G30 LAL @CHA Game Thread

Jeremy Lin and the 16-13 Hornets should win this game against the 5-26 Lakers but the question is how big is JLin’s role in it?

  • Will JLin start in place of Batum who is listed as probable?
  • If JLin plays well against the Lakers, would the Lakers extend an offer in the off-season after Kobe Bryant retires and Byron Scott is no longer the coach? JLin played very well against the Hornets last season which intrigued Coach Clifford and the Hornets to pursue him so it can be a determining factor.

Let’s go, JLin! Let’s continue to shoot at least 10 FG  & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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  1. Lin For The Win!

  2. If Batum out, big win and 40 pts for Lin.

  3. Please Cliff. Just let Lin play his game tonight.

  4. Surely hope so. Depends on the coach. He is unpredictable with Lin so far.

  5. Charlotte Hornets PR
    [email protected] INJURY UPDATE
    Batum (right hand) and Williams (neck strain) listed as PROBABLE will be available to play. Hawes DOUBTFUL #LALatCHA


  6. So is PJ going to be guarding Kobe at SF?

  7. Ya! Changed all the time…

  8. So they will play tonight.

  9. Hornets pretty much has better rank in all statistical category excepts Steals/game


  10. if so that would mean (might mean) lin would be guarding kobe because lin is now basically pjs sub.

    tho late in the game lin’s defensive assignments get changed around depending it seems on the score and the situation.

  11. Lin would have been supposed to be the best defender to guard Kobe. But i am afraid the refs might send Lin to bench with the record breaking fouls/min whistles.

  12. the lakers “new” lineup is clarkson 1 williams 2 kobe 3 nance 4 hibbert 5 with russell and randle (once the future of the franchise) coming off the bench and playing basically the same minutes as the starters. 7 man rotation of any signifcant minutes unless completley blown out (which lakers often are)

    russell has taken better to this arrangement than randle. randle was the top player on the team for the first 20 games then suddenly he was demoted after a 20 pt game in a close loss to i think minnesota?

    last 10 games off bench even tho he’s still getting some minutes and wasn’t really taking that many shots before his scoring and over performance is way down.

    perhaps he was taking to much shine off of the kobe retirement tour? (now that is speculation).

  13. i dont think you really need to guard kobe close enough to get any fouls, just let him shoot. he’s only ahead of joe johnson and derrick rose for least efficent scorer in the league.

    btw his “proteges” on the team, russell, randle and clarkson have learned their “chucking” leassons well; all 3 also are bottom 20 in the league among qualified players in points per shot.

  14. He is very predictable with Lin – He will give Lin more minutes ONLY if Hornets is in trouble in the games.

  15. Hope so. At least Kobe is not a flop guy.

  16. man that would suck! even Kobe would go off on PJ

  17. actually won’t be surprise if PJ will prform better than Kobe …

  18. Be soft like water and they’ll never know until the flood washes their sins away.

  19. you have the link?

  20. refresh the comment.

  21. How did PJ end up above JLin?

  22. Thank you.

  23. acbc, you’re doing good for the world, passing on your wisdom.

  24. yes, a reminder, wasn’t that game very weird?

  25. Today might be JLin vs refs

  26. PJ is good on defense and that is why Clifford let him start to help two weak defenders – Batum and Kemba. Batum could have been a good defender, but i believe Cliff instructs him to put more focus on offense.

  27. Drastic difference between 1st and 2nd units production. Hence, the disbandment of the 2nd unit led by Lin? We’ll see if the 2nd unit be reassembled after All-Star for playoffs hope? Who knows?

  28. So classy young man!

  29. Huh? Lakers do not know what they are doing? They do……Tanking…..

  30. so many of us would like to tell Kobe and BS off. But JLin takes the high road as usual. Such a great man. he will make a great minister one day.

  31. pj was never good on defense. that’s been a huge lie to start him which appeases MJ

  32. sad but probably true even though all pj does is shoot wide open 3’s

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  36. Don’t forget to vote Jeremy for All-Star! 🙂

    The poll is still open for tonight’s game. Below is the link to vote and to read Spot’s awesome sonnet in case you’ve missed it!

    Lastly, there’s still time to donate to Jeremy Lin Foundation! The deadline is 1/3/16.

  37. Based on the stats, he is good at One-on-One defense. If non One-on-One defenses such as steals, rebounds and blocks are included to the stats, PJ’s ranking is in the middle. Lin is still the best among the players who played over avg 10 mins/game.


  38. you mean everyday?

  39. That’s true, but does it seem like we hear more frequent whistling when playing against big names and/or big market team…?

  40. Stars need calls…..Lin gets none/too many…..two folds.

  41. ill repost this here from previous thread since lots of number being thrown around; one that i like a lot, points per shot. lin is now top twenty in the league among “qualified” players.

    and number 3 in point guards behind only curry and westbrook.

    efficiency, efficiency they say.

    at the other end, the bottom? kobe, rose, joe johnson and kobe heir apparent dlo russell.

  42. Efficiency, the name of the game.

  43. Michael Jordan is not expected to attend Kobe Bryant’s final game in Charlotte this evening, but a video message from MJ will be shown.–baxter holmes

  44. and still king of the one liners.

  45. MJ is not interested, wise decision.

  46. Knew it
    Nic is not gonna miss this chance to stat pad

  47. I thought Lin would start today but oh well.

  48. Lin still has to stuck with Al!? : (

  49. i wouldn’t worry about that i dont think al will play much. he’s clearly not ready yet.

    but the author of this text was “born ready”.

    (been waiting for an opporutnity to use that one for a long time).

  50. I wouldn’t judge yet. It’s only been one game where Lin and Al played together. Once their chemistry improves I think they might be able to play better together

  51. Monitor/Watch this Ref #42 Eric Lewis. I remember him gave a phantom foul call on Lin and I noted but can’t remember which game.

  52. I thought that name was familiar…

  53. oh ya i remember this name too

  54. Question: What rank does Lin have to be to make it to the ASG even as a reserve? Top 10?

  55. reserve are coaches choice so it likely won’t happen.

  56. MJ just swatted a fly away that’s been bugging him like a moth to a flame. Lol

  57. so to guarantee a spot he needs to be top 5 or top 3?

  58. Lin fans getting some love. I wonder where they get those fan signs? I always see Chinese/Taiwan fans holding them.

  59. Well deserved!

  60. Mr efficeincy to you mister. Lol

  61. most likely.

  62. I knew Nic wasn’t going to miss this game cause he has stated that he loves Kobe Bryant. And I can kind of see from the way Nic plays that his shot selections were inspired by Kobe.

  63. unless lin has a coach who actually look at stats instead of reputation. lol that will be the day

  64. Especially today because it’s the last time Kobe will be at Charlotte stadium before he retires?

  65. They are the ones who go to JLin games at least one time per season no matter which teams he plays for.

  66. Pete is really nice.

  67. I just felt Al is too slow for Lin’s game.

  68. Time to let BS know he’s BS

  69. Why would anyone think Nick would miss this game? He was always probable, not doubtful. Probable usually means he’ll probably play.

  70. Probable is not available either.

  71. hairstyle sighting yet?

  72. NBA LP sucks. It is dead pre game, during time outs, halftime break. Don’y they know how to do some marketing or fun?

  73. I live in Cali so I get the sportsnet Lakers game channel. I have both opened right now.

  74. Cool girls and Cool posters!

  75. you do not see anything on LP until tip-off. I have to go free site to watch. . How LP compete with free sites?

  76. Today I will check LakersGound again since Lin left Lakers.

  77. Wow Lakers commentators just said Lin is having a good year, 11 pts and he has a nice hairdo. They are being nice to Lin

  78. I heard Hawes is out for today ? Is that correct?

  79. What? So I maybe should listen to Lakers feed then… LOL!

  80. I am not sure why Nick gave all 4th quarter credits last game to Kemba (first 3 quarters for himself ).

  81. Actually, it seems Lakers fans all want Lin have a great game! they are really hate BS now.

  82. he was out last game too., I don’t think it’s an injury, just Al is back

  83. spiked again.

  84. They know BS and Kobe are the problems for Lakers last year and this year. Lin was the victim.

  85. i think hes had his best games in this recent run with hair up this way.

  86. Probable is exactly what it says. Will probably play. Most of the times guys are probable they play. If they are doubtful, they usually don’t.

  87. 34.7% FG 17.2ppg and our commentators are saying he needs to keep shooting !

  88. Kobe….blabkabla…kobe…it is sickening.

  89. yeah but gives me time to eat before the game starts.

  90. Start the game already

  91. Go Lin!

  92. MJ currently congratulating Kobe and saying that he is still a big fan of Kobe

  93. Not sure which channel should watch? Home or Away?

  94. that’s important!

  95. Wow is Jordan not in the stadium?

  96. Kobe’s intro, he gets this special treatment every game he goes to

  97. nope said he wasn’t coming would just do video tribute.

  98. Very vivid except Kemba.

  99. Kemba? lol

  100. wow that’s sad ! Thought he would definitely show up!

  101. Frank is so white it’s like the artist gave up half way

  102. Is that supposed to be Kemba on the right? Doesn’t look like him. Everyone else looks right, Kaminsky eyebrow is going it’s own direction.

  103. The very recent kobewan Kobe. May the farce be with you.

  104. He has missed the most recent games.

  105. Do you think Kobe will get special treatment from the refs today?

  106. LoL. I think so.

  107. Nice floater!

  108. Wait, both team wear the dark color jersey??

  109. wow Kemba just got blocked by JC

  110. Is this true? why is he shooting so much? lol

  111. Kemba is showing off his ISO inefficiency?

  112. he’s been shooting a lot. cause he made a few 3’s once.

  113. Ah, yes. Once upon a time…

  114. these starters suck

  115. we should be up by 10 already

  116. ahh the vaunted b.s. defense.

  117. First 3 pointer, not that he tried three times.

  118. I really hope we aren’t just settling for jumpers

  119. Nice TO by Clark

  120. Hornets starters don’t look good even face Lakers.

  121. Love how Batum is torching clark!

  122. LOL. I see. Thanks!

  123. hairston looks good

  124. yeah but lakers defense is so bad anybody can put up big points on them. notice all the uncontensted hornets baskets already.

  125. just keep running, Kobe will get tired

  126. Wow really impressed by the team! Bryant TO 2

  127. but there is no reason for us to give Lakers 14 pts. We are only up by 4

  128. Yeah,but hornets D&O wasn’t very good,

  129. ya too much iso, need more team work.

  130. Need Lin time.

  131. Lin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. lol Kobe wanted to score on Lin so badly

  133. Ouch

  134. Lol Laker’s defense is so bad! I’ve never seen our team do those dunks so many times.

  135. Lin stealing the ball from JC

  136. Jeremy blocked JC?

  137. Batum continues to ignore Lin

  138. Batum copy Kobe ISO. Nice steal LIn

  139. Clark just got stuffed by Lin

  140. Batum the ballhog!

  141. thats what i was trying to point out earlier; the lakers defense what bs supposedly preaches is the worst in the league. so many easy baskets against them. no body around the basket for the defense.

  142. wants to show what he has learned from the master.

  143. and everyone else and then brick.

  144. Really surprised to see Kobe off so early for 1Q… maybe bc it’s B2B.

  145. Batum gonna go Kobeball today. he’s been shooting contested shots when Lin was opened.

  146. sit down rook!! jlin with nice block

  147. Why is Lamb NOT in w/ Lin?

  148. starters were just trading baskets with the lakers. pathetic.
    lin comes in and they finally play some D.

    batum’s shot selection continues to be awful.

  149. They like PJ now.

  150. Yes, wish he go to Lakers.

  151. wow Kemba and Batum completely ignoring Lin

  152. We only win by 3 pts?

  153. Here goes in Lamb w/ Lin.

  154. But Kemba still in…

  155. kemba with no-look, no-clue pass

  156. Jeremy blocked JC again!

  157. another block

  158. MAN Lin should’ve shot that man!

  159. Thanks ClarkB**!

  160. alright time for Lin to score when Kemba sits

  161. Yep! Lin is still in corner 3.

  162. what happened on that possession? i think i saw lin the process of blocking clarkson again

  163. assuming kemba or datum sits

  164. If no Kemba then Batum will be in.

  165. lin anticipated the right hand drive and cut him off.

  166. Ya! Lin got 2 Blocks.

  167. Batum is sitting. Lamb subbed for him.

  168. Cliff got to be angry about Kemba/Batum isoing and barely playing D. I guess it’s one of those games where they can do this and still win it.

  169. 5 mins 2 blks. Not bad.

  170. i guess clarkson is a little nervous playing against lin. lin has been really good to him

  171. Lin smashing clackson. too bad he wasn’t guarding kobe instead

  172. yeah boxscore did count it as block. in continuing his #1 PG shotblocker status

  173. 1 rebound.

  174. he did for a little

  175. He guarded Kobe a little, not much happened.

  176. Clarkson scoreless with Lin covering him.

  177. I don’t know what position Lin is playing. It’s not PG.

  178. Kaminsky is still a soft defender

  179. Al is still no feeling

  180. Hornets arena looks full. I’m not surprised if most of them are watching because of Kobe.

  181. lambs defense is just……..

  182. 222222

  183. kobe getting ready to get smashed

  184. lin was so sloppy about that pass. smh

  185. Lamb should have come closer seeing Lin trying to pass him the rock.

  186. lazy feet

  187. AL is mess

  188. lamb close-out angle is just wrong. he is running straight at the guy’s body instead of at his shooting hand.

  189. Why didn’t Kamisky pass to Lin??

  190. What happened there Lin?

  191. we are not taking lakers serious enough

  192. Lin is trying to do too much. Revenge game but he needs to let the game come to him.

  193. hate al with lin also

  194. Look Frank doesn’t even pass to Lin Why?

  195. it’s the horrible spacing. This unit with Al and Lamb

  196. What the hell Lin ! Fix your dribbling man!

  197. I don’t like Lin’s ball handling today. He’s got to just dribble with more authority.

  198. Lin needs to put powder in the palm of his hands….The ball tend to slip too much in his hands.

  199. Wth Lin stop forcing it cmon man

  200. Hornets sloppy on both O and D

  201. darnit lin. just shoot it in the paint. its not as if he cant get a shot off.

  202. Cliff messed up our bench

  203. stop[ looking to pass shoot the ball

  204. We played bad now….

  205. We’re back to the old Hornets team. Iso starters, bad spacing/weak bench.

  206. way to relax to start. time to kill the enemy lol

  207. no need to create shot for the bigs, just shoot the damn ball.

  208. lin playing stupid. trying to pass first instead of establishing his own shot threat first. when is he ever going to learn.

  209. Agree. Why passed that ball when tons of players in front of you?

  210. Can’t believe we are tied and we let the Lakers score 26 in a quarter

  211. can’t wait for Lin to smash kobe

  212. Yep, chemistry issue again. Lin is probably trying to get guys going first…

  213. I know. smh!

  214. with this unit, he has to create his own shots. Which is difficult. No screens or off ball movement.

