G28 GSW @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lakers won without Kobe against the #1 team in the West (GSW)!

It was certainly a collective effort. Jeremy made great highlights with his PnR with Ed Davis in the 1st half that wowed Laker fans and LA media.

It was amazingly beautiful to watch that Laker fans will be left hungry for more Lin/Davis PnR (even after Byron Scott curiously did not put in Ed Davis who shot a perfect 7-7 in the 4th quarter. Perhaps Lin/Davis PnR will expose his incompetence to not use the weapon since preseason.

The tide is turning. Laker fans clamor for Jeremy Lin. It’s only appropriate that he hit a 3pt dagger in the 4th quarter as a dagger to seal the win after GSW scored 13-0 run.