G25 Brooklyn Nets (7-17) Seeks 2nd Straight Win vs ORL Magic (11-16)



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The Nets seeks to find the 2nd straight win for the first time this season after pulling a win with an improved effort in their defense and rebounding against the Lakers. They finally held opponents under 100 points since Nov 4 game.

They would need the same defensive effort and the return of Jeremy Lin if they hope to get their first consecutive win of the season on the road vs the Orlando Magic. The Nets road record is a woeful 1-10 so Lin’s experience and veteran leadership would be tremendous to win on the road.

Lin would be game time decision but he said his back felt better.

ESPN Game Preview article:

For the season, Brooklyn has been surprisingly good late in games. According to NBA.com, the Nets are 6-7 in games that are within five points with five minutes to play. They score 106.8 points per 100 possessions in those moments. Brooklyn, surprisingly, has been plenty able to score so far this season and score late in games to pull out a surprising number of wins.


Unlike the Nets, the Magic have had some struggles late in games this year.

Orlando is 7-9 in games within five points in the final five minutes. The team’s offense has struggled, posting a lowly 94.4 offensive rating (points per 100 possessions). The defense has struggled too with a 115.1 defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions).

KEY OF THE GAME: If Jeremy Lin can play without having tightness in lower back due to his hamstring, the Nets has a good chance to keep the game close and execute well in the final 5 minutes.

Let’s hope and pray JLin will stay healthy and help the Nets get back on the winning track!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 


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  1. Start of first win streak!

  2. Since the Nov. 29 game against the Clippers, Kilpatrick has been playing very well. …

  3. Let’s go Jlin! !!! Spank the Orlando mickey mice!!!!

  4. Linteresting…

    Patrick Beverley, Mike Conley, Jeremy Lin, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Paul George recover the most loose balls.


  5. Play? no play? so frustration to wait. Just hope Lin can stay health and finish this season.

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  7. sigh

  8. How many player did PBev injured or endangered to get this stats though…

  9. Lin and the Nets shared what they remembered about Craig Sager.
    Lin remembered Craig’s smiles and passion in his work


  10. thanks for sharing

    I got the Nets Remix jersey a while back but the regular replica, not the Swingman one. It still looks very good with the stars! They have good design on the shirts and long-sleeves, too

  11. Misrepresents Beverly’s effectiveness.
    Factor in BBIQ, CLEAN overall defensive and offensive effectiveness and it’s not even close to Lin

  12. The epitome of a good basketball interviewer, unlike most NBA chatterboxes who have deluded themselves into thinking they are the star of the show

  13. This is the game Nets needs to win and could win to avoid sending top picks to Boston. Lin should play.

  14. I’m afraid this is not the team’s priority. Coach Atkinson looks further than on game by game, win by win basis. The team aim to develop young players first. That’s why veterans like Luis Scola are not playing much. When Lin was gone the last game, the players would push each other harder and Lin has displayed to them how to play the game right. Yes Lin can wait.

  15. “@JLin7 cleared to play tonight if there are no probs in warmups.
    Coming off bench but no minutes limit.”

  16. Jeremy signing autographs today …

  17. why not start then if he has no minutes limit?
    Sounds very disrespectful
    Next thing you know Lin will be backing up Whitehead smh

  18. Lin is so bad in managing his starter image and status.
    Whatever the reason given to justify his coming off the bench, it’s obvious that everybody, including Lin himself doesn’t understand how damaging this is to his popularity and career SMDH!

  19. Coming off the bench, no minute restriction
    Is Lin officially a bench player now again?
    Kenny Atkinson is doing the same crap as Byron Scott again

  20. No NBA starter would allow himself to be demoted to a bench player like Lin does.

    Has Lin talked to his Agent about all this BS?

    Lin will gradually lose his fan base. Silly move.

  21. Enough already KA! SMH! Why not start out with full strength instead of playing catch up? SMH!!!

  22. Lin is wearing black jersey for practice here, then why is he not starting tonight???

  23. I’m done following Lin as he’s been demonstrating very bad bad decision making.
    Whatever qualities he has to persevere in the NBA, he hasn’t display other qualities to succeed in this league.
    I have had enough of it.

  24. LOL, you better done with him. You don’t deserve him, go away.

  25. I’m pretty sure lin is still on minute restrictions

  26. Believe it or not, I agree with Atkinson on not starting Lin.

    With Lin’s injury history, I see nothing wrong with Lin coming off the bench.

  27. Nice to not know you.

    Now STAY AWAY.

  28. He BETTER BE.

    Even Lin himself doesn’t truly know how healthy he actually is!

  29. He is likely still on minute restrictions. Especially after the back thing. Even before that atkinson said his minutes would go up gradually. So makes no sense there is no restrictions

  30. Exactly.


    Real Lin fans like me stuck with Lin when he was a nobody benchwarmer, we’ll stick with him “despite” his +17 from the Houston game!

  32. no, he is not with minute restrictions. So if Kenny want to win the game, he could just play Lin whatever minutes…..

  33. If Lin was my player, he’d come off the bench this game.

    I am still unsure at how fragile he is, plus he’s not up to game conditioning yet.

  34. No official minutes restriction, they just said so in the pregrame.

  35. They have Lin for 2-3 years. Lets take it easy

  36. Heck, let’s just see if we can get Lin to play in 2 games in a row!!!

  37. i bet he doesn’t go above 30 minutes. closer to 25

  38. He SHOULDN’T.

    25 tops would be best.

  39. agree with you.

    Give him sometime to get back to game shape. Easier to start with the bench to play into rhythm and then, once he find his feel, he is not limited by minutes

  40. Makes sense. Around 25.

  41. agreed

  42. Until Lin shows that he can play at least 2 games in a row without breaking down physically, Atkinson is doing right by not starting him.

  43. Great stat as usual!

    Lin plays the least minutes of any of these guys.

    This is why I’ve called Lin “the NBA’s best ballhawk” over the last 5 seasons!

  44. health. Only reason, he’s not in game shape yet.

  45. Folks, Lin is coming off an INJURY. He’s NOT a bench player now. Let’s be happy he’s playing tonight and also pray that he comes out of tonight’s game feeling good and doesn’t injure himself any further.

  46. It has nothing to do with “respect”.

    Lin is FRAGILE this season, though he’s historically been one of the most durable guards in the NBA.

    Until proven otherwise, Lin is STILL fragile.

    I liken Lin coming off the bench to Brook Lopez playing low minutes in the beginning of the season as there were rumors that he was battling foot pain. Even I was MISTAKENLY bashing Atkinson for that. But the reason Atkinson was right and I was WRONG is because now Lopez is playing healthy quality minutes. So will Lin, eventually.

  47. Your loss. Good day sir!

  48. STOP your idxxtic posts.

    Tired of your excuses, oh Lin is AA that’s why he isnt repected, blah blah

  49. all you losers keeping giving excuses you and Lin not treated fairly can stay together.

    good riddance!

  50. Please stop posting nonsense .. in fact, better to stay away from here

  51. I flagged this poster. The mods will take care of him.


  53. TROLL flagged

  54. why don’t you start your own web site or join clutchfan, trolling lin all you want. Don’t ever think you can stir anything negative here.

  55. NO.

    Byron Scott had a healthy producing Lin that Scott refused to start.

    Atkinson has a FRAGILE Lin that cannot even play two games in a row.


  56. Yes, he is not a bench player and the Nets aren’t doing this to disrespect him. Just do not get hurt and hope he gets his rhythm back.

  57. Tonight is the first time I watch the game on foxsportsgo.com. The quality of the stream is surprisingly good, comparable to the YES network TV.

    The commentator just said Lin is on minute-restriction, coming off bench. Hope (fingers crossed) he stays healthy the whole game. Go Lin! Go Nets.

  58. Is that free ?

  59. Yes, if your “TV provider” is on the list, such as Verizon…

  60. I see. That option is out for me then 🙂

  61. Don’t let the doors hit you on the way out. Sayonara!

  62. I see more players doing the long hair man bun thing.

  63. 3 game winning streak please

  64. That type of ball movement right there is why I like KA’s offense.

  65. Lin is playing right??

  66. Yes. He’s coming off the bench.

  67. Lin with the waist band for back support… He’s even massaging his lower back…. obviously still pretty tight I guess

  68. Woot. Thanks

  69. Yes please Lord. Keep Lin healthy and playing well for the win.

  70. Regarding back stiffness, wouldn’t it be better to start the game after pre-game warm ups rather than sitting on the bench, possibly cooling down and tightening up? In any case I’m glad to see the Nets are being careful with him and all their players.

  71. Chris Paul,Conley,Walker etc won’t come off the bench even if they’re just coming off from an injury,well prolly Nets is just overly cautious again.Getting tired of this.

  72. I guess winning is not Nets priority,it’s just Whitehead and other crappy newbies.

  73. Lin with the assist to Bennet for 3

  74. It seems it’s still entertaining even if Lin is coming off the bench.Nets is ahead for 2 points.

  75. lin with the layuppppppp lets goooo

  76. NIce drive by lin but this is why he is getting problems with his back…STOP DRIVING SO HARD YOU ARE STILL HURT TIME TO GO CP3 MODE AND DRIVE AND KICK

  77. 4 now

  78. During these few games he is back, I’m scared he’s gonna get re-injured everytime he hits the floor

  79. Lin looks a bit stiff but he has played thru this before

  80. Where are you guys?the game is fun and entertaining.Magic could be a playoff team

  81. Lin playing really well considering his stiff back!

  82. Yes! Lin come back with 2 min 16 sec, Nets from 3 pts behind, up to 4 Pts ahead! Lin with 2 Pts & 1 Ast & Leadership! Go Lin! Go Nets!

  83. Even RHJ looks like an NBA player when Lin is on the court.

  84. Lin will always try to make the right play, even if it is taking a charge on the first play back from an injury. That’s why we love his play!

  85. Nice pass to Lopez for 2

  86. lay up for Lin

  87. what stream are you wtching?

  88. yeah and we would like him to keep playing that way while healthy not while his back is still hurt.

  89. 28-25 Nets.aEnd of the 1st Q

  90. This should be a blow out

  91. Lin 4 min, 4 Pts, 2 Asts, + 6 & Nets with +6

  92. nice quarter for lin the team is so much better with him there just pleeeeeease look to facilitate a lot this game instead of risking aggravating something.

  93. I’m in Taiwan now. Every NETS game broadcasted on regular TV NICE!

  94. I have a league pass and I’m frustrated.

  95. Oh. Ha why?

  96. He needs to be a threat to score in order to facilitate though, IMHO FYI. Just like any playmaker.

  97. if you look at the teams he is facing they already respect his drives he doesnt need to prove anything it should be much easier to facilitate.

  98. nice scoop by Scola

  99. These refs just forgot how to blow their whistle every time they’re officiating Nets game

  100. Lin out

  101. Lin out at 10:42 2nd Q

  102. 34-27 nets

  103. like i said minute restrictions

  104. i dont see lin on the bench?

  105. Bogs for 3

  106. Looks like 20. 5-minute intervals.

  107. Lin Play only 5 min with 4 Pts (2/2), 2 Ats, 1R +8; Nets Win 34-27!

  108. Yep. “No restriction” just means they won’t sit him in a close game/OT. But the goal is still 20-25m.

  109. Lin is on a minutes restriction , as should be.

  110. Nobody can defend Lin. He can slash into the paint all night if he feels like it. If they pack the paint, multiple Nets will be wide open at the 3-point line.

  111. might be getting a little treatment? not sure

  112. it seems like all the calls were against Nets in the past 3 mins.

  113. He often rides a bike when his back is tight to stay loose.

  114. Levert for a steal and a pull away dunk

  115. damn i like levert

  116. Agreed, just saying sometimes the right play is to score or finish the layup rather than pass it.

  117. Scoal for 333333

  118. nice body twisting shot by Lopez.Man this team is ready to contend for playoff if they’re just allowed to do it.

  119. He’s on the bench now.

  120. Levert has a tremendous motor.He plays like a young Barbosa

  121. Lin back when it gets to 5mins left ?

  122. lopez for a long stride

  123. NIce D Dwie

  124. Where is Lin? Dont see him on bench

  125. Yes! 6 min with 2Pts, 2 Asts, 2R & 1 STL! Good energy!

  126. i saw him. hes on the floor stretching

  127. Lin in

  128. Took him forever to put Lin in
    what kind of dumb coach is this

  129. Nice short jumper for Lin

  130. Booker needs to stop handling the ball so much he sucks

  131. Biyombo is swatting all the shots

  132. Biyombo dont know how to fall

  133. That’s how Leandro Barbosa plays when he was a rookie in Phoenix,even the movements are very similar.

  134. plz if you have to review that…. what is this league becoming lol

  135. 🙂

  136. ty refs lol

  137. I hope lin is ok after that fall on the blocked layup

  138. “just allowed to do it.” Exactly.

