G23 LAL @ SAS PreGame Thread+Poll

Despite the incorrect “Lin’s struggling” theory being thrown around out there to justify the benching, we now know Lin shot well (14 pts in 19min, 5/8 shooting) in BOS game but benched in 4th game due to the planned benching in the next Pelicans game. If Lin scored 20+pts in the BOS game, Byron Scott would have trouble justifying Lin benching. So the struggle came after the unfair benching as Lin tried to follow Byron’s (Kobe’s) instruction to play good defense and facilitate the 2nd unit. Kobe doesn’t want Lin to score and steal his thunder from him. The message is loud and clear. Max & Marcellus ESPN radio show also agreed on this jealousy issue. Mark Medina wrote a great piece to tell us how Lin is handling the unfair benching situation. Lakers’ Jeremy Lin hopes to play more with Ed Davis, Mark Medina, Dec 11

“I’m human so there are times you go through doubt or uncertainty or a little bit of searching,” Lin said. “When the rhythm is going well, things will be easy. I won’t be thinking much when I figure it all out. At the end of the day, I’m confident I can be a great point guard.

Lin believes that will happen with more time playing with Davis.

Yet, that could become challenging considering his 11 points on 5-of-5 shooting and six rebounds coincided with a strong defensive effort that Lakers coach Byron Scott hopes will bolster his starting lineup. Scott recently also has closed out games featuring Boozer and Kobe Bryant running the floor.

“Its still a goal of mine, but again that’s not up to me,” Lin said of finishing. “I need to control how I play and be good enough where he wants to put me back in. I have to stay confident in myself and ability to be a point guard.

True Friends are those who will pick you up when you fall down.

We’re fully behind you, Jeremy. Stay confident and play for the Audience of One!



Guess JLin's stats


  1. First.

    Well, don’t have the mood to cheer. But I believe Lin will come around.

  2. yeah, even Russel Westbrook is smart enough not to trust Kobe to come to LA only to be stabbed in the back.
    If Lin “the nice guy” was railroaded, what chance other NBA players have playing next to Kobe to excel?


  3. I don’t blame you. It’s a tough situation for Lin to excel.
    But I keep the faith that Lin will triumph in the end

  4. Doesn’t matter, SAS 3rd string PG will embarrass Price.

  5. I know Parker may not play but Leonard should play… I want Lakers to loss more.. smh!

  6. So weird. Why keep repeat the story again & again? Pl don’t RT for her.

  7. I don’t RT any Kobe-hype stories
    I found it educational for us to know what self-serving Kobe is currently doing in order to understand how it may impact Lin

  8. I know. I just tried to say don’t RT for her. This story was out on Tue why repeat again… Their future PG target it’s RW. At least that’s Kobe’s wish & he knows RW will not come but use this as good reason to push Lin out of Lakers. smh!

  9. Me is very optimistic and I love dreaming. I m going for 14 points/4ast.

  10. I think someone (@brentyen:disqus ?) mentioned that Kobe will be a PG in the next 2 out 3 games (Spurs, Timberwolves, Pacers)
    And he only needs 31pts to surpass MJ’s 3rd all-time scorer.

    Knowing Kobe’s ego, he would love to have a triple-double and a win when he breaks the record.
    Perhaps if Parker and Leonard don’t play, Kobe would salivate to break a record against the mighty Spurs.

    But if things don’t go well vs the Spurs, I expect him to save it for the Timberwolves game.

    It’s hard to watch games when the wicked seems to be winning but I believe their judgment time will come sooner or later.
    In the long-term Kobe won’t have any true friends in real life because of his own selfishness. And that’s much worse than breaking any records.

  11. Linsanity!

  12. I think after he passed MJ, he will still keep his style of play because he does not want to be seen as a bad guy who is INTENTIONALLY jacking up shots just for his record. However, I do see him might play slightly less in terms of minutes per game….

  13. Kobe is right, RWB is a lot like Kobe….

  14. Second that. LINSANITY !!

  15. Knowing how obsessed Kobe is with MJ, it wouldn’t surprise me if he tries to score 23 (MJ number) in this game then 24 (his number) in the next game then keep passing the rest of the game to look like greatest PG if he could.

    Then BScott will sing the same “It’s amazing to see Kobe everyday” post-game.
    These people don’t know how ridiculous they look and people can see right through them 🙂

  16. Scott is more disgusting than Kobe imo….I am glad I was right that lin is not scared of them at all. Under Lin’s eye…they are just clxwns….

  17. Everyone has divergent views on how good Lin is now. But I think we could all agree he is not perfect. No one is. I say enjoy the positives he brings when he plays. Whatever it maybe, a basket, pass, rebound, steal, etc. We can’t beat ourselves up if there is no linsanity performance. Too tiring, hopefully Lin doesn’t beat himself up but just plays and I pray he has fun and has joy again. If he is smiling at the end if the game again I will be happy

  18. if SAS PGs can embarrass the new Lakers PG, that’ll be even better

  19. I think if lin was starting parker would play

  20. It’s. ISO King.

  21. I think the best scenario for Lin switch goals not to score too much due to Kobe’s jealousy.
    If he can get to 8p/6a in 20 min off-the-bench, that will be excellent.

    Once Kobe doesn’t see him as a scoring threat in Q4, Lin might get 25min to get 10p/7a as the ceiling (as long as Kobe plays)
    Then off to Mavs/Spurs next season or get traded in Feb 2015

  22. Hope JLin does well against SAS. Think of it as an audition for Pop.

  23. NBA All Star game starts to vote today?

  24. I think Pop knows Lin’s values already by sending Kahwi to guard Lin in the last game.
    And he knows Lin has been Kobe-ed

    Maybe Pop will be nice to throw 3rd string PG to Lin so Lin’s numbers look better

  25. So they are promoting kobe for all star. I sincerely hope he doesn’t get it bc he doesn’t make the team better and gets his points inefficiently

  26. “Kobe will be a PG in the next 2 out 3 games”

    That was in a tweet yesterday from Serena Winters : “Byron Scott says you can probably expect to see Kobe running the point at some point during 2 of the next 3 games.”

  27. This is why K Durant is not coming to LAL.

  28. Who’s he referring to? Price / Hill / Davis / Johnson? Did the JLin lead bench trash the starters in scrimmage or something? LOL : )

  29. https://twitter.com/SerenaWinters/status/543129877310758912

    Yea. who’s that bum with arms crossed and not playing any defense. Oh nvm, it’s BS

  30. Says the guy who has never been to practice since the season started? I kid… I don’t know how many practices he has actually been to.

  31. https://twitter.com/Lakers/status/543129531754639360

    Isn’t that Ellington under the basket and Price shooting in purple Jerseys? Is Ellington taking Johnson’s spot? I guess he’s questionable for Friday with a flu?

  32. He will get it. He got it last season even when he was out injured.

  33. I think this time the yelling it’s to push the trade… Kobe should be an actor… smh!

  34. Kobe was probably still getting a lot of asian votes. w/ Lin’s treatment this year, kinda hard to tell what’s gonna happen.

  35. Maybe BS told the team that they need to take it easy on the old guy.

  36. I think he tried to say I don’t like my teammates. Trade them away… more drama to come.

  37. who’s the shooter?

  38. Clarkson?

  39. I see the score if 8-5 for the Visitors (2nd team?)

  40. i thought clarson is under basket guarding ellington.

  41. true, that looks like Wes in the 1st unit

  42. Disappointing

  43. So now what? Push Lin to out of the door? smh! Really hate him.

  44. mm, he forgot the 2nd unit carried them in the last game

  45. Another PR for Bryant Scott’s new starter. We’ll no longer see Lin in any of those highlight.

  46. Kobe probably doing fake angry cuz it still making him alpha dog. Didn’t like 2nd unit saving the game for them in the last game.

