G28 BOS @CHA Notes & Observations

The Hornets lost another game 89-102 against the Celtics.

  • They’re quickly slipping in the Eastern playoff race, slipping to #10
  • It’s the same problem with starters unable to build lead and allowing the Celtics to blow up the lead to 17-20pts in the 3rd quarter with unorganized offense consisting of Kemba and Batum ISOs without much ball movement.
  • When Lin was inserted, he helped with the ball movement but it’s clear that the Hornets way of Batum and Kemba ISOs + some team-ball is not working. Coach Clifford needs to do something big to emphasize excellent ball movement.
  • Starting JLin at PG to stress great ball movement would be a start before more losses pile up.
  • JLin played quite well despite losing his shooting touch in the 2nd half with 12pts/3asts/8rebs/2blk in 32 min


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