G23 LAL @ SAS Game Thread+Chat

Will Kobe play PG to try to get 31pts to break MJ’s record and win against the Spurs?

Will Lin get to play a lot minutes tonight? He might if he helps Kobe to achieve his goals. Whatever might happen, let’s hope Jeremy will stay confident to get his shooting rhythm quickly and play all out. Let’s go, JLin! Never give up and just give your best! Just play for the Audience of One

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  1. First.

  2. 2nd

  3. FYI, free league pass weekend.

  4. But, seems like Lakers game is blocked.

  5. Either way, the Leakers games are criminal.

  6. you can use one of the free stream links above.
    The stream u works quite well with Ad-Blocker except for the OK quality

  7. It’s no wonder Jeremy Lin has trouble playing with these guys …


  8. yep. ty.

  9. Really BS? You are going to say that about Nick Young when you have Kobe doing exact same thing?

  10. BS is dumb, but not dumb enough to bite the hand that feeds him.

  11. I’m caught in this difficult situation of trying to decide whether Kobe or Harden disgusts me more, it’s a tight race.

  12. mocking his own players … uh …

  13. Pick the one that’s in your face today.

  14. Like Kobe mocking his own teammates?

  15. Screams quality leadership…in LALaland.

  16. This so called coach keeps talking bad about everyone except his boss Kobe and beloved Price. SMH

  17. Would you prefer 偽君子 or 真小人?

  18. Wow! What a big different after Kobe daytime drama… one more Lin today?!


  19. Kobe is worse for sure

  20. It does seem to be the leadership culture, doesn’t it? Lin doesn’t match …

  21. Let’s go Jlin and spurs… hehe

  22. LOL Lakers is in funny mood.

  23. The difference between vomit and excrement? Back to square one.

  24. Both are bad but KB is definitely worse!!!!:-) I’m even more disgust of him because of his no “character.”

  25. As becoming the norm for me now, not going to watch the game. Please tell us how JLin is doing. Thanks in advance!

  26. Hahaha…. we people in HK will describe this situation as “do you prefer curry taste sh*t or sh*t like curry?” Excuse me for bringing something disgusted..

  27. Just pray for the one – not to hurt himself physically while attempting to outscore MJ.

  28. Hand down Kobe is a disgrace. Two full years playing with Harden, Lin and Harden still had nothing but good talk for each other.

  29. How about we let you know when Lin on and Kobe sit?

  30. It’s a total misleading when the headline is Kobe surpass MJ in all time scoring without mentioning it took how long and how many shots.

  31. I wonder how it’ll be if MJ is still playing. Kobe’s poor team will be outshooted every single game just for him to surpass MJ

  32. It would be cool if Kobe breaks MJ’s record on a JLin assist.

  33. What would be cool is Kobe achieve that worthless, nonsensical record within the context of playing team ball. Let the record come to him while within the context of playing actual basketball.

  34. Everything and anything:-) Don’t expect JLin can do much in this game when KB is going to shoot all he can to pass MJ record. If he is going to brick, it’s going to be even worse:-)

  35. Oh no. Glad that I have already had my lunch and finished all my curry beef yesterday. Don’t think I can have one after seeing this.

  36. I’m currently living in Hong Kong and could probably use the phrase, how is it in Cantonese?

  37. Sorry…. my bad

  38. Nope, whole team has been contorted and distorted to cater to one ego-driven player. Lakers will tolerate it as long as it sells tickets and keeps people watching.

  39. Let’s have fun here. What’s your guess on Kobe’s stat today? Mine is 10/40 with 25pts

  40. If only ONE TENTH of Tim Duncan’s class rubs off on Kobe…

  41. LOL I like curry but somehow my bud has changed since having cancer and radiation. Not enjoy curry as much as I used to be:-(

  42. Go Spurs!! LOL

  43. blow out

  44. Go Jeremy and the Spurs!!!

  45. roadkill

  46. this will be a long day

  47. Septic tank.

  48. Price the defensive genius, fouls 3 pt shooter. Price is soft.

  49. Who’s the f ker suppose to guard Green? LOL

  50. 10-0

  51. BS is right, defense like this is rare indeed.

  52. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  53. ha

  54. They look terrible out there. Yikes.

  55. if he is not careful, he might get black listed from LAL

  56. lovely start!

  57. Did you see how Kobe running behind Green?

  58. How are you recently? I hope you will fully recover soon.

  59. That’s Kobe’s guy.

  60. Ok….we’ll to be fair…this is Spurs…it is not like LAL stand any chance anyway…

  61. Lol 10 and 0. Keep it up Spurs! I don’t want to see the record broken on national TV!

  62. Third.

  63. Kobe and Price in Charmin’ mode.

  64. they going in on kobe

  65. Neither, Give me a REAL MAN. Please.

  66. JVG and announcers criticizing Kobe for not being at practice everyday yet have the nerve to trash talk to his teammates who put in the work! It’s one thing to not participate but another thing to not be in the building at all so true! If you’re not there you don’t know the organization or what’s going on!

  67. That’s the way Kobe likes it, Spurs are being nice.

  68. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  69. kobe getting booed? 29 left

  70. Announcers ripping what happened at practice.

  71. To save energy? lol

  72. Price’s shooting rarely disappoints.

  73. Here we go. Kobe is PG.

  74. Saying he doesn’t have right to trash talk when he hasn’t been at practice.

  75. That is why u can not always take what the defense are giving u

  76. I think Ding has inside scoop

  77. 24 all about 24

  78. Hm…the link didn’t works for me… Didn’t see anything n gets error

  79. wow early entry for lin. 7 minutes left

  80. 你會揀屎味咖哩定咖哩味既屎?

  81. Lin in

  82. price got in foul trouble

  83. Come on Jeremy this is your “audition” game. Make Popovich look like he’s getting a heart attack!

  84. Price was an embarrassment

  85. Probably did it on purpose to get out to keep from embarrassing himself.

  86. lin good defense. got charge call against duncan

  87. Even JVG said Price has always been a backup, 3rd string PG lol, no one’s dumb enough to agree with BS’s BS!

  88. Spurs laughing their rears off…

  89. Heart attack…wahaha
    You sure Papa Pop can handle that?

  90. Go Lin!! Spurs killer

  91. Ok jlin get buckets

  92. 2 straight baskets by lin

  93. … And Popovich not happy with Jeremy attacking the basket, he has to call a timeout

    “Heart attack” number 1

  94. LOL Lin made Pop call timeout! Gotta audition for his future team yo!!

  95. BS not happy either.

  96. Think Pop impressed with what he see’s. JLin will be a Spur by Feb 15.

  97. Oh no! We need Pops around to coach Jeremy.

  98. Charmin is not only soft but also smooothhh…JLin slidingggg…

  99. sad price is averaging close to below 30 percent lol its just wow. hey look if he was a baseball player it would be a good batting average

  100. the thing is about the pop out 3s, u shoud help when someone is driving into basket since that is a higher percentage shot. Lin is just a team player always helping.

  101. No TO call for Kobe jump shot?

  102. Lin getting hot, Pop going to start doubling on Lin.

  103. He ain’t mike man

  104. Whose announcers?

  105. JLin has always played well against the Spurs, able to lock down Parker and get his points. Pop has a headache this game. On one hand he needs Leonard to lock down Kobe so he won’t pass MJ’s scoring record but JLin is going to be a problem as well.

  106. did lin blocked that?

  107. no

  108. He’s a coach’s head ache when he’s given free reins with how he reads defenses. Any good coach will be salivating over that now.

  109. Haha! JVG said that Price is between a backup pg and 3rd stringer!

  110. kobe doesnt move much it seems on offense since he knows the play is not him

  111. LOL BS and Kobe still need JLin to rescue them:-)

  112. what a pass from lin to kobe

  113. It’s so obvious Lin is a difference maker. Except to the clueless head coach.

  114. i think lin blocked somebody again

  115. Lin with a block woo!!

  116. Heart attack number 2 – that assist to Kobe

  117. yeah that was a block.

  118. Au contraire, BS KNOWS Lin is good enough to take away shine from Kobe, hence the benching.

  119. Lin in deficit erased. Coincidence?

  120. Duncan can help hehehe

  121. Lin in the game, Lakers back into the game.

  122. Popovich seething with anger now on Jeremy now lol

  123. Not watching but sounds like lin is doing well so far. Good it’s on national tv

  124. kobe has gotten some well helpful calls lol

  125. The apples-to-apples ship sailed long ago. He never had any REAL chance of surpassing MJ. That’s why he’s so in everyone’s face…look at the show, not the facts.

