G26 OKC @ LAL Game Thread

Can the Lakers win against the OKC if Kevin Durant rests his sprained ankle from last night’s game against GSW?

How will Ronnie Price fare against Russell Westbrook? Will Jeremy get more than 19 min to play as PG? Or will Kobe continue to play PG especially when the Lakers is trailing?

Let’s hope Jeremy will play his game, be aggressive but controlled, play great defense and facilitate in a balanced offense. It’s not easy to do but if he can bring good performance from practice to the game after 3 days of rest, nothing can keep Jeremy down!

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  1. First again

  2. 🙂 How did you do it so quickly?
    Well, hopefully a good sign for Jeremy! Go JLin!

  3. LOL I just checked in and saw the new game thread in my study break:-)

  4. Jeremy is a starter in this league. It will happen. Go Lin!

  5. Puny 3rd…

  6. 4th?

  7. So how many points will the Lakers be trailing when Lin subs in? I am guessing 15 lol. Can’t be as bad as last game right (17)?

  8. Despite the recent doom and gloom, I am still 100% certain that Jeremy will be an All Star soon.
    Jeremy Lin is Resilient!
    Godspeed Jeremy!

  9. 20pts???

  10. slow motion layup…

  11. This is what KB and BS want from JLin:-)

  12. Let’s go Lin! Efficient, cross the board stats. Start your foundation for rest of this year to let them go but show you are the boss.

    Let’s go Kobe – pass the ball.

    Um, Hill is playing. Wonder if he’s going to be consistent in terms of bad from his last 2 games.

    Hope Westy bricks …

  13. And Rice does his normal job.

  14. Maybe today…lin will have 22 minutes…..I hope it will be more than 19…lol

  15. Kobe bricks. WB beasts.

  16. if starters dig a hole big enough, Lin may see more minutes

  17. I am not sure if Clarkson is with the team or not. If he is…he is the guy playing garbage time, not Lin

  18. I know it’s done in good humor, but that’s getting lame.

  19. I mean if they dig a hole early in the 1Q, Lin may play earlier, more minutes if he is able to keep them up… ..Go Lin. Keep shooting!

  20. Ibaka and Perkins will be on going for Jeremy’s throat this game… leaving out whoever they’re guarding

  21. I’m playing Lin in Fantasy so he’d better get 22 mins or more to blow off his last 2 games of low output lol. Aren’t I a boxscore fan …

  22. LOL….At least you have legit reasons..

  23. he isn’t starting so

  24. hey and some nights like tonight, my opponent has Kobe so we need Kobe to stink it up and Lin to come back strong. Could be a glorious night for me a Lin fan, or just another ‘aw cr …”

  25. Statpad time! yeah..

  26. look at us .. 22 min will be a highlight of the night :>
    McHale suddenly looks like Santa Claus now.. haha

  27. Really, this year is not about winning bball, so time to get stats, highlights and spend time in LA finding that sweet balanced life …

  28. “We’re not asking you to be perfect on every play. What we’re asking of you and what you should be asking of each other is to give a perfect effort from snap to whistle.” – Coach Ladouceur

    That’s what Lin is doing

  29. LOL hahaha true

  30. Blazers down by 2, let’s see if lillard can make a 3 against Spurs.

  31. I see that on D and of course he has physical mistakes from all that exhaustion. I hate it when ppl who never played the game or are just pundits say he’s lost his confidence or is confused because he’s not. The Booz interview – the reporters were going for the soundbite, and Booz upheld Lin as much as he could with the onslaught. So long post to say … yes, you are right, Lin is doing it right as as best as he can. That’s why I play him … for the Glory! when he comes through and I’ll take the loss if he doesn’t.

  32. I don’t miss seeing Harden’s face 4 times a week.

  33. Exactly

  34. Is tie now. Might go OT.

  35. Oh, De La Salle … you are too close to my home.

  36. Haha….tribute to Kobe now…LOL

  37. Between Kobe and Harden, it’s a toss-up nowadays :]

  38. that sweet stats to get the next contract and brighter future :]

  39. HAHAHA Manu grabbed his own screen man to block the defender….I guess Lin can learn from it too. Bad screen? no problem, pull him to the right position…JK

  40. he’s probably thinking .. I can play 5 more years! lol

  41. Whenever until mother nature takes him out.

  42. No desire to see any of these: JH, KM, DM, PB, KB and BS.

  43. or Chronos as Kobe said, right?

  44. ok, who thinks Lakers will be down 10+ by end of Q1?

  45. Down by 13 when Lin comes in I think…LOL

  46. That’s right!

  47. ok, I have 11 :>

  48. Price is hot…I guess this game will be ok

  49. I would say 20 when JLin brought in:-)

  50. yes, when Prices scores, that’s considered hot :]
    until he scores 3 and Kobe benches him

  51. making one shot is getting hot for price

  52. lol.. probably not enough time

  53. sometimes .. Russel plays for the other team

  54. Ugly Princeton set

  55. LOL Would love to see that but it’s 4-2 now:-(

  56. He is Lakers’ hope today

  57. RB just blew by Price there

  58. his defense was speared

  59. HIlls just made yet another mistake. LOL

  60. Where can I see the game? SAS still on ESPN.

  61. Price is hot!!!

  62. ESPN3

  63. lol

  64. Price scored more than OKC combined

  65. price is funny

  66. WOW Price is really hot: 8 pts now:-(

  67. super-hot!
    Lin’s the last one to get up after the 2nd 3

  68. Has to give him credit…LOL

  69. Price played perfect today. Not much Lin…..turn off TV

  70. Can’t watch the game but just follow the score.

  71. after 21 games of crap ohh ok

  72. Yep JLin will be DNP CD

  73. He knows…Lin is ready to go back to the locker

  74. okc is all durant it seems

  75. I wouldn’t consider RW blowing by him and making lucky 3s “perfect”

  76. This will be a more competitive game.
    OKC legs look tired after last night’s game

  77. He was already perfect today when he made that 2

  78. Price is feeling it and letting it fly.

    When a coach has the faith to play you for many 0pts, he’s got nothing to lose

  79. Can’t believe the score !!!!!

  80. Which channel is ESPN3 on Verizon Fios?

  81. If you subtract Price’s score (anomaly), it’s even. =)

  82. wth

  83. LOL JLin didn’t even bother to stand when Price hit the 3rd 3s

  84. I bet Byron is gleeful Price scoring some points so it justifies him playing Lin fewer minutes.
    Let’s see if he brings Lin in at 3 min or 2nd quarter

