G27 LAL @ SAC PreGame Thread

After a flash of Linsanity, will we see it again in the Kings game?

Will Nick Young be suspended so the bench will have to rely on Jeremy again?
Will Kobe continue to have tired legs to be ineffective?


Guess JLin's stats


  1. 2nd…..hahaha

  2. 3rd

  3. 4th!

  4. I am interested to see what will be Scott’s adjustments on Lin…

  5. Too bad I can’t watch this game, will be on the train not sure if I can get NBA streaming links to work on their wifi =/ Still hope JLin will have a great game.

  6. Okay I predict at least a double double


  7. Believe BS will do his best. That is to play him as little as possible unless Young is suspended for 1 game and Price is playing terrible. Since Price doesn’t do much except passing the ball to Kobe, hard to predict what might happen:-) Well, also have to wait and see how KB’s body is coping. One thing I do know is that JLin will play his best no mater what:-)

  8. Triple double baby !!!

  9. I used to hate Bleacher Report when J was at Houston but the LA version seems more balanced and are not afraid of Kobe in the least. I love this.

  10. @joyce ward:disqus Any update news from your diehard Lakers fans colleagues?

  11. My mom died, so have been back home for the last couple of weeks.

  12. My deepest condolences. Judging from her daughter, she must’ve been a kick-ass mom!

  13. Sorry to hear that Joyce. Hope you are ok. Condolences.

  14. May God comfort you and your family during this difficult time.

  15. Thanks, she was. She had a very good life and she left huge a legacy.

  16. Thanks

  17. Thanks so much

  18. Thank you so much

  19. I think BS was going to play Lin about 15 min last game. I assume his plans will continue.

  20. My heart goes out to you and your family in this difficult time.

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  22. Sorry to hear this. May God be with you and your family.

  23. It does show up in Firefox. Did you refresh it?

  24. ok, got it. thanks.

  25. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Joyce… may God provide some comfort during this difficult time…

  26. U can on league pass…

  27. Thank you

  28. Thanx

  29. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughtful words. It gives me great comfort 🙂

  30. I can not wait for the day when kobe starts to blame his failing game on Scott. Kobe has tried to blame team mates, but nobody is buying it. He will soon change his tactics when scott continues to put him in a bad light. There was a post that kobe yelled at Price.so kobe was not pleased with his play. If scott keeps pushing price on kobe, kobe will bite back.

  31. Lin got an A for playing the right game last 1.

  32. The typical laker fan noticed Lin hits that jumper at the end. It’s all they noticed. And that’s what Lin needs to do to make life miserable for Scott and kobe.

  33. So sorry May God give you and your family comfort and peace during these difficult times.

  34. I expect Scott to be very angry at Lin’s outburst last game.

    My guess: under 20 minutes as Lin’s role continues to decline.

    Byron Scott would not have played Lin in the 2nd half last game if Price was functional after the first quarter.

  35. sorry to hear that. i hope you and your family are ok

  36. Sorry to hear that. My dad died earlier this year. May you find strength and feel blessed in having her.

  37. before, I thought KB should be matured enough and superstar enough not to be jealous of JLin like the beard did, I guess I was wrong.

    JLin had more spotlight than KB last game, so this and the next few games, I would guess BS/KB will definitely try to suppress him even more.

    @mods, I think a poll of predicting playtime is more realistic than stats 🙂

  38. I don’t think that there are many players in the NBA who wouldn’t be jealous of Lin’s skills.

  39. Usually the media follows the money. I guess the owners wish kobe to retire ASAP now that he is not helpful at all for TV ratings.

  40. Im not impressed..

  41. I’m kind of not on the same page with others on the board regarding Kobe. Kobe has his shortcomings and is macho and “dark” but I don’t think he’s against Lin. In fact, I think he’s more disappointed that last game’s Lin, the rebounder and the guy who cut through defenses to make things happen, should come out more and be the standard Lin most nights. in fact, I think Kobe thinks Lin should look for his offense and score more and wouldn’t be surprised if he says that to the media. I think this Lin should become more point guard minded garbage is coming from Scott even though he said early in the season he just sees guards and not point and shooting guards. I think it is Scott with the issues with Lin and probably around the offense structure and speed of the game more than Kobe not wanting to play with Lin or see Lin play well.

