G27 LAL @ SAC Game Thread

Let’s hope Jeremy will be able to bring a full Linsanity game if Kobe is struggling with his legs and Nick Young is suspended.

If not, Jeremy can still play with the same mentality to attack and lead the 2nd unit to continue to unleash his Linsanity game. The more he does it, the hungrier Lakers fans will get to see Jeremy handle the ball more.

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  1. FIRST

    Lakers Nation
    Nick Young won’t be suspended for his altercation with Steven Adams and will play today against the Sacramento Kings. http://www.lakersnation.com/lakers-news-nick-young-wont-be-suspended-will-play-against-kings/2014/12/21/

  2. Prepare for gloryyyy

  3. LOL I just miss this thread by few minutes:-) Go JLin with limited minutes you have.

  4. Linsanity to reign over the Kings!

  5. oh well, let’s hope Lin continues with his aggressiveness to include feeding Swaggy!

  6. LOL Dream on:-) Since JLin played so well last game, believe JLin will only play around 15 minutes unless something happens to KB, NY, RP.

  7. No mention that Lin was able to get 12p/8r/5a in only 22 min

    2) The Lakers’ two new bench leaders have stepped up recently. Carlos Boozer is averaging 15.0 points and 9.5 rebounds, while shooting 53.5 percent in his last six games. Jeremy Lin, meanwhile, ended his frigid streak on Friday by shooting 5-for-7 to tally 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists. Prior to the game against Oklahoma City, Lin had averaged just 6.3 points on 28.3 percent shooting, while adding 1.9 rebounds and 4.3 assists in seven contests.

  8. very true… I notice something always happened lately 😀

  9. Go JLin! Pick up where you’d left off. Continue playing your brand of basketball.

  10. Whatever I wanna see jlin playing 🙂

  11. Super Lintendo!!!

  12. Bummer, hope JLin continues to play his brand of basketball, get those rebounds, bring the ball up and look for his own shots!

  13. I bet Scott is going to use Young to shut down Lin as always, by asking Lin to defer to Young.

  14. He can ask doesn’t mean Lin will. Lin knows Young’s another ball hog who doesn’t pass back out. Notice how Lin learned to not pass to Young that much lately.

  15. I hope so.

  16. I’d love to see Swaggy and Lin work it out to a great combo. Seems like Lin has that with Booz and Ellington (last game).

  17. Make sure to vote for Super Lintendo in the pre-game thread 🙂

  18. y, that has been BScott’s MO to turn Lin into Price

  19. yup, with 20-22min, Lin might as well stay aggressive

  20. In order to do so, Swaggy needs to pass back to Lin.
    It may take a while for Swaggy to do so haha

  21. That’s exactly why Scott puts him beside Kobe.

  22. I knew this is another reason to keep Price in the Lakers.
    To make Kobe not look as the worst shooter!

  23. May not even be 15 minutes.

  24. NY learns from the Master. So, he will ballhog like the Master.

  25. Lin wouldn’t be the first point guard who refused to pass to Nick Young’s ballhogging.

    Nick Young has bounced around the NBA for this reason.

  26. Yep. Maybe even less than 10 min. Let’s see whether my theory is right:-)

  27. Lin should stay aggressive but not push too hard if he gets less than 20 minutes tonight.

  28. BScott will probably rely on Swaggy to close the 4th if he hits enough shots. He’s been trying to use Ellington/Swaggy as the shooter and let Kobe be the PG to further diminish Lin.

    I hope Lin’s shooting sharply to thwart BScott’s plan!

  29. He doesn’t mind letting Kobe take all the shots.

  30. I want to see a full blown Linsanity and not a mini linsanity like the last game! Let’s Go!!!

  31. Lakers games are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

  32. If Lin is shooting that sharply, Coach Scott will bench Lin long before the 4th quarter arrives.

  33. It’s easy to predict.

    The better Lin plays, the less he’s allowed on the court.

    It’s still the countdown to DNP CD.


  35. Kings is a bad team but still had no problems making layups

  36. Obviously, Byron won’t be mentioning the dumb turnovers by Kobe in the post game.

  37. yep

  38. streaky …

  39. so kobe still tired. they will run kobe to the ground

  40. Kobe as PG = TO

  41. fatigue especially muscle fatigue leads to injury

  42. Should lead to more time on the bench.

  43. yep but it won’t

  44. An early game for me….and I see Kobe has 4 TOs and down by 8 already!? Good job lakers….

  45. so lin last off the bench as usual first to sit

  46. When Lakers lose it won’t be because of Kobe playing poorly, it will be because the Kings with Cousin is so good. So predictable.

  47. LOL .. announcers defending on Price doubling on help D but can’t reach Collison for wide-open 3.
    Hope they’ll say the same for Jeremy :>

  48. Every game, Lakers announcers trying so hard to defend Ronnie starting.

  49. Lin in with 3:18

  50. Why is Kobe still in?
    BScott is such a terrible coach who wants to ruin his legs

  51. lin subbed in with sacre lol thats all i will say

  52. He’s got the hot hand? And the tired legs.

  53. they’re such homers and try so hard to justify coach’s decision

  54. turning over?

  55. Lakers suck 🙂 Go JLin 😉

  56. his hands are on fire … baking turnovers

  57. Bill & Stu already building up Cousins for excuse why Lakers lose.Of course not because of Kobe bricking.

  58. Lin: ZzzzZZzZ

  59. napsanity?

  60. Lin’s doing a good defense on Collison

  61. kobe bailed

  62. Lin was wide open.

  63. Lin looked at the clock for the last possession of Q1 and knew he needed to pass the ball to Kobe to make the last play

  64. incredibly boring

  65. and always will be.

  66. Well, two ball hogs are on the court…

  67. Sounds nice

  68. 36 yrs old Kobe played entired 1st quarter. Nothing news.

  69. well

  70. saving him for crunch time lol.

  71. the objective of the game is to make Kobe look good at all costs.
    Starters couldn’t do it so the 2nd unit is more a threat to let Kobe score.

    so yeah.. it’s that obvious and boring

  72. lol thats stupid viewer ship is down. why because the style is slow and boring

  73. LOL now Bill & Stu went with the line “Kobe is a threat to score even when not shooting too well”

    That’s only true if he passes

  74. Lin found Nick

  75. Lakers come back now… kobe sits

  76. Kobe sits .. and Lakers started running

  77. Lin!

  78. Kobe out, Jeremy in, Lakers leads

  79. Nice pick by Hill and Lin’s drive to score!

  80. lin +9 highest on team. price – 8 lowest on team

  81. So…LAL has the 3rd best bench unit in the league I think?

  82. don’t worry the lead by the bench will be removed

  83. i think it is 2nd best Bench

  84. Oh ok….I just saw some tweets the other day…..IIRC

  85. nice!!

  86. what are the starters rated

  87. Who cares. LOL

  88. lol

  89. I think 1st or 2nd… count from the bottom

  90. What a pass by Lin! WOW.

  91. What a great pass by Lin to Boozer!!!

  92. Sac announcer admits that Lin is making a difference on the court.

  93. Court-vision, baby! 😀

  94. Lin tried to force too much but I like the way they pushed the ball back.

  95. LOL……Lin Tov was like, where the H were my teammates

  96. Lakers had a good plan to let PGs help double Cousins inside

  97. OK Lin lost the ball… but I can tell his team mates were not moving and caused the TO. More interesting is how fast Lin started the next run… fantastic!

  98. noone moved :]

  99. swarmed … standing

    Like the Ellington lin action.

  100. Hope they pay attention from tape session and learn! With Lin, you must keep moving and get open and Jeremy will deliver to you!

  101. Man, Lakers is such a good fastbreak team without Kobe on the floor!

  102. Good chemistry with Ellington and Lin.

  103. dang, kobe in. run ends.

  104. General Lin in charge!

  105. blah.. Kobe is back at 7:03

  106. Rhythm killer coming in.

  107. Kobe has to come in to screw momentum up.

  108. cousins beasting

  109. lol lin out

  110. OH ..shxx

  111. all that work for nothing

  112. watch Lakers stop running and start jogging to keep up the pace with Kobe

  113. Then the fall begins.

  114. whtH? coach doesn’t want to win.

  115. Mitch calling: “hey Byron, get Lin and those bench guys out, they’re messing up our top 5 pick”

  116. zzzzzzz

  117. Let’s go Kings!

  118. LOL 2 offensive rebounds but couldn’t finish.
    Then Kings scored on a fastbreak!

  119. Kobe in lead gone

  120. watch the lead lin work so hard for go away

  121. Lakers’ starter Defense has been SPEARED!

  122. is it me or has lins minutes gone down even more

  123. there goes the leaaaad~~~

  124. The flow is gone when Kobe came in! I also guess Davis not happy to play with the starters!

  125. 2nd unit can beat starters. If BSc just cheats a little and gives 2nd unit equal time and a little bit more of hot runs in the 4th, they could finish out 8 up and win by 1. lol but srs.

  126. we know it will happen

  127. Byron is just terrible. Young out, Lin out, Kobe back in, Price back in. Oh please.

  128. Other Lakers starters want to be benched to play with the 2nd unit

  129. Especially Davis 🙂

  130. yup… BScot agenda to promote his starters’ defense is easily exposed since the bench carried them 😀

  131. I feel sorry for Price who wanted a backup job as he always had. Now he becomes a “starter” he is exposed. they will get rid of him next season to cover up

  132. Game seems unenergetic now

  133. With Kobe’s crazy freelancing off foul, right now you can only say the truth: Kobe is a loser. In bball for sure.

  134. It is called “Kobe Paced” 😉

  135. Nine year career where you get paid big bucks to play basketball. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

  136. bryant consistently hitting from of rim

  137. Someone needs to look at Byron’s contract. I’m getting the suspicion he gets paid per basket Kobe makes.

  138. It is more like by the minutes.

  139. I’d rather get paid per Kobe miss.

  140. kobe has 16 minutes played with 3 minutes left this haif

  141. That could of been you Wesley Johnson. And Johnson could dunk better too. LOL

  142. Wes Johnson = shaqtn a fool

  143. I prefer to call them Bench Starters. 🙂

  144. It’s the start of my Christmas and New Year break and I woke up to this SLOW game? Makes me feel sleepy.

  145. wow price was way off!

