G30 LAL @ DAL Game Thread

How will Jeremy respond to a game after his 2nd unit didn’t play well last night?

Here’s hoping Jeremy will come back strong although this is a 2nd game of the Back-to-Back game

Go JLin! 

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  1. First again go Jeremy!

  2. You’re definitely quick.
    Let’s go, JLin!

  3. An interview with Craig Sager (TNT sideline reporter) who had a battle with leukemia


  4. Kobe is still questionable to start. We’ll know soon.
    My guess is Kobe will sit this one out as it’s another expected loss against a tough DAL time (#1 scoring team in NBA) so it’ll make a good story of “We need Kobe back soon!”


  5. 9) Dallas’ offense has been the best in the NBA thus far, leading the league in scoring (109.6) and offensive efficiency (112.7), while placing second in field goal percentage (47.7). The Mavericks are also first in baskets (41.1), though they are fifth in shots (86.1).

  6. Rondo gonna mess up all of the mavs high ranks…hahaha

  7. Not gonna play. He will enjoy the scheduled lost from the sideline. I think he may come back in Denver game, but may back 1 game earlier if people & media chant enough “We want Kobe”.

  8. Game day !!! Still watching. I want some Linsanity and Swaggy P’s come back :p

  9. Kobe does not even need to play in the game to marginalize Lin. If people refer to McHale as the refrigerator for repeatedly icing Lin out, then what should we call BS?

  10. i have to say i hate this lin promotion while he plays 19 mpg

  11. I hate it too. Such is the life of Lin.

  12. No. it should be 28-32 mins.

  13. Let’s see if Dallas changes its defense against Lin

    Last game, Dallas flashed Lin with an initial hard double team that faded away. Lin recognized it correctly and attacked the rim as the double team faded. Dallas couldn’t stop Lin when he did that.

    I expect Dallas to load up on Lin defensively this time, give him no room to breathe on or off the ball.

  14. The way Kobe is playing, he’s a 15 mpg player at best.

    If I didn’t know that the guy’s name was “Kobe Bryant”, I’d be like “Send the clueless selfish scrub to the D LEAGUE!!!”

  15. Just call him “BS”.

  16. Go JLin! Get your shooting touch back. I don’t care win or lose, just do great.

  17. KB should have Lin’s mins, and Lin has KB’s.
    – and more Lin/Ed combo
    – and Lin -> Ellington 3pts
    – Lin -> Young 3pts
    – Lin -> Booz pass

  18. Nice pic

  19. Go Lin Go! Whether you score a lot or not, does not matter any more. This Lakers environment sucks. Play safe! Best of luck!

  20. Not necessary. BS will take Lin out before he’s getting hot. The best Lin stopper 🙂

  21. mavs on a 2 games losing streak…. let’s make it 3 Jlin!!!!!!!!!!! if your lakers teammates wants to help… great… if not…. you can go in to Hulk mode and destroy the mavs… especially rondo.

  22. Only if KB with his “evil eyes” is not on the court side.

  23. may be the lakers can lend kobe to the mavs for tonight…. he can sit on the mavs bench wearing their uniform.. even play for them if he wished.

  24. Just do your very best JLin in whatever that you are given. Let go and let God! He knows your dilemma and difficulty. He promises to be with you no matter what. Just enjoy the game and give all glory to God. Pray for you to succeed in overcoming one of the very last hurdles in your NBA career. You will be flourished after overcoming whatever Lakers under BS and KB throw at you.

  25. He meant absolutely

  26. I can imagine his “give-me-a-punch” smile while saying that.

  27. Here we go… but no rush… Jeremy may come in at the end of 1st quarter…

  28. have zero interest at this point but i watch

  29. Now that tells me BS has no control over KB. KB can choose to play in winnable games only. Choose to sit out GSW BULLS MAV games.

  30. Go Lin!

  31. Winnable games become lossable games when KB plays:-)

  32. exactly…. but I want to see how Rondo plays tonight

  33. LOL, just notice Ellington had a tattoo on his arm with “同甘共苦“。

  34. so rondo is starting. maybe the chemistry is not there still for LAL to steal this one.

  35. Still sitting on bench…

  36. wes has the worst shot selection ever

  37. Game over long jump shots already.

  38. Got a feeling Jeremy will play exceptional well tonight…. that is if he gets a chance to play … still sitting

  39. I wish that would’ve been Lin who threw an alley-oop to Tyson Chandler for the flush, Rondo

  40. Come on, stupid BS, free Lin!

  41. wow, this defense

  42. yep

  43. Price could not even stay with Rando

  44. The worst the starters are, the better chance to free Lin

  45. Mavs up by 10… Lakers scoreless… lol

  46. This starting unit is kinda sad to watch 0-10

  47. Scott called a time out, wow. don’t know he know how to do that.

  48. “You love it?” BS to Kobe.

  49. those dunk would happen with lin-ed but whatever at this point

  50. This. That’s all I could think. Maybe try some lin and Davis pnr

  51. I wish Lin were Rondo playing with T. Chandler!

  52. he usually lets us get blown out. tempo means nothing for so called defense coaches

  53. What does Rondo do that Lin doesn’t do? He’s not as quick, is he more efficient with his moves?

  54. yup… so many alley-oops reminiscent to NY days

  55. He’ll probably repeat to spell out “Price spearheaded defense” slowly :]

  56. LOL Go Go Go Mavs when JLin is sitting at the bench!!! Wonderful to see 0-10 with 2:53 into the game:-)

  57. He is not Asian

  58. Rondo’s long arms give him more rebounds.
    Also good court-vision.
    But Lin can shoot more than Rondo

  59. I see Parsons helping Lin with scoring his first two :]

  60. “I knew you guys need me”, Crime Fighter.

  61. zero lineup changes ….idiot

  62. Dallas making changes… how about the Lakers?

  63. Ugly shots from wes

  64. No one could drive in this line up.

  65. wow, DAL offense is so much fun to watch

  66. Not even in the same zip code

  67. Free LIn! Free Lin Free Lin!!!

  68. So Rondo’s vision is better? It doesn’t seem Rondo does anything spectacular, but he’s able to find guys at the right time.

  69. BS somehow is enjoying the slaughter.

  70. I forgot how reliable Tyson’s FT is.

  71. Is Kobe in the building?

  72. yes

  73. Dallas sucks … only leading these Lakers by 5?

  74. who is sitting next to Jeremy?