  126. Lin just ran to each player while Kobe’s shooting 3s, what is he planning?

  127. Jeremy having a good audition on National TV.

  128. JVG, Mark Jackson, forgot the other guy

  129. ronnie price -7 lin +9

  130. Jeremy with highest +/- of the team with +9.

  131. Popovich’s heart attack number 3 – Lakers tied with Spurs 1st Q.

  132. Only 4 points with 2 assists, could be better.

  133. Do something Cuban!

  134. if they had all 2nd unit who have better chemistry with the practice, they might be even better. Ellington should be in for kobe

  135. Only 7 minutes AND playing with Kobe, it’s about perspective.

  136. Back up point guard Joseph is fast. Faster than Parker.

  137. Pop not happy with his team, of course, they’re letting Lin roam free and allowed the Fakers to tie the game when they’re suppose to blow them out.

  138. Maybe Kobe nicknamed the bench Charmin because they clean up his s.ht.

  139. Love love love love love it! So entertaining when at least a few folks notice the Emperor is not wearing any clothes.

  140. ZING, touché!!!

    In observation of site rules, please use technical term: excrement. 🙂

  141. Please observe website rule. No cussing…

  142. he isn’t even the back up mills is hurt

  143. Lin played good defense so far. The effort was there. He kept following the balls on defense.

  144. nice dish to Sacre.

  145. As usual, JVG on Jeremy’s back…

  146. Who was Lin guarding this game? Good thing they took Price out, if not Parker would’ve gone off on him. So much for starting Price for “defense”. Not even the announcers are buying this crap that BS is spreading.

  147. JVG complimenting Lin.

  148. No faker, JVG crapped on Lin so much when he was with the Rockets especially that one game, he kept criticizing Lin, such a hater!

  149. Lin with the mid-range jumper. Nice stroke.

  150. Really Jeremy?Audition game? Defending, creating shots for his team mates..

  151. Yeah, that’s why I am still not 100% sold on JVG even after that compliment

  152. He’s probably saying that cause Kobe and BS are hated by the media right now!

  153. lin 3

  154. wow 9 pts now!!

  155. Same points as Kobe now, heading to bench soon for Price.

  156. Well, not perhaps being educated about anything unpleasant in his character, I have to admit feeling a bit bad for Price. He’s trying to make a journeyman level living at something I hope he loves and which may be the only thing he’s got since he’s been doing it for almost a decade. Thrust into being the VERY visible GOAT for the failing superstar. Can’t be fun to be showcased as the village idiot. Hard way to put food on the table.

  157. I’m on the fence about what JVG said about Jeremy coming off the bench. Says better he’s from the bench so he can be featured.

  158. getting some assists too

  159. Mark Jackson disagreed with that.

  160. Jeremy plays well against the Spurs because he plays / thinks like a Spur. Trade for Lin Pop, get it done.

  161. JLin always gets called for those flopping offensive fouls, bias refs!!

  162. He is !

  163. yea lin is bad off the bench being a rhythm player. but kobe is a issue

  164. ha

  165. Prolly even more unhappy than Popovich, sad but true. Keep givin’ ’em fits, J.

  166. hahahahahah! Our boy is back~

  167. Jeremy is playing well against the Spurs not because of what happened at practice but because

    1. He really just plays well against the Spurs.
    2. Audition, audition, audition

  168. Who is LakersPulse.Net? He’s a Lin fan, that’s for sure.

  169. Problem is Lin won’t be starting when he plays with the Spurs but he’ll get the respect.

  170. BS probably not happy. game too fast now

  171. or hate price because price sucks

  172. LOL

  173. They are very Jeremy friendly indeed 🙂

  174. BS not happy JLIN IS HAVING A GOOD GAME! Must bench him, soon.

  175. The best strategy to deal with such enemy is to let him be your friend. Spurs, do it now.

  176. He’s back!

  177. His small brain cannot process. Still in 80s Pentium processors

  178. Kobe didnot look happy on the bench

  179. Jeremy is stealing Kobe’s thunder in a game that’s supposed to be Kobe’s all the way. I LOVE OUR GUY!

  180. Spurs aren’t going to let Kobe pass MJ’s record this game! Not on their turf!

  181. JLin and Nick Young stealing Kobe’s Thunder! Been saying it, JLin and Young should be the starters and franchise of this team!!

  182. also keeps our vocabulary and spelling up to speed….:D

  183. Timeout. Lin probably coming out.

  184. Talk what? Doing too well?

  185. 5 assist from lin. lol watch the offense go to crap when price get back

  186. You mean “if” he comes back in right?

  187. Swaggy-the black Novak. Rush Hour baby!

  188. Probably gonna yell at Lin. Stop it, It is Kobe Night

  189. Price is coming back in. He’s BS’s boy.

  190. said a smart coach unfortunately we don’t have one

  191. He will. remember BScott is “coaching”

  192. Too much credit given, most likely an 8088.

  193. To be honest if I’m the coach I’ll probably limit Jeremy’s minutes too… not because he is a scrub but because Spurs might go after him lol

    “You’re making yourself too good playing against the champs. Sit down!”

  194. To cool off JLin and Nick Young. Pretty soon BS won’t want JLin’s chemistry with Young. Pretty soon he’ll start Young over Johnson so Lin won’t get his assists and they won’t out shine Kobe.

  195. Lin still in! In SHOCK.

  196. Bad turnover.

  197. Lin doing it

  198. Lin with the three! 12 points!

  199. Right he’ll come back in only to pick up some fouls lol.

  200. 3!!!!!!!

  201. I think he was expecting jordan to stay at FT line

  202. Great minutes jeremy

  203. Lin gets smashed in the face and then comes out as a reward.

  204. Hahahahahaha

  205. Boozer pats Jeremy’s head 🙂

  206. time for bad lakers

  207. Lin makes another 3 with 12 points and is benched for the scrub Price! Surprised?!

  208. Is he goonna have dragon blood spilled again?

  209. Sweet

  210. Nice offense foul Davis, after after Price comes in! Keep showing what an idiot BS is for playing Price over Lin!

  211. It’s okay. Lin played like 15 minutes straight.

  212. Spurs, game plan: Kobe’s not going to pass MJ’s record on our turf! LOL

  213. Well, it’s not fair if Spurs gets Jeremy. They’ll be TOO unstoppable, they’ll probably have just 3 or 2 losses the entire season lol

  214. The game is great when everyone trying to get involved instead of just watching Kobe

  215. He needs to spill dragon blood every game to play like Linsanity then =P

  216. Serena’s a Kobe and BS troll, lol. Gotta love her.

  217. Linsane Swag 🙂

  218. Hahahaha~~~hey Robin, I think you are very cute! I LIKE You. Hehehehe…

  219. lol really

  220. Wow did I hear Duncan scream: “That was a Fking foul”

  221. lol rarely does he ever show emotion.

  222. at least kobe is not forcing his shots to pass jordan.

  223. Lin with 12 points and 5 assists. Would be cool if he could get a double-double off the bench.

  224. Back off bra

  225. Y’know, he’s a quality enough guy I bet he enjoys seeing a truly good player in action – even though it means he’s got to work harder to try to shut him down. It’s more fun to try to beat a worthy opponent.

  226. maybe he shold just cut himself before the game. will be his ritual before the game instead of stupid handshake

  227. Surprised ref didn’t call a foul on Lin’s face.

  228. He’s playing with a potential team mate…

  229. LOL

  230. It’s good to see him playing well on national TV. And he’s playing very well.

  231. lol the announcer said this would happen

  232. It’s helping that NIck Young is so hot. If he stays hot, it’s possible.

  233. Lin needs 5 more assists for a double double!!

  234. Seem like JLin is almost responsible for half of Lakers point. Go JLin!

  235. JLin shooting with efficiency, 5-7 from the field!!

  236. Hey looks like my selective rooting method works…. GO Jlin!!!!! Linsanity

  237. Hahahaha Good one

  238. Du’h… *rolling my eyes*

  239. maybe kobe need to trash talk the starters

  240. It’s ok, this makes Duncan respect Jeremy more 🙂

  241. I’m going to say it again, Lin and Young should be the starters and franchise of this Lakers team! They can take the Lakers far and Young is less of a ball hog compared to Kobe and he’s a fun loving guy! Lin, Young, Ed Davis could be the new big 3! A great coach and franchise would be able to develop these players as their core!

  242. The way Spurs missed their shot. It won’t be misses very soon..

  243. well rhythm has shifted away from them. mostly because of lin. I’m sure the starters will give the rhythm back to them

  244. repost of my rooting method… will give you peace of mind either way the game goes….Let’s go Jlin and spurs… hehe …beat the lakers 1st unit but lose to lakers 2nd unit…and win if Jlin is not a major part of the game but lose if Jlin is a huge part of the game….. This is called selective rooting. .. hahaha…. furher more. .. spank kobe , price, and clown bs but be spank by the rest of the lakers especially Jlin and Ed Davis. … This is known as micro- rooting

  245. Would certainly please the “Alpha dog” crew…:)

  246. LOL.

  247. Lebron seems losing a step this yr…..

  248. isn’t he just playing slower

  249. I am not sure…

  250. 3rd qtr will be interesting. Spurs will likely adjusts. will see how LAL can counter. They might try to get ball out of Lins hand

  251. Look at Lin, he get charge calls on his opponents, he gets rebounds, he can block shots, and get steals! What can Price do on “defense” MR Bryant Scott?!

