G22 SAC @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lin played great defense but struggled to find his shooting rhythm (3pts/4asts/1stl, 1-5 FG with 0-3 from 3s). He tried to aggressively attack the rim but even then his FT shooting didn’t look smooth (1-2). Reporters noticed how well offense flowed with 2nd team when Kobe was not around. Lin’s passing was contagious that Swaggy even passed his shot to assist Boozer.

Great overall D by Lin to force a lot of TOs (6?)

Lin would need to rediscover his off-the-bench HOU mentality to attack and score while still playing D and distribute the ball. It won’t be an easy task to regain his starting position. But Price struggling offensively to help Kobe scoring will work to Lin’s advantage

Just for the record. Lakers didn’t actually win this game.
Kings missed more than Lakers esp. down the stretch.

24-37 FT (65%) is horrible for the Kings. 13 missed FTs in a 3pt loss is a lot.
Lakers didn’t fare too well either at 17-25 (68%)

But anyway, a win is good for team spirits so hopefully Lin relaxes more and rediscover his shooting rhythm.


  1. Nice play

  2. A little bit too short to me. LOL!

  3. I see Lin was not in rhythm to shoot because of Scott’s demand….

  4. Really?

  5. Thanks.

  6. Just my opinion.

  7. what demand?

    I saw Lin just safely taking ball up and calling the play. Then one move, kick to Kobe if it didn’t work.

    Great D, for sure.

  8. I think part of the reason bc they want Kobe to shine & win this game all by himself just like old day. Maybe he is out of game soon..?!

  9. He wants Lin to exert most of his energy on D…and pass to big while having chances. LAL’s bigs are not that good that you can just keep racking up assists on them just by wait for them. If you have those things (which basically benched you) in your mind…you try to adjust…you probably will not be very decisive when you find out you are open for some reason

    OTOH, Players like Ellington, Kobe and Young do not have this problem. They do not think about passing

  10. Ah, yes. He’s carrying team. Only guy on floor I see not needing him is SwaggyP.

    I can see what you mean by all the arm-waving to set up each play. I was v disappointed in Hill’s game today. He missed at least one dunk and I saw him out of position on rebs.

  11. Exactly…he is so determined to carry this team to playoff and to play himself back to starting lineup again. I guess it is a good thing. He did not shoot well in the beginning of the season either. Because he was thinking about how to play with Kobe. Shootings came back after he started to IDGAF just pull up…..

    I am not asking him to be a gunner. I think he is doing the right thing. This team is hopeless…BUT he is showing how he can impact the game….

  12. I saw the same thing.

    Lin clearly heeded Byron’s instruction for him to play great D (forcing 6 TOs?) and facilitate for others.
    He thought that would be the 2 main factors to get back his starting job.

    As for his shooting, he was never comfortable from the start. But I was glad to see he tried to take it to the rack a few times. He should drive 2-3 times first before shooting next time to get his rhythm going.

  13. AND the MOST important thing for him to do this season, IMO, IS to get back to starting lineup. It will be better for his FA than just shooting the ball everywhere as a BACKUP. I think he is doing that too. May not work out, but it is ok.

  14. There is one good thing in LA is that Kobe is so isolate to the team that you can almost just pin the W or L to him. This is actually good for Lin in a sense that he can just win quarters in the game to show his worth. Not that the Asian discount will vanish, but this is only thing he can do.

  15. The good thing I like is now he can miss all his shots and I still see him settling the team and giving it the ‘shape’ that it takes to make a run. That’s what they call it in soccer … that people have the formation. When you have 10 guys plus a goalie, people understanding the shape of the play is key. For Lin, he settles that, and like I said, it was fun to watch Swaggy play free outside of needing Lin. If Swaggy had more discipline, he could be great but I feel he has a ceiling there somewhere between Lin and him. I found myself wishing for Lin to be free to roam around shooting, and that I blamed in BSc too, to put that responsibility on Lin without giving him the credit.

  16. What I don’t like is they let Kobe overlap with the Lin game. BSc does have thing resources, but I wish he would just let Lin be free of Kobe minutes.

  17. yeah, if it takes him to play strong D, shoot some 3s and facilitate, it’s okay as long as it helps his FA as a starting PG with good numbers

  18. Always perception. If he leaves LA as a starter…It will help more or less. I think if helps more than getting 17ppg. Not like Scott will let him to get 17PPG anyway

  19. Notice what happens with Lin is in AND Kobe is out?


  20. Did you count the Lin forced TOs? Nice stat.

  21. Not gonna happen. Scott and Lin know who is the really DIVA. Lin accepted it and is trying to work it out.

  22. bummer … it was nice to see Lin away form Kobe for more minutes. All he needs is his shot. You want him to start, me too. Just enjoyed his mins away from Kobe.

  23. Jeremy is a rhythm shooter. If anybody wants him to be a Stephen Curry type of shooter, fat chance.

    Well Stephen Curry himself is STILL playing in the NBA…so..

  24. notice that Lin and Young now stick together, check in and out together now.

  25. great editing! looks like we have a new Lin highlight creator in christinecheng60

  26. Not sure whether this has been posted. http://www.nba.com/2014/news/12/09/lakers-losing-magic.ap/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpts

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Magic Johnson wants the Los Angeles Lakers to lose for their own good.

    Coach Byron Scott thinks they are better off learning how to win.

    Johnson declared Tuesday that the Lakers should “lose every game” to get a high draft pick. The Hall of Famer made his comments at a promotional appearance in New York.

    A few hours later, Scott responded to his former Lakers backcourt mate by stressing the importance of establishing a winning climate. Scott says tanking wouldn’t be entertained by the Lakers, whose 5-16 record was second-worst in the Western Conference entering their home game against Sacramento.

    Scott mostly laughed off the latest pointed comments by Johnson, his good friend. Johnson was viciously critical of former Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni in the previous two seasons.

    My response to Scott: Yeah, right!

  27. From Lakersground


    Lin — — Decent defensive game from Lin. I think he picked up three offensive fouls on Kings and had a steal. The Kings had 16 turnovers, the Lakers just 5, so we controlled that stat, which helped our transition D, as well. He even snipped at Kobe at one point for not getting back on D. Offensively, he was shooting blanks like Price. The second unit doesn’t really need him with Nick and Boozer who can find their own offense and Ellington, who can score out of Scott’s sets. But, hopefully, once he gets more integrated in with them he becomes more of a threat himself. He had a brief overlap with Davis on the court and found him for a lob dunk. Scott needs to stagger his rotations better. The Stats: He scored 3 points on 1-5 shooting (0-3 from three, 1-2 from the line) to go with 1 board, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 3 fouls in 22 minutes. He was a +9. The Action: He found Kobe in the low post in early offense for the And-1. He missed a pumping leaner with a man on. He picked up his dribble after probing baseline but Boozer cut and Lin found him for the layup under the hoop. Way off on a wing three when left wide open. Quick attack off the screen and he scored a layup in early offense. He deflected a pass out of bounds, nearly coming up with the steal. Second Half:He stood in and took a charge in the middle of the lane. He dug down on help D and knocked a ball off Gay to get a stop. He pushed it up, drew the D and hit Boozer for the jumper. He probed and lobbed to Davis for the slam. He attacked the paint and lost the ball out of bounds. He missed an open sideline three in transition, got to hit those. He drew a moving screen to get a stop. His man fell asleep and Lin turned on the speed to draw FTs at the rim against the help D, he made one. He stripped a man on help D. He drew another offensive foul on a King to start the fourth. He spotted Boozer pop free in the paint for FTs. He missed an open three.

  28. Doesn’t it seem like the F/O is forcing Kobe to retire? Also Lin looked really happy today, and he got on Kobe for not getting back on defense.LOL And the plot thickens

  29. I think Jeremy should really take on his shots to get his game going first. Don’t listen to Scott. Playing defense doesn’t get Jeremy started. Once Jeremy has got his shots going. It opens up his passing game and his open court game.

  30. I totally agree. I hope to see that next game. Lin looked at peace tonight playing. They were really taking it to Kobe. His body can’t keep that up. Also looks like F/O is forcing Kobe to retire. We will see how these games go with Kobe.

  31. Defense can win games but it’s fool’s goal especially for a player on a tanking team who is a free agent next year.

    How many All-Stars were voted in for their defense only without good offense, and how many big contracts were made for defensive versus offensive minded players with gaudy stats?

    Unfortunately, in today’s NBA the reality is that huge numbers trumps good defense with mediocre to poor offensive output. There is no point for Lin to be a sacrificial lamb for the Lakers in his contract year when the Lakers are tanking hard.

    Kobe sure isn’t one.

  32. Ya! I sort of feel FO really wants Kobe to retire in 2016. But I really don’t like Kobe to Name RW is the one just like him? So Kobe changed his mind from Rondo to RW. Why always name PG? He really don’t want Lakers to keep Lin then?!

  33. Maybe the reason why Lion looked at peace tonight was perhaps F/O has talked to him about his future with the Lakers? I liked what he sad to Kevin Ding: “I could whine/complain about my demotion or I can help make the team better..the best is yet to come”

  34. Take a back seat for the good of a team in a tanking year at the expense of the future of his NBA career? Make the team better by getting a top 5 draft pick? That doesn’t make any sense to me. It only makes sense if the Lakers become a playoff contender which they clearly won’t at this rate.

  35. No, I just think he was just talking. At this point, I think the F/O has put him on notice, and they really don’t care what he wants or thinks. Why would Westbrook come to a floundering rebuild team from a contending team. Also, I think that locker room was in pure meltdown mutiny until perhaps F/O stepped in and stopped it. I think they want to keep Lin for the backup PG, and still keep being the #1 team in Asia.

  36. Look i am not saying it makes sense. I am saying that Lin has tried to play in the NBA the way the other players have played, but he is always scrutinized in whatever he does. Lin has been very smart by building his brand in China. He is the face of Adidas in Asia. I think Lin will approach the Lakers from a business stand point. Lin wants too stay in LA. I think if lin stays with the Lakers, it will be from a business aspect, which will be a win/win for both parties. jmo

  37. Lin’s leg cramp still is clearly hurting.

    Usually when Lin struggles offensively, it’s because he’s not right physically.

    We’ve all seen this before with episodes of bad shooting.

    My guess is that this cramp has been building since before the Washington game.

    Lin WILL pull out of the injury and get back to his hot shooting form. The injury is weighing on him more than Byron Scott is.

  38. I really hope I am right bc somehow I got the feeling Lin & Boozer all will back to starting lineup soon?! I don’t know what KD asked Lin ….so he got the answer from Lin like that but Lin sure didn’t look upset to me at all.

  39. Exactly. Then lin yelled at Kobe for not getting back on defense.LOL

  40. I don’t think Lin should stay in LA at the expense of his future career. If he continues to play this way, they will get him a real bargain, which would only make sense in a team that’s contending or least a team that let’s Lin play as their starting point guard and allows the offense to run through him. Lakers are doing none of those thing but completely disrespecting him by benching him.

