G22 SAC @ LAL Game Thread+Chat

On paper, it looks like a winnable game for the Lakers with the Kings coming on the 2nd night of Back-to-Back games plus missing Cousins. But Magic also just gave a stamp of approval for the Lakers to tank to get the Top Draft Pick. So expect Byron to give plenty of time for Kobe to shoot with supposedly defensive-minded starters. How will Jeremy Lin respond with the 2nd team? Will he be a good soldier to get his shots in 19-20 min or will he try to will the 2nd team to beat the Kings?

Let’s go, JLin! Never give up and just give your best! Just play for the Audience of One

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  1. huh? I’m first?

  2. Many are not watching the game

  3. Even mods are tanking

  4. LOL so much drama in Lakers

  5. me, neither, but I enjoy everyone’s discussion
    also, it’s too late from east coast, anyway

  6. LOL No I was away laughing at the Lakers drama:-)

  7. Go Lin go! Go Kings Go!

  8. Be assertive, I’m from east coast too, tough up, just watch the whole game,you gotta leave your mark on east coast.Lol

  9. Now I surely am glad and thankful that the 4 games I attended from 11/23 ~ 11/30 had Lin as starters, and even witnessed their win against TOR

  10. I’m tanking. I have a tank in here.. lol

  11. I can’t bear to watch that tank commander, ewwww…
    I’d rather have a good night sleep.

  12. That’s the spirit! 🙂

  13. 13th!

  14. I will watch a little to see how lin does especially two minutes without kobe

  15. Let’s go Lin!
    Forget about the BS from BS! Attack the basket! Hit the 3s! Run an one man fastbreak and DUNK!

  16. Really?!? LOL

  17. Hey, I take what I can get. =P

  18. 13?i think bs messed up your math

  19. Lin, you can score faster than the benching. Just shoot!

  20. oh no this is on nba tv

  21. Knicks just lost… pressure is on … LA Losers, bring out your tank commander …

  22. watching game on mute

  23. Go Lin! 1 against 9 (own team too!)

  24. I’ma go read some Hunger Games fanfiction until Jeremy comes in the game.

  25. Lakers Fans (not Kobe fans), what is the point of watching TV live program i.e. TWC if your team is tanking? Watching Kobe keep bricking? Or witness the happening of karma?

  26. Linsanity!

  27. why

  28. Collison just made an easy layup. 4-0

  29. good job kings

  30. lakers 0 as expected

  31. 0-6 w/o Lin!

  32. I was, when I posted. =)

  33. Some seats seems to be empty. Boycott?

  34. The shirts are for?

  35. As I said, they will leave Price unguarded and open for a 3 all night. Double on Kobe instead.

  36. 2 quick fouls on Hill. They can’t sub.

  37. sacramento sucks i have to say it.


  39. With Kobe chucking up shots, the Kings don’t have to worry.

  40. king are missing a lot only reason why its close

  41. Cousins missing. Anyway, Lakers should be the last team to think their opponent “sucks”.

  42. kobe continues to be very comfortable giving the ball up to price in a way he never was with lin.

    perhaps bc he can expect to get the ball back, esp to re-post, when he passes to price.

  43. oohh yea i forgot lol well if its a close competition then their opponent sucks

  44. price is scared to shoot

  45. This black guy in NYC who died from white cop’s chokehold.

  46. first rule of any offense is the wide wide open player has to shoot it. if he doesnt, the offense pays the price in some way.

    yet, byron genius, plays someone who doesnt take the open shot for a reason. its unreal.

  47. Kobe already 2 for 8.

  48. price with the massive brick.

  49. Naw, let’s count how many times he doesn’t.

  50. price wide open

  51. price’s negative impact on the offense is so obvious

  52. Start opening up the lead now with Gay outscore Kobe but Kobe takes more shots.

  53. Good job Kings!

  54. It’s a joke

  55. Kobe 2/8, Price 0/4. Sacramento is lousy, they should be way more ahead than 6.

  56. lin in.

  57. Kobe stayed in for his stats.
    Gay gets a well deserving rest.

  58. note that macdonald said ‘collision OVER JEREMY LIN’

  59. first o run = assist to Kobe and1

  60. someone needs to call him out for this double standard crap for the chinaman

  61. Yes, not around. Lucky bounce.

  62. bev would hit those shots price….and yes thats an insult

  63. Did he mention all the ones Collison shot over Price?

  64. rhetorical question?

  65. lol

  66. hate it though… want to see Kobe bricking again and again

  67. no

  68. doesn’t matter, I want Lin to get Box score just so he can enjoy his own day – when Lin is not in, you can see Hill is no longer producing. Team is weaker so just desserts.

  69. he’s been trying to be intentional to justify Byron’s move to bench Lin due to defensive liability
    Let’s see if he does it again w/o praising Lin’s good D

  70. Why the hell does Price keep shooting 3’s, even if open. He shoots 27% 3’s. Does BS think this strategy spreads the floor? No one will bother guarding Price, as he cannot make the shot. BS should be fired. Correction: 10 for 41 thus far, 24% — really bad.

  71. Collison is 4/5. Who did he score the other 3 over? Didn’t hear any mention of Price’s defensive effect.

  72. abdul jabbar was right when he said the scoring record versus MJ is just a DISTRACTION to the team

  73. Pls, it has nothing to do with R Price. This is about BS and Kobe. Price has been nothing but class and professional.

  74. Scott doesn’t like Lin-Davis connection. He yanks Davis out.

  75. kobe with stupid early clock brick fully covered.

  76. macdonald has his own biases against lin. this is not just him toting the company line

    its been this way BEFORE lin got moved to bench

  77. Kobe is beginning his 30+ shots gAME.

  78. KOBE IS getting what he wants. He is taking half of the shots.

  79. Insane

  80. macdonald said ‘collision got jeremy lin to BITE [on the fake]’
    when in fact lin was closing out as he should when he went under the screen
    macdonald is an azz

  81. lin is playig pg nd defense very good so far

  82. Kobe playing whole quarter is stupid

  83. nick young — kobe lite

  84. OK, lin put up some points

  85. Ok Kobe sit the ef down.

  86. That started again did it? Bs is asking for kobe to get hurt and I don’t know that anyone will care. If lakers are tanking why would they care about kobe playing or not.

