Game 27 Atlanta Hawks vs Dallas Mavericks: JLin Back in the Road Trip, Pelicans Trade Interest

In an Instagram Q&A session, Jeremy Lin shared that he will be back soon from the lower back strain injury, definitely on this upcoming trip. He did not specify which game he will return on the 3-game road trip:

  • Wed, 12 Dec,  Dallas Mavericks
  • Fri, 14 Dec, Boston Celtics
  • Sun, 16 Dec, Brooklyn Nets

He also provided fun answers on questions on how to get higher grade in calculus, being more explosive, why he is handsome (he got it from his momma) , his upcoming hairstyle (sexy asian high top fade-esque look)

Meanwhile, there is a rumor that New Orleans Pelicans have trade interest in PG Jeremy Lin. According to the source (@BasketballRehab), nothing will done before 15th, that’s when more contracts become tradeable but sounds like the interest is sincere. What was heard is Lin for Solomon Hill and draft compensation, probably 1 or 2 second rounds pick.


  1. So many trade rumors on Twitter. Aside from a couple of the biggest names (Woj), how do you grade the reliability of the source?

  2. any trade concerning Lin?

  3. I hope the Pelican rumors are true and it’s not a guy just trying to get attention.

    I still prefer the Magic because Lin is much better than Augustin and Grant and there’s a slight chance of Lin starting in Orlando than in New Orleans.

    Both team are on the same level but Orlando has a much easier chance to make it into the playoff being in the Weak Eastern conference….New Orleans are currently out of a playoff seed + they have multiple teams they have to leapfrog to get into the playoff in a strong Western Conference.

  4. tra de lin
    lin tra de

  5. Good question. It’s hard to say because sometimes they might hear from insiders in the organization but although the trade interest is real, the teams couldn’t come to agreement.

    The best way is to see if the source’s reliability is with past prediction.
    This example on Heat’s interest in Butler that was confirmed with @ShamsCharania (Woj’s team) might hint some reliability. But for now, it’s just trade talk that might or might not happen

    There’s a lot of trade talk involving ADavis depending on whether he will resign with NO or not so things are in flux right now.

    Let’s wait closer to Dec 15

  6. Jeremy is OUT for tomorrow’s game.

  7. 4 MORE DAYS

  8. “You have to do what your roster allows to win,” Clifford said. “Our biggest strength is getting to the free-throw line and (Sessions) is our best at getting fouled.”

    No doubt of that. Through Tuesday’s games the Bobcats averaged the third-most free-throw attempts in the NBA, at 33 per game.

    The Houston Rockets were first at 37.4 per game and the Los Angeles Clippers were second at 33.75.”

  9. Interesting….I think they are probably being cautious with Lin because they have a trade lined up for him.

    Of course, some of it has to do with wanting Trae to play as many minutes against Dallas to prove he’s as good as Doncic….Keeping Lin out of this game will remove any chance of Lin up-staging Trae which would force LP to give Lin more minutes.

    But I hope the biggest reason is that they have a trade partner deeply interested in Lin.

  10. Article with JLin’s comments of not being concerned with small injuries and giving credit on his ability to score so well in November to Coach LP’s philosophy of leaving players with the hot hand in games

    Lin unconcerned with recent injuries as Hawks begin 3-game trip

    After being limited to 37 games the past two seasons with the Nets due to hamstring and patella injuries, it may not be a surprise to some that Lin has been on the Hawks injury report the past two weeks. The guard has missed three games and counting due to two separate injuries.

    Although his injury-riddled past is not something of which he needs to be reminded, Lin said there is no comparison between the severity of his recent ankle and back issues compared to the season-ending injuries he suffered with the Nets.

    “These are small injuries and it’s hard to compare a 6-to-8 week hamstring injury or a year-long patella tendon to just missing one or two games, so for me, these are just more like little bites of the season that everyone’s going to have at some point, but I’m not too concerned,” Lin said Tuesday. “In general, I know I put a lot into my body and I’m just trusting that by God’s grace I’ll stay healthy and if it doesn’t happen, it’s not meant to be, but there’s nothing I can do to worry my way into health.”

    An ankle injury kept Lin sidelined for two games. It’s no longer a concern as he was cleared to play against the Warriors on Dec. 3 and shot 5 of 9 from the field for 14 points with five rebounds and five assists after resting two games. Lin also played against the Wizards on Dec. 5 before he suffered a back strain in his first four minutes. The back strain kept him out against the Nuggets on Saturday and against the Mavericks on Wednesday to start a three-game road trip.

    Acquired in a trade with the Nets in July, Lin’s health was a concern at the beginning of the season, but with constant attention from the training staff, he’s worked his way up in minutes and became one of the Hawks most reliable players in November. He earned an average of 21 minutes off the bench over the past month.

    In November, Lin shot .560 from the field and .479 from 3-point range. He averaged 13.9 points and led the Hawks in scoring seven times over the stretch of 12 games.

    The 30-year-old Lin said he was able to score so well and play more minutes recently not just because of his aggressive mental approach, but because of coach Lloyd Pierce’s philosophy of leaving players with the hot hand in games.

    “I think (Pierce) did a good job when he gave me more leeway,” Lin said of his team-leading scoring surges from November. “He gave me more play-calling and he let me kind of roll and play longer minutes and stretches and I was able to get comfortable and kind of gain my legs under me and my rhythm and all that. So it kind of just all came together and now a couple more small injuries and just try to get it back.”

    Lin will travel on the upcoming road trip. After Tuesday’s practice, Lin said his back felt “pretty good” and he was confident he would return sometime over the next three games. Pierce, however, was a bit more cautious with how the team will use Lin over the stretch.

    “It’s good to have Jeremy at least on the trip,” Pierce said. “I don’t know where he’ll be in terms of games but he’s going to come with us.”

    The Hawks (6-20) are coming off their first win since Nov. 27 and regardless of how many minutes he plays over the next three games, Lin wants to see the Hawks build off the win and develop some consistency in their play.

    “Right now (consistency) sometimes teeters,” Lin said. “We play really well and then we kind of don’t bring it one night and then we play really well again so hopefully (we’ll gain) consistency. This is a tough road trip. We’re going to play some really quality opponents so no better way to figure out what you’re made of then to go on the road and play some good teams.”


  11. I look at how the other players with injuries are handled. Most of them are out when they have injuries. Spellman, for instance, has had a bunch of games out of the lineup. Poythress has really been out of a bunch of games.

    Lin being out doesn’t point to a possible trade based on that observation. His back just isn’t right yet but he’s traveling with the team. I’m not saying he won’t get traded or will, but the injury situation does not point to a trade IMO.

  12. If AD leaves there would be zero point in Pelicans giving up assests for Lin to try to make the playoffs. If they want to get Lin to help, they have to for sure know that AD agrees first.

    Have zero doubt that if AD is willing to start with Lin, they will reck havoc as the perfect PGxPF duo.

    Wanted to see Lin play tomorrow but I guess they are going to do whatever it takes for Trae to have better stat line than Doncic. Doubt Lin would see the court much just like last time.

  13. LOL…

    Their hope is that even if they don’t get no assurance from AD, making the playoff and possibly go deep, would help convince him to stay…Of course, that may not be enough but what else can they do.

    My guess is they probably want to try to get another star, someone like John Wall which is probably the only way AD might stay.

  14. AD playing PnR with Jlin is almost a given to be a success. But AD is a success by himself. What he needs from Jlin is to make the rest of NO better to take some of the pressure off of AD to be “perfect” every night in order to win. Jlin can do this by scoring more (15 ppg would do it, 18 ppg is better). Add to this scoring 5-7 assist/game and 3-4 rebounds and suddenly NO becomes a two headed beast, helped along by Jrue Holiday who now all of a sudden needs mainly to score and play some D. Julius Randle would benefit greatly also. Add defense by Jlin as a bonus. Jlin’s best attribute as a player is to make other players better and if he does this then AD should be much happier. However I think AD will still leave NO because what he really wants is a bigger market like LA or NY. Fortunately if Jlin were to get traded to NO and if he were to be successful there, then his choice of next contract would be over a wider range of favorable options. AD could help Jlin in this process.

