G27 Brooklyn Nets (7-19) Faces a Tough Challenge vs Toronto Raptors (19-8)

PHILADELPHIA,PA - DECEMBER 18: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Philadelphia 76ers drives to the basket against the Brooklyn Nets at Wells Fargo Center on December 18, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA,PA – DECEMBER 18: Jeremy Lin #7 of the Philadelphia 76ers drives to the basket against the Brooklyn Nets at Wells Fargo Center on December 18, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2016 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)


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The Nets dropped a winnable game against the 76ers 107-108 and this one hurt a lot. The coach’s decision to start rookie backcourt (Whitehead and LeVert) in the start of 4th quarter proved to be very costly in allowing 13-0 run by the 76ers and they took an 8pt-lead. Coaches would need to get better in game-management and quick adjustment not to allow huge runs that can swing the momentum to the opposing team.

Jeremy Lin came off the bench and logged 22 minutes. He tried his best to get 3 steals within 1 minute but unfortunately his teammates can’t close it. Climbing an uphill battle to cut into a lead is never easy, especially for such a young team so coaches should never allow huge runs to happen in the first place without making a quick adjustment.

The Nets faces a tough challenge on the road against a strong Raptors team who is 2nd in the Eastern Conference standing with 19-8 record. The Nets poor 1-12 road record does not give the Nets many chances to steal a win. Brook Lopez is also scheduled to rest so perhaps we might see Lin to start with Scola

ESPN Game Preview article:

The Nets’ weakness has been allowing offensive rebounds and second-chance points.

“Yeah, it’s definitely an issue, definitely one of our weaker points defensively,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We definitely have to do a better job, and guard rebounding is huge for us, and we have to do it collectively. This is going to be a big challenge.”

KEY OF THE GAME: Jeremy would need to start and play 28+ minutes then hope for hot 3pt shooting and decent defense to have any hope for a win

NBA All-Star Voting 2017 will begin Dec 25 and ends on Jan 16


Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Jeremy chatting with his brothers …

  2. Lin (weibo): We are now in Toronto. It’s snowing everywhere! Me and Randy feeling very cool. Heading back home! http://weibo.cn/2106855375/4054703086648990

  3. If the Nets want to get this win (no chance for the other two), not just Lin needs to play more than 30 min., everyone will have to be fully engaged in 48 min. and play zero mistakes, including Atkinson.

  4. I wish Lopez is not rest…. Lin used to play very well vs Raptors but w this team not so sure….

  5. I don’t know who made this dump decision. There is no doubt that Lin’s going to play much harder in the game no matter how many minutes he’s given. Right now I only care about Lin’s health and stats.

  6. I don’t know why Lopez needs to rest for this game? Smh! I doubt they will let Lin plays more than 25 min tomorrow. Unless Lin is really 100% now…

  7. I know Nets is #30… the writer is not happy so am I…. Still think we should beat 76 at least. smh!

  8. They have to and Lin will start too. I wonder if it’s a test to see how much if Lin can save the team from the pit.

  9. True dat…
    Miss 17 games, and they’ll post your picture front and center lol

  10. I can relate you 100%. It’s a very disappoint game! And I know deep down in Lin’s heart, he’s upset too!

  11. again: not going to happen because no one on the nets is going to play 30 minutes.

    now maybe, maybe a healthy lin for an extended period that may change but in the small sample size b4 his injury tho playing more than the 28 minutes generic “starter minutes” nets “process” is rolling on lin still wasn’t play 30 minutes a game.

  12. well this is confusing to many and there are many conflicting ideas but it was made clear at the beginning of the season that this was the plan.

    and no surprise now.

  13. you really think lin will start?

  14. not a big fan of “PER”; there are better formula’s but lin would clearly be top 5 among all point guards if his #s were extrapolated out to standard starter minutes, and an additional problem is, if lin misses virtually any more games at all this season he wont be a “qualified player”.

  15. That’s for sure from his post game interview can tell… Lopez too.

  16. My take on trade speculation: Nets want to trade Hamilton, not Lopez.

    That’s why Lopez will not play vs Toronto, to pump up Hamilton’s value.

  17. Hamilton? Scola will start not Hamilton.

  18. Why wouldn’t you think Lin won’t start tomorrow?

  19. That’s not true. Lopez played 3255 and Booker played 3134 in the game with the Sixers.
    I’d rather believe Lin is completely healthy now and will play at least 28 min. tomorrow otherwise it’s going to be
    another humiliated game.

  20. I think tomorrow’s starters are: Lin, Scola, Booker, Bog, Whitehead. What do you guys think?

  21. Whitehead? 2 PGs?

  22. I think Lin will be the SG and then switch later when SKil come up.

  23. Noticing this: “But, according to the NBA’s hustle stats, they’re the best team in the league at contesting shots. So there’s that.” — Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated (30)

    They do have grits and efforts on playing defense: ranked #1 on Shots Contested, #2 on Contested 3PT Shots, and #4 on loose ball recovered. The final results may not have been good, but I think that has more to do with inexperienced young players + coach’s strategies and constant rotation of different lineups. I’m confident that as long as they keep the spirit up, the results on the defensive end will improve.


  24. Lin’s leadership play a big part of their spirit I think. KA knows it that’s why he said when Lin’s back fully, the rotation will be more stable.

  25. Wow. I don’t think there could be someone interested in Scola though 😀

  26. I see that Jeremy is on Roc Nation sports roster…so how come Lin did not announce that?….I’m not really that much of a JayZ fan anymore so not too happy about Lin joining them.

  27. Has it be announced that Lin will start?

  28. So, excuses given by most pundits here are that the Nets have its development plans because the team has the most rookies and undrafted players in the NBA. Really? That justify the worst performance by this team?

  29. I’m happy that Lin joins JayZ. That’s the right thing to do.

  30. Maybe bc his agent belong to that group now.

  31. Really, what is the point of reserving your best players for the future if they keep losing? Nets FO and the team keep emphasizing that it is a long season and at the end, Nets will be healthy to play. But would that warrant future wins? The way the team plays and the way is coached, I doubt, Even if they are healthy, they are not improving. Yes, fresh legs help. But games are dynamic and quite often mental strength plays big part in high level NBA games. Would this team has the needed mental strength and discipline to win games? I have full confidence on Lin and Lopez. But for the rest of the team and the coach? I don’t know. Based on what on display for the past 26 games, I am pessimistic. Unless KA start to coach like the 2nd game of the season to win, not to develop, I am afraid all we can do is root Lin’s stats.

    KA’s post game interviews seem not so crazy about losses, keeping telling about this is a process. But really, 1/3 season gone and Nets are still in the same place (except ranking). I don’t see any improvement in any aspect of the games, except the younglings got marginal better. And the lineups, as if KA is coaching a D-league team, EXPERIMENT and DEVELOPMENT.

    I really don’t like this “It is OK not to win because we are developing” mentality. At least show some desire and fire for the win for some games. If you want to throw younglings and yourself int the fire, go ahead. But don’t throw fans into the fires. Or it will back fires. Well, unless your hands are tied and you just follow orders. (Note: Marks)

  32. NBA News: It’s good not to be in SAC Kings, or … not to be Damarcus Cousins’ teammates

    Reporter: DeMarcus Cousins’ teammate texted to SAC media writers to apologize on Kings’ behalf

  33. But there is improvement and 1/3rd of the season is nothing. It’s 1/3rd of a season. What have the last 3Qs been like compared to a few games before? What is the margin for losing compared to when the team was being blown out? And what about Brook in terms of adding a 3 point aspect to his game and passing and getting assists like he did the last game? There’s been regression by some players, particularly Booker and RHJ, but one is a veteran and the other a young player. Lin hasn’t been full strength, but his leadership role was seen on the bench even when he was injured. One game he guided SKil down the stretch of it and the team won.

    There aren’t just negatives or positives and there isn’t just development for some of the team, there’s development for all of the team and that includes Lopez and Lin. Of course they are going to experiment and develop, that’s what was said going in. Not that they’d win right away, they didn’t put a timetable on winning. Perhaps adjust expectations, because this is a team in development. But they are moving upwards.

  34. He’s a very talented player severely lacking self-control and maybe maturity.

  35. Blake Griffin out 3-6 weeks. He’s had a good amount of injuries in his career.

  36. Well, I respect your optimism, But I am not totally sold on the coach and the process. You are right that there are some improvement. But the most critical element of the game and the one they emphasized is defense. But I really don’t see much improvement. Yes, you can play hard and play like a hard grit. But keep allowing opponents scoring 110+ points is not good. And it is on the coach.

    The 3Q blue is turned into 4Q slip because Lin played the last 5 minutes of 3Q.for the last two games. Not to mention the last 3 games were weak opponents so they didn’t got blown out (Lin was back in the last two games). So Lin has been the factor.

    Yes, they are doing their best given what they have. I wanted to be patient with the process. But all we need is signs of improvement, which i don’t see on the court. All I see is DEVELOPMENT and EXPERIMENT, not IMPROVEMENT.

  37. Really well said.

  38. Defense is progressing slower than offense. That’s a big reason for the L’s. Lin will be back to starting once the performance team gives the ok.

    The main reason I’m optimistic is I see the effort. There are a lot of mistakes made out of inexperience vs. effort. And I like the spirit on the team. Other teams bicker with each other, the press, and show disunity on the court. This team clearly looks at Lin and Lopez for leadership, and I think if someone doesn’t buy into that then they’ll be gone. But the process takes time, it’s a new coach, new team, lots of inexperienced players, and that’s why I say adjust expectations. There will be more bumps in the road for sure.

  39. we’re talking about two different things: yer talking one specific game, im talking season averages.

  40. The effort part, I do agree, well for most of the players. As you said some are not buying in. I hope Nets FO and KA see that too and have a stable rotation surrounding and supporting Brook-Lin. We shall see in the coming 2 months.

    An article by Eric Freeman gave props to KA. Nets playing hard and giving efforts largely is due to KA coaching. That I can see. But how to transform these into W, that’s art of coaching. I hope KA has that.

  41. because he hasn’t started any game yet since he came back. has there been any announcement indicating a change?

  42. I think players are buying in here. They don’t on other teams. The hope is that key players stay healthy and then the rotations can solidify. Without Lin in there, there was a lot of shuffling players. The rotation needs to stabilize.

  43. You’re making a lot of sense BobbyH,I start to wonder now why Marks signed Lin for just only 12mil/ years being the face of the franchise??????while Crabbe and Johnson got a better offer than Lin.Because being said that this contract is just a chump change for a marquee player considering Lin and some starting PG in the league are not at far in terms of contributions,i.e Conley of Memphis and he was offered a max contract from his team.I would love to be clarified if why they just offer him as such,maybe some can give a good explanations about it,otherwise I would think that Nets is just using him as a stop gap to develop this young future players of the Nets until they’re eligible to have a lottery pick.

  44. He’s a high volume scorer who is NOT as “talented” as people think.

    Like ALL players from
    Calipari’s Kentucky coaching, Cousins is mainly an iso scorer who doesn’t play much defense and doesn’t play teamball.

    Fitting in on a winning team, that by itself is a major “talent” that is more innate than people realize.

  45. That WAS announced months ago.

    EVERYBODY already knows this.

  46. 2016 2017 season
    lin pre injury
    points per minute .55
    shots per minute .42
    points per shot. 1.29
    lin post injury return
    points per minute .69
    shots per minute .50
    points per shot 1.38

    lin pre injury (5 games)
    pps + ppm: 1.84
    lin post injury return (3 games)
    pps+ppm: 2.07

  47. in conjunction with this there’s that quote going around from an unnamed gm disagreeing saying when asked that cousins is the most talented player in the league; than asked who he would trade for him saying he wouldn’t trade his “15th player” for him because there is also no one in the league who would be more toxic to a (presumably winning) “team”.

  48. So far this year there are 99 players who average more minutes per game than the Nets leading minutes per game leader Brook Lopez who is averaging 28.8 minutes a game. How are the Nets expected to win games when other teams top players play more than ours?

  49. Yup, first year he was out . Although he bounced back from that and I don’t think has an injury prone label. Injuries are part of the game

  50. Relax. Not everyone has the time or wants to be on here EVERY day.

  51. I have suddenly perceived Atkinson’s full plan.

    I am in FULL SUPPORT.

    I hope Lin DOESN’T start the next few games – and yet I fervently look forward to Lin eventually being the starter.

    Atkinson’s plan was always to develop ALL of his players. It took a total detour due to Lin’s injury, but the detour has resulted in an unexpected positive that absolutely is already helping the Nets tremendously.

    When this brief period of Lin coming off the bench is finally over, it’ll still take a bit of time for us Lin fans to see the actual results of what Atkinson is trying to accomplish. Eventually we Lin fans will see exactly why Atkinson is RIGHT in doing what he’s doing!!!

    Now I know why Lopez and Lin support Atkinson 100%. Atkinson is a lot SMARTER than I realized, certainly a lot smarter than ME which really is NOT saying a lot!

  52. yes, I start wondering the same.

  53. What’s Atkinson’s full plan?

  54. We don’t know what Marks real plan is. Maybe Lin (and KA) is just the development phase pieces. Maybe not. Maybe once the pieces are all there, KA will be let go because he did his part to develop players and Marks will get a real and experienced coach. Maybe. We are just speculating. The 2nd year we will see the true intention of Nets FO.

  55. It’s a secret plan that only khuang knows

  56. The more I review the current situation, the more I feel Lin is being used as Nets’ “gap year franchise player”. NBA teams, owners, media know Lin sells tickets, merchandises, TV contracts…etc no matter how crappy Lin’s team is, but they never believe Lin is a true star player. It is just like Rockets, before Morey signed Harden, Lin was their franchise player, once they found their true franchise player, Lin became disposable to them, maybe even a roadblock for the success of their newly ordained franchise player.

  57. I hope you are right. For the past 26 games, I only see a brief brilliance in 2nd game of the season, where KA utilized both Lin and Lopez from start to end. We will just have to see in the next 2 months to see if this so called process really work. I really hope it works to Lin’s benefits.

  58. Maybe. Maybe Marks has just a “Let’s see how it goes” plan. Even a top 1 draft won’t guarantee future success. Maybe they are really trying to build a Spurs like culture. Maybe this is just a growing pain. If Lopez is traded without getting back any decent center, then this gap thing really is real.

  59. Lmao

  60. NOT TRUE.

    Lin and Atkinson know, that’s far more important than me.

    Just watch the games. It’s happening as we speak.

  61. So what’s the plan that you’ve perceived?

  62. Totally disagree. They respect Lin and his basketball ability and the KA/Lin relationship is real. LIn is the guy chosen to start the turnaround of a close to cellar-dwellar franchise. The team is new but the culture on the team has been dismal, and Lin has the high-character and leadership to take this team from this real low point to respectability. They don’t know how long it’ll take but that’s the plan. They aren’t using him, what they are doing shows respect for him.

  63. In my experience on Lin sites, KHuang, although not always right, sometimes is spot on. Maybe he’ll get the last laugh.

  64. Ok, i hope u r right!

  65. Stan I hope you’ll offer a trade for Lin and let’s see what Nets will do about it.

  66. Nets GM Sean Marks will be a guest with @JoeandEvan today at 4:05PM on @WFAN660.

    Radio: 101.9 FM / 660 AM

  67. I don’t think anyone’s denying that KA has a plan and Nets will eventually find its game, just want to hear what khuang has perceived suddenly.

  68. Well good news is Lin is stil alive in the NBA and is healthy. That is greatness in itself for all Lin fans
    The nets players need to continue by shaking off the losses and believing in themselves and coach Atkinson making them better players who will be successful as long as they do their job and go get it
    Tune out the media and critics and focus on themselves TEAM

  69. On “Lin-sites”, heheh.

  70. what is J Hamilton’sor Scola’s game? pick n roll or corner 3 , post up? idk

  71. sean marks on radio
    maybe podcast will be here tomorrow

  72. “…how to transform these into W, that’s art of coaching.”???

    That’s the KEY!!

  73. When have I been wrong?

    Me saying that Lin wouldn’t get a fair contract this season, that indeed was wrong because the Nets came to the rescue.

    Me saying that Lin would not get a contract due to race hate after the Lakers season, I am STILL RIGHT because Lin’s Asian discounted contract was so insultingly low for a double figure scorer that it basically does not count as “real” salary.

    Other than that, when have I been wrong on actual NBA basketball issues?

  74. Look at the games.

    The steps of improvement are calculated and obvious.

    As we easily can see, the plan is WORKING!

  75. id rather not.

  76. Even I didn’t see it at first because Lin’s been out so long.

  77. I would like to know how would the Nets organization react if someone offers Lin a trade.

  78. I’d be in favor of it. The Nets are run by the performance team who dictate playing time and they do not have a single player who averages over 30 mpg. Lin is wasting his time with these jokers.

  79. SVG is the GM and coach at the same time so he can decide whatever he wants,if Jackson is not satisfied and he’s not satisfied it’s better to part ways and besides he won’t game plan for Lin anymore since he always torture them every time they face off.The thing that I love w/ old school coaches is they always compete and no BS.

  80. I still believe in a super 2nd half of the season.

    I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

  81. Not at all!

  82. Not at all what?

  83. Little bit of hint after the game perhaps? 😛

  84. We ALL have hits and misses. I may be off-base in saying a bunch of things but we go with what seems right for us at the time. With KA and Marks and the Nets, I’m taking a long-term approach and hoping that this time, Lin gets closer to giving more of what he can as a player and leader. Time will tell.

  85. I agree. I won’t say super 2nd half, but much improved. (assuming all are healthy, or the key players at least)

  86. Me neither. SVG is a yeller, has an ego, and I don’t think the situation in Detroit is all that attractive nor the players the type of high-character guys you find on the Nets. Could they make the playoffs with Lin? Probably. But, they may not with a lot of headaches. No thanks.