  75. Sitting on the bench

  76. Clarkson?

  77. Are you kidding me. Where is lin

  78. 8th option $15 mil bench player. SMH.

  79. Yes. One of the reasons why they will lose lol

  80. LOL

  81. price is god

  82. There is no playmaker on the floor

  83. especially to Stu.

  84. by design

  85. No need. Kobe not playing so they want to lose

  86. Thx all!

  87. BS and KB don’t allow JLin to play with Davis and Ellington.

  88. this day end day out is hard to watch

  89. Young ignored Price lol

  90. Please see this sub pattern:
    BS and KB don’t allow JLin to play with Davis and Ellington.

  91. Just turned off the game. Sick of the agenda, injustice… All of it.

  92. JLin must have been naughty…

  93. Finally!

  94. BS: OK Jeremy, get ready to play one against five now!

  95. I’m close to not watching anymore games

  96. There’s no coincident about that.

  97. LOL

  98. booz n young are in but not JLin….really—.BS is so obvious …

  99. And Davis comes out.

  100. This has happened enough for me since preseason. Initially on Davis but now Ellington.

  101. Lin is getting less and less playing time…which will ultimately lead to DNP. Time to give up NBA!

  102. and no Jeremy to ED ally oops.

  103. What if Lin has built chemistry with every bench…. time to return starter or DNP?

  104. Lin used to come in first, then Young/Boozer/Ellington.. basically phasing Lin out.
    KHuang is correct

  105. Nice defence Jeremy!

  106. Monster Block!

  107. nice block

  108. Yes! Lin lin lin

  109. Great no look pass!

  110. What a great pass by Lin to Boozer under the basket!

  111. great recovery and well-timed block! 😀

  112. yep—KHuang’s DNP prediction is becoming a reality soon…

  113. Is BS going to not let Lin play with Boozer now? LOL

  114. Hey Jeremy, develop your one against five skills more.

  115. if he could, that’ll be next :]

  116. Clarkson somehow go iso too much

  117. his confidence in the past 3 games are really shot.
    Kinda feel bad for him

  118. He does but I think he was trying to beat the clock this time.

  119. more one on one. still a bit raw on it. he will. tragic isn’t a one on one player. either but he gets screens and a lot of them

  120. When Lin is in, there are no picks and the offense doesn’t move around well except for Young who is looking to mostly shoot the ball. Wanna see Lin drive more in early offense.

  121. rookie expected

  122. This has been the case for the last few games. It’s becoming more and more obvious each game. KB and BS really want to push JLin out of Lakers.

  123. Yup…. Coach BS wants to lose the games Kobe not in

  124. offense never move good which is why iso player i.e young and kobe thrive

  125. IF Lin with:

    Johnson = fast break alley hoop
    Davis = PnR
    Ellington = 3 pointer

  126. Can’t imagine what these lowlife LA organization is doing to marginalize Lin. Nobody expect these after what happened in Houston, most of us think Lin has finally find his home in LA. When will all of these come to an end?!

  127. yup …

  128. Soon JLin is DNP-CD:-)

  129. Now that even “classy” org even does this, I don’t expect it’s getting better. Somehow miracle happens that suddenly a team with a coach that is JLin’s believer.

  130. Great anticipation by Lin to snatch the rebound

  131. Jeremy mentoring the rook. Great to see.

  132. Jordan Clarkson is teasing us with his athletic ability says the commentator……….

  133. today ball go through Young a lot

  134. catching up …. good 2nd team!

  135. Great help D by Lin to prevent Jefferson a clear path to dunk it

  136. Lin ties it!

  137. yes!

  138. Lin it UP!

  139. Nice jumper by Lin to tie the game!

  140. Not allowed

  141. Every point seems a luxury.

  142. I like how Lin is in control to let the game come to him.
    He seemed a bit rushed in the past 2 games to shoot knowing he only got limited minutes.

  143. Yes… notice how relax he is… amazing

  144. I hope he got 10+ today….

  145. Isn’t this pathetic what LAL and BS have done to Lin?

  146. in 2nd qtr with 8:22 left.

  147. it will help him to shoot better .. I think

  148. Clarkson can’t defend Rondo

  149. they need to change Lin on Rondo

  150. it’s ok. Lin’s slowly figuring out how to beat it!

  151. Yes LIN!

  152. they give young the ball who shoots

  153. these commentators are pissing me off

  154. Jeremy does a good job of not traveling? smh… these announcers.

  155. Clarkson, try to calm down please!

  156. wow, Ed in

  157. Jeremy will be out soon…

  158. That means no more Lin? huh

  159. yeah

  160. lin was stripped then got the ball back wasn’t a shot.

  161. young playing like crap

  162. he just plays like Kobe

  163. JLin will be out during the TO.

  164. He’s messing up the tank. and they aren’t allowed to win without Kobe anymore.

  165. Kobe is in the building. so…

  166. He’s a good scorer that can create his own shot but he is not a very good overall basketball player.

  167. Jeremy is still in, interesting.

  168. Price can not defend Rondo, maybe that’s why

  169. 3!

  170. yes!

  171. More!

  172. LET IT RAIN LIN!!

  173. Wow! What a surprise JLin is still in:-)

  174. God! Please make the Lakers players move… please

  175. what is Hill doing, couple of pass from Lin and he don’t shoot

  176. Price coming in…

  177. Nop JLin is coming out in next possession.

  178. Now i can take a break from watching…

  179. Clarkson is trying too hard to get his, after the entry pass to booz his first move is to run into the paint and call for the ball, bringing his man in to clog up the paint. Obviously a rookie trying to get more playing time by forcing stats. Can’t blame him too much…

  180. You got it right, not allowed to play with Daivs, BS probably regrets he did not pull Lin earlier before that 3

  181. BS: Lin is getting hot, better take him out now

  182. at least he got a 3 during that time.

  183. I know. He can’t wait to get him out after that:-)

  184. I think He was constantly frustrated and infuriated. He has to fight his emotion all the time.

  185. well all that work lin did for nothing

  186. dude he has no fouls no turnovers. he’s playing good imo

  187. that has been the pattern, SMH, what a lowly scxm

  188. Very predictable with KB and BS’ sub of JLin now. Ok Time to have my break and get my lunch. Let’s see the pts when I return:-)

  189. yea still taken out

  190. yes, it’s been like that for a while.