  42. I disagree. The fact that lin got 18pt/11 assists in one game and then was practically handcuffed for thr next game speaks volumes about Kobe’s insecurity issues.if kobe wants lin to perform well,why is lin not starting. Make no mistakes kobe is calling the shots on this team.

  43. I’m sorry to hear about your loss Joyce.

  44. Scott has nothing to gain by benching LIN if like you suggest that Kobe ACTUALLY WANTS LIN to be more dominant. In the scenario you paint, Scott isn’t protected by Kobe. If that’s the case he NEEDS TO WIN. Why then would Scott want to put his second best offensive option on the bench? It makes absolutely no sense.

    I don’t buy that his only reason is that he is a racist. If that’s the case, how is it that major sports in the US is dominated by African Americans when it was dominated by whites in the old days. Winning trumped the hate for minorities. The only reason Scott can get away with losing while many people have called for more play time for LIN, is that he is protected by Kobe.

    I had really hoped that Kobe had changed due to his near career ending injury, but the facts are hard to ignore. Kobe is definitely calling the shots on the benching of LIN.

  45. I think you’ve fallen under the Kobe spell (like Bilbo fell under Smaug’s) cause that’s exactly what Kobe wants everyone to think.

  46. Kobe had power when he had fans who financially support NBA. However fewer and fewer fans still buy in his story nowadays and medias are turning the tide.

  47. Too bad the FO and owners are continuing to stand behind kobe.

  48. He is Kobe….what can we say? LOL

  49. Joyce, PLV pointed this out and it is true that Kobe has done this with other point guards, like Nash. Even if Nash had a good game, Kobe at times would play the point guard the game after or just start facilitating against some opponents. It’s nothing unique to Lin. It may be as you said an insecurity, or maybe his macho, he has to be the man on the team mentality, but he’s done this for a long time. I say my thoughts about Kobe because it almost looked like Kobe was OK with not coming back in and seemed really into watching Lin lead the team back. He constantly talks to Lin and said something like he encourages Lin to shoot recently. It’s Scott that seems more against Lin playing his game than Kobe from what I’ve observed. Scott’s talking of Lin not involving team mates was nonsense, if Lin is at fault is he sometimes passes up good shots to try to involve team mates too much.

  50. Kobe’s consistently seems to want to get the best out of Lin. He doesn’t really know that some of what he does may have the opposite effect. I don’t see that from Scott at all, it’s like he’s trying to avoid using Lin.

  51. I think Kobe’s matured a lot but I still don’t care for him much. He’s great at talking to the media. I think he likes Jeremy’s game and still does. But he casts no spell on me.

  52. We will see how long they hold out too, because the ratings for TCW are way down as someone posted on another board. Why do you think all of a sudden TCW is having all of these lin’s interviews and picks. Nobody wants to see Kobe anymore, but a lot if fans are curious about lin.They have had a little taste of linsanity
    and they are curious to see more. Just some thoughts. The way i see it, when it really starts affecting lakers pockets, i am sure the dialogue will change somewhat.

  53. Kobe historically competes against his own team harder than he competes against the opposition.

    He will tolerate Lin’s excellence to a certain point, but Kobe doesn’t like it when Lin succeeds too much.

    Byron Scott simply views Lin as a rental and as an undeserving player who doesn’t belong in the NBA. That’s why Scott feels Price is better than Lin. This notion of “point guard vs shooting guard” doesn’t apply in Scott’s mind to a player like Lin who Scott strongly feels is not worthy of collecting a NBA paycheck.

  54. Bryant can feel that Lin’s a very good player while also doing everything in his power to eject Lin the way Bryant ejected Shaquille O’Neal and Smush Parker and various other players who stood up to Bryant on the Lakers.

  55. What? One more team is out for Lin… smh!

  56. There is less of Lin on the Laker’s video site and I haven’t seen Lin much in practice vids like we’re used to seeing him. There’s been more Boozer for some reason and Young. I don’t know how long that will last.

    Kobe isn’t playing great and people don’t feel he is going to make the last shot or come up big in crunch time. And the team isn’t winning enough. If the team starts winning more games they’ll come back.

  57. Bryant never was high on Smush and he butted heads with Shaq but Shaq was the dominant force and Kobe 2nd fiddle when they played together.

