G25 LAL @ IND Game Thread+Chat

Will JLin play more than 20 min in the 2nd night of Back-to-Back game?

Will BScott rest Kobe more after breaking MJ’s record last night?

Whatever might happen, let’s hope Jeremy will stay confident to get his shooting rhythm quickly and play all out. Let’s go, JLin! Never give up and just give your best! Just play for the Audience of One

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  2. Linsanity ( bench version) Go Lin Go!

  3. 3D off the bench again!!!

  4. 35 min plus per game and pg duty by Kobe will not last him especially there’s still a long way to go in this season.

  5. what makes you think if kobe was out for the season lin would start

  6. Because in that roster, only Lin can run the offense no matter what kind.

  7. Still good video to see on Kobe embracing teammates after breaking MJ’s record, patted Lin on the back of the head as he did to Clarkson

    Hopefully Kobe will be more in sharing mood tonight

  8. Lol congrats. It happened to me once

  9. 99.9% by luck but I take it.

  10. Let’s hope Lin will takeuback2Linsanityyears now :]

  11. I do believe it’s a matter of when just like Lin has said, the best is yet to come. That young man believes he is nowhere near his mark.

  12. what does it feel like?

  13. Not sure if already posted, but here’s Lin.

  14. My wife and kids always make fun of me how slow I can text with them, that’s how I feel when I got to be first once and might be my last. haha

  15. Without Kobe that team doesn’t have have anyone else other than Lin that can create offense for others. Swaggy can for himself.

  16. Warrior being alone before battle.

  17. How about sharing more by sit on the bench whole game Like Duncan 🙂

  18. Jeremy Lin looks happy …


  19. I believe Lin’s facilitating the 2nd unit has benefited Boozer the most.

    As Boozer was empowered by Lin, he continued getting extended minutes in the 4th quarter.
    When will the rest of Lakers coaching staff realize they need to play Lin to finish the game?

    1) Since making his off-the-bench debut four games ago, Carlos Boozer has been on a tear, averaging 15.8 points and 10.3 rebounds while shooting 56.9 percent. In Boozer’s 19 games as a starter, he was scoring 12.4 points on a 49.8 percent clip with 6.6 rebounds. Even Boozer’s minutes have gone up as a reserve from 26.3 per game to 27.3.

  20. Agree, Swaggy only creates shot for himself.

  21. The SmiLin’ Assassin is back!

    It’s a good sign before the game

  22. Is that a player in front of Lin or a ball boy or something? Looks so young.

  23. savor the moment!

  24. I think they’re helpers

  25. Fancy anyone got the $13.88 Linsane doll from Walmart.

  26. Boozer for mid-range game, Davis for the rim and rim protection, Swaggy for 3 point shooting to spread the floor. That would be a good lineup.

    Then maybe Ellington just because he’s not Kobe killing the ball movement.

  27. Nop. Prefer Linsanity the movie:-)

  28. Boozer has given out double doubles ever since. He’s absolutely Linsane on the court on the receiving end.

  29. Lin brings out the best of his teammates.

  30. Trainer? Always sees him doing some stretching with Lin

  31. Is it the wrong photo or wrong description?

  32. Looks like an old arena in Indianapolis (actually only 1999) …

  33. My dad asked me few days ago to teach him how to text with his smartphone… xD

  34. True
    And Kobe on the bench resting :]

  35. I thought about it but way too pricey

  36. ….and I still don’t have a smartphone yet? lol

  37. Is this your first time here today?

  38. Kudos to you! It took me years to get my dad to press Black/color on the multi-function printer. He’d rather drive out to Xerox copy stuff.

  39. Can I tell you how many times I’ve been back to the apple store (fortunately nearby) for quick tips on “how does this work?” Gettin’ there 😀

  40. Did you get him the big number button home phone?

  41. LOL!

  42. Has that vibe, doesn’t it. Somehow this image affects me. He is, however (sigh), not alone ’cause of course there’s the photo-taker (maybe more than one even). Probably almost never alone. Price of fame. Too big a price for me…I think it’d drive me crazy.

  43. gets ready for the boring sucky lakers. great lin for 19 minutes so

  44. Indeed

  45. You are a good soul, psalm234. Puts me to shame, ’cause I couldn’t bring myself to watch now that I’m so soured on Kobe. Especially since you mention he patted Jeremy on the head. Condescending egomaniac. How many Hail Mary’s to cleanse my bad attitude? 🙂

  46. BS, please play Lin for more than 20 min. ty.

  47. Oh, he’s cool with tech now. Always in front of PC after he learned how to play mahjong and watch games/highlights online (my brother set up the bookmarks).

    Where there’s a will, there’ll always be a way.

  48. So. Do you think opponents should also switch their starters with their bench? That will be fair competition

  49. Lol you must be an apple master now

  50. When Lakers is blown up:-)

  51. It looks like Lakers are well under way of doing that. =)

  52. 10:2 already? wow

  53. every game

  54. Kobe is tired and missed long 2s
    No playmaking is going on here as expected

  55. He’s a good learner

  56. hahaha 12:2

  57. this is every game

  58. AWFUL start!!!…excellent >:]

  59. Bwahahahahahaha! Oh Karma, you…are…so beautiful…to me… Sing it!

  60. yes…so predictable

  61. announcers happy that Price was able to score. so rare

  62. lol

  63. I love it. Kobe ISO got stuffed like Thanksgiving turkey. He’s the PG or everything.

  64. Byron inserted Boozer but it’s still 18-4 Pacers

  65. and now they milking it with his replay

  66. 16:4 time to unleash Lin

  67. Seriously, for those casual fans who only see the end score, the starting line up change seems like the right choice. Anyone who actually watched games or followed the scores with when the “bench”comes in and out of the game would see the starters stink up the joint first quarter. It is straight up deceptive.

  68. No Lin No win.

  69. what a stubborn coach

  70. they actually were marveling on it :]

  71. I smell some Rox stench.

  72. 20:4… Jeremy don’t go in… don’t!

  73. Now watch Scott play him 35+ min, riding Ronnie’s ~hot hand

  74. Hidden ugly personal agenda.

  75. 18-4 now. What an embarrassment.

  76. 16 point game lol

  77. The problem is when he becomes the leading scorer of the Lakers

  78. hahahahahah watson

  79. Pacers will help make the case

  80. + 2 freethrow

  81. Lin’s about to check in? 5:24

  82. Oh no, LAL taking out their top scorer for the game. Price.

  83. OK real Lakers are in now… 21-4…

  84. I think they are happy that someone scored.

  85. Got blown out by one of the worst team in the East. That’s comforting for Lakers.
    Too bad. He signed a 4 years contract. Could be fired.

  86. Pacers announcers saying Pacers’ 1st quarter has been a struggle all year long – hahaha!

  87. One of the worst disaster; don’t have Lin to blame now.

  88. boy

  89. hahahahaha……how about sit Lin for the 1Q and see how it goes 🙂

  90. Game over!!!!
    Don’t send in Lin!!!!!! please.

  91. This game so bad ESPN refuses to put up boxscore link, for reals!

  92. pls sit Kobe.

  93. Sit Kobe down …sit him down!!!

  94. this is horrible bench can’t break 18 point game

  95. Good D by Lin to prevent the easy layup by Stuckey

  96. I thought they took him out during last change over.

  97. BS still looks happy. “2nd unit playing bad too. good.”

  98. Ever heard of it. 20 points behind in the 1st quarter.
    4 points for the Quarter.
    Fire that silly stupid SOB BS coach

  99. Good try Jeremy… keep going at them

  100. Yep. Did it like twice already I think.

  101. BS still smiling.

  102. OK… no score from the real Lakers but Indiana slowed down their scoring a LOT.. only gained 3 pts since real Lakers are in.

  103. Sit Kobe down, pls

  104. just checked in. wow, what an embarassment

  105. Lin’s 3 was a bit long.
    He needs the ball in his hands to get the shooting rhythm.

    Why can’t Kobe rest earlier?

  106. Have you ever seen a coach worse than that watching his team get clobbered.
    “Give it to Kobe!”

  107. what???

  108. Tank Commander in chief is pleased with what he sees.

  109. so the effect of the starter is shown. you can’t have a deficit every game and over come it every dy. sure some times but not often. indiana although is losing has a good defense. they actually like last year struggle to score. which is funny that our starters gave then 18 points in 6 minutes

  110. Don’t save them, Lin.

  111. Yes he was

  112. byron will stick with this for 10+ games. haha, what a dope

  113. What a coach!!!!!!!

  114. I’m actually having fun.

  115. Kobe is shxt

  116. Kobe took such a horrible shot

  117. Trailing by 18 in 1Q, some defense!

  118. What a joke!!!! Garbage starts from Q2??

  119. Kobe never run back after misses.

  120. Sit Kobe down please

  121. Kobe is toxic.
    BS is crazy.
    That makes a good team.

  122. we are dealing with a 22 point game deficit in 1st quarter

  123. NO let him have -22

  124. That must be a first in NBA

  125. at this rate, lakers will have 16 pts for the whole game. keep the starters in please

  126. I want him off when Lin on.

  127. Yay, another new record for KoBS!

  128. wait for 2nd qtr when kobe sits.

  129. With Kobe in, there is absolutely no chance for the Lakers.

  130. What a dumb coach!!!!!

  131. Lakers breaking all kinds of bad records. Horrible coach

  132. How long do you think the Lakers fan can put up with this BS coaCH?

  133. Pacers 7 asts, Lakers 1.

  134. When Lin handled the ball, the ball movement just flowed so much better!

  135. kOBE THE pg, rONNIE THE pg.

  136. how kobe sits? too late!

  137. Kobe sits.

  138. bs,” Kobe still has a lot in his tank.”
    Keep tanking, BS.

  139. I challenge you to come up with a more effective tanking duo!

  140. Tank Commander understand tanks best.

  141. Just came back…what has happened?

  142. Thank God!

  143. Lakers down, by A LOT.

  144. Bloodshed happened.

  145. Just check in. My wish come true. A blowup game even in first qtr.

  146. The first team dug a 20 points big hole for the 2nd team top catch up.

  147. That’s bad foul

  148. Nice job getting the foul with .6 seconds left in the quarter, lol.

  149. Pacers 34 pts in 1Q, now THAT shows how good Price is on defense.

  150. FYI, Kobe is -21. Tell you. BS won’t let it rest. He will send in Kobe to padd his stats soon.

  151. lin -2 price -17

  152. Woke up.. to Jeremy shooting FTs and Lakers 12 – Pacers – 34. I actually had to rub my eyes to see if I’m seeing right. Anyway it’s a scheduled loss

  153. There’s something good from Harden he can relate it to. Getting to the free thrown line.

  154. The problem is he’s leading the first team in scoring.

  155. And the 4 points for the offense before Lin came in shows how horrible Price is on offense. Lol.

  156. could this be the worst starting lineup in the league

  157. Bench had to score 11 points to make the score not look so pathetic.
    Starters only contributed 4 points. Pitiful.

