G29 Brooklyn Nets (7-21) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (21-6)


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After a bad loss against Toronto Raptors, the Nets surprised the best team in the NBA, Golden State Warriors, for one half by taking 16pt lead (65-49)before losing the game by the same margin of 16 pts (101-117). The Nets played their best half-game but succumbed to many turnovers as GSW defense pressed them.

Jeremy Lin did not have his sharp-shooting but still managed a near triple double with 10pts/11ast/8rebs/2stls/2blks/5tos in 32min. He did a great job defending Steph Curry with 2 great blocks and 1 steal to shoot only 6-19 and finished with 15pts. When Lin was resting, Curry had no problems finding space to shoot. The Brook-Lin connection was strong especially in the 1st half with Brook being the beneficiary of Lin’s assists to finish with 28pts/8rebs/2asts.

The Nets has to face another tough assignment in Cleveland Cavaliers on the second night of back-to-back game on the road. The Cavs is missing JR Smith but will have Kevin Love back.

ESPN Game Preview article:

The Cavs and Nets are both ranked in the top 10 in scoring, but Brooklyn is last in the league in points allowed, surrendering more than 114 a night. That’s not a good match for an explosive offense like Cleveland’s, which is fourth in scoring.

Even without their sharpshooter Smith, the Cavs still made 15 3-pointers in Wednesday’s win against the Milwaukee Bucks. They entered the night averaging 13.5 per game.

“Our Big Three are doing a great job of making sure everyone else is getting shots, getting touches and they’re playing well,” Lue said. “We’re going to miss J.R., his effort on defense, his tough shot making. But that’s no excuse for us. Next man up, we’ve got to be ready to play and we’ve got to be ready to help J.R. out until he gets back and gets healthy.”

KEY OF THE GAME: Jeremy should continue to play 28+min to regain his shooting rhythm. As for the Nets, they would need to continue with their 100% effort as they did against GSW in the first half and minimize their turnovers.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. 1st!!!!!!!!!! HEEELL YEAHH!!

  2. Lol

  3. Excellent!

  4. 4th

  5. Probably Bennet

  6. Bennet vs Love? Bennet probably can get more reb than Booker now.

  7. Active bigs for stretch 4
    Hamilton cmon man I believe in you
    Scola you are great over ur career

  8. List of nets bigs Cmc Lopez ham Bennett Luis scola

  9. Lopez is great ham needs to fight scola solid but older
    Bennet refurbished Cmc why not

  10. I meant to post earlier about yesterday’s game against the Warriors but it was so late when I returned home and then pre-Christmas busyness all day. Here’s what I observed and sensed (from my nose-bleed high seats):

    I don’t know if it was me but I felt like the team played confident with Lin on the floor. First half was really great. Lin looked like he was in control and he was keeping things in control. But his shots were not falling as much or maybe he needed to take more shots. He missed a couple of layups that I thought he should have made. His DEFENSE was really noticeably effective- he was all over the place- energetic, quick, pointed defense. But, perhaps all that effort in defense affected his offense. I was hoping for a triple double.

    The second half was blah for the entire team – Lin still looked like he was on-court-coaching the team, but his teammates were not making many shots.

    There were more Warrior jerseys than Nets’ jerseys. I wore my Lin Nets jersey and saw several others wearing the same. Place was packed but not as energetic with so many Warrior fans and then the Nets losing so obviously the second half.

    Lin looked very comfortable and unrestrained during the warm up and the game. So glad he is back in the game as a starter. I was moved when they called out his name during the player introduction. The last time I was at the Barclay Center, Lin was playing against the Pistons and he had gotten hurt.

    Overall, Lin looked very much like the front and cernter of the team, like we Lin fans have been wishing for. But now we need the team to start winning. I know that there is no great joy without great pain, but gosh, can we please get Linsanity 2 going? My next game will be the Cavaliers game on January 6. I hope the Nets improve a whole lot between now and then.

  11. ???

  12. Thanks for your report.

  13. i’m Rick james!!!

  14. Nets should trade for Nerlens Noel and play Brook as a stretch 4

  15. Brooke isn’t really a stretch 4 sure he can hit some 3s but he’s better at the post.

  16. Bennet, this is your chance to step up brother

  17. Hmm “rest” sounds fishy I think Booker might be traded. Seriously I’d be happy if he’s gone gosh so toxic, selfish, can’t defend, can’t get a layup at the rim. As bad as RHJ he’s actually useful with his cuts to the rim and height advantage.

  18. OMG AB should’ve started over Booker long ago! He’s actually improved, got in shape and shown glimpse that he can be borderline star. He has upside, Booker needs to get traded asap to whoever wants him. That way Nets have more minutes to develop their future PF in McCullough from the bench!

  19. Yup he’s already shown glimpses of greatness! It’s be interesting to see who Nets will keep as their starter, the ex bust no.1 draft pick or McCullough. I’m so glad and happy Booker is “resting” this game. I hope it’s actually Nets preparing to trade him he needs to go and so does Foye!

  20. It’s not Bennet but Hamilton?

  21. Hamilton has the yips I’d rather they started Bennett oh well so long as it’s not Booker.

  22. Bennett can get good reb… Hamilton doesn’t play well now.

  23. I hope so too. I don’t like him now. He’s became so selfish.

  24. I hope so – Hamilton likely will play better as a starting 4 than as a backup 5.

  25. I observed that the NBA fraternity/ref are inclined/instructed to favour their in game officiating towards the teams having league created perceived superstars. NBA is entertainment business anyways. Haha cheers

  26. I thought Booker played well for part of the season.

    But he’s fallen back to his typical career production as of late.

  27. Yup that’s why Harden can get away with all those offense fouls not, so bad, as if his flopping wasn’t ugly enough. Just glad refs didn’t go overboard with the star calls for Steph and KD last night.

  28. And LBJ getting away with fouls and travelling. Haha Cheers

  29. Lin playing well so far


  31. x1000000000000

  32. Seriously

  33. Nets . Ugly on the offensive .

  34. I hope KA get’s kicked out of the game

  35. He has the yips, been like that since after he got back from being sick and maybe unknown injury.

  36. Hamilton has the yips still, should’ve started Anthony Bennett!

  37. At least their defense has been better kept Cavs scoreless for a while.

  38. Agree. Hamilton is bad. Why starts him? smh!

  39. Poor Hamilton, he’s just way out of sync.

  40. It’s not that great either, lots of lobs and easy drives.

  41. Maybe KA wanted Hamilton to increase his confidence back by starting but now he’s getting benched which just makes things worst. Should’ve started AB! :/

  42. Cavs have Thompson not much they can do.

  43. Yup it’s all mental like the announcers said.

  44. Notice, they have a bigger guy on Lin. Not Kyrie.

  45. i swear to god scola sucks as much as hamilton at least scola has an excuse

  46. Saw that hand slap form KA to Lin. All is well. He’s proud of how Lin played.

  47. pfft that was nothing!

  48. Man Hamilton is amazing..

  49. my god these bigs suck

  50. Bench is a disaster not getting any shots off. If I was KA I’d find a chance to let Lin back in to finish up the quarter against Cavs’ bench to keep the game closer. End of 1st quarter he will have a few minutes to rest during commercial break.

  51. Who the frick does bojan think he is. Pass the freaking ball

  52. Hows he doing?

  53. lin should have alike 6 assists these guys are missing open looks

  54. We look far more outmatched by the Cavs than GSW last night. Maybe B2B against the best two teams in the league is too much for this young team.

  55. He’s a SG but he doesn’t know how to avoid a charge when going at the rim. If only that call when the other way.

  56. Fine, guys aren’t converting shots on good looks he’s gotten them. 4 points on 2 layups. Great D on Kyrie.

  57. He always does that but ka doesnt do anything about it…

  58. Looks like lins not playing the 4th

  59. Thanks!

  60. Looks like I didn’t missed much.

  61. They held on on defense by keeping Cavs scoreless but their offense is just not there. Without Bogut and having KD, GSW are in trouble cause they look worst than last season.

  62. Shouldn’t even be trying to go coast to coast with his ball handling skills

  63. 17-2 runs I heard.

  64. They played well to start kept the Cavs missing for a while but their shots aren’t falling. And Thompson is recking havoc for the Nets! They have no answer for him.

  65. I see. Tks bro!

  66. FinallY! Dinwiddie to the rim!

  67. Looks like today will be ugly loss again. -14 end of 1st Q…. smh!

  68. I really like Dinwiddie best backup PG Nets has seen so far! He can get to the rim really well! I’d like to see what he can do with Lin on the floor as well!

  69. This team doesn’t have a chance unless Lin is a score-first PG

  70. Too bad that will not happen… smh!

  71. Too early to call it, have some faith their defense is better.

  72. TRISTAN WITH 10/6 IN 1 QUARTER!! my god these bigs suck no pride

  73. I want to but so far don’t see that happen….

  74. It’s really tough to play GSW and then the Cavs on the road back to back.. It shouldn’t be allowed.

  75. can’t D and can’t rebound…..

  76. Yea they had no answer for Tristan Thompson at all, good thing he got another foul and had to sit. Lin needs to go at Thompson to get him in foul trouble to have a chance of winning this!

  77. bahahahah this team

  78. Open lay ups 🙁

  79. At least Hamilton tried to block it but missed. If it was Booker he wouldn’t even chase the defender.

  80. Culture…

  81. It’s an open drive

  82. Cavs are a Championship team and Nets’ bench are weak just need them to hold on and not get blown out.

  83. Just had a peek when at work…. DAMN!! Are we in a slaughter house!?

  84. Even simple passes, smh…

  85. this team…Lin why did you come here

  86. Horrible defense, no focus…compete disaster

  87. I’m done with this game. Sloppy plays. They have no offense . Defense is not good.

  88. Seriously, I really thought things would turn around but man..

  89. ok nomore for me.. time to go get drunk. merry xmas yall ^_^

  90. They’re against a Championship team with so many offensive weapons what do you expect? They’re working hard on d to the best they can!

