G22 SAC @ LAL Pregame Thread+Poll

Sacramento Kings is coming to Staples center on Tue 7:30p PT. This will be the 2nd game that Lin plays as a backup PG. Lin did not shoot well in the NOP game. We can expect him having a better game this time. The key is the two 6 minutes stint at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th Q where Kobe will be on the bench. However this is another new things added to the list of what Lin has to learn. Some time is needed for Lin to get comfortable again.

Kevin Ding’s article pointed out how LAL is so confusing for Lin to play for. This pretty much sums up what Lin has to do to fit in to LAL system, if there is any. Some excepts form the article below

Add it all up, and it’s confusing who Lin is supposed to be, even before you have Kobe Bryant telling him he has to play with an “eff-it attitude” from back in high school while Scott is nagging him to call more plays for his teammates and make more responsible defensive rotations.


Scott is in panic mode now while Lin is somewhat at peace as this is not the first time Lin experiencing all this. Let hope he will have a better showing today. But not too good so Scott have to bench him further.The are always many negativeness following bad games/situations from Lin. Let all hope for the better.

The poll will follow later after @Psalm234 gets free from his work….

Thanks for creating the thread, Brent. Here’s the poll.


Guess JLin's stats


  1. fazt?

  2. too slow.

  3. Boozer: “Mitch, I’m telling you B Scott doesn’t know a thing about playing defense, look at his record at Cleveland. I know how real coaches drill defense, Thibs drills defense, Scott is no Thibs”

  4. One heart at at time, but the tanking agenda?

  5. I really don’t like the way Scott talked about Boozer. He is one of your players from the team, no matter he is part of your future or not.. Scott should not sound so disrespectful to him. smh!

  6. It shows that Scott is scared of Boozer. Can’t even tell the man straight to his face!

  7. https://twitter.com/LakersNation/status/542069919051829248

    Thought they said Boozer took it in stride. “Boozer openly expressed his frustration over the benching to Coach Scott when told he would be playing with the second unit. The veteran forward also left the locker room last night without talking to the media.”

  8. Boozer is the first to scream out that the emperor has no clothes on. A very positive development for Lin IMO.

  9. Boozer with his status is taking the fight

  10. Gotta love Thomas and his Byron’s tank tweet :]


  11. ah, the sound of backfires with a mistuned engine. Is that positive enough?

  12. Don’t think anything will change until at least 10 games… That’s what Kobe wants no one can change it.

  13. Kobe needs 10-15 games to pass Jordan’s record.

  14. That guy looks like a little Parsons…

  15. I hope “It’s nothing personal” is what Mitch tells Scott when he’s fired.

  16. I thought it was Mike Miller.

  17. Scott: I’m in here and ok but I’m afraid I may have fallen on top of Kobe.

  18. I think it’s more like Scott didn’t care about him at all bc Lakers will not sign him next summer for sure. smh!

  19. More Parsons I think #Analysis

  20. So mitch is visiting practice again

  21. And the plot thickens…

  22. Really? only 63 points LOL

  23. No, but he wants to use this lineup for a period of time to see it works or not.. smh! Scott is not running this team. Kobe is.

  24. isn’t he that guy from Israel, that NOP just signed?

  25. Yes…he is. Not a bad signing.

  26. Something is up.Boozer is probably trying to stand up for the team. I bet the younger guys are coming to him for advice

  27. At his current average of 25.24 points per game Kobe should pass Jordan’s record Sunday against MIN.

  28. I hope so…Boozer might be old….He knows how the game should be played. He just could not do it anymore physically

  29. Yes Gal Mekel, some have called him the Israeli Chandler Parsons.

  30. Do you think there is a power struggle between FO and Kobe/BS gang? Or Lakers management is behind this too?

  31. Like hitting the ref.

  32. Thanks! You don’t need 15 games to find out a dumb move isn’t working. I wonder if Mitch is there to fix things or make sure the agenda continues I don’t know.

  33. Refs probably can outran him…

  34. I think at this point, FO’s sure support BS/Kobe… BS said it will run 15 to 20 for this lineup.

  35. I think Boozer is not happy about move to 2nd unit…

  36. hopefully Asia sponsors and TV stations just called the Lakers FO

  37. He does have a problem having his hand on the shooter and get called for stupid foul though.

  38. That will help…

  39. The money paid already…

  40. sign of the aging…..thinking you can do one thing while you can not anymore.

  41. Is there a tweet or something?

  42. That is what he said last night. I think that the power struggle is between jeanie and her brother. She is looking to fire him.This might be her way of telling mitch that the organization is looking bad, because she was at the game last nite when their own laker fans booef them.

  43. So…Videoland TV corp in TW did the right thing. They became a full NBA media parterr so no matter what Lin goes..they can broadcast…

  44. Check below.

  45. Weren’t the lakers trying him out?

  46. Joyce, what do the boyz out back on the loading dock say? I’d love to know what they think Lin should do, hoping they are accurate proxy for the fan unrest.

  47. Any one knows how much would it be if Lin signs a vet min contract for 2 years?

  48. About 1M per year I think.

  49. $1,185,784 $1,227,286 for each yr

  50. So with this line up I guess it will take kobe 5 or 6 games instead of 3 games to beat mj’s record. He has 63 pts or so I think. Or let’s not take fans for complete fools and let kobe play 42 minutes and Jack up all the shots.

  51. this is a good pivot. Lin just needs an NBA razor blade. His real dollars come from signing China sponsors that fit his image, and it is a good one for Chinese hearts going back thousands of years. Chinese philosophy upholds the wise leader instead of the swaggering child.

    Let’s go Lin, any K will do. Razor to your razor blade. To Linfinity and beyond, away from Kobe and Harden and Melo (and their supportive coaches).

  52. Tks

  53. Thanks

  54. Go Kings!!!! Sorry guys gotta show love for my team. 🙂 Anyway I hope Lin has a good game, just to make things more interesting…. I might make it to the Laker game when they come Sacramento later this month.

  55. Have been to busy yo chat with them, but i will.

  56. How come they copy everything HOU said…?!

  57. One last piece of negativity I want to get off my chest. We think they BS/Kobe benched Lin in order to tank which means “Lin is too good.” BS on the other hand has made it very clear that he’s benching Lin for “poor defense and poor PG instincts.” Couldn’t he just sugar-coat it and say, we need Lin to run the second unit? Why would he want to be so evil and add insult to injury? And in parallel, Kobe makes it very obvious that he’s trying to recruit Rondo which shows that the Lakers do not consider Lin to be their top-notch PG of the future. It’s this three-pronged attack to disrespect Lin by BS and Kobe that makes the recent events so demoralizing.

    On the bright side, I do feel that Lin has hit rock bottom and things will only get better from now on. I think that BS/Kobe have miscalculated and this will come back to bite them. Lin always seems to triumph in the end.

  58. yes, gotta hope for Kings win & low Kobe points so Kobe will demand Lin back in the starting lineup as a more imposing decoy 😀

  59. Don’t be sorry. The bigger the blowout of the Lakers, the better.

  60. So what exactly is “Not An Ego Massager” BS a coach for? I am very confused because BS is not a coach for offense nor defense as evidenced by the total disorganization on both ends of the floor. Moreover, he did not even bother to talk to his players (Nash, Boozer) while coming up with brain-damaging explanations to Lin (benched for not creating for others REALLY?). I guess we can only say BS is a coach who specializes in losing because he’s been consistently losing at a very high rate for quite a while now.

  61. BS chose a home game to embarrass JLin and Boozer. Backfired. Imagine if LAL were to beat NOP? BS could have used an away game to make a change to the starting lineup if he thinks its justify to do so.

  62. ohhhh snap

  63. Hey guys. Been keeping low to see how things will turn out under Scott before jumping to conclusions. Really disappointed. Another houston reenactment. Another fixation on a pg that is inferior to Lin. Wow! Anybody who calls themselves a coach, a talent evaluator ( you have to be in order to succeed), should know without a shadow of a doubt who is the better player and better for the team. Scotts choice for pg speak volumes on so many levels. And we are talking on the level of reenforcing conspiracy theories. On the level that he is a boneheaded coach. I dont know if hes as st_pid as mchale but he is as stubbornly boneheaded.
    I had visions of a showtime coming back. Did Scott not learn anything during showtime era. Running is better than pounding and grounding on your legs. The old celtics also ran cuz they knew it to be true. Hardwr on stamina but better on your knees. Go tell father Kobe that please
    That #5 pick will be very helpful. Show us a better brand of bb or make sure the tanking is legit. Otherwise the franchise will be in a holding pattern for a long time. And i am a lakers fan. Brutal season.

  64. Byron Scott’s offense needs to be benched. Jeannie Buss needs to take notice of the boos that were felt throughout Staple Center.

  65. Thank you sister! Keep the faith, I know you do. It’s hard to take a stomach punch where we normally get inspiration, but Lin will come through for us. Meanwhile, we got the positives in each other!

  66. Wait, I thought Serena’s post says he’s keeping it to himself. He made more comments then?

  67. Full Lakers meltdown. SMH

  68. Why SMH? This creates opportunities for Lin to right the ship.

  69. Yeah…melting purple and gold…

  70. Good on you Robin. Keep making some noise for Boozer and Jeremy. I believe Jeremy will rise once again.

  71. Respect for Boozer! Respect!!!

  72. Jeanie Buss needs to fire her brother, BS, and trade Kobe away!

  73. Probably she didn’t stay till the end. Something can only be spoken to guys.

  74. Whoa. Scott is going to lose the locker room if he hasn’t already.

  75. yeah, Byron Scott said that during pre-game interview, he said he hadn’t talked to Boozer yet and that was right before the game. LOL, and reporters were asked that he might see it on social media. What a coach.

  76. laker situation is becoming toxic. mutiny

  77. You mean “scapegoat” as decoy.

  78. Lin should learn from Boozer and say the Hxll with it and speak up for himself!

  79. Don’t think any other team would want to pay Kobe $24 mil.

  80. He doesn’t care about other players, he only has to massage Kobe’s ego.

  81. W Kobe on his side… he has no fear at all… smh!

  82. I don’t understand why Lakers did not try to get him.

  83. Karma can’t bite back soon enough! Best would be for Kobe and Price to break down, BS fired, and Lin taking over with new coach!

  84. Ya! To Scott, Boozer who? He didn’t even talk to him after the move yet. Hard to believe this coach?! smh!

  85. Pretty much what Lin and Swaggy have had on their minds but couldn’t say, dancing around with words in the post-game interviews, and Swaggy just walking away “I can’t say”

  86. Dude Lin isn’t going to sign a vet min, he’s worth way more than that especially with this new billion dollar tv deal of the NBA.

  87. I would’ve booed them too playing so horrible, as if Kobeball wasn’t embarrassing and a laughing stock already!

  88. That’s what “HE” said doesn’t mean FO has that kind of patience. Then again it’s probably the power struggle with Mitch and Jim Buss wanting to tank. No coach loses this bad and not get fired!

  89. Now I understand why Swaggy never cares about playing with the “starters”

  90. Is this guy credible..

  91. Because they are not trying to win?

  92. Kobe needs 5 games of PG to break something, watch it’s going to happen! Dude can barely run already!

  93. Boozer made be older but he’s still a big that can throw some mean punches!

  94. And here we thought Lakers was a much classier team, wow how the great as fallen! They are not any better if not worst than Houston!!

  95. Even if they fire B Scott he collects 3 years salary right? He’d get free money for 3 years. Maybe that’s why he really doesn’t care.

  96. trying to get squeezed out?

  97. Ya! He is ESPN radio show host from NY. A big Lin supporter.

  98. Now we know why Dwight couldn’t get along with Kobe the ball hog! After watching Kobe play, I don’t blame him for leaving the Lakers!

  99. Byron was probably thinking Pelicans in the 2nd back-to-back game gave him a legit chance to get a W to justify the bizzare benching of Lin. Yes, Good thing it backfired on him.

  100. He is smart. W Kobe he can’t do too much. But in 2nd unit, he has freedom to do whatever he wants.

  101. After the loss with all starters gone and only bench players heading to the locker run, BS looked like he got poo on his hands and no one bothered to look at him!

  102. Here we gooooo…mutiny on the Tankers. Go Boozer Go!!!! Kupchak needs to talk w/the ‘3rd try is the lucky charm’ Lin next…unless the Tank job is true.

  103. I was completely wrong….I thought they are a classy org too. I think FO are…just the coach is not.

  104. Yeah blame it all on the coach, and Lin should shoot more is the answer to all problems.

  105. Not enough Lin fans follow the NBA. Those that do knew this was coming. I was hopeful at first but once pre-season came, I saw the writing on the wall.

    The rest of the season will not go too well for Lin. But I hope for a rebound summer where he goes to the RIGHT team of his CHOOSING.

  106. Did Boozer really say these things or is Robin just inferring this?

  107. Now I understand why Nash doesnt want to talk with BS because Nash knows Scott offense system is really sucks. And he knows Scott and Kobe will not listen Nash’s advices anyway.

  108. Lakers are having a cancer, not healthy any more.

  109. Kobe is King. As long as Scott does not lose Kobe, he will always keep his job. Scott is doing the right thing when it comes to keeping his job even if it means the product on the floor is a joke.

    I cannot blame Scott if his priority is job security for him and his son. I cannot blame Scott at all. I just dont like it one bit

  110. Just not the day to try to be positive. Heeeeerrrrrrre’s Byron.

  111. LOL. Why can’t LIn be like Boozer!

  112. I dont know you are Lin. Sorry and glad you are on board here.

  113. In article today on twitter, it says mitch pulled Boozer to the side for a chat. He wouldn’t say what they talked about

  114. Fired Byron Scott! My grandma said she never seen such a bad coach in her life! She is 80 years old and still watching bball!

  115. Sorry I dont know you are Lin. Glad you are on board here. Good luck with your new contract.

  116. Shallow and unprofessional coach!

  117. Why can’t Lin do this exactly?

  118. And the…… sorry…can’t help…LOL

  119. Because he is not Boozer..

  120. I guess the problem is the players not doing what he’s telling them to do and losing focus. There’s nothing wrong w/ his coaching, it’s the players not doing them.

  121. Scott doesn’t seem that intelligent. I think that is the real issue. Sad to say. Great Laker on the court.

  122. Lol he didnt talk to Lin? who was more undeserving of the benchif

  123. Mitch pulled Boozer? Maybe good sign for him then? I thought it’s Boozer talked to Mitch…

  124. Lin doesn’t rock the boat. So no need to worry about his feelings.

  125. Not even McHale?

  126. Are you kidding? Mitch probably warned Boozer that loose lips tank, I mean sink, ships.

  127. he’s pretty bad. He’s actually a lot worse than Mchale. He is losing all players not named Kobe, Wes, Nick and Jordan. Oh and Price. Ellington too though Ellington doesn’t play enough with Lin for my tastes.

  128. Scott is worse than Mchale as a coach. Mchale was a bigger a$$$ to lin though but actually put Lin in a better position to succeed.

  129. Good point!

  130. I think BS thinks that Lin STINKS at basketball. That’s real talk.

  131. BS is so disgusting, cheap and shallow! Double heads snake!

  132. Joeteam, all you need to do is ask me, Khuang, and webattorney and you will know the reality of the situation.

  133. Jake Baldwin is 100% correct. Why can’t people deal with reality.

  134. 90% of the people I speak with laugh at me for defending Lin. They say a good player can learn to deal and overcome any situation. Since Lin seems like he cannot, they conclude Lin is NOT a good player and that Linsanity was a fluke. They say if Lin needs the perfect situation to dominate, he is nothing special. Just another average PG of the NBA.

  135. I hope your friend is not working in any job that needs analytic…or basic reasoning…

  136. Well, I think every player in NBA like that.. That’s why Kobe wants to play his style of game bc that made him looks the best on court.

  137. Your grandma is right…again!

  138. LOL! Hello! Haven’t seen you posting for a long time!

  139. Who knows what BS or Kobe really think. If BS thinks that he’s an idiot and he’s in for a rude awakening.

  140. Perhaps he should sit the brick throwers first???

  141. Hey JJ. I’ve been lurking (and trolling.) LOL

  142. I really think all these drama all from Kobe’s idea. Scott said they text to each other every night about Lakers issue.

  143. Kobe that powerful that even FO can’t do a thing?

  144. With 14 points in a game, how long do you think Kobe will support Byron Scott?
    This game against the Sacramento Kings is a key game for BS. If Lakers won this game against the Kings w/o DeMarcus Cousin even this is a back to back road game against the Kings, Byron Scott could still last for a while. If the Lakers lost this game, they have no more hope in winning another game at all. That will mark the doom of BS.

  145. I completely disagree on that idea. If bs truly believed Lin stunk in bball, there would be no reason to margenilize by lieing about Lin’s game & relegating him to the bench w/limited min… especaially right after his best stats since being on the Lakers( out doing crimeFighter ).
    Let’s call this what it is…b-s not liking Lin out doing coBrick or Lin wanting to win more than towing the b-s tank job. The constant changed excuses points directly opposite of b-s thinking Lin doesn’t have the skills to win games, unlike Price, b-s’ chosen one.
    b-s is so stupid, he actually thought he could spread his lies of Lin w/o any of the fans catching on, but his lies are too contradictory of what we’ve seen of Lin’s games( now & previous ). The notion that he’s not tanking or Lin’s playing like a scrub enough to demote him is so ridiculous, it’s laughable on b-s.

  146. Of course you know they don’t allow JLin as a choice and get embarrassed.


  147. I’d stop talking to those people.

    But, Lin doesn’t need the perfect situation. He needs a decent situation. The Rockets and Lakers were not that.

  148. Do you think politically it would be wise for JLin to say that same stuff?

  149. No Lin & don’t RT or click for them. smh!

  150. That’s the true power struggle imo. Is coBrick more powerful than the Buss family? That is what this hoopla may determine. The players are just pawns between b-s & fo…possibly. Who is truly running the Lakers…inquiring minds want to know.

  151. It’s all No’s Ha

  152. Let’s all vote NO.

  153. Ya! Lin said it in different way but it’s even more powerful bc lots of articles on Lin’s comments today.

  154. The Kings is in the worst possible situation. They lost their star center. They are playing Utah today and then they will play the Lakers tomorrow. Good news is the Kings have only 2 players above thirty. The oldest player is Evans at 34. Carl Landary and Ryan Hollins are just thirty to thirty one. They have lots of young players. Playing a back to back game will not hurt them much.

    The Lakers aren’t in a good shape because Kobe has had a bad game.The Kings is weak at SG. Unless they put Omri Cassipi on Kobe, Kobe will just take off. Again this is a must win situation for the Lakers.

  155. I hate this joke of a coach but it’s worth noting some things here:
    – he had no intention to talk to Jeremy about the benching. It was Jeremy that went to talk to him!
    – he basically thinks when things go wrong, it’s all on the players and not the fact that he is unable to provide them with any direction. But we already knew that.
    – I am so irritated with seeing the Maxxis Tires banner behind him throughout the interview. Lin got them that sponsorship! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!

  156. Why should we care what ‘these’ people have to say about Lin? Is the 90% represent 5 people or is this from a legit research? I think of myself as being pretty open minded to posts, but I gotta to say, some of your posts( like this one ) seems to have a flavor of trying to instigate people’s wrath. jmo

  157. Go Kings! Go JLin!!!!! Down South Kobe!!!!!!!! Down South Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Try to be positive…. Jeremy is healthy…. sit back on the bench to watch the “starters” to brick and play no defence… Kobe to go 10 for 40… anything you can add?

  159. ??? You come here posting everytime to remind people all those things and rumors that is negative about Lin! What is your intention anyway?

  160. Kobe, please do us a favor, play 48 min or 53 min to get your much needed 68 points.

  161. Lin has overcome everything from racism, to being cut twice, to bad coaches, ball hog team mates, and being benched for an inferior player. The man has gone through more in his short career than most of us encounter in a lifetime. He’s still around. The story is not over yet. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  162. The answer…look at who doesn’t ‘look’ like he belongs.

  163. With any other job, working less and getting paid the same is usually a good thing.

  164. He is trying to say negative things about Lin and pretends it was from other people! He just couldnt stop reminding people all those bad rumors about Lin in a cautious way! He is a troll hiding in a mask! He us disgusting!

  165. Very fair.
    The fact is, average PGs are really good

  166. He is a troll! He tries to say bad things about Lin but cautiously put it like it was other people said it! I noticed nothing good from his posts!

  167. No one’s expecting a PERFECT situation for Lin to dominate. What most here are seeking is a NORMAL, fair situation to bring out the best in EVERY player including Lin.

    What most here find surprising are the deliberate or perhaps idiotic attempts to repress talent and essentially bring out the worst in a team

  168. I think we should all stop talking about BS at all, except in the context him being reprimanded, or better yet, terminated. Anything coming out of his mouth has neither value nor truth, so what’s the point?

  169. I don’t believe this at all. I guess if Mitch didn’t say this then no one will come…


  170. This is an offensive team but BS wants it to be an defensive team in a few months. The result is the defense fails and the offense goes abysmal. It is so much better to play to the strength of the team than to the weakness. Good offense often triggers better effort in defense. But the Lakers is severely handicapped by the Princeton offense in offense. BS doesn’t have a clue to run the offense effectively at all.