  47. LOL .. yeah, that’s very Kobe-like!
    Thanks for the good laugh :]

  48. Where is Lin?

  49. Lins out pending for a trade

  50. That’s what I thought… He was acting to show the GM… I don’t like Lin & trade him… 12/15 is coming…

  51. Practice < Garbage times < Preseason < Training Camp < Tryout < Summer League.

  52. i wish

  53. and thats what he score for the last 2 practice combined

  54. first the second unit has out played the starters twice in a row

  55. Here’s one take on Lin haters and their constant bashing of Lin.

    Jeremy Lin is like a Rorschach test. You know, that psychiatric test where you look at an ink blot and you say what they blot looks like. That test isn’t about accurately describing the ink blot, but about gaining insight into a person’s state of mind.

    When a person says that an ink blot looks like a hot girl, that tells you nothing about the ink blot, and everything about that person and his psyche (probably obsessed with women).

    Similarly, when people watch Lin’s play and say that he’s “mentally weak” or plays like a “model minority,” that says very little about Lin and EVERYTHING about the people describing Lin with those terms.

    When someone constantly sees Lin being “mentally weak” when he doesn’t shoot the ball, maybe that person feels mentally weak in his or her life.

    When someone constantly sees Lin being “a “model minority” when he passes the ball, maybe that person feels that he is too much of a “model minority” in his life.

    When a Lin Basher constantly nitpicks and nags Lin, we learn little about JLin’s play and instead we learn a lot about the internal and external world of the nitpicker nitpicking JLin. And what we learn often isn’t very pretty, lol.

  56. Its better to send parker to guard lin. Lin plays better against parker.

  57. the spurs will blow the lakers out. even if parker and duncan don’t play. as well as ginobli

  58. So I guess I was wrong thinking the 2nd unit can beat the 1st one. Or it is just rare and Kobe took the chance to make sure the results would come out….

  59. You must be one of the “Sources” on the internet…LOL

  60. Not all Asians are smart and some are self-hate.

  61. Kobe is 100% correct about calling himself an @#$ h-o-l-e. Using one bad practice day to blame for his failure.

  62. https://twitter.com/SerenaWinters/status/543138769390403584

    I thought the point of practice to lock down your offense and defense. those after practice games sounds more like Kobe and Young showing each other up when Kobe actually shows up.

  63. God has a plan, haha

  64. Does anyone know players don’t do normal game physical contact during practice?

    Dare anyone physically defend Kobe.

  65. Ms Winters is right.

  66. “When someone constantly sees Lin being “a “model minority” when he passes the ball.”
    Those are either racist or self-hater if they are Asian.

  67. but the thing is, Kobe rest during game too. Wasn’t that why Lin had to yell at him?

  68. LOL. Serena Winters bashing Kobe, deservedly so. She’s cool.

  69. Yup, exactly.

  70. Kobe has always been the last to get back on defense.

  71. She also pointed out the hypocrisy of Bryant Scott 1 to 10 intensity.

  72. Yup. She bashed Kobe and Bryant in one efficient tweet.

    I think I’m in love. LOL.

  73. Theoretically, you try to pick up the intensity in the practice more…

  74. you’re in a long line.lol

  75. Indeed. Yelling intensity, since they only “talk” about it. See who shout louder.

  76. LOL. Serena can tweet me anytime she wants. 😀

  77. Players are smart too. They won’t risk 100% until their effort is really counted in the score board.

  78. Only 4 days left till Dec 15

  79. You don’t practice hard you don’t play, esp for role players.

  80. They probably didn’t even practice how they would really play 5 on 5. They would load up on kobe but of course this is to run sets presumably. Can’t let kobe look bad. Talk about delusional

  81. https://twitter.com/Lakers/status/543142660127457280

    BS needs to start putting some pressure telling him not to shoot anymore when you don’t have a shot.

  82. Well…I don think it is how it works….at least not for role players.

  83. Yeah, Kobe just has to do it with 4 seasons more than MJ.

  84. Playing hard is not the same as playing physical.

  85. and the guy took time off to play some baseball. what a waste. Wonder if he would’ve passed Kareem.

  86. “role players”

  87. That means the whole LAL team minus Kobe

  88. Because that is the only place he can bully someone…or the whole team. LOL

  89. MJ doesn’t care about any record unless he’s number one. Anyone else can have 2 or 3.

  90. Because his teammates allowed him to look like 10 yr younger. Real game they don’t do that.

  91. Well that’s true.

  92. LOL at “practice practice”
    It could be a typo but that’s what it is.

    When teammates can’t defend Kobe right afraid of the revenge.
    The guy is so vindictive.

  93. must be great playing against that lakers defense

  94. …and cute too

  95. I am sure he wass facing a defense in ppractice that is better than the whole LAL team’s average defense.

  96. Go after her!

  97. What curse does MJ have?

  98. I didn’t go deep enough into the comments, but I’m reading Kobe enjoying practice, but I also see this on the newsfeed: http://www.lakersnation.com/kobe-unhappy-at-practice-calls-lakers-soft-like-charmin/2014/12/11/

    “Soft like charmin” huh…

  99. The comments I guess according to some are part of the trash talking. nothing serious.

  100. LOL It sounds like “Jeremy”….

  101. Kobe fans be like, “but he didn’t hurt the Lakers when they won 5 rings!”

  102. A question for you basketball experts. BS says that Kobe is going to be his point guard. The requirements that BS has for a point guard are:

    1. Bring the ball up the court.
    2. Pass the ball to Kobe.
    3 Set screen for Kobe.
    4. Cut to opposite corner of the court.
    5 Wait till Kobe bricks the shot MAINTAINING HIS 38+ SHOOTING AVERAGE.
    6. Covers the TEAM coming toward HIM while Kobe argues with ref.
    7. Takes the blame for Kobe’s loss.


  103. Wut? Kobe will never be as good as Jordan.

  104. The only requirement for Kobe to be the PG for Scott is Kobe….

  105. LOL…….OMG this is too funny

  106. I don’t get the first tweet. I talked his a– right into bull—-?

  107. Trash talk

  108. I understand it’s trash talk, I just don’t know what Kobe is trying to say – that he beat down Lin into a pile of doo doo???

  109. Yeah. Kobe can pass. He can make plays. He might hit 7 or 8 ast. on the Spurs game. Not sure if he’s going to do it all the time though, knowing Kobe, but he’s capable of doing it.

  110. Lol. Maybe. If Jeremy does leave LA next season and plays against Kobe, I hope he don’t get pushed around and owned, and having Kobe call him “soft” like what he did to that teddy bear named Dwight. Lol

  111. Let’s see how tough Kobe is in the game….LOL

  112. I think Kobe is having a senior moment in trash-talking :]

    It’s barely comprehensible now

  113. I think it is a great show…I would hope it happens every practice.

  114. Kobe: “When they swim faster than me, I put an anchor on their feet so they sink”

  115. Kobe only pass for the stats, not for the team

  116. I agree :] This is hilarious

  117. I don’t doubt Kobe. He’s still tough. I don’t doubt he’ll play hard on the Spurs game if that’s the game you’re talking about. It’s a defining moment for him since he will likely pass Jordan.. I’m actually going to root for the Spurs on this one and ruin his moment and prevent him from reaching that scoring title on national TV. Lol! Just saying since I personally am a long time laker hater and I just don’t want to hear it from my annoying Laker friends.. But I don’t doubt that Kobe will play a little extra hard on that game.

  118. So I just replyed and my comment to this post and its awaiting moderation? I don’t think I said anything that bad. Lol

  119. Lin was screened out by Hill and Sacre together.

  120. You missed my point. Kobe will bring the ball up the court, pass to himself on the wing, screen for himself, then cut to the opposite corner while busily doing an ISO on the wing, run to the other end for defense while arguing with the ref at his offensive end, take the blame for his loss which he will never do. Long Sentence to show how ridiculous Scott’s statement is.

