G28 GSW @ LAL Game Thread

Will Kobe rest the game tonight? And will Jeremy be able to take advantage of the opportunity to show he’s the best PG for the Lakers

Go JLin! Go Linsanity!! Godspeed!

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  1. Yeah!

  2. As I thought… Good. Go JLin!!!

  3. YES!!! Let’s go Linsanity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. source? how do they know?

  5. BTW … only after 2 games …Dallas sport radio is already questioning rondo’s fit with the mavs…. love it…. even if Jlin doesn’t end up with the mavs… I still love to see rondo fails… that guy just rub me wrong some how.

  6. Ya! I saw these two games. Mav played not as good as before the trade… they don’t need Rondo.

  7. I hope a long losing streak is coming for the mavs

  8. All I hope for is that Lakers play well. I don’t expect them to win but it will be a significant victory if they show heart and effort and play like a team.

  9. But that one’s unsourced too. For all we know, SQ was just repeating other unsourced tweets.

  10. looks like LA media starting to turn against kobe/bs..(About time.)

  11. They won one lose one.. but needed to fight hard for the won. They also needed to play starters for long min bc their bench are not good now. Rondo can’t shoot & don’t think they really need his AS since Ellis can do it too.

  12. now their starters will have greater chance for injuries…. the rondo effect.

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  14. GS will get toliet-papered by the team Lakers.

  15. It’s true this time. Check Lakers tweet.

  16. now the next good news I want to hear is Jlin starting again when kobe is resting

  17. I wonder if bs will use Pop’s reason for kobe DNP-CD .. OLD

  18. I hear Ellington will start.

  19. all I want to see is Jlin allowed to finish .

  20. Kobe not playing tonight giving me a reason to watch the game 😉

  21. Ya! So I really think Mav made a big mistake to get Rondo.

  22. The best he doesn’t show up otherwise he will be another AS coach on the bench.

  23. If Lin is trusted as the floor general, he can lead the Lakers team to surprise a tired GSW team who played last night.
    But of course BScott and Kobe wouldn’t want that to happen since Kobe will look so bad.

  24. like I said before ..the mavs realy kicked the pooch off the balcony on this one…. it will not be pretty.

  25. So Wayne Ellington will replace Kobe as a starter.
    Who’s the playmaker in this starting unit?

    No one can really create their own shots. Price can pass but not dribble-penetrate or ISOs to create offense for others.


  26. No actual PG in this lineup? Prepare to be slaughtered.

  27. I think 1st unit probably will not play long min today.

  28. Starters 8pts / Bench 65pts 😉

  29. Price.

  30. Lin will play 18 minutes. 4Q will be garbage time where Clarkson will play PG

  31. Like I said, prepare this unit to be slaughtered by Klay and company lol

  32. Farce! The only reason to start Price over Lin was for Kobe’s selfish needs. If Kobe’s not playing, Lin should start. Well, one step at a time.

  33. I hope so…LOL!

  34. with Linsanity 18 minutes will be enough for Jlin to go 35pts/12reb/20ast/10blks/10stls/0 tov… hehe

  35. well. the mystery will be if Speights outplays Hill lol.

  36. lol

  37. 8 pts from where

  38. Kobe is probably hogtied somewhere.

  39. Genius move…..
    It’s gonna be the biggest hole dig by starters in 1Q in Lakers history!

  40. As long as Rondo is no where near the Staple CTR….LOL

  41. like i said scott is an idiot atleas mchale realize lin was the only other playmaker so if harden was out lin started this idiot don’t get that

  42. Let keep it that way for another 60 games or so…

  43. You need to censor some of your words…lol

  44. he is what he is

  45. quack like duck

  46. I know and that is irrlevent LOL

  47. If Lin and the Lakers played well without Kobe, Kobe would be humiliated. We cant have that.

  48. is imbecile better

  49. He may come wiggling and slithering onto the court at some point.

  50. Scott will make sure it does not happen LOL. One game….maybe…..will be hard to do it against GSW anyway. Scott and the co are betting on that.

  51. I would recommend ‘incompetent’ so it won’t insult one’s intelligence.
    But rather appropriate in his lack-of-accomplishment

  52. Hey psalm, Did you see my post from the previous thread?

  53. Hill 1/7 Ellington and wes 2 desperate 3’s lol

  54. LOL Can’t wait to see 0-30 for this starting unit in 1st qtr.

  55. Now unleash Lin and we can still make the playoffs!

  56. riddle me this 5 player the the court all needing to be set up by other players. who scores. lol batman couldn’t figure that out

  57. No sorry let me look later. Need to step away for a while

  58. Nothing urgent

  59. scott wouldn’t let that happen! Plus there’s mini kobe.

  60. this season is a wash if scott stays lin would do best by avoiding the lakers at all cost

  61. Kobe’s not even playing, bs not starting Lin!!? So it’s about what? Fit? Defense? TO!? Hater????

  62. I hope gsw nukes the lakers starters

  63. The nice site on the net with editors! You know, that’s not a bad idea to have editors but we know yellow journalism pays http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism

  64. Told you BS will do anything not to start Lin. He is a true Lin hater.

  65. No Bean today! Christmas came a day early!!

  66. beware of scotts the grinch who stole a season from lin

  67. So the Warriors are like a batter expecting a fastball but got a changeup instead. Kerr was openly encouraging Kobe to brick the Lakers to lose before last meeting and Kobe happily obliged with 34 FGA and -34 net rating. Now who should the Warriors focus on the defensive end facing this completely unoffensive starting 5? Kerr probably just told his players to forget about it and just play man-to-man defense instead lol.

  68. He is staying truth to his BS name.

  69. Fantasy basketball:

    Byron: Kobe you know I have to get you to 30 minutes and less than 20 shots, right?
    Kobe: Not really, but let’s see how they do against GSW
    Byron: GSW will be tough. Are you sure you want to sit it out?
    Kobe: Yeah, why not … let them have some fun with it.

  70. BS wants to make sure Lakers get slaughtered by starting Ellington instead of Lin & Young. He then is able to justify that Kobe is sooooooo important to Lakers as a crime stopper “With Kobe, we are losing by 7 not by 30…….charmin is charmin….” He / Kobe hopes that people will chant “We need Kobe! We need Kobe!”

    That’s RIDICULOUS @#%!xyz

    I think Lin will have 20 minutes max as the game will turn into garbage time after 1st half……

  71. Rondo is copying Jlin playing PnR with Greg smith… how original…lol…I am convinced rondo is all show and no substance

  72. ..and it was on that day that Coach Scott’s small heart grew 3 sizes, as he allowed Jeremy to play 40 minutes.

  73. Never thought there is a day that I miss McHale a little LOL.

  74. lol

  75. I think Lin will have to get decent minutes tonight, he may play big minutes if he plays pretty well and it is somehow close. I can’t imagine it being close but we’ll see what happens.

  76. you don’t, it’s just nerve fibers misfiring from the pain, like getting your hand in ice bath and after a while you think it’s burning … a little lol.

  77. No Kobe, no problem. Go JLin! Linsanity tonight.

  78. hope so

  79. BS want life without Kobe to look as bad as possible what a BS.

  80. It looks bad with Kobe already anyway

  81. I am pretty sure I know how I feel. BS get me thinking of McHale. He would start Lin in heart beat when Harden sit.

  82. if i only had a brain

  83. Pardon?

  84. Yes, but BS making sure to show people that Kobe is not the problem.

  85. just hope lin plays well because BS is BS.

  86. I thought the game started already reading the comments. Lollllll~
    Anyway. I think it’s gonna be a good game. I think it’s not a coincidence that lin performs according to what I vote. He wants me to be the WINNER.
    I forget what exactly I voted for this game, but it’s something like 20pts. So~

  87. scott will make sure no he won’t

  88. Instead, he wants to show people, he is the problem. 😀

  89. lets hope youre right again

  90. LOL

  91. Really?!
    Oh no~

  92. And Kobe can’t make a team win.

  93. Give me some hope!~ lollll~

  94. i hope but it will be in spite of scott if it happens

  95. Haha. Maybe the best comment of the day” small heart grew 3 sizes”…


  97. I like that you are such a dreamer like me!

  98. yep

  99. We all know what would happen if Lin starts and gets his minutes. Scott is trying his best not to let that happen. Mission Impossible for Lin but Lin will prevail. Let’s go!

  100. Not sure what the point of sitting Kobe is then. I could picture Kobe negotiating with Mitch: Ok I’ll sit out, but only if Lin doesn’t start. Mini Kobe is nowhere near big bad Kobe. At least Swaggy gets Lin a few assists.

  101. Dont worry guys! I just put a spell on Scott. He can’t do it~~
    *jkjkjk**hope I don’t sound malicious* my spell was just to put him into sleep during the whole game…

  102. Hey~nice to see you and your info again!

  103. yep

  104. lilard again wow 3 pointer to tie the thunder

  105. But Swaggy is not even starting. He’d have to play those minutes w/o any break.

  106. yep you know it.if scott was smart lin and young would finish 2nd and 4th quarter but thats a big if

  107. That’s a funny IF coming from you. 🙂

  108. Rondo rep for defense is a myth…. looked softer than charmin…. kobe would love to use rondo to wipe his you know what. ..

  109. Thanks!

  110. The mavs getting slaughter again. .. I love it!

  111. LOL I like this, from the announcer ” if this is the season for giving, then Warriors understand that it is better to give than to receive..”