  139. Minutes restrictions.

  140. Why did they give it to Booker on that last posession?
    He can’t do anything with the ball from there
    such a clueless coach

  141. Lin will need to be more agressive the second haif

  142. Just checked in, did Lin start this game?

  143. no

  144. coach K plays Lin exactly 5 minutes a quarter like it’s some kind of precise mathematical formula. 🙂

  145. Actually, Lin only played 9 minutes, 4.5 per Q.

  146. Nah – check the box score

  147. Hows he doing?

  148. what have i lost? Lin has been mediocre and bad in decision making. hahaha

  149. I just did – 9 min for Lin. 🙂


  150. His movement seems slightly slow due to his lower back issues but he’s playing well with his limited minutes

  151. He’s not reading what’s happening on the floor… It’s so robotic.

  152. Thanks!

  153. The way KA is playing JLin it would be better for Lin to rest another game.

  154. Nets announcers wondered why Brook-Lin PnR was heavily featured in the 1st quarter but they went away from it for most of the 2nd quarter. Only in the last 2 min they went back to it.

    If they stick to the PnR in the 2nd half, the Nets will get the W

  155. I agree with the minute limitations so that Lin can see how he feels after today’s game. He had back pain after the last game with 20 min restrictions so playing it safe is the way to go.

  156. Agreed. Maybe KA wants to “explore” various offensive options more than he wants to win.

  157. yes, he wants the flexibility of motion offense, PnR and post-offense

    as long as he sticks with what’s working, I think it should be fine.

  158. He’s already recovered why is he still coming off the bench? Pretty soon people will think Lin’s a bench player again.

  159. BrookLin works best with PnR, KA exploring his stubborn motion offense is what’s keeping this team from performing at their best! Why go exploring when you know the offense that fits your best players the most?! It’s like telling GSW to go away from PnR.

  160. If a coach is not playing to win then what is he playing for…

  161. KA is stubborn again… smh!

  162. I don’t like JLin coming off the bench he should get the respect of starting even if his minutes are limited. 1st game back I understand but this is disrespectful! They didn’t do this to Lopez and shouldn’t do this on Lin!

  163. Kilpatrick shouldve passed it to Whitehead there
    selfish play
    hes lucky he got fouled

  164. Great 9-4 run to begin the 3rd quarter


  165. Non-call on blatant foul on Lopez

    Coach KA got a T in his protest. Refs should know they blew it

  166. bogie is a good SPOT up shooter haha.

  167. He is only playing 5 minutes a quarter. Atleast he is playing the importent parts

  168. Tough pass to make with Gordon all over.

  169. Agree too bad he’s not Gino who can make plays.

  170. This game is definitely winnable, lets hope the Nets don’t lose steam and continue with this effort

  171. I agree w you but I guess maybe bc he’s not sure will play….??

  172. If there was no back pain that sidelined Lin, I think Lin would have started in the Lakers game.

    It’s okay to be careful with Lin’s comeback.
    I think Lin drawing a charge in the HOU game plus hard foul by Harden contributed to the back pain

  173. KA was right but oh well both coaches got the Tech.

  174. yeah 🙂 break-even Technical

  175. just signed in. how did Jeremy lin do? .

  176. Still he should’ve started out of respect. Oh well hope this doesn’t happen next game.

  177. Healthy?

  178. Lin did very well to stabilize Nets offense when they trailed in the 1st quarter.
    Went on 10-0 run with heavy Brook-Lin PnR. Nets continued the offensive even after he checked out.

    2nd quarter was a bit slow as the motion offense didn’t work as well but I’m sure they’ll get it going in 2nd half

  179. thanks

  180. Lin in with 5:07 in Q3


  181. Bog is slowwwww

  182. Harris fouled on 3pt-er .. 3FTs to follow

  183. wow.. Harris lost his contact lense and put it right back before FTs

  184. Harris needs some solution just putting that contact back in will be very dry and iritating.

  185. Bennet got fouled first .. but Lin made a smooth 3 that wasn’t counted

    Great shooting form!

  186. Lin is setting his teammates to attack the rim.
    It’s working. Magic kept fouling them

  187. Lopez shaking his head and talking to Harris after the timeout and foul. I don’t like what I’m seeing. This is like beginning of the season where Lin passes the ball and he doesn’t get it back. If KA wants Lin to play the 2 he needs to make some plays and get players to pass him the ball for cuts to the rim!

  188. Except he’s not getting the ball back. I don’t like this. More like the players are heading to the rim on their own. Not like Lin’s getting assists. KA needs to make some cutting plays for Lin if he’s going to play him at the 2! If not that ball will not come back to him!

  189. LOL, that’s one way to look at it.

  190. Nice lin taking over

  191. LMAO refs not happy this game all these techs and fouls.

  192. Techs are Christmas gifs LMAO from refs happy holidays!

  193. Technicals left and right HAHA

  194. refs are whistle happy today haha

  195. Lin took some bad shots late

  196. momentum screwed by the refs

  197. yup forcing it

  198. He forced it some. Should take jumpers, mix it up.

  199. I do have to say I would have liked more ball movement.

  200. Lin trying to do too much at the end. Should’ve taken more shots at the beginning not when the quarter is almost over. It just makes him more desperate for the ball and looks bad when he misses both back to back shots.

  201. It is good for Lin to keep shooting. the defender is weak

  202. although those last 2 were a little forced from Lin, I encourage it. Needs to get himself going and back into game mode.

  203. Agreed both shots were forced. If he wanted to take shots he should’ve done that at the beginning not when the quarter is almost over, where he gets desperate.

  204. i think Nets wanted to get 2 – 1 chances

  205. No point if KA benches him at the beginning of next quarter, all momentum will be gone by the time he checks back in. Which brings the questions why is he benched and what’s with the limitation in minutes? He can play so give him the starter minutes!

  206. Nets survived third quarter blues. They will play better in the fourth and win the game

  207. Whitehead getting taken advantage of

  208. That’s cause Lin’s off the bench when Lopez is out. What they should’ve done is start Lin and Lopez and stagger their minutes a bit since the beginning! It’s common sense! Many teams does that to their 2 star players, happens with Curry and Thompson, GSW, happened with the Lebron and Wade, Heat. Lin better start next game or I’m going to throw a fit (already mad).

  209. I really don’t know what’s the purpose of this team…lol

  210. play lin the last 8 minutes. its only 23 minutes

  211. lol scola

  212. man scola sucks…levert is good

  213. What is this lineup?! No Lopez or Lin on the floor means disaster!

  214. Scola needs to retire he hasn’t had a good game since 1st game of the season.

  215. It’s called 2-for-1. Just missed the 2nd shot, good D on the first.

  216. KA playing his experimental lineups in 4th quarter instead. Get ready for 4th quarter woes instead!!

  217. So atkinson will put him in the last 4mins

  218. Levert my man

  219. lol who wouldve thought scola would be the one to bring it back hahaa!

  220. levert is rock solid. waaaay better than whitehead when he first played

  221. Developing Young again?

  222. why takes Levert out right after he made 3?

  223. rookie coach

  224. I hope KA still wants to win this game….

  225. pre-determined minutes doesn’t matter if you played well or not, KA doesn’t ride the hot hand, dumb coaching!

  226. he made many confused decisions recently

  227. They did fine, actually.

  228. Bring Lin back – put the game away

  229. no, he just toke Levert out

  230. It’s last 6 mins and no signs of Lin,still injured?

  231. I have a feeling Whitehead may play rest of the way…

  232. Lin, Skil, Booker,Levert , Brook for win

  233. I’m right 4 mins for Lin

  234. Can we pnr

  235. lin needa step it up

  236. Booker wit the selfish offensive rebound should’ve passed it back out for an open 3.

  237. Just bad team defense.

  238. Lin needs to take the ball

  239. more high pnr plz

  240. why does Lin augustin open for the 3? its too much help defense at times you are bailing ibaka out

  241. Lin outplayed by D.J. Augustin. ouch

  242. ty lol more high pnr plz

  243. Magic wins this game.

  244. Stop posting up

  245. nice lin more of that!

  246. Right, it’s ISO Brook now. Move the ball some.

  247. Tough shot.

  248. Nice tear drop by Lin, back is feeling better.

  249. upvote this if u dont want iso brook

  250. HIGH PNR HIGH PNR lol plz. this is what got you guys up in the 1st half

  251. I’m starving for some clutch Lin. Let’s go

  252. this game was bleh really was

  253. sigh boys

  254. The team has no identity.

  255. another back to back miss by Lin ouch.

  256. Not gonna lie Kenny should have stuck with the starting lineup in the end we would have won.

  257. Just need more minutes for Lin: 19m is not enough. Lin’s aggression is good, but his jumper is not back yet. Still rusty.

  258. Well, they were in a position to win. Lin and Lopez couldn’t pull it out. Lin isn’t quite himself yet.

  259. i doubt it

  260. Did the refs win the game for them?

  261. I thought it was too much post up. Killed our rhythm

  262. this is zero offense not motion offense. This should be a PnR team as the main focus. What’s the point of Brook-Lin without PnR ?! Getting shots by yourself isn’t playing like a team!

  263. nope they were playing much better than this garbage lineup

  264. Bad defense by Lin’s teammates. They kept getting beat and fouling.

    That and not enough Lin! He plays 30m and this is a win.

  265. Lin kinda missing that edge in his game still. Needs a few more games and get back into the starter minutes rotation

  266. Nets has long way to go. Lin has good game.

  267. It’s frustrating season for Lopez.

  268. Yeah, but he played well 6-12 for 14p/3a/3r/1to in just 19m. Got a bunch of stops on his own, despite giving up a couple buckets late.

  269. it is warm up game for him

  270. Loss is on kenny he messed with the lineups way to much

  271. I think with that lineup, the Magic were missing shots they made from the perimeter with the closing lineup in.

  272. Lin shouldhave shot it

  273. This is the 5th or 6th game where the Nets surely would have won with Lin playing normal minutes. A very frustrating season so far despite Lin playing great when IS on the court.

    If Lin feels no soreness tomorrow, he should start and play 30m against Philly.

  274. yup you could see it coming because it was the same shtick the first half…kenny messed it up badly i dont like it that he mixes things waaaay to much. not gonna lie put the lineup that started and we win by 5 pts i think.

  275. Lin 17 points in 19 minutes. Should have played hime more

  276. As predicted correctly by me 11 minutes ago, Magic won this game!

    How did I know? hahaha

  277. nah, he just needs a warm up game.

  278. Good bounceback game by Lin.

    Hopefully he is physically capable next game, NO MORE SETBACKS.

  279. You also said Lin was “benched” despite no minutes restriction. He was clearly on a minutes restriction, which is why he came off the bench again.

    Only 20m with the same sub patterns as his last game. I’m guessing it was either gamesmanship or not ruling out OT when they told reporters that.

  280. You won’t see the fire and the urgency to win games both on players and the coaching staff.You can’t sense that excitement as a fan.It’s hard when your mind was already pre conditioned that this is a development season.

  281. He’s -8.

  282. No, that’s the appropriate number of minutes for Lin who is still bouncing back from injury.

    The goal is for Lin to play more next game.

  283. Broadcaster stated orlando had 20 more shots???? how and why??

  284. I would say 20 minutes was right. Physically, you can see Lin is not Lin yet.

  285. SO???

    What did Lin “do” to cause that, TVN?

    You’re gonna blame Lin for guys like Booker getting murdered?

  286. TOs kills Nets. Keep putting young players on motion offense and kept swapping players, is the reason for TOs

  287. Booker had a horrible game.

  288. 16 more shots. Too many TOs and offensive boards given up.

  289. Sheer INEXPERIENCE.

    No way to learn but to play hard through one’s mistakes.

  290. The biggest issue for the nets will always be defense. It was alot of pressure on Lin and Lopez to score every time

  291. Athletically OVERMATCHED.

  292. This is an encouraging game for Lin since he played well and is still recovering from injury. I hope that he doesn’t feel the back soreness and continues to recover well with his limited minutes.

  293. Totally sensible post.

  294. Blame the lineup as a whole Lin took some ill advised shots during the game alongside the death lineup NEts should have played the starting lineup to close.

  295. Not use to losing as a Lin fan. Really hating these Ls.

  296. It is development process for KA too. Be patient and expect 25 wins this season

  297. I was mad at Lin and lopez missed shots but come on. It was almost automatic for them

  298. +/- isn’t always accurate, even when it’s massively in Lin’s favor.

    BLAMING Lin when he had a superb game, it’s NOT RIGHT.

  299. What was the reason for Lin coming off the bench?Can anyone answer this?

  300. They’re getting there. They had times in the game when the defense wasn’t bad at all. They have to learn how to play good defense the whole game. But truth is, when Lin came in the game was tied. But, KA didn’t have the best defensive lineup in there and Booker had a bad game.

  301. Don’t be mad at those two STEADY PRODUCERS.

    They alone (and Bogdanovic) cannot carry the entire Nets team by themselves.

  302. dj augustine looked like a god. vujavic was unstopable. Then green went off. Defense is atrocious

  303. He will once he wakes up the next day w/o soreness.

    I wanted him to play more vs. Houston. But 20m was enough to give him back tightness the next day.