  91. I am done for today too. This team is really bad. No offense No D. smh!

  92. Should have ask why MDA doesn’t come to the Nets….

  93. It’s as many around the league predicted. Worse team in the league. I hope they improve. We have to realize they are playing the two best teams back to back and they are running out of gas in this game.

  94. They are fumbling on passes and their offensive scheme is really not being executed well at all.

  95. So he can lead his own team! If not he’s stuck as a bench player duh! It’s not the best and doesn’t help with a rookie coach but Lin will be able to turn around. Just glad KA is finally have consistent rotations and lineups! As well as benching players, I doubt Booker is really resting he’s probably getting the DNP treatment (finally) for playing so bad and selfish.

  96. All these un-force TO.

  97. Lin with 2 To yeah he is not going to have a good game

  98. motion offense is a complicated offense that not everyone gets besides Lin. That’s why I’ve been saying KA needs to incorporate more PnR which he isn’t doing!

  99. Lin dont drive anymore. no ft at all either.

  100. Lin’s not giving up so I’m not giving up either he’s working hard on this game.

  101. Its like teams have nuliffied his pnr. Which is really bad news. atkinson has to find a solution

  102. its litteraly 5 people waiting for him when he penetrates

  103. true lin fan right here

  104. They are smart and clogging the rim so he can’t get to the rim! He’s taking what the defense is giving him by making his mid range jumpers!

  105. Lin the only one playing defense

  106. No, KA doesn’t want to incorporate PnR at all for Lin and is stubborn to focus on motion offense! Nothing Lin can do but to adapt! Also teams knows what Lin likes so are clogging the paint and focusing him to take outside shots!

  107. As I said, KA is clueless.

  108. so when are we going to see Lins improved jumper?

  109. its a miracle Lin is getting good statline with this borderline D-league team

  110. We’ve seen it. Tonight, he’s going to struggle due to playing so hard last night. The whole team is.

  111. Another thing to add to the list.

  112. Lin just drove to the basket there with ease why not do that more???????

  113. He should. He should stop waiting for the opponents defense to set and just do things in early offense.

  114. Having multiple ball handlers on a team that doesnt have alot of talent dont make sense to me

  115. When Lin dribbles up the court he ends up passing it off and doesn’t seem to get it back enough. He needs to handle the ball much more.

  116. Nets like playing haif court offense. This allows teams to set there defense. The only person who gets fast break point is brook.

  117. What happened he has 2 TO?

  118. thats motion offense for ya

  119. But that’s a mistake. Look at all the football passes Lin threw to Lopez last night. That works better. Faster offense works better. That’s one thing D’Antoni understands. Unless you have great one on one players, which only Lopez is on this team, you need to play faster. Lin’s talent is breaking down the defense, but these guys are terrible finishers when their 3s aren’t falling.

  120. The never do anything with the ball. Its tov after tov

  121. The hater Cavs’ announcers talked about JLin’s TO in last night GSW game. Stupxdity at full display.

  122. It needs to motion back to Lin because the other guys don’t have a clue what they’re doing except Skil, to some degree and LeVert, to some degree. Unless it’s dumped down for Lopez to operate, it’s just going around the perimeter, waiting for a TO to happen against teams like the Cavs and GSW.

  123. agreed but it is what it is been happening all season.

  124. They don’t now what to do. They are setting themselves up for TOs.

  125. The way Lin is playing it doesnt affect the game the way he can. We have yet to see full linsanity yet. The team doesnt quit know how to get it there

  126. It’s much worse against active and long defensive teams like they are playing now.

  127. yup

  128. Yes. Try to find a Nets feed.

  129. wow, JHam and Bog combined for 0-8 for 0 pts in the 1st half?

    This is not balanced at all

  130. If the ball went strickly through Lin and lopez we would at least be competitive

  131. Ham has the yips so he’s not helping, not sure about Bog but this game RHJ is playing better than him.

  132. Ham is lost unfortunately. And Bogs has been in a scoring slump in the past few games.

  133. The 2nd night of back-to-back is certainly not helping *sigh*

    Just hoping for a double-double for Lin

  134. If KA wasn’t so stubborn and allowed Lin to play PnR with some screens we’d have a legit chance. His motion offense just doesn’t work on it’s own it needs to be combined with lots of PnR to work! Spurs uses motion offense too but they also do a ton of PnR for their PG!

  135. We need to simplify the offense a bit more. These player dont know what to do

  136. The season “begins” on the 26th. Lin is FINALLY healthy with no restrictions and winnable games start Monday.

    Glad to see Lin shooting a good amount tonight. I expected better but you can see how bummed he is tonight. 2nd game of a back-to-back on the road is brutal even for the very best teams.

  137. Fully agree. Kenny gave them a chance, but now it’s time for Brook-Lin starting Monday.

  138. oh well, hope they can get within 10pts

  139. The Nets perimeter players should just learn to pass the ball rather than dribble and then tov waiting to happen as they will not get superstar calls when the opponents reach in to steal the ball or disrupted their passing. Haha cheers

  140. Hornets are no walk in the park but not on the level of GSW and the Cavs. But at least they get the weekend off and are at home.

  141. Hamilton is so soft as a big guy. NO offense NO defense!!!!!!

  142. Compared to the Warriors and Cavs, they are extremely beatable. Lin’s minutes limit prevented 3 easy wins last week — HOU, ORL, PHI. Charlotte will not be so lucky.

  143. He’s getting shots but with screens and PnR and Cavs clogging the paint to prevent Lin to get to the rim it’s tough. Doesn’t help that KA’s offense doesn’t create open mid range shots for him!

  144. their away games really suck…..

  145. He can shoot 3s but he has the yips right now so not helping. He was a better version of Novak before he had some wear & tear and got sick.

  146. Lol. That was an offensive foul ny James

  147. Bojan is clearly no match for LeBron

  148. terrible ref!!!!

  149. That elbow push would be offensive call for non-star players

    star calls by ref

  150. He’s still injured. Having vision problems due to migraines.

  151. Comparing this game to Lins win with the Hornets makes me really appreciate the Hornets. Those guys were better then I gave them credit for at the time.

    The Hornets record this year seems well deserved.

  152. this is paaaainful

  153. RHJ can never finish.

  154. Can lin be traded?

  155. CAN KA be traded?

  156. Lin with 2 stupid frustrating turnovers

  157. 4 turnovers

  158. Lin’s 5th assist to SKil

  159. No box out no nothing.

  160. Since when RHJ become the one calls the play?

  161. Nets honestly have no direction offensively

  162. So?

  163. it happens…lin needs to shoot shoot shoot. Forget about anything else, just shoot like its a zombie apocalypse. Make 20 shots!! That is the FIRST step…take 20 a game.

  164. Lin is shooting himself in the foot with these turnovers he is causing to himself when will he learn

  165. yeah agreed he should shoot instead of making dumb passes

  166. Been saying it all season it because of the motion offense. KA needs to incorporate PnR for it to work. He’s clueless and stubborn.

  167. Lin not trying to drive at all makes no sense

  168. If they keep giving him he mid range shot, he needs to keep shooting it. Make them adjust

  169. the team sucks!! Just take over the game and the rest of the team will naturally play better. I’m dissapointed in lin’s passive attitude. He needs to go in each game with the #1 option, scoring mentality. Thats the reason he joined the nets, not to defer to guys like bennet, bojan, and booker!!

  170. He deserves a yell for this!

  171. so why is he forcing the pass when it’s not there bad decisions

  172. Cavs are clogging the lane and anticipating his drive also he’s not getting any screens!

  173. Why to risk to injury when no one screen for him?

  174. Im done. Good nite everyone.

  175. I am almost there, Lin gonna sit soon anyway.

  176. Lin dont try to get easy points ever.

  177. no fast break points

  178. This is the 7th quarter in the row (going back to last game) that Jeremy doesn’t have a FT attempt. It’s tough to believe. Times like these, he needs to do the Harden.

  179. Cuz Cavs have 11 offense rebound.

  180. TT is playing like a defender in Nets defensive end in getting the offensive rebounds. And the Nets team couldn’t figure it out. Haha cheers

  181. NETS having motion sickness. 50 points blowout.

  182. Lin needs a rest. Looks tired.

  183. Lin has a floater barely uses it has a midrange barely uses like u cant just drive to the paint use your in between game

  184. Take lin out 5th turnover

  185. KA’s instruction for Lin: 1.pass 2. defense 3. Do not penetrate

  186. I am out. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday yall!

  187. Maybe take Lin out for the rest of the game. He has to use his in-between game. He showing hesitance in his game he didn’t earlier in the season and he’s forcing passes.

  188. cavs 40 rebound nets 23 rebounds. No wonder no fast break points

  189. KA’s MO makes each player expend so much energy to find open space to create his own shot. Hence he keeps dribbling which takes time off the clock. Then as the clock winds down, he passes to the next guy. That player has to repeat the motion, dribbling to create his own shot. When he can’t, the over passing takes over which runs out of the clock causing a turn over or the last person w/ the rock chucks up a wild shot. The negative effect is teammates don’t know where to position themselves for rebound so they give up on rebounding, which loses possession and opportunity to score. That’s how Nets MO have been running for 28 games and counting.
    KA thinks his MO confuses opponents making it hard to defend Nets players, but what it actually does is Nets players themselves are confused bc everyone is playing similar role w/o purpose and direction. KA basically sharing Lin’s pg duty w/ everyone. Opponents don’t need to exert energy on defense, they just need to focus on scoring themselves.

  190. This Nets its a joke!! Always same play. I am done.

  191. he never uses it im starting to think he will never ever use it…seriously 5 TO is unacceptable 10 TO in 2 games he never uses the midrange or the floater….Patrick frikkin beverly has a floater…Im dissapointed to be honest The choice of team and the lack of improvement on his in between game

  192. KA is the most stubborn coach……or is he just bad?

  193. This game is humiliating!
    Poor Lin don’t have family members around to spend with during the holiday this year.
    I’m done. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  194. He uses the mid-range sometimes, but not enough. He took a mid-range shot from the corner and one from inside the paint.

    What’s bothering me is he isn’t going to the ball and looking to set things up. And also not take over games with his scoring. Last year against the Cavs he scored 24 to Kyrie’s 26. The past few games, he’s over-passing and not giving the team the scoring they sorely need.

