G26 OKC @ LAL PostGame Thread

Jeremy Lin came through with a flash of Linsanity.

It came at the unexpected moment after Nick Young was ejected for elbowing Steven Adams in the 4th quarter with 11:23 left.

Lin proceeded to lead a 15-6 run to retake the lead from being down 6 pts (76-82) to retake the lead 91-88 with 6:41 left when Kobe checked in.

During this 4.5min period, Lin scored 6 points and 3 assists.

Unfortunately Kobe came back playing the PG role and the offense slowed down to a grinding halt.

Lin made the shot to cut the lead to 103-104 with 32 seconds left but unfortunately Kobe missed the last shot after shooting cold all night long (3-15)


  1. Nice audition for Jeremy tonight!

  2. 2nd here!

  3. 3rd All females win.

  4. I want the scorekeeper to return Jeremy his 6th assist to Swaggy P’s 3 pt before the end of 3rd Qtr!!

  5. This is at least the third instance they took away Jeremy’s assists this season. Can’t believe this happened at home…

  6. Hey – I’m a guy!!!!

  7. I like how Laker fans felt hungry for Linsanity but Kobe happened to prevent the win.
    It could be a turning point for LAL Media to unleash Linsanity’s potential

  8. My prayers were answered even in a lost. Lin ends the night with joy and a smile. Thank you Lord.

  9. Just voted Lin for ASG. I know what Linsanity tastes, and I want more !

  10. Hey i am a lady!

  11. Oops. Didn’t see u first. Sorry!

  12. So does the rest of Laker fans! Yeah, #MoreLinsanity!

  13. When the crowd stood on their feet after ellingtons three it did remind me of linsanity at the MSG!

  14. M’Lady 🙂

  15. No worries – just playing!

  16. .??

  17. Something tell me he said that with a wink.

  18. WOW More More More for JLin! LOL

  19. It can’t never be enough! NEVER 🙂

  20. Maybe the charmin should start.

  21. WOW!

  22. Goes to show inept BS can be.

  23. Lin is always at best when it’s how to speak to the media.

  24. Scott: Show me what you got on the court.
    Lin: i showed you what I got. So back to Starter?
    Scott:…..show me more……

  25. Clint Eastwood: a Man’s Got To Know His Limitations.
    Have you heard it Kobe ?

  26. good question is whats the starters rating now

  27. They should be starters for almost any team.

  28. Amen! Yeah :]

  29. BS just repeating:” If you get the ball, pass it to Kobe no matter what.”

  30. As the media turn on Kobe and ask for Lin, Kobe is going to turn on Lin.

  31. You mean he hadn’t already? Lin demoted to bench and all.

    SG, Los Angeles LakersD
    35 min, 3-15 FG, 0-3 3P, 3-4 FT, 9 PTS, 8 REB, 8 AST, 0 STL, 0 BLK, 3 TO
    If Bryant wasn’t sick tonight, which LA trainers swore he wasn’t during the game, then we have serious problems as he may be breaking down already this year.

  33. Kobe already turned on Lin when he made BScott bench Lin for being too aggressive in Q4 in the MIN game

  34. Haha…. haha….. haha… crazy fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. lol did i not predict this

  36. LOL true, Lin just gave Scot more of what he’s capable of.
    But BScott and Kobe would decline indeed.

  37. Highlights!

  38. The height of this mini-Linsanity in the 4Q was 20-8, LAL.

  39. My thoughts exactly. Byron should have given the last shots to Kareem-Abdul Jabbar if he’s on the floor tonight
    Just because Kareem got the most points in the NBA.

  40. Translation: Jeremy should continue coming off the bench.

  41. Another highlights vid 🙂

  42. Jeremy’s post game interview.
    Whatever Worthy…

  43. Not gonna see it.

  44. LakeShow voted JLin as MVP despite the loss!
    LA Media is hungry for more Linsanity.


  45. Kobe can teach DH12 how to win a “championship”, but can’t teach the TV audience how to tune in his game anymore.

  46. LOL. understandable.

  47. MVP: Jeremy Lin, who sparked the Lakers big fourth quarter comeback. If not for his aggressive play, the Lakers lethargic mood on the night would have seen Oklahoma City run away in the fourth.

    LVP: Kobe Bryant. Even his 8 assists and 8 rebounds couldn’t escape his 3 of 15 shooting tonight, including bricking the game-winner. Byron Scott deserves a load of the blame for wearing him down this quickly.

    Stat of the Night: 28 assists. The Lakers again shared the ball tonight, finishing with five players having at least 3 assists. Great team effort tonight.

  48. Scott!!! You sometimes coaching for other teams………



  49. byron has worn down kobe in 1/4 of the season. opposite of the spurs

  50. Dude Kobe already turned on Lin when Lin was benched! Lin got nothing to lose right now!

  51. …. but but but… Kobe can’t play fast!… oh well….

  52. He’s not even doing the x and o, he’s just drawing big wide circles on the clipboard.

  53. Yup. Jeremy’s body language says it all. Last shot was so predictable.

  54. NO wonder BS does not like JLin. Lin probably knows more about BBall than Bs . Lin is an intelligent guy! Well spoken in details and analysis, while BS can only say things like … except he made dumb mistakes….. Bone-headed…..
    No coach likes players who are smarter ….

  55. That’s why I said BS should be out of NBA for good. He is really…………… Fill out the blank yourself:-)

  56. ZING!

  57. Kudos to JLin! Keep it up!

  58. we all see it

  59. That’s the awesome idea!!! I don’t mind one bit. The sooner the better.

  60. Kinda want to compare McHales and BScott’s clipboard lol

  61. Can’t wait for that, maybe next game will do it!!

  62. You cannot teach old dog new tricks. Kobe was so set on being “THE MAN” that if he doesn’t get his way, he would literally die.

  63. lol nope

  64. lol. never.

  65. To give the credit where it’s due, Kobe tried very hard tonight not to take his normal amount of shots to showcase Price or buy a win. But even 15 shots are too many for Kobe now, if Lakers want to win some games.

  66. really a great interview … Lin is so present and bbiq smart. Nice night all over the place.

  67. Hey you never know maybe Cousins will run over Kobe and Price and both will go down. Wishful thinking.

  68. give Kobe too much credit

  69. Lets hope for a Real Linsanity tomorrow!

  70. As always, great interview from Coach Lin 🙂

  71. We know what Kobe will do after praising a teammate.

  72. If he wasn’t playing in 4th qtr, Lakers could win at ease.

  73. Thanks for always putting the info here … I can’t even keep up with you, how could I find it out there 🙂

  74. Or, maybe that is what the “plan” is ?

  75. It was also a good slap.

  76. Am I playing too fast? lol

  77. I think there will be some adjustment…..so that does not happen

  78. Tomorrow? Is it back to back?

  79. Be happy Jeremy Lin. At this point most of us don’t even care win or lose anymore. Get your stats and entertaining us are all we are asking.

  80. Worthy trying to support his friend scott. Lame.

  81. IMHO, BS feels really insecure towards Lin’s superior intellectual ability and basketball IQ which threatened his position as the “coach”. That is why BS likes to use words such as “dumb” and “boneheaded” to describe Lin. He doesn’t seem to use those words to describe other players, only Lin lol.

  82. it’s the only Lakeshow in town, when Lin plays free.

  83. yes, very telling what a lower IQ person gives away. very good observation in general and specifically here.

  84. Trudell wanted lin to take more shots… lol. Love how lin points out what okc does for westbrook. Westbrook doesn’t do it by himself.

  85. Gotta love his toughness..

  86. He is such a classless coach.

  87. That’s why I am your fan, J. Lin! You always try to make the right play, you are not one of those stat padding pretenders so abundant in NBA nowadays.

  88. his immediate recognition of the subtext and how to drive it back to professional winning basketball …

  89. Nop Should be Sunday night game I believe.

  90. https://twitter.com/AndrewDBailey/status/546203561915191297 lol pistons. lin don’t go there prime example. couldn’t care less

  91. tomahawk!

  92. yep

  93. That’s ireland I think….

  94. lol he deserved it. real lack of effort. just put his hands up

  95. um, … hooold on for my old man plays …

  96. Interesting…lin thinks floaters has lower percentage than a C&S 3…..confirmed my believe too..

  97. I think he’s been reading too much of your posts so he starts believing in you :]

  98. I rewatched that kick out to Ellington on the side and while Lin had a floater, he was going to get a hard challenge so that side 3 was a great decision. The first Kickout to Ellington at the top was just beautiful vision and speed to get it out while Ellington had the open look.

  99. Typical inferiority complex for an insecure individual when facing an undrafted Harvard grad who looked very different from him but can not only play some mean basketball but can also out coach him. On or off the court.

  100. I like how Lin and Ellington developed more on-court and off-court chemistry.
    Those dribble penetration leading to Ellington draining 3s were money!
    Very similar to Novak indeed.

    Let’s hope we see more of it soon!

