G30 LAL @ DAL PreGame Thread+Poll

Jeremy started strong with being aggressive with a reverse layup but couldn’t get his shots going as he only played 19 min with 6pts/2asts/2stls/1reb

Whether Byron’s limited min might bother Lin’s concentration to let the game come to him or Coach Thib’s defense prevented Lin’s drives to be effective, Lin couldn’t get the bench to provide sparks as Nick Young also struggled with his shooting (1-6)

Let’s hope Lin’s legs stay fresh for a Back-to-Back game tomorrow as he only played 19 min.

It’s another tough game since Coach Carlisle knows how dangerous Lin can be so part of the game plan will include preventing Lin’s penetration.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. Jeremy breaks the perception that you can’t have a good b2b game. Godspeed Jeremy!!!

  2. If a coach doesn’t want to win, it’s really easy for him to screw a
    player’s stats—simply by benching him every time he gets hot.
    is such a ridiculous coach because everybody knows now that he works
    for Kobe instead of the Lakers. And his agenda against Lin looks bigger
    and bigger because Kobe gets more and more insecure. I really
    hope the Lakers can hire a new coach for next season and have the coach put Kobe to the 2nd unit. This is a better strategy than letting Kobe/Scott screw the Lakers for two seasons and drive most of the fans away from LAL or even NBA.

  3. In practice, it will be hard to imagine Kobe in the 2nd unit with the money and 5-rings that he has.
    If things don’t change, it’s not good for Lin’s career to continue to play in LA under Kobe and BScott’s outdated system

    Lin probably didn’t expect his minutes could be cut even lower coming off the bench than in HOU but such is the harsh reality of jealousy in LA. He just needs to continue to fight every game and make the best decision later.

  4. During the short PT coming off the bench, I suspect Scott is also limiting Lin’s role as a PG much like McHale did in Rox. I am even more confident about Lin’s talent simply because Kobe/Scott are so competitive against him.

  5. I’m very saddened by most lin fans. We must all face reality sometimes. Cannot blame everyone and anyone for lins troubles. Tonight Lin needed to show out and failed. It’s on Lin. I get the crappy circumstances but our hero is not always 100% faultless. I don’t care about bad backs.

  6. did you watch the game?

  7. it’s ok. Lin’s not perfect. Everyone had bad games. Swaggy got 3pts too so Lin’s pretty good with 6pts relatively speaking.

    Lin didn’t shoot well tonight after starting strong with a reverse layup but I’m still glad to see he was being aggressive to get himself going. I would’ve been disappointed if he chose to facilitate only and play defense.
    Better to try and fail than be afraid to try to succeed at all.

    Tomorrow is a brand new game.

  8. Unnatural selection and racial bias in the NBA.

    One of the rules of evolution is that the strongest, smartest and most healthy should be the ones to pass on the genetic material to ensure that the specie has its best chance for survival.

    Samurai crabs were used by Carl Sagan as an example of unintentional artificial genetic selection. According to this hypothesis, the crabs with shells resembling Samurai were thrown back to the sea by fishermen out of respect for the Heike warriors, while those not resembling Samurai were eaten. This gave the crabs that looked right a greater chance of reproducing. This may in fact weaken the genetic pool of the specie because it’s not based upon anything other than appearance. It is not based upon the survival of the fittest, but rather on which crab or NBA player looks the most like one.

    Jeremy Lin maybe suffering from this type of “unnatural selection” due to the fact that he doesn’t look like an NBA player. Scouts, coaches and GMs are exhibiting the same kind of ignorance as the fishermen by choosing appearance over physical attributes.

    The fishermen aren’t to blame for their superstition because it’s part of their belief system. BS is just plain stupid and stubborn to ignore his upper brain process. Haha, my apologies to the fishermen!

  9. Scott was correcting the mistake he had done in the GSW game, and hoped his boss Kobe would pardon him. Players got the message before playing the game so they were worried. That’s why Lin had to yell at his teammates several times. You can’t expect the players to perform if you hint that they will be punished if they win.

  10. that evil eyes watching from the touch line….the bench is feeling so uncomfortable and “unnatural” today…anyway, Bulls has home ground advantage…

  11. Yes sir…

  12. I didn’t watch the whole game. Charmin didn’t perform well. Lin was struggling in his shooting. His assists was also low. Let’s see who he had to work with. Swaggy is 1/6, rookie Clarkson played almost 11 minutes 0/2 with low production, Boozer performed the best off the bench. Why not play Lin more with Davis and Ellington when Young was struggling also?

    Cuz Scott didn’t want to win WITHOUT Kobe.

  13. U have to stop complaining about lin not making shots…lol…no one is perfect….he tried his best….nothing is all on him or not on him at all. Blames solely one one thing is simply just illogical and facts ignoring….

  14. Or Kobe does not want to win without Kobe….either way…..the same to lin…

  15. Just curious…is @webattorney left?

  16. he has gone back to jeremylin.net…

  17. Excellent Samurai-Crab analogy!

    BScott either:
    1. thinks Lin doesn’t resemble his Price-less Samurai or
    2. thinks Kobe gives him another chance to be a Samurai crab as an NBA head coach (after being tossed out by many NBA teams)
    And perhaps both.

