Game 28 Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics: Jeremy Lin is Available

Jeremy Lin is reported to be available to play on the 2nd game of the road trip in Boston. Jeremy is always excited to play in Boston, where his old alma mater Harvard is located. Hopefully he can stay healthy and return to his old efficient self soon after 2-game absence.

Lin also shows appreciation of the cool graphics by Tyson Beck highlighting Jeremy Lin in his Atlanta Hawks jersey with actual Hawks superimposed on the background


  1. Even Lin doubters / agnostics want Lin to play lol

  2. Hopefully the rust isn’t too bad and Lin has a decent game tonight. The bench and team really needs him.

  3. Lin is being linked to a 4-teams trade which would have him go to the Phoenix Suns.
    Ariza would go to the Lakers, Houston get KCP, Hawks get Knights + draft pick.

    Phoenix is not my favorite destination for Lin since they are already out of playoff contention, but so is Atlanta, so at best, he can get minutes there so he could play for his next contract. In Atlanta, it’s hard for him to play for his contract while getting limited minutes.

    I would hope teams like Orlando and Pelicans will soon step up for Lin.

    The trade talk is on a podcast at the 27:45 minute mark

    The 4 team trade rumor is also being reported here in writing:

  4. not my favorite either but starting job.

  5. I expect some rust. LP would be well advised to give him a good long stint so he can get in rhythm. But that’s not usually LP’s style.

  6. nope

  7. i expect lin to play alot with trea young struggling to gaurd kyrie

  8. These don’t even qualify as rumors, just random guesses and names being thrown around. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what they’re saying.

  9. The source is “the Athletic” …the Guys on the podcast are just talking about it.

    Apparently, this is a real trade that is being discussed by GMs but doesn’t mean it will come to past…The Hawks or any of the team involved may decide to do something or stay pat for something better in the future.

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  11. Lin “agnostics” – good one. LOL.

  12. TLDR. But give you kudos for effort to wish Lin to Toronto. 🙂

  13. Lakers could actually use Lin. Their bench unit needs somone who can shoot and lead. Rondo has played well but is not really a threat offensivly.

  14. cool. Thx for letting us know…I didn’t buy league pass this year because of Lin situation and knowing he wouldn’t play much because he’s on a tanking team.

  15. Don’t know if this has been posted. Worth re-posting. “Since Nov. 1, the rough estimate of when he got back to full basketball health, Jeremy Lin’s stats:”

    When Lin is healthy, and given free reign, is there any doubt he would be balling out?

  16. LP has been talking about playing a bit more 2 PG line-up…If that happens and Lin gets more minutes, it could also mean the Hawks are showcasing Lin for a possible trade.

    It would make sense to give him more minutes so team can take a good look at him and see if he can keep his hot shooting going.

  17. OT FYI. Dinwiddie paid his dues. Waaay underpaid these past two seasons. Glad for him.

    Still, can’t help but get ticked off by the usual double-standards used against Lin. Seeing a lot of “congrats” for SD. Unlike all the complaints about Lin’s contracts.

    We’ll see how sincere Sean Marks is about seeing Dinwiddie as part of Nets future. If his past actions are any indicators, wouldn’t trust his agenda.

  18. NBA promotes these freebies every so often throughout the season.

    Can’t say I blame you for not paying for it.

    I got it only because it gives me flexibility as to when to watch the games, or catch up on them.

  19. Well, Kyrie can’t really guard anyone either. But I think Boston has started Marcus Smart recently, probably for defensive purposes.

    If Lin is on court with Smart, Lin needs to be “SMART” too. Last time these two teams met, MS tried to take out Lin’s knees, by diving at the ball. Another semi-dirty player.

  20. Pre-game warm up. Boston played in Atlanta 11/23. Lin had great game in losing cause. 30 mins. 19 and 10. Double-Double!

  21. The real truth is that Dwayne Casey was a bad coach that stifled the growth of the team. He relied way too heavily on the two stars and stifled the team. The new coach has Serge Ibaka at centre and transformed his play. Kyle has become much more of a facilitator and everyone has responded.

    Adding Kawhi has just added the extra confident step to their game. Even though kawhi doesn’t play much, he has made the team believe in themselves. They were already much better once Casey was booted and a team culture was installed.

  22. This was a great game – perhaps JLIN’s best of the season:

    – ATL starters collectively averaged a whopping -30 plus/minus and JLIN’s bench +15 plus/minus.
    – Every time ATL bench would whittle down the deficit ATL starters gave up another 2-12 run
    – JLIN with 30 mins and Trae 19 min on a real team this ratio of play time would be every game

  23. Incidentally the earlier Boston game was where Dominique & Rathburn first discussed (and last time you will ever hear any Hawks employee talk about) JLIN starting over Trae

  24. Pierce just said they miss Lin and they’ll be smart about getting him out there today.

  25. dam sws94 right minute restricion

  26. Lin restricted himself by asking to be taken out of the game last time, due to his back. Of course Pierce / Hawks are “going to be smart” about his playtime, especially now that the trade season is upon us.

  27. hmmmm good point.

  28. celtics have won 7 in a row

  29. Everyone is excited for Lin to be back, and Lin seems to be ready:

  30. ATL had 10 in a row – losses

  31. Trae mishandled the ball, but Hawks are lucky Smart threw the ball away after the turnover.

  32. Kyrie is actually a decent defender, he is not a Mavs Brunson/Barea

  33. Come on, Hawks down by 10 already and only a little over 3 mintues went by.

  34. Boston 5 for 5 shooting, Hawks are 1 for 6.

  35. Heurter playing PG role more – Pierce now throwing anything against the wall to stick

  36. 8 for 8 now. This is gonna be ugly.

  37. Need a wholesale change of all Starters benched

  38. BOS announcer making fun of Trae, “only have unlimited range if you MAKE it”

  39. Lin in.

  40. JLIN is so calm and collected, he knows where you like to get the ball and where you like to shoot

  41. Even though Lin hasn’t done much so far, the team relaxed and started making buckets and playing defense. Immediate difference.

  42. That’s Vinces spot and JLIN knows it

  43. Lin has 2 assists, right?

  44. Yeah.

  45. yup. he stabilized things for sure +/- lin +8 trea – 18

  46. 1 to Dedmon and 1 to Vince, both for 3s.

  47. Replay of 1st BOS game already

    Starter -15 average
    Bench + 4

  48. Lin slowed down Kyrie. Kyrie is still hot, but not destroying the Hawks before Lin came on the court.

  49. JLIN better start getting more aggressive; only hot hands don’t get pulled

  50. Not certain why Dorsey getting so many minutes

  51. Lin out.

  52. he made multiple mistaes

  53. he’s a greenhorn almost anyone on the bench is better

  54. well ths will be a blow out. with that sub its over

  55. It was over in the first 3 mins of this game

  56. lmao they may score 50 in the first

  57. OK, Lin looks healthy and ready from injury. Lin can rest for the rest of the game. Trade starting now.

  58. Trade is a comin’

  59. yup

  60. he will play a ton garbage mnutes. free points lol

  61. Another 40+ points first quarter, just like last Hawks vs. Celtics game.

  62. i missed the beginning. did kyrie overwhelm trea?

  63. haha … what do you think?

  64. lol i see 5/6 12 pont 2 steals 2 assist. was it bad?

  65. BOS genetically from the Coach on down did not allow Trae to do anything Trae wants to do – except they willl allow Trae to take the 30footer since they know his % is abysmal

    They are the best at punishing Trae when he dribbles into traffic or roams around

  66. Huerter’s stroke is so smooth and quick. Dude’s getting better and better.

  67. as long as he doesnt do to much

  68. That’s any player who isn’t a superstar.

  69. meaning mostly catch and shoot

  70. jeremy won’t do anything unless coach lets him shoot

  71. Coach wants him to shoot.

  72. lin easing himself bac in rhythm

  73. JLIN nice 3

  74. Yes, smooth 3.

  75. Nice play run for Lin. Got good screens for an easy 3.

  76. It’s like 2 different teams when JLIN has the guys that he normally plays with versus the other Hwks squads

  77. The Hawks are back in the game.

  78. Hawks back in it. Down by 9 now.

  79. Don’t count your chickens, this is a replay of the STarters/Bench last game

  80. What chickens? Just said they’re back in the game. And they are.

  81. Heurter telegraphed that so much

  82. When JLIN’s shoes are on the court they might be – but his shoes won’t be with his min s restriction?

  83. tanking

  84. Nice unselfish ball movement

  85. I didn’t comment on any of that. Back in the game means they aren’t down 20 plus points anymore. That’s all.

  86. just tuned in. Happy to see Lin on court at 5:00 2Q. Hawks only behind by 5!

  87. Yes you did say that

    Nothing More Nothing Less

  88. Great foul shot, Len. Focus.

  89. Bad turnover by Lin…Those are the type of turnover that bothers me about Lin..Just throw the ball up..when u so deep and can’t see your passing option, just put it up at the rim.

  90. haward looks good now

  91. Lin’s TO due to passing when he should have put up a shot. If he misses it, he misses it. But Lin is a big part of getting the lead down to something manageable.

  92. Lin made forced a bad pass, but other than that, he’s playing pretty well. Not making some shots, but I blame it on rust. The team looks so much better with him out there.

  93. Yeah, he shows flashes of looking like his old self. But I don’t think he’s quite back yet.

  94. len looks worse now

  95. yes I agree….just missing his shots. trying to avoid contact too

  96. Not certain Len would have been ready for it High vs Low;; it was just a standard miscommunication – they haven’t played together in a while perhaps with JLIN out

  97. You’re reading into stuff. And that’ unnecessary. I made an objective comment. Let it go.

  98. he too is rusty….

  99. dropped easy pass for free 2 points

  100. Hawks just looks more confident and calm when Lin is on the court.

  101. trade for him.

  102. Should had shot it man…he’s too deep in the paint with defenders all around him…just put it up.

  103. So much for 1st half minutes restriction – JLIN has most minutes by far for the bench

  104. well there goes the lead. trea back

  105. He probably would’ve, but his last floater deep in the paint looked bad. I don’t think Lin is confident in his floater after the week off.

  106. Yep ATL Back OUT of the game now

  107. Hawks never led at any point.

  108. lol the close game i meant

  109. Lin left the game at around the 3 minute mark with Hawks down by 10, not much different than it is now.

  110. yep. kyrie is like time for me to go to work

  111. like 2 seconds later

  112. funny that LP won’t let Jeremy finish the game. Trade please soon

  113. It’s not even halftime yet.

  114. momentum lin created still there. wait as it dissipates

  115. JLIN might finish this game; it will be a blowout

  116. Vince with a nice drive / layup.

  117. Trae actually hustled and got a block on that last shot of the half.

  118. JLIN and Trae almost never on the floor simultaneously so their difference in Plus/Minus of 25 POINTS

    … very illustrative of how this Game would be different if the roles were switched

  119. Virtually the same, at the half, it’s 11.

  120. Lin: 3 pts, 3 asts, 3 rebs , +/- 6 for 9 min. in the first half.

    Hawks behind Celtics by 11, 56-67.

  121. 11 pt. game at the half is not out of the game. And that’s it. Nothing about what’ll happen in the 3rd or 4th. Just commenting on the half-time score.

