Game 24 Golden State Warriors vs Atlanta Hawks


  1. Nice view of Jeremy’s pass to Alex Len, against Miami …

  2. Trae was just named Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month.

    No matter how much Trae haters bash him everyday, the NBA doesn’t care. Neither do most non-Lin fans. Like I keep saying, most people don’t care that Trae’s shooting average and defense are terrible. They only care about his PPG and Assists Per Game.

  3. I think it is a little ridiculous to name him Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month, but in all honesty, I haven’t watched the other EC rookies. It is also unrealistic for Lin fans not to acknowledge not only how good at assists it is, but how important assists are for a rookie PG. And he also has potential to have top ball-handling. ALL of that matters. And tbh, the poor shooting percentage is fixable, and it’s already gotten better in the last 3 games. The 3 point percentage for the last 3 games was good.

    This is not about Lin vs. Trae. Lin is playing in 2018/2019 to reestablish himself as an NBA player by staying healthy. Except for the minor 2 games, he has. He has a high shooting percentage, and we know that that can change. Let’s see him keep it going to the ASB. If he does, that’s a bigger deal than for a month.

  4. NBA is such a joke

    It is an entertainment industry, not sports.

    Can not wait for Lin to get out of it.

  5. True his shooting percentage has inched up recently, …

    … but his vaunted Assists have dropped, were it not for the 17 assists in the LAC game, Traes Assists in the last 6 gm is averaging just a pedestrian 4.2 ast/gm.

  6. Must not be much rookie competition in the East when the player leading the league in so many bad categories earns rookie of the month

  7. Got a feeling that JLIN will get plenty of minutes today :

    a) Second game back for Steph Curry and we know Trae is one of the worst defenders in the league so, Steph running Trae through screen after screen means Steph will get open looks … until JLIN is on him

    b) GSW lost 2 straight and will be looking to make an example of the lowly Hawks – they will try to break Hawks starters’ morale early

  8. Team executives have told Brian Windhorst that Carmelo Anthony has likely played his last NBA game

    ESPN and Rachel Nichols make me sick. Trying their best to lie for Melo, and trying to get a team to hire this bum. It’s hilarious how they even mentioned the Hawks but didn’t mention how the Hawks paid Melo $25M+ to stay away from their tanking team. Yet Nichols is sitting there saying that Melo would be loved by the locker room and fans of a tanking team.

  9. He had had several double-digit assists games this month. Why can’t some Lin fans just say he’s effective at assists and give him that? It’s like Lin haters picking apart all the bad things he does with some negative stat.

  10. no mention that Luka’s team is winning and TY teams is losing..performance wise, Points and stats of Luka came from competitive games while trae’s number was a result of a losing and inefficiency. BUT what can we do, NBA wants to entertain Hawk fans ..LOL!

  11. The real competitions in the east for Trae are Collin Sexton and Wendall Carter Jr. Sexton also has bad PER like Trae but seem to have much higher shooting percentage. Carter Jr however, has a much higher PER and seems be solid as Bulls’ starting center… So yeah…. East is thin on rookies this year…

  12. A nice recollection from a father …

  13. It is a show business, rival, even there is no rival comparison at all. Just hype and hype and bubble. When it bursts, it all comes down on FO and the poor rookie not meeting the expectation.


    All these meaningless awards, voted on by media. But these awards used to define a player’s legacy.

    The hypocrisy and double-standards and pre-ordained narratives. Would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

    But I have to disagree about Lin. Want to see Lin continue to succeed, IN SPITE OF THE NBA. Would like to see Lin play for another 5 to 10 years! 🙂

  15. Don’t know if this was posted in prior threads. Rathbun being funny.

  16. Agreed, I also want Lin to play as long as possible.

    After that, I will say good-bye to my LP

  17. What you don’t get is that we don’t really care that Trae gets every opportunity to be a star. We really don’t care that much. It’s the huge dramatic difference between how Lin gets treated by media and home team that’s irritating. It’s PTSD that we all suffer from. What’s even more Annoying is that you and some others keep accusing us of hatred when it’s actually a simmering anger at the injustice against Lin. You’ve always lean towards accepting the conventional view of Lin here like we aren’t able to see reality. We all see it! We just rail against it becuase we can on this forum.

    It’s when Lin fans express these same views on team forums that I don’t agree with.

  18. Another post (if not posted earlier). Lin-Len connection.

    To me, Lin is a great team-mate. Easy to get along with. Makes friends easily. Looking back, he might have been more aloof earlier not only because of what happened with Nets teammates. But could have been because he was also worried about his recovery. Now that he’s been coming back strong on the court, he’s more relaxed.

  19. LOVE these kinds of stories, where Lin has inspired so many!!!!!!

    Even now, years later, still see TONS of tweets from Knicks fans….

  20. As ironic and satisfying as it is to see Melo get his just desserts. Melo probably still laughing all the way to the bank. It’s a shame that the NBA is such a sham.

  21. 3 TOV’s already for Young in 5 min. 1Q

    No Lin or his unit yet…

  22. Rookie of the month

  23. Lin getting ready to come in.

  24. Got link??!

  25. Lin in

  26. Thanks man

  27. Acbc – you hit it – couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for expressing this so CLEARLY!

    Posters like sws94 will never get it. Because they are NOT Lin only fans. So they insist that there should be “fairness” ON THIS FORUM. Why should we? When Lin has NEVER been treated fairly his entire tenure in the NBA.

    I’ve stopped wasting my time debating. I just want to have fun and enjoy seeing Lin play. But it keeps coming up in every game, and every thread.

    It’s never been about LIN vs anyone else. For me, it’s always been about LIN being treated fairly, and not having double-standards used against him.

    And I also agree with you about team forums. That’s why I don’t bother posting elsewhere!

  28. SAME HERE! Lol.

  29. Lin is not keeping up with Curry at all. Not doing much on both defense or offense so far.

  30. Somehow not loading sigh

  31. Give him some time

  32. He has limited game-playing time. I’d like to see him get going.

  33. Is he still in??

  34. What’s happening click???

  35. Not good. Lin is doing nothing particularly helpful.

  36. Lin has 2 fouls. Lin has to come out.

  37. 2222222

  38. Yes

  39. Finally, Lin found an opening to cut to the rim for an easy 2

  40. Suprise, Lin stayed in. Lin with a nice drive for 2 points.

  41. Keep me posted driving home now

  42. 2 pts 2 asts 2 rebs 1 tov and 2 pfs in 1Q in 6 min.

