Game 29 Atlanta Hawks vs Brooklyn Nets: The Return

Jeremy Lin is no longer listed in the injury list as questionable or probable so he should be ready to play in the Nets game, It will be the first time he is back to play at his previous team’s homecourt after he got traded so it should be an interesting game to watch.

Let’s hope Jeremy can play healthy and contribute well in this important game.


  1. Praying for a good, healthy game today. 🙏

  2. Behind the scenes with the YES production team, as they ready for today’s Nets game:

  3. Everyone is very aware of the build-up and hype surrounding Lin’s “homecoming” game. Hope Lin can put on a good show for everyone.

  4. Hope Jlin gets enough minutes to get into a rhythm

  5. Kenny making some jokes about John Sterling 🤣

  6. Wow, Lin not even sugarcoating things like he usually does. This confirms again, my assertion that Marks backstabbed Lin, lied to him, and betrayed him. Hopefully he takes it out on the Nets today.

  7. Nets bench 3rd in NBA for points. Not bad for a tanking team. Of course, some guy name Lin is playing PG on the Hawks bench.

  8. links please

  9. That’s a good one. Occasionally that one goes out. There are others on Reddit’s free NBA stream. Best to go with the verified ones, they seem most reliable.

  10. Shoot, I meant to say Hawks bench 3rd in NBA for points. Thanks for the correx.

  11. god bless reddit. remember when we had to go to worse sites

  12. Should be interesting matchup – 2 guys not known for any defensive effort Trae and DLo – the might just let each other score at will.

    If Trae has some early success against DLo then JLIN won’t see much time

  13. i have a hatred for the nets now. particularly Atkinson

  14. Why Atkinson? He’s not the GM. Misplaced hatred.

  15. whose the gm?

  16. Nothing against Kenny.

    It’s Sean Marks and Joe Tsai

  17. Sean Marks

  18. ok. hatred has been transferred lmao

  19. Nets and Sarah Kustoc – said some nice things about JLIN and what could have been

  20. Trae giving DLo all the room in the world for 3s

  21. Lin gets a nice applause from the crowd. He’s in.

  22. Lets keep going Nets so that you can get JLIN in

  23. He didn’t even cover D’Lo on the 3. Dedmon was on D’Lo.

  24. First one smart guy

  25. Lin fans, many of us, feel hurt as well by the unexpected abandonment of Lin by the Nets.

  26. Lin in after Hawks are down by 6 at 7:48 1Q. 9-15

  27. hawks are incompetent without lin

  28. Yep, that’s generally how it’s done on the Hawks

    JLIN never sees the floor if the starters are competitive in the first q – rarely happens tho

  29. Sigh.

  30. Hawks is the worst team Lin has ever been on..I laugh at anyone who think it’s not that bad or it could be worst.

  31. Nets are way better than Hawks. Lin getting the ball to Collins, but he’s met with Nets defenders.

  32. hawks not playing defense. having miscommunication

  33. It could be worse in terms of Lin’s playing time and role. We know the Hawks are a bad team.

  34. Game is still early

  35. How I wish Harris and Allen are playing WITH Lin!

  36. He’s never had it any worse than it currently is…Playing for the worst team he’s been on and getting the less amount of minutes.

  37. Yes, but I think the Nets are better. I’ve watched most Nets games this season.

  38. This team is worst than the Lakers and the coach is terrible..At least Byron Scott gave Lin 26mpg..On this bad team, Lin can only get 18mpg.

  39. Of course they’re better. They’re on the 3rd year of the rebuild, while Hawks are on the 2nd year. Lin also helped the Nets establish a good culture before being dumped by Marks like garbage.

  40. Nets definitely a better team.

  41. Yup, and it will be with the Hawks, like the Lakers, Rockets, Hornets…

  42. By the w/l perhaps since ATL is TANKING

    Both teams are very evenly ranked both in OFF/DEF in the NBA

  43. Why is Vince Carter a part of the rotation?..Why isn’t Anderson playing instead of him?

  44. Agree with everything you said.

  45. He is a former Nets. For dramatic effect?

  46. Bench is beginning to play somewhat better now. But aren’t getting stops.

  47. nets making everything but momentum is slowly switching

  48. I’m going by coaches. Lin hasn’t played for every coach. Some coaches may not play at all. We’re covered this ground before. Just explaining Lin’s role vs. how bad the Hawks are.

  49. This is the Hawks’ smallball “death lineup” a certain basketball genius promotes constantly. Without a center, they get destroyed inside by a good big like Jarrett Allen.

  50. If JLIN leads a comeback, y’all gonna still say Nets much better?

    Nets and Hawks actually real similar in various statistical categories

  51. Harris is terrific.

  52. Lin 2 pts

  53. Nets have been practicing shooting 3s

  54. Hawks scored 21 points this quarter. Not terrible. They may get a few more. But the Nets scored 42 so far. Hawks are horrid defensively

  55. Another 40+ points first quarter given up by the Hawks.

  56. We’re on the same wavelength.

  57. Lin sits after 6 min

  58. It’s obvious to anyone that they don’t come out prepared to play D.

  59. Starters -16ish and bench -8ish after Q1

  60. Man, I hope Lin can be traded out of there..Not getting minute on the worst team in the NBA will kill his chance of getting a decent contract next summer.

  61. exactly

  62. its like lin is swimming up stream with this team.

  63. JLIN will be traded, ATL FO is not that stupid

  64. Lin got 6 minutes, Trae got 5. Stop whining about minutes, especially when Lin is getting minutes on his 2nd game back from injury.

  65. Have some respect, Zcode was not whining

  66. Are Nets that much better than Hawks?
    It’s disheartening watching the 1Q, 23-42

  67. exactly..Those are the Lin fan who swear things can be worst than this situation…I’m more annoyed at them than the Hawks…I get what the Hawks are doing but some of these Lin fan don’t understand how bad it will be on Lin to not be getting 20-25 minute on the worst team in the NBA.

  68. Not as much as the score indicates. Nets were hot from the perimeter. But they also rebounded well and got inside.

  69. Forget about defense, Man, I don’t see how this Hawks offense can survive in this league in the near future.

    Man, the tanking force is strong.

  70. The Hawks are simply garbage….Worst team Lin ever been on.

    Let’s hope he gets traded from this pile of you know what.

  71. Well Trae doesn’t have an 0-fer from 3s tonight at least

  72. More like Lin fans who don’t ignore and/or forget that Lin got 25+ minutes per game before his ankle and back injuries.

    More like Lin fans who don’t whine and complain about Lin’s minutes after coming back from injuries.

    But go ahead and keep spamming and whining. Not like it’s going to do anything but annoy yourself and others who don’t cry non-stop about Lin’s situation with the Hawks.

  73. Tired of announcers saying, “Trae has unlimited range, can shoot it anywhere from the court”…kek. He has to make the shots…anyone can shoot from anywhere on the court.

  74. Last game the BOS color commentor said exactly what you just did ha

  75. lmao well his percentage is about the same from anywhere which is like 23 percent from where ever after the 3 line.

  76. Dude, are you blind..Lin is averaging 18mpg, enough said..Byron Scott gave him more minute per did McHale and some of you guys whine about them but somehow, the current situation is not that bad?

  77. Well, I think people keep hoping for better for Lin and are never satisfied with his minutes or see him frozen out and such. It’s not that I’m satisfied with Lin’s minutes but if and when Lin goes elsewhere and gets a bunch DNP CD’s, don’t say I didn’t warn you of that possibility.

    Fans will have different opinions. Your energy is best served not judging other fans, but respecting different positions and perspectives. All just my opinion. I do value your input as a Lin fan.

  78. Byron was horrid. He bounced Lin around and gave him no respect. He also DNP CD Lin one game for no reason and put him on the injured list when Lin wasn’t injured.

  79. We might have a game here soon

  80. He’s averaging 18 minutes because he wasn’t ready to play tons of minutes early in the season and had to be ramped up by Pierce. He is also averaging that because he had 2 injuries already this season. But people like you ignore these facts and reality, only looking at stat sheet.

  81. Haws are finally getting some pts on the score boad

  82. Ed Davis is a monster rebounding machine

  83. Nets lead is somewhat more manageable as Nets hot shooting has cooled off some.

  84. Lin has always played around 18mpg no matter whether he was healthy or not…Trae Young development will always block Lin from getting 20-25 minute per game…That’s the problem u seem to not understand…Lin minute is block by the tanking development project

  85. He was supposed to be playing WITH Lin! 🙁

  86. It’s pointless arguing with a whiner like you. You ignore the games where Lin was averaging 20-25 minutes per game and only complain about his season average so you can keep your narrative going and keep whining.

  87. I’d rather play for a coach who will give me 25mpg than a coach who respect me but can’t give me 25 minute per game..At least, I can control my destiny and play for my next contract.

  88. Otherwise, I hope he could build good stats for next contract…

  89. If you were smart enough, you would realize Lin has no potential to get consistent 25 minute as a Hawks..But I guess you’re not, so I’ll stop arguing with you.

  90. JLIN’s squad stemmed the bleeding and settled down the team.

    The discouraging aspect of this team is that even if JLIN stems the bleeding and allows a turnaround to happen, JLIN will never be allowed to finish a win — frustrating

  91. It’s hilarious how you actually think McHale and Scott were better for Lin than Pierce, just because he averaged more minutes. Shows how little you know about the situations Lin was in with the Rockets, Lakers, and Hawks.

  92. Lin is on a rehab season. I don’t know what minutes LP ultimately has in mind but that has to be taken into account. There were two injuries with Lin as well. Early in the season, Lin didn’t have it. LP is much better than Byron Scott. He was horrible.

  93. I’m done with you guys..Don’t reply to my comment..No point in arguing with u guys.

  94. Problem with Lin’s squad was no stops and the Nets were shooting lights out from the perimeter. I think Lin is in the – in +/-.

  95. That’s how Trae needs to get his 3s now, just get some low BBIQ player like DLo to foul you when chuucking your threes

  96. If you want it that way but I’ve been respectful. Debate is healthy if respectful.

  97. It is strange. When Lin played, Hawks could not get a buck, Nets could not miss

    When Lin is out, Hawks could not miss, Nets could not get a buck

  98. When JLIN left the floor his plus/minus was HALF of the starters minuis

  99. Dedmon on fire

  100. Hawks gave up an open lane for RHJ to drive in, unguarded.

  101. Trae is playing decent..this mean less than 20 minute for Lin.

  102. Trae’s not playing like a bonehead so far, so that’s a positive

  103. Lin would have attempted to take a charge there…

  104. Trae playing well, 5 assists already.

  105. Trae is a better facilitator than scorer. That is what he does best.

  106. Trae has 4 assist and 6 tight..bad sign for Lin…Unfortunately, as Lin fan, we are reduce to hoping Trae doesn’t play too well for Lin to even get 20 minute…So sad.

  107. It’s 5:00 2Q… Will Lin be back in the game?

  108. nope

  109. He’s finally starting to adjust. Less super far 3 chucks, more dishing and driving. Keep it simple, like Lin does so well.

