Game 26 Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin is Ruled Out

Jeremy Lin is ruled out for this game due to the lower back strain that he suffered on December 5. It would give him seven days of rest if he can play on the December 12 game against Dallas Mavericks. It could be the best decision to rest the back to avoid it becoming a chronic injury throughout the season.


  1. Interesting article didn’t know Rui Hachimura was predicated to be top8 draft pick for 2019 draft. I hope he doesn’t go to the Warrior, this article makes it sound like all they want his Japan’s money and promotion. If Rui is as great as his hype he should be give a franchise spot just like all the hyped draft picks every year. It’s too bad, both Lin and Yuta Watanabe has the ability to be the franchise but both were undrafted for bias reasons. Yuta is barely getting NBA minutes with Grizz/s two way contract. Putting Yuta at the SG spot would allow Memphis to go even further in the playoffs while keeping all the import players like Conley, Marc, and Jarrett Jackson Jr in the lineup. Such a shame Yuta is wasting 1 year of his youth in the pointless G league when he’s more ready to play in the NBA than most draft picks including Trae Young.

  2. Lin will hard to get a good offer if he keeps injured even in this tanking team.

  3. Hawks only have 11 healthy players on the roster tonight. Gonna be another rough night.

  4. If Lin was healthy tonight, he’d be playing a lot again. Trae is stinking it up… again. 3 straight blocked layup attempts by Trae, 1 foul, 1 turnover already early in the 1st Q.

    Collins is playing another good game. He’s the Hawks’ best player and most consistent, other than Lin when he’s healthy.

  5. Trae’s hit the wall hard. LP didn’t handle him right and LP’s showing very much he’s a rookie coach.

  6. It was a bad situation for everyone, since Lin wasn’t ready to start at the beginning of the season. Pierce definitely handled things wrong, but it’s not all his fault. Can’t blame everything on a rookie head coach brought in to facilitate the tank effort.

    Lin can’t even stay healthy recently, so it’s not like there’s a case to be made anymore that Lin should’ve started over Trae. Trae just has to deal with it and soldier on. No other choice now.

  7. Bembry is doing well at playing Lin’s role tonight. He’s very aggressive, scoring, facilitating / assisting well, and playing good D. Only problem is his 3 fouls so far in the 2nd Q.

  8. Close game but the Hawks are likely to give up a big run in the 3Q.

  9. they probably went all in to try to get him to win rookie of the year and justify picking him ahead of Luka Doncic.

    Problem is Trae is clearly not ready and it’s blowing up in their faces big time.

    Trae wasn’t that dominant in college, specially in the second half…only shot 42% FG and 36% 3point..that’s not great %

    he was a volume scorer in college but he does have good vision and passing ability.

  10. He looked great in some games. Overall, his lack of height is really showing up now, plus the league has scouted him. His assists are down, his passes are getting picked off, and his shooting has been pretty bad most of the season.

  11. Luka basically beat the Rockets by himself, hitting these insane clutch shots late in the game…

  12. Had a slow start in the game, too.

  13. Hawks with 10 point lead in the 3Q. Vince knocking down lots of 3s.

  14. He playing right now…

    Murry got blatantly kicked by Justin Anderson. It looked bad and intentional on replay.

  15. They’re doing it without Lin too. And Trae playing another bad game.

    Hawks’ defense is actually good this game. Tough to beat the best team in the West even if they’re without 3 of their starters.

  16. Bembry and Collins playing games of their lives right now, helping the Hawks get double digit lead over the best in the West.

  17. denver is out a ton of starters.

  18. Yes, best I’ve seen Bembry play.

  19. Hawks are depleted as well. They’re actually playing quite well out there so far in this game.

  20. this is good, trade lin and bremby can take lins minutes. win/win

  21. I think they want Lin back playing, lol.

    I know you want Lin traded. But I’m always carrying a caveat of being careful what you ask for. Things could get way better for Lin…or worse in a trade.

  22. true. i just hate meaningless games

  23. It was announced Lin was told to go home and rest so of course he won’t be there. What is it with reporters so focused on telling everyone Lin isn’t there everyday when it’s just 1 extra game? You don’t see them so focused on the other players who have missed more games than him.

  24. And maybe it’s worth the gamble. I guess I’m still watching the games as Lin’s rehab season’s games. But the losing and bad play is hard to watch. Today the team actually looks good. but that’s the exception to the usual.

  25. Not injury, just rest for common injury, you don’t here people calling Curry and Kawhi injury prone. Kawhi was injured for 2 seasons as well.