    This game against the Kings is a must win situation for the Lakers. If they lose this game, hell will break lose.

  171. The end of misery for Laker fans.

  172. LOL “The plot is thickened!!!!!!!” Few days ago Kobe and BS discussed about another extension.

  173. that’s at least one year too long…

  174. It’s got to be hard to go on when ‘no one’ wants to play w/you & world wide fans are starting to view you as a choker. He could have just played w/Lin & it wouldn’t have come to this sorry state. smh

  175. Maybe it was bs’ attempt at securing his job. Now it’s in doubt, if this is true.

  176. Ya! I feel so weird why this news out after last night’s lousy game. BOO!!!

  177. Disgusted to see or to hear anything from him

  178. I don’t know. I think if a contending roster can’t be put together in time for Kobe, then I think he will retire. On the negative, it also means there’s nothing left for him but individual records, records and more records. To heck with the team and everyone on it. That’s exactly the way it is looking now.

  179. No one will come as long as BS still here…
    Btw, really surprised that they are talking about extension a few days ago….and now “that’s it”?

  180. Why blame Kobe or Scott? It’s obvious that theyre are not a part of the Lakers problem.

  181. PR & Liar.

  182. Exactly. This is damage control getting ready for this Summer’s FA. Unfortunately, no one will believe anything out of Kobe at this stage. Shaq, Sessions, Dwight, Pau, Nash and now Lin and Boozer have all demonstrated Kobe is a liar and impossible to play with.

  183. This is my response in Twitter
    Too late 4 @Lakers @JeanieBuss to salvage sinking Titanic with BS & Kobe are THE ICEBERG causing the demise.

  184. Is this the Tankers attempt at changing the focus to this instead of the incompetence of b-s’ last unpopular changes? Would make sense…

  185. Haha! I like it..LOL!

  186. Fans didn’t boo loud enough, or it would’ve been 2015 retirement instead.

  187. Ya! I think so… Why have this article today… I guess bc today there are lots of articles on Lin’s comments from last night.

  188. Kobe, he’s their cash cow world over. The day of reckoning will come for come for Kobe.

  189. If there is any offer from any team, sane players will rather leave than stay while Kobe and now with Liar BS digging even bigger holes than past seasons.

  190. NY still cares about Lin…

    Things aren’t going so well for Jeremy Lin with the Lakers


  191. Glad that you like it. Can’t resist for not response:-)

  192. I see now more and more JLin fans cheer for opponents than Lakers while JLin is on the bench. They will boo if they are in the games now.

  193. Many of those who STILL defend Kobe on the various media seem to miss one point: 30M is a LOT of money. Yes, even to an NBA star, it is still a lot for someone, ANYONE, to walk out on. If THAT doesn’t tell you something about Kobe as a person or player, I don’t know what will.

  194. Great, this will send Jeremy deeper into the bench, if that’s even possible. Kobe will be dark green.

  195. In the worst season it’s ever had, the LA Lakers are messing with one of the most marketable, most engaging sports personalities in Jeremy. Be afraid Jeannie. Be very afraid.

  196. So Kobe basically wants two seasons of retirement appreciation tours around the cities to feel good about himself. This is the very definition of a self-absorbed brat.

  197. Of course we do! That’s the birth place of Linsanity! 🙂

  198. BS wants it the more the merrier. That’s who he is. Glad that I’ve never root any player except JLin.

  199. 90% of the people you talked to are not worth talking to… it is really simple… stop talking to them.

  200. your grand ma would outcoached BS if given the chance.

  201. I wouldn’t doubt it…scheming all night looooong. smh

  202. Really? ha ha. no disrespect, just not sure.

  203. This really creeps me out but VERY WELL DONE!

  204. astute question, JJH.

  205. I have to remember you as a real person now!

  206. i dont think she cares as much as we’d like to think. The Lakers are her concern, not just Lin.

  207. I like your grandma!

  208. I dont think Kobe actually said that. I think it’s Mitch’s way to put Kobe on notice.

  209. It feels like … Carlos, toe the line. But Mitch ….

  210. Great. Mutiny!

  211. Soooo, what’s the Lakers record again? That lineup change went real well. LOL

  212. avergae NBA PG are exceptional, I know what you mean. It’s jsut that they are all big time college stars at one time.

  213. So Lin = Rose?

  214. I guess their point is that it is debatable.

  215. Pictures wrong:)

    Kobe and Scott should be at the front

  216. Uh I said Lin will rebound well next season and be on a team he likes playing for next year. That’s negative? Thanks. Sorry if I am not always 100% cheerleader about Lin’s situation.

  217. now that’s more accurate lol

  218. Do what, toe the party line? Lin does one better … he signals it’s totally wrong but says the right words. I prefer Lin’s style than Booze, as booze is just using professional tone to signal. Lin gives it depth.

  219. v professional.

  220. the 90% of the people I refer to are all typical Lakers fans who pay money to go to these games. They sit in section 100’s or 200’s and pay good money and they are what keep the Lakers going in revenue. I strongly disagree with them but they actually pay more money than I do to watch and support the Lakers franchise. Many have season tickets. These are honestly their thoughts.

  221. It’s funny because it seems Lin liked Houston, the team, ON the court, whereas in LA, he seems to be saying he hates what he has to deal with ON the court. but off the court, it’s like flipped. I never thought Lin was cool with Houston, but I guess it did enable him to play ok most of the time with the floor spread.

  222. Maybe , maybe not. But read her twitter feed. Believe me, she cares what people think about her Lakers, as she should. They’re only lucky Jeremy isn’t some sort of vindictive a-hole. If he was, he could use his social media for a lot more than rallying his fans to pray for him. Looks what jersey gate did to Houston.

  223. Only thing is that Kobe wouldn’t give B Scott the drifting wreckage. He’d throw him off to save himself.

  224. wahahaha! The New Epic Titanic!

  225. yeah I guess probably not. I dont know what Lin can do. They say let the talking be done through your play but seems like that is hard to do as well for Lin.

  226. that’s my point, I honestly think BS believes Lin stinks at the things he says Lin stinks at! Lin doesn’t play in the style that BS wants.

  227. Jack: Rose, you jump I jump
    Rose: Jack, you go head and jump! My heart will go on, don’t worry about me.

  228. Scott seems inept basically. Looking like a really lame coach.

  229. Could be. She’s the one that survived the sinking ship, right?

  230. Just listen to Khuang. Look at his track record. He has never been wrong about anything on a macro level regarding Lin’s marginalization. Never.

  231. Coach Scott is a disaster. Ship is taking on water, beginning to list…

  232. he is REALLY bad. WAY WAY worse than poor Mike Brown who was fired after 5 games for way less than this debacle. Scott is like historically bad.

  233. Notice this Titanic is a tanker not a passenger liner. But it sinks all the same.

  234. I agree with you, and that Lin could use the media and play race angles and stuff. When Lin use to do that, he got killed by ESPN during First Take. They said Lin was only Lin because he WAS asian and got the undue notoriety for Linsanity so he should shut up.

    I don’t think Jersey gate did that much to Houston. It was just some bad PR that blew over in 2 weeks. While I agree with you on an emotional level, I feel we may be so invested in Lin we overestimate the effect he has on and off the court sometimes.

  235. I always believe front office can do ANYTHING they want and force anything at all. It’s on the front office if this situation is that bad. Not Scott, Lin, Kobe, or anyone else. They hold the cards.

  236. The good thing is that it’s a matter of “WHEN” not “IF” Byron Scott will be fired this season. He will probably be fired before all star break in my personal opinion unless Lin is traded soon. On some level, Byron is just being scapegoated, because Kobe is the real problem, but if they fire Byron, who in the world will coach this team? I don’t see anyone being able to coach this team much better than Byron has. And that’s real talk. Because you need to fix the problem (Kobe) before the Coach can fix the team.

    A better coach might make the product look a bit more competitive on the floor and get a 7-9 record with this roster, but that’s about it.

    I guess most of us just want to see Lin get some good stats and play his game win or lose. The stupid Lakers should have figured out a way to at least make that happen this season. Instead, they did the opposite.

  237. Perhaps. But for a player who right now is viewed to be nothing less than average (not that I agree), his social media presence is more potent that Ronaldo and Blake Griffin by a long way. It does mean that things can go either way for him whenever he posts something. He gets hate when posting Happy Birthday to a team mate, for Pete’s sake.
    Jersey gate may not have been long lasting but two weeks of bad publicity at FA time damaged their brand for sure. And all J did was one tweet and one response. That’s pretty powerful. So whether the Lakers care or not, they should take note.

  238. I get your point. Maybe Lin SHOULD listen to you 😉

  239. You referring to the team ownership?

  240. That goes without saying. I think the issue here may be a division and/or power struggle amongst the higher ups, say Jim and Jeanie.

  241. what can they do right now? All they could do is alienate fans by benching or limiting Kobe who will use the media to spit hate at the Laker management. Fans will side with Kobe. Front Office’s hands are tied.
    I think they hoped Lin could save the ship but clearly nobody can. If Rondo comes, he will fight with Kobe every day after 20 games! It would be comical to watch.

  242. BS is not there to massage anybody’s egos other than Kobe’s.

  243. I think Maddog will be promoted or temporarily take over the HC position if it is the case. Kobe problem will remain unsolved but Lin will have a more favourable situation.

    However, I highly doubt that BS will get fired so soon, only if Kobe is injured and out of the season. FO then will need someone to take the blame and that’s BS for sure.

  244. “Marcus and Marcellus on ESPN radio says that Jeremy somehow pissed off
    Kobe Bryant does explains the benching….They both said there is no way
    Ronnie Price is better than JLin in whatever galaxy. So our dude is
    having problems getting along with Kobe….Lin probably was a risk to
    Kobe’s ball hogging.”

    When I posted this last week well before this was confirmed, I got temporarily banned here. Thank you mods for unbanning me for just speaking the truth.

  245. I do believe Bryon will be canned if they lose the next 20 in a row. And if they lose all 10 by say 25-30 points, he will be done in 10 games.

    I believe the change will come sooner than we think. And yes, Maddog may be the lame duck coach.

    The Lakers have pride. This is not the LA CLippers.

  246. I think Maddog is a JLin supporter, but I don’t know what he could do with Kobe.

  247. nobody can do a thing about Kobe. I think Maddog is naive and strong enough a man to take on Kobe but he will lose that battle as Mitch and Jim will not allow him to discpline Kobe.

    I mean come on, Maddog was once a 12th man, bad dancer next to Kobe. Kobe wont respect Maddog.

  248. That’s what I thought bc after vs Min game, Kobe probably started to worry Linsanity will be back soon.. he can’t stand it. Right now they just want him to be like Fisher #2. smh!

  249. Totally. Luckily Lin is a 1 yr rental. Lin will escape from LA REAL REAL quick. Lin has to be a jerk to a guy like Bryant because Kobe is a jerk. Kobe is a liar who never wants to play off ball. He LIED when he TOLD Steve Nash he would play off ball. Nash complained about it to the media and basically said Kobe lied to him. Nash is smart to have run away. Kobe just wants to maintain his status as #1 Laker stud even on a tank loser. He doesn’t care about winning no matter what he says.

    I figured this out about Kobe a long time ago. When he passed the last shot to Ron Artest in game 7, I knew Kobe no longer was legit and had lost it already. Since that day, Kobe’s career has been on a downward spiral.

  250. definitely.

  251. Oh. Emm. Gee.. hahaha!

  252. That’s why it is only happened if Kobe is out with a season ending injury…..not likely at this moment at all.

  253. I would listen to anyone who is balanced and anyway, positive. The negative parts are aok,but I’d reserve that for what I can control so I used downside assessment in to manage risk. Else, I try not to get myself twisted up. That is, earlier, I said there’s no point in speculating too far out because LAL is in flux and one sets oneself up for disappointment. Look how naive my 5 game prediction is now … ha but that was just for fun. Now it’s easy … 0-5 coming up! Alllllll aboard!

  254. you posted a LOT more negative stuff over and over. Don’t just say you posted something that now is getting proven right. That’s not what happened. You shotgunned a ton of stuff and some of is statistically would be right.

    And btw, it was obvious that Kobe wanted the ball back when he announced clearly the ball has to be controlled through him. So, no magic vision there, Kobe said it plain as day.

  255. What did I post exactly? I never delete any comments I make. I got banned for saying “looks Like Kobe is turning on Lin in his post game comments. Lin better watch out” or something like that. IsabeliJane claimed it was a comment meant to bait commenters here but it was just me making an honest observation. Not sure how that is trolling.

  256. I’m pretty sure you know what you are doing.

  257. I just post what I believe to be the truth using my own perceptions. Nothing more nothing less.

  258. I thought Kobe should be OK but just like Harden can’t stand of Lin’s good performance on court. one year it’s still very long & this is his contract year?! W this low stats, where can Lin go?

  259. Honestly, he’s in a tough spot. I am not trolling, but in my honest opinion, I think Lin’s career will be that of an NBA backup from now on and at times he will look like an amazing backup who should be a starter. America is not ready or willing to let an Asian American male dominate a professional sport of importance at this time.

  260. Which team?

  261. This is hilarious. Listen to what Max & Marcellus have to say about Kobe:


    18:10 Just using some Scientific method, we switch a lot of moving parts from the Lakers
    except one and that is Kobe Bryant, ownership changes, coaches come and gone… we
    did not blame on that one constant. …
    19:00 The problem is what’s the problem?…
    20:00…He didn’t play any defense. He shoots too much. His usage rate is too high. Inefficient
    scoring. He chased everyone out of town. No one wants to play with him. He made
    too much money…You can’t have a good team around him…His teammates don’t want
    to play with him…demoralizing everyone around him…

  262. Spurs, Dallas. Pop and Carlisle. Not too many more coaches I think would give Lin a chance. Even those 2 might not give Lin a chance! Maybe the coach up in Portland would let Lin play 6th man behind Lillard (who I think is not as good as Lin!).

    I know this sounds insane and racist but hear me out. At the NBA level, I believe only a white coach will give Lin a fair chance. I judge people not by color, but by character. A younger black coach like Monty Williams *might* give Lin a fair chance, but no older black coach (50 years or older) in my opinion will.

    Since most coaches are over 50, I believe therefore, only white coaches are a bit less closed off to the thought of an Asian outsider encroaching on their space, since almost all the players are now black, at least the good and great NBA players. So the white coach is less concerned about Lin being a star or good player since white American players are already a dead breed (20/20 did a piece on this before).

    I will bet anyone here that Lin ends up on a team this summer with a white coach. It’s about as obvious to me as the sky is blue. Book it and quote me. If I am wrong, straight up ban me out of here.

  263. Hear, hear.

  264. It all starts and ends with 24 and he will burn down the house….he has been spoiled his whole life…never faced adversity and when he did (Colorado) he put his wife out there to look like a fool and called out Shaq for cheating on his wife….kobe has been given a huge pass by the media…similar to Jordan in that the ugly gets glossed over…jeremy must have some real deal faith

  265. Thanks for this great infor… Haha! They spoke the truth… Don’t know what will happen to Lin…

  266. Max and Marcellus should be the Lakers coach. The team would have a .700 record right now, no lie. Kobe would quit the team.

  267. Mav maybe not Spurs bc they had back up PG already.

  268. Max, Marcellus, and Horry on the staff = Linning

  269. I can also see Lin going back to GSW. Lacob believes in Lin, even if only as a bench warmer. It’s sad but at least Lin can be crappy 6th man there with lame Kerr. Kerr is still white so there is hope even though he is a Lin hater.

  270. totally. I just saw that stupid coach miller piece on Lin. I really dont like that guy and TWC in general.

  271. I can see Golden State too. Lin may end up there as backup. *SIGH* but at least the owner does support Lin.

  272. Lin won’t be in LAL after this season. If you can’t see that yet, its ok. You will soon enough.

  273. Once a year I go to church with my family when we gather for holidays. I always attend their Sunday service because I have the utmost respect for their faith and dedication. The sermon that was given was timely because of the particular subject the pastor chose to talk about.

    1 Corinthians 1:27-29

    27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him.

    When I started to think about Lin’s situation and how often he has been put into this lowly situation, I can see why Christians often wonder why God “works in such mysterious ways”. The pastor touched on the fact that so many people pray for solutions to their everyday problems as if getting over that one problem would solve their lives for them, when in fact the problems are more like symptoms of a far greater and systemic fault that needs resolution. We all have wants and desires and often lose sight of what is important in life. I’ve seen first hand, a miracle of a family member finally surrendering their own desires to the will of God only to finally receive the very thing they had prayed so hard, so long for. So while LIN has been yet pushed down again and further tested by God, his trials reveal to him and to us the true value of the prize he seeks.

    I will take it further and compare two other athletes who have in their eyes of their own prize.

    Not many LIN fans will know who Jean Belliveau is. He was the captain of the great Hockey dynasty of the Montreal Canadians back in the 60s and 70s. Jean Belleveau passed away last weekend in Quebec Canada. The love and outpouring of respect for the captain and inspirational leader of the Montreal Canadians will forever be enshrined in the hearts of the fans and people who loved hockey. Ordinary fans and sports celebrities alike lined up to pay their final respects to a great man. Jean Belliveau was pure class, who took time to be with fans and played the game with true sportsmanship. That reciprocated love is true legacy.

    When I look at Kobe and his legacy, he will leave behind nothing but fading bad memories of a selfish player who could have made a difference but chose not to for his own gain. Despite his greatness, he could have been one of the greatest and best loved Lakers of all time had he played the game in an inclusive way. Think of the players he chased away. Shaq, Howard, NASH, Gasol, all could have brought many more titles to LA. But Kobe chose to win his way OR NO WAY. When he eventually have lived a long life and passes away, I doubt very much if most Lakers fans will really care.
    Late last night when I started to read this on this site that Lin had been sent to the bench, I googled the 1 Corinthians 24 by accident and found this bible passage instead and it was almost again about LIN’s situation. It was quite a coincidence to have these passages sandwiched together like a before after deliverance. I hope some LIN fans find truth in it.

    I Corinthian 9:24-27

    “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. And everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Therefore, I run in such a way, not as without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air; but I buffet my body and make it my slave, lest possibly, after I have preached to others, I myself should be disqualified.”

    Paul uses two illustrations to describe the Christian and Christianity: the runner and the fighter. he purpose of these common illustrations is to help us better understand our roles as children of God. We need to walk worthy of vocation (Ephesians 4 and to be faithful as soldiers of the cross as we “fight the good fight of fight of faith” (2 Timothy 2:3; 1 Timothy 6:12).

    We are familiar with the figures of a runner and boxer, so we can clearly understand the lesson involved. .Many will fail to reach the goal of heaven — all run but one receives prize; your opponent is Satan. Only one of you will win your race. Some box vainly; beating up on the air; a boxer who swings and misses may beat the air to a pulp! But loses the fight.

    We Will Fail Without A Clear Goal

    The Christian has a definite goal (v.25). What is it?

    Peter describes our goal as “an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fades not away, reserved in heaven..” (1 Peter 1:4). Paul was able to talk about having done what it takes to reach this goal (2 Timothy 4:6-8). Even the great men and women of faith from the Old Testament era remembered this goal (Hebrews 11:7-16).

    But, it is easy to become sidetracked by other concerns and lose sight of this goal. We can become castaways. We can become fatally overconfident. “`Wherefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12). We recall how Demas, a once faithful worker, lost sight of the goal (Philemon 24; 2 Timothy 4:10). We can also have the wrong goal. We are told to seek the kingdom/righteousness of God first (Matthew 6:33). We are warned not to trust in riches (1 Timothy 6:17-19). We are warned not to love the world nor things of the world (1 John 2:15-17). And we must not let the praises of men become too important to us (John 12:42-43; Luke 6:26; Galatians 1:10).

    We Will Fail If We Do Not Observe The Rules
    First, one must compete in the proper area. The boxer must stay in the ring and the runner must stay in the proper track. To break the rules is to forfeit the contest.

    We must stay within the limits that God has set for us. Simply put, we must obey God (Matthew 7:21). It is the words of Christ that will judge us on the last day (John 12:48).

    Now, I know that the “in” thing to do today is to suggest that everyone has the right to make up their own rules as far as religion goes. But it is not so. Without abiding in the doctrine of Christ, one does not have God (2 John 9). Are you willing to submit to God’s rules for life? For your manner of speech? Conduct? Dress?

    We Will Fail Without Proper Training
    In our text, Paul said that the athlete must exercise “self-control” which means to exercise self-restraint. In order to accomplish this, one must be willing to accept the proper training.

    The same thing is true spiritually. We are to make our lives as “living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1,2). We need to keep ourselves mentally prepared as well. We “renew” our minds in Bible study and meditation (2 Timothy 2:15). We also need to build upon what we have accomplished thus far, exercising our senses (Hebrews 5:12-14).

    We Will Fail If We Do Not Value the Prize
    Perhaps the value of the prize can best be seen in the words of Jesus. If we gain the whole world and lose our souls, then we will have settled for mush less than what we could have had. (Matthew 16:26). Paul talks of the perishable wreath athletes of the first century contended for. It would not last. But our goal is imperishable. It is eternal and we shall be perfectly harmonious with our God and our new home. It will never get better than that.

