Game 23 Atlanta Hawks vs OKC Thunder


  1. This is from Kevin Chouinard on Thursday, late afternoon …

  2. Let Hawks continue to lose while JLin is continuing to recuperate…. Health is more important than playing for this organization!

  3. Do they have a list of words for all grades?
    1. Possible
    2. Probable
    3. Questionable
    4. Unlikely
    5. Unlikable
    6. Abhorrent

  4. With all of the controversy surrounding Dwight and now this, he should just retire…

  5. phx is not smart

  6. I know. I’ve been saying for weeks that their front office is terrible and the organization is bad. Not a good landing spot for Lin, even if he’ll be a starter playing starter minutes. I don’t even think Suns are interested in Lin anymore. They only inquired about him during the summer, but are looking at young PGs who are projects, not a 30-year old Lin coming off of injury (even if Lin played great in November).

    By the way, they were the first team to pass up on Doncic. Suns and Kings both passed up on Doncic before the Hawks, and they didn’t even get a 1st round pick out of it like Hawks did.

  7. What all those baby mamas? Unlikely, he should consider teaming up with JLin to revive his career thiugh. Magics sign Lin and Dwight returns home..

  8. 😀

  9. Here are some game stats for Jeremy, that I noticed on twitter the other day. The data comes from the Basketball-Reference web site.

    The stats are from the years he played with the Knicks, Rockets (2), and the Hornets, for games when a ‘star’ teammate was missing; i.e. Melo, Harden, and Walker or Batum. There is no average given for playing time (see MP column), but he played major minutes.

    For the 33 games shown, Jeremy’s team won 23. His stats (average) were : FG(%) 48.1; 3PT(%) 46.2;
    AST 6.4; PTS 20.4.

  10. I hope so cus I definitely do not want Lin going to PHX. They are obsessed with “star”

  11. You may be right, the Suns probably prefer a younger guy and probably don’t think Lin can push them to win enough games but Ntilikina is not the answer for them.

    They probably would take Lin but not willing to give up a 1 round draft pick for him unless Lin guaranties them he’ll re-sign.

  12. Nobody cares about Dwight’s baby mamas, that was old news. There’s a trans gay guy who is accusing Dwight of attending trans parties and threatening him to not go public to out Dwight. Then there’s this…

    If Dwight is bold enough to grab a teammate’s balls on live TV, just imagine what he does in the locker room. This is why teams don’t want Dwight. It’s not just because he’s immature, not serious, and a goofball. Tons of players in the NBA fit those descriptions.

    People saying he’s a locker room cancer really mean that he’s causing non-gay teammates to feel really uncomfortable. He might even be sexually abusing grown men, most of whom are too scared to speak up / out.

  13. Just in, Lin is officially out for tonight’s game.

    My guess is Lin knows LP/Hawks would want Trae to have a great night which means lots of minutes for Trae and less minutes for Lin…therefore, Lin probably thought it didn’t make sense to come back against the Thunder.

    Lin is probably also thinking about his next team and don’t want to spend too much energy for the Hawks and I don’t blame him for that since LP doesn’t value him much.

  14. These are games that Lin had to be the star leading the teams.

  15. Agree. Meaningless games that would only cause problems in rehab. I believe the rehab includiing playing in regular season games. Lin is not 100% yet. rehab continues.

  16. Psychic

  17. True. They don’t care to win so why would they care about Lin. Wish the league punish team for tanking. Takes the thrill out of competition.

  18. For whatever reasons that Hawks have, I’m relief that JLin isn’t playing…. Pray that he will ONLY play when he recovers from his ankle injury. Meaningless to play for this tanking organization anyway. I have no respect and lose my patience for organizations that use “tanking” as a hide of their losing mentality. Really pray and hope that in His time,God will intervene for JLin’s sake. Speedy recovery, JLin!

  19. It is Dennis Schroder that Young would have to play against.

  20. Tanking tends to last, and a tanking star reproduces a successor.

  21. I don’t think Lin could make himself out if he is able to play.

  22. Lin would play if it was up to him and he was semi able to go. That’s just how the professional athlete’s mind works.