  101. He made the right plays!

  102. Ellington is not as good as Novak in terms of getting self open

  103. and Lin probably knows he hasn’t been making his floaters consistently this year so wide-open 3s definitely are better statistically

  104. I think so too…..all about to get the best shot in any possesion

  105. to bad they only get slow offense on most nights. ellington would be money in a insanity team

  106. he is a better three shooter though

  107. The problem is Ellington was asked to create too….this seriously hurt his game and potential contribution

  108. loved how Lin said you had kobe, a popper, roller, a space shooter … made me think I was a pro bball player too listening to him shooting the breeze about his Linsanity comeback arsenal.

  109. That’s a ridiculous comment trying to explain away Lin can’t contain elite PGs so it’s better to come off the bench.
    It’s not like Price fares much better. And those elite PGs can’t handle Lin either defensively

  110. Better defender too

  111. yep did great on westbrook. better then little bev

  112. today he showed if he gets space he’s a good shooter. So … roller Booz? Davis popper. Can you explain what popper means ?

  113. When I heard Worthy made the comment, he lost my respect right there.

  114. by far.

  115. This is just one of the few things they can bash on lin. Otoh…it is true that lin can have better energy on offense if he does nOT have to guard RWB

  116. LOL clock passed 1AM.

  117. very true.. I think Ellington is more balanced player than Novak.
    Great to see. Lin just needs to get Davis playing with him more so it completes the takeover soon 😀

  118. Means after PNR..the screener that goes for jumpers…

  119. he looked extremely confident in analyzing what happened and what needs to happen on-court. Great to see!

  120. Play KB more minutes and we are going to get our wish soon:-)

  121. So during a staggered screen. After ball handlers coming out of both screens, one screener rolls and the other pops

  122. I gotta admit, I was not happy with Jeremy at 7 minutes at the half. I was thinking to myself … Scott is going to give Jeremy 15 minutes in this loss. Then trued up when Lin waited until just over 3 mins in the 3rd left. Something happened in court play (Linsanity with the many assists and scoring to 8-10) that forced Scott to play him all the way. I think Lin’s great play and the comeback swept away Scott’s choice. The Kobe return … notice how announcers said Ellington and Lin were not slowing the game down for Kobe. Only in the last 2.5 mins did lin start going to Kobe, and it was an immediate brick and close game. IIRC, of course. Game flows, such a rush.

  123. RB would also expended energy in guarding Lin and other elite PGs.
    That comment was a dangerous comment to keep Lin as a bench player.
    Gotta keep watching Worthy if he’s singing a different tune soon about Lin

  124. The only thing swept Scott’s choices was young leaving the game

  125. ok so is Booz the roller and Davis the popper or is it interchangeable depending on who’s doing which screen?

  126. Oh, yes, I totally forgot about that. Normally then, Lin out and Kobe/Swaggy finish right? (the kobe PG finish?)

  127. No, Davis is a pure roller. He can not shoot. Boozer does both. Popper is like Duncan, LMA etc who shoot mid range or 3s after setting screens for others.

  128. Ok, now I can visualize and I’ll watch for that. Thanks! (ha ha do you mean Hill is popper too?)

  129. Yes….no way lin can finish the game if young was there

  130. He should be a roller, he pops to much.

  131. then I say pffff … If Scott cannot see with his eyes, tape, and so on, it’s over and we just got a nice unexpected snack along this dusty road. Next please … what other ‘in a moment’ surprises will we need? You are right, Lin is always ready to drive through the crack in the door.

  132. because he doesn’t like to run hard and contest maybe.

    So, pnr roller I get. Pop then means to pop back out to the open space for the jumper, right? I always though pop mean a verticality or something. Thx.

  133. In general it is called pick and pop…if no rollers

  134. RWB is not really good at d…he just has better team behind him

  135. On behalf of the ballhog I guess.

  136. ok, great game by Lin. Happy weekend!

  137. My weekend is half gone:-) Same to you!

  138. If he played 30 mins……this game could be different

  139. Sadly Lin didn’t even get 30 mins when he was starter for Lakers! BS such a hater!!

  140. Well..lin has to deal with it. Nothing we could do…

  141. Thanks so much for supporting me tonight Michael and Kei Nishikori!! Wish we had pulled out the win.via @JLin7 FB pic.twitter.com/VhSnVhZMkA— Penny Lee (@penny10654) December 20, 2014

  142. Gave up watching in less than 3 minutes:-) I knew what was coming and didn’t want to get upset but enjoyed what JLin has accomplished.

  143. Price tried that heat check probably made Scott angry too,

  144. LMAO Scott wants his boy to shine, that’s he was in before the starters were back! If Price made that Scott would’ve played him much longer!

  145. Dream on Brent!!! Give up as long as KB and BS are in Lakers unless JLin is out of Lakers.

  146. Yes…..but I bet he knows price taking that two shots are just going to make his love on price harder to be justified…

  147. Yeah, Scott must have asked Lin to pass to Young so that Lin can’t steal the spotlight from Kobe.

  148. Or NBA changed the rule to have 100 minutes a game..

  149. Michael chang ?

  150. No

  151. Because he missed?

  152. Even that, JLin is still getting less than 30 min as starter and about 15-20 min

    as bench player. KB will play 110 min and his priceless pieces will play 80-90 minutes. ABJ is at work at all time with KB and BS in the same team.

  153. they are Michael Chang and Kei Nishikori.

  154. ah yes..he’s Kei’s coach….and he looks like young Kwok, our Lin fan…jk

  155. From Blaiyan

    Jeremy Lin vs. Thunder (12-19-2014)

  156. It said in JLin’s FB. Look at what JLin said.

  157. Lakersground
    Lin — — He mentioned several times about how playing quick helped them a lot. It shouldn’t be such a mystery that we somehow can’t unlock when he’s out there. Scott just needs to let him do it and Lin needs to be more aggressive about making it happen. When Nick Young got ejected in the fourth, Lin started playing his game. “We were just trying to play fast, move the ball, spread the defense,” Lin said of the fourth quarter run that turned the game around for the Lakers. Unfortunately, they fell short after digging out of a 9-point hole, but they had the game in their grasp despite being outscored by 15 between the second and third quarters. Down the stretch we even trusted Lin enough to take a critical two-for-one jumper in the final minute. He sank it and would have liked the opportunity for the final shot, but it went to Kobe. “How many game winners has he hit like that, you know?…It’s just a matter of time before he hits those game winners,” Lin said. “I like game winners, too. I’d love to shoot some. I get it. That guy is the kind of king of game winners. He’s going to that shot. He’ll figure it out. That’s why he is who he is.” Glad we at least integrated him a little in the final minute. Baby steps. The team needs to repeat how they played in the fourth quarter with Lin on the floor. Make it part of an identity instead of a stretch of ball that briefly happened. Scott on Lin’s game: “There were a couple of dumb mistakes as far as turnovers, but other than that I thought he played solid,” Scott said. The last game left a lot to be desired from Lin and he regretted how passively he played. Glad he throttled it up in this one. Hopefully, that would have happened even if Nick was still in the game and Lin didn’t need to fill that void.

    The Stats: He scored 12 points on 5-7 shooting (0-1 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 8 boards, 5 assists, 3 turnovers and 3 fouls in 22 minutes. He was a +4.

    The Action: Quick burst of speed on the catch and he scored a layup down the lane. He attacked the paint next time down, stopped on a dime and banked it on a two-for-one possession. Telegraphed pass on the two-man game, stolen and a score the other way. Sloppy on the break, turnover, instead of a Laker score.

    Second Half: He curled into the D off the dribble and hit Boozer at the FT line, who attacked for an And-1. He was called for a charge on a drive down the paint. He drained a pull-up on the sideline. He attacked aggressively next time down for FTs, he made both. He attacked with speed, drew the D and whipped a pass out to Ellington open for the three. He probed with speed in early offense and whipped a pass off the dribble to Boozer in the lane. Pressure D on Jackson on the other end and he drew an offensive foul to get a stop. He attacked with speed, stopped on a dime and hit the pull-up elbow jumper. He collapsed the D off the dribble and kicked out to Ellington for the three. He took a three in early offense himself next time down and missed. He pushed it up with speed and missed a layup (might have been pushed from behind). Kobe stone cold, we called Lin’s number out of a timeout with 38 seconds left, he attacked to his right, stopped and hit the clutch wing jumper.

  158. Yeah, That is michael chang.. He is old fart now.

  159. Missed for one, were bad shots. Not good to see a PG to take those.

  160. Oh yes…I could not recognize him any more….lol

  161. Lin sounds like he played the way he must. Just do it consistently and he will survive the season. Go Lin. Please do it more.

  162. especially when you are shoot 25 percent from the field

  163. 1:20 – nice crossover + J 🙂

  164. Did you see how happy Lin was when Ellington made that 3? And then it came crashing down again… sigh…

  165. Lin must leave in summer and just survive for now

  166. Michael’s a cool cat.
    …Easy with that shirt lol

  167. Lin played great tonight with 12/5/8 in 22 minutes. Glad that he had found his shooting touch. I was really happy that he got to run the offense while Kobe was on the bench resting. It reminded me of the Linsanity Days with that mini-run to tie the game. Hope Lin continues to perform well in this team.