    But one thing for sure is LA Media will want BScott to be extinct soon for sending Kobe to early retirement :]

  18. Oh….I see… Have not seen him for awhile….I guess he likes there more

  19. ya,…fighting evil over there…

  20. I really think this LAL team can be a 500 team if they tried….really a shame…

  21. BS coaching, give your sharp shooter the sword and give your samurai the gun.

  22. …BS is too predictable….the opposing coach bs’ed byron scott.

  23. he was mistakenly been put in the blacklist temporarily (not sure whom or how)
    but I fixed it and let him know.

    Hope @webattorney:disqus will visit sooner or later. Kinda miss seeing KHuang/webattorney’s dynamics 😀

  24. Lol.”oh ok…

  25. Lin is not a traditional PG like rubio or rondo
    he isnt a distributor
    he’s more of a scoring guard, a combo guard like many top PGs today, Kyrie, Rose(before injuries), parker, bledsoe, dragic, thomas kemba, teague and so on
    he should not focus too much on defense cuz he will never be considered a great defender honesly it doenst really matter
    he might wanna stick to his strength which is to score he can be an elite at scoring

  26. Mitch is on record that a .500 team is not the lakers objective.

  27. And ppl think a samurai can just shoot better if take more shot or will shoot 50%+ just like that…

  28. yes, without any personal agendas any normal coach would use Lin/Davis (or at least talk about it during interviews) as a weapon. Plus limit Kobe’s minutes, make him play within the system, etc.

    That’s why I don’t believe BScott is simply incompetent. To ignore Lin/Davis clear connection means he has a hidden agenda.

  29. Obviously that is not their objective….lol

  30. or just doesnt care about offense that doesnt involve Kobe/Swaggy Iso

  31. Everyone knows the combo of Lin and ed but bs would need to separate them,

  32. U know..statistically speaking….if you are incompetent…you will make roughly 50/50 good and bad decisions……given Scott made almost 100% wrong……it must has some more obvious answer other than imcompetence,,,,,always making wrong decision is about as hard as alway making right ones…

  33. yes I agree eith you…they can but Kobe is thinking about his personal goal more than the team.

  34. Again, it is up the coach what pg duty would be not the pg himself

  35. Makes sense…however….I am not sure what can he do differently…

  36. Lin is exprcted to perform at inhuman levels, Such is the life of the Asian trailblazer.

  37. well Mitch is not smart either….

  38. true, it goes back to BScott who wants Price as his ideal PG whose defense cover Kobe’s lack-of-D
    Plus not utilizing Lin/Davis PnR since it doesn’t make Kobe look good.

    Lin’s defense is excellent as he had 3 steals each in the GSW game plus drawing offensive charge to cause TOs.
    He just didn’t get the credit for it because Byron wants “Price spearheaded defense” agenda.

  39. Linsanity!!,

  40. great players know how they should play and can ignore an incompetent coach

  41. List a few please?

  42. yes…..he is much smarter than we think when defending Lin

  43. igore scott take his shots like swaggy does
    demand picks from sacre and boozer yell at them curse at them if need be
    if he makes them whats scott gonna do?
    and I know Lin will make them

  44. true, and the deliberate act of not even entertaining the idea of Lin/Davis PnR since preseason is simply showing intentional acts.

    A clueless coach would still talk about it and makes some bad analysis about it.
    But not talking about it at all despite Lin/Davis wowing fans everytime it happens?

    Very fishy indeed.

  45. Harden
    and so on..

  46. nice read.Tq

  47. Hr does know how but the same as doing it against the coach

  48. Q.E.D.

  49. Well he’s not a great 1-on-1 defender but its whatever
    doesnt matter
    he can really score why get away from that lol

  50. Ok…..then I guess I will just agree to disagree.

  51. huh?

  52. lol dont we all

  53. Those you listed are same as Kobe, Lin never had that same treatment

  54. They are blacks with FO supports

  55. Lin just needs to have some strong games to make them treat him the same

  56. ..color dont matter
    it aint about the FO its about u

  57. U must have not seen he season openers last yr.

  58. M…….it depends on what color I think

  59. by strong i mean
    20+ games night in and night out
    like Linsanity

  60. What u know is one thing but doing as what the coach wants is another.

  61. NYK FOwas kissing his azz

  62. then ignore the coach

  63. It will never be enough for doubters.

  64. From what I read about tonight’s game, it sounded like not many Lakers played that well. Young and Lin shot badly and the number 1 bench in the league couldn’t make it happen tonight.

    I expected as much since everyone knew that there would be retribution to be paid for being so gleeful winning while playing while unchained. So with KOBE on the bench with Scott’s inscrutable coaching style, it’s no wonder the team shot terribly. The only ones that could possible play right are the ones proetcted by Scott. Guys like Price and Wes don’t have to look over their shoulders wondering if their next mistake would send them to the bench. Lakers tonight wasn’t just fighting the Bulls’ strong defence, they were also fighting the mental fog coming from their own bench.