  112. Announcers said it is bad that fans do not get to see Kobe tonight……I really disagree….

  113. We want to see Kobe, but not like this.

  114. I WANT to see Kobe… on the bench.

  115. look at the starters

  116. Young is going to play 44 mins…

  117. lol impossible

  118. Lol

  119. 43 minutes? =P

  120. lol

  121. PGCurry23.5 Price4.2
    SGThompson21.7 Ellington6.4
    SFBarnes11.1 Johnson8.8
    PFGreen12.8 Davis7.1
    CEzeli4.1 Hill12.5

    Total: 73.2 39

    GS vs LAL starter avgs tonight, it’s going to be a massacre!

  122. I’m mildly surprised Kobe is sitting. But, I guess why not. They have -10% chance of winning against hottest team in NBA anyway. I don’t think this will translate into more Lin minutes though. I’d say 20-25 min.

  123. Defense is actually better without Kobe…lol

  124. wes the best option lol

  125. Isn’t it, always?

  126. Maybe Kobe asked BS not to start Lin and keep his mins down in exchange for sitting. They’re both in on this. I mean look at their starting five. What a joke.

  127. if you can’t score it doesn’t matter

  128. He backed it up with a nice air ball.

  129. lol like i said wes the best option

  130. Another quick foul Price please.

  131. Best players on bench, is this a joke?

  132. Faster = better chance..to score.

  133. Just atrocious…. wondering when will the best bench in the league come in?

  134. gsw going soft. stop playing around

  135. The problem with Warriors bigs is they’re NOT clogging the paint whenever Jeremy is out, thus that easy floater by Price.

  136. 5 minutes left in quarter?

  137. Nice….

  138. gsw not taking them seriously

  139. Jeremy doesnt give a hoot

  140. You know, they don’t look that bad in a way. At least nobody is ball hogging.

  141. Kobe effect!!,

  142. a lot of other gsw player shooting not the main guys .

  143. Exactly

  144. This is GSW…I will take it

  145. Linsanity tonight?

  146. gsw playing down to the lakers

  147. Affected by bad trade there goes Mavs’ chance of winning.

  148. So far, they haven’t turned the switch. But they will.

  149. They look bored, like they are running practice.

  150. lakers maybe able to steal this game but like i said gsw not taking lakers seriously

  151. They’ll turn it up after half.

  152. They’re on a BTB.

  153. Great….Scott is graduall killing the ball movement

  154. Why not 🙂

  155. Wow… how boring

  156. GSW playing down to Lakers level no sense of urgency at all.

  157. in effect!

  158. lin in

  159. Lin in!!

  160. All I want for Christmas is Jeremy Lin 17!!!!!!

  161. Nice

  162. SMH, leaving Price in with Lin so he can’t handle the ball!

  163. Game is fast…good

  164. lin not involved at all

  165. LOL Thompson just used Boozer as a screen to shoot over Jeremy…

  166. Price playing the whole quarter? Is he the new Kobe lol

  167. This becomes a repeated scene

  168. Lin hasn’t touched the ball at all…

  169. price the new kobe lol

  170. why why why?

  171. Leaving Price there as PG, Lin is mismatched. Coach, smart move to destroy Lin. I get it.

  172. Nobody wants to pass to him

  173. Not yet, but the ball is moving pretty well until Young gets it.

  174. Boozer sets good screens really…. for the opposing team’s guards

  175. It is by designed. BS and Kobe make sure no Linsanity allowed

  176. Every coach does that to ruin Lin’s game, first started with Mchale!

  177. For the first time this season, the Lakers are playing team basketball for almost the entire quarter. Hopefully this would last the entire game. I am not concerned about Jeremy or anyone’s stats as long as they continue to play this way.

  178. Why does BScott overplay older players? smh.

  179. well obviously from the substitution pattern thus far lin has been reduced from the second string point guard to the 3rd string shooting guard (behind kobe and ellington) has lin even touched the ball since he got in the game?

  180. Somebody has to play all 12 minutes of the half. The second best player on the team (in Scott’s mind) in this game is doing it with Kobe out.

  181. With Kobe not playing Lakers players must be feeling liberated!

  182. Price has 5 easy assists already, if only it was that easy for Lin.

  183. Except they must freeze out Lin.

  184. 3!

  185. OK…..This is the punishment of calling out Kobe….not allowing him play PG

  186. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Ball moved…..good

  188. Sacre is the only big aside from Davis willing to set a screen for Jeremy.

  189. Lin for 3!

  190. Thank You Sacre for passing to Lin!

  191. Lakers are winning without Kobe LOL

  192. It’s not good… in BS’ eyes lol

  193. have to say it price is doing pretty good

  194. lol kobe is putting on his jersey right now

  195. Just started watching, Stu is so defensive against the Lakers stats being better when Kobe isn’t on the floor that it seems like he is rooting for the Warriors. XD

  196. BS is panicking now… Lakers don’t need Kobe

  197. This dude..man you gotta calm down on being a Jeremy fan lol lol

  198. Stu is over the top but Price is playing quite well.

  199. yea doubt it will last

  200. Who will fight the crime?

  201. somebody pls tell me what jeremy is supposed to be playing?

  202. 10 pt lead!

  203. He is leaving Price there so Lin can’t take the glory; no linsanity tonite

  204. No Kobe, Lakers leads easily against GSW. Problem is Kobe he can’t deny it!

  205. kobe- when batman finds out hes not needed

  206. i am satisfied now….even they play like shxt for the rest of the game….

  207. what position you mean?

  208. sg price pg

  209. yes lol!

  210. nick young is the sg

  211. Price has to come out some time. Right? LOL

  212. He’s playing within the system, surrounded by ball-sharing teammates, don’t worry!

  213. Then what’s Lin playing? SF?

  214. Warriors not the same without their best player, Andrew Bogut.

    When he sets screens, it’s like a double screen because Bogut is so big.

    Thompson and Curry don’t play their best without Bogut’s screens.

  215. When Batman finds out he’s too old and needs to give way for Batman Beyond: Terry Maginnis

  216. yeah its really sad poor old cheerleader robert sacre has to be the one to give lin a shot. on the other hand with out kobe the lakers 10 up on arguably the best team in the league (obviously gs not really taking lakers serious) and 8 players scoring with 9 assists on 14 made baskets. as far as laker fans go if yer not a lin fan and dont care how lin is used i mean what better evidence that the problem with the lakers spelled k o b e.

  217. Thompson had to settle to use Boozer as a screen

  218. looks like it lol

  219. Ugly shot by Nick

  220. What do Warrior fans expect?

    When the franchise center goes down in injury, the team simply is going to suffer big time.

  221. Clarkson instead of Ellington??? Lin not allowed to be PG

  222. The heck is this? Jeremy as 3?

  223. LOL Clarkson

  224. Game slowed down…

  225. its really sad poor old cheerleader robert sacre has to be the one to give lin a shot. on the other hand with out kobe the lakers 10 up on arguably the best team in the league (obviously gs not really taking lakers serious) and 8 players scoring with 9 assists on 14 made baskets. as far as laker fans go if yer not a lin fan and dont care how lin is used i mean what better evidence that the problem with the lakers spelled k o b e.

  226. Heh heh, that’s going to happen occasionally.

    Lin does that to opponents too, picking defenders off each other.

  227. Sacre is da man!!!

  228. Sacre finding Jeremy for 3 again 🙂

  229. Seriously.. either Sacre or Boozer needs to grow hair for easy identification.


  231. Mr. Davis

  232. Another 3 for Lin!! Two 3s now!

  233. Charge!!

  234. Jeremy playing well

  235. Sacre another assist for Lin’s 3s!

  236. Lin it ON!

  237. hahaha

  238. Arrrg I just saw that Violet Palmer was refereeing. Please no silly calls tonight.

  239. Lin was wise to give up that shot…lol

  240. lol I’m impressed by lin and him bringing it even if he isn’t playing point guard

  241. wow laker don’t look old no more

  242. Another great def poss by jeremy. this is the Lin style basketball I’ve been looking for!

  243. Wish Lin took that 3 when they got the rebound since he was wide open!

  244. he would have gotten blocked lol

  245. The Warriors are not at full strength.

    Without Andrew Bogut, they’re “only” the same 51 win team that got Mark Jackson fired last season.

  246. He just caught it and passed inside. Could’ve caught stepped aside for a 3!

  247. clarkson leading the lakers in shots per minute.

  248. Coach let Clarkson play to make it hard for Lin. No way. Go Clarkson Go!

  249. clarkson don’t look ready

  250. Clarkson should have pass that one earlier

  251. BS does not look pleased even Lakers are winning now lol

  252. Replace Clarkson with Ellington and let Lin be PG please.

  253. Clarkson being a rook…..it is on Scott who did not play him more…

  254. Well, he is a rookie chained by BS.

  255. he is not. Coach doesn’t want Linsanity while Kobe is out

  256. Jeremy having the GALL to discuss with the ref about Clarkson’s foul… and I love it. He does it more this season.

  257. Clarkson with the dumb mistake =/

  258. Linsanity!

  259. For the past 20 games I must have been watching everything on slo-mo.

  260. the J-Ed connection is still there…

  261. Basketball is fun again! 🙂

  262. Such a fun game to watch (w/o kobe)!

  263. Blame your internet connection…. umm… lol

  264. Uh oh BS and Kobe probably worry by now.

  265. i actually like watching the lakers is this coming out my mouth

  266. Everyone scores!
    That/……… is Linsanity!

  267. Nick does not have a really good shooting mechanic…man that means he is very talented in term of his touch…

  268. dat lin steal

  269. the whole lakers team is punking both bs and kerr… LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. Now this is fun team basketball! Can Kobe sit for rest of the season?!!