  191. Not good enough for BS apparently

  192. It’s the standard for Lin and then everyone else.

  193. Rondo showed a little fear in front of Lin. That’s good. He should be scared.

  194. Kobe & BS show a lot fear in front of Lin. That’s good. Lin should be benched….

  195. KB didn’t make that sub, BS did.

  196. I like what Lin did there in 11 min.
    5pts/2asts/1reb/1stl/1blk with 0TOs filling the stats like we know he could.

    Very nice controlled offense, took his time to shoot.
    I think he’ll play longer when he comes back

  197. Davis and Lin played great in limited time allowed before. Lakers strategy: make sure they don’t play together. If this is not tanking, don’t know what it is.

  198. it’s comedy indeed LOL

  199. oops… even they are questioning…

  200. Ed? not Price though, you scared me to play Price with Lin.

  201. Good to see Lin ran to the court to greet his teammates (Davis?) after half-time buzzer went off

  202. Price and Lin?

  203. Oh I mean Ed… BS is fking my mind up

  204. Ed… too fk up to think right any more… thanks to BS

  205. LOL, I thought I missed something

  206. yes, he’s doing the right thing to just play his game

  207. whenever the so called starter come in i say hope the can hold the progress that was made. such low standard

  208. Haha! scary eh? woke you up!

  209. I’m still pissed at the benching of Lin. Just went back to look at stats. For the month of Nov, Lin was avg 13 pts, 5 asts, shooting 48% FG and 37% 3PT and 85% FT. He wasn’t playing that bad!

  210. lol that bad

  211. given pg kobe it was great

  212. Yes I meant Ed Davis. Watching Lakers game poisoned my mind…. HELP!

  213. Lin has good stat tonight with the little time he had on court

  214. If you were talking to someone with no hidden agenda, yeah, Lin should not be benched, but we are talking about BS and tanking…etc, it gets muddy.

  215. Simon says: FREE LIN FREE LIN FREE LIN….

  216. What you need, my friend, is Linsanity…

  217. Who’s Simon?

  218. Indeed! Never get enough of it! Bring it on!

  219. Never liked Lin and Price together.

  220. They were playing Simon Says at the break at Dallas…

  221. really

  222. I see. Haha

  223. Yup… double standard all the time…. ALL THE TIME!

  224. stupid me…

  225. That somehow became the standard people are following. Even Harden recognized it for Lin.

  226. young was 1-6 yesterday as well

  227. 13pts with the mins he was getting is no bueno bro

  228. Wes is 0/4 so far.

  229. Price is a decent backup but not a starter for sure.

  230. Real GMs Laker mods aren’t that good. I don’t like them. The guys on LakersGround are fair, even with some of the overzealous LIn fans. The guys on Real GM site don’t control things as well and start getting over Lin fans and need to chill. If I have to get thrown off of that board I’m going to speak up very soon.

  231. it doesn’t matter when ANY Laker has an off game, except Lin

    Scott is a BIGOT

  232. BS Advanced Coaching technique… we can never understand

  233. Pretty much it.. spot on!

  234. Similar to Japanese algebra?

  235. Any significant Jeremy Lin 17 moments in first half? I just came in.

  236. lakers kill tempo which helps the defense but kills there own offense lol

  237. well

  238. Mavs backcourt…. yeech

  239. Price with 3 fouls.

  240. I have to say, BS deserves that contract, maybe that’s why it took several time to get the deal done.
    He is working for Mitch to tank.
    He is also working for Kobe to as an personal assistant.
    I haven’t figured out who-else he is working for, but he is trying to wear Kobe out and end Kobe’s career earlier.

    So he is at least working for 3 parties. I sometimes even think there could be more. This guy is tough for sure.

  241. Johnson 0-6 and he’s still chucking SMH.

  242. lol

  243. Pet of BS and KB!!!

  244. and shameless and no conscious

  245. and still Scott’s golden boy

    Scott has a thing for Wes and Price

  246. and Ellington.

  247. Hope he gets his 4th then!!

  248. Such a waste of my time…. I’ma go browse some other website till Jeremy gets in.

  249. all these time out with this slow game. how do the lakers sell this crap. its the ugliest game ever and its every game

  250. That’s why he is a starter for the Lakers

  251. Tanking…really wish they’d trade Lin to a better Eastern conference team!! Knicks can do so horrible and still get in playoffs.

  252. me too.

  253. I’ve already done this since JLin joined Lakers:-)

  254. 🙂 ….apparently I can chuckle even thought I’m pi$$ed.

  255. I’m not sure he has a thing for anybody other than the agenda he was hired for – tank, and squash anybody who might annoy Kobe. If I were a Laker and that guy smiled at me, I’d be on my guard for sure.

  256. there is no defense there.

  257. Lin still not in =/ BS is intent on not letting let Lin shine.

  258. Wes 1-10, only in third…..

  259. every game


  261. Yet he’s never benched for shooting poorly!!! He shouldn’t even be a starter to begin with!! How does someone like Johnson gets to start but not Nick Young? The only reason I can think of is Kobe.

  262. Lin joining LA is a terrible mistake which he can’t avoid. Lets hope some decent team will pick him up in the off season, or else, it might be IT. I have a feeling Morey eel knows all along that LA will be tanking so trade Lin to LA will definitely hamper Lin’s growth as a player. Devil at work…

  263. For lakers, you don’t want to lose too many fans while tanking, otherwise it is a self destruction. kobe is supposed to help with the TV ratings, but apparently it’s a business failure. If lakers don’t cut loss, there are teams ready to take over their territory.

  264. Price hasn’t done anything this quarter… BS..

  265. he has zero effect at all even if he scores

  266. If he start improving a lot on scoring, then he can be promoted to the 2nd unit. In the mean time, suffer the pain to stay with the starters! Work Hard Wes!!!!

  267. Blown assist. Please bench Wes!

  268. Nice Lin! Nice!

  269. thats what BS wants, if he can contribute, bench he goes.

  270. 2 back to back assists!