  58. Well, he certainly has a love affair with Price. Price seems to show great effort but isn’t very talented.

  59. If this is true, kobe could call scott off lin,but kobe is not. The faint hope that i have in kobe is when he yelled at price in the last game.so ut is a matter of time before he is bounced from starting unit.if scott doesn’t remove him,then it will be good seeing kobe turn on Scott

  60. Dragic’s production is way down from last season. He’s not happy with the Suns now. But he may be wasted on the Knicks with their system. It would be interesting to see how productive he is with the Knicks.

  61. He is a good shooter…will be fine I think..

  62. Because I think Kobe was disappointed that Lin didn’t do more as a starter so he won’t make a case for Lin to start. But, I don’t think he is against Lin shooting and being more of an aggressive player. In other words, I think Kobe is more for Lin playing his brand of basketball than Scott is who seems to want Lin to play shackled, be more like Price and not the combo scoring PG he is. But Lin is a different type of player than Price.

  63. Why would you think that is the case? Just curious

  64. The whole high-risk/high reward thing. Scott in this way is similar to McHale. Kobe is already TO prone and Lin is a faster, more risk-taking guard than Price. I think Scott likes the safer Price and then thinks Kobe and the bigs can provide the scoring while he gains defensively with Price.

    On Kobe’s side, he wants to see an alpha-dog, pee on the fire hydrant Lin and that is just not Lin. Lin is more rhythm, when he feels it then he asserts himself but it was hard for Lin to find rhythm in the starting unit unless he pushed the action. But Byron didn’t like that. He liked Lin passing it to Kobe and getting out of the way and then wanted Lin to be a shut-down defender.

  65. Actions speak louder than words. This applies to Kobe

  66. He’ll be fine, but the Knicks system isn’t as good as the Suns for him. But, you’re right, he can score from the perimeter very well.

  67. I am deeply sorry to hear that. Hang in there. We are with you.

  68. Kobe is still playing for Kobe and his motivational technique for team mates is bullying and intimidating. It doesn’t work that well on Wes, Clarkson, Lin. Young is so care-free and kind of overly confident so it works with him. I also don’t like that Kobe doesn’t point to himself and say he is at fault when he makes bonehead plays, he more tends to scream at teammates.

  69. Yawn.

    The Knicks do this every season.

    When there’s a free agent that the press wants, they fire this kind of inane statement.

    Goran Dragic publicly said that his focus this season is with the Suns but that he’ll be open to getting the best deal next offseason.

    All the Knicks did was have their press phonies prepare a statement that “Oh boy, Dragic now want to come to US!”

  70. If Kobe liked Lin as much as you said he did, Kobe would demand that Scott play Lin as the starter and Scott would do it.

    The reason Price is starting is partially because Bryant wishes it so.

  71. That’s because Smush Parker was a double figure scoring point guard who was also a rugged defender and an intelligent player who Kobe felt was threatening him in the backcourt.

    Kobe openly stated that he didn’t want Shaq on the Lakers and that Kobe would find a way to make sure that he and Shaq were not on the same team. That’s why Bryant has been so hellbent on winning more championships than Shaq.

  72. With Lin, Kobe’s bullying has absolutely no positive or negative impact.

    In actual games, Lin continues to outshine Kobe regardless of how much useless trash Bryant spews.

  73. Except Kobe took the ball out of Lin’s hand after Minnesota game and became the PG all game long against the Raptors. I have been watching Kobe for a long time and I can tell you Kobe did it because he felt threatened by Lin’s performance in the Minnesota game.

    After the game, Kobe specifically talked about being “more comfortable” with the ball always in his hand. That surely did not sound like someone who wished Lin to do more since Lin couldn’t really do more with the ball always in Kobe’s hand from that point on. Lin’s final rebel scoring outburst in the Boston game is just the last nail on his starting position’s coffin lol.

  74. In reality, Price is the far bigger risk than Lin.

    Price gets beaten so badly on the court, it’s worse than the Lakers playing 4 on 5.

  75. Kobe did that I am becoming free agent and going to leave the Lakers thing to force the Lakers to trade Shaq away or he won’t re-sign with the Lakers. It was only fitting that Kobe missed the playoffs entirely next season without Shaq and Phil LOL.

  76. I think he did it because he’s Kobe who has done this for years. But Scott was way worse who took a very good performing Lin out of the game in the 4th and then complained that Lin didn’t find players when he had 11 assists. My issue is way more with Scott than Kobe.