  271. BS is shaking crazy… he is going to get Price out to take over the PG

  272. Fun hungry play

  273. Not to mention Kobe

  274. N.Young is such a bonehead……my goodness. he could be accused of murder for heart attacks of the old school folks…

  275. It is weird that Lin miss all the easy layups but made all the 3s

  276. Rush Hour 5. Harder to play against a team vs one guy.

  277. that is a given

  278. Because you are in sleeping mode?

  279. can there be any question the back to back of kobe’s nine for 30 and 9 turnovers and the loss and no kobe and all players contributing and a big lead against a team that even without bogut has won all its games when he didn’t play except memphis. washed up hero ball or team ball? we report you decide.

  280. He’s fearless and there isn’t a shot he doesn’t like, Lin can use some of that.

  281. I’ll take it…

  282. Horry: Win one for Bryant

  283. Jlin hooping hard

  284. Lin to Davis!!

  285. Linsane Pass!

  286. wow everything is beautiful i wanna cry lol

  287. Don’t be a tiger-fan! Tiger.

  288. Lin to Davis! Haven’t typed those two words in the same sentence since preseason

  289. Coach is a fool to not see what’s happening

  290. Tissue? Charmin, perhaps? lol

  291. Lin to Ed Davis woot!!

  292. They should lock the door of the plane to Chicago before Kobe gets on.

  293. Finally!!!

  294. So a Tiger can’t be fan? hehe

  295. Jlin time

  296. Alley OOOOOOP

  297. Go Go Go!!!

  298. Just saying that is unusual for Lin

  299. He’s a Garfield… don’t be a Garfield fan,Tiger…

  300. refs

  301. These refs….

  302. always something LOL

  303. Of course… refs…


  305. Y out coach

  306. Lin Davis LOB OMG haven’t heard that in a long time!!

  307. Price in. smh

  308. lakers minus kobe: 9 players scoring, no one taking more than 6 shots; 14 assists on 20 made baskets. g.s. has 3 assists total in this game.

  309. Uh since preseason?

  310. BS Ref

  311. Starters just need to keep the lead…

  312. Lin always get that stupid unfair charge that robs his score!

  313. Let’s go Ronnie. Stay aggressive. Let’s have the lakers win together minus Kobe of course.

  314. OMG! Rubbing my eyes.. 12pts leading w/o Kobe, this is the game we r waiting 4.. Lets go, Linnnnn!

  315. Kobe must be cheering the team on like mad from the bench.

  316. Price in again because those are BS’s set minutes…or because J is doing so well?

  317. If only Price would foul out.

  318. Jeremy is out and the crowd is not as loud 🙂

  319. Because BS wants a Price-Davis alley-oop

  320. in his dreams

  321. because Lin was hot, not allowed

  322. Lin called called for an offensive foul (bad call I think) so rest him now just to be safe.

  323. price did have that one good spin lay up

  324. So was that really an offensive foul?…

  325. please give jeremy a blake griffin or de andre jordan

  326. Nah, waiting until Lin committed a dumb mistake (charging).

  327. he would be an all star in a heart beat

  328. no… not even close…racist refs stike again

  329. Because of Lin-Davis connection, not that Lin offensive foul.

  330. Didn’t look like one to me, but I’m biased. I guess it could go either way.

  331. dwight was too stubborn to play pnr

  332. Give him Tim Duncan or LMA

  333. duh!

  334. No it wasn’t, Lin’s been getting those unfair charge calls at the rim!!

  335. to be honest he has always had great dunkers around him.

  336. Linsanity Rules!

  337. Pretty sure someone will put it up later after the game.

  338. Lin highest at +14!!!

  339. cant believe scott took lin out after that run. what an idiot

  340. So true. Can’t stand it that he’s sitting at the moment

  341. Lin with 2 fouls anyway and you know I one of the BS hater =)

  342. So who is the locker room alpha with Kobe Out?

  343. Curry play two now…

  344. Ronnie Price has 3 TOs, Lin with 1 TO yet Price is the starter and you never hear BS criticize his his boy!!

  345. Lakersground is fun tonight. Take a peek guys!

  346. Freakin’ Jordan Hill needs to stop those jumpers!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so irritated already

  347. If price hustles like that every game as a backup…I will root for him too

  348. Look at the balance of shots taken by everyone! So beautiful.

    I want this win so bad, even moreso than the Rockets one.

  349. I’m surprised GSW is missing all those baskets

  350. Stu raving about Price’s hustle LMAO, Lin hustles way more!

  351. When u r leading…it is easier to make shots..

  352. Without Kobe GSW don’t really know how to play

  353. he needs dunkers that are willing to pnr

  354. I have no problem with Ronnie Price… I have every problem listed on earth with Byron Scott until he gives Jeremy back his starter role and plays him more.

  355. even young is passing

  356. The Asian guy can’t be that hustle.

  357. it’s call the Jlin effect!!!

  358. Lakers have a great team! Who knew?

  359. Me too. How is that possible? LOL whatever

  360. I think Young overall is a willing passer. Just that sometimes he forgets too.

  361. Thx 2 Kobe.. Merry X’mas!!

  362. this guy is on my ignore

  363. I don’t like this guy but he is right.

  364. Kobe, please do the whole team a favor, be a hero and RETIRE EARLY!

  365. Better “Pure Basketball” than the Spurs game?

  366. LOL. bad memories?

  367. We finally see some fastbreaks and Lobs with the OLD MAN Kobe resting! Can he rest for the entire season?!!

  368. sharing is contagious

  369. Lol their game plan disrupted.

  370. Byron, penny for your thoughts.

  371. Advanced stats have been saying they were a good team without Kobe. Now we see.

  372. Kobe is actually doing the teammates a favor by not sitting on the bench. God works in magical ways

  373. Hows that possible? Hv been wondering.. 🙂

  374. im predicting gsw will step it up. by far the worse they have played zero effort. hope lin led this team i put an emphases on team to the finish line

  375. GSW are on a B2B and their 3rd game in 4 days.

  376. BS will be getting sn earful fom kobe very soon.

  377. stil annoyed that scott took lin out after that terrible offensive charge call on lin. lin was why they had that huge run

  378. Would prove Kobe been killing this team.

  379. 10 players scoring no one taking more than 9 shots; 19 assists on 27 made baskets. subtract one kobe and a new equation appears. (gs only has 7 assists for the half) lakers shooting 56% could there be any more contrast between this game and the last kobe 9 for 30 9 t.o. game? but i would assume its only a one time thing and that kobe washed up hero ball will be back fro xmas day still rest of players making a statement….

  380. The second half should be even easier as the fatigue of a BTB starts to bite the Warriors. 15pt lead! (no jinx :))

  381. If Kobe not distorting team I think Lin would go back to starters.

  382. yeah kobe xmas present to the lakers.

  383. Team must be psyched for the first taste of true freedom.

  384. All these guys are willing passers.
    You can tell by their interviews…the most vocal being Lin, but also Carlos, Hill and even Swaggy hoping for ball movement.

    Unfortunately some turn into chuckers because of Kobe and I cant even blame them.

    If Kobe’s gonna brick away 30+ possession, they figure they better shoot or Kobe’s just gonna take the shot for them.

    Gosh can he just “rest” for the remaining time of this contract please!

  385. BS not letting Lin be PG.

  386. I’m so annoyed I can’t breathe. I’ve been thinkin’ what with his “Lin is a goner…DNP-CD” mantra that KHuang had finally been driven a bit around the bend….but I think I’m in danger myself. Free Lin!!!

  387. Yea their only chance to make the playoffs! ^^

  388. that would be a different kind of hero ball.

  389. Hopes Lin can start the 2nd half.

  390. btw 15 points is nothing for gsw. be ready for a push

  391. Kobe is still a good player and often demands a double team (even at this age). If he would be willing to limit his play time (25 minutes) and willing to give up the ball, he would still be a great asset.

    But that’s a big IF.

  392. Has anyone seen BS laughing heartily tonight yet like how he does when kobe is playing & jacking up those shots with the team losing?

  393. We’re not home free yet. Byron still messing with Lin. But if second half is as good as first, this game will be scandalous for Kobe.

  394. lol all lins assist came from davis

  395. Now that they figured they play teamball without Kobe lol

  396. 19 assists in the half… that explains all. Kobe, are you driving to Staples Centre now?

  397. Davis probably ecstatic on the inside, he’s fist pumping in his soul..

  398. I’m a little OK with it because we were up by so much and it’s safer to save Lin for the second half. Especially since we know how easy it is for the Warriors to go on a big run.

    If the refs are going to call that ticky tacky foul then who knows how they might screw over Lin later.

    Not sure what Scotts intentions are, but I can at least be ok with that call.

    What will piss me off is if Lin doesn’t play more in the 2nd half.

