G24 LAL @ MIN Game Thread+Poll

Will Kobe still play PG to break MJ’s record and win against the Timberwolves?

Will Lin get to play a lot minutes tonight? He might if he helps Kobe to achieve his goals. Whatever might happen, let’s hope Jeremy will stay confident to get his shooting rhythm quickly and play all out. Let’s go, JLin! Never give up and just give your best! Just play for the Audience of One

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  1. #1 again? Ppl be sleeping! Lin 16/8! Plus 2 blks!

  2. 2nd.

  3. 3rd and first girl!

  4. where’s everyone?

  5. 2nd girl

  6. Best comment of the day was from Rick LOL

  7. http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/TEwrDjHBoq0/

    Transcribing it:

    “Thank you all for watching my game,
    thank you all for praying for me,
    I know the situation is tough recently,
    But I know God has a perect plan for me.
    It is getting late here, I am gonna sleep.
    good night!”

  8. https://twitter.com/WojYahooNBA/status/544260698189336576

    that will be fun, Pacer could get Lance back, maybe an additional draft pick, that’s a good deal.

  9. what lol. yea i thought pacers was his best option. his offense is bad. so he needs a defense first team

  10. I know its carolina, but I’d like to see Lin out there with Kemba for 1 season then leave. Phoenix East. Well the center is slow as snails though…Jefferson.

  11. https://twitter.com/IanBegley/status/544270640656945152

    hmm, isn’t that Lakers had the same problem? With all the players with only 1 year deal going on.

  12. We will want a cancer back….interesting..

  13. yep

  14. Lin needs to just score the ball and hit more midrange like spurs till his 3 feels good. I am shocked Lin did some nice jumpshots from free throw line with actual footwork on spurs! He did some nice step aways to get more space! Why does it take him 1.5 seasons to show these moves? Why is it not in his regular reportoire? Why only do this like every 30 games?

    :Last time I saw him do this was Houston preseason 2 seasons ago on the Magic!? in preseason before Harden WTH!?

  15. I suspect, and this fits Kobe well, that Kobe will assist himself on that shot.

  16. lol what i thought

  17. Hello people! Game time face on *_*

  18. James worthy is preparing us for Lin not to play a lot so he dont get torched by the 19 year old again. Let’s see how much Lin plays!

  19. Hi Sophie! Great to see you here! 🙂

  20. Hey! welcome!

  21. Off the backboard? lol

  22. I wonder if Andrew Wiggins will try to repay Kobe for last game. It will be interesting to see.

  23. great to see you here!

  24. So Lavine gets to rest on D for the 1st 9 minutes…lucky him

  25. Go Jlin! Good luck!

  26. Kobe 1 foul..0 pts!

  27. if the starters can’t score on the worse or second worse defense in the league lol i give up

  28. lol this why price is a starter really


  30. Kobe is 0-3

  31. LAL is playing ugly ball right now…

  32. Bili: “See how Price is picking up LaVne”, Then he promptly loses him. What a joke.

  33. Watch out Johnson! You score another one, Kobe will kick your butt

  34. so the starters are tied with a loveless lol martinless rubioless wolves

  35. Just started watching. So LAL tied?

  36. guess every one is waiting for Kobe to reach his points.

  37. Fox Announcers saying Price and Davis better defense than Boozer and Lin that’s why Price is starting. Then go on to say Price’s been backup most of his career, gone through 5 teams lol. Minutes goes by and lead has changes several times. Why do these dumb announcers feel the need to justify a dumb decision by a dumb coach? At least be like JVG and say it like it is!

  38. they did this last time why listen

  39. yeah, that screen block was laughable. Price is really bad with screens.

  40. They’re trying so hard… it’s sad…

  41. how much layups dunks so far

  42. What are the chances Kobe will go 0 points this game? lol

  43. LaVine in the paint, doesn’t even bother guarding Price.

  44. So they’re not gonna talk about that Price TO? lol

  45. Cause he doesn’t need lol.

  46. so Lin is the 8th man? not in yet

  47. price is right, but the million dollar man is not in yet? you get what you pay for, bring Lin in!

  48. Come on T Wolves, pound the Lakers to the ground until Lin comes in to save the day!!!

  49. Jeremy is in

  50. It’s ok, it’s fun to watch the Lakers fail miserable shot after shot lol!

  51. seriously what are the chances of Kobe getting digit points this game?

  52. that was a nice play for Lin setting screen for Kobe.

  53. LOL..

  54. Lin in Lakers lead

  55. Bam! Lin in, lead 20-19!

  56. Offensive foul! Lin D!

  57. Chaaaarge!

  58. Lin comes in and Lakers go on a 6-0 run! BS do you see this?!

  59. 12 -18 lin in, and now v quickly ahead 20-19. Magic.

  60. nice play not forcing the pass to kobe in transition

  61. Everytime… 🙂

  62. +7 !!! in 3 min play time

  63. +7 lin -6 price getting tired of this constant truth

  64. Lin’s foot was on the line for that perimeter shot, rushed too much.

  65. Booooooo!!! you are the king!

  66. Lin doesnt have the shot today

  67. You know for a “starters” Davis and Price sure aren’t playing like they are! =)

  68. Still early. We’ll see.

  69. sure, but those were good open shots

  70. Davis wants to play with Jeremy. BScott won’t let him 🙁

  71. Steal and a smart finish.

  72. lin got surprised that ball came back to him and travelled

  73. LOL

  74. LOL Boozer playing better with Lin from bench than when he was with starters, culprit Kobe and lazy Hill!!

  75. lol, haha.

  76. so true! :>

  77. Lin2Boozer for 4th assist!

  78. 2pts, 4 asts, 2 stls in 7 minutes

  79. Lin didn’t get call again

  80. Boooooze

  81. is levine the one that burned LAL last time?

  82. Bad refs….

  83. surprise surprise.

  84. yes, a 3sigma performance.

  85. yes! they even mentioned Levine burning Lin last time!

  86. Horrible, two miss fouls one on Boozer and Lin earlier!!

  87. well, he burned anybody in front of him. not just lin

  88. how the hell did he not get a call lol

  89. Boozer reviving career with Lin. Davis wants in.

  90. Good Lin D but nobody get rebound.

  91. Too bad for Davis, BS wants him to make Price the scrub look good lol but it’s not working!!

  92. Lin stopped LaVine there.

  93. Thanks 🙂

  94. but announcers ignore it…hmmm

  95. Got to give it to him, he’s been hitting it.

  96. John Lee brought me here ^^

  97. Ed Davis in yet Lin goes out! wow BS really doesn’t want them to work together!!

  98. Yeh Davis in

  99. Lin is out

  100. can we see some ally oooops? please? lol

  101. Okay Kobe / Price in. Going to lose lead.

  102. Lin did full court defense making sure he doesnt get burned this time

  103. No, I was hoping but Lin goes out after few seconds! ><"

  104. No he did it because he know that was his last possession there.

  105. Jeremy +12, highest in Lakers right now.

  106. Kobe gonna miss FTs so he doesnt pass Jordan on FT

  107. Doesn’t mean squat to Bscott.

  108. Levine not going off this time with Lin defending him! =)

  109. ha ha Kobe will pass MJ on FTs great highlights for the local news. Love it. Watch him miss on purpose …

  110. triple cover him and he will still shoot…

  111. LOL I’ll bet!!

  112. last time was an outta body experience for him, this time is just more normal.

  113. Truth. And the BS continues.

  114. price is negative, lin is positive (+12)…. hmmmm i think I’m going to start price!!!
    -B. Scott

  115. All this hype about passing MJ…so what, you are still only number 3.

  116. Price -8 > Lin +12. BS math.

  117. its funny…by funny i mean mental

  118. Good for Kobe anyways. It is a great stat

  119. Still not going to match MJ’s rings and game! Not like people will think you’re better than MJ because of that.

  120. i like how everybody has to stop playing and give him props lol

  121. cool…respect. very classy by the timberwolves

  122. OK Kobe .. now back to throwing bricks..

  123. So Kobe should rest now and enjoy it. Let the 2nd unit play now.

  124. Now that he has passed the record, Kobe can go home on a 10 game break and let Jeremy take over.

  125. Looks like a retirement game XD

  126. Brick time… starring: Kobe!

  127. Or just break down entirely and rest the entire season?

  128. On a normal team the starters gain the lead, and the bench tries to maintain it. Not so with the Lakers.

  129. wow the starters defense is worse then the bench its funny…again by funny i mean mental

  130. gonna be hard to pass Kareen … I think 3-4 yrs if you do the math.