    Kobe will take the ball if you give it to him and I think in that game, Lin saw Kobe facilitating well and maybe felt he was in a rhythm, Scott said what he said, Lin is a team player, so, Kobe facilitated and played PG.

  77. Right. The best way Kobe helps Lin is talking intelligently with him about the game, not being a tough-love team captain.

  78. Offensively, he isn’t. And I guess Scott doesn’t mind his risks because he’ll get a steal on 15 percent of his gambles. Scott is biased towards Price’s style of play, like McHale was biased on Beverley’s on both ends of the court.

  79. I think overall he likes Lin’s game and maybe Lin’s work ethic. I don’t think he likes that Lin defers or isn’t alpha. So he seems to have mixed feelings on Lin.

  80. Remember, Kobe has said he is proud of how Lin played in a post-game on-court interview not that long ago and he tends to make supportive comments on Lin. Byron has been far, far more critical and gives Lin backhanded compliments. Instead of saying Lin spearheaded the run to get them back in the game the last game, he talked of Lin’s dumb mistakes while saying he was solid. But he didn’t talk about how Lin was the guy that got them the big 4th quarter run or made that huge last FG for them. That’s why I point more at Scott than Kobe.

  81. Bench: Kobe

  82. Nah, it will be quadruple double.

  83. Don’t think Triangle is anything good for Lin or any top PG nowadays.

  84. Lin’s never going back to the Knicks so long as Dolan is still the owner. Just forget it!

  85. I posted something on this, but Discus rejected it.

    Every season, the Knicks claim that “so and so free agent” is coming to NY to sign.

    Though the Knicks rarely get the players they want, the Knicks do it anyway because they think that all NBA free agents are clamoring to come to New York.

    Goran Dragic said in an interview that he’s focusing on the Suns this season but will be looking at all offseason options for himself and his family. To the Knicks, that means he’s interested in joining the Knicks.

    I couldn’t imagine Dragic wanting to go to a losing team like New York.

  86. I saw Lin doing some triangle this season with Boozer and Bryant.

    Lin looked GOOD.

    Lin can thrive in any offensive scheme, including one like this season’s where the whole goal of the Lakers seems to be trying to keep the ball out of Lin’s hands!

  87. I don’t go by what Bryant or Scott or anyone says.

    I go strictly by what they DO.

    Kobe and Scott are anti Lin in their actions.

  88. Given how Kobe doesn’t practice with the team, the only coaching Bryant receives is from Lin.

  89. Actually not.

    Dragic needs multiple screens to score because he doesn’t have the athletic ability to get a shot on his own without assistance.

    This season, there have not been as many dedicated picks for Dragic to work off of.

    Dragic would struggle in NY with the triangle that doesn’t provide wide open scoring lanes for Dragic to attack. The triangle is a post up system that always has one guy down low on either side of the basket, and Dragic isn’t like Lin who can find ways to take advantage of that.

  90. What people say, what people even think they believe matters little compared to what they do.

  91. Price will remain the starter no matter what.

    Byron Scott knows that Price can’t play, and Byron Scott is trying to show Lakers management that Lin is an even less deserving player than Price.

    The trouble for Scott is that Lin’s KILLING the Lakers by playing GREAT.

  92. Well, you were wrong about BS and you might be wrong again.

  93. Kobe didn’t stop there.

    In interviews, Kobe has said that he made up his mind that he refused to be on the same team as a guy like Shaq that Kobe had no respect for.

    Kobe has stated that he wanted to win by himself, without Shaq’s “assistance.”

  94. Talk is cheap.

  95. I think it’s true, as KHuang says, that you’ve kind of got to go by K/S actions more than words. But if you try to speculate about their individual motivations, I think you have a very valid point. I think Scott is a simpler mind. Jeremy is fingernails on his blackboard, and I’ve always felt he resented his explosive arrival on the scene, was infuriated by his ‘non-institutionally-approved” undrafted entry, intimidated by his Harvard smarts. Just lizard-brain gut antipathy that good performance only serves to aggravate. Completely predictable guy, and it won’t be changing.

