Game 22 Atlanta Hawks vs Charlotte Hornets: JLin is Listed as Questionable

The Atlanta Hawks had their first winning streak of the year after winning against Miami Heat on the road who missed Goran Dragic and Tyler Johnson. But Jeremy Lin (7 points, 2 assists, 5 rebounds in 19 minutes) might have sprained his ankle in the 3rd quarter so he is listed as questionable for the Hornets game

@Click  posted video clip showing when it happened in the third quarter. Jeremy seems to be OK. He played after this ankle sprain with more minutes in the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Jeremy Lin’s impressive circus Assist received NBA Top Assist of the day Nov 27 and also number 9 of Top 10: “Jeremy Lin wraps pass around his head”


  1. First?

  2. Second?

  3. 3rd question.

  4. 4th is the best 😊

  5. 4th is the best? 😊

  6. I hope Lin takes his time to fully heal the sprain (1-3 games) so it won’t be a chronic injury throughout the season. His health is still the most critical asset in order to get a good NBA contract next season.

    On the plus side, the Hawks can appreciate how much Lin means to the team by missing him a bit

  7. Suns just released Isaiah Canaan even when he started 15 out of 20 games. Possibly making room for a new PG? 🤔

  8. 🤔🤔Suns planning to make room for a new PG? Fultz, Wall, or @JLin7?
    Per 8/31 source, Suns was interested in Jeremy Lin

  9. Hawks: Show me the pick.

  10. good … trade rumors happening lol. ankle sprains are usually no biggie. he may miss this game because its a back to back

  11. Let Baz run the bench.
    The bench played well in Q2 but horrible in Q4.
    I want to see how much the bench miss Jeremy.

  12. i wanna see that as well. i hope they do ok so hawks trade lin

  13. The owner appears to finally be tired of losing, last month:
    “After firing GM, acquiring point guard is ‘at top of list’ for Suns owner Sarver”
    So regardless of how good or bad they are, the owner wants a real point guard

    I would love JLIN to go there and turn around the Suns season and make a playoff run.

  14. Is he not playing tonight for sure??

  15. Looks like Lin is being linked to another NBA team which is good news.

    Phoenix Suns is not my first choice bu if he can help improve them, Lin can set himself up for a nice pay check.

  16. Making a playoff run in a strong western conference would be hard but if Lin can improve them, I’m sure they would bring him back.

    I wonder what the Hawks would accept to let Lin go…If they won’t play Lin 20 minute per game, let him go to a team that would actually use him.

  17. The desire to win is a healthy dose for the spirit. Tanking is bad even for those who like it.

  18. They don’t want to lose Lin for nothing. And they have the perfect tanking star already—even if there is no audience, they still have revenue sharing from the league.

  19. Lin will not play tonight.

  20. Owner probably will go for one of those big name PG’s. John Wall? Even though he is playing really @#%!.

  21. I low-key hoped he would play since the game is in Charlotte but I’m cool with him resting his ankle.

  22. Guess I’ll be taking the night off too. Jlin should also rest the next two games against OKC and GSW. Goal is to stay healthy this year and get in position for contract year. Goal for ATL is to tank so I say win-win! Strange that PHX let go Canaan, a PG. If I’m PHX I go after a Dinwiddie, playing well and he could be great complement to Booker. Don’t like PHX for JLin except for weather and training staff. FO in disarray.

  23. If Tony Parker who sat out the earlier game plays tonight – there is no chance that Hawks bench bails out the team tonight.

    Tonight will be a Blowout by 3rd quarter – it’s like a catch-22 situation:

    – If JLIN plays then the bench bails out the starters woeful performance repeatedly but then gets to sit in Q3 & Q4

    – If JLIN does NOT play then this equals blowout which means, the bench players will get many minutes of play time

  24. Hire MDA back and sign Lin then!

  25. Lin x ADavis would be so deadly if it’s allowed. Sure but is it a starting gig? Not like Lin has a choice. Depends who can part with the most assets for him.

  26. 2nd half of the season, so if it’s bad Lin can choose another team.