  122. Lin +6
    Young -17 !!

  123. Actually Trae is just -17 which sums to 25

  124. Yes. Corrected. 23.

  125. bets the games is a 20 point game by the time lin gets back. or lin subbed in early

  126. huerters defense on hayward is atrocious. hayward on averaging 10 ppg

  127. ATL like many “rebuild”, tanking, or just plain terrible teams do AWFUL in the 1st and 3rd quarters, these collapses have ONE thing in common – the starting squad plays alot.

  128. Hayward uses his screens nicely

  129. he went under and hayward made him pay. two times

  130. 1 more day

  131. And here I had so much hope for Trae after last game that he’d turned things around with his Three Point Shooting

  132. Lin played well. Taking it easy.

  133. if he wants to succeed thats how he needs to play. issue is. he cant defend scoring guards. will always be the case

  134. Huerter had 4 3-pointers in the first half?

  135. yup. defense was an issue though

  136. Collapse

  137. Oh boy, Hawks starters digging them back into the hole again.

  138. who made the bet. wheres my money lmao

  139. Now Trae is at a historic -25 Plus minus

    can he set a record… lets go for -50 tonight

  140. the benh has a horrible +/- except lin

  141. They’re too young. And Dedmon isn’t really a stabilizing force. Also, they’re turning the ball over again.

  142. Pierce has been mixing up the rotations, trying to confuse peple from thinking its all bad

  143. Lin coming back in.

  144. my live stream refuses to return… 🙁

  145. Trae’s defense haha lolol

  146. lol

  147. JLin hits the open 3.

  148. 58-80 Hawks doubled the deficiency after 3 min in 3Q??

  149. JLIN leading the comeback again.

    The Miracle man

  150. Wow dedmon foul on a three pointer

  151. Collins is one of the best young big men in the NBA

  152. agree. really like how he plays

  153. Trae only had 19 minutes las BOS game – that means if he only gets 2 more (since he’s at 17) then ATL might have a chance lol

  154. They called Lin on a goal-tend. His hand touched the net.

  155. Heurter on fire

  156. Another 3 for Huerter. Lin assist.

  157. Too many Hawks TOs. And Celts are hitting so many 3s.

  158. Huerter is on fire tonight, but that last pass was pretty dumb. Lin set him up nicely for another 3, but he decided to pass and got it stolen. Pierce was super mad.

  159. he is hot, must keep shooting there

  160. Huerter’s passing isn’t as crisp as he thinks he is. But he has a lot of potential, IMO.

  161. Yeah, Lin drew like 2 or 3 defenders with his drive, passed it to Huerter hoping for another 3. Huerter thought pass before receiving the ball and it got read by Tatum.

  162. his best attribute is shooting threes and fast break layups. everythng else is rough

  163. Lin resting, no PG out there.

  164. Er, what kind of lineup is this, LP?

  165. trea playing horrid so yea

  166. Bembry PG

  167. why was lin subbed?

  168. Vince is contributing tonight, making some shots and plays.

  169. Is Trae hurt?

  170. I’m just glad Pierce isn’t playing Dorsey as much this half

  171. Bembry is playing PG on court. 🙁 Is Hawks waving white flag already?
    Time to grab a snack.

  172. He’s improving steadily. I expect rookie mistakes and defensive lapses.

  173. JLIN having another super-efficient game, this game will add to his stellar stats

  174. Looks like rest.

  175. baze always getting techs

  176. LOL stupid refs as usual.

  177. Strange vet. Doesn’t exhibit a lot of self-control.

  178. Pierce and the Hawks FO have made a decision that they will protect Trae from big bad BOSTON, can’t let the kid suffer

  179. he wants to be traded. i can tell

  180. I know why Lin got subbed out. because he has 8 points and trae got 7.

  181. just rest

  182. Hawks aren’t even playing terribly. Celtics are just too damn good right now and hitting too many shots.

  183. bremby -26

  184. i agree but the anomaly is lin +5

  185. Hawks are awful – no energy on defense, no communication, no CLOSING OUT on three point shooters, it starts with the leader on the floor, …

    if your floor leader sets the tone so goes the team

  186. Trae 0-5 from three now

  187. Both teams are just chucking 3s now.

  188. Lin is the only Hawks with a positive +/- value.

  189. LOL Bembry’s alley oop to Len went off the backboard and in.

  190. Trae Young is aiming his Three point shots now

  191. Vince with a nice cut into dunk, pass by Huerter.

  192. Still no Lin? LP is a stupid hater

  193. Is LP waiting for the Hawks to be behind by 30 to put Lin back in?
    89-115 now…

  194. ouch.

  195. Perhaps it is GOOD that Lin rests…

    It’s Dec. 15 tomorrow. Lin may wear a new jersey soon.

  196. Lin getting ready to come back in.

  197. Actually I’m alright with JLIN not playing rest of game back from injury due to thses current stats:

    FG 50%, 3P 67%, 1 STL, 8PTs and 4 AST in just 15 Minutes

  198. Just a different feel to the ATL team whenever JLIN steps on floor

  199. 2 pts!

    Time to pad your stats, Lin!

  200. is Lin injured?

  201. Lin hurt himself on that drive / layup. Out of the game now.

  202. sheesh kind of depressing seeing lin play garbage minutes like a G-league player! i hoping for a trade soon. I want to root for this team but the sheer quality of garbage except for Collins is too much.

  203. Looks like a thigh injury perhaps.

  204. yeah he looked hurt.

  205. its not serious. lp sub him out being safe

  206. garbage mins you going to get hurt

  207. do you guys still like LP

  208. when?

  209. smart by lp. he rolled his ankle on a drive. tae him out. no point hurting his trade value

  210. grabbing his thigh

  211. smart LP putting lin in for garbage mins that’s dumb

  212. did we ever like LP? haha

  213. hey free points lol

  214. Hope it’s not too serious!

  215. no thanks man. he’s playing with 3rd stringers come on now.

  216. yea. your right. i just wanted 2 more points

  217. Interesting how Len is not starting anymore.

  218. been a month now

  219. yes very depressing.

  220. *sigh* Lin just can’t stay healthy. Hope this isn’t another bad injury…

  221. hope not. he was still running after. Jeremy should know they won’t call a foul

  222. Boston announcers have been dissing Trae all night long…

    … guy just said Trae Young is an aggregate -61 against BOS

  223. JLIN’s fine – he’s on the bench

    Trade coming soon

  224. its interesting how cautious they are with lin all of a sudden. he didnt roll his ankle. he just bumps thighs with some one lol

  225. was it painful, yes…

    but just a regular charliehorse type injury – he’s played enough minutes in this lost cause

  226. agree

  227. Lin did lookk rusty driving but his threes was ready for prime time lol

  228. Trae young is shooting under 25% from 3….thats worse than lonzo ball. What Lonzo lacks in shooting though he makes up for with elite defense. Trae needs to revamp his game. And the coach on atlanta whatever his name is again i know he was on a former tanking team. Guy is basically here to tank the team and be gone when they have enough pieces.

  229. Some people still see lots of potential.

    I see lots of potential in the 420 players that are not doing as bad as Trae

  230. there is plenty of potential in trae. But coach isn’t doing him any favours by sending him to get butchered by everybody.

  231. His shot is broken. I guess he can fix that. But his height is a problem. He needs to muscle up and figure out what happened to his shot.

  232. I see Trae’s potential as a short, thin, less athletic, less defensively oriented Ricky Rubio … who built his reputation as a Passer that also couldn’t shoot

  233. He doesn’t have the scoring prowess of a isiah thomas to be effective on the offensive end. He should be a facilitator, he has great vision…but this team cant hide him against anybody on defense. Should have taken Doncic.

  234. Any news on Lin tighs or knees?

  235. if he was injured he wouldnt of sat on the bench for the rest of the game

  236. someone said Lin had been traded to the sixers?

    I can’t see it anywhere

  237. fake

  238. But Rubio used to be a good defender.

  239. Fake News?

  240. no

  241. Back when Mike Dantoni was the assistant coach to Brown at Philly, I knew that D’Antoni was telling Coach Brown how great JLIN was.

    Brown used to make public comments that JLIN playing for CHA would destroy his 76ers team every game they played.

    Brown will be a GREAT Coach for JLIN

    We will get to showcase for JLIN’s next contract

  242. its fake

  243. is the trade to sixers tweet fake or what?

  244. Sixers! Is this a good destination for Lin?

    I thought he is going from a team of birds (hawks) to another team of birds (pelican). 🙂

  245. well would have been nice

  246. Glad its a fake tweet..I frankly don’t like the Sixers for Lin…Too many ball-dominant stars on this team.

  247. No checkmark next to Woz’s name means it’s the fake Woz.

  248. i agree

  249. Sixers is simply not a good team for Lin to play for his next contract.

    I couldn’t picture him get enough shots and score enough points with them.

    Lin needs to at least average double digits in points and I couldn’t see that happen in Philly because there’s too many stars that needs the ball in their hands.

    Embiid, Butler, Simmons…..Even Redick gets lots of play-call for him.

  250. embid upset about his shots as well. like lin will get scraps

  251. So, I guess he’s fine. Again, LP states Lin can score, make plays, said he’s hitting over 40 percent from 3. There’s no doubt based on LP’s comments he wants Lin to shoot, score and make plays. And Lin stabilizes the obvious. That’s obvious to the eye test.

  252. IMO, Jimmy Butler is bad karma. He criticized Rose, went to the Wolves and criticized KAT and who knows, is Embiid next. Butler can play, but he seems like a combative teammate and he does require the ball a lot and want it in the clutch.

  253. Hearing positive compliments from Pierce’s mouth about JLIN is unnerving – because ATL realizes more and more they have NO point presence when JLIN is gone.

    But ATL needs to get what they can $$ for JLIN right now … because I hope JLIN and his agent are telling the ATL FO that JLIN has ZERO intention of signing anything with Hawks.

  254. oooh he is. he will bhave to get his money but once that happens. forget about it

  255. its more glaring just opposed to trea young

  256. I thought Lin was over-facilitating during his first stint…wanted him to look for his shot a bit more…He tend to wait to long and would like to see him try to get going early on

    I’m not for him being over aggressive but tonight, he came out a bit to passy.

  257. Now Trae’s shooting is psychological 90% and physical 10%.

    Was not even close on most of his 3s misses and he was Aiming even his foul shot, and not Shooting.

    Mind is messed up bad, these ATL coaches have ruined this kids future with derelict coaching and advice to fix hiim

  258. They need assurance PG in case Trae is playing badly but I don’t think they can get a PG as good as Lin in return.

    Houston has Knight and before his injury, he’s pretty good, so maybe trade Lin for him but I also don’t like Houston for the same reason I don’t like Phillies.

    James and CP3 are ball dominant and play heavy-iso-ball….I doubt this is what Dantoni had in mind.

  259. cp3 looks over the hill

  260. That’s why we need Bembry to learn to play the PG position and Trae … this is getting hopeless

  261. tomorrow is D day

  262. Depends on who he is auditioning for

  263. Wow Pierce saying something truthful and what all Lin fans has complained for many years! Get going and look for your shots first! Don’t over pass!

