G29 LAL @ CHI PreGame Thread+Poll

This is a game that Kobe and Boozer will be waiting for because Pau Gasol chose the Bulls over the Lakers and Boozer was amnestied by the Bulls.

Will Kobe come back to play after one game of rest? Knowing how eager Kobe wants to be the man, he probably would not skip playing games if he’s physically able.

But whether Kobe plays or not, Lin has found his confidence to play his brand of team-ball with limited minutes and off-the-bench.

Let Linsanity ride the tide and let Lakers fans hungry for more!



Guess JLin's stats


  1. Hello? HellOOOOOO!!!!!

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  2. 2nd

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!! 🙂

  4. Aloha :>

  5. LOL Everyone has a quick hand today:-)

  6. No one home:-)

  7. team ball or iso ball?

  8. Dang I was supposed to sing some Christmas carols! lol

  9. Team ball with Jeremy in, Kobe out
    ISO ball with Kobe in, irregardless who plays with him

  10. Merry Christmas!
    Hope you have a festive but peaceful celebration!

    BTW we’ve been missing @Michael lately. Something is missing without his good-natured trolling :>

  11. Haven’t sung any Christmas hymns/songs this year:-) Let me do it here.

    We wish you a merry Christmas x3
    And a happy new year.

    Good tiding we bring to you and your kins.
    Good tiding for Christmas and a happy new year!!!!

  12. Have a very blessed Christmas!

  13. I see him posting here and there but definitely not frequent enough. Hope he is doing well 😉

  14. KOBE BALL all the way until he retires or unless he sits out!!!

  15. Hopefully Kobe can swallow his pride and play team ball but hard to change overnight…

  16. Since this is a Natl TVed game……I hope Lin can get hot for whatever FGA he will get…The rest is up to Kobe

  17. @Michael must’ve gone into hibernation before the GSW game, hence the win. LOL

  18. He kind of woke up during the game…and made some comments. I guess that was the reason for the 2 late runs by GSW…

  19. Yes would like JLin to play well no matter what: to be the audition for 26 other NBA teams not the 4 teams that he has played in his career. Not a good idea to go back to his former teams好馬不吃回頭草.

  20. Merry Christmas^^

  21. Yes Ma’am!

  22. Merry Christmas

  23. And Merry Christmas to you too,

  24. LOL

  25. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas but I think the mods here will view it as spamming so…

  26. Merry Christmas. Back to the “throll JLin world” again:-)

  27. Merry Christmas to you too ^^

  28. Where u been bruh? 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

    U taking time off to Linsanity rise? Haha

  29. Funny NBA Christmas ads lol

  30. Playing with Kobe on the court yet not having to worry about him hogging the ball MUST feel pretty weird…

  31. I like this one as well 🙂

  32. He’s awake now 🙂
    Kobe will be back then

  33. I hope things start getting really good for Lin, otherwise I’ll have to ponder putting @Michael in cryogenic sleep until FA.

  34. Wonder if Kobe will swing elbows in his face like he did to Dwight. 😛 and more importantly Merry Christmas.

  35. I see you’re making your rounds… making your presence known… the troll has arrived 🙂

  36. I woke up after watching the GSW game….which is also short for gun shot wound.:P
    Merry Christmas

  37. I had a sleigh-full of negative things to say about Kobe, Scott…etc, but decided to keep my distance from spraying that negativity around.

  38. Yes it would, but it would be even weirder if I didn’t wish you a Merry Christmas.

  39. That’s weird. Why am I not allowed to vote on the poll. I vote Linsanity. I see a pic of Lin and a cute girl on the last thread. :/

  40. Merry Christmas!!!

  41. Kobe could’ve benefitted from attending Marquette…or any other college for that matter, to learn about teamwork, basketball fundamentals, and leadership.

  42. Merry Xmas…with assertiveness!

  43. Wow he only has 814 career starts? LOL

  44. Most likely u haven’t signed in this site. This site requires two logins. One is disqus which allows you to make comment. The other is for voting and chatting as member of this site. Go to the corner top right there and see whether you have signed or not.

  45. God bless you, Melody. Hope you are doing well!

  46. Where is this?

  47. Paul Harvey famous radio newscaster and commenter had a program called; “THE REST OF
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  48. So…according to news….Lin is too tall to ride the regular sized bicycle. Giant gave him a XL sized frame…..This is kind of interesting. I guess pro cyclists or hobbyist are usually shorter?

  49. That is so popovich

  50. Rose is back to his old form. I want to see how much Lin has improved when he plays rose again. Sadly I doubt I will see Lin much vs Rose like their meeting during linsanity.

  51. It’s crazy but more then, presents, family time, or even food I look forward to Lin playing ball. Hopefully we get a great Christmas gift with another game like last night,

  52. Hence, MERRY. CHRISTMAS. !!
    Be a good cheer !

  53. Lin is only 6’3, which is not that tall though, I think it is not that odd to see people at 6’3 in normal life though, surprise that he will need a special sized frame……

  54. Exactly my point..

  55. Depends on Bulls rotation…

  56. Was it that Violet Palmer that called it?

  57. a little Ed Davis Alley Oop, a little Ellington Kickout for a 3 either way, a little feed the booz or oop the sacre … all very important to remind the casual fan that’s what we saw over and over in NYK. Last game against GSW, too many highlights but never fear, every one in the Bay Area had Lin in the frame because they wanted to give us something to enjoy given GSW lost.

  58. It’s ok, Michael, this place has been kobe scott negative just like their stats … just going the the flow of the truth.

  59. With Wesley Johnson at the back lol.

  60. Too bad for my timezone, it would be after I’ve stuffed myself with food. Wish the Lakers played earlier. Is it just me or the team matchups for this year kinda boring?

  61. I was listen to radio ESPN LA today, Ramona Shelburne was sitting in, and she was talking how shockingly Byron Scott was on the same page with Kobe, looks like everything he was talking about, Kobe agree with. And she said that Kobe do not respect his teammates, though he said some good things, but he don’t really respect those players, like Young and Hill. The only guy he respect is Price, and every time Kobe and Scott talking about Price, they gush with praise, and talk high about him.

    So I was looking into why Kobe like Price that much, I think Kobe is too smart to think Price is good, and better than Lin. And not to my surprise, the reason Lin could not start with Kobe is that, Lin took the ball out of Kobe’s hand.