  168. he’s a bigot who would never criticize his favorites like Wesley or Price that way

  169. Too bad it only happened cause Nick Young was out. Those shot chuckers really kills Linsanity!

  170. Woah…haven’t seen Chang in ages. I took a photo with him a long time ago when he released his biography, and he was book signing. My hero growing up. Iconic photo for me…past and present heroes collide!

  171. Mr. Iggy Azalea should just be like Wayne Ellington and wait for the ball to find him on the right spot, rather than create his own or initiate plays.

  172. And he’s going to miss a lot more of those shots.

  173. From the highlight. In 4Q when Kobe stood up and cheered for the team, BS looked disgusted and told Kobe to check in for the game. Kobe looked like “oh, now?” to me.

    And also from the post game, pretty sure BS was not happy with Lin because his boy’s outstanding 14pts performance was buried. A Lin hater for sure.

    So happy for Lin tonight!!! think we should keep voting LINSANITY and pray for Lin having JOY after every game.

  174. Lin must play rogue every game. Lin going rogue is good for the team unlike most guys who go rogue. This is how he must play. Just play his game and ICE out Byron Scott, Kobe, and all who stand in his way.

  175. How pathetic KB and BS are:
    LOS ANGELES — You know the scenario. Everyone does. We’ve seen it unfold so many times for so many years that to expect it to unfold any other way feels sacrilegious.

    The Los Angeles Lakers have a chance to win on the game’s final play — and, of course, the ball goes to Kobe Bryant.

    It happened again Friday, as the crowd again rose to its feet at Staples Center, anticipating the Lakers’ star guard burying a game-winning buzzer-beater, another clip for the highlight reel.

    With his team down one with 6.3 seconds left, Bryant followed the age-old script and went isolation against Oklahoma City Thunder swingman Andre Roberson.

    Roberson had contested all of Bryant’s jumpers to that point, and he
    was effective: Bryant had missed 11 of his 14 attempts before that
    final play.

    Roberson was in position, and he contested Bryant’s last jumper,
    too. Bryant pump-faked, trying to draw contact, then fired from 17 feet
    … and missed. The Lakers lost, 104-103, and fell to 8-18.

    “It was the shot I wanted to get,” Bryant said following his 9-point
    performance on 3-of-15 shooting. He also had 8 assists and 8 rebounds
    in 35 minutes.

    “I was trying to figure out if I had time to draw contact. It just threw me off a little bit.”

    [+] Enlarge
    AP Photo/Mark J. TerrillKobe Bryant’s shot at redemption came up short.The
    36-year-old Bryant looked tired during the game and admitted as much
    afterward, which he has done several times throughout his 19th NBA

    “Yeah, I didn’t have my legs,” he said. “Pretty frustrating. I’ve got to figure it out.”

    Bryant shot 1 of 5 in the fourth quarter. Jeremy Lin, meanwhile, shot 3 of 5. Why did Lakers coach Byron Scott go to a weary Bryant instead of to Lin’s hot hand?

    “32,000-plus points,” Scott said, ball-parking Bryant’s career total.

    Lin gave a somewhat diplomatic response when asked about Bryant’s final shot.

    “How many game-winners has he hit like that?” Lin asked, referencing
    Bryant. “I’m obviously rooting for him to hit that shot. I thought it
    was a good look. It was a very, very hittable shot. That’s just a matter
    of time before he starts hitting those game-winners.”

    Then Lin added, “I like game-winners too. I would love to shoot
    some. But I get it. That guy is kind of the king of game-winners. He’s
    going to hit that shot. He’ll figure it out. That’s why he is who he

    Lin indeed gets it — Bryant gets the last shot in Lakerland, no matter what.

    But before that last shot, Bryant had missed 11 consecutive
    potential tying or go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of the
    fourth quarter or overtime.

    Four of those misses have come this season.

    On one side of the argument is the notion that Bryant isn’t as
    “clutch” as many believe, a point that advanced statistics has made all
    but indisputable.

    On the other side is the notion that, generally speaking, it’s just
    not all that wise to have a 36-year-old who has had consistent fatigue
    problems take the final shot, especially when said player hasn’t really
    made anything all night long anyway.

    That notion has nothing to do with being clutch — it’s just simple logic.

    Bryant’s legacy is to take those shots, and so he will, but his
    fatigue is becoming a troubling issue. He said he’s still trying to
    figure out when he has “his legs” and when he doesn’t.

    “Some games they’re there, some games they’re not,” said Bryant, who’s averaging a team-high 35.4 minutes per game this season.

    The Lakers had two off days before Friday’s game, and Bryant
    practiced during only one of them — Wednesday; even then, he practiced
    only part of that day.

    But Scott said he believed Bryant pushed too hard even in that limited practice time.

    “He wanted to compete in practice and get guys going,” Scott said.
    “Ultimately, that maybe kind of bit us in the butt a little bit. Maybe I
    just have to say, let’s just take the whole day off, instead of coming
    out and getting shots or doing some of the things that he did.”

    Is Scott concerned? He says he is not. Perhaps he might feel
    differently if his team were playing for anything this season aside from
    a top lottery pick.

    For his part, Bryant said he might have pushed himself too hard Wednesday.

    “Maybe,” he said. “It’s a balancing act, right? Just trying to
    figure out when to do it, when not to do it. I’m just trying to figure
    out proper rest and all that other stuff. I’m just trying to get a good
    system, trying to start getting some consistency in these legs.”

    Can he judge how his body will react by how he feels when he enters
    the arena? Or does he change as the game goes along and he catches a
    second wind?

    “It’s kind of play to play, actually,” Bryant said.

    He’s already learning that his season will hinge on him figuring out
    how to keep his body fresh — if such a thing is even possible at his
    age, with the minutes that he’s playing, with all the minutes that he
    already has played throughout his career.

    “Hopefully I can figure something new out tomorrow,” he said. “It’s just trial and error.”

  176. If there’s one thing I know about Lin is that he’s kind of a slow adapter, well slower than I want him to be. But Lin is like that annoying thorn in your side. Coaches try to eject him but Lin is too good and too resilient and these coaches all fail. I suspect Lin will grow steam and remain a thorn in BS’s side.

    Lin will always be up and down but he will have more than enough moments to make BS sweat, Kobe sweat, and the Lakers FO sweat for marginalizing him.

    Can Lin even do one step better than that? We’ll see.

    If Lin can play like this in 20 minutes for 10 games straight while Kobe keeps stinking, Lin will get a shot at something. Not sure what exactly, but something.

  177. Highlights from jay

  178. Won’t happen.

    Byron Scott won’t allow it.

  179. I watched Portland vs Spurs tonight,
    not Lakers OKC.

    The Spurs sure could use a guard like Lin.

    While I don’t expect the Spurs to go after Lin, it’s obvious that the Spurs need Lin’s defense, creativity, and athleticism.

    This game, the Spurs were simply overwhelmed athletically by the Blazers. The unathletic Spurs guards just could not get the job done despite running the plays and playing hard.

    In the NBA, athleticism rules. That’s why a super athletic player like Lin would be such an asset to the Spurs.

  180. He can create his own shots when open just don’t force them when he’s well defended which he loves doing. Won’t hurt if Young involved more of his teammates and passed little. That’s why Lin was smart to get those rebounds for his own shots and not pass to Young as much. Once Young gets the ball he doesn’t pass back out.

  181. That assist to Young wasn’t counted someone should complain about that! That’s 2 assists in last 2 games! Young didn’t put the ball back down on the floor so it was an assist!

  182. Spurs short handed right now both Parker and Leonard injured. What are the chances they trade for Lin just for a run due to injuries?

  183. Michael Chang… the king of speed.. I even still have his Prince racquet from about 20 years ago!

  184. I am happy that I predicted a comeback game for Lin though it seemed very unlikely early in the game. Every game like this is another stake in Lin’s claim to be a starter and also a slap to Scott’s face. I just wonder if either Kobe or Scott will change their mind and get Lin reinstated as a starter sometime this season.

    The fact that the Lakers bench is now one of the best bench squads in the NBA (near the top in scoring and rebounding) is a testament to Lin’s ability and his style of basketball. Ironically this may keep Lin on the bench as the Lakers starters (other than Davis) cannot win.

    Lastly, it is interesting that the media is questioning why Kobe took the last shot. We didn’t see that in Houston.

  185. This latest game just strengthened Byron Scott’s resolve to make Lin a DNP-CD for the rest of the season.

    Lin’s role continues to diminish.

  186. Who is he???

  187. I would hate to agree with you on this. But yeah Lin only had 22 mins in this game. There’s nothing more Lin can do about it though.

  188. Jeremy plays extremely well against the Spurs. If he becomes a Spur, he will singlehandedly lift the team on both ends, both the starters and bench.

  189. Jeremy’s “salvager” role from the Rockets extended up to the Lakers. I’m not sure if I shall be optimistic about it or not.

    On one hand, he gets to play without Kobe who has velcro-to-the-basketball hands.
    On the other hand, he is a starter.

    On one hand, he gets to lead the bench.
    On the other hand, he has to lead the bench to salvage the starters’ crappy game. He and the bench has to cover up the starters’ slack, which in most games, is really slack-y, too deep of a hole that he and the bench guys have to double, even triple their efforts to come back into the game.

