G28 GSW @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers won without Kobe against the #1 team in the West (GSW)!

It was certainly a collective effort. Jeremy made great highlights with his PnR with Ed Davis in the 1st half that wowed Laker fans and LA media.

It was amazingly beautiful to watch that Laker fans will be left hungry for more Lin/Davis PnR (even after Byron Scott curiously did not put in Ed Davis who shot a perfect 7-7 in the 4th quarter. Perhaps Lin/Davis PnR will expose his incompetence to not use the weapon since preseason.

The tide is turning. Laker fans clamor for Jeremy Lin. It’s only appropriate that he hit a 3pt dagger in the 4th quarter as a dagger to seal the win after GSW scored 13-0 run.


  1. 1st 🙂

  2. So close

  3. I want more of this, please.

  4. Oh the linjustice. Ref are so unfair.

  5. What will Kobe do in Chicago? Prove his way is the way or sit back and watch?

  6. game highlights

  7. he will play 32 min, possibly 10 min in the 4th quarter to be the hero.
    He will pass more so he won’t be accused as the bad guy.

  8. That’s crazy blatantly biased calls by refs.
    We probably need highlight reels of NBA ref bias to get some spotlight like Harden Defensive Juggernaut video

  9. Lin’s clutch 3 put a nail in the coffin:


  10. Simple and accurate summary! Cuts right through all the crap!

  11. Probably should include “Jeremy made dumb mistakes” lol

  12. All eyes will be on him and media will be all over this win without Kobe situation. He needs to watch out…

  13. Make another sticky post 🙂

  14. I simply don’t know. Kobe is very unpredictable in a one game sample because he often plays with an agenda to show a point (he refused to shoot one game to prove that he’s not selfish LOL). However, he’s very predictable over large sample of games because Kobe always reverts back to his bricking ways sooner rather than later.

  15. Saved my time to watch the stupid post game interview.. thanks!

  16. That’s a great suggestion.

  17. It was a great night. Basketball was fun again 🙂

  18. Clarkson was like….what did I just see?

  19. He looks a little scared too lol.

  20. No need to watch anymore. It will always be the same.

  21. Love Jeremy’s smile in the post game interview! So happy for the team win!

    A Merry Moomin Christmas to Jeremy and to all of you.

  22. This is one of the many reasons why I admire Jeremy. Clarkson is lucky to have him as a mentor.

  23. Still rejoicing the victory. miss this sensation for too long. as long as jeremy continue to smile and have the team playing together like this, i’m fine with him ave 10-5-5 or whatever. Linsanity was about winning, not personal stats.

  24. maybe it’s for the best, if lin scored any higher without kobe, he might make lin go to D-league instead of bench.

  25. Jeremy’s highlights

  26. .

  27. LakersGround DancingBarry review on Lin

    Lin — —
    “You’ve got to attack them and put on their heels a little bit,” Lin said of how the Lakers needed to play D. “Do as much of that as you can. Make them throw skip passes and things like that. Our weakside defense was really good tonight.” Both Lin and Price had 3 steals each. The Lakers had been anything but disruptive against the Warriors on D this season. Tonight, they turned the tables. The Laker frontcourt and backcourt both battled hard and good things happened. Offensively, Lin’s game had more flow to it as he got to create off the screens more. He missed a couple of easy layups he probably should have had. He did a good job getting dribble penetration and setting up others. The Lakers need to penetrate the D, but just don’t seem to want to do that most of the time. Very frustrating.

    The Stats:

    He scored 11 points on 4-11 shooting (3-5 from three) to go with 1 board, 5 assists, 3 steals, 1 turnover and 4 fouls in 25 minutes. He was a +4.

    The Action:

    He drained an open wing three on a kickout in transition. He missed a rainbow three chuck, not a good look. He missed a layup in transition. He drained a three off the high handoff when his man went under the screen. He stepped in for a charge in transition and got the stop. He knocked a ball loose and tipped it ahead to Clarkson for a dunk. Great job pouncing on a Warrior trying to get an offensive board and he swiped it away from him. He hit Davis rolling to the hoop for a layup. He worked off the high screen from Davis and lobbed to him for the dunk (why don’t these two stay on the floor together more? It’s so puzzling). He attacked the rim hard and was called for the charge, erasing an And-1 layup (no way the defender was set on that).

    Second Half:

    He banked in a top-of-the-key jumper falling to the ground at the end of the quarter (that’s how it’s going for the Lakers). He missed a wing pull-up jumper. He missed a wing three. Nice D to swipe a backdoor pass to his man. He biffed an easy layup at the rim, got to finish those. He hesitated then attacked the paint with speed, drew the D and dumped it back to Boozer on the no-looker for a point-blank layup. He attacked the paint with speed and hit Boozer for the FTs. He ran clock down and missed an elbow jumper. He drained a wing three.


  28. The lakers taiwanese minority owner wants to re-sign lin?

    For those who can read chinese: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3482121336?pn=0&

  29. Davis — — We had an extended stretch of Lin/Davis on the court and some good things happened as a result. Imagine that. He and Lin teamed up for a lob dunk off the two-man game. Several dunks by the Lakers tonight. Those lob plays and dunks get the crowd going, get the guys pumped up and the team plays better. Davis was a perfect 7-7, getting everything to go. We’ve got to do a better job of consistently hitting him both on the roll and in the low post where he’s sneaky effective. The Laker trio bigs combined for 8 shot blocks. The Stats: He scored 14 points on 7-7 shooting to go with 5 boards (2 offensive), 2 assists, 1 steal, 2 blocks and no fouls in 21 minutes. He was a +3. The Action: He grabbed a missed three and put it in before coming down. He slammed on the break trailing the action and taking the pass. He took a pass, side-stepped a man and scored the layup. He rolled to the hoop and Lin hit him for the layup. He rolled to the hoop and this time Lin lobbed to him for the throwdown. He hit a jumphook off the low position. He had 12 points on 6-6 shooting and 4 boards in the half. Second Half: He swiped a pass on the two-man D. Nice recovery to reject a drive. They dumped it to him in the post against a smaller man and he hit the baseline jumphook.

  30. BScott: You’re crazy. This is just one game.

  31. Sounds like the Spurs. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised that Scott allowed this type and pace of play!

  32. “Ed’s my guy . He’s always in the right place at the right time”

    “I think we learned that… [we play better as a team without Kobe]… uh, I would say it’s just another step in the right direction.”


  33. That dribble penetration drawing a triple team, no look backwards pass to Boozer was Chris Paul caliber. Sportscenter Top 10 worthy.

  34. the first one, the defender was jumping sideways, should have been And 1.

    The second one, tough call, sometimes refs don’t give that shooting foul when you just chuck it after contact.

  35. “Kobe ain’t doing **** for us” – the other 14 Lakers.

    For the first time this year, a Lakers game was fun to watch. I was hoping the team would step up and play team ball without Kobe, but of course, I could have never imagined a result like this. It was surreal, the Lakers looked like the Warriors out there, moving the ball, hitting 3s, creating a ton of turnovers.

    Even though Lin didn’t have a spectacular game, I was still very pleased with this game because the Lakers played team ball, and it was so fun to watch. Hats off to Price on his big game (I don’t think he continues that type of performance though). 7 players in double digits, wow. If the Lakers can play this style on Kobe’s nights off, Lin will surely get in on more of the action next time.

    Lin still played decent though. When GSW was coming back at the end of the game with a 16-0 run, pulling within 8, Lin hit the dagger 3 with 0:35 left to snuff out any hope the Warriors had.

  36. Here’s my glass half empty commentary:

    While the win over the Warriors proved everyone right about how the Lakers would play better without Kobe, unfortunately things will revert to the past when Kobe plays on Thursday.

