G22-G36 Brooklyn Nets 15-Game Stretch in Dec 2017 Offers Best Chance to Reach 0.500

The Nets record entering December 2017 is 8-13 which is not too bad considering the slew of injuries that have occurred to their top players such as Jeremy Lin, D’Angelo Russell in most games. Rondae-Hollis Jefferson, Alan Crabbe, Trevor Booker, and Jarrett Allen also did not play in some games due to injuries.

The Nets is ranked 12th in the Eastern Conference with 8-13 record so they would their work cut out for them if they still have hope to reach the eighth seed to qualify for a playoff spot.

There is a 15-game stretch in December for the Nets and only 6 are against possible playoff teams (Wizards, Knicks, Raptors, Spurs, Celtics) currently in the Top 8 of their conference. It might present the best opportunities for the Nets to climb back to 0.500 record. Their January schedule presents 12 out of 17 games against playoff teams.

Brooklyn Nets December 2017 Schedule

Sat, 2 Dec Atlanta Hawks 15:00
Mon, 4 Dec Atlanta Hawks 19:30
Thr, 7 Dec Oklahoma City Thunder 22:00
Sat, 9 Dec Miami Heat 18:00
Tue, 12 Dec Washington Wizards 19:30
Thr, 14 Dec New York Knicks 19:30
Fri, 15 Dec Raptors 19:30
Sun, 17 Dec Indiana Pacers 18:00
Wed, 20 Dec Sacramento Kings 19:30
Fri, 22 Dec Washington Wizards 19:30
Sat, 23 Dec Indiana Pacers 19:00
Tue, 26 Dec San Antonio Spurs 20:30
Wed, 27 Dec New Orleans Pelicans 20:00
Fri, 29 Dec Miami Heat 20:00
Sun, 31 Dec Boston Celtics 17:30

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  1. Despite all the hype about the superstars all going to the Western Conference. The East teams have been playing well. Who needs the ball-hogging superstars?

    The downside is. Looking at these standings, .500 might not get the Nets into the playoffs this year. Yikes!

    But yes, hopeful for December wins!

  2. Saturday afternoon games are tough to catch. Hope to watch replay later.
    Have fun Lin fans!

  3. Was just thinking if KA should have kept RHJ out of the game like KHuang maintains. Noted that Kilpatrick played well even though he only got 15 min playing time.

  4. I’m glad to hear that it was a collaborative decision to send Lin to Vancouver. I wholeheartedly agree this is going to be great for LIn. I hope Nash gets a chance to go visit LIn. After watching plenty of Nash’s videos training with Curry and Durant, I’m seeing the craftiness improve in the last several years with both players. Am I wrong on Nash really improving their games?

  5. I agree. A more crafty Lin is more effective than just a speedy Lin. Lin has some craftiness in his game, but transforming it to more craftiness expands his game.

  6. If Kenny Atkinson had looked at his last season games, he’d have realized that Ersan Ilyasova is too big and athletic for the wimpy RHJ to handle.

    As far as Booker goes, my guess for his sudden drop in production is a mild injury.

  7. A year off from the utter brutality of taking hits every game will help Lin, for sure.

    In my opinion, that alone is far more important than any training that Lin is currently doing.

    But when Lin retakes the NBA court and the illegal hits start piling up every single game, I don’t know if any fancy training regimen will prevent Lin from going down again.

  8. The situations are not comparable:

    Durant and Curry are not heavily guarded as Lin, they have better teammates that are NBA and not G league caliber, and they’re far more ref protected.

    Compared to Lin, they don’t absorb as many illegal hits and receive much more teammate help on both ends of the court.

  9. Trivia on JLin teammates. The 2013-2014 Toronto Raptors roster with connections to Lin: Quincy Acy, Landry Fields, Patrick Patterson, Tyler Hansbrough, Greivis Vasquez, and Steve Novak.

    Update on Steve Novak – he is now an analyst on Fox Sports Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Bucks. Good for him, and his family. To be back home, after all the moving around with changing teams.

  10. The Nets are already in Atlanta for tomorrow’s game:
    DeMarre Carroll stops by the GameTime studio to demonstrate how he guards some of the NBA’s star players:

  11. Since the Nets lost Saturday’s game, I did not bother watching the entire replay of the game. To catch up, I find it useful sometimes to go to the NBA Game Box Score and click on the videos that are linked to the game stats. (I’m sure this is not news to most of you.)

    For example, I clicked on DeMarre Carroll’s FGA, and his 3PA were mostly open shots, which he just missed. So, not bad shots. If he made a couple of those, it would have helped. But he could have passed to even more open teammates.

    Also clicked on Joe Harris’ assists. He made two beautiful passes to Jarrett Allen and Tyler Zeller, for 2 big dunks! Don’t know if they were drawn-up plays or not. But those kinds of ball and player movements are what I most enjoy watching.

    These Stat videos don’t show the flow of the game, but it’s still a way to see how each player’s contribution occurred.


  12. The loss to Atlanta on Saturday was disappointing. Another one of those, two-steps-forward, one-step-back games.

    The Nets are still very inconsistent. Still trying to gel. Weaknesses like free-throws and turnovers would be better one game, then bad another. Shot selections is still questionable. 3P% up and down.

    I used to think basketball is a simple game. Only five on five, playing on a small 94 ft long court. But, I guess it’s much more complicated. It really is hard to win. In order to win, and win enough to get into playoffs, so much has to go right.

    Obviously, must avoid injuries. The right players in the right system. Coaching decisions on line-ups and minutes. How refs call the games. How difficult is the schedule (back-to-backs, home vs away, travel from east coast to west and back). So many different factors.

    From game to game, it seems like the Nets have had opportunities to win more. But it’s hard to get everything clicking at the same time.

    So, for Lin’s sake, we are rooting for the Nets to win, and even to make the playoffs. But without a true game-changer, like Lin, expectations are probably too high.

  13. I like Harris, so I may be biased. But it seems like sometimes, he would get into a groove, make 2 or 3 three pointers, then Kenny would sit him for long periods before bringing him back. What’s up with that?

    With all the talk that the Nets’ performance team monitors bio-rhythms of the players, has it really helped them play better? Has it avoided any preventable injuries?

    This season, Kenny has started giving longer minutes to some players. To me, that’s a good thing.

    I know the trend is for players to rest. Yes, between games, they should rest. But during the game? Common sense might say, sitting a player for too longer could cause more injuries, not decrease them. I mean, isn’t that why players warm up before games, and before second half? So, why have them sit too long and cool off?

  14. I think Carroll, Levert, and Dinwiddie are still taking a bit too many 3 pointers. Yes, if they are hot that game, you go with the hot-hand. And Dinwiddie has made some beauties of 3 pointers. But they seem to be taking them even when not shooting well that game. Like in the Atlanta loss.

    Just because you are open, doesn’t mean you have to take them. Old saying: sometimes you are open for a reason.

    I still think they need to try harder to get Crabbe and Harris in positions of taking and making more 3 pointers.

    I’m new to posting. I know forums like Real GM have formats where you can go back and post on specific dedicated-topic threads, people can see the time stamps, and go check on the new comments.
    I remember JLinPortal tried that format in the beginning, but did not get positive feedback. So, went with this format of new threads, and people just post on the latest ones. The addition of the “recent comments” button helps, but still limited.
    The thing is, JLinPortal posters come from all different time zones. We all have busy lives, and can’t always just hang out here. So, it’s rarely posting at the same time, in a back-and-forth conversational way.
    So, like, if there were comments in older threads that I think are interesting. Or, if other posters were courteous enough to respond to my comments, which I would want to respond to. To find those comments are a pain. Have to remember which thread, then scroll through.
    Serious questions:
    How do you know if you’ve gotten replies to your posts?
    And, basically, is it a waste of time to post on older threads because people aren’t going to go back to look at them? Just move on to new topics in new threads?
    Thanks everybody.

  16. The reason Harris sits is because Atkinson is trying to develop his younger players.

    It’s not because of production – Harris has been the most consistently performing Net this season.

  17. Anytime a team chucks and bricks 3 pointers, it means that their offensive players are so physically untalented that they cannot get shots inside the 3 point line.

  18. Tyler Hansbrough is still a great player, albeit in China.

    Hansbrough did put up an easy 29 points against the Wizards this preseason.

  19. I’ve been thinking about why the Nets sent Lin to Fortius.

    Like most things, it’s probably a mixed bag of reasons why Lin was sent there.

    My immediate reaction was “Oh, they’re gonna TRADE LIN the instant he exercises his player option”.

    Lin needs to be healthy to be traded. Certainly the Nets feel that they already have replaced Lin with Russell and Crabbe and Dinwiddie, so the Nets are not looking at Lin as a future rotation player.

    To the Nets, Lin is a salary dump.

  20. The Nets aren’t “inconsistent”.

    They’re actually playing way over their heads.

    This is a team so untalented, they probably could not defeat the G League teams even with Russell and Crabbe and RHJ and Mozgov all healthy.

    The Nets have taken care of business by winning the winnable games against bad and injured teams. That’s actually excellent coaching given that the Nets don’t have a single player outside Lin who is truly NBA caliber.

  21. I think they play better than the sum of their parts.

  22. Generally, many dont reply on older threads, they become bygone.

    Whenever there is a reply to your message, you can view it on Disqus comments.

    As in the picture below, the number (2) beside my name indicates, I have 2 unread comments…hope that helps.

    Ya, I like forum format as wel.. But we tried couple of times in the past, and result was not encouraging, surprisingly…


  23. In his story about ex-Nets trainer, Bondy, son of my ex-Knicks beat writer pal @filipbondy questions how effective Nets high-tech Performance Team is if Lin, DLo are injured among others (more) https://t.co/6LESV1FL7D— Nathan Gottlieb (@zukovka) December 3, 2017


  24. As Mak said, the best way is to use Disqus Notifications to see replies to your comments so you can reply to them.

    As for the forum format with multiple threads, we still have it as an option by clicking on the ‘Forum Format’ so it shows the latest thread with the latest comments on the top (also the Sticky Threads)

    It’s supposed to be better since the discussion will be more focused but people are more used to post on the latest thread.

    For now, it’s good to focus on 2 threads (Dec game thread and JLin’s recovery thread). Let’s see if it will work out 🙂

  25. I think the #1 reason Nets agree to send Lin to Fortius is to look for ways to improve the Nets performance team. That’s why Coach Atkinson said they’re receiving daily update from Fortius so they might want to be actively participating in new methods to strengthen the whole body and economize movement to prevent future injuries.

    Having the Nets losing their Top 2 players in JLin and DLo is not a good sign for the Nets performance team.

    Brian Lewis article mentioned that Sean Marks and Coach Atkinson have close ties to Fortius so they have the buy-in to improve their Nets performance team. Otherwise, it’s basically a vote of no-confidence that Lin can’t get back to 100% by staying in Brooklyn.

    As for whether Lin will be traded in the 3rd year, the Nets do need Lin to be 100% healthy first to make him a viable trade asset. It might or might not happen. But Nets certainly want Lin to be 100% healthy next season.

  26. Duh – face-palm! So that’s what the red circle does!

    YES, THAT HELPS! That’s what I was looking for. And it even shows who gave upvotes!

    It’s too bad that older threads become bygones. I find many posters have very interesting and thoughtful comments, and deserve more discussion. IMO, the forum format supports that better. But, I guess that kind of reflects on who we are these days. Very busy, with too much going on, and so just moves on to the next thing.

    To be clear, I’m not complaining. I just wanted to understand, and then to fit in. 🙂


  27. DOUBLE DUH! Smacks forehead! There it is! For me, this display makes it easier to see the threads at a glance, and see where the latest posts are.

    But, you’re right, if users are just posting on the latest thread, then this display is not needed as much. Okay, now I know!

    Got it! Will follow the two threads for now. But I do like that there is the separate thread for JLin’s Rehab news and Vancouver news. Hope posters can keep that thread going, so that updated items don’t get lost!

    I have to say again. THANK YOU PSALM for the hard work in creating and maintaining this blog/forum! And for keeping the faith for JLin!

  28. I know you are Hansbrough’s biggest fan!

    I liked him too. Not sure why he can’t find a team here to sign him. Maybe because he’s a tweener. Not big enough for a 5, not quite a stretch 4. But he could hit 3’s (see this video)!

    I thought he was another good PNR big man, a la Ed Davis. In his limited minutes, he played well with JLin in Charlotte. (see video!)

    And every team needs a tough guy, an enforcer type. Plays hard and won’t back down. I thought the Nets could have used him, and gotten him for cheap. Too bad.

    Some memories of Psycho T with Hornets:

  29. If Lin stays in Brooklyn Nets facility, he would interact with the current players. Some fans want him to sit on the sideline every game. It can be distraction b/c Lin has no hope to coming back this season. Lin should not steal their spotlights and the medias will question his recovery all the time. And Lin team should prefer Cali to rehab and stay with his family.

    Going to a private facility in Canada is a good decision. It helps him away from the noise.

  30. I know a lot of fans thinks he doesn’t have great handles. I suppose it could be better, for one-on-one fancy dribbling attacks. But I don’t think Lin’s a showboat in that way. He’s broken a couple of ankles in his time. He has a pretty nice cross-over move.

    Love his driving-in fake-out, then stop short to drill a mid-range jumper. Also, his 360-spin turn-around shot. (video @ 1:28)

    IMO, he’s got a bigger repertoire of moves than fans, and non-fans, give him credit for.

    He just needs to use them more often, instead of driving into defenders to get killed. I know his goal is to draw fouls. But he doesn’t always get the calls! Good news is, he knows. And is trying to change.

  31. Is D’Angelo Russell at Fortius?

    I would imagine not.

  32. Even at their best, I don’t think the Nets with their full nonLin lineup could consistently defeat D League teams.

  33. It’s all about RACE.

    If Tyler Hansbrough had the exact same game but was black, people would be calling him the “second coming of Charles Barkley and Karl Malone,” both of whom Hansbrough was vastly superior to in college.

    The NBA has this fatally flawed opinion that Hansbrough is a slow unathletic white guy that can’t do anything.

    But in Hansbrough’s actual game results, he produces like an NBA All Star whenever give actual minutes. And he does it for different teams too against the very best competition.

    I feel that Tyler Hansbrough is the best power forward in the world, including the NBA. I’m going strictly by game results, not hype.

  34. From the AST number, looks like we had good rotations of balls and finding who is free

  35. Yes, even the rebounds are nicely distributed. And points shared all around too!
    Unfortunately, turnovers were also shared evenly. 🙁

  36. true…but looking at it as a whole, TO bound to happen, when ball distribution is high.

    Everyone shares and distributes the ball, mistakes bounds to happen.

  37. I agree that being in Canada, working with specialists, away from distractions, will allow Lin to focus.

    On the other hand, I have concerns about the mental aspects of being isolated, living in yet another new city (we all know how he hates to move). Really hope his family, and Josh Fan, will be nearby to support him throughout this time.

    Also, Kenny said the staff is in touch with Lin daily. However, I’m not sure being physically away from his teammates, for the entire season, is a good thing. I know there’s social media and all, which will help. But, don’t want him to lose his leadership position with the Nets!

  38. DLo hasn’t been injured as long as Lin as a Nets so the Nets performance team is still taking care of him.

    With Lin, I would suspect he initiated the request for Fortius recovery (perhaps after talking with Nash) because last season he has been injured multiple times but the Nets performance team didn’t really help Lin to prevent injuries for the 2nd and 3rd time.

    Perhaps Lin felt that the approach that the Nets performance team has did not really work well for his body.

    I can’t be sure. We can only speculate who initiated the request but one thing for sure someone felt the need for Lin to choose different recovery than the Nets performance team.

  39. The interviews is done by the famous Lin fan,Robin Lundberg.

  40. Don’t know if you had a chance to read the “Rehab” thread.

    To me, it didn’t seem like Lin was “sent” to Fortius, as if he is being banished. If anything, I don’t think the Nets staff has the required expertise, and probably not the required time, to focus on him. And Nets management knows it. Like you said, even if Lin is not in Nets’ plans, they still need him to be healthy to be a valuable asset.

    It could have been Lin’s friendship with Nash that directed him to Fortius. It seems more likely that Lin’s own team wants him to go there. I would think they are more concerned with his long-term health and career longevity.

    I see it as a win-win for both sides. NOT that I have any inside info. Pure guessing.