  87. macdonald is a worthless announcer. guy brings no knowledge to what he says

  88. kobe shot that with 5 people around him. 3 lakers wide open on the other side of the court

  89. macdonald spews in his pants whenever kobe shoots it

  90. Kobe shot more than his points, as usual. SMH

  91. Lin/Davis is a bad combo for tanking :]

  92. Just a joke of a proud franchise

  93. without lin his deficiencies will show more

  94. Kings are loading up on Kobe…hmmm

  95. ok, Linning time in Q2 w/o Kobe.

  96. This combo will ruin the commander’s tanking.. lol

  97. Basketball is a team sport, so why would one selfish player ignoring all his team mates and shoot the ball himself with defenders all over him and regarding by NBA as one the best players…..

  98. jumpshots all day. sigh

  99. Kobe out 7-0 run!!! and the lead

  100. Kobe out, tanking is temporary on hold

  101. Lin and Boozer in, 10-0 run. Hmmm.

  102. its clear the lakers bench really don’t need lin. he never hs the ball

  103. NOOOOO. take them out. they dont know how to tank. /s

  104. LOL .. Everyone is free to play basketball with Kobe out
    6-0 run in Q2

  105. the rockets, i characterize wathcing them last year as mostly monotonous. but this lakers team, it is just frustrating watching them.

  106. Does he want to like play at all?

  107. If this run continues, Byron has to bring back Kobe early to resume tanking

  108. What is lin doing?

  109. Fisher Lin, even in 2nd unit.

  110. he is running the byron offense that is centered on boozer

  111. drawing double teams

  112. Have no idea… he does not want to get a good contract next year… sigh

  113. Jeremy you need to play basketball and stop thinking come on

  114. i guess maybe all 5 players playing defense works.

  115. what kind of team has boozer shooting this much? i cant stop harping on this. drives me mad

  116. Man, this sux

  117. Has he made any assists or points?

  118. Lin’s chatting and smiling with #9 (Sessions) during Hollins FT

    Good to see smiling Lin 😀

  119. nick young and kobe are the same. makes no difference which unit lin is on. he’s with boozer and kobe/young

  120. Come on Lin, look to score for your self.

  121. Good 2 see his smiling back.. 🙂 Been waiting 4 a day thou..

  122. 1st unit need lin more then the bench

  123. Lin hasn’t touched the ball much

  124. i feel young is more with flow of offense though

  125. Selfish ugly team of chuckers give me my heartbreak Knicks team of this year

  126. he’s a black hole. ball doesnt leave him whenever he touches it. where’s the flow in that?

  127. yes he has been the pg for most of it. altough the bench fits price better

  128. Freeeeedom!!

  129. I dont why Lin wouldnt just look for his ignre the coach

  130. 2 asts. , 0 pnts. w/ 8+ tho

  131. Lin is playing SG. He needs just pop it

  132. yeah what could byron do to him ? bench him? give him only 20 minutes?

    theres nothing byron can do that hasnt been done

  133. Bc he is a good obedient asian boy

  134. lin acts like a chump too much of the time

  135. Lin doesn’t get his shooting rhythm yet but he should attack the rim to draw a foul more

  136. Jeremy is still in…

  137. nice drive!

  138. Lin for layup!!! 2pts

  139. anybody HAPPY now that he attacked the basket aggressively for a layup?

  140. Really happy

  141. yea he has played pg really well today

  142. I think lakers 2nd unit is better than starters. Lol

  143. without Kobe, any unit will be better

  144. Great to see! Lin is letting the game come to him 😀

    Of course, Byron will pull him out soon

  145. Such a waste of talent for Lin to play under BS system.

  146. Yeah Jeremy owes you that

  147. i have to say lin is listening to scott weather you like it or not. playing defense. setting up shots for others. he has been involved in a lot of the bench scoring. even if it don’t show

  148. The 2nd unit is playing against the Kings’ 1st unit.

  149. Sure, but at least prior to his first touch, it was getting other people involve on offense too. it wasnt just young

  150. Exactly theres no point listenin to him anymore
    if he really does make Lin a 3rd string then so be it

  151. against 1st unit as well

  152. Kobe back, time to tank again.

  153. what annoys me is how the lakers announcers anoint many other PGs as ‘quick’ even tho lin is just as quick as anyone.

    the keyword they give lin is ‘aggressive’, frquently implying that he is someone who lacks aggression but does well when he happens to play that way.

  154. Worthy: Second unit gave them a two point lead, let’s see what the starters do with it…

    Ruin it… lol

  155. As soon as the 1st unit comes in, the Lakers is behind.

  156. back to crap in a hurry

  157. Yes, Bring out the tank again!

    Time watch Price shoots again. 0-4!

  158. Spoken truth

  159. Said they gave them the offensive boost but they played good/better defense too.

  160. mcdonnel forgot to say that

  161. LakersPulse.NET just became my good friend 😀

  162. Of course, the lead is changed. The Kings start making shots and is ahead for good.

  163. they reported to duty right on time! losing again!

  164. yup

  165. So the bashing begins.

  166. been what im saying

  167. Our site’s very good friend lol. We should invite him here.

  168. As soon as Lin scored the “worst” unit got subbed back in…

  169. lin must ask for a trade..what is he doing here?

  170. LOL, look at Kobe’s fg percentage, what Price does he pay to get this ?

  171. BS loves Price, since he can’t shoot, nor apply any substantive pressure on the other team’s defense. Tank.

  172. I wanna strangle Byron Scott im sorry and nick young and ellignton I hate elligton dont take the ball from Lin

  173. Lantz changed his tune immediately when Jeremy was moved to second unit.

  174. it will be funny when scott decides to put lin back into the starting lineup.

    i wonder what he will say to save face?

    ‘oh, lin finally learned some PG responsibilities.’ [translation: kobe is getting annoyed he is getting too doubletriple teamed to chuck]

  175. Yeah, Kobrick’s FG tanks because of that.

  176. Crows will turn white before that even happens.

  177. Just check the box score….Kobe 27.3% FG….Price 0%….hahaha

  178. They all have their own meeting to set their own agendas before game.

  179. byron will be eating crow soon enough, whether black or white

  180. Maybe Sacramento needs to built up their PG depth. He’d be closer to Palo Alto, and stay in California, until he gets the starting nod. Anything is better than the Lakers’ awful team play.