  215. real bad minutes on the offense for him so far

  216. He will not.

  217. SEems like he’s looking for Al. This isn’t the lineup he’s used to. But he still has to play better offensively.

  218. Lin needs to take care the ball. Too rush with the chip on the shoulder today?

  219. He needs to go to his strong side,he dribbled to the left but stopped then try to passed the ball in tight situation.

  220. Bad pass by Al.

  221. pj takes the most ridiculous shots lol

  222. This bench unit looks horrible. We do need to sit Al.

  223. PJ WHAT? You aren’t PRIME KOBE!

  224. PJ doing great

  225. Crowd was cheering in anticipation on that kobe 3…

  226. Al going back to bench.

  227. personal sidebar – will continue to disappear from here at times when out of town helping bro with extremely ill wife, and now youngest sibling needs emergency surgery so even more off-Portal time. So…just wanted to really belatedly thank MICHAEL for his lovely Christmas well-wishing to us all!! Hope he, and you, had a wonderful time, and I’ll get a jump on wishing us all and Jeremy a healthy, prosperous, and JOYFUL NEW YEAR. May we all be able to share Jeremy’s thought to love and enjoy the good we have even as we strive for greater abundance in skill and opportunity and open-heartedness. Thanks to one and all!

  228. 22222222222

  229. Lin needs to attack more

  230. that’s what I’m talking about,used your strong side because your so good at it.

  231. Finally score now.

  232. Lin found Lakers for screen

  233. HAAH Lin finally scores when Kemba is out and Batum is back in! Classic

  234. Take care, Jane. Prayers going your way!

  235. At least Lin is schooling Clarson and D Russell on the defensive end.

  236. Lin rest time

  237. Lin’s stats will be full of Blocks & Steals tonite

  238. Cliff needs to figure out his lineups. I don’t like what I see so far. We should be blowing out the Lakers.

  239. honest pleas cliff take al off the bench please I’m begging you

  240. how many blocks and steals so far? 2b 1s?

  241. 4 pts (2-3), 2 blks, 1 stl/reb/ast., 2 TO

  242. played 10 minutes I think.

  243. He’s staying on the bench for awhile.

  244. 11

  245. he won’t be back next year

  246. not bad. He’s a balanced player.

  247. Lakers are really going after Lin. Kobe shows effort unlike any other games he played this season.

  248. jeremy needs to put more oomph on his passes. will help lessen his TO

  249. is that good

  250. How are we not leading by 10 on the Lakers. COME ON!

  251. still, Kobe ain’t our problem. It’s the other players that are killing us.

  252. if lin played with more swag, those 2 TOs wouldnt have happened.

  253. he won’t be able to play the rest of the season

  254. That second TO was so dumb. It was so forced and wasn’t needed!

  255. Kemba is isoing a lot but at least he’s scoring.

  256. Apart from the TOs, it’s pretty productive

  257. needs to use his midrange game more

  258. i guess everybody is playing selfish iso ball trying to show off to kobe

  259. Lamb 0 pts in 15 mins in last game?

  260. 2 to are bad

  261. ya

  262. Batum is playing well, definitely in tune with Cody Zeller. I didn’t like some of his shots and I think he missed Lin once, but he is doing well with setting Zeller up.

  263. Does kaminski really not wanna pass to Lin lol

  264. Kobe attacks the basket? He risks anything to win this game.

    His leg excuse was just a big lie.

  265. But he needs to. Now. What’s he waiting on.

  266. Ya! I feel the same way. He didn’t pass to Lin like he used to…??

  267. I think you have to DNP Lin for no letting him score

  268. his legacy is based on a big lie

  269. Hardly see it. He never passed back to Lin.

  270. what?

  271. The unit that Lin has now is a unit that doesn’t recognize Lin as a PG. Lamb likes to iso and hold on to the ball a lot (sometimes playing PG). Frank ignores Lin and plays like he’s a guard (shoots from 3 and drives a lot). Al is just a post up big that clogs the lane and doesn’t set screens. PJ is shooting if he gets the ball.

  272. if he turns it over a lot, he loses cred as ball handler. players reacting to lin as well.

  273. He doesn’t look right out there. He was beginning to establish a rhythm but he should be schooling Russell and Clarkson when he has the ball. The TOs were due to trying to dribble too much rather than use hesitation, accelerate moves to get space from the defender.

  274. truddat

  275. Clarkson 0 pts in 14 mins

  276. Guess Lin is done for the half

  277. See that again? He goes to the basket which he does not do this season.

  278. Lin back

  279. I think he will be back to close 2Q.

  280. damn man gets no break

  281. why so manylakie fans

  282. way to put Lin on a short leash

  283. Horents need to be aware that Kobe is senior who could fall a lot today.

  284. Last game to visit Hornets for Kobe.

  285. LIN is too PASSIVE on O!!!

  286. we have 4 shooters on the court who don’t want to play d.

  287. The lead is gone…

  288. he needs to shoot!

  289. who the heck is guarding kobe?

  290. Kobe just fouled Lin hard

  291. damn u kobe smashed Lin

  292. don’t smile, punch him instead

  293. Missed agaib smh

  294. made one missed one

  295. Flag 1? WTH went for the head

  296. kobe is an azzhole

  297. nice foul?

  298. Thats why hes a legend lol

  299. oh azzhole legend?

  300. Lin needs to SMASH back!

  301. I guess Byron and Kobe are really trying to beat the team Lin’s on.
    Two knuckleheads

  302. we need to stop playing around and blow them out.

  303. This is an ugly game by Hornets. No one wants to play d besides Lin.

  304. flagrant 1 at least.

  305. Is he not? He’s famous for trash talking both to opponents and teammates

  306. then cliff have to say..hey i’m letting lin play pg… if you guys don’t play d.

  307. good. love it…nothin lin can’t handle…maybe this will get lin into higher gear…

  308. Bad D and O at 1st half.

  309. good

  310. Kobe does hate Lin who happened to be the only Asian.

  311. lol that was a flagrant lol but jeremy gets right back up and even smiles lol.

  312. Lets just hope Lakers run out of gas 2nd half. They aren’t used to playing this fast.

  313. If the league allows guys to use full strength when hacking a player even if it goes on the head then my god we are thankful Meta isn’t in this game.

  314. nah, kobe may be jelly of lin from linsanity but not cuz he’s asian.

  315. lin hasn’t bled this year…which is weird lol

  316. Like when Tyson fouled hard the first game Jeremy played against the Knicks.

  317. NBA refs being unfair to Lin like usual. Once Lin leaves/retires from NBA, that’s it for me. I’m gonna go watch MLB or something.

  318. any follow-through motion of the hand that hits a guys head is a flagrant. that was a flagrant.

  319. I didn’t say it was the reason.

  320. or when kidd fouled lin..trust me…lin likes the pain

  321. Yup that was flagrant. ..F!!! Kobe

  322. The good thing Lin does is draw fouls. Drew that offensive foul on Hibbard for the illegal screen, drew that foul on Kobe. Wish he made the 2nd FT but Lin draws fouls. The bad thing he’s doing is getting the ball and just looking to pass. When he gets the ball he should move with it somewhere and make the assist or play. Maybe he thinks Batum is in a rhythm so he’s going with the rhythm guy but Lin needs to get into a rhythm more this game. I hope his second half is a lot stronger than his first.

  323. 2nd half prediction: kobe is gonna try to shoot everything…start missing…lin steps it up..easy win

  324. no.. they have kobe treatment too

  325. Lakers FG 56.8% = Hornets bad defense

  326. Why is this a flag foul then?

  327. lol jordan clarkson is so overrated.

  328. Bad DO.. lin’s hair?

  329. of course it’s a flagrant. refs aren’t gonna call a flagrant on kobe especially when Lin is the recipient

  330. Which Ref was it that was closest to Lin? Most people will remember this FLAGRANT foul Not called on Kobe tonight!

  331. The ball is not in his hands.

  332. yep any other combination of fouler and foulee thats a flagrant no question.

  333. WAY Underrated toughness.

  334. games like this the only thing i wished lin did was maybe shoot it instead of trying to dish it into the big men in when it’s crowded..lin’s not gonna get 30. too many guys and enough shots.

  335. look at kobe’s wind-up action. its obvious what kobe is doing.

  336. you know.. kobe is so tricky..that’s why he is a 20+ year vet… when it’s live I didn’t even see him hitting his head..I just thought he touch the ball… until slow mo again.

  337. So UPSET watching this FLAGRANT FOUL NOT CALLED on KOBE!!!

  338. Oh yah but its also Kobes last game in charlotte
    Cant really eject him this early lol

  339. its just like the rockets game. harden delivers an elbow to Lin’s nose. it’s an automatic foul on Lin. illegal use of the nose. 10 yards penalty

  340. yeah but he patted lin on the stomach at the ft line later so that makes it allrite.

  341. thats just disgusting to see.

  342. It is not difficult to find who is the weakest link in Hornets roster.

  343. It’s a pro-Kobe decision.

  344. Should be Flagrant 1 on Kobe – where’s that one who considers Kobe a legend?

  345. Kobe would not have liked Dwight Howard winding his clock last season

  346. they are fair to Asian Americans

  347. Adam silver just call the refs: good job guys….keep that foreigner player down.

  348. kobe doesn’t want to get showed up by former teammate

  349. He is becoming to predictable on the offense these past 3 games vary your moves he is not doing that…to take his game to the next level he has to put this kind of mentality in his game…it cant always be driving in to the paint.

  350. sticking yer nose in the beard’s business.

  351. I want to know what Kobe said to Lin….

  352. Now it’s time for Lin to do the same thing to Kobe. Just karate chop Kobe back and retire him early.

  353. Because it’s Jeremy not just a former teammate.

  354. I saw Lin’s head snap back and fell on his back w/head hit the floor. Lin really tried hard to keep his head from banging hard on the wood floor!

  355. yo if that causes lin to have some problem in the future in this season, this is the play.. (knocko on woodio..knock on wood)
    it’s like kidd’s flagrant foul that tore lin’s menicus. (knock on wood)

  356. Score on him. No dirty stuff. Fake him out and score on him whenever Kobe is on him.

  357. or only asian guy..(there, I said it)

  358. Lin
    2-4 0-1 1-2 1reb 1ast 1stl 2Blk 2TO 5pts 15mins

    0-4 0-1 1-2 2rebs 4ast 0stl 1blk 1pts 18mins

    1-1 0-0 0-0 1reb 1ast 2stl 0blk 2TO 2pts 11mins

  359. it’s all bs by bs from bs.

  360. “That was all ball” Kobe
    “My head is not the ball” Lin.

  361. “pleasantries”… sure. ok.

  362. They were both kind of laughing.

  363. lin got punked and he just accepted it with a smile.

    i dont understand how hes not angry about it.

  364. I don’t think it is an Asian thing with Kobe.

  365. yeah..he at least should NOT smile.

  366. I think it’s more than that… underdog, Harvard, etc.

  367. He’s laughing at how this sport is such a joke

  368. lack of self-respect. i guess thats what he calls ‘humility’

  369. 38 pts Linsanity.

    Linsanity in theaters and DVDs successful. Kobe documentary in Showtimes, nobody cared.

  370. Yes. He has to use that mid-range shot more. Kemba is doing better because he trusts his mid-range shot and he flat-out has better handles to get him separation to get it.

  371. Class is what he has.

  372. really. i know kobe is untouchable but at least not smile like he enjoyed it

  373. Kobe chopped Lin’s head cause he did not want to retire knowing Lin made a basket on him.

  374. It will not happen…. I somehow feel Lin just didn’t want to score too much on Lakers?

  375. He’s saying Kobe you didn’t hurt me. That’s not really getting punked. He just needed to hit both FTs and not just one.

  376. Jeremy is not like that. He did the same thing when Tyson fouled him hard. Some people see it as a weakness but it’s his strength.

  377. Kobe: your forehead is not as soft as I thought.. almost broke my elbow..

    Jlin: let me pray you didn’t break it…

    Kobe…start crying in shame.

  378. I feel that he wants to play defense today cause everyone else on his team isn’t. We let Lakers score 58 in the first half. That’s not normal.

  379. Smiling is the best revenge. Try. But you can’t crack me!

  380. Revenge and hates are not Lin….but 2nd half will be war.

  381. You didn’t hurt me and I’m going to keep driving in on you. That’s all you can do, not really block my shot. Not getting punked.

  382. normally when something like this happens to him, he’d get back by dropping 30

  383. if its actually a strength, then others would treat you with respect. not trample on you and laugh about it.

  384. “A little something for your fans to talk about” Kobe
    “Well, I did get 15 million from the lakers last season, I guess you can call it even” Lin

  385. Good one but that’s only one of many.

  386. that’s why i said.

  387. what is it gonna take to take al off the bench

  388. Lin to kobe: u call that a foul? haha so weak

  389. Not a lack of self respect, Kobe looks like the dumb one here. For Lin to laugh at kobe and for kobe to get mad tells me, lin was in control of the situation not kobe.smh

  390. Smile means is that all you got Kobe?

  391. yeah, he won’t allow that anymore..
    ESP when lin and him are guarding each other!.. they will say kobe D stinks.!

  392. Lin isn’t dropping 30 in this game. He’s just not playing that type of game. I’m just hoping he looks to shoot more 2nd half and ends the game in the mid teens at least. But I want him to get assists too.

  393. Love your enemies. Lol And then he misses 2nd FT.

  394. he still made a free throw though

  395. Kobe lost control. Jeremy is in control.

  396. If he had made both FTs, I would agree.

  397. Lin to Kobe: That was Charmin

  398. Too late…Jlin already scored 38 on him..hehe

  399. You do’nt know what Kobe said to him. It could have been anything. I still think let the game talk. It was a foul, play on.

  400. Anger is what Kobe wants. Jeremy is too strong to give him that.

  401. Ugh, Jeremy’s smile on that uncalled flagrant 1 on Kobe as weakness? Nah. That is definitely sarcasm. The “sure, try harder” type of thing.

  402. 🙂 Bite m* Mr. Charmin Shill (Is that too rude? Will I get deleted?)

  403. kobe was very much in control of his arm. he didnt do it out of rage or some random whim. he knew wha t he was doing and he did it.

    this is not about losing control of oneself.

  404. i’ll let it slide this time. haha. nah i think mods are pissed as h3ll right now too

  405. Tied at 3rd quarter !
    Pretty disappointed !

  406. right, imagine trying to threaten someone, and then they smile at you… it kind of undoes your threatening…

  407. who said that?

  408. Thanks :). I’m usually a very good girl. And for the few who might not have hear of the old-fashioned word “shill”…it means somebody hired to hard-promote a product. In this case, Charmin.

  409. i need to apologize to Lin fans. i predicted Lin wold smash kobe but instead it was the opposite. kobe literally smashed Lin 🙁

  410. This is a game we are supposed to win for sure but look how we are throwing it away. Kemba/Batum isoing. Coach has no clue to run the bench.

  411. Keep shooting those 3s KOBE!

  412. Kemba reminded me a lot of Harden about defense.

  413. i think some people a few comments below.