  41. I remember seeing these fan interviews at the time that summer.
    Love Robin. Lin fan to the Nth degree!

  42. you’re welcome 🙂 Let’s hope next season JLin goes to fulfill his full NBA potential

  43. Agree. Passing more, and the high pace, do increase odds of turnovers. And the superstars all make plenty. (Lebron, Harden, Westbrook, Wall.)

    The only worry is, a better team would have taken advantage. Luckily, the Hawks were shooting poorly, and were unable to convert on those turnovers.

    Good news is Dinwiddie still holding strong with ZERO! (and Skil). An amazing stat!

  44. Okay KHuang, tell us how you REALLY feel about the Nets! 🙂

    Doesn’t this Nets team get ANY credit, or ANY points, for trying hard, always fighting, and playing with heart? (except Saturday’s Atlanta game – that was lame….)

    They’re doing their best without Lin. I will always agree with you about Lin being the GOAT!

  45. How many Net players can consistently get shots inside the 3 point line?
    Zeller, Booker
    and Jarett Allen !
    LeVert and Q Acy are inconsistent.

  46. Lin is in fact rebuilding his body and possibly his game. Having Lin on the sideline is more mental than realistic benefit for the team. Going to Canada with Steve Nash and specialists is fine. This is a bold and calculated move for the team to help Lin back on the court. Lin wouldn’t be an asset if he couldn’t play. I think everyone from the organization wants Lin back on the court. There is a realistic opportunity for Lin to come back.

  47. Note Harris got 31 minutes for the last game. It is more than fair to him. Needless to say, Atkinson is still experimenting on his lineups. It simply takes time. Agree that Harris has been the most consistent player on the team other than DMC.

  48. I was thinking more of Lin’s benefits of staying connected with the team.

    But, I agree. The long term upside of this move for Lin is most important.

  49. Russell is not in the same situation at all.

    Any surgery is bad but Russell’s arthroscopic knee surgery seems to be done more commonly, much less time needed to recover. Kevin Love had similar surgery last Feb and was out only about 5 weeks.

    Lin’s injury has already been determined to cost him the entire season. There is fear that it could even be career-ending. Although right now, that seems too pessimistic.

    And I think Fortius isn’t even just for Lin’s knee. As he said, it’s to rebuild his entire physiology, to prepare for future.

  50. Being “sent” does not mean “banished”.

    The Nets need to maximize Lin’s value. It is in the Nets’ best interest to do so.

    I’m only concerned about what happens to Lin AFTER he comes back next season. Will Lin be able to withstand all the illegal hits every game, even if his body heals perfectly from Fortius that obviously knows what they are doing?

  51. Lin is not constructed in a way such that he falls apart if he doesn’t have his people around him.

  52. The key was starting Harris for the 2nd half.

    Harris is the Nets’ best nonLin player. He’s the only Net that consistently competes hard on both ends of the court, especially defensively.

    Harris was the key reason the Nets took over early in the 3rd.

  53. I also think it’s the Nash connection.

  54. Also the Nash connection.

  55. I totally disagree with your constant meme that Lin’s gone after this year. IMO, Lin has no better place to be than with the Nets. He has a minority owner, a GM and a coach fully behind him. Why would Lin be traded and to whom. No other team will want Lin anyways. He’s Asian, he’s “fragile like Nash” and he’s done nothing since 2012.

  56. You’re 100% correct.
    Both Lin and Sean Marks are close friends with Steve Nash so he’s truly the key to make this move happen

    I posted the link in the Rehab thread that SM and SN plus wives were good friends when they were teammates at the Suns

  57. my son texts me regarding the hong wah kues, or as he calls them “the original golden state warriors”; barnstorming 30’s chinese team which played against other ethnically composed teams such as “olsen’s terrible swedes” and the “south philly hebrew association”.

    im mildly surprised as far as i know they have never been mentioned on this site.

  58. I kind of disagree with both of you, though I respect your positions and opinions. The problem with Lin on the Nets is this is a team looking at a very young core. Lin is not in that age range. This team has 21-25 year old players playing on a high level. Lin will be 30 when he hopefully plays again. In that way, I can see Marks looking to trade him. That sounds like I agree with KHuang but I’m not as sold as the Nets want to get rid of Lin for one key reason: his leadership. He’s still a big marketing draw on the business end of it too.

    Lin being Asian I don’t think is as big a deal as others do. If Lin shows he can play well after this major injury, he’s developed his reputation as a defender, a player who can play big against the best competition, and a valuable asset to integrate into the offense. I think most of his opportunities would be “6th man” type, but a lot of teams would love to have him in that capacity. The big question is do they think Lin’s style of play has made him injury prone. I don’t think he’s regarded as fragile, Lin was not really injury prone previous to putting on a Nets uniform.

  59. It’s not hits that happened to Lin to cause his most serious injuries. His first hamstring injury happened in how he pulled up, there was no contact. The second one may have been due to Lin being off by Batum stepping on his foot, but it didn’t happen on that play. I saw it in front of me, about 70 or 80 feet. He twisted himself on a drive to the basket and landed funny. And there was hardly any contact on Lin’s injury this season. It was the way Lin landed that caused the injury. Lin’s ankle and back injuries may have to do with hits. I’m not sure that the ones that had Lin out for so long are impact related. Unless you say the landings on two of the injuries were the impacts.

    Lin has to play to less contact. Take less charges. But will he? He’s not Lin if he isn’t taking charges and drawing contact. So, let’s pray a lot for him.

  60. Nets should start Harris rather than Crabbe and let Crabbe works his way back in the starting lineup no matter how much time Crabbe may take.

    Starting according to merits, Atkinson should start Harris who has been anchoring the team in his position. He played 31 minutes this latest win and it explained how much he has been missed on the court if Nets plays for wins.

  61. Nets should start Harris rather than Crabbe and let Crabbe works his way back in the starting lineup no matter how much time Crabbe may take.

    Starting according to merits, Atkinson should start Harris who has been anchoring the team in his position. He played 31 minutes this latest win and it explained how much he has been missed on the court if Nets plays for wins.

  62. Nets should start Harris rather than Crabbe and let Crabbe works his way back in the starting lineup no matter how much time Crabbe may take.

    Starting according to merits, Atkinson should start Harris who has been anchoring the team in his position. He played 31 minutes this latest win and it explained how much he has been missed on the court if Nets plays for wins.

  63. The Legend In New York will continue.

  64. Lin and DLo are antithesis in their basketball career. Both are aspired to lead the team.

  65. Nash is not fragile. He played until 40. How many PGs can play as old as him in NBA.

  66. Nets should start Harris rather than Crabbe and let Crabbe works his way back in the starting lineup no matter how much time Crabbe may take.

    Starting according to merits, Atkinson should start Harris who has been anchoring the team in his position. He played 31 minutes this latest win and it explained how much he has been missed on the court if Nets plays for wins.

  67. JLin misses DRose on the court. Before long, next season, you will see each other soon.

  68. Lol, it was meant as a joke about Nash. Note that I put it in quotes around it. Mark Cuban said that Nash was too old and fragile and he upgraded to a second year nba player that turned out to be a career second string player while Nash won 2mvps with Phoenix after the trade.

  69. RPM Ratings for the team and its updates

    Dinwiddie ranked 13th (0.94) / D’Angelo Russell ranked 53 (-1.38) / Whitehead ranked 59 (-1.7) as SG
    PG updates
    Dinwiddie ranked 7th (3.41) / Isaiah Whitehead ranked 58 (-1.66) as SG / Caris LeVert ranked 74 as SG (-2.01)

    Joe Harris ranked 14th (0.50) / Allen Crabbe ranked 32 (-0.95) / Caris LeVert ranked 80 (-2.04)
    SG updates
    Joe Harris ranked 15th (0.77) / Allen Crabbe ranked 44 (-1.35) / Caris LeVert ranked 74 (-2.01)

    DeMarre Carroll ranked 12th (1.14) / Quincy Acy 25th (0.14) / J Wiley ranked 51 (-1.1)/ (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ranked 70 (-1.71)
    SF updates
    DeMarre Carroll ranked 12th (1.42) / Quincy Acy 36th (-0.68) / J Wiley ranked 42 (-0.97)/ (Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ranked 72 (-2.02)

    Trevor Booker ranked 70 (-1.33)
    PF updates
    Trevor Booker ranked 52 (-0.92)

    Tyler Zeller ranked 42 (-0.51) / Timofey Mozgove ranked 51 (-1.01)/ Jarrett Allen ranked 53 (-1.07)
    Center updates
    Tyler Zeller ranked 33 (-0.50) / Jarrett Allen ranked 53 (-1.20) / Timofey Mozgove ranked 60 (-1.54)/

    According to Center, PF, SF, SG, PG, the team should start
    Zeller, Trevor Booker, DeMarre, Joe Harris, Dinwiddie

    Stats for them are
    DeMarre Carroll, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, Tyler Zeller, Trevor Booker
    1.14, 0.94, 0.50, -0.51, -1.33
    RPM updates (Overall improvement)
    1.42, 3.41, 0.77, -0.5, -0.92
    16.32, 18.43, 14.30, 18.63, 15.93
    PER updates (overall declines)
    15.81, 18.28, 13.36, 17.1, 15.54

    5 players with the highest RPM ; Still the same 5 players in updates overall improvement with the exception of Quincy)
    (Note: Dinwiddie becomes the player with the best RPM for the team and Zeller overtakes Quincy)

    DeMarre Carroll, Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris, Quincy Acy, Tyler Zeller
    1.14, 0.94, 0.50, 0.14, -0.51
    RPM updates (overall improvement with the exception of Quincy)
    1.42 (ranked 61 overall), 3.41 (ranked 18), 0.77 (ranked 95), *-0.68 (ranked 184),-0.50 (ranked 168),
    16.32, 18.43, 14.30, 7.01, 18.63
    PER Updates (overall declines)
    15.81, 18.28, 13.36, 7.07, 17.1

  70. Hong Wah Kues ABC 7 Interview

  71. Dinwiddie’s RPM has taken a quantum jump from 0.94 to 3.41.

    This promotes him from 13th to 7th PG according to RPM.
    His RPM rating is also ranked 18th among all NBA players.

    There are 3 Nets players among top 100 RPM rating; namely, Spencer Dinwiddie 18th, DeMarre Carroll 61st, Joe Harris 95th.

    I really feel sorry for players like Allen Crabbe, Mozgov and D’Angelo Russell who aren’t listed in the top 100. They aren’t even close.

    The closest one is Tyler Zeller ranked 168 and Quincy Acy 184, Trevor Booker 211, Jarrett Allen 251, Allen Crabbe 272, Mozgov 297, D’Angelo Russell 313, Isaiah Whitehead 321, Caris LeVert 363, RHJ 365, Sean Kilpatrick 429.

  72. PER updates
    D’Angelo Russell 19.46
    Dinwiddie 18.28
    RHJ 18.05
    Zeller 17.1
    DeMarre 15.81
    Jarret Allen 15.71
    Trevor Booker 15.54
    Joe Harris 13.36
    Allen Crabbe 12.46
    Mozgov 11.69
    Caris LeVert 11.16
    Isaiah Whitehead 9.73
    Quincy Acy 7.07
    Sean Kilpatrick 5.29

    RPM updates
    Dinwiddie 3.41
    DeMarre 1.42
    Joe Harris 0.77
    Zeller -0.50
    Quincy Acy -0.68
    Trevor Booker -0.92
    Jarett Allen -1.07
    Allen Crabbe -1.35
    Mozgov -1.54
    DLo -1.63
    Isaiah Whitehead -1.66
    Caris LeVert -2.01
    RHJ -2.02
    Kilpatrick -3.19

    I guess for good players, they need to excel in both PER and RPM.
    Examples are Dinwiddie, and DeMarre.

  73. 11-22-2017 Twitter #NBAMexicoGames. #NBAImpossibleShot. Club America is a futbol team based in Mexico City. They have a dueling challenge going on with the Nets.

    Notice the LIN 7 JERSEYS! NIIIIICE!

  74. #NBAMexicoGames #NBAImpossibleShot. This made me laugh. These guys are too funny. GOTTA LOVEM!


  75. #NBAMexicoGames. Apparently, the teams volunteer to go overseas for these games, and the Nets (Brett Yormark) likes to volunteer.


  76. I also posted this in the Joe Tsai thread. The Nets organization definitely does like to keep things down low. Adam Silver, and Joe Tsai, have confirmed the new minority ownership. Yet, still no official announcement from the Nets. Maybe waiting until the deal closes on paper?


  77. Michael Grady, sideline reporter for Yes. Very easy and natural in his questions.

    The rookie got some love from the vet!

    Jarrett Allen seems like a cool customer. Very chill and mature for a 19 year old rookie.


  78. Funny twitter comment from Dinwiddie and then, Lin supporter:


  79. K, if you still don’t believe me that Jeremy has a girlfriend (and that she’s likely the reason he is rehabbing in Vancovuer), this is a photo of the girlfriend’s brother with Jeremy. The hashtag #pickinguppackages = picking up his girlfriend at their house! And I’m only uploading this because the brother’s account is public (as of now) and several of Jeremy’s fans have already re-posted the photo on Instagram already.

    Someone commented on the guy’s Instagram asking why Lin is at his house. And I replied that he was there to pick up his sister. A few minutes later, my post was deleted!


  80. Harris did NOT start the 3rd quarter. The 17-0 run by the Nets at start of second half were the same starting 5 of Zeller, RHJ, Carroll, Crabbe, and Dinwiddie.. Harris came in later, when score was already 70-55.

    Maybe you’re thinking of the second quarter, when 2 threes by Harris tied the score at 50-50.

  81. YES! L-I-N to win!

  82. Never implied that Lin is in any way, shape, or form to be mentally weak. We all know that.
    But he is human. This injury is absolutely one of the most devastating obstacles he’s ever faced. You don’t think having loved ones around will help?
    Lin must be one of the mentally strongest, in order to overcome so many hurdles in his basketball career.
    But could it be that he is mentally strong because he has such a strong support system, in the form of his faith and family?

  83. ‪@Jlin7 jersey in Mexico City ??https://twitter.com/nba/status/938188765356425216‬

  84. Very interesting. Perhaps it’s true and Lin is ready to go public with it. Good for him

  85. Great find! Never seen this one before.

    Best comment at 2:27
    “What if he gets better? Then the Knicks is screwed.
    Just like the last 10 years” ?

  86. Great to see Lin joking around with his teammates


  87. Highly unlikely…The guy’s name is Davy–a Century 21 realtor. Someone commented that he’s probably Lin’s realtor helping Lin find a place. Below is the original IG:

  88. 100% that’s the brother. I am willing to bet my life savings on this.

  89. Other one…

    The Great Hero Warriors KPIX 5 Special

  90. MY ERROR

    When I am wrong, I am WRONG!

  91. OT: Coach Clifford has left the Hornets team indefinitely due to an undisclosed health issue.

  92. No problem. 🙂

    I’ve been wrong many times. Just wanted to set the record straight.

    This particular game wasn’t Harris’ better ones. Turnovers and fouls. He did shoot well, too bad the Nets only got him 6 shot attempts.

    BUT I AGREE WITH YOU about Harris’ game. He contributes even when not shooting. He plays D, always active with hands up. I love how he’s not lazy. Always moving without the ball, making the opposing D do work. Makes great cuts to the rim. His movement also forces teammates to move, forcing better spacing.

  93. Agree about Harris. Disagree about Crabbe. I think he should start too.

    Let’s pretend JLin isn’t hurt.

    The way I see it, let the vets start and hopefully build up leads:
    Lin, Crabbe, Harris, Carroll/Booker, Zeller/Booker. Incredible spacing. PnR with Zeller all day. Plenty of defense. Lots of winning options.

    Let the “future” come off the bench together. Develop chemistry together. Develop confidence. Learning how to play the right way, and how to close out games to win. This would be Dinwiddie, Russell/Whitehead, LeVert, RHJ/Acy, Allen.

    But no one from the Nets has called and asked for my advice. LOL.

  94. Pretty girls wearing his jersey sure attracts attention!
    It’s really comforting to see that JLin is still a commodity out there. The NBA needs to continue to value him, even if it’s off the court.

