G26 OKC @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

After a tough game for Jeremy in the Pacers game, there are more articles about Jeremy’s frustration of “being capable but not being able to bring that to the team”. It means BScott is NOT running PnR with Lin/Davis and Lin/Boozer enough.

LakerNation acknowledged Lin is the best offensive option at PG position and he can deliver if he keeps his confidence level up. It’s correct. Lin has to keep fighting

As someone who excels with the ball in his hand, Lin has struggled adjusting to playing next to Kobe Bryant. Kobe, who is an extremely ball dominant player, has the highest usage rate of his career.

Though Lin has struggled so far, there is still a lot of time for him to turn everything around. He is still the best offensive option at the point guard position for the Lakers and at times, he has looked like the player who stormed onto the NBA radar in New York.

If Lin can keep his confidence up, he has a good chance of bringing the Lakers exactly what he believes he should be on a nightly basis.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. hahaha, a whole new day!! Linsanity!!!!!

  2. Linsanity!!!!!

  3. we need to get everyone to vote Linsanity!!! to see what happens in this game 😀

  4. Hehehe….OKC LAL will be a very ugly game. OKC is chasing that 6-8th seed now. Will be very motivated, while the LAL are still finding a way to lose the game more

  5. Where’s the 2 point option?

  6. I am tired of hearing this “Lin NEEDs in the right system” thing. Even under Scott’s “system, Lin could do a lot IF Scott let him play Price’s minutes. System makes things easier/harder. Bad politic make things impossible.

  7. Not gonna happen

  8. I applaud all Lin fans, it is quite hard to be one. Amazing actually he has fans at all. He is not playing well lately. Yeah I get the racism, the bogus treatment, and I see all of that. I want Lin to be a super human robot who conquers it all!

  9. Obviously you do….I do not….:P

  10. Can we do a poll where Lin end up next season?

  11. Hehe

  12. According to the last one…before the summer. No one was right LOL

  13. Seems Lin really wants to stay in California. But personally I think he is better off out of state. Bad outcomes so far in Cali.

  14. I c

  15. true. we can only hope Lin finds his Spurs game to make an impact on the game.

  16. boston is probably the best trade option for lin. the team is young and fast. as well as a young hungry coach. who is ten times better then scott. also boston is a big market

  17. His Spurs game was also the reason why he played so less in IND’s game….

  18. the way I see it .. Lin’s almost super-human already for not giving up! Most of us would’ve given up in HS already.

    Lin’s already making it to the NBA while we haven’t reached our NBA yet 😀

    Besides .. Lin’s fight to survive is what inspires many Lin fans to fight in our life, too :>
    If he’s only human like us, we can do that too!

  19. No chance. Boston don’t want him nor does he want them.

  20. KD and WB be like, “They got Lin on the roster but they starting Ronnie Price. WTF?”

  21. So … not a @GoodDayLA:disqus ? LOL

    But I agree. Lin needs to avoid playing with superstar SGs

  22. Lin has NBA talent. Most of us had no talent. Big difference

  23. He meant the equivalent on what we do

  24. I c

  25. Haha. I do not think only KD and RWB are like that…

  26. If they tried to trade him then why made him looked so bad now?!

    But I also don’t get why let Clarkson on yesterday?! I know it’s trash time but Young & Boozer both were on?!

  27. I’m not saying our goal is the NBA.

    Each of us has talent to get us to our own ‘NBA’ (career goals) with perseverance and hard work. I’m older than him but I can learn much from his journeys

  28. Raptors maybe. Maybe only gsw warriors will want him this summer. I suspect his demand won’t be too high.

  29. I do not think there are any one backing them up in the depth chart…is there any?

  30. He only needs one team……it is not about high or low. It is about good or bad….

  31. I can relate. For me, Lin is failing off court. He has the on court ability. He’s a little behind the curve and wet behind the ears. His inner circle of family may lack the savvy and who can he really trust? I guess he turns to scripture.

    Most players with his skill don’t have to fight as hard and are first round picks. Lin has a winner mentality but now at the NBA level, he has to learn to handle workplace discrimination like many minorities have to in the real world. It’s hard to overcome.

  32. Isn’t Lowry still in Raptors?
    Not sure if there’ll be many minutes left in GSW

    I’d say system, coaches & a lot of PT (playing time) are the priority
    1. DAL to replace an aging Jameer Nelson. Carlisle is a big believerin Lin. Plus Cuban wants to hurt Morey so bad 😀
    2. Spurs to back up aging Parker. Less PT but Pops would find ways to use him
    3. Detroit. A bad team with athletic bigs needing a good PG. Stan Van Gundy who knew how to use Jameer Nelson in Magic

  33. He is doing it……he will be fine….

  34. Psalm, not to bursts your bubble, but Lin is more likely going to be a career backup and possibly journeyman than NBA starter after this season.

  35. I guess

  36. very possible…..

  37. Sadly quite likely, hence why people like Wu kong , a smart cookie, has left this sinking ship.

  38. There is no interest in Lin. Houston tried to showcase him last year and nobody wanted him.

  39. I do not think Wu Kong left due to frustration. Must be something else. But it does not matter tho. He is trying his best as an NBA player. Who knows, maybe a chance will come again.

  40. Rightt now consistently is his key. Rather see 6 and 6 shooting 3 for 5 every night than 0 points then 20 points.

  41. Well shooting is the last thing to be expected to be consistent anyway. of course more pts is better

  42. I just mean consistent result. Less up and down from him

  43. yes, I talked to wukong.
    wukong is doing well but needed to take some time off due to personal reasons.
    When she’s back, I’ll let her explain herself.

  44. It’s a possibility but never underestimate the desire of NBA to make money off Lin due to his Asian background.

    At some point in the future, Lin and the Knicks would be a possible reunion not because of nostalgia but because they’re sick of losing and want to make more money.

    It could be 2016 or it could be 2020.

    I can tell I’m more optimistic than you LOL

  45. If Lin looks bad, LAL can easily pick him up on the cheap after this season.

  46. no worries, Lin will know how to use his Asian background to his advantage.

    NBA also wants to capitalize financially in Asia.
    Things are not so bleak 🙂 We just have to know the possibility of success to start working toward them

  47. At least one positive thing is TWCSN still wants to make money off Lin’s popularity 😀


  48. If so they why Lakers can be so sure Lin will sign w them?

  49. Even so they should try to show case him not waste 15M on the bench for play only 16 min.

  50. Gotta love Nathan’s sense of humor :>


  51. W his lousy games from Scott’s short min in the past 2 games, I don’t believe this will work… smh!

  52. Persevere JLin. We know you’ve been trying everything and that you are drained. Don’t worry. We diehard fans will always support you.

    Continue playing with the right attitude in the eyes of the man upstairs. Rest, recuperate, and refocus in the coming days before the next contest.

    Make the best out of your skills given the circumstances and you should not have any regrets.

    Lets go JLin~ You are an all-star talent and person in our eyes 😀

  53. I know, I am saying it is hard for any player. Of course some are better some are worse

  54. Yes sir!

  55. Work? in what way? This is for LAL to further push their narrative on Lin, not to help him…

  56. It is ok to LAL that he do not. Simple as that.

  57. then don’t burst the buble and support Jlin to Dallas.

  58. btw, fingercoach is back~~~ so funny


  59. Can’t believe Lin is in this situation now? smh!

  60. LOL yeah! exactly!

  61. I think this is a interesting tweet. With regard to those clamoring for Lin to shoot more. While Lin doesnt get picks or sets for him, has diminished minutes and role etc, that’s not the only thing holding him back from like 15 FGA per game.


  62. LOL…..it is not like Kobe is getting GOOD SHOT anyway.

  63. Is that the real Phil? Is he saying Kobe is not that special athlete anymore since the shots aren’t going in? Man, even Phil is dissing on Kobe.

  64. Kobe has become Cartman

  65. I guess that is how most NBA figures/medias on social media do. They patronize ppl.

  66. IMO A good shot is a MADE shot

    Maybe Phil has a different definition of a good shot.
    Kobe was that athlete that Kobe is no more :]

  67. I think a good shot is a high percentage shot…make it or not. So…basically all Kobe’s shots are bad shots.

  68. true, that’s more accurate.

    There was one especially an egregiously bad low % shot last night with him falling out of bounds but still chucking off-balance shot that clanked. He had no business of taking that shot but he didn’t care.

    It’s tragic

  69. Maybe TWC do that Lin program for trade purpose?!

  70. hm, maybe.
    Mitch ordered one after talking to TWCSN people?

  71. Wait.. Where is Lakers?!

  72. I guess we need more tweets like this


  73. can you imagine what okc will do to the starters lol

  74. Good insights from Paul about Ramona Shellbourne’s article on “Kobe Muse” documentary that was postponed from Nov 2014 and Feb 2015. It could be the next motivating factor for Kobe.

  75. Price will lock down RWB, no problem….

  76. it will be brutal for sure :>

  77. i actually didnt see the original tweet by bomani guy at first; i was just reading phil’s tweet, which i took to be a general statement, instead of about the lakers per se, or even about lin.

    but as it applies to lin, as i see it, he does not yet have the skill set (outside PnR) to get 15 FGA that are mostly good shots (regardless of whether they go in), and even if there are some transition buckets included.

    nick young can get 15 FGA a game but they are mostly bad shots.

  78. before the injury, i would consider an elbow jumper, including fadeaway, a good shot by kobe. nowadays, even his go-to shot is unreliable and should be considered the same as if anyone else did it.

    point is that the definition of a ‘high percentage’ shot can vary for players with special skill sets. dirk’s midrange game for example.

  79. He can pull up for a three all day LOL with a better FG% than Kobe I think…LOL

  80. On Tuesday, Reggie Miller chimed in on the topic on The Dan Patrick Show. Miller was asked whether it was tougher to guard Bryant or Jordan during his playing days with the Indiana Pacers. The future Hall of Famer didn’t hesitate to praise his former rival:

    “Michael Jordan on his worst day is 10 times better than Kobe Bryant on his best day.”

    Jordan >>>>>>Kobe .

  81. LOL

  82. sure, i was not using the tweet to compare lin and kobe. kobe’s game is not something that anyone should be defending right now.

  83. LOL that is true. He still can be a positive player tho. He is just not doing it..

  84. his power to draw double teams is incredible but he doesnt use it to help the team so all the double teams do is hurt HIS OWN efficiency.

  85. Is that Reggie Miller’s best exaggeration, or is he exaggerating 10x more than usual?

  86. Seems like only EC teams are DTing him….for some weird reason

  87. LOL

  88. [mark 25:28] Paul had a good point on why Lin struggled during B2B
    He played in such demanding style (energy-wise) that sometimes he has to rest during games.

  89. Reggie was a sharp-shooter so he drained one on Kobe there :]

  90. lin spent a lot of energy playing D in the last game. i see it almost as pointless, because it is not rewarded by byron and it does not help his stats.

  91. I said the something…..LOL no one listens…JK

  92. i dont think he is spending much energy on offense (not much to do) but his expenditure on D is a lot. as much as anyone on the team, i would say. then add to it, he was boxing out pacers bigs!

  93. you need to start making Youtube videos like Paul LOL
    Call it Brent’s “Top 10 One-Liners of the game” haha

  94. I remember MJ how he played with over 100 degree fever.

  95. umm… who is wukong?

  96. After listening to why Kings owner/FO fired the 1st coach (Mike Malone) due to coaching philosophy (want uptempo vs currently defensive slow system), I see it’s a further validation on why Lin struggled to play for defensively-minded slow-tempo outdated 80s system under Byron Scott.

    The Kings owner (Vivek) wants George Karl who plays uptempo.


    And it also explains why George Karl, Rick Carlisle uptempo coach likes Lin so much who can push the ball as the true engine in their system.

    I see owners firing defensive-minded coaches to be brighter future for offensively-minded players like JLin 😀

    Go Kings! Go George Karl!

  97. LOL, looks like Yao standing next to his parents.

  98. wukong is a big Lin fan who created JL Facts & Articles.
    You must have seen some of her work :]

  99. Wow. I have…. So, she gave up on Lin? ;(

  100. I’m pretty sure BScott wants to turn Lin to be Price who stays in the background of Kobe. Kobe is just drunk of power to create a masterpiece in his documentary. I wonder what it will take for him to come back to earth

  101. no, there’s a personal reason that I can’t get into. I talked to her.
    She’s still a big Lin fan. When ready, she’ll resurface

  102. I was away for a vacation and it’s awful to come back to this scene.

  103. Just good reason to have another wonderful vacation!!!!

  104. It’s so sad – I don’t understand why the Lakers won’t invest time to develop JLin. Is it because of Kobe?

  105. Just some bad politics.

  106. There is almost no reason for a team to play slow when they can play fast. The more important part is if a fast tempo team can play slow too. The bball 101 tells us it is good when you can have more possessions per game while your opponents does not. So basically LAL are defending themselves…

  107. There has to be a more efficient way of doing it. He needs to be a on a team where teammates are better coordinated on D. It’s not efficient having your point guard run around guarding several people at once. Of course its going to affect his offense.

  108. I think they screw up saying LinAndBoozer or LinAndDavis

  109. I don’t think playing for stats, or recognition by Byron or other human beings is Lin’s end goal. I don’t mind him sticking to his ideals. But I do agree that he should work smarter, not harder.

  110. Unless you are Byron scott and kobe. It’s painful to watch. Like watching dwight’s attempts in the post much of last season, esp the beginning

  111. when Kobe said he wanted to mentor Lin to be a championship PG and told him to be aggressive, Lin didn’t know it would result in him being benched in the MIN game

    Then Kobe wanted to be the PG. I guess Kobe thought he could change to develop other players but couldn’t deal with others succeeding so he relapsed to his old self.

  112. Well, technically Derek Fisher is a championship PG, so Kobe is being true to his words 😛

  113. I can’t wait to see that lol

  114. you mean .. Kobe wanted to mentor himself to be a championship PG like DFisher? :]

    Well, mission accomplished then

  115. Tweet that back to them #lindavis

  116. Easy to explain but too time consuming to do so 🙁

  117. Tank, no need to be active

  118. Wow

  119. Don’t Lakers have to play slow for Kobe’s sake so he can launched 26 shots w/o running too much? :]

  120. Bowman I is right on this one.

  121. That’s why I say “…when they can play fast..”. The thing is, they can NOT. LOL

  122. Lin got lakers 1st rd pick for only 7 million. Lin has served his purpose. Lin is just an expiring contract. He has probably failed miserably from management pov

  123. I knew Lin would be treated well in the la media. But I thought this team would be gunning to win this season, not tank. A winning lakers required Lin play a lot and well.

    Since I misjudged the tank, I misjudged Lin’s success level. La media and lakers themselves have been good enough to Lin just as I suspected though.

    But on the court, it is so bad that Lin must be smart and choose a good team this summer. He must just hang tough and hang on for 5 more months and then bail.

    Lin is lucky as hell he is free to choose this summer even if it’s slim pickings

  124. I tweeted #LinANDBoozer

  125. LOL good job!

  126. I have the same sentiment as Dave Winer (see below). JLin has big time supporters – not just us.

  127. Here is what Phil Jackson wrote about Kobe 10 years ago:

    “I was at a model in Williston, North Dakota, when the call came
    from Mitch. “You’re not going to believe this,” he said, telling me
    about Kobe and the rape allegations in Colorado. Was I surprised?
    Yes, but not entirely. Kobe can be consumed with surprising anger,
    which he’s displayed toward me and toward his teammates. Yet
    despite our recurring conflicts during our four years together, I
    was genuinely concerned for him, concerned about how this young
    man could, in the soul-consuming NBA world, become a mature
    Knowing Kobe, I recognized how easily the whole situation
    might escalate. He rebels against authority. With the new, powerful
    authority figure in his life – the police, the prosecutors, etc –
    I was quite certain he would look for a way to rebel more than
    ever, doing and saying things that would not be in his interest. The
    fact that the alleged incident took place in Colorado heightened
    my level of concern. Here was one state in the Union in which the
    word “no” definitely meant no. I also began to worry about my
    team. Just as we were making the moves to set up a season of great
    promise, along came a scenario that threatened to sabotage our
    hard work. This dark cloud will hang around us all year long, in
    the headlines and, I fear, in the locker room. I have no idea how
    we’ll overcome it, if we’ll overcome it.”
    (The Last Season A Team In Search of its Soul, p10~p11)

    Not surprisingly, Kobe has not really changed after 10 years.

  128. Perhaps they play slow so Kobe can stay on the court longer and keep chucking up shots. He’s not efficient anymore so the only way he can milk out the most points per game is to stay in the game longer and keep volume shooting. If the PG gets in his way by trying to distribute the ball he’ll play PG so he doesn’t have to wait for the PG to pass it to him.


  129. Lakers can only play uptempo when both KB and BS are out of NBA for good. JLin will be forever suffered under both. So either both of them are out or JLin is out. Can’t coexist between these two because this pair will do whatever for not letting others outshine KB. Sad that Lakers allows senile aging grumpy old man with an accomplice to do that to other players. Am not waiting to see which one will go out first.

  130. Injury end of his career.

  131. Let’s predict the first 8-10 stat. I will say 0 (Lakers) -30 unless Thunder is really sloppy in scoring, then may be 8-25.

  132. fixed:

    “but as it applies to lin, as i see it, he does not yet have the skill set (outside PnR) to get 15 FGA that are mostly good shots when he’s doubled or tripled with no teammate movement off the ball.”

  133. awesome. I think this is Ten Ten, right?

  134. Yes that’s my video for tonight!

  135. Yea he always ends up jumping around defending 2 or 3 guys while his teammates are too lazy keeping their man…

  136. thanks, please send her my best and hopefully I can say it online sometime to her 🙂

  137. Yes wait for the Jlin Mavs jersey

  138. I want a dog

  139. totally agree. he just need fair treatment/coach.

  140. Byron Scott is a clueless coach but I don’t blame him for his lack of intelligence and understanding of the game of basketball.
    Lin just needs to keep working hard. He is free next year.
    Although, I read somewhere that Mitch intended to keep Lin for the rest of his career… hmm interesting

  141. I want a dog too.
    But it’s easier to get a hot dog :]

  142. Yeah, Brent has to buy it in Dallas! :>

  143. yes, I will 🙂

  144. #LinANDDavis > #LinANDBoozer >>>>>>>> #PriceANDDavis

  145. Maybe I will wait for one season due to the previous experiences. However, I will attend games…

  146. Lol get me some

  147. PFV has an idea about Lin in LA
    1. Lin likes LA
    2. Kobe & BScott doesn’t like LA

    So a trade for Lin is a good idea. Lin plays 2 years in DAL then sign up with LA after Kobe & BScott run out their courses there.