  158. Bench got pulled in earlier. Image if they were in at 9 min mark.

  159. lol 34 points in a quater to a team ranked 29th in ppg

  160. I missed the early part of the game. Who scored the four points before Lin came in?

  161. So far bench did the damage control now make the game closer.

  162. Ronnie lead all scorers with 2 points.
    Great PG; best of the first team.
    It takes a coach of the year to let a first quarter stomp happen.

  163. please

  164. Kobe 2 Ronnie 2.
    Ronnie leads the scoring with a better %

  165. Don’t worry, I assure you Jeremy had very little to do with this bloodbath.

  166. Best backcourt in NBA, baby!

  167. Ronnie Price scored!!?!?!? Break out the champagne, lol.

  168. Let’s see when BS will put the elite starters back.

  169. BS actually watch it happening and what did he do?

  170. Stats for our hero?

  171. Very soon. Kobe wants to score.

  172. 29 teams petitioning for BS to keep this lineup permanently.

  173. The whole team seems off-kilter tonight.

  174. 0p 0a 20tovs

  175. I know.The Harvard boy with basketball (re-reading Hunger Games trilogy lately) won’t let it happen

  176. the lakers will have a hard time pacer play good defense and well coached

  177. good defense

  178. Lin has 2 points.

  179. Lin not shooting well so far.

  180. Just kidding.

  181. lakers starters, with kobe especially, cannot deal with teams that run. thats how the game got out of hand.

  182. b2b’s just kill his shooting :/

  183. Nope. I think he’ll do better after half, if BS lets him play.

  184. This is some ugly basketball.

  185. It’s the coach! What did he do in such a phenomenal quarter with his first team behind by 20 points in the first quarter.
    Dear Kobe, you’ve just passed air Jordan in scoring. You can rest peacefully for now.

  186. Is Jeremy handling the ball?

  187. this will not happen. its a big hole. this isn’t the kings. pacer play good defense and missing is contagious

  188. TO by Lin. Time-out Scott. Is he going to sit Lin and bring back Price?

  189. Lol I was like whoa

  190. the whole lakers shooting an amazing 14 percent

  191. lol

  192. Lin’s first to, BS calls time. SMH

  193. He didn’t correct u on turnovers though, lol.

  194. bench unit taking shots early instead of working for the best shot. not that they are ever good at that, but its more rushed bc they are trying to make up the deficit. also, indiana getting what they want on the other end

  195. okc will be a nightmare

  196. he’s playing pretty bad, as are most of the team.

  197. He mixed up turnover for timeout.

  198. And if that’s true the pg will be blamed

  199. Didn’t realize there was a game tonight. Seems like I should skip though. 🙁

  200. Little christmas season present for himself.

  201. its hard to play from behind. its easy to start forcing things. lin trying to do stuff, cant fault him for trying.

  202. Pacers announcer says Byron Scott has the Pacers on a roll!! Isn’t that the truth!

  203. Awful start Lakers

  204. What kind of game will get Byron Scott fired?; this game!

  205. Game already coming near to garbage time.

  206. Yup. Calm down and get to smooth working.

  207. Lol

  208. Reading this board it sounds like the team and jeremy are shot….question: why does jlin struggle w/ b2b so much? like seriously

  209. lol this is wow

  210. Lousy coaching!

  211. It will be the first game in NBA history where a teams ends up with 300 points.

  212. I love them honest announcers.

  213. BS was partying with kobe last night

  214. Nah, there is always excuse, like B2B.

  215. BScott’s “defensive-minded” starters just started opening the floodgate for Pacers 34-15 lead
    And now he’s panicking trying to shuffle the lineup

  216. the whole team is off its like a virus it spread

  217. V happy they’re saying it’s credit to Scott!

  218. These are the Lakers we know and hate, lol.

  219. Kobe’s scoring record is too much of a distraction.

  220. lakers 13 percent fg percentage

  221. Yeah, his shots are way off.

  222. Popping bottles in Minny last night

  223. This is NBA, right?

  224. Niiiiiice.

  225. The ultimate fall begins, starting tonight’s game.

  226. I’m sorry but im loving this

  227. dada da da da

  228. 3 assists, that’s why they’re losing.

  229. Poor Kobe. The other team might break Wilt’s 100pts per game….;)

  230. It has a lot to do with the coach.
    He should have called timeouts to slow down the disaster before his players recovered.
    The whole damn team was shocked.

    With BS as coach, the Lakers can go nowhere!

  231. Ive always wondered this, Jeremy is young and in top shape. He really shouldnt be struggling so much on b2bs.
    IDK maybe he just doesnt sleep well on the plane, he needs to get a new pillow.

  232. assist lol if everyone miss what assist

  233. Can’t get many assists when you shoot 4 for 30. LOL

  234. hahahaha LOL

  235. When the media gonna admit BS is a horrible coach?

  236. Not this year.

  237. this will end in epic measures. we may score 50 pacers 125 lmao

  238. I hope lakers stay under 50pts. lol

  239. In the pregame show in TWC, the commenters kept boasting about how great Kobe initiates the offense as PG. Well, this game clearly proves it.

  240. It’s hard to deny it!!!!!!!!

  241. me two

  242. 2 more weeks?

  243. First team 4 points.

  244. ditto

  245. LOL, sorry I meant not this season.

  246. so byron takes lin out after the turnover.

  247. It’s like watching Titanic sinking twice in a row xD

  248. Unfortunately, the final score won’t look as bad since the Pacers starters will only play one half.

  249. its so pathetic how this team tries to win with jumpshots. thats you kobe

  250. because he didn’t save the titanic

  251. They need to throw Scott and his Princeton offense out the window.

  252. Laker’s schedule coming up is brutal –

    v. OKC
    at Sacramento
    v. Golden State
    at Chicago
    at Dallas (second game of back to back)

    If Lin doesn’t play significant minutes, would love to see a big fat 0-5 record the next five games!

  253. as well as price

  254. a/s/l? jk

  255. lol i showed the next 12 don’t worry it continues

  256. 30 points behind a rotten team before the half.
    That’s how great this team is.
    Stay put! BSBSBSBSBSBS for the postgame interview.

    Lack of Focus Jeremy’s Lack of focus. It’s all his fault!

  257. Kobe can’t guard Stuckey

  258. Told you, Kobe has no speed to play defense anymore.

  259. As well as kotank.

  260. What did Lakers do last night?
    Must have too good a time.

  261. lol this night has just begun

  262. How stupid is BS? He’s still playing Kobe 35 min for this blown out game.

  263. I’m been waiting for a game like this!!!!!
    BS is exposed naked.

  264. omg, is clarkson in the game?
    byron is such a joke. doesnt play him ever, then puts him in now

  265. Lakers were overachieving (stealing a game from Spurs, managing to close out against Timberwolves). It’s going to go waaaaaaaaay downhill from here.

  266. i wonder what the lakers media is saying. why are the tweets

  267. Did Michael Jordan have a glorious game like this?

  268. Best game eVar

  269. You put bad image in my head.

  270. Garbage time!

  271. Clearly the wrong Front Office fired their head coach. Sacramento firing their coach is a head scratcher. Lakers not firing Byron Scott is also a head scratcher.

  272. waaayyyyyyy

  273. wes should not be allowed to dribble

  274. I switched on the game 30 seconds ago and … what the #[email protected]% is going on??!!??

  275. clarkson came in for price

  276. anybody but jeremy

  277. Brilliant!

  278. Like this?

  279. Yep. Raising the white flag already.

  280. this is so epic… I love it.. franchise low baby!!!

  281. WHere is Price?

  282. BS: It’s Jeremy’s fault. He should come in and be ready. Charmin!!!!

  283. benched

  284. go pacers, leave ASAP out of this train wreck Lin

  285. LOL WHAT?!!!

  286. I want to see him play now.

  287. Exactly

  288. i don’t want lin helping the lakers at all right now I’m enjoying this

  289. whats funny is that indiana’s offense is mostly like lakers starters: full of long 2s. difference is they executed better

  290. Wow Lin and Swaggy actually got the best +/- at -9!

    Kobe is the worst at -34
    Pacers leading 58-20

  291. to think pacers had lost 8 in a row

  292. Pour it on. Pacers, you can make a season out of this game!

  293. When you are up that much, every shots will be much easier to make.

  294. Byron Scott is what’s going on.

  295. lol 70 points before the half

  296. LOL

  297. dang it…

  298. Pacers hit the season high in scoring for the half.
    Lakers hit season low in scoring for the half, for the quarter and most likely for the game.

    Is this game on TV? If not, it should be.

  299. Come on new Lakers record! Lowest points in single quarter!


  301. why george hill not playing?

  302. half, game and season and decade

  303. hrm, do i need to watch this? is lin even coming back?

    so friggin random. lets have the starters and add in never-seen-playing-time clarkson.

  304. It is on national TV, NBATV.

  305. welcome back to planet earth

  306. Injured

  307. BS sat there like a dumbbell.

  308. He doesn’t have to as long as Kobe is on the floor.
    The all time 3rd leading scorer is honoured by the Pacers.

  309. Defense is what matters. Offenses will come. Well, according to BS.

  310. He’s the dumbbell.

  311. Im all for Lakers losing by an embarrassing deficit but only due to the starters lol
    I still root for the bench and hope Jeremy finds his shot and gets aggressive in whatever minutes Scott gives him.
    Lets go Jeremy.

  312. It is true….but this is beyond exterme

  313. Why didn’t Clarkson take the 3? He was wide open.

  314. Dumbbell filing for defamation case.

  315. Defense! Giving a record high in everything. BS!

  316. you misspelled dumba$$

  317. ;D

  318. Wow what a disgusting display…. throws up on bs

  319. I think BS will play Clarkson all 24 minutes in the second half, lol.

  320. Yes they need Prices touted defense to stop the Pacers run.

  321. felt the gravitational pull of kobe

  322. He had been benched for taking shots out Kome.

  323. We should already knew what he will say in post game interview. No energy, no effort, not looking for teammates, and it is not my fault.

  324. lol

  325. 27 points for the half does not tell you how bad the players are.
    It tells you how bad the coach is.

  326. this is where this team fails. expecting the bench to make up a 20 point lead is ridiculous.

  327. we are going to see this for 10+ games. refund pls

  328. Wow 60-27 at the half.
    Not even half the points.

    Only 5 assists but 6 TOs. Lakers need a real PG!

  329. Nah, you forgot there are 5 tough games coming up.

  330. the thank the pacers wa one of the easier match ups

  331. Scoreboard

  332. I hope Kobe and Scott break another NBA record today to compliment last game’s stat padding breakthrough.

  333. I feel great for some reason

  334. They have one sitting on the bench..m. f $$×÷ing bs.

  335. Thank God.
    How can the Buss family stand this.
    This is the last straw on their back.

    BS, pack up your stuff and go home.
    YOU are finished.
    U make the Lakers history.

