OK & can come back asap.

  700. I hold the same opinion. Should’ve rest immediately after ankle twist….

  701. oh cr-p.hahahahahaha
    but hey isn’t monkey good for dragons too!!!???

  702. Jeremy said : Proud of the squad!! @randyfoye you deserve every bit of what you did man…true vet, awesome friend! And ty for your prayers!

  703. It was true comradery Lin had with the Hornets teammates. Never doubted it.

  704. 2016 is a cursed year, 2017 will be much better hopefully

  705. That’s obvious. Both guys are good for the team in different ways. But Lin is more clutch and grittier, and proved that in the playoffs. Lin is more of a winner. Lin should have been as high a priority, maybe higher.

  706. I just hope it isn’t as long. His reaction looked worse, but it just may have been because of the ankle he hurt earlier that he walked off limping and hobbling badly.

  707. 2016 is a cursed year, 2017 will be much better hopefully. Trump getting elected and Jeremy getting injured, not to mention all the deaths this year of famous sports icons…mohammed ali, prince, castro, zsa zsa garbor, warriors losing to cavs in huge upset, cleveland indians losing to cubs in a huge upset. This year will be remembered as a legendary year.

  708. He’s strong. He’ll get through it. And we can help him with prayers and positive thoughts to him.

  709. He limpled badly when he was on the court and went straight into the locker room. I was at the game. Let’s all hope for the best.

  710. Thanks for the report! I wish speedy recovery for Lin

  711. this can be a good sign for the nets though the downside is Jeremy’s injury. Nets needs just to feel the urgency to win and win because they play smart and with grit. Learning sometimes is a slow process, but everybody learns and hope their learning now is the tip of their being competitive and future successes!

  712. Hmm, I wonder if he injured his hammy on the initial foul by Batum. We assumed it was an “ankle turn,” but maybe it was a mild hammy strain. Then Lin tried to play through it but aggravated it on the corkscrew layup attempt.

  713. At least Lin’s hamstring pull won’t take 4 years to get rid of…

    I just hope we hear tomorrow that it’s not that bad. We didn’t know it would be 6 weeks after his initial strain, so maybe we’ll be wrong again and it’ll only be 2-4 weeks this time.

  714. Rick Bonnell is getting concerned …

  715. I’m questioning whether he sat out too long the first time. 6 weeks? Hamstring pulls can occur when other muscles (e.g. glutes) aren’t strong enough. Is it possible his muscles atrophied from sitting out too long?

    I’m concerned about the Nets training staff because Lin never had hamstring pulls before. Not in Houston, NY, Harvard, Palo Alto.

  716. Hornets are mediocre. Nets would have crushed Charlotte last game too if Lin had played. It was a close game even without him.

  717. He didn’t look good when he walked to the line. That’s why the Hornets players patted him and talked to him before he took the shot. But I guess they just thought Lin will just bounce back, they saw it plenty when he played for the Hornets. This year, though, that hamstring has kept him out.

  718. In fact Lin showed that ‘fire’ (or anger) tonight and if it was not injured, he might get +30 and more than 10 asst. And his teammates were affected by that too.

  719. Randy Foye talking about Jeremy :

    β€œIt’s extremely frustrating. Not for me or for the guys but seeing your guy [Jeremy] work so hard to get back. Just respect, just leadership, every single day, on the court, off the court. Then for him to go out again with the same thing, come on man, why?” Foye said. β€œBut at the end of the day Jeremy is resilient. He’s a strong person, and he’s going to get through this.” See : http://nypost.com/2016/12/26/unlikely-hero-saves-nets-after-jeremy-lin-goes-out-with-injury/

  720. Ironically he made both FTs. This so frustrating to watch. It’s Lin’s big chance and he’s playing great. But that hamstring is ruining the entire season. And it’s a nagging injury too. Even if he comes back in 2 weeks, he’ll still have that on his mind.

    I hope he uses this as motivation to trust his midrange game more. All those awkward landings on full-speed drives are taking their toll.

  721. Respect to Foye. Even before tonight, I’ve remained a fan of Foye. He’s a smart unselfish player; great vet to have on the team even if he doesn’t play much.

  722. I think the combination of the ankle and back injuries may have made him overcompensate on his hamstrings. When the ankle injury occurred, it may have put more of his weight in the hammy. I agree, more midrange. I notice Rose is using more midrange now. Who would have thought Rose would be relatively injury free this year and Lin would miss so many games?

