G23 BOS @CHA Notes & Observations

Hornets lost a winnable game vs Celtics with 93-98 as the final score:

  1. Clifford once again stuck too long with starters in the 3rd quarter, letting Isaiah Thomas go off on Kemba repeatedly without making adjustment. From leading 4pts (42-38) at half-time, Hornets starters allowed Celtics to make 33-17 run to trail 12 pts (59-71) when Kemba checked out with 2:28 left. The bench force 1 + Batum helped with a 10-2 run to only trail only 4pts (69-73)
  2. In the 4th quarter, Kemba came back when Hornets finally took 1 pt lead (82-81) with 6:31 with Lin played as the PG. Hornets got outscored 17-11 with Kemba went 2-6 shooting with 1 TO. Batum also went 1-5 shooting.

The reason for the loss is quite clear: too much Kemba and Batum ISOs down-the-stretch plus not pulling starters early enough in the 3rd quarter when IT went off on Kemba. They are the designated stars and playmakers of the Hornets but Clifford should have adjusted by not playing them too much in the 3rd quarter, especially when Isaiah Thomas went off on Kemba. The lack of adjustment by Clifford proved to be fatal one more time. Will Clifford eventually change his slow in-game adjustment when his stars didn’t bring it before it’s too late? Only time will tell. Note: On the positive side, JLin provided a strong game defensively and was clutch with his shooting and playmaking . Too bad he wasn’t playing the PG when Kemba came back. It’s a reminder that Jeremy is not a designated star in this team YET, especially down the stretch. Oh yeah, and the hair looks MUCH better than yesterday’s game. https://twitter.com/linfinity88/status/675866351462846464



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