G28 GSW @ LAL PreGame Thread

The only thing matters in this game is IF Scott will change his usage on Kobe. Given his short history with Lakers, I would not hold my breath for that.

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  1. can be…depends.

  2. Really?? When and how??? BS is insulting the term “coach” since I know him (after JLin traded to Lakers. Didn’t even know the existence of this person before that.)

  3. LOL IDK….if he was so easyly bent for KOBE or things like that. He will bent for the next big thing…LOL

  4. LOL BS is hired to tank Lakers with KB in it.

  5. Maybe BS actually applied to become Kobe’s couch and that’s why Mitch interviewed him so many times?

  6. At this point, it is very clear BS is not a good coach. He should not be coaching ANY NBA level teams.

  7. I wonder how will he coach an AAU team

  8. BS is too much of a pansy to do that.

  9. Finally we get to watch the splash brothers (Curry 48.5 FG% 39.1 3PT% Thompson 45.2 FG% 43.9 3PT%) match up against the brick brothers (Kobe 37.2 FG% 27.4 3PT% Price 31.6 FG% 26.7 3PT%). The best backcourt versus the worst lol.

  10. Oh well…who knows…maybe the percentage will be reversed in that game LOL

  11. Hmm, I saw 3 “role players” being paid more this season than the cornerstone that hardly moves on defense lol. This is probably why the Rockets did not retain these 3 role players.

  12. LOL, but it’s accurate.

  13. You meant reversed intra-team, not inter-team 😉

  14. Monday's Practice via lakers and lakersscene http://t.co/dRhQE0dHf1 & http://t.co/2xw0BTWmg6 pic.twitter.com/8fff9TXWaX— infinity88 (@linfinity88) December 23, 2014

  15. Lin at Ocean Ave. pic.twitter.com/XPHWj9lS7c— infinity88 (@linfinity88) December 23, 2014

  16. I guess we can’t say morey made a mistake. They are killing Portland by 20 with B re ewerett

  17. At GSW shootaround, Klay Thompson just shot 24 straight corner 3’s.

  18. Once Harden choke in playoff. Story will be completely different.

  19. who is the winner for the previous game and the other one previously?
    you can tell the reason i am asking because I believed I AM! But then, there’s no announcement whatsoever from the mods,
    so I guess, I should just go head and ask ^_________^

  20. LOL……what did you vote? We will wait for @psalm234:disqus for that

  21. I believed I voted 15 pts! and speaking of “vote” I forget to vote for allstar today!
    let me go do it now!

  22. haha.. let me check :]

  23. I’ve been following the rockets and I’m sorry but many of us will be disappointed. Harden has been clutch this season. They are sharing the ball. The defense is not a sieve.Their record does reflect the team. For whatever reason they are doing much better this year and with injuries. Harden has been the one constant and is in mvp discussions.

  24. That is good…..I rather watch more good bball. I was a HOU fan since 93….LOL

  25. LoL It’s like Ryan Higa in Lin’s video, “Would you please act like a basketball player (coach) since you’re in Hollywood?”

  26. I don’t watch Rox any more but I remember McHale’s epic fall routinely starts after the All star break when the defense tightens.

  27. thanks thanks! I hope it wont take you a whole week to check!

  28. I like @LibraFree’s JLin #MakeSomeNoise #NBABallot vote


  29. I know I sound like his agent, but a Jeremy Lin/Mason Plumlee pick and roll combination sounds like a good idea to me.— Robin Lundberg (@robinlundberg) December 23, 2014

  30. Lol…2 games in the rondo era…. the mavs scored 42 pts and 38 pts for the half respectively. .. the pooch may have been [email protected]÷÷÷ed on this trade…hahaha

  31. HOU is playing good defense now. I think they aim to have good D to hide Harden. Since Harden’s load are lighter, he can actually make more defensive plays when needed.

  32. Last year in the regular season the Rockets beat Portland 3-1.

    But they still lost to them in them in the postseason.

    Harden always looks good in the regular season, but we’ll see how he fares in the post.

  33. So long as McHale is still their coach they cannot win a playoff series against Spurs, OKC, GSW, Mavs, Clippers, Pelicans, or even Blazers. So they will lose in first or second round.

  34. Dirk made a mistake I never thought a vet like him will make….wth

  35. I remember two seasons’ ago Morey was calling McHale “COY”, right before a 7-game losing stretch. Don’t think they can make it to the 2nd round.

  36. Paraphrasing the mavs announcer…it’s the rondo effects. .. hehe

  37. The mavs are getting slaughtered

  38. ATL left a super large space for Rondo. Haha….Ellis and Parsons have to operate in traffic now.

  39. By the Hawks pg… where is the special defense by the one called rondo

  40. Very true

  41. I knew Ellis and Rondo are not the best combo.

  42. Forgot Grizzlies and maybe even Suns.

  43. I love it the Hawks are pouring it on

  44. LOL, Mavs are going 4 against 5 in offense.

  45. Parsons made another bad foul…LOL

  46. Rondo is sending out the sos. .. hahaha

  47. Rick Carlisle hides Parsons well. I wonder how he will do with Rondo

  48. Rondo will be hang to dry like a fish

  49. Get Robin Lundberg as Jeremy’s agent NOW. It’s hitting two birds with one stone – he’ll be his sports agent and his PR manager.

  50. I will be merciless on rondo from now on hehe

  51. I’m not. Let the Rockets feast this regular season. Good luck on the playoffs. They won’t make it out of first round alive, especially if they face either GSW or Spurs or a playoff-adjusted Mavericks.

  52. He’s in the Santa Monica apple store on the 3rd street promenade. Rats! I was just over there…missed him.

  53. CP3 just showed yet again a bounce pass can make bigs life much easier around the rim.

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  55. ok, here’s the latest update of poll winners

    There’s movement on the leaderboard with 1 person (@moominfloren:disqus ) joining the leaders (@CJSHYY:disqus and @samvictor) at 3 Wins

    Also, 6 members climbed up to 2 Wins:

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  56. Ho Ho Ho !!

  57. rondo got school by a backup point guard today. ..hehe

  58. Funny stuff from Lakersground

    Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:29 pm Post subject:Probably went like this…

    Reporter: “Kobe looks tired out there. Have you thought about getting him some rest?”

    Scott: “There’s options. I’m thinking about it.”

    Reporter: “Maybe sit him a game?”

    Scott: “I’ll think about it. Talk to him and we’ll think about it. Sleep on it. Think about it. You know, think about it.”

    Reporter: “umm… okay. Well, we asked Kobe about it and he said he might need to rest a game.”

    Scott: “Well, then I may have to rest Kobe a game. If he doesn’t like it I may have to override him. Go to Mitch and get his support since I can’t do it myself… umm.. scratch that last part.”

    Reporter: “What do you mean by override him? He just said he may need to take a game off.”

    Scott: “Exactly what I said. Override him. I’m not going to risk his health for a W. That’s just the way it is. Period.”

    Reporter: “But what is there to override when Kobe already…”

    Scott: “Did you see that dumb boneheaded turnover by Jeremy. Just getting outworked. We went over the plays in practice. Don’t know if he’s just incapable of understanding it…”

  59. You are spoofing me. The last sentence? for real?

  60. LOL

  61. Nah…..just a lakers fan simulated the conversation between reporter and BS.

  62. Much nicer JLin forum:) and lot more information and links..Good job Mod

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  64. Awwww, so precious 🙂

  65. Cutie 🙂 Maybe I’ll name my son Jeremy too or Tony haha.

  66. Lovely boy…..smiling in a sleep

  67. Lol while he is risking his health for more losses

  68. Congrats :]

  69. JLin wasn’t going to the Mavs not with Monta Ellis the ball hog who doesn’t like him!

  70. ok, you moved up the ladder to #2 Wins! Congrats!

  71. My nephew also named their son Jeremy.

  72. Awww.

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  75. I want the youth, M size!