  723. That’s the best way to describe your leader. Well said, Foye!!

  724. Excellent comments from Foye.

  725. It doesn’t sound like true but I hope it’s true.

  726. did you just contradict yoself

  727. Lin just twitter this:
    Proud of the squad!! @randyfoye you deserve every bit of what you did man…true vet, awesome friend! And ty for your prayers! #BrooklynGrit

  728. positive indication that Nets now wants to win! Jlin can take care of himself and he knows what is needed for him to recover quickly. He does not waver and delve on the negative for his Faith is strong and his Light always shine!

  729. on the far end of the seat right now..LOL!

  730. I’ll remember this moment when Foye gave Lin’s prop after he hit the winning shot to save the Nets tonight. Foye has shown his own humility to me after tonight. Respect to him! Saw him spending time w/ Lin behind the scene lots too.

  731. well….unselfish??sometimes he’s not and lets face it, he has been on a bind some past few games and hasn’t shown a promise except this game and his winning shot. He has lots of learning and unlearning to do and great that he saw what can jeremy do for the team.

  732. nets now can be on a downhill because they miss jeremy….but kudos to Frank, he has improved unlike Zeller who remain the player he was before!

  733. For someone who only played with you for 12 games to give a comment like that tells you what kind of person/player he is.

  734. The whole squad played like they were possessed down the stretch. Their defence was bad but their offence had an answer every single time in the last stretch. They played with heart and obviously did not want to lose that game no matter what.

    Job well done, and it even takes away some of the bitterness I had with Lins injury.

  735. I would always take the words of Taiwanese reporters with a grain of salt… But hoping it’s true this time.

  736. How true is that?…Considering Lin was heavily limping, worse than the first time he got hurt, I would guess Lin will be sidelined for at least a few weeks….I hope not and if he’d indeed day-to-day, that’d be great news.

  737. Randy is such a humble guy!! Hope he’ll have more good games like this while waiting for Lin returns.


  738. lin threw his chair angrily after the injury… i like that he is angry and really wants to show how much of an impact he has on his team

  739. Where is it reported?

  740. It is a bitter-sweet victory for Nets and for Lin fans.

    Foye is a great teammate who praised Lin after making the game-winning shot tonight.
    Pray that Lin recovers soon.

  741. Randy Foye’s shot became today’s top #1. Let’s review it again from different angle and the reactions.

  742. Foye is 1st player since Boston’s Milt Palacio on Dec. 28, 2000 to have his only made field goal be a game-winning buzzer-beater (vs. NJN aka Nets)



  743. Foye not only made a clutch buzzer beater, he also guarded Walker very well. Walker had 0 PT after Lin left the game and only scored 15PTs this game–a lot less than his average of 22.6PTs/game. Whitehead also played good D, but TOs are still a big problem for him. How to make a balanced and wise rotation between vets and rookies is a big lesson for the coach. He did a good job on managing the rotations for this game. Hope we will see more like this from the coach.

  744. I watched the entire game and don’t think I seen anything fitting that narrative….

  745. why did Kenny run away like he had a dog chasing him?

  746. He didn’t really throw his chair, he just kinda knocked a chair over lightly (even his tantrums are subdued lol). You can see it at roughly 0:47 here.

  747. chinese reporter…listening to english reporter..and then tweeting this.
    now you see how it can be suspicious.

  748. Perhaps he’s worried about Lin’s injury.

  749. in a way true…because I think some team mates AREN’T sure how good lin really is or is it because KA knew him from linsanity. So lin still had to prove to those teammates that he is much better , if not, better than all of them in certain categories like play making or running the offense, etc.

  750. That last defensive play was a smart substitution by Atkinson. He took out Lopez for Booker knowing Charlotte would otherwise isolate Lopez off a pick and roll. It resulted in Kemba’s shot being chased down and blocked, unfortunately Zeller was there for a timely putback.

  751. thats taiwan nba.. not nba….can’t see anythin

  752. Thank You the winning shot and comments doesn’t erase the fact that he’s been selfish all season and always looking for his own shot instead of passing to the open man. That’s why he was DNP for many games since Lin got back. KA needs to learn when to bench and punish guys for playing bad and selfish. When they’re back they will learn their lesson and work harder (ex Foye). Now hopefully Booker will turn a corner as well but I doubt it.