  399. Half time worth and horry say Lin and Davis have a good connection three times.

  400. BS made sure to put a stop to that.

  401. Fat chance

  402. Thanks for the infor…:)

  403. actually davis sat at the same time as lin

  404. that chick ref is in the game. always bad calls against lin when shes in

  405. I think it’s already scandalous for Kobe, and this is the cherry on that sundae. But BS is still determined to shackle Jeremy. How are guys like him so entirely mean spirited.

  406. I know. He actually showed his true color the day before he went off on you.

  407. One game is too small a sample size. They should sit Kobe for 20 games to get a more accurate assessment of the difference.

  408. They’re late on the J-Ed connection wagon

  409. Don’t dream. bs staying on his bs lineup

  410. Given GSW firepower…this game can be a L in no time

  411. The usual 3rd quarter collapse?

  412. they could still lose this if BS pulls his usual crap

  413. but the contrast with that last game is striking and also the last game kobe finally started taking hits from fans/media for that terrible solo performance ; and then the example of what can be without him coming back to back is pretty dramatic.

  414. its all about how scott reacts

  415. Given Bogut is injured, this will separate Steve Kerr’s coaching from Mark Jackson’s.

  416. as well as a blow out they get hot its over

  417. Up-vote infinite # of times!

  418. Yes…

  419. Wonder if Kobe is sulking/moping or feeling proud that team is playing well…

  420. what doesnt appear in the stats is how lin totally changed the momentum. he had a string of good plays, on both ends of the court.

  421. Glass at least half full tonight. I enjoyed that whole first half. Lin and his teammates played beautiful game and supporting each other. Lin smiling again. If golden state makes a come back that is to be expected. That half was a blessing.

  422. At this point It is not about win or loss it is fun to watch.

  423. L for Linsanity?

  424. If they win, hats off to Kerr. If they lose, Bogut should be 200% healthy before playoffs.

  425. Yes sir…and hill was still out of position …

  426. Amen

  427. Yeah untie Kobe for the 4th quarter. LOL

  428. More likely sulking/moping.

  429. I don’t know if the Lakers win this game because I think that Kerr will make big adjustments. But, if they can hold off a GS run and their picking it up on defense, they have a chance. They have to keep doing what they were doing the first half, and maybe play with more intensity.

  430. Kobe just checked in… OH NO! (just kidding…. haha)

  431. Yes…

  432. GSW got overwhelmed by the momentum shift. it wont be like that in 2nd half.

  433. Don’t scare me like that 😛

  434. BScott wants only 2 headline from this game:

    “BScott inspired teamplays in Kobe’s absence with balanced scoring”
    “Lakers tried but fell short without Kobe”

    BScott will make sure Lin doesn’t have great stats to claim the title of best PG to embarrass him.

  435. Planning for his imminent retirement.

  436. Most,coach will ask players to slow down and reduce the number of possessions…but given LAL is the team we are talking about,,,they better just cheat on the pace and crank it up

  437. hehe… GSW’s secret weapon tonight … NOT

  438. They both hustle, both guys on the low end of the pole with their faith in God sustaining them. I pray price and lin support each other. The real enemy on this team is Kobe.

  439. Jeremy to Davis: Magic

  440. Bench plays at Half-Time
    Lakers 28pts vs Warriors 10 pts

  441. cant believe lin only played 11 min so far. f scott

  442. without Kobe everyone shoot at ease.

  443. Starters played ok…I guess that is what would happen

  444. Scott’s a real piece of work

  445. Boozer only played 9

  446. that was a frustration foul by GSW on hill

  447. and.. the punking continues….hahaha

  448. It’s part of his agenda not to make him look bad to choose Kobe as PG.
    If Lin blows up, his reputation goes out of the window!
    So predictable

  449. It’s easy, just let Lin manage it. He’ll inspire them.

  450. Hill completely lost the clock

  451. Also there’s the possibility that the Lakers don’t want Lin to be too desired by more teams so they can re-sign him for cheap.

  452. Jordan hill got bailed out by the guy with the mole on the head

  453. got bailed right there with the foul

  454. Everything going wrong for GSW and going right for LAL.

  455. Curry…m…

  456. can’t last

  457. Ellington with TO trying to play PG

  458. this offense is diisgusting

  459. Warriors – no Bogut
    Lakers – no Kobe

  460. Because they let hill to make the read

  461. Yep, curry just had steal and basket then another 3 pointer immediately after.

  462. Need a time out

  463. u know how i feel about that

  464. BS needs to put Lin in quick or else they’re going to lose the lead.

  465. Get Lin in

  466. Price got Curry-ed!

  467. Curry schooling Price…

  468. How is it that so far BS has got Price playing more minutes than anyone else.

  469. Send Lin out to stop Curry

  470. put in Jlin now bs…idiot coach

  471. Lakers seriously need a playmaker NOW

  472. luck never last. theres people scoring shot they haven’t hit all year

  473. He is the new Kobe in BS eyes

  474. You just know Lin could seal the deal given the PT.

  475. Wow Steph Curry single handedly bring his team back!

  476. he’d rather lose than do that

  477. Man… Who is warrior #30. That guy is unstoppable.

  478. scott needs a timeout and subs


  480. better let J in before they catch up

  481. Put Lin in now!!

  482. Price had 2x the min of Lin

  483. Oh Curry really shoot well….

  484. of course!

  485. No don’t put Lin in, let curry shoot the light out of the bs pg

  486. attention whore

  487. Compared to when Kobe plays?

  488. change side

  489. lol 10 point game

  490. Lead down to 10. Guess BS wants a “challenge.”

  491. Haha

  492. No Lin No win

  493. LOL. You hate that guy as much as I hate BS.

  494. 30 min into the game and lin has only played 11 min without kobe in game. yes, MORE frustrating

  495. Great job BS.

  496. Bs keeps Price too long and now the lead gone!

  497. Ellington will be gassed in 4q

  498. lakers cant win playing halfcourt offense. byron is so stupid

  499. Boozer but no Lin smh

  500. BS wants the Warriors to come back ! Still sitting Lin

  501. i dont hate the guy. i dont bother is all

  502. Jeremy should be in NOW.

  503. Like I said….Scott asked to slow down…wth

  504. probably got a text from Kobe

  505. Lin still not in SMH.

  506. Damn, with how Price is playing now BS will be “justified” for keeping him in.

    The problem is that this is Price’s ceiling. Is Scott really blinded or is the FO trying to devalue Lin so they can sign him for cheap?

  507. No more lin?

  508. wipe this game out its fluke like

  509. When Price has his hot streaks like this Jeremy’s gonna be sittin’

  510. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Warriors announcers were like, “Ronnie Price is not this good. Usually verages 4 points a game.”

  511. Is Curry helping Lin to get rid of Kobe?

  512. okay price is playing whole game now bc of that 3

  513. Thank God for small favors…

  514. There you go. Price will play the whole quarter. Jeremy gets yanked out when hot… yeah, thats fair… smh.

  515. this game is fake

  516. Holy moly. Now even Price wants Kobe gone.

  517. Klay Thompson normally makes those 3s and Ronnie Price normally doesn’t.

  518. When Jeremy has hot streaks, Jeremy’s been a’sittin’.

  519. Warriors not putting much effort to defend Price..

  520. Coach is the worst

  521. Price gets hot. I guess he’s a streaky shooter for a quarter. But I hope Byron realizes it is for a quarter only.

  522. Price got hot with 3 threes .. Byron must be smiling wide
    But credit him for making 3s

  523. Yes, so un Lakers like

  524. lakers just got hot cant use it on kobe. its so fluky. player hitting shot they’ve missed all year

  525. Price just curried Curry

  526. If Jeremy did that, he’d be yanked out.

  527. Well, at least Lin is happy. Which is great to see him like that.

    I’m going to trust Lin. If he’s happy, then I’m OK. I don’t think he feels really threatened by Price and perhaps he knows more on what’s going on behind the scenes. Oh well.

  528. Lin just cheers genuinely for every teammates even he got limited minutes!

  529. nice shots by price. hard to root for lin-less team tho

  530. I really have to remind myself and repeat that like a mantra….trust Lin.

  531. Yeah lets just get the win anyway.

  532. Cause not the teamates it is BS.

  533. yes, because Byron’s auto-sub is so frustrating.
    And he wants Price to outperform Lin. No doubt about it

  534. Agree!

  535. Price just benched Lin for the rest of the game with that 3. Nice to see him get excited about it though.

  536. Com’n guys, the guy is a career journeyman, can’t we just be happy for his moments today?

  537. not threatened by Price — a sign of REAL confidence

  538. Lin will play. Let’s stay rational here.

  539. No because this means THE END for Lin.

  540. I am

  541. Price looking at 30+ minute game finally.

  542. Lin really has a big heart. He is happy for his team even for the guy the coach put ahead of him. Proud of Lin.

  543. He IS being rational.

  544. Not when Lin is unfairly benched with his starter role taken away!!

  545. guy gets to play to redeem himself always. lin, is out with 1 mistake that wasnt even a mistake

  546. yes, Lin is the consummate team player!
    Good for him to set examples

  547. Maybe but is it a tad bit harder to heat up when Kobe monopolizes the ball. Plus they are actually playing transition defense.

  548. Don’t care what anyone says here Ronnie Price gets too many minutes

  549. GSW still let price open…

  550. Of course. Let the scrub shoot.

    Even scrubs can hit wide open shots.

