Game 25 Washington Wizards vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. The culture vanishes with Brook and Lin. Now what remains is D low and I believe Dinwiddie will be ready to leave the team for a starting role at his age. There is absolutely no way that Brooklyn can keep both PGs next season. Since DLo is a lottery pick and Sean Marks has tied himself with him, Dinwiddie won’t have the starting role in Nets and he will definitely leave.

  2. The Atlanta media has been relatively fair with JLin comparing to Lakers. They give credit when credit is due.

    While the overall team performance was terrible, there were a couple of individual players who acquitted themselves well.

    (1) Jeremy Lin returned from a two-game absence and didn’t miss a beat offensively, canning five of nine shots from the field and generally continuing his form that has been consistent for about a month now.
    (2) John Collins had a strong game as well, posting a double-double with 24 points and 11 rebounds on a very efficient 11-for-13 from two-point range. He did miss the lone three-pointer he took in the game as the Hawks were ice cold in general from outside. Atlanta hit just five of their 26 attempts from distance.
    (3) Taurean Prince had a relatively strong offensive game, finishing with 14 points and 3-for-6 shooting from deep.

  3. “On defense, Collins hasn’t showed anything particularly special. He’s only averaging 0.6 blocks and 0.1 steals a game, but the potential will always be there because of his ability to be quick off his feet in certain angles under the basket.”!?LineupIDs=1628381&VsLineupIDs=202391&TeamID=1610612737&VsTeamID=1610612737&sort=DEF_RATING&dir=-1

  4. Nets broadcaster Sarah Kustok getting dinged by a stray basketball ….

  5. Some video of Jeremy’s 2nd NBA game (Oct 31, 2010), scoring his first points in the NBA.

  6. He probably will get his max contract.

  7. Surprisingly don’t see much critical comment on the ATL FO for not taking Luka Doncic as he seems to be having some success. Maybe that is because we fans realize that Doncic could be doing poorly in ATL and it would be due to the tanking attitude. Kudos to us fans!

  8. Pre-game Warm-up: via TheLinsanity Show – 02-08-2012 – Knicks vs Wizards

  9. Wow. Prior to Knicks Linsanity. Didn’t follow Lin – didn’t even know about him.

    HaHa. Didn’t realize his first NBA basket was vs Kobe and the Lakers. NBA small world. Goes around same circles.

  10. Nothing new to us Lin fans here. But more recognition for JLin season. And this is including October, coming back from MAJOR injury. (Copied this from JLinPortal twitter.)

  11. Not in these highlights. But so many missed assists. SIGH. During one stretch, VC in particular.

  12. Ouch.

    I like Dinwiddie. I thought he broke out last season, and contributed and helped the Nets.

    But, man, he’s a one-man PR machine for himself. Promoting himself to be Most Improved last year. This year, pushing to be 6th man of the year. We’ll see how much Sean Marks values him.

  13. Can’t stand Nets Daily. Thinks he’s some kind of hot-shot insider. Instead, really, just lots of hot air.

    Just remembering how much he was insisting the Nets will sign Teodosic and start him over Lin. What a clown. (And I don’t mean to insult clowns.)

  14. One more note about the Anthony Davis and the Pelicans:

    “New Orleans star Anthony Davis explains his reality to Yahoo Sports, and it’s why the league is paying close attention: ‘I got to play almost perfect every night to give us a chance to win.'”

    “But most of all, Davis just wants to win. That’s why rival NBA executives are of the belief that Davis could be up for grabs for a large-market organization well before he is expected to opt out of his contract in 2020. He is eligible for a super-max extension with the Pelicans in July 2019 that is worth $235 million for five years….
    The speculation isn’t expected to cool down, with Davis recently hiring Rich Paul of Klutch Sports — the same agent who reps LeBron James — to represent him. In the summer, the Lakers will be extremely aggressive in their pursuit of high-caliber stars to pair with James in the free-agent and trade markets.”

    WE LIN FANS BELIEVE IN LIN. But will the NBA power structure let Lin make a difference? If Lin helps Davis and the Pelicans win, will it be enough to convince Davis to stay? Does Lin have enough NBA power?

  15. And the unfortunate injury to Prince. Didn’t look good. And the foul should have been called. The Refs were horrible this game. On both sides.

    This is why we should NEVER TAKE LIN’s HEALTH for granted.

  16. Oh, one more thing. Even in a blowout loss, in “garbage” time.

    Lin’s group at the end of fourth quarter. STILL PLAYED AS A TEAM. Running sets and screens, passing the ball, running the court. They did not take those plays off. They were not just all chucking shots to fill the time, or to pad stats.

    Because of Lin’s leadership?

  17. Well, Lin has to be traded to N.O first before we can even hope Lin play would make Davis stay put.

    N.O will definately look to aggressively trade for somebody and they may aim higher than Lin by trying to get John Wall.

  18. They would go for Boggie first.

  19. Good to see Brook doing well with MIL. One good thing for Brook is at the end of his time in BKLN they encouraged him to develop a 3 pt shot and he became very good at it allowing him to re-invent himself into a modern NBA center who can stretch the floor

  20. I hope TY makes it, I really do because he seems like a good kid. But he can’t be all he can be when the team has a tanking attitude (and actual strategy) so we won’t be able to see what he can do until ATL gets away from tanking, and this may be another year or two. In the meantime I suspect that the tanking and what seems like preferential treatment of TY may be having a negative impact on teammates like Baze and Dedmon, maybe Prince too who it seems acted like he had to fend for himself rather than play for the team.

  21. N.O. trying to get John Wall is not “aiming higher”, IMO. Wall is just a more publicized player with an albatross of a contract. You would have to wonder about Wall’s abilities as a leader too since he is part of the current dysfunction and has not done much to lead WAS the past few years

  22. Who is Boggie?

  23. DeMarcus (Boogie) Cousins, from the Warriors.

  24. Um, not completely. But the leadership of the culture establish ended in Lin.

    RHJ, Caris, Dinwiddie are good guys. But someone else with a high-profile messed up the spirit of that team.

  25. Brook’s a great guy and played well with Lin. Sorry Brook-Lin was only a few games in the first season.

  26. I don’t get Poythress being out so long.

  27. We’ll never know but Brook-Lin could have formed a foundation for the building of the Nets, except for the stupid tanking. Good character and Brook was loyal to BKLN. So was Jlin too I guess but loyalty did not go far in BKLN.

  28. I think Lin wanted to retire a Net. Injuries got in the way but I think Marks would have trading him regardless. Marks wanted to go younger.

  29. Baze is back in the starting lineup, as expected. Hopefully he won’t be messing with Lin and the bench’s mojo anymore…

  30. Lin is not going to change that franchise around with Anthony Davis be realistic.

  31. The announcers haven’t figured out how to pronounce his name yet I guess.

  32. Doncic is a much smarter and mature player with a wide array of skills. Much better player as of now compared to trae.

  33. “Maybe Jeremy and Trae get some minutes together…” @ around 1 minute mark.

    But of course Pierce couldn’t insert Lin into the starting lineup.

  34. any links to the game please

  35. Baze starting so Jlin, Len, Anderson, Bembry and probably VC. Small team but might do some damage especially if they play hard D. Two guys on first unit not playing well lately in Bazemore and Dedmon.