    I wrote a piece a while ago about a basketball team using mental projection to practice their FTs for a whole month while others from the same team actually physically practiced the shots. The team that actually physically shot the balls were 25% better than before, while the team that only projected shooting the balls into the hoop improved by 24%. What this psycology experiment showed was that physical training only reenforces our actual abilities by a very slim margin. There is no denying that strength and reps help to tone the muscles to recreate and improve resistance to outside forces. At the highest level of any sport, it’s still about fastest, strongest, quickest, smartest and ideally correctly proportioned for the sport. But this experiment also reveal that shooting is not JUST a physical skill.

    How much do you actually aim and how does this aiming or sighting actually help the act of shooting? It’s like asking a pitcher how they know how they throw a 90 mph pitch to a spot. Doing something so complicated happens by command systems that is less about logical commands and more about imagery or projection, the very same psychological test that half the basketball team “practiced”. That’s why great coaches know exactly how to release a players anxieties by setting correct parameters for each and every player. When a player knows exactly what they are expected to do and is emotionally comfortable in their roles AND feel safe, they will then play with ease.

  65. U do realize no one does that…right?

  66. Harden? Kobe? Ellis? its just a kick start thou

  67. Have noticed the role and minutes he has lost?

  68. Linsanity hello

  69. None of then do that night in and night out tho….averagely yes.

  70. yep
    cant get any lower

  71. yah but Lin just needs a stretch where he avgs 20ish pts
    then hes iin

  72. He played half the minutes during linsanity

  73. true, it’s known Lin’s lateral quickness doesn’t help him guard smaller PGs well

    but yeah, when a jealous Kobe demanded his PG job, even Max & Marcellus ESPN Radio hosts agreed there’s not much Lin can do :]

    BScott just makes me miss D’Antoni or any coaches who will believe in Lin!

  74. he was given minutes cuz he kept scoring

  75. Oh yeah like to nite n more coming under bs

  76. He averaged for 18.6 pts for about 1x games last ur and only worse things happened…

  77. same
    and I dont believe that lateral quickness bs
    with all due respect to PFV
    whenever he brings that up, it pisses me off
    Like Lin isnt any worse than many of the starting PGs in the league
    defense is overrated
    Lin aint that bad in the lateral quickness department

  78. Playing good = bench next game
    Playing bad = bench immediately
    Not following the order = bench
    Lin’s no good tonight but that’s not so much he could do within those limited minutes, without players that compliment him well in particular.

  79. 10+ games?

  80. Finally we agrees…

  81. This is the coach job to bring out the best of each players

  82. LOL but just hope PFV wud chill on those “limitations” Lin aint that bad

  83. a good coach
    but BS is an awful coach

  84. It dropped after his 1st injuries…he was in the talk of 6MOY

  85. shyt happens its sad man

  86. Then it’s hard to blame him at all that there’re something he can’t control.

  87. You mean like how Harden was terrible at the beginning of last year or KOBE now? It’s easy when you have the full backing of the coach and league. Try doing anything without external support while only receiving negative reneforcement then you can make a case.

    You are comparing apples to oranges. Lin made a believer in D’antoni and was able to flourish. What lin has endure the last 3 years is to be singled out for any mistake as indicator of potential while ALL these players you pointed out would fail but given a free pass while ONLY looking at their great games as their potential.

  88. My point is the bias is there…..his production indeed matter but not that much..

  89. Yes sir!

  90. I wouldn’t bother responding to him. If you read his post history, it reads like a troll that will occasionally praise Lin but then diss him at the same time.

    Maybe I’m wrong and just paranoid, but it just seems off for a fan.

  91. Tonight, BS won. Jeremy cannot play one on five with his teammates standing around.

  92. Agree. That’s one of the main points I have problems with PFV:-) Glad that I ain’t the only one feels that way.

  93. No He is not. We want to see good games from him if his coach allows. Tonight, he was not allowed.

  94. When all is bleak hold on the faith and believe that the good will eventually succeed. Merry Xmas to all Lin and Laker fans of the world.

  95. For inspiration Lin fans, watch The Lord of The Rings, which I am doing now. Full of excitement and hope for the best. And have some cookies and coffee. Lin will continue with his battle and we must have confidence he will succeed when the time is right.

  96. I’d rather have @disqus_SyuAk23JI7:disqus stick to posting here.

  97. salute from me too!

  98. agree, sometimes I think PFV gives concessions to keep tight control on hater narratives, so I give him a pass even if I don’t agree with him.

  99. he doesn’t need a bad back to have a bad shooting night given the situation he’s in. Read what acbc wrote.

    Truth is, he played pretty good D, and he has a lot of offensive sets where his teammates bricked. That’s it. Very different than Swaggy showing up and chucking badly. Lin was in the game flow and could have had the comeback had BSc played him 6 mons in 3Q as well as given them more encouragement as they got close.

  100. Some of the players are trying. The coaching staff/FO. not for so many reasons.

  101. If Lin can figure out how to get Sacre and Boozer to set better and more picks for him, then things would be alot easier for him.

  102. Not all up to the coach, players need to communicate and figure things out together as well.

  103. Sad, Lakers games can be so much more fun if Lin, Booz, Young, Ellington, and Davis were starters. To think if Kobe does sit out for a week, Price will get to start with all these minutes over Lin! If Lin was the starting PG without Kobe it’d be Linsanity 2.0 for sure!