  131. He is running the 2nd unit when he is in. Not a lot of pts, but doing fine.

  132. Plus 12 … highest on the team

  133. Pity Ed Davis is starting to be buried as a starter…while Boozer is killing it as a backup. No need to ask why.

  134. good! thx

  135. thx !

  136. hey welcome!

  137. true!!! Booz will not complain playing for the 2nd unit now

  138. Stop it Stu… Price is not a starter.

  139. I hate hearing the phrase “ball pressure”. Reminds me too much of Patrick Beverley!

  140. levine a sec ago had a dunk

  141. Stu compliment price on defense against levine. I was just thinking that price defense was a bit loose. Levine not feeling it so not shooting.

  142. Johnson airballs … just sayin’

  143. Playing with Lin and away from ball hog Kobe, what else?

  144. hahahahaha what the H was that shot….and wth was Brewer doing?

  145. Bill: “Price hasn’t shot the ball well all season” Dude, that’s his career average man.

  146. it was so bad brewer couldn’t rebound the ball

  147. Of course not, who wants to play with Kobe he ball hog with not team fundamentals!

  148. LMAO, they’re trying to “justify” BS’s decision but it’s not working.

  149. I know ball pressure works for sure in nba 2k13 because the SG on my team keeps getting the ball out of bounds when the other team applies ball pressure in the 4th.

  150. Now that is the truth!

  151. the lakers are so boring its ridiculous how boring

  152. Still congrat Kobe to break record…not an easy thing to do

  153. talking about starters

  154. Seahawks, Alain. 🙂

  155. Cough Cough, where are the people who said Lin should’ve passed to Johnson last game? With his inconsistency, I’m 100% sure Johnson would’ve bricked it. Lakers would’ve lost if Lin didn’t pass to Nick Young last game!!

  156. they won already

  157. I know, watch highlights until Lin is back.

  158. Starters are boring, 2nd unit are fun and playing teamball! Iin fact 2nd unit should be starters, Lin, Young, and Boozer are starters!!!

  159. so he is tied to jordan? they gonna celebrate again?

  160. I’m kinda glad Lin has more freedom play without Kobe now

  161. How is he doing?

  162. this defense enough said

  163. what defense?

  164. lol starters defense is incredible!

  165. According to BS messed up brain, yes!!

  166. As incredible as traffic cones.

  167. lol

  168. funny

  169. Yes, but it’d be more entertaining if Davis joined the party 🙂

  170. I guess he already got pts after that.

  171. ..by funny i mean mental

  172. Traffic cones defend better you know. They’re very visible in defending. Not sure about the Lakers lol

  173. yep

  174. Lin focused on playing great D and facilitating. Great PnR with Boozer to get 4 assists

  175. That was a good steal by Price.

  176. 0 point Price continues….

  177. best comment ever

  178. Levine having that crazy last game is like Anderson doing the same last year. and I guess anderson is out of NBA now.

  179. that must break some kind of record soon :>

  180. Thanks!

  181. what a half by price negative 9 as well as 0 points. what an affect

  182. Is there such a record? most 0 points or lowest points as starting PG? lol

  183. James Anderson is playing in Lithuania, I think.

  184. So congrats to Kobe for getting the record..


    If breaking the record could have come as him being traded, would have been sweet. In reality there’s no significance really.

  185. And wasted for trying to score himself.

  186. To beat Michael Jordan’s scoring total Kobe needed 5,400 minutes more of playing time (46,400 vs. 41,000).

  187. That’s a milestone. Congrats to Kobe. I hate him but respect to his accomplishments.

  188. Welcome Sophie. Good to see you here!

  189. starters in nnegetive bench all positive oh well….

  190. This is the consistency that Lin is lacking of …haha

  191. Should start one now:-)

  192. can you believe price played 5 more minutes then lin

  193. Kome said earlier that jlin would not have to look over his shoulder like he did in houston… liar!

  194. That’d be 148 more games by Kobe’s career AVG PT. In other words, not even close.

  195. I’d say BS. lol

  196. Price’s minutes will be the reason Lakers lose this game.

  197. I hope they don’t keep that kind of records.. :]
    will be too embarrassing for players

  198. i hope the bench don’t bail out the lakers

  199. No choice, gotta play for their stats.

  200. With BS at head coach, i believe it…

  201. Auditioning for other teams. Spurs? Mavs?

  202. watching price as a starter is……….add expletives

  203. I guess this is another boring game……I just hope Lin can play more than 20 min to fill the stats

  204. Lame 😀

  205. you are way way nicer then i am

  206. What else but BS?

  207. ha

  208. lol he said lakers held them to 50 percent shooting lol

  209. I have better but it’s in french lol

  210. Wow, look at Lakers’ box score, bench have + all across and starters have – all across!

  211. We’ll pardon your French 🙂

  212. you got me right, hehe.

  213. I almost fell asleep watching this game, so boring.

  214. my name alain say it i will understand. well some of it

  215. Last game too

  216. lol

  217. playing the Iggy role.

  218. both teams look like crap

  219. Stu… Stop it. lol

  220. Game so boring.

  221. god dam. i wanna close the screen

  222. dallas v eagles

  223. GSW in OT?

  224. Feels like it’s garbage time.

  225. Ok Price est nul à chier ^^ haha

  226. Even more boring than a eurocup game…. omg

  227. Has Kobe passed MJ, YET? To me, the comparison is not very meaningful since MJ got that score in 15 years and Kobe is doing it in 19 years.

  228. they are getting all the calls

  229. Nike releasing commemorative shoes for Kobe passing MJ record.

    I swear the shoes look like they have fluorescent mold growing.

  230. Yes with 2 years of retirement for baseball!

  231. Wake up guys. Jeremy is in! 🙂

  232. TY!

  233. LOL, I jumped from dinning table to my desk….

  234. thanks… was not watching… now I will

  235. stu if lin can do what price is doing lmao really

  236. LOL……OMG

  237. Both teams have crappy records right now

  238. Good thing I’m not listening to that feed!

  239. Kobe still on court. Scott is riding him like a secretariate!

  240. Stu trolling hard tonight. haha

  241. What are you listening to?

  242. padding those stats, all these wear and minutes his old body will come back to bite him this season.

  243. Should save him so he can play PG tomorrow.

  244. My son wants Lin to go to other teams..

  245. Smart son.

  246. Lay up!

  247. Koby the point guard

  248. Not watching the game, but check the box score, both Young & Lin are playing much less minutes…..can’t help myself thinking that may be they were doing too well last game, BS decided to cool them down……

  249. Consecutive Zero points game? That’s hard for Lin

  250. Of course, can’t out shine the “star”. Why else is Kobe playing such long minutes to pad his stats and justify his significance.

  251. No kobe benched them

  252. lol and never miss to say nice things about price who btw rarely does good things

  253. Defense of Lakers goes to historically bad in this game…LOL They were beaten in half court like it was in transition.

  254. starters killed the rhythm bench had

  255. Lin and Boos!!!!

  256. Lin drinking the Booze..

  257. Bias refs, no foul calls for Lin!!

  258. No foul calls for Lin.. of course not!

  259. Either Boozer or Sacre should grow hair…

  260. refs

  261. Why didn’t Lin get assist for Boozer?!

  262. I don’t think Jeremy got credited for the last assist to Boozer.

  263. F U NBA refs.

  264. He didn’t, anyone know why?!

  265. so is lin gonna get blamed for mohammad career nite?

  266. Because it was Lin and NBA we are talking about

  267. So they didn’t call foul AND take away assist from Jeremy?

  268. Nice pass by Lin.

  269. JLin got cheated on previous assist to Boozer! Should be 6 assists right now!!

  270. Because it was Lin and NBA we are talking about…..

  271. Lin doesn’t need Davis – just a hungry big!

  272. They didn’t give Lin an assist for that pass to Boozer?

  273. But they were calling everything before lol

  274. Live on TV NBA robbery

  275. Figuratively, Boozer looks like he has big appetite.

  276. getting used to these bs refs

  277. that can run though. boozer not running most time i think

  278. No, the one before this. He should have 6.

  279. wtf no assist?