  414. Like @yascar:disqus said, Jeremy is not going to give Kobe the satisfaction by being angry back at him.

  415. Can we play some defense already? WTH is up with this team

  416. Lol..the crowd ooh and aahhh on every kobe miss shots

  417. I didn’t see his smile after he received uncalled flagrant 1 called. The smile happened possessions later. People are taking this out of proportion.

  418. Please rewatch the game.

  419. Just a friendly warning… emphasize on “friendly” 🙂

  420. He smiled while shooting fts for that flagrant.

  421. thank you. Kobe brings out the dark side in me.

  422. Lin in

  423. Jlin in!!!

  424. The reason Lin comes in early is because the coach doesn’t like the defense effort.

  425. Clark first FG at the 3rd Q

  426. i like the floater

  427. YEAH LIN!

  428. Linsanity!!!

  429. yes JLin!!! aggressive playing!

  430. Man Look at that last possession ! Lakers already know Lin’s pattern of passing it back out! Both Kobe and another player was waiting for the interception

  431. They wold love to drop more on Kobe than Lin did. Never happen.

  432. 5 points just like that!

  433. There you go!!

  434. Lovin’ Lin’s production.

  435. yeah kembas handles are insane…but i think Lin has better handles than he is showing some games its all about being comfortable…we’ll see

  436. Assist!

  437. Wow Kobe fans not booing?

  438. Lin & Batum combo in action

  439. Lin looks passive but he’s sneaking in stats letting the game come to him

  440. Hornets trying to give the game away.

  441. boo who? Lin?

  442. I hope not…

  443. I swear, they need to play Lin more for any upside to the game. Why did we give Lakers 70 pts?

  444. Yeah on the FTs

  445. Nice nice nice

  446. We really need to get a 10points cushion before the 4th. Hopefully Kobe can give us that.

  447. He does not look passive at all and he’s not ‘sneaking in stats’. I know you are a Lin fan for sure, just don’t get the language. JLin is going blow for blow against JC and LAL. He’s not going to let them lose with his PT, that’s for sure.

  448. Just got home. What happen to Al Jeff?

  449. why is that person’s head blacked out?

  450. Still having hangover

  451. wonder if team learned of coach’s statement about allowing Batum to focus on offense (was that an accurate report?)

  452. I thought he was a pothead.. alcoholic too? lol

  453. nic doesnt know what a sim card is haha

  454. Lin chatting with clarkson in the backgrund. they look friendly

  455. hangover with the weed…not alcoholic though but who knows…lol

  456. Asian togetherness

  457. kobe with right shoulder wrapped. must be hurting from that flagrant foul

  458. Lin 3333333333

  459. 13pts already.. NICE

  460. Jeremy mentored JC.

  461. That floater is for Kobe,that 3333 is for BS

  462. Nic is not a max contract player. Look how easily he is trapped and loses the ball.

  463. Jeremy is all over the place

  464. great d lin on nick young

  465. Lin is dominating every laker on defense. he knows all their moves.

  466. They have no moves

  467. bballbreakdown is still a lin fan even though he’s been really sucking up to the lakers lately

  468. batum is chucking, and looking ugly out there.

  469. Lin has a tendency to never even try to shoot a contested shot. I know he has a principle of looking for the best shot but if he constantly does it he’ll ice himself out.
    Lin needs to learn how to step back!

  470. so fast youz!

  471. I know this will get flagged but Lin is a better person than me.

    Serves you right, Kobe!!!!

  472. Batum came to try to prove to his hero Kobe that he is good but failed.

  473. You’re so mean… but true. lol.

  474. Wow…his own side calling him out.

  475. Love him or hate him
    Batum already has his double double!

  476. he always says good things about the institutions because he’s just a high school coach who is making inroads to a new career.

  477. need hansbrough

  478. It’s interesting actually. There’s some talk that LAL is going after Batum in free agency.

  479. Selfish ball play = tied game.

  480. Lakers won’t give up

  481. JC has been blocked 4 times – 2 by Lin, 2 by Kemba

  482. lol speaking the truth at least

  483. big cheers when lakers hit shots… really charlottle??

  484. kobe crowed

  485. Why Lakers tie the game w Hornets? smh!

  486. to replace Kobe? LOL well they both play alike

  487. >:P

  488. their bench is much better than their starters

  489. cause bad offense/bad defense. The game shouldn’t even be this close.

  490. Haha! True.

  491. well, I’ve been happy for NY’s 3s because I like him. But other than that, when JC jammed it I saw that as a throw down on JLin so JLin was scoring too, like 8 so far this quarter, right?

  492. Yeah I’m pretty pissed as well

  493. hornets cant guard anyone. not even the lakers…

  494. Lin having a hell of a 3rd quarter .. 8 pts in 5 minutes wow

  495. + our bench is in bad shape …. no more BF1

  496. Well then they won’t miss a thing. ?

  497. He can, remember the 3 pointer he shot over Chris Paul as a Laker. He’s still not looking for his mid-range shot he featured so much in pre-season.

  498. and one broken nose

  499. The FrankLin combo

  500. Nice. I like the bench reaction 🙂

  501. Ugly play by Al. Nice play by Kemba. I think Al Jeff is done.

  502. Lin shooting 71% wow! I hope he plays the entire 4th quarter!

  503. COme on AL are you for real?

  504. damn. Lin should have drove on that last play. only 1 defender down low

  505. Stu … don’t like hearing him again, but he was right, JLin should have taken that shot he gave it to KW with over 4 sec left. Maybe KW called for it.

  506. Lin is such a good rebounder !

  507. jordan clarkson shoots alot

  508. yea.

  509. THey mentioned Lin’s ankle. Maybe he’s still hurt.

  510. Don’t like Stu but he was right. Lin hurt his ankle a bit on that rebound. He might’ve landed on someone’s foot.

  511. Jordan Clarkson 2-12 for only 8 pts
    Jeremy Lin 5-7 for 13 pts

    ENOUGH SAID..Byron scott is an incompetent coach

    meanwhile Ronnie “Head of the Snake” Price is rotting on the Suns bench

  512. efficiency doesn’t matter to lakers lol

  513. he hurt it earlier I think and Kemba was on fire

  514. got caught on the screen. grabbed his ankle

  515. That’s what i hate about Lin !
    8seconds you got the offensive rebound and you ran halfcourt
    Passing it to kemba only to get to launched from 5 ft from the 3pt Line.

  516. Oh, I didn’t know … he seems doing fine. I notice he is first to get back to set up the floor spread by being a danger in the corner. You can see him drifting back if he cannot help on the D or reb.

  517. bro, you’ve… haven’t changed

  518. Wow JC must play pretty bad for even Kemba to block him!

  519. kemba was hot. He got caught on a screen. was hurting a bit

  520. lin feeds the hot hand..no worry

  521. I don’t hate him but I wanted him to make a move and get the midrange.

  522. Yeah at least penetrate or do something !
    Not stand still and pass.

  523. gosh, all kW, all the time bricks and tovs and drives whatever.

  524. Lin looks hurt.

  525. what wrong with Lin? Take open shot!!!

  526. That was an open shot from 3 by Lin but he passed it up again

  527. kw goes selfish, then FKam. Contagious.

  528. it was a set play

  529. KW on fire tho

  530. I’m a believer that if you get a wide open shot you should shoot it instead of running a play

  531. KW will be tired soon. Lin will take over.

  532. kemba is just showing off cus he knows everybody is watching this game

  533. Lin is hurt. he is moving very slow

  534. Walker is playing very impressively. He’s not a PG but he is a really good player.

  535. He’s doing work !

  536. Kemba is playing like a boss

  537. like I said before he is like a undersized SG who is very quick.

  538. Kemba is playing how Lin played when he was in New York

  539. LOL WHERE’s THE D from the LAKERS?

  540. But feel the Force, Luke. This is a fragile lead, and each time KW ISOs, the team gets weaker. By the time they hit the 2 min mark, the game will be a tossup and Kobe will have a chance with his low FG% to win it.

  541. What happened to Lin’s aggression. He turns it on a little then he just kind of looks to be a complimentary player.

  542. Hornets game floor announcer is wearing Lin’s number inside his white jacket.

  543. Kemba too fast. If Lin did the same thing too they would be buried right now. Too bad Lin is injured.

  544. the last two isos i’m okay with…it’s continually trying to do so. once in a while is okay to break the flow.

  545. KW is icing the 2nd unit, not good.

  546. no, because Lin made great passes and ran the offense. KW had a few bricks, TOV once, and he’s playing hard to make up for it. The O is now stagnant.

  547. He has a PGs handle.

  548. 2-12 Clarkbad
    5-7 Lin

    Clark is better than Lin
    CLark is a starter
    Lin is a bench role player


  549. Don’t think Lin will score more than Kobe tonight. Lin looks passive.

  550. KObe 1st option
    Lin 5th option

  551. Clifford really does not like Hansbrough

  552. Al needs to be bench.
    He’s a liability

  553. LOL, KW needs KB’s help.

  554. If Hornets wants to win, take AL out.

  555. JLin signals, then inside to AL for 2. Nice PG.

  556. I’m sorry Batum, but those TOs are horrible!!

  557. Batum killing the Hornets out here.

  558. How many lazy passes that resulted in turnover by Batum this season? He is not a facilitator.

  559. When did lin get 2 more assist

  560. that was his first TO tongiht.. hes doing pretty well 11 assists to 1 turnover

  561. since he became a boss

  562. Come on AL
    Show me your low post domination!

  563. I’m not hating Stu Lantz as much anymore. Seems like he’s coming around on Jeremy Lin now that the Lakers front office isn’t telling them to make Lin look bad.

  564. Lambs minutes heading way way down hill

  565. Ninja assists?

  566. second.

  567. KW killing the game with his scores. JLin rebs, takes it down, calls a play and fakes it and deliver to AJ in the paint for 2. That is what gets the team going to ready for crunch time. If they don’t do it soon, Kobe will hit the game winner, and we all know how low his shooting percentage is.

  568. maybe cause he heard Lin complimenting Kobe pre-game.

  569. lol

  570. he was born a boss lol

  571. He is terrible with entry passes.

  572. It’s like Al is playing scared.
    What happen to his pump fakes and shakes?

  573. He’s TO prone but he makes good passes too.

  574. he broadcasts his passes and even thought he pass looks impossible he still passes it

  575. He’s not in a good place…

  576. Kemba went 12-21? Are you serious? No wonder he has high score cause he chucked so many shots! It’s exactly why Lin should take at least 15 shots per game!

  577. Man thank god for Kemba

  578. I know you know this, but 96-90. KW plays with it trying to get his ISO to work, 9 sec left he releases for nada. Then LAL scores.

  579. who cares he’s shooting better than 50% and it’s better to keep feeding him over Batum

  580. ANother careless TO

  581. Lin revenge game, but if the Hornets win, Lin needs to buy Kemba dinner.

  582. lol did his part by feeding the hot hand. If Lin was another iso player, he would be chucking too.

  583. he is the reason why LAL is hanging around. There is no team O right now, and D is not stopping LAL.

  584. what did Lin say

  585. a buffet is reasonable.

    but they are making Kemba play like prime Kobe

  587. Kemba needs to buy dinner for Lin for Kemba’s career best season.

  588. When he got the ball he passed…

  589. Looks like Jlin is hobbling a slightly bit…does anyone see it…or is it just me?

  590. Lins actual revenge game will be when he comes back to La La Land

  591. its funny that the smallest person on court is killing the Lakers

  592. Kemba never bought dinner when Lin saved his bad plays 10+ games 😛 just saying

  593. should be winning by more…

  594. seeing the lakers makes me happy lin isn’t on this garbage of a squad with that garbage coach scott

  595. ya he’s hurt.

  596. Stop ! Kemba is winning us the game.

  597. There is no Lin revenge game here. He’s just trying to do what he can to help the team win. Doesn’t have his best rhythm tonight.

  598. no he is not, he is keeping lakers close with his ISO play.

  599. agree our D sucked today

  600. so glad lin isn’t on the laker anymore

  601. Hope Lin is not seriously hurt

  602. hahaha

  603. No, that is not true, he is not playing PG at all, he’s playing Harden lite.

  604. His running motion is not fluid

  605. it’s just his hair swaying like a high rise building giving the effect of him limping

  606. KW launched the ball before circling around to warm up his teammates, bad PG practice.

  607. damn. Lin had an opportunity to smash kobe there

  608. ok, I take it back with 2 mins left and 8 pts, up, Kobe will shoot them to a loss.

  609. COme on Lin get some buckets!

  610. Good that Kobe keeps on shooting

  611. ft and drives from now on and assisted threes

  612. did anyone see Lin pick up Kobe though? WHY????????

  613. Kobe playing hero ball and it’s hurting the Lakers. Where have I seen this before??

  614. Jlin tends to get buckets when it is really needed

  615. Not sure what you mean, but did you notice that possession where he was so eager to get his ISO he failed to get control of the ball 2x … lucky his D wasn’t on him, so he then played with it until 9 sec left. By then, everyone was watching.

  616. hahah loving it Kobe shooting Lakers out of this game



  619. Kemba having a night. let him shoot.

  620. Tried to hack me, man, but who’s picking who up?

  621. i just want lin to get 15

  622. KW just skipped a wide open JLin on the corner 3.

  623. Yeah Kemba deserves more than a buffet. Best steakhouse in Charlotte is more like it.

  624. kobe brings out the isolation in kemba

  625. No way Kemba is mediocre. He does hit big shots and makes big plays in the 4th. He’s very good at least as scoring at putting the team on his back.

  626. Lin 13pts more than any Lakers players except Kobe – but Kobe 5/18???

  627. allowed to chuck 25 shots of course he’s in rhythm.

  628. LeBron is good at that too. FWIW

  629. but he wasn’t good enough to start last season… stupid organization.

  630. Scoring your highest points against LAL is almost like doing it against the previous 76ers, uhhhh…

  631. Good enough for a team that is not his.

  632. No Kemba’s another shot chucker he went 14 for 25! Hornets making their fake star.

  633. One day Kobe may appreciate that kindness

  634. haha Kobe going YOLO BLACK MAMBA

  635. i just hope he doesn’t get a big head after this game

  636. You call that a bragging right for him, LOL !

  637. does he get a TO for that? damn

  638. He want at least 38 points against LAL just like JLIN!

  639. The classy Lin winds it down.

  640. Shoot it LIN

  641. That winding down the clock counts as a TO for Lin I think. Oh well.

  642. Lin not going to have high scoring with both Batum and Walker chucking shots. Truly hope he can reunite with MDA.

  643. Team to

  644. LMAO !

  645. no

  646. Lamb got 12 minutes.

  647. I’ll keep saying it Jeremy is well liked by the hornets….gets big minutes pretty consistently now…I’m happy for him….and his game is so sound now

  648. if it was a TOV, then wouldn’t they have to play the clock?