  23. These two missed games are nothing and it’s what is best for Lin’s health. The absolute top priority that trumps everything else. Robeson has had a lot of setbacks whether due to the type of rupture, rehab, or trying to come back too soon. Maybe he was cleared to play too early.

  24. According to report, Lin actually made the final decision to not play during the Charlotte game because it felt slight discomfort. I was surprised by this because as you stated, athlete tend to play with some discomfort and it’s usually team doctors that would rule out players wanting to play too soon.

  25. Well, that’s good. He’s taking care of himself. I love hearing this.

  26. why force it with team tanking

  27. I think if he was playing for a team that actually wasn’t tanking or only cared about their rookie minutes, Lin probably would had played.

    I think he’s fine and could had played but don’t want to do it for this team which I fully support…He will not play for the Hawks unless he’s 110%…I think Lin ankle is probably 95% but why risk anything for this team that doesn’t value you and won’t give you the minute you deserve.

  28. Possibility that 2 yrs of injury and playing for a Tanking team has matured JLIN’s perspective?
    Is JLIN healthy enough to play but personally deciding to sit out tonight?

    Fans recall JLIN playing hurt often; even dozens of games in CHA on 1 ankle …
    … we’ve seen JLIN alter many past routines this season for example: JLIN …
    – drastically reduced the strenuousness of his gym-work;
    – stressing quality over quantity (e.g. no-longer takes 1000 practice shots a day)
    – playing for himself FIRST rather than for others/the team/the front office
    – no longer the head cheerleader on the sidelines

    Now nobody but JLIN and Hawks know JLIN’s true health condition… but Twitter/fansites and Maria Rodriguez corroborate that JLIN looks fine, shooting practice, taking 3s fine with no hint of limping etc.

    Hopefully this is a continuation of JLIN resorting his PRIORITIES and deciding – “what’s best for me is to sit; what the team needs comes secondary.”

  29. Look for a quick decisive assault from OKC, the Hawks will get beaten black and blue from tip-off tonight and the blowout will be felt on the starters and the bench – over perhaps before the 2nd half.

    3rd string Hawks play a 3rd string OKC for the 4th Quarter

  30. I think he’s healthy enough to play but no point in playing at 95% for a tanking team and coach who refuses to give you the minutes your performance says you deserve…You got guys like Bremby, Huerta getting more minutes than Lin and it’s not a merit based system.

    Once Lin gets traded to a more supportive team, I’m sure he’ll be less cautious but no point to bend over for this team. His agent probably told Lin to wait until we get you traded.

  31. Hawk management will smile with every loss. Don’t think there’s any sweat from them. All they see is Zion to take them to greatness.

  32. With only 15-18 minutes when Trae Young is unfairly allowed shine there’s no need risk injury. Time better spent practicing his shots!

  33. “The king is dead, long live the King”…as they say, from one on to the next.

  34. Suns have always chosen the wrong players to build around! They chose Bledsoe over Dragic and messed up the team. Now they want young guys and picks but passed on Doncic! It’s obvious because of bias and racism. Doncic doesn’t look like a star, no over confidence or ego nor as built as guys like Marc or Pau Gasol.

  35. there’s nothing in that video, the only bromance like interaction was with Chandler. Even if a guy was gay that doesn’t mean he’ll sexual harass people! That mindset is very homophobic and stereotypical!

    Honestly attending trans party is nothing, many people watch drag shows as entertainment. If anything I remember Chandler Parsons being the only one grabbing or putting his hand on the bench chair and when Lin sat down he said something back at Chandler for pulling a prank on him.

  36. Source of the report would be nice. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Hawks management allowed Jeremy to make the final decision after consulting both his personal and team trainers. He’s built a reputation over the years of having an excellent work ethic and is not the type to slack off. Whatever the Hawks have in mind for him, it’s in their best interest that he stays completely healthy.

  37. Lin’s quick recovery from this injury is a miracle. Most athletes never come back from this same injury, let alone play at the level Lin has played at this past month. Sucks that Roberson is having setbacks. Thank God Jeremy didn’t have the same setbacks and I pray he won’t in the future.