  121. really? I did not see anything

  122. I think we’re getting to understand Kobe’s psyche of what he really thinks of himself:

    Kobe & Rondo: “We are just two a**-h**** talking”
    Kobe to 2nd unit: “You’re soft Charmin” [toilet-paper brand]

    So it’s clear what Kobe thinks of himself and what he wants the 2nd unit to do (clean up his mess) 😀
    I never thought Kobe thinks so low of himself! LOL

  123. ok, I see 1 pending and approved.
    It’s a Disqus thing

  124. What does that even mean? If they dont trash talk back who cares. As long as they don’t let the trash talk affect their play.

  125. So who’s the one that’s soft?


  126. PPL just think different…Lin probably was LOL inside….

  127. Kobe enjoys being the team bully. The team doesn’t need a team bully, They need someone to promote synergy.

  128. Lin never trash talk his opponent and of course never to his teammates. Kobe can be a classless all he wants but he won’t drag Lin in the mud with him.

  129. Scott has no requirements for Kobe. Kobe does have a requirement for BS. Get anyone out of my way that interferes with my stardom,especially JL.

  130. Thumbsup to that!

  131. LOL….oh well. I guess ppl think you are only tough when you talk trash

  132. I found it funny that most of the Scott’s comment on Lin were more like the comments for Scott.

  133. Shes mine. Back off bra

  134. Yep he must keep feeding Kobe the ball.

  135. I doubt Kobe is tough…..He is just over-abusing his star status. Maybe he was tough b4….not anymore. When he was on the court finding out he can not even take a noname guy one on one….he has only fear and chucked shots. And of course the dog barking after the game saying (equivalently speaking) teammates were not helping.

  136. Haha, it’s great! Love how she sees through BS’ nonsensical comments.

  137. In other words they’re Mitch is letting them tank without looking like he’s tanking by letting Kobe do what he wants. If they really wanted to win they’ed rein in Kobe.

  138. Pretty much so

  139. Pretty much so.. Just let Kobe gets all the record he wants & blame all the lose on the rest of members… smh! Lakers management team are not good & they probably will be like bad team for years to come.

  140. Kobe apparently is not happy destroying the team with his ISO, but also wants to destroy them as players and human beings. He is treading on thin ice.

  141. I think he is just getting mentally weaker as he ages…

  142. “And then seeing if they can sink or swim”
    What a good teammate, just watching on the side and seeing them struggle, lollll

  143. Would like to be on the receiving end of that ABUSE?

  144. He abused no one.

  145. Now we have the video of Kobe trash-talking his teammates in practice.
    Not bad for 1st practice in 2-3 weeks


  146. I don’t understand what is funny about a bully abusing others? I know you are moderators, but please explain! Verbal abuse IS ABUSE!

  147. It is hilarious in the sense that the only thing Kobe did was he embarrassed himself.

  148. At the expense of others

  149. The others are laugh at him thinking he is just weak. I bet Lin was LOLed in his mind.

  150. IMO, warped sense of humor. BYE

  151. Yeah, he’s losing it.

  152. I believe the San Antonio second squad can beat a Kobe team handily, using teamwork vs iso ball. Anyone agree or differ? Last year, they wiped the Warriors on the GS homecourt.

  153. Not 100%…but very likely

  154. sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear with the sarcasm.

    We don’t agree with the trash-talking.
    And we are laughing at the facts that Kobe acted tough in practice while he himself didn’t play defense in the games (i.e. Lin had to yell at him to get back in transition to play D in the Pelicans game)

    Kobe is a hypocrite who likes to bully others and act tough.
    For the time being, the wicked is acting proud and arrogant abusing his powers.

    IMO Sooner or later he will be humbled by his own arrogance

  155. Good to see Young step up for them…

  156. Just sarcasm…

  157. Apparently Kobe’s team won 15-6 and he started mocking Mitch Kupchak. He’s arrogant and losing it to mock his GM.

    I guess he’s mad at Mitch for refusing to entertain the idea of extending his current contract in the recent article.
    In one year, Mitch will be happy to send him off and never to see him again.

  158. I wanna powerbomb him so bad..

  159. Do not worry about it, He is doing that himself

  160. Why isnt boozer stepping up? Pretty sure Kobe aint gonna trash talk him. Boozer would stomp on him like a little bug

  161. Who was the guy next to Kobe? Johnson?

  162. Well in context I see what he’s saying. I think we all want JLin to shoot more. Agree with him or not maybe this is Kobe’s way of trying to get him to shoot more. But JLin’s shot has been off lately. Not sure what’s with that.


    Bryant was also getting on Jeremy Lin during the scrimmage, daring him to shoot whenever he had the ball, yelling, “This mother—– don’t got s—. He ain’t got s— right now. Shoot! Shoot!” After Lin missed a pull-up jumper, Bryant said, “I talked his ass right into that bulls—. I talked his a— right into that bulls—.”

  163. Huh. So Kobe getting traded next yr?

  164. Lol. Yeah I know. My Koreanness came out after watching all these videos. “wooooosahhh”

  165. ESPN dedicated an article and video about what happened today at Lakers practice


  166. I doubt he will be out in 2016… I think he just pick up the fight on purpose… just like game 1 vs Rox w D12…

  167. That tweet from Charmin was pretty funny 😀

  168. I think Kobe was intentional in his mind to trash-talk to his teammates to toughen them up, esp. daring Lin to shoot whenever he had the ball.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he justified it in his mind as “toughening up Jeremy Lin” in his sick experiment.
    I’d say Lin should say nothing and drain shots in Kobe’s face over and over again. That’s probably what Kobe wants.

    Lakers coach Byron Scott has held Bryant out of most practices and shootarounds this season. Thursday was the veteran star’s first full practice with the team in over two weeks

    Bryant was also getting on Jeremy Lin during the scrimmage, daring him to shoot whenever he had the ball, yelling, “This mother—– don’t got s—. He ain’t got s— right now. Shoot! Shoot!” After Lin missed a pull-up jumper, Bryant said, “I talked his ass right into that bulls—. I talked his a— right into that bulls—.”

    By the end of the scrimmage, which the starters won, Bryant said, “Practice gets real uncomfortable when I’m in this mother—-.”

    After the team gathered together at center court to close practice, Bryant passed Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and said, “I’m supposed to practice and get better, Mitch. I’m supposed to practice and get better. These motherf—–s ain’t doing s— for me.”

    Bryant said Thursday’s practice was no different than any other one he participates in except for maybe the fact that the media got a courtside view of him trying to motivate his younger teammates.

    “No, I was just being myself,” Bryant said. “I don’t know if it helps them, but it obviously raises the intensity level. It was a tough practice for them … It’s really good for Nick, aside from the fun of bantering back and forth and the trash talk, just fundamentally some of the techniques and things that I use. He gets a chance to really see up close those little tricks.”

  169. they got free advertising :]

  170. This is simple. No matter how your opponents trash talked. The only thing you need to do is to let them know withing 5 possessions that they stand no chance beating you. Lin is a doer. Young and Kobe are just talker.

  171. Maybe it was not free…who knows? LOL

  172. IMO what Kobe is doing is evil not only with vulgar language but in bullying others. I don’t think God condones such action, nor should we. I have no doubt that Kobe, as well as the rest of us, will answer for the words we have spoken and our actions. I usually agree with most of the posters on this site, but I cannot in good conscience condone this. I do appreciate the good work that the moderators do here.

  173. Young’s advice to Lin to stand up to Kobe.
    Yeah, he doesn’t know trash-talk is not Lin’s MO.
    I hope Lin will take it to the rack repeatedly with his speed in the next practice.

    Young pulled Lin and Jordan Clarkson aside after practice and talked to them about standing up for themselves when Bryant comes at them during practice and to not allow him to walk all over them.

    “You can’t back down from a challenge, no matter who it is,” Young said. “Me and Kobe are always going to talk trash and get into it. When he talks to everybody else, some people tend to shy away and I was telling them you have to have some cajones in this league. It doesn’t matter who it is. Play your game. Don’t get any less confident out there. Talk trash right back to him.”