  649. Lin should shot it instead of TO!!!

  650. he didn’t get a tov

  651. It’s team to

  652. he did

  653. yeah, but lin hasn’t been really hitting it much later on in the 2nd half…he was hot..then cold

  654. Byron can’t win even when he tries

  655. 17

  656. Lins play faded after the injury. hopefully he will be find . looked ok but never really went full speed after the injury

  657. That was a very fragile win – CHA were in no position to respond to any competition with entire team watching Kemba for most of the 4th. When JLin scored bit, he always had others scoring big regularly so the team was in motion.

  658. ask kobe that

  659. What injury?

  660. Getting minutes but not the ball to shoot nor play PG!

  661. No, it’s a team TO.

  662. i bet he gets fired the minute kobe finishes his last game

  663. lin is smart..he knows something is up.

  664. Is it when he got foul by kobe?

  665. he was clipped on a screen and was hobbling around after it. why he gave kemba the last shot in third quarter.

  666. If it’s a TOV, then wouldn’t they have to play the remaining time or do they just call it a day?

  667. no he was on defense got hit by the legs by one of lal big man

  668. That’s sour grapes, sport. The Hornets needed him to take those shots. 14 for 25 is good shooting, better than 50 percent.

  669. Hope it is nothing serious

  670. Hope he’s ok.

  671. idk adrenaline is high so we will have to wait till after the game. really didn’t seem the same after the injury

  672. Lamb 0 pts last game, 2 pts this game. What is going on? I think BF1 was distracted by AL or something.

  673. Even the Lakersnation site is giving up HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  674. cant play defense

  675. r they trying to showcase lina?

  676. Nah

  677. they gave up a while ago

  678. I don’t agree, sw … Kemba effectively decided to have a big game and could do it against LAL. You can see that by his eagerness on that possession to go for the basket – he failed to get initial control of the ball 2x. Everybody was watching him, and sure he can do good runs against LAL. But we’ve all seen the games CHA lost, and it was this kind of play against a better team that takes you from #2 to now what? 8th? Oh well, it ain’t my team until they include my playa.

  679. Lord please protect Jeremy Lin from any injuries….Amen

  680. That gives him much more flexibility in the long run….being a guard who doesn’t always needs the ball gives him more value…

  681. he did miss 2 midranges, but why wouldn’t he be cold if nobody is given a chance to shoot in the course of the game?

  682. Not enough shots for a 3rd chucker who doesn’t defend very well.

  683. I have to give it to Kemba. He really showed up today. Sometimes hero ball is necessary like when Lin tweaks his ankle.

  684. lin has a player option. so it would be a haif year rental. this will not happen. Lin is quickly becoming the hornets 3rd option

  685. Best part of 2nite – Lin’s 8 pts in 3rd Q, and then seeing NY hit some 3s. Rest was nothing unexpected.

  686. considering how jeffersion is playing .yeah.

  687. He doesn’t ever play perfectly, but he has the clutch team and can put the team on his back when need be. His line isn’t bad. He also had 5 assists, 2 or 3 steals and 2 blocks as well. Plus, he made most of his surge in the 2nd half. That’s clutch.

  688. we need to trade him. he is effecting both Lin and Lamb on the bench.

  689. Thanks. I’m glad not to be the only member saying that. But he needs to brush up on his PG playing pronto. It didn’t look that strong tonight. He’s way better than that.

  690. trade Al for Ed Davis or some other big like him

  691. If you’re a true Lin fan, please tweet to @NBAOfficial about that missed flagrant foul by Kobe Bryant. Call them out as being racist. Hopefully they will be fair to Lin next games.

  692. You don’t trade for someone who likes the team he’s on and is performing well for that team. What interest does Portland have to trade Ed Davis. Probably none.

  693. Lamb should get 20 minutes at the very least…The fact that Hairston and Lin are both shooting better have put pressure on Lamb’s minutes.

    Also, Kemba and Batum are both playing close to 40 minutes a night, is not helping Lamb’s presence on the court.

  694. I see it v differently. He played selfishly in the 4th to get his, and so he scored. He also bricked (see his FG%, TOV, and so on). It was easy to make it work because it’s LAL. Had he kept others in the game on O, he would not have needed to play hero ball. They put Kobe in because LAL had a chance. Kobe should have sat out after getting the ice. It’s not bball I like to watch because you lose winnable games this way. In this case, LAL is so bad I guess it was worth it for the glory, for KW.

  695. It’s a waste of time. That was even reviewed.

  696. let it go

  697. Lin played the third most minutes.

  698. I can’t if I’m “frozen” from the hit : )

  699. To me Jlin potential injury is the biggest issue…not the win against the lowly tankers

  700. Another tanking season for the Lakers

  701. Hornets wanted Ed Davis but he said no. Lin said Hornets wanted 2 players during off season but the other declined and he couldn’t reveal who it was.

  702. notice
    rebound average: nick == kw == lin
    assist average : nick > kw > lin
    points average : kw > nick > lin

    somehow if you swap pj with lin in the starting lineup..it might work as lin is learning how to play with ball dominant players now..and the movement if worked correctly will allow lin to have almost equal ball handling.

    I’m suspecting cliff might do that after all-star break.. mark my words.

  703. OLIN?

  704. what injury

  705. Did Lin have his ankle hurt? how? Do not tell me it was from Kobe’s hard foul.

  706. not from that no call flagrant i hope.

  707. that call wasn’t reviewed was it?

  708. it was a from an and 1 play

  709. I edited it to say wasn’t.

  710. Michael Jordan To Kobe Bryant: ‘You Are Just Like Me’

    Sure. Only difference: One is the greatest of all time. The other is the wannabe ball-hog/racist.

  711. Who else was hot? Anyone else? If no one else is hot and the team needs to pull away and you are making your shots, it is responsible then to take the game over. Lin has done that too.

  712. Jeremy’s league wide value as a two dimensional player who doesn’t need the ball in his hands will bring him lots of suitors during the offseason…he is shattering all the “buts” and “he can’t do” this season….I want Lisanity but I’ve watched enough basketball to know Lins value/respect has gone way up this season.

  713. “but I’ve watched enough basketball to know Lins value/respect has gone way up this season.”

    not disagreeing, but why do you think that? just from his good performance? or you’ve heard reports from other teams?

  714. the good thing about Lin 38 against Lakers, he did it when Kobe was healthy and all the good players of LA

  715. BS mad he really wanted this win against that Asian American Harvard softy

  716. You’re Linmad

  717. you don’t want lisanity

  718. You’re speaking for someone else? Come on.

  719. I’m still not over the fact that Lin blocked Clarkson TWICE!! TWICE!!!

  720. NBA ain’t ready for linsanity, Linsanity was 10 years ahead of its time. Once we get more Asian Americans in the NBA, Linsanity will be the norm.


  722. Lin is just too nice of a player.

  723. joking aside, I agree too.. he will get lots of suitors.
    I’ve been saying that all along too..once he gets to know how to play off the ball well, LOTs of team will want him becasue there is already a franchise player in existing teams..and very hard to upsell or remove that because it’s like hitting the owners ego or something.. a missing interchangable component and versatile component is easier to desire than an existing expenseive part.

  724. ya and JC is supposedly very athletic

  725. Every scouting report on Lin this year has been positive. Better defender, scorer, slasher, shooter and less turnovers. And you’ll hear this every game “Jeremy has gone from linsanity to a consistent player” on opposing broadcasts.

    That’s a change in tone, which comes from the scouting reports opposing teams hand out.

  726. no, I’m not. you dont’ want lisanity either.

  727. Yes, during that time JLIN still a nobody with their two big stars not in play; and KW has all the helper around him, a much better situation.

  728. oh, okay, thanks. i rarely watch the games, so i didn’t know that that’s what commenters were saying.

  729. I’ll take Linsanity back on my Knicks with Kp6 right now lol

  730. Yes sir!

  731. Exactly a big chess piece

  732. Of course you will.. most will either.. but not lisanity.

  733. It isn’t 2012 anymore. Move on. Linsanity is now Hairsanity. In other words, he affects the game differently but still affects it strongly. Then there are Linsanity mode games like the 35 point game. More of those are to come.

  734. I found out today’s game to these reporters outside of Hornets… what they were interested the most it’s that foul Kobe on Lin …. not Kemba got 38 to win this game w old Kobe & kids.

  735. yes linsanity is 2012…
    but no one want lisanity,

    hahaha ok , I’ll stop it’s corny spelling joke

  736. According to Byron, lin is softer than Charmin. But I’ll take Charmin over Scott toilet paper any day.

  737. Next step is for Lin to get to that go-to move where he scores on someone or free himself out of a trap and hits that step-back mid-range jumper he’s developed. Kemba relies on that much more than drives to score a lot of his points as does Chris Paul, today’s Derek Harper, Kyrie Irving and a bunch of other point guards.

  738. Irrelevant. Results will be the same whether they tanked or not.

  739. better than the sum of them.

  740. What’s throwing Lin off is there’s no bench when he plays PG. It’s a mismosh of guys from the starters and the bench. And there’s also a very rusty Al to deal with.

  741. He has good sportsmanship.

  742. Very true. But we all know that by now.

  743. True, even Hawes is better than Al

  744. Exactly

  745. It’s Kemba’s team. What can you expect. If you listen to the announcer, “Kemba has the guts of a champion”

  746. When I search Jeremy Lin on Twitter all I see are bad calls from referees lol

    Foul Harden with his nose

    Gets pushed off by IT no call

    Kobe Bryant decapitates Lin’s head and just a normal foul

    How long will this trend stay until refs make some changes?

  747. seriously, the players Lin are playing with now are like anti-Lin success. I mean Lamb can play well with Lin some times but not all the time. Ever since Lamb got less minutes, he seems to play more selfishly and careless. PJ thinks he’s the next Kobe. Al is just clogging up the lane and not going to set screens for Lin.

  748. Yet, right, JC also blocked by KW twice at 3rd Q.

  749. I don’t get why Cliff break Lin’s 2nd unit… right now there is no BF1 anymore.

  750. BF1 does not exist right now.

  751. They actually like this kind of win. Where Kemba is the hero and they win without any big help from the bench. Kemba’s brand and FO campaign is made easier.

  752. lol I got that reference

  753. Ya! This year they tried hard to push Kemba in ASG.

  754. The moment Al came back and not starting, good bye BF1.

  755. Who is “today’s Derek Harper?”

    I liked Derek Harper when he played, though I never considered him an All Star talent.

  756. Because though Lin is technically a bench player, he’s playing starter minutes and should be considered a 6th starter.

  757. Derek Parker, sorry.

  758. Felt like watching a show-biz production for Kobe instead of a game. NBA/Refs protected Kobe by NOT reviewing that Blatant Flagrant Foul to Lin’s head by Kobe. If they did, Kobe would have to be penalized and be embarrassed to have it recorded on the books (a flagrant foul on his last game against Lin).

  759. nah I think Cliff was angry at the starters cause they were allowing Lakers to score on them that’s why Lin came in early.

  760. He’s a 6th starter.

  761. Was PJ in foul trouble again? Lin did come in early.

  762. We have to watch this kind of play in Hornets where Kemba’s play is magnified to the max. Lin is reduced to having a small role in this team but used occasionally to help out for some wins. Otherwise, a non-factor if they can help it. Sigh!

  763. Multiple blocks, deflections and tips to team-mates so far this season

  764. Before Al came back it’s already no more… but after Al back it’s even worst…. right now Lin is not playing PG that much most of time for SG only.

  765. We actually got lucky in today’s game. There were some moments were I thought Lakers would win cause our defense was missing. We also got lucky that Kemba was on fire.

  766. “Jeremy Lin owns Jordan Clarkson” 🙂

  767. LOL!! EFF BYRON!!! this dude wasnt tanking tonight. he started lou, clarkson, kobe, nance, and hibbert. he wanted the win and 4th quarter kemba shat ALL over him. kemba’s back. he deserves an all star berth. if he keeps this up. he drove fearlessly to the basket and got buckets even though the refs swallowed their whistles.

    lin played well. too many TOs for my liking and missed some shots late, but overall he played well. lou was also a hard cover but at least he SCHOOLED clarkson the wannabe. DLO is also a bust. his old man’s game doesnt translate well into the modern nba. glad we have frank.

  768. with one exception – Lin always plays hard D

  769. Send these pics directly to @NBAOfficial. Sick to my stomach seeing Lin gets hit Hard everywhere. Lin is tough, but it takes a toll on his body overtime.

  770. Well, it’s Kobe’s farewell tour so …. like it or not… NBA loves him to bring in the sold out games money.

  771. he’s super athletic, but dumb as a doorknob. he has no creativity. same moves as all of last season. lin’s seen it all in practice. he knew exactly where to be…

  772. Lin has a HUGE role on this team adele. He may be the 3rd most important player on the team (Kemba, Batum, Lin) and now he’s playing the starter’s minutes fans were hoping for.

  773. Tony Parker?

  774. I think so probably until vote or result is in for ASG.

  775. Don’t understand the mentality of these fans who cheer for Kobe after seeing him HARD FOULED Lin on the Head! No conscience SMH!

  776. It’s not PG or SG. It’s like another facilitator coming out of the corner. There are times he’s almost PG now, but not quite.

  777. They didn’t like that foul in Charlotte. It’s just that Lin got back up and looked ok and started laughing that the fans relaxed and thought it looked worse than it was.

  778. Those cheer for Kobe it’s not Lin’s fans so they didn’t care what they wanted it’s to see Kobe on court for the last time….

  779. Yeah, I’m all messed up tonight. Tony Parker.

  780. There were more LA fans there than usual but Charlotte fans cheered him for his career, not so much how he played tonight.

  781. I don’t think Lin is another facilitator in the team… they passed ball to him just for score but Lin did AS by himself. He’s pure for SG now.

  782. I honestly think those fans would literally kiss Kobe’s Hiney on live TV if he asked them to

  783. the bench was again very concerning. lamb looks worse and worse. big al was missing everything: free throws, gimme layups, everything. and he doesnt set any picks. lin’s minutes are there for defense, hustle, and opportunistic offense. batum was off again. he makes dumb passes and shoots too much… good thing kemba was fantastic.

  784. I just hope and pray that Lin is healthy and get his stats for next season signing.

  785. Yep. Understand it’s Kobe’s farewell tour, they want him to have a good night bc his last game in Charlotte. But to ignore the obvious flagrant foul is unconscionable. Lin was gracious and did not want to spoil Kobe’s night, thus he smiled to ease off the tensed moment. But I’m sure that fall must have hurt to have fallen on his back w/his head hitting the hard wood.

  786. u should tweet too. Maybe they will get more serious about it.

  787. I watched more than a few Lakers game on NBA League pass, and this game felt like Byron/Kobe really wanted to win this one…Could it have something to do with Lin?…

    Both of them demonized Lin last year and made it feel like the Lakers were terrible because of Lin’s inconsistency…My guess is they wanted to win this game and shut down Lin…Kobe was really going hard every time Lin was guarding him and even had a close flagrant foul on Lin.