  36. Sad but If Prince is out then maybe the Hawks have a good chance of winning this game

  37. Lin during pre-game shoot around…

  38. That explains it!

  39. As long as Trae is playing, Hawaks will not start Lin

    They do not want to open a can of worms.

  40. LOL Austin Rivers is starting for the Wizards.

  41. links please

  42. Hawks coming out strong.

  43. Hawks starters doing well early. They look like they want to win this game.

  44. Starters are doing fine. A large part due to John Collins. I like Huerter. Definitely has potential on both sides of the court.

  45. he’s playing a bit more under control, with better results

  46. Lin coming in…

  47. Lin in

  48. 2222222

  49. Everyone just stood there and watching the mis-match on Beal. LMAO

  50. seems like the first reverse layup in a long time

  51. Was thinking the same. 🙂

  52. Who?

  53. Collins is playing so well. Too bad Pierce isn’t letting him play with Lin.

    Beal killing the Hawks. They need to double team him and not let him score so easily.

  54. Nobody on the bench provides what Collins brings. Lin and Collins would be awesome. Collins is why the starters did well.

  55. Lin passed up an open 3, gave it to Baze instead, but Baze couldn’t make the 3.

  56. Rathbun said Lin had daylight. Lin’s gotta shoot the 3 there. But overall, I like how he’s playing.

  57. Baze is missing everything otherwise Lin would have at least 3 assists

  58. Lin is playing great facilitating real good….baze just sucks

  59. Len’s not playing so great either.

  60. Trae in, Lin out

  61. LP is mad dumb

  62. Lin is constantly feeding Baze.

  63. Lin out? dnt agree with that.

  64. stupid sub pattern.

  65. looks like a bathroom break for Lin, as well

  66. I have been saying he is not smart…

  67. Makes no sense. His teammates can’t hit open shots or layups which were all setup nicely by him.

  68. Yeah, he just ran back to the lockers. But didn’t seem injured.

  69. What the… just as Rathbun and Dominique were praising Lin, Pierce subs Lin out. Didn’t even get to play 4 minutes in the 1st Q.

  70. he does have that perpetual “deer in the headlight” look

  71. 3 minutes!

  72. Maybe Lin had to go to the bathroom? He doesn’t seem like he was hurt.

  73. LP got nervous Jeremy scored two and Trae didn’t score yet

  74. Lin should’ve had 5 assists already. 3 missed 3s by Baze and 1 missed hook shot by Len. *sigh*

  75. And there are fans asking other Lin’s fans to support the Hawks. Smh.

  76. He did run to the back really fast lol.

  77. Trae bricks an open 3…

  78. it’s not the hawks it’s LP and management

  79. yeah saw that too…they don’t convert unless from Trae lol

  80. It is the most perplexing reality… when Lin comes in, the other team usually gets an easy quick basket, and Lin’s teammates can’t buy a bucket.. It must be the NBA karma trying to perpetuate the “no asians allowed” narrative of the game

  81. Don’t matter, owner, front office, coaches, assistant coach, players, trainers, janitor, whatever.

  82. Tyler Dorsey is getting minutes now.

    Wonder why Lin ran to the locker room so quickly…

  83. The problem is Trae is not evening having a good game, It was Collins.

  84. Where is Lin? Not at the bench.

  85. He ran to the locker room really fast for some reason. It was a strange sub out, very abrupt. Not sure, but he may be going to the bathroom or something.

  86. LP and management are Hawks LOL

  87. as long as he is not injured…

  88. he’s cycling in the tunnel area

  89. Thanks.

  90. He’s not cycling. Nobody is in the tunnel area but 2 security guards.

  91. how do you guys know?

  92. I saw it.

  93. Someone on the other board said Chelsea Lane ran back to the locker room with him.

  94. wow, I hope not a concern

  95. Hope he’s fine, needs to stay healthy. Maybe a bathroom break.

  96. oh shoot. he was twisting his hips a little

  97. what happened to lin?

  98. you know guys, that last comment was only 1/2 jking and 1/2 from previous shots of him during non-playing times.

  99. Glad I didn’t miss much, suddenly Lin barely played with less than 4 mins in 1st quarter. I will multitask as I watch the game, not going to pay full attention. Hope Lin is fine and nothing is going on.

  100. i hope nothing serious….luck hasn’t been on his side

  101. No one knows what’s going on with Lin yet. He’s not on the bench and the person who keep saying he’s cycling in the tunnel is simply assuming but no one knows for sure what’s going on.

  102. Lin is back.

  103. I like your assumption

  104. It’s telling Lin that he overpasses too much and should really look for his own shots first and foremost.

  105. On the bench?

  106. Whew, good.

  107. Hate when he does that just take it!

  108. you see him….good

  109. This was when Lin abruptly went out:

    Lin coming back from locker room:

  110. Trae out, no Lin

  111. Well because LP said before the game that he is gonna play Lin and Trae together so he is saving Lin for later on.

  112. Click saw him.

  113. Something’s not right. No Lin.

  114. Strange… He seemed to be in a hurry leaving the court

  115. yea.. he might have tweaked something. Better he not aggravate anything

  116. So far the announcers are not noticing or not caring

  117. something is wrong third stringer is coming back including Trae

  118. No PG on the court, now the deficit is widened to 20! 39-55 🙁

  119. did anything happen?

  120. i think he is hurt

  121. Wow, this team is really the worst in the league. No doubt

  122. hopefully it wasn’t because of his reverse lay up

  123. he seem fine walking back

  124. Is this the lowest minutes for Lin this season? — 3 minutes so far at 3:00 2Q

  125. yup.. it’s just that the media doesn’t even notice it

  126. He’s out because of a possible injury IMO. Nothing has been announced.

  127. finally, a lower back strain

  128. yeah….hopefully not major

  129. was it lower back strain

  130. how random?

  131. ah crap….lower back strain that sucks…well no more watchin this crapshow then!

  132. Is this serious? Will it keep him out a few games? Or is he day to day?

  133. Well that’s it for men then. Later y’all.

  134. Oh, No! 🙁

  135. already turn my TV off

  136. wouldn’t that be ironic.. it’s one of his signature moves. maybe time to put that one in the round file

  137. Recall during the constant sprained ankles in the CHA season, afterward JLIN would always have low back strain…

    … this is caused by compensation to not put so much force on the ankle that your back muscles work more.

    Not a serious issue for JLIN

  138. Ugh, reading it can take 4 to 6 weeks for a lower back strain. But will wait to see what the Hawks say. If so, this is a significant setback.

  139. probably not. likely has to do with over compensating the ankle sprain.