  104. Hey people, it was just one bad game. Nothing much has changed:-

    1. The Lakers are still better without Kobe than with Kobe. They are just not good enough to beat both the Warriors and Bulls in consecutive games.

    2. Jeremy is still much better than Ronnie Price. Let’s not be doubters!

    The only issue moving forward is Jeremy’s minutes. I believe that will change towards the end of the season. Once tanking goal is achieved and front office can afford to challenge (or even fire) Scott, Jeremy will get better minutes. Either to get him to sign an new contract or as trade bait.

  105. I beg to differ, if Lin and bench lineup weren’t changed with limited minutes (17) they would’ve won!

  106. Well yes but we are kinda stuck with this rotation and limited minutes for Lin, for now.

  107. Quite obvious BS was intent on losing this game since the players made Kobe and him look bad after they won GSW game.

  108. I feel the same way. Young is the best shooter in the team but he only played 16 min w 6 shots?! Limited min for bench sure could have more chance to loss the game. That’s what Scott wants bc after the lose he can prove to people… WE NEED KOBE!!!

  109. It’s exactly why Lin needs research his next team wisely in terms of Owner, GM, coaching staff, and players.

  110. I agree but the reality it’s …will they offer him the contract or not? I know we all hope everything can be just perfect for him but …. Like we always said why Knicks is so dumb that didn’t keep Lin… ? They just didn’t.. Somehow I got the feeling, Lin will stay in Lakers no matter we like it or not bc so far I can’t see any team offer him contract but Lakers, Knicks? or maybe GSW?

  111. Pl vote for Lin in ASG. By tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/ daily.

  112. We won’t know until off season but I’m there are Eastern teams in need of his service. Forget about Western teams, most of them tailor to their stars and has an agenda. I truly feel Pelicans would be a great destination, reunited with Asik and Anthony Davis is a legit star who plays within the system without chucking shots.

  113. Right now there are tons of PGs in the league w new rookie every year… It’s tough to get a good position now. Will see…

  114. There are rookies every year doesn’t mean there’d be stars in the draft. This year is a great example.

  115. But since they are young & cheap so teams like it. Look at Celtics, they prefer Smart over Rondo?

  116. Rondo can’t score and really hasn’t been great after injury. Right now teams need PGs who can score to go up against elite teams not just dish out assists.

  117. Life is unfair. We all get it

  118. Thanks for the reminder. Just did.

  119. That should be Montgomery’s job ALL along, but he is not doing it. SMH. Make me look down on this so call “Christian” using Lin’s christian loyalty.

  120. Nice thought, but the reality is teams like Houston and Lakers can’t allow Lin to out-shine their stars, so these teams will always have a Beverly or Price, waiting in the wings to take the starting role. They will have somebody else take Price’s place.

  121. Will try to do it daily to push more votes for him. #9 it’s not good.


    Lin is a GREAT 1on1 defender.

    What Lin can’t do is stop pick and rolls and team offenses all by himself.

  123. WRONG.

    Can get a lot lower a lot sooner.

    Scott is itching for the chance for Lin to go rogue like you want him to. Then Scott would DNP CD Lin.


    Lin had great games as a starter and was PUNISHED for it.

  125. NO.

    Sports agents do not dictate roles and minutes for players.

  126. Pelicans would have 4 incompetent guards in front of Lin.

    Jimmer Fredette is better than all of those guards, and he’s not allowed to play.

    Lin would be BENCHED in New Orleans.

  127. I don’t believe it. It may appear that way in the surface, but as long as someone has leverage, nothing is non-negotiable. You know what I mean.

  128. https://twitter.com/WojYahooNBA/status/548514024137441280

    Lakers should claim him? Lakers are trying to tank so hard if they are not even trying to get new players……….

  129. Lakers are not really going to win so they don’t care… smh!

  130. Even BS can’t be this clueless. This really makes me believe they are trying to devalue Lin so they can re-sign him for cheap.

    A lot of people think he wouldn’t want to sign with LA again, but if they can devalue him enough right now, then maybe no team will give him an over and the can snatch him up?

    I know this is in conspiracy theory territory now but that’s the only think that really makes sense to me. Like others have said, even a bad coach could get 50/50 with this team.

  131. Guys, I think Lin needs another miracle to salvage his nba career. Unlike in Htown, M&M wanted to see Lin failed but they were still under the pressure to win so when the game was on the lin, they would play Lin to rescure their games, LAL FO and BS want to tank (or do not care of winning) the worse Lin looks the better BS feels. To BS and Kobe there is absolute no incentive to see Lin succeeds. BB is a team sport, it is not like tennis, ping-pong…etc, without the coach puts the right players around a PG, Lin is set up to fail. Miracle happened in NY, let’s hope we will see another miracle this time. Otherwise, I am done with NBA.

  132. No I don’t know what you mean.

    In my decades of following the NBA, I’ve never ever seen a sports agent lobby to get their clients better treatment and actually succeed.

    If the NBA’s number one earning agent Arn Tellem could not force Houston to play Omer Asik decent minutes, there’s no way that Tellem or David Falk or Linns agent Jim Tanner or any other agent could force better treatment for Lin.

  133. Much need divine intervention now…

  134. Didn’t know he had interview vs Bulls game?


  135. Great post.

    All Lin can do is ride out the end of the season and collect his paychecks while still being a consummate team player.