    Just see how strong the split is, with Lin on court, Kobe USG% is only 31.8%, which is only a little higher than Harden last season. However, when Lin off court, Kobe USG% is an insane 43%. Exactly the same reason Houston want to put Lin on bench and start Beverley, and they are using exactly the same excuse, they need defense. And what the Price and Beverley have in common? Both of them had only 12-15% USG. They do not need the ball.

    I think Lin was anticipate that Kobe would need the ball the same way as Harden, and he think he could handle that, but did not realized that Kobe wanted the ball in his hand ALL THE TIME. And the coach is go even beyond McHale in terms of no accountability, and no discipline.

    Therefore, does not matter how bad Price is, Lin still not going to start, unless Kobe really is tired of carry the load, and want somebody to share the work load with him. There is no way Lin could start. Judge by the way Scott using Price in GSW game, he is not giving Lin any daylight there. Even though everyone watch the game could tell the difference Jeremy made, that’s not the way Kobe want to play.

  62. great Christmas eve writeup.

  63. Sometimes people wonder why they keep giving free stuff to those who can afford. I trust Jeremy will donate them for good causes.

  64. why? They need those bikes, and those bikes fits them, why donate the bikes? He put money into his foundation, and use those money which is more effective than donating his bikes.

  65. You missed my point. The Company is using the opportunity for advertisement and I get it. Does Jeremy need six bikes that fit him? I am not saying anything wrong about Jeremy. I am just saying those who give.

  66. Scott was saying “Com’on, even I cannot go that far.”

  67. Lin only needs 1 bike!!! Why 6 bikes? I bet they are for Lin, 2 brothers, 1 sis-in-law, 1 Mama Lin and 1 Papa Lin. That is the way Chinese give gifts, they cover your entire family.

  68. We knew Kobe is behind the whole thing all along. Can not wait to see his popularity in China plunge.

  69. I read that Rox gave McHale 3-year extension today. It is disgusting that NBA coaching is all about playing politics and massaging egos.

  70. According to the article, JLin and his fam would like to purchase the bikes for each one of them. It was the company decided to give them as gifts for rewarding JLin has done a great job for the City of LA. Obviously it was also a free PR for the company. They would gain more from doing this. Very typical of Chinese way of expressing their appreciation and then gaining back of what they give.

  71. ok, just read the Chinese news. The whole family wanted to buy bikes made from Taiwan, so someone contacted Giant dealer ahead of time and arranged them to go to the store and picked what they like. Then the store owner decided to give to them as a gift.

  72. That was my suspicion from the very beginning. It was what it was when JLin was benched. That was when I decided then enough was enough and refused to watch the game unless JLin did well. Initially I only called out BS and soon KB as well. Not a surprise there. It was either KB and BS were out or JLin was out of Lakers.

    I refused to accept JLin Lakers’ jersey as Christmas gift. Not going to reward Lakers for allowing this kind of marginalization and abusive on JLin.

    Having said that, I continue to wait and see how chronos will come upon KB’s aging body. If KB continue to do what he is doing in the past 2 months, well I won’t feel any sympathy when his body totally breakdown. I won’t celebrate it either but I’m going to be very relief when that happens. Justice is served. Can’t wait to see the day that both KB and BS out of NBA.

  73. I know. I don’t even bother to read when I saw the news from tweets. So disgusting!

  74. well, in ESPN LA, he has been talked about a lot, and people are questioning Scott and Kobe are delusional, they are seeing different than what other people are seeing and are not accepting reality, and they are questioning what Kobe is doing and how that affect the team, and how Lin/Boozer will feel unfair, as coach Scott is a hypocrite, he put Lin/Boozer under very short leash, and yet let Kobe do whatever he want to do with no limitation.

    And they are saying Lin hated those Kobe questions, he just hated to be asked questions about Kobe.

    That’s the good part of LA, the team could not control all the media like in Houston, and also fans could see the game, and they could tell what’s going on. Not like Houston, 60% of the fans could not even see the game, and only Houston Chronicle is reporting Rox team, thus pretty the media control the fan reaction. Here, so many reporters, thus they could not hide things. And the radio hosts actually go into their locker room and some even take the flight with the players, thus they know those subtle things and they could also see with their own eyes. And again, they could not pretend to be blind, as other reporters will report those things.

  75. Merry Christmas , God bless us , every one .
    Love this site.
    Greetings from Holland

  76. WOW! Thanks for sharing this. Good to know. At least Lakers, BS and KB can’t bury their head into the sand.

  77. Have a very blessed Christmas. Good to see you here! Are you from Amsterdam??

  78. Because of the time zone, a lot of people are probably still sleeping now. It is about 5-6 am in the east coast and 3-4 am in the west coast in U.S. Merry Christmas to all.

  79. The irony is that Kobe’s stats have all gone down since Lin has moved to the bench.

  80. Thank you!
    I’ve moved to The Hague ( coastal area) now. New housing area , less tourist.
    Where do you stay?

  81. Yep. In Holland it’s now 11.25 a.m. Just opened our presents.
    Hope JL gives us his tonight!!

  82. Not familiar with Holland:-( Only been to Amsterdam for a day in my May European tour. Was quite impressed with Amsterdam. Very different city that I’ve visited. Believed we spent a night in a hotel near airport.

  83. That’s true. The stat said it all. His “addiction of being THE superstar” took a toll of his aging body since the change of line. Ding’s article said it all. He and BS reap what they sow. Glad to see that more and more people esp media, reporters and Lakers have now realized what these two have cooked in the past 2-3 months. Guess they didn’t expect the result of Warriors game. So glad that everyone played like they were just get free from prison. Surprise to see every Lakers feels that way.

  84. Bauer you’re so fortunate! The Netherlands is a cool country. I’ve been to Amsterdam once, though it happened to be the day the garbage collectors were on strike, just my luck. The Hague is beautiful, I went with my wife and some colleagues to do some go-carting, and then had lunch on the beach. Also visited Rotterdam and checked out the cube-apartments.

  85. That’s why Kobe is just as stupid as Harden. They both can score loads more with higher efficiency and less effort if they are willing to play WITH Lin, but they rather do it the hard way (ISOs and contested shots) and looking like bullies in the process.

    To sum it up, neither Kobe nor Harden (and throw in Melo in there for good measure) has outgrown STREETBALL level. Kobe has rings because he was lucky to have had a good luck on timing, being surrounded by player/coach combinations good enough to win championships while surviving his toxicity.