  38. This is showing them how much they need Lin. The bench looks terrible.

  39. Surprised that the Hawks held up until half way thru the 2nd Quarter before the inevitable blowout took hold

  40. Westbrook and Schroder killing Trae and Baze. No surprise.

  41. what happen? they still have baze and bremby??? really(sarcasm)

  42. Lin would of played alot this game

  43. That’s the catch-22 if JLIN plays the game is usually closer than this since JLIN leads comback after comeback…

    … but then JLIN gets less playing time in the 2nd half since LP wants Trae to get minutes big time in close games

  44. lol true unlesss trea sucks that day

  45. Usually at this point in a game, I look at the box score and see a pack Starters in NEGATIVE plus/minus and…

    … bench player isn POSITVE plus/minus — not so this game EVERYONE neg…

  46. its perfectly spread out

  47. Trae gets a techincal foul ha

  48. Not an auspicious return to OKC for Trae — but he might actually have been hacked a bit

  49. Trae has been owned in this game, almost feel sorry for the kid

  50. He got hacked on the head and no call. If that was Lin, we’d all be up in arms. Refs are so bad and biased.

  51. 2-10 4 points. yea he has

  52. shroeder had the same thing a little later. atleast refs are calling it the same

  53. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Schroder was payback for hacking Trae.

  54. Alex Len can play, just an active, smart High-BBIQ big European that can defend and has added that 3 point shot — bet he’s one of the guys that loves to play with JLIN and JLIN will make look like an all-star.

    No wonder so many of the runs include LIN-LEN connection.

    OKC announcer actually called Alex Len, Jeremy Lin in the opening plays of the game

  55. next game not until monday. good rest for lin

  56. These 2 non-played “injured” games will do as much for JLIN’s reputation in the Atlanta area as all the previous 20 games that he played

  57. I’m amazed by Young’s shooting percentage. Is it safe to say that he might be having the worst historical shooting percentage amongst rookies that average over 20mpg? I’m not saying just the rookies this year, but throughout the NBA history…. Man… it’s quite a feat.

  58. 14-2 run by the Hawks. John Collins playing great ball.

  59. i dont feel like okc taking this seriously anymore

  60. Trae’s in a class by himself

  61. And, it’s dangerous. Call fouls.

  62. i cant wait till lin is traded

  63. What if he isn’t?

  64. Vince Carter and Russell Westbrook in a spat

  65. Westbrook’s ball handling isn’t great.

  66. He will be

  67. Westbrook is such a punk. Throwing the ball at Hawks bench after he got outplayed by Bembry.

  68. Schroder can only get to the rim and score; his shot is broken otherwise — Can’t believe he was actually a starter for a couple years

  69. doesnt matter when you that athletic

  70. Tall PG, the taller they are like JLIN and Westbrook the physics of handles come into play … e.g. Greek freek cannot dribble thru traffic at all.

  71. Curry has great ball-handling.

  72. hope he is

  73. If you’ll notice, Steph is like the hunchback of Notre Dame, he almost squats when he’s dribbling

  74. Len is a great starting Center! I truly he he gets off this awful team and goes to the same one as Lin! Great height advantage and efficient PnR player!

  75. The Hawks will definitely ask more than a protected first round pick.

  76. Trae thru that pass into the 10th row of seats

  77. Schroeder scoring on trea

  78. Lin is actually one of the most versatile NBA guards; not only can play at both ends of the court, make drives, mid range jump shots and 3s. Can play both 1 & 2.

  79. Its crazy how the bench players dont play much once lins not there lol

  80. EVERYBODY in the NBA scores on Trae, worst DRPM in the league by alot out of 432 players

  81. The Hawks need a second-team PG. Unless one is offered for Lin, they would have a huge hole if they trade him.

  82. All the better to tank with, not having the proper personnel

  83. Everybody forcing passes on the Hawks

  84. Schroeder is playing well.

  85. Early in the season, I was noticing how many teams had career Quarters, Games or individual performances/stats against the Hawks, then it just got tiring –

  86. With a defensive, head coach in LP.

  87. Time to wave the white flag Lloyd Pierce – end this travesty please

  88. He’s been playing well all season. He’s improved at facilitating.

  89. And there it is the 3rd strings in garbage time

  90. Can anyone read Vince’s lips on what wisdom he was trying to impart on Trae?

  91. Pass before you get crushed.

  92. Against Hawks, OKC just broke their own record for attempted 3s in a game

  93. games been over. since the 2nd quarter. its was a close blow out

  94. Trae Young only plays 28 mins with JLIN out …

    … that’s the secret to Trae getting fewer minutes — JLIN needs to be out

  95. Good for OKC paid customers. No sweat!

  96. everyone got less minutes. especailly on the bench.