  43. Wish he didn’t have the fouls. Only 1 was legit, IMO.

  44. Lin looks like he tried to find the rhythm earlier

  45. This might be another one of those nights…

    Curry and KD both off to a super hot start. Hawks committed 9 turnovers to the Warriors’ 0. Lin looking a bit slow and sluggish coming back from the ankle injury, but had a few nice passes. Would’ve had 4 assists if Vince and Baze didn’t miss open 3s.

  46. There has to be a point where you don’t become like the doubters. Knocking all over a rookie is knocking on a rookie and PTSD comes off as an excuse IMO.

  47. Baze wants to get his points again playing PG

  48. Whatever.

  49. KD has huge impact because he breaks up so many passes. That’s in addition to his shooting, defense, and passing.

  50. Lin looked tentative. You could almost see him second-guessing when he had the ball. His handles looked pretty shaky too.

  51. Trae is super aggressive tonight. Taking it to the rim constantly and drawing fouls, like Lin used to.

  52. I think he’ll be ok. He’s thinking too much. Just believe in himself at all times.

  53. Trae with 4 turnovers already. Too aggressive and wild.

  54. In this stint. In the last stint, not as much.

  55. Yeah, I am hoping he will relax in the second half and find his rhythm.

  56. Hope he comes back in the 2nd quarter and just relaxes and play GSW. He’s done it before, and well.

  57. 5 TOs now

  58. Haha Curry lol

  59. Trae may have some issues passing against long teams.

  60. Exactly. Some fans here are both a Lin and NBA’s fan.

  61. Warriors took their foot off the gas and let the Hawks come back. Hawks starters are playing better in the 2nd Q. Pierce is going to ride them and not let the bench come back in.

  62. so, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what LP is doing right now. This unit has gotten the lead down to 9 and Trae has had a much better second stint. They’re also lucky that Steff has cooled off.

  63. Trae drawing fouls on Curry, forcing Curry to sit with 3 fouls.

  64. OMG Trae literally just gave Cook the ball. 7 turnovers now for Trae. SMH

  65. Lin in

  66. Lin’s in.

  67. Refs are helping Hawks with those calls. SMH.

  68. Dont worry, NBA does not look at “star” player’s shortcomings

  69. Most of the time the other team will hit a 3 once Lin come into the game. So weird.

  70. Lin out

  71. I think it was the right call on Lin, that was a foul.

  72. WTH???
    Lin out because he could not guard Curry???

  73. Refs are ridiculous. Lin, Curry, Cook all with 3 tickytack fouls.

  74. 3 fouls

  75. Lin -15, Baze -16. Sheesh.

  76. Lin a bit rusty

  77. lin with 3 fouls? smh he not playing much

  78. Yes, I expected it.

    I think Lin is slower on defense than he used to be. But hopefully, his defensive speed will come back. Offensively, his speed is fine.

  79. Nope, last 30 sec. coach pulled him when Curry came in so that another player (forgot who) could guard Curry

  80. 2 of them aren’t even fouls. Refs are calling a poor game so far.

  81. 3 fouls. guarding curry. you bettter take him out. especailly how soft the ref are calling it.

  82. I think one legit, one borderline, one bogus.

  83. still…not going to play all tht much

  84. Lin and Baze can’t play together.

  85. Curry is out because he has 3 fouls. If a player has 3 fouls in the first half, you take them out.

  86. hopefully a blow out so lin can play more

  87. He may end up in double figures in TO for the game. Rookie is learning the NBA. GSW is a tough team.

  88. It is nice to be the coddled “team star”:

    the Young’s FGA = 11
    the 2nd unit’s FGA = 12 in total

  89. First game back after sitting for 2 with injury… and he has to face the champion team

  90. rough game to come back from sittting out. especailly gsw just lost

  91. Lin should just put up some 3s, immediately, as soon as he crosses half court

  92. It will be

  93. i hate i rarly enjoy these games because i know they mean nothing but experience for young.

  94. if lin scores 8 points ill be ok with it

  95. not all experience is worth something – hone bad habits, play loose wiht 7 turnovers

  96. why is huerter getting so much minutes

  97. anyways this is miserable. 1 of lins prime years wasted for developing player who likly wont be much. like the lakers. hopefully traded soon

  98. Brooklyn Nets losing to a Kevin Love-less Cavs (worst team in the NBA – personally I believe ATL will end up worst record)

  99. Kerr livid on a missed foul and then missed offensive goal tend

  100. I want to move on to Wednesday. GSW is just too good. And it seems every time Lin gets in the game, every GSW player makes their shots.

  101. He’s playing well.

  102. Lin’s prime is done. This is Lin’s rehab year. And it’s still early in the season. Lin will have wonderful games where he’s efficient on both ends. This is GSW and Atlanta is a bad team. I’m hoping for a good stint or two, of course no injuries, and call it a night against GSW. I don’t think I want to see Lin play much tonight.

  103. Wow awful turnover

  104. idk if gsw not taking this seriously but theyre defense is suspect. hopefully dreymond adds it but i dont that

  105. Lin in

  106. this year is a rehab year but he is in his prime and t doesn’t last forever

  107. ya man…whatsup with that?!!!! sigh!

  108. I thought prime was over at 29.

  109. Dedmond is playing like trash more and more

  110. why is Lin not creating instead of Bembry and Baze….smh baze is a killer

  111. Lin is not playing any better.

  112. Good question.

  113. He needs to stop passing to others to facilitate. He needs to facilitate and also look to score. IMO.

  114. Lin hacked. Should be at the line. Hit in the head.

  115. nice lin…see give it to the creator and he creates….smh

  116. Lin is even slow on defense. He isn’t even playing smart.

  117. i think i hate baze

  118. not a good game by lin looks passive out there. just rusty

  119. Alright so from what i can see from Lin the dude is not enjoying himself out there at all. They put baze on the bench and it became awful. the only bright spot was the bench and The coach took that away.

  120. JLIN perhaps tentative on defense because of 3 fouls, he should realize if Pierce is gonna pull him its for whatever reason Pierce thinks up – not because of foul trouble

  121. 22222222 +1

  122. Yep – this is true

  123. niiiiice

  124. 2222222222

  125. Steal and 2 more.

  126. niiiiiiiice LIN!

  127. If lin plays like this he will get his

  128. JLIN is actually having a wonderful STATS game

  129. Vince you’re not 25 anymore stop it

  130. 222222222222+1

  131. Nice LIN! get yours!

  132. 10 points in 15 mins so far

  133. LOL vince your not 25!

  134. Lin has 1 block, can anyone confirm?

  135. he should have taken that last shot…

  136. I saw the swipe block but don’t know if it was recorded

  137. give lin the whole quarter!