  76. Lol. You really want him to Dallas. Hah

  77. Well said!

  78. Byron benching himself would be better

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  80. When Kobe entered the game in the 4Q, Lakers were still up by 1 after their free throws. The rest was history.

  81. Carlisle deserves better…

  82. What are they saying?

  83. welcome :]
    Thanks, the mods have worked super-hard to create a positive forum. They would certainly appreciate it.
    Nice bike BTW!

  84. What a cute baby. Just goes to show thst lin”s influence is much bigger than basketball.

  85. That’s exactly what I’ve said several weeks ago! Lin, Swaggy and Ed Davis should be the starters without Kobe!

  86. He is a role model who actually deserves to be called a role model.

  87. Now the mavs prolly a pipe dream now, what would be the chance for lin to join the kings? Kings owner/fo stated that they want the team to play fast pace and entertaining basketball (something like that) and not sure corbin is that kind of coach and collission is that kind of pg.

    They may hire mda and eventually sign lin?

    Lin, cousins, gay, mclemore, and thompson, a pretty good playoff team to me.

  88. Kobe is getting a lot of negative press about his game of late. It just goes to show that Kobe’s influence is no longer relevant in this league anymore. Also Scott says he has talked to kobe and he has agreed to what Scott wants to do. I don’t believe that one bit. I think scott is just playing to the press as usual. Kobe is not going to back down. SCOTT has an excuse when kobe doesn’t comply, so he can say that kobe didn’t keep his word.Scott is in self preservation mode now. It will be interesting to see the fallout from this.

  89. A fun turn of events … but I have to lose a few fantasy games because of kobe abd Scott. Hope gsw is a great game!

  90. I think lin will be a laker and things will get better. Jmo

  91. GSW will come out blasting, but if they let lin run the offense, I think it will be a great game, not just a game where GSW tramples the Lakers

  92. Why? Just beause he feels more comfortable playing in la and close to his family? I really doubt it and hope you are wrong. No offense, jmo as well. 🙂

  93. Wow, they got lin/kobe /nick headlining, interesting pic

  94. NBA knows who people will tune in to watch.

  95. I don’t believe in what Scott said about Kobe has agreed to what he wanted… if so then why he still needs to talk to Kobe about it?! He even said he will talk to Kobe w Mitch together? So I guess Kobe sure will not agree to skip a game … But looks like FO is not happy about Kobe’s game & Scott poor coaching on Kobe. Will be interesting to see what will happen tomorrow.

  96. Jeremy looks surprised he has the ball in his hands instead of the two ball hogs. lol.

  97. I seriously doubt Sacramento wants Lin.

    That franchise cannot recognize a good guard even when they have them under contract.

  98. Well then I have to go for the glory again with Lin. No guts no glory, lex have some fun. We can bla kobe again if Lin is sub ten.

  99. Not familiar with the kings, whos that good guard they let go?

    Besides, they are uder a new ownership, no?

  100. We are all guessing on how he feels. I hope he stays in LA. Fans like him. They want to experience linsanity. Also. Lin just might be tiref moving around. He said himself thay he is suppose to be in LA, and tjay he has to figure out what God wants him to do in LA

  101. You are still mad about jimmer? At least delly is getting a good career going.

  102. NONSENSE.

    Portland doesn’t have LaMarcus Aldridge!

    Let’s not get carried away here with proclaiming Houston to be some really great team!

  103. I agree BScott had to say something to make Kobe look good by saying “tired legs”.
    But he and Kobe knew there is a danger of Kobe looking bad if team starts winning w/o him.

    I’m pretty sure Kobe will reduce min but will be available to play hero-ball in the 4th quarter so teams can claim they win w/o him. It’s almost predictable what they will do to make Kobe look good at all cost.

  104. Hmm, no Ronnie Price in that picture.

    It goes to show that not even the NBA is fooled by the ongoing racism that is killing the Lakers even worse than Kobe Bryant’s terrible play is.

  105. It doesnt matter if the coach doesnt like him, + kobe. NY fans love.him and im one of them.

  106. Byron Scott won’t allow Lin to run the offense.

    Lin’s minutes will continue to decline toward DNP-CD, especially if Lin plays well.

  107. Vivek hired Malone from his old team. He was a minority owner of gsw. Is that wise? Then he fired him. Want Lin to go work for him? You might be right, but that makes me nervous.

  108. Im going for glory. Feel to sad about jimmer …

  109. We will see because nobody is buying it anymore. Fans want to see lin come in the 4TH snd as a team effort to get the win. We will see. I doubt kobe will sit for long periods, because he is not there mentally. His mental status is based on trying to prove his critics wrong.

  110. I have no prob with giving an older guy his day in the sun. Just let the kids win it by being up ten with one min left …. that’s the cushion needed.

  111. I wasn’t aware about this article by Lin hater until Amanda Wang raised it on twitter. It is by Valerie Morales at LakeShowLife. Please don’t share her articles. I don’t want to post the link here.

    There is an interesting info:

    “As it is, Kobe has pure trust in just four players: Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Ronnie Price and Wesley Johnson.

    Did Kobe confide this to the writer? But I’m not surprised if it’s the case. Kobe probably thinks they will make him look good no matter what.

    And she tried to blame Lin for dumping the ball to Kobe!

    “Lin loves to talk about ball movement even when he is a prime offender of dumping the ball into Kobe’s hands and getting out of his way. Without Kobe, let’s see what he really believes in”

    LOL As if Kobe didn’t want to be the PG and benched Lin in the process. Plus Kobe couldn’t deliver as proven with Negative Net Rating whenever he’s on the floor. Why would all teammates give the ball to Kobe

    You may read the excerpt of the article to see how out of touch the writer is with reality 😀

    Resting Kobe: The Good

    His sore body in recovery mode, Kobe can assess the kind of team he has. Obsessed with processes by his own admission, Kobe can submerge himself in watching his teammates play from a distance. It will give him a better idea of where they thrive. As it is, Kobe has pure trust in just four players: Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Ronnie Price andWesley Johnson. Analyzing what the rest of his teammates are capable of will go far in helping him understand what they need from him besides taking 22 shots a game.

    Players who normally don’t get the ball will have their chance to fill in the gaps. But, they won’t have their usual built in on-court excuse. When things get rough for the Lakers or when they are stressed, they use Kobe as their bail out. It takes the pressure off of them. They don’t have to be accountable or take the blame.

    When Jeremy Lin dribbles the ball up the court, without Kobe’s presence, he is going to have to do something of consequence. He just can’t hide at the three point line and wait. Lin will have to create a plan to make his teammates better and then execute it. He has to facilitate. Lin loves to talk about ball movement even when he is a prime offender of dumping the ball into Kobe’s hands and getting out of his way. Without Kobe, let’s see what he really believes in.

  112. It’s for ratings!

  113. I disagree with you

  114. ic, but chick is the gm right? If the owners want a run and gun team, the gm has to follow to get the coach and players that can do it?

    To me, the coach is more important than the owner/fo as far as the player is concerned. I may be wrong though.

  115. Add to the no read list for sure. Thanks.

  116. Now can we delete this. She is probably Vanessa Bryant’S sister. LOL

  117. Vivek is the owner.

  118. Eyes sore, eyesore

  119. trash not worth quoting lol

  120. Ya! Don’t RT for her… never mind about her own opinion.. smh!

  121. Had a good chuckle for the chucker.

  122. I have learned for my own sanity, to keep it simple. I follow lin “s lead. He will make the best choice for himself. I don’t get caught up in where, i think he should go because we as fans never have the full story

  123. Without Kobe protecting him, Scott will have to earn his keep with wins. Like it or not, Scott will have to play LIN in order to survive.

  124. She wrote one a few weeks ago after J first went to the bench. I should have warned everyone about her. Article was full of hate but started with “Lin was drafted in the second round from Harvard….” Duh everyone knows he went undrafted. Therefore, this person has no journalistic skills whatsoever.