    As he left the Lakers’ training facility, Bryant smiled again when asked about Thursday’s practice.

    “Back in my younger days,” Bryant said, “I used to practice like that every day.”

  174. could be intentional? I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Kobe had a product placement on his jet a while back.
    He think he’s the most interesting man in the world but he’s wrong.

  175. Thank you.
    Yeah, I don’t agree either even if NBA players used them a lot in the 90s.
    Thank God modern NBA players like LBJ don’t use them (much)

    But sometimes sarcasm can be lost in the translation in the Internet
    I’ll use *sarcasm mode* next time so it’ll be clear

  176. Only @winner talks….simple as that.

  177. no, I meant when his contract runs out in 2016-2017 season or if he’s out injured

  178. Anyone wants Kobe to be your kid’s role model?

  179. Well lots of ppl think he is a good role model. Including those thinking Lin is too weak.

  180. Bryant’s rants don’t bother me at all.

    This is the NBA where players talk trash at each other like this, especially if they are teammates.

    What bothers me is that both the starters and bench probably did what they do in games: play selfishly, run no plays, and play only token defense.

    Lin’s probably just trying to run plays and hold the team together, but the coaching has devolved into 1-on-1 selfishness. It’s highly unlikely that Lin’s able to do anything other than dribble upcourt and pass the ball off.

    There’s nothing Lin can do to fight this toxic situation.

  181. Exactly.

  182. Trash talk person is just a TRASH that should flash down into the toilet bowl.

  183. Good sentiment by Young to protect his teammates, but it’s not helping.

    Macho talk is meaningless. RUNNING PLAYS means something.

    Nobody on the Lakers is running any plays. It’s just all 80s low efficiency isoball.

    Lin can only pick his spots and play both ends. That’s more than anybody else on the team is doing.

  184. LOL, enjoying the train wreck. Kobe thinks he can make his teammates better by insulting them. Well, that didn’t work for Pau Gasol when Kobe told him to put on his big boy pants. But the main problem is not Kobe’s teammates’ efforts.

  185. thx

  186. That is exactly the reason why Kobe did it.

  187. Trash talk person is just A TRASH that should be flushed down to the gutter.

  188. Clam down….LOL This is just part of the game.

  189. LOL JMHO on how I view trash talk persons; doesn’t matter who they are. It isn’t funny to me at all. I will smack the person rather than do the trash talk.

  190. I agree w Robin.. If they played every game just like vs Clippers one then they will be in top 8 team for sure… too bad, only one game.

  191. Kobe please! You didnt do s**t, dont take credit for the massive slump Jeremy is going thru right now lol.

    And Kobe’s always shooting the team out of the games with his sorry FG%, guess he’s softer then baby s**t.

    But anyway, trash talking is nothing new to Jeremy, not even sure why this is being made such a big deal. Slow news day I guess.

  192. Team too soft
    Pau put on his big boy pants
    Dwight too soft

    I’m starting to see a pattern.

  193. With unlimited cash owner and the current team winning record, the Clippers is today and the future of LA Basketball. Kobe Bryant is destroying the face of the Laker’s franchise and he would need 100 years to learn what it’s like to be Derek Jeter of the Yankees.

  194. If the Lakers is smart, they can quickly rebuild with team-first players like Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lin, etc.

    But first they need to get rid of one giant headache in Kobe that is sinking the franchise for his own personal gain, disrespecting his GM, minimizing this teammates and scaring away all Free Agents to come play in Lakers jersey.

    Mitch can’t wait until 2017 to come any sooner.

  195. Maybe Mitch’s scheme is to hire a coach that won’t hold Kobe back for his own good and let him get him injured. The anit-Popovich.

  196. Maybe it’s just another way he’s trying to be more like MJ in his mind.
    Kobe is so unoriginal. At least MJ is shooting close to 50% in his late career.

    Kobe is just drunk with power

  197. If I owned the Lakers, I put Kobe up available for trade tomorrow just to send a message, no one bigger than the franchise.

  198. then maybe Mitch will tell Byron to play him as many minutes as possible and exert so much energy .. let’s say by playing Point Guard to break down defenses all by himself :]

    Maybe Mitch is the puppet master. But he still wants to tank though so perhaps he hopes this will last until Jan-Feb to get enough losses.

  199. Yes. Kobe is a worse version of his prior self. He isn’t the same. He thinks he is proving everyone who doubted his comeback wrong by scoring a lot but he isn’t bc that’s inefficient, points. The power has definite gotten to his head. Cursing and yelling at kupchak.

  200. I hope Boozer is there to give advice to Lin to handle the selfish-plays breaking any system in place.
    I have no doubt Lin knows how to handle trash-talk.

  201. yes, an I’m pretty sure Kupchak is seething inside with another disrespect made in public.
    Kobe’s days are numbered because of his own arrogance.

  202. Sad that you and I aren’t the Lakers’ owner:-) Hence, Kobe and BS saga continues.

  203. ha, this site’s trash talk game is getting to a higher level today.

  204. yeah, that would be ideal. But Jeanie Buss doesn’t want a backlash from Kobe supporters plus her brother seems to like Kobe.

    I think everyone is just waiting around to see what happens next. It’s like watching a train wreck about to happen. Noone can take their eyes off it

  205. Well if we were, Kobe wouldn’t get this kind of contract in the first place. lol

  206. Happily, you might be wrong. Basketball-Reference[dot]com says Bryant’s contract is up in 2016. See attached.

  207. Captain Mitch: Scotty I need more power!!
    Scotty: Captain, you’ll crack the dilithium cyrstals!
    Captain Mich: Do it Scotty

    Grueling preseason practice: didn’t break

    25 minutes / game: didn’t break
    30 minutes / game: didn’t break
    35 minutes / game: didn’t break
    >40 minutes / game: didn’t break
    shouldering PG duties and playing >40 min / game: ……..

  208. It’s night and day comparing the responses to Kobe’s abuse of his teammates here versus on the other big site. There, a small group of vocal, obnoxious posters are applauding and encouraging Kobe to “pick” on Lin some more. Here, not so much.

  209. LOL That’s very true. I wouldn’t give Kobe a dime:-)

  210. Been there, done that. Lin had gone thru this long long time ago when playing in high school and in college.

    You think Lin is soft? Lin ignores and treats these like as it is, trash. No use wasting time to react to garbage and lower class intimation.

  211. Here is a good quote from Yao Ming on the demeanor of Jeremy Lin:

    “What I see from Jeremy and what I hear in his interviews is he
    appreciates everything. He pursues his dream. His attitude is so
    peaceful, but there is strength to him. It is not a violent strength
    like fire or something aggressive. It is like the ocean, very peaceful,
    very quiet when you look at it. But you can never underestimate the
    power that is in there.”

    This is very different from the fake tough guys like Kobe Bryant and Bryon Scott who only talk big but act little if at all.

  212. I agree. I am not concerned much for Lin. He can handle the barrage of insults and abuse thrown his way.

    What’s more disturbing to me is the celebration of Kobe’s bullying antics by fans, whether or not Lin is affected by such bullying tactics.

  213. nice quote. Very appropriate for those who think Lin is “soft.”

  214. Great quote. That’s the power that only few can understand and appreciate. And that’s where the strength the great posses.

  215. I really don’t get why people think that way… This is sure not the first time Lin heard about trash talk … the way Lin react it’s the Lin we know for sure so what’s wrong w that? Go fight w Kobe? He missed the shot not big deal…?!

    If Lin act just like the way Kobe yelled at Mitch then I believe lots of his fans will be surprised…

  216. Los Angeles LakersVerified account
    Wheels down in San Antonio

  217. Finally Lin showed up… I hope Kobe was not sat next to Lin the trip to San Antonio.

  218. For those who don’t know or forgot the culture of Asian people.

  219. To Buss Family,

    To build may have to be the slow and laborious task of years. To destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day – Winston Churhill.