    That’s actually not too bad. For now, the trade is looking better by the day!

  148. lol 1 line game reports here we come !

  149. It’s ALL one liners with Brent! Lol

  150. “Yes sir, linsanity”

  151. Funny Bogus Article:

    Jeremy Lin Highest-Paid Basketball player in the World


    The American basketball player has an estimated net worth of $185 million. He owes his fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics. He also owns several restaurants (the “Fat Lin Burger” chain) in Washington, a Football Team (the “Los Angeles Angels”), has launched his own brand of Vodka (Pure Wonderlin – US), and is tackling the juniors market with a top-selling perfume (With Love from Jeremy) and a fashion line called “Jeremy Lin Seduction”.


  152. That 70s retro smoked sunglasses look. Wayfarers and thin ties – back to the 60s!

  153. Jeremy must be really bad at office politics or gets tricked way too easily. Seeing him play bad is bad for the soul man

  154. Many other phrases you can employ instead of those.

  155. Knicks trying to copy the Lakers: NYK 11, DAL 23 in 1st Qtr.

  156. haha there is truth to that.

  157. you assume Dallas wants Lin. Lakers wanted Lin’s draft picks that came with him. They don’t want Lin.

  158. Lin is no moron. Won’t stick around for this garbage.

  159. I think la wants lin..

  160. I’m borrowing yours and tweeting it back, hope you don’t mind

  161. I think they wanted him to the extent it could work out. I do not think they will go out of their way to keep him. Look at how he is being used currently. It is what it is.

    Actions > words.

    Magic has tweeted the tank. The tank is real. Wanting Westbrook and these other FA’s is real. LA radio has been talking about Westbrook or Durant or BOTH OF THEM for 2 years on ESPN LA. Lin is not a priority. I wish I was lying.

  162. the amazing part is out of us left on here arguing, we are truly Lin’s die hard fans. We might disagree on a few things, but really we are the Lin crazies. haha.

  163. I see the same thing on my own kids and some of their friends. They are protected by their first generation immigrant parents plus being influenced by Christianity. They tend to be naive and idealistic.

  164. I hope it takes an Indian (or Russian) owner to give a minority player a fair shot in the NBA. I hope Vivek realizes he has more power than he currently uses and starts aiming for Lin to run his team.

  165. That’s 3rd street Promenade in Santa Monica in fron of Urban Outfitters:

  166. preach sister preach

  167. The Lakers front office IS trying I think to give Lin a chance. By carrying only Price Lin and Clarkson, I suspect even the Front Office thought Lin would play more than he has lately. There is only so much they can do. They already tried to make it uncompetitve for Lin to get minutes at PG yet Scott will use either Price or Ellington.

    So even if Lin is clearly better, he still will be benched. The DNP-CD theory rings so true. It’s kind of sad and scary at the same time.

  168. I have no faith in Scott but I do not think he is going to DNP-CD Lin.

  169. Of course….

  170. Rather I hope one day, GoodDayLA hits zillion jackpot, buy a NBA team and hire me as his secretary!

  171. This really did make me actually Laugh Out Loud. 😀

  172. Nice photo

  173. Time for more Phil Jackson quotes on Kobe in his book “The Last Season A team in Search of its Soul”:

    … This was another example of the basic difference between [Shaq] and
    Kobe. Ask Shaq to do something and he’ll say: “No, I don’t want
    to do that.” But after a little pouting, he will do it. Ask Kobe, and
    he’ll say, “okay,” and then he will do whatever he wants. (p.39)

    … This is Hollywood, the land of stars, where top billing means everything. Fans, spoiled by
    the Magic Johnson-led Showtime squads from the 1980s, have
    been conditioned to prefer entertainment, a Kobe slash to the hoop
    over a Shaq turnaround in the lane. They don’t appreciate the degree
    of difficulty in a Gary Payton left-handed layup from twelve
    feet away or a Karl Malone fallaway. They only appreciate Kobe’s
    degree of difficulty. (p.25)

    It is amazing that what Phil Jackson wrote ten years ago still applied to the Kobe we see today lol.

  174. Where else? Drown in the lake. Lol…

  175. 2 of 5 have Lin

    Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    [email protected] dunks, game-winning #Swaggy3’s & @kobebryant’s historic FT’s highlight this week’s Top 5 plays.


  176. Haha hoops critic is defending Lin from some lin haters think Felton is better for Dallas and ny

  177. for marketing only

  178. I wonder if they DNP-CD Lin they will be the new hated franchise

  179. I will take it if I am lin..

  180. Don’t be to sure..you have to work for them first before you giving them credit

  181. really lucky there’s a web so people can see stats before they opine.

  182. Wow, you have a drone hehe how did you know?

  183. The network view rating of LAL is already down 10% from the same period last season when Kobe only played 6 games, and last season was at the historical low. I think Kobe/Scott are breaking last season’s low record, and are going to break this season’s record in next season.

  184. and bench Kobe.

  185. GSW streak ends at 16. Quick, trade for Lin!

  186. Pouty lips and bare shoulder, who doesn’t like a lin like this? !

  187. Trying to be nice man

  188. thought he say let it go as the song let it go.

  189. .

  190. If they say Felton is good at eating more burgers than Jeremy, then I wholeheartedly agree.

  191. Has to burn off the Chipotle.

  192. Did anyone saw TWC program on Lin today? Just read this from LA Times.. Really unhappy…

    It wasn’t a pretty sight when Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer lost their starting jobs.

    Lin was crushed, immediately requesting a sit-down with Lakers Coach Byron Scott and morosely calling the demotion “one the toughest situations I’ve been in.”

    Boozer went the other direction, angrily ditching a postgame interview session with reporters and subsequently bending the ear of Lakers General ManagerMitch Kupchak about Scott’s decision.Lakers’ tank runs dry in blowout loss at Indiana, 110-91

    Their on-court contributions have also been at opposite extremes since the change.

    Boozer has improved radically, averaging 15.2 points and 10.2 rebounds while shooting 54.2% and earning praise from Scott.

    Lin has slumped badly, averaging six points and 4.6 assists while shooting an abysmal 28.6%.

    Even Scott didn’t have an answer for Lin’s inconsistency, which hit another low Monday when he missed all six of his shots in a 110-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers.

    “I don’t know. He’s just been up and down,” Scott said. “Sometimes he has nights like this.”

    Lin, 26, feels more and more like a one-year rental for the Lakers. Hailed as a possible solution to their point guard woes when he was acquired in July, a lot would have to happen for him to return after becoming a free agent next July.

    The Lakers knew they weren’t acquiring a defensive stopper from Houston but were willing to put up with Lin’s weaknesses as long as he looked OK on offense. He hasn’t.CAPTIONEd Davis, C.J. Watson

    Darron Cummings / Associated Press

    Indiana Pacers guard C.J. Watson, right, puts up a shot in front of Lakers forward Ed Davis during the second half of the Lakers’ 110-91 loss Monday.CAPTIONKobe Bryant

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant dribbles the ball during a 110-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday.CAPTIONC.J. Watson

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    Indiana Pacers guard C.J. Watson puts up a shot during a 110-91 win over the Lakers on Monday.CAPTIONKobe Bryant

    Darron Cummings / Associated Press

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant gestures while looking for a referee to make a foul call during the second half of a 110-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday.CAPTIONKobe Bryant

    Andy Lyons / Getty Images

    Lakers star Kobe Bryant directs his teammates during a 110-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday.

    “This is one of those games where you kind of wish you had it back,” Lin said after Monday’s loss. “My regret isn’t with my effort. My regret is with the performance, whether it’s hitting shots, making plays, all those things.”

    Not that his replacement is doing better on offense. Ronnie Price is averaging 2.4 points and 2.8 assists since joining the starting lineup. Price’s defense is superior to Lin’s, though.

    Despite paying Lin $14.9 million this season, the Lakers aren’t completely bereft if he doesn’t pan out. They also acquired Houston’s 2015 first-round pick in the trade.

    Boozer not blamed

    Despite his initial outburst, Boozer answered his benching with a boon.

    “That’s exactly how you want him to respond,” Scott said. “After a game or so, it seemed like he just said, ‘OK, this is how it’s going to be. I’m going to roll with it.’

    “He’s doing those [little] things better, especially on the defensive end. Making that change helped. It helped us. It helped him.”

    Boozer has been outplaying Ed Davis, who is averaging 6.4 points and 5.4 rebounds since replacing Boozer in the Lakers’ lineup.Five takeaways from the Lakers’ loss to the Indiana Pacers

    “Getting minutes in this league is a very precious thing,” Scott said. “Once they’re taken away from you, or a position is taken away, sometimes it takes guys a little bit to realize that, hey, man, I’ve got to get my act together and start playing a little better.”

    Scott said he would not reevaluate the starting lineup for at least 10 more games.

  193. Whatever soul you have left, maybe you should consider not following someone who constantly disappoint you.

    Yes Asians tend to want to work selflessly. That’s a cultural differnce that not many Americas can understand but choose to use to deliberately keep us down. How asians choose to think is set in their ideals of family passed down from great philosophers like Confucius. Americans can learn a thing or two about shared responsibility and filial duty. Instead what we Americans value is “selfishness and greed”. Everyone wants a piece of their own and they care who they step on to get it. Look at the political impass in congress and it totally reflects the “me first” attitude of this society we live in.

    Asians aren’t weak, we just tend to see the bigger picture better becasue we don’t think linearly. We think in relations. Americans want to look at the parts and find the solution in that part as if that one part can explain every thing. Which is why we blame the poor for not trying. Asians don’t see the world this way. We seek solutions that have interrelated solutions.

  194. If you are saying that their Christian values are keeping them back, then you are insulting your own country’s basic principals and constitution. The only naïveté is your brainwashed mind to believe that getting your own is the only true measure of a person’s dignity and self worth. It’s funny how Americans all fall for the old time values of God and country, then conveniently forget it as you step on everyone in your way….just like KOBE.

  195. you’re rockin’ you aren’t allowed to go on vacation or get tired. Same as JLin.

  196. Sorry, Dorothy, but having naive and idealistic kids is your issue, isn’t it? Or, maybe it’s not an issue and maybe being naive, trusting, and idealistic will propel them to change the world before it’s time for their own inner voice to say it’s impossible so why try.

    I’m a parent and and I had good parents. No one is 100% perfect, but anyway, if you say that and sigh, it’s something to think about.

  197. Just went off the deep end again. Lol

  198. tell it like it is and people will speak back to you.

  199. LOL….Actually, I am not sure….Lin can eat 6 in and out burgers at once…WTH

  200. F=MA


    Bend with the wind like the Dao says.


    Sun Tze that all westerners worship without the Asian culture to inform them what it really means. Just after they read Machiavelli’s The Prince.

    My head just blew up and all it took was Jeremy having a bad game to think about all this on a forum.

  201. Hope he does like Sacramento and announce he’s firing the coach and wants to put in place a modern high tempo coach: https://twitter.com/ESPNLA710/status/545075725519179777?s=09

  202. I guess I’m getting too old to bend. I might just snap instead.

  203. or he can always announce a trade of Lin to Sac ha ha I dunno any trade stuff …

  204. Acbsanity!!!!

  205. Maybe about the trade rumor…

  206. it’s a BS article. Times changed bro.

  207. and maybe that’s why 0-6 lol.

  208. You just did one….LOL

  209. The beauty of wind flowing through tall grasses will give you respite.

  210. I just ate 2!! oh yay!!

  211. What did you mean by Times changed…? Lakers is going to trade Lin?

  212. this is really going to hurt the $. Something is going to be done before this all falls to future 2016 ad rev numbers. There is a whole biz team who will start on BSc and Kobe soon, if the viewership stays down.

  213. LA Times lol. They were at some point respectable journalists. I’m shocked (mockingly like at the end of Casablanca) in reading this under their banner.

  214. You must have not seen Felton’s famous burger pic! Haha

  215. I believe someone asked him to write about this article but don’t know who? Coach or FO? So TWC talked about Lin’s stats maybe not good then… Anyone watched the show?

  216. No…and I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT….lol

  217. LOL…….well said

  218. I’m a slow learner sensei.

  219. Which trade rumor? Woz listed active trading teams and Lakers weren’t on the list.

  220. Why? First time when I try chipotle, I wasn’t impressed with it, but I found it really good the other day when I was so hungry.

  221. Just a guy or gal trying to get a new thought in. Only it’s too simplistic. Booz is feasting with Lin’s help and no ball-hog competition in not playing with Kobe or Hill. Davis’ and Hill’s numbers have gone down without Lin. This write doesn’t know bball. Just reading box scores and typing out whatever.

    Check this out:


    Notice how many people are syndicating this ?

    Now read this:


    That kid on the byline is doing himself a disservice writing so poorly, inserting snarky comments in his article. Journalism has been destroyed by the web, and so, cannot get too bummed about an article you read.

  222. Oh. Nvm my below comment. I somehow read it as “need to cut off the chipotle” my bad.

  223. The only thing that snapped tonight was my patience. Lol

  224. So many voted for Linsanity! This makes me feel bad for voting 15 pts.

  225. No, Mike B is always the reporter for Lakers.. So weird, after TWC’s program he wrote this article? No one watched the TWC program anymore?

  226. Just guess… otherwise why he’s talking on the radio show for what? It’s trade period now. That’s the subject everyone wants to know…

  227. Don’t be, Brent is such a bully. I’ve been voting Linsnaity becuase of him for a while, besides 15 pts may just be already Linsnaity bordering on insanity judging by how BS and KOBE have been treating Lin.

  228. I want the PRIZE!. I know he got the ability to put on Linsanity numbers everynight but it just won’t easily happen now giving the situation he is in now. So…
    And brent is such a “good” bully in getting you guys to listen to him! Haha

  229. I am good but not bully….

  230. yeah, that would be super-wise to observe coach and player egos after all these years LOL

  231. I just choosed to walk away for few hours and here “you” happened….LOL good job

  232. You want to change vote?
    I’ll delete yours so you can revote 😀

  233. Cheating!!!!

  234. You should feel very bad….LOL Linsanity all the way!!!

  235. I thought you want more Linsanity votes? haha

  236. Yes I do….so I bullied above…

  237. I didn’t watch – what do you mean, that this writer is normally bball smart and writes well? He’s probably just paying back a favor for the insider info. Your question is right – who’s agenda is this, FO or BSc. If that’s what you mean, I unnerstan …

  238. you’ve been playing with the dark force of Kobe Brent, haven’t you?

  239. lol, the prize might just be a Chiplote …

  240. LOL…..The force has awaken!

  241. Channelling the dark side like KOBE?

  242. No…I have shield….whatever empire does is no match to USS Enterprise. hehehe

  243. His writing is OK but what I care the most it’s he is not someone who will say some rumor news .. So I really want to know it’s from FO or BS…& TWC just happened to have the show on Lin today then this article.. & tomorrow Mitch is going to talk in radio show….?!


  244. THis is not a show…right? just some random tweet pic

  245. hehehe

  246. Really? I thought they are going to talk about Lin?! No…

  247. Okay, now your telling me that you’re an agent of Shield!

  248. Level 10 access…

  249. Pays to be a mod, lol

  250. FWIW, Agent May is a follower of Lin on twitter too..

  251. Don’t want to mess with her, she’s one tough mama.

  252. No! I want to Keep it! i see through you! You induce me to change it because you afraid I will be the winner again! So you need to pay no prize!

  253. Hahahah Brent, not gonna work on me! Not gonna work here…

  254. A chipotle card like Jlin has? Really???? That will be super awesome! Thanks to the mods in advance for this awesome prize!

  255. I hope there is one but nothing so far…….

  256. It’s BS for this talk indeed. LOL!

  257. It looks like a scapegoating article to me. Who is responsible for LAL’s losing record and record breaking low TV view ? Who needs to shift the blame ?

  258. Thanks. Based on your view, I’d say tomorrow will be telling and it’ll be fun to discuss what Mitch signals.

  259. oops, sorry Psalm … is that a lifetime card? jk. Hey, Lymania … remember, I’m not a Mod lol.

  260. Mitch will ony say what he wants other teams to hear..LOL

  261. Once again proving Gene Roddenberry >>>> George Lucas.

  262. Brent, TOS or what any of the others? I am TOS, then NGEN and after that, it got too TV. Then I just LOVE Firefly. Dummies canceled it before it got enough to go cult. Movie was just too rushed.

  263. I think more ppl like TNG. I like TOS. Actually I like them pretty equally. I probably watched Voyager and TNG more time because that is what TV is showing mostly nowadays.

  264. and ppl think Asian is weak….give me a break…

  265. TNG helped survive my Jeremy Lin years. Remind me to tell you sometime. TOS … what marvel in ideas. Some bad ones like Lin games lol. Yes, both are good, and way better than Star Wars. Lucas – give me THX1138. Fav Sci Fi = Microcosmic God by James Blish. Blade Runner, Outland.

    There you go, on a low scoring lull as we await the next set incoming.

  266. Ming Na!

  267. HI all, below is an official APP for supporting JLin. Lin’s cousin Allen hopes that we can spread the info of this APP out.
    Info on Jeremy Lin Garden

  268. Such as ?
    “We suck, definitely not tanking.”
    “We’ll continue to dig ourselves a big hole early in the game……”
    “Since Kobe will be staying with us until 2016, we only expect big fish to join us after he retired i.e. we will not spend a penny in FA next year. “

  269. it’s okay :> so you don’t feel that bad to change vote LOL

  270. I will try to get JLin’s Chipotle wrapper for the prize :]

  271. I’m confident that Lin ‘s not going to save Byron and the Lakers from destruction,

    I believe. BS is all set in using everyone possible way to make Kobe look good. However Lakers’ win-loss record is the one and only thing reflecting Byron’s achievement this season; that isn’t too much. This is a fair measurement. Don’t mind his silly pretentious hypocritical comments. He’s not going to turn this season and the next season around.

    As soon as Kobe picks up his career ending injury, they myth of the Black Mamba will be finished. Then Scott wouldn’t last too long w/o Kobe. Yes serve him right. He’s without a clue at the end of his career breaking all records of the Lakers on the down side. He’s not going to have more than 27 wins this season with Clarkson, Ronnie Price or even Kobe as his PG.