  85. Not sure just check the SPortCenter

  86. WT…..11 pts for Price !?!?!

  87. Good

  88. So…Even Price is hot, Kobe still insists to make home run pass to bigs…At least he is fair

  89. No ill feeling toward Price. He wants to get signed for big buck so good for him.

  90. RB just baited Price to draw a foul and drained the 2pt.


  91. thanks

  92. he’s making the most of his opportunities
    With BScott having full faith in him, he has nothing to lose.

  93. Good for him!

  94. Lol… price

  95. lol scare before lin

  96. Price 11 pts, Kobe 0 pts.

    I think Lin should come in for Kobe

  97. Price better be careful, if he does any better Kobe’s going to send to back to the bench.

  98. Price did not take the chance when Adams is on the floor. Too bad..

  99. Welcome! Finally I was able to watch after the first few minutes.

  100. 14 pts….

  101. Kind of weird tho…..It means he sends Lin back to starters…LOL

  102. Thunder continues to leave Price open for 3s. He is able to make it tonight. So funny he himself couldn’t believe after he shoot the 4th ones.

  103. That’d be perfect but “knowing” BS, he might send in Clarkson instead.

  104. KB should even play in this game. Tos machine.

  105. What’s his career high ?? 14 pts?

  106. Hey this is good. Lakers got their star pg. They might trade Lin now.

  107. Lin cut to the rim for 2!!

  108. Lin off the glass for 2!!

  109. Sorry to go off topic, but Spurs vs Blazers going 3OT. Wow, crazy game.

  110. Lin it up!

  111. Kudos for Kobe to reverse the ball, go with the pinch post option out of the triangle

  112. I hope so… really would like Lin go to a smaller market team

  113. lol stop it

  114. Want them to trade Lin before the trade deadline.

  115. won’t happen. random was the best shot. they didn’t even offer him

  116. LOL at Price shaking his head after making so many shots :]
    It’s not just us who couldn’t believe it!

    Good for him, though!

  117. Lillard is really a tough cover..

  118. 18

  119. this game if it ended right now is the best of price career

  120. already switched, eh? haha..

    Lin is a perfect 2-2 for 4pts w/ 2 rebs.
    He’s ready to bring it

  121. Guess OKC’s defense is just as crappy as Lakers? lol

  122. Thx

  123. Simple, when a team play team ball…Lin scores

  124. B2B so tired legs .. but credit Price for letting them fly
    After so many 0 pts games, he’s bound to get his shots down :]

  125. KB is 0-2 after 12 minutes.

  126. Lin’s aggressive driving to the rim.
    Very good to see!

  127. You know OKC is crappy when Lin has 3 rebounds already. Lets hope he gets a double double! Pressure is on when Price is playing well!

  128. Guys, Spurs vs Rip city is way more exciting, 3OT. Lillard is AMAZING!, probably the best pg this season. He can’t miss..40 pts already.

  129. 2 Tovs

  130. lin has 4 rebounds. also his passes are a little too risky

  131. What happened on that one???

  132. Was that off OKC? Lin with 4 rebounds already! Good to see that! Haven’t seen him get so many rebounds in a while! Lets hope he keeps scoring and gets his double double!

  133. Not sure…

  134. Why does he always pass it?

  135. nope behind ellington who reach back but dropped it

  136. Spurs are gassed…

  137. Saw that, it’s crazy 3 OTs!!

  138. shot was more open

  139. Standard fast break procedure

  140. would rather he shoot that one or get a better pass

  141. He needs to shoot it. Looking for his own shot, he did well. Trying to make those pin point passes with speed, TO.

  142. Portland get this game…what a ball game. Now compare LA to them..pffft

  143. Lin is too fast for his team

  144. Lillard was clutch.

  145. I guess Lin has to slow down for his teammates…Like how Parker does it

  146. Well after finally going to 2nd round last playoffs, Blazers stars are now hungry for more. Not to mention everyone plays hard against the Champs too bad Spurs are short handed right now.

  147. But Spurs actually have a half court offense…

  148. He does not have options anyway

  149. Ugly shot selection Lakers.. what else is new lol

  150. u kidding me… sigh price back in

  151. Lin is still on the court is new

  152. Lakers players would disagree. They all think they are options. Kobe, Young, Boozer, etc are all so busy chucking it up as soon as ball is passed to them. LOL

  153. Why JLin only played 7:37 and checked out again???

  154. Maybe because he came in even later than usual?

  155. That is why ther are not as good as they can

  156. BS wanting to pad Price’s stats what else is new?

  157. cus roonnie pirce i s having the game of his life

  158. Come on Byron. Lin shouldn’t be out of the game already.

  159. Because Price is hot. Lin does not have PG instinct

  160. ROFL was that a Ronnie Price heat check shot?

  161. Scott doing his best make Price look good

  162. Eh…… you spoke too soon

  163. And..is out cold, good!!

  164. Yeah….too soon I was thinking he would be yanked like 2 minutes earlirer

  165. OKC making a easy come back against Lakers starters lol so much for “better defense” to start Price and Davis.

  166. Ok not watching. Go Thunder!:-)

  167. no…just watch and cheer for OKC

  168. would be shocked if price don’t make a shot again

  169. Same here, Lin out go Thunder! Westbrook having it easy against Oldie Bryant and scrub Price.

  170. Yep turning it off pretty soon…

  171. i am more frustrated these days than Lin in Houston.