  551. Now sub

  552. Kerr knows…

  553. Lin will have at the very most 23 min.

  554. Give ronnie price a statue


  556. No, he’s not. Lin is in.

  557. Yeah Lin is in!

  558. ok, Lin is in with 1:30 left in Q3.
    Let’s go, JLin!!!

  559. Jeremy not playing PG

  560. Far from over, but wonder how Scott will explain a win without Kobe

  561. Gsw gave up I guess

  562. LAL playing street ball now

  563. Take these mins jeremy and shine

  564. Sacre’s air-ball turned to assist to Boozer. wow..

  565. Yay!!!!!

  566. Yes

  567. Price!

  568. Play of the Balds… lol

  569. It’ll be under 20.

    Scott’s still doing his DNP CD plan.

  570. Lin and the bank shot!!!!

  571. Clutch!

  572. Just shoot the lights out Jeremy.

  573. Hahahaha wth..I definately will take that

  574. when you’re hot you’re hot

  575. i am officially saying this is a lucky game won’t ever happen again

  576. Good! He got a shot in before the Q ended.

  577. kobe is crying himself to sleep tonight… hehe… get the charmin ready kobe

  578. Lin knew he needed to make an impact.
    And he called the bank shot! 😀

  579. LOL bank shot by Lin while falling down!

  580. Fine just to get rid of Kobe!!!

  581. GSW announcer “he missed it so bad it banked in” stooges, LOL.

  582. kobe now lacing up his shoes, putting on shooting sleeve

  583. i think he meant that bank

  584. Lin’s handles look different in this game. Like there’s more skipping around and change of direction. I like it.

  585. This game is being played beautifully. Kobe needs to sit out for the rest of the year.

  586. Will a Lin Bobble-head do?

  587. Lol. When did they open the bank. Nice shot jeremy!

  588. No it’s not a lucky game GSW on back to back, and no Kobe to chuck 20-30 shots with worst +/- defense in the league right now!

  589. Get the F out my way. I got this!

  590. yes, since Kobe will come back and never rest again!

  591. It’s not Price’s call to be starting over Lin. He’s maximizing his chance to earn his next contract, give him a break. Blame Scott for the poor rotation and min distribution.

  592. is byron going to let lin close the game?

  593. They are getting breaks, but they are also playing together and with confidence in each other. It isn’t all luck. Plus, GS just can’t sustain any momentum.

  594. Ya think?

  595. i wish it was closer then it could be said lakers play better with out kobe. but now its just lucky

  596. Wasted Lin’s assists! SMH!

  597. That shooting sleeve is for flingin’ more than scoring.

  598. Scott tried to show that Price is way better than Kobe, good job Scott !

  599. playing with more effort cuz u dont have to stand and watch kobe chuck all day and can actually touch the ball — thats not luck

  600. Every time Boozer gets the ball that chart of his screams materializes before my eyes….

  601. those shots yes it is

  602. doubt it. I don’t think he’s gonna let Lin play the whole 4th.

  603. 100-75!!! (oh well)

  604. LOL

  605. Bring Davis in soon

  606. ARGH! That would have been sweet if he made it.

  607. Why basket?!?! Why!?!?!?

  608. I know right. At least Lin is shooting more

  609. david lee came out to double lin before the play even started

  610. beautiful!

  611. I’m gonna try not to go there. Got to stop sending my frustrated negative energy wafting anywhere in Jeremy’s general direction.

  612. Should we call them Spurs Jr.?

  613. The basket is racist.

  614. NO.

  615. Nice floater rookie 🙂

  616. Clarkson can score, can be better if he gets rid of his rookie nerves.

  617. Hill has to leave…or play with Kobe…

  618. curry is completely clamped down by Jlin

  619. lin need to just get in double figures with this lucky game. will need more games to show kobe negative effect while on court

  620. Can they trade Hill?

  621. No.

  622. He should, Lin’s minutes are low. He should bring Davis in now and get more look at the Lin/Davis connection.

  623. hes on the flight right now. might make it back in time

  624. Agree, you can tell Hill is unhappy for being bench this game and not getting his minutes. Both Kobe and Hill needs to go!!

  625. Yes

  626. Great defense by Lin!

    Stepped out for a TO that time.
    No room to shoot the previous 2 possessions.

  627. Make it Mitch!

  628. More like coming off the couch

  629. Scott: Price >>>>> Kobe

  630. the bench should finish this game…it’s a blow out

  631. Hope Lin will score or assist before 6min.
    Otherwise, Byron will bench him

  632. Bring in Davis… any day now

  633. Did anyone predict we’d blow them out w/o Kobe?

  634. nick is such a hog. what a snore

  635. Had a chance to win – yes
    Blowout – not really

  636. I’m more shocked that Price leads the team in points and assists!

  637. lin’s job is just to give to others to score. they dont run any plays for him. just curls for nick

  638. Curry biting his fingers .. or picking his teeth LOL

  639. lin has missed a lot of drives today weird

  640. bad habit either way lol

  641. Lin is cold around the rim tonight. I guess some nights are just like that.

  642. Should be at least extra 6 points on those missed drive.

  643. i hate that disgusting habit he has

  644. he tried hard to score.
    He knew Byron will bench him if he didn’t look like he made an impact

  645. I just hope Scott just let bench finish the game.

  646. Hmm a grown man biting his fingers?

  647. Ouch, those misses… but we know that one of Lin’s “flaws” is that he doesn’t play as serious when the game isn’t on the line.

    But at least his assists are great!

  648. nice pass that Price can’t do….

  649. Wooooo.. Lin’s assist to Boozer!!!
    That might be enough to let him stay in the game

  650. Vintage Jeremy assist 🙂

  651. Beautiful assist by Lin.

  652. BS better not!

  653. Lin needs to score.

  654. Jeremy should be like a vintage wine… the older it gets the better it becomes. I’d drink anytime. 🙂

  655. There are worse bad habits….:)

  656. I think LeBron had that issue before but cured himself

  657. Ohhhh yeah. He’s having a good game thanks to that RACIST BS for putting Lin back on the bench, and that RACIST basket for not letting the ball in when Lin shoots!!!!!! #sarcasm #good4price #becauseBSthinksthepriceisright

  658. Lol

  659. I think it is just a touch is just a bit off tonight. The one he scored on was taken away with a “questionable” call.

  660. Freaking Stu says Lin “only” has 8pts and 5 assists. He’s only played 19 mins, idiot.

  661. this game reminds me this year is a wash. it really don’t matter

  662. I love boozers personality. He was like ahhhh s,t after that wicked no look pass from Lin.

  663. At least recognizing he’s have a good game.

  664. He complimented Lin, said he played better than the stats.

  665. That’s 16pts/10ast PER36.

    Stu is just biased

  666. nice to hear stu give lin props. tho ‘pretty good game’ is an understatement for what he did with limited minutes and role.

  667. The lead is too great that Lin isn’t playing as intense. But his assists are great.

  668. Has Lin ever played 36 min this season yet?

  669. What? They are up by 20 points. Looking for your own points just for the sake of yourself is a Kome mentality. I’m a fan of linsanity not KoMe.

  670. this tallking up of ronnie rice
    /roll my eyes

  671. He’s scoring assists! #goodenuf4me

  672. Everytime Boozer tried to pass, he made TOs.

    2 TOs already

  673. Ooo, need a stop. I want Lin to keep his +/- at least.

  674. Play defense

  675. Lin with that James Harden defense. #shouldhaveputhishandsup

  676. Somebody should give him a taste of his own medicine and scream at him,”AAYYYYYYY!!!!!”

  677. Court vision legit

  678. Nice penetration by Lin to get Boozer fouled.

    Hockey-assist if Boozer doesn’t make FTs

  679. stu just jinx booze..azz

  680. What foul?!

  681. Play defense

  682. lin generates so many ‘free throw assists’. too bad doesnt show up in conventional boxscore

  683. was that the chick ref?

  684. Lin always get this ticky tac fouls!

  685. Young being Kobe.

  686. Nick Young needs to chill

  687. bring in Davis…. any time now

  688. lol boozer

  689. lin doesnt make himself available for others to pass to. its annoying.

  690. Yep, Violet Palmer.

  691. boozer hs 5 tov

  692. Boozer is tired…still not replace with Davis? You really a true BS coach

  693. Damn 10-0 run. There goes his +/-. Now I want Lin to score hah.

  694. He’s a loser sometimes

  695. Davis would have made that shot. Boozer doesn’t finish as well as Davis. Lin did everything right on 2 plays that Boozer didn’t finish.

  696. grrrr. shes such a hater or just totally incompetent.

  697. Lin passing way too much right now that’s why he’s getting those predictable TOs!

  698. that wasn’t a tov on lin

  699. Nothing wrong with those passes, Davis would have finished.

  700. Tim Duncan should be a wine. The older he gets, the better he becomes. But I still wont drink 🙂

  701. Boozer oh wel

  702. she has a history of not favoring Lin, I think

  703. Oh oh c’mon lakers don’t ruin a great effort. Lin, please give us one more run.

  704. Refs bias against Lin no doubt

  705. And Davis is supposedly a starter.

  706. lin pnr is more efficient than nick shooting contested long 2s all day. byron is so stupid.