  97. You suck lol j/k

  98. How about
    “There is always tomorrow, no sweat, son.”

  99. Trae with a team worst -17 plus/minus again — unfortunately that will not help his NBA last DRPM, might set a record which will never be broken

  100. Not practical. They’re bench is unwatchable without Lin, or at least a PG.

  101. “I heard G League is recruiting…”

  102. That ain’t news.

  103. Much better than keeping it. It is a jungle put there.


    I really hope lin gets trade before trade deadline.

  105. Luka went 1 for 12 tonight with 3 turnovers. But hey, at least he blocked LeBron twice and that’s all that’ll be remembered and talked about…

  106. Almost every player has this type of game now and then. I think Luka’s the real deal.

  107. I guess Pierce had nothing interesting to say in his post-game.

  108. Hawks can continue to hype Trae up to trick fans but we all know Trae will be gone once they get Zion.

  109. Wow I can’t remember the last time someone could block Lebron in the league! And this guy is only 19 years old! Dallas has got it made! Imagine if Lin got traded there to play with Doncic!

  110. I saw the report that Lin made the final decision on the DraftKing report that they have on Lin.

    That leads me to believe he probably ruled himself out for the Oklahoma game too.

  111. No more excuses

  112. Owes this to LP

  113. “You are the next Curry so just shoot he ball at half court….”

  114. Schroeder’s revenge on the Hawks. I love it. I always like Schroeder for his basketball skills. I would pick Schroeder over Trae any day….

  115. Third game in fourth night road trip, after playing every other day for the entire month of November.

    Pierce said team ran out of gas in Q4 vs. Hornets, and honestly, it’s understandable why.

    Schedule in December has better spacing between games, though they are also going to play some really good teams this month, too.

  116. A tanking star produces another one.

  117. Doesn’t matter, Hawks are tanking, Pierce will just continue to do the same thing with or without Lin.

    If Hawks wasn’t so high on getting Zion, they would’ve drafted Doncic and looked to make the playoffs.

    If they get Zion I hope he’s a bust like all the no.1 draft picks.

    MJ and KD were both no.2 draft picks…

  118. The fans should tell Lloyd Pierce that you absolutely did not entertain your customers with anything interesting on the court. Without Jeremy, the team does not compete. The team has not played to the best of its potential.

    Oh the players may need a year or two to play at their potential, why would your customers pay good money to watch them now? Again, there is absolutely no guarantee that your young players won’t drop out in your development program owing to injuries or their personal reasons. We actually don’t see a team out there. We see players running like chickens without heads shootings at low % and not much defense at all.

    We haven’t seen a team attacking but only players throwing up hail grace shots with no hope of controlling the game rhythm. It is disgusting to watch.

  119. Andre Roberson Suffers Setback, Out Another Six Weeks Nov 30, 2018 5:21 PM

    I’m sure glad that Lin hasn’t tried too hard in his rehab. The injury is a serious one and Lin has planned for his rehab thoroughly and carried out in good discipline.

    Victor Oladipo Out Indefinitely With Sore Right Knee Nov 30, 2018 4:55 PM
    Oladipo last played on Nov. 17.

    What I’m interested to see is if Jeremy Lin has been treated fairly for his injury during his two years in Brooklyn. Would Zache Lowe write up article like what he did to Jeremy Lin for Andre Robertson or Victor Oladipo? Why not?

  120. I’m not sure Lloyd, you would have the time to see through the process.

  121. How risky was the Hawks’ preference for Young?
    “You will never get fired for taking Doncic No. 3,” ESPN’s esteemed Zach Lowe said on his podcast. “You will get fired for trading down to 5 if Trae Young isn’t good and Doncic is awesome. And it will mar the rest of your career.”