  95. Interesting history! Look how far we have NOT gotten here in the U.S.

  96. Haha, JLin seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker!

    Yes, so great to see the camaraderie with this team! Hope they keep cheering for each other. Hope JLin continues to keep in contact with his teammates.

  97. Lonzo Ball is GETTING WORSE.

    Despite many Lin fans claiming I was a troll for not believing the Ball hype, Ball has played horribly exactly the way I anticipated. This summer, I wrote on this forum that “Ball should not even have been drafted”.

    The awful way Ball plays is how NBA general managers erroneously think Lin plays. No wonder so many Lin fans claim “Ball is better than Lin”.

  98. Hey acmewelsh, thanks for sharing. Lin fans are always hungry for Lin news. I’m sure all of us would love to see JLin settle down, with little Jeremys or little Jereminas (?) running around.

    But, forgive some of us if we are a bit skeptical.

    The recovery/rehab for Lin is so crucial to his entire basketball future. Choosing the right partner for this process is critical. I imagine his decision to go to Fortius was not made lightly.

    IMO, what I find hard to believe is that the location of a possible GF is the primary reason he chose Fortius. Not that he shouldn’t have a GF. Not that it’s impossible his GF is in Vancouver. Just don’t think it’s the driving reason.

    Besides, even as recently as this summer, reporters and fans have asked him about GFs. He has always denied it. If he is seeing someone, it must mean he’s still guarding that secret. So, why the need for this girl’s brother to post this photo publicly?

    But hey, honestly, if true, if JLin has found true love, we would be so happy for him!!!!!

  99. Hahaha. No need to bet life savings!
    If Jeremy is ready to go public, we’ll find out for sure soon enough. When that happens, the entire Internet will have a meltdown and crash! 🙂

  100. LOL. The Knicks deserved everything they got! Now that Carmelo is gone, easier not to hate the Knicks. I’m not bitter at all. 🙂

  101. In flipping through League Pass games, saw Stephen Silas as HC on sidelines. Was wondering why. Hope Clifford will be okay.

  102. Do you think Clifford has done a good job as head coach?

    I feel that Clifford is mostly good as a coach but overvalues his pet starters.

    For example, I feel that Jeremy Lamb has played well enough to start. And Malik Monk has shown some actual NBA ability too, certainly enough to take over Lamb’s bench role which used to belong to Lin.

    I continue to follow the Hornets even though Lin isn’t there anymore. I actually like their players but feel that Clifford should be coaching better.

  103. Brooklyn Nets at NBA Mexico Games!

  104. I only posted a photo of the brother because his account is public and a few fans have already re-posted it on Instagram. Note that I haven’t posted a photo of the girl even though I very well could have.

    I’m just trying to piece things together with the information I have. It could all be a coincidence but again, from what I have seen, I really don’t think so. I just fin the whole Vancouver situation is so weird! Does he not trust the Nets performance team to do its job? Even Kenny’s answer to the media sounded like he was trying to dance around the issue. Even Nets fans who aren’t necessarily Lin fans are wondering why.

    Anyway, good for Jeremy if he has a girlfriend (like I said, I’m speculating from what I already know.). He deserves to be happy!

  105. The awful way Ball plays is how NBA general managers erroneously think Lin plays. No wonder so many Lin fans claim “Ball is better than Lin”.

    say wha? sorry not up to it today..even with coffee. I don’t get it.

  106. hey that’s a lie.. the link doesn’t work

  107. Many Lin fans have been angry with me for refusing to believe that Ball isn’t a better NBA player than Lin.

    They watched Ball win MVP in Summer League – an award that I felt was totally undeserved because Ball shot under 40% and got wrecked in several games. Those same Lin fans fired insults and flames against me because they felt Ball was “going to be a great player” and was “better than Lin”.

    Not surprisingly, racist haters of Lin who call themselves “Lin fans” STILL believe Ball is some sort of great talent who’s way better than Lin. Those fake Lin fans don’t know basketball.

  108. last in points per shot, last in adjusted fg%; so far off the charts below everyone else he’s not even listed as a “qualified player” by espn stats, now i dont know if thats’ intentional to shield him from attention or simply that his #s are so bad they dont show up on the algorithm espn is using. btw he’s been there all season, nothing new.

    my son said someone joked that in 3 years he’d be mvp in china and i said well yeah he’ll probably be in china but “the lonely god” will still be the mvp.

    (unless he joins he’s brothers, ball that is, in croatia or somewhere they’ll have them–lithuania laughed them off).

  109. kyle kuzma who the lakers got with the pick the nets gave away to take on “the worst contract in the nba” (for a player who they they dont even play) and get dlo; was the best dp in the summer league, the preseason and has been in the regular season so far.

  110. 666

  111. 555

  112. 444

  113. If there is one player who is the opposite of Lin, it’s Lonzo Ball.

    Lin and Lin fans get constantly criticized for STATS PUNKING the haters who still believe Lin is not worthy of being in the NBA. Those guys all love Ball because Ball has the hype.

    In America, people have this stupid notion that hype is what makes people. It’s why Asian men like Lin are racially hated and their achievements ignored or taunted while fake people like Patrick Beverley and Lonzo Ball get the accolades and hype that Lin ought to be getting. People just cannot stomach the idea of Jeremy Lin playing great NBA caliber basketball, and they refuse to acknowledge the stats because they feel that hype cannot be wrong.

  114. Ball would never survive in China.

    Aside from his stupid shoplifting brother making it impossible for any Ball family member to go there, Ball would be eaten up by the guards of the China league, not just the imports.

    By the way, Chinese teams seem to have better scouting than most NBA teams do. Aside from Jimmer who I feel is one of the greatest guards of all time (NBA included), there are many fantastic guards like Kyle Fogg who never played in the NBA but easily could. Kyle Fogg would outplay every single nonLin guard on the Nets roster right now. NBA scouting seems to get dumber every year.

  115. The even more ridiculous thing is that the WHOLE Lakers organization is determined to make Ball succeed, so that they do not look too stupid by drafting Ball. Lakers and their fans have been finding excuses after excuses for Ball. It upsets to see that Lakers could have a great PG but they treated him like dirt, but they are treating dirt like their savior. LOL But I do enjoy watching Lakers and Ball lose games with Ball’s dismal plays.

  116. Yeah, Lin’s christian brother perhaps LOL. You have the right to believe whatever you like to believe. I don’t know where you pick up the rumor that Lin was going to that guy’s house to pick up GF. If you spread a rumor on someone’s IG and got deleted, it doesn’t make the rumor any less than a rumor. Besides, #pickinguppackages is not a commonly used IG hashtag, using it to mean picking up girlfriend is pretty derogative to me

  117. I found this on Twitter – Jeremy Lin has a girlfriend according to a fan who saw him at the mall!

    My speculation was right after all ❤️


  118. I agree with you especially on the last sentence.

    I (and my female friends) would not be too happy to be referred to as “packages”.

  119. I didn’t think it was derogatory. I thought he was trying to disguise the fact that Jeremy was picking up his sister at the house to go on a date or something.

    Anyway, as I posted above, looks like someone on Twitter confirmed that Jeremy has a girl. Or at least he was at the mall with a girl.

  120. You could be right — if the “bother of GF” was communicating in secret codes.

    It is about time that Lin has a GF at 29. Fans would be happy for him. His happiness is our collective wish. 🙂

    However, even if your conjecture is correct that Lin has a GF in VanCouver, I strongly doubt that he chose VanCouver for his rehabilitation because it is where his “GF” lives.

  121. I agree with you that as Jeremy’s fans, we all wish for his happiness.

    But I still think he chose Vancovuer to do his rehab because of the girl. Long distance relationships are hard, especially if you live in different countries (visa issues, etc). Kind of nice of Jeremy to try and make it work 🙂

  122. Test

  123. At least JLin had training camp at the Naval Academy with these guys.

    Yeah, a shared experience like that probably helps the team bond. Just like Caris and JLin in Taiwan this summer.

    Yeah, really really really sad that he’s missing this. SIGH…..

  124. Hola Rondae!

  125. Don’t get too excited when you see the Lin jerseys.

    Try this link:


  126. Hey Kwok, would you mind citing the source of these PER and RPM stats? Is it NBA.com?

    Sometimes, if I have time, I like to check where the Nets players rank relative to who the other players are.


  127. No doubt, this patella rupture is devastating. So it throws another major hurdle at Lin.

    But, like you said, Lin wasn’t injury-prone prior to the Nets. Yet, even before the injury, every time someone wants to put Lin down, they were saying he’s too old.
    Chris Paul is 32. Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic, George Hill, are all 31. Mike Conley is 30. Russell Westbrook, Jeff Teague, are the same age as Lin. For goodness sakes, Tony Parker is still starting for the Spurs, and he’s bleeping 35!

    See, this is what I don’t understand. If the Nets are using the Spurs model, youth isn’t what the Spurs go with. Not with their starters. What is this obsession that the Nets, or at least the Lin haters, have with youth?

    You know, maybe it’s not Sean Marks after all. Maybe it’s the same old double-standard, Anyone-But-Lin syndrome, that non-Lin fans, guys like Net Income, are spouting.

    Sorry for the rant…..this age thing with Lin is a pet peeve….

    (BTW, I don’t think the current roster is playing at a high level yet. They are still inconsistent, and still learning.)

  128. I’m re-posting this thought, from above.

    The way I see it, let the vets start, build up leads, be competitive, win some games, keep fans engaged.

    Lin, Crabbe, Harris, Carroll/Booker, Zeller/Booker. Incredible spacing. PnR with Zeller all day. Plenty of defense. Lots of winning options.

    Let the “future” come off the bench together. This would be Dinwiddie, Russell/Whitehead, LeVert, RHJ/Acy, Allen. Let them DEVELOP CHEMISTRY AND CONTINUITY TOGETHER. Develop confidence. Learning how to play the right way, and how to close out games to win.

    Isn’t the best development, for the future Nets, is to play in a winning culture? Maybe even win enough to get into playoffs, and get playoff experience too?

    Why wouldn’t Sean Marks think this way? It’s not like they have picks to tank for.

  129. Speedy Lin. 4.5 seconds to score:

    Fun memory of this play. Not so fun memory of Byron Scott.


  130. the big baller must have heard about or read khuangs comment about “his stupid shoplifting brother making it impossible for any Ball family member to go there,” (there being china to play) because he has responded: LaVar Ball tells TMZ Sports China would be PUMPED on his son, LiAngelo, coming back to their country to play pro ball … now that he’s done at UCLA. We got LaVar and LiAngelo at LAX … and the Big Baller dad told us the door’s wide open for his middle child to hoop in the same place he was ARRESTED for shoplifting last month. “Of course! Why not?!” LaVar said, when we asked if China would welcome Gelo back. “They would be happy to have him.

  131. No, I don’t think he’s done a good job. But, I wish him well in his health.

  132. Here is what Kobe said about Jeremy:
    The thing that is most impressive is…Watch him play. He can play. Has great speed, great size, great tempo, make good decisions… It’s pretty phenomenal that not one scout picks up on this ability. Make us want to reevaluate our scouts.

  133. People gives Ball the benefit of doubt that Lin has never received in his career so far.

  134. RPM updates:
    PER updates:
    Just click on the player’s name and you will see the PER on the next page

    The important thing is you need to copy them down by yourself.

  135. Byron Scott is one of the very worst coach anywhere anytime.
    He must have destroyed many good basketball players before they have a chance to blossom.
    I am absolutely disgusted with Byron Scott and Derek Fisher as a person.

  136. Pre-Game Humor: Old School Trash Talk


    Game Flow: http://popcornmachine.net/gf?date=20120210&game=LALNYK


  137. why are we looking back? that is like over 5 years ago.

    of course he is going to say good sht about lin..because lin was king during that linsanity time. Plus, most will say good stuff about rookies. You will sound like an azz if you don’t say good stuff about rookies.. either say good stuff or stay silence. Here he was being asked so of course he will say good stuff.. even cousins will say a few good stuff.

    So I don’t buy it and it’s pointless.

  138. maybe .. because china is desperate for bball players from da states.

    I’m sure mulberry might don’t some petty crimes which he got away with because he is THE player there. who knows.. maybe he ‘grab them by da pzy’ and he could get away with it knowing that asian females will be embarrass to report these incidents.

  139. it was temporary unavailable but then it worked again.
    Very odd

  140. Haha. Kobe on the LINSANITY BANDWAGON!

    How quickly the hypocrite forgot when Lin ends up on his team…boooo!

  141. You think Kobe ever said anything just to be a nice guy? You must know a different Kobe than what I’ve seen.

    You’re right about one thing. Who cares what Kobe thinks. Arrogant, self-aggrandizing, another bully. Doesn’t matter how many rings he has. Won’t buy good character or grace.

  142. this is offensive. if you can, please delete. Thanks.

  143. BS Scott.

    Playing for a tanking team is absolutely the worst for a career. Only Lin, Nick Young, on that Lakers team seemed to have survived. Just barely too. (and the rookies from that year)

  144. Got it – Thanks Kwok!

    When I look at stats for comparisons, I like to try to use the same source.

  145. Allen Crabbe was not getting calls for him on offense, but then getting fouls called against him on defense. Due to foul trouble, it took him out of most of this game. When he got his 6th foul called on him, he got frustrated. NBA fined him $15K. NBA officiating at its best.


  146. Kenny using his Spanish. Kudos. Now he needs to learn Mandarin to speak with Joe Tsai. And all the Lin fans in Taiwan and China. 🙂


  147. u beat me to it! missed it by “that much”.

    6ers really under pressure from okafor agent and otherwise to let him go cause otherwise can’t imagine booker being worth that much.

    in fact i would be surprised if he even gets any playing time in philly with top heavy front court already.

  148. OH NO! NOT SEAN TOO! know he wasn’t playing much, or playing well. But I truly loved his grit and his heart.

    Does Okafor fit the system? And another guard….Does the team get that much better?

    I know it’s business, and not charity. But still, this is why I hate the NBA. So little heart left in the money-making machine!

  149. OH NO! TREVOR DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE MOVED AGAIN! And to find out while he’s out in Mexico.

    On the bright side for him, Philadelphia not that far, might not be too bad of a move for his family.. Maybe don’t have to move at all.

    And at least Philadelphia is a winning team right now, and in playoff contention.

  150. This GM only likes young players. Booker & Kilpatrick are too old for him.

  151. What a shocker!

    Booker has been such a defensive force for the Nets but I guess the prospect of Okafor+Stauskas+2nd round pick is too enticing. I wonder why 76ers gave up so much in this trade

  152. I also feel bad for SKil .. He was so happy to represent the Nets but he was simply released

    NBA biz is very ruthless

  153. “They’re just telling us to get our rest, hydrate and they’re giving us supplements to take, so we’re getting an edge and getting prepared for it.” – Crabbe

    The Nets might still get an edge because Paul George is out. And OKC arrived in Mexico City a day later, one less day to get acclimated to the altitude.

    For all the hype, tonight’s game is not even on NBA TV. Just league pass.


  154. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  155. Yeah, I know…..very ruthless! (Don’t want to be reminded, but the Rockets released Lin on Christmas! Ugh!)
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  156. Bc Okafor is such a big problem for 76…. They can’t wait to get rid of him ASAP.

  157. Here we go with the “timeline of their development”

    Booker is 30 and SKil soon will be 28.
    JLin is 29 so there will be rumors that he might be next if there is any taker.
    We better prepare for it ?

  158. what is okafor’s problem for da 76ers?

  159. IMO, 76ers had to get rid of Okafor. Not using him, and he was unhappy. So, that kind of gives the leverage to the Nets.

    And I guess Booker will help with Vet presence, and help 76ers stay in contention this season.

    I will miss seeing him for the Nets. (even when he brings up the ball during fast breaks when he shouldn’t and I’m yelling at him)

  160. lin’s gonna be old too…

  161. true, from what I read he also wasn’t too committed on defense either so Kenny has his work cut out for him.

    What I’m anticipating is if this is a writing on the wall that JLin might be next? But then again, Joe Tsai potentially becoming the majority owner in 4 years might be the X factor

  162. Lin is different bc what he can bring in for Nets not just a player on court but also game plan for the team plus helps this team to develop these young players. Sort of like coach plus developing coach & player…. haha!

    Of course I know to all the people will think he’s next but I don’t think so.