  140. hope so. he needs to take care of his body before the inevitable trade

  141. we can throw out the dont get injured this year thing. injury prone will stick

  142. JLIN comes back from low back strain within a day or so (at least that is what happened in CHA) … JLIN doing the smart thing…

    … take no chances to aggravate anything while he prepares for a healthy TRADE

  143. I hope I’m wrong. I can’t deal with Lin out that long. Maybe he’s day to day.

  144. Are you sure it’s something that’s day to day?

  145. he had this in charlette. he was day to day. he used to ice his back. lebron deal wth this as well but plays

  146. I recall JLIN having constant lower back strain issues immediately after his constant ankle sparins in CHA…

    … often seen laying down on the sidelines

  147. yup

  148. OK, that’s good to hear.

  149. Without Lin, it is a blowout at end of first half. 72-49

  150. JLIN is just doing what he needs to do …

    … this team cares NOT for winning and JLIN will not persevere through any unnecessary effort for this team

  151. Hope you are right!

  152. Washington on pace to score 144 points and I hope they do it – the Hawks are horrendous without JLIN

  153. closed it as soon as lin left

  154. The only positive:
    Lin was shooting 100% this game in his 3 min. PT
    before lower back strain happened.

  155. here comes the cant stay healthy stuff

  156. ill say this. the goal this year was to stay healthy. if he misses more then 10 games. that goal is a failure

  157. maybe 15. at the most

  158. Is Lin still in the locker room? If he’s wrapping up his ankle just to play he should really take it easy. It’s a tanking team, no need to worsen it just to play. I hope this is just Pierce knowing Lin will be traded soon so he’s not playing him much. December is here afterall.

  159. Please take a month off to enjoy Xmas and New Year. No more risking for this bad team. Just my hope.

  160. Trade deadline is near, not playing Lin much might indicate Hawks is close to trading Lin away.

  161. All trades are required to pass physical test. Healthy comes first.

  162. I think people need to be realistic. No team is going to trade assets for Lin if they see him still having injury issues.

    Even if they’re regular basketball injuries like sprained ankle and sprained back, teams will be wary because of Lin’s major injury history the past 2 years.

  163. Hope Lin is ok, pleeeeease

  164. I think if he plays 60-65 games, then he succeeded. I guess today counts as a game played.

  165. ankle sprains are common, nothing to be alarmed about happens with modern basketball players wearing running shoes instead of basketball shoes for faster speed over ankle protection. It’s really something Lin should consider switching to with all these past ankle injuries. Sure it may be slower but he can treat it as a handicap to force himself not to rely on his drives and more on his 3s and mid range shots.

  166. i guess. he will likly miss 2 games or so. these games mean nothing keep doing what he is doing to get traded

  167. Here’s some realism for JLIN fans … JLIN did not look hurt, injured or even slowed at ALL, so my interpretation is he knows what happens with his back because he lived through it for a season at CHA ..

    … therefore JLIN will go into his TRADE physical HEALTHY because he will take no chances aggravating any ailment for this tanking team … and because of JLIN’s abundance of cautiousness, JLIN will pass the physical with flying colors.

  168. there is an extra cautiousness that wasnt there before but the hawks tanking is a big factor.

  169. Hope you are correct

  170. i think the only way lin gets traded is in a salary dump situation. what team has a bad contract that’s holding them back and wouldn’t mind giving the hawks an asset? lin’s 13M will be needed to match salaries.

    my hope is still delly + pick for lin. maybe atl is desperate at the deadline and would take delly’s extra year for 2 second round picks…

  171. Except that ankle injury, lead to backstrain, then lead to hamstring injuries. It’s a cycle and Lin needs to stay out and get healthy!
    Why the heck did he keep driving and falling on his back? He needs to stop doing that and just look to take mid range and 3 point shots off dribble. Learn to side step and to create separation. Learning an extended shot will also help.

  172. If Lin didn’t get injured, Hawks could’ve won this game. Lin came out looking focused and ready to play tonight. What a shame.

  173. Collins is player of the game. Bembry and Vince had big contributions. Trae wasn’t very good. Lin could’ve gotten the team over the edge.

  174. Yup. Once Lin went out, the game was pretty much lost. Wizards’ lead ballooned after Lin left the game. Bembry and Baze tried their best to catch up in the 3rd and 4th, but it wasn’t enough.

    Trae had another stinker of a game. 4 for 13, 5 turnovers. Yuck. Lin could’ve taken over and helped the bench dominate the Wizards.

  175. Or maybe he just wanted to make a point- to ATL and other potential suitors

  176. 26 for Collins. Good for him. Lin probably plays next game, right?

  177. Who knows right now. They said the post-game will have a Lin update.

  178. Toronto has Lowry and Vanvleet but I would like to see JLin in Toronto, one of the teams who I think he could put over the top and into the Finals. Plus Toronto would be a great city for JLin, better even than NY which is dead to him now

  179. Brief clip of Jeremy leaving the court. Looks like Chelsea Lane follows him …

  180. Pierce said that Lin asked to come out of the game. Lin’s back tightened up, so he went to the locker room to stretch it out. Pierce didn’t say it, but obviously Lin didn’t feel that his back got better after stretching.

    Pierce said that the rotations got all messed up with Lin out and all 3 of the bigs having 3 early fouls. No comments on whether or not Lin will be ready for the next game in 3 more days, against the top tier Nuggets.

  181. guess it’s time for his acupuncture guy

  182. So the rotation was screwed up, so what. Gives some legitimacy to tanking

  183. this has happened before. he will be day to day.

  184. We don’t know ATL is a bad team because they are tanking. How can you tell how good they are? How can the FO know? They are just assuming. This is an insult to the players. The offset are these obscene amounts of money. I mean really, how much insult could you afford to take if you were making minimum 100’s of K a year. We get wrapped up in these sports melodramas and the ones that are being cheated are us fans. We deserve at least an honest effort

  185. I am so glad Lin plays here with the best medical specialists and trainer st least for this season.

  186. Post-Game Research:

    “Kyle Lowry’s continued inability to score is a growing concern. It’s unclear if his sore back is hampering
    his mobility, but his outside shot is off and he’s already severely limited within the arc.

    Lowry scored just seven points on 27 percent shooting and has averaged less than 10 points per game in Toronto’s five losses to date.”

  187. Jlin could give Lowry a chance to rest and heal and when he came back TOR would be very tough at PG. Against GSW the two of them could really put the clamps on Curry. Wonder what TOR has to offer?

  188. I guess Chelsea Lane ruled out JLin from returning.
    Perhaps it’s for the best to prevent from making it worse.

  189. Liking this trainer already.

  190. I trust her. All very good things that GSW players said about her, especially on treating SCurry’s ankles

  191. Excuses, even if rotation wasn’t messed up, Pierce wouldn’t let Lin close whenever the game was winnable. It would’ve been a loss anyway with Lin’s limited minutes and Trae chucking bricks to close the game. Pierce needs to stop pretending they aren’t tanking.

  192. I believe they already have VanVleet has back-up PG and are paying him good money so I doubt they will look to add another PG that makes much more than their back-up.

  193. Hawks fansite writer wrote:

    “Jeremy Lin’s injury
    “Already minus Taurean Prince, Alex Poythress and Omari Spellman being a late scratch, the Hawks were dealt another injury blow when Jeremy Lin was ruled out during the game with a lower back strain — playing just under four minutes.

    It’s unclear what Lin’s status will be going forward but with two off-days for the Hawks, I’d be surprised if he was ruled out of Saturday’s contest with the Denver Nuggets.”

  194. Trae Young (also got this posted comment from Hawks fansite)
    “Three straight horrible games.
    Shooting 33% from the field (16-48)
    8% from the 3 (1-12)
    even 56% from the FT line (10-18).
    1:1 assist-to-turnover ratio (16 versus 15).
    The defense continues to be abysmal.