  27. batum’s handle…

  28. Definetly not a starting gig. Jrue Holiday is their PG

  29. Hornets playing like they’re in mud. Kemba is having a terrible game so far.

    Without Lin, Vince finally gets to play. Vince and Justin Anderson are getting minutes they normally don’t, and Bembry is running the bench offense… but to be fair, they’re running mostly a motion offense and no pick n roll like they usually do with Lin and Len.

  30. Holiday wants to play off the ball, where he’s best utilized. He even said he wants to play off-ball… “GET ME OFF THE BALL, PUT ANTHONY (DAVIS) ON POINT GUARD.”

    Pelicans need a good PG to play with Holiday. They all understand that he can’t and shouldn’t be the only ball handler on the team.

  31. Interesting thing is, none of the Fox Sports crew nor Bob Rathbun and Dominique mentioned Lin is out. It’s almost as if they’re trying to ignore and hide the fact Lin got injured last night. Looks like they don’t want to scare off potential trade partners.

  32. LOL..You might have a point…Could it be why they’ve been so complimentary of Lin too.

    Also, could it be that Lin could had played but after receiving a call from the Phoenix Suns, they’ve decided not to risk Lin so that he can be traded soon.

  33. Who knows what’s really going on, but things are a bit strange regarding Lin’s injury. Went from ‘questionable’ to ‘out.’ in a few hours. Even though Lin was hobbling pretty bad last night, the ankle sprain didn’t look that bad and he was able to play the rest of the game (albeit, poorly).

  34. The Hawks bench allowed Hornets to come back into the game and the starters let the lead slip even more. They’re definitely missing Lin’s production, defense, and leadership out there tonight.

  35. Let’s hope for a trade…I’ve been checking out the Suns reddit and a months ago, they had a post suggesting Lin and it sounded like they were all for it and that was when Lin wasn’t really playing that well.

    I’m all for a trade to the Suns, even if they don’t make the playoff, if Lin can average 15/6, he’ll get paid this summer.

  36. Suns are desperate for a PG. Even their owner publicly said so. They want ANY competent PG, but Lin would obviously be one of the best available without having to send too many assets to acquire.

    I just don’t want Lin in Phoenix. They’re a terrible team and will still be bad with Lin. While Lin would get starter playtime, he’d still have to feed Booker and Ayton the majority of the time. I don’t like Lin playing with ballhogs and Booker is one of the worst ballhogs in the league (mainly because nobody else on the Suns can create or score).

  37. That’s OK as long as that is all that it is. I can see PHX deciding to strike first before NO and PHilly because they are desperate. However PHX has the least chance of making the playoffs and even if they did will not go far, so except for the weather PHX is not a good destination for JLin. Speculate that ATL will hold out for Fultz (big gamble). But JLin has no choice, so be it. Stranger things have happened.

  38. They finally mentioned Lin! Around 2:16 in the 2nd quarter, Dominique said “they’re missing Jeremy Lin off the bench for his energy.” Or something like that. Not a perfect quote but close to it. Didn’t bother recording tonight’s game.

  39. 1st half over. Trae is playing decently, very aggressive and focused. Still chucking, but making some of his chucks. Huerter is playing the best out of any Hawk tonight so far. Baze and Bembry are awful. The bench looks lost out there without Lin. Asking too much of Bembry to replace Lin. Pierce also benched Len completely without Lin out there to feed him and play with him.

    Hornets started the game terrible, but eventually woke up in the 2nd Q. Kemba sucks tonight so far. Not sure why he’s playing so poorly because he could easily dominate Trae and Bembry. He even missed half of his free throws (4 for 8) and bricking all over the place. Maybe Hawks have figured out how to contain Kemba, even without Lin.

  40. No Lin no Len, they can’t afford to win 2 in a row lol

  41. hm, if Len also hasn’t played at all, maybe Lin/Len is a trade package deal lol

  42. Is Len hurt?…If not, maybe Len could be traded too.

  43. Nobody defending Parker at all – JLIN would have neutralized him

    Hawks in this game early by 3s; now cold from and the blowout has cometh

  44. Hornets getting owned in the 3rd again. No Lin to stop the bleeding. No defense in the paint, Hornets just waltzing right in so easily.