  280. Young is really off tonight, used up all his percentage last game.

  281. Here we go… Kobe is out… time to lead! go lakers go!

  282. Another assist.

  283. one of Lin’s assist was eaten. 🙁

    Boozer’s layup of end of 3Q was not credit for Lin’s pass. Lin gives a very nice entery pass there.

  284. At least Stu is on Jeremy’s side on fouls..

  285. Wow, Lakers bigs cannot box out or rebound. I know it’s nothing new, but it’s shocking how bad it is every time I see it.

  286. Yeah, he should have 7

  287. clearly no call on several fouls. Biased refs indeed

  288. Will NBA still give Lin a TOV there? LOL

  289. Good to see Lin has more command of the 2nd unit now.

  290. breath on Swag – whistle.

  291. if they can get away with it, yes! :]

  292. Take away assist and “award” him with TO

  293. Swaggy breath!

  294. Is that how NBA pads Lin’s stats? =/

  295. yea full control i would say

  296. LOL

  297. How many points does lin have?

  298. oops, didn’t bean breathe the way they’ve been using it sry.

  299. Second unit doesn’t mind being lead by Jeremy either.

  300. 8 points 6 assist

  301. 1 assist vanished

  302. Great thanks

  303. WTH was that?!

  304. Lin has another great anticipation to snatch a rebound

  305. Almost an alley oop…

  306. J boxes out better than the bigs

  307. 8 pts

  308. wtf johnson lol

  309. reminiscent with how he ran the NY unit with Melo, except for less talent here

  310. Come on lin get in the double digits on scoring

  311. 6 assts

  312. Yes and the bigs only get in his way for those rebounds!!

  313. was that too late or what?

  314. look like thats it for lin 19 minutes

  315. would be more but no fouls and Stu is harping on that … they said Jeremy would have to be hip checked 4 rows up to get the foul.

  316. Bigs playing small

  317. but stu said he is there to contribute on defense

  318. it’s actually amazing to see how similar Price’s stats with 10min or 22 min, possibly around 0-4pts

  319. What defense? Certainly doesn’t show on his stats!

  320. BS, are you a that bias about your player? Lin sits?

  321. Boozer gets to play with starters but not Lin!

  322. guess this gonna be the rotation with boozer finishing the game with starters

  323. “Help .. me! I’m too far away!” LOL

  324. Price in to “finish” the game, time to root for Minny.

  325. I think that question has been answered already at this point.

  326. BS is fking hater, hope they trade LIn

  327. Ok, Lin out, starters back in, Scott is going to give the lead away and lose this game.

  328. lets go wolves

  329. Scott loves Price. Really no way to explain it, but RACISM

    Scott is a racist

  330. Jeremy is out. Boredom commences.

  331. Kobe is coaching his teammates.

    Scott is nowhere to be found

  332. Seriously…

  333. Lin’s job is baby sitting the starters.

  334. Time to root for a loss!

  335. If the French agree, it must be true. 🙂

  336. wolves are so bad i can’t believe I’m rooting for them

  337. Boos saved Byrant’s miss again!

  338. wow, what great defenese from Price on Levine. just like a matador

  339. Of course when LaVine scores Stu doesn’t say he beat Price.

  340. OK 6 pts…

  341. Lavine is blowing by Price over and over again

  342. Meh, I personally think an NBA player’s priority is not to surpass Jordan in points made, but surpass Jordan in championships. It’s like being at work and trying to have a record for the most number of coffee breaks done or most number of pencils sharpened.

  343. Karma, you’re up.

  344. two in a row.. no comments! Hmmmm

  345. Weren’t they saying how good Price was fighting through screens 😛

  346. Lin out, Price in. I see, that allows Kobe to take every shot till the end.

  347. Kobe as PG now.

  348. Good. Gives Timberwolves a better chance.

  349. wow. 6-18 for kobe.

  350. And SG.

  351. lose the ball… ha ha ha 1 pt game now

  352. Nick Young replaced Price

  353. ROFL!

  354. JLin the spark plug…Kobe doesn’t want to look bad after JLin kick start the 2nd unit..

  355. hope minny wins

  356. LOL Timber-wolves coming back!!

  357. Kobe as PG = TO


  359. Wahahaha again.

  360. Main reason why Lin was taken out.

  361. come on Timberwolves…only need 1 3-pt to tie

  362. Lin probably will be back with 30 seconds to save the Lakers again .. or be a scapegoat

  363. wow, come back again with Kobe PG

  364. 2 minutes …all it takes for spur to force OT…can minny do it?

  365. kobe, go home

  366. Come on TWolves make these FTS for a 1 point game!!

  367. they need to get the score close for Kobe to do his cluch shots.

  368. If I were the Busses I fire Bryant Scott tonight.

  369. and we are playing a team with worse than LAL record

  370. wish someone could fire the busses lol

  371. i find the logic of putting 2 shooting guards who don’t like to pass and make plays on at the same time absurd

  372. Down by 2 LOL. they can tie the score.

  373. kobe at pointless guard


  375. Wolves, please beat the LA Toilet Paper led by Kobe

  376. BSc you are a real LOSER

  377. lalalalalallalalallala

  378. announcer saying cant hold on to late game lead. and who is playing at those times?

  379. Oh tied, Kobe 3 changed to 2!!

  380. Pointless Guard! Perfect description!

  381. Here we go Kobe as PG

  382. Wow a cluch player ( Kobe)

  383. would be even more retarded if they bring in Lin as scapegoat

  384. What did I tell you! My prediction 10min ago came true!

  385. Keep Price in there Scott. Don’t use Lin in the last minute to bail you out

  386. Did Boozer just fight with Hill for the rebound? LOL

  387. No words can describe what this crap organisation.

  388. Haha… what a funny game….

  389. what a lame possession

  390. More like boring game.

  391. That went on for few seconds while Timberwolves guys were watching. LOL!

  392. Priceless lol

  393. Price has been quietly replaced by Nick Young after Lavine’s abuse on his D

  394. pathetic. just pathetic

  395. Typical BS coached game for the LA Losers

  396. That was epic. Wolves were stunned 😀

  397. keep milking Kobe 3 ptr in this time stop

  398. even more blind than the PG-less lineup is that kobe is a net negative. its obvious, despite the doubles he draws

  399. This is too funny. Two Lakers fought for rebound, two Wolves fought to save the ball that Boozer touched last! LOL

  400. the lakers broadcast shows the few makes instead of the many misses by kobe. so pathetic

  401. These guys marginalizing the point guard position…. Naismith must be turning on his grave now.

  402. and he just doesn’t care, he only cares about draining buzzer-beater shot

  403. Wolves were like, “?!?!?!!!!!?”

  404. lalalalalala. i check in to watch pure stupid.

  405. I think Kobe just benched Byron as a coach in the 4th quarter!

  406. What if Kobe misses these FTs?

  407. Just like last game lol

  408. Nah, game over. Lame game.

  409. They’re gonna win on Kobe’s long 3 – his team. Just a house where you visit and go hungry, you know those ‘friends’.

  410. Not if they can make clutch 3!

  411. Has BS ever been the coach on this team?

  412. Kobe as PG and Coach! 😀

  413. What’s with the towel on Lin’s head?

  414. I believe he was in the TC and preseason :>

  415. f this.

  416. he always has that.

  417. let lin build the lead, then let everyone else get the credit

  418. like HOU almost didn’t POs with Lin saving, same here too with games.

  419. MJ looks forward to what Kobe accomplishes next.
    Hm … assist leader maybe

  420. I think he does that when he’s done for the night?

  421. Player-coach. Might as well make it official.

  422. Most missed shots.

  423. team sports psychologist, Charmin division

  424. Kobe the only one with 35 minutes! No one else can get their rightful starter minutes to outshine him!

  425. byron is more stupid than mchale. its official. mchale was vindictive. byron is just stupid.

  426. why do they bother with these substitutions when there’s only 9 sec left?

  427. Makes it look like changing the starting line up was a good move to casual fans. Deceptive.

  428. wht a waste of my life

  429. Wow…price in again! Hahahahaha

  430. even a fool is right sometimes, just like a broken clock is right one minute each day. congrats byron on your closing lineup.

  431. so they can say Price finished the game for D although he has been abused by Lavine mercilessly

  432. 2 minutes

  433. 2 seconds

  434. he’s not fooling anyone .. to close with the starting lineup LOL
    Price has been abused on his so-called great defense :>

  435. And BS shamelessly laughing with kobe in spite of.

  436. OMG…you’re probably right. The dishonesty is breathtaking.

  437. bravo we barely beat a worst team.