    If he’d been a late first rounder he would be watching games now, even Tyler looks better out there. When do you get worried about zero progress, even regression? Would it not be better to let him build some confidence in a lesser role than having him get chewed up night after night?”
    A couple weeks ago, I was predicting, that mentally Trae would begin to break down as he realizes he will not dominate the NBA. Trae wearing himself out practicing shots 4 hours before games solo, indicates he’s a) mentally strained, b) making his shooting worse by tiring his muscles pre-game

  195. Lets hope it is from a long time Hawks poster and not an over zealous Lin fan. Truth is meaningless if it doesn’t match agendas.

    Slightly off topic about truth is a Japanese anime called “One Punch Man”. We know Lin likes Naruto, I wonder if he identifies with the hero of that series (Saitama). The One Punch Man kills all monsters with One Punch. However, he does the hero thing just for fun and not for fame. It’s a bit tongue and cheek and campy, but hidden below the storyline is a challenging commentary on the herd mentality of social media. Saitama is frustrated that he gets no credit while other hero’s become famous with huge fan clubs but that doesn’t stop him from facing all monsters that comes his way.

    In one show, he destroys a sea monster that has beaten many heroes and threatens the lives of thousands gathered in a shelter. The crowd witnessed the monster beating many heroes with deadly force. Saitama takes it out with one punch, the fearful crowd that was just save do from sure death at the hands of the monster turns on him because one person introduces doubts about his heroism.

    Here is a case where people see it for themselves the truth in action and physical facts and yet they simply ignore it….because they can. Lin is much like the hero Saitama. No matter what he does, people will just choose to ignore it.

  196. Quick notes / points about the CCTV interview:

    – Lin said he used to use his knees, back, and hips to shoot. Now, he uses his leg and butt (glute) muscles more.

    – Used to shoot with his knees and hips, which caused injuries. He’s corrected his shooting form now.

    – At Fortius, Lin and his 3 trainers helped him rehab and correct his form / mechanics at the same time. They spent a ton of time on this.

    – Lin used to push forward on defense, but now, he pushes backwards and it gives him more strength. He changed everything, not just his shot form / mechanics.

    – Lin would record every movement and then studied how to best change his movements.

    – Started playing basketball at age 5, so he had to change 25 years’ worth of bad movements and habits.

    – Lin wishes he had learned how to properly move in basketball at a young age; it would’ve helped him a lot, not having to wait until he’s 29 to fix these things. Said he’ll teach his kids one day these proper movements.

    – Vince Carter is the team’s voice. When Vince talks, everyone listens. Other vets like Lin, Len, Baze, who have played 5-9 years, they also have some leadership position.

    – Lin tries to help his teammates and not be selfish, that’s the most important thing to him.

    – Lin used to lead by example, but now, he tries to talk more.

    – In basketball, if you make a mistake, you can’t focus on it. If you focus on your mistakes, you’ll keep making more mistakes. So Lin tells himself and others to not worry about mistakes and get over your mistakes. If you make a mistake, you gotta correct it quickly, but don’t dwell on it. “Doesn’t matter, next play, next play (do better)” is what he reminds himself and others.

    – Protecting his body / health is the most important thing to Lin right now. Also more playtime.

    – Lin doesn’t worry about the next game and play scared (of injury) or reserved (worried he’ll be tired for next game). He gives it his all every game.

  197. Yes. Unless they trade VanVleet to ATL for Jlin. Be good for ATL in case TY falters but ion this case TOR might be better off with VanVleet than Jlin. However if Jlin were to start in place of Lowry that would be best. Yes, I know it won’t happen

  198. You can really see the improvements in his posture and how he moves around the court. More upright with everything stacked up on top of each other. Had to be very hard to change years of habit especially in a few months. There is hope for my golf swing yet!

  199. I have been vocal about how ATL is treating TY. They are going to injure this young man both physically and mentally if they are not careful. Start Jlin with Baze, Collins, Huerter/Anderson and Len/Dedmon. Then build a bench led by TY and QUIT TANKING. Stop accepting losing as some sort of strategy. People who are worried that TY’s confidence would be ruined by benching are looking at things the wrong way. He needs to rest his body and mind a little bit now before he gets hurt. Coach needs to step up if FO won’t.

  200. It’s a miracle Lin was able to 1) recover from an injury most athletes don’t recover from, 2) rebuild his entire body and change every movement / muscle memory, 3) vastly improve his shooting percentages from career averages… all in 1 year.

    Not enough people have taken notice how incredible and unprecedented all of this has been for Lin and his team. Chinese sports media have noticed, but most of the sports world are still downplaying and dismissing Lin’s miraculous comeback. The Athletic is the only western outlet I’ve seen that took notice of Lin’s recovery and comeback. Too bad the article they wrote is locked behind a paywall…

  201. I saw that comment. Poster brings up good points. But, IMO, Lin shouldn’t play starter’s minutes at this point in the season. Maybe platoon the two at 24-26 minutes each. Trae looks like he needs to play less and observe more.

  202. Thanks for sharing the article. It’s no miracle. It’s just Lin is one heck of a tough dude, both physically and mentally. Never bet against Lin. Lin will be fine.

  203. The team is milking a tanking star, losing games, losing fans, losing money and losing future.

  204. Definitely not a good way to accomplish anything

  205. I found that we can have 3-free article access through theAthletic app.

    Perhaps if some of us have some time later, we can summarize the key points in article. It is a very good read going into detail about his progress including the unexpected, slow one during preseason +first few games

  206. Vanvleet himself has gone through a long slump and has finally had a few good games. Kyle Lowry has been a rock for the Raptors this season directing traffic and setting up plays. Ive noticed a huge improvement on the distribution of points since the departure of Dwayne Casey. If Toronto wants to win the east, a good insurance is by adding an expiring contract like Lin. Toronto would be a great place for Lin with over 500,000 Asians in the GTA. However, the braintrust of the raptors have never even looked at Lin…so it’s a very low probability that they’d be trading away assets for someone they don’t believe in.

  207. I agree and disagree. Part of it is indeed a miracle because of the nature of that injury. These types of comebacks are unusual. But a huge part is Lin’s determination, focus, toughness. I think something about the nature of his rupture was favorable to his recovery but there was a lot of tough work ahead of it after the surgery and rest time. And still he’s applying and adjusting what he learned at Fortius to the NBA games he’s playing now.

  208. He has basically overcome the knee injuries. Now is the next problem. He has had problems in his lower back; the back spasma he developed from being a Rockets. The same problem that Chandler Parsons had. Let’s hope Chelsea Lane and Fortius Sport & Health will help him overcome this. At least it’s a good beginning for his rehab. Again health is the most important priority for this season; a long season. He could use the end of this season to attract teams to sign him up. He is actually reaching his prime overall.

  209. Have no issue with ruling out from this tanking ship. No point to play if he is slightly “unwell.” Then the recover time will cut down significantly….

  210. Wow, Sixers are desperate.

    I do hope Kilpatrick gets a job soon. He wasn’t a great player, but he was a good bench scorer, always hustled, and a good person. One of Lin’s good friends on the Nets who also got tossed to the winds by Marks…

  211. Yet they aren’t trading for Lin why? Are they looking for a starting PG? Not that I’d want Lin going there but they should really consider him.