    I feel for the all-time Lakers greats when they see Purple and Gold going down like this.

    Jeremy Lin, will be the one have the last laugh. I have no doubt about it.

  220. Usually I’m not so cynical, but to me this is clearly a publicity stunt aimed to drum up interest in the Lakers. Kobe is only 31 pts away from MJ. He wants to break the record in style with a high scoring game and he wants the audience watching to be as large as possible. With the Lakers terrible record and Magic admitting the team is tanking how many people are even bothering to follow the Lakers? So what can be done? How about have Kobe throw a fit calling all his all his teammates soft as toilet paper (not Scott brand but Charmin, mind you) and for good measure, lets get all the Lin fans and haters riled up by specifically trash talking the good Christian, Asian, Harvard grad. If I were Lin I would be laughing in his face. Kobe is a clown. But I would expect additional antics right up until tip-off tomorrow to keep the hype going.

  221. Bill Cartwright shut Jordan up or he was going to break him in two. He didn’t give a s.ht if Jordan was the star. His Airness shut up real quick and never yelled at Cartwright again.

  222. ok, phew.. I’m happy now .. 2016 then!

  223. LOL .. “Beam me up, Scotty!”

  224. “I will lift my eyes unto the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made the heavens and the earth. Psalm 121.1
    “The Lord is my helper. I will not fear what man can do to me.” Hebrews 13:6
    “What shall we say then to these things? If God be for us who can be against us.” Romans 8:31

  225. If asked about the practice, hope jlin says: “i think hes senile.”

  226. Amen!

    “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

    I refuse to let negativity rules in my mind but glad to know the wicked will lose in the end

  227. as in 碎碎念

  228. Nop. Should be Carlos from my understanding in the past.

  229. I think it helps to realize how important this milestone is for Kobe. He’s been waiting 19 years for this. We’ve all seen those articles that consider who is the GOAT by comparing Kobe to MJ. If I remember correctly, MJ easily beats out Kobe in every single category. As great a player as Kobe was, he just never reached the level of Jordan. But tomorrow he gets to beat Jordan in one important category and I think it means a lot to him. It would be corny, but I could see Kobe scoring exactly 30 pts tomorrow to tie and then actually beating Jordan the next game just to celebrate twice.

  230. Hope so bc Kobe is a little bit crazy now & he probably will no stop talking… [email protected]#$%

  231. Is Penny Lee a reporter? How does she get all these behind the scenes photos of Lin?

  232. LOL Kobe should go to “asylum” house soon:-)

  233. The biggest chucker in NBA history passing MJ’s scoring on a tanking team. As if any cares? Not to mention every single player after MJ has extra 2 years to score points and pass him! If MJ played those 2 years instead of retiring and returning, Kobe would not have a chance of passing him!

  234. Mitch ignores him haha

  235. I think she’s just a Lin fan from Taiwan. She’s good at scouring Twitter and Instagram for Lin pictures.

  236. Jeremy. For sure. Who else would use the word “love”? Anyone think the same?

  237. Love ? I feel disgusting

  238. Young.

  239. “So this is the real deal, man, it’s all in love. I don’t wanna battle you homie, I rep the King above.” Reminds me of
    one of Jeremy’s friends, Lecrae, in the closing lines of the only rap battle I’ve ever heard
    him get into. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3u8a3mWgvQ

  240. I just casted my first All-star vote this year. Unlike last year, I feel less enthusiastic doing so. I don’t know it is because I don’t want to show support of NBA activity at all or I don’t think there is much we can do for Lin as Lin fan.

  241. For the first time I really would like JLin to be in ASG and not Kobe. So, I’m all out to support JLin; Kobe is crazy senile old man.

  242. Let’s all vote for Lin everyday. Just sent the tweet.

  243. It’s a matter of when the Rockets will regret for letting Lin go. Tonight is one of the many they need Lin badly. Lin, on the other hand not in a good situation either if not worse. Disgraceful mcHale and Bscot.

  244. It’s sad to me that you could be the closest thing to Michael Jordan, maybe ever, and there is no peace inside.

  245. this one is from Lakers.com, that water mark on the photo…..

  246. Those selfish, hating loser won’t miss Lin at all. Really hope Lin can finally choose a team that will give him full reign and respect! How I wish he can reunite with Mike D’Antoni

  247. They have a game today?

  248. I don’t know why, but I still think Lin in Laker still will do him good for long run.

    totally don’t understand what Lakers are doing, maybe they just really don’t have a strategy, thus looked really puzzling.

    At this moment, they are for sure out of the play off, even they go 35-25 in the remaining games, they will be only 500 team and that’s #9 in West. And Lakers is not way a team could win 58% for the rest of the season.

    If they could not go play off, might as well tank and try that chance of top 5 pick.

  249. Things about the direction of a team is a funny thing. It can change overnight. If somehow Scott is fired, Kobe is defeated by father time…whatever we have complained for past 2 weeks will just become meaningless within seconds.

  250. Tomorrow’s game is nationally broadcast, so it is the ideal game for Kobe to reach that 31 point and got broadcast-ed, if he doesn’t get that, he will get to that point not at home and not on TV, that will be like wear your best cloth in a dark night, that would be so disappointed for Kobe then, as that might be his only bright spot or something worth look back to in the future for this season.

    So——– do you think pop will game plan to let him get that or work the Spurs to stop him so that Kobe just could not get to 30 pts tomorrow? I’m pretty sure Lakers would let him shot 40 times tomorrow.

  251. Lin meets his fair share of trash talk and racists words about his ethnicity during real games it’s nothing new to him.

  252. I think POP will just let Price to beat him…

  253. Everything can turn around if Kobe goes down this season which he would.

  254. Some many PGs break down do to wear and tear, Kobe with his straining ways of shooting will break down if he plays PG for entire season.

  255. Pop only cares the ultimate goal

  256. Boozer should really talk some sense into Lin regarding passing less and shooting more!

  257. Lakers are just too late to get out of that hole for the first 20 games. Kobe stop playing will not help that with current talent.

    Did you see today’s video for their practice? They are really not playing hard, way easier compare to their preseason practice though. At first when I heard about the trash talk I thought there must have a fight, but look at it, they were walking, and Jeremy don’t even sweat. What is that?

    I feel the players knows they are not in the play off run anymore, and the team is what it is, pretty much only Kobe might feel fresh with all the resting, and that shooting goal to reach, for others, what are they fighting for?

  258. Like I said….things can change overnight. I am not seeking miracles. Whatever may happen. Lin is ready.

  259. I hope BS play Price more, and just show how stupid that move is.

    Eventually I think BS will play Kobe at point, and start Ellington, not sure how long Kobe could stand that work load. Especially after he catch up with MJ, not sure whether Kobe will keep that motivation in a loosing team.

    Also, that could not last long either, though Ellington could shoot, he is not a good play maker, the starters will totally rely on Kobe’s play making. And it is even more easy to defend that line up, just totally load on Kobe, as he is the starting point of the offense, and he is the end point of the offense too. With that much pressure, Kobe will get lots of 10TO game then.

    So Lin have 15 games to get used to his 2nd line up, and also for him to right his mind set. I feel he is in his denial stage now, hope he will eventually get pass it, and accept it, and then find a way to fight back.

  260. funny thing is, I don’t think Lin is ready now. He will still need some time though.

  261. Given the drama today, I am certain Kobe will keep this PG role for a while after he passes MJ

  262. I am not talking about he will immediately just kill everything on the floor. He will not, scott will not let him either. Everything needs time.

  263. He played PG in that game right after Toronto game already, it is not something new.

    I’m curious if BS start Ellington, where he is going to put Price. I hope he will not play Lin and Price together, I will really hate that.

  264. The more Price plays, the more embarrassed Scott will be. Scott felt that already.

  265. It is not Scott though, Scott all listen to Kobe. Just see what Kobe is mad at Lin, and Scott will pick on that couple games later….