  110. I don’t know about in the half. This squad has the game closer.

  111. Nope..Trae is playing well..Lin’s minute is heavily tight to how Trae is playing.

  112. Every game is the “game” that Trae finally starts to “adjust” for the Trae Huggers

  113. Lin is mentoring him. Not in the direct way that some thought, but it’s obvious he is.

  114. This type of post is unproductive. There are no damned Trae Huggers here.

  115. Nets may be the better team, but they are still struggling to make playoffs as a team. Nets defense is bad too.

  116. watch your language

  117. Is Jeremy still on this team??

  118. Sometimes it’s needed for emphasis.

  119. He just had 3rd foul, perhaps Lin will be in

  120. He got traded or what

  121. He’s just trying to troll and get a rise out of me and you. That’s all he and his ilk do around here. Nothing productive, nothing enlightening.

  122. No trade news so far. Lin played 6 min. in the 1Q.

  123. good TrolLin

  124. lol, I was asking he same thing

  125. What an o-boards series for Hawks, too bad Bembry finally missed that 3 would have been big

  126. Lead down to 6 now.

  127. Put Lin in the game LP, damn…

  128. Bembry and Bazemore just looked off the open players while trying to juggle and go 1vs1. What horrible teammates.

  129. This is a 4 point game. Wow.

  130. Pierce is thinking…it’s because Lins not in the game that Hawks caught up.

  131. Hawks star player is resting. Let the Rookie deal with these nets

  132. Lin played much more under Byron Scott and Kevin McHale…Respect means more playing time..If you don’t give me minute, you don’t respect my game.

  133. Now will everyone who said Nets are absolutley the better team in Q1 take it back?

    Stats dont lie , these teams are evenly matched

  134. trea play ok and gets all the minutes. trade lin already

  135. Lin needs to shoot more when he is out there

  136. exactly..but some Lin fan believe it can be worst than this horrible situation

  137. I say the same thing every time.

  138. the only reason it isnt terrible is becase trea has been terrible

  139. I had a feeling that Trae would have a bit more freedom because Nets are a poor defensive squad, they have allowed Trae to dribble around, unlike a good Defensive team that shakes Trae to his foundations like a BOSTON defense

  140. yup..I’ve always stated Trae is due to improve, even marginally..Once that happens, Lin is done

  141. JLIN is done, in that the ATL FO can have the freedom to trade JLIN more willingly if Trae plays better

  142. i dont think so. just against teams like this. its the same old for trea. this is dallas to him. lie lin years ago against athletic bigs

  143. Make more plays, be more active in the offense. If he’s getting assists even or just making plays then it seems his presence is felt more. Trae’s not shooting that much. He’s getting assists. Lin took 2 shots in about 6 minutes. If he had say, 24 minutes, that’s an average of 8 shots. That’s low.

  144. Lin’s agent needs to get active and let Schleng know his client would like a trade.

  145. Doing well is the best “revenge”.
    But Lin can’t “do well” without fair playtime on the court.
    6 minutes in 1Q and 0 minute in 2Q.
    Lin is not afforded the opportunity to perform

  146. Hawks playing with fire and intensity now.

  147. Here we are back in Brooklyn and JLIN gets the fewest minutes on the team

  148. Hey, it can be worst according to some on here..

  149. Yep, lol

  150. alex len has lower but i get them mix up as well sometimes lmao jkjk

  151. I am more interested in Lin’s performance.

    1Q 6 min
    2Q 0 min. Lin was benched and 42-year old Carter was not. Go figure.

  152. Hawks played a solid 2Q. Unfortunately, Lin did not play in the 2Q. Nets cooled off and Hawks got in a rhythm in the 2Q.

  153. Maybe Lin is on minute restriction…

  154. lol

  155. Perpetual minutes restriction

  156. Lin wasn’t necessarily benched. The game isn’t played that way. LP stayed with the hot hands and hot facilitator. The lead did go up when Lin was on, but I think that was due to Nets really hot shooting. I do think Lin should play every quarter 6-7 minutes.

  157. Lin needs to play the way he did as a laker. he was way too non nonchalant out there. this is a contract year bro

  158. He needs to become the 6 man shooting PG but unfortunately Bembry is the 6th man. It’s not going to get any better than this for Lin with the Hawks. Lin is 7th man at best…probably 8th man.

  159. Good to know. For a moment I thought you said Lin was on minute restriction.

  160. I am not watching the game any more today.

    Instead of being frustrated seeing Lin benched for Young, Bembery and Carter, I had better go out for some holiday shopping.

  161. Tell the coach to give him more minutes..He can’t shoot if he doesn’t get minutes.

  162. Funny isn’t it how when JLIN has the “hot hand” he never:
    – gets to finish a close game
    – gets pulled if Trae also makes some shots or doesn’t overly bungle his minutes

  163. Bembry is in for energy and defense. And he’s part of the young core. I take what I can get this season. Maybe Lin plays a lot more the second half. I don’t know.

  164. It hurts to read what Lin said…

  165. Sick and tired of this team…I never thought I’d say Byron Scott was much better to Lin than this current coach

  166. trea is there investment. its expected

  167. Like Bitcoin.

  168. I just don’t think it’s advantageous for Lin’s optics to be an efficient scoring 7th/8th man…vs high scoring 6th man position for any team for that matter if he’s not a starter PG. For trade, optics would favor if he is a high scoring 6th man PG. imo

  169. exactly..double standard..This is why Lin gotta go..Lin minute will not improve much because of Trae Young and LP not wanting to play 2 PG.

  170. nets a bad team so i expected trea to play better. the hid trea away from russle and dinwidde. seem to wor but he got quick fouls. then they put him on three point shooters.

  171. I hope you know I was joking right??…More toward those who think this situation is not the worst situation Lin has ever been on.

  172. Trae is Awesome.

    Lin sucks balls. Can’t shoot. Can’t defend. Can’t even get more minutes than a rookie with 30 college games under his belt. Can’t even get minutes on the worst team in the NBA. Gets injured if he plays more than 5 minutes a game and needs to sit out for a month to recover. Lin probably couldn’t even get a starting job in China. 2 billion people in China,but none in the NBA. 500 million Europeans and 74 of them are in the NBA. No more Asians in the NBA,please. It’s embarrassing.

  173. Both the Nets and Hawks are notorious for collapsing in the 3rd Quarters

    … should be interesting

  174. Boot this guy

  175. Lin doesn’t want to be a high scorer, IMO. He scores when he feels the team needs it. He really loves to play defense and doesn’t seem to mind initiating plays but not getting the ball back. If you keep expecting the high-scoring Lin, you’ll be disappointed except for games Lin decides he’ll shoot and score a lot.

  176. Sorry, you’re way too obsessed with others. This is like the 5th post you’ve mentioned it. We get it, you don’t like or respect other opinions. But enough already.

  177. Let Trae play all 4 th quarter

  178. Agreed LOL

  179. Like pooping after eating!?!?

  180. Nets took a whopping 22 three pointers in first half – that’s huge.

    Nets missed a bunch … but Hawks have actually made the same number on fewer shots

  181. The hate is strong. But man, God loves you.

  182. Moderator, please get rid of the troll below

  183. The shooting percentage is higher for the Hawks than Nets. Both are over 50 percent. That’s interesting.

  184. Omg ouch

  185. Bet you that’s carmelo

  186. russells has 1 assist. the man is clearly a 2 gaurd

  187. He got triggered when I called him out on his silly comments and belief that McHale and Scott were better than Pierce is for Lin, simply because Lin played more average minutes on the Rockets and Lakers. Now he can’t stop spamming and trying to troll us.

  188. I hope the Hawks starters don’t collapse at the start of the 3rd so that JLIN can get some meaningful mins to put some points on the Nets before Pierce pulls JLIN for all of the 4th Quarter

  189. More attempted free throws really is the only difference maker.

  190. I’ve been saying he’s more of a SG when he got traded to the Nets.

  191. isnt that the reward lmao or what ever comes after the reward

  192. yup

  193. Absolutely. The Nets are much better when CLV or Din plays PG.

  194. Kim Jong Un has trained his body so he no longer has to defecate.

  195. lmao i heard that

  196. IMO, if somebody has a different opinion they do. And all comments can be debated. But after awhile, agree to disagree, and let’s get back to watching Lin on this team and hoping for good health and production for whatever amount of minutes he gets.

  197. I think is coming up that’s why they are sitting jeremy

  198. Nah, this place has become a toxic wasteland. It’s sad to say, but it’s more toxic here than it is on the other Lin site. The same clowns keep trolling, whining, arguing, and baiting.

  199. You mean a trade?

  200. Pierce loves to do this –

    Hawks go to Knicks == the site of Linsanity and doesn’t give JLIN minutes
    Hwaks go JLIN’s old team == gives him no minutes

  201. I do find a lot of negativity here, more than the old site. This is supposed to be a positive site. I don’t think the founder wanted this amount of negativity.

  202. Lin finally coming back in.

  203. Lin plz shoot

  204. Not surprise..This coach don’t respect Lin much..Always felt he didn’t think much of Lin as a player but unlike Byron Scott, LP is more diplomatic while Byron would say things that clearly shows he wasn’t a fan of Lin.

  205. Yes

  206. It won’t stop because the mods don’t show up often enough and they don’t delete / ban these trolls.

  207. How tall is Harris? Lin is guarding him.

  208. Bazemore still disrupting the bench

  209. i dont like lin taking himself out of the game like that. going to the three where he never gets it bac

  210. Listed as 6’6″. Lin has been guarding him from the get-go. Pierce puts Baze on the Nets’ PGs.

  211. Hopefully, Lin can make all his shots before getting pulled out the game for Trae who is having a good game, so no chance for Lin to finish or get past 20 minutes.

    Root for Lin to keep his 50%FG and 40% 3PTFG line

  212. Or Bembry.

  213. He should just play his game. He’s doing what he’s told to stand wait for the ball

  214. Well, yeah. Depends on who is in at the time.

  215. Lp is going to pull him in one min

  216. he is the pg. if he wanted to take the ball and shoot he could. if he makes it doubt coach says anything

  217. Might be

  218. There you go Lin. Get your points at the line.

  219. Jeeze if RHJ can make a 3 even

  220. At least Pierce cant pull JLIN when he’s shooting fouls

  221. He will doesn’t matter

  222. He needs to be aggressive

  223. Dedmon, finish from that Lin pass.

  224. This is his chance

  225. 2222222

  226. Disappointing to see. Dedmon has been playing well this game, but missed that gimme bucket pass from Lin.

  227. Lin is looking good this stint. Nice burst of speed there.

  228. Yeah

  229. Here comes trae

  230. LP, gotta play Lin longer.

  231. Lin out

  232. yea. game will be over soon

  233. wow..first turnover and Lin quickly get subbed out…How is LP not the worst coach Lin has ever played for??? Can someone please explain this to me?

