G26 CHA @WAS Game Thread

Coming off the 1st full-blown Linsanity game as Hornets, how would Jeremy Lin follow in the next game? If Nic Batum still cannot play due to illness, will Lin/Kemba backcourt be expected to pick up the scoring load again? Batum is listed as probable. https://twitter.com/rick_bonnell/status/678251374728060928 Let’s go, JLin! Let’s continue to shoot at least 8FG  & 4 FT attempts. Relax, be your aggressive self & just play your game on matter what happens

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  1. 1st!

  2. Lin vs Wall classic Hairsanity!

  3. 2nd

  4. fast

  5. Paslm, you tweeted CHA vs TOR. Might want to revise that 🙂

  6. blubell you are too quick for me!

  7. Haha! Don’t think this will happen but…


  8. Psalm tweeted the thread first before posting it on the previous thread. Just got lucky 🙂

  9. wonder if wall’s raining 50k at the strip club again the nite b4 and how that may affect his game?

    we got an insider there to find out imo the best poster on this site, certainly one of the most popular, kl.

  10. omg.. i knew you vultures were waiting…

  11. secrets of the stars.

  12. LOLOLOL All depends how much JLin is playing. Normally JLin doesn’t guide Wall/pg when he is on 2nd unit:-)

  13. Please no! Don’t trust Fisher as coach.

  14. people keep saying all knick are away from a playoff team is a point guard, calderon is aged and useless but most people are looking at lawson.

    yeah like thats a good idea.

  15. LOLOL I know. That was why I was able to be first in one of those times:-) Just went to drink water and returned this thread was up:-)

  16. I feel the same way but ….

  17. 2 many vultures here 2day.

  18. How many points he’ll get this time?

  19. minutes determines points. pretty much.

  20. thanks!
    lol .. man, that was an auto-tweet since I put the wrong title
    I fixed it

  21. They told Lin “not interested” last summer.

  22. Ok how many points and minutes he’ll get this time?

  23. Not if he doesn’t get any touches…

  24. Sorry not impressed with Batum

  25. But Hornets so far have put most their eggs in Batum’s basket.

  26. That link is taking me to a site that has potential virus issues

  27. Batum is actually a good compliment to Lin and vice versa if he’ll play the right way.

  28. So it would seem

  29. A big “if”

  30. Batum may come back this game and stop Linsanity.

  31. Same with me. I am disappointed at the first unit with him outperformed by opponents consistently during the 1st quarter.

  32. He abused so many bad shots.

  33. I didn’t like when he took that contested 3pointer from like 40 ft to try to win the game when Lin was wide open.

  34. “pretty much” ie. primary factor.

  35. never predict the future only report the present and the past.

  36. No he won’t. I feel Lin has a green light now.

  37. If he can just play within his strength,this team is far better.

  38. Agree, he can pass.

  39. There is a reason why they are known as one of the worst managed organizations.

  40. I feel he already had somewhat of a green light, he just needs the minutes to support that.

  41. They are small market, their standard is much lower than other teams.

  42. I think Batum and Walker will lose this game tonight with all their showboating to over compensate for lin’s good game. Waller’s post game interview was suspect because it was lin who guarded lowry most of the time.

  43. Agree this time. Hornets want to play low ball to him to lower the contract size.

  44. It’s hard for cliff not to play him close to 30 per night now but we’ll see.

  45. Ok,LOL

  46. He should be getting that near-30 minutes playing time if coming off the bench

  47. As usual, Lin will come in with points behind.

  48. Yep, cleanup detail.

  49. Unless it’s blowout game. 🙂

  50. uh its never a good idea to correct jw but no; lin was on ross most of the game. he only guarded lowry rarely when walker was not in the game.

    actually i went back and relooked at the first part of the game to try to figure who lowry had such a bad game and i think what was happening by either choice or chance they were doubling and tripling lowry from the start and he got tired of it and just started jacking up 3’s.

    no one really shut lowry down, he just shut himself down getting frustrated with all the attention he was getting.

    i said before the game they couldn’t guard both derozan and lowry and what it seemed they did , again by choice or chance, was ok let derozan go off on hairston and we’ll shut down wall who’s more likely to get other players off as well.

    thats what it looked like to me anyway.

  51. a lot of people dont even know what state charlotte is in.

  52. oh i didn’t mean you couldn’t predict the future, i mean i just dont. should clarify. clarivoyance is always welcome elsewhere.

  53. A realist…ok…lol.That’s boring though but of course to each his own I guessed.

  54. Batum needs to go back playing SF and not insist on playing SG!

  55. Clifford needs to draw that line if he wants to be more successful as a coach

  56. OK, thanks:)

  57. can you elaborate?

  58. Really? Then I will del it.

  59. If I were Batum, I would sit out this game.

  60. That’s the big agent at the top.

  61. batum is kwok’s warg

  62. I really hope not. It’s possible and maybe probable, but I hope they just play normal and when Lin is on with them, integrate him in and not just pass to each other. Kemba doesn’t need to showboat. He scored 39 I think this season and played big in the last game. It was Kemba that guarded Lowry mostly however, Lin guarded Ross. Lowry tended to guard Lin near the end of the game.

  63. That’s his agent? Something happened…otherwise why he needed to have breakfast w him? He had been in DC so many times before….

  64. Batum should rest himself! The team is doing great already.

  65. possible strip club effect?

    since being filmed raining nearly 50k on strippers at a club in dallas following last saturdays washington win john wall is 8-29 with with 9 turnover in 2 losses since.

  66. Who knows? I think double figures, but it could be 11-25. Can’t tell. I do think Lin will shoot less. He seemed to suggest that in his post-game interview.

  67. I know. And also this pic was taken. When did we see pic when he had a meeting with his agent??? Very interesting and happen in this very Linteresting time:-) Let’s wait and see what might transpire soon…..

  68. the backcourt doesnt have enough depth to play without batum. thats the truth. lin and kemba cant be playing 40 min a night.

  69. BTW, do you know who is the other guy? He’s w Lin & Fan after that big game vs Raptors for pizza?

  70. shooting guru ?

  71. Believe it was Nurse, shooting guru.

  72. I am not saying this will happen. How many games have we seen where the starters dig a hole with their iso shooting, no defense and bench has to come and dig them out.

  73. joyce, starters are doing their best as it is. =)

  74. Batum is that high? I thought Batum and Kemba would be flip-flopped. I don’t think of Batum as that clutch.

  75. LOL

  76. Most of them.

  77. Case made. just sayin

  78. My guess is about 85%.

  79. Very true. I wander are they rethinking the Lamb deal?

  80. cuz you looking at kemba’s individual scoring instead of looking at team scoring when kemba is in.

    thats what the offensive ratings mean anyway.

  81. Good. Really good.

  82. Exactly.

  83. lamb is inexpensive, esp come next year. so not a big deal.
    i think the trend in recent games is to regard lamb as a fixture of the 2nd unit, instead of starter-capable and part of the core crew that closes the game. cliff’s experiment with using lamb in 4Q is pretty much over, it looks like.

  84. I have watched his game and he is a good player, but not elite. When played in Portland he played because of the players he had around him. Now he has to perform and he is kind of mediocre at best.

  85. NO LP tonight? How am i going to watch the game? Maybe go watch star wars if Lin does not start.

  86. We will never know what God has in store for Lin. The truth is we are fleas arguing who owns the dog. The point of the discussion is not what is in front of him but what more can be In front of him. Linsnaity brought all of us together for a reason. If it was for that shining moment, where would we all be?

    To be the light of the world, you need to be the brightest light. That’s what Lin was in NYC. That’s what illuminated us to his message. Sure Lin could be a great player as a combo guard that helped a small market team reach the finals of the eastern conference. But is that really enough?

    We can all wait and see what Lin will choose to do. But the reason we follow Lin isn’t just to see him be a good bball player. What he represents is a way of living, a way of being. The only way that way become a powerful message is that it is the brightest light possible.

    This world is consumed with greed and lust for power. There is a better way to get to the top! Lin needs to get to the top to deliver that message.

    “THE RISING TIDE RAISES ALL SHIPS”. If that ship has sailed then humanity has lost not just Linsanity 2.0, it’s lost something far more valuable.

  87. Lin’s numbers are solid.

  88. Because he played with Lin until Lin is sub-out by Kemba.

  89. True,so where do you think Lin stands in the scheme of things?

  90. I have that problem too. Back to the free feeds and hope they don’t cut out or freeze when Lin is in.

  91. i think its very much in flux now. which is good.

  92. Hornets is ranked 6th in NBA by bleacherreport.
    Of course, ESPN always lags behind in ranking. Anyway, Hornets is ranked 7th

  93. Links for free feeds are on top in this thread.

  94. Why do you say good?

  95. Well spoken.

  96. what free feeds?

  97. What does it mean, may I ask?

  98. Looking forward to a fat contract?

  99. cuz cliff started the season ignoring whatever he saw in pre-season and had a preconception of who his best players are, basically kemba and batum. hes been stubborn about it, but hes smart enough to challenge his own notions, given enough time. i doubt he ever rethinks kemba’s value but thats another story.

    flux means the silliness we’ve seen up to this point has a chance of changing. flux means the possibility of seeing players anew, and that’s lin’s opportunity.

  100. thx. they do not usually work for me . not sure why.

  101. NBAtv.

  102. nvm. ‘warg’ is just a silly game of thrones reference.

  103. bahahaha… notice how much more Jeremy’s eating than them… he’s got FOUR plates!!

  104. That makes sense

  105. can i just sign up one game on nbatv ?

  106. Wise words. That’s why he deserves his own team.

    And because he’s so good in playing basketball of course.

  107. “There is a better way to get to the top! Lin needs to get to the top to deliver that message.”—> I believe Lin will w/God’s help and in God’s sovereign plan and timing!

  108. I tried it with Comcast. Couldn’t.

  109. Who’s going to foot the bill?

  110. Some work better than others. There are a lot of ads. I use adblock and it works for most.

  111. Maybe it is the person taking the picture’s plates and he has 2, plus a bowl.

  112. I watched games in freesbies all the times and had no issue. I have couple to choose from. Actually I’ve found NBATV was a lot worse than freebies. Why paid for something that’s worse than freebies???!!!

  113. maybe no much ads in Australia? I have like hundreds ads show up on my screens if i visit the free sites

  114. Good obs. Yeap there were 4 water cups; presuming there was the 4th person who took the pic; maybe Josh???!!! Don’t believe Josh travels with the team in season. Any insight? This made this pic even more interesting:-) My query mind goes thousand miles per minute now:-)

  115. I use adblock. It works well for me.

  116. the only one ive been able to get to work from above is goatnet but its inconsistnet and you have to click off a lot sequenced popups and you have to know what to click off and what to just wait on its not easy by any means.

  117. Usually the agent, super-star never brings wallet. LOL.

  118. Jeff van Gundy said that Batum is not max level player. I totally agree with him but I think he will get max offer from hornets. Smh

  119. Linsanity 2.0:
    1. Vs TOR

  120. Really? When did JVG said that about Batum? Recently?

  121. Someone here taught me to use adblock, problem solves.

  122. I heard that in recent interview

  123. I get NBA-TV for free..I thought that was the norm everywhere?

  124. Won’t be able to watch the game until after church. Pray that JLin will continue to play well. Go JLin!!!!!!

  125. thanks.

