G25 LAL @ IND PreGame Thread+Poll

Lin continued to play great defense and facilitating with 8pts/6asts in only 20 min to help the Lakers win.

The story of the game vs MIN was Kobe breaking MJ’s 3rd all-time scoring record and it deservedly had its spotlight. Lin was once-again the consummate teammate to support and help his team win.

How will Kobe play after breaking MJ’s record? Will he share the ball and focus on getting team wins?

Will JLin play more than 20 min in a back-to-back game? Will he be rewarded for providing great D and facilitation to produce 3 wins?

The bench has produced an astounding +102 in the past 3 wins to help offset the starters -47.

And JLin has been the best player with +26. With more game, will the bench continue the trend to outscore opponents with Lin being the floor general? If yes, people would notice more.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. 1st

  2. Where is my Linsanity option in the poll?

  3. First to vote!

  4. Here u go!

  5. Linsanity!!!!

  6. Thanks

  7. good for u!

    I voted 14p/7a, possibly with 25 min in B2B game.
    Kobe is tired from playing PG after breaking the record.

  8. Not fair. I didn’t have Linsanity option to vote first .. lol

  9. Now….the only Lin we hope Lin can do is to shoot with higher rates. I know shootings comes and goes…still hope for the best.

  10. Yes, sirr!!

    Tonight could be the night!

  11. I kinda like how Lin picks and chooses when to shoot when he’s asked to play great D and facilitate.

    I like to see that 2/3 from 3s vs the Spurs again!

  12. That’s a line in a song I heard somewhere before. …

  13. This is what Lin is doing right now, so I am happy.

  14. maybe there is a Linsanity love song? lol

  15. Paul has a funny one-liner on the ‘Charmin’ bench LOL


  16. I think the song has something like” hold you, squeeze you, put my arm around you..:..” crap
    …now the tune is stuck in my head…lol


  17. Hmm… “Water”, “Charmin clean-up crew”

    “Cleanup on aisle 3, please!” LOL

  18. now you got me curious haha..

  19. LMAO

  20. I think the correct line is… tonight’s the night..

  21. Great picture of Lin being happy for Kobe.


  22. I was not following IND anymore. How could they played worse than Lakers?

  23. I also don’t. wow, 8 losses in a row?

    Here’s a good preview. And they’re thinking of getting Lance Stephenson back


    The Pacers have played a difficult schedule recently, losing eight in a row. They’ve dealt with an array of injuries for much of the season including to Paul George (leg), C.J. Miles (knee) and George Hill (knee). They have only recently gotten David West back from an ankle injury.

  24. THey better not getting that Cancer back. They need Lin

  25. So Lakers will win tonight?

  26. Not sure…they better lose…if Lin plays less than 20 mins…..LOL…JK….I think Lin prefers LAL wins every game.

  27. Ya! I want Lin have good stats but also want Lakers to loss more games. smh!

  28. No, it is aisle 24.

  29. I wish Indiana would be smart enough to get Lin next season and also reinstate Tyler Hansbrough.

    They’d have a starting lineup that looks like this:

    PG: Lin
    SG: George Hill
    SF: Paul George (if he returns)
    PF: Tyler Hansbrough
    C: Roy Hibbert

    That lineup would be the best starting lineup in the entire NBA.

  30. That leg injury to Paul George really knocked Indiana out.

    Losing Lance Stephenson has hurt somewhat too.

    Plus David West is getting older and Tyler Hansbrough is no longer around to clean up West’s weak play.

  31. The more I read about the life and career of Steve Nash, the more I see parralels and even intersections with Jeremy’s career. And that makes me very optimistic about Lin’s future. It took 5 years in the NBA before Nash had his “breakout season.” It took 7 years for Nash to become an All-Star. And it took 9 years for Nash to be voted league MVP which he earned two years in a row at the age of 31. Nash and Lin are both 6’3″ PGs, but while Lin is listed at 200 lbs, Nash weighs only 178. Being bulkier, yet faster, Lin is especially good at driving to the rim and scoring despite drawing contact. Nash’s skills directing an offense, passing and shooting became nothing short of spectacular but Lin’s skills in these areas are also excellent and showing constant inprovement. Nash’s slow but steady rise to superstar status reached it’s height playing under the Linsanity coach, Mike D’Antoni and interstingly included a major stint playing for Mark Cuaban’s Mavs. Cuban recognized Nash’s potential at an early stage and has expressed a similar assessment of Lin. So I believe our faith in Jeremy will pay off in the end but we need to be patient. I enjoy watching this highlight video of Nash to remind me what Lin’s “amazing” future may look like.