  163. If they want to trade Lin they would do it long before now…. I don’t think Lin will be out of Nets anytime soon.

  164. I agree that the Joe Tsai’s factor and Lin’s relationship with Kenny might set up a unique position for him to be the veteran PG guiding a young team.
    Also helping the Nets to be popular in Asia.

    But then again this is the NBA so anything can happen ?

  165. We will see…lol!

  166. To be honest, I am not surprised Booker & Kilpatrick got traded but I thought it will happen after 12/15… So the trade date starts Dec 1 now???

  167. For a GM who comes from the Spurs tree, can’t understand that.

    Spurs are not made up of only young players. Their vets are valued.

    So, I kinda disagree. I think there are reasons other than age.

  168. If JLin gets traded, let’s petition it be to the Spurs 🙂

  169. I don’t think Spurs wants Lin.

  170. Wishing and hoping!
    Spurs should have signed Lin two years ago. So, not optimistic it will happen now, after two missing seasons.

  171. Bc w rebuild, it will take long long time to do it so this GM & coach will off the pressure with bad record. lol!

  172. that’s true. They might move on to developing younger PGs.
    The only possible spot would be veteran/mentor PG but Lin has to be healthy first

    Perhaps it’s better for JLin to stay put as a starter to have one last chance to prove he can lead the Nets next season

  173. I’m really sick and tired of the youth movement narrative. The Nets have never admitted it. Only the media and “haters”.

    I already wrote a looooong rant about it earlier in this thread.

    Many point guards are older or same age as Lin. This narrative started even BEFORE he got hurt. IF NOT FOR HIS INJURIES, Lin is still in his prime.


  174. Booker is nothing? So Sean Marks is dumb?

  175. Booker said goodbye. Brook Lopez never did (can’t blame him).

  176. why sean release??!! don’t get it..
    he does fine..
    whitehead should..

  177. Agree!

  178. feel very bad for him. Hope he gets picked up somewhere. Or even for the g-league team.

  179. I would agree if the Nets have picks and tank.

    But they don’t. So, why not win some games with proven players and vets. Can still rebuild and develop young players while developing winning culture!

    Also keeps fans engaged and coming to see games.

  180. I think so too. I think we shouldn’t be too attached to this team. He’ll play next season but he may also be traded next season. I don’t think he will be this season as an injured player.

  181. The team screaming out for Lin is the Cavs, IMO.

  182. Hard to play with loyalty for Nets when you do everything they ask you to do but get traded anyway. Lol I loved SKil’s attitude. And Booker was getting better. If anything, they should have let DLo go.

  183. Given how the NBA works, can’t be too attached to ANY team.
    All this rah rah, play unselfish, team first, team spirit, culture. All sham.

  184. He’s not old, but he’s old on the Nets. That’s what I don’t like about the situation that he finds himself in on this team. A lot of Nets fans, even those that like Lin, are looking to trade him if not now, then next season. Or not resigning him after next season.

    Lin’s not in his physical prime after this year. He may be in his playing prime, but prime is I think 26-29 or 27-29. 30 is a bit past prime, but not much. People make a big deal about 30 because it sounds different than 29. But it isn’t that much different. 33/34, then changes happen. Or 32 if there is a lot of mileage on a player.

  185. Do you think the Cavs would want him? Ty Lue?

    I don’t think Lin will fit in. He’ll get no playing time. Kyrie Irving, Dellavedova, Mo Williams. Look at Calderon.

    There’s only one point guard allowed on that team. Lebron.

  186. But DLo can’t play…. lol!

  187. I think Lin would be that dynamic 6th man they need. It depends on Rose’s health, however. Do I think LeBron would welcome Lin? Yes. I disagree with much of the board that thinks LeBron has something against Lin. I don’t. I think he’d welcome Lin. And Wade too.

  188. Sorry sws94, I can’t agree. I’ve posted so much on this already. I can’t agree at all.

    I don’t think any Lin fans are looking to trade him. Discounting his injuries, or because of his injuries, where else is he in better situation?

    Let’s see what happens next season. I’m not giving up on Jlin yet on leading a team.

    I don’t care how many other people are ready to push him to 6th man, or off the bench, or out of the NBA altogether. And I really don’t care what so-called Nets fans think. The ones that think that way, are not so much Nets fans as Any-one-but-Lin types.

    Strictly my heartfelt opinion.

  189. The Nets are changing. Russell, now Okafor. They’re going for the names. I don’t know if Okafor is a “high character” guy. I liked Booker. I don’t like the direction the team is going in. I like Dinwiddie and Harris and guys like that, but Marks is moving away from the type of underdog team he started with when Lin first got there.

  190. I agree. I think bc the record is not good now so go after big name will help this GM looks good.

  191. This is terrible timing. They are out of town, away from home.

    It will be major distraction during these two games. Maybe they did it on purpose. More publicity.

    Guess they don’t care about winning. Truly considered EXHIBITION games, just to grow the brand.

  192. That’s a nice way of putting it’s all BS.

  193. The Nets aren’t run by Lin fans. They’re run by a business that is trying to build up their team with a lot of young players. They just traded away a veteran for a young player, an OK shooter, and a pick. Booker was a gritty player on the Nets, the team doesn’t need to trade away grit.

    Lin fans aren’t looking to trade Lin from the Nets, not most I guess. But fans of the Nets that loved Lin last year, and still like Lin, are looking at the money spent on him and so forth, and his injury record as a Net, and his age, and think the most sensible thing to do and what’s best for their team is to part with him next season in season, or have him play one more season, and some say not even starting but as a 6th man, and then don’t re-sign him.

    These aren’t anti-Lin people, but a lot of people are much more into the team uniform and maximizing personnel than they are wedded to any particular player. And that’s especially when the player is around 30 and they think there is someone 21 or 22 that’s promising and is there future.

  194. I don’t like Kobe, but here he makes sense. He’s not a dumb guy, sometimes he said relevant things. But he is certainly a bully and I didn’t like his style of play. And his treatment of Lin as a Laker is inexcusable. At first he was supportive, then he turned on Lin when he couldn’t change Lin’s personality.

    I don’t look back to Linsanity now so much. I see a much better player now than then. He’s just in a different system and it’s a different time now. I don’t know how healthy it is to pine for the time of Linsanity. It was great, but it’s long gone now.

  195. Sadly, I think Lin has to break from the Nets. Play some next season, and maybe hope to get traded to a contender next season. If Lin shows he’s a great leader and produces next season that’s more than enough for us, but is it for Marks? I’m not so sure.

  196. You make deals when you can. I don’t think they tried to time it for now. It’s just it was finalized now. I hate the trade aspect of professional sports. I did not want Okafor.

  197. No kidding. We just got done saying the NBA is a ruthless business.

    That’s okay, many types of fans out there. But if those fans are worried about salaries (not their money) and personnel and what’s best for the team, obviously not Lin only Fans. Like they run the team either?

    So, I don’t care about their opinions. No amount of logic or apology for the NBA will change my mind. Proud Lin only Fan here.

  198. Except no one is saying Okafor is any good. Look at twitter right now. No one was saying Russell was good either, not even some Lakers fans.

    Only because of their being high draft picks make them sound good.

    Again, we’ll see how both of them fit into the culture and the system. Maybe that’s all B.S. too.

    Hope for the best! As long as Lin’s on the team, certainly want the Nets to do well!

  199. From Booker’s reaction, he wasn’t too surprised.
    GM might have called him the day before and explained the reasoning.

    SKil hasn’t tweeted yet but yesterday he posted this.
    It’s possible that he was notified yesterday.

    Without Lin and DLo, Nets probably just hoped for being competitive at this point.
    Meanwhile, Sean Marks is wheeling and dealing as his job calls him to do.


  200. As long as Lin is still injured, all speculation is just speculation

    Will be glad to hear where else you think he can go. WHERE HE IS NOT COMING OFF THE BENCH. I know, you think he’s best as 6th man.

    I disagree with Cavs. Especially not next year, when Lebron may be gone.
    See, just speculation!

  201. I also don’t like Okafor. From what I know, he can’t shoot 3s, doesn’t want to play D, and the character is questionable with off-court issues (speeding, fighting, etc.)

    So he’s just another project for Kenny to develop/fix. Stauskas might have more prospect

  202. I don’t like Marks moving away from high-character guys. Up until Russell, that’s what he put on the team. Good guys. Russell is questionable, not necessarily a low-character guy. And that he doesn’t like to play D, just why?

  203. Again with the 6th man? If you think so highly of LIn, why do you keep pushing that narrative?

    What evidence do you have that he would welcome Lin? Whereas some of us have seen where he has disrespected Lin.

    We all know Lebron is defacto GM over there. LOL. If he wanted Lin, he would have gotten him. He wants Lin as much as the Spurs want Lin.

    sws94, I don’t think we will ever agree on Lin. We simply see things through a very different lens.

  204. I don’t think he’s best as 6th man. That is not the case at all. I argue with people all the time on RealGM that his best numbers with the Hornets and Rockets was as starter, not 6th man. But what we think and what the perception is in the league and what team fans have that aren’t that familiar with Lin are two different things. Find me a good team with all the right conditions, good coach, teammates that don’t hog the ball, and a good city, where Lin would start and that’s my number one priority for him. I will always pick starting over 6th man for Lin. But if he can’t have that, then Lin can thrive in a special 6th man position where he plays a Ginobili-role and FINISHES games. Finishing is still more important than starting, IMO and minutes are as well. Starting just means you’re part of the starting five, not that you’re one of the best players on the team. It’s a myth many believe that the starters are always the best 5. They are the best 2 and 3 with players that fit well with them, but not always the best 5.

  205. Read above. You’re mistaken.

  206. Are you here to cheer us up or to get us sad? LOL.

    It’s not “pining” for Linsanity. That makes it sound stupid and pathetic. I hope that’s not your intention to denigrate Lin fans.

    For some of us, it’s more like remembering the good times. Enjoying some of it while he’s hurt and not playing.

  207. ARRGGHHH! So many good discussions going on.

  208. LeBron wants a deep team with a dynamic player. He said last year the team needed a strong playmaker and the Cavs got Deron Williams. Didn’t work out. LeBron would love Lin’s defense, tenacity, toughness, willingness to take charges, just his overall physicality and aggressiveness. I don’t necessarily want Lin to play for the Cavs, but he would make a big impact there and perhaps, get a ring. In fact, if Lin came back with a lot of his physical ability in tact, I think Lin could bring the Cavs another championship with the Cavs. I would NOT want Lin on GSW, they are too stacked. Lin would be an afterthought there. The Spurs, not sure. Not sure Pop would be a great coach for Lin. Maybe, maybe not.

    If you have a better team in mind, where he starts, great. I’d support that. But let’s be realistic. Lin missed this whole season, he played 36 games last season and he’ll be 30 next year. So, what will be the conclusion of people who can make the decisions about Lin of how to use him on a team? We have to think like them, not like Lin fans because that’s who is likely to make the decisions.

    Right now, the writing is on the wall about the Nets. Look at the moves Marks is making. Going younger, dealing a touch vet for a young guy that doesn’t fit the “high character” mode, gearing the team more around Russell. With Lin out and not showing what he can do, who knows? I know Marks has said some good things about LIn and Tsai and all of that, but Marks is a GM. And GMs like to make deals, and go younger when possible.

  209. I think the Q is Okafor coachable? Same as AB, physically he has everything to become a good, or even great player.

  210. You don’t have to care about their opinions, but most people watching the Nets would advocate not for Lin, but for Russell to be the featured player going forward, and are wanting to do what’s best for the team. Players are just pieces, use them until they don’t serve any function. There is little dedication to most players in major sports. We have to roll with the punches. If it is in the cards for Lin to be a long-time Net, then great. But, I’m prepared for it to not work out. These latest moves have tipped me in that direction.

    I’m not a Lin-only fan. He’s one of my favorite players ever but I’ve watched basketball long before Lin was born. Still, I’m not that interested in the game with Lin out. After Lin retires, I hope I find someone that I like as much to follow. And I do tend to like players over teams. I’m not a uniform following fan like most fans are.

  211. Come one, don’t deflect. Only 30 teams in the League.

    By that logic, would you agree with Russell, or Walker, or GHill, etc,, coming off the bench?

    So you are saying he can only be 6th man. Because there are no opportunities for him.

    May be realistic, but not what we want to hear. I know, I know, “crazy delusional Lin fans”.

  212. Looks like he’s not happy… I like him.

  213. I didn’t say that. But don’t be so wedded to Lin starting that you don’t see a great opportunity for him to play in the playoffs on a contender team as a major contributor that may not start. Marks may trade Lin next season. Or not. We’ll see next season and we’ll also see what other moves Marks makes during this season and during the off-season.

  214. Physically, perhaps. At this point, he’s a Net. So, I hope a change of scenery does him best.

    I didn’t really want Lin to come to the Nets. But he’s here now and oft. injured. So, things are fluid now with the team but Lin is inactive until next season.

  215. Marks starts to gamble with too many talented but immature, questionable character players.

    Spurs’ system says that there needs to be strong veteran players with high-character to handle 1-2 talented but immature players (i.e. Stephen Jackson).

    Right now, Marks might see DeMarre Carroll being the veteran and perhaps Lin when he comes back. That’s about it. This might create chemistry issues in the future.

  216. I personally don’t think it’s all that healthy to keep looking back at Linsanity. But if others love to, fine.

    I’d rather look back at what he did in the playoffs in the hope that he’ll get there and make his mark again. And he had some good moments in Houston, but Houston was a horrible experience. So, when I look back, I look back at the Hornets playoff games. I think of Linsanity as nostalgia now, in a sense. It’s just too long ago. The Hornets seems much more recent, more like today’s Lin than the 23-year old in Linsanity.

    I think if he had played this season, this team gets to the playoffs. Maybe next year on this team, depending on the direction Marks takes it in.

  217. I totally agree. But, since Okafor is here now, he gets a clean slate and maybe the new environment will help him. I’ll miss Booker’s rebounding and energy. And SKil too, but he wasn’t playing much this season.

  218. Hey, linthezone. I’m sorry. I enjoy reading your posts and debating with you is fine and respectful. I’m just in the dumps a little over Booker and hoping it doesn’t happen to Lin. I’ll root for the Nets tonight. I too, have to get some work done, lol. (I do most of it from home, and some days, my discipline is lacking!)

  219. I’m disappointed that Booker got traded. When he plays within his game, he is an excellent fit for Nets. But I’d rather see Okafur playing the 5 instead of Booker. Booker should have not been playing the 5 but Nets didn’t have the size for the center position which Nets really need and Okafur is young enough to improve his skillset and already has the size and footwork needed for a Net’s center. We needed a big, agile center!

  220. TERRIFIC trade!

    Finally, this is the first Sean Marks trade that actually helps the Nets!

    Jahlil Okafor is a fine young center who will help the Nets on both ends of the court. He’s the only Net with actual NBA size and athleticism.

    Kenny Atkinson will make sure that Okafor gets the fair shot that he never got in PHI where he got caught up in the overly deep 76ers frontcourt. Most other teams would have taken Okafor’s 17.5 ppg as a rookie and built around that.

    I have felt that the criticisms against Okafor were unfair, that he simply needed a chance to play. Now he gets that chance, and I look forward to it.

  221. Dang, I liked SKilpatrick. Hopefully someone picks him up somewhere. Or maybe China ball? But Nik Stauskas looks like a good fit for the system. 3pt/Drive to rim type of Nets offense.

  222. You read my mind…

  223. Gotta hand it to Marks to flip Booker to 2 undervalued assets + pick

    Who knows how this will work out ? Makes things interesting for sure

  224. I maintain that Lin will be a Net for the rest of his career unless he has another injury next season. There’s just too much going for having Lin associated with the Nets can’t get with any other player. Atkinson and Tsai won’t give up Lin because they really believe in him. No other player at his salary level will turbo charge the Nets when he’s healthy.

  225. I think “she” just one of Lin’s “female friends” ,not girl friend.

  226. All true, Acbc, but what about Marks? He makes the decisions on trade. At any rate, I hope you’re right. Would be nice for Lin to stick with Brooklyn.

  227. Just logged in after late work. Wow. Another trade?! Gone are two high-character guys (and Lin’s good friend Skil :[ ). Hope BB-savvy posters here are right that the trade enhanced Nets’ strength on both ends of the court.

  228. This is very satisfying to watch ?

    “Carmelo, meet Jarrett. Jarrett, meet Carmelo.”