  146. Kobe looks like an old geezer out there

  147. Kobe hits 2 for 11 during the first half so far. Scott needs to let him play longer during the 2nd half to average up the lousy performance.

  148. Glad I’m missing this game, Lin benched and Lakers bricks after bricks.

  149. so don’t look at stats for player lol

  150. Oh Stu… lol

  151. stu marry price already

  152. lol

  153. BS overprotecting Price much?

  154. viewers are blushing LOL

  155. Let me guess. Lin is doing pretty good, panic BS takes him out and that resulted in 8 min playing time?

  156. LIN SCORES 2 with 3 SECONDS!!!! Maybe BSc needs Lin to prove it to 1 sec.

  157. Those defensive substitutions… ugh

    Jeremy had a haircut. Bigger UGH.

  158. Lin used that 3.3 sec so we can hammer any Trolls with that. Go Lin!

  159. haha

  160. get a room first.

  161. I think Stu Lantz is having an orgasm every time he says the words "Ronnie Price". #Lakers @Lakers #NBA— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) December 22, 2014

  162. lol coincidence price got in foul trouble

  163. Scott wasn’t hoping for that.

  164. They were Thor-hammered lol

  165. Did Lin made the FTs?

  166. Obviously… lol

  167. Price with 3 PF, Scott will play him, Price will get roasted.

  168. LA media is getting hungry for more Lin!

  169. yup

  170. yup after smiling widely first!

  171. I think so too. LOL

  172. He smiled for a while too. good to see.

  173. 3 more PFs and Lin will get 23 min 😀

  174. looking forward to curry vs price

  175. great to see him relax :]

  176. Bs is kicking himself… Jlin just punked him

  177. If you give me 3.4 seconds, i’ll give you 3 points. If you give me another 0.9 sec above that, I’ll get you into the 2nd round.

  178. thank you for reminding me! it is going to quite pleasing to watch 🙂 bball clinic right there

  179. lol you don’t get how sad what you sad is

  180. It has come to this sadly. lol

  181. Price will have lots of “hustle plays”

  182. sh(eesh) right ? ha ha.

  183. well the iggy should tell him …

  184. Yes really great to see lin having some fun. Him smiling while playing is part of the highlights.

  185. Playing with Kobe is not good for Jeremy.

  186. Does BS have mental illness? He should know everybody watches the game, the same game he is coaching. But, he has this wishful thinking going in his head, wishing Lin makes bad plays and not brilliant plays. But, just the opposite, all eyes can see what a fabulous artist Lin is. BS, you need to have a check up or a MRI on your brain. How I wish BS’d read our posts.

  187. He looks good at the line again. Two easy swishes.

  188. Stu just went from orgas m to heart attack..lol

  189. You know, he only played Young 11 minutes in the quarter. Scott is inept.

  190. Maybe playing less min. would preserve Lin more in the long run.??

  191. Lol glad Jlin is looking to score take that BS the hater! Live play by play will have t due while I’m on the train for hours.

  192. Ya getting ridiculous. Going on and on about trying to explain why Price’s stats are so bad but saying he’s still a good player. Next thing you’ll hear is that the score doesn’t matter either.

  193. True!!!!!!!

  194. LOL

  195. I have a feeling that kobe will be asking to put lin bsck in the 1st unit. Kobe is working too hard and he knows abd feels it.with lin is was very easy for him.

  196. No he didn’t just made the fts… he ripped the net on both

  197. If there are any Young fans out there…I assume they are more pissed than we are

  198. If you give me a good coach and a scrub team, I can bring Linsanity!

  199. i FEEL a good 2nd half coming up. Kobe bricking, tired, Price 3 fouls, game going well in Lin’s hands. To be fair, announcers did say Lin had the game very well in control. That’s how I see it … he picks his moments to assert his scoring, but beyond that, he has the offense well managed and on D, he’s there to help Sacre, Bigs from behind. That foul on DMC could have been a block or steal because DMC did not see Lin coming.

  200. There is one called iggy

  201. Don’t care about that ball hog. Like Young’s happy personality not his game.

  202. And they are always 10 points behind in almost every game. ha.

  203. @IdoAmir @JLin7 @SacramentoKings @Lakers NY will take linsanity back if you guys benching him! We need him here to stop the bleeding! 5-25!— SirCharles In Charge (@knicks1ny) December 22, 2014

  204. I am not sure what will happen if you pissed her off

  205. Ellington played 5 minutes in the half.

  206. That first opening was really tough … Kobe cannot get going if he has no help to pull defenders off him.

  207. Young’s personality is too cool

  208. It’s worse than that. He’s just stupid and inept.

  209. I’m not sure I want to know.

  210. ripped them so it sounded like a nice pop with a vacuum sound!

  211. M….good point..LOL

  212. Black Widow?

  213. How to enjoy a Lakers game:
    -Root for the other team
    -Cheer every time Kobe bricks or Price fouls
    -Pray for OT so Lin can get some minutes

  214. I like Young. Just want him to up his game and play with Lin more to get the blowout run set up every time.

  215. Jeremy does well while not playing with Kobe

  216. Have a feeling the team will be flat this quarter.

  217. This is probably the worst starts of a H I have seem…

  218. the kings want to lose

  219. scott also so who wins

  220. If I am the coaches of both teams. I will let the benches play now.

  221. That’s a trick question.

  222. Want to see more LIN-Ellington plays!

  223. RUDY GAY!!! WOW. What a dunk!

  224. wow, he was so effective with Lin I thought he was there the whole shift.

  225. king play horrible basketball. 2 bad teams

  226. LOL….they are competing for a L right now

  227. The Lakers starters suck but the kings starters suck harder

  228. its horrible to watch

  229. This tells us. Do not wear a white sleeve. So easy to recognize an offensive foul. LOL

  230. Well, they aren’t flat. They are actually playing decently.

  231. Lin takes a 3.3 sec ball and turns it onto 2 swishes for 2. Even kobe didn’t want that shot.

  232. they are bad but kings are worse

  233. Yeah, true.

  234. do we have enough time to get a snack before Lin’s stint? 3 min in Q3, guessing.

  235. Price 4F Lin in yet? Flagrant?

  236. Another flagrant for Price?

  237. Starers are making a run. I guess we have to wait more

  238. also, when he smiles, he plays better :]

  239. yeah, that’s how sad BScott’s bias is towards Lin :]

  240. Jeremy is in!

  241. BS Goal is to play Kobe longest minutes over everyone else to pad his stats.

  242. only bcuz of the 4th foul.

  243. they will get louder, I’m sure haha..

  244. I’ll take it…

  245. Hill is not shooting well today.

  246. Just today?

  247. Kobe … team is coming back … does a behind the basket move travels. What a waste of possession.

  248. Kobe with 7 TOs

  249. Lucky number 7…

  250. 3 more to go…

  251. BS! Can you give Brian some rest!?!

  252. ok, Kobe the PG with 8TOs

    wow, they actually saved him with a block LOL so 7 TOs still

  253. LOL

  254. Those are ALL good TO

  255. Kobe gassed.

  256. What a joke … kobe fakes 3 time to try to get foul, throws up a TOV, and Lin wide open in the corner everybody else standing watching his little skit.

  257. But none were dumb or boneheaded.

  258. waiting for kobe with some dumb mistakes but dogs don’t bite the hand that feed them

  259. Jeremy on the court again with two ball hogs.

  260. BS, is that you? lol

  261. trolled yoou … very bad since Lin went to bench. Before he was making the open midrange because of Lin pulling defenders. Right now, it’s not happening and he has lost his nerve.

  262. Best TO

  263. Now we’re even.

  264. Wish Lin made that 3.

  265. Well, Sac is coming back. Ultimately, it’s a good thing, even with Lin in there. Looks bad on the Laker starters and BS if they lose.

  266. Lin brings the ball up, pass to Kobe as asked, Kobe a brick. King takes over, scores. Repeat

  267. Now a tied game

  268. Go King Go!

  269. lakers all iso started by kobe

  270. You gotta love this 7/22 FG

  271. SIT KOBE DOWN!!!! (Hope they heard me)

  272. I hear you loud and clear! 🙂

  273. lol kobe has 31 minutes with a whole quarter left

  274. Why? He’s shooting a blistering 30% with only a few TOs.

  275. that’s BScott’s inept coaching playing Kobe a full 3rd quarter.

  276. hehe

  277. Lin needs to now assert himself and get to the hole, draw fouls, make shots. He’s not found a rhythm yet and I hope it comes now.

  278. Same here missed that 3 and mid jumper. Gotta make every shot with his limited minutes.

  279. Wow. Nick Young.

  280. it was good.

  281. 5 assists and counting.

  282. So how old Kobe to run and rush with this speed?

  283. kobe in, game goes away now.

  284. Jeremy is still in.. hmmm..

  285. I’m shocked actually …

  286. Will be out soon because of that TO

  287. refs like lin……alot

  288. Doubt Lin is back after this time out. I hope so, but Scott is Scott.

  289. one thing you can count on with Kobe if you are Young – you can give Kobe the hospital pass and he will take the brick. Ignore the wide open Lin, no problem.

  290. Jlin stats not looki good, too few shot attempts.

  291. I guess Lin is done for today?

  292. Young and Kobe…

  293. Nope. Still in.

  294. YES!

  295. he’s still in.

  296. He’s still in. With Davis.

  297. I am sorry Scott that I doubted you

  298. maybe to be a scapegoat… who knows.

