G22 SAC @ LAL Pregame Thread+Poll

Sacramento Kings is coming to Staples center on Tue 7:30p PT. This will be the 2nd game that Lin plays as a backup PG. Lin did not shoot well in the NOP game. We can expect him having a better game this time. The key is the two 6 minutes stint at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th Q where Kobe will be on the bench. However this is another new things added to the list of what Lin has to learn. Some time is needed for Lin to get comfortable again.

Kevin Ding’s article pointed out how LAL is so confusing for Lin to play for. This pretty much sums up what Lin has to do to fit in to LAL system, if there is any. Some excepts form the article below

Add it all up, and it’s confusing who Lin is supposed to be, even before you have Kobe Bryant telling him he has to play with an “eff-it attitude” from back in high school while Scott is nagging him to call more plays for his teammates and make more responsible defensive rotations.


Scott is in panic mode now while Lin is somewhat at peace as this is not the first time Lin experiencing all this. Let hope he will have a better showing today. But not too good so Scott have to bench him further.The are always many negativeness following bad games/situations from Lin. Let all hope for the better.

The poll will follow later after @Psalm234 gets free from his work….

Thanks for creating the thread, Brent. Here’s the poll.


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