    By having a definite goal, staying in the designated area, being properly trained, and having a worthy goal, I can one day possess the incorruptible crown. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare? The hare started quickly but soon stopped before the end of the race. The tortoise continued on steadfastly and he won the prize.

    While this is only a story it teaches the truth which is set forth in the Bible. All of the hare’s efforts were vain. At the race’s end, it had been as if he had only been beating the air. Don’t live your life that way.”

    By Jon W. Quinn
    From Expository Files 6.10; October 1999.

    What LIN prizes is his relationship with God and his work is to spread the love of God. Just as how LIN won the prize with the fans of HOUSTON, while Parsons did not. Kobe may soon win the prize of setting a record that may eventually be broken by someone else, he loses the prize of the love of his fans. At the end of a
    Life time, all the money or Fame or glory will not ever replace love. Paul has said that God is love. The most prized thing in life is love.

  274. Mike Brown probably wanted to cry racial discrimination on his firing until he saw this Scott crap haha. Lakers giving Scott the longest leash ever.

  275. Yes sir!!!

  276. Great post.

  277. Wow that is some post. Can’t relate at all due to no religious bone in me. But that is one serious post.

  278. So Mitch put Kobe on notice today with that article. F/O knows now that nobody is going to sign in LA with Kobe. Jeannie has put her brother on notice too. She was at the game last night, and she saw how bad Scott coached and she heard the boos from the crowd. She is the one that said she bleeds purple and gold. I am pretty sure that it didn’t sit well with her. The power struggle in this organization is between the brother/sister and everybody else is caught in the middle.

  279. Kevin Ding was the reporter for the LA Lakers before he went bleacher report. He has connections higher up in the Laker organization than any of the other reporters. Also he tweeted that he was sitting with jeannie & Iggy(Young’s girlfriend).

  280. I agree the article was to put Kobe on notice his time as a Laker ends next season. Maybe they are hoping to piss him off so he demands a trade.

  281. Kevin Ding did his best today to help Lin. It’s about all he can do.

  282. oh, the 26:30 the part you really don’t want to miss: Is Jeremy Lin the fix.

    Gosh, I love these two guys, they just straight out saying that I don’t care what Jeremy Lin did, he could goes to coach’s office and punch in coach’s face, if you have Price and Jeremy Lin in the same team, you start Jeremy Lin. And they just say it straight that why Jeremy was benched is because he was taking the ball from Kobe. haha, really a must listen.

  283. Who is going to take him? Mitch threw down the gauntlet today, and kobe knows this.

  284. Yeah Kentucky had Bledsoe and wall those were the days
    Lin is a very good combo guard who excels at scoring if he was boring a little earlier he wouldve been a top10 for sure

  285. No one needs you here to be the cheerleader but you brought those negative rumors here that was already over long time ago! So what is your intention? If you want to tell people Lin will rebound, do you have to bring with you old negative rumors?

  286. Exactly, he went out of his way to write sucha nice piece about Lin’s struggle. I can feel his frustration

  287. That is about all anybody can do. Listen I am not worried about Lin. He will rise to the challenge because he is stubborn like that. I will see how it all plays out.

  288. a lot of people know what it really means, that’s the part I like LA, there are reporters that who are not just follow the team’s narrative. Max and Marcellus today just straight out saying that Jeremy’s benching is due to Kobe, and Scott just do that to please Kobe.

  289. He is a Lin fan trying to go too far cuz he loves Lin too much lol

  290. Brent, do u notice that Gooddayla is a troll? Pay attention to his cautious way to trash Lin and he acted like someone else said or laughed at him, then spilled all the negative rumors about Lin on his posts!

  291. Yah for sure
    Kobe just told Lin to stick with it ahaha how obvious can it be

  292. Lol Mike Brown coached the Cavs too eh

  293. He is always like that….I am taking notice…

  294. exactly, good words…

  295. So Brent you think Mitch’s article today was to put Kobe on notice to let him know “you ain’t gettin another contract form Lakerland”…LOL

  296. God is fully aware and in full control of Jeremy’s situation. In God’s perfect time and in his perfect way he will bring Jeremy through this victorious. God,’s promise “Those who trust in me will never be disappointed”.

  297. Thanks. I think so too.

  298. Sorry i dont get what you mean! You think i am not a real person?

  299. Not sure if lakers are in tanking mode. Some said that they either send the 2015 pick to the suns if they are better than the 25th place or they send them the pick in 2016 disregard their record.

    Anyone knows if its true? Cant find who siad that.

  300. Ok…top 5 protected in 2015, top 3 protected in 2016 and unorotected in 2018.

  301. Exactly, it all about God’s perfect timing.

  302. Lakers’ Carlos Boozer says demotion to bench was a surprise

    It was at least 45 minutes after the Lakers completed practice Monday before Carlos Boozer shared his thoughts about being demoted from the starting lineup in Sunday’s game against New Orleans, along with point guard Jeremy Lin.

    Boozer shot extra free throws and then spent seven minutes talking with Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak after practice before walking into the team’s locker room. The media waited out Boozer and formed a circle around the benched power forward because he didn’t talk Sunday night after losing his job to Ed Davis.

    “Obviously it was a surprise,” said Boozer, who had 12 points coming off the bench against New Orleans. “I didn’t expect that. But if it helps our team win, I’m a team player. So if it helps our team win, that’s what it’s going to be.”

    Boozer said he missed the shoot-around before Sunday’s game because he was ill and didn’t find out about his status until right before game time.

    And what did Lakers Coach Byron Scott tell him?

    “We haven’t talked about it,” Boozer said.

    Did Boozer want to talk to Scott?

    “We just haven’t talked about it,” Boozer snapped.

    Scott told the media he made the lineup changes because of the team’s poor record and he started Davis because he wanted a better defensive effort.

    “That’s just his opinion,” Boozer said.

    What did Boozer think?

    “I have a different opinion,” Boozer snapped again. “I’ll keep it to myself.”

    Scott said he “doesn’t massage egos,” especially with the Lakers’ 5-16 record.

    The Lakers’ 104-87 loss to New Orleans didn’t change Scott’s plans. Davis and Ronnie Price will continue to start, with Boozer and Lin coming off the bench, Scott said.

    “With me, it’s nothing personal, because I like Carlos and I like Jeremy,” Scott said. “But from basketball standpoint, I had to make a change because I wasn’t getting what I needed from that first unit, so I made changes.”

    Boozer, 33, started the first 19 games this season for the Lakers, and he had started in every game he played for eight consecutive years with Chicago and Utah.

    But his streak of starting in 569 consecutive games came to an end against New Orleans.

    “Yeah, it’s different,” Boozer said. “I’ve never come off the bench in my career.”

    And how about that conversation between Boozer and Kupchak?

    “Just me and Mitch talking,” Boozer said. “That’s not for you guys [in the media]. That’s for us.”

    Then after a 2-minute 13-second interview, Boozer ended the session and walked away.

  303. They were ready for Yao Ming who was Chinese. Why not a Taiwanese-American? I think it is something about people “getting” Lin’s game more than anything else. There are plenty of racists out there and you see it in comments, but I think some basketball people see money over everything, and Lin can get them that, and just don’t understand his high-risk, high-reward game. They’d rather see him play different, they think he looks reckless so they go with something more conservative. He needs a coach that isn’t conservative.

  304. God surely has a way to make Lin fans suffer through sleepless nights and anxiety

  305. I wander how many arguments Boozer has gotten into with Kobe in the locker room? Boozer probably called him out when Scott was afraid to, now Scott is mad with Boozer because he did what he couldn’t do.

  306. Only thing I don’t like is he still needs to refine and get some of the rawness out of his game and he has to get the minutes to do so. I hope somehow before the season is over, he gets regular playing time to work out the wrinkles in his game and not get rattled where we see him get rattled sometime, and then play very close to his potential most nights. He was asked if he played to his potential in the 20 games as a starter and he said nowhere close. We know that as big Lin fans. That’s for sure.

  307. Love boozer will always support him
    Lin always seems to get along with the ejects(Asik in Hou)

  308. Boozer is the Lakers Patrick Patterson. Patrick was let go, but he was right about Harden.

  309. He and Lin are the only ones who called for ball movement Kobe dont like that, so he told Scott
    they text each other everyday
    Scott got the job done

  310. I’m just baffled. I’m 99% sure the coaches watch film of games, especially ones where the team performs poorly. If they watch Jeremy play D, especially in the losses, he’s often the only one hustling and chasing opponents around, boxing out, or covering for other teammates laziness or miscoverage. Scott originally said he would yank players who weren’t hustling and just jogging…Lin is the last guy that I see being lazy and it’s all on film!

  311. She played bball in her high school team and she watched college bball all her life and stopped in her late sixties. Then started again when Lin in NYK. She is also very good in Mahjong games, she won most of the time! LOL!

  312. They probably aren’t watching film anymore. This is cover up Scott’s lies. I am sure the assistant coaches watch the film and tells Scott what he sees, he just refuses to listen.

  313. It makes absolutely no sense to bench Jeremy for a backup that shoots 10% lower, with same or lower assists and other stats. Makes no sense. Do the Laker coaches even watch film and look at player performance? Yes, Ronnie had 0 TOs last night but if you watched the game, he had 2 passes almost stolen (one was saved by Kobe after a Pelican tapped it away) and could have easily been 2 TOs.

  314. Sorry to nitpick… but I have to point out it is Beliveau not Belliveau and Canadiens not Canadians. The team name remains French whether we converse in French or English.

  315. Exactly. And when Scott talks about Lin needing to get more people involved. He’s the only one moving the ball and getting people involved on that team.

  316. He should take the ball from kobe. He shoots % higher than Kobe and should take more shots until Kobe is shooting better! Higher % = more shots made = more points! Basic 2nd grade math!!!

  317. They don’t their only goal is to please Mr.Kobe Bryant

  318. BS is just too blind to follow whatever Kobe wants. Read it somewhere that BS and Kobe will tweet each other every night until BS told KB that it was very late and he needed some zzzzzzzzzzz. So, KB and BS are just 2 in wearing same pant. Kobe’s old age coverup of his own inefficiencies by throwing JLin under the bus. They refuse to play JLin’s strengths but magnify JLin’s narratives so that I can throw JLin under the bus. Nasty two!!!

  319. its all about kobe

  320. Our faith can also be built as we travel this journey with Jeremy. Sometimes I have a tendency to look at the circumstances rather than the one who is in control of them.

  321. Watch the defense load up on Kobe tomorrow. Lin isn’t there for them to load up on him.My wish: all of the players freeze kobe out. Scott can’t bench everybody.LOL

  322. It bugs the crap out of me when Scott says he’s not here to massage egos. Well he sure massages the heck out of Kobe’s ego. And how when the team is 5 and 16, he’s gotta make changes. He could have made a lot more in game changes, like leaving lin in those games where he had it going instead of sitting him for long stretches.

  323. I’d love for someone to put together a “Awesome D by Kobe 2014 version” video on youtube, followed by Scott saying that he’s going to bench whoever doesn’t hustle or play D. In addition to being lazy on D, Kobe will often sit there and argue with the ref after a missed shot in which he thinks he was fouled, and let the opposing team beat them down the floor the other way.

  324. My evil mind is that let Kobe work so hard on double/triple him in 48 games to make every NBA records. This will fasten mother nature on his body. Then probably we will have fun to watch JLin games again.

  325. Podcast of Max & Marcellus
    Interesting part starts around 26 min mark.

  326. No, nothing negative toward you. There are many people online who are not real people – they have multiple identities. Whenever I read a genuine post, I try to remember that person and engage with that person for real.

  327. I have some land in swampy FL in case there are takers, lol.

  328. It’s pretty obvious, don’t you think? Why lord over people over obvious things?

  329. The Lin community is better than slender man! I mean, did this just all come from 1 week of PFV ‘splaining the idea of deck chairs? I’m so impressed!

  330. He’s acting like a sycophant !

  331. Somebody with money and power is waiting to nab that talent.

  332. LOL .. Hilarious
    Kobe “Jack” holding Byron “Rose” on a sinking Titanic!

  333. The big IF:

    “But if it helps our team win, I’m a team player. So if it helps our team win, that’s what it’s going to be.”

  334. yeah, it really captures the main story of Kobe throwing Lin overboard in a sinking Titanic

  335. Here’s another one from the same artist (see JLin Fan’s post). Click on the photo to enlarge.

  336. PFV only talked about this for 2-3 days and all these came out today when JLin fans are so furious with BS and Kobe. Believe these pics are more based on Kobe’s own Titanic analogy that he wouldn’t jump with sinking Titanic; he’d stay on. PFV talked about changing deck chairs on sinking Titanic.

  337. Are you saying they meet to tank to protect that pick for 2 years? If so, you’re right, they might as well start rebuilding today. Do tell …

  338. Sorry not sure what you mean. Bottom line is lakers will need to send a pick to the suns either in 2015, 16 or 17. Up to the suns to decide which one.

  339. Thank you acbc … another great post. Lots here to reflect on. JLin’s journey is a daily lesson in how life can be approached to touch the important things, to be good and good stewards with our time here.

  340. Byron Scott.

  341. Was watching some old Linsanity clips, and man that knicks team was fun to watch. Lin would pass the ball to shumpert who would pass it right back. He’d pass it to chandler and get it right back, then Tyson would set a screen, he’d drive and then kick it to novak. They passed the ball like it was a hot potato. On this lakers team – one or two passes and that’s it, everybody thinks they’re the best option to score.

  342. Ah, ok, then yes, I see why not give them one and get on with life.

  343. ah, ok thanks for clarifying.

  344. yep, that’s why I any legions of others started to watch NBA again. Then I started watching SAS and I’m rebooked until the isoballers kill it for me again.

  345. This cracks me up
    makes me feel good about the mistreatment

  346. Kobe didn’t do practice w his teammates anymore? Bc he is ISO by himself. I think maybe after -30 games that just end of any chance to make it to playoff so he probably will not come to play at all…? Sure hope so.

  347. Hm, that’s not good then. Thanks for doing the research.
    Perhaps Casspi can help guard Kobe to help his old pal, JLin.

    I believe Kobe-ISO is enough to sink Lakers again. Teams will just leave Price alone and try block Davis out of the paint. Wes started to misfire again. It will get worse for the LAL starters

  348. Actually, NBA coaches are nowhere as smart as they pretend they are.

    If they were, they’d LOVE LIN and the racial aspect wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Nowadays, I have a dim view of pretty much all NBA front offices. That includes the best front offices, like the Spurs.

  349. Vanish Price he’s not a starting pg

  350. Spurs sure are beautiful to watch – pass after pass, screen after screen. Making the defense work most of that 24 seconds per possession. In essence, playing defense while your on offense – making the other team expend energy by chasing the ball around all night.

  351. When Tim Duncan steps off the court, the Spurs look like the D-League team that they’d be without Duncan.

  352. I added the poll. Thanks for creating the thread, Brent Yen

    Even if it may not mean much, I still expect the wicked will fall into the holes that they dug deep.

    I voted “10pts/3asts for Lin & Kobe 8/24 shooting”

  353. Duncan is the anchor, one of the best of all time, the “big fundamentals”.

  354. LOL that’s a little harsh I bet they will still beat the lakers
    this starting line up is a legitimate D-league team

  355. Lin’s body language can be seen as getting away from Kobe.
    It might coincidental but it fits the situation perfectly.

  356. I think what’s gonna happen is Lakers will trade price for another scrub they are gonna cut if Byron keeps benching Lin

  357. Aw, c’mon, they’re pretty good and yes, Duncan is so good.

  358. Max & Marcellus said the truth.
    99.999999898999% chance that Kobe gave the order to bench Lin and Boozer

  359. It’s not harsh.

    Indeed the Spurs bench would CRUSH the Lakers starters.

    The Spurs bench is not good, but it’s more than enough to win in today’s watered down NBA filled with bad starting point guards like Patrick Beverley and Ronnie Price.

  360. Great observation.

    Looks deliberate to me.

  361. Price is a scrub
    Davis is a scrub
    Hill is a scrub
    and Wes of course is a scrub
    in D-league
    Kobe is just old dust who refuses to admit he’s old…like Michael Douglas

  362. More importantly, Boozer and Lin are genuine defensive players who are trying to work together to cobble a semblance of an offense.

    A lot of ignorant Lin fans who don’t know anything about basketball crow that Boozer is a bad defender, but when I see him play he’s moving his feet and chasing and helping and posting. Those same ignorant Lin fans claim that Lin is a bad defender too.

    Both Boozer and Lin are the only two players on the Lakers who have come from defensive backgrounds. It’s not surprising that they’ve taken the brunt of the defensive blame, as they’re the only two players who are ATTACKING on defense instead of HIDING.

  363. Kobe’s atrocious field goal percentage WOULD NOT FLY in the D League!

    Wes? Scrub without Lin, but with Lin he’s as good as I predicted. Wes is a poor man’s Scottie Pippen when Lin is protecting him.

  364. In post-game interview, Lin had a far-away look of trying to find the right things to say. But no doubt, he knew Kobe had a hand in it.

    Boozer clearly suspected Kobe gave the order and talked to Mitch about it. He must have talked to Lin about it too. I hope Lin will come out determined and show the bench is much better than the starters!

  365. Boozer has been made scapegoat like Lin was in Hou. The hate is real and media people been criticizing him unfairly since day one

  366. The players of today are very physically gifted – they run faster and jump higher then the guys from the 80’s but the players from the 80’s were better shooters, passers, defenders, had better fundamentals, played smarter, were more physical, etc.

  367. Before the season started, I wrote that Ed Davis was not Boozer’s equal in defense.

    While Ed Davis has compiled stellar defensive numbers by playing against opposing benches, he’s not been able to get stops as a starter. He doesn’t have Boozer’s strength, court savvy, or experience. That’s why Ed Davis is a career backup.

    Boozer and Lin were the solution, not the problem.

  368. Oh yah they are besties now
    Im happy for him
    If boozer can speak out for Lin, He will be good for his next contract

  369. Exactly! Coaches know this Kobe knows this but he wants to be the man and take all shots

  370. While it’s tough for Boozer to be benched, at least he will provide Lin some desperately needed veteran gamesmanship on the court while Lin’s in the game.

    It would be really tough for Lin if he only had the clueless Ed Davis and the wobbly Robert Sacre, both of whom are good players but are not fully capable of delivering consistently like Boozer has.

    I’d like Boozer and Lin to play together, especially on defense where they are genuinely trying to help each other out.

  371. jeremy found out what Howard and Phil Jackson discovered. Kobe will say yes to your face and then do his own thing. Jeremy: run the offense, be aggressive, yell back at me, “piss on the fire hydrant.” Great job doing everything I said, now sit on the bench. BS too with all the mixed messages: pass, play defense. Okay Jeremy good job doing all that now sit on the bench.
    The definition of frustration is coming up to a barrier that blocks achievement which you could not control. That sounds like Lin and the Lakers. The most stressful relationships discovered by sociologist was not your enemies but ambiguous friends. You know what you get from a good friend and you know what you get from an enemy. You don’t know what you are going to get from an ambiguous friend. That causes stress. BS and Kobe initially with Lin were ambiguous friends but the stress will subside like it did with Howard when he realizes that they are not his friends.
    So the drama for me in this next phase of Lins career is, where does he take his frustration. He has been frustrated before. Does he find a solution and persevere like after he got cut? Does he run away like Howard? Does God intervene and take control of the circumstances which Lin could not control like He did before linsanity. What is the next chapter? Does Lin give into his frustrations and give up his character and do things out of character that maybe outside his Christian faith? Will he give up waiting on God?
    Lin said this is the most frustrating time in his career. I look forward to see how he will respond. Spiritually I hope he responds with faith and love. To me that would be as big as him scoring 38 pts in a game again. Although it maybe a quieter spiritual victory that maybe go unnoticed by some Lin fans. I also would not mind if he stayed fiathfully strong and scored 38 points. too.

  372. Not really…they are just older now

  373. good post – he will come through, bro.

  374. The players of the 80s are superior to today’s players in individual skills (Lin being THE notable exception – he’d have been even more dominant in the 80s than today).

    Where the players of the 80s are not superior to today’s players is in handling sophisticated modern day defenses on both ends of the court.

    That said, most of today’s players don’t really have a clue as to how to combat these modern day defenses.

    Here’s my short list of players who have DISSECTED modern day zones and play them too:

    PG: Jeremy Lin (the KING of reading defenses in the entire NBA, no one better)
    SG: Brandon Roy (retired, but he was the BEST at his position while he played)
    SF: Lebron James (surprisingly good despite some glaring fundamental flaws in his game)
    C: Tim Duncan (just about equal to Lin in reading the court, but I feel Lin is even better because Lin has played in more systems with less help)
    C: Tyson Chandler (plays the center position almost perfectly, would be one of the best of all time if he had a back to the basket game)

  375. I agree w you on Kobe — Kobe will say yes to your face and then do his own thing.

    This time Kobe also got a good helper Scott. BS said & did what Kobe really wants from his teammates. But on the other hand, Kobe also be a good guy image for public. He never said anything bad about Lin bc Scott will do the dirty job for him.

  376. Kobe sure is the master on all these drama. Scott just did the job for him. smh! Mitch? Maybe no choice.. Kobe is the King of Lakers so…

  377. That won’t take a lot of effort for Lin to show that the bench is better than the starters.

    Lin and his rookies and rejects were PUMMELING Kobe and Price and Nash and the starters in preseason.