  45. Crazy he doesnt want to be a PG he is averaging a double double for the season. But yeah when rondo was there he was off ball mostly. We’ll see if they pick up Lin. hope they do

  46. hawks

  47. Well they held up in the 3rd this time it’s the 4th

  48. They’ve become a good combo together. Len trusts Lin and Lin feeds him whenever possible.

  49. It started going downhill in the 3rd, but yeah, 4th is getting worse.

  50. no news of Len being hurt, Daniel Hamilton was listed as inactive

    According to Chouinard, could be the back-to-back or Hornets liking small lineup. But trade potential could be interesting

  51. Appropriate game for JLIN to sit-out.

    Hawks shot well early and likely JLIN would have created a lead for the team — that means again JLIN would not have played much in the 2nd half anyway as Trae gets the minutes to try to get the glory

  52. Some information about Len being out

  53. Bembry is clueless sometimes gosh

  54. That’s a bunch of shots combined between these two volume shooters

  55. And Lloyd Pierce finally gives up – conceded white flag

  56. LOL Kemba still out there trying to pad his stats even though the game is pretty much over. Airballed a 3.

  57. No Lin no win.
    Hope not every game is going to be like a blowout lose tonight after Lin is gone.

  58. Good to see Peachtree Hoops finally seeing and telling the truth.

  59. Sure glad that the bench is what it is w/o Lin. Hehe

  60. Wish Lin well.
    Baz’s really slumping.

  61. this game was good to showcase lins value and he didnt even play. trade lin please. trey gets too play with no chatter. plz trade lin

  62. Anyone know why Lin was out?

  63. “they’re missing Jeremy Lin o̶f̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶e̶n̶c̶h̶ for his energy.” FIF DOM

  64. Article on Bleacher Report on possible trades. Mostly centered around Fultz. Not one of the 5 possible trades mentioned Jlin. Much of the trade talk was centered around ending contracts, salary caps, matching salaries. etc., lot of detail work we do not take into consideration here on this Jlin website. Still interesting not one mention of Jlin, kind of treat him like second tier. Oh well, that’s what comes from being on a tanking team, nobody takes you seriously.

  65. where have you been tee? hehe sprain ankle we think

  66. Could be suspicion-making. On the other hand, from a rehab standpoint playing with a slight ankle injury inevitably puts some extra compensating strain on other muscle groups. Better to sit him out than slow his great progress by playing since they don’t want him to give winning effort anyway.

  67. luka doing well.

  68. Lloyd Pierce also said : “We missed Jeremy a lot.”

  69. Lol must have missed this

  70. Hawks could’ve been intent playoff team with Doncic. How did this GM ever create the super team of GSW? Seems like all he’s doing is finding lookalikes of Curry and Thompson instead of drafting the best player. Doncic being 19 looked like a seasoned star already.

    Ironic how Doncic is developing into the Curry, Hawks wanted so badly. They will never go anywhere with Trae.

  71. PSH.. Lip service

  72. lol…but its good to hear that, especially when its reported in the media

  73. Rising Fake star vs fake star both had fun stat padding. Sure hope Hornets misses playoff once again. A FO who props up a fake star by allowing him to take 30 shots for 30 pts deserves to never make the playoffs again.

  74. What’s that supposed to mean? Trade brewing?

  75. trade him plz

  76. Thx. Have fun, Jeremy.
    Be together and play as a team.

  77. Come to see Jeremy.
    They have lots of seats.

  78. What efficiency!

  79. W/o JLin he will be clueless all the time.

  80. They should have drafted Luka Doncic and kept Alex Len.

  81. This will be perfect for JLin.
    PnR with Anthony! Ah.

  82. Everyone is kicking themselves for not drafting Luka now. Hindsight 20/20. Mavs have always had a good scouting team and that’s why they traded away their 1st round pick next year just to move up and trade Hawks for Luka. Fans and critics bash and blame the Hawks / Schlenk for giving up Luka, but they forget that Suns and Kings also passed up on Luka first.