  126. i will try. thanks. i think sling might work too.

  127. Download and install adblock.

  128. i will. thanks

  129. Depends on cable packages.

  130. Dare I say human nature at work! Every time Lin has outshined the chosen ones, there’s been some form of retribution to pay for. We’ll know at the end of the game. Lol.

  131. Lamb has played well enough in the time he’s gotten to get more minutes…Dude is still shooting 47%FG…As a guard, that’s pretty good…so I wouldn’t dismiss him….

    Lamb should get 20+ minutes…As a Lin fan, I do feel bad for Lin minute increase has come mostly at the expense of Lamb.

  132. What a big difference the new additions are making. Rich Cho is probably going to get a big Xmas bonus.

  133. So many teams will have so much cap space many players previously not thought as max will get max

  134. lambs defense is just so non-existent it seems clifford has just become frustrated that he’s not capable at all that he’s i agree given up on playing him prime minutes. his exotic gangly seemingly random individualized offense can be good but he’s just such a huge defensive liability that seems what clifford is seeing.

  135. I had made the same point a month ago…I just could not understand why Clifford would so easily dismissed Lin pre-season statistic…Lin should had gotten consistent minutes from the start…It is only during the past 2 weeks that Clifford has finally come to term that Lin is not simply some back-up that he can limited to 15 minutes on some night….

    Lin is as good, if not better, than Kemba on many area…Now, that doesn’t mean Lin should start, but you can’t regard him as an inferior player to Kemba, and if your intention is to bring Lin off the bench, give him enough time to get into rhythm.

  136. That’s good work, thanks. Lowrey is more of a PG than DeRozen but he’s also the one that has been hot with big games against Cleveland and GSW (41pts but missed the most important one to tie game for OT). Stef had 42(?). Clifford chose to stop Lowrey instead. Wonder if they tried to stop Kemba and left Lin to score as well.

  137. hm, lots of injuries for WAS.
    Beal and Nene included


  138. I checked goatnet with adblock. it works – test on clipper and lakers (although i have not interested in watching kobe ) – thanks!

  139. Glad it works.

  140. If you’re suggesting that agent is in town because Lin may be ready to sign a contract with Hornets or could be traded?

    Also, who’s the agent in this pic?

    I frankly hope Lin doesn’t return to Charlotte after this year…With MKG back, he minutes will be limited.

  141. otto porter is their best scorer after beal and wall. (and gortat, forgot about gortat actually scoring bigs like gortat can give relatively weak hornets bigs problems).

    wall has had 2 bad games since his strip club “charity” expenditure.

    but wall’s performance good or bad has been largely irrelevant to washingtons won/loss record this year so far.

  142. I have not missed one game yet including preseason. do not want to miss it.

  143. i just always fear downloading anything is worse than the thing im trying to stop by downloading it.

    i just learned the sequence of what to click on and what not to an goat is the only one i can get past reasonably well. but it can be laggy.

    kobe not playing. lakers losing big anyway. tank rolls on; starting lineup: clarkson/lou nwilliams/larry nance jr/ someone named brown who most lakers fans on chat kept asking wtf is brown/and hibbert.

  144. That’s what I feel too even though I think Batum isn’t a max level player, he will be offered a big contract. He has been treated like he is a max player by the Hornets FO/Coaches. I don’t really see it. In fact, one of the reason I disliked Batum from the start was the lack of passing the ball to Lin and acknowledging that Lin is the backup PG. I think it has improved but still, I don’t like how he is getting the diva treatment by FO while Lin is owning up to every mistake he makes at $2M/year.

    Also, I felt like Lin is being side tracked by Hornets FO like he was when Mavs tried to recruit Deandre Jordan. They really want to keep Batum but they don’t even know they already have a gold mine in Jeremy Lin. Jeremy Lin obviously brings more value to the franchise. I see that they are beginning to treat Lin better, giving him 27 minutes per game but I think that only occurred because of the many Lin fans voicing their concern when he only got 13-15 minute games in the past and barely any touches.

  145. it is not laggy for me. it is like a bit smog for me. but i take it, it is better than just listen to the radio

  146. There were only 3 glasses and 2 coffee mugs…

  147. No Kobe is good. Better no scott too.

  148. Me neither. There is another NBATV game coming up, I’m not sure when. I think January. I can see all the rest, TNT and the local ones but NBATV and not YES when the Hornets play the Nets because Comcast cancelled that channel.

  149. Yes, the quality of the picture is lower but it is still possible to see the game.

  150. OK. We’ll see what happens.


  152. i use ip redirect app for watch hornets vs nets/knicks

  153. Jim Tanner’s office is near Washington

  154. In theory. But if Lin keeps producing, and I hope scoring more, Cliff will have to play him. I’m just not sure about how he’d close games. Maybe drop Marvin from the closing lineup if he returns.

  155. That could be all that there is to it.

  156. i can just pretend my eyesight not good.

  157. No wonder they are losing this season.

  158. Thanks. I’ll get it.

  159. When Lin makes it to the top 10 guards for NBA ASG, do you think Hornets will actually take Jeremy Lin more seriously as a candidate for Hornets franchise star? I think at the start of season, for about the first 18 or so games, they really tried to promote Kemba/Batum/even Lamb after his new contract signing and gave them all the luxury to play through mistakes while marginalizing Lin. Now that Lin is playing well with his opportunity that he is getting, do you think Hornets will make some changes on who will be the future of Hornets team? Not saying that Batum and Kemba aren’t but I’m talking about who else can be part of the big 3 in the franchise. I felt that they tried to also make Lamb the franchise star before they even considered Lin.

  160. How can he do it playing with Kemba and Batum?

  161. Let’s go Lin, 32/32.

  162. That’s the thing, I think he can be the face of the franchise if he is given more minutes by himself to lead the bench. BF1 is becoming a thing now. People actually notice that starters usually dig a hole at 1st qtr and bench has to dig them out.

  163. what? 32 assists?

  164. 1 point per minute.

  165. Ya, he just needs to keep attacking/shooting. He can do it as long as he’s allowed to touch the ball.

  166. His guys have to make shots. Lamb hasn’t been great, Hawes doesn’t finish well, Frank neither. Frank and Hawes shoot 3’s well. Marvin is good when he’s in with them and can finish well.

  167. 2 mins left in 1st half. Lakers 28 vs Thunder 62. Lakers is like a D – league team. I am glad for what ever reason they did not sign Lin last summer.

  168. Does anyone know when the first results come out for ASG?

  169. I saw the score and left the game. And the OKC uniforms are weird.

  170. me too, I already knew they made a big mistake by tanking for a pick last season

  171. it is like street clothes in India.

  172. Their pick was a terrible choice. They didn’t need a PG as much as someone like Okafor.

  173. Nothing’s changed Lin will still not start along side Walker and Batum even though he’s better than them!

  174. i think that pick was worth 15MLs because it was in lin’s package from Rox and but they never wanted Lin.

  175. Jan? I think Lin could make it this time.

  176. No they are treating Lin better because MDA got hired and knows Lin will go wherever MDA goes! Yet they are still not starting him no matter how well he plays!

  177. What will the Hornets be without Batum, Lin, Lamb, Hawes and Tyler Hansbrough?
    They represent the depth of the Hornets.

  178. hope so

  179. yeah they really haven’t had a regular starting lineup. of the six guys with the most minutes 3 of them aren’t really starter material.

    the interesting thing as i noted below is that walls performance seems to not affect their won loss/ he had a huge string of monster games in uh maybe november? they still lost half of them.

  180. He said so… I agree.

  181. Top 6 Gs would make to the team. He had 210K votes last years with the tanking Lakers. 210K was #7 for ASG East last year. His big impact on rising Hornets, great preseason games in China and ASG hosted in Toronto (1/3 population of Canada and 20% Asians…. i hope his 35 pts on Raptors would help him win more votes in Canada, not less.) , i can see his votes doubled this season.

  182. As I thought…. Well just hope Lin can get near 30 min playing time & took more shots.

  183. BTW, his most talk about crazy hair would win a lot of votes too.

  184. So lin with agent today was it because he hadn’t seen lin a while and wanted to talk to him or were they talking about new contract negotiations? And the plot thickens

  185. now i can die a happy man; first jw “and the plot thickens” since…. forever.

  186. link

  187. bulls,spurs what team he will land ….dont tell me rockets LMAO!!!!

  188. Don’t know about Lakers being like a D-league team but no D-league team would want Byron the Scott as its coach.

  189. l like he goes to the team they need him the most and have good PnR coach and big guys ready. 76ers seems fit the most.

  190. i am not sure if they can beat a D league team.

  191. No, with BS as their coach.

  192. lol tanking..dont like

  193. well the players the lakers have on the floor tonite for the most part pretty much the same team they had in summer league and that team was playing against mostly d leaguers current and lost and when yer down like 40 at the end of 3 quarters (almost) well yeah i think you can legitimately call it a dleague team.

  194. I would say the Hornets

  195. where did you get this info?

  196. I think Thunders has all bench players vs Lakers starters in the end of 3rd quarter, 90:50

  197. Have you watched them play? Watch 3 games and I want to see if you think anyone you like should go there.

  198. i think Hornets has no space and minutes for him.

  199. Check picture below…

  200. Lin is good at leading a team.

  201. He has more minutes than some of the starters and anyone off of the bench. He’s surpassed Lamb now. It looks like he’s working toward starter minutes.

  202. You just saw the Lakers. They are worse than the Lakers.

  203. Did he has more than 22 mins ONLY if some starter did not play or Lamb was too much off?

  204. warriors, spurs, bulls, sixers

  205. you’re talking about PJ. think about that.. PJ!

  206. Kings?

  207. they love rondo. no way is he going to the kings

  208. realistically 3rd/4th most mins now

  209. they are losing. Does Rondo has only one year contract?

  210. NBATV will broadcast Hornets vs Wizards game tonight. Wonder if Hornets/Cliff will try to feature NB/KW at the expense of Lin’s PT. When Lin was on Rox, Lin would be pulled at the most inexplicable moment for CP or Harden whenever their game is on national TV.

  211. is it me or is the Lakers game still going on NBATV? Still 8 minutes left? Does that mean…we won’t be able to watch it until this game is over?

  212. you’re underestimating the power of simply being called a ‘superstar’ in the legue

  213. Lakers game is on LP not NBA TV

  214. yeah but they’re showing lakers game now.

  215. ok cause they were showing part of it just now. I guess a recap.

  216. just switched

  217. NBA TV?! Why?

  218. you don’t understand Linsanity

  219. more like a “live look in”

  220. ya, that

  221. No spike today

  222. he’s too cray

  223. rick fox calls batum a 2-way player. laff

  224. Lin is not going to a rebuild team.

  225. He’s a joke.

  226. batum can guard 3’s; the hornets just insist on playing him out of position; why with mkg gone i dont know.

  227. No mention of Jeremy Lin yet. Only Batum being the anchor on the team.

  228. anchors sink things right?

  229. Hornets NBA’s kept secret is NIC BATUM per Rick Fox….lol

  230. he’s an ex Laker so u know…

  231. Lol

  232. Without Lib, this team will be.5 max.

  233. anchors stop things from moving forward lol

  234. he should try being a car dealer

  235. the points spread on the lakers game was so hughe they gonna lose by maybe 40 and i think you still might be able to win a bet on them.