  32. @LakersPulse: Tim Duncan is out tonight for rest? Sounds like a good idea to rest aging stars, doesn’t it?

  33. Walmart Selling Carmelo Anthony Dolls; One Slight Problem, It’s Jeremy Lin


    Love this, Karma for Jersey gate

  34. maybe for the poll, there is another line for minutes played. 15pts/6 asts/ 27mins.

  35. Hi, somehow this thread and couple of recent ones did not show up in the homepage, thus it took me a while to find ways to find this page. Don’t know is that just me or not.

  36. how come Lance was so good in Pacer, but is bad in CHA? I think they are willing to shop him now, why?

  37. LOL .. you’re correct!

  38. …when you open the package…BEST and HAPPIEST SCREW UP EVER!!

  39. it’s possible if they follow the same formula in the past 3 wins.
    But with B2B, you never know

  40. hm,it could be a caching issue.
    I just cleared two kinds of cache.
    Please recheck if it works now

  41. you can certainly add the extra line for min.

    I just don’t want to get depressed 😀

  42. no, still did not work. I tried to close the window, and still the same. The first thread I could see is the Spurs game.

  43. hm, works with IE, but when I use Chrome, it shows my page 2 as page 1, no way to go to page 1 there. Don’t know why.

  44. hm, that’s truly bizzare.
    Usually when I clear the cache, it shows up on homepage.

    I just did another manual purge, not sure if it works now

  45. Eric Pincus predicted a ‘loss’ tonight in the 2nd night of Back-to-Back games


  46. There is something funny about this picture reporting Lakers guaranteed half of Price’s contract

  47. What style / philosophy does George Karl coach? PnR PG heavy like D’Antoni? Or more slow, heavy defense? Would SAC be a good place for JLin to go next year coach-wise?

  48. But Pacers is not that good now…

  49. On the Lakers Store. Is that JLin’s Chinese name? They have a code to get 24% off: KOBE24


  50. OMG it would be fantastic. The 2012/13 Rox were a very exciting up-tempo team but Karl’s Nuggets were so run and gun that he ran the Rox out of breath. He was very clever to utilize that strategy in Denver where the thin air put opponents at a disadvantage, At home the Nuggets were 39-3! but only about .500 on the road. He lost in the first round of the playoffs but only because of key injuries including to Faried and so they fired him. Very unfair considering how McHale keeps his job. But back to the topic, he seems very pro-Lin so this could be a match made in heaven.

  51. yep, his last name in Chinese.

  52. It is aback to back today, and yesterday’s win is kind of emotionally demanding, thus I feel they might not have it today, especially if the coach will still go with his rotation and go to Kobe PG move towards the end of the game. That would be a lost.

    As they said, Pacer is not as bad as their 8 lose record, so it would not be easy.

  53. Well, to be fair, the Spurs are preparing for another lengthy playoffs run (championship aspiration) whereas Kobe is playing in his imaginary playoffs now lol.

  54. Somehow I misread your first sentence as “hm, it could be a coaching issue” LOL.
    I was seriously wondering how BS could hack his site with his poor coaching ability.

  55. Pacers favored in Las Vegas by 5

  56. Lin & Kobe only.

  57. Lol CharLin

  58. Yes, he used the term “Lin is the engine” when he was in Houston.
    At least Karl and Carlisle were on records to admire Lin’s contribution in Houston after playing against them.

    If it happens, I want to see which team tries to invite Lin to come.
    I’m curious to see who makes the strongest pitch to Lin’s team.

  59. that’s also what I’m curious to see.
    Will Lin play better on B2B because he only played 19 min?

    Also, will Byron reduce Kobe’s min after breaking MJ’s record?

  60. welcome, @saoji:disqus :p
    Good to see you here.

    Have you been rockin’ the Lin jersey lately?

  61. Talk about irony. I like how Eric Pincus put them.

    The veteran guard managed to work his way into the Lakers’ rotation, and even the starting lineup.

    Through 23 appearances, Price is averaging 3.6 points and 3.6 assists a game, but is shooting just 28.6% from the field and 21.7% from three-point range.

  62. Thanks to John Lee he picked me up in my cave xD
    Not since Lin is benched actually… I’ll wear it for the game tonight 😉

  63. I just tried in Chrome, I see the latest threads fine on the home page. I assume you already tried ctrl+F5 to force reload ignoring cache?