  172. wouldn’t

  173. I was about to say… haha

  174. Let’s go WB! Cant let Price beat you in score!

  175. lol

  176. be positive guys, lakers are showing off price for a trade. lol

  177. BS is set on making his 0 point guy look good, and continuing with his long subbing patterns. At least Mchale insisted on his 8 guy rotation where Lin got more minutes!

  178. This crep is boring

  179. The biggest mistake OKC made so far is they loaded on Kobe….They are taking out the worst player on the floor

  180. His bricking will be Lakers’ starters demise lol

  181. 34 38 haha…

  182. Mark jackson said something decent about jlin… “hes too good of a player to be playing this way… not for lack of effort but rather rhythym.”

  183. No, Price is the answer – BS the Proud Papa

  184. He said it? I muted the TV

  185. how many fouls does price have?

  186. RWB is moving Price around….

  187. 2 I think

  188. 2, Lets hope he gets 2 more for 4 lol.

  189. Price seems to be playing great!

  190. yes 3…..

  191. More points than rest of starters combined. Welcome to bizarro world.

  192. That was a pleasure to watch lol

  193. Not sarcasm…I really did not know Price is this Charmin in the post

  194. Not bad…..good game from him

  195. so price has to be taken off westbrook.soo why is he out there

  196. He is backing himself up in anticipation of RB backing him up. LOL

  197. So much for Price’s “defense”, they switched Johnson on Westbrook now he’s getting fouls!

  198. Exactly….that is weird…

  199. Yep… i almost shat my pants

  200. Come on get your third foul Price so Lin can come in!!

  201. good one!

  202. off westbrook soo

  203. Johnson doesn’t guard PGs well though. And why is Price out there, his miracle shooting has come back to Earth.

  204. Only circumstance can get Lin out of this pit hole. But Lin still needs to perform.

  205. hey i just turned on the game, why did he say that? was it cuz of JLin’s 2 TOs? or what?

  206. With his crappy defense, he’ll get another foul easily!

  207. Just box score watching but at this rate Lin will only get 15 minutes.

  208. I hope he learns his lesson that he always has to get his points as a starter because his role isn’t safe against any coach not named MDA!

  209. I think im going to sleep…

  210. After this LA sting, Lin should learn a hard lesson.

  211. I’m sure you right, unfortunately.

  212. well so much for the lead

  213. LOL Lakers lost all 8 pts led while JLin was out and now 50-52. So they lost 10 pts when JLin was subbed out. Great job BS and KB!!!!

  214. BS doesn’t care just want his golden boy Price to get his points to justify his decision and Kobe to get his. At this rate Kobe will get single digit games.

  215. Flagged.

  216. What are you talking about???? Are you even watching the same game as me???

  217. Just flag bro

  218. Hahahaha

  219. If you’re from a diff time zone it’s really not worth it to stay up late to watch Lin. Can always watch replay the next day from this link http://replay.nbaliveonline.tv/

  220. This is probably a site that you need not post on.if you can”t give back intellegent criticism, then you don”t neef yo post here

  221. LOL, now Price got yelled at by Kobe.

  222. Don’t forget to vote for Lin.

  223. THat was purely Kobe’s fault

  224. Even if it’s low pay, I hope Lin will go for 2-year contract next year (2nd year player option) and play for a team that will give him 30+ minutes. Really so sick of his own teams bringing him down.

  225. Did, did, and did.

  226. Which is why he needed to yell at someone.

  227. Brent, you know math being Mr MatLab … the more minutes Lin plays and is more productive than Kobe, the more I win my Fantasy because we’re erasing Lin’s 17 minutes of low productivity from last game. What a fun night. Go Lin, out efficient Kobe. Go Kobe, jack up shots lol.

  228. He has to choose the right coach and one that plays teamball.

  229. Did on 3 places – All ballot site, Twitter and FB faithfully since Day 1 mmmhhhhh

  230. Kobe, who is playing like a steaming hot pile of garbage lol smh.

  231. Confirmed. He actually said it.

  232. One vote per day. I vote for the winner Lin not some stat padding pretenders.

  233. Kobe looking for someone to blame guess it’s Price the scapegoat instead of Lin now.

  234. I was listening espn ny radio today. Barkley said triangle offense is just for Jordan, Pippen, Kobe and Shaq not for others. There were 4 coaches who tried triangle offense. They all failed and are fired quickly. Scott (Princeton offense similar to triangle offense) will be gone when Kobe is gone. May be he will be gone before Kobe.

  235. Top scorer: Price 14 pts
    Top rebounder: Davis 5, Lin 4
    and Kobe 1/6 FG
    OKC 52: 50 LAL
    Pigs can fly

  236. Thanks for the reminder. So busy these days, I keep forgetting…

  237. when price is your leading scorer…………..

  238. yeah, both center rebounded total 4, = Lin’s rebound #

  239. So lin gonna play 14mn… lakers loss ;p

  240. likely

  241. 1 lucky night in 10 years xD

  242. At least Lin’s +/- has improved since being separated from Kobe.

  243. everyone don’t play with Kobe would get positive +/-

  244. Seems like Price will finally play around 30 minutes as a starter. smh…

  245. Westbrook’s assists looks like, “dude I’ma dump the ball to you because I’m covered”

  246. “1 lucky quarter in 10 years” FIFY =)

  247. lol some how starters in negative again

  248. Looks like Byron will make sure Price will play against Westbrook, so whenever Westbrooks is on, Lin will be off.

  249. Of course….how can they survive NBA is beyond me

  250. My prayer for games is that Lin ends it with joy.

  251. yep. then price will be taken off westbrook so wes can guard him and not stop nothing

  252. Yea 14 pts for him is already his career best no? Lol

  253. SOunds good.

  254. Thanks!

  255. 10 points please

  256. 18 is….