  753. IIRC, Randy Foye has had his moments when he was on the Jazz, hitting clutch shots.

    I didnt watch the game but from the highlights, if it’s a set play meant for Foyer to hit that last shot, then KA made the right decision. Cant say only the veteran can deliver the clutch shot but it’s obvious that Foyer can read it very well and in the right position to hit that shot.

  754. Frank was a 1st round draft pick who can be a potential star in the future, Zeller is just a role player.

  755. that wasn’t a set for foye but fortunately, he was the open man and with 2.something seconds, the play was whmsoever was free to take the last shot…good thing foye’s shot went in and the championship belt was taken by the Nets team..LOL!

  756. From NY Post, that was supposed to give it to Lopez not Foye but since Kemba was in front of Lopez so Foye took the shot anyway…. Good he made it.

  757. To win this game, Lopez, Bogdanovic, Kilpatrick, JLin, Booker all played excellently or adequately.
    There are only two players who need to upgrade their game; Harris and Hamilton.

  758. Lin is being praised on RealGm. Some are saying he is playing at an all-star caliber and he’s a beast on both ends of the floor. Stay Strong, Lin.

  759. A true Lin fan sws94 is. And to think some said sws94 wasn’t a fan of Lin.

  760. I hope he really recognized that Lopez needs to be in the paint because he attracts a lot of double team and with his passing ability things will open up for his team mates

  761. Hi everyone. Sorry for not reporting sooner. Was tired with the jet lag and the 25 hour flight.

    I have read the game report by @sws94 and I basically agree with it. I will just add on some observations.

    First, Brooklyn Center was rocking. Tickets were more or less sold out. It was very different from the Charlotte @ Washington game I watched last year. That stadium was half full and the atmosphere was bleh.

    But Brooklyn Centre had tremendous atmosphere and a lot of support for Lin. I saw lots of people of all races and all ages wearing Lin jerseys. This is a great environment for Lin.

    The injury was very unfortunate and I knew something was wrong cause he missed the layup very badly.

    However another observation is that when Lin is playing, everyone else on the team just stands around watching. Even my sister who does not regularly watch basketball noticed that.

    Cuts are minimal and nobody pushed themselves hard. It seems like it is entirely on Lin to generate offence. It is no wonder that Lin has gotten injured cause he is attempting very difficult drives at very high speed.

    On defence, Lin is doing great but something is just wonky about the rotations. It seems easy for the other team to find someone conpletely open or make a backdoor pass. I suspect it is Booker who is confused on the rotations but it is hard to tell.

    The team actually played better after Lin left, making hard cuts and taking risks.

    I hope they can learn to play that way with Lin on the floor.

    Overall, Lin was an absolute beast on the minutes he was on the floor. No doubt the best player on both teams and at all star level.

    The injury dampened my spirit a lot. But we have to take the long term view now. It is one thing to choose a long term approach deliberately (i.e. development). It is another when something like injury forces us to take a long term approach.

    Lin is there at the highest level. The team will get there. Let’s hope this injury is not too serious. Did not take many pictures. Hard to attach them without my computer so maybe will send them later.

  762. If anyone is interested, the fellow to the left of Jeremy in this photo is Lloyd Beckett, Head Athletic Trainer of the Nets. He joined the Nets in 2014 and has received several promotions since (e.g. to Director of Physical Therapy, etc.).

  763. Watching this photo, I hope it is not a season-ending injury. Lin was so painful.

  764. Hoping and praying hard for good news on @JLin7 injury status ? ? ?

  765. Doesn’t seem like a season ending type of injury. It’s just Lin worked so hard to get his hamstring injury just to tweak it again after a few games back. It is a look of frustration and anger which is very understandable. We’ll learn more soon about the injury.

  766. Great comments, glad you got to see him play and play so well.

  767. This is so great to see Kenny ran back quickly, possibly to the locker room to see Lin.

    Randy Foye Game Winner vs Hornets .
    (You can see coach Atkinson ran quickly,may be back to the locker room ?)