  266. Whoever that is, Scott is the one on the surface. To Lin, it does not matter who is the bad guy.

  267. Yeah, of course, Scott after all, played basketball for so many years.

    There of course have some agendas. He starts Price so that it would not like benching Lin is because Kobe want to hog the ball, but everybody could see that’s the actual reason.

    And now, it is like Lin and Price are all struggling , thus Kobe play PG to save the situation.

  268. what I mean is, Lin should pay no attention to Scott, as what Scott said about Lin is all conflicts and confusing. Lin just need to somehow play his game and impress Kobe, and be aggressive and score, basically just force hands that they will have to play him.

    However, if Lakers are tanking ,that will not work, but he could still play good and aggressive on the bench and their starters could still lose the game. So, Lin should just be aggressive that’s it. Forget about PG instinct stuff.

  269. Nick’s not wrong. Lin does in fact lose confidence on the court, a lot.

  270. They will definitely miss him but they won’t admit it. Especially as they face tougher opponents.

  271. True but you gotta appreciate that Young’s confidence against anyone with no hesitation. Lin can gain some of that. When Lin was playing with the Knicks he was having fun and full of confidence, 3 years later that’s all down the drain. When I see Nick Young’s happy, carefree attitude even only as 6th man and off the bench, reminds me of what JLin used to be. Nick Young would be much better SG to play with compared to Psychotic Kobe the ball hog. Even though Young’s a chucker his shots are only around 13-15 per game which is what the average great scorers should be unlike Kobe and Harden who takes 20+ shots.

  272. Lin should ignore them both IMO. Just do what Scott says while trying to maintain his FA value. As for how to do it, I believe Lin knows and is trying to do it right now.

  273. Interesting times LAL LOL. I will not give up in Lin, his brand of team game, and fans. I will miss the good fans on break, I will hope for the return of wu kong and acbc, and always fight the trolls and disingenuous persons out to take advantage of lulls.

    Brent, I love your dedication to the beautiful game and knowing how life goes, it could all be positive in a matter of minutes because what’s holding the beautiful game of Lin down is politics. Yes, he will be ready.

  274. Acbc left too?!!

  275. According to this Taiwan’s UDN news article, Kobe had angry words towards the team and Lin after practice and called them soft like tissue and Lin useless on offense!

    Don’t know if there are any similar reports on this in LA.


  276. Kings just had a really bad possession. Hope they can pull it off. That was a classic case of playing not to lose rather than playing to win.

  277. LOL….w/o Cusins…they are supposed to lose.

  278. Hopefully just taking a break from all this. It’s been a stressful few weeks for us fans too 😀

  279. True, but to be fair, the Rockets are missing Dwight.

    And damn OT now it seems.

  280. Poll on who’s to blame for Lakers poor showing: http://mag.udn.com/mag/sports/vote_result.jsp?f_VOTE_ID=2842

  281. He said he was going to post one more and take a break. Then he posted that story on going to church with family members as a construct for the good philosophy. He will be back, but wu kong’s site says it is being deleted. She said she needed a new hobby. Such a good person as lin fan.

  282. Well we wish them will be back. But we want them happy too. If they are happy, I am good.

  283. Funny Kobe – talking smack to his teammates today at his FIRST practice this month.

    How do you play with a team that you don’t practice with??

  284. You are just too freeing. Bet you are a good friend, but detached ha ha?

    Did you see that bit of news about Hill now wanting to step back and shoot more 3s? Cheating even more on D lol?

  285. lol

  286. For all his tough talk, Kobe looked scared guarding Lin : )

  287. Lin could learn from John Stockton.

  288. I wouldn’t call them fans. More like losers who have nothing better to do with their lives than be armchair critics

  289. LOL KIngs are supposed to lose…

  290. LOL

  291. Time to put kwahi Leonard on Kobe. All the Spurs need to do is to shut down Kobe and the whole team would fall apart.

  292. The first team always fell behind before the 2nd team picking them up.

  293. True, and now it sucks they did. Oh well.

  294. It is ok. HOU are supposed to beat them…

  295. Kobe is trying to take all credits of wins and denying responsibility of losses.
    That’s the reason that Lakers has been down in rebuilding.

  296. LOL

  297. I don’t think Jeremy would bother to comment. Young seems the one who wants to try to smooth it over.

  298. Nope, I don’t really appreciate Nick Young’s words.

    All the tough talk flies only when there’s intelligent basketball being played – and Nick Young isn’t playing well yet.

    Coach Scott doesn’t hate Young and coach against Young like he coaches against Lin. Lin has it MUCH HARDER than Young does.

  299. I followed Lin when he was on the verge of being waived out of the NBA.

    I am following Lin more than ever.

    This GREAT YOUNG PLAYER is fascinating to me, regardless of the garbage he has to sift through.

    For me, I’m just waiting until he gets his injured leg back. As soon as Lin is healed up, he’ll go back to shooting super high percentages and making a mockery of his hater coach and teammates.

    I don’t really see anything Lin has to work on other than getting healthy and staying even tempered.

    All Lin has to do is mainly pass the ball and then look for his own shot. When his leg gets better, the shots will fall.

  300. Carmelo will be just another roll of Charmin for Kobe 😛

  301. Is this true? If so, Melo to LA for JLin + Davis + pieces!

  302. We have been critical of the way Kobe’s plays and behaves with Lakers. But after watching this video at 47:10, I realized just how significant Kobe is to the Lakers which explains why the FO and Scott caters to him. Lin is too small compared to Kobe at this stage, so better for him to just learn how to play with Kobe.
    By the way, Patrick is also the minority owner of the Lakers.

  303. I know that…but still…They are supposed to try to win…

  304. Not gonna happen….lol. Melo have those money already. No point to go from one losing team to another…

  305. He ca do whatever he wants. Lin is not on his team….lol

  306. Yeah…Jeanie please give your darling Phil a Christmas present ^.^

  307. “We are all good,” the anonymous player told TMZ, “just gotta get better.”

    To me sounds like Young.

  308. Kobe is an a-hole. Period. In any other setting, he’d be called out for being a bully. But of course in the NBA, it’s supposed to be the norm. Whatever, he’s still an antiquated, foolish, aging, inefficient superstar who is unfortunately allowed to waltz into practice and have the nerve to criticize teammates who practice all the time without him. A-hole, a-hole, a-hole.

    Rant over. Thank you.

  309. What’s the point of thrash talking anyway? Taking the thrash out of your system? Showing you’re a thrash by talking? LOL let your game do the talking and from there we’ll see who is thrash. Thrash talking is merely senseless noise and frankly, an energy waster. If Kobe wants to last until 40 in this league he better shut his mouth full of hot air and direct that energy into something constructive.

    Anyway, they’re playing the San Antonio Spurs later, and yes, outside of Jeremy Lin, these Lakers are THRASH. How thrash? The second unit of San Antonio, the unit without Duncan, Parker, and Kawhi and considered by many as thrash and d-leaguers, can easily annihilate a Kobe-lead Lakers. It’s like taking a candy from a baby. Put the Kobe-lead Lakers to the list of teams whose starters can be easily annihilated by Spurs’ D-League bench. Put a Jeremy Lin-lead Lakers on the floor and see Popovich look like he’s having a heart attack on the sidelines and even the Big 3 of Parker-Manu-Duncan will be having a hard time stopping them.

  310. Pass.

  311. 2 superstars together = “Championship contender”

  312. Mission accomplished. My alarm clock is set to an all news station and usually they report only about local teams, almost never hear anything about the Lakers. But this morning one short sports segment ended with “Kobe called all his teammates toilet paper!” Huh? Half hour later the sports news elaborated, “Kobe said all of his teammates are as soft as Charmin. Charmin tweeted blah, blah, blah… and tonight Kobe is set to break MJ’s all time scoring record!”