  252. Really, I’m feeling bad for Price. Poor b**t**d having to suck up global humiliation for Kobe’s benefit. Props for not dreaming up fair-weather cr*p like “brother from another…blah blah blah”

  253. alwaysrootforthechampions.

  254. too late!!!!!… kobe is dead to me.

  255. He has a sore knee

  256. i think he decided to rely less on dunks which is smart also means he will age better because he is scoring without using his athleticism

  257. Always rooting for a laker win. A win makes everyone look better. A loss makes any Lin positives an after thought

  258. is spur missing any players tonite? all the starters well rested from NY game since they didnt play?

  259. They are missing their finals MVP

  260. Leonard

  261. Certainly doable…but do you think there’s an ice cube’s chance in Hades Ko/BS will let that happen?

  262. ok. that is huge then.

  263. Kawhi Leonard, that’s why Pop is probably having fits in the locker room. He doesn’t have Kawhi to stop Jeremy one-on-one

  264. best defender

  265. Follow Robin Lundberg‏@robinlundberg
    Haha, the Lakers “defensive lineup” can’t score or defend.

  266. I like that…

  267. Leonard = Lin stopper

  268. Not true. The Lakers 1st unit defend themselves really well, lol.

  269. Starting with himself.

  270. I kinda feel sorry for Ed Davis. He’s not showing up much today. He’s probably thinking,”send me back to the bench!”

  271. No way. Grabbing secret pressure point to render Lin’s arm useless.

  272. he has duncan duty, rite? so cant really blame him

  273. That… but Price just can’t seem to set him up properly on offense.

  274. I don’t think davis likes playing with the 1st unit

  275. actually he has splitter. good player too

  276. All about 24 this half

  277. He was just there to cover Kobe’s back.

  278. spurs have no rhythm right now

  279. LAL hitting their shots in 3rd qtr

  280. Come on Spurs, You’re better than this!

  281. Unfortunately, Jeremy is to blame lol.

  282. Top Performers

    LAL: J. Lin 12 Pts, 2 Reb, 5 Ast, 1 Blk

    SA: T. Duncan 12 Pts, 9 Reb, 1 Blk

  283. dont think POP is too worry yet. they play really steady and stay on track

  284. nice 3 danny green!

  285. Wow would the media ask someone from the Spurs what they think about Kobe trying to surpass Jordan?!?!?!?! Duh!

  286. Bellineli!! Yes.

  287. Kobe s pass is off in terms of the timing.

  288. No sub no love

  289. For whatever reason it might be, I don’t like that he’s putting my Jeremy fandom to shame lol

  290. Good to see Price shooting

  291. terrible shots by Price. Reward – gets to stay in the game.

  292. This Kobe love fest is insane

  293. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  294. k0-brick

  295. NYer here so I know we went overboard with Jeter but Jeter was class Kobe is a douche

  296. 2nd unit in

  297. LIN IN.

  298. Iwoulda lovedtohave been there when Lin was called.

  299. All I know about Jeter is he dated Minka Kelly who is really pretty.

  300. Another assist for Lin!

  301. Looks like it’ll take a few more games for Kobe to brick his way to that mirage of a record he’s chasing.

  302. parker not doing much today, rite?

  303. Haha Manu is not happy how Joseph ran the clock

  304. Four more assists!

  305. Because of price?

  306. Go Jeremy!!!

  307. 14 points, 6 assists.

  308. LIN!!!

  309. How many people Lin is always on alert to guard? He’s so underrated.

  310. Very pretty indeed

  311. Price is still probably going to finish the game. 🙁 I hate BS

  312. Scott’s d scheme,if there is any, is not working

  313. Pretty good assessment

  314. Lin! lets go for 20+ pts and 8+ assts!!!!!!!

  315. Lin 6-8, Kobe 5-14

  316. because its the truth

  317. I would say accurate.

  318. he only got 15 minutes so far

  319. SLANDER is the right word…and about time someone used it.

  320. Lol. Now the only thing I know about minka kelly is that she dated jeter and is pretty.

  321. he should go for 31 pts to show kobe how it is done

  322. That makes it more significant, does it not? Lol jk

  323. Why not? He’s overdue for at least at 25 point plus game and why not 30 or more?

  324. So now we know the real Mccoy. Kobe “Charmin” Bryant

  325. Ugh, too bad Lin missed that three. He was way deep though.

  326. RESPECT

  327. 2 steps too far.

  328. It was a clock shot too.

  329. In terms of Spurs, Jeremy reminds me of a younger Manu’s game.

  330. he is not great on fade aways. (lin)

  331. at HOME, in his own back yard, at his leisure.

  332. ANother assist for Lin! 7 assists.

  333. ast

  334. Where’s the f kin foul?

  335. LOL. Thata’s great.

  336. Thanks Boozer for actually making a shot form Lin’s assists for once! 3 more assists for double double!!

  337. Oh.. those moles look like dirt in this pic lol

  338. kobe giving Lin some pointers on that foul call

  339. Nice D!

  340. Lin playing great D on Parker. Got him to travel.

  341. It’s the Lin and Nick Young show tonight.

  342. In Lin we trust!

  343. veteran play on nick getting 3ptr foul

  344. Popovich looks like Mr KFC with that beard.

  345. Yes, JLin covered Parker well.

  346. Ok….Kobe time begins………few minutes later

  347. Jr. KFC

  348. Jeremy: +14
    Price: -3

  349. I love youngs smile. I hope Lin could learn from him to be more joyful while playing. It’s more fun watching Lin smile while playing. Rush Hour baby

  350. So does JLin finish the game? I say no.

  351. Never seen a player who gets so many 3 point fouls!

  352. Lin has 19minutes. so he got 1 minute left

  353. Boooooooo

  354. Does not matter this game..

  355. He’ll get a few more because he came in early due to Price’s foul troubles.

  356. What do you mean? IF it’s close at the end, Lin should be in there to close. But, of course, he won’t.

  357. I’ve lost track…how many more points does he need for the MJ surpass?

  358. Does young has ASTs?

  359. Ronnie price -3 lin +14

  360. Lin only has 1 block recorded

  361. he only had 1 block

  362. He should, but not finishing the game. Just watching Kobe shoot…lol

  363. Yea, there’s our Rush hour duo!

  364. 12

  365. after today price will go down below 30

  366. yes, 1

  367. thought he got 2 early

  368. From Box score
    Starters combined -8
    Bench combined +63

  369. Just to show kobe talk is cheap.

  370. ugh another miss. He’s rushing his shot a bit.

  371. No I think it was ok, just a miss

  372. That should count as a turnover for Nick.

  373. aww come on that was a wide open jumper Lin!

  374. Just keep shooting fearlessly.

  375. too bad that didn’t go in for the and-1.

  376. Aggressive Lin

  377. Lin is shooting tonight!

  378. Bad ft Lin

  379. And assisting!

  380. He’s missing lot of freebies lately.

  381. Young!

  382. Weird, huh. Wonder why, since it’s one of his strengths.

  383. With the hair and all…

  384. Lin going cold. Bench time coming up.

  385. LAL players are defending lin well…

  386. With the hair, without the beard lol

  387. How many shots is that

  388. Lin got cold hand again?

  389. he playing tough defense. might be getting tire

  390. no he is missing its ok. turn it around don’t force it

  391. Tire is too heavy

  392. I don’t mind what I’m seeing from jeremy….good shots mostly. Form looks good off the hand

  393. Come on Lin make 6 more points for a 20 point game!

  394. Too bad starters sux. Someone yell at them!

  395. well, he’s still shooting 50%

  396. Not talking about missed shots….I counted at least 4times where a better spacing could be done with easy points

  397. ohh ok sorry

  398. i rather he gets double double

  399. Can’t believe he missed that wide open jumper, rushed it too much. And those FTs ><" He could've have 18 points now!

  400. You know more about Jeter than I ever will ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  401. But missed straight and free throws.

  402. Blueprint for the rest of the season….hope the switch went off

  403. Yeah but hey he hasn’t shot like this in weeks

  404. Like I said, Kobe didn’t grab his arm in congratulations for a good quarter. Pressure point to disable arm…:)

  405. They actually did = =. They asked Tony Parker. Why on earth would you ask the opposing team that question.

  406. probably it for the 2nd unit

  407. This is Spur’s defense.

  408. Lakers playing sloppy but still up by 7.

  409. very sloppy lately spurs playing great defense so far. but its expected they would turn up the defense

  410. What did I just watch?

  411. Will Scott leave Jeremy in?

  412. Pop is BB genius.

  413. Jeremy went cold but hell he played hard….not hating at all

  414. good defense on both ends

  415. I say no.

  416. If he wants to win.

  417. Lin played too fast, glad he cooled down

  418. nobody ran back with him on that blocked layup

  419. When Lin goes out, do we root for the Spurs or Lakers to win?

  420. What happens if he takes him out, and they lose?

  421. root for Jeremy and the Spurs

  422. Jeremy still in… for now.

  423. the Emperor is in.