  26. Hawks would be much further off in their rebuilding but they chose the wrong guy. I’m willing to bet Zion is another overrated draft pick and that everyone will wish they would’ve drafted Rui Hachimura instead. Zion looks way too buiky and mainly focused on drives not versatile at all.

  27. Nice to see Vince playing so well. Class guy.

  28. i feel teams usually rest players and dont take us seriously. so it get interestng sometimes by mistake

  29. Right, it’s not over yet tonight. The Hawks have to figure out how to win this game after playing so well. I hope Vince can guide them to doing so.

    I do wonder if the Hawks play better without Prince. Also, Baze doesn’t bring much most of the time.

  30. He started out ice cold, but now he’s feeling it and got his swagger back. It’s incredible Vince can still compete at 41.

  31. baze is the biggest disappointment to me.

  32. Collins with 30. Also made the right move to knock the Denver player off-course. Not cool to go for the steal with 3 seconds left and 10 pts down. Just let the clock run out.

  33. Good win for the Hawks. But Baze and Trae played poor games.

  34. LOL Nuggets are super salty they lost to the Hawks tonight.

    Can’t believe Collins got a flagrant 2 for that body block on Malik Beasley. Stupid refs.

  35. One piece of the trade JLIN off this team puzzle might be coming into form .. Bembry must be serviceable.

    The other piece is Trae needs to be serviceable … not sure that will ever happen, his confidence is broken and its affected his whole game

  36. Yeah, Beasley was off the wall with that stupid steal. Collins should have flattened him. He’s lucky he got away with the shoulder bump from Collins. Some other guys would have knocked him down hard and not care about the flagrant.

  37. Not a flagrant.

  38. Pierce just said Bembry is everything for the Hawks, backup point guard.

  39. Did Bremby play back-up PG tonight…Been watching the boxscore and noticed he played well.

    I see Trae played poorly again and still got 32 minutes…I hope the Hawks knows he’s not going to win rookie of year…He may not even make All rookie first team since his assist is also dropping.

    The good news for Lin is that if they feel Bremby is competant to play PG, we may see Lin move via trade sooner than later.

    I just hope that while Lin is there, he will continue to get at least 18-20 minutes.

  40. trade lin then lol

  41. he is not a pg but i hope hawks believe it

  42. Dinwiddie had 25 points in 29 minutes in BKLN
    Win over NYK. A team in need of a PG might trade for him over JLin with those numbers and youth. Plus he is free agent after this year. Din is playing well this year

  43. LOL…I knew he was going to pump Bremby up..So does that mean Lin will be DNC-CD….

    Don’t be surprise if Lin’s minutes is cut with LP using this as an excuse.

    He’s always wanted to cut off Lin minutes….Don’t trust this guy.

  44. Next game is in 4 days; long time from now. Hopefully Lin will be ready and healthy by then.

    That game will draw tons of eyeballs, since it’s against the Mavs and everyone will want to watch Trae vs. Luka. Obviously Luka’s going to win that matchup (even though they won’t be matched up against each other), but it’ll be a good game for Lin to showcase his game.

  45. Dinwiddie doesn’t start but finishes games and gets starter’s minutes. I think this type of role would be fine for Lin, almost as good as a starter. There’s a place for Din, and it may be in Brooklyn, and a place for Lin once Lin plays a bit more games this year (and I’m hoping LP starts putting Lin in to finish close games).

    And I think KA proves that D’Angelo Russell is NOT the man in Brooklyn. KA frequently sits him in the end of games in favor for Dinwiddie.

  46. I don’t agree. I think, yes, he wants to play his core guys. I think it is as simple as he wants to play Lin if Lin scores. There’s no real reason not to trust LP. Sometimes we have to erase people like BS and McHale. LP is neither of those guys.

    Bembry hustles on both ends of the floor. I think that’s why LP likes him and tonight, LP played the backup PG ok. Other nights, he’ll look lost trying to play PG.

  47. Are team keep blitzing Trae?..Why is he struggling so much?…At what point does the Hawks remove him out of the line-up or is there a point where they’re have to do so>

    Can there be a point of total embarrassment and the need to remove him for his own sick.

    Schlenk probably is sweating bullets right now, specially with the way Doncic is playing, winning a game by himself tonight.