    Once Lin gets his leg back, he’ll resume his fine shooting ways.

    The rest of his game is TERRIFIC. He’s polished in all ways except the shooting aspect.

  378. It won’t take a lot for Lin to come through.

    The greatest players like Lin will get their numbers and make their impact no matter whether they’re benched or are starting.

    Right now, the bench is stronger than the starters. Lin’s on the STRONGER SIDE now!

  379. Brandon Roy was a helluva shooter wasn’t he? Too bad injuries got the best of him. And you know I got love for Tyson Chandler – pick and roll king, part of the linsanity crew.

  380. Once Lin and Boozer are better known to each other. I think this 2 plus Ellington can do a lot. Nick Young is Nick Young…so…

  381. Lin’s still outplaying Kobe.

    No matter what Bryant does, Lin almost always outperforms him in some glaring way. Last game, it was the 11-0 run that Scott had to mercifully put an end to by benching Lin.

    Lin speaks of his frustration, but Lin’s frustration is FAR LESS than Bryant’s.

    Bryant just doesn’t get why he can’t outperform Lin despite Lin being artificially demoted.

  382. I’m not worried about Nick Young.

    Once he gets accustomed to playing with Lin, he’ll PLAY OFF Lin and will improve his shot percentages and decisionmaking and defense.

    Lin’s on the better team now. All the bad players with the exception of Davis and perhaps Johnson are bunched up in the starting lineup now.

  383. By a large margin.

  384. Brandon Roy was the best shooting guard of the modern era.

    He was a walking textbook of basketball. On the NBA forum where I used to post, I called Brandon Roy a “shooting guard version of Tim Duncan”. If I could construct a flawless modern day shooting guard and infuse him with 99 attributes, it would be Brandon Roy.

    That said, I still like Jeremy Lin more than Brandon Roy!

    Lin is a more athletic and sturdy player than Roy was, and that’s why Lin has been even more impactful than Roy despite vastly fewer touches!

  385. FO only long shot is linsanity 2.0. Then the fans would be on Lin side and they would not have to cater to Kobe for ratings and attention.

  386. Awesome work!!

  387. Great work!! Like it!

  388. Kobe is reminding me of aging Allen Iverson, when he got traded to the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons thought they were getting an all star player by trading away their mvp Chauncey Billups, only to get a player who had lost a step and was no longer faster than everybody anymore, a shell of himself. Basically what Kobe is now, no more lift in his jumper. I don’t remember the last time Kobe just crossed over somebody, he just really can’t get by his man anymore. Hence, the long fadeway jumpers that brick all the time.

  389. It is ok…Lin is in a better unit now

  390. Lmaooooooop crybabies. Stop being a fan of scrubs then.

  391. Wow! Impress! We finally got a real one t—l here! Flagged!

  392. I have been posting on Jeremylin.net since three years ago, recently i moved over here because i couldnt stand the trolls there.

    I guess your description of “not real people” means not genuine posters, right? I was a little shock when you used the word ” real people” and ” not real people” to describe me! LOL!

  393. Come on at least AI didnt make coach bench players he didnt like

  394. and healthy

  395. True that. we talking about practice : )

  396. Anyone still seeing LakeShow’s post on the Recent Comments panel on the right? I deleted the comments and tried refreshing my browser, but I still see it on my page.

  397. Love the Wes and Pippen analogy. Does that make Lin Jordan?

  398. I think that would work better for their benefits if they can pull it off.
    The only concern is Boozer has slowed down so much. But perhaps they’ll want to prove a point together to outperform the starters

  399. Tomorrow night the Lakers would be facing the Kings on the second night of the back to back just like the Pelicans were. Unfortunately, Cousins, the best player on the Kings, is still out with a terrible viral meningitis. I will be cheering for the Kings for roughly 28 to 32 minutes because I just don’t see how Lin will be allowed to play more than 20 minutes tomorrow against a tired Kings squad. Needless to say, I hope the Lakers lose so BS can be booed off the court again for his juvenile antics!

  400. I don’t see them on the right side. Were they bad?

  401. Typical post telling, “you Lintards”, something like that. I was asking because I banned him earlier when he posted in this thread. I thought I was done banning but then he posted again in the previous thread.

  402. ok, thanks, let me also check the pending comments

  403. Because people are still hoping the Lakers aren’t really trying to tank.

  404. lol i wish!

  405. That would make a lot of sense. Jeanie wants to create something for herself and Lin is one of her acquisitions. You could see how excited she was when they got him. Whereas her brother is probably more of the old camp?

  406. i have no clue

  407. This is why nobody wants to play with him. Those who say they do is because they don’t know the truth.

  408. It’s funny that Boozer saying at bulls, they do defensive drills everyday, in LA? they talk about it a lot.


  409. yeah, I mean the people who have more than one identity here and other places for whatever reason they want. Those are the worst trolls because they block any genuine convo because they aren’t being real at any one point in time. I was just completing you for being real.

  410. oh they will lose do not worrry!

  411. Let water flow to it’s own level!

  412. how very asian of you

  413. Never underestimate the bricking power of Rudy Gay! He has this rare ability of shooting his own team out of a game just like Kobe!

  414. haha true i dislike rudy gays game too but their chemistry is 100 times better than lakers right now. coach scott already lost half the team.

  415. how racist of you.

  416. Totally agree. Except that I liked Davis a lot

  417. No wonder Boozer was very surprised when he learned that he got benched. He thought BS was all talk and no action lol.

  418. LOL I guess he should be banned. That is just really uncalled for

  419. I tried to give Byron Scott the benefit of the doubt for as long as possible, but I can’t any longer. This is so reminiscent of 2010-11 Warriors:

    Byron Scott as Keith Smart – Desperate first year (with the team) coach who has no idea how to coach, except to rely on his SG and hope he shoots them to a victory. Relying on journeyman veterans instead of developing younger players with potential.

    Kobe Bryant as Monta Ellis – Ball hogging chucker who thinks taking as many shots as possible gives his team the best chance to win.

    Ronnie Price as Acie Law – journeyman backup who is getting inexplicable minutes over Lin.

    Don’t forget how that ended. The Warriors dumped Smart and Ellis and the team quickly turned into a playoff team and now currently the top team in the entire NBA.

  420. Zombie apocalypse …

  421. Lucky Kerr

  422. Buss needs to fly up to the Bay and talk to Joe Lacob. They have to make a decision to let Monta, I mean Mamba go so Curry can flourish. Jeannie and bro, come on down …

  423. It also shows EVERY NBA player…..needed support to get the CHANCES to be GREAT.

  424. Yes, I loved Lacob’s interview last weekend. The leadership discussion and how the only regret he has is Lin was telling. You can see it on the court. Too busy to watch too much GSW these days, but maybe as the season progresses. To many people on that bandwagon and they’ll always be GSW by the Bay for me.

  425. 12-0 run, right?

  426. They are a fun team to watch. But they still is unproven until the 2nd rd this yr. I think they are a contender this yr..unlike last yr as a pretender..

  427. Boozer is a veteran and knows his time in limited in the NBA so he might as well say what he wants. While both Lin and Swaggy still have very long careers ahead of them so they need to be more “polite.”

  428. Still better than Houston. At least the media is a bit split and still sides with Lin. The fans are also splitting and likes Lin too.

  429. One of the many examples.

  430. Because Lin still has a very long career head of him. He needs to be polite. Boozer knows his time is limited so he’s going to say what’s on his mind.

  431. > Just another average PG of the NBA.

    First skeptics were saying Lin wasn’t even D-League material. Then saying he wasn’t even fit for the NBA. And now they actually admit he can be an “average” PG? Seems like they keep moving the goal posts.

  432. Agreed. Looking at his post history, he’s a fake fan that’s really a troll. Looks like they are getting more dedicated and obsessive! Love it.

  433. I can imagine how Lin’s unit routinely beating the 1st unit…in practice…..and how KOBE will be yelling….on the side…1st team will just run high post split all day while the 2nd team run PnR to death….LOL . Then BS will intervene asking 2nd team to run that ridiculous high post split too…LOL

  434. There are some startling differences though.

    1. Keith Smart never played in the NBA and he was not part of the team’s championship squad like BS was. Also, Smart was on a one-year contract whereas BS is on a four-year contract. Thus, it was easier for the Warriors to simply not exercise their team option on Smart.

    2. Justified or not, Kobe has been portrayed as the hero who lead the Lakers to their five championships. The Lakers can’t just trade Kobe away because it’s going to bring some major backlash from the fan base.

    3. The top-five protected pick. Considering that the Lakers are fully aware of their limited ability to attract star players via free-agency because of Kobe (even we know this now LOL), it’s the Lakers’ best interest to retain the pick so that they can grow their own star. Keeping BS as the fall guy aka tank commander is a plausible plan.

  435. If you read his history, for every “ok” post he has a bunch of negative ones. But it’s never him saying it. It’s “his friends” or “people he knows” that are saying it. Very tricky and obsessive.

  436. Lin knows perfectly that Scott and Kobe want him to be a Fisher. He will find a way to be Lin

  437. Kobe doesn’t practice with the team.

    He came to training camp to see of he could get revenge on Lin for the 38 point Linsanity beatdown, but Lin fought Bryant off despite Bryant having the starters and Lin having the rookies and rejects. Since then, Bryant has deliberately avoided practice where Lin undoubtedly rules.

    If a full intrasquad scrimmage were run, Lin’s bench players would win every time.

  438. I think so too. LOL

  439. Davis is good, but he’s not THAT good.

    Against starters, Ed Davis is ineffectual.

  440. I will still take Davis over the Starter Hill every time….LOL

  441. I think Kobe actually wants Lin to be a Smush Parker so Kobe can bully Lin without facing consequences like he did to Parker. Kobe allowed Fisher to talk smack to him which might not be the case for Lin.

  442. Could be…..LOL poor Parker…

  443. Smush Parker was treated far better by Kobe Bryant than Lin is being treated!

  444. Lin has it WORSE than Parker!

  445. LOL I guess you are right. At least Parker did not have to endure Kobe’s back-stabbing through the coach while faking it out to the media antics like Lin does now.

  446. Remember that Houston game late last season when the Bulls shut down every Rocket except for Lin who went Jordan on the Bulls off the bench?

    Carlos Boozer was the starting PF on that vaunted defensive Bulls team.

    Boozer knows how to play quality defense, good enough for the best defensive team in the NBA last season.

  447. Oh ya….poor Lin

  448. Phil Jackson did not allow Kobe to eject Parker the way Kobe ejected Shaq and is now doing to Lin.

  449. Fun fact of the day:
    Smush Parker has a higher effective FG% as a Laker (.515) than Kobe Bryant (.486).

  450. So funny. Was it Blake that dropped his short????

  451. What happened there? I’m trying hard not to laugh but I can’t lol

  452. I downloaded the sound file and listen it over and over again. It makes my day.

  453. Lin gets Sacre as the center. I don’t know that Sacre can pick and roll.
    Scott does not allow any pick and roll play anyway.

  454. After skimming through the games that Sacramento played w/o Demarcus Cousin, I pick up the confidence that the Kings, despite playing its back to back road game, can and will beat the Lakers under Byron Scott.

  455. hahahaha. Watched the clip. Looks like the hem of his shorts got caught in the top of his own sneakers and got pulled down! They all ought to go back to those short shorts worn in the 80s!

  456. The article makes some good points, but I just don’t like the way the writer disses Lin’s defence. Lumping Lin with Boozer and Young in this sentence “It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that a team with Boozer, Jeremy Lin and Nick Young is struggling defensively.” is really myopic and lazy. He backs up some of his other points with good stats and graphs, but I wish he had taken the time to do the same for Lin instead of rehashing the false narrative that Lin is not a good defender. He is certainly no worse than a lot of PGs out there, and a whole lot better than the rest of this Laker team.

  457. Yes that’s what I’ve discovered too. I’m hooked on Lin’s character, much more so that his bbal skills. It’s his sometimes very human side which comes through, he is just so genuine. And he has no qualms about speaking of his faith in public, not an easy thing to do. I literally lost some sleep last night over his benching, but I know that Lin will respond well in the end because he has got his priorities right. And that in itself is a life lesson for me, and definitely an exercise in faith for myself.

  458. Wonderful words to lift us up a bit, thanks so much. And did I get this right, you actually only attend church once a year? 🙂

  459. There is no way to sugarcoat this situation. It is indeed the lowest point in a long time. Scott is a huge disappointment. Kobe has not lived up to his words. The front office probably won’t fire Scott because they already envisioned tanking.

    I have been at a loss for words. But then I remember that many of you supported Lin since before he joined the NBA so you have been through Lin getting marginalised and cut in Golden State and Houston, before New York.

    Part of me has hope that things will miraculously turn around and improve. Another part of me is prepared to accept that if this is the end of the road for Lin’s career in the NBA, then so be it. It has been an honour following him and his fight against prejudice and his love for playing the game the right way. It has also been great being part of this community. No regrets.

  460. Lin has leg pain. I just wish Jeremy would sit out the next 4 games. The worst scenario is Jeremy comes out and saves the game for Byron Scott. Yes I’m worrying that Jeremy Lin will just do that.

  461. i am sure Lin wont leave without a fight. dont worry, he will succeed.

  462. I agree Lin will rise. It is just frustrating to see Lin being marginalised no matter what he does.

  463. That makes two!

  464. Sorry, OT, but this kinda broke my heart when I saw it. So young, but I’m glad she got her wish granted.


  465. I don’t believe this is the end of JLin career. Yes, this is probably the lowest point of his NBA career and the toughest situation that JLin has to deal with. Everything seems so bleak. However, I believe God continues to take care of JLin. In due time, some unexpected thing will happen just like back in July and in some many other occassions, God intervened for JLin like Linsanity and so on. We won’t know what might happen tomorrow but God does. So, I trust God will take care of JLin. I don’t believe for JLin who has been faithful to God and worked so hard and improved so much will end his career like this. Yes men can do evil and do harm but God who is all powerful, all knowing, all loving won’t take care of JLin. Just wait and see what God will do. That’s why JLin draws strength from God via His words and prayers to face all the trials and temptations. He shall overcome and become more complete and all around player despite of circumstances. I’m patiently waiting to see what will happen tomorrow (can be a day, week, etc.).

  466. He’s still feeling leg pain now? I thought Ramona Shelbourne said he was OK.

  467. Rudy Gay has been the winning cause for the Kings in the last few games.

  468. I’m confident that this is not the end for Lin and he will have a job in the NBA for years to come. However, getting paid what he should be paid and whether or not he’ll be starting is what is most uncertain at this point.

  469. Agree it’s frustrating to continue witnessing JLin being crucified by his own coaches, teammates, media, haters, doubters and even his fans. However, I’m amazed with how he is coping with all these obstacles and bumps. That’s why I love for who he is. Fame, money and power don’t take away his most fundamental beliefs and wonderful character unlike so many others who will take out anyone who come to their path of so called success, fame and/or power.

  470. There will be no taker.

  471. Believe he had a cramp before the interview but he was alright afterward.

  472. Hey, Kobe still talking to Lin though at least.

  473. That’s what I thought. OK, good. Phew!

  474. Kobe dunked off the rim. This old man is cheating on the fans.

  475. Can’t forget getting rid of Larry Riley. That was pretty big part, too. Besides being a bad GM, him and Smart weren’t high on Lin.

  476. I guess I have been consumed by negativity. You are right. Nothing is impossible with God. I really hope we have finally hit rock bottom though.

  477. Was just about to say the same thing. Tired of seeing this. And haters on Twitter are out in force recently spreading lies and just dumping on Lin every chance they get.

    It’s these instances where we have to push back against the media on behalf of Lin. I’m not talking about attacking the writers but just setting them straight. Wu kong was great at this. Where is she??

    Really glad to see Lundberg sticking up for Jeremy immediately. Gotta send him our support!

  478. OK, after some calming down, here’s my take on the situation: BS moves makes little to no basketball sense, at least on the court, so the explanation must be off the court.

    In chronological sequence:

    1) Knowing Kobe will never be his dominant self again after the Achilles injury, and similar situation applies to Nash, Lakers upper ranks decided to tank for the next two years and start early on rebuilding by piling up on picks.

    2) Top priority, secure the 2015 (top five protected) and 2016 (top three protected) first round picks that WOULD go to PHX if teams. Kobe and Nash already taking up most of the money, and no real star FA will come to LA while Kobe’s around, so get Jeremy on one-year lease (perhaps keep as bench PG if things work out well) while grabbing MORE picks from Houston.

    3) Hire a coach who’s on board and doesn’t mind tanking. BS has Lakers ties and horrible reputation as coach, so he’s got motivation to take one for the team, and doesn’t care for his already ruined reputation being even more tainted. Plus he’s got Kobe’s support. Of course he’ll be appropriately compensated for being publicly humiliated by the media for a few years.

    4) Jeremy brings lots of media attention, and not to mention sponsors (Asian or otherwise) to Los Angeles. FO tells Kobe and BS to be nice to Jeremy. However, Jeremy is a fighter and starts winning games and getting the crowd excited, who in turn expect MORE wins instead of less. This endangers the Lakers’ 2015 first round draft pick, so he HAS TO BE BENCHED for the long term good of the franchise.

    This is the ONLY sequence of events that I can think of that makes logical sense and clicks with Lakers’ FO action/inaction. Yes, Kobe can still be green with envy about Jeremy stealing his thunder, and BS can still be racially biased, but since neither of these would interfere with the tanking plans (in fact it demoralizes Lin, so it helps the cause) the FO does not take action.

    Obviously, the Lakers have to put up a facade lest the fans revolt, merchandise sales decline and boxoffice suffers. So they put up this show of pretending to work hard. This coincides with BS championship talk in the preseason, in an attempt to fool fans that they’re trying their best. It would also explain the Lakers’ gracious response on Nash walking away with a wad of cash and not fret a bit.

    The part I cannot figure out without proper inside channel is whether this is cooked up by Jim or Jeanie, and whether the other is being cooperative or being forced to buy into it. My personal guess would be Jim, but that’s just a hunch.

  479. Dear mods @psalm234:disqus @real_dsb:disqus @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus , I just typed up a semi-lengthy post without inappropriate comment, and The Disqus in its infinite wisdom decided against it. Could someone approve it? Thanks!

  480. Ok. Give me a little bit of time to find a way to the site:-) Maybe other mods can find it quicker than me. Anyway I will give it a try:-) Please patiently wait.

  481. Done

  482. Thanks to both, I LOVE this place! Like someone once said, this is like the online version of the Cheers bar for JLin fans! 🙂

  483. No wonder I can’t find the post. You are too good @Maknusia:disqus 🙂

  484. I was so depressed to log and post, after the game….
    I just wish that Jeremy goes and plays his game, let Byron be a bygone!

    PS:, I will be offline most of December, travels and holidays including Christmas.

    Just in case if I’m out early, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL

  485. My post may not help solve your depression, for I know it doesn’t solve mine. But for what it’s worth, it may explain how Lin’s situation isn’t because of his lack of skills, but more of a ball club long-term strategy.

  486. Please pray that I play with joy and fearlessness and that I seek to glorify God even in disappointments.
    Please pray for supernatural strength and courage, as well as the right perspective in remembering that God is all-powerful and always faithful.

    – Jeremy Lin

  487. I am slowly learning how to survive watching Lakers game. I forgot when I can no longer watch any interviews with Kobe and BS. I surprised myself by finding something actually positive:

    1. Lin finally can play a little game without Kobe, only 4 or 5 minutes probably. Hey, we all say time is about quality not quantity.

    2. Even when Kobe is on the court, Lin becomes more assertive to wave Kobe off. I noticed one play from the last game. Lin even didn’t “wave”, he just ignored Kobe. Sweet… At least I am seeing more Lined Lin instead of Kobed Lin.

    This is the best I can do so far, haha.

  488. Thats true, if he had lacked the skills,
    Linsanity wouldnt have happened,
    Breaking the arena record with 9 threes wouldn have happened,
    Scoring 38pts against a Legendary player wouldnt have happened,
    Scoring a triple double from bench wouldnt have happened,
    Multiple double doubles wouldnt have happened as well,
    and many many more….

  489. So, at least in the Lakers’ case, Lin more of a victim of circumstance than of racism (relatively speaking) if my theory holds any water.

  490. Probably its your cache, I do see the comment on deleted section, but not in the forum here

  491. I like that…I dont want him to brush it off like in Houston.

    It shows, he is thinking it thru rather than giving it in

  492. @maknusia:disqus and @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus, I made a couple of edits and now my post has disappeared! Please help, I spent almost half an hour typing it up.

  493. Nop He hasn’t. He was very transparent about his “feelings” and exposed BS as a huge liar but saying that JLin was ok with being benched. Same thing with Boozer as well. Can’t express how disgusted I feel toward BS and Kobe now. Have no respect to these two. Thank God that I’m not the only one feels this way about these two.

  494. Should be fine now

  495. He will. Soon. Hopefully this game but Lakers still lose big.

  496. Thanks again. Have a great Holiday Season and bon voyage!

  497. How many die hard Kobe fans there? Do you think they will continue to root for Lakers after Kobe is done? Cut the short term loss and aim for long term prosper. Yes, I know, easier said than done. But it takes guts to do that and only people with great vision can do that.