  236. They just mentioned Lin going 35.

  237. is that what everyone is doing in Vegas now? Betting against Lakers?

  238. Back to the bench.

  239. That is too unreal!!

  240. back to being the 9th man

  241. Lol

  242. what feed ppl watching? i think i have nbatv.

  243. Not right at all!

  244. i meant that the lakers were predicted to lose, the spread; the amount they had to lose by for a bet on okc to be sucessfull was so huge they can lose (lakers) big and you still win by betting on them.

  245. NBA TV

  246. Same sh, different team.

  247. i think thats all there is


  249. Definitely.

  250. Sick of these band-wagoners/one sided commentators who probably don’t watch Hornets games and just parroting Hornets’ narrative about NB. Have a feeling Hornets Cliff will showcase NB at the expense of Lin since it’s national live TV.

  251. and this surprises you? only time not was when either batum or walker sick. no reason to expect a change because of one measly little 35 point game.

  252. the camera angles suck

  253. YES!YES!YES!

  254. he said he might play NB limited minutes today.

  255. It’s like an INTERNATIONAL game…lol

  256. all the alt unis this season bad but wash the worst. yet.

  257. nope doesn’t surprise me. thats why ive been saying he should go to the sixers this offseason

  258. you see, cody’s hands are ****

  259. or the starters gonna dig a hole again?

  260. did they block all free sites?

  261. What’s with the wiz uniform? Sight for sore eye

  262. Scrubs from Washington is winning …lol

  263. sight to make eyes sore

  264. some dude named Kelly Oobre Jr. is going to have a career night being guarded by the Nic “2-way player” Batum

  265. goatd.net has always been “reliable.”

    Just don’t open any windows or click on the player. The ads will expire and game will start.

  266. firstrowsports, link 7

  267. He wasn’t going to start because Batum misses a game. He would start if Cliff changed his mind about PJ only and he hasn’t.

  268. wall is embarrassing kemba

  269. hairston looks like a changed man now

  270. These starters really are consistent trailing every 3/4 games played so far.

  271. got it . thanks

  272. i cant decide if wiz uniforms are ugly or not. its different. kinda cool. maybe.

  273. Consistent PT and role can do wonders.

  274. Very consistent,if this will be counted as a road going to the final,they’re heading to the right track for sure

  275. harden commercials are pure garbage.

  276. His character isn’t high and he isn’t charismatic

  277. Can’t agree more… I hate it not bc it’s from Harden. LOL!

  278. def no charisma.

  279. They aren’t really trailing, lead is going back and forth. But they don’t look impressive.

  280. Some Hornets fans said their bench perform better because other teams’ benches are worse. I wonder if what did they think about Lin’s 35 pts as a starter. Lin helped their 1st quarter lead since … like years ago.

  281. another worthless screen by cody.

  282. bench plays so well that opposing teams put starters against them.

  283. Hahaha…these starters are definitely scrubs!!!!!

  284. dang we are trailing again

  285. Now the starters are trailing. Same story.

  286. Starters are truly consistent … in giving huge leads
    14-20 now

  287. Give them time, they’re getting there right now.

  288. where is the D lol

  289. gotta give them props. they never disappoint us Lin fans lol

  290. F Charlotte and cliff.

  291. Ya! That’s the way it’s…. smh!

  292. Too bad it is. Back to 20 minutes 10 points for Lin

  293. Still no Lin yet?

  294. Prolly Fox was talking about DECLINE NOT DEFENSE…lol

  295. In today’s practice, Lin said containing Wall should be the key to defeat WAS . Wall is 5/7, 11 pts in 9 mins.

  296. amazing how many blown layups and putbacks are out there *sheesh*

  297. Wall is scoring over kemba like nothing

  298. Cody is the only one with D, no other starter has it. *wink*

  299. and cliff will have kemba guard wall all night. book it.

  300. 9 minutes and Lin still not in? Clifford is so stubborn!

  301. umm thats obvious..its like saying the sky is blue or the grass is green

  302. As was a much-declined Rose.

  303. Starters dug us in a hole again .. here comes the Bench force one!

  304. Lin in now! Come on JLin your time to show your game.

  305. PJ was suppose to take the defensive load off Batum who is the 2-way player. yeah ok. looks like they’re doing great on defense so far lol

  306. Lin in with 2:55 left in Q1

  307. Ya go ahead and sign Batum to a max contract $18-20M/year.

  308. Assist

  309. Lin assist to Kemba 3

  310. 2 plays in a row run for kemba.

  311. Do you mean Cliff is obviously …. stubborn?

  312. Just like that and the lead was cut down to 2

  313. look at Fox trying his best to discredit Lin

  314. 33333333333333

  315. Lin33333

  316. Ignore former Mr. Williams.

  317. Lin is a decoy for KW for KW’s own scoring.

  318. Lin 3333333!!!

  319. 3 by LIN!

  320. Lin for 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. New hairdo.

  322. Nice hair, JLin!!

  323. good D by Lin…

  324. like an actor

  325. you know Hawes won’t catch that

  326. what does it look like this time…

  327. I like his spikey better than this lol

  328. what’s amazes me more than how Lin keeps his hair straight up, is how he keeps flat on his head

  329. Oh god I just saw it.. What is that thing..

  330. conservatively parted to the side

  331. LIN already making an impact… Clifford get a grip and play him 36 minutes a night!

  332. 3 min 3 points.

  333. Clifford is in love with Kemba.. i swear hes married to this guy

  334. I hope Lin is allowed to play 30 mins+ today

  335. I want him to get a perm.

  336. He doesn’t know Walker,he only catches Lin passes

  337. same…he should dye his hair gold

  338. Another assist

  339. Nice A by Lin. started with Kmeba distribution.

  340. Same story, bench comes in, gets the lead back

  341. 2asts

  342. never gets old

  343. Another failed end of quarter execution by Kemba. Terrible.

  344. lol. end the quarter with lin pnr. but thats too sensible so wont happen

  345. Kemba should have passed that one instead airball.

  346. are you surprised?

  347. ISO Kemba for last shot. Airball. Give Lin a chance too.

  348. He’ll not.

  349. Kemba loves to shoot in dying seconds but his shots are all dead missed.

  350. Not at all. Annoyed however.

  351. do count on him to pass in final 5 secs

  352. 9 out of 10, KW wants that last shot even if someone near him is open.

  353. Lin may be in a nice rhythm now. He’s looking good. That 3 looked smooth as did that assist to Kam.

  354. Let him ruin his own FG%, I’m not complaining.

  355. we caught up right when BF1 came in

  356. He just needs coach support to be PG and more mins.

  357. Lin bout to go ham 2nd quarter.. his confidence is sky high

  358. 3 mins 2 ast, 3 pts. cannot ask more

  359. lin attacking a closeout and passing to kam — that happened bc lin was one pass away from kemba instead of on opposite sides.

  360. Another assist by Lin.

  361. Nice Assist by Lin easy bucket for spencer

  362. We’ll rooting for that forever. Hopefully this next season, the stars are aligning for him.

  363. now They’re up by 3 easily

  364. Lamb is trying really hard on D but fouling. A for effort

  365. Sorry that looked like a foul…

  366. Good d

  367. Why is Clifford calling a timeout? he never calls timeout when the starters dig a big hole

  368. 3 assists in 5 mins

  369. this is going to be a high assist game for Lin

  370. Kam should have caught that rock. He should at least have step over the baseline to catch the rock and throw it back in.

  371. politics! MJ must be sitting courside

  372. I don’t like how Lamb is playing. Nice 3 but besides that, he’s not playing well.

  373. Prolly he’s coaching the real starters not the bench…lol

  374. his defense needs work

  375. would cliff limit Batum under 20 mins?

  376. I don’t like his offense either.

  377. no way hes playing over 30 minutes

  378. Lakers lose by 40!!!

  379. Another assist

  380. you surprised?

  381. Whenever Lin drives he dribbles the ball so low making it slower to bring it up for a layup. His head is always down so he’s not aware where his defender is.
    That way it makes it easier to get blocked because the defender can see the ball being brought up and anticipate the block.

  382. 4 assists for Lin

  383. BF1!

  384. They sure make it so attractive for Durant to join the Fakers.

  385. Freakin Lamb

  386. Laaaaamb

  387. Freakin Lamb

  388. thats lamb’s 2nd PF. he might be pulled

  389. aww way too many fouls by Lamb

  390. 3rd

  391. Lamb has hard time on D

  392. 3 fouls for lamb

  393. thats what lamb needs to do, use his length to get easy buckets down low

  394. Nice pass



  397. WOW this unit looks good

  398. Good hustle by BF1

  399. Pj

  400. Yep

  401. that was pretty.

  402. That was great team ball

  403. hawes couldnt finish the great dish by lin. so asik

  404. i love how not only does the bench make the opponents look silly, they make the 1st unit look awful

  405. Lin called for it and Kemba passed it! Wow.

  406. Hornets 22rebs > Wiz 13rebs

  407. Lamb is hustling today. I think Lin inspired him last game.

  408. Do we really need to feed the ball to Hawes under the basket for him to make one? That assist from Lin was already served on a platter and Hawes can somehow miss it.

  409. Lol

  410. Hairston with a nice look-away pass to Hawes :]

  411. So Asik. Haha! I like it.

  412. Finish those feeds from Lin big men.

  413. ya he ain’t that great at catching the ball and he has butter fingers

  414. i thought lin has 2 turnovers? his stats says one

  415. thats what he needs to do. i don’t like how he normally goes iso. but if he plays within the system and uses his length he can be very disruptive

  416. if lin had drummond, he would destroy teams

  417. bench has 21 pts already .WAS 4

  418. just 1 turnover on that long pass intended for Lamb

  419. They gave the last one to Hawes

  420. 2222222222222

  421. wall continues to destroy walker

  422. wierd..because hawes didnt catch it?

  423. Wall going right at Kemba

  424. Floater

  425. lin was defending wall fine, then kemba comes in… gives up drive

  426. He tries way too hard for fancy passes. He doesn’t know he’s bad at it.


  428. Floater

  429. That’s the way to use a floater! LIN!

  430. now Lin has 2 TOs

  431. Traveling… 2 TO

  432. Traveling come on… brah

  433. Fox bent on not making any positive comments on Lin

  434. Error… I’ll take it lol

  435. 222222222222

  436. Lay up

  437. Fab layup by Lin.

  438. Finger roll

  439. omg the feed is dying for me

  440. same

  441. Awesome D by Lin

  442. Can someone provide good stream link.. Mine is soo bad

  443. Shut up Fox

  444. league pass?

  445. ballstream sucks!

  446. me2

  447. nice try lin, trying to get the charge

  448. they have it on leaguepass?

  449. no feed…

  450. what happened to my feed yo

  451. No feed

  452. what is going on…..