    I can imagine Kobe and Scott thinking during the game, “Wow, if they can play like this without me/Kobe, how much better will the Lakers be when I/Kobe rejoin them!”

  37. that 3 was a drawn up play by BSc, as you can see in the GSW TO that BSc is drawing up a play and that was the last one before the game ended. Things are happening behind the scenes. They aren’t going to talk about it in public. Fingers crossed …

  38. yes, they are not thinking that. They are thinking … I have no clue how to bring the balance. Personally, I suspect it’s going to take a clear intervention as acbc has written about obsession and how hard it is to overcome alone.

  39. @ :43 seconds – Scott has a huge smile.

    @ :44-45 seconds: Scott asked a question about Kobe

    @ : 46 seconds: Smile gone. Scott serious’d.


  40. Lin always get cheated on his layups for those unset defenders who are really just flopping for a charge! I hope he figures out a way to counter them!

  41. Hopefully this is the end of that stale line people use that ‘Kobe has to shoot so many cos the rest of the team has no talent’. That argument annoys me to no end! LOL

  42. Someone should really collect all these clips and bad calls into one video. It’d definitely go viral and people will notice how BIAS the refs are!!

  43. The second one alot of players get those calls even against Lin!

  44. Wow, didn’t get to watch the full game, but what a nice surprise! My only hope is that Kobe will take off every other game from now on.

  45. Shaq said something during the height of Linsanity in 2012, that Jeremy was partly a system player and partly just a great player. I think some players only thrive under a certain system, whilst some players, like great ISO players, can be effective regardless of the system.

    I think there is some truth to what Shaq said back in 2012. In the past few years Lin was not really allowed to use his strengths. Lin had struggled at times without screens or proper cuts by team mates. But he has coped and improved dramatically.

    What Shaq said is no longer really true today. Lin works best in a fast paced, pick and roll heavy system. But in limited opportunities and difficult conditions he has shown how his game has evolved. He can be effective in any system (though I do not expect him to try shooting through triple teams very much!) I really think he is an elite point guard and a superb 2 way player. Lin is about winning plain and simple.

  46. Jeremy Lin #NBABallot Strong-will over the height @JLin7 rebounded the ball. pic.twitter.com/v2G8NBjxb8— Librafree (@Librafree) December 24, 2014

  47. @JLin7 sharp 2nd steal and then fast break at 6'10 left first half. Check out https://t.co/tRdWpQ2gpy pic.twitter.com/4qowRwN7dL— Librafree (@Librafree) December 24, 2014

  48. There is really only one player right now that is a great ISO player and that’s Lebron. He can basically play any position/role and have an impact. Before him was Jordan.

    I think in general, all players are system players. As good as Chris Paul is, imagine if he was made a spot up shooter? Or if Durant had to handle the ball?

    Like you said, Lin has an ideal system for him, but he’s also a good player that can fit other roles. But in a system, he’ll be a great player.

  49. VIDEO: Nick Young On Kobe, ‘Take The Backseat For A Little Bit’: Los Angeles Lakers fan favorite Nic… http://t.co/Y4NF5aIqBC #lakeshow— Lakers Lakers Lakers (@lakeshowonline) December 24, 2014

  50. Shaq himself in his prime wouldn’t succeed in today’s Laker environment.

    The way Kobe is stinking up the team, NO PLAYER can survive as Kobe’s teammate.

  51. It’s been so obvious this season. Recent games and pre-season have confirmed this. Need a poll:
    (1) Is Byron Scott incompetent, or
    (2) Are the Lakers tanking by Kubchik’s & Buss’ plan, or
    (3) Should Kobe Bryant’s jersey be hung in the rafters.
    (4) All of the above

    All said, it’s been sickening to listen to KB’s postgame excruciatingly dull dialog and blame game, to extent I have been avoiding. Solution is to disband all from the basketball operations . That’s what any venture capitalist would do. Stop what ain’t working.

    I love the Warriors, but this game was a tremendous way to show the door, nearly as good as Lin having a 40 pt game without KB on the floor.

  52. I remember you said before the season started that Kobe shouldn’t be starting and that Kobe’s defence would be a liability. It sounded strange then but now it seems to be absolutely true.

  53. That was entertaining.

  54. Haven’t had a chance to read up on the news yet but I imagine there has been a seismic shift in LA with the epicenter located at Lakers Headquarters, El Segundo.

  55. IMO only 3 is correct and once the plan in 2 is “adjusted”, then BS won’t seem so clueless anymore.

    Alternatively to 3, Kobe is a survivor after all and he will suddenly learn how to pass so that he can remain relevant. However, it could very well be that Kobe’s fatigue and soreness in his last 2 games is a permanent condition that will no longer allow him to contribute positively to an NBA team.

  56. Scott sure got annoyed with a reporter daring to suggest the team played better without Kobe.

  57. That’s cause Scott is still reading from the old script. Right now Mitch and Jim and maybe even Jeanie are in a huddle trying to figure out what the new plan is. Once that’s worked out, they’ll write up a new script for BS and then he will seem like a changed man.

  58. Folks of JLinPortal, From My Timezone, Have a Blessed Christmas Season!

  59. if BS AND Kobe are gone next year, I’m cool with Lin staying in LA, otherwise screw them. Obviously in the end, it is completely his decision, I just hope he makes the best basketball decision and not what everyone is telling him.

  60. Byron should learn a lot from this game. The team is a lot better with player and ball movement. Lin should close, he hit a huge 3 late in the game after a long drought and set up many teammates for open looks, Lin and Davis combo is terrific, Ellington can be a big contributor, Wes can do more than the limited role he does, Kobe is not needed as a point guard, ever.

  61. Same to you. Happy Holidays!!!

  62. This is so cute & fun…

  63. Happy Holidays from NY !

  64. This involves too much on how lucky he will be. So….who knows.

  65. You know Scott does not think this way…lol

  66. Kobe…”i’ll play MY way”

    Scott…”you da man”

    yeah not happening…like ever, Kobe will be Kobe

  67. That’s why I kept saying I dislike ppl saying lin needs a good system, he just needs trust and minutes per game..

  68. The first issue is whether Kobe has some worsening physical disability. Other then that, he will NOT shoot anything like the 8 for 30 he shot against the Kings. Cause if he does, he’s really done, finished, kaput.

  69. BS stopped the team attack from the last 6 minutes. I bet he must be trying to cut down the Lakers lead to make it look closer so Kobe won’t look too bad

  70. Merry Christmas to you too!

  71. LAL 6 games behind on the 8th position. Hopefully not too late to change course to not tank.

  72. They were playing not to lose. During the Linsanity in NY, they kept playing the same way until the end.

    The directive has to be from BS.

  73. The other night, the Spurs had 37 assists. Does anyone know how many Lakers had last night? Someone mentioned that they had 19 by the end of first half. A few games ago with kobe in, the lakers had 14 assists for the whole game.

  74. Not entirely true I think. They just trying to cut down # of possessions. Scott either did it intentionally or he is not aware how bad his team is playing slower half court.

  75. Is this a routine that the “bench” has started? Maybe this is one of the reasons that they’re playing so well.

  76. And those are just for made bucket……I bet if we count the blown one…it tells more

  77. He’s probably scrambling on what to do now. His post game from Winter’s twits were Byron on Kobe: “Sometimes I think he’s kind of the security blanket… Sometimes you’ve got to move your security blanket to the side & just go out & play & I think that’s what we did tonight & when he comes back it shouldn’t be any different. Guys got to take it upon themselves to be aggressive & not look to him (Kobe) to kind of bail us out.”