  86. Oh those Chinese are very keen and caught on to BS’ BS very early on. In fact, Baidu’s tieba JLin forum has some of the best analyses I’ve seen. If you can read Simplified Chinese, follow the link here:

    Note that posters often refer to players with Chinese nicknames.

  87. Doesn’t he start only 1 game a year? In that case, 814 career starts are a lot more impressive. Santa vs Father Time! LOL

  88. I like the one where he says “I’m taking my talents to South Pole.” That gave me a good chuckle. Haha.

  89. Merry Christmas! Thanks to all the moderators and the safe site that I can allow my boys to check. Enjoy the song if you have not heard, all human voices, no instrument.


  90. Have a very blessed Christmas! Thanks for sharing this vid. Never hear it and it’s indeed very good.

    Welcome! Glad to hear that this site is safe enough for you to allow your boys to visit.

  91. Washington Post NBA Christmas Day game preview…Not all the games will give the gift of being good TV…The Lakers at Bulls game is the least desirable gift. I hope Jeremy will show the world he is a star on and off the stage. Merry Christmas to you all.

  92. Seriously no one cares about the Rockets, the fact that they aren’t even playing on Christmas Day says alot! Lakers and Knicks both are horrible yet are still significant when it comes to the NBA. Rockets will never have that!

  93. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  94. Merry Christmas @awarde:disqus!

  95. Can someone please sum up what the article is saying. Thanks

  96. I don’t know why Ramona Shelburne changed her view on Lin now? Someone post in the other side said “she openly said on ESPN radio show about how Lin & others are not true Lakers after vs GSW game… if Lakers w/o Kobe on court today, they will loss by -30 to Bulls?” Don’t know she just wanted to get the headline or what? But use Price it’s weird… Kobe & Scott to use Price so much vs GSW bc they didn’t want Lin to be the one shine or in charge PG when Kobe was not there. Respect Price? Joke, right? We all saw how Kobe didn’t even talk to Price when they both were on bench or let him handle the ball when Kobe was on the court w him. smh!

  97. My kiddos love them…Pentatonix!!! Merry Christmas!

  98. Who wrote this? Why would truth pierce the hearts of many Jewish leaders? This type of antisemetic slander has provoked the horrific persecution of Jews for over 2000 years. Why would you post this on a JLin fan site?

  99. Brent, could you or any of the other mods please delete the JE BalleW post right below this one. Line no. 6 is blatantly offensive.

  100. Merry Christmas!!!

  101. What did she ssy?

  102. It’s about that & don’t think Lakers will be better w/o Kobe…

  103. From Lin’s FB page

    “Jeremy Lin 林書豪

    What’s up everybody! Thankful to God for giving me the greatest gift ever — Jesus Christ. Isaiah 9:6 says, “for to us a child is born, to us a son is given…and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” It’s a great time to remember the humility and sacrifice of Jesus!

    Also, 3 years ago on this exact day, I was waived. Since then, I’ve been extremely grateful that God has taken me on an incredible journey and I am excited for the future! Thank you all so much for your support…you guys are seriously the best. Wishing you all peace and joy during this holiday season. Merry Christmas!!”

  104. yeah, she said that. She was saying Laker Fans go to Staple Center to watch a show, to watch an event, not to watch basketball. The win the team played against GSW was basketball, its not a Lakershow. That’s only basketball.

    Now think back, that’s might be in Byron’s mind too, they might think people want to see super stars, but not basketball, thus put Kobe on the floor is more important than wins.

  105. Here what she said..

    SHe basically said last night was a fluke and if the Lakers played CHI tomorrow without Kobe they’d lose by 30. Also made fun of Lin’s interview – said he and the others are not real Lakers, only Kobe is the Lakers. Said people saying Lakers are better without Kobe are wrong and points to last year – and said he’s the only reason people watch the Lakers, basically.

  106. So……..she is basically insulting LAL fans? just like ppl thinking Lin fans are crazy and know no bball?

  107. Last season the team was way better before all the injury hits. It was not because they missed Kobe, it’s because they missed everbody.

  108. I am sure about one thing. Last yr’s LAL did put effort…..

  109. She also basically insulted all of the players on the team. Wow. I wander where this is coming from…

  110. M……not a good presentation no matter what her intention was..

  111. I thought that’s Laker fan’s reputation? She sounds like open fire at every one. Lol. She kind of really called out coach Scott, said the coach is play scared, only kiss up Kobe, back handed the team by saying they still need to lean on Kobe, and saying its nice for a win, but its hard to keep the lightening in the bottle, basically think the win is a fluke.

  112. I agree it was a fluke. LOL oh well….

  113. Well, if the coach kind of consider you are useless and want you to cover Kobe’s behind and pass the ball to Kobe to shoot, of course that will happen. Only offensive board could motivate Hill as that’s the only way to put something in his stats. Everyone knows there is no way the team could win this way.

  114. LOL…yet HIll was shooting jumpers with no hope to get the offensive board…

  115. Haha.

    The sad thing is that they don’t really care about winning. Just running different agenda.

  116. Lin at 9th….haha I guess no need to debate about Lin deserving or not this yr LOL

  117. Exactly

  118. I don’t believe the win was a fluke. They won against SAS at home. Kobe shared the ball. I think this team can win some more games if Kobe will play within the system. this will be the Kobe show tonight in Chicago. We will see how they fare. BTW thy also almost beat OKC if Scott had not put in scott for the final minutes of the game.

  119. Whenever Price got 17p….I consider it a fluke….LOL

  120. OMG, we need to vote for him more even he will not make it but we need to show our support for him…

  121. I personally believe the results are rectified anyway…….but yes….we can show support

  122. I think we should bc when he was in Rox he used to get like 4 ? But now w Lakers only 9?! That’s really bad for him… smh!

  123. Rigging aside….I said it last yr I think. I believe the residual effect of Linsanity was the reason for the high vote counts. It will just gradually decrease. Even some Lin fans think he is not “deserving” this yr. But the Drop iis kind of too large, so I think some measures have been applied.

  124. But he got so less playing time w Lakers now how can he do well?! I know he will not make it but we should still let him on top of the list… feel so bad for him. smh!

  125. Voting is about result…no one care about why….well…he still got chances….don worry too much

  126. I say most true Lin fans know the injustice treatment he received from LAL. Why is his votes decreased so much comparing with last year? Are there so many bandwageon Lin fans?