  453. feed went dead..
    Both goatd.net & ballstreams

  454. ifirstrowus ok


  456. THat was too obvious

  457. I lost the feed too.

  458. so um…Lin beat Wall twice? I just heard from the commentators

  459. Wall dribbled off Lin’s foot out of bounds play

  460. Lin should be guarding Wall. Kemba is too small for him

  461. i think wall dribbled off his own foot

  462. Again Lin stops Wall. Wall bounces ball off his foot. Hornet ball.

  463. Lin covered Kemba’s failure, left his man open for 3.

  464. Lin playing really well. Wall just picked off a Kemba errant pass and Lin was tight on Wall and caused Wall to turn the ball over

  465. Am I reading it correctly that KW has 0 assist so far? Lin has 4 assists. Both has 2 TOs.

  466. THey said it’s Lin’s foot

  467. are you surprised?

  468. no he dribbled off his own foot.. its Hornets ball

  469. i love you

  470. Not surprised, sick to stomach!

  471. Please keep the play by play coming. “watching” the game through you guys

  472. Good

  473. yes. i feel same way

  474. god…wtf is cliff doing, where is batuum and lamb we need OFFENSE

  475. Where are you watching guys I lost my feed

  476. That was not a basket interference

  477. featured comment scroll up

  478. Another assist by Lin to Batuuum.

  479. Assist


  481. it was Marvin

  482. Except for TOS, Lin is really sharp tonight.

  483. 222222222222

  484. He’s moving off the ball really well

  485. 7pts/5asts now.. Nice!

  486. Lin with nice move to get open and hits a bucket

  487. Lin seems no much O effect in past 5 mins.,

  488. Yes Lin again!!!

  489. 1:02 Jeremy Lin makes 21-foot two point shot (Kemba Walker assists)

  490. was it a jump shot?


  492. 2222222222222222222222222

  493. 9pts/5ast


  495. darn im not seeign any of the game

  496. it is a 2

  497. Yes.

  498. Batum let his man open

  499. Wall is beasting tonight. Wiz up by 6 at the half

  500. 1:02 Jeremy Lin makes 21-foot two point shot (Kemba Walker assists)

  501. OK, Lin is playing well but the team needs to play better. Lamb has been a negative.

  502. Wall going off lol.. 20 pts 6 ast wow

  503. that basketball interference was the reason

  504. YES!!! J’s decrease his risk of injury.

  505. Double Double tonight?

  506. Who’s guarding Wall? Is KW?

  507. Wall and Lin are killin for my fantasy team haha

  508. picked up 3 quick fouls

  509. Just happy.

  510. nothing personal, but as long KW plays long minutes, this team has no hope.

  511. Hornets going to lose this one. First team will dig a bigger hole after the start of the second half.

  512. yep

  513. cmon lin, get 3 more points!! pad ur stats man pad ur stats!!

  514. They should just let BF1 play!!!

  515. He looks so much bigger when it’s spiked.

  516. stream is finally back

  517. My predictions have been on point lately. He will get 25 tonight dont worry

  518. umm…it’s not even Chinese new years what are they doing in this half time? Celebrating Jeremy Lin?

  519. Just in time for half time lol

  520. Chinese youth club for half time

  521. its because Lin is in town

  522. sad…

  523. its for jeremy…they want to get him next year

  524. It’s up now

  525. lol i just edited my post with that. I swear

  526. Lions dance show in halftime? Lin would fire up in 2nd half?

  527. damnit great first half and ballstream cuts out. it’s back now at least.
    get to see the dragon dance which was why im tuned in in the first

  528. True, but Lin has done miraculous things~!

  529. Remember this bc a guy on this forum will refute it. On Raptors game, Lin also defended and disrupted Lowry’s shooting stride and he said it was KW who guarded Lowry most of the time…

  530. Kemba left too much time after his last shot.

  531. KW, but when KW was out at beginning of second quarter Lin got him under control.

  532. Hornets losing this one on the defensive end tonight, also not taking care of the ball. Lin playing very well though

  533. Lin 9pts 5 ast ! Not bad
    Hope he goes 20 10 tonight!

  534. why does nbatv sound like a washington feed. annoying

  535. Wall has has 20/6… where is the D?

  536. Wall brought A game. Wizards radio saying his best half of the season.

  537. wall is just on fire tonight, hitting everything really, 20 points and 6 assists in a half..he has gone off, need to contain him better

  538. umm because it is

  539. KW is guarding Wall. Remember this.

  540. Because they’re the home team so their feed.

  541. Lin locked in, but Wall is destroying Kemba. Gotta put Lin or even Batum on him.

  542. When KW was out, and Lin played PG, he kept Lowery under control.

  543. coach should just put Lin on Wall

  544. oh i see. lol

  545. Kemba+Batum, 30mins and 3 asts. I hope Cliff rest them.

  546. Starting lineup needs changes. 2nd unit can’t continue to play catchup from the deficit the starting lineup creates almost every game..

  547. Lion dance in Christmas?

  548. no one but lin playing any d. wash hittin 50% and 60% from 3 an all 2 easy

  549. They are usually very boring… not a lot of talking but at least they’re nice to Jeremy

  550. they’re doing it for all the lin fans

  551. starters not getting the job done

  552. Exactly. But the guy gave credit to KW.

  553. hes been guarded such as it was almost exclusively by walker.

  554. Wait, Lions “eat” money? WAS fans thought they fed food.

  555. wall overrated. and i have to see him go off tonight. meh

  556. Don’t care for these announcers. Like they are thinking Washington is better than Charlotte. They sound like a Washington home squad.

  557. Lin kept Wall under control on the 4-5 minutes in second quarter when KW was out. KW can keep up with Wall, Lin has to cover for him in transition, left his man open for 3.

  558. These commentators are Wall’s n*thuggers

  559. I think the best starting 5 would be lin/lamb/batum/William/kam, with kemba as sixth man but we know hornets would never try that, not even to finish games.

  560. I don’t think he is overrated. No one is saying he is a superstar. Wall is all-star caliber.

  561. as blubell said, nbatv is using the home feed, so they are wash crew

  562. I know!

  563. Let’s see if JLin can bring it in the 2nd half.

  564. Lin can outplay him if both are on their games. I think Lin can guard him and contain him to some degree.

  565. Lin should go up to Clifford and demand that he guards Wall.. that will show Clifford he is a leader on the court

  566. kemba’s making it too easy

  567. Put Lin on Wall and John Wall will hit the wall. Lol

  568. yes.

  569. I think he is to some extent.

  570. Lucky Hawes, play with Lin got 4/5 with 9 points and +9; Lin stay longer with starter, got 4/5 with 9 points & 5 Asts, but become +0; hope starters come back with more energy.

  571. of course what do you expect they are the Wizards announcers

  572. The cam guy talking these two chicks lol

  573. OK, cause it sure sounds that way.

  574. hope starters not come back at all

  575. Hmnnn that explains it

  576. starters suck.. one of the worst starting 5 in the league. Fortunately for the hornets, they have the best 2nd unit…

  577. That’s why Cliff needs to disrupt Wall’s offensive stride and change personnel. Let Lin guard Wall. Lin did it before and Wall was held off. Lin outplayed Wall before.

  578. Wow 9pts, 4/5, 1/1 3fg, 5 asst 14min.

  579. We’ll see how far the 1st team falls behind before Cliff goes to JLin and BF1.

  580. With the first team all negative -7 to -12, what else could you expect?

  581. LOL

  582. Batum isn’t quick enough for Wall. Lin on Wall is better.

  583. Lol

  584. lol cliff has gone nuts…he doesn’t start lin, but he gives him more minutes than a starter

  585. Be considerate of the blind.

  586. ATH is So WRONG! Let Lin guard Wall. He held Wall off before. Lin outplayed Wall.

  587. And he kept Wall in control when Kemba was out for about the first 5 minutes in second quarter, although the rest of the team wasn’t and Wall did have a couple of assists.

  588. Let Batum to do it. See how good his D is… smh!

  589. Yeah, but I love it when Lin does a great play and I hear an involuntary groan under their breath because they can’t believe what they saw.

  590. that’s what clifford always does. he wants to play Lin to the ground

  591. Batum’s D is not great, but it’s still an upgrade on Kemba’s.

  592. That’s Lin’s normal rotation.

  593. Excellent production!

  594. it’s like showing Lin that he is a starter but not really one

  595. He gotta play the starter game. LOL

  596. lol hilarious. charlotte viewers are so blind

  597. Lin starts 2nd half.

  598. Nah he was gonna come in at 4min mark but play continued

  599. Re: GT: CHA @ WAS Saturday, 12/19 7:00 PM EST

    Unread post#101 » by Vae Victus » 3 minutes ago
    Another option is to switch Lin onto Wall when he’s in. Lin can guard PGs fine, so if Lin’s legs are up for it then having him lockdown Wall is worth the loss in offense due to fatigue.

  600. Is it progress that the starters didn’t dig as hole as big as they usually do?

  601. vae is a goofy lin homer.

  602. nah it’s just the team they are playing is not as good as the others

  603. At the Hive has not watched Lin outplayed Wall. They’re really underestimate Lin. NB is slow and maybe still sick. Let Lin guard Wall! NB has not made a field goal, only FTs.

  604. Jeremy came in when the starter dropped 5-6 behind, Lin rallied to +3-4, and then starters came back with Lin and the lead disappeared.

  605. Did someone say Lin start 2nd half?

  606. PJ is making the starters look good

  607. cody has awful hands. second time tonight.

  608. Did Rick Fox just say that Hornets will step it up another level in the 2nd half so the Wizards other than Wall have to step up?

  609. You mean you hope?

  610. sometimes i feel Kemba is jumping around without a target

  611. there we go Batum

  612. terrible shot by batum

  613. He shall, but NO, CHA keep the original 5

  614. Lin in.

  615. ok that shot was bad by Batum. Very Kobe like of him.

  616. Linn is in.

  617. Lin in with 9:11 at Q3

  618. lin in. 9 min mark. flux baby

  619. Batum passes up open shot for contested shot lol

  620. Batum has no energy at all. rest him for Monday Rox game please.

  621. Lin needs to be on Wall, not whoever it is now

  622. Finally Cody does something decent.

  623. Batum is so slow… whos brilliant idea is it to make him pg,

  624. LOL this rookie piling up the fouls..

  625. or to guard Wall…ATH smh

  626. Lol

  627. He’s got to be trolling…

    nice by batum on both ends well done fella give that guy the max
    by ChopperJones1234 on Dec 19, 2015 | 8:18 PM reply

  628. I hope walker continuea to guard wall… no free lunches…

  629. This is a very slow game with all of these fouls and turnovers.

  630. i think Lin needs more gel

  631. He’s sick.

  632. Please refrain from bringing in random garbage.

  633. 333333333

  634. Lin for 333333

  635. 33#

  636. Lin is in for defense only rn

  637. Lin for 3333333333!!!

  638. YES 3!!!!

  639. NB 5 Asts, LIN 33333!

  640. Wow LIN3333 tremendous arc

  641. Pass to jlin, dumbazz batum!

  642. bad timing 🙂

  643. how the heck does batum get an assist for that Lin 3?

  644. not great shot selection by batum, but it goes in. i say that so often watching this team.

  645. WAS Announcer: “Lin with a tremendous arc, fresh off his 35pts!”

  646. I like Wiz commentators. They sound very complimentary towards Lin.

  647. 12 pts, 5 asts, 17 min

  648. That was such a yolo shot by Batum

  649. Come on Lin, just 20pts more to 32′

  650. Lin and Wall is becoming a tight backcourt,they talk to each other very frequent now

  651. One pass and shoot no dribble

  652. indeed. but batum doesnt only live once. he lives every night.

