G3 BKN Nets vs ATL Hawks: “Will Deep Bench Propel Nets for 2nd Win?”

The deep Nets bench has propelled Nets to outscore the Magic 64-32 in their first win. Will the same unit be able to turn near losses to close wins throughout the season? We are about to see the 2nd test on the road against the Hawks.

The loss of Lin for the season hurt the first unit as D’Angelo Russell struggled with 8 turnovers despite his contribution with clutch shooting in the 4th quarter. Jeremy Lin’s role as the floor general helped to free Russell to thrive as a shooting guard.

It’s the strong reason why Nets tried to sign veteran guard Jameer Nelson before he was signed by the Pelicans

Until the Nets find veteran PG, the Nets hopes DLo would grow quickly as PG or rely to Nets deep bench to contribute more. Spencer Dinwiddie can start as the PG but it leaves the 2nd unit without a leader.

Let’s hope the Nets can notch the 2nd win as Lin continues to root from the hospital recovering from the knee surgery.

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