  257. Probably. Win or lose, Price is celebrating tonight! ROFL

  258. Price must’ve sacrificed a goat or something in exchange for those shots. I think the magic wore off by now.
    Lakers still trailing even with his godly performance that will never happen again.

    Lets go OKC!

  259. regie jackson gets 19 minutes. lol who three year ago would prey lin would get the reggie jackson treatment

  260. lol a joke right

  261. Id love to see jlin for once just get pissed and go against this good boy team player serve my teammates thing…

  262. hahahahahahahahahaha on that sacrifice.. poor goat probably got its throat slit.

  263. so kobe fatigue after 4 day rest.

  264. Just voted for Allstar my Picks: Aldridge, Blake, Marc Gasol, Lin, and Thompson.

  265. Lol a big ditch

  266. You got a dynasty there… who’s the 3 on that lineup?

  267. He does sometimes. Like in last Celtics game. Then Byron promptly benches him. He simply is not going to give him the chance.

  268. LOL 4 zero pt games coming

  269. If anyone’s unsure of which big to pick, if I could kindly suggest ANTHONY DAVIS.
    A vote for Anthony Davis is a vote for down to earth, unselfish future superstars. Thank you /end campaign

  270. sport who’s Thompson?

  271. LAL seems ditched that high post split……

  272. I was going to vote for Anthony Davis but I figured with his hype he’d get alot of votes anyway.

  273. If I’ll vote, my lineup would be:
    J. Lin
    K. Thompson
    N. Batum
    A. Davis
    T. Duncan

  274. nevermind durr Klay Thompson, lol totally forgot about hiim

  275. Yay!! Basically, nobody give Dwight any votes hee

  276. lol, forgot about the 40 point scorer of GSW already? The best SG of the game gotta vote for him over the fake star Harden!

  277. I think my lineup is kinda small though lol

  278. this is boring now wonder laker tv rating suck

  279. I hope so or I will cry, and blame you in the process of him not getting in.

    Its a really tight race, especially in the West where all the good players are.
    Marc, Davis, Blake, Dwight, Aldrige, Duncan, Cousins..idk sport idk

  280. Hahaha…The whole princeton just flowed into an ISO

  281. PrincISO

  282. im too bored to even troll the lakers

  283. LOL 3rd quarter Kobe with 7 points, Old Man’s legs are already goners playing with the scrub starter in Price, great to see! Would love to see this single digit spree continue so long as Price is starter! OKC go double the ball hog!!

  284. bored to death, my goodness

  285. Please.I’m kinda thankful for this. I have enough time to look for a leather backpack for everyday use.

  286. at this rate wesbrook will have 30 points 15 assist

  287. I’m not even watching, just looking at the score board, waiting for Lin to come back in and read everyone’s posts on here.

  288. haha….Can’t allow Price outshine him…no one is going to touch the ball from now on….

  289. That’s what happens when the star player gets to lead the team all by himself. Lin used to have that with the Knicks when Melo was out.

  290. never thought a 1 point game would be this boring. atleast okc can say its the back to back

  291. Price with 3 fouls, come on get your 4th and 5th foul and foul out of the game you can do it!

  292. JLin will probably only plan 12 minutes by this rate.

  293. he has 2

  294. Opps must’ve been his assists, darn.

  295. Price 23 min, Lin 8 min… This is sick, to see how bs value price or anybody else

  296. well

  297. hahahahahaha….Ibaka literally just walked into the paint…

  298. maybe less

  299. Just read what happened to Landry Fields and now Im even more depressed! 🙁
    He just cant catch a break! Thankfully he’s okay.

  300. skipped a few steps to the basket…

  301. Aww that’s sad and he was starting too! =(

  302. I think he’s ok. No concussion. Just needs to be careful with those stitches.

  303. what happened?

  304. I bet starters might play most of 4th so Kobe can pad his stats, can’t let the star post 7 point game.

  305. Fell on the floor head first.

  306. Is Boozer now new 6th player now?

  307. OMG!

  308. oh….thank God

  309. Lin finally is in with 2:37 in the 3rd quarter.
    Let’s go, JLin!

  310. He was lying on the floor for a while. Received stitches on the head but no concussion.

  311. Go go go

  312. fell right on the back of the head, kept saying “I cant feel”. Scary stuff.
    He had to get 8 stitches but thankfully nothing serious.

  313. OKC double-team Lin when he has the ball.

  314. Hmm…why would they do that to a back up pg? lol

  315. Lin just couldn’t learn the lesson not doing the charmin foul.

  316. wasn’t on him

  317. I think it was on Ellington

  318. LOL Every team knows who is the main guy in Lakers except Tank Commander BS and KB.

  319. On Ellington

  320. Don’t call out JLin unnecessarily.

  321. Man, ESPN assigned the shooting foul to Lin.
    Should be Ellington!

  322. Sacre with the horrible TO again! ><"

  323. lol that was funny

  324. Boozer made a bad pass leading to 3pt

  325. hahaha that is just so horrible…

  326. They just changed it.

  327. It was Boozer dude…

  328. Flagged

  329. My bad.

  330. Can’t believe it.

  331. These bigs make me cringe. Horrible passing and sets bad screens. Jeremy sets a better pick than them.

  332. Frustrating and boring to watch…

  333. Jeremy’s assist to Young 3pt robbed by the scorekeeper!?

  334. Lakers strip another Lin assist here! The Young 3 pts is Lin’s assist, but did not counted again. what happened?

  335. yep

  336. Another missed assist?! Why?!

  337. no xmas gift for whoever it is

  338. It’s hard to tell them apart sometimes, lol.

  339. naughty list

  340. Hahaha yeah. I think one of them should grow hair on the head, for easier recognition.

  341. wth tired

  342. This is at least the 3rd assist he’s not getting credited for…

  343. They only had four days off. Hahaha!

  344. also only 1/4 of the season

  345. Lin has the highest rebound for the Lakers at 5.

  346. lol Tired with 4 days off.