  212. jeremy needs to play as a starter now so TY can recover from the seeming shock of his being a rookie. Jeremy’s minutes will rests on how the team need his services. LOnger minutes need not be the default because anyway, hawk is silently tanking. Trae needs to dominate first the bench before he can set the table as a starter because he’s young (literally) and should at least at this time learning the high ropes of an NBA Player

  213. well, its obvious to us following JLIN that the Hawk team has lots of reasons to tank (silently because no player wants to purposely lose a game) and it semms as the highroad the management wants to take, so starting JLIN can also be done but the coaching staff has to devise a way to know how to use Jeremy fitted on their plan

  214. money Lin carries

  215. Trae’s confidence will get even worst if he’s benched it’s not an option. Hawks refuses to start Lin and wants to tank so they don’t have Trae’s best interest in mind. They’re thinking only avout getting their real franchise in Zion.

  216. but not playing too has its own repercussion on Jeremy’s reputation as a player UNLESS Lin was the one one who asked to be sidelined.. well, i rather like jeremy playing on restriction rather than him not playing because on such instances with restrictions, they can see anyway if he really suffer from pain, UNLESS not playing means he’s being on the trading table which i can hope for..LOL

  217. Damn, Aaron Affalo is out of the league. I didn’t notice that. I thought he had suffered a long term injury or something.

    Just a few years ago, he signed a big deal with the Knicks and now, he’s out the league.

  218. Teams spend millions of dollars tanking by buying contracts, buyouts ets. Now after Philly spent millions and 4 or 5 years cheating their fans they can’t make the final step to winning and pay for quality like JLin. Way beyond my intelligence LOL LOL LOL

  219. They have TJ McCornell at back-up PG. I suspect Atlanta will wait until February to trade Lin unless someone gives him a lot in return. Possibly a protected first round pick.

  220. but if they can do it now speading less, they may do it, or else, they still find JLIN not suitable for their team right now?

  221. thats the beauty of JLIN’s game, not losing its value EVEN with Prejudices and bias!

  222. I think ATL waits too. They are in no hurry. They are not going anywhere. By February the desperation level goes up and up and Jlin’s value should as well. Plus he gets to rehab longer at 20 minutes per game with no pressure to win

  223. the double standard…

    (You probably saw this already. Somehow I missed this SNL sketch on Linsanity till now.)

  224. Ah ha! Always happy to find a fellow One Punch Man fan.

    The sea monster episode actually portrayed the crowd’s cowardice and blame-casting mentally with great detail. After Saitama heard the crowd trashing the fallen heroes who despite impossible odds still sacrificed themselves to protect them, he chose to taint his own name in order to salvage the reputation of the defeated heroes by publicly saying that he just got lucky to land the last punch after the sea monster was worn out, and warned the crowd not to spread that so Saitama could steal all the credit for himself.

    It was a sad scene that exposes the more despicable sides of human nature.

  225. they need a stop gap to shore up their point guard shortage. i’m pretty sure these guys are only being looked at to back up TJ for now. they are probably looking to trade for a starter quality point guard at the same time

  226. So many 1st picks and stars yet they are still underperforming. Having a legit PG makes a huge difference. All those stars are selfish with egoes, what are the chances they’d allow Lin to lead them as a starting PG, not likely.

  227. Playing with back strain would just ruin his stats and lead to other injuries. Lin know she’s gone by February. Main priority should be to stay healthy and not play with lingering issues. It’s not like Lin had a serious injury like Curry who had to be out for weeks. Few days is totally fine for common injuries.

  228. never saw this one. it was hilarious

  229. me too!!! waiting for the next arc to start! 🙂

  230. that’s why the statement ” unless it was jeremy who decide to be sideline”

  231. If you’re tired of waiting for the anime and would like to move ahead on the story, there are two manga versions: 1) the “draft-looking” free web-comic version by the original creator/author who goes by the pseudonym “ONE”, with very rudimentary artwork resembling that of a primary school student (but the story line is awesome nonetheless), and 2) the “re-drawn” version that looks MUCH BETTER that is based on the original work but done by an established professional manga artist Yusuke Murata.

  232. Remember this at the time. Was so funny. (I thought there was another one too?)

    SNL used to be the best in satire. And no qualms.

  233. Agree about SKil. Good guy. Hope they pick him up.

    They seem to need 3 & D guys. Lost Ilyasova, Belinelli, Saric, Covington. SKil not so much D, but can score.

  234. Wow – long transcript. Thanks. A bit ironic that this interview came out just after the back strain.

    “Lin tries to help his teammates and not be selfish, that’s the most important thing to him.”

    This is how Lin rolls. So many fans think he should play selfish and go for his own stats. We may think so. But this is not Lin. It’s not a new concept for him. He’s always talked about teammates playing for each other and playing “the right way”.

    “His body / health is the most important thing to Lin right now. Also hopes to get more playtime.” – Lin knows his priorities. Let’s see how he will try to carry out the “more playtime” scenario.

  235. Will have to check out the App.

    I tried to sign up for the free trial through website. They wanted credit card/payment info BEFORE the free trial. It’s up to user to “cancel”. $45 was the subscription cost. I said “forget it”. Not worth it, not for the rare one or two articles about JLin.

    Whatever happened to that Sports Illustrated behind-the-scenes filming of his rehab? There were like two episodes and then nothing.

  236. As a fan, definitely counting on Chelsea Lane and Fortius to continue to help him stay healthy!

  237. Officiating in NBA is hit or miss. A joke. And rigged. How many times have we heard analysts come right out and say “superstar” calls. Or “rookie, you’re not going to get those calls”. Are there two sets of rules?

    And why hasn’t there EVER been retroactive Flagrants given for Lin? Ugh.

    Too little too late. Shaun Livingston assessed Flagrant 1 by NBA after review.

  238. Trae Young working on catch&shoot 3’s before Wizards game. Even in shoot-around, 3 of 13. The Hawks better find a good shooting coach for him. Maybe Doc Scheppler. 🙂

  239. This is not coming from Lin fans. But supports what many has been saying.

    Surprisingly candid assessments about Trae Young, from competitors. Usually, you get politically correct answers. Article by Candace Buckner, beat writer for the Wizards at Washington Post.

  240. JLin is supposed to be on this pod-cast in the future? (Haven’t listened to episode 1 yet. Has Carter & Baze on it.)

  241. thats what LP get for making TY get much attention during his rookie year..either it help you or not , but for TY, its not working and disadvantageous to him.LP either do’t see it or he knew but not to care for the player and whats important is his Tank!

  242. John Wall playing Harden-like defense. LOL. (Remembering when Hornets-Lin torched sleeping Wall for end-of-game 3 pointer, with screen from Batum.)

  243. losing confidence is one big factor why one can’t make a goal..and practice makes no one perfect UNLESS he first fix that cloud of doubt in him.

  244. Nets losing in closing minutes last night. AGAIN!!!! I know OKC is no GSW. But, still, after LEADING by 23? Come on….NO LIN, NO WIN! HAHA! (I do however, feel bad for Kenny.)

    Rockets lost tonight. Blown out by Utah. All that roster maneuvering only to regress to the bottom of the West. Wonder how soon Morey will be fired by the new owner.

  245. Incredibly informative article! Thanks so much for your post below giving links to the full article.

  246. Took a quick look at the standings.

    In the East, Orlando & Charlotte both below 500 but still in 7th & 8th. Toronto winning so much that Detroit, in 4th, is already 6 games behind. (Along with Indiana & Boston.) The bottom 5 teams look like they are done. (Incl Knicks, Nets and Hawks. Booo! ) Tanking race to the bottom?