    I have never been a fan of Zach Lowe specially after his report about our Jeremy Lin but he has raised a point that I find it difficult not to given him credit.

  122. Schleng gambled big time and as the article states, if Doncic becomes an All-Star while Trae only a good starter, that will mar the rest of his career.

    He’ll be known as the guy who traded Doncic for an average undersize PG.

  123. Few people like to watch the game of even a contending team if played against a tanking team.

  124. This is why I’m not dissatisfied with this season.

    Unlike Roberson, Lin is healthy and playing well. I’m not interested in comparing him to Trae or being annoyed about LP’s usage of him. I’m appreciative that Fortius, Lin, Lin’s surgeon, all combined to get Lin back and that Lin has a lot of the athleticism he had pre-injury. It didn’t look great the first few weeks of the regular season, but it looks excellent now.

    This is a rehab season. He’ll get the minutes he gets. His minutes will vary. But he has Chelsea Lane as head trainer in Atlanta. That’s a gift. I’m looking at the gifts and the blessings that Lin is well. Unlike Houston, I don’t see a hostile press and commentators that put him down. I’m fine with Dominique and Rathbun and the other guys on Atlanta’s TV crew. I think, we don’t need to be satisfied with Lin’s not getting the big role he should have, but be grateful of what he can do and that there are positives with the Hawks.

  125. It’s a developing team. They’re looking at several key players. Trae the most, but also Huerter and Bembry. Maybe a few more. Lin’s been gone two days and is likely coming back tomorrow night. Atlanta fans should be happy to see him back.

  126. Of course Zach is far too kind to Trae, “unlimited range??”

    I don’t believe Trae’s exhibited “Unlimited range” the truth is :
    – Trae misses a ton of shots from beyond 30 ft
    – Average NBA 3 pt specialists, Korver, Joe Harris, George Hill, Al Horford give as MANY shots as Trae, also would have “unlimited range” and probably a higher beyond 30ft percentage.

    Recently all aspects of TY’s game bad, unfixable in medium term or getting worse. This includes the increasing number of forced passes to try to get assists (his only previous adequate attribute).

    Trae is destined to be a slow Ish Smith or playing in China as a JImmer/Marbury.

  127. Wai Lai, your issue is with Pierce but not Schlenk. You often seem to have high regard for Schlenk’s actions — the Zach Lowe article is pointing the blame for Trae squarely on Schlenk.

    The coddling of Trae by Pierchlenk is causing strife and resentment in the locker room imo – “why should the rookie get any shot, from anywhere he wants, at any time; I’m gonna get my shots in too…”

  128. I’ve noticed in perusing the Hawks Blogs that some diehard Hawks fans, now that JLIN has not seen action in 2 gms, seem to believe Hawks might try to keep JLIN for the entire season and not trade.

    Reality is dawning that JLIN might have some murky, unidentifiable value after all. Despite this wishful thinking, I will say again, I still firmly believe there will be a trade, why?

    1. JLIN will have made it known to ATL FO that under no circumstances would he consider ever signing a contract with a team that has the goals & objectives of the Hawks

    2. ATL’s strategic imperatives dictate they can’t AFFORD what JLIN will be offered & will demand next

    3. It’s a joke that Trae is learning anything from JLIN’s veteran experience – if Trae was a good student to JLIN’s mentor master — then Trae wouldn’t be so terrible and pig-headed

    4. JLIN’s not interested in mentoring anyone at this peak stage of his career

    5. Trade him or he walks for FREE

  129. In the old days Tanking meant you had a 25% chance at the No.1 pick and a huge percent chance at one of the top 4 picks.

    In 2019, that drops to 14% at No.1 and equally precipitous drop for the top 4

    Too bad for the Hawks or any tanking team now

  130. Hope they do trade him so that we could get a chance to watch him play in the playoff.
    Lin needs to make it clear to them he wants to go by trading deadline.

  131. Trading him doesn’t mean he’s going to the playoffs, though.

    Fans here want a favorable trade. But what if it goes the other way and he’s in a worse situation? A trade is a gamble with a hope for a favorable outcome.