    The fact is before Jeremy stepped on the court in regular season, Byron Scott had already made up his mind to bench Jeremy. All the rest is just excuse. Everybody knows it. Read below.


    Don’t think Jeremy would be destroyed by Byron. He couldn’t. All Jeremy needs is a few good games once in a long while to remind people of his real potential. All Jeremy needs is to keep healthy. His days will come. There is nothing Byron Scott can do to hurt Jeremy that he hasn’t done already.

    However, all Byron has done will eventually come back to haunt him on his way to a record disastrous season in
    Lakers history. He’s not said to tank. But his record is a tanking record. Aint nobody can save him; not even Kobe could. Byron Scott will get what he deserves. He reaps what he sows. This season reflects exactly the level of his coaching.

    Jeremy will have a long season to learn. He will recover. Nothing can hurt him more than now. The darkest moment will soon be over.

  272. Downloaded. Very useful app!

  273. Aww…..How about Android?!

  274. Why quit posting, Kwok?

  275. I know Jeremy Lin is a resilient guy. I think he’ll bounce back in the game against the Thunder. My prediction: 15 points, 7 assists

  276. Why does this have to be your last post? You can talk to the mods if you have concerns.

  277. I am going to confidently predict a comeback game for Lin against OKC.

    I have had to reluctantly accept that Scott and Kobe are worse than McHale and Harden. McHale’s faults were covered up by an efficient system and a strong roster. Harden’s ball hogging and low FG% chucking were covered up with his free throws. Scott and Kobe have nothing but a freakishly bizarre spiral of death.

    No point blaming Lin for the team losing or even his inconsistency. Scott and Kobe are simply that bad. I just have a feeling in my gut that things will improve later in the season. When Lin is closer to free agency and when the team knows where it will land in the standings. I hope I am right.

  278. Stick around. It ain’t that bad.

  279. Hey Folks, Howzit going?

    Whatever happens, I dont wanna dwell too much in to. We are here to support Lin, so Im just going to tick to that.

    BTW, NYK is still a possible near future…who knows…lolz


  280. So funny

  281. Just go buy an iPhone…..lol

  282. So I’m seeing a lot of Westbrook-for-Lin stuff. LOL ok.. Westbrook to LA? If you want that, better get Serge Ibaka as well, to cover Westbrook’s non-existent-to-ugly-to-mediocre defense.

    I never bought that stuff that Westbrook defends. Hello he struggled mightily with Ibaka out with an injury last playoffs (Ibaka covers both Westbrook and KD’s defensive lapses so they can shoot all day). The older Tony Parker,Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan were practically toying with the guy.

  283. #LinBoozerANDDavis

  284. IIRC, Jeremy didn’t play particularly well against OKC mainly because of Ibaka. Do you think Jeremy will play well in this game with Lakers so weak in protecting the paint and getting offensive rebounds?

  285. I have no problem with Jeremy vs Westbrook, plus Thunder just lost one of their one-on-one defenders in Thabo Sefolosha. I have a BIG issue with the rest of the Lakers, from the rest of the team and the coaching staff. I don’t have issue with FO yet, but I won’t be surprised if sooner they’ll be added to my “LA disappointment” list.

  286. No Android no click and no up vote.

  287. I think you will have the FO added to you list before long. My gut feeling is that Jeremy will be traded by 19 February 2015. Fingers crossed!

  288. It’s ok. I don’t get why NBA offices are so high on top draft picks anyway, and I have no interest in knowing why either. Logically, why would I put my team and my odds of winning a championship in the hands of a rookie? It’s like NBA offices are trying to get the biggest eggs because they’re expecting big chickens out of them.

  289. infinity88‏@linfinity88

    “@Nicole_Choi1: Just casually Christmas shopping with Jeremy Lintherealachoi made me do it… http://instagram.com/p/wtC0qvFuOI/


  290. Unlike you, I followed NBA only after the birth of Linsanity. Not interested if Jeremy is out of the NBA unless the league shows me the fairness. No shame in even saying that I no longer voting for All-Star as I think the NBA has conned fans in the Asia their All-Star votes for Jeremy the past seasons.

  291. I didn’t vote in ASG because I’d rather have Jeremy get some extra time to spend with his loved ones than play in some exhibition game.

  292. Samsung got my love now…….but I may back to use my old iPhone just for Lin….hehe

  293. More times, it was like you picked a top pick and u somehow had to make sure he succeed to make ur pick a correct one. So not really they are high on those picks…

  294. You are on the roll here I think I like it more when you snap out of your patience hehe.

  295. OKC is a team that has historically been badly burned by Lin.

    In the last two seasons, OKC has prioritized defending Lin. They were the very first team to literally turn their backs on defending James Harden so that they could load up on Lin. After all, OKC knows how ineffective James Harden actually is better than anybody in the NBA does.

    OKC does what I call the “pyramid” defense that has one guy defending Lin closely up top, two wing defenders following the defender closely behind, and two big men abandoning their men to play Lin’s passing lanes on both Lin’s left and right sides.

    OKC also blitzes Lin if a screen is set. Even when the Rockets threw double high screens, OKC defenders would simply ignore the screens and gang up on Lin. This worked in HOU and will work against LA because Lin’s teammates don’t cut when he has the ball.

    I don’t expect Lin to have a big scoring game at all against OKC, given their defensive tactics over the last two seasons.

    Now if Lin were playing for a modern NBA offense like what the Blazers or Mavs or Suns or Spurs do, OKC’s high blitzing triple teams would be SHREDDED by Lin find guys for backdoor layups and wide open perimeter shots.

  296. When an athlete performs, he/she performs with instinct , with muscle memories. Lin, might have distracted too much by his thinking part of the brain, instead of using the moving part of the brain. Ha. Just let it rip, Lin. Like Russell Westbrook.
    Like Rondo. Pure action, no thinking. Ha. But, someone needs to be thinking on the court too. When he misses shots, he overthinks. Just saying…..

  297. Is this tweet a fair statement? Brent or anyone please.

    “A tweet from a guy to TWC about Lin

    “His overall offensive awareness is not there in Princeston Offense. Being at the right spot and at the right time. Being able to play along with others in proper movement. Remember, it’a not D’antoni pick and roll, some 3s and 7sec system. Also, he’s overall defensive ability is still questionable. Not as a one-on-one defender but an overall team defense. Like Boozer, this is why he is demoted. Price may not be offensively skillful compare to Lin but his ability to move at the proper spots on Priceston offense is much better than Lin is. Lin has of course better “individual” offensive skills than Price. Still, he is inconsistent in his offence.”

    Can’t totally disagreed his comment, I do notice Lin was not there yet in terms of being at the right spot and at the right time with proper movement from this offence system point of view.
    Lin, like he said himself, is still not confortable with this Offense System. Even if Lin decide to leave LA after this season, I still wish him can learn as much as he could about cutting and moving without ball. That would bring a tremendous depth into his skill set that he already have.”

  298. I am just a fan. My question is if Price is so good at D in Princeton, then why the starter are always behind so much in the first quarter? BB is something very objective. You actually have scores to decide which team plays better unlike say art, music…etc. Why I smell the same PR going on like Htown to blame Lin?

  299. Lin never had a fair share. I was so upset after reading the interview with BS by a LA times reporter. In the interview, BS stressed the importance of play time for a player. BS always controls Lin’s playing time tightly. Therefore, it is safe to say that he was lying when he said he was a big fan of Lin and he deliverly trying to fail Lin. I can not believe after 2 years in Htown, here are are again. BS blames everything on Lin and reporters are buying into it. Again, I have to say Lin and his family were too naive to trust all the bs throwing at them.

  300. Price is not GOOD on D and starters have almost league minimum fire power

  301. This is just crazy, let hope Lin can keep his health. Whatever else are secondary

  302. Brent, you know, at this point, I am fine with Lin gets hurt and leave NBA for good. He has a lot of fans will follow him no matter what he decides to do afterwards. I don’t think he is happy now with all the politics going on. I want him to be happy with whatever he does. He does not need to work for money for the rest of his life, so do something we can see his smiles often.

  303. Well said, Kwok!

    Agree 100% that Byron would reap what he sowed just like Keith Smart once did in GSW.
    If the Lakers is not tanking, then he’s done much worse with the Lakers and a healthy Kobe than MDA last year.

    And why the last posting? Did your words get censored by Disqus?
    Sometime Disqus just put our posts in pending randomly, even the mods’s posts.
    Just let one of the mods know to approve it like @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus requested yesterday

  304. It is not fine at all. This is not all about money. Life needs purpose and drives too. He is doing the thing he loves now. If he gets injured, it is not fine, but it will be what it will be. As long as Lin still loves the game and playing it to his best. nothing else matters

  305. And I will never watch a NBA game except to watch Rox, Knicks and Lakers implodes.

  306. The point is whether Lin is happy under this toxic environment ALL THE TIME.

  307. He is strong, environment might be toxic but not his mind.

  308. Like going to work everyday. I believe a lot of people love what they are doing, but the people surrounding them make them exhausted and at the end they have to leave the job the love.

  309. Even if that is the case, at least they leave by their own terms..not because of things like injuries.

  310. Exactly

  311. No, surrender would be exactly what Lin haters want.

    Lin’s journey is not about happiness or money. Lin’s goals is about persevering and never giving up in pursuing his dreams. He’s living his dreams to play in the NBA and playing for God to inspire and reach out many people who struggle in their own lives. That’s what he said he aspires to do and he should keep pursuing the noble goals despite not knowing the results. It’s about learning through the journey, not the results.

    I would never forget a message of someone in Manila who almost took her life but didn’t when she heard about Lin’s story. Basketball is just a game but the story of Lin perseverance has and will continue to inspire millions of people in real life. That’s what matters the most to bring true happiness and joy.

    Byron and Kobe will pass soon. But I hope Lin will never give up. Some things in life is worth fighting for.

  312. Exactly. It is not like I will fault him if he gives up tho. Not like I could have done even remotely as good as he did if I was him.


    This tweeter is totally clueless about the Princeton offense or what Lin’s role on defense is.

    The Lakers don’t run the Princeton. They run Kobe’s outdated isolation game. When Kobe’s in the game, he tries to avoid Lin because Lin keeps showing Bryant up. But Kobe will pass to Price because Price is not Asian.

    And that this tweeter would idiotically claim that Price was better than Lin defensively just throws all rational analysis out the window.

    Disregard this fool tweet and move on.

  314. OK, I hear you. You bring tears in my eyes.

  315. LOL…well we fans are frustrated for sure. I hear you.

  316. It’s a good time to remember again how MJ overcame challenges


  317. It’s not naive for any NBA player to believe his coach at face value.

    Now that Coach Scott has made clear his intention to eliminate Lin because of his race, Lin is well aware of what’s happening and is taking the proper steps to protect himself on and off the court.

  318. This is the most ridiculous assessment I have ever seen….Lin was just being polite and subtle. When he say system, he meant Kobe and half of the rest of the team.

  319. NO.

    Westbrook and Rondo have plays run for them and also are given adequate minutes. Lin does not have what those guys have.

    If Westbrook and Rondo were as race hated as Lin was, those two would perform far worse than Lin does under Lin’s conditions.

  320. All elites know it. Lin knows it too.

  321. ok, don’t shed your tears too long now :]
    Let’s go, JLin!

  322. LOL…..well….Apple rules…LOL

  323. Actually, it’s best for Lin NOT to overcome challenges the way MJ did.

    I have a client who knew people in the Chicago firm from which Jordan allegedly got his PEDs. Suffice it to say that that Jordan was heavily involved.

    I used to marvel at how Michael Jorda. jumped higher and ran faster in his 30s than he did in his 20s as a spry rookie. But now, I don’t anymore.

    Lin is PED free and I hope it stays that way.

  324. Really? PED?

  325. Hm, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

    I always admire MJ’s mental strength but not some of his ways to intimidate and bully others. PED would be a definite no-no in that list


    Not just Jordan.

    That’s what my client told me, and his friend worked at the outfit that supplied those PEDs to pro athletes.

    I even now believe that Jordan’s Washington stint was for him to see how effective he’d be without the PEDs without tarnishing his Bulls image.

  327. At least he did not take it in Olympics…LOL

  328. There is an official validated report out there somewhere that the University of North Carolina discovered that Michael Jordan’s body responded to PEDs “four times better” than other basketball player’s bodies did.

    Everybody knows that the NCAA is rife with PED abuse, even at Division III levels.

    Take away the PEDs from pro sports and Jeremy Lin would look a heck of a lot more DOMINANT.

  329. Olympic testing really isn’t that stringent.

    Besides, Jordan took those PEDs at UNC and the NBA for years. PEDs are cycled on a schedule to avoid bad effects.

    My client’s friend told him that his firm had no fear of drug testing. That’s because they had medications that would make PEDs invisible to modern drug testing.

  330. I wrote for the last two seasons that the 2014 NBA draft was “wildly overrated”.

    Nowadays, the draft has become so messed up that there’s actually better talent in the 2nd round than in the 1st!

  331. That’s very surprising but it would’ve explained the super-human abilities.

    It would be nice to have a non-steroid NBA competition like body-builders do so we can see what non-PED performanceof some stars look like

  332. Hey guys, don’t get too down. Lin has been relatively healthy this year, and his career will continue. Just another bus stop on a long trip. He needs to do the same, and not get down on himself. Go team Lin!

  333. Lin has a lot of good ppl who will give him good advices. Really no need to worry too much.

  334. No. Persistence is key. Never back away and never give up. Water eventually erodes the rock and carves the Grand Canyon. He is still in the NBA. Still getting paid. Still getting clicks (shame on them for using his name!). He is still living his dream.

  335. Installed! Good that it’s free, because I only got 91 cent left on my card. Which also makes me mad why all the apps have to cost like .99, 2.99, 1.99 instead of round it up to whole number. Now my 91 cents can’t buy anything not even .99app.

  336. Switch back to iPhone! If stupid tech people like me and my mom can use iPhone that just proved it’s the best phone out there!

  337. How about Dwight Howard? He looks like he’s on PED. I also wonder about LeBron. Was all that weight loss really from low carb diet or did he go clean and stop taking PED’s and why he isn’t as good anymore.

  338. Another nice photo! She looks a little like lin’s sis in law.

  339. It doesn’t surprise me at all. Kids were popping half dozen Pseudophed before middle school inter scholastic games. It’s a sad reflection on our societies willingness to “channel the dark side” in order to win.

  340. That’s really messed up! Melo be like WTH.

  341. Of course we like it for your respectful and genuine critical view of jlin. Why not?!

  342. I think it’s true.

    Lin’s recent comments have been more open with the media about not having his strength being utilized (“capable but not being able to bring it to the team”). I think his team has been giving him some advice about how to voice out his displeasure in a positive way that he still wants to help the team.

    As a result, more LA media (LG, Mark Medina and others) picked up on it so they in turn can ask coaches why Lin/Davis PnR not being utilized more. Not there yet but it’s good to give the bone to the dogs who can pick up and run with it

    So Lin must have been getting good advice from his team.

  343. Wow! So great! Lin is being so relax and fun here with this fan here!

  344. somehow I feel Lin was too open recently. Sometimes he could leave certain things unsaid. Mark Medina is willing to dig on anything, so not necessary doing good for Lin.

  345. I can dream. I watched that game last night. Curry was off in his shooting. Played 39 mins, 9/25 fga, 1/10 3pts. Everyone can have bad nights. Lin doesn’t get that kind of minutes.

  346. I think we should not keep saying Lin & Davis PnR too much bc that will become a good excuse to keep Lin in 2nd unit bc they maybe will move Boozer back to starting lineup…

  347. I can’t bear to watch a Lin friend do so well when he’s in the slow lane, so this year I just see GSW highlights until Lin can get on the same journey. Tells me for me it’s still not about big money sports … ho hum, where is our inspiration lol.

  348. Ya! MM is nice to Lin but sometimes his question will bring in more trouble or idea for coach to trash Lin…

  349. there are certainly pros vs cons when being open.

    some people want him to be more open not to be passive in being unfairly benched. But it can also backfire if not handled properly.

    I think so far the reporters have been fair to report “I am capable but frustrated not being able to bring to the team”. It’s quite neutral to discuss whether Lin’s PnR strength is not being utilized properly or whether Lin is struggling with his skills. I think the key is to have media starting to discuss it and not just conclude ‘Lin is struggling and being inconsistent’

    I’ve talked to my friend who is a huge Laker fan and he only mentioned Lin needs to be more consistent w/o elaborating much on why. So I think more neutral media coverage is good to discuss how to bring Lin’s strength to the table. It might apply a little pressure to Byron to start using Lin properly

  350. If they round it up u would have less than 91c by now…lol even worse..

  351. It’s a tough proposition indeed.

    With Kobe playing PG as a starter, there’s not much Lin can do as a starter anyway except playing longer min waiting for Kobe.

    What we want is Lin to play as a starter playing PG but it might have to wait until Kobe’s health deteriorates further. He’s been gassed lately so let’s see when it will happen

  352. I think after 10 more games they maybe will move both Lin & Boozer back to starting lineup… But got the feeling Scott tried everything he could to stop Lin back to starting lineup… Kobe will not go away anytime soon. This is really the most difficult period for Lin indeed. smh!

  353. I think so too.

    The starters with Price/Davis has not been working out so far but of course they can’t say Kobe fighting crime-alone there is not working out.

    They will try to spin it that Lin/Boozer have been playing better defense so they’re ready to lessen the pressure from Kobe.

    Let’s hope Lin will get more PT and stats to make an attractive trade offer!
    Either that or Kobe admits his health doesn’t allow him to play PG since he wants to play 3-4 more years

  354. Yes sir! Life isn’t about the end result, it’s about the process of becoming. It doesn’t matter what one pursues, to be better Christian each day, to be a better father each day, to be the best worker everyday or to be the best basketball player you could be each and everyday.

    This is why sports is mandatory requirement in all the best private schools. Sports teaches many competive and self-actualization skills that’s needed in the adult world. Team building skills and social interaction relations help kids become better workers. Play also helps to build a fertile foundation for creativity. Stress and risk management is also a big part of playing sports. All these benefits of sports builds someone of great character ( if they’ve been already been taught the moral values to withstand the peer pressures to cheat in order to win ).