  347. scott excuses

  348. Lin listening to Scott and like “what were you talking about?”

  349. Lin on this team just isn’t working. Young is too shot happy, there’s no good PnR player on the bench now that Davis is with the starters.

  350. Davis has 7.

  351. Young is out of the game.

  352. young thrown out

  353. Flagrant 2 on Young? The hell?

  354. wow, he’s ejected?

  355. elbo to the throat yea right call

  356. Young mad about not getting his minutes and shots, took it out on Adams.

  357. I kinda think that screen by Adam is ugly.

  358. Yep.

  359. Jeremy should do that but take it out on Scott, just sayin’

  360. still

  361. Boozer is really a liability on defense

  362. If that you-know-what does that screen to Jeremy… I’ll upper cut him in the nuts.

  363. Nice move!

  364. Nice J by J!

  365. Linsanity!!!!

  366. Nick Young is out so Byron might have to play Lin the 4th quarter!

  367. Bench comes alive with Lin!

  368. wow lin doing it for lakers

  369. Nice pass… and Lakers are making a run with Jeremy’s leadership on the floor.

  370. Great find by JLin to find Ellington who rained the wide open 3 on top of the key!


  371. lets see how long he plays

  372. Swaggy is out, they got no choice to let Lin score!

  373. Jeremy is the floor general.

  374. yeah, let’s see how biased BScott is

  375. ESPN has this game marked as finished, crying lol even they’re bored with it.

  376. likely ellington

  377. he will choose ellington or price

  378. Lin’s time is up I guess

  379. LOL

  380. Scott talks out of his rear

  381. At this rate, if Lin can pass Price’s points (can’t believe I’m saying this), he’ll be player of the game!

  382. JLin will be out anytime now.

  383. Let’s see BScott bench Lin while he scored 4pts and had a huge assist to Ellington’s 3

  384. Young needs to learn how to attack the basket more

  385. Great shovel pass assist by Lin to Boozer!

  386. Come on Lin go get your Triple Double!

  387. Jeremy doing it all!

  388. bounce shot!!

  389. Lin can’t miss!!!!

  390. nice bounce 🙂

  391. LOL … Linsanity!!!

  392. Keep Shooting Lin, getting those rebounds, and assists!

  393. im confused. why is kobe out?

  394. LINSANITY!!

  395. Byron looks worried because Jeremy is doing so well 🙂

  396. tired… as per BS.

  397. Lin’s dribble penetration to find Novak… Ehm, ELLington for 3!!!

  398. AWW Man if Lin Made that 3 it’d really be Linsanity!!

  399. lol

  400. Yes, Lin makes a difference!

  401. damn if lin made that 3

  402. Boo…ing Kobe ball hog in to ruin everything!!

  403. Jeremy making Ellington look better.

  404. Same here really wish he made it! The crowd would’ve erupted!!!

  405. wow how did this really boring game get interesting in 2 seconds

  406. i cant believe they called that foul on jeremy. so ridiculous

  407. Will BS take JLin out now??

  408. ok, Kobe is back.. Prepare for a Loss!

  409. Byron better leave Jeremy in…

  410. So the younger players like Lin does not bounce pass much…unlike older guy like Nash Parker Kobe etc

  411. Mr. 4th quarter? XD

  412. first time after young gets tossed

  413. We just witnessed a glimpse of Linsanity ! Keep the bench there if Lakers want to win this game.

  414. Young is out and JLin is on a roll I hope he stays in!

  415. Lin with 10pts/5asts/6rebs

    Let’s hope for an OT so he can get a Triple-Double!!!

  416. you know he wont

  417. Why did the BS put Kobe back in?!! He’s going to ruin everything!! Guess he can’t let the Black Mamba only get 7 points haha I hope that’s his stat line at end of game! Selfish ball hog starting Price the scrub over Lin!

  418. should be 6 ast

  419. Won’t surprise if BS takes JLin out any minutes now.

  420. are you not lintertained!!

  421. Lin still in!

  422. Here comes Kobe to take a dump on all my hopes and dreams.
    Seriously he better not ruin this.

  423. So Davis is inserted in the starting lineup, aside from defense, for “guaranteed” assists for Price and Kobe.


    Davis: Again, can I get my bench role back?
    Boozer: In your dreams.

  424. LOL Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. Charmin?

  426. LIn so good to be benched by Scott LOL

  427. Should tweet Mitch and ask for 30 minutes

  428. davis wow

  429. Same here! Hoping for OT so he can get his Triple Double!!!

  430. I know, stupid score keeper took about his assist to Nick Young for no reason!!

  431. These Thunder guards.. their passes look like “I’MA DUMP THE BALL TO YOU ‘CAUSE I’M COVERED!!!”

  432. We want more!!! 🙂

  433. Crossing fingers for OT!

  434. This stupidness is completely on Scott.

  435. why not for win?

  436. Yessss, OT please..
    Double-OT pretty please!

  437. the is how a close game should feel

  438. 3D possibility

  439. More minutes and possible triple double? 🙂

  440. lakers lost a step as soon as kobe came in

  441. super sloooooow..

  442. The Lakers are really over practice.

  443. Not just kobe…almmost all the plays are about how to get a shot more tough

  444. It’s like the Lakers hit the Slow-Mo button when Kobe checked in

  445. Kobe came in the momentum and the flow gone!

  446. They downgraded from a high-def camera to a grainy, vintage model.

  447. Kobe came in and taking away Lin’s assists and rebounds for that Triple Double <.<

  448. 80s model :]

  449. Line 10 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists! Wishing for OT!!

  450. Ellington got Ibaka-ed

  451. Go Line! 🙂

  452. boozer plays NFL

  453. Linesanity!

  454. Boozer played MMA then, *sigh*

  455. damn boozer

  456. Reggie Jackson’s face reminds me of Patrick Beverley. I’m getting irritated at him already.

  457. WWF :]

  458. ugly s o b

  459. Kobe…. plz sit!

  460. Kobe better not chuck up this last 3 for a loss! Want an OT so Lin can get his triple double in leaa than 30 minutes to break his record!