    While Lin shot very well, I wished he could had scored 20…Missed a few open shot at the end..but more importantly, Clarkson and Russell, both guards that were supposed to make the Lakers better, played poorly…Lin outplayed both of them.

  788. I heard boos but not sure if it was because Kobe fouled Lin hard or because they thought it wasn’t a foul at all

  789. He is sometimes. He looks to feed Frank, Al, get the ball to them in good spaces, dribble/drive kick. He’ll score sometimes, but he also is good at drawing the defense to free up an open man. Problem is, guys aren’t always in good positions so the play isn’t run right.

  790. Yep.

  791. I guess MJ likes to see KW shine more than wins, and Cliff has to cope with it, which reminds me that Morey is more interested in showing Harden is a super stud than winning.

  792. what bench? It’s just relief minutes and Lin plays point when Kemba is resting. But it is not really the bench force 1 that was playing earlier this season. It’s a bunch of whoever is on the court at the given time.

  793. I applaud some Hornets fans who think they shouldn’t have cheered for Kobe today. Kobe has no respect for Charlotte. He said in his post interview that Charlotte wasn’t interested in picking up Kobe when he was a rookie which isn’t true.

  794. 100% byron wanted the win to show up lin. we’ve seen it last year. when he wants the win, he plays the best players and doesnt have crap rotations. did you see sacre play on the tail end of a back to back? no? then he wanted the win…

  795. The concern with this team still lies with the starters. I think the lineup changes to BF1 was made cause Cliff didn’t like what he saw with the starters so he has to inject more talent into it just to make it look a little better but he is hurting the bench even more cause now he has pretty much no talent/unorganized bench. Basically leftovers that Lin has to work with. It sucks cause starters have had many good personnel like MW, Zeller, Batum, Kemba but it doesn’t work out for them cause of the poor ball movement and defense. Now they are pretty much injecting Jeremy Lin with the 1st unit (just not starting him) and they still can’t play well together. I’d rather have a really good bench than both units sucking. Once they bring Al back to starting units, I think it will work out well for BF1. Kemba knows Al more than Lin does.

  796. Cliff said Kemba and Nick can’t be playing 40 minutes a night. Felt like Kemba was playing well so he didn’t come out when he usually does in the 2nd half. Did better with points in the paint. Team had some bad fouls. PJ playing better on offense. Lin is in for 3 PnR players. Zeller played a really good game at both ends of the floor. Creates offense for team mates with screening and ball movement.

  797. Lamb simply needs more minutes..For some reason, Clifford has slashed his minutes eventhough he’s shooting 47%FG…..I find it hard to believe that a guy that’s shooting so well would get his minutes slashed in such a dramatic way.

    Maybe Lamb and Clifford had a fight or some verbal dispute and Clifford is punishing him by playing him less.

  798. not enough frank, too much marv who is regressing hard. and lamb is pure crap at this point. a healthy hawes is better than the current al, but hopefully al gets back in shape and can finish those gimmes at the rim. he’s even missing free throws.

  799. it was flagrant, just wasn’t called. But ya, Lakers looked like a different team today. They didn’t look like a 4 wins team.

  800. Right now Kemba is set up to get good stats for ASG. Plus I believe Hornets knows Lin will not stay so maybe set him up as SG it’s easy to find replacement in the future.

  801. he cant guard anyone. and his shooting has regressed. also kemba’s minutes increased so he has less minutes with lin as pg. when lin is pg, they look for lamb to score. with kemba as pg, lamb stands in the corner like lin.

  802. “Lin is in for 3 PnR players.” What do you mean by that?

  803. I think Lin & Kobe are not as bad as we thought… bc I saw in 4Q when Kobe fell down on the ground. Lin was the one who helped him up then Kobe hug him also pat Lin’s head… Don’t know where were all these Lakers players…?!

  804. Clifford says he plays Lin with starter group to have 3 PnR players on the floor.

  805. I don’t think he’s as bad as you’re making it seem on defense…He also get less time to get into a rhythm, so it’s understandable if his FG% has declined…but he’s still at 47%…That should count for something.

    Lamb is 24, so you gotta play him..I see no reason to play him 12 minutes…He should at least get 20 minutes.

  806. oh okay, gotcha, thanks.

  807. From Cliff’s post game interview?- Cliff said Kemba and Nick can’t be playing 40 minutes a night.

  808. Meanwhile, Lin is getting more minutes. I think cliff Is trying to make improvements. It looks like growing pains.

  809. BF1 has been downgraded heavily

    -PJ is now a shoot first person, shooting every chance he gets. Ruining the flow of the original BF1. The last thing we need is another offensive player. We have too many offense players we don’t need any more. We just need defenders.
    -Lamb has got less minutes which makes him play more selfishly. Even trying to be PG. Shot selection has been bad. Holding on ball too long.
    -Al Jefferson clogs the lane up and can’t set screens for Lin to roll or drive. Making it more difficult for Lin to score. He plays at a different pace than what most players on the bench like to play.
    -Frank is another useless big (and I mean the role of a big, not Frank being useless). He plays like a guard more than a big. He won’t get rebounds. He likes to shoot from 3 and drive for buckets rather than setting up screens, getting rebounds and rolling with Lin for PnRs.

    What does Lin have to do? Defense and rebounds. Cliff knows this cause that’s why he shut the bench down quickly and just left Lin in with the starters to do work.

  810. I just think this game needed Kemba to score. It would be nice for Kemba and the Hornets if he makes the ASG but Kemba has had mostly good shooting. He had a few games of bad shooting but tonight his shot was good. Batum really doesn’t score that much and can take over the game with scoring like Kemba does and Lin can sometimes, but on this team, the style suits Kemba better (not good PnR guys). Kemba works off of ISO better than Lin, Lin works better off of picks than Kemba and these big men on the Hornets aren’t that great at setting picks.

  811. Defense is not there. But 12 minutes is really sad. He’s better than a 12 minute player. He has to get 18-20, yes.

  812. Yes, he said that in the postgame tonight.

  813. PJ and Al are starters. Lamb hasn’t been playing much or well. Frank is a good player, he’s learning his position and trying to expand his game.

  814. I think Lin will get his big game coming … really think Cliff wanted Lin to score more but he just didn’t do it… passive today.

  815. he’s not learning his role.

  816. I think he’ll get a bunch of them but more after all-star break like he did with the Lakers. Unlike the Lakers, the Hornets won’t be tanking and Lin may be more relied on for his scoring/assists along with defense, hustle, getting fouls, rebounds.

  817. His role is expanding.

  818. on ball he’s not bad, but off ball he’s got his head in the clouds… and when he gets beat he quits on the play. yes he needs more minutes but only if they come from pj and kemba’s total. i think batum and lin should get a lot of minutes and kemba needs a bit less. 40 mins a night is too much. pj as of late is doing better than lamb so cant complain too much right now.

  819. we don’t need another Batum. We already have depth.

  820. Frank is a good player saying he is useless is….just wrong

  821. I do not say any better word on Kemba’s great offensive performance, he did well in scoring. But I have to say this is the defense win. Hornets could not stop Lakers scores until 4th quarter which Lakers only scored 17 and Hornets had 23.

  822. yes, even though Kemba was shooting well, Lakers were tied a few times in the game. That’s why we really needed defense to win the game.

  823. Looks like Sixers could win another game, ish is killing it.

  824. I saw that too. But I believe that’s just for show on Kobe’s part. Lin is always gracious regardless.

  825. they are transitioning to the starters and lin playing most of the minutes. there isnt much of a bench anymore. lin isnt getting many minutes as pg. and if al is the 5 off the bench? forget it, it wont matter if lin is pg. al will just clog the lane asking for the ball…

    kemba and batum both get tons of screens, especially the horns set. lin? he gets little to nothing on the wing. it is what it is… lin will still contrbute and thrive with what i call “opportunistic offense”. nothing is designed for him, but he has enough skill to turn a broken play into a good look for himself or someone else.

  826. no problem

  827. Don’t worry, it is temporary.

    Once Spencer Hawes comes back and Al Jefferson starts again, the slow ugly selfish basketb-AL played by an out of shape Jefferson will disappear.

    Then Lamb will resume form and Lin will be dominant as a bench backup PG again.

  828. ish is a dantoni style guard. not surprised he’s playing well.

  829. How come Okafor is not playing?

  830. the biggest joke was they didnt even look at it… clothesline the asian guy? meh, that’s ok….. great job refs…

  831. how sure are you that this isnt their chance to keep al on the bench? last year of his contract and they picked up zellers option…. makes sense to develop cody and allow al to beat up bench bigs on the post. sucks for lin, but at least he’s playing more minutes with the starters…

  832. any decent guard can look like superstars playing for mda..
    mda is that good.

  833. Bc Kobe needs to be on court….

  834. Ya! That’s the point…. MDA’s system do let PG looks good.

  835. so that could also mean that lin’s stats were inflated with mda.

  836. Problem is, then adjustments come and teams load up on the PG. You need balance for that system. It also gives up a lot of points. MDA is still the associate coach. They may be playing a hybrid system, some MDA, some of what their coach wants to put in play.

  837. hoe about Kemba? Just asking

  838. So many marriage proposals

  839. of course.. if steve blake can, kemba can too.

  840. Ref is killing the 76ers….

  841. and kw is better than ishsmith

  842. Ish Smith: 26:16min, 7/15 FGM-A, 9 Assists, 6TOs, 2ST — scores tie at 82 vs Jazz 5:52min to go.

  843. Kemba is not really PG

  844. yes, but ish is super fast. he fits perfectly with a dantoni style offense. he played well for hornacek when he was there, and we all know how good dragic looked in that system.

  845. Mix feeling. Hope MDA can win the game but also don’t want to see Ish do too well…. LOL!

  846. Mix feelings for sure.

  847. That and1 play where jeremy lin got fouled by hibbert was gorgeous. He cradled the ball all the way down on his right side and brought the ball back up for the score, nice.

    Eric collins, the announcer yells: “jeremy lin! Just held it out there for the world to see, throws it in and gets fouled”

    Me likey these announcers better than rockets and lakers ones.

  848. now its deluted , you can’t even see it as it has happened. Its history and yet you fail to recognize it..we need to give Cliff the hand for getting BF1 a goner by infusing KW that nobody now can see the traces of THE Bench.

    All was hailing the Force of the bench before and i can recall you recognizing it, but to say now that it was a bUNCH of whoever that’s on the court is a misnomer.

    Maybe NBA were also blind before because they give recognition with the BENCH of Hornets before as a force and they also joked that Bench always best the starters of the team!

  849. I don’t worry at all. If JL could grow on trees MDA should have been the most wanted coach in the league.

  850. It’s how the starters were doing and now Al can’t go back to the starters because he’s playing like a d-lister. Lin’s minutes and role has also expanded and he’s more with them. Hawes is out so that’s a part of BF1 that’s out.

  851. hahahah man, why does lin has this ga-y laugh.

  852. From LAL moderator

    Re: LA Lakers at Charlotte Hornets 4 PM PT 12/28

    Post#38 » by Jakay » Yesterday 9:31 pm

    This game is totally winnable as long as Lin doesn’t go super-sayan.

  853. there can only be 5 starters technically, unless we are looking at a different league. the next 5 will always be called BENCH..so what that new term we coined to make it appear JLIN is a starter too?

    let it be and accepts that JLIN up to this time is CLiFF’s Bench player, for if he wanted to make him a starter, he can do so since he already deluted the Bench squad by infusion.

  854. Kobe needs to be taken to court, more like it. I’ll be ur lawyer jlin.

  855. Ooh his neck is sweaty, let me wipe it off.

  856. Could win

  857. People finally understand that Lin doesn’t need to transform into Linsanity to help his team win nowadays.

  858. yeah, KW already invaded and broke the Bench because they can answer for starters deficiency..ironically!

    some says here that the reason was because of Balance
    some says it because Cliff still experimenting
    some says that hornets can rely all the time for the Bench to save the starters for a win
    some says that there was really no Bench in the hornets bit only a BUNCH of WHOEVER players playing

    All of this failed to recognize what’s keeping the bench, it is JLIN who makes the Bench right now, but even that, cliff can only make JLIN into 2 to 4 minutes Bench time..my question to all is , WHY?

    Yet Cliff failed to insert JLIN as a STARTER even though some says here he has a starter minutes and has 3 PNR players reason as cliff stated.

    #justsaying !!!!

  859. then what does this mean…
    “But it is not really the bench force 1 that was playing earlier this
    season. It’s a bunch of whoever is on the court at the given time.”?

  860. a lot of gel

  861. showbizzzzzzzzz!!!!

  862. Yep. That’s my impression in below post.

  863. NOW it is. Today it was just a mix of players after the starters. Some sat, others played. There was no real 2nd unit playing for some time together.

  864. i like his PT here…long 35minutes!!!

    Now cliff just need to infuse JLIN with the starters as a starter.

  865. LOL!

  866. Did Hawes get DNP because this video? ?

  867. They lost. 95-91.

  868. good point.

  869. I don’t wish the man harm but Ish will come back down to earth eventually. Teams will start loading up on him. Like they did with Lin in NY.

  870. ok, i can see it now as you rephrased it, though in an essence it was there in the quoted sentence.thanks

  871. Talking about all time-flow, that hairdo needs to be in a
    Class 1 laminar flow cleanroom.

  872. Haha…. it’s funny they hid his face but not his jersey.

  873. Regarding to other posters:
    Why complained about BF1 when JL7 is getting much more minutes – PT that he’s deserved ? More PT > Less PT. Yes, he’s playing less PG duty but he gets to do “other” things that will contribute to the win. This is what I what from the start: more minutes with the starters and less with bench players. He CAN still get 15-20 points per if his shots are falling. He’s NOT labeled as a “bench player” esp. now playing more with the starters.

  874. FO has found the right formula!

    hope this last as KW continue to have a good shooting form for the teams benifit, but i doubt it, and when ift fails, Icing your team can lead you nowhere!

  875. and with this amount of playing time, but still not officially as a starter, this increases his chances of making 6th man. i think it’d be really cool for lin to get that title.

  876. that’s why to those who think JLIN is s sure hornets come FA may find themselves dumbfounded after Lin’s another signing..with a different team!

  877. Good point ! I don’t care if Cliff wants to lose more games or run KW to the ground as if he had any chance for the All Star game.

  878. Cancerous coaches, players and organizations !

  879. that’s maybe what differs me from others..I wish also for Hornets win as JLIN’s performance marks it stamp.NBA recognition comes next FA and winning games helps..There’s a chance that JLIN will stay with hornets and with that, the team need to let lin see that he is also their core player and that will transform jlin performance to his potentials.

    if that will happen come FA, it will be hard for hornets not to give in to what JLIN demands!

  880. …Looks delicious! Love shabu-shabu with good ingredients!

  881. best coach for the lakers farewell for KOBE!

  882. And the Lakers are now 5-27. Last year, after 32 games, they were 10-22.

    So, they are doing noticeably worse.