  424. Haha lin went the wrong direction..

  425. probably to keep the defense off kobe

  426. Get Davis in. When JLin shooting goes cold he should drive / PNR.

  427. Nothing. It’s only about Kobe

  428. Too good but no, Byron will not make that an option

  429. If Lakers win reason is because Pirce only played 16 minutes the way that scrub should be!

  430. Lol.. wondered where he was going..

  431. Shocked to see Lin still in.

  432. Friggin’ Splitter gives mean screens. If Jeremy could have even 1/4 of that

  433. Looks like Jeremy will finish.

  434. Wow this game feels like a playoff game. Both team not wanting to lose.

  435. Kobe is trying to match Jeremy’s assists. lol

  436. jkobe nice pass to lin. lin cannot finish wtf

  437. intense game love it

  438. no foul?

  439. lin should have given back to kobe

  440. That Kobe pass was so bad…

  441. no it was good defense

  442. Johnson will be in for jeremy and kobe on pg duty

  443. Maybe Kobe’s taking it easy to finish up his MJ thing in LA where he can enjoy fireworks and confetti, and is padding his assists tonight?

  444. Was good defense.

  445. when i made asian comment, not being racist. explaun later

  446. a little early

  447. giving it to kobe, he’s passing

  448. And Cory Joseph doesn’t even care. “I’ll be on Lin’s throat!”

  449. good call. That’s probably right.

  450. Of course..two are different things

  451. This is no 76ers the lakers are playing with.

  452. Heck he got good run tonight…best pg by a mile on the team

  453. i thank the laker front office forcing scott to play lin again

  454. bad? why?

  455. Why

  456. Someone needs to guard Joseph

  457. is lin still in?

  458. bs would put him on bench

  459. No Lin did the right thing and took the shot but Spurs are one of the best defensive teams in the league!

  460. nope

  461. NOPE.

  462. Could be. Otherwise who is going join them next season?

  463. Look at that. You were right.

  464. Lin out during crush time SMH

  465. 29 minute for lin

  466. Johnson in, Kobe playing PG

  467. Wes s pass is bad too..

  468. I have a bad feeling …

  469. Should be Jeremy’s blueprint for the rest of the season

  470. defense lineup

  471. You called it. kObe PG, Johnson in.

  472. Go spurs!

  473. Yeah man this is how BS will coach the end of the game

  474. Mark Jackson is an idiot –

  475. I just have no idea, so ridiculous.

  476. even if/when lin is names the starter.

  477. Good news – BS seems to have lost all faith in Ronnie PRice, lol.

  478. Hardly ever says anything good about jlin…

  479. today wes is hitting his shots

  480. I think the FO is paralyzed by confusion and indecision.

  481. Yup play hard and fast nothing to lose but gain a nice contract 🙂

  482. He looked tired…

  483. He has to

  484. back to back sub 19 minutes

  485. Took him long enough lol

  486. 80s players man 80s players….never any love

  487. What happened to t. Parker?

  488. 0 Pts 0/4 2 Ast.1 TO. SMH

  489. 12 minutes or so straight minutes

  490. he’s injured.

  491. Hurt

  492. Just came back from injury.

  493. What happened?

  494. And it ONLY took him 30 games!

  495. Against a legit Champ in the Spurs, even BS isn’t that stupid to embarrass himself for his golden boy.

  496. Lin on Spurs would be insanely good…might not start but would get great mins and good stats

  497. But…but…he throws a mean shoe!!!

  498. I think gotta root for the Lakers – because Lin had significant PT – and his good game will look better if they win.

  499. limited minutes

  500. How many points dies kobe have?

  501. 22

  502. And…and…he is very consistent!!!

  503. That’s so unfair for the 29 teams but I would love that.

  504. I suspect it wasn’t a typo…your subconscious betrays you.

  505. Either way…

  506. Eventually would start. Parker getting old. But would learn a lot backing up Parker til then.

  507. Kobe at PG – SMH.

  508. Playing pg is not an easy job BS.

  509. that’s why you need lin in to close … kobe handles.

  510. Gino come on make Lakers pay so Lin can come back in!!

  511. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  512. Yes and the 2nd unit played well.

  513. so true. Wonder why they’re such a bunch of mean girls.

  514. oh oh

  515. LMAO!!!!hahahahahaah That’s what you get for benching Lin in crunch time! Lose Lakers Lose!!

  516. You have got to be kidding me.

  517. no Lin no Win?

  518. Hahah a……….

  519. kobetoo slow for pg lol

  520. Hahahahahahaha

  521. Lakers choking in the stretch. Can’t blame this implosion on Lin.


  523. Hahahahaha

  524. Wicked laughter

  525. Muhahahaha

  526. Gotta root for the Lakers – would justify more minutes for Lin if they win.

  527. bwahahahahahahahaha

  528. Come Spurs tie the game!!

  529. spurs can somehow win wow

  530. Someone needs to step up. Hill has had a bad shooting night.

  531. The Spurs are awesome. BS you really don’t know what a PG’s job is do you…

  532. so Lin only scored 2 pts and few assits in second half?

  533. they wanna go OT so Kobe can get his record

  534. Haha. BScott is not even trying to coach

  535. LOL Pop embarrassing Scott with his coaching and players whahaha!

  536. woah, Lin 14/7 and Price 0/2?
    Christmas came early LOL

  537. Even when Lin was missing shots the Spurs never took over the game. Lin’s defense was the key. Scott should not have benched him.

  538. Yeah, his shot wasn’t there in the 2nd half. He shot the ball though.

  539. spurs defense

  540. No Lin No Win, No Lin No Win, Spurs make it happen!!

  541. Golden boy…HAH. That guy is the goat tied to a stake for the predators to chew on so the mamba can eat his fill unmolested. Such cynical management.

  542. Excellent theory.

  543. Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  544. kobe at pg lol!!!!!!!!

  545. LOL 101 to 100 ahahahaha!!!

  546. isn’t that always price stats

  547. No Lin No Win!!!

  548. kobe so bad.


  550. LOL… Kobe TO led to Spurs 3pt!!!!!

    What a PG!

  551. kobe sux as pg

  552. Kobe choking big time. AT POINT GUARD. BS, are you watching?

  553. Hahahahahahaha

  554. bring back the 2nd unit

  555. kobe at pg failed under mda and this i why lol

  556. WOW Lakers is going to lose.

  557. always said scott puts too much on kobe

  558. BScott is blind…

  559. oh Karma, why are you so beautiful?

  560. BS point guard you know??

  561. I think lin knows how to play the game, don’t have more points than k8be.

  562. HOw’s that no PG line-up working out, MARK JACKSON?

  563. Scott, do you know you could have buried the Spurs earlier if you opted for a J-Davis PnR?

  564. he just doesn’t have it to close out games.

  565. Kobe 6a/5TO .. hm, must be a new TO-prone PG LOL

  566. “Players play out of their position or too many minutes” Said Jeanie Buss

  567. Let the Lakers lose without Jeremy… This is all Kobe.

  568. Humiliation on National TV..kobe need to stuck head in sand

  569. If he jus put in Lin at PG would have been enough.

  570. mark ƒ©˙∆˚¬axon put a pg in

  571. “Sometimes … Kobe plays for the other team!” LOL

  572. You must be Klingon ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  573. This is suppose to be his big moment. Kobe is embarrassing himself.

  574. Scott says Lin and Boozer’s defense sucks, he’s really blind! He can’t see those rebounds, block shots, and charge calls Lin draws! Even playing with Lin without Kobe, Boozer had more block shots and played better defense!

  575. I’m gonna upvote all your hearty laughter!

  576. Kobe PG problems son

  577. mark jackson put pg in the game

  578. lin must go join spurs pleese lin

  579. Lakers, Lakers, Lakers. Should have won this game.

  580. OT!!

  581. This is so good. Lin out and Lakers totally choke in the stretch.

  582. Wow .. this is an EPIC fail of PG performance

  583. Don’t speak when you have a mouth full of gagh. Qapla!

  584. bs must be held reponsible

  585. OT? Unleash Linsanity!

  586. OT

  587. Kobe n Bscott r helping the Spurs 2 get the win..

  588. lin for OT, I insist.

  589. No time out, u stupid coach

  590. MUwahahaha Gino Show! Wins with a fouL!!!!! hahahahahaha

  591. Spurs didn’t lead until now…Lakers could have buried with just simple plays.

  592. This is their job:-)

  593. Yes but this no PG show is so entertaining.

  594. Let’s hope so!

  595. Should call to advance the ball.

  596. Kobe isn’t able to hold onto the lead alone.

  597. kobe needs his record today

    he can just hold on to it to force OT

  598. reminds me of McHale…

  599. kobe playing soft as charmin now

  600. Poor clock management, BS. You should be benched.

  601. Why BS didnt do Timeout after that FT

  602. by benched you mean smash the bench on his face?