  15. Jlin almost has to get traded otherwise why would ATL have invested the money in bringing him to AT?. It wasn’t win because ATL is tanking.

  16. Apparently, SCurry’s statement of not believing in moon landing has led to NASA invitation to visit Houston Lunar lab. It’s trending today with fun reaction from Blake Griffin and Daryl Morey 🙂

  17. The Hawks really hurt Trae’s development and confidence by not providing help from another playmaker like JLin so defense can’t solely focus on him.

    Expecting Prince and Bembry to be playmakers haven’t worked out either. I guess the main problem is there are only 2 playmakers in the Hawks.

    Being 1st in the % below league-average TS% is really terrible record to have.

    Whereas some of those men submitted low percentages during relatively inefficient portions of league history, Young is doing so during a season in which the Association is nearly shooting better than ever. Let’s reshuffle the 10 aforementioned names, this time looking at how many percentage points they fell below the league-average true shooting percentage during the years in question:

    2018-19 Trae Young: 8.7 below
    2017-18 Dennis Smith Jr.: 8.3 below
    2013-14 Josh Smith: 7.8 below
    1982-83 Ray Williams: 7.4 below
    1995-96 Jason Kidd: 7.4 below
    2015-16 Kobe Bryant: 7.2 below
    1988-89 Rex Chapman: 7.0 below
    1996-97 Antoine Walker: 6.2 below
    2002-03 Antoine Walker: 5.2 below
    1997-98 Donyell Marshall: 5.0 below

  18. Lin is giving Pierce credit for giving him more playtime when he plays well and aggressively. Which is the opposite of many Lin fans’ narratives about Pierce. Lin is trying to squash Lin fans who hate Pierce and constantly criticize him.

    Hopefully Lin can play sooner than later. Too bad he won’t be playing tomorrow. Next games after the Mavs are against the Celtics (Friday) and Nets (Sunday). Saturday is when trades start happening.

  19. You realize the Hawks have no capable playmakers and point guards other than Lin and rookie Trae, right? Lin was also brought in to mentor and lead the leader-less Hawks, which had lots of locker room issues the past few years, after they broke up their 60-win playoffs team. It’s also why 41-year old Vince got hired.

  20. I trust Lin is genuine in crediting Coach LP. There was a sentence in the Athletic article that corresponding to the slow start and LP kept telling JLin that he had to make plays to be out there. Also, LP and JLin knew each other from the Palo Alto HS days.

    … Jeremy Lin, left, and Ryan Murray work on maintaining a deep and balanced position while challenging his core control. (Courtesy of Ryan Murray)
    “I’m not sure if I had as bad of a training camp in my career as I did this year,” Lin said. “I couldn’t move. I couldn’t hit shots. I couldn’t make plays. Everything was going at a different speed. I couldn’t guard. I couldn’t get by people. I had no rhythm. I didn’t have 5-on-5 to build up to it. I didn’t have 3-on-3. I didn’t have any of that stuff. I just got thrown into it. It was an awful, awful training camp.”

    That explains why he looked like a shell of himself as a player in the preseason and during the first few weeks of the season. He averaged less than six points per game and shot 34 percent from the field in October. He was slow and had little explosiveness.

    Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce, who has known Lin since his days at Palo Alto High School because they grew up in the same area, kept telling his point guard he had to make plays if he was going to see any significant playing time moving forward. Lin wasn’t making plays, and there were times early in the season when Trae Young needed to come out of the game that Atlanta would resort to not having a true point guard on the court because Lin was that much of a liability.

    “When you look back at his first couple of games in preseason, he didn’t want to make any plays,” Pierce said. “He didn’t want to be in the way. He just wanted to be out there.”

    The final stage of rehab at Fortius includes building confidence. The only way to do that is to slowly expose the athletes back into their sporting environment. As Lin was building the tolerance of his knee throughout the summer, Fortius increased the duration of his on-court workouts so he would be working individually with Fan; then he would build into 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 drills. Fortius’ program can exceed the demands of whichever sport the athlete plays in a controlled environment, which comfortably builds back confidence over time. There are clear limitations, however, because there’s not much variety in the environment, and fatigue is closely monitored. Lin felt confident, but once the games started, there was going to be an adjustment period because he hadn’t played in almost a year-and-a-half.

    “We knew it was going to be rough,” Fan said with a laugh. “We anticipated that those first few weeks were going to be pretty rough. We didn’t anticipate that it was going to be that rough. There was some concern, but we just needed to be patient.”

    Lin saw this past offseason as an opportunity to extend his career, much like what Nash did playing until he was 41. Lin wanted to rehab his knee and make the patella tendon as strong as possible, but he wanted to improve his resiliency and efficiency on the court. He wanted to work a lot on movement quality and injury prevention. Murray’s task was to consider what has put Lin at risk of injuries in the first place. The leading risk factor is previous injury. Injuries have followed Lin throughout his career, and this wasn’t the first major injury he had sustained. .

  21. Yeah, I’ve known about their history back at Palo Alto. I doubt Pierce is out to get Lin like McHale and Scott were. Sws and I have been constantly saying Pierce has been relatively fair to Lin, rewarding Lin with more playtime whenever Lin plays well/aggressively and also when Trae sucks (which is quite often).

    Too bad Lin has been having injury problems again recently because Trae hit the wall hard and the Hawks could’ve really used Lin these past few weeks.

  22. This is very useful, psalm. Gives insight into what Pierce is looking for from Lin and what Fortius worked on in rehabbing Lin.

  23. It is. And Lin was on a roll and getting noticed by the Atlanta announcers and others. I hope he doesn’t have too much rust when he eventually gets back to playing. But I expect some.

  24. AD has a very flexible game. He scores from anywhere. And he’s a rim protector. And athletic and Lin can lob the ball to him.

  25. ATL could have gotten another PG to fill up the space, since winning is not their goal. $13 M is a lot to pay for someone to stabilize their locker room. I don’t know what the locker room issues were but maybe they just got rid of the problem guys (like Schroeder). VC I can see as a mentor because he came cheap, plus at 41 and in his farewell season there are no other expectations, including winning. Jlin is more than icing on the cake as I expect ATL to get something in return for a player of Jlin’s quality (though at the time it was a gamble because of injury). I did not think Jlin’s extended absence was due to trying to “save” him because there was a trade in the works because he has to play and showcase himself for his own interests so he can go to a contender to play for his next contract. At this point I just don’t think Jlin has shown enough to be in the top tier of players a contender might want to invest in. We think so, of course, because we are fans, and we are biased. But I just don’t think GM’s are that convinced (or desperate) yet. Therefore he has to show he is the Jlin of old. He has hardly played in 2 years! A lifetime in pro sports. So I can see him going untreated until the trade deadline but I do think ATL has to get something back.

  26. They wanted to get rid of Schroeder who is a negative in the locker room and replace him with a great locker room guy in Lin, great teammate, and great veteran player who can play the 1 and the 2. I can’t read Schlenk’s plans to know how much a priority Lin is to trade. He may be listening, but maybe someone else is more a priority to trade (like Dedmon and Bazemore). Just because the majority of Lin fans want Lin traded doesn’t mean that’s the desire of the Hawks. And as Click said, the Hawks have 2 playmakers. They would need a playmaker in return for Lin, not just picks.

  27. He was getting there. But, he’s missed 3 games and played very little time in the game he asked out of. So, hopefully he’s back on the floor Friday night. But he may need a game or two to get his rhythm/shooting back if he is.

    Whether or not a contender this year choose to add Lin is anyone’s guess. May work out that way, may not. Pels are the only team that shows interest beyond fans placing Lin on teams that could use him.