  299. Haha… hold that thought. He might use Jeremy as a scapegoat if they lose.

  300. can’t stop cousins

  301. Scott is still a hater, only cares about Kobe stats.

  302. spoke too early

  303. Jeremy out…

  304. lol wow

  305. only because he’s not beasting. Lin out now. Game over.

  306. Ok Lin done….I am done for today…LOL

  307. He’s out now.

  308. Price foe boozer? Lol BS substitution for you.

  309. Lin out, BS for the tank!!!

  310. ur not going to win with this bs lineup

  311. lol do you see why to never ever ever price scot until game is over

  312. WTH….I do not even had a chance to close the feed and they are down 8……LOL hahahahahahahahahahaha

  313. Kings winning this with Lin continued to be benched and marginalized.

  314. ok, Lin sat.
    Go Kings! Yeah! 😀

  315. Benched the wrong guys. We all know Kobe has been in all the the kings runs. His bricking is like a turnover.

  316. Yes mouahahahha 😉

  317. young turns the bench to little starters. lol typical of little kobe

  318. What happened??? I don’t have feed. I was just watching the box score. What happened?

  319. Same here, done for the day! Hope lakers got blown out!

  320. No OT?

  321. BS made “adjustment”

  322. Price and Hill were in to replace Lin and Boozer

  323. Time to switch the channel.

  324. 7 for 26, and 7 turnovers nd no defense, why is this guy still in the game.

  325. seemed like lin was bench right before the storm came brewing lol

  326. Yeah, from deficit of 2 to 8 instantly when Jeremy sat. lol

  327. Kobe 8-28

  328. Kobe is embarrassing himself out there shooting 8-28

  329. Gotta get his stats after that 9 point game SMH. Lin gotta leave Lakers after this season.

  330. With Kobe playing PG .. maybe like 5% chance

  331. Fans won’t care, will only see his 20+ points

  332. 2 more TOs for a DD!

  333. Hahaha Kobe, good job! Helping the King win this game!

  334. Kobe 8TOs and 8-28 shooting

  335. might as well make it 8-88 shooting lol

  336. a lot of 8

  337. To be sure they lose lol

  338. 25 points and 8 TO, almost up for a DD. Good for him.

  339. HIll is so bad at figuring out the positional defense

  340. 1 more!

  341. 9 TO lol

  342. Kobe almost double-doubled, 25 pts +9TOs

  343. LOL 9 TOs. He is really shameless.

  344. I would be happy if that NBA scout provided a good report what he thinks about Jeremy’s game lol. This game bored me to tears with Jeremy out.

  345. I guess .. the crime is winning 😀

  346. Come on Kobe get double double

  347. THis reminded me the 10 TOV game from Harden

  348. and 10 TOV game from kobe earlier this year?

  349. I want to know what James Naismith from his grave thinks about BS marginalizing the PG role…

  350. second time for kobe last time the triple double

  351. You look like you can use a tissue? or Charmin? lol

  352. Don’t forget his terrible PG skills.

  353. I need some Jeremy Lin lol

  354. Byron thinks Price intimidates lol

  355. happy with the loss.

  356. If we change perspective and treat this as a comedy show, might be more enjoyable.

  357. “Glad I’m not alive to see this”?

  358. Feels different…IDK>..

  359. The oldest guy playing the most minutes, the least efficient shooter taking way too many shots. That’s the idiocy of the current Lakers.

  360. Well…you know. Kobe needs help..LOL

  361. what ar they saying

  362. With FO and BS allowing that every game what else is new? Really wish Lin gets traded before deadline.

  363. They gave the keys to a basketball sociopath

  364. starting in the third

  365. Watching Kobe play like this is sad. No teamball. They literally used the word sad.

  366. Kings are so bad….haha even if they are winning…

  367. That is low…

  368. Jeremy has done nothing but been the good soldier time to change the script and blast the BS. Why not? Lakers are ruining his career

  369. Me too :'(

  370. That say something about Lakers.

  371. well, it was sure this game – EVERY TIME kobe came in, game was shapeless, useless, etc. Teams do not take LAL seriously, only have a good plan to double Lin up and guard him hard 1-1, in the paint, and force him to give the ball up to Kobe. Others don’t matter … let them score, you win of you take the ball out of Lin’s scoring or passing hands and force it to Kobe.

    Meanwile, you cheat a little and tease kobe letting him think he can get a shot up, eating up clock. By the time there is 6 secs left on the clock, Kobe has escalated his commitment and sees nothing but net. Then you have an 80% chance to cause him to brick.

    Would any of you like to be my agent? I’ll give you more than the standard fee if you get me a coaching job with the Lakers …

  372. Yes

  373. They fall on deaf LA ears.

  374. Glad lakers media is unbiased

  375. 4 points in 21 minutes, 5 assists, 3 TOs, -1 …. Not a positive game for him but Scott is at fault. The game was winnable and Lin could have helped.

  376. lol.

  377. would be really sad if they started throwing charmin at Kobe

  378. It’s getting more and more obvious that playing Kobe is a formula for losses.

  379. yes, LA Media can’t stand this anymore.
    Kobe-ISO-show has progressively been getting worse

  380. Scott is a genius

  381. the iso game all day no he couldn’t . maybe closer but no

  382. Scott is dumb but kobe is at fault for not not involving other teammates when he was 8/29. Don’t blame Scott when Kobe could have shared ball with others to carry the team as well.

  383. Lin probably would have finished with similar 4-5pts had Swaggy not get ejected last game.

    BScott is sticking with his failing Kobe as PG experiment. He’s that predictably bad!

  384. Too bad there was no opportunity for a game winning final shot. Kobe was hot tonight.

  385. And Mitch too…

  386. First are the casual Lakers’ fans defecting, now some diehard Kobe fans can’t stand him anymore.

  387. Jeremy’s close cousin speaking out. Good to see.

  388. Umm why does Horry sound like hes on drugs

  389. Win/win situation. if Lakers don’t win it’s a win
    if they don’t win without Jeremy being permitted to contribute its a win. (which they never do)
    bonus win Scott and Kobe being the laughing stock of the league. That’s not my choice but that’s the way it is.

  390. They should literally do that. Piece of BS. Pun intended.

  391. Glad MM said it… the first from LA media..


  392. It helps when the opposing team wins. yeah!

  393. Except Lin’s stats had to suffer for 3 years straight!

  394. trying to cope with Byron’s stupidity

    he’s been drinking

  395. 24 is one of the most overrated “stars” in NBA history…an inefficient shooter and “ok” defender who has never made anyone better. Phil pushed the guys to get better not kobe

  396. of people calling this game ugly wait for gsw

  397. I just hope Lakers fire Scott now. GIVE a chance to assistant coach. If that doesnt work, just hire another coach like George Karl or someone else.

  398. Kobe loves this coach. Supports him 100%.

  399. Shaq got those rings….Pau and Lamar made the triangle work

  400. Hes slurring his words. Haha

  401. Kobe needs to retire.

  402. Indeed for tanking team.

  403. Mj had a selfish streak but never as ugly as Kobe….this is beyond comprehensible

  404. Trying to ease the pain…

  405. lol

  406. Kobe got a Lein on his house

  407. Then he must really be drunk. I’m not even joking.

  408. Why? 25 points a game is pretty good. Kobe will pass KAJ in no time.

  409. My thought too.

  410. This is not a team, it’s a joke. Kobe is basically playing by himself. 14 assist tonight for Lakers, 9 TOs by Kobe.

  411. hahahahaha I can not stop laughing…….this is really beyond bad..

  412. who would of thought we hd it good last year. atleast we won. atlas it fit lins style

  413. Good sense of humor!

  414. Hes slurring his words.. Am i the only one that can tell hes blitzed out of his mind?

  415. comparatively speaking

  416. LOL

  417. we ask this all year

  418. He can’t afford someone stealing his spotlight.

  419. 8-30 FG, still think it’s pretty good?

  420. Seahawks vs Arizona this is how sports is played. this is defense

  421. One question tho…If Kobe only played 20 mins a game and shooting only 11 shots. What would be his %age. I would bet still not very far from 31%

  422. i think he is talking about the injury beak

  423. what

  424. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  425. This can’t go on much longer. So the worse it gets, the better.

  426. I think Scott will rest Kobe in the 83rd game

  427. lol whats the first unit going to do

  428. younge would start still that unit will suck but lin with the bench with no young please please please

  429. I thought Scott bleed purple. How could he let the lakers become a joke. Kobe obviously is sick and can’t help himself. He has taken 19 years of basketball knowledge and experience and throws it all out the window for some need he can’t satisfy.

  430. Make that zero chance.

  431. Playoffs? good. lol

  432. That was obviously an attempt of sarcasm…

  433. Kobe had a max 3 days rest before last game and was just as bad. How is sitting one game going to help?

  434. kobe should average 30 minutes . not play back to backs. as will as too many game in a short period of time

  435. well idc 1 game of free lin ill be happy

  436. Actually 26 minutes will be better for him

  437. Kobe shot 27% today and his FG% for the entire season is now…27%

  438. yep

  439. Lol that is what I typing but with one hand so u beat me to it

  440. Yes, they love to increase his TO and PF stats all the time.

  441. lol

  442. but the engine would run just knock a little. Right now, you’re broken down on the freeway just hoping there is no drunk driver to see your flashing lights. So you have to get off the free way (Mr. Lin).

  443. kobe has gotten worse over time. shows fatigue

  444. he was referring to Kobe’s 4-5 ISOs that just killed the team.