  883. True. But Cliff has been playing KW like this for several seasons.

  884. They’re only on track to win about 13 games. I think they will set a new franchise low this season.

    Couldn’t be happier about it. Serves Lakers fans right thinking last year was mediocre because of Lin. They all said Lakers would win at least 40 wins thia year. Fat chance of that.

  885. It’s fine to me. Like days JL7 with MDA – played heavy minutes. KW is “face” of franchise then he deserved the PT. All I care about is JL7’s playing time. More PT for Lin will help Lin’s reputation and the team as well.

  886. Laker fans be like: We had Lin last year so our roster was bad. Now we have D angelo,6th man of the year Lou and Future DPOY Roy Hibbert”

    Just saying!

  887. Short highlights

  888. Lin’s 3pt shooting stroke looked so effortless compared to last season.

  889. Really didn’t like his first half much. He lost control when he was over dribbling and forcing unnecessary TOs.
    3TOs is bad but he looked great in the 3rd!

  890. His team mates didn’t even bother to walk up to Kobe to pick him up.

  891. but they still lost?

  892. can’t black politics

  893. That’s why I like JL7 – he don’t hold grudges. Lin treat others nice… Kobe probably just doing it for show… I truly believed JL7 was singled out by Kobe last season (hence, BScott’s actions make sense since he’s Kobe’s puppet). I don’t have any hate for Kobe before Lin’s season as Lakers but Now I Do. So, hate for Kobe not BScott… since it’s Kobe’s team Not BS.

  894. We just don’t like what we’re seeing in the team. If we ever want more wins the lineup needs to improve. We barely slipped away with this win against one of the worse NBA teams.

  895. I know I was so surprised that no one from Lakers came to help Kobe?!

  896. He’s still their main PG and nothings wrong with playing him like “secretariat” and KW living with the pressure for he’s playing great because of JLIN’s presence. its a win win for Cliff because he gets what ever juice KW gives at the same time get JLIN’s performance every game.

  897. Just watched the highlights and Lin didn’t get a bucket for the last 16mins of the game.
    I don’t know if he didn’t touch it or didn’t want to shoot it!

    My concern now is Frank and Lin. So many occasions that Frank would rather shoot the 3 than pass it to Lin who is a better 3P shooter.

  898. I agree. Did the same bad pass again & again.

  899. I wouldn’t worry about that. Frank shooting that shot is what will stretch the defense and give Lin open lanes in the games to come.

  900. Lin passed more today. Frank seemed to care more about his own stats than passed the ball out.

  901. Freaking insane!

  902. Highlights from Jun 🙂

  903. That’s exactly what Lin plays. Opportunistic offense. Occasionally something is called for him, but mostly it is when it is there he goes with it.

  904. Read KHuang’s comment. It’s not literal, it’s what he in essence is in his role now.

  905. ppl actually said 40 wins? haha

  906. Some even said 8th seed… so… lol

  907. more minutes is nice but its a lot of meaningless minutes.

    lin played 35 min tonight, and only took 10 shots. only 10. others who played same minutes doubled that in FGA.

    often, lin doesnt even get to touch the ball, and when he does, hes running plays to set up kemba. lin can do more with the minutes he has, but the offense also isnt set up for him to do that.

  908. Yep, A LOT of people said 40 wins. I have good friends in LA, they keep track for me lol.

  909. of those makes, lin got a screen once. just once.

    count how many kemba gets, how many batum gets.

    anyway, lin has a bad habit of playing down to the level of his opponents. this is the lakers; you can get whatever you want, if u just take it.

    meanwhile, kemba seens rookie russell on him and keeps going at him for easy buckets. and hogging the ball for much of it. its stat padding, but he’s not holding himself back from dominating when he can.

  910. At mark 2:21: Give credit to KW for at least asking Lin if he’s ok after that Hard foul by Kobe. I assumed that’s why Lin nodded his head.

  911. It shows how well brought-up Lin is, class act.

  912. 22 pts on 21 shots. i wouldnt call that doing well.

  913. So he did say it.
    Lin was a class act in departing, even sending thank-you notes to reporters who covered the team, a true rarity in the NBA.

    He never meshed with Bryant on the court in Los Angeles but, like seemingly everybody this season, had kind words for his former teammate.

    “I told him during the game, ‘Man, I’m happy for you. I hope you’re at peace because you deserve what you’re getting,'” Lin said.

  914. Gosh, I hate what BS did to Jeremy last year
    Lin has a defined role in Charlotte, something he didn’t always have with the Lakers. He lost his starting spot last year after only 20 games and was even benched an entire game in January, the first time in almost three years he was a healthy scratch.

    Lakers Coach Byron Scott didn’t like Lin’s defense and found less use for him after Lin slumped on offense, notably missing all 10 of his shots against Washington.

    Scott made journeyman Ronnie Price the starting point guard for a while, but Lin was promoted back to starter in March, not long after Price sustained a season-ending elbow injury.

    Reporters were the ones to break the news to Lin, who smiled when told of it.

    “Oh, I didn’t even know,” he said at the time. “I’m surprised.”

  915. He did get some touches but simply missed..I believe he missed at least 3 shots..2 of them were open shots..one simply simply in and out..that was the 3 point shot.

    I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t at least get a couple more buckets to take him closer to 20 points.

  916. There are only 3 comments to the article but they’re worth reading. There’s a tiny bit of regret in LA or at least the fans that they just let Lin walk away.

  917. Their article always don’t have lots of viewers or comments.

  918. Lol croak is how I took it oh well.

  919. clackson isolates for 6 seconds then gets his shot blocked by Lin for the second time.. the announcer says “great team defense!” huh?

    kobe close-lines Lin and immediately runs the other way for a fast break. lmao. you almost ended a player’s career over petty jealousy and you didn’t even think that was a foul let along a flagrant. talk about 20 years of ref coddling

    stephanie not-ready says “i thought it was a strong block on the ball”

  920. He wasn’t hot, he threwvup a lot of shots. He basically played 1 or 2 on 5.

  921. 14-25 is better than 50 percent shooting. and he had hot stretches. He had 6 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks. He played well and was the big reason for the win. Even when he played 1 on 3 he still got off decent shots by creating them himself. He was clutch in the 4th. Batum was 7-17, he wasn’t going to be the go-to guy.

  922. what did kobe say to Lin?

  923. Watched that. He choked two fts for his best pts, but later got lots more from the floor. Good for him.

  924. Saw the 76ers lost. Not every pg can run mda offense. Lin masters it.

  925. Yep, saw that. He took the selfish three at the end, bricked it, and Lin just grabbed it and shut it down.

  926. Ish could get good stats from MDA system but he just couldn’t win…

  927. There was a marked moment of rest from the kw hog when Lin pgd it up. He waived for a play, faked it, got it to aj in the paint for an easy two. Then back to kw hogfestball.

  928. As if …

  929. That’s one of those things nobody can take away.

  930. Yes, Kemba was running quickly over to Lin on the floor to make sure he was okay.

  931. I would argue if he ‘took less of the team on his back’ the team would have smoked LAL all the way through and it would not have been close enough to put Kobe back in after he was icing and the LA announcers were singing the end of Kobe’s night. I guess we are different kinds of fans – I don’t respect anyone who plays hero ball for stats, esp on an easy win. Just go for the easy win and let it be a day because there are 82 games plus playoffs to go.

    Anyway, KW had a good stats night at the expense of ball movement. JLin, btw, is always trying to win the right way, with the team. That means the team can step up in the end so he isn’t taking a team on his back.

  932. if that was the moment, Kobe probably took it as ‘deserving what he’s getting’ ha ha.

  933. Maybe now that he’s faced the Lakers once, when he goes back to LA the nervousness will all be out and he will go Super Saiyan on them in front of the LA crowd.

  934. winter food.

  935. He did today in 3rd Q lol
    He was unstoppable for like 3 pocessions then Kemba took over/…

  936. He is 27 now I doubt people will take him seriously

  937. That’s true
    Last year was a torture for Lin because they were losing

  938. Stu?

  939. I said I was not worried at all and it couldn’t be sooner to get a verification like that. I believe that Lin is a top 5 PG in the league (after you shake off all the marginalization) who happens to fit the MDA system the best, in this order.

  940. Baxter HolmesESPN Staff Writer
    Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin faced the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday for the first time since playing for them last season, which could be described as tumultuous season at best. But Lin said he’s happy in Charlotte. “I have a lot of people saying, ‘Man, you’re smiling a lot more on the court,'” Lin said. “I am having fun out here.” Does he miss Los Angeles? “Man, I’ll always miss LA,” Lin said. “I was born there. I just have such a high affinity for that place because I love the city and a lot of my friends who aren’t in NorCal live in SoCal.”

    Kobe Bryant was a bit incredulous after being called for this block on Jeremy Lin’s shot. Well, not so much a block on Jeremy Lin’s shot so much as a block on Jeremy Lin’s face. –espn

  942. How come every Chinese household puts up those calendars?

  943. ditto, man!

  944. Yummy!

  945. Because their not Greek?

  946. Lin had almost similar stats with Lakers. Is Lin playing better as a Hornets than as a Lakers stat wise?

  947. Unstoppable is Curry getting 17 points in 3 minutes. Five 3s and one 2. Crazy.

  948. Had several short to medium open jumpers but missed.

  949. l think refs would have called that one on Kobe if he were not the guy being honored that day.

  950. After what Clifford said just recently about kW and Batum, I really doubt Lin will stay. Lin can easily start with Sixers and MDA.

  951. It’s just one game.

    Who says that was MDA system? He’s not there that long to fully implement his system and second thing, and as I’ve said before, Brown is the coach. While they get input from MDA, Brown may not fully be running his system. I saw some of the game and that didn’t look like MDA’s system to me.

    I think Philly looks like a young team that needs a lot of work. Ish looks like Ish.

  952. We have to wait until the end of season to tell what’s Lin’s stats looks like….But at least more playing time.

  953. I hope so ……

  954. Lin is always class act and besides, he doesn’t have to be stuck with Kobe anymore. The rest of the Lakers would throw Kobe out of their foxhole. Lol

  955. Lin can easily start with other teams as well. But he’s on the Hornets, plays starters minutes and probably will finish the season out on the Hornets. Where he goes after is anyone’s guess besides all of this Lin to Sixer fantasies folks have here.

  956. Let’s not go there

  957. I think Charlotte is what they said they’d be to Lin. The only thing missing is he doesn’t get a lot of picks in the PnR because there aren’t really good roll men on the squad. Due to the way the team’s starters have played, Clifford needed to fiddle with the rotations to infuse more of the bench into the starters and the bench became not so much intact in recent games. So Lin plays alongside Kemba or Batum a lot. It’s very clear Clifford is beginning to see Lin as maybe the 3rd most important player on the team. He’s used in just about every critical juncture of the team. More plays are now beginning to develop for him. Clifford wants either Lin, Batum or Kemba on the court at all times and a lot of the times at least 2 together. That is not likely to change. But Kemba/Batum should get less minutes according to his post-game comments yesterday.

    Lin’s happy. If posters want to look beyond this season that’s their prerogative. But pay attention to Lin. Even though not all of the fans may be happy with his situation, he seems happy with it and is in the now. I think he’s not thinking much beyond the next game or road trip. I personally don’t think next season is a priority for Lin right now. Let him stay healthy so he can play, and the more he plays with this team and learns them, the more aggressive and comfortable he’ll feel to make plays. And that includes with Kemba and Batum.

  958. prior to the last 10 games worse, last ten games sufficently better to elevate his stats both traditional and exotic for the season above lakers.

    most of that has to do just with getting for the first time this season regular minutes above what he had been getting and above what he was getting with the lakers.

    but also: excluding the lack of assists due to not being able to play point guard he has become more efficient in “getting his” even with more limited “burn”.

  959. good one. i was trying to think of an acceptable answer. re.

  960. ha ha ha! good morning laugh!

  961. Why does it bother you so much when others are thinking where lin might go next? Some where he can be a stater and offense would be suit for him?

  962. Kobe want to get special treatment during farewell tour.

  963. He’s doing better early in the season I think than last season, where he really got his stats to where they ended up by several good games after the ASG. His efficiency numbers are also better, PER is 16.

  964. Do you think they can afford William,al,Batum and Lin next year?Or they just going to pay him around 5-8 mil considering he’s the top 3 player in the roster?

  965. Because 1) Lin says he’s happy now and 2) it isn’t the off-season or late season. I think talk of where he may goes next is better talked about at the end of the season where there is some indication that he doesn’t want to stay where he is and when it’s that time. Now we aren’t even at half-way and we are talking about something else.

    The other thing that I have to make people is grass is greener syndrome. Let’s learn from Lin’s experiences. Also lets look at uncertainty. You can have one coach one day and not have him another for various reasons. Some stability for Lin is not a bad thing and this situation seems stable to me.

  966. I think they want Batum signed up, the others I’m not sure of. But it isn’t next season now and I’d love it if Lin’s team can make the playoffs.

  967. It’s always good to bring up situation like this because it added stocks to a impact player for next contract negotiation,this is a business no matter how we look at it as a basketball game.

  968. Chauncey Billups got his own team and eventually won a championship after finally found his own team in Detroit.

  969. 1) it never too soon to think what might be next.
    2) lin always says he’s happy but also he always say he wants to be a starter and playing his styles of basketball.

    It’s getting better in term of minutes only but he’s still a misused player. Next season will be worse when kmg returns healthy.

  970. MDA made Kendal Marshall a star in LA as well. Lakers fans were all saying Marshall was better than Lin.

    Steve Kerr worked under MDA in Suns, he’s using that same system to make Curry so much better than he could be under someone who doesn’t understand the MDA game. MDA was an outsider from Euroleague. The NBA never wanted MDA to succeed because they couldn’t stand the fact that MDA knew more than they did about the new game. We are in a golden age of the PG because of the rule change. The much hated illegal defence rule to open up the game from low post ISO. MDA was and is still ahead of the game to take advantage of that new dynamics.

    Good coaches are able to set up systems to take advantage of rules, court dimensions, player’s skills and create the best scenario for them to succeed. The problem is always if players GMs and owners trust the coach or not to implement it.

  971. So we are a business forum? I mean some of that is in there but looking ahead too much is always searching for greener pastures. He’s still establishing himself on this team and I think there are great things ahead for him as a player this season.

  972. I don’t agree with 1. Sometimes it’s good to just sit and enjoy what you didn’t have at a previous job or physical location and see how much more you have there. Going on about the next means you miss what you have here.

    2 is all you. I’m sorry. This going on about starter or not is not something Lin has not talked about recently. If he picked to be in a situation where he doesn’t start but plays a lot, then that’s what he’ll do. He isn’t misused at all, he’s playing in a different context so how he’s used is tailored to that context. Next season Lin could break his knee at the beginning of the season and be out for 5 months. Or he can go to a team that has a player mutiny against the coach. Or a lot of other bad scenarios as well as good scenarios. That’s why I say appreciate what we have now. His health, so far, he has. And a sense of having teammates that he can deal with. It’s not bad at all for Lin in Charlotte.