  125. That this writer wrote that Kobe “has trust” in ANY of his teammates indicates her utter ignorance of the NBA game.

    Everybody knows Kobe TRUSTS NO ONE in the NBA, including superstars like Shaquille O’Neal.

    Move one from the article.

  126. Garbage。 Ignore.

  127. Why?

    You see the pattern of declining minutes just like I do.

  128. she needs to start considering getting into another profession.

  129. Lin sees the writing on the wall.

    He’s refusing to let it affect him and is playing his team first ball that has the effect of padding his stats.

    As Lin’s minutes spiral downwards, Lin will just keep working and playing the right way. That’s the right thing for Lin to do.

  130. Yes sir!

  131. Jimmer Fredette is a GREAT PLAYER.

    He’ll resurface somewhere.

    That guy is the best guard on the Pelicans, just like he was the best guard in Chicago and Sacramento.

    Jimmer and Lin are two players that won’t ever stay down no matter what circumstances artificially push them down.

  132. That’s why I’m going for glory – doesn’t cost me anything to support the guy doing the right thing. In fact, it’s a net plus.

    As for his mins spiraling down, we’ve flirted with 15 mins and we have had 22 mins. It’s not 30, but it has been more than Price. BSc is just out of sorts. Lin is being paid handsomely and getting more handsome by the day, as the ladies may think. I wouldn’t mind playing 15-20 mins of bball 3 times a week, and being paid $15m. Come to think of it, nobody has even paid me $15m to work 100 hrs a week, so anyway, it’s not all bad.

    Feel bad for Jimmer, he’s not getting PT. And, be glad for Delly, he’s doing well last I looked. Lin’s time is hopefully next year, if he and his management have good choices. I know other teams wanted Lin last summer.

  133. Jimmer Fredette is a TERRIFIC guard and is the 2nd best Pelican behind Anthony Davis.

    He keeps lurking in the NBA because he can PLAY.

    Lin’s going to be like that too.

  134. I wanna see you more right by seeing Jimmer F get more minutes now!

  135. Lin, and Kobe. Kobe is still a star and loved by millions no matter how how much he hogs, shoots and miss. I hope Lin can go Linsanity on Christmas. Don’t wanna see another Depressing game.

  136. Duh, I was saying over a month ago that Kobe wouldn’t last playing those kind of minutes every single game. I suggested that the Lakers should at the very least sit Kobe one game during back-to-backs.

    At least I can understand riding a superstar if he’s playing well and carrying the team to wins, but Kobe is shooting 37% and the Lakers are losing, so why ride Kobe? You’re seriously put him at risk of a major injury. What Kobe ruptures his other Achilles due to fatigue? How can that be worth it in a meaningless season?

    Scott is riding Kobe just like Keith Smart didn’t know what to do except ride his star Monta. Except that Monta was only 25 and in his 6th season, not 36 and in his 19th season. And at least Monta was shooting 45%. Playoffs are obviously out of consideration for this season. Why not evaluate and develop the younger players? Otherwise, this season will be a complete waste, just like Keith Smart’s.

  137. I see the pattern, but trust me it will not go anywhere near as bad as dnp. Cmon bro, I thought you were a Lin faithful. Can’t believe I’m seeing you think like that. Lol

  138. Amen!

  139. yeah.

    Tomorrow, if Kobe sits and Lin/team bangs, the result will be telling.

    Kobe + BSc pandering = Kings win by 8
    GSW v Kings = 20 pt win

    Let’s see what happens tomorrow … I have to miss the game, but I’ll be rooting for the ‘do the right thing’.

  140. “Cause he is probably noticing the FO is watching.

  141. In a bizarre kind of way, things are working out.

    With Houston the marginalisation and inept coaching was there but hidden by a strong roster, an efficient system and Harden’s free throws.

    Here in L.A. the media spotlight is much more intense and yet the marginalisation is even more pronounced. In some ways the situation is worse than Houston but everything is laid bare to the public. The worst starting unit in the league and the best bench in the NBA? Yeah!

    Benched for an inferior player? With Price, even the worst Lin hater has trouble justifying it.

    With Kobe’s horribly bad efficiency, they can’t win even if Lin defers and plays off the ball, focusing on defence. For them to even stand the slightest chance of winning, Lin must be the floor general.

    Either this is a cruel joke or things are being set up. I really believe a higher power is at work here.

  142. Honestly figuring out Scott’s plans are difficult. He is either horribly stupid or ultimate tank commander.

  143. Kobe should sit out GSW game and rest up. If not he will be tired and be embarrassed on national television for the Christmas game with huge numbers of people watching.

  144. Kobe will put up an embarrassing game either way, but I agree he should sit so Lin can finally have a Linsanity game without Harden… um I mean Kobe. =)

  145. There is something more important than picks or playoff for the Lakers, the TV ratings. Kobe could throw anybody under the bus a while ago as long as fans liked him. With TV ratings at historical lows Kobe is done. They’ve got to do something to attract the fans.

  146. Usually when a team has one bad shooter on the perimeter. They can get away of it. But not two or three bad shooters. They are going to lose big no matter how good their defense is, because you will have to play catch u every time…

  147. yes, she’s a shoo-in to bad reporters Lin fans need to avoid 😀
    I’ll add to the Sticky Post :]

  148. That is not true. He played 21 minutes last game, compared to when he played less minutes in previous games. As I stated before you do you, and I will do me. You believe what you want and I will believe what I want.

  149. What is this? Is the F/O reeling in Kobe or is this another lie Scott is telling, playing to the press…smh

  150. Is this a recent picture?

  151. No as saw similar photos during the summer break.

  152. More like no one knows who Ronnie Price is!

  153. Someone on Lakersground was asking what are Kobe’s numbers before and after the line up change.

    And someone posted:

    Through 12/5: 25.8/5.2/4.9/3.4/.391/.286
    12/7 >:21.3/4.9/5.0/4.0/.316/.244

    From http://forums.lakersground.net/viewtopic.php?t=171544

    Can someone clarify the numbers?

    Is it points / assists / rebounds? / ? / ? / shooting percentage?

  154. That’s why no matter what, this situation is infinitely better than in Houston.

  155. That’s just too funny!

  156. As far as I know, the first one 21.3pts (avg pts for 7 games) after 12/7 is accurate. The rest of it I’m not sure.

  157. 5 stages of change for addiction.

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    One of the thrills of sports is in winning. It’s a natural high followed by adulation and empowerment. These are enticing emotions that a young person can easily get addicted to. If you start to try to win because of the external gratifications of adulation, you can get Hooked easily on how it makes you feel instead. Then everything you do is to work even harder to recreate this high; but it’s not real just as the euphoria from drugs is not real. These euphoric feelings of self worth IS only based upon what others say you are. What IS real is the self efficacy of skills. Playing for process removes the need for external gratification and allows you to focus what you need to do better, even while winning. That is the purity of the game and how every child begins to love to play.

    IMO, KOBE is hooked on the high of having been “the man” and his increasingly selfish behaviour is blinded by the need to show the world he is still “the man”. KOBE right now is in denial. How he reacts to the cold truth of his lost physical skills due to injuries and age is dependent on how delusional he is.

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    Stage 5: Maintenance
    It is important for people in this stage to be aware of situations that may tempt them to slip back into doing the unhealthy behavior—particularly stressful situations.

    At the beginning of this season, I had predicted that the Lakers would struggle for at least 20-25 games before starting to win (it appears I was wrong). This prediction was based upon the fact that human nature is very hard to change and that KOBE will have to hit rock bottom before finally accepting that he needs to play differently. KOBE needs to redefine himself and pass on the wealth of his knowledge to the next generation. He may no longer be “the black Mamba”, but he can still be revered and loved as “the sage Kobewan Kanobe”.

    Whether you accept my hypothesis or not that the high of winning is like an addiction, what is clear is that these 5 stages of change will help KOBE to salvage and repair his ever diminishing reputation, as well as the Laker’s season.