  445. Bs is all talk, will believe it when I see it.

  446. It will still take years to get there at 25pts/game.

  447. Not 9 dumb mistakes coach?

  448. Yeah, I don’t think BScott will do it.

  449. I see them with their hands covering their ears.

  450. scott may save kobe if he is fatigue then playing gsw will literally kill him. they move so much

  451. and Scott is the head DUNCE

  452. Young the ballhog SG takes kobe place of course.

  453. Mr. LaForge, please report to Engineering and check on sarcasm dampening readings…

  454. will it get scott fired lol then do it

  455. Give him Christmas off. Aren’t they not televising that game anymore because no one cares about the lakers anymore.

  456. The game to sit out Kobe would be the Mav’s game, which would be a second game of a back to back.

  457. atleast scott has turn to kobe for blme. took 19 losses but hey better late then never

  458. Who would pass on bench with so little minutes and Young hogging the shots.

  459. wow finally has scot seen the light

  460. today is the day

  461. And I wondering whose fault that is.

  462. Interesting turn of signaling – is Scott feeling like he can lose his job if he doesn’t win a few more for ratings? I get the tank bit, but they have to show up to get ratings …

  463. lol. Are we seeing some daylight here? Kobe starting to get scapegoated now?

  464. Hallelujah!

  465. Will he stop when it gets down to 20%, I wonder.

  466. no sir, we have to hit rock bottom. With those egos, it’ll take a few more very tough losses and a fan revolt.

  467. he would need to not play a lot of games in a short period of time. as well as back to baks. like the spurs. players have rest days kobe needs it. also lower his minutes

  468. Why is Scott all of sudden being so honest?? I don’t get it.

    He’s becoming a Kobe basher. lol. About time.

  469. this is rock bottom my friend

  470. What Kobe loves is hurting his career

  471. idk today is the day. hashtag todayistheday

  472. I hope you are right, but when I see Swaggy with those points, we still have one guy in the locker room to stop a revolt. What we need is the whole team to sit down with BSc to get ‘er done.

  473. There is a point where the obvious is not unconcealable …

  474. just ignore young

  475. boo wrong answer, bro.

  476. Why not solve the problem and don’t let him play at all?

  477. They just do not get it…..haha

  478. Watch out nick. Kobe gonna cut your minutes

  479. lol it takes a lot to say it when its the hand that feeds you

  480. Pretty soon he’s gonna run out of stupid answers, then what is he gonna do if he’s still not fired yet.

  481. have i not said this. it took a doctor to agree

  482. yep

  483. When the hands are hurt and could not cover you anymore….you gotta make a decision

  484. today is intervention like everyone is saying it

  485. happy its finally happening

  486. Of course more shots for himself!

  487. More like the 2nd best 3pt taker…

  488. Young’s a ball hog but he at least doesn’t take so much time to shoot like Kobe does. Young gets off a lot of good looks. He’s Kobe-lite.

  489. Lin keeps talking about SA spurs… I think thats where he wants to go next yr!!!

  490. the tv ratings is low. thats number one. when people no longer wan to watch kobe. it will cause a revolt. which is today

  491. No it is not….LOL just one embarrassing game’s post interview. It will go back to the “norm” tomorrow morning

  492. Wow that’s harsh! On ball we suck, off ball we suck. Kobe anywhere on the court we suck. So I guess your saying th only way you play as a team is by ejecting Kobe.

  493. LOL. Only Young could say it without coming across as a total egomaniac loser.

  494. Scott is trying his last push, good show, good job.

  495. I would say he is Kobe-heavy now….LOL

  496. Nah, Lin doesn’t want to go there to back-up Parker.

  497. he looks like a goof ball

  498. Yeah, give back some to the fans to enjoy the Christmas games at least.

  499. He’ll meet the splash brothers soon enough…

  500. It’s no worse than backing up Price.

  501. The only team who will use him properly.

  502. hahahahahahahaha. Love this. Lin is saying we are dumb….or say Scott is dumb

  503. True that. But, I KNOW Lin doesn’t want to stay in LA to be Price’s ball boy, lol.

  504. BS is afraid and helpless. Nothing good is going to happem until he and 32,000 are gone . Just my opinion.

  505. lol enough said

  506. Is that the 1st playoff game?

  507. Watch almost any other team is a revelation that basketball is a team sport. All that stuff Scott listed above happens all the time in the nba except for the team he coaches. What a joke. At least they could run up and down the court. Good job teaching them how to run during training camp.

  508. If Kobe sits out a game, the starting line-up would be what?

    Young in the line-up with Lin still on the bench?

  509. How to eject Kobe, by overplaying him ?

  510. Try to think like Kobe.

  511. Hey I don’t see lakers on the Christmas televisions schedule anymore. Jeannie probably has take notice. If mama ain’t happy nobody is happy.

  512. Knowing BS most likely.

  513. what ever happen lin would finish and have a unit to himself

  514. Is Scott going to turn Kobe into a scapegoat ? LOL.

  515. They never were up to 101.

  516. Unfortunately no good. Lin stinks on back to backs

  517. idk about that kobe is the pg for the starter. young is not a pg

  518. Kobe and Jeremy Lin should trade leashes.

  519. Dropping anvils, Mr. Jeremy Lin?

    RC Buford you hearing THIS?!?

  520. predicated – audience cannot understand so he’s talking to his audition ha ha.

  521. What he really said: Look at how Pop will rest Danny Green, TP, TD, the whole crew any take a schedule loss like a man to get to the playoffs working as a team and peaking!

  522. Correction, he is not a scapegoat. He is the reason. Without Kobe I think lakers would win about half their games

  523. Another Spurs reference or backhanded free agency campaigning? lol

  524. Forgot Curry.

  525. SA spurs are the model every other team is trying to duplicate, except for the two teams that are stuck with their heavily invested SGs.

  526. Predicated, c’mon Harvard talk English.

  527. He is so edumacated. lol.

  528. Lin is on the verge of just saying it outright. LOL. Just say it Lin. Kobe is old and needs to rest. Lets move on.

  529. LOL

  530. I always thought Miami with a Asian coach would still use him.

  531. Kobe must have been vaccinated.

  532. LOL. That run is a possible as crows turning white real soon.

  533. Huh? What’s Kobe saying?

  534. He’s not talking to BSc, Kobe, or the fans. He’s talking to team owners, their managers, their CEOs, etc. who have higher flying advisors who demand institutional behavior and language.

  535. No, much worst backing up price-less.

  536. Translation: ain’t gonna happen.

  537. Young needs short leash too, forcing him to play team ball. A rotten apple spoils the barrel.

  538. kobe talking about playing pg

  539. Well said. One Kobe is bad already, two…..

  540. Reality check: Kobe will NOT rest until he busts his Achilles or knee again.

  541. I know. I’m just disappointed in Lin for only getting a perfect SAT score in math. Why not perfect in math and English. He is just perpetuating bad Asian stereotypes. (;-)

  542. Something doesn’t feel right

  543. Then stop chucking shots and go to the bench!

  544. Can’t keep chucking 30 shots at 26% either.

  545. That’s what I saw today. Kobe not playing in his lane, really. He can only go to the middle lane at best. Probably should stay in lane 1.

  546. doubt its thats. its him as a pg. wheres you down more

  547. Lin is beginning to speak out in his own way. There’s too much ISO garbage on this team.

  548. I don’t respect what he said anymore, mostly excuses for his selfishness.

  549. yes, not rock bottom until BSc gets his if/then from the Busses. But, then he might just say to his contract lawyer … what does it take for me to get fired with all the bennies? So not rock bottom by a long shot.

  550. Young plays streetball. He’s not really playing on an NBA level. He’s a very strong scorer, but he doesn’t know how to play in an offensive flow and move the ball around.

  551. still could men lin back as a starter to help kobe take off load so shhhh

  552. Jeremy’s post game interview.

  553. I don’t think young needs to adjust much from his game. He just needs to watch old tape of Novak. He move, catch and shoot, or catch one dribble and shoot. That’s how Novak killed it to make more money then young, He doesn’t need to pass it back to anyone but Lin

  554. Scott needs to rest tons of games too. LOL

  555. Watch novak s game is waste of his talent

  556. Kobe: Challenge accepted!

  557. The funny thing is, if you are any ethnic background and you get a good English score along with a great math score, you combine into the top percentiles. If you have a high math score but low English, you aren’t propelled upwards on the combined score. It’s English that is hard to differentiate on. Check it out …

  558. No…he gets it wrong. There are just pieces not moving now….

  559. Will Scott demote Lin again because of his comments ? LOL

  560. yes, it’s fishy given Lin got pulled in normal rotation.

    The only thing I can make of it is that Byron made a decision because it was so clear that Kobe killed the team all game, so he decided to let the game go to show what he needs to do. Giving him a lot of credit for a weak move very late in the season clock for the Lakers.

  561. He was probably referring to that time when they got stuck at score of 79 for almost 5 mins, and of course he’s only too happy to say this because Jeremy played 4 mins of that while Price sat.

  562. Thanks, please take a break Kobe!

  563. No, there is no DNP-CD this season and I know I’m not agreeing with KHuang here but I do respect his posts.

  564. By moving pieces I think Kobe meant all the bricks he threw up that bouncd off the hoop LOL.

  565. What a narcissistic mind.

  566. i agree with you.

  567. I feel so much more hopeful right now. The benching was rock bottom but last game was the turning of the tide. And tonight’s game may be the tipping point. The return of Linsanity is on the horizon.

  568. Anyone know what horsy and worthy said I reaction to Lins interview

  569. Jeremy = a beautiful mind 🙂

  570. very much so … game theory lol.

  571. IMO Scott will do whatever he wants, whether it’s good or bad for the team and he cares nothing about Lin. Jeremy gets it. He may as well speak up.

  572. So. I guess there is no third unit. The more truth lin says, the closer he goes DNP-KD

  573. I wonder if his media access will be curtailed by FO.

  574. Lin let us to finish the paragraph for him: Unselfishness is contagious… and selfishness is…

  575. I could see that, there are a lot of Kobe fans everywhere they travel. BScott needs to reduce his minutes so the one he plays are more effective.

  576. I guess Scott is having bigger problems now.

  577. DNP – KD

    Does that stand for DNP – Kobe’s Decision?

  578. people don’t pay hard earned money to watch a chucking exhibition

  579. Tell him to record it for us RT @SpearsNBAYahoo Byron Scott said he'll talk to Kobe about sitting a game or 2 for fatigue after poor play— Jeff Wade (@SkinWade) December 22, 2014

  580. The drama getting better and better

  581. Yes

  582. fans want to see him play like that? don’t really believe it, i think he’s just a narcissist.