  87. Some excerpts of what Sean Marks said in the radio interview:

    “None of us thought this was going to be easy. It’s a great challenge… and we all knew that.”
    “It’s definitely a concern for Kenny and our staff.” – Sean Marks on the defense.
    Trade Season: “Will we be active? I think we’ll be strategic. … We’re not just going to jump on something.” – Sean Marks.
    “I think he’s been terrific,” Marks said of Kenny Atkinson, referencing behind the scenes as well as on-court.
    Sean Marks laughed when asked about Billy and the picks. Good thing he can keep a sense of humor about it!
    “Were making best with what we’ve got. We realized that going into this, it’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be pretty.”

  88. My interpretation from Sean Marks’s comments is he knows the Nets talent level is not high and defense is a huge concern but they’re doing the best with what they have.

    His comments on the trade season is interesting. They’ll be strategic but not going to jump on something.
    So he will try to be active to get defensive players to address the gaping hole in defense.

    Well .. Asik is huge in rebounding, blocks, and defense so the Nets should really go after him.
    Here we go!

  89. I hope he doesn’t offer a trade for Jeremy.

    Drummond is a selfish diva and SVG didn’t show much love for Jeremy in the past.

  90. They need to get some pieces.

    I thought KHuang was wrong about RHJ and Booker… But he was right.

    They’re athletic but they lack fundamentals unfortunately, especially the shot.

    We’ll see what happens.

  91. I still prefer Ed Davis. He’s more athletic, better pnr partner, can guard the 4s or 5s, rebounding machine, great in transition, Portland would like to get rid of him to have cap relief.

  92. I really hope he can be more active for the trade…

  93. How about Kenneth Farried from Denver

  94. woooooot

  95. Nerlens Noel is a terrific player and Lin’s kind of player and he’s available. But, he may not be a high-character guy. That may eliminate him.

  96. Finally!!!!

  97. Oh thank god. Getting closer and closer to full minutes

  98. It’s time now. It was always just a matter of time post-injury. Hope he goes close to 30 minutes tongiht.

  99. hahahaahahah
    see..see. they lost 3 out of 4 and they complained.. the cat is outtada bag. That is a fake bond they have going there.

    nets lost like a lot and they still fine.. that’s a real bond right there.

    too bad stan, like many coaches, doesn’t think linna is betta.. that’s what you have to eat as a coacha. your job is harder once playas think they are superstars and you have to manage personality. That’s why I like SM AND KA system.. personality no ego ..thus you remove another dimesion to manage…and just focus on the game and team.

  100. Ya, hopefully closer to 30mins. I bet around 28mins.

  101. most likly. may not get over that but 30 seem like a good start. I’m thinking 32 is the max for Lin as that was the case before injury

  102. They lack defensive fundamentals. If Booker and RHJ were to do what they are supposed to do, they’d work well in the starting lineup. But they don’t. As for offense, they should never try to create, and Booker needs to stop his coast to coast and pass into the stands nonsense.

  103. 28 sounds right, but depending on how close the score is, maybe KA will extend it to the low 30s.

  104. I don’t think Nets have assets for Noel unfortunately.

  105. League pass black out date tonight sigh. Can you believe that!!!!

  106. good for you to finally know that..or support him. Lin and Lopez are from Harvard and Stanford respectively. How can they not read between da lines of what the coach and gm are doing. They know better than us.. we aren’t from harvard or stanford (at least I’m not,…but I did go to an ivy league equal).

    So did you eat something this morning and then just have this lightbuib on your head.

  107. anyone got links?

  108. About bloody time… Hope he gets some help from other teammates with Lopez resting.

  109. Ed is a poor foul shooter but beyond that, love him. And we know how he plays with Lin.

  110. KHuang was right again! Amazing!!!

  111. Great news about Lin starting! The only downside is I don’t trust their performance team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they cap his minutes at 28 or less no matter how good he feels. I’ve been following the NBA for 50 years and never saw a team this cautious about injuries.

  112. Look at the bright side. at lest the Nets have fresh legs on the court, hopefully it will translate into good basketball

  113. Haha, welcome to the dark side! I’ve been saying this for awhile. Lin is their “Lin-chain”, lol. They are building the motion to spin around Lin.

    Right now coach Lin is actually showing them how to run the patterns by running it and getting the good shots off. Hopefully they’ll get it sooner rather than later.

  114. Isaiah Whitehead is out for tonight …

  115. What? So Who will be backup PG?

  116. I really hope Lin can beat Raptors today but w this team…. not so sure… Scola? smh!

  117. oooh ok hes the 9th or 10th guy on the rotation and backup PG

  118. Lin is starting! Gonna be tough to win this game on the road, without Brook. Also no Whitehead…

  119. Feel the same way bc why rest Lopez? They are not going to win next two games. They should try hard to win this one…. smh!

  120. Really? Without key players? not high on Nets selection. Probably drive JLin to more injuries

  121. Patrick Beverley says he’s the best defensive player in the NBA, compares himself to The Glove. bahahhahahaha

  122. Joke… smh!

  123. Agreed. Without lopez, Lin will just play harder. Smh

  124. We may see Foye 🙁

  125. lin’s averaging more points this season than during his run with the knicks!

  126. 28 minutes seems to be the general cap for all players regardless; all “starters” except the injured lin are averaging about 28 minutes per game on the season.

  127. That’s what I thought no wonder he was in Lin’s video yesterday….

  128. full minutes for the nets means 28 minutes.

  129. that 28 the great 28. good guess.

  130. it will be hard for 6ers to get anything for noel in trade because everyone knows he wants out and they aren’t going to use him much and hes’ free to go himself next year which of course he will; so why give up something for half a season?

  131. earlier faried was on the outs in denver then was back in; but last game back out. denver has a glut of front court players/rotations. faried’s situation is volatile to say the least there.

  132. compare coaches and players salaries; so yeah thats what you have to eat as a coacha.

  133. Nets tweet already said it’s Scola.

  134. why z siakam starting for toronto?

  135. Pat Patterson resting?

  136. I thought Pat is always backup? Did he start for Raptors this season?

  137. patterson historically a backup has been getting the starter minutes for raps this year yes.

  138. omg what has the rest phenomeona become when a career backup like pat patterson needs “rest”?

    patterson should be thrilled he gets to play, now he needs “rest”? smh.

  139. Trade? lol!

  140. 33333333333333333333

  141. 3333333!

  142. Why Scola didn’t take that 3, I felt like he don’t want to give a assist to Lin.

  143. 2 of lins old teams playing; lakers up 12 early in second put up 40 in first quarter i think on defense minded hornets.

  144. any links? mine is laggy 🙁

  145. I am sooooooo sick of Booker always try to do more than he can.

  146. Why Scola? He didn’t make any shot so far…??? smh!

  147. 2222222 step on line

  148. Lin, make sure you step behind the line. Otherwise, nice. Scola and Booker, not so nice.

  149. Why does booker think he’s draymond green? I don’t get it

  150. get that foot behnd the line lin

  151. his 3PT was 3/3 100% in last game.

  152. Ya! But made it… haha!

  153. i hate booker

  154. I’m really tired of watching him playing selfishly too. He’s becomin the cancer on this roster.

  155. Can booker jus fk off like hes literally hurting the Nets with his low BBIq selfish plays

  156. hes so bad worse than rhj

  157. Lin came to play…he needs to shoot 20+ times tonight.

  158. I hope he focuses on his role, rebound, wait for Lin’s assist like he used to.

  159. without brook lopez lin will need to take more shots

  160. doesn’t do that often.

  161. I am listening Raptors commentators. They don’t care about Nets who’s on or not …. did say Lin needs to be in Linsanity mode for this team. They don’t seem to believe Nets can win.

  162. Yup, what he supposes to.

  163. hamilton back.

  164. tied

  165. hows our boy dojng?!?!

  166. great

  167. Harris!

  168. So far so good!

  169. Hamilton is available? Good!!!!

  170. Lin out

  171. O shut the hell up Derozan, didn’t you get enough of superstars call out of your entire career? Geeez.

  172. That’s it. My patience with Booker is officially gone!! He needs to be kicked out of this team.

  173. No foul on RHJ????????

  174. booker is the worst player on this roster

  175. might be a game to let derozan shoot.

  176. RHJ and Booker need to be traded
    skrubs who are too selfish

  177. Every time I watch the Nets game, I always get frustrated by these referee. Smh.

  178. I don’t like how he’s playing. At all.

  179. And KA ain’t gonna do xxxx about it.

  180. the way it’s going Lin will at least play for 30 mins today

  181. 32 maybe?

  182. Wow, the stadium is packed. Must have lots of Lin fans here tonight.

  183. PG is the heart of offense. With WH out, KA has less choice for DEVELOPMENT. I hope Lin goes all out and shot the lights out.

  184. nets should set more screens for jeremy

  185. Looks like the game is slowly slipping away

  186. RHJ doesn’t even belong in the D-league.

  187. notice it all happened with lin out

  188. RHJ is a nightmare right now.

  189. Why do RHJ take those shots? why?
    does he really think they are going in?
    Like why? I don’t understand
    he must be so dumb

  190. I hate to see RHJ dribbling – 50% chance to TOs

  191. i would trade rhj and booker for free to any team

  192. For anything too.

  193. I hate him spinning even more – 90% TO

  194. 100% agree.

  195. Maybe not RHJ, but Booker for sure.

  196. What happened? Did ge start?

  197. yea

  198. Brook,Booker,Harris,Skil, Lin are the best lineup so far this season. But it does not fit the development.

  199. buy one and get one free.

  200. he is too good to be allowed for more mins

  201. Team killer. He plays the same minutes as everyone else. Therefore the message is, play bad and KA will still treat you equal to Lin and Lopez. Smh

  202. You know what? RHJ isn’t that bad. He forces stuff he can’t do. But he has a sense of how to defend and hustle, he just lacks discipline.

  203. Imo he is a lot better than Booker…

  204. That means hes pretty bad

  205. 0 offense.

  206. when does lin come back

  207. still injured ,on minutes restrictions

  208. where is Lin?

  209. are you serious?

  210. KA switched to the development mode again

  211. I think they want Lin to get more rest & finish the quarter

  212. omg..

  213. It is ok, this group is doing well. Lin can save it for 4th qtr.

  214. no i’m just being sarcastic with how they manage his time

  215. He actually is. I think they can work with him and correct some of his issues. I’m not so sure about Booker.

  216. Since this group is doing well so far.

  217. no because if they dont playl in heavy minutes there is no chance for any comeback

  218. Lin has played 8 minutes already. its only been 3 minutes since he went off

  219. Hows he doing?

  220. Now is the time to put Lin in, down by 5.

  221. Now KA now…

  222. I like Dinwiddie

  223. come on kenny put him back in

  224. It is Nets 2.5nd unit plays against TOR 1st unit. What can we expect?

  225. Lin was out with 3:32 left in the first, should have more than enough rest to finish the 2nd qtr now.

  226. Put Lin in dumb coach

  227. And let Lin finish the qtr!!!

  228. Until now you still hoping that he will improved.

  229. no need for insult if he comes in now he will have 16 minutes by the end of the haif.

  230. That’s about right, he played 8 mins in the first qtr.

  231. I think maybe Lin will play a lot of min in 2nd half that’s why he’s not in yet?

  232. already gave up on this coach a long time ago

  233. Lin played 8 minutes the 1st Q, that means he’ll play 8 minutes 2,3,4 quarters.

  234. 32 mins is healthy mins.

  235. has that ever happened?
    when has Lin not been limited by KA

  236. No other coach has ever trusted Lin more

  237. seems like some of u guys wants him to play 48 minutes.

    He played 8 minutes in first, i would put him back around 6-7 minutes. so that’s 15 minutes for the half. Similar for 2nd half or longer then it’ll be 30-35 minutes playing time which would be a good amount of minutes.

  238. wow kenny atkinson is so dumb.. kyle lowry is back in but kenny dosnt do a thing

  239. Lin in

  240. Pretty good timing I gotta say. Nice KA!

  241. Lin is in now.

  242. Nice team play!

  243. I think Anthony Bennett is decent.

  244. Kilpatrick with another low BBIQ play
    whats new

  245. lin needs to start taking more shots

  246. Scala always hesitates for open shots

  247. RHJ dumb foul

  248. Bennett Nice block and created a food fastbreak!

  249. Lin with the nice block!!!

  250. like there is literally no pick and roll with Lin

  251. He had 2 consecutive great defensive plays.

  252. free throws for lin?

  253. That’s on the coach.

  254. We need to be more physical and put pressure on the opponents.

  255. Ya! Hope he makes both ….

  256. I really don’t know what to say.I will give Atkinson a pass this time.These players won’t be developed even if they will be given ample time(like 10 years) and still not enough to be called as an NBA players.

  257. yes he did

  258. Dumb coach wont draw plays for Lin to take shots

  259. Why does everyone insist in not passing to jlin the pg and try to run a one man fast break

  260. Lin is a fighter. But it’s not good to expect Lin to come in every time the team is in trouble. It’s hard on the body

  261. This is really against the rules of the site.

  262. They need to run plays through Lin and set him up to succeed. Then this team will have a chance.

  263. Lin, please do not pass unless you have too. The ball barely comes back to you when you pass it out!

  264. Jeez Jeremy, can you make 2/2 FTs?

  265. 333333333333333333333

  266. Just started watching how Lin doing?

  267. He’s scuffling on the FTs. He’ll be ok.

  268. Lin!!! What a pass by RHJ!

  269. No look too!

  270. They are so used to playing without JLin. That’s why they are not passing to him.

  271. i thought this was a Lin fan site

  272. Surprised we aren’t blown out with Lopez. So far so good.

  273. FT has become LIn’s weakness
    he always has to miss a few

  274. i am sure they are instructed to take on court practice shots

  275. Wow, how can you miss that layup RHJ???

  276. Now they r

  277. What’s wrong w Kil? Can’t make the shot & TO…

  278. Wow, jlin cant save this pathetic team..

  279. No one running back on D>??????????

  280. Pathetic

  281. Lin is the only one playing defense… my goodness..

  282. I said it yesterday, this team is already breaking apart.

  283. WTF?! Lin only one back?!

  284. This team is just not any good and Lin should have tried getting a decent team to join because this is pathetic.

  285. Kilpatrick is such a selfish player he needs to go

  286. omg… also lin shoulda went for that reverse lay up but kenny atkinson doesnt want lin to score lmao

  287. Raptors are big and athletic…..

  288. I know so bad his teammates… smh!

  289. RHJ skrub cant even finish a wide open layup

  290. a couple of selfish plays and ill advised shot plus not running back on defense……….

  291. Doesn’t have the soldiers. Lin is playing fine, really is, but there’s just not enough there.

  292. It kills Lin with these lazy and selfish teammates

  293. lin should really look for a floater or midrange jumper instead of being so quick to pass the ball

  294. That was pathertic even the announcers laughed!

  295. he made it more difficult then it needed to be

  296. everyone gives up on D except Jeremy….

  297. See you next season people.

  298. Even the announcer mentioned that. smh

  299. This team sucks. Players can’t make the shot or play D. Should trade them all out of Nets now.

  300. Kilpatrick is a bad player
    he can’t fool nobody
    38pts on 40% shooting is not good smh

  301. He was checking to see anyone near, he should just lay it up.

  302. He not you

  303. Lin wasn’t happy to find no one ran down after he bodied up DeRozan. The defense on this team is really poor.

  304. sean isnt bad but not good either.

  305. Again the players are playing selfish going for their own shots iso at the rim and missing badly.

  306. Lin needs to look for a new team where skrubs don’t think they are all stars like Booker, Kilpatrick and RHJ

  307. man i miss the mda lin days

  308. rondae is just bad

  309. High on character but of no use

  310. MDA

  311. Lin is good but it’s wasted hope his stats are real good at least something positive for the season.

  312. That was just sloppy

  313. Keep fighting, anyone don’t run back just take them off the court!

  314. ref…

  315. Indeed

  316. It is a Lin site. You can criticize the coach without insulting him constantly.


  318. Booker just the fucking ball to jlin

  319. lol harris is the only decent one to play with lin

  320. Booker cant even pass properly
    wth is this guy here for?

  321. Booker, find Lin. Stop trying to dribble out the ball so much.

  322. Good call!

  323. Thank you, ref!

  324. Booker die

  325. my god

  326. Finally!

  327. I swear on my life Lin is the only one playing defense.

  328. Wasnt that a trip that caused jlin to fall?

  329. Absolutely pathetic

  330. lin shoot the god damn ball

  331. What the hell lin is getting hacked and fouledleft and right and he’s not gettign foul calls. These refs are kililng him.

  332. Ive never seen a group of players try as much weird looking shots that have no chance of going in

  333. Bogdonovic so selfish

  334. These players are used to losing nothing to see here.If I were Lin I won’t even play anymore.

  335. bogie has no shot clock awareness

  336. I swear, it looks like we just picked up players from the local gym.

  337. lin needs to shoot man idk what hes doing his teammates cant thats forsure

  338. 2nd half I think…

  339. The biggest problem KA has is that he never punished weak defense player.

  340. Jlins gonna get injured again playing like this

  341. hes getting into the paint, but just isnt looking for his own shot..

  342. Lin needs to find a new team
    this team is full of selfish skrubs

  343. I swear i look at that bulls team and all it would need is a PG like Lin and the team would be different but wasnt meant to be i guess…..rough team this.

  344. Once Lin passes the ball his teammates only knows to go at the rim which is clogged right now instead of passing back out to Lin for an open shot!

  345. Why all his teammates can’t make the shots? NO one plays D???

  346. Every team is full of selfish players they are already mild compared to his previous teammates especially teams with another PG which purposely passes to the other side to avoid Lin (Harden, Walker).

  347. Lin does have to shoot more. He is making the right pass its just. These guys suck at laying up the ball. Ive never seen so many awkward looking layups in my life in 1 quarter.

  348. Good point
    Lin needs to assert dominance too
    he cant be a nice guy

  349. man.. lin starts and they get blow out..
    lin plays off the bench and they get close .
    that’s what da haters will say.

    but the wild card is brook.
    If lin and brook are there, things might be different.

  350. Since when Nets not talking about the team ball any more?

  351. Hes made some great passes and they cant convert… these guys r terrible… nothing to develop

  352. Lin needs to be an alpha and take charge
    cant be a nice guy
    this aint play for fun little league where everyone gets a trophy

  353. There is no hope for this team. I feel so bad for Lin. He’s got a great relationship with his coach but he’s surrounded by selfish players who can’t make as shot.

