G24 LAL @ MIN PreGame Thread+Poll

Kobe will probably surpass MJ’s scoring record against MIN Timberwolves.

Will Byron Scott play Lin more because he has done what’s required from him: play great defense and facilitate his teammates, especially Kobe to shine? Plus he threw in some needed scoring plus excellent Point Guard plays not to cause costly turnovers.

Whatever it might be, let’s hope Lin build on his strong game against the Spurs and be trusted as the best PG in the Lakers.

If it takes him to facilitate to let Kobe shine, let it be so Lin has great numbers to help this team win for his future Free Agency.


Guess JLin's stats



  1. First
    Let’s go let’s go!

  2. For Lakers to win our hope is that the coach has learnt a lesson from the Spurs game, that the 2nd unit & Lin must have more playtime and freedom to play team basketball.

  3. Let the True Force be upon JLin, YEAH!

  4. I voted 15pts/7asts as Lin continues to make his imprint as the best PG in the game!

  5. The secret to my power are these ‘Force’ chocolates.

    Edit: Sorry so big…I need to edit.

  6. Ahem…the secret to my power are these ‘Force’ chocolates.
    I’ll pass them to Lin.

    In next dream.

  7. For this game and assuming he and 2nd unit are given more playtime, I hope for 20 points with 8 assists!

  8. He might have done it last game too if he had a better 2nd half, and didn’t miss those FTs.

  9. ahhh.. I don’t mind so much this yummy ‘Dark Force’ chocolate! LOL

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    Edit: Great! Thanks!

  11. And it was against a tougher competitor. For the Minnesota game the Lakers cannot take them lightly just like the earlier game and the coach should have learnt his lesson not to bench Lin in the 4Q.

  12. Second.

  13. Where you got this? Does it taste good?

  14. I got it at a grocery store near my house but I haven’t eaten them. I couldn’t bear to bite into his head.

  15. So Sweeeeet

  16. I hope Scott continues to start Price and then only play him 17 mins (in an OT game, nonetheless) just because that would show how ridiculous it is for the starting PG to have 17 mins, 0 pts, 0-4 fg, 2 ast, and spotting the opponent a 10-0 lead. While the “backup” PG has 30 mins, 14 pts, 6-14 fg, 8 ast, and assists the game winning shot.

  17. LOL. Let’s see what boneheaded BS and Kobe will do next game. The only hope I have is for JLin continues to stay healthy, playing well and improving his game.

  18. JLin’s post game with Chinese subtitle. Chinese fans are great in translating all sorts of JLin stuffs for those that may not understand English well.

  19. This is why I’m so confused about this. If they really are trying to tank, why not let Price play more?

    Unless they really believe that he’s better at defense, but if that’s the case, why not still let him play more?

    We all know Kobe is the real coach, so Kobe is the one that is dictating who starts and who doesn’t.

    But obviously Kobe knows Lin is better than Price. We also know Kobe does want the fame, but at the same time, he also wants to win. It’s like two polar sides of him are fighting for dominance πŸ˜€

    So having Lin off the bench let’s Kobe have the glory, but then having Lin play more can help them secure the win.

    The problem he doesn’t realize is that if he really wants to win, he would let Lin play more. As we know, when Lin’s usage goes up, he gets better. But then that would also make Lin more praised, and that’s where Kobe’s ego comes into play.

    Hah, obviously this is just all conjecture but at least this help makes sense of things.

    Overall, this situation is still 100 times better than Houston.

  20. Scott did say he would stick with this lineup for 10-15 games before readjusting it again. Let’s see if he can keep his own promise. LOL

  21. You’ve got it right. Everything is Kobe. Kobe’s ego just get into his way. He is just a senile aging man. That’s why. He wants everything but he can’t get it without JLin. That’s the reason why JLin said “It has been tough lately. Pray for him in his latest vid.”

  22. Well, it was a failed change but his boneheaded may get in the way. Kobe won’t share the fame is the main problem.

  23. This is my interpretation:

    > If they really are trying to tank, why not let Price play more? Unless they really believe that he’s better at defense, but if that’s the case, why not still let him play more?

    It is my belief that Scott is not tanking. He’s old school, they don’t do tanking. He believes that Price is a better defender than Lin, so Scott’s starting Price based on that. However, when he saw how the Spurs just ran over the Lakers starting unit 10-0, Scott realized that Price was neither good on offense nor defense.

    > So having Lin off the bench let’s Kobe have the glory.

    I don’t believe that Kobe would be threatened whatsoever by Lin’s game taking away his glory. As long as Kobe is scoring the most pts on the team, which he would even if Lin was scoring 20 ppg, Kobe would be fine with that. I think that Kobe is just used to playing with purely “role player” style guards and couldn’t adjust to playing with a someone like Lin, who plays best when the offense goes through Lin.

  24. OK, here’s the play: “Get the —- out of my way!”

  25. Lakers need to respect every competition.
    This is the reason why Lakers lost to Wolves.
    Lakers need to bounce back and take what they lost.
    BS should let Lin play in every closing minutes.
    Kobe needs to trust more on his team and be the
    best playmaker in Lakers uniform.
    Lin needs to be more productive and be the energy
    guy Lakers are looking for. Lin sometimes lack
    on this aspect and this is the reason why coaches
    are treating him like a player with no defensive intensity.
    Lin now leads the 2nd unit. No reason to whine now.
    BS democratically used the media to free Lin with Kobe.
    BS knows how to play with politics. And he’s starting
    to figure out the right Players for his Princeton Offense:
    Lakers Trio Guards : Kobe/Lin/Swaggy.

  26. I watched the game. Scot was quick to call his players while Pop is busy trying to contest with the referee to watch the replay contesting for ball possession. BS timely called his team. While Lakers are getting back in the court, that was the only time Pop started the huddle for a final play. Ball didn’t got sticky this time after Kobe realizes that he’s making more turnovers and he needs to look for his teammates. They won this time vs the champ

  27. I think BS thought price was better. Better defense, doesn’t make mistakes. Turns out defense is not better and he doesn’t make mistakes because he doesn’t do anything. Someone pointed out Lin is controlled chaos. This is unsettling for a coach.

    But I like Lin with the second unit, he could play more freely with the ball in his hands rather then Kobe. Lin does a lot of the leg worth, Kobe rests, and Kobe gets the glory. Typical Asian situation, do a lot of work behind the scene and the bosses get the glory.

  28. So funny of these two Taiwanese commentors on the last Lakers possession.

  29. Did Kobe wack Lin’s head for not taking the shot?

  30. Not sure. Wasn’t able to watch this part as the streaming was lagging when I tried to watch the game. According to this vid clip, seem to me that Kobe was actually giving “Kobe’s way of support” to JLin. Not sure. Actually they were more having fun of JLin’s passing the “time bomb” to Young because of his “Harvard degree” and would be benched if Young didn’t make it but he was already in bench… Just very funny of how they said it.