  304. Sure:

    Lin and the Nets staff are UNSURE about whether Lin can play hard without reinjuring himself.

  305. Lower-back injury, plus he’s coming off the hamstring strain.

  306. Lin’s career as an NBA player is just average.

    Curry, like many fans here used to heroworship has won a ring, and may win many more, but Lin will remain injury prone, and marketing tool for some desperate teams, i.e. the Nets.

    Lin will be benched under the pretext of developing young players. When he turns 29 next year, Lin will be busy planning for girl friend stuff, getting married, making money from endorsement.

    Very disappointing….

  307. Lin was 17pts within 20mins.

    Very efficient game.

    And FG 7/13

  308. I don’t even know what to say.

  309. The Nets young players, they simply don’t know how to defend.

  310. What im saying bog and kil kinda vanishes too much to depend on. Orlando was unstoppable. I just dont understand why

  311. -9

  312. That’s been the story all season. KA is under so much pressure to turn these lumps of coals into diamonds that he is over thinking it.

  313. Your on the wrong site bro. Story is not finished yet btw

  314. Nets scored 29 in the 4th, but gave up 35.

  315. His teammates got beat on defense every drive. Lin got beat twice all game (and got about 8 stops).

    Too many TOs and offensive boards given up as well.


    Adminstration, you need to GET TOUGH WITH THESE TROLLS.

    You need to simply BAN THEM PERMANENTLY, never let them return.

    This troll is already firing personal flames and attacks at Lin and Lin fans and this site in general.

    GET TOUGHER, Administration.

  317. I watched the game and Lin is not without fault that lineup as a whole was terrible.

  318. He had a very good individual game. But his teammates were too lax on defense — tons of TOs and offensive boards given up.

  319. I agree. The site should ban those with name guest. At least show your name, even if it is fake.

  320. SO WHAT?

    You Lin haters always blame Lin for failed teammates.

  321. 17 tov omg wow

  322. Administration cannot play “nice guy”.

    When trolls like guest and TVN come on here and spew malicious comments like “Lin fans are idiots”, Administration should MERCILESSLY BAN THEM PERMANENTLY.

  323. Go away!

  324. Can’t believe Nets lose this game? Looks like KA back to developing young again…. Why Lin is so bad luck. smh!

  325. Only 1 for Lin too. Pretty much sums it up. His teammates were too sloppy on both ends.

  326. Free throws attempts: 42 Magic, 26 Nets.

    Good job, Refs. 🙁

  327. TRUE.

    Bogdanovic needs to get used to playing with Lin.

    Kilpatrick, he struggles athletically in certain matchups. I view him as primarily a bench player for that reason.

    I’d prefer to start Harris at SG, let Kilpatrick score wildly against opposing teams’ benches.

  328. Simple “homecourt” advantage.

    It’s the NBA, not even the Spurs are immune to this.

  329. You can’t see that on the likes of Curry,Walker,Conley or even the crappy Minnesota PG.Nets is mis handling this kind of stunt.Lin is 28,he will be 29 next season and he will still be with this crappy players next year.What would be the expectation?Even they will put the program for 3 years on development,this team will still a bottom feeder for the years to come unless they will have the urgency to win and just think about winning nothing else.

  330. NO.

    The Nets fought valiantly against homecourt advantage and Lin’s low injury minutes.

    I’m not displeased, the Nets battled to the very end.

  331. ??? Lin was on a minutes restriction after all. Same sub-patterns as the HOU game.

  332. SMH

  333. I won’t blame refs tonight. Nets forced to commit fouls because they kept getting beat, turning it over and giving up offensive rebounds.

  334. Sorry, you cannot pin the blame of Lin’s failed teammates on Lin’s SUPER EFFICIENT GAME.

  335. So ? The team lost! If it’s a W then it’s different… What do you expect, JL7 covering for his teammates too. Opposing players can make shots too. He’s not a #1 defensive player AND offensive …. I… I expect great things from him but he’s Not superhuman. But more minutes for this game would have change to Nets favor. And got to judge the “Team” as a whole as well – on the defensive end.

  336. How DARE YOU write THE TRUTH?

    How DARE YOU not blame Lin?

    Keep this up and TVN will call you a “troll” like he calls me.

  337. We could have won the game. We just didn’t show the desire to win like Magic did. What’s matter with Booker anyway today?


    That’s why Booker has been a career bench backup in less than 25 mpg for every other team he has played for – sometimes he just gets BEATEN DOWN ATHLETICALLY.

  339. Physically worn out by athletic dudes like Ibaka, Gordon and Biyombo.

  340. Overdoing what he was not supposed to be doing. I think.

  341. I saw the game dude He is not without fault ill advised shots forced it a little too much sometimes so yes he wasnt perfect along with that lineup.

  342. thats asking a bit much from him

  343. Haha… LOL! Come on a JL7 site and bash him ??? Dumber than dumb!

  344. What happened?? Is he ok?

  345. This has gone under the radar, but I MISS JUSTIN HAMILTON.

    For a long while, he was one of the NBA’s best backup centers.

    But for the last few weeks, Hamilton has steadily broken down physically. He went from producing like 20 points down to 0 points. And now he’s out, likely due to sheer fatigue.

    Having Hamilton would give the Nets another 7 footer to battle with. That would have made a big difference in both the Houston game and tonight’s games.

    I don’t know when Hamilton will return, but the sooner the better. The Nets really need him.

  346. Rebound, defense, TOs. These 3 areas need to be addressed if this team want to go far. Remember, if they want. But I don’t see KA has any effect on these so far. Sometimes I am wondering what his focus on.

    And his rotation is always minutes focus, not game dynamic focus, making me doubt if he really want to win games.

  347. Let George Carl coach this team and this franchise will be a a playoff team right away.Nets have the pieces but the coaching staff doesn’t have the mentality of NBA competition.

  348. Agree the guest name is being abused they should ban that.

  349. Dont they treat jlin as their marquee player?

  350. Will he start next game?

  351. Some games, even a prime Lin with major minutes cannot save his teammates.

    Orlando is sorta like last year’s Milwaukee Bucks: a tough PHYSICAL matchup but not necessarily a “skilled” team.

    Guys like Booker, Kilpatrick, Whitehead, RHJ – they often simply get overpowered athletically by superior NBA athletes. And not even Lin can protect them from that.

    Lin playing more would not have resulted in a win this game. Orlando was simply too big, too athletic.

  352. KA’s content excuse of “developing players” doesn’t help either. You tell your guys we are aiming for Championship not development/rebuilding.

  353. Absolutely they do – but let’s see if Lin can even survive playing two games in a row this season first!!!

  354. Nets and KA needs to figure out their offensive identity. This motion offense is not their identity! It should only be used as support for a main offense like PnR! Are they a PnR offense or a run and gun offense? They are nothing right now. I don’t see teammate finding players at their favorite spots. Instead I see everyone being forced to shoot according where KA’s motion offense is! That totally doesn’t use the players to their advantage! Offense needs to tailor to the players and where they shoot the best not the other way around!

  355. Looks like he will… No reason he will not unless his back has another problem ….

  356. I don’t know,a marquee player always starts even after a major injury.I don’t really have an answer with this.

  357. Ha. You don’t want Motion offense to be their identity but it is their identity. And Lopez is more of a post-up player than PnR. He can play PnR, but he’s one of the best post-up, low-box centers in the game.

  358. Basketball is a game of runs. I think 10-14 more minutes of Lin definitely wins this game.

    Especially in the first half where he was carving the Magic up. It would have been a 15-20pt lead at halftime and ORL would have given up as most young teams do.

  359. Another thing is this team scored enough points to win. The problems are defensive, not so much offensive. Offense could be better, but it is defense that needs the most improvement by far.

  360. But the coach play it like they’re the SPURS,that’s the problem.

  361. Lin was on a minutes restriction, despite reporters claims. 20m with same sub patterns as the HOU game. At least this way, he got to close and shoot a ton.

  362. Precisely.

  363. You forgot they are 5 vs 8 on Q4: Orlando had 0 call against them until 22.8 sec left on the game. And that last call was made only after Orlando pretty much had secured the win. Ref probably would be ashamed to make a record for no calls against the home-court team in the last Q, so finally an irrevalent foul was called.

  364. I agree. But even so, they’d be fine if Lin were healthy all season. 12-13, 13-12 without a doubt.

  365. Disagree when the offense is going that motivated players to work harder on defense. From what I see the offense is not working and KA is too stubborn to change it. I don’t see any play making just guys passing on the perimeter before going a shot. There’s no cutting, PnR rolling to the rim for the bigs. Lin isn’t getting to initiate the offense or dish out assists. This so called motion offense is making Mchale look like a genius with his run and gun offense!

  366. Lin entered the game with it tied. Those guys did their jobs. It wasn’t meant to be tonight. In his post-game interview, Kenny said things got stagnant and it is a little bit on Lin who went to dumping down to Lopez or Lin himself driving it hard into the hole. They didn’t really execute offensively. And Lin didn’t draw fouls in the 4th, his specialty. I’m waiting for Lin’s post-game comments if they show them on the post-game show.

  367. I keep saying Nets should get Asik or Chandler — they’d fix their rebounding and defense overnight. But silly Nets fans think Bogdanovic is a star who isn’t worth dealing for those guys.

  368. Depends whether he feels tightness tomorrow, I think.

  369. Post up doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate PnR. Going to just post up every set isn’t exactly smart. Teammates should work together to pass to each other’s best scoring spots bit there none if that on this team. Every is relying on themselves for shots.

  370. He only played 20 minutes. Starters typically play 32-36m.

    Game of runs.

  371. After ALL things that have happened to this team I still have full faith in Coach KA & JL7 bright future in this franchise. This season is just the beginning… #1) if everyone were playing from beginning to now this team would be a .500 team. #2) this team still have a chance to be .500 team by season’s end. And that’s a great achievement!! #3) 2-3 more good pieces to this team next season they can be a Top 4 in East. So, they will get improvements. All in all: It’s only going up for this team.

  372. Lin post game. Team didn’t do a good job on the defensive glass, keeping them off the FT line. As a young team would rather play physical and foul early on in the season than to not be physical at all. Physically says he’s fine, performance staff did a great job getting him healthy. Said down the stretch he has to make shots. Loves the challenge of having the ball late in the game and in the next game hopefully it’ll be a better result.

  373. It’s all guesses. They’d be better if Lin was playing. How much? A lot. .500 team, .400 team? Not sure. I hope he’s back, KA said he hopes Lin is back but will continue to take advice from the performance team that assesses the teams players’ health.

  374. He needs to play 34m next game. 20m is not enough on this team. Even Lopez is not nearly as important as Lin.

  375. SPURS system> it’s always the big three,Duncan,Ginobli and Parker everyone are just merely role players.Nets offense >everybody is STAR,No exact roles on players.Booker handle the ball,RHJ shooting 3’s and slashing on the lane.Bogs plays just for himself.Heck if I’m Lin and Lopez I will be frustrated as hell.

  376. I’m saying Lopez is more a post-up player that creates his own shots than a PnR player. Lin is a PnR player. So they mix things. But Lin is leading a motion offense, not a PnR based ones. A lot of good teams run the motion offense. It’s complex and it takes awhile for inexperienced teams to do it well.

  377. This season will be great once Lin is healthy and playing 34mpg. It’s a shame the injury probably derailed playoff hopes, but we’ve still got a long, long way to go this season…..57 games!

  378. That was not their team. A lot of guys would whip the ball around, that’s why they had a strong bench (of course, when Manu comes off the bench your bench is strong). Now, it’s K Leonard’s team and he and LMA play a different way, but there is a ton of ball movement in Pop’s system.

  379. Good to hear he still wants it in those moments. I am missing those clutch Lin games where he gets really fired up.

  380. And you wouldn’t have this issue if KA designated Lin and Lopez instead of allowing everyone to do their own thing.

  381. He needs to play whatever minutes is healthy. We can’t say what that is. Winning games is a 2nd priority, getting Lin to play as many games as possible until season’s end is the higher priority. And his long-term health.

  382. He’s feeling his way back. He’ll be there in a few games if his body cooperates.

  383. How well did that work in the last minutes of the game. Going to Lin and Lopez having to hit tough shots isn’t the way. Involving team mates and getting them easy looks and making some yourself and feeding the hot hands and getting them hot shots makes for a better team.

  384. The problem of this game is as soon as Nets offense getting momentum, it’s quickly subdued by the refs. It was especially so apparent on Q4: refs had made 0 call against Orlando on Q4 until the last 22.8 sec on the game, while SK was fouled out by successive calls.

  385. A ton of ball movements concentrated on their STAR players,not just moving around.SPURS has always a purpose and the big 3 always handle the ball all the time,their offense starts with them not just by merely motioning the offense.Now it’s Leonard,LMA and Parker>their offense is still the same,it’s looks like a motion offense but this is a hybrid PnR’s and 1 on 1.Nets system is crap.LIn and Lopez w/ Bogs if they run the same offense w/ Lin always circling Lopez and Lopez doing his offensive repertoire,this team is SOLID but of course,the coaching staff needs to know that players win games not the other way around.