  583. Kobe, Harden, Carmelo…

  584. More precisely, Koach’s Decision.

  585. Yup. BS starting to look a tiny bit better now. And Kobe looking like king trash.

  586. leader rhetoric: “I’m gonna go back to that game …” Leader leader from the back seat but he’ll get there.

  587. My sentiments exactly.

  588. Byron just doesn’t trust Lin’s high-risk/high-reward style. It’s McHale’s sense again. It just took Byron longer to reveal it. 21 minutes for Lin isn’t cutting it especially when Lin showed some of his 4th quarter mojo the other game. A good coach builds on that, Byron shut it down.

  589. Kobe=coach

  590. BScott certainly isn’t…

  591. Growing chemistry with Wayne Ellington with that side-by-side locker.

  592. After going 8 of 30, maybe it was in jest? Horry is braindead.

  593. Don’t need to pay to see someone miss 22 shots. Go to the local gym and watch the checkers there and you’ll get your fill of Kobeball for free.

  594. elLINgton! 😛

  595. Idk….it is not like Kobe is playing it safe anyway. Even price just turned the ball over while trying to play safe…this is just so wrong at so many level.

  596. Feel sorry for Scott, a coach whose decisions are all dictated by a player. He must feel very empty at his job.

  597. still love your posts lol ha ha.

  598. I can easily chuck 22 misses while having quicker release than Swaggy…for free!

  599. lose that adv revs!!!

  600. today was very hard to watch … reminds me of why I quit watching NBA before Linsanity.

  601. don’t worry about him, just hold him accountable because he’s making more money than some very good people around each of us.

  602. I’d rather not have the drama… Jeremy needs to go the Spurs.

  603. I think Kobe took it personally when he heard about Lin wanting to take the potential game winner after last game. As a result, Kobe made sure there was no game winner available tonight by bricking 22 shots and turning the ball over 9 times. That 22 bricked shots is even more than the average FGA for LMA (19.7) who is currently 2nd in the league in average FGA lol.

  604. That is playing the wrong way. The right way prevails.

  605. Incompetence shouldn’t be rewarded with excuses. Scott does that very well blaming everyone else except himself.

  606. I don’t. I think he is a joke. And not a funny one.

  607. BS must have gotten up from the wrong side of the bed. He’ll come around tomorrow.

  608. No, BS has low IQ.

  609. @jjpix13 @RyanRuocco @Hoopsking1968 @TheHerd @ESPN_Colin team 8 points per 100 better on offense w/o him, 17 points better per 100 on D

    9:00pm – 21 Dec 14

    Robin Lundberg tweeted…

  610. BS may not even understand what Lin is saying. The guy is dumb.

  611. KB is now delusional !!!

  612. Sounds about right. Young is a follower not a leader.

  613. Or be benched. 0.6 ASST/game. He’s a good shooter but a ball hog.

  614. he is but thats his role. like caspi as long as he don’t hold the ball a lot

  615. He is now a muppet controlled by Kobe because he wants this job so bad.

  616. Can you imagine, Kobe sits out and the Lakers finally win a game?
    BS: we need more Kobe!

  617. He does hold the ball alot
    Dribbles until he shoots and very seldom ever passes the ball.

  618. The B on the Bench means BS.

  619. Ok, tonight was such an awful game to watch. I am surprised that Scott actually stuck up for lin. Maybe the tide is turning in Lin’s favor…(maybe). Kobe is tired. he can’t do what he did when he was 26 years old. It is obvious to the all the fans of the NBA that Kobe doesn’t have anymore. Yeah he makes 2 or 3 good plays a game, but has 20 bad ones to void the other three outstanding plays. Kobe looked like a very old man tonight. The NBA teams will continue to load up on him and make a mockery of him. I would hope that Kobe would go out gracefully, but he is not. He continues to make excuses for his bad play, and he really thinks that he needs to help the team win. Scott looked panicked tonight because he doesn’t know to police up kobe. I think if he does, kobe is going to bite back. The 1st unit has no flowing offense at all. It is all Kobe ball. I think when the 2nd unit was named the 2nd or 3rd best bench in the NBA since Lin/Boozer were added. I think the F/O took notice of this. Now we have the 1st unit with Kobe sucking really bad. OKC/Sac games were winnable games if kobe had been left on the bench. Anyway I also believe that lin wants to stay in LA, because his family is close by. I think lin really wants to make it work in LA,, so I will take a wait and see attitude.

  620. I hope it’s after X’mas bc next game vs GSW… hard time to beat them w current Lakers.

  621. I totally agree. I think he is a follower. Scott just needs to reel him in, but will he?

  622. You might be right Joyce you’re a California girl. IMO he will not play with Kobe another year, just too much stress and damage to his career.

  623. I can’t wait for the NBA tweets, media opinions tonight about how kobe played. It is going to be fun.LOL

  624. I just think the rest Kobe for one game it’s not the idea from Scott more from FO… bc Scott didn’t dare to think or say this if not from FO.. I guess FO really had enough w these two (Scott & Kobe) kept killing the winnable game to loss game.

  625. 32,000 pts… in the past… now haunts the Lakers

  626. And Kobe/BS may plan it that way. The Lakers will at least look more competitive without Kobe.

  627. I personally think kobe will reinjure himself the way he is playing now. If that happens, Scott can say goodbye to his job too. Although it might be stressful for lin, he has his family around him to give him guidance, and that is why I ay it might be a little more bearable for him.

  628. You are probably right. Lakers should have won these two games. It might be hitting the lakers in their pockets. kobe is done and nobody is coming to see kobe jack up 22 shots a night.I personally think they want to see more of the team play when lin is leading the offense.

  629. I don’t think a couple days rest will really help. Two days didn’t help it before the last game. I think the tank is empty.

  630. I think so the TV rating is down & he made them lose game by game.. I also agree that Lin will try his best to fit in w Lakers. I believe FO also wants that… Lin will be their future PG. Not Rondo, Dragic or even RW like Kobe name it. FO have their own opinion on this.

  631. Yeah and they’re paying him $24 mil this season and another $25 mil next season. Mitch needs to show that Kobe can contribute something.

  632. I think so too.Scott is too scared to take him out of the game when he is jacking up shots like that. You know the players don’t respect kobe/Scott

  633. I think they do want him but I’m not as hopeful as you in terms of how much they value him. I think they’d like to keep him as a back up PG. I hope I’m wrong though.

  634. If so Lin will not stay in Lakers w Kobe.. I was upset before but somehow I still think Lin is the one for their future.. Let’s wait & see then.

  635. Signature Jeremy Lin no-look pass 🙂

  636. He sees what we always see about this LA Lakers team? wow….

  637. Resting couple games won’t help if he goes back to playing 35+ minutes on return.

  638. “Kobe was great again with 25 pts, unfortunately he didn’t get the support he needed to get the win.” Just my guess.

  639. I think that explains why he was interviewed 3 times before getting the job. The Lakers had to make sure BS could handle a bizarre situation like this.

  640. He is pushing his body to self-destruct. I agree that the family and Christian support are invaluable. I always need to remind amself that God is in control even though we can”t see it at times.

  641. More numerous than big but I thought the same thing: Lin is under a lot of stress. Hopefully things will get better soon.

  642. Stopped watching after the half break. Knew it will be a bad game. The hard earned come back lead by the bench unit would be wasted.

  643. BS ask 32,000 for permission to go to the bathroom. He knew Kobe when he took the job.

  644. wow. was lin trying to the harlem globe trotter move of dribbling on his knees?

  645. Sometimes I take for granted what a surreal plane Lin must be on to be in the NBA and has had everything happen to him. He was nothing but a skinny Asian kid with no role model to say you could be in the nba. No scholarship, no draft, had one good a game in the summer against John wall. No one would’ve watched that game if john wall was not playing. Fast forward we got linsanity, $25 million, starting guard with the Lakers, then bench with the lakers fighting with Kobe Bryant over the direction of one of the most famous, successful sport organizations in the country. This skinny Asian kid from the Bay Area. Our faith truly could lead us to places where imagination has no boundaries.

  646. Was that Cousins trying to avoid a foul?

  647. Even Kobe fans admit that Kobe is done and should play only 25-30 mins.

    1) Dale Couture · Top Commenter · Franklin, Tennessee

    As a lifelong Laker and Kobe fan, I have to admit to this sad fact. Kobe is done. He just doesn’t have it anymore.

    As a guard, you need quickness to create space for good clean shots. Kobe doesn’t have that. That means no easy buckets. No breakaway layups/dunks. No open shots. No using those things to get into any kind of rythm. Even free throws are harder with tired legs.

    On defense, he can’t keep up. He sticks the worst offensive guard on the other team. He sags off of him to avoid getting beat off the dribble. Then the guy takes shots that are basically open shots.

    He also doesn’t have a team good enough to make things easier for him. There are no other major threats so other teams just double team Kobe constantly only compounding his disadvantages.

    If Kobe was on a team with some other major talent, he could play off of that and get more 1 on 1 situations, easier looks, and still contribute. He just isn’t in good enough condition to be carrying a team night in and night out.

    Reply · Like · 23 · Follow Post · 3 hours ago

    2) Jarrad Tatum · Top Commenter

    25 points on 28 shots. I’m speachless. I’m a Laker fan and a Kobe supporter but this is just offensive to the game of basketball. Selfish play and cowardly coaching.

    Reply · Like · 23 · Follow Post · 2 hours ago

  648. Scott stuck up for Lin? I didn’t hear his post-game comments. I agree, Lin likes LA and wants to make it work. I don’t think he cares for Scott or thinks much of his coaching.