  603. …permanently…to D-League.

  604. Manu Ginoboli says Thank You BS for benching Lin and allowing me to take over!

  605. OT, plz put Lin in..

  606. Truth.

  607. OT baby!

  608. Fxxx you scott! You sit your PG in crunch time and let Kobe be the PG. Now he has 2 TOs and bad passes and you throw away a sure win.

  609. Here come Linsanity!

  610. Will Lin play?

  611. 6 sec what a moron play.

  612. I don’t think Lin is in/

  613. For Scott to save face…lin will not in…

  614. The Spurs players awareness is more than BS…

  615. OT hasn’t started yet.

  616. I would’ve rather have the Spurs win, to accentuate the absurdity of Kobe PG and marginalization of win. If Lakers win this one, it’s glory for KoBS, if loss in OT Jeremy will get blamed.

  617. I hope Lakers lose this game.
    Kobe and Boozer will be the culprit.

  618. He’s benched.

  619. kobe…. boozer did good

  620. Credit Pop, without him, Spurs won’t be playing so well. Hard to imagine what would happen to them if he ever retires.

  621. The Spurs’ Gatorade watcher is more aware than BS. What’s your point? 😉

  622. Ronnie Price? Dam, they need to lose!

  623. Not boozer, it Bryant Scott

  624. I never have one.ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  625. Boozer was actually good

  626. lilard situation

  627. Are you sure?
    Ronnie on the court?

  628. OT


  630. ginobli wide open

  631. Why be embarrassed when you can just blame others.

  632. LOL!

  633. Lin in OT?????

  634. idk

  635. And people were giving Magic flack for the tanking talk, just look at what KoBS are doing.

  636. Kobe in OT!!!!

  637. One way to win is to sit Kobe.

  638. BS will bring Price in maybe.

  639. So bored….no lin….no excitement…

  640. Going for quadruple double.

  641. *Yawn*

  642. The Lakers is so predictable in the last minutes!

  643. Even Lin’s tov is more exciting…

  644. Wow Spurs had a bad pass before OT. Manu was wide open under the basket but the ball was passed to Duncan instead. Pop was really mad, and he should be could’ve won already!

  645. lol no pg

  646. Kobe needs Oxygen tank

  647. No Lin… smh

  648. More no PG? Scott is an idiot but we knew that.

  649. OKay, now root for the Spurs.

  650. If Manu made both FTs, it should have been over!

  651. True.

  652. BScott going with the same line up… because it worked so well.. lol

  653. Still no Lin, keep losing Lakers!!

  654. Bryant Scott coined by IDO in OT!
    What’s their winning record.
    Break a leg, Kobe.

  655. GO SPURS

  656. lose lakers lose

  657. Go Spurs beat the Fakers!!!!

  658. Just count how many shots that Bryant missed in the last minutes.

  659. So Kobe matched JEremy’s assist after all.

  660. Johnson makes no sense in the game

  661. join spurs lin pleeeese

  662. In 2x minutes.

  663. LOL – Boozer handling the ball!

  664. What Lola wants, Lola gets.

  665. Kobe at point made so many mismatches…

  666. He’s trying to keep Lin’s pic off the ESPN stat sheet.

  667. The Lakers is running out of gas soon.

  668. Coaching matters

  669. Spurs every player get to play and contribute!!

  670. Now stupid coaching

  671. lin coming in

  672. With no PG they can’t even make a normal entry pass.

  673. lin will come in

  674. oh man, come on Spurs

  675. Lin coming in with 30 seconds

  676. Lin’s at the scorer table

  677. Of course he does. One more filler body to keep Jeremy from adding points or assists to his stats.

    Well OK, maybe not to the GAME, but POLITICS is what is really being played here.

  678. Kobe runs out of gas and starts passing.

  679. trading baskets

  680. Bryant missing and Manu gets ahead for Spurs

  681. Bad bad bad coaching can’t say this enough

  682. go spurs

  683. No Lin, No Win!

  684. scapegoat is coming in

  685. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  686. duncan is so calm never gets worried

  687. Bingo. Bryant will miss more and the Spurs will prevail.

  688. Bring in Johnson to close the game ok but to start OT is just foolish

  689. Thats what the Lakers never learn.

  690. Announcers have been clamoring for a PG to come in 😀
    Panic set in! hahaha

  691. It’s ridiculous how people knock out the point guard position, like it’s very insignificant.

  692. I don’t think KObe is going to want to play PG much anymore, lol.

  693. Beyond foolish it’s because its jeremy man

  694. Even more ridiculous that an NBA coach doesn’t know that.

  695. duncan could be in the middle of fire and would say everything will be ok man. i got this

  696. His 10 TO triple-double sure didn’t stop him.

  697. LIN IS IN!

  698. Duncan and Manu with their 1-2 punch!!

  699. Everyone plays better than Kobe.
    Everyone shot better than Kobe.
    The reason that the Lakers will loss spells KOBE & BRYANT SCOTT.

  700. if Lin gets just 1 TO, it will be his fault

  701. lol lin must ball hog

  702. Great the scapegoat for BS and Kobe is in ><"

  703. dARN IT! NOT NOW.

  704. 10 TO?

  705. Oh, he will. Has no shame.

  706. Yeah really ridiculous. I wonder how Naismith will react to that

  707. why lin in? just like mchale wtf

  708. Exactly dumb fans won’t notice his TOs just the Asian guy’s!!

  709. vs. Pistons.

  710. Lin drew foul on Duncan.

  711. PG play!

  712. Haha

  713. they didnt run a play on that ? LOL
    so pathetic.
    stupid princeton crap

  714. wow nick

  715. NICK YOUNG!!!

  716. wth

  717. Lin gets the assist, no?

  718. LINNING.

  719. Lin with the clutch ast. #rushhour

  720. Assist!

  721. If somebody can make a player as stoic as Duncan curse.. you know he is pestering him lol

  722. That’s what a real PG will do. Make the Right Play!

  723. nice basket, terrible possession haha

  724. he got lucky

  725. Kobe is going to be mad of not getting the ball.

  726. swaaggy!

  727. now we root for the Lakers, lol. This goes back and forth.

  728. forcing pass into Kobe just waste so much time

  729. Missed Johnson widddde open but Nicky shooting

  730. seriously why lin in ? 1 minute bs like mchale. piss me off

  731. Awesome PG plays by Lin. Drew the foul on Duncan and assist to Swaggy!

    True PG, baby!!! LOL

  732. LOL

  733. 7 seconds plenty of time.

  734. Assist on that???

  735. Lin made the right pass. You got to Young.

  736. Lin assist and Young scores.

  737. It counted as an assist awesomeness

  738. Court vision baby!

  739. R.C. Buford calling Mitch about smooth CharLin’ right now…

  740. with some luck


  742. kobe’s FG% for this game is very charmin’

  743. Yup, 8th assist! and JVG the hater had the nerve call Lin’s pass a bail out pass! Idiot!!!

  744. Oh man if Young missed that… Lin would be the scapegoat for sure

  745. Is it? I’m not watching the game but according to the play by play, nick young 3pt with Lins ast

    Checked it again and I don’t see Lin’s name there anymore. He had 7ast before that right? It’s 8 now

  746. R.C Buford calling about Lakers # 17 lol

  747. This is what happens when PG plays PG.

  748. This moment calls for Price.
    Let him come in now.
    I dare you. Bryant Scott.

  749. so lame. why these nba coach ice lin then use him for 1 minute lol. wtf seriously

  750. it did, YEAH!!

  751. Book it, folks!
    Pop be like, “Next year we sign up LIN!!!!!”

  752. Look at how happy BS is … disgusting.

  753. Surprised a little that BS didn’t sub out Lin for Price on that last possession.

  754. Lin made a difference of this win … gave SA things to think about, boxed out at the end there. Had Manu’s ball clanked on the rim, Lin had the Re.

  755. Did Jeremy go to the Spurs bench?

  756. He should just let Kobe chuck up the shot. He will definitely miss.

  757. Naha lin got to stat pads with one more ast

  758. not sure 🙂 “Hi Pop, I’m a Free Agent next year :D”

  759. Plus it was Jeremy’s UNIT that starter and kept the lead until 4th when the starters just got so bad.

  760. I thought Popand Tim retiring soon

  761. you go that right … the no PG last 2.5 mins was asinine. No Lin first part of OT nearly killed Kobe, but he did ok.

  762. Kobe mentions Lin in the win.

  763. He’s the worse starter with worst %.
    His turnovers is deplorable.

  764. Kobe props to jeremy and Nick

  765. maybe this is the game they will postpone 1 year if they get Lin . haha…

  766. kobe said proud of the way jeremy played

  767. “Hi Pop it was a great game… really great playing with you…”

  768. LOL.

  769. Yah, did they lose an 11 pt lead in those 4 mins? Kobe just awful who’s he yellin’ at?

  770. Exactly if Lin didn’t go for that rebound that caused a loose ball foul on Duncan….I don’t think the Lakers would win.