    Lin is in his prime now, and shouldn’t have to take a back seat of step back in his development just because Kobe wants to hog the ball on a tanking team for the next 2 years. Adding to that, Kobe’s pay is ridiculously high and he didn’t sacrifice anything to stay with the Lakers, unlike Dirk. Kobe is having his cake and eating it too, but Lin shouldn’t have to be the fork.

  41. LOL! Ya! I am sort of surprised to see they put on the retirement plan for Kobe in SC?! For real this time now.


  42. I totally agree w you but Scott wants him to play D & AS to his teammates for now.. I guess that’s what he is doing… I think there are lots of drama behind the door that we don’t know about it but I believe he will bring his score back for sure.

  43. Look, I agree with you, I just think that wherever lin goes, he will still have to prove himself over and over again. I think lin is just tired. He wants to settle down with a team. I think he will just focus and play the game he loves regardless of the adversity that is thrown at him.

  44. I know some people have discussed about how Jeremy needs to score more (or shoot more) on a consistent basis. I have heard some supposedly “neutral” fans complain about this. I have been wondering about this too.

    I think it is the result of 2 factors working together. Firstly, Jeremy prefers to take good shots (in fact his assists also tend to be “high quality” assists).

    Secondly the coach and the offence has not been tailored to help Lin score more.

    One thing I seemed to have noticed is that often when Lin had a good game in Houston, one of the “golden boys” i.e. Parsons, Harden etc would be having a bad game. Then the next game Lin gets benched because McHale would try to help one of his favourites get going.

    I think it’s the same with Scott. When Lin does well, he is not thinking “Great! How do I help Lin keep this going?” He is thinking about how to help Kobe be the star every single game.

    Coupled with Lin’s unwillingness to take bad shots, we end up with inconsistency. Just my thoughts.

  45. Also, Kobe cannot keep playing at this rate. He even said that he had to lay down at halftime. Scott’s job is only safe as kobe’s next collapse. If and when that happens, Scott will be gone for sure.

  46. I agree. Also I think lin has a mathematical mind (Economics degree) and he thinks things in terms of formulas so it has to make sense to him first. When he says things like I have to figure it out, it is that mathematical mindset I hope that after Kobe surpasses MJ in points, perhaps Kobe won’t be so anxious. Kobe is tired because he told Serena Winters that he had to lay down during halftime.

  47. Ya! I think that’s why he wants to in charge more now bc his body probably can’t do it too much longer…. I guess maybe after they really lose -30, he probably will not play..?

  48. I hope Lin is not too naive to sign a cheap contract with LA basing on what FO promises him. At this point, he should not trust anything any team, FO, coach, manager tells him. Let their actions speak for it.

  49. Last night, it was interesting to see how many minutes Lin and Price played. There was a positive development.

    Price, the so-called starter, played only 20 minutes, benched for basically the entire fourth quarter.

    Lin, the “back-up,” played 22 minutes, coming in for Price fairly early in the 3rd quarter.

    Price was benched in the game because he was a huge liability on offense. His man wouldn’t even guard him and instead double-teamed anyone else with the ball.

    I don’t think Lin will start anytime soon, but will this trend continue? Will Lin regularly play more minutes than Price?

    It’s heartening to see Lin got more minutes, especially in a game in which Lin and Price’s stat lines were similar. It means, imo, Scott truly saw that Lin is a much better player than Price, regardless of what the stats say.

  50. Give Lin credit. For Lin it has never been about the money, he just wants to play his brand of basketball. Also, Lakers will lose out of they lose lin and lin knows it. Lin is building his brand in Asia, so they know what his worth is. Once Kobe retires, Asia market lost for the Lakers.

  51. Good observation. If teams keep beating up Kobe the way they did in this game, lin will probably be back in starting lineup sooner than we think. Kobe said he had to lay down during halftime.LOL

  52. Good point.

    Playing in that no-offense starting unit is going to wear on Kobe even more. Scott may then finally relent and realize that they need another offensive option in the line-up, someone who can create shots for others and also create shots for himself.

    It’s been a low moment for Lin fans the past few games, but I think things are starting to look up again.

    It was heartening to see Lin so happy with the win. When he’s playing light and free, that’s when we’ll see Linsanity.

  53. I think the locker room was almost in mutiny, but something happened to stop it, because Boozer called Scott talking about defense a lot, but not doing it.

  54. Imo, I don’t think he’s even at the prime of his game yet.

  55. At least from this view, BS tried to win this game.

    But I don’t trust BS. He can use any excuse to justify his changes or non-chages. And ultimately Lin will be the scapegoat.

    If BS is with Lakers for the next n years, I don’t think Lin should stay with Lakers. The so-called Princeton system is not to Lin’s strength. Even if Kobe retires, Lin would be another Fisher.

  56. I agree on this..Once Kobe retires, Asia market lost for the Lakers.

    But I really don’t know why FO would agree to let Lin be a bench this time?! Sure something to do w Kobe, hope thing will turn around soon.

  57. Again. Lin sacrificed his game for the team. He kept passing to Boozer (under BS’s direction?) so that Boozer got his points.

  58. Love his smile!!

  59. Defense

  60. Anyone watched Scott’s interview last night? Someone said “BS said he will use more of this lineup in the future and like KB as PG.” So Lin will not go back to starting lineup anytime soon?

  61. Probably not.

    I’m sure BS will got to that Kobe at PG line-up in all close games for the foreseeable future. 🙁

  62. It is so obvious that benching LIn is of political reason. Won’t make any basketball sense. And it is so tragical that again and again Lin has to endure this kind of disrespect wherever he goes. Race is clearly one of the factors. His personality could play some weight as well as most will view him weak (not us fans) if he seems OK with the disrespect. But what could he do? He doesn’t have the upper hand. Let’s just hope circumstances surface to favor Lin’s future.

  63. Lin should not sacrifice his own career for a tanking team period. Name any NBA player has done that at contract year. How can BS, LA FO even think of that? It is RIDICULOUS. Racism much.

  64. But I thought that’s the case since game 1. Bc every close game or not close game Kobe always there to in charge the ball?!

  65. I agree he is in really bad place right now bc if they are tanking then they sure don’t want you to score… smh!

  66. Should Lin demand a trade? Given how BS uses him, Lin has no future in this sicken Lakers. This is a contract year and if Lin keeps playing like a Fisher type of PG, next summer I don’t think any team would be interested in this kind of backup PG.

  67. But, the difference is that Kobe is playing point guard with no other PG in there. Ellington in there to play shooting guard.

    It’s a way of making Kobe a true PG in that line-up.

  68. Rondo, RW…blah, blah ,blah. Blowing smoke randomly. I don’t think anything he says is bankable. It’s just whatever self-serving beebee is rolling through his brain at any given moment.

  69. No team will want his high salary, BUT that would be a way to send a signal to other teams that he is being misused by LA. Thoughts?

  70. Byron Scott would tank even without trying to lol

  71. I don’t quite get Lin’s comment about “The best is yet to come” in one of the interviews when asked about demoting to the bench. Where is that coming from? He knows something we don’t know or he is in peace and too optimistic about his NBA career?

  72. mad respect for Lin’s game

  73. GREAT D!

  74. Lin’s post game interview from last night.


  75. I think it’s because he’s INJURED and is looking forward to getting healthy again.

  76. It’s a ploy to PHASE LIN OUT.

    Scott’s goal is to build up Ellington and Young so that Lin can be ejected.

  77. He said that because he believes in himself, even if no one else does.

  78. So you think in the future Lin can’t go back anymore bc BS can use Ellington to replace Price?! That’s so funny bc his shooting was as bad as Lin. smh! Not even Young I guess bc Young got way too much points so…?!

  79. I thought this is another move to ensure Mr Clutch unable to deliver in 4Q i.e. No one can outshine Kobe ever.

    Remember how fast Davis was taken out after the alley oop? BS was scared both Davis & Lin would steal the spotlight, particularly Kobe was throwing bricks in the first half. Then we saw an efficient game adjustment from BS……Lin & Davis never on court at the same time again.

    I believe Kobe was soooooo satisfied for becoming a hero again, just couldnt hide that ugly smile in post game interview.


  80. yes, Lin clearly was unhappy but believed in himself that he can do something to turn things around

  81. Lin: “I’m not happy with the production that I’ve been having. Of course not, I feel like I’m capable of much much more. And I hope it turns around and the best is yet to come …. and ehm, so no…I’m not happy with it

    Lin: “Uhm, it’s a process ..uhm, like I said the last time, it’s tough but I’m just going to continue working and … hopefully things turn around”

  82. Lin looks angry.

  83. I am still partial to that. I think we will not know if he is really a rhythm shooter until he can be one a team where he averages 18 shots a game

  84. My take on it is Lin feels the unfairness of his benching because as far as production, he knows he can contribute more. This is good because he didn’t talk about his “weaknesses” that Byron asked him to work on. Lin probably talked over the reason of benching with Boozer who said Byron was not the coach (implying Kobe gave him the order)

    In this game, Lin and Boozer sought out Kobe to feed him the ball. Then Kobe reciprocated to find Lin and Boozer. I think Lin has hope that Kobe would be willing to share the ball with Lin/Boozer more as long as Kobe gets to be the hero and Lakers is winning.

    Lin understands Kobe’s ego well so now it’s a matter to figure out how to position himself that Kobe didn’t freeze him and Boozer out. If it means giving the ball to Kobe in Q4, playing strong D and facilitating, Lin is willing to do it first to get back to the starting position.

    Unfortunately, Lin (and Boozer) have to find ways to appease Kobe the star so he can get good numbers this year as a starting PG to have more options in the Free Agency (FA)

    I commend Lin and Boozer to try the diplomatic route to “keep Kobe happy” since that’s what will help their production and career. The other option of mutiny to demand Kobe to play team-ball will be noble but a career suicide.

    For now, Lin has to be patient to do his best to get good numbers as a starting PG to upgrade his ticket to escape LA.

  85. It is like, u bench me to break my shooting touch. Not really my problem, go ask Scott what was the real reason for this benching..

  86. Lol..we think alike. And I just said it in two line…..which is the difference….well said..

  87. It’s a job after all with dirty politics all around 😀

    So Lin also has to learn people management to network with “talented but difficult” people. Boozer will give him great tips!

    Boozer was giving big “Thumbs Up!” to Kobe after Kobe gave him the assist!
    “You Da Man, Kobe!” “How’s my massage?” LOL

  88. Lol… I do think boozer and Lin had a lengthy chat on this….not like family talk. More like what can we do about it if we do it together..lol

  89. Lin-terstellar Journey: the journey Lin had to take to navigate through the ego of stars and asteroids

  90. yup, let’s cover each other’s back while we massage Kobe’s ego a little.
    Did you see Lin did his thing to rub Kobe’s head? LOL
    He literally massaged Kobe’s ego!