    Mavs’ scouts knew Lin was going to be good and that’s why they they gave Lin a chance on their Summer League team. They were still interested in Lin even after Linsanity, but DeAndre Jordan messed everything up. Plus, Mark Cuban is a _____ (curse word). He probably didn’t believe in Lin when his scouts and coaches wanted Lin there.

  83. they know that they cannot hide it anymore and they feel the effect even when they want to tank..LOL

  84. Did the the coach really need to add “backup” point guard in there? Another Point Guard would’ve be fine.

  85. Technically it was the reporter who purposely asked the question haha I like the Hawks media they don’t hide their praises or support for Lin.

  86. High chance of being awarded Rookie of the Year!

  87. so the reporter brought Lin ‘s name into the conversation?…That’s very different as oppose to LP bringing up Lin’s name on his own.

    I don’t think LP think much of Lin and you could tell he’s trying his best to be diplomatic but he simply not a fan of Lin..His opinion of Lin as a player is no better than Byron Scott. That’s my own opinion watching him answering Lin questions.

  88. Mavs have always had a good scouting team and that’s why they signed Chandler Parson. LOL

  89. i think LP’s comments were worded to impress upon everybody that JLIN is a Back up as per media and fans sentiments that JLIN needs to start ahead of trae, otherwise, he knew that he needs to just say PG without the “backup” because of respect. LP is no ignorant to say he has no capability to discern things in a proper perspective but right now chose the right words to let the whole league they see Lin only as a backup.

  90. He is just a rookie coach. He is the main reason that Trae Young is the worst PG in the league shooting at such pathetic %. He is just an assistant coach being pushed to the head coach position because Schlenk couldn’t find anyone that will follow his rebuilding w/o question.

    Once Schlenk find a championship calibre coach that will follow his rebuilding, he would be fired.

    So far, he failed in all the games he coached as head coach. I often suspect that black coaches have a hidden agenda against Lin.

    Losing is the worst way to develop young players.

  91. Agreed. I hope Lin agent is active in letting the Hawks know they would prefer a trade instead of staying and mentoring their youths.

    The Hawks know it’s highly unlikely they would be able to get a back-up PG as good as Lin in a trade + they want to be somewhat competitive while tanking. So keeping Lin the whole year could still be their goal.

    We have to hope that they would be so much interest in Lin that the media will somewhat force the Hawks to trade Lin.

  92. Kwok Wai Lai, I fully agree with you that Lin improvement has been in-spite of the coach, not because of him. LP should not get any credit for Lin shooting% and high scoring on low minutes.

    In fact, the way LP was playing Lin didn’t allow for no rhythm thus making it even tougher for Lin to improve. You’d think he was purposely working against Lin to build the narrative that Trae Young has to play so much minutes because Lin is horrible.

    But Lin persevere through it and got it done even with the coach doing everything to keep him from catching fire.

    This is why we have to get Lin so much credit and respect…Even now, LP won’t guaranty Lin 20-25 minute despite him being the best scorer/shooter per minutes.

    I hope Lin agent Let Schleng know they would like a trade.

  93. My question is who should prepare the players for the game?

  94. It doesn’t take any intelligence to draft the MVP of Euroleague.
    It takes more gut to leave him for other choices.

  95. It will end the same way as it is now.

  96. They only won those 2 games by 1 point and 2 points.

  97. Hornets has just had a tough game against the Bucks that they won by 3 points.

  98. The owner wants to sell tickets of home games.

  99. Not necessarily! Those PGs costs a lot of money and will eat up cap space significantly.

  100. Fultz won’t help the team right away.
    John Wall could help the team right away but he’s very very expensive and his contract probably includes a bonus of trading him. How is he going to play with Booker?
    Jeremy will have no problem of playing with anyone though

  101. unless….. LP deliberately doing things the way we see it .

