G26 OKC @ LAL PreGame Thread+Poll

After a tough game for Jeremy in the Pacers game, there are more articles about Jeremy’s frustration of “being capable but not being able to bring that to the team”. It means BScott is NOT running PnR with Lin/Davis and Lin/Boozer enough.

LakerNation acknowledged Lin is the best offensive option at PG position and he can deliver if he keeps his confidence level up. It’s correct. Lin has to keep fighting

As someone who excels with the ball in his hand, Lin has struggled adjusting to playing next to Kobe Bryant. Kobe, who is an extremely ball dominant player, has the highest usage rate of his career.

Though Lin has struggled so far, there is still a lot of time for him to turn everything around. He is still the best offensive option at the point guard position for the Lakers and at times, he has looked like the player who stormed onto the NBA radar in New York.

If Lin can keep his confidence up, he has a good chance of bringing the Lakers exactly what he believes he should be on a nightly basis.


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