  234. He can’t make a mistake shoot the ball lin

  235. Might not see JLIN again – STATs fine today though, but no 3s

  236. second unit today around lin not so good

  237. Fine 6 points ??

  238. The thing is, Lin was in a more aggressive mode. So he made a TO. Big deal. He was getting in a rhythm. That’s my big complaint about LP. Taking Lin out when he’s in rhythm. Lin’s 3-pt percentage will go down this game unless he plays another stint and hits one or two.

  239. dedmon not a good partner for lin today

  240. Lin is forcing to pass.

  241. Yep shoot the ballllll

  242. Looking on the brightside from this gawdawful situation — the more minutes Trae and Bembry dont sux – the easier the Hawks will make the decision to TRADE JLIN

  243. Even the NBA new shot clock rule after rebounds favor high scoring, shot volume in the modern NBA.

  244. yup..I’m happy he was 2 for 4..wished he had made 1 3point shot and a bit more assist.

    I’ve accepted that Lin will never get consistent minute as a Hawk..All we can do is root he can make all his shot and try to keep his 50/40 shooting % alive.

  245. lol i dont thin hawks that incompetent to buy into that. trade lin because he will leave but guess they are in no rush

  246. Your mom is awesome

  247. 11 mnutes and 6pts on 50% FG% does not hurt JLIN

  248. Truth is if the Hawks feel that they have no real point guards, then the universe of possible trades for JLIN shrinks because they need to get a PG back for JLIN…

    .. if Trae/Bembry play well then they can Trade JLIN for any player not just PG

  249. i see the way other teams tlk about trea. haws would have to be delusional

  250. Here comes the Hawks collapse – thank you Pierce

  251. LP took Lin out so Trae can get as many points and assist as possible…He’s responsible for Trae development and when Trae plays well, he looks good…If Trae bust, it’ll be somewhat on him for not devloping him right.

  252. Lead ballooned back up to 17.

  253. Even Dudly making 3s lol

  254. The only way Lin get even 15 minute is if Nets blows them out starting the 4th quarter..

    How bad is it for Lin fan when we have to hope for Lin’s team to get blown out just so we can see Lin play garbage minute…How sad is this situation?

  255. pretty bad but a blowout is common. this is a blowout just staying close. just hope nets finish it already

  256. Doesnt get any sadder

  257. I’m also rooting for Nets to finish them off as quick as possible so Lin can play the final 4 minutes…I feel terrible feeling this way.

  258. no pg lineup

  259. Huerter only took 3 shots this game so far, 1 3-point attempt. He should’ve been shooting a lot more.

  260. No PG line up again…Wow, this is crazy!!..So LP won’t even put Lin in the game…Wow!

  261. Almost like ATL, Pierce and the front office — go out of there way to put nails in the notion that JLIN in any way has the ability to relive his glory days:

    – give JLIN no minutes against the Knicks
    – give JLIN no chance to prove that he should/could have remained as the Nets starting PG

  262. Bembry is the PG.

  263. I don’t care what anybody say, LP is worse than McHale and Byron Scott..This is official…At least, Byron and McHale played Lin.

  264. Looks like Lin playing with minutes restriction. Pretty much the same playing time as the last game.

  265. LOL, this is what you got with no PG on the floor LOL

    LP, you deserve this

  266. Lin is a mental player, his confidence isn’t there right now.

  267. thank goodness. now possibility of lin goes up

  268. Absolutely, that series before the timeout was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen

  269. JLIN’s confidence is fine

  270. his confidence is fine. he isnt young anymore. its no playing time for rhythm thats messing him up

  271. I don’t think so.

  272. Lin in

  273. rhythm for Lin is a mental issue too. Always has been, affects his game.

  274. baze another tech lol

  275. he’s a bonehead

  276. Missed both FT…

  277. Taking himself out of the game, very mature. He has the makings of a star player.

  278. Lin doesn’t have his 3 pointer today.

  279. Lin’s playing well now, getting into the paint. I think he should try the midrange, he’s off on the 3s.

  280. *sigh* Bricked back to back free throws, then a 3.

  281. bad sequence though. lin has no rhythm today

  282. Lin’s not playing that well, to be honest. But agree needs to implement is midrange to get his offense going.

  283. Lin only got 13 minutes hard to blame him for no rhythm

  284. I like his activity better. He’s more aggressive.

  285. Lin out

  286. lol why trea n there

  287. pad stat?

  288. It was inevitable and probable with that last run…

  289. U call that well?

  290. Don’t get how he misses the FTs. Lin has to focus. He can make them in his sleep.

  291. For his defense.

  292. lmao

  293. ive never seen someone play there starters at this point with that deficit

  294. Mentally for any athlete, coming back from the team that traded you as a starter to a bench player behind Trae, I’m sure there is a lot on his mind, even if he doesn’t say so…Just like he WAS hurt when they traded him and to see Dinwiddie that he helped along the way take his position…no matter how generous Lin is, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some feelings toward the situation. I’m not making excuses for him, but he is human.

  295. Trae has to get that stat

  296. If ATL doesn’t play their starters with that deficit — then the starters will NEVER play

  297. Makes little sense to me. Bring in Dorsey, the rookie PG and call it a day.

  298. lin only got 13 minutes he need to get in rythm

  299. Lin killed the Knicks when he played them as a Rocket. Lin doesn’t really have it today but I thought he was beginning to play with more aggression before he was pulled. His D, has not been up to his standard, though.

  300. Trae back at his 33% FG average – the little fellow is consistent though

  301. I will be ticked off if Lin comes back in to play garbage there is no point except for building up stats or improves his back or some sht

  302. Well, not a fan but Russell has a big game. So far 30 points and 7 assists. And 0 TOs.

  303. lol trea getting the blowout minutes as well now

  304. LOL…They want to pad his stats to get his double double.

  305. wow 141

  306. exactly, LP can not make him look bad

    has to have the beautiful stat

  307. Pierce had a plan to how he wanted to give a handful of minutes to JLIN back in Brooklyn and he executed it to perfection

  308. I get the sense LP needs to justify Lin’s low minute so he’s doing everything to keep Lin off rhythm so to bring down his %…The fact that Lin can not get more minute on this team is so sad.

  309. they have no use for him while taning and draftng a pg. its makes all the sense

  310. Yep, the Double Double was the goal

  311. hoping a trade happen because a full season of this will be unbearable

  312. Following Lin’s NBA path, makes me disappointed about human nature

  313. Thanx LP for making Lin memorable return to Brooklyn so enjoyable…Thx for the minutes.

    Lin should be grateful for playing for such a great organization and a great coach.

  314. Lin talking to CLV and Dinwiddie after the game.

  315. This is worse than Lakers. At least they could use Kobe as the excuse as the best player to suppress Lin on the team, but for the Hawks…Lin is the best player on the team.

  316. The Hawks will TRADE JLIN, I’m convinced of it … he is worth at least a low first round draft pick and they will try to get something for JLIN.

    We will be off this team within a month or so

  317. that will be a happy day

  318. Problem is that NBA doesn’t think Lin has that much value. Except to help revenue for tanking teams.

  319. Honestly, Lin didn’t play well in this game. He missed too many FTs and 3

  320. 144-124 final score.

  321. It almost feels like the Hawks are trying to sabotage Lin’s career.

    If they were smart, they’d play him a bit more just to showcase him for a trade…they not even doing that.

  322. We shall see, NBA teams already looking at JLIN and his stats

  323. LP game plan didn’t allow Lin to drive

  324. he played 13 minutes. 7 in a strecth the team played no defense. the rest was after a long sit. i give him a pass but he should shoot when he is in

  325. Or as a salary dump and marketing for revenue.

  326. Knife that cuts both ways — ATL must prove they can live without JLIN, that doesn’t square with playing him too much

  327. just checked the game detail, this is Lin’s PT in Brooklyn:

    1Q 6 min
    2Q 0 min
    3Q 4 min
    4Q 3 min

    All for a total13 min., while 40-year old Carter had 18 min. and Bembry 29 min!

  328. Ridulous team these Hawks

  329. It is worst than Lakers by a huge margin…As I’ve stated, Byron may had not liked Lin but he played him and this is all that matter.

    I would rather play for a coach who didn’t like my game but still gave me enough minute to help myself instead of a coach who liked me but simply couldn’t find the minute for me.

  330. The salary dump was the Hawks, the next team will b because they need JLIN

  331. Unless there is a justified minute restriction rationale, this is so UNACCEPTABLE!

  332. Agree, it seems Lin keep playing moderately if he couldn’t hit 3.

  333. talking about lins health. his driving looks iffy to me like he is not 100 percent trusting his body

  334. else that would be 12 points for him

  335. Honestly, Lin couldn’t play “well” in this game. He got too little minutes:

    1Q 6 min
    2Q 0 min
    3Q 4 min
    4Q 3 min

  336. Mostly this season his drives have ended up in scores or getting fouled as it should be – he is expecting contact – and each time that he takes contact and gets up he gains more confidence that the contact won’t hurt him

  337. I really like VC but he is not fundamentally sound. Ulike Shane Battier or Andre Iguodala, he doesn’t anchor the defense nor does he do much on offense. On any other team with a half decent coach he would be riding the bench. LP thru and thru.

  338. Pierce has shown his true colors with their intentions are with Lin, with Bembry rotating in for Lin’s minutes, as Atkinson did with Levert rotation for Lin’s playing time during Nets. Now he plays Russell and Dinwiddie as the PG’s. I don’t think Atkinson had Lin’s best interest at heart but more of his interest for a rebuilding team. They never had Lin in their long term plans but could get him at a decent price as a starting PG developing young players until they got who they really wanted…another young PG…Russell for now. It was obvious from Atkinson’s rotations for Lin even when Lin was on fire on both sides of the ball.

  339. Poster on RealGM said you can really tell that Lin was loved by the young guys (on the Nets).

  340. he seem weaker on some drives then others

  341. Been saying this for a while now..LP minute for Lin disrupt rhythm..It is even a miracle Lin was able to shoot well under these circumstance.

  342. It’s going to take time. Lin is not trusting his body now and probably won’t until late in the season, wherever he may end up.

  343. The harder he goes up – the harder he will get hit.

    JLIN probably trying to find a happy medium

  344. Trae Young Defensive Highlights: (cue point is only 3 points Russell scored while Lin was on floor through first three quarters of game, and looks like Lin and other bench players had to adjust to play with another D-Leaguer (Daniel Hamilton) in their rotation, too: )

  345. well, this is what I’m sayin..
    take full advantage of hawks health organization with chelesa etc..and then just when well, jet.

  346. idk. its his legs they seem a bit weaker in strength. he may need to deal with that in the offseason

  347. I said from the very beginning one of these 2 starting PGs would have a stellar evening — because they are both AWFUL defenders…

    .. guess DLo won that one

  348. You guys are giving way too much credit and credence to Chelsea …Acting like she’s the reason Lin is not out for the season already…I mean, come on, it’s so bad for Lin fan that we have to be happy Lin has Chelsea as medical girl..LOL

  349. He was always more of a scorer. He does ok in terms of making plays and passes from time to time. I agree with you, overall.