  653. 83% FG, give Lin max contract

  654. Top Performers via ESPN

    Cha: J. Lin 12 Pts, 1 Reb, 5 Ast

    WSH: J. Wall 23 Pts, 2 Reb, 7 Ast, 3 Stl

  655. It goes in. lay off.

  656. Will Lin play the rest of the game?

  657. Good game except for TOs. But, whatever, Wall is turning it over too.

  658. What?

  659. They are always nice to Lin but they’re so boring lol

  660. He’s like F*** it if the guy’s hand is in my face I’m just going to shoot it

  661. huh

  662. No rest for Lin.. he could end up playing 36 minutes tonight

  663. yeah man, as long as it goes in, its all good

  664. one bounce and shot

  665. hahaha

  666. 2 mins rest

  667. I’m sure he will need a break at some point but he’s going to get a lot of burn

  668. Man wall is killing it..

  669. let me guess, lin to washington 2016??

  670. ya before the 3

  671. ‘throw minutes at him, he eats up minutes.’

  672. Short rest.

  673. No way

  674. he is killing kemba*

  675. That was a bad shot selection and Batum just took the shot without passing to anyone which is what I want Lin to do more of. He doesn’t always have to pass the ball after half court. He can certainly just take a shot without passing to anyone.

  676. fake foul BS good defense..

  677. phantom foul

  678. I learn from them. They’re being very truthful and encouraging w/their own guys too, not degrading like Rox.

  679. Those two forever in my memory when it was Lin vs Wall during summer league. First time I saw Lin.

  680. What ref called that?

  681. Zeller just couldn’t hold on at the center position. I think Kaminsky is a little more solid.

  682. How do you know that?

  683. dunno. but kennedy in tonight

  684. He over hear our complain, quickly pass to LIN earn an AST, then rebound and did a Fadeaway Jump Shot; not bad for a sick person!

  685. Lot of bad passes by wizards.

  686. Marvin williams for 2 !

  687. Is it me, or Cody’s low post offense looking more and more like Asik’s?

  688. Butter Fangers

  689. kemba isnt even trying to recover after getting screened off

  690. OK refs are really against lin in this game..

  691. I mean Walker sorry guys

  692. What just happened? Lin should be on the line for 2. Stupid refs.

  693. Commentator: “Good no call” lol

  694. bill kennedy is head ref tonight

  695. Refs are really against Lin in most games.

  696. They can’t believe Lin is beating people up.

  697. He tripped and no foul?

  698. the rotations are so messy

  699. Refs – 1 STL.

  700. Jlin on wall now?

  701. Wall TO machine.

  702. Lin defended Wall perfectly.. TO from Wall on pass!

  703. 7 TOS for Wall

  704. lin on wall. there it is.

  705. good D against Wall by Lin

  706. Momentum is bad. Hornets going to lose this one.

  707. Batum’s lazy pass again…

  708. lol

  709. No Lin went out of position. Lin thought Batum would shoot so he ran in for the rebound

  710. Give the ball to Lin …Batum

  711. St give jlin the ball clifford… what is this batum crep??

  712. Lin talking to the refs, should have gotten 2 foul shots.

  713. ball just stays in batum and kemba’s hands. game is boring typical charlotte starter ball

  714. I thought batum minutes were limited.

  715. I know… smh!

  716. no he wasn’t…it was a bad pass, Lin tried to chase it but other team got it

  717. Clifford’s “limited” minutes for Batum = 2 less minutes.

  718. It is almost like Orlando game except Lin

  719. The pass was aimed at Lin. Lin thought Batum would shoot so he ran in for the rebound.

  720. starters suck. i will keep chanting it

  721. Good cut by Lin to get Kemba pass .. foul by Neal
    2 FTs

  722. Looks like Lin is covering Wall now (?)

  723. Feels like Orlando. Can’t get over the hump.

  724. I know! Just cut him loose. Hes not that good.

  725. more like it

  726. He needs to be in that corner

  727. Lin has 0 ast after Kemba came up. 0 point after Batum came up.

  728. wall has 7 turnovers. never criticized

  729. Just take Batum out! Walker and Lin can hold this team!

  730. not anymore, I saw Kemba guarding him at the end

  731. That’s name calling, please address properly as Kemba.

  732. finally!

  733. yeah unless they get fired up and play like no tomorrow and run some plays for lin

  734. Better yet lamb for walker. Lamb is hot tonight.

  735. not a peep…

  736. They hurt the team and Lin more than Was.

  737. Batum slows down the pace of Lin/Walker

  738. does Lin get 2 FTs?

  739. hm, no FTs yet

  740. Lin 5/6 let the man shoot in the 4th man!

  741. I guess not ..

  742. Take Batum out ..!!!!

  743. Batum needs to sit

  744. Batum is messing it up!

  745. Lazy Batum pass to Hawes ..TO

  746. batum has some bad passing for realzzzieszzz.

  747. ball just stays on one side when kemba/batum run offense. even mchale understood the principle of moving ball to other side. EVEN MCHALE

  748. Batum’s passes are not on point.

  749. boooooo

  750. Why is batum still in game when he’s playing like crap?

  751. Ball shouldn’t be on Batum’s hand tonight.
    He’s not feeling it off the illness

  752. Batum is a weak link tonight.

  753. Finally Batum is out. smh!

  754. sit Batum pls. Let Lin facilitate.

  755. please take Batum out! he’s slowing down the team

  756. Jeremys!

  757. NICE assist!

  758. Lin to Lamb for easy 2 😀

  759. LAMB!!

  760. If they keep Batum and Kemba on the court, they better take Li out and let him lead BF1

  761. bill kennedy is the baseline ref on charlotte offense, and the midcourt ref on charlotte defense. i think his number is 15

  762. WAS is having momentum now.
    If Lin has the ball, he can draw FTs to stop it

  763. Washington is getting all the calls… its ridiculous

  764. Lol

  765. Refs are so bias its ridiculous

  766. Another loss. Clifford better accept they can’t afford to have bad starts anymore. Need a good start. Need good starters.

  767. Tank,

  768. Its over.. wizards on fire.

  769. I get it. Cliff try to lose this game

  770. Lin doesn’t get to facilitate or shoot !
    What is he doing out there then?

  771. Where is the foul!

  772. bill kennedy was the baseline ref on that lin drive.

  773. Gee zzz that referee

  774. that was a good try but i think that the refs are very biased against lin tonight.

  775. Lin pleading for a call with the ‘shady’ home-ref

  776. Refs not calling fouls for Lin.

  777. gortat is pretty sneaky with his fouls. refs dont see it

  778. looks like kennedy is back to his old prejudices.

  779. Jlin gets hacked again!

  780. Wow i’m surprised Lin got to the basket that quickly

  781. Looks like it…

  782. yeah that was sick speed

  783. This is a shoot out. no D

  784. Still surprises you lol

  785. Too bad Lin got hacked and no foul call! That should’ve been a basket!

  786. i saw it the toher day where he only had 4 seconds, but 2.8 secs or whatever it was? amazing

  787. ya Lin too quick for these refs

  788. Haven’t see Lin move that fast in a while with these ball hogging teams.

  789. these refs are pretty ridiculous..they called like a hundred fouls for washington maybe 2 for hornets

  790. hornets need to finish the game with the 2nd unit if clifford has any balls

  791. It’s Kennedy

  792. Lin gets no calls.. ridiculous refs

  793. Cliff see what is wrong more than what we see. But he really wants to play Kemba and Batum

  794. He will not dare to do so…

  795. you could tell lin was frustrated with not touching the ball. thats why he shot most times he did.

  796. Yeah expect a loss tonight. Better not lose Monday. Rockets!

  797. All I care for this game is Lin get another 4 assists. If Cliff did not care the win, why we care?

  798. He finally came in early for 3Q but after that 3P no ball at all… smh!

  799. No kemba and Batum… let’s go!

  800. Cliff kept KW as pg and Hornets are still trailing. As PG KW only has only 2 assists for 31:02min.

  801. yeah!

  802. Jeremy 12 pts on 7 shots, Kemba also 12 pts…on 13 shots. Just saying.

  803. Freebie

  804. 13 pts!

  805. Lin gets the tech. I think Lamb wanted it lol

  806. PJ is having a good game. he can play with lin.

  807. good offensive, gotta make these 2 hairston

  808. come on bf1!

  809. Yeah team guy

  810. And Lin also has 6 AST, KW only has 2.

  811. agree he hustles hard

  812. Refs cheating him on FTs, only 1 FTA all game.

  813. Come on Hawes!

  814. Without Batum, Lin would get his rightful minutes! Batum is still sick so Lin get to play with starters and bench. Lets see how long this last.

  815. wow hawes is blowing all lin’s passing.

  816. THese big men can’t finish.

  817. who is guarding dudley

  818. who is supposed to guard dudley?

  819. is hawes related to asik?

  820. The misses Hawes does makes me wanna pull my hair

  821. Man please waive Hawes 2 easy ast gone

  822. Who is on Dudley?

  823. anyone plays well with jlin if they buy in!

  824. Who’s supposed to guard Dudley?

  825. In terms of converting Lin’s passes, Hawes/Cody combined don’t add up to Ed Davis.

  826. Hawes and Cody both are.

  827. Yes that offensive rebound was great. He’s still a rookie but he’s improving.


  829. he got hacked at least twice with no ft!

  830. Can’t play PnR if the Big man can hit a basic layup.

  831. thats whyat i asked.
    either lamb or PJ

  832. They are embarrassing.

  833. The pass is there and they fail to make the shot.

  834. Can Lin ever get a good center to play with? 4 years Asik,Black,Sacre and Hawes are so bad.


  836. 1-27, 1-27, 1-27

  837. Dwight Howard

  838. Hawes has missed 2 point blank layups from Lin.. get this guy outta here

  839. Ed was good.

  840. If MDA can call the shots and guarantee Lin is starting of course!

  841. 20pts, 10ast, 5rbs average

  842. 222222

  843. difference between cody and hawes is at least hawes can catch the pass

  844. Ed Davis would be best big man on this team

  845. Lin would help them 27-27

  846. Lin scores layup

  847. Lin doing the heavy lifting now

  848. He’s NOT a good center.

  849. Lin shoot them please. Just shoot them.

  850. Always…

  851. 8th turnover by wall. superstar.

  852. True.

  853. Lin has not set his feet and Batum already passes to him. This has happened twice in this game already.

  854. Lin should have finished that omg….

  855. he trying to make Lin look bad. Batum should have shot that

  856. LIN you should have drove that straight in man

  857. Just realized that Wall is 2 TOs short for a triple double!!!

  858. Man Let Lin shoot? Lin wouldn’t even shoot when someone is guarding him but Kemba would LOVE to go 1 on 4

  859. Batum just play decoy on this game,he’s garbage

  860. hide it, dont smell it

  861. Lol

  862. Hawes doesn’t even bother raising his arm for D… SMH

  863. Do TOs count?

  864. batum doesnt look like he wants to be out there

  865. when kemba guards wall, game over. why even bother playing. cliff cant open his eyes and see the obvious

  866. Yes let 5-15 shoot the ball more than 6-10

  867. KHuang said Ed was garbage compared to Cody/Hawes/Kaminsky/Tyler, I’ve yet to see proof of that.

  868. he’s shooting 33.3%

  869. No,just a joke.

  870. Lin should start driving in and layups

  871. Lin should have a double double by now if not for blown layups by the BIGS

  872. The real problem we’re having is our defense. Wiz shooting over 50% from inside and perimeter

  873. He’s not getting calls, Maybe go for short jumpers. But take shots.

  874. 15p/6a/3r…. at least Jeremy got his stats tonight.

