G29 LAL @ CHI Game Thread

Here’s hoping Jeremy will be filled with the Christmas spirt to dish all the assists to his teammates!

Go JLin! Go Linsanity!! Godspeed!

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  1. Yeaaaaaahhh

  2. LOL Second. Just checked in.

  3. LOL Good on u.

  4. Hi everyone, not sure how true it is. As for ASG vote, saw that Lakers Nation couple weeks ago asked fans to retweet vote and it would count. Since then, I’ve tried my best to retweet all JLin votes when I saw one. Please do so if you have Twitter account.

  5. Will be on edge of seat, to see if Lakers will shoot and move freely, or play under fear of KB’s wrath. They’ve demonstrated, it’s time they man up and play their game, and not defer. Go Lin!

  6. I don’t know but I will do it. Very upset Lin got so less vote this year so far.

  7. can you tell me why..

    So Why Do Jews Eat Chinese Food on Christmas?


  8. Elf Lin ElfYourself


  9. What? Really? OMG, Why? Just wants to see that can these players win again?

  10. Kobe has always been very petty but this might be his new low.

  11. HaHaHa, HaHaHa, are you serious BS and Kobe??? chicken out??? LOL Unbelievable, new low indeed.

  12. Lakers will shoot freely again tonight…….Kobe will not be playing, Go Lin Go !!

  13. Translation: bruised ego after watching the Lakers playing winning basketball without him?

  14. Anybody think kobe reinjured himself?

  15. How about those fans bought tickets just to watch Kobe plays?

  16. nope its called father time. never losses

  17. Let’s get ready for Django Unchained: The Sequel 🙂

  18. I’ll be proud of the guys if they at least manage to keep it close.

    But will be thrilled if they pull out a win again, Bulls are rolling but hey after GSW, anything is possible.
    C’mon guys another statement game!

  19. kobe is done. i doubt he last the rest of the year. its like the nash stuff before the season. once it starts. it starts piling on one injury after another. its over for kobe

  20. father time

  21. I’ve voted faithfully thus far in 3 places as well as retweets after seeing that tweet from Lakers Nation. Thus far that fan site hasn’t given JLin any support except KB.

  22. Kobe is probably still very sore but can go if he’s about to break records.

    But if this is a loss without Kobe, it might look better for him when he comes back to play.
    Just to prove the GSW win is a fluke win w/o Kobe.

  23. Yeah, let’s ride the momentum!

  24. Really hope and pray so.

  25. scott and kobe was too cocky. 36 playing 36 minutes a game crazy. just cray. scott ended kobe’s career

  26. i dont. thats very sad of you. never wish bad on others. no matter what

  27. exactly

  28. also scott has no stuff lol to stop kobe

  29. Ah, agenda. I’m hoping not.

  30. Not sure whether he reinjured himself but more like chronos. He did have a few hard falls. Because of the minutes he played, it definitely took a toll of his aging body. You just don’t recover fast enough to be abused over and over again. I learn it in a very hard way since I was hit 43 and deteriorated from there. Believe same thing happened to KB as bb player.

  31. LOL. Well, KB is KB. He can say and do whatever he wants.

  32. Let’s see if BS tries his best to make this a L.

  33. he has no choice kobe is hurt so he could easily get fired. his one job was to control kobe. he failed. so he better win

  34. The big difference is the Bulls have a much better frontcourt than the Warriors with Bogut out. I don’t like the match up of Hill/Davis/Sacre/Boozer against Noah/Gasol/Gibson/Mirotic.

  35. No, he sees his job is to please Kobe at any cost.

  36. this is really good!
    BScott might have to rely on Lin to give him wins so he won’t get fired for injuring Kobe.
    LA Media will quickly turn on BScott if Kobe is out for a long time.

    But there’s possibility Kobe and BScott want to have a loss to make Kobe looks better

  37. So nice to see Kobe stepping back for whatever reason. Let’s hope the team wins and wins beautifully. Since everyone got to feast last game, how bout team giving Lin some props by giving him a few assists in return for their stats and the headphones?

  38. I’ll give you credit for that decision every day just to support you making that decision next time!

  39. exactly kobe is hurt so now what. he will get blamed for kobe’s minutes. especially if kobe stays hurt. we all have said it for weeks. the heat will get hot under his chair especially the longer kobe stays out

  40. three games now with zero injuries just fatigue.

  41. he only hurt his wrist on a fall last game.

  42. rush hour, driving miss daisy, and Sulu with Geordy LaForge!

  43. Let’s go Lin! and TEAMBALL!

  44. If this continues, I wonder how long it takes for him to make BScott the scapegoat

  45. key is to push tempo and get hot.

  46. the media will do it

  47. The trusty LA media lol

  48. Something is very fishy. Kobe came to Chicago to play. He has been hurting for a long time and plays thru it. Kobe might be setting up scott. This 7s how kobe operates

  49. Or it could be like this, in fantasy leagues of course:

    BSc: Kobe, I need you to keep it under 20 shots and get the guys moving. I’ll make sure you get the calls.

    Kobe: last game might have been a fluke. I;ll give it a shot, but I’ve been winning for years the way I do it.

    BSc: yes, but I need you to try.

    Kobe: I’ll try, bit I can’t promise anything. Maybe you should just try it your way.

    BSc: Ok, let’s do that. I’ll keep this on the down low.

    Kobe: you do that. We’ll see how it goes.

  50. I thought that was the plan in the beginning of the season

  51. exactly

  52. I sort of think it’s not that. Winds are shifting and Kobe wants and deserves time to mentally adjust. Lin didn’t have that luxury as the young prince who will be king. so he had 2 games of adjustment stats. Kobe is going to get his head on straight and take time to figure it out before he steps on the court.

  53. if kobe is done they will

  54. So, he will return the PG duty to Lin now?

  55. Exactly! Can’t wait to see how the jailbreak works against the bulls.

  56. Yup, that’s one thing you can count on from the media.

  57. Yes limit them to one side of the court. and I doubt that will be the defensive end

  58. What I want to see at 515-520pm west coast: Linsanity style team play, Kobe on the bench in his suit cheering the backstreet boyz on!

  59. I think you might be right. I think he needs time to adjust mentally. I think he watched the game the other night and watched how the team shared the ball and they had fun just playing freely.

  60. i feel like a genius i said if kobe play pg he won’t last 5 games later lol sad to be right but i told ya so

  61. What record did Karl Malone set?

  62. You forgot to add 😛 at the end of your sentence lol.

  63. lol :p told ya so

  64. you’re a genius, let’s have some fun today!

  65. He should scratch that idea, otherwise, his body will break down even faster.

  66. Laker fans on twitter upset kobe not playing. LOL

  67. he’s next. then Kareem. About 3 yrs to get Malone, 4 to get Kareem.

  68. It’s chronos. His body is breaking down. I don’t have to wish and hope. It’s over for KB with the mentality that he has. He said it himself: Kobe said his knees, both Achilles, back, all bothering him. Said he
    does believe he will be able to reset and get back to preseason level. (Don’t believe KB is able to do it during season.)

  69. So now the plan is to sit out until the Lakers w/o Kobe lose, and then Kobe can come back and save the day right? Right?

  70. I hope this is not the sign to say he wants contract extend to reach this record?!

  71. although a semi rational person would of relised a 36 year old player coming off surgery who had played the third most minutes ever maybe just maybe shouldn’t average the most minutes and play pg

  72. Kobe wants to take the night off to try out the Jeremy gift at the hotel.

  73. Well it’s all talks during preseason but the reality is he played even more minutes….. So, do I believe any of this talks? No. His Kobe ball will take over. Thus far KB and BS haven’t showed their talks are valid but cheap.

  74. SOFT! Like a one ply!

  75. This plot with fragile egos is pretty easy to read, no? Now that you say it, Kobe was probably overwhelmed with the GSW game and then Swaggy’s Diving Miss Daisy comment plus Lin’s “we need to work Kobe back in” sentiment. He’s not ready for that yet, I’m sure. Only 2-3 weeks ago, posters were seeing him trash talking this great explosive team. It’ll take time but only as long as … “Hey, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Let’s win a few together now.” Now, that is rose colored glasses by me!