  438. Or that…LOL

  439. Really don’t want to watch this BS team anymore. Gonna stop watching until Lin’s on another team this is ridiculous! NBA is so rigged and bias towards the Asian guy no matter how well he plays.

  440. never underestimate the huge egos in the NBA

  441. I want to see Price go against Chandler. Price throwing his shoe, then Chandler saying, “Get that out of here!” LOL

  442. no, opposite, he do that if he hope to go back again.

  443. mchale would ice lin then bring him back at the end sometimes to save his butt. this byron…

  444. I can handle it … Lin efficient with under 20 mins and 8/6a/2st/3reb. 2 for 5, 100% FT, 2 TO. Overall great stats of you divide by mins played, not his best rung, but his ~85% rung.

  445. what u talking about? BS has coached the team to a 3 game winning streak. He’ll be the Coach of the Year. /s

  446. Lakers won and the box score +/- says the bench won it!

  447. He was efficient along with Boozer.

  448. Except no one will look at his minutes! they’ll only look at his average PPG and say he’s a scrub!! I’m done with this, nothing’s gonna change still the same crap Lin has to deal with! Unless he gets his own team, Linsanity Lin will never return!

  449. lakers de facto strategy is for starters to keep the game close for bench to build lead

  450. Boozer has benefit of Lin now without Hill and Kobe eating up all the possessions. Not even Davis, just Sacre and Sacre is better as a bruiser inside.

  451. Claim that long time ago:-)

  452. as the saying goes, winning solves a lot of problems. like covering up byron’s incompetence

  453. Exactly, get it right, it should’ve been 0.9 sec and then a loss. LOL

  454. Except Boozer got his 20+ points and double double, while Lin’s stats suffered!

  455. Only saving grace: Jeremy will have fresh legs to rip Pacers a new one tomorrow night.

  456. what can we do? What can Lin do? That’s not in his control and I can only root for his mins played. At least today, I don’t have to sit him in fantasy because all his good games on D mean nada in box scores. Same problem Iggy has on GSW … he just piles on the minutes with very little box score efficiency.

  457. Ed Davis: “Can I get my bench role back?”

    Boozer: “Fat chance. Ask Scott to have Sacre start for you”

  458. King has no clothes season strategy. Lame as they say, but it gets this year done.

  459. the worst part of it is that it doesnt matter how well lin plays in the game. byron has his mind set already. as stubborn as a donkey

  460. I will only watch the game until Lin play starter again and quit NBA once he retires. Just go back to watch my soccer

  461. LOL! For the Lakers, the bench is the place to be now!

  462. Nonononono. It was when he was hired.

  463. .

  464. donkey insulted

  465. which exemplifies his general inability to adjust to what is going on in the game.

  466. Now that Kobe has his bogus MJ apples-to-lemons stat in the bag, I wonder if the FO will ignore his ego-mania and let Jeremy off the leash.

  467. of course not

  468. Me too – soccer, rugby, Lin minutes, and when he and Duncan are gone, adios NBA. Curry and KT are too anointed – they don’t need my support.

  469. there is always some lame stat to beat. some meaningless stat. ‘i’m going to pass MJ with 30% shooting.

  470. nope, they just pick another excuse to feed the emotional demands.

  471. I am with you. Lin was ver efficient tonight. I would hsve like to see him in double digits, but oh well. A lot of people on twitter were asking why price was still in the game. Aldo we knew this was going to be the kobe show tonight. How msny points dod Younh hsve tonight? As you said lin will have fresh legs for the Pacers tomorrow night.

  472. Pig will fly before that happens:-)

  473. my summary of the game & #NBABallot vote
    Lin’s +7 (2nd highest) helped Lakers in a 6pt win


  474. watching lakers is beyond frustrating but atlas this bench let him control the team completely. rox bench ignored lin like the plague

  475. Well shoot…a girl can dream….but the buckets of cold water came pretty fast here 🙂 Thanks for keeping me real, amigos.

  476. They love and need their job too.

  477. Why don’t you calm down. Posting the sane old thing is not going to change anything on this board, beacuse we have no power, you are basically preaching yo the choir. .smh

  478. @brentyen:disqus, maybe we should just go to Pacers PreGame thread tomorrow morning?

  479. Yes sir…

  480. yup

  481. zero chance lin return to the lakers

  482. When you play fantasy, some days you don’t want your hero to go back in for crunch or OT because only the top 2 ball hogs get the ball in crunch. All except SAS … their OT efficiency for the players seem spread out. I’ve seen so many people lose fantasy games because their player, doing great in regulation, pile on unproductive minutes in OT because everyone goes to Harden, Melo, Kobe, LeBron/Wade, etc. That’s why I don’t like just the standard box score, because you can’t tell what’s happening on how effective the player was (like Kobe’s poor FG%).

  483. Boozer won’t be complaining to Scott anymore.

  484. Should be 7 assists. He got robbed!

  485. Lin clapping and seemed happy at the end. Giving teammates a high five. Consummate professional and good teammate. Proud of how Lin is handling everything, seems to still have an open heart for others. I pray lin is having fun and joy with the playing time he has.

  486. never say never

  487. doubt it but a good teammate

  488. if 29 mins, double double. What a BSc.

  489. unless kobe retire early or scott gets fired

  490. yeah, got it!

  491. How do you know. .smh

  492. Lakers are more decent than rox, despite kobricking.

  493. should be an ‘and’ condition, not ‘or’ 😀

  494. define doubt

  495. Or all 29 teams just been sold to countries outside of USA, or somthing like that.

  496. So All-Star voting is open. I’m not voting for Jeremy though.. not because I think he doesn’t deserve it, but he DESERVES to REST MORE. Some time off from the games in midseason would be nice.

  497. I found this Carlos Boozer video today. I like his enthusiasm …

  498. Don’t think he needs to rest more if continue playing 20 min a game

  499. Are you etane?

  500. It does not matter. He will not be voted in. I do vote everyday tho

  501. why does etane ask for definitions a lot

  502. Lin has always done the right thing to be happy for his teammates for a team win, even when he was given unfair treatments.

    Good things will come to him in due time. His patience will be rewarded.
    Egotistical teammates won’t be able to find blame in him.

  503. I just voted for Lin, I think he is among the top handful PGs if not playing with “corner stone” SGs.

  504. I agree with you. I think Lin has the F/Obacking and both the Busses did an interview together to basically say , kobe we appreciate how much uou have done fot the organization, but we will not be offering you another contract

  505. Just want to show my support to JLin.

  506. Rest more, I say. By rest I mean have extra time to spend with me… I mean his family

  507. the way your write is very similar to his syntax and context.

  508. Think so too. But anyway, NBA changes very too fast to make any meaningful prediction now.

  509. Now Kobe can be Kobe and get his inefficient stats, the team can get some wins with the bench winning for them, and there will be little chance in the playoffs. So everybody is happy at Lakers?!

  510. I don’t think NBA will allow him to start like last year.

    I just hope the high # of votes will put NBA FO on notice that there’s huge interest in JLin and they better protect their investment

  511. I just want him to have extra time in midseason, to spend time with me… I mean his family.

  512. Like to lose more? Or to miss more shots?

  513. I know, I know…..LOL

  514. that weekend interview was something to read. Jeannie hinting at kobe not retiring with LAL, Jim saying he will be out in 3 years if LAL doesn’t turn around, and, them disagreeing on MDA (Jeannie saying dad from sickbed wasn’t given right info, Jim saying dad made the choice.)

    As you keep saying, something is afoot on that team. Bot denied tanking, though.

  515. Oh yeah. I’m right again:-( Clown KB just wants to break all kinds of NBA records. No ending except mother nature takes him out of NBA for good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  516. Obviously not JLin and Nick. Rush Hour wants a playoff …

  517. Some attention from other team’s offices would be nice…

    Some extra time in midseason for him to spend with his loved ones though (AHEM), I think he would like that.

  518. I though he already hold the record of all time bricks lol
    I don’t think Kobe got the message from Jeanie days ago….

  519. Sounds like a happy medium. Beats watching lin struggling to run an offense with Kobe stopping the ball.

  520. Did anybody catch the typo ESPN made on a Kobe article? “Kobe assed Micheal Jordan”. Lol they know Kobe dosen’t pass now! Hahaha

  521. Maybe Byron wants his Princeton system to be led by someone named Price.

    It would explain the deflating performance so far this season.