  91. Same Melo, some things never change:

    Sources: Strife builds within Knicks

    The New York Knicks were en route to their fifth straight loss last week against Brooklyn when a frustrated Tim Hardaway Jr. screamed angrily, “Get the rebound!”

    Certain his second-year teammate was speaking to him, Carmelo Anthony approached Hardaway on the way down the court and used an expletive to ask Hardaway who in the world he thought he was talking to.

    Anthony, according to sources, used another expletive in telling Hardaway he was going to beat him up when they got into the locker room after the game.

    While the two players never wound up fighting, the episode was emblematic of the volatile state of the Knicks. Off to their worst start in franchise history at 4-19, the Knicks are a team full of discord, defiance and doubt, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

  92. But lots of teams have one big ego star…Like Ellis in Mav… he is the one who took the most shots in the league now. Hard to do it just need to learn how to survive in next to ballhog.

  93. East (NYK) & West(Lakers) two lousy teams. Tank together… LOL!

  94. Ellis is a little different since he has a real coach in Carlisle and he listens well.
    And he’s been bouncing around teams so his ego is closer to earth.

    But Lin certainly has the unenviable journey in the NBA but he will come out stronger in the end 😀

  95. Did he rub Kobe’s head in the game

  96. yes, he certainly did after Kobe made a good shot (perhaps after Lin’s assist or hockey assist thru 1 player) then Kobe sat on bench on a timeout.

    Kobe was happy about it

  97. and NY is winning.

  98. I bet Steve Kerr pats himself in the back for not going to NY.

    I wonder how well DFisher is massaging Melo’s ego based on his Kobe knowledge

  99. Hm, “nearly” all Lakers wore the “I Can’t Breathe” T-Shirt

    I thought all of them did but apparently Sacre didn’t


    Lin complicates that relationship significantly. Lin has experienced his own forms of racism, most notably via the belief that athletes of Asian heritage can’t compete at the highest levels of American sport. Yet that experience is far different from the issues that have compelled the “I Can’t Breathe” outcry. Effectively, Lin has worn the short in support of the movement as a broader human issue, or at least to support his teammates as they make a statement about race relations.

  100. $15 million attempt to phase out.

    Not really worried about Lin. He will eventually find a coach somewhere who actually knows how to coach to win

  101. Go lin. There is no way Kobe will be able to play PG for the 1st unit for the rest of the season

  102. Phil thought he and Fisher can control Melo like they controlled Kobe.

    Guess not.

  103. Interesting why they put Lin’s picture?! I thought for Lakers always Kobe. He bought the shirt too.

  104. Is JLin just very unlucky or are lots of NBA teams dominated by Diva-ball-hogging stars?

  105. yeah, I haven’t followed any news of the Knicks but I guess it’s still in self-destruct mode

  106. I don’t think it’ll work as well, but I do believe if he wants to, he can be a pretty decent PG. He has done that at times.

    The problem is that when other miss, he feels that he needs to take over instead of continue to push for their offense as a whole.

  107. Hate to say it..Both.

  108. the article made a big deal of Lin being the 1st non-African American to wear the shirt regarding the NY incident.

    It’s the right & savvy move by Lin to make it a broader human issue than a race issue, plus supporting his teammates

  109. it’s always interesting to me how Lin holds the ball. I would’ve thought u want ur fingers wide to have better balance of the ball.

  110. I am glad they put Lin on but just surprised it’s not Kobe… you know he bought the shirt & everything w Lakers always only him no one else can show up..

  111. Maybe this line-up is exactly what B Scott wants. Since Kobe is going to ball hog and take all the shots with the first team it doesn’t matter who is around him in the 1st quarter they will fall behind 10 points. With Price leading 2nd team they would just stay behind, maybe fall further behind. With Lin and Boozer they play better than the first team and regain the lead. Then they let Kobe play Kobe-ball again and depend on the bench to keep getting them back in the game. If you’re going to have players stand around and watch Kobe it might as well be lousy players.

  112. Majic said there’s 3 superstar level players coming on to the next summer draft, does anyone know who these 3 draft players are?

  113. Good observation! In my personal experience, I also think the wide-fingers help to get a good grip of the ball so it helps with accuracy.
    I don’t know if this is Lin’s standard way of holding it.

    @brentyen:disqus , do you know?

    This picture of 3pt shooters certainly show wide-fingers so the finger tips help to grip the ball


  114. I only know one it’s a 19 years old center from Duke.

  115. In NY, Lin seemed to have wide-fingers esp. on the right hand.
    Maybe it’s just an angle on the picture above


  116. (1:25 left in the 3rd quarter. Turnover for Jeremy Lin. 24s shot clock violation while he was holding the ball the entire possession.)

    During the next time out.

    BS: Jeremy, what have I been telling you? You need better clock management. Do you even know there are only 24 seconds??

    Lin: Well, yes coach…I was trying to pass to Kobe but he was surrounded by 3 guys and I couldn’t get a good angle…

    BS: That so? Alright, then. My bad. But next time, maybe you can try something else.

    Lin: You are right, coach. Ed was completely open under the basket. Maybe I should have passed to him for a dunk.

    BS: No, no, no, Jeremy. Have you forgotten? Better PG instinct. In that situation, you should signal Ed to come back out and give Kobe a screen so he can maybe get rid of one defender. When there are only 2 defenders, Kobe can totally handle it.

    Lin: If Kobe wanted a screen, he could have signaled Ed himself…

    BS: Come now, Jeremy. Kobe is 36. Do you really want to make him do everything himself? Be a good teammate.

    Lin: …Yes coach.

    BS: Good. I know this is still a work in progress. Just keep at it. Tell you what, I will give you a couple more minutes in the 4th so you can practice what we just talked about, ok?

    Lin: …Yes coach.

  117. This is where youth has every right to overthrow older people stopping progress. The secret to a good life is to learn from elders when one is young (coachable), find good leaders, and when it’s time, to lead with grace, and when it’s time, to give it to youngsters green and growing so one leaves something solid when it’s time to retire. So it’s gone for millennia, and humans being who we are … we keep having to learn this over and over. That’s why I love literature – it’s all there to take a short cut with as we find it and experience it through a good read. Some find it in the Bible, a place where there is for sure even for non-believers human wisdom of the ages.

  118. not sure he got that call, right? should have if not.

  119. I the boss!

  120. he’s going to be a good dad.

  121. Well, his boss is saying do D to get on the floor. Lin would be ok if he’s hitting his percentages. Right now, his concentration is to absorb his new instructions and make them work. When he gets his looks, his mind is still trying to figure out the new role. As Brent says, let him adjust to the changes. Boozer has an easier time because he just has to do simpler things, and he gets fed.

  122. ppl keep talking about that play and I think it was the one where Lin accelerated and got back with a clean foul to prevent the easy 2. But it was 2 FTs made. Was it that play?

  123. he’s still young, but it’s my belief that some young honorable men want to be settled in his career, to the life he wants to live and share, before he can settle 100% with family building. Lin has said as much I think in NY when asked about gfs. May he find that peace soon, because I think with a good family of his own, his career will take off too because of a solid emotional foundation at home instead of the boyz, hamburgers, and vid games.

  124. MJ then mid-season retirement? Just hoping. Laying down at halftime, pushing each game as if no care for the injuries possible, etc. Wild hope.

  125. now we know why Kobe, Young, booz, anyone but Lin can score in volume though inefficient. Lin draws crowds!

  126. Interesting. Thanks for the reply.

  127. When I saw this pic, my first thought was how appropriate to describe on JLin’s situation in Lakers: He literally can’t breathe with BS and Kobe to bleed out all his strengths and players that he can flourish with. Sick BS and Kobe! “I can’t breathe” too for just witnessing this. (Yes I do know what the story behind “I can’t breathe” incidence). This is where I’m at since I learned about benching. I’m the one who have never never support JLin plays from bench no matter how sick BS and Kobe are.

  128. With reading yesterday that Kobe has to lay down in half time now, I wondered how long he would continue to play. Believe Kobe and BS’ days are numbered.

  129. My believe is you do not have to purposely widen it. It will open to a degree anyway. The more you try to “hold” the ball tight, the worse you are gonna shoot.

  130. Compare to his grip, I would say his body is more problematic if you HAVE to pick a flaw in his mechanic. He does not turn his body enough to align his hip and shoulder.

  131. If that is the case Scott should keep Davis in the 2nd unit.

  132. Funny ppl are talking about how much that Kobe at the point lineup should be played. It is not like KOBE was NOT the point with other lineups. LOL…. #fakeanalysis

  133. But I guess I can not say Scott is a liar…He said in the preseason that Kobe will play PG too….just did not say how much he will play….

  134. Again…it is not like he was NOT playing point anyway. What’s new?

  135. So “fake!” We all know that from Day 1!!!!!!!

  136. Ya! He did that all the time. Almost every game just more or less… So Price failed Kobe’s exam now?! smh!

  137. Remember Tank Commander, boneheaded, ego massager BS and Clown Kobewon’t let what’s working with JLin happen no matter what the cost for Lakers is.

  138. I think it’s vs Spurs & Pacers.

  139. LOL They thought fans are “stupid.”

  140. Why all the sudden everyone is talking about this? I thought they don’t have practice today?! Scott talked again?

  141. I think let him do it bc vs Detroit he got 10 TO.

  142. My respect to Ed Davis goes up! That’s why I don’t give ego massager BS any credit for winning the game.

  143. I think they do have practice today

  144. He is not at the position to have ego

  145. Ya! I just read more tweets on this… Kobe didn’t show up again. Well, he is only ISO so no need to do any practice w his teammates. Johnson seems to list day to day?!

  146. Oops typo error: “give” ego massager BS any credit

  147. LOL you can edit

  148. Yep. Kobe also needs to lay down in half time: Body is breaking up. Let’s see how long his “ego” will keep him playing.

  149. I did when I saw your response:-)

  150. If he really sounded that bad then why he’s kept doing it? Harden used to have the injury before the game sounded so bad then he played well?!

  151. LOL More antics from Kobe and ego massager BS:

  152. HE needs only 2 or 3 more games…

  153. Can’t wait for THE DAY! Yep Let mother nature take him and BS out of NBA.

  154. This is a joke, right? So now what? Lin stays w 2nd unit to be PG but maybe Young or Ellington move up to be SG?!

  155. Ya! But he will not stop after that… Now he is going to be PG for the team?!

  156. JH is in the different “planet.” He “faked” to get some pass if he didn’t play well. Where else Kobe…..

  157. He will soon because mother nature isn’t that forgiving for aging player like him.

  158. Don’t you see that coming???? ABJ with Kobe and BS!!!!!!!!

  159. Is this Kobe the PG talk supposed to demote Price respectfully because he has been a non-impact? So Kobe/Ellington will be the new starting unit

    And Lin will continue leading the 2nd unit.