  76. people knew it but the hard drive by Kobe was hiding it. Happens. With the explosive win, that inflated fake strength by kobe just popped, and now he’s just in the whirlpool thinking … I need a rest.

  77. LOL …. !

  78. So it begins the hate on Scott. ..lol

    Check out @LakeShowLive’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/LakeShowLive/status/548266967346708481?s=09

  79. sample size lol

  80. lol told you the media in la will freak

  81. now Scott is alone and he has to win to survive.

  82. Haha! I like it… LOL!

  83. Yeah, but how do they hit shots when they have no ball to shoot in the first place.

  84. No, BS will play Price as PG, didn’t you see that last game when both Lin and Price on the court, Price was the PG, then Clarkson was the PG? BS will not let that happen unless it is to save his own life.

  85. Still in denial. ..smh

  86. Lin had total control of the game most of 4th quarter esp during that dry spell. He did great, many missed easy buckets.

  87. Is anyone on the team shooting a worse percentage that Kobe though?

  88. it plays a subliminal message to Kobe that he should rest more. and for the rest of the teammates, to let Lin be the PG.

  89. Does this mean Kobe will not come back as long as team keeps winning?

  90. Haha, Kobe is playing the victim and reporting the crime to the press.

  91. Exactly. What he means to say is that: I give them 3 shots max to show me they are hot, and then maybe I’ll let them take another 3 more if they get 2/3 in. If not, I will take the next 30 shots at 25% FG.

  92. I think Price but he’s been shooting well lately so Kobe might have the worst % right now.

  93. LOL, good luck BS.

  94. dam that was fast

  95. Thank you, Kevin Ding.

  96. Notice how he doesn’t reply to the actual question about “ball movement” and instead tries to make people look at his ppg.

  97. little kobe who coined that

  98. Price 33.9%, Kobe 37.2%. Henry and Randle are worse, but can’t play anyways, so Price and Kobe are the worst active shooters. No wonder Kobe wants Price to start.

  99. The amazing backcourt duo…

  100. True, I think by then the team just totally threw away BS plan, no Princeton, lots of 3s…etc

  101. This article was out yesterday or something like that. It isn’t new new article.

  102. Let’s he how Price does tonight, lol

  103. Ah, so it was MJ’s fault… 😛

  104. Ugh, dont blame me for those losses.

  105. Add bruised ego to the list.

  106. MJ trolling Kobe.

  107. Byron’s massage obviously didn’t work.

  108. Sit back ?!

    Senility has set in: 8/30 is NOT sitting back

  109. Yeah, I can’t make sense of how LAL are playing whatever BSc planned because when Kobe is in there, it’s just Kobe and when he;s not, I can’t see the discipline except for Lin initiating and then waiting waiting waiting …

  110. Joyce, your conspiracy theory might be right on. Ding’s rhetoric of blaming BS for Kobe’s downfall may have rubbed off on Kobe, and now he’s playing along.

  111. That W vs GSW is a pretty big knot to massage away.

  112. Or Byron over massaged it. lol.

  113. A win tonight would be some deep scar tissue work a-coming

  114. Let’s hope so. Something tells me Byron will try to foil that, like his habit of taking out players who are playing well, and keeping in players who aren’t playing too well

  115. Wow…no Kobe…..I decide to watch the game then

    Linsanity on Christmas day !!!

  116. … “and the plot thickens…”

  117. No Kobe again? There *is* a Santa Claus! Merry Christmas to all! =)

  118. Tonight’s game: Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Djangos.

  119. No offense Kobe, but the fatigue and overall soreness is part of your choice to “uplift” the team on your own. Deal with it.

  120. No Kobe, but do you think BS will put “more” trust in Lin? (at least more play time)
    somehow, I am very pessimistic, and say no.

  121. True, but he may be playing to Kevin Ding’s tune and blaming BS.

    I’m not gonna complain. 🙂

  122. well. idk we will find out atleast

  123. Wrong management of his power. As the team’s franchise player, he can easily say to BS “let the younger guys play.They’re thriving” (internally: “I’ma rest and let the younger players get the 6th ring for me”) if he is using his common sense. But unfortunately he is using his ego, so this is the result.

  124. Don’t count on Lakers fans side… lots of them thought Lin is one year rental only no need to care about him at all.

    We need to do more from now on..

  125. wonder what the tnt crew says about kobe injury

  126. Stupid is as stupid does.

  127. I just want Lin and the Djangos to fight like heck on the court and play like a team. And better stats for Jeremy hopefully. That’s all. LET’S GO!!!

  128. Nop I know. Let’s try harder and get JLin to 5th place in next ASG counts.

  129. I want a fun game !!!!! No Kobe? Might be another win if the chemistry is still on.

  130. lol djangos. this isn’t gsw with that bad defense. we will see

  131. idk chicago is defensive team. you cant really go cold on defense

  132. Ya! Let’s do it. Fighting!!!

  133. Yep. Let’s get the job done.

  134. Kobe maybe hoping to sit out and watch the Bulls to demolish the Lakers so he can come back the next game to “save” the Lakers

  135. against dallas idk

  136. Kobe’s “win” is himself score 25 points or more…

  137. Let’s see how soon BS will sub in JLin to rescue the starters this game. Can’t wait to see how BS is playing JLin this game. One way or the other we know how much “Lakers” values JLin. We know BS’s view of JLin but let’s see Lakers.

  138. Yes, need another Kobe-less win to show it wasn’t a fluke!

  139. GSW was a warmup. Tonight Linsanity 2.0!

  140. “Charmin, charmin, charmin, to BS!”

  141. joyce, perhaps let’s use the censored snapshot here since there are many young ones reading based on the feedback

  142. No Kobe? Will have to skip Xmas dinner to watch! Ok, maybe not, but will be thinking of them when I’m devouring my prime rib. Will be checking my phone though.

  143. LOL DRose is roosting the starters esp. Price.

  144. Price vs DRose is only fitting for LA’s coach’s namesake.

  145. Let see if BS is smart enough to overlap Jlin and Davis.

  146. Webber seriously needs to shut it.

  147. if he does, then he wants to win tonight.
    If not, Kobe wants them to lose

  148. why he hasn’t said anything really

  149. I just don’t like him. Finding some other stream.

  150. Lin is calmly sipping his cup chatting with Boozer

  151. Believe BS wants to lose this game for KB’s sake.

  152. Hate it when people Sabatoge their own them for their own point/agenda.

  153. Hoping FO is forcing this to see what happens w/o Kobe.

  154. webber bench better then the starters

  155. When Linsanity happens, everyone gets a piece of the rock!

  156. the prisoners are still happy playing without the Crime-Fighter :]

    Great basketball movement

  157. so all starter play the whole quarter

  158. did he also say without Kobe?
    He should say with and without

  159. i think but ill let that go

  160. I want Lin after this TO.

  161. playing well

  162. lakers shooting 31 percent don’t get why they are so close

  163. Scott probably will play Price the whole quarter…

  164. Well he’s the only one rebounding for the Lakers 🙂

  165. Yes !!

  166. Nice reverse!

  167. Nice reverse layup by Lin for his 1st play!

  168. Jeremy giving me a Rose for Christmas….

  169. Lol………..

  170. Come on Aaron… lol

  171. wow, Aaron Brooks just fouled Lin.
    Didn’t know he moved from Denver to Chicago

  172. I wonder if DRose remembers Lin’s block on him…

  173. nice pun

  174. Lin in Davis out, does this mean BS wants a L?

  175. so far just regular sub pattern
    we’ll see in 2nd half

  176. He must be relieved that he’s playing against Price instead of Jeremy lol.

  177. Brooks airbal-Lin

  178. Lin cold…too bad..

  179. too early….

  180. need another layup to warm it up…

  181. Ellington doing good. Lin’s misses are being offensively rebounded. He’s taking good shots

  182. Only at the end of 1st. Plenty time to heat up… if Scott give him the minutes.

  183. Exactly my point…..

  184. okay i just finished dinner. can somebody tell me how lin is doing?