  195. great post!

  196. You described it perfectly. From day 1 I’ve been saying the motion offense doesn’t work and KA needs to make PnR his main offense. It’s too complicated, clogs up all the space forcing everyone to make iso shots on their own! I’d like to see him be pressured by the Boss to change his offense! His job is on the line with such a bad record!

  197. yup that and unforced turnovers he should have 2 turnovers max this game just like the last game and i hate when people excuse that by comparing with nash or westbrook bla bla….Lin is not looked the same way as those guys he is smarter than his turnovers show..i seriously dont want to see another 5TO game from him its embarassing. And Kenny is what he is. All lin is doing for him is stopping the full development mode…Lin sure knows how to pick teams dont he.

  198. KA’s offense literally renders Lin ineffective by clogging up the space and getting the ball out of his hands every possession! He’s a clueless coach! I hope he’s fired! Sorry Lin might be his guy but what good is that if he’s stubborn and is forcing his motion offense onto this team!

  199. With 2 days off, it would be nice to let Lin statpad for 6m in the 4Q. That’s Lowry got to do in TOR and what Kyrie did tonight.

    Don’t think that’s Kenny/Marks policy though. Brook doesn’t get to do that either. Disappointed to see Lin stop shooting after being aggressive in the first half. Guess he just needs to re-start the season Monday.

    He’s still playing great…just needs more minutes and shots vs. beatable teams.

  200. Stubborn and clueless. I know Lin is his guy but he really doesn’t know what he’s doing! I hope his job will be on the line so he will be forced to finally change to PnR offense!

  201. Lin is on his way to averaging 3 TO a game if he keeps this up right now at 2.4 after this game its going up

  202. Who gives a crap? He had 11 dimes yesterday (!!!) and 6 today with nobody making shots on this team.

    Harden has 2341241 TOs per game. Give it a rest. Only thing Lin needs to do is shoot more in winnable games.

  203. Weak post –

    Nash and Westbrook have TERRIFIC teammates.

    Lin has a D League squad.

  204. 24 minutes, 10 points on 5-10 shooting, 2 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal, 5 turnovers.

  205. why do people always compare Lin to superstars who are averaging 20 pts and 10 assists i dont get it? He has had 10 turnovers in 2 games i give a crap because it will hurt him but nah forget it dont mean nothing he might aswell average 14pts 6ass along with 3 turnovers that will sure show people!!!

  206. I don’t think he’ll keep it up. He’ll have a game or two of high TOs then he has smaller amount in a few games.

  207. Lin has more to worry about than 3 measly TOs! This motion offense just doesn’t work, takes the ball out of his hands without an PnR! We all thought KA would play like MDA’s offense since he was his assistant coach, boy were we wrong. He’s another coach who refuses to play PnR! It’s Lin’s curse after leaving Knicks!

  208. Kenny atkinson is horrible enough said

  209. Wrong Him looking at the Turnovers should be just as big a priority he is making BAAAAD turnovers 10 turnovers in the last 2 games at least 7 of them were unforced thats bad..Lin cant afford that. and in all seriousness i could see Kenny playing whitehead more if it continues.

  210. Kenny sucks he should be fired

  211. Westbrook is carrying his team he is a superstar. Lin is not a superstar thus he is looked at different 3 TO stand out when you’re not a star.

  212. Whitehead gets TOs. It’s not TOs by themselves that the problem is. Lin now has the lowest +/- on the team in a few games. He needs to be + when he’s on the court. He needs to assert himself more as the PG. And he needs to organize the offense more, I feel he still has the tendency to play off-ball. RHJ and Skil have to not be handling the ball as much as Lin. And I know he had a big defender on him today but he has to blow by him, and take shots. He took 10, Lopez took 11, I know he can’t shoot too many, but when it is there, shoot them.

  213. But YOU are the one comparing Lin to Westbrook and Nash!

    Don’t be a HYPOCRITE.

    Call YOURSELF out.

  214. Lin can’t protect his teammates past a certain point.

    They have to PLAY.

    They’re dragging Lin down.

  215. Thats not he point Whitehead might be getting turnovers but he is young and could play more for development. im getting the lakers vibe thing where clarkson started to play a lot more. i could see that happening here aswell.

  216. Those TOs are due to the team not understanding KA’s motion offense! MO clogs all the space and takes the ball out of his hands every set; rendering Lin ineffective. I’ve never seen such a bad offense that makes dumb Mchale’s run and gun look like a genius which is sad.

  217. He would so far for this season in per 36:
    3.4 turnovers, 8.5 assists and 19.9 points

  218. Right now, I don’t see that at all. Scott loved Price for his defense. While Whitehead’s is good, Lin’s is on a very high level now. Lin is going to be starting PG, but if you look at it, he’s coming back as starter against tough teams. Let’s just see how he does against less tough teams. I hope he plays big against the Hornets Monday. No need to panic yet.

  219. But he can’t pass balls to them they can’t handle. He needs to be more selective at certain times in the games.

  220. McCullough is going to play. Let’s see how he looks.

  221. IMO, KA player’s development gone down the drain with this lose as Nets team as constructed have no 3point shots and the opponents just need to clog the paint to prevent JL from driving. With poor defensive scheme and no rebounding bigs the Nets will not win 20 games. Haha cheers.

  222. yeah thats bad funny thing is he could easily fix it by stop making those boneheaded plays and use all of his arsenal..Lin had 2 moves he uses way to much the all the way to the basket for a layup or the pentrate all the for a risky pass. He does not use the midranger which is there or a floater which is there. i am dumbfounded no one has said this to him or he himself has not asked himself why he does not use it more.

  223. Westbrook also has the ball in his hands 90% of the time with an offense that fits him. Lin thrives best in a PnR offense he’s a top PG with that offense. Every player needs an offense that fits them to thrive including Lin! KA is forcing the motion offense without considering what his players abilities are! You hire Lin the best PnR guard in the league yet doesn’t allow him to play PnR?! I wonder if Lin knew what he was getting into.

  224. glad i missed tonights game

  225. Hmmm, PnPop with a half roll with McCullough. Good.

  226. You are absolutely right. It makes Lin too predictable. I hope Kenny tells him this, because Kenny has known his game for a long time and that is an area where Lin can definitely expand his game.

  227. After 28 games, I’m losing patient with him too. Indeed he has no solution to the current situation. And his inabilities to excel the players talents is showing. He needs to go back to the asst coach position.

  228. with all these blowouts jlin would be getting more mins off the hornets bench

  229. And this explains Lins unforced turnovers how?

  230. I don’t know. Maybe he’s tired from putting too much energy on the D or something else bother him.

  231. I’d rather he be there than this crap. He could average nearly the same numbers with playoff appearence

  232. McCullough is the only PF I can see playing effect PnR with Lin BUT and it’s a huge BUT when will KA throw away his ego and allow his main offense to be PnR centric with motion offense being a supportive scheme! He’s said since the beginning that Lin will ask when he can play PnR calling Lin stubborn and that he will focus on motion offense. 20-30 games later there PnR and screens are no where to be found still!

  233. not a hypocrite i have seen people compare him getting turnovers to nash getting turnovers and westbrook and harden thats what i meant.

  234. Already saw how he looks few games before he was unfairly sent back to d league. This explains why Booker and Whitehead are out. I have a strong feeling they will be traded, now that Nets have to legit backup PG in Dinwiddie and is finally willing to “develop” McCullough.

  235. I strongly doubt Whitehead is traded. He has superior defense and he’s developing a presence on the court. Booker, he could be traded, sure.

  236. After check box score… I think KA should be shamed about himself. Ya! Fired him ASAP.

  237. who the eff cares cant believe you are watching a trainwreck.

  238. Mean nothing if he can’t lead their bench. Dinwiddie looks miles better than Whitehead ever did with so much more composure. The bench is organized when he’s on the floor. He’s the best backup PG who’s played for Nets this season and he’s barely practiced with the team!

  239. It’s Lin’s team and McCullough may be on the team later in the season. I actually like him because he’s eager to set screens and roll. That looks like Lin’s type of big man.

  240. Not to me he doesn’t. Whitehead looks pretty good to me, especially considering his age and how many games he’s played as a pro.

  241. Oh so NOW you like McCullough yet you were questioning why everyone was so high on him, saying no he’s not ready, Booker and RHJ are better blah blah blah. :/ Well better late then never!

  242. im telling you Whitehead will probably play more..What would be real funny is if Lin averaged only slightly better stats this season than the one with the hornets…that wouldbe straight comedy gold. If lin has another 5 To game its over.

  243. I said he wasn’t NBA ready and he didn’t play enough now. I didn’t say I didn’t like him or he wouldn’t be good when the team thought he was ready to play in the NBA. I love your enthusiasm for McCullough but it doesn’t mean everyone is going to see the player the same way you do.

  244. Bigger chance is off this team than whitehead. Whitehead is 21 years old and fits kennys development system. All lin is doing is stopping the development.

  245. Whitehead hasn’t shown anything offensively that was memorable this entire season! Mean while Dinwiddie’s shown he can easily make things happen and get to the rim when he’s the PG while actually play making. There’s a reason why Nets got Dinwiddie and is making him the main backup. If Whitehead was any good they wouldn’t need to get Dinwiddie! Far as I can tell Whitehead and Booker are both waiting to be traded. No signs of injury yet all of a sudden they are “rested”. Resting bench players really?

  246. The only thing worse than watching this game is reading your miserable posts and your annoying obsession with Lin’s tos.

  247. Oh yes he has. He’s gotten stronger at getting to the rim with purpose and finishing. He’s gotten better at pacing himself and making better IQ plays. He’s gotten way better at keeping his composure. He’s even hit some big shots in a Nets win. Whitehead is not bad at all. In fact, I think the Nets are missing him.

  248. To’s Matter in the nba sorry to break it down for ya bud.

  249. Hornets is better team than Nets and Cliff is better coach than KA at least now. But Cliff will yell and bench Lin if has 3 TOs.