  354. Who care what they say… this team is so bad in fact not that many talk about them anymore…

  355. there is reason Brook is out – Nets does not care to win

  356. LIn call the Piston or Memphis,they need your service on those teams just leave this team,it won’t give you any good at all,career and health wise and I’m serious.

  357. Agreed!

  358. No i doubt it. Toronto is 19-8. The last 2 teams were horrible teams. So yea…

  359. Need to communicate with his teammates. Bad coaching and lineups also doesn’t help. Booker is a bench player and should be playing with Lin. There are no one out there who can knock down 3s efficiently out there!

  360. he’s still trying to invite playing as a team and not as a selfish ballhog..i want also for lin to play like WestBrook with all open shots taken, but he’s not him and he likes to play teamball…it so happen his teammates now ar not good at their offense skill.

  361. They need to call him it’s not the other way around. No other team will give him a starting role. He got the start because of KA.

  362. If he wants to be backup he already got their job. Not going to happen.

  363. Yup he needs to get mad and get his!

  364. What would frustrate Lin is all players can do anything they want.

  365. the problem is kenny wants lin to facilitate not score…

  366. i almost prefer lin at the 2 because he is supposd to score. on this team atleast…

  367. Why does kilpatrick seem worse all of a sudden

  368. but i thought lin is the impact player..no linna no winna.
    That’s what we all say..and now you have bateman using that as a mockery of lin fans quote

  369. I think so for 1st half I believe.. I think Lin will take more shots in 2nd half.

  370. interesting question.

  371. Bc he’s not the star for this team anymore… lol

  372. theres no reason why lin should take less than 15 shots per game…

  373. He regressed so much. I have no idea what happened to him. He was playing well during the first few games

  374. I don’t know. He needs to regain his form.

  375. Sorry Lin, it is bad investment.

  376. hes a skrub when his shots aren’t falling
    hes never that good
    spark off the bench at best

  377. If theres any player nets can trade its bogdonavich. his points are ofton empty. He fills stats that have no impact

  378. He can be a good spot up shooter.

  379. NETS need to cut loose the cancer cell in Booker. RHJ may not be on the same page with the rest of the team but Booker is on an entirely different book….

  380. Agreed. Hope he plays better the 2nd half.

  381. Because thats what losing does to a team dude people get fed up and they go for their stats instead…Kenny is establishing a culture…thing is as long as they keep losing that culture is going to be hard to establish until they get a halfway decent team at least…this team should not have lost to the magic nor the sixers. that last game against the sixers really took the air out of this team.

  382. Jlin has lost some speed… he tried to outrun everyone on tat play he fell… he needs to play smarter…

  383. Issue is he doesnt just shoot the ball. He likes to iso first

  384. oh please

  385. Lol

  386. That’s on KA.

  387. he also missed both spot up shots Lin got for him. Id like to see his percentage on catch and shoot shots

  388. But there is a time that Lin must take the shot himself when his teammates don’t make the shots. That doesn’t mean he’s selfish. That’s what a captain will do.

  389. He keeps playing all out when he doesnt have to… he keeps falling and getting knockes around… no?

  390. Just waived everyone except Levert, lopez, harris and Lin,then picked up the players to get dumped by teams who need to shed off money this trade dead line.

  391. Booker already has 3 TO. smh.

  392. I think the main reasons everyone goes iso is because the culture KA has established 1) his communism rewarding system 2) losing to 76s and Magics which makes players do not care about winning since HC does not care

  393. I am not sure about his % and I didn’t start watch him plays until Lin joined the Nets, but I always thought he is pretty good at 3.

  394. lin has never had a coach that has given him the greenlight to just shoot the ball exceot mda

  395. Too bad MDA is in Houston now. 🙁

  396. on a talented team i gues he could be tolerated

  397. Yeah, i dont know what ka is tetryitrying to do…

  398. Come on, he’s doing everything without his teammates help!

  399. we don’t know what KA feeding jlin on how to play his game. It seems that the more Jlin tries to please his coach, the more he regress shooting the ball. Jlin know he can score but if the coach almost always tells you to facilitate as if your shooting is the problem, you will carry those thought while playing..My assumption on why Jlin reluctance in shooting more.

  400. and making Harden shoot the hell out of every games!!!!

  401. clifford at least allowed lin to shoot when kemba and batum were out

  402. What would’ve been happened to Nets if MDA was the coach for nets??

  403. I know! But he needs to realize that and do or say something… he IS the leader, right?

  404. Defense, defense, defense. Not watching the game, just looked at the score and TO and assist, I l already know the basic idea of the game.

  405. JLin made his 2 practice 3s in halftime. Looks very smooth

  406. that’s a given. when not being limited by his coach, Jlin thinks free and when he’s free of those restriction, he performs because he uses his brain to outplay the opponent.KA seems doesn’t understand this psychology of lin!

  407. His shot looks terrific tonight. He just needs his teammates to play better, with each other.

  408. play better means offense and defense!

  409. Lowry got all ball. Bad call by refs.

  410. Lets go Nets!!!!!!

  411. That’s KA’s job and I hope he tells them before it’s too late!

  412. Why is kilpatick calling plays… jlin, demand the ball!

  413. 222222222222

  414. Yeah think im pretty much done with this team for a couple of games..not expecting Lin to have that many good games because the team is just garbage sadly.

  415. raptors cant miss.. shooting 50/50/90.. gg

  416. Booker is garbage can’t catch or pass the ball. Don’t want to him him playing with Lin! Put someone else in!

  417. Why did ka decide to sit lopez against raptors? He would have been perfect now…

  418. If Lopez played we would’ve had a chance! No clue what KA is thinking forfeiting the only game they can win!! I seriously think the Nets are losing on purpose for what reason only they know!

  419. hahahahha

  420. Apart from that 3TOs, his stats by half time actually look deceivingly ok. Stats really aren’t reliable to evaluate a player’s performance…

  421. Booker is bad..

  422. Get booker out of there!!

  423. see how the commentators are telling, this nets team has NO Defense at all!

  424. Can’t believe this? Missed shots, fouls, TO… smh!

  425. im done man.. lins passed up like 500000 shots

  426. the lane was pretty clogged bro

  427. Booker needs to die
    so bad

  428. I agree that he’s passed up a few layups/floaters. Put it up, better than kicking it out to guys that are clueless.

  429. He plays like hes a role player! Youre the marquee guy… act like it!

  430. KA needs to bench Booker! I’ve said it since yesterday I’d rather see McCullough then his ugly misses at the rim, inability to catch or pass the ball for teammates for an open shot! He needs to go!! He’s wasted so many possessions!

  431. Seriously Lin i know you wanted to start but what the hell were you thinking? honestly Nets could not have been the only team offering you that position and for what? its not like you are the leading guy for this team you could have gotten the same kind of play on a better team. bunch of crap.

  432. I hope he get traded not just bench….

  433. Whatever just don’t want to see him playing with Lin and wasting his minutes!!

  434. lets not get crazy

  435. He believes in Kenny Atkinson. This game is NOT encouraging.

  436. What is jlin doing?

  437. I reported this message. This is unacceptable.

  438. He needs to be traded in fact he probably thinks so too and that’s why he’s been getting more selfish to showcase himself!

  439. Lin needs to shoot a lot more. Too unselfish tonight and he’s probably going to sit the entire 4th.

  440. KA needs to play only enough players to strengthen his rotation and chemistry..stop playing scola for now because he either doesn’t want to play defense or he’s old and can’t. RJH must be limited on his minutes. insert levert on the nine man rotation. leave whitehead on the bench and plays booker less minutes.

  441. Tried to help his teammates…

  442. That was a horrible shot by rhj…

  443. Do they have strengthen? lol!

  444. Booker needs to be benched and they need to call up McCullough from d league!! NOW!!

  445. Hes gotta stop this crep and assert his self

  446. Blowout or not, Kenny should let Lin play 30m. He needs to keep stretching the minutes.

  447. Whats with jlin and the 3 pt line?

  448. 40+pts on the paint for Raptors vs 18pts for Nets.

    This game shows how much Nets need defensive big men to rebound, block and alter shots.
    This has ‘ASIK’ written all over it

  449. NO. KAs way is for everyone to play regardless.

  450. Not making fts is just bad…

  451. I like the idea for Asik to come to Nets.

  452. 23 minutes already. So far he’s the only one plays long min.

  453. it’s embarrasing and it was a dumb move on Lins part look at this team it’s a catastrophe and im hoping Lin leaves as soon as possible you have dellavadova for the bucks and Rondo for the bulls both teams with good talent but subpar PGs 76ers etc it is what it is

  454. Career low in FT’s for Lin..

  455. Nice pass by Lin!

  456. What a pass by Lin!

  457. lack of focus now because of frustration

  458. Lin needs to practice FTs

  459. Nice no-look bounce pass from Lin to RHJ for easy 2!

  460. AB isn’t in sync with Lin yet.

  461. Hes the leader… appears careless…

  462. Lin tried to do too much there.

  463. Lin 25 mins already?

  464. JLin plays 25min so far in 3 quarters with 3 min left.

    Nice progress

  465. your Lin hating attitude is unacceptable

  466. Torontos defense is focused on Lin. Its basically anyone but Lin to them.

  467. watch.. after lin comes out, the nets catch up..that’s how it’s working like nowadays.. they haven’t incorporate linna in yet.

  468. yup, good to see

  469. too much going on in his brain

  470. but they losing.
    that’s not progress
    that’s regress

  471. Nah, 3Q blue and 4Q slip.

  472. because he will sit in the fourth now lead being that big. mark it!

  473. They refuse to pass to wide open Lin
    Looks like thats the case everywhere Lin goes

  474. he needs to play the rest of the remaining game for it not to be a 40pt blowout

  475. That was the problem in the 1st half. This half, I do blame Lin for being too unselfish.

  476. I disagree.

  477. Lin’s minutes are progressing.

    Resting Brook is a regression for sure

  478. This is embarassing… jlin is not helping himself… he doesnt show any fire…

  479. Someone needs to develop KA.

  480. Seriously **** Kenny until he shows me he can actually be halfway decent **** him

  481. ok, 2nd sentence is a good argument right there

  482. He’s always unselfish
    he needs to stop being so timid and let skrubs step all over him

  483. Lol

  484. Should have played more vs. Philly. Would have smashed them for 20-30p and won.

  485. x100

  486. Hes playing like a wuss

  487. Yes and missing FTs because his confidence is gone
    this is no leader

  488. What kind of offense is this?

  489. Again, why does RHJ take those wild shots?
    How dumb does one have to be to take those shots

  490. i watch WB yesterday an see how team looks for him everytime as he leads the game even to a loss.here, its different, KA lets JLIn look for everybody before he expect lin to play good offense.

  491. Holy I’ve never seen KA yell out plays and instructions like this before! He must be really mad!

  492. dont know but its called motion offense….LOL

  493. Nope, he’s frustrated. That’s all.

  494. Lin is a warrior. He fights.

    From what I could tell from the Nets is the message is you do not have to fight.

    minute caps, resting players, equal playing time, no accountability, and even coming out and saying wins are not important.

    The message to players is you don’t have to fight. The result is no defense. The feeling I get is more of a club team then a professional team.

  495. Kenny should shut Lin down for the rest of the game. Let Dinwiddie get a lot of minutes and hopefully calm down and play better. Nets big men lack touch around the rim except for Brook. Hamilton hasn’t found it. Skil needs to get his game back. Booker is playing poorly. Harris is good, but Bogs isn’t so good tonight. Just, forget it.

  496. KA needs to let Lin shoot some and draw some plays for him
    KA has been the same as other coaches

  497. Obviously not a Lin fan

  498. Lol… can we call it ymca offense?

  499. did Lin play the full 3rd quarter? isn’t that a bit of overkill?

  500. Same can be asked why does Booker, Skil, and Bog take wild shots at the rim even when it’s clogged. Skill drew 3 defenders at the rim and should’ve pass for open 3!

  501. He played about 9 1/2 minutes I think. I doubt he plays the rest of the game, though. This game was a disaster.

  502. No, Lin Substitution replaced by Dinwiddie at 3:05

  503. Unfortunately, this one-sided game is playing out as expected.

    Raptors is #2 seed in the East with 19-8 record for a reason.
    They have deep bench and plays strong D.

    Nets is weak on defense and is missing Brook tonight.
    There is so much Lin can do being the only playmaker on court.

    Just hope Lin plays 28+min, finds his rhythm, and stays healthy

  504. Hes the self proclaimed leader… he needs to act like it…

  505. I’m watching this feed right now and someone not sure is KA who’s been shouting out instructions to the Nets players telling them to hand, pass, go, etc. Wow I think KA’s hit the edge with his team. http://www.watchinhq.com/watch/495655/6/watch-toronto-raptors-vs-brooklyn-nets.html

  506. I hope KA think differently than yours. Lin needs to come back in to lead the team even we’re losing!

  507. I Had Lin at 18/7 at the end of the season..imma have to change that to 15/6 not because of Lin but because of this team 15/6 sounds more reasonable.

  508. i agree with the cause of the problem. KA thinks differently but his actions and directions is not what he expects from all his high character players…they thought they got some high character players who are unselfish to breed new culture, but after some failures, other players are now going out with their true self, selfish motivation just to please themselves and not wanting anymore to see that new culture. to each its own right now except Jlin and Lopez

  509. He’s the only one has been attacking the rim. Harris used to do some but not today. I wonder why.

  510. ah got it, thanks!

  511. I hope so. This team lacks fire. Then again how fired up should you be when you randomly rest your all Star center when you get to play the #2 seed in the East. It’s like you gave up before the game even started.

  512. I have never seen this kind of strategy…

  513. now is the time for KA to experiment on how Lin can make plays with what he draws during his injured days..let KA use the players combination that Jlin made and see how it goes?

  514. 2 games late. He should do that when Lin got back.

  515. KA copying the Spurs way by resting Duncan and his main players except they are no where loaded in talents as the Spurs!

  516. KA should let Lin play more PNR…
    Even though Lin pass his man, opponent front court player is waiting for him….they need to draw opponent back court player outside using screen especially PNR…

  517. He should do that every game cause the Nets are so incompetent except I’m worried he will lose his voice by the third game lol. How bad can you be if the coach needs to tell you every single move! “Pass, Get Up, etc” I mean really KA is now treating them like babies! Sad part they actually play better with him shouting those instructions! Like really you need your coach to tell you to pass and the other guy to get to the rim which drew a foul! How dumb are these guys?

  518. Lol… ka, this is not the spurs

  519. I agree with that.

  520. I don’t think he’s coming back because it’s a blowout. Yes, this game did not go well.

  521. if Lin can not average 18/7or 20/5, I have to buy dinner to my friends…LOL

  522. if the team thinks that they will not win that game…pessimistic approach lacks fire and detrmination.I doubt if KA really believes lin can lead this rag tag team without a semblance of another 2 or 3 good players who really plays?

  523. Lin should want to come in to pad his stats..only saving grace for him this season he should pad the crap out of his stats seriously.

  524. I know… thats his friggin strength… wasted… will we ever gwt a chance to see his potential?

  525. lol dude only way that happens is if he pads his stats.

  526. Self interest is normal human nature. Lin is special. Use that self interest to motivate players by benching bad play. Threaten to cut them or send them to d league. Mix some negative feed back with the positive feed back. Don’t make bad basketball and losing okay.

  527. blowout yet being played by Lowry?LOL!

    2 differing Coach opinions here. Play your best player for a kill, the other don’t play your best players because he need to make his time management a priority.

  528. Nah. He’ll be at 18/7 easy once he’s healthy and playing normal games. He was “robbed” of chances to statpad versus the Sixers, Lakers, etc. But there’s plenty of chances later after this tough stretch of 3 games.

    55 games left! Long way to go…

  529. we’ll see i doubt it tho

  530. Yet he’s copying theirs and Hawks’ offense and strategies half way refusing to play PnR because he doesn’t want to copy MDA. You’d think he’d embrace it after being assistant coach under MDA but who knows.

  531. RJ aggressiveness to attack the rim is a plus in this game.

    The Nets inability to rebound gave up so many points in the paint.
    They can’t stop the Raptors from scoring so it’s hard to cut the lead

  532. #92 plays like beast!

  533. if RJH is your best offense on a team, your team is doomed!

  534. He’s playing insanely great this season (just look at the PER). Just been injured.

  535. Lowry in to statpad against Nets 3rd string. They want to get him into the All-Star game.

  536. Raptors back court players making everything…

  537. That shows how weak our bigs are and that’s has been our major problem.

  538. it’s certainly not promising if RHJ is the best scorer when Lin rests

  539. Put Lin back in let him stat pad
    after cheaping out on Lin with an insulting 36m/3yr deal
    thats the lease u can do!!

  540. like i said it’s not him it’s the talent around him. Teams wont have to scheme against any other player other than brook and Lin.

  541. IS lin done?

  542. I agree. Action speaks louder then talk. Or even what KA thinks he believes. Every action I see from KA this season is that he never believed Lin would make them a contender.

    Real Lin fans have true belief and believe Lin could’ve made the Nets winners.

  543. Now that I agree with…unless he’s on a 25m limit. Which he might be.

  544. I have him at 16 or 15 as well. To get higher you need more weapons on your team or defenses key in on you. And to get assists you need players who can finish. This team lacks both. But Brook will be a big help.

  545. He’ll get his stats. Just bad timing. Injured for 6 weeks and now 3 games against TOR, GSW, CLE.

  546. I agree.

  547. yes, I hope JLin texts Asik to say hi and invites him to spend New Year’s Eve in NY 🙂

  548. All blame falls on Booker. He was supposed to be the rebounder for this team. He didn’t live up to his end of the bargain, turned his focus on playing heroball instead. Curse him.

  549. His scoring at this stage of the game is just empty points bc Raptors already know they’re way ahead for Nets to catch up so they let him score. Raptors are not defending him like they did at the beginning of the game.

  550. Ka letting this crep play happen? One on one

  551. that needs to be KA’s mindset and lose some of those “too much” protection on Jlin health….I know the meaning of 1 step backward 2 step forward, but nets has to experiment now to play Jlin when they need to rally even for a lesson only!