    Basically, this is a formal announcement that Kobe took Lin’s job as PG just like Harden did to Lin in HOU

  160. Stop or not, it is not completely up to him.

  161. Glad JLin shows he has seen thru with BS and Kobe’s antics now.

  162. So all that Kobe talk about he likes to play off-the-ball unlike Harden is just his fantasy

  163. which causes his elbow to pop out

  164. He basically said. F—- you, you can keep digging that hole. I am not happy but I am happy to comply #HailHydra

  165. I made it like a big deal….but it is just intentionally being picky on his shooting. It is not like he does not turn at all. Just a slight less than ideal.

  166. While reserving his SG spot for him as well.

  167. MM just said this was one on one w Lin only…


  168. Of course!!!!!! Don’t you git it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) Look at the response from JLIN. Even JLin git it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Well it is a fact, but is is also a ridiculous fact.

  170. That’s right!

  171. No doubt about it. That’s why I’m sick of this and lost all my interest on Lakers.

  172. MM tried to say Lin is pointing out an obvious fact while I think Lin is trying to point out the meaning behind it. Which is “This is F ridiculous”. He said it loud and clear

  173. It looks like Kobe/BS is finalizing the plan to anchor Lin to the 2nd unit.

    I’m trying to look at the timeline to investigate when Kobe started to sour on JLin.
    So when & what could possibly happened that Kobe got angry at Lin?

    Timeline of Kobe Souring on JLin
    Oct 30 Kobe said “Now the challenges become turning Jeremy into a championship point guard, a floor general, right? “

    Nov 28 Lin got benched with 3:45 left in 4th quarter of MIN game
    Dec 10 BScott said Kobe will be PG


  174. This mean the best case scenrio for Lin is gone. Than Lin just need to max his game showcasing with Boozer, Ellington and Young then. Not really changed a lot. But it matters and it is out of Lin’s control.

  175. Ya! From last night can tell.. BTW, do you think Lakers tried to trade Lin now since Kobe seems to be do everything he can to push Lin out of Lakers.

  176. BS wants his PG Lin to distribute the ball and play better D. Will Kobe as PG distribute and play lockdown D on opposing PGs? I think not…

  177. Yes Harvard degree is at work here. I git it!!!!!!! That’s why I’m so glad for JLin points out THE FACT. He is sending out multiple messenges from that statement alone:-)

  178. I will not bet my money on Kobe playing PG. I mean to actually list KOBE as a PG. Ellington did great yesterday and Kobe had all the points for the last 6 mins of the game. The results seems great. HOWEVER, it is just one game, over 60 games….how will it go……I think the statistics are against this line up to be a regular one.

  179. No…Ellington will be the one do the PG defending thing

  180. No…he still needs Lin to man the 2nd unit. IMO, what Price has done as starter are just too bad that even Scott has to think a way (other than putting Lin back) to limit Price’s minutes.

  181. Don’t think so for mother nature is going to take out BS and Kobe soon. They can do whatever they want but it won’t be long for Kobe’s totally breaking down. He is barely holding on now for he wants to pass MJ record. When he reaches the goal, his body might not be able to hold it anymore. Seeing it in dying patients all the time, they lived on because of …. Once the wish is met, they die soon afterwards. Always advice the family to be “alert” when we know the “last wish” is going to meet or met. This is what I’m going to watch with Kobe and BS.

  182. This was Scott’s plan all along. He wanted lin to develop the bench with the rookies, but when randle got hurt, it was a wash. When Steve checked out, the fix was in. Kobe wants to be the lone super star. God put all the ball hogs in that slow azz 1ST unit. Kobe will get mad when they start hogging the ball. Let lin/davis run the second unit &help develop Clarkson

  183. True, no more best scenario that Kobe wanted Lin to be his protege.
    Lin just needs to play his best with 2nd unit for his next FA contract.
    Or wait for an unforeseen event to intervene.

    IMO Kobe got jealous and mad when Jeremy didn’t pass to him after he asked him to play that way.

  184. But if Lakers is really thinking about to tank then no needs to keep Lin if they don’t want to sign him next summer? Trade him now get can something back maybe even earn some money bc the endorsement from Taiwan.

  185. This is not about bball. It is about saving face. You still can tank while looking better than playing Price 30 minutes

  186. Not going to happen with JLin and ED. Kobe and BS make sure of it from Day 1. They just won’t let JLin shine no matter what. They make sure to take away every JLin game so that their antic is justifable.

  187. But Poor Lin bc his value is going to down down down. smh!

  188. LOL…oh well….Lin will find a way.

  189. Lakeshow without a Kobe in leading role would not be allowed, heh heh.

  190. Besides, they didn’t do post game interview for Lin last night the one we saw it’s from Asia reporters only. No LA media or TWC… in the past, this will not happen at least MT would show up to ask Lin….

  191. Wow. Lin has always been a great teammate and “company man”. Always taking the blame that he needs to work on this and that, and push the team slogan of better defense needed.

    Guess no more of that crap now. He know he’s pretty much out the door if Lakers are able to get anything better. He needs to just play his own game.

  192. Of course! He is just another very sick old egoistic jealousy man. That’s why I’ve never really bought into his antics.

  193. LAL do not care about it. Kobe does not care about it

  194. I feel the same way, he had enough already… I think Lakers & Lin are pretty much end of the honeymoon now.

  195. Davis wants Boozer to go back to the starters so he could play with Lin again and get his points and FG% back up.

  196. That’s what I thought…I think they will trade Lin.

  197. Kobe’s only security is to be “the man” so he can’t live without the spotlight.
    IMO Only his Chronos and natural consequences can humble him.

  198. The differences, IMO, are not because Lin changed his attitude or mentality. It is because the way how LAL and ROX work. In LA…..your words get out unlike in HOU you get buried. Lin is just responding accordingly with class.

  199. At this point referenced below, I wish for Lin to go see Kobe, put his fist down on the table, and say:

    “Kobe, you get yours, I get mine. Put me back in the starting lineup, and I get you 25/4 and you let me have 18/6, 12/10 and we work as a team to win games. Just make sure I can have 13 shots and I’ll give you more open ones than you can get with anyone else.”

    Basis for fist pounding:

    “You have to be able to assert yourself, especially on a team that I’m playing on — especially on a team I’m playing on,” Bryant said with some added emphasis. “Because I don’t want chumps, I don’t want pushovers, and if you’re a chump and a pushover, I will run over you.

    “It’s important for him to have that toughness and to say, ‘I believe in myself. I can step up, I can make these plays, I can perform.’ I think that is very, very important.”

    Bryant, who scored 21 on 6-of-15 shooting from the field, has had players wave him off before. All the time, in fact.

    “The teams that I’ve played on, the teams that won, we used to do that all the time,” he said.

    But Lin? Bryant said he hadn’t seen that from Lin before. Bryant said he wasn’t even sure if Lin’s former teammates had told him to do that sort of thing before.

    “It’s like,” Bryant said during his postgame news conference, then leaned forward and pounded his fist on the table, “you’ve got to put your mark down, man.”

    “At some point, you’ve got to piss on the fire hydrant.”

  200. LAL is actually my team during the showtime period. thought it was perfect that Lin is w/ LAL. Oh well, guess probably be following him to another team again.

  201. The way Lin do the interview now v.s. how he did in HOU seems different. This further enhanced my believe that he is a smart person. While ppl was asking him to speak out b4, he knew better. He knew given how HOU’s media works, if he does that….he will be buried for good. I said a lot of times that you only throw a punch when you know it will work. Now in LA…he knows his words WILL get out…..he acted accordingly. Love to see

    On top of that, because of the obvious incapability of Scott…it is also easier for Lin to say what he said. Because it will make more sense, if in HOU it will be just like excuses or like being a DIVA.

  202. That’s right. That’s one of the few pluses in LA. Good! At least JLin’s voice is heard.

  203. I think the F/O will try to compensate with lin running the 2nd unit because they want lin’s marketing ability and to keep that foothold in China because after kobe is gone, that’s it.Also wh3n lin is allowed to play his game, it is fun to watch. The Lakers want to keep him, but as a backup. Kobe did nash the same way. He took the ball out of his hands. Nothing new folks. Just some thoughts

  204. ok, if Lin “confronted” Kobe about not going back on 1 defensive play last night, might it play a part in Kobe possibly asked BScott to officially name him the PG today?

  205. Do you think lin is gone.

  206. No, just in the moment stuff. Kobe said he used to go at it all the time with Fisher so maybe thought it was Lin showing some bark in the dog or whatever his macho personality thinks.

  207. You really did warn us pre-sesson. It was too hard to face, as your gentle hints portended downside that has come.

    Hey, Lakeshow on 2nd team is just starting. Who knows where we go but up now. I just don’t want BSc to get the cred – it goes to Lin and whatever good bbali is left in Kobe when this improves.

  208. I think so…what kobe said about Fisher always does that is just lip service.

  209. ok, I also remember Lin used to yell at Melo for blowing defensive play. Eventually Melo got jealous.

    Maybe Lin needs to learn not to yell at superstars :p
    He’s too macho even for non-Asians LOL

  210. great, run kobe to his first quarter nap.

  211. I certainly would not be surprised if that is the case. You never know how low Kobe can go. Kobe was an arrogant rookie when he first entered into the NBA and now he is a vindictive old man not willing to leave on good terms.

  212. See many Lin fans got him all wrong thinking he’s a passive Asian male.

    Lin has a problem of being too MACHO as a floor leader with the habits of yelling at superstars (Kobe/Melo) when tthey mess up 😀

  213. Won’t either. Thought he would from the two injuries in the past couple years but he was probably even worse and desperate now than ever. He may have no choice in terms of chronos and natural consequences but he would fight it so hard but get everyone that can take over him out of the way. This is what happening to JLin here. Kobe and BS took away JLin and ED connection from Day 1. They wanted JLin to fail. They would be happy if JLin continued to struggle but too bad JLin dared to find a way to get around that like that first win. He is mad since then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No doubt in my mind now. This is making more and more sense now as they show their hands.

  214. To assume Lin is weak is just so wrong to begin with.

  215. This looks bad. It looks like Lin and Byron gave him the green light to be a PG and he failed. Now he’s relegated to 20 minutes a game with a big chucker on the 2nd team in Young and no PnR guy. He doesn’t finish games or halves. This is not a good situation.

  216. you got that right – smh roll eyes pound my desk at all the trolls out there on other sites talking about passive lin and so on. That kid is some maverick … ppl just gotta learn how to run that horse like the wind. He’s basically running by himself for now.

  217. Scott job is as secure as Kobe’s next injury. I don’t know, I think lin might stay if he doesn’t get any offers from contending teams. I personally think that once kobe is gone, so is scott. No matter what things always work out for lin.