  127. Yeah, I agree that is a fluke…LOL

  128. Even Ido said not gonna vote him this yr. It is not just about production…

  129. Yes, we need to show 120% of our sport to Lin

  130. Yes ma’am!

  131. I know lots of Lin’s fans didn’t even know or talk about ASG this year… I can tell just from my own followers… they don’t even vote for him by tweet now. smh!

  132. exactly

  133. What, Ido said that? What is his reason behind it? Lin needs our support badly. This is THE most difficult time in his BB career. Even Lin said that.

  134. I debated with him for a day I think…LOL…..He said if Lin got voted….nothing gained but newly incited haters…a lot of them no good for Lin in the long run. He has to be voted in the yr where his production can justify his votes. I think it is a valid reason, I just disagree

  135. Come on Ido. He should know better Lin’s market value is the last thing he has to show teams since his skills are covered by BS and M&M.

  136. Exactly. He will not make it I know but at least he needs to be in high ranking list… or he will get even worst treatment from league or teams.

  137. If Lin had been given the opportunities and he did not perform, that is one thing. The problem is he was never given a fair shake.

  138. Yes…the pts is outside of us…no one knows..

  139. I think so… really bad. I like Ido but don’t agree w him on everything.

  140. exactly. I just emailed my kids to vote for him. Will email more ppl to vote for him.

  141. I will leave it to @psalm234:disqus since I have ZERO knowledge on those.

  142. Am truly surprised by the low votes for JLin when he is the most like NBA player in CHina based on another poll. Are the votes rigged?

  143. Didn’t realize rondo was so popular but maybe just didn’t see him because he was in eastern conference before.

  144. Not sure but we need to support him even more now.. smh!

  145. Calderon was wide open and Melo has to shoot a contested shot….M…..kind of a familiar scene…

  146. They were 11-11 at one point after kobe went down but then all the other injuries hit

  147. Ok, thanks Brent. I hope over 30 people upvoted that comment only because they didn’t bother to read it carefully.

  148. wow .. Lin fell to 9th in the West.
    I remember he was behind Chris Paul last season.

    It must be the result of reduced min and stats due to Kobe and BScott doing.
    But it’s okay. We’ll just continue to vote to show our support.
    Perhaps Jeremy can finish in Top 5

  149. No wonder Wall can rack up so many Asts..

  150. But I am surprised Kobe still holds #2. SMH. I anticipated Lin will drop, but thought Kobe will be out of top 5.

  151. Ya! We need to do that… I really don’t agree on Lin’s poor performance or stats so we should not vote for him… it’s about popularity contest … Lots of fans didn’t even show support now. smh!

  152. He will be on no matter what… 19 years w 5 rings… never mind about him.

  153. Merry Christmas! May the Christmas joy and peace be upon you and your family 🙂
    May Jeremy be blessed to bring Christmas spirit in the form of many assists in this Season of Giving!

  154. This is a bit longer (7 min) but a great anime to show the true meaning of Christmas of love & giving :]

  155. Will you check the post of Ja B…[email protected]_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus thinks it is offensive.

  156. ok, let me check .. thanks

  157. Do you know the song “Another brick in the wall” by Pink Floyd? I don’t have much to do on this Christmas day so I came up with these lyrics for the Lakers. Just hum the melody while you read the following: (comments welcome)

    We don’t need no Kobe Bryant
    We don’t need your ball control
    No sarcasm in the locker-room
    Kobe leave this team alone
    Hey! Kobe! Leave this team alone
    All in all you’re just bricking another ball
    All in all you’re just bricking another ball

  158. Merry Christmas to everyone. Wish you all have a healthy and prosperous new year coming. “The best is yet to come!”

  159. Knicks can really use Lin right now…

  160. Does anybody have the link to the Allstar voting?

  161. great attitude and gratitude and perspective by JLIN. Merry Christmas everyone!

  162. Not really, they are tanking lol

  163. No….they are simply worse than LAL….

  164. wow … great

  165. Although I think the emphasis was on the jealous leaders (not the Jewish since Jesus himself was a Jew), I understand how this was historically used to persecute Jews.

    I would advise @jeballew:disqus to remove the ‘Jewish’ word so it won’t lose the good meaning of Christmas.

  166. Thanks, just voted for lin.

  167. @jeballew:disqus, can you please remove the ‘Jewish’ word from no 6 to describe the jealous leaders because it was historically misused to persecute Jews (although Jesus himself was a Jew)?
    That way it won’t take away from the good message of Jesus story and it won’t be a stumbling block to many as we are called to do.
    Thank you for your understanding 🙂
    Let’s promote the spirit of joy and peace in this Christmas season

  168. Kobe’s fanbase is still very strong and most BBall fans only see the individual numbers w/o the harmful effect causing many losses

  169. Haha, That’s really good!

    I actually went to see them on their “wish you were here” tour in the seventies. They were pioneers of a stage show with movie, sound and lights. Probably one of my top five shows ever. I’m actually going to see Brit Floyd soon.

  170. True, but this tells me he still maintains strong fan base in China. I am very disappointed.

  171. I think his votes more from USA than China.

  172. Thanks psalm.

  173. hm, nice one
    But I’m pretty sure .. one should be dressed as the Grinch :]

  174. Is it me or does Jeremy look sick? lol. He must be sick and tired of the BS.

  175. I wished I was there then… sigh

  176. This is very nice & cute to me… like it a lot.

  177. Dark side of the Moon … 1st side. Us and them …

  178. that says so much about BBIQ of voters.

  179. LOL.
    @psalm234:disqus you must be fluent in Minion language by now 🙂

  180. he always deserves, it’s a popularity context. He’s not in people’s minds this year because they don’t want to ride the Kobe train, no matter what the ups and downs.

  181. this is true. Ok to vote to support his good play, but there will be other years for Lin to win it so I’ll just vote and let it go to the tides.

  182. This is so Korean… haha.

  183. Choke … in a good way. That hymn sung in church around the world gives a person tremendous lifetimes of faith to overcome one’s own adversity.

  184. WSH just trolled NYK with a Triangle O set..

  185. Awesome video with great message. Let’s not forget that Christmas is all about Jesus and gospel.

  186. Merry Christmas and thank you for the reminder about the boys amongst all the fan posts. Hi boys … have faith, that’s an important thing in life. Having faith and acting to make it come true …

  187. well done.