  229. Indeed! ? ?

    Great block, young Jarrett!

  230. Wow, amazing

    Rhj 3 and Dinw 3
    93-85 with 5 min left

  231. Wow, so many comments. I may never catch up!

    Jeremy Lin will miss his teammates: 🙁


  232. “Please sir, I want some more!” – Oliver Twist

  233. OKC really went cold
    Melo kept bricking. Adams missed 2 FTs

    Dinw dunk was huge 96-91 with 1 min left

  234. BLOCK of the month!

  235. I wonder if Lin was informed by KA.

    He is very close to both Booker & SKil so he must have been feeling down about it

  236. Since they got Melo, OKC is not good this season…. I think Melo probably will have hard time to get next big contract.

  237. Caris had an incredible game tonight. This was an impressive win.

  238. 21 points 10 assists for LeVert. Thanked God in his post-game interview. LeVert certainly sounds like a high-character guy.

  239. Nets won 100-95 after being down 16 pts in the 1st half!

    Kudos to them. They really wanted it more than OKC

    OKC just looked so listless out there. Just walked around without any urgency at crunch time.

    RB 31 pts but Melo 11p/11r with poor 5-20 shooting

    Melo might’ve turned OKC into the old Knicks. Their offensive flow was so terrible in the 2nd half

  240. He’s a good guy from his colllege years. Glad Lin also got good influence on him

  241. Melo single-handedly turned OKC into the Knicks ?

  242. Yes, typical Carmelo, never known for his efficiency. Can score big some games but, other games, just as likely to shoot his team out of a win. His entire Knicks tenure can be summed up this way.

    Carmelo old friend, if only you could have been humble enough, five years ago, to accept a phenom with potential, history could have been totally different.

    “Former #Knick Carmelo Anthony accepts he’s not always ‘going to be the man'”


  243. Here is the video.

    Great to see Levert, DLo and RHJ celebrated this huge B2B win


  244. GREAT WIN!
    LOVE THIS! Being held up by fans in OKC jerseys. Funny!
    Good to see Lin’s still being promoted.

  245. Yes, and impressive play by Caris. He really stepped up huge.
    And when he wasn’t playing as well earlier in the season, Dinwiddie stepped up huge.
    These are the kind of guys that are soooo easy to root for.

  246. “Kind of felt like a final-four game”.

    Haha, a shower and a hug, all in the same interview.

    Like Jarrett Allen, very mature responses for someone so young.

  247. Surprise, surprise, NOT.

    And vice versa, Knicks have improved since he left. It may not be all due to that, but it sure hasn’t hurt the Knicks.

    OKC may eventually turn it around, but not with Anthony in a key role.

  248. Why wore OKC jersey w Lin’s big head? From NBA arrangement I think.

  249. Good question. I’m thinking not before public knowledge? Nets front office is so tight-lipped, they might have been afraid of any leaks.

    Lin has always known, first-hand, how brutal the NBA can be to its players. He seems to always feel badly when losing teammates to trades. I remember how sad he was when Patrick Patterson and Marcus Morris were traded from the Rockets, mid-season too.

    But I do think the camaraderie was real on this team. So, probably felt even worse.

  250. I started watching right about then. And then OKC cut it to 94-91. Had to turn it off, didn’t want to jinx them. LOL.
    So glad they won!

  251. And the guy next to him is wearing a Lin 7 jersey, holding Paul George’s head. But PG13 wasn’t even playing.
    Yeah, I think it’s the NBA giving out stuff.

  252. lol!!!

  253. Coach Atkinson’s Spanish skill at the end of post-game interview is impressive


  254. Nik Stauskas is a very solid player.

    He has a lot of players ahead of him in the Nets rotation, so I am not expecting him to be involved this season.

  255. “Melo kept bricking”. Hmmmm, what else is new?
    Dinwiddie, wow! (I missed it the first time cause I turned it off, oh well,)

  256. LeVert has been playing very well. First double-double.
    Great defense on RB


  257. It shows such respect to the host country when visitors at least try to speak a little of the language.
    Kenny impressive indeed. He could use a little work on the accent, haha. But impressive indeed. He played four years in Spain, so probably where he learned to be fluent.
    Mandarin is next, Joe Tsai is coming to town. (Just kidding, Joe Tsai speaks almost perfect English.)

  258. let Carmelo spoil okc I am cool with that

  259. any idea why jalil was not allowed to play there?

  260. yup, he looks solid

  261. End of the day, its business, and that how NBA is ran, so nothing is surprising. Given, missing 2 season, doesnt help as well…lets hope for the best.

    As of now, I still think JL remains a NETS

  262. Here is a list of the teams Kenny Atkinson played for, with the Spanish teams highlighted in yellow. So, he had opportunity to practice his spanish.

  263. WOW, just WOW. Away for a month and Nets are getting better and better. They got some impressive wins lately. And finally Nets has a legit center.

    Sorry to see Booker and Skils go.

    This is a team for the future. With Tsai as co-owner, hopefully that translates into Lin being the helmsman to lead the team. The collaborative commitments from both sides for Lin to go to Fortius Sport & Health in Vancouver signal that Lin is still in Net’s future plan.

  264. Ha!

  265. CLV has a very Lin-like stat in his game. In fact, he was very Lin-like.

  266. Lin is young as a PG hitting his prime now.

  267. LeVert took 10 shots hitting 6 out of 10, he drew fouls shooting 8 out of 9. His only problem is on 3s, hit one out of 4 tries.
    Westbrook took 27 shots, hit 10 and made 9 out of 12 FTs. Only 2 out of 6 at 3s.

  268. Din picked up 5 fouls early and played less than 20 minutes.

  269. Atkinson is going to have a hard time to find minutes for him. Only minutes of Kilpatrick.

  270. Now it’s interesting that Nets have 4 bigs; Tyler Zeller, Jarret Allen, Jahil Okafor, and Mozgov. These centers are so different from one another. One of them must be switched to PF. Jarret Allen is a rim protector gets the edge over others at 5. Zeller will start and won’t get over 20 minutes. Poor Mozgov will not play at all unless Nets is hit by the injury bug again.

  271. Do we ALL agree that we heard Lin said he wants to be the starter? If we are his fans, aren’t we hope Lin could get his wish fulfilled as a starter? Why do we have people on this site keep preaching Lin should be traded to another team to be the 6th man when he comes back next season? What kind of fan is this who hopes his celebrity’s wish does NOT come true????

  272. Psalm, why is one of my post being held for approval? Thanks.

  273. not sure why but I just approved it

  274. thanks

  275. I remember the time when Lin stated his NBA goals were to become a starter, All-Star, and win a championship.

    I noticed some Lin fans in Twitter also don’t mind Lin getting traded to the good playoff teams like the Cavs even as the 6th man if it means he can win championship ring(s)

    While I disagree with the idea, I can understand their point that it might accomplish one of Lin’s goals. But the reality is starters get the support from coaches, team and guaranteed minutes/plays. As much as we enjoyed Lin’s success in the Hornets as the 6th Man (that got him a starter spot with the Nets), in the end he also didn’t get to play much despite contributing big to the playoff wins. It’s the approved/drafted players that got the playing time. So there is definitely a lot more job security being a starter in the NBA.

    Lin’s situation with the Nets is interesting because he is 29 and has one more season to prove that he can be a starter in a bad/developing team to lead them to playoff.

    Noone knows the future but my #1 hope is Lin will be healthy next season and lead the Nets to the playoff. It will open up a lot more doors with Brooklyn or other NBA teams.

  276. Mozgov looks short standing next to Jarrett

  277. It turns out Nik Stauskas and LeVert were Michigan teammates in college


  278. Lin may have to retire if he had stayed in CHA to play off the bench. Who know?
    OR he should have play in China? should he lose weigh? Which kinds of girl he should date, blah blah blah.

    It’s on Lin and his team. They know better than us. He doesn’t owe us anything.
    He is not our NBA2K character.

  279. Because there are too many NBA “experts” on this site telling us why Lin will never be an elite point guard vs Lin true fans believing in; that Lin IS and should be a top Elite NBA PG, if given the opportunity. It’s amazing to see all the so called starters that was supposed to be better than Lin either not playing or benched!

  280. Good numbers for Westbrook but a loss for the team. He doesn’t care as long as he’s in the playoffs.

  281. Starter!

  282. Lol

  283. Lol!!!

  284. It’s the FRO, bro! 🙂
    And JA sure can “FRO” it down! (I stole that from somewhere.)

  285. Nothing wrong with the way Kobe treated Lin on the Lakers back in 2014-2015.

    Kobe was simply trying to motivate the young man and toughen him up through hectoring, chiding, haranguing, belittling, and cajoling.

  286. sweet! my hometown buddies!

  287. We all want Lin to be a starter. But he will be 30 next year and is coming off an injury. He could play better than ever, or he could struggle against faster, younger players. We don’t know. The others here are just being realistic about his future. We all hope he remains a starter with the Nets, but we can’t really be sure, can we?

  288. Still feel bad for Kilpatrick. From his twitter timeline, he seems like he was aware that something might happen. He sounded very upset, but has put his faith in God. It’s really too bad that the Nets couldn’t have traded him to a team that needs him. Instead of just waiving him. It must be tough. He just had a newborn baby too.

    At least the Nets has guaranteed his salary of $1.5M for 2017-2018.

    Good luck Sean. Hope another team can pick him up. Twitter thought maybe Knicks. Or Clippers, if they have cap room, and if not deciding to tank.


  289. hmmm…could be the hair, shoes and TM is not standing upright, kinda leaning to the left.

    they should be 2inches in difference…

    7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)
    6 ft 11 in (2.11 m)

  290. Looks about right. And 40 lbs difference too! (about 275 vs 235). Hope JA can put on a little bit of weight for more power. But not too much, need to remain mobile.

    Allen seems to be picking up the PicknRoll really well, pretty good timing.

    And what a block on Carmelo last night! That wingspan!

  291. I personally don’t care if Lin starts or not.

    He always GETS HIS – and because of that, he gets loaded up on with triple teams whether he starts or comes off the bench.

    While I prefer Lin to start because the best players should start, I’m no longer hung up about it because Lin singlehandedly distorts games in his team’s favor regardless of whether he starts or even plays a lot of minutes.

  292. Nice! Univ of Mich? Or Ann Arbor?
    I thought these guys look young now. They really look like kids there!

  293. If Lin struggles against younger faster players next season, it would be the first time it has happened in Lin’s entire career.

    Lin still runs and jumps like a rookie. That’s because despite all the illegal hits, he hasn’t played extensive minutes in his career for various reasons.

    I don’t expect Lin to lose his speed until his mid 30s.

    But Lin’s overall ability to stay injury free? I’m terribly worried about that, even after rehab.

  294. People who say wrong things like “Lin can never be elite”, they don’t look at hard stats or video.

    I spent the summer taunting those people to explain away Lin’s awesome stats. Not a single one of those people could make excuses for Lin’s dominating stats.

  295. I do not expect Tsai to prevent Marks from
    ejecting Lin, as that is the Nets’ short and long term plan.

  296. Meanwhile, looks like Booker was surprised, but not surprised. Here’s the lowdown from interview he gave Alex Kennedy. He’ll be free agent again next summer. Booker has some business ventures based in Charlotte. Very possible he ends up there. I think the Hornets could use of his energy to back up Marvin Williams.


  297. Rochester Hills 😉

  298. #NBAMexicoGames The kids are always the best part about NBA trips overseas. JLin’s annual trips to Asia are always uplifting because of the kids.

    Focus on the positive and good in this world:


  299. So were you ever Pistons fan?
    Or more college sports fan?
    Regret to say I’ve never had the chance to visit Michigan. Been to Chicago/Toronto, but not in between.

  300. Pistons and Bulls, weekends, we use to drive all the way to Chicago to catch MJ! and dine at his restaurant…lol good old times.

    Recent years moved to Asia due to job commitment.
    Will be going back for Christmas…hohoho

  301. NEAT and COOL!

    Never saw MJ live either. Thought it was so great when Lin went to play for him in Charlotte. Too bad that didn’t work out.


    WELCOME BACK in advance!

  302. What I’ve discovered about the Lin fanbase is that we are literally from all walks of life. Different ages, different races and ethnicities, different genders, different parts of the world, different political spectrums. I was at first very surprised by the diversity. Especially on these blogs, on twitter, and on youtube.
    We are all products of our own specific backgrounds and experiences. Somewhere out of all of that, JLin’s story and journey seems to appeal to something different for different people. His faith? Underdog story? Basketball junkies? Knicks fans from 2012? Toronto fans from 2012? Harvard grads? Asian-American? Or just because he’s tall, rich, and handsome? (remember Chandler Parsons?) All of the above? Who knows?
    I wish someone could take a worldwide survey and census of Lin fans. Would be most interesting.
    Since we all seem to spend time and energy to comment on here, I would think the overriding reason that we have in common is to have fun. And to enjoy the camaraderie of cheering for Lin.
    And then, knowing and understanding the obstacles he has faced, we should all have JLin’s back.
    Unfortunately, because of his injuries, this season (and some of last) has not been fun. IMO, it’s natural for fans to speculate, and to offer OPINIONS on what he should or should not do. And we can have respectful, even heated, debate.
    However, this is still a LIN site. It should not be a place to demean his abilities or his potential. Otherwise, why bother posting here? What fun is that? Unless trolling?
    Think about this though. Jeremy Lin is tough. He has not given up on his dream of playing basketball. He is working his butt off to recover and rehab. He and his family are probably making more sacrifices to make that happen.
    As Lin supporters, we actually have the much easier job! We have a platform to let us hang-out. We just have to hang-in, until next year.
    Sheesh, somebody going on and on….Can I please get some upvotes anyway? 🙂

  303. Ah, the good old times watching MJ and the Bulls

    It was surreal watching MJ and knowing even when the Bulls are down, MJ can always bring them back to win.

    Welcome back for Christmas! Hope it’s for good. Then we can watch JLin’s games together next season 🙂

  304. That’s it in a nutshell. Just going over the realistic possibilities for Lin in the league as it stands now, and looking for a best scenario. The desired position for Lin is starter. If it can’t be because of people making decisions that differs from ours, then what’s next best.

  305. JLin has been pretty smart about managing his career for himself. The problem has been the motives of others (i.e. especially coaches). He has put himself in position to be able to thrive IF given the chance, but even when not given the chance has proved himself repeatedly anyways. These past two seasons with injuries have been disconcerting and hopefully not a pattern of his body breaking down. I don’t think this is the case though since the hamstring can happen to any high level athlete and the knee seemed like a fluke of landing wrong. So it will be telling to see if JLin opts in or out. If in, then he intends to honor his commitment to BKLN and his coach for believing in him. Also he will be gambling that if healthy for the full season he will prove his durability and if successful on the court will enhance his value significantly because it is in BKN where he knows he will start and where the knows he has the support of his coach that he can thrive removing at least the coaching onus. Once proven I think it is a no-brainer than BKLN signs him to a big contract because the connection with Chinese investment seems obvious to me that the new future owners see JLin as an integral part of the future. But even if he were to get traded, he would still be part of BKLN’s future. I was one earlier who thought if BKLN did poorly that he could go to Cleveland to help Lebron win a championship, assuming Lebron sees JLin the same way we see him, as a winner. If that had occurred he could have then written his own ticket to be a starter on any other team that wished to sign him. Even if the surf were able to come back to help Cleveland this season y the time playoffs rolled around it would become apparent to Lebron and Cleveland that JLin would be much better than smurf if for no other reason than defense. But it is not to be this season

  306. I don’t think LeBron wants Lin, the skin color is not right for the King.

  307. Please Hornets, don’t lose this game. This is the only game I don’t mind Kemba wins which is over the grossly overrated Lonzo Ball. Every time I see Lakers giving Ball everything to make him succeed, it reminds me of how they treated Lin which upsets me. GOOOOO Kemba.

  308. Nice block!

  309. Not yet….it will be some time before, Im permanently back home.
    Asia been treating me well, so no complaints here 🙂
    Definitely missing my loved ones back home. I do fly back twice a year, that helps to keep things closer.