  185. I need more Lin & Davis

  186. One layup couple of misses. D on Brooks

  187. Scott wants to lose

  188. Since the real coach is on the bench tonite, the team looks a bit …..tense?

  189. started well with a reverse layup.
    Boozer blew one assist
    Then Lin missed some jumpers.

    Pretty good 4 min but hopefully Lin gets some rhythm

  190. Young iso… ugh.

  191. Lin tried to PnR and no one to roll… where is Davis! dumb coach….

  192. Scott likes to take Davis out when he’s playing well

  193. He’s giving them the evil eye. He should be AWAY. They’d play better

  194. ESPN boxscores have been awful for the past week or so, so glitchy.

  195. lin missing easy shots. he will turn it around

  196. Lin kept taking shots! Like it……

  197. Dikembe Clarkson

  198. need PnR with DAVIS.

    Scott is a chump

  199. Lin being ‘inconsistent’ tonight?

  200. because Kobe wants team to lose

  201. Basket being rude again and not cooperating lol

    I hope he finds his shot soon.

  202. yup gotta keep shooting till it drops

  203. Go Lin & Davis !!

  204. aw…cmon clarkson

  205. LOL Jordan Clarkson, really?!?! I was expecting he’ll dunk it!

  206. Lakers missing everything!

  207. happens

  208. Clarkson got the jitters tonight

  209. Haaha

  210. Was expecting a strong dunk…

  211. Darn…

  212. who’s supposed to guard Kurotic?
    wide-open 3s

  213. Evil eye from the bench affecting his aim…

  214. Haha no defense

  215. yea i was as well lol he got nervous

  216. yup as well as missing shots. happens after the day before where all shots went in

  217. Bulls are too comfortable. The defense has to step up.

  218. Can we send Kobe to the locker room?

  219. Scott’s NOT a coach

  220. should’ve dunked it

  221. Bull is significantly better on D

  222. he’s bad luck.
    Lakers not playing free

  223. a ton

  224. this game has zero energy by the lakers

  225. Jeremy out…

  226. yes, Lakers need to make their outside shots for sure.

  227. game over

  228. This is on SCOTT

  229. Djangos not playing well when the chain is sitting on the bench.

  230. Whole bench not doing good in this one tbh :/

  231. No O. No D.

  232. funny but they just lack energy. last game was draining

  233. Price is confident.

  234. It’s getting out of control for the Lakers.

  235. My Rose from Jeremy… gone! Byron Scott’s fault.

  236. Because of BS.

  237. Haha. That was fast.

  238. Lin is confident. Shots aren’t consistent.

  239. Imagine in a parallel universe where Kobe’s off playing golf and Nash is sitting and watching from the bench…

  240. Lol……Scott so determined to lose

  241. the team shooting meh…

  242. Price with 2 fouls.

  243. Davis does not roll today..for some reason

  244. let’s see if Lin gets to play more if Price gets to 3PF before halftime

  245. Had too much Christmas ham roll/chocolate roll?

  246. fg percentage lakers 38 percent chicago 51 percent

  247. need some 3’s now. Set up Ellington

  248. you cant watch the starters brick all game and think the bench will change that. flaw of scott the bench crappy offense is contagious

  249. Let’s go Lakers!

  250. Kobe death stare trippin’ him.

  251. I’m boring

  252. lol why are you boring

  253. Order from the coach…. they just cant go inside.Hill jacking up long 2….

  254. hahahhhahaha

  255. Kobe ruining the mood. Relax kobe.

  256. only once from Lin but couldn’t finish.
    Maybe CHI D really bothered him

  257. bc I’m sitting on the bench right now

  258. you meant bored

  259. You’re on Lakers or Bulls?

  260. I want Lin to block Rose again.

  261. Wow…Rose is good

  262. Can’t do that from the bench.

  263. Nice d from starters..

  264. this game is like the season. its just blaaaahhhh

  265. floaters all night

  266. Mainly PNR coverage…….lakers bigs are digging big holes for the team..

  267. Hill …

  268. How many floaters did rose take…..and he made how many?

  269. And scare…

  270. Wish Lin can have this

  271. did anyone notice a heating pad on jeremy’s back on the bench?

  272. Brooks playing well too. Mirotic hitting. Still, a good look for young on last shot and lal just not hitting. Let’s hope for some regression to mean.

  273. Well asking lakers bigs to match up with Gasol and Noah..is too much anyway..

  274. He always does that….his knee too

  275. Thx.

  276. Yeah, exacerbated by poor open looks. Ellington ok.

  277. Let’s go team fans. Lal can adjust. This game is not over by far.

  278. will scott make the adjustments?

  279. That is hard.

  280. so the starter will play the whole quarter by then it will be over

  281. Let’s see. He did bench kobe, so he had to win tonight as he’s crossing the Rubicon.

  282. Kobe benched himself because he need to show he is needed.

  283. No, he has the excuse to lose since the best player is not playing.

  284. Bench is not hot right. Jer gonna figure it out.

  285. The biggest problem is how boozer can cover three point shots

  286. can’t wait till Lin out of LA

  287. Not sure why Jeremy is missing his jumpers last and this game…hopefully he finds his mojo in the 2nd half, Mr Clutch..

  288. See his pregame. Kobe not a good actor. Feels like he got benched. I linked it below.

  289. I need that from him lol.

  290. Good point.

  291. Missed entire first half, I thought the game was later today. Looks like I didn’t miss much, hope Lin shoots better in 2nd half. At least he’s taking more shots! I hope he takes at least 12 field goal attempts today!

  292. Lol…yeah…idk…..i just think,if they had lost to GSW….Kobe would play this game

  293. and layups……sure he will show up in the 2nd half

  294. They need to win this game to show that win against GSW wasn’t a fluke and they don’t need Kobe!

  295. You are right. The shame tonight to come back and lose on Christmas is to much. It is safe for Kobe to accept benching.

  296. Lin, bsc, team needs the win.

  297. Brooks is good scorer especially his running hook shots and 3 pointers, his only disadvantage is his height and defense. I wish Lin would learn the running hook shot, if someone as short as Brooks can make it every time without getting blocked, Lin learning that shot would be unstoppable!

  298. He needs to to pick the team up bcuz they are not up.

  299. This harlan sounds like marv lol

  300. If I were Kobe, I would play a few games here and there to preserve my body and get another 2year contract for at least $50m since Chris Bosh is getting $25.3m(2016/17) and $26.8(2017/18), also the NBA is inking bigger TV contract.

  301. Lol….Scott having a head ache yelling……lol

  302. His presence makes his teammates nervous.

  303. This is what hill should do…stop shooting that jumper unless no choice..

  304. Establish respect in there.

  305. as if he wanted to win, lol

  306. Let’s hope so too..

  307. That’s good Hill

  308. Starters play great…..

  309. what happen with him all of a sudden

  310. keep attacking basket

  311. starters are doing quite well with a 11-2 run to cut the lead to 2

  312. Hill with reverse … brent choked on his pearl tea.

  313. Actually I think it is Bulls starters fit LAL’s defense.

  314. Lazy Hill actually defending the 3 pointer now, wow. Glad limiting his minutes woke him up last few games!

  315. Scott adjusted, even if it was only yelling.

  316. being death stared?