  188. Please. Lin + Melo once already is enough for a life time.

  189. My eyes… MY EYES!!! LOL.

  190. Good job, Joyce. Lin’s fans vote for him. I know his stats it’s not good but Rondo has almost the same stats like Lin & I didn’t see anyone said don’t vote for Rondo bc that.

  191. Tank yu!
    Me want banana.
    Kan pai! 😀

  192. Beedo Beedo Beedo.

  193. This was not about Jlin.

  194. i’m not mad though … watch the vid and see if you *feel* it.

  195. My hope is that from this XMas onwards, Lin does not try to do too much.

    I fully understand that this is a contract year for Lin and that he’s fighting a bad coach who’s trying to eliminate him. I know that Lin needs to get his stats high and make sure that he scores in double figures as to show others his NBA relevancy.

    On the other hand, there’s a fine line between playing a very efficient aggressive game and trying too hard. I thought Lin actually tried a little too hard last game to beat the Warriors triple teams singlehandedly.

    Generally Lin does a splendid job of letting the game come to him. In light of the freedom caused by Kobe Bryant not playing last game, a little bout of overexcitment is understandable on Lin’s part!

  196. 10000%on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. Kan pai? Is that Japanese you are speaking?

  198. Cheers 🙂

  199. He did great. His calm demeanor during the GSW approx 16-0 run and his dagger 3 is indicative of his playing within himself. BSc drew up that play, so I disagree that Scott is aiming to eliminate him. Of course if it comes to Scott of Lin, Scott would self-preserve. But it is not and will not be about that. FA is here in no time, there’s no rational reason for Scott to eliminate Lin. He does have reason to play Lin as he feels best, which is his job. I like where Scott is giving Lin a chance to succeed in the past 3 weeks. Top 2nd Unit in the league, “i’d like to take that shot” and then he has it drawn for him, etc.

    Merry Christmas, the glass is actually more full than it seems.

  200. Tank Yu!
    Yu too!
    *learning from the best here”

  201. Did you watch the game?? Did we watch the same games?

  202. See, I gently disagree.

    Scott had to win this game, but it NEVER should’ve had to come down to the wire for Lin to get a shot called for him.

    If Scott were not focused on eliminating Lin, Lin would’ve been started and played more and all that.

    I won’t budge from my opinion that Lin’s being steadily ELIMINATED.

  203. I still love the name they gave to mchale!

  204. I also would bet money that Lin made Scott mad by not just stating that he wanted that shot but making it.

    Scott has had a dismissive attitude toward Lin all season long, and Lin’s been openly defiant of Scott’s disrespect toward him. The two don’t like each other and everybody knows it. Scott’s attitude toward Lin has been “You ain’t good enough to be in the NBA, here’s the chance you talk big about so go screw it up!” And Lin keeps KILLING Scott by going superstar every time Scott dares Lin to fail.

    Scott did not demote Lin to help the 2nd unit. Scott demoted Lin because he thought Lin was messing up the first unit with his stellar play. Scott figured that he could gradually reduce Lin’s 2nd unit minutes as Ellington and Clarkson took Lin’s bench spot. Of course, even that backfired on Scott because Lin’s now spearheading the best bench in the entire NBA!

  205. Really should have an INSTANT REPLAY option like they do in football.The immunity refs have for making bad calls is un- American

  206. You what I will agree with Joe Team. I have been a fan of Lin for too long to know that things work out in the end for lin. I will not jump on the negative bandwagon like some so called lin fans. I understand all of the frustrations of some of the fans, but I will just adopt a wait and see attitude.

  207. Fire!

  208. It is frustrating to read posts like Joe Team so call Lin fan with some BB knowledge to make so call “objective” observation. It is so obvious that BS and Kobe want to marginalize Lin yet some of the “Lin fans” trying to rationalize it. It is unbelieveable. No wonder Lin’s All Star votes decrease so much this year. With this kind of fans who need enemies?

  209. Absolutely things will work out in the end for Lin.

    He is the ultimate winner and always gets promoted via demotion.

    If Scott succeeds in ejecting Lin, all Lin will do is catch on with another team and continue to play well.

    One can be on a negative bandwagon about Lin’s role on the Lakers but be very optimistic about Lin himself!

  210. Now wait.

    Joeteam is a true NBA fan with an accurate outlook on Lin’s career and situation.

    We cannot predict the future, me included. Right now Lin is playing well and Scott is somewhat utilizing him. For all we know, that might continue or even improve. Joeteam is simply observing that, and he is correct.

    By the way, I am not voting for Lin to be an All Star. Only players from winning teams get my votes, no matter how good those players are. Even if Lin were averaging Linsanity numbers, he still would not get my votes if the Lakers were not in the playoff chase.

  211. I understand he is a Lin fan, but to say BS “is giving Lin the chance in the past 3 weeks to succeed” is RIDICULOUS.

  212. that’s true. Sometimes I was wondering whether JoeTeam changed user or not…… Really sound different from before somehow.

  213. They only look at PPG not the efficiency, that’s why unless Lin averages 20+ points for the season before allstar voting he’s not going to get in.

  214. What????

  215. Maybe chickening out due to bad press?

  216. If the result of game against the Warriors was because Lin tried too hard then please let him try even harder.

  217. I don’t think Kobe will sit out tonight. Maybe vs Mav sure not tonight bc he was the first one on the plane to fly to Chi. for the game…

  218. Let’s stop the madness. This is the real Joe Team. He has never jumped on the negative bandwagon as some other lin fans,. I would say he, brent and psalm24 have been the calming affect on this site with their wisdom. If you are a half empty person, then you will always go that negative route, If that is how you chose to live your life then so be it. But please refrain from calling people out because they simply don’t agree with your opinion…smh

  219. My guess: maybe BS and Kobe really want to win this one to rescue Kobe’s reputation, hence they try to mislead Bulls coaching staffs for game plan?

  220. Well, I don’t think that Joeteam is wrong in saying that Lin has indeed been given a chance to succeed in the last few games.

    Lin’s playing about 20 minutes a game off the bench. In important games when the Lakers need bench production, Lin plays more if other guys are not getting the job done. So far, the other Lakers have not been playing well enough for Scott to permanentaly DNP CD Lin.

  221. I think Scott is playing to the press as usual acting like he can police up kobe. Kobe told mark Medina that he is playing, and he looks forward to playing against Paul.