  522. Good for you. I hope yours and the others’ votes would tally and garner some attention from other team’s offices.

    I vote for him to have extra time in midseason to spend with his loved ones.

  523. I did that too.

  524. LOL.

  525. He’s going for another scoring title folks! This Kobe stat padding hogging is not over I’m telling ya!

  526. Vote all you want. You know NBA is gonna rig it.


  528. Here’s another one Kobe can get:


  529. Lin didn’t attempt a 3 today and only had 5 shot attempts.

    I think he’s aware that he didn’t want to steal Kobe’s thunder in his record-breaking night.
    Otherwise he’ll get benched more.
    He helped LA win and made Kobe look good.

    The Harvard guy is pretty smart to position himself to earn more PT next time.

  530. Hahaha! I would post a pic but I found it on my Instagram feed. It’s probably fixed by now though.

  531. LOL

  532. Lin can still have 0 points and a bad game but still be happy if his team wins.

  533. That’s the Price to pay to play next to Kobe

  534. this season is a wash. stay healthy. keep developing. make a smart choice after season

  535. I passed too from my backyard court.

  536. Lawsuit – some Asian dude should get into the NBA and file a class action lawsuit based on the numbers, against BSc and another against the refs. These players are employees, and there are stats and vid to back this up hehe. Prob some legal one liner exempting athletic organizations from HR law.

  537. But he didn’t say “never”. Hehe

  538. Yeah, like the team owes him a lot.

  539. Of course. He knows…he knows….

  540. Nope. Doubt it. Kobe is still king.

  541. ofcourse…. wasted year though.bad coach after bad coach

  542. Talking about finding a good job…..LOL

  543. Indeed….LOL

  544. Ah well, Lin and LAL did much better than Kap and SF this week, so I’m off now. Happy Sunday!

  545. what the top 5 teams for lin

  546. Saw the scene of BScott hugging Kobe.. Just gave me goosebumps somehow..

  547. indirect attack! Still not happy with his feast from Lin. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, kids.

  548. seahawks baby lol

  549. Actually Kobe has a 45% fg%.

  550. A happy Kobe is a Charmin’ Kobe :>

  551. All in Asia…..JK……MAV SAS CHI NET BOS in that order

  552. When he is finished.

  553. grrr I’d be ok with Seahawks for Lynch and all but Sherman makes me mad. Beast!

  554. Results are similar even when he comes off the bench. so why start him and give him more minutes? Such BS… lol

  555. lol he is great. watching that defense make me happy then i watch the lakers lol.

  556. Lowry has 8 turnovers tonight where is the outcry

  557. Well, I really enjoy each time Sherman gets beat because I hate loudmouths. I’m a fan of Clint Eastwood films, I guess.

  558. sherman is great though. all hard work from stanford

  559. LOL

  560. LOL I have put him #31 out of 30 NBA team. For saying that he is a coach is an insult to coach himself. That’s I have said coach with his initials. Always BS only:-)

  561. Um, … Stanford is not a place where hard work is necessary. The are riding the wave of an extraordinary brand and endowment. Lynch though, and Aaron Rodgers … from Cal. Those are hardworking peeps.

  562. i like him in this day and age with all the help offenses get. for him to be that good is impressive

  563. That was a tender moment there. But after that that I was back to cringing at the sight of their faces.

  564. I read a while ago that Jim was not particularly interested in basket ball while his sister was like the old Buss.

  565. top school still for a football player to get in the nfl.

  566. ok, you can have him. Me, everytime he mouths off, I want him to be beat next so kids understand it’s the performance AND humility that leads great people forward.

  567. Don’t worry! JLin has claimed all the blames/outcries from all NBA. He is even blamed for not on the court.

  568. It’s a good school, that’s for sure.

  569. its sports. i would hate if everyone was the same. he is rowdy …good

  570. Hey, keep your eyes on Goff of Cal. He might end up being another Aaron Rodgers … I think he’s only a Jr next year.

  571. lol what about jamies

  572. who?

  573. He is happy…..

  574. That’s what matters.

  575. winston

  576. only 19 more wins and they got GSW by the cajones!

  577. Our guy is too classy.

  578. Exactly

  579. He is happy for Kobe so dang it I have to be happy for Kobe as well..

  580. I know I know, Lika a famaily

  581. Maaaan Kap was garbage! Smh

  582. boston hmmmmmm

  583. Every game the first unit is all – and the 2nd unit is all +, and Kobe is the – leader among the minus’s.

  584. Lol.. it makes u awkward..

  585. off subject but i wanna welcome Johnny manzel to the big boys table lol

  586. oh, … you like the bad boyz then. I don’t need them – I got enough bad boyz in my risky work life.


  587. I know…

  588. Yeaahh…….not really. 🙂

  589. Ohhhh I remember that one. Lol

  590. Is boozer making fun of BS and being sarcastic. If so brilliant

  591. ha im a guy. idk he is interesting. the reason i like sherman is because of the first take episode where he said to skip bayless i am better at life then you

  592. it didn’t help that missed 3rd conversion to I think Bolton … he’s rattled this year for sure. Used to be so smooth in his execution. I’m wondering if some receivers are mad at him for throwing into tough hits dunno. Just a feeling about dissension from the play action.

  593. lol

  594. didn’t he not do well today? I only heard the mention.

  595. grover chang uwman • 2 minutes ago
    Kobe did not look happy after the game, did he smile after passing Jordan. Missed most of the game.

  596. that roughing call didn’t help sf.

  597. Sure would like to see video of how he said this.

  598. Because he’s still coming off the bench.

  599. I know you are a guy … I’m just saying you like the bad boyz. Sherman, Wiinston. Well, if Sherman said that, it’s a good pushback on a smug insider. Good for him – I still want him to get beaten on the field though. Give me Duncan and Lin any Day.

  600. J. Manziel10/18804.4023-261.027.3 cleveland lost 30 -0. hey welcome to the nfl. lol i still remember reggie bush as a rookie getting leveled in the playoff. lol welcome to the nfl

  601. that was a rip off for sure. Not sure SF had the offense though.

  602. 10/1880

  603. 10 for 18 for 80 yards 2 interceptions

  604. hell no that defense was brutal

  605. well agree to disagree. sherman will never be beat though

  606. If Lakers is tanking, they are not doing a good job either,,,

  607. i honestly done care about this season. move on to next year

  608. that defense was brutal

  609. checked this out, and decide for yourself whether he is happy
    Dave McMenamin (@mcten)12/14/14, 9:40 PM
    A three-game win streak has the Lakers at 7-7 in their last 14 games. And Byron & Kobe can smile again pic.twitter.com/UvhnTPWe8l

  610. yeah….true….Just checked the standings and find out there are like 8 teams worst than LAL….LOL I was kind of shocked.

  611. really… most in the east and are top 5 lol

  612. According to Lins IG, he is the one mentoring Kobe on all the scoring. Lol. #kobegetsbuckets #kobegetsbrickstoo

  613. Sorry for downvoting you, Brent, I was trying to hit the Reply link ..


  614. On the bright side, Lakers is only 3.5 games behind #8 spot. With BS and this line-up, I don’t have any confidence with BS coaching them into playoff.

    Yet, it is still possible if Lin is given the chance to lead.

  615. Win 3 in a row after benching Lin…….it’s getting hard to justify the incompetency of this lineup and coaching…..really tough for Lin now as most of the fans only care about team winning. I hope he can return to starter lineup asap.

  616. the bench keeps saving them. start the whole bench and playoffs

  617. LOL, so they are really a bad team. They can not even tank correctly

  618. We all know that it’s Lin keeps saving them, but lakers fans won’t care much as long as the team’s winning. I hate to see the scrub plays ahead Lin

  619. No Lin’s post interview. TWC has been talking abt Kobe’s record-broken 4 an hr thou..

  620. to be honest after seeing lin with the bench i would hate to see the starter with lin again. the bench spacing and youth is great. i wish the whole bench would start

  621. I would rather watch infomercial over the that non-sense.

  622. PPL kept saying that, thinking it is better for him to be in bench. But not with 20 minutes tho

  623. I know in the short term it may seem better for his career but no one pays attention to a losing team and if they do everyone just looks bad like the sixers. With Lin playing free away from Kobe he has time to get a lead. Kobe job is to not lose the lead. If the lakers continue to win then more people care and everyone looks good including Lin. The ideal situation would be Lin start and they win, but they tried that and lost. Kobe keeps holding Lin back.