  336. except lin’s stats stink

  337. Well relative to this whole game. I think it is ok…LOL

  338. are you ok psalm. psalm are you ok. psalm are you ok. are you ok …………

  339. would be perfect game if lin could get some stats tonight

  340. This is the Titanic! What don’t you expect?

  341. ha i was thinking the same

  342. BScott is actually very clueless.
    He didn’t even recognize that the offense was flowing through Lin (even if he didn’t score at all!)

  343. It felt like you scored 30 points in a test and you felt very bad but the rest of classmate scored less than 20.

  344. Not gonna happen. Not even asts if his teammates can not score.

  345. exactly LOL

  346. I’m okay 🙂
    BScott doesn’t look okay now :p

  347. I’m having fun is a very unusual atmosphere.
    It just occurs to me that the Lakers is making history again with the Kobe + BS combination challenging everyone.

  348. just want some buckets.

  349. he will get a shot get at lest 8 ill be jubilated

  350. Fastbreak points off coast to coasts like Boston game.

  351. For a split second I read the gravitational “puke” of Kobe.

  352. Stop checking the box score for a while and now turns to 27:60 ??!?

    #firebyronscott #starterstobench

  353. Getting bucket is not his job LOL

  354. good

  355. No he is not very clueless… he is absolutely m $÷=f $!=% ING clueless

  356. whats the worse lost in laker history

  357. Hear you bro. Stats like last night’s game would be great.

  358. they are working very hard at it and it shows!

  359. Want it to be a blowup game but don’t expect to be from 1st qtr:-) What a shock to see when I finally checked about the last 6 seconds on first qtr:-)

  360. or else what? he gets benched for clarkson?

  361. It’s hard to beat that record.
    With one more game like this, BS is finished!!!!!! Guarantee. The phones are ringing in the locker room now.

  362. 142-94 in March of 2014 against Clippers.

  363. Well to be fair, those minutes were for Price to play anyway

  364. Lin only -9? wow… lowest… gotta trade Lin away!

  365. ha ohh we will past that 125- 56

  366. byron has little leverage over lin at this pt. hes already taken away everything from lin.

    the ‘test’ is rigged for him to fail anyway

  367. I couldn’t help it.

  368. Who did?

  369. Oh yay, totally!

  370. predict final score

  371. 125-59

  372. arithmetic wasnt invented for numbers so low

  373. 130-73 the final score?

  374. If the Lakers FO had any sort of integrity, this is exactly the kind of game that gets Byron Scott fired.

  375. 73 from where lol

  376. byron’s contract is quite substantial.

  377. 101 to 106 Lakers win, with Jeremy leading all scorers with 43pts after an explosive 2nd half.

  378. THe ultimate garbage time…

  379. Can’t watch due to work but sounds like scott was truly desperate… even Clarkson got to play.

    Scott is worse than McHale as a coach and that is saying a lot. Wow

  380. I wonder what they are saying in the locker room

  381. ha

  382. can they pass 60 at this rate?

  383. Charmin….of course

  384. The King’s coach get fired. You know. He hasn’t done half as much as BS. A poor soul.
    Lets’ tweet to Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak to hire that coach for the Lakers to save this season.

  385. we said that weeks ago welcome to the club

  386. Hmm TWC riding Jeremy’s marketability by using “But Jeremy Lin and the Lakers…” on that game plug for Lakers vs Thunder upcoming game.

  387. Unfortunately, the Pacers will take their foot off the gas. It gets tiring to keep squeezing the Charmin.

  388. lakers media is pretty sad. byron has mostly been shielded

  389. Byron’s contract will give them 3 high draft picks in consecutive years just to coincide with Kobe’s retirement. They can fire Byron once they are happy with their draft picks. SMH.

  390. I rather the Lakers get George Karl.

  391. Charmin is soft….not gonna be tired squeezing it..

  392. they arent trying to tank. that theory has to go to rest. byron is actually trying to win, which is why its so pathetic.

  393. The Cavs-Hornets game started at the same time as this game.
    Hornets were down 23 to 0 in the 1stQ, I was thinking ‘ok at least its not only the Lakers getting embarrassed this badly’.
    They are now only down by 4. Lakers are on their own with this embarrassment.

  394. they lost 8 games before this i don’t think so. its like not eating for a week then a buffet appears.

  395. I just checked the score right after I got home, I mean WOW how bad could this lakers team get!!? It seems like a nba team vs a bunch of street ballers.

  396. His damage is magadose.

  397. lol no another game after scott is fired

  398. Personally, I’d rather squeeze the Scott.

  399. I agree that Byron is trying to win! It is pathetic. I am talking about the front office. Also, the front office being happy to tank, i.e. not firing Byron, is not the same as deliberately tanking. Subtle difference.

  400. With Kobe, Lakers is so slow… Indiana has huge speed advantage over the toilet paper team

  401. Lakers starters

  402. Scott’s starting rotation works like a charm!

  403. Well it was Btwn tanking and ineptitude or both but now I am assured of the latter

  404. It’s because of the coach. Their coach stop bleeding. Lakers coach did nothing.

  405. History in the making… BS specialty! Many more to come

  406. buss is on a timeline. promised to step down if it keeps being bad.
    he doesnt have the patience to rebuild like philly. i dont think owners are trying to tank. they’d rather have a middling mediocre team showcasing kobe and acceptable TV ratings than a horrible record and draft picks.

  407. The rotation that he would use for 10 more games before he gets himself assassinated by Laker fans.

  408. Oops ….should be this x 5 times

  409. It’s time for Lakers to wake up and see the real problem.
    By the way, what’s it?

  410. Jim Buss has to step down after this game.
    There’s no save for him.
    Hope that he would take Kobe and Byrons Scott with him.

  411. Lakers making a come-back. Only a 25 point lead now, lol.

  412. Kobe will shoot 30 plus times tonite

  413. Byron is trying to win a championship.
    The championship of WHAT @#$%^&@##$

  414. I’m debating, is it even worth watching the rest of this game?


  416. yes…. enjoy

    You will miss the fun of it!

  418. The Lakers are playing the worst game I have ever seen an NBA team play.
    8:03pm – 15 Dec 14

    -Robin Lundberg

  419. lol this will happen again

  420. Scott’s plan was to wish the starters keep the game close and let the bench win the game for him. But it looks like the starters couldn’t even fulfill that job. The Lakers need a 2nd bench to do the starters job!

  421. No game in the next 3 nites so why not.

  422. Don’t worry they can play even worse. They just don’t want to show off.

  423. Why does Ronnie Price even bother shooting the ball?

  424. What in tarnation…. smh Kobe

  425. wow..Kobe 4 fouls… great!!!!

  426. Either one will help but with Scott out of the window, you could save the season.

  427. 2 more please ^^

  428. Lin and Young only going to get 20mins this game? So lame..

  429. OK… I admit Kobe’s last few plays were pretty good.

  430. wow pacers are messing up the joy

  431. I think the Buss family would receive death threat …

  432. Hope kobe fail out

  433. Break a leg!

  434. Scott’s rotation works perfectly for tanking. He is a brilliant coach!

  435. It’s natural when you’re up by 33 points you’re relax.

  436. Great. Price hits the three. Now he’s going to play the rest of the game.

  437. I thought Jim Buss had a 3 year timeline from Jeannie?

  438. Yes… and all the starters play the remaining minutes of the whole game. I am glad Jeremy and the 2nd unit has a good rest from a bk to bk game.

  439. has lin even played this quarter?

  440. haha… Price shot the three and not passed to Kobe… like it!

  441. No.

  442. The “starters” have played the entire quarter. No Boozer, no Lin, no Young

  443. Bad coaching.

  444. Hope starters to redeem themselves??

  445. i went away for like 5 min and … nothing happened.

  446. I told you Kobe would get his average.

  447. Shooting 8 for 24 in other team will be yelled and benched by the coach… except LA Losers

  448. They’ve cut into the lead, so BS is sticking with them. Stupid move, imo.

  449. You know, Davis is a waste in the starters because they don’t have the PG to make him successful.

  450. Because that unit will evevntually run out of steam and the deficit will grow again.

  451. Lin should sit for the rest of the game.

  452. tired of seeing kobe complain to refs

  453. and like that back to 30

  454. Yes ,,, BS thinks Lin is the reason they lose the game

  455. Yes Love it

  456. Lakers defence like Charmin… sorry..I meant Kobe… typo

  457. The first team has done absolutely nothing except killing a quarter’s time.

  458. OK…..a move to dig a even bigger hole? I hope he sits Lin for the rest of the game

  459. Cill yourself Kobe.

  460. kobe does give it his all

  461. its who he is

  462. Whatever you do BS please keep kobe in the game.

  463. For the show.

  464. He gives it his all in playing selfish basketball.

  465. exactly…

  466. doubt it he is competitive to a fault

  467. now it makes more sense how ed davis got buried in memphis. without someone to feed him, not much to show.

  468. If that’s true, then he is just not capable anymore

  469. well…..

  470. Scott is such an understanding coach. He knows Kobe had not done well with less than 30% FG in the first half, so he keeps playing Kobe in the 2nd half to help repair his stats.

  471. He rolls. And that is about it

  472. and blocks. but cant stay out of foul trouble

  473. Stat repairing.

  474. He just needs a coach who sees in him what we all see.

  475. The first team made up by 2 points for the quarter
    Big deal.

    Hire anyone. This is the coach that they should be fired on the spot.
    Mike Brown did less than that and got fired.
    MDA has done much better with a few of great games.
    Byron Scott is exactly what Scott tissue is good for but not even worth they money he gets paid.

  476. lin expending a lot of energy on D. too bad he never sees the ball

  477. i wish he took that shot on the FT line.

  478. Swaggy man


  480. he can only do that when he drives with the right hand. but not when going left.

  481. when he drives left, he doesnt do step back but pivots instead.


  483. only a 25 point lead now, lol.

  484. i really cant stand nick young. just mini kobe

  485. I saw him do it just a couple games ago.

  486. HIgher %age I think..

  487. nick young’s D is horrid. he doesnt even get into a defensive stance

  488. play Clarson please

  489. this isnt good…

  490. Haha no one is box ppl out except Lin..

  491. byron scott = kim jong un

  492. against the pacers bigs

  493. hard to root for this team. they dont play the right way.

  494. Hahahaha so ridiculous. No wonder they can not secure any rebound

  495. the bench is slow iso today as well

  496. Lin is out.. wow…

  497. stat padding time…

  498. Garbage time

  499. Evil and stupid are not comparable.

  500. What’s the point of keeping him in at this point?

  501. he needs more mins.. i don’t care

  502. you have a 20 point deficit in the first quarter the starters was crap. which spilled to the bench

  503. Scott squirmin’ around like a worm on a hot brick. Sorta glad J’s out. Why should he exhaust himself running around on D for no productive effect. His shooting isn’t hot tonight, so give him a rest. Though I know he’d rather play than sit….

  504. just turned off TV.

    its like i dont expect this team to win many games, but at least make it entertaining. but its not even close.
    buss family and byron put out a terrible product.