  28. What Jlin says about the early difficulties in returning to pro ball supports my contention that he is not a top tier trade target yet. He has been out a real long time, a lifetime in pro sports and any trade partner will want to see if he is the Jlin of old before spending draft picks/talent/money on him for a possible 1/2 season rental

  29. You keep thinking Schlenk or the Hawks care about money. They don’t. They spent over $25M just to get rid of Schroder and not have Melo on the Hawks because Schlenk knew those 2 are cancers and would ruin the locker room / culture.

    Why do you still think Schlenk cares about $13M? Especially when he knows exactly what he’ll get with that meager amount of money: a quality PG (when healthy), great locker room presence guy, great mentor, great leader. $13M means nothing to the Hawks this year, because they’re a team that’s tanking.

    As for the rest of your post, yeah, I agree that a lot of GMs don’t value and look at Lin like we do. If Lin didn’t get injured recently and kept playing like he did during November, GMs would be looking more carefully at Lin. But his injury history has a lot of GMs scared and/or ignore Lin completely. They’d rather go after lesser-quality backup PGs who can give them consistent minutes, rather than gamble and give up assets for Lin who can’t stay on the court.

  30. Because ATL is tanking they just need another body to fill not , not necessarily the quality of playing we fans think Jlin to be.

  31. Good point…Lin shouldn’t necessarily care whether AD leaves or not…If he’s traded there, his sole concern is to maximize AD to pad his assist stats and get as far as possible into the playoff.

    If AD leaves, at least Lin would had proven himself and get his last good contract..Maybe 10M/3 years.

  32. Many Jlin fans do not like Daryl Morey but you have got to admit that was a reply to Curry’s pronounced beliefs. How did they get all those people to keep the moon landing hoax a secret anyway? Inquiring minds want to know

  33. Schlenk also knows how easy it is to shed that13M salary as the year goes on. Expiring contracts like that are not hard to move.

  34. Appears that JLIN knew, in concert with ATL mgt, that he would sit out at least thru Mavs game – notice JLIN never committed to Mavs game return when asked, but just said “sometime on the road trip”, aligns with Pierces vague comments

    Facts, Pierce plays JLIN outsized minutes when :
    1) Trae is awful
    2) In blowouts, during 2nd halves.

    NOT fact:
    1) Pierce allows JLIN to play when he has a HOT HAND ????

    1a) Fans should know by now JLIN will always have the politically correct comment re: Coach/FO
    1b) Check the record! multiple games where JLIN scored nicely and/or led repeated bench comebacks from starter deficits — where JLIN was not given minutes because the gm was CLOSE and they wanted TRAE to get a chance at the WIN

    Open your eyes, look at the facts, don’t assume everything is a conspiracy or NOT a conspiracy

  35. Morey’s answer was hilarious, but I did not catch Blake’s drift.

  36. Both JLIN and the Hawks are unconcerned — trade is in the works

  37. Pierce’s situations is more akin to Clifford’s when Jeremy was with Hornets: the coach knows Jeremy can play, but the higher ranks have a different agenda that may or may not be related to on-court performance.

    McHale, and particularly Scott, were obvious in their intent to destroy Jeremy’s rep.

  38. I think he was trying to make fun of Curry with an analogy

  39. Blake Griffin seems to think a NASA “lunar lab” is some lab on the moon? that will take tons of Bill Gates money to fly Steph Curry into space to see.

    Actually a lunar lab is a laboratory on earth that NASA uses for experimental storage

  40. For the full article, go to :

  41. Morey’s comment applies equally to FLAT EARTHER’s there have literally been millions of people that have worked in NASA to send people into space that are also on the hoax that the earth is FLAT. There have been perhaps a dozen men on the moon, but hundreds of people in space from NASA

  42. Hahaha, I guess “THAT” would’ve been one way to convince Steph… LOL

    …and also convince some others that the earth is not flat.

  43. I wonder whether flat earthers use GPS functions on their phones…

  44. Blake is just having fun with Steph “doubting moon landing then get NASA invite” so he’ll “doubt Bill Gates’ money then get something back” 🙂

  45. Morey’s point is a good one that it would take more than a miracle to make 400K people working at NASA to conspire on a big lie on 6 lunar landings.

    I think the supposed rumor/hoax about Stanley Kubrick’s death-bed confession, flag supposedly moving, etc. triggered the conspiracy theory. But with the satellite photos, Russia and China competed, lost, and congratulated the US, and so many people involved in NASA project, it would’ve been almost impossible to keep everyone not to spill the secret or keeping 400K being lied to for 6 lunar landings. It’s probably a lot easier to actually land people on the moon.

  46. Eureka!

    I must be getting old…

  47. no worries, my friend. we’re in the same boat

    You have a lot of friends growing ‘mature’ together 🙂

  48. 5 NBA Rookies on Fire so Far in 2018-19

  49. Got it.

  50. Same here.

  51. Brian Windhorst of reported the update Wednesday and noted the Pelicans are particularly working hard to improve their team to convince superstar center Anthony Davis, a potential unrestricted free agent after next season, to sign a long-term contract extension.

    Will they bring Lin to NO?

  52. Hopefully they will … and I’m hoping JLIN and his agent know something is brewing, there is no downside to JLIN moving to NO, even if he gets the same minutes/role etc… a trade of any type gets JLIN off this dead-end team, raises JLIN’s profile for nxt contract, a possible playoff appearance with a non-tanking team — JLIN would embrace a Pelican trade in a heartbeat.
    Windhourst: “…Or perhaps the Pelicans front office is focused on a team already looking ahead to future seasons and the newly available trade options shore up a package that includes a return of either Jeremy Lin, Trey Burke or Kent Bazemore.”


    (don’t know much about Elfrid Payton’s game, but I do know that JLin has always brilliant in transition, and he will keep scaling up as the talent and weapons on court with him improve. Get stops, forget the anyone can bring the ball up the court as well as anyone else, get the ball in the best transition point guard on team, and push the ball; Kidd, Teodosic, and Lin look almost identical in how they pass the ball downfield in transition; Lin just lacks the deliberate command and control, right now, of the other players in deliberate half court)

  54. We know that by now. Was reported last night he won’t be playing.

  55. Interesting potential Suns/Lakers trade deal that got declined. So far, JLin’s name has not come up with potential Suns trade

  56. @tysonbeckdesign
    New artwork made for @JLin7 🦅 #TrueToAtlanta

  57. I wonder if the lakers, not wanting to give up their future, made LeBron angry because he is all about winning now since the clock is ticking on him. Would be interesting to see a little clash in La-la land, between Magic and LeBron. I always wondered if those two would butt heads as they are strong personalities. I wouldn’t mind a little fireworks to spectate. PHX has a valuable asset in Ariza for some contender. Just because the Lakers and LeBron come calling doesn’t mean they have to roll over to please him.

  58. Once upon a time a Brooklyn team was on a 1-29 streak, then JLIN returned as the starting PG and the team went .500 the rest of the way against playoff bound teams.

    These homer writers, of course wouldn’t believe it or would have some convoluted reason why a 1-29 team goes .500 with one PG in the starting lineup.

  59. Bembry gonna get a lot of play tonight – the Mavs are going to take it to the Hawks from tip-off, I don’t see Collins having his recent success going up against DeAndre Jordan and …

    … Doncic will deliver it over Trae tonight

  60. Doncic embarrassing ATL’s lack of defense, guess Heuter is on Doncic mostly, long night for him coming

  61. i have to say…. hawks messed up. doncic just looks like a star to me. if he gets bigger and fine tune some stuff. he could be a superstar

  62. Blowout will probably be on in another 3 minutes.

    Had JLIN played he would have had to work is axx off to get the team back into this … only to be minimized at the end.

    Kinda glad JLIN not killing himself tonight fo this team

  63. Trae can’t even guard a guy SHORTER than him, just let that Brunson walk right around him for the shot

  64. Bazemore keeping ATL in the game

  65. Baze is on fire. Hawks need to keep feeding Baze and Collins. They’re the only 2 guys capable of carrying the Hawks without Lin.

  66. Meanwhile, Dinwiddie is destroying the Sixers. Dude’s gonna get paid real soon, if he can stay healthy.

  67. Jordan has some major kind of low BBIQ

  68. Good 1st Q for Hawks. Bench did well keeping the score close. Bembry not looking too good as PG tonight, unlike last game, where he did a good job filling in for Lin.