  875. Limit his minutes?! What a joke.

  876. SHould be at least 20 and 10

  877. Lin just off on that shot. Just keep shooting.

  878. Yup. Refs and blown assists

  879. Starting to think this team is believing their own hype. Playing down to competition. They aren’t that good to take nights off.

  880. CHA catching up!

  881. Batum should do that more

  882. lin with transition pass to kemba

  883. wow .. 92-95 now with 4:10 left

  884. Keep giving it to Batum to burn the rookie

  885. is that an assist!

  886. FT too!?

  887. OT for the triple double

  888. Hornets is fighting hard.
    Good to see

  889. starters need to play this hard from the start so we don’t trail like this.

  890. Jeremy 15pts 5reb 7asts in 32 min, not starter treatment yet but on right direction.

  891. Yes, and LIN got his stat & min

  892. amazing

  893. 15/7/4… nice

  894. wall played a lot of the 2nd quarter too. hes tired. 38min so far.
    as with many of their staarters. they running out of steam, like hornets in 4Q in raptors game.

  895. OT sounds great, Hornets will win cause Wall is dead tired.

  896. 15p/7a/5r now

  897. 20-10 plssssss

  898. Defense at the middle!

  899. 15 and 7 thats what Lin would be averaging if given consistent minutes

  900. Just keep penetrating

  901. Correction… 5 reb

  902. should be and could be. depends on what scorekeepers do. its subjective

  903. Lin would average 20+ points per game if he was a starter and given the long minutes!

  904. Embarrassing when your “bench” player is the Top performer of the game.

  905. Lin 8th assist to BAtum!

  906. oh nice pass to batum
    rick fox: i think he just lost possession

  907. i love lin.

    annoiuncers said lin lost the ball in air instead of being a pass lol

  908. Nice accidental assist

  909. so i guess no assist hahaha

  910. Lol

  911. Lol

  912. ast?

  913. did that count as assist?

  914. Who gives a hoot what they say, Jeremy was credited with the dime.

    EDIT: WTH? ESPN stats reversed!

  915. did it count?

  916. LOL it counted!

  917. still 7 ast

  918. Boo.. took away assist lol

  919. Good D by Batum to draw charge

  920. I saw 8 and then it was reversed.

  921. it wasnt accidental

  922. Zeller coming in to rescue Kemba

  923. that has to be an assist. only a real hater would not credit the assist to LIn


  925. kemba coming in to rescue wall

  926. WAS tired legs. CHA should win this…

  927. then kemba chucks on other end. typical.

  928. Kemba ISO 3 *sigh*

  929. why did Cliff call that play?

  930. Kemba’s Wizards’ Player of the Game.

  931. Why opted for 3 if you can drive to the lane

  932. kwalker chucking it up…

  933. Kemba’s 3 was bonehead.

  934. Lin doesn’t get a pass when playing with Walker and Batum, this is sad.

  935. Cliff signaled that play to Kemba. That’s on Cliff.

  936. This is why Kemba ISO can lose game.

    No passes, just shoot 3 early in shot clock.

  937. offensive reasons.

  938. just give it to jlin… and he will figure it out!

  939. They took away Lins assist to batum by the way
    Was 8 then now its 7
    someone should email the league

  940. If Lin got 20 points, I am happy

  941. Sigh 6-18 Kemba over 6-12 Lin

  942. Lin still gets the freeze out during crunch time. At least he’s getting touches before that.

    Kemba is not a winning PG. It’s painful watching him “lead” during crunch time.

  943. KW should not have shot that long 3. Should drive to the basket to get quick easy 2 and get some stops.

  944. kemba just reverting to his usual career self.

  945. The difference is on Marvin Williams.

  946. agree

  947. Lol

  948. Screw ESPN haters, NBA.com has Lin with 8 assists.

  949. Did Stephanie say Kemba is always looking to pass? I’m on Wizards feed.

  950. game was lost on wall/kemba matchup. not much more to say than that.

  951. Kemba TO! ..

  952. Timely TO Kemba. That may be it.

  953. Kemba to the rescue! For the Wizards…

  954. ok game over

  955. But from my box score it’s only 7 not 8.

  956. Thanks Kemba

  957. Game over. Kemba ruined it.

    Lin used properly and this team would be 20-6

  958. she says silly things like that about kemba. ‘team is so unselfish’

  959. Reality Check for Hornets.

    Kemba untimely TO & bad ISO will be their demise

  960. See what I mean… At the most crucial times, KW made a turnover– In Raptors game, and now Wiz game!

  961. Dang it! I sweat it was eight less than a minute ago. Should’ve kept my mouth shut, jinxed it!

  962. Lin barely got to play point today. Only in 2nd qtr where they caught up and led the wiz after starters dug the hole.

  963. Can we just have Clyde Frazier and Dell Curry?

  964. She’s right, team’s unselfish, just Kemba’s not.

  965. Kemba simply coughs up the ball for no reason.

  966. kemba is making wall look like superstar

  967. He’s got money on the Wizards win? LOL

  968. Good play, Lin. Stop the clock.

  969. Lin touches it for the first time in 10 possessions…instant FTs.

  970. lin is mad. hes been trying to take control of the game since 3Q. but not enuf chances.

  971. did Lin guard on Wall at all tonight?

  972. Intelligent play by Lin to drive & find Zeller

  973. Forget it, not their night.

  974. good play by Lin. Stops the clock, 2 free buckets.

  975. LIn finally touches the ball and we get 2 FTs

  976. and the assist didnt count. scorekeepers changed it. lin only 7 assists now

  977. 2 3 pointers for OT

  978. Should have passed to Lin

  979. Traveling and Kemba had Lin wide open for a 3. Come on, Kemba.

  980. thats hardly it. cliff screw ed up the matchups. kemba cannot slow down wall at all. the outcome tonight is not random.

  981. Kemba is a bunny now

  982. Kemba should’ve passed to Lin for a corner 3
    Wide-opeeeeen! *argh*

  983. 15p/7a/6r

  984. Thanks Kemba for winning the game for Wizards.

  985. Make or break on Kemba Walker!

  986. Kemba single-handledly gave an early gift to tired Wizards with his ISO & TO ways

  987. Kemba is just so bad in the clutch. Can’t shoot and doesn’t want to defer

  988. Always KW or NB and the coach’s problem for a winnable game!
    18 TO! It is the fact n not the blame!
    Coach think too high of Kemba n he couldnt handle JW!

  989. Kemba is not good at basketball. He’s just great at streetball.

  990. Thanks to Cliff

  991. if you got a dollar for every time kemba failed to pass to an open teammate…

  992. Kemba 6-18, 2 asts, 4 TOs, 40min, enough said.

  993. Shackles on him all 4th. Thanks Kemba…

  994. Lin better get the last shots. ISO LIN

  995. 3rd and 4th.

  996. I call this game bad coaching on Clifford.

  997. It is not Kemba or Batum’s fault. It is Cliff.

  998. Cliff continues to be slow making in-game adjustments. In this game, Cliff allows Wall to go off on KW.

  999. Lol game over!!!!If you’re catering with Kemba and Batum then you’re doomed.

  1000. Only time Lin gets the ball is when Kemba AND Batum fails the offense which is highly unlikely since they would just jack up shots

  1001. i dont’ know why he matches KW with Wall and Derozan and Curry. He gets burned so badly.

  1002. lol…

  1003. Wall caught up to Lin.

  1004. Clifford deserves the L, he’s earned it.

  1005. Horrible finish — Lin was hot, Kemba got jealous.

    Lin barely even touched it and lost his rhythm.

  1006. he’s one of the few quick enough to do that

    Lin slowed down towards the end

  1007. Walker and Batum both 1-7 from 3…

  1008. cliff tried to do some things different tonight such as bringing in starters early in the 2nd (wasnt effective), and bringing lin early in the 3rd, at 9min mark (even tho he never touched the ball).

    but the obvious mistake is that the backcourt lineup should be lin and batum, with no kemba. that is the only way to slow down wall, who is key to their offense.

  1009. “star PG gets to guard the other star PG”

  1010. Lin and Wall can keep up with each other. Lin should have been on Wall most of the night.

  1011. Then lost a ball during the most crucial moment!

  1012. Kemba is the problem. Always. He’s just not a good PG. But he refuses to let anyone “outshine” him and will chuck no matter what. He knows CHA will support him anyway.

  1013. He recognizes talent not
    He is a defensive coach

  1014. John Wall still holds the grudge about Lin crossed over slam dunk 3 years ago.

  1015. yup, Wall went by Kemba repeatedly to dish or score.

    Can’t stop Wall with Kemba guarding him but his $12M contract makes him a Wall defender (or enabler)

  1016. Nothing has changed, Lin still won’t get to play PG on this team and is always iced out!

  1017. I don’t care what Clifford is doing…he better beat the rockettes next game!!!

  1018. Charlotte slipped to 7th. Will slipping out of playoff contention wake Clifford up from Kembaball delusion?

  1019. Kemba took over and the result?

  1020. ya he better. If they lose to Rockets because coach wants to cater to Batum and Kemba only like we saw this game, Lin should ask for a trade.

  1021. maybe he has a big ego and doesnt want others to outshine him. but i dont think its that. hes simply a dumb player. good guy, dumb player.

  1022. no doubt. Wall should thank Clifford

  1023. oh well guys…LIN GOT HIS!! im just disapointed he didn’t get 17points, only 1 basket away.

  1024. Lin and Wall are rivals especially after Lin embarrassed him during that summer league.

  1025. Kemba has single-handedly lost 3 of the last 4 games. Oy vey.

    Send Lin to Philly now. There is a small but real chance the Sixers would catch up to the Lin-less Hornets by the end of the season.

  1026. They just need a better offensive scheme down the stretch

  1027. no lin, no win… simple as that

  1028. perhaps AFTER they slipped, quick in-game adjustment is not Clifford’s forte

  1029. Come on philly that’s no mans land

  1030. But he should’ve been the highest scorer not Kemba!

  1031. Getting to watch Lin lead a bunch of “scrubs” to respectability while proving himself a star PG would be AMAZING. CHA is a loser squad. They’ll creep into the playoffs and lose easily thanks to Kemba.

  1032. Stubborn

  1033. lin with 7 assists even though at least two at-the-rim passes were asiked by the bigs. and even tho lin barely touched the ball this game, besides the first half of the 2nd quarter.

    amazing really. those arent freebie assists either.

  1034. The bigs that can’t convert from inside.
    The lack of variety in Kemba offense; live or die with Kemba.
    Batum fails to make his shots.
    That all adds up.
    Lin stays at the corner as usual and sometimes his shot is blocked because the spacing is bad.

  1035. The assist stat might tell you Lin was THE point guard tonight.

  1036. They are rivals but that summer league game is in the past. Wall now is considered a star and Lin not quite. It’s just two fast competitive PGs playing hard now.