  181. This ain’t pro ball …. Give me the sixers they may be bad but they try to win as a team

  182. Everything working according to BS plan. HAHAHAHA

  183. Oh, Kobe will ask for lin back in tjhe starting line up. Scott will have asome sort of far fetched excuse.LOL

  184. I think they will just fake an injury

  185. “No Laker defense with starters…”

  186. starters are the worst unit

  187. The first unit gives up what the 2nd unit has done for them. Good lineup change Byron. Tank Commander, Hi Hi Sir.

  188. ha irony

  189. hate to say it but the tanking is just a joke. Lakers are just incompetent with BS as coach and Kobe on the team

  190. Love it!!!! Kobe and the 1st unit! great defence! just great!!!!

  191. Good thing starters are better defenders

  192. And Price put in with starters to improve the defense. SMH Scott totally clueless.

  193. LOLOLOL LAkers self destructionnn

  194. Nah, Lin is not in tank unit.

  195. Hey did Lin wear I can’t breathe shirt?

  196. End of game: Kobe/Price -20, Lin/Young +20. What would that tell you … BS plan is to fall behind with starting unit, and expect second unit to try to reverse.

  197. Jeremy: +8
    Price: -15

  198. Boozer too.

  199. yes

  200. Everyone sees that, only BScott chooses 2 be blinded..

  201. lalalalalallalala

  202. they look worse then the bench at defending. and that is what we call irony

  203. +/- for the first team of Lakers are in double digit but negative.

  204. Kobe 3/12 now. 25 FG%

  205. Kobe is the real King tonight! King of disaster!

  206. Watching this boring game outside of Jeremy makes me hungry. All those food commercials!

  207. Fergie? lol

  208. They gotta swap starters and 2nd units. Let the 2nd unit starts. LOL

  209. its my LA chant. also the sound i make when my brain feels fried from the pure nonsense i see

  210. I think LAL put it in the locker room for them, so probabaly.

  211. I can’t breathe playing to lose.

  212. The lakers are shooting 35% now.

  213. stop it I’m dieting don’t make me think of food lol

  214. “Offensive drought” w/o Lin, lol

  215. No offense either…

  216. First unit bringing down the percentage?

  217. He’s shooting @25%

  218. macdonald typical cliches — ‘lakers gone ice cold’

    it has nothing to do with hot or cold. the shots they take are simply BAD shots

  219. Eat salad. I’ma go get a Big Mac with large fries and Mcflurry lol

  220. Wah! The Lakers is giving up and is behind by 10 points.

  221. Seriously Ed Davis… stop making the starting unit look a bit better

  222. backcourt starter combined 18.75 % FG……..I think I can play NBA too!

  223. Kobe gonna bench Price soon for not passing it to him twice.

  224. kobe doesnt even try to rush back. thats whats even more embarrassing than losing the ball

  225. ed davis is the only reason the starting unit isn’t down 20

  226. lalalalallalalalalalalallalala

  227. Truth

  228. “2nd unit was the best thing for the Lakers”- Worthy

  229. wait for the third quarter . remember they had a 2 point lead before they messed it up

  230. if BS was a good coach, he would bench Kobe this game…

    but…hell would freeze over first before that happens

  231. The Kings back court scored 26 points. The Lakers’ back court scored 11.

  232. He would fire himself

  233. i have to say this will not last long. lin will start sooner or later.kobe may demand it himself

  234. Should have followed that by “since the starters came back” or more specifically “since Price and Kobe came back”

  235. so true

  236. Not worth a second of my time to watch LA’s starters play, have better things to do…like posting something here.

  237. you are a wise man. im slow to catch on.

  238. Come on LIN! Go get some points for your fans. All worth the benching!

  239. Price will not get those assists without Ed Davis. Forcing these two to play like how it was with Jeremy and Ed.

  240. What a glorious scene in +/-, the double digit negative belongs to the starters, and the 2nd unit on the average is +7.
    The first unit on the average is -15.

  241. I think he will in the second half.

  242. both ronnie and kobe make each other look worse then they are. price forces doubles on kobe which makes him mis more then usual of which he missed a lot anyways. kobe forces price to shoot which is comical how wide open he is

  243. I cheered for the Kings when the Losers’ first unit is on

  244. lol. the hashtag

  245. Hashtag for the win. Davis seems stubborn to me, like how Jeremy is

  246. ridiculous cant believe they made our boy wear that stupid shirt

  247. Since kobe’s fg percentage tanks to 30%, Scott better acts quickly to find some poorer shooting players to compliment him in the first unit.

  248. Nope. Lin and Davis would be great. Scott is a failure, this lineup is sorry.

  249. He found a journeyman called Ronnie the Price with 0%.

  250. Anyone has mama Lin’s ph#. She needs say “Lin, go get some!”

  251. Uh oh, will he be benched? lol

  252. When he gives it to Young he never gets it back. Young looks to shoot or sometimes pass it to Boozer or Sacre. He’s going to have to start looking Young off sometimes.

  253. The bench didn’t get the memo to tank LOL

  254. That’s why BS is forcing it. The thing is Davis doesn’t want to tank lol

  255. frustration-inducing lakers versus freethrow snoozefest rockets of last year. tough comparison, cant say which is obviously worse. different flavors of vomit. but im leaning towards lakers on this one. byron gives them that edge

  256. Scott better sticks with it for 15 games

  257. hahaha…..it’s worth to spend a few seconds to check the box score…..seeing Kobe FG% makes me laugh

  258. Fat chance. BS would rather eat nails than play Boozer as starter lol

  259. Kobe: “You dared to outscore me? Go there find your pal, Lin!” LOL

  260. There’s still Sacre 😀
    A more reliable tanker, not by choice haha..

  261. Despite playing more minutes (about 5 minutes), the starters only scored 4 more points than the 2nd unit.

  262. Not bad idea….hahahaha

  263. rockets offense which was like street ball was a lot better then this slow frigid offense. and don’t get me started on defense

  264. yes…..keep your promise coach

  265. just lin would help kobe and davis

  266. Kinda wonder what BS gonna say in the locker room. Starters, give Kobe the ball more. Bench, start playing like bench players.