    If he continues with that mindset, nothing is gonna change when Kobe is back on the court. But if the team goes back to the old way, BS will be the main culprit in letting this happen.

  78. It is already out of reach….unless Kobe changes his way

  79. But I would call cut down # of possession as playing not to lose. They were doing great not letting GS be set on their defense.

  80. Exactly, to not tank because you’re enabling Kobe to pretend he is still in his prime.

  81. That’s cool, but they seems to be just going thru the motions. Not much excitement.

  82. The beginning of the season, there was talk of Rush Hour 4 with Kobe and Lin. It turned out to be Dumb and Dumber 2 with Kobe and Scott.

  83. They had 28 assists for the game. I’ve attached the box score.

  84. Well. TO be fair. This happens to a lot of teams. When you need to milk some shot clock, the flow just go away with it. This is all on Scott. Lin did his part. Boozer lost his touch. Young took bad shots. 10 possessions gone without pts. I just won call it play to lose tho…simply just incapable.

  85. BS probably was pissed then since he probably thought it was sure loss.

  86. Not sure… saw it from last night’s game it seemed to just start it… LOL!

  87. Yea. Booz also missed couple FTs before that as well I think.

  88. Basically double the assists without Kobe as PG (or Pointless guard)

  89. There is no way you can beat a team with that kind production. But I will take it….this kind of thing does not just turn overnight. Spurs can milk the WHOLE 24 seconds while keep moving at high speed. It can be done but not easy. Lin knows it last yr in play offs. The “infamous THE TOV in G4” and the blown layups…

  90. When Kobe comes back, and the iso kobe goes on and BS let’s him play long minutes, (like I said b4), fans should throw toilet paper with BS written all over it!

  91. Last game with Kobe’s 31 blown possessions with bad shots and TOs, there isn’t any hope of high assists numbers.

  92. No. he needs to change, no matter how many minutes he plays. It is the way that is wrong….not his minutes.

  93. you said it correctly “when” not “if”

  94. Fans should shout “charming” when the starters stink up the court.

  95. I think so too…

  96. I believe some did…..lol

  97. LOL

  98. Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that Houston has extended Kevin McHale’s contract; three years, and nearly $13 million.

    Happily, Jeremy is out of there. See : yhoo.it/1A54RCO

  99. You mean like the Toa….”follow the way of the Shoal-LIN, Kobewan”

  100. Poor HOU….LOL

  101. I think Kobe will play ISO vs Bulls tomorrow bc you guys team ball could win GSW.. just look at my Kobe ISO ball to win Bulls on X’mas game… That’s how I see Kobe for tomorrow… LOL!

  102. I think it will go Kobe all assists mode….

  103. I really hope Kobe can change and turn this thing around with him on the team still, otherwise, maybe he can “trip over the luggage hurting his ankle” like Nash “hurting his back carrying his luggage”.

    The mood at the Staples seems so exciting yesterday.

  104. Really? Smh!

  105. LOL pretty much so. Will be better if he just leave the team and actually go there…

  106. 5) How about the coach making Kobe Bryant actually attend practices, learn the plays, and play defense?

  107. Maybe… but when Trudell asked Scott yesterday.. can we continue to play like this? He sounds so unsure…. Let’s see tomorrow then…

  108. I think for LAL to still aim playoff berth. They still need Kobe…..the one that plays the right way.

  109. I watched the game on TV with lifelong Lakers fan wearing a Kobe jersey (and he’s not a Lin fan). Even he felt that the Lakers would play better without Kobe, and was joking that Scott might insert Kobe in the second half and lose the game. He felt the Lakers never should have signed Kobe to the enormous contract because it handcuffed the team’s cap with a player past his prime.

  110. That Kobe doesn’t exist.

  111. Jeremy, happy before the game against OKC.


  112. The kobe all assist mode means a lot of TOVs and ball in his hands until he see an open teammate in the paint.

  113. I agree for sure, but the ego in Kobe might be too big to allow that.

  114. Five years ago??

  115. In a galaxy far far away?

  116. No…he has never played the Lin’s way….

  117. I write A LOT of strange things that come true.

    They don’t seem strange to me when I write them. I’m not trying to hype anything, I’m actually just trying to call things fairly.

    It’s just like when I yammered this summer that Byron Scott had no clue of how good Lin was. Scott STILL has no clue, and Scott’s more committed to ejecting Lin than ever.

  118. Ah… I see… right… let him taste more Linsanity since his 38 pt loss to the Knicks

  119. There were some possessions in the 4th quarter where Nick Young was jacking up iso’s early in the clock

  120. Lebron has had SEVERE STRUGGLES in Cleveland’s “system”.

    There is no such thing as a NBA player who doesn’t need a system to excel. If anything, Lin’s better in that department than Lebron or anybody else in the NBA is.

    Lin has the ability to unify his teammates and get them playing as a team despite having no coaching. I can’t think of anyone else in the NBA who can do that.

  121. Lin and Davis… I am eagerly waiting for more

  122. Delta Quadrant…and remember to destroy the Transwarp conduit…

  123. THose were ridiculous…He simply does not know what to do

  124. “…. it’s mine!!!!!!!!…”

  125. Kobe playing the right way would still hurt the Lakers.

    Kobe no longer has the athleticism to play both ends of the court.

  126. “No. he needs to change, no matter how many minutes he plays. It is the way that is wrong….not his minutes.”

    Or you could fix it without Kobe changing… by reducing his mins to 0 (like Tues)

  127. At least he does not play so net negatively like he did in these 27 games.

  128. This was a win with BS using Mchale playbook to hold back Linsanity. Imagine what it would have been like had LIN been the PG instead of Price and Clarkson?

    Kobe can still shoot and still has skills but not contested ones anymore. This team could use Kobe if he’s willing to be off ball and taking easy shots, otherwise, he’s just a useless anchor.

    Of course this will never happen with “dumb and dumber 2”.

  129. It is not like he will follow those plays anyway

  130. Kevin Ding on Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant …

    By building a team that was all about Bryant, asking him to do more than he was ready for, and casting him in the role of leading man based on past history instead of current reality, Scott guaranteed that Bryant would falter. … Bryant has been so bad and slow recently that even Scott’s blind spot couldn’t miss it.

    See : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2309785-byron-scotts-kobe-bryant-plan-leaving-los-angeles-lakers-in-dangerous-position

  131. I’m happy for the hustin..suc…uhhh houston rockets and mcidio…. uhhh… mchale. .. they deserved each other and may they be with each other forever.

  132. Easy example. Just play like Dirk now. A star plays like a role player…..super effective.

  133. Or Ginobli!

  134. Scott’s blindspot is him wearing a donkey’s blinders.

  135. That, technically, is not a spot anymore…lol

  136. Ginobili still create and run the offense like a star. Kind of different.

  137. He needs to get on the plane and rest some more for tomorrow’s game.

  138. I hope he was just there for something he forgot to take..

  139. Check this NBA for Jeremy Lin shop…


  140. Perhaps BS’s directive from FO is to protect the Kobe brand. Stuff coming out of his mouth protecting Kobe is just not what people are seeing on the court.

  141. In PT.

  142. No thanks…..not gonna pay NBA any money until a team really uses Lin

  143. That’s it. “Past history instead of current reality. ..”

  144. Maybe. Blinders AND sunglasses IN the dark?

  145. I understand how you feel… but just fun to see it… it’s X’mas. LOL!

  146. I think he’s probably practice all day for this game… LOL!

  147. True! LOL

  148. That is asymptotically true…LOL

  149. No matter what anybody says, the real problem isn’t Byron Scott overusing Kobe.

    The real problem is Byron Scott underutilizing Jeremy Lin.