    Despite Lin’s shooting struggles, I don’t see him struggling in any other aspect of the game. I don’t think he can be doing much more than he’s doing.

    Because I’ve seen so many good players phased out in the NBA, I’m able to recognize the telltale signs of Lin being ejected. But I also know that Lin absolutely has the capacity to excel on any team that wants him and uses him minimally correctly.

  136. Yes sir!

  137. He looks like he was gonna kill those reporters….or….the face that says “go talk to Scott…..leave me alone”

  138. haha! I sure hope so…

  139. This reminds me of what the Knicks did during the Patrick Ewing era.

    One year, the Knicks made a MAJOR MOVE by bringing in Rolando Blackman from Dallas. Ro was an All Star and one of the best shooting guards in the entire NBA.

    The first regular season game the Knicks played, Ro had an effortless 16 points in an easy Knick victory. Ro and newcomer Charles Smith looked terrific. And that’s all we saw of Ro for the rest of the year as the less talented John Starks was handed Ro’s minutes.

    I couldn’t figure out what had happened to Blackman at the time, as he looked so good. Blackman hardly ever played, but he just remained a professional and worked.

    Years later, I now believe that Ro ran afoul of Patrick Ewing and so Pat Riley knocked Ro out to protect Ewing’s fragile ego. That’s what’s happening to Jeremy Lin right now, though Jeremy Lin has put up far more of a fight against Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant than Rolando Blackman put up against Ewing and Byron Scott’s mentor Pat Riley!

  140. Very good analogy….ha I remember that too. But I just did not know why. Well Starks had his moments too…BUT…..oh well.

  141. Making the coffee right now…….

  142. Good for you, and do smell the coffee aroma before you drink it. Appreciate each day of living, be happy.

  143. Even D-Will has to be a backup PG for now. haha

  144. That’s what I do everytime I walk pass by my coffee machine…

  145. That’s why I feel LA is purposely doing this so they can sign Lin for cheap. They hope others will not bid for him if he looks bad right now. So then not only can they lock him up on a good contract (for them), they can have a high draft pick as well.

  146. What? For real?

  147. Let’s go Jlin…. destroy the rondo Era in Dallas. .. hehe

  148. This “ERA” is still short for now…LOL

  149. That was what I thought earlier that FO wants to sign Lin cheap next contract, but I don’t think Lin will want to play under this BS if he is not fired before July when the contract signed. If I were Lin, I would rather leave NBA, if no other team wanted me, than playing for this BS.

  150. It will be the shortest Era ever.

  151. LOL oh well….as long as not another injury. As short as it can be……LOL

  152. Lin can spend much more meaningful time of his life than playing and being humiliated by this BS.

  153. I actually don’t hate dallas just hates rondo on the mavs

  154. That’s the thing, if no other team gives him an offer, he would have to choose them if he wants to stay in the NBA. So we’ll have to see how Lin chooses if this is really the case.

  155. I love this MAV team…minus Rondo too…

  156. To be Frank, whenever LIN has a bad game, it’s always a not so gooddayla. It’s often the case that the weak minded choose singular events as metaphors for doom and gloom.

    Life isn’t fair!? Life is either life or its existence. Fairness is judgement of those who have and those who don’t. Right now, our society has taken the stance that the downtrodden CHOOSE to be that way. This country built upon Christian values now place blame on it’s problems on the weakest class while the riches 1% keeps getting richer. The question i ask all of you is why is this “ideal” of ” i have the right to own more than 99% of the rest of society combined” comes from. The convenience of type of thinking being spread makes it that much easier for us to focus our anger somewhere else instead of those Wall street bankers who made billions on the backs of society. While everyone else suffered, they horded more and more for themselves.

    When our family was refugees living in a 1 room apartment sharing bathroom and kitchen with 5 other families in Hong Kong, we were happy because we were far better off than those living in the shanty towns. We lived in a stone apartment building that would survive all monsoons. Life isn’t fair. That’s something all humanity knows all too well. The real question isn’t what we have or don’t have, it’s what it is that we really want.

    1 Corinthians 1:27-29

    27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him.

    From the poorest to the riches of the world, we are deluded and distracted from answering that question, “what do we really want?” Will it make LIN a better man by being a starter, an allstar, a MVP, a contender and a champion? The “riches”lin has received already is beyond our wildest dreams, yet it’s not enough for us fans. We want more, we want him to be more famous than Jordan! What is it we really want?

    The real lesson for us all as LIN fans is to appreciate his strength and faith while facing such incredible tests of his will and character. When I see him smiling and cheering for his teammates as BS keeps trying to break him down, it makes me even more a fan. The prize isn’t always what important. What’s important is more the journey and how LIN makes the best of what life gives him. That’s a lesson we all must learn as well.

  157. Thats not true
    he was awarded for it

  158. That doesnt even make sense
    If Lin does well, he will keep playing him
    might not see extended mins but can get any less than now

  159. just yell at them lol

  160. Harden had no support at the beginning either but he scored like crazy that was enough

  161. Off topic
    Here’s a funny ads about a new Asian-American TV show featuring Scottie Pippen :]


  162. Yes Sir!!

  163. Lol is this show finally out now? I remember Eddie Huang (the creator) has been talking about it for well over a year. He’s a lawyer turned chef and now owns a successful chain of bau house restaurants…. and has segment on vice. I know he’s obsessed with Bball, so hopefully he gets Lin on there!