  222. You’ve got a very strong point there.

    Lin really played well on both ends, especially when it came to shutting down Curry and Thompson.

    Once Lin realized that the triple teams were engulfing him, he adjusted his strategy and created shots for teammates.

  223. The Decline and Fall of Kobe Bryant

    I was so surprised that Swaggy was brave (or stupid) enough to tell Kobe to take a back seat and say that finally playing without Kobe made the team feel like “Django Unchained.” But if you connect the dots, this could be yet another indication that Kobe Bryant’s playing career is over, and Swaggy can sense it.

    Throughout Kobe’s long career, he has always shot around 45% which is great for a volume shooting guard. But, in his last two games, Kobe shot a combined 11 for 45 which is a FG% of 24. When Kobe shot 1 for 14 in his “flu game” many thought he was just looking for an excuse. But the truth is, Kobe’s FG% is like a vital signs monitor. When you see Kobe shooting only 24% over two games, it’s a clear it means he has a disability. Not only did he shoot only 8 for 30 in the last game, but he also had 9 turnovers, many of which were just embarrassing.

    Since the start of the season, we’ve been hearing talk of limiting Kobe’s minutes and Kobe missing practices. But it seemed to be just talk or Kobe being arrogant. Now Kobe has started to admit feeling fatigued and sore but nobody believed it when there started to be talk of sitting games out–until it actually happened.

    I imagine that all the wonders of modern medicine are being tried to prop Kobe up. He’s probably taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories so he may yet have some more games at the 38% FG level. But such meds cannot be taken continuously and continuing to play will just make the inevitable happen faster. We always thought that Kobe was risking some distinct injury such as a sprain or a fracture. But apparently, Kobe is becoming disabled by a more subtle and general loss of physical fitness that takes the form of fatigue and soreness.

    Interestingly, Kobe’s 3Pt% seems to be less affected. It could be that 3-pters are less contested and the shorter contested shots that requre Kobe to create space forces contortions of his body that he can no longer do smoothly. So perhaps Kobe will try to re-invent himself as a Novak. Or maybe as a Rondo who doesn’t shoot and only has to pass. Will be interesting to watch Kobe’s performance tonight if there is one!

  224. OK, you have very low standard the way BS treats Lin.

  225. I don’t think so at all.This is just Scott posturing as usual to give people the impression that he is in charge.

  226. That is very possible.

  227. Great post.

  228. I’m the one who believes that Byron Scott is phasing out Lin.

    I’m also the one saying that Scott plays Lin only because other players are not getting the job done.

  229. I think so bc it’s X’mas game why he wanted to skip the game but also came to Chi for what? Maybe Scott was mad about Holmes asked him that difficult question so Scott tried to fool him?! LOL!

  230. No, it’s the same Joeteam as ever.

    He is a realist who acknowledges both sides of the equation and refrains from
    making predictions.

    I, on the other hand, make all sorts of predictions. That opens me up for legitimate criticism and debate.

  231. on the contrary, this sounded like Scott has not received Kobe’s notice whether he is playing or not yet. It totally does not sound like it is Scott’s decision. Scott is waiting for Kobe’s notice. Looks like Kobe did not show up in the shoot around, and also no words about anything yet.

  232. L:ike I said, Scott trying to give the impression that he is in charge. We all know it’s Kobe’s decision.

  233. Happy Festivus folks and 14 7 would be nice tonight

  234. I like that stat line

  235. Even Musselman is tweeting about this 🙂

  236. I’m glad to see that Eric Musselman still has an interest in Lin.

    Musselman was the only pro coach Lin ever had who not only fully recognized Lin’s basketball ability but played Lin as a true star.

    I thought it was a nice and inexpensive gesture by Lin to show goodwill toward his teammates. Given that the NBA is about MONEY, such small displays of affection go a long way at the pro level!

  237. The frustrating thing is that Kobe CAN be a hero IF he understood his physical limitations and played the right way. Scott leaving him out of practices and overplaying him ISO ball in games is actually HURTING not helping Kobe’s legacy.

    If Kobe was an alcoholic Scott would be the goof handing him the whiskey

  238. Still amused that the Rockets with ~”stars”~ Dwight and Harden couldnt get an Xmas game this year.
    They had one last year..and the year before even without Dwight.
    And even though they were projected to be bad this year, the Lakers still got a game this season.

    Interesting, very interesting *sips tea*

  239. Zero chance for Kobe not playing on Christmas DAy unless he is hurt badly

  240. Not true. Reality is Lin would be the man and kobe would be the sidekick. Kobe would rather lose than have that happen.

    You and many Lin fans create this false premise and repeat it.

    Kobe would rather be a laughing stock but remain #1 on the Lakers pecking order.

  241. Lin is always slow to come around but eventually figures it out. I predict Lin will leave in the summer but its not clear to me if the Lakers will regret it or not. Lins future in the NBA is unclear. He needs a lot of luck even after New York

  242. What could he do faster?

  243. lin gets stuck in bad circumstances nothing he could do about that

  244. Pretty much so…

  245. these jerseys i have to say are so ugly. fashion police anyone lol. spurs and okc jersey’s just ew.

  246. If he had a good agent, would he in a much better position? I think so.

  247. no not really he was traded to lal which before now looked like a good choice. also rox was the only offer then harden was signed at the last moments. so what could he or the agents do different

  248. the only thing that could of change lins career so far is if he was drafted

  249. Now look back, Montgomery could have done some research about McHale coaching style and Morey integrity…etc and tried to get another offer for Lin maybe with less money but in a better team and BB market. He should be able to use other players to leverage the way Lin is being treated if he had other player clients. NBA is all about politics now I feel.

  250. Maybe he fosters the bad circumstances, just saying. Kobe now stinks, but when he was young, he ruined many careers to become the alpha laker dog.

  251. No Lin… No Christmas game? lol

  252. that retrospective

  253. Also, Lin and crew should not so easily trusted what Kobe, Mitch and BS have told him if his agent was experienced enough or did his homework to warn Lin from their past history. It should not be that hard to find out. People do not change.

  254. Just means the lakers have name brand recognition. Nothing more. Nothing to do with Lin if that’s what you are thinking, More to do with kobe

  255. trust what he is signed to the team they can do wht they want

  256. Montgomery is inexperienced and incompetent.

  257. Definitely when talking about the Lakers.

    What about the Rockets this year though?