  649. They are isolated so…not contagious.

  650. Chicken answer. LOL

  651. Scott actually said that? Is it Christmas already?..

  652. cop out

  653. After the unavoidable dismissal by the Lakers, BS can consider becoming an HOF dodgeball coach.

  654. Scott said to Lin that he gotta involve others more Right??? LOL

  655. And not make bonehead turnovers. Like, Kobe hardly ever turns it over LOL.

  656. True, even on his worst days, Kobe doesn’t turn it over more than ten times.

  657. If you listen to his interview, he gave no definitive answer. He says one thing and then chickens out lol.

  658. Cluck,cluck, cluck, caaaaacluck!!!

  659. you are right, and all it takes now is for Scott to work out some Lin/Kobe overlap and reduce Kobe’s minutes. Team will start winning.

    If now feels like Kobe made an emphatic behind the scenes move 2 weeks ago, and they said … Ok, let’s see iof it works. Now they can see it plain as day, so only one king is naked. Or that one king is willing to take a face saving gesture.

    Bad news is Swaggy acting like a kid, saying sit Kobe down and give me the ball. As if that were the simple answer …

  660. And lots of nice church communities in LA …

  661. not only not coming, not turning on ratings. SF tix at Levi’s were going for $20-40 last night. It was in the several hundreds only a few weeks ago. People need a win in life, and there are too many winner on the next flip of the station or drive down the road. Kobe, face up man. He
    s a literal and spiritial loser right now. Get to the win – pass on the baton bro and you will start being a winner again.

  662. locker revolt time. Heat is turned up. Hill’s numbers are a step function down while Booz’s and Nick’s are up.

  663. Jeremy SmiLin tonight at the FT line 🙂

  664. Ha, that’s three games in a row where Lin smiles. I thank God for answering my prayers that Lin could have joy playing again and keep smiling. He was looking a little depressed lately. Life is too short not to enjoy everyday.

  665. That was another good interview! Are there any other players in the NBA breaking it down for reporters like that?

  666. That’s a great attitude indeed!
    He might only’ve gotten 4pts/5asts in 21min but he stayed positive to give his best. He also has gotten more long rebounds with better anticipation

    If his coach is not smart enough to use his strength, then it fell on his shoulder to take responsibility.
    By now, BScott’s credibility in the LA media is pretty much shot.

  667. What th….say what?!…did I just hear…I…not possible. BS complimenting Lin??? Either he’s snapped…or maybe I’m hallucinating. Or maybe he’s just f…uh…messing with us. Don’t know what to make of this.

  668. Coming from the bench seems to free Lin up. Now he is like a true witness, speaking out frankly and matter-of-factly. He is not holding back, and giving reporters a whole set of BBall philosophical discussion. Way to go !! Truth does set you free !!

  669. No way. He’s the best 4 point shooter in the league, according to those two guys.

  670. Someone give him a roll of Charmin to wipe the BS. Just oozing.

  671. You’re on a roll! LOL

  672. For some people, they have a brief window of time when they are down from losing, and honest about things for a while. Then they go home, take a crazy pill and sleep on it…and viola, they’re lying to themselves again the next day.

  673. What? High school? 😀

  674. From Lakersground
    Lin — — Pretty ineffective game from Lin. The only thing we consistently do offensively is chuck long shots. He didn’t think they should necessarily go away from the offense, but that we should run it better. “When everybody’s touching it and feeling it and everybody’s scoring, that’s contagious,” Lin said. He said the team isn’t buying into the system and that they don’t have the luxury of collective experience together not to. Despite his encouraging the team to run the system, he’s also said some contradictory things about their offense in the past. So I’m not so sure he’s buying into it, either, even though he is trying to get guys to execute it. He referenced the Spurs game as how they should play. “To me that was the purest basketball we played,” he said, not just offensively but defensively. Offensively, the Spurs sent a lot of help to Kobe and he moved the ball, finishing with 22 points and 9 assists. Lin played more of his game with moments of speed and 8 assists…just getting a better mix of everything out there. This was his “we’re not soft” game where Kobe got on them at practice and they responded. If Scott sits Kobe, it will be interesting to see what he does with the starters that game. Do you move Nick to Kobe’s spot and then let Jeremy run the second unit more to his strengths? Probably not. This team swims against the current.

    The Stats: He scored 4 points on 1-3 shooting (0-1 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 5 assists, 3 turnovers and 2 fouls in 21 minutes. He was a -1.

    The Action: He attacked with speed off the screen, took contact and scored the layup with his left hand. He curled into the top of the lane and whipped a no-look pass under the hoop to Boozer for the layup. He got caught in the air and threw a pass away, layup the other way. He pushed out a long rebound with speed and set up Ellington for the FTs. He took an inbounds from Kobe at the end of the half and drew FTs on a trip with 1.6 left, he made both.

    Second Half: He missed a wing three. He attacked and missed a prayer, dunk the other way. He threw a pass away on the break, poor execution. He hit Boozer on the two-man game and he attacked for a layup. He was called for a travel for dragging a pivot foot on a drive.

  675. Price — — A lot of our issues are summed up in our starting PG having just 1 assist. We don’t rely on Ronnie to create because he’s not great at doing that. He’s also not consistently a threat with his three. He had a good scoring burst in the first quarter the other night, which made life a lot easier, but that won’t occur very often. He can pass on set plays and is okay on the occasional two-man sequence. But we just don’t have enough balance out there consistently. So we have Kobe going into turnover/chuck mode with a lot of defensive pressure on him. We just need more talent on the floor. His deficiencies are only compounded with Wes on the floor.

  676. Young is very much like Ellis. Look how Ellis is playing now. It can be dowe, just needs good coach and vet leadership

  677. LAL’s bigs set their the 2nd screen too late most of the time. Small things matter to win games.

  678. LA Media observed ref’s continuing bias on Lin


  679. I wonder if it’s unwillingness or inability?
    Hill set a good screen for Lin’s first 2pts. Lakers barely set any screens at all

  680. Same with fouls too…

  681. Tonight again we witnessed a crime stopper was actually a crime committer himself.

  682. So true! Haha

  683. FWIW the splash bros will be on the 2nd game of a BTB next game so if Kobe does decide to rest his weary bones vs GSW the Linkers will have a shot. I feel like the bs has finally hit the fan.

  684. Not motivated … to many distractionson the court with kobe playing a game not called bball

  685. Kobe Bryant is a disgrace to this sport, a disgrace to the Lakers, a disgrace to the hall of famers and a disgrace to the Buss family.

  686. Brickball? Lol

  687. I cant stop laughing while smh when lin tried to push the ball but had to stop at the half court line after hearing BS yelled at him. Any one saw that?

  688. Not even schoolyard 1 v 1 …. but better than horse.

  689. What did BS yell for ?

  690. “Don’t you out shine Kobe !!”

  691. Was it “pass to Kobe and grab the board !”

  692. More like slow down and wait for Kobe. But I didn’t catch that.

  693. For a family who relies on the Lakers as their main income they sure don’t seem to care about BS and Kobe dragging it down!

  694. Well at least Lakers Nation is will to point that out, Rockets never backed Lin up like that ever!!

  695. true .. LA Media definitely is more fair

  696. if I were playing for the Lakers, I’d probably wouldn’t try so hard on other non-Kobe plays since it would be frowned upon

  697. Any clip?

  698. “jeremy you better stop pushing the ball” j/k.

    Cant hear what he said but lin just suddenly stop at the half court line and looked back to him for a play.

  699. I guess SAC people were also big JLin fans last night


  700. Even so many Ladies here could not get Lin a good game….LOL #UrbanMythBusted

  701. Um no, sorry.

    I prolly can rewatch it and see when that happened if lin had a good game. Too much time for this horrible game.

  702. @CNM_JLin_Vids Byron Scott on Lin: Lin is trying to create plays but our players just standing around. Not moving, not cutting.— Joshua Timog (@talltimog) December 22, 2014

  703. Did he really said that? I watched the interview…but the sound quality is not good on my PC.

  704. Proof that Lin is one Lady-man? LOL

  705. very true. LOL

  706. NBA Analysts is officially flabbergasted and disgusted of what Kobe is allowed to do on-court.

  707. from lakersground

    In the last 5 games, the Lakers starters are ranked No. 30 out of 30 NBA teams in points per game. The Lakers’ bench: No. 1 out of 30 teams in points per game.


  708. SOunds about right….

  709. awesome stats! I’ve been looking for this bench/starter stats 😀

  710. Hahaha…. …should tweet it to FO

  711. Here is an excellent idea… Kobe should rest for a couple seasons then come back with a new contract with any team he wants 🙂

  712. He is arguably the greatest player in the history of the Lakers franchise. He is also destroying it from within – Mr Henry Abbott, 20 Oct 2014

    You are absolutely correct Mr Abbott.

  713. Do you have a link to the discussion on Lakersground? I’m curious how posters commenting on that point.

    Edit: Found it


  714. …. and that’s why the LA Losers have to bench Jeremy because he is ineffective with his teammate. Jeremy, sit at the end of the bench and keep watching Kobe to throw bricks tomorrow

  715. Tomorrow is a back to back where JLin usually plays worst but since his minutes are limited I hope he plays well. Though it’s quite hard against GSW with this selfish Lakers team. Will be so much better if Kobe sat this one out!

  716. Understand 🙂

  717. vs. GSW it’s on Tue not tomorrow so there is no B2B.

  718. Not Koolaid but poison. lol.

  719. Yes. VERY true 😉

  720. might have been taken after the game lol

  721. Yesss … What Byron Scott is doing to Kobe is a travesty and a dark spot in his career.
    He is simply afraid to coach and say no to Kobe.

  722. I’m still thinking if he meant the leader to be Kobe or BScott lol

  723. A spot is pretty much harmless when placed on a sheet of black paper.

  724. Darn I got tricked by the time again cause Google already says tomorrow.

  725. That’s it, we gotta fly Sophie in from France.

  726. Saw this yesterday. It was b4…

  727. There is game date on right above of this page.

  728. aw … then I invoke the #ballhog exemption.