  386. They are bot mixing it up, when was the last time you saw Lin and Lioez okay PnR where Looez rolls to the basket and gets a shot off from Lin’s assist? None it’s either Lopez post up or Lin forced to play motion offense where the ball doesnt come back to him! The only way Lin scores right now is when he doesn’t pass or gets the ball back right away.

  387. You can choose start and don’t finish the quarters or games or come off the bench and be in a position to win games by finishing games. Don’t care what other franchises do. Not one bit. Lin not starting is just a few games, then it goes back to normal and he plays his usual minutes. But he can’t play them until he’s physically ready. So I don’t understand complaints about not starting or minutes restrictions. Risking further injury makes zero sense to me.

  388. That’s why Lin needs to start to get into rhythm early so his shot can fall when it counts. KA needs to get it together and lets Lin have the minutes and handles the rock more.

  389. Again why did Lin and Lopez have to go iso when teammates should be able to have ways to get the ball to them for an open look? That’s cause they haven’t been playing an offense that sets up plays for them!

  390. Highlights of tonight’s game – really wanted a W.

  391. Guesses ?? What I’m saying that’s different from yours ? (JLin playing greatly improve this team or Any team). End result: playoff and 2nd round. But they do need 2 more good role players to go deep.

  392. not able to watch it, saying “This video is unavailable” 🙁

  393. Skil and Lopez were playing PnR. And Lopez set some pics for Lin to easily get to the basket. Since Lopez didn’t roll, if Lin didn’t have the shop he could have kicked it out to Lopez or someone else. I think this team’s offense will look good in February and March. But I seriously think you’re trying to change Kenny’s system because you like PnR. When someone is a PnR player you see it, Psycho T, Ed Davis, Tyson Chandler, Greg Smith, these guys were natural PnR players with Lin. Lopez creates his own shots, and he’s great at it. Lopez is learning give and gos and passing, but he makes a lot of mistakes on passes.

  394. Hmm.. weird, try now?

  395. Wannabe Spurs. Even Pop tailors and chnages his offense with Leonard and LMA being the main guys now. KA is just forcing this motion offense without cutting lanes or PnR between Lopez and Lin or other teammates.

  396. Look, I’m not saying the stars didn’t have a prominent role, but even when they didn’t play the SYSTEM the Spurs played were whole-team, ball-movement systems. That’s why Pop could sit his stars and still win games. Lin and Lopez are still haven’t played that many games together. Folks need to be patient. Let it happen on its own time. The Nets system isn’t crap, the players are inexperienced and don’t always execute. But there are times when it looks fantastic.

  397. they need like a chandler parsons and a jj reddick and then we would be set lol

  398. ok now, many thx, SpeedofLin

  399. 17TO, -16 on FT, got blocked 11 times, gave up 13 OR and got called for too many OFouls told the story of this game. And yet Nets was leading the game most of the time until the last 5min when the cheating refs took over. This is US entertainment industries. Merry X’mas and seasons greetings. Haha cheers.

  400. Thank you! I missed the 2nd half..

  401. They were trying to get back baskets through their two best players. Throughout the game a lot of good shots were created out of ball movement. You can’t just look at the end of the game, when things were falling apart to judge the whole system. And ISO wasn’t a good solution. But you need stops on the other end, and the team wasn’t getting them, so they got impatient and stagnant on offense. That happens with any system. Watch any game in the NBA, even good ball-movement teams get stagnant at times.

  402. No it’s not because i like PnR but it’s what Lopez and Lin are best playing with. Again when was the last time you saw Lin pass to a player who rolled to the basket? Everyone just dribbles and go for their iso shot at the rim.

  403. They are playing Harris at SF and that is not his natural spot. What’s wrong with letting Harris lead as the main ball handlers for on e besides Kilpatrick?!

  404. Would be a .500 team. That’s specific. We don’t know what they’d be. So, I think better, but .500, I’m not so sure about that. They aren’t .500 with Lin in the lineup. They are 2 wins, 5 losses. Ok, Lin wasn’t starting on the last 2. But he was in at the end with a chance to bring in the W. This will change with Lin starting. But giving numbers is just guessing. We’ll see.

  405. true. starting the 3rd quarter, the coaches and players kept on complaining to the referees about fouls… hence in the 4th quarter, the wind changed.. no calls in favour of the Nets at all. Guess the Magic wanted more this game

  406. I would argue that Lopez and Lin are not best playing PnR. They seem to be best mixing it up. Some PnR, some getting Lopez in a position where he can create his shot and be successful most of the time. PnR is not Lopez’s specialty. There’s actually a good amount of Pic and Pop with Lopez.

  407. I’ve been saying that all along.You really don’t know what’s the team purpose for this season,sometimes I think that most of the wins were just accidental.LOL

  408. I don’t care about what Curry or the others do. And where is Conley now? How did Curry play in last year’s playoffs vs. how he’s able to play? And Kemba, whey did he get knee surgery? Because the others do for some “prestige” reason Lin should? Lin is the starting PG, there is no competition for his position, and when he’s ready, he’ll start again. I’m happy that Lin is being cared for this time by a responsible staff, and not having his health compromised.

  409. SKil is the reason the Nets won the few games they did in Lin’s absence. You just aren’t going to win every game or play well every game. The superstars manage to do it more games than others, but no player does it every game.

  410. One more thing. IMO, as long as Nets FO didn’t spend up to the floor salary cap on perceived super stars the NBA fraternity will not have the refs limit the Nets n favour other team. This is US n the NBA super stars entertainment industries unwritten code. Haha cheers

  411. It comes with the territory. All summer long I wrote I think Lin is a winner, want to see him on a playoff team and so forth and the Brook-LIN chants were loud. People here wanted Lin on the Nets and now that he’s here, it is what it is. I’m supporting Lin’s decision to be with Kenny and L’s are going to happen with this team. And I believe in Lin’s belief in Kenny.

    I agree with you about the losses, I don’t like to see Lin’s teams lose. But, I think with these team it’s more Lin the leader will show what he can do in this role and improve the team over time. I hope next year they are a playoff-bound team and win some games in the first round. But some were expecting that this season. They aren’t ready yet.

  412. That’s right. Lin’s D was mostly great.

  413. It’s Lin’s job to get the team good shots. I don’t think he did as well this game as he did in the Houston game. But a lot of it was circumstance. I think Lin just thought Brook had the matchup advantage, so he favored going with Brook.

  414. Who else can he trust beside JLin? Must it be told.

  415. Reading between the line, Lin is saying that KA needs to give him more minutes bc he’s a rhythm player and wants the ball in his hands in late stretches in crunch times (in order to win).

  416. I wish KA will do like other coach…..

  417. intersting.. didn’t see that.. which qtr.

  418. To KHuang, good points – every game is a different animal… However, I still believe with JL7 playing more minutes and play “his” game more then the outcome would’ve been different. It’s not entirely a bad thing because he’s learning something new. The lost falls on coach KA – he’s doing his best but he’s not there yet as a coach going all out to win.

  419. What’s with 2-3 more minutes for Lin or the better player… That’s not going to hurt them. It’s a winnable game and you want to give the best chances. It’s very unwise to keep throwing away winnable games.
    Note: get your best players going to seal the deal instead of trying to expect role players to step up all the time. Now, onto the next game.

  420. Well whoever that girl is who gets to marry Lin is pretty lucky. Tall, Harvard grad, made about $60 million so far, good character, physically elite, world famous, and a heart of gold. Had not turn 30 years old yet. Pretty good life. Pretty good catch.

  421. Sorry can’t remember maybe end of 3rd quarter?

  422. Now if only Lin can tell this to Ka directly.

  423. It seems he’s dealing with migraines

  424. Lin fans like you like to blame Lin’s teammates.

    It’s AK’s being inept and Lin being injury prone.

  425. Who cares where Conley is now?

    Despite his injury, Conley is still seen as a bigger star than JLin.

    I suspect you sws94 is a jobless leech living off of JLin as a, maybe a part time internet gunner who draws meager wages. You know what? It’s people like you surrounding JLin, giving him false picture of the reality that kills his career!

    A Star NBA starting PG will never comes off the bench! Have a clue, ID**T!

  426. Lin has been given enough encouragement by his fans and excuses by his inner circles. It’s time he needs to reassess his future.

    If you pay attention to the tone of sports analysts, you’d notice that they all hold the view that Lin isnt getting any younger and he’s lost his explosiveness.

    This season is lost. Next season is a BIG unknown but I GUARANTEE you that at most, if at all possible, the Nets will be eliminated early in the playoffs.

  427. @Weakexcuses I hope you know this is a strictly moderated forum. There is no room for you to troll here.

  428. Your life must be so miserable. Lol

  429. Lin is playing at an All-Star level when he’s on the court as indicated by his PER and on/off ratings. He’s simply had injuries early in the season. Nothing to reassess…he’s doing great.

    He just needs to GET HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY. That’s it.

  430. He seems to be having fun and feeling good — just frustrated about injuries and the need to “play it safe” when it comes to missing games and limiting minutes.

  431. We’ve been saying this since preseason. This is what it is to be on a Atkinson lead team. Kenny is not utilizing Lin properly. There can be a lot of speculation as to why or how Lin got injured, but it doesn’t change the fact when he plays, the way Atkinson plays him, or his rotations. What’s the point of rehab to come in as a backup, limit restrictions. I don’t see other stars treated that way except for if you are in your late 30’s and on the Spurs. (by the way, first post of day, I know there are other guests that post too).

  432. He’s not the one, with the mindset of “play if safe”. You know the saying, play and train not to get hurt, and most of the time, you get hurt. That’s what the Nets have been doing to LIn. Limiting his playing time, missed games. It feels like Atkinson is leaving Lin out hi and dry and at the end expects him to win the game at the last minute vs letting him play and leading the team to a 10-20 point victory like he is capable of doing. You can hear it in his voice and his interviews. He’s always politically correct in his answers, which I don’t blame him, but even he is feeling a little, “confused”. His words.

  433. lol…there will be many games that the nets lose, even with Lin fully healthy and playing max minutes. I can guarantee you though that nets beat the previous seasons 17 win record by a decent margin.

  434. That’s what I’m saying. He’s frustrated with the “play it safe” approach because he knows they can win these games if he plays 30+mpg. But I can understand the Nets mindset — if there’s even a 20% chance of Lin suffering a major injury, then it’s not worth it. The fact is, there’s still 57 games left! So the season is very far from over.

    Again, I appreciate the Nets’ protecting Lin’s long-term health. But I don’t trust their conditioning and injury monitoring. They have a new, young staff after firing their previous, experienced trainers and that’s making me nervous. Do I know for sure? Of course not. But Lin has never had a hammy before and then he feels tightness after resting 6 weeks. *shrug*

  435. lol announcers just said Lin regained his explosiveness after the injury this game. WTF? are you talking about troll. If you’re going to troll at least watch the games.

  436. Thanks Speed I missed the entire 1st half of the game.

  437. Thats a wek attempt at being funny… you. Can do better than that garbage… i bet u aint much of a hit with the girls…

  438. What’s your troll beef with Lin’s 17 points in 20 minutes?

  439. I gently disagree.


    I have received a lot of legitimate criticism for being anti Booker from before the season started. But games like this are WHY.

    All of Booker’s previous teams knew that he didn’t have the footspeed to be a dribble driving 4, the shooting ability to be a Draymond Green who punishes opponents from the perimeter, or the jumping ability to play among the trees. That’s why he was a low minute reserve for multiple other teams that found out the hard way that he’s athletically limited.

    Now if Justin Hamilton were back and not playing poorly because of sheer physical exhaustion, Atkinson would have trotted out his favored Hamilton Lopez Lin lineup that even Atkinson says “gives us an advantage with two seven footers in there” and THEN the Nets would EASILY have won!

  440. Now if only LIN’S BODY could live up to this!

  441. KA IS doing like other coaches:

    gently restricting Lin’s minutes because Lin just came off a major injury and hasn’t even been healthy enough to play two games in a row!

  442. Trust me, even Lebron gets BURNT on visiting home courts in close games.

  443. The Nets’ best identity is as an INSIDE SCORING team that uses the inside to open up shots for the outside.

  444. The Spurs are primarily a POST UP TEAM that initiates ALL of its offense out of post ups.

    The Nets have only one player capable of posting up, unlike the Spurs that post up multiple players.

  445. Popovich coaching the Nets, he’d be frustrated because he doesn’t have the POST UP players that the Spurs have.

  446. Administration needs to CRACK DOWN on these dumb trolls, BAN THEM PERMANENTLY AND MERCILESSLY.

  447. Isiah Whitehead was playing LEGITIMATELY WELL, he deserved his minutes even as Lin was dominating.

    The only other option was to play Lin at the 2 against Fournier (a matchup Lin has easily dominated many times in the past), but the Nets correctly prefer to play Lin at exclusively the 1 and besides Lin was coming off a back injury anyway!