    For Lin career he will look better on a winning team vs a losing team. Who wants a player that only knows how to lose?

  624. Lin was PUNISHED this game for Price playing bad minutes last game.

  625. He was PUNISHED for everything LOL

  626. Price isn’t a starter, he’s a ball boy

  627. The truth is that he cant be on the same floor w/the ball hogger at the same time, its pathetic 2 see hes capable of playing the starter but gotta lead the 2nd unit reluctantly.

  628. Passing Jordan was such a big deal for Kobe and the media barely cares. Let’s move on to football and Johnny manziel. I hope this is a wake up call for Kobe. No one cares what you achieve if you are losing. Be more like Lin. Think about the team win and everyone will care again. People are talking bout golden state, bulls, etc because they are winning. Who cares about passing mj. Individual records are for less popular sports.

  629. atleast we get to see lin ball for atleast 19 minutes a game

  630. This is why I wrote before the season that the Lakers bench with Lin would crush any mix of Lakers starters in actual games.

  631. So, he figures Lin can’t make plays or shoot?


  632. I would say only about 9 minutes…but yes

  633. Obviously.

  634. lol true

  635. kobe made all the players what is he talking about

  636. “Who cares abt passing MJ?”… Lol.. thats right, only Kobe fans do.. We do care abt our Lin playing more min. n plz dont take the ball off his hand.

  637. okc game will be funny to watch btw when do we face gsw again

  638. Byron Scott working on Lin’s inevitable DNP CD.

    Lin’s minutes will decrease under 20 for the next few games.

  639. I think BS will keep force-feeding Price playing time against horrible teams like the Timberwolves to make Price look better. Well, it’s actually rather comical that a 2 point 2 assist game would be considered as one of Price’s better games lol.

  640. Why did he desperately change the night before vs the Spurs?

  641. I lost count of how many times Kobe was bailed out with very late whistles while Jeremy was being hacked with referees not blinking an eye. Guess the refs need to protect Kobe’s already historically bad FG% LOL. As far as I am concerned, Lin had 12 pts (2 shooting fouls not called) on 50% shooting, 7 assist (one assist not counted by stat-keeper), and only one turnover (that missed call became a turnover).

  642. omg to end december we face okc, indiana, gsw, chicago, dallas, and, phenix. memphis, indiana, portland, clippers, portland, miami, and cleveland to start January. lol let price start. good luck bro

  643. People may also say, “See, Lin can’t even beat the old scrub who averages 3 pts per game…”

    As Lin said GOD is having a perfect plan for him, let’s hope Lin can bring out the best out of the worst situation.

  644. LOL

  645. Translations:
    Another shooter = to pad Kobe’s assist total so that he can catch Magic lol.
    Make plays = pass the ball to Kobe and get out of the way.

  646. Indiana is actually horrible this season. Currently they have a worse record than the Lakers lol. I agree with the rest though.

  647. When you are the lakers, your almost always the underdog.

  648. Kobe mad because Lin had yet another good game.

  649. Since still At least 16 gms for Price to start. So it will be facing IND OKC SAC GSW CHI MAV PHX DEN MEM IND POR LAC ORL POR MIA CLE in that order. M…[email protected]:disqus you are right….good luck Mr. Price

  650. As long as Lin runs the charmin unit and Kobe isn’t tired in the closing minutes, that is 16-0!!

  651. How many games on national tv?

  652. well they still got a shot

  653. you underestimate scott don’t you

  654. Charmin unit? Since when its become the new name of their 2nd unit? lol.. Go! The Charmin unit.. 🙂

  655. i actually prefer this limited great lin for 19 minutes rather then kobe’s ball boy lin 30 minutes

  656. if lin could average double digits with high per in limited minutes 20-23. it won’t be bad for lin.

  657. he was beat 2x today at least.

  658. another bad boy ha ha.

  659. jlin7: Its been an honor mentoring @kobebryant and teaching him how to score so well…..lol. Congrats on youre well-deserved place in history!! #3rdalltime #kobegetsbuckets

  660. LMAO…..

  661. Since the charmin unit cleans up Kobe (you know what)

  662. Will Kobe be able to continue his losing ways to edge out Monta as the worst ever in win shares per 48 minutes for players who averaged more than 25 points a game?

  663. Any kind of records …no matter good or bad…Kobe is keen to break.

  664. Kobe: challenge accepted!

  665. So bored. Nothing good to watch, nothing bball to talk about. Not even having good highlight anymore due to Lin’s minutes…

  666. LOL That’s the prob of rooting JLin:-) Either too bored or too crazy. Nothing in between:-)

  667. 1. Kobe and BS will do a matrimonial ceremony for undying love on ISO-Basketball.
    2. Kobe makes BS coaching job more easier.
    3. BS makes Kobe’s dream come true of forming his own empire of Bricks

    Lakers badly needs a PG
    now that they have Lin
    They are trying their best to deny his presence.

    BS at times have an ugly pick on subs
    and Lin is one of his favorite player to
    pull-out in the court.

    The last time Lin didn’t play at all due to injury,
    Lakers truly s*&^%$# in the playground

    I’ve seen it all. And its becoming constant.
    The situation never changed Rockets or Lakers
    it’s just the same.
    They need to hold back on Lin or they will lose
    their investment on their prized players

    Hope Lakers finally realize that they have
    a brighter future for having an unselfish player
    willing to sacrifice his stats just to win games.

    Still hopeful Lin will be reinstated as starter.

    not a tribute but worth celebrating for a while.
    I still love both players – Kobe/MJ
    Kobe surpassing his idol Michael Jordan

  668. Not “or” It is too crazy bored now…

  669. Another live news concerning Sydney seige cafe

  670. LOL Then watch live Sydney seize cafe news that I have posted above:-(

  671. Actually has work to do…just not feeling doing it…LOL

  672. Nearly 40 hostages hv been taken by the gunman, not sure abt the motivation. God bless!

  673. Wow, it’s scary. May God and good luck be with all of them …

  674. yeah, he needs about 35 mins for convo to go all night.

  675. They don’t know how many. Believe it’s 50 but then maybe 30. Still trying to find out what’s really going on.

  676. I am catching up with the news in Sydney. Pray that everyone is safe.

  677. Oh, oh, the epic battle between Darth Sideous and Luke Skywalker again …

  678. There is a disturbance in the force

  679. WTH?! LAL should take him LOL

  680. What? King is doing better than Lakers?! Scott should be the one who got fired ASAP.

  681. A little bit?

  682. There’s hope for us yet.

  683. I’ve been reading a really great book called “The Gold Mine Effect, crack the secrets of high performance”. This book has debunked the idea is race as an advantage in anything, especially in sports. The book takes an indepth look at how the Jamaican runners from one school and club dominates the world in sprinting, or how one school in Kenya develops the best long and middle distance runners in the world. The experts all agree that being black doesn’t give you a biological advantage in sports, or being Asian gives you a biological advantage in math. The facts are out there to disprove any NBA “experts” who feel that Lin is not athletic because he’s asain.

    On the subject of mental strength and how powerful the mind is in acquiring skills; page

  684. 5 people managed to escape from cafe. Glad to hear! Around 30 is still under seize.

  685. Lin tracking not so boring just give it an hour.

  686. upvote for the ones who are safe.

  687. Wish Lin can do some of this too.. but way too many targets …

  688. on second thought, hiring Malone would really mess up the Lakers “plans”

  689. I know it will not happen bc Kobe is the real coach.. LOL!

  690. Congrats to Kobe on passing MJ on the pts list.

    Now I expect Kobe to increase his FGA per game even more in order to pass Karl Malone by the end of next season. He needs about 4600 pts.

  691. I really think what King’s Mgnt thought on Malone’s fault…Lakers can use it on Scott too.

  692. I know another coach that plays at a slow style that should be fired

    Sources: Kings fire coach Michael Malone after differences in style
    “Owner Vivek Ranadive has wanted the Kings to play a faster style of basketball, and D’Alessandro – who has worked with Don Nelson in Golden State and Karl in Denver – has sought a similar style.”