  707. lakers waching

  708. Damn, now I’m a little nervous. It’s like they’re playing not to lose now instead of playing to win.

  709. Where is davis

  710. Why is Ed Davis not in the game with Lin?
    He’s still perfect in shooting, right?

  711. Scott’s brilliant rotations again. Leave out the guy who’s 7-7

  712. he is not allowed to play with lin much.
    rim protection is also not allowed

  713. BS

  714. Young goes Kobe.

  715. Guy doesn’t coach

  716. He can’t take those perfect J-Ed connections. Hurts him in the eyes

  717. Alright, that was a good hustle by Price.

  718. The guy is 7-7 for goodness sake.
    BS is clueless


  720. Boozer doing horrible

  721. lakers ball watching

  722. nice hustle by price

  723. boozer is blowing so many Jlin assists…argghhhh!

  724. That was a beautiful play by Lin. Too bad it goet boozed

  725. BScott is losing his mind.

    Or he has an agenda indeed

  726. I think the team is so used to Kobe watching at the end of the game they don’t know what to do…

  727. Lin needs to take some shots instead of wasting his assists on Boozer!!

  728. takes them forever to set a screen for lin. boozer is esp bad.

  729. Lins handle has improved

  730. He did not

  731. I don’t care how they win or who the hero is. Just finish this or all the good is wasted.

  732. He’s 3-10 tonight

  733. iso iso iso

  734. lol

  735. Nick is a poor closer. That was a bad shot.

  736. so lin beat his man then pulled back. i dont get why he does that

  737. so it isn’t kobe or kobe hs set it deep in their brains

  738. Pass to boozer was the right play. some boozer manage to air ball.

  739. At least sub in Davis for Sacre.

  740. This “Price spearheaded defense” is getting annoying.

    They showed Price with Lakers 11 steals. But Lin and Price has 3 steals each!

  741. won’t be a blow out but still a win and Jlin get s to finish

  742. Yes, his handles look way better tonight.

  743. Only 3 seconds left…I guess it was ok

  744. ok nick young stop. we don’t need a kobe

  745. Lakers shocked that they’re leading. Panic has set in

  746. Haha but seriously his crossover is lower and his right to left dribble a lot better

  747. Byron’s mistake was not to put Davis in with Lin.

  748. Have to justify things

  749. It is just like shooting…you are going have good or bad nights..in terms of ball control

  750. Young is chucking up shot like Kobe.

  751. scott’s idea is to put lin in to feed nick mostly, or hit big men for jumpers. sigh

  752. Yep we got a Young Kobe


    Clutch when it matters.

  754. Clutch!!!

  755. thank god

  756. Who’s Kobe?

  757. Game over

  758. Lin for 3333333333!!!!!!!

  759. OMG

  760. That’s our boy. clutch Lin returns.

  761. Lin just saved this game

  762. Yeah !!!!!!!!!!

  763. Lin with that clutch play. Double digit score. We good now..

  764. It’s okay. Let them run with that Price nonsense

  765. See, Jeremy likes game winners too 🙂

  766. Back to boring Kobe ball on Xmas. Book it.

  767. Game ovah. Thank you for making me hungry Jeremy Lin!

  768. Finally Lin with a 3!!

  769. long 2 right?

  770. broke a 16-0 run by the ws

  771. Haha… Lin it up!

  772. LIN with Nail-In-the-Coffin!

  773. Nope it’s a 3!

  774. sacre’s left arm tattoo says 信念 i guess he is going for ‘i believe’

  775. Yes. He still got it. In your face Kerr

  776. oh i thought his foot on line

  777. lol don’t look now

  778. BS won’t pick up any calls after this game…

  779. Hmm seems like Warriors got in more 3 point shooters

  780. He just needs “in Lin-Shu-How” tattoo on the right arm LOL

  781. It’d be crazy if BS allows GSW to comeback with an OT!

  782. no one told him that 信念 is a noun, not a verb.

  783. GSW playing foul game to shoot 3s and get back in the game!

  784. racist refs won’t call foul for Jlin but call it for price

  785. Boozer hurt the team down the strecth

  786. Ooh 7 Lakers in double figured points, including Jeremy… sweet.

  787. not going to happen since he put Price on the floor now :]
    Very predictable BScott

  788. Glad they made it close and exciting toward the end. NOT

  789. boozer is usually a net-negative, regardless of his stats

  790. the ball stopped moving in 4th quarter. so boring.

  791. So did Young.

  792. Lakers beat #1 team in the NBA .. WITHOUT Kobe.

  793. lucky… want to see more games with no kobe to see the truth

  794. That shot of Jeremy and Stephen talking at the end of the game… he really got some genuine friends from Warriors and Knicks.

  795. I am out…happy holiday everyone

  796. It happens to even the best of teams when they are up so much.

  797. Scott likes Price’s fart

  798. the best basketball i saw tonight happened in 11 minutes. the rest was whatever.

  799. Have a great holiday indeed :]

  800. Ya sure?

  801. To be fair, the number 1 team needs their big man to stomp teams come playoffs

  802. Doesn’t help that Lin wasn’t taking shots and kept feeding him!

  803. Jeremy’s 11 minutes. Mini Linsanity.

  804. Great game. Everyone played, shared, supported, contributed, had fun, and won. They looked like a team tonight.

  805. Young became Kobe in 4th qtr.

  806. So does Stu.

  807. sorry too fluky. if it happens a few more times maybe it will get more attention

  808. Not really but people were standing around and Lin wasn’t assertive enough and needed to score first and pass second!

  809. Kobe played a major role in this big win over GS!

  810. Great to see normal basketball games again :]

  811. not for the whole game

  812. He should sit out more.

  813. Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    The Lakers are a significantly better team without Kobe on the floor. It really isn’t debatable.

  814. That warmed my heart.

  815. This image reminded me of my very first cellphone – a Nokia 3315! I had more than enough forwarded messages with graphics like that lol

  816. He said he will put this out every time lal wins

  817. Ryan XD

    Without Kobe.. this is a team. Wow.— Ryan Higa (@TheRealRyanHiga) December 24, 2014

  818. Not a great game for JLin wish he scored more, passed too much towards the end especially to Boozer.

  819. Kobe plan backfired just like it did for harden. Kobe sat out the unstoppable gsw game thinking they have to lose. NOT. Harden would sit out clipper games and Lin with the rockets would win. LOL.

  820. it’s also on B2B game .. but I’m sure Kobe would find a way to lose this game if he played

  821. blu how do you post tweets?

    I post the entire thing from “Embed” and it posts all broken.

  822. true, and tired legs too after B2B game.
    It’s nice to see teamball again :]

  823. He was doing the opposite of what Kobe WOULD do.

  824. Only partially, towards the end it became stagnant again.

  825. Yeah I wish he’d ended with more points.
    The basket just wasn’t cooperating today!

  826. well, you know how you feel, and I’m saying McHale is not better than Byron if not worse.

  827. But a solid game. He played solid defense, his handles look better tonight. He made a clutch 3 in crunch time. He didn’t finish around the rim as well as usual, that was the only downside.

  828. Just one victory, but let's see if it moves Byron to build a team instead of a shrine to Kobe.— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) December 24, 2014

  829. LOL

  830. if i was coach i wouldn’t play kobe in b2b as well as fast tempo teams like gsw where we are better without him

  831. Kobe must be thrilled

  832. Right click on the timestamp (i.e. “10:39 PM – 23 Dec 2014” above) to get the link
    Then copy-and-paste

  833. Lincarcerated for no reason…

  834. splash … cold water bucket from the Phils lol.

  835. Although he has just 11pts but he nailed the coffin for GS with that 3. He is always clutch!

  836. Shrine? No a crypt.

  837. I like the comparison of the rest of the Lakers not named Kobe as prisoners. Jeremy is their version of the biblical Joseph when he was thrown in prison. He became the prison leader.

  838. I did it! Thanks psalm, always so helpful 😀

  839. How about a shrine to keep Kobe there in place for fans to worship instead of playing ball again?

  840. he pushed it really hard, … rocked the 2nd unit 28-10 to set the tone to put GSW’s winning streak down.

  841. LOL

  842. Before I check out, lemme do my impersonation of PFV on this win….


  843. I rather throw boiling, scalding water lol

  844. More like a mausoleum!

  845. Hill was the cause for that first GSW comeback, with I think Curry scoring 3s and so one. He sort of just stopped the fast play.

  846. You’re welcome :]
    My pleasure!

  847. A columbarium is appropriate

  848. Jeremy’s always going to be up against a system that is stacked against him yet somehow manages to produce magic. I have no more doubt and will support him even with his limited minutes and opportunities.

  849. Taj Mahal 😛

  850. hm, good question.
    I don’t think so either

  851. ehm.. I’m afraid to ask LOL

  852. Prediction: from now on whenever Kobe plays, Lin will get more minutes than when Kobe sits so that Lakers have a better chance to win with Kobe.

  853. They play liberated alright! Rejuvenated from breathing fresh instead of stale air.

  854. Seen like everyone have fun at the expense of Kobe.

  855. LOL :] good one

    But why would PFV love ET? 😀

  856. J-Ed Davis alleys hurt BS eyes….

  857. L

  858. I’m gonna throw up…

  859. What a snake…

  860. Make sure to use Charmin to clean it up.

  861. LOL for a second I thought the real MJ made the tweet

  862. Yeah head of the snake, some harmless snake…

  863. Yes, the snake that deceived Eve!

  864. Come on, you can’t be that blind to mistake a worm for a snake.

  865. game too fluky

  866. expected

  867. However, BS would be the first one to say the number (this game) indicates that Ronnie Price is a better player than Jeremy Lin. What a double-faced liar.