  250. Many people here including KHuang’s been saying McCullough should start over Booker since his 1st game back from d league. You were the only one who kept on insisting otherwise! Even after McCullough made a variety of offensive shot. A player who can catch an olley-opp, making a turn around mid jumper, and make a 3 all in 4th quarter is ready for the NBA! Now Booker is on his way out and you’re finally saying that McCullough should start. Meanwhile McCullough is still the only Nets player who’s caught and made an Olley-Opp this season from Foye who isn’t even a good PG.

  251. Lin chose Kenny and the Nets. I support his decision. I would have liked him elsewhere and on a playoff team. But he gets to be a leader, a starter, and that’s important to him. So, I want this to go well. Right now, things are ugly. But I’m staying the course for the time that Lin is with this team.

  252. Lin’s tos are the least of the Nets problems right now. So just stfu already.

  253. Let’s not argue about it. It goes nowhere. I have nothing against McCullough. I think if the Nets think he isn’t ready for the NBA, let him develop in the D league until he is. I’ve seen guys come up and not do well because they came up too early and it messed them up. That’s my point. But there’s no point in keep going on about McCullough and you said/I said stuff. We just see him differently. No big deal.

  254. These super stars PGs all had lots of TOs in their game if you check… Not good but it’s OK for Lin.

  255. Yup and I’d choose the starting PG, leading his own time with a star PF over being a bench player who’s always benched after 1 TO, giving him only 10-15 mins when the team is healthy, with Cliff who doesn’t trust his abilities and yells at him when he tries to go iso!

  256. Not Nets just KA who’s clueless. No smart coach would’ve made Vasquez his main backup point guard, started RHJ with Lin, nor started Foye as main PG when Lin was out.

  257. wow Clifford made Lin better believe it or not i loved that he he got mad when lin had 3 turnovers in a game because Clifford had a culture of low turnovers Lin averaged a career low turnovers at charlotte.
    agree to disagree Only way this works is if Lins stats are real good thats how he has a good season. remains to be seen.

  258. Has been 29 games, there are many things don’t understand?

    1.Shooting so many 3s, Nets is the 28th on 3P%, why?
    2.Lin & Brook are the best combo, why don’t keep them more time?
    3. What’s motion O? It seems just random play.

  259. The problem is they have higher production. Higher points and assists. Lin’s at 14/5.5, they are at 20/8 or better. See the difference?

    Kenny is saying TOs are a problem. So the whole team has to reduce them. Including and maybe especially Lin.

  260. Whitehead didn’t even get enough minutes these past games for Nets to remember him besides his defense on CP3 which is a while back already. Your argument was to trust Nets an that McCullough isn’t read that’s why he’s not playing. So why not trust Nets the same way, Whitehead hasn’t been getting much minutes because he’s not ready nor contributing as much as you think. Same with why since last game (finally) Booker’s been benched and is now “resting”.

  261. I think KA himself has no answer for us either….??? LOL!

  262. Clifford improved Lin’s game. You can argue about Lin’s minutes and the stupidity of Lin’s use in Game 7, but Clifford improved Lin’s game. And Lin got his love back in Charlotte. Charlotte was a positive. People noticed what Lin did in the playoffs as well.

  263. he about to lose his love again this season. ah well atleast Rose is playing well!

  264. Bc they got more playing time & shoot more. If Lin can have the same treatment like any of them he will put up these beautiful number too. TO is not good but this team has so many problems to cause that…

  265. Meanwhile he doesn’t do the same to Walker or Batum who had way more turnovers! You can it low turnovers I can it a short leash and unwilling to allow Lin to play freely with his high risk high reward game!

  266. This team is not good for any player bc under KA they always have long trash time. This will not help any player at all for improvement. smh! Why Lin got so bad luck again???

  267. Have you noticed none of the Nets are willing to take 3s now? Not even Scola! Because they can’t yet KA’s motion offense forces them to shoot 3s. All they can do is run off the 3 point line for an iso at the rim sad. His offense forces his player to create for themselves which ends up in TOs and ugly misses. It’s also why Lin’s had more TO these past 2 games. Everyone doesn’t know what they’re suppose to do and there’s no space for any kind of offense!

  268. Tel that to westbrook and harden

  269. NO this has nothing to do with Luck this is all Lins fault he choose this team he wanted to start knowing fully well this team was not good in any way Lin took a chance with Atkinson and it has hurt him more than helped.

  270. Because this was the only team will to give him a starting role.

  271. Not really. Rox will even it’s not real PG job. I can understand why he picked Nets but ….. smh!

  272. i would but Westbrook is averaging a Trip dub And Harden is averaging close to it aswell so…..yeah

  273. Thank You Guest thank You! Lin’s 3 TO or 5 TO is the least of Nets problem cause their main problem is their coach KA and this dumb motion offense that doesn’t fit them! KA forces this team to play motion offense without considering nor incorporating their abilities while taking the ball out of Lin’s hands.

  274. Good news is Lin has kept his double figure scoring streak in tact. Bad news is he didn’t go to the FT line in two straight games. That’s very un-Lin like. He was running on fumes in the 2nd half. Kenny seems to have 32-34 minutes a game for Lin which is just about right. It’s also good to see that he can play against these two tough teams as the starter and do so well defensively against two of the best PGs in the league. But he also guarded other great players like Klay Thompson, Durant, LeBron, and forced them into tough shots.

    Offensively, I think he needs to vary stuff more. Pass, shoot, types of shots, etc. There’s not much he can do about the other guys turning it over, so maybe it is time for Lin to just be a higher-usage guard. Problem is, they are really trapping him and keying in on him.

    Hope he gets a good rest, and the Hornets will seem like a relatively easy opponent compared to the 2 teams they just played.

  275. Rockets, the team who were the ones that spread the false narrative that Lin can’t defend as heir excuse to starting scrxb Pat Bev and creating the narrative that Lin’s a bench player, right….

  276. That’s Lins choice and his career. What’s does it have to do with ‘his fault’? If Lin upsets you, you can follow someone else.

  277. He was talking about why Lin has bad luck i was saying this has nothing to do with luck he made a bad choice

  278. Yes, especially this game, Unfortunately, there is no space and none of them is good ISO player.

  279. Because they are better players. It’s not just the playing time. They are better players.

  280. Or he didn’t. We’ll see by season’s end. Lin can make a modest goal to not have this team finish as the worst team in the league, which they are now, and try to get them more wins than last year. And, maybe Marks will make a good trade. Now is now, but it may not always look so dismal.

  281. He wanted to give more as a basketball player. He didn’t want the yo-you minutes of being on the bench or playing with the “spark-plug” role of 6th man. He wanted a coach he felt knew his game and him personally that he could trust. He wanted to have no difficult teammates to deal with. This team met a lot of his desires. He rolled the dice maybe that they’d be better than they are, but he’ll just have to take what’s here and make the best out of it.

  282. Why Lin didn’t go to FT for the past 2 games? Maybe his back is not really 100% yet so he didn’t want to hurt himself? Or they don’t want him to do it? Now I see it’s Kilpatrick to do it.

  283. how will this not become a bad choice for Lin please explain because i would like to know how.

  284. Honestly, I don’t see anyone that upset by his TOs. On the Nets board they are praising his defense and effort and competitiveness. Yes, the TOs matter but not to the degree that you’re making them out to be. I think the high TO games are due to some rust, some due to the fact that he’s one of the few guys on the team that they worry about getting hot and blowing games open, so they D him up tough and Lin tries to thread the needle sometimes where he can’t or he’s been caught in between. But, the competition goes much lower in the next games, and the TOs are bound to as well. And he did get 11 assists in the last game and 6 in this one. And have blocks and steals. So people aren’t killing him over the TOs.

  285. He’s able to play as a leader, starter, and test his skills against the game’s best. And he’s holding his own defensively. His offense will come. He has to take some time to figure this team and system out.

    If he’s looking for wins, he made a bad choice. If he’s looking to hone his leadership skills and be a difference-maker as a point guard and make this team beat expectations faster than most thought they could, he made a good choice. It all depends on his expectations.

    What he’s not in is a losing team with a dysfunctional office and surly teammates. That happened in LA, he knows the difference between what he has in the Nets and what was there.

  286. Well, he didn’t take that many shots at the rim, and the team wasn’t in the penalty late in the quarters. To get to the FT line he needs to take more layups and get fouled or get fouled when his team is in the penalty.

  287. OK. He sure doesn’t look right.

  288. that remains to be seen then he is in a system not made for this team and i bet Kenny is just itching to go full development mode. Lol marketing Brook-Lin what a hoax it was all marketing gotta somehow make fans come watch our games.

  289. To are a big deal especially if you are not a star player. what did we hear from the cavs announcer about lins turnovers against the warriors? people around the league talk who cares about what people at Realgm say they dont affect Lin but announcers do people in the nba do. If Lin ends this season averaging Like 18 pts along with 7 assists and 2 turnovers that would be a great season. But tone it down to what he has now which will prob go down to like 13pts 6ass along with close to 3 turnovers…you trying to tell me that the difference between those dont matter? If he scores a lot it nullifies the turnovers. He does not score a lot so far and has turned the ball over 10 times in 2 games. That matters dude. Yersterday i thought he had a great game riiight up until he had like 3 turnovers in a row he went from great to good. This game same boneheaded turnovers try telling me that wont affect Lin around the league.

  290. i think its because of system motion offense..
    Nets offense doesn’t run much PNR which means opponent big man doesn’t come out and clog the lane wating for lin drive…
    In Hornets, lin attempted FT 3.7 times and made 3.1 times..
    In nets, Lin attempted FT 3.7 times (same as last year) and made 2.6 times…
    In NY(linsanity), Lin attempted 5.2 times and made 4.2 times….

  291. Don’t think Lin is happy w this team….


  292. lin hates to lose….

  293. Ya! He just did whatever KA asked him to do… the result he couldn’t control….

  294. i want KA to let Lin run the offense like linsanity(MDA system) even some games..see what happen…

  295. It will not happen bc KA is clueless and stubborn. He will not give up on his Motion system. That’s fine bc I doubt how long his bass can keep clam w this lousy record they got so far.