  310. It takes time to adjust to the Nets offense except DMC who has already exposure to Atkinson’s system. I’m not giving up on Mozgov yet. It will take Lin to use him effectively. If Lin can make something out of Omer Asik, he can made something out of Mozgov. It takes super skill from PG to use Mozgov. Yes, Tyler Zeller is good. Jarett Allen is good. Now Nets is adding power to the front court and the back court at once while giving up an expiring contract which they have no desire to renew. When Lin comes back, every thing will be fine.

  311. Sweet reunion. They may see each other on the court again playing for the same team. Caris LeVert will help Nik to suit well for the team. The backcourt of Michigan may appear in Brooklyn soon.

  312. The kid can still grow bigger and longer and taller.

  313. Yes Lin is special.

  314. Suddenly, the Nets has found its presence in the paint with the improving Jarett Allen, the hopeful Okafor, and solid Zeller and Mozgov who could use some help from the PG Lin .

  315. I was looking at Nets 2016 rooster. Very few still there. LeVert, Harris and RHJ might stay – but Whitehead and Lin – would be surprised if they are around next season. The only reason Lin might be in Brooklyn next year would be that nobody wants to take his 12 mil contract 2017-2018. – as people might be unsure how he will play after such a long injury.

  316. All true – greetings from Iceland!

  317. There where others I would have rather see leave then Kilpatrick.

  318. The Bulls had such a level of confidence – they were worth seeing just because of that. A group of great players.

  319. Hate Hornets, they mistreated Lin and unfairly benched him just to keep Kemba happy. Both Lakers and Hornets are franchises who’d do anything to prove they chose the right player to build around.

  320. Bad decision, Sean Kilpatrick can play. He will break out on another team just like others Nets let go. At least this way he can choose the team he wants to be on.

  321. Not this season, he looked slower and out of sync for preseason and the first regulars game before getting injured. Honestly hope the training in Vancouver can rebuild him like they did with Nash! At least Lin accepts he needs to change his movements and restrenghthen all his muscles.

    Always wished for Lin to have Nash’s flexibility and quick changing movements. If he can have that he’d be unstoppable with the bigger body advantage and explosiveness already.

  322. Sean Marks has learned. He has lots of patience to get Jahil Okafor, Nik and a 2019 2nd round draft choice at the cost of the expiring contract of Trevor Booker.

    In reminiscense, Nets got Mozgov’s huge contract and DLo at the cost of the expiring contract of Brook Lopez and a first rounder who happens to be Kuzma. Just listen what Michael Smith said about it.

    “I thought Brooklyn’s done for making stupid trades.” At 50 sec of the following.

    This is going to haunt Nets for years because there is no way out of that $48M contract in 3 years, guaranteed.
    Also, look at what Sean Mark’s done in getting Andre Nicholson which he had to dump to Portland for Allan Crabbe with no draft choices.

    This is the learning curve for patience. Mind you: unless Atkinson changes his offense, players like Mozgov and Okafor won’t be much a factor too. How Nets is going to deal with their rebuilding depends on Atkinson’s ability to develop players rather than Sean Marks’ trades.

  323. Whitehead played a good game. Hope he can save his career. Kilpatrick is gone. He will be the next if he doesn’t show up much on the court. A 50% record in Mexico isn’t bad at all. The problem is Nets lost to Miami Heat. I wish they had lost to the Thunder and beat the Heat. Then they would be ranked 10th in the conference.

  324. I don’t think Kemba wanted to bench Lin. Kemba and Lin composed a very effective back court for the team. Kemba with Lin beat the Raptors with Lin scored 35 points in place of Nick Batum. As far as injury is concerned, Batum is no better than Lin.

  325. Right on!

  326. Then he would make the same mistake that Mark Cuban did in getting rid of Steve Nash and handed Phoenix a two times MVP. By the way what Mark Cuban has done lately after giving max contracts to Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons. I think he hasn’t done for making stupid trades.

  327. See how Lin illtreating Mike Lowry and Cory Joesph
    You don’t see it often in starting PG/SG in NBA.


  328. Lin started for Kemba Walker as a Hornet against Cleveland.
    Kemba has never defeated the Cavaliers.
    Lin, we miss you!!!!!!

  329. While at it they should give up Dangelo Russell for better players as well.

  330. Except being the franchise he never said anything about starting Lin either. Even though it was obvious Lin was benched for politics reasons. Starting single digit players who were all traded away in the same season says it all. PJ Hairston (PF) and Courtney Lee (PG) were all single digit bench players who started to prevent Lin from starting. Hornets copied Rocket’s playbook exactly including signing and marginalizing Lin and signing Dwight Howard the year after.

  331. CLV playing mirrors Lin almost exactly except faster and younger. That’s why Nets drafted CLV and signed Lin! Marks and Atkinson have a preference in the PG they want, except they messed up in the trade for Russell who is a selfish shot chucker. While only trust Marks if he trades Russell away. It’s no surprise he wanted Russell to be the Lin replacement. Except that horrible trade made Magic Johnson look like a genius.

  332. That the right way to play as a PG. It’s the type of games Lin would have including the poor 3 point shooting. LeVert was the guard Nets should’ve spent time developing instead of going through with the bad trade for Dangelo Russell.

  333. This is what Lin is going to be: sort of.

  334. DLo needs to change.

  335. Watch Lin play against the Spurs. I love them.


  336. I bet you Melo has never been blocked like this. Right on his face and he still jumped up for the dunk. Swat!!! The ball was gone. Melo was crushed shooting 5 out of 20.

  337. yes, it was like anything we’ve ever seen.

    Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc, Kerr. They were executing on all cylinders and when trailing, everyone knew MJ would step up in the 4th quarters. It really inspired a lot of future stars like LBJ, Kobe, and even JLin

  338. he’s a keeper all right

  339. ok, don’t get too comfortable .. you might not want to come back lol

  340. I have the same line of thought that the logical step for Lin and the Nets is for him to opt in then the Nets will see how well and healthy he can be before they decide to resign for a longer contract or even try to trade him.

    As for the Cavs, as others said we hope LeBron would see it that way but since JLin needs to prove he can be healthy first, we probably never know until next season. And LeBron might be in LA by then 🙂

  341. I’m impressed with Brett Brown, here is why.

  342. Now Nets acquires the 2nd and 3rd choice of the 2015 draft. It’s a heck of a deal to get so much for Trevor Booker, an expiring contract. This is just the reverse of the trade with Lakers. that Nets had to give up first round draft choice and a salary dump for a player.
    These young players are surely unpredictable and need proper development whence Atkinson is one of the best in the league.

    With DLo and LeVert, I hope they break in the team smoothly. It is a long season and there is no rush for them to play right away. Just pick up the team concept first and start it right. Have them work out with the team and let them earn the minutes.
    This team would welcome them since DLo is out. Nik can be put into the rotation for DLo soon. 6’11” Okafor can be a force within the paint with 6’8″ Booker gone. Just what Nets needs. Just treat them like rookies and let them relive their rookie season.
    These two plus a 2nd rounder for Booker, I’m amazed how Sean Marks can talk things out. Some people wonder if the 2nd rounder is the reward for picking up Okafor and Nets is dumping Booker’s contract. Of course not but it’s an idea how pathetic a deal the Sixers has made.

  343. There’s nothing wrong with DLo when he was on the court with Lin. When Lin was hurt, DLo alone was exposed. He had too much interest in leading scoring than leading the team.

  344. With Mozgov and Okafor, Atkinson needs to make changes in his game plans; specially his offense. He could use the twin tower in the paint with 3 men out. LOL.
    Nets now officially has 4 Centers listed on the roster, plus 3 PGs, 5SGs, 3SFs and no PF excluding Wiley and Ouattara. The problem is 2 of their starting PGs are on the injury list.
    What is active on the roster are 4Cs, 1PG, 5SGs, and 3SFs. 🙂 🙂

    Okafor gets paid $5M and Nik$3.8M. They don’t come in cheap. Hope they would stay in Brooklyn and got another contracts.

  345. Newsday has made some excellent reporting after the trade for Jahil and Nik.

    Jahlil Okafor, Nik Stauskas join welcoming Nets locker room
    Atkinson: Really, blending depends on basketball IQ and willingness to do it. I’m sure those guys have the first, and I’m presuming they’re going to have the latter as well. I think they’ll be fine and we’ll be fine.”

    New Net Jahlil Okafor excited by reunion with D’Angelo Russell
    Asked on Monday at his introductory news conference if he ever imagined playing with Russell, Okafor brightened and said, “I thought about it a ton. I’ve been playing with D’Angelo a while. We grew up playing against each other — same high school class, same draft class. He’s actually the first person to call me when I got traded.

    Jahlil Okafor, Nik Stauskas excited for ‘new page in life’
    “To see the head coach out there working with me, helping me shoot, running with me, guarding me a few times, it was different,” said Okafor

    Nets’ trade with 76ers risky, but GM Sean Marks is confident
    “Obviously, they are two very talented offensive players,” Atkinson said. “We need to defend the basketball. We need those guys to be two-way players. That’s going to be the challenge for them. We’re going to demand it as we do of everybody that comes into our program. But they’re two talented guys and it’s our job to get them to fit into our system.”

  346. You’re giving too much credit to Marks–it’s a fair trade at most, nothing more and nothing less–76ers got exactly what they wanted and needed most: a veteran who can conribute and lead the bench and in the mean time to drop the two non-productive contracts. For the nets, it’s mainly to make the best out of Booker’s expiring contract to “accumulate talents.” I have serious reservation on OK4’s so-called talents though: he’s style and ability is simply not a fit to Nets’ system, and I doubt Atkinson can come up a way of making good use of OK4 in Nets’ system. Nik is a totally different story though, and he might be blending into Nets’ system and be productive in a short period of time.

  347. Hallo! Hvað segir þú?

    (Googled this, hope it’s nothing offensive?!) 🙂

    Did you know about JLin’s vacation trip to Iceland in the summer of 2016?

  348. Liked Kilpatrick a lot. A lot of heart. It’s too bad he didn’t get enough playing time this season to see if his defense improved or not.

    Definitely hope there are teams that will want him, to contribute.

  349. Unfortunately, the Nets seem to prefer Whitehead, taller, and more athletic.

    I personally have more fun watching Sean play, not so much Whitehead.

  350. After successful recovery, WHEN JLin is back on court next year, Lin fans from NYC SHOULD organize viewing parties at Barclay’s to watch him play together, to celebrate!

  351. LOVED IT! Take that Melo!

  352. All players involved are on expiring contracts. This is fair. But Nets is given a second rounder. Who knows it could be Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green, Dinwiddie, Chandler Parsons, and the list could go on forever. Don’t ever underestimate a draft choice, be it the second rounder or first rounder. JLin is even undrafted but he sure plays better than lots of first rounders.

    Also the organisation seems determined not to renew the contract of Booker but there is a possibility that they will keep both Nik and Jahil.

    What is important is nobody on Nets roster possesses the skill in scoring within the paint like Jah does. This is what Nets sorely needs. The team certainly has a part for Okafor.

    All teams in NBA would want to acquire wingers like Nik and he has both size and skill. I’m sure if Atkinson could make something out of Joe Harris, he could help Nik to fit in. The team needs depth which this trade could offer. Yes Booker and Kilpatrick are gone now. We see it coming long before it happens.

    Trade talk like this really is lopsided with Booker at 30 and Nik at 24 and Jahil at 21 as far as age is concerned. Yet Sean Marks can still squeeze a 2019 second rounder in for the team. This is impressive!

  353. > What is important is nobody on Nets roster possesses the skill in
    scoring within the paint like Jah does. This is what Nets sorely needs.

    Hardly–that’s something nets would need last. The thing is to allow OK4 to score in the paint effectively would require him to be one of the main scorers, and that means to stop the ball movement and to sacrifice team defense efficiency–at least before OK4 can prove he could be at a minimum an OK defensive player and unlike what the numbers have been saying that he’s a horrible defensive player. 76ers have plenty of numbers to show why they don’t need OK4, and the above are just a few of many reasons. I don’t think there will be sudden magic out of nowhere to make nets a good fit for OK4.

  354. “The smurf”! Hahahahahahahahahah, choke, choke, hahahahahahah! I’m sorry if it’s mean, but this is the funniest laugh-out-loud moment for me! GOOD ONE ACE!

    I agree with almost everything you said. Especially this: “He has put himself in position to be able to thrive IF given the chance, but even when not given the chance has proved himself repeatedly anyways.” JLin has succeeded to the extent possible, given all the obstacles.

    Disagree with the part about Cleveland. From what I can see, they have a terrible team culture. Everything revolves around ONE player. Even Kyrie Irving wanted to leave. Even Wade has to bow to the King, and defer. Even when winning, the players never look like they are having fun. IMO, they’re not going to get another ring. I think it would be more wasted time for Lin.

    For the sake of argument, Lebron stays in Cleveland, and Lin goes to Cleveland. Playing with JR Smith again? Sit on the bench, as insurance for the “smurf”? Coached by Ty Lue? Listen to the TV analyst, homer Austin Carr? Yuck! No thanks.

    Even though I should be grateful that Lin will be playing bball again. There still would be no way I could root for the Cavs. It would be no fun at all, rooting for Lin, but intensely disliking the other players. For me to spend time to watch, basketball has to be fun!

  355. ***The thing is to allow OK4 to score in the paint effectively would
    require him to be one of the main scorers, and that means to stop the
    ball movement and to sacrifice team defense efficiency***
    It’s up to Dinwiddie to pass the ball and enable the ball movement. To put the ball movement on the shoulder of Jah is really out of the line.
    As to defense, it has to do with effort and OK4 certainly will give his effort and the team culture will enable two way players. One thing that could be certain is OK4 will put in his effort.

  356. Yes, everything depends on JLin’s full recovery!
    It would be really Lincredible to see JLin playing basketball again!

  357. Aha! They probably tired themselves out with this trek. Probably why they lost to the Heat? 🙂
    But it is good for the younger guys to get a chance to see some of the world.

  358. Basketball is not such a simple-minded game as you think..says who Jah has to control the ball movement–not only he’s a terrible defensive player, he’s not a passer at all!! 76ers’ game with OK4 has very slow PACE, and OK4’s PACE is very slow–much slower than even Lopez’s. With OK4 being a mian scorer and pretty much scroing in the inner 50% of the paint exculsively, if his attack missed what he’d usually do is to initiate a second play all by himself but not to pass the ball, if you care to pay attention to his games you will know. That is a big sacrifice to ball movement. I do agree that defense-wise, if he’s willing to put hard work and practice, there may be a chance for improvement.

  359. Jah is a passer in college. In Sixers, he may not pass the ball. There is no guarantee that he won’t pass in Nets. OK4 is only 21 and he certain is not an old dawk that can’t learn new tricks.

  360. I agree about the Lakers. Except, it’s not just Lonzo Ball. It’s pretty much the whole NBA. Will give keys to franchises, for the “anointed ones” to develop. And then finally, years and years later, become winning players. Look at Kyrie Irving, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Eric Bledsoe, etc etc etc.

    I think you and I agree that if Lin were given those same opportunities, he would be just as much a superstar.

    Here’s my own “revenge” list of teams:

    Most hated: 1) Rockets. McHale is deservedly fired and gone. But Morey still there, wheeling and dealing. And Harden still there. That beard? Ugh! Even D’Antoni can’t make up for it.

    2) Any team that Carmelo Anthony is on. Haha.

    3) Lakers. Kobe’s gone. Kupchak and BS Scott are out. But tanking, and incompetence, hurt Lin’s value. BOOOO on Jeanie Buss.

    4) Knicks. A gift of a point guard fall into their laps. Yet they discard him. But, Carmelo Anthony is finally gone. Dolan is still there but it’s completely new management, new players. So, only fond memories of MSG, where Linsanity was born. I miss hearing Clyde Frazier, my hero, calling the games.

    Least hated: 5) Hornets. JLin revitalized his career. He said he loved playing with those guys. And the core is still there. Kemba, Marvin, Cody, Kaminsky, Batum. It’s not the players’ fault that MJ and Rich Cho decided that Batum and Marvin were more deserving of bigger contracts. (Total idiots. In that sense, no different than the Knicks.) Eric Collins play-by-play was always good for laughs.

  361. Any players joining Lin’s team will get the benefit of the doubt from me, for now.

    Having said that, based on these interviews that Kwok posted, I’m not sure I like what I hear in terms of attitude.