  69. i like how the hawks bench plays

  70. Trae now thinks he can’t miss from 3, launches a 32 footer

  71. LOL they had Lin talking while Trae took 3 straight 3s, making 2 of them.

  72. lol

  73. Collins getting schooled tonight, after his career game

  74. The Hawks and its media can brag about the talent of Trae but I have to see it to believe it. At present, he is the liability of the team. Atlanta is a better team than what the record showed.

  75. he is small for his position

  76. A healthy and skillful player with good character like Din will get paid.

  77. Brooklyn almost collapses again with mins in Q4; unbelievable

  78. A normal NBA team would keep Bazemore in the starting lineup

  79. Wow, Mavs coach is tossed. Huerter not intimidated guarding Luka, making him turn it over some.

  80. mavs have played very poorly. very low energy yet its still close. the coach did that to get his team energy. smart by him.

  81. Yeah, makes sense. I do think the Hawks are moving the ball around better than earlier in the season.

  82. Bembry is so predictable he fights over ever screen and sets himself up for that foul every time

  83. Baze is focused and hungry tonight. Must’ve been pissed about that flop by Doncic.

  84. Poster shot block Luca on Trae

  85. And then what happened? Trae made adjustments and finished on 2 beautiful drives.

  86. Yup. Haters gonna hate and ignore all of the good things Trae does.

  87. And he just made another nice floater. Trae is playing quite decently. Much better now in the 2nd half.

  88. There’s a lot of celebrating going on by Trae on the floor and his fans — games not over — you don’t celebrate until you have the win

  89. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Trae made 3 good drives and now he has 8 assists. And Luka had his shot blocked too as well as the Hawks forcing him on TOs. Luka’s been good, but not great this game.

  90. I’m talking about, the words that I wrote, nothing more nothing less.

    1. Trae got smoked on the block
    2. Trae celebrating his plays while his team is losing.

    Nothing more nothing less, than what I wrote

  91. Trae is 7/13 has 8 assists and maybe 2 TOs. You’re nitpicking just for the sake of it, IMO. The Hawks are in the game and he’s really the only PG on the floor tonight for the Hawks.

  92. Trae is playing well tonight…

    But here’s Luka’s block on Trae, so haters can put it on repeat and get off to it.

  93. And yet Trae is still at zero plus/minus and Luka is plus.

    There is plenty of game left to play, get excited when its over

  94. He is. He’s learning how to play more within himself. He’s not there yet, but he’s improving.

    Luka was also blocked.

  95. i agree. he let the game come to him

  96. Crazy thing is, Hawks are in this game with Bembry have an ineffective game.

  97. I think he’s good offensively for his experience. There’s just too much hype about him and he’s short and not good on D.

  98. Yes, there is always hope, Young is young…

    he just happens to be almost the statistically worst player in the NBA in the season and esp. last 2 mos.

    One decent game in the last 10 (or is that 15 games) is a first step

  99. 7 for 13 (53.8%) is better than 4 for 11 (36.4%), 2 for 4 (50%) is better than 1 for 3 (33.3%), 8 assists is better than 4, 1 turnover is better than 3, in case the haters can’t do math…

  100. One slightly less awful games and Lovers doing the math — suddenly see a superstar

  101. well his d this game have been horrid but i wont pic on him

  102. Now Bazemore missing shots — guess Trae must save this game

  103. thats a strech. he is a volume shooter. i doubt that changes

  104. I would agree

  105. OMG Huerter’s long 3 was sick.

  106. Huerter a 35 footer, the next TRAE YOUNG

  107. bad shot but he made it.

  108. Hawks needed it.

  109. could of stepped in a little but w/e lol

  110. Collins played decently tonight, but way too many fouls.

  111. Collins already took 21 shots 9-21 thats too much for his role; way below his average

    almost rather have Trae take those shots tonight

  112. bremby failed his game. hope haws still trade lin though

  113. Red Mamba’s playing well tonight.

  114. if trea did he’d shoot worse

  115. that’s the fear, Bembry must play well consistently for JLIN to be let go at a fair price

  116. Off night for Bembry. That’s why he got benched.

  117. I like his game.

  118. Wow crazy airball by Luka.

  119. doncic trying way too hard today

  120. rare sighting

  121. Mavs have pulled away, hitting their 3s, upping their effort and intensity. I think they have this game now.

  122. Looks like a rookie tonight, IMO.

  123. During games when Trae flexes his muscles or points on the ground to where he made his Three, just shows how much he still needs to mature as a pro.

    Do that stuff when you are up by double digits and win is not in doubt, not when you are losing and then lose by dd.

  124. Can’t do anything about it. Their role players are hitting 3s and making good stops. Hawks’ D is actually pretty good and stopping Luka, but not the other dudes.

  125. Back to back ugly airball 3s from the Mavs…

  126. Bad shots === and yet the Mavs are gonna cruise to victory

  127. yea. trea playing efficient for the first tie really this year. maybe 2nd time.

  128. Crafty move by Trae.

  129. Trae’s trying to take every shot/every possession he can.

    Wants to pull a Doncic miracle

  130. Exactly what I was thinking watching him make that move.

  131. bad shot there by trea

  132. Baze disappeared in the 4th, after having a great game up until then.

  133. Pierce it’s white flag time

  134. Bad shot, Trae. No point in bad long 3s.

  135. hawks bench scored 13 points. plz still trade lin though

  136. Baze needs to be aggressive every minute on the floor, actually everyone needs to be aggressive, get the hot hand or Pierce will sit you

  137. Nice double team by Huerter and Dedmon on Luka, leading to a steal from Baze.

  138. Happy for Silas as a head coaching win

  139. Baze with a 3!

  140. DeAndre Jordan pushed Trae, Trae pushed him back.

  141. good

  142. Doncic is “crafty” getting to the foul line, must have suckered ATL into that foul 4 times tonight

  143. Woa… lead down to 5 now.

  144. bad shot by trea. really good game for him though 3 bad three shots.

  145. Luka bricking dem free throws lol

  146. he looked like a rookie today. too much threes. not enough drives

  147. Yeah Luka Doncic is awful – just 11 wins in a row at home

  148. Hawks’ starters played well but the bench was awful tonight. They really miss Lin tonight.

  149. he played bad but 14 shots 24 points is really good. his ceiling is much higher then treas at this moment. treas bad games are much worse.

  150. dont say that. plz trade lin

  151. Yes

  152. You actually think what we say here matters lol.

  153. Yes and tried to do too much at times. Good numbers but bad efficiency. Trae outplayed him (FWIW).

  154. bremby the pg. 3 assist 4 tov -9 +/-

  155. Yeah, this is a night to forget for Bembry.

  156. 100 percent but he had the better team. well… they played horrible and had bad effort but stll won because of their bench.

  157. he isnt a pg. the bench can continue what lin started for a few games but not for long

  158. Trae had a lot going for him tonight – and didn’t follow the scouting report that has basically been pwning TY
    1. Dallas has 2 short guys not known for defense on him (Brunson starter only has started 4 gms)
    2. Dallas almost never double teamed him or trapped him
    3. Mavs didn’t rotate bigs to put on a driving Trae much

  159. they trapped him most of the night. he passed well out of it

  160. you mean he took the ball to the rim repeatedly because nobody seriously contested him

  161. no. he was trapped but he passed well then he started shooting once they respected his passing.

  162. Meh, he was crafty and beat guys to the rim with skill and some adjustments. They trapped him, he made adjustments. They sent different guys at him, he made adjustments. This game tonight shows potential and that’s what Vince and Step were talking about in their podcast.

  163. what I saw was a lot o man defense,

    nobody was respecting any Hawks passing because they couldn’t make a thing until it was almost over

  164. at the end once the trappng stop working

  165. There’s a reason that Trae kept going to the well on his drives — a thing other teams didn’t allow him to do for weeks

  166. he has potential as a scorer and passer. his defense is still horrid. his shot selection was better but i doubt it last.