  296. Not even MDA system just a PnR system is all Lin needs to thrive yet KA refuses to run it like all his past coaches! It’s like they are in a scheme to keep Lin from playing at his best. You have the best PnR PG in the league yet won’t allow PnR plays. I hope both Lopez and Lin speak up about this.

  297. If nets keep losing, GM or Owner might force him to do more PNRs…

  298. yes i agree,,,,

  299. I am not sure KA will do more PnR or not but he sure will make some change in his O system….

  300. I’m saying you’re making a lot about TOs based on these 2 games and there are other aspects of the way he is playing that people are talking about. I honestly don’t care about stupid Cavs or other announcers that are homers anyway. Some announcers are respectful and bring up good things about Lin, others aren’t. I don’t think Lin is going to get 18/7 but I think 15/7 is possible. Or even 16/7. I don’t know how many TOs he’ll get, but Lin sometimes has a two or 3 games when the TOs are excessive then he has low TOs in 2 or 3 games and it balances out. I’m not panicking over these TOs against two of the best teams in the league *and* he’s just gotten back to full-time starting.

  301. KA thinking “these players are so dumb and can’t make my offense work”. How many more games before KA gives up on his ego, listen to Lin and finally allow any PnR offense?

  302. That’s the problem in a nutshell. Linsanity is over, done. Lin is playing in Kenny’s system. If fans don’t accept that and want to see MDA, then forget it, you’ll never be happy. You can reframe it and go, wow, Lin can shine in any system and he’ll help make this system work or long for something else. But pining for Linsanity again and MDA’s way will lead to nothing but dissatisfaction, disappointment and frustration and that being expressed more than anything positive in this current situation.

    Now, Lin is in his 6th or 7th year and he is facing defenses he didn’t face in Linsanity. That period is over. This is a new period. A different, more seasoned, Lin.

  303. assistant coach? no more like a regular trainer coach that’s it.

  304. He’s passing through clogged offense and lanes caused by KA’s system with his teammates confused on what to do.

  305. Lin spent so much energy on the D yesterday and today. Why risk himself penetrate to the paint where the opponents are waiting for him? Let’s the others do it!

  306. You’d rather Lin be a bench player than starter, it seems.

    You’d rather Lin earn less money.

  307. RICHER
    Coach doesn’t hate him

  308. FATIGUED TEAM (not so much Lin himself).

    Intimidated too by Lebron.

  309. Couldn’t put too much blame on the team. It was a B2B against last year champion team.

    Didn’t watch the game. But from the score sheet, I guess MO was in full force. Low shooting % was typical for this team because hot shooting is averaged out by bad shooting, given the minute distributions and shot distributions. Most of players need time to get into rhythm. Minuses restrictions only put a negative impact on rhythm players.

    I am not a coach material. But if I can see the flaws of Net’s MO, then the great NBA coaches can see them too. For the past 29 games, this so called MO has 3 players passing ball on the top and wait for the strong side corner player to come up and receive the ball, hoping the screen(s) will create space and opportunities. Or the player on the strong top will pass to 4 or 5 for post up if opportunity presents. But, but. most of the time, 2 of the 3 players positioning themselves too high that the screen won’t even happen or the player coming to receive the ball takes too long to come up and allow times for defense to react and preposition.

    Even if they are in right positions with right screens (which is not usually the case), it is usually the players with less ball handling skills having the balls dribbling on top to create and drive into the heart of the paint, which most of the time either having contested shots or TOs. So …, if I am the coach playing against Nets MO, I would just crowd the paint and dare Nets shooting 3s, because Nets is known for bad 3 shooting. Even if Nets shoot better in 1st half, in 2nd half I would tighten up the defense on hot hands. So all I need to do, is ignore their passing around perimeter and hold firm on the paint. This will save our defense energy and let Nets exhaust all the energy they like on running around the perimeter. Simple.

    Am I wrong? Educate me. But to say the truth, this KA MO, is not Spurs MO, not Hawks MO. If is more like, MSO, Motion Sickness Offense, or MTO, Motion Tiredness Offense, and at best MCO, Motion Confusing Offense as the players trying to confuse the opponents but actually it confuses its own players why the ball always ended up TOs or missed shots and why this offense is still not working. Damn, it is supposed to work.

  310. He shouldn’t penetrate to the paint all of the time. Sometimes, he needs to use the short jumper and not go all the way to the paint. It all depends on the opponent’s defense.

  311. Lin looked fatigued in the 2nd half.

  312. Honestly I think the offense is being scapegoated because Lin’s not putting up the numbers fans would like to see.

    Truth is, this team isn’t experienced, they make mistakes, there aren’t a lot of good ball handlers, they aren’t executing. The offense is very Hawks like. And it isn’t nearly as bad as people are saying it is. Let better players play in Kenny’s system before just dismissing it outright.

  313. Whitehead definitely improved. I agree. I still don’t see him become a top 15 PGs in NBA.

  314. Some have asked why doesn’t Lin go to the FT line as much as before? It’s simple– Opponents don’t respect Nets 3pt shooters. They know Nets MO attempt lots of 3s but don’t make them that much. So they clog the lane preventing high probability inside scoring from Lin’s drive or Lopez’s post up. They know that’s Lin specialty. And KA’s MO has not allowed much spacing for driving. Almost everyone camp on the perimeter. KA even has Lopez stretch out to the perimeter, there’s no inside presence to protect Lin’s back for put back or at least draw out opponents to clear path for Lin’s drive. Notice that opposing teams make a point to hard-foul Lin each time he drives more than before. Since they know Lin is the team leader, they want to discourage and prevent him getting into rhythm as much as possible.

  315. Be on a winner. He didn’t have many choices to start or even play the minutes he deserves. He’s starting PG on the worst team in basketball right now. I hope that changes soon. But they are at the bottom right now.

  316. He doesn’t need to be that. Just a solid 2nd unit PG and sometimes combo guard.

  317. I wanted to agree with you. But almost 30 games gone. If execution is at fault, it is coach’s job to make it better. But really, i don’t see any improvement per this MO. Time after time, I always see RHJ or Booker or Bog doing the same dribbling on top and either chuck up shots or ran into TOs.

    Didn’t KA said his system will adjust for players. To me, it is the other way around. Yes, you can say talent is a factor or they are learning. But all I need to see is improvement then I am happy. But I don’t see it. Really. Do you? Do you see any quarter, any in this 30 games that they have good MO outcome? It is always Brook-Lin that makes it happen.

  318. He’s working on that. You don’t get results after 30 games. 30 games is nothing. Sometimes it takes a season and a half to get results. 30 games is really a short amount of games, especially considering Lin didn’t play 17 of them.

    You’re all looking for quick gratification. That’s not going to happen. It’s incremental and slow. It’s a slow boat to China, not a supersonic jet.

  319. Can’t say that better??????

  320. So you are saying this MO will work. But as I said, if opponent coaches know the flaws, how do you counter the adjustment? Just keep doing this MO?

  321. That’s exactly how I feel about KA. He’s not only clueless and stubborn but also has no answer & solution for this team’s problem.

  322. Also we don’t see Lin alley Oop with anyone now because our center or bigs are either slow or not in the right position.

  323. Unless he is doing it on purpose. We can’t rule out that possibility.

    Dan Cohen has a theory about first half experiment and send half winning period. If that’s the case, tKa will have his winning mode turned on (like 2nd game in the season) and that will prove me wrong, which I am more than happy to be wrong.

  324. I hope they will not really tank. After saw how nervous KA was when his boss showed up twice to watch the live game … I think he do have the pressure about his lousy record so far… hope he will change soon.

  325. You meant the clipper game and raptors game?

  326. MO is a great system. Motion offense is a very active, involved offense when done right. And Lin can play in a motion offense and be extremely effective. If you put Lin with Milsap, Horford and Korver, the guys on last year’s Atlanta team, he’d be winning a bunch of games. You don’t have that on this team.

    You have Lin and Lopez and a lot of guys that are part of the offense that have to learn it. And it’ll take time. There are times when they do OK with it and execute the plays, and times where they look horrible. But it takes months to learn it.

    You think over the long haul if you’re Kenny Atkinson. Play with the right attitude, effort, etc. Keep teaching the systems, drilling it, and so forth. Kenny’s problem isn’t his system, it’s his lack of experience to making adjustments as the game goes on. Tonight was atypical, we are usually in games until the 2nd half. Blame it on fatigue and level of competition. But usually, the problem is KA doesn’t know how to make adjustments, not the system. That’s why we get a lot of 25 plus scoring quarters, the offense isn’t that bad. And again it is unrealistic to think he’ll just get that right away. He’s a rookie coach, he’ll get it in time. How much? I don’t know. It often takes into the second season for the coaches to get that.

  327. Clipper & GSW. Last night not only Nets Chairman showed up . Prokhorov was there too but he refused to comment for NYPost reporter. Also before the game GM tried to say something to help KA out….

  328. I think KA will get a year and 20 games. Next year he has to start winning as a playoff contender. Or else …

  329. I am not sure how long Prokhorov is willing to take for this lousy record… It’s really bad …. We’ll see….

  330. Maybe it is the player. I can see some improvement in bench as KHuang pointed out. But it is the starters that concern me most.

  331. It’ll take time. That’s the thing. Also, Marks may make trades. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter of the Nets franchise.

  332. Heart post a great comment on why Lin not using the short jumper, etc. above which I think explains all.

  333. He shot two tonight. One from the side, and one in the paint. Are there highlights out yet of tonight’s game. He used the short jumper. And Lin has gotten into the paint, he’s just been looking to kick out to shooters.

    With regards to the 3 point shots, sometimes they make them, sometimes not. Bogs and Harris can make them. Hamilton is struggling with his. Skil can make some, and Lopez is shooting them. Booker does play inside when he’s playing and Bennett is learning how to do it.

  334. Just watched the game now. Jeremy played with heart and did well. My observation is simple.

    1.) they need interior defense.
    2.) PNR everyone knows this.
    3.) the offense is not working. But adjustment.
    4.) Jeremy guarding everyone even centers.