  31. Thanks for the interpretation, but in the video was Kobe smacking Lin’s head and talking in anger.

  32. For those may have missed this from last thread.
    Thanks everyone for watching my games.
    Thanks everyone praying for me.
    It has been rather difficult lately but I believe God always take care of me and He has a perfect plan for me.
    I’m in Minnesota now and will go for a rest. Good night.

  33. No idea. Believe it was more a “Kobe way of saying well done JLin.” Some fans weren’t too happy for what Kobe was doing. They didn’t like when PB did it as well. It did make me uncomfortable as well (first time said it:-). Never like people wack anyone’s head for whatever reason.

  34. Just curious! Anyone knows who is this lady with glasses sitting behind Lin? She is always sitting behind the LAL team’s bench.

  35. Boozer patting Jeremy’s head πŸ™‚

  36. Think she is a medic staff for Kobe , there was a pic with her massaging Kobe while Lin was in the next bed with his leg being dressed.

  37. Thank you!

  38. Kobe wasn’t angry at Jeremy. As Melody said, Kobe’s way of saying good job.

  39. Hahaha….the commentators said Kobe had expected Lin to shoot. They said since Lin is from Harvard, his thinking of coz is different from high school graduate…..they joked Lin must have calculated and knew he should not shoot and pass to others to take the blame.

  40. Hey guys, have not posted much lately because very busy at work. I have been reading the posts. It seems to me that Kobe has had to do a lot of backtracking on his behavior of late. Kobe told Ding that he was uncomfortable watching how he acted out at the practice. The old Kobe would have never done that. Kobe is now realizing that he is becoming irrelevant in the league and people are not going to put up with has bad boy behavior anymore. I also think the Busses recent interview was a show of solidarity to let kobe know that , although we love you and appreciate all you have done, but we won’t be giving you another contract.

    I think Jeannie realized Kobe’s behavior of late has hurt the organization’s image. The fact that she stated that she it us hard for her to let go of people sometimes, but she needs to do what is right, that she is letting Kobe go.just some thoughts

  41. it was actually the wrong pass from lin. wes was wide open. on most night wes is where lin should of gone. the esp. announcers said this during the game. lol but hey sometimes you get lucky…. ill take it

  42. no wes was wide open. that was what kobe was mad about. esp. commentators mention kobe mad because of it. on most nights lin should pass it to wes

  43. Kobe’s physio. Chinese lady.

  44. Yes, the ball should give to the most open man. Given Young was hot that night with 5 3s made, Lin might consider Young is a better option even he is not as open as Wes.

    A win is a win. I’ll take it anyway

  45. ill take it but next time give it to wes

  46. Sure Lin will learn it after re-watch the game. But for me, I am hoping Lin to make a game winning shot…..been waiting too long for another one.

  47. My take is that the front office supports Jeremy. At the same time they are happy to tank and want to appear loyal to Kobe.

    Scott genuinely likes Price (I recall Scott was involved in recruiting him). Scott probably knows that the front office is happy to tank this year so he has a long leash.

    I suspect Scott is just not happy that Lin had become the lead guard at times. The stuff Lin has been doing is what he wants Kobe to do. Lin is confused because they encouraged him but then pulled back.

    Very messy scenario. You’ll need a Harvard mind to figure this out.

  48. well thats the 2 of us

  49. So sweet!

  50. I totally agree with you that the F/O supports lin. I think the the Lakers have 2 movements going on. They are supporting kobe with llip service, but they seem to be posting lin pictures every where. Lin had 2 pictures on TCW sportnet, with him serving up assists. Maybe that was done to appease lin’s fans, who knows. Kobe has hurt the reputation of the Lakers with his behavior and everything that the journalist reported in the earlier article serms to be true. I don’t think they are trying to purposely tank, but it happens, it happens. BTW Scott’s job is only as secure as Kobe’s next injury, not wishing any harm on kobe , just my opinion.

  51. She’s been with the Lakers for quite some time. In fact Kobe insisted she travel with him and the rest of the USA basketball team at the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics. There’s is a very good article about her if you google “Judy Seto” and look for article titled “LA’s Secret Weapon…” dated July 5, 2012.

  52. Boozer is probably the one who close to Lin in the team the most now…Lakers teammates are not as warm as Rox.

  53. I think lin is figuring out how to play with these players, like making chess moves. Kobe is so worried about lin stealing his thunder, that i think lin will unconsciously defer to Young, like he did in the last game. At this point lin doesn’t trust kobe and anything that kobe says to him goes through on ear and out the other. I am glad lin didn’t fall for the okie doke in that last play when kobe passed the ball to him in the last minutes of the game beacuse he knew it was a bailout and he gave it to Young because he knew Young would shoot it and if it went in it was good and if he missed it would not be on him. BTW, Young has a 4 year contract with the Lakers. .Anyway just some thoughts

  54. I see some opinions on here about the last minute play decision that lin made to pass the ball to Young instead if Wes. I didn’t see the play, but couldn’t have been possible that lin didn’t see Wes open or could it have been that lin although saw Wes was open that perhaps his pass would have been picked off because lin has the SAS game plan down pat. Just some questions

  55. No doubt that lin knows Wes was there. It just the question of why lin pass to young instead. I think it was a right decision.

  56. I think it was the right decision. That is why I asked the question

  57. simplest reason is that NYoung has the hottest hand that day, isn’t it?

  58. Lin was double teamed, I’m not even sure he could see Johnson was standing in the corner. Besides Young was hot all night.

  59. A friend of mine told me that Pops had stated in an interview that kobe was not going yo surpass MJ on his team. So I guess Pops at least accomplished that. LoL

  60. I went back and watchef dome highlights and you are right, lin was doubled team, and Wes wad no less open than Young wad, so I think he went with the hot hand

  61. Well that too. Reasons are:
    1. if pass to Wes. Spurs will have about 11 seconds left for one last hit. They were only down 1. So usually the team who can make the last shot can win. Not to mention THE TEAM we are talking about here is SPURS…
    2. They were only down one, so Lin did not want to settle for a 3. He sought to drive 1st, off off an catch to attack the close out players. However, he was stopped due to Spurs’ elite defense.
    3. Young was not just hot, he can creat off the dribble. Perfect person for the last hit.

    Now, the only bad thing about this is Lin said he was not aware of the shot clock. He probably thought they still have about 4-6 seconds. ALL in all, even if he was aware, I think passing to Young is better

  62. BTW, I love those Lin step/hop back jumpers…..good pick up from this summer. Better than those pivot moves…

  63. Maybe Mark will have chance to replace Scott in the future?!


  64. Her last name sounds like Japanese

  65. 同是倩梯ζ·ͺ落人

  66. All og a sudden they are writing about Marsden as a positive charge for thr players, hmm scott needs to watch his back…LOL

  67. Kobe scolded Lin after that play. It was meant to be catch and shoot. Like the play Lin made last year to Troy Daniels. Unfortunately, Lin took a couple dribbles and got double teamed. Lin turns around and found Nick, luckily Nick made the shot.

