G25 LAL @ IND PreGame Thread+Poll

Lin continued to play great defense and facilitating with 8pts/6asts in only 20 min to help the Lakers win.

The story of the game vs MIN was Kobe breaking MJ’s 3rd all-time scoring record and it deservedly had its spotlight. Lin was once-again the consummate teammate to support and help his team win.

How will Kobe play after breaking MJ’s record? Will he share the ball and focus on getting team wins?

Will JLin play more than 20 min in a back-to-back game? Will he be rewarded for providing great D and facilitation to produce 3 wins?

The bench has produced an astounding +102 in the past 3 wins to help offset the starters -47.

And JLin has been the best player with +26. With more game, will the bench continue the trend to outscore opponents with Lin being the floor general? If yes, people would notice more.


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