  335. Maybe we will be lucky and KA will let Lin run the offense with enough losses.

  336. this motion offense is not working we all know. Jeremy is tired running around playing defense all day. No wonder he is airballing his three point shot.

  337. Is the Russian owner so patient with the team. Either Mark or KA has to go. Maybe both.

  338. If it wasn’t for LIn’s defense, I’m not sure if I want to think what the score would have been.

  339. Bottom line, there is not enough ball movement on offense. Lin and Lopez doesn’t get the ball back once they pass it, unless it’s to reset. It’s pass then shoot a three, iso, or pick but no Roll. No spacing. Nets keep saying they can score? Not if you consider the pacing of the game. They lead the NBA in pace along with playing against other modern fast pace offenses, getting to 100 points with so many possessions is not good enough. We won’t even talk about their defense.

  340. Right now teams are loading up on Lin defensively. They are doubling him on the PnR and clogging the lane so he has nowhere to go. The reason they can do this is because nobody on the team other than Lopez is threat AT ALL. Kilpatrick, Bogdanovic, Hamilton, Bennett, Scola, RHJ are all playing awful right now. Lin and Lopez are forced into taking tough shots and turnovers. Basketball is a team sport and the Nets other than Lin and Lopez are putrid. I have hopes for Kilpatrick, Bogs, and RHJ to turn it around but everyone else I feel is hopeless. The Nets stink horribly and they are going to be one of the worst teams in the NBA this season sadly.

    Next season they need to completely gut the roster of everyone except those 5, then we can see an actual competitive team.

  341. Not only depending on JL defence but offensive flow. I noticed that the common reaction of all the head coach when playing JL lead team will call a time out when they observed that JL started to take over the game with his offensive flow. This head coach knew that JL’s coach will not adjust according when the other opponent adjusted to disrupt JL rhythm.

  342. The team with a Russian owner got the worst schedule, the toughest one, in the league.

  343. Coach Atkinson actually doesn’t want Lin to compensate for his inept teammates because Lin would be more likely to get injured This is going to be a losing season. Nobody can save the Nets by themselves. What the Nets can hope for is to attract free agents that would want to play for the Nets. In the first half of the last game, we learn how good Brook-Lin are. There is going to be hope for the next season but not this season. It’s more important to keep Brook and Lin healthy for the coming season than winning in this season.

  344. Not as hopeful with RHJ, but appreciate your points. Nets will have a worse win-loss season bc 1) goal is to not win and only to exclusively “develop” 2) Cannot turn it around if your best player misses 17+ games from injury.

    I hope I’m wrong but I’m not as hopeful for the “long-term” success of the team as some may be. “Development” isn’t as expected or predictable as some may think.

    I am hopeful though that as long as Lin is healthy and allowed to play most of his game, we can expect exciting and more competitive games.

  345. This team is really bad,there are only few players worth keeping aside from Lin and Lopez.Levert,Dwie & Skil can fill up their positions although I would love to bait Skil for a PF if there is a taker.This year is really just for development and rebuilding,nothing to see from here.

  346. as i said it matters what people say around the league not in some forum. yeah i am because because like 7 of those turnovers he had in 2 games were god awful ones. i dont think lin will get 18/7 either but that would a whole lot better along with 3 turnovers than 15/7-3 now wouldnt it. ah well we shall see what happens.

  347. so why does he not mix it up with his moves? a floater a midrange pullup we have seen Lin use those moves but never enough. it’s like he teases people by showing them maybe once a game if we are lucky. If he keeps getting hard fouls and still penetrating like that his back will be done by the time he is 30. Use your damn moves more often and it will open up other parts of his game. I dont get it if Lin watches tape he gotta be saying to himself damn more midrange pullups and floaters would help keeping the opponents guessing. I dont know what kenny is doing if he is watching films but he should say the same.

  348. Lin using floaters last season…i dont get it he is good at it but hasnt used it at all.

  349. He used it again last season only a few times but he’s not confident enough with it. He used it the most during Knicks run that’s it. Just like he’s not confident enough with his 3s and KA pointed out that he hesitates too much on them. His mid range shots are actually his most consistent shot when they clog the rim to prevent him for scoring. He has to take what the defense gives him instead of forcing things. If he can make them pay on 3s and mid range they come out from the paint and then he can get to the rim. GSW and Cavs planned for Lin and knows they can stop him by clogging the paint and daring him to shoot 3s.

  350. Nets have a talented and athletic 1st round pick, PF in Chris McCullough already, they don’t need another one. KA just needs to play him. McCullough can play above the rim and be Lin’s PnR partner but KA needs to allow PnR with many screens for Lin. My guess is the fact that McCullough is called up from the D league again means KA is feeling the pressure and hopefully the PnR is unleashed for Lin soon! (preferably next game with McCullough starting)

  351. And Booker can STAY OUT he does more harm than good. I’m glad we saw McCullough again after being sent to D league a 2nd time earlier. He can contribute way more than RHJ or Booker ever can. His athleticism and above the rim play is perfect as PnR partner for Lin! McCullough can make mid range jumpers, 3s, and Alley-Opp.

  352. hopefully he gets more comfortable and starts using them every game along with the midrange because it will make him a completly different player. Players respect Lins drives which leaves him open for a midrange pullup which he is effective at yesterday he hit 2 out 2 pullups and they were clean shots he is good at them.

  353. Yup and will allow him to make them pay when they clog the paint.

  354. I understand they want to play together and that is good but not everyone should score. They need to show case Lopez and Lin for next season. Nobody’s going to come and play with the nets if your franchise players are not that impressive. With this system jeremy needs to knock down three point shots and mid range jumpers. No screens will be coming or high PNR because Coach wants to try his so called motion offense which is at beginner’s stage at the moment. He is playing too much defense that’s why his offense is suffering. He even airballed one 3 point shot last night because of Fatigue and no lift. Only MDA will give him full control of the team. Treat him like a superstar and he will play like one. It’s all about confidence. Like always whatever happens to him we will all be supporting not just Lin the basketball player but the person that we all love. Merry Christmas. Sincerely, J. lin.

  355. MDA? I think you mean KA lol.

  356. RWB compensates for his team mates every game. KA’s style of coaching is a myth.

  357. If you want to take a look at the “game flow” for last night’s game it’s here : http://popcornmachine.net/gf?date=20161223&game=BKNCLE

    Shortly after the starters for the Nets and the Cavs got pulled around the middle of the 3rd quarter the Cavs’ lead reached 46 points. Tough way for Lin to start his Christmas break. Hope he’s not too hard on himself.

    Best wishes to all for the Holidays.

  358. Feel the same way. Both are not good. Even people said they don’t have good players but your guys picked all these players by yourselves. Who can you blame? Both. smh!

  359. I didn’t think anything could be worse than the Lakers, but this comes awfully close. They have 3 or 4 players that can’t make a shot over 2 ft from the basket. That doesn’t stop them from hoisting bricks from all over the court. Their 7 ft star thinks he is Stephen Curry and will not be seen within 10 ft of the basket. Has he gotten an offensive rebound this season. His lead feet on defense should be bronzed. The backcourt is fine, but unless they upgrade their big men…..baseball starts soon

  360. Some of those were finger rolls. He’s used it a few times this season. Looking at him there, I don’t think his body is completely back based on how he’s looked in the past few games. It shows on offense, not defense.

  361. Motion offense is fine. Watch Denis Schroder on the Hawks, he’s a very similar player to Lin and he’s averaging 17/7 on that team in his first season as a full-time starting point guard. Atkinson was an assistant under the Hawk’s coach and derives a lot of his system from that system. Difference: more experience together, more experienced coach, more experienced players. KA’s mission: keep plugging away and maybe tweak it some for Lin/Lopez, but mostly, the system works.

  362. He meant MDA. Only MDA gave Lin the offense key.

  363. KA allows it, so he is the one should take the blame. Lin should not assume the responsibilities in every post-game interview. He is the so call “leader” with no decision making power. His coach does not allow him to play to his strength and uses him to “develop” his D-league level teammates almost every single game. Nets do not treat him as franchise player except for marketing purpose and throw him this task even the HC has no clue how to get results.

  364. They are wasting Lin’s superb skills in Lin’s prime years. SMH.
    It is so hard to be an Asian American in America.

  365. They don’t call Lin leader anymore bc coach doesn’t need him to help for the O now. KA wants to use his own lousy MO system. Don’t know for what? Show all rookies how to play during trash time? smh! Lopez is #1 guy not Lin.

  366. Exactly, and that is how Knicks won so many games with role players not much better than Nets starters.

  367. Nice Christmas @JLin7 subscription package by @Quarterly !?
    But what will I do with 4 HulkLin comic books now? ? @gregpak

  368. If so, than Lin especially should not take the responsibilities when the game turned out ugly. Lopez should.

  369. I think Lin is sort of like I will do whatever you asked me to do that’s it. From the way he answered for post game interview last night. I think he’s not take all the blame now. When talked about TO, Lin said Lopez, Kilpatrick & I all should take care the ball well. That’s it. Haha! Good boy!

  370. Not really. Those players were way, way better than what is on the Nets. One of the main reason is the cnter, Tyson Chandler, is a PnR player, were Lopez is a post player. So that creates a different type of dynamic for Lin. And he was defensive player of the year, so he was a great 2-way player as well as a great PnR player. Lopez isn’t a great defensive player. Schumpert was a solid defensive player and more in control than Skil or RHJ. Novak was one of the best 3 point shooters in the game at the time, and more consistent than anyone on this team shooting the 3. Jefferies was way beyond anything Hamilton can do on both sides of the floor and also a PnR player, so Lin had two of them to play with. Fields was excellent at running/cutting/finishing around the rim. Lin had the right players in the right position under a system designed for him on that team. What’s on the Nets don’t have the experience nor are there games designed to fit in as well with each others as what was on the Knicks. The combo was just “right” on that team.