  48. they won wow i guess not tanking

  49. Unfortunately, Lin is not Curry or Kawhi. He have changed 7 teams even most years he was staying health.

  50. They have one of the worst 3 records in the NBA locked up – there is tanking and then there is total humiliation tanking

  51. ATL has invested everything in Trae – credibility is on the line; they will give him at 1 1/2 seasons of starting before they pull the plug

  52. Curry has missed more games this season than JLIN and also has missed big stretches of seasons

  53. Actually my point was that Din might be ahead of JLin in terms of contenders who might want another PG. He is younger, serious injury free and is a free (unrestricted I think) agent after this season. BKLN may not want to let him go though as they will have to choose between Dlo and Din

  54. I wonder how much opposing teams get “up” for known tankers, to the point where they cannot gain a winning momentum

  55. Dinwiddie might be. Lin has the playoff cred, though.

  56. I think Curry is a hall of famer. Kawhi is a top 5 player in the NBA, may be a hall of famer down the road as well. I wish Lin could have stayed with one team. It’s not really his fault he didn’t. Lin raises his game to a high level when he plays top teams but yes, Kawhi and Curry have performed on a higher level day in and day out and are top players in the current NBA.

  57. I think you’re right. Though teams may balk at Din beside he’s due for a huge pay raise. Lin will be more affordable

  58. Agree, Dinwiddie is also a starting caliber PG and honestly he might be signed to the Lakers if Lebron still wants him on his team.

  59. At this rate not likely with Bembry as PG, it will be horrible to watch when Lin’s playing.

  60. There goes Lin’s minutes might even be DNP-CD soon. Lin’s already getting 15-18 minutes at some point you just give up watching entirely when it gets worst.

  61. Bembry might actually take over Trae’s position, that’s been Pierce’s plan all along. Trae should be very worried.

  62. Actually no Lin won’t because when Hawks can win, Lin sits so the young guys can take the glory.

  63. Watch they draft Zion the I don’t have any skills so I only drive to the basket player. Watched the highlight of Zion vs Rui and Rui by far is the better more versatile player! Rui can shoot 3s, mid range, and get to the rim. Zion only has one move and that’s relying on his size and athleticism to get to the rim. People say if he can develop mid range he’d be unstoppable as if those things can come easily once they reach the NBA. Look at Lin how much has he added since he entered the NBA? Not much besides his mid range shot. That’s why way i criticize so much when all Lin does is drive to the basket. It shows his lack of trust in his 3 point shots which is a huge disadvantage and limitation for him to reach the next level. Teams will continue to clog the lane with one defender at the arc knowing he’s afraid/refuses to take contested 3s.

  64. Din will fit in with teammates as the starting PG. With Lin, teammates will lack respect and will always take the chance to chucking shots with Lin willingly passing to them regardless of that fact *rollseyes.

  65. The score was 106 vs 98.

    Anytime you keep the opposition team below 100, you have a good chance of winning it. But it takes good defense to do it. With Young on the court, defense becomes difficult.

    Note: Denver had an extremely poor shooting night. 25% 3P%; 37.1% FG%.

    Note the bench scored 46 points comparing to 60 points by the starters. However the starters played heavy minutes and the bench was still more efficient than the starters.

    Starters had 164 man-minutes scored 60 points (0.366 point per man-minute)
    The bench scored 46 points with 76 man-minutes. (0.605 point per man-minute)
    The bench scored more points than the starters per man-minute.

  66. Watched Doncic’s 11-0 against Rockets for the win. Look at how he took those step back 3s sith no hesitation. He pretty much took over at the end. This is exactly what Lin lacks, the willingness to just take over and take all the shots, 3 of which were beyond the arc 3s.

  67. Luka is 6’7″ bro. Stop trying to compare him to Trae or Lin. He has that sick step-back and can create so much space because he’s lanky, tall, and has long legs and arms. He easily shoots over players that Lin and especially Trae can’t.

    Plus, Lin isn’t even allowed to do what Luka is doing: take clutch shots late in close games. He wasn’t even allowed to do that on the Nets, where he had a friendly coach and he was one of the main stars of the team. Lin hasn’t been “the guy” since his Knicks days. Rockets / McHale beat that clutch reputation out of Lin. Those days are long gone, so stop wishing Lin can be what he hasn’t been for 7+ years.