  271. Wes is horrible

  272. Yup… promotion to the bench from starter is not easy…

  273. LOL 3 rebounds and still couldn’t hit the shot but a foul for chucking Johnson.

  274. Yet still in lol

  275. Could’ve been 3 if Johnson did screw up that layup!

  276. Jeremy’s relax playing style is so good! Love it! Go Lin Go!

  277. wes 1-11 3 points lol

  278. How many lay ups did he blow? And he’s supposedly the athletic guy…

  279. Even the announcers criticized his shooting tonight. If only Lin would chuck more shots like all his teammates!

  280. Any decent links out there?, most of the streams are laggy. TIA

  281. He should have dunked that.

  282. BS: That’s what happens without Kobe!

  283. Jeremy with 2 blocks again

  284. LOL That’s the best starters stat

  285. Johnson always had a long leash, 2nd behind Kobe! He can brick shot after shot and still not be benched!

  286. Sorry. These starters are for the defensive purpose. ..

  287. Anticipating Linsanity in the next few minutes to break out….. come on…….

  288. He is the pet of KB and BS.

  289. LOL. Haven’t seen any defense tho…

  290. HAH! Greg Smith!

    Oh wait hehehe

  291. Starters not good and bench not allowed to play, so it’s a tanking loss for Lakers.

  292. This is probably the best one.

  293. So Boozer set a pick for…. Rondo?

    Seriously, this is embarrassing. Lakers big guys setting picks for opponents’ guards.

  294. Boozer .. *sigh*

  295. this team has zero hope. its not kobe its scott

  296. Lin has to hit that…..

  297. Someone better tell Booz the Lakers did not trade for Rondo

  298. Da Booz!

  299. and be perfect

  300. *Sigh* btw was the Twitter header ok with you? I’m not sure if it’s the exact size for a Twitter header.

  301. pretty sure he can hit that without being perfect. it was pretty open

  302. He was wide open =/

  303. hahahaha… they talk about the defense a lot.

  304. 1/12…8.333333% FG

  305. its numbers game long rest with 2-3 1-1 from three. you want a haif hour rest and make every shot

  306. The head of the snake

  307. Ooops….

  308. i dont care if that was hit first shot of the game. it was a clean shot.

  309. That’s why BS has earned his reputation as a tanking specialist.

  310. Jeremy has 3 blocks.

  311. What the? How did Lin get 3 fouls already!!! Bias refs!!

  312. It’s hard to be a Lin fan right now.. But I’ll stay strong..

  313. Personally the hardest thing for me now is censoring my thoughts and posts of Rondo running around in my screen. I’m a Rondo hater. My despise for Rondo isn’t even because of Jeremy.

  314. Stay strong…

  315. So hard…NBA doesn’t not want Lin to be part of it, thats why almost everyone from team owners, coaches, players, NBA refs are doing all they can to destroy Lin’s career. I will be ecstatic if Lin can come out all of these the victor which I highly doubted.

  316. With Scott, he would lose even if he tried to win.

    Tanking is a convenient guise for his losing history

  317. Jeremy defending 2-3 guys again

  318. YES.

  319. boozer is an offensive foul machine.

  320. Lol……your not ht eonly one!

  321. Dallas refs rigging this game with all these fouls on Lakers!

  322. it’s hard to watch Lin not getting any picks and big men not rolling.
    Davis should have been in now but we know better ..

  323. great job forcing Jefferson to give up the ball and not getting a dunk that time

  324. I can not count how many times he went for offensive rebound this season and was caught pushing the defender from the back.

  325. He, alongside Patrick Beverley, makes my blood boil.

  326. Nice D.

  327. Every Lakers shoots for himself… BS coaching philosophy???

  328. this is so ugly

  329. yes just brick and lose the game. Mission accomplished

  330. Every jumper Lin’s taking seems slightly off rhythm, like he is hesitating a bit.

  331. Lin would need to score so Byron can’t bench him.
    But it might be too late.

  332. And Young 1-10. Unfortunately, the Lakers are an outside shooting team. Need penetration by everyone on the floor. Play hard D, score in transition.

  333. Young is passing more today cause he’s shot extremely terrible. He actually passed back to Lin!!

  334. Yeah, but BScott still won’t call that dumb mistakes..

  335. He didn’t have much chance to shoot. That is the prob. Ball wasn’t with him in the last few possessions.

  336. it supposedly defense which lin is doing

  337. I think Lin should drive and get fouled. If he makes some +1s good, but he isn’t looking for his shot enough right now. Get the ball, drive to the hoop.

  338. Even if his shots got in, you think BS would not pull him?

  339. Really? I didn’t know because Stu hasn’t mentioned any of it like he does with Price.

  340. that’s also part of BScott’s agenda to easily bench him

  341. We have seen b4 score or not will not keep Lin in the game.

  342. well

  343. No need to risk injury when he is not the floor general.

  344. it might be worth trying to get to the FT line

  345. lol

  346. Look on the bright (?) side, Lin’s scoring never seemed to stop Byron from benching him anyway.

  347. Zero pick for Lin …zero!

  348. Finally JLin sets up Young for 3!!

  349. finally, Lin’s assist to Nick Young’s 3!

  350. Young heating up now!!

  351. Lin with 5/5/5 in 18 min.
    He could have a triple-double in 36 min!

  352. shxx… Lin one on 4…

  353. Very nice.

  354. Another assist!

  355. lakers!!!! Understand PnR means winning the game…. ??? Got it?

  356. Clarkson never passes. lol

  357. When was the last time Lin got that kind minutes? Not even with Rockets!

  358. Lin’s 7th assist!

  359. 7th assist

  360. PnR for lakers is pack and ready to go home

  361. lol defense

  362. What a shot by Tyson Chandler while in the air lol.

  363. Rondo and Chandler ..great! Lin and Davis.. could be equally good… if allowed to play together

  364. Lin better not go back to this hotel after this game. He needs to make 500 shoots before he leaves the stadium

  365. Jeremy and ED could be better.

  366. CAn’t tell.. they are not allowed to play together…

  367. there is zero tempo idk what you want everyone is missing. its contagious .

  368. lin done

  369. Lin taken out why?!!

  370. Lakers is done

  371. Great performance by the LA starters for the MAVS!

  372. not scoring although having 7th assists.
    So Price can be the hero

  373. 5pts, 7ast, 5rbs, 1stl, 3 blks… benched.