  218. Not that bad IMO. Not good either.

  219. though many have seen couching tiger hidden dragon, few can overcome their western eyes and ad-influenced thinking. I mean, really, should we all love the Khardasians or can we all go back to heroes like the unnamed gus in Clint Eastwood westerns? Speak softly, carry a big stick, and try not to use it.

  220. Kobe deserved it. He played like Harden there, on end of the floor. If he can’t handle playing both ends then Byron should reduce his minutes. To be honest, Lin’s break may have to come on an injury. I’ll never wish an injury on anyone, but one may come to a player opening up a need for Lin’s scoring and playmaking abilities.

  221. I agree. Kobe can’t defer to others. This is the guy who sued his parents so he would be more vindictive to get his ways with younger players.

  222. I think so. Bc Scott & Kobe tried everything they could to push him out of starting lineup & they will not let him back. Plus Kobe just kept talking about other PG?! Rondo now RW… I think when they vs OKC this talk will bring it up again.. smh!

  223. Now Rodman all has to say is ‘Nobody wants to play with Harden and Kobe’

  224. Ya! I think Kobe did it on purpose. smh! Poor Lin.

  225. Scott was and has proven out to be a hired incompetent sycophant. Doesn’t take personal responsibility, and therefore cannot lead strong people/men/athletes. Pop is a strong role model for the great leader who is just.

    One example of good leadership under fire is Harbaugh now. He’s got problems everywhere, but he holds the line at himself and team effort.

  226. Nop. JLin can’t even run the second unit with playing so few minutes and with Kobe in most of the minutes that he played. Maybe only 3-5 minutes without Kobe. Didn’t really work so called running second unit. Having said that Lakers may want to hold on JLin for they hope/fear mother nature will take Kobe out of NBA for good soon. If no Kobe and no JLin, then Lakers is deadmeat for no NBA players that has offered elsewhere will come to Lakers when they see how bad they treat JLin. They will just hold on for that security blanket for now. Sad for JLin and sad for me to see as a JLin fan.

  227. He probably had enough from Kobe already… LOL!

  228. I also don’t wish injuries to any players but I won’t be surprised if it’s a natural consequence of pushing one’s body too far.

    I just admire Lin for doing his job as a floor general.

  229. relax. we cool. sat the bench before, will sit it again, and also have lived massive waves with me on it hoping not to wipe out.

  230. Exactly. I don’t see how Kobe can survive playing the minutes he does now. He plays more minutes than anyone else on the team.

    Lin played hard and well in the last game, just didn’t have the points and assists to show for it. And he’s not happy with his production.

  231. Kobe wad already the defacto PG.

  232. But you can see how it can be interpreted as such. Thankfully there is a lot more season to go. But Lin should be just getting in his groove now and on the verge of a streak of solid games. Sigh.

  233. Not going to worry about it. This won’t happen for long before something happens. God always takes care of JLin and I believe He continues in due time.

  234. I wouldn’t say Lin failed. He succeeded being the floor general as requested but jealousy cut him off.

    It’s part of life. Can Kobe play 82 games this way? That will be interesting to see. It’s a long season and anything can happen. Jeremy just needs to be ready. Just like he did in the NJ Nets game.

  235. Well if he can, certainly it will be better. No doubt about it. I think he will.

  236. I don’t really want to talk about player’s personal lives but you can learn a lot about a player by looking at his actions off court. We all know that Harden likes to party at “certain clubs”. As for Kobe, this is a guy who has repeatedly cheated on his wife. There was this Colorado incident as well as his wife wanting to divorce him not long ago due to further cheating done by Kobe. Furthermore, as you pointed out, he also couldn’t get along with his parents.

    Now Jeremy Lin, a devout christian, needs to get along with Harden and Kobe. How can it possibly work when Lin has completely different personal values, beliefs, principles, etc than these two “superstars”? I think Lin has already done an admirable job provided the obstacles that he faced.

  237. Did you answer my question below

  238. This talk of Kobe at point guard is pretty discouraging. I’m trying to think about the ramifications for Lin –

    If Kobe will only play point guard late in games:

    Scenario 1 – Price starts, Lin still back-up. Then, in some games, Kobe will take over point, with Ellington playing shooting guard and Lin and Price on the bench. In this scenario, depending on who’s playing well, Lin or Price will get slightly more PT

    Scenario 2 – Lin starts at PG, Price back to back-up, with Kobe taking over point in close games. (Unlikely, imo)

    If Kobe actually starts at point guard, then, it gets even more interesting:

    Scenario 1 – Kobe starts at PG, Ellington starts at SG. Price backs up Kobe, Lin backs up Ellington.

    Scenario 2 – Kobe starts at PG, Lin starts at SG, with Ellington backing up Lin. (again, unlikely)

    Whether Kobe plays PG late or becomes the starter at PG, Lin likely remains on the bench, as either a back-up PG or SG. 🙁

    The only hope, it seems, for Lin to regain his starting position is if Kobe gets injured. And, that’s something you cannot count on. The other possibility is if Price is such a liability as a starter that he gets demoted back to the bench.

  239. I can see Price working his way out of the rotation a bit

  240. I remember a conversation i had with my friend:

    I told him: Jeremy Lin called out Bryant for being selfish. He answered: perfect, they will trade him.

    Now we should hope it’ll happen asap.

    I think for a couple of picks they can give him away

  241. No the Lakers want lin as a backup PG

  242. That’s a real possibility. But, Scott will likely do that with Price still starting, but actually getting back up minutes. I don’t think Lin is ever going to start again this season, unless there’s an injury to Price or Kobe.

  243. Yep. Mother nature will take of Kobe soon. It’s happening and just a matter of when. We don’t even need to wish. Am just watching how the event unfolds. It will only quick the natural consequences for pushing JLin out. Kobe and BS may celebrate their victory for a very short term.

  244. Lin’s 7 game streak, 38pt games, 3D, and 7 pts in 2.5 mins came out of nowhere. That’s why I keep tabs on his games, you just cannot just it live for all the joy and inspiration it brings to keep trying at one’s own thing. Chin up bro!

  245. Not gonna happen this way. Not saying Lin will not be traded. Not gonna because of Kobe

  246. We will see…I agree that Lin will not start. But does that look as bad as Lin backing up PB in HOU? No.

  247. true, that’s why the official news was to confirm further demotion of Lin as the bench PG

  248. I was saying they will trade Jeremy. I think it could be possible. At least i hope so

  249. I will prefer Lin stay to work things out this season his way. He can always leave in FA.

  250. It is clear to children this is v2.0 is a gambling fix, whereas there was the whole Elite D and Euro experience and brilliant find story for PB.

  251. exactly, the whole situational setup is different

  252. Lin would fit with a family oriented team leader like Duncan. Many others in pro sports too.

  253. I can see Kobe trying to push for a trade to ship him off.

    But there’s possibility FO would want Lin as an insurance if Kobe can’t hold up for 82 games.
    I guess they will see how things look before Feb 2015

  254. just backing your ‘tweets’. I don tweet.

  255. If Byron thinks that with one game win against a lousy SAS who without Cousins are 2-11 on a B2B justifies his game plans and making Kobe the PG he’s got to be the most incompetent delusional coach in the NBA. Wait to see if his ideas have any credibility after a 30-40 point drudging they will get from SAS.

  256. I don’t know. It really depends on how low BS’s opinion of JLin truly is.

  257. exactly

  258. I think it was more of an impact for price than lin.

  259. The more he stays the worse it is. They want to lose badly. And Bryant and young will do whatever they want.

  260. It’s already been the fact. Just postpone for 1.5 months. Not surprise except it’s out rather than bury under the carpet.

  261. This particular part is because of Kobe…not Scott. or the perception on Lin I think.

  262. Freedom = letting go so you can grab what is there for you that was given.

    Lin on 2nd team: the lob to Ed Davis we all want and pay and desire to see.

    Lin will play free, because as starting PG, he was a slave to an unclear system with goals outside of the court. He is free now, and so am I. It takes time to decide to run free, and he will decide soon enough.

  263. If he leaves as a trash that no one wants. I am not sure if that is better or not

  264. BS knows that the Lakers are probably going to lose big to the Spurs. That’s why he said he’ll use Kobe at point for only 2 of the three next games. Those two other games are against weak opponents – Minnesota and Indiana.

  265. They will lose Jeremy for free at the end of the season. If someone comes and offer a single good pick they will give him away.
    Lakers aren’t like the rockets who were pretender and always in playoff zone

  266. Mitch wants it that way. Kobe wants Lin out. Scott wants his job which manes he wants Kobe happy.

  267. I think the F/O won’t be listening to who they bring in.They put him on notice when Mitch did thst article about Kobe might retire after this contract.They were letting him know that they won’t be offering him a contract and letting the FA know that he will be gone.

  268. If Lin only will be a backup PG then why he needs to stay here? Just pass the ball & play D. Not good for him at all. smh!

  269. I think so too. It is a way to say Price sucks…..but I have to save face so I can not say it out loud

  270. I think it’s time to switch agent. It can’t be possible that you let your client with such ballhoggers like that.

    Lakers was a bad choice. They did it just for marketing purpose and not caring about what could have happened on court

  271. I think his agent is good. Really there is not much to work with here in Lin’s case.

  272. The longer he stays the more trash he will get. I hope he can out ASAP.

  273. Scott knows that the Lakers are probably going to lose big to the Spurs. That’s why he said he’ll use Kobe at point for only 2 of the three next games. Those two other games are against weak opponents – Minnesota and Indiana.

  274. I agree. I personally think lin wants to stay because he is home with his family. He knows that scott is a bad coach and kobe is an egomaniac

  275. No….I think Lin is good. He will look better as the season goes on

  276. Also he believes in himself. He does not just quit for nothing or for been like a trash

  277. The result will be the same, he only will view as a backup here or other teams… Unless they really move him back to starting lineup which I really don’t believe it until I really see it.

  278. I don’t think there wasn’t another team for Jeremy this summer.

    Anyway we’ll see what happens

  279. good point. The positive thing if he gets traded is that other team really wants Lin (at least for 3 months), possibly a contender

  280. Too bad Lin can’t be more clear with a quote such as this:
    “I’m assuming I won’t be in the game if that’s the case since I’m not as good of a shooting guard as Steve Nash.”
    This Kobe taking over the PG phenomenon has already happened to Steve Nash. Kobe is always more “comfortable” with the ball in his hands all the time.

  281. I think when Lakers get him they really want him to play well for them + marketing too. But not Kobe… so all the drama show up one after one…

  282. IMO. The perception of him as a good backup is set, solidly. It is what it is. So if he rides out the season, he lost NOTHING. IF he gets send out with picks. It just shows the league that he is a trash, not even worth as a back up. In this case, he lose more.