  371. This team is worst than Lakers most bc due to the bad coach KA.

  372. Merry Christmas J Lin fans!
    I hope Nets will spend more money to get some good players to help Jeremy. Santa, please make my wish comes true…

  373. I think if you want to see how the motion offense that KA derives his system from works, look at Atlanta’s games in full. They’ve lost some of their talent, but they execute it better. Schroder is a similar player to Lin in that he is a dribble-drive penetrator. He’s averaging 17.6/6.3 in his debut as a starting PG, he was on the 2nd team last season. Last night he was 9-19, so PGs can take shots in this system. He was 7 for 7 FTs and played 36 minutes. He had a total of 27 points. However, he’s averaging 31 minutes a game and has played ALL games this season. Lin on an injury can’t be expected to have the same production. Plus, he’s surrounded by better players overall. If you look at Schroder’s shooting though, he’s had plenty of games when he’s taken less than 15 shots. He’s averaging 14.5 field goal attempts and 3.3 free throw attempts. Lin is averaging so far 10.8 field goal attempts and 4.1 free throw attempts so Lin is getting to the line more, and this includes the last two games.

    I also think Lin’s body isn’t quite there on offense. It shows when it comes to quick movements and such, he’s not there. Looking at the Charlotte tape of him, I realized it. He’s healed but he’s not quite in game shape to do the type of quick steps and maneuvers he’s capable of doing. That should come soon.

    I’m not down on KA at all. I think Brook, Lin and KA are high-character guys, all need to make adjustments, and we’ll just have to deal with some ugly basketball for awhile. And I totally disagree with any notion that Lin isn’t the leader on this team. When he was out and when he came back almost everyone on the team said Lin’s the leader. We just have to get used to the fact that there is no one besides Lopez to take away the defensive pressure that he’ll get game after game, because he’s the most explosive player on the team and can take the game over. Lopez can score a ton, but Lin can score, dish assists, rebound, play defense, and draw fouls to get the other team in the foul penalty. So that’s why he gets so much defensive pressure on him on this team.

  374. Lin hardly took more than 15 shots per game plus we always had trash time but not Hawks. The most important thing is KA is not Mike Budenholzer. I never see Hawks had 3Q breakdown like Nets.

  375. So you allow no time for KA to get experience to become a better coach?

    Maybe Lin should take more shots. And will.

  376. I have no problem for development, but KA has to do more DNP like he did to Booker last night. Let the player know their role and when they refuse to change put the foot down.

  377. I agree with that. Booker needed time off. Hope he comes back more like early season Booker than what we’ve been seeing of him recently.

  378. Kyrie: Thanks for being on a losing team and not embarrassing us like you did in playoffs last year

    Jeremy: You’re welcome. Don’t worry for another 3 years, but in the 4th year watch out!

  379. The Nets a better player in almost all position except 1 and 5. Justin Hamilton is not the defensive center that should be as a back up of 5. There is currently no back up at 1. The rest of the starters are almost all below average NBA players; that includes Booker and Bogdanovic too. Brooklyn is Brook-Lin.

  380. O/T : A Giant Panda playing with a snowman at the Toronto Zoo …

  381. I saw a twitter from AW…then it disappeared. What happened?

  382. I don’t know maybe they del it?

  383. Don’t know why can’t find the tweet anymore….???

  384. Do you remember what AW said in twitter because you wrote “Hope Marks is on the phone…”? I am just curious…

  385. Andrew Wiggins?

  386. No. Adrian Wojnarowski twitt……..

  387. Glad to see Nathan speak up about the More PnR and for Kenny to revamp his O&D this has been obvious since preseason.

  388. Lopez has made many post up baskets this season, the 3s are because of KA’s offense and he’s been making them efficiently. That’s how the offense is nowadays bigs also have to take 3s including Blake Griffin to open up their game more in modern offense.

  389. well on that case KA is a SLOW learner..coach for 30 game has already a decent game plan on all of those games in which they played horrible.KA said he know JLIN plays and that absence shouldn’t deter him from coming a well oiled plan for the team right now. I think winning STARTS from the coach!

  390. Every coach has their stubbornness and preferences. Just so happens KA doesn’t know how to implement a Motion Offense so it confuses the entire team and doesn’t consider adapting or adding PnR to fit skills of his players. KA hired Lin to be his main PG one of if not the best PnR guard in the league yet doesn’t allow any PnR plays how does that make any sense?

  391. focusing more on MO right now cause KA’s inability to adjust. Teaching them to learn only one thing can be so limiting sometimes. KA should at the moment when his players aren’t getting the groove of MO incorporate some of the tested maneuver that they can tap on Lin’s and Lopez ability. Defense is a team dynamics and needs only to incorporate responsibility. Not thinking that PnR or other system can helped too, Kenny at the moment of lost, lose composure to adjust to the needs of the game!

  392. 3 Interesting Brook trade scenario.
    I hope it won’t happen but ORL has the best possibility to trade assets.

    Nets trade: Brook Lopez, Bojan Bogdanovic
    Bucks trade: Greg Monroe, Malcolm Brogdon, Tony Snell + MIL’s 2017 first round pick
    Likelihood out of 10? 4.5

    Nets trade: Brook Lopez & Bojan Bogdanovic
    Magic trade: Nikola Vucevic, Jeff Green, Mario Hezonja + 2018 1st round pick
    Likelihood out of 10? 6/10

    Nets trade: Brook Lopez
    Wizards trade: Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre Jr., Markieff Morris, Jason Smith, and 2018 First Rounder
    Pistons trade: Jon Leuer, Beno Udrih
    (Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre Jr + WASH 2018 1st rounder to Brooklyn.)

  393. Nets search for answers after latest blowout loss

    “A loss is a loss,” Lin said in Cleveland. “I’m not going to read too much into it. Every single team will do this during the course of an 82-game season. You just have to throw it away. That’s what Kenny was talking about. It’s not satisfying, but get rid of that, take some time to let our bodies and minds heal and clear, and get ready for our stretch after Christmas.”


  394. So Brook is still on the trade talk?

  395. every year he’s on the trade talk.
    I hope he won’t get traded at all since he can be a real partner to Lin

  396. And would KA go into just development mode if these trades are made?

  397. pandas love snow…its unfortunate that we get so little nowadays in toronto.

  398. I will soon be boarding a plane from Singapore to New York. Will be catching the 26 December 2016 game against Charlotte. At the time I bought the tickets, I had no idea the team would be having such a great challenge at this time.

    So I have been reflecting on turning points. I recall one low point was when Lin first moved to Houston. Recovering from his knee injury, abuse from McHale and ball hogging from Harden. Lin was scoring in single digits for a stretch. He seemed down.

    Then things just turned around suddenly when the Houston visited the Knicks at MSG. It was encouraging. Lin just kept pushing towards his best no matter what.

    This season, Lin has been playing great despite the injury. It is the entire team that needs to turn the corner. Lin will do his part for sure, if the team has the mental strength and willingness to learn and let Lin lead them. If Atkinson can make some tough choices, things will turn around.

    In fact I just hope things turn around by the time I fly in! Merry Christmas everyone!

  399. On KA’s post game interview after vs GSW, he said something like Lin & Lopez play together will help…. Sounds like Lopez will stay….

  400. Can anyone be so yellow ?lol

  401. I hope Kenny himself not just throw away this game, and not trying to look for answers and reflections. It is okay to ask players do that, but as Lin said it before, it is okay to lose, as long as you learn something from it. I hope coach Kenny learn something from this game.

  402. None of them would be beneficial to the Nets. Brook Lopez and Jeremy Lin are cornerstones of the team. They’re irreplaceable. They are intelligent and tough. you should only trade for the better and not the worse.

  403. Lakers actually has more talents than the Nets and they could tank for a few more seasons. The Nets has no reason to tank. Their only hope is to recruit talents worldwide; wherever they could find.

  404. Merry Christmas to all of you Jeremy Lin fans all over the world! <3

  405. Yes. I lived in Toronto for a few years 25 years ago. Even then I found winters a bit hard to get used to because of the freezing rain, rather than snow.

  406. Have a nice stay in New York. As a New Yorker I would like to welcome you and hopefully Nets will have a nice game. I gave Nets a half season given Lin’s injury to turn things around. I do expect them to play above 50% after All Star.

  407. How? There is no magic wand. Nets will be glad if they can have a winning season next year.

  408. I hope Kenny Atkinson manages to have a restful and happy Christmas. Here’s a picture of his two kids with Sean Kilpatrick and Markel Brown, who played for the Nets last year, taken when Atkinson was introduced to the media as the Nets’ coach.

  409. To vote for NBA All-Star via Twitter, voters must publish a Tweet that includes the hashtag #NBAVOTE and the first and last name, or Twitter handle of the player that they want to see play in the NBA All-Star Game 2017.
    Voters can submit a maximum of 1 player name per Tweet.
    Voters can submit a maximum of 10 valid votes per Twitter handle per day.
    Each Tweet must be for a different NBA player.
    Tweets must include the NBA All-Star Vote hashtag – #NBAVOTE – to be counted as valid votes.
    Retweets and Replies will count as valid votes.
    Valid votes must include a player’s first and last name eg. Jeremy Lin #NBAVOTE

  410. Hope so.
    I truly believe if he has 9-player rotation, there will be more chemistry among players to reduce those TOs and strengthen defensive rotation.

    He tried to do too much and constantly change players to expect good results.

  411. probably yes, so hopefully it’s not done

  412. None of these players can replace what an all-star and franchise player can do for you! Nets will not be able to “recruit better players” and will take many years to “rebuild” if they trade Lopez away! . Lin and Lopez are the only ones keeping this sorry team together!

  413. When will KA add, “Lin & Lopez play PnR together will help” Or more PnR for Lin will help? -_-

  414. Player_usage__Avg Min____PER
    Brook Lopez 28.6 min 22.79
    Jeremy Lin 25.3 min 19.77
    Trevor Booker 28.0 min 16.01
    Sean Kilpatrick 27.5 min 14.57
    Bojan Bogdanovic 27.1 min 13.25

    R H Jefferson 22.5 min 11.34
    Joe Harris 23.9 min 10.07
    Anthony Bennett 11.9 min 14.31

    Justin Hamilton 21.2 min 10.60
    Luis Scola 12.8 min 14.75

    Isaiah Whitehead 22.9 min 06.93
    Randy Foye 15.9 min 06.67

    Caris LeVert 14.1 min 09.13
    Spencer Dinwiddie 12.3 min 11.54

  415. A lot of people might find out soon where Lin lives.

    “When she found out Lin’s her neighbor last night.
    Sonia Yoon: I was wearing pjs picking up packages in the lobby when I ran into him..?✌️??”