    Kobe, on the other hand, is a much more complex story. He’s smart and worldly in his experience, but he doesn’t have much impulse control or emotional ability to integrate the conflicting attitudes we all tend to have. It makes a big disconnect between how he thinks and acts in different situations. He does think about stuff, and I think he means what he says…it’s just that the next minute he’s experiencing differently and none of it connects very well. I think it’s called “compartmentalization”, though I just tend to say he’s nuts. It makes an extremely unreliable situation for those around him. You might like the guy and find him fascinating and helpful one minute, and the next he’s a nightmare. Yes he likes Lin, yes he’d like to see him pissing around, yes he hates when Lin (or anybody!!) shines as much as him, yes his instinct is to kill every competitor around (his own team, the other team, whoever). You can give him props for his best qualities, but at the end of the day he is treacherous waters.

  96. My friend said Dragic also said he will not intimidate by play next to Kobe.. So looks like this is another Bledsoe drama again.

  97. Right on, judging from what BS said about …. “Then bring it to US…” stuff. BS does not consider Lin worthy, and thinks Lin as an outsider.

  98. Yes, Jane. Good analysis. Kobe is a paradox and an impulsive one at that. Byron just contradicts himself and his performance is terrible. He seems desperate to save his sinking ship but stubborn, a bad combination.

  99. Kobe is pro Kobe in his actions. Haven’t seen him as anti-Lin in actions. He plays for Kobe first.

  100. Maybe the Suns are trying to sign him cheap next season, LOL.

  101. I think some Lin fans need to stop bashing Kobe (true or not) when tweeting to Lakers fans. Lakers Pulse is one of few Lakers fan who believe in Lin, but pretty soon he turns around against Lin if he keeps getting tweets like these.

    @LakersPulse @ymchef Dude, maybe that's not exactly the best way to put it, but man, no need to start calling ppl names 🙂 Just an opinion..— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) December 21, 2014

  102. I know it’s a Sunday…day of rest…but when you find yourself mid-morning still in your jammies checkin’ this site…well…things have maybe gone too far!

  103. Is 110pm too far ? I did change lol.

  104. Beautiful pictures… black, white, asian, latino… altogether… beautiful

  105. LakersPulse is nice to Lin but he also wanted Lakers to get Rondo, Dragic… This guy changed his opinion all the time no need to care too much about it. He also said if Ronnie start for the Lakers he would out of Lakers…[email protected]#$ But I agree no need to argue w Lakers fans group or reporters too much… Bc no matter what Kobe is always right. They will trash coach but sure not Kobe.

  106. 2:18pm to check 9 Linsanity!!! votes :]

  107. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, joyce 🙁
    I pray that God will provide comfort and strength for your family and loved ones

  108. hm,.. how early is morning? :}

  109. Sorry I’m not the ONE that buys into that KB is good to JLin. He is just another egoistic double- talk aging “superstar” who can’t let anyone shine above him.

    BS is just a liar tank commander ego massager. I can put more adjectives. He is definitely ABJ.

  110. yes, sometimes the best way is simply point out the facts (Kobe 3-15 and missed 11/12 game-winning/buzzer beater) that Kobe hasn’t been the old Kobe to close out games.

    They can draw the conclusion that Lin had a better chance to win the game.

  111. I beg to differ with you. I have seen more stuff on that site lately about lin..

  112. Go Jeremy Go!

  113. Still in jammies!!? OK…now I feel much better 😀

  114. If you’re not still in pajamas, then you’re not around the bend…yet. 🙂

  115. Two Lakers on the right are free but no, has to let Kobe brick it… that said it all.

  116. Agree! They ain’t change anything anyway. Go Lin Go!

  117. I’m sure I’ll take a bender this coming week lol.

  118. from jammies-dress shirts-back-to-jammies LOL

  119. JLin already “gets it”, I guess we need to face the fact and “get it” , too.

  120. Hmm. I pictured you as always dressed the same: big pointy hat, long grey cloak, and a staff 🙂

  121. LOL ..I like the white wizard version!

  122. Kobe is an expert at manipulating the media. He knows he must keep his fans in China from jumping ship. Don’t listen to what he says, listen to what he does.

  123. Lin’s demotion has begun just as he had those 2 games of 21 pts and a double double 18/10. Since then, kobe has kept LIN’s usage rates down and demoted to bench.

    Kobe says one thing and acts another way.

  124. Why do you continue to believe that he likes LIN’s game? Kobe is a “user”. He smiles in your face and pretends to be you’re friend. I’m sure you must have encounter a few of these types of people, everyone has. Nothing they do is actually for you. When I meet people like that I keep them at arms length because they just use you when it’s in their favor and discard you when you start getting in their way.

    That’s kobe.

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