  264. I don’t think you can count on CP3 anymore, just look at last year when he got injured vs GSW. I don’t like Houston for JLin, but since it is just for this year it won’t hurt, especially seeing how Dantoni would use him and Harden together, that could be very interesting. Problem is CP3 is still playing and it would take an injury for JLin to play. The team I would like to see JLin go to is Toronto, but Lowry is playing well and his backup Vanvleet looks pretty good to me. So anyplace but PHX.

  265. HAHAHA. Looks like deja vu all over again tonight.
    I know I’m biased. But, seriously, a healthy Lin always ran circles around Boston (with short Isaiah Thomas), and Kyrie in Cleveland.

  266. Some of you may be disappointed. But looks like (IMO) the Phoenix Suns is safely out of running for Lin.

    Suns just traded for Austin Rivers (and Marshon Brooks) in 3-team trade. Washington lost to the Nets tonight.

  267. I believe that JLin is so good he can make Butler shut up and play ball, just by virtue of his solid playmaking. Butler, it seems, mainly wants his teams to be competent and try harder, at least as hard as he is trying. Jlin meets both of those requirements. It would like if Kyrie or CP3 went to Philly, Butler would not be so mouthy. Butler picks on the weak, not the strong and JLin is a strong baller.

  268. Toronto on quite a run. Just heard that Lowry is out tonight but Kawhi is back. Let’s see how they do.
    I personally don’t see how Lin will get enough minutes with Lowry and VanVleet. Do you agree with “Pre-Existing” that Toronto is good landing spot for Lin?

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  270. I think it’s safe now. PHX just traded for Austin Rivers.
    NOOOOOO – NOOOOO to Houston! UGH!!!!!

  271. He looked over the hill last year. “Houston was a hamstring away from WCF”. Such a sham narrative. Looking forward to Daryl Morey getting fired over giving CP that “ridiculous” contract.

  272. If Jlin is not traded tomorrow I would not be surprised to see JLin start for ATL. And if he does start I think ATL will do much better playing as a team which will surprise ATL FO. I figured it would take 30 games for JLin to be NBA ready to start and the BKLN game is #30, or that I am predicting he starts against BKLN. ATL is playing aimlessly, like they have no plan, which means no development which is the only (gag) reasonable excuse to tank. Where it goes from there I don’t know but ATL is directionless. Plus if they trade Bazemore and Dedmon for draft choices then ATL will get even worse. Great for tanking. I really hope JLin gets out of ATL

  273. Not sure Bembry has impact on trading Lin. Also, PG or SG, Lloyd Pierce just wants ball-handlers?

    They have other young guards to develop too. Jaylen Adams, Tyler Dorsey.
    I’m convinced that the Hawks are tanking anyway. And Lin can’t “mentor” Young if they never play together.

    So, if Lin stays healthy, and the Hawks get a good offer, you may still get your wish to see Lin traded to new team.

  274. Lin going a bit nuts during pregame tonight. Everyone was excited to have him back.

  275. Well, I don’t blame just the players. The constant line-up changes, even within games, can’t be good for building chemistry and game flow. And the drive-and-dish is too predictable.

    I actually like Lloyd Pierce. But I think his substitutions also lead to turnovers.

  276. Yeah, all of this was HILARIOUS!!!

    Justin Anderson though. That slide into “home” on a hard court probably not the best idea.

  277. It’s been really remarkable how Fox Sports Southeast has been so supportive of Lin. Giving Lin so much exposure and POSITIVE publicity. It has been refreshing.
    (Even if there is hidden agenda, such as front-office directive, or to boost ratings.)

  278. Those handshakes though. Kinda lame? LOL. But hey, at least they’re trying to build chemistry.

    SO GLAD TO SEE LIN HAVING FUN AGAIN! That “10” rim-hang was the best!

  279. who threw that football pass? Was that Bazemore? Nice to see Lin bonding with a few of his teammates, looks much happier.

  280. Starting Lin, if it happens, would be to showcase him for a trade.

    Doubt it happens unless Trae twist his ankle or something like that.

    Not that I’m wishing Trae to get hurt, but he’s probably the only one that hasn’t missed a game through nagging injuries….Maybe LP should give him a day rest and start Lin for the Brooklyn game.

  281. Yes – Bazemore. But I think it might have been a baseball pitch?
    Regardless, yes, AGREE!. Great to see Lin back on court and happy to be with the team.

  282. Ok that was a basketball pretending to be a baseball lol I thought it was a football the way they threw and caught it.

  283. I’m guessing they called the Hawks but didn’t like their demand…Lin is much better than Austin but he’s a bit younger..I know they want somewhat of a young PG to team with Booker.

  284. Lin deferred to every designated guard, Harden, Kobe, Walker, even Bazemore and Trae Young just cause the coach said so! You honestly think he would be able to ignore Butler’s orders and not pass to him? Lin’s greatest weakness is putting others before himself and willinglly pass even to selfish shot chuckers including Prince!

  285. Even if not starting Lin. Hope that LP the athlete, would understand and run some plays for Lin to make him look good against the Nets.

    After cheering for the Nets all last year, I wished Lin were still playing with Joe Harris, RHJ, LeVert, Allen, Dinwiddie. But since they are competitors now. WANNA SEE LIN DESTROY THE NETS!!! (And stick it to Sean Marks, even if just for one game.)

  286. Hahaha.

  287. For sure, Lin much better than Austin. But it doesn’t seem like Phoenix looking to win this year. And unbelievably, playing WORSE than the Hawks.
    I don’t know which team is better for Lin. But IMO, it’s good that he’s not going to the Suns.

  288. UH OH. I just finished saying Lin dodged one, not going to Phoenix.
    Just goes to show you how messed up Phoenix is. Can’t even trade properly.

  289. Yikes – deal fizzled! Oh no! Hope I didn’t speak too soon!

  290. You may see it as a weakness. But I don’t believe Lin sees it that way. He has always advocated for playing “for each other”, and playing “the right way”. Because that’s the best way to win. Lin likes to win.

    He isn’t going to change.

  291. Not bad for 17 mins after more than a week off.

  292. Lin should’ve iniated contact when the defender fell for his fake and was up in the air! He faked them out twice and passed it out instead. If he went up those two would’ve been 3 point foul shots!

  293. PHX such a joke, going from having the ridiculous 3 starting PG lineup to having nothing.

  294. Interestingly, LP knows fully well that JLin being out there is helpful by hitting over 40% from 3s.

    And the next game is against Brooklyn Nets so that’s probably why JLin wanted to get some rhythm to be ready for that game. I got a feeling JLin wants that game to be his best game of the year 🙂

  295. I got a hunch that JLin wants his best game of the year to be in 2 days against Brooklyn Nets at their home court 🙂

    LP said JLin wanted to play some minutes to establish his rhythm after not playing for over a week so Lin probably wanted to be ready for the important next game. He probably had this date circled in his calendar.

    If JLin can show some Linsanity in 2 days, I promise I’ll skip the champagne and go straight to In-N-Out the next day to celebrate!

  296. In-N-Out… LOL.

  297. Westbrook is such a salty thug. I hope someone knocks him out one day for all the crap he pulls. Don’t want to see dirty plays like Pat Bev does against Westbrook, but a good KO punch to the face would be sweet. He said he was going to F up Jokic. I’d love to see that happen…

  298. Lin isn’t ready to dominate any team yet. He’s still too rusty and as we’ve seen tonight, he pulled a muscle going for a routine layup. If Lin didn’t hurt his ankle and then his back the past few weeks, I’d say he’d dominate the Nets easily, but not now. Although I’m sure he’ll be extra pumped to play against his buddies and show the Nets what they gave up.

  299. I agree, if he didn’t have the ankle and back recent issues and was on a roll like he was before the injuries, then maybe. I hope his shot is falling and he scores at least 15 points. Stays healthy and gets a good cheer from the crowd. He will from some of his teammates and from KA.

  300. yeah, in reality Lin is probably not physically ready to dominate like he can after being out for 10 days.

    But if he can make his first 2 threes and play 25 minutes, he might be able to impact the game. I hope his Hawk teammates will help him to try to win this game knowing the importance. LP would also need to agree to skip the tank for 1 game

  301. we all have to make our sacrifices lol

  302. That’d be very cool. Pierce is already aware of the situation and made it public, so I hope he follows it up by giving Lin more consistent playtime next game. If Lin is to be traded, it’d be a nice gesture for Pierce and the Hawks to send him off with a huge game. The problem is, again, that I don’t think Lin is ready even if the Hawks give him a “Vince night” type game against the Nets.

  303. 15 points is easy, but if Lin wants to show up the Nets, Nets fans, and Marks, he’d have to dominate them with 25+ points. I just don’t think Lin has it in him right now, even if Pierce and Hawks teammates keep feeding Lin and letting him shoot as much as he wants. MAYBE if Lin gets hot at the 3-point line and keeps it going…

  304. It’ll be a tough game against the Nets. They have been on a 4-game winning streak (Raptors, Knicks, 76ers, Wizards) after a player-only film session.

    Dinwiddie followed his career high 39 points with 27 points/6assists tonight. It will be a tough matchup for both Trae and Lin.

    Dinwiddie had 27 points and six of the Nets’ season-high 34 assists to help Brooklyn (12-18) win a season-best fourth straight. The streak has come on the heels of a players-only film session.

    “Players only, baby,” said Dinwiddie, who played a key role in a 20-8 second quarter run that broke a 37-all tie and blew it open. “[Jared Dudley] did a wonderful job in our film session of just helping us. It also spurred some communication. Now we’re kind of rolling a little bit: Let’s keep it going.”

    After becoming eligible for a four-year extension last Saturday, Dinwddie poured in a career-high 39 points Wednesday and signed the next day. He likely could have gotten more in unrestricted free agency, but left money on the table to stay in Brooklyn.

  305. Lin has an advantage in that he knows how the Nets play and could give his teammates tips on how to beat them. Yeah, it’ll be tough, but Nets are very beatable, even though they’ve been hot lately. If Hawks come out hot and play good defense, they can compete with any team in the league. Maybe not win, but at least compete.

  306. I’d like to see him take the approach he did with the Hornets. Take midrange shots, be aggressive every stint, take 3s when they are there, mix in a few drives and maybe get to the line for 6-8 shots. Lin may still even be on minutes restrictions. I honestly don’t care that he’s playing Brooklyn. I’m seeing it as another game, except it is a court he’s very familiar with.

  307. Din has something like Linsanity numbers in many of his games but without the consistent wins and magic of Linsanity. Dinwiddie is a very good player. Dinwiddie gets lots of minutes, sometimes more than DLo. Lin will go against Dinwiddie some of the game.

    The Nets may end up going to the playoffs. Or not. I think they’re a borderline playoff team and would have had a better chance with a healthy LeVert. His injury was a big blow to them. I’m not expecting the Hawks to win, but you never know. But I do want to see a competitive game.

  308. Typical ESPN…headlining with photo of Lin.

  309. Yeah. They’re not trying to win this year either. So, I hope Lin doesn’t get traded there.

  310. DON’T GIVE THEM CLICKS! Hate ESPN. Let me guess. Lin played 17 minutes, not even a starter. But they used Lin saying Hawks lose?

    I use box scores and check stats on At least it’s the official site.