    Lin’s presence in the pro game serves many purposes. Many people would have quit in high school, I did! The fact that he perseveres and “triumphs” by defying the odds and roadblocks thrown in his way is truly inspirational. How does one so young have such grace and compassion? I’m not in his shoes and I can’t stand the way he’s been treated. I’ve had to take breaks from following him because it’s just too hard on my psyche and yet he perseveres on. There are people that think lin is weak. It makes me LOL I can’t even imagine what it would take to with stand ALL the BS he’s had to endure and still plays hard each game. Lin is powerful like the water gently lapping the shores but it’s an endless tide of massive strength that will engulf the beach.

  355. Just more regurgitated BS from BS

  356. With the starters repeatedly shown to be offensively impotent I could see them putting Boozer back with the starters to improve offense. Then Davis will be back with Lin. Davis on the inside and Young/Ellington on the outside all willing to spread the floor, run and push the pace would be good.

  357. So true, we are finally seeing John Wall develop into a PG with ALL THE PATIENCE AND CODDLING while Lin has been marginalized since the same draft.

    The fact that lin has survived the daily BS while continuing to improve is beyond miraculous. None of those guys could have survive the constant mental beat down.

  358. No, I don’t think BS will allow Lin to play with David at any cost.

  359. Ido & I all don’t think Lin will be traded… But I still want to know what Mitch is going to say today in radio interview… IMO, Mitch probably just going to clear the air that they are not going to make any trade…?! Can’t listen to the radio show so someone pl post it.. LOL!

  360. Kobe might want Boozer back when he gets tired of getting blown out in the first quarter by 20 points every game. With the Thunder it might be 30 points this Friday.

  361. We shall see. I hope Lin can play with David, but I believe BS and Kobe both know how lethal that could be, so……

  362. Hehe, when I take my breaks from the site, it’s becuase the things coming out of my mouth is not nice. You don’t want to be around when I snap. It isn’t pretty.

    I always wondered if you have cats?

  363. hey Brent, you are just as insane as me to vote for Linsanity. We are the definition of insanity to continue to do the same thing and expect a different result! Lol

  364. So only to clear the air about tank..?! No trade news?

  365. Thanks for the update…

  366. I’m not ok with Lin or anyone getting hurt for a game of youth. I mean, you really pay for it every day in your 40s. Just see how McHale walks, all the NFL concussion stories …

  367. Yes, I see Lin being polite and subtle a lot when he’s really saying the opposite to bball players, coaches, and owners across the league. He has to play elegantly for his future role in the NBA. Cannot attack his coach or owners with Boozer style.

  368. Yes to comments below – Price is really not good. If I watch tonight, I will enjoy Price being bettered by OKC because each play like that will make BSc feel anxiety for his non-bball/winning decision making.

  369. great things to watch for thank you.

  370. Big K, 4 years right?

  371. To my shopping posse: look at the deal I snagged!

  372. That’s really good point.

    So Kobe/Boozer will anchor the 1st unit while Lin/Davis will anchor the 2nd unit + Swaggy of course.
    that would be good for Lin’s numbers in the 2nd unit.

    And in case Kobe’s minutes going down later, Lin/Davis would be one of the strongest offensive weapon (other than Lin/Boozer)

  373. I used to have one for a while about 10 years ago. I don’t really like pets that much.

  374. Yeah, like he going to comes out and say yes we are tanking.

  375. Thanks! Is there an interview link?

  376. Mitch is a smart GM indeed.

    Lakers might not believe in tanking (publicly) and always tries to win to avoid losing mentality. But he also wants to lose enough in order to get Top 5 Draft Pick from being given to the Suns. He did so by choosing Byron Scott to spoil Kobe.


    1. Plan A (Byron/Kobe to lose enough games)
    he’s counting on BScott’s losing record to try to get enough losses to get that Top 5 Pick.
    And keep Kobe happy in the process by breaking all kinds of records

    2. Plan B (Kobe out, Lin-led exciting offense to invite FAs to come to LA)
    If Kobe is out, Lin-led offense might be exciting enough to a lot of games to attract FAs to come to LA. They might lose Top 5 Draft Pick but hopefully FAs will see LA as a good destination with Kobe out of the picture. The biggest question is will Kobe be around in 2016?

    The biggest question for me is will Mitch try to trade Lin to get some values before Feb 2015?
    Lin could still be a Laker in 2 years after Kobe retires.

  377. Interesting story about Magic always picking the underdogs in 5th grade.
    It shows how good he was and it might explain why he endorsed Lin as the Lakers starter.


  378. Hearing that just makes me think that he is a ballhog, He probably expect his teammate always rely on him to score. Unless the next sentence is that he was alway passing the ball to the teammate to shoot.

  379. “Mitch Kupchak: Lakers Coaches, Players Told ‘To Win As Many Games Possible’”

    “Unfortunately, even if the Lakers fail to make the playoffs come April,
    the team could still lose their pick in the 2015 NBA draft to the
    Phoenix Suns as a result of the Steve Nash from 2012.”

    “As the Cleveland Cavaliers showed in last year’s NBA draft lottery, any
    team in the lottery can land the top pick or make their way into the top
    five. Tanking may improve the Lakers’ odds, but it by no means will
    guarantee they’ll hold onto their pick.”


  380. Is 17M worth the tanking plan, getting the top 5 draft (not necessarily guaranteed)? After 2 years, Lakers still need to find a coach,

  381. Hope this piss Lin off.

  382. Mark Medina: Scott said he’s increasing Kobe’s practice regiment bc he thinks his stamina has gotten better. Two weeks ago, Byron scaled back.

    Not good news!!!!

  383. Need to know how the question was asked then.

    How’s he gonna give u more when your systems is crap and not utilizing ur players to their greatest abilities.

  384. BS is BS, the preferred coach of tanking teams.

  385. I like this!

    This will stoke Lin’s fire and he will be determined to show what he can do on court.
    Time to have the NJ Nets 2012 pre-game mentality.

    If he’s gonna get benched after 20 min, Jeremy might as well show what he can do on-court.

  386. BS is practicing his name sake bs again.

  387. Yes, if Lin will be put down, go down with a fight.

  388. It’s kind of hard to give sitting on the bench.

    Me on Byron Scott: “If you know how to coach a professional basketball team then get off your a$$, shut your mouth and get the job done”.

  389. If Lakers is not for tanking, why we still hear lots of BS?

  390. My reply on Byron’s hypocrisy in the BOS game.

    @MarkG_Medina Hm,when Lin got a lot 2 give in the BOS game (14pts in 19min), why did he get benched in the 4th quarter? #Benched4Giving2Much


  391. Don’t think so. Lin was doing the right thing to tell the truth in a politically correct way. He can afford to dare BS bench him completely which is better than playing the BS style which lowers his stats. BS is running into another losing streak by marginalizing Lin to pad Kobme, before he is kicked out of LA by angry fans.

  392. BS is just being his usual BS self? LOL

  393. Father Time and Chronos will win! :]

  394. Also is good because when Lin’s shot is off he can still PnR with Davis and get to the rim or kick out. If you look at first Linsanity game with Nets his shot was awful, I think he only hit 1 or none. But he was still able to drive, score at the rim or get assists. Got his confidence up and shot came later.

  395. Love the jlin app btw, but still I come to this site almost every day, it’s addictive man:)

  396. There’s only 19 minutes to shine!!! Linsanity please!

  397. If you’re going to tank, tank it with some dignity! Don’t go out and make historical records while tanking, like down almost by 40 pts before half time! It’s embarrasing!

  398. Byron Scott won’t allow Lin on the court for 19 min

  399. How about you BS starting giving something to the team, how about you ask kobe start giving something to the TEAM!!? I think jlin had sacrifice enough for this bs team, stop asking for more from him, he already gave up half of his playing time to bs pg.

  400. Let’s do it, Mitch!

    Lin/Davis for Rondo works.
    Only -2 wins for the Lakers to justify more tanking

  401. Podcast Link:
    Mitch Kupchak, Lakers
    Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak discusses his team’s outlook, the L.A.’s struggles, Nick Young and the future of the team.

  402. You have seen no real record yet regarding KO/BS’s tanking ability.

  403. Yeah, Kobe needs a named brand who can’t steal his shots to tank with him.

  404. Thanks much, Rick!

  405. Would Celtics be interested in Lin as he is also on an expiring contract? Nothing to gain from the trade, from Celtics view. How about Celtics’s coach? A Lin believer?

  406. lakerscommunity
    2 minutes ago
    The players serving up some lunch at the Holiday Party for Kids. #LakersHoliday


  407. agree 100%. Back then, his shots were not as good but he was always able to drive to the rim and do PnR. That’s his bread-and-butter

    He just needs the ball in his hands to get his shooting rhythm down

  408. No…

  409. Byron Scott takes away Lin’s touches, minutes, and plays.

    Then he crows about Lin not performing.

    Once Scott DNP CDs Lin for good (possibly starting with this game), the Lakers will have to kick Lin off the team if they don’t want Lin to kill the rotation players so badly in practice that they cannot perform in games.

  410. So the question for that Byron answer was “Lin said he has much more to give, what do you…….” No wonder Scott answered it this way…

  411. just listen to his interview, about Lin, basically he is conflict himself as get his teammates involved and also be aggressive and look for his own shots. So what exactly is Byron want Lin to do?

  412. Easy, he wants Lin to have 8-0 (FGM-FGA) game every day

  413. [mark 0:55]
    Reporter: “Coach, Jeremy Lin said he had a lot more to give this team. that said, what would you like Jeremy to do more of?”

    BScott: “Well, give it… (laugh). If he got a lot more to give to us, then give it to us then (laugh), ya know?
    (turned serious) Just like today, just be smart when he’s out there playing.

    Our last conversation was basically
    You got to understand who you’re playing with, you got to get those guys involved because he’s been always been ball-dominant.
    ..but he got to also understand in this offense, you got to get other guys involved in the offense .. and still be able to take the shots that are available to you
    and being aggressive is not a bad thing, ya know..as far as I’m concerned

    today in practice I told him .. Why are you hesitating on those shots? Shoot the ball.
    So it’s a matter for him to go out tomorrow (or Friday) when we play and..
    start having that frame of mind of ‘Just go out there being aggressive to get his teammates involved and get himself involved’ …”

  414. BS wants Lin to play worse than Ronnie the magnificent who is now shooting a marvelous .190 FG% 0.154 3P% as the starting point guard for the Lakers lol.

  415. Was Kobe there too? Where was Nash?

  416. sort of reminds me when you are talking to a boss about getting a project done, and he gives you all these conflicting hurdles to not say yes, and none of it makes sense. In the end, you realize it’s a bias of some sort, and you are saddened when you realize this boss is going nowhere with you, for you.

  417. I heard the emphasis of “ball-dominant” that Byron doesn’t like.

    He clearly thinks Lin’s hogging the ball? In his version, Ronnie Price style of always passing to other guys would be perfect. And only take shots when he is wide-open.

    Byron quickly turns into McHale where he doesn’t recognize good things that Lin bring to facilitate, just because Lin is not Ronnie Price. Very concerning indeed!

  418. fixed:

    “if the got a lot more to give, then I need to give him minutes then.”

  419. like I said.. Byron turned to McHale quickly.
    No praises on good things to facilitate bench, just criticism of being ball-dominant.

    A good coach will tailor to his player’s strength, not turning all his best PG to Ronnie Price

  420. memo to team owners: please remove this unproductive coach from my life or free Lin so I don’t have to see his face in my community anymore.

  421. I’m sure Price is scoring and getting others involved.

    Scott is a dummy.

  422. that’s trully bizzare.
    Ronnie Price shouldn’t even be a 2nd-string PG in the NBA with that horrendous stats but Byron likes him spear-heading the defense.

    No wonder the starters have been outscored so much in the past 4 games.
    Noone cares to guard Price and he still missed!

  423. Lin should answer.: Shoot the ball? Coach….I was benched for 19p 11a performance, remember?”

  424. Being aggressive means playing hard which has nothing to do with playing smart. Jeremy Lin basically said he has lots to offer but the system was just too stupid for success.

  425. lakerscommunity
    26 minutes ago
    It’s Jenga time with @jlin7 and Wayne Ellington overseeing the fun. #LakersHoliday


  426. I won’t use iphone not even for Lin…. XD

  427. You got my vote 🙂

  428. lakerscommunity
    1 hour ago
    The Holiday Party for Kids got a special visit [email protected]! #LakersHoliday


  429. Los Angeles LakersVerified account‏@Lakers
    #SwaggyClause is making his list and checking it twice at the #LakersHoliday Party For Kids.


  430. Santa is Swaggy this year

  431. Yessir! Shut it down!

  432. The above conversation it’s from Scott to reporters?!

  433. ball-dominant? When? smh!

  434. Here’s my take on the situation. Kobe is too old and damaged to play decent defense. On offense he still wants to lead the league in points so he takes a ton of contested shots resulting in a 38% FG%. By playing such poor defense for so many minutes and taking so many shots with such poor efficiency, Kobe creates an insurmountable deficit that no team can overcome. How do the Lakers save face and deflect criticism away from Kobe, despite a terrible record? They have Jeremy Lin fulfill the role of scapegoat. If Lin plays too well for this agenda, then limit his minutes and eventually bench him. If he scores too much tell him to facilitate more. If he then facilitates too much then tell him to be more aggressive. No matter which advice he carries out, he’s doing the wrong thing and needs to be criticized and benched.

    The solution: Lin has to get the F away from Kobe and BS as soon as he possibly can.

  435. BS !?÷#&%¿
    My Santa wish this year is either Lin trade or BS got fired

  436. yes

  437. Why do I feel sick when seeing Kobe’s face now, even he is smiling?

  438. Celtics likes their new PG Smart & they don’t need Lin or Rondo.. too bad.

  439. In Linsanity, his team mates get it. Know how do make them self available. Not HOU or LAL were able to do that….hence bad for Lin

  440. Lakers TV rating is at 2.25 now compared to 3.14 during the same period last season, and last season was an all time historical low.

  441. Because you know it’s all fake.

  442. we probably need to tweet it to @JeanieBuss because it matters a lot to Lakers FO

    Any source?

  443. So Ko/BS are going to break last season’s lowest record in TV rating this season, and break this season’s record in next season. The FO/Buss’s must have thought that Kobe could keep the audience while tanking, but fans have other better choices.

  444. I read somewhere said it’s from LA Times… I think Jeanie knew already… I think it’s good news in someway bc why they keep Kobe for 2 more years all bc the rating but now he is the king of the team but failed to pull up the rating… Maybe they will not extend hi s contract after 2016.

  445. I heard they told Kobe/BS that no contracts after next season. That’s why you saw the “Charmin” gate.

  446. Here’s my take:

    Byron Scott doesn’t like Asians taking spots in the NBA away from African American players.

    Thus far, Lin has enraged Scott by excelling. The better Lin plays, the more Scott benches him.

    So possibly starting with this game, Lin might be a DNP-CD for the rest of the season.

  447. According to my calculation, @Lakers bench has carried the starters to 3Wins -1 Loss record in the past 4 games


  448. Ronnie Price is more ball dominant than Lin is.

    At least Lin produces. Price doesn’t.

    The only explanation for Scott’s hatred for Lin is RACISM.

  449. Vote Jeremy Lin #NBABallot
    for giving the best +25 to lead bench 2 outscore opponents to 3W-1L in last 4 gms


  450. No wonder Scott is so angry at Lin.

    The bench is outplaying the starters, just like in Houston.

    Whatever side Lin’s on, that’s the stronger unit. Kobe Bryant HATES THAT.

  451. Haha! Well said…

  452. Because Kobe smiles when Lin’s not doing well.

    When Lin does well, Kobe gets angry because Lin’s OUTPLAYING him.

  453. I don’t believe that until Kobe is really out of Lakers… Scott tried so hard to push Lin to bench & even out of Lakers IMO.. I guess if Lakers didn’t sign Lin or no one comes next summer… it’s very likely they have to sign Kobe…

  454. Total LIES by Byron Scott.

    I seriously doubt Scott has had any conversation with Lin at all.

    Byron Scott has been angry with Lin for excelling all season long.

    We Lin fans see through Scott’s media lies.

  455. What’s with these photographers? Keep cutting off the best part.


  456. Ya! Pl vote everyday. http://www.nba.com/allstar/

  457. How come I only see Young not Lin from Lakers tweet? Not even show Lin w Ellington for Lakers community service one?! smh!

  458. The bench literally carried the starters.

    It must have pained BScott to realize how his precious Price got spear-headed by the opponents so much on defense. Plus Kobe as PG is a tragedy to put him last place in the NBA at +/-

    Letting Lin and Boozer play w/o Kobe seemed to work out well.

  459. All the good players on the Lakers are bunched up in the 2nd unit.

  460. This is from the Lakerscene Intagram, seems like it’s part of the Lakers as it says Shot/curated by the @LakersDigital department:


  461. Agreed. How immature and insecure he is. We thought he should act much better than Haren after all he is a true super star. How wrong were we.

  462. I believe time will be our friend and Kobe will stop playing PG.
    I’m just not sure if it’s 2015 or 2016

  463. they should know already

  464. The stuff about him being ball-dominant bothers me, I don’t find him that ball-dominant. Maybe he can be less hesitant but some of that may be not wanting to turn it over and not really being as comfortable in the system as other guys are. I don’t know. I think he should look for his shot and don’t worry about other guys sometimes more.

  465. Nick Young said JLin has to relax, play out of his head, don’t worry about shots falling or if he’s coming out of the game, just play like he’s been playing all of his life.

  466. From his interview? Did reporter ask Young or he was saying this by himself?

  467. How many times can you vote?

  468. What a nice smile! JLin looks good here.

  469. It’s a great community. isn’t it! (plus props to our mods!)

  470. I voted too.

  471. joey_ramirez
    3 hours ago · Los Angeles Lakers Training Facility
    Jeremy Lin plays Santa Clause at the #Lakers’ annual Holiday Party for Kids. #LakersHoliday #LinSantaty


  472. one. You can also vote by tweet, FB..