    On one hand, he gets to play in the unit with better teamwork than the starters.
    On the other hand, he is still not the first option from the bench. Has to set-up shots for Boozer and Young first.

  190. The team looked good, even Kobe felt Lin was making things happen. For some reason, Scott doesn’t trust what is in front of his eyes, team ball led by Lin, and needs to turn it back into Kobe ball.

  191. The new Chang gang! LOL

  192. Jeremy just has to keep on giving really intelligent soundbites and observations so that the reporters all want to hear from him. That’s one way to win them over to his side…cos they’ll be forced to compare the nonsense BS spouts vs the strategies/tactics Lin employs and what he sees, and figure out who they want to quote in their articles.

  193. I missed the game. Good to hear that Lin did so well in the 4th when given the chance.

    Sounds like Lin was leading the team during that 4th qtr comeback. Just wondering since some said it was like Linsanity. Was he pushing, probing and stuff like he was doing during Linsanity? With the comment that BS was not happy and brought Kobe back in, was Lin just doing his thing and ignoring how BS wants his team to play?

  194. He looks more like me than the Michael Chang I remember.

  195. From BS to BY : That ain’t happening.

  196. Hmm Byron Scott said that he is going to play the guy the guys that are playing well? Ronnie hasn’t exactly played well for quite some time. So what’s up with that Scott?

  197. But was he in your face?

  198. BS’s inferior complex is acting up.

  199. 32000 points on one shot??!! Amazing.

  200. 3rd. = =. And don’t tell me the biggest factor is Boozer.

  201. According to his LinkedIn profile off his Twitter, he does Digital Media and Professional Athlete Marketing at Goodwin Sports Management in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


  202. This is part of a chain of tweets criticizing Scott for misusing Kobe and playing him too many minutes, when other teammates are more than capable to take up some of those minutes. Good stuff.

  203. Worthy can say some pretty good things about Lin and then say something totally wtf. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess. So far the good things have outweighed the bad. And at least he’s shown that he reads his tweets and owns up for mistakes. Maybe people need to remind him again lol.

  204. Baxter Holmes ‏@BaxterHolmes 1m1 minute ago
    Kobe has missed 12 straight potential tying/go-ahead shots in the last .05 of 4Q/OT, tying his longest such streak: http://es.pn/1DV6BCn

  205. IMO yesterday’s outcome was just perfect. The lost showcases the need for Kobe to play less and allow teammates a chance to shine during crunch time, instead of ALLWAYS needing to be the hero. It also reveal how bad Scott is as a coach. Had he let the banch play it out instead of taking a player who just scored a 3; to replace him with a cold Kobe. It showed that Scott is either just a kissazz, or just a LIN hater, or both. A win yesterday would not have generated the necessary questions to make things better for LIN.

    LIN also gave the home crowd a small taste of what life could be with Scott and Kobe out of the picture.

  206. Here’s what Jeremy himself said about OKC and Westbrook, and his analysis is spot on:
    “His athleticism and his speed got us. But not only that: (Oklahoma City) runs a lot of misdirection for him and gets him in his comfortable shots. They are always trying to keep you on your toes. They are very strategic.”
    Only team defense can adequately guard against team offense. To put the onus on Jeremy (or any other individual PG) to contain an opposing team offense is inappropriate.

  207. Oh boy J had some pretty moves! Also grateful that Booz has the hands to catch when Jeremy makes a quick decision, like that shovel pass. You could see that split-second recognition on Booz’s face…whoa! the ball’s comin’ at me, gotta grab! He’s feasting, as so many have said. I can read the NBA play-by-play while following the comments here, but seeing the highlights is a whole ‘nother delicious!

  208. He’ll try like heck to not let that happen…but, as we have all experienced over these last years, unexpected circumstances get in the way. Sooner or later cracks in the wall have always allowed Jeremy to push through. Jeremy is syncing to a much, much bigger playmaker than little Byron Scott.

  209. Poor guy…but then we already knew everything to do with that team has no class.

  210. Should the Lakers still let Kobe Bryant take game-winning shots?


    “When asked why Bryant got to take the game-winner Friday, head coach Scott’s answer was simple: “32,000 plus points.” That kind of reasoning will probably get the Lakers a great lottery pick this summer.”

  211. J gets dissed by some for that shirt. I, however, love it! Geek chic at it’s coolest.

  212. With more games like that the Lakers fans will start seeing the light how ridiculous Kobe/Scott are. TWC talking heads doing their best to keep promoting the Scott propaganda though.

  213. Absolutely! Racism rightly gets a lot of press on this site, but I have always felt these old dudes like Scott and McHale are offended down to their very bones that someone got in the club without going through them and their high-draft gatekeeper system. They know perfectly well how good he is. They are NOT blind, or even stupid, sadly. They are INSECURE and MEAN. Everything he does right infuriates them and they’ll diminish him in every way they can. Jeremy, however, is not in their hands. The Universe is not controlled by pinched spirits like those guys. There will always be an opening for Jeremy to push through. Says I.

  214. I love what he said. He can really spell it out short and clear and direct the minds of sports writers who are so often surprisingly ignorant. Sometimes those guys remind me of Butthead chastising Beavis for answering correctly in class…”Uh…huh huh huh…you were paying attention!”

  215. Meaningless smart-a$$ answer. At this point in Kobe’s career it’s like mining for gold – takes 30 tons of rock to get an ounce of gold.

  216. Exactly……audition time for lin……

  217. In terms of a linear programming problem, the Lakers are trying to maximize their total number of wins with the following constraints:

    1. Kobe must shine the brightest (taking all late game shots and possessions!)
    2. Lin may shine if he did not outshine Kobe, or else he becomes stapled to the bench.

    Are they trying to win? Most definitely! However, by constraining the play of their best player (Lin) with a historically inefficient Kobe is simply not going to win them many games. In fact, it is almost miraculous that they have already won 8 games!

  218. Scott, you are not kobe’s mama, don’t worry too much for him.

  219. So now we know what record Kobe is breaking next besides making history every night with more and more bricks. After Kobe eventually retires, will his record for most bricks ever be broken lol?

  220. I am not sure if this problem is linearly modeled tho…or not

  221. Well I guess if it’s not linear then we can try to model it as a continuous optimization problem with the above constraints lol.

  222. Well yes…then an optimal solution may not exists…..lol

  223. So if Young Suspended Sunday against SAC Lin going to be taking more shots. Linsanity?

    LA Times: Five takeaways from the Lakers’ loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder

    5) Keep an eye out for a possible suspension of Nick Young. The league will certainly take a look at his dust-up with Steven Adams, which involved a Young forearm and ejection (flagrant foul 2).

    “I just looked at it again,” said Coach Byron Scott after the game. “That’s how Adams is. He’s going to grab and hold and do things to try and irritate you. Nick definitely overreacted, and he’s too valuable for us, to overreact and get kicked out of the game like that.”

    Best guess, Young is given a seat for the Lakers’ Sunday visit to the Sacramento Kings (11-15).

  224. Audition time…for another team, or for the Lakers longer term vision? I know many will just scoff at this question, but I’m still unsure. If he was thinking 1 year rental then Kupchak wouldn’t have gone so overboard with “we’ve wanted you for years, third time’s the charm”…just a regular showin’-you-around welcome would’ve been fine. At least is seems so to me…putting cynicism aside, could Kupchak’s comment have been genuine? Could be many reasons to pick J up. Picks, of course, but maybe they thought if Nash goes down Jeremy has shown that he can play with ball-dominant guys and might be the best available fit for Kobe, who everyone else seems to be avoiding like the plague. Big names have other choices…Jeremy was a good possibility who could not say no thanks. Kobe has been who he is for a long time, but he really is worse now and maybe they didn’t really expect that, or had their heads in hopeful sand about that. Also probably didn’t know Scott was a closet Lin-hater. It’s just full-blown constipation now – all tied up and nowhere to go if you keep clinging to Kobe and his monster reputation and monster contract.

    Really does seem nobody wants to trade themselves into this mess – even 2nd tier guys preferring China. Maybe the FO is just praying for things to hold together until Kobe is out of their hair, probably hoping he finally bows to lesser minutes due to fatigue before they find themselves resisting unwanted creeping-in hopes that he re-injures. And that Jeremy can be kept on ice waiting for certain future greatness as a Laker. Although in that case, they’d certainly have to off-load BS the hater. Dunno. Very many moving parts.

  225. Well said, indeed.
    Remember Larry Bird said he did not want to draft Lin because Lin would be smarter than Bird – an admission of superior high intelligence Lin possesses. When Lin is interviewed, whenever, he gives a detailed recount and analysis, he gives words that have substance and meaning. I bet he gives that too in the practice, and irritating the heck out of BS. All BS can spit out are words like dumb, those words mean no instructional values, a low IQ kind of guy. BS’s lack of coaching knowledge and outdated (totally agreeing with KHuang on this.) framework will exposed himself to be casted away in this league.
    Meanwhile, Lin will go on and shine through, whatever he chooses to do. He will be a great pastor and preacher, a great coach, etc. (I would venture to say that the front office is well aware of this.)