  448. I think Lin on post game interview says all, he prefer his young teammates make mistakes playing aggressive and learning from their mistakes and avoid unnecessary fouling and learning balance. A lot of the turnovers are avoidable if they do not try to play hero ball and stay within team concept. as Lin recovers from his injury and leads his team more by example I think the team will improve dramatically.

  449. Plenty of positives despite the loss.

    Jeremy is healthy. He did his best within 20 minutes.

    Jeremy was on the floor at the end of a close game and Atkinson put the ball in his hands.

    Jeremy could have done better but we always have very high expectations for him.

    Also the Magic look like a team that will be a tough matchup for the Nets all season long.

  450. I don’t see Lin has good chemistry w any of his teammates so far… I agree I have to lower my expectation on this team bc players, coaches… their D are so bad almost in every game…. this season pretty much will be like this since I don’t see Marks makes any trade or whatever….

  451. Well the development of chemistry was disrupted due to the injury. I am hoping for stability and growth on the defensive end soon. Without that, it is going to be a very painful season. I think offence will come together sooner rather than later. Also rebounds are a problem. Even though it seems they are not prioritising offensive boards, their defensive rebounding is bad. Lin will probably have to grab at least 5 rebounds for them to win.

  452. I know Lin can helps w O system & I think he already did but their coach team should at least tried to do something on their poor D… so far NO??? Too bad, Lin finally got his own team (sort of….) but w this rookie coach & GM…. I don’t see this team go anywhere so far for this season or even next…(Hope not…) I believe once Lin is not w Nets. KA will fired soon. Really hate to say this but …. smh!

  453. Can anyone find the link for the coffee donation for this site? Many thanks……..

  454. I don’t see how Lin could have done “better”.

    There is a real limit to how much impact any single player can have, and Lin has been maximally impactful upon returning.

    How much more is Lin (or any player) realistically capable of producing in only 20 minutes?

    There isn’t always room for improvement.

  455. But there are Lin’s 4 teammates on the court.

    Why should Lin have to cover up for their failures?

    Lin’s already rebounding way above what a guard typically does.

  456. Well yes it is a team game. Not sure but in the Houston game it just “looked” like the Nets had more structure on both ends when coach Jeremy was on the floor. Less so this game but then again I already acknowledged that our expectations are too high.

  457. What would you have Atkinson do?

    Trevor Booker played like a PANSY, he just was physically overmatched like he usually is.

    So you pull out the nonproducing Booker. WHOOP, no 7 foot Justin Hamilton due to his sheer fatigue.

    Insert the old Scola and opposing bigs outquick and overpower him on offense. Insert the clueless small Bennett and he turns over and gets outquicked defensively. Insert RHJ and you lose both offense AND defense.

    Tell me, what can Atkinson do better?

  458. But Houston doesn’t have jumping jack defensive shotblockers that obliterate the unathletic Booker like Biyombo, Vucevic, and Ibaka did.

    When Booker is completely overmatched athletically like that, how are Lin and Atkinson supposed to solve that?

  459. that’s a compliment..- eliminated early inthe playoffs.. because most doesn’ even think they can be in the playoffs.

  460. that is also a success for da nets this season too.

  461. But the Nets playing badly are NOT YOUNG.

    Booker is a longtime NBA vet, he’s a career bench player who waa barely allowed to play 25 mpg for multiple other teams due to his sheer lack of athleticism.

    Until Justin Hamilton returns, expect more bad play from Lin’s teammates as the worst power forward tandem in the NBA (Booker, Bennett, Scola) get badly overmatched every game.

  462. Sorry, but I still agree with Atkinson bringing Lin off the bench for this game.

    We do not know if Lin can even play next game.

    Now I do think Atkinson should consider starting Lin next game.

  463. Yeah Orlando is a tough matchup because the Nets really lack the inside presence.

  464. Agree.

    Now if Justin Hamilton played, the Nets could easily have won because Hamilton has the size and toughness to score and defend inside against anyone.

    Had Hamilton been healthy and available, Atkinson absolutely would have closed the game with him and Lopez on the court together. The two seven footers playing together is Atkinson’s preferred crunchtime big man lineup.

    Personally, I’d prefer the Nets to start Hamilton at PF and shop around for a backup center. Their own Chris MacCullough is absolutely ready for the backup center job.

  465. I do believe that once Lin starts again and plays real minutes, he will teach the Nets how to play better team help defense and that will dramatically help their winning.

    The Nets will still get beaten to death at PF though due to Booker’s utter lack of athleticism. I’ve been saying since the summer that PF is the Nets’ glaring weakness.

  466. Do you think they will make some trades to improve their roster?

  467. Lin may have missed the important shots, but he also made some key shots to keep them in the game. He hit a couple tough shots to keep the game close in the fourth. Lopez missed some easy shots. I mean lin shot 7/13 how can we be upset with that

  468. I think Lopez should make that shots… Plus KA should bring Lin back a little bit earlier…

  469. Coach Atkinson used 11-12 players with 11 players in double digits in minutes.
    Coach Clifford said that in order to get optimum performance from players, you need to give them enough minutes. He normally used 9 to 10 players in a game with 9 players in double digits in minutes uynless it’s a blowout game.

  470. If Nets use a 9 men rotation, who should be the 9?
    My list: Jlin, Brook, Bog, Caris, Booker as starters then add Kilpatrick, Harris, AB, RHJ. I know RHJ has no court vision, not good in offense and not that good in defense, but at least he is willing or a bit able to defend multiple positions. WH needs to develop some more. Can he play in d league He can play in D league and be called up if needed.

  471. Overall he can’t “done better”, but if he can defend a bit better in Q4, and make those step back shots that will be excellent, of course that is expecting perfection from someone who is fresh out of recovery.

  472. I was gonna blame Atkinson for playing the overmatched and scared Trevor Booker too much last game, but then I remembered that Bennett and RHJ and Scola had equally as little success matching up against the Magic bigs as Booker did!

  473. but ppl here say clifford is cliffraud and not a good coach..so why da hek are we following him then. Are ppl here hypocrites then if that is da case..

    note: I never had anything against cliffdiff.. I think he is fine.

  474. But it wasn’t Lin’s man that was killing the Nets.

    Evan Fournier simply overpowered Sean Kilpatrick.

    Even the best players miss step back crunchtime shots.

    More troubling is the way Booker and the Nets forwards were COMPLETELY SCHOOLED all game long.

  475. I do not think the Nets have any tradeable assets other than Lopez – and I’m including Lin in the “unwanted” category (ASIAN).

    If they want to improve their team, they’re gonna have to do that via D League free agency.

    Fortunately, the Nets already have a backup center who’s ready to go: Chris MacCullough who is completely dominating the D league.

    MacCullough is badly undersized for a NBA center, but at least he’s as tough as nails and is extremely active above the rim. I’d play him at 3rd string center, make him my Ed Davis.

    CMC is the only actual shotblocker the Nets can get.

  476. Clifford is NOT a good coach.

    He should’ve started Lin at SG all season and would easily have beaten Miami with Lin had Clifford not let his stupid ego games with Walker and Batum get in the way.

    I have a special dislike for coaches like Clifford that deliberately LOSE in order to kiss up to fake superstars instead of utilizing his winning players.

  477. 9 man rotation for me:

    Starters: Lin, Harris, Bogdanovic, Hamilton, Lopez

    Bench: Whitehead, Kilpatrick, Levert, CMC

    NOT in my rotation at all: Booker, Foye, RHJ, Bennett, Scola, Dinwiddie

    Bennett and Scola deserve to be part of the 9 man rotation too, but CMC is way better than either of them defensively.

    Dinwiddie is a player I like even more than Whitehead, but Dinwiddie hasn’t shown anything yet due to lack of familiarity with the team.

    It might sound crazy, but I’d also consider starting CMC at PF. Hamilton would then come off the bench and play either PF or C.

  478. Exactly.

    We cannot expect Lin to win or lose a game in just 20 minutes of superb MVP level play!

  479. Booker singlehandedly lost this game.

    He played atrociously on both ends of the court.

  480. The Nets used 11 players but only about 5 of them were of any use!

  481. KA used 9 men rotation for few games …. but now maybe due to Lin’s injury or whatever the reason…. He changed back to 11 or more players again…. developing young mode again I think ….

  482. From baibu Lin’s fan side already gave KA’s motion+equal playing time nickname-communist offensive. lol!


  483. Clifford was a good coach people here wanted lin to start thats why they called him a bad coach. Lin knew what he signed up for when he signed with charlotte and has never said anything bad about that team was always happy when i saw him.

  484. I can’t help but look at stats when looking at Lin. I know he has been injured and is just getting back into form but 15 and 6 just isn’t enough. Don’t know what his goals were for this season but I would think Lin wanted to try to make the all-star team. I believe it is probably a bit too late for that now missing so many games unless he really turns it on.

  485. then that means KA shouldn’t follow cliffords 9 men rotation if that is the case and stick with something other than 9 because whatever clifford does is wrong because he is not a good coach.

  486. Your logic is so flawed. Having a 9 players rotation does not make Clifford a good coach. It’s just one of the many, many strategies that good coaches use. So for example, if by some miracle I wake up tomorrow and was handed the Lakers head coach job but I have no ideas of what to do. I makes all the boneheaded moves but my only practical strategy I use is a 9 players rotation, does it make me a good coach?

  487. Lol NOT an attempt to be funny.
    Read that he was dealing with migraines… Not a light or funny matter.

  488. I think Lin’s decision-making in the 4th wasn’t as good as the rest of the game. He forced some shots, and, I don’t know, the offense didn’t flow as well as it did when he came in earlier in the game. KA sort of expressed it, that late-game execution wasn’t there. Lin’s strength is hitting the important shots and making the big plays down the stretch. The game was tied when he came in and his squad didn’t win while on the court. So, we move on to Lin changing that the next time he has that chance.

  489. he’s on an indefinite vacation for violating forum rules and attacking Lin fans

  490. Forget about all-star since it is too late now…But I think he could still average 17ppg and 7 assist..If you extrapolate his stats per36, he’s on 21ppg and 8 assist.

    Of course, Lin will not play 36mpg so even if you extrapolate by per32, you still get a very good stats line.

  491. 21 and 9 per 36 mins. And he isn’t making the all star team this year due to all his missed games and current status of Nets. His performance as a starting pg is getting cemented this season and that is a goal I would be pleased with given last few years. All star will follow soon, if he a) keeps up this performance and b) coach starts giving him more minutes to play.

  492. If Clifford coached this Nets team Lin would play 38-40 minutes a night. Clifford has his issues as a coach, but he’s not a bad coach. I think Cliff would have Lin and Whitehead playing together, and the team, as a whole, would play better defense.

  493. I always thought 16/6-7 was what Lin would average. It’s not about numbers with Lin, it’s about bringing energy and a winning edge. It’ll take awhile to get the winning edge on the Nets, but it can happen with a few moves and in time with some of the guys developing.

  494. “Not enough?”

    What IS enough for a $12 million player, by your oh so lofty standards?

  495. No Lin would not play that much if Clifford were the Nets coach.

    20 mpg TOPS off the bench.

  496. Lin had NO CHOICE.

    Booker was playing SCARED and the other Nets were being physically overpowered,

  497. I definitely think Lin would play a ton of minutes under Cliff. There were plenty games Cliff played Lin a lot of minutes.

  498. You’re down on Booker too much, in my opinion. Yes he played awful in this game and there are some things he needs to stop doing, but he’s one of the most physical players the team has and he’s a good rebounder in most games. In fact, in some games the Nets won, his rebounding was a big reason why.

  499. The only reason Lin played a lot for Clifford is because MKG went down and so did Batum for large stretches of the season.

    Otherwise Lin would have played the sub 20 MPG he did when MKG “returned”.

    When Clifford had the chance to close out the Heat, he REFUSED.

    Any coach that refuses to play his team’s best player to secure a playoff win should be FIRED ON THE SPOT. That includes Clifford and McHale.

  500. Lol, I agree. Cliff is a traditional coach. He gives most playing time to his star players. It would be Lin and Lopez playing 35mins per game. Kilpatrick playing 30 mins a game. Booker 30 mins, RHJ would be getting 35 mins, etc, etc. Basically cliff loves defensive minded players more than anything else

  501. When MKG came back, Lin still got 23 mins per game.

  502. I’m not talking about Lin on the Hornets, however. I think if Cliff were to coach this current Nets team, Lin would play a ton of minutes. He did like Lin’s game, but he used Lin as a strategic weapon on the Hornets, hence the uneven minutes. And he always preferred Batum. btw, MKG is not meeting expectations this season and Cliff isn’t playing him big minutes.

  503. But Booker and RHJ DO NOT PRODUCE and. CANNOT DEFEND.

    And there’s no Clifford would play Lin more than 20 mpg for the Nets.

    Clifford would be a DEATH SENTENCE to the Nets.