  771. Kobe said I’m proud of the way Jeremy played in the post-game interview.

  772. You believe that!!!!!!!

  773. Props to LIn first. Then Nick as a footnote. Lol.

  774. lin will start at some point

  775. Tim maybe but not Pop, Parker and Manu with their future star Kawai Leonard is still there.

  776. liar liar pants on fire! haha..
    those are for Asian fans

  777. ah yeah…whatever

  778. Really? PR time? But I think he knows w/o Lin they would loss… Good.

  779. Kobe’s probably yelling at everybody..

  780. pls don’t take credit for that, Kobe~

  781. Yes. Kobe said it spontaneously.

  782. I think so.

  783. or finish 🙂 haha..

  784. As much as I dislike kobe, I think kobe and lakers are still better for Lin than rox.

  785. Lin got so many foul calls on Duncan this game that’s what made the difference!!

  786. Yes, that one too. I’m taking about the last sec scramble where he had I think Joseph completely boxed out. But, Lin did stress Duncan out and normally Duncan is more calm. That was a great ‘get’.

  787. CHARMIN!!!!!!!!

  788. start and finish

  789. Junkyard dog barking up a storm from the couch.

  790. scott is horrible but after the gam saw kobe rap his arm around lin to talk. he still look like he is mentoring him

  791. If you can make someone as stoic as Duncan cuss, you know you’re the real deal on defense lol

  792. PR much

  793. He is regretting it now!

  794. Yet NBA parrots keep repeating the false rhetoric that Lin “can’t denfend”…SMHO.

  795. Jeremy just pestered the guy mercilessly lol

  796. Everytime Jeremy comes in the LAL go on a run. What a difference maker..

  797. Right so “proud” that you had to bench him for selfish reasons!

  798. He be like…I was so impressed I forgot to suppress.

  799. “That’s what I’m taking about man!” smh. whut 2 TOs and 1 jump ball in last 2 mins?

  800. “Pop, remember the 38pt game and this one too 14pt/8ast in 30 min plus drawing a big foul on the Big Fundamental. Merry Christmas!” LOL

  801. Yup. The difference between Kobe at PG and Lin at PG was night and day. Hopefully BS learned a lesson from this one.

  802. I’m waiting for Lin highlight and the stretch of Kobe PG time

  803. If only Jeremy played for Pops for a full year before Pops retires…

  804. kobe grab lin to talk after the game was finish. saw it on espn while the players was celebrating

  805. Yeah, from Mr. “can’t defend”. Makes steam come out of my ears.

  806. Kobe trying to walk back his over-the-top trash talking (on ESPN) …


  807. as sweet …

  808. was this before or after kobe’s interview?

  809. Yea Duncan cursed so loud even the camera picked it up!! You can tell Duncan was annoyed.

  810. Aren’t we feeling optimistic today? Kobe’s praise for Jeremy will last an evening and then forgotten as if it never happened.

  811. Unless Lin starts and finish soon, I won’t believe what Kobe says to Lin.
    He keeps saying one thing for the fans and does another on-court.

  812. That’s when I switched from SAS to Lin!

  813. He needs meds.

  814. Haha, Dr Jerkyl and Mr Hyde. The r was deliberate.

  815. nah, not feeling optimistic. Just hoping, lol.

  816. That will be a bless from heaven

  817. word

  818. idk. espn showed it after as the exited the broadcast. probably was before

  819. Could be a possibility. Lin knows he’s a one year rental for LA. This is fact.

  820. Yeah yeah because JVG and company called him on that. Damage control..

  821. P*ssing on the hydrant, Jeremy only following instructions!

  822. Yeah… need the asian money

  823. took your lead

  824. Lin’s game is fun, not the type of ISO fun, but fun of 5 full cylinders.

  825. I didn’t think Kobe was yelling at Lin.

  826. well i give credit where its due. i think he will start at some point

  827. just secretly account for the points and stops to win the game … minority style lol.

  828. Everyone knows that except Softie KB and Lair BS.

  829. Byron is still trying to wrap his head around it.

  830. He should say I’d wish Lin to play for the whole 4Q

  831. Lin had a good game, Kobe didn’t break Jordan’s record. Today is a good day for me. Surprised the Lakers won though. Lol

  832. Fine, Hoptimus Prime. LOL

  833. let’s hope so.
    perhaps Kobe knows Lin helps his job easier on court

  834. make latte lol

  835. Toast to Jeremy for put up a good game and Laker for the Win.

  836. He is just a psychopath. (shivers)

  837. Jeremy is not good for Pop’s health unless he joins the Spurs 🙂

  838. he got lucky though hey young made it. as a pg wes was the better option because he was wide open

  839. but the problem is Price as starter, and lakers won

  840. a whole lot. if lin didn’t come in early 30-0 lol

  841. Almost reminiscent of assist to Troy Daniels… PG court awareness.

  842. lol price with clutch personal fouls

  843. Don’t believe a word that came from his mouth.

  844. Heart attack @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus.. heart attack 🙂

  845. But really as it turns out, Kobe had 3 assists the first half of OT. Lin came in becuz Kobe was completely gassed … no chance for ISO so Byron had to have Lin come and handle, plus draw some D to get Kobe a chance. This was BSc having to do what was needed to win.

  846. Lin played almost twice of his minutes.

  847. And by the time he does the season would be over.

  848. well he wasn’t open but let me stop and give lin credit. but next time give it to wide open wes

  849. Hehe that’s the price of loading up on defending Jeremy – He can easily find the open man

  850. I’m OK with Price starting if Jeremy plays 30 mins off the bench and Price plays 17 mins starting. Serious. He looked so much freer without Kobe. I never thought I’d say that…but that second unit looked so much more enjoyable to be on.

  851. oh boy

  852. Not really. More like, Young bailed Lin out. Lin pulled a Harden with 2sec left on the clock.

  853. LOL. of course.

  854. just saying that for someone doing stats on starters and winning, thats a win for price

  855. Scrolling through the comments is entertaining. It is so moment to moment. Lakers suck, hope they lose, and then Lakers win! haha. I missed the game, listened a little on the radio at 1:58 left and Lakers led, didn’t hear Lin was in the game, Kobe had a TO, Wes dropped the ball after a jump ball, was fuming mad and turned it off. Now I read Lin eventually was put in the OT and Lakers won. Thanks guys for the great commentary, as always.

  856. Starting point guard for BS. That explains his winning % in the last 4 years.

  857. That’s only because he’s got Tourette’s syndrome. Meaningless.

  858. Lin had 2 0pt games. What does that say about Lin?

  859. In this case, Jeremy knew to find the HOT hand man!

  860. Let’s just not bring up Price’s stat, i feel sorry for him, plus i dont think he has anything against Lin, dont see him as a bad guy, just a player finding a spot in nba

  861. Sounds like a clueless guy who thinks he did a good job on rotations

  862. Golden Boy with the Golden EGG or EGGS

  863. ..just another ball handler. smh

  864. great court vision from the sofa jk will look for it. I’d trust Swaggy with it.

  865. The way I see it, except for that Spurs game at Staples, Jeremy likes putting up a show against the Spurs.

  866. luckily kobe will get tired most nights. also price is a ball handler. why not choose him

  867. That cat just have an easy life…

  868. Feel sorry for this loser?! Who’s going to feel sorry for Lin and all the other better players who aren’t even in the NBA while this loser gets to stay and even start?!!! His sole existence in the NBA is mocking the sport!

  869. So why not put in Price, your ideal PG? So glad this Price experiment is failing so badly!!!

  870. no man, he had notshot. He had to bail it. It wasn’t like Lin wasted the clock to bail on stat padding.

  871. Actually, he does know Lin is better. As usual, look at what he DOES, ignore what he says.

  872. True. Well, can’t have everything. Kobe is not gonna get demoted to the 2nd unit ever…and Jeremy is just not going to play free playing alongside him. So at least there’s hope for us to enjoy Jeremy’s real game…just something positive out of the negative.

  873. come on. with price as starter, LAL are 2-3.

    Just trolling.

  874. announcer showed it but yea it was a quick choice still wes was a better more efficient option. i

  875. Unlike Lin, Price is consistently bad and always posts 0 point or single digit point games! In fact he’s only had 1 double digit, 11 point game as a bench player for the Lakers this season!!! Need I mention how he can’t dish out assists nor defend with every PG blowing pass him! If he get any assists it’s only because his teammates were on fire.

  876. So lin = kobe?

  877. Because he KNOWS Lin is better. Ignore his lips, focus on what he does.

  878. Like we all say here…auditioning.

  879. Auditioning with all the brouhahas:

    1. Defense? Check.
    2. Shooting? Check.
    3. Creating shots for others? Check.

  880. Durrr there wouldnt have been a need to even go to OT had you had a PG (Lin) in there before the Kobe at PG experiment lost them the lead. He must think he coached the hell outta the game since they won, lol SMH.