  317. What do you know the Lakers can make comebacks without Kobe.

  318. Lol

  319. I think this starter lineup just showed how bad Kobe was..

  320. Kobe must feel very small on that bench :]

  321. what

  322. they are certainly making a statement to Kobe

  323. Hill’s minutes were taken away and benched alot last two games.

  324. Ellington is just simply net positive I think

  325. So Kobe should play like Ellington?

  326. Starters actually doing real good! Let’s hope the 2nd unit feeds of their energy!
    Hopefully JHill gave another speech in half time.

    btw Im now just following the boxscore, after the first half Im not watching anymore, Im too chicken lol maybe i was bad luck

  327. He’s bringing the lakers back

  328. At least defensively

  329. Come back to vid.

  330. haha…Hill playing very hard

  331. Somehow price can only hot in one quarter….

  332. I cant do it! I could never forgive myself if the moment I turn it on, the Bulls go on a huge run XD

  333. Mad he got little PT last game I guess.

  334. it’s okay. No need to get upset
    Le’ts keep calm and cheer for Lin

  335. Gasol is just too crafty..

  336. Hill keep attacking Noah

  337. plus lots of passing

  338. Somehow BScott doesn’t care…

  339. Whats up with jlin?

  340. He fouls a lot

  341. Thats good enough for scott

  342. His head is up?

  343. Hill loves that fake pass mid J -_-

  344. Hill took that bait

  345. Price got 3rd foul

  346. Letting dunlevey wide open is not gonna work

  347. Hes playing so outs sync

  348. Hope Price gets his 4th foul.

  349. Lin still not in boring.

  350. Noah is pretty crazy for a pothead

  351. I think he just couldn’t find his rhythm yet

  352. Davis got great hands around the rim

  353. Lin for fourth

  354. price gettin ankled

  355. Lin only got 8 minutes SMH this complete bias and ridiculous!! Even Ellington got 27 minutes already!!

  356. Bigs are just get out worked…

  357. Lakers are really getting beat on rebounding.

  358. I want Lin……

  359. Benched by Scott the dumb coach.

  360. And Lin can totally help with that!

  361. Get in LINe.

  362. 28 to 35 chicago with 35

  363. how to do it from the bench…

  364. I hope Lin just can’t wait to get out there to make an immediate impact

  365. Let’s go Lin!

  366. LOL I thought you were going to say Lin can’t wait to get out of Lakers!

  367. Lakers bench getting the bench treatment tonight… *sigh*

  368. Hope so but …. He is really becoming a 3rd string under KB and BS.

  369. Can’t let Lin outshine Kobe on Christmas.

  370. Price all the way,,,

  371. Price playing the whole quarter again.
    This is incredibly unfair. BScott never did this with Jeremy.

  372. BS and KB really want JLin to become 3rd string and out of NBA.

  373. Once Lin is out of NBA or got further marginalized, I would stop watching NBA! It’s not sport, it’s just business and unfairness, I’ve got enough of those in real life, no need for more.

  374. Why is it that only Young gets to come off the bench first? Can’t both Young and Lin get subbed in together?!!

  375. wuts new

  376. exactly

  377. its boozer & sacre come first

  378. Price is definitely BScott’s favorite son
    Makes me miss MDA

  379. Lin in with 2 min left in Q3

  380. Quite frankly Lin’s extreme marginalization this season has made me lose interest in watching NBA games again. If nothing changes with Lin’s next team it’s obvious the NBA coaches are intent on shackling him and it’s up to himself to score more. If Lin continues to be stubborn with his next contract then it’s really over.

  381. Scott’s a bigot

  382. Late whistle…

  383. Lin the great PnR pg and he found Ed a perfect partner. BS does everything to separate them in the lineup.

  384. Lin lost Brooks that time but managed to get fouled by Brooks on the other end.
    2 FTs!

  385. same as last game he marginalize lin on a consistent basis

  386. Let’s go JLin!!!!

  387. Lin is too strong for brook

  388. Good D.

  389. Sorry Jeremy, I was looking at stuff in VS. Now I’m back to watching the game. Go Jeremy!

  390. Whoever JLin has a gel with, BS and KB make sure that doesn’t happen again.

  391. What a great save by Lin!
    Was that an assist to Boozer?

  392. Nice save.

  393. nope

  394. Didn’t get credit for it…

  395. what a save

  396. Lin was wide open for a mid jumper, shouldn’t have passed to Johnson who got double teamed!

  397. Yes. I agree I just took a glimpse at the game, the lakers just keep letting the Bulls score during the first half of 36-52 and still seeing no sight of lin, I walk away.

  398. Close call tho.

  399. 50/50

  400. Bsc seems to be moving Lin to fourth. Let’s see if Lin gets 12.

  401. Scott saying crap to Lin

  402. It’s Lin’s fault for passing to Johnson, should’ve taken the shot himself. Johnson didn’t have a good shot and clock was running down.

  403. Please read the rules.


    We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning. No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

  404. Those don’t show in stats, it takes people like you who know how to watch the game to recognize.

  405. Missed it. What was it?

  406. I hope it is about losing Brooks under the rim, that was a bad defensive play by him. That’s the only legit thing I would take him saying to him.

  407. Hmm….hope so….looks like Lin, Young & Boozer getting punished again, only play 11min

  408. im complaining about his selfish play thou..

  409. idk if lin has overcome the benching. he hasn’t looked the same since the benching. tbh he hasn’t hasd a lot of chances

  410. He probably is that “incadas”. Click his profile. It shows other name as “null”. That’s what I see last time too when I click another poster’s name.

  411. Please refrain from cursing/swearing or using any substitute/variation.
    1st warning

  412. just don’t trust that guy. A short leash on the asian guy

  413. 4Q Go Mr Clutch

  414. Which you can do without cursing/swearing.

  415. Plan is to make Price look better, with Davis pairing

  416. Nice assist to Boozer!

  417. And 1!

  418. NM.

  419. Was that a wraparound pass Jeremy? Niiice…

  420. Lin helped too much on defense.

  421. Bulls guards lucky they have good bigs.

  422. Swag very cold.

  423. The whole bench is cold, unfortunately.

  424. Lin and Swag are just cold tonight and are losing it for Lakers.

  425. lakers have zero momentum

  426. Lin slammed the ball.. get mad lin!!

  427. Jeremy is frustrated.

  428. Dang that would have been a good block on Gibson.

  429. Did the NBA idiot ref call all ball block foul on Lin?

  430. Not Lin. Swag is miss daisy

  431. On Boozer.

  432. That was a block.

  433. I guess lin is done

  434. done from what

  435. Lin is mad and frustrated. Guess he didn’t like being benched so long.

  436. they are both 1/6. don’t be biased

  437. huh?

  438. For tonight

  439. kk gotcha

  440. is young as well they have the same stats

  441. Was that foul on Boozer? I think Boozer fouled before Lin made that block.

  442. Young was not listening to him..then the bigs are just ball watching

  443. BS is laughing because so far so good for Kobe.

  444. I don’t like the squad Lin has with him. Doesn’t have Ellington or Davis and has Clarkson and Sacre with ballhog Young.

  445. Not gonna lie
    First Unit’s been outplaying 2nd unit
    Starters should come back in

  446. I am not. Lin is not the shooting guard. It’s a very different miss. Plus he’s doing other good things.

  447. Mostly because of Davis and Ellington.

  448. Both benched too long out cold =/ No thanks to BS!!

  449. BS’s goal is to make Kobe look good. Winning game means nothing.

  450. Wesley has played well too.

  451. woohOo

  452. Yes. Mid J

  453. finally a jumper

  454. 5-14

  455. If Lin can get going things can change.

  456. No one is blocking the body, lin is mad

  457. I’m worry if he’s in the game.

  458. Bigs are horrible on defense, another reason why Lin’s mad!!

  459. Why is Clarkson playing?

  460. Need Davis now. Sacre getting killed — and Scott allowing it

  461. who else

  462. To make sure Kobe and Price look good

  463. Not a lot of BBIQ out there…

  464. this is not a good one from Jeremy and Swaggy, ehh

    Hopefully they get their swag back tomorrow (with Kobe still resting)

  465. Great defense by Lin to cut off Gibson’s drive causing TO

  466. Oh, Clarkson 🙂

  467. 2 steals.

  468. Bigs need to step up

  469. This one is still not over, c’mon guys! Gotta take advantage of every minute Kobe’s not out there XD

  470. True

  471. I’m with you. Shots gotta fall.

  472. Jeremy still in!

  473. Lin has only about four possesion left

  474. Lin on rose… I like it.

  475. Shxt a to by bull…..

  476. That was a nice look 3

  477. 4 straight 3 pointers, let’s go!

  478. lin defense good only if he could make some shots

  479. Bring in Ellington and Davis… any day now

  480. wht tov

  481. Not sure he’s coming back after the time out. We’ll see. Wish that 3 fell but the angle didn’t look good leaving his hands.