  311. Lloyd Pierce can be very communicative. Postgame, the reporter (I wonder who) just asked about “Lin’s performance tonight”. LP said a lot. And VOLUNTARILY added: “I played him again in the 4th quarter, just to keep him with a little more rhythm, and as we head into Brooklyn, I’m sure he’s excited about playing up there.”

    I think it’s great that LP, as a former player, understands that Lin may see the game as “revenge”. As you said, really hope that LP, and Lin’s teammates, will try to set Lin up. And play their best too. Who knows, maybe even sneak in a win. 7 and 22 is still good for the tank. LOL.

    I posted earlier: “After cheering for the Nets all last year, I wished Lin were still playing with Joe Harris, RHJ, LeVert, Allen, Dinwiddie. But since they are competitors now. WANNA SEE LIN DESTROY THE NETS!!! (And stick it to Sean Marks, even if just for one game.) ”

    If Lin is healthy, and LP lets him run free, anything is possible.

  312. If Lin isn’t really hurt from that last shot, then he should be okay. Before that, he looked like he was moving well.

    This was from PRE-GAME.

  313. This Hawks team is not totally hopeless. Usually pay attention to mostly plays when Lin is out there. But it seems like guys like Huerter, Bazemore, are very willing passers. In fact, some of the turnovers came from over-passing. Which is a good sign. There is a lot more ball movement, at least when Lin is out there as floor general.

    This was a beautiful play initiated by Lin. Even though Lin didn’t get the ball back, or get any credit. It led to a nice dunk by Dedmon.

  314. The play where Lin may have gotten hurt, in slow mo. HOPE HE’S OKAY.

  315. If anyone is interested. I know John Sterling from the radio voice of Yankees games. Did NOT know that he used to announce for the Hawks, the Knicks, AND the Nets. YES Network has invited him to guest-announce for Sunday’s game.

    “The Hawks are so young that Sterling doesn’t know a lot of their players very well, but he plans to have conversations with Steve Holman, his old friend and Atlanta’s radio announcer. They’ll also have dinner the night before the game.”

    “Basketball now is very much high post pick-and-roll and 3-pointers. So it’s different,” Sterling said. “They don’t call a lot of plays and they do try to move the ball up and down quickly.”

    “Unlike his baseball home run calls, Sterling won’t plan anything outlandish. But if something comes into his head like his old “Dominique is magnifique” call he used to belt out with the Hawks, he’ll call it as it happens.”

  316. The Hawks insists on playing Young minutes that he doesn’t deserve which is the reason the team lost many more games than it should. The Hawks is so predictable and get blown out easily when Young was made a liability of the team.

  317. I share same sentiments like you and feel still somewhat sad.

  318. See what you can make out of it.

    Mins Left in the QTR — Descripon ————– Scores
    6:25 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 5-22
    1:47 Trae Young enters the game for Jeremy Lin 19 – 38
    8:09 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 30 – 47
    3:04 Trae Young enters the game for Jeremy Lin 46 – 56
    9:28 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Trae Young 58 – 80
    4:20 Kent Bazemore enters the game for Jeremy Lin 73 – 96
    6:44 Jeremy Lin enters the game for Kent Bazemore 91 – 119
    4:27 Jaylen Adams enters the game for Jeremy Lin 96 – 122

  319. Pre-Game Research:

    “Brooklyn was tremendously successful down the stretch with Rondae at the four.

    Their starting lineup to end the season of Jeremy Lin, Randy Foye, Caris LeVert, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Brook Lopez was Brooklyn’s most played lineup this season. That group also finished with a Net Rating of +3.8 per NBA dot com. That number is remarkable in the context of Brooklyn’s overall Net Rating of -6.1.

    His move to power forward magnified his speed advantage and made him one of the league’s quickest bigs at hedging on the pick-and-roll.”


    (my guess is that the Nets recent turnaround has alot to do with RHJ replacing Jared Dudley in starting lineup, with Nets going away from the 5 out offense ( ) they installed for Caris Levert, and going back to the motion offense they had last 2 years. Less space to attack in paint because RHJ can’t credibly hit the corner 3 yet, but defense has solidified so that Nets are now in close games and me-Lo can be proclaimed hero after game because he just happened to take and make few shots near end of game. Hopefully JLin doesn’t try too hard or get too competitive this game and injure himself again, because ultimately it is a meaningless game that will be forgotten in few days, especially if he hopefully gets traded to Raptors or Pelicans soon!)

  320. I don’t like what Sean Marks did to Lin. Prokorov owns 51% but this was Sean Marks decision as a Brooklynite

  321. Apparently, Landry Fields had injury concerns similar to Markelle Fultz …

    “Former Knicks and Raptors wing Landry Fields had a similar and unfortunate situation, injuring the ulnar nerve in his shooting elbow. His career ended shortly after. … His issues sound a lot like those Fultz appears to be struggling with …”

    See :

  322. It’s a pic of Kyrie, just happens Lin is guarding him. I don’t care for ESPN, but they do that. Show a player and sometimes with a player or players on the opposing team guarding him.

  323. What kind of irresponsible coach waits until 1/3 of futile season is over, before telling rookie superstar, to be a good teammate and let others try when your shot isn’t falling?

    Lloyd Pierce: “There was an issue in talking to Trae in the third quarter about ‘When you don’t have it, be a good teammate.’ And they got to stay poised and stay together because there’s going to be a ton of ups-and-downs with all of our guys. Trae struggled tonight. No secret on that. We’ll be fine, we got to keep helping him, helping him grow and play through the growing pains.”

  324. After that embarrassing attempt at a trade last night, they finally get it done and made it simple:

  325. I want JLIN to approach the Nets game as just another stepping stone to what he wants to achieve this season.

    – JLIN limited by Pierce’s minutes vis-a-vis how well/awful is Trae – the driving determinant of JLIN mins
    – JLIN takes what the Nets defense gives him; don’t try too much
    – JLIN is not in control of the 4 players he’s on court with; we saw clearly last night LP mixing it – huge impact at how successful JLIN’s play would be

  326. Wizards’ GM is even worse than a player turned GM of the Suns. Wizards fans are fed up with and super angry with Ernie Grunfeld.

  327. Marks made the decision – Not Surprising
    Prok supported the decision – Not Surprising
    Tsai did not vehemently oppose the decision – Surprising and inexcusable; Tsai should have put his foot down and said deal is off if you dont’ give JLIN a chance post-rehab

  328. Or coach could have just said “watch Jlin and play like him”

  329. Saw this story re Colin Sexton of CLE: TY obviously has talent but he hasn’t had his “aha” moment like Sexton apparently has. He is not letting the game come to him and keeps pushing and so the game is still moving too fast for him to grasp. Playing with Jlin more could help him a lot rather than being paired with other out of control young players. Just because he is “short” does not mean he cannot good defense. Kyle Lowry and Chris Paul are 6′ and play very effective defense. TY is just not trying or he is not being schooled by the coach.

  330. I can’t believe how can Tyler Dorsey not pass to Lin on the right corner at 0:47 …Lin was right open with a clear lane of sight for Dorsey, but instead passed to a guy behind him that is marked by a man.

  331. I’m hearing Hassan Whiteside is on the trading block….Some have suggested ATL as a good trading partner.

    Atlanta aren’t to please with what they’ve seen from Dewayne Dedmon and Alex Lens and probably is looking to trade one of them. Most likely Dedmon since he’ll be a free agent this summer.

    How about Whiteside for Lin + Dedmon…Works in the NBA trade machine as for money…There could be a draft pick thrown to someone.

    Miami, on many occasion, don’t play Hassan during crush time and like to go small-ball a lot..Hassan hasn’t been to pleased about it and has let his feeling known.

    Hawks gets a center to make it easy on Young while Miami gets Lin, a guy who give them assurance-policy in case Dragic gets hurt again.

  332. Nice story, Sexton has potential.
    Differences I see between Sexton and Trae:
    1. Sexton takes pride in playing good defense
    2. Sexton is humble
    3. Sexton is truly 6’2″ and sturdy
    Apart from this pre-season self-absorbed quote, “He’s[JLIN] going to be a great mentor for me“, Trae hasn’t said one word & indeed JLIN won’t try to ram BBIQ wisdom into someone that doesn’t want it.

    You learn as much playing against a guy in practice (trying to understand how he beat you), or watching from bench, than playing together with someone when you should be occupied with your own man or SG/PG role. JLIN & Trae won’t see much floor time together and I’m glad, that allows JLIN one less ball hog to muck up the game plan.

  333. It’s not easy nor quick to unlearn, “SELFISHNESS”

    NBA Winners start off unselfish, they didn’t take 25 shots/gm and had the common sense to stop chucking if it’s not falling: Magic, MJ, Bird, Lebron (when he had decent help)

    But Selfish guys don’t Win they just get stats, Carmelo, Wilt, James Harden, Allen Iverson

  334. Does Lin + Len work? Len beats Dedmon as a center.

    Miami would be wonderful for JLIN

  335. Does this sort of pious sentiment seem familiar to us JLIN fans?

    Trae Young’s latest tweet after last nights game

  336. What is he saying? He is moving out of Atlanta?

  337. No trade news on Lin yet?!

  338. My interpretation is it’s just like when JLIN is unhappy, he posts these religious enigmatic phrases

  339. You may be right. Young seems to be hitting the “rookie/freshman wall” in NBA, as they say, despite his favorable treatment by the Hawks.

  340. Very.

  341. that wall been there since the second month of the season

  342. Lol

  343. He may have been preaching this all along. Coaches don’t always tell the press what they tell players. Anyway, I have no problems with any of LP’s statement here. I have problems with his substitutions and Lin’s stints, but he’s good in post-game comments.

    More and more I feel him saying Lin and Vince are the team’s mentors with Trae as the first pupil. But there’s Huerter, Bembry and other guys as well that need mentoring from the vets.

  344. With TY’s short history thus far I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt as to whether or not he is selfish. Coach may be telling TY “don’t worry, keep shooting, the shots will fall” or something to that effect, in which case TY is following orders. Maybe the wrong orders though.

  345. OT: Saw Charles Barkley trending on twitter and thought probably Sir Charles just said some other wacky thing. Turns out, no. It’s a real heartwarming story.

  346. I think it’s shot selection and balancing shooting with playmaking. He has to learn how to take better shots and trust his teammates to make shots and plays. Trae was forcing the issue in a bad way and LP sort of benched him to observe better play. And of course, his defense has a long, long way to go and is compromised by his size.

  347. I am going to say it again since apparently the ATL FO is not listening to the previous advice I had for them on this forum: Start Jlin, Bazemore, Len/Dedmon, Collins and maybe Huerter. Bench is TY, Bembry, Dedmon/Len, VC (for stability in place of Prince), Justin Anderson. That is not a bad starting 5. The bench is weak but maybe TY will play “up” to the challenge and he will not be tasked with defending the other team’s starting PG. This way ATL will not start weak like they always do in the 1st and 3rd qtrs,. I know ATL won’t do it but it would be nice for a few games just to see, allow ATL players to experience playing to win for once, an d not cheat the fans for once with the tanking “process”. Plus it would make us fans happy for a while. If they do this I will not take them to task for tanking for the duration of this experiment.