  552. Looks like it. He played 25m this game…which was probably the plan.

    And then 25-30 next two games. And then no limits after that.

  553. Dinwindi doing a good job leading this lineup! Finally!

  554. Nets just playing so bad, shot 28 3PA with 25%; Tor FG% almost reach 50%; feel bad for Lin….

  555. No way Lin doesn’t close this game especially when KA knew Lopez would be resting. When will he be back in?

  556. I think the plan was to go near 30. But no reason to bring him back being down 20 in the 4th.

  557. wheres the no limit with KA..he’a aseason limiter right now and maybe when the lost contention will start with developing young guys mode fully!

  558. Lol! I hope so too.

  559. Still no Lin and all the Nets just stand still and allow for an offensive rebound & and 1. Smh.

  560. Hater coach scrwing with Lin again

  561. No Foye back in?!

  562. It’s a blowout. Let him sit and rest for the back to back.

  563. KA trying so hard to limit Lin
    hes a Lin hater

  564. it’s over anyways..

  565. Lin not coming back? I’m turning this off lol

  566. I concurra.

  567. its garbage time dude no reason to put him in

  568. It’s a blowout. Why should he come back in? If it was a close game he’d be in. But it’s not.

  569. See, NOW this is the time to DEVELOPE your players.. in a blowout..
    NOT when you are a MUST WIN GAME with a chance!!!

  570. 16pts not too bad

  571. well, if they able to tie it without lin.. lin is not coming back in anyways…because they tied with out him so doesn’t make sense to bring him in.

  572. True but want to see how Lin’s body responds with 28 – 30 mins of play time.

  573. KA need to feel how frustrated Lin is now so he needs to let Jlin played this one in and see what he can do. By not giving in and keep fighting attitude, KA let the player know that everybody needs to play their heart out even in a sure loss games!

  574. Common sense is something ka may lack…

  575. KA finds every excuse possible to bench Lin
    whats new?
    for those who are saying this is a blow out
    Bogdonovic is still in

  576. Blowout or not, Lowry still playing, he already play >33 min. KA shall let Lin close the game.

  577. dinwiddie was doing a better job leading the offense why did KA sub him out for Foye? They still have a chance to cut the lead why give up?

  578. I guess this is Lin’s minutes (slow) progression:
    20, 20, 22, 25, …

    Next might be 28 vs GSW

  579. lin still on limited minutes..

  580. My god. KA sending in Foye, giving up.

  581. Mod: i don’t know whether any of you notice this. Please watch YellowClaw’s posts. I always feel he pretends to be a Lin fan and trying to flame on this site.

  582. they getting there.. 25 of INTENSE starting minutes with opp starters is progress

  583. I think his body is ok. And there’s a back to back coming. Maybe if there wasn’t he could try it. But, might as well take no chances here and let him rest and be more fresh for it.

  584. KA gave up too early

  585. Its bizarre… how many times have we got all excited and been let down hard… this has got to be the worst along with houston

  586. How? prove it

  587. makes sense. I didn’t know it was a back to back either.

  588. dinwiddie was doing a good job leading the offense as PG why the heck did KA take him out?!! He doesn’tplay anyone with talent seriously !

  589. I hope in the postgame interview, someone will ask KA why rest Lopez tonight.

  590. seriously? how? he is like b-tching about ka..which as bad as it sound..many lin fan does.. I find ka to be fine though..just rookie mistakes.

  591. Then he shouldve done that in the first 3Qs

  592. how about number of PNR progression::

  593. This is how they come to play…. smh! Joke.

  594. Right? U got the elite pr pg and dont use him… can we catch a break with these teams?

  595. Agreed! 20 point game can still be cut to single digits!

  596. Against GSW and Cleveland. If somehow they are close in any of those games, Lin will probably play a lot of minutes.

  597. So ugly. No Lin no win, limit Lin no win.

  598. My night is not fully wasted though Rose is playing good so one of my favourites is playing good!

  599. Ty. its getting annoying. I understand that all you are frustrated with Kenny and need to vent, but some of the comments are getting outrageous. Although I’m not a fan of Kenny’s choices at times, he only has so much to work with.

  600. fibonacci sequence will be nicer.

  601. Healthy is the number 1 priority for the players and the team. Even if they lose 82 games in a row.

  602. he gave it up after first 10 mins by sitting Lin

  603. I think they want to loss sure will make the trade for first round pick. Then tank for top 5 pick.

  604. Agreed.
    I will tone it down
    Still a new NBA fan

  605. Agreed
    I complain too much
    I will tone it down

  606. no wonder… u sound like one.. geesh
    thanks for admit it.

  607. They don’t plan to win.

  608. Jlin only took 8 shots. He’s been busy trying to distribute and this team can’t finish layups or shoot open 3s….

  609. I feel the same. I complain but am a diehard jlin fan… yellowclaw appears to be trying too hard…

  610. I hope that’s not true ’cause that against the culture they’re building. Plus Lin wouldn’t agree with that too.

  611. Happy for Rose
    Definitely had the potential to be a great player

  612. it’s not lin dude its this teams lack of talent they suck suck suck suck suck.

  613. Hamilton’s shot is so broke its crazy haha

  614. tell me if Lin coes in cause i cant watch this

  615. Number one priority for the players and the team to continue developing? I don’t get it.

  616. Gave the entire 4th quarter without putting Lin back in!

  617. theres no way hes coming back lol

  618. It’s garbage time. 2nd and 3rd stringers are in now.

  619. I know but so far what culture they build? For the win? No..

  620. It’s KA you never know LOL.

  621. Don’t think he’s a troll, but he’s definitely not following the rules. Just check his comments, it’s almost all complaints with extremes like “Booker needs to die so bad” and so many F* words. Maybe he came from Jeremylin(dot)net

  622. He’s been negative that’s for sure.

  623. Thats just mindboggling… i dont get him sometimes… he is the self proclaimed leader but no one is listening bc he is not friggin leading…

  624. ty bro! things will get better…hopefully haha

  625. the games was at 15 point at the minute mark. thats when Lin should of come back. whats the point of him starting if he plays nothing in the forth

  626. Shut it off…

  627. Not only NO WIN, there is no FIRE at all. With some lossing games, they at least work hard, we saw the effort to fight to defend, but later on … it getting worse… Hope Lin keep the spirit and be healthy!

  628. I think he’s done. He played 25 min that’s it for today. smh! KA maybe can’t do well in coaching but he did pretty good to keep his rules. lol!

  629. blasphemy

  630. Wow Anthony Bennett with the offense rebound and just took a 3 after catching it with 1 hand without hesitating! He has talent for sure and I really would rather see him play with Lin than Booker! Please bench Booker!!

  631. Lets forget about winning and losing this year. Its clearly not about that for them.

  632. That was a collosal waste of time… KA AND JLin to blame…

  633. Atkinson has done everything he can to not play Lin and Lopez this season. FIRE Atkinson. Sure when you keep letting your young players play more than your best players, then punish the best player because they are behind, so now they can’t play because of garbage time. FIRE Atkinson! Sean Marks is staying, Atkinson’s job is more in jeopardy that Marks.

  634. Interesting Foye now plays some actual play-making after being benched for several games. Too bad him and Booker both should be traded. Is the deadline over?

  635. It’s clearly not to develop Lin either.

  636. I will not judge atkinson this year but next year all this development better lead to somewhere

  637. please dont throw jeremy under the bus… lol not his fault his teammates couldn’t knock down shots

  638. I have to say Lin looks like he will be an allstar by next year in a competative team. Injury will lower his stats but you can clearly see he is primed for that step

  639. Lin with the most minutes on the team interestingly enough

  640. I am not that optimistic. With KA coaching, Lin can’t even get his stats.

  641. That’s Lin’s fault? Why?

  642. and No i’m not just talking about playing time for just This game, before the Tards come ou!

  643. Exactly Bobby, Exactly!

  644. The way the Nets keep Brook and Lin healthy with rest and minutes restriction, it seems like Sean and Kenny don’t want to overextend them until they upgrade the roster soon.

    It’s hard to win when you can’t rebound and play defense.

    Asik might be the Christmas gift that the Nets need 🙂

  645. Sigh!

  646. Asik and Hayward!

  647. asik cant play D tho :/

  648. He is the on court mentor to develop the younglings, win is not important any more.

  649. no way they get Hayward lol. that would be so dope

  650. I didn’t feel a comeback. Game was outta hand and LIn has a back to back coming against the 2 best teams in the league. I have no problem with Lin sitting for that very reason.

  651. Sean Marks: “None of us thought this was going to be easy” ; Okay, I get it now! As long as JLin feel okay, I will accept it; if he disagree with KA’s too much on developing side, I hope he speak up. I think 11 players rotation is not too good for JLin to help each one of his new teammates.

  652. Seriously asik? omer freaking asik? no This nets team need something a whole lot more than Scola lite.

  653. ?? Asik was effective in HOU to rebound, alter so many shots, limit offensive rebounds?

  654. Hope you are right.

  655. i dont remember that too much but I like him!

  656. psalm, I completely respect you and the your input, but I believe in Lin and Lopez’s skill enough that they should be winning games, even with Lin out. Let Lopez play 35+ minutes & rest him on lesser teams. Limit the number of players in the rotation to 10 max if you are going to “develop”. We’ve seen what this team is capable of, it’s that Atkinson gets in the way and is a poor coach.

  657. if the plan was not to win then Jeremy lin should just rest the whole year and not play single game again till next year.

  658. oh, believe me .. Asik would help this team so much being a backup center
    Teams can’t easily score on them

  659. He was an excellent defender. In the playoffs against Portland, he played the best defense on LMA.

  660. They need to trade Hamilton, Rondae, and Foye. They have been baaaaaaaad

  661. better than hamilton for sure

  662. allow Lin to play 35+ too, rest him when needed. And No 35+ minutes is not the cause of injury.

  663. Atkinson and Marks together have a long-term vision. And it’s for a bunch of players. The rotation will go down in a few weeks provided everyone stays healthy.

  664. I am ok with Hamilton, just getting back from migraine. Scola if any team wants him.

  665. KA probably feels proud that his minute management was almost perfect today. Everyone played about 20 min except Foye.

  666. Right, plus the TOs and some guys going outside of their games like Booker. He’s the one vet that should know better.

  667. Asik is 7’0″, 255lbs natural Center with big body
    Scola is 6’9″ 241lbs natural PF .. and he’s aging

    Not the same. Have you forgotten Asik’s defense in HOU?

  668. forgot about scola. yes he needs to go as well. hamilton is way too soft on D

  669. OT: Psalm are you doing fund raising for JLin foundation any time soon? I’ve been planning to donate before the yearend but the year is almost over.

  670. Lin’s highlights – wished the game could have been closer in the 4th so he’d have gotten some more minutes.

  671. i clearly dont watch him enough haha! my bad guys

  672. What do you guys think who will be traded?

  673. Lin and Asik was a fun duo to watch even with the butter fingers. The Lin-Asik duo was good enough to win games for the Rockets and with Lin’s help, their defense was good.

  674. Too many seasons he has not made much of a noise he is a whiner and wont be happy coming of the bench on the nets. He is 30 years old and has hands of stone. but hey anything is better than bennett at least.

  675. I’d trade Booker before I trade Rondae, Booker selfishness and inability to get to the rim makes him useless and toxic! Rondae can at least cut to the rim and score. But yes Booker and Foye needs to be traded. Hamilton just got back from injury or is fighting them but he played well when healthy especially at shooting 3s.

  676. The clipboard KA used.

  677. Atkinson. Sorry, enough of that. No-one, because nobody will trade for any of the Nets roster.

  678. Performance Team

  679. I meant Asik should be backup C to help with strong D.
    It would help on nights like this when Brook gets rest.

    Also helps the 2nd team tremendously.
    Brook should still be the starting Center since Asik can’t help much on offense.

  680. Well, the best 2 players on the team.

  681. Haha! I wish. Hope including KA. lol

  682. Lin will not make it to ASG bc if your team is not in playoff team you normally will not make it. W KA & his equal playing time for all… hard to see Lin will have good stats to get in by vote.

  683. If they trade Lopez, maybe. But who would they get for him that is a 28yr old All-Star center? I don’t think they should get rid of him.

  684. rhj

  685. they crazy if they trade lopez.

  686. agree!

  687. notice that motion offense thing..no one got above 5 assists..

  688. Ya! I am so mad at this dumb coach to waste Lin’s prime time. smh!

  689. Trading Lopez will seal Lin’s leave because this team without Lopez will take years to rebuild and no star will want to join them!

  690. If they do that, it is like they will rebuild for the next 2.5 years. And Lin will be phased out.

  691. Why? Bc he got more chance today?

  692. sorry, please donate directly to JLin Foundation. I and some mods already did so
    This year I’m so swamped at work that I won’t have time to organize the tally :[

  693. I’m pleasantly surprised this game.

    The performance team and Lin himself are AHEAD OF SCHEDULE.

    Sure the starters struggled. And yes, the bench finally got a rusty Hamilton back. But the bench overall was solid.

    I had thought Lin was gonna come off the bench again, but instead he started. That indicates that the performance team and Atkinson and Lin’s goals are all being met.

    Lopez was the differential this game. The Nets got to see what their starters would do without Lopez but with Lin. Obviously there is work to be done there.

  694. Booker & Foye before RHJ who can still contribute with his cuts to the rim for baskets.

  695. Yup, I put up their personnel and back ground the other day, but there is just something missing. I’m giving the performance team the benefit of the doubt because they don’t control the rotations and game plan.

  696. Psalm, I already did it as I promised. and write the “Collective Fundraising Effort by JLinPortal members” note in the Comment section 🙂

  697. One of the beauty of MO is, the shoot% will be curved and smoothed to the norm, in this case for this team right now, is 33%.

  698. Asik won’t have much choice to start being 30 now
    His value is very low so it might be a good trade now to fill the need

  699. Foye maybe bc he suddenly can’t play anymore…. Some teams seem to be interested in Booker….

  700. Wow KHuang I’m glad you’re positive cause you’re usually right about the team! What did you think of Dinwiddie? I liked what I saw from and felt KA should’ve played him more this game as the backup point guard. He’s the most solid backup PG I’ve seen for this Nets team so far!

  701. thank you 🙂
    I’m sure JLinFoundation would appreciate it since we did it for 2 years

  702. development takes time people! look at the lakers their squad has more talent than this team and they are just getting started after years of bad records…The teams team barely have talent and no picks hahahahahah if people here think this team is going anywhere next season prepare to have your hearts broken better pray Lin leaves this crap bigger chance that will happen.

  703. I got your point, sarcastic, haha.

    Seriously, I think you might be right on. Nets FO and KA are giving the team except Brook-Lin a 20 games auditions, with different line-ups to see who should stay and play what roles. Let’s hope you are once again the prophecy.

  704. Foye shouldn’t have even started in the 1st place when Lin was injured. KA gave him more than enough chance and he just can’t playmake or score. If anything Nets should waive him and sign a starting SF which they desperately need.

  705. Ok KHuang, when did you start getting on the Net’s payroll. j/k. After reading more about the performance team, I don’t doubt their abilities. I’m still not sold on Atkinson, maybe after supposedly in a few weeks, we’ll see tighter rotations.
    If they start winning, I believe it’s because they let Lin and Brook lead the team, like we’ve seen glimpses of. So for me to give credit to Atkinson, when he could have started the season with Lin & Lopez dominate, then I could give him credit for future wins. But this season, will be because of Lin and Lopez’s rotations and playing time.

  706. I’ve been saying that Dinwiddie should be the backup.

    While Dinwiddie still has to learn about game management, at least his skills are there and he’s off to a good start.

    The Nets now face a serious dilemma in that they’re gonna have to figure out who the primary backup is, Dinwiddie or Whitehead.

    My guess is that Dinwiddie will claim the position but Whitehead will be highly prized and will play.

    Both of those talented PGs will cut a bit into Lin’s starter minutes, and that’s a GOOD thing!

  707. Whitehead is out, so Lin will start anyway. You don’t think Nets will let Lin backup Dinwiddle,right?

  708. Exactly. Just look at 76 & Min… how many years they build? Now? smh!

  709. No, that absolutely will not happen.

    Lin needs to start.

  710. Lin started has nothing to do w Whitehead’s out. More give the chance to Dinwiddle.

  711. EXACTLY

    The Nets are WAY AHEAD of the Lakers in true development.

    Luke Walton is a superb coach. But Atkinson is BETTER.

  712. I am so glad you can keep up with JLin’s positive thinking when the situation is so difficult :), yes, a lot of more to learn from you, not only BBall knowledge, but also change toward to the positive attitude!

  713. Not necessarily, I don’t mind if KA played a 2/3 guard line up with Lin, Dinwiddie & Kilpatrick/Harris with the 2nd unit while Lopez rested. I especially want to see what Lin & Dinwiddie can do in a lineup together! I feel Lin’s game is elevated when he has another PG/playmaking guard with him. Granted that guard needs to be unselfish and not a shot chucker like Harden or Walker.

  714. Atkinson and Marks are working desperately to avoid being like the Suns:

    tons of “talented” but overrated selfish players with bad attitude, no winning habits, and no improvement.

  715. I didn’t think I would ever feel that way with the Nets and Atkinson. But seriously, I think this is one of the most worst treatments Lin has had, BECAUSE he is supposedly one of the Main guys. The Net’s treatment except for media and hype shows otherwise. It’s like Rockets all over again. At least Lakers, we knew that they were tanking. Hornets, he had the best treatment from Clifford. Maybe Lin should have waited it out 1 more year to go deeper into the playoffs with Hornets, let Atkinson struggle his first two years and then join up with him later.

  716. Lol no they arent in any way ahead of the lakers in true development it’s gonna take years of development to fix this garbage and with no draft picks the nets have screwed over themselves.

  717. Hrmph, Atkinson and Lin SCHOOLED ME!

    I haven’t been HUMBLED by a NBA coach and player this badly in like 15 years!

    I deserve no credit. Atkinson and Marks and Lin are the ones doing progress!