    Have to admit, they’ve got me curious to tune in tonight and see how the Lakers celebrate this. When they got their first win after 5 losses they practically set off fireworks. I guess EVERY pass will go to Kobe and he will take 20 shots per quarter until…the streamers and confetti start to fall.

  313. And 100+ ppl blame Lin smh.

  314. Kobe: At some point you gotta piss on the fire hydrant
    Kobe: WTF, Lin Why the F you piss on me
    Lin: Didn’t you tell me to piss on the fire hydrant?
    Kobe: Give me some “soft” tissue..

  315. Just hope Pop shutdown Kobe tonight. Then Kobe will sit for 2 games to wait for the next home game to piss on his pathetic hydrant.

  316. And very different from those fake tough fans too.

  317. Lots of bleep, now, Kobe is tough. Of course, only trash can trash talk.

  318. Those are self-haters they hate to see anything look Asian. They probably try to impress their black/white friends.

  319. I will not elaborate for fear of jinxing it but this sudden melodrama with suspicious timing has revived my hope for Lin’s current season. No need to take Kobe’s profanity laced rant and apparent bullying of Jeremy too seriously or even at face value. This is show-business after all. Wu kong’s comparison of the NBA to professional wrestling is not totally off the mark. NBA basketball is a competitive sport but apparently some things are scripted. So take heart my fellow Jeremy fans. Try to be patient for another 15-20 games. We may all be in for a very pleasant surprise.

  320. We need to vote for Lin bc everyone is on the list now. Help him at least to get top 5 in the west otherwise teams will look down on him even more..


  321. We got to see the video clip of Jeremy’s shot over Kobe when he was challenged because it was a missed. If Lin knocked down the shot it won’t be released.

  322. Can’t see the tweet. Could you recap?

  323. Good point. In the end, it is all PR show.

    But in a bigger context, how would Lakers players think in their mind if the leader kept putting down and seldom show up for practice and never display decent defense efforts on the court? This team is going down hard.

  324. Kobe tried to say those loses had nothing to do with him.

  325. Seems like Kobe got the mic on him or something. can’t hear anything else except him yelling.

  326. @JLin7 watches Scott jump shot at AT&T Center. http://t.co/7UXlCnNjXz

  327. BricK

  328. Wow! After yesterday Kobe daytime drama.. more Lin show up in Lakers tweet….

  329. Is that Kobe sit next to Lin? Lin looked OK to me?

  330. Looks like the Busses doing PR, big fail:
    [email protected] sat down with Jim & Jeanie Buss to discuss everything from tanking to trading Kobe Bryant: http://t.co/SlKELJG4mt #Lakers

  331. Refresh

  332. Kobe needs to learn a hard way that there’s always a line you should never cross.

  333. I think they’re having good time laughing at BScott’s vertical jump :p

  334. Did they talk about extend contract w Kobe in 2016?!

  335. Yesterday trash talk to Jeremy very much confirmed who’s the mastermind of the benching him.

  336. Quotes from Jeanie Buss, any thoughts?

    1- “If you’re tanking and you have young players or you keep a short roster, you’re playing guys out of their position or too many minutes, you’re risking injury. It’s irresponsible and I don’t think it belongs in any league.”

    2- “I love Kobe Bryant. I think L.A. loves Kobe Bryant and he deserves to play here. He loves it. I don’t envision him going anywhere else,” Jim Buss said. “I don’t see it.”

    Said Jeanie Buss: “I don’t want to see Kobe Bryant ever leave. If he was 100 years old and still playing, I’d be happy. But we have survived many changes including retirements and trades. We understand the realities of the sports world.

    “Take Shaq for example, he was traded from here and went on to several other teams after that. But once he was retired, he asked us to retire his jersey. He wanted to be remembered as a Laker. So while I get attached, I know what the realities are in this business, I still have to remind myself that Kevin Garnett is in Brooklyn and not in Boston.

  337. Nope. They said that they would love for kobe to be a laker forever, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like that. They gave an example of how Shaq was traded, but he asked them to retire his jersey. This was totally a PR move on things that has happened with Scott/Kobe’s antics

  338. Thanks.

  339. Yep, in her subtle way she knows that kobe has damaged the organization reputation. Have you noticed all of the articles and pics posting about lin TCW sportnet. It is like the Lakers are trying to promote lin on the down low

  340. No, let me go there to check it out. Interesting.

  341. Whenever you hear “I don’t want to …., I love to ….., BUT …in reality,….” from a corporate executives or businessman, something is going on. Especially the last remark about Shaq retiring his LA jersey somewhere else. That’s very interesting coming from Jeanie Buss. Maybe she found a way to solve this delima. If she can solve this, I will be her fans forever.

  342. “The best is yet to come”. Did Lin know something we don’t?

  343. Seem like the FO and owners are not happy.

  344. He is right… the best for Lin is yet to come.

  345. No doubt in my mind.

  346. At minimum, this is a message from Lakers management to Kobe/BS that “don’t go too far, otherwise we will ship you out”.

  347. “But we have survived many changes including retirements and trades”

    Translation: we will do if we don’t have Kobe.

  348. “Pissing on fire hydrants” “Charmin” Kobe seems focused on bowl movements. I wonder if Kobe is having bodily function issues given his old age. He definitely has verbal diarrhea.

  349. lol now that’s some trash talk

  350. good trash talking …good!

  351. I think Lakers will not trade Kobe but will not extend his contract either.

  352. The rings are in the past, and the team is getting worse with Kobe taking mostly contest shots. The offended teammates should STOP PASSING THE BALL TO KOIBE. The other players have the right to take their share, and maybe with better ball movement and player movement, get more open shots in the paint. Get back at the jerk of a team player, who never went to college, let alone Harvard.

  353. Let me go to market and get a roll of Charmin and see how really soft it is.
    Now Charmin wants to thank Kobe a million times for making him famous.

  354. Context, context. I might be wrong, Kobe has a no-trade clause in his contract. The ESPN article is focusing on explaining Lakers is not for tanking.

  355. Well, Charmin has a strong side too, Kobe.

  356. Hahahaha funny memes

  357. wilsc, thanks for the reminder to create the All-Star Voting Sticky Post.
    I will do so today

    Here’s the official page to show how to vote with Twitter, FB, Instagram, SMS.
    It runs from Dec 11 to Jan 19 so it’s only over 5 weeks.

    This is again a Fan voting, not merit-based since Kobe got in last year despite playing 2-3 games last season.
    So let’s not be shy to support of JLin support especially with the unfair benching that penalized his stats.

    Let’s go, JLin!

  358. I think a poll asking Lin fans on whether we should vote for Lin or not is a good idea too. I vote yes of course

  359. Not a straight shooter…Yikes

  360. Lin might seem like small potatoes vs. Kobe now in terms of Kobe’s popularity and such, but if Lin consistently did anything like he did in NY now, Lin AND THE LAKERS’ popularity would rise multi-fold, in a positive way, much greater than Kobe’s selfish, personal accomplishments regardless of how much he damages the team. We already see it now, here and there, when Lin does something that gets a lot of positive media attention, (i.e., articles, twitter, etc.), and Lin is trending. It’s just too bad.

  361. Forget about Kobe. He is 36…Lin is 26….

  362. Yes sir!! 😀

  363. Agree. Vote away~~~
    whatever way it is, some people will always have something to say about it, so why care about it in the first place. Talks like “He should not vote in blalalalala”just make me roll my eyes and bored to death.

  364. Do you notice this shot where Kobe takes on 5 defenders. The other 4 Lakers are slowly jogging back. They know Kobe isn’t going to pass that ball:



  365. come on, don’t be Kobe hate, that’s the end of quarter, the shot clock is running off, Kobe did the right thing there.

  366. I’m saying that Kobe had to take the shot because the other 4 players were jogging back. There wasn’t anyone to pass it to. I’m just thinking why were the other 4 players jogging instead of sprinting. Was there too little time or because they knew Kobe wouldn’t pass it anyway.