  132. 1. I don’t think Jlin would deliver that type of ultimatum to ATL. He is not Lebron James. Not that Jlin does not have talent, obviously he does. But that is not his nature
    2. At this point Jlin doesn’t really have an established value yet. His value is still being determined and won’t be complete until he plays with serious intent and that means he has to play with a team trying to win, to see if he can get them to win. Not happening with ATL so will have to happen to team he is traded to
    3. I suspect TY is doing what the coach tells him to do, and if so it is bad advice
    4. See #3. If TY is in fact doing what his coach tells him, Jlin is not in position to contradict coach’s orders. Jlin has his own issues to deal with
    5. ATL will definitely trade Jlin or get nothing in return. However, if ATL has only a 14% chance of a very high draft pick (like 1 or 2) I still would like to see ATL use their current roster to try to win. Start Jllin, play him with a roster he can win with like Len, Bazemore, Huerter and Prince (see if Jlij can make Prince better with discipline and direction). Bench use TY, Bembry, Dedmon, maybe Justin Anderson. Do this at game 30 then continue to game 54 which I believe puts the team at the break/trade deadline. By that time ATL can see if they might have good enough roster to try to win now, and Jlin will have had a chance to work Linsanity, improve his trade value for ATL and his next contract value next season.

  133. I would hope a team with playoff aspiration would trade for Lin.

    But I’ll take any team that is willing to play Lin more than what he’s getting in Atlanta.

    With the Hawks, they are clearly prioritizing Trae Young and are very reluctant to even play Lin alongside Trae to add into Lin’s 18mpg.

    Even in Chicago or Phoenix, Lin would probably get a sure 25mpg. Therefore I would rather Lin wear Bulls or Suns jersey instead of Hawks.

  134. I’ve posted many responses to this sort of question.

    You may or may not believe, but any team seeking to include JLIN in a trade today, knows more about JLIN’s capabilities than Schlenk did with Brooklyn…
    … thus they most likely know how a rejuvenated JLIN will fit their particular need.

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, and my reasonable conclusion is: a team seeking JLIN in the deal will almost certainly use JLIN in a position to actually help to affectuate Wins

    … another tanking team like ATL makes almost no sense to trade for and “discard” JLIN

  135. 1. Perhaps, but also perhaps many fans are underestimating, when JLIN says his new outlook is to put his “own needs first”, how much 2yrs of injury and an against his will trade has affected JLIN.
    2. The only thing we know is that JLIN has increased his value immensely since he began playing post-rehab — we don’t need to know his exact value yet because a mid-season trade matches salaries. The end value is when JLIN is up for new contract, season end.

    NBA scouts have film to assess how JLIN plays against the top PGs in the NBA this season, you would be surprised at how much they know about JLIN already.

    Hawks will never start JLIN or give him a large role, a 14% chance and 35% chance at top 4 picks is fine for Hawks

  136. JLin looks to be okay. Running in scrimmage and practice TODAY. So, hope he really is fine, and not trying to come back too soon.

  137. Per Kevin Chouinard, JLin expected to play vs GSW? Probably to be confirmed tomorrow.

  138. My amateur video sleuthing, of course the Hawks could do things differently to throw off spies, but the scoreboard shows :

    Home: 21 pts and Guests 25 pts, usually Home will the the starters and the reserves are the guests, thus if JLIN and that 3rd sting lineup are the reserves then JLIN’s side is currently beating the Starters in that clip.

    JLIN, Bembry, Dorsey, Plumlee, Anderson
    Trae, Prince, Vince, Heurter, Collins

  139. Wouldn’t mind seeing JLIN keep KD and the other GSW starters on the floor in the 4th Q again

  140. Unforeseen setback? Did Lin injure something else or did his ankle get worse?

  141. “BARRING an unforseen setback” means unless Lin says his ankle still hurts tomorrow, he will play.

  142. It’s not like Lin would be demanding them personally, that’s what those big time agents are for!

    Lin used to go out of his way to teach the youngsters in Nets, he no longer doing tht because it doesn’t benefit him at all! Why train someone who is going to unfairly replace him? It does him no good for Trae to play better than him, proving that Hawks were right to give so much green light and favoritism to Trae over him!