  226. Yep. When Kobe had 10 TO in one game BS saw nothing dumb or boneheaded about Kobe.

  227. Ha right.

  228. I agree with constraint number 1. That is CLEARLY in operation with the Lakers. The Lakers must win with Kobe leading the way.

    I don’t agree with constraint number two. Lin’s benching does not have to do with whether he’s outshining Kobe or not.

  229. Mods…just noticed a ‘pending’ on an earlier post. Can’t figure out why…let me know if it’s a glitch or if I need some education on good behavior…:)

  230. Very nice.

  231. ok, I just released it.
    It’s a Disqus thing

  232. Disagreeing with constraint #2 can only be because you’re convinced BS is a hater. That has become obvious, but…without the elephant of Kobe, he really would not be able to marginalize Jeremy. Jeremy would be making his teammates happy with good looks, the franchise would be less humiliated by ceaseless losing, and most importantly to BS – J is not a fame-wh*re so he wouldn’t be sucking ALL the air out of BS’s little universe. So I think constraint #2 wins out over BS’s hating.

  233. Thanks. Glad to know I’m not a bad girl…:D

  234. With Kobe not having his legs and Young being suspended, BScott will hate having to rely on Lin.
    This will be a must-see TV :]

  235. So they we willing to part with the 1st round pick they got from Houston but not willing to part with Lin?


  236. Has Chang gotten shorter? He was listed at 5’9″, Kei is listed at 5’10”, they look about 2-3 inches difference.

  237. Which is more likely? Young suspended would mean more minutes for Lin especially with Kobe starting to break down XD. Calling it now if BS is still stubborn to play Kobe long minutes next game with tired legs, he’s really asking for Kobe to be injured. We all know what happened to those young guys when they were fatigued from BS’s over practice.

  238. If Lakers valued Lin they would’ve fired BS long ago with an actual coach who isn’t afraid of benching Kobe and limiting his minutes for real.

  239. Not surprised, Mchale and Rockets are too dumb to utilize a 3 point specialist who can outscore and shine Harden! Who knows maybe the Cavs will want to pick him up since Lebron wanted him as his new Ray Allen!

  240. I completely understand the sentiment, but of course it’s not that simple. For one thing, as long as the FO feels trapped by their marriage to Kobe, I’m not sure any coach wants to step into the quagmire any more than free-agent names do. I doubt it’s that easy to just snap your fingers and get another coach. Also not easy to snap your fingers and turn their backs on Kobe. He’s driving the franchise over a cliff, but in spite of apparently declining viewership he’s still a very big name with lots of fans. Anyone who’s been through it knows divorce isn’t such an easy process. Probably a fools task to speculate about the behind-the scenes maneuvering and the unspoken psychology of it all, and how Jeremy, and any of the other players, figure in these choppy waters.

  241. Lakers are having bipolar. I guess FO/Owners/Lakers’ fans wish Kobe retire ASAP, but don’t want to say it in public; Kobe wishes he can still get paid after next season, but can’t say it in public.

  242. Boston would never want Lin.

    GM Danny Ainge is another outdated 80s illegal defense era player who doesn’t have a clue how to win in the modern NBA. Those guys all hate Lin.

    Offering Lin would’ve made it harder for the Lakers to trade for Rondo, not easier.

  243. I like it. Just like last two seasons McHale was forced to let Lin play his game when Harden was injured or pulled the team into a losing streak.

  244. It doesn’t matter if Young is injured or not.

    Byron Scott will seek to reduce Lin’s role and minutes next game.

    Scott doesn’t like it when Lin keeps producing.

  245. Too bad Lin’s a GONER.

    The DNP-CD countdown just got faster!

  246. Like LAJane, I don’t think it’s as simple as that. I mean if they valued WINNING, they would have fired Scott a long time ago. I do think they want to keep Lin, maybe not necessarily as a starting point guard, but I think they know he has great value as a player and as a marketing tool, too. But they have to bide their time and tread carefully with Kobe still around. Maybe the lower TV ratings and media backlash on Kobe’s minutes will force their hand. But we’re some way yet from any kind of satisfactory resolution on this puzzle. I don’t wish anyone any harm, but a lot of this would just solve itself if Kobe took a few games off by necessity.

  247. None of this would matter if Lin were not constantly being benched for playing well.

  248. Agreed. Ainge had many chances to trade Rondo for Lin last season if he wanted.

  249. I don’t understand offering Nash. He’s done…why would he be part of any deal? Someone tell me…

  250. Lin’s a GONER.

    It’s just a matter of time before he’s phased out this season.

  251. Nash is an expiring contract who won’t upset the rotation of a team by demanding minutes and touches.

  252. OH. So he doesn’t have to show up, but they get picks. Got it. But they still have to pay Nash…and I guess hope the picks are worth that extra price.

  253. The way that’s been happening this season is playing alongside Kobe or playing alongside Price who doesn’t pass the ball to Lin. If Kobe and Price with the starters Lin will control the ball on second team. Only way is Kobe play >40 min which more and more doesn’t look like he’s up to it.

  254. Cavaliers in mutiny? Lakers out to have a mutiny:


  255. While Kobe’s NBA status won’t change much if he keeps bricking around the 33% rate and refusing to give his teammates chances to win or improve their values, his market value (e.g., from ads) could be damaged significantly because the audience will eventually be irritated and turn to the opposite side.

  256. DNP-CD is pretty intense..you’ve been feeling very ‘event-horizon’ about this. You’re my bball guru…do you really think BS could get away with something so extreme? He’s awful, but he isn’t the only deciding factor…

  257. TWC talking heads especially coach Miller tries to sugar coat it. Won’t call Kobe out on the obvious.

  258. Agree. I’m also quite pleasantly surprised at how much the media is making of it. Guess I got so used to Houston where Harden seemed to be able to do no wrong. In LA, they do call out Kobe and BS. Not as much as we’d like, but it’s there.

  259. Young’s value didn’t get them closer, on fact the opposite. The run-up was very much expected for fans who knows how Lin works the team. I’d say BSc has no clue the lack of value the way he’s coached Young, so anyway, on it goes …

  260. love analogies! really only a few corner case solves for that one, and one has to have luck to seed the starting value like … Young getting ejected AND Kobe gassed. That final luck, where Kobe would be tripled and had to pass to the open Lin, didn’t happen.

  261. u math wiz-kids …

  262. Let me say that I disagree and it won’t happen and I hope you will admit it when it doesn’t. I will definitely acknowledge it to you if it happens and I’m wrong. While I don’t think this is a bed of roses, I don’t think we’re in an acid bath. There will be a decent outcome for Lin, all year and this month, because Lin will create it. He is way more capable of resolving his obstacles than the normal person, and we can take inspiration and lessons from that.

  263. so I know if you listen to Lin’s post game that his statement on Kobe’s last shot can be either way, and I love tha maybe Lin meant … just look at his track record of buzzer beaters. Cool for Lin, turn up the heat of truth so the frogs have to jump or boil.

  264. worried about the win and found a quick solution?

  265. I disagree withe DNP-CD

  266. No way he’s a goner. If he’s on the roster and he’s not injured, he will get PT. Maybe 15 mins is the lower end of political correctness, but that’s the floor … politics. There’s no rational even if you say racism reason for DNP-CD.

  267. So many games this season had Lin gotten 3-5 more mins, LAL wins. Or 10% more usage at the exact time he got frozen. Lin is actually a button to push to STOP LAL offense. His D is consistent, so that control button has been very effective for the tanker agenda in my mind. That and giving ball to Kobe. So, if Lin on court, Lin give it to Kobe, instant momentum stopper. If Lin on court, take him off – instant LAL stopper. Pretty powerful control point …

  268. LOL! Well, Kobe will never jump, but it’s clear boiling is really irritating Mr. Sleeve-thrower.

  269. it takes humility and confidence to look around when the pot feels warmer.

  270. Because Mitch looked at his record of recent years not prior to that.

  271. 10% shift, 100% understanding:

    So many fans who are real fans get frustrated by Lin’s ‘inconsistency’. I marvel at his consistency to solve the puzzle as fast as he’s allowed.

    He’s human, so does get tired, injured, sick, sad, etc. Fans and TROLLS alike love to feed off his downturns and somehow cope with their own lives in a way, but when Lin turns it up, they also feed off him like a feast.

    So the 10% shift: why not look at how consistent and fast he comes back to resolve adversity? You can rely on that and then you see his 22 min Linsanity, and it makes 100% sense again.

    When it makes 100% sense, you can eat a little every day, even on a rainy day, and you still get the feasts sometimes. That really is how life is too, if you focus on that is going right and love the joyful moments.

  272. Kobe really wanted Rondo so he would have offered more. Owners and GM were only pretending to get Rondo for Kobe’s sake. To me this is a hopeful sign for Lin. Kobe has leverage over owners/GM but it’s not absolute. It’s Kobe/BS who want to marginalize Lin but the other camp does push back. Hopefully last night was the beginning of a turning point for Lin

  273. I compared the field goal attempt pattern between Kobe and Lin. In particular, I was interested in the linear relationship between field goal attempts against field goal percentage for Kobe versus Lin. The results are not really surprising. Kobe basically chucked it up regardless of his field goal percentage in that game whereas Lin usually attempted more field goals only when he was feeling it.