  461. Lin for 3… OT?

  462. I would rather that shot was taken by ellinton

  463. ellington has defended russbrook pretty well this game overall

  464. Scott will be fired for benching Kobe or he will be fired for not benching Kobe. LOL

  465. Kobe came int a ruined everything! If not Lin would’ve had his double double looking at triple double already!

  466. Audience there can feel that, we knew that.

  467. id prefer anyone else but kobe

  468. But what about Linsanity…

  469. Kobe is going to lose this one

  470. Either way once Kobe breaks down, he’s goner!

  471. Someone has to pass the ball tho

  472. Hope they go to OT so Jeremy can get DD. He has 8 rebounds now.

  473. Without Kobe in the 4th quarter, Lakers won this game!

  474. Not impressed with Westbrook’s stats in any way.

  475. and everyone knows it ..*sigh*

  476. Saw that BS-Kobe-a-kisser pulled Kobe and whispered to him to get ready to enter the game, i knew the momentum’s gonna shift to the Thunder…smdh

  477. Lin !!

  478. yeah, Lin for 2!!!

  479. wow

  480. Boo…hope Lin takes the last shot!!

  481. if he only had a brain

  482. fun game

  483. you know who gonna shoot.

  484. ..while it lasted

  485. Lin really got that step back jumper well this season. Love it

  486. Jeremy? 😛

  487. 6.3 sec so no

  488. If Kobe wants to play the point, please takes no more than 15 shots.

  489. he needs 1 more!

  490. game over

  491. Game Ovah

  492. “Perfect” ending… Kobe fk it up!

  493. haha. of course

  494. Everyone knows…… Kobe will miss

  495. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  496. Kobe came in ruined everything, Lin would’ve made that last shot if he passed!!

  497. Perfect ending!

  498. Good defence? No…. easy defence! Everyone on Kobe!

  499. Kobe wasted everybody’s effort

  500. Why always Kobe had the last shot? This is so uglyyyyy!

  501. LOL, love the ending!!! Lin got his stat and Kobe messed it up. How sweet it it.

  502. young kobe makes that. 5-8 times kobe has missed a game winning shot

  503. lalalallalala

  504. LOL Kobe with 9 points, how’s that PG Price working out for you?

  505. Kobe 3/15 worst on team takes last shot.

  506. Wow… Lin got Lakers the lead and Kobe managed to slowly blow it.
    Laker fans should be so upset but can’t do anything about it!

  507. wow, Kobe already faked up the defender, why he try to draw the foul?

  508. That emoticon is cute lol

  509. got twitt from Kevin King?

  510. hhahahahhaha

  511. How many minutes Lin had???

  512. Hehe … I went for JLin vs Kobe and it came down to who played better. Lin by a huge margin. Fantastic game, Jeremy. You singlehandedly brought the team back and then offense ground to a halt. Still, you put them in the position to win it with a simple 15′ shot, and Kobe bricked.

    Time to pass the baton, Kobe!

  513. Because he’s the franchise player and it’s dumb basketball and coaching even though Lin was playing well.

  514. 22

  515. We got Linsanity!!!, baby!

    Whoever voted Linsanity!!! wil win!! YEAH!

  516. THis pic is funny, Lin drives Kobe runs for life…

  517. 22

  518. Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    Kobe is going to wind up shooting like 35% for the season.

  519. hehehehe

  520. He turned back into himself after Young was ejected. So maybe Lin’s problem is, he defers to dominant scorers too much. Anyway, he played great and finished the 4th and made a big late shot. It looked dismal after the first half for playing time and he made a difference on ESPN.

  521. um 22

  522. Only if he gets 35 min… speechless… really… those….

  523. 22′? I was guessing.

  524. congrats to you … and to me too! LOL

  525. funny thing is you know scott would do it the same way all over again

  526. Linsanity lite but yeah, some Linsanity on display.

  527. Whatever. @brentyen:disqus has a bot that votes Linsanity at all polls lol

  528. 3-15 today LOL

  529. Not really a problem or Lin’s problem….Just by design….

  530. Westbrook’s voice doesn’t match his mannerism and stocky body..

  531. yes yes yes!

  532. He is determined to lose….we know…we know

  533. The important part is … Laker fans knew it!
    Plus Kobe blew it!

  534. Why does Linsanity-lite reminds me of unsalted butter?!? tsk tsk lol

  535. Well at least Lin took the 2nd last shot

  536. LOL.

  537. how’s the fantasy points, Bro? :]

  538. Who’s up for Kobe breaking down next game to make up for his crappy performance? I’m so waiting for that so Linsanity can break out!! Thank You Nick Young for flagrant 2 and getting ejected so Lin could take over completely without you chucking shots!

  539. he’s a Kobe-bot so yeah…. :]

  540. and his faithful enabler

  541. you are biased. linsanity means the game should have won.

  542. Kobe will definitely be retired by 2016

    -Jim Buss & Jennie Buss

    If not, we never gonna sign him back. LOL

  543. Kobe being put back in the game was the death nail for the Lakers. Byron Scott should have kept Kobe on the bench for the rest of the game. As soon as the ball was not in JLin’s hand, the Thunder’s victory was assured.

  544. Tyson’s ?

  545. At least Lakers’ fans there got a taste of Linsanity tonight. Guess that was good, so good they might want more…

  546. I won because Lin outperformed Kobe and it went down the wire because as you know all the different players finish up their nights and this game by Lin really was double joy for me ! because the fantasy game came down to – will Lin outplay Kobe and he monstered over Kobe!!!

    You guys didn’t get to see that head to head but you can imagine that by the box score.