  258. You got it blu! They know where the ratings are 😛

  259. well lin chose him

  260. They lost like scrubs to Portland. Lost 2 guys. NBA maybe not happy they did melogate on the lone Asian NBA guy. Nba don’t want lin to shine but they don’t want to have it look like lin being discriminated against either like that lol.

  261. With the limitations of restricted free agency that apply to undrafted players, Lin took the only offer he was ever going to get at the time.

  262. Musselman saved jlin. This is just me looking from afar, I donteven feel jlin gives muss the credit he deserves. Lin gushes about datoni but muss really saved the kids career.

    Or maybe lin is so freakin good he just demolished d league on his own and knows muss did nothing for him but play him minutes.

  263. Here you go.I notice that you only show up to post something negative…smh. How do you know what is going on behind the scenes with lin.

  264. Look at what you just posted, that sounds ….smh

  265. Anyone knows why Parker was not in the late 4Q vs OKC? Injury?

  266. understood, but if his agent was experienced, he would have known
    McHale and Morey style and got another less money offer for Lin, instead of just pushing Lin to get the max contract and he could made his 6% commission. Plus what Lin should do is focusing on improving his BB skills and let his agents to deal with all the NBA politics, but instead, his agent is basically invisible and Lin faces all the dirty BS from BS, LAL..etc

  267. Pops just might be limiting his minutes.

  268. I wish Pops can limit Kobes minutes…

  269. In this dog eats dog world, loyalty does not help, Lin needs to respect professional agencies they exist for a reason. Just like attorney, cpa doc…etc good and bad ones make huge differences

  270. LOL

  271. So Scotts “plan” is to play Kobe tonight and rest him again tomorrow on a b2b right?
    It will get really nuts if Lakers look real bad again tonight and win tomorrow with great team basketball again.
    Not even gonna lie, I enjoyed the drama after the GSW win. #TeamBallMovement #AntiChuckersCrew

    But I hope for the best case scenario, that is Kobe trusting and playing WITH the team on both ends of the floor.

  272. I actually wish BS would play Kobe all the way and Kobe done with the season, instead of the team has to adjust with Kobe on and off all the time.

  273. What false premise are you referring to?

    Kobe has chosen to be a laughing stock (it’s arguable whether that makes him #1 on any pecking order).

  274. It’s a tank. It works perfect for Lakers management. Team will low without any actual directive to lose.

  275. Santa did not grant my wish to retire Kobe. Sorry!

  276. Star power wins. I dnt care what park says. Kobe in control. It stinks.

  277. Hmmm… were you naughty? lol

  278. he is saying the same thing you are saying. So what’s your beef?

  279. I was … I cheered for Jeremy. BS bsh’ted to Santa…

  280. He forced out nick van exel and got Eddie jones traded. Peeler, Doug Christie all got moved. Kobe has an iron will and I am not a fan of Kobes style of play.

    He did a shaq or me pretending to go to clippers to scare lakers

  281. 100% agree. But I dnt think lin knew who to pick. And if those firms would have his back. He went with people he could trust but have no clout in nbacircles.

  282. Some, like me, aren’t fans of tanking efforts to gain top picks. A significant number of top picks have turned out to be busts. It’s left to be seen whether a top pick will work out for Lakers

  283. Imagine kobe injured on Xmas 2 nite. Would be neat to see if khuang theory is true that no matter what lin is dnp cd with or without Kobe,

  284. Well the lakers dnt care to win. They want star power and flashy play. Lakers would rather have flashy losers than boring winners like Lin.

    Yes Lin has awesome but boring San antonio style game that don’t get ratings. Only dunks get ratings

  285. I think that might be true, as if Kobe got injured, they will for sure go tanking full force, and they might try to shop Lin around, and convert everyone into picks for next summer.

    At least when Kobe is playing, they are trying, maybe trying in a wrong way, but not fully trying to tank.

  286. Exactly. well. that’s what I mean. doesn’t matter I’m copying brent.

  287. since when Lin’s game is boring?

  288. That was when kobe was at the top his game. Nobody is buying that kobe hogwash anymore.

  289. thanks. Exactly. If we just give Lin some of the love we need to give ourselves, honestly he and we would go further under adversity, together.

  290. Have you noticed that nothing from Lakers beat reporters

  291. Beat me….lol

  292. maybe because it is X’mas?

  293. But but but … KHuang, look at that TO that GSW called. The look at the drawing of the play. Lin listening, Price listening. Then Lin running around the baseline faking a screen, I think getting a screen, and then Ronnie right there to give him the catch n shoot. Also, if you did watch that quarter, which I’m not sure you did because you are a great bball guy, you would see it was absurd to give Ronnie the ball at that moment given lib’s control of the game to that point. The others had missed a few gimmes by lin.

    All that says that play was called by Scott, and they executed to perfection.

    I don’t agree with your extreme view on this. There’s things we don’t know. Why is Lin having so much fun lately? It’s not just coping. People are trying to solve the v hard problem Even Lin doesn’t want to zero out Kobe, and nobody thinks that’s wise so they have to find a way to win WITH the whole team. Lin smiles when they are trying to do that.

  294. Saying it’s rather pointless of him to state the obvious

  295. Lin starting is true, or Lin haven more mins in 3rd Q. That is incompetence. Scott cannot coach Price to run 2nd unit, so 1st unit is strong enough to do ok mediocre without Lin. They blast ahead on 2nd unit.

    1. 2nd unit strategy to separate Kobe and win with 2nd unit is fine
    2. just limit Kobe more and let Lin overlap on Kobe’s first unit time, NOT the other way around
    3. Let Lin drive the lead in 3rd Q, and play him all 4th until garbage time.

    Guaranteed there will be gt. Last game, he did not play Lin 3rd q saving his for 4th, which then turned out important but anyway, they could have been up by 30 has Lin been give the drive in 3rd. Maybe not because Kerr still had his 1st unit in there until Lin AND team finished them off.

  296. Yes, and I watch the game differently than you. I don’t thin by your comment you watched the game except for the scoring. Have you even play competitive bball? It’s all related, one flowing play after the other.

  297. Lin will not be DNPCD.

  298. the next few games will be telling. If it is tank, they will let the kids win a few of these games just to keep the fans and team teasing for Lakeshow. If they earnestly do something on top of the GSW win over the next few games, maybe it isn’t a tank but more incompetence and stubbornness so far.