    On the other hand. In the West, it’s all open. A win or loss could change standings quite a bit. The Spurs, in FOURTEENTH place, but yet ONLY 6.5 games behind the current leader, Denver. It will be interesting to see who WON’T make the playoffs. May come down to the last game, like last year. And I’m rooting for Rockets to major FAIL.

  247. Lin highlights from jae26hood, Miami Heat game. (always a few days later.) “Showtime” pass from Lin to Len. Love it.

  248. Agree.

  249. Many arguments could be made on both sides of how Young can break out. Hope that Hawks management make a decision on what their agenda is for Young. And then figure out how to help him accordingly.

    Having said that. Hope the Hawks would also do the right thing for Lin.

  250. Doing the right thing for Lin is to trade him, hopefully.

    As for Trae Young, they probably realized they made a mistake in giving him the keys to the franchise so soon by starting him. Probably should had started Lin even if he wasn’t fully back and wait him out until he was 100%.

    Now, they feel trap with Young and hate the fact he’s getting so much attention by team trapping him high, eventhough he’s not making shots.

    Every team will do the same thing to Trae Young since it’s working and the Hawks are losing and until he find a way around it to still make shots, you can expect more of that.

  251. When the Hawks is giving Young almost everything to make him a star, you opposition team night by night has to figure a way to stop you. So when Young complained about the special attention he had received to defend against him, he has to understand that

    your opposition has to figure a way to stop you.


    Wonder if Robert Covington has turned Jeff Teague back into the great defensive point guard he was with when paired with Al Horford years ago on the Atlanta Hawks: ( / )

  253. Moral victory!

  254. From the video clip, I see Chelsea Lane goes to the direction of locker room after Lin went in. Then Trae Young comes into the game.

  255. In the 4th quarter of the Nets’ game, OKC outscored the Nets by 20.

    This tweet reminded me of Jeremy in the game against the Raptors, in Feb, 2012. He took the clock down to .5 secs left before shooting.

  256. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you…

  257. what’s going on? So the back strain is worst than we thought or is it just the Hawks using it to get a look at other players?

    Or maybe a trade is in the work and they want to keep Lin out so he doesn’t get hurt and the back injury is the perfect excuse to extend his stay on the injury list.

  258. Who knows what’s really going on. Pierce said Lin asked to come out of the game, and judging from the quick and abrupt substitution of Lin last game, Pierce is not lying.

    I doubt there’s some sort of conspiracy to protect Lin from further injury so he could be traded. Although we do have to keep in mind that trades all over the league will start happening a little over a week from now…

    It’s probably just what it looks like: Lin’s priority is to try and stay healthy this season, so he is being extra cautious since the ankle injury happened.

  259. It was a somewhat interesting first episode of the podcast. Like I’ve said before, I could listen to Vince talk all day. He’s very knowledgeable and insightful in the game of basketball. Baze and the girl aren’t that interesting to listen to, but Carter makes it worthwhile.

    They didn’t say they’re getting Lin on the podcast, but knowing how Lin enjoys showing up to podcasts and he’s Baze’s and Vince’s teammate (for now), he might pop up eventually.

  260. Hopefully this means Suns are not interested in Lin… for now.

  261. I am telling you, only Lin fans see Lin’s value.

    The whole NBA is biased against Lin.

  262. Wow, George Hill is not worth that much.

  263. Or else we Lin fans are wrong:) LOL

  264. Brian Windhorst has them sending a 2nd round pick as well ….

  265. PBev’s famous “Men lie, women lie, but the numbers don’t” LOL

  266. Pretty ridiculous. Even if it’s a salary dump for Bucks, they gave up too much.

  267. Not a bad deal for Cleveland since they are tanking anyway. Henson is pretty solid and Delly is Delly. I do think that the NBA sees Jlin in the 2nd tier of available PG’s, unfortunately, most likely because of the two year’s worth of injuries and the uncertainly of how good Jlin is since he was not able to show much on his big contract with BKLN. There is still a lot of time and injuries can happen. ATL, while a good place for Jlin to rehab, is not a good showplace since they are tankers and playing like it. It may be a real nail-biter to see if Jlin gets picked up by someone who needs his skills, who likely as yet do not even know they need his skills. ORL is looking good as a Jlin temporary home simply because the coach knows him. Now we might get a chance to see what he really thinks of Jlin.

  268. All three players (Hill, Henson, Dellavedova) are under contract next season, and Bucks look like they are paying luxury tax, so even taking few million dollars off that amount by trading Hill for Henson and Dellavedova may be worth late first round pick they also gave up.

  269. Got me there, especially if PBev said it. Speaking of PBev if he were to go down Clippers would be a very nice place for Jlin though I don’t know what Doc Rivers thinks of him. If though, that happened it will because Jerry West signed off on it which would be a solid endorsement

  270. No, Doc Rivers is biased against Chinese.

    Remember he complained having to play pre-season game in China? He is so shallow, after arriving China, he was surprised by how modernized China has been…SMH

  271. Forensic analysis of video and JLIN’s demeanor post-back strain:
    1. JLIN brings ball cross half court, passes to Baze with no outward hint of physical issue or pain.
    2. Time called as Baze readies free throws — JLIN approaches Pierce with Trainer Lane sitting behind; says something like: “… my back is tight, sub me out I want trainer to see me … ” both LP & Trainer can hear him.
    3. Pierce orders Trae sub-in for JLIN, simultaneously Trainer follows JLIN off the floor. (unlike an arm or leg issue, the back requires space in that you usually must lay down for the exam)
    — In the interim
    4. JLIN posts 2 upbeat “inspirational” tweets and 1 gift tweet to fan BUT nothing from JLIN about his back and sitting out Denver gm.

    One wk ago tweeted “It takes wisdom to make a right decision (not a quick decision)”. I took that as a JLIN signal that trade interest is in fact occurring…

    … so I choose to believe JLIN is taking EVERY precaution not to exacerbate a physical issue, & this aligns with ATL’s interest since they want value for JLIN trade but don’t care about wins — TRADE is in the works

  272. two-way likely means this guy will spend most of his time with the G-League

    Sarver is under more pressure to get a real PG than ever, JLIN is a real PG

  273. So, not the final trades for Cavs and Bucks…? 🤔

  274. Darn no Lin again tonight? He really needs to stop driving and working on his 3s. Tanking season is the best time for him to work on his 3 pointers and creating off dribble spacing. There’s no pressure to win, falling on his back so much for those drives shortens his NBA career.

  275. ankle sprain is common. back sprain is from overcompensation from ankle sprain. it happens

  276. I remember Lin had that Hornets season of ankle and back sprain then following season it lead to his hamstring and knee injury.

  277. no game tonight. Tomorrow right?

  278. He’s out for tomorrow night, yes.

  279. Jlin said he was not going to change his game. He was going to continue to drive and create havoc in the paint. He has to do this, this is part of his game. He is not a spot up 3 point shooter, not that he could not be, but that is not his game right now. Maybe when he is 33 or 34 he can do this with a settled team, but not now. I suspect teams will want to see if (a) he can direct a team on the floor (2) has his game of driving into the paint to kick out to spot up shooters or PnR with his screener. The big difference that I can see is how he moves, more upright and not leading with his head. If he changes his game now, then he is not Jlin and then he is maybe not what teams want and need because that is what they are used to. He is, after all, 8 years in the NBA. He does have a profile and in this, his contract year, he cannot afford to reinvent himself, not yet at least. Therefore maybe he wants to be especially careful with his health.