  68. Hes a stanford grad. He can’t be slower, stubborn and more predictable than Scott.

    Plus, unlike Scott, he seems to be a true “Lin fan”

  69. i don’t believe in coaches as lin fans. frankly idc if they re lin fans. as long as the believe in him when things get tough

  70. in the first unit he is the pg its obvious. don’t work but scott is stupid soo….

  71. also lae in game he was always the pg

  72. He is such a dumb azz.what makes him think kobe want be exhausted for the next game. Kobe still will 36 years at the next game. .smh

  73. well definition of insanity

  74. IMO, it’s funny that people question why Lin chose Young for the last shot. I’ve compared poker to athletics for the mental aspect of why great poker players control their “luck”. This is why pro athletes are often so supersticious because no matter what they do or how great their skills, there will ALWAYS be an element of chance. You could call the perfect play to the hottest hand for a sure win and an opponent screws up correctly by being in the “wrong” place to interrupt a pass to drive to the winning shot. That’s the nature of sports! It’s like a hot roller on the roulette table, you ride his hot hand. A great PG will assess who is hot, what opponents will give you and play the risk rewards of Lady Luck that night to “roll” with the hot hand.

  75. Kobe needs to shut it down. Lin was cold in the last quarter, do why would he take that shot. I am glad lin didn’t fall for Kobe’s okie doke plan.kobe waswas trying to stop Young from out scoring him .LOL

  76. it was still the wrong pass. on most nights. but it work soo really who cares if it was the wrong pass.

  77. Well, BS has been using Kobe AS the point guard all season even though Kobe’s official job title is “shooting guard”. The only reason for BS to “change” Kobe’s position to PG now is because his plan A for reducing Lin’s minutes (defensive stopper Ronnie) failed. Let’s see how long before his plan B (Kobe as PG) also fails lol.

  78. Wow, you recognize Boozer’s hand? How?

  79. She could be part Japanese. There’s also a similar Chinese last name, Szeto.

  80. You’d probably say the same if Wes missed

  81. Why was it a wrong pass? From looking at the highlights Wes was no less open than Young. I personally think kobe was trying to set lin up to miss the shot beacuse lin was cold in the 4th quarter. Lin knew he was cold. I personally think kobe passed it to lin as a bailout and also stop Young ftom getting snymore points.kobe is always suspect to me these days

  82. it look wide ope when lin first got the ball but he dribbled too much. the announcer also mentioned it right after it happened. anyways it worked but as a pg dribble dribble dribble and bail out shot is not good especially late in game. he has to work on making quicker choices

  83. I totally agree.

  84. Yeah those have been great and he’s been hitting a bunch of those on both sides of the court and off glass. Keeps the wear on his body, too.

  85. As I stated before lin played it perfectly because they won.you would be that fan if lin missed, would be complaining if he missed.So is d***ed if he does and d***ed if he doesn’t. smh

  86. I think FO’s really not happy about Scott, this article came out after the won vs Spurs.

  87. lin isn’t perfect which show in that play. as a pg he of all people has to know where to go or what to do. if he shot it i would be happy even he missed. my point is be quicker and more decisive. again wes was the better pass. he probably got a little nervous at that moment its ok. we have seen him make that pass a million times. it worked last game. but i can bet he young misses that shot atlas 70 percent of the time or more if we did that same shot 100 times. pg have to be efficient. all i said was he wasn’t on that play

  88. Thank you so much!

  89. also am i and the commentators crazy we both say what happen. it non debatable. this league is about efficiency. that last shot wasn’t effiecent

  90. Hope he does it more when Price is in because Price is as good as not having a PG.

  91. Wrote this on the other site, figured I’d copy it here, too.

    He wrote these articles on his website during Linsanity (but I guess most people were writing positive articles then).


    And he had this tweet of Lin working out at their facility:

    Some people here speculate he might have had a hand in getting Lin to LA but I haven’t seen anything substantial to suggest that other than the above.

  92. i can’t believe people are saying that last pass was a great idea. well anyways kobe and the commentators who either play or have played ball are wrong. yep that makes a lot of sense

  93. Exactly! Always not good enough whatever Lin did!

    I am wondering why this “Mr. Know it all” blah blah here and not in NBA if he is so good! They condemned others not good enough to make themselves feel good! We all know how insecure they are but they are blind! See enough of these bs people! Remember Metalogic7 type?

  94. wow so lin is perfection. he makes zero mistakes

  95. Why are you not in NBA? LOL!

  96. Doesnt matter! Why you soooo good and not in NBA?

  97. why are you so lets guess I’m wrong also kobe. also the commentators who said it was the wrong pass who have either played or coached in the nba. idc how we sell it it was the wrong pass

  98. No , he is human, so human makes mistakes, you dont have to say it and repeat it many times within 24 hours! What is your intention? You are better or something else?

  99. Kobe or anyone has wrong passes, TO, airball etc., they are all human make mistakes, why do you have to mention Lin’s last pass to Nick Young is wrong for so many times within the 24 hours?

  100. i will have criticisms on lin where it is warranted. it was the wrong pass that all that was said. he panicked a little. its ok. idk why you are protecting him so much. he got benched for holding the ball too long and bad pg skills this season. like he did on that play. didn’t know whether to shoot or pass. of course i have to be liked by people here so say lin is great and say bad things about kobe and scott. he has been better but still has ways to go

  101. he held the ball too long thats all i said. its little things as a pg he has to work on. especially in this slow offense.

  102. he is a pg. he has to make the best play and be as efficient as humanly possible. which he wasn’t on that play.

  103. Commercial for Adidas?

  104. Nobody is saying it was a great idea. There you go, selecting what you want. You are just upset beacuse you can’t get anyone to agree with you. You always do this.My
    comment was that is was the right play because they won…smh

  105. Of course a baby needs to learn to crawl before walking, it is all learning process, why is that bugging you so much? If i am so good i dont need to coach in this forum bugging the same Lin last pass for 24 hours, i will be in NBA coaching!LOL!

  106. I don’t think lin was really thinking that much. He drove right on instinct got cutoff, knew the clock was low and passed to Young, the only guy at that moment he could easily pass to. People overanlyzing.

  107. i passively said it was the wrong pass which it was and ill live with it. but next time when its late in game he needs to makes better quicker choices. thats it

  108. ofcourse. i wasn’t arguing that. its a learning situation. next time do better all i said

  109. I hope you apply the job to coach Lin, if you got hired, come back to announce it, i will respect you!

  110. He probably also thought since he was getting double teamed by Ginobili that Young must be open. Ginobili did a good job at quickly getting back to Young.