  881. Team high +10, all starters negative.

  882. almost everyone here are moderators.
    a troll leads me to click on this site.
    I’m out. before anyone of you ban me LOL

  883. Managers love consistency. This is what Price can offer..hehe

  884. Glad Lin made 2/3 3s

  885. I think Kobe really is about winning, he should talk to BS about reducing his minutes.

  886. he had 30 minutes

  887. exactly … kobe gave it all to draw D and pass to hill 2x and booz once. redeemed himself for lousy reg close. i saw that as no choice but lin for bsc

  888. What happened with those FT?

  889. you too are one of the moderator?
    how much are paid here guys?
    no mess
    Lin/swaggy won this game
    Kobe? never mind
    how are you guys anyway

  890. he got cold late

  891. Well said. Scott actually knows something about PGs, if Kobe wasn’t there.

  892. Ultimate team player – CHECK!!

  893. and you too? a moderator? contributor?

  894. Creator, leader… all hail Psalm. LOL.

  895. Reminds me of the 3 Parsons made from Lin with seconds left on the the clock against the Lakers to put Rockets into OT. I remember this one because I went to the game.

  896. Black and Silver blood? Check!

  897. will def look for it … i also saw that as a suboptimal hero play. id promo his duncan foul or last sec box out that was not necessary but so clutch.

  898. It’s so strange. FTs used to not be an issue late in the game.

  899. i rem that too, thx

  900. Looking good while doing everything? Check LOL

  901. Snap


  903. Priceless, as the adv goes …

  904. Sassy.

  905. Keep your grubby insincere PR mitts off our boy, you snake!!!

  906. First team +/- Negatives
    2nd team +/- all positive leading by Lin and Sacre +10; what a burst they made.

  907. Make your day!

  908. He is THE everything of this site.

  909. hey, post some you’re cool. we cool

  910. Jlin is learning trash talking from kobe…nice…soon the student will be come the master

  911. LAL are doing better because 2nd unit is winning the games. All bsc needs to do now is to let Lin finish the leads.

  912. LOL LOL!!!

  913. Sounds like he is continuing the toilet paper theme. LOL

  914. Jlin free throws were pretty flat from what I saw

  915. a Barry White song? Ha ha psalm playing it for his kids …

  916. oh snap.

  917. Remember, we used to feel sorry for Bevscrub. Someone pull the knife outta Lin’s back.

  918. LA, so full of soap.

  919. If Jeremy is a toilet paper I will not use him.

  920. Ever the diplomat that guy.

  921. Toilet paper is a hot topic of conversation post-game, Nick Young: "I like Scott tissue, it's a little rougher." (on TWC)— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) December 13, 2014


  922. Nope. Can’t beat Lin’s comment.

  923. Lol.. He knows how 2 show his sense of humor at proper time.

  924. a bit weird need context to see if it gets less weird

  925. lol every lakers will get all kinds of endorsements for toilet papers…except kobe.

  926. I know. Just find it hilarious. I know Jeremy won’t mind it if I find that hilarious.

  927. Jeremy’s post game interview

  928. Robin lundberg tweeted

    The Mavericks should trade for Lin. That is the perfect spot.

  929. I collect them.

  930. Me too!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOVE him. LURVE him. Jumping around in circles!

  931. Lin’s comment was amazing. We have to keep it somewhere. Best comebacks from Lin. LOL

  932. Can’t wait for his next fun video, I’ll bet it will have a toilet paper theme!

  933. Dude. I think you’ve outdone all of us 😀 !

  934. Nick low-key saying he wipes his butt with SCOTT’s (coaching).

  935. Jeremy forgot to say they were the 3-Ply kind.

  936. Respect! Never put others down. But not such why people like PBev and R.Price felt so threatened.

  937. Sure, if they can control Monta.

  938. Oh so that was who was laughing with him.

  939. Today’s Kobe is a piece too.

  940. Trade Monta for Lin.

  941. They are the best kind for sure lol

  942. Exactly, at the beginning of the season Lin said Kobe’s trash talking in practice was very creative. When he practices he’s always like that. The media reaches too hard.

  943. carlise already did

  944. A sign of a great coach.

  945. Yeah, so tough they frequently jam up your toilet. Fact.

  946. hehe.

  947. LOL these boys having fun with that Charmin reference.

  948. Well, it’s Laker facts that bring up his stats, and I don’t see any problem with that but I agree the later part, so far.

  949. Oh cmon IJ, you don’t have to use him dirty…. 🙂

  950. I always knew Lin is better at 2nd unit.
    The entire bench are giving the energy they need.
    No offense on Kobe. He’s been like these a long time ago.
    But bench shoots better and plays better than any starters.
    All 6 shots made by Swaggy are Lin Assists!
    Boozer should learn how to close out a play.
    He missed a lot of opportunity on Lin passes.
    Kudos to Johnson for making all his shots too.

    Lin/Kobe doing a pre-game ritual – leg massage/taping?

  951. Paul defining it…Alpha

  952. before

  953. Serena loves JLin. Lol.

  954. Lin had another option in the corner in Wes Johnson. Good choice one Lin because Young can get a shot off off the dribble

  955. Growing pain that bears fruit.

  956. Jeremy’s highlights from footwearfoot

  957. No, that’s a bit too much. BS put Lin in to win the game, no doubts.

  958. Tim Duncan will tell Pop to sign Lin next year. I can feel it

  959. what this is crazy he played with the starters a lot. lin is better as a starter. he needs rhythm to play well. off th bench makes that hard. also has him going 15 minutes straight at times

  960. Just sign Lin as FA. Keep Monta as the SG.
    That makes a championship contender; Tyson Chandler, Parson Chandler, Lin, Dirk, Monta Ellis.

  961. I’d ply a few pieces to use him SOMEWHERE ELSE, but not there.. lol

  962. The Lin puns are spreading once again 😛

  963. I am done with getting excited over kobe praises… a little too late.

  964. The no PG lineup was failing in the final minutes of regulation, and it was not working in OT. When he made the substitution there was only around 1 minute and a half left (partially because there was no dead ball to make a sub though). Yes he did sub Lin in over Price so he thinks Lin is better than Price, but it doesn’t seem like by much, or else Lin wouldn’t be out for so long in the first place. The first instance that Kobe had trouble bringing the ball up the floor and running plays would be the normal time I have seen most coaches call a timeout. Why wait until the game is on the line before making the correct adjustment? I just can’t find it in my black heart to give him much credit for that. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

  965. Let’s not call him loser..hey at least he still make it to NBA whether he deserves to stay or not…he must show some sweat too to get his spot. mostly the problems I see are on coach and the FO. If lin got his coach’s support and the FO support it doesn’t matter if it’s kobe or price.

  966. Robin is a bigger Lin fan than he was last season.

  967. Don’t get me wrong. Both starters and 2nd unit worked like a horse tonight. But the 2nd unit looked better in the 2nd quarter. The offense is very balanced and the spacing is much better. Simply because Lin knows how to control people around him. And everyone is listening on his play set

  968. I’ve finally gone to the Miss Meanie dark side about Kobe, but I do feel bad for Price. He doesn’t show any signs of having schemed for this. He’s not waving his arms in the front row like Bev did. Not saying two-faced stuff like ‘brother from another mother”. He’s 9 year bench material and I don’t think he expected any more than that when the Lakers picked him up. If Kobe and BS say “1st Unit”, what can he do about that? I can’t imagine he’s happy about being shoved out for the world to laugh at just so Kobe can look good. Jeremy will stay in the NBA, and he has millions (millions!) of fans to stand by him in troubled times. Price isn’t mocking the sport…the NBA mocks itself.

  969. well i do agree the bench better no question. but they have better players. the starters suck there has to be some balance

  970. Well Jeremy would want you to wipe your black heart clean and make it soft.

  971. I think the biggest issue with this is he even thrash talked Mitch.

  972. This lineup will get them to playoff:
    pg Lin
    sg Young
    sf Kobe
    pf Hill
    c Davis.

  973. As Robert IN LIN. Haha

  974. I think deserve to win the stats prediction this game…This was Linsanity the bench version.

  975. boozer is great of the bench as well as young. he shoots too much for a starter

  976. lol

  977. Hehehehe
    Yea…he’s a lavish diva

  978. Kobe should continue with his playmaking when he feels not shooting the ball. He didn’t force the issue tonight. and he knew he’s messing again. He almost blew that 9 points lead in 4th quarter. Too bad for BS for putting Lin out of the lineup. There were no PG visible in 4Q and OT. IT was a great decision putting Lin back in OT. even commentators are already screaming to put Lin back. Such a mess on coaching side

  979. Great shooter like Young will get Lin assist stat. Lin can also play PnR with Davis.

  980. Well all I can say is that I don’t get the same ‘vibe’ from Price as the other guy. The other guy always felt very self serving…with his begging for twitter followers, and self praise etc.