  167. Jimmer Fredette has potential too

  168. Stop making sense, bro. This is Trae hater central as much as it’s a Lin fan site.

  169. Trae lover central – one not awful game and suddenly he’s a superstar again

  170. once lin gets traded ill watch to see how trea develops. unless he is playing aganst lin lol then ill be a full hater

  171. Trae gets owned by JLIN’s squad in practice/scrimmage weekly so they do already play alot

  172. Piece is criticizing the bench, saying Hawks just couldn’t get offensive production out of the bench tonight. Didn’t mention Lin.

  173. Pierce loves to take it out on the bench, rarely if ever takes it out on the starters.

    If Pierce ever looked at the plus/minus rather than raw numbers, he’d see the starters didn’t hold up their end of the bargain either, usually Starters much much worse than tonight.

  174. How you know Trae gets owned by Lin?

    By the way, nice game by Trae Young…Looks like he was shooting more floaters that were going in…If he can hit that shot consistently, that’ll help him out a lot.

    Also wished Lin would had developed a floater to make things easy as for scoring.

  175. Relative to Trae’s prior games it was a nice game.

    Trae’s plus/minus tonight was ZERO – so neither contributed to a lead or a deficit of ANY points (this is better than his usual MINUS in plus/minus) which will not help his RPM or DRPM (currently worst defensive player in the NBA)

    Of course I can’t be certain JLIN always beats Trae’s unit but I do have 2 pts of data to extrapolate with:
    1) A scoreboard last week showed the starters with Trae losing to bench with JLIN
    2) Dell Curry said JLIN’s bench routinely beat Kembatum’s team in practice/scrimmage

  176. This is not as close a game as the score shows.

  177. Luka took 1 more free throw than the entire Hawks team. Luka was whining to the refs all game and they rewarded him. 43 free throw attempts by the Mavs vs. 14 by the Hawks. Biased refs being biased.

  178. Trae and DeAndre getting technicals. They seem more upset with the refs than each other.

  179. ATL fouled the Mavs so much that Carlisle the Head Coach got tossed for it — ATL had a gameplan to play tight defense on Doncic

    ATL fouled Doncic repeatedly and there were even fouls not called

  180. Oh okay, I thought u actually had more than that…I wouldn’t look at the plus/minus tonight as a knock on Trae..I think he did very well tonight..scored and assisted…If the bench had been better, they probably would had won this game.

    But good game for Trae overall.

    Still hoping Lin gets traded since Trae is due to get better because he’s been so bad and that will mean less minutes for Lin since LP doesn’t give him much time at SG.

  181. Hey! bring back the Jimmer!

  182. ATL bought the refs and were desperate to make Trae Young look better.

  183. Tare always plays well for the games focused by NBA fans such as the rival games against Doncic and the game against Lebron’s Lakers. No tot mention Hawks will make sure he gets lots of minutes for him to do well.

    I’m so glad Lin didn’t play these few days, time better time on more important things that watch him play 15-18 minute for only 8 shots.

  184. Many volume shooters in the league, Westbrook, Harden, Lillard, yet they get to be the ballhog and franchise of their team. Exactly why NBA’s popularity has diminished so much over the years.

  185. black suit and orange hoodie, JLin sure is in Naurot mode. Maybe he should wear a headband from now on. 🙂

  186. Suns has Nothing Lakers wants! Lonzo Ball is in development, Kyle Kuzma is rising star. No team should ever give up their future just to “win now” it’s a balance of both! Lebron is there for the long haul and they have this off season to go for KD and Kawhi Leonard.

  187. Trae’s confidence certainly doesn’t look hurt during nationally televised or high profiles games such as today! Trae will get the green light for seasons to come unless he doesn’t get along with Zion. In face it takes a lot of confidence to take 35ft 3 pointers and messing around with Deandre Jordan.

  188. did you read the entire quote? All Pierce said were criticisms about Lin not making plays and how when Trae’s out they didn’t have a true point guard on the floor! Knowing who Lin was and “respecting” his game is totally different. It sounds like all Pierce wants is for Lin to find shots for his teammates and not make shots! Very contrary to what Trae has been doing. Caling Trae a true point guard is laughing. This is a total diss!

    ‘Hawks coach Lloyd Pierce, who has known Lin since his days at Palo Alto High School because they grew up in the same area, kept telling his point guard he had to make plays if he was going to see any significant playing time moving forward. Lin wasn’t making plays, and there were times early in the season when Trae Young needed to come out of the game that Atlanta would resort to not having a true point guard on the court because Lin was that much of a liability.

    “When you look back at his first couple of games in preseason, he didn’t want to make any plays,” Pierce said. “He didn’t want to be in the way. He just wanted to be out there.”

  189. Read the entire Pierce quote before commenting, all he did was criticize Lin and alluded to Trae being the better point guard! All Pierce sees Lin is a bench player and won’t even allow him to close games whenever they can win with barely any minutes! 18 minutes is worst than Cliff ever treated Lin!

  190. Lin certainly isn’t mentoring anyone unlike he did with the Nets! The bond with the teammates or Trae is obviously not there!

    Trae also don’t need any mentoring from Lin just look at his attitude and confidence on the court! If you watched Lin’s earlier interview he disliked the word mentor, it’s too one side saying there are things about the NBA he can teach but there are things he can learn from Trae as well. Mentoring is what Vince Carter was brought in for. Lin is not a washed up veteran about to retire!

  191. Somebody complains the officiating but I do think the Hawks are too aggressive. They have much more players committed 5 fouls than the Mavericks.

    The Hawks has created an all for one situation because it couldn’t afford to admit the trade with Mavericks is a big loss for the organization.

    If you look at the play by play instead of the stats, you won’t be fooled. Anyway, the Hawks will have more lossing seasons to come because it insists on winning with Trae. This game should have been a blown out in the 2nd half.

  192. This team won’t let Lin win for the game. Lin would only get to play when the team lost by a big margin.

  193. Dallas controls the game in the 4th quarter. The Mavericks got ahead and killed the clock.

  194. Dallas is a well coached team. Only 3 players took more than 10 shots
    Dallas made 16 fouls and 14 turnovers. Dallas dominated the 4Q and never looked back.

    Harrison Barnes 8-16 FG 5-8 3P 25 points
    Luka Doncic 5-14 FG 2-6 FG 24 points
    J J Barea 7-11 FG 3-5 3P 18 points.

    The Hawks 4 players took over 10 shots
    Atlanta made 30 fouls and 21 turnovers..

    John Collins 10-22 FG 0-3 3P 20 points
    Trae Young 11-20 FG 2-6 3P 24 points

    Kent Bazemore 8-14 FG 3-5 3P 22 points
    K Huerter 6-11 FG 4-6 3P 19 points

    Both teams are rebuilding. It’s interesting to compare them year after years from now on.

  195. Not fair to the bench which took only 20 out of 94 shots that the Hawks took.

    The starters took 74 shots with Collins and Young took 44 shots, Bazemore and Huerter took 25 shots. These 4 players took 69 shots. They all played over 32+ minutes.

  196. This team has done everything to help Young. I simply don’t agree that he is due to be better; most likely worse as the season goes. The starters won’t match well with NBA teams despite they will all play 30+ minutes provided they don’t get blown out,

  197. Mavericks is not a strong team by NBA standard. It just starts to merge and play like a team. They have been improving though. Tonight they won 3 out of 4 quarters and absolutely dominated in Q4. They let the Hawks score but the Mavericks protected the lead really well. The Hawks was not in the game at all since the end of Q3.

  198. awesome!!!!

  199. I wouldn’t call 12 out of 15 bricking.

  200. You gotta be kidding. They both scored 24 points and played 35 minutes. He just got fouled more than Young. Trae Young has not been drawing fouls and I wouldn’t call this his strength. Teams without drawing fouls frequently flop in Q4.