  693. I think Kobe is eying Wilt’s 100pts game record instead. Kobe needed around 25.952 true shooting attempts to get 25.4 points this season. So he only needs around 103 true shooting attempts (2.15 attempts per minute for 48 minutes) to score 101 points to break Wilt’s record!

  694. Currently Lakers is only 3 and a half games away from the playoff picture. This lineup actually proves hard for the opposition to match without giving extra minutes to their starting lineup.

    Again, the 2nd team of this Lakers team has proved to be very competitive. Jeremy Lin, Sacre, Ellington played less than 20 minutes this game. Boozer played 27 and Young 24 minutes. They would have lots left in their tank to play against Indiana.

    The key factor is no longer Kobe but the how well the 2nd team is going to play for the next game. As long as Boozer could match his level of excellent performance, the 2nd team could outscore lots of teams in NBA. Boozer almost got a double double for every game he has been benched. It’s time for Jeremy, Ellington to step up their game too.

  695. The Lakers is now 3 and a half games away from playoff. It’s all because of the second team which consistently having positive on +/- against opposition. Tomorrow, it’s really instrumental for them to get even closer to the playoff picture. Just like Jeremy said, “I still believe we can go to the playoff.”

    Boozer is having close to a double double for every game he started from the bench. Jeremy given enough minutes proved that he could run the offense effectively to get his teammates involved. Now all the 2nd team needs is to get Ellington into his shooting groove. The this second team with Sacre in the middle can still compete.

  696. Wish BS is the next. …….”Lakers management was disappointed with the player development, game plans & adjustments. FO believes Lin & Davis are not utilized at all and Clarkson deserves more playing time”…..in my dream……

  697. Done very well with basketball (although actually a couple of years shy of REALLY matching MJ). But “supreme”? Too bad for him it isn’t ancient times where he could claim himself a God. Sociopathic romanticization of his other not-at-all-supreme side.

  698. Not too long ago I was so happy to see this picture. How wrong I was! Yuck!

  699. I know. Can’t believe JLin used this pic to congrat KB. Maybe some hidden messages?:-)

  700. Y’know, I think you’re right. I was so annoyed by the pic that I didn’t pay attention to the not at all subtle poke at Kobe’s (non)mentoring, his fake embrace followed by bark-fest, and his freedom to brick with Jeremy out of the way. With a little cherry of congratulations on top for being 3rd. THIRD all time. Quietly wicked sense of humor. I like. 🙂

  701. Good approach being taken by Paul Villarreal


  702. I agree with Paul. Kobe’s body will eventually give out at the rate he is going. Last night they played against a really bad team, and although Lin only played 19 minutes, he was very efficient. We have some really tough teams coming up and lin will definitely, be needed in those games. Also lin is actually really leading the second unit and the 2nd team seems quite comfortable letting him lead. As lin said the best is yet to come

  703. Probably the Lakers should let Mike Malone go.

    Mike Malone was part of the Golden State coaching staff that cut Lin.

  704. Can’t become the SUPREME BRICKER of all time without the dark side, indeed.


  705. BS look more happy than Kobe.

  706. There is no “N” in Priceton system haha.

  707. All the bad players are bunched up in the 1st unit.

    All the good players are bunched up in the 2nd unit.

  708. For the past 4 games, the +/- clearly shows that. But politics always prevails at the expense of those who really contributed. Only people with mind of truth can see that. Others are either blinded by greed, agenda or ignorance.

    The coming games will further vindicate that 2nd unit is the engine of the Lakers. And we all know who is the driver of this engine.

  709. I am far-sighted to insist on the believe that the FO has a different plan from BS’s.
    I believe Lin is in Lakers’ long term plan for business purposes. Wait it out is just what the doctor ordered.

  710. Actually Lin and Boozer were being held back playing slow Kobe iso-ball with 1st unit now flourishing. Price on 2nd unit was being held back by himself. So it didn’t effect Price’s production since he has none and it’s greatly improved the benches production. So Kobe makes a mess with the first unit and 2nd unit comes to clean up the mess. Kobe placed in the final few minutes to get the glory and they sit tight and hope he doesn’t blow the game.

  711. Why is Lin so popular here and overseas in Asia?

    I think, it has to do with him being Asian-AMERICAN.

    It’s not about him just being Asian. That, of course, has a huge part to do with it.

    But, equally as important is that he’s an American who plays an American style of basketball – flashy and with American flair. In Asia, he is both familiar and exotic – a winning combination for wild popularity. In the US, he appeals to Americans and Asian Americans because he is familiar and exotic.

    And, while not important for playing basketball but very important for mass appeal is the fact that English is Lin’s first language.

    Think about the most popular NBA players in the world – they all tend to speak English primarily. What Euro star matches the popularity of Kobe Bryant overseas? This fact speaks to the fact that English is, more than any other language, is probably the most universal language in the world.

    That’s why his popularity overshadows that of Yao Ming, the other famous play of Asian descent in the NBA. Ming, while very good and very popular, played like a plodding big man, because, well, that’s what he was. And because he spoke English as a second language, his personality couldn’t shine through both here and overseas.

    Lin is a global star because he is ASIAN and AMERICAN. Without one or the other, he wouldn’t be the global star that he is.

  712. Where’s the picture of Ronnie Price signing autographs for his fans? Lol.

  713. I’d be interested in what people overseas think about what i wrote about Lin’s popularity. You can tell me if I’m right or totally wrong, lol.

  714. I think the flaw of the last sentence is, if he is not American and Linsanitty happened. He will still be a global star. Just minus some fans from USA…LOL

  715. Not sure…..haha lazy to check…should be around 5-7

  716. I see your point, but to me, Linsanity the phenomenon was so huge because he was American and Asian.

    If he was just a foreign Asian player who put up similar numbers as Lin did, then he’d become famous, but not nearly to the extent that Lin became famous both inside and outside of basketball.

    Stardom to me requires, not just production, but a mix of production, playing style, personality, playing in a big market, and winning.

    Lin had all that mix of factors coalescing to thrust Lin into super-stardom status (if but for a short time) virtually instantaneously.

    Any other player without all that mix of star-factors wouldn’t have been so famous as Lin.

  717. ok, here is the proof of good work that the ‘Charmin bench did to clean up the starters mess in 3 straight wins

    In 3 @Lakers wins,
    ‘Charmin’ bench produced +102 to help offset starters -47 in +/-
    JLin provided the best +26 while Price provided the worst at -14


  718. That girl must be hella tall… She’s taller than Jeremy in that pic.

  719. Is Lin more popular than Yao? Now or when Yao was playing?

  720. Actually I think the real reasons he was famous are,
    1. the 7 gms win streak in 3 weeks of course,
    2. he clearly plays in a way that even non bball fans know he gets how to play,
    3. MSG’s power to hype up a player,
    4. he is Asian (in a bad way),
    5. he is from Harvard (in a bad way).

    I can almost guarantee you, if he is not American. If he went tru his education and childhood in either China or Taiwan, and somehow he still did that 3 weeks. His stardom in Asia and other country will be much more crazy that what ever happen in USA will not matter at all.

  721. I don think so

  722. this leads to unit pride and more downhill running!

  723. … and more China fans !

  724. This is +/- tho, not really indicative. If use these we need at least a whole season. JMO

  725. Exactly my points. And much more

  726. I didn’t think so either. Could have been if was utilized to his strength and kept up Linsanity.

  727. Maybe on a stand with high heels…LOL

  728. and they are winning! Is Byron a genius lol?

  729. I see that below. Ppl underestimate the juggernaut that China and India are in fans. It’s like the web, so big. I was in a class once where someone in US said Indonesia is a small country, and a guy stepped in and ripped him with the stats of just how big Indonesia is geographically and in population.

  730. so can we agree on price’s stats at least :-)?

  731. I would say that number is definitely CORRELATED to the performance. Just not sure how much and not sure if every player is correlated to his number at same degree

  732. well, yes and no.

    The 3-game patterns show if starters consistently show – or 0 while bench produced + so there is something to indicate bench contribution, especially they’re not blowouts.

    It might still mean that the lineup is working for Byron because the bench produced enough lead so the starters can’t mess it up to much

    Kings http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?id=400578607
    Spurs http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?id=400578631
    Wolves http://espn.go.com/nba/boxscore?id=400578643

    So yes, it needs more samples. But there is an indication that the bench doing something right not to blow the games esp. in the Spurs game (too many TOVs by starters)

    It might be interesting to see # of TOVs to correlate with +/- which make sense

  733. wonderful post, somebody has to start a convo with you on it. So, from what you know, and if I can sit at my desk and visualize and it’s close to actually physical work, questions:

    1. does this work for non-physical too like visualizing success at worK or is it just for one physical thing like a tennis stroke?