    Lin hasn’t played for 2 seasons, this is his fight or flight chance! He is in no luxury to help others!

  143. It’s already obvious Trae isn’t the Curry they thought he could be. GM got lucky with GSW picks and thought all he needed to do was find wannabes for Hawks to be great, not. Every Championship has a new allstar pushing the limits. In Doncic or even Watanabe’s case they are PF sized and capable players who can play as PG/SG! That’s is new to modern basketball and pushes the boundaries.

  144. They should do away with tanking, ruins basketball.

  145. Steph Curry is back, but it looks like Draymond Green will be out for the game tomorrow.

    The Warriors have three games remaining on their road trip.

    Steve Kerr says DeMarcus Cousins continues to make strides and has looked good. Kerr said Cousins will “fully take part in every practice that we have this week.” (all via Ohm Youngmisuk)

  146. The three teams with the worst win-loss marks will all enter with the
    same chance to snatch the No. 1 (14.0 percent), No. 2 (13.4 percent),
    No. 3 (12.7 percent) and No. 4 (12.0 percent) pick in this year’s draft. More than 35%, about 50% chance for top 4th picks !

    However the chance that the Hawks will get a PG of Lin’s caliber or better is not good. This season only Luka Doncic is the clear winner of rookie of the year. His performance is comparable given the same situations. How long does it take for Trae Young to perfrom at Lin’s level? Could be forever.

  147. Young & Prince 3rd worst in the league.
    Bazemore & Prince 5th worst in the league

    If you were Lloyd Pierce, you must do something about Prince. He seems to have problems playing with others.

    Dedmon seems to have problems too.

    Alex Len playing with Lin are making progress. Barring from injury, Len is making 3s, playing good defense with teammates, passing the ball. Len & Lin are one of the best sign ups for Atlanta. Len is only 25 with length and ability to run full court. The former 5th lottery pick has proved that the Sun has problems in using bigs. Once Alex Len & Tyson Chandler leaves the organization, they become very good asset for the next team.

    I sure don’t want Lin to go there. We have seen PGs the Sun had. The team did not have commitment to keep them. Players like Bledsoe, IT, Goran Dragic have all left but the team still don’t have a PG. The problem should be on the team.

  148. Wouldn’t want to see Lin play with teams like the Hawks. The Sun, the Bulls etc aren’t much different. Want Lin to go to a team that wants to win rather than developmental tanking.

  149. I’m grateful that Lin has received positive comments off the court. On the court, Lin hasn’t been given a significant role in making a difference of the outcome of the game.

    If Trae couldn’t win, put in Jeremy. What We have seen is on the contrary. Only when the game is hopeless, LP put in Jeremy.

  150. Schlenk scores well in signing Alex Len which should be a tremendous success. Two Alex have been putting in meaningful minutes for the team.

    Only Dustin Hamilton and Adams have not been proved much help to the team.

    Schlenk made the decision to acquire Jeremy Lin too.

    I give Travis credit for acquiring talents to help the team.

    However the usage of Young has left a lot to be desired. I have doubts that the coaching of Young is helping the growth of Young and the team.

  151. I think LP has done nothing interesting in Atlanta. I don’t think he is inspiring ad a head coach. How could he expect the fans to bear with him.

  152. i agree so with you on the subject that anyone who wants JLIN on their team this season will not tank and use JLIN to the max. They have to shelve at least a draft choice to get Lin and who on the tanking teams will do that. Any team who is vying this season can see the value of Jeremy (maybe not as a starter but an insurance for the team) and this season, that is of great relief because he is needed not only on his expiring contract but the reality that he can also deliver the goods (for now, but next season, he has the final decision on whose team he will give his full services)

  153. just like clarkson with the lakers before, they hyped him and let loose only to be traded to are only important to a team if they see you as important, otherwise they opt to go with another draft player with a new hope that he’ll be the next MJ(michael Jordan) or MJ(magic Johnson) or LB(Larry Bird) etc

  154. Why would LP play Trae so many minutes when Lin was there healthy and ready to help the team?

    It just seems that with Lin available in the PG position, Trae was given more minutes to stay on the court with outrageous negative ±. When Lin is not available, Young doesn’t have to play to keep Jeremy off the court.