  138. years ago thats a highlight dunk. he forgot for a sec it aint 2002

  139. LOL, dream on

  140. I did too but not in espn score box.

  141. Nice second half of the 3rd Q from Lin. He got more aggressive and easily drove in the lane that Warriors have been giving up all night.

    Hawks are playing awful overall though. Nobody is playing with energy out there and they look like they’ve given up already. Warriors are also cruising this game. Don’t even need to go all out to beat the lifeless Hawks.

  142. He needs stats for trade value.

  143. im happy with lins production. it seem to me lin was easeing his way back into playing the game. tells me he isnt 100 percent yet.

  144. Lin out

  145. Prince should join his grandpa Melo.

  146. Come on Trae those shots are way too hard

  147. Nice of Dell Curry to sneak in a, “its good to see Jeremy playing again…” on the Warrior’s broadcast.

  148. Not sure what Bazemore did to upset Pierce or Schlenk or both and find himself with the bench unit …

    … Baze on bench upset the entire rhythm of what JLIN built in the first 20 gms with his bench

  149. he will get traded. hopefully lin joins him

  150. No, I don’t want he and Lin on the same team again

  151. The chance is 50/50. His contract is not easy.

  152. yes, he’s just taking what it’s open and not force it too much. Glad he’s being very measured out there

  153. when ever trey gets more then 15 he its always 1 shot 1 point. he is 7-17 18 points

  154. by join him i mean traded. not to the same team

  155. He has been good to Lin in the past.

  156. we are tanking so its just a buisness decision. why risk it?

  157. Get traes out right now

  158. he will be then llin can stat pad lmao

  159. That was a sick pass by Huerter.

  160. The broadcastor just said Young has 2o points, it takes him 19 shots to get there LOL

  161. Better than most nights for Westbrook. 18 pts is 18 pts.

  162. I am playing with with Baze? Ehh no thanks. Yes do trade Lin pleaszzzz

  163. 6 shots = 10 points
    19 shots = 20 points

  164. he is a volume shooter. he will never be effiecient. not with that shot selection

  165. Yes and he has a chance to get more. I do wish he wouldn’t leave his teammates to do so much faciltating. He should do it himself.

  166. Huerter and Collins are the only Hawks playing well tonight. Trae is doing OK with his layups, but still chucking and missing 3s, is a turnover machine, and not really getting his teammates involved. Lin played well for half of the 3rd Q. Everyone else is sleeping out there.

  167. Lin in

  168. Let me guess:
    1st player is Lin,
    2nd player is Young.

  169. If ok stands for really bad then yes Trae has been OK…This is the first hawks game i have seen in a while…and now i remember why. They could have gotten Doncic.

    Edit: Trae should realise his potential as a facilitator would make him and the team much better,

  170. Prince hurt

  171. Baze thinking he kobe with the fadeaway stop it and know your limitations.

  172. bad to by lin

  173. That was a foul

  174. They just showed the replay, it was a foul.

  175. Collins, Prince and Trae are the three pillars of defense.

  176. NBA needs to be in qualified referees. This is a disgrace. Lin was fouled. And Prince was fouled on the 3 point shot that he twisted his ankle on. You don’t clear the space to land, it’s a foul.

  177. lol

  178. Lin cant get calls this game

  179. refs are stupid

  180. Definitely a foul. That has me mad.

  181. Refs have been atrocious this season…no quality at all.

  182. Loving lins defense.

  183. Young’s “less than 20% three-point shooting” was discussed by the GSW commentators. They talked about his struggle and said his 3-point % was never under 44% before NBA.

  184. When steph does that shot im scaaared…When trae does it im facepalming…THATS the difference.

  185. Hawks TO’s are spectacular sights! 🙁

  186. jeremy should have more than 3 assists

  187. I just checked, his 3pt% stats was .360 Step Curry’s was .412 so yeah he is the next “Seth Curry” (not a typo)

  188. 22222222222222222

  189. Get those Stats JLIN!

  190. 1 FT

  191. lol 4. should be more than that tho

  192. 4 assists now on

  193. I am sure he has the most hockey assists on the team by far.

  194. cmon lets get 15

  195. 1 FT tech

  196. Wonderful efficient STAT game by JLIN

  197. Sorry whose percentage was .360???

  198. JLIN nice conversation with Steph Curry

  199. Lin and bremby play really well together. baze needs to go

  200. let us send some vids to correct that

  201. Steph helped out Lin with the technical standing up for his brother in law

  202. Baze is a mess.

  203. maybe steph is trying to get jeremy to back him up. lol i would be so psyched

  204. No, Lin needs to go. Baze can stay.

  205. lmao true

  206. Not a bad 2nd half for Lin. Too rusty in 1st half, but finished the game strong.

    Nothing you can do when KD, Curry, and Klay all had a great game. Hawks had no chance.

  207. Another efficient game for Lin:

    14 pts, 5 asts, 5 rebs, 2 stls, 2 tos (team low 🙂 ) and 3 pfs in 24 min.

  208. Really, nothing. I agree, not bad for Lin. He played nice in the extended stint. I think he has a connection with Collins and Bembry.

  209. Two Volume Shooters had a standard chucker game

    1. Trae Young takes 20 shots tonight for 20 points

    2. DLO takes 31 shots for 30 points unbelievable – Brooklyn LOSES to the worst TEAM in NBA (Cleveland) and now NETS owns the longest losing streak in the NBA

  210. I’m sorry what shot selection? Just kidding.

  211. It looked like LP was experimenting leaving Lin in with Young for crunch time before the game got really out of hand. Maybe wishful thinking.

  212. that’s why jeremy should shoot 20 shots per game and don’t worry about missing. they don’t care about shot attempts just the final points

  213. Lin need game changer moment to prove his value.

    Ppl called Lin’s stat is from garbage time.

  214. Lin usually plays well with Bembry, Huerter, Collins, and either Len or Spellman. Pierce didn’t play Len tonight (only 3 minutes), so Lin didn’t really have a big man he could pick and roll with.

  215. Who?

  216. no. hes done that before. never does it when it matters down the stretch

  217. Ppl say the earth is flat.

  218. lmao

  219. Haven’t been watching the Cavs. You mean there’s a team worse than the Hawks?

  220. A lot of his stats have been from garbage time, but the Hawks are so bad that it may not hurt him from a scouts perspective.

