G22 SAC @ LAL PostGame Thread

Lin played great defense but struggled to find his shooting rhythm (3pts/4asts/1stl, 1-5 FG with 0-3 from 3s). He tried to aggressively attack the rim but even then his FT shooting didn’t look smooth (1-2). Reporters noticed how well offense flowed with 2nd team when Kobe was not around. Lin’s passing was contagious that Swaggy even passed his shot to assist Boozer.

Great overall D by Lin to force a lot of TOs (6?)

Lin would need to rediscover his off-the-bench HOU mentality to attack and score while still playing D and distribute the ball. It won’t be an easy task to regain his starting position. But Price struggling offensively to help Kobe scoring will work to Lin’s advantage

Just for the record. Lakers didn’t actually win this game.
Kings missed more than Lakers esp. down the stretch.

24-37 FT (65%) is horrible for the Kings. 13 missed FTs in a 3pt loss is a lot.
Lakers didn’t fare too well either at 17-25 (68%)

But anyway, a win is good for team spirits so hopefully Lin relaxes more and rediscover his shooting rhythm.