  102. we can give ALL credit to LP by all means of their tanking mode, but he has no part in the way JLIN’s comeback.

  103. Those tickets sales are changes to those riches. Besides, those revenues are shared by the league.

  104. Schlenk gave up the chance of acquiring a protected first round draft choice for Lin. I suppose he would request this as compensation for trading Lin. He may just get what he wish for after Lin’s phenomenal performance in November.

  105. The funny thing is he doesn’t even have the ability to be a backup player in NBA. Nobody wanted him and he was undrafted and had never been signed as an NBA player. He was just a college teammate of Steve Nash.

    How on earth that he could be given a chance as a coach?

  106. Post-Game Humor:

    “Don’t be surprised if Kobe doesn’t get himself next to Lin for a few Instagram shots. Holding a Rockets
    jersey. Wearing an “I heart China” headband. Black Mamba knows where the money’s at.”

  107. Last night, I watched the Hornets broadcast feed and in the 3rd Quarter Dell Curry (CHA color commentator and Steph’s dad) for almost 3 straight minutes called Trae out for taking a huge number of 3s attempts beyond 30 feet
    – Dell started by saying why do they even keep a statistic like beyond 30ft Three Point Attempts
    – Then he started ridiculing Trae non-stop repeating that Trae was something like 8 of 39 attempts
    – Dell then says, only a few players in the NBA who should have the green-light and ALL of them are proven All-Stars
    – Other commentor presses Dell for names and Dell gives some familiar names including son, Steph Curry
    – Asked about whether, in his day he could take 30 footers, Dell says it wasn’t needed back then.

    It was an amazing diatribe, and reminds me of that recent article about badmouthing NBA stars/wannabe stars

  108. “I often suspect that black coaches have a hidden agenda against Lin.”

    True, empirically speaking we haven’t had the best of outcomes…Woodson, Byron Scott, Pierce.

    It’s fair to have critical nitpicks with Kenny, MDA and Clifford but they all on balance treated JLIN at least fairly considering each individual circumstance.

  109. Frankly my take is Lloyd Pierce was very complimentary toward JLIN in this clip… Pierce has never said such nice things about JLIN and his importance.

    I’m not gonna get caught up on the word “backup”, what LP wanted to emphasize was every great thing they’ve come to expect from JLIN and how it was indeed missing when JLIN does not play

  110. Not sure this has been posted yet from the major Atlanta Newspaper:

    Tryin’ for Zion: The juxtaposition of some Hawks fans hoping for losses

    in a nutshell the goal of the Atlanta Hawks and their real diehard fans support every tank loss they can muster

  111. Only the opposition tells the truth because they are paid to beat you, to disagree with you and to prove you wrong. The opposition doesn’t care to praise you.

  112. Even Steph and Durant don’t take that shot when they are not hot or unless the shot clock is running out. For Trae to shoot them whenever he likes plus the coach giving him a free rein is just crazy.

  113. He is currently listed as number 1 and Trae Young number 7th.

  114. A slip of the tongue to show exactly how the coach views Jlin. Tanks a lot coach.

  115. Those that can, do, those that can’t, teach (coach). And vice versa it would seem i.e. Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan et many al

  116. Not good coaching by letting players develop bad habits.

  117. In response to the Pelicans article on JLin helping Jrue Holiday to “get off the ball”, PeachTree Hoops editor sees a lot of positives for Atlanta to move Lin. There are teams who need his services throughout the league and his contract expires after this year for teams who want to keep their cap space open.

  118. The New Orleans Pelicans say guard Elfrid Payton is scheduled for surgery to repair a fractured finger on his left hand and that his recovery is expected to take about six weeks

  119. plzzzzz happen

  120. How many weeks does Payton have left to go since he’s been out for like a couple week?

    If he still has 6 weeks to go, the Pelicans shouldn’t wait for him but not sure what can they offer the Hawks. Would they take Frazier and a couple 2rd round picks?

    My sense is the Hawks are in no hurry to trade Lin and will probably wait until the last minute before trading deadline where 1 team might get so desperate that they would give up their late first round pick.