  348. That was my preferred trade but it doesn’t work because Lens doesn’t make enough money.

    Miami Heat is in my top 5 destination for Lin…Dragic is having constant knee issues but even with him back, Lin would most likely see some good minutes there.

    Miami doesn’t have a lot of ball-dominant guy…Their main option is SG Josh Richrdson but he’s been having issues lately, carrying the load of scoring by himself.

    Polstra doesn’t mind playing 2 PG line-up too.

  349. Benching Trae would make sense from their point of view IF they were still competing for the final playoff seed.

    Unfortunately, they’re not, so they simply don’t want to flush down the toilet whatever little confidence Trae has left.

    You only start Lin if you believe the 8th seed is still within reach…I felt it was still within reach a week ago, but now, I don’t.

    If Trae were to be benched, it would probably make national news, specially if it’s Lin replacing him…The media under-rates Lin, so such a move would probably be criticized simply because the Hawks should be tanking, according to them…so it make no sense to start a 30 year old PG.

  350. Agree.

  351. Good for Wizards.

  352. He was Knicks GM at one time, I believe. Guy needs to find another profession.

  353. Allen Crabbe is listed as ‘doubtful’ for Sunday’s game. He was also out for Friday’s game and was replaced by rookie Rodions Kurucs. Kurucs scored 15 points and had six rebounds as the Nets beat the Wizards 125-118.

  354. No trade news on Lin. LOL.


  355. REMINDER AGAIN: NBA LEAGUE PASS FREE until 12/20. GOOD FOR GAME vs NETS. (and also game vs Wiz on 12/19.)

    Easily accessible via cable TV, or free download and sign-up via NBA App.

    Just realized game vs Nets at THREE p.m. EST. On a Sunday. Doubtful if can catch live.

    GO JLIN! Rooting for you to show out!

  356. Agree! Who knows what he was thinking? Bad decision making by Dorsey.

  357. Yeah, I know. This was Lin’s team. He helped Kenny build the culture. For whatever destiny intended for Lin, such a shame that Lin cannot be there to share the results of the Nets’ improvement.

  358. If he really wanted to curb bad behavior he could’ve benched Trae or pulled him aside to correct him whenever he was out of control. This is just lip service to cover his own aaaa… for enabling Trae’s poor play. What would Kawhi be like if Pop let him hold the ball as long as he wanted, shoot from wherever he wanted and play no defense. Maybe he is suited for a development coach role. Still the NBA is filled with mediocre head coaches. Imagine if Byron Scott or McHale coached this team. It’s good that they aren’t out there destroying teams and careers.

  359. What a wonderful story of friendship. A beautiful lesson that the best things in life isn’t made of guilded trappings of wealth. Both men took the chance encounter and accepted the gift of each other’s friendship….something much more valuable than fame or gold.

  360. I hope you can watch the game!

    I was eagerly looking forward to coming home from our long trip to Europe for two reasons…seeing our adorable granddaughters and watching JLin’s games.

    As I recall you watched all the Nets’ games while JLIN was recovering. Yes, I missed a few due to some travel plans…Consequently, JLIN’s departure from Brooklyn is still somewhat sad for all of us..

  361. Benching TY should not destroy his confidence. If it would, then I doubt he has enough confidence to exist, let along succeed in the NBA. Jlin has had many instances where his confidence should have been destroyed but he has lasted 8 years in the pros. In fact I think it is worse for TY to be continually thrown to the wolves and see his production continue to go down, not to mention continual losing although tanking is what ATL wants. I would just like to see ATL TRY to win, to be professionals and to respect their fans, the ones who pay their exorbitant salaries. What about the example tanking gives to the young people? I think ATL may be better than even they think but we will never know unless they try. It would be nice to see a totally empty arena next time they play.

  362. Read this, great story. It says a lot about Barkely whom I have always liked. A hard charging player, who played to win. He would throw up if he had to play for this tanking ATL team. Wish he could have won a championship

  363. It is not Dedmon nor Len’s fault. When you play to lose what do you expect?

  364. Trae’s confidence is not really the issue.

    Lin is not the priority Trae is for Atlanta. He’s a solid vet put in place to stabilize the team, make for a good bench leader and he and Vince mentor the rookies (in the way vets mentor rookies on any team). That’s not the role we’d like to see, but that’s what it seems to be on the Hawks.

    However, you never know what will happen. Trae may struggle enough that a change may be made. When is anyone’s guess.

  365. Yes! and well stated.

  366. Unfortunately, I agree with sws94…There’s no incentive to start Lin since their entire priority is on young, so even if Lin were to make them better, it’s simply not valuable to them.

    As Lin fan, I get it why you would want to see Lin start, but you have to look at it from their perspective…I would love to see Lin start to, but that’s from a Lin fan perspective.

    Schleng drafted Trae, so of course he doesn’t want to make a move that would admit he might have made a mistake…It’ll take at least 2 years for them to admit this and remove Trae out of the line-up.

    Lin will only start if Trae gets injured..Until than, u should not expect anything.

  367. Trae saying good things about Lin…

  368. Here is the fellow’s obituary. He was only 53 when he died …

    Lin Wang (1966-2018)
    Born in Huojia, Henan, China, under buttonwood trees and amid fertile rolling hills, Lin was the eldest brother in a family of six. He took care of his younger brothers, father and mother. After earning his degree from the Henan Agricultural University in Zhengzhou, Henan, China, he and his wife, Linjing Xu, moved across the world to Manhattan, KS, to earn a PhD at Kansas State University with $60 in his pocket. As the leader of research and development at the Grain Processing Corporation and later Kent Group, he visited farms in Iowa and China, creating connections between the heartland and his homeland.

    In the Iowa City area, he served as the Iowa City Chinese Association’s President after being a part of the organization for 17 years, helping to organize New Years celebrations and other cultural events around the city. He went out of his way to help new immigrants from China, providing a home for international students and family friends alike, and he had aspirations to write guides for those who only spoke Mandarin and felt lost in U.S. airports, as he ran into many while traveling himself.

  369. So, regarding trade, I’m considering the history of Lin in the NBA. It starts with GSW but I’ll start with the Knicks. They didn’t re-sign him and treated him differently (worse) after D’Antoni was forced out by Melo. The Rockets started him but McHale used Lin as a “whipping boy”, give him inconsistent minutes and benched him for quarters numerous times. Next season, Lin plays from the bench and is not allowed to finish a crucial game in the playoffs. Then in LA, Lin starts when Nash has an injury, but after 20 or so games, he’s moved to the bench by an incompetent coach. A player much his lesser is called head of the snake and he’s separated from his a player he has natural great chemistry with in Ed Davis. The Hornets was Lin’s choice and the understanding was he’d play from the bench and with perhaps start with Kemba at some point. His minutes were inconsistent, but he had big moments, finished many games, and got to shine in the playoffs. Until game 7 when his coach forget he had a brain and favored a poorly performing Batum over Lin. He was always considered not as good as Batum, who he was better than, especially in big games. On the Nets he had his position and such, but the next season had another PG type player put besides him. Then he was traded in a most disrespectful manner.

    So, why should I think a change of scenery will bring forth something better for Lin? I do want to see Lin play many more minutes, get a bigger role, play on a team where he’s counted on for productive minutes whose games mean something. And there are teams like that out there. There are also bumbling, stumbling, amateurish GMs out there and we just saw an example of that with the Wizards GM. There are coaches out there that many not play Lin much. We have no idea when a trade will come or what the circumstance will be. And my main point is, let’s not set expectations up so high for another big disappointment. Whatever it may be, and yes, a trade may happen and would make sense that it would, it can go any way. So it’s not that I’m against a trade. It’s just I’m done with believing that the league will treat Lin the right way and put him in a position to succeed. They’ll do what is in their best interest and hopefully, that will be best for Lin if it occurs.

    In the meantime, he’s a Hawk, he’s bonding with his team, he’s getting good press and the announcers praise him, they seem to care about his health, he has a great trainer, and he seems more engaged with the team. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but hope it is positive if it is a trade.

    I hope this makes sense ZcodeSportsSystem. I think we both want the best for Lin and I understand and respect your POV. And Alain and all the other wonderful posters here that want to see Lin benefit from a trade. I do too, but don’t trust the NBA to do so.

  370. Thanks so much.

  371. issue is he will get maybe 8 mill a year if this year plays out as is. given the point is to tank, this mean no real meaningful games where lin can up his value. even if he doesnt get playing on another team. i believe lin given even the littlest opportunity will overcome. . there is just no opportunity here but i understand the your apprehensiveness

  372. So we have to hope for better elsewhere if there’s no way things can improve on the Hawks. I guess the only thing I could say about the Hawks is the unexpected can happen that can give Lin more opportunities. It does look limited otherwise.

  373. the idea they start lin makes no sense. its known in about every sport, dont bench a rookie after starting him. it could ruin them psychologically. Unless hawks give up on trea and i doubt that happens. its funny watching opposing broadcast because they doubt trea massively but watching hawks ts like the complete opposite. Dawkins will makes the every now and then shot selection comment though. 2nd hawks seem a little more invested in lin recently but it may be just because they are looking to trade him.

  374. I know your concerns with Lin being traded. I’ve shared similar concerns and even said that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side (team). There are many teams in worse or much worse situation than the Hawks are in. At least on the Hawks, they have a good, supportive training staff, positive and encouraging atmosphere (players, coaches, and media), and fans that are indifferent about Lin (at least they don’t actively hate on Lin like in Houston, LA, and Brooklyn). The few Atlanta fans who do hate Lin hate him because of annoying Lin fans that constantly spam anti-Trae / pro-Lin stats on their fansites.

    Having said that, I still want Lin to be traded… to a good playoff contender who needs his skills and leadership. Baze said it best, multiple times: you get paid by winning and going to the playoffs. Lin can put up great, efficient numbers this year on the Hawks or other tanking / losing teams, but it won’t matter nearly as much as if he goes to the playoffs on a good team and contributing to wins. When it comes time for Lin to get his (possibly) last contract, no team will care that he has good shooting numbers on a tanking team, playing a backup role, in backup/garbage time minutes, and has a history of injuries. They will care if they see Lin play well in the playoffs.

    Honestly, at this point, I’m more indifferent and don’t care as much if Lin gets traded or not. Again, I want him traded to a good playoffs team, but wouldn’t mind if he didn’t get traded either. Hawks is far from the worst situation Lin can be in. Before the season started however, I wanted Lin off this team at all costs, but not anymore. There are benefits to staying on this team which is allowing Lin the freedom to take games off when he pleases and not rush him back, compounding to more injuries that could end his career.

  375. I see another angle. Since Trae is their project, if he really seems to trust and get along with Lin and Vince, it’s reason for not prioritizing them in a trade unless something the Hawks can’t resist comes along. That’s just a possibility, not saying it is a probability. If Trae can’t go a few weeks, Lin probably will start. I don’t want to see that, though. I think eventually Lin and Trae can play together more. The problem is, LP and the Hawks don’t really want to win.