  973. Sports forum are all into one unless you’re just going to be fixated on now situation.Let’s face it Lin is just a 1 year rental in Charlotte unless they’ll give him a starting role and command about 12-16mil/year with the way he’s playing right now.Other teams are looking for their next PG also that can attract fans and can bring them to a lot of competitive games.

  974. That’s your narrative, one-year rental. I don’t care if he is or isn’t. He’s playing for Charlotte now and he gives 100 percent out there. If and when he goes, that happens in the future. So I don’t care one bit about this one-year rental narrative. Sorry, I don’t.

  975. Same thing as you,you’re fixated with now situation,this is a sport forum and Lin in general ,so we talk all about possibilities.

  976. I don’t thin Al will be coming back. He’s too expensive and older style skill set don’t mesh with where the team is going. Also him playing with BF1 has messed it up

  977. For sure they’ll acquire a good center or any frontline that’s available in the market but still that’s command a big contract.With the way that the Hornets are built next year,Lin could be just an after thought unless they’ll pay him w/ a starter money or give him a major role

  978. I agree. You talk about what you want. If others respond the conversation continues. If nobody is interested you get no replies and the conversation ends there.

  979. The problem is if Lin is happy, then that really matters a lot I think. It now trumps my desires for him or anyone else’s. It’s good to see him happy playing the game he works so hard for and enjoys playing. So it’s good to just watch it now and worry about that other stuff at the right time. Before you know it it’s April and we have all off-season to talk about it. We also have more information about where Lin got with this team and how it all shapes up. That’s not available info now so now talking about it is premature.

  980. I think with Lakers Lin had Ed Davis to work with which helped his stats when Scott wasn’t trying to separate them. Hornets don’t have a big like Ed Davis that Lin can PnR with and get reliably to the rim. Lin and Davis are the best Lakers from last season to leave.

  981. I’m not saying don’t talk about what you want. Just are you noticing that he’s enjoying playing the game. Maybe spending time watching that instead of worrying about PG/SG, other players and his stats and what happens end of year is worth it. At least while he’s playing.

    I couldn’t wait for the season to begin but these Lin forums are so unhappy seemingly because it isn’t ideal while he’s in a more calm state and seems to be working hard to maximize his contributions in his current situation. i

  982. 1) I do not know what lin is thinking but fans are talking his next contract is totally legit. We can’t enjoy seeing lin not running the offense and zero pnr.
    2) You don’t need lin to remind us that he wants to be a starter.
    3) if you’re worried about lin might get injured, you should concern his current rotation, long playing mins without rest.

  983. Oh yeah, they beat kobe and the lakers in 2004 to win that ring. Rasheed wallace joked that the series was a 5 game sweep, because they outplayed the lakers all 5 games, but just let one game get away in the last minute.

  984. Agree. Kerr is a disciple of MDA’s system. MDA is the originator of his own system. Kerr credited MDA when GSW won last year’s championship. Yet, the NBA league owners were reluctant to hire MDA. It took MDA a while to be an active NBA coach again. MDA system is proven. Everything happens for a reason for every season under the sun, so timing is critical to any successful outcome. If God’s willing for Lin to be MDA’s PG again, this time I think it’ll be something very special beyond our imagination. Let it be…

  985. And nobody even expect them to win it all at that time.

  986. ‘Will any Charlotte Hornets be All-Stars?’ via FanSided Android

    Even though I kind of chuckle while saying it, Jeremy Lin could even be an All-Star for this team. I don’t chuckle because I don’t think he deserves it, which he might; I chuckle because I thought that he would be the last guy on this team who’d make the team. I’ve been so impressed by Lin so far this year. His ability to drive to the rim and make tough layups and his knack for making big jumpers has been critical to the Hornets this year. I thought that Lin was done, following his tenures in Houston and with the Lakers. I never thought that Lin would have a career revival with the Hornets, and for that, I am happy to eat my words. I would love to see Lin in the All-Star game, although he has the lowest chance out of the Hornets to be selected.


  987. folks here don’t have fantasies. Lin is not going to stay and everyone including Clifford knows it. They are committed to kW and Batum. Even you admit it. Lin’s is one and done in Charllete. You have some sort of fantasy that Lin will stay with them so be it. I find your denegration of Lin fans as fantasies folks here insulting.

  988. I don’t put the importance on starting that you do. And Lin hasn’t talked about it lately. In general, most players want to start. But does Lin value that over finishing? I haven’t asked him. It would be interesting how he’d answered. But I think Lin talks for Lin, none of us do. And it’s fluid, what he said in LA may not be what his priorities are now after the LA experience.

    I didn’t say I was worried about Lin getting an injury. I said appreciate he hasn’t had one and next year he could. If we keep projecting into the future we miss what is in front of us. The only future I’m thinking of is if the Hornets go the playoffs. That’s it. Too many things can change between now and the end of the season for me to be concerned with next season. And I’m not going to miss this season thinking about it.

    You can do it as you want, but my point was always if Lin is happy here, we can at least appreciate that and root for him. He chose this place and I think they’ve done what they said they would for him. At least at the current time. And I think he likes working with Silas and has a good working relationship with Clifford.

  989. It was hard but I had to think real hard, lol

  990. You’re making an assumptions that fans aren’t happy with his present situation.Most of us knows that he’s playing a good all around basketball and most teams will love to have him next year and that alone gives him a better situation next year whether it’s in Charlotte or somewhere else.You have to consider that most of us are hoping that he can have his own team and we’ll have the chance to see what can be his ceiling will be.

  991. Hornets push hard for Kemba to make it this year. Let’s see coaches will pick him or not… of course he will not make it by vote.

  992. He never had his own team. The NYK Linsanity Knicks was Anthony’s team. It’s hard to have your own team without being a star or special skills player like D specialist. Lin has all-around skills so it’s harder. And I find a lot of dissatisfaction expressed for Lin’s current team, coach and teammates, particularly Batum and Kemba.

  993. Lin sure looked happy with Kobe last night. Doesn’t mean he wants to be on the same team as Kobe. You’ll never hear Lin complain about his usage. That’s the way he’s wired. Lin will finish his year with Horents and play hard as planned by Clifford. He will play hard defence as demanded, play distributor as directed and stand in the corner to pull defenders away from the two designated stars. Lin will do it happily until his contract is fulfilled.

    Lin probably wants more than just be 9th option on a team. Lin has repeated said he wants to play his game. That game is to be a PG that has ball in hand to help his teammates score. I’m sure he’s not happy being a non factor in helping his team to grow. kW and Batum pretty much hog the ball and freezes out everyone else. It must be eating Lin up inside to see how his teammates can’t get into the game. THATS LINS GAME.

  994. With the way that he’s playing right now,I can see few teams that can take him as a starter,Philly,Nets and Bucks are the possibilities but of course that’s just my observation.As a fan,I want to see him to run his own team if there’s a possibility and I don’t want him to be just a role player.

  995. I think Lin will finish as Hornets for this year & he will want to play w a team that use him as PG next season.

    This was from vs Mem game.

    Pre game show by Stephanie Ready= Jlin the X factor for the game. She said it. Lin can be a starter for any other team in the league

  996. You wrote: “I don’t put the importance on starting that you do.”

    Good thing is you’re a fan not a spoke person for Lin

  997. And I’d rather see him play with a winning team and close games than start for a bad team. I totally dislike the 76ers and Nets and am not crazy about the Bucks. I wouldn’t mind him starting for the Pelicans. I’m not sure about other teams.

  998. If the likes of Jrue Holiday,Carter Williams,Conley,Bledsoe and others can start and finish,why can’t he?

  999. Exactly! Playing defense takes lots of effort and energy and more susceptible to injury when guarding big guys like Lin often ended up when defense switches, not to mention taking charges and/or getting hits w/o foul calls, etc. And that’s exactly what Cliff and this Hornets team is asking him to do most of the time. The other night vs Memphis (I think), Lin ended up guarding Green near the post. I give credit to MW whom came to help Lin then. Other times other teammates just let Lin be w/o help, SMH!

  1000. Once Okafor comes back, they will be a tough team to beat. Ish and Okafor will run the MDA offence and start winning and guys will buy in. Like I said before, MDA will turn the Sixers around even without Lin. MDA will want Lin though because, he trusts Lin to excel in his system better than anyone. He saw it in NYC and he saw it with Nash. MDA saw how Lin turned his teammates into playing his systems almost like a player coach. He’ll need Lin to help accelerate the transistor of the young players into good players.

    Ish is a place holder for Lin IMO.

  1001. We didn’t even know that Charlotte is a winning team not until they have Batum and LIn.

  1002. Agree!

  1003. Why can’t the best 5 closers also be the best 5 starters?

  1004. Good point. When the new season begins things change.

  1005. It was not a ‘block’. It was a ‘hit & run’ to Lin’s head which could have injured him badly and should have been called for FLAGRANT 2 on Kobe, IMO!

  1006. Nice breaking down, playing D takes the most energy out of you.

  1007. MW is good teammate. In fact, I really don’t like Lin to do too much D bc why Kemba or Batum never do a lot? Bc they just focus on score & let other do the dirty job for them. smh!

  1008. Lin is out there playing 30 mins plus because of his D. His offensive plays never designed for him.

  1009. I guess Kemba just didn’t want to give up handle the ball by himself.


  1010. Lin’s dissatisfaction with the Lakers was palpable last year. It came from his own mouth that he is happy out there this year.

    I don’t think Kemba and Batum are hogging the ball. And Lin’s game is whatever is needed of him in a system. In Charlotte, it’s his hustle/defense and ability to draw fouls that has him on the floor. But he can put up a lot of points if needed as well. Or big points.

    I think Lin is a combo guard that doesn’t have some PG skills and I’ve figured out what they are. They are footwork, dribbling/handling and variety of one-on-one moves to get away from defenders to create one’s own shot or distribute. There’s also a sense his reading the defense is spotty, sometimes good, sometimes not as good. His great facilitator/PG skills are court vision, great passer, can involve others in the team, great PnR player, great finisher at the rim slashing, dribble-drive penetrator. The more complete PGs have exceptional ball handling, a variety of lateral and straight-line moves, side to side moves to free them if there is no pick for them, and use their mid-range games and almost to the rim games to make shots. Lin does only some of this and his footwork and handling trip him up more than the more complete PGs.

    Overall, Lin’s game depends on the system as to which part of it to exploit. And if Lin is satisfied with enough of his game being exploited, it is his call to weigh his options. He may also relish the chance to work on some of his game needing more development before choosing another option. But there are a whole bunch of things he’ll consider that us fans have no clue about.

  1011. Here’s the thing. He can be a starter for many teams. No doubt. But if he’s use off the bench, he becomes more a unique weapon as long as he finishes games and gets starter’s minutes. It’s whichever one is preferred by a team. One is not better than the other if we expand our views of starters vs. high-minute guys coming off of the bench.

  1012. Irrelevant. He can start. That’s not the point. The point is to use Lin as a unique weapon for a winning cause. If you look at his whole game, his unique strengths and some of his weaknesses, what’s the most potent way you can use him. I’m not sure it is as a starting PG. But as a PG at times for sure.

  1013. I never claimed to be. Each day people evolve and I listen to what Lin says he wants. But not 2 years ago, what he wants most recently. He hasn’t said much about it but he shows that he’s focused on being a factor for the Hornets. That’s all I can go on for now.

  1014. Kemba’s PG skills of ball-handling and moves makes sense for him to be used as PG, not SG. And Batum is doing a lot of the facilitating anyway. Nathan isn’t seeing the whole picture.

  1015. 1) Linsanity will be awaken.
    2) “Hell NO” Kemba.
    3) “Hell NO” Batum.

  1016. Like this comment you posted on the other side? This is why I questioned your agendas long ago.

    sws94 wrote:

    Lin may not be a PG. There are a lot of things that make up being a PG and some of the qualities Lin doesn’t have as much as players playing the point. It’s not just court vision and speed and the wanting to get players going that makes a PG. There is also the physical capabilities of having solid footwork, change of direction off the dribble moves, quick change of speed moves that really isn’t Lin’s strengths. Lin’s strength is splitting defenders and getting to the rim with speed and either passing or finishing at the rim. But good PGs can do some of that and mix it up with a solid mid-range games and the moves to shake off defenders to do so. Nash had exceptional footwork. Rondo has solid footwork, so do most PGs. Lin’s footwork trips him up a lot. And he slides a lot.

    He also doesn’t have the most secure dribbling and ball-handling skills. Although he worked like crazy on these during the off-season it still is revealed in a number of games. Anyone watching objectively can notice the difference between Kemba’s ball-handling and Lin’s. This isn’t to get down on Lin, I love watching Lin play. But I have to be an observer and see realistically what he has.

    There’s a lot of clamoring without a lot of analysis of looking at Lin’s physical capabilities and seeing what we have. What is shaping out is a combo guard. What may be shaping out is a great 6th man that can be used like Ginobili. Ginobili was a great player in his prime but wasn’t a PG more than a slashing SG. Lin is more PG minded but he doesnt’ have some key PG qualities. He’s also not the kind of guy to not care how someone feels on the court and become the floor general like a CP3 or Rondo can too.

    Kemba is a PG, just a shoot-first one. He has the footwork, handles, variety of moves and a minimum of court vision and passing ability to be a PG. Lin has better passing skills, court vision but not the footwork, moves and handles. You don’t need to be a PG to facilitate, and I think that is what coaches notice and why so many of them have Lin as a secondary and not primary facilitator on their squads. In MDA’s system, yes, Lin could probably be a main PG because it is so pick heavy. But not most systems are like that.

  1017. It really doesn’t matter since lin will be 76ers uniform anyway.

  1018. great point…..Maybe the Nets or Sixers could be next’s year version of the Hornets.

  1019. Yeah he’s a goner.

  1020. Lol

  1021. Already got the gist of his true thoughts/views of Lin from my first post on this forum.

  1022. You have no clue about when saying Lin does not have the pg skills. You have no clue when saying Kemba and Batum are not hogging the ball, they took almost half of the total team shots last night.

  1023. Oh well i said 3 poccessions for Lin
    Curry is all game

  1024. not this season

  1025. His comments reminded me of these saying about Lin: can’t go left, TOs machine, defense liability, overrated, overpaid, D-league, backup pg at best…..

  1026. He says that here too
    He’s a Lin fan but has more realistic expectation for Lin
    He is a very good combo guard and can thrive in the 6th man role

  1027. William wont get paid too much
    Batum can go 16+mil
    Lin around 10 i think

  1028. Batum is the main facilitator on the game and takes a normal amount of shots. He passes the ball a lot, especially to Cody. Kemba is a shoot-first PG but has cut-down on that tendency this season. If the team isn’t responding he tends to try to take it on his back and make the shots. Sometimes he’s successful, sometimes not. But that’s his attitude. Lin is still being worked in with Kemba and Batum. With just Kemba, in the Toronto game, Lin didn’t play much PG yet both of the facilitated and took shots. With Batum, Lin and Batum have played plenty 2-man games. Lin has yet to find the balance with both of them. So I stand by what I say. They don’t really hog the ball. They have the ball a lot because in the Charlotte system, the ball goes through them mostly.