  274. 3/15 last shot:

    How many of you could, shooting 3/15 with players much better than you, make that last shot? I don’t mean you are in the NBA, but let’s say you are in a game against and with people who are definitely better than you … would you make that last shot if it came to you? I’d say I have a way better than 1/5 chance, and I hope you will answer with how you might perform from your playing experience.

    I would guess over 70% of you who do sports or bball would make that last shot. That’s how bad I think Kobe has become, worst than you or me in our own realm. With all the support of the team and organization, he cannot even hit a simple shot or make the open pass to the hot hand. We def have to do better than that in our lives else we get fired or our spouses, kids, family, friends would get mightily on our cases.

  275. can you give a graph or some quant parameters or std deviations? this sounds really interesting.

  276. whenever Lin had a good game (Lake Show Live named him MVP of the game last night), BS/KB would shackle him even more.
    I guess next game Lin will have 15 mins or even DNP-CD like KHuang said???

  277. They can’t shackle Lin, not with scrubby Price and Kobe breaking down already. Not to mention FO is paying him 15 million.

  278. No, not DNP-CD respectfully. That’s a hue-n-cry I cannot support and I will admit it if I am wrong.

    Lin may get more ball control given Swaggy might be held out tonight due to Flagrant 2.

  279. Word, no no no to DNP-CD. Maybe 15 mins on a bad Lin night, not sure.

  280. Except this one will work if Lebron the franchise player agrees. It’s the Princeton Offense no one wins games with that in the NBA. Seriously with 3 stars, 2 of them overrated, they shouldn’t be losing this bad.

  281. remind me, which parameter gives the relative fit to linear coefficients? I see the trend but have forgotten the degree of fit parameter.

  282. Very interesting point. If the Lakers were wholeheartedly tanking with actual intelligence, I’d say this would be brilliant strategy on their part. Sadly, I think it’s 90% keeping Kobe happy, and 10% BS being a Lin-hater. I’m sure BS thinks he’s more important than 10%, but I don’t….:-)

  283. Not tonight, tomorrow lol. I was up late last night after 1AM and thought the same thing. Although it’d be awesome if i was a back to back then Kobe would play even worst with the way he performed last night and Lin can shine with Linsanity for real with Young out.

  284. I’m sure KHuang is exaggerating like he does a lot. Lol. Lin will not DNP-CD

  285. good, you still have confidence in BS (that BS will not shackle Lin).
    I don’t, any more.

  286. Haha…..I guess Kobe is Kobe. Never changes…

  287. It better not happen. Not in Sacramento. Lin usually performs better over there.

  288. The model for Kobe:
    FGA = 15.698 + 17.331*FG% (p-value = 0.1794)
    If the regression model is appropriate (it isn’t), Kobe would on average increase 1.7 field goal attempts for each 10% increase in his FG%. However, since there is not sufficient evidence for a linear relationship, we might as well use the mean FGA which is 22.12.

    The model for Lin:
    FGA = 5.85 + 6.58*FG% (p-value = 0.0244)
    On average, Lin attempted 0.658 more field goals for each 10% increase in his FG%.

  289. Hahahahahaha…I just noticed Westbrook…totally distracted from hi-fiving his winning teammates by watching Kobe’s sleeve flying through the air.

  290. I keep yammering that the Lakers are NOT doing the Princeton offense.

  291. R-Square is adequate in this case (only one explanatory variable). The R-Square for Lin’s model is 0.1937. That is, Lin’s FG% explained approximately 19.37% of the total variations in his FGA. We need to include more explanatory variables to achieve a higher R-Square.

  292. enjoying the math, I am. Glad you guys are here.

  293. It wasn’t an exaggeration when I claimed that Houston was going to make Lin a DNP CD this season no matter what.

    It’s not an exaggeration that Lin’s role and minutes are diminishing, especially when he plays well.

    Lin could be DNP-CD’d at any point, especially if Price and Ellington play well.

  294. I think the extremely wide 95% prediction limits for Kobe’s graph really tells the whole story on Kobe’s FGA. The model predicts with 95% confidence that Kobe may attempt 32 FGA even when his FG% is 0% lol.

  295. What Linfuriates me is that Kobe Bryant always bricks these shots in a way that is totally against team play.

    If Bryant were a team player, he might occasionally pass off to a wide open person or at least not take that same tired zero percentage fallaway 20 foot midrange jumper with a committed athletic defender in his face.

    I’ve been a Kobe Bryant hater for the last two decades, and I’m more of one now than ever.

  296. Maybe that’s what Mich talked to JLin about. “Jeremy don’t listen to those trade rumors. we weren’t really interested in Rondo. Just going through the motions to make Kobe happy like we did with Melo.

  297. Try 10 minutes and under – that’s already happened this season.

  298. He will but with this horrible team he can’t afford to. It’s not like Rockets where they had more talented players to make up for it.

  299. You should have force both figures to use the same range for both axis….it will be more clear so…LOL

  300. That’s cause Lin was playing awful after being unfairly demoted to bench player!

  301. Yep something like that. It could also be that Lin asked Mitch to trade him and Mitch was letting him know that for whatever reason a trade with Boston did not go through.

  302. Ellington isn’t PG he can’t lead second unit. Single digit Price won’t play well ever maybe 1 quarter and then disappear like last game.

  303. Lakers fans are so funny… no one will come next summer bc Lakers is cheap they will not offer any big or max contract for these PGs. Dragic will stay in either Sun or Hou.

  304. Young will not play so maybe around 20 or a little bit more…?!

  305. I think they talked about these before the practice.. Mitch probably just said something to let Lin knows everything will be on his wish or plan…?! They let him closed the game, right?

  306. I think Celtics always had love & hate relationship w Rondo… the rumor about trade him started from 2 or even 3 years ago… due to Hard to get along w coach, players… plus his performance was not as good as the past… so Celtics always had the plan to trade him.

  307. Not even 2nd unit?

  308. Maybe not DNP-CD. KH is not exaggerating. However, it can not happen overnight.

  309. Scott & Kobe talked to reporters about extend contract before vs Celtics game. I believe Kobe wants to push the deal to go through…

  310. Only cause Nick Young was out.

  311. I think @KHuang is right that Kobe/BS would like to DNP-CD Lin if they could. But they can’t. Or they wouldn’t get away with it if they tried. Why? Because although some of the powers that be in the NBA would like to eject the Asian guy it’s not EVERYONE. If it were EVERYONE as KHuang asserts, then Lin could never have gotten this far. Clearly there is still hope for the Lin saga to have a happy ending IMO.

  312. What sport said below. Don’t think so down like that. Sure BS may be putting Lin down but they can’t put him way down to the point where he will be a DNP. Lin is too good for that. Wayyy too good for Price or Ellington. I find it hard to see Price play that much more better tbh.

  313. Kobe had Lin at the wing and Ellington at the corner with about 2.x secs left. Too bad he did not pass to either one….floor was perfectly spaced. I guess the last shot was actually ok for Kobe (given his status), but not his previous 10 shots or so.

  314. Not sure if I said it here or not but I’ll be going to the Kings and Lakers game tomorrow. As a Kings fan I’m rooting for them (those who know would know I dislike the Lakers). I’m hoping Jeremy has a really good game though not only as a fan, but to make this game more interesting. Lin is known to usually have great games at Sleep Train Arena. As a matter of fact he won his state title there so I know that building must hold a special place in his heart. Oh and I can’t wait to get my drink on with the homies there too! Thats also the fun part! Lol

  315. In case ppl asking if LAL ran Princeton or not. Answer is yes and no. THe 2 guard fronts 1st option is a guard give up the ball to another guard and then cut while a second wing player cut after him. THis is the initial Princeton action. HOWEVER, most of the time the play ended up being someone ISO on the other side…..so…..

  316. Yes sir!

  317. So far I feel Lakers were more successful running Triangle than they were running Princeton. Of course this statement is given when they are actually passing the ball around.

  318. Thanks!

  319. The slope for Kobe would be higher except for one outlier point at FG %< 0.1.

  320. I hate it why not w Lakers? Guess Lakers didn’t want to let Lin walk… smh!

  321. OMG, all the PGs are in WC now?!

  322. That’s good news to me!!!!! 🙂

  323. Keep fighting Jeremy!

  324. Go go go!

  325. Yes, Thx tomorrow

  326. Prob with forums, no accountability evenamongst friends

  327. I don’t like kobe too

  328. Like the energizer bunny 🙂

  329. Thx, love the framework. More data and multi variable too lol down the road. Not saying small sample, saying let’s refine#!!!! There’s truth here.