  164. the endpoint of all toys as winners is death. The living of life is endless.

  165. The Mamba strikes back

    Swaggy was “only kidding” when he referenced Miss Daisy and Django. Now he admits that the Lakers are nothing without Kobe. And to make sure he never forgets, he was given plenty of time on the bench last night to think about it. Lin also played only 18 min but that’s just punishment for being Lin. Last night’s game was nightmarish, but Kobe’s decision not to play even on 4 days rest supports the idea that Kobe already has a permanent disability. Unfortunately, Lakers management is not yet ready to accept this. They’ve invested $50 mil in Kobe’s salary and collect untold millions in revenue from Kobe’s die-hard fans. So they will not change to a Kobe-free marketing strategy until they’re absolutely convinced that the charade cannot continue.

    That is very sad. I did a quick calculation after the GSW win, and Lakers making the playoffs still seemed very doable. From here on out the Lakers would have to win 65% of their remaining games. This would correspond to playing as well as the Clippers have. The calculation assumed that all playoff-bound teams continued on their current trajectory except for the Lakers who would have to start winning 2 of 3 instead of just 1 of 3. If Lin were unleashed and allowed to play with Davis it could have been an amazing return of Linsanity.

    The problem is that from now on, every time Kobe sits out a game, Scott will try his best to lose. By the time it becomes clear that Kobe is not coming back to the form he started the season with, the playoffs will definitely be out of reach. I wonder what will convince management to change course faster: Kobe sitting out a very long stretch of games or an early attempt to come back with disastrous results? Perhaps the latter.

  166. What Coach Musselman said is true.
    All players will develop if they’re allowed to play through mistakes in game action.

    BScott allows Price to do so because he likes his defensive-mentality.
    D’Antoni allowed Lin to do so because he likes the offensive-mentality.

    It makes me wonder if D’Antoni still texts with Lin throughout the season. I really hope so.
    Watching Lin under BScott makes me long for the D’Antoni days when Lin was allowed to play through mistakes (i.e. 76ers game where he shot around 2-11 but made 10-11 straight FTs to seal the win in the end)


  167. first asian american show on tv??????

  168. Maybe not… remember Margaret Cho?

  169. One can use different devices to vote at NBA.com/asb daily, also text last name to 69622.
    It’s impossible that Lin only got 77,000 votes after 10 days. His latest FB post got more than 20,000 likes in several hours. And that didn’t include most Lin fans in China since they can’t go to FB site unless using some proxy. Also, every Lin only highlight video made by Jay got at least 20,000 views. One can also compare the number of views of the Curry highlight videos and the Lin highlight videos made by Blaiyan. Lin’s videos always have more views than Curry’s.
    Anyway I just don’t believe their votes ae right.

  170. ooh ok anyways way to go abc first blackish now fresh off the boat. very diverse

  171. This is a simple and obvious fact. It is really fine that teams do NOT want to develop Lin, BUT do not do that while saying it is all Lin’s fault. Simply ridiculous.

  172. Selfie was canceled…so…I guess so?

  173. Selfie was not an all Asian American Tv show tho.

  174. Yeah…you are right….

  175. NETs is just better w/o D-Will

  176. Mason Plumlee has grown….

  177. If BScott was coaching on that team, he’s say you’re “crazy” or “idiot” lol.

  178. I wish Jeremy would listen to the song “tomorrow is my turn” from Nina Simon so that he may rise again. “No more doubt, no more fears. Tomorrow is my turn when my luck is returning”.

  179. Only Idixt will say that.

  180. Not sure about playoffs…but I think Lin will play better…

  181. true, the jealousy part contributed to blaming Lin unfairly as the scapegoat.
    When Kobe took Lin’s job as PG and Byron doesn’t run plays for Lin, that’s just full of evil intent

  182. I fully expect Lin will start to play better overall.

  183. Asked to describe Kobe in three words, Steve Nash answered, slowly, in three beats: ‘Mother … f****** … a******.’

    Lin’s response was: “ditto”

  184. I just hope Lin can play with smart team players…Tyler Hansbrough, Cody Zeller, Davis….etc…

  185. I’m sure Lin will play better. Last night the whole team was demoralized. Swaggy looked like he had been brainwashed by water-boarding. It must feel terrible to be put back in chains.

  186. Is Tyler really a smart player? I admit I dont know much about him, the few times Ive seen him he’s just like a bull in a china shop XD

  187. Any player who can make him self available to his PG is smarter then what Lin has got now…

  188. But god, I would cry if some way Jeremy ended up playing on the Pelicans with Anthony Davis.

    He’s from a rare, in danger of extinction species of stars that actually believes in TEAM BALL.
    The guards he plays with think they’re bigger then him and dont get him the ball enough.
    I cant even imagine the amount of alley oops Lin would get him.

  189. Well….I guess that is asking too much.

  190. INCREDIBLY smart player.

    Tyler Hansbrough knows exactly how to play.

    That way he bulls around the court like a runaway locomotive? If one looks closely, he’s actually sticking to the gameplan and making clean athletic moves.