  158. When Kobe Bryant has successfully transformed to the sage “Kobe wan kenobi” I hope his first pupil is Nick Young.

  159. To paraphrase one of the Lakers fan:

    “Trolls that usually given me a hard time don’t even show up anymore that is how bad the Lakers are”

    It got me laughing hard.

  160. Clearly, she doesn’t know anything about Basketball.

  161. looks like:

    points / assists / rebounds / TO / shooting percentage (total FG) / shooting percentage(3pt)

  162. Wow, so aside from rebounds, he got worse in every category.

  163. Sadly, almost all of the conversion are real.

  164. Mavs with Rondo had a hard time winning over a SAS team without Parker, Duncan and Ginobili.

  165. Yeah. But since the lineup change there have been 7 games. It’s really in the last 3 games that Kobe’s stats have fallen off a cliff apparently due to a sudden deterioration is his fitness/health and that’s probably a more significant factor than the lineup.

  166. Haha! Let’s see what will happen tonight?

  167. Steadily, the minutes are decreasing from 30.

    Expect Lin to be played under 20 minutes, especially since last game he was added an extra minute for having played just 3 seconds in the 2nd quarter.

  168. If you see the pattern like I do, then you are aware that Lin’s minutes are steadily going down.

    He’a a GONER.

  169. Whatever…..I believe when I see it

  170. Yeah i know. Scott sounds like he is backing out already. .smh

  171. All that means is that Byron talks about Kobe’s role reduction, just like Byron Scott talks about defense.

    I expect there to be no changes other than the Lakers running more specific sets to get Bryant more shots and Lin’s minutes decreasing even further.

  172. If Kobe really sits tonight then that’s good sign bc FO finally starts to do something about this team up from Kobe & Scott… Also a sign to me that they will not extend his contract.

  173. I don’t understand why you guys are so skeptical. Kobe is playing even worse than usual cause he really is hurting and fatigued. They (Kobe via BS) would not be talking about taking games off if Kobe’s body wasn’t actually starting to give out.

  174. At this point, scott is just playing to the press. He doesn’t have a plan.He hopes Kobe will sit out, but I don’t think it will happen, kobe is not there mentally. He is using excuse yo ssve the tesm to justify his bad behavior

  175. I think the most likely will cut Kobe’s playing time a little bit short.. that’s it. Sit out… No…

  176. Did you hear Kobe say that he would take off games? No it’s Scott doing all of the talking because, i think his job just might be on the line.Lakers franchise is a complete embarrassment. Even when MD wad coach, they were winning games. I would not be surprised if Kobe goes fully rogue tonight to prove the critics wrong. Kobe doesn’t care about team,only himself

  177. Anyone know what happen to Felton? He not even in Mavs DNP-CD.

  178. I agree with everything except the first two sentences. Yes, Kobe did say for two games in a row now that he feels fatigued, he does not have his legs, and there is soreness from play to play. He said he needed to “listen to his body” and see how it reacts from day to day and then “figure it out.” I believe that he does not want to continue to embarrass himself like in the last two games but he can’t help that if his body is breaking down.

  179. Regarding Scott, I don’t think he has to worry about his job. This is what he was hired to do: be an elder-care nanny to Kobe in his last season(s) before retirement. He was Kobe’s choice and management agreed to hire him for this purpose.

  180. He has a right ankle injury!

  181. If Price was not in foul trouble, Lin would not have even gotten off the bench in the 2nd half.

  182. Nobody believes Kobe’s statements, not even Kobe himself.

    Expect Kobe to play 40+ minutes and for Lin to play under 20.

    The more minutes Scott plays Kobe, the less minutes Scott plays Lin.

  183. If Kobe could play 48 minutes without totally embarrassing himself, he would. But I’m sure you’d agree, he may not be able to do that much longer, if at all. And yes, Kobe is the reason for Lin’s benching and limited minutes. Kobe cannot play alongside a fast PG. Plus he does not want to compete with the Lin-Davis PNR show.

  184. Kobe says a lot if things out of his mouth, which we all realize now that is not true. The thing with Kobe saying that he is fatigued and he will rest and see how his body responds is bull. The team had 4 days off before the last game they played and we all saw how that worked out. Kobe needs to realize that his body is not going to respond the way it use to when he was 26 years old and he needs to adjust his game physically and mentally. Also i beg to differ about Scott’s job. He blamed kobe for the last lost and today he said that kobe might get mad if he benches him, and that he will have to just be mad.we will see how well that goes over with kobe

  185. LOL I could write something about basketball way, way, way better than this lady.

  186. In other news, earlier it was said, to be exact, tweeted, that Lakers were interested in signing Josh Smith. It was later lambasted by another news,er, tweet, that Rockets is the current front runner for the ex-Piston.

    Hmm so both teams are trying to be glitz and glamour by trying to sign some “big name”. What is this, both teams trying to take on building something like Miami Heat’s previous Big 3 or are they trying to fight neck against neck,glamour against glamour of Cleveland’s current roster?

  187. Again I agree with some but not all. Kobe and Scott both lie shamelessly sometimes but that does not mean that EVERYTHING they say is a lie. Kobe doesn’t want to rest but he may have to. He’s hoping to feel better but like you say, rest may not work anymore. Kobe definitely needed to adjust but he didn’t and now it may be too late. Even if it’s not too late, he’s not willing to play second fiddle. I think he’d rather retire. Everything Scott says is still consistent with him being Kobe’s mouthpiece and nanny. That’s what
    Scott was hired to do: Give Kobe a soft landing as his body deteriorates and he’s forced to retire.

  188. Byron beware, God is testing you…

  189. I actually like the idea of Josh Smith being Lin’s teammate.

    Smith is like a better Ed Davis.

  190. I doubt that the Lakers are serious about signing Josh Smith. They had the Nash DPE of 4.8 million, but to even offer him that, they would have to trade Nash, and let’s face it, who is going to take Nash…just sayin

  191. Kobe in his mind is INVINCIBLE.

    He’s just gonna keep playing his 40 minutes until injury claims him.

    Since Byron Scott has to play Nick Young at some point during the game despite Bryant’s minutes, Scott cuts into Lin’s minutes to provide minutes for Young.

  192. I wouldn’t mind either. The problem is they’ll be teammates but they won’t be playing together, thanks to Byron Scott.

  193. With all those “no big name wants to come to Los Angeles Lakers” stuff, never underestimate what an FO will do for someone whose name screams “big”.

  194. Instead of some distinct injury, Kobe seems to be suffering from fatigue and soreness to the point where his FG% is now in the twenties instead of thirties. The media and fans will not allow him to keep playing like that. It’s grotesque.

  195. After looking at everything that has transpired in the last 3 days about Kobe’s play in the last game, some things that I have been thinking about:
    Scott plays to the press a lot, and he has his crony buddies TCW to push his agenda. I think the reason that Scott gave lin props the other night was for two reasons;(1 trying to take the spotlight off himself because of his poor coaching, 2 because Lakers bench was named the No.1 bench in the league based on the last five games, and the media pointed out that it only happened since lin/boozer were added to the bench. Scott has his own agenda outside of kobe. I think Scott is in self preservation mode now. He will play to the media with all of his platitudes of loyalty to Kobe and the F/O will do the same, but they are really waiting on how the fans will respond. Kobe stated that he is the one the fans want to see, well that use to be true, but his selfishness as a player has turned a lot of fans off, and they are beginning to realize that Kobe is the reason why Lakers can’t get a big name to sign here. Example: KD said that he would love o play along side the legend Kobe Bryant, and Kobe’s only response was we haven’t had that conversation yet and it would depend on our chemistry. Really Kobe. There are a lot of politics at play in the Lakers organization. It will be interesting to see what Scott will do in the next games coming up. BTW, my niece went to the OKC game, and she and her friends were thoroughly disgusted with Kobe’s play. She said a lot of fans around her wanted lin to take the last shot, not Kobe. My niece was a diehard Kobe fan, not anymore, she and her friends are lin fans and sometimes Swaggy P. LOL

  196. I don’t under estimate the Lakers. I am sure they want Josh Smith, but as I stated to get Smith , they would have to trade Nash first.