  283. What we have to hope is Lakers will try to showcase Jeremy in order to get something in return for him till february

  284. yes, very true. Mitch posted the deadline for Kobe. I wonder how he really feels about Lin. Retaining Lin while Kobe is here now becomes unlikely as Kobe once again alienated other players (this time for doing exactly what he asked Lin to do)

  285. man, this becomes HOU experience again :]
    Oh well, might as well enjoy the ride for the showcase!

  286. Depends on what he does where he goes. I say give Jeremy to Stevens’ motion offence and celtics are at least a 2nd rounder in playoff

  287. I don’t know what will happen but I remembered Lin’s dad said they will sign us or trade us… so if Lakers is really going to tank then they don’t need Lin…

    If from now on Kobe be the PG for 1st unit then Ellington or Young will move up. Price can back to 2nd unit. No need Lin bc they are tanking.

  288. It could be. It’s kobe’s team unfortunately.

    I didn’t think they could tank so hard

  289. This is worse than Houston and khuang explained that perfectly

  290. tank is just for this season. I believe Mitch is thinking ahead of it. As for Lin….he does not have much choices anyway. Ultimately, it is the perception of him that is hurting him. I think he knows it and will try to prevent anything that will hurt his perception from happening. Being sent out with picks is kind of counter productive toward that objective. I know it is not his call. Just saying it might not be the best case to Lin

  291. If only the Lakers would be so lucky. On second thought they’d still lose:


  292. Even with such a big diss, Lin still only post back to back 3 point games? Glad I’ve missing all these bad games of Lin. For someone being dissed he should be angry and look to score! Seriously 5 FGAs compared to Nick Young 13?! Can someone please knock in him and tell Lin he needs to shot at least 12 FGA per game!! Single digit attempts will give very poor PPG Average!

  293. That pretty much use the bench vs NYK?!

  294. Just when i thought Lin’s stats would get better when he was traded to Lakers, I couldn’t be more wrong! His stats are not worst than in Houston!! In Houston Lin wouldn’t post so many single digit games. You’d think that he would notice the average FGA for top 10 PGs are 12-15 and the difference in shots compared to his teammates!

  295. Mike B from LA Times just wrote an article on Kobe will be PG for 1st unit (not yet for sure)… I really don’t know why Scott hates Lin so much? He tried everything he could to stop lin?

    If Lin stays in 2nd unit then what about Price? So it’s very likely they will ask FO to trade Lin… smh! Scott loves Price more than Lin.

  296. Pop basically said, try to beat my system with 1 superstar

  297. Not surprised against a team like the Knicks and Pop can give his bench more minutes.

  298. This is not about Scott hates Lin. It is about Kobe wants the ball

  299. If Lins stint with the Lakers continue to go down south, then next season, Lin’s best option is to sign with a team where he’ll at least be given a chance to compete for the starting position.

    What are such possible teams? I’m thinking of teams without an established PG.

    off the top of my head, those teams are, along with their current PGs:

    1. Indiana Pacers – Donald Sloan (who?)
    2. Brooklyn Nets – Deron Williams (if the Nets can get rid of his contract)
    3. Houston Rockets (ironically)
    4. Dallas Mavericks – Jameer Nelson
    5. Orlando – Oladipo isn’t a true PG
    6. Utah – Alec Burks
    7. Boston – if Rondo leaves the team via free agency
    8. NY Knicks – Jose Calderon
    9. Miami – Mario Chalmers

    Of those teams, I’d say the Mavs are a real possible destination, if they don’t sign someone else, given that Nelson isn’t very good and Carlyle seems to like JLin’s game. Any teams I’m missing?

  300. Melo is not playing so NYK maybe do have chance….

  301. Kobe is it… he plays all the positions all the time. Best way to play with Kobe on a team is not in the court at the same time so it will be very limited minutes.

  302. kinda thinking this was only for that final few minutes yesterday. I saw somebody waiting by table and then went back to bench. Probably was Ed then.

  303. I hope Chinese fans realize that Kobe is ruining Lin’s career, just so Kobe can get a little more glory than whatever he already has. How selfish and heartless Kobe is!!!

  304. I just checked Kobe’s min in Nov (37.1) and Dec (33.6)
    Plus Lin’s min in Nov (31.3) and Dec (22.4)

    BS definitely reduced Kobe’s min in Dec.
    Unfortunately the same is true for Lin.

    I want to see if Lin’s min w/o Kobe increases if he has good shooting (14pts in 19min in BOS game)


  305. No worries. Taiwanese and China JLin fans do know and are as angry as I’m with Kobe, BS and even Lakers. They pick this up faster than haters and doubts.

  306. I’ve heard the media in TW don’t really talk about Lin much anymore.

  307. Good, they should let Kobe and Lakers know the power of China fans.

  308. Scott would never have the cajones to sit kobe.

  309. He did that . One reason he got benched. He needs to facilitate and play D. According to Bryant scott

  310. test

  311. What did they say? Kobe & Young?

  312. If Scott ruins Lin’s contract year, then next season, Lin’s best option is to sign with a team where he’ll at least be given a chance to compete for the starting position.

    What are such possible teams? I’m thinking of teams without an established PG.

    off the top of my head, those teams are, along with their current PGs:

    1. Indiana Pacers – Donald Sloan (who?)
    2. Brooklyn Nets – Deron Williams (if the Nets can get rid of his contract)
    3. Houston Rockets (ironically)
    4. Dallas Mavericks – Jameer Nelson
    5. Orlando – Oladipo isn’t a true PG
    6. Utah – Alec Burks
    7. Boston – if Rondo leaves the team via free agency
    8. NY Knicks – Jose Calderon
    9. Miami – Mario Chalmers

    Think Dallas is an ideal landing point, if they don’t go after a “big” named FA PG. He’d definitely be able to compete and beat out Nelson for the starting position.

  313. correct, Lin was given a clear direction to facilitate & play D.
    If he didn’t, he would get less than 22 min in the SAC game.

    Just like Price getting only 20 min since his D was not good to stop Collison

  314. Mods, I just wrote a post that’s been flagged. If you could approve it, would appreciate it. Thanks.

  315. Houston LA, we have a problem!”

  316. done. I added you to the white list to reduce the chance of getting into pending by Disqus.
    Disqus still put my posts in pending sometimes.

  317. I wonder if Facebook poll would be effective to get the large number of upset fans of Lin’s unfair treatment

  318. Nothing. There are just no news pertaining to basketball in the headline.

    Unless you go look for it i suppose.

  319. Thanks.

  320. The way I see it. It’s all plan since Day 1. They know Nash will not last. Kobe Want to be PG. And Lin would be in second unit . It just didn’t works smoothly. They just use Price so lin would stay with the 2nd unit. Now you can here scott using Kobe for PG. He’s not gonna last.

  321. I like Dallas too due to the coach.

    I think it’s important to consider the coach and the presence of ball-hogging SGs to determine ideal destination for Lin

    I would put HOU and Knicks as the last place because it’s hard to achieve the full potential working for someone that hates you for some reason.

  322. Kobe be a PG didn’t do well in some games… like vs detroit he got 10 TO but Scott didn’t even say a word about it?!

  323. and lin played with 3 of the top 5 leaders

  324. actually 4. monta ellis as well.

  325. I guess u were asking for my source. My 70+ yr old mom that doesn’t really follow basketball, but actually follows Lin a bit.

    She doesn’t see it on the news she reads and watches anymore like b4.

  326. I know (4 out of 5) and I’ve found the ironic of it a while ago.

  327. They tried but they believed it was backfired on JLin while he was in R. Need more concrete plan to boycott Lakers. Many of them do come here. If it’s a good plan, we all will follow.

  328. how did it backfire when he was in R?

  329. Few went to R sites to argue for JLin and were backfired on him……

  330. oh ok, thanks.
    I see it can add oil to the fire without getting positive resuts.

  331. There were others from what I’ve read but not prepared to say how truth was the outcome… At least Taiwanese fans have better results in giving pressure in Taiwan sponsors.

  332. God is taking care of everyone. But that doesn’t mean everyone gets a NBA starting PG gig.

  333. N B A T A L K
    Report: Carmelo Anthony may have to undergo season ending knee surgery

  334. If so then trade Lin back to NYK for this year.

  335. Boring……just some crazy thoughts…

    Kobe: Hey Scott, did you see that Asian boy yell at me last night? How dare he challenges me on court??

    BS: Yea, he’s bad, very bad, Your Majesty. What can I do for you?

    Kobe: How about DNP him?

    BS: I’m afraid it’s not a good idea, Your Majesty. Magic & Worthy already called me out….Lin’s fans will kill ma….and I will be banned from my favourite Panda Express….

    Kobe: You’re right, Scott. I need to take care my fans in China, I need their money after my retirement and I need to build 2 more statues in their place.

    BS: Believe me Your Majesty. I will continue to squeeze Lin’s playing time

    Kobe: And Davis. You forgot to take him out when Lin entered the game. That alley oop really pissed me!

    BS: Certainly. I promise it will never happen again.

    Kobe: Remember what I said “Happy Wife Happy Life”. Besides, your beloved boy really sucks. He just can’t hit any open 3s. I don’t want to hear fans chanting “We want Lin back!” I will play PG from now on.
    BS: That’s a brilliant idea Your Majesty. I will put Ellington next to you.

    BS to media:
    I’m expecting Kobe to run the point for the next 2 or 3 games. (Why not Lin or Price?) Lin, I like Lin, he needs to master more PG instincts. (But Kobe had 10TOs when running PG) You know, Kobe orchestras the offense, getting the rest of team involved. He made a right choice passing the ball, others just couldn’t make themselves available at the correct spots at the correct moment. (Is there some chemistry issue? Kobe is not practicing much and given day off today again.) Man, I’m sometimes just shaking my head on how he can continue to go out there and deliver. He is in the league for 19 years, he practiced enough on court. Only the young guns need to drill everyday. (Boozer said there’s no defense drill in daily practice, all talk) Hahaha this is his opinion, I’m the coach of the team…..

  336. TWC SportsNetVerified account

  337. Why they use Lin? Or everyone got one?

  338. So the game plan it’s for Boozer to score more…

  339. Lin seemed to be the only one who really cared.. Price was so far away from the game plan discuss?!


  340. What is he doing? Sniffing Sacre’s* back?

  341. I am hoping and praying there’ll be a trade for Jeremy to get the heck out of this Bryant Scott’s system. Somewhere like Brooklyn or NY if Carmelo is done for the season.

  342. Haha! No one seemed to care what coach was talking about it. Looked so boring to them….LOL!

  343. Let’s pray for it

  344. I’m hoping Scott will be fired.

  345. He won’t be because he has strong allies.

  346. Yeah! I lost all my respect to Kobe. I wouldn’t want him to come to Hong Kong. I don’t want him. He’s in my doghouse for keeps.