  68. So a question here might be if TY were moved to the bench would he become more “efficient” as you point out from these stats or would he “drag down” the efficiency of the bench? Would Jlin as the 1st team PG improve the efficiency of the unit and collectively its players and therefore win a few more games (and enhance his value as a trade target)? Guess we will never know since ATL is tanking and that kind of thinking is not acceptable. I do still think at some point ATL will start Jlin, mostly to showcase him. I figured it will come around game 30 or so, once he has become acclimated to NBA action. If what I mentioned above comes to pass his trade value should increase a lot

  69. The only time Jlin has been “allowed to take over” a game was during Linsanity. Since then only on occasion has this happened, a couple of times with Houston, parts of games with LA and the memorable games with CHA against Cleveland, SAS. So we know he can do it. Whether he is shutting himself down for purposes of being a “team” player or whether coach and FO wants him to play in a subdued manner is unknown (at least to me). Jlin is the antithesis of the “star” system of celebrity pro sports in that he plays a team sport in a team manner. At 30 years of age and 8 years in the NBA he has shaped his playing style into the form that I don’t think there is a “breakout”, except occasionally, left in him

  70. I believe the Hawks could had been a playoff team if Lin was fully healthy at the start of the season + a healthy Collins.

    Now, it’s probably too late, although technically, believe it or not, the Hawks are only 6 games away from the 8th seed..I don’t believe this is that far off..I decent winning streak of 4 could put them in striking distance.

  71. I’ve followed the Raptors a very long time. There are hard core homers that still don’t want to forgive Vince Carter. This article written by such a fan in 2017 shows how deeply they felt betrayed by Vince and McGrady.

  72. I disagree somewhat, Click. Lin has had clutch moments in end-of-game situations and OTs on the Rockets and Hornets and took a bunch of clutch shots on the Nets, or at least had the ball in his hands to decide to make the end play. McHale couldn’t beat the clutch reputation out of Lin and Lin was in position to be clutch with the Hornets a good amount of time. Now in terms of being “the guy,” I guess it is how one defines it. You’re both right in a way, but maybe defining it differently.

    Luka is taller and such and plays with better teammates than does Trae and now Lin. I don’t agree with Sport that Lin should focus on 3s. Midrange jumpers, short jumpers, some 3s mixed in and some at-the-rim shots are good, a variety of ways and places on the floor to score is best. Just take the shots when they are there. LP wants him to.

  73. I think Lin and Trae should be a platoon and get close to equal time. That way they can “develop” Trae and Lin would be helping out the whole team learn how to play team ball. I unequivocally think Lin should finish close games, and some of those Trae needs to sit. Trae’s minutes need to be reduced. He’s hit the wall.

    I don’t think Trae is moving to the bench anytime soon. But he’s beginning to play so poorly, LP may not have a choice. Still, even if he does move to the bench, it probably would be temporary.

  74. I don’t think they have quite enough, ZSS. If they had a better Prince, possible.

  75. Next game will be must watch — First meeting between Doncic and Trae since :

    1. Trae quoted that he “would be a better player than Luka”.
    2. Trae’s Nov./Dec. flameout
    3. Lukasanity in Nov./Dec.

    You can bet that not only Doncic but all his Mavs teammates will be looking to embarrass Trae, block his shots, play smothering defense and give Doncic as many 1-on-1 attempts over the short Trae as possible.

  76. They already faced each other before when Mavs played Atlanta.

  77. Previously, I have said the only way JLIN starts this season is : If Trae cannot start for whatever reason.

    Due to the glowing comments from Pierce about Bembry’s recent play, I now amend my predict to :

    even if Trae cannot start, I believe Pierce starts Bembry at PG instead of JLIN, such that JLIN will NOT EVER get a start on this Atlanta Hawks team.

    ON the bright side, a Bembry that has learned how to play, and he has improved much since first playing alongside JLIN, just helps get us CLOSER TO JLIN’s TRADE

  78. I meant first meeting since the points I laid out in my 1-2-3.

    And many claim Trae performed better in that first game

  79. JLIN and mentorship

    Two guys who have developed respect for JLIN – J.Collins (spent offcourt time with and often talking with JLIN in game) and Bembry (bench teammate) — are now doing great.

    Trae Young, who knows the current state of his relationship with JLIN.

    I’m not certain how much JLIN mentors Bembry/Collins but if JLIN gives you basketball wisdom, you tend to play better.

  80. A nice three from Brook Lopez against the Raptors ….

  81. Lin aside, people will NEVER stop comparing Trae to Luka simply because the Hawks had the latter in hand, and willingly traded with Mavs for the former. It will turn out to be one of the top, dumbest trades in the history books.

  82. There are teams much worse than the Hawks for Lin to be on…

    Also, from a Suns fan:

    Well the Suns owner fired half our front office, didn’t hire anybody to replace them, and then propped up James Jones (who has one year of FO experience) as a semi-GM. And then James Jones gave away Tyson Chandler for nothing to suck off Lebron James.