  197. Got rid of Isaiah Thomas too.

    While I’m not that big a fan of Thomas because he only can score, he is still a quality player that the Kings should not have ejected.

  198. We can agree to disagree. Kobe is not that guy to take the easy way out by retiring. I have watched Kobe for many years, and if he didn’t have the mindset to adjust his game, during the summer, he is not going to do it now. Kobe wants to be right. MD said that when Kobe is focused on a goal, he doesn’t see anything else.

  199. Looks like I am not the only one feel this way… smh! Hope thing will turn around soon…



  200. I think he takes things way to the extremes at times with his tweets. Not a big fan of his.

  201. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    LIN fans have been lied to so many times that we can’t help be guarded.

  202. But right now I really don’t watch the whole Lakers game… it’s so boring & upset to watch the game… smh! But I still keep my hope bc I think FO wants to keep Lin & they will make some change for sure…

  203. Pretty much how I feel. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

  204. Kobe is also responsible for playing all these minutes .Some Laker fans trying to lay this on Scott. This is getting interesting

  205. I see there are 8 votes for Linsanity……what’s with those ppl who did not vote for it? LOL

  206. Me too.

  207. This sounds like only will cut short his playing time but not sit out for the game… ?!

  208. If Kobe sit then I will. But even if Kobe sit I doubt Lin will get to start or play much under BS pile.

  209. Yup, I only boxscore watching since Lin got bench. I watched every games when Lin was in Houston even when he was demoted.

  210. Ronnie Price has the worst FG% for players who have played at least 550 minutes this season. Kobe is currently 9th and is the only one in the top 20 who attempted more than 400 FGA. Josh Smith, the player who had the second most FGA after Kobe, was waived by his team lol.

  211. The last two games Kobe shot 20% and then 26% with 9 turnovers. To my mind that means Kobe is no longer able to play even at the reduced level he started the season with: ~38FG%. In other words Kobe is really falling apart and even considering sitting out games.

    Alternatively, you might say Kobe just happened to be playing very poorly and he used fatigue as an excuse. The talk about minutes and taking off games is just a smokescreen.

    As someone knowledgeable about sports physiology, what’s your take on the first possibility?

  212. If Josh Smith was that bad for this season then I really wish he can go to HOU ASAP. Maybe tomorrow…LOL!

  213. Well that’s also why Price is starting over Lin. The aging Kobe could play with a 40 year old Nash or a 31 year old scrub like Price, but Lin is too fast paced for him.

  214. Well, the Pistons have 4 players in the top 20 so they really need to cut the worst offender in Josh Smith. Josh Smith can join Trevor Ariza in Houston as all defense no offense “role players” to supplement all offense no defense “cornerstone”.

  215. I think the later is the case here.

  216. Not for him….for the entire team minus Ellington

  217. Another interesting observation is Kobe has missed 380 shots and only Josh Smith has attempted more FGA than Kobe has missed in the top 20 lol.

  218. I bet you that within the next 3 games we will see something dramatic regarding Kobe’s playing time.

  219. I think we would need to quantify Linsanity!! in the poll.
    I foresee many people will question what qualifies as Linsanity 😀

    Maybe we can probably use PER36 of 18p/10a but still many will debate it

  220. I think Kobe is the only one not capable of running, especially so many minutes. Others are just lazy or also going slow mo for Kobe.

  221. I know, I am just kidding. LOL. I just hope Lin to do well.

  222. If you take out the laziness and discipline part. I would say…only Wes, Ellington and Young can play at Lin’s pace.

  223. Like becomes more? JK…..

  224. Thanks for the update :]
    Wow, even Kobe fans are getting disgusted with his plays.

    Kobe will have to do something to repair his image soon but it might be too late. And he has BScott to thank! LOL

    Agree 100% BScott is in self-preservation to sound like a good responsible coach trying to deflect any responsibilities for allowing Kobe to ruin Lakers basketball.

  225. True, Lin is fast paced but how many times do we see Lin WALKING the ball up-court so that everyone can catch their breath?

  226. I am not sure if that was because they are not conditioned well or just not fast enough.

  227. Davis can move too. But has shown to be ineffective since Price in lineup because Price doesn’t get any respect from opponents they don’t guard him and don’t draw players away from Davis like Lin does.

  228. Looks like Kobe hasn’t told BS if he’s playing or not.


  229. What Davis is good at is knowing how to make himself available in traffic. In a run and gun offense…I doubt he will be effective.

  230. Scott was supposed to get everyone in shape with his brutal TC. But anyway, only Kobe can demand the slow mo PG and get his wish. So I think Kobe is the one behind Lin’s benching. Scott just does Kobe’s bidding.

  231. With bench and Kobe off the floor Lin would push the pace, attack before defense got set in defense. That’s how they would make runs like against OKC. But as soon as they have a lead BScott would put Kobe back in and momentum would halt. It’s like the Lakers are not allowed to win without Kobe on the floor but instead he loses the game

  232. At times…even the 2nd unit (the supposed faster unit) can not play with Lin

  233. The Decision 2.0 airing before the game… Smh

  234. So is Lin the 8th player in the rotation now?


  235. So…we would know at 5:45PM

  236. No room to increase dramatically w/o OTs. I mean a game off or like 25 min.

  237. Yes….he is behind Boozer and Sacre and sometimes Ellington

  238. I seriously doubt that Kobe will play much better if only play 25 mins a game from now on

  239. Ellington is SG so not surprise to hear that.. but I doubt Kobe will not play tonight… ?!

  240. LOL. I actually meant in regular rotation. After Swaggy and Boozer. But I guess Ellington might go ahead of him sometimes though.

  241. Such starting lineup will get murdered by GSW…

  242. Like already 2 or 3 games where Ellington came in 1st

  243. To be fair…..no matter how they do the lineup. They will be killed.

  244. Exactly, but never mind winning. Kobe has wanted Lin benched from the get go and after 20 games it happened.

  245. Oh really? I haven’t been able to catch the last few games.

    That sucks majorly then.

  246. Jlin fans with little faith?

  247. I agree with you. It’s not like Kobe starts out good and then deteriorates. But that’s why when Kobe says “I’ll figure it out” I don’t think he will.

  248. lol 5 players who needs to be set up lmao by who exactly ronnie price

  249. Considering that the Lakers are playing at home and Kobe believes people paid good money to see him play, Kobe will most likely play in tonight’s game. Does Kobe really need to attend shootaround when he can just do the shootaround in the real game instead?

  250. That’s especially true on defense where a hustling Lin in the starting lineup makes Kobe look extra slow.

  251. Then other players don’t need to attend shoot around either as they won’t get to shoot anyway.

  252. even mchale when harden was hurt lin went to start. but for scott nope. he is an idiot. its so clear to me and everyone

  253. If Lakers playing at home, kibe will play. Scott is such a posturer and a liar. He did say that fans came to see him play. ..smh

  254. No need to quantify…when JLin go Linsane… everyone knows!

  255. well gsw move a lot it would be murder if he is already fatigued

  256. I think he follows Kobe’s orders and the Lakers should not win or even look good if Kobe is sitting out.

  257. Haha….well….Let’s see how good he will be guarding KT

  258. exactly last time it was terrible

  259. I think a lot of ppl are missing the point here. It is really not that much related to Kobe’s minutes. It is about the way he plays. I think Scott, FO and Kobe are just misdirecting ppl and making them think the only problem here is his minutes.