  768. This is so great to see Kenny ran back quickly, possibly to the locker room to see Lin. [mark 0:18]


  769. SOOOOO bummed about the reinjury. I know long term perspective, patience, big picutre, etc. etc. – but it is a total downer. I don’t even want to go watch the Cavliers @ Nets game in January. It’s like the time I took my family to Houston for Thanskgiving just to watch JLin with the Rockets and he got hurt a couple of minutes into the first Rockets game, and I was sooo bummed.
    (OMG, it just occurred to me that the game was Rockets v. Nets in which JLin got hurt. Perhaps the Nets are jinxing Lin’s helath . . . Just kidding. Kind of . . .) We went on to watch two additional Rockets games during that trip, and I hated being all the way in Texas watching those games without Lin playing.

  770. Thanks for the report.

  771. still no updates

  772. It’s a post-Christmas miracle!

    Hope miracle happens again and Lin returns healthy soon!


  773. I can well understand how disappointed you and your children were in Houston. Samething happened to me at the Verizon Center in DC when Jeremy was ill…Well, I was eagerly looking forward to seeing him play this coming Friday (30th)..It seems like it is not meant to be. I just hope his injury is not a serious one and will recover soon.

    I am encouraging my son-in-law to take his 10 year old daughter in my place so that she can experience a bit of a sports world. Since the game would be televised here by Cox, I can root for the Nets at home! Speedy recovery for Jeremy and Go Nets!

  774. Mod: Not trying to bring negative from the other site here, but this is the proof that Yellow Claw is a troll and should be banned from this site permanently.
    He posted “Lin is so weak
    Finally gets the chance to lead an NBA team
    he gets injured again like wth hes so weak
    turning into an injury prone player
    he has nothing but his weakness to blame”

  775. very weak screen by lopez

  776. hes so annoyingg. he trolls all the time. plz take our word and ban him

  777. Completely agree.

  778. Yup .. fully agree

  779. Jeremy didn’t do any work today at practice …


  780. Well at least this time we won’t question the Nets performance staff for resting Lin so long. Gosh please let it be less than a month.

  781. Hammies are not as easy to treat as a sprained ankle. Those large muscle groups take time to heal and it’s hard to tell if fully recovered until you use it. Let’s hope it’s just a minor setback for Lin.

  782. Agreed.

  783. I know. Im going to rox game in jan. 15th. Dont want to go if he is injured but it is jlin bobblehead night. Gonna grab that and maybe catch a qtr or 2 and then make like a tree…

  784. Where is obriens report?

  785. Good reporting Arsenium

  786. He has some tweets first

  787. Ok, thanks. Btw, who is obrien?

  788. Arsenium had a quote comments from him idk

  789. Still waiting for doctor’s report…..

  790. Newsday

  791. Newsday sports reporter.

  792. Thanks very much.

  793. Looks like he was not wearing shoes, but his famous slippers

  794. Too unfortunate to see Lin to have another injury after having a very good night.Last night was the1st time that I saw KA letting him what he does best.I hope to see him on the court soon.

  795. He only shows up at games with every chance to diss anything related to Lin. Sounds like a troll from last year. Forgot his name.

  796. Another cryptc 5 weeks of news?

  797. lol

  798. It’s already a cryptic day of news. We were supposed to hear something hours ago. But this time we know not to expect a lot of information.

  799. Lol – the ubiquitous slippers.

  800. Nice – 3 generations of Lin fans!

  801. Lopez doesn’t know how to screen. Doesn’t help he doesn’t get enough minutes with Lin with KA always being cautious and benching him :/

  802. Sigh

  803. I’m starting to think maybe your jinxed to not watch Lin. Better just sell your January ticket and Lin will miracously heal.

  804. do we have footage he ran to the locker room? because can be something
    else.. he is escaping the mob..and then maybe stand at the end of the
    bench to watch the mob…not to the locker room.

  805. oh that sucaducka

  806. but but that taiwanese reporter say it’s day to day!!!
    he lied!

  807. HAHAHAH you noticed that too..
    actually it’s only on one foot..

  808. Taiwanese reporter, famous for their cut and paste style writing and rumour inspired reporting… Some of them even swear by google translate…

  809. no news huh? as expected -_-

  810. yea Nets doesn’t like giving exact date of return. Still want to know how bad the injury is compared to last time at least :/

  811. Sadly you are correct ….

  812. thank you, duly noted.

    We can’t do anything on the comment made on other forums but we’ll be looking into his past posts and monitoring closely. Appearing only to bash Lin with negative comments will be grounds for permanent ban without any warnings.