  155. Prince doesn’t play with his teammates,, he play only with himself thats why he fail and the team suffer, Bazemore on the other hand believes that he’s needs to be the franchise and tries his best to be one, yet also fail given the opportunity. Dedmon has a problem because most of the starters played only selfishly to get points for themselves because they know if they dont get it, team will not make them important in the future. They know team is tanking and has no power to stop it, so it a team who plays for his own!

  156. Lin was very excited his little bro scored 40. He kept saying “can’t guard him.” Lin’s dad said he’s an annoying child. 😄

  157. Prince, I didn’t like his pushing solo ball.

  158. Young is also not very good. Not just new, just not NBA caliber. I didn’t see it live. TV distracts us, because commentators. Watching live, you notice things for yourself. Young and Prince … JLin should be leading them.

  159. The Hawks is a team of contradictions. They spent lots of money to get rid of Schroder. They spent lots of money to acquire Lin for 1 season before he becomes a free agent. But they don’t play Lin as much as a rookie.
    Why would they acquire Lin in the first place?

    Lin is as good as the team could hope for after rehab. Around $13M to 14M, Lin is only played for showcasing rather than wins.

    Make up your mind, Schlenk. Are you going to tank this season? There is no reason to bring Lin in this team at all; not for tanking.

  160. Prince is a good shooter and he can ball. He just needs a good coach.

  161. There is a good chance that you will be right. Luka Doncic has been balling well in Dallas with arguably the best coach of the league.

  162. Not me. I find the games unwatchable without Lin.

  163. Now, what is the reason of tanking anymore?

  164. Stephen Curry went 0 for 10 if I remember correctly.

  165. Comparison of two ROY candidates.

    Luka Doncic
    15.59 PER 0.26 RPM 33.2 MPG 44.3% FG% 38.2% 3P% 79% FT%
    6.5 RPG 4.3 APG 18.5 PPG 3.8 TOPG

    Trae Young
    12.54 PER -4.44 RPM 29.2 MPG 37.8% FG% 24.8% 3P% 81.6% FT%
    3.0 RPG 7.6 APG 15.6 PPG 3.8 TOPG

  166. Pre-Game Research:

    Also don’t forget that despite his limited 6 ft 4 wingspan, 6 ft 3 190 lb. Steph Curry is still very effective in the Warriors switching defense:

    “The correlations between wingspan and other contributions are near nonexistent, but correlations between distance traveled on defense and other contributions remain strong. There’s definitely something to perimeter players and covering distance consistently.”

    Full Article:

    ➡️ ( )

  167. Another one bites the dust. The result of a tanking team that wasn’t trying to tank…

  168. That will motivate the Hawks play harder in the next game.

  169. From all stories we’ve heard, Chicago is another messed up front office and organization.

    Seems very few NBA teams are well-run. Because it doesn’t matter. NBA still making tons of money.

  170. You think? I’m not sure. The Bulls gave Hoiberg 3 years going on four. I’m guessing that’s probably the same time frame for rookie coaches like Atkinson and Pierce.

    Despite coaches being basically there to carry out front offices’ agendas, they are always the scapegoats, and first to be sacrificed, because of bad management decisions in team goals and player personnel.

  171. Papa Lin: “annoying child” = “brat”. LOL.

  172. If Lin gets the minutes, would be fun. Brook-Lin Nets season, also gave GSW a scare. Not that GSW was really worried. But Nets were actually up 16 at the half.

  173. Good eyes. Good catch.

    Minor correction, I think Prince was on side-lines. Looked like Daniel Hamilton (#5). Kinda strange.

  174. Mostly agree!!!

    Lin’s not a novelty or a fluke any more. Teams know what he is capable of. Whether or not they want to acknowledge it, or to give him credit, or to let him lead on the court. Or see him as strictly for business reasons: “expiring contract”, “locker-room leader”. Entirely different story.

    At this point in his career, the only CREDIBLE reason for teams doubting Lin is his health and durability.

  175. New Game Thread?

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