  473. But what do I do with 91c? Can’t buy anything at all and can’t take it out!

  474. Hard to hear/understand, reporter says “How does Jeremy become more ………”
    At 2:30

  475. Ahh..the white sofa chair looks really great! I really like it!

  476. Will they catch you of you use different email address?

  477. Swaggy has a cheerful smile.

  478. I rather BS got fired and hire more decent coach.

  479. I guess it’s MM again?! Haha! Thanks.

  480. I don’t know.

  481. Definitely props to the mods for monitoring the site.

  482. I want to know what do you think about this Mike B article from last night? In the beginning, I thought just from his own opinion but today saw Scott & Young both all talked about this 2nd unit & Boozer … I started to believe maybe what Mike said it’s really from FO then? If so they seem to not happy w Lin’s performance at all. http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-fyi-20141217-story.html?track=rss

  483. Because he is soft toward opponent players and tough at defeating his teammates.

  484. Jena Roscoe‏@JenaOpHOPE
    Lakers Basketball Player Jeremy Lin w/ Operation HOPE Youth @ Holiday Party in LA Today! BRAVO! @OperationHOPECA

  485. I went to the other site yesterday and it still gets as crazy as ever over there, some things that will never happen here. Makes me appreciate our site here more than ever. Thanks to Psalm and all the mods for providing Lin fans with a safe haven.

  486. This is classic misinformation. Double speak with half truths sound bites. Paul would rip this to shreds in analysis.

  487. The color of BS.
    Did ya hear, “Ronnie spear-headed the defense….” and doing much better… Why, then, every game since Ronnie started,
    the starters fell behind right out of the gate? The color of BS.

  488. BS, the color of BS.

  489. In the interview, BS separated Lin from the team, by saying …if Lin has more to give, then give it to us. If the coach does not include you as part of the team, you know where you belong. Color of BS.

  490. Most times, it’s because these types of bosses are over their heads. Scott is hired for no other reason than to be a yes man for KOBE. In that sense, he’s very much like Mchale. They are deliberately hired to be puppets and talking heads for their bosses. Scott answers to KOBE and Mchale answers to Morey.

    They are known enough by credentials that ordinary people will just accept what comes out of their mouths as facts without investing anytime to really anaylize it.

    This truth was explained by Nobel lauriet winner Daniel Kahneman about our inbred early hunter gatherer survival instinct to quickly take key known facts we already knew and quickly make assumptions to escape danger. We have a much slower cognitive brain that kicks in later to analyse events later when we are in a relative safe situation.

    In today’s 15 second sound bites news. Information isn’t really about truths as much as getting attention to whatever you are “selling”, be it news or opinions. You have seen how kids all talk this way. Internet chatter is full of insinuations and opinions because no one would reflect back to you your own need to at least feel as if you actually exist. You won’t matter, if no one responds to you!

  491. And, inferior complex. Lin has better understanding of BS’s own offense.

  492. This looks great. We know Lin is in whose hand.

  493. this is about right. LA gave Lin a chance to shine. He failed miserably as a starter, whether or not you care to blame Kobe, Scott etc for his woes. Bottom line, the result is not good. Sure the result with Price is not good either but Price is a 3rd string career role player!

    If people on here want to compare Lin to Price, we’ve all lost already. The results matter and the result is that Lin and Price both stink next to Kobe and can’t get it done. Sure, perhaps no guard in the entire NBA can get it done playing with Kobe, but the Lakers will keep searching for one that does or just completely overwhelms Kobe. I think LA believes Russell Westbrook is that guy.

  494. That quote is evident that BS does not include Lin as part of the team, it is Lin and us. enough said.

  495. Lin will not go to the Celtics unless the Lakers give up picks. And if that is what it is, Lin is just fodder to fill in so the Boston Celtics can get picks and then dump Lin when the summer comes. Lin would be DNP-CD for real.

  496. YOu are so missing the boat. Lin will be traded along with DRAFT PICKS to Boston. Lin would only be traded to sit on the bench till May and then get DNP-CD for the next 5 months! Then he would hit free agency.

  497. I know Kobe name RW but I doubt he will come to play next to Kobe. Rondo is possible free now but I guess Lakers didn’t want him plus his asking price it’s too high. Max contract…

    Do you think what Mike said it’s really from FO or just his own opinion?

  498. I love this quote. Scott is RIGHT. Lin needs to play the dangerous game of going all out or keeping his mouth shut. He is just pissing his boss off with these quotes.

    Put up or shut up is what Scott is saying. Lin needs to go full rogue and play OUT of the context Scott wants. Get the stats, shoot high percentage, build up leads and get BENCHED for it till Lakers fans and Worthy keep screaming for more Lin.

    It is almost an impossible task but that is what Lin must do.

  499. NBA players don’t practice during the season Khuang. Some bench guys do those 3 on 3 and sure, there are some mild scrimmages here and there, but it’s not like high school or college.

  500. agree

  501. Google “walmart jeremy lin. ” hilarious!

  502. I think Lin failed his test. Maybe the test was unfair but he failed it.

    That is why he was benched. Byron Scott was never high on Lin. I think Bryon lied to get the job. He probably in fact dislikes Lin’s game. I do think Byron understands Lin’s game but he doesn’t believe catering his team to Lin will help him keep his job.

    Apparently losign a lot and treating Kobe as god will help Scott keep his job. So I cannot blame Scott.

    I think Lin is going through Linsanity withdrawal. He knows now he can do that if given a chance. before, he was just happy to play 20 minutes and score 6 points and get 4 assists. But now Lin’s expectations for himself are so much higher that he is mentally disappoinnted every night and thus isn’t playing quite right.

  503. Lin fan: “wha? NO Lin for Dallas? Why don’t the Mavs want Lin!”

  504. Houston too. Not happy with defensive player of the year Beverley?


  505. They never REALLY liked Beverly. And Scott probably hates what Ronnie brings.

    But they all hate Lin a lot more.

    So once Lin is gone, they go after what they really want.

    NBA circles basically have decided Lin is a scrub and Lin is not playing well enough on the court to cause eyebrows to raise.

  506. Damn I hate Khuang’s pessimism of Lin’s future career, but darn it, I think Khuang is absolutely right.


  507. I’ve talked to a lot of friends and even family about Lin. They all say he looks like crap on the floor most of the time. These people are your average NBA fans and are local Lakers fans who watch games and go to them sometimes.

    For Lin to do well, it is not about +/- or any of that. Right now, he has to play like he did against Boston. Make shots. Hit open men when it’s there, otherwise just score and fly up the court on breaks and LOOK good doing it.

    He played a great game against Boston. 19 min? whatever, just play like that and people will ask questions.

    Just score and forget about defense and fake it on defense on this fake team. The advanced stats are only for Lin fans. Nobody else cares.

    Once Lin figures that out, he will be able to survive the season.

    If that leads to DNP-CD, Scott can explain why a guy who shoots 60% and dominates the eye test is benched.

  508. Bc Ellis always in charge the ball like Kobe.. passing first PG maybe good for him then… He got the ring do help…

  509. Ah, great photo! Arsenium! ^_^

  510. Yes Price will lock him down by standing there bumping into him right at the start and injuring himself!

  511. Haha I just saw your wonder, well, my guess is the photographer must be a female, thus, her only focus point is on Lin. Haha

  512. It’s been tough being a Lin supporter, and my friends with average NBA interest also think Lin is a scrub. It doesn’t help when articles come out like the recent LA Times article describing Lin’s demotion & struggles.

    I agree — Lin just needs to score, dish assists, and forget about defense. It will be hard for any coach to bench a 12-16 ppg guy. Just look at Nick Young – he doesn’t play a lick of defense but is praised and valued on the team.

  513. Already did. Someone posted below already. You are late on this. Haha

  514. Khuang is pessimistic? Really? No way! He sound optimistic most of the time if not all the time!

  515. Your guess is not right for all the lin fans, at least not for me. No. I prefer he stays in LA with a better coach!

  516. Lin has to play with that attitude of having nothing to lose. Just like when he was about to be cut by the Knicks. I agree with KHuang that he’s at risk of DNP-CD and needs to get his points or he’ll be riding the bench.

    Lin is frequently criticized for his defense and no matter how well he plays D (which I think he holds his own by playing solid, fundamental D), the perception is that he is a weak defender. Therefore, why fight the uphill battle? Just focus on offense which is his strength and get his scoring & assist numbers each night.

  517. Oh sheyt! Ok well… i got a good laugh out of it… keith olbermann had a hilarious segment… ok, lets go jlin!! Get outta ur funky slump!

  518. exactly my friend. Exactly, we are in complete agreement and understanding.

  519. well I don’t want Jeremy to be a Mav because that team is already stacked with point guards

  520. Yeah Kobe plays like that in recent years and that is why I am not his fan.

  521. Kobe way is the American way. Kobe has not shot 60% in ages now btw.

  522. My fear is Lin has no where to go. I suspect Warriors will always let him be 12th man, but other than that no place else I fear.

  523. then we have to wait patiently

  524. Bet Rondo wants to be on a contending team, won’t you?

  525. What Celtics wants just like Lin? How come Lakers didn’t show up in the list to get Rondo? “The Celtics are seeking a package that includes a 2015 first-round draft pick, a young player and expiring contracts, sources said.”


  526. Key words heard from BS is that “Jeremy is hesitant to shoot.” That speaks volumns. Also Lakers will not change their offensive scheme to fit “ball dominant” Lin.

  527. Can someone pla tell me what the fans reaction is about Kobe and BS treatment to Lin? Is Kobe still well like there now?

  528. I don’t think Lakers will be active in trading market, they have nothing to offer. And they don’t want to take back anything after next summer unless it is top tier player, and not team will trade top tier player for nothing. So forget about it.

    Only team that really really want Lin and willing to give up picks might get Lin, and no team would want to give up anything if they could just simply sign Lin during off season, so Lin will stay in Lakers till the end of the season, don’t dream about what Mitch could do now. They could do nothing, and most importantly, they don’t want to do anything. To them, the highest priority is keep their cap flexibility during summer.

  529. sw – how bout we watch the Price bbq on Friday ha ha.

  530. You guys forget how Mchale just last year dumped lin on the bench after he had 2 consecutive 30+ pts games and average over 22 per to come second in voting for player of the week.

    BS is following the Mchale handbook in hiw to marginalize and render useless LIN’S skills on court while repeating lies about inconsistency and poor decision making. Every young player makes mistakes. That’s how they learn. In the case of lin, every coach wants to point to only his mistakes as examples of how he’ll always be. Look at john Wall. He’s finally starting to mature but he’s had nothing but positive feed back from his coaches. They make all the classic excuses for his inconsistencies and bad performances, but not Lin.

    If you think that by just putting up numbers will change people’s minds, you are wrong. Show your friends the facts instead and ask them to think for themselves. If they don’t then they are just empty mirrors of society. They hang on to their opinions out of laziness and lack of intelligence. Either you accept them for what they are or just never bring up the subject. Haters will hate, that’s all there is to it.

  531. I guess they don’t want Rondo otherwise they will do it. I think Rondo’s price tag it’s too high… he wants Max contract.. Lakers didn’t want to pay him that much.

  532. God help the west, it’s not good news for modern man (get my drift, @psalm lol?)

  533. Duncan missed a game sealer, now they are down 2 to Grizz. There are heroes and goats elsewhere in life …

  534. lol seriously? Come on. nobody except US on here and other Lin sites care about Lin treatment at all. Most Lakers fans think Lin seriously stinks. Kobe is still loved by LA Laker fans.

  535. Duncan fade-away way fade clanking make — 3OT!!!

  536. China???

  537. I think you overrate China when it comes to the NBA.

  538. aren’t the NBA said that jeremy is above average point guard? they alwayd change their opinion

  539. Lin, Randle, 1st rd pick for Rondo makes a lot of sense. Rondo is an expiring contract in May. It preserves cap flexibility. And the ROndo and Kobe experiments gets 5 months of trial time.

    I think the Celtics would trade Rondo for 1 st rd pick, Lin and Randle. Lin would just be a DNP-CD in Boston.

    I dont think the Lakers are willing to give up Randle and the 1st round. Lin? Sure they’d do it in a heartbeat.

  540. Hi Psalms234
    Got a post under moderation again. Can you please fix it again thanks.

  541. understood, but that is the market Kobe and Lakers try to dominant.

  542. I’m sure but I think you are smart enough to know that marginalizing Lin doesn’t mean Lakers and Kobe will be affected. We’d like to think that but probably has no effect at all.

  543. So when Celtics’ GM joking w Scott about let’s have breakfast it’s true then.. Haha! I believe Boston will like Lin for Rondo since both are expired contract… Too bad, Lakers didn’t show up in the list.

  544. That is why I asked the question and hope someone there can shed some light.

  545. Whatever the storms swirling around him, Jeremy’s able to smile …


  546. I think Kobe fanbase in China would still support him although someone can help verify.

    As for Lin fans, I think @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus said Taiwan fans don’t like it one bit.
    But not too sure about China.

    What matters the most would be Kobe merchandise sales there which might take a while to get affected.
    I think Kobe is fully aware of Lin’s popularity in Asia so that’s why he’s careful not to say anything bad directly to him.
    He just needs BScott to do his bidding when he wanted to play PG

  547. he’s jumping against a 50 year old skills coach….

  548. apparently you think all of Lin’s fans are in China? haha.

  549. That’s the truth. When Lin can consistently scores 10-12 pts in 19-20 min while Price scores 0-2 pts, media would start pestering Byron with questions.

    Byron has a hidden agenda to ask Lin to facilitate his teammates and be aggressive when the shots are there.
    When he didn’t affirm Lin doing things well in the BOS game, we pretty much know what he said means nothing.

    Lin shouldn’t trust BScott to stay in the background as a traditional non-scoring PG. He should be true to himself in the BOS and Spurs game.

  550. I think it dont matter one iota what Lin fans in USA or China or Taiwan think. Not one bit.

  551. If Rondo gels with Kobe, the resign Rondo. If not, he is free to leave in the summer.

  552. now that’s a post I can agree with!

  553. That’s another good way to do it.
    Swaggy knows Lin is sometimes overthinking what Byron asked him to do.
    Just play ball and make shots so BScott has to eventually keep him on the floor.

  554. Well, from my reading of some chinese fan sites in the past, I know there are many chinese kobe fans as well there are also many chinese lin fans. kobe is being around longer than jlin, so his fan base in China is also pretty huge. So you definitely will find some of his Chinese fans bashing lin equally badly like some of US lin bashers. If you are asking about what are the Chinese lin fans reactions, then they are definetly feel as bad as us here, but if you are asking about kobe’s Chinese fans, i think you might find a little disappointment. I may be wrong for I didn’t follow the Chinese fans recently, just in the past. Nevertheless, I believe kobe still has many fans in China. It’s a big market with millions people. Definetly some will dislike him, but definetly there is also good amounts of people that still like him. I think you can apply the same to lin. As long as there is still good amounts of people that support lin in China, then I think we don’t need to worry how many likes Kobe still gets. 🙂 plus, hey a player can be bad to his teammates, his coach his whatever, but if he shows nice side to his fans and knows how to do Pr off the court, I think fans will still buy it.

  555. Not surprised. It’s obvious the Lakers are over humoring the Lin experiment. I really don’t believe Lin gets that.

  556. From the list… King, Knicks, Lakers, & Rox… all had the rumor news wanted to get Rondo before.. Ya! Not surprised to see Celtics contact these teams for the trade.. the request from them sounds just match Lin & Lakers well… but I guess Lakers didn’t take it or whatever reason bc Mav & Hou are two teams seem to be the front runners.

  557. If you’ve seen how TWCSN tries to market Lin next to Kobe in Friday matchup against OKC, it does matter to market Lin properly for TV ratings and merchandise (Taiwan fans raided Lakers gift store).

    And I’ve been noticing how Kobe talked to reporters about Lin.
    I think Kobe knows Lin’s values in Asia will only help his own popularity in Asia.

    Lin’s marketability is being used properly by Lakers and TWCSN.
    But if Lin’s numbers and min keep going down, Lakers FO will start to get worried. How much? I don’t know.

    That’s why I like many tweets of not buying Lin’s Lakers jerseys for Christmas.

  558. err.. if BOS wanted to trade for Lin, I’m pretty sure they want to test if Lin is a keeper or not at same point :]
    It wouldn’t be logical for BOS to get rid of Rondo and not test-drive Lin at all

  559. That’s why I just LOL at this baseless “Price spear-headed defense”
    If yes, how come he didn’t get many minutes and had been outscored as starters

  560. awesome! Every vote counts to let NBA knows Lin fanbase is strong

  561. I think so too. “Ball-dominant” seems to be a code-word for taking shots away from Kobe

    Swaggy had a good advice to not overthink things and simply be aggressive and facilitate like his usual self in BOS and Spurs games

  562. Hm, so Dallas is the forefront leader to get Rondo because Carlisle needs a floor-leader and shot-creator.
    Cuban said DAL emphasizes chemistry. I wonder if Rondo volatile temperament would fit the Mavs locker room and Rondo might still walk away at the end of season.

    The talk with Lakers, Rockets, Kings, Knicks probably are cold-calls to get the best offer.

    The facts that Lakers and other teams are not that interested might show their concern on Rondo fit.
    It’ll be interesting to see how trade talk progresses

  563. Besides .. Rondo can’t shoot.
    But he can play defense and passes the ball to Kobe and others who can’t make the shots consistently.

    Let’s see how this thing plays out.

  564. whose vertical jumps might be higher than ours :]

    Come on, man. Don’t diss the old man for doing his job .. lol

  565. this new info shows. lin may be stuck at the laker nd may rejoin them because lakers really have no other options. other then williams of the nets. which makes scott dealing of lin worse. random even as a free agent could go to the mass or rox. which for him are better then the lakers. this will come down to lin if lin leaves. things will get really bad for the lakers. with zero talent left

  566. i don’t think lakers didn’t take it. sounds like other teams had more to offer

  567. I don’t believe Lakers will pay max contract for Rondo.

    Boston has been reluctant to meet his hope for a maximum – or near max – contract extension. Boston has been pleased with rookie point guard Marcus Smart, and could decide to turn the team over to him in a post-Rondo era.

  568. still other teams are.

  569. good screw the lakers

  570. Ya! I think that’s why Lakers is not on the top two teams list… Kobe named RW few days ago so maybe now their real target became RW not Rondo after all.

  571. Mitch will witness noone wants to play with Kobe after this year’s debacle.
    I’ll be super-surprised if Lin wants to come back and play for the Lakers with BScott and Kobe if things don’t change.

    I still believe he has All-Star aspirations. Playing 20min as a backup is not a good way to be an All-Star :]

  572. not it other teams have more to offer. yes they have lin but what young player do they have. it may be the refusal to let go of randle maybe

  573. I know… the list were all the teams had rumor about wanted Rondo.. King, Knicks, Lakers, & Rox.. but I really don’t think he is worthy Max contract…Celtics thinks so too. Rondo is hard to get along… but these teams are all interested in him bc he got the ring.