  330. How do you post multiple images in a post?

  331. Just attach it one by one

  332. Linsanity – funny eye closed version & leg crossed layup version

  333. Ok…let me try! Thanks!

  334. All Lin needs is 2.5 mins in the team and audition year.

  335. Oh it’s easier than I thought…do you know how to insert gifs?

  336. hahaha…. love the bulldog

  337. Then they’ve left a lot of games on the table wow.

  338. Haven’t try that before. Guess is it the same?

  339. Some times it good to be bad…hehe

  340. The other day I tried, and failed.

  341. The Chinese singer, 林俊杰(JJ Lin) wearing Lin’s laker jersey in a very famous chinese show call”奔跑吧,兄弟”(so funny show!!! Go watch it if you understand chinese)

  342. testing….failed

  343. Princetoniso or Triangliso ?

  344. Yeah I remember….The dunk on Garcia!

  345. And Lin is playing like one, speaking out against KB -about they played hard as a bunch of toilet paper, about the last shot KB took, etc. He knows.

  346. How come BS failed to declare Nick Young’s elbow manoeuvre on Adams as “boneheaded” or “dumb”?

  347. Ps the Kobe one does look like a shotgun scatter plot lol

  348. Unfortunately Scott’s behaviour and comments indicate very strong prejudice against Lin. Reminiscent of McHale or even worse.

  349. I was there! Haha. Lin likes to dunk on Sac. Who knows he might put on a show.

  350. Maybe Dallas will realize they made a mistake and try to get JLin in FA


  351. Or just ISO…lol

  352. As you said, the offense begins with Princeton / Triangle ACTIONS…….

  353. Can’t agree more… Just saw their game… They don’t need Rondo. Bad move.

  354. @psalm234 and mods. Should there be somewhere in this site where we keep tabs and videos of all of J’s missing stats? I think there’s some email we can appeal to the NBA. I remember some fans last year were moderately successful in having some stats credited to J. Just a thought.

  355. It’s just called kobeball.

  356. Seems like Lin has trouble with opposing big dominant centers though. Going up against Demarcus Cousins going to be tough unless he plays with Davis to do PnR to occupy the opposing big.

  357. I guess Mark Cuban isn’t as bright as I thought he was

  358. The Mavs averaged 23.6 assists as a team before the Rondo trade and I think that number is going to decrease despite adding Rondo who averaged more assists than the players traded away. Rondo is just a stat-padder who wasted a lot of offensive possessions to pad his assist total while making the overall offensive efficiency worse.

  359. This move was not smart bc their bench became not good. Today Spurs only use bench players vs Mav 1st unit?! They also played last night…

  360. In terms of point guards, I think Chris Paul is slightly overrated. Rondo is severely overrated. On the other hand, Tony Parker does not get the credit he deserves. I wonder if Lin will eventually end up with a Tony Parker situation. A winning championship team but no stat padding.

  361. That could be. But I don’t think Jeremy would be tortured by that. I think he’d be happy with a championship and not care much about the rest of it. It’s always nice to have some good recognition and I can almost hear him say “I’m only human..” if asked about it, but he seems to genuinely value actual accomplishment over fleeting celebrity.

  362. I was surprised at that deal. I does make you wonder, doesn’t it.

  363. they gave up a lot for someone whose career is on the decline

  364. What’s the show title in English…’cause sometimes you can find eng subbed uploads on YouTube or DailyMotion. I’d be curious to see if I can find it.

  365. … then BS killed the come back… rest is what they called: HISTORY!

  366. I try to type “chinese running man with eng sub” but didn’t really see one though. It’s the Chinese version of the Korean famous show “The running man”.
    This is the link to the episode where JJ Lin’s #17 laker jersey appear.

  367. Hahaha…I was wondering when someone was going to get around to saying that. The thought crossed my mind, but we’ve got real good school monitors here so I’ll leave my misdemeanors for off-campus… 😀

  368. I think it’s pretty hard to translate, in compare to movies or dramas, because a lot of slangs and non formal words used in the show. It’s hard to find words in eng that work with the rhyme like the orginial version and also translate what the original means at the same time. I’ll be surprised if you found eng one. Let me know if you found it!:)

  369. I searched, it says post the gifs link in disqus, but didn’t work as well. Oh well…

  370. I like Steve Adam’s game….borderLine dirty and effective.

  371. I would be happy if Jeremy ends up with a team and eventual career like Tony Parker. I look forward to the day I can support Jeremy, his entire team and coach!

  372. PPL can harp on Rondo…and rightfully so. But I think he really is very good at passing the ball. He probably is the last PG in the current younger Gen that pass the ball that well.

  373. Absolutely!

  374. LOL this guy is honest….LOL

  375. Yeah, I’m really surprised how much Parker is overlooked. Then again, so is Duncan and Dirk.

  376. I wonder if Lin had made that 3 if he would have then been subbed out? Hah!

  377. I really want to see how those PGs play if they are in LAL now.

  378. I do feel the Lakers want to keep Lin. Especially with how much the front office tries to talk to him.

  379. Is that Ellington on Lin’s right? Cool.

  380. he did ok tonight, was a threat but Pop was resting everyone.

  381. I know from last night you can tell… they paid 15M to keep him in Lakers not for the 1st round pick only.

  382. They are not integrated yet. Ellis was the PG there LOL. I think Rondo does not fit MAV.

  383. I saw last 15 mins … he clanked some bad shots, made a few good passes, then I think he made 2 key baskets to catch them up. Not really a fan of Mavs, but maybe it’ll work out.

  384. IF Lakers really wants Lin, either backup or starter. It is a good thing. Since Lin’s biggest problem is no one really values him enough. Not that they think he is scrub, just not enough.

  385. Thanks for the link. I’m familiar with “Running Man” Korean original, which is available eng subbed. I’m gonna snoop around…

  386. I believe Coach will make it work…….It is Rick Carlisle we are talking aout here

  387. Let’s just hope for 15 good Linsanity minutes once a week and we’ll be good and Lin will have the video to negotiate.

  388. You just have to see how a healthy Nash a few years ago struggled to play with Kobe. I think Nash’s assists figures were ok but his scoring went down a lot. More importantly, they were losing a lot of games. Kobe has too many faults masked by brilliant iso scoring. Now his scoring efficiency is down so …

  389. well, if it’s win now, …

    You know if they make it from 1st to 2nd round, TV ad share and all that = millions to team owners? I heard a number before, but I’m not sure it’s right. Just say it’s under $10m.

  390. They have to win. MAVs is not like Spurs. This yr is their best chance.

  391. No…but I also want to see how will it go under Scott.

  392. you mean Dirk is getting old and contract getting close?

  393. Tyson too.

  394. Oh yeah. Well, given Scott’s record in recent years the defence will be bad in any case.

  395. Doesn’t look like Ellington to me. That guy looks older.

  396. Pretty much so, at this point..

  397. Maverick will be unstoppable with rondo.

  398. I have not reached that point yet….I mean…I still have doubts..

  399. Me too. Saw their game today… w Rondo they played not as good as before… If Ellis didn’t shoot that well tonight they would loss to Spurs bench.

  400. @Yascar, great idea.
    We can create a Sticky Post on JLin’s missing stats and whether NBA has rectify the stats.
    If you want to help maintain it, I can assign the thread owner to you (if you’re registered to the site already, not Disqus)
    Thank you!

  401. I’m a little surprised my fellow Lin fans are not as high on rondo that I am. Rondo biggest talent is to make other people better and he is a real pg. Those are the main thing Lin does too.

  402. @yascar:disqus, I have created a “Jeremy Lin NBA Missed Stats’ Sticky Post and assign you as the owner.
    You may update this thread with the process to report the missed stats to NBA.
    Please let me know if it’s okay for you to maintain this thread.

    You may use “Create New Post” green button to update this thread once you login to the site.
    Thank you!

  403. To me, Rondo simply isn’t that good.

    He’s not athletic, can’t score,
    can’t defend, and can only make very basic passes to guys that need no assistance to score.

  404. Many people have said that the NBA is looking more and more like fake wrestling. I also see a similarity. The way the game is marketed is like a passion play of hometown hero vs the invading enemy. That’s why wrestling isn’t a sport and that’s why the Lakers and Rockets aren’t really a sport either. They have only one acceptable scripted way to win.

    Kobe thinks of himself like a movie hero. The way that Scott and Mchale has coached is less about winning than to tell a story, a narrative of sort of a hero saving the day. The game is like a script that they must follow and LIN has no place in it since he isn’t the “hero”. How else can you explain that every time LIN interferes withe script by his linsane play and wins the game for them, they are unhappy and will punish him for daring to change the script. You can see this scenario being played out in almost every game with every team, except for the Spurs and Raptors. I saw one game in which Kyle Lowery brought up the ball and motioned frantically for Lew Williams to take the ball. A starter giving up the ball to a bench player who was hot, wow, what a novel concept. Neither the Spurs or Raptors follow a scripted play in which ONLY THE HERO MUST WIN THE DAY. They play as a team and allows all members BE the hero. The only thing that matters is that the team wins.

    The Lakers with Kobe and Rockets with Harden has made it about only one story that counts. The only hero in town is Kobe or Harden.

  405. NO.

    The answer is NO, the Lakers do not run Princeton.

    The Lakers ran the Princeton with Lin and the reserves in preseason, but the Lakers have not run the Princeton since.