  111. Kobe under mda played pg, it was disaster. Kobe at pg will lead to disaster again. He will be hard trapped and lose the ball so much the experiment will end after another big losing streak.

  112. stop trying to insult me and failing do better

  113. I like mad dog compared to Scott the fool

  114. That was one pass, and it happened that it worked out. How about calling out the real culprit, kobe he is the one that held on to the ball to long with his bailout passes.

  115. Good for you, i hope to see you in NBA playing or coaching one day! things happened on the court is totally different compared to you talk here! Talk is cheap!

  116. yes that is true as well. again i only wish lin to be better is it a bit harsh at times yes but he will be better he is so close to his price 1-2 more years

  117. again you need a trolling coach. do better

  118. Then dont keep complaining the Lin bad pass so many times for the last 24 hours, enough is enough!

  119. Why are people keep bringing up the last play of Lin at OT, he didn’t make the perfect play or whatever but he made something happened didn’t he? It’s a preview thread now, so if you still upset on his last play two days ago I think you should get into you car, drive to Home Depot, buy some wood boards and nails, go build a bridge and GET OVER IT!!!

  120. did i complain or was i replying to people saying it was a great pass.

  121. i didn’t bring it up. they did and i replied

  122. that is fair

  123. If Kobe was done off this team (kobe has corrupted hill as well so Hill can
    LEave too), this team would be fun, young, and winning! Like gsw 2 years ago, sigh….

  124. ESPN also grilled Kobe post game.

  125. The perfect explanation. I agree

  126. Last play of Lin to Nick Young won the game! You are digging bone from egg? I am enjoying my ice cream to celebrate Lin’s last smart talented assist to Nick Young!

  127. what

  128. I don’t think he even had that much time to think. Just instinctual play by him.

  129. I really like that Lin shot the ball more. First half pull ups is the way to play on this team. Liked it. Keep that up and he can survive season.

  130. me two wish he also got the ft of last year

  131. Link?

  132. It’s probably pre-programmed into his drives, drive to draw defenders and kick out to open man. Or drive and penetrate and get to the rim. Probably becomes a reflex.

  133. You know better!

  134. Here is the ESPN interview where Kobe talks about his trash talking in practice, and says he feels a bit uncomfortable watching it.

    See : http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=12022216

  135. Passing the ball to the hottest shooter on the team is NEVER a bad idea, especially when he makes the shot!

    My own general rule is that I never complain about passes or shots that produce points!

  136. exactly, how he grew up playing imo

  137. Alain, I have played ball for decades and can tell you Lin did the right thing. Did Kobe really say anything negative? On the replay, he raised his hands to stomach level like any pro would to receive, but I didn’t see him yell for it or waive. Also, “commentators”= Mark Jacko. He’s being Smart so he can get over losing his GSW 20-2.

    Finally, had you played bball for years, this is your choice too because Lin moved toward Kobe to receive the triple bailout. By the time he caught it. he was already past Wes and would have had to do a no-look, time pressured jump pass (because he was guarded on the left having moved toward Kobe). That would have been dumb, because he would have had no idea. It was not a normal swing-swing like people think they are calling, but an in motion play where as far as Lin was concerned, the timing AND the movement took Wes out of the play for HIM. Hence, the easy open look.

    The only way Lin would have played it better would have been to hold it half another second to really get Manu locked in so Swaggy would have a wide open no cover look. But, that would have been risky because as you move into the play, you cannot watch the clock like in normal face-ups, and anyway, how did Lin know Swaggy would take a dribble for rhythm that would take him directly back into the Manu recovery?

    Watch the replay. I’d be happy to take screen shots to prove my point. because it exists in vid. Someone else here can do it too. The way I say it is: Kobe Triple. Lin double, Swaggy 0 dribbling into 1. That’s it. In Swags hot zone. Great Team play. Amazing team play.

  138. It would be more manly and truthful if Kobe Bryant just flat out admitted that he’s trying to protect his brand.

  139. read above joyce. It was the right play because any real bball players knows it’s motion that counts, not just where you are the instant Kobe throws his pass.

  140. I agree.

    Besides, passing to Wes Johnson usually results in a miss no matter how close Johnson is to the basket!!!

  141. There is no “better” play than the one that GOES IN.

  142. This!

  143. lol of course

  144. Normally people go all “could’ve should’ve would’ve” when something DIDN’T work, so I’m perplexed by why some are going after Jeremy for not making the right decision. Classic means beat the ends.

  145. No it wasn’t.

    It’s always a good thing for the hottest shooting player to be getting passes in crunchtime.

  146. Agree’d, I don’t think he thought Manu could get back to Young so quickly because he came to double team. But looks like Manu kind of just stunted, not really fully commit to Jeremy and had already had his weight shifting back to get to Young which is why he was able to recover so quickly.

  147. He still has the maturity and class of a High School kid.

  148. great points. you maybe right there. all i will say if lin was too far from wes then the spacing was bad or the play was a broken play which is a shocker given they had a timeout. if you are right then scotts play calling and coaching was bad on that last play which young bailed him out not lin

  149. Even high school kids know that you have to have game first before you can talk smack.

  150. meaning young didn’t bail lin out

  151. something was off with the play. i thought it was lin could be scotts coaching

  152. Give SOME credit to the Spurs and their championship caliber defense!

  153. Point well taken, my apologies to high school kids who are mature and classy. Kobe’s just a spoiled high school brat and bully.

  154. that as well. that defense was great after halftime. which is why lin only scored 2 after halftime. also he got cold

  155. Lin’s LUCKY that Kawhi Leonard wasn’t playing.

    Popovich would’ve stuck his best defender in Leonard on Lin to choke the entire Lakers team.

    While Lin would not have been stripped by Leonard, it would have made life difficult for Lin from a shooting standpoint.

  156. The sad truth = =.

  157. as well as kobe

  158. What is this Scott coaching thing you speak of? πŸ™‚

  159. The difference between Bryant and Lin is that the Spurs don’t have to assign special defenders or do special traps to bait Bryant into bricking while Lin gets the full trap treatment because Lin historically has made life difficult for the Spurs.

    Aside from Leonard, the Spurs don’t have an athlete to guard Lin with.

  160. No, the spacing was good but Wes was out of the play and should have been moving because the angles got cut off. The movement of the play and the lack of clock dictated how it came out. Lin just flowed like water and won it yet again, painful as that is for Jackson fans to admit. Mr. Bitter anyone?

  161. jackson whose that

  162. Manu played that so great. He was part of Trple on Kobe, Double on Lin, and had a great challenge on Swaggy. Just like a Lin tornado on D. Also, I think it was Cory Joseph on Lin’s left – he cut off Wes and the interior. Wow.

  163. PS, had Swaggy not taken his dribble to get to the line and rhythm, I think Manu was out. I’ll look again, for you bro ha ha.

  164. ohh mark jackson. great argument today well done.