    Okafor and Russell have a connection already. “Before Jahlil Okafor reached the NBA, he lived life as something of a golden child.” Having been touted and praised, recruited heavily by Duke and OSU, and drafted high as one-and-dones, I think both guys were shocked that the Lakers and the 76ers did not continue to worship at their altars.

    “We’re just very excited to get on the court together. You never would’ve thought the No. 2 and No. 3 picks would be playing on the same team a few years [later]”-Okafor. “I think we both have a chip on our shoulder and we have a lot to prove. We’re definitely similar in that regard.”-Okafor.

    Why mention being drafted high? Yes, chips on their shoulders. But I think it comes from having that sense of “entitlement”. And all they want to prove is just their own stardoms.

    I’m not hearing that they’ve been humbled in any way. That they are grateful for the second chance. That they want to prove they can be part of a team, playing team ball.

    It’s a fine line that I’m reading between. So, I hope I’m wrong.

  362. From the way Russell played selfishly, unless KA reign them in with benching those two will being chucking lots of shots and playing for their own stats. So much for Nets creating a team culture…

  363. Brian Lewis (NY Post) have generally written fair and balanced, and better-researched articles. So far, his articles on the Okafor trade have not been ringing endorsements. Then again, we’ve all seen how little execs and scouts know about talent. Didn’t they all screw-up with assessing Lin?

    I haven’t seen Okafor play, so cannot offer my own opinion. But here it is:


  364. Yeah, all just talk about team culture. Not surprised, because that’s how the NBA works. But so disappointed in Marks. For Lin’s sake, I had high hopes that he would be different. That he would be sincere about “high character” locker-room.

    KA said the new guys would have to earn minutes. So, I agree, I hope that KA will give them a good dose of what playing for the team means, and not playing for their stats.

    But there’s only so much KA can get away with. Marks has publicly stated that there is risk, but he “bets on his staff”. An indirect way of putting the pressure on KA and the coaches.

    I really hope that Tyler Zeller won’t be hurt by this move. Like Harris, he’s been playing well, gelling with the team, contributing to unselfish play. A KA system guy. He deserved the new minutes that he got.

  365. Like I said, Lin fans pop up everywhere:


  366. He’s trying to say positive things, but can’t quite get there. I’m still not clear on why he didn’t give Okafor more playing time. The only conclusion I can jump to, is that they prefer Embiid, better fit in today’s NBA.

    If that’s true, then how is Okafor going to fit in the Nets system? How is he going to make the Nets better? So far, the usual pundits are saying high risk.

    I guess we’ll find out real soon. “I’ve been sitting down long enough,” Okafor said.

  367. I haven’t seen Stauskas play much either. Never really focused on him when he’s on the court. Also don’t know if he’s good.

    Even though Kilpatrick is gone, he wasn’t playing many minutes. If Stauskas plays at all, whose minutes do you think he will be taking? As a backup to Russell for now? Who will lose minutes? Harris? Crabbe? Dinwiddie? LeVert? I hope not.

  368. NY Post articles would seem to agree with your assessment about Okafor.

    I asked Kwok the same question. If Stauskas plays, whose minutes do you think will be given to him instead?

  369. Interesting info about Kenny and his wife and speaking Spanish:


  370. No clue what this is about. But JLin is still supporting his VGJ Dota2 team.


  371. He is somewhere between being a coach and under the GM saying that it’s not entirely up to him to make the decision not playing OK4 and yet he would try his best to help him move on to another team.

  372. Lin is different from all players on the roster. His ability is proven throughout his career and he has had games that DLo and other PGs in the team couldn’t match. Every team needs a core and a real star that could win games for them. Lin is special at the clutch moments. I guess the team needs both veterans and young players to be successful. So DMC and Lin are invaluable to a team. These are players that Atkinson can truly count on because they know how to win.

    Sixers has had tremendous amount of talents on their team and they keep on losing to teams of much less talent. They recognize that they need more veterans and that is why they have paid much to get J J Reddick. Booker is what they need in the locker room too.

    When Lin and DLo are both healthy, it’s Lin’s team and they have proved in the preseason games that they can overwhelms lots of other teams. When Lin was absent, the next player up was DLo as PG, then Dinwiddie, then LeVert, then Isaiah Whitehead but only Lin and DLo are called upon to lead the team. I could be wrong but I’m a truly Lin only fan. Without Lin, who care about Nets?

    The only selling point for DLo and OK4 are the same so we should give them the benefit of doubt.

  373. Yes, those are all on my “hate” list,
    but I am more evil than you LOL,
    I also would like to see whichever team PBeverly is on to fail 🙂

  374. First Sean Kilpatrick’s minutes for sure is his. He also has to compete with Isaiah Whitehead for more minutes. Then he would have to compete with Joe Harris for more minutes.

  375. With Booker gone, some of these bigs have to play at 4 too. There are plenty minutes left for Jarett Allen and OK4.

  376. Jeremy Lin’s injury may be a blessing in disguise. With Lin in, he will continuously work with less capable players and shoulder the most of the punishment on court to win more games. Now with him away from the team now, the development of the team and acquisition of talents continue with urgency. When Lin comes back, he will have better teammates to play with.

    Lin has become the starter of Nets and his next goal is to win a championship for God’s sake.

  377. Nets is 4 : 8 with DLo as PG.
    Net is 6 : 7 with Dinwiddie as PG

  378. KA has something to test for his skills as players coach.

    Can he change Okafor and Russel attitude and personality to blend into team culture and play team ball? Can he transform both talents into his purposed scheme of MO?

    Both are young and moldable. We shall see.

  379. It’s an institutionalized problem from high school. Jocks are treated like golden childs from very early on. All their lives have been guilded in praise and adoration. The fact that the high drafts were basically forced to lose in Philadelphia is especially frustrating for kids whose very essence is made from winning. Both kids were thrown into literally “no win” situations. Can you really blame them for exploding out of frustration? Think for a second and think how hard it can be to have to live up to a father’s expectations that can never be met? When you have no way to win after being used to winning; when you are forced to lose and get blamed for something you can’t do anything about, you start acting out your frustrations.

    We re no better than the worst in media that builds up athletes then tear them down so they can feel self importance. We ourselves create these egotistical people only to condemn them the very first time they fail. We expect them to act humble and beg for forgiveness as if that’s what high character should be. Their pride which society has manufactured, which has been the source of drive, makes them even more unrelenting to accept responsibility. Conflicts like these happens to us all when pride gets in the way of resolution. We all lose when winning the fight is more important than forgiveness.

    Christians come from the foundation of forgiveness and process. A prisoner on death row can be forgiven by God. The process to being a Christian begins from that moment. We all fail and get up to try again. That’s the process of being a Christian.

  380. The Bible says everyone is a sinner (and even a baby is born a sinner (or is marked with sins) according to Romans from the original sins of Adam and Eve) and even a serial killer can be forgiven (and presumably go to heaven). That is the greatest and a questionable aspect (for me) about Christianity. On one hand, anyone can be redeemed and be forgiven which is great for the person, but when I think some heinous killers can also be forgiven, I become unsure. But hey, if there is God and the Bible is truly God’s words and God said that, my views don’t matter at all in the scheme of things. I guess the right attitude to take is that I should worry about my own salvation and leave other things up to God. And hate the sins but not sinners. It’s very hard to do though when it personally affects you.

  381. What happened to drafting only high character players? I guess they that went out the window already.

  382. Jahlil Okafor will really help the Nets.

    He’s the only Net this season who has actual NBA athleticism on both ends of the court.

    Okafor’s alleged defensive problems are overblown. He was caught out of position as a starting 4, which has never been his natural position. Okafor is a 5, and he gets to join Zeller and Allen in what suddenly has become the main position of strength for the Nets.

    It’s a pity that Lin probably won’t be a Net next season to play with Okafor, given how Marks has moved to eliminate Lin off the Nets roster.

  383. In God we trust.

  384. Next year, he would play at veteran’s minimum. LOL

  385. 🙂 🙂

  386. Treat them like rookies. LOL

  387. Both Okafor and Russell have great attitudes.

    In the case of Okafor, I am not worried about his game. He is a franchise center with real athletic and basketball talent, he will be an All Star one day.

    But in Russell’s case, he doesn’t have elite athleticism and that’s why he cannot create for himself on offense and cannot guard his man on defense. No amount of attitude adjustment will change the fact that Russell simply is not athletic.

  388. Russell doesn’t have the speed or explosiveness to draw a double team, so opponents don’t have to worry about guarding him with just one guy.

    It’s not like Lin who is so athletically overpowering that he is rarely guarded by just one opponent.

  389. OK4 loved to drive to the basket.

  390. The Nets have ALREADY GIVEN UP on Lin.

    Marks replaced Lin at the 1 and 2 with Russell and Crabbe.

    In Marks’ eyes, Lin was just a placeholder until the Nets could get Russell and Crabbe.

    I expect Lin to be traded in a salary dump next season.

  391. Atkinson becomes the most important piece of Nets to move forward. Marks should consult him first.

  392. Okafor and Russell’s attitudes are fine.

    Okafor’s athleticism is fine, Russell’s ISN’T.

    The lack of athleticism from Russell bothers me more than his now repaired attitude.

  393. Mozgov is DONE.

    He no longer can consistently compete in the NBA. He’s simply too old and broken down.

    The Nets will be paying $16 million per season to Mozgov for TWO MORE SEASONS.

    worst contract in the NBA.

  394. The only reason Brett Brown did not play Okafor is because the 76ers had a logjam at center with Embiid, the now departed Nerlens Noel, and Okafor.

    The 76ers tried starting Okafor at the 4, but he got burnt up defensively by the stretch 4s that rained 3 pointers on him and caught him on the perimeter. But that happens to ALL centers that are forced to play PF. Also the 76ers had players like Covington and Saric that were natural 4s and were producing more than Okafor.

    The thing is that Okafor would be a starting center for most teams in the NBA, just not the 76ers.

  395. In the Marks era, this is the ONLY good trade he has made.

    Marks made some horrible moves that were just as bad as the Billy King fiascos.

  396. Nik Stauskas is a hardnosed veteran small forward who plays aggressive solid defense.

    Though the Nets are enamored of Stauskas’s shooting, it’s his DEFENSE that will get him onto the court.

    Stauskas is the Nets’ best perimeter defender this season.

  397. I forgive Okafor’s poor defensive ratings because:

    1) he was forced to play out of position as a 4, not a 5

    2) the Sixers have had TERRIBLE guards, and those guards negatively affect Okafor defensively in switches.

    From what I’ve seen, Okafor is fine defensively and will contribute solidly on that end.

  398. Disagree.

    For ANY modern day offense to work in today’s NBA, a good center is absolutely required.

    Unlike any other Nets bigs (or players for that matter), Okafor actually has to be guarded inside. What that does is stretch the defenses by pulling help defenders off the 3 point line.

    This is critical for Jeremy Lin because too often the opposing center jams Lin on the perimeter since Lin’s Nets centers are useless and don’t have to be guarded. Just look at Lin’s season ending play where he had two guys in the air hitting him and two other defenders closing in on him from either sideline!

  399. You haven’t seen Okafor play enough.

    Okafor is a natural C, not a 4.

    When Okafor goes back to the 5, all his “problems” will magically disappear without him having to work on his game.

  400. When Lin gets shipped off the Nets next year in a salary dump, I hope he gets shipped to “my” Phoenix Suns.

    The Suns need an athletic starting point guard that is tough enough to withstand new coach Jay Triano. The lack of a good point guard is what’s killing the Suns, even when they had 3 in Goran Dragic (not athletic), Eric Bledsoe (too toxic), and Isaiah Thomas (too small to make a real two way winning impact).

    Lin would be reunited with Tyson Chandler. Presumably, Lin would be given a chance by Triano to win the starting PG position. Lin would be alongside Devin Booker, and that’s one of the few players in the NBA that opponents would not abandon defensively to load up on Lin with. I even think Lin could make a lot out of the underwhelming Phx frontcourt of Chriss, Len, Bender, and Warren.

    In truth, Marks can salary dump Lin to any team in the NBA and Lin will still find a way to contribute.

    I just wish Lin could join the Suns, as they are desperately in need of a loyal athletic starting point guard.

  401. I also find the concept of original sin a problem. Time is a human concept that we use to measure worth, like how much we make in an hour. Lol. God as a creator must work beyond time and infinitely or else He’s not God. Our time in comparison is minuscule like mayflies wishing for an extra hour. A prisoner on death row may only have minutes of repentance but our human measurements are from our limited awareness. We try to judge from our worthiness and our human instinct to be jealous just because someone else can be saved just before they die. We can’t help use corporal time to feel upset that someone just jump the linear time in front of us to get to heaven.

  402. I saw interesting chatter in Twitter that one reason the Nets hasn’t applied for DPE (Disabled Player Exception) for JLin is because they might still have hope to trade him. But this does not make sense since no teams would want to trade for an injured Lin with him having player option for next season.

    But for JLin’s chance to go to the Suns if Nets decide to shop him, I don’t know what the Nets can get from the Suns. A draft pick or a currently injured Brandon Knight with worse torn ACL injury?

    IMO the Suns owner and GM is in worse condition than Brooklyn Nets at the moment so I don’t wish JLin to come to the Suns even if it means you and I can enjoy watching more JLin in person 🙂 It’s clear that the Nets have more chance to reach the playoff than the Suns in the next few years due to weaker Eastern Conference.

    As much as I like watching JLin more often as a Suns, I would feel bad for his career being stranded in the desert. Figuratively and literally speaking.

    As of now, I have a non-scientific guess of 60% chance JLin will stay as a Net to help them as a startup simply due to Joe Tsai’s recent purchase. There’s simply too much money left on the table from marketing JLin and the Nets in Asia if they trade Lin.

  403. Even many Christians that I know struggle with the concept of forgiveness, even if they have chosen to receive forgiveness from Christ by becoming a Christian. It’s especially difficult if they receive childhood trauma and it can be a lifelong journey. It is a difficult issue to conquer due to our human nature to seek justice. I observe it is only possible with the help of God himself if the person wants to.

    From JLin’s journey, I remember the time that JLin met with the ESPN writer after the controversy of “ch***” headline. He was young but was willing to give the benefit of the doubt and forgive the writer. It was very admirable that he sought reconciliation being as young as he was. That’s probably why more and more people are drawn to his good character. JLin is definitely a good role model for children and adults. I’m so glad we have someone like JLin in our lifetime.

  404. Lin’s such a great player, he will thrive on any NBA team.

    Of all the players in the NBA, he’s the one guy I don’t worry about when it comes to joining a new team.

    As far as the playoffs go, it really doesn’t matter what team Lin joins. As long as Lin stays injury free and isn’t artificially benched behind nonperforming G leaguers, his teams are always capable of making the playoffs.

    Joe Tsai has no control over personnel decisions. Marks will make every effort to trade Lin as a salary dump, as Marks feels the Nets are better off without Lin than with Lin. No NBA has ever made a roster move made on financial considerations, and Lin has never kept the same role with the same team or has signed a new contract with the same team. The Nets 100% will be no different.

    In fact, I expect Marks to work EXTRA HARD to eliminate Lin next season.

  405. Like all NBA front office guys, Marks talks big but acts completely differently.

  406. I actually LIKE my “original sin”.

    In my daily living, I struggle with being perfect because I’m NOT perfect.

    When people tell me that life is perfect in heaven, I feel UNWORTHY because I know how many mistakes I constantly make in real life.

    The way I live my life now, I don’t belong in heaven and would not be able to stay there long because of my poor imperfect moral character and actions!

  407. Stranded in the desert?

    Hey, you and I live in Phoenix. We LIKE IT HERE!

    I deliberately picked this town because Asians are not hated. In this town where Joe Arpaio has stirred up the populace to hate Latinos, Asians don’t even register on the racial radar.

    I’ve hardly experienced any anti Asian racism in Phoenix, and it’s been so mild that I’ve laughed it off. That’s good for Lin, especially since he gets cheered here whenever he comes to town.

    The Suns are a sorry franchise that would never trade for Lin, unfortunately.

  408. When Lin comes back, he definitely be on a different team.

  409. With Lin gone, the rebuilding of Nets will take forever. This Nets needs veterans to win.

  410. The Nets have not been successful since the Jason Kidd era.

    Bad teams eject good players like Lin.