    Kobe could be on his best behavior and STILL the Lakers would lose because they keep diminishing Lin.

    Make no mistake, last game was a FAKE WIN due to Andrew Bogut not playing.

  150. That fool McHale just got rewarded for UNDERACHIEVING.

    The Rockets should have won the championship last year, but McHale benched that championship away by ejecting the Rockets’ best player in Lin.

  151. Apparently ego massager can go a long way in today’s NBA. Is BS next?

  152. I would buy a Jeremy Lin jersey if he gets traded to Spurs. I’ll probably get a small for men’s jersey. I have a huge problem with tops for women. I prefer long tops, those that hit at least the hips, and women’s tops have short hems.

  153. Really? I think I saw some long one b4…maybe it was NFL….

  154. That’s why Scott tried so hard to please Kobe… smh!

  155. I agree Scott is not the real problem. Kobe is. He is so afraid Linsanity will show up again in Lakers… you see he just has to make sure Lin’s playing time is always under control?! smh!

  156. That is what they are trying to do. So Kobe keeps his media value

  157. I prefer long tops cause they make me look taller. Looking at the Jeremy Lin merchandise available for women, seems like they’re all short for me… so no jersey buying yet 🙂

  158. Given the Varejao news….I wonder if Laker will try to get picks from Cavs with either Davis or Hill.

  159. Hm, I’m not sure why HOU wants to commit to a 1st/2nd round of playoff exit for the next 3 years.
    McHale had the worst stats for in-game adjustment (i.e. pts after timeouts) last season so it will be a playoff killer.

    But hey, we’ll take it :] Congrats!

    Good news do come in bundles

  160. What is this? X’mas gift from Kobe to his teammates?

  161. So are they gifts from Lin to his teammates?

  162. I don’t think Kobe gifted himself. But u never know

  163. .

  164. From Lakeshow so is that the Lakers organization?

  165. Is that Lin’s Instagram acct? Says “bring my idea to life”

    Customized headphones for the #lakeshow … early Christmas gift as we fly to Chicago!! (Huge s/o [email protected] @monsterproducts @mostprolific [email protected] for helping bring my idea to life)

  166. we’ll take it!

  167. Ok, here is my conspiracy theory: Does Kevin Ding sound really angry at Scott. He even tweeted last night that Scott’s relationship with Kobe is unhealthy. OK, history lesson; Kevin Ding use to be the LA Laker’s reporter before he moved over to a senior writer at Bleacher Report. He is highly respected by Kobe Bryant, and he was a direct insider into the Laker organization and Jeanie Buss. I think Ding is speaking for Jeannie Buss with his slams on Scott’s coaching. Ding is careful not to lay any blame on Kobe, but it is all on Scott. A lot of sports media have jumped on board with what Ding has posted in the last 24 hours about Scott. If I didn’t know any better, I think Jeannie Buss and F/O is getting Ding to say what they want to say about Scott. Notice how Ding has said that Scott has placed Kobe in an a failing situation and has not been that coach that Kobe needs for him to succeed. How long do think it will take for Kobe to jump on that bandwagon and say, yeah, Kevin you are right, it is not my fault. Scott wanted me to do to much, and he put me at risk for another injury. Listen, kobe is looking to blame anybody except himself. Kevin Ding is keeping the narrative that Scott didn’t look out for Kobe and he is responsible for Kobe’s predicament. I truly believe that the Lakers are running two movements here; one that seems to promote Kobe, and one that seems to be moving toward keeping lin and moving him into the PG position of the future. The lone Taiwanese stated in a recent article in the Chinese press that he hopes that lin can stay a laker and grow with the organization. On another note, I go to a lot of Laker games, and I am beginning to see more lin jerseys, and the Laker fans like lin. just some thoughts

  168. cannot bear to see that team uniform until we hit some more GSW games and I know it’s happening the rest of Lin’s K. Now … having said that, I wish I had the Orig NYK, Rox ones because then I would start a collection. Oh well, guess I’ll wait until I’m rich to collect things …

  169. Must be Monster/ Beats that gave it to them.

  170. he just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a fart-bag on his seat.

  171. well it is both really as pointed out by Brent to us here first … Kobe uses up 30 useless possessions with his bricks and TOVs, not to mention the 1-5 factor.

    And just like with IJ7 saying about Bogut, I say the same … thanks for the ice bucket challenge. Nope … any given day, any given team, you play and you win or lose by the situation. Give the kids some cred.

  172. Maybe “bring my idea to life” means Jeremy’s idea and Monster provided the headsets. That is why there is no JLin one they are from JLin.

  173. Kind of sounds like it explains why there is no JLin headphone

  174. Ah, I didn’t notice the names are on them except Swaggy and Mamba.

    They got their nicknames.

  175. yep, they should have pulled a TD to spread the money to the rest of the team and signal emeritus status.

  176. a good point. Drivers have to stay in their lane for safe passage.

  177. Merry Christmas, IJ! 🙂
    Hope you have a great celebration and service!

  178. The sooner Kobe retire the better. This is LA Lakers and everyone tries to go elsewhere. SMH.

  179. So these were presents from Lin. awesome!!!

  180. It’s good to know that normal basketball fans are catching on how bad Kobe has been for the Lakers!
    The number will be growing everyday

  181. Was that Keving asking the question? BS kept trying to say “Are you saying that LAL is worse with Kobe?”. I don’t think that guy wanted to just say Kobe is at fault.

    Kinda hate to think FO would do that to BS, a long time Lakers.

  182. Where is the “and the plot…..”

  183. one variable at a time. I’m choosing to see this as BSc gaining some power over next 10 games to shift toward Lin with public and NBA/team politics to keep kobe in his lane. Next change to give Lin the diamond to polish will be in 10 games.

    Anyway, that’s now a wise leader would shift power foundationally. Only, you don’t see it often because leaders get ahead of themselves (me many times), the other Lins of the world are not patient (me at times), the big egos see the flanking move and right back (luckily not me), the team loses faith and cuts secret deals with too many powers that seem (seen it lots of times … ).

  184. Wonderful Season is Giving!
    I wonder what will come next :]

  185. Not surprise at all bc he & D12 are good friend… maybe Harden too?! It’s not bad idea if he continues to play like he did in Pistons… That will be great! LOL!!!

  186. I’m not as satisfied with that analogy quite yet.

  187. Kind of different.

  188. No that was Bill Oram from the OC Register. Kevin Ding doesn’t have those fears of not having access to the Laker’s locker room, because he use to be the main reporter for the lakers.

  189. yes, Kobe could be an explosive element to a Lin game. He could also score over 20 pts if he cruises off Lin. Going for 25 alone kills him and the team.

  190. Underachieving is right!

  191. I was just trying to figure out, why Ding was so angry. He was very harsh on Scott in his Bleacher report article. even one of the posters pointed out that it was a harsh article. Anyway as I said, these are just my conspiracy theories.

  192. This will be a horrible fit. Josh Smith likes to shoot 3s and his awful in his %.
    But he’s supposedly somewhat good for defense in the playoff so this could be a hit and miss

    I didn’t follow why he’s so horrible this year

  193. @ Chicago then @ Dallas b2b….that’s ugly.

  194. I personally think they just try to keep Kobe’s value while finding a scapegoat. I don buy that Scott was brought in for control Kobe idea. FO and Buss family know Kobe too well to know it is not gonna happen.

  195. he needs 10 less minutes so he can be more detached and play the right way as you want. Detachment now is the key. Acbc might have something to say about the writeup he did on addiction. To me, lowering the emotional commitment to one way is the first step.