  718. Look at the superb way the bench competed today.

    Those guys were struggling badly before Lin returned.

    Now they are SOLID.

    I am TOTALLY SOLD on Atkinson, he is the BEST coach I have seen in the NBA in a long time.

    Just as Lin is the new age winning guard of te modern NBA, Atkinson is going to be a trendsetter like his mentor D’Antoni.

  719. I’m not sure I agree with you about next season. Not saying you’re wrong, I’m not sure yet. But, development takes time for sure.

  720. I USED to think like you.

    I don’t anymore, because Atkinson changed my mind.

  721. My opinion is that he does not assert himself as the “leader.” I observed on multiple.occasions when he just passively stood around while other consistently inept players such as booker, hollis jefferson, and bognonovich, among others dont pass the ball back to him, dont pass at all, dont play defense, and simply ignore him, leading to poor play and or turnovers… IF he is the leader, then hes gotta do or say something… i did not see him do or say anything…

  722. I’d have to say Luke Walton is a better coach, at least for this Rookie year so far. It’s Lin’s 6th & Lopez’s 8th year. They don’t need to be coddled and developed, they can lead a team. The team should be developed around their skills. Not everybody elses.

  723. Agree that his teammates blew some nice passes from jlin but i also observed a passive jlin out there… see above…

  724. Really? I dont see it…

  725. No he did not, Clifford prevented Lin from being a regular starter or overshadowing Walker! Clifford had a hidden agenda and insulted Lin by saying he was a bench player all his career! Cliff also avoided praising Lin or giving him credit. He also yelled at Lin when he was on the court causing him to have a TO when he wanted to go to the rim since he didn’t trust him! Cliff and Hornets was set on only having Lin as bench player even though he’s better than Kemba Walker! Cliff never allowed Lin to started with Walker and Batum only when 1 of them was injured! KA and Lopez sees Lin as a leader and their starting PG! His minutes are restricted but that’s for everyone else too so KA is at least fair. Unlike Cliff who was a yes man and gave Walker 40 minutes almost every game and green like to chuck 30 shots for 30 points!

  726. What is wrong with Kilpatrick? We needed Lopez, Booker was terrible.

    I just listened to Lin’s post-game and he’s very much saying he should have been able to adjust to their run and did things more effectively. He’s going to look a lot at the film to figure out what happens. That’s a great leader. Part of learning and leading is analyzing what went wrong.

  727. Why dont you play lopez in this game? He wouldve made a huge difference…

  728. Atkinson will soon have FIVE quality guards:

    Lin, Kilpatrick (he needs the most work of all of them), Harris, Dinwiddie, and Whitehead (ranks right behind Kilpatrick in room for improvement).

    What started out this season as a serious lack of quality guards has methodically and rapidly been transformed into a GLUT of quality guards who all deserve more minutes!

    This is the “process” that Atkinson and Marks and Lin and Lopez constantly talk about. It’s about 1/3 complete!

  729. Didn’t the nets get blown out by 20 tonight?? Am I missing something??

  730. Alright, give me some of what you are on today. haha.

  731. No, 104 to 116; only 12 points NOT 20!

  732. Here’s something I’m confused about. Won’t development be faster with unrestricted playing time where players can get into a rhythm? These restrictions only serve to dampen the process and be counter-intuitive. Unless of course KA is just using this season to evaluate who they should keep before settling on a consistent starting and bench lineup? Surely he’s not so dumb as to think the ever revolving starting and bench lineup will work because they can’t develop chemistry this way!

  733. KHuang did say he thought Lopez should have played today, so I don’t fault him for not critiquing that decision.

  734. You can denounce me all you want, I’m fine with that.

    But for giggles, look at the bench’s SOLID production.

    You can laugh at me, but you cannot laugh at Lin’s bench production!

  735. I just listened to Lin’s post-game and he said he should have been able to adjust to their run in the 2nd quarter and do things more effectively. He’s going to look at film soon to see what happened.

    I think a few things. Lin should have shot more. Lin should look Booker off, freeze him out some, and tell him to quit over dribbling. Lin himself should just go in and get fouled near the rim, not kick it out. That gets the team in the penalty and when he kicks it out, a lot of the time his teammates don’t have a clue of what to do with the ball. He needs to get his chemistry back with Skil. He could take more mid-range shots when they pack the paint. Shoot more floaters. Shoot more. Another thing is, maybe from years of playing 2-guard off the bench, sometimes he goes into off-ball mode. I think he should go to the ball a little more. The team just doesn’t have the ball handlers to have Lin off-ball for too long.

    Not worried about his free throws. They’ll be good. He’s in a bit of a FT slump right now.

    His defense was outstanding in this game. I still don’t think he’s right. The speed, the reads, the timing, isn’t there. But, he showed flashes of at least passing the ball well. Only 1 TO, no big deal. He took care of the ball under a ton of pressure tonight.

  736. The starters need to raise their game.

    Lin’s ON IT

  737. That’s because they shot 28% from 3 and not much better from 2

  738. Ok … I checked the score when it was 87-107.

  739. I defend Clifford, because Lin knew the reason why he was going to Charlotte. He knew he would be back up. I had no hope of him starting when playing with Hornets because of how bad Lakers season was, and Lin knew the conditions. I think he chose wisely due to the fact, Clifford help erase Lin’s narrative of having a weak defense. Clifford praised LIn. He was obligated to stick to his Man (Jordan’s man), Kemba.

  740. I hope ? some GM will save Lin at the trade dead line.

  741. They were mostly down by 20. Garbage time brought them to down by 12.

  742. Probably it’s a medical precaution to make sure Lopez survives the season.

  743. Makes sense… im less fumed

  744. Khuang started some new therapy to disguise his anger at losing??

  745. You said it right here too, that Cliff would give Walker 40 minutes. I”m not saying to give Lin 40min every game. but 30+ minutes should have been no problem in the beginning.

  746. Doesn’t excuse the fact Cliff knowing benched one of his best players on the team for politics that’s not a good coach. Not to mention he copied Mchale’s playbook and used Lin’s draw of defense to hype up Walker for allstar and chucking unlimited shots just like Morey did for Harden! So happy they lose the allstar game if they got it, Walker would’ve gotten the home court pity vote and gotten even though he’s a fake star.

  747. Back to back coming up Thursday/Friday. Of the 3 games for scheduled rest, the competition is stronger in the other two IMO. More need for him (although clearly we could have used him in this one)

  748. I agree he should take more mid-range shots. Fake the 3 take a dribble and shoot. The whole team should do this more. Way too many 3’s and they shot 28%

  749. 26 games & KA still evaluate who should start? smh! Well, maybe right now KA & Marks really tried to figure it out who should be on the trade list…??

  750. Well, Colin had a point about Lin. Most nights Lin doesn’t shoot more than 10 times a game. Even tonight it was only 8 shots. He defers to his team mates too much, which would be ok on a team like the spurs but for the nets it’s a different story.

  751. Booker has to be reigned in. Bogs had an off-night. He’s been mostly good. Hoping for a more competitive team on Thursday and Friday. 2Q run was the problem. The rest of the game they were competitive.

  752. I already heard the when Lin still in Lakers

  753. They will not trade him bc Lin is not only their starting PG but also the real developing coach for this team (players + coach). Also ATM for his boss. NO way, they will keep him.

  754. Cliff gave Walker 40 minutes to hype him up as a fake star but he was NOT nice to Lin who was always still marginalized and benched! So no Cliff is not a better coach and certain not one for Lin! Cliff did the same thing McHale did to keep his job but he will get fired just like all of Lin’s previous coaches who can’t produce. In fact he purposely benched Lin during playoffs which cause them to lose the series!

  755. Colin does have a point. It’s just he runs it to the ground and it seems his only point. Lin needed to shoot much more in this game.

  756. What he did to change your mind?

  757. And something else. Is Lin more aggressive off the bench, more in scorer’s mentality? Sometimes I think Lin will score more if he comes off the bench and plays starters minutes. Or if he plays 2 guard. But he still gets assists as 2 guard.

  758. KHuang is Right!
    This Nets team is Better than the Lakers as a whole. If KA wanted to win and that’s IF … then you’ll see something . No Lopez. No Lin (only measly 25min.). I have no doubt if Lin played 35min tonight this game will come down to the wire… It’s not in KA’s gene to go all out and grab the W every single game.

  759. 100% correct on all points especially the ATM part. Russian boss will never give away a cash machine like Lin. He isn’t dumb like morey…prokhorov only cares about $$$&

  760. Maybe. but how do you solve the rebound issue?

  761. Too for him if that happens.

  762. I think he switched to be more of a facilitator and passing point guard more due to coach’s influence to get other’s more involved. But he’s right, when Lin doesn’t feel it, he sometimes hesitates and defers too much.

  763. Why KA didn’t want to win? Tank for the top 5 pick?

  764. You’re WRONG!
    Prokhorov likes $$ but values Winning more. He’s learnt his lessons. No more shortcuts like in past. If another great PG comes along he’ll trade Lin right away. But there’s no one comin’

  765. Same with me. To me, I’m seeing now that it’s based on development and due to injuries, vs can’t defend, being asian, or Linsanity was a fluke.

  766. Not too sure but I think Lin just doesn’t like to be that main scoring guy unless he is forced to or feels like it. Some times he just prefers to defer to team mates than do all the work. I don’t blame him for that though. He is human and probably has a bunch of things running through his head. Btw…did Colin get banned???

  767. I think that’s his game, to be a scoring first point guard to create open looks for his teammates. Plus all the hustle-stats.

  768. I think in the starting PG role, he wants to get guys going, get them easy shots. In the SG role, he wants to provide energy, penetrate, and looks to score more or break down the defense. It’s a little bit of a shift in his approach he takes.

  769. If it’s not in KA’s gene to go all out and grab the W every single game, then he is not the right coach for Lin.

  770. Lin’s shot was falling. I was a little disappointed in his play tonight in that he didn’t take charge and take it to Toronto like he usually does. And when he gives the ball to Booker, usually bad things happen. Yet he gave the ball to Booker quite a bit. Lin has this sort of cross-over, slight step back, fadeaway jump shot that works really well. I don’t know if it is tough on his hamstrings or back or whatever, but he rarely goes to it. That’s a shot he should feature more, yet we rarely see it.

  771. Yes he likes winning of course but I think that having a team that doesn’t bleed $$$ and sustains itself is also something he prefers.

  772. I agreed with you, Lin shall shot more, especially when his teammates’ FG% is low; but since KA still in the development mode, he might want Lin to involve his teammates more which means passing the ball to them. I don’t mind he is the main facilitator, but sometimes, you saw his teammates play by themselves and forgot to pass to him let him be the decision maker, that’s upset me most 🙁

  773. Exactly. Trade KA now. LOL!

  774. It’s about Long term versus short term success. Trust and losing versus No trust and winning. It’s the bitterness before the sweet analogy. It’s not the end of the season… yet. Still get many more games. He will stick by his concept. So, missing the playoffs “This” season is No Big deal for Nets organization. I think they know they still need 2-3 more good pieces to push this team over the hill. I truly believe KA’s approach will be very different next season – fighting for every wins. And they will win a lot of games.

  775. Lin is already at maybe half-way point of his NBA career (if he’s lucky). He doesn’t have much time for the “development” stuff. If he can’t assert himself more, he’ll be a stopgap PG for this team until they go into a complete rebuild when they control their draft picks in 2019.

  776. Not at all.You have great BB knowledge of NBA players and teams, So you can say whatever you want. haha.

  777. I don’t see anything good from KA so far. Oh! He’s good to keep his rules. lol!

  778. At least Lin’s back in the starting lineup so there’s no doubt he’s their starting PG. Though Nets are definitely over cautious. I can see so many of their players hiding injuries after seeing how long it took Lin to get back, play off the bench with slowly increased minutes before returning to starting position.

  779. The only way I’d be happy if they traded Lopez, if we was replaced with another center that can play more above the rim. Hamilton is backup, but if Nets were able to replace Lopez with anyone, it would have to be an athletic player that can play above the rim.

  780. I actually think RHJ played pretty well tonight. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with Hamilton.

  781. Yes, and Lin can do both positions very well, he used to play double guards; only if KA let him play himself, he will easily find the right portion; when to play PG and when to switch to SG mode.

  782. Well he’s the first owner willing to make Lin their star (Rockets don’t count) with a coach who trusts him with a mentor/mentee relationship!

  783. bc I want him to

  784. no real biggie to play with them.

  785. Someone said they tried to showcase RHJ, what do you think?

  786. When Lin is the primary ball handler and creating for himself and others, then we’d get to see that. But he’s just trying to setup his teammates way too much and I think that is coach’s Gameplan.

  787. Well KA believes in Lin and Lin believes in KA so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until next season. But I’m still going to criticize his awful coaching, random lineups, and minutes restrictions. If they lift the restrictions mid season after this “development” stage then I’ll starting believing.

  788. I’m more frustrated than anyone here because I’ve predicted this Nets team a Top 5 team in EC from day one. The style… The players developments…. KA is not riding JL7 like a Secretariat… like MDA. Honestly, other players are still too raw to hang with the powerhouses. It will be Year Two to see the difference.

  789. Hamilton was injured forgot what injury that’s why he’s been absent for a while and his production went down before he was gone. At the beginning of the season when healthy he could knock down 3s consistently and was a better version of Novak.

  790. well, i’m losing $40 because of I bet that Lin would be an All-Star this year. 🙁

  791. They will be very dumb if they traded Lopez unless they get another star. But I don’t believe in those trade rumors he’s too valuable. He’s one of their best PF/C in the league! You can’t replace someone like that just like Spurs can’t replace someone like Duncan!

  792. Yeah, I do tend to agree. I’m all in for Lin & Lopez duo. He’s an All-star center. so if he is traded, he needs to be traded for another Elite or High potential center.

  793. I hope Prokhorov shows up more often so KA will run fast to improve himself bc only during that time he made the 9 men rotation & more playing time for players w hot hand like other coach.

  794. Well, that’s still cheaper than a seat in Barclays Center. It’s more than $$ for me. I wanted Lin to be 25-28pt & 10ast guy but that will have to wait a bit longer.

  795. Too many raw talents but the bright side is that by giving all these players chances to show what they can do they know who has talents and room to improve and those who should go after this season. Anthony Bennett is looking better more confident and powerful every game. He’s a keeper and I’d so like for KA to bench Booker permanently and play AB with Lopez more. I believe other teams who traded no.1 draft pick AB didn’t really have the patients to develop him expecting him to be great right off the bat.

  796. Yes and even if they could get a start to replace Lin, how rare and difficult is it to find a star who’s willing let Lin lead the team? Even Dwight Howard didn’t like playing with Lin and instead teamed up with Harden which back fired on him later.

  797. Yes KA doesn’t see to have any urgency to win because he’s got the green light to do so but when Prokhorov is there he has the pressure to win the game for the boss and it’s the same with home games. And we’ve seen KA can in fact win games and implement a legit rotation with many PnR when he truly wants to win.

  798. There’s no PG good enough on this team to let Lin play some SG mode. He can try to play with Whitehead but Whitehead isn’t ready. I don’t know if I like DInwiddie, I may like Whitehead better.

  799. when is the earliest we can trade?

  800. now.. etrade is open 24/7

  801. Look for improvements post-all star break.

  802. Only thing I heard was migraines. I guess that can throw your shooting and game way off.

  803. “lin should have shot more”.

    assessing this game in terms of progress thru his return from injury games this to me is the key thing that stands out.

    the previous 3 games lin 20 min 8 shots 22min 13 shots 20 min 10 shots , this game regression in shots despite progress in minutes.

    he was showing increases vs. pre injury in terms shots per minute points per minute and points per shot.

    points per shot stable minutes increasing moves back into starting role, shooting high % all positive only thing negative in terms of strictly lin;

    the big and outlying drop off in fga’s.

    perhaps the whole game is an outlier.

    see what happens next. and then assess again but yeah for sure of this game in terms of viewing lin’s return from injury the thing that stands out is the drop of in fga’s (not offset but high volume of ft’s).

  804. No, you’re getting increasingly CONFUSED.

    Don’t focus on me. Focus on fhe NETS, particularly the BENCH that finally played the right way without Lin’s help!

  805. It’s not about me at all.

    For the third time, I’m asking you to look at the bench.

    Atkinson wanted a bench that wouldn’t automatically lose the game the instant he pulled the starters.

    For the first time this season against a true quality opponent, Atkinson has that quality bench!

  806. Yes, he played better in 2nd half, but most garbage time and vs 3rd unit.

  807. The Nets were down by 20 pts in the game. It got away from them in the 2nd qtr and the Nets did not recover.

  808. Lin is in a great place and playing at an elite level — he just got injured and remains on a minutes limit. Also, he came back to the starting lineup when facing top teams (TOR, GSW, CLE), and blowouts usually mean limited time.

    The hamstring was the problem. It prevented Lin from winning a bunch of easy games to make their record respectable. But it’s a long season with plenty of time. There were a dozen teams that started hot and cooled off…or the other way around.

  809. well said..lin game today was not his game but KA’s plan before the game begins. Its not hard for lin to take charge and shoot but deep in his mind is the words Kenny wants him to be, that’s why the hesitation that falls always on wanting to please his coach ..he believe his coach plan is the right way almost all the time (especially when there’s trust).

    hope a little change do come in Jeremy’s head like a little twist and incorporate a little of Westbrooks and harden’s mindset.

  810. Obviously, you’re not too bright. First of all, how long have you been here? How long have you watched basketball? If I’m not a Lin fan why am I paying $25 dollars a month for Sling to watch the Nets. Comcast dropped the Nets a few years ago and I use Comcast. I didn’t pay to watch the Nets before Lin came to the team. So, why do I pay now. Because I like throwing away money?

    And I must really like throwing away money by going to see Lin play at MSG and Barclays on different teams even though he played for opposing teams. I’m not a Lin fan, yet I throw my money away to watch him.

    Stop your stupidity. Never say that again. Disagree with me all you want but NEVER call me not a Lin fan again.

  811. Lin +10 (actually much more) off the bench the last 3 games, and then today’s game with ALL of the young inexperienced bench players PRODUCING even with no Lin.