  260. So, that’s Scott’s plan for Kobe… ?! No sit out for sure.

  261. Just DNP-CD Jlin already… then everyone will see the result… Kobe playing or not is irrelevant… the only relevant thing for Jlin is price going back to the bench

  262. I’ve always said he can’t play pg because that role is draining. it was funny hearing kobe say he didn’t expect to carry all that load this year. so pull back the minutes by 3 minutes a game. if he plays pg it won’t matter

  263. Lakers should do a poll to see if fans would rather see Kobe takes 29 shots and Lakers lose.
    Or Kobe takes 12 shots but Lakers win.

    Maybe Kobe will truly know that fans are leaving him in buses!

  264. its only three minutes it won’t have a big effect. its the pg role kobe plays thats fatiguing him

  265. The world is changing, I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Prepare for the return of Linsanity!

  266. I knew BScott will reduce Kobe min to 30-32 min with Kobe’s blessing.
    The end goal is always to make Kobe the hero in the end.
    It’s so predictable.

    Kobe doesn’t want to sit out games since Lakers will start winning without him!

  267. if ellington start i doubt it. scott is too big of an idiot. he needs more failure and probably to get fired

  268. But those 3 minutes will allow Lin not to have to play with Kobe longer.

  269. It will take time but it is inevitable now that Kobe is breaking down.

  270. He did not play right as a SG either.

  271. or ellington

  272. This is all Rondo’s fault…I know…I know

  273. he atleast shared the ball but yea thats correct

  274. So any player that displays any chemistry with JLin gets separated to the other team. OK great.

  275. if ellington starts whats the score before lin comes in at 3 minutes or so

  276. The problem for the return of Linsanity is bs imitating gandalf and tell Jlin” you shall not pass”………
    The ball

  277. scott seems like a very stubborn old man so get in the recliner and relax this may take a while

  278. If Kobe doesn’t play, LAL can’t win. It’ll just confirm all these rumors that Kobe is the problem.

  279. The other aspect to think about why Scott/Kobe is so stubborn/stupxd to play Kobe that many minutes is…..IF he did not and LAL looked better……oh well…

  280. After 2+ years we’ve learned to be patient. But I don’t think it will take more than a month or 2.

    Besides, It’s really all Kobe. It’s Scott’s job to keep Kobe happy.

  281. You read my mind….rondo is the source of all the bad things happen Ning in this world…hahaha

  282. Scott listens to Kobe. I’m assuming if Kobe is no longer able to play (retires), Scott will change his tune.

  283. Hill / Johnson / Ellington / Davis / Price SMH. Not one player that can create offense. Going to be a total blowout in the 1st quarter.

  284. its funny at this point. no kobe to bail them out

  285. atleast kobe score every now and then. now what

  286. Until now Kobe was chasing MJ. Also if you’re shooting 37% or less, you have to compensate with high minutes and shots to get high point totals.

  287. Bs reminded me of the “worm tongue” guy

  288. Lin must laugh about BS calling him dumb and boneheaded which does make BS a “worm tongue” but it’s actually Kobe who controls BS’s mind, not the other way around.

  289. Translation: My boss Kobe has not tell me yet if he will sit out tonight.

  290. What did we bet? 🙂 (I was thinking of your firstborn, JK)

  291. BS try everything not to start Lin.

  292. Kobe is salamon the white wizard that betrayed gandalf

  293. Lip services.

  294. LOL so cut only 3 minutes will help Kobe.

  295. Yep or even Sauron, the Dark Lord himself.

  296. Those 3 minutes will go to someone else not Lin.

  297. I’m not saying Lin getting more minutes. I’m saying Lin will not have to play with Kobe cuz he would be resting when Lin gets in at the final 3 minutes of 1st and 3rd qtr.

  298. Nathan is a great man.

  299. Linsanity!!! yeah :>

  300. If you compare BS to McHale, BS is more articulate by far. So I don’t think BS is an idiot and he may even be a good coach. Unfortunately his only mission has been to keep Kobe happy. I actually think BS benched Lin and called his TOs boneheaded on Kobe’s orders. Following orders is no excuse so I still don’t like him but he’s not as bad as he seems.

  301. The more BS open his mouth the more impotent he looks.

  302. I have no doubt!
    That lady is making a mockery of her own ability to analyze basketball 😀

  303. not sure . maybe not so recent

  304. Yup, we all know that Kobe is still capable of jacking up 30 shots every night if he wants to.

  305. Until Byron Scott stops decreasing Lin’s minutes and stops trashing him in the papers, I don’t Scott as being any less toxic for Lin than McHale was.

  306. BS should just marry Kobe already.

  307. So if Linsanity was a miracle from God as JLin believes, wouldn’t it be great for it to re-emerge on Christmas Day during prime time with the whole nation watching? The day that celebrates the birth of Christ, the day he was cut from the Houston Rockets. Karma

  308. Hahaha~Brent, that means you are not a good bully, you need to bully more harder!

  309. I don’t believe in Karma. It sure wasn’t on Lins side on opening day. Would be nice to see Linsanity on Chistmas though

  310. Real-dsb said it! You can ask him. ^______^

  311. OMG, you guys are so greedy! I’m willing to wait till New Years.

  312. You mean the NewYr of 2016?

  313. I always suspected you were a troll. Mods: sic’em

  314. You figured that out!

  315. Lol~wahahaha

  316. Yep, the Mod cover couldn’t fool me.

  317. Absolutely. I just think he’s Kobe’s puppet.

  318. It’s a home game. Let’s see how the crowd likes it. Not realistic to expect them to chant for Lin until he’s inserted I suppose.

  319. .

  320. I’m worried that Kobe will change his mind at the last second and come running on to the court.

  321. Let’s hope for the best!!

  322. BS will be dumber than ever if he puts Ellington to start over Young in case Kobe decides to sit.

  323. W/o Kobe, the Warriors will guard Price. Could reach 50-0 before Lin even enters the game. It’s just crazy to start Price over Lin, especially if Kobe is sitting.

  324. I was at the GSW vs SAC game last night at Oracle Arena. GSW play like a supercharged younger version of the Spurs. Great ball movement, they pass the ball from side to side so quickly to find the open man. Totally dominated SAC even without Bogut.

  325. Ya I expect a GSW run on the starters right out of the gate. JLin going to have a big job to stem the tide when he comes in. Hopefully he’s built up enough trust from his teammates for them to let him lead the team.

  326. I hope BS won’t wait til they’re down by 20 before sending the bench.

  327. That’s great concern right there. If a great shooting team still selects for their high percentage shot, they are tough to guard.

  328. That’s why I am OK w Kobe played tonight… Lin maybe will have hard time to beat GSW w this Lakers team. Hope Magic do happen tonight.

  329. Marry Christmas and Happy Holiday Everyone. Here’s another Lin (not Jeremy) great video:

  330. BS used to mouth the words for Kobe, but now he sounds like Mitch is talking.

  331. Agree, but if Kobe play less that mean less minutes to screw up things.

  332. What a great way to celebrate the Season of Giving! Merry Christmas and Happy Holdays!

    For those who’d like to teach our kids to give to others, World Vision Gifts provide a way to give farm animals, medicine, toys, and more for kids in 3rd World Countries. It’s a great way to teach kids to appreciate what they have by giving ducks/chickens to other kids 😀



  333. Golden State is so stacked, they won 51 games without Bogut last year.

    You know a team is stacked when All Star Andre Iguodala comes off the bench.

    Right now, Golden State has the best individual talent in the NBA. They could run any offensive system and it would work.

  334. I don’t care if Kobe plays or not.

    With Byron Scott’s outdated iso system, the Lakers are not going to play well whether Kobe’s hogging or Young is.

  335. Even with Kobe playing, the games have been lost so badly in the 1st quarter that it’s GARBAGE TIME the instant Lin enters the game.

  336. It doesn’t matter if Kobe plays or not.

    The Lakers will lose and Lin’s minutes will decline further.