  165. Wes = miss very true during the game, so any not in crunch OT you are ON!

  166. lol true also man lin would be something on that team

  167. He made the right decision. Ppl as just echoing without knowing the way movement goes in a pressure game. Gotta have experience for that. Jacko is tryin’ to be Kerr ha ha.

  168. lol fair

  169. Maybe Madsen should too, Scott may bench him…(although he is already there).

  170. exactly – it was a team effort for the win.

  171. Lin would be a very fine “backup” on the Spurs, which means that he’d probably START but give way to bench players that play more minutes!

    To provide scoring balance, Gregg Popovich has essentially stripped the starting lineup of scorers outside of Parker and Duncan. The Spurs are constantly looking for more scoring from the bench, so Popovich plows his offensive minded players into the bench to cover for Duncan sitting!

    Jeremy Lin with his court spacing skills off the ball and rugged defense would be a good starter for the Spurs. Of course, starting shooting guards for the Spurs often don’t play many minutes!

  172. the way they painted it made me think lin made a mistake. i will watch what they say closer next time. and not believe them as easily

  173. it would be a dream. also given spurs age

  174. I see this as a yellow card for Scott.

  175. Then some people complain that he’s thinking too much and needs to play freely, instinctively.

  176. lol that is also very true

  177. no win with ppl using Lin to be at his level you know what I mean. I just follow Lin to learn from him at my lower level lol.

  178. I think the NBA is rigged and lakers will go on a winning streak into the Xmas game. Or at least win like 4 of next 6

  179. you forget the laker play down to bad teams

  180. You had me at NBA is rigged. πŸ™‚

  181. lol.

  182. JoeTeam, check the highlights again. Jeremy does not go toward Kobe at all. Lin is actually moving AWAY from Kobe and when he catches it, it even looks like he might be faking left before driving right. Either that or it’s the momentum of Kobe’s pass or the pass itself may have been off mark. He could have easily passed it to Wes as soon as he caught the ball.


  183. You’re preaching to the choir but wow i really enjoyed your analysis. πŸ™‚

  184. True, except that Wes was 3/3 from beyond the arc that night.

  185. you can believe them, but maybe check video before you amplify what Mark Jackson says. Media might have an agenda lol. Indivs in media well documented to have personal agendas might heighten your awareness too. Just look them up.

  186. thank you sir. I will have to so screen shots next because I’ve had to write this about 6 times due to that inaccurate breakdown by Mark Jackson.

  187. Yes sir

  188. ok I could be wrong, I remember a freeze frame where Wes has his hands out and Lin cannot get over his man for the pass.

  189. I agree and I think that he drove out of instinct as well, got trapped by a second player so he had to pass out to the nearest guy, which was Nick Young. Some people think it was a set play to get the ball to Wes, but to be honest, it’s almost always Kobe taking the last shot, even if there’s like 5 people guarding him he’ll still chuck it. So did Scott wise up and actually design a play without Kobe taking the shot? Was the shot supposed to be for Lin to take? Did Kobe break the play and pass out to teammates?

    OK, let’s review this play slowly. The highlights is below, start at 3:18.

    One defender, Cory Joseph, was in between Wes and Lin. Kobe, double teamed, passes to Lin, and Joseph goes immediately to Lin to cover him, leaving Wes completely wide open in the corner since Belinelli was covering Hill on the post. I think Hill might have actually been holding him, preventing him from going to Wes right away. At this point, Lin could have easily whipped the ball to Wes for the corner 3. Wes, like Young was also hot that night, 3/3 for 3-pointers. I’m not sure if Lin even realized Wes was open because he almost immediately drove and Joseph obstructed his view. Well, you see Wes clapping his hands and jumping up and down since he knew he was wide open. At this point Belinelli turns around and rotates to Wes and Duncan rotates down to Hill and Lin passes to Young, which at that angle looks like it may have been easily intercepted by Ginobli.

    After Young swishes the 3 you see Wes running to the middle of the court and raising both his arms up. At 3:29 you see Kobe in the background looking in Lin’s direction raising hands with palms up and shrugging, possibly suggestive of “what happened?” and I’m assuming Lin told him why he passed it to Young for whatever reason.

    Now being that Lin has not been part of end of game plays for a while now and Kobe usually taking the last shot anyway, maybe Lin was feeling out of rhythm especially being on the bench for so long. It’s possible he panicked and drove out of instinct and he wasn’t closely guarded by Joseph. If Kobe was supposed to take the last shot, then maybe he was caught off guard. We don’t know a lot of details so hard to say. Some say since Young was hot that night that’s why Lin made the pass to him. That’s also possible. Personally I think he just passed to him because he was stuck and Young was close to him. Alain is asking if that was the right play. I agree that it should have gone to Wes. It was the safer play IMHO out of the two. But Young made 5/7 3-pointers so that was good as well.

    To further complicate our debate, Lin by his own admission thought there was more time on the shot clock. So that also makes you wonder what he was thinking at the time. JoeTeam was saying that was just Lin being self-deprecating and giving the credit to teammates. I’m not so sure but I don’t rule that out either.

    I enjoy the debating but I feel people are attacking posters instead of debating the play. Anyway, Lin got an assist and they won the game so let’s look forward to revenge game against Minnesota tonight.


  190. Thank YOU for taking the time to share.

    BTW, this is why Houston’s propaganda worked. It takes a few seconds to BS or to tell a blatant lie, but it takes time to write up a serious breakdown of the true situation, and then casual fans are either too lazy to read or simply lack the basketball savvy to truly understand.

  191. Yes, that’s when he started to drive in I believe. Hard to catch real time, had to watch many times! I wish Youtube had a slowmo button.

  192. agreed

  193. Yes sir!!

  194. I think your point is valid, though. See my posts below.

  195. Linsanity!!!,

  196. You’re linear thinking betrays your analysis. KOBE playing point from the right elbow started a chain of events that made the desperation shot a necessity. This is what happens when a PG tries to call his own number all the time. Instead of looking at Lin’s decision as a mistake, look more holistically at the bigger picture of why the team is stagnantly watching KOBE attack 3 guys, then roll towards the middle creating absolutely no spacing for an easy shot. All 10 players were on the left side. KOBE created a situation where he put Lin, Young or Wes to win with a low percentage 3. Lin made a gamble to create an easier shot by putting on the floor. Unfortunately the defence was better and note how he sealed lin in from going into the middle. If lin was able to get by him, he could have had a very high percentage rim or mid shot for the win.

    A good point guard must set the team up for the final shots to win a game by creating patterns of play for that night with proper spacing that allows for multiple optimum options. Kobe did exactly the opposite.

  197. The more kobe is pissed off at Lin when the fakers are winning, the more you can relax Lin is doing the right thing.

    After swag canned the 3, kobe complained to Lin lol! Kobe upset at winning lol! Kobe upset at not getting credit for the shot or the assist! Kobe mad nick is the man!