  812. Of course. Now, can they keep it up. We’ll find out. But, of course. You have to have a good bench to compete. Or at least one or two standout players that compete from off the bench.

  813. Point taken. But if their bench is playing better, then why haven’t they been winning? Unless, you thought this game was the cumulation of Atkinson’s decision making to improve the depth, bench players to have more of a complete team to compete when Lin comes back to be a starter. Hence, going back to what Atkinson said, not exact quote, about normalcy for their Line ups. So moving forward we should be more competitive and winning?

  814. Lin may come from bench again if Whitehead wasn’t out. Lin played 20+ minutes last 2 games. There is no problem for a starter play 20+ minutes.

  815. good point

  816. I don’t totally buy this. We’ve seen Lin not take charge and sometimes take charge in different games with different coaches. The one constant is Lin. And I won’t count MDA because that was for a limited time. Sooner or later you have to look at Lin and think when the coach says play like a PG, then he takes a certain approach mostly of his own doing. Lin doesn’t have Harden and Westbrook’s mindset. He has a little Rondo, a little Nash, a little something else. But that I’m the Man when I’m the court in every game mindset they have, Lin is not. He’s more I’m directing when needed and sometimes putting some things on my shoulders, but he picks his spots. Now, he’s the main leader, it’s he’s always directing, but still picking his spots.

  817. I give KA til all-star break
    he has ‘excuses’ now because lin was injured and brook is not 100% healthy and new players (all 2nd stringers).

  818. This is the NBA where the key to getting rebounds is GOOD PERIMETER DEFENSE.

    Defenders have to stay locked in on good defensive position no matter who the opponent is.

    When perimeter defenders give up position like the Nets have been doing, it pulls the Nets big men out of rebounding position by forcing the Nets big men to leave their posts to shut down perimeter penetrators. That leaves the Nets vulnerable to offensive rebounders or wide open perimeter kickout shots.

    The Nets have a lot of work to do with the starters who consistently surrender perimeter penetration and open shots.

    Fortunately, a hallmark of ALL Lin teams is that they largely do shut down perimeter penetration. That’s not just because Lin gets his guys to play better defense, it’s also because Lin himself is THE BEST EVER at guard help defense. Opponents feel as they are playing 5 on 6 against a locked in Lin defensive squad!

  819. It took Lin only one game to have a break out without prior practice with the Knicks and he still led them to a win.These guys have had plenty of opportunities to break out, but they have not. Only SK took up the opportunity, but he took 34shots to get 38pts, 2Assists, 47min. Not very efficient. Doc River also helped Nets with the momentum by being kickefout.

  820. Bench did very well tonight because they now know what it takes to play their hardest and smartest to win.

    Starters including Lopez, they don’t yet know HOW to win.

  821. NO WAY.

    Lin is no longer NEEDED by this new look gritty Nets bench with size, athleticism, hustle and production!

    Lin is needed ELSEWHERE.

  822. Such as I dislike harden. His ability to take over games and having the team to be built around him

  823. The Nets now have MULTIPLE standout bench players that can go off on any single night (like RHJ this game!)

    More importantly, ALL of the Nets bench are now playing fundamental hardnosed clean winning team basketball.

  824. It’s Lin and his agent’s faults. Very stupid and lazy in doing homework!

  825. With 2:49 left in the half, Sean Kilpatrick turned the ball over to DeMar DeRozan, igniting a fast break. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Joe Harris and the rest of the Nets watched as Lin sprinted back alone to defend a 2-on-1. He did a great job to cut off DeRozan, but nobody else got back and DeRozan hit Kyle Lowry (23 points, eight assists) standing completely alone and unmolested under the basket.

    “That play summarized the first half, and what we don’t want to do, how we don’t want to look, and how we don’t want to play,’’ Luis Scola said. See : http://nypost.com/2016/12/20/not-even-a-healthy-jeremy-lin-can-save-nets-from-defeat/


  826. I want to get past GSW and Cavs. GSW I don’t think is a possible win. Doubt Cavs are either. Lin doesn’t have enough guys, he and Lopez would have to play an outstanding game ALONG WITH Skil, Harris and others for a victory. So Lin’s record now with the team is a not so hot 2-7. But, there’s plenty time to try to get it nearer respectability. .400 would be respectable with him.

    For me the goal is to improve from last years 23 wins. So in the high 20s, Lin did his job. Going into the 30s or so, he’s done it even better. So I look at what will the team have to do to win 30 games. At this point they’ll have to win 23 more out of the next 55. That’s a .419 record they’ll need from here on if my math is right.

  827. Speed of Lin, where are you buddy?

  828. Dan, do you have a stock twits handle?

  829. He posted the highlights way down the thread. Only about 2.5 minutes long …

  830. thx!

  831. i give up… this season is done…. another year of lin’s prime wasted on a tanking team…. make no mistake, this is a tanking team, a “development tank”… i mean sure you sit out brook to extend his career, but then you start 40 yr old scola? they never tried to win…. where’s levert? why isnt he playing? and never with lin? there’s no hope with this team…

    i hope lin’s happy cuz im not… watching this season has been worse than the lakers tank. at least we knew they were trying to lose, but kenny? i dont know if he’s just bad… how can he continue to let booker handle the ball trying to be pg, go coast to coast, only to throw a wild shot at the rim? what is that? every… damn… game……. ugh….. i no longer look forward to games…. lin can’t do it all. he’s playing with non-nba talent out there….

  832. Hamilton’s recent situation reminded me exactly of CODY ZELLER last season who started off the season playing atrociously.

    Zeller was then hospitalized for MALNUTRITION.

    Once Zeller overcame his ANOREXIA, he went on to be a solid starting center for the Hornets all season long.

    Hamilton’s current situation is very similar to Zeller’s, but Hamilton is actually a far BETTER player than Cody Zeller.

  833. Hamilton’s migraines were lilely caused by sheer physical exhaustion.

    This is the first time ever in Hamilton’s career he has had steady NBA minutes, so he’s struggling physically the way a talented lottery pick rookie typically does.

  834. RHJ has finally learned how to play.


  836. booker is NOT a starting PF… his hustle endeared me early but as the season went on it became obvious he’s JUST a hustle big. he cant shoot, cant finish at the rim, cant pass, can barely post up yet clogs the lane asking for the ball to post up only to throw up a wild shot, he NEVER passes after an offensive rebound as will ALWAYS shoot it no matter how difficult a shot…. he’s one of my least liked players on the team right now…. TRASHvor Booker…..

  837. You don’t understand that this is the NBA where winning starts OFF the court.

    Right now, the Nets bench has finally been taught how to win on and off the court. There still is a lot of room for growth, but they are finally headed in a winning direction.

    The starters are not yet ready to win.

  838. Had Greivis Vasquez even played at half of his career ability, the Nets would have immediately been a Top 5 powerhouse and Lin never would have gotten injured.

    Your assessment was spot on, but then the soft and maligering Vasquez POISONED the Nets.

    Vasquez going down triggered the developmental process which is extremely painful but will result in the Nets eventually becoming a far better team than had Vasquez stayed healthy and stuck around.

  839. RHJ’s MO is to barrel his way into the paint and throw up a WILD shot…. sometimes he makes it, sometimes he draws a foul, most times he builds skyscrapers with all them BRICKS….

    that said, i think he can be a serviceable rotation player. but my lord you cant play him and booker together cuz both cant shoot….

  840. I think he played quite well today. Not sure he’s learned how to play. It has to continue.

  841. This is EXACTLY the kind of play that an old veteran like Scola can repeatedly complain about but do absolutely NOTHING about because he’s too old and slow to run down the court himself to play the defense he keeps talking about.

    Linstructor, on the other hand, is TEACHING his teammates how hard they need to work.

    The process of development was severely delayed by Lin and Vasquez’s injuries. But it has resumed, and Linstructor is doing hands-on teaching.

  842. I HOPE that the Warriors and Cavs SCHOOL Lin’s starters.

    It’ll teach them a hard but necessary lesson about how they have to play harder.

    Lin doesn’t need the schooling and will come to play like he did today, but the starters including Lopez need to be knocked around a bit.

  843. this was such a sad display of D and Heart. Only Jlin plays hard every single game

  844. Lin careers is over if he doesn’t realized that this team is garbage.Ask for a trade now and I’m very positive that a lot teams will be needing his service.Nets only needs assets ATM not a competitive team and if they can get some solid players and picks for him they will grabbed that opportunity.If KA is really a friend and he valued Lin’s career then they need to sit down and talk things over.

  845. It’s getting better.

  846. that play where lin was the only one who cared enough to contest a breakaway is emblematic of this team… he was exasperated with both hands on his hip after that play….

  847. Well, Linstructor has the whole class wearing DUNCE CAPS in the corner then!

  848. Wrong.

    You badly underestimate both Lin and Atkinson.

    If you look at the game more closely, you’ll see tremendous improvement from the bench (NOT starters). This is directly due to Atkinson’s coaching.

    Lin is a far stronger and better and more impactful player than you are saying he is. Lin is not a weakling who cannot survive this – Lin’s had far worse on ALL of his previous teams.

    Soon, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

  849. It absolutely will continue.

    RHJ is Lin’s boy!


  850. Sorry dude,primed players ask for trades and try to win a ring before they hang their jersey and not being wasted for development purposes.I don’t doubt Lin’s skills and capacity as a player and at this stage he deserves a better team.

  851. i agree i do see player getting better. Its just not quite there. Also Lin and lopez in limited minutes. Clearly the team has the future in sights

  852. Then you’ll miss the LINEVITABLE explosion of winning that will happen for this talented hardworking and soon GREAT EXECUTING Nets team.

  853. so KA is developing bench players..not starters..
    when is he developing starters.

    I can see that he throws in bench players against starters so that later on, when they go back to the bench,they are superior to opponentns bench players because they expose to opponents starters previously.

    But what about the starters.

  854. C’MON!!!

    Whaddya think the starters have been working on all season long???

    They just need a little bit of ASIAN CRAM SCHOOL, that’s all!

  855. The future is NOW.

    There has been STEADY improvement ever since Lin returned.

    A lot has already been accomplished. A lot more than that remains to be done.

  856. What are you talking about?Where’s the improvements?Are we watching the same games and players that plays the game?

  857. You’re great, tonight. Loving it!

  858. NOT ME

    It’s not about me at all!!!

    It’s about THE PROCESS which is WORKING.

  859. I know.

  860. No we are not watching the same players.

    You’re only looking at Lin. You’re not looking at everyone else.

  861. agreed. as a lin fan though, these minute restrictions have me going mad but i took a breath and turned of the tv lol. Thought about it and relaxed.

  862. Oh, you GET IT?

    You seem to fully grasp what I’m writing.

  863. one thing that bugs me the most about this team is that everyone tries to do too much, WAY above their actual skill level. i already mentioned booker thinking he’s a pg, you have RHJ throwing up wild shots on drives, you have whitehead who cant run a team playing pg, you have harris thinking he can blow by people or finish over defenders, you have bennett shooting 3’s seconds after coming into the game, you have scola thinking he can still play, etc….

    the only people who should be the main play makers are lin, brook, skil, and develop levert. everyone else ACCEPT BEING A ROLE PLAYER!!!!

    tonight without brook there were no screen setters. lin couldnt abuse the raps with pnr like he always does….

  864. Bennet seems better every time i see him. The improvement is small but its improvement and its every game

  865. Yup.

  866. The minutes restrictions actually have NO IMPACT on winning or losing.

    Were Lin to play more minutes, the Nets likely would have LOST WORSE. And it would not be because Lin played poorly.

    The starters have a lot of bad habits that need to be corrected.

  867. FINALLY someone GETS what I’m writing!

    Bennett has learned well from Linstructor.

    Bennett’s shooting numbers aren’ always elite, but his EFFORT and IMPACT are absolutely terrific. To play against Anthony Bennett, an opponent has to really exert himself.

  868. i’m just being realistic and that’s all.

  869. This just show you how bad Lin’s teammates are & how this coach can’t control or ask for his players to do it for him… smh! What culture is this? Bc the coach is bad he didn’t get the respect from his players…. I never heard anyone talked about how good this coach is…smh!

    With 2:49 left in the half, Sean Kilpatrick turned the ball over to DeMar DeRozan, igniting a fast break. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Joe Harris and the rest of the Nets watched as Lin sprinted back alone to defend a 2-on-1. He did a great job to cut off DeRozan, but nobody else got back and DeRozan hit Kyle Lowry (23 points, eight assists) standing completely alone and unmolested under the basket.

  870. You are realistic about Lin and only Lin.

    Look at Alain Gervais’s post below to see a small example of what you are missing.

  871. i agree. Lin played perfectly and it didn’t matter. Anyways at least Lin is setting good habits of playing the right way. If he forced it more. It would of been worst. Lin needs more helps from his teammates. Unfortunately they are not quite ready yet.

  872. Even if you are right, how do you resolve the other half of the equation, the starter issues?

  873. harris plays way too much. everytime levert gets subbed for harris i cringe, he’s there to space the floor ONLY. make a few smart cuts to the rim too, good. but handling the ball? noooo way….

  874. YOU GET IT.

    You understand why I am sold on Lin and especially Atkinson.

    The Nets starters outside of Lin, they don’t have a clue how to win in the NBA. Lopez included.

  875. By Lin playing more

  876. I don’t need other opinions to be swayed and I’m pretty confident that I know what I’m talking about.

  877. Harris PRODUCES.

    This game, Harris didn’t need to produce because the bench was playing so damn well as a whole!

    The way this Nets team is constructed, there can be a different “star” off the bench every game. Some days Harris is that star, other days it’s RHJ or someone else.

    As long as the bench as a whole holds its own and doesn’t surrender massive point differentials, nobody including Harris needs to be a perfect All Star superstar every game.

  878. RHJ make a complete turnaround. Early in the game he was a chicken with no head. Then he got his head and played well.

  879. Its a big project but from what i see. Lin is the guy. This is his team. We have to be patient before its running the way its suppose to. I can see spurs in parts of what they are doing. Atkinson is taking a bad team and trying to build something great. As they say rome was not built in a day. Lin is close to being an allstar. Not that far from a superstar by next year. Lets just keep progressing. game by game

  880. I was so high on this team before season started… I thought w KA, Lin can finally have good career .. But too bad KA is not what I thought he’s…. plus how bad luck Lin got w his injury. Lin doesn’t have good chemistry w any of his teammates so far… smh! So upset…..

  881. I want to see Hamilton get his game back. But at least he got back on the bike tonight.

  882. No problem.

    If you insist on refusing to open your eyes to the obvious improvements happening for these Nets, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    But understand that the Nets are gonna drastically improve whether you have your blinders on or not.

  883. Just give him one more month to see if he turns on his HC mode.

  884. LOL no way… if harris’ 3pt shot is off he does NOTHING else for the team yet kenny keeps going to that well…

    if we going to lose, then develop levert. he’s got real 2 way potential. in fact i’ve been mad at him for being TOO timid. he over passes. he needs to step up and guys like whitehead step down. let levert handle the ball and run things a bit.

    harris? stand in the corner and wait for the ball…

  885. To be honest, I really don’t think KA can be good no matter how long he takes bc he’s just not a good NBA coach. Only hope he can really listen to Lin & do what he suggests to him…. smh!

  886. The Spurs built their team (and are STILL built) around Tim Duncan and his selfless team spirit.

    GM Sean Marks went out and targeted “the next Tim Duncan” who would be the guy that set the tone for the new Nets.

    Then GM Marks targeted the ONLY coach who would allow the Nets’ “Duncan” to be “Duncan”. That would be Coach Atkinson.

    The Nets are being built BY Lin AROUND Lin!

  887. looked great in preseason and early on, then slumped hard. just like harris, if he cant hit his 3’s he’s useless…

  888. Levert doesn’t know how to play yet.

    And Harris doesn’t just sit in the corner.

    He’s active on both ends of the court.

  889. Hamilton likely needs better nutrition and more rest between games.

  890. The slump will soon come to an end.

  891. everybody plays well when the team with a 20 pt lead stops playing hard… where was RHJ when we lost to orlando and philly? why arent these “improving” players making an impact in CLOSE games? all i see are costly turnovers…

  892. NOT TRUE.

    You cannot say Lin has poor chemistry with the Nets bench.

  893. On this team,players doesn’t understand the word improvements,most of them are just trying to do things that they aren’t capable of and that’s not gonna work in NBA .Most players on this team are just 3rd to 4th tier players on other teams.

  894. You don’t understand at all
    what Atkinson has been doing.

    In fact, we just saw the first fruit TODAY.

    Don’t worry, I myself didn’t see it for a while either!

  895. really? lin + bench has been a net negative after that houston game. why? defense….

  896. i agree kenny atkinson is not head coach material.. clifford was a far better coach for lin despite him limiting lin a whole lot. lin was much better defensively under cliff and atleast cliff knew how to run pnr with lin when he really needed him like in the playoffs. yes cliff preferred winning with batum and kemba, but he still could win with lin when needed unlike this guy kenny who wants lin to pass the ball every possession…

  897. TODAY that ENDED

  898. If KHuang is right, KA is building the weakest link of the team before turning into a winning mode. I would say just wait and see.


    Cliffraud was one of the WORST

    Any coach like Clifford that ejects Lin for winning, that coach doesn’t deserve to be a NBA head coach.

  900. kenny is making lin pass every time he gets open because if lin’s assists are low he will get yelled at. i honestly think kenny is a terrible coach

  901. I also worry on how long it will take this team to challenge..My hope is they start playing more like Houston and the way MDA has them playing instead of the motion offense which does not let Lin dominate enough.

  902. RHJ was in LEARNING mode
    those games.

  903. Seriously…Can you give some facts,numbers that this team is really improving?Pls educate me.

  904. I disagree about Harris he’s been one of the most efficient and consistent shooters on the team even better than Bog who hasn’t been playing well without the ball in his hands. There’s no surprise that Bog’s best game was when he was the main ball handler for most part of it. But after that just like Kilpatrick, KA took away their ball handling duty and they struggle.

  905. I hope that NEVER happens.

    Lin’s team can be far more fundamentally sound than selfish Houston.