  221. Yeah that’s true.

  222. ignore them.

  223. haha, the Cavs have 1 more loss than the Hawks currnetly, but personally I believe ATL will end the season as the worst team

  224. When Lin played in CHA, his stat. wasn’t good.

  225. Lin not a rookie. he is proven for years. in the playofff with charlotte. all he has to prove this year is he isnt injury prone and he is what he was before injury

  226. i am just waiting for a trade…doesn’t matter to me how they use him

  227. Per, Young’s 3P % is 24.8.

  228. steph never shot under 41 percent from three hs whole curry. trea is no steph. he is more like harden.a skinny harden.

  229. Ah my bad .I meant college stats. His NBA stats are…well…yeah.

  230. BTW the fantastic assist machine Trae Young again finds his assists falling — > Just 3 assists tonight

    (assists are what “won” him rookie of the month arguably)

  231. Is it not?! hmmm

  232. This is not untrue.. It would be good for jlin to have more meaningful good-stay games.

  233. his assst never build momentum. they rarly mean anything to the game.

  234. Kyrie that you?

  235. Preliminary highlights …

  236. This is the worst team Lin has ever played, worse than the Lakers.

  237. Assist don’t mean anything in general, the NBA nor fans don’t care about that.

    Most like Young, Harden, and Walker only goes for easy safe assists.

    Lin’s assists are risky which creates more momentum and some times more TOs for the team.

  238. Trae’s 3P% is 24.8% per

  239. Exactly, look at the box score, Collins took 14 shots, the 2nd most of the team while Lin only took 9! What the heck is that?

    Even a rookie is taking more shots than Lin. Enough with the only teamball crap, this is a contract year so just shoot as many as possible. 🙄

  240. lol

  241. According to if he shoots twice as many it will be 49.6%. I must say the math seems a bit odd.

  242. LMAO Did you just refer to Lin as Curry’s brother in law?

  243. Backing up Curry would be more fun than backing up Trae for a year! At least they are friends and Curry’s legit!

  244. Uncle Drew in the house

  245. What kind of math is this???

  246. NBA logic math

  247. im sure lin would be used plenty as he is way better than livingston, cook, or iggy

  248. No, Damion Lee plays on the Warriors and is married to Steph’s sister. He got run into by a Hawks player but the foul was called on Damion. So Steph argued and got a T which Lin took.

  249. Trae is going for most points now. Wants to lead the rooks in points average. He will try and average 20pts/game, even if it means chucking up shots!

  250. not to mention, getting a ring would be nice for him

  251. Yup! Just look st Nick Young, he got meaningful minutes during playoffs. Lebron’s Lakers are not shabby.
    Green isn’t much of a scorer and Cousins has yet to comeback.

  252. Pretty sure Seth Curry the younger brother will also out play Trae!

  253. LOL

  254. For real? Don’t feel sorry for him, selfish shot chucker.

  255. I trust your gut.

  256. Cause he has to play with Trae.

  257. Easy, they had to make room for the rookie, Collins who is part of their future! Hawks will bench everyone for their young guys. Lin need to be traded by December.

    I’ve said before that Baze doesn’t need to be showcased as a starter.

  258. Lol

  259. its square

  260. I see, not too familiar with Damion Lee, what a random tech. Seems like players can’t argue fouls anymore.

  261. LOL

  262. question. is that worse than lonzo’s last season?

  263. Yes, Young is worse. Per, Lonzo Ball’s 3P%:

    2018 – 32.2%
    2017 – 30.5%

  264. At the risk of repeating myself: “JLIN is the only rotation player to have NOT started even ONE gm”

    … good news is perhaps Bazemore gets to start again in Prince’s place, so Baze can stop mucking up JLIN’s bench squad

  265. what a game by DLo! 30 points on 31 shots. talk about efficiency. Trae has 20 points on 20 shots. let’s get Jeremy at least 15 shots!

  266. I know this won’t happen, but why not start Lin now that Prince is expected to miss some time because of his ankle.

    Trae, Lin, Huerta, Collins, Dedmon.

    Why not experiment a bit with Prince out a few games and let Trae play some off the ball.
    I know Bremby or Bazemore will start but we’ve seen them and why not go small and see what happens.

  267. Because Pierce is the coach and Schlenk is the GM – I’m being serious

  268. That’s terrible efficiency. 30 points in 31 shot. LOL.

    Lin: 14 points on 9 shots. Great efficiency.

  269. Prince is a forward. He’s several inches taller than Lin. And who would run the bench in that scenario. We saw what the bench looked like for 2 games without Lin.

  270. hopefuly baze starts

  271. not in a million years

  272. How many shots did Lin take, total?

  273. 9 shots

  274. Lin draws fouls.

  275. OK. Thanks. He could take more.

  276. Lin should get a start just to be fair since he’s the only one with no start.

  277. Hm, all of a sudden the Pelicans might not be a good trade destination for Jeremy Lin 😬

  278. Trae will have a few games probably where he can’t go. Then Lin will start. Or, Lin could start at the 2 if say Huerter can’t go and LP doesn’t want to put Bazemore at the 2. Problem with Lin and Trae at the 1 and 2 is height. Trae is so undersized and Lin may have to go against tall 2s as well.

  279. Squatters their minutes. LP already does that with Trae by letting him play with second unit by starting the second quarter.

    Huerta is 6’6, and can move him to forward.

  280. thats a guess. doubt they trade him

  281. And you have no self-awareness.

    You are no better than Lin fans who go onto team sites to promote Lin and criticize his teammates. You post all over the internet. But show no sensitivity and insist on going onto a Lin-centric fan site. To continually lecture Lin fans on how they should behave here. All from a self-righteous high horse.

    Who is “dumping” over some kid? How is anyone “mistreating” Young here? He’s NOT a kid. (There are soldiers serving this country and laying their lives on the line at the same age.)

    He is a high draft lottery pick, making over $5M, playing basketball. Yes, at 19 years old. A CHOICE HE MADE. With that comes pressure and expectations.

    No one has made up any lies about Trae Young. Just stated the facts. And some of us do not find a need to glorify anything that Young does. “Fair and balanced” is not a pre-requisite for a fan-site. This is NOT a “court-of-law”, or a “news reporting service”.

    No fan-site, or even team-site, is ever FAIR. So, even Lin fans have to live up to a double-standard? LOL.

    Like I said. You just don’t get it. And never will. Please DON’T respond to my posts any more. And I won’t respond to yours.