  299. Ya! Did they have shooting around today? How come no news at all?

  300. many people say the obvious in a convo. Links here are sometimes just snapshots. Why be a scrooge on Christmas day?

  301. it’s true. Trolls on other sites laugh it up how they come here in fake identities. How easy it is to get back in with psalm or just do it with different IP addresses. Zombies.

  302. It’s very telling that Kobe was not the best player (judged by total win shares) in any of the Lakers’ five championship seasons. Kobe is like Scottie Pippen (sorry Scottie) pretending to be Michael Jordan.

  303. I don’t agree with both your slam on Lin and your conditional if/then. You’ve constructed a troll with false logic. Lin and Musselman have a good relationship probably and he probably gives Mesllman his due anytime he needs. In fact, I rarely hear Lin say anything about D’antoni.

  304. Nothing what? Usual pre game tweets?

  305. Nop I know Mark Medina is with the team.

  306. I disagree with you and sorry you have to have that on Christmas day but you don’t have to attack me. The truth is, Lin is doing way better in terms of team contribution AWAY form kobe, and BSc need to continue to give Lin the control away from Kobe by reducing the kobe overlap onto the 2nd unit. In fact, move Lin to Kobe’s first unit to draw a few defenders and let Kobe get to 18-22 without too many minutes.

    I see BSc as a poor coach, and floundering. But, he is doing some very good things to give Lin control of his minutes and to create play.

    Finally, I’d like to see Price’s mins reduced, and who knows what that’s about.

  307. Wrong .. just watch the play designing in the tape. You are ignoring what happened in the game. That dagger 3 was a called by FOR Lin. If you accept that, life gets easier. You don’t have to interpret people with hateful agendas but more, to see how they are working through their problems.

    A wise banker once told me when I complained about people’s secret agendas in a deal … he said, aw come on, do you really think you can get anything good out of this by hacking on people? When was the last time you were able to lose 20 pounds when you said you would? So, what I learned is to look for the positive, and then positive things happen out of incompetence and it can even get the evil out sometimes. If ppl have real evil intent, then sure tit-for-tat.

    Merry Christmass Dorothy. Smile a little today. Lin is going to play well.

  308. Lin scored 2 pts with 3.3 secs … all he needs is a crack. And he’s having fun and it’s contagious.

  309. I don’t like Scott’s incompetence, but I cannot say he’s evil on Lin when I see with my own eyes that he’s drawn a game winner for Lin the very game after Lin says in public he wants to take a winning shot.

    I give people 3 strikes and a few innings at least. BSc though is to me not a good coach, and what won’t change in my mind. I’m just coming to see he’s dealing with incredible politics better than McHale, Sampson, Morey, and Les.

  310. Thanks, bro. Though we do disagree at times, I always want to read your posts. I definitely think Lin’s output is going to stabilize. Maybe more valued by fans and press and more efficient than Rox, but not as many mins, not as much box score, etc. LAL just have too many people who REALLY need the rock. In HOU, it was just D12 and Harden. Some gluttony by Parsons when he was on. Here, Kobe eats so much everybody else is famished, so anyway, Lin is just feeding the fish. On days he gets 15-20 mins, he doesn’t eat.

  311. The BS I know, he might be counting on Lin missed that one, so that he could have blamed Lin. Don’t be too naive. If he really wanted to give Lin a chance, PT is what we should see, plus play with Lin’s strength P&R, but no, he picked a 3 pt shot. Come on. Seriously, I dont know how old you are, after watching so many politics going on in life, work now nba, people should not be naive especially Asians in the States.

  312. plus, do not forget BS wished it was a L w/o Kobe, he was upset the team pullsed a W. lol, only very few actually believe BS wanted a W. Lin fan??? please.

  313. Thanks sis, I cannot go negative because I have ppl who depend on me. Lin doesn’t go negative and I feed off him. I aim to amplify any crack of Positive spirit. If BSc indeed did draw up the game sealer for Lin against GSW, I wanna have that lauded throughout the web so he does it EVERY time Kobe sits. I want him to feel proud of what he did so he will draw up more Price to Lin passes or more Kobe to Lin passes to give Jeremy the chance to have say 5 game winners this year. I count that 3 as Jeremy’s first game winner this year, Then when you see how many games LAL has won, I can’t wait for Jeremy’s next game winner. I don’t care about box score. If I did, then I’d be a harden or kobe fan. You can’t have it both ways … live by the box score, hate the game by the box score. I love the game, and I’m trying to learn from ppl what I’m missing and share what I see that others are missing.

    Merry Christmas, joyce, KHuang, Dorothy, TTNN, etc. It’s all good by me.

  314. You maybe be right if he’s tanking. I see it as a pyrrhic victory for BSc to discredit Lin. The odds are not good either, given Lin tends to step up if he’s given the chance.

    I am not naive.

  315. You will find life to be painful of you work with everyone’s evil intent in mind. People who are aware of risks and force others to go positive by team rules tend to inspire followership, and then they get the control. Watch what Lin is doing slowly. His team game is going to bleed onto BSc, for whatever personal way BSc buys in. Lin is causing everyone to buy in. Kobe is the real problem here. Then BSc’s incompetence.

    The question is, are they redeemable and if so, how may strikes? Personally, I think lin should leave at the end of this year, but if he stays, I would want him to have established through this tough situation that Kobe somehow hands the team off to be Showtime Lakers again, with Lin as PG. If Lin cannot get that to happen, then it’s going to be Gypsy again and another set of years etc. BSc is just a cast member in that movie. The movie is starring kobe now, and when it’s released, Lin can upstage him because Kobe is fading and Lin is worth more on spreadsheets to team owners.

  316. promoted via demotion … good one. Isn’t that the way of the underdog, the ones biased against? the water flowing downhill in any way, or helium rising no matter what? Me, I see life and doing what you are made to do as paramount to living it once, well. So, anyway, I don’t sweat losing the false rewards. Just win the game of life, and it ain’t about the toys … many times, the most bitter disappointments make us better people and we look back in a bittersweet way and wish for youth again to have known better the first time. Whenever I do feel that way, I wish for my peeps again, but they are long gone on battles of youth.

  317. I like you’re predictions. Just don’t predict death … that I cannot handle even though it’s surely will happen to all of us I’m not laughing ok lol.

  318. Is that BS in a Santa suit?

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