  280. Yeah.. bad news as teams will be reluctant to trade for lin given that he’s prone to injuries.

  281. did he said that recently?
    I do remember him saying he wants to remain aggressive a few months ago.

    By the way, I do agree he shouldn’t change his game simply because this is what got him to the NBA. His aggressiveness.

    This is also a contract year, so this is the worst time to try to change the game.

  282. I don’t know. It’s not a knee or hamstring related injury. Just his usual back tightness or an occasional rolled ankle. Those are minor.

  283. I hope you’re right..I’m ready for all of us to start following a new NBA team..This Atlanta Hawks teams is boring.

  284. Lin’s injury has nothing to do with driving. He hurt his ankle rebounding and the back just stiffens up sometimes.

  285. JLin looks relaxed and is enjoying his time during a podcast related to MLSCup

  286. Phoenix Suns is in a pretty bad shape. Perfect reaction GIF

  287. Orlando will be interesting if they’re slipping to 9th or 10th closer to the Feb trade deadline; will they feel the need in the PG department. For now, they look content.

    Pelicans might be forced to make a move to help out ADavis, but it might or might not include JLin.

    This waiting game will definitely get more interesting closer to Feb trade deadline. Lin is doing the right thing to be healthy when getting back on the floor to keep his efficiency high.

  288. Saw this on NBA reddit with the title “If you don’t like the Suns, you don’t like NBA basketball”


    People actually want Lin on this team…?

  289. So since he is a man…LIAR! LIAR!!

  290. The fact is when Young was in trouble, the team couldn’t win. The opposition teams only need to prepare for Trae Young and they have had the Hawks cooked. This is a good enough reason to convince other teams to throw everything at Trae Young to beat the Hawks.

    Both Dallas and Atlanta are helping their players to win the rookie of the year award by giving them enormous playtime. The only difference is Dallas is winning and Atlanta is losing.

  291. That circus shot 3 pointer though lol They look like they have zero offensive plays out there.

  292. ABH. All but Hawks. But, for me, trade for trade’s sake or even for more minutes on an unstable team isn’t good. Lin still hasn’t shown he can play starter’s minutes consistently yet and he needs to get back to not missing games (although I am health first and he needs to sit any game where he can injure himself further by playing).

    I’m not ABH. I don’t love it in Atlanta but IMO, things could be way worse.

  293. I think he should. During the course of a basketball player’s years, even hard driving players like Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade changed their games in their late 20’s/early 30s. Lin can still drive, but instead of finishing at the rim, pull up for short jumpers. But, to be honest, he hasn’t had that many hard hits this season from drives.

    I think much of the contact Lin will take is playing defense, going for rebounds and incidental contact. And, as we see with Prince and others, you can get bad ankle injuries just from landing on someone’s foot. And you can land one someone’s else’s foot by just jumping anywhere and landing wrong or on another’s players feet.

    Let’s all pray for good luck with Lin and that he finds the most effective ways to play a version of Lin’s game for his health, experience and current age and his body condition.

  294. JLIN happily PODCASTing while ostensibly rehabbing the “back strain” elicits two initial thoughts:

    1. JLIN unconcerned about appearances JLIN out and about in ATL doesn’t seem to be taking the “back strain” rehab too seriously

    2. Is ATL in on this “taking no chances on JLIN’s health?” If I’m a legit employer, and I see a guy who’s supposed to be ailing guesting on a podcast doing video games … I might be upset

    Again, if all this is true, then TRADE is in the works

  295. This season is already a lost cause with JLIN playing for ATL. And I believe JLIN has already reaped everything he wanted from ATL, mainly to prove he can still play.

    Ideally for the season remainder, a trade to a playoff bound team — but in the absence of that having JLIN turn around the woeful Suns (or at least make them into a respectable NBA squad that competes nightly) would be great for JLIN’s next contract value.

  296. He’s not proven he can play many games without getting injured yet. He needs to play more games by midseason and only miss 5 or 6 or so.

  297. I don’t consider ankle sprains leading to back issue (of which happen a thousand times in NBA) a real indicator of anything — fact is there has been no recurrence of hamstring or patella knee issues (serious physical conditions)

  298. I believe there’s now only 2 teams that would be the perfect fit for Jeremy to be traded to and they are the Orlando Magic and the New Orleans Pelicans.

    Both team are under heavy pressure to make the playoff this year and both teams have struggled recently which could make them speed up the process of acquiring a PG via trade.

    Orlando has lost their past 2 games and D.J Augustin, while very good shooting %, is only averaging 10/5.
    In this age of NBA, 10/5 under 27mpg is simply not enough from a starting PG.

    Orlando could really use some scoring at the PG position. No doubt Lin could average at least 15ppg and 6assist under consistent 25-28 minutes…

    D.J Augustin: 27.2 Minutes – 10.3 PPG – 5.3 Assist

    Jeremy Lin : 18.9 Minutes – 11.0 PPG – 3.1 Assist

    Orland currently holds the 8th and final playoff seed but the Miami Heat and Wizards are only 1 game behind them, so let’s hope they pull the trigger on a Lin trade.

    The New Orleans Pelicans are the next best fit for JLin. Their starting PG, Elfrid Payton is currently hurt and will miss another 4 weeks. The current starting PG is Tim Frazier, a small PG who is a good facilitator that can give you good amount of assist but not much else.

    Both Payton and Frazier can’t score much in compare to Lin.

    Elfried Payton : 25.3 Minutes – 9.7 PPG – 5.2 Assist

    Tim Frazier : 17.9 Minutes – 4.0 PPG – 4.1 Assist

    Jeremy Lin : 18.9 Minutes – 11.0 PPG – 3.1 Assist

    Payton has only played 6 games this season but his career average suggest he’s not much of a scorer under 29mpg.

    Tim Frazier is also not much of a scorer but more importantly, both of these PG don’t take enough 3points shots which is crucial in today’s NBA and this is where I think Lin could really help the Pelicans.

    Pelicans are currently out of the playoff seeds but only 3.5 games back from the 8th seed. They also need to make a move as soon as possible because they’ve been slipping. Idon’t think they can afford to wait for Elfrid Payton and I doubt he’s enough since he doesn’t bring that much more than Tim Frazier. Probably better defense but that’s all.

    The 3rd team that could be a good fit for Lin is the Houston Rockets…Chris Paul is getting old and all these injuries may be getting to him. He’s currently back but hasn’t played like himself since his return.

    The Rockets are out of the playoff seeds but only 2-3 games out of the 8th seed. They were expected to be a top 4 team in the West, so there’s a lot of pressure on them to right the ship soon.

    Lin would most likely not start for the Rockets but because of CP3 decline, he’ll see good minutes behind him + D’Antoni would not hesitate to play Lin at SG..Mke could even go with a lne up of Harden,CP3 and Lin for some minutes.

    So I’m pretty sure Lin would average 25+ minutes as a Rockets and would facilitate when Harden is not on the floor for 15 minutes. Lin should get more open catch-n-shoot 3’s when defenses collapses on Harden and Lin is a better shooter.