  337. It’s a process KHuang. You probably won’t agree, but I’m convinced Kobe is the sole culprit behind Lin’s current marginalization. If Kobe retires, the current season for Lin can be salvaged even without a trade. We both predicted preseason that Kobe may not be in shape to play at the NBA level or at least not long minutes. Well we were right, but it took 25 games for Kobe’s disability fully to set in.

  338. if kobe got injuried for a long time they can’t sit Jeremy for marketing purpose. Now they have their puppy in Kobe, if he’s not on the court their TV contract will question why Jeremy Lin doesn’t play enough minutes

  339. https://twitter.com/forumbluegold/status/547518510998368256?s=09


    “For me, however, my frustrations with this situation not only lie with Kobe, but with those empowering and enabling him to work in the manner he is. Kobe is still a player and part of a team and an organization. While Lowe says that Kobe has “highjacked” the organization, I am more of the mind that some of the blame must lie at the feet of his coach and the front office for not sitting the player down and re-engaging him in discussions on expectations and what needs to be happening on the floor.”

  340. Every single one of these articles trashing Kobe (justifiably) always has to add something like: “To be fair, there really is no other talent on the Lakers, so Kobe has to take over.” Such nonsense. Lin and the rest of the Lakers would do great without Kobe if Lin started and played >35 minutes.

  341. problem is Jeremy and his agent always searched a team from a marketing point of view. They chose the Rockets cause Houston wanted the face to sell in Asia while they were rebuilding. Then Harden happened….
    Now the Lakers. Even if there’s Kobe in it and every point guard who’s been on the Lakers have had a hard time. And not only the point guards. We will see if somehow, someday, they will make the right decision… or let’s see if something happens….

  342. It’s really just HOU that Jeremy has chosen. Being traded to the Lakers was out of his and his agent’s hands.

  343. None of those three teams you mentioned Lin had total control of where he wanted to be. NY got him out of waiver, Houston got him because it was the only offer and LA got him from trade.

  344. He went to Houston because there was no Harden yet.

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  346. Yup, and they offered the most money.

    Largest contract+being the face of the team was the best option at that time. Cant blame him for choosing them then, so I wouldnt say Jeremy and his agent are just after a ‘marking pov’.

  347. Any news on Kobe sitting this one out? I wish he was.
    The Lakers would most likely still lose but you just KNOW they would play so much better. Less wasted possessions, better defense, more minutes for Jeremy.

    If Bean plays today, Im gonna have to skip this game. Cant watch another beatdown.

  348. Yes, but still the problem is not minutes.

  349. in true scott tradition won’t know till last moments

  350. Im 100% sure he’s playing but Scott will “limit” his minutes to 35, and it’s going to anger me, a lot.

  351. if he plays pg for what ever minutes be it 32 or 35 he will ware down

  352. The funny thing is, the more BS talks about limiting Kobe’s minutes, the more minutes Kobe ends up playing. At this rate, BS will be talking about limiting Kobe’s PT to 42 minutes per game around late January.

  353. That’s fantastic Psalm! How do we contribute again?

  354. Thats true.
    Another funny thing is how Byron “I dont massage egos” Scott has to talk to Kobe about minutes when he so bravely stated he didnt even need to talk to Jeremy and Carlos about sending them to the bench cuz he’s the coach.

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  355. KB has already played about 30-35 min in the last 7 games except 2. 1 was overtime and another one was the last game with almost 38 min.

  356. He DID NOT CHOOSE HOUSTON, for gosh sakes! Why do people keep saying this…even fans! 🙁 HE HAD NO CHOICE. No offer from Knicks, poison pill on table from HOU. What was he supposed to do…leave the NBA??? or go to the only place available. Choice and marketing HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! (look at all these caps…I’ve been KHuang infected :] ).


  358. If Kobe really sits tonight, it’s still going to be extremely difficult to beat the Warriors. But at least I hope that the entire team will step up and show Kobe that they can play better as a team rather than just handing the ball to Kobe and watching.

    And there’s always the 1% chance that the Lakers win with Lin leading the way. That would be a great Christmas present to us all! =)

  359. I consider Scott more the cause of Lin’s marginalization than Bryant.

    If there’s a player on the team Kobe actually praises, it’s Lin.

    Not even Ronnie Price gets praise from Kobe.

    Scott is the coach. If he wanted to start Lin, Lin would start and Kobe would be OK with it.

  360. Knowing BS, the chance of Lin leading is slim.

  361. Oh the money, the money….grrr. That’s the other thing that fries me. As if that had anything to do with Jeremy. HOU was not offering that money to Jeremy. They were using it as a club to smack NY out of the ring. They wanted the prize toy of the moment and were determined to get it. If it had been free agency instead of a slave trade, the numbers would have been less (no poison pill) and Jeremy would have chosen on where he wanted to be more than on the money. The word “millions” blinds people. “Show me the money!” is how most of the world lives. Jeremy’s no dummy, he won’t make actually stupid financial decisions…but money wasn’t, isn’t and never will be dragging him around by the nose.

  362. You’ve taught me how to go there, master! 😀

  363. How do we contribute so that jlinportal is referenced…so that they know this community is pulling together for his charitable cause?

  364. anyone else getting annoyed by these 10:30 games

  365. Ah, what the heck. I felt that Lin only needed about 16/7 or better to have a decent chance for AS selection given the Lakers popularity, but he has no shot with 11/5. But anyways, I’ll vote for Lin, just curious to see where he lands. Definitely not voting for Kobe, that’s for sure.

  366. I really think we need to vote for him bc somehow I think he probably will not get as many vote as last year.. this is more about popularity contest now bc every player will be on the list. Vote for him even he is in such difficult position now.

  367. That’s why I only gave 1% chance. Without Scott, 10% chance. LOL

  368. the celtics tonite missed 20 of their first 22 shots. some wag posting comments writes: “2 for 22 GOOD LORD!!!! Do the Celtics need Kobe Bryant or not??????”

  369. The game always starts at the time I have morning meeting……Now it’s 24 Dec here and I still need to work on Christmas Eve……

  370. Happy Christmas!

  371. only if Kobe plays …

  372. marry chrismas

  373. lol

  374. Hahaha true

  375. boss hard no Christmas break jeez. why you should be your own boss lol

  376. Anybody thinks Kobe will sit tonight? I say no. what say you?

  377. It’s it’s true, it’s sold to him that he has to play well on Christmas.

  378. Just saw the tweet from Lakers & they put Price vs Curry for tonight…?! So I think maybe Kobe is really not playing…?

  379. well if he plays today which isn’t on national tv and miss the christmas game on prime time tv. lol i bet he makes the chrisms game no doubt. today maybe

  380. Yep!!!

  381. what

  382. Ya! It’s so weird! Either they tried to fool GSW or…?! So I think Kobe maybe really not playing…

  383. Even Rajon Rondo thinks that’s a terrible %

  384. I’m thinking Kobe will play tonight, because there was no game yesterday and no game tomorrow. Kobe will play on national TV for 12/25. If there’s game he’ll sit, probably 12/26 since that will be back to back.

  385. Joyce, I think KB will play tonight and probably a few minutes less than usual.

  386. lol price vs curry so much anticipation only to die in the first second of battle lol

  387. Possibly to prepare him for another brickiest on the Christmas game.

  388. what tweet?

  389. If Linsanity breaks out tonight… everything will be forgiven 😉

  390. I know.. lots of fans trash the idea.. but Lakers did put Price vs Curry in the tweet.. smh! Don’t bother to RT it.

  391. lol its ok. i will enjoy today

  392. From Lakers. Before the game 10 things… they put the picture of Price vs Curry for the first time?!

  393. All right you want to fight me troll? Now I’m going to beat you down. All you want to do is flame Lin and all the posters on this site because you’re a racist and you hate all Asians…

    Ok just kidding. I’ve grown to love your posts, KHuang. But not this one. You’ve got everything wrong. Scott has no motive for marginalizing Lin other than that’s what Kobe wants. Now Kobe’s got Kobe-motives galore and I won’t elaborate but you’ll be happy to know that racism does play at least a small, indirect role. At least in the sense that I don’t think Kobe would do this to any player other than Lin.