  574. i think scott will get fired at some point but yea idk what lin will do. him in boston would be great. we will just wait and see

  575. approved it! Sorry

    I also added you to the whitelist so it will reduce chances to be put in moderation by Disqus

  576. lol a better price. as well s a better bev. shows why they both want him. meaning rox

  577. Don’t know what happened? But if Lakers is really planning to trade Lin then why cut his playing time & made him looked so bad that will not make sense at all.

  578. he is a championship pg. or atlas that whats out there. i say the three other celtics got the ring. and hen they relied on him he failed. but hey thats how the nba works

  579. second time thats happened. they are mostly trading his contract

  580. ok, time will tell, but I really think Chinese fans know Kobe is behind all this.

  581. Nick Young interviewed JLin who made him laugh but I couldn’t understand a single word :]


  582. I know w/o that big three Rondo can’t do it along. As I thought before, Celtics likes their new rookie PG a lot bc he can shoot. Celtics don’t think Rondo is worthy the max money so they want to trade him.

  583. Anyone thinks Lin only has fans in China is foolish. No, I don’t think so, but I do feel Chinese fans are the ones more sensitive about Lin’s unfair treatment.

  584. what are you serving. then young said pf chengs. lin responded by saying are we recording this racism on camera lol

  585. I can’t understand anything after chips

  586. LOL .. I thought he asked about change?
    Good to see they can laugh about it

  587. Man, you got really got hearing 😀
    I’m impressed!

  588. lol pf chengs are a asian themed restaurant. never heard of it before. lol surprised it existed.

  589. I know about PF Chang, just couldn’t quite hear about it :]
    I’m still impressed you could hear it!

  590. lol idk if it was his twang. lol I’m black so i understand the way he is saying it. ebonic can sometimes sound like a different language

  591. Sounds like Celtics want picks, Lakers only have one they got from Rockets and unlikely to part with that one. They have the protected one that will go the Phoenix unless they are in the bottom 5. I don’t think they think they would be a championship contender even with Rondo and if he walks they get nothing and lose their pick.

  592. Wow you do have good ears. I couldn’t make any sense out of that.

  593. this is even more hilarious.
    I couldn’t understand what Lin said so I need to learn Lin’s ebonics too LOL

  594. It’s soooo good that I feel the need to clean my ears now! LOL

  595. lol it isn’t deep. what i mean is its just an accent they are using. once you get the accent its quite easy.

  596. ok.. I trust you.. Language is not my strength so I can certainly get better :]
    Still Impressed 😀

  597. You don’t need to take such a condescending tone to get you’re point across.

  598. KOBE couldn’t gel with Steve Nash whose 10 times better. He made NASH play off ball and shoot 3s. This is what KOBE wants to make Lin do as well. I don’t believe any major free agent will come to LA until KOBE is gone.

    For all of Howard’s antics and childishness, I can now understand why he hated KOBE so much.

  599. It’s safe to say that JLin fans from both Taiwan and China don’t like BS and Kobe now. Believe they stop buying JLin stuffs. They are as angry as any JLin fans to see how JLin is treated. Many of them want JLin to be out of Lakers or BS and Kobe are out. They see what JLin fans here see.

  600. Rondo would choose a contender, wouldn’t you?

  601. Thanks! I thought you mentioned that before.
    I’m just not sure how many in China knew about that.

    Good. This will hurt Kobe and the Lakers sooner or later if they don’t change. Financial loss will hurt them the most

  602. Please don’t put me in the white list, pretty please. Put me in the banana list okay. Lol

  603. They all know. They watch games and also translate what JLin fans and reporters said. Obviously they translate JLin’s interview, article…. They get the news pretty fast. Many of them are very active in Twitter and also lurk here to get info:-) Some of them are even angrier than fans here:-)

  604. King’s owner said:

    “Defense is great, but we need defense and offense,” the Kings owner said. “We need to go from a rules-based organization, which was important when you had chaos, to a values-based organization — from kind of a programmatic offense to a read-and-respond, free-flowing offense.
    “I like to use a music metaphor. We had a Sousa marching band, which was needed when there was chaos. But now we need to shift to a jazz band, where people can be individually showcased and improvised. What we need is a jazz director. I think that’s the kind of leadership moving forward.”
    BS, you won’t be considered. OK?

  605. Eerily similar to “Jeremy, we’re trying to win here.” From Mchale after 29 pts from lin to win over OKC.

  606. Lin fans do. The rest just think Lin is a scrub, and never believe that Kobe’s a problem even he shoots < 40% and plays no defense.

  607. Sounds perfect for Lin

  608. Who is the kings owner and what is his background?

  609. Mavs make sense because Cuban wants to win now. Dirk is getting old. He will take a chance of rondo leaving next year.

  610. Makes me happy to see he could have the joy of the spirit to smile no matter the circumstances. I pray he could translate that spirit on to the court and smile while playing.

  611. However, I am sure Kobe did not ask Howard to shoot 3s…

  612. The only way I see lin getting traded is if a contender has a big injury to their pg and they need a filler. Lakers may take back even a second round pick for Lin because they may not even have a second round pick next draft.

  613. Vivek Ranadive , Google it. Ha

  614. I think so plus Rondo wants Max contract 100M 5 years?! I don’t think Lakers wants to give him that Max either.

  615. Time for a nice jazz pianist on Lin

  616. What is of pf chengs

  617. I only remember Cuban said the Mavs prioritizes team chemistry but HOU emphasizes math. And Rondo is a volatile chemistry indeed causing Big 3 Celtics breakup esp. Ray Allen.

    I’m not sure Rondo can be happy in any teams but Cuban and the Mavs might think he will like it in Dallas. Too bad because it would be a good destination for Lin in the FA next summer.

    Oh well .. let’s wait-and-see. I’m not totally sold the Mavs want Rondo.
    Maybe Houston will up-the-bid so we can watch more drama in HOU 😀

  618. Good! Let’s hope Kobe will feel the hurt in his pockets and fame in China!
    Next season he might come to China with half the fans LOL

  619. LOL .. Disqus has no banana list .. Just blacklist and whitelist, pretty non-PC just like JLin joked with Nick Young haha

  620. Hm, I like Vivek more now :]

    Perhaps Lin fans should make a jazzy highlights and send the audition to Vivek!
    “Do you want to jazz around the Lakers? Sign up George Karl and Jeremy Lin!”

  621. It’s a popular American-Chinese fusion restaurant chain in the US :]

  622. No JLin on this Lakers card vid. JLin Chinese fans aren’t happy about it. Does it mean JLin should be out of Lakers soon???!!!!!!

  623. Lol, they’re a funny bunch.

  624. Possibly. If so, that’s good news to me!

  625. sad. Lin, Davis, Hill, Clarkson, Tradables. That could be a movie tile.

  626. Hope so. I can’t stand Lakers’ game anymore.

  627. Who is missed? Lin, Davis, Hill, Clarkson, Wes & Ellington?

  628. JLin should asked the coach to be more specific on his expectations, ie with limited playtime what is the number of assists, steals, blocks, rebounds and points is expected of Lin in a game. If the coach is not able to quantify, then he should just shut up on his repeated general statements on the perceived Lin’s weakness.

  629. Lakers game on Friday doesnt even excite me… i didnt buy a lakers jersey bc i had a wierd feeling about how jlin would be treated… but i bought league pass… doh!

  630. Wow, great. Maybe Lin will be gone!!! Do you know whether Kobe is still very popular in China now with the unfair treatment Lin gets from him and BS?

  631. Where is Kobe in donating his time?

  632. Never check on Lakers/KB fans sites but I know 99% of JLin fans are sick of KB and BS. Don’t matter what countries but almost everyone is so disgusted with KB, BS as well as Lakers now. Most feel that JLin needs to be out of Lakers unless no BS and KB.

  633. Counted it 8 out of 15 Lakers.

  634. The coach isn’t interested in talking to Lin.

  635. No big deal.

    Jordan Hill, Wayne Ellington, Jordan Clarkson, and Ed Davis are not in the video either.

  636. The Kings under Ranadive are CLUELESS.

    He wants them to play 4-on-5 defense with one man cherrypicking offensively, wants to do constant full court presses because they worked in grade school girls’ basketball, and saw vast potential in Kevin McHale’s washout pick Royce White.

    Byron Scott with his failing ways and superstar worship would be the PERFECT coach for the Kings who just fired their coach because of DeMarcus Cousins’ viral meningitis!

  637. No, Ranadive would be even worse for Lin than the Busses or Dolan.

  638. It’s not Lin’s job to quit.

    It’s Lin’s job to PLAY.

  639. Anybody have connection with reporters who can asked the coach for the specifics ?

  640. It is time to cancel LP 😉

  641. What? No Lin? So weird… Lin is out for sure. Price is in? Where is this from? Lakers tweet?

  642. no Nash,

  643. I think it’s big deal bc these players probably on the trade list so they can’t sure they are still here for X’mas… Lin is out of Lakers for sure. Even not now they will not sign him next summer.

  644. Wes is in. He is w Kobe always.

  645. I doubt Lin plays much against OKC.

    I don’t even know if Lin will be allowed off the bench by Byron Scott.

  646. LP is unfefoundable..

  647. If Scott & Kobe want to “win” (or tank) this way, so be it. Scott’s days as a coach are numbered, and Kobe’s market will decline substantially..

    A $15 million dollar DNP-CD isn’t too bad. Lin will be a free agent in a few months

  648. I don’t think Scott will be fired.

    He’s the “championship” coach the Lakers wanted. Everything he says is accepted in blind faith by Lakers management that is still stuck in the 80s illegal defense era.

    If Lin gets DNP-CD’d, I hope that the Lakers fully buy him out and release him to sign with another team.

  649. Cool, get Lin out of this toxic mess that’s soon going to be a DNP CD anyway.

    I’d rather Lin be a minimum minute player on a real team with a real coach instead of suffering this inexorable decline in minutes that soon will be mercifully terminated anyway.

  650. I think they will trade Lin bc from this video can tell he is not part of their future. Plus Mitch now said Kobe maybe stay after 2016 even he also said he thought Kobe will retired in 2016?! Kobe don’t want Lin to stay in Lakers no matter he will stay or not…

    Ya! I hope Lakers can trade Lin ASAP since he is not part of their future. But where?

  651. Lakers don’t have any incentive to do that. They are not a team looking to win, so they don’t really care. But their TV rate will keep dropping, and nobody will care about the team, and Kobe’s scoring record will get old pretty soon.

  652. I actually want to see DNP-CD. … Jlin can rest and be 100% ready to go for his next team. The only group that will lose out in this scenario is Lakers fans.

  653. If the mavs get rondo then I want to see Jlin go to the spurs … Pop will know how to use Jlin right.

  654. He will not see much minutes for about 2 yrs if that happens. Only Spot duties..

  655. So be it…. when ever Jlin strengths are used properly…. his game is beautiful to watch.

  656. Almost all “ball dominant” players other than Parker were traded away LOL by Spurs

  657. I’m not sure which I would
    prefer, a minimally utilized Lin on a Spurs team that plays no favorites or the decreasing minute Lin we see now whose coach hates him and is trying to knock him out of the NBA altogether.

  658. Team ball baby!!!!

  659. Yes….but Lin’s problem is not if he plays teamball or not tho…

  660. I think the same way too LOL

  661. Easy answer…. I rather watch Jlin play his b ball brand… how ever brief than not able to see him play at all

  662. Well it is certainly more pleasing for fans like us

  663. Jlin problem currently is his teammates and coach don’t know what” team ball” is even if it hit them on the heads….. the spurs don’t have that problem

  664. Not really, Lin’s problem is no one wants to play with him and follow his lead. This will be the same if he goes to Spurs. I think it is really good if he can go…but not really that good as fans thought IMO.

  665. You missed the key point… Pop as his coach will make the others play team ball with Jlin to win games. …not hidden agenda bs we are witnessing right now

  666. I agree with that…for sure.

  667. BTW, don’t click for them. Not worthy to watch it. smh!

  668. Yup the key for Jlin are coach that will trust Jlin bball brand and also have the clout to back him against doubting owners and FOs. .. ie..Pop, Carlise, MDA, Karl…ect…well. .. maybe not MDA and Karl

  669. I am not sure what Lin’s brand of bball is. My doubt is if that brand fits SPurs or not. Yes both are teamball…but still a lot of differences…GSW play team ball too, yet looked completely different from how Spurs do it.

  670. Free flowing yet structured like the spurs… not forced like the hustin…uhhhhh. .. houston rox 3 and d….or lakers kobe iso system as invented by the “brilliant” bs .

  671. I don’t think Lin (MDA) ball are structured like Spurs. It requires the ball handlers to do more reads than how Spurs does. Of course if you take HOU and LAL as example then this discussion becomes meaningless because there two are completely residing at the far different end of the spectrum…LOL

  672. Well … I have never seen Jlin play with any other team system beside MDA s… the rox and lakers systems are not qualified as team system…lol

  673. May Lin carry that smile with every game

  674. That is exactly another point here. Lin fits MDA the most so far. But no one can say that is the BEST for Lin yet due to Lin’s situation.

  675. Agreed. .. how I wish MDA to coach next year….his point guard will be there for the taking

  676. nicky can have a 2nd career as a comedian ..or get a gig as a comedian after retiring from the nba.

  677. ALL those been said. I do think Lin to MAV or SAS can benefit a lot in terms of no distractions. Will get fair treatments regardless of his brand of bball. I was just approaching this from Lin’s perception and style 1st. Just the effect of being treated fairly alone will do a lot of good to Lin on and off the court.

  678. Totally agreed. … hey since you’re a mod… can I get an exception sometimes to call houston, mchale, morey… hustink suckettes, mcidiot and dmoron. .. let me know… thanks in advance..:-)

  679. Haha well please do not do that. We all suffer from them. But I know we are all good fans here and we should act/talk accordingly…Just edit it and think otherwise when you read it in your mind LOL

  680. Do you guys think Nash may have told/warned Lin about his experience playing alongside KB?

    The reason I ask is I feel Lin may be thinking that a lot of things are out of his control, so he is just trying to stay in the positive side, and does not worry too much (even though fans, I for one, are worrying to death).

  681. Ok… thanks. . Have a good one.

  682. Come-on, that is the problem.. we keep thinking about MDA MDA.. but I personally DOES NOT want him to play for MDA..at least not until he establish himself as a starter and the real player that he is..given the chance.

    MDA’s past point guards all has stats that are inflated than their average due to his offensive system and freedom of the point guard. Look it up. He made felton look good too. Everyone knows this.

    If you have MDA and then lin plays for him..people will label him as MDA boy or only suitable to be MDA’ offensive system and one dimensional. Look at all other nba stars, they played for different coaches and still able to produce. Also if he does end up failing or not as good, that’s it for him. He was basically putting all eggs in one basket.

    Plus lin’s doesn’t do that well with b2b games. I have said this earlier and even stats proofs..and recently it has shown it’s cr-p head again. I suspect it’s his body and MDA will run lin to the ground by playing him 42 minutes PER GAME.

    You want a coach besides MDA who plays modern bball and run and gun and also fast breaks.. pnr and 3s.. AND gives lin the ball to make plays and TRUSTS him.. (sincerely). That way, if lin does do extremely well, they can say that is his style of bball instead of saying MDA’s boy.. and prevent others from say lin fans are still living in the past with linsanity. You want ppl to say that? I don’t.

  683. Kobe & Nash didn’t get along well either… This is not the first time Kobe push his teammates out of Lakers… not surprised at all. Nash can’t help Lin bc Kobe is so powerful in Lakers. Kobe or Lin? FO made the choice…it’s Kobe again. smh! Hope Lin can out of Lakers soon…

  684. thank you.. I was gonna say that too.. maybe making a big thing out of nothing. Plus lin has his own JL charity to work on.

  685. No Lin yet in the discussion I guess.


  686. What? Nash? Who will pay money but can’t play?

  687. Why do you keep attacking LIN with with sideswipe comments like “I don’t think LIN gets that”.

  688. Lakers don’t care about pick? more than one pick?


  689. So they want to keep Lin as bench?

  690. Rondo would not come to play with Kobe. He would rather be with a contender. Just saying…

  691. I know but just say what’s in Lakers plan… don’t like them at all. Trash Lin to make him cheap for next summer.. smh!

  692. Rondo and Kobe seem pretty chummy during that last visit to Boston. They were seen going to breakfast together or something.

  693. I would value this guys opinion more than any sports talking head

    Haralabos Voulgaris
    I don’t know where this rumor got started that Rondo was a great defensive PG.


  694. Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob

    No way in **** the Mavs should trade for Rondo if they have to include B. Wright


  695. I think it’s dumb bc Wright can be more helpful than Rondo. smh!

  696. wait so laker didn’t use lin in rando trade. wow this is surprising.

  697. Ya! Finally someone tell the truth. Rondo is not as good as everyone thought… Celtics is smart that’s why they tried to trade him as soon as after 12/15 ….

  698. idk what to think

  699. Sign him cheap as a bench or maybe just like what they did to Melo.. don’t think he will come but have to do it to make Kobe happy… We tried you know… smh!

  700. I totally agree w this guy bc at least PB can shot 3P… but I really hope Rox do it..PL. Rondo to Rox make it happen. LOL!

  701. What’s Lin’s brand of basketball?

    That’s an easy answer.

    Lin’s brand of basketball is to provide from the guard position whatever is needed for a team to consistently win games by playing the right way.

    Lin is equally proficient at playing either guard position, and he is the best guard in the NBA on defense. Lin’s also the best “in between” player in the NBA, which means that I believe that Lin is better at grabbing loose balls and forcing possession changes and batting the ball around than just about anybody in today’s game.

    From a strictly basketball perspective, Lin can fit on and excel on any team even if there are like 4 guards ahead of him. His athleticism, sound fundamentals, court savvy, and skill level are such that he would be an asset to any team that’s truly serious about winning.

  702. I was calling out Rondo’s weak defense on the NBA forum long before Lin even played in the NBA.

    I got flamed heavily for it too.

  703. More like Boston doesn’t want Lin.

  704. I doubt it.

    I don’t think Lin and Nash have even spoken on the phone since the very beginning of the season.

    Steve Nash pretty much just fell off the face of the earth.

  705. yea but what free agent pg are there

  706. That would only be if Tim Duncan is playing.

    When Duncan is out of the game, the Spurs look as congested as the Lakers starting lineup does.