  504. “Jeremy Lin stats ====> 22.3 PER and .142 Win Shares Per 48 Minutes. These are both career highs, better than Linsanity”

  505. Whoopee, that’s still with MKG going down.

  506. “#Nets commit a crazy amount of fouls in latest frustrating loss”

  507. Clifford did not view Lin as an adequate starter or even bench player.

    If Clifford thought so lowly of Lin that PJ Hairston started over Lin, then absolutely LIn would be permanently benched behind Isiah Whitehead and Spencer Dinwiddie who are both better than Hairston.


    Lopez, Bogdanovic, Harris, Levert, and Lin were competing though.

  509. That’s funny. So cliff should try and pull an MDA then right? MDA tried doing what you suggested and he was sent packing from the Knicks after melo complained. MDA never got a decent shot as a coach until years later for the Rockets. MDA is famous and has a reputation. What would someone like cliff do? If he gets fired his job as NBA coach is over.

  510. That was after mkg came back and Lin still got more minutes on that crowded team than he is getting on the nets

  511. This is the NBA where player stats rise hyperbolically with increasing minutes – and none more so than Lin.

  512. I don’t want to rehash this but Clifford spoke very highly of Lin for five minutes in an interview this season when Charlotte played the Nets. PJ Hairston was MKGs plug-in and didn’t play that many minutes really. He just started, but Lin finished games. I think Cliff would play Lin on this particular Nets team which is not anything like the Hornets team personnel wise.

  513. Until Nets will change that development mentality,Nets will be a bottom feeder even Lin on it or not.This is sport,people are just only particulars w/ W’s and L’s and fans and pundits will base only the facts that Nets is not even close to playoff contention.Remember Lin has just only 3 years window to turn this team around,when he turns 31,he will be considered an old PG that’s the reality about basketball.KA’s mentality as development coach will not progress to a NBA level competition if he will treat the season as just merely as a developmental year for the young players.If your a NETS fan,yes this is acceptable but for a Lin fan this is frustrating.

  514. Lin’s minutes will come on the Nets. The Nets haven’t settled into their real rotations yet. KA is still figuring things out. By February/March things should look different.

  515. I don’t mind you rehashing – this discussion is very relevant today.

    This is the NBA where I never go by what anybody says, Lin included. I only go by what they DO.

    Lin didn’t finish as many games as you think.

    And when it counted the most in the playoffs, Clifford REFUSED to play Lin more than 20 mpg in the final two games even with MKG out. You as a Charlotte fan should find that UNFORGIVEABLE.

  516. Lol. The trolls are soft here. On the other site, it sometimes turns into the Wild West.

  517. Lin’s INJURIES have NOTHING to do with this so called “bottom feeder mentality”.

    This team has had to deal with no Lin for most of the season. What would you have them do with Lin out as much as he has been?

  518. CP3 is 31. I don’t read a lot of “he’s old.” I don’t know if you wanted Lin on the Nets or not but the Nets was the most popular choice for Lin over the summer. Either Lin played as a 6th man on a playoff team, or he goes to the Nets and deals with the growing pains of a lottery team. He chose to go with KA, he trusts him, and people can choose to be positive and roll with the punches of him on a developing team or be frustrated. But, he’s on a developing team. That’s the reality and I hope for the best and that even by next season they can compete for a playoff spot.

  519. Lin has the highest PER in the team now, slightly higher than Lopez.

  520. I hope so. KA needs to temper his expectations of a spurs like team. Even coach pop has his big 5 players that he depends on. KA looks like he is still trying to figure that out.

  521. If you didn’t notice since the start of the season where Lopez has been DNP’ed for winnable games then your just trying to believe in yourself that Nets is doing the right thing.

  522. He’ll have to learn how to make adjustments. But he has to establish himself first. That’s what it seems like he’s trying to do. I watched the Hawks game and I think the Nets are more Hawks than Spurs-like.

  523. It’s a learning process I guess.

  524. CP3 has a lot of help even if he’s 31,he can slack it off and turn it on if he wanted too defending on what the opponents on any given nights,Lin doesn’t have that luxury so yeah CP3 can rest his body even during regular season.If you notice his game,he’s more of a jump shooter now than a slasher.

  525. Absolutely, the Nets are “learning” why other teams refused to start the unathletic and unproductive Trevor Booker!

  526. Hold your frustration. wait until Nets take 2 out of 3 from Toronto, Golden State, and Cleveland, and then rejoice. Seriously, will you take 1 out of 3.

  527. Or at least let’s wait to see if Lin can stay healthy for two games in a row, let alone three!

  528. If a team doesn’t have a chance to get a lottery pick until who knows,coach has to adjust to what he got.Lin and Lopez are capable players that can turn a team around why not build on that instead of developing this 3rd to 4th tiers level of NBA players.How many years are you going to wait?I don’t care if Nets are rebuilding but at least do it the right way.

  529. our forum rules are there to prevent Wild West full-on attacks so users can focus on respectful bb discussion 🙂

  530. Both are derivatives of the spurs system. Difference between hawks and spurs is that spurs have star players who would do well on ANY NBA team. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu are all living legends. Kwahi Leonard looks to be again one of the best players in the league.

  531. I will see for the next 3 games if he will at least let Lin and Lopez lead this team and increased Lin’s minute to 32-35 minutes a game.Lin had already 2 games coming off an injury,he should be good to go by now.

  532. I agree here and I hate to see Lin’s crucial prime years being used on a development team..As you stated, once he turn 30, his value decreases enormously in the league unless he’s putting great statistics.

    I still believe this team can win and make the playoff, but the coach need to change his mind set….Kenny to to play his best 9 player instead of playing 12 guys and I hope Lin can play 30mpg.

    I also want to see a bit more PnR with Lin/Lopez…I feel Brooklyn could do what Houston Rockets is doing in the West if Kenny were to play more PnR and decrease all the development stuff…Instead, play guys on merit.

  533. Truth is refs called a crazy amount of fouls against Nets and a crazy amount of no-fouls against Magic (essentially 0 foul for Magic until the final 22.8 sec) in the 4th quarter.

  534. I don’t think Lin is old but too bad Lin can’t have the same power like CP3.

  535. CP3 gets to play with Jordan, a PnR player and Blake Griffin, and JJ Redick. That’s a lot of talent around him. Also, CP3 is probably a Hall of Fame player.

  536. Why do you believe this team can make the playoffs? This team is nowhere near as talented as the Rockets. And, like him or not, Harden is one of the best in the NBA. In all honesty, the numbers he’s putting up in MDA’s system blow Linsanity’s numbers away. He’s a phenomenal offensive player.

  537. Well, I never stated Lin is on par with Harden..Butterfat, I’m one of very few Lin fan who never tought Lin was on that level “yet”.

    But Lin doesn’t have to put up Hardens stats…All he has to do is put up around 18-20ppg and 6-8 assist..I believe these stats are very realistic if Kenny prioritize win instead of development.

    The Nets have a top scoring center in Lopez and they have enough shooters in the line-up..They may not play as well as Houston, but they could be a much better team that can compete for the 8th or 7th playoff spot.

  538. YEs I believe they can.They have Lin,Lopez,Bogs,Levert and Hamilton to start and let Harris,Skill,Scola and Booker to come off the bench.Give the marquee players w/ starting minutes and be smart to manage everyone’s playing time.But on KA’s current approach of playing,I would say you were right that this team would not even close to playoff contention.

  539. The problem is their defense isn’t there and neither is their depth. Nor do they have the experience. Inexperience players, inexperienced coach, lack of playing time together, I don’t see the ingredients for an 8th seed team here. I see the team being exactly what it was and at best, finishing maybe in the 10th spot. Having a great center and quality PG with some good developing players is not enough.

  540. I know you believe they can. And the players you mention don’t have the synergy to create a winning team. A winning team gets stops, tames runs, makes the hustle plays to bring them over the top, Some really objective critical looking at this team is needed. LeVert is a rookie and shows it. So does Whiteheat. Hamilton has not played well most of the season. Harris is OK in spurts but has bad ball handling. Scola is pretty much watched up. Booker is a good rebounder but limited offensively and a poor passer. Lopez is adjusting his game and passes poorly in the give and goes. Skil is fine at the offensive side, but not great as a defender. RHJ is a mess. This team isn’t there yet.

  541. How do we know that they don’t have synergy on the first place?KA didn’t even try,he’s busy developing those d-league players.The only rookie player that has a motor,good fundamentals and a good nose for defense is Levert and this rookie can help them next year if he will give him some playing time not just sporadic on and off the court.

  542. No, It’s not flawed. It’s the exact exaggerated point I’m trying to make.. there seems to be so much loathe of clifford that if that is the case, then whatever he is using is not good. 9 man rotation is part of the system, but you guys are hating the system, so it should be thrown out.

    If you hate someone’s way of doing things, you should altered the entired thing even slightly..

    especially that fact that he is not a good coach. Something like such as 10 men rotation or 8 men. not 9.

    So in your case, if you make all the bonehead moves, then the 9 man strategy should also be altered because it might be the 9 men rotation that cause all the bone head moves. In other words, wipe it clean, and start over and see what you have.

    Whatever they say about lin starting in hornets, be realistic, we know.. or at least I know that will not happen because he is one year rental and was eariy on told my cho that he is coming off the bench. To satisfy the media, they will say if appropriate he will start, etc. I would VERY surprise if he was getting the chance to start when he was with the hornets. I know its’ like hindsight I”m talking right now, but I have been saying this when he was with CHA and that I am fine with clifford. Hey, he used lin the most off the bench..compare to other ppl except for mda and in houston first year. Whatever else he does, it can be due to complex politics which happens in any organization like trump, bloomberg,etc.

    They were all about batum so I’m not surprise when batum comes back lin will have to adapt again in the playoffs..and we saw that it messed up his rhythm a little bit. But hey, that;s the whole organization alignment that they want batum. It’s almost like it’s th whole organization in alignment that they want lin..or more like KA wants lin.. Russian owner say do whatever you guys want. SM, imo, it’s not 100% sold on him yet.

  543. His job is to develop this team. Going in, KA and Marks were on the same page to develop the team. This is not a win-now because Lin is 28 and we need to go to the playoffs team. Frankly, I think because they aren’t taking this approach, frustrations are high here, because expectations were that Lin would turn this team into a playoff team right away, so KA is now the person to blame as it doesn’t seem to be unfolding in that manner.

    KA really isn’t a particularly bad or good coach. He’s known for developing players and he’s doing that along with developing Lin and Lopez in the leadership role. It’s a tough balance. It takes time, patience, and looking at a lot of frustrating losses as fans. But the big picture is they build a culture of high-character guys that play the right way on both ends of the floor and whoever plays for them going forward, will reflect that culture.

    LaVert is just a few games back from a very long injury. Expecting him to play big minutes right away is impractical. Whitehead is actually playing quite well, but of course he makes rookie mistakes on both ends of the floor. RHJ looks like a sophomore and shows the sophomore play one shows at the NBA level. Booker’s role has been expanded, as has Skil’s, and both show some limitations. Even Lopez is showing mistakes with his expanded role.

    I don’t know when LeVert will play more, but I think he will in time. KA doesn’t even know yet but as a head coach, he’s in the learning process. That’s what this team is, a big learning process for the coach and most of the personnel. This is the reality of Lin on the Nets. It’s a developing team. We can either accept that, or be frustrated. I choose to accept it, and watch Lin help turn this franchise into respectability again. But it won’t happen overnight. It is, however, the choice Lin made when choosing to come to the Nets.

  544. Lin’s role was strategic weapon. Cliff said Lin is flexible. Use him for defense, use him for when Batum and Kemba aren’t breaking down the defense, 3rd PnR guy, guy to draw fouls late in the games, and so forth. He was crucial to the Hornets success last season. He came off the bench mostly to inject energy into the team. That’s not how Lin wanted to play but, he made the best of it. In terms of what the Hornets needed, Cliff used Lin pretty well. At times he underutilized him for sure, and he made a mess out of game 7 in the playoffs, but Lin’s role was clearly as the main weapon off of the bench, regardless of when he came in the game or how long.

  545. And if they don’t play the player which they (and MJ) are going after in the off season – batum, he will also be canned. So it’s d-mn if you do and d-man if you don’t.. If that is the case of course they will go with that organiztion alignment which is play batum. Lin is 1 year rental and they and we all know.

    So pick your poison, let batum play and still have a job or let lin play and IF they don’t pass the first round, you might not have a job….and if they pass the 1st round, they will still play batum somehow more. So the odds are you will pick batum to play as oppose to lin. WE say no,we pick lin because we are linna fannas.

    It’s politics and that’s the reality in this world in any organization even when the best person for the job is not being use. look at dump organization and look at others. Same with racism which you always cried out.. it’s reality no matter how sutle. When I look at ppl, you immediately based it on their appearance and it’s chinese, you can’t escape it at first glance compare to say looking at a whitie, which can be russian, german, spaniard or switzerland or irish, which we can’t tell immediately.

  546. This is the best read so far that I’ve got from a fan and I totally agree with you.If KA will just give this team a fighting chance to at least try to be in the playoff then I’m happy.I still believe that the best time to develop young players is when they reach the playoff and play against a playoff team and let them learn their mistakes from that experience.As a fan I just don’t want to watch my team for 2 hours knowing that they will lose because of the coach.Last night game should won by Nets if not for longer playing time for players that doesn’t suppose to be on the floor.