  196. It is ok…we got Kobe!!

  197. Look at lin taking on the leadership role for the team…..LOL

  198. step functionally true too.

  199. I agree w you on Ding spoke out against Scott it’s from FO… I think Lakers do want to keep Lin for the future.

  200. Kobe should be used as a secret weapon. Let him rest 3 quarters and 10 minutes. so he can be well rested and shoot his clutch final shot.

  201. love the rook rabbit ears! even better than the bald sacre give me skin.

  202. a drawn up three if you watch reply. Byron has pride in that play, if you believe my interpretation of the vid.

  203. I would rather Lin take it. But really….this is a much better scenario than what LAL had in last 27 games.

  204. Hopefully there will not be a need for a last shot win.

  205. Also many blown assists from Lin … ppl failed to execute, so I don’t think BSc said to shut it down. It’s natural to pull it back. I loved the challenge, seeing Lin in there by Scott to control the closeout. And if I’m right, with the drawn up 3 out of a GSW TO, then BSc had Lin in there for that purpose too. Glorious, centurion! (Brent, TOS!!)

  206. With him we lose anyway regardless who or when they play.

  207. I agree to a point. I think they bought into the hype and lies that Scott presented to him about him being Kobe’s mentor and that he will listen to him and that they have formed somewhat of a father-son bond. I believe this is the bill of goods that Scott sold to the Lakers. Kobe went along with it, because he was familiar with Scott as his senior. I don’t think, kobe even did any research on Scott’s stats. Also you have to understand that Kobe does not have a relationship with his father, and Byron probably represented himself to Kobe as some father image.

  208. yes, was thinking … up the tempo, I know you wanna chew up clock but the kids don’t control play that way yet. They are too used to sitting with Kobe in the half court game.

  209. natural letdown that gave the importance of Lin just one more proof point to those who can see it.

  210. and some blow assists, I think.

  211. I will take TJ or DM not Josh Smith. But of course he is more famous than them….

  212. If he made himself one it would be Linsanity right in the middle.

  213. Then this becomes an AAU team where the team is just build around HC’s son/daughter….Actually if that is the case. I think even Kobe is not happy with Scott in a sense that Scott are just too incapable.

  214. Lin showed us just one of his ways to win … there are many more to come.

  215. TJ’s ceiling is about what Josh Smith is…

  216. Are you saying Ding is voicing what the FO may have expressed?

  217. Merry Christmas to you and All in Oz, Asia! If you fly to HI, you can have 2 Christmases lol.

  218. But the spotlight will be on Kobe….the leaser who takes both good and bad for us…LOL

  219. To tell the truth, I really don’t know anything about Josh Smith… but just saw his game from Pistons… I will not take him.

  220. LOL….. the ultimate one liner of “in other words”

  221. Sounds like somebody pushing to throw Scott under the bus. Either the front office, Kobe’s camp, or Jeannie Buss separate from the front office (which would be a sign off a bigger problem in the family/organization).

  222. That is why HOU take him. We always feel to do the opposite

  223. I think that the Lakers F/O like Lin. He doesn’t force his way, he comes in plays his game, when he is permitted to do, and he is willing to sacrifice his game for the betterment of the team. Also one thing that I have noticed is that Sacre really likes lin. Sacre is the player on the team that all of the other players look up to because he does his own thing, and he basically ignores kobe. He was on the Max show last year and he said that Kobe likes to see if he can punk you out. Scare said that Kobe got in his face and he told him to stay out of his face. He stated that after that confrontation, Kobe left him alone. Sacre seems to have taken a liking to lin, because I think lin did not back down from Kobe. Sacre also knows that Lin is a good guy, and he looks out for him when he is playing with him.

  224. Actually, I saw it as Scott forcing the subtext out of the reporter (“So you’re asking me if …”) and then outright saying they absurd. What he did to me was masterful. He made the reporter ask the pregnant question more directly, and then he game an outright absurd answer to that Kobe cannot get mad, but it’s there of everyone to see.

    Personally, I have never used that but I think I will. The key to that working is to go behind the scenes (to the team, to FO, etc.) and say …. I was just calling out the illogical conclusion but you know what I mean.

    I back that interpretation up with tape – rewatch the game and see if you agree that Lin’s last 3 was a drawn up play out of the prev GSW TO. Price getting the ball after Lin was PG was quite a surprise to me, then Lin’s running loop and Prices immediate read was just too telling. Just GREAT call by BSc, in my opinion. “I want to score winners too” hehe.

  225. Hope Smith continues to play like he did in Pistons for HOU this season… Ya!

  226. it’s impractical to think changing Kobe is one of the options. The best way forward is to force-limit his minutes.

    Funnily, LAL and Lin performance is directly proportional to Kobe minutes on the bench now. So easy to turn this thing …

  227. Kobe should be used as a decoy to get the other teammates open shots.

  228. empirical math, new math: LAL performance directly proportional to Kobe Bench Minutes.

    Supporting math, the linear regression that poster did 2 – 3 days ago, but new math is simpler.

  229. He is…just…the decoy did not pass…

  230. Yep. I remember a tweet a couple of months ago from Kevin Ding. He tweeted that he was sitting with Jeannie Buss and Iggy Azaleas during the game and that they were having a lot of fun. If you notice other beat reporters speculate, but Ding comes out with what is really happening. Also is noteworthy that Kobe follows Ding on twitter. I don’t really see him following any of the other beat reporters.

  231. If the lakers FO want to keep Jlin then they better change the way Jlin being treated Pronto. .. and I mean Pronto

  232. Probabaly won’t tho….HOU is more talented..

  233. I think the because of the bad press of late, and the game last night when the Laker’s beat the #1 team in the NBA opened a can of worms on a lot of dysfunction within the organization. Of course F/O looking for a scapegoat. It is not going to be them or Kobe, so who is left.

  234. or Rondo…

  235. I like all your strangeness except your recent DNP-CD mantra. That one will not happen, and pls keep up the GREAT posts.

  236. I agree, but right now, Scott has dug a whole for the F/O that they are trying to save face

  237. Rondo?

  238. Some sportswriters were saying Detroit was playing Smith out of position. He’s a natural 4 but they played him at the 3 and he’s not quick enough to guard 3’s. If Houston plays him at the 4 & TJ goes to the bench both the starters and bench will be better. Not to mention they recently got Brewer to shore up the bench. Hate to say it but Houston going to be scary. I don’t think first round exit this time sorry to say.

  239. my new read on Scott says he’s and maybe FO are quietly ushering change to Lin. I hope they can do it with speed.

  240. Swaggy got his nickname!

  241. Just a joke that I have with @disqus_pHXjEBmmCo:disqus LOL

  242. I agree. I think Scott convincing Kobe to sit on the Warriors game didn’t pan out the way that Scott/Kobe hoped it would be. It was a scheduled loss, but that didn’t happen. The media is having a field day in how team is much better without Kobe…I am sure that this did not go over too well with Kobe.

  243. But the Rockets have a TERRIBLE backcourt that is slow and unathletic and wilts under pressure.

    James Harden is playing more as a team player, but he’s still slow and can’t guard real opponents.

    The backcourt is the weakness for the Rockets, and not even adding Josh Smith will solve that.

  244. That’s really good thoughts, joyce.

    Kevin has been directly slamming BScott in hopes to force him to reduce Kobe’s min.
    It might be coming from Jeanie Buss or is aligned with her wishes.

    What is interesting would be if there’s FO play to promote Lin more positively to help Kobe as a way for both of them co-exist. Then assign the blame to BScott for ruining Kobe’s health.