  374. they are literally walking to the rim

  375. The Super Tank unit did well

  376. mmm.. do you know what he’s averaging his last 10 games.. or 12 games… I’m not taling about pts. I’m tailkng about his fg %

  377. Look at all the minus of starters!!! -11 to -22

  378. this is where we lose by 20 again

  379. Price the hero? Rondo is having 21 pts.

  380. Can be more!

  381. absolutely

  382. BS is ecstatic, mission accomplished, Hurray!

  383. BScott’s logic is incomprehensible but his bias is strong indeed.

  384. BS needs a 20+pt loss to win back kobe’s forgiveness of that win against GSW.

  385. Nick Young is 4-15, Wes Johnson is 1-10.

    The Lakers have MUCH BIGGER shooting problems than Lin 2-7.

  386. Just came back…I guess I am too late!

  387. Good nite everyone… BS is going to tell everyone how much the Lakers needs KOBE! More BS …. Wonder how the die hard Lakers fans take these bs

  388. did you see ronnie price in a 14 point deficit play defense when the game is over

  389. All your fault…. linsanity is now on hold because you not being here.

  390. stu love letter to price

  391. Yes. Lakers lost. But I wonder if the average Laker fan realizes that if Kobe was playing it would have made no difference.

  392. Too late! JLin is done for the night:-)

  393. “You’re crazy” – Byron Scott.

  394. Only watching half of these games lately and I don’t seem to be missing much at all =/ This coach and team is so bad. I’m starting to think every NBA team has an agenda = no one can outshine nor win without the star.

  395. Subhuman is the only word I can describe his behavior.

  396. For the “fun”

  397. You’re not the only one dude. Stay strong

  398. Not even Einstein could figure it out this BS logic

  399. Another winnable game slipped away.

  400. BS is making sure the world is full of idiots except him and KB.

  401. Price brick a 3 and not running back….

  402. But Young has only been struggling the past few 2-3 games. I don’t even know why you mention Johnson. He means nothing.

  403. Great d by price.

  404. LAL must have brain farted to not foul Rondo there

  405. they must have diarrhea.

  406. Yep winnable poor big men, coaching, d, second tries.

  407. Price fouled out

  408. Now they are thinking about extending possessions…..hahahahaha

  409. Me too. Was checking out Korean dramas….this drama is too depressing.

  410. Another 3 sec for Lin?

  411. cannot believe I can see Lin again in the game

  412. Lakers suffering from a season-long brain fart.

  413. Hahahahaha….

  414. Did BS confuse Lin with Price?

  415. price foul trouble

  416. Muhahahahahah

  417. yes, I was surprised.

  418. Puhahahahahhahaha

  419. From the limited 1.2 games I have see. I think LAL need to bench all the bigs…and let Lin play 5

  420. i think thats my last game. this is just frustrating even if he plays good. it don’t matter. idk ill check box scores and highlights instead. i watch all the rox games. but this year i just cant do it

  421. Stay strong..

  422. JUst walk away…..come back when you want!

  423. I am with you. All lin fans need sort of therapy. lol

  424. it’s as expected.
    Byron set up a loss to make Kobe look good.

    Lin did great facilitating and taking his early shots but not finding his shooting touch late in game

  425. what i don’t get how do they get people to watch the games. its terrible for offense. but the defense suck still. how????

  426. and a bag of ice for my head

  427. Those ppl thinking Lin is weak…will watch the game. Because they love Young/Kobe….Scott….

  428. im so done i don’t even want to argue. the idea i have to say lin is 5x better then price makes my head hurt

  429. Cause Lin box out better than the bigs!!

  430. At least Lin got his 7 assists.

  431. young missing with kobe missing. its a terrible offense for anyone. the best shot is kobe and young iso. or lin iso. why not get a new coach who could get better shots

  432. More like 10x better =/

  433. Because some fans and some money does not care I guess

  434. A new coach who would give Lin keys to the team with 36 minutes and get Kobe and Young wide open shots instead of them just chucking them!

  435. stu brought up price assist from last game today. will he do the same for lin……………………………………………………………………..nope

  436. if i ws in la i would rather watch gsw or clippers

  437. It’s so hard to watch these games since he’s been in the 2nd unit…. which is why I haven’t been coming on this forum as much… But I still check it once a day…..And it seems like most people are giving up on Lin. I don’t know what to say…. But don’t give up… and stay strong my dudes.

  438. The game was already over…

  439. Stu didn’t really talk about any of Jeremy’s defensive plays. Silent.

  440. If this Price thing can not pan out, I guess the next move is to move Young to starting PG..

  441. and dudettes 🙂

  442. Over Kobe’s dead body, he’s not going to let Young start and outshine him!

  443. ^_~

  444. define can not pan out, plz

  445. It does not matter, he can always hold the ball

  446. on lin nope but the lakers and what they are doing with lin. this is a cycle lin plays great gets 21 minutes. he plays bad get 19. i can only watch this so much waiting for different out come. starters always have a big deficit. bench make a run then starter return to slowly lose it. by late 3rd we make a short run may get the lead. with kobe its iso iso lose. with out kobe its wait till 2-4 minute make and exchange buckets and lose

  447. Young just holding the ball not happening.

  448. How about let Boozer run the point

  449. Giving up on the Lakers and watching their games doesn’t mean we’re giving up on Lin.

  450. idc anymore titanic sinking anyways

  451. exactly

  452. Interesting. No player over 30 minutes.

  453. Seriously if Lin had fair 36 minutes per game he’d have many triple doubles by now! But he’s been marginalized on every single team, with his minutes continuous lowered for hateful reasons. Lakers don’t value Lin if not they wouldn’t sacrifice his stats like this! He needs to find a Eastern Conference team that fits him!!

  454. Good. 🙂

  455. So, Young said wrong things, got benched for one game, and now going back to play. Lin will never get back, does not matter how good he is or how bad he is.

  456. this defense crap is crap play lin boozer young 30-35 minutes. will defense be great no but it will be fun get ratings. we will lose close like we was doing before the benching. this is ugly tv. who will watch this crp

  457. Young was shooting poorly this game 1-10 with 3 points until Lin set him up for a 3! That’s when Young finally got hot and just kept shooting 3s for his 12 points!

  458. Seepage from geriatric disease, need lots and lots of Charmin.

  459. Yeah, them bigs give good picks…. for opposing team’s guards.

  460. what an idiot was it close yes but not really

  461. More like they have a better coach.

  462. They should have gone with Hack a Rondo…

  463. No they have a better coach who doesn’t have an agenda, tailors to only the franchise player, and start player who deserves to be bench players instead! Hill, Johnson, and Price do not deserve to be starters!!! Once the Kobe contract ends I can bet all these scrubs will be out of Lakers!