  482. Wanna

  483. With that to..I guess lin is done

  484. The arc was fine but it was too off to the side.

  485. No watch.price in Clarkson out. Just a guess

  486. Jeremy, Davis… show us your magic!

  487. i hope Lin can finish the game….

  488. what tov

  489. Price is the hot hand today….I guess…

  490. Stop saying Lin is done, it’s annoying.

  491. Time out

  492. is the score 86-96?

  493. Anything less than 20 minutes is just silly

  494. Making predictions…

  495. Negative ones =(

  496. lin gone..jk

  497. Lin and bench is -4 in the 4Q. not helping the win today. his may be done now.

  498. nope still in

  499. Bigs has horrible defense, Boozer not playing well.

  500. Both Rose and Brooks can’t keep up with J’s speed.

  501. Then I am wrong then. And sorry then. Forgive me. But that’s exaclty what I see before though. But it changes again now.

  502. Lin done for the night, SMH

  503. lin gone. time to sleep! 99 everyone

  504. change channel

  505. Jeremy to the bench… boooooo

  506. damn….lin is out

  507. Exactly 4 possessions like I said….

  508. No. Watch the game. That assist to ed just got conveyed to fts

  509. Good night. Price back in after Lin gets it to Davis. Scott stinks.

  510. such a genius..

  511. Ok back to browsing VS.. Jeremy out

  512. He’s out now. lol bs is a &^%^&

  513. TMI? lol

  514. They got timers on the bench amazingly calculated sub pattern —- says no one

  515. victoria secret?

  516. Too.Bored.

  517. Lin assist to HIll, got Davis to the line for 2. Why is Price in?

  518. Lin out and probably done for the night, BS benched the bench this game so they would lose!!

  519. Yuh.

  520. Swaggy and Lin get hazed for being too giddy

  521. BS wants to lose and Price is his golden boy what do you expect?

  522. Scott looks like he’s about to cry after that Brooks 3. lol

  523. Nothing, just venting.

  524. maybe i’ll take a quick visit before bed

  525. Wesley Johnson and Hill shot attempts should never happen

  526. It was swaggy and sacre. Lin had been serious.

  527. because Price is +5 in 3Q and Lin is -4 in 4Q today.

  528. Because he can not buy shots…lol

  529. Was Price supposed to guard Brooks?

  530. Brooks hot tonight.

  531. Yeah, he played well.

  532. Lin was getting into a rhythm and he’s a stronger offensive player. Plus, nobody plays better with Davis than Lin who he just got 2 FTs for.

  533. by who?

  534. Lin at the minimum should be getting 22-25 minutes a game

  535. +/- are misleading and Lin barely played today, he was getting going!

  536. 19

  537. Scott was outcoached. No surprise

  538. Game is over. Lin is done. There goes the Christmas streak..

  539. He didnt hv chances in Hou, glad hes performing well tonite.. 🙂

  540. was those last few minutes of Lin the only minutes he got w/ Davis?

  541. Insane

  542. Should be getting 25 minimum.

  543. Last two possessions..

  544. price 27 lol

  545. If it was Price the golden boy as bench player yes.

  546. LOL. Is that you, BS?

  547. Not in his last stint with Houston. But before that he played well.

    Plus I think he won most improved with Houston did he?

  548. Rose hasn’t gone crazy, bet BS says it is because of Price.

  549. BS just trying to limit those 2 being on the floor at the same time. Really can’t understand that.

  550. Scott is a disgrace

  551. Scott wants to lose and didn’t play bench players who are the reasons they were winning games!

  552. Lol

  553. Bias what else?

  554. and like that 20 point game

  555. 28 minutes by end of game.

  556. Not Lin’s best game. But Scott let it happen.
    Excuse to let Kobe return as chuckie

  557. Johnson with 18 FGAs and Hill with 15 both played too many minutes!!

  558. He wanna prove that ppl r crazy if the 2nd unit leads w/o Kobe.

  559. Kobe & BS win tonight…

  560. Agree.

  561. To make Kobe look good.

  562. Lin needs minutes to get in rhythm both Lin and Young were benched way too long tonight and had to play with Clarkson, Sacre, and Boozer.

  563. Scott’s silly match-ups

  564. He proved it by not letting them play right…

  565. only cornerstones & wolverine granted with chances

  566. Glad I only watched half of this game, not worth it at all! Wish Lin would be traded to another team. Lakers aren’t making the playoffs so I hope he finds a nice team and contract in off season.

  567. ok, now Kobe will be ready to return.

  568. Oh God, now Kobe will likely play tomorrow. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I actually really wanted him to play today because I knew a loss was expected, the Bulls have been rolling so I kinda wanted the blame to fall on him (lol) and have him sit out Dallas who are easier to beat because they’re currently struggling adjusting to Rondo, but now…ugh 🙁

  569. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    He’s gonna turn a winnable game into a 30 pt blowout loss 🙁

  570. He will play tomorrow:-)

  571. No surprise.
    Scott just being Scott. He is NOT a coach.

  572. who would of said lin on that team with no kobe gets 19 minutes. on the rockets with harden dwight and parsons gets 28 minutes and started in place of harden. how far we have fallen

  573. Predictions Is about accuracy…lol well….I predicted Linsanity every game…..

  574. Hope Lin stands up for himself and not wait for God to do something for him.
    Below is a story of a drowning man waiting for God:

    Flood. Man on the roof of his house
    A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.

    Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.”

    The stranded fellow shouted back, “No, it’s OK, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me.”

    So the rowboat went on.

    Then a motorboat came by. “The fellow in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.”

    To this the stranded man said, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

    So the motorboat went on.

    Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.”

    To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”

    So the helicopter reluctantly flew away.

    Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”

    To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”

  575. As long as KB and BS are still in Lakers, JLin is going nowhere in this KOBE TEAM.

  576. I only turned the volume up when Lin plays, mute the most.. 🙂

  577. Wow..this is long for a game thread

  578. LAL didn’t shoot well today. Johnson and Hill has highest attempts of 18 and 16. Not sure if you want Hill to be your main shooter.

  579. technically no one is.

  580. Can’t a teach a LOSER (Scott) how to be a winner.

  581. Hill is another black hole who doesn’t pass back out.

  582. He n BS just cant wait 2 prove 2 the whole world. 🙂

  583. You’re right. Scott is just Kobe’s personal coach.

  584. Don’t you see after the talk from Young, what he got today? 16 min w so less ball to shoot…?! Kobe got him. smh! Johnson is Kobe’s guy so he took the most shots today. Scott did it again.

  585. Why lin always gets short end of stick, first houston then lakers….should’ve never left NY. And all those people saying Lin should stay in LA should see a psychiatrist

  586. One thing about Morey is that you want either 3s or drives to the basket for possible and 1. LAL bigs shooting these mid range shots don’t give that possible and 1 under the basket.

  587. For some reason, Lin and the 2nd unit couldn’t get going tonight.
    Chicago strong D and timely Mirotic 3pt-shooting probably had a lot to do with it

    Lin started well with the reverse layup but couldn’t get his shooting going.
    Oh well, let’s hope Lin comes back strong tomorrow even in a B2B game vs DAL

  588. See how Kobe the coach affect their games even only show up in the building! They are playing nervous and didn’t show much passion. Only showed once in the opening of 2nd half.

    Kobe, if you sit, please join Nash and watch the game at home.

  589. He didn’t have a choice. NY didn’t offer him a contract.

  590. On a positive note….I think Lin just improved more on his reads….

  591. ME.

    I’ve been saying that Lin’s being PHASED OUT.

  592. Lin is historically bad on B2Bs. don’t know why.

  593. Thibs keys on Lin. Even Rose was denying Lin the ball. Brook can not do the same because he is too small.

  594. but this is the first b2b game

  595. I was thinking the same thing….LOL

  596. Yep that’s right. The way BS sub, made sure that no win today so that KB is suddenly well again to play.

  597. don’t think so.

  598. And who should a psychiatrist see, if a psychiatrist also thinks lin should stay in la?

  599. If you are trying to say Lin is an idixt…..I think even me as a non believer knows this is BS…LOL

  600. LAL playing Dallas tomorrow

  601. Boozer and Hill shouldn’t even bother coming out to help on PnR defense. Just come out to the free throw line and wait for the roller. They come out too far and roller blows by them.