    2. in what way can we, or Lin, get positive nurturing when we are faced with people who undermine our mental framework for their own ends?

    I like your equation. Here’s another:

    Track record = Delivery – Promises

  734. Actually, this is not just about sample size. To actually show +/- as an impact, your need a complete random substitution pattern too, to average out the effect of some dominate lineups.

  735. For popularity – In China No, In USA not sure?

    For respect from NBA – in USA No.

  736. yes, I stopped watching +/- after seeing some really unfair numbers based on any one specific player messing up or going big. I like the efficiency stats where overall NBA production stats are divided by time on court. What is the best source for efficiency, as each fantasy league has their own way of scoring. Is there an official efficiency number that can be tracked? Seems people use PPG as a proxy, but with how they are using Lin, that is both frustrating and misleading.

  737. Even PER is not considered “advanced” nowadays I think.

  738. Lin is not close to Kobe, LeBron, etc in China I think when I last checked. Chinese Fans also love the top venerable players.

  739. true, what might help is to see 2-man, 3-man up to 5-man lineup to see what works well.

    Nothing conclusive to show something statistically significant but it’s good enough to make people pause and think there might be a pattern to repeat. I think knowing Byron, he’ll stick with this lineup to produce wins.

    But hey, if it makes people to stop and think if Lin is indeed the true engine for the bench and should be given more chance to produce similar success, that’s mission accomplished 😀

  740. I agree…I think with some tweak, +- will be more useful. I was just discussing it with my Lab friends about this. Then you posted it…LOL so I basically just replied what we had agreed….

  741. Just wondering. Last time BS said Lin was playing too fast and that was probably one of the reasons that Lin got benched.

    Does it seem like that Lin is still playing his fast style with the 2nd unit? And if there was nothing there, he would then go to the standard offensive sets. It just seems more exciting with the 2nd unit. Is BS OK now with Lin playing too fast now that he’s on the 2nd unit?

  742. Lin played way slower than he could. If that is what you are asking?

  743. IND Pre-Game Thread+Poll is open

    Only 5 hours before game starts!
    Man, Lakers would have some tired legs after last night’s game

  744. I just thought he actually was trying to push the ball most of the time.

  745. haha.. you guys might actually consider to do a hypothesis to test it ? 😀

  746. I think +/- more indicative of the lineup rather than the individual player and may be tainted by the opposition. But just watching the game you can see the 2nd team much better, modern team, more 3’s, pushing the pace, ball movement. Starters are so boring to watch with that old school everyone stand around and watch Kobe take a contested difficult shot.

  747. I pray that smile is contagious and Lin starts smiling more. Just enjoy life.

  748. Some New Yorkers working for Walmart apparently want Lin for Melo:


  749. I think they’re standing on the steps, guy next to her is high too and the guy with the hand with the pen on the right looks like he’s on the next step even higher.

  750. LOL
    The #JerseyGate Part 2!

  751. I think it could mean Lin’s playing too fast with the slow starters featuring 37-year old Kobe.

  752. You couldn’t make this stuff up! There sure is some weird science in Jeremy’s life path, lol.

  753. Exactly

  754. From non-Asian outside looking in, it seems roberlin and brent are actually a bit close: “Stardom to me requires, not just production, but a mix of production, playing style (Brent #2), personality, playing in a big market (Brent #3), and winning (Brent #1).”

    Imo, being Asian (Brent #4) is both good and bad in the US because while there are plenty of racists, our youth is increasingly global-minded and happy to see him. Europeans are totally multicultural, at least regarding sports and the arts. Asians are happy to see him, though some can be very critical. So I don’t think his Asian-related fame is “in a bad way”. I’d give it a slight positive edge over net zero.

    Harvard (Brent #5) was a surprise, but I really think it’s only “in a bad way” for a very small jealous and intellectually insecure sampling, but which sadly probably includes many of the old-school NBA coaches. So not good for his career, but not bad for approval rating here and abroad.

    Having had a career in entertainment, and having traveled widely, I have no doubt that being able to speak English fluently is a big, big benefit. Not because it’s American, but because it really has become the language the whole world uses for business, science, and cross-cultural sharing. It really does amplify your audience and exposure.

    It seems to me the Asian fans who post here very naturally speak out of their experiences of misunderstanding, intolerance and outright racism. It is there for sure, but I really believe there is a much deeper human-species-wide dark trait at work, and that is jealousy. Every culture has a folk saying around cutting off the poppy/tree/grass that stands too tall. If the whole culture hasn’t retained control by putting talent through it’s expected and prescribed system, then it is almost always viciously hostile to the newcomer or the shooting star. We’re basketball fans here, but anyone in academia knows how vicious scholars can be when new ideas get sprung on them. Jeremy’s fame was so unexpected, so “in spite of”, and so explosively global that many, many people became enraged by the challenge to their secure ideas. I believe the repercussions are still radiating around, and most especially in the hide-bound, even corrupt, NBA structure. This is an obstacle for Jeremy, but his extraordinary grace in meeting it is also a big part of his fame.

  755. when they are leading they want to burn up clock as a general rule. That and slow Kobe, others means BSc will always want the game slowed to ISO.

    But the real game flow is trying to maximize lead while Lin is in because they need the cushion. Since Swag, Booz, Ellington others are game, they have to do it as a team. So, did you read how NYK dropped Princeton last night and came back then to lose in OT? Fish said that was why they lost, as there was not base for grinding it out when they dropped to team decided pnr, etc.

    That’s what happens out there … stubborn system, realities of team fabric. Lin made the right choice, and they won by the skin of their teeth. Had he let 2nd unit go slow, LAL would have lost or BSc would have had to insert Lin with 2 mins left – waiting time = mostly too late except for 2 games ago BSc got lucky. Lin doesn’t need the luck, just PT and freedom to work the team for a downhill run.

  756. LAJane, the 7 sins are at work in many many aspects of our lives. You highlight envy here. But it’s easy to add to that sloth, vanity, etc etc when we look at how great Lin plays when he’s freed of all that.

    Funnily, that also applies to Silicon Valley and how we got some of these online social tools. For a while there in the 2010s turn, there were articles and open talk out on some of the big social platforms’ product managers and investor meetings where they ask … does it include the 7 sins to get people to adopt fast and fervently? For example, so you notice on your social network a lot of vanity or a lazy way to have a friend? That’s what they fostered possibly by design. Masses = appealing to our worst sides.

    Hence, I love Lin fandom yet again – for the reminder to “stay on target, Luke”, from rejecting the 7 Sins from his belief system to just going for the positive (upside) like this site tries to achieve (psalm, Mods).

  757. The obvious improvement may occur on Sacre. If Sacre started working on his PnR, he would add lots of value to himself and Lin. Sacre obviously can do that giving him enough time working with Lin. Boozer having more time with Jeremy are making dunks over Jeremy’s passes.
    The flow of game improves a lot when Lin leads everybody moving faster and stronger. Good things happen when Lin is pushing for the open court and everyone responds.

  758. There are 3 players who played less than or equal to 20 minutes last night; Sacre, Ellington and Lin.
    There are 3 players who played between 21 to 25 minutes; Ronie Price, Nick Young and Ed Davis.
    Only Kobe played more than 30 minutes.
    The rest of the group played between 26 to 29 minutes.

    Those couldn’t be tired legs except Kobe. I believe Kobe would have sore and tired legs today.

  759. good info!
    Let’s hope Kobe sips his celebration wine and relax a bit

  760. Earth to Kobe: If you want to get the next rung before you bow out, take a free ride on the Lin 25pt-to-you-a-game express. Double-double for Lin, next rung in 2 years for you. Who knows, you might get a ring out of it because you’ll have the energy to hit those monster 3s (2x in the last 10 days, right?)

  761. Kobe: “Sorry JoeTeam, I have joined the dark side” :]

  762. Kobe not impressed: “These —- ain’t doing —- for me!” LOL

  763. i’m too lazy to check it…..thx

  764. Haha, it must have been made in China.

  765. Boo … there are sequels and canon changes hehe

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