  464. So he basically throw everyone under the bus….

  465. He doesn’t realize team also includes the coaching staff lol

  466. “My love from another star”, one of my favorite.

  467. it wsnt close at all. it was an illusion loss by 4 felt like 20

  468. lol didn’t we get blown out by them before

  469. They have much better coach, that’s the bottom line.

  470. Japanese algebra.

  471. Highlights from footwearfoot… that was fast 🙂

  472. Don’t even doubt.

  473. Just forget about the stats, watch the game and you see why Lin is a talent floor general.

  474. this team how good you play really don’t correlate with their playing time….. Coach play favorite…

  475. Exactly

  476. They were bad again tonight

  477. For 17M. BS can be this low. Well, he doesn’t care about win or loss or Lakers. He and KB hijack this pathetic team.

  478. I hear you and I agree 100%.

  479. Can imagine that evil smile @$%#

  480. Where do I sign the Fire Byron Scott petition?

  481. No one from the Mavs has to. BS and KOBE is already doing a great job of it.

  482. So any one wanna make a trip down to Byrons house?

  483. To cheer him up?

  484. uh…sure with my chainsaw

  485. LOL….

  486. nice!
    Added to Video Gallery on homepage

  487. Just as predicted ….this BS has schemed the returned of KB. Just hope LK to lose to Suns.

  488. Lin still needs to find his shots thou

  489. he shoot too many bail out shots though…… He need actively look for his own shot.

  490. You soon will see Kobe playing 35 minutes which claimed already limited.

  491. call for screen
    and dont think just look to score
    like he did in houston

  492. That was exactly what get him the bench role…

  493. The only difference is how they lose with and without Kb.

  494. It includes defensive plays as well. Nice vid.

  495. Best comment of the day!

  496. Last time we were in Dallas with Kobe we were beaten by 34 points.

  497. *%&$*)@([email protected])#)$(%__(^&$

  498. Can’t help myself….I just keep sending tweets to Jeanie tonight..

  499. Really….someone should alert Ido and Serena

  500. Neither did Dallas…they sucks too!

  501. They need Kobe to stay home when he’s not playing.

  502. Doesnt matter
    Byron had this in mind from the get go
    no matter what Lin wudve done
    just forget about the team
    every man for himself

  503. Keep up the good work 🙂

  504. Haha you should tweet this to Jeanie and Mitch..

  505. Jim Buss @LakerzOwner favorites one of my tweets below. Wonder whether it’s really him.

    @ekhadongwon1 @PeteStopTire @IdoAmir @JLin7 @Lakers BS is definitely the JLin’s HATER. No doubt about it anymore @JeanieBuss #firebryonscott

  506. LOL I did the same and saw Jim Buss favored one of the tweets. Wonder it was really Jim Buss:-)

  507. Yea I believe it’s already at the bottom…

  508. hahaha

  509. I think taking over JLin’s rightful place is a victory…

  510. I think if it’s from his account then it’s true. Or maybe his AS read all his tweets for him?!

  511. I’m just surprised that he favored that particular tweet. I checked it out and seemed like it was his account. What does this mean???

  512. lakers lost to Dal only by 4 points. Dal mustbe playing suck too

  513. I didn’t know Jim Buss has tweet account?

  514. Lin’s interview basically just said….with or without Kobe is not that important at all….LOL Reporters like blood….but Lin gives nothing……except ZEN….

  515. Please look at my tweet above and I’m a little unsure what does this mean!!!

  516. OMG~really? You mean “来自星星的你” ?You just surprised the Hxxl out of me….

  517. This is the account: Jim Buss @LakerzOwner. Can you check and find out?

  518. its not
    and stop mentioning Jeanie LOL
    what do u want from her? leave her alone ahaha

  519. Where did you see his interview? How come Serena Winters didn’t tweet anything at all? Wow! Lin will be bench even more… Well, it doesn’t matter his playing time is short…

  520. That’s a fan account. Surprised me when I first saw Jim Buss favourited my tweet…lol

  521. Lin’s 4th block of the night? lol

  522. On TWCSN….anyway…I exaggerated…..but that was pretty much the only point he is making.

  523. What’s important is pissing on the hydrant…

  524. Read his info, it’s a parody account lol

  525. Ok. Thanks!

  526. I guess it’s too much so no one dare to say anything at all then…?! LOL! So far no tweet yet.

  527. well. he is the lord of five rings…lol

  528. LOL

  529. You don’t have to say you like….you like….cause nobody says you hate them.

  530. but he’s already on the bench.. behind Ronnie friggin’ Price, he literally has nothing to lose at this point, might as well get his the best way he can.
    Jeremy wont be on the Lakers come next season anyway, so screw Scott’s gameplan! (not too much .. but some lol)

  531. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  532. LOL, Nick’s still gonna get fined for saying that.

  533. Exactly lol.

  534. 19p11a game benched him….

  535. he talking about swaggy not passing

  536. one guy draing the energy

  537. Sad thing is majority of the people watching NBA are casual fans who don’t look deep enough into the game to see the existence of the incompetent superstars* and the ****hugging coach. I remember 10 years ago I only see and loved to see dunks and total points scored by a player but never really look into the efficiency and team plays. I am affraid that most people don’t see what we see in kobe and bs!

  538. downplays kobe

  539. No wonder you tried so hard to lose. But frankly, I don’t think Scott could win by the time he really needs one.

  540. He can throw things at my hip anytime 🙂

  541. That is why fans should expose these ugly things in forums.

  542. people forgot that bb is a team sport…you need chemistry on court and off court to ein games..cant depend on superstars

  543. on your side bro.

  544. You got to love the synchronized ballet jump of Jeremy and Greg Smith. As usual the bigs are nowhere to be found near the basket.

  545. Yup. Just Jeremy and Clarkson. Guards.

  546. I like it. Lin is having less and less fear and speaks the truth. After all, it’s better to pull an Asik than be screwed by the coach.

  547. The way he speaks…he is 11x smarter than Asik

  548. It’s embarrassing how these bigs except Ed Davis are playing small.

  549. I only heard Asik speak once …

  550. this is true, it was painful watching Hill walking around setting up the high pick. Then all those o-rebs without any conversion.