  602. Some are his men. KB can’t play all 5. He selects who he wants to play and no one is allowed to outshine him. JLin did and hence, JLin is out.

  603. Well…they need to do either …or….can not be in the middle…Either hard show or don show….

  604. he had 5 already

  605. He played more min in the past. This game he only played 18:46. Should have energy for tomorrow game but with KB returns to the game, I don’t think he can do much.

  606. Hey Brent, please stop making prediction on Lin’s playing time 😉

  607. what rowboats, motorboats and helicopters are being sent to Lin right now though?
    This team, this coach, this role is just terrible.
    Just gotta be patient until the season is over to finally have a say on where he wants to play.

  608. I hoped I was wrong….LOL

  609. Really TWC? Jeremy only played 19 min. smh.

  610. what are you talking about?

  611. an expected loss.Young and Lin benched tonite because these two are the new leader of charmin..lol

  612. Ok guys/gals I apologise…From now on….I predict Lin will play 36 mpg until he leaves Lakers. My final prediction for this yr…LOL

  613. Should we ban him during game time? lol.

  614. Aww…but you are always right…

  615. an expected loss.Young and Lin benched long tnite cos they are tje leaders of charmin..lol

  616. Can we? hahaha

  617. Ha…..I guess…..

  618. Hopefully Kobe won’t play tomorrow, or I will be doing someting else. Lakers can’t trade him without his permission, and make no sense to fire Scott if Kobe plays. But fans don’t have to watch these bad games and media will get the message hopefully and do their job.

  619. No…but if Kobe plays….Lin gets to play with Ellington more…

  620. I think his “Django Unchained” comment had to do with it as well. lol

  621. Yep. That might help some.

  622. Maybe because his number is close to his minutes….Lin should have change to number 36

  623. Again!?! Use lin on the loss again !!!!!!

  624. so what if kobe doesn’t play scott playing lin 19minutes. playing les especially now price has over 5 points without kobe there

  625. But Davis is still the starter…

  626. Life is not perfect

  627. If that’s the case, I would like JLin to change it to 48:-)

  628. Not sure if his body can handle it or not…I am all for it if he can….lol

  629. For those ppl saying Lin is thinking too much…I doubt they even know what that means or not….

  630. That is Linsane amount of minutes.

  631. kobe can safely play tomorrow because tonight his face was saved. BSc was the loser tonight.

  632. I meant I’d rather have Davis than Ellington.

  633. None of Scott or Kobe lost tonight.

  634. We all want it but KB and BS make sure that this isn’t going to happen while both of them are still in Lakers.

  635. Lol exactly why Life is not perfect…

  636. this year is crap. with a crap team and coach

  637. Make it perfect with your predictions!

  638. No the leaders of the winning streak Young and Lin were both benched!

  639. I don’t think lin just sits and wait for God’s help like this stranded man here. Lol.The story don’t really make sense.

  640. Lin didn’t leave Knicks they didn’t want to sign him, not to mention they would’ve marginalized him anyway for Melo!

  641. Well, better than just playing less than 20 min:-) I know it isn’t going to happen. Only insane coach allows it:-) That is who BS is to KB.

  642. if the coach…a good coach wants all his player to succeed…that will be awesome.Scott onky cater to KB and Price….so coaching fail.

  643. you 2 … very pg13.

  644. i now would of preferred the last year of lin contract spent att rox

  645. No in Rox, Lin would’ve been unfairly labeled as scapegoat and those are some racist haters including the media!! At least most of Lakers media backs up Lin!!

  646. Not even close…at least in LA….medias are much more open and fair.

  647. True. But you can also see most of them are not playing freely…really look like being chained

  648. The situation right now is terrible BUT I dont think I couldve endured another year of the Rockets’ announcers, I just couldnt!

  649. verses this playing 19 minutes under price on a crappy team

  650. Lin’s minutes would’ve gone down anyway with all these new trade pieces that Rockets acquired!

  651. Who knows? if he stayed..maybe he will share minutes with canaan so about 15 minutes per game

  652. yea but he will average single digits on 20-22 mpg

  653. This is exactly what happened and I don’t blame JLin one aota. It’s so frustrated to play for BS and KB. Everytime JLin figured it out, they changed the sub… They make sure JLin can be succeeded in this Lakers team.

  654. That is inevitable..either way

  655. and zero playoff experience this year

  656. This is true…

  657. Not in rhythm and playing with bad teammates like Clarkson and Scare automatically means chained.

  658. true

  659. Kobe too. Everything back to old time again. smh! Look at Young spoke about Kobe should take a backseat… 16 min only for today? He is your best shooter from the team? smh!

  660. The probability that you are right is becoming bigger and bigger day by day….sigh

  661. LOL…truth hurts

  662. I sent the tweet to them. smh!

  663. they always have a hidden agenda towards Lin…must be Lin telling the truth and they cant handle the truth

  664. What playbook? You mean this playbook?

  665. saying bad things about your superstar is forbidden..lol

  666. Not me.

    I don’t want Lin DNP-CD’d the entire season the way Houston would’ve.

    At least in LA, Lin will play out much of the season before the eventual DNP-CD’s kick in.

  667. I wouldn’t say hidden agenda. You can see it miles ahead if you just open your eyes to see: See the ACTION and not hear the WORDS.

  668. Kobe made sure he will get back to you by Scott. No one dare to say or do anything against his will. smh!

  669. how does lin get out of this crap. at this rate i hope scott keep lin to 19-22 mpg because he has destroyed lins stats for this year

  670. Of course. You can’t do it in this team. Look at bench today. No smile, no interactive between the teammates… smh!

  671. Another game on tomorrow not looking forward to it.

  672. its like going to the doctor. I’m like do i have to

  673. Nothing happening with his golden boy Price playing.

  674. unless scott gets fired that would be a gift

  675. Lin’s been saying God has a perfect plan for him, just gets me wondering if he’s doing something for himself, like talk to the front office, or his agent to get him traded.

  676. If Kobe doesnt play, its still very winnable. Dallas hasnt adjusted to Rondo yet and Parsons is playing like crap.

    If Kobe does play, I definitely wont be watching. He’ll want to make up for the shots he missed of the 2 game he sat *shudder*

  677. If Kobe doesnt play, its still very winnable. Dallas hasnt adjusted to Rondo yet and Parsons is playing bad lately.

    If Kobe does play, I definitely wont be watching. He’ll want to make up for the FGA he missed of the 2 games he sat *shudder*

  678. He is not! He’s smart but yet he’s kind of too nice of guy to complain about anything.

  679. I just hope that Lin heals up from his latest back injury.

    When Lin is hurting, his shooting suffers. Not the rest of his game, though.

  680. What back injury?

  681. I think Lin had some sort of heating pad on the bench on his back.

    Lin is usually mum about his injuries.

  682. Haven’t seen any la media calling out BS’s minute management of Lin.

  683. I think youre right…his back still hurts…thats why I didnt like him taking a charge..

  684. you da man, KHuang! I know his shot is off today, layups off against GSW.

  685. boo lol.

  686. thats the only goal at this point. stay healthy

  687. It’s there in the forums so will bleed to the unimaginative corporate media sooner or later.

  688. definitely…stay healthy and keep improving to become a complete player

  689. Uncharacteristic misses by Lin are ALWAYS due to characteristic mid season injuries!

    Lin gets banged up so much, he can never make it through an entire season without injury.

    Now that we’ve watched Lin for 5 seasons, we know that NOTHING can stop a healthy Lin. Not even benching truly takes Lin down and out.

  690. Merry Christmas everyone …

    Lin on D … I had confidence
    Lin on creating … it was fun to see … noway he could get help tonight when making interior forays. Too flat, this team against a good challenge.
    Lin on his own shots – I got with KHuang’s back pain theory.

    I’m happy for Lin. Not happy for Kobe face-save because that means tomorrow is kobe-ball maaaaybe.

  691. Well said!

  692. 26 years old and back problems already. Not good.