  350. I’m thinking they’ll get stronger as the season progresses. We’re still quite pretty early into the season.

  351. Agree, unless JLIN personally publicly thanks her – she is no different than any other trainer for JLIN — if JLIN is healhy it’s because he put in the work during his own rehab.

    Should we fault her for the ankle and back strains?

  352. you notice it right. like he is about to fall down with contract. that didnt happen before

  353. LOL

  354. I think things have been so bad this year that some will look hard to find anything that would make them believe things could be worse.

    Chelsea Lane is suppose to be what all we Lin fan should be thankful about.

    Lin is on the worst team he’s ever been on and he’s also playing the less amount of minute since his rookie year with the Warriors…So things are really bad.

  355. Agree, why wasn’t he playing earlier in the season? They could have gotten him acclimated physically earlier too.

  356. J. Anderson played 3mins and score 6pts too.

  357. This guy must be a Nets superfan …

  358. Lin cannot have a bad game?

  359. Interesting tweet from Jeremy re the Nets …

  360. Nice gesture and greeting by Mr. Whammy, the Nets famous fan, for Vince Carter and Jeremy Lin

  361. Utah Jazz is another team Lin is being linked to..Someone on NBA TV brought up Lin’s name as a trade target for the Jazz who need another play-maker to help out second year pro Donovan Mitchell.

    Marco Rubio is their main PG but not having a good year…He still can’t shoot and only averaging 12ppg and 6 assist on 39%FG and 31% 3PTFG.

    Exum is their back-up PG but he also can’t shoot, just like Rubio…Maybe trade him for Lin straight up.

    Dante Exum was somewhat highly regarded when Utah drafted him 3 year ago and now’ he’s seen as a bust.

  362. My stomach crunched knowing how hurtful Lin felt then…

    Will not forgive Traitor Joe and company

  363. phew …than goodness. as long as theres rumors means theres interest

  364. This trade scenario sending Lin to Utah is not sourced by a credible outlet..It was the NBA TV guy just opining Utah Jazz could really use Lin’s production because they want to make the playoff.

    As far as we know, no one knows whether the Hawks are even interested in taking calls for Lin, unlike Philly with Fultz and Bulls and Jabary Parker.

    I fear the Hawks may have no interest in moving Lin and simply want his contract to expire without having to take on any other contract…..They also will want a PG as good as Lin inreturn which could make a deal harder to pull.

    If Lin wasn’t making so much, I’d say Lin should ask for a buy-out since Hawks has no plan on giving Lin serious minutes.

  365. well. it depends on asing price and need. trade deadline is not close

  366. Brian Lewis seems to have questioned Jeremy extensively ….

  367. JLIN very magnanimous toward Joe Tsai

    Joe Tsai, it is up to you to do the right thing:
    First, take majority ownership of the Nets early
    Second, FIRE Sean Marks
    Third, have the new GM sign JLIN to a contract

  368. Very cool. And they really needed to make just 1 poster. All they had to do was to tilt the “V” in Vinsanity to an “L” for Linsanity

  369. Trader Joe’s Spiced Cider is da Bomb! Traider Joe’s Nets not so much

  370. nets now is not looking at JLIN and will not even be, EVEN if Joe Tsai becomes the full owner. They will get a much younger version of Jlin in what ever form or size.(my thought only others can have their own..LOL)

  371. I have no doubt Jeremy Lin was a big factor to influence Ed Davis to come to Brooklyn. Ed Davis had no problem helping Lin in the opposing team to get up.

    Their Pick-and-Roll chemistry in Lakers was the best in Lin’s career. #whatcouldhavebeen
    Ed knew in LA that they could help each other’s career. It was so good that Byron Scott had to split them because they were destroying the LA tank.

  372. I’m convinced that Ed Davis has number 17 because of Lin. 🙂
    Ed Davis had jersey numbers 32 with the Raptors and Grizzlies. Then #21 while with Lin at Lakers. ED started using #17 after that.

  373. The revenge game that wasn’t. 13 minutes, 6-0-4-3.

    This is like deja-vu all over again. The Hawks are as bad as that first year of Brook-Lin when Lin was out. Or even last year, when the Nets still weren’t playing great as a team. Young, inexperienced, under-developed skills. The Hawks are where the Nets were 2 years ago.

    Whatever destiny meant for Lin, it is such a true shame that Lin was not allowed to share in the improvement of this Nets team. Especially guys like LeVert, Harris, RHJ, Dinwiddie.

    But, the Nets are competitors now. Hope Lin will get another chance at the next game in Brooklyn. January 9. Not that far off.

  374. Just a screen shot, maybe out of context? Seems like half-hearted greeting from Lin. Not full-on embrace like he usually does with ex-teammates. Lin fans being body-language experts now. Haha.

  375. Yes, because it’s all about “business”. And the NBA business is all about unproven youthful potential shiny new toy.

  376. Wishful thinking. Doubt will happen. If Joe Tsai had any “shame” for not having done the right thing in the first place, he wouldn’t have shown up at Lin’s charity event, or gotten on Twitter to defend Marks.

  377. One/two of the very FEW nice Nets fans.

    From the twitter feeds of various media, Nets fan Lin-haters were still out there. Doug Bearak, who made the huge signature poster for Lin to support Lin after the patella injury, also defended Lin today. Somewhere in one of those tweets.

  378. I know we Lin fans have kind of “adopted” Lin as family.

    Even though we don’t know Lin, and never will. Most of us have never met him. Yet, in many ways, supporting him has felt like supporting a “LIL BRO”. Because of what he represents. The anger at seeing the disrespect for him sure feels personal sometimes.

  379. Oh really? Will have to try it some time! The Cider….

  380. But poor Lin still missed 2 free throws! 🙁

  381. Greg Logan’s write-up on Lin’s return. Mostly already tweeted out, or in Brian Lewis’ article. Just a few added comments about Joe Tsai.

  382. Another photo with caption about the youth group.

  383. The other interesting quote from LP.
    “I know him being back here, it’s very important for him to be here,” Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce said. “He obviously missed all of last year with the injury and getting traded to a new team, so I’m sure there’s a little motivation to play well.”

    Even postgame after Boston, LP volunteered that he knew looking ahead that Lin might be excited about going back to Brooklyn. Yet Lin only got 13 mins. So why did LP bring any of this up? Why bother talking about it?

  384. Still can’t figure out what the Hawks’ agenda is.

    Lloyd Pierce played TWENTY-ONE different line-ups tonight. Only 3 of them were for more than 3 minutes. The most, with 9 minutes (the starters) were a MINUS 13!

    The next most minutes (at 4 mins) were a PLUS 5! (New guy in rotation Hamilton instead of Bazemore.)

    It doesn’t even look like development tanking any more. Kevin Huerter had a great game at Boston (except for the turnovers). And LP said postgame about finding Huerter more shots, that he’s such a good shooter. Well, tonight, KH played 27 minutes, but only got FOUR FGAs. WTH is that?

    Dedmon and Bazemore each had 12 and 13 FGAs. Upping their trade values? But then Bazemore was moved to the bench, only starting now because of Prince injury. So, again, WTH?

    It could be just a full-on tank now. But that can’t be either. Because Collins is still out there getting 19 FGAs and pulling double-doubles.


  385. Speaking of Collins. He had a good stat line but a team-worst MINUS 28. The stats only showed 3 turnovers. But he was making mistakes and butter-fingers tonight. Fumbling passes and blowing some assists for others. I think if Collins had played better, the Hawks might have won this game.
    Oh well. Whatever.

  386. Stupid NBA scheduling. The Hawks trek down to DC to play the Wiz on Tues. Then back to NYC to play the Knicks again at the Garden this next Friday. Hope no more hype and endless interviews with the NY media. Leave Lin alone already.

  387. How’s this for perspective? Lin will survive.

  388. Speed of Lin Highlights. All One minute and 35 seconds of it. LOL.

  389. Let’s hope he’s traded by than since I don’t think Lin can ever get enough minute as long as Trae Young is healthy.

  390. Probably bcoz he is soaked with sweat! 😉

  391. lasting friendship! thumbsup!

  392. Jeremy Lin is Back to Brooklyn

  393. Exactly, 4 years from now Lin’s career is over Nd probably retired.

  394. Pierce has been playing Bembry and Bazemore as PG with Lin who barely get to touch the ball. And when he does bring the ball up all he’s allowed to do is pass right away.

  395. An interview with Jeremy, Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore. Sounds like they might be covering familiar territory …

  396. Seems like everybody’s got an article on Jeremy return to New York …

  397. According To many who have access to ATL games Collins plays well with JLin. Maybe if Jlin had played more then ATL might have “won this game”. But then the overall goal is not to win, right?

  398. Why is Lin talking about (asked about) Linsanity at this point in his career? I want to know about Lin’s recovery, how he’s feeling, and what his priorities are moving forward. Linsanity was a long time ago.

  399. Lin’s mission in NYC is over. No more Knicks, no more Nets. He’ll work his magic elsewhere and on a contender I hope. I only watch the Nets now for the 3 guys Lin was talking to at the end of the game: RHJ, LeVert and Dinwiddie.

  400. Why not Linsanity?
    Frankly, the topic of a 23yo leading WINS against all odds AND the self-BELIEF he still has within him the ability to DO IT AGAIN is a lot less boring than answering repeated,, incessant questions about his injuries/recovery and potential future situations he has no control over.

  401. 21 different micro-lineups — this is so telling of what an absurd organization/coach the Hawks have.

    There is no rhyme or reason, other than to gummy up the rhythm of every player (developmental player or not) and a tremendous amount of window dressing for players who are AWFUL

    There are more straightforward ways to tank and more efficient ways to “develop” rookies — what Hawks do is neither

  402. I’m almost of the belief that the more hype JLIN gets whenever he goes back to NY, the more Pierce does his darned best to sabotage JLIN’s minutes, partners on the floor and rhythm – this is the kind of organization we are dealing with, they are not only a blatant tankfest but also vindictive.

  403. I used to read an RN’s posts with admiration. I was wondering if you are the same person. She always presented very mature sounding posts.

  404. Because it’s over and Lin is now 30 and at a different stage of his career. The story has been covered numerous times and Lin should not be just known for Linsanity but for being a mature veteran now who has been in the league and whose talents can help a team win. He’s also an ambassador for the sport, a great teammate and does wonderful things in the community of whatever team he’s on. To continue to keep going backward to a time when Lin played out of his mind as a 23 year old makes no sense.

    Lin will not have Linsanity as it was again. It’s impossible. He’s not the same Lin and circumstances were different then. Today’s Lin is a different, more mature, more efficient player. I’ve moved on from Linsanity a long time ago. In 2018 going soon to 2019, Jeremy Lin is the 30 year old player coming off of a horrid injury that is miraculously back and playing at a high level, albeit with limited minutes. That’s his story now. And his game is changing and I hope he finds himself on a contending team at east by next October.