  282. Anyone would be except Collins.

  283. This is getting boring. ATL may known to be tanking but this track that they are on is even taking away the enjoyment from us JLin fans. Ugly, boring basketball. Not even much to spark interest in JLin. The NBA should be ashamed for treating for treating it’s fans in this humiliating manner. The way ATL is playing and the way LP is coaching is even making our interest in JLin “un-followable”. I would still get excited at seeing the potential of ATL if they tried to win, but it looks like even the players have given up.

  284. I know bro. just can’t believe KA allowed DLo to jack up that many shots.

  285. the games are unwatchable… i feel less and less enthused even if lin personally plays well because ultimately i know it means nothing… he needs off this team so his time on the floor will mean something again… sigh…

  286. why start someone they’re actively holding down?

  287. If it’s swollen the size of his ego he will miss the season.

  288. It’s not toooo bad. Got used to it watching the Nets last year. LOL. This is the NBA.

    Lin is getting minutes. Playing great in the time he gets. Getting to show he is healthy and recovering his form. Show-case?

    It really is good to have Lin back. Hang in there, it will work itself out. One way or another.

  289. No wonder the Hawks is the last in defense.

  290. I don’t come on here to fight you but I don’t like and won’t be hypocritical. You telling me I lack self-awareness is akin to you saying I won’t go along with the group. That’s who I am. I don’t apologize for it, nor should I.

    I don’t like the dumping on Trae. It is repetitive, unproductive, it does not make for a better Lin fans group. PSTD is no excuse for this. He has some challenges he had to face. It’s a big deal that he’s in the NBA at his size, and he’s just playing basketball and he’s playing like a rookie. I don’t come here to read a Trae-bashing site, I come here to talk about Lin. Yes, I’ll critique Prince and others, and Trae sometimes, but with balance.

    It’s almost with some fans like since Lin isn’t in an ideal situation I’ll unload on Trae. I want nothing to do with that. There’s not one bit of integrity in that.

    You don’t need to be at war with me and respond or not respond. Just keep your opinions to yourself about me. I don’t care if you like me or not. I really don’t. But we can talk about Lin since we share that and make posts and respond to posts about Lin and the game. But sometimes, just say to someone I agree and keep your opinion about “sws” to yourself. Because when you do, I will respond.

  291. It’s reeeeal bad. There was a time I would have signed up for League Pass just to watch JLin. Now the thought of supporting these practices (tanking) is not worth it. I found I could get a good pulse of things just reading this board and seeing film clips. Of course by seeing the clips only I haven’t seen JLin make one bad play:) Even GSW after game commentary was boring. ATL really seems to be in a funk. Baze and Dedmon are not as bad as they have been playing. Are they just killing time until they are traded? This is an example of how tanking can affect otherwise good players. Do you think the team is resentful of TY? Someone asked K lay Thompson if he thought the ATL team looked like the early GSW team and he said “yeah, about 7 years ago”. Ouch!

  292. Trying to find the tweet that I saw earlier from, I think, one of the SB Nation “The Bird Writes”.

    Basically saying the reason that AD may want out is BECAUSE he’s not getting enough help either. That AD feels he has to play perfect games in order for the Pelicans to win.

    And “the Bird Writes” thinks getting a point guard like LIN will be answer. In other words, maybe if they did get Lin, and they start winning, maybe AD will stay.

    If I find it later, I’ll post it.

  293. Trae is getting huge preferential treatment and I could see his teammates getting demoralize by it, specially when you take into account that Trae shooting percentage is terrible.

  294. You would be right. But, maybe because they are NOT trying to win? Or at least, not trying to win with the vets on the team.

  295. A poster from here (I think KWL) said early in the season or even pre-season said ATL could compete with a core of Dedmon and Bazemore and JLin. Both Dedmon and Baze are not playing well. That leaves Jlinthe the one leg left f a 3-legged stool. Something is killing their spirit and this is bad for basketball. Start JLin, Bazemore, Dedmon, Collins and maybe Justin Anderson or make him secondary leader of the bench behind TY and start Huerter.
    Len is off the bench. If we could see them play it would be fun to see how good they could really be and if LP can coach to win or if he is just a tank specialist. BTW, this starting lineup represents a good defense in all 5 positions. Even Huerter from what little I have read about him says he is at least solid.ATL has got much more talent than they have displayed thus far and as a potential paying fan I would at least like to see ATL try to win.

  296. Not sure if KA is “allowing” it. Maybe it’s Sean Marks.

  297. Hi, linthezone: Is this the tweet?

  298. 5 of 9 tonight pretty good. Yes, you’re right. Lin’s TS% is at 64.6%. Ranked 9th among all guards. OUTSTANDING.

  299. Lin, Baze, Anderson, Colins, Dedmon. Interesting line up. Could be the most competent starting 5.

    Need more scoring so Prince would probably have to go in it instead of Anderson.

  300. On this team I really don’t think you can play JLin and TY together. Both are PG’s who need the ball to be effective. As a caveat to that Jlin needs to finally get a chance to do what he does best- run a team as the PG. Second, like you alluded to, they need someone to run the bench. That would be TY because he needs to get practice on the opposing team’s 2 string PG. He might gain confidence there because he would also be looking at2nd string PG on defense. A good ATL first string might keep them from getting killed in the 3rd quarter every game.

  301. For a second, I thought that was a legit site. Had me there. LOL.

  302. The thing about this lineup though is that there is good to excellent defense in all positions. Might stop the 3rd quarter slaughters in particular.

  303. All you guys….Haha….laughter is good for the soul….

  304. Completely agree with this.

  305. I wonder how AD’s teammates feel if true he wants out of NO because of “no help” since they would be the “no help”. Pro sports is tough and hard on the ego

  306. Which is more embarrassing? Lose to GSW in a blowout? Or lose by 2 points to the Cavs without KLove?

    Considering that the Hawks played 3 rookies vs the Champs with Curry… And the Nets didn’t…..I’d say the Hawks actually did pretty good. Of course, having Lin helped make it a smaller blowout, instead of a complete beat-down.

    The Hawks back to the bottom of Eastern conference. The tankers must be happy.

  307. LOL.

  308. Lin is definitely better than Livingston or Cook right now. But Livingston doesn’t play all that many minutes. Last 5 years, he averaged only 16 to 20 minutes. Not sure that’s enough for us Lin fans? Haha.

    Not sure about Iggy though. Doubt Lin would get his minutes.

  309. Not sure Nick Young is a good example. He played well in his minutes for GSW, and contributed key baskets in the playoffs.