  551. The way he talked .. really more & more like coach to me. He is not as naive as preseason w reporters… they even could make joke w him then but sure not now…

  552. “I aint gon do it”

  553. Luv it

  554. u guys need to leave her alone
    just cuz she was nice to Lin at the beginning now yall just beinf unreasobale
    blaming all this on her

  555. He’s not a native English speaker and didn’t divulge much. He wasn’t happy about his role with Dwight and didn’t hide it.

  556. Most people still just like to see hero ball, smh, I used to love hero ball until I saw linsanity, it’s heroball x 5! I can’t explain it better but linsanity is just out of this world, everybody just buys into team play.

  557. Price should change ” we ” to I

  558. My observation of the Lakers offence tonight. Three brickers on the court all game. The first one with the ball threw up an unanswpered prayer. No ball movent. 38% team FG%.

  559. The Lakers became the first team this season to lose a game despite grabbing 18 or more offensive rebounds than the opposing team (24 to 6). There were 5 such games (out of 1230 total regular season games) last season, good for 0.4% occurrence.

  560. LOL naughty IJ

  561. I thought about this too and wonder what we can do to help people understand quickly what dirty politics is going on.

    I thought of a timeline with quotes and dates of what transpired, how LinDavis PnR was intentionally buried and not used since it doesn’t showcase Kobe, etc.

    But it needs to be something easily understood so I’m letting the idea percolating for now.
    Any thoughts from everyone here?

  562. Byron is a disgrace to basketball. His family must be very proud of him

  563. LOL .. I caught that one too :>

  564. His english is good neough

  565. “No floaters for you!” lol

  566. the dummy thinks they’ve been WINNING with Kobe on the floor

  567. Sad & DELUSIONAL

  568. Seems like Lin did ok tonight. He was bad, well unremarkable, last game. I wish he could be more consistent.

  569. A good coach would not have made such statements!

  570. It should have been they have a better coach!

  571. His shooting is still not back yet.. besides that he was OK. Too bad, Rondo seemed to be Lin & Lin seemed to be Rondo in shooting % today. smh!

    Maybe bc Rondo wants that max contract so bad that he started to take lots of shots now$$$$$

  572. You’re a bad, bad girl! 🙂

  573. Jeremy was told his defence sucks and he worked hard to improve. I am no expert in basketball but I think he really improved a lot and it showed in his games so far. I still believe he is still improving and will reach another height of his basketball career … hopefully with a new team somewhere else!

  574. 27 games WITH Kobe = 8-19 = 29.6%
    3 games WITHOUT Kobe = 1-2 = 33.3%

    Additionally, with Kobe Lakers lost to GSW by 23 pts and 21 pts, and to Mavs by 34 pts.
    Without Kobe the Lakers beat GSW by 10 pts and lost Mavs by only 4 pts (30 pts BETTER!)

    Conclusion: BS is REALLY bad at math, but GREAT at brown-nosing.

  575. Because the Lakers are trying to tank. And if they can also devalue Lin and re-sign him for cheap they will be extremely happy.

  576. I think the casual fans are, but as real fans we know how good he can be. Just some of us avoid the NBA for awhile to recharge.

  577. Spurs really hurting (literally) in the guards department. Parker not in great shape as he is often on the injury roster, and Patty Mills has not been playing much this year either. I’d really like to see Jeremy play in San Antonio, even if the small-market club has less money to offer. Jeremy is ALL about winning teamball, and so are the Spurs. But Pops is not getting any younger so the sooner Jeremy moves to SA the better.

  578. TOO.SWEET!!!!!

  579. #HipsDon’tLie

  580. Yeah, I’m the romantic and my wife is the cops and lawyer type. Go figure. Oh well, opposites do attack sometimes.

  581. That jersey….

  582. Low IQ BS

  583. I predicted Lin would be yanked after he hit that 3. Sure enough, not a minute too soon…

  584. Thanks to Shaq and Pau, he would’ve never done it on his own, else he would’ve ended up just like Melo.

  585. SOFT..


  586. Actually it’s not a smart thing to say. Refs can be vindictive.

  587. 25 pts on 35 shots?
    How can he actually say something like this and expect anyone to respect his brain??
    I feel like I’m trapped in an endless loop of ‘dumb and dumber’ and I can’t leave the theater.

  588. Things aren’t looking good for Lin. Pretty disappointing.

  589. JLin with beautiful fan and takeaway meal on hand:-)

  590. I have decided to put up a wish list however improbable and see if any of them comes true:

    1. Jeremy gets 35 minutes in a game.

    2. Jeremy cracks 20 points and 10 assists in a win.

    3. Kobe plays team ball the majority of the time and is limited to 30 minutes in a game.

    4. Kobe and Lin play off each other and both have high FG%, above 45%.

    5. Jeremy’s usage rate equals Kobe.

    Scott probably needs to be fired for any of this to happen. But I can dream can’t I?

  591. Lakersground rating:

    Lin — (smile and eek) — He did a pretty good job as floor general tonight. For a while there in the first half, it felt like this was his team and he was orchestrating everything. Hard to explain, but there was a comfort level out there. In the second half, he didn’t have quite that same comfort. He led the team with 7 assists, we just needed more points from him and the shot wasn’t falling. Defensively, a great job at times on the glass helping out the bigs and also recovering to block shots. He led the team with 3 blocks. That’s helping your front court. The Stats: He scored 5 points on 2-8 shooting (1-4 from three) to go with 5 boards, 7 assists, 1 steal, 3 blocks, 2 turnovers and 3 fouls in 22 minutes. He was a -3.


  592. Even though Lin didn’t have a great shooting night, I still think the Lakers without Kobe fared better than Lakers with Kobe. They were within 5 pts in the middle of the 4th quarter against a team that was favored to win by 13 pts.

  593. Agreed. I also think they would have lost by much bigger margin to the Bulls if Kobe was playing.

    Honestly if Kobe was willing to play less minutes, play off the ball, be a decoy and occasional ISO (i.e. like Dirk) they would be even better. But you would need a real coach for that.