  505. change the channel its over

  506. nah, no point during garbage time.

  507. The gifts are for?

  508. Lin always does great in garbage time. He needs them stats man..

  509. You mean they are both evil and stupid?

  510. lin needs to run away from this team the first chance he gets

  511. Kidzzzz

  512. Oh well SA vs Por should be fun.

  513. LOL we said that last yr…

  514. sad aint it

  515. LOL not any more….life goes on….

  516. ive heard of coaches trying out lineup changes over a few games but never over 10-15 games. byron considers wasting a quarter of the season as a reasonable period to do a experiment. its just unreal how incapable of adapting this fool is.

  517. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to convince Byron that there’s a problem with the starting line-up.

  518. I think he’s going to keep Price as the starter, no matter what other changes he makes with the line-up.

  519. ha

  520. not just the lineups — everything. incapable of adapting.

  521. Clarkson’s handle is….not shaky….but weird..

  522. Whats the possibility of Lin getting traded during the season?

  523. a prayer

  524. Low unless for unloading a contract

  525. As long as Kobe gets the most points of his team, Lakers are doing just fine !

  526. I am not that suprised about todays game.
    This game shows how bad Scott ‘s system is.

  527. lin would be a half-season rental. in most cases, theres just no reason to give up any assets to get such a short rental, esp an expensive one.

  528. Trade for who? Didn’t two guys just opt for China rather than hop on this sinking ship?

  529. I haven’t watched any of the past few games… Watching this one is so depressing..

  530. Lin+Davis+Nash and 1st round for Camela.

  531. lin getting all happy when this team wins without him — that’s how a chump behaves. giving all your heart and effort to a person or organization that doesnt value you at all. i cant say i find it a redeeming quality.

  532. Boozer got his double double in the last seconds.
    Boozer,” dinner is on me, Clarkson for missing the shot.”

  533. Still can’t find a home, still can’t find a team that actually wants him.

  534. James Worthy: …..Lakers had bad start.

  535. they have a bad start every game

  536. Lakers beat the Spurs because of no Leonard. All Lakers wins = fluke!!!

  537. So does this mean there’ll be another explosion of trade talk? Makes me think of the “Men In Black” aliens all suddenly trying to scurry off a doomed earth. Get out while you caaaannn…..

  538. i have heard non seem unlikely

  539. The coach let it happen.

  540. Only positive thing about this game

  541. He didn’t since he had no idea what to do.

  542. HAHAHAHA……very satisfied…

  543. shoot…they only lost by 19. Even that looks better than it really was.

  544. No Game of Thrones.. No Walking Dead… Lakers suck…. I need to find a new hobby.

  545. Didn’t see game, Real talk now, did Lin suck? Or box score just look bad. I can see entire team suck, but you know what I’m asking here. Did Lin suck or a kobe Scott sabotage?

  546. There’s Bryant Scott’s post game interview.

  547. starter had a 20 point deficit before the bench came in

  548. Sure hope not

  549. Lin is expected to be suck with this system. Any good game from Lin would be a gift for fans.

  550. Lin always suck……. #HatersGonnaHate!

  551. So weird why they started to use Clarkson today? Maybe they are going to trade Lin soon… bc his playing time is getting shorter & shorter in the past 2 games.

  552. If Lin is traded it will be the day of the deadline to a team out of the playoff race. I can explanation my logic but hopefully u see what I am saying

  553. i have to say watching thiss for 60 or so game will be impossible for me. I’m close to throwing in the flag and waiting for next year

  554. That is a good thing I guess

  555. Exactly. This stupid Princeton system. Just bring the ball up and pass to the big and that’s it.

  556. Lin is not gonna like this for everygame.

  557. Wu kong was way ahead of you…sigh…

  558. -20 when Lin came in lol?

  559. When is the Lakers media going to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to BS? Time to start ripping him to shreds.

  560. They are not giving the benefit of the doubt. They are just protecting him….

  561. Will not happen. U will upset yourself hoping for that

  562. does it matter scott will keep this lineup. every game there seem to be less and less trust put in lin. this is every game. if we do win its kobe. its don’t matter this year it seems. least lin has a chance to go for 30 on rox. with this pace and low playing time he struggle getting 20

  563. Smart woman

  564. I hope so. Clarkson was sent to D-league because he took some Kobe’s shots; and Lin has been sent to the bench for the same reason. A PG should not take more than 5 shots beside Kobe.

  565. mda didn’t get it

  566. MDA didn’t get criticized by the LA media? Are you sure about that?

  567. price was-17 i think 5-22

  568. Only good thing was I could not watch the game.

  569. Lin plays backup and he plays with: Kobe, Young, Boozer, Sacre and Ellington all of whom never passed the ball back to him. They all shoot or dribble then shoot once had the ball in their hands. Lin’s stat is over and this is 10x worse than Houston.

  570. no i said he wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt

  571. Hi, y’all, if they are to trade Lin, do they have to wait till Feb, 2015? Just wondering.

  572. Lakers are Kobe’s for two seasons.

  573. i see. Then, why is BS getting the benefit of the doubt from the media? He doesn’t deserve it.

  574. Kobe protection. MDA and Kobe clashed.

  575. idk

  576. he is friends with magic and kobe

  577. No….they have to do it B4 that…like…NOW!

  578. No it does not. BUt I am only watching LIn anyway.

  579. Under NBA rules, Dec. 15 is the first day that players who signed new contracts over the summer can be traded. With just about every player now eligible to be dealt, the trade season has begun. Teams have until Feb. 19 to make deals.

  580. Kobe can tell team they are like charmin again. I’m glad Lin contract over aft this. Choose wisely my friend. If he picks another Houston, I will not be able to watch Moore of this crap.

  581. What else did he say?

  582. its hard to watch only lin

  583. Lin was eligible after the 1st day of the season.

  584. Lin for stepehsen !

  585. and to think lin was plying great before he got benched

  586. Rather he goes to a better fit team and play off the bench with less salary. Dream. Spurs or my home team, Warriors.

  587. Yes he can be traded now.

  588. hornets are slow as well

  589. Oh great we get to watch the defensive stopper Price stop Westbrook Friday.

  590. Lin for a Janitor seems like a good idea at this point….LOL just kidding. Not offense to Janitors either.

  591. Believe it or not, I am getting good at it game by game

  592. Lol

  593. Ed weiland for lakers coach!!!!!!

  594. 12 straight games of good to great teams this will only get worse

  595. Coolio, maybe like PV said , Lin gets traded away for couple years; then after BS is gone, LA would bring him back, ’cause Li is good for Lakers in the long run.

  596. Have work available on you’re computer. Easy as pie.

  597. I wanna know what the brilliant coach has to say. So I can get some more laughs in. I will even tolerate his smirky face for 3 whole minutes.

  598. Totallymissed the game. Glad I did. Any redeeming action? Always Monday night football.

  599. none.

  600. That’s what hurts the most about this abomination. Thankfully, our guy seems to have nine lives. He’s used up about 7 now though…

  601. Bummer. I’m back to believing in tanking agenda. Nobody is that bad a coach.

  602. Something weird withthisteam, not just jlin. But true, Lin can separate himself from the team negatives. He’s got to get usedto coming in with 8 – 15 puts down.

  603. More interested to watch Sydney terror-seige tragedy on live than Lakers game since I watched few seconds on Lakers on end 1 qtr and beginning 2nd qtr. Glad that I didn’t miss any great action:-)

  604. Lin is as good as Steve Nash. Better. More dominant than curry when the alpha guard. But he’s just going to be an NBA scrub now ….. Sigh. Life ain’t fair man

  605. Lin prediction summer: Spurs, Warriors, Dallas, Toronto, Sacramento, Portland. He will be the bench scrub but hopefully a rotational bench scrub. The Asian Matt bonner….sigh….

  606. After passing Jordan in scoring, his new goal is passing another guy in scoring, and his teammates felt that tonight and they gave up any hope.

  607. Finally had his post game interview today?! Lose game?! smh!

  608. It’s as good as anyone opinion, for now no one knows for sure the future of JLin. I for one hope he got traded. BS is sooooo bad.

  609. That’s not on kobe, that’s on the young gullible team. Kobe is Kobe.

  610. not the spurs…patty mills and cory joseph would be ahead of him even if parker is out. i like dallas and sac better.

  611. Kobe has been the worst player in his team this season who consistently nets team bottom +/-, hasn’t he ?

  612. And, I totally agree with your user name !!

  613. 0-6….has nothing to do with the deficit the starters leave you with. everyone sucked on the lakers, lin included.

  614. Any team without a “cornerstone” SG would be good for Lin !

  615. It’s time for a really question about the motive of Nash’s injury for the entire season. He was fine to play in the preseason. Even if he’s hurt, there’s no reason to declare he’s done for the next 7 months. IMO, I believe because of the Bryant Scott’s bull$heet and he wanted to be no part of it. Nash even refused to answer to BS’s message. What’s your takes?

  616. You are really close.

  617. to?

  618. Nash obviously looked down to Scott for reasons that have become apparent now.

  619. Good!

  620. I’m looking back before the season even started, Kobe and Scott very much used Lin to make Nash feeling uncomfortable.

  621. here comes the DNP-CD…. Jlin please stay healthy and play for Dallas next year

  622. That’s what I think 100%. Nash is a smarter man than we all thought. After a few preseason games, he knew he wasn’t going to get the ball in his hands and he bailed. Take the money and run. And he gets sympathy for not being able to play out his final season due to injury. Best scenario for him, given the hellish options.

  623. It would be very interesting when the Lakers trade Nash and he starts to play.

  624. Nash is out for the season due to “injury” BUT hasn’t declared retirement. If he’s traded we might see him back on the court if the situation is right.

  625. Lin is known best of PnR, spacing and fast pace, why BS does not allow it?

  626. Because he is showing-off by trying to make his “coaching” look complicated, which is failing real bad, when all the time it has always been made for Kobe to get his shots.

    Because he is trying to show-off that his team can survive without a real point guard.

    Because he hates PnR with a passion because it doesn’t show off Kobe’s skills (accurately,lack thereof) much.

  627. It will be GRREEEAAAAT if both Nash & Lin get traded to the same team and start playing together.

  628. that is a very subtle dig at BS not knowing how to use the players the right way

  629. Just hang in there, Jeremy. You’ll always bounce back. Is too bad that BS doesn’t let Davis play with you. 🙁

  630. Huh? What did they do?

  631. exactly.

  632. Glad he still has his confidence.

  633. I can feel that Kobe/Scott are turning more and more poisonous for ticket sale. Just imagine who is going to buy a seasonal ticket for the next season with Kobe trying to break another scoring record with 33% FG.

  634. Common sense!

  635. Is it possible for Lin to get his PPG up and assists? He didn’t have a good game but even when he has good games Byron doesn’t seem to be keen on maximizing his minutes.