  498. Agree with you. I think Kobe= snake, Byron = fox. 🙁

  499. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. Safe trips.

  500. Pardon my ignorance about how the NBA works but in a case like Lin’s who gets so blatantly and unfairly benched, can his agents realistically do anything to help him? Or can he go above Scott’s head and speak to Mitch Kupchak, kind of like what Boozer did at practice? Sorry, am I even asking the right questions?!

  501. I deleted “two headed snakes” from my post as it may go against web rule #7: no name calling:-)

  502. Replace fox with rat

  503. The rule have already been broken a lot of ppl name calling since Lin benched.

  504. After 2 years in Houston I don’t even mad anymore I understand that with Lin it can happen at anytime.

    I knew that this will happen all along since during the preseason where the rumor of Price start over Lin surfaced.

  505. Yes I’ve noticed it. Everyone is upset including me. Give a little bit break but…:-)

  506. Nothing wrong with your post just the name “John” hehe I kid.

  507. Time to go to bed. Pray that JLin is able to overcome the despondent and plays well.

  508. Yes,Price over Lin has be determined long before the season. They just had hard time to convince fans or humans. lol
    I guess after Lakers, can we say we have seen it all? no we cannot. LOL, as long as Lin is in the league, fans will be surprised by Lintreatment.

  509. Stay strong JLin and Fans:

    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


  510. Great questions.

    The answr is no – nothing anybody does can help Lin.

    In a racist situation, nothing can overcome the bias against skin color.

    I learned this the hard way, over many years of Lin level battles.

  511. Lin is fine, he is going through what he is going through. What’s also why I support him all the way. He is just like us. Some frustration at work, some unfair treatment.

    There is a time to tear apart and a time to sew together. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak

  512. The be yourself caption remind me of this jacket

  513. Don’t worry Lin will be fine. Sometimes Taiwan reporter do express more their own opinion… but it’s funny they said Ido is sports columnist?!

    世界日報╱記者陳光立/洛杉磯報導】2014.12.09 11:43 am 史考特為自己的調度辯護,指變陣非針對個人,只是他對先發陣容的更替測試,藉此增加防守強度。

    洛杉磯湖人隊吞下一連串敗仗後,首次做出先發調動。不過,教頭史考特(Byron Scott)飽受爭議的作法受到質疑。美國時間8日湖人隊內部練習後,林書豪下放板凳再成為詢問焦點,史考特澄清無關個人,只是針對籃球團隊的調整。他說,這做法對球隊比較好。

    林書豪放替補的第一場賽事,湖人隊以87比104吞敗。細看內容,先發少了林這個箭頭,鵜鶘隊將防守重心放在科比(Kobe Bryant)身上,比賽經常出現他一持球,便被數人包夾。此舉不但影響準頭,還耗損36歲老將體能,以致發生失誤。在媒體觀點,都對史考特的作法不解,特別是拔擢平均3.9分、3.7次助攻的普萊斯(Ronnie Price),把11.5分、4.9次助攻的林書豪放板凳,體育專欄作家Ido Amir以:「這是喜劇嗎?」(Is this comedy?)表達他的感受。


    史考特解釋,之所以換戴維斯(Ed Davis)、普萊斯二人先發,是想增加先發的防守韌性。不過,他7日賽後又對媒體提到,新陣容得分效率不佳,已成湖人隊的新問題。專欄作家Kevin Ding撰文提到,把林書豪弄下去,等於讓湖人自斷臂膀,怎能期待得分效率改善?支持林書豪的不止媒體,7日晚當林書豪從板凳起身、與隊友擊掌入場時,受到全場熱烈歡呼,球迷反應很明顯,湖人的先發控衛應該是林書豪。

    史考特說:「不是針對個人,我很欣賞林書豪和布瑟(Carlos Boozer),但在籃球觀點我並沒得到該有的東西,所以要變陣。」他強調,會維持新陣容10到15場比賽,看效果再做決定。布瑟8日受訪,便公開批評教練:「那是他的觀點,我也有我的觀點。」強烈口吻一度促使湖人總經理庫恰克(Mitch Kupchak)出馬解圍,將布瑟拉一旁耳語,似乎提醒他別講下去,當時場面頗為尷尬。

    【2014/12/09 世界日報】@ http://udn.com/

  514. Yes it does.

  515. Confusing…..lol jk

  516. Could happen but not gonna work…

  517. Translation, please:)

  518. I think it’s a lot simpler.

    Byron Scott doesn’t want the Asian guy on his team, so Scott repeatedly undercuts Lin especially when Lin does well.

    We saw the same dynamic in Houston with Morey and McHale.

  519. Los Angeles Lakers to swallow after a series of defeats for the first time to make starting to mobilize. However, coach Scott (Byron Scott) highly controversial practice has been questioned. After the 8th US time inside the Lakers practice, Lin decentralization bench once again become the focus of inquiry, Scott clarify unrelated individuals, but adjusted for the basketball team. He said that this approach is better for the team.

    Jeremy Lin put the first race off the bench, the Lakers to 87 than 104 swallow defeat. Look content, starting a small forest of this arrow, the defense team will focus on Pelican Bryant (Kobe Bryant) who, a ball game, he often appeared, several people have been double-teamed. This will not only affect the quasi-head, 36-year-old veteran still consume physical, so that mistakes happen. In the media point of view, all of Scott’s approach puzzling, especially promoted to average 3.9 points, 3.7 assists Price (Ronnie Price), to 11.5 points, 4.9 assists Lin put the bench, sports columnist Ido Amir with: “? this is a comedy it” (? Is this comedy) to express his feelings.

    The 8th internal Lakers practice, Lin left after scrimmaging practice free throws, the presence of the media have discovered that he became more silent low-key, the conversation became more brief.

    Reporter Chen Guangli / photography on the 8th Lin respondents, again denied that this blow their confidence, saying only that still “do it yourself”, the attack, the pass will not hesitate to play their role well, either from first-mover or bench departure. However, on-site media have felt that this does affect the scheduling Lin, admits “the most difficult career,” the rhetoric from his interviewees, and even on the 7th night game content reflects ho kid at a low ebb.

    Scott explained that the reason for changing Davis (Ed Davis), two starting Preiss, is to increase the starting defensive toughness. However, he also told the media after the game on the 7th mentioned, the new lineup of poor scoring efficiency, has become a new problem for the Lakers. Columnist Kevin Ding author mentions the Jeremy Lin get down, equal to the Lakers since broken arm, how can expect to improve efficiency score? Lin’s support more than the media, the evening of 7 when Lin got up from the bench, and his teammates clap admission, the audience cheered by the fans reaction Obviously, the Lakers should be the starting point guard Jeremy Lin.

    Scott said: “It’s not personal, I really appreciate Lin and Busser (Carlos Boozer), but I did not get the point of view of basketball and some things, so to evolutions.” He stressed that the new lineup will remain 10-15 game, make a decision to see results. Busser interviewed on the 8th, he openly criticized the coach: “That is his point of view, I also have my views,” Lakers general manager intense tone was prompted Kuqia Ke (Mitch Kupchak) to run the rescue, will 布瑟拉 aside to whisper, seemed to remind him not to go on, then the scene is quite embarrassing.

  520. I did include this in my post, and since such action aids tanking efforts, it is condoned.

  521. Ido becomes a sport columnist?….lol

  522. You mean Confuciusing, right? hehe

  523. Google translate sucks.

  524. I know.. Just let Ido be the sports columnist for this article. I like that so didn’t say anything in my comment.

  525. Better than nothing.. LOL!

  526. I think he was very careful with his words and said that Houston’s system was ideal for him. That’s not the same as saying that he liked how he was ultimately used in that system. And that’s definitely not saying he liked how he was coached by McHale. I think it’s safe to say that most Lin fans would agree that in theory, Lin would have thrived in that system, if not for McHale, Harden (and many say Morey as the puppet master) completely mishandling Lin.

    He was very clear earlier in preseason saying that his time in Houston was kind of wasted even though he learned to play off ball more and other stuff.

  527. Now this is funny!!

  528. I saw this earlier and already tweeted it to Ido. LOL

  529. I wonder what the Lakers franchise is going to do once Lin is DNP CD’d?

    For Byron Scott to fully accomplish his racial goal of ejecting the Asian guy, nothing short of that will get the needed result. Lin is so explosive, he can easily rack up 7 points in like 2 minutes if the Lakers coaches are not careful.

    What I now wonder is whether the Lakers franchise would demand Scott to play Lin.

    I had thought that the franchise was pushing Scott to play Lin simply because Lin started and played 30 mpg despite Scott clearly being unhappy every time Lin did well. But now that the team is losing, Scott is scapegoating Lin and the franchise isn’t doing anything.

    In any other situation involving a nonAsian player, Byron Scott would be IMMEDIATELY FIRED for benching his best player for a career scrub like Ronnie Price!!!

  530. Linsanity all the way!!!!!!!!

  531. That is his main goal! Jeolous of this site and trying to inject negative things about Jeremy Lin cautiously so that he can stay here longer to drag this site down. Before he walks i already figure out how he run! He doesnt need to hide behind a mask!

  532. They said on ESPN radio LA yesterday that they are 99.9999% sure Lon got benched because Kobe asked Scott to bench Lin.
    They also there is no way Lin should be replaced by a player like Price, even if Lin averaged only 5 PPG this year, simply Price is the worst PG in the league..
    that is very very sad..

  533. From the posts I’ve read of his in the past on JL.net and in this thread I don’t see why people think he’s a troll. Other than the questionable “asian” comment (which I don’t even know what he means by that) I’ve seen other posters write similar things as him or more extreme and nobody bats an eye.

    What I do see are posters antagonizing him and making throwing accusations and understandably I can see him being annoyed and lashing back.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  534. lol, Ido is a “體育專欄作家” now? since when? but he is the #1 Lin fan though..

  535. I think you’ve done a good job weaving in all the elements: business, politics, ego, racism. FO having to bite down hard on the strategy they’ve chosen, toxic for everyone and especially for Jeremy. Pulling out for the wider view is always more accurate, and at least for me personally relieves some of my distress. All we can do is continue to support Jeremy and hang on for the next twist in the drama.

  536. Can you point out what things exactly? He may be a bit more extreme in some of his views but not unlike what many other popular posters here write. Yet people are OK with those views but not his?

  537. Well, one could say that Ido is about as much of a sports ‘columnist’ as others who regularly tweet/post under the pretense of claiming to be a columnist. In the internet world, if you claim it…it is so. smh

  538. no worries, we know GoodDayLA is good…sounds good as well…lol

    Most of the posters here are from jlnet, so we do know them. Everyone has their own way of putting forward their thought, there is no right or wrong here.

    As long as everyone adheres to forum rule, that should be fine.

  539. Oh u did? I tweeted again. He is famous now…lol

  540. When racism is involved, it doesn’t matter how undeserving Price and Beverley were.

    Leaguewide, Lin is regarded as an undeserving NBA player because of his race.

    It would be no different on Dallas or San Antonio or any other NBA team.

  541. Hey he’s been upgraded…no jealousy now…lol

  542. Let just say I think he is walking on the edge…unnecessarily…

  543. This is terrible! LOL! I wonder Joyce get it!

  544. Thanks Brent and KHuang. Sigh, I guess I am still somewhat naive on such matters.

  545. Those are just our opinions. Maybe it would work, although very unlikely…lol

  546. Yes sir!!

  547. Linsanity never ended for me.

    It rages on unabated for me despite the low usage and toxic coaching.

    Lin has had so many astounding games, and not even his toxic surroundings can take his impact away.

    I expect Lin to go down as a DNP CD season while playing as a Linsanity player in very abbreviated minutes!

  548. Taiwan media, ’nuff said.

  549. I work as a professional entertainer, so my career is very similar to Lin’s.

    Everything Lin faced, I faced too but MORE because I’m old enough to be Lin’s father.

    Lin makes much more money than I’ll ever make, but I as a pro musician have two things that Lin doesn’t have: career longevity and the ability to go do my own thing if teammates won’t have me for racial reasons.

    As a pro musician, I’ve gotten around racist bandmates and discriminatory hiring practices by using modern technology to substitute for band members. It would be akin to Lin using a Star Trek computer to create his own NBA teammates and then go play actual NBA games against real opponents with those invented teammates!

  550. Everytime Lin facing the unfair and unreasonable situation, devine intervention arrives, i am waiting if this happening!

  551. Brent please translate article below. Thanks:)

  552. Thanks for the kind comments, just thought I’d share it with my favorite JLin fans in this difficult time.

  553. After Practice Interview: Nick Young.

  554. What is DNP CD? Mind to explain? Thanks!

  555. I don’t agree with everything he says and I can see how he might get on people’s nerves, but no more than other certain vocal posters that seem to get a pass for saying almost the same things. If he’s walking the edge, I would say it’s because people are attacking him and he’s retaliating. I know I wouldn’t like being accused of being a troll.

  556. This isn’t sad, Samuel. This is the turning of the tide. Kobe miscalculated. He’s going to further ruin his already horrendous reputation. So Espn is reporting that Kobe is abusing Lin and Scott simply carries out Kobe’s orders. Lets see how many blowouts it takes before the fans and media raise the pressure on the Lakers to unbearable levels.

  557. I think it is undeniable that the Lakers front office wants to tank. There is no other reason to be quiet during this mess of a season.

    However, it seems that there are 2 theories on Scott. Either he is deliberately tanking, in which case benching Lin is brilliant because that is the best way to lose. Or he is just incompetent and is a Lin hater. Front office won’t intervene because they want to tank in any case.

  558. It stands for “Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision”.

    In the NBA boxscores, DNP-CD is used to describe players that were left off the roster for a particular game.

    A reason is always provided for a DNP CD. Usually it’s “left ankle sprain” or something like that. Spurs coach Gregg Popovich got in big trouble with the Spurs and NBA for once doing “DNP-CD, reason OLD” for Tim Duncan!

    The NBA veteran watchers on this forum will write about Lin “DNP-CD Asian” in describing how Houston ejected Lin this season and how Byron Scott intends to reduce Lin’s role to the point where Lin doesn’t even play a single NBA minute.

  559. Or both, remember these two possibilities are NOT mutually exclusive.

  560. I agree, and I like seeing the differences of opinions and like the idea of this place. Thing is that I don’t think the enforcement of rules has been consistent. I see people breaking rules, including mods. Who mods the mods?

    I see certain people are calling other people names and they’re not being checked at all. But GoodDay has been banned already so I don’t know. I wasn’t around for that and only saw his account of what happened. So I guess I’m trying to see what happened.

    I don’t want to see this place slowly turned into JL.net (as much as I like that place).

  561. You can read his post and judge them yourself.

  562. Ha need to wait unti I have a pc to use..

  563. I think she will.. pretty much you will know what they tried to say it.

  564. The thing is, KHuang, for Lin, DNP-CD is much preferable to playing limited minutes in a lineup with Swaggy the ball hog and Bigs like Boozer and Sacre, who clog the paint and can’t play D. That just ruins his per game stats and he can’t play his game anyway.

  565. BS taking a page right out of McHale’s playbook, and thought he could pull the same stunt. His miscalculations were in that Price is much worse than even Bev, LA fans are A LOT more basketball-savvy than Houston’s, and LA media don’t all serve the club’s agenda as Houston propaganda machine served the Rox.

    Three huge oversights, hence the huge media backlash over the controversial lineup changes.

  566. I have and I don’t really see what you guys are seeing, so that’s why I’m trying to understand and clarify how he’s trolling. I agree that some of what he says may be a bit controversial and different but I don’t think he’s trying to attack Jeremy or put him in a bad light.

  567. I understand tanking, but BS arrogance and/or lack of tact in handling a very delicate and sensitive matter proved to be much more disruptive to the tanking plan than Lin’s motivation to win (anti-tank).

  568. And perhaps Mitch is the evil genius in choosing Byron’s incompetency to tank this season.

    Mitch probably knows Byron will do whatever Kobe wants to shoot a volume inefficiently, thus guaranteeing a tanking season.

  569. That was an understatement…

  570. Diplomatic language, subtle yet to the point. Translation: Kobe is a shellfish puppy who doesn’t give a rodent’s gluteus maximus about the team or winning.

  571. I’m of mixed feelings about that.

    First of all, Lin SHOULD PLAY. Young NBA players in their prime need to get on the court and perform. I don’t want any more Lin games being wasted.

    Nick Young and the bench do not concern me. I don’t think any of them are anti Lin, including Young. Frankly, the better talent is now on the bench alongside Lin.

    Boozer plays decent D, and Sacre will improve from being with Lin. Ronnie Price’s terrible defense made Sacre look worse than Sacre actually is.

    Part of me wants Lin to be a DNP CD because it’s not good for him to be around such toxicity. So there’s that too.

    In the end, I’m just glad that Lin’s going to work every day and collecting his paycheck no matter what the circumstances are.

  572. Will Lin play tonight?.

  573. Lol! you are on troll mode today. We should get a poll

  574. true. If Lakers want to tank, they should be upfront (anonymously through unknown writer in 76ers GM Sam Hinkie’s case) so they don’t smear people as scapegoats.

    As for Kobe playing role to use BScott in benching Boozer and Lin for standing up to him to urge him to play ball, that’s pure dirty politics. No players would want to work with Kobe Inc after he’s retired. Kobe is smearing his own name in the process.

  575. The real question is: is he really hurt, or pulling an Asik?

  576. on a second thought…its a valid question, indeed…sigh!

  577. If Kobe is angry because Lin didn’t pass the ball to him in the last game, then maybe

  578. I think the negativity toward Kobe was getting stronger. With the amount of $ they are paying him, they need to change that story line. Perhaps for some reason, they think separating Lin and Kobe, or reducing Lin’s role will be beneficial for the situation.

    Yes, I know it doesn’t make much sense, but nothing is making too much sense at this time.

  579. lol…nothing makes sense anymore

  580. For those who don’t know, 76ers GM Sam Hinkie anonymously admitted his tanking plan by writing an anonymous piece “The Art of the Tank” on ESPN in Oct 2013. Lakers could have done the same thing to keep its integrity as a franchise.



    You need superstars to compete in this league, and the playing field for those guys is tilted toward a few big-market teams. They are demanding trades and getting together and deciding where they want to go in free agency. It’s tough for us to compete with that. So a high lottery pick is all we have.

    How do you pull it off? First, you talk it over with ownership. I analyzed the team and told them what I wanted to do, the guys I wanted to get rid of and the guys with future value whom we wanted to keep. We obviously traded away some of our veteran guys who gave us a better chance of winning right now for future draft picks and young players. The owners didn’t want to tread water any more than I did. They’d rather go down to the bottom with the hope of coming up, so they signed off on it. It wasn’t a fight at all. In a different season, it might not make sense, but this draft certainly makes it more appealing.

    Our coach understands that too. It’s no secret what we’re trying to do, and you can’t lie to him anyway or you’ll lose all trust. We never really had to tell him, because the handwriting is on the wall. He knows exactly what’s going on, and he’s good with it.

  581. I didn’t realize that Lin had to go to Byron Scott to discuss his being on the bench. Scott really is clueless.

    “I don’t massage egos. I don’t have to go to players and talk to them,” said [Byron] Scott … “Jeremy came to me and talked to me about it. I told him what I thought. I thought he handled it extremely well.”

    See : http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20141208/lakers-carlos-boozer-disagrees-with-byron-scotts-benching

  582. Sigh… Many were opposed to Lin going to Philly because of their tanking, but Lin got into another tanking team WITH a prima donna. Out of the mud only to go into the swamp. SMH

  583. Where is Kobe’s power coming from? Kobe’s fan based? How large is that? Can it be challenged?

    Some questions to think about if one needs to have a surgical cut on this cancer on the Lakers.

  584. BS: “Lin didn’t Sprewell me, I think it went super well.”

  585. Wow…surprised he’s being so upfront about it. Isn’t this like illegal or something?

  586. You know, what is sad…just a week ago, Jeremy said that he thinks this team can make it to playoff!!! sigh

  587. it’s okay. Lin in LA is still better than being in no-news cities in HOU and PHI.
    The injustice is still be reported and covered heavily

  588. not sure if NBA has sanctions for that.
    But he did it anonymously to protect his own rep

  589. It’s still not too late if they gave Lin the reins starting tonight, but we’re now certain that the Leakers are officially tanking.

  590. Of course Lin should play, but playing on the Laker second unit with the paint still clogged, still getting blamed for the breakdown of team defense, will just make it easier for BS/Kobe to claim Lin is not a starting PG based on worse and worse stats. I also don’t think it’s good for Lin’s sanity to play in a catch-22 situation. He really needs to get away from Kobe ASAP.

  591. I know, I thought the same!!!

  592. Byron Scott knows that Lin is unhappy.

    Scott is THRILLED that Lin is pissed.

  593. that’s partly why he got benched :]

    BScott/Mitch: “Nooooooo .. Lin’s going to ruin our plan! Playoff? Bah! We need that Top 5 Pick”


  595. Statistically speaking from NBA history, its not possible

  596. Philly would be even worse.

    The media would criticize Lin even more than Houston did.

    For media savvy, Lin has it best in LA.