  405. No but thanks!

  406. Let me put a finer arrow on my point:

    Since summertime JLIN has given 40+ interviews in all languages about the things you want to hear about, same period JLIN might have been asked twice about Linsanity

    If you don’t wish to hear about JLIN’s take at 30yo then skip it and let those of us enjoy JLIN’s current take on what Linsanity meant, and implications for future …

    … while you can easily search an abundant number of interviews on JLIN’s rehab/recovery

  407. Post-Game Research: Lucky Fluke or Perfect Storm?

  408. Relax. I’ll give my opinions on here. That’s what we do. You love to bang home the point and (over)use bold text. I can say to you then skip my opinion. Doesn’t have to be that important to you. It’s JMO.

  409. “Sometimes it’s needed for emphasis.

  410. All I can make sense about the Hawks’ priority based on LP’s interview comments are these:
    1. Those who appear to make plays, aggressiveness to score/rebound/defend will get minutes
    (except for Trae who is immune for his development)
    2. He’s not a believer that players need minimum minutes to establish rhythm. D’Antoni used to have the opposite problem that he’d rather rely on 9 players to get rhythm and confidence but sacrificing depth.

    In a way, Lin would need to ensure he’s productive every time he steps on the court. LP is more like Clifford in that sense with the expectation that the 6th man or role player need to make plays (score/assist/rebound/blocks) to earn PT. Only MDA would trust Lin his PG-centric system to facilitate team plays early and score late.

    I believe Lin understands this so that’s why his November stats are good. But this minor injury disrupted his rhythm in November so I hope he gets his rhyhm back soon.


    “When Kelly brought the RPO game from Oregon to the Eagles in 2013, a lot of people, including myself, mistakenly thought Foles’ limited mobility would make him a bad fit for the offense. He was such a bad fit that he recorded the third highest passer rating in NFL history that season after replacing Michael Vick.”

  412. Liked the Steve Clifford comment about him liking Lin. Hopefully, the Orlando Magic will chase Lin hard since they could really use a PG.

    Steve Clifford also played a lot of 2 PG line-up, so Lin should see plenty of time under him, even if he doesn’t start.

  413. So the question is how can Lin “appear” to make plays.

  414. I would highly recommend Lin fans to listen to the Ringer podcast with Jeremy Lin, Kent Bazemore, and Vince Carter.

    I thoroughly enjoy the fun and laid-back conversation because I am growing more appreciation from their interaction as very close as teammates; they shared laugh about pranking the rookies, shared the first good/embarrassing moments to welcome them in the NBA as rookies, etc.

    And even if we heard so much about Linsanity, there’s always little new things that we learned from Lin’s perspective. He shared that he didn’t know anyone in the NBA at all unlike many D1 college players who knew some NBA players or grew up in NBA family (as opposed to having with 5’6″ parents) so he really felt like an outsider during his rookie, D-League, and even during Linsanity years.

    Sometimes we forget that Jlin still has to battle a lot of challenges physically and mentally being an NBA outsider. It’s amazing to see how much he has overcome. Not only he can adapt and survive but thriving in the NBA. That’s not a trivial thing to do in life for everyone.

  415. GREAT ARTICLE. LOVE HOWARD. He gets it. Better yet, he gets Lin.

    I can’t speak to the motives behind how Lloyd Pierce manages Lin’s minutes. But, whenever he has spoken about Lin, it’s been rarely just coach-speak like “he’s the hardest worker out there”, or “he sets good examples”. LP has usually talked about specifics of Lin’s play. It’s just words but it shows LP isn’t blind to Lin’s talents.

    To some of those who think Lin needs to add this or add that. Here is LP talking about Lin’s off-the-dribble 3’s and floaters and catch-and-shoots.

    “Even so, Pierce understands the value of Lin lies in his playmaking ability. It is the tragedy of his wasted, healthy seasons, when he was forced off the ball so much. To have Lin at his best means having the ball in his hands, and for so many, there is the frustration over knowing that we haven’t gotten to see that very much, not since the Knicks chose to let the promising 23-year-old go for… Raymond Felton.

    “Teams go under his pick and roll, so he’s able to [shoot it],” Pierce said. “A lot of his threes are off the dribble because teams are going under and they’re in rhythm. A lot of his floaters and pull-ups are in the paint in the mid pick and roll. And then when he gets off the basketball, guys are able to find him on the weak side and he’s gettin’ some of his catch and shoots. Still, when I call the play for Jeremy, it’s a mid pick and roll, primarily.”

  416. Thanks for the link! Was looking forward to this….but will have to listen later……

  417. Thanks for the link. Great podcast!

    I just learned that Vince Carter loves Taiwan, “Man, they know how to have fun!” [9 min left mark]

    It’s very informational how players learn and appreciate each other’s culture. Team dinners are helpful. Jeremy shared he had to explain to 1 player, whom he won’t disclose, in the past the difference about Asian and Chinese, also to his parents about others’ culture, etc.

  418. I hope those of you who are on Twitter – please do your job as Lin fans and be sure to RE-TWEET those posts that are positive towards Lin!!!!! (Sorry to say this forum is the only social media I’m on, aside from family-related accts.)

    Here’s the other reason why I think Megdal is one of the best. He was writing about Lin BEFORE Linsanity. Not a bandwagonner. Read what he wrote back then.

    BTW, @outsidethenba (James Herbert) has also been an under-the-radar Lin fan, often with very positive takes on Lin.

  419. Yes, let’s do so!
    Howard Megdal is a true Lin believer during the ups and downs of JLin’s career.

  420. WHOOOOAAA! I’m not 100% happy with how Lin is being used, but I’m not sure I would go as far as “vindictive”.

    You raise an interesting question. Whenever Lin is back in NY, he gets soooo much attention (good and bad) from the media, that it may overshadow the team. The Hawks may want the spotlight and the glory to be on its “star” rookie instead.

    On the other hand, isn’t media availability controlled by the Hawks (or the NBA)? Isn’t ANY publicity good for the Hawks? If they want Lin to up his trade value, isn’t NYC the best place to do it?

  421. ok, I did my part to promote it. Nice to see Howard also advocates Orlando Magic is a good destination for JLin 🙂

  422. Haha. Yes, of course if Lin played more, they definitely would have won!!!

    My only point – Lin only played 13 minutes, and Collins played 34, Collins had more impact on the game. Collins did mess up a couple of passes and missed bunnies, and one from Lin in particular.

  423. Yeah, that’s what I don’t get.

    At the end of the day, maybe it’s just incompetence, or a rookie head coach. I mean, look at Kenny Atkinson these last few seasons.

  424. Wow, this guy was on point with his scouting report on Lin and that was before injury…He corrected scouted that if Lin is pressed and doubled, he’ll turn the ball over and also that he’s got a deceptive quick first step that allows him to get to the basket.

    But yeah, this guy should had tweeted this story after Linsanity broke…Looks like he foresaw it coming. At least partially.

  425. where can I listen to the podcast?

  426. All true too.

    Having said that, LP’s philosophies don’t seem to be consistently applied.

    Prince & Bazemore were making tons of turnovers. Didn’t see their minutes significantly impacted. Bembry’s minutes however, also seem to be yoyo-ed up and down.

    I think LP is aware of players’ needing rhythm. There was one game when Trae Young got in foul trouble and didn’t shoot well. And the excuse LP gave was that the foul trouble took TY out of his rhythm.

    I get that Trae Young is “immune”. But Huerter is also first round pick. Travis Schlenk will still get glory if he plays well. (Draymond Green was not a high pick.)

    So, I do agree with you. But, I still really can’t figure out what the Hawks are trying to do. Maybe it is just “fear of winning”. 🙂

  427. They probably not please when Lin gets this type of attention and would rather it be for Trae Young..but of course, Trae has been awful.

    I was truly surprised and shocked LP couldn’t give Lin at least 20 minute for his return-game back to Brooklyn…That shows you how much he respect Lin right there.

    LP says all the right thing in public but when it comes to showing it with minutes, we don’t see any respect.

    Please Schleng, trade Lin if your coach has no use for him.

  428. Direct link to the Winging It podcast in case you don’t want to go through iTunes…

  429. Looks like there’s credible source stating the Hawks were indeed in discussion for a 4-team trade sending Lin to the Phoenix Suns….Apparently, it was only 1 scenario discussed before the Suns kept it simple by trading Ariza to the Wizard for Oubre and Rivers.

    I’ll take this as a small good news because at least, we know team are interested in Lin and the Hawks are at least listening.

    The story below.

  430. Nice tweet from Kent Bazemore following the podcast with Jeremy …

  431. The biggest takeaways from the Winging It podcast was that Lin’s performance is directly tied to whether or not his coach believes in him. He flat-out says that D’Antoni empowered him to the max and that was why Linsanity happened (on top of many other miracles that had to align perfectly).

    Lin said that his rookie season with the Warriors was horrible because the coach that year (Keith Smart) didn’t want him there and didn’t believe in him. That coach is has been bouncing around teams and is now an assistant coach with the Knicks.

  432. The itunes link in Arsenium’s post is featured on Top.
    Click also provided the direct link above.

  433. I’m glad Lin was upfront to share that the GSW owner wanted him there but not the coach so it’s hard to play in that environment. He didn’t share about Houston but it’s almost the same situation so we understand why it’s hard for JLin to play for McHale who didn’t want him or believe in him there.

  434. Yup, he didn’t mention McHale or Scott, but all Lin fans know that those coaches hated Lin, didn’t want him on their team, and tried their best to marginalize and discredit Lin (via benchings, DNPs, verbal criticisms privately & publicly, etc.).

    Even with hater coaches trying their best to ruin Lin’s reputation and career, Lin was still able to persevere and outlast those 2. Same with hater teammates like Melo who didn’t want Lin to outshine them.

  435. That RN poster always used her own name. I wonder if anyone remembers her name. She was a devoted fan of JLIN.

  436. Morey discards another Asian player…

  437. An athlete without dreams is basically a walking dead. In a truer sense, great athletes inspire us as well to dream…that’s their true value as a member of society. When reality sets in and athletes get beaten down, they are forced to set their eyes to the ground like the lifeless lots of us who work at dead end jobs. Accepting what’s real maybe be okay for some, and you see it in all forms of life, you see it in elite athletes as well as everyday folks.

    I’m like you, Linsanity never died for me. If there’s a sliver of hope, I’ll grab onto it. I’m a hopeless romantic that believes just as Lin himself still believes. Why should we give up when Lin himself works his butt off every day to beat the odds.

  438. We can tell all four of them were enjoying the podcast. It’s funny to hear how many posters Lin and Bazemore have of Vince Carter growing up 🙂

    Apparently Sports Illustrated poster was the best one

  439. Lin’s big fan from Indonesia here.

    Planning to visit New York with the family & have bought tickets for the game against Knicks on 21 Dec. We had to postpone the trip – which was originalky scheduled for last year – due to the unfortunately injury.

    Not exactly happy to follow the tanking Hawks, which gives Lin playing time only when Trae Young is terrible. However, Lin is always an underdog story & have proven he is now a better and more efficient player if given the opportunity to play.