  201. The only stats that the Hawks dominated are in fouls and TOs.

  202. Despite all those blessings given to Trae Young, he is still currently listed as 449th / 449 NBA players in RPM
    His PER is an unimpressive 11.71 as starter playing close to 30 minutes per game.
    Luka Doncic is ranked 114th / 449 NBA players with an above average PER of 15.88

    The difference between Luka Doncic and Trae Young is:

    Luka Doncic is already making Dallas a better team.
    Atlanta has to give up a lot as a team to make Trae Young look better.

  203. Or points from starters

  204. I’ve actually read this piece and many other similar ones before it.

    Pay little attention to what he says, and more to what he does with Jeremy’s on-court play. Talk is cheap in the NBA, and LP has a rhetoric to adhere to and a boss to answer to. Since Doncic’s breakout game, Schlenk has been under fire for the Doncic/Young trade, so he definitely has an agenda to push, I know I would if in his shoes.

    LP allowed Jeremy to play his game in November and shine, that means more to me than him sweet-talking about Jeremy and marginalizing him on the court. Granted Jeremy can’t get starter minutes and a long leash, but LP is doing what’s in his power, whenever it does not conflict with the Front Office agenda, to let Jeremy play his game. It is this aspect that reminds me of Clifford being handicapped in his usage of Jeremy.

    Byron Scott once said he was a fan of Jeremy’s, we all know too well how that turned out.

  205. Lin plays in close games when he’s scoring. The one thing I’d like to see from LP is to trust Lin to finish games when they are close. But there were close games Lin played good minutes (for Atlanta) when he was looking to score and make plays.


    Game Flow: (bench seems like it was at least able to tread water because of defense, even if box score says they couldn’t score much)

  207. where can you see the RPM stats and are they updated daily?

  208. That’s unlikely to happen…Even if Lin is having a decent game, as long as Trae is not totally horrible, he’ll get to finish ahead of Lin…Simple as that and as Lin fan, I accept this fact but this is why I hope Lin gets traded as soon as possible.

    In Charlotte , Lakers and Houston, Lin would finish if he was doing better than whoever was starting ahead of him.

    So, in Atlanta, the bar is very high for him to get minutes and you have to respect Lin for accepting it instead of complaining about it.

    Most proven veteran NBA players would hate it but Lin looks at it as a road block to overcome..It’s like being a rookie and havng to prove yourself all over again.

    You still have to give Lin credit for being able to score 11ppg under these circumstances..I don’t think there’s a player in the league that has done better under the type of minutes Lin is getting.

    18.9mpg – 11ppg..That’s great amount of point per minutes.

    Trae plays 29.6mpg while scoring 15.7ppg

  209. GSW seems not themselves of late. Lost to Raptors last night without Kawhi Leonard. Lowrey lead them to the victory. I don’t see Lin going to Toronto unless something drastic happens.

    Nets won with Dlo on the bench. He played only 22 minutes. Sickening that he’s starting above Dinwiddle who had 39pts. I don’t blame him for promoting himself for 6th man.

  210. This has happened pretty frequently, D’Angelo Russell doesn’t finish and Dinwiddie does. Dinwiddie is the 6th man on the Nets.

  211. There are some who feel it’s not as important to start but I feel adamant that starting is extremely significant. From a team standpoint, it means you are assigned to face opponent’s strengths head on. From a coach’s perspective, it means promoting and protecting weaker players from being overwhelmed. There are some advantages to weakening the starting lineup but it comes at the price for the player put into a deflating role that destroys his confidence.

    Charlotte’s starters were so weakened by a placeholder that inevitably, Lin had to come in to save the day. They won with a starter on the second unit but at the cost of development of a sacrificial lamb whose confidence got shattered.

  212. Agree with you here….Being a bench player and a starter is not the same.

    Dinwiddie minutes is solely based on the fact he’s shooting “extremely well” and grossly outperforming the starting PG.

    In theory, Dinwiddie should start but they have a big decision to make on DLo and whether to re-sign him, so this is why he starts ahead of Dinwiddie.

    That’s unusual for such scenario to occur on a nightly basis.

    Dinwiddie gets starter’s minute on a regular basis and he’s also trusted to play alongside DLo for additional minutes….The majority of bench players don’t get that.

    Lin doesn’t get that and would never get that in Atlanta and to be frank, he didn’t get it in Charlotte, Lakers or Houston. eighter….

    Dinwiddie is pretty much guaranteed at the very least 25mpg and if he plays a bit better than DLo, he gets 30+ minutes…He’s also playing extremely well, which forces the coach to give him more minutes.

    Point is, the starter who plays ahead of you will be given the benefit of the doubt unless the bench player is outperforming you badly that night..If everything is equal, the coach goes with the starter…so the bench player is handicapped because he’s a bench player.

  213. The Hawks don’t care about win/loses at this point…they just hope to see improvement from Trae which is a low bar for him since he’s already so low when it comes to shooting%.

    I do believe he’ll improve but that’s only because he’s being cuddled massively…If he fails, than no one can blame the Hawks.

    I do believe he’s due to improve, if not just a bit, which wold be fine for the Hawks.

    Tonight, I’m sure Schling and his supporters are smiling.

  214. Basketball is a a squad of 5. Some players get heavy minutes, likely the heavy stats players (that the NBA calls stars or superstars). Others play the role of rebounder, shot blocker, etc with that starting squad. If a starter can’t shoot FTs, for instance, he may not finish the game. Lineups are constantly changed during the game due to matchups and situations.

    Bench players aren’t all the same. There are major role bench players, guys like Jamal Crawford used to be, Lou Willams is now, Dinwiddie, and a few others. These guys can often be seen playing in the clutch and finishing games. There are some starters, not the heavy stat players but some starters that get fewer minutes than some players from the bench. Bench doesn’t indicate quality of player more than the players not chosen for the starting unit, since, remember, basketball is a 5 man game. It’s not like a starting pitcher in baseball or quarterback in football where he plays the whole game (until taken out if need be).

    The most desired position in basketball is starter. I agree with that and I agree that the most minutes and load is usually placed on the starters. That’s what I want for Lin. However, even if Lin is a starter he can’t predict moves a GM will make that will impact him. Case in point is Houston. Lin couldn’t predict Harden would become a Rocket and change Lin’s usage, even as a starter. Or that McHale would bench Lin whole 4th quarters in too many games. And Lin as a starter even on the Nets didn’t know when he signed that D’Angelo Russell would be there next season and get “buzz” and he’d have to share the court with another heavy usage player. Embiid, the “star” player of the 76ers said a few days ago his role has changed considerably since Jimmy Butler joined the team. Less touches and less of a predictable role for him. He couldn’t predict that. So starting has its caveats just like any other position. And there are situations, though not many, a 6th man type may get more usage and minutes than a starter.

    Dinwiddie scored 39 points off the bench. Congrats. That’s huge. Lin scored 38 but as a starter. Dinwiddie is a major player and has a major role on the Nets, even though he doesn’t start. It’s possible. It’s not usual, but it’s possible. But to me it has nothing to do with Lin on Atlanta now with Atlanta being a development team pushing a young PG and with Lin being in a rehab season. Lin will choose in free agency where to go. And if he can secure what looks like a great starting gig he will. And that’s the first thing I want to see for him. I truly hope after what he’s been through that he does. But, he can’t predict what will happen with that team going forward and how it may impact him. And yes, I am open to other alternatives like Lin being a starting 2 guard on a contender or if he really has exhausted those two options and only a 6th man situation looks most stable and like a major role for him, then that’s his 3rd option.

  215. It’s a rehab year. Atlanta isn’t in a hostile place for Lin. In fact, it’s becoming an encouraging and positive environment for him. ‘Nique has shown respect for Lin, totally different than how he used to regard Lin. Chelsea Lane, a wonderful trainer because she gets into the psychology of the injured or rehabbing player, is there. I accentuate those positives with the very real knowledge that Lin is an FA and next season chooses where he wants to go.