  636. Maybe for TV ratings too. Have you seen the Time Warner add for the OKC game? “The Oklahoma Thunder are back at full strength. But Jeremy Lin and the LA Lakers have plans for a surge of their own” Then some Lin highlights.

    Couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

  637. So Spurs need a PG, eh? 🙂

  638. Lin??

  639. No Jabari Parker. Lin to Bucks?

  640. Somebody in marketing has to send bsc the Memo.

  641. Good read.

  642. Oh, that Parker. nm lol.

  643. Everyone real question. If this is Jeremy’s season will he get a call to be a backup pg next year?

  644. Very low, as it’s entirely possible they the front office wants to devalue him so they can re-sign him for cheap.

  645. Not sure if this was already posted but nice vid and music.

  646. George Karl and Jeremy Lin to the Sacramento Kings? JLin will be closer to home, play with Cousins?

  647. Jeremy Lin was featured on DiscoverLA.com .

  648. Karl not a good fit with Cousins but you never know

  649. Was this ever corrected?

  650. Exchange the bench for the starting line up. Get rid of BS and Kobe, get a legit coach and center and the problems would be solved.

  651. Agreed 100%. FO made a big mistake that they couldn’t even trade Kobe without his agreement.

  652. This mathfew is Lin hater. He hates Lin like Lin killed his whole family .

  653. What a downer this all is….didn’t expect this at all. I really thought 16 and 7 easy

  654. Hmmm.. I don’t see him…

  655. I love Robin…..one of the few journalists who dare to speak the truth

  656. Do you guys feel like Lin’s shooting has been off since demoted to bench, except that Spurs game?

  657. I pray he’s a good fit.

  658. nope, it was off before that. Remember the WAS game he went 0 for 10 and vs TOR he was 3 for 11.

  659. Karl is not BS. Any reasonable coach will come up with the game plan based on players’ strengths. It may take times but will get it eventually.

  660. A downer it is. I didn’t see the game. As a matter of fact I don’t even have any motivation to watch these games anymore. Watching a losing team and Lin not playing that well is no fun. I just come around here, look at box score, and check out PFV’s analysis nowadays.

  661. It seems that BS is determined to keep Lin’s minutes below Price’s. Guess BS needs to keep that pecking order intact to show Price is still the indisputable starter lol. As for me, I am not surprised one bit by BS’s newest antics because I think BS is trying to ruin Lin’s next contract to help out his bros to get this “ridiculous” contract instead of Lin.

  662. I don’t really know who that guy is, but reading that tweet tells me he has a point.

  663. Thanks!

  664. Either they want Lin to boost the ratings or they want to associate Lin with an expected lost. So many hidden agendas in this organization, who knows?

  665. Daaaaaam y’all catch that Milwakee buzzer beater!? Lol!!

  666. It’s on and off to me

  667. Don’t RT or Click for this article. Not a good one for Lin. smh!

  668. What’s surprising was Byron completely didn’t trust Lin to facilitate if he didn’t score much.

    Coaches were panicking but they just plugged in players who can score enough next to Kobe.
    This BScott system is unbearable to watch.

    I hope Lin will figure out ways to score more in his limited in the next game.
    It’s a very tough time for Lin fans indeed

  669. That’s right, coach undermine.

  670. I already did, you should too! I’m glad I don’t waste time watching Lakers. So sick and tired of the rigged NBA, if by next season Lin is still marginalized with his new contract, I’m done with the NBA for good. After MJ retired, Lin was the only one who made NBA exciting again yet they don’t want to see him succeed due to his race. I won’t watch any more Lakers game until Lin is on his new team that’s that.

  671. That’s exactly the problem Lin isn’t consistent with his shooting and it doesn’t help with him getting less minutes from the bench and marginalized again! It’s been he same old crap for the past 3 years! Enough is enough!

  672. This reminds me of a horror slasher movie:


  673. Another missing stat?

  674. A sinister smile?

  675. To be honest when is the earliest they can trade Lin? I can’t stand watching him go through this horrible offense for an entire season!! I won’t watch if he needs to stay for entire season!

  676. Today 12/15

  677. Good job fighting off the haters and defending Jeremy, Robin.

  678. Tick Tock.

  679. End of road for Lin. I really think it will be very hard for his career to prosper, there is a concensus among NBA teams that Lin is just a bench player, no defense, turn over prone. All these negativity starts in Houston and now it has been imprinted, a very very sad ending for Jeremy Lin’s NBA career. Only one man can resurrect his career, MDA, no one else.

  680. I agree! MDA is the only one who can utilize Lin properly and less him play his game!!

  681. Seriously hope a desperate Eastern team in need of a PG trades for Lin!

  682. That actually isn’t true though. Everybody has off nights , its just that some people are given more minutes to make up for it. Harden, Kobe, CP3, even Lebron have started games at 0-5 or more but are given the opportunity to get into rhythm. I’m not saying Lin is blameless when he’s inconsistent or that he’s elite right now. But I do think even the elites are not as consistent as that stats show at the end of the games.

  683. That is NOT a problem. Only his minutes is

  684. Never underestimate Lin! LOL

  685. unfortunately, the hard truth is Lin can’t play his best with ball-dominant SGs.
    He’s getting better playing off-the-ball but we can never have Linsanity with Lin playing as a sidekick. (Spurs 38pts, Phi 34 pts 9 3pts were done in HOU w/o Harden)

    And it’s okay. Nash can’t play well next to Kobe either.

    As for MDA, I have to agree. There is a special connection between Lin and MDA. And they need each other to make them look good. After the series of coaches (Woodson, McHale BScott) not 100% in on Lin, coaches faith in Lin is #1 priority for Lin’s NBA career. Carlisle and Karl would be next in the short list if MDA doesn’t get a NBA HC job next season.

  686. Agree with everything except when you say its the end of the road. Jeremy has been written off many times before, but he’s still here. Besides, I can guarantee you Jeremy’s career will not end with basketball. The kid’s too inspirational and too big for that. So maybe its not the way we want it to happen, but I tend to believe that, basketball or not, the best is yet to come.

  687. I can guarantee you his basketball will not end like this game either.

  688. There are only two teams in NBA today still play around their “cornerstone” SGs, and Lin unfortunately has to play for both teams during his short 3 year contract. I think Lin is a top PG in today’s NBA and will excel in any other normal team.

  689. Hm, is that Kobe beef?

  690. Com’on guys/gals. Just another bad game with low minutes with a bad team. Lin is good. Just not treated well.

  691. On the bright side, Lin is finally allowed to play without Kobe after he was demoted to the bench. Lin had a total plus/minus of -168 as a starter playing strictly with Kobe. That averages to -8.4 per game. After the benching, Lin had a total plus/minus of +16 which averages to +3.2 per game.

    On the other hand, Kobe had an average +/- of -9.2 per game with Lin as starter. So BS is trying to make Kobe look better by benching Lin. The end result? Kobe averages the same +/- of -9.2 per game regardless of the starting lineup LOL. Hmm, there is this gigantic elephant in the room but no one in LA dares to point that out.

  692. I hope so, but I’m not optimistic at this point. As Lin’s fans its so frustrating to see all of this, I am sure he will still bounce back.

  693. I suspect today’s Lakers are out of the control of the FO. The FO could have told him that you could pad whatever you wanted but there would not be another contract after next season. So you saw the trash talk, the WOJ’s tweet about Lin…

  694. Thank you. My new favorite Lin video. We do easily forget how much Lin can do. Hard to believe after a night like this that linsanity was created by the same player just about three years ago, those rocket fast breaks and pin point pass were just a year ago. The dagger threes were just a month ago and he was shredding the defending champions forcing pop to call timeout just two games ago. Linsanity still lives in the same person, it only needs to be unleashed.

  695. 100% true.

    Lin is always good but had the unfortunate events of playing with super ball-dominant SGs.
    He’ll be fine sooner or later. He always rises above these challenges.

  696. LOL, he gets it….he will be fine

  697. I would say yes. And back up is better than nothing.

  698. If Jeremy continues to shoot poorly, can’t adjust to b2b game so doesn’t have fresh legs, plays very limited minutes and can’t find his rhythm, at the rate he is going, he probably ends up with the worst FG%. Worst case scenario, I use the last 5 games average to extrapolate the remaining games, Jeremy may end the season with 33.33% FG%.

  699. Except no one cares about +/- only how many points the star scores! Lin’s getting less than 20 minutes as a bench player compared to Price who had 20+ minutes as a bench player taking away Lin’s minutes as a starter! Now that Lin’s benched he doesn’t get the same minutes but less than that! All this bias and not to mention horrible offense to cater to the “star/stars” to succeed over everyone else in Kobe just like in Knicks with Melo or Rockets with Harden is sickening!

  700. No Lin played for 3 of them! He got kicked off of Knicks for Melo, marginalized for Harden in Rockets even though he was the better facilitator and efficient scorer, and now with Kobe the old timer given more minutes 35 while everyone only gets 25 minutes.

  701. We keep saying that but it’s been 3 years with the same crap and treatment due to racism and tailoring to the ball hog SGs!

  702. What tweet?

  703. Jeremy and his agent must stop to choose teams just for marketing reasons.

    Anyway, we’ll see what will happen…

  704. Said Lin won’t be a Laker next season. But who wants to be a Laker this or next season ? LOL

  705. That’s true, but to me elite players take over. I haven’t seen enough of that from Lin imo.

  706. Oh haha I think we all know that.

  707. Good. I don’t want him to be a laker! Lol

  708. Well, it is true that Lin can not seem to escape from the politics of NBA no matter what. However, I believe his time in New York and Houston helps him become less affected emotionally by the discrimination he is facing now in LA. That is not to say he won’t be affected at all. Lin is still a human being just like the rest of us, so games like tonight are expected. Nevertheless, I choose to take on a positive view towards this because being negative and angry is not good for your health.

  709. Melo was jealous, but Lin could still play a large part of his game, unlike with these “cornerstone” SGs. In fact, the age of SGs has passed. Teams are trying to copy Spurs and give their largest contracts at the PG + a BIG.

  710. here’s a question…if Lin get DNCP, do you think he will finally ask for a trade? Or just stay silent….

  711. Probably something in between

  712. sometime jeremy has to stop blaming himself for stuf its kind good he does but really what did he do to lose his job as a starter. he lead the knick to the playoffs and the rockets as a starter. so what are the chances its his defense that cost the lakers to suck. also he plays very little minutes 10 plus spirts. as a back up he isn’t the same. he is at his best as a starter. also what did scot expect. the starter was playing terrible so instead of adding offense quick he waited till normal subbing time to put in lin . he is often the last guy off the bench. another thing when the lakers made a run scot waited for the pacer to get it back to 30 to put the bench in. should of put them in as soon as it got to 20 or 19. my point is lin is too cocky. he can’t save this team especially when he is rarely given the chance.