    Will be our first time watching NBA game, therefore would welcome any tips …

    PS: My little boy is also a huge fan, as per the evidence on following pictures

  440. For your sake, I hope you guys can get to see Lin play for like 20 minutes, since you guys are coming so far to see him play.

    Unfortunately, as you stated, hope that Trae Young plays terrible that day or else, Lin will probably only play 12-15 minutes.

    Loyd Pierce knew the Brooklyn Nets game was suppose to be special for Lin and the fact that he could only manage to give him 13 minutes still pisses me off.

    This coach is 10 time worst than Byron Scott. He says the right thing in the media whenever ask about Lin but his coaches tells us he doesn’t respect Lin’s basketball.

  441. I agree absolutely with you that it was wrong for coach to give Jlin only13 staggered minutes in him return to BKLN. Absolutely disrespectful. I don’t understand what is wrong with the ATL people. Very very disappointed and at this point do not feel any respect for ATL. I felt anger when I saw the short minutes allowed Jlin. My first thought/feel was anger. I do not understand why more people on this board did not express this. Unless we hear from Jlin that he asked/understood his lack of playing time due to injury, I am double down on ATL.

  442. Vets having a good time. Must be tough for these winners to be on the ATL tank machine, all about tanking all the time. Tanks ATL!

  443. Hi. Here is some general information for fans attending games at Madison Square Garden:

  444. I hope you and your good looking son will get to meet Jeremy Lin in person at least and also hope Jeremy will have longer minutes to play unlike yesterday’s game in Brooklyn. It was very disappointing!

  445. Done! Retweeted and Followed.

    I only know of two people who were true color-blind believers of Lin before Linsanity: Ed Weiland and Howard Megdal.

  446. Why not? his good days are behind him now

  447. patient…. bulllet dodged though

  448. Any even, half-credible rumors about trade interest in JLIN is positive for JLIN’s value.

    Worst case scenario (admitedly a low probability) is Pierchlenk refuse all trade interest to keep JLIN a Hawk all season thereby:
    a) insure they have a real PG if another 10 gm losing streak happens
    b) destroy JLIN’s reputation by promoting a misguided plan to convince NBA & JLIN he is worthless and should accept a Vet minimum next season at ATL

    If they try this ATL will get NOTHING as JLIN walks to his new team next season.

  449. Morey signed him and then let him go. At least he signed him, same as with Jlin,though Jlin to a $25M contract. Even if it didn’t work out and there were other shenanigans involved, Morey signed Jlin, an Asian, to a big contract. What McHale did, was beyond his abilities as a coach, maybe similar to Jlin’s experiences with GSW. ATL though, and how this loser coach treats Jlin though, is, up to this point, inexcusable.

  450. this is a job?

  451. What did Lin say about Linsanity?

  452. Maybe I’m being too paranoid here, but I have this terrible feeling the Hawks FO/Coach is trying their best to de-value Lin stats by limiting his minutes so to disrupt his rhythm…..enough so that trade-inquiries would stop and this would mean Lin not having much value to demand a decent contract next year.

    This would also help the Hawks put-up a low-ball contract offer to Lin in which Lin would have to sign since his stats were terrible.

    Right now, Lin shooting line is too high and he’s averaging double digit in 18 minutes….His PPG has been slowly is his shooting %.

    It doesn’t serve the Hawks anything good to see Lin put up good stats and than use it to get a good contract elsewhere….They may simply want to keep Lin expiring contract and low-ball him a new contract.

    We know they only like Lin because he’s a nice guy who will not complain playing 15 minute behind their rookie savior.

    The guy that was suppose to come on a trade for Lin, Brandon Knight, I think this guy would probably complain about his minute and playing behind an inferior player..I wonder whether Schlenk rejected the trade because of this.

    I hope that this is not what is going on and I hope that Lin’s agent will make it clear to the Hawks his clients wants a trade and is not happy backing up the worst starting PG in the league.

  453. You don’t like the Phoenix Suns?…No doubt, they stink, but so does the Hawks.

    At the very least, we get to see Lin play 25 minute per game there. He could use the minute to pad his stats for his next contract.

    In ATL, he can’t even pad stats since he doesn’t get no minutes.

  454. no they are horrid. they have a young player who plays like prince but can score better.

  455. That is the ultimate wish, however gotta tone down our expectation – happy to see him healthy & play well on the time allocated to him, at least for this season.

  456. Many thanks for this useful info.

    Believe it will be quite an experience for us watching the game at MSG.

  457. Hope you have a great time!

  458. Maybe the word “inexcusable” is incorrect because after all the excuse is tanking.

  459. PHX and Austin Rivers, who they just got in a trade, agreed to separate. No trade, Riverswill go on waivers. Rivers makes almost exactly what JLin makes, $12.7 M. If PHX really wanted JLin they could have just traded straight across and Rivers could have told ATL the same thing or been traded for draft choices. PHX is short of PG and they let one walk away getting nothing in return. Guess they don’t want JLin.

  460. Talking about Austin Rivers’ salary reminds me of Jeremy’s preseason with the Hornets. A Jeremy-led Hornets absolutely destroyed the CP3-led Clippers…twice, in Shenzhen and then Shanghai(?). Austin even lost a tooth or two in trying to snatch a victory, to no avail. Jeremy is clearly the superior PG.

    That being said, I’m very happy that PHX did not go hard to get Jeremy, going from tanking Hawks to tanking Suns is a lateral move at best.

  461. Well, first, he needs a new jersey. JUST KIDDING! He has to be one of Lin’s cutest fans!

    Sorry, no tips about MSG. Hope Lin plays lots of minutes. But it will still be an exciting fun experience for your son.

    If you have the time, be sure to check out NEARBY MACYS’ Christmas windows displays!

    I’m sure you have your itinerary planned out. NYC at Christmas time is fantastic. So much to do. Of course, check out Rockefeller Center and the surrounding area. HAVE A GREAT TIME!

    Share when you get back!

  462. This is what LP said, after reporter asked him about Lin’s minutes. The explanation.

    At 5:30, he basically said that the guys who got them in the hole played their way back. So, he didn’t want to sub anyone out. “Jeremy missed out because we were playing so well.”

    And that’s the difference between being starter, and not.

  463. But Lin would have gotten the minutes to play for his contract..Unlike in ATL where he can’t even do that playing for a tanking team.

  464. Can’t speak for anyone else. I know where you guys are coming from. It’s just that I see it more within the context of Lin’s situation on the Hawks.

    The Nets are who I’m most disgusted with. (Not the players or Kenny. But with Sean Marks and the organization.)

    Lin didn’t choose to go to Atlanta. The Hawks wanted Lin. Spent capital to get him, even if it’s not for basketball reasons. Travis Schlenk was very public about why he traded for Lin. And this was AFTER they had already traded down to draft Trae Young. Obviously rebuilding around TY. So, TS didn’t lie to Lin about his role.

    In the meantime, Lin got the chance to play REAL minutes in REAL games. Even if low minutes, he’s part of the rotation. He’s not on end of the bench (see Miles Plumlee). He’s NOT WAIVED. He gets to REHAB AND RECOVER from a major major injury. Would another team have given him the chance? THE NETS SURE DIDN’T.

    Not that I think Lin should accept scraps!!! Now that he is fully healthy from his KNEE, then let’s see what can be done before the trade deadline.

    I guess I see the Hawks a little differently than past teams. And can’t get too worked up FOR NOW.

  465. The point is he’ll get more minute in Phoenix.We know he’s not going to get any minutes playing behind Trae Young.

    Devin Booker is a future star shooting guard and should take shots…He’s better than Prince and the only ball dominant guy on the Suns.

  466. That’s great. nothing wrong with different opinions from Lin fan.

    I’m a Lin fan who wants to see Lin play more than 13 minutes. He’s worth so much more minute than that.

    This is the worse team he’s ever been on and Loyd Pierce is worse than Byron Scott.
    Pierce says the right thing in the media, unlike Scott, but Scott gave Lin good minutes. Pierce doesn’t give Lin any minutes.

  467. Right…

    They were doing OH SOOOoooo well that they only lost by 17 points. Just saying.

  468. For sure, I want to see Lin play!!! NO DOUBT.
    I guess it’s all relative.

    BS Scott was tanking and catering to Kobe. Lin was healthy and got decent stats. But BS Scott started Ronnie Price and benched Lin, accusing Lin of deficient defense. Lin may have gotten minutes, but his value went way down after LA.

    Here, IMO, Lin’s value actually has gone up. FROM LAST YEAR. Because LP has played him enough minutes that Lin demonstrated he is fully healthy again. (I don’t count the ankle thing or the back thing.) Enough so that there is all these trade rumors.

    Obviously, LIN is the one who stepped up and took advantage of the opportunity and played so efficiently. So ALL CREDIT GOES TO LIN.

  469. I know. SIGH!!!!

  470. everybody who played (and sucked) in the 1st quarter got to play in the 2nd except lin… just sayin…

  471. Maybe “responsibility” is a better word. LOL. A joke.

  472. Nope, Lin’s shooting and ppg has nothing to do with the Hawks or LP… sorry but nice try.

    This is all Lin’s doing. In fact, LP has been messing with his minutes all year, giving him inconsistent minutes, yanking him out of games after 1 turnover and doing everything possible to break any rhythm Lin is trying to develop.

    So I strongly reject anyone giving any credit to the Hawks when it comes to Lin’s surprising stats.

    It is miracle Lin is sporting those stats under so low minutes….All the credit to God, as Lin would say.

  473. Thumbs up! Pat on the back!
    Now I feel like a loser Lin fan. Who is Ed Weiland?

  474. High Five! Thumbs up! 🙂

  475. Didn’t I say “All Credit Goes to Lin”? (Or God.)
    Not now. But at the beginning of the season. Was there a better scenario or alternative for Lin? Was there another team that would have given him the chance at all?

  476. morey signed him to make money off chinese fans. cuban does this too with lin in summer league, ding, etc.

    once there is the next asian available to monetize and exploit, you bet morey will of course scoop him up, chew him up, and spit him out like all the rest before… the search for the next yao continues…

  477. And Vince Carter. And even a NEW guy, Hamilton!

  478. Are you thinking of Joyce Ward? Not sure if she was RN, but she might have been in the health care field.

  479. november lin embarrassed the organization. for sure LP is doing exactly what the front office wants….

  480. That was a lot of FUN. And FUNNY!

    JLin and Bazemore both undrafted, both signed with Warriors. A bond there.

    Great to hear Vince Carter getting to know Lin.

    Good or bad, for a guy who didn’t know anyone from the NBA. Lin sure has crossed paths with the NBA big names. Kobe, MJ, VC. Melo…never mind, take that back!

    So many great take-aways. This whole podcast needs to be transcribed.

    Another one. Lin so loyal to Roger Montgomery. Maybe because he’s the one who supported Lin through the down times at the beginning. And convinced him not to quit.

  481. “Fear of Winning”. 🙂

  482. @Mods, I lost another post somewhere. If you see it, please approve. If not, NO BIG DEAL.