  367. yeah, just couple of seconds left when he got the ball, you don’t pass that.

  368. Lin: Coach do something about this trash talker.
    BS: I can’t he is my boss.

  369. So today after the game….I guess we will hear something like, “It does not matter [passed MJ record], we lost the game. We played so soft like Charmin”

  370. Unfortunately, we have McHale’s 2yr-brainwashing to give much credit to make Lin tentative. Not sure when we’ll have NY Lin back

    That’s why I think coach should play one of the biggest factor of where Lin should play next year to his career will be back on track

  371. it’s hard to do that and not defy Byron’s request to play D and facilitate more. But yes, I agree Lin can shoot more or drive more to the rim 3-4/game

  372. y, Lin just needs to be ready and prepared if/when that happens.

  373. More accurately, Kobe will say “I need to continue to train my teammates not to be soft like Charmin.
    I guess I have to play PG/SG/PF next game for 42min!”

  374. Yes, let’s count. Tick-tock-tick-tock … :>

  375. So if he has a eFG% of 42.3 he’d have to take 74 shots to get 31 points. Less shots if he gets points on FT’s. Isn’t that a lot of shots? Going to be a hard to watch game.

  376. I guess for #NBABallot tweet, we can do tweet/retweet/reply this year?
    I remember last year, reply/retweet didn’t count.

    I hope more than 1 retweet would still count as 1 and not get invalidated.

    • Twitter voting allows fans to tweet a vote for 10 unique players each day throughout the All-Star balloting period. The tweet, retweet, or reply must include the player’s first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABallot.


  377. Unfortunately can’t forget him on the lakers. But yeah, even if he is calling the shots Lin can just do his thing and be himself. That’s all I want.

  378. I’m not one for theories usually but I think Kupchak put his foot down and told his inept coach to get Kobe to practice after sitting it out for a month. Kobe was unhappy about this so trash talked his way through practice to somehow prove that he didn’t need to.

    And by the way, Lin didn’t seem “sad,” when he tried to talk to Scott about it and was thoroughly ignored. He looked angry, uncomfortable at the very least.

    None of this is good for team morale and it’s a complete distraction from a serious practice. If Scott or anyone thinks this is good, they’re bigger a-holes than I thought. I hope Lin survives this somehow and simply moves on.

  379. Makes sense. To me it sounded like when Kobe was saying these guys aren’t doing s____ for me, he meant that the practice wasn’t helping him to be better and was a waste of his time.

  380. To be fair, Charmin really is soft. It is the best toilet paper out there.

  381. So just a proof of “It is always about him”

  382. 100% agree

  383. Exactly my thought as well. Kobe should be asking what he can do for his teammates. To run a proper practice teammates need to have their de facto point guard around, otherwise everybody’s wasting their time.

  384. 2 points a shot so 37 shots

  385. Lin will never never get back his starting job as long as Kobe is still healthy to play. This is it for Lin or we should hope that he’ll be traded soon.

    Tonight, Kobe will shoot the minimum of 25 shots, and the Spurs will shut him down as they won’t let his record happens on their home court.

  386. There’s something else that Charmin’s really good for. =D

  387. thanks for the heads up.

  388. Oh yes.

  389. I’m assuming that no one’s voting for Kobe?

  390. I am counting the days to welcome Jlin to the Dallas Mavericks and leave all the bs behind him

  391. hmm?

  392. lol, you have a point there. big boy pants is also related to potty training!

  393. what do you mean? are you talking about his right arm?

  394. Go JLin! Stay confident and get back your efficient game.
    Go Spurs! Show the Lakers how team ball should be played.

  395. I didn’t word that properly. Let me reword it:

    What’s Charmin good for? So if all of Kobe’s teammates are Charmin, what does that make Kobe?

  396. Good to know as I haven’t had the chance to experience “it” for a long time. Not sure we have this brand in Australia:-) Kobe can use it for me 24/7. He needs it more than I do.

  397. A constipated person.

  398. If Spurs really does their job well today, don’t believe KB has a chance to surpass MJ record. Am conflict with what I want. Do I want this happen? If it happens in this game, at least the soap opera will be over soon. If not, suffer few more days for this hype. Can’t decide which is the more evil:-( Guess for my sanity sake, it’s better to be over sooner than later. Let’s get KB play 48 min to get his record and I won’t see him much longer for the rest of JLin’s NBA career.

  399. Go Kobe!
    40 FGA to get those 31 points!
    Show the rest Charmin lakers that a man of steel won’t afraid of bricks!

  400. Nothing will change after KB breaks MJ’s record.

  401. I know. Let him play 48 min for however long his body can sustain. Then we won’t see him for good:-) That’s what I’m waiting for unless JLin is out of Lakers. Then I don’t care one way or the other of he and BS want to “destroy” Lakers. Who cares!

  402. How many days left until July 1, 2015 12.01 am?

    My goodness. I know its professional, but if I were lin, I just go with the motion and keep myself injury free for my next team. But knowing lin, he won’t do that and that’s why we love him.

  403. This. I think Kobe might go for another season scoring title.

  404. A sand paper?

  405. Their strategy might be to just keep JLin out of the paint, and guard the 3 pointers and let Kobe take all the contested 2’s he want’s. Most every other team they’ve played has beaten them that way. Oh and use Price’s man to double on Kobe because Price can’t score worth a darn anyway.

  406. Why are these NBA superstars or whatever you called them feel so insecure? They have money and they have fame but still afraid of Jeremy Lin shines brighter than them. They did all kinds of dirty ways to marginalize Lin to avoid Lin running a good game. Aren’t their lives miserable?
    I am definitely a lot happier than them eventhough i am not rich!

  407. Here’s my outlook with the current situation:

    Kobe runs the team and will be who he’s always been, and there is no one that can change him, not Byron, Mitch, Jim, Jeannie, Magic, no one! (ok, maybe Phil, but he can’t help the Lakers since he’s with the Knicks now). So I’m not going to waste any wishful thinking that things will change in that area.

    So while Lin is coming of the bench, I am hoping that he will come out gangbusters off the bench like Isaiah Thomas, who is averaging 23.6 pts/36 and 6.3 ast/36. And keep a high efficiency, like 45% fg, 35-40% 3pt. Then his stats will be extremely favorable to other GMs.

  408. Kobe will have 40 shots tonight and bricks will be flying… just watch out.

  409. Robin Lundberg rips Kobe Bryant today

  410. maybe we should take a poll if any Lin fans would still vote for Kobe :]

  411. I’ll get back to your question when I have better answer. For now, the only answer I could think of is “poo-poo”, but that don’t sound really right…so ^~^

  412. Lakers first team will loss by 40 points at least with Kobe going 1 on 5.

  413. It’s also tough and dependable.

  414. shyt. The ultimate honest ans.

  415. LOL. Hehehe…
    Then he will need to eat more veggies. Even Charmin can’t help.

  416. Really?! Everybody now wants to get a try on Charmin! Hehehehe

  417. Smelly Kobe missed as usual.

  418. Nothing to watch. Lin can run circles around this pickle head.

  419. Quit your job and be respectable or stay on and look like s**t.

  420. Good that Jeremy learns to put the headphone on. He needs it in practices.

  421. I totally agree 100% that noone can change Kobe unless he sees something that will benefit him (i.e. Asian fans believe Kobe hates Lin and affects his popularity there in financial gain)

    As for coming off the bench, it’s more tricky than HOU when he can be the 6th Man scorer if he chose too. Swaggy is the de facto 6th Man scorer so Lin would have to keep Byron happy in playing D and facilitate others plus feeding Kobe in the 4th quarter to get more PT. It’s not easy but I believe Lin can do that.

  422. Bring your helmet and armor for the bricks. Bring your beer and whatever food your like for the mood.

  423. Game Thread is open now

    I’ll be away but will check from time to time from my phone.
    Go JLin!


  424. haha, you got it

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