    Lin needs to mentally check Kobe out of his mind and let the old pos whine by himself. Good work linsanity.

    Lin did see Wes on the corner but wanted to make the winning score himself! I like that. He just got cutoff and got lucky passing out to nick.

  198. Spurs were probably expecting a slow 2 point centered Princeton offense and had that pretty well bottled up 10-0 to start. But then surprised when the 2nd team came in running and gunning with the fast pace. Davis probably wishing he could play with the cool team playing fast and having fun instead of the geezer’s he’s stuck with.

  199. Some people say it was the right play since the ball went in and they won. Going by that reasoning, if Kobe on the final possession shot a prayer shot with 4 guys guarding him at midcourt and the ball went in, that would be the right play?

    I think people here would be shaking their head saying that he should have passed it to the other wide open players instead.

    I don’t think this play was as clear cut and I see no problem with people debating it as long as we’re polite to each other and not attacking one another.

  200. Yes!

  201. What does that mean “Laker dev” ?


  202. Kind sir, my post is being held below. Please help. πŸ™‚

  203. Devil?

  204. well, there is room for legit disagreement but when you factor in time and motion, Lin always comes out making the smart play for the money. They keep saying he does dumb fouls, makes jump passes, etc. at the end but really, it’s what PFV says is false narrative and I’m glad he named it.

    Locally on TV, they showed swaggy won the game and and no Lin highlights. That’s the nation coverage, and yet every highlight had lin in the frame but his assist not shown. I get that, but that’s now uninformed non-bball fans get it every night oh well …

  205. lol ouch

  206. But if he went in the other direction, who could he have passed it to though? He would have had to make a risky cross-court pass which he did earlier and got picked off.

  207. funny image.

  208. I do and I will show you pics above. You are maybe right in that Lin caught it with Wes open, but really, his pass to Wes was already cut off By Joseph and there was a wide open lane to eliminate Cory Joseph on the play. Cory recovered enough to push Lin high toward Manu, but Lin’s decision to get around Cory for 2 options (Wes and Hill) was a good one. Had Bellinelli rotated to cover Wes, then Hill would have been wide open for the leading dunk, so there you go, Lin had more decision factors than you or I know unless we keep debating and seeing it on tape.

  209. Lin probably was laughing…..and thinking….catch and shoot? Give me a break…

  210. We need to stop analyzing that play. Lol….the only problem was Kobe….end of the story.

  211. Bingo, finally sensibility. ..

  212. to think melo was drafted 2 spot from lebron. sorry not even close. also drafted ahead of wade which is ridiculous

  213. I can not believe only two votes for Linsanity so far…common….

  214. sad lin has never played with lebron or duncan

  215. Or Scott taking Lin out with 2 minutes to go. There wouldn’t have even been an OT if he stayed in. Problem with the win is Scott now still thinks Kobe as PG is still a good idea and want’s to do it again. SMH

  216. Maybe development? What’s the stuff underneath?

    Maybe a Laker fan really died? Dev short for Devin?

  217. I would say so too, but many people don’t see why that play was so great. It was not swaggy or Lin, but all 3 of them for a great play and that is the secret way forward, if they work as a team. Are you saying no pics, because I would rather help with homework here ha ha?

  218. Not really sad…those are things you can not ask for..

  219. “…those are things you can not ask for…”

  220. yea but who ask to play with three of the biggest ball hogs ever

  221. Linsanity maybe no..but voting for it..,,hxll yes…..lol

  222. Funny how LA and NY are like mirror images of each other with a ball hogging superstar that’s killing their team. An archaic playing style predicated on taking 2’s when the rest of the league is going to the rim and 3’s and not surprisingly they are both near the bottom of their conferences.

    NYK vs LAL would have been a great Christmas game.

  223. Who knows, he may have going to deal the 4th next yr in a team

  224. I cannot vote for Linsanity given there is no coach to ride Lin like a triple crown winner!

  225. Lin could or should pass to Wes but it was a split second decision and he was also doubled team. If Nick missed the shot, of course, Lin will get all the shit and luckily Nick made the shot. Also if Wes missed the shot, Lin will somehow get the blame as well. Getting used to all the bs from the journalists against Jeremy.

  226. wesbrook

  227. I hope not….lol

  228. Just a play….move on…lol

  229. ha i would be like really…really. lin wouldn’t though or i would hope

  230. ok, false narrative killed in deference to the Mod.

  231. Not really false…..lol

  232. well atleast kobe has chips which melo don’t. kobe and melo team would be hilarious. 2 vs 5 lol.

  233. Then we disagree and I’m going to flood these pages with obsessive posts lol,

  234. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that part! Yes, Wes might have been able to throw it down to Hill and possibly beat Duncan on the rotation and go for a higher percentage dunk.

    Regarding Joseph already cutting Lin off, I still think he had room to pass. But going with what you said, I think a simple pump fake would have bought him enough space to get Joseph off balance enough to complete the extra pass to Wes.

    But yeah, it was an end of game play and split second decisions needed to be made. I think he just went off of instinct and drove in. Honestly, I don’t know if Lakers even practice end of game plays in practice given what Hill has said about Scott not running defensive drills and “just talk about defense” lol.

  235. That’s why Scott needs to shoulder the blame to allow KOBE be PG as well as scorer when EVERYONE knows it’s coming. Kobe puts himself into a bad situation by isoing on the right side putting himself into a situation where a wall of defenders are already set to stop him as well as any bailout passes. KOBE DID HAVE TO DRIBBLE THE BALL OVER TO THE MIDDLE BECAUSE HE WAS STOPPED COLD.

    You are excusing a bad designed play by Scott and Kobe by making the rest of the team look bad for making desperation plays with less than 6 seconds left.

  236. It was the tight pass! Trust the person who was going yje eork
    HR got the job done! They WON!

  237. Yes sir! It’s you and me again!

  238. Well. Brent wants to end discussion on this so I will and say ok, it’s no big deal. I saw it one way and Wes would not have been in my play. Plenty of breakdowns where LAL do not move the ball the way SAS or even Rox do. They aren’t set up that way. There is no reliable 3pt shooter yet. Today we’ll see if they build off the mojo or if they are just up and down and overachieved 2 nights ago.

  239. Hey come back to the 5 and dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean!

  240. At least they are positive….lol

  241. Positive Coaching Alliance!

  242. When Kobe dribble to the middle in order to “create” a bailout pass. He moved all 10 players to the right side of the court. No one was truly wide open because of that fact. Wes’s man sagged off to protect the middle but was no more than couple of steps away. This allowed LIN’S man to take the high side to stop lin from getting into the open court for an easier midrange shot. If he was guilty of anything, It was that Lin took a gamble to create a higher percentage shot. The Spurs help defence was made easier by Kobe loading everyone to the left side.

  243. Today:

    Kobe gets MJ. Not much fanfare, really not a joyful occasion for people who love the team game, which NBA gets too for future revs.