  906. That’s changing as we speak, but you refuse to notice.

  907. Pretty sure Hamilton got injured and was sick so that’s why he had the slumped and wasn’t playing for a while.

  908. Re-Po again This is chemistry w bench?

    With 2:49 left in the half, Sean Kilpatrick turned the ball over to DeMar DeRozan, igniting a fast break. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Joe Harris and the rest of the Nets watched as Lin sprinted back alone to defend a 2-on-1. He did a great job to cut off DeRozan, but nobody else got back and DeRozan hit Kyle Lowry (23 points, eight assists) standing completely alone and unmolested under the basket.

  909. Just one game. Wait and see. I hope Booker can be restrained. Then this team might have a chance, IF KA is coach to win.

  910. completely disagree with you.. clifford had his favorites in kemba and batum, but he knew exactly how to play to lin’s s trengths when he needed to… he knew lin was a 1 year rental so why build a team around him? look at all the monstrous games lin had when clifford let go of the leash he had on lin. he may not have treated lin great, but he was a much much better coach than kenny. i mean come on lin has not had the green light to shoot on this team

  911. im asking for kenny to give levert minutes. harris SHOULD be in the corner ONLY. instead kenny has him running motion on the wing and he cant create anything out there… harris is a bad defender. he tries but he physically is too slow for nba offenses. he can be a floor spacer and THATS IT!!! remember carlos delfino? streakyish 3pt shooter? yeah harris can be that…

  912. KHuang: I wish what you said is true, but IIRC, It was KA went to SMarks convincing him to get Lin. SMarks was not as high about Lin as KA and it can be proofed from Lin’s contract size.

  913. Even the best teams have bad plays.

    The Nets bench overall came to PLAY this game.

    There is still a lot of room for improvement for the Nets bench, and I’m not like you who has already written off Lin and his newly monted SOLID bench.

  914. Sure!

    Look at the boxscore for the reserves.


    there ya go!

  915. How? the other 4 would suddenly play competitively? With reboudns, less TOs, good defense?

  916. ALREADY built.

    Now Atkinson is turning his attention to far graver problems.

  917. not talking about just shooting. are we overlooking all the horrid turnovers he has? all the fouls cuz he cant defend anyone? all the nonsense dribbling he does cuz he cant create anything with the ball?

    also his catch n shoot is fine. off the curl he stinks.

  918. I also think w KA’s equal playing time for all + developing young mode so no one really needs to worry if they play bad can’t be on court since they don’t need to fight for it?? So bad. No one wants to play D bc coach will not do anything …..

  919. exactly… kenny is not a good coach man.. he is good at developing players, but that is an entirely different story… he knows lin’s strength is pnr but he refuses to use it… unbelievable

  920. more like lin got injured and his 3s werent WIDE open anymore…

  921. You could not be more wrong about Clifford and Lin.

    Clifford sought to UNDERMINE Lin’s career, and you support that. You don’t understand how BAD Clifford undermining Lin has been.

    Lin has a green light – but he’s on a congested road!

  922. I saw that a while back. Actually he’s shown glimpse of greatness even in previous games such as that post up move and that amazing one handed, offense rebound transitioning right into a 3 point shot. I truly think Anthony Bennett has potential to be a borderline star/star. Somehow I think other teams just didn’t give him enough time to develop like the Nets are doing. As a PF, playing on the same team as Lopez helps a lot in learning too!

  923. Nets had bad D since preseason not just today. I can’t agree w you at all. Looks like we watched different game….

  924. Chucking up shots w/o conscience and trying to do so much is not an improvements at all.RHJ just got lucky today since Raptors doesn’t take anyone seriously except Lin.

  925. Yeah. Maybe not the weakest link. It’s kind of circular with the larger circle being the bigger problem.

  926. KHuang: I really hope what you said is true, but most of the time when the camera catches KA’s facial expression during the game, he looks displeased = things are not working out as he hoped.

  927. i dont support that come on… if clifford really wanted to bury lin he didnt.. but what did he do he praised him all the time in post game interviews.. he hardly bahsed lin publicly.. what are you talking about… kenny is the one who always has something critical to say about lin

  928. NO.

    Lin’s trying to unclog the offense, make his guys less reliant on him.

  929. so you support lin taking fewer than 10 shots a game even tho hes the best player on his team?

  930. Not just Lin but Lopez too. Lopez’s a star PF and what better way for a PF like Bennett to learn than be on the same team as him?

  931. OF COURSE he looks displeased –

    Lin and Atkinson have a HIGH standard of professional basketball and Lin wants to see his guys (particularly the starters) play much harder and better than they have been doing in his absence!

  932. LOL…. RHJ needs years to LEARN how to shoot. and his drives are ALL athleticism… he has NO finesse, that’s why he chucks those wild shots. sure sometimes he gets bailed out with fouls and sometimes they go in but in general he’s just chucking out there…. 3 ft from the rim….

    i havent given up hope but damn he needs to learn quick…

  933. Both coaches liked Lin. Lin was a strategic weapon for Cliff at the expense of Lin because Batum was his pet. Lin is the teacher with Kenny, and Kenny monitors the instructor.

  934. I would say Lakers,Minnesota and Philly would be a playoff contender next year but Nets probably 10 years from now if Nets will not build through Lin and Lopez and that’s a sad facts.

  935. I don’t think Lin did good bc KA did anything really big deal for him. More like he learned & trained hard from himself. Specially during the time in Rox. Even KA himself said so…

  936. Most coaches looked displeased. Look at Belichik. He hardly ever looks pleased about anything. And Pop in many games looks displeased.

  937. Clifford DID BURY LIN.

    He consistently yanked Lin out of games when the Hornets needed Lin the most, and Clifford always tried to get rid of Lin at every opportunity.

    I’ve been following the NBA way too long to listen to what SHYSTERS like Clifford say to the press. I go by what Clifford DOES – and it was openly MALICIOIS toward Lin. And you SUPPORT THAT (inadvertently, I would say.)

  938. NO NO NO

    Clifford HATED Lin.

    It’s why Lin will not mention Clifford positively.

  939. 10 years. cdblue!!!!

  940. I think we all agree on this he’s on my no.1 hate list right now and I hope he will soon receive the same treatment as Foye, DNP. I feel like KA is really just giving time to see which players truly has potential to improve and play. I remember how I trashed Anthony Bennett as being fat, out of shape and just not NBA ready but he turned it around really fast. Now I’d say he’s miles better than Booker ever will be! AB’s ceiling is still unknown and he’s definitely learning to be great under Lin & Lopez.

  941. you mean the blowout? LOL keep making excuses man….

  942. Not just RHJ got “lucky” then!

  943. so mchale criticizing lin to the media all the time didnt hurt lin’s career at all? clifford’s praising helped to save lin’s reputation.

  944. That’s hyperbolic but this team will not improve unless their franchise will realize that their young assets aren’t NBA players except for Levert

  945. Haha! I think KA & Marks will not last that long… 2 years if Lin is out of Nets.

  946. I’m ok with Clifford. I just didn’t like his view of Batum. Lin was happy in Charlotte, to a point.

  947. The Nets bench doesn’t have to become a defense juggernaut to merely hold on and not surrender large leads against opposing benches.

    They only need to play well enough to not fall apart until the starters return.

  948. please keny if you want to shoot 3’s let lin run pnr all day long….

  949. Exactly. Look at 76, how many #1 pick players they got? Now they are still #29 so far…

  950. Lakers unlikely, Minnesota NO WAY, Philly NO WAY.

    culture of winning not there.

  951. Things bloom in their own time in the right soil. Are you giving them their time?

    Lin is doing something that’s different here. Mentoring, teaching, molding, that too takes time.

  952. Laugh your hate all you want.

    It was not the Nets bench that lost this game.

    Nor did Lin himself lose this.

  953. have you forgotten the 3rd quarters when lin was out? who do you think was playing? the BENCH!!!

  954. Toxic, they are very toxic. And they want to take shortcuts. Big name stars, stuff like that. They are very wrongheaded. I’m happy Lin didn’t go there. I like Embiid more than any of the others on that team. I hope they don’t ruin him.

  955. I bet Lin is frustrated as I am,he’s smart enough to realize now that if the Nets will not make a drastic change on their plan,his career is over.

  956. We will never agree on Clifford’s HATEFUL handling of Lin.

    Suffice it to say that Clifford COST HIMSELF more victories than he can count.

  957. I saw that, the announcers say that and laughed saying no one got back to defend except Lin.

  958. I think he’s taking on the challenge. Lin hates losing. Now his challenge is to find the right way out of it. He can talk to Kenny and I’m sure they have a very active talk.

  959. LOL..You’re a funny man my friend.

  960. McHale hurt Lin, but NOT AS BADLY as Clifford.

    McHale actually played and featured Lin far more than Clifford did.

  961. Come on seriously though when is the trade start and end deadline?

  962. They are very sound. And they are welcome with open arms in New York City right now.

  963. I support Lin getting his team the BEST shot they can on every offensive possession – and the starters haven’t figured out that the ball doesn’t stop with them.

  964. KENNY lost the game before it started, he started scola… a 40yr old scola…… what more needs be said?

  965. Levert is a CLUELESS ROOKIE who doesn’t know anything.

  966. They did that tonight.

  967. Lakers has 15 trophies,Philly has 1 although Minny doesn’t have any their core is solid and they have a discipline coach to do what necessary to improve his guys by playing the right way.

  968. Did you see Hamilton?

  969. I’m also RIGHT.

    You find the truth to be funny.

    I’ve followed those teams a LONG TIME, I know what makes them tick. YOU DO NOT.

  970. i dont understand tho lin had plenty of opportunities to shoot the ball, but decided to kick it out instead.. hes good at drawing fouls so if he doesnt make the layup he will go to the line…

  971. better than a harris TO…

  972. That’s ok because now we have Lin in a role that he was made for.

  973. I haven’t seen you posted any Facts at all though everything was just what you think and what you know.No offense they’re all entertaining.

  974. SO?

    Jerry Buss is long dead and his heirs don’t have his personal or even financial clout (the collective bargaining agreement took away the Lakers’ exclusive TV rights).

    And the Sixers, they’ve had multiple changes of ownership since the Dr J Moses Malone Andrew Toney days. Besides, the NBA game was completely
    different and had different rules 35 years ago!

    Today’s Lakers and 76ers franchises have absolutely nothing in common with their championship heritage.

  975. the kick outs were good. too bad half the team are bricklayers…. the other half pump fakes (no assist) dribbles some, then shoots a semi contested shot…. lin + brook + D leaguers out there man….

  976. And now you are just flaming and LYING.

    Don’t make up garbage like that, you are TROLLING.

    You do not want me to open a bibliography on your head.

  977. But he looks smooth in his cluelessness. RHJ looks clunky in the solid basketball skills he’s learning. I lik LaVert because of his hustle on defense. But he has a lot to work on.

  978. Your contradicting yourself,you said they don’t have a winning culture I just presented you a lot.


    It will not take long for Lin to accomplish his team building objectives.

  980. hamilton was in the euroleague for a reason. EVERYONE is soft overseas…. if his shot is off then he’s useless. kenny knows this. aint no migraine causing all these DNP-CD’s….

  981. I saw a lot of fruits from this game, e.g.: Hamilton had 11REB & 4AST (passing has been his weakness) in 23 min, AB had 8PTS & 10REB in 21min, and Derozen’s 48.2%FG was trimmed down to 6/20 30% in this game by BB’s & JH’s defenses. Unfortunately when BB and JH put a lot of energy on defense, their shooting got hurt. That’s an area they need to improve. If they can keep their FG% while playing D at this level, we have a third and a fourth stable scorer with good D.

  982. I don’t think their boss really has the patient as they thought…Plus w/o Lin, they will not go anywhere…

  983. NO NO NO

    I just completely BLASTED your useless argument that winning
    championships decades ago under different rules and different ownership is directly helping those beaten down franchises today. And I did it with hard facts that you are too CLUELESS to investigate.

    You are TOO YOUNG to troll a greybeard veteran NBA watcher like me. KNOW YOUR PLACE, KID.

  984. And a less is more approach and when we get the ball we know what to do with it without Lin bailing us out as the goal. Or Lopez bailing them out.

  985. What is your impression on Spencer D. I know he played in garbage time against the other teams garbage unit. BTW, I was watching the spurs game and wasn’t really paying attention to the Nets game.

  986. I won’t lie I like some of your post .Not that I agree with all of them but most of the time it’s quite entertaining..

  987. Embiid is already gone.

  988. So then, who’s the alternative to Scola?

  989. I won’t lie either –

    I feel the same way about your posts and fully understand your frustration.

    You are too smart for me to tell you to hang in there. I’m Ok with us disagreeing as long as you and I don’t accuse each other of fake ignorance.

  990. The boss saw Billy King ruin his team. He’ll stand back for awhile.

  991. Correct.

    That is what Atkinson and Lin are trying to REPAIR.

  992. he hasnt done anything really. just a few minutes here and there. he’s fine for a 3rd string pg…

    i LIKE whitehead as bench pg because he’s TENACIOUS on D and attacks the rim with purpose. his nba ready body helps him finish with contact. he’s been shooting better after a rough start too. but he isnt a real pg. the more he plays the more that achilles heel becomes apparent and starts to hurt the team. the lack of vision, the poor ball handling, the bad passes, etc…

    just play him less minutes and all is well.

  993. Disagree.

    Atkinson is letting Lin LEAD and PLAY HIS GAME.

    No other coach, not even D’Antoni, would permit that.

  994. Can score, can pass, is unselfish, can defend, can cover multiple players with his length, and needs to learn how to augment his teammates.

  995. you cant repair lack of skill…. there’s only so much these rag tag bunch of euroleague/d league players can accomplish….

  996. Not really–Lin was double/tripple teamed whenever he tried to drive, and so he had to pass the ball to make space. With Lopaz out, TOR knew the only thing they needed to do was to double/tripple team Lin to win this game.

  997. EXACTLY


  998. Wow, an ACCURATE assessment!


    If they weren’t capable of that, Lin would not have started.

  1000. i wouldve played hamilton. even if he sucks at least he’s still young. but kenny has left him in the corner to rot… kenny’s lack of confidence in him might have done worse than any migraine…. ham never got the opportunity to shoot his way out of the slump. bennett IS getting better, but ham literally got no minutes when he was 1st big off the bench to start the season…

  1001. wrong game, scola playin checkers out there….

  1002. And taking the hard hits for the free throws is what bunged up Lin’s health in the first place!

  1003. They talk CONSTANTLY

  1004. Yeah. That’s why you need different types of talent on the floor. Lin used to be that guy that if you load up on the star, he’ll make you pay. Maybe the aim is to try to get Skil there to be what Lin was, but he has a ways to go.

  1005. You’d start a guy with a migraine and tons of lost games over Scola who is a steady contributor all season?


  1006. What are you talking about?

    Scola played Valuncianas to a STANDSTILL


  1007. sorry but this is BAD analysis. derozan got WHATEVER he wanted, he simply missed. all those mid range floaters were NOT highly contested.

  1008. Didn’t know there’s fan meeting after the game….

  1009. He JUST LEARNED damn quick.

    You’ll SEE

  1010. When announcing Lopez will rest in this game, it’s doomed to lose. I’m glad Lin didn’t attack the rim often like he used to. Plus the whole team wasn’t showing enough team efforts anyway.


    Lin is Duncan’s SUCCESSOR.


  1013. IN A BLOWOUT LOSS!!!! JV doesnt scare me anyways….

    are you guys not grasping this? “the bench played well” IN A BLOWOUT LOSS WHERE THE ENTIRE 2ND HALF WE WERE BEHIND BY 20!!!!! it doesn matter what happens in garbage time… where were they when we were losing to orlando and philly? where are they when then game is close and it matters possession by possession? i know where lin is, everyone else, brook included, where are they?

  1014. steady contributor? the guy is DONE! his D is HORRID. everytime he steps on the court the other team goes on a run! where have you been?

  1015. WHERE IS THE PROOF WHEN IT MATTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop talking about extended garbage time…. talk about the single digit games, talk about the games vs good opponents…. talk about something that MATTERS!!!!

    lin comes back from injury and nearly leads the team to victory vs houston


    RHJ career game vs lowly phx suns

    see the difference?

  1016. How much time exactly?? I am simply frustrated with this whole situation…regardless of what Lin thinks. I would have preferred Lin sticking with hornets than the hot mess that this nets team has become.

  1017. > derozan got WHATEVER he wanted, he simply missed. all those mid range floaters were NOT highly contested.

    Not true–I just rewatched the 3rd, and I counted Derozan was 0/8 and each of those shots was contested by BB, Hamilton, RHJ, and AB. RHJ contested the most on the second half of the 3rd. There were also a couple of times Derozen was guarded tightly, and he could not shoot but had to pass the ball. In short, Nets had a good team effort in guarding Derozen that’s for sure.

  1018. Doesn’t change the fact that hamilton made every open 3 when he was healthy while everyone else on the team shoots bricks of them when they take the open 3 passed by Lin.

  1019. Doesn’t change the fact that he made every open 3 pointer Lin passes to him when healthy unlike everyone else who mostly bricks them.

  1020. Zamm straight.. it was KA who convince SM to get lin because they were wondering who to built around and KA say it’s Lin.

  1021. so tell us more.

  1022. Which is?

  1023. I’m Taiwanese and I CANNOT STAND THOSE pineapple cakes!

  1024. Not true.

    Lin has raised the games of many players before, most of whom are less
    talented than these Nets.

  1025. Got 11 rebounds yesterday, more than held his own.

    Where have YOU been, OUT TO LUNCH?

  1026. Please don’t blame the bench for the starter’s failures.

    The bench was not why the Nets lost.

  1027. Nets are PASSIVE, not AGGRESSIVE.

    They need to do like Lin and dictate the flow of the game instead of allowing opponents to set the tone.

  1028. And be a $5 million and under player who’s a 3rd string PG who never plays?

    FORGET IT, get that weak sauce outta here!