  713. I would lmao

  714. Lol it would. Both go to kings! Or nets!

  715. I hate Kobes game. Just saying young guys cant expect him to stop being a tyrant

  716. Mda to king? Lin and Nash traded?

  717. Follow the money … it’s the former. NBA owners are minting money.

  718. That would be fun. I could buy tix and drive up bcuz GSW tix are outta sight.

  719. you mean DNP-CD? because that is not even possibility!
    I dont think Jeremy would ever demand a trade no matter the situation.

  720. How come this is so short?

  721. Imagine if Lin got drafted by the lakers? He’d be out of the league today lol. He’s been pretty lucky even with all this current crap

  722. its one year haif of it is close to over

  723. they wouldn’t draft him becuz if Lakers drafted him then that means they liked him enough to use a pick on him.

  724. ouch!

    Take heart. This week, the following Gs played v poorly as to efficiency:

    Danny Green
    Cory Joseph
    Gerald Green
    Lillard 2 games ago 7 for 22
    Wade last night 7 for 18
    IT on the 14th 2 for 9
    Bledsoe last 2 games low output
    JJ Barea
    Kyrie Irving

  725. see above. This week bad week for guards. Esp SAS with Joseph and Danny Green off the mark.

  726. It really makes no sense to me if Lakers really wants to trade Lin then why no show case for him at all? His stats looks bad now I doubt any team will pay for his high salary w low stats?!

    If they just want to sign him cheap so cut his playing time and so on…What makes Lakers so sure Lin will stay in Lakers after all the bad treatment from them?

  727. Frankly speaking, this is a game that Jeremy ought to be ashamed of himself. Boozer was benched and he fought hard to get his double double. Jeremy just wasn’t himself. Not ready to play but fool around with his poor shooting and concentration. Don’t you thinnk U R glorifying God by what U did?

  728. Exactly

  729. ouch!

  730. Why..he gave his best effort…there is NOTHING to be ashamed of…

  731. Woah. Relax and take care of your BP or you will regret.

  732. I tried not to look at Jeremy’s situation as a huge fan who takes a selfish standpoint. Objectively, Jeremy isn’t doing well despite all the whining and complaints by his fans(me included) if you equate him to another other employee in the regular job. Of course Jeremy is playing in the NBA so it might not be fair to make the comparison.

    I spoke to a friend who is very talented but she has always been not put in a situation to succeed due to office politics, etc. So she hops from one company to another. She doesnt complain much but I know she prides herself to be excellent and above the rest yet she refused to adjust. Very visibly she’s stressed out..I spent 5 days with her and some other friends on a short missionary trip. Did some soul searching and goodness, that’s the time when Jeremy got his benching and started all the bad games… 🙁

  733. LOL…

  734. How many draft picks that Lakers have given up and let it rot.

  735. Maybe the FO afraid that other team s will offer him a good contract.

  736. It doesn’t make sense. A player is only worth something when he plays well and he’s on a contract.
    Right now, I haven’t seen any of those. At present, there are many teams who would sign Jeremy at veterans’ minimum.

  737. I know what you mean. It means the world to have supportive people close to you. And, if you have a way to make money or do your sports with supportive successful people, it means a world of difference. Warren Buffet said in a book 20 yrs ago that you only make a few investment decisions that change your life.

    Jeremy is riding a winner in his career, but his company now is a losing one. Due to CBA, he can’t get off. Ah well. He’s set for life, and he can be a team co-owner someday easily given his all-around smarts, parent’s geography, and good guy.

    We’re just in line again for this Disney ride … like going to Radiator Springs. A thrill when you are on, and then you debate getting back in line and you do, and it’s boring and then it’s … well, just FANTASTIC!

  738. He is human and he is not perfect. God loves him regardless 🙂

  739. Indeed

  740. Tiger dad you … get out the switch and hit the kid jk. I’m not one for spoiling people esp when getting parts moving on a team. But hey, this team has only one part hammering and everybody else is just trying not to knock the piston out of whack. It’s not Lin – it’s this whole season. Be like Swaggy – have some fun.

  741. Yeah, hope he is ok. Another rookie with injury.

  742. God is carrying him right now, like a dad for an exhausted child. methinks.

  743. well when it is about Jeremy anything can happen lol

  744. I vote for 60 game season when games mean something. This grind is not good for players, and fans cannot afford the $ and time. You end up getting more fans with less love for the game, less knowledge.

  745. Taking a neutral stand, Jeremy hasn’t been performing. Great people change the world. Ghandi didn’t have the whole troop behind him yet he made such a huge impact. I know Basketball is a team sport but individual skill is also an integral part of the game as Jeremy fans put the blame on the lack of talent of his teammates…well, ok, Jeremy is just an ordinary man next door, but I will take him to be my beau anyday..lol

  746. I listened to the radio and it was much longer for his interview.

  747. The title misleads that its lins fault. Can it just mention “lakers crushed by x team”.

    If its a win, then “lin crushed the x team” will be fine with me.

    I hate paul.

  748. I don’t know what that means. He has an expiring contract, thus it is not like he could ask for the team to trade him, as no team would trade for an expiring since if they like this player, they could just sign him in the summer without giving up anything. And it is not Jeremy will be with Lakers any longer, so Lakers don’t really care whether he want a trade or not. I think it only could mean something if you have longer term contract for team to care your spot and money.

    On the other hand, with Lin’s contract, no team will trade for him unless they desperately need a PG, say a playoff run, a major injury in the team etc. He is pretty much a half season rental with pretty high rent.

  749. thats always the title weather they win or lose.either laker and lin destroy ….. or lin and lakers was destroyed

  750. lol

  751. lol its very theatrical

  752. He needs to be smart enough who he is dealing with, know your teammates, eh i mean readers, and be assertive.

  753. be patient, Kwok :]

    Lin got a different order from Byron to faciliate and play great D than Boozer to simply score.
    He did great facilitating but had trouble scoring when not touching the ball enough.
    Today Kobe played until end of Q1 because Byron was panicking.

    It’s a tough position because Byron trusted Kobe to do everything and Lin to do nothing.

    It’s a really tough time to be Lin fans. But it must be harder for him who experienced the lowest point of his BB career as he said. Not having a go-to-big-man who rolls to the basket really suppressed his game.

    Byron is either clueless or biased not to use Lin/Davis. Lin will figure out ways out of this messy maze

  754. don’t want to be negative, but looks like Lin is in Byron’s dog house, I think we can see it coming and Lin can see it coming. Can’t do anything about it.

    In today’s interview, Lin mentioned that his usage rate was his career low, that’s kind of sad, and he is showing that he is really unhappy, but I don’t think that will help anyway. Byron after the game said Ronnie had a good game, smh, that’s telling.

    And when Young was asked how does he feel about the second team right now, Young was saying that there are a lot of guys in the second team like to have ball in their hand, as long as they are keep current playing, it should be fine. So, looks like Lin would lost his ball to Young, Boozer, and today, even Ellington. Not sure how long Lin can play his “right way of play basketball” though, I do think he is struggling in that area, he might question himself whether he should continue his “right way” or give in, and start play a bit more selfish. Unfortunately, he don’t really play well when he play selfish, but he does give up too much.

    I don’t like the way he played in the second half, even the game is gone, he was totally not aggressive and not trying to do anything.

  755. bravo

  756. ha ha … then you have every right to tell him to get off his duff and put up a few points.

  757. Aww…..did BS really say that Price had a good game? Smh

    Doghouse no matter what…..that’s why Lin said this is the toughest time for him.

    I think all players can feel who is the coach’s darling who is not.I didnt watch the game, and I dont know his body language on court. But if Lin allows the bench to take the ball out of his hands, it will be very very bad. No one is able to save him then.

  758. Just FYI, JHill has had terrible numbers except this week. Without Lin on the starting team, he’s not producing anywhere near a starting big’s requirement.

  759. Well Scott did blame Lin about not passing to him enough.

  760. Jeremy is supposedly better than these guards as claimed by his hardcore fans that Linsanity isn’t a fluke so you know he gotta be much better than these players. No, I wouldn’t compare him with these players if I still carry the belief that he is one hella talent. Now I know I should lower my expectations and yeah, he is just another guard and this is just another bad game… then I become less engaged. sigh

  761. Because JHill simply isn’t a very good player. plain and simple. 🙂

  762. Or some teams need to unload bad contracts

  763. ooooooops u figured that out..now you need to run for your life

  764. how Brent loves ya …

  765. from the bench? Or for the v limited overlaps where Kobe is asking for the ball? V hard team to lead, from the trunk of the car.

  766. Lets talk about something other than JLin that is more happy. Who should be MVP of he season? Anyone else glad it isn’t flopping Lebron James as main focus?

    Marc Gasol, Stephen Curry, and Anthony Davis are all great candidates hard to choose from with each having their good and bad. In terms of scoring and team record it’s be Curry but Davis’ offense and defensive ability is just plain amazing and legit not inflated by chucking 20 shots.


  767. curry probably

  768. Oh, I’d love to compare him to the best too, and they have bad weeks, games as well. I had Duncan on my fantasy team last years, and some weeks I would not play him either.

    I hope Lin can give himself and us some great way out to have some fun. This year should be fun for him, before FA and collecting his balloon payment.

  769. As it’s clear to me tat Steph Curry is not better than Jeremy, Marc Gasol should be the MVP of the season. JMO.

  770. oh yes, as a big fan of jeremy
    I will always support him..

  771. JLin needs to get it through his stubbornness that shooting more does not equal selfish unless he’s chucking 20 shots like Harden and Kobe! He needs to look at top10 PG shooting attempts and realize his is way below the average!! TOP10 PGs shooting from 12-15FGAs per game while he’s shooting 5-8! He plays better when he’s looking for his own shots. Forget what he dumb coach says, they all want to see him fail and ruin his stats so he won’t be considered an elite player! It was his shooting/scoring that got Linsanity all this attention certainly not his assists! Look at Rondo, dude can’t shoot, no matter how many assists he gets he won’t be considered the best PG in the league.

  772. Exactly! For once he should just be like Swaggy, he hasn’t had fun playing and smiling an entire game since Linsanity. He has so much baggage the minute he’s on the court and not being confident. Just have fun, forget about what the coach says, forget about everything just go out there and do what you want to do which is score! We all like to play basketball obviously because of the shooting, stop thinking about assisting teammates who won’t give a **** about you.

  773. Scott is playing with fire. Without allowing enough Lin’s contribution, he is starting another losing streak which could be long enough to further damage Kobe’s image and cost him his job.

  774. He shoot too much outside shots, as a guard, 48.9% FG% is good, but as a big, that’s no good. He simply did not shoot enough inside shots, where he should have way higher FG%. He settles with his outside shot, even it has been okay, but that is still low % shots compare to near rim ones.

    Ed have 61% FG%, and was considered no offense on this team.

    BTW, Ed Davis since starts, got lower performance compare to Boozer, even lower rebounds.

  775. But there’s no doubt Curry is a far better and more consistent and efficient off dribble shooter posting many 30 points games!