  547. Byron “forced” him to distribute to Swaggy/Boozer.
    Once Swaggy is out, he’s free to attack w/o worrying about BS

  548. Lin really had some Linsanity plays today, esp his kick out to Ellington for the 3.

  549. What about Linsane in the Membrane? lol

  550. Good for you … and us! 😀

  551. This game is not about Linsanity itself tho. Lin is auditioning right now. More Natl TV game like this the better. Just grab every chance to show. Not just scoring, but his overall game.

  552. Except Lin won’t stay until 2016 not with BS and Kobe who chuck shots even when he’s off his game.

  553. ok yeah… that too 😀

  554. Kobe should just retire after this season or it will just hurt his legacy.

  555. Jeremy played the whole 4th quarter and ESPN announcers had plenty praises for Jeremy. It was a good night.

  556. Honestly, the mini Linsanity run almost got me stop breathing for a good 3mins.. 😉

  557. I should not mute the game….missed all that

  558. yes, we are since we’re Lin fans .. since Kobe took over as PG, it didn’t take away Linsanity’s contribution.
    Not Lin’s fault

    Besides, Linsanity happened for 3 weeks in NY (even with losses)

  559. Now that we witnessed a few minutes of Linsanity, let’s put up some votes for Lin in ASG!

  560. so true!!! LOL

  561. I really have no problem with Kobe taking the last shot. That should be one of the only 7 shots he take…not 12 or 10 or..

  562. I am a very angry man.

  563. Waiting for highlights,highlights,highlights…

  564. ah 22 mins. We needed more.

  565. reggie jackson gets the same minutes as westbrook with westbook being the starter. lin gets 22 with price as the starter. lol who figured

  566. Oh really? Those racists ESPN haters and losers actually praised Lin?

  567. My thought too.

  568. If Lin did not score, the last 6 m would be Price’s to take

  569. This. I felt it was winning time when Swaggy got Flagrant 2.

  570. My thought tooooo.

  571. =( was too short, wish BS didn’t put Kobe back in then Lin would’ve had his Double Double!

  572. dunno about tyson’s..how’s his?

  573. Yes so many games and he never feel guity and that is the worst part! Knowing that he is the one who has the ball, other team just have to double or triple team in the end. All the other players built up the game but Kobe just ruined it in seconds! This is emotional and mental abuse!

  574. or if young was not thrown out

  575. 22 min! bunch of crazy and stupid laker management …

  576. ESPN has a mix. Some Lin fans, some Lin haters and everything in between. Watch out for official NBA media though. They don’t like Lin.

  577. He was 3-15 tonight with only 7 pts. He should not have taken the last shot. Lin was hot that entire 4th quarter and Byron Scott mess up the momentum when he brought Kobe back in the game.

  578. no no no, I was hyperventilating.

  579. Man still thinking about that missed 3, imagine what the crowd would’ve been if Lin made it!

  580. Great overall…showed up in every category. 8 rebounds…:D

  581. That is what I meant…Kobe should sit more and only take big shots. I can settle with that. Better than just mess up everything…

  582. i knew he would take it

  583. Wow BS answered why didn’t Lin shoot the last shot since he had the hot hand: 32,000 plus points.

  584. Tank Commander at work!

  585. Yes…I meant given Young not there

  586. This guy is beyond ridiculous.

  587. what about the 1 billion bricks in his career tho?

  588. hahahahaha

  589. i would agree if kobe made more the 3 shots for the game or had a better efficiency at those shot this year

  590. Kobe wants to win the scoring title…i said it long before he surpassed MJ’s record..smdh

  591. Backhanded compliment… surprise surprise. smh…

  592. don’t knock unsalted butter….butter cream frosting rocks!! Fan of J whether savory or sweet 🙂

  593. In todays ESPN NY RADIO SHOW, Barkley said Knicks player will not play for triangle offense. They will play for auditioning next year team. Thats what Lin gotta do?

  594. nit picking

  595. When you hate someone you never missed his negative point.

  596. how many dumb mistakes did kobe have?? too many to count

  597. Wow he never says bad things about Kobe. LOL

  598. sounded so much like McHale.

  599. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? lol

  600. Let’s vote Jeremy Lin for #NBABallot!


  601. He is doing it. Brought his professionalism every game. Trying his best

  602. It’s an open secret that BS doesn’t rate Lin, but they don’t want to make it too obvious.

  603. Hahahahahahahaha!

  604. Exactly! He sounded like every ball player could have a perfect game every time

  605. or price

  606. Follow Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    Byron Scott referred to Kobe as the Black Mamba in his in game interview. He knows where his bread is buttered.

  607. Not only that but have to brown nose Kobe!

  608. Why did he sound like McHale now?
    Only negatives, barely any positives.

    Did he call Boozer’s mistakes dumb too?

  609. Triangle and “cornerstone” SG are the past. NBA teams are doing the Spurs’ way.

  610. lol is it true

  611. Clearly there is an unspoken rivalry of Kobe and Jeremy, and we all know who has the coaching staff backing up!

  612. Tell ’em Jeremy.

  613. Laker fans knew Lin should have taken the last shot after making the previous shot.

  614. say it isn’t so. lol piss on the hydrant lin

  615. Best illustration of the game conclusion tonight

  616. I have never seen a coach dislike one player so much as to dis him every time he got a chance.
    Lin is truly a witness to all of us. Stay in faith !! All eyes can see.

  617. *Rub hands together*

  618. Only in Kobe’s head.

  619. Good for Jeremy. He wants to get the heck out of LA!

  620. ehm… BScott must have learned from McHale :]

  621. Great game by Lin. Sad that it took Nick’s ejection to give Lin playing time in 4Q. If nick wasn’t ejected Lin is probably sitting the 4th while Scott goes with Kobe as PG

  622. I am glad Lin is fearless now ! That’s good, that is the attitude to wake up Linsanity !

  623. So? Kobe is also leading the missed FGA by a huge margin this season as well as leading the NBA in all time bricks! No wonder we just saw another brick by Kobe added to his all time missed field goal attempt record.