  245. I think it is obvious that Scott/Kobe bet on a lopsided loss from the team.. …But oh well…even Price hit 3 3s in a row…lol

  246. I agree with you about the 2nd agenda and the first one is locked in.

  247. Wiggins kissing up to Kobe ?….. Maybe he wan’t to be traded to the Lakers?


  248. That’s why they get Brewer and Ariza….

  249. Lakers have hope, especially when Kobe retires and Byron is fired. I wonder what the terms of Byron’s contract is — he’s a stubborn mule

  250. More like he wants to be Kobe..

  251. That would be exciting to see.

    I’m a little surprised BScott didn’t bench Lin with 5 min left in Q4 yesterday. There might be some pressure already starting with ‘Lin tried to pass but guys were standing around’ in the previous game.

    The tide is turning indeed!

  252. that just says it’s not wise to keep ppl down if you want performance for a dynasty.

  253. maybe true for the bad Josh Smith.
    At his peak, he could be quite dominant in getting rebounds and scoring but that might be in the past

  254. I really do believe that the Lakers want to keep lin. They are trying to figure out, if they want him for their PG of the future to start. Lin is auditioning for this job. Kobe is feeling threatened because he is 36 y/o and he can’t compete anymore. If this was Westbrook or another star PG, they would have thrown Kobe under the bus a long time ago, because it would have been about them getting their stats. Lakers know that no starring PG is coming to the Laker’s to paly alongside Kobe. Lin is the perfect fit, because Lin has patience and respect to what Kobe has represented in this league.

  255. invaluable info and ideas to make sense of it.

  256. the lowering ratings.

  257. Just my conspiracy theories. I referenced Kevin Ding, because I have never seen him this angry before at a coach. I think also Ding doesn’t like the way Scott has treated lin, although he doesn’t say it, but I think Ding knows what is up and he sees how unfairly lin is being treated in this league.

  258. It’s unusual for Scott not to let Lin in with say 3-5 mins left in 3rd. I felt, and it played true, that Scott has Lin in mind to close the game out at least to garbage time. Since garbage time didn’t happen, you can see plain as day the value of having Lin in there, esp with seeing the last 3 drawn out if you watch the tape from the GSW TO.

  259. Lebron James is a good team player, but he lacks a lot of individual fundamentals.

  260. then it confuses me why Ding just before wrote an article with the general Lin support but also knocking Lin. What do you make of that?

  261. Yep, that too. Also Brent posted that the largest new media in Taiwan had made a deal with the NBA to show Laker games in Taiwan because of Lin.

  262. now that then is the bamboo scaffolding for many years of fun ahead for you and your LAL posse!

  263. But on the offensive end when modern day defenses clamp down, where’s the dribble penetration and creativity needed to crack hard traps?

    That ability is now sitting on the Lakers bench!

  264. maybe Morey has some stats that say Harden’s foul trolling is enough to win.

  265. I think Ding is a fair and balance reporter. I think he has watched enough Laker games to see how lin has been marginalized by Scott and some remarks that Scott has made in the press about lin, even when he has played exceptionally well.

  266. yeah, Lin is certainly auditioning even if BScott didn’t run specific plays for him.

    Credit to Lin who’s patient with Kobe and says good things about him.
    I’m not sure if Kobe sees that or he still feels threatened by not being “the man” anymore. My guess is the latter. Kobe doesn’t have any other security. But perhaps with his physical limitations, he might be willing to let Lin shine more to give him chances to be the hero at the end of the game.

    Still a long shot, I’d say. Kobe is like a wild old dog who will growl to the end. He can’t really transform himself into Duncan or the old MJ

    Let’s hope Lakers FO apply more pressure to let Lin be the PG, since Price won’t ever have the chance to be a franchise player

  267. ok, we’ll see how this unfolds with Ding’s voice in the wings.

  268. I think Kobe’s problem goes back to him not having a relationship with his father. Kobe chose to disengage from his family because of his relationship with wife(which was his girlfriend back in the day when kobe and his family had a falling out with Vanessa). A friend of mine who is friends with Kobe’s parents said that the woman that his parents wanted him to marry is a doctor at UCLA. Kobe has a lot of emotional baggage attached to the way he approaches his life and how he makes his decisions.

  269. True dat…LOL

  270. What I’d like to know is if any of the lakers trashed talked Bryant today on the team flight to Chicago. I bet Swaggy said something along the lines of we don’t need grandpa Ko to help us win, just sit at home and enjoy your egg nog.

  271. Who’s JC in lakers?

  272. McHale’s signing: status quo without risking change. Rox out in 1 to 2. No ring.

    LAL forces:
    – lowered ratings from low ratings
    – Kobe proven valuable at many shots and minutes less
    – Team prove capable to be playoff contenders
    – Scott on the hot seat to enact change

    – maybe only 3-4 weeks ago, Lin benched and ppl lost faith. Now look at the best 2nd Unit in NBA v the worst 1st unit. That’s millions to negotiate for Lin’s managers
    – maybe only 10 days ago, ppl saying Lin going to 15 mins, less and it sure felt that way
    – Look at BSc saving Lin for 4th in first game without Kobe
    – Look at how important it was for Lin to be there to stop the bleeding and effectuate the win
    – Look at the GSW TO where it looks like the Lin 3, a dagger that sealed the game, was drawn out.

    I’d say Christmas came 2 days early, but anyway, very much on time for all relations and winter festivals!

    Happy Holidays!

  273. Also please keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and observations.

  274. so from what you know, would it help if Lin got to know Vanessa?

  275. your thoughts are creative integrations an worth factoring if one is a fan.

  276. bcuz skyscrapers, at least in 1994 when I saw Shenzhen pop up out of a vast plain, are made with bamboo scaffolding in China!

  277. Harden’s defensive weaknesses are hidden better now with the defensive system JB Bickerstaff created over the summer. They are now ranked only second to GSW in DefRtg. Seeing how well they did especially on defense without Howard & Beverley you have to be impressed. Now they got Howard back, plus Corey Brewer, plus now Smith. Scary Their biggest weakness is McHale who is as dumb as they come but maybe the assistant coaches are taking over.

  278. the Driving Miss Daisly line was so funny, esp if you saw him in the vid come up with that. Swaggy is verbally as fun as he is to watch. Some bricks, but some good moves.

  279. A little Christmas miracle would be for Kobe to figure out his part as the 19-yr veteran riding the sunset to play inspired teamball with the Lakers. It has 0.01% of happening but it would be shocking to everyone if it happens.


  280. he forgot the trust in each other and follow the leadership.

  281. Kobe should have listened to his father. No wonder he’s also a mememe mentality.


  282. Swaggy might be able to give Kobe a hard time with some humor.
    It’ll be interesting to see if Kobe trusts his teammates more or still stick to his hero-ball in Q4.

  283. maybe that’s inclusive in “give yourself over to the team and play your part”?
    But yeah, it does take sacrifice to trust others. Not sure Kobe loves his teammates enough to make the sacrifice

  284. “…give yourself over to the team and play your part.”

    Lin does this to a fault.

  285. He hates Cav & also said LBJ never talked to him … no wonder …

  286. Ya! From the way he played in Pistons I really don’t think he is good now… maybe Mc can change him… LOL!

  287. Reading his “Jeremy Lin: The Reason for Linsanity” book, I remember he started to become a big believer to play the right way unselfishly in HS after suffering injury that derailed his team’s chance to win championships.

    Gotta love Lin and Nash for playing the right way to play beautiful basketball :]
    Too much of Melo, Harden and Kobe ISO basketball just ruined the beauty of team-basketball for me.

  288. change … into a cornerstone or role player? haha

  289. I know nothing about Ding, so I’ll take your speculation and enjoy it!

  290. wait, I’m a bit unclear.