  347. It’s a fact that Jeremy has struggled with Bryant Scott’s version of Princeton offense which is almost the direct opposite of the open court PnR system that Jeremy has been so good at. However, it also force-feeds another area that Jeremy has to work on as a better PG. That’s learning from Ronnie how to run this pathetic offense w/o tons of TOs.

    All will end well but now Jeremy is in a slump that I would like to describe as being in a process of growing pain. Jeremy has never been very good in dribbling. Now he has to play the kind of offense that he’s not familiar with. All in all, Jeremy will pick up the skill soon or later. Time is still on his side. He will come out again better equipped to run and defend as a PG.

    We all know that Ronnie with his potential in offense wouldn’t last too long. Jeremy eventually will prevail over the system. It’s a matter of time before Lin shakes himself loss from his limitations. On the bench, he can study closely what Ronnie can make out of the offense and take advantages of something that Jeremy wasn’t able to do. It wouldn’t take Lin too long to master the skills.

    Ronnie can never be as good as Jeremy because of his size, strength, speed, explosiveness and court vision specially in open court but Jeremy can pick up skills in half court offense that he needs to work on to be a complete PG. Lin is getting much better in defense in the last game.

    I’m rooting for Jeremy.

    Bryant Scott now is aware that Kobe only has this and the next season. No a chance that Lakers would put up with him w/o Kobe. He must win. The Lakers will not care how he does this. He’s stuck with what he is having. He has to make Jeremy work for this team. Kupchak is not going to spoil Scott with with more than 2 years of Kobe. Scott had better make Jeremy work for him or else he would be a definite goner when Kobe’s days expired. It is a good situation for Jeremy to be in because he will flourish with skills to complement his talents.

    Pray that Jeremy come out a better player as he always does at the end. Go Jeremy. My heart will follow you all the way.

  348. I’m going to use this name for the idiot.

  349. It is a smart move by BS to talk about having Kobe as PG. That will shut out all the criticism of having Price starting over Lin and further justifying making the changes. We would probably not going to see Lin as starting PG for Lakers in the near future. Well, let Kobe try and have the negative triple double occasionally and see if his body can handle that.

    Somehow in a weird way, Kobe is paying respect to Lin because he is afraid of Lin taking his spotlight. Kobe did his tricks to Shaq, Howard, Nash and even D’Antoni. And unfortunately for Lin, Kobe happens to have a puppet HC that can orchestrate dirty plans to sabotage Lin. And unfortunately only few (insiders and Lin’s fans) can really see this.

    It is a low of low that Lin is facing now. If he can turn it around, and only if, then he can begin to ascend. We will just have to be patient and see what is unfolded. Wish the best for Lin and us, his loyal fans.

  350. Kobe is the cancer of lakers. Seems FO has losing control on the team or they are busying with the power game behind the door?. These two keep talking nonsense, doing ugly stuff and jeopardize the franchise day after day.

  351. This is not the first time Kobe did it to his teammate who he thought maybe will outshine him on court. smh! But right now Scott did all the dirty job for him. They are really low use all the HOU shameless way on Lin again. smh!

  352. After Lakers decided to tank they don’t care… I think that’s the turning point … Before that FO was going to replace Price w someone else but … they didn’t want to sign Clark either. So Poor Lin…

  353. Or Clark refused to sign Lakers I don’t know…..
    Poor boy….I really hope Lin can find a team that values him and gives him a fair chance

  354. Great shirt, simple but sharp design, like the white and purple combination. Do have the incentive to buy it, however won’t buy it if Lin has to keep dealing with the BS” with the lakers.

  355. Magic said “…I want the Lakers to lose every game….”

    Translation: Kobe shoot shoot shoot all you want….BS coach coach coach how you want.

  356. I don’t know what really happened but Lakers was supposed to sign Clark before the last road games… then stop everything… before the road games, Scott said our team is just so bad…?! Don’t know when FO started to buy the story for tank instead of fight for playoff.

  357. I like Pacers and Mavericks.

  358. Just can’t believe that we are talking about the same route of which team JLin will go to in FA and/or is traded before deadline again less than 5 mos after JLin was traded to Lakers 🙁 This talk is getting very very very old:-(

  359. Spurs bench might not be good for some, but it’s more than enough to beat a LOT of teams with their starters in the NBA 🙂

  360. Why do I get the feeling that Pop sat down Duncan, TP, and Manu for “precautionary measures” against Jeremy (50% gut feel), Davis, (20% gut feel) and Kobe (30% gut feel)

  361. No need for translation actually 🙂 I’d take it as it is.

  362. Here is why, it would take a miracle for Lin to get back to the starting lineup. As seen, BS is a hypocrite, liar and coward. He’s a hypocrite when he told everyone about how important it is to play defense but wouldn’t force Kobe to practice or calling him out for failure to get back for defense. He’s a liar when he told us about Lin this and that but when he started to shine he was benched. He’s coward because he didnt man up to tell his starters they’ll be benched.

    This is not the place nor the time to be in. As a LA resident here for decades long, I’m ashamed. Lakers are better and bigger than BS and Kobe.

  363. By the NBA definition, Lin is not a superstar or an all-star. What kind of a player Lin can be is he’s a major threat. That major threat is one of the most concern for any coach in term of he can get the entire team to play and be involved together at the highest level if given a chance. BS is not and will never be that type of coach for a modern showtime.

  364. They need a PG, say Linsanity?

  365. The only way for Lin to pickup his shooting rhythm to to shoot more with caring too much about the results. He does shrink back a bit when they don’t fall. He should play free. Not going to the playoffs anyways.

  366. These are the players Lin should avoid? I didn’t think Aldridge was a chucker but he’s missed more shots than Harden wow. Anyone else impressed how Anthony Davis averaging 20+ points isn’t on this list?! Pelicans is the team Lin should go to while avoiding Dallas where Mona Ellis hates him and is another chucker.

  367. I already sound like a broken record telling Lin to take average of 12-15 shots per game! It’s as if he doesn’t see the tread of shooting lets and having bad shooting game with single digit points!

  368. Wow! If Lin can save NYK one more time…


  369. It’s can happen if Phill Jackson wants to trade for Lin.

  370. Ya! Melo maybe will out for the season. Too bad, now I really hope Lin can back to NYK this season.

  371. Remember the owner is the one who didn’t want JLin. He is still there.

  372. Hah! Nothing truer said.

  373. NYK tried to get Lin this Feb from Rox but Hou turned it down… After all I really think NY likes him the most. The owner sucks just like Lakers but the fans loves Lin bc they do believe in Linsanity unlike HOU or Lakers.

    This season w/o Melo the game will be fun better than w Lakers in 2nd unit the real bench w/o playing time & ball. smh!

  374. ROX is beating GSW right now…LOL

  375. “Uh yes I like an item 1a and 3b. And white not brown rice. Thank you.” WTF. Sorry. They make lin look like he works at a chinese restaurant.

  376. If I remember correctly, Nolan still didn’t want JLin. So, if he isn’t okay, the trade or deal won’t happen right???

  377. Rockets are better then most of us thought or wished for. I thought they were going to implode. I don’t get it. Truly nba is where amazing happens.

  378. they seem to flow well…

  379. Nick Johnson and Ariza. And continuity….that’s it

  380. If he was not OK the trade would not even talk in the beginning … but it’s all history now. Lakers really did so bad for Lin now bc Scott’s trash talk on Lin’s skill… smh! Really hate him.

  381. HOU always played well without pressure. BUt…hahaha

  382. I like DMo…I hope he gets to leave Rox and shine somewhere.

  383. Ok…no more HOU talk….LOL

  384. Not anymore, Harden chokes in crunch time and McHale doesn’t know how to call plays and make adjustments.

  385. This Livingston, Thompson and Curry line up is terrifying teams…

  386. Thank God that I’ve never believed Ego Massage Liar BS from the beginning. I wanted to but it just didn’t smell right with what his actions with words. From my experiences when dealing with inconsistencies, I always trust actions more than words. Don’t feel good about getting it right.

    Yes BS did sabotage JLin’s career somewhat but I believe more teams do respect JLin’s games. Otherwise, they wouldn’t double or triple teams on JLin. He is a more a threat than Kobe. JLin can do more damage than Kobe any day. This is another reason why Kobe was mad. So, in that sense I do believe there is a team that will give JLin a fair chance when he hit FA if he isn’t traded before then. God is good, all knowing and powerful. He won’t let JLin down.

  387. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine

    Lin for Jose Calderon.

  388. GSW build that WALL perfectly….The one Scott thinks Lin should do by himself

  389. Once again…a team choked down the stretch….

  390. I don’t think Scott really wants Lin to score well or do well now. Look at how many shots PB took today 15?! How many min he plays as a starter?! smh! Don’t know Lakers it’s worry Lin plays too well will cost too much or what? If they didn’t want to keep him then they should give him some chance to show case… but no?! smh!

  391. Hate to say it…Kerr really knows adjustment. His bias towards Lin is even more puzzling now. I guess Asian Discount is just a really “good” one

  392. I just unfollowed him the other day just because he is still w/ Rockets. Rockets lost to GSW btw.

  393. I don’t like Kerr but I really think he is a very good coach. GSW maybe will have chance to get the ring if not this year maybe next or so…

    Kerr did his homework well. Unlike Scott only talk but nothing else…smh!

  394. Does anyone know where is Wu Kong? She is just disappeared.

  395. No, PJ doesn’t care about Lin.

  396. WOW Didn’t know this until now. JLin! You are even more awesome than I think you are!

  397. Edit

  398. BS needs Jeremy to help explain the game plan, that’s why Jeremy is up front doing all the coaching job.

  399. Really, what does Scott want to them to practice? How to lose better?

  400. Yeah, i am wondering where is Wu Kong too! Also Sophia Paris, where is she? Any MOD here knows? Thanks!

  401. I remember the last time i read that she said she was very dissappointed about the Lakers and the NBA system because they are like WWF and she probably done with it.

  402. The Knicks and Lakers are so similar. Both old school, slow and lousy

    Knicks Lead the NBA in Dysfunction


    New York, losers of nine straight entering Wednesday’s game with the Spurs, owned a dismal 4-19 record—the worst start in franchise history

    it’s not shocking to hear some players are frustrated with the triangle. Using the system, the Knicks have easily produced the highest number of midrange jump shots in the league, while generating the fewest free-throws, a bad sign in today’s efficiency based NBA.

    Unlike Mike D’Antoni’s seven-seconds-or-less offense, which helped increase individual players’ values by getting them ample scoring opportunities, the Knicks play in a regimented offense, at the NBA’s slowest pace, that isn’t creating good looks, something that will take a financial toll on several Knick players who are set to become free agents this summer.