  776. I think scott is safe as long as kobe wants him to be a coach and afterall the team is tanking

  777. If Scott was going to be fired, he’d be fired already, Lakers are tanking, so long as Kobe get his stats, he’s going to stay! Lin isn’t in Lakers’ long term plans that’s certain.

  778. I don’t know about that. I was hoping the team could keep winning so there will be a demand for them to win more. If they keep losing, more people would want them to tank, then they don’t care how he utilize Lin. But if they are winning, people might want to win more, and then there is pressure for them to play Lin more.

    However, if Lin don’t show flashes of nice games, people will forget and settled with Price. And looks like Byron would rather start with Clarkson than play Lin. And if you listen to Byron and Kobe, what they ask for Lin to do are totally opposite to each other, Kobe would want Lin to keep shooting, and Byron want him to get others involved, that kind of discrepancy basically just saying Byron don’t really have a plan for Lin, and there is no clear goal for Lin to achieve in order for him to gain his position back, and they don’t really have a clear thought about that, Byron just want Lin be on bench, that’s it.

  779. Seems like even Blaiyan is giving up on lin….lol

  780. Are there many bad contracts right now? DWill? Joe Johnson? Amare? I can only think of Kobe …….

  781. Byron obviously wants Price his golden boy to start, it’s been like that since training camp! Lin should forgot about what BS says and just do his thing when on the court and if they bench him for scoring then so be it!

  782. Lol….yeah…one of the worst contract in the history…

  783. no way Scott would be fired. Lakers are not contending, they don’t need to win now, what’s the point of firing him? Lakers are paying 3-4 coaches at this moment, they don’t need to pay one more coach. Plus, they just hired this coach, it is really hard not to give him at least one season.

    Just read that Lakers TV rating was 15% down than the same time last year, and getting to historically low, as the team income is coupled to the TV rating, I do hope the team will interfere if the team was playing really bad, and also in a really bad way, and then hope that would force Byron’s hand a little bit to play Lin.

    I hope Lin could hire a better agent. IT just fired his agent, guess he might not be happy to his signing in Suns. I hope Lin do the same thing, and see whether his agent would do something or not.

  784. When he was a starter…

  785. Btw…price really had a good game….I don think he can play any better. Scott is not lying…

  786. no, it is not about Price to start, it is about Lin not to start. I don’t think Byron care whether it was Price or it was somebody else. He just don’t like to play rookie, and I would not surprise Clarkson would start over Lin.

    It is so easy when they have an okay game, the coach could go out of his way to say he did great. And when Lin had a good game, Byron would go ahead say he need to get others involved, even when Lin had a double double. That will obviously deliver the message.

  787. Do they still pay D’Antoni if he resigned?

  788. Let’s see how he does against Westbrook Friday.

  789. I thought they are still paying Brown, not sure about D’Antoni though.

  790. He has a low standard then… for price? lol

  791. What do you mean? He’s still uploading Jeremy’s highlights.

  792. I think lin will get a contract……..definitely not a league minimum…lol

  793. Jeremy fans are divided now but for me fans come and go….only family and true friends going to stick with you until the end

  794. any game Price do not have 0 pt is a good game for him.

  795. From his comment, I think he is just a highlight seeker….

  796. Let’s hope the end is good!

  797. that’s not fair to Blaiyan, he follows Lin since his GSW days.

  798. Or made a three will be even better.

  799. well, with his %, he will make a 3 every 4 games, so that’s not that bad.

  800. Lin has been through all this…..cup of a McFlurry for him now. Easy!

  801. U have rondo shooting FTs at that rate,,,,,I think price is elite…lol

  802. Btw..I do not think system was really the problem for lin. Nothing bball about his performance. Simply just not used enough. Correctly or not.

  803. I hope that’s not the last straw on his back. Can’t image how he would take it if Clarkson start over him and he is playing less than 20 min

  804. No matter how Asian lin is..if Scott pulled that trigger,
    1. It is better than start price over lin.
    2. He is just shooting him self in the foot.

  805. it is more like don’t allow him to do anything he tried to figure out. He figured the way to play together with Kobe, then push him down to bench, he find way to push the second team, and they might want him to involve others, and he work well with Ed Davis, and they never play together…..

    Byron is pretty good in taking out things one by one out of Lin’s hand.

  806. I don’t care whether Byron is shooting his foot or his face, just feel sorry for Jeremy though.

  807. Scott is not stupid or incapable as a coach. He just has a agenda. So. Lin will just have to sit out this yr….with low pt games. Things can change rather quickly, who knows.

  808. I hope Lin continue to fight back. And still play his game like last game.

  809. i am sure he is not feeling sorry for himself.

  810. It will be more in consistent this yr dut to the minutes….that is inevitable

  811. Only God knows when things going to change

  812. That is good enough for lin I think…lol

  813. The proof that scott is not stupid. Those preseason games. So many brilliant sets. Kobe basically just ditched all the set that requires him to run. So only a select few slower sets left for him and boozer.

  814. Nick young plays losing basketball. But lin needs him for now.

  815. But the question is why bs tries to do that to lin? Just because he wants price starts?

  816. no lin … that’s the thing. Whomever doesn’t have Lin does worse. Good post, your right.

  817. I think we should think the other way around. Lin simply is just very low on his list….not that he put lin on top of his bucket list and try to bench him. Results are the same tho

  818. hmmm … from my eye test, he got lots of look pass kickouts to Hill for that planted midrange. Kobe got a lot of possessions form Lin. Where else did the ball go (not a really serious question).

  819. I’m with you. If Lin has more fun, jokes around, since they look like they are tanking, we’d have more fun.

  820. All in all….I think no matter where lin goes. He will be at least a very good back up PG. This is what he is perceived right now. It is not like he is going to be out of the league after this contract.

  821. With all the injuries on this team. This is ridiculous.


  822. wish I could have seen them like you did. To old to learn lol.

  823. what’s that, his dribble shot game jr harden?

  824. He is not stupid, he is just retarded. lol

  825. That why this is just all BS

  826. He kills ball movement. With him, even lin had to play one on one. Which is very inefficient.

  827. ah, pre-bias.

  828. Now, whoever thinks lin is not trying to get better, to perform better should just rethink 10 more times…

  829. h doesnt want an asian kid on his team and hoping jeremy to ask for a trade

  830. So maybe the plot is to overuse Kobe…..lol to get it over with…

  831. of course it will be my friend. Life is not so rigid. There is a wonderful baby, or maybe a trip to Bora Bora with a gf, or an investment in the next team or hot startup. Lin will have a great future, way more adventure than his detractors will have. How bit the universe is …

  832. I avoid listening to Kobe and BSc.

  833. Exactly…

  834. ah I see … yes. Not fast ball movement. Some fun some times, i guess. Fragile. What they call unstable convergence point in multivariable regression (I think … you would know better).

  835. Was there someone that did a stat that when Lin’s usage or minutes played went up he performed a lot better?

  836. WU kong did it. She killed her sites tho

  837. roberlin had lots of those 30 min numbers.

  838. I guess that’s progress. At first they said he wasn’t even Division 1 material. Then they said he wasn’t D-League material. Then they said he wasn’t NBA material.

    Sooner or later they will see he’s an All Star.

  839. yes, let’s give him jia you.

  840. Even half of the lin fans think he does not deserved to be voted…well u know

  841. Curry is definitely the better shooter. But overall it’s hard to say who’s a “better” when each different weaknesses and strengths.

    I think either Gasol or Davis will get the nod right now.

  842. i always believe that jeremy try to get better but scott always ahead of him and take every thing bit by bit so jeremy needs to figure out how to perform better each game … that is a huge stress

  843. It is a fact the Kobe knows all the tricks, all the foot works on both ends of the floor. But it is time that he writes a book on those because he can not do it any more.

  844. ha ha, I can reply through the filters – hit refresh …

  845. He just has to do his best with what ever is still given to him.

  846. 11

  847. That thought comes to my mind a lot, too.

  848. I believe Jeremy is trying his to get better. IMHO, he doesn’t need to improve his hard skill, rather his soft skill needs improvement…strange that he still hasn’t found a way to counter the effect of b2b after 3 seasons.

  849. Eventually lin has to play slow bball anyway in the end of his career. He might as well just hone his skill now.

  850. True but right now JLin hasn’t posted consistent 20, 30 point games since Linsanity. Basketball is all about scoring and Curry can do that. Defensively JLin is a bit better and he can get to the rim well but so can Curry.

  851. I really want him to see a sport psychologist and hire a media trainer. But, I think fundamental Christians don’t believe in therapy. Is that true anyone know?

  852. He is not the only one. The big reason was because he was asked to do too much on D

  853. now that’s making lemonade …

  854. This is weird. So u think curry can put those number in this LAL team? With only19 minutes? Curry can not go to the rim without picks…but anyway…it seems unrealistic.

  855. @psalm234‘s favororite drink! Lol

  856. Forget about Lin’s production. It is not gonna happen with Kobe and scott. It is what it is.

  857. Yes from stats it should Lin needs more than 30 minutes to perform well. The fact that BS held JLin to 29 minutes and benched him for 9 minute stretches didn’t help since he’s a rhythm player.

  858. Lol

  859. before getting booed by his own Lakers’ fans. It happened once already.

  860. Like Lin, we create …

  861. It’s depressing times man. Besides what kind of highlight vids can he make when Lin is only made 2 points and 1 ast last night? That’s going to be a 30 second video. 30 seconds!! That’s a shame man, not worth the time. lol.

  862. Would be interesting to see, but they say superstars don’t wanna come play for the Lakers right now. Kobe is one reason why..

  863. That’s how Paul always titles his vids. Calm down dude. Lol

  864. I woke up from a dream that MDA was hired as the next Kings coach. His only stipulation was that they must get Jeremy Lin.

    Now that’s a wet dream!

  865. I don’t understand why she needed to delete. Still lots of relevant info and it didn’t cost her any money to keep it there.

  866. Thing is why does he keep separating him and Davis when everyone including himself acknowledges they have a good chemistry? Even if Lin is low on his list, that’s pretty much a no-brainer to run more plays with them, but it seems like he deliberately ignores this.

  867. http://stats.nba.com/player/#!/202391/tracking/passes/?Season=2014-15&SeasonType=Regular%20Season

    There’s a fliter to set date range but I’m too lazy to look up the dates of him starting.

  868. It’s very disappointing that Lin doesn’t have a chance to play his game in LA. Melo probably told KOBE not to let ever recreate Linsnaity in LA because of what happened to him with the Knicks. Melo had to get MDA fired and replace him with someone who would put the ball back into his hands. I remember saying that the timing of Lin’s sudden dog house treatment began with the game where he out shined KOBE and had 21 points.

    It’s now obvious that Lakers from the top down only cares to make KOBE happy and the rest of the team are interchangeable scrub pieces. The fact that Mitch and the Busses don’t do anything is complicit to the marginalization of Lin and the rest of the team. It’s like JFK said “if you are not part of the solution, you AREA part of the problem”.