    (LOL, could Pelicans somehow absorb the expiring contracts of JLin, DeMarre Carroll, and Rhondae Hollis-Jefferson, because Carroll, at least last season, appeared able to defend Lebron at least as well as can be expected, and was clutch for the Nets, too. Lin and RHJ formed a great defensive tandem in Q4 season prior to that)

  122. This is what a shot selection is about. If time running out, for sure you can go for a 3 beyond 30 feet, BUT NOT WHEN YOU JUST BRING THE BALL UP AND JACK A 30 FEET 3PTS SHOT WITH 18 SECOND LEFT IN THE SHOT CLOCK!!!

    And this is on the coach instead of Trae which LP should really have talk to Trae and EVERYONE before the season even started!

    It is funny as I remember when I was complaining about Trae 3pts shot selections, a Lin fan here told me that ” that was within Trae’s range and he has been proven in college. Smh.

  123. OMG Dell! Couldn’t agreed more!!!

  124. Please do. Hawks have no future with Lloyd Pierce as a coach. If you look at how Luka Doncic play under Coach Rick Carlisle, you can tell right away that it is not about who have more talent but instead who is playing the right way with the right attitude. You will never get that under Lloyd Pierce.

  125. He didn’t use Lin much as PG anyway, to LP his backup PG is Bembry. Smh.

  126. That would be interesting for the NO roster to get Jlin, RHJ and Carrol. I just looked at the NO roster and don’t know anything about those players. But these 3 would give a great defensive boost to NO with AD in the middle. Don’t know what ATL could get back for Jlin though. I expect ATL will be patient and wait for developments since they are tanking and no hurry. I think it is also best for Jlin to stay put in ATL for further rehab rather than to be put into a situation where all of a sudden the pressure will be there to play more minutes and win increasing the strain on his body. Deadline trade is soon enough

  127. Jarrett Jack bad mouthed Jlin’s BKLN contract. No player should every criticize another players contract. Extremely low class. Lowest of the low

  128. Had ever a black coach thought high or been fair to Lin? NO.

    Please check the race of HC of Pelicans.

    Not racism here. Just stating the facts.

  129. agreed but of the black coaches out there, gentry might be the fairest of them all since he was under the tutelage of MDA. and the pelicans are trying to win. Lin can help any team that’s trying to win regardless of coach.

  130. And if any Lin fans must continue to play the race card ( ), might it at least be more accurate to complain about white general managers, rather than African American head coaches?

    (Lin trade to the Pelicans, like Lin trade to Suns, or Lin trade to Magic, will ultimately depend upon the egos of individual superstars like Anthony Davis, Devin Booker, and Nikola Vukovic. Do they want to win, above all else, like Kawhi, or are personal agendas more important to them than collective team success?)

  131. Race card? Pleeease.

    Are you trying to tell me Lin deserved the mistreatment in NBA?

    Lin never had a black GM. Are you trying to say Lin would have gotten fairer treatment if he had black GM???

    Please talk facts only.

  132. I can only name one black coach being fair to Lin; his college coach.

  133. Trae Young Has The Freedom To Chuck These Stupid-Fun Three-Pointers From The Logo

  134. The only coaches fair to Lin were D’Antoni and Kenny. But D’Antoni had no choice because of injuries. And Kenny had success with Lin in NY. I think the only coach who would be fair to Lin is Carlisle

  135. I have pointed it out ever since the beginning of the season. However it is on LP, not Trae.

  136. Agreed with D’Antoni. Not so sure about Kenny. Remember the BS that he wants Lin to be more like a PG and yet he gave all the freedom to D’angelo Russell

  137. On LP. I agree

  138. Agreed

  139. Yeah but that’s probably Marks pulling the strings behind the scenes

  140. I guess a protected first round pick is the minimum.

  141. Tanking stars are cheap and self-reproducing—-next season they will be in the front to draft another one to pad and sell to the audience.