    Hansbrough has flawless fundamentals and plays well above the rim. As a starter, he’s a double double player who easily goes for 17 and 13 every night.

  191. what is? wishing Jeremy would play with AD? 🙁

  192. Yes sir

  193. if they play together like they did during their last game with the warriors–they could really be better…we went last night to their game with the bulls and they were not even trying–seems like they were just there cruising esp. the bench..-kobe was not involved too-no interaction with the players thru’out d game-he sat at the end of the bench–did not sit nor talk with the coaches either….well-made the bulls fan really happy tho-good Christmas present for them 🙂 ….

  194. ma’am*
    Yeah it’s far fetched 🙁
    Pels didnt pick up Rivers option so he could be going elsewhere in the off season, it’s my only little shred of hope.

  195. RIvers improved a ton….but he really is a back up at best.

  196. mother, father, auntie … kids?

  197. If Jared Jack is half as good as a passer as Lin…..NET would blow out the Celtics by now

  198. Onlynik….why?

  199. Was Kobe playing?

  200. That’s interesting KHuang! I definitely havent watched him close enough, Im gonna look out for it now and watch him closer.

  201. Nope

  202. each game is another tick off of the Lin/Davis, Lin decent year clock. That’s all that matters to me, and some more wishes for the team:

    Ellington – do well because of his personal pain this year
    Hill – do something hard inside, so he has a more useful career
    Booz – do something so that all the Jazz fans that passed in him can see redemption
    SwaggyP – just loving the teenager swag fun he brings, don’t care enough to see him grow up except not as Kobe-light.
    Wes – don’t really care but like it when he skye and makes is occasional shots
    Sacre – just want him to stay in the paint and do something safe bbiq-wise.
    Clarkson – steadier mindful playing. Has athleticism for sure. What Lin would want for him based in his little on court encouragement
    Price – actually like him bball wise and personally better than Bev.

    Whatever works …

  203. Not the correct # of letters. Try again.
    Hint: these are words Disqus blocks automatically 😉

  204. Lin memo to Byron: “Uh, … first as a team, you don’t really … blame, uh …”

  205. We’ll probably need to settle for these personal goals, but chasing a playoff berth would be a game-changer.

  206. Kids, Lin doesn’t need a miracle. There is no emergency here. He has $15m coming in this year, decent endorsements controlled by his own vision for his message, he’s very popular with fans and casual fans, he’s a v solid player as any owner can see, and he is being discussed behind the scenes every time personnel discussions around PG depth comes up, etc etc. He’s personally mostly smiling these days, he’s just playing out his contract on a drama filled team that is not lead to win. His fans are in a better place than on Rox, and personally, he has way more than Chris Baldwin to protect his flanks with interior attacks on his character and play.

    Brent said it here first, in a multitude of short posts … if he has limited minutes, usage, and productive time (away from Kobe, my words), what’s he gonna do? For me, for him to put up tape on D, blown assists, etc. is all he can do on the court.

    For me in seeing his poor shooting, I’d like to put each reader in this mindset, and also explain it to the kids learning competitive sports:

    Have you ever played competitive team ball of any kind, where you realize … we are gonna lose if I don’t so something. Then you look around at the emotional and physical strength/rigidity you have to generate to coalesce a team movement toward something, like momentum, for a live action sport … that is very hard to achieve.

    In bball, it’s this very fast-paced back and forth with selfish NBA players. In soccer, 10 minutes left is 2 mins in bball. You have 11 people you have to sew together over 10-20 yard spaces. In rugby, forget it … you’re in the scrum and you can’t even see the wingers to give them your spirit.

    That above is why you cannot produce individually without a good coach and team system that people have bought into. NOBODY in LAL are producing consistently (can you name one?). It all comes from Kobe and BSc. FO seems unable to lead too, given divide between Jeannie and her bro. Mitch? Don’t know enough.

    If we expect Lin, facing all of the above every night, to put up 15 pts in his role, we aren’t realistic as fans. More than half the FOs are definitely realistic. Lin will have a great future despite LAL.

    From that holistic view, there is no emergency.

    Let’s have a fun ride because Lin is today detached and doing ok. Let’s worry about it later, with him, to see if he can get over PTSD. Right now, he’s still in the battlefield getting daily pressure that’s unwinnable (see above, on how to move a team from a competitive losing place … very very hard).

  207. that’s the beauty of FA … there will be another Rox surprise out there and hopefully this time, it’s not a Morey weird construct. LAL will likely lose Lin if they don’t get on a winning bball track. Lin is now in the game, he will not want to lose and sit the bench out of politics. He’s rather make careers like Novak, Fields, Shump, even TD for his time with them than to keep giving his to the Bevs and Prices he’ll see. I bet he would develop them if it was fair, like he’s doing for Clarkson by that one 10 sec shot.

  208. Yes sir!

  209. he’ll get an offer, imho.

  210. Dude was a Tar Heels legend!

  211. isn’t that the amazing grace in living? That each day, we take for granted we’ll come home and lay our heads down on the pillow and nothing new has happened. But really, each of us can have divine intervention every day, or we can cause catastrophe through carelessness.

    I’ll take divine intervention every day and I need it every day lol.