    The franchise itself? UGH

  597. You know what they say about statistics… LOL

  598. Despite the benching in LA for standing up to Kobe, I think it’s still better to escape HOU because there’s more transparency in LA Media to call it as it is (i.e. Max & Marcellus parodying Kobe ordering BScott to bench Boozer/Lin who dared to questioned his ball-hogging ways)

    In HOU, Lin’s name would be buried under HOU controlled media. In PHI, there would barely any news and he might still have to play behind MCW

    With LA Media exposure, all GM knows Lin got Kobe-ed like Dwight did.

  599. Negativity toward Kobe and Scott is EXPONENTIALLY RISING.

  600. Thank you so much! I dont go to box scores, i only watch live games! That is why i am very naive about that!

  601. Great, now Kobe is officially a verb. LOL

  602. Byron tried to act tough, being in-charge of things.
    Everyone knows he’s just Kobe’s messenger.

    All that talk about managing Kobe’s minutes and resting him on B2B went out of the window when Kobe gave him a look.

  603. Oh let’s hope it gets better, like when it’s ASTRONOMICALLY RISING.

  604. LOL .. We should create a MEME “Got Kobe-ed?” like the “Got Milk” campaign.

    With Dwight, Lin, Boozer, MDA, etc. got buried under Kobe beef 😀
    We need to request garycgy who made those excellent cartoons. haha..

  605. Don’t leave out Shaq, Nash and Sessions!

  606. True Dat :p

  607. I”m old enough now to have experienced a few employment promotion & demotion situations. I think an NBA organization is no different. My take on what happened:

    Lakers had hope in preseason but injuries and losses in the beginning forced them to make some changes. In the beginning, they were either getting blown out or losing by a close margin. They could have easily been 3-5 or 4-5 to start and team morale would not have been as bad.

    When the losses piled up, Scott HAD to do something. He first tried to “coach” and make adjustments (threatening to pull players if they weren’t hustling), but the losses continued so he had to do something drastic to show change. Otherwise, he would be in the hot seat and it’d get even hotter.

    One drastic change that will buy him some time is a lineup change. The other is a big trade, which we all know it wasn’t going to happen. So, now that the decision was made to change lineup, the question is who and how many players. They probably felt that 1 player wasn’t enough to “send a signal” and “show change”, plus singling out just 1 player (eg, Boozer) would put too much shame on that 1 person and essentially put all the season’s blame on him (eg, he’s the reason we’ve been losing so we benched him).

    I’m sure that Scott consulted Kobe before he made the lineup changes. Any corporate CEO or executive would consult his top guy before demoting his staff, because you don’t want to run the risk of your top guy disagreeing and getting pissed off at the decision. You want your top guy to buy in, or otherwise, the locker room could get even worse.

    Obviously, Kobe wasn’t going to be benched. And they can only bench 1 of the 2 big guys Hill or Boozer not both. So then all is left is to bench Lin or Wes in addition to 1 big guy. Boozer was the obvious choice for the big guy, as I felt he was the weaker defender & rebounder of the two. Wes had been showing more production lately with highlight-reel plays (ironically thanks to Lin’s fantastic lobs & passes), so the default was Lin.

    The benching was a move to 1) save team face, 2) save Byron’s face, 3) save Boozer’s face. I’m sure Mitch was involved and probably didn’t agree with benching Lin, but he knew something had to be done so he went along with it for now. This essentially buys Scott 10-15 more games of time. If they continue to lose but compete, it might be ok. If they continue to lose badly, then either Scott gets fired (to save the team more face) or it’s obvious the team is tanking and just pleasing Kobe to get his record for this season.

  608. According to this website the chance Lakers make the playoffs is 0.0%


  609. yes, I agree. And also change a scenery also changed Lin’s mentality, looks like he is not just readily take whatever is pour onto him, and I really like the way he played in Boston game, so what, just run his style, and he will be benched anyway. And I hope he would keep attacking and if he could do that get 7 pts with 2-3 min burst, even Byron bench him could not hide that. And that would be fun after he kind of gel a little bit with the second unit.

    I think he and Boozer could work very well, and even he is still paired with Boozer in defense, but he don’t need to cover for Kobe any more, thus his could be a bit more aggressive in defense, and would look better in D if he do not need to help cover Kobe.

    And people will enjoy Price’s shoe throwing style of defense for another 15 games, that would be fun.

  610. It’s weird. Just one day before this. Scott said he talked to Lin bc he is young player unlike Boozer it’s a 13 years old vet? Anyway, he just tried to act tough in front of media.. but I still think he is too mean … glad Boozer spoke out on his unhappy.

  611. A lot of the season left and a lot of things can happen. Who’d think that Durant would get injured and then Westbrook soon after at the very beginning of the season? Now that they’re both back, I’m sure they’ll make up a lot of ground between now and end of season but crazy things can happen.

    Most people wouldn’t have expected two wild card teams to make it to the World Series this year and history wasn’t on the Giants side when it came to winning game 7 but they did!

    But yeah, at this point I’m not very optimistic about Laker’s chances. 🙁

  612. I’m going out on a limb here, but in retrospect it’s not entirely unimaginable that the tanking decision was made before BS was hired. That “conditioning” in the preseason may have been to set up the injury rhetoric to hide the tanking intentions behind a legit facade.

  613. well, he did talked to Jeremy, just that it was Jeremy initiated the talk.

    Somehow Byron was very ignorant. I remember one game they lost really bad, and next day, he said he has talked to the team about effort, defense all that stuff, but when reporters ask him what’s player’s response, he said he did not give them chance to talk. He said what he need to say, he feels much better then, so he don’t need to listen their thought. And when asked whether they did film study, Byron said no.

    So, I’m totally could take Boozer’s “we talk about it a lot” thing. And I’m surprised only recently to found out that Byron had the reputation of being “lazy”, do not study the film, do not prepare for the game etc.

  614. Very true!

    if Lin got benched for playing aggressively as Kobe supposedly “mentored” him to do, he should continue doing so with the 2nd team w/o feeding Kobe. That 11-0 run in the previous game would be great to see.

    Then if we got asked by reporters post-game about his aggressiveness, he should thank Kobe sarcastically “Yes, I remember Kobe mentored me to be super-aggressive, just play my game on court! I’m finally doing so thanks to him. It doesn’t matter if it’s with the 2nd team. I’m a team player first and foremost!” LOL

  615. I think if the change is ineffective and they keep losing 10-15 games seems like a long time to continue with this lineup. They will get roasted in the media and booed very night at Staples Center. At lease last year without Kobe fan’s understood but this with Kobe is going to be bad.

  616. Yes, that’s highly possible. I woudln’t be surprised.

  617. As Byron Scott talks big, Lakers’ defense sinks to historic depths

    Lakers forward Carlos Boozer has a mostly deserved reputation as a poor defender. But there must be a limit on his shortcomings, because, for four years in Chicago, Tom Thibodeau built excellent defenses with Boozer starting.

    How did the Bulls do it?

    Boozer says Chicago drilled its scheme daily, players actually moving through their defensive rotations to reinforce them.

    “We just did it every day,” Boozer said. “Even if we did it for five minutes, 10 minutes.”

    Every day? Is that hyperbole?

    “Every day,” Boozer said. “In Chicago with Thibs, we drilled our defensive rotation everyday. Every day. In the morning at shootaround, practice day – it’d obviously be a lot longer on the practice day. But every day, we drilled it to make sure we know where we were supposed to be at, what we were going to do.”

    And in Los Angeles?

    “We talk about it a lot,” Boozer said.


    Even Kobe Bryant’s most fervent fans must admit his defense has slipped from his All-Defensive prime, because Kobe himself acknowledges it. Kobe says his defensive approach is “more tailored, picking spots.”

    “I find myself leaning on Wesley Johnson a little more and allowing him to take some of these top guys, let him chase them around and things like that,” Kobe said. “In the past, I used to do it all.”

    Kobe’s mindset is illustrative of the Lakers’ bigger problem. They have gifted players who choose to expend more energy on offense than defense. That might be excusable for Kobe, who leads the NBA in scoring thanks to his incredible footwork and court vision. At 36, he’s probably no longer capable of defending at a high level for long stretches, even if he chose to flip his focus.

    Unhappy with his players, Scott benched Boozer and Lin yesterday, moving Davis and Ronnie Price – a 31-year-old who played solid defense in his younger days but can no longer keep up like he once did (though his shoe sometimes can) – into the starting lineup.

    Scott can blame his players – Boozer has been a (fair) target – but the Lakers’ upgrading their defensive personnel might not even be enough to solve this issue. In his last coaching job, Scott led the Cavaliers 29th-, 26th- and 27th-best defensive ratings in the league.

    The next year, Mike Brown helped lift Cleveland to No. 19. There just isn’t much evidence Scott can design and install an effective defense in the modern NBA.

    Beyond any concerns about Scott’s lack of understanding of how the game has evolved, there’s the big question about how he delivers his message.

    Boozer said he’d follow Scott’s lead if the coach continues talking about defense more than drilling it. Will more talking eventually lift the Lakers from their defensive rut?

  618. If they keep losing and losing badly (eg, getting blown out), then they will get roasted by the media & fans and there will be calls to fire Scott. At that point, it’ll be up to Mitch/Jeannie to see if they can handle the heat. Fire the coach to appease the fans, or take the criticism for continuing to go with Scott.

  619. BS screwed up big time. His tactless handling of the lineup change has put Mitch in a super awkward position, and might endanger the Lakers’ top five pick next year. BS acting skills deserve a Razzies.

  620. It seems to be, I had posted an article above, that fully concur that ” its all talk” rather than business

  621. would he get first prize or the last?…hmmm

  622. I think he didn’t have any game plan bc Kobe do it for him.. LOL! Well, I agree he is too lazy that’s why he lose so many games when he was in Cav. smh!

  623. Yes, I agree. Lineup change is what Byron needed as a cover for the tanking and Kobe-record breaking goals this season.

  624. I am not sure why defense is that hard to do for professional players. It is not like you have to shut down your opponents to zerop points. Which is unrealistic btw. I think in LAL case….tanking is one thing…..their coaches could not make it clear for players are the reason. It also shows how Scott are still living in the 80s…

  625. LA Media didn’t stop BS from benching Lin. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  626. Oops, missed the anonymous part. But the person talking mentions the Sixers as an examples, so that means it’s not Hinkie, unless he deliberately said that to throw people off?

  627. If Byron got the tough task to Tank this season, keep Kobe happy but still saves his job by the end of season, what should he do?

    I envision a possible Tanking+Keep Kobe Happy Scenario that Byron will sell:

    Game 1-20: “Kobe tried his best but Boozer and Lin are defensively challenged”
    Game 21-40: “Byron boldly paired Davis/Price to inject defensive mindset to starters but it got worse since Kobe had to shoulder offensive workload by himself”
    Game 41-60: See Game 1-20 plan with Boozer/Price
    Game 61-82: See Game 21-40 with Davis/Lin to win more games (10) to give hope for next season for Laker fans. Appease Lin to sign him cheap.

    So if LAL got 8-52 by Game 60, then proceed to win more games 10-12 in the final 22 games to give false hope to Lakers fans, then Byron saves his job and achieves the tanking goal w/o looking too bad. Kobe got the glory. Then sign Lin on the cheap as backup PG to get Asian revenue

    Mission Accomplished!
    1. Mitch is happy: LAL finished 18-64 with 25% lottery chance to get Top 1 Pick. No need to give Suns > Top 5 pick. Lin has bad stats but performed better late in season so he can be signed cheaply. Asia Revenue would keep coming.
    2. Kobe is happy: Broke MJ scoring record and came-away unscathed with “tried his hardest with poor players around him”
    3. Byron is happy: by winning more games in late season, he will get the credibility of great coach who just needed to discipline his players a season to get them to play his system and win more games late in season. He should be retained for next season.

    The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them; but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.”

    The wicked may laugh at their evil plan but they will fall down into the deep hole that they dug themselves!

  628. Another rumor I read was, that Hill remained on first unit, because LAL wants another Pick! Hill could be a showcase, who knows, maybe Price and Wes are showcased as well.

  629. yes. I have a feeling Mitch likes Hill enough for his offensive rebounding but will sell high for a 1st round pick.

  630. Defense is hard for today’s professional players because it requires all 5 teammates cooperating.

    Having a single bad defender on the court in today’s game is like trying to sign your autograph with a finger missing.

    Coaching comes into play, and the bad coaches like Scott prefer to blame their best defenders for going after people instead of blaming their worst defenders for letting opponents breeze by.

    This is not the 80s where a single lopsided defensive matchup could overwhelm entire playoff series.

  631. the pattern is clear. He made a racist reference to me being Asian.

  632. Dumb bosses like Scott CONSULT THE WRONG PEOPLE.

    He should’ve consulted the REAL top player: Lin!

    Kobe Bryant has played too poorly this season for even his ceremonial respect to give him the right to have any clout.

  633. or “she” as I might think on certain days.

  634. I wanted just for them to make to 2nd round this year. Modest. Have resisted getting on that bandwagon. Google and facebook do not need my help ha ha. Neither does GSW 🙂

  635. ps – how about us?

  636. yeah, perhaps Hinkie is smart enough to be explicit using 76ers examples to back up the argument and throw people off his trail.
    I wouldn’t be surprised :>

  637. That will be FUN TO WATCH.

  638. The LA media can’t stop BS and Mitch from tanking.
    They can only do the right thing to call out the dirty politics.

    HOU media on the other hand only talked about Lin’s negatives and none of his contributions. That’s a corrupted and controlled media.

  639. The paint isn’t clogged for the Lakers.

    In fact, the problem is that the Lakers don’t get into the paint unless Lin does.

    Sacre and Boozer have learned how to play off Lin. They’ll be just fine.

  640. yeah, @John Lee and I talked about starting “Got Kobe-ed” campaign similar to “Got Milk?” one :p

  641. Boozer also said it that Thibs practiced defense everyday but Byron only talks about it everyday.

    So when Byron doesn’t even practice what he says, it’s either intentional or being inept. Or both.

  642. We need to tweet it to @JeanieBuss

  643. Exactly my point

  644. What about Jeremy? Jeremy is extremely unhappy and would rather play for any other team (except Rox) just to get away from Kobe. He will accept the minimum from a different team rather than sign up for more Kobe torment.

  645. Lol…a good coach is really hard to find..

  646. ok, done. Hope Jeanie Buss reads it.
    Please help to Fav/Retweet so she gets a lot of notifications


  647. IMO He shouldn’t stay in the Lakers w/ Kobe/Byron staying there since he won’t realize his true potential. He would just be a marketing engine and be a role player during his peak with regrets in life.

    I think Lin and his team know that and will make the right decision. They’re not about money at all (i.e. turning down hundreds of millions for endorsement in NY 2012)

  648. You didn’t include the picture? Jeremy looks great in that picture.

  649. 144 char limitation. But I can reply with another tweet

  650. i know but the media doesn’t affect the way Lin is played on the court which is what matters. so lin’s situation isn’t really any better, even if the media is not a puppet. if the media can’t affect the current situation then it is useless.

    IMO you can’t compare this to houston, its like comparing whether you would rather be killed by an axe or a sword. Terrible situations all around.

  651. Something funny about LeBron & Prince Williams to make us laugh :]


  652. Yes, it won’t help Lin’s PT now

    But I’m hoping that with neutral LA Media coverage would inform GMs that Lin’s value is underrated because he got Kobe-ed like Dwight did.

    Lin’s value would still be low for next season but more GM might be interested than if Lin played in 76ers behind MCW.

    With Hinkie being Morey’s disciple, who knows how much Lin’s career can sink more with less PT and smaller PHI presence.

    Yes, terrible but IMO LAL is the least worst of HOU and PHI this year.

  653. The operative word being “developing”. I don’t see that happening with Kobe and Byron here.

  654. ARE WERE MISSING JEREMY LIN’S SUCCESS AS IT PASSES US BY? The dictionary definition of success is “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like. The Bible definition of success is doing what God has put us on earth to do with all our heart in order to show the character of Christ. Jeremy is meeting the Bible defination. I saw a great NBA games last night between Clippers and the Suns. There were many stars on both teams that had worldly success. I believe Jeremy’s success will have a lasting effect on many well beyond his NBA career. Doing what God has put us here to do is the greatest success of all. He may or may not meet our hopes and expectations as a basketball player, but in the scheme of life it doesn’t really matter that much.

  655. I hope to see Jeremy plays his heart out with his 15min the only way he knows and score, and score…… But I also would love to see the Lakers losing by 30 points. Go Warriors go!

  656. I don’t think so. One of the fascinating thing from Jeremy is that he always emerges back from the deep darkness he was sucked into. This LA black hole is tricky but I believe Jeremy will find a way to come back out. He will.

  657. Who’s still watching the game tonight?
    I don’t think I can watch my boy play scrub mins behind a real scrub and he still will be forced to play like a scrub PG (passing, deferring) it’s guaranteed that he won’t play 20+mins ni matter how well he plays. This is injustice, an insult slap in the face.

  658. Dat Harvard degree doe…
    I hear it’s hard for Asian male to get in…while doing that he won state championship and made it to the NBA

  659. I agree with you that LA seems to be as bad as Rox but here’s why I think it was better for Lin to be traded to the Lakers. In Houston, the anti-Lin agenda reached all the way to the GM level. if Lin asked to be traded, Morey would either ignore the request or try to transfer Lin to an even worse situation. In LA, the anti-Lin agenda is really only at the level of Kobe who also controls the coach. If Lin asks to be traded, I don’t think Mitch or owners will try to damage Lin’s career any further.

    Right now it might seem like Rox were marginally better than Lakers because Rox were trying to be contenders whereas LA is only tanking and glorifying Kobe. But both teams are completely toxic to Lin and he needs to go somewhere else.

  660. bahahahha

  661. Yeah it would be easier to watch if Lin were not playing at all (CD-DNP). Then we could root for the biggest blowout possible with the fans booing and calling for Byron’s head.

  662. I’d say Jeremy is passing with flying color in displaying Godly character by not bad-mouthing Byron and/or Kobe even when he lost his starting job unfairly to a clearly worse-performing Price.

    And as we wait in anticipation on how God would reward Lin for being faithful to show grade under pressure, we’ll be amazed once more how God’s hands prevail over the wicked in Lin’s journey

    As Acbc aptly quoted before, God will chose the foolish things of the world (success/power at all cost) to shame the wise and the weak things to shame the strong. Lin might not look like he has much power but by showing great characters, he’ll be rewarded in the end with good names and more friends. And perhaps world success if God is willing.

    “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.”

    I can’t wait to see what the retribution for the wicked will be.

  663. He’s only Asian other than Yao, to actually last more than a few seasons in the nba. None of us have made it, so props to Lin. He just has to deal with the politics of life in the NBA, it’s not easy to be an Asian American pioneering through unchartered territory. He’ll be fine.

  664. Any speculation on JLin to the Nets? Seems like if that was the Laker’s intent they sure devalued him to the point he’d be untradable. Lopez would be interesting, they need a real center but not sure if can stay healthy.


  665. I will follow the game to see how bad the Lakers get beaten up.

  666. better than staying in LA I hope

  667. I’m definitely not missing it.

    Saint Lin’s personality is as pure as his game.


  668. D- Will it’s too expensive 20 M per year. Lakers will not take him. Lopez maybe so hope something can happen then..

  669. Perhaps Lin / Hill for B Lopez.

  670. What helps with good defense is positioning. Like when on offense and Kobe takes a long three with nobody there to rebound a possible miss, players are already out of position. The other team gets rebound and pushes the fastbreak and the lakers defense is backpedaling and having to work harder to get back on d.

  671. I shared this in a quote six days ago and it seems to fit here. “Lin
    has been in this situation before and only his faith in God keeps him a
    float. He has his eye on the correct prize and knows this to shall
    pass” I was thinking of Philippians 3:9-15 when I wrote this…especially verse 14. “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
    Thanks for the post and the reminder of who and what we live for as believers in Christ. Peace!

  672. He’s only Asian other than Yao, to actually last more than a few seasons in the nba. None of us have made it, so props to Lin. He’ll be fine

  673. I will watch to root for SAC, then root for JLin when he’s playing.

  674. That will be great! But if no one take DW then …Will hope so.

  675. The power structure looks like this: owners>GM>HC>Kobe>other players. Ordinarily it should be possible to go over the coach’s head and talk to the GM. Unfortunately, on the Lakers, Kobe has tremendous leverage. Kobe completely controls the coach and even the owners/GM are reluctant to overrule him.

  676. There are good coaches all over the place, but there are very few NBA owners smart enough to hire them.

  677. I’m glad Lin is keeping his mouth shut.

    That said, I’m pleased that a proven veteran like Boozer is able to speak out against Scott.

    Lin is Asian, so he cannot speak out the way a nonAsian player like Boozer can.

    Lin just needs to stay professional and keep working hard. Let the foolishness of the Lakers pass him by.

  678. Boozer will be like *rolling eyes” and

  679. I hope Lin voiced his displeasure of it when he had talked to BS. Neither had said how the meeting had went. very vague.


  680. From Mark Medina …

    The war of words continued between Lakers Byron Scott and veteran forward Carlos Boozer, who questioned why Scott benched him during the Lakers’ loss on Sunday to the New Orleans Pelicans.