  707. sad but true but random better assist guy. it has to do with harden.be off ball style fit harden the best

  708. No one can control what people think.

  709. I really hope he go to Rox… Can’t wait to see how he & Harden will play next to each other… Pl Rox gets Rondo.

  710. Wait til next season, if there still is audience.

  711. I doubt Rondo can fit in well w Harden bc they both all want the ball in their hand… But I really hope Rondo go to Rox.. can’t wait for drama to come from Rox if they really get Rondo.

  712. I am optimistic. It only takes a long losing streak to change many people’s mind.

  713. My thought too. It’s better to sit out of the season like Asik than play with hands tied and stats ruined.

  714. When fans are mad, a scapegoat has to be created to keep them from leaving. The scapegoat will be either Kobe or Scott, and Kobe will make an easy choice.

  715. Lakers didn’t offer Lin… Nash? Just tried to get rid of his contract… sounds to me it’s not really go after Rondo. Unlike Mav or Rox.

  716. Especially agree with the last paragraph

  717. Celtics are stacked with PGs….LOL even if Rondo left….

  718. I have confidence that Jlin would beat them out fair and square if allowed

  719. emphasis on “if allowed”

  720. You are CORRECT!!! Sir!!!

  721. deleted

  722. How’s this for a dynamic shot …


  723. Maybe it was a TOV….LOL

  724. I have seen Jlin made so many acrobatic plays… that is normal to me now

  725. They didn’t put any Lin’s pictures for yesterday activities in the tweet why this today? Show case? LOL!

  726. The key is the coach. Would coach believe what Lin can bring and utilize it?

  727. Home is up with 9 – 4. guessing Lin is on the visitor side.

  728. Hmm..seem like Boozer is back to starter.

  729. is hill hurt

  730. I don’t know but 2yrs ago when I got LP I pay monthly so payment stop as soon as I cancel.

  731. Don’t know I don’t follow any Lakers news beside Lin relate.

  732. hill is missing. i think he had an infection of some kind

  733. they have a rookie pg. if lin can be taken out for a back up free agent….twice now. he sure will be by a drafted pg

  734. Kobe never asks for anything, he EXPECTS EVERYTHING. If the team loses, it’s evryone else’s problem. If the team wins he’s the Hero. While wasting posessions with his geriatric pace and low percentage, he blames the rest of the team for not stepping up on rebounds and defence.

  735. Where was Kobe? Didn’t see him on court? If Hill was not there so maybe Boozer did replace him today.

  736. What? AS coach? This is funny team… smh!

  737. i thought i saw that yesterday

  738. he’s 38 and i guess last played 2009

  739. 38 only? I see…

  740. yea, guess still not feeling up to it.

  741. Cool move

  742. I am late but welcome to the J-portal.

  743. Thank you 🙂

  744. You sure last very long at the JLnet.

  745. I’m tough girl lol.

  746. The coach don’t need to practice.

  747. Pfff… I like how it’s all about jlin tho ^^

  748. I think because JLin is the only one that anyone care to click.

  749. Mitch to Lin: “You’re not part of our team’s plans.”

  750. Wonder if Lin gets a ball boy anymore now that he’s not a starter.

    NVM, enlarged the picture and saw the ball guy.

  751. Yes no one cares about the others.

  752. Also MM knows lots of Lin’s fans want to know what’s going on w Lin… since he didn’t do interview after practice anymore.

  753. It seemed to be short one? not really long conversation…?

  754. Haha! Not today… maybe just short Hi?!

  755. This is great to see!
    I don’t think Kupchak regularly talks to any players after practice. Was Lin grinning afterwards?

    Maybe it has something to do with assuring Lin not to worry about the Rondo trade talk.
    “Don’t sweat it, Jeremy. You won’t go to Boston unless you want to?” :]

    Aside from any speculation, it shows Mitch regards Lin highly (at least higher than BScott).
    I don’t remember Morey did the same to Lin in Houston.

  756. It did look like a short conversation with Lin not moving much.
    But good to see Lin looked happy/grinning (?) afterwards.

    Good sign that Mitch likes JLin enough to talk to him post-practice.
    Maybe Mitch was impressed with Lin leading the bench in practice.

  757. his teammates still looked mesmerized .. being left in the dust!

  758. I hope so… but I really think Lin should not stay in LA… But where can he go?

  759. From Kupchak’s body language(holding his hands behind) he’s not being open to Jeremy about ‘something’, not a good sign imo.

  760. idk we will see

  761. When Kobe’s team won in practice 16-4 then cussed his teammates and Mitch, it was the Visitor with with 16.
    So Lin’s team could be the Home side leading 9-4

    Here was Kobe cussing video link showing the scoreboard

  762. Maybe that’s what’s on his mind. But he’s not saying it in front of jlin’ face.

  763. Just saw bigger picture & looks like Mitch did the talk & walk… Lin didn’t face him at all…?! But don’t think it’s bad either…?!

  764. I don’t see the smile/grin. 🙁

  765. maybe …
    I’m just glad Mitch took the time to talk to Lin :]

  766. I would say the conversation is about trade. LOL

  767. Oh, I didn’t catch that then. Thanks. Yea. I should’ve known better that Lin is the Linning side.

  768. After Mitch walked Lin did look like smile…?!

  769. Mitch: “I hope your bag is packed.”

    That’s also a talk too.

  770. maybe that’s why Lin is smiling too

  771. yeah, his mouth was definitely open.
    Not sure if he was grinning or something

  772. Hopefully

  773. me too.. the timing is just right.
    Maybe Mitch pulled the trade per Jeremy’s request haha…
    “Jeremy, your wish is granted. you may watch more Harvard games!” jk

  774. Hopefully 😀

  775. Didn’t Mitch say Lin will play a lot of minutes? And now? I don’t believe what they say anymore. It is all about actions, not cheap talks. Lin knew it all too well. But he doesn’t have control of it. Just play and make the best of it. Be patient and be consistent and be healthy to weather this horrible storm.

  776. I think this is more like a heads up, trying to be classy.

  777. he always breathes with his mouth open

  778. Hey lin, pack your bag and you r going back to harvard, umm….. i mean going to boston.

  779. I think it is bc I saw bigger picture looks like he smile…

  780. I’m still searching for the smile 🙁

  781. that his name did or did not come up in the trade talk?
    that’s hard to guess

    but I agree it’s a classy move

  782. I don’t think it’s bad if something about trade or whatever he would not talk to him when someone was near by…

  783. Lin & Stevens could do great things together. I keep saying these things from long time.

    Obviously if Ainge allows it. Good thing is Stevens is too good as coach to make Boston tank

  784. Whatever Kupchak is saying to Jeremy he knows that he (Kupchak) is also stirring the pot. He knows the media will be hanging around after practice and there will be speculation.

  785. haha well. One unlikely scenario is Mitch wants to keep lin and just go and reassure him that he will stay.

  786. Is Mitch still in control ? I thought Kobe is the boss for two seasons.

  787. So Lin can go back to Knicks?!

  788. Remember….It is hard to say unless Stevens did something good or fair to an Asian player b4.

  789. “Jerremy, get ready for plenty of minutes, I’m trading Kobe to the Knicks.”

  790. For Melo.. haha sorry.

  791. The title should be “Why Kobe is such a bad fit with any team”

  792. Self promoting to have more appearance on TWC sports.

  793. Ding Dong.

  794. OKC will have a back to back game tomorrow, some hope for the Lakers.

  795. Does anyone have a subscription to TWC?

    Coach’s Show: Jeremy Lin
    Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 01:42 PM PT

    Coach Dave Miller sits down with the Lakers point guard to talk about his struggles growing up, his first dunk and more, plus Coach breaks down the term “building a wall” on the white board.

  796. Miller w Lin? Really? So weird why do this? show case for PR or trade?

  797. It would be a great fit. But only time will tell

  798. many people are interested in JLin’s story …

  799. Will see Miller trying to trick Lin on a lot of questions….LOL

  800. Just like many articles written about him. TWC needs rating.

  801. But I don’t think Lin is popular in LA… better than HOU but not the same like he was in NY.

  802. Cuban is a shark. He killed Boston with this rondo trade. Maverick are going to be a juggernaut

  803. Don’t like Miller.

  804. Has any team do hack-a-rondo yet?

  805. Well there goes our hopes and dreams of Lin to Mavs.

  806. Boston got good deal.

  807. You ain’t so tough Sophie. Nah you soft like Charmin. 😉

  808. i agree.they have a lot of shooters they don’t need random to shoot

  809. idk what the lakers will do now what free agent pg’s are left

  810. Dallas just got a lot worse! I think both Brandan Wright and Jae Crowder are better the extremely overrated Rondo who can’t even make his free-throws (at least Rubio can LOL). To me even Rubio is much better than Rondo so Cuban really ruined his team’s chance at a championship this season. This is even worse than letting Nash go or dismantle his championship team by letting Chandler go.

  811. don’t matter. they are good no matter what

  812. Ya! I totally agree w you on this Wright & Crowder. Bc I watched the game Mav vs Rox, their starters couldn’t do well it’s the bench.. Wright did well to almost brought the W but was failed due to starters back to the game… Nelson can shoot 3P well but Rondo can’t shoot?! It will be interesting to see how Rondo fit in WC teams.

  813. I agree, but I think Rick is a very good coach. Now we get to see if what we think are right or not

  814. Cuban just talk but I really don’t think he wants Lin…If he did then why he never did anything this summer?! Forget about it.

  815. I think the Rockets went in there to drive up the asking price for Rondo. Cuban (his manhood on the line) was determined to one-up Morey (also see Chandler Parsons lol), otherwise there is really no logical reason for the Mavs to make this lopsided trade. I really want to see Cuban’s facial expression when Rick Carlisle has to sit Rondo down in the playoffs because the other team is playing hack-a-Rondo LOL.

  816. this news on rando makes the way lakers are treating lin even dumber then before. if lin leaves then what. draft a star lol good luck

  817. lol after this very bad news for the lakers. i get why kupchak talked to lin

  818. My thought too. I think Ellis + Rondo is a bad combo.

  819. Lakers was out yesterday…

  820. exactly. what other pg are left for the lakers to sign

  821. I would have liked the idea of Lin on Celtics. I have been suggesting that since over a year ago. He would be in the Leastern Conf. Bradley Stevens is a good coach who is not “old school” as in outdated, stone age coach.

    However, since they drafted Marcus Smart with the 6th overall, there’s no way they’re not going with Marcus as their PG of the future. It might be fine for Lin there this year though.

  822. Ellis is really ball-dominant so we will see how Rondo can play off him lol. Rondo as a spot up shooter would be such a comedy though, very good entertainment.

  823. Ya! At least Nelson can shot 3P well. What Rondo can do Ellis pretty much did it… Also that 2 good backup players… dumb move to me.

  824. exactly they have invested interest in murcus

  825. Dragic.

  826. Remember, Rondo’s contract expires this season too. If for any reason he’s not a good fit for Mavs, he won’t be re-signed and that leaves the door open for Lin.

  827. Celtics likes Smart a lot.

  828. maybe Cuban didn’t want to pay $15M for him

  829. look like rox gave up on rando for dragic. still tragic isn’t a superstar. really barely a allstar. lin could be digress this year in the right system maybe better

  830. whoa, I didn’t know Rondo’s FT% was THAT bad this year. 33%

  831. That’s for sure. So I don’t think Cuban thinks really high on Lin.. looked at what he did for Rondo. Only talk for Lin… that will not cost him anything why not?!

  832. True…

  833. Thought JLin’s stat is pretty because of KB and BS ball. Look at this:

  834. lin added to those stats in 3 quarters

  835. Rondo played long min unlike Lin… Didn’t know his FT is that bad.. D12 can beat him now.

  836. 1. Sacre seems like he’s not a Lin fan. Body language and all that. It’s kind of obvious. I remember in last game that Sacre looked off Lin completely for Young. They don’t have good chemistry despite the fact Lin feeds Sacre all day.

    2. Madsen is setting Lin some real screens. PLaying honest basketball. Look how effective they are. Completely dislodges Lin’s defender. Still Lin does nothing with it.

    3. Lin doesn’t look all that good in practice clips. Honestly, I’m not impressed at all. But then again these are just clips. They all look like crap, Sacre, Young, Lin. Only Mad dog Looks good.

  837. how is he 33 percent from the ft line. shaq was better lol

  838. you have been gloom and doom for a while now

  839. Flag – personal attack. Mods, please warn him. Thanks.

  840. wow. really

  841. ok then let me debate your points then

  842. emotionally, I want to agree with you. but the corrupt NBA will help make Rondo shine. Dallas will be fine. Just like HOuston is fine without Lin and Parsons. Houston looks BETTER without Lin and Parsons.

  843. 1. sacre is not a lin hater. why because he is just scare. who cares what he thinks. set screens makes the shot you take. he is often a big cheerleader with clarkson
    2. its practice. they are jogging a lot it isn’t that serious.
    3. its practice it isn’t thats serious.
    4.its practice………well you know how it ends

  844. Why do lakers look for PGs? To show how Kobe can still take the ball away from any PG ?

  845. Mitch: “Jeremy do you know Sony has cancelled the showing of ” The Interview”?”
    JLin: ” Whaaaaaaaaat!!!

  846. so so wrong.

  847. they need someone there

  848. Dallas is trying to win the championship THIS year. I really like the move. It’s smart. The NBA is weak this year. Dallas wants to steal one. Can they keep Rondo is check? We’ll see. I’m sure Rondo will want to impress so it’ll be interesting.

    Parsons will get more points with Rondo imho.

  849. It’s pretty crazy, I stopped watching the Lakers starting with the game Lin went 0 fer against Washington. I can watch HD games for free on my cable TV yet I can no longer stomach to turn it on to watch the horrible Lakers ruin the career of my current favorite player (though he is stinking on many levels as well to be honest). Man that’s just crazy. And I use to watch crappy feeds of Lin playing in Houston. Lin, please don’t make me tear my hair out when you choose your next team in Free Agency.

  850. I am not sure Mav can win the ring this year even w Rondo bc Mem it’s a lot better than Mav. Plus right now Mav’s bench are not as good as before… I still think GSW or Mem is better than Mav.

  851. Lin is done in LA. but I really don’t think Lin gets that. I think he’s a lost young puppy. His parents probably tell him to just follow directions and just shut up and put up and not rock the boat in the typical way stereotypical Asian parents tell their kids to do.

  852. Really not into listening to BS. I wait for someone’s Cliff note version.


  853. um watch the video. He bricks the layup on the undersize of the rim. But the picture at that moment does look cool. Unfortunately he didn’t finish it well.

  854. I think the plan was to bench Boozer just to cover for the fact Bryon wanted to eject Lin. But doing it to lin alone would have been too much bad press so Boozer was the fall guy with Lin. I suspect Boozer will make it back to the starting lineup soon.

    Lin is on his way out by trade deadline or the summer.

  855. preach the truth brother. The truth 90% of all Lin fans refuse to see.

  856. LOL

  857. yessir.

  858. Nah, that was just a comment imo

  859. right now that scapegoat is Jeremy Lin, the incpmpetent PG.

  860. wow come on…..wow.. I have no words. I have NO WORDS! #politics #reallife #thisisnotfantasy

  861. Linteresting!

  862. when will most Lin fans get it? They still dont. I cannot believe your DNP-CD is coming true. Even I was not that pessimistic.

    But it is coming. THat or Lin being used as trade expiring contract lol.

  863. Sorry, don’t want to see him talk… anyone can post what he said today? How come no tweet?

  864. Khuang, I can only agree with you because post after post, you are the only guy here who actually makes some sense. The rest of the Lin fans are too green, too hopeful, or too inexperienced at following NBA basketball.

  865. Look at Lin’s advanced stats for season compared with last 4 games from bench when he doesn’t have to play with Kobe.Lin goes from NetRtg of -10 to +16.3. Mostly by improvement on defense. Probably because he’s covering his own and Kobes man.

  866. good points, But it is clear the Mavs are trying to compete for the ring.

  867. the problem, and I posted before, nobody cares about advanced stats with Lin.

    Lin needs to pass the eye test exam. Lin needs more Boston games. The Boston game is a sure fire way to get glued to the bench, but that’s exactly how Lin must play.

  868. Scott looks way too happy. Lin is screwed.

  869. Haha yea depends… 😉

  870. Any question about Lin?

  871. I know bc they think Rondo can help them beat Curry?! I really don’t think so.. Bc that 2 bench players really did help a lot for them… Tyson is old now so… long way to go. Rondo can’t shoot that’s another problem. Let’s see how Rondo handle WC PGs.

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  873. Question of the year: what will be higher at the end of season? Lakers win% or Rondo’s FT%! LOL

  874. Well, he did break his hand this season. I’m sure the Celtics were hoping it would miraculously increase his FT by 30%, but it did the opposite.

  875. I think everyone looked so so not only Lin… but Sacre didn’t like to set screen for Lin that’s for sure… wait for long sec & he finally show up.. smh! Lin didn’t get enough respect from his teammates.. too bad.

  876. none

  877. Oh! So what did he say? Guess nothing really important bc didn’t read any tweet on his interview at all.

  878. there’s that face again …

  879. From this picture, he looked happy.. why?

  880. The best way to watch LAL games is to have your TV on, sound off, and this site up. When Lin is in, you watch. Also have some work on your computer so you don’t have to focus. Then, when Lin is hot, you naturally are a part of it. When Lin is cold, you get some work done. It’s worked for me all season, and I’m sort of immune from BSc, Kobe antics or Lin’s bad spells.

    Also, I focus on his D and watch that and marvel at some of the prevents he gets, so that has been consistently rewarding. Hope it helps.

  881. Look at these stats. Shows that playing with Kobe hurts Lin’s advanced stats. NetRtg for all season it shows that Lakers are -10 when Lin on the court and -2.7 off the court so 7.30 points / 100 better with him off the court. But this is effected by other players your playing with. If you look at the last 4 games where JLin played less minutes with Kobe the Lakers are +16.3 with Lin On the court and -17.10 when he’s off the court. So Lakers were 33.40 points per 100 worse when comparing Lin on the court vs off the court. If you look at Kobe the team is -11.30 worse when Kobe is on the court vs +21.9 when he is off the court. That is 33.20 points / 100 better with Kobe off the court

    Last 4 games: http://stats.nba.com/team/#!/1610612747/players/advanced/?LastNGames=4&sort=NET_RATING&dir=1

    All games to date: http://stats.nba.com/team/#!/1610612747/players/advanced/?sort=NET_RATING&dir=1

  882. “Hey, Jeremy, don’t go work for Vivek. We need you here. It’s only 2 more years.”