  83. Just a rumor from a non-reliable source, but it might be something to keep an eye out for…

  84. Very interesting indeed.

    The follow-up after the 15th is also good

    @HotPelicans Nothing will done before 15th, thats when more contracts become tradable but sounds like interest is sincere.

    @HotPelicans What ive heard is Lin for Solomon Hill and draft compensation, probably 1 or 2 2nds.

  85. He also posted…

    Nothing will done before 15th, thats when more contracts become tradable but sounds like interest is sincere.

    What ive heard is Lin for Solomon Hill and draft compensation, probably 1 or 2 2nds.

    Which is very similar to what I posted exactly 3 weeks ago:

  86. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what happens on the 15th. So many teams are going to be making moves starting then. We know that Pelicans have had an interest in Lin 2 years ago, but the question is, are they still interested?

    Jrue Holiday is sick of being the Point Guard for them. He just wants to score score score, as seen tonight, where he scored 37 points.

  87. has Lin been linked to a team from a reliable media source?
    seemed like only team blog have linked Lin to trade.

  88. sweet! can’t wait for the rest of the nba teams to express their interest in our guy, too. and then the big DECISION will be unveiled in a televised special. just kidding! Lin doesn’t have a choice but one can only dream!

  89. Too many point guards there.

  90. I don’t think Lin would be happy there.

  91. why do you think so?

    Not sure he would start for them right away. At the very least, they would let him compete with Elfrid Payton for the starting PG job.

    Payton is out with an injury, so as long as Lin is playing well and the team is winning, he would keep that job.

  92. Personally, I think Raptors (replacing Kyle Lowry as their starting point guard) would be more ideal, but starting alongside shooting Jrue Holiday is interesting, too.

    Payton is on cheap contract, so would still be cheap insurance if Lin had another unfortunate injury this season.

  93. You do realize Kyle Lowly is regarded as a top 10 PG in the league right?
    Not only that, but Toronto has a back-up PG, VanVleet….

    Payton, on the other end is regarded around the same level as Lin..Although I’m sure many people who under-rate Lin would say Payton is way better than Lin.

    My personal observation is Payton is a bit better at passing, ball-retention and defense but Lin shoots better and will score much more…So it depend on what the coach values.

    I suspect that if Payton is fully healthy, Pelicans would start him because he’s regarded as the more “pure-pass-first” PG and they would bring Lin off the bench under the 6th-man role because he can score in bunches which is what some team likes.

    I hope they would not look at Lin as simply a 6th man type and at least give him a chance to compete against Payton for the stating role.

  94. this is a trade. meaning lin wll not have a choice. no use argueing where lin will be happy

  95. If pelicans play well with Lin, AD might stay there.


    (just imagine that instead of Justin Hamilton and Trevor Booker running double high horns with Lin in transition, that was Julius Randle (roll man) and Anthony Davis (fall back to three point line) instead. Randle is already an almost unstoppable full back if he has space in paint to attack and finish, so letting him attack in space, while defense has to make real time reads about how Lin will distribute or shoot himself, should amplify his potential impact on a game)

  97. Strange… NBA’s Twitter account is showing Lin at practice. 🤔

  98. Oh, I guess they’re doing an “All Access” filming of the Hawks practice and other activities. So it’s not focused on just Lin…

  99. I think it’d take a deep playoffs run for AD to stay in NO. I doubt AD cares about Lin or if he plays well. Lin is a free agent next year anyways, so it doesn’t matter if AD stays or goes.

  100. How would you know? Lin is happy in Atlanta, even though he’s in a bad situation (could be worse). Lin makes the best out of his circumstances and tends to look at the bright side of things. Why would playing on a team like the Pelicans, wanting to win and make a playoffs run, make Lin unhappy?

  101. Keep dreaming about Lin on the Raptors. They have no need for Lin, even though Lowry is going through a bad slump right now and VanVleet is not as good as Lin.

    People need to stop hoping / wishing for Lin to play on their favorite team(s), and look at what situation fits Lin the best and what teams would need his services, as well as look past Lin’s injury history in favor of his production / upside.