  1037. Lin had 35 minutes, no ball, no sweat.

  1038. I like the term “asiked”

  1039. lol. Asiked is a word now?

  1040. So long as Lin gets to be the starting PG with 32+ minutes I’m all for it! Lin can turn a team of non stars into contenders just like with the Knicks!

  1041. Don’t understand while some want to create a rift by blaming kemba and batum….Jeremys mins and shots and play up….Clifford is not creative on offensive and neither is Pat Ewing….they need a strong coach on offense

  1042. Yep, Lin thought game was over for this kind of aggressive block. Lucky Wall didn’t get injured.

  1043. No, Lin will stay and he will have to turn on his defense for this team.

  1044. That’s what a lot of people don’t realize. There are some guys who are nice off the court, but selfish on the court (Kemba, Parsons). There are some who are nice on the court, jerks off the court (most players). And then there are guys who are nice on and off (Duncan, Lin, Novak).

  1045. they have only one and he is on the court all the time.

  1046. Garbage game from Kemba. Zeller at least gave effort but he’s unpolished. Hawes blew 2 of Lin’s assists easily. Batum at least tried, he was noticeably not back from his illness. Lamb was terrible, PJ good, MW’s shot off but gives effort. Really, Kemba playing poorly and choking down the stretch sealed a game that they fought back hard to be in.

  1047. Re: GT: CHA @ WAS Saturday, 12/19 7:00 PM EST

    Unread post#206 » by thekiller99 » 1 minute ago
    What can you say?
    Kemba got burned by Wall the whole game.
    Crucial TOs late in the 4th by Kemba sealed the game.
    Coach would rather let Kemba continue to jack up shots being 6-18 and 1-7 from the 3 than let guys like Lin who was 2-2 from 3 shoot.

  1048. Starters not doing their work from the start. Always trailing. Bad matchups by coach. Kemba on super stars = defensive disaster.

  1049. Ignoring open man to take contested low-percentage shots, sound familiar?

  1050. too bad Clifford is signed for 3 more years

  1051. That’s very true.

  1052. Lin wants to be on a winning team and getting mins it’s starting to look that way with the hornets

  1053. Barely touched the ball down the stretch. Should have had 18-20 easily, just on FTs.

  1054. Maybe 3 years ago but philly is a huge project

  1055. thats not really a good analysis. the problem is far deeper than who shoots the ball and how often.

  1056. Can always bring in a disciple from golden state or San Antonio or even the Bucks….get that ball moving

  1057. Kemba didn’t play well. Last game he was fine. Not this one. Lin had plenty of minutes, played well. I think Lin could have looked to do more down the stretch. Lin needs to become Mr. 4th quarter again. Clifford has plays but things get ugly later in the game and he has to figure out how to get the team organized and disciplined late in games.

  1058. It’s a defensive disaster even against handicapped stars like DRose. Kemba simply has no D.

  1059. Lin + MDA = .500 team. They have two talented bigs in Okafor (offense) and Noel (defense). Add another shooter to Covington and that’s a playoff team.

  1060. Batum didn’t look like he was trying at the start. Only 2nd half he started trying.

  1061. Who lost the game for the Hornets? +/- will tell you the story.
    The first team all -ve!

  1062. Clifford is playing Lin. Another coach might not.

  1063. I cannot watch details of the game. Who was guarding Wall most of the time?

  1064. I wouldn’t even dog on his shooting. It was his defense on Wall that cost the game. His shooting was all a coaching problem. They allowed him to shoot at the end to close the game.

  1065. Cliff is working Kemba way too much playing 41mins. By the time we get to the 4th quarter Kemba’s legs would’ve ran out.

  1066. Clutch TOs ARE a serious problem with Kemba. Low shooting percentage also reflects poor shot selection, often times ignoring open man.

  1067. Lin had touches but too sporadic.

  1068. he is playing Jlin…but not correctly…. and there is nothing he can do about it…it is out of his hands….that’s the problem

  1069. That’s my take on it….this is team is very coachable….most team focused and coachable team Lin has been on…..its on the staff

  1070. No one was guarding him…

  1071. all but Lin

  1072. At least 2. He could have had double digit assist if they are handled right and a few perimeter shots fell.

  1073. and ‘no one’ is selfish on this team

  1074. Well, look at the stat, Lin has 7 assists, Batum has 8,and Walker has 2. Jeremy was sitting at the corner during the later part OF 4th quarter with little touch of the ball. If JLin played PG on the whole 4th, then both the team and Kemba would have better.

  1075. why not? coined by occupatio

  1076. Lin guard him once I think and made him turn over the ball.

  1077. Some Lin fan is already ruffling feathers at the Hive after the loss. Sheesh…

  1078. POLITICS. Any real good coach would have said “Hey Lin, you’re guarding Wall today since your size and speed is closer to his.”

  1079. Lamb shot 50% but gets 12mins while Kemba shoots 6-18 but gets 41mins.

  1080. I think it was mostly KW

  1081. Batum gets a pass. He looked ill.

  1082. And that’s not cool

  1083. Good call

  1084. Marvin Williams didn’t have a very good game and typically Hornets would lose.

  1085. That happened at least couple times JLin was on Wall.

  1086. We’re not creating “rift”. We’re pointing obvious out weaknesses in coaching by allowing starters to keep digging holes and having the bench to bail them out. We get frustrated to see the wrong players kept staying on court when it is a winnable game if Cliff just make quick and right adjustments. We do care how Hornets/Cliff utilizes Lin bc he can help them to win.

  1087. Glue guy has to play well

  1088. Cliff knows Lin the best to defend guard. why not let Lin do it?????

  1089. This game really was lost on the defensive end. In fact this is the first game this season where the Hornets scored at least 100 puts and did not win

  1090. Refs weren’t given Lin a favorable whistle tonight. He had to get it through field goals.

  1091. If Cliff would have put Lin on Wall, I bet you Lin would have spiked his hair up today to gain another 3 inches. He would be like a 6’6 defender on 6’4 Wall.

  1092. Batum being ill gets a better stat line that Kemba says a lot

  1093. yup made him overthrew the ball out of bound

  1094. That’s right! 15 pts off the bench and 7 ast

  1095. agreed. MW is critical to the success of this team

  1096. That’s very true too.

  1097. Dudley hit big shots so did temple and sessions…gortat had a good second half….wall had almost ten TOs…washingtons bench/sub-starters were hungry…..

  1098. I swear, the coaching is all politics. Lamb should have got more minutes with Lin today. He was shooting great.

  1099. previously, cliff on lin’s defense: “his defense is really good” “he is really good PnR defender.” thats why lin was used to guard nobodies like gary neal tonight hahaha.

    meanwhile wall gets whatever he wants against kemba, but cliff doesnt adapt.

    cliff will probably never change his outlook on kemba. hes smart enuf to change his mind about things, but not on this.

  1100. Lamb has no D. But point well-taken, his D couldn’t have been worse than Walker’s.

  1101. The few times he was on Wall, Jeremy made him pass out or result in TO. Not sure why Clifford kept Kemba on Wall who scored 20 by halftime!

  1102. Word lamb can’t guard a chair

  1103. I am not giving Kemba any more passes. He was trying to outplay and outscore lin instead of focusing on his assignment ,which was Wall. Clifford needs to police up Kemba/Batum, because if he doesn’t, this a sinking ship.

  1104. agreed. Many here complain how Lin gets the short end because of politics but it happens to other guys also like Lamb. He deserved more PT than he got

  1105. We aren’t creating rift, if Cliff wants to play Kemba together with Lin, at least allow both to be combination guards instead of sitting Lin at the corner, that way ball movement will more than double and assists too.

  1106. Bradley Beal didn’t play tonight

  1107. i meant neal. i got confused by name rhyming.

  1108. They were throwing the ball everywhere tonight….sloppy

  1109. Sorry but you don’t get more TOs than assists if you’re the pg

  1110. Hornets website title “Kemba double doube, but Hornets lose”. No shame.

  1111. Even the sick and inefficient Batum played better than Walker tonight.

  1112. smh. clueless. go watch the tape, cliff.

  1113. 6 boards.

  1114. he was trying tonight though- that’s why he picked up 3 quick fouls

  1115. This is why you need to define who your PGs are and tell the other players to respect their roles. Otherwise, you get more lazy passes and turnovers. IMO, it should be Lin and Kemba only. Batum is a shooter. He’s just too slow to faciliate or make quick decisions. I feel that they tried to make Batum a facilitator because Kemba doesn’t pass a lot. Kemba can pass, he just doesn’t do it that much.

  1116. Should’ve read “Hornet lose on Kemba’s 33% FG and clutch TO”.

  1117. If beal wasn’t playing there is no need to give Hairston any minutes….those should go to lamb and just hope he can out score his man….

  1118. frankly, thats beside the point. the game was not lost because of the last 2 minutes, but the previous 46.

  1119. not. Should’ve read “Hornet lose because Kemba let Wall beat Hornets”.

  1120. Hornets could have won last game without OT but Kemba TO and wasted the chance. They could have come back in this game but Kemba TO and killed their chance.
    So Hornets and MJ, if you want to bet your money on Kemba, you will be going nowhere!

  1121. Kemba reverting to the mean after his fluke hot start. He’s always been an AWFUL shooter throughout his career, well below average even by ordinary standards. Lin’s worst TS% season is better than Kemba’s best. And that’s while marginalized!

  1122. There were some good momentum in the previous 46. Especially from BF1. It’s all a coaching disaster today. I did see Cliff signal to Kemba to shoot a 3 in the last 2 minutes when we were only 3 pts off and he bricked it.

  1123. I don’t feel great about this game. Lin did well enough but I feel he could have been a little more assertive in crunch time. I liked the assists and he could have even got more. But it wasn’t a win, Charlotte needs to get wins. Win the next one, the Rockets are dysfunctional and Kemba should be able to guard Lawson. Oh, forgot, Lawson is suspended again.

  1124. They should be betting on Lin now even more so than Batum.

  1125. and Lin will guard Harden please. Spike your hair up to gain a few more inches.

  1126. CHA is going to implode next season when Lin leaves. And Batum sure as heck isn’t going to stay on a weak CHA team that barely makes or misses the playoffs this year. There are plenty of teams willing to pay him and give him more shots.

    And Lin is headed wherever MDA goes.

  1127. I think this was a game to play Lin and Lamb together more and sit Kemba. Puts more size against Wall, and Lamb doesn’t really have to do more than chase Temple or Sessions around.

  1128. Kemba and Batum can’t guard most of their men and just trying to pass the ball w/in themselves,the result was always pathetic.These 2 are just borderline above average players and trying to sell themselves as superstars,another pathetic idea.

  1129. yup ref “swallowed” whistle

  1130. Lawson suspended by league or by Harden?

  1131. Give Batum a break as I think he tried his hardest despite being sick still.

  1132. Best player on either team stood in the corner for 10m at a time.

  1133. lin did his best to be assertive in 2nd half, and didnt force the matter too much. its hard to be assertive if you dont get the ball and dont run the offense. in that scenario, to be assertive you have to force shots isntead of taking what the defense gives you.
    if he did that, hed just be like kemba or batum.

  1134. if he was still sick he shouldn’t have played today. I don’t like divas.