  981. I don’t think he is a thrash talker. His third language after English and Mandarin is sarcasm. lol

  982. we got our demand-hope lol.

  983. Kobe and Nick Young are a bit desperate …


  984. Even without using profanity.

  985. He’s the type that after he says something about you, you’re not sure if you’ve been insulted or not.

  986. This is good. I’m pretty fluent in sarcasm as well. LOL

  987. that said he is cocky

  988. LOL I don’t doubt that for a sec!

  989. there must be a reason a troll let me click the way out here in this site. no wonder I’m seeing no oldies from the other site. all of you are here revolting to control matters right?

  990. Delivering sarcasm ain’t easy. You have to make the bad sound soo good 🙂

  991. This is our peaceful sanctuary. Welcome btw.

  992. If Young missed, Lin would be blamed by not passing to Wesley Johnson. How much time is left? Crap!

  993. Well…this just depends. Wes was a obvious choice. But if he passed, Spurs will have the final 3 secs.

  994. More than half of the points.

  995. Blaiyan, where in the world are you? Where are your highlights?!?!

  996. Kobe 7/22 FGs <33%.

  997. There was this comment Stu said after Jordan Hill shot from just inside the 3 pt line. He said something like,”And there is nobody around but Spurs to get the rebound.”
    And I yelled out with a laugh…”Well yeah, cos the Center is shooting jump shots from out there!”

    I’m not sure about Hill’s shooting game. Maybe he IS better suited as a PF.
    (I wrote this to agree with you)

  998. Lin would run the risk of a TO for a difficult pass when he was double teamed. It is an easy pass to Young and Young was hot!

  999. Two out of three times that no point guard line-up failed miserably. When is BS going to learn it just does not work?

  1000. here’s our winning shot guys

  1001. and without kobe on the court, Lin can have control.

  1002. yep!

  1003. Lin driving to the paint aggressively

  1004. He’s busy covering the Warriors I think. footwearfoot highlights so far…

  1005. our winning guy for tonight

  1006. PBev worked hard to get in front of Jeremy and wave his arms around for attention and since Jeremy left Houston it looks like the “friendship” was pretty fake. But Price has been very quiet…very different personality. Bev felt competitive and threatened, but in Price’s case I don’t think so. I don’t think Jeremy was being diplomatic here. I think he was telling it like it is…neither he nor Price has control over their usage. They can be good, they can be bad…it doesn’t count so much because it’s less about basketball than it is about politics and Kobe’s ego. Tough for Jeremy to not have opportunity to really let his skills loose, and probably tough for Price who expected to be 2nd string back-up like he’s been his whole career and now he’s shoved out above his skill level to be humiliated so Kobe can look good.

  1007. where are you swaggy?
    make the winning shot ok?

  1008. Did you guys like it when one of the announcers said:”And here comes the bench Big 3…Boozer, Young and Lin.”?
    I laughed cos it sounded so ridiculous but it was so true.
    The starting lineup only has a Big 1.
    Hard to wrap your head around how this team is run.

  1009. LoL
    Don’t forget Scott, What you’re good at! Cleaning up Kobe’s mess!

  1010. Lin driving vs Old Dynasty

  1011. love your pic-editorials btw saw them on the other site glad you are here too.

  1012. They are indeed the bench’s Big 3 for now. Although It’s likely Jeremy will be back as a starter

  1013. 10/2015 …

  1014. Spurs PostGame Thread is open!

    Jeremy, congrats on impressing Pop, Duncan and the Spurs!


  1015. the shot that seals the win

  1016. ohhhh….

  1017. so true.

  1018. The bench Big3? (rolling n crying).. Our Lin def. deserves 2 be the starter..

  1019. Please teach me about this so-called “sarcasm.”

  1020. The bench BIG 3 as opposed to what? The starter small 4s? A stupid rhetoric.

  1021. …or Dawk Ins…

  1022. His diplomacy comes from how he included Price in his statement when there was no need to. Cos he could have made it all about himself but he chose not to.

  1023. Hahahaa small 4. Good one John.

  1024. Puny starting 5 lol. Even Davis regressed as a starter without Jeremy. The price of playing with Price.

  1025. He’s winning in spite of his best efforts to tank. What will he scheme up next?

  1026. That Lin Boozer PnR ended up being Lin snake the dribble and hop for a floater was really good. Forget about those running floaters….

  1027. And now introducing your puny 5 for the LA Lakers……

  1028. saw that on highlights …

  1029. How did Paul come to this conclusion? Who’s Mark Madsen and does he like JLin?! Maybe JLin would stay if BS is gone next year!!

  1030. It’s a good thing there isn’t a shot Nick Young doesn’t like nor hesitates to take a shot! 🙂

  1031. Proud of Lin. He was at low-tide after hes been benched. He didnt get knocked down after hearing those nonsense trash-talks. He bounced back right away 2 prove himself. As soft as Charmin? Well, he should gag Kobe w/it.

  1032. Lin also had a hopping 2 footed layup in transition. 2 foots are just more powerful and more controllable…

  1033. Well Small 4 is funny, but really mean to those guys. I like Ed Davis.

  1034. I missed a few shots while commenting. Need to wait for highlights.

  1035. There is one down there…

  1036. I’ll look for it. What I liked was his fearless drive on Duncan. I was at kids boy scouts in the back watching the play-by-play and then caught 4th and OT. Lin really did it, and BSc had not choice but to put him back in or lose. This team ain’t tanking? ? ? ?

  1037. That was my point, neither one made any sense.

  1038. Madsen is Lakers assistant coach who is JLin believer. JLin practiced with Lakers 2 summers ago because of him.

  1039. V happy night, lin playing great, winning against my 2nd fav guy and team (Duncan SAS). Even better Duncan showed emotion and Lin laid one in on him, drew 3 fouls. Love Duncan, and love it that Lin went up against him and fared well!

  1040. You have learnt

  1041. At least they are still visible, not like it’s “..And now introducing your MICROSCOPIC 5 for the LA Lakers..”

  1042. Hopefully Timmy and Tony will go: “If we can’t beat him, let’s get him!”

  1043. “If we can’t beat him, let’s PRY him away from them!”

  1044. Should’ve done it last summer, but better late than never.

  1045. No…he can make a clean pass b4 he drives. But it would give SA another 3.x seconds for the final shot. LAL were down one….Lin was misreading the clock too. Glad he gave it to the right person.

  1046. Lin’s a FA next year so there will be many teams with interest, right?

  1047. Please register at the Sheldon Cooper Institute of Sarcasm.

  1048. Usually when a player plays well against a team, that team will value that player highly so there’s always a chance.

  1049. Kobe didn’t go to college, whereas Lin graduated from Harvard. You can tell the difference even from their way of trashtalking.

  1050. Without Kobe and BS, Lin, Young,and Ed Davis would totally be the Big 3 of the Lakers! Yet the Buss has no clue what they’re doing! A smart GM would’ve never renewed Kobe’s contract.

  1051. No the “price” of playing with both Kobe the ball hog and price! lol.

  1052. When he gets fired.

  1053. Duncan looks like a giant, lol

  1054. No Kobe would’ve blamed him for not pass to him! I heard Kobe actually yelled at Lin for passing to Nick Young.

  1055. Unfortunately, sarcasm is hard to detect online.

  1056. Not quite, Lin went cold towards the end and missed some wide open shots and Fts. During Linsanity he couldn’t miss!

  1057. I see that was the one he took to Duncan … loved it!

  1058. Sorry, I forgot PostGame thread is open

  1059. BS being torn between tanking and winning?

  1060. we’ve been all together since last year trying to be heard begging for Rockets to trade Lin. I’m not really sure with my answer. Lin would probably get the highest bid if Lakers will not match the offer sheet.

    I’m curious how Spurs will play with the situation. You know how coach Pop publicly express his interest over Lin Including Mark Cuban.

    Both Mavs and Spurs are decent teams.

    I see no other destination unless Lakers match the offer sheet.
    But today is not a good day to talk about FA

  1061. So true. I confess that I’ve made some pretty mean statements towards Price, but you’re correct, he’s just collateral damage and many of us are speaking from Beverley PTSD. I think this is one of the reasons the Mods here are more restrictive on foul language.

  1062. His stats may not be good, but it’s unwarranted to call him a loser.

  1063. LOL @psalm234:disqus and @brentyen:disqus are just too nice to me. Well, recover very slow from treatment as they triggered more health issues. Hopefully thing is settling down soon. At least didn’t have as much ups and downs in the past week. However my bronchial infection is steadily getting worse for more than 3 weeks now. Seem like I battle non stop with different health issues since April. Pray that 2015 will be a better year for me:-)

  1064. Whenever Lin gets a defensive rebound, you can always count on a push and something good usually happens.

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