  102. You obviously have no clue what the situation is in New Orleans.

  103. Bembry’s continued improved play is critical if the Pelican’s trade rumor of Solomon Hill has credence in that Hill is not a Point Guard, thus ATL must hand bench PG role to Bembry

    Will be rooting for Bembry to have excellent games in big minutes, so ATL FO confident to pull the trigger and make this trade

  104. Nick Young signs with Denver to deal with injury situation.

    “Denver, which looked like it had a ton of depth at the guard spots coming into the season, has been dealing with a rash of injuries. Gary Harris and Will Barton remain out of the lineup, while Isaiah Thomas still does not have a timetable to make his season debut.” See :

  105. Good to see Swaggy P get a contract. Was surprised nobody offered him anything over the summer, after his stint with the Warriors last year. I guess he wasn’t consistent enough to warrant teams taking a chance on his reputation and age.

    I believe the loss against the Hawks was what prompted Denver to make this signing. That loss shocked them, demoralized them, and woke them up to the fact that they need a lot of help to keep winning and stay atop the West, because of how many injuries they have to key players.

  106. Is Lin’s back really that hurt? He needs to play, unless there’s a trade lined up for him. Lin has to showcase his skills in Dallas.

  107. I get the sense they are lining-up a trade for Lin, and all these talks about him not being able to play is a smoke-screen to safe-guard him against any type of injuries.

    After a full week, his back is still an issue?


    Imagine that instead of Justin Hamilton and Trevor Booker running Double High Horns with Lin in transition, that was Julius Randle (Tyson Chandler roll man) and Anthony Davis (Dirk Nowitzski / Kawhi catch and shoot three / secondary slasher role) instead: / /

    [ / / ]


  109. I dont think NO will go to deep in playoff without Lin. With Lin its possible.

  110. You seem to forget the Raptors have Kyle Lowry starting at PG and he’s very well regarded…I don’t see how Lin start for the Raptors, but I do believe they could play him some minutes off the bench alongside Lowry..that’s about it, but Raptors is not a great fit as for starting or to get maximum minutes.

    The best fit for Lin where he could have a decent chance at starting or get plenty of minutes coming off the bench are Orlando and New Orleans because these 2 teams do not have well-established PG which would allow Lin to compete for starting spot and minutes.

  111. the 15th is close hmmmm.

  112. Where there is “trade smoke” there is “trade fire”. Hope it happens sooner than later. Let’s go Lin !… literally, outta that tanking team

  113. chinatown boyz i like that sweater

  114. It’s easy to be pushed out of the NBA. This list shows how many players (135) played in the NBA last year, but are out of the league this year…

  115. Vince & Baze podcast is causing a big commotion because Steph Curry is on it, and they all agreed that the moon landing is fake.

  116. That’s very interesting that all of them think that way. Perhaps they learned from the same source?
    Kyrie and Shaq also believed the flat earth. I wonder if NBA players have favorite speakers/bloggers they listen to.

  117. I’m thankful JLin is being extra careful with his health this season. Injuries to Plumlee, Prince, LeVert can happen at any time.

  118. Or maybe a lot of the top guys are in secret societies, and are freemasons, who teach them their truth about this world… stuff they’re supposed to keep on the down low.

    NBA fans and media can’t handle their stars and idols thinking and believing in different things from what we’ve all been taught and indoctrinated with since birth. There’s a reason why so many people get extremely upset and angry over “conspiracy theorists” who think the world is not round, even though none of us have ever actually traveled into space ourselves and have to rely on what we’ve been fed all our lives.

    Anyway, I won’t get into it too much here since it’s not appropriate and I expect people will attack me if I go further.

  119. I’ve never been to space, but I have personally sent up cameras on weather balloons multiple times, and you can see the curvature of the earth in the pictures. They go up about 100,000 feet, and it’s pretty cheap to do (a hundred bucks plus the cost of losing a gopro if you can’t find it when it comes down.. though I’ve never lost a camera yet).

    I understand getting sucked into conspiracy theories when there is no way to check the truth, you just have to believe one set of people or another. But flat earth is one anyone can check without even doing any math.

  120. I don’t know what the shape of the earth is, but I don’t believe what we’ve been fed: it’s not a globe, we’re not spinning at over 1,000 miles per hour, and we’re not going 67,000 MPH around the sun.

    My guess is that the earth is a fishbowl-like shape, not flat, but not a ball either. The curvature you see is due to the filament that protects the earth and acts like a dome covering it.