  403. Sophia Paris is still here. I saw here tweets, but not Wu Kong

  404. Nop on both but still see Sophia Paris tweets once in a little while but wu kong/G just totally “disappear.”

  405. WOW Some here wants JLin to go from one bad to another worse??? mmmh For me I just leave it to God. God knows which team is best for JLin. I just pray for JLin continues to stay healthy, continue to improve, get over another bumps of bb life…

  406. You mean Sophia Paris on this jlinportal site?

  407. Not sure Sophia is in this stie. Haven’t seen her post here. She is from jeremylin.net.

  408. It’s fan not Lin. He will not say anything like this in public.

  409. I wouldn’t blame anyone disappointed in Lakers and Jeremy. It seems that they haven’t worked out well. Byrant Scott has thrown the whole team under the bus for the losses.

    Let’s see what Jeremy was asked to do. (1) He was a PG good at PnR and open court offenses. (2) His defenses have been underrated because from the days of Linsanity, he has been a team defense player. He always try to cover for his teammates who simply leave his man open. In switching, Lin’s man are left unattended. I wouldn’t say it’s totally Jeremy’s fault. (3) He has trouble running the Princeton Defense who seems to work only for Kobe the Bryant to chuck up his one on one faded away jump shots and then slow stroll back. (4) Jeremy is often the one who even gives a try to cover and is frequently found steps behind covering others. He got the blame and his teammates were unnoticed because of not trying.

    I must admit that Ronnie Price is more familiar with Scott’s offense system although he couldn’t score much as the PG. Jeremy could score and make unbelievable almost full court passes for his teammates to dunk or make layups. Those weren’t counted on Scott’s book of merits.

    All those craps about Jeremy not able to defend and making plays are only half true. Indeed everyone of the Lakers haven’t
    done wellt but Lin and Boozer singled out to take the blames. Jordan Hill isn’t so hot in defending too.

    Scott’s offense and defense are not easy to implement. In his last 3 years as a coach, his won-lost record was only about 30% or so. In a few month, Jeremy has been held responsible for both defenses and offenses of such an incredibly difficult system. What Kyrie Erying failed to execute for Byrant Scott’s satisfaction is now on the shoulder of poor Jeremy. BS wouldn’t care less if it’s fair as long as he has a scapegoat and Kobe gets his points.

    Yeah I’m disappointed with the results that Jeremy delivered so far but I get to understand the hardship he’s having and try to figure out what other PGs may have done in the same situations. I think we have to give time for Jeremy to learn. There are many types of PGs. Scott’s desirable type of PG is quite different from what Jeremy has done in the past. Any oversimplification from BS is mostly intentional trying to cover up his ass for the failures of the team.

    I believe in Jeremy and I think eventually he will pick up new skills given enough time and experience. One fact remains covered up in post interview of the Lakers losses is Jeremy’s teammates aren’t doing too well in Scott’s system too. Only Jeremy gets the criticism of not having PG mentality.

    BS really doesn’t have coach mentality required to run an effective NBA basketball team.

  410. I think she is just like some of us here. We post occasionally here and in jeremylin.net.

  411. Sophia only post in JL Net

  412. Truly, Lakers is better than Bryant Scott has shown us.

  413. Kobe tried to be the PG. In the 2nd game, he delivered double digit TOs and then he quited.

  414. Lakers were actually favored to win over the Kings but barely won due to the Kings missing free throws and the many turnovers.

    So the win over the Kings is just fool’s gold if they thought they turned the corner with BS coaching adjustments.

  415. Don’t worry. Jeremy will grow out of it.

  416. I was sooo excited to hear about Lin joining the lakers. Very hopeful for a surprisingly good season with a 1st class organization.

    Cant believe how badly this is turning out.

    Luckily we’re only a qtr thru the season so who knows… things might turn around for Lin.

  417. to be fair, his bias to Lin was couple of years ago when Lin was not as good as now. i wonder what he thinks of him as a player. at least kerr spends his team effort to trap him

  418. Well the thing is, they really don’t have the right personnel to run that offense, and they have the wrong player as their option in that kind of offense. Same as Byron forcing his version of Princeton with the Lakers.

  419. I’m 85% non-believer in Kerr’s coaching prowess. He inherited a good roster.

    If he can take the Warriors to semis, then I’ll say he can coach.

  420. If they can crumble on regular season pressure, what more on playoffs pressure lol

  421. Just come across this thread in LG. It is quite educated in Xs and Os if any one is interested:


  422. Ha….nice post. I was going to post similar thing after like 30 games into the season. However, not only did they abandoned at least half of it after preseason…..but they also ran a single play called “Kobe” for the entire 22 games. So I guess it is not necessary any more….

  423. I hate that high post split, I rather see triangle, or the two guard front which flowing into Princeton. Or better the elevator and loop for Lin….lol

  424. I think either it is him or some god assistant coaches. Anyway, like u said, semi is a must for the talents they got. If they can not…Kerr is not doing his job

  425. So bored…..want to watch some good LAL games but already know It will not happen.

  426. I wonder if Lin was asked to defend like PB by Scott. One thing for sure, the wall they were trying to build was blocking Lin more times than blocking the opponents. Darn it hill, I am looking at you…

  427. Aww…….Hill & Boozer are like a moving Great wall to Lin….

  428. Same here, it doesn’t help that Lin is so gun shy recently. His PPG has plummeted to 11.1 ><" I watched a few minutes of last game against Kings and he just didn't take off dribble 3s where he had space to shoot after a screen instead he moved to the right side where he was doubled. He's not playing with any intensity on offense at all.

  429. Aw … I just went to the site and she said she’s deleting it. Oh well, I hope she visits sometime. Or, maybe she can pick it up if Lin gets free next year.

  430. yes, she said she needed a new hobby.

  431. wow … hope he keeps growing in resources and success to pass it on as he is doing … the pass first guy!

  432. Magic speaks the minds of Lakers FO and Scott, but of course they will only BS you.
    Another hibernating year for Lin?

  433. Too complicated for me. Sorry 🙂

  434. Jeremy DID go through Ellis from the Warrior days….it’s like being with Ballhogs of the decade for his career

  435. Apparently the Lakers turned out to be the worst team he played in. I’m sure he’s brought there for life lessons if this is the “path” that he was put in.

  436. I don’t blame her.

  437. True.. If you put him in this Lakers team, they might have a much worser record than they have right now. Might be winless. Lol

  438. They know how good Lin is. And they know how to defend someone like him very well.

  439. I can only wish… Haha

  440. Seriously me too. After all those losses over the pre season I thought they would suck. They are great right now, but still won’t go all the way.

  441. PJ dosen’t believe in Lin

  442. I feel bad for Lin.

  443. Wish Lin was getting the opportunity that Parsons is getting. That guy has been on fire lately. smh

  444. Does GS trap him because they respect or don’t respect his game?

  445. well, you won’t see them trap a non threat like Price

  446. Believe it or not, he started the season worse than Lin so in this case as in a lot of others, it’s all about opportunity. I wish the same as you. I know it can all change very quickly but man, this season is so depressing.

  447. May I ask which NBA team is collecting most of Jeremy’s ex-teammates on their roster?
    I have a condidate: Dallas Mavericks
    Tyson Chandler, Parson Chandlers, Monta Ellis, Greg Smith (4/15) > 25%

    What’s Mark Cuban’s opinion about Jeremy?

    Jeremy Lin can be another Steve Nash…Jeremy has got to play in the right environment with the right players and he can be a star.

  448. are you hinting that Mark is collecting the pieces for Linsanity Reload in 2015/2016 season?
    I’m thinking along that line too!

  449. It’s about the quality of coaching. Give Bryant Scott to Parsons Chandler, what would you think?
    “Kid, you don’t have the mentality of playing SF. You shoot too much. Pass the ball to the Black Mamba. Who do you think you are?”
    The Black Mamba is a dinosaur; part of history. Old man!

  450. The Mavericks is beginning to build its dynasty. With a owner like Mark Cuban, this is a damn good team. Next season Jeremy Lin will be very affordable after Bryant Scott finish with him. What do you think?

  451. Well, that’s 2 years ago. Things have changed. Opinions and perceptions too. I wish Mr. Cuban still believe in Lin. Let’s hope.

  452. That’s history & everything is different now…

  453. Cuban always get pissed when Lin scores. Check out Lins highlights against the Mavs on their homecourt.

  454. MM seems to be nice to Lin now. He’s the only reporter from LA to interview Lin in the past few days.


  455. yes, most LA media (Medina, Trudell, Pincus, LakerNation) sympathize with Lin based on their game tweets bringing up Lin’s contribution but they know what’s up when Kobe became petulant child-star to hog the ball.

    Nice to see Medina continue to write articles to get Lin’s opinion.

  456. Company’s order…..lol jk…..this is a nice article..

  457. He did the interview w Lin one on one yesterday… But I don’t think right now Scott will listen to Lin’s request at all. smh! The situation is worst than I thought… So down…

  458. If Lin is a Ferrari. Scott is using him to race in a desert while McHale simply just love avtoVAZ more while thinking that Ferrari must be a fake.

  459. Lin: I’m human so there are times you go through doubt or uncertainty or a little bit of searching,” Lin said. “When the rhythm is going well, things will be easy. I won’t be thinking much when I figure it all out. At the end of the day, I’m confident I can be a great point guard.”

    Now we know Lin’s shooting rhythm is affected by doubt of what BS (and Kobe) want from him.
    But good to know he still believes he can be a great PG. It’ll take some time for him to figure it out. Hopefully sooner than later

    And Lin confirmed that he’s human :]

  460. More proof BS is now a hater. Kobe for PG?

    Byron Scott has talked to Kobe Bryant about starting at point guard


    Shifting Bryant to point guard at critical junctures is something Scott said he had been thinking about, and he said he has gone so far as to contemplate starting the 36-year-old at the position.

    “I even talked to him about it,” Scott said. “I said, ‘I’m thinking about it, but I’m not there yet.’ So yeah I have thought about it.”

  461. I think no matter what he do they will not be happy bc what they want it’s Lin out of Lakers. I hope Lin knows he needs to get good stats in such limited time. Or he will be in trouble.

  462. I guess there are only 2 types of PGs in BS’s delusional mind:

    The one that gets teammates involved, be aware of clock, executes the stupid outdated P system and won’t look to score.

    And the one that get the ball and dribble over the half court and then shoot. Only if triple-team, then he will pass.

  463. We’ll see what more losses do. Already Price as a starter looks to be a shambles even against a very bad team when without Cousins. T Parker will make quick work of Price

  464. New SAS PreGame Thread+Poll is open


    Time to turn a new chapter of fighting back!
    It’s good to see Lin opened up on being human to doubt the unfair benching and still believes he can be a great PG.

    Let’s hope he casts his doubt aside and play freely for his Audience of One like we know he could!
    We’re 100% behind you, Jeremy!


  465. Parker is out. In fact, they don’t think Price is good just never said it.. But now they put all the focus on Kobe can be starting PG.. so no one cares about what Price did..

  466. Problem would be Monta Ellis, even more of a chucker than Harden and doesn’t like Lin since GSW days!

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