    His thanks from GSW? A ring. But no job. Nick Young is still waiting to be signed somewhere.

  310. NBA actually keeps track. “Tracking” Advanced Stats.

    In case you’re interested. Not surprisingly, the guards have the highest in all the different assist categories. Believe it or not, given usage and playing time, Young leads the Hawks. JLin is second. Bembry third.

  311. Don’t follow the Orlando Magic. The impression has always been that Lin outplays DJ Augustin. (I seem to remember Lin posting him up and scoring.)

    It turns out Augustin stats for this year not bad at all. The Magic is under .500, but still hanging in 8th place in the East.

    Could be Clifford as coach. Or simply that Augustin just needed the opportunity. Is Orlando still a good place for Lin?

  312. Hey Arsenium12 – THAT’S IT! Great detective work! THANK YOU!

    Yes, the Pelicans fan-site on SB Nation has been advocating to get Lin to New Orleans.

    And Alvin Gentry, ex-Warriors’ system, may know how to use Lin better and design better plays.

    Definitely an interesting proposition.

  313. So, are you suggesting Lin to Toronto?

  314. Agree that not all assists are created equal.

  315. Hey Sport, just quick FYI.

    Collins is in his second year, played 74 games last season. Part of Hawks’ future, yes. But not rookie any more.

  316. Yes. Except he didn’t vote for Lin as 6th man of the year. 🙁

    The play-by-play guy with the Hornets, Eric Collins, didn’t vote for Lin either. 🙁

  317. Almost every Hawk didn’t play at least 1 game since this season open, except T.Young.
    His attendence is 100% for 24 games.
    I will be excited if he takes a break.

  318. Thanks for the stats.

  319. Travis Schlenk must have seen something we don’t in Trae Young. I wish him luck. Don’t know how much longer Atlanta fans have to put up with this type of games.

    Of course this type of preferential treatment to Young has already taken away all the chances for this team to succeed now.

    To excuse from the terrible record, LP has to trash the talents he has in this team. All veterans will be scapegoats for his incompetence.

  320. This team doesn’t compete.

  321. Post-Game Research:

    Also don’t forget that despite his limited 6 ft 4 wingspan, 6 ft 3 190 lb. Steph Curry is still very effective in the Warriors switching defense:

    “The correlations between wingspan and other contributions are near nonexistent, but correlations between distance traveled on defense and other contributions remain strong. There’s definitely something to perimeter players and covering distance consistently.”

    Full Article:

    ➡️ ( )

  322. Warriors defense is damn good. And their screening is like right on the spot that most of the defending guards have trouble fighting it. It takes practice and practice to play like that. It would be heaven if Lin has screens like that

  323. You refreshed my memory. You are right! 🙁

  324. Thank God the Suns aren’t looking at Lin…

  325. You’re quite welcome!

    The author has been writing about Jeremy and New Orleans since summer, 2016. Here’s another tweet from earlier today.

  326. You might be thanking God too soon, all of ATL knows that JLIN is positioned as a “trade target”.

    Phoenix will at least fairly utilize JLIN for the remainder of the season, allowing JLIN to build resume for next contract And I never doubt JLIN’s ability to take four random terrible NBA players and make them play like a real team. Anywhere is better than ATL this season.

  327. The irony of JLIN’s Hawks situation is frustrating… every action causes a double-edged reaction. We all want JLIN to be off this team … but the 2 games missed served to:

    1. Illuminate to Hawks that team does NOT have an NBA level PG (sorry Trae and Bembry lovers) without JLIN …

    … thus ATL increases “asking price” for JLIN so completing a trade is more difficult until we get closer to deadline at which point NO trade means ATL gets nothing for JLIN in free agency.

    2. It’s incontrovertible that the worse Trae plays (and he’s been awful) the more playing time and garbage time JLIN gets to show his game …

    … but ironically, we’re at the point where we need to see woeful Trae & Bembry improve from near unplayable PGs to become at least consistently mediocre to increase the chance that ATL trades JLIN.

    3. While I’ve consistently been against JLIN mentoring anyone, because that’s for guys like 41 yo Vince at end-of-their-careers to do; not guys like JLIN at their peak to do …

    … I’d hope that JLIN teaches some sense into Trae about what it takes to not be an awful NBA PG, if only so that JLIN’s chances of getting traded improves if Trae’s play improves.

  328. IMO, Lin will be traded. Tanking is inevitable, no matter how Trae is performing. Why not get an asset before Lin’s contract expire, in the process getting a 2nd level backup PG? At least FO can say to the owner that we got picks from Lin trade and blame all Trae woes on Trae too young, needs more years of tanking …even though we all know now Trae is no SC 2.0, not even 0.8

  329. Here’s what Klay Thompson said on that matter:

    “They’re young, you got to give them some time.

    I love coach Lloyd, I think he puts in place a great system. Obviously they have Trae Young, who nears what Steph can do, not at the level he can do it at yet, but give a guy some time, he’s only 20 years old.”

    It is simply too soon to say what Trae will develop into but Klay, who has played with Steph many years, seems to think he has potential.

    The Trae/Steph comparison, IMO, is nonsense. Can Trae handle the challenges of NBA as an undersized PG? That’s what he’ll answer over many more years.

  330. we will see. i doubt he will be more then isah thomas(short one). i think thats atlantas best hope

  331. IT did well for a few years. I’m not invested in Trae. I do think he has potential. I’ve seen players do better than I expected, Anthony Davis, and nowhere near as well, (Felipe Lopez).

  332. It doesn’t matter what Curry or Klay say about Trae, haters are gonna hate. Especially Lin fans. It’s what Lin fans do each year: endlessly compare and trash any player that plays over Lin.

    The opposite is true of Trae / Hawks fans. They will ignore everything bad about Trae and talk him up as if he’s the next Curry or Nash, attacking anyone who dares tell the truth about Trae.

    This is fandom and sports media at its worse. They place ridiculous expectations on a 20-year old, hyping / hating the kid to ridiculous degrees. It is what it is. I feel bad for Trae, but this is what comes with sports stardom and he has to deal with all the hype and hate.

  333. his threee should get better but he is a volum shooter. his poor shot selection will always be that. its like wanting lin to shoot alot. he wont. he is efficient. youngs defense will always be horrendous because of his size and weight

  334. LOL Fultz’s agents went doctor shopping and finally found someone to diagnose him with something…

  335. I feel bad for him too. He’s just trying to play the game he loves as best he can.

  336. That’s horrible. It was a foul on Thompson and Prince didn’t even get the foul call.

    It’s also humbling. That easy you can lose 3 weeks of the season. Landing on a player’s foot.