    Kobe releases the ball more because he had to last time and it worked for his desire to win.

    Lin – more mins then Price. If close, finishes game. If not close, BSc pride wins or it’s garbage time.

    Hope Swaggy remains hot because he’s really fun when he is making those assists for Lin and clutch plays. I really like his free spirit out there, and his handles are in rhythm and feel needed, whereas Harden does all the dribbling between legs for very little gain.

    Hill … he’s gonna keep producing low now that Lin is not with him getting him over the hump for all those minutes.

    Booz wants in!

    Davis … ah, he wants in too. 4 fouls, easy to guess.

    If Kobe behaves man (Austin Powers), LAL wins.

    Play downhill, Lin!

  244. There will be more votes for Linsanity when Kobe SITS. πŸ™‚

  245. Spent a week with most of my family out west. Needed a break BAAAD! Will report later on a convo with my Dr nephew on subject of 5 steps of change for addiction intervention.

  246. Oh I see what you’re saying now.

    BTW, I’m not excusing anything. I’m just asking you a question because I didn’t understand what you were saying.

  247. Great point and coming from a former PG, you know way more than me. Welcome back … hope today is a good one. Coach Nick had a Positive Coaching Alliance guy speak against the Kobe practice yelling (Brent posted). I know you coach, so you might look into their organization for your own support network.

  248. There was discussion on how lin was pictured in Spurs game reports as well as a couple on TWC site as well. Spurs and Pop didn’t want to give Kobe any props for trying to break MJ’s record. Maybe TWC is also following the national mood in not allowing Kobe to be recognized for his “achievement” on the backs of his team.

    Kobe is finally getting exposed for his antics. MJ is much more beloved than Kobe by fans IMO. The media may be deliberately downplaying kobe’s record.

  249. Agreed. And yes, Lakers got a lot of issues to work out!

  250. Not even close…

  251. My bad!

  252. cool. Wanna read about what you learned about addiction prevention because that really eats up a lot of our society. Thanks! Stay with us bud. So much more to elevate on even if Lin is down a spell, or especially if it’s a bad time for anyone where and Lin.

  253. No problem, thanks for the detailed breakdown!

  254. why am I not allow to vote

  255. You sometimes see Lin pass to an open space that not even a Lakers was there. It couldn’t be Lin’s fault if that was a set play and his teammate utterly didn’t show up. The team chemistry wasn’t there. Lin definitely would think his teammate would PnR with him when that big fella was lost.

  256. Did u sign up with this site??? Need to be a member in order to vote.

  257. My response to Kobe passing MJ’s scoring record: WHO CARES?!

    Kobe is somewhat at a crossroads of how his career will end: He can be the chucking, iso, ME-player OR mentoring, leading, TEAM player. Much of this season has been the former with Byron Scott as his main accomplice

  258. I had suggested why the Spurs last year against Rox was that Lin and the second unit destroyed the Spurs’ second unit. I watched the Raptors win their last game against Pacers with a powerful second unit scoring over 65 points. The bench was so strong that the starters sat most of the second half in a laugher. That’s the reality of what’s t to come in the NBA. There shouldn’t be starters and bench. There should be only 1st and 2nd units.

    It’s been posted that Lin and the seocnd unit has been responsible for the last 2 wins. I’d like to know who scored more in those games. I suspect tat the bench outscorded the ist unit.

  259. I was able to vote before…. and I am log in… was going to vote Linsanity

  260. I was right with the majority and we were correct last time. This time around, I would think Lin was still developing team chemistry with the 2nd unit. After Sacre gets more comfortable with the pass from Lin close to the rim rather than doing his jump shot routine at a distance, we might see the least possible Linsanity center, Robert Sacre picking up his game. Then Linsanity will bloom.

    Lin needs someone to PnR instead of PnPopping. Carlos Bozzer is doing more PnR now. He’s getting close to a double double every game on the bench. The 2nd team eventually will domoinate on the court. Last game, they do well with SA’s starters on the court.

  261. Just curious. Waking up not to see much of Kobe passes MJ record over in Twitter. Wonder if it’s because I have unfollowed almost all of the Lakers fans, reporters account or it is there just my followers like me don’t care much about this. Can’t wait to see next page of Kobe/BS’s antics after this. Most probably (90%) these two boneheaders will continue the same until they expire in NBA.

  262. got this when tried to vote … You are not allowed to vote!JLin Stats POLL for Game 24 LAL @MIN – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g24-lal-min-pregame-threadpoll/#sthash.TMLOKKGb.dpuf

  263. Nick Young did have room for his dribble and shot with Jeremy drew 2 defenders away.

  264. Double sign in for this to work: one is disgus and the other one is jlinportal site. Check that. Found myself had the same prob. Always can post on the site because of disgus but not voting. So, need to log in as well. Just go to the member tab and see whether you have signed in. If you can’t, then need better expert than me to help you out:-) That’s the limit of my IT knowledge:-)

  265. k thanks…will try

  266. You are awesome… that is exactly what it was…. Thank you for your vote!JLin Stats POLL for Game 24 LAL @MIN – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/g24-lal-min-pregame-threadpoll/#sthash.i0vfRjDZ.dpuf…. got my Linsanity vote in.

  267. Let’s go Jlin!!!! spank the timberpupies.

  268. Ten Ten on the other site is doing detailed breakdowns of number of pnrs, etc. I just saw one scrolling through. Hope LAL are counting too πŸ™‚

  269. About half of the players are new to the team. Davis, Boozer, Lin, Price, Ellington, Clarkson, Randal. Now you tell me how could such a raw group of players who haven’t played together to get things going w/o tons of TOs.
    They still haven’t got down all the plays yet.
    BS wanted Ronnie play for the first team for a reason. He wanted Lin to start from the bench as the preseason began. Now it’s just a trip back to where it was.

  270. A few have had heart-attacks over the thought of Lin not “starting” with Kobe:)

  271. Good that it works. That’s the fun of this site. Many experienced the same including myself:-)

  272. Thanks. I have a gut feeling that the Lakers are running more set plays now with Kobe shooting less and having more patience in plays.

  273. LOL. So true.

  274. Do you think coming to this jlinportal multiple times daily is a form of addiction?
    I think i am an addict. LOL!!

  275. Trade Lance S. for Lin and have MJ support Lin while Kobe and Lance implode together. It would be so nice. Lin and Kemba be tough to guard.

  276. Kobe is going to pass Jordans record for sure on this game. It’ll be a historic moment. When it does happen, I hope it comes off a Lin assist. Would be nice to know Lin was a part of making that moment happen.

  277. The worst thing that could happen is an interception. You should not pass unless you’re 100% certain it won’t be intercepted. Lin couldn’t be that sure at that moment. with defenders dashing in to cover him.