  729. What’s your time zone?

    Here’s their playing schedule.

  730. they aren’t playing pro bball, so it’s confusing the pro bball players. As acbc says, to much outside the band of muscle memory to process, so game is a mess.

  731. Here is a screen shot of the on/off statistics for the former Lakers starting five. Note that these stats did not include tonight’s game. The two players with the best on/off stats were demoted to the bench lol. Another way to look at this is the less you play with Kobe, the better your on/off stats would be.

  732. He’s talking about Lin I hope.

  733. I should just use Lakers site, sometimes I use google cause it’s faster with right time zone.

  734. Scott is just to dumb to realize that he is being used as a patsy for KOBE to get his own way. When you sign up to be a yes man, don’t complain afterwards that you have no control.

  735. and he can’t even convince Kobe how to smartly protect his legacy by playing less to do more.
    I guess we’re finding out why he got fired from Nets, Hornets and Cavs now.

  736. Yep, BS went home tonight, and said, “Did I really said that?” HAHA Slip of tongue.

  737. LOL

  738. Kobe is the real leader. Scott is just his butler.

  739. I guess the paper has turned from grey to black in the past 5 years.
    It’s about to turn to ash soon with Byron’s coaching

  740. I guess Ethan Strauss is accurate to describe Kobe as the cult leader to commit a career suicide.
    That’s definitely unthinkable. You’d think Kobe has the high IQ to know how to make himself look good by doing less.

  741. if you see the counter on the top-right side of the page, it would show 1 day 20 hrs before 23 Dec 19:30 game time.

    On phone, it would show that at end of Disqus comment below (I think)

  742. After another horrible shooting performance, Kobe’s FG% now sits at 0.3719 which is lower than Ichiro’s batting average (0.3722) in the season he broke MLB’s all time single season hits record (262 hits). I wonder if Kobe will finish this season with a higher FG% than Ichiro’s batting average in 2004 lol.


  744. Paly classmates

  745. well … he’s had lots of conflicts in his life and career and he just drove his tank over them.

  746. Hm, Byron considered resting an exhausted Kobe.
    So Kobe will play only 35min then.
    We’ve heard this song-and-dance before


  747. The media were on his side against some of his “Charmin” teammates. Now the tide has turned since he is no longer able to attract eyeballs.

  748. “I know he’s trying to do so much,” Scott said. “I have to talk to him. I’m going to take what he says with a grain of salt because I know him and I know he wants to play.”

    Like he talked to Boozer and Lin before benching him? BScott is really a piece of work.

  749. Good video summary to question BScott’s comment on “Jeremy trying to pass the ball but guys are standing around” when Kobe did all the passing to himself. Who wouldn’t stand around when Kobe did his own thing?


  750. Great read of “Would Los Angeles Lakers Be Better Off Without Kobe Bryant?”


  751. Really thought Scott had more self-respect. From a Laker show time champion to a complete Kobe brown-noser. That will be HIS legacy

  752. Kobe’s suppose to play under limited minutes under or around 30! Right now non of the starters ever get to play up to 35 minutes which is suppose to be the norm for starters just so no one out shines Kobe!

  753. BS is trying pass the ball back to Kobe when it’s his job to manages his minutes and the position he plays which is NOT PG! The only reason Kobe is PG is so he can play his favorite pet Price.

  754. This all happened around the time when they got stuck at the score of 79 for almost 5 mins. Byron had to insert Jeremy’s name for PR, hoping to distract from kobe’s failures, as if he didn’t realize he’s gonna be found out because everything’s on tape. I don’t know what to make of BS.

  755. That would explain why he looks more comfortable than usual…he knows them all.

  756. LOL

  757. So as i posted last night, the media is having a field dsy with Kobe’s poor play last night. The media is nit even caring how many points he scored, but just focused on his poor play

  758. I don’t know if this is a good sarcasm towards Lin or bad one.

    Here is a more complete scene from the episode of Fresh-Prince.

  759. Oops……i think i press the wrong button to flag your message when my mobile screen is frozen…..

  760. Neither do I. But I won’t read too much from it. Maybe he just tried to impress people with some not-so-good reference. Maybe he is Kobe die-hard fan.

  761. OK. If Kobe really rest for vs GSW… but Lakers is hard to beat this GSW team now.. that maybe not a good idea…. Then Kobe will say they can’t play well w/o me. I hope it’s after X’mas game.

  762. He is pro Lin in the past… Don’t think it’s Kobe die-hard fan at all.

  763. Most of the comments there from Lakers fan are piss at Kobe. A few not so bright fan-boy still think Kobe is all that.

  764. That game will be the second of a BTB for GSW so anything is possible. If Lin happens to have a monster game, then Linsanity will be reborn in a flash. It’s worth it for Jeremy to go for it even if it means going rogue on BS.

  765. Well, I hope so but Kerr always has good game plan to against Lin… still worry.

  766. I don’t get the “GFGGGGDUSUS” part.

    Lin’s got that edgy Strider look.

  767. Hope and worry is all we can do 🙂

  768. I doubt Kobe wants to skip a game he probably just pass more ball to Ellington… that’s it.

  769. Definitely good sarcasm!

  770. That home game against the Thunder was played on 4 days rest. Aside from the All-Star break, that’s like the biggest gap between games the NBA season ever has. And yet Kobe complained of fatigue and shot 3-15 (20%). Kobe’s been playing for 19 years, averaging 38 min per game and some have mentioned the idea that Kobe has “too many miles on him.” I would think that the cumulative effect of injuries like broken bones and sprains which never heal perfectly is a more logical explanation. So I wonder if there is any medical / scientific evidence to support the “too much mileage” possibility.

  771. Not that I am critical. But stealing the ball the way in that video? Maybe conceptually wise?

  772. Most definitely too much mileage. But that’s not stopping him from poor play or Scott’s poor coaching. He’s still chucking away as Scott allows him to.

  773. Kobe threw the lead away

  774. Working towards a cliff unconsciously with either ignorance (Kobe) or stupidity (BS). It is a matter of time.

  775. What!?! Josh Smith waived !?!

  776. Just read the news very surprised to see this? Harden wanted him to come to HOU so maybe HOU will pick him up then?!

  777. Thanks for putting this up, MoominFloren.

    I myself am SHOCKED.

    Of course the Lakers won’t try to get him, and Smith would try to hook on with a contender anyway.

    I remember in 2012 when Lin spiked Smith’s shot to the ground. After the game, Harden and Lin went over to Smith to try to recruit him for the Rockets.

    Lin and Smith would be a terrific combo.

  778. For once, it’s nice to see Byron Scott not trashing Lin for turnovers.

    The last turnover, that was an uncalled nonshooting foul on Lin.

    This is the NBA where Lin gets illegally cheated out of calls more than ang player in NBA history.

  779. Ya! After watched the video I am not so sure what he tried to say it’s good or bad…?! So I un-RT this tweet.

  780. Or maybe he just tried to say there were power struggle in the team between Lin & Kobe then? Well, I really think what Lin said it sure approved by the FO otherwise they would not let the report out.

  781. Wojnarowski also notes that the Pistons will pay $5.4M a year on stretch provision for Smith, creating added $8.1M in cap space next two summers.


  782. If Houston gets Josh Smith after getting Corey Brewer that team is going to be stacked. Josh Smith as PF and TJ going to the bench is going to make them better and deeper.


  783. I was quite surprised to hear BS defending Lin’s turnovers last night. After thinking about it, it seems that BS needed to protect himself now that Kobe is ready to throw him under the bus.

    I think the original plan after the Minnesota game was to use the Toronto game to see if Kobe still got it so that they could demote Lin to the bench and let Kobe have all the glory. The result was initially positive, that’s why Kobe was talking about being more comfortable having the ball all the time (compared to letting Lin had the ball). BS was overjoyed when Lin had a poor shooting night in Washington which helped their case in benching Lin. That was why BS defended Lin’s poor shooting as simply “one of those nights”. Fast forward to the Boston game and Lin’s final rebel resulted in him playing only 19 minutes and later demoted to the bench.

    After Price was inserted into the starting lineup, Price was so bad on offense that the defenders simply ignored him and went to double Kobe instead. Nevertheless, Kobe had too much pride to admit that he made the wrong decision by signaling BS to bench Lin. As a result, Kobe was ready to backpedal. He basically threw BS under the bus by talking about “not anticipated to having to do so much” after last night’s game. It is hilarious that Kobe made this ridiculous claim! You forced the best playmaker (Lin) to the bench and what do you expect? Well, according to the “Black Mamba”, it’s never Kobe’s fault. Now it’s the fatigue that caused his poor play which is not his fault but rather BS’s fault LOL. Let’s see how long you can keep going before running out of people to throw under the bus!

  784. As I thought HOU will get him… HOU is getting better & better now. smh!

  785. If it is mileage then no amount of rest is going to reset the odometer and Kobe’s play should only get worse each game. LA media and fans will force the Lakers to take some action. It’s interesting how Kobe’s play got really terrible only after passing MJ. That’s probably an example of mind over matter.

  786. okay, dont get me wrong… i hate bs but in this interview i think he was actually saying that guys were standing around even when jeremy was trying to run the offense. i dont think he was blaming lin believe it or not. please tell me if im going crazy and not understanding english all of a sudden

  787. That would be interesting to see how BS reacts if KB begins to MDAed him.

  788. It is good….why smh?

  789. If HOU really gets him then HOU is sure a lot better than Mav or lots of WC teams… I don’t like the idea HOU is good now.. mad!

  790. He did not exactly scored a lot of pts for a PG/SG anyway. LOL oh well…more than Lin tho…

  791. Ya! Other teams don’t have money.. HOU didn’t get Rondo it’s good for them.. smh!


  792. I do not think Smith fits HOU at all. well….for HOU…we will see if they can go to second round.

  793. Well, I don’t know how good Smith will fit w Rox but just from the name list… it’s good.. LOL! But now HOU is looking good to me. smh!