  376. i see it the opposite. Lin seems to be an insurance policy if trea is a bust. Lin would have to wait another year or so for that to play out. especially if they get zion. it would be sooner then later. as for trea and lin playing together. the reason LP wont do it is treas defense. the team is trying to hide trey especially against scoring pgs. If they have lin as well , LP thinks the defense is just too hindered. Dont see that happening unless trea defends better

  377. great point on this team being the best rehab team for lin. thats true. if lin isnt 10 percent then staying here would be the best option. if he is close to 100 percent then i want a trade

  378. Trae’s defense and height. Well, let’s hope for the best. And as you said to Click, everything is based on Lin’s health.

  379. also hawks choice

  380. Oh my, so sad that he was just 52. At least he seems to have lived life to the fullest.

  381. Trae Young will be given another full year to prove himself as a starter, so Lin can’t be insurance policy in case Young bust. I would hope Lin would sign elsewhere even if he ended the season as a Hawk.

    I do get the sense they may keep Lin simply to give them a stabilizer when Young plays horribly..They still need to put up a respectable product on the court for the fan to watch.

  382. For the sake of his career (and the enjoyment of his fans) JLin has to be traded. ATL will not pay him anything to do what he is doing now- just rehabbing. On the tanking ATL team JLin cannot trul,y show off his skills, and his biggest value, that of making others around him better. The only way remote way it is better for JLin to stay in ATL is if the FO for whatever reason, decided to try to win, and to do that they would have to play JLin more, a lot more, and likely he would end up the starter because at this point TY will not make ATL better. Then, if the FO liked what it sees and they are moderately successful after tanking for 1/3 of the season, they decide to rebuild around winning now. There is zero future for a veteran quality PG on a tanking team, especially one playing for his next contract. Zero. As bad as it t may seem JLin is better off in a place even like PHX, as long as they are trying to win. Fortunately for us fans though PHX thinks Austin Rivers is the answer at PG!Tanking screws up the whole picture of competitive sports. Tanking even screws up the course of conversation on forums like this. It is unnatural. It is hard to discuss basketball when the specter of tanking hangs over everything.

  383. If Jlin is the insurance for a TY bust (which I think is very premature to assume), and JLin is in his contract year what do you think ATL (or anyone else) will offer JLin? No, Jlin has to go to a team trying to win to have a chance at getting a decent contract. ATL is good for pressureless rehab, nothing else

  384. No, Lin doesn’t have to be traded. It’s not up to us or Lin if he stays or goes. It’s up to Schlenk and other GMs. If others GMs don’t offer Schlenk something good for Lin, he’s not going to trade Lin when Hawks have no other options to run point, and Lin is a stabilizing presence for the team, as well as a good mentor / teacher / example for Trae and other young players. This was why Lin was traded for by Schlenk in the first place. Why would Schlenk trade Lin just for the heck of it? If no good offers come along, Lin could very well play out the rest of this season on the Hawks.

    Lin’s career could be hurt tremendously if he got traded and dumped to a team in a worse situation than the Hawks. Remember what happened with the Lakers? Morey dumped Lin to the tanking Lakers and they had a coach who hated Lin, who tried his best to destroy Lin’s career. Lin’s career almost got destroyed by Byron Scott. That was when Lin was younger and had no injury concerns like he does now. If Schlenk really wanted to, he could do the same thing Morey did and dump Lin to a terrible team like the Suns or to a team with a racist / hater coach like Scott and McHale.

    As for whining about minutes and playing behind Trae like so many Lin fans do on a daily basis, you all ignore and/or forget that Pierce ramped Lin’s playtime up to 25+ minutes per game, prior to his ankle and back injuries. Lin even played 30 minutes the previous Celtics game before his injuries. Pierce plays Lin a lot when Lin plays well and is healthy, as long as Trae is playing like crap, which is more often than not. Just because Lin is not allowed to be a starter on the Hawks doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to play significant minutes.

  385. it’s all about opportunity. give lin a chance and it’s my belief that he is a winning player that will help a team win. i dont expect teams/gm’s/coaches to cater to lin at all. but if he is on a team trying to win, it’s my belief that he will make it difficult to not play him.

    the hawks are the antithesis of that. they need him to be a role model for trae, not for what he provides on the court (they are development tanking). but he’s not a 40 yr old like VC. he’s still in his “prime” maybe not athletic prime, but basketball prime like nash in his mvp years. lin is a better shooter and doesnt need to use his speed/drives anymore to score and affect the game. his TO’s are a bit concerning, but i think it’s more a chemistry/experience issue and if you put better players around him, his TO’s will naturally go down.

    my dream trade of delly for lin died. but that example is how lin can still “break out”. i fully believe that he is a better player than bledsoe. and bud aint no fool. when it push comes to shove, bud wont hesitate to play lin over bledsoe. the bucks made a jump this year in the lebronless east. they are trying for the finals. likewise the “dream” trade to toronto is similar. he is better than van vleet and imo even lowry. if nurse wants to win, if they make the finals, and lin is balling, will they placate to lowry over winning a ring? hell to the no…

    yes we’ve all seen cliff chose others over lin. but we also all know that jordan loves kemba so there may be MUCH more political issues on that team than others.

    the main point is, put lin on a team that wants to win, and he is a winning player that will contribute to that. will they crown his as their savior? never. but just like his charlotte playoff run, he can create his own legacy REGARDLESS of the circumstances…

  386. i completely agree. if lin is traded as a salary dump, then yes the grass may not be greener elsewhere. BUT if some team gives up assets to acquire lin as a rental? then why would they treat him worse than what he’s going through now? instead it’s a sign that they think he has value and can help them even in the short term.

    i think we were all tricked by our own bias. we all said lin is worth more than 2 second rd picks, schlenk must love him! instead schlenk worked the lin trade knowing full well he was going to dump denis and eat melo’s ridiculous contract… schlenk had reasons to get lin, but actually playing basketball isnt one of them apparently…

  387. if lin’s minutes is based on how well trae plays, that’s a bad sign imo. lin deserves better. we all hope he gets that sooner rather than later…

  388. Lin’s minutes are determined by how well Lin plays, how well Trae plays, and how healthy Lin is. Pierce benches Trae very often, much to the chagrin of Hawks / Trae fans. Pierce has been pretty fair in his minute distribution thus far. He plays players who are hot and benches players who are not. He’s been benching Trae and Bembry recently because they’re playing poorly.

  389. Quite sad, Fultz was obviously the better player than Lonzo Ball, one injury can end ones’ career. I hope there’s something they can do for him.

  390. Statistics showed that no player ever came back the same and it was a career ending injury. Inexcusable, Tsai is just another greedy businessman who can never be trusted.

  391. yes but is he doing that to reward other players? or to save them from further embarrassment? because if he was trying to win, then why are his rotations and lineups so bad?

    i think the simple answer is that he puts out development lineups that have little chance to win. and when they suck, he realizes there is little to learn from being continuously embarrassed, and so will reward others with minutes. however winning was never the goal, and the other players who are rewarded minutes are playing from such a big deficit that the tank is safe. win-win for LP. he looks like he isn’t playing favorites/tanking but all the while never actually trying to win because he started off with a subpar lineup. the art of the stealth tank…

  392. You and others here blame everything, or at least a lot of things on Pierce. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, this Hawks team isn’t that good? Even if Pierce was a veteran coach and not a rookie coach, there’s only so much he could do with a roster like the Hawks have. Last year, with a very good coach in Budenholzer, Hawks won only 24 games. This year, Budenholzer is already up to 19 wins with a good Bucks team to work with.

    It’s not a secret that the Hawks are a tanking, developing, rebuilding team. Winning is not be the primary goal, but they’re also not looking to completely tank 10 in a row like last month. Pierce wants the team to be competitive and win a few games here and there. He’s doing the best he can with the roster he’s been given. Yeah, his rotations are not great, but again, the roster he has and tons of injuries to start the season and throughout, limits his ability to put out a consistent, winning team, even if he wanted to.

    Again, Pierce has been pretty fair with his minutes distribution. Just because Lin isn’t allowed to be a starter and he’s not playing as much as some Lin fans demand, doesn’t mean that it’s all Pierce’s fault or that Lin is being treated unfairly. Heck, even Lin said so in a recent interview that Pierce has been fair to him. But Lin fans ignore all of these things and stubbornly want Lin to play 28+ minutes per game, not caring for his health or well-being. Otherwise, they complain non-stop every single day and are unhappy with Lin’s situation, wanting him to be on their preferred team and starting instead.

  393. can’t speak for other fans, but i blame NOTHING on LP and the hawks. NOTHING. i am the one who was squawking all summer about the tank. of course it came true, it was obvious to anyone who wasnt KWL.

    i merely lament the tanking and the current state of affairs lin has found himself in. he has befallen yet ANOTHER tank year. and of course he will speak highly of his coach, he’s not a malcontent like denis was.

    the thing i despise the most is the facade that they are not tanking. here is where you and i just dont agree on. you say they dont want to lose 10 in a row. i say they DO, but only if their young players didnt play well. this is a VERY important detail because it directly affects lin and his career. in other words, the hawks would like to win ONLY if it’s because of trae/collins/prince/etc. and would RATHER LOSE if it means the vets play well but trae sucked.

    it’s win-win for the org. win with the young guys or lose while developing. playing vets and winning is the absolute worst thing that can happen. that’s why it doesnt happen. not because LP is too dumb to see it, but because the decree from the top prevents it. did you see that lin-baze-huerter-collins-dedmon lineup vs boston? they were on a roll until that dedmon foul for a 4 point play. did we see that lineup again? no. will we? likely not for much if at all… LP aint dumb, he’s just doing what he’s told….

    right now is a very weird spot because collins is playing very well but trae is very inconsistent and mostly bad. especially against good teams. lin has been hurt so not much to talk about him. prince hurt. huerter damn good. spellman hurt. bembry got his shot when lin went down and didn’t break out.

  394. Schling got Lin mainly because he’s regarded around the league as a good guy and teammates who is unlikely to complain about his playing time etc.

    A lot of people were scratching their head wondering why he would trade for a guy that has missed the entire previous year and I truly believe they didn’t care and just wanted a good guy that wouldn’t complain playing 15-18 minute behind their rookie PG.

    They got rid of Schroeder exactly for that reason..They already planned on giving the keys to the franchise to Trae Young and all they needed was a guy that would be a good soldier and accept playing behind a rookie.

    I do agree with you that the Hawks couldn’t care less about Lin the basketball player and probably were surprised Lin played so well so early…They probably expected him to be washed up which would had been fine with them since Trae was already penciled in for 30-35 minutes but of course, they did not expect Trae to be so bad.

    I’m still hopefull for a Trade but I do fear Schlenk may keep Lin for mentor-ship purposes….I could even see them asking Lin to come back under minimum wage..Of course, I hope Lin tells them no thanks.

  395. 1000% agree on all fronts. lin said himself he was cleared for contact not long before training camp and didnt do any 5 on 5 beforehand. schlenk got him regardless of his health. what does that sound like? salary dump. basketball had little to do with it…

    then lin recovered and balled out in nov and trae slumped HARD. this looked VERY bad for the org. even nique and rath were talking about it. such a bad look. lin getting hurt was a godsend for schlenk. also doncic hitting “trae range” game winners made the already LOL trade into a legit ROFLcopter….