  1029. Dry.

  1030. Is there any link that shows only Lin coming back for defense in last game?

  1031. I haven’t seen anyone bring this up yet… But Lin has been shooting very well this season (small sample size).

    In 9 games, Lin’s shooting 34% from 3, up from last season. But also shooting a career high in FG% (0.474) and eFG% (0.536) and TS% (0.574). I imagine Lin’s FTs will only get better as the season goes on. As long as the Nets can keep close in games, I imagine Lin will have a VERY productive season – perhaps his best individual season ever.

  1032. KHuang,
    I watch the game and some how i just feel that Lin’s ghost/spirit is on the court even when he is off. Does this somehow match your new discovery ?

    Also, if Brook and Lin play a lot of PNR from day 1, would that actually hurt this new discovered plan ?

    Thanks in advance.

  1033. He was trying to satisfy his coach in doing the job of point guard in assisting, but his teammates kept missing those open 3 point shots that Lin generated by drawing 2 defenders.

  1034. Give Lin half a season. I think KA is frustrated also now with some of the boneheaded plays by others, shake up is due with trading soon.

  1035. Last year’s playoff shows KHuang is right on Clifford. If he was serious on winning he would start Lin in game 6 and 7. Hornets is coming back down to earth now.

  1036. I agree with you, Nets will be a new team under Lin after all star, but some of his teammates need to shape up or ship out.

  1037. Lin STINKS at the free throw line


  1038. If you a farmer working a fallow piece of land, you’d begin by doing the stinkiest job of tilling in manure. Then you grow a season of live mulch and till it in to build the soil. That’s sustainable farming. The people that take the short cuts force feed the soil with biochemicals and bioengineered seeds until there’s nothing left in the soil but dust. The land becomes susceptible to drought. If wind storms follow, the soil will be swept away just as it did in the “dust bowel years” around the Great Depression. When basketball teams do this and injuries hit, they fall hard with no chance of returns for their efforts.

    This is a cautionary tale of how not to run a team. Right now the Nets are rebuilding a fallow field left by Billy King. You could say the same thing about Lakers as well after they went for short cuts by trading away their future. Lin and Lopez are doing the dirty work of shovelling manure. Teams like the Spurs that build from within with their drafts and coaching will manage their own sustainability for generations. That’s what team culture is.

  1039. No link only statement from NYPost-

    With 2:49 left in the half, Sean Kilpatrick turned the ball over to DeMar DeRozan, igniting a fast break. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Joe Harris and the rest of the Nets watched as Lin sprinted back alone to defend a 2-on-1. He did a great job to cut off DeRozan, but nobody else got back and DeRozan hit Kyle Lowry (23 points, eight assists) standing completely alone and unmolested under the basket.

  1040. GM Sean Marks knew that his first order of business was to find the modern day Tim Duncan who would lead the team and tutor the players.

    AFTER he did that, Marks then signed the only coach in the NBA who’d allow the modern day Duncan to tutor the Nets players.

    Marks and Atkinson mist have sweated in agony until Lin signed.

  1041. Well a lot of fans only care for wins and losses and Lin’s stat, they don’t realize a winning culture takes time and learning curve. I think KA is winnowing the chafes to find a good foundation for future. Lin is trying to set an example of unselfish playing which will bear fruit soon enough.

  1042. Lin is not that young, time is not on his side.

  1043. harden seems to do it well enough…

  1044. Flapping his hands like a duck and flopping like fish does not equate to taking hard fouls. Those are two of Hardens’ specialties.

  1045. no but lin gets injured more from taking charges than he does getting fouled going to the line

  1046. KA has no credentials other than his stints with the Hawks. I doubt he even understands MDA or Spurs systems…if he has, he would have imparted it it while developing the Nets players.
    That’s why he only quotes the Hawks and no one else.

  1047. Starting at 3:58 of this video you can see the break with DeRozan and Lowry. It’s a very brief snippet, though …

  1048. Exactly

  1049. Thanks

  1050. At the end of Manu Ginobili’s Speech at TD’s retirement ceremony, he said “Thank you TD for making me better, making him better, making him better and him and everybody that ever played with you.” (He was pointing to each and every Spur’s player who was at the stage of the ceremony.) I believe that will also be what Lin’s teammates will tell him when he retires.

  1051. I started following Lin when he was in hornets so I had no idea about his years with the lakers and rocket. Is current exp comparable with his time with lakers and rocket ?

  1052. yea, we’re guilty of carrying baggage from Melo, clutchfans, Byron Scott . ptsd. this experience is different but reminds us of the situations

  1053. only the losing but no it isn’t at all

  1054. IMO, it’s pretty comparable w/ the Lakers in terms of restricted minutes & constant changes in line up and not playing to win. For the Rockets, they wanted to win. So they took advantage of his skill set when they needed to. Then they used him as an escape goat for losses. They ostracized, demoted him and magnified every little mistake he made. They used him to build up Harden’s stats to become a ‘star’, then you know the rest of the history. They traded him to the Lakers, a tanking team at the time…

  1055. in Houston they want to make Harden NBA MVP, so the argument is Lin fans think it’s not fair to Lin bc he can help the team win too. but houston coach gm benched Lin and started Patrick Beverley. Chandler Parsons also had a big goal to be an all star. Harden almost got MVP after Lin was traded to LA. ppl on clutchfans and lin fans fought ever since

  1056. Lakers was weirdest bc they had a plan to fail , which leads to great draft success. everything was backwards. when Lin played strong the coach got mad, and accused Lin of doing wrong, small mistakes. It was unpredictable, bc they say winning was important but it was fake as well.

  1057. now Charlotte, this team is about winning AND a core component is Jordan Brand shoes.
    THe NBA has a salary cap. so teams pay players the same unless they pay penalties. Jordan will give Hornet players a shoe deal to supplement their salary. It was a strategy loophole. So Kemba earns 48 million for 4 years plus some millions from Nike, Cody zellar mkg all have these type of deals. after Lin became a Hornet NBA says MJ cannot give his players shoe deals. Kemba already switched from UnderArmor to Jordans.
    so what about Lin? he is a seller of Addidas in Asia tour. big conflict of interest now. everybody wants to win but everone wants to sell shoes more. WOW . so every decision about Lin has to consider, will Addidas look stronger than Nike Jordan brand ? hmmm lets’ protect the bosses brand but still try to win this season. Lin is only a temporary rental bc he is a shoe brand rival PERIOD. not a true hornet, even though he helps the team beat Cavs, Spurs, Raptors, so what . business is more important

  1058. Some of my observations from the season so far:

    1) The number of wins this season doesn’t matter in the eyes of the coach and head office. Clearly the focus is on making as many team members better, by next season, as they expect most to return (I.e. Limited movement in trade and free agency). Even to move players in trade, most of these players need to be much better than they are currently. All the more reason for development focus this year. After much thought, I think probably the best option from a team point of view.

    2) Defense is the biggest problem from a team perspective. Need to keep pushing the young ones to improve, as they are the biggest defaulters so far. From what I’ve seen, Brook is a mediocre defender, but ends up looking bad in this team setting.

    3) Rhj and Booker are very, very bad offensively. I thought them missing layups might be a fluke, during pre-season. But, after 1/3rd of season, this is how bad they are; even from rim to 5ft. Their defense isn’t good enough to make up for this. We need upgrades badly.

    4) Whether Lin is a 3 year placeholder, or this year is a placeholder season… either way, the fact remains (based on all the public reports and articles) this was probably the best choice for our man. The way I see it, Lin’s goals could be established starter this year, and try for all star next year (with better team record too). Else if he still isn’t getting the minutes, or the team is still at bottom of the heap, Jeremy can opt out and try for a better situation. As fans, all we can hope for is the best for our guy! Good luck Lin.

  1059. Agree with you on RHJ..His offensive awareness is very poor and I would not be shocked if the Nets brace decided to offload him in a trade once team are allowed to trade.

  1060. 3 is the main problem. You can add Scola too and other poor decisions by other players.

    They’re just putting things together to get a good team. They’re not playing to their standards.

  1061. And if you think he’s doing that without support…

  1062. Good observations I agree with the majority, however I’m not ready to give up on RHJ and Booker. On a team where Atkinson’s stressed 3 point shooting, they are both some of the worst shooters on the team. But if you slice up Brooklyn’s offensive stats a bit more you can see RHJ actually quite efficient when it comes to pull-up jumpers. http://stats.nba.com/players/shooting-efficiency/#!?Season=2016-17&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&TeamID=1610612751&sort=PULL_UP_FG_PCT&dir=1

    On a similar note, Booker actually has the team’s highest FG% on paint touches, higher than Brook. http://stats.nba.com/players/shooting-efficiency/#!?Season=2016-17&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&TeamID=1610612751&sort=PAINT_TOUCH_FG_PCT&dir=1

    However, it’s their bad catch and shoot as well as drive FG percentages which keep their overall eFG% down. It’s up to Kenny via his PGs to put both guys in a situation to succeed. Run plays which involve Booker slipping to the basket more often. Encourage RHJ to pull up for an open jumper rather than forcing an awkward lay up into the teeth of the defense after beating the help defense.

    Additionally, despite playing the 8th most minutes per game, RHJ is drawing fouls at the 2nd best rate on the team off of drives. http://stats.nba.com/players/drives/#!?Season=2016-17&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&TeamID=1610612751&sort=DRIVE_FTA&dir=1

    His issue, as you pointed out, is finishing on those drives when he doesn’t get a whistle. Lin is #1 on the team when it comes to finishing on drives, which is no surprise given he was second just to LeBron a few seasons ago in that category.

    With the team as currently constructed, with smaller non-all NBA athletes like Bogs, Harris, Kilpatrick, Foye, etc… You need guys like LeVert or RHJ who can make overloading defenses pay by attacking off the catch or cutting on the weakside and finishing strong over bigs.

  1063. I agree Nets is the best place Lin can get this summer bc if he really back to Rox, he will be a bench again. Nets has lots of problems not sure they will be able to fix it before Lin option out but I really hope Marks can make some trades soon to improve the roster asap.

  1064. Good post. I think there is a lot of hope for RHJ. He can definitely contribute if he minimizes the more reckless things he does.

  1065. I’m not ready to give up on RHJ yet but Booker is a goner for me. I used to like his effort and willingness of doing the dirty works for the Nets but recently it seems to me that his mind set has changed. He exhibits cockiness and overconfidence in his role and is mostly a burden at either end of game. Unless he switch back immediately and never go berserk like this again, I’ll wish for him a merry Christmas and a happy new year in another city.

  1066. Feel the same way about Booker. Used to like him but not anymore.

  1067. FYI
    I just featured @speedoflin:disqus highlights buried deep in the thread

    Here’s a repost:

  1068. Here is Christine Cheng’s highlights

  1069. Nets have accomplished something no other Lin team has done. Destroyed any hope I have before games.

    On previous Lin teams I would always have hope they would win the game. No matter the opponent. I would be excited before games and make sure I could watch it. I have no excitement or hope.

    Because the whole organization from front office to players to trainers do not care about winning. Even the tanking Lakers would try to win. Byron Scott may not be trying but the players had pride and would want to win. (See Laker Lin highlight vs Boston and warriors – see their rare moments of joy) Even BS would surprise me sometimes and try to win.

    No one cares on the Nets. Why should I?

  1070. I really hope so lol

  1071. lol isnt name calling against the rules here?
    whos not too bright here now?
    whatever, done arguing with you
    I’m only concerned with Lin
    not gonna waste time arguing with someone who can’t handle a disagreement w/o calling others names

  1072. yea teammates have to learn the new system and play well in the system

  1073. Wow I totally agree with your analysis and oh also I agree that RHJ and Booker are hopeless offensively (can’t even make a layup) and their defense mediocre especially Booker always letting his man blow by him and caught off guard. You forgot to mention Foye he’s another bad offensive and defensive PG who is a wannabe SG. Booker and Foye both needs to go for sure. I can still stomach RHJ at the SF spot for cuts to the rim.

  1074. Yea sadly even Lopez’s free throws are perfect and more efficient than Lin’s. Lopez is the PF/C with the smoothest and best FT shooting I’ve seen on any Lin team.

  1075. Booker hasn’t been himself lately. He’s selfish and being carelessly. You can tell by his TO numbers. Unless he switched back his old mode, he needs to go. RHJ is still young. He needs to discipline himself and sent to D-league to gain more experience. He should be grateful for the opportunity that KA gives him. When Lin was at his age, he didn’t even have such playing time to improve himself.

  1076. I agree all your points. The only reason Lin joined the Nets is because of Kenny Atkinson. Obviously they share the same value and same goal. But I doubt if they share the same approaches and process as well. We’ll see what hope KA can give us after Lin’s back to his start position and the rotation is more stable.

  1077. he’s subservient to his coach and that’s his thought process..MDA, Cliff, McHale, and lakers coach (i forgot his name…all his coach plan, Jlin followed to the letter, except when he’s ab little bit rebelling on some games. One could sense his frustrations and i could say his sensibilities too.

    I did say also that i wish he has some of those mindset (able to charge the offense and take it on his own, and not “i’m the man attitude”) because i know he doesn’t have it. He needs a little of it (on its purest sense) so he can lead the team as when he is needed to score with in his being subservient to his coaches wishes and at the same time not getting out of his ideal self.

  1078. Got too tired yesterday so didn’t watch the highlights thanks

  1079. How about trading some of the really bad players before the trade deadline? Pretty sure getting some better serviceable players will help them more now and next season.

  1080. He’s always been like that. I only liked him during the 2-3 games of the season because of his hustle but then I realized he did “nothing” to help on defense, no blocks, not many rebounds, can’t pass or catch the ball, can’t make a layup at rim. Even Hamilton looks like a stud compared to Booker. Still if Nets were so persistent on development why even play Booker and certainly not as a starter. Why not ply McCullough a young draft pick who has potential to be a borderline star with his efficient scoring, above the rim plays, and athleticism.

  1081. Who would want under-performance players at this time?

  1082. JLin tweeted a quote from Carl Lentz (HillsongNYC Pastor)

    “My job is OBEDIENCE. God’s job is OUTCOME” [email protected]

  1083. That’s a life-lesson that we’re learning every day. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s not going to give KA any feedback or suggestions after games. I’d like to see the spirit Lin demonstrated in the early season (before injured).

  1084. What he tried to say? Hope Nets will not like Lakers 2 years ago really try to tank from now on…..

  1085. He might feel a bit frustrated with all the losses. We know he hates to lose.
    He might just want to keep working hard to help his team to get better and the results will come sooner or later.

  1086. True right now only players that can help make playoff and Championship runs are valuable and Nets have none of that.

  1087. I really don’t like he keeps blaming himself. This team will keep losing before SM sign really talented players. This quote just sounds to me he’s going to keep quiet.

  1088. Not questioning the process?

  1089. I’m tired of Lin Fan’s narrative of the, “Wait until…(fill in the blank)”, when it comes to Lin and being a star in the NBA. In Atkinson’s system, is it a problem that one of the two best players is the point guard? Would he rather have a good facilitator like Rondo with nothing else to offer? (although he is having a better season). To just accept that they are developing for future without seeing what’s right in front of them, with the capability of winning now, is a crying shame. But we can “Wait until next year…sure…”

  1090. I’m pretty sure Lin is NOT talking about any sort of “obedience” to KA or the Nets “”process.” I believe that he’s talking about just trusting God and following God with where and how Lin’s life situation is at this point. If Lin relates with God like I think he does then Lin spends time in quietness meditating on God’s words, praying through and about his questions, fears, frustrations, and coming out of those moments with some sort of affirmation or insights. Lin is taking about trusting and obeying God. Everything else, including the outcome of this season and Lin’s life, is in God’s hands.

  1091. Grover, I’m saddened to say, that I agree. They have “destroyed any hope I have before games”. The developing narrative is really old. Do the Nets owe Celtics anything? Does the nba want to make sure the Celtics to get good picks next year? I don’t put it past them to try and boost up the Celtics and Lakers rivalry in the next couple years. Isaiah Thomas was in the All stars, Kobe just left…it’s a new era for both teams. I’m always reminded that the NBA is a business first before entertainment.

  1092. When Lin post something like this (a while ago he post “Lead me, oh Lord”), that shows he’s wrestling with something and this quote just shows he can’t change Nets situation even for himself but just obey God’s plan.

  1093. When Lin struggles with whatever in his Life, he reflects and provides a verse that helps remind him of the higher truth. But it also shows, that he is struggling with trusting Atkinson and the process. So instead on dwelling in the struggle, he is Obedient to God, and trusting his lead.

  1094. great minds think alike.

  1095. Per Friday’s game, JR Smith will be getting surgery on his right thumb. He’ll be out for awhile.

  1096. completely agree
    Lin only has a few years left in his prime
    he has no time to help rebuild he needs to win NOW!

  1097. the point of this on lin site is????

  1098. We play the Cavs Friday.

  1099. you sure it’s not pen-apple-pineapple-pen?

  1100. it’s not that has no time to rebuild, it’s just the fact that he can win NOW with the players and team that he has. I’m not saying he’s going to take this team to the finals, (and I know he’s been injured) but with the way he is played when healthy or even when coming back from an injury, it’s been ridiculous. He’s not a rookie, nor a player that just came from the D-league. He and Lopez are getting impatient because they know they can win now.

  1101. ok,… but jr ain’t that important..he makes it look like he is.
    If u say lbj..that’s another story.

  1102. What’s that??

  1103. Having lived with a family of devout Christians, I know that they all struggle with “obedience”. Too often they are seeking results and lose sight of the main task they all must work on and that’s refining their own process to be the best Christian they can be.

    My nephew and his wife experienced a miracle with his first child while learning this very lesson. They prayed and pray to receive the blessing of a child but due to an injury in her teens, she was clinically determined by various medical expert to have very little chance of conception. Finally after a few years of trying, hoping and praying, they resigned to accept the grace of God. They went away for a holiday to refresh their spirits after accepting the “will of God”. She became pregnant almost immediately.

    As humans, we tend to want life to come to us. Often that is diversionary to the path He has chosen for us. Just as Lin had to learn the lesson when he was injured just before the THE final game of his junior year. Sometimes He tests our faith like he did with Abraham and Isaac, to test our faith against our will. I believe Lin is talking about this test in his latest trials.