  64. I use Firefox. So far it hasn’t given me this kind of prob:-)

  65. Very interesting. Lakers uses JLin pic again.

  66. Spurs schedule is crazy, their next games are: Blazers/Grizzlies/Blazers/Mavs/Clippers/Thunder

  67. very interesting update around the league, esp. on Tyson Chandler’s comment on Knicks vs Mavs system


  68. Tyson Chandler’s input on the difference of Knicks and Mavs shed a light of how Rick Carlisle system works offensively

    “Here, it’s not really planned out. The [offense] allows however the game is going, dictates who is going to take the shots. Chandler [Parsons] may get the majority of shots one night, Monta [Ellis] may, Dirk [Nowitzki] may. I may get 12 to 14 shots. It’s just the way the game goes…. But [in New York], it was always preplanned, where shots and things are going to come from. And that was difficult for the three of us.”

  69. Yeah, he’s doing to Price, what I would like to do to Kobe and then BS. LOL

  70. This mimic the same issue with JLin in all 3 orgs esp Lakers.

  71. If the Lakers were winning or at least attempting to win, I would definitely be lobbying for Lin to be reinstated as a starter. But since the team is an absolute joke this year, I am fine with Lin playing with the second unit and being free to play his strengths, instead of playing on first unit and just watching Kobe iso.

  72. Put down the glasses on the floor… gently!! lol

  73. Carlisle and D’Antoni each know from first hand experience what a Nash-like PG can do for a team. So if both D’Antoni and Karl become HC’s again, Lin should have at least 3 great landing spots.

  74. Maybe playing this way will also decrease JLin’s chances of getting injured. Funny they were supposed to be limiting Kobe’s minutes to limit his chances of injury.

  75. I like the StarTrek-like uniform.

    He can market it as the “Star Lin” uniforms 😀

  76. Pacers are a much better team than the Timberwolves. I would anticipate they will expose the weaknesses of Price in the starting lineup, Kobe as PG and Kobe chucking.

  77. Hahaha Mr Sulin

  78. yes, they all rely on 1 ball-dominant star.
    And they all haven’t advanced to the 2nd round of playoffs. lol

  79. yes, it’s actually more fun to watch Lin with the 2nd unit.
    Almost like a flashback of the 2012 Knicks era.

    Even 20 min/gm is enough to get Lakers close win in 3 games.

  80. “Attention Charmin Crew, cleanup on aisle 24!” lol

  81. haha.. coaching issue has been on our minds a lot!

  82. That’s also my high hope for Lin in 2015!

  83. IDK, I think I could do it without making a mess. 😉

  84. Awesome 🙂

    As Brent said, “Linsanity!!!!”

  85. At least @NBA is still promoting Lin next to Kobe for tonight’s matchup


  86. you throw the shoe, you eat the ball lol

  87. Lmao that pic is too funny “you want that ball brah? Eat it!!!” xD

  88. lol

  89. yeah, Nathan captured our sentiment perfectly :[
    But one of these days .. Linsanity will burst out barking loudly!


  90. I’d still rather see Lin play as a starter, because:

    (1) he deserves the spot based on his talent and abilities;

    (2) I want to see more than 20 minutes of JLin play;

    (3) Being a back-up to Ronnie Price playing only 20 minutes a game is seriously damaging his stats and his chance for a long term contract next season.

    (4) Being a back-up also makes it even harder for him to finish games, given the way the rotation works.

  91. oh gosh its not even close to the 2012 Linsanity era. make no mistake this current situation still stinks, and he needs to get to a better situation maybe on another team. Its just that atm, playing off the bench is better than playing with starters because they are not playing with Kobe.

  92. (5) Lin would get to play with Davis.

  93. Go JLin! Do great with your LIMITED minutes.
    Go Pacer! Sop your losing streak tonight.

  94. yes, I know the talent level was far below the 2012 Knicks.
    It might be 10% of the feel that Lin’s directing where people should go and throw some lobs.
    Boozer seemed to get Lin the most.

  95. ok, Game Thread is open

    Let’s go, JLin!
    Linsanity rises again!


  96. It’ll show how efficient he’ll be.

  97. LOL

  98. Intrresting plus or minus stat. for Lakers game tonight: Starters minus 88 Bench minus four. Kobe was the winner with minus 29.

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