  868. Seriously, I am officially take McHale over BS.

  869. So we are going to lose by 21 on Thursday?

  870. After he plays Thursday, I KNOW how I’ll FEEL…

  871. It means I will not watch that game. Who would want to watch a blow-out loss game?

  872. BSis the best coach of the NBA, he just beat the num `1 team. He is the Head of Smaug

  873. Throwing up? lol

  874. Did he just say Price is the head of the Black Mamba?
    I guess Kobe is just the tired snake body then

  875. Wow, he said that. Way to go Kevin!

  876. Uh oh Kobe will not happy.

  877. Lol… now thats pretty bad coaching

  878. I’d run out of Charmin too…

  879. BS using the Mchale playbook against LIN.

  880. How could BScott deny Kobe’s poor on-and-off Net Rating and still be a respectable coach?
    He’s clearly thinking people can’t use Google

  881. Then use Scott to wipe it.

  882. Zinger!

  883. “Crazy?”

    Hey, Byron Scott is describing himself correctly!

  884. Jeremy: “Happy Holidays and peace to y’all!”

  885. Lol

  886. When Lin was routinely having games better than what Price did today, Scott was criticizing and demoting Lin.

  887. I think I should be jealous of Ed Davis now…lol

  888. Take heart though. Things are looking up.

  889. I’m referring to ppl asking posters to edit their own posts like an editorial team. That’s journalism, vs incendiary journalism (yellow journalism … follow the link … it’s the scourge of media and journalism, but ppl love it for some reason because it’s trash reading.)

  890. Yeah, lets not waste Charmin. lol.

  891. Not sure Scott can do the job…

  892. Look at who got 1 out of 3 steals to spearhead the defense, too!

  893. a longer version of Lin’s amazing alley-oop to Ed Davis!

  894. If you are using Scott to shine the tank then it sure will do the job.

  895. Kobe may be in worse shape than anyone suspects.

  896. Love the part where he talks about Ed 🙂
    Just like Linsanity, he’s crediting all his teammates.

  897. I used to love scott… hes just another azz racist yes man…

  898. Im sorry but these Kobe tweets are cracking me up


  899. Haha! I think you are… LOL!

  900. Trust me.
    You don’t want to be Lin’s “guy” 😀

    More like Lin’s “gal” haha..

  901. HE didn’t say Ed is my girl so… 😛

  902. Great way to go into the Holidays.

  903. I’m jealous of the attention he’s showering Ed lol

  904. “Freeeeeeedom!” LOL

  905. Lin drew 3 defenders on that play.

    Those alleyoops don’t happen unless Lin siphons defenses away from his teammates.

  906. How will any of them face Kobe on the plane?

  907. Point taken. I’m reeling in the IJ green-eyed version now… haha

  908. not sure if you noticed it, but it was clear Scott was saving Lin for the entire 4th because he knew he needed a calming force at the end there and Lin cam through with the 3 to end the 5+ mins of no scoring.

    Clarkson was good, but he was lost sometimes and did you notice Jeremy calming him down in the first half by talking him down from a bad mistake.

    Price was ok. Big deal here was the team Lin-brand of bball won, and Lin was a solid PG backbone. 28-10 2nd unit to blow the game wide open, and LAL never lost the lead. It got gut to 10 when ball slowed down 2nd half and Curry got hot.

    Curry tonight reminded me of Jackson days last year. When GSW were down, it was iffy and curry would get hot. Maybe without bogut, but really, there was great team play under the basket and I’m not sure … well, ok GSW would have gotten a few in the paint.

    If Bogie had been there, the game would have been closer and Lin would have come in the 3rd to have to bring the lead up again.

    Finally, to I think Brent and others … Kobe’s bricks and TOs = over 30 good possessions I agree. That’s how games are won.

    Can the Busses please retire Kobe on Christmas?

  909. At least the “D” wasn’t silent lol

  910. Awwwkwaaaard…

  911. whoa … oppressive Kobe outed for sure now!

  912. wow, JLin’s friend’s out the truth too … cool cool cool. Plausible deniability for Lin … aw, my friends are just taking about my post game interview lol.

  913. I think by saying “Ed’s my guy on the right spot”, Lin just indirectly said,
    “Only Ed truly understands me.”

  914. But Jeremy blew up the tank tonight.

  915. Kobe the slave-master.

  916. Maybe his ego.

  917. Santas, please make my dream come true… retire Kobe please

  918. Correct!
    Lin’s such a threat in breaking down D to free up Davis inside :>

    LA will be hungry for Lin-Davis PnR now! Yes….

  919. Lin’s biggest problem is that when the game is easy, he tends to slack off.

    The Lakers lead started and grew after Lin was subbed in and he started to play very aggressively.

    But by the time he was subbed back in the 2nd half, the lead was high enough that he just didn’t play as aggressively as he did before. It was only near the very end when GS was closing in that he turned it up again.

    That’s definitely something Lin should try to work on, but even the best players are like that.

  920. In case you missed it. Jeremy has a new handshake with Sacre, Boozer, and Clarkson

  921. What Lin said at last post game interview was so great. Hope the Lakers sites will play it non-stop.

  922. Hey Mamba! We missed you! (not)

  923. Uh oh less minutes for Young.

  924. That’s good

  925. “Kobe, here’s a pillow to help you rest for a week” :>

  926. ha ha Brent … Lin did not mention Hill being anywhere right …

  927. Young should stop imitating Kobe, too much iso IMO

  928. I guess when he and Davis finally start together they’ll have one.

  929. That’s the “Escaped Prisoners” Dance .. yes?

  930. That BS coach won’t play Davis and Lin together much. Why? why… why…. BS!

  931. At the end of the vid you can see BScott didn’t like that lol

  932. Celebrating out of jail.

  933. The guy speaking “there’s not a ton of offense with Kobe out”

    mwahahaha, little did he know.

  934. yeah, he clearly was disgusted by the excessive celebration on his right side :p

  935. That’s a good thing!

  936. I was spinning in freaked circles in the first half with so little Jeremy time, but as I tried to calm myself down the thought did come to me…how can Price have soooo many minutes…is BS really going to play him for the entire game? Can’t be…maybe…maybe he’s going to give Jeremy the 4th quarter? Didn’t dare really think it…but your comment is great to hear. It seemed like it was purposeful, didn’t it? So hard to know. Is BS a hater? Dim? Or just always playing the angles for his own best appearance?

  937. If they lost, BScott would’ve used that against them.
    Now he can’t blame the happy prisoners. Yeah!!

  938. The only Lin played the entire 4th is because the other guards were GASSED.

  939. SMH

  940. Well, well, well. Strong language. Do Kobe’s teammates smell blood in the water?

  941. BS comments are getting more and more boring!

  942. Humph…he did say he liked them pissing on the hydrant…

  943. I am loving Kevin Ding. he is the only journalist telling it like it is about the Lakers…LOL

  944. no, Byron gets credit. He knew he needed Lin’s experience and steadiness. Price is only touted for the Kobe pandering. If and as the kobe problem is solved, Price will not be as elevated. I strongly believe Byron was saving Lin to run 4th Q for crunch, and you can see it worked. Lin needed to be there to keep the team together.

  945. You mean more and more dumb down?

  946. Said a long time ago. If Lin can take five 3s….his %age will lock at 40% I think it is true.

  947. Nick masks all these type of comments with jokes but he’s also an advocate for ball movement over KoMe ball.
    Yeah he chucks sometimes but never to Kobe’s level and he at least does it with decent efficiency.

  948. He is fair. No hype.

  949. He is sounding like a politician. He had better be careful, kobe might fire him.LOL

  950. Nick Young is just………………enuf said.

  951. I’m going to try to hang in there with you… 🙂

  952. 4s? That’s beyond Linsanity 🙂

  953. I am glad I was wrong that Kobe didn’t play. Who would have thought the Lakers would beat the Warriors. I love it. I can see the media outlets tomorrow about what a better team this is without kobe…LOL

  954. he aiight, i dont mind him much.

    He had the most FGA tonight with 13 but that’s still just one third of what Kobe would’ve taken. I can live with his level of chucking XD

  955. Yep

  956. As the official prophet of JLin Portal (hehe) let me say this. Today was a crucial first step toward The Return of Linsanity. But Kobe still holds his evil sway upon the Lakers. To get full fledged Linsanity, we will need to get Kobe completely out of the picture: ie Retirement.

  957. Look at Serena ‘mirin Jeremy.

    Everyone’s so happy 😛

  958. Well, it became clear to me when BSc let the team run until about 1.5mins in Q3 because the team was doing ok. So you ask yourself … why skip Lin’s minutes, he’s getting cold. He shot those 2 3s, so it’s not as if he played badly. He made some awesome passes, and 2nd unit was 28-10 first half. So, only plausible reason is he needs a win to prove the point to owners and Kobe. BSc relied on Lin and Lin was there leading this jailbreak quietly, but the need to seal the win. I knew Jer would have the 4th 100% as soon as he checked in, unless it continued into garage time 20 pts up. As it happened, Byron and LAL needed Lin.