    My hope this season is LP trusts Lin eventually to finish games and has Lin and Trae play together more. If Lin has 18 minutes, plays 5 or 6 with Trae, he has somewhat acceptable amount of minutes. And he’s productive in his minutes, especially in November. He may also get good minutes when Trae isn’t going well. If Lin is traded, I’m hoping for a better situation. I’m not assuming a trade means a better situation, however.

  216. I would invite folks to look at coaches. Because coaches are all different. Some coaches want multiple ball handlers, some want a strong PG quarterback. Some coaches ride the starters, others ride the hot hand and give fairly equal time to some starters and some bench players. Some coaches want to use veteran players in clutch situations while others want to get the rookies feet wet. They vary. So it’s not just the need of a team and where Lin can help, it’s the coaches tendencies that matter too in regard to where Lin may go in the future this season or choose to go as a free agent. Different coaches see his role on a team in different ways. Still, some coaches change with the personnel, and may coach differently with different personnel. So, really study the coaches.

  217. So you’d rather Lin stays the full year with the Hawks?
    I just don’t think Lin can afford to stay in ATL beyond the trading deadline…

    This is only acceptable if you truly believe Lin won’t be 100% until next year.

    Lin has already lost 2 years of his career..he’s now 30 and the older he gets, the worse his status gets around the league.

    He has to be 100% by February and by that time, you hope he’ll be in a situation where the coach will be fair to him when it comes to playing time.

    I simply don’t think LP can ever be fair to Lin simply because Trae has to get his 30minute to develop and LP doesn’t believe in 2 PG sets.

    Also, keep in mind this is a contract year for Lin, so he has to get going at some point during this season or he could be out of the league.

    Right now, it’s a miracle Lin is producing under the environment he’s under. No NBA players is producing Lin’s points under 18 minute per game. Basically, he’s not being afforded no time for rhythm.

    The best scenario is for Lin to be traded…I would even rather see him be traded to Phoenix or Chicago because at least, it gives him a chance to get more minutes so he can play for his next contract.

    In ATL, he’s basically handicap when it comes to minutes and again, you most remember he’s a free agent next year…He can’t afford to take it too easy this year.

    We can’t expect Lin to continue to play this well under the low minutes..That’s probably a hot streak which could end..

  218. Often it’s not even about being better, as is the case with Dinwiddle. We can all see he’s much better than Dlo which is why opposing teams wants to trade for him and not Dlo. What’s apparent is that GMs have agendas that promote players into undeserving roles. It’s this type of agendas that destroys moral and undermines team culture. When players don’t have a direct control over their own destiny, they can’t perform to the best of their abilities. If they see favouritism, they will have no interest in commitment to the team. They will be looking out for themselves instead.

    Marks lies about building team culture when all his actions proves otherwise.

  219. You make a great point, which is exactly why I hope Lin can leave ATL as soon as possible. Because of GM agenda and preferential treatment toward other players, Lin will never get a fair shake there.

    As you said, a player will never be able to control his own destiny under such cirmcumstances. U will always have to deal with issues that you can’t control…If everything was fair, you would get more time based on your performance and whether you’re outperforming better than a specific player, but that’s not the case for Lin there.

  220. I trust GMs the least. Less so than some owners. But owners can have big agendas as well.

  221. I guess that’s an improvement? I’d prefer probable. Lin said he was good to go. What’s up?

  222. I believe there may be a trade lined-up for Lin…Lin is fine but they want to keep him off the court for as long as possible so that he doesn’t suffer additional injuries..That’s the only benefit the Hawks have to be cautious with Lin who they’re not even giving 20mpg and not prioritizing winning.

    the 15th is the day a lot of players are eligible to play…Let’s hope this is exactly what’s happening.

  223. Everyone else on that list is out. Spellman is day to day, just like Lin. Lin is the only questionable one and maybe that’ll be upgraded to probably later. Is everyone else on that list beyond Prince going to be traded as well?

    I know folks want Lin traded but it may not happen when folks would like or even to the team or a situation they’d like. Be careful what you wish for. I hope for a better situation if traded as well. But be careful. He could be traded to a worse situation where he plays less than he does in Atlanta.

  224. any situation is better than ATL and you should be smart enough to understand why…In ATL, there’s huge agendas being played, just like ABCD nicely explains on a post below…He’ll never get a fair shake in ATL because of youth development…no matter whether he’s 85% or 100%. He’ll never play consistent 25mpg because of Trae Young.

    Unless you’re fine with Lin 15-18 minute, than fine, but most Lin fan wants him to be anywhere where he could maximize his minutes because he’s playing for a contract…He can’t afford to be comfortable with his misly minutes in ATL.

    I’m baffled by Lin fan who wouldn’t want him out of ATL as soon as possible, but I’m not surprise since it’s you, someone who believe Lin should accept coming off the bench and be happy with it.

  225. ESPN>NBA>stats>RPM on page 12
    updated periodically; presumably daily.

  226. There are agendas on other teams as well. We’ve seen enough on various teams with Lin to know this.

    I’m just saying look at the full picture. Just because Lin is out some games doesn’t mean trade if other players on the team are also out for long periods of time. It would indicate that the staff may be careful about clearing them.

    And yes, it’s easy to think, the grass is greener somewhere else, but the truth is the grass is full of weeds on many NBA teams. They all seem to have agendas and GMs that think of players as assets. No guarantee Lin is traded to a better situation.

    Lin has played a few games over 20 minutes and even had 30 minutes in one game. There are downsides to trades like Lin playing the same or less minutes while learning a new system and coach. And you never know what type of teammates he may encounter on other teams. A trade doesn’t necessarily mean something better for Lin.

    I want what’s best for Lin too, but I’m sober about it. At least I have an idea of what LP wants out of Lin and that there are some positives in Atlanta for Lin in his rehabbing season.

  227. I think people are getting a little bit of their hopes up too high in a trade situation will definitely help Lin’s playing time. It may, it may not. A trade situation is an unknown.

    I think Lin has potential to get decent playing time in Atlanta. If he stays, that’ll be something that’s a known. If he doesn’t, I hope for something better for Lin in his new situation. But to me, just changing teams guarantees absolutely nothing.

    Fans are justing creating scenarios of teams that “need” Lin. But is that what GMs are thinking? Because that’s who will be involved in trades. GMs.

  228. Like I said 20 hours ago in this thread, Dinwiddie was going to get paid real soon…

  229. Dinwiddie is now going to be making $11.5M per year. Very similar contract to what Lin got with the Nets.

  230. Well, at least, he’s off the trade market for any team looking for a starting PG.
    That should help Lin.

  231. He’s productive, earned it. Now for me Din has to show he’s a big-game player and can do it in the playoffs. But, one step at a time.

    I don’t think the Nets will extend D’Angelo. KA isn’t a fan of his game. Now, if the Nets get another coach for some reason, maybe.

  232. kinda hoping lin gets traded and dont have to play another game with the hawks

  233. You’re not alone here…No point in playing for the Hawks….It sucks to play for a stink team who won’t even give you enough minutes to improve them.

    I’s even worse to watch a trash player get more minute than you and you have to accept it and not say a word about it.

    Let’s all hope for a trade.

  234. You may be right that Lin could be traded to a worse situation, but frankly, it can’t get any worse than where Lin is currently at…

    I just don’t think it’s possible for Lin to be traded to a team that not only would give him less minute but that’s also as bad…At the very least, I’ll take the minutes

    in ATL,He’s playing on a terrible team, backing up a rookie that is being regarded as the next Curry…Problem is, Lin is twice the player Trae is at the moment and this is what makes it so horrible..The fact that he has to play like Jordan just to get 20 minutes of game time.

    If that’s not rock bottom, I don’t know what is…So I’m willing to take my chance and hoping anywhere would be better for Lin…At least, let him get more time..So what if it’s on the Phoenix suns..It’;s not like Hawks are winning.

    Even on the Phoenix Suns or the Chicago Bulls, Lin would most likely be given enough minutes to prove himself…These 2 teams do not have a rookie comparable to Trae Young.

    Chicago has Kris Dunn, but he’s not being regarded as the next Curry and as long as Lin is playing well, my guess is they’ll give him more minute than he’s currently receiving in ATL.