  693. I see… he did miss couple of layups as well and wasn’t as aggressive as against GSW. Hope it heals up quickly.

  694. A trade is really out of the question.
    I know we wish he could request one but unfortunately it would reflect badly on Jeremy. Requesting trades is not common and usually only happen when very serious internal issues take place.

    Plus most teams are pretty much set right now and Jeremy’s current contract would be very hard to move.

  695. Honestly, this is just fantastically naive. You’re shooting yourself in the head “whining” about your situation unless you are anyone but the very few “anointed heroes” of the NBA. It gets you nothing but ridicule and bad press. Anything useful has to be accomplished behind the scenes. What is or isn’t going on behind closed doors is certainly not going to get to your ears. Jeremy is handling this in the best possible way – playing as best he can in extremely unstable, even hostile circumstances, being diplomatic but clear and sometimes even pointed in his words. What his agents are doing is not going to be public. We are frustrated and angry, but accusing Jeremy and his managers of being helpless is the result of really having no direct experience of how business is conducted at that level.

  696. complaining is not Business…that’s why it’s called “complaining”

  697. we’ve never seen lin play on a non playoff team idk if he has ever. there comes a point teams or bad teams where they give up. idk if lin hs reach that point especially with the benching

  698. So now the big stage for him to come back tomorrow. smh!

  699. ohh wow nice sample size

  700. and the people who say that kobe is better when he is in a lineup in which NO ONE else is a real threat — actually only idiot byron thinks that lineup works.

  701. Its not even people that say that, its stats and facts that PROVE it.
    BS is gonna hurt himself from massaging so much ego.

  702. he is been waiting to say it…

  703. i checked in to see the boxscore and lin’s PT, and concluded this game isnt worth watching.

    but lin, regardless of his PT, needs to be able to string together good games instead a good game every 5 games. at some pt, there’s nothing to say except that just he’s an average player if he can’t do that.

  704. GSW?

  705. early where he barly played were they ever this bad though

  706. Well. it is what it is..

  707. He said it after last game but he’s saying it now again with more confidence.

  708. i watched some of the beginning.

    there was one play in 1st quarter which lin pump faked and got brooks to jump at him on 3 pt line. if lin didn’t already pre-decide what he was going to do, he could have gotten 3 free throws. instead, the foul resulted in nothing happening. disappointing.

    lin is great from triple threat, but doesnt maximize it.

  709. When did he hurt his back?

  710. He made worse mistakes b4…that was nothing…

  711. doh. im glad i stopped watching then.

  712. Who knows…maybe refs would not call…what would you do then?

  713. hahahahahaha

  714. if a player basically jumps on top of you, there is no way you dont get that call. brooks hurled his body at lin LOL

  715. It is Lin we are talking about….LOL

  716. It’s very easy to think Young was put in the doghouse along with Jeremy. If so, I wonder if this kind of treatment will cause the 2nd unit to pull together even more, out of a feeling of abused solidarity. Guys like BS and Kobe often think abuse will drive people apart…divide and conquer. I don’t think it’s going to work that way.

  717. that play can’t be an offensive foul for lin, so he gets the call. but, when he drives, its something else…

  718. it is a learning process…you re got to trust him to make better decisions…

  719. i trusted he would steadily get better for a long time now. i havent really seen much of that this season.

  720. Maybe refs will cite the verticality rule with a bias…LOL

  721. Hahaha…. learning really fast

  722. oh my Young afraid already..next time think before you speak..lol

  723. it’s actually called the horizontal rule — when lin is lying flat on the floor, then no call. didn’t you know?

  724. This is NBA for you. Role players should not express their true feelings. I remember Parsons once complained about Haren not playing D or too much ISO, he did not play the next game at all for no reason and no explanation from McHale either.

  725. So much for “you have to stand up for yourself..”

  726. Exactly why I think Lin just did not shoot………LOL

  727. so am I but I know and believe that Lin will do his best..

  728. Is this the United States? Where is the freedom of speech? It is more like communism.

  729. Not surprised. He is a follower not a leader… always going with the flow.

  730. too bad too late…..black mamba will always remember your back seat talk

  731. Not sure.

    One doesn’t use a heating pad for nothing.

  732. he seems happy about losing the game. what a coach he is.

  733. idc about this kobe stuff lin still 22 mpg if he is lucky so what ever

  734. The flow….Lin’s situation is getting worse then

  735. A lot of NBA players have back problems at all ages.

    Back injuries come and go.

  736. No dude…it was YOU.

  737. the team being punished for playing the best game against GSW…unbelievable

  738. Don’t forget he’s the tank.commander! And Kobe’s the real coach

  739. i just don’t care any more

  740. BS did it on purpose. bench lin to prevent the team from winning games without kobe. why would you bench your better players when you are shorthanded if you try to win games.

  741. be honest we just suck

  742. They struggled because you sat them too long !!!

  743. Like your thoughts, optimistic but make more sense, I have to agree with you

  744. BS never hesitate threw his players under the bus except Kobe and Price.

  745. one of BS characteritic is blaming his player..

  746. Good news if it’s true

  747. 🙁

  748. he’s so shameless.

  749. really sick of him.

  750. lin still with 19 mpg

  751. What is there to loose now? If Lin is going to be a back up, I would rather he goes to a better team and leave this toxic and sick environment.

  752. if lin’s benched, they won’t many win games, and they can glorify kobe again saying his teammates are all trash. i think that’s their plan.

  753. He might well just speak up now, otherwise, it will be too late.

  754. i know its where we are

  755. I think this lays out the whole and only agenda….Kobe, Kobe, and Kobe. Even fatigued, Kobe could still insist on a cameo appearance, but I believe he decided on a no-show just so Scott could get away with saying this. And I finally really do believe that Scott left out his most capable players to make this “no Kobe, no win” fabrication look good. That the FO is apparently completely OK with this makes me think that in addition to just tanking they still have some neurotic attachment to Kobe that keeps them trying to believe the Emperor is still wearing clothes that they can proudly hang in their Laker museum.

  756. The only thing to be hoped about that is that they lose yet again with Kobe.

  757. really BS–we were at d game…we came all d way from NYC to watch JLin and u benched him…u did not give him a chance to play-SMH…hello and merry christmas everyone–my first time to post here….

  758. I just thought about the same thing!

  759. Welcome this site is great, enjoy!

  760. While the Lakers are stuck with Kobe’s contract due to underestimating his damage to TV ratings, they can still cut loss by hiring a real coach for next season and empowering him to to put Kobe to the bench (as a clause of the contract). This means Scott has to be fired sometime before next season when his mission is fully accomplished, which is to expose the incompetence of Kobe. For the Lakers, winning is always more important than even a first round pick !

  761. For kobe I understand but for Price??? I’ve been thinking maybe Price is related to BS? Like a step-son maybe?

  762. On Knicks….they really need Lin to save them

  763. We just have to stop with this “speak up” stuff. “Whiners” speak up…that’s how it is perceived. You complain when you can’t cut it is what the press and many bbal fans say. He gives a few pointed remarks, and that’s the best and most professional and self-protective thing he can do. The real business is done behind the scenes, and what can be done is certainly being done, and we are not going to hear about it until it happens.

  764. BTW….Bulls are way better than I thought they are. Can play fast and slow, can play small and big.

  765. Didnt Fisher said he is not worry….lol

  766. they could of blown us out at any time. the 10 point lead was a tease

  767. Whiners do not think they are whining….

  768. well the difference is that they have a real coach.

  769. I have resigned to the Lakers’ decision to protect Kobe and ensure their investment get the expected return no matter what, including ruining the stats of all role players on the team.

    Jeremy has to deal with it, find a balance and ensure his FG% doesn’t regress too much. If he had to sit because of back injury then sit and nurse the injury. After all, the Lakers don’t need him to carry the load(he obviously couldn’t) and save the team from embarrassing blowout losses.

    Just stay healthy, Jeremy. Just endure another season and we all your true fans will support you wherever you are.

  770. They really are. Don’t look like an eastern conf team. Maybe with gasol and Brooks, center of mass changed. Mirotic had been solid ask season.