    The only thing I would have liked is for Price to give Lin the ball on the dribble out, out of respect. And, also, I wished GSW had fouled Lin instead of Price on that 2nd to last possession because Jer deserved the stat pad for his dutiful control of the game tempo.

  959. I am all with you….let hope for the best

  960. Lin’s interview….better than his Coach’s as always

  961. He’s cute and messy, like an untrained puppy.

  962. Maybe the national outlets, but not the local outlets. Better than nothing.

  963. I like that bc this can sure to Buss family you can really let go of Kobe day by day until 2016. No need to sign him for extend contract. LOL!

  964. yeah, I know it’s hard to give BSc credit, but he gets it too like the 7 over 10pts and the entire team spirit and effort. I know swag, booz, lin had something to do with it, but byron too. It’s a team win. He gets cred for saving Lin to close the game out, and I believe the 3 to end the 5+ min scoring drought was the dagger. GSW had the momentum until that point.

  965. Jeremy should run for governor after his playing days are over.

  966. Thanks Brent.

  967. First Asian American President?

  968. gorgeous Serena

  969. Friggin’ please.

    This is one time I don’t agree with Lin and would criticize him right to his face.

    Kobe Bryant is NOT the Lakers’ best player. He’s actually the worst.

  970. Two terms too!

  971. Gorgeous Jeremy 😛

  972. She is looking at Lin like she is in love…LOL

  973. Gorgeous people in Hollywood. Actually it’s great that Serena seems to really like Jeremy. It’s so important to have staunch allies in the media.

  974. Long overdue. Lin is a true leader, you saw it how he talked to Clarkson tonight after he made the clear path foul.

  975. Look, if BSc, Worthy, TSW, everyone won’t say the obvious, why should Lin be cannon fodder? Let the fans revolt and Kobe will phase out. 10% down in low viewership is a loud voice, and I hope fans keep that noise up!

  976. Oh, I’m giving Byron credit.

    I am still pissed that Lin plays well under 30 minutes and played as many as he did today only because Bryant was injured.

  977. Lin being his gracious self

  978. No… I don’t want Jeremy involved in filthy politics.

  979. Yeah, that’s nice to see.

  980. Yeah, that ticks me off too because Lin could to top assist and top scorer. Tonight everyone was hot. How about Ellington – that was beautiful. Ed D 7/7 … feasting at the rim mostly.

  981. Somebody posted on twitter that when lin was on the bench he was happy because he was actually coaching the 1st unit and calling the plays..LOL

  982. she always has that hint of adoration i know right?

  983. Maybe he can use Charmin and Scott to clean up the filthiness…

  984. he was feeding bs to the bs reporters

  985. Jeremy should be coaching after his NBA career.

  986. that’s cool! thx.

  987. It is’t even pure graciousness…he is one very smart cookie. Given his character, I’m sure the graciousness is genuine. But he always functions on more than one level at once. Diplomacy works. And JoeTeam is right about cannon fodder. Jeremy isn’t going to step in that cow pie.

  988. All I know is that she had better back up off my man…LOL

  989. He sure is.

  990. And many thrown in Brawny too lol

  991. Skipper’s got a point.

  992. haha…. a blooming bromance …

  993. He doesn’t get it, does he. The team had fun tonight. They don’t always have fun with Kobe on the floor. And they produced. He needs to open his eyes.

  994. Byron Scott’s Kobe Bryant Plan Leaving Los Angeles Lakers in Dangerous Position
    By Kevin Ding

  995. Wondering why the media keep wanting to interview the bench guy. How about the starting PG?

  996. Two months ago I said the Lakers will become a team by Xmas. It happens but I am still wrong because I did not know it will happen if Kobe is not there.

  997. 5 on 5 is always better than 1 on 5

  998. The 3 to ice:

    Did you all notice that was a play drawn up by Scott during the TO? GSW had the ball, but on the next possession, I’m going … wha? Why does price have it? Then you see the play and I remembered the shot of Lin, Price, and I think Swag with Byron drawing up a play. If so, we have to give props to BSc … Lin saved for the 4th to win, play drawn to Lin for the dagger.

    And if you agree with me, then maybe BSc has to downplay Lin publicly because of Kobe’s ego. He has to ease kobe into the new role of playing 2/3 of so of the games and less minutes, and no way he’s going to publicly praise his main workhorse to win games and hold the team together.

    I could be all wrong, and I hope you allow me my wish in this lol.

  999. Lin playing chess many moves ahead not just what is obvious to our eyes.

  1000. Love his sarcasm at the end 🙂

  1001. That shiny bench guy… 😀

  1002. Hmm. I wrote a reply to KHuang that was too much shock and awe and so I edited (basically deleted) it after like 10 minutes. I meant it to be funny but I’m sorry if it offended anyone. Is that what you’re referring to or is it some other post(s)?

  1003. Tell Byron

  1004. Lin want to say the Kobe is the most powerful not the best in Lakers but he can’t be too obvious.

  1005. Why talk to a puppet when you can talk to the puppet master?

  1006. Yeah, coach Bryant Scott.

  1007. YEAH!

  1008. “I am asking the coach, Jeremy …”

  1009. Good for Jeremy. It’s time Byron do his job and be a real coach, not Kobe’s flunky.

  1010. Preach it, Worthy!!

  1011. Is he throwing shade?…LOL

  1012. hope that’s a good thing when required …

  1013. Yep, can’t wait for Kobe to go off on Scott. It is coming. Kobe has to blame somebody for his poor play….LOL

  1014. ha ha, then you’d better get your sweet bippy down to the next event and get your pic adoring him … and fight it out with IJ7 🙂

  1015. ah Gollum wants his ring … ho hum Lord of the Rings was too ling in book and movies …

  1016. Kobe’s probably nagging on Bscot on the plane right now.

  1017. Heck yeah!

  1018. Yeah, he is. Watch Kobe starts ignoring him.

  1019. But he’d clean up all the mess!

  1020. That wasnt just shade, that was an eclipse!

    Speak on it Worthy!

  1021. Somehow I get a feeling that LAL is hoping Kobe to step down by himself….It just never worked…LOL

  1022. 4!

  1023. Oh, sorry, I had to come back and re-read the thread. I wasn’t writing about your old post, but more to talk about the above where Brent and psalm asked Alain to edit his calling someone an idiot. I was too obtuse … basically, instead of mod, they are asking people to self edit for the upside. I was making reference to how some ppl just write incendiary yellow journalism so editorial policies are good. I replied to your pose because it was the last one on this thread, not that I mean your prev post. Have a nice night.

  1024. Remember Kobe said, happy wife happy house? Well, the wife is not happy lol

  1025. Every time he speaks to the reporters, I sense a dagger was pushing hard on KB

  1026. No wonder. smh JK.

  1027. Poor Lin, has to keep watching the land mines while giving interviews

  1028. I think you are right, but it will never happen with kobe.

  1029. LOL…with so many injuries. LAL no longer in a hurry to make it happen anyway. I guess FO is just aiming something in the summer and leave Kobe to Scott to deal

  1030. The Lin boys smiling…nice.

  1031. someone else needs the bike

  1032. LOL

  1033. No Ronnie???

  1034. Who?

  1035. GSW PostGame Thread is open!
    LA is hungry for more Linsanity!
    Lin/Davis PnR will be in high demand


  1036. We’re with you. Just not Byron

  1037. Will be riding along Santa Monica Beach

  1038. Although…Jeremy gets sideways looks for that floral shirt he wears, which I defend. But I have to say this sweater with the penguin pouch is…..nope.

  1039. That is a great ride, or skate. 26 miles long – from just below Malibu all the way to Pacific Palisades, practically at water’s edge through all the great beach towns: Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo. Cruise any short section, good eats at little cafes along the way…great way to spend a day.

  1040. I’ll be biking there soon. What are the odds of seeing him

  1041. he’s much better than ho chen.(is tthat his name?)

  1042. if he really knew lin’s value i think he would play him more. like he used to do with his star pgs.

  1043. maybe it’s for the best, if lin scored higher without kobe, he might make lin go to D-league instead of bench.

  1044. well. look at how the team popped a great game. He can’t due to kobe.

  1045. Keep dreaming, BS downplays Lin so his boy Price can rise up!!

  1046. I’m fine with Young, he takes the number of shots that I want Lin taking on a regular basis because that’s the average one needs to be considered a good scorer with high PPG!

  1047. Looks like Nick Young isn’t buying into Lin, only one who was close by and didn’t have any interaction with him in the clip. I think Lin raised his hand at the end but Young ignored?

  1048. You mean staggering their minutes? Something BS should’ve done from the start except he’s afraid of Lin out shining Kobe and his golden boy Price!!

  1049. look at the tape, he’s there drawing on his clipboard and the 3 of them are listening and that’s the only organized play to end the game.

  1050. Kobe must be seething now.

  1051. I think he played garbage time as 20 point lead

  1052. Hope u r right

  1053. yeah. but i won’t expect anything from him.

  1054. Supposed to be “it”, not ET the ailen. Lol

  1055. Yeah, he is. Ha!

  1056. I meant that to make Kobe look good and win more games when he does play, Lin will play like 40 minutes those games. When Kobe sits, Lin will get less than 20 minutes. I expect Kobe to behave better.

  1057. Not fair. Why does Jeremy look the ugliest in this bunch? That hair certainly did not help. It looks like a clamp of seaweed.

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