  121. I remember JLin jokingly addressed Kyrie’s claim about the flat earth 🙂

    But in this day and age, it is definitely important to weigh the burden of evidence to determine if something is true or not. While we have not seen our own brain, I believe I have one 🙂

    For example, there is a lot of good evidence (and follow-up from satellite pictures) on the moon landing like this link. Maybe it’s good to find more evidence like sending more prober to validate the landing site, footprints, etc. because I can see more people getting on board with the idea. But first the satellite can show the earth is round first lol

  122. They talk about Lin getting cut by Warriors in the middle of training camp practice, towards the end of this clip:

  123. Thanks. That was insightful what Carter was saying. And Lin’s path has been difficult. But he’s in the NBA. And I hope to see him in the playoffs, if not this season, then next. For now, he has to take care of his back and his health.

  124. I was hoping they were trolling us. Now I’m not so sure.

  125. Dude, I can no longer tell whether you’re joking or serious…

  126. Well, at least the 18th isn’t too far from now. Though, that’s just the re-eval. I wish him the best.

  127. Looks like a giant when he walks in compared to the others. Seems he’s walking a bit stiffly to me.

  128. At this stage, Lin is grateful to play again. But, I think that competitive edge will come in and he’ll get sick of losing. He probably already is sick of it.

    Lin’s role might expand on the Pels. Probably would. I want to see him play with AD. If AD isn’t there, then the Pels are far less appealing IMO.

  129. “Tanking” is unnatural and the powers that be need to “sell” “losing” to us as being good. George Orwell anyone? I think this discussion is appropriate since this garbage has seemingly filtered down to us fans on the entertainment level. Tanks a lot NBA!

  130. In IG Q&A session, @JLin7 said he’ll be back soon from injury, def. on this upcoming trip

    Also A on being more explosive, handsome, hair 👌

  131. lol. Tanks!

  132. LOL some of those questions are pretty dumb…

    Good to hear Lin’s gonna be back soon. I hope he plays against the Mavs, since people will actually watch and care about that game, and it’s right before the 15th where trades start happening.

  133. Ask smart questions, lol.

    Great responses from Lin. And he’s always funny.

  134. wow, Steph said, “I remembered JLin getting cut in the middle of summer camp practice after he just scored on me one-on-one”

    JLin is definitely a tough guy that we can all learn from to never give up, never surrender. No wonder Naruto is his favorite character with the same life philosophy!

  135. lol yeah, ” don’t ask dumb questions.. you know who you are” 🙂
    that’s hilarious but won’t stop the same people

  136. true, the Mavs game will be important if he can shine in a supposedly Luka vs Trae matchup, it will be very good. Let’s hope he gets a good game to assure NBA GMs to pick up their phone lol

  137. That’s why Steph and Lin are still friends and why Steph respects Lin. He remembers those early days when Lin would beat him in 1v1s LOL

    Imagine if Lin had grown up around the game of basketball, around NBA stars like Steph has, taught how to properly move and shoot at a young age, not faced all of the racism and prejudices he has, and not had all of the obstacles put in front of him, limiting his potential and growth. He could’ve easily been a top star in this league. But then, he wouldn’t have been the underdog he is and we probably wouldn’t be fans of his. It’s through all of the struggles, that so many players and fans have come to respect, like, and root for Lin.

  138. yes, JLin didn’t grow up in the pedigree or even tall people to supposedly make it in the NBA 🙂 That’s why we admired him because his never-surrender attitude has carried his God-given natural talent to not only make it but survive and thrive in the NBA.

    Just imagine how much In-N-Out burgers, gallons of milk, and gym work he had to endure to get to this point.

  139. I think he just woke up from a nap, just look at the bed hair 😀

  140. LOL

  141. I’d still be a fan of his. The story would be different. More would be expected of him. But I just love the game he plays, how he involves and elevates his teammates, how he puts his all on the court on both ends and is a winner.

    Lin being Asian-American is a great plus. But it isn’t why I watch him. There are other Asians playing in the league I don’t pay attention to. And it was different with Yao Ming. He was another giant International player but I became to like him when I saw him interviewed. There is one Asian, maybe ethnically mixed Black and Asian that I like. RH are his initials. But he’s not Lin. Nobody else is Lin.

    Lin has a fun personality. He’s a man of faith, he’s a man of integrity. I respect him greatly. And he has incredible strength to deal with all of the absolute, trying to find a PG word for it but there isn’t one. Let’s just say extremely unfair, biased and ugly treatment he’s received in the NBA. But I’ll say this. Lin has won a lot of people over. Lin won that Kenyon Martin argument on social media and maybe in most of the NBA.

  142. That’d be hilarious if D’Antoni is the one to end both Melo’s and JR’s careers. Payback at its finest.

  143. This is where Steph and Vince talk about the comparisons people make between Trae and Curry. They were making fun of Trae’s hair before this lol.