  624. Good for Jeremy. He wants to get the heck out of LA!

  625. This is just more proof this team will suck for the rest of his tenure there. Blind to the fact Kobe was cold this entire game.

  626. yes,.. part of the grand plan.
    Swaggy’s ejection was a fluke showing Linsanity impact to Laker fans.
    Now, Laker fans will be hungry for more!

  627. Scott is a turnover for the Lakers.

  628. LOL

  629. lol won’t happen. as i said at the beginning of the year kobe will find it hard lasting all year.

  630. I don’t think McHale was ever this critical. He never gave the praise Lin deserved but he never openly dissed Lin like this either.

  631. lin ws very passive aggressive in the interview

  632. I think Jeremy is sticking it to the Lakers now. What do you think?

  633. Wow! Speakin’ out!

  634. Stupidest answer from a stupid BS coach!

  635. Maybe they are related.

  636. JLin: “I like game winners too”. cough cough his way of saying, “I should’ve taken that last shot not Kobe”.

  637. fify: Byron ws very passive aggressive in the interview.

  638. so kobe is tired after 4 days rest. when that start happening injury gets more likely. being tired always leads to injury so it isn’t smart that kobe just fight through it. his body can’t take it. if i was scott kobe would average 30 minutes if not less

  639. His 4Q play was an audition in front of a national audience .

  640. Depends if Scott and/or Bryant are sticking……….

  641. yep

  642. Grrrr…he infuriates me!!

  643. Byron misheard the question. He asked about Lin not Sacre.

  644. if he only had a brain

  645. I’d say give Kobe the rest of the season off.

  646. Amazingly much!!!

  647. and how many thousand plus MISSES!

  648. Fan reactions in ESPN website

    1.Sammy Bissett · Top Commenter · Works at Austin American-Statesman

    Walked my dog today and nearly lost my life because a basketball came flying at me out of no where. How many people have to die before someone puts a stop to Kobe throwing bricks? #keepthepeace #savetheanimals #serialbricker

    Reply · Like · 28 · Follow Post · December 15 at 11:02pm

    2.Ellis Gor · Top Commenter

    Like if you agree if Kobe is #1 in all time bricking!

    Reply · Like · 15 · Follow Post · about an hour ago

    3.Michael Carter · Top Commenter · Virginia Tech

    Since Lin came in, the Lakers have started dominating.

    Lakers will likely lose though because Scott will replace Lin with Kobe.

    Reply · Like · 14 · Follow Post · 43 minutes ago

    4.Corey Ellyn · Top Commenter · Owner at Self-Employed

    Some Kobe fun facts. Out of 121 players who have shot enough to qualify for league shooting %leaders he is # 117. Out of all players in the league he is # 342 0f 438. He averages 22.4 shots a game. No other player in the league takes even 20 shots and only 3 take more then 18. Stuff of legends

    Reply · Like · 14 · Follow Post · Edited · December 18 at 2:01am

    5.Anthony Cuoco · Top Commenter · New York University

    “well, it’s simple, you give it to the guy who’s 3 for 14.”

    Reply · Like · 12 · Follow Post · 24 minutes ago

    So many critics for Kobe and Scott HAHA LOL

  649. James Worthy and Robert Horry praising Jeremy Lin!

  650. Byron, he brought the team back in the 4th. Give him props. He played very solid. And you had to mention dumb turnovers. You coached dumb. How’s that? This guy is bugging me big time.

  651. Reporters should’ve told BS, “4 days of rest wasn’t enough for him?!!”

  652. That’s good. The more minutes he plays, the sooner I suffer less of watching him. I have enough of him. Believe Lakers is better without KB and BS anyday.

  653. This comment made it official BS is a racist hater!!

  654. ok, PostGame thread is open.

    Yeah, a flash of Linsanity happened tonight for Laker fans to see before Kobe stopped it to a grinding halt for a loss!


  655. Reminiscent of McHale criticizing Jeremy’s last play against the Spurs game where he scored 38 points.

  656. BS made a dumb mistake to play lin in the 4th.

  657. Probably Boozer.

  658. I’m bring out the fireworks when that happens! Watch next game Kobe does too much and injures himself, can’t wait for that!!

  659. don’t forget “Lin sometimes play for the other team” plus “Lin would rather score 29pts/11TOs” out of nowhere

  660. That’s a good thing, can’t wait for Kobe the selfish ball hog to break down and for Linsanity to take over!!

  661. The Lakers have a pretty good team without ISO players on the court and Jeremy running the offense.

  662. No suprise today. Scott is sticking to his game plan: give Kobe every chance to look good and tank for draft picks at the same time.

  663. No bench player had this kind of media surrounding.

  664. If kobe turn around and start actually helping young guys and lakers, his legacy will be greater, but of course he’s very nearsighted

  665. May be Kobe got him the contract… what do you think?

  666. Lin’s brand of bb is a lot more fun than even watching kobe during his prime!

  667. 32,000 plus manufactured points.

  668. Mchale!

  669. This is an awesome comment I just saw from MSN with regards to a Jeremy Lin article:

    Kobe doesn’t get some things, like open shots being a better shot than one that is contested.

    On this very site in November they had an article about Kobe and here is a quote from the Mamba…

    “I asked Kobe a/b his many shots. Kobe: “I’d rather not have to do that, but you can’t just sit back and watch crime happen in front of you.”

    Right now, Kobe’s FG% is .377% and the Lakers as a team are shooting .437%. Keep in mind that Kobe is really pulling down the teams FG% because of how many shots he takes.

    Deducting Kobe’s shots from the teams total the rest of the Lakers not named Kobe are shooting .457%

    So, Kobe is shooting .377% and the rest of his team is shooting .457%

    Kobe, the crime is YOU shooting so much and so terribly and not letting your teammates shoot more as they make a lot more shots than you do.



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