  547. I agree with you cdblue10…This team has enough talent to at least make a run at the 8th seed..

    They sure have a lot of shooter and should run a PnR/ spread offense with heavy Lin/Lopez on the PnR.

    Houston Rockets also can’t defend that well but MDA has them scoring a lot and this is what Kenny needs to do..try to out-score teams.

  548. Exactly….We really don’t know how good this team could be until Kenny starts tightning up the rotation and play his best 9 players.

    Harris, Kilpatrick, Lin and Bogs + Lopez is a good bunch of player that can score…They may not be able to defend with the best of them, but this group could out-score many teams.

  549. Precisely.They have an all star center,a solid SF and a proven winning PG that always turn the notch on winning situations.Nets have shooters that can fully filled up their roles if the coach will tell them not to do too much.This alone is good enough recipe to contend at least for 8th spot in the playoff.

  550. Steve Nash was winning MVPs at 31

  551. You’re basically saying you want KA not to follow his and Marks’ plan and be a win-now team. That is not what they presented to Lin over the summer or what they said the team would be when they said what they had in mind over the summer.

  552. The thing is, the Nets aren’t Lin’s team. Lin is a veteran leader and the starting PG on the team. He’s the team’s captain, unnamed as such, and is in some ways a player coach. But it isn’t his team. The whole team is Marks team. He has a long-term vision for the team. Is it really fair to ask them to not develop the young players to accelerate when Lin or Lopez will get into the playoffs? If it is meant to be that the team overachieves and is in the playoffs somehow this season or more practically next season, great, but I don’t think it is reasonable to expect Marks to abandon the plan that got him hired to take over as GM for the Nets.

  553. The east is so mediocre after cavs and raptors. 14-12 gets you 3seed .

  554. Last season you were the only “fan” who argued that Lin should play despite having a sprained ankle that was swollen to the size of a grapefruit. The team needs him you pleaded. This season you argue that the team shouldn’t give Lin starter minutes so that he can lead this team to wins. Better to play the young guy tons of minutes for their development. You always take the side of management against the interests of Lin. So why are you posting on his fan site?

  555. In appreciation for all the work this site does, I was able to make a small monetary contribution through Paypal to the [email protected]. Thank you JLinPortal!

  556. I agree. I think Lin understands this. Remember that he compared it to a start-up company. The focus is not on the short-term product (this season); the focus is to trust in the core people involved (Sean, Kenny, Brook and himself) and work towards a long-term vision for the team.

    The Nets are almost a third of the way into the season. They’ve played less than a third of the games thus far without Lin. All things considered, I think they’re doing just fine.

  557. Sure, Guest. Sure.

  558. Not so different than last season. I think it’s more the teams are evenly matched than mediocre, though.

  559. That’s why last night’s loss was so painful. The Magic are a very beatable team. Had the Nets won they’d be only 3 games in the loss collumn away from a playoff spot. Pretty early in the game Ibaka and Byombo each had 4 fouls. A little bit of strategic play by the coach could have led to them fouling out and secured the win. Instead Lopez fouled out and Lin was brought into the game with less than 5 minutes left.

  560. Yeah it’s absolutely true and everyone knows it, including you. You can’t even try to deny it.

  561. I do feel that if you’re Lin fan who would rather Nets develop players instead of trying to win, than maybe you should simply post on the Nets fan forum instead of making a case for Lin-fan to accept Brooklyn develop/tank….This forum is for Lin fan and I frankly don’t care about Brooklyn’s future in 3-4 years since Lin is not a young player.

  562. I agree. They’re doing fine. And I think they’ll get a lot better as the season goes on. If Lin and other key players stay healthy (in the case of LIn, gets healthy).

  563. Not sure if this has been posted. But, here is what Lin talked about the injury recovery process,


  564. I feel they now have depth with Lin coming back…and they are pretty much stocked in the wings with Bogs, Harris, RHJ, LeVert, Kilpatrick…

    So Kenny has a variety of wing players to choose from..from good defenders: RHJ/Levert….To good shooters:Bogs, Harris, Kilpat…all 3 are shooting 35% or better from the 3point line.

    Than at PG, you have Lin and Whitehead and Dinwindie…..That’s good depth there…Lin is at the very least a 15/6 player…Whitehead is a stable defender and he’s improved.

    On the negative side, Nets simply need another big man to back up Lopez and Booker….If they can get someone like Noel or Cody Zeller, they’d be set.

  565. Tomorrow’s game is a must win for both teams. However, the loser will get the title of the worst team in the NBA

  566. Yup…east is weak but the West is even weaker…..Brooklyn is only 4 games out of the 7th seed in the lost column…Detroit who stands at 14-14 are currently in the 7th seed

    The Philly game is a most win because they do have a tough stretch of games after Philly…Toronto, Golden state, Cleveland…wow, that is as tough as you can get….They really needed to win the Magic game.

  567. When Lin gets healthy he should play around 32-34 minutes, IMO. Just stating that for the record As for the other crap you’re saying, no poster is here to engage with posters who are more obsessed with other posters than just writing about the subject matter, which is Jeremy Lin and the Nets. If you want to talk about subject matter and points, fine, but this personal stuff is unacceptable to the spirit of this moderated forum. And using Guest as your moniker is cowardly, say who you are if you are going to complain about some other poster.

  568. hope Lin start and plays 30 because they need to win this game, as you stated…A lost here and the Nets could start tanking.

  569. Who do they give up for Noel? I’d love him here and he’d make a huge difference. But is he a high character guy? That I’m not sure of. Cody is less desirable as a player, but a good guy, and one that Lin has some chemistry with. He’d definitely help as well, although he’s injury prone. But, still, you have to give up something to get them.

  570. Kenny hopes so too. It’s really up to their medical performance team’s suggestions. Looking at Lin last night, I’m not so sure he’s ready to go 30. But if he goes 25/26, that may be enough to beat the 76ers.

  571. Yup. The playoffs are not out of reach at all. I think the east teams after cavs , raptors will continue to be mediocre throughout the season

  572. they are 7-18 what on earth makes you think they would start saying ok time to tank because we are 7-19??

  573. Yeah whenever we look at the scoreboard we have to root for All WC>Cavs or Raptors>Bottom EC>Middle EC. That will keep the playoffs within reach in case the Nets ever get their act together.

  574. I think they have no picks, so no sense in tanking. I don’t see this team playing like a tanking team, just not having quite enough to win most games. They’ve been competitive in most games, only blown out in a few. A loss to the 76ers is a bad loss, but it is just a loss. And it isn’t impossible that the Nets may win against the Raptors or Cavs (don’t think they have much of a chance against GSW). They beat the Clippers, you never know or any given day who you may beat or lose to.

  575. You think the nets have much of a choice? they dont have enough talent to change nobody thought this team had a chance of playoffs.

  576. Exactly!

  577. yeah i agree thats why i wrote the comment lol they have no picks they just dont have enough talent.

  578. What I mean is they may simply play their young players more..maybe re-instate RHJ back in the line-up and play Whitehead more minutes.

    They may not do it after a Philly lost but if they are way out off 8th seed by all-star break, they may simply play the younger guys more..maybe bring McCollogh back up and give him minutes.

  579. I asked about jlin… i thought was clear… no worries…

  580. thanks for posting! it’s encouraging how Lin takes his setbacks as opportunities to grow, which is a crucial life skill for all of us.

  581. Thank you for your kind thoughts and heart. I will ensure the mods will get some coffee time or donate the coffee to JLin foundation 🙂

  582. JLin looks happy to be back playing.
    Give him 28+min and a start tomorrow, Nets will get a W!

  583. Thanks. I would say ranking Kenny #3 as 3rd-year coach is very fair.
    Losing JLin for 18 games but motivating the young Nets to fight very hard every game is very hard to do.

    A healthy Lin + confident Nets will win more games they had no business of winning very soon!

    BDL’s Very Official First-Year Coach Power Rankings
    3. Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn Nets

    I am comfortable calling the Brooklyn Nets the most inspiring 6-17 team in NBA history. The Nets entered this season with no hope — they have a roster of limited players and cast-offs, they have no first-round picks for several years, and they imported middling free agents this summer only because they had to spend the money somewhere. It would have been very easy for them to become the team everyone avoided on League Pass, a club with nothing to recommend to anyone with any interest in the future of the league.

    And yet, while the Nets are only a little better than expected and haven’t happened upon a particularly innovative method of rebuilding, Atkinson has them playing as hard as anyone in the league. They come back from big deficits, push playoff teams farther than they have any right to, and simply do not quit. The motivation is unclear — perhaps the individual players just want to maximize their earning potential — but the result is often thrilling to watch.

    Against the odds, the Nets have become one of my favorite teams on League Pass. Instead of wallowing in hopelessness, they’ve turned it into a rallying cry.

  584. Thanks for @darkfyrech:disqus who posted JLin’s blog entry.

    Here is the transcript where JLin talked in length about experiencing fear and frustration in the first 3 weeks of the injury but managed to overcome it by trusting God and not be over-controlling to simply enjoy the process of building a team. He realizes there will be more obstacles as he tries to regain his rhythm but he learned how to motivate his teammates as a leader based on their personalities.

    Always encouraging to see JLin’s “never-surrender” attitude no matter what the circumstances are.

    Man… it’s been an interesting time since the last time I blogged. Obviously the most relevant topic is the hamstring, so I’m going to devote this entry to the injury. When it first happened, I was pretty upset because I felt like we were turning a corner as a team in terms of figuring out how to play together. Bringing a new front office, with a new coaching staff, new medical/performance team and a ton of new players always means there will be growing pains. But I felt like right before the injury, our team was starting to figure some things out in terms of style of play, team identity and maximizing players’ strengths.

    So when I first got injured, I was pretty pissed. Sadly, when I get pissed, I comfort eat. So the night of the injury, I had candy and chips (with a side of Dota 2) for my post-game meal. The first couple weeks of my injury, I devoted to tracking our offensive possessions. I wanted to figure out which plays/sets were working the best and with which lineups. I also felt like the injury was an opportunity for me to really invest and serve my teammates in a different way… in a more humbling way… from the sidelines. It was difficult at times to watch, because everything inside me was burning to play. I found myself frustrated, discouraged and defeated at times.

    Roughly 3 weeks into the injury was when I turned a corner mentally and spiritually. I realized all my worry and impatience was coming from a place of fear. Fear that things wouldn’t work out the way I wanted them to, that I wouldn’t be able to come back early from injury, that I was letting other people down and more. So I spent some time praying and reminding myself of some of God’s promises — that He has a perfect plan, He is 100% in control, I’m exactly where He wants me to be, His will will be done. This was a huge transition for me because I could feel myself trusting God more versus trying to control and micromanage every detail of my rehab process or the team’s performance.

    And from there, I got back to truly enjoying the process… even the process of rehab or cheering on my teammates. I got back to living in the moment and being thankful for God blessing me with my dream job. And for the most part, I kept that mindset all the way through to the end of my rehab.

    Now I’m back on the court, and I know there will be more obstacles as I try to regain my rhythm but I’m excited just to play again! And the injury also taught me so much about the team. I learned how I can help push each of my teammates better based on their personality. I also learned what our team needs to improve in and developed a deeper understanding of the game relative to our system and personnel. Most importantly, I have a deeper appreciation for my health and the fact that I get to hoop for a living!

    That’s all I have for you guys. Thanks for reading and for all the prayers while I was hurt.

  585. Lin probably will off the bench again on Monday?
    although he probably will come off the bench against the 76ers Sunday night at Wells Fargo Center.

    “Hopefully, he’ll be back full-time now and we can really work on our execution and what we want to do at the end of the game,” Atkinson said.

    Asked if he expects to return Lin to his full-time role right away, Atkinson said he might have jumped the gun. “That’s the wish,” he said. “I’ll talk with the doctors, talk with the medical team and figure that out. Obviously, our wish as a coaching staff is to get him into his normal role. But I listen to everything they say, and we need to be smart about his reintegration to the team. Tonight was a good start. So we’ll see what the next game looks like.”

  586. In an alternate universe, lin did not get injured and the nets are 3 seed right now 🙂

  587. Lol, IMO, too much thinking out laud on spiritual matter and his institutionalised religious inclination could be a major deficiency in JL further progression as a professional basketball player. Spiritual development and religion is best kept to a personal level and JL will breakout as an undisputed superstar in his own rights and not just being perceived as a superstar like many current overrated players. JL would properly still be the Rocket franchise player if he keep his spiritual development personal like a Zen Master. JL fans may notice that the Rocket was promoting the ZenMaster thingy on JL in his first few months there after Linsanity. Haha Cheers.

  588. JL will probably not start against 76ers as I am seeing the Nets FO is still evaluating their roasters and will be making the final decision on who to put up for trade after the game against fellow bottom club without JL playing starter min. Haha Cheers

  589. It’s not what we want. It’s what Lin signed up for. Of course I’d rather the Nets go out and get a JJ Redick type player, a great PnR center, and so forth but once Lin signed up to Marks vision of the team, he as a professional has a role to play on this team.