  813. After careful evaluation, YellowClaw is permanently banned since all the comments are negative, divisive comments and wishing teammates death wish.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  814. It’s true that the absence of bad news could be good. They might want to see how he improves on day-to-day basis

    @indigoonearth gloria lee:
    “No news and no bad news so far, so, no news is not so bad. Maybe they just want to see how he feels tomorrow.”

  815. Yeah, something feels different this time. Last time it was hamstring strain, to be reevaluated in 2 weeks. Today, it looks like they’re weighing what’s going on perhaps.

  816. Hope so. If there is something obvious from MRI, they should have already say something like last time. Just being hopeful.

  817. Ya! Lin also seemed to walk OK so it should be much better.

  818. yes, if it was a clear-cut bad news, they would announce it immediately.
    They might want to give it some time to see the progress after 1-2 days.

    Let’s continue to hope and pray it’s good news soon

  819. Agree with how the Nets handle things I’d say no news is good news! If they announced anything it might be something really bad surgery or out for rest of season. Obviously they can’t tell when he’ll be back nor want to put pressure on JLin to get back for an already hopeless season. When JLin comes back I hope he takes up the challenge of going to the rim less and instead really perfect his 3 point shooting, mid jumpers, and floaters those will prolong his career a lot more.

  820. Sorry about that. Please try the NBA official site.

  821. people are appealing to the fact that Lin was walking. But wasn’t Lin walking last time?

    Also, generally, are re-injuries normally worse or better than the first injury or it doesn’t matter?

  822. Jeremy lin replaced his legs with bionic Legs thats why there is no news he is playing tomorrow guys!

  823. my speculation was he had a grade 2 on Nov 2 and he re injured it so it’s probably grade 2
    grade 1 heals in 2 weeks or less iirc
    Aside from this grade issue is this can affect his career going forward. it’s an uncertain injury , and in Lin’s case he is an NBA pt guard in motion offense. the intensity of his hamstring use off the chart when he drives to the rim after running the 3 pt arc .

  824. Maybe it’s a wakeup call for him to use his full arsenal of moves more floaters midrangers etc he wont have these injuries at least minimize it by a lot.

  825. it’s early to say but yes eventually everything should be examined

  826. Here’s a nice story about a long distance basketball fan …

  827. last time Lin was having a hard time walking within the first 2-3 days

    I don’t know enough about hamstring reinjury can be worse or better.
    Maybe it’s by case-by-case basis. But we know it can linger throughout the season

  828. do we know that Lin isn’t having a hard time walking now? I saw there was a picture of him walking below, but it’s hard to tell from a picture.

  829. or just maybe, JLIn was already thinking much of this injury that a little or sudden pain caused him to thnk twice or doubt as per performance team request of him, that’s why he immediately sought to check it out and performance team all too cautious doesn’t want to say anything except Jlin saying he’s ok…Psychological?

  830. i can stand ok with his comments actually on the basis of liberation and his freedom to speak his mind, but his being gone here is also a welcome relief..thanks for that fast resolve…LOL!

  831. the other foot looks like a boot, maybe to help secure his ankle

  832. KA talks about fitting the Nets’ system around the roster. It could be a response to fan feedback …

  833. Not sure if this has been posted. Here is about the hamstring reinjury,


  834. I’ll believe when I see it, KA have said this many times already including the beginning of the season. I have yet to see him unleash PnR with many screens for the PG and the bigs actually rolling to the basket in full force.

  835. Still no MRI? It’s been a day already. Why?

  836. Holidays.

  837. Haha, that’s awesome.

  838. doesn’t make sense… ers are open during holidays too.

  839. Wow. It’s crazy that he’s injured again. :/

  840. don’t tell me you just found that out like within the last 3 hours.

  841. It will likely be done tomorrow.

  842. new game thread

    G31 BKN Nets (8-22) Has to Face CHI Bulls (15-16) Without @JLin7
    http://www.jlinportal.com/g31-nets-vs-bulls/ …
    Keep hoping+praying for good MRI results for JLin

  843. Well said. Maybe Lin injury made him think his approach. Without Lin the system didn’t work. With Lin in the system aggravates his hamstring.

  844. Yes I did lol. Haven’t been keeping up with Lin lately. ?

  845. I totally would if that was the case . . .

  846. May try selling tickets at profit. Some Cavs fans would probably bite (of course if it’s certain Lin will be out)

  847. Where do you sell the tickets?

  848. Good question. Here’s a link to ticketmaster options: http://www.ticketmaster.com/verified

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