    I know people don’t like the Rockets because of their GM but Mike D’Antoni is still there, so I wouldn’t mind Lin there because Mike would make sure Lin minutes and he would let him play his fast high risk high reward basketball.

  299. True, I agree these aren’t serious injuries. I still think Lin needs more games under his belt to satisfy some organizations that he can be on the floor when they need him.

  300. The fact that lin has played well at all is a surprise to all. What we forget is that the NBA has been trying to get rid of lin for a long time. I would bet that most if not all GMs will use the injury prone excuse now to ignore him.

    The way the NBA treats Lin is like how Warf (from “Next GenStar Trek”) was made to suffer discommendation and shunning. The fact that lin is a pariah or low cast by his colour is disturbingly illustrated by the fact that nothing he does is ever good enough.

  301. I don’t believe that the NBA is trying to get rid of Lin. I think they grossly undervalue Lin’s ability, want to underpay him, give him a stripped down role, etc., but get him out of the league? No, I don’t see that. I can think of other players the NBA want out the league, and have thrown out, but not Lin.

    As far as how injuries go that’s more the business end of seeing that Lin will just play if one GM decides to bring Lin into their organization to help their team get further into the playoffs, better seed, etc. If I were a GM I wouldn’t at all be surprised at how well Lin can play, but only due to the seriousness of the injury would I be pleasantly surprised he’s playing so well so early in the season. He had a horrible, very serious injury.

    I don’t see Lin as any pariah or think the league sees him as such. He’s known as a solid locker-room guy, gets reasonably good press and such and is considered a “good” or “servicable” player. That’s underrating him. The low cast by his color is with part of the NBA. I think some other parts of the NBA see him as a player. But most of the NBA underrates him terribly.

  302. There’s definitely a segment of the media who would love to flush Lin out the league.

    Even before Brooklyn traded Lin, you had a few media heads calling on Sean Marks to get rid of Lin…And than you had Lowe writing an article pointing out how bad Lin looked after just 4 games. I got the sense Lowe was calling on the Hawks to get rid of Lin because he was washed up.

    Since Lin has turned a corner, we haven’t heard much from them

  303. That’s pretty Globetrotter but in the worst way 🙂

  304. FYI – this interview was NOT from yesterday.

    It was originally released back on Nov. 21. Here’s You-tube vid. Lin’s segment starts at 2:25.

  305. And another clip of Lin talking about wild hair in the MLS. Eeeeek! LOL.

  306. OT. Yes, most NBA players are getting paid a lot to play ball.

    But, it’s still hard work. Still an unstable way to earn a living. For those who have family and kids, very disruptive way to live. Sam Dekker was caught in this trade. (From Cavs to Bucks to Wizards.) See tweets from his wife.

    I imagine this is why Lin hated moving around. Being traded, even to a better situation, can be very stressful and unsettling. As we saw, Lin being traded away from the Nets was so disheartening for him.


  307. This age, 15ppg is average for a starting PG like IT. Lin really needs to change his mindset and score 20+ every game if given the starting role again. A starting PG scoring single digits is unacceptable.

  308. They have Bledsoe. And Brogdan, former Rookie of the Year. And Giannis as playmaker too. How many minutes would George Hill play?

    “Hill is 32, also had recent injuries, and doesn’t produce as much as Lin.” Double-standard applied to Lin?

  309. If the NBA has a problem with “Lin’s recent injuries and injury history”, even as a backup, then it’s just a convenient excuse.

    As you posted above, George Hill is older. And has missed games with various injuries throughout his career too.

    As with many other guards. Another example. Goran Dragic is also 32. And has already missed 11 games this season for the Heat. Just came back.

  310. WOOF! That sums up the Suns. Not that I have watched ANY of their games. And now without Booker again.

  311. Agree. The list of players with those types of minor injuries are long. Nothing major, nothing requiring surgery.

    Here’s hoping JLIn stays on course and stays on the healthy road.

  312. NO DOUBT.

    Ever since Lin has broken out, Lowe has been a doubter/hater. The way I remember it. We have had substantial discussions when Lowe-life put out that recent article. Now that he’s been proven wrong, he’s probably crawled back into his hole. And moved on to trashing some other player. It’s what so-called media guys like him feed off.

  313. I know I’m not suppose to say this as a Lin fan, but I’m not sure Lin can average 20ppg for a whole season.He can do it for a month or so but not for a full season…

    I feel Lin ceiling is probably 17ppg and about 7 assist which is fine.I believe that was going to be the type of stat he was going to put up if he had stayed healthy for Brooklyn Nets.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether there’s a team that would be willing to give Lin the chance to prove his ceiling as for points.

    I do believe 15/6 is good enough to be a mid-level starting PG in this league…Just take a look at all the PG that are starting…Outside of the top 10 PG in the league, you got a lot of guys averaging 10-15 ppg.

  314. Yeah. Lin can only do his best with things he can control. Do his best to stay healthy. Play his best when out on the court.

    Other than that. Unless the Hawks (unlike the Nets) give him and his agent the courtesy of advance notice, not much Lin can do.

    My only hope is that whichever team trades for Lin really wants him. And will give him the proper respect and usage. And allow Lin to help them win. That’s not asking for a lot, is it?


  315. All players make mistakes. (Lin has had turnovers too.) And experience will help a little bit.

    But IMO, BBIQ is not really something you can teach. DLo has made multiple end of game mistakes in multiple games. The Nets were lucky to get the win last night. Can he ever learn? So far, no.


  316. Thanks for update.

    Just thought I would take a listen. Then realized whooooa, an hour long, without Lin. Okay, maybe next time. LOL.

  317. With the Pelicans. His job will probably be to make plays and feed Davis and Holiday. My guess is that points may come down, but assists will go up.

    I posted this earlier:

    “Yeah. Lin can only do his best with things he can control. Do his best to stay healthy. Play his best when out on the court.

    Other than that. Unless the Hawks (unlike the Nets) give him and his agent the courtesy of advance notice, not much Lin can do.

    My only hope is that whichever team trades for Lin really wants him. And will give him the proper respect and usage. And allow Lin to help them win. That’s not asking for a lot, is it? 🙂 “

  318. Thanks JF….could you pass the weblink for the manga?

  319. The link for the original webcomic is here (Japanese):

    I think the redrawn manga is sold in the US with English translations.

  320. arigato john san

  321. Notice how Lin took over and had 16pts but zero highlights on the NBA page! All they did was post an article about Vince Carter.

    NBA can pretend a they want on twitter but their zero highlights in every game shows their true colors.

  322. Assists are meaningless without points and Lin isn’t getting enough points to prove he’s a starter. He’s better off joining the Magics. He can’t control where he’s traded but we can always rely on MDA to not mistreat Lin just cause the GM said so while giving him all the green light needed to win games.

  323. Why not? Given the green light to shoot at least 15-20 shots, he will certainly average 20PPG! It’s a matter of whether the coach allows him heavy minutes.

    FYI 15/6 is NOT All Star worthy! Dragic averaged 20+ PPG and he still isn’t an AllStar and benched on the Heat. Heck at this age it’s not even starter worthy! Lin’s goal is to be an all star and he will prove it with 20PPG as a full time starter wherever he goes next.

  324. JLin is no doubt a top10 Pg and All Star, just need to find the right coach and team to shine. So many star PGs afe shot chuckers anyway.

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