    Please don’t encourage this “guest” person. Post that personally attack other posters because that poster doesn’t like another posters opinions is not in the spirit of the site. I am positive on Lin. It’s in the form of him doing the best on a team he can within the team’s framework. That’s the built-in compromise most of us have to make in any workplace. And it is also in the spirit of “team” to take interest in Lin’s team mates, guys Lin promotes, as Lin is a team player, who is very much interested in leading a bunch of young players into being better players. I am not looking at 3 years from now. I’m dealing with the present season, and go two years of the time Lin is signed up for.

    I feel a lot of panicking around Lin’s age and understand it. But, he chose to be on the Nets, and can only make the best of being the main player to help build the team up to his best abilities.

    I’m really sick and tired of the questioning Lin’s fandom here. That needs to stop. And nobody, absolutely NO poster should support someone doing this.

  590. Yeah it is your opinion but it is obvious you don’t know Lin. Haha Cheers.

  591. Oh Nets have ALOT of people to cut and trade their team is just atrocious. They lack a strong bench. At the top of my head Foye, RHJ, and Booker can be traded. Booker is bad on defense, Foye has finally been DNP ever since Lin’s back (thank goodness cause he shouldn’t have started even with Lin out! Maybe KA wanted to give everyone a starting chance to be sure who to cut) I’d keep 1st round draft pick Anthony Bennett who has consistently improved through the season. If was smart of Nets to give him a chance after being traded off every team. His 3s and at the rim shots have become more efficient. If he can slim down and really get into shape he’s a potential starter and I’d take him over Booker as of right now! AB can actually block shots and defend Booker just disappears!

  592. Sounds like he’ll return to his normal starting, full-time role tomorrow. Or the next game if they want to be extra-careful. Nothing about Lin in today’s injury report (e.g. probable/questionable/doubtful), so that’s a good sign.

  593. 32mins at least if he’s starting.

  594. Actually won’t mind McCullough played I’ve been waiting to see him start or play heavy bench minutes! He looked promising for the few minutes he played with efficient scoring. not to mention his height and athleticism is a much need advantage on this Nets team.

  595. When you criticize Lin for his beliefs, you act as if your beliefs are more correct than his. In an age when personal belief is considered to be embarrassment and or full of unscientific hogwash, Lin bravely stands firm in his beliefs and affronts those who are either unable to believe for themselves or too brainwashed by the cool lights of scientific proof.

    The truth is that all of us choose to believe in one thing or another. Your choice isn’t any better than others. You can either choose to believe in God or don’t believe in God. You can choose to believe in science and believe that life is a meaningless existence as it’s is fashionable in our modern society.

    When you show your own bias for believing that there is no god or meaning to life, you merely mouth the institutionalize ideas of this epoch. It’s absurd that you choose to characterize Lin as a mindless follower of his faith. Even though I’m not a believer of his God, I respect anyone who stands in front of people and express his strong convictions. What is self evident is that Lin not only says the things he believes but acts in accordance to those stick ethics and morality. Someone so young to have master that strength of character deserves much more admiration than just his skills as a basketball player.

  596. I agree most of your posts but not this one. Lin will never ever keep his faith on personal level bc that’s his identity and it tells people who he’s playing for. I’m glad Lins no longer playing for the Rockets and it has nothing to do with zen unless you re a Zen master and wish he stay there. Haha Cheers.

  597. Sorry I totally disagree with a shot chucker and defenseless player like Harden is the best in the NBA! Have we forgotten how much Morey allowed this guy to pad meaningless stat with FTs, chuck shots, not defend at all just to make him look like a star?! Lin is miles better than Harden on offense and defense and way more clutch!

    Lebron, KD, Wade, Curry, Thompson, are one of the best in the league not Harden! No one outside of Rockets media even care about this loser! He’s no different from Melo.

  598. Harden’s offensive numbers under MDA are unmistakable. His assists numbers are insane, his scoring numbers are insane. He’s not a complete player, not a 2-way player, but his offense is incredible.

  599. Good reply for a believer or a non-believer, however it’s a personal choice I reckon for JL inclination to institutionalised religion. I am not saying that he shouldn’t be doing what he is comfortable with currently. It’s great for him personally I would think so considering his strong spiritual life etc. I am happy for him personally but I reckon not being taken advantaged of by the institutionalised religious platform would be better for the advancement of humanity in particular and mother nature in general. Haha Cheers.

  600. And people were also raving about MCW when MDA was coaching him. Scoring numbers are insane because he gets to take 30+ shots doesn’t mean he’s efficient. We’ve all seen his shot chucking when playing with Lin. Kobe also got many tripe doubles under BS’s coaching but that was all stat padding with taking 30 shots for his 30pts and only passing for assists instead of actual play making.

  601. At this point of JLin’s career, it’s hard to discount the role of his faith to create Linsanity in the first place and helped to sustain him not to quit in many times during D-League months, GSW and endure those hard times in Rockets and Lakers years.

    IMO asking him to abandon the faith that sustained him this far in order to “progress” as a professional NBA player is akin to asking Luke Skywalker to abandon the Force once destroyed the Death Star 🙂 Maybe it’s not the right analogy but you know what I mean. It’s hard to let go of your strength that made him what he is; plus Lin is a loyal guy.

    It’s actually harder to stick to his faith in the world of the NBA where he can embrace the NBA culture, perhaps get PEDs, get the right connection, etc. to succeed in the world’s eyes. But I can respect that his goal is to make a difference off-court and on-court with the platform that God has given him. I see that message was also repeated in the Amazing Hulk comic with Amadeus Cho that was just released. Very neat to see it in a comic :]

  602. I don’t think I need to know him personally. Just knowing that he shows high character and strong humanistic values is good enough to be his fan regardless of his exploit on the basketball court of the NBA knowing very well that the NBA is an entertainment industry the US way. Haha Cheers.

  603. Harden is a superstar. I don’t like him much, a lot of people don’t care for his game, but he can’t be compared to MCW. Harden’s been putting up big numbers for a long time and is putting up insane numbers with MDA. And, sorry, a lot of people talk about Harden being up there with the other superstars and care about his game outside of Houston. You can go on any basketball forum’s general section and see talk of Harden.

  604. I think there are a good amount of men of faith in sports. On just about every team Lin has found others for bible study and such. But I agree overall in that there are a lot of negative types on sports as well. Lin is a great role model, and his faith guides him. He’s a great guy to follow and root for.

  605. Monday? should be Sunday vs. 76ers.

  606. You are correct with your good analysis as far as JL resolves on getting into and remaining in the NBA and being an NBA star is concerned very much was dependent on his faith up to now considering that he is a trial blazer due to his race. IMO and observation of the NBA fraternity, from thereon JL will do better with keeping his faith personally rather than thinking it out laud the institutionalised way. Anyways it’s his choice and personally I am still a fan regardless of what he does provided he remains a role model of high character whatever his faith or otherwise. Haha cheers.

  607. ” I reckon not being taken advantaged of by the institutionalised religious platform would be better for the advancement of humanity in particular and mother nature in general. Haha Cheers.” This statement indicates your distain for institutionalize religion. I too have this distrust because of how badly the church has behaved since A.D. However, just because Lin says and repeats bible verses, it doesn’t mean he is any less spiritually evolved as any of the great theological philosophers.

    PERSONAL FAITH IS LIN’S STRENGTH! The bad chruches are the televangelist and Gihadist who take advantages of the feeble minded for their own personal wealth and power. DO NOT MIX LIN UP WITH ANY OF THESE SO CALL RELIGIOUS ZELOTS. any living God must express themselves through love and kindness through the acts of those who speaks the loudest.

    God is love and love is God and Lin lives and breaths this belief. In a time such as ours where greed and self promotion is the prime objective in life, Lin’s voice stands alone for all of us who chooses to love ALL mankind. Let hims speak for all of us believers and non believers with the loudest voice possible.

  608. Good reply as usual from your kindself. I reckon JL personally is doing great as far as his spirituality is concerned and I feel that he will continue with his high character and humanistic values. It’s good that he is laud in his action and leading by example. I am not doubting his noble intention in quoting verses with good interpretative values. However, IMO a critical mass of uninformed and less discerning beleivers attained through institutionalised religion of whatever faith is not particularly good in general for humanity and mother nature.

  609. plus that jlin himself is that vocal with his faith and found his playing in NBA is a good platform now and he’s using it to the max because he thinks his life is beyond basketball !

  610. I thank God that it sounds like my prayers that Lin would remain at peace because of Him and joy would be regained were answered.

  611. good that you see it that way too, but Jlin statements found that Playing in the league is not just for entertainment but also a good platform for spreading Love and Faith. of course its a battle that right now that is too far to be won, but i think his starting it now makes its fruition attainable in the future!

  612. Anyone going to the 76ers game? I’m planning on going with my brother.

  613. I understand what you mean that the NBA fraternity can be an obstacle in allowing JLin to succeed but I think JLin will do quite well in regards to his faith in the NBA based on the past 6 seasons.

    I thought about the difference between Tebow’s approach in the NFL and JLin’s approach in the NBA and why JLin’s somewhat has been more effective. I think JLin has been very careful in not letting his faith be a distraction that can alienate him from his friends. He let his actions to treat his teammates kindly on and off-court speak for itself as an extension of his faith. And I don’t think Tebow was intentional in letting his faith be a distraction because he was being genuine but perhaps Lin learned from his experience.

    Perhaps in some ways the NBA is more friendly to athletes with strong faith than the NFL does. I’m not sure but I can tell most Lin’s teammates appreciate he genuinely cares about them. He’s already making a difference with them simply by being his kind and caring self.

  614. In this universe, Lin comes back and leads the Nets on their greatest turnaround ever!

  615. It’s correct that JL regards his calling as above that of playing entertaining NBA basketball which to him is a great platform to show good character etc… If only that what he is doing is that simple and I wish him well and hope that his message is taken in the correct context and not taken advantage of by institutionalised religion in what ever form . Haha cheers.

  616. …don’t ever post again sport

  617. IMO, I feel JL has his caring and good nature self be it from his strong faith or just his family background. But I feel that too much institutionalised religious inclination in his daily life in thinking it loud may not be the best way to project himself as a role model. Just my frank opinion. Haha cheers

  618. Not for you to determine.

  619. Ya! It’s Sun not Mon.

  620. In this world only very few people with unconventional thinking an succeed and rise to the top.
    I’m afraid Lin has conventional thinking and very little foresights. He doesn’t even understand human in the 1st place.
    One can be nice yet still succeed but in this case where Lin seems to be caught in the situation where he has to stay humble , sacrifice for the team , he and his inner circle can’t think out of the box. No wonder Lin has been mediocre I maneuvering in the league. He can’t think out of the ?..just like many of his fans here..

  621. Too late!

  622. new 76ers game thread

    G26 BKN Nets (7-18) Needs a Win vs 76ers (6-20)
    No doubt @JLin7 needs to start & play 28+ min to find his rhythm

  623. Really not sure what you mean by “institutionalised religious inclination in his daily life in thinking it loud”.
    Lin has found truth and meaning in a personal relationship with Christ, and part of that is to share his journey and life with others, particularly with those who want to hear him. Thankfully, he exercises this currently fragile freedom (of speech and religion). I don’t think you’re suggesting that he keep silent about something so central to his life…

  624. Unfortunately it’s the loud mouths with greed and self interest that has the most platform. In fact, I believe that political parties employ mass movers with mouth pieces to spread misinformation. Just look at the fact that the uniform masses choose to believe the less than 5% of “scientists” that call global warming a lie manufactured by the Chinese!

    The point is why choose to muzzle a positive voice and let the vacuum be filled with bad ones? Humanity and Mother Earth needs the help of all of us. It’s up to people with money and power to speak up and be heard. The nefarious super packs that buy up air time to spread disinformation keeps brainwashing the masses in the mean time. Today, information is power! Either you speak up and make a difference or allow the brainwashing continue. HOW ELSE IS THE RICH GETTING EVEN MORE FIKTHY RICH? The masses are lead to believe that they will create jobs for them, when it’s they who’ve been downsizing and shipping jobs oversees so they can get more profits.

    Lin is his own man! He loves Naruto despite orthodox religious comments that that show has demonic references. His personal faith is God is his own, if it matches a certain group of people or church, so be it. He doesn’t answer to them or any other human being. He only answers to the inner voice of his God.

  625. IMO, your concerns pertaining to brainwashing of the undiscerning mass are valid and real be it upon the right as what is happening now in the US or on the other side of the political divides around the world. Excuse me for saying so as this topic is political in nature. Personally IMO, a society without institutionalised religions will present humanity a fairer chance to resist mass brainwashing and be more caring overall. So JL being a great role model need not be inclined to institionalised religion in order to achieve his goals for nurturing a better world. Haha Cheers.

  626. Eric Freeman. Remember the author name, when Nets reached 35+ win.

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