  337. It was a foul on Livingston, for the record…

  338. Oh, ok, I thought it was Thompson. It should have been called.

  339. 😂 Watch the same happen to Trae, Zion and a the hyped draft picks. The forever tanking teams

  340. Just watched the clip again of Fultz juggling free throw. That looks like a mental thing to me. LOL

  341. Feel bad tor Trae?! Dude gets to take 20 more shots every game without the worry about playing defense! Who’s going to feel bad for Lin who’s getting scrappy 15-18mins and 8-9shots?

  342. Teams will get more desperate once trade deadline nears

  343. Trade to where? Lakers? Rockets? Celtics?

  344. Baze was benched recently, hopefully it’s Lin’s time to start.

  345. Watching the Magic game, Lin is soooooooo much better than Augustin on both ends of the floor except maybe Lin has a little higher TO rates but that his style; high risk high rewards (Scoring and drawing fouls)

    So if Clifford won’t reach out to get Lin this season or next season as free agent, then it means he is a fake believer like many other Lin’s coaches and Michael Jordan and his front office is not the one to blames.

  346. Clifford is not bad at coaching too, the Magic looks organized and disciplined.

  347. Well the Magic are currently tied for 8 seed, if they stay competitive — It would be great to see JLIN get playoff action with Orlando.

    If Clifford gets JLIN, Clifford will have fully redeemed himself for the 6th & 7th games debacles in CHA playoffs.

    Fingers crossed.

  348. Rehab period gives Prince an opportunity to straighten himself mentally too.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Pierce puts Justin Anderson in Prince’s place in Starting Lineup instead of Bazemore, to allow Baze to continue to disrupt the competitiveness of JLIN’s previous bench squad.

  349. Fingers crossed indeed.

  350. He has to shoot at good % to survive in this league.

  351. Team wants to win now too!

  352. i think bembry will start now that prince is hurt. the narrative is that he is the team’s best defender, so i think LP will use that as his reason. hopefully they play anderson now. i like his defense and his 3 & D style meshes well with lin. i think the bench unit has defensive potential with lin, baze, and anderson.

  353. cannot be denied now that he is using BS playbook if he follows same arguments..other is better than JLin who is a BENCH PG ONLY..LOL!!!

  354. it is what it is…

  355. Not certain that Pierce will suddenly get keen on defense to replace Prince with Bembry … we give up 120 pts per gm at bottom of league.

    Prince takes the 2nd most shots on the team (10-14shts) after Trae; so either you give Trae 35 shots or move Bazemore who has consistently taken no less than 10shts (most shots on bench), back to Starters or give Heurter/Collins more; because I don’t think anyone wants Bembry taking 14 shots.

    The current Bembry has evolved as he’s played alongside JLIN from a one-man-show to a believer in what JLIN can do for a squad. Bembry looks for JLIN now and in turn JLIN probably appreciates Bembry’s active defense and offensive hustle.

    Getting Baze off the bench makes too much sense, as the pre-BazeBench was literally the only bright spot statistically speaking — so it wouldn’t surprise me either if Justin Anderson or someone moves to Start.

  356. Sixers medical staff accompanied Fultz to meet with 10 specialists over a weeks time and received this diagnosis.

    Unless 10 specialists plus the team’s own medical staff (this diagnosis is not in the Sixers interest because they want Fultz moved out) are all in on the “doctor shopping” conspiracy … then Fultz probably does have a physical injury.

  357. The only way JLIN probably starts a game this season is if Trae can’t start for whatever reason (or multiple starters injuries) — and so in that respect this might be marginally better than BS, but we can’t even be confident of that.

  358. Jlin, Baze, Anderson + Len is not too bad. Lot of defense there. They could easily show up the starting 5

  359. Most of us feel bad for Trae. We don’t hate him. We state the facts with stats and figures, the very same kind that makes us believe in Lin. The truth is in the stats. There was a lady who used to post many years ago really great stats that tore apart all the lies told against Lin. She helped us to see through to the truth.

    What is extremely annoying is how the team sells fake hopes based upon what could be when Lin is what is right now. Yes, we have a collective angst that rages against the machine that is the NBA star maker. If we hate, it is against the fake star making machine that promotes on fake dreams instead of what is in the stats. Trae just happens to be the focusing point of the anger, just as all the other “stars” that was pushed ahead of Lin.

    What’s amazing to me is how some of us can be persuaded to see the glass half full with Trae and yet look at Lin always as half empty. We are asked to look at only the good things he does as indicater of his potential, while at the same time Lin gets trashed constantly by posters for any bad thing he does as if it’s what he is.

  360. i think they’ve been trying to get collins touches in the paint. bringing baze back up will only deny collins touches. baze is not in the long term plans, that’s why he was benched to begin with. my BS meter says LP will start bembry…

  361. hopefully yes. i think last game was an unfortunate opponent for lin to come back against. a gsw team with curry is not beatable for this team 100 times out of 100…

    we’ll see how they perform vs more beatable opponents. the wiz are a mess right now so let’s see!

  362. from barely playing to starter? heck maybe LP does it to mess up the rotations even more… tank master masterfully tanking…

  363. IMO, There is no chance Lin will ever start. What’s more likely is a place holder will start instead.

  364. i fully concur. i personally dont hate anyone on the hawks. they are doing what they think is best for the organization. no hate for that. but what i DO hate is the situation lin has been forced into.

    you can get a sense of it when the media always asks him about being a mentor to trae. “mentor” as if lin’s washed up, done, and all he’s worth now is his “mentoring” abilities… lin DEFIANTLY says he doesn’t see himself as a mentor but as a colleague where he can teach some things to trae, and learn some things as well. in other words, lin is #neverdone…

  365. yeah if trae misses a game, will anyone be surprised if bembry starts? and LP will say he “likes lin in his role” and avoid any further questions on the matter…

  366. Utterly different. Not even Seth Curry!
    One of his kind.

  367. No need to say place holder, Hawks are not even hiding the fact they are developing and pioritize all the young players and drafts over anyone who’s not part of the future. Trae, Collins are part of the future for sure both are taking the 1st and 2nd most shots of the team.

  368. But will he start Lin? That is the question. Hope Cliff’s learned lesson about winning over hyping up the designated fake star just to keep his job for the moment. Winning keeps the job, nothing else does.

  369. If Cliff gets and starts JLin that is. Treating Lin as bench player on a playoff team just solidfies the fact that Cliff never respected JLin.