  267. Let’s see what happen after the notorious 3rd Q. Wanna make a prediction!

  268. Kobe 4-13
    Price 0-4

    I can’t further emphasize how awesome to look at these numbers 😀

  269. probably some silliness about ‘lakers pride’

  270. funny

  271. Guys! You’re doing great. We’re about to get our lottery pick this season.

  272. The best part of the Lin benching is that the Lakers are even worse. Maybe it’s a reverse psychology ploy? Heh, let Kobe realize how much he needs Lin? Ok, maybe I’m too optimistic.

  273. or the players he selected

  274. It’s the dismal offense that caused the problem. Byron just doesn’t get it.
    When you’re hungry, Byron recommends you to drink distill water.

  275. Houston is worse. Lakers are just incompetent. Also, there’s a feeling that upper management wants to keep Lin so they are trying to devalue him a bit.

    With the Rockets, both M&M had a grudge against Lin.


  277. I guess this is my very first time having so much fun to watch Lin’s team’s losing ^.^

  278. The ultimate karma would be if kobe had a season ending injury before reaching mj’s record. I apologize to all bc I actually believed kobe ans kept saying this would be good for lin. Instead he has revealed himself to be without integrity and a hypocrite.

  279. LOL

  280. 1 on 5 in exact. The 4 other Lakers are strolling.

  281. they both *****ing suck and just like i wanted Lin to leave Houston I also want him to leave LA…..he had been disrespected more than enough…


  282. I’m disgusted by this whole team
    Lin should start
    FO needs to do somethig

  283. You will much more fun with this hilarious new lineup.

  284. watching houston lose was more enjoyable bc they were capable of winning but were so harden.
    watching lakers lose is like watching lemmings fall down a cliff in slow motion

  285. Kobe: No one can stop me! Not even 5!

  286. After the 3rd Q, Lakers fans will want Boozer play for them. Boo! Boo! Boo!

  287. Worthy’s comment: “Sometimes there is a reason players are open”. Scott surely has not figured this out, nor Price.

  288. No way, LA is tanking!

  289. If I were a starting PG in the NBA I would REFUSE to defend Ronnie Price because he wouldnt deserve me playing any defense on him him starting is a disgrace to the sport of basketball as a whole. It is an insult to this wonderful sport and league so many people fought to build and develop.

  290. Forget about Houston. I enjoy the moment now…hehe

  291. No, Lin does not need Kobe. 1st group with Lin and Davis do not need Kobe. The 2nd group if any needs Kobe to play against 2nd team of opponent, to raise his shooting %

  292. 1. Opponents don’t consider you a threat
    2. Opponent’s defensive lapse
    3. You can’t really shoot so they don’t pass the ball to you

    Yup, I’ll go with first and third.

  293. Watching starters losing big time (-11 to -16) while bench (+3 to +8) is winning is pure bliss 😀

    Lin and Swaggy with the highest +8

  294. stu is trashing the scott lineup is his own way

  295. starters so awful on offense since they figure kobe gonna get everything

  296. Linsane Swag 🙂

  297. Swag-Lin :>

  298. macdonald ejaculated when price got that steal

  299. The only ones need kobe to win are the opposing players

  300. picture worth a thousand words

  301. Wesley back off let them lose jesus

  302. sooo ridiculous.. 1 on 5 street bball games?

  303. Making half a comeback with Wesley JOhnson hitting 3s.

  304. LOL ‘different flavors of vomit’

  305. Why didn’t he say Collison shot that 3 over Price?

  306. lalalala

  307. 10 points up The Kings. You’re the emperor tonight.

  308. hahahahaha

  309. because price name is only remember when he does good. while lin is only remembered when he does bad

  310. you know, we should make a defensive lowlights video on Price to destroy Byron’s lies

  311. Did you notice that the Kings’ back court is shooting over 50%

  312. Mike Trudell sees through the Lin-justice

  313. say it like it is mcky d’s

  314. Expose them Trudell, expose!

  315. price playing great defense

  316. I feel bad for price. He is just a pawn and his weaknesses shine brighter.

  317. Linequity?

  318. The Kings are back. The momentum swing back to the Emperor.

  319. JLin shouldn’t sacrifice his body for this terrible team.

  320. Byron sacrificed him

  321. Poor Ronnie. He’s just made a basket and he was pulled out of the game.
    What kind of coach is it?

  322. eff kobe

  323. he makes when lin comes in

  324. adds to lin +-

  325. lol

  326. Damn! This lineup of the Lakers looks so familiar.
    Scott you’re cheating. You’re supposed to stick with your new lineup for 10-15 games.
    You, SOB. You’re a big liar!

  327. lol

  328. yea first adjustment all year

  329. at least he wasnot shooting that turn around with 2 guys on him

  330. so price has doubled lin’s playing time already

  331. BS desperately wants to show he has no double standard, but we know better.

  332. Byron Scott finally finds his best lineup!

  333. finally stu giving lin credit for defense

  334. Great defensive play by Lin causing Gay to have TO!

  335. Temporary lapse

  336. Jeremy forced Gay to turn it over.. if they didn’t credit him….

  337. Surprisingly, they did.

  338. If they didn’t they deserve a palm in the face.

  339. no worries, he’ll go back to the starters to tank in Q4

  340. YES! which means he’ll never try it again.
    Nothing stops the tank, NOTHING.

  341. FK you ng scrub!

  342. lin pllaying too fast again. /s

  343. I wish he’d stop doing that for this team, just save himself for his next team.

  344. Nice patience by Lin to find Boozer!

  345. Lin/Davis for the SLAM!!!

  346. lin pushing the ball down just so much more exciting

  347. Jeremy to Davis. Alley ooooop!!!

  348. Jeremy and Davis – instant connection

    Price and Davis – finding a cellphone reception underground

  349. Linstant Connection! :p

  350. you and lin …

  351. Jlin +15, Price -15

  352. Alley-oops 2 Davis by Lin.. Sweettt~~~

  353. Young is a scrub

  354. destiny.kismet… lol

  355. Lin Davis Ally Oop, Okay bench Davis, too much of that.

  356. davis benched lmao

  357. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only unit that is net positive for the season

  358. Davis with the slam, of course Byron benched him right away

  359. Uh-oh, Lin’s group starting to score and control. Scott better swap in the starting group … surely Price will enter soon to relieve Lin.