    I know Kobe had a falling out with his parents because he chose to marry Vannessa (Latina that Kobe’s parents didn’t agree). Did your friend say Kobe’s parents want him to marry a doctor at UCLA?
    It seemed harsh to have a prolonged no-relationship with parents even after they have kids, right? Esp. after Kobe had multiple affairs and almost -divorce with Vanessa.

    But yeah, his priority in life is certainly not the peaceful route. Not respecting the wife, parents, etc.

  291. “Django Unchained” or “Kobe, take a back seat.” Hmm. Which one will offend Kobe more? Am I the only one who thinks that Swaggy is dead meat? Unless Kobe has suddenly been stripped of all his power and influence, I would be so amazed if Swaggy can get away with saying such things about Kobe. Could be very interesting days ahead.

  292. true, that might be BScott’s plan to let Lin and 2nd unit do the garbage time. Plus he had to insert his favorite starter Price to replace Clarkson.

    I guess we need to see in a few games if Byron had the pressure to play Lin in crunch time or would rather bench him to prove a point

  293. Well we will see in play offs..

  294. Isn’t it you? You mean you didn’t get Lin’s gift?

    (Jordan Clarkson)

  295. Interesting, if you look at the Advanced stats for yesterdays game without Kobe and compare it to the splits of the whole season when Kobe is off the court it is quite similar. In fact the NetRtg of 11.1 is identical. Argues against the Kobe apologist that they are playing against scrubs when Kobe is out.

  296. To be fair…it is also a schedule loss for GSW…

  297. Swaggy says the team felt “unchained” and “like kids in a candy store”. Doesn’t sound like they were look at Kobe as a security blanket or looking for him to bail them out. More Byron Scott propaganda. He’s more like a personal PR person for Kobe rather than the Lakers coach.

  298. Any given day …

  299. Yes sir.

  300. I think he said that for himself. Not for Kobe

  301. To.his credit, to a fault from those who cannot see the wisdom …

  302. The more one reinforces a right lesson, the more currency one has to spend on challenges.

  303. 11/16/14 game when the Lakers lost to GSW by 21 (136 to 115) was a B2B game for them too and also was the third game of 4 for them. Why wasn’t it a scheduled loss then?

    Hint, answers initials are KB

  304. fify pj …. his 1v1 moves were.

  305. Until garbage time. No more ptsd with Lin. Smiling perspective.

  306. He likely has a hard time touching and expressing love given his prideful stance.

  307. Using Kobe to ditch LeBron. Not smart… my fellow Canadian!

  308. That’s why I said “also” It is never just “one reason” for most of the outcomes…

  309. LOL…..truth

  310. I’m pretty confident that Lakers will make Lin an offer next year. I can’t help but believe that Lakers management do see the value in Lin and are just waiting for Kobe’s contract to expire.

    1) When asked if Kobe would play beyond his contract, Kobe’s response was he would play if he felt like it. When Mitch was asked if Kobe would play beyond his contract, Mitch’s response was no. =)
    2) Lakers are a classy organization and believe in loyalty to it’s players. I bet management also can’t wait for the new generation of younger players to take over the team when Kobe retires so they can play a faster pace game. That is one of the reasons they brought in Dantoni in the first place.
    3) In regards to the Rondo trade, Boston was looking for expiring contracts. There is a reason why Jeremy wasn’t included in the trade talks to get Rondo.
    4) Now that Jeremy has proved himself as a legit NBA player (whether as a starter or a bench player), why wouldn’t Lakers want him now especially when they were interested in him back when he was a Nobody.

  311. Kobe’s more like the emperor has no clothes.
    Scott is the groveling idiot: “You look great King Kobe!”

  312. Unfortunately, market forces favor iso-basketball. And Lin has now played with the two most grotesque examples: Melo and old man Kobe. These two use up too much cap space, have tyrannical power over their franchises, and even doom their teams to failure. For Melo and Kobe it doesn’t even matter who the coach is. In the case of Harden, a competent coach could have reined him in, but of course McHale was the Rox coach.

  313. That’s probably what Kobe looked like watching the game on TV.

  314. But that’s what they pay Scott to do. It will be even funnier if they make him the scapegoat and throw him under the bus for doing what he was told.

  315. I just want to thank all the Mods for their dedications of hard works on this wonderful site for all Lin fans to converse/debate.

    Happy Holidays to All! :)))

  316. Not sure if I can bear another year with Kobe and Lin together.

  317. Merry Christmas everyone

  318. Welp, he’s gotta make Kobe happy right? A mad Kobe = fired coach. Lol

  319. I have to agree with you there. Somebody said Lin wasn’t offered because Boston didn’t want him but even if they really really didn’t like Lin, the Celtics could just throw him at the end of the bench. I do think Lakers want to keep him, but I’m afraid it will be as a back up PG.

  320. Jeremy Lin’s shiny Christmas gift for his Lakers teammates


  321. Knowing Kobes ego, he might stick to hero-ball. Who knows he might go crazy enough to win this game…. Maybe..

  322. Ya! Good for them. Keep Mc forever.

  323. Good, the Rox deserve no less. I only wish it was longer, like for the rest of McHale’s life.

  324. This is precisely why Kobe will never even come close to MJ. MJ keeps them around while Kobe runs them out of town.

  325. Forum years, not sure if last year optional.

  326. Yes, thanks for your effort and hard work. Happy holidays everyone!

  327. I think it’s a given that Lakers will make an offer though I think it will be less than his current contract (average about 8 mil per year). And real question is will Lin take it? I really hope he finds himself a better team on a shorter contract, and then get paid nicely on next one. But, maybe he will take it if they offer him security like a 4-year contract.

  328. Blessed Christmas from Down Under to every JLin fans all around the world. Super tire from family Christmas Eve preparation and gathering yesterday. Hence, I missed the Kobeless action game almost entirely except the last few minutes of the game and all the fun post game chats:-)

  329. Very blessed Christmas to you!

  330. Thanks! Have a very blessed Christmas to you!

  331. yup …the rondo era is about to crumble in dallas….hahahha

  332. Meri Kuri 😉

  333. Yeah the falllingout with his parents was because of him choosing Vanessa over someone that they had picked for him to marry

  334. Surprise to see Julius Randle FB comment on my FB page. This is his message:
    Hello everyone, I am a Lakers rookie, Julius Randle!
    I can not play ball so sad, I am hoping for the Lakers and Lakers fans to contribute, I hope I can recover as soon as possible, as soon as possible to let you see my strength!
    I also hope Jeremy stay a long time in Los Angeles

  335. What? He said this..? I also hope Jeremy stay a long time in Los Angeles?! Wow!

  336. Those custom made headphones that Lin helped design for him team mates are so nicccccccccce. I would not even doubt if they the Lakers organization will have lin design some for the Lakers to sell in the their NBA store.

  337. Kobe probably buys a month worth supply of Charmin’ for his teammates.

  338. I replaced the “Julius Randle” post to this because I learned that it was most likely a bogus fan post account and not Randle himself.

  339. There was a silly article this morning naming KOBE as the giver

  340. Saw the design. It looks super nice!!!

  341. Love those sick customized headphones Jeremy will give his team mates.

    I wouldn’t ask for anything from Jeremy… except one whole weekend on some lovely beach with him.Alone. 🙂

  342. LOL Good on you. I prefer the customized headphones than JLin himself:-)

  343. Awwwww that is just so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. I posted it earlier and learned that it was probably his fan and not himself in the FB. Checked the page out and found that it looked very questionable. Hence, I replaced the post with Nathan.