    Price has been getting very high praise from Kobe (and Scott) ever since he arrived. Lin on the other hand was mainly praised as capable of becoming a great defensive player.

    Kobe is VERY deceptive. I strongly suspected Kobe was responsible for starter-gate but then I to was fooled for a while by his mentoring, Lin embrace, P on the hydrant speech, etc. But it was all a show. Scott is the coach but he could not blow his nose without Kobe’s approval. JMO.

  394. I think the Lakers GM is responsible of the mess… the coaches reports to him.

  395. what???

  396. best shot laker would have is to go small fast. a lin ellington wes davis hill lineup with boozer young off the bench could try and keep up with gsw. but if they go slow they will be destroyed. unfortunately only lin is fast enough for gsw

  397. Don’t RT it. Never mind… they always put someone not important to the game like Johnson, Hill…?!

  398. typo: Merry

  399. where?

  400. it’s alain, or etane, or a pun from cyberspace. it’s good, it’s positive.

  401. Kobe will play.

  402. Yeah, they doo. I think it is just preference. They really don’t know if Kobe is playing because Scott is doing his bs thing as usual, acting like he hasn’t made a decision, but the decision has already been made. And another thing, I do not believe one word out of his mouth, that kobe said that whatever he wants to do. Scott plays to the press a whole lot. I will wait and see what Kobe does.

  403. A compassionate article from one of the witnesses of Jeremy’s rise (like Robin Lunberg).

    “Lin needs to ride this season out and keep his spirits up. I believe his faith in God and his inner competitive nature will allow him to. It’s probably harder on Lin fans than Lin, to deal with this lost season.

    But once we signed on for the journey, we have accepted that there will be peaks and valleys, and I believe that TRUE Lin fans will not abandon Lin in frustration.

    “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

    Psalm 23:4

    Hang in there Lin fans. If you truly believe, then better days are to come.

    I do.”


  404. I’m not sure but it makes me very anxious about tonight’s game.

  405. Lakers tweet.

  406. I truly believe the best is yet to come from Lin. I will just take this journey with lin and see how it pans out. I have no doubt that lin will come out the victor in this battle.

  407. lol

  408. very faithful you! We will support each other through low times, and you are right. We will be reading good things about JLin for years to come.

  409. lol why do i get this comparisons with Ethane. do i sound like him that much

  410. Don’t put much stock in that. It is a Laker’s site, but they don’t always get it right. So they are just noise to me.

  411. Me too. I think Lin will win this battle.

  412. I think maybe this is the sign that Kobe will not play tonight?

  413. ofcourse idk he always seem to overcome and prevail I’m not stupid enough to think it won’t happen this time

  414. Kareem: 38387
    MalineL: 36928

    Kobe at 25 pts / game:

    Malone – 183 games
    Kareem – 241 games

    He’s going to be chucking up shots for 3-4 more years. He’s not going to miss tonight’s game – he’s marking games off in his calendar.

  415. MIN hanging in there with CLE. LOL

  416. yes, you sound like the best part of his character.

  417. I’m IN. I’ll just log in to my Paypal.

  418. I think Mitch/ Jeannie/Jim feeling pressure from their stakeholders and the media. It will be interesting to see how this all falls out.

  419. Byron Scott: “He can’t play 38, 39 minutes a game…”
    Man is this guy SLOW

  420. He is trying to cover his tracks. Have you noticed that he said that he is not willing to jeopardize Kobe’s health o win games.(rolls eyes). He has been doing that all season.

  421. You may donate to JLinPortal with the note for “JLin Foundation Christmas/Holiday gift”
    I will tally it up in a post with names & donation amount then we can make a collective donation by Dec 31 🙂

    Thank you! Together we can definitely make a positive difference.

  422. Lin is faster than anyone from GSW =).

  423. You may donate to JLinPortal with the note for “JLin Foundation Christmas/Holiday gift”

    I will tally it up in a post with names & donation amount then we can make a collective donation by Dec 31 🙂

  424. Thanks IJ :]
    I’ll tally up in a Sticky Post with members & donation amount so we can make a collective contribution on Dec 31.

  425. probably but curry has the fastest shot release I’ve seen

  426. lol some one tell him kobe has been playing 35 minutes per game on average

  427. Including Warner Bros.

  428. Per Trudell’s tweet, he is going to limit Kobe to around 32 minutes (from his current 35.4).
    It’s just so laughable.

  429. Warner Bros? They have a 20 year contract with TCW Sports

  430. yes, love the verse :]
    signed @psalm234:disqus

    Never give up, never surrender!

    God’s timing will be perfect

  431. GSW Game Thread is now open!

    Let’s go, JLin!


  432. Is there any clause regarding TV ratings ? I don’t know but I suspect there is one.

  433. It doesn’t mean anything. I would be surprised if Kobe doesn’t play this game because it is on home court. I can see him bowing out of the Chicago game because it is a Nationally televised game that he will be scrutinized to the max if he doesn’t play well.

  434. I also believe he will rise higher than before as well, just like Nash did in PHX. It’s just hard to know how much better the scenario could had been if he was just given a fair chance. But then, we have to remember, if D’Antoni had never given him a chance, Jeremy could probably struggling with his rotation, or worse, playing oversea. I know all the hardship have always turned him into a stronger and better player/person, but at the same time it’s so hard to see what he’s going through at the moment.

  435. Don’t konw

  436. haha.. now I have to pester @real-dsb and empty his bank account *muahaha*

  437. lol ok thx i think

  438. Yo psalm, do I get anything for being a good prophet? For example, I noticed that you promised @Lymania a fruit basket. JK. BTW, did you happen to see my latest post in reply to KHuang? If so, should I refrain from such edgy posts?

  439. Didnt the Mavs also put an offer on the table? I thought they did but Jeremy went with HOU’s instead?

    I know Jeremy obviously he didnt chose if the Knicks matched it, just like he didnt chose to be traded to the Lakers.

  440. I know you won’t~you are lying~you are so generous~so kind~so gracious~so so so all of the above! Now tell me, you won’t do it?

  441. Now im confused if u want me to do it or not lol

  442. Sorry K about my earlier post. I was a little too giddy at the prospect of a game without Kobe. And I think you know me by now: I go for some shock and awe if I think it’ll funny. But I really do respect and enjoy your posts. (With just a very few exceptions. :))

  443. 🙂 hm, sorry .. I didn’t see the particular reply to KHuang. so I need to see which part might be edgy
    Do you have a direct link?

  444. I basically deleted it after about 10 minutes. I was spoofing one of KHuang’s typical rants only pretending to direct it at him. Besides acting like we were about to fight and calling him a troll, I also called him a racist who hates all Asians. It was very similar to stuff he’s posted scores of times on the old site. I included a disclaimer, of course.

    We had an exchange and at some point I tried to end it well by highlighting the points of agreement but he came back one more time very contrarian. So I saw the opportunity for a bit of shocking humor. At the time I was in a very giddy mood at the thought of a Kobe-free game. But after awhile I thought it may have crossed the line of good taste so I deleted it.

    Please let me know how far over the line you think it was. Perhaps I should just stay far from the line on this site and I can do that.

    JoeTeam sent me something about yellow journalism. But when I asked him which post(s) he had an issue with, he said he had replied to me by mistake. KHuang continued to reply to my other posts, but I sent him an apology in case he was offended.

  445. I think as long as both parties are not excessively ‘poking’ others and know each other enough to be respectful & forgive any mistakes(plus not dominating real-estate), we can live somewhat in harmony :]

    So make sure you say enough positive about KHuang now haha..
    5:1 ratio of positive and ‘poking’ should be okay.

    My principle is when in doubt, I’d rather not say it.
    It works like a charm in marriage. Trust me LOL

  446. Sounds good. Thanks, psalm.

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