    I agree with them. Too bad the haters won’t listen to them nor care what they have to say and keep hating on Trae.

  144. Karma at last! LoL

  145. Luka laid an egg tonight, going 2 for 11, 0 for 5 at the 3. Mavs still beat the Magic because Magic only scored 76 points.

  146. Don’t agree that Trae Young will be a superstar. He’s neither Stephen Curry nor Steve Nash. He is not as athletic as them.

  147. They desperately need improvements on 3 point shooting.

  148. Trae does have weaknesses that will be exploited throughout his career.

  149. Ouch 76-101

    The most interesting stat for Lin fans would be DJ Augustin’s 6pts/2asts in 25 min being a non-factor. The 2 backup PGs also had a combined 2-8 shooting.

    For 3 games (3 losses), DJ had struggled averaging 6pointts/3assists with average +/ of -11.6.

    Magic is currently 8th on the Eastern Conference standing with 12-15 record. If the Heat wins tonight vs Lakers (96-93 with 5 min left in Q4), it will overtake Magic on the 8th spot for playoff with 12-14 record.

    Will the Magic Front Office get nervous of losing the playoff spot and consider trading Lin or other starting-caliber PGs? I guess these 5 days before Dec 15 will be exciting for Lin fans. Will Pelicans or Magic make the move?

  150. well, by now, I think a lot nba players who been in the game do give some respect to lin because he stayed in and also kept at it as oppose to say linsanity and he didn’t pay his dues yet. Lin had paid his dues and thus the reason for the respect. Plus they all know about his story and injury and sht like that and now if he does win a championship, there are no grudges.

  151. You been watching the flat earth documentary.

  152. geez he has to say it.. he is on cam dude

  153. Yup..I’m been paying attention to the Magic because they could be under heavy pressure to get active before the trading deadline and hopefully, their recent losing streak will make them to consider going all-out for Lin.

    D.J Augustin is a nice PG but he simply can’t score enough…My guess is Clifford believe he can rely on Gordon, Vucinic and Fournier to score, therefore, he doesn’t need a PG that can score, but that is wrong-thinking..

    You need to have a starting 5 that have the potential to score in case your first or second option doesn’t have it.

  154. I think a lot of players root for LIn. Some players just aren’t nice and don’t accept diversity in the sport. Other players welcome Lin in the brotherhood of the NBA, think he’s a competitor, and if he’s on their team they like him. Vince and Steph are two of the good guys. Melo isn’t. Good riddance. Hope he never gets a job in the NBA again.

  155. If they want to win and get a playoff seed, they know what Lin can do. I’m a bit leery of Cliff playing Lin when Lin isn’t healthy, though. As for Pelicans, there seems to be real interest in Lin. Maybe something will happen.

  156. There’s always a possibility that Magic wouldn’t want to give up too much assets for Lin, trying to compete for the playoff, and thinking they could always try to get JLin in his Free Agency.

    There are no recent Magic rumors on Lin yet but with mounting losses, there could always be pressure to make a move.

  157. True, only Pelican rumors are present for now because they’re desperate to keep ADavis happy by winning.

    The good thing with Magic is Lin can be the starting PG for the next contract if they really want him now. But yes, Cliff used to ride him hard in Charlotte if Lin gets going so there is that concern.

    Let’s hope we hear more about trade rumors as we get closer to Dec 15

  158. Would be great if he got that position for a 2-3 yr contract. The Magic are contending and hopefully will keep doing so the next few years. Coach Clifford is familiar with Lin. But I don’t think Coach Clifford is a favorite among Lin fans. He has a chance to redeem himself if Lin joins him in Orlando!

  159. Hopefully, Magic rather than Pelicans makes the move.

  160. Clifford recognizes & appreciates Lin’s contribution. He just didn’t work against the decision of the GM, Chao. I wouldn’t put the blame on him for the losses in the playoff against the Heat.

  161. Clifford can always use a combo guard to run his offense.

  162. Atlanta wouldn’t trade Lin for less than a protected first round draft choice after Lin’s full recovery.

    The Hawks is not in a rush to get rid of Lin.

  163. Dont want Lin to play for Cliff, no more

  164. I understand lots of people want Young to succeed and outshine Luka. After all, Young is an American and Luka isn’t. But Luka has both size and skill and he won’t be such a defense liability. It also adds to the flexibility of using him.

  165. Magic needs scoring at PG position to open up for other players.

  166. No Lin tomorrow.

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