  345. If it’s real there is blue check mark.

  346. ok, thanks

  347. Merry Christmas Melody! The headphones are too Hollywood for my own taste but fit his teammates well lol.

  348. Yea jlin is probably more interesting than his money 😉 I would just ask a kiss lmao

    Those headphones mean he wanna stay in LA tho. Cool!!

  349. I love Jeremy but I’ll have to pass on the kiss, will take the headphones with custom writing “Moo”. (I’m an ox)

  350. Those Monster headsets that Lin gave his team mates are making it’s way around the NBA. Lots of people liked what he did and many people like the headphones. From what I read, Drebeats use to be made by Monster beats, not anymore and many people are saying that the Drebeats have lost their sound quality since they are not being produced by monster beats, so Lin got the best bang for his bucks.

  351. Hahahahaha If I’ve to choose between JLin and his customized headphone, I will choose headphone:-) JLin is just too young for me:-) I can be his “mother.” Agree the headphone is too flashy for me. Don’t need either:-)

  352. Christmas came early this year with Kobe-less Lakers beating GSW. Best Xmas present EVAH!

  353. Tried to find the post again but couldn’t. Intended to post the link so that you can make up your own mind. Apparently someone took down the post or it was reported.

  354. LOL … I’m so glad you’d pass on the kiss.
    I’d actually auction the kiss to buy some cool headphones and more ..haha

  355. hm, I wonder if Jeremy can raise good amount for his foundation by auctioning a kiss on the cheek?
    Plus weekend on the lovely beach for @ij7:disqus LOL

  356. On second thought, I’ll take the kiss from Jeremy and then resell them. Oh wait, my wife’s up…

  357. Merry Christmas and may God shower you with blessings and peace in the coming year, Melody! 😀
    Yeah, it was a lot of fun watching real basketball game plus twitter comments celebrating escaped prisoners ;p

  358. LOL that would probably raise several thousands of dollars @psalm234:disqus. Except to queue to start the night before the kissing event.

  359. I know and I missed it:-( Only learned it was so much “fun” from reading tweets for a couple minutes here and there:-( I was sort of telling myself: “What a bummer that I can’t watch the action!” When I was able to watch, it was almost toward the end of 16-0 run. At least I managed to watch the Clutch 3. I was so happy!!!!

  360. Put some certificate of authenticity from the kisser lol

  361. I don’t care a single cent of his money. Jeremy Lin and his brand of basketball is a gift that never goes out of style.

  362. Merry Christmas to you too. It is not quite Christmas here yet,

  363. Somehow I just can’t pic JLin in doing this. It’s just not him. I can imagine NY but not JLin:-)

  364. lin giving his his team mates their own customized headphones is what the franchise player would do for most teams….just sayin…

  365. I know but it’s Christmas day here:-) It’s 11:08am now:-)

  366. yeah, and also check out their nick names, CBooz, Wes Coast, Ju, Bobby Sac etc., kind of fun….

  367. Really! Such a significant act??? Will JLin know about this??? Wonder!!! He must have known the “tradition.”

  368. that’s probably true :]

  369. I saw that. Jeremy really has a lot of mass appeal and is a great team player. Lakers would have to be blind not to see that.

  370. Beats is not good…my cousin has one and it breaks within 3mo…

  371. on 2nd thought .. the police cost to secure the fangirls probably would cost that much :>
    I guess riots should be avoided haha…

  372. From a girl’s (mine) gift giving perspective, headphones is one of the top goodies that men give to their bros, whether a man is a famous figure or a regular Joe. 🙂

  373. classy should be Lin’s middle name :]

  374. it certainly put us in a good mood to watch that clutch 3! LOL

  375. My niece had a pair of the dre beats and hers broke too.

  376. wow.. didn’t know Kobe’s parents were that traditional.
    Actually that doctor is kinda spared the agony of multiple affairs

  377. The price just does not match to its quality….like rondo or dwill

  378. He’ll probably need a tank commander to secure the perimeter lol

  379. This comment made my holiday morning for so many reasons lol

  380. I wander which Kobe will show up tomorrow to play against the Bulls. I wish there was an interview from him, that would give us an idea where his mindset is.

  381. I like that comment.

  382. That’s very true. My guess is probably the pg mode KOBE BALL will show first but whether it will last for the whole game is questionable. 4qtr is most likely will be ballhog KOBE BALL. Doesn’t matter which one, it’s all KOBE BALL all in all until he retires or sits out.

  383. Thanks for coming up with this site @psalm234!

  384. Yeah! I told myself as I saw the Warriors bench run, couldn’t believe that Lakers might lose the game as I had the chance to watch. Just couldn’t believe it not only I missed the fun part of it and then I would see how “bench” lost the game…… I imagined the worst scenerio for JLin. When JLin hit the Clutch 3 and stopped the bleeding, I was so happy!!!! It sealed the win without KB! Just couldn’t believe that boneheaded BS didn’t put JLin back in earlier. He must “cry” inside so hard. KB and he thought it was a definitely a loss and now they beat Warriors the #1 team without KB. They thought benching JLin would get the job done but it didn’t. They must be mad:-) Can’t wait to see KB and BS tomorrow. My guess it’ll be a loss game.

  385. I think he will play like vs Spurs game bc the media are all keep their eye on him…

  386. they were never high end headphones, regardless of manufacturer. too much on the bass end, and lack of detail for other ranges

  387. Kobe bought Thanksgiving dinner for the whole team and staff last year. Maybe he will cater Christmas dinner this year.

  388. Lol sweet kobe at home.

  389. Plus not good for the ears lol

    Kobe’s hearing will be the first to go

  390. not JLin related, but a story from another Lin – a wonderful story during this time of the year…


  391. My First post here. Lovely. Just to prove Jlin saying “sharing is contagious.”

  392. Welcome!

  393. I have been so upset with Scott recently that I have been tuning him out. Now that I have calmed down a bit, I can analyse some of the developments.

    Firstly, he is not pro-Lin and is not a Lin supporter. His affection for Price dated back to the very start of training camp. His reluctance to start Lin even when Price was injured was plain to see. He could have let Lin start when Kobe was out this last game but did not.

    Secondly, he can actually see that Kobe is the problem. But to him coaching has been about playing politics and pandering to superstars. I think he wants to see the whole team step up, but not for Lin to be the saviour.

    Thirdly, I agree with Joyce’s theory that the front office is probably pissed at Scott. Scott made a sales pitch based on his ability to mentor and manage Kobe. Kobe’s rebellion against authority is well known. But Scott has turned Kobe into a laughing stock.

    The tricky thing is that Scott negotiated a long 4 year contract if I recall correctly. Also the front office may be prepared to ride out this tanking season.

    Still I have hope because:-

    (a) The front office may fire him at the end of the season. Secure the lottery picks and look like they are against tanking.

    (b) Scott will institute team ball and Lin will rise to the top whether Scott likes it or not.

    (c) The front office may be more assertive to make Scott give Lin a bigger role towards the end of the season. They want to sign Lin to a new contract.

    Either way, second half of the season will be interesting.

  394. Wes photo bombing. LOL

  395. LOL Funny Wes.

  396. and looking a bit creepy. lol

  397. None for Xavier Henry.

  398. CHI PreGame Thread+Poll is now open.
    Let Linsanity continue to rise!


  399. and thank you for making it special with your presence :>

  400. She looks cute. Legend has it that when a recent photo of Lin and a cute girl surfaces, Linsanity will happen next game. I vote Linsanity on the game poll.

  401. an elf escaped from the north pole lol

  402. Probably because Henry did not give Lin #7 when he came over to LAL

  403. Lol, forgot all about that.

  404. Moo xD

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