  396. the thing i despise the most is the facade that they are not tanking. here is where you and i just dont agree on. you say they dont want to lose 10 in a row. i say they DO, but only if their young players didnt play well. this is a VERY important detail because it directly affects lin and his career. in other words, the hawks would like to win ONLY if it’s because of trae/collins/prince/etc. and would RATHER LOSE if it means the vets play well but trae sucked.

    You can despise it all you want, but that’s how the NBA is. They reward tanking teams and don’t allow tanking teams to publicly admit they’re tanking. What do want Pierce and the Hawks to say? “Hey everyone, we’re purposely trying to lose so we can get high picks again next year. Please come out and buy tickets, food, drinks, and watch us lose! It’ll be so much fun!”

    As for them wanting to win with only their rookies, that’s just not true. Most of the games Hawks won this year has been because Baze actually played well and helped carry them to victories. Collins had a lot to do with most of the Hawks’ victories as well, but he’s not a rookie anymore. Same with Bembry. Trae only played well in some of their early wins. But of course, you’d know these things if you watched every game like I have, instead of reading box scores and adding fuel to the fire after games / losses.

  397. Oh, and as for you not admitting you’re blaming Pierce, that’s all you’ve been talking about. You’ve been on Pierce’s case the whole time. You’re still blaming Pierce for his rotations and not wanting to win games with vets. I don’t even know what you’re ranting about anymore to be honest.

  398. Traveling and vacations with family are the BEST! Get away, re-invigorate, re-new perspective on life. Reminder of what’s important.

    But it’s also good to be home! Welcome back! For sure, looking forward to more JLIN basketball!

    Yup, watched all Nets games last year. But not always “live”. Often on “catch-up”. NBA LP was great for that. So, may miss the live game tomorrow, but will keep one eye on the score! 🙂

  399. Some behind-the-scenes look at the Hawks from NBAAllAccess. Includes several vids of Lin, previously posted.

  400. the facade comes from fans like you though, not the nba. most nba fans know tanking when they see it.

    you say they dont want to lose 10 in a row, but they did little to stop it. they continue to play rookies and young guys. they continue to trot out bad lineups and bad subs. it’s quite obvious what’s going on here. win with the young guys or lose and get a top pick. development tanking 101.

    collins isn’t a rookie, but he’s a part of the young core. obviously that counts. dont be pedantic. same with bembry. and as for baze he only played a few games from the bench. otherwise he’s playing with trae. and another angle is that he is their most valuable trade asset so they can’t tank his value.

    lastly, i’m over the insults. i dont know why you continue. i watch every game same as you. no need to keep insulting just because we don’t agree.

  401. More Hawks teammates’ handshakes on the sidelines. Another good look at Lin enjoying his teammates.

  402. no, im angry and disappointed at the tanking. i’m not literally blaming pierce for tanking as if it’s his idea…

  403. Their worse nightmare is happening before their eyes…It was Trae who was suppose to be shooting 50%FG and 40%3PTFG while washed-up Lin shooting 37/23…That’s exactly the scenario they pictured..Trae averaging 35mpg and Lin averaging 11-15 mpg and putting up 5ppg 1 assist which would justify his low minutes.

    The complete opposite is happening and they don’t know how to deal with it.

    The fact that there’s no plan to increase Lin’s minute gives credence to the theory they never wanted or expected Lin to play this well which would had put more pressure of their prized rookie.

    Of course the next Curry would easily out-play the washed up 30 year old Jeremy Lin..Trae was announced the starter to start the year and everyone thought that Trae simply won the job outright and I believe this is what they wanted everyone to think.

    They never claimed Lin needed time or would be under minute restriction since it would mean Trae won the job because Lin was not fully fit from his injury.

  404. TPA – Total Points Added. All stats need context. But stats can help confirm eye-test. Another stat showing how well Lin and Collins was playing. This was before Lin out for back strain.

  405. lastly, i’m over the insults. i dont know why you continue. i watch every game same as you. no need to keep insulting just because we don’t agree.

    Uh huh…

    the facade comes from fans like you though, not the nba. most nba fans know tanking when they see it.

    How am I insulting you? You clearly don’t watch games and only post after bad losses or disappear for weeks. You only come here to stir the pot and not add anything of value to the discussion. Just like the quote above. You claim I don’t recognize tanking when I see it, even though I’ve been saying Hawks are tanking since early November.

    You constantly act like you’re superior to everyone here and have some sort of amazing ability to recognize tanking. You non-stop brag about how right you are, even though Hawks have been tanking since last year and Hawks fans have been saying before the season started that they are tanking. You want some sort of prize for telling us over and over and over that Hawks are tanking? As if we’re not intelligent enough to know this by now, even though we’ve been saying it as well?

    Pierce and the Hawks didn’t want to lose 10 in a row. They were trying to win, but were just playing poorly the whole time. During that stretch, only Lin, Bembry, and the bench played well most games, but the starters stunk it up. Now, the starters are playing well / better, but the bench is sucking. The Hawks can’t get both their starters and bench to play well at the same time most of the season, and that’s why they’ve been losing so much. It’s not some sort of grand conspiracy by Schlenk and Pierce to purposely put out the worst lineups they can imagine. Starters get benched when they suck and they play lots of minutes when they play well. Again, you’d know these things if you actually watched games, but you don’t.

  406. Are those graph recently updated or are they the same from last week version?

    I’m disappointed Lin is so low on the defensive side of the graph.Second worst defensive rating or tied for second with Prince?

  407. Every Lin fan and true Hawks fans not brainwashed by the idea of “the Process,” are disappointed and angry at the tanking. Not everyone constantly talks about Pierce and blames him for the tanking and bad rotations like you do.

  408. pointing them out is not “blaming” like you imagine it is… we all know and accept the tank. we commiserate and point out how bad the team is because of the tank. the players themselves are not “bad” per se, just their roles and expectations maybe…

    some good obviously can come from the tank. look at huerter. he is developing nicely. funny how he started from the bench and worked his way up. and trae is… oh never mind that horse is beyond dead….

  409. The Hawks doesn’t mind winning, it’s just that they want to win with guys they see as their future core going forward…This is why they won’t ever start Lin or consistently play him 25mpg…He’s a free agent this summer and could leave

    It just doesn’t do much for them to let Lin play for a good contract and possibly mess up their draft positioning.

  410. I have issue with this logic…My problem is Lin is 30, not 22, so staying a full year in ATL is another lost year in my opinion…

    but more importantly, because of low minutes in ATL, it puts him under a terrible standing when it’s time to win a new contract..

    Some of you seem to forget Lin is a free agent next summer and is already not highly regarded around the league, so we all better hope Lin will be 100% by January and hope he’s traded to any team willing to at least give him 25mpg so he can play for his next contract and future.

    I do not see staying in ATL for the entire year as a good thing at all..It is terrible for Lin’s future..

  411. “It’s not some sort of grand conspiracy by Schlenk and Pierce to purposely put out the worst lineups they can imagine.”

    you clearly don’t understand tanking. that’s why i post. to point out to OTHERS about comments like this. it absolutely IS all about putting out “bad” lineups. rather it’s putting out “young” lineups knowing full well they wont win… and if they do? then it’s a good thing. development happened. win-win.

    are they tanking or is LP dumb and can’t see things us fans can? i dont think for a second LP doesn’t know what he’s doing. yet guys like you keep making “excuses” when the obvious answer is TANKING… their own fanbase knows they are all out gunning for zion, yet you are here saying they are trying to win but are just bad… LOL…

    looks like you wont stop with the insults. i can’t educate you any further.

  412. I’m no stat geek. Probably can couple of hours dissecting this. But again, it’s all about context.

    This particular graph was through 25 games. For all intents and purposes, Lin was out since then until the Boston game. I don’t know how often NBA Math updates.

    Technically, it’s not “defensive rating”. It’s “defensive points saved”. But with any defensive stat, a lot depends on who you’re on court with. For example, Lin probably played quite a bit with Bembry off the bench. Yet Bembry higher on that scale.

    I wouldn’t be disappointed by any of Lin’s numbers. This includes October, when he was still rehabbing his play. Defense takes a lot more lateral movement and effort. In that sense, he’s doing great on the offensive end. Especially RELATIVE to the team.

    To be honest, I think he did his best. But I was glad he wasn’t trying too hard on defense in the beginning.

  413. Our old friend, Greg Logan. One of the good guys. “Looking forward to seeing JLin, a remarkable story.”

  414. What lineup do you want Pierce to put out? He can’t replace Trae with Lin. It’s too late for that, even though every Lin fan wants this to happen. You act like Hawks have some amazing lineup that they’re hiding and keeping secret, just so they can tank more.

    Huerter was coming off the bench when he was too green and raw to start at the beginning of the year. Pierce moved him up to the starting lineup and demoted Baze because Baze was underperforming. You even admit Huerter is looking good now. That’s why he’s a starter.

    Collins is obviously the best player the Hawks have, other than a healthy Lin. That’s why he’s been a starter. Prince is the best shooter the Hawks have (even though he has low bball IQ and is a ballhog), other than Huerter and Lin, so he was starting before he got injured. Hawks don’t have a center who is clearly better than the others. Dedmon has been starting because he was a starter last year. Some games he looks better than Len, other games, Len is better. Then there are many games when they both suck.

    So please, tell me who you’d rather have starting and what awesome, hidden rotation is Pierce keeping from us. He rotates Lin to play with the starting lineup often, especially when Trae is sucking. Pierce plays his hot players and benches his cold players. Please enlighten us all and “educate” us instead of repeating yourself ad nauseam, acting like you’re some sort of basketball genius / savant.

  415. With all the posts about trades. Hope you guys didn’t miss the good news about LIN NOT HURT.

  416. Irrelevant to us here in US. But fun graphics of JLin, and his MANY (LOL) team uniforms, and various haircuts. Royalties to Lin?

  417. Lin is 30 and needs to play for his next contract…Some of you Lin fan who doesn’t see anything wrong with Lin staying in ATL need to understand it will hurt him when it’s time to get his next contract.

    Unless you believe Trae Young will get hurt and Hawks will start Lin, than it makes absolutely no sense for Lin to stay in ATL.

    Again, Lin has to play for his next contract guys..He’s 30 and has to prove himself he’s still the same guy the Brooklyn Nets signed….He can’t do that in ATL under low minutes

  418. You’re totally wrong here…Lin’s minutes is tight to how Trae plays…Not that Lin can not affect it a bit, but if everything is equal, Trae will always get the nod.

    This is why Lin plays his most minute when Hawks are getting blown out..which usually happens when Trae is awful.

    So for Lin to play even 20-25 minute, he has to be totally on Linsanity mode…And I just don’t think it’s fair to ask him to great from the start to get 20-25 minutes.

  419. Exactly….For some strange reason, there’s Lin fan who think that the ATL situation is not so bad….I can’t understand this at all..

    Lin is playing even less in ATL than when he had Byron Scott and McHale coaching him but yet, you got people who want us to believe the current situation is worse than Lakers/Houston?

    Byron and McHale were not impressed by Lin but they did give him more minutes which is all that matter…nothing else matter..

    I don’t want to hear crap like good teammates and coach is nice to him..How can the coach be nice to him when he only giving him18 minute per game..Byron gave Lin more minute!!!