  883. Lol

  884. Apart from one or two times this season, he’s looked really happy all year. As his record is abysmal, he can look happy all he wants and yes he will continue to screw Lin, but he’s still underachieving, he’s still an a-hole and he’s still a losing coach. Those last three things make me happy.

  885. Isn’t that the grandpa stance?

  886. Only fell off the face of the Lakers. He is alive and well on social media:


  887. Every PG who played w Kobe all got bad stats but what can Lin do now… looks like Lakers didn’t want to trade him & maybe tried everything they can to make him looks bad so they can sign him cheap next summer ?!

  888. pleased link the vid, I cannot find it.

    Lin made one of these in-game, so I don’t see any problem with his movement under the rim.

  889. Shhhhh, that gigantic elephant (initials KB) in the room might stomp on you for pointing out the truth. The certified elephant tamer (initials BS) might also want to have a word with you.

  890. Wright is pretty consistent.

  891. Jeremy needs to just play well tomorrow give us 10+ points with 4-5 assists

  892. Clarkson is on DLeague now, right?

  893. enjoyed writing that, did you?

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    We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly. – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.uStJ54AA.dpuf

  895. doesn’t matter, he’s on my computer boo …

  896. He does not need to do anything. Just play and take the result.

  897. still hope he does well.

  898. I can’t think of any coach other than BS to have such ineffective and yet physically demanding practices. I think BS’s brutal practices have already caused many injuries to his players, while the “healthy” ones not having enough energy for the real games. I guess this is yet another one of BS’s scheme to make Kobe (the crime fighter) look good by tiring out all his teammates so they won’t outshine Kobe lol.

  899. He does well, fans are happy all around but for some reason, BSc and Kobe aren’t so happy. He does badly, some on his team and many fake fans rejoice at the fun attacks they can make on Lin and Lin fans.

    All-in-all, I’d go for BSc and Kobe being uncomfortable with Lin’s performance, if you get what I mean lol.

  900. Of course

  901. The dumb face

  902. Talked to my buddy well ensconced in NBA:

    1. Bogut – GSW better let him rest of so he’s healthy all season. GSW can afford it.
    2. Because OKC did so badly when KD and RW were out, GSW better watch out else they could face OKC in the first round.
    3. Booz numbers: not only as I noted is Booz feasting off Lin and less competition for the shot, but also, everyone knows he’s getting those points off opposing 2nd units.
    4. I noted that Curry is one of the best in motion shooters I’ve ever seen. Seems he can make a shot from any unstable body setup.

    Didn’t really go into where Lin is headed.

    On a personal note, I can’t really watch GSW much when the are so dominant. It’s like watching a google search. No drama heh heh.

  903. Watch the Spurs vs Grizzlies 3 OT game (last night) – lots of drama.

  904. and Kobe doesn’t even practice haha.

  905. LOL thAT’S NOT a shabby idea. Sad it’s come to that though haha.

  906. Sacre’s screens are abysmal. I dont know if it’s intentional or what. Terrible.

    And yes I also noted they all stunk except for Mad Dog.

  907. I got unfairly banned here last time for just saying Kobe was turning on Lin and 3 games later Lin was benched. Luckily you mods are fair enough to unban me after it happened and realized I was not trolling.

    I also got banned for saying Joeteam’s comment was very “asian”. I didn’t mean it as racist insult. My father always told me “water finds its own level” and Joeteam’s comment reminded me of it and how it is a very Asian phrase not familiar to western culture. Luckily I was unbanned later as well.

    As long as you guys are fair about modding, I’m cool with it.

  908. believe it or not, I am one of LIn’s biggest fans probably.

  909. it’s posted on this thread titled “MadDog Scrimmage” from Lakersnation.

  910. I thought Scott said he will now? But I didn’t see him on scrimmage today.

  911. I just want Lin to be supernatural. I have unrealistic expectations that he can be a politician and an assassin on the basketball court. I like to blame Lin himself rather than the crappy position and unfair situations he finds himself in. Just my personal preference. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the guy.

  912. fair enough

  913. i dont know that rondo got to choose.

    You are assuming Dallas asked for his promise to sign an extension with them.

    Maybe Dallas isn’t ready to committ to him either past this season.

  914. I just personally really disagree, but I respect your opinion.

  915. EXACTLY

  916. Where can Lin escape to? Not really sure. It’ll be a great summer. I think Lin is best off playing in the east coast away from his comfort zone of CA. He needs to go somewhere he might not even want to go if it is the best chance to play his game on a team of good guys with less agenda and egos. What team is that? I have no idea. Toronto? Spurs? No freaking idea. I think he’d do well backing up Conley too.

  917. lol yes it is, but I doubt he sees jlin as a grandson

  918. If Kobe has a career ending injury, I think you will see Byron Scott become lin’s best friend overnight.

  919. Think so too

  920. rando to mavs

  921. Guy is such a kiss a…. Only JLin will use it to help the team not for his own personal glory.

  922. oh wait, Rondo broke his left (non-shooting) hand. there goes that excuse.

  923. Scott can’t control Kobe on court.. he still do whatever he wants…

  924. lakers worst nightmare may happen. they maybe stuck with lin. interesting to see how this season end. as well as how the offseason goes

  925. now with rando gone it all lin. looks like they could get lin for cheap. maybe their hope

  926. It is more like Lin is stuck with Lakers. Buddy, buddy. It is 2 way glue.

  927. who knows maybe there is a blessing in disguise…they have to treat jeremy better

  928. this maybe true. even as a free agent next year

  929. i hope scott gets fired. this would help they way i feel about the lakers a lot

  930. That’s why we are his diehard fans.

  931. Why would they be “stuck” with Lin? His contract expires this year, they don’t have to resign him if they don’t want.

  932. I guess this why mitch talked to jeremy after the practice…youre stuck with us for another 2 season

  933. We want to be fair to everyone. For me, I will try to read all posts. If I’ve seen any untoward, I will always give a “warning.” Just flag the post if you think it is inappropriate. We will deal with that as soon as possible. Thanks for the cooperation.

  934. Rondo may not pan out and Dallas may look to recruit Jeremy for next year. Or perhaps initially get him to back up Rondo but then find that Jeremy is better than Rondo and he moves up to the starters. Rondo can’t shoot and defense overrated, Dallas my get buyers remorse. At least Rondo gets exposed or is at least off the FA market next summer. Then there just Dragic as top PG FA next summer.

  935. Didn’t like Miller but because of JLin, I will watch this.

  936. thx for the link. Wow. Mavs making a run. Wonder how he and Monta will mesh, guess ok because Rondo is a passer.

  937. they aired the segment because the tv rating is really low right now

  938. I saw from end of reg to the 3 OTs and it was fun to watch. Too bad Timmy lost … he could of sealed in in regulation but he missed a put in follow up.

  939. I get a lot of work done when Lin plays badly rats. Thanks to Blubell who always posts the Lin In note. Watch for it.

  940. So if Hill can’t play Boozer back in the starting lineup? Only bigs they have left are Sacre, Boozer, Davis. Who is going to play PF for the bench?


  941. what are these, Harden imitation gang signs?

  942. thats a dream they won’t give up after a year. he will lily sign a max contract which is why dallas sent all those picks

  943. That’s true…but holy cow they seemed to give up a lot to get Rondo. Seems a big gamble for a chip. We’ll see if it works out for them.

  944. lol like i have no other option soo…..

  945. Yes understand it after watching. Not worth one aota the time.

  946. They’re in Hawai’i. It’s the shaka “hang loose/aloha” sign.

  947. sacre?

  948. I got to learn something about building a wall and then I got a good laugh when coach Miller called Scott a defensive minded coach.

  949. I watched from 3rd qtr onwards. The Spurs were down 20+ and were able to catch up without Parker and Leonard. Ist OT was because of Gasol’s 3 pointer, 2nd OT due to Duncan’s desperate shot (ball bounced around)…

    Duncan missed 10 free throws and I think that hurt them. They only lost by 1 point.

  950. Lin would KILL Mike Conley in practices the way Lin kills Mike Conley in games.

  951. As long as Curry gets his multiple screens and picks, he can score big.

    Without them, FORGET IT.

  952. Seems like it. “Lopsided” trade was used in a post below. Not sure you give up that much if you don’t intend to try to “put a ring on it”.

  953. Sacre usually plays Center for the bench and Boozer PF. If Hill out and Boozer moves the the starters PF and Davis moves over to Center I don’t know who will play PF for the bench. Unless Davis and Boozer take turns. Maybe we’ll see more Lin / Davis if he can keep out of foul trouble.

  954. Write it like this:

    “Yes he will continue to mess with Lin, but he’s still underachieving and he’s still a person I don’t like and he’s still a losing coach”.

    Then you’ll be OK on this forum while still telling the utter truth without sugarcoating your displeasure!!!

  955. No that’s not shabby at all.

    It’s actually the best way to watch Lin games, even when Lin is doing well.

    Personally, I get more infuriated at the racist announcers when they’re taunting Lin for doing well than when they’re criticizing him for struggling.

  956. I like young comment at the end to tell Lin to relax. I think young could be a good influence on Lin. Lin could be too tight and young is too loose. Lin could benefit at being looser.

  957. Nick Young means well, but he’s completely unaware of the race based issues Lin is facing.

    Lin shouldn’t relax. He needs to keep his guard up against attacks from his teammates and coaches.

  958. More like “Lin, you’re GONE”.

  959. I heard Danny Green was 7/7 on 3s, and that’s playing to the hot hand!

  960. I think Lin provides better team structure. Curry to me is way more fun to watch than Swaggy, but fun in that sense. When GSW are down and it’s just Curry, I haven’t in years past felt that he has the mettle to bring them back 10 pts. KT and Speights stepping up this year is def helping Curry look great. I haven’t watched because they are just so good I can just watch the boxes and streak. Yes, Curry does get very good screens.

  961. Yes, I hate it when they say little things like “Jeremy Lin off the bench” then go on to nit pick at a play.

  962. Absolutely Lin should not let his guard down. But sometimes you could worry too much and be less productive because the worrying holds you back and makes you unsure. Makes you look not confidant which is lins big criticism right now.

    Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27

  963. Ah yes … Kalapana ha ha.

  964. maybe Lin can easily make Swaggy aware of it by talking to him in context given the current state of race protests.

  965. you’re right he hit the backboard. Makes me want to go and play with them – looks so informal and fun.

  966. People believe it. Doesn’t matter, just getting through a lull here and it’s not fun to read all these this that stuff. Might last all year lol.

  967. I guess it’s a well calculated risk cause Rondo has a huge incentive to make it work during his contract year. But sometimes things just don’t turn out as expected.

  968. This was done probably before preseason or so… Maybe just air this to get some Lin’s fans attention.. smh!

  969. Thanks KHuang. I’ve actually used them before but didn’t get flagged. Guess I got away with it the first time.

  970. I like the way Boozer handles interviews.

  971. Those aren’t the “hang loose” signs (only thumb and pinky). Maybe that’s what they were trying for, but all wrong. In fact, everyone’s doing a different sign. LOL

  972. Don’t know where they get this “defensive minded coach” BS. Cleveland fired him due to Cleveland’s defensive struggles with him and defense immediately improved with Brown. Lakers are atrocious on defense with Scott. I think it’s just propaganda because you could say it and for some casual observers might get away with it. If you try to say he’s an offensive coach (which he isn’t either) even the casual observer wouldn’t believe that. So if he’s not an offensive coach and he’s not a defensive coach what is he a big fat ZERO. He’s basically Kobe’s valet.

  973. timmysaurus

    34 minutes ago · Third Street Promenade

    Someone to look up to #JLin #Linsanity #baller#LALakers #socal #undercovershopping #friendlyguy#somanyhashtags


  974. Worry can be VERY PROTECTIVE.

  975. Goodbye Lin to Mavs theory since they got Rondo.

  976. Lance Stephenson was signed for 3 years and Charlotte already trying to get rid of him.

  977. I find BS “offensive”.

  978. Impossible.

    In America, NOBODY takes racism against Asians seriously.

  979. Oh please KHuang, you’re a smart guy but invoke racism on Lin as a victim is ridiculous.

  980. Nick Young is black and he has a white girlfriend. It’s a different form of racism but he understands race based issues.

  981. NO.

    You PRETENDING that Lin isn’t affected by racism is RIDICULOUS.

    Go ahead. Make excuses for why Price is starting. Racism is the only reason and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.

  982. ah well, I can’t live in the boxes even I put myself in, so I can’t worry about what others construct to trap me. Up and out, turn and burn, you know what to do …

  983. Black and white racial issues have nothing to do with Asian racism.

  984. Stupidity and fear is often the root, it’s for different people who experience it to learn how it affects another group.

  985. What should Lin do?

    He should continue taking the high road and not fret when his NBA career is prematurely ended by social nonbasketball forces he cannot control.

    When a pro entertainer is besieged by racism, there comes a point when the pro sees the obituary of his career being written and realizes that the better he performs, the sooner it ends.

  986. Ain’t no one but Lin fans interested in learning what Lin’s experience with racism feels like.

  987. Agreed.

  988. Your experience maybe true. But in the case of sports, the numbers are so huge it’s not funny. Somebody will follow the money that Lin’s popularity brings and he will have a few more chances before he has to give it up. Only thing will be if he can tune out the competing voices in his head, like booz said in today’s interview linked below. If Lin can, he will live another day and go at least one more up cycle into the sponsorships dollars.

    People fail to realize, for now, Lin is sitting pretty.

  989. That is true, but my point is Lin is thinking too much, it make him look hesitant on the court. Hesitancy is a killer in a fast pace sport. If you worry enough to find yourself protected you usually find yourself doing nothing.

    “Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you a person who has never achieved much.”

    That’s why I like to see Lin make a few turnovers. That means he is trying to figure out how to beat his opponent.

  990. still unlikely lance is not getting max type money

  991. Normally I like Young’s quotes.

    But his quote about how Lin shouldn’t worry about coming out of games? TOTALLY WRONG.

    Lin’s being benched for playing well, and Scott is trying to DNP-CD Him.

    Similarly, Scott’s quote that he “has no agenda” is another big fat lie. The agenda is to EJECT THE ASIAN GUY, even if it costs the Lakers games.

  992. Just finished watching the revenge of the BIG-O (Omer Asik) against the deceitful Rockets. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Jrue Holiday doing whatever he wanted down the stretch against the defensive stopper that shalt not be named. Jrue also drove right by the cornerstone that barely moved on defense and then finished strong with a one-handed jam! It’s nice seeing Asik finally getting a win against Howard after what happened last season.

  993. In America, racism trumps money.

    In the entertainment industry, everybody knows that Asian entertainers are hugely popular when given the barest whiff of a chance. That doesn’t sit well with racist media heads, and they don’t care how many dollars they lose in the process. That’s exactly what’s happened to Lin in the NBA.

  994. Thunder and Warriors cannot stop each other… it’s entertaining

  995. i kinda wanna watch the mavs now lol. just to see how it goes

  996. maybe I don’t know how to agree. I’ve had some of those experiences, and yet I did not have to live in the class I was born to. That is something positive I want to share with you.

    I was taken to lunch by an Oxford grad in London once. I asked him why he wanted to invite me to lunch. He said he just wanted to marvel and soak in my American spirit. Over very bad English food in an expensive restaurant off the Strand, he explained to me that if he wanted to ascend classes, all of his friends and family would look down upon him. He just loved that we could work hard and change our lives.

    KHuang, I do live in a world with racism holding me and my family back, AND I also live in a world where I can ascend on any number of elevators if I want to go with the flow. I’ve found after I got to a certain skill and experience level, it’s the elevators I want to take in this free society. I am in my own box, honestly. My bad, and that’s why I love JLin’s journey. It’s his bad, and I don’t need to harp on it. He will figure it out, and so must I.

    Have a great week, bro …

  997. Watch GS’s game and any decent LA fans will be ashamed of how BS and KB have turned this franchise into garbage. If GS is rated as A, LA is definitely Z

  998. Why…they can simply just pin everything on Lin…LOL

  999. now, now … be +

  1000. LOL

  1001. You’re right, Lin is the official scapegoat of LA.

  1002. I still don’t get why teams are so high on Rajon Rondo. It’s akin to substance addicts inhaling bitter melon…

    oh well…

  1003. He has one ring…Just like Kobe has five… oh well

  1004. Well he won the ring with KG and Pierce. Without the other two he’s useless like a worn-out slipper with lots of holes… oh well…

  1005. yes, I use worn-out slippers that don’t have holes lol.

  1006. timmysaurus: Someone to look up to #JLin #Linsanity #baller #LALakers #socal #undercovershopping #friendlyguy #somanyhashtags

  1007. KD is probably out for Lakers game??

  1008. on 2nd thought, Kobe = worn out slipper with holes in it. Paul Pierce = worn IN slipper without holes !

  1009. +1 on this comment lol People make it sound like Rondo is the second coming of Steve Nash.

  1010. OKC probably would rest KD just to be safe on the 2nd night of B2B game tomorrow.

    Yeah, we got to see Price’s spearheaded defense trying to stop Westbrook :]
    This ought to be good!

  1011. To raise their TV ratings perhaps, but we know someone with 5 rings sinks his team’s ratings to the historical low, and is likely going to get them lower.

  1012. Rondo hasn’t been the same as pre-injury and his defense has been suspect but I guess teams like big names with a ring, even if they can’t shoot!

  1013. you’d get 2 if I could. Good job Mod-ing btw. They’re talking about you on the other site. In a bad good way if you know what I mean – you banned some and of course the deserving ones aren’t happy. I like webA though.

  1014. yeah, too bad .. but things are always flux in the NBA.
    we never know how things look like in 2015

  1015. Huh? I thought webattorney is just gone. I don’t care anyway.They’re just useless noise. Anyway, for what it’s worth I’m still a moderator, and their comments are just useless noise.

  1016. Like I said before, I can’t wait for the BBQ tomorrow. Roast! Sry though not Price’s fault. Not his fault …

  1017. Ah, if Rondo and Monta or some other Mav goes for each other’s throats, that is definitely going to give good rating.

  1018. Scott is very very defensive. Listen to his post game interviews and witness someone who has built a coaching career based on being defensive of his failures.

  1019. Yeah, someone here banned him and they were musing about the mods here. WebA was not bitter nor too negative. You can imagine the anger in some. Another is back and bragged about how easy it is to get back. You done good, sis.