  794. If they are good, they are good. Just “let it go” Lin is not there anymore.

  795. I know…

  796. No, I want see Karma!!!

  797. Nothing is unforgivable, but M&M PLUS BS are that close to it.

  798. I want to…..too…..

  799. Kobe didn’t care what these people said… he will use the same old excuse tired leg & will pass more… but sure not cut his game off. Don’t believe it will happen.

  800. what happen before those games ooh wait lin was benched

  801. The moer bigger names to WC…I guess we do not need DL any more…Just assign a team of EC to a team of WC as WC’s DL

  802. He’s done. Misused and stubborn.

  803. I openly wonder if Scott will suddenly make Lin THE MAN if Kobe Bryant turns on Scott.

    Weird things happen in the NBA, and it doesn’t get any weirder than Jeremy Lin’s entire basketball career!

  804. I hope Houston gets Josh Smith.

    Unlike most Lin fans, I don’t wish ill on any of Lin’s former teams or nemeses.

    I think Smith would help in the playoffs when the Rockets have to guard perimeter oriented players. Plus Smith still plays above the rim and likely can get back to elite form now that he’s on a better team.

    Besides, Houston’s real problem is the backcourt. They’re slow, unathletic, and can’t produce against real opponents. That was not the case when Lin was there, but it is now.

  805. I am not sure if bad teams like the Lakers with Lin not playing could even beat the top D League teams.

  806. The hilarious thing is that the Pistons rejected an offer from Sacramento this summer to trade Smith.

  807. Exactly. But few will admit or recognize it.

  808. M…….Hard to say…..

  809. It is like my enemy’s enemy is my best friend.

  810. @Kristin_ferrara: Jeremy Lin has played with melo, james harden and kobe Bryant. No young nba point guard has gotten screwed more

  811. New York is where LINSANITY was born! pic.twitter.com/bnUGkJXt89— SirCharles In Charge (@knicks1ny) December 22, 2014

  812. True “K” WEIRD”

  813. Probably so he doesn’t have to answer any questions.


  814. He needs game off not day off.

  815. Not sure why Lin would be running.


  816. True. Jeremy Shu-How Lin was born in California but Linsanity was born in New York.

  817. I think so.. haha! Since he is ISO all the time so he didn’t need to practice w his teammates. SMH!

  818. It’s getting crazy w/ BS answers.


    LAL not getting much wins with Kobe playing high minutes.

  819. I guess LAL fans are ecstatic that Kobe has played all the games so far.


  820. @MarkG_Medina: Byron said he hasn’t decided yet about if Kobe will play tomorrow. Plans to have more conversations

  821. BS: Hey, Kobe, go take a seat on the bench.
    KB: I’m gonna stay in.
    BS: Yea, you should stay in.
    KB: OK.

  822. I think the only reason if Kobe sits, is that BS don’t think LAL will win even w/ Linsanity going off against GS tomorrow. So there’s no harm in letting Kobe get a day of rest.

  823. lol hahahahahahahahha

  824. When scott sits Kobe, he needs permission from kobe. LOL Scott didnt say anything when he bench Lin and Boozer.

  825. Big brother if you don’t sit I will tell daddy.

  826. Kobe do not understand that now fans want to see him sit

  827. Which means he has been sacrificing W’s for kobe’s well being.

  828. Well said.

  829. He thinks he is better than his teammates ?

  830. 37 minutes is fine though. and not include OT.


  831. Haha….come to think about it. I guess during the practices, LAL will find a guy who always ISO…..to simulation the real game situation…?

  832. Kobe is a very selfish player, I am not surprised at all and the timing is also right.

  833. Actually, all those Kobe’s minutes talk is meaningless if he does not play the right way. Let a guy shoot to death 28mpg or 40 mpg will not change the W-L outcome much I think..

  834. But if he doesn’t play the right way, you want him to have as little minute as possible.

  835. Yes…what I am saying is…you need to play him less than 15 minutes to see the positive effect

  836. Yeah, 40, 41 minutes seem better.

  837. he also can’t play pg thats adding the issue. if he catch and shoot ok but having to set his team up is daunting on the body.

  838. Guess which player has almost identical offensive rating and defensive rating as Kobe. No wonder BS wants to start Ronnie Price because BS thinks Ronnie is another Kobe lol.

  839. Delusional Ego Massager BS at work again.

  840. Lmao really? Poor Serena having to hear and report all those dumb quotes by BS xD

  841. Cough Cough, Swaggy?

  842. Little Kid: “If you don’t give me the ball I’m telling daddy.”

  843. Yea keep playing Kobe until he breaks down, problem solved!

  844. BS still needs to get permission from Mitch regarding minutes and play Lin more that way he can ignore Kobe’s whining!

  845. Lakers waive Kobe Bryant?

  846. It’s worth noting that Lin has played 610 out of 744 minutes with Kobe, i.e. 82% of his time on the court is with the black hole Kobe. On the other hand, Price has played 314 out of 552 minutes with Kobe, good for 57% of his total playing time. As a result, Price’s probable offensive rating and defensive rating would likely be a lot worse than Lin if he is the one who played with Kobe 82% of the time .

  847. And your point is?

  848. Robin Lundberg speaking truth in this vid

  849. LOL That will be epic if that ever happens!!!!

  850. The problem is when Kobe goes to the bench in the 2nd quarter, his body shuts down. He should play the full 48 minutes so that doesn’t happen.

  851. It will be a god send for the Lakers if he Buss siblings agreed on it!

  852. 37 is not fine! None of the starters including when Lin was one, got 35 minutes except Kobe right now! His minutes needs to seriously decrease to 30 or less per game!

  853. There are only 3 players who did not appear in any positive net rating 4-man combinations. Wes Johnson, Jordan Hill, and Kobe Bryant.

  854. As I saw delusional BS talked about limited KB’s minutes to 37-39. I just couldn’t feel anymore irony of what he was saying. So, I went back to the last 8 games and got the stat. KB’ ga me stat:

    12/21 Kings 37:52min 8-30 25pts -17 101-108 L
    12/19 Thunders 34:35min 3-15 9pts -6 103-104 L
    12/15 Pacers 30:17min 8-26 21pts -26 91-110 L
    12/14 Wolves 35:09min 7-20 26pts 0 100-91 W
    12/12 Spurs 40:03min 7-22 22pts -1 112-110 W OT
    12/9 Kings 35:50min 11-27 32pts -1 95-98 W
    12/7 Pelicans 31:59min 6-18 14pts -18 87-104 L
    12/5 Celtics 32:42min 9-21 22pts -29 96-113 L

    Note: From 12/7 JLin was playing from the bench.

    My conclusion for BS: BS is really excercising his name bs to the extreme. He really has no common sense and doesn’t even deserve to be in NBA.

  855. Really (rolls eyes )

  856. The movement starts now…

  857. Saw that and just didn’t care to respond. KB and BS keep on talking about …. (fill in the blank yourself:-))

  858. New thread is up! Poll will come later

  859. Whats your best 5 now?
    Hill on the court : net rating -13.2

    Since kobe untouchables,
    Lin Kobe Ellington Boozer Davis
    what you guys think?

  860. Best 5 has to be Lin Boozer Davis Ellinton and Young. This 5 has to start

  861. I agree with you but lakers will not bench Kobe.

  862. Lin, ellington, Johnson, young, Davis. Passing, shooting, slashing, picking, rolling, dunking, running is all included in this five. If they help each other on defense there could be a lot of highlights.

  863. Attended the Kings game yesterday afternoon. Lin had some good defensive moments in the game. Not so much done in the offensive part besides some assists. Kind of a bummer to see that since Lin is usually known to have good games in this building. His last game here as a Rocket wasn’t so great either but I believe he was a bit hurt at the time, and was in that shooting slump phase if anybody remembers. Overall this game was enjoyable for me since it was close at times, and my team won! I’d say about half of the people in attendance are Lakers fans and the people around me were Lakers faithfuls. The ones we were around were cool though, even though we were going for a different team. We chattered it up a few. Said they were happy Lin is in the team, but feels he is timid at times, and yeah I can agree. A lot of people were rooting for Kobe at first then later turned into anger as he kept on shooting the ball, and missing! LOL! This is a depressing game to see though if you are a Laker fan because man, Kobe holds the ball alot and no movement. It was an ugly a$% game for him. I remember as I left the seating after the game there were a few Laker fans still sitting with a sad and depressed look on their face. Actually there was plenty of that! Heres a vid. Ain’t nothin too special, but i’ll still share it.. I didn’t record too much because I wanted to focus on enjoying the game instead of worrying about recording. But you folks should should have seen the game online/tv. Overall it’s good times for me! 😀


  864. GSW PreGame Thread+Poll is up!

    Thanks for creating the thread, @Brent Yen. I just added the poll


  865. Lame, but good luck anyway since “daddy” is AWOL too.

  866. This is tweet-worthy?? Doesn’t he just about always stay home?

  867. thanks! very clear recording!

  868. Snooping around the internets, it’s kind of amazing to see the wholesale outpouring of criticism for Kobe, including a big bunch of fans who start out “I’m the biggest Kobe fan ever, BUT….” Kobe is so psycho stubborn and BS and the FO are so trapped in their various agendas. All of ’em must feel like they’re facing a lava flow and don’t see a safe place to jump. Logic and panic are not good companions. It is getting so very, very interesting!

  869. hahahaha…yes yes yes yes

  870. so true so true!


  872. now it’s me who get uncomfortable to see him surrounded by so many beautiful ladies! ah, jealousy. they call it.

  873. wow, the last one, I really see his “mom” in it!

  874. I think so too ..
    But the video also made a valid point that it wasn’t the problem of the loss since Lin played 22 min. BScott didn’t talk about the elephant in the room that Kobe playing ISO for 37 min and not passing as the PG.

  875. Who is WE Byron ? — it’s YOU

  876. That’s iphone recording for ya!

  877. He’s carrying them.

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