  1135. What I mean is Lin had a few times he drove into the basket and could have finished by dished off and the big didn’t finish. I also think he could have looked to cut some. I saw a few times a wide open middle.

  1136. Hairston should guard Harden next game. Gonna need all his fouls in that game.

  1137. Lin played great. He didn’t touch the ball and lost his touch when he did get a shot, but that happens to everyone. Even Curry and Durant and Lebron. Blame Kemba’s awful play and bricking.

    When Lin is handling the ball and goes 6-18 (like Kemba), THEN we can bash him for stinking.

  1138. Exactly, I don’t want Lin much on Harden and Harden getting those stupid whistles.

  1139. Not a diva, the team was short handed. Batum tried to help the team out. Give him some credit not hate.

  1140. i see. i hope lin does learn that the bigs on this team cant catch or cant finish (or cant do either). he indeed should try to finish more himself on drives.

  1141. And the coach won’t say anything.

  1142. No rift by us. Already there. Did you not see Kemba ball at the end. He screwed his teammates to be the man.

  1143. Am I bashing him? I think he played well enough. That’s my assessment of today’s game. He had some TOs that weren’t great either, like he messed up an outlet pass that he usually makes in his sleep. Call me a tough grader but this guy is talented so I give him a well enough for this game.

  1144. that’s where I disagree with you. People said we were shorthanded last game and we still beat the Toronto Raptors with just Lin/Kemba. Same thing that is said about MKG but we’re still in playoffs. Same with Al Jefferson. We are never short handed. We are too deep to be short handed.

    I feel Hornets coaches/fans don’t respect or give enough credit to the players on the floor. You Hornet fans want Batum to have a max contract next season but I do not see it yet.

  1145. Lin has to be more assertive. He needs tollok to take over games. Give Kemba credit,even when he’s off he looks to take over. Lin needs more moxie.

  1146. i agree, batum did what he could. players do whatever they can do. the problem is when coaches misjudge what the players can do.

  1147. Also, I’ve already said Kemba had a garbage game in a previous comment.

  1148. What is Lin to do clap his hands and have teammates pass to him?
    Kemba is the pg and Lin is not his top option to pass too.

  1149. At the very least, I’m glad to see Lin regaining his shooting touch (last 5 games look very nice). Back is healthy, swagger is back. Minutes are way up. Just needs more touches.

    This Kemba loss (#5 or 6 on the season) also seals my feelings on a Lin trade. CHA is going nowhere with Kemba as PG. I don’t care about watching Lin stand in the corner so Kemba gets the team swept in Round 1.

    Trade him to Philly now and at least we’ll enjoy exciting, high-scoring, teamball while re-establishing Lin’s reputation.

  1150. Kemba didn’t play well tonight, last game he did. Batum gutted it out and played OK.

  1151. And do what? Steal the ball from his own teammate?

  1152. I think it has to do with Batum slowing the pace down. If Batum isn’t on the floor, Kemba knows he’s the only PG and he will pass more. But if Batum is passing and taking some of Kemba’s role, Kemba will play more like an SG.

  1153. I agree. I don’t know why some get offended when we say he could be more assertive. Sometimes you go out and get the ball. Charles Barkley is all over Dwight Howard because he says he doesn’t do that. If Lin goes out and gets the ball and then doesn’t hesitate and rams it down their throats, he at least gets a chance to get some calls and get to the line. How many times have we’ve seen him do this in 4Qs?

  1154. Its tough to win games when the 3-ball is not falling. M. Williams was 1-5 while Kemba and Batum were 1-7 each. Lets hope The Hornets can beat the brakes off of Houston next game.

  1155. playing behind kemba is an absolute waste.

    if lin can start on a team such as philly, it will make for super entertaining basketball. i just want to see him play his game.

  1156. Every game where Lin goes cold, people say the exact same thing: “He should be more assertive.”

    How do you be assertive without the ball??? Nobody can do that.

  1157. I saw so many non calls from the refs …it was sickening

  1158. Clap your hands and say give me the ball. Say give me the bleeping ball if that’s what it takes. You don’t think Kemba does that? Or, after a possession tell Batum or Kemba that you’ll handle some of the next possession. Don’t ask them, tell them.

  1159. I agree. He didn’t get calls. But I think he could have shot more down the stretch. He had a good game, just the team needed a little more assertive play out of him.

  1160. Nope this ain’t on lin at all. Lin did what he could, but until clifford polices up his mediocre divas,they will bearly win anything.

  1161. LOL. Never works for anyone and causes real trouble for the team and in the media (getting angry on camera). And I see Lin calling for it a bunch of times — no response from Kemba.

    Clapping your hands doesn’t magically put the ball in them. Heck, I even see LIN ignoring a player clapping his hands when they’re not the best choice.

  1162. that’s the point…he was being assertive but instead of fts he got tos…smh

  1163. im clapping at your comment.

    i dont see no ball appear yet.

  1164. LOL nothing. How do you think guys in the NBA talk to each other. Hand me the ball please? Listen to some uncensored play from them. They are assertive and alpha or they don’t get the ball. Lin can be very alpha when he wants to be.

  1165. Oh wait. You want the ball? I didn’t know that. Now that I know that, here you can take 5-10 more shots.

  1166. did you get my text? my facebook PM?

  1167. You clap your hands to get attention. And demand the ball. Sometimes there is no other way. Watch Harden, watch many of the top PGs. They aren’t just handed the ball all of the time.

  1168. They talk and it doesn’t work. Unless they already have a good relationship with unselfish teammates. Kemba ain’t doing jack s**t to sacrifice his own stats to win or help Lin.

  1169. might as well if Charlotte falls off from playoffs because of bad coaching trying to please the divas

  1170. Yes, but the tone wasn’t “assertive” enough.

  1171. I’m not getting into that garbage. If Kemba and Lin play together they know its the game and nothing personal. I think Kemba would love to see that assertiveness and confidence from Lin. He’s already said he needs a break sometimes. Not on the last play of the game, but down the stretch Lin needs to take over some of the possessions.

  1172. harden is the face of the franchise and can get the head coach fired if he wants to. with that kind of power, he can do anything he wants, and he does. no defense? no problem! not a relevant comparison for lin.

    harden also makes horrible TV commercials hehe

  1173. Cut it out. You want to discuss do so but cut the garbage out.

  1174. but i inserted a ‘clapping’ emoticon in my message. did you see it?

  1175. They really might. A couple losses and they’re out of 8th. Any minor injury to Lin, keeping him out 1-2 weeks and that’s it. Playoffs are out.

  1176. I think Lin does that with Lamb already. I don’t think he has the power to say that to Kemba or Batum since FO/Coaches wont even do it.

  1177. ya i saw Lin doing the open hand gestures and shaking his hand multiple times today without any luck. It happened on one of the last plays too where Kemba bunny hopped and was called for the travel. He missed an open Lin at the 3 with his hands out.

  1178. Yes, Lin could got double double on this game if Big hit the ball; but it could be worse when team loss and LIN did not even got his stats. At least Lin’s average went up now, for 26 games, Lin average play 25 min with 11.7 PTS, 3.0 AST, 3.0 Reb, 0.8 STL & 0.7 BS.

  1179. Guys, look. The NBA is a culture and certain things are OK. Lin has clapped his hands and told guys to get inline before and he can do that on this team. He’s one of the main guys.

    Lin can go out and get the ball and make things happen more. That’s all Philly and I are saying. Just be a little bit more demonstrative in an appropriate way to show you are on the court and one of the facilitators, and also that you are clutch and want to take over the game.

  1180. How do you know it’s lin their looking to trade,it might be kemba. Why do you think is playing so hard and so stupidly. He knows Lin is on his heels. If you really look at it, lin is becoming a fan favorite in Charlotte and when he’s given free reign, nobody can stop him. Lin will be 28 next summer and him going to Philly to try to help rebuild a team is crazy. I think lin will stay in Charlotte , batum will walk.

  1181. Atthehive “HORNETS TURNOVERS CAUSE LOSS TO WIZARDS 101-109” with Lin’s picture by Chris Barnewall.

  1182. Does Kemba have to clap his hands to get the ball from anyone?

  1183. He can just go about it another way. Get near the rim and take short jump shots rather than pass. I watched Tony Parker the other night for San Antonio. That’s all he did. He didn’t go all the way to the rim. He drove and shot 8 foot pull up shots.

  1184. You think. You don’t know. I don’t know either, but based on Kemba’s entire history — and his selfishness this game after Lin beasted last game and the first half — suggests Kemba does not like sharing.

    He was a team player during preseason, but during the regular season, he’s back to his old habits.

  1185. fair enough, but i dont see spurs players clapping for the ball or being demonstrative. and i dont see GSW players clapping for the ball.

    either your teammates know how to play the right way, or they dont. either the coach makes them play the right way, or they dont. it has little to do with being individually demonstrative and ‘assertive’. its a team problem, a coaching problem.

  1186. That’s giving power to Kemba. We don’t need to do that. If Lin is on the court, he can take over. He did that in Houston playing next to Harden and he also did that on the Lakers even with Kobe. He waved Kobe up and shot a 3 right in Chris Paul’s face. Sometimes that is what you need to do when you get the ball.

  1187. I disagree with you. Clapping hands does nothing when the audience is too loud. Players won’t even hear it.

  1188. Then tell them it’s Kemba who had TO after TO in late 4Q to loss this game. smh!

  1189. “Kemba’s all-around awfulness in every way causes losses to Wizards, Hornets, Magic.”

    He’s a total mess after his hot shooting to start the season.

  1190. Entertaining for Jeremy Lin fans but not good on Jeremy Lin’s career. Lin wants championships so I would expect him to join on a championship caliber team.

  1191. Walker needs to go if Lin stays. Lin’s brand of basketball won’t apply in Hornets if Lin stays and plays with Walker. And Lin as SG and Walker as PG won’t go far in playoff. Just based on past 26 games, how many Walker went ISO mode all of a sudden?

  1192. There is a remote chance of Hornets trading Kemba but the hard part is finding a team to take a $12M/yr contract for an undersized PG.

    I’m hoping MJ has the heart of business-man to trade Kemba if there are any takers.

  1193. Exactly but Cliff just couldn’t dare to ask Lin to do it. smh!

  1194. Draymond Green can act like a jerk on the court. When I say clap your hands I don’t mean constantly or obnoxiously. But do something to get the ball. Hold your hands up, do something. If Lin just stands at the corner, he won’t get the ball. He didn’t stand at the corner in the game on Thursday because he knew he had to make plays. This game he put it on Kemba and Batum more maybe than he needed to.

    It’s not even that much. It’s a bit more he could have for a better balance.

  1195. At least Lakersnation didn’t troll Lin in their articles.

  1196. Good that someone notices Lin’s high Net Rating.


  1197. CLap hands is one way. Whatever it takes. When Kemba wants to get the ball watch him. He makes sure people see him. Or look at games where Lin was effective in the 4th. He was very demonstrative in getting the ball.

  1198. i see lin putting up both hands aplenty, gesturing to get the pass, especially when he is wide open. ball doesnt come.

    if you do that all the time, ppl will just ignore it. but even the few times lin does it, he doesnt get the ball. so why would doing it more be more effective?

  1199. Yes. Sometimes.

  1200. Well said. Kemba just didn’t care win or loss… he cares more about outplay Lin or not. smh!