  416. How should I vote for the All-Star? I want to vote in a way Harden does not get voted in. I also want to vote for players who are nice to Lin. Of course, I will vote for Lin. So, Lin, Lopez, Curry and ????. Any recommendations?

  417. By tweet– Jeremy Lin #NBAVOTE
    or go to NBA ASG to vote by team.

  418. Nets only sent the tweet to ask fans to vote for Lopez no Lin. So Lin’s fans have to try hard to vote for him. Even I think both will no go to ASG. Just hope Lin will not get even less vote than last year.

  419. I meant whom should I vote for the All-Star?

  420. Thanks. I meant whom I should vote for 🙂

  421. Anyone has the current standing on the votes?

  422. I just voted for Lin on the nba website:

    Can we still cast All-Star vote by texting? If so, what is the telephone number?

  423. Some pundits say Lin needs space to shoot. Looking at the last game winning shot by Kyle Irving, just wondering if Lin had ever made similar tough shot?


  424. They just start today so probably need to wait for few days…

  425. Kyrie can create in very little space due to his great ball-handling skills. He’s elite. Lin’s difficult shots look different but he’s made late-game shots just as difficult.

  426. i have no problem with the motion offense. it’s the best they can do without a viable PNR Big option. they just need to hit the 3’s. and their problem is lack of rebound and defense (especially from the 2 & 3 spot). they need to execute perfectly to beat the top teams like the Warriors and Cavs who were just too good. but against other teams, the Nets are very competitive

  427. I agree. I think it’s time to have Lin start to be selfish and work on his individual game. This would help improve his iso and ball handling. He has a stop, turn around fade away but he doesn’t post up because he can beat people with his first step. Other teams know how to defend is first step and reverse layups. Forget team concepts because he already knows how to distribute. Hope he starts working on his handles because I think that would help get him into rhythm. Watching Kyrie vs GSW, showed what Lin needs to improve on.

  428. Lin IS a magic wand!

  429. and I saw Harden’s commercial about him being him, and a dig at Lin. It was a very racist commercial and towards Lin.

  430. You guys are PRETENDING that Lin has never made a tough clutch shot???

    You guys need to quit TROLLING on freaking Xmas.

  431. Well lin didn’t play like an all star and didn’t play much. So I wont be voting for him. I’m a real tiger mom. You have to perform in order to be in all star.

  432. What commercial?

  433. Under KA’s system I don’t think Lin can be selfish… Don’t you remember KA said he wants Lin to AS more? Before season started, I thought Lin can be #1 option for this team but it always turn out to be No after season really started….

  434. He’s the PG. Lopez was always #1 option. Lin can then call plays, feed the hot hand, control the tempo, etc. He’ll be fine. He’s just getting back from injury, establishing rhythm, getting his reads and such back. When Lin wants to turn on the scoring, he will.

    But the stuff about Lin’s one on one play is true. Kyrie is a one-on-one player who is now expanding his passing game. He has exceptional ball-handling skills, that can’t be denied. Steff too. That’s why they can do some more in terms of one-on-one than Lin. But sometimes Lin doesn’t think and just acts and does stuff out of pure determination, and makes the toughest plays and shots imaginable.

  435. Why at this stage in Harden’s career would he make a commercial against Lin? Maybe show the link? But it really doesn’t make sense for him to do that. Lin’s been gone from the Rockets now 2 seasons plus.

  436. Rose has added some stuff to his game. He’s playing very well for the Knicks. He’s added a lot more mid-range game and a lot more floaters. He goes to the rim when there’s space. Lin has to shoot more of that turn-around fade away shot, mid-range shots, and floaters. His game sometimes gets predictable in terms of 3 or to the rim, or he does the stop, fake, short jumper but if they don’t bite for the fake, Lin has to pass the ball because he’s covered.

    And yes, watching other PGs gives us more appreciation for what Lin does really well, but also what some guys do that Lin can pick up to expand his game. And he does need to work on his ball handling in terms of dribbling in tight spaces and getting to his spots under pressure, but not in terms of open space dribbling and maneuvering once he has momentum going. He’s great with that.

  437. I couldn’t care less about the all-star game. It is a boring, self-serving exhibition which is rarely competitive. If and when Lin plays on a high level, I’ll vote. For now, he just hasn’t played enough to vote for him. And I don’t bother to vote for it usually. I’m a Lin fan and I like some all-stars and superstars, but there are players I like that aren’t considered stars or superstars as well and I get tired of the promotion of the “stars” and “superstars” in the NBA.

  438. That’s a strong expectation. They are the worst team in the league now, they aren’t even playing .250. They are playing .241. Really, the Nets need a lot of work. I hope they can play .400, but it is sort of a tall order.

  439. He’s 2-9 with them for the season. He hasn’t been able to get wins since he’s been back from injury. I have to agree that there is no magic wand. Lin and Lopez need help, better talent around them.

  440. Jeremy cooked for himself today; steak, rice, and vegs. (viaJoy Jeng)


  441. Rose is really playing well now plus he took almost near 20 shots per game that really can help him a lot. I wish Lin can do the same in Nets.

  442. He really needs a GF….

  443. I’m glad to see he’s playing well. It must have been frustrating for him to be injured so much as a young player. I personally think Lin is best establishing his scoring first and then facilitating. His scoring, IMO, has always led to opening up his facilitation. I think how many shots he takes depends on how many foul shots he gets. If he gets fouled on a layup that doesn’t go in, it’s not counted as a shot. But he shouldn’t shoot any fewer than 15, unless Brook is really hot or his whole team is hot. The team needs his scoring.

  444. That looks good.

  445. I agree he needs to score more. My friend just told me. Lin seems to like Hornets bc he still follows Hornets on tweet?! Wow! Never thought he likes Hornets so much…..

  446. He’s really good friends with most of the guys on the team.

  447. No Paul, No Griffin. No Clipper win vs. Lakers.

  448. True. If he & Nets don’t work out I think he maybe will go back to Hornets again…..

  449. Everything is good on that team but the role. It’s too limited. He needs steady minutes and a much bigger role. I wanted Lin to go to the Pelicans, thought he’d win with Anthony Davis. Or another winning team. My fear was the Nets weren’t good enough, even though Lin trust Kenny and the team has high-character guys. If Lin leaves the Nets, I don’t know where he should go. But I’d say a playoff contender with hopefully the starting PG, and if not, a starter minutes closing the game player from off the bench a la Ginobili. Anything less is unacceptable at this stage of his career.

  450. Anything can change… who knows Kemba maybe will not stay w Hornets? Plus Lin can be SG for that team… Nets still has long way to go for this rebuild period & not even sure it will really make it… Lin is not 23 now so …

  451. Sore. I thought he played some of the game. May have injured it in the game.

  452. I think they love Kemba and he’ll stay for a long time. They aren’t anywhere near as good without Lin. A good thing they got Marco because Sessions isn’t close to Lin in terms of talent. Cliff would never put LIn as 2 because he likes “length.” He’d use Lin the same way he did last season, and it’s not enough.

    My hope for the Nets is to get some more talent in. But, honestly, it looks like they are rebuilding. Lin will lead them a few years, then they’ll go younger. So, it probably wasn’t the best place for him to go. He went with Kenny Atkinson. And I think he may turn out to be a good coach, maybe you don’t, and you might be right and me wrong but we won’t know until 2 years. They usually give coaches 2 years. And do we want Lin around if he’s not and if the team is horrible still? No. What I do is look at the positive. Watch Lin lead. And stay patient.

    Yes, he’s 28. And plays well. Still is developing, maybe let’s say, refining and expanding his game. He has what it takes to help great players win a championship, actually, to be a key factor in it. Look at who Durant, LeBron, Curry are surrounded by. Championship teams have a lot of talent, and different types from superstars to great depth players off of the bench. He could be a great starting player if he had some great, selfless players, not like Harden or Kobe but more like Duncan or Kawhi Leonard, around him. Or the more rare Ginobili type, but it takes a special coach to put him in that type, so starting is the safest bet.

  453. If after 2 years Nets is not OK still Lin will consider GSW again. Or even Rox?? If he really wants to get the ring then I think he should pick GSW. Even he wants to start but GSW will have good chance to get the ring.

  454. Rox is so toxic. They probably don’t need Lin that much now that Harden’s PG. GSW is loaded with talent, they don’t really need him. Chicago would be better with Lin than Rondo, but Wade is getting old. I have to think of teams that could use him. But for now, he’s with the Nets and I’ll see him tomorrow at Barclays. I hope the team does better as they spend more time together. And I hope Kenny A has enough pride that he reaches out to others for help. He needs experience, I wish he had some as as a head coach before Lin got with him this year.

  455. Wait for your report tomorrow. 🙂

  456. After the game I’ll give one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  457. You too. Happy Holidays!!

  458. new game thread

    G30 Brooklyn Nets (7-22) vs CHA Hornets (17-13)
    Hope @JLin7 inspire #Nets to get a Win vs his old team? #NBAVote

  459. Seems like a lonely Christmas. No friends or teammates to hang out with?

  460. Since Nets are rebuilding,Lin should focus a bit more on his iOS ball handling jumpers floaters so that he won’t get hurt running/cutting to the rim

  461. Lin cant be eating alone…a secret girlfriend’s with him maybe? Good for him though

  462. On the Nets as currently rostered JL needs to shoot as many open shots as possible. If the team mates are not in position then JL should just drive to the rim and shoot or simply to draw some fouls to keep the opponent’s defence honest and under pressure continually. Haha cheers. It would be tough for the Nets being treated as one of the bottom team and no love from the refs. IMO the NBA is an entertainment business ala WWF(does not qualify as a sporting event) anyways and inadvertently most games are decided by the officials at some critical stages of the game. HahaCheers

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