  360. now go sit down

  361. Cosmic karma

  362. YES!

  363. c’mon Lin u need to hit that

  364. damn i wish lin had that 3

  365. J J J … not many more open 3s on this team. Convert baby!

  366. he is cold for obvious reasons

  367. That would have been huge if Lin hits that 3!

  368. Dang, what’s with Jeremy’s 3’s. Kobe rarely passes it out, when he does he has to make those.

  369. would not have been mad if kobe took it in himself

  370. Don’t want him to get hurt, save for the playoffs.

  371. that was quick…

  372. Lin doesn’t have any shooting rhythm now.
    Hope he gets it soon

  373. Wow what acceleration!!!

  374. Scott panicked, that lineup was slowing down the tank.

  375. kobe is really a bad player now … he has some moves and shots, that’s all.

  376. Great drive to the rim!
    What an acceleration 😀

  377. Kings were surprised with that speed. Jeremy the coyote, because coyotes are faster than roadrunners.

  378. lin and his late game FTs. smh

  379. lin has to get rhythm its hard though

  380. Boozer looked to find Lin in that transition.

  381. Jeremy holding on to a steal reminds me of Manu a lot…

  382. Papa Lin must really love Sacre’s hook shot!

  383. what do you mean?

  384. A big 3rd Q with 32 points from the Lakers.

  385. Dang, Lin still only has 3 points?

  386. Lin played great defense. The shooting % of the Kings are down.

  387. BS will re-insert Price at start 4Q, The Closer, out of respect for his high-level play making and defense? Any brains would bench Price the rest of game, and give Lakers a chance to win.

  388. still having a big effect

  389. How Manu holds on to steal even if Pop was screaming “no!no!no!” on the sidelines. I think I saw BS going “no!no!no!” from the sidelines too lol.

    Bad for tanking.

  390. he doesn’t have any shooting rhythm at all now.
    Hope he keeps attacking the rim

  391. Amen!

  392. Lin is a foul-magnet

  393. Kobe out, time to take the lead again.

  394. i can’t believe he got that call

  395. Lin must have caused 4 to 5 TOs of the Kings.

  396. i remember Linsanity when Lin used to DOMINATE collison

  397. Lin needs to do a Hack-A-Collison! LOL
    0-4 FTs

  398. YES young

  399. Collison getting tired guarding Lin, missing FT’s

  400. Collison started missing shots since Lin checked in.

  401. Wow .. Collison 1-6 FTs

  402. Good to see Lin and Boozer try to find each other!

  403. Another hashtag for the win.

  404. Lin chewing out Kobe for not getting back. Nothing to lose, can’t get benched any more.

  405. talkng about lin yelling back at kobe for not getting back in defense

  406. Thanks, I’m going strong with #AntiTanker theme now 😀

  407. so. let’s see of Lin goes out at 6 or stays. Game is close. Prob sits. Boo.


  409. too little too late and it wont matter.

  410. *shudders* They’re going to play against THE Spurs next…

  411. scott is gonna pull lin soon, if not now. waste of time watching..

  412. yea. lin needs to get all his frustration out however way he can

  413. Funny thing is Lin is playing D.
    Byron might do the crazy thing and let him stay until 3 min mark

  414. with the lack of kobe bench needs to proof themselves now

  415. Lin’s passing is so contagious that Nick Young even pass to Boozer!

  416. wow

  417. So many blown assists…

  418. wow. lin so rusty on his shots

  419. we know why

  420. Man, Lin and Boozer FTs got affected since benched

  421. bench got another 1 or 2 minutes left. better get going.

  422. Jeremy still in…

  423. nevermind.

  424. ok, game over.

  425. game over for lin. oh well it was fun while he was in

  426. No Price, Ellington in.

  427. very interesting

  428. I think the ideal situation is Lakers lost this game.

  429. wow boozer still in?

  430. BScott has said he won’t tinker with Ellington’s minutes. what is this huh? lol.

  431. so whining dooes work

  432. davis best player on the starters and of course he’s benched.

  433. Yeah doing through a slump right now, his FTs have been affected as well 🙁
    Hopefully he gets over it soon.

  434. He made Jeremy look good so…

  435. Makes no sense

  436. can’t have that

  437. He hurt his leg (leg pain)

  438. Tank Commander in Chief Scott is ruthless.

  439. Lin is out…Go Kings Go

  440. notice price came in for Lin but boozer stayed in…

  441. without lin this a blow out hopefully they lose

  442. Jeremy is poison lol.

  443. Needs no cheering. They are in tank mode.

  444. Not even watching anymore
    Lin needs to know when to turn it on thye needed his scoring but he decided to distribute instead

  445. evens as a starter price got a max of 26 minutes .today less then lin.

  446. lol
    You’re just like poison
    Slowly moving through my system
    Breaking all of my defenses with time – Beyonce Knowles

  447. Lin tried to drive first but couldn’t find his shooting rhythm.
    Then decided to do multiple strong drives to the rim. But even his FT shooting rhythm is affected.
    Not his night. But he needs to find his HOU scorer-off-the-bench mentality back

  448. lakers need to lose this. eff byron

  449. Thanks to the second unit, this game got close..

  450. C’mon Kings. Got to win this

  451. I don think he had that mentality b4

  452. Yah I know but man this is frustratinf

  453. This is what I was concerned with. 3 points. yikes.

  454. or
    With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride
    You’re toxic, I’m slippin’ under
    With a taste of a poison paradise
    I’m addicted to you, don’t you know that you’re toxic

    Britney Spears – Toxic

  455. Collison got that 3 but Ellington is better than Price.

  456. Lakers will get Collison-ed here

  457. It’s still a semi win for Lin – the fact that Price isn’t finishing the game, and ended up playing fewer minutes than Lin.