  142. I’d throw McHale into that heap of coaches. I wonder if it is a cultural difference that makes those coaches view Lin as being soft or indecisive.

  143. Absolutely brutal, but think we all noticed. No correction at all.

  144. Oh please Kenny was hardly fair, he pushed his own solo motion offense agenda and sacrificed Lin’s PnR game while allowing anyone to initiate offense as PG. Result is Lin straining himself and working twice as hard for his stats and to carry the team.

  145. Yes but Kenny had to agree with it. Even as a tanking coach, Pierce is smarter than KA when he wants to win.

  146. it’s on Schlenk. i’m sure LP wants to yank Trae every chance he gets but he’d be fired if he doesn’t do as his boss the GM says. no coach wants to rack up losts on their record

  147. Wow, Raptors vs. Warriors is crazy right now.

  148. Kind of related to ATL and Jlin is the story about the rift between coach Dave Joerger and the Sacto FO about the lack of playing time for draftee Marvin Bagley. The story was leaked that the FO was not happy that Bagley was not playing more. Joerger suspected the leak came from asst GM and requested he not be allowed at the shoot around. After a meeting with the coach and FO and owner, nothing was resolved, the asst GM thought to be the leak was not punished. I am glad we do not see that conflict with ATL on the idea of tanking. Coach Pierce and the FO are obviously on the same page. Peace exists in the ATL family while conflict reigns in Sacto. Tank you very much ATL. BTW, Sacto is surprisingly everybody with their good [play this year, including an absolute drubbing of ATL.

  149. Lin’s DOTA2 E-Sports ‘J.Storm’ team makes it to the majors…

  150. funny (but with a dose of truth) response 🙂

  151. nice!

  152. Hey welcome back!!!!!

  153. Its totally unfair to generalize based on race….but as @Dinoneseus:disqus mentioned below, it could be culture, or any other things, in JL case, he had both white and black coaches…both had shown for whatever reason, they were not found of JL’s capability

    End of the day, we are all humans, as human, we are biased

  154. Harvard’s coach, Tommy Amaker, totally believed in Lin. Judge people as individuals.

  155. Is this a sign lin gets trade to the Raptors? LOL I know i went too far. Can’t wait for a trade. 😅😙

  156. Good to be back.

  157. Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel prize for his ideas on “Thinking fast and slow”.

    While it’s easier to make a fast decision than slow. An athlete must perform as fast as possible at the same time as well as being the right decision. The ones that can do that will be the closest to the “zone”, a state where the mind does not interfere at all. It must be instinct.

    Therein lies the challenge for a player like Lin. The reason why his teams always improve is because he’s made a career out of making his team work as a team. His own hightschool coach said that you can’t judge Jeremy’s game until you see him play in a game. Lin’s instinct has been developed to be inclusive on the court.

    When we see Lin play indecisive, it’s because he’s had to think about what he wants to do. That always happens when he has not yet developed chemistry with new teammates.

    Good fast thinking must come from habit ingrained by practice. If anyone saw Dlo make a blind pass to no one in the last second of the game, that was a case of bad instinct. Dlo gave up possession when he could’ve just held on for a few more seconds to win the game but instead threw a careless blind pass to lose the game.

  158. Somehow missed Kahneman…thanks to you just ordered it. It’ll be a great followup to my recent faves “The Genius of Birds”, and “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” Both about evolutionary brain development. Now on to how our particular species uses, or as so often seems to happen, doesn’t use ours. Always enjoy your posts.