  212. Today’s game tks are expensive! upper level more than USD 100. WTH. Feel sorry for my friends who is going to the game…

  213. agree, good post.

    I’d say Kobe’s body language and tense stance by BSc, as many fans called out, was a huge contributor to the 2nd loss. The kids didn’t feel like it was ok to have fun like against GSW, so they sort of each backed down 10%. That’s all it takes to throw up a stinker because the Bulls are looking for that advantage.

  214. agreed. Monty had little choice and even then, he cannot dictate the signed offer from Rox. We will have some choices this summer, and I hope to see the magic.

  215. you have a much bitter alley pop window with AD … !

  216. young and cheap = clarkson … cannot win games down the stretch with that.

  217. nice perspective.

  218. so a lot of people saw a crappy game

  219. Bc it’s primetime plus w/o Kobe it’s still get good rating.

  220. After the GSW game Lin told a bunch of reporters “Ed is my guy.” I would like to see one of these reporters put the question to BS, “Why are Lin and Davis almost never on the court at the same time?

  221. yep, I wish for FO+BSc to make that decision and tell Kobe how it’s gonna be because it’s not rocket science (they don’t need Kobe’s permission or input).

  222. I’m no good at crosswords lol.

  223. The reporters know what it takes to have locker room access and more what they are vying for … team embrace.

  224. They will stick with Kobe until he needs a walker on the court.

  225. BS in control and he has no intention to let Jeremy be a key for any win. He learned from the GSW game and he won’t want that to happen again.

  226. lol…. 🙁

  227. That’s the real reason. I want to hear the BS reason.

  228. Not really surprised nor disappointed about the Lakers and Lin last night. What I mean is that it is kind of expected. This will remain a Kobe team until he retires. Up to Jeremy to determine if he wants to move to another team next year.

  229. The irony of KB and BS said JLin wasn’t in R. He didn’t need to look back from his shoulders and Lakers with BS and KB is even worse than R. That’s why I dislike Lakers much much much more than R.

  230. Will Kobe play tonight? If so, will his FG% be:
    A) sits out
    B) >=45% (Kobe prime)
    C)~38% (Kobe 2014)
    D) <30% (Kobe aged)

  231. When JLin played well with Davis, BS and KB makes sure this will not happen again. As long as not a good play with JLin and Davis, then they allow a few seconds and couple minutes here and there.

    When JLin had a good connection with Ellington, JLin played little minutes with him. Stories continued on.

    It’s so obvious that as soon as JLin figures things out, BS and KB make sure that it won’t allow to happen next games. They know JLin is a rhythm player and that he needs to feel comfy to play, they make sure that it doesn’t happen. No wonder the ups and downs of JLin’s game.

    Once JLin is able to overcome all these deficits, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that this trains JLin to deal with all situations in all times. Then he can succeed in all situations.

  232. Still cheaper than that of the Wizard game on December 3rd. I did pay $280 for 2 tickets on the upper level. Although Jeremy had a tough nite, I was happy to be there in support of him. No regret. I hope everyone here, also other support sites and especially all the commenters on Jeremylin.Net will send Jeremy lots of positive energy tonight

  233. 280?! really? what was the cheapest at that time?

  234. Sorry, someone was replying to my comment but I accidentally erased it while editing a misspelling. Still learning how to use this site.

  235. One thing I do not understand is where the hate coming from? I could see M&M want Lin to fail, but what BS is doing is beyond comprehension. The only known reason is to please Kobe. But does one person have to behave so lowly low in order to kiss up another human beings??? BS is really shameless. I really hope Chinese fans can teach LAL, Kobe and BS a lesson.

  236. I’m pretty sure FO and BS are working together to tank. I don’t think it’s anything against Lin. They just don’t want him to outshine Kobe and they don’t want to get too many wins.

  237. Rivers was so bad he had to improve a ton almost by default. What’s amazing is how Pelicans just put up with him and gave him ample playing time.

  238. We had the second row of the upper level (4th). I am not quite sure but guess it was around $40 on the last row of the 4th. Brent, Everytime I read your post, I smile at the picture of your gorgeous children!

  239. Doing it by sacrificing a young talent’s career? Do they have consciousness? Also, I see other teams tanking, but they don’t do this crxp to their players. They send them out to other teams.

  240. Yes, I love seeing Brent’s kids picture. The good thing is he updates it periodically!

  241. Including us xD

  242. DAL Game Thread is now open.

    Let’s hope Jeremy and the 2nd unit will come back strong after the shooting struggle last night.
    Let’s go, JLin!


  243. Tanking is one thing, but the way BS criticized Lin’s play is ridiculous. I really think there is some hate in it.

  244. They are so beautiful looking! I think the little boy in the middle could be a playmate for my 3-1/2 year old granddaughter, Vivi. Although she is 1/4 Caucasian and 3/4 Asian (1/2 Chinese and 1/4 Korean), she looks like a 100 percent Asian. so we call her a China Doll.

  245. I still hate Rockets more because they created false articles and media regarding Lin’s defense and abilities, sabotaging his image! At least Lakers don’t do that!

  246. I think he will too. But I’m sure the Lakers are trying their hardest so that he doesn’t.

  247. let’s see how that works out for LAL lol.

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