  458. I want Kobe to shoot it 🙂
    Be a hero, Kobe!

  459. Ellington starts at PG next game?

  460. I’m so happy to watch Kobe shooting 😀

  461. Lol. I don’t think so.

  462. and DC scoring 🙂

  463. I wan’t overtime. They will have to put Lin back in.

  464. BScott is “coach”… who knows lol

  465. Good idea! Overtime!!

  466. Going 2 for 1 for Kings?

  467. battle of 2 crappy teams. who will tank better.

  468. Lin should demand to be put back in or just go back to lovker

  469. 1 team is missing a key player

  470. the other benched one

  471. Obviously Lakers with BScott

  472. but other team got kobe

  473. We just need to tweet Ellington played good D and he’ll start 😀

  474. and price is in for final seconds

  475. Bench won this but unfortunately makes Scott look good.

  476. OT?

  477. what ?

  478. Nope!

  479. BUT – good news is that the new starting line-up with Price in it is looking like an utter failure, regardless if they win this game or not.

  480. he had to change his lineup to win. atlas it looks like he isn’t tanking like magic asked

  481. Hilarious. You really can’t make this up. Guess they can finish with him in there to “prove” a point.

  482. Maybe Collison shoots a 3 over Price’s head and ties it up.

  483. yup, exactly. Scott actually made ADJUSTMENTS in this game!

  484. BS figure there is a chance to win, better put price in

  485. LOL poetic justice

  486. damn

  487. booo

  488. Kobe is their god!

  489. Kings are bad without Cousins..

  490. Haha this is one of the worst 15.6 secs possession I have seem….

  491. JLin looked really happy with the win! That’s what matters.

  492. I don’t like the result.
    Lin and Boozer brouight this team back.
    The Lakers deserved to lose.

  493. Boozer kept shooting

  494. That is all the Lakers wanted for Kobe to be the hero..smh

  495. Magic is pissed. Such a clear order and BS cannot even do it.

  496. Lin looked genuinely happy his team won.
    Or maybe he is happy he got 22 min while Price got 20 min

  497. How come I dont feel happy at all 4 the win? but look at Lins smile, this boy is really happy 4 his team win. What a pure smile n simple boy!

  498. He is a winner. Of course he likes winning… Anti-tanking! 🙂

  499. They will get a few gms and lose a lot …

  500. Kings are so bad soo bad
    Rudy gay is just like Kobe

  501. If Lin is happy for the win, then it’s all good.

  502. prediction. lin will start sooner or later

  503. what a chump

  504. BOTH.

  505. If Lin is happy then I’m happy. Go Lin. Great effort that’s all you could ask. Keep practicing. Keep working. Never give up.

  506. This was my fault y’all. I was rooting for a close Laker win cuz I want the Kings to drop below the Pelicans who I like.

    I promise to root for a loss next game again.
    With the exception of his shooting slump, Jeremy did great though and he helped get the Lakers back in it, at the same time Price looked awful again. A good outcome.

  507. Does look like Lin is gonna start soon

  508. I hate you.

  509. No need to do so. They will play Spurs next.

  510. Or he’s at least going to start getting more minutes than Price, at first anyway.

  511. I think Kings just ran out of energy in the 2nd night of back-to-back.
    24-37 FT (65%) also killed them.

    Byron deflected the “Tanking” talk for 1 game

  512. sooner or later clipper and spurs coming up sooo lol leave price in so i can laugh

  513. voted cutest couple on campus …

  514. ? Lin’s a chump for enjoying winning?

  515. No hate please :]

  516. plenty of that. Had Kobe not passed to Jordan under the basket, game would have been lost.

  517. win win

  518. He’s happy for not eating Mcflurry tonight

  519. Why start Price but then give him less minutes than Lin?

  520. here comes another 10game losing streak

  521. The 2nd unit saves the day for the Lakers in the 3rd Q; a big 3rd Q.
    Boozer really played well.

  522. seriously, had Kobe not passed to Jordan under the basket, LAL would have lost this game. You know the play I mean.

  523. lol this is true, the starting tanking crew will take care of the loss on their own.

  524. Because BS started to realize during the game how much a liability Price was on offense.

  525. Lin and Boozer still in positive.

  526. Lin has caused so many TOs and he’s only credited with 1 steal.
    The game is won by LIn’s big defense on Collison.

  527. c’mon just a little

  528. After yelling at Kobe for not getting back on defense and arguing with ref instead he will end up on the Defenders.

  529. I can eat more late night pizza w/ Mcflurry

  530. Yeah, it’s the 2nd unit who did the job.

  531. Yeah but we all know staring Price is pure BS!

  532. the way they guard price is a the reason he should never start or even be a back up. its a shame he is out there

  533. OK I only hate you a little.

  534. The fact that Price got less minutes than Lin is a clear admission by Scott that any benefits of Price’s “defense” is outweighed by the liability that he is on offense.

  535. The fact that Price got less minutes than Lin is a clear admission by Scott that any benefits of Price’s “defense” is outweighed by the liability that he is on offense.

    I don’t think he’ll re-start Lin any time soon, since he’s too stubborn, but watch for Lin’s minutes to creep up while Price’s minutes creep down. And if Lin is playing well in a game . . . then watch out for big minutes.

  536. After chewing out Kobe for not getting back on defense and arguing with ref instead he will end up on the Defenders.

  537. pic.twitter.com/LqkpIA0wmk— Angry Asian Man (@angryasianman) December 10, 2014

  538. exactly. both Ellington and lin had a better defensive night

  539. You know…Collison didnt guard Ronnie price at all tn he cudnt even convert those freebies…I’m happy

  540. Price -13. Worst Laker

  541. I can’t breath under Byron Scott

  542. Jeremy makes me sigh.

  543. Swoon?

  544. LOL then I will visit the Lakers HQ with an AK47

  545. Breathless sigh with a loud exhale like “hayyyy..”

    Go on, go on.. leave me breathless – The Corrs

  546. I don’t think Scott is going to re-start Lin anytime soon. But, I think we’ll see Lin’s minutes go up while Ronnie’s minutes go down.