  594. 1,2 & 3 can definetly happen! Even with BS coaching. Still a long season and even though Lin has been inconsistent with numbers, he is bound to have a really good game with 20pts, 10ast, and 35+ mins as you say. Don’t know about 4, and I have a hard time seeing 5 if the two are together. Lol

    I have my doubts of BS getting fired this season. Haven’t seen the Kobe death stare yet. He would have done it a whole lot earlier due to the horrible start this season, but nope. It’s a sign that Kobe likes BS and will not get him fired. Lol

  595. Team FG% was 36. 38% was from 3pt range.

  596. Facts are stubborn things.

  597. The defence rests, objection overruled and rejected!

  598. BS will tell you that you are an idixt to say LAL is better off w/o Kobe. haha…

  599. It is a fair assessment. Just looked at what it said about Price. I think not everyone is blind.

    The comments there also about Lin vs BS. Some theories that we here already discussed. But all and all, we are not alone. BS is BS.

  600. Please don’t forget to vote for Lin in ASG by tweet, FB & http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  601. The only thing not looking good for Lin is his errant girlie shot.

    The rest of his game is PHENOMENAL.

    Even the spin move thing that I’ve been harping Lin to pick up since January 2012, he has that now.

    If Lin can get a pro shooting coach and repair his shooting, then we’ll be looking at the most complete guard in the game today.

  602. If you are depressed about Jeremy’s performance this year please don’t. He is actually quite good and continue to improve even though the appearance on the score board may indicate otherwise. He is handcuffed by his own team first with limited playing time on the second unit, then most of the time he plays one against five with teammates standing around. There is no real coaching, The list goes on and on…

  603. Before this season….what I have hoped was actually not Lin’s production. Instead….I was hoping he can find a way to use Kobe to reverse the perception on him which is actually the ONLY obstacle that lin is dealing with. All other things are just the result of “lin can not play because he is…..”

    That is why I do not worry about his production at all…because that is not the root of the problems. Lin is doing great with the things he can control. We just need the sit there and watch….or not watch….good thing will come when the opperturnties knocking the door.

  604. Yes!

  605. That’s correct.
    If given more time, PnR plays, and Lin/Davis plays Jeremy could have easily flirted with 3D last night

    But Byron and Kobe were not looking for wins so Kobe can be lauded as a hero when he returned to the Lakers against Phoenix. I bet they were panicking when LAL beat GSW and Lin/Davis had a chance to shine. That’s why they had to suppress it in the next 2 games to support the narrative of LAL losing without Kobe.

    Unfortunately NBA and its dirty politics are in plays. LAL Media is fully aware of it but they can’t say anything. For us, it’s good to know Lin tied his career-high at 3 blocks and could get 3D despite Kobe+BS trying his best to keep him under lid.

    Stay strong, JLin!

  606. Lin has magic to him as a player. He found some of it in Houston at times and electrified viewers and the crowd. But, as a Laker, he really hasn’t found it. Why not? We only had short, short flashes of it with Ed Davis, but not in his scoring and taking over any game.

  607. I think he has changed….

  608. His handles seem much better the last few games. That’s real encouraging because I think that is one of the areas he really needed to improve. Shooting comes and goes, his shot will be alright, but handles weren’t great. They are pretty good now from what I’ve seen the past few games.

  609. Is it he doesn’t believe in this coach? He’s in a contract year, though. He should think about that.

  610. what changed? no pick and roll?

  611. JLin himself said that HOU system fits him more by playing fast and lots of 3s so he can get easy points from fast breaks.

    With LA, we barely see any fastbreaks. Last night, we saw Lin ran upcourt quickly during 1 fastbreak but had to wait for his teammates to come.

    Also the Princeton offense want big men inside to make plays (i.e. Boozer) or pass (rarely happens) to guards.

    So it’s a different system and slow personnel. Plus Byron wants his PGs to set up plays for others, play defense and make occasional 3s or 1-2 drives.

    At least Jeremy knows LA system is not the best for him so he’s trying his best so far. I really doubt Jeremy would stay to play for Byron Scott next year.

  612. Why not?


    Lin’s SHOOTING is off.

    Lin is a complete basketball player in all aspects save shooting. His forum is horribly flawed and his percentages off jump shots are far lower than they should be for a player of his talent.

    All Lin has to do is hire a pro shooting coach for literally like a day or two. That would solve Lin’s shooting problem completely.

    Lin’s shot form is so flawed, he shoots better off balance than when he gets easy open shots.

    This is a problem that not even Byron Scott has anything to do with.

  613. Lakers are trying to tank. I don’t think it’s even debatable. Houston was not. This is the best Lin can do right now. He is human. His magic wand was taken away. Even Lin can shoot really well, it won’t change anything. Also I won’t enjoy watching Lin’s game more, because it’s not even close to Linsanity.

  614. I think another important aspect is Lin had no room to shoot out of the shooting slump. He only got 6 or 7 shots each game. And whenever he missed 3 shots in a row, he even won’t allow himself to shoot much.

  615. PHX Pregame Thread+Poll is now open

    Lin’s plays have been getting stronger even with limited min.
    Lin fans just need to be patient like JLin to wait until Father Time runs its course with Kobe’s aging body under 32-35+ heavy minutes

  616. I think he changed his approach to the game. And this is in part due to Steve Nash. There was a talk between lin and NASH in preseason talking about NASH can always get his shots if he wanted to…but the greater things to do is the ability to involve teammates.

    I think lin really bought that idea. Not like lin can not run offense before, he is just more determined to improve it more than he does about just scoring. Last yr in HOU..he is taking equvelently young’s role..therefore on the floor, only McHale and is impeding him. Now in LAL, he is honing his game to be a great point guard, learn to make great decisions on the court.

    So I think he has changed, he is improving his game.

  617. would have been great had he said D12 should be in Driving Miss Daisy …

  618. The night is always darkest just before the dawn.

  619. 那画面太美,我不敢想象。:D hahaha~~you are no longer serious, and 不拘言笑Acbc in my head.

  620. This is an interesting thought. His strategy in Houston was to accept limiting circumstances and have the patience to add to his arsenal of skills. Patience, because it takes time and acceptance of mistakes when developing more expertise, plus the guts to live with inaccurate criticism from fans and tabloid…er, sports…writers who are interested in immediate and obvious production, not growth. Seems he’d be doing that here as well. Everything, however, is speculation on our part.

  621. I thought he did that in wolfs and Boston game, and he head straight to bench afterwards.

  622. OK, in those games some. Him going to the bench after those games showed Byron made up his mind already, because he was showing signs of breaking out and then Byron caged him, and in a small, tight one.

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