  1029. Realistic expectation only shows with full opportunity like min, roles etc…without opportunity no one can play to full expectation.

    He’s a good combo guard but he’s an NBA point guard.

    I can’t stand those set a ceiling for Lin.

  1030. Read again and try not to be emotional and look at it objectively as bullet points. I said he has some PG skills and not others. I did not say that he does not have PG skills. His overall combinations of skills tend to have people think of him more as a combo guard vs. PG.

  1031. I think Lin will get from 10M to 12M next year.

  1032. I’m sorry that others can’t read my points and not see what I’m doing. It’s an analysis and trying to fit Lin’s skills into the demands of today’s NBA. I try to balance my romantic side about Lin with my analytic side about him and see bullet points. All players have strengths, weaknesses, physical gifts, physical limitations. Lin is no different. I could do the same for other players but it isn’t their board.

  1033. Batum passed the ball to make sure to get his assists if he does not shoot. Passing means the ball moving.

    Kemba cut down? When? But a least you admit Kemba is a shoot first.

    Wow, Lin has yet to find balance with both of them? Wow your comment is so rediculous, it’s all Lin fault for Kemba and Batum being ball hog. WOW.

  1034. You may end up being very disappointed if you really think you know what Lin is going to decide to do. Who here thought he’d be a Maverick vs. Hornet? Saying this as fact makes little sense.

  1035. He definitely is not a Lin fan.

  1036. Knew something was not right w/Lin after that final layup in the 2nd half yesterday. Pray that Lin will recover quickly. Batum too.

  1037. That’s not a respectful response. Can you show some balance and point out Lin’s weaknesses and strengths as a player rather than your usual? I find it useful to do so and in reality, outside of Lin boards a lot of people understand exactly my points. Some fans here are too invested in a singular idea of him to understand how he may fit in the NBA game or really compare him to others in the same position to see where he’s strong and not as strong.

  1038. this is what ive been saying for some time and what i dont get either. everyone on this team is playing out of position. kemba is a natural shooting guard. the only reason he was playing point guard before was because he couldn’t shoot. ok now hes shooting better. he’s the only top rated point guard not averaging 5 assists a game.

    lins strengths are being wasted at sg and batum with mkg out of the picture theres no reason to have him at the 2 where he doesn’t fit;

    lin 1 walker 2 batum 3 williams/hairston 4 zeller/jefferson5 and kaminsky 4.5.

    usually in the nba only 7 players over time get signficant minutes anway.

    but everybodys out of position on this team. its crazy. its a wonder they win any games, they’re constnatly working against the strengths of the players.

  1039. In the NBA, some PG skills means you don’t belong there, you should be in D league at best, do you realize that? Lin can be a combo guard because he’s being forced to. Lin wants to play point with the ball in his hands. Why is it so hard to understand this is why Lin is still searching for home and why he signed only 1 year guaranteed.

  1040. Want to balance? compare Lin when he is a starter and a closer this season and tell me what he could do. Stop limiting his skill when all he got is the corners.

  1041. % of posts on this page either by or in response to southwest wind blowing 94: 43%.

  1042. Yes that foul play when he got up shooting free throws.

  1043. Yup I kinda saw it the way he was running in the 4th quarter

  1044. The balance is looking at a player on the floor and taking the knowledge you have of many NBA players at a position and applying it. He’s barely started any games here for any data not to be skewed. 2 games tells you nothing.

  1045. Lin is underrated toughness. He landed his ankle worse in Houston twice but still playing.

  1046. Or he’s being perceived as a combo guard because that is what his skill sets are revealing. And a combo guard does play PG guard at times. He just has skill sets that combine PG and SG but he is still a facilitator. It’s actually a good quality because it makes a player versatile.

  1047. Jlin current weakness is being Asian. … perhaps cosmetic surgery Ala Michael Jackson can improve that weakness.

  1048. True, Lin is producing more than a 2M player. He’s more valuable and is worth more than a 2M who has more skills than some current starting PGs right now in the league. Hornets and NBA know this but still reluctant to give him the credit or opportunity to raise his ceiling.

  1049. Let’s no divide and conquer. I’m not a fan of his views either but there’s no doubt he’s a Lin fan. He just thinks Lin is only good enough to be a 6th man bench player.

    I’m glad that I read that post though because it clarifies a lot and I see that our debates are pointless any further. Sws94 thinks Lin’s in a good place because it fits his vision of Lin’s limits. That’s fine and he has his right to see Lin that way. We just don’t see it that way or agree with it.

    I’ll know to stop trying to change his views and not waste any effort to debate with him. I’m tired of needlessly getting emotional involved just because they see Lin differently. I don’t think he hates Lin. If you don’t like his comments just fold and move on.

  1050. I’m stopping now because you are getting personal and you’ve done this before. Plus, it’s time to stop. I don’t really care that I’m not popular here. It’s because I’m less romantic and not having a he has to be a MDA PG attitude and want him to play to what I think his skill sets are I get hostility I don’t deserve or appreciate. I think some of you guys should spend more time watching other players in the NBA thoroughly and have more time seeing wider perspectives on what type of player Lin is. It think it would help you get a more complete view of why he’s used by coaches the way he is and that it isn’t always something against Lin by other players or coaches.

  1051. It tells you what it would be like once he had the ball in his hands. You don’t put a ceiling on him when all he got were to play D and standing corner

    You wrote “taking the knowledge you have of many NBA players at a position and applying it”

    That’s nonsense and lack of knowledge. Every team has each own agendas and system and every player has his own style/skill. You don’t ask why doesn’t Lin have what WeskBrook, CP3, Parkers, Wall, Kemba, Lowry etc have? Even all those guys are not even the same type of PG.

    Lowry and Dragic under Mchale and their current position are not the same either.

  1052. There’s my fundamental disagreement with you. 6th man isn’t somebody not good enough to be a starter or inferior in any way to any player. 6th man is that piece of a team that is counted on for big responsibilities, sometimes bigger than starters. So I think he’s a special player and I’m trying to use real criteria to see how his skills are best utilize with different personnel and systems. He can be a starter or a great 6th man. Either way is fine to me. Not one or the other. It all depends on the personnel and system of a team.

  1053. Walker isn’t a shooting guard he is not that good of a shooter to begin with and hes merely 6’1

  1054. I’m not putting a ceiling on him at all. I’m putting his skills into perspective and want him to continue to grow. LIke PFV I think he’s a work in progress. But he isn’t one position or another. He’s more a special player that is more versatile than one position or another.

  1055. This is why, sws94 always goes against anyone who talk Lin please go Sixers. That guy wanted Lin to be where he is, the only yes Cliff player of the team.

  1056. Don’t think anyones setting a ceiling for him
    Just where hes at now

  1057. To believe Lin at his best is to be in current situation IS a ceiling on him.

  1058. Who wrote this?

    He’s a Lin fan but has more “realistic expectation” for Lin

  1059. Lol the girl on the left is throwing hearts at Jeremy

  1060. Curry is a future HOF player. No doubt.

  1061. We do root for him, and I think Hornets will be in playoff this season. The point the others are making is Lin is not being fully utilized, and if Hornets want to go all the way, they need to fully utilize Lin. Playoff and get eliminated in first round is worthless.

  1062. Is that how you wanted to stop? What a hypocrite.

  1063. That’s good because it’s a shame even if you called yourself Lin fan.

  1064. Kevin Pelton on nba radio says Charlotte could be a trade destination for dwight howard.. aj for dh…. that would be awsome.

  1065. thats not setting a ceiling

  1066. I think Rox wants to get rid of D12…. But what can Hornets gives back to Rox? Don’t think they want Al.

  1067. They do need a guard….

  1068. He said al Jefferson

  1069. I am sure Rox would love to get Lin back. But I don’t think Hornets will do that for Rox. LOL!

  1070. I know Hornets wants to get rid of Al too…. LOL! It will not happen.

  1071. i actually generally agree w/you about the futility of speculating about the future, mostly because I think there are WAY too many variables. nobody would’ve predicted that lin would be with charlotte now (despite ALL the debates last year). i also personally find it more interesting to talk about how Lin’s doing now.

    My thought, though, is that if people want to speculate about the future, let them do so. they can enjoy their mini-discussion threads, and you can scroll past them. you gave your advice, and people either listened and convinced or were not. after that, you can just move on. fwiw, i appreciate your posts.

  1072. ..

  1073. would the rockets want Al? is his skill set good for them? he wouldn’t be as high of a priority to please as dwight was, I think.

  1074. Would be awsome if it does

  1075. was that n1 play, Lin landed wrong…

  1076. Yes

  1077. This is a Lin site and it’s legit to talk anything about his basketball career not mini-discussion threads. BTW, if you followed closely you would know he posted a comment about Lin future, we did the responses.

  1078. Hope Lin will sit if not 100%.

  1079. Feel the same way. No need to.

  1080. Don’t forget to vote for Lin today.

  1081. Look like he’ll be ready.

  1082. I think you did not realized how bias and double standard you were. You are readily cross Lin out as PG because he don’t have excellent handle, and ignore that he had good enough handle compare to most PGs, and he had excellent court vision, and willingness to involve his teammates.

    On the other hand, you are willing to grant Kemba PG role just because he had better ball handling, even he had below average court vision and tend to hog the ball.

    You tend to hold Lin to a much higher standard than his teammates, and you jump up and pick on Lin faster than his teammates too. I’m not saying you are not a Lin fan, but I don’t think you are fair to Lin either.

    And the worst case is, you hold your own standard to other Lin fans, and consider fan who are not as strict to Lin as you as delusional or crazy…..

  1083. the injury was on defense not offense. it was a screen on him. he moved very slow after ward. very surprise cliff didn’t pull him. he was not getting around screens very well but cliff stuck with him. very tough guy lin is. The rest of the game he really didn’t have he same burst to the rim.

  1084. Watch the highlight, slow motion replays at 3:30 when his right foot landed (and 1 foul). He even felt pain when at the line.

  1085. “This is a Lin site and it’s legit to talk anything about his basketball career not mini-discussion threads. ”

    sorry, by “mini-discussion thread”, I didn’t mean that such discussions weren’t going to be on this site or that it wasn’t legitimate or whatever. i think that my wording was misleading. so, my thought is that folk on this site should feel free to talk about Lin’s long term future all they want. and people who don’t care about that are free to scroll over and not care. i was encouraging sws94 to just scroll over and not care.

    i find those discussion threads (what I misleadingly called “mini-discussion threads”) to be interesting, but ultimately futile. but that’s no reason not to have them! (no more or no less than talking about Lin’s future marriage prospects or post-nba career or whatever.)

  1086. Are you for real that delusional?

    Given Lin’s current situation, one can’t really expect him to go Linsanity 20-10 every night
    Instead some of us enjoy when he plays a big role coming off the bench.
    If you wanna expect Linsanity every night, get disappointed and get all emotional, that’s fine but leave people who are trying to enjoy Lin’s play out of this. Be unhappy by yourself, some of us want to enjoy Lin’s play instead of projecting our own lives on Lin.

    Thank you,

  1087. Not a chance lol

  1088. You’re right. Thanks.

  1089. Tom, why are you even argue with me when you acknowledged his “given current situation” (your own words)?

    Delusional is you who agree with those believing Lin is in his best situation at backup, standing corner and concentrate on D.

    Delusional is you to think I expected Linsanity 20-10 every night with current “given situation” (your words).

    Delusional is you to pretend to know what I want or expect every night.

    Delusional is you not knowing wsw94 attacked those wanted to talk about Lin next contract after this season. He should respect others to discuss what they want about Lin BB. (so should you)

    Delusional is you to think I am unhappy with Lin performing instead of his mis-usage by the coach.

    Delusional is you who responded to my comment first not the other way around, so don’t ask me to leave delusional thoughts of yours alone to enjoy your game. You should be respectful to my comments or ignore them. Your choice.

  1090. Hornets might have forgotten (or rather keeps quiet) that the Lakers PG who led the team defeated Hornets last season in Lin. If Lin played PG for Lakers last night, who knows. Anyway, I am glad Lin is out of Lakers. But it doesn’t mean Hornets has been much better without Lin so far this season.

  1091. Just watched the and1 play again where lin scored on hibbert. He landed and rolled his ankle, ouch.

    Watching the game live, i was wondering why he was bent over at the free throw line for so long before he took his shots, now i know.

    I want him to play but if its an issue, rest up jlin, its a long season, we need u to be able to run, jump and cut normally. Nobody gonna take care of u but u.

  1092. Lin outplayed Kemba night and day.

  1093. I think Lin was either not comfortable to shot for some reason or just did not have much chance to touch the ball in 4th quarter. But I noticed Cliff, for whatever reason, toke him out just right after he scored and forced another Lakers TO in middle of the 4th quarter.

  1094. We’re good Andrew.

  1095. If I could write just one comment like yours, I didn’t have to go back and forth with him forever.

  1096. Lin has been trying to block shoots and fight for defense rebounds against big men. He toke a lot of hits. His defense skills and efforts are more than just raising hands like many Horents players. His opponents know his defense value more than Hornets fans and media.

  1097. Nobody gonna take care of u but your families, friends and Lin fans like us.

  1098. This comment is very interesting to yours, from the other site by steveprost:

    OK, time to answer to fallacy that (a too-passive) Lin doesn’t shoot enough:
    Jeremy wisely and self-interestedly intuits his coaches’ intent in outstandingly gauging how much he can/should be shooting with some occasional spurts of aggressively taking opportunity to shoot alog considering:
    a) Clifford sees Kemba and Batum as stars (as opposed to being a player Hornets have no long-term investment in seeing shine)
    b) Lin has no real plays designed to get him the ball for good (hi%) shots, and
    c) in light of factors “a” and “b” forcing more shots only risks making his shooting %s and efficiency go down, thereby decreasing playing time this year and marketability and chances for a starting position next year.
    I just don’t see all this hesitancy to shoot relative to his assigned role on this team.
    If you don’t want to buy my eye test or those facts, look at the best corroboration to all this is that whatever Lin is doing is amazingly working so well, that Lin has earned from Clifford going from…
    21.9 minutes per game from Nov 1st thru Dec 2nd to
    32.6 minutes per game in the last eight games…
    The best strategy to for the length of the season get points/stats: win the coach over for playing time, its that simple.
    And BTW, Lin’s FG% and 3PT% have also increased dramatically in the last month with the increase in playing time which depends on pleasing Clifford, not going out and chucking shots.
    This argument that he’s not aggressive enuf with his shots irritates me just like the argument that he’s not “tough” when to my eyes he is when of the toughest characters out there in terms of both style of penetrating play (takes a beating and keeps on ticking i.e. Kobe’s assault last night) and in being tough enough emotionally about general insecurities etc. that EVERYONE HAS.
    Its a free country, but let’s show a bit more of the deserved respect to the character of the man we’re supposed to be fans of who’s been put into a lot of crappy situations and subject to a lot of falsehoods.

  1099. I hope Lin takes a b