G23 LAL @ SAS PreGame Thread+Poll

Despite the incorrect “Lin’s struggling” theory being thrown around out there to justify the benching, we now know Lin shot well (14 pts in 19min, 5/8 shooting) in BOS game but benched in 4th game due to the planned benching in the next Pelicans game. If Lin scored 20+pts in the BOS game, Byron Scott would have trouble justifying Lin benching. So the struggle came after the unfair benching as Lin tried to follow Byron’s (Kobe’s) instruction to play good defense and facilitate the 2nd unit. Kobe doesn’t want Lin to score and steal his thunder from him. The message is loud and clear. Max & Marcellus ESPN radio show also agreed on this jealousy issue. Mark Medina wrote a great piece to tell us how Lin is handling the unfair benching situation. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin hopes to play more with Ed Davis, Mark Medina, Dec 11

“I’m human so there are times you go through doubt or uncertainty or a little bit of searching,” Lin said. “When the rhythm is going well, things will be easy. I won’t be thinking much when I figure it all out. At the end of the day, I’m confident I can be a great point guard.

Lin believes that will happen with more time playing with Davis.

Yet, that could become challenging considering his 11 points on 5-of-5 shooting and six rebounds coincided with a strong defensive effort that Lakers coach Byron Scott hopes will bolster his starting lineup. Scott recently also has closed out games featuring Boozer and Kobe Bryant running the floor.

“Its still a goal of mine, but again that’s not up to me,” Lin said of finishing. “I need to control how I play and be good enough where he wants to put me back in. I have to stay confident in myself and ability to be a point guard.

True Friends are those who will pick you up when you fall down.

We’re fully behind you, Jeremy. Stay confident and play for the Audience of One!


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