  483. Just curious. If you don’t mind.
    Are you really associated with the website that your user name is?

  484. Hope you will have a good trip and enjoy the Knicks game at the MSG 🙂 I guess it’s better if any potential trade happens in January then, right?

    There might be Lin fans in New York who can give tips to watch at the MSG. You might also want to tweet your adorable son’s picture to JLin and ATL Hawks. Who knows if his team sees you come all the way from Indonesia, then he might set some time to meet after the game.

    Do you have a twitter account? If not, I can help to tweet it but it’s better if you, your son, and family wear Lin’s jersey/gears to post it

  485. sorry, I couldn’t find anything in pending. Perhaps it’s been approved?

  486. That’s truly bizzare. So why would the Suns agree with the trade at all if they knew they were going to waive Rivers? I thought they need a PG

  487. Because they have a dumb player-turned-GM who has been doing favors for other teams, not caring how badly he screws up the Suns. And a terrible owner who put him in that position.

    Yet some Lin fans wishes Lin could’ve been traded to a terribly-run team / organization like the Suns, just so Lin might have a better chance to start or play more minutes, not thinking about how detrimental going to such a team could be for Lin’s happiness, mental well-being, and career.

  488. Exactly, all NBA team wants is to exploit Asian players like Yuta Watanabe to expand i to Japan. Meanwhile these players barely get any minutes if at all unlike the designated rookies. Yea Japanese people are not going to fall for it, only Asian Americans will. Japan is all about soccer and baseball, no room for basketball.

  489. There lies the problem, every coach doesn’t like him. It’s up to Lin to ignore their orders of passing and plays that obviously takes the shooting and ball handling chances. It’s like he knows the coach does that to diminish his scoring and the designated star is a shot chucker and he still doesn’t smarten up. He’s getting 13-18 minutes there is nothing to lose and it’s a 1 year rental just like the Hornets and Lakers. Even with the Rockets he willingly passed to Harden when he should’ve taken as many shots for himself.

  490. done….i guess the one you were referring to psalm right….

    @psalm234 I will be traveling back to Michigan till end of the year…hence my participation here will be minimum.

    Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks!

    My Christmas wish is to see stabilized minutes for JL and healthy; inaddition longevity in his career!
    Go LIN!!!

  491. The problem is that in the nba, if you are a journey man or bench player, nba will almost forever label you as that… look at randy foye, mike price, jimmer fredette, etc. It’s like it’s fixated their mentality that they are label as such pretty much. Look at sean fritzpatrick.. even though he looks good net still didn’t want him. It’s like you have the india’s caste system.. the untouchables and the royals whatever.

    It’s not until a big break that’s when you have the window of really displaying yourself. But even then you are labeled as a top starter in their mind no matter what unless the gm and coach all align.

    I don’t know what it is.. maybe because they ‘respect’ the scouting system? and if they don’t do that it’s like breaking the scouting system which sometimes is cr-p.. after all it’s llike stock picking. So it’s almost like it’s easy to go down, but never easy to go up…but if you started off as top and do just even decent like 15 and 7, then you are still at the top…. whereas if you are a journeyman and do 15 and 7 you are still a role bench guy (except for harden.. which is the big break with houston and he continue to prove with his stats he is starting material). Look at rubio… he sucs and I never really liked his game and never think he is a starting material..but he started as a starter so he is still a starter even though he is cr-p.

    I think I”m rambling, but I think you guys get my point.

    So basically all the hope that lin fans think of lin being a starter again or big role is slim. His big break was with the nets which due to unforeseen circumstances he played only 37 freaking games. So that window closed..and he had a 2 years window. So if he doesn’t assert himself again and play like crazy, lin fans will be frustrated because there won’t be a bigger role than a bench player playing no more than 15 minutes for him.

  492. and excuse my grammar and spelling’s early in the morning and I just came back from freezing cold oustide.

  493. A reality check and good analysis on the current NBA context. Couldn’t agree more.

    It would take another pre-Linsanity Knicks like environment for Lin to establish himself, which is a miracle if it to happen.

  494. UnfortunatelyI agree with you that his big window was with BKLN
    and that it is closed now. What comes next, who knows, but it it hard to see JLin shedding a “6th man” (or worse) label at this time. But who knows, stranger things have happened including us being wrong! Good analogy with Rubio

  495. It’s always interesting to hear athletes talk amongst themselves. This is a brand new podcast and after the introductory episode, #2 was with Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala. Jeremy was on episode #3. They sometimes speak quickly and over each other, so be prepared to rewind 30 seconds to catch what was said and who said it.

    Just a few quick items that were new to me:
    • Jeremy had to choose between Harvard and MIT (maybe I knew about this, but had forgotten). His mom badly wanted him to attend MIT.
    • Steph said JLin had just scored on him in a one-on-one practice scrimmage when Jeremy was called off the floor to be cut by the Warriors in 2011. (BTW, this is the episode where Steph made the controversial comments about men on the moon.)
    • Vince & Iggy, who were around when Allen Iverson took advantage of the NBA’s star treatment, make it very clear that certain players get every little tiny call (for fouls) go their way. Nothing we didn’t already know, but good to hear the players acknowledge this.

  496. PHX still might want JLIN – another team still needing a real PG doesn’t hurt.

    Reports I’ve seen is a “mutual” decision but I wouldn’t be surprised if Austin Rivers (mostly a SG/PG his whole career) didn’t want to play for the Suns and instigated this divorce from a trade that blindsided him…

    … that doesn’t mean JLIN automatically wouldn’t want to play for Suns – JLIN is a true PG who can rise to any occasion, experienced with making mediocre players play like a team, nothing could worse than a handful of min/gm for ATL.

    JLIN would embrace a trade to PHX in an instant

  497. Thanks for approving Mak – yes, that was the post.

    And YES – may JLin the “stabilizer” get to reach his potential and his dream goals in the very near future!

    Hey, that’s right. Welcome back to state-side HOME!

    Wishing you the BEST TIME with your family and friends! Happy and Healthy Holidays! There is something actually higher priority and more important than basketball! Haha….

  498. Yes, Mak found it and released the post. Thanks for trying Psalm.

  499. np .. thanks for letting us know, Mak.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip and Merry Christmas with family and friends!

    Wouldn’t it be an irony if JLin gets traded after Christmas like 2011 as a prelude to Linsanity? I hope not because it’s not fun to move during Christmas time. But perhaps sometime in January as the Pelicans or Magic get desperate 🙂

  500. I wonder if the Suns only value Oubre and doesn’t mind getting rid of Austin Rivers. His stats are among the bottom in the NBA but it is still a poor move to let the player walk away for nothing.

    The Suns organization is really not a good place to be right now. They’re talking about threatening to move to Vegas or Seattle if Phoenix doesn’t build/renovate the building. It’s really a mess and probably a waste of time for JLin to be there. Magic or Pelicans would be a much better destination with better long-term contract prospects.

  501. yeah, these vets know how to be professional despite the obvious tanking situation not favoring them to get more deserved PT. I bet Lin and Baze can’t wait to be traded but Vince has to stay as a veteran presence.

  502. that’s a good point. Some TOs by Prince and Baze might be welcome to build a bigger and better tank in the name of development 🙂

    It’s hard to make sense of things in a tanking team like Hawks and Lakers a few years back. I’d rather Lin be traded in a team who wants to win soon so we as fans can root for the team properly lol

  503. Perhaps that’s the truth 🙂 “Appear aggressive but not making shots” is welcome in this tank

  504. Yes, fantastic article by Howard Megdal! Researched stats and good interviews, backing up points made by this good guy Lin fan from way back. Unlike the lazy parroting by other “media”.

    There has been appreciative discussion of the great points in the article. (Scroll down to around “21 hours”.)

    ICYMI, also Megdal article PRE-Linsanity.


  505. Here is a little bit of audio of comments made by Lin re Nets trade. Always helps to see visual cues and hear audio inflections instead of just words on paper.

  506. Bob Rathbun also appreciative of Megdal article. Always good to see JLin with many supporters out there. Lin is so easy to like and cheer for.

    Just too bad not enough supporters in the NBA Power Structure.

  507. You’re right!

    Us Lin fans just get so confused otherwise. LOL.

  508. Yet a winning team actually wants Rivers, even with horrid stats… 🤔

  509. Despite awful stats and performance, the Grizzlies (a veteran playoff contending team tied for 8th in the West), actually wants Rivers. Makes you go “hmmm?” 🤔

  510. I’m just shock that you still fail to understand how detrimental it is for Lin to not only play for the worse team in the NBA but to not receive any minutes.

    Fan like you who think ATL is somehow a great spot for Lin are delusional..

    You worse than the guy who wants Lin to be a bench player instead of a starter on an average team.

    The Suns have actually won more games than the Hawks and Lin is getting the less amount of minutes he’s ever got since his rookie year with Golden States.

    As an NBA player, the main goal is to play…Nothing else matter..We’re not here to grade front office general manager trades..Lin doesn’t have to stay there if he was traded there.

    In fact, the Hawks is the worst team Lin has ever been on in his career. Worse than the Lakers..Don’t you think that’s not going to hurt his value in free agency?

    What’s going on in the Suns front-office means nothing to Lin, as long as he gets his damn minutes to play for his career….I don’t know why u keep bringing the front office stuff when Lin can’t even get on the floor for your Hawks team.

    In ATL, as long as Trae Young is healthy, he’ll never get a chance to play decent minute unless he’s on Linsanity-mode.

  511. Just too bad not enough supporters in the NBA Power Structure.

    That’s because most of the people who climbed / forced / got gifted their way up to the top of the power structure are not good people.

    It’s nice to have a media that’s actually supportive and appreciative of Lin in Atlanta. Even though Lin has always had good, friendly media coverage with most teams’ broadcasters, it’s extra special with the Hawks and he has only been with the team for a few months. Fox Sports crew, Bob Rathbun, and Dominique go out of their way to compliment and praise Lin whenever they can.

  512. As suspected it was NOT Suns who instigated Rivers’ exit but comboguard Rivers himself had alternate plan to not play for PHX.

    PHX still needs starting level PG and JLIN still needs Trade where JLIN can show his talent to help turn the worst into a competitive team; why he deserves to be considered highly valuable.

    Austin like many others wouldn’t have the guts to take on a challenge such as playing for PHX

  513. The Suns are not my preferred trade option, but if it’s between staying-put in ATL or going to Phoenix, I believe it’s best for Lin to go play for Phoenix because he simply has more chance to get minutes there.

    The Suns doesn’t have a rookie PG that is highly regarded.

  514. Here’s hoping that John Wall, Ariza and their team makes quick work of the ATL starters so that perhaps JLIN gets some minutes tonight against Washington.

    Every time the ATL losing streak nears 5 losses and above, JLIN gets more attention by Pierchlenk

  515. I thought you didn’t want me and sws to respond to your ridiculous whine posts and tirades anymore. That’s why I ignored all of your previous troll flame bait spamming in this thread. If this is still true, then please stop replying to us and stop making your passive aggressive posts trying to bait us into more arguments with you. Thanks.