  370. Atlanta has tried to provide the best for Trae Young to succeed often at the cost of teammates and the team. Lin doesn’t even have playtime to get into his rhythm. All arrangements depend on Trae Young.

  371. God knows.

    I wasn’t sure Lin could play at his level now. But it seems Lin has shown us new things that adds onto his game in his highlights. Lin is different now.

    Nothing I can be sure now.

  372. Acbc, what was painfully obvious with the Nets is that they weren’t about right now. After the chemistry Lin had with Lopez, the perfect name Brook-Lin to market, Lopez is shipped out. Then a season later, Lin.

    The NBA has right now or team of the future. Hawks is a team of the future. Lin does not fit their long term plans and they are a long-term team. So Lin is a vet that’s on their team for now. There’s no frustration that we can have that is going to change that.

    I choose then to say it is what it is, what good can come out of this. And that Lin gets back to health, and with the minutes he has, shows he’s the force he’s always been. And he’s working on that now. I continue to wish for Lin good health because he’ll have big games.

  373. she’s cute =)

  374. Magic had the togetherness to make a team succeed. The Hawks’ first priority is to make Trae better.

  375. I think Lin starts if Trae can’t go.

  376. Clifford probably would play Lin like he did in the Hornets. Most fans here would be upset. I’d be happy because Lin would finish close games and be in them when they mattered.

  377. I don’t care who starts in Prince’s place. I just want to see Lin’s bench gel again and start to get good +/- numbers. If Baze is what changed the momentum of it, ok.

    The only thing I wish for is Lin could play with Collins more. He’s the best big man on the team. And I also like Huerter, he would have been good with Lin.

    And yes, I’ll say it, Lin’s first stints have been lackluster. A bit more of a bang and pep in the step would be nice to see. That being said, if Lin is doing this to pace himself for health reasons, then I’m all for it. If not, then I’d like to see him pick it up in the first stint.

  378. Also, I want to add one more thing. Lin is about intangibles. What made Derek Jeter of the Yankees great was not only his stats. In fact, there were players on the Yankees that had better ones. It was intangibles though that made Jeter rare and special. It was his leadership qualities. The intangibles to make the right play at the right crucial time in a certain way. There’s no real stat for that. It’s what makes Lin a winning player.

    And the second thing is to take his winning energy and spark the team to play in a particular way. Now, Lin doesn’t always do that. He does that sometimes but in a huge, loud way. And that’s maybe why he isn’t considered a star by the NBA and I couldn’t give a rat’s you know what about that.

    If you want approval from the NBA and for them to finally recognize Lin for his talents, you’ll live in perpetual frustration and an almost bitterness. And I don’t mean you directly. It’s a general you. It’s time to say don’t give power to that and be secure in the knowledge of what it is Lin does that makes him magic.

    If we have to be a small club then so be it.

    I only ask he gets the minutes. Doesn’t need anything else. Minutes, and a role that will enable it. But that’s for when he is on a team that wants to win. This isn’t it.

  379. haha they actually look alike.

  380. He’s playing on a sprained ankle that’s likely still swollen and heavily taped. Also, he starts off passing and sharing the ball at the beginning because he needs to show his teammates that he practices what he preaches, and that he is a fair person and good teammate. That’s what he always has done in the past, and ideally that encourages his teammates to do the same, and that’s when he’ll go on the offensive. That’s how basketball should be. However, on most teams he doesn’t get the ball back because of politics, racism, or selfishness; on this team it seems like he does get it back eventually, which is great.

  381. Doncic seems to playing pretty well lately. TY, according to many, is not. One of the main differences between their two teams is that Dallas is playing to win and ATL is fostering the “development” concept AKA tanking. If ATL were to tell TY to try to ball games I wonder if he would play differently.

  382. Kemba was and is a better player than Lin and that is the truth.

  383. can you please define your phrase “BETTER PLAYER” for us to see what is the truth?

  384. and she’s TALL too!

  385. BUt Hornets too that time Lin was a player wants to win too? so what do we think change here at Magic that clifford has when coaching the hornets and played Lin Just as a back up if this trade happens

  386. so it was not about walker that hinder clifford to play Jlin as a starter before , but rather cliff see Lin only as a back up? is that what you can probably see if hawk trade Jlin to Magic?

  387. Kemba has never won against LeBron and Kyrie. When he was injured, Lin replaced him and the Hornets won the game against the Cavs.

  388. The difference is Dallas is winning and Atlanta is losing.

    Dallas is playing for playoff and Atlanta is playing for lottery.

    LD is not playing the best lineup to win more games but developing Trae Young is his first priority with him chucking and missing.

  389. so this is how Jeremy Lin see the dynamics of Linsanity. He narrated the video as a person who truly knew what was inside the box. His insight on why, how and when it happened showed us whats was inside his minds too when such phenomena happened.

  390. Nope, not a back-up. JLin was an X-factor, starter-level player he’d play off the bench. A role off the bench doesn’t mean backup. Folks get this wrong on JLin portal. He was an X-factor player, came in and played with starters, led the bench, then when needed in close or competitive games, finished halves and quarters and played in clutch situations that needed Lin’s qualities of defense, scoring, facilitating, hustle and knowing how to win. It wasn’t a bad role at all, and it was a major role. It just wasn’t a starting role. And the downside of this role is inconsistent minutes. But the upside is potential for heavy minutes.

    I’m not advocating for any particular trade. I thought the Pelicans but if Anthony Davis doesn’t want to stay there, I’m not interested in them. Anyplace Lin goes expect some hyped player somewhere that may get favored over Lin. People should not believe in the grass is greener, or they will be disappointed.

  391. No way Lin is gonna play behind Augustin so yes only if Lin start.

  392. If Clifford do that then he is exactly what I say he is, a fake believer.

  393. Lin was great that game but Kemba is Overall the better player. pointing out one game where Lin was great does not make him better than Kemba.

  394. He is a better offensive player. Best handles in the league with Kyrie. Can get ridiculous seperation from his man of the dribble. good 3pt shooter. Can go inside and outside. Lin has always been a better facilitator. But overall offensivly Kemba is better than Lin. Lin is a better defender. Lin does not have great handles for a PG he has good but not the kind you get seperation. His handles revolve around his quickness, he had one of the quickest first step in the league. but he has never been good at tight spaces. his shooting is the best it’s ever been THIS SEASON! Kemba has been beasting for couple years straight. Hornets are just a 8th seed kind of team not kembas fault.

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