  771. Always something to gain. I am all for play as much as he can.

  772. Good on ya for showing up to represent for Jeremy! Welcome.

  773. Welcome

  774. If he can play then play, otherwise, don’t do too much to aggravate the back or whatever injuries he quietly suffering now.

  775. The line is not really clear. I don think he is that stupid to play injured.

  776. Hello. Get your money’s worth by hanging with us!

  777. I think something is bothering him. His misses are uncharacteristic..

  778. Even for a non bball expert like myself, I find the game rather slow and boring… Rose also plays at a slower pace, smart.

  779. It happens….besides shooting….really he played pretty good.

  780. They used the big line up, hence slower….LAL just got beaten in the paint…..

  781. BS can keep blaming all the other players on Kobe’s team, but it has gotten too thin. I think the way he mismanages has a large enough sample now for almost everybody to pretty much see through. He’s Kobe’s mini-me and everybody else is collateral damage.

  782. He plays well because he is calmer and reads the game flow much better. Shooting wise, he’s obviously hurting but not sure where, maybe his back.

  783. He’s a 9-year journeyman who is happy to still be making a living in the NBA. You don’t hear a peep out of him. He’s not blowing his own horn, he’s said nothing about any of his teammates, he is not outshining Kobe in the slightest. He keeps his head down and focuses on staying employed. He’s the perfect placeholder. And you can’t blame him for that. Blame Kobe, Scott, and the FO.

  784. yeah, i feel bs is like a clown bad guy that usually only exists in movies. unreal to see a real live one like him. kobe is unreal too, a 5 time champion so insecure to do all this.

  785. So true. And that’s why we never hear Jeremy whining, because he is intelligent and conscious and self-aware and educated about business. He knows what his mouth is doing and only uses that weapon when it will actually accomplish something. He really is the best!

  786. i bet he tried really hard to say this with a straight face.

  787. I’m with you. Feel so much confidence for the team when he has the rock and is calling the plays. too many wasted assists today.

  788. yes, not subtle at all.

  789. I love that part, when he has control and you know something good Will happen. Then I bum out with the team misses.

  790. Kobe wants to be Kim Jung-un
    Scott wants to be Kim Jung-un’s brown-noser

  791. welcome 🙂
    sorry you got to watch the game in person where BScott didn’t trust Lin more min
    Merry Christmas!

  792. PFV said one theory could be his aggressive/speedy type of play expends a lot of energy that sometimes he needs to rest within games.

    That could be true. But let’s hope Lin bucks the trend tomorrow

  793. Idiot Byron…and idiot FO. After all, they have to be complicit or it would change…at least to some degree. But nothing changes.

  794. Boycott Kobe and Scott

    Money talks

  795. My thought too.

  796. His constant blaming of the players has got to eventually if not already effected the teams moral.

  797. I have my friend’s son 1 yo bday celebration in India come early Feb and I was thinking about getting the parents and the bday boy Lakers jersey. But with the NBA and Lakers mistreatment on Jeremy. I say no deal.

  798. Wise idea.
    Even if it might not matter much, Lin fans need to find a way to let Lakers know we don’t approve of how they misuse Lin

  799. I will get Messi or Ronaldo’s jerseys instead and most likely tweet it. :))

  800. You can still get versions of nyj 17, non authentic.

  801. Kids know messi

  802. Lin stunk tonight and missed a big opportunity. The whole team did

  803. That’s on you. If you read posts like mine or webattorney, you’d know u should stay home

  804. Good post actually makes some sense

  805. so that was the reason someone was taking care of him prior to the start of the game…he was stretched on the floor and then someone was helping him exercise and kinda massage his back……..we were at the game

  806. who are you? a prophet?

  807. DAL PreGame Thread+Poll is now open.

    Lin and the 2nd unit didn’t play well tonight so they couldn’t get a lot of minutes.
    Bad games happened so let’s move on to tomorrow’s game.

    Hopefully Lin will regroup and play well tomorrow w/ only 19 min tonight (despite being a B2B game)
    Let’s come back strong, JLin!

  808. Agreed

  809. tell @Lakers and @JennieBuss that Lin fans will stop buying Lin jerseys until they stop mistreating him

  810. I’m an idiot then.

  811. that’s exactly what I will tweet about!!

  812. awesome 😀

  813. Great post that will fall on deaf ears here or go over most posters heads

  814. t’ was our christmas gift from our chicago family and we had fun….we would not wanna miss it for anything ……hmmm-just saw this site 🙂

  815. thanx…. we had fun despite d laker’s loss…..kobe was there but he was not interacting much with the players-just sitting on the edge…Jlin and boozer seem close…they were always talking with each other

  816. not any nba jersey. the nba hasn’t been treating Jeremy fairly.

  817. thanx…yep..just saw this site…we used to visit the other site..seems like all of you moved here..

  818. thanx..

  819. It’s so obvious but the lin fans and posters are in denial

  820. despite the loss–we had fun tho…d stadium is really packed considering it’s christmas..many came to celebrate over there…we were at the pent house and many families in the other rooms had their christmas celebrations there….heard some screaming Jlin’s name

  821. thanx

  822. thanks for the info.
    Yeah, Lin and Boozer got closer once they got relegated to the 2nd unit.
    They knew Kobe gave the green light to Byron to do it

    Kobe is back living on an island not trusting his teammates.

  823. Glad u had fun. Then no need to smh if you had fun! Lin is being phased out of the lakers. I guess you didn’t get the memo yet. Just followkhuangs posts,

  824. An experienced NBA Bball watcher

  825. Lin, Swaggy and the bench certainly didn’t play well tonight.
    But yes, bad games happen.

    Gotta keep fighting tomorrow since the leash will be short to prepare for the “Lakers need Kobe back” message.

  826. felt bad for boozer tho…whenever he would shoot or his name is announced –d crowd boooooed him….

  827. Psalm, I like your optimism but khuang has it right. I see what he sees. Lin will change teams this summer

  828. oh yeah, I have no doubt Lin should change teams this summer if he’s not traded first per Kobe’s order.

    I only meant to say Lin gotta fight for his minutes and stats knowing the current agenda to reduce his minutes and not utilize his strength. No other way around it.

  829. yeah, it was also loud and clear on TV.
    I guess they really didn’t think Boozer contributed much there in CHI.
    But he’s an experienced vet so he’ll be ok :]

  830. Messi or Neymer !!

  831. That’s BS, either way you take it.

  832. Yes, simply BS.

  833. Welcome, but so sorry to hear that. Wish I could return my lakers 17 jersey. Just stream and only watch when Lin is playing.

  834. I think they were saying boooz.

  835. That’s true. Many of us migrated us for good:-)

  836. Believe that is the routine pregame stretched. Can sometimes find from fan cam.

  837. Lin is free to choose his own team this off season so staying or not it’s up to Lin not Kobe or Lakers. Quite frankly right now with his mistreatment it’s a no! It’s obvious Lin only a 1 year rental.

  838. No Neymar and James? XD

  839. I keep saying JLin passes too much when he has a better shot.

  840. Wow Knicks actually have a worst record? So who’s really tanking Lakers or Knicks LMAO oh wait Knicks don’t even have picks until…..years later so they can’t even tanking Wahahaha.

  841. always happen when facing old team, besides this game Booz has been consistent with his double double disproving that BS decision.

  842. Better updates, mods, and no trolls XD

  843. I heard Price was on Scott’s previous team and was picked by him so that pretty much explains why he wants to prove Price is a starter.

  844. Just politics….like every other office job.

  845. He knows why both him and Lin were benched tonight!

  846. It’s smart cause NBA players will aim for your injuries if they know about.

  847. Then I hope it’s before trade deadline!

  848. lol. he’s trying to be SAS all by himself.

  849. ah, I see … now about the JLin7 logo one. Is that being sold anywhere? JL7 needs to do that!

  850. well, it’s safer here. You can ask or express without as much the defense/offense thing going on between posters. Someone posted a great reminder, that he/she can let her kids roam around here and then I’m reminded to be kinder sweeter for the kids sake. Uncles and aunties while we battle each other to the death jk 🙂

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