  278. Here is a list of players who have scored more than 28000 points in their careers. Kobe is dead last in effective FG% and second last in TS% behind Wilt Chamberlain (Wilt’s poor FT% killed his TS%). However, Wilt’s impact on games is far greater than Kobe because Wilt was

    “directly responsible for several rule changes in the NBA, including
    widening the lane to try to keep him farther away from the hoop,
    instituting offensive goaltending and revising rules governing
    inbounding the ball and shooting free throws (such as making it against
    the rules to inbound the ball over the backboard)” (Wikipedia).

  279. As an interesting side note, out of these 6 players, only Michael Jordan had not played for the Lakers in his career.

  280. lol he said all these great things about chicago then for ny said do i want to live in chicago lol

  281. oh snap lakers have had a lot of great players

  282. Phil Jackson was right when he said “It’s about a loser’s mentality,”

  283. Even the mighty Phil will have a hard time fixing the Melo NYC mess. Choosing Melo over balanced winning play was a Dolan fail. The Knicks are pretty stupid.

    I hope the Lakers move Lin now that trades can be made. I’d hate to see him stuck with Kobe and Scott. Is the grass greener elsewhere? There are about 5-10 teams where the grass would be greener. At the same time, I think being called a soft MF and charmin poop has hopefully finally awakened the tidal wave inside Lin’s peaceful ocean, as Yao would say.

    I don’t trust Scott to even give Lin 20 minutes a night though I suspect the Front Office will force him to do it.

  284. Yet Phil wanted this loser back so desperately.

  285. Kobe passing MJ record because:

    1) Kobe did not go to or play in college. (Hence 4 years adv)
    2) MJ “retired” for two years.
    3) MJ did not chuck at cost of team to surpass the Mailman.

  286. well probably thought he could change him

  287. Jamele also thinks Lin isn’t that good. Funny how mike just gives up on Melo too haha. SAS still going to scream for Melo some more? at least Lin had heart. NY and Dolan are pathetic.

  288. Anyone who thinks Lin “isn’t that good” is pretty much dead to me in terms of basketball. Thanks for the heads-up lest I click on the link.

  289. LOL, this is hilarious. She’s right though, he is the type of superstar that is all about scoring for himself and not winning.

  290. it would be easier to ask: who in NBA circles actually thinks Lin is good? Like PG starter good?

  291. Melo is soft mentally despite being a physical player for a SF. Make fun of Lin but melo is worse.

  292. I suspect it’s more than we think, they just keep the opinion to themselves, though a few have voiced their appreciation for Lin’s game. Carlisle, Karl, Drew, etc. I also think Pops knows it.

  293. larry drew did?

  294. Kobe tries to be like MJ but will never be as great as MJ.

  295. seems MDA kind of knows what Lin is about and Eric Muss too get it. Other than that, and maybe Karl, not sure who else truly accepts Lin for what he is. Some get it but refuse to acknowledge it/

  296. Sometimes it’s for the box office. Like a chucking Kobe, some actually enjoy loser-ball.

  297. i agree with you. I guess LA has never been a destination for him due to Kobe and Melo being a diva does not want the attention away from him.

  298. yeah I get that but it’s insane. Who wants to watch 4-20? Well to your point, some would. Some would prefer Melo chucksand 4-20 to 20-4 with a bunch of no name Spurs.

  299. yes Melo overvalues himself while at the same time is afraid of having to fight to be the alpha dog of his team. When Lin did it by luck, Melo didn’t know what to do and just sulked like a spolied child.

  300. Not even close. Basketball is a team sport, and within such context Kobe ain’t even a good NBA player. Same goes to Melo.

  301. Yes, I remember that he made positive remarks after a game.

  302. Worthy on pre-show is saying that Lin can’t guard LaVine.. And saying that Scott should take Lin out and get Wes on LaVine……..

  303. decision time about to come seahawk vs 49er or watch the lakers.

  304. what lol guy gets hot because of price if i remember right then its lins fault smh

  305. on radio just now, Ireland said today, if Jeremy Lin perform well, they will win, and he don’t, it will be hard. Clay Thompson said Young need to perform well to win. hmmm, interesting.

  306. Medics!!! Worthy with Houston koolaid intoxication.

  307. he will get it before lin gets in. timberwolves can’t defend. also starters can’t score without kobe

  308. he said that last game too, LaVine is long for Lin, so I don’t mind he say that.

  309. Football and dvr the Lakers

  310. Blaiyan for Lakers game. Don’t want to waste time watching Price and KoBS.

  311. well lin has to dominate the tempo as a pg then they will win. young just has to hit the shot lin gets him. lin is a pg effect the game in many ways

  312. lol

  313. i can’t have to watch lin plus seahawks just took the lead

  314. lol i hate highlight don’t tell the whole story

  315. Why is it only in teams Lin is on that they talk about matchups between the backup PG and the opposing teams starting PG? Shouldn’t they be taking about if Price can guard LaVine? LOL

  316. well price has started and played 19 minutes at most. kobe is the starting pg but don’t guard pg’s

  317. If you have Time Warner watch one on the Time Warner app. I’m watching one on tablet other on TV.

  318. naw, just a pastime lol. Waiting for photo sync, sw updates, all those things that eat up your life having a modern computer.

  319. you mean Mychal?

  320. lol true… this pre-show is so dumb… It’s just Kobe and MJ highlights..

  321. yeah, don’t know what I’m thinking.

  322. i have mobile nba league pass. but it slows and glitches my computer. i like watching games on my ps4

  323. lol yes

  324. tweet this!

  325. also Lin does not finsih games anymore. Since Kobe is PG. So Kobe should guard Lavine or Wes, but Lin is irrelevant.

    WTH is worthy talking about?

  326. yea ill watch it on my computer and watch both lol

  327. Mychel is not a Lin fan. Never has been. Ireland is not a Lin fan either, but he is a paid Laker homer. I noticed this season, John Ireland is more pro Lin overall out of nowhere and asks Lin those leading questions post game. He is the Laker mouthpiece and they pay him to say nicer things about Lin and ask those leading questions.

    Ireland is the same guy who laughed off Lin and said Harden was the best signing and steal in the last 20 years. So trust me nobody is a Lin believer. But I will say when it comes to job security, people will do what it takes to keep that job!

  328. have you noticed the trend? Any NBA coach or pundit with nice remarks about Lin gets fired or quits?

    MDA, Karl, Drew, Eric Musselman (well not really but not getting promotions that for sure).

    No other coach has really ever said nice things about Lin. Some say he can play pick and roll and stuff but that’s about it.

  329. New thread


  331. I usually don’t really care who is a Lin fan, who is not in ESPN. They change their mind anyway. I assume they are all not Lin fan to start with. As long as they are not haters, I’m fine with them.

  332. You are really curious :p

  333. On the other site, I asked whatever happened to Khuang, they told me a bunch of y’all left for other blog.

  334. nick young takes too many contested shots instead of working for the open shot for the team

  335. lin’s full court passes are still money

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