    “He’s not the coach,” Scott said. “It’s my opinion. So as a coach, sometimes you have to make tough decisions. It was a tough decision, but I made it. I’ll stick to it and then go from there.”

    Lin approached Scott about his demotion, which then led into a lengthy meeting that entailed Scott wanted him to organize the offense better and make more consistent defensive rotations. Both Boozer and Scott have reported they have not had any discussions, and neither party sounds interested in breaking the ice.

    “I didn’t need to necessarily talk to Jeremy,” Scott said. “He came to me. I don’t feel like I need to clear the air.”

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/12/09/lakers-byron-scott-unapologetic-for-benching-carlos-boozer/

  681. You think he will get a contract next year? will he start?

  682. Byron doesnt need to clear the air
    he needs to clear his office

  683. Lin still off the bench then lol

  684. BS is a classless, despicable human being.

  685. I expect Lin to become a lot more vocal than he has been in the past because he has no further obligation to the Lakers after this season. Nothing over the top, still very professional, but much more willing to express how he’s being treated unfairly.

  686. That’s a bit more info on the discussion. So basically BS wanted Lin to be the coach and do his job too.

  687. “organize the offense better and make more consistent defensive rotations” !!

    How do you do that with Elephant in the room Kobe in there?

  688. He probably sees what is going on within the Lakers. On his interviews, you can see him really searching hard to answer these questions without bad mouthing someone or something.

  689. When Scott said: “I didn’t need to necessarily talk to Jeremy” or “He came to me. I don’t feel like I need to clear the air.” – that right there shows a lack of understanding and tact from a manager/coach standpoint and it’s just bad. When your demoting someone, at least give them the common courtesy of knowing why.

  690. Yeah that was before they benched him AND justified it by criticizing his play. Now that he’s had more time to evaluate the situation and confer with his support team, I expect his answers will become less subtle.

  691. BS is either a coward or shameful to face Lin and Boozer face to face.

  692. Another plea to @JeanieBuss to not let Jeremy Lin go from Lakers.

    It might not make much impact but it might plant the thought in her mind of Lin not coming back because of the unfair benching.


  693. https://twitter.com/GermyDaeun/status/542202708346683392

    Boozer can really make LAL a PR nightmare if media are gonna pick up on this.

    Haven’t really seen BS taken responsibilities for the LAL’s bad start. It’s all players’ fault for not doing their job. Not a sign of a good leader.

  694. Clearly, Boozer is insinuating Kobe calls the shots, not Byron.

    Kobe didn’t like Boozer and Lin bringing up Kobe ball-hogging a few games back

  695. It’s so ironic though. Everyone, including Lin fans, thought starting Davis over Boozer, was a smart move if you want to win. It’s the Price over Lin move that is so outrageous but it’s getting less attention.

  696. Exactly. When you’re never wrong, something’s definitely wrong. He in fact should take most the responsibility, not the least when it comes to the teams horrendous play.

  697. This one feels more epic…LOL for some reason

  698. Media affects the perception of lin as a player to everyday fans and sheds light on the injustice. It has to start somewhere. If there is enough backlash due to media, and in turn, fans there might be change. In Hou there was nowhere to start bc everyone was in on it.

  699. souvenir. what’s wrong. I’m sure somebody took it home.

  700. Oh well…

  701. that’s the “Linsanity fading for Lakers” effect LOL

    Jeanie Buss: “Oh noo.. we might lose lots of Asian revenue! Mitchhhh, come here!”

  702. That’s disgusting.

  703. What ever he said will be taken note, not just by Lakers. I am not saying he is afraid to talk. I am saying he knows how to do it

  704. I really don’t want Lin to stay w/the Lakers in the current environment. The abuse bs has shown Lin thus far is enough to test even a saint & the org hasn’t even stepped in. It’s even more pathetic that a grown old man treats a 26 yr old this way…just because he can. Not only non-leadership quality, but a low life behavior on both b-s parts. smh
    I’m hoping Lin tells the Lakers exactly where they can shove their offer w/a finger…in his own way tho. lol

  705. Some players just do not have brain for some reason..

  706. Boozer is really giving it to Scott. He is really calling him out.Notice Kobe nowhere to be found.

  707. Yup, the disrespect bothers me a lot.

    It will be an epic statement that when organization chooses to be unfair with players, noone wants to play for them in the long-run.

    If Lin likes California, Lin can still stay in California by playing for GSW or Kings and beat Lakers multiple times in the process :]

  708. The man behind the curtain…

  709. b-s is showing all the ways not to be a leader of any group. His pic should be in biz management textbooks under: ‘What not to do while in a position to lead.’.

  710. Reminds me of McHale and some of his quotes: “We’ve got to go play; play harder for 48 minutes – that’d a good start. We didn’t play hard for 48 minutes.”. A little strategizing would be nice and little less vagueness Byron.

  711. That’s great to see Byron’s ineptitude as a coach is brought to open air.
    No courtesy to inform players and expecting players to be nice to him?

    What a FAIL in leadership! Now he gets mutiny as he deserves.

    As we say, pride goes before destruction!

  712. Why so defensive scott? *sarcasm

  713. Kobe will not want to be the bad guy but he is behind what Scott said or did. smh!

  714. Exactly! I was thinking of the Kings the other night. I don’t know much about them, but what are your thoughts on Lin’s possibility?

  715. I think these tweets from Jlin Portal are fantastic for keeping the pressure on. But I also agree with @Riddick. If you ask them to choose between Kobe and Lin…well they’ve already made their choice. What we really want them to do is trade Lin to a better situation for his contract year. Not saying that you can tweet such a request though!!!

  716. Kobe will state he defers to scott. What a joke!

  717. He sure is. smh!

  718. Yea. These are grown men and not little kids. Needs to show a little bit of respect. You not gonna show any, you not gonna get any back.

    Sure, you are the coach, but demoting someone and not even talking to them about it? SMH.

  719. And to think, we were all happy when Lin got traded to the Lakers. Just as bad as Houston if not worse. Hindsight indeed is 20/20.

  720. The show is not even over yet. Just wait and see.

  721. I’m still happy except I miss more minutes owning to dinner time on west coast. There’s a lot to be thankful for.

  722. Will snowball if Lakers keep losing, especially if blown out, and even more especially if 2nd unit does better than first unit.

  723. this laker situation if and really when it gets worse they will have to fire scott

  724. I am totally happy if I can only choose between these 2

  725. They need to fire Kobe.

  726. Scott will make sure it does not happen

  727. Should we stock some popcorn?

  728. Is 17M a lot to Lakers management? If Lakers let BS keep doing his/kobe’s ways, 3/4 years down the road, I only see Lakers as a laughing stock of NBA. Buss family will allow that happen? Short pain is better than lasting mockery and tarnished brand.

  729. Um, I thought that was your job, Coach?

  730. Top priority for Mitch is to hold that pick…..so….

  731. for the lakers no thats not a lot the make billions every year

  732. And to think those HOF came out in support of BS at the press conference. They probably extremely embarrassed by this whole thing as well.

  733. They certainly are pretty quite these days.

  734. Kareem did said that Kobe’s quest for scoring ranking is a distraction today.

    Edit: in case somebody missed it:


  735. I can’t tell if they’re interested in Lin at all.
    They have Collison and Sessions.

    Lin/Cousins would have been huge IMO. It really depends on the owner/GM
    For some reason, I don’t think they are interested but who knows

  736. It is to Kobe….too subtle for Scott

  737. I don’t think so. The way they treat IT…..If Lin goes there…It will be worse.

  738. ok, so hopefully they’re not interested LOL

  739. Me too. Boozer is a Christian, so I have no doubt that God is getting ready ti expose Scott/Kobe. God is using Lin to expose all the lies that has been saying that it was always the other player and not Kobe. It has already been revealed that Kobe/scott have been sending mixed messages to lin.yep locker room is going to implode

  740. I have my wine and dishes ready.

  741. He caught some monster waves in the past few years, and it’s now just a cool time, nice weather, waiting for the next set of waves in our endless summer with JLin!

  742. Let me dig out some of the leftover popcorn from 2 days ago…

  743. see above – it does not matter. It’s the enjoyment of life that matters, and there will be future monster waves for JLin. It’s not all or nothing every day all day. Surfers know how to really be melo … oops 🙂

  744. I like wine too but don’t know much bout wine. Any suggestion for both red and white wine? =)

  745. yeah, what we can ask nicely is to have a fair treatment to play Lin when he plays well so it doesn’t jeopardize his value for the next contract.

    They might still choose Kobe but Lin should play more than Price when politics don’t come to play.

    Otherwise, players won’t come to their unfair franchise . In Lin’s case, Lakers has a lot to lose in revenue if he bolts.

  746. I am not missing it, and I appreciate you reminding me too.

  747. Even if lakers tank, they’re not guaranteed a top pick. the draft lottery works in mysterious ways.

  748. Some bodies under the water know too….JK

  749. So now are we not watching NBA but watching a drama in the making?

  750. NBA left us after the TWolve game…….just a reminder…

  751. Yea. it’ll be cav’s again anyways. /s

  752. Magic did tweet “Lin should be a starting PG for the Lakers” so he disagreed with Byron .. at least a while back

  753. Reality show in it’s finest!

  754. You gotta try

  755. It means nothing. Will mean something if he does it again now

  756. because you don’t get noticed for D in bball given the volume scoring. If you make a great D play in many other sports, it’s a game changer or you are a goat. When I was a kid, I didn’t like bball because of the back and forth grind. I wanted it to be the last 5 minutes every game lol.

  757. I don’t know much either but Costco has some good ones and good values.
    Just don’t get them from Wal-Mart 😀

  758. Dan Gilbert and his son, always gets the luck of the draw.

  759. I’m STILL happy that Lin got traded to the Lakers.

    Lin would have been DNP CD’d for the entire season in Houston.

    At least in LA, Lin got to start for a while and come off a bench before the inevitable DNP CD from Scott knocks Lin out for the rest of the season.

  760. Marshmallows for me as the BONFIRE rages on.

  761. If Lin stayed…he might play behind Canaan right now for garbage time. No kidding.

  762. can’t see Magic publicly tweet that again to embarrass Byron though

    They probably wait for more blowouts before telling Byron that he just embarrassed himself to the whole NBA by starting Price over Lin.

    that would be a more impactful “I told you so” LOL

  763. hmmm … lots to think about there. If you mean staying on the wave to surf another set, yes indeed. If you mean Lin has a team of divers with cameras an all like the Mavericks competition, it’s too much intrigue for me to fathom. I just want to see him ride the tube again.

    Like, that wraparound pass making contact on AD in the first NO game. To Hill. That was so sublime, smart …

  764. I still think it’s a smart move, starting Boozer over Davis.

    Davis rules the bench, but he’s pretty much useless as a starter.

    The problem with Boozer is that Lin wasn’t allowed to run enough plays with him.

  765. They are not gonna do it, period. Not after that high profile start and how they bashed everything on Mike DA

  766. ..mmmm…smores?

  767. I’m preparing to sit back and watch the soap opera unfolding :]
    The proud has started to self-destruct! haha

  768. The NBA season is only 6 months of the year and half of the games are on the road anyway. I think too much is made of Lin needing to play for a California team. After Stanford didn’t offer Lin a scholarship, Lin chose to spend 4 years in Boston, also without a scholarship. I think Lin’s career is much more important to him than being based in California and he should jump at the chance of playing for teams like Spurs, Mavs, Celtics, etc.

  769. MDA somewhere is sipping the wine and laughing…

  770. The liquor law here are more strict I don’t think Wal-Mart sell any alcohol. Don’t know about Costco I never been there.

  771. I don’t think Lin will get a contract next year, no matter how well he plays.

  772. Neither am I. I am not that picky. Besides it could be very subjective. Just use your guts to pick and trial. That’s all.

  773. and Dwight makes the toast!

  774. While Gasol doing something too…LOL I guess something seafood related…

  775. That will be too sad….

  776. yeah, CA is not a must.

    A GM/coach who believes in him and system that utilizes his playmaking talent to the fullest is #1 priority.

    Go Spurs/Mavs!

  777. I agree with you. Davis is exciting with his pnr and his blocks, but he fouls too much and he needs more experience I think. Boozer is not like even by old line Jazz fans … what do you make of his game? It’s not so bad, but it’s to me not top quartile, maybe half.

  778. The older I get, the more I believe that God has his plan for me to see. For everyone here, it’s ‘some other power outside of ourselves’.

  779. Spanish-dancing with DRose :]

  780. You never know if it comes back to NY.

  781. Huh, in the NBA? Wack, bro … defend yourself !!! lol.

  782. What a selfish d(u)ck, the sooner Lin leaves the lakers, the better


    “He wants to win,” says a source close to Lakers decision makers. “But only as long as he’s the reason we’re winning, as long as the performance is not affecting his numbers. No one works harder than Kobe. And no one sabotages his own efforts more. He’s scaring off the free agents we’re trying to get. We’re trying to surround you with talent and your ego is getting in the way.”

  783. Somebody will give him a contract. It’s already established that he can play on this level. Just had a 18 point 11 assist game recently in limited minutes.

  784. wow.. you should try it,
    free food samples on weekend and some weekdays..
    It’s like a fun family outing if they’re not busy 😀

  785. nonono, Canaan is out with ankle. Lin would be in ha ha.

  786. The Bible states whenever there is mass confusion and chaos, it the work of the enemy

  787. Scott was fired because of defense in cleveland. LOL Kyle didnt like Scott as a coach.Here is the article.

    INDEPENDENCE: The whispers regarding Byron Scott’s tenuous future in Cleveland began during All-Star weekend and grew louder as the season progressed. With every poor defensive effort and every late-game collapse, Scott was unknowingly getting pushed closer and closer to the door.

    He was finally pushed all the way out on Thursday, fired after compiling a 64-166 record in three seasons. His .278 winning percentage is the lowest among all coaches in team history (minimum one full season), but that wasn’t the figure that doomed him. The fact opponents shot .476 against the Cavs this season did far more damage to his future.

    “We were one of the worst defensive teams this year,” General Manager Chris Grant said. “We’ve got to get better at that.”

    Grant made it clear the team’s next coach will have a strong defensive background. The candidates are endless and range from guys with previous head coaching experience (Stan Van Gundy, Scott Skiles, Mike Dunleavy and Avery Johnson) to career assistants on the fringe of their first head coaching opportunities (Mike Malone, David Fizdale and Brian Shaw).

    The most intriguing name available is Mike Brown, whom Scott replaced just three years ago. As Grant described the next coach he is looking for — proven success, a teacher and strong defensively with proven systems, a grinder and a worker — he essentially described Brown.

    During Scott’s three years in charge, opponents shot .475, .467 and .476 against them. They never ranked higher than 27th in the league defensively and one of the organization’s goals is to always rank in the top 15. There is even a board in the Cavs locker room listing the top 15 teams in defensive field-goal percentage.

  788. Bev gets injured too much for that

  789. LOL. Knicks are 4-18. Maybe even Melo is desperate for some LInsanity.

  790. Thanks…I’ll remove them from my Lin’s wish list. lol

  791. pls rephrase .. with duck or something else before spam moderation does its job :]

  792. Maybe it is the Uatu or….A Matrix….or…JK…don kill me

  793. Wine is not Liquor tho

  794. Wut….what’s the matter with those guards…

  795. If the plot thickens anymore it’s going to be concrete. LOL

  796. Not in NY. Wine, liquor, anything contains alcohol needs to be sold thru a liq store.

  797. Kobe is being SMUSHED!

    Smush Parker is probably thinking “REVENGE!”

  798. LOL

  799. They have to learn how to cut while backpedaling on D … doesn’t seem to be enough drilling on that these days.

  800. Oh I see..

  801. Bonfire of the VANITIES!!!!

  802. …but …but … but… it was all the players’ fault! The coach talked a lot about defence… should have traded all the players … coach was right… the LA Losers knows

  803. hah

  804. Who will go to the game tonight? Hope to see some signs up to express our feelings…

  805. Or I should say alcohol beverage.

  806. MDA became a laughing stock for a lot of people. Who’s laughing now Byron? He had better defense than you have now.

  807. You know, as long as Lin leads, Lin landed on any Eastern conf team can make that team to playoff.

  808. Oh, Scott breaking loss records on Cleveland and Lakers. LOL That’s consistency.

  809. lol

  810. Don’t know those are they games or anime stuff? If just Matrix trilogy … I’m more for 1984 and other classic sci fi because those aren’t original thoughts. Now, if it’s Outland or Total Recall (v1.0) or Blade Runner – those are nice originals (Blade Runner being based on a classic Sci Fi short story).

  811. So now we know if a team wants to tank…they find Scott?

  812. This is so sad that I can not stop laughing….hahaha

  813. Here in MN beer with 3.2% or lower can be sell in gas station or grocery store with license to sell them. Anything higher than that must only sell in liquor store.

    And no liquor store can be open on Sunday.

  814. Uatu is the big head watching over earth from behind the moon. In Marvel universe

  815. No I don’t want 2nd unit do good bc that means Lin should stay in 2nd unit to lead them forever. I want the whole sucks but Lin.

  816. Hmm. Why are so many Lin fans talking about booz?

  817. Not sure why lin wants to sign with the lakers for cheap unless he gets no other offers. Or lin is really that stupid.

  818. Ah … too much to keep up with.

  819. Well the Boo has spoken

  820. “Then sign Lin on the cheap as backup PG to get Asian revenue”

    This kind of comment annoys me. Sorry.

  821. “Jeremy Lin put the first race off the bench, the Lakers to 87 than 104 swallow defeat”… should be Jlin the first Asian off the bench…

  822. I am thankful that for JLin, the egos around the league will NEVER achieve what he had in Linsanity, and the joy that was spread around the world those 7 games and for months after was something Kobe, Harden will never achieve in any endeavor they seek. TDuncan has that kind of goodwill. Lin is now in a class of greats. If a person is judged by how much joy he amplified in life, Lin is all set for whatever he’s called to do.

  823. Disagree with both of you on that. Not happy to see Boozer demoted in that fashion, but Davis is so much better, especially with Lin. I bet Davis would also have less of those desperation fouls playing with Lin instead of Price, but BS never let us find out.

  824. Yes Sir!

  825. This is how Bias work……Just like Lin…

  826. LA medias are really much better than HOU. They might have their own agenda too, but at least the microphone is not 100% controlled by the team itself.

  827. At least Melo is not a shooting guard.

  828. I think the same for WC. Given all this 15 teams in it. If they are willing to play with Lin.

  829. oh no.. with Dolan hate Lin, it might be similar to HOU with McHale and Morey’s hate

  830. Nah….Dolan is in his own league….completely not at the same level….

  831. exactly

  832. If lin offers himself for the vet min for 2 years with 2nd year player option, what teams will sign him?

    1. Mavs
    2. Warriors
    3. Nets
    4. Sixers
    5. ??

  833. It depends….almost every team will for him to backup

  834. Really? You mean getting the license to sell these things? Is beer consider liquor and alcohol? Cause you see it selling in many groceries. Not just beer, wines too…

  835. Why he has to only w vet min for 2 years?!

  836. Ok with that, we learn from constructive disagreement.

  837. This is called a hypothetical question.

  838. At vet min doesnt mean he is def a back up, all depends.

  839. If for starting…probabaly only one or 2 teams.

  840. ” IF “

  841. Agreed

  842. Or wanting to know worst case scenario not including @KHuang’s apocalyptic vision.

  843. For a team to spend only 2mil…it will be a back up position, a rotation filler. Like Price

  844. But the whole problem is not the money. When a decision has to be made. Lin is not going to be on top no matter how many money he gets.

  845. Nelson starts with the mavs

  846. Why

  847. We can just do a random poll now and it will most likely showing He is considered better than Lin as a starter.

  848. I’m 99% convinced Lin’s value is much more than the vet min.
    His Driving FG% to the rim 2nd only to LeBron will be worth more than that, even as a super backup PG

    IMO At least 15 teams would want Lin if he goes on sale with 2-yr vet.

  849. Who considers nelson is better than lin. Lin is def better.

  850. Because he is always the Last Pick

  851. Hypothetically, #1 is Houston to keep him as a backup throughout his NBA career plus getting back Asian revenue.

    Morey and McHale would be super-happy.

  852. Yet Lin is backing up Price. On the court, this is not about the money or how good is your FG%. It is about perception. Lin is treated as a good backup at best…..

  853. So you think lin will sign with them?

  854. If that is the only offer

  855. You think it will he the only offer? I doubt it.

  856. no way Lin would ever come back to HOU :]

    I think the HOU experience planted Lin a dream to become GM to someday beat Morey 😀

  857. “IF”

  858. I know. Just in the worsr case situation. lol

  859. Nice dig. Haha

  860. just be careful to go through worst-case scenario in detail because it will mess with your mind :] soon it’s everything that we can only see.

    worry will eat us alive.

    think positively so you can see positive options 😀

  861. LOL

  862. oh, I was wondering recently why ducks are involved in discussion………….

  863. If he can get out of Lakers. NY will be much much better than Lakers.

  864. God has a plan for him. I dont worry how much money he would be getting. Only hope he can play team ball which is fun to watch and be happy.

    It breaks my heart these past 2 days.