  547. Not only that, Collison could rest on defense to save energy for offense. After he had to guard Lin he expended energy and was missing free throws.

  548. Luving it

  549. I wonder why Ed Davis got benched in Q4?

    I bet it’s because Davis outscored Kobe 5-2 in that 18-7 run in Q2! LOL

  550. he is slow so i expect a slow transition to the obvious. boozer look good off the bench. lin and davis hoping to meet again lol

  551. Your fault. Lakers’ win makes me so down…

  552. He’s part of the #AntiTankCoalition. Nick Young is on the verge of joining lol

  553. BScott is so transparent… smh. lol

  554. That’s because with Price in the line-up, the Lakers were essentially playing four against five while on offense. Even clueless Byron finally figured that out and put in Lin to make it five versus five.

  555. Bc Boozer talked w Mitch do make a different. Plus Boozer got more points than Davis.

  556. I’m listening … LOL

  557. Yup. Byron does everything realllly sllooowwwly. But, eventually he’ll get to Lin starting again.

  558. Yes, Byron does everything really slowly!

  559. Oooh I didnt know the Lakers did this too, great to see!

    I wonder if Silver is fining them, he said yesterday he wants the players to respect the league’s attire rules referring to these shirts.

    I hope he isnt, not that it matters because these players have enough money but still.

  560. Byron and Kobe sitting on a tree… nm. lol

  561. whynt u shoot ur head

  562. A little privacy please… lol

  563. Looks like Byron is slightly scared of Boozer
    Lin needs to speak up too

  564. ok, continue the non-breathing sessions :]

  565. I thought about that too. Mitch asked Byron to make Boozer a little happy to avoid mutiny.
    And Boozer played well today

  566. Who wouldn’t? The guy has an eight pack.

  567. And he wants everyone to feel it.. lol

  568. Byron “I don’t massage egos” Scott :]

  569. i have to say i like boozer. he seem very cool

  570. Lin needs to figure out when to score for himself. That is what frustrates me so much about him. He would have at least 8 points more if he had made that 3 or made his free throws..smh

  571. Boozer is going to retire soon. Lin still has a long career ahead of him. He still has to think of the future. What Lin can do is look to score.

  572. He’s in a shooting slump he needs to get out of…

  573. well he is playing pg a lot better. he is out of rhythm for obvious reason. scoring for lin is easy so i like his focus on defense and getting people shots

  574. Instead of following Laker wins and losses, I’m going to follow Lin wins and losses.

    A W for Lin tonight. Even though Lakers won the game, Lin got more minutes than Price, Price didn’t play in the fourth except as a defensive replacement, and Lin played well, stat line notwithstanding. This game totally exposed Price for the utter liability he is on the court.

    Not a blow-out win, but a Lin win nonetheless.

  575. Yes, Wes Johnson did for the first 15 gms and he broke through the slump.
    Hope Lin will do it soon

  576. Whatever….

  577. I cant get mad on missed jumpshots, players go through slumps and unfortunately he’s going through one right now after starting the season red hot. It’ll come back.
    I do however want him to call for picks strictly with the intention on getting to rim and scoring himself! I dont care if Scott wants him to just get others involved, get your own Jeremy.

    Thats also how players get over slumps usually, by getting to the basket. He needs to do that. Rebel a little, what can he lose at this point.

  578. he is in a slump because he plays so little. as i said before. lin is terrible off the bench because he is a rhythm player

  579. Lin definitely needs to break through his shooting slump soon.
    Not sure what it will take to do so. Maybe winning will get him to relax and rediscover his shooting rhythm.

    I also like to see him drive to the rim 3-4 times before he starts shooting 3s

  580. At least refs called this foul unlike the Clippers game..

  581. his slump started after benching soo

  582. he needs to put up points. if he ends the year avg 6-7 pts, he’ll be forgotten next year. none of that extra hustle or help defense shows up in the stats.

  583. I shake my head too but for different reasons.

  584. I agree but I understand for him. The mentally roller coaster and the changing roles could effect him greatly.

  585. That is why he needs to learn how to stay in rhythm in this league if he wants to be a starter.

  586. I think two more games and his shooting will be back. Changing your place in rotation upsets a players rhythm. He will get use to the rotation and the ball goes in the basket.

  587. true.. it had to affect his confidence. Maybe he can learn from Boozer how to stay focused to tune out Byron

  588. lin wants his back

  589. Swaggy: “bench doing their job, starters got to pick up their so slack”

  590. That’s the Jeremy attitude..

  591. Llike his attitude!

  592. did he say that

  593. You know what, I love lin. but he has been there before and this should be very familiar with him.It happened in Houston. lin needs to get focused and play his game no matter what.

  594. Like his attitude. Stay positive keep fighting

  595. Ironically, Ronnie didnt guard Collison at all either lolz

  596. Good of Lin to wear that shirt.

  597. He’s been doing that all his life. Nothing new 🙂

  598. Said it jokingly but really meant it.

  599. no he is a rhythm player the long 10 minutes playing time after sitting for long period is effecting him. his confidence is there

  600. You see that is the point I am trying to make. Starters in this league have to be confident about their game no matter what. I don’t think it has to do with his confidence,it has more to do with lin pouting when things don’t go his way. His mother said that when he didn’t get his way he would beat his head against the wall until he got his way.

  601. Did Lin have post game interview?

  602. I think he played hard and focused today but he’s a lone whenever he wanted to drive to the basket. The offense seemed very clear for him as seen play after play after play. When Kobe was on the floor with him, he fed the ball the Boozer then screened to free Kobe to get the pass from Boozer or find Boozer or N Young and the ball never gone back to him. Yes unfortunately he missed couple wide open 3s.

  603. You see just as he called out Kobe for not getting back on the play defensively, he needs to call them out for ball hogging

  604. I wished he could but the last thing he would want to do is to make more enemy for himself especially he’s just lost his starting job. This is the coach and his staffs responsibility to set the identity and the agenda of the team. It’s a total chaos and confusion internally now I think.

  605. and defense!

  606. Lin forced the Kings to play Collison long minutes.

  607. This gonna be a long season for Lin and fans, Price was in doubt about his new starting role but still there’s a long shot for Lin to get his old job back as now Kobe will be the new man taking over crunch time.

