Game 63 Portland Blazers vs Toronto Raptors: Linning With Defense?

In the Blazers vs Raptors matchup, two hot teams meet each other in a fascinating matchup of playoff contenders.

While Lin is still struggling with his 3-pt shots as a Raptor, Lin’s defense has helped the Raptors to demolish the Celtics by limiting Kyrie Irving to one bucket in the first quarter when they were matched up. Will Lin’s defense help the Raptors to snatch another win against a strong playoff team in Portland Blazers? Linning or “Winning with Lin” might take another meaning to casual NBA fans if he helps the Raptors to guard Damien Lillard.

The Blazers defeated Boston 99-92 Wednesday night for their season-best fifth straight win; they are 4-0 on their seven-game Eastern trip.

The Raptors dominated the Celtics 118-95 Tuesday and have won eight of their past nine games.

The Trail Blazers are 18-4 against teams from the Eastern Conference.

Strong defense helped the Raptors produce an 18-0 run in the second quarter that turned the game against the Celtics.

“It was early help, it was often. It wasn’t perfect but it was hustle and it was working on them. It wasn’t quite the right rotations a lot of time but it didn’t matter. We were pursuing the ball early, making them make another play and then when they would zing it out to somebody, we would be right under that guy and we did it all over again. We (also) contested shots really well.”

The Trail Blazers defeated the Raptors 128-122 in Portland on Dec. 14.