  865. worst case scenario I see for Jlin is not getting traded by the lakers by the trading deadline… other than that ,everything else is gravy for Jlin.

  866. because the exodus movie is being shown in theater right now..here is my take on Jlin role as related to the bible..( I posted this 2 days ago)…… Jlin is like Moses and God will give him power to bring devastation to the nba sinners like the racist refs, GMs, owners and Haters….they all better hide their first borns and going hiding because Jlin is coming and Hellish devastation is coming with him

  867. call it” the Washington monument”

  868. I think Jlin will get offers at the minimum 7m/yr for 3 or 4 years

  869. Jeremy Lin on the Lakers: ‘I Think This Team Can Make the Playoffs’

    If for some super-natural reasons, 2012 history (Jeremy Lin managed to turn around a 7-15 NY Knicks to reach the playoff) repeats itself with Jeremy Lin leading the Lakers to reach the playoff, what would be the 1st thing that comes to your mind?

    Lakers is 5-16 now. Only 6.5 games behind #8 seed in the Suns.

    Anything can happen

  870. He would have to demand a no-trade clause too, in that case. No point in hand-picking the team he wants to play with and then immediately getting dangled in front of other teams as a juicy trade asset.

  871. told them to tank which they are doing

  872. why link twitter

  873. What openly to ask for tank?! smh! He is really support his friend.

  874. Nice, Magic!

    Lakers better gets serious in LOSING!
    Do it right :p

    Translation: Kobe shooting 6-30 tonight!

  875. i would like lin to the nets

  876. I’m convinced that Lin is making a lot more money on the outside than his average yearly NBA salary. He has a lot of endorsements, plus his video channel thing. And he’s not wasting his money with a large entourage.
    Given all that, he’ll be very wealthy when compared to most of us when he does retire from bball, and right now my biggest concern is his legacy and his place in sports history.

  877. lin to the nets is a good option. even if its next year as a free agent. lopez is very good although injury prone though.

  878. the linsanity crew was unselfish. this lakers team is full of selfish players who also dont know fundamentals. not even a comparison — this season cannot be turned around. linsanity was not just about lin.

  879. won’t happen with this coach.

  880. Finally I understand what BS meant by telling Lin to make proper defensive rotations and get others involved in offense (like Jordan Hill) after reading Magic openly hopes that the Lakers lose.

    So Lin should be making proper defensive rotations like Kobe (i.e. don’t move and just stare your opponents down) while passing the ball to Hill to brick (Lin is simply too efficient in scoring that it prevents the Lakers from losing). Everything is just so crystal clear now. No wonder Lin said it’s the most difficult time for him as a basketball player because Lin never played to lose.

  881. I think Kobe should go for it and break the record tonite. after that endorsement from Magic, who cares anymore.

  882. So…he is openly supporting Scott. Thinking Scott did his best…LOL

  883. surprised there’s not a twitter storm w/ a comment like that from the LAL media.

  884. After I read what he said… I think after this 15 game try out new lineup, Lakers maybe will trade Lin bc if they’re really going to tank then they don’t need or want to pay Lin 15M for nothing. Looks more likely to happen now.

  885. they got couple picks and some $ as well? i don’t think they have a problem w/ Lin’s 15M.

  886. Is Magic one of those rare individuals who can’t lie, bs, or even keep quiet? LOL. Bless his soul!

  887. I think Lakers pick Kobe/Scott not Lin now so they will not keep Lin after this season. So I don’t think they will let Lin walk for nothing next summer sure will trade him before the trade dateline.

  888. I think it’s so funny. Lin is not in starting lineup now so his playing time w Hill is not that much.. why Scott said Hill? He should say Young instead.

  889. https://twitter.com/WNTonight/status/542433549320605697

    So Brent and others in Dallas, is this what u woke up to? That’s pretty thick fog.

  890. Just came out less than 2 hours…

  891. Not as thick as shown…but pretty thick in the morning.

  892. that’s the thing w/ twitter, isn’t it? instant reaction. Unless the LAL media wanna be hush hush on this. Not something you wanna broadcast.

  893. Does that have anything to do with you living in Brooklyn? 😉

  894. This is not from Twitter.. It’s ESPN article.

  895. https://twitter.com/TWCSportsNet/status/541047551969865729

    It’s an old one, but I am sure Lintertained today.

  896. I’m just surprised that people like Ido hasn’t twitted this out. Perhaps people don’t read ESPN anymore. Didn’t see this until Brent posted it here.

  897. I think so.

  898. It makes sense because BS cited not giving the ball to Hill enough as one of the reasons for Lin’s demotion to the bench. Now that Lin is on the bench, he probably needs to feed Sacre more in order to recapture the thrilling 1-10 performance Sacre had against the Celtics!

  899. They are lucky that Hill did not get enough possessions. The more the worse

  900. Maybe he is lying? Who knows…LOL

  901. Ah, it’s one of those tell you opponents that you are tanking so they will not be prepared to play against you trick.

    I hope LAL players knows themselves though.

  902. the 7 points lost in seconds! the sacrebleu play.

  903. No, Nets are a TERRIBLE option.

    Coach Lionel Hollins is an 80s coach who would hate Lin and not play Lin.

  904. Problem with the current standing is LAL needs to get to 6 or 7 so they can play against either Memphis or Houston to have a chance to advance.

  905. LOL! Well Lin certainly did not learn from his “mistakes” because he was still hustling to try to defend two opponents on the perimeter. Lin should learn from Kobe to just relax under the rim and if he is lucky he can add a defensive rebound to his stat sheet.

  906. Magic still thinks it’s the 80s when there was no draft lottery and high picks were actually seasoned players.

    Byron Scott RUINED this year’s high lottery pick Julius Randle by overpracticing Randle until his body broke down.

    Magic is so clueless, he doesn’t even realize that the Lakers under his guy Scott are so dysfunctional that D-League players like Earl Clark, Pooh Jeter, and Jeremy Tyler have FLED from the Lakers! If D league players refuse to join the Lakers, how does Magic expect expensive free agents to?

  907. 15 games before Scott DNP-CDs Lin for the rest of the season, regardless of how well Lin plays.

  908. He didn’t say that’s what the Lakers are doing. He said it’s what they should be doing.

    But given that we all think they’re tanking, who do the Lakers expect to keep watching much less pay to go see their games? Kobe fans that want to watch him break records?

  909. like lin hs a ton of options. if he can start its a good option

  910. you know, BSc’s statements go like this to me:

    “Um, yeah, well you know, we’ve decided to go in a different direction …”

    “What do you mean, I did all you asked and more?”

    “Well, you know, it’s a fit issue and we just think it’s a better fit for you and the team if we make this change.”

    (I’m in a no – win) “We’ll, ok I get that and I’ll do my best.” (What a Jeeerrrkkk. Oops, sry God.)

    Funny thing is, people on these boards all over the world can see racism and secret agendas and have been in these kinds of conversations. Ppl are marching in the streets over injustice and secret agendas.

    Go Lin, representin’ !!!!

    From Office Space, for your pleasure:


  911. 1: x
    2: x
    3: x
    4: x
    5: x

  912. man, you rep the smart corner of kids sitting in the back of the room. Me, Ima sitting in the front with my hands raised saying … teacher the trolls are firing paper wads up my back.

  913. THey will figure out it is true within the 1st 5 minutes of the game anyway

  914. “Apocalyptic” to me would be Lim throwing hissy fits and acting like a mean little Kobe Bryant!

    Lin not getting a NBA contract? That doesn’t bother me because Lin’s set for life financially and has already provided us with several seasons of GREATNESS.

  915. Lol.

  916. :] If they can get to #8 with Kobe playing, it’s still a miracle LOL

  917. true, it will be a performance for the ages! Another record of shooting futility :p

  918. Byron or Kobe?

  919. I’m saying .. if the cancer cell is removed, that 11-0 run by the 2nd team in the last game, can happen organically under Lin’s command, ya know

  920. LOL. Maybe we should come up with a list of words BS could use to justify starting Price over Lin.

    “Fit” is a good one as you already mentioned, here are some other possibilities:

    “intangibles” “high-character” “wants it more” “defensive mentality” “good at small things”

    Please enlighten me if you can come up with other words.

  921. yeah, hopefully the bitter people won’t try to trade Lin to South Pole

  922. yes, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel!
    we might not see it now but I keep the faith

  923. don’t forget the scenario that they want to keep Lin as a backup PG next year to get Asian revenue or if Kobe retires.

    so LAL might not trade him this Feb 2015

  924. So let’s assume the Lakers are tanking. Why not showcase Lin and then trade him for more draft picks? Instead they criticized him and demoted him to the bench. @psalm234 proposed earlier that they want to keep Lin for the Asian market. But such bad treatment would make Lin want out ASAP. Are they planning to tarnish Lin’s reputation so badly that he has no other options? And does that mean that they would refuse to trade him? That’s too sinister for me to wrap my head around. Any better explanations?

  925. as @awarde:disqus said, there are power plays in Lakers org

    I believe Jeanie Buss and Mitch want to keep JLin to be the next future piece of Lakers.
    But Kobe/Byron got upset with Lin/Boozer suggesting Kobe being one-main show.
    so Lin/Boozer are punished by going to the bench. Max & Marcellus saw through this.

    If we looked back of the timeline when Lin/Boozer said it and when Kobe stopped sitting next to Lin ‘mentoring’ him, it makes sense.

    Noone knows if Kobe will force Mitch to trade Lin away. For all purpose, Kobe might request Lin back as a starter to help him score easily. Through Kobe’s glasses, it’s always “I, Me and Myself” first

  926. He is expiring….no need to showcase

  927. loved the radio show posted yesterday where they talked fluidly about how all kobe had to do is use code words and BSc just jumped to it. Office Space is what we’ve all experienced.

  928. Teams might still want him just for a better run at the playoffs this season.

  929. Could be…but just more unlikely for now.

  930. Jeanie and Mitch may not be able to micromanage BS and are not willing to oppose Kobe, but they should be able to at least ask BS not “to damage the merchandise” i.e trash Lin’s reputation.

  931. If Lin will be a back up then why he needs to stay in Lakers?! They will not win a ring for the next few years.

  932. Exactly…he can be a backup in almost any team

  933. Lin said his ideal system is “A spread, run-and-gun, open floor, pick-and-roll system” but Harden took his job in HOU. I’m sure he’s going to find his ideal system next year. But where? Esp. those without ball-hogs

    December 5, 2014 Updates
    Lin said “every player has an ideal system” but says he believes he is at a point in his career where he can adjust to what a team needs. “It’s no secret to anybody what system is best for me,” he said. “It’s not a surprise, but it’s just a matter of seeing what your team has, what is your personnel? A spread, run-and-gun, open floor, pick-and-roll system might not be what’s best for us given our personnel.” Orange County Register

    Los Angeles Lakers, Jeremy Lin

    – See more at: http://hoopshype.com/rumors/tag/jeremy_lin#sthash.NVAluHNK.dpuf

  934. that might mean Lin will get 20-22min as backup PG and possibly get back in starting lineup in Gm 40 to “win back” his starting position after he “learned his lesson” to defer to Kobe

  935. Lin shouldn’t stay indeed

  936. The Lakers’ system isn’t ideal for anyone except coBrick & his puppet coach.

  937. I always thought FO is very support Lin until now… Specially after the talk from Magic, I think Lin is not part of their future after all. Stay here w Kobe for who knows how many years to come?! Not a good idea.

  938. LOL. Magic just telling the truth.

  939. brent, with Cousins out, will Hill produce today?

  940. Need a good coach…all other aspects will be taken care of after he gets one

  941. true .. but pls change to Kobe. It breaks Rule #7 no-name calling.
    I know I’m upset too but still good to exercise self-control.

    All I know is the wicked will reap their evil consequence soon

  942. For BOX score..yes….for real impact….not really

  943. I feel he is protecting Scott by rationalizing the losing..

  944. lol. a big man running to the top of the key for a standing shot. He’d better make those.

  945. In that case we should stop hoping to hear about a trade anytime soon. That leaves me with only the unspeakable hopes: Mack trucks, freight trains, 500 terawatt lightening bolts, and large sticky pieces of Kobe beef.

  946. JLin might have an easier time penetrating.

  947. Not gonna happen….He will shoot it statistically bad. Maybe he will get hot a few games…but that is it..

  948. So far, Lin only had 1 in the NBA


  949. The front office is probably fine with the situation. You can’t blatantly tank by sitting your all-stars or playing with no effort. But if you have no shot at the playoffs, and you can be bottom 5 by playing your all-star and having him average 25+ ppg to please the fans, why not do it? All the players will be playing hard (futilely, but playing hard), at least fans will pay to see Kobe score 25+, and you can guarantee bottom 5. If you remove Lin as a starter and replace him with a journeyman, then you can guarantee bottom 3.

  950. lol

  951. No wonder they hate each other… LOL!

  952. Except beer.

  953. it was already painful before, but spending 3 hours watching crap lakers in order to see lin on the court for only 20 minutes — i can’t say it’s worth it. not sure how many more games i will watch if his minutes stay like this.

  954. thanks.. they deserve to be ignored!

  955. Unfortunately I gotta root for a Lakers win tonight cuz I want the Kings to fall below the Pelicans.
    However, I want it to be a win thanks to Jeremy going nuts.
    Also want Collison to have a career night vs Price hehe.

  956. I don’t think Byron’s “in on it” though.

    There was a reality show called The Joe Schmo Show where there was only 1 real contestant, all the others were actors who were in on it. The show was absolutely hilarious. Anyways, I feel like Byron’s the “Joe Schmo”. Everyone knows the Lakers are tanking, but he’s still trying to win (in futility).

  957. maybe skip-forward 20 games or when miracle happens?

  958. lin is straight deluded if he imagines this team can go anywhere.

    its not just the talent. too much agenda by ppl on team. and byron is a complete fool tool stool. whatever is said about MDA, if you give him what is good for his system, it will look amazing.but byron? haha

  959. I feel Magic is trying to throw a hint at Scott because Scott is the only who doesn’t know. =p

  960. Both:-) I have already put them together for a long time. One is inseparable than the other:-) My pic of them are two heads snakes:-)

  961. That too, could be the truth…LOL

  962. LOL Both BS and Kobe need to go thru like what I’m going thru in the past few mos. Then they will know how it’s for having cancer.

  963. easy do like I do … have this site open for the folks who can stand it. Have nba.com open to see when Lin comes in. Then just watch when it happens. Meanwhile, read news, surf web, work emails or spreadsheets. It’s very peaceful and not to hard to do.

  964. True. So unless you are Duncan, he’d better be in there for offensive Rebs.

  965. Even DLger does not wanna come….lalalalala

  966. I think bc they plan to tank so no need to waste more money. Now I know why before the road games, Scott said we just that bad or something like that…?! FO agrees so they keep Price & didn’t want to sign any new players.

  967. I know .. the temptation is there but better not to fill our heads with negativity, it just kills us from the inside
    let the wicked fall on their own sword

  968. LOL, no one wants to play on the Lakers now. I know that NBA players can get paid more China, but still no NBA player would choose to play in China if they could play for an NBA team. The only NBA players that play in China are washed up ones like McGrady, Steve Francis, Marbury that no NBA team wants to sign. That’s such a slap in the face to the Lakers that Earl Clark turned down an offer from the “storied franchise”.

  969. I wish I could be a fly on that wall in the locker room. LOL

  970. Must be entertaining….LOL

  971. “let the wicked fall on their own sword” And don’t gloat or rejoice when it happens. OK, I’ll try to resist the temptation. 😉

  972. Mitch is like “I got to look busy with tryouts reports”

    Earl Clark – “Might produce 4 more wins. Too much money – OUT”
    Gal Mekel – “Might produce 8 more wins than Price. Too much money – OUT”

    Jeanie: “How’s the report, Mitch?”
    Mitch: “Can we get more money for Purlple & Gold paint on this tank, Jeanie?”

    Jeanie: “????”

  973. I think the starters will do whatever they can to prove themselves as legit first team. Kobe will be chucking shots…lots of shots..if he gets high score and wins the game…the lakers fan will worship him as their god. So, to kobe and bs this is a high stake game…of course bs is smart to buy a 10-15 game insurance policy.

  974. Locker room issues took the Pacers down last year and they were good. Imagine what will happen with bottom dwellers Lakers.

  975. If someone brings Lin to China, that team would start to build strength because Lin can make any team work. I wonder if that would be better, and NBA agenda in China then blows up sooner bigger. The problem, though, is … working for Chinese tycoons is a tough gig. They like the innocent, not street smart American disapora (with Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cal badges.). Then you get sat on the shelf for bragging rights because they are making whale deals that westerners cannot fathom.

  976. maybe the opposite will happen and they’ll start winning! LOL

  977. hey, who says we can’t rejoice when the wicked falls down :]

  978. Dr Buss must be rolling in his grave.

  979. Check this out : http://www.isay.tw/2014/09

  980. Hopefully! When players try to hard to prove something they lose focus.
    Here’s to Chuckbe ending up with 14pts on 39 shots! and all the starters end with -25.


  981. off topic but Im so happy Landry Fields is getting minutes tonight as a starter (Vazquez wasnt working well in starting lineup) and doing very well!
    Landry is playing great defense, has 2 assists, is 2 for 2 and 1 steal in just 11 minutes, go Landry!

  982. LOL.
    How about a butterfly instead…? Hehehehe

  983. Thank you Jane!

  984. Let’s hope James Worthy choose this Tank question for tonight TWCSN Pre-Game show 😀
    Might as well enjoy this drama LOL


  985. So this is it for him?

  986. Seriously, if Lin’s career gets ruined by them, they will expect a real one in front of their office soon

  987. Defensive rotations are overrated, just let the armor of the tank to do all the defending.
    Then Kobe can just stay inside this comfortable tank to fire away bricks at will!

  988. #TeamBench good one!

  989. if Lin is not going to stay with the Lakers next season, i wish Lakers will get the number 6 pick and lose it to Phoenix

  990. Believe in God doesn’t mean you would allow youselves to be pushed around! Hope lin stands up for himself!

  991. Lol..epic fail…if that happened..

  992. Love that tank! Thanks for the laugh.

  993. the best defense is to take more shots 😉

  994. You know the ,more Scott talks, I am beginning to believe he doesn’t have a clue about anything. Also have you noticed Scott is doing all of the talking. Mitch/FO/Kobe have not said anything. Scott is bringing a lot of heat on kobe. I would not be surprised once kobe gets his MJ points, he will turn on scott. kobe is all about self preservation. Mitch’s saying that kobe is probably retiring in 2016 was F/O smack down on Kobe and informing him that you get no contract after this one. He was letting all the FA 2016, Kobe will be gone and you can sign with LA. Also Scott better hope that Kobe is not re injured, because if he is, Scott is done

  995. “Tell me friends, when did Magic the wise abandon reason for madness?”

    -Asked Gandalf.

  996. I love Boozer ‘s comments on defense. He went into great detail on what Thib did on defense, and when asked about the lakers, “we talk about it a lot”, meaning Scott is full of it. LOL

  997. It cracks me up with BS’s response to Magic’s comment………didn’t hear anything about tanking? Yeah right, because FO believes you are a perfect tank commander, doesn’t require to tell you so

  998. He must be lying or playing word games. If his statement is taken at face value he just basically condemned himself as a horrible coach.in other words, not tanking, so the results indicate he just is a bad, inept coach.

  999. Look at Medina, trying to throw shade on the downlow..LOL

  1000. Byron don’t have the coaching staff to run those drills. Byron Scott’s defense coaching is worse than Mike Brown.

  1001. LOL BS is going to receive the Liar award in Oscar.

  1002. Bias. That’s bc mda wasn’t part of this boys club.

  1003. By benching Jeremy, Scott is costing Kobe lots of revenue after retirement. Kobe would be in the doghouse for the China Market for the time to come.

  1004. There are only 2more players on the starting lineup left to be removed, Jordan Hill and Wesley Johnson. Wesley Johnson could be replaced by Swaggy and Jordan Hill couldn’t be replaced by anyone on their roster. A week from now, after maybe a five game losing streak, Byron will have to dump Wesley Johnson too.

  1005. I am sure Kobe has figured that out along with the Laker’s F/O. They are trying to figure out how behind the scenes on how to fix this with their Chinese market and save face. That is why I believe that is why that have not come out and supported scott.

  1006. You won’t change anything if you change your passengers from their seat. You must change the driver.

  1007. BS is a natural, doesn’t need to be told to tank, as in a fish doesn’t need to be told to swim.

  1008. Ouch Andrew Wiggins and jabari Parkers are butt hurt

  1009. thts ridiculous no way you can tell

  1010. Trust me. It’s better for the Lakers to give the first round pick to Phoenix after this season because the next season, the Lakers with Kobe and Byron is going to sink deeper in the West and hence is more likely to have a higher draft pick thereafter.

  1011. Kobe is such a phony, he does’t even bother to follow Magic Johnson omn twitter..LOL

  1012. Wow! Now what? Openly support from his good friend so they are going to tank now?! Smh!

  1013. New thread everyone!

  1014. Ya! I really don’t know what’s wrong w this FO… do nothing but blame all the players.. I think Boozer is really mad for sure.

  1015. Those 80s shorts look like longer boxers or volleyball shorts