  608. Kobe did that since game 1 so nothing really surprised me at all. In Lakers, the last 3 min always Kobe in charge as PG.

  609. Ever since Jeremy mentioned that he actively plays video games and he even plays that right before game time to try to concentrate, I began to worry. I work with children, every time we notice children cannot concentrate, the parents confirm 100 % they interact with video games or watch too much TV. A lot of research articles are written on this subject and doctors have been telling parents that. I remember one of the earlier Jeremy videos covering what he did on the game day, he practiced in the morning and in the afternoon he played a little piano/keyboard and had quiet time reading Bible before taking a nap. I really think gaining strength and peace from God is the right focus, rather than occupying by video games and social life right before game time. This has been in my heart to let him know to get away from video games, at least for a little while. But do not know where to send the note to.

  610. Not when Ellington is the shooting guard and Lin and Price were both on the bench.

  611. unless they play team shooting terribly the whole game. they can’t have the starters shoot like they did today. spurs up next. with the starters it will be a long day

  612. they won because kings missed a lot . only team who miss more then them

  613. It’s good enough for BS to justify his stupid moves.

  614. I know what you tried to say.. Haha! I really think Lin sometimes it’s too stubborn. I believe if he can have a little bit like CP in deal w issue he has …..then he probably will go more smoothly in NBA. Never really like CP, but I think he finally made it in Mav’s 1st unit now. Hope to see Lin soon.

  615. Totally agree.. Like I said he needs to play his game no matter what system or ISO player next to him.. too bad, he still not there yet..

  616. This bench, with the exception of Davis, is BETTER than the starting line-up. Obviously would be better with a line-up that included a healthy Randle, Henry and Kelly. But it is what it is.

  617. Bc both Lin & Price shooting bad & what Scott wanted it’s points so he used Ellington instead.

  618. Notice how kobe is the hero. He won this game all buy himself. I am so sick of this laker political games…smh

  619. I actually noticed interesting dynamics of Lin and Boozer seeking out Kobe more initially, then later Kobe tried to find Boozer/Lin more.

    If Kobe is happy and Lin continues with his strong D plus back scoring, Lin might be back to start in 10 games.
    Price simply isn’t good enough to free up Kobe to score. And Kobe likes his points

  620. That’s what he wants… I guess maybe he is really in bad shape for his body so he just wants to take this now..?!

  621. yes, Lakers only won because Kings missed horribly.
    Tired legs, I’m sure on B2B


  623. Just for the record. Lakers didn’t actually win this game.
    Kings missed more than Lakers esp. down the stretch.

    24-37 FT (65%) is horrible for the Kings. 13 missed FTs in a 3pt loss is a lot.
    Lakers didn’t fare too well either at 17-25 (68%)

    But anyway, a win is good for team spirits so hopefully Lin relaxes more and rediscover his shooting rhythm.
    Great overall D by Lin to force a lot of TOs (6?)

  624. but hey, didn’t you say LAL would be Sac? Good call if true.

  625. So is this for real? Kobe is going to retired in 2016?!


  626. seeing his petulant face during the game … man, I don’t even get to use that word with the kiddies often.

  627. Seems like the FO wants to force it at least.

  628. I’m not sure I called anything :]

  629. That’s how I feel… Finally! Great!

  630. His attitude is different than when he got unfairly demoted in Houston. I’m hoping it’s because the front office (Jeanie maybe?) talked to him about it. Also we see that they seem to be forcing Kobe to retire in 2016.

  631. His smiled like a kid in front of a candy house 🙂

  632. batters have slumps too. As they say, gotta shoot out of it under pressure. Look at swaggy … he came back hot, got into a slump, and keeps chucking it up. I like Nick, not sure I would rely on him but he’s fun.

  633. hm, I’m not sure about pouting.
    From his body language during the last post-game interview, he sounded more distant/lost than discontent enough to start pouting to get his ways.

    If he’s pouting, I don’t think he’d have played defense that hard, taking charge, etc. I can tell he tried to impress Byron with his D while trying to facilitate just like what Byron asked him to do.

  634. that might be true, and I was there disappointed at his missed open looks tonight. However, I did see 3 guys collapse on him when he beet the perimeter, and I saw only one play set up for him (I think his first missed 3 from the left elbow). On the other hand, it was clear the team was very happy with his role, which is to take it safely past half court, call the play, and get it started. It’s just that this team does not kick out … they try to press it themselves, or they go … ok, I can’t make this so get it to Kobe. Lin just has to stand way back on the corner and start D. It’s like a 4 person offense with one try, then to Kobe for a 1 person offense.

    In that offense, Joyce, it’s very hard to play or shoot out of a slump. He will, though, he will.

  635. won’t matter, he won’t be in LA in 2016

  636. Who is He? Lin?

  637. Ouch, another slap in the face to poor Wiggins lol

  638. yes

  639. There’s no way that Kobe will play 82 games this year. Given his age, past injuries, and minutes.

    In the games that Kobe doesn’t play, I hope that Lin takes over and has some Linsanity games!

  640. This bench an beat the Lakers starters any day!

  641. Well if Nick Young can be happy just getting his stats from the bench and staying away form Kobe the ball hog chucker, why can’t Lin? Make the best out of the situation.

  642. Nick’s full of confidence in himself and not afraid of chucking up shot, 12-15 should be the average for great shooters so long as players don’t chuck 20-30 such as Kobe and Harden. Nick took 13 field goal attempts and that’s very reasonable!

  643. No, his slump started after Kobe said he’ll be PG since 6 games ago!

  644. That’s is an issue, he need to learn how to shoot whenever he’s on the court. How is he suppose to shoot out of a slump without on 5 shots he should really take note of what Nick Young does, continuing shooting even when he misses!

  645. Boozer is cool and fun teammate, but his game not so much probably due to his age.

  646. BS knows that defense crap is just an excuse to bench the Asian Guy!

  647. Lol yah Bulls paid so much not to play him like this man is a reject

  648. Yes, I’m enjoying his shots. The 3rd game he was back, he was really having a hard time.

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