    But since you replied to me again, I’ll respond…

    Nothing else matter..We’re not here to grade front office general manager trades..Lin doesn’t have to stay there if he was traded there.

    Of course Lin has to stay in Atlanta… until the end of this year or until a GM offer Schlenk something good that he can’t refuse. You’re the delusional one here.

    Fan like you who think ATL is somehow a great spot for Lin are delusional..

    I never said or hinted at that Atlanta is a “great spot” for Lin. I’ve said that I want Lin to be traded to a good playoffs team, but I’ve become indifferent whether or not Lin stays or gets traded. But because YOU are the delusional one who can’t read and/or ignore what I actually posted, instead of making crap up in your own head about me, you failed to understand my sentiments about Lin’s current situation on the Hawks.

    FYI, Lin himself has expressed multiple times how he enjoys playing with the Hawks and how much he likes his teammates here. It’s only the selfish Lin fans like yourself, not Lin, who are constantly unhappy with Lin’s playtime and situation. People like you (sadly, there are too many Lin fans like you) don’t give a darn for Lin’s happiness, mental well-being, and the current situation he finds himself in (has no say in playtime, has no say in who he plays for, is still recovering from ankle and back injuries, has to play behind Trae, etc.). You have no regards to anything but your own desires to see Lin play as much as possible.

    I’m just shock that you still fail to understand how detrimental it is for Lin to not only play for the worse team in the NBA but to not receive any minutes.

    Of course I understand how bad it is for Lin to play with the Hawks. I was one of the first to whine about Lin’s situation in Atlanta and wanted him to request a buyout so he doesn’t have to play for this awful team. I’ve said that the moment he got traded to ATL. I’m just not ignorant, ignoring how Lin’s situation has changed, how the Hawks treat him well, how the Hawks’ media constantly supports and praises Lin, how Lin actually got 25+ minutes per game prior to his ankle and back injuries when Trae played like crap, how Lin is actually happy in Atlanta right now. YOU are the one who ignores all of these facts and it’s YOU who fails to understand Lin’s situation.

    In fact, the Hawks is the worst team Lin has ever been on in his career. Worse than the Lakers..Don’t you think that’s not going to hurt his value in free agency?

    It doesn’t matter if Hawks are a better or worse team than the Lakers when Lin played for them. They are/were both tanking teams. This year is a rehab year for Lin, not rehabbing his career / reputation like the Hornets year was for him, but rather, rehab his health. Lin’s main goal this year is to remain healthy and so far, he hasn’t done a great job at that, but isn’t failing either. You’re worried about value when Lin himself isn’t worried about that at all.

    What’s going on in the Suns front-office means nothing to Lin, as long as he gets his damn minutes to play for his career….I don’t know why u keep bringing the front office stuff when Lin can’t even get on the floor for your Hawks team.

    It means a lot, smart guy. A team isn’t just made up of players and coaches. It also includes the front office, media, fans, etc. They just traded for Rivers and then waived him. They could’ve done the same thing to Lin, except we don’t know if a team like the Grizzlies would pick Lin up after being waived, like they did with Rivers. The front office holds all of the power over players’ careers if you’re not a free agent, which Lin isn’t this year.

    Oh, and the Hawks isn’t “my team.” You honestly don’t know anything about me or what I want for / out of Lin. You’re just throwing around random false accusations and labels because you have nothing better to come at me with.

    Once again, you completely ignore the fact that Lin HAS played a lot WHEN HE’S HEALTHY, WHEN HE’S PLAYING WELL, AND WHEN TRAE SUCKS. You only look at the playtime he’s getting NOW, after coming back from 2 injuries, disregarding the ramp up playtime that Pierce has given Lin BEFORE the injuries. You’re completely clueless and are blinded by hate, anger, and selfishness.

  516. The Hawks now has a 3rd Point guard. His name is Jaylen Adams, so you should worry that blow-out/garbage minutes may now go to him instead of Lin.

    Loyd Pierce gave Jaylen Adams Lin’s garbage minutes during the Brooklyn game..LOL…How bad is that?..And we still have some Lin-fan on here who wants us to believe things can actually get
    worse for Lin.

    Wait until LP DNP-CP Lin. That’s the next step.

  517. Until JLIN is traded, as long as the ATL current losing streak isn’t obscenely long Pierce probably won’t play JLIN much if he can give minutes to Bembry & Jaylen.

    The sweet spot is around a losing streak of 6-7 games is where JLIN would be looked to, to stabilize a game more rigorously.

  518. Here’s a longer highlight video of Lin’s Brooklyn game..All shots missed and missed assist included.


  519. This is ridiculous. I have no clue how Rivers is getting any interest from teams when he’s been so bad. His dad must be making tons of calls to keep his son in the NBA.

  520. I was disappointed when Austin Rivers was traded to the Suns, but now the news Austin requested and was granted a buyout makes me think the recent rumors we heard the other day could be back on the table:

    Hope the Suns and the Hawks can hash this deal out sooner rather than later…
    “The Hawks have Jeremy Lin ($13.7 million) and Dewayne Dedmon ($7.2 million) on expiring contracts. Before Trevor Ariza was dealt to the Wizards, league sources said one of the many versions of the trades discussed involved sending Ariza to the Lakers, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the Rockets, Lin and an asset to the Suns, and Brandon Knight and a first-round pick to the Hawks.

  521. It’s probably dead now since the Suns doesn’t have much assets to send back…They surely won’t trade their draft pick for Lin and nor should they.

    Watch for the Utah Jazz to make a play for Lin….Jazz fan are getting tired of Rubio’s bad shooting %.
    It’s really bad, but not Trae Young bad.

  522. A Lin fan suggests buyout to the Hawks similar to how the Suns did for Austin Rivers.

    It’s unlikely to happen because Lin has good values in a trade so the Hawks would much rather trade him. As for the Suns, it’s still a head-scratcher how they can let an asset walk away for nothing like that. It’s more of a reflection of how poorly the Suns organization functions than what most NBA front offices normally do to manage players as assets.

  523. JLIN makes $13M of which the Hawks are on the hook for and Rivers made $11M and that spot is now open with $11M more below their cap to spend on someone else.

    So they could trade JLIN for straight cash or cash + some 2nd rounder/trash player.

    Hawks aren’t looking for an equivalent asset because JLIN makes too much compared to a young developmental player – what the Hawks would get is that extra spot on their roster and the $13M allowing them to add anybody they’d like to their Tankfest.

  524. Probably a simple matter that Austin Rivers refused to play for PHX and he knew he had other teams who would pick up the rest of his contract.

  525. As some of us suggested, although it didn’t happen, it’s a good sign that the Hawks are actively offering Lin in a trade situation.

    It means the Hawks will prefer to trade Lin before the end of Feb trade deadline to get some assets back rather than keeping him for the whole season. I’m sure they will pull the trigger once they think they can get the best deal.

    Pelicans and Magic trade have been widely proposed so I won’t be surprised if the ATL Front Office are waiting to see who’s more desperate to give good assets.

    Magic is still 8th in the Eastern conference standing. Pelicans is in 12th in the Western conference. So maybe Pelicans is more desperate.

  526. Suns blog mentioned the surprise and the Suns planned to keep a roster spot open, possibly up to the Feb trade deadline.

    I’m not sure if the Suns would be still interested to acquire JLin or other PG in a separate trade deal.

    Rivers being released makes sense with De’Anthony Melton still needing minutes to develop, but him seemingly refusing to join a rebuilding team was surprising. Doc Rivers’ son will now be free to join whatever team he wants once he clears waivers, presumably a championship-contending team in need of combo guards (Houston, Indiana, and Philadelphia all make sense off the top of my head).

    The Suns now have an open roster spot again, but there’s no indication they are in a rush to fill it now. They could take their time all the way up until February’s trade deadline or even further.

    Currently, here’s how their rotation looks after jettisoning Rivers:

    PG: Melton, Jamal Crawford
    SG: Devin Booker, Troy Daniels
    SF: Mikal Bridges, Josh Jackson
    PF: T.J. Warren, Oubre Jr.
    C: Deandre Ayton, Richaun Holmes

  527. Recently appears that Melton their development young PG has played better, but that likely wouldn’t last – so I’m sure if they can get a PG they would, which was the plan for Austin Rivers all along.

    Suns were going to settle fo comboguard Austin Rivers (rumor 4+ teams interested now) and his $11M expiring salary; JLIN $13M expiring salary.

    Rivers FG% 39.2%; 3P% 31.1%; FT% 54.3%; AST/36 3.1; STL/36 0.9; TOV/36 1.9
    JLIN FG% 50.3%; 3P% 40.0%; FT% 81.6%; AST/36 6.1; STL/36 1.7; TOV/36 3.9

    I would take three Austin Rivers for one JLIN; perhaps Suns or someone will see the light soon.

  528. if rivers is getting that much interest i et lin is getting more or would get more in an open market. it all depends on hawks asing price now. look like theyre wating for the highest bidder

  529. Rivers FG% 39.2%; 3P% 31.1%; FT% 54.3%; AST/36 3.1; STL/36 0.9; TOV/36 1.9
    JLIN FG% 50.3%; 3P% 40.0%; FT% 81.6%; AST/36 6.1; STL/36 1.7; TOV/36 3.9

    There is no comparison between Austin Rivers and JLIN in terms of stats

  530. I fear Hawks will be asking too much, thus blocking Lin’s chance to get on a team that will give him minutes.

    They only want Lin as mentor which is totally ridiculous man Lin needs to stop being the nice asian boy and tell them he wants out of there.

  531. Baze sounds like a good guy on the podcast but on the court, he’s sometimes surprisingly loses control.

  532. Man, I would be happy if they could negotiate a buy-out and Lin could join any team he wants.

    I’m kind of jealous of Rivers…Maybe Lin could had been in this situation…and I hear Suns will be paying Rivers contract too.

  533. Stay healthy Lin. Good luck tonight. Waiting for the new thread.

  534. it’s there. All these trade talk almost made me forget there’s a game today 🙂

  535. He could do a JR Smith and say “no Tanks” for me. Tanking is for losers

  536. Lin’s agent is supposed to be doing that.

  537. NBA is very physical, especially towards these Asian players. All these players from China are too skinny and short. That’s why having the height and size advantage is very important and Japan’s bball players coming over like Rui and Yuta are exactly that. Rui might fit inmore due to his skin color, Yuta will just be used for marketing purpose. He didn’t get any bench minutes last game. Meanwhile rookie JJ gets to start with 30 mins. And the likes of Trae is a “franchise”.

  538. Thanks psalm .. just happy to see Lin playing & healthy again. Hope he will be in better situation next season.

    Obviously would be a dream come thru, if able to meet him in person (after the game).

    Yup .. have tweeted a small note.

  539. Unfortunately, facts and figures can’t overcome bias in the NBA.

    We can’t assume any logic to anything that’s happens to Lin I’m afraid.

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