  406. Khuang you said the exact opposite of what the word on rondo is. Then who is the equivalent of rondo so I could understand your summary if him. Beverley?

  407. The equivalent of Rondo is another wildly overrated championship point guard, albeit one who’s long retired.

    That would be ex 76er All Star Maurice Cheeks.

    Cheeks was actually a much faster and defensively peskier player and a better standstill shooter than Rondo, but both Cheeks and Rondo earned their point guard reputations by playing on loaded teams with multiple Hall of Famers protecting them.

    Since the Big Three departed, Rondo has looked TERRIBLE. He and his handlers keep making excuses that it’s his injury, but the truth is that the guy just isn’t that good.

  408. ah well, we take what they give and make do. I don’t watch WWF though.

  409. This is a contract year in the NBA.

    Teams are negotiating a new TV deal.

    Referees are trying to protect home teams from being blown out while elevating superstars. The refs then “even out” the superstar calls by nailing clean guys like Lin.

    The NBA has been almost unwatchable for me this season, especially since the Blazers won last night against the Spurs on a deliberately missed out of bounds call.

  410. Who is the modem equivalent of rondo you would say? I don’t recall cheeks game

  411. I’m not impressed with Rondo’s passing in the least.

    The guy doesn’t put pressure on defenses. He simply passes to available guys, and that’s why his team can’t win unless he has Hall of Famers.

    To be a great passer in the NBA, one has to attack offensively and make things happen. That’s Lin, not Rondo.

  412. Yes! “Run! Brothers” is the meaning of the Chinese letters. But guess sometimes they just referring it as “chinese running man”. I saw few foreigners also featured in this episode(two seem like African Americans study abroad students, one girl who speaks multiple languages, French, Spanish, Dutch, English…wow!) Always impressed and nice to see different ethnicity people come together, sharing, exchanging and learning together. And the “lin” part was just in the beginning where he wore his jersey and played basketball for few minutes. I just thought maybe some will find it interesting and happy to see “lin” jersey in the show like me! ^_^

  413. I know and the TV revenue windfall is already factored in for the new bloated contracts given out. China is a huge market that can flex their muscle to change the false narrative that Asians can play. If all Asian fans and band together to turn off their games. I think something may actually get through to their Neanderthal heads.

  414. I cannot think of a modern equivalent.

  415. Kendall Marshall, maybe?

  416. No, Marshall actually has real point guard instincts despite his utter lack of athleticism.

  417. and Jeremy is now answering his followers why he is not shooting more and passing on some shots that others say he’s supposed to take. JLIN i believe is stalking all of his forum (“I’m sure ppl are like, ‘shoot more, shoot more,’) to know our sentiments because he answered all those fans frustrations with the right detail and response!

  418. McHale get away with it!

  419. Well said. That’s why combo PGs, the Parker and Spurs style of playing is becoming a trend.

  420. Specially in WC, PG needs to be able to score.. pass only PG it’s not good enough in WC now. I am not impressed w Rondo’s game at all after came back from injury. Today it’s only so so to me.

  421. Whatever reason the refs were giving the game to the hawks over the rockets tonight. The hawks also play teamball very well.

  422. The Hawks are playing like the Eastern conference Spurs right now. No player on the Hawks is statistically dominant (or stat-padding) like Kobe or Harden but they played as a team which helped them beat the Rockets at Toyota Center tonight.

    The Rockets were 6th in offensive rating in 2013, 4th in 2014, and now 20th in 2015 after the departure of Lin. Their current inflated 2nd in defensive rating is due to having already played the 76ers twice lol. Needless to say, the Rockets are on track for another first round exit if they can make the playoffs. Harden ball just does not work, neither does Kobe ball. It’s just that Kobe is luckier since he played with hall of fame big men (Shaq and later Gasol) who bailed him out 5 times.

  423. Hi Friends,

    I still remember the day I heard Jeremy was traded. I ran around and told everyone the news, thrilled. Thrilled that Jeremy would FINALLY have a chance, without a doubt as a starting pg, with Nash injured (cannot play at NBA level every night), and clearly no other adequate pg.

    I still remember hearing the potential coach BS propping up Jeremy. The conference. Jeanie saying she hoped LA would be his “home”. Mitch talking about how long he tried to get him.

    I still remember Jeremy saying Kobe was like a “mentor”. Kobe encouraging Jeremy to shoot more, and “piss on the hydrant” to make his mark…

    And then it happened. The worst nightmare ever.

    I still can’t understand what went wrong, or if this was ALL a facade from the very beginning. If Kobe didn’t want Jeremy in the beginning, why all that talk and support in the beginning? BS was that way, too and then suddenly they made a complete 180. BS, though, I had red flags going off, all with that talk of “defense”, the “princeton offense”, and having a professional 3rd string bench warmer as starter…

    I know Jeremy will have good games where he can prevail over this mess… but I just can’t bear to watch it anymore. I will still root for him, but will try to disconnect from all this. So this will probably be my last post in a while …

    Hope all of you will be able to keep faith and encourage one another through this time. Thanks for the fun here. 🙂

  424. Think about TWolf, they have one with a similar style.

  425. Agreed 99%.

  426. Understand where you come from. Don’t need to be a “stranger” in this site. Yes we do go thru the rough time now. I don’t like it at all. I don’t watch much of Lakers game this day but will watch when JLin is playing well. But still try to keep up with JLin’s news as much as I can.

  427. Im puzzled by rondo trade… any theories on why mavs didnt go after jlin?

  428. Cost and timing.

  429. Well said.

  430. I think a real PG needs to able to knock down shots. However, do not get me wrong…He is still very good. Just also over hyped too..

  431. I agree and that was not what I was arguing against.

  432. LOL…oh well….it ends up the same anyway

  433. No one’s going to band to together for just one player especially when there’s money to be made from air sports. Not to mention many Asians are fans of the big stars like Lebron.

  434. Would glasses help his play?

  435. What does that mean exactly? What’s Cross Training?

  436. Real PG needs to be scoring threat too they’re not just there to be ball boy and pass to teammates!

  437. LOL wow I didn’t think anyone would be dumb enough to trade for Deron Williams who’s way over paid after going on a serious decline!

  438. Doing other sports/activities other than basketball to work other muscle groups, build up bone from different stresses.

  439. That’s exactly why it’s better for JLin to go to an Eastern team. Lebron has mostly played in the East no problem with that.

  440. Don’t lose heart, @crystal.
    I also understand how it can be disheartening to see the promising start in LA hit road bumps.

    If it helps, I believe the Front Office (Jeanie Buss and Mitch Kupchak) do believe in Jeremy but the coach Byron Scott and Kobe are the ones with a different agenda than winning. Kobe’s ego simply doesn’t allow Jeremy or any other players (Dwight, Shaq, Pau) to shine in LA. Kobe is unwilling to change his mentality so only time and aging body will do so.

    Jeremy will be fine. He’s getting stronger as the season progresses. And Kobe Bryant’s body is getting weaker as Byron has been abusing his minutes. LA media has seen a flash of Linsanity and tasted the win being snatched away by Kobe. They will clamor for more Linsanity.

    Yes, if it’s heart-breaking, don’t watch games for the time being. Just watch the highlights when Jeremy does well.
    I have no doubt Jeremy will prevail in the end. He is simply a survivor. And I believe God has a bigger plan for him. For now, the lesson is never to give up even when the circumstances around us are bleak :]

    Stay tuned. Jeremy said better days are ahead!

  441. Glad Jeremy is in good spirits playing pool.
    I bet he’s excited he gave Byron more of what he’s capable of in the last game lol


  442. SAC PreGame Thread+Poll is open.
    Let’s go, full Linsanity!!!


  443. I glad Lin did what he should and is capable of. Being benched by a losing coach is not a bad thing, is better than playing with hands being tied.

  444. Check out pic in new post above from Penny Lee – Lin selfie w/ female and this same guy in the striped shirt. Does look a lot like Ellington…same beard, eyebrows, same kind of grin. Could they be hangin’ out? That’d be nice.

  445. Yes, perhaps you’re right. Would be good for him to develop some on and off the court chemistry. Ellington seems to be coming along, hitting his 3’s more consistently. Can be another Novak but with better defense and driving ability.

  446. And he wouldn’t want to play with kobe, especially after seeing Jeremy’s plight.

  447. Lakers don’t want to trade Lin. They’re trying to devalue him so they can re-sign him for cheap.

  448. Oh, it’s all VERY SIMPLE.

    Kobe and the Lakers were STUNNED to find out that Jeremy Lin was even better than the NY superstar who lit them up for 38 points in 2012!

    I wrote before the season that Kobe Bryant hates teammates who outshine him. It’s a sign of Lin’s success.

    Byron Scott surprised me a bit, mainly because everything he done has been opposite of what he said he’d do.

  449. Let’s hope Lin will continue to build his confidence to take charge of the team whether Kobe or Swaggy are on the floor or not

  450. yes, yes… good @LAJane :]

  451. Very true. It shows Byron’s incompetence to expect a single PG to defend opposite PGs without good defensive scheme as a team.

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