  420. i said it since summer. trae-lin-baze-prince-collins. the death lineup. the games when all were available, this lineup was hardly used if at all. funny enough i saw this same lineup close out a game but with bembry instead of lin. LP knows what’s up, he just wants it done with young guys.

    more line ups we dont see for meaningful minutes:

    a lot of trae-lin lineups eh? LP doesn’t believe in 2 pg backcourts. a lot of the nba does… is this LP’s personal philosophy or his tank decree? hard to say. he says lin at the 2 would not be good for defensive reasons, yet the team as is has been terrible defensively anyway. any chance of trying this for a new look? no. how about when lin was great in nov? no. etc, etc etc.

    even if they lose games, as a lin fan i want to see some of these lineups. it makes for more entertaining game, closer scores, and this is the most egregious part it also helps trae! instead of forcing prince or bembry as secondary ball handler, they should use lin. from the little overlap minutes they have. it’s mostly been good. and some of that was before collins came back too. trae and lin as ballhandlers. baze, prince, huerter as wings. collins and dedmon as bigs.

  421. Pierce doesn’t play Trae with Lin often because Trae has be hidden on defense and because they’d have nobody else to lead the bench. Pierce always puts in a taller guard who can defend to play in the backcourt with Trae, which is either Baze, Huerter, and/or Bembry.

    Why do you think the bench has been sucking the past 2 weeks? It’s because Lin has been having injury issues and he’s not there to lead the bench. Lin can’t play 30+ minutes per game because of his health issues. Pierce was already ramping Lin’s playtime up to 25+ per game before his ankle injury. But of course, Lin fans ignore and/or forget this.

    Pierce has mixed Lin in to play with Trae a few times, but the results were not impressive. Lin would almost always hand the ball immediately to Trae and stand in the corner. Your so-called “death lineup” isn’t so deadly and it’s also a very undersized lineup.

  422. this is why baze chucks like mad. he dont care. listen to his podcast. he wants to win and he wants numbers too. his move to the bench? that “sacrifice”? dont think for a second it wasnt also about him getting his stats vs bench lineups. him going to the bench ruined the emerging chemistry between lin and bembry. bembry hasnt really recovered if you ask me. he’s more of a defensive specialist now, whereas before with lin, huerter, and dedmon in the bench lineup he was fed and played really well.

    funny how the guys who played well with lin off the bench in nov (huerter and dedmon) get swapped out into the starters? trying to help trae much?

  423. -bembry can lead the bench. he does this when lin is hurt. no difference. also minutes can be overlapped like other nba teams not wholesale hockey lineup changes.
    -yes. the point is that he never even tried to play trae + lin together. how can they fail if they never even tried it? which means that wasnt the plan from the beginning. whic is contrary to what they told lin after the trade. all the more egregious because lin did exactly this with a short guard in charlotte. won a bunch of games. went to the playoffs. had a chance to win the series at home in game 6. purple shirt guy. bunch of wade 3’s… nope, that never happened…
    -lin was quite healthy in nov. none of those lineups were used. there have been hockey lineup changes since preseason. injury changes things of course. but there was a time when everyone was healthy. same thing…
    -a few times, for a few minutes doesnt count. im talking about a concerted effort to play both trae and lin together for a bunch of minutes. just like lin did in charlotte to devastating effect. lin also still played with lamb and the bench force one. playing with trae/starters and leading the bench is not mutually exclusive.
    -the death lineup is supposed to be small. they are supposed to play fast and spread the floor. for a team trying to be gsw funny how hey dont try to emulate this lineup huh? nope. we never saw it, we wont see it. even if it ultimately sucks, i want to see it fail instead of never trying it at all. maybe when they win the tankathon and they want to win some games they will finally unleash it…

  424. bembry can lead the bench.

    I LOL’d and you just proved again that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

  425. they thrust that role on him already. bunch of times… mr. i watch every game…

  426. They do it because they had no other choice, because Lin was injured. It’s also why the bench sucked so badly the past 2 weeks. How many times do I have to say it before you get it through your thick skull? Oh that’s right, you ignore everything that challenges your narrative.

  427. so are we going to forget the beginning of the season when bembry led the bench while lin got 10 minutes? that never happened?

    when are you going to get it through your thick skull that bembry is young will be afforded every opportunity on this team while vets get the scraps. or do you ignore everything that goes against your narrative?

  428. also you’re being pedantic again. i literally said afterwards minutes can be spread so lin plays with both units. he did it in charlotte, he can do it here. but LP doesnt try it. he either has his own (questionable) ideas or it comes from the front office…

  429. Ish smith + lanston galloway (detroit) for lin may also be a team that lin could shine and could eventually take over the starting spot over reggie jackson. They are all in for winning and dwane casey knows lin well. Just saying.

  430. Oh you mean the beginning of the season when Lin wasn’t even ready to play and looked slow, unsure of himself, and played super passive? Yeah, I remember that time.

    When are you going to get it through your thick skull that Pierce benches players who are playing well, like he is doing to Bembry and Trae recently? Of course you ignore these facts because you don’t watch games and only come here to troll and stir the pot like you’re doing now.

  431. yes the lin that literally played 30 minutes a few days before in preseason. then “all of a sudden” was “slow, unsure of himself, and played super passive” days later…

    truth is you are the only one here parroting the narrative that lin was garbage to start the season. sure he wasn’t great. but we saw in preseason he moved well enough. shot great from the mid range. sucked at 3’s. same thing happened to start the season. the only thing was trae’s minutes increased and lin’s decreased. “all of a sudden”…

    nobody buys your lin doesnt score = he chooses to be passive = LP is fair to bench him narrative…

  432. Yes because preseason actually matters and teams take preseason so seriously.

    Oh, and Lin never played 30 minutes in preseason, so stop lying. He played 15, 16, sat out, 17, then 25 minutes the last game.

    I never said Lin was garbage at the start of the season, but he was not ready to play at pre-injury levels until early November. Nice job putting words into my mouth.

  433. Superstar is by performance, and is not by appointment. Schlenk can’t fool anyone.

  434. The best measurement of a player is through the opposition. You think Trae Young would be a problem for teams playing against him. Every year there are new players coming out of the daft. We have seen enough busts already.

  435. Rodions Kurucs is absolutely a steal from the draft.

  436. Lin needs to stay healthy, first of all. I’m rather agreement with you about Lin playing on a contender. I said most contenders have a starting PG, so Lin can go in as a starting 2 guard perhaps, if the coach is OK with a 6’3″ SG or as a hopefully high-usage 6th man, a la Dinwiddie or Luke Williams. Of course people jumped on the 6th man stuff and my comment devolved into the usual you don’t think Lin is a starter nonsense, but I was thinking practically of Lin on a contender and how coaches may use him.

    So, the point is Lin on a contender is something I agree with. But, first I’m not convinced Lin’s health is there that he can be a big-impact player compared to the high-efficiency player he is now. Next is, there are terrible teams out there where the situation won’t improve. And you never know with coaches even on contenders.

    But there’s one other thing and I may make a separate post about this. This is 2018. Forget Linsanity and 2012 now, that’s long gone. Lin simply isn’t the scoring-minded, stat-minded player we want him to be. Lin doesn’t seem to care about PPG or even APG stats. More and more it looks to me like Lin wants to be on a team that moves the ball, gets the best shots out of ball movement, and really, Lin gets a lot of hockey assists or getting players shots who get fouls. So guys like Dinwiddie and Luke Williams are going to out-stat Lin, though I don’t think they are better players or more high-impact. I think Lin fans get frustrated that Lin doesn’t look to score more and get high points, but I this has nothing to do with his coaches IMO. This is who Lin is. That doesn’t mean in some games Lin doesn’t look for his shot and to get assists and playmake a lot. He’s just not looking to do that more games than not, IMO.

    So, Lin, in this contract year, wants to stay on the floor and play the “right way.” And that’s how he’s playing now. I think he definitely wants more minutes. More minutes may not mean that much more scoring or assists. I think he wants to be in the plus when he’s on, though he may not be thinking about it and really, he’s a defense-minded player. He says it all the time in post-games.

  437. You know I agree that Lin is a winning player. I think more often than not Lin wins through hustle and defense and picks his spots to score and assist. And no, the Hawks aren’t this. But I also think it is a rehab year and he still hasn’t gotten to his best post-patellar-rupture injury.

    I’m not sure Lin is ready to start and play the 28 plus MPG that Lin fans want to see. Lin is not the player now that he was in Charlotte or on the Nets in the Brook-Lin player. Not defensively, and not able to break defenses offensively with his speed like he could on those team. He is more efficient now, which is interesting. I still think he needs time to perhaps get more healthy and physically stronger though I’m not sure he’ll regain the type of explosiveness we’re used to seeing. I think Lin, at 30, is going to have to make adjustments, become more crafty, use the midrange more, and defensively, depend on angles and experience rather than run-down speed to be his most effective.

  438. Why would the Hawks want Ish Smith or Galloway? And I don’t think Lin would take over Jackson’s starting spot. I’m not even sure I like the idea of Jackson and Lin as teammates as I’m no fan of Jackson’s personality.

  439. Under the circumstances, having been injured for two years and rehabbing for a full year, where Jlin might go this year and whether he will start or come off the bench is not important. It is only important that a team wants him and wants to win. If so, Jlin will get his minutes and opportunities. Like you, I see this whole year as a “rehab” year to get back into shape and develop or redevelop his game for a next contract. When you look at players who had serious career-threatening injuries they all took a long time to fully recover before becoming powerful players again, someone like Shaun Livingston had a devastating knee injure (twice) and is playing at a high level, though as a sub, but a two-time champion. Therefore it may be doubtful that someone wants to sign Jlin as a starter for next season even if he plays well for whoever is next, but hopeful someone out there will be observing Jlin’s game as he is playing it, to be more efficient and to make his teammates better, that they will see the intelligence of this and make him a starting PG again. If not, then Jlin will still make a valuable addition to any team.

  440. Here’s a Sunday morning (west coast) question: Since Jllin is the ultimate team oriented player, it would take an astute coach and FO to really appreciate his skills and how he might transform a team. What coach and FO combo is out there who can recognize and appreciate Jlin’s qualities? (any?)

  441. I hope that JLIN reaches for bigger and better things than coaching in the NBA, such as his continued pursuits in E-Gaming & basketball schools in China. Eventually like to see JLIN and Associates owning an NBA team and he can hire/fire his own coach/FO – that’s the only way Asians will get an equitable platform in the NBA.

  442. lin has changed his game to fit his injury and age. but what we never see is him playing with the best players.

    i disagree that he’s not ready. he was ready all nov. just because he doesnt play like he used to doesnt mean he’s not there physically. it looks like he CHOOSES to pace himself. experience over exuberance. when lin gets a steal for a fast break? he looks as fast as ever when he DECIDES to turn on the jets. a few days ago they said he touched the square on the backboard during warmup. the guy is ready. he’s just not exerting himself on a team that isnt trying to win.

    we need to see him in a position that can accurately show where he is at. on this team, we will never get that as they’re playing for development and high draft picks. if a trade occurs, and he ends up on a winning team, you bet he’s going to push more because now it matters. only then can we see if he is still the “old lin” mixed in with the “new lin”…

  443. disqus_6uMTkRnyVh but

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