    I simply don’t believe it’s possible for Lin to be traded into a worse situation where he’s not ge

  235. You have to hope whoever trade for Lin will value him much more than ATL.

    I mean, the guy is getting 18mpg while shooting 50%FG and 40% 3PTFG…What team would not play a guy more than 18mpg who is shooting so well?

    If Lin can shoot this well, I’m confident he’ll get more minute than he’s currently receiving…At the very least, I’d rather roll the dice and hope things can’t get any worse than 18mpg.

    Now is no time to be cautious…Lin is averaging the least amount of minutes since his rookie year with Golden states warriors and for some bizarre reason, you think it can be worse?????

  236. Absolutely, it would be wonderful if the next time we see the Hawks is after a trade when JLIN is wearing a different uniform and comes back into ATL to beat the tanking Hawks

  237. Dinwiddie was an actual MENTEE of JLIN the mentor – he honed his skills learning the craft from JLIN

  238. Bleacher-report has a 3-way trade idea sending Lin to the Miami Heat and Bazemore going to Pelican while Hassan whiteside goes to ATL.

    Miami wouldn’t be a bad destination…They have Dragic but he’s always hurt and is currently hurt now. Also, Polstra doesn’t mind playing 2 PG..Dragic has played off the ball before…Dragic is also not having a great year.

    What do you guys think of the Miami Heat??…Dragic probably would still start ahead of Lin but Lin would most likely get 6th-man minutes there..Would be much better than the ATL situation.

    Atlanta Hawks Receive: Tyler Johnson, Hassan
    Whiteside, 2019 first-round pick (via Miami; top-10 protection; turns
    into 2022 and 2025 second-rounders if it doesn’t convey), 2020
    second-round pick (via New Orleans; top-40 protection in 2019; top-44
    protection in 2020; extinguishes in 2021 if not conveyed)

    Miami Heat Receive: Dewayne Dedmon, Solomon Hill, Wesley Johnson, Jeremy Lin

    New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Kent Bazemore, Derrick Jones Jr.

  239. Anything for the remainder of this season beats this current Hawks situation.

    – Miami is vying for a playoff spot currently around the 8th seed – that’s good enough for me
    – Poelstra is a fair minded coach
    – Miami is NOT a TANKING team

    Playoffs got JLIN a starting job last time and it might do so again

  240. Agreed…Lin would most likely get plenty of minute there, specially if he can shoot as well as he’s currently shooting under much less minutes.

    I thought sending Lin to New Orleans would probably be a bit better, but if the trade happens now, Lin starts right away for the Heat.

  241. Exactly and there’s no reason why Lin and Dragic can’t play together taking turns as SG and PG. I trust Spoelstra, the one always gaming planning for Lin to play him many minutes. Not to mention he’s a far and smart coach. He will let Lin run if he can win games.

  242. Beg to differ, Dinwiddie also taught Lin in always putting up a shot when hearing the whistle at the 3 point line.

    Nets were always ready to make Dinwiddie the starting PG, Russell is a SG. Levert also being injury prone isn’t good.

  243. agreed

  244. Absolutely. Lin could get DNP CDs. He did not get one of these with the Hawks.

    Lin is not even fully back. The whole point of this season, IMO, is for Lin to show GMs he can play around 60 plus games this season. That’s what I think he needs to do. Some of them understand what Lin can bring, but can he stay on the floor? That answer has not really been answered yet with the latest missed games.

  245. Atlanta will soon find it’s championship building bubble burst right on the face. Warriors lost to Raptors by 20. This year, GS may not even be the best team of the Western Conference not to mention in the League. Warriors 2 doesn’t sound good now.

  246. Miami is a decent team for Lin to play with. Good coach and GM.

  247. Atlanta is only good for rehabilitation and nothing else.

  248. Lin won’t be traded to worse situation because his contract of 13M+ commands respect. Whichever team wants him must need him bad enough. No worry.

  249. Is Warriors 1 does not get it’s championship , There will be no market for Warriors 2. Atlanta has to play for wins sooner than it wants.

  250. If they would part with Dragic who is always hurt then they would not want Lin who missed 2 whole seasons from injuries. just don’t see it

  251. Din has to take his first significant offer before he can afford to be choosy.

  252. This trade proposal does not trade away Dragic..He’s currently hurt, so maybe they want another PG that is healthy at the moment.

  253. Wade is there. Lin has minutes to share?

  254. Jeremy on his way to Boston, with the Hawks. He congratulated Spencer Dinwiddie on his extension saying: “This man deserves everything he got!”

  255. More so than Russell. Hawks aren’t going anywhere but ateast Dinwiddie got paid. He should’ve tested free agency, would’ve gotten to a better team and paid even more.

  256. Maybe lower prices are available, but I noticed an autographed Jeremy Lin jersey (NY Knicks, blue, away colours, number 17) selling for $1,312. Perhaps, it’s because it says ‘Linsanity’ under the signature. See :

  257. jlin7 (IG) Sheeeesh this ones ridiculous!! Thanks @tysonbeck for the 🔥 edit! 很期待回到球场 🦅🦅 #ATL #hawkeye

  258. The only negativity.

  259. The trade should include Chelsea Lane too; seriously, I want her as the trainer. Of course, this is impossible.

  260. And play against Trae Young & company.

  261. Trae just hasn’t done enough for the Hawks. His stats has spoken for himself. Does addressing to the fact make us hate Trae Young? We just don’t think he is a good PG.

  262. lol..That’s stretching it here, but I hope you’re right and he ends up with the pelicans.

  263. Birds are Hawks.

  264. Is that the Sun on the upper left corner?
    Does the background color that of sunshine? LOL.

  265. Jeremy is ready for tonight’s game ….

  266. Great news 🙂 JLin in Boston, hope he play healthy and back to his efficient-self!

  267. Might be minutes restrictions and he may have a bit of rust. But great news. Go, Jeremy!

  268. Even Brad Rowland is now starving for some Lin action lol

  269. There are almost always minutes restrictions on JLIN in close games or the 1 in 8 chance that Trae isn’t awful, restricting a few more minutes hardly matters in those instances

  270. Jeremy is featured in an advertisement for the “G-League Winter Showcase.” You can sense his courage and commitment.

    The Winter Showcase, being held in Las Vegas, starting Dec 19, is the league’s premier in-season scouting event. See:

  271. one last showing for lins new team lol hopefully

  272. I’m happy for Lin here and my comment has to do with him coming back from the back strain.

  273. i doubt minute restrictions. this team doesn’t seem to have it like the nets who were always very cautious. seem to have a negative effect. if you play here your minutes are generally earned unless your a rookie.

  274. John Collins was on minute restrictions when he came back. But his injury had him out for weeks. I hope there are no minutes restrictions for Lin. I was commenting that there may be, but not sure.

  275. for a few gmes. lin injury not as serious. collins was out a month or so. thats from last season or offseason? anyways dont think its the same thing

  276. Lin has come soooo far! Yet the status quo won’t “allow” him to be the superstar he could have been. Really too bad.

  277. Haha. Good one Joy! Nice try…..

  278. Keep trying! lol.

  279. There are still “original”s available? Wow. Love JLin, but not $1,312 worth. Wonder if it’s worth as an investment, worth more in future?


  280. Like Dinwiddie. Seems to always play hard. (Don’t care for his whining to refs, or his aggressive self-promotion.)

    But he’s a good guy at heart. Paid his dues. Underpaid these last 2 seasons. Don’t begrudge him at all.

    The sad irony is that Lin’s contracts are the only ones people complain about and criticize as “over” paid. Double-standard to the max.

  281. Not sure about that? The extension starts next season. Dinwiddie can still be traded. I’m just not sure about when, or how soon.

  282. Auditioning for a future team perhaps.

  283. Will watch while doing something else. Not going to waste anymore precious time just to watch 15-18mins if Lin.

  284. Very true, same with Yuta, can be a starter and rising star right from the beginning yet offered the lowest two wat contract with barely any NBA game time.

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