  159. Watched the end of the GSW-Toronto game after click mentioned it. Great game. Hard to say if Toronto wins it with Curry and Green though. Stayed to watch Sacto-Clippers. haven’t watched NBA game for a long time, though I have been critical of NBA so it was a good experience, this game in particular because it represented two teams who took two different routes to improve. Sacto went into “rebuild” mode, code for tanking to get draft picks. As a result they have a very young, highly skilled team. Recent controversy has coach Joerger in conflict with FO. FO wants to play their #1 Bagley (who got hurt last night) and Joerger wants to bring him along, use him proper i.e. to win, not tank. Don’t know if the goal of Sacto is to continue to tank for more draft picks or not but Joerger had the team playing to win. Enjoyable to watch a young talented team try to win. They looked very well coached, but against the vet Clippers you could tell the difference in experience as the Clippers knew how to win while Sacto is still learning. LA Clippers OTOH were a surprise. Bunch of familiar names and a #1 PG Gilgeous-Alexander starting but surrounded by vets.
    They looked really good! Fun to watch. LA took the non-tank route and built from pieces. Doc Rivers has shown that he really can coach as long as he doesn’t have any prima donna “stars” to cater to: Gone are Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and others. In their place are vets and some youth, playing together as a team. A joy to watch and while I don’t think they can beat GSW in 7 game series, they might if they can get another piece. Pat Beverly is still there as back-up as well as Teodisic but I would absolutely love to see Jlin in LA (on the West Coast where he belongs) with this vet team. He maybe could put them over the top. Much better complement to the team since LA is trying to win. I would love to ATL follow the Sacto model and actually coach their young team to win instead of tank. At least it is fair to the fans, especially now that they still have 3 draft picks and a great PG to lead and teach them in Jlin. It will also show if LP can coach. I am impressed by both Joerger and Rivers. Joerger did a lot of good things in Memphis. The Asst. GM in Sacto who is leaking behind Joerger’s back should be made to shut up or be fired. Sacto has a great future, especially since they are trying to win rather than tank. Anyway, two routes to improve, but LA shows you don’t have to tank to do it. Build a real team, coach the hell out of them and give fans their money’s worth. ATL has a decent mix of young raw talent and some vets to temper them. they just need to try to win and give LP a chance to coach to win, something he hasn’t been able to do in 5-6 years? Maybe he forgot how.

  160. DeAndre Jordan is the other “star” who just left. While a team obviously needs talent, “star ball” is not the same. I hope Sacto rookie Bagley is not hurt bad. Sacto had a bunch of young, athletic and uninjured players (until Bagley). Too many injuries. Too many games. Need to go to50-60 games/season of high quality, competitive games like the GSW-Toronto. If they did I might become a fan again. Won’t happen though. Speaking of Toronto, while Lowery looked good, Jllin would give them a big boost as a back up PG.

  161. Kawhi vs Durant, though Durant scored more points I would pick Kawhi to build a team around. He is a beast of a player. Late in the game he demanded to guard Durant and it was epic.

  162. Speaking of SG-A, here’s an article about him and TY, in case you haven’t seen it:

  163. Thx PP, great article and what I saw, and an excellent description as to how LA and ATL are treating their rookies. The big elephant in the room though is LA is playing to win while ATL is not. I would like to see how TY would be used if playing to win. I think he would be different- and better. If SG-A gets Jlin’s brain he will be a great PG for LA for years to come.

  164. I’ll check those out, thanks.

    I’d also add the PBS documentary on bees. It was a great lesson for us as worker bees to gather honey, or in our case, info and let go of the ego of ownership. As humans, we need more of us to care without worrying about who gets credit.

  165. I don’t know if he tried to go back too fast or if he head a different type of tear, but he’s having issues. Maybe it’s the rehab, also.

  166. Hear hear! 🙂

  167. maybe..LOL..Lin giving props to a future teammate?

  168. he’s waiting telling the team he is now healing a minor injury…then its better to trade him while resting.

  169. Another ex Linsanity teammate, Tyson Chandler, playing with Lebron. JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Tyson Chandler. Not a coincidence.

  170. Lin gives props where it’s due. Though it won’t hurt if Kawhi say his tweet and vouched for him.

  171. Haha that reply is golden! Buyout means he can choose the team he wants for rest of the season. Trade means any team Hawks want for picks or waste a season on this tanking team with
    Limited minutes…

  172. Disagree, credit should be given where it’s due. Think of all the credit stealing in the corporate world. If one does well, they should receive the credit and not someone else. When it comes to one’s career there is no time for “selflessness” or you’d forever be in the background.

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