    As a fan of Lin, my own addiction of his life and trials often affects my psych. None of what we say ever affects what he does on court anyways. While the Internet is a way for lin fans to “connect”, it’s permanance is in “the clouds” somewhere for data scrubbers to make use of us. So my participation in these forums is really like an addiction that needs to be self regulated for my own sanity. Being a lin fan is a difficult task but his inspiration is what really draws people to him and NOT becasue he’s Asian. He is an underdog like a lot of people who have never been given a proper chance to succeed.

    The best thing lin has done recently is the creation of a prayer group. People often wonder if heaven exists. While I have never seen it myself, my guess is that it’s a bit like how we keep a place in our hearts for family and friends thousands of miles apart. I get to see my family once or twice a year and yet their spirit lives with me each day in a special place that is beyond physicality.

    I only learned this the hard way when a good friend and I had parted on bad terms over a silly incident. It was only afterwards that I realize how important each of our friends and love ones are to us. While this ex friend is living no more than a 10 minute drive away, his silence is felt deep in my safe place, my “heaven”. He is alive and yet he feels dead and gone now. This became clear when I could no longer feel his presence within my heart. My foundation of strength was shaken. When love is ever present its because we ARE connected to one another with our spirit. It is why even though my mom passed away many years ago, I don’t miss her the way I miss my ex friend.

    The best way for me to support Lin is not necessarily by declaration of physical support for him. It’s in adding my spiritual support to his foundation of strength.

  869. Why should JLin be so depressed with the loss when the coach, Kobe, Boozer, Nick are not when interviewed. Even the 3 commentators in TWC took it as a norm when it is 3 games in 4 nights. Likewise we as Lin fans should just forget about this game and move on.

  870. However don’t forget to vote JLin into the ASG 2015 as a protest vote for coach treatment thus far in Rox and Lakers. Twink twink…

  871. Lin needs our vote even more this season. http://www.nba.com/allstar/ or by tweet.

  872. Kobe is nothing like Jordan in anything other than stature.

    Their games are OPPOSITE.

    Jordan was a team player first, and he was pretty much a perfect player.

    Kobe Bryant is the brickiest and most selfish player in NBA history.

    The difference between Jordan and Bryant is akin to the difference between Jeremy Lin and Ronnie Price.

  873. I WISH that the NBA was more money oriented.

    If it was, Jeremy Lin would be featured more because so much money can be made off him.

    Instead, racial issues that have nothing to do with basketball keep knocking Lin out.

    It’s sad to see that racism overrides money, especially when it comes to the way Lin is currently being phased off the Lakers for being Asian.

  874. If a team comes forward asking for Lin, would Lakers let him go?

  875. Sometimes to get past tough times I focus on some event in the near future. Maybe we can just focus on the next game. Or mid season. I personally did not expect Kobe or Byron to change anything after Kobe surpassed MJ in points. However, things may change towards the end of the season.

  876. Yup, that is why I stop voting for Lin stats in every game. I want to vote high but not going to happen with BS as the ___ and I don’t want to vote low because I know Lin is capable more than that.

  877. The Lakers should not let Lin go for nothing. However Lin’s last 2 teams let him go for nothing, (or even worse!)

  878. I was thinking of the same thing. May be the Lakers sabotage Lin’s stat so none want him and the Lakers can sign him during FA.

  879. Elite players have to be ALLOWED to take over.

    Lin gets benched and punished for attacking and playing well.

  880. Agreed. Was wondering why there was nothing after a win but they interviewed Lin after an awful loss?!?!. I was looking for BS post interview and unable to find a word from him!!! Yes Lin’s shooting was off but that’s not the reason of this shameful team performance. He played 16 min only, at least not the main reason of it.

    Both Lin and Lin fans should move on. Just keep cheering for him when he delivers, and Don’t be sad if he’s not performing. We should understand that Lin is under constraint currently, and we all witness how BS prevents linsanity from the beginning.

    I guess we can expect more from Lin if the game is on national TV. They will require to use Lin properly as to save the dignity of the franchise…….

  881. Greg has excellent points in his latest article.
    I think it deserves its own thread for further discussion on what Jeremy can do to get more minutes in his currently marginalized role.

    Los Angeles Lakers – Jeremy Lin Regresses, Kobe Bryant Simply Won’t Stop


  882. From the Chinese forum, not sure about the source.

    They said Lin once told Taiwan media that he was requested by BS to leave the perimeter and help the bigs to protect the paint. Later, BS criticized Lin for the poor perimeter defense, giving no effort etc. Hence, the bench.

    Many fans (including me) do complain about his help defense……if it is the case, I feel really sorry for Lin…….his situation is beyond our imagination, glad that Lin has the Faith to overcome it…..

    Please vote for Lin. He needs fans support more than ever.

  883. I think there’s also a psychological factor to it. At some point, you just need to rest and relax when things are out of your control. And she probably felt the best way was to close it down for now. Hopefully she comes back someday.

  884. Ya! Pl do vote for Lin in this year’s ASG.

  885. Just wanted to share some views from LG:


    The post game analysis on various players and coach is quite fair and to the point. Some of the comments below also reflects what fans think of Lin vs BS.

  886. I created a new thread to discuss some ideas positively on what Jeremy can do to get more minutes in a system that takes away his PnR strength (no Lin/Davis), Kobe taking his PG job and under Byron Scott who favored a lesser player in Price.

    Remember we have to stay calm and positive in this frustrating situation.

    Whatever it may be, I’m convinced Lin is aware of this problem and is smart enough to know what he needs to do to survive and thrive in this system. It might take some time but he’s a survivor so I’m confident he will find away to overcome this latest challenge.

    – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/sportige-los-angeles-lakers-jeremy-lin-regresses-kobe-bryant-simply-wont-stop/#sthash.rn8LuZUA.dpuf

  887. LakeShowLife has a new article on 5 Possible Trade destinations for Jeremy Lin.


    1. Memphis
    2. New Orleans
    3. Boston
    4. Brooklyn
    5. Detroit

    If the situation with Lakers is not improving, I can see Lin and Lin fans be more open to these destinations rather than having Lin be marginalized on the bench with fewer minutes than HOU.

  888. I like DancingBarry’s message for Lin to “go down with a fight” if BScott doesn’t run enough PnR and will replace him with Clarkson

    Lin — — “It’s just a game that I wish I could have back,” Lin said. He played uninspired ball out there. The game was practically out of reach before he entered the game, but he brought nothing to the table when he entered the game. When asked about two-man game with Boozer and getting that going, he talked about the usage rate of the pick and roll in this season and said it’s the lowest of his career. Basically, Scott isn’t letting him play to his strengths with much consistency. It’s true and pretty annoying. But if you’re going to be benched for Clarkson in the first half, screw it. Run what you want and just get it done. Go down with a fight.

    The Stats: He scored 2 points on 0-6 shooting (0-1 from three, 2-2 from the line) to go with 1 assist, 1 turnover and 1 foul in 17 minutes. He was a -1.

    The Action: He missed a lefty layup on an up-and-under move. He missed an open wing three. He pushed it up with a couple seconds left and drew a tripping foul with 0.6 left in the quarter, he made both FTs. He attacked to his left and missed the layup. He missed a 19-footer (looked like he had Boozer open under the hoop). He fumbled a dribble away, dunk for the Pacers. He barely hit rim on a step-back jumper.

    Second Half: He gave up a straight line layup. He went under the screen and gave up a wide open three as he and the big weren’t on the same page. He pressured his man into a bad pass and turnover. He attacked the paint and missed layup over a big (might have gotten away with a clear-out foul).

  889. I guess Lin already did his fight in that Boston game deviating from BS’s “game plans” and it did not help him at all. I kind of think Lin is playing with a mental tiredness now which is really hard to overcome. His mind is just very foggy with no sunshine, which have affected his concentration in shooting.

  890. Blaiyan made a 45-sec highlights

  891. The situation is so confusing for Lin.

    BScott benched him after the BOS game, then asked him to play D and facilitate. But there was no PnR to help him facilitate consistently.

    It’s hard not to think BS went out of his way not to feature Lin’s strength.
    He’s too busy catering to what made Kobe look good.

    At the end of the day, scoring is the staying power in the NBA.
    Lin would have no other choice than finding ways to score to “force” the coaches to use him in a game.

    Lakers and BScott coaching are simply a mess.
    I think Mitch chose him to appease Kobe+tanking at the same time because he knows BScott system won’t be good enough to compete.

    Lin needs to figure out a way to survive this “Keith Smart Part 2” where he was benched for Acie Law as @real-dsb called it

  892. yeah, that looks like the case, as it was the original plan for it, and that killed the 3 pt defense. And it is not like Price did any better than Lin, that part I totally don’t understand. Price was even worse. Price float a lot of times and totally just left his man. He don’t even tried to recover, so people would think it is other people did not rotate.

  893. good time for him to practice 1:1 iso play. He had a good drive yesterday, but just was not able to finish. He should try to do that more. Don’t rely on his teammates.

  894. Detroit, boston, and brooklyn. given if william and rando is traded

  895. one thing I noticed that since join Lakers, pre-game practice for Lin, I saw him practice way more long 2s, but not 3s. When he was in in Rockets, he practice 3s all the time, but here, he was shooting one step inside 3 point line, would that gradually decrease his range? His 3s somehow was not as sharp as last season. At least I was not feeling that way. Not sure what it is.

    Also for his defense, there is plenty of time that he was with his man, but looks like he is not strong enough to either stop them or force them change direction, so even he is there, they still fine a way to get deep into the paint, that’s another thing puzzles me, somehow I thought he used to be better than that, he used to have problem to catch up, but this year, he was with them, but still not able to do something, that’s kind of frustrate though. Why is that?

  896. that’s the spirit :]
    We gotta keep fighting to overcome challenges!

  897. OKC PreGame thread+Poll is open

    Let’s move forward to the next game. And hope Jeremy keeps fighting hard to overcome this challenge!
    It’s good to hear Jeremy expressing his frustration of not being able to bring his capability to the team (insinuating BScott and the system doesn’t run enough PnR utilizing his strength)


  898. true, I like the starting position and a lot of minutes too!

  899. All are not bad I guess…

  900. They will lose him anyways at the end of the season.

  901. Yes sir!!

  902. Silly media targets the Asian guy to explain lakers blowouts.

  903. He always seemed to funnel his player to a big for a block or slow them down so he could catch up. The Lakers big not helping as much. When boozer is motivated I notice Lin is able to stay with his man

  904. I think by now enough players like JLin. Don’t know about racism in sports but I guess I’ve sat the bench enough to know you just have no say in what a coach wants to do. It’s a very sick feeling to know you can help win games, and you are sitting sitting sitting …

  905. I’m still full of hopes that Jeremy Lin will come back strong in the next game against the Thunder. I have always admired Jeremy’s resilience and I’m sure he’ll give us a few more surprises before this year ends. Go, Jeremy!

  906. I’m glad Dancing Barry has recognized the bad impact of Byron Scott’s mistreatment of Lin.

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