  411. Nets takes a 3 point lead with 8 secs to go on their home court.
    Every time the starters takes a big lead and the bench turns the ball over and let Wizards back to the game.
    Wizards made a 5 sec violation and couldn’t inbound the ball. Thank you Washington.

  412. Dont think Dinwiddie is that good to hold the ball and go iso. Nets need to run sets again and again and again.

  413. The +/- rating tells the whole story. Starters are all +. RHJ is the least with +8
    The bench is all negative with Jarett Allen at 0 because he gets to play more with starters.
    Dinwiddie shot 1-11 and Allen Crabbe shot 3-14 and as a team they shot 10 out of 43 from 3 point range.

  414. His secret of having less T/Os is to wait for the play to develop if not he will chuck up the shot at 3P range.
    Again the veteran DMC is the best player consistent in all areas.

  415. One thing that stands out in this game for Nets is they really share the ball.

  416. Lin will be a Net for the rest of his career IMO.

  417. Pray that Sean Marks stop making bad trades.

  418. After this game, Mozgov is going to sit at the far end of the bench. Good grief but he will get paid for 3 more years and take up the precious roster spot. Sean Marks will buy him off soon and later and admit that he has made a horrendous trade with Magic Johnson.

  419. The trade for DMC is the best ever for Nets. The team made a salary dump of Hamilton and got 2 draft choices for the best player in the team right now. He’s worth every dollar of his $14.8M.

  420. Measurements for the centers of Nets
    Tyler Zeller, 7′, 250 lbs, 7-0 wingspan, small hands
    Timofy Mozgov- 7’1″, 257 lbs 7-2 wingspan
    Jarette Allen 6’11” 234 lbs 7’5.5” wingspan
    Jahill Okafor – 6’11”, 255 pounds, 7’5” wingspan, huge hands, wide base, filled out lower body.

  421. Atkinson is not going to let it happen. Atkinson is gradually taking a bigger role in the organization and Sean Marks has to listen to him more. The foundation of Nets rebuilding is Atkinson, not Sean Marks who has yet to prove that he hasn’t don’t making bad trades.

  422. Crabbe couldn’t fit in the team smoothly. Right now he’s no better than Joe Harris.
    DLo is not even as good as Dinwiddie as the win-loss record of him as PG has shown.
    These are not franchise players that can dominate a game and help the team to win. The best they can do is to fill up their own stats. They just don’t know how to win games like veterans Lin and DMC do.

  423. Atkinson wouldn’t let him play if he hasn’t bought in the team culture. This is the first thing big Jah needs to learn.

  424. DLo can score. If he plays with Lin, his weaknesses won’ t be exposed.

  425. With Jeremy, it won’t be a problem. Without Jeremy, these lottery picks would ruin the team chemistry.

  426. They need to allow Lin put up impressive stats first. Once allowing it to happen, Linsanity will take over and dominates. Trading Lin away will be silly and the backslash will be SO big that the risk would be out of control.

  427. You needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit after baptism to not sin.

  428. Sean Marks has made a $48M mistake. The worst part of the trades is they allow a salary dump of this scale plus a first rounder and their star center that fits well with the team. There is no covering up for such a glaringly obvious mistake. Nets couldn’t afford risk of such a scale.

    Let’s compare to DMC’s contract, the risk is only $30M and the team got two draft choices and a $3M salary dump of Justin Hamilton. So actually they are paying $27M to DMC for 2 years with two draft choices in return. DMC fits right in the Nets system that DLo and Mozgov don’t.

    Now with the trade of Booker, Nets acquires two players plus a draft choice. This is an improvement but not without expenses. Today, we saw the impact to the team without T Booker. Nets could have won this game by landslide rather than by whisker.

    Could big Jah and Nik fit into the system? Not sure. But a 2nd rounder is real and the risk is minimal. The beauty of the trade is Sixers wants to give these two only to the worst teams in their conference. Teams of the Western Conference aren’t interested in these 2.

  429. At least he’s willing. Atkinson will make something out of him. That I’m sure. I’m not so sure about big Jah because he has had such a lottery pick package on his back.

  430. Trevor Booker in the first game of being a sixer scored 6 out of 8, 12 points, collected 5 rebounds, made 5 assists 2 steals and 1 block with no turnover +8 rating, the best from the bench. He played 20 minutes.

  431. I hope so!

  432. Okafor does not have attitude problems.

    He’s a solid young player who will contribute well as a team player.

  433. I didn’t like Booker as a physically overmatched Nets starter, and neither did Atkinson.

    But as a reserve, Booker is one of the best in the NBA.

  434. I’m not crazy about the Carroll trade for these reasons, though he indeed has played well:

    1) Caris Levert would now be the starting SF, playing 30+ mpg

    2) Justin Hamilton was a solid backup center who was set to have a breakout year. He was essentially a rookie last season, and he performed the way a typical lottery pick rookie big man would have

    3) At the whopping $15 million Carroll is being paid, that money could have been spent elsewhere in better ways.

  435. Marks regards Lin strictly as an assistant coach whose sole role is to tutor the young players in positive culture.

    Since Lin has already done that, Marks views Lin as expendable.

    Atkinson is a Lin fan, but he’s already handed the PG position over to Russell and doesn’t like using Lin as a starting 2.

    The Nets consider themselves set at PG with Dinwiddie and Russell. They also consider themselves set at SG with Crabbe and Stauskas and Levert. There’s no roster room left for Lin, plus the Nets trade away all of their contract year veteran players in salary dumps.

    Lin is a GONER.

  436. If Atkinson were that believing in Lin, then Atkinson would have never handed the PG position over to the undeservinng Russell in the first place.

  437. I don’t want to not sin.

    I don’t want to be the sinless guy throwing stones at the woman who committed adultery. I don’t like to throw stones at people.

    Some of the BIGGEST SINNERS AND MOST EVIL PEOPLE I know are those who have received the Baptism and claim they are filled with the Holy Spirit. They even use God’s name as a cover to sanction their wrongdoing. If THAT is “not sinning”, then I DON’T WANT IT.

    So many times in life, I’ve been punished for sins that were artificially created and put on me by other people trying to inflict pain and suffering on me. I committed tons of mortal sins by LASHING BACK AT THEM, and I ENJOYED IT.

    If that sends me to hell, SO BE IT. I’d rather go to hell with my free will and my FISTS RAISED then go to heaven cowering amongst those “judges” with my fists severed. I’d end up back in hell probably after two seconds anyway.

  438. In God we trust, in PEOPLE I absolutely do not.

  439. The only good thing about the Mozgov trade is that it convinced Sean Marks to get a stud center like Okafor who actually can physically compete as a legitimate NBA starting center.

  440. I really like the Okafor trade.

    To me, that’s a huge heist that blunts the severe damage done by this summer’s TERRIBLE trades.

    Unlike anybody else, I believe that the center position is more important than ever.

    The Nets started this season struggling with Mozgov being completely worthless on the court. But then Kenny Atkinson came to his senses and started Tyler Zeller instead of Mozgov. The thing is that Tyler Zeller isn’t all that good, but at least he provided legitimate NBA center production in a way Mozgov hasn’t since his Cavs days. Benching the useless Mozgov and freeing Zeller has improved the Nets.

    Now the Nets add Jahlil Okafor who is one of the best young centers in basketball. I don’t regard him as any less talented than the new crop of good centers: Porzingis, Towns, Drummond, Embiid.

    In Okafor, the Nets finally have a legitimate player to build around once Lin is ejected off the Nets next season.

  441. actually that was booker’s 3rd game with the 6ers; he’s averaging 13+ points and 7+ rebounds in 21 minutes (about the same minutes he got in brooklyn)–small sample size but only 9 players on season at his position (pf) with those numbers on the season (all of which starters with many more minutes); also surprised at the amount of minutes he’s getting in a crowded 6ers front court–even accounting for the uncertain availability of embid he seems to at least for the moment moved past a. johnson and tlc in the rotation.

  442. Looks at the expression on his face. He wants to play right away without knowing what the defense and the offense like in Nets. Nets won this game by its defense. In the last 4 games, Nets defense has been excellent. The 5 secs violation that they got Wizards into was nothing short of amazing
    Jahil Okafor needs to put up effort to work himself in. It’s not that easy to fit into Nets now.

    Nets showcase new lockdown defense in team-effort win (Brian Lewis)
    The Nets had been 28th in the NBA — third-worst — in defensive efficiency through Nov. 24. But in the next seven games they’d vaulted to fourth, and since the calendar flipped to December they had led the league at 99.4.

  443. I have seen DMC playing against LeBron James this season, it’s nothing short of being gritty and effective. He was the reason that Nets won the game in the final secs. He is the anchorage of team defense in Nets now.

  444. WOW How can he find the time to play that many games? Yes you are right and he is absolutely brilliant making impact in all facets of the game.

  445. Agree on both Phoenix is good to live and Suns is a sorry franchise 🙂
    Sarver should be forced to sell the team. He’s just content to sell tickets without investing in the team for the long term.

  446. Atkinson gets many others to play the PG, LeVert, Whitehead etc. In fact, Atkinson wants everyone to share the ball and assist others.

  447. Offensive – not at all! Not saying much these days as Lin is not around!

    Sadly I did not meet Lin in Iceland … but liked he played B.B. a bit with an Icelandic youth national team player he met in a shop. Told me a lot about Lin’s great character and personality.

  448. Rewatching Lin’s highlight from the first game of the year. I really hope he is also includes high impact training, such as jump training to condition his body. Last year, people mentioned is lack of vertical height when Lin would do layups, which was due to his injuries. I haven’t seen Lin jump as High as he did in the first game of this year. I hope he adds jump conditioning. The irony of training is pushing your body to your limits in athletics so when it’s time to perform, it doesn’t feel half as bad as doing the training sessions. Just my 2 cents.


  449. At least you would have a good reason to watch them. Lin and Booker. They would be the best combination with Phoenix since Nass and Stoudemire!

  450. Talking about bad trade, we are going to see the result of one of the worst today. The Thunder is going to Indiana to be whipped for its mistake.

    Paul George for Victor Oladipo and forward Domantas Sabonis.

    Currently Paul George is playing with PER 17.42 (88th) the third on the team behind Steven Adams and Russell Westbrook. RPM is 3,55 (20th)
    Victor Oladpio PER 23.53 (20th) RPM 4.36 (12th) Domantas Sabonis PER 18.85(62nd) RPM -0.71 (184th)

    Indiana is 16-11 5th seeded in Eastern Conference.
    The Thunder is 12-14 9th in Western Conference.

    Domantas Sabonis (C) is still on his rookie contract shooting 54% overall 45.5% from downtown. 12 pts per game 8.5 rebounds 2.1 assists 2.0 TOs
    Victor Oladpio (SG) 24.5 pts per game shooting at 48.5% overall 44.4% 3P% 5.3 Rebs 4.0 assists 1.1 BLk 1.8 steals 3.3 TOs
    Both players takes a quantum jump in their performance after playing under Westbrook in OKC, the most overrated player in NBA.

  451. The bad thing is they still have to pay Mozgov $48M for his 3 years service including this year.

  452. The partnership between Marks and Atkinson keeps moving forward. When Lin went down last year, the Nets were horrible, going 1-37(?) with Brooks. My faith in them has proven to be well deserved. The trade of Brooks for Mozgov and Russel has been a gamble for future assets but the Nets have already surpassed last year’s record without Lin and those players.

    As armchair quarterbacks, we can be 20/20 rear vision. Real life however doesn’t allow for hesitation. In sports, winners often must take the chance to be great. Without being brave, you will become losers like Sixers. That Franchise put a spin on for losing and called it team building. In fact it was nothing more than chokers and cowards hiding behind fear of not being good enough. They plan and plan and make believe that one day they hit a jackpot player that will save them from themselves.

    Marks and Atkinson made this team out of nothing. One helps the other and the other helps help to make it happen. It’s an art not science. Mistakes happen and great people make those mistakes into beautiful works of art. Jazz musicians love mistakes as do great painters. Bad artist and musicians fear them because they don’t have the talent to work them out.

    What we see with the Nets is a team willing to be brave and dare to fail. Teams with people like that have what it takes to be great. We are seeing only the first taste of greatness to come.

  453. You can put your philosophy and apply to all teams be this the elite or the bottom dweller of the league. Some even take forever to learn.

  454. I was at game yesterday. I saw no jlin jerseys at all but some russell ones and a few dinwiddie. Looks like jlin is a forgotten man… i would not be surprised if he is a net next year or even plays for another team… it was fun but no lin, not that fun…

  455. Great post. I would put it as feature post on top of the page and I’d even name it ” La la land”.

  456. How many Lin fans are here? Pretty much a forgotten man here as well.

    It is what it is.

  457. There are things that I can’t forget and it should be atoned and not ignored because the damage is irreparable. How can you say that you’re going to lead with such a record? Taking him in does not make sense.
    First Take discussing D’Angelo Russell recording Nick Young.

  458. Well, thats bc hes not playing right now…

  459. I said this years ago but easy to say in hindsight as well… he shouldve leveraged his power at the height of his popularity to force refs to make the calls… instead of playing mr. Too nice guy all the time… he should have wielded his power wisely…

  460. Except he didn’t have the power. That star treatment comes from 4-5 year max contracts that Lin does not have.

  461. The most important thing is for Lin to play healthy again. Whether Nets will legitimately build around or keep him isn’t something he can control.

    Lin has mostly 1 or half a season to prove himself for Nets or his next big contract.

  462. Of course, Lin is out for the entire season. Surely fans won’t spend money to watch games if he’s not there.

  463. I don’t know if JLin is forgotten here because people still check in. Since he is not playing not anything to write about. Some little news about his rehab, which is pretty boring, and a little about his personal life, which, since he not sexually harrassing any women, molesting children or making up “news” stories is also pretty boring. However I think JLin’s fans here view him as a special person so still check in here. I still think he has a ways to go in basketball and will write his second chapter upon his return. Even if he were not able to return I don’t feel sorry for him as he has been very successful, basketball-wise IMO and financially he is a multi-millionaire. But because he is a Christian and he feels God has more purpose for him I think there is more to come. Were it not for JLin I would be done with basketball as I am will all pro sports. I think he will be with BRKLN because of KA and because of the new Chinese ownership. No matter that they do not run the team or have great influence they do have some influence simply because of the amount of money they will have invested and that gives them a voice at the table. And it is obvious to me that a Chinese face in the NBA is important to their long range marketing plans in China. Sean Marks may want to get rid of JLin (which would be a big mistake) but JLin will be in BKLN for a long time. But JLin’s biggest skill is the ability to make those around him much better than they are and if can just be put into the right situation then his light will shine and shine on those around him. Personally I would really like to see JLin in a Knicks uniform playing in MSG. It is the perfect venue for him and the chemistry between he and the very knowledeable MSG fans would be dynamite. But as long as they have that buffoon owner JLin can never be a NYK again.

  464. But Mozgov plays little and DLO has not played at all recently so all of the winning has been done with other players. That being the case how good would BKLN be now with Brook and if they had chosen Kyle Kuzma with their draft pick? I have heard it said that Marks will do a salary dump of JLin next year. Why would he do that after picking up the horrible contract of Mozgov and taking on the unknown in DLO? Mozgov/DLo for Brook and possibly Kuzma was just plain bad

  465. Except that JLin can make Okafor much better than he is so. I think if JLin likes the team next year he will opt in and if Marks can keep from trading him before the trading deadline JLin will prove himself indispensible to the team and the minority Chinese ownership may insist on JLin remaining with the team.

  466. JLin is in his prime and going to a bad, directionless team like Phoenix would be wasting his time. If it weren’t for the obtsacle Kemba Walker presents (and Coach Steve Clifford) Charlotte would be an interesting place.

  467. Jlin made his reputation as being a PG who ran the team. Why is it that everyone, KA included, try to make him into something else other than what he has proven be a genius at? Every time JLin has been the PG running the team great things happen: with Houston against SAS and other games; with Charlotte against Cleveland, SAS, Celtics and in the playoffs against Miami. Whenever he runs the team the team wins. What is it with coaches? (except MDA)

  468. That’s too bad but understandable. That’s why there was some concern here that, since Lin is rehabbing in Vancouver, he won’t even be seen on the sidelines with his team.

    Hoping for the best for next season. If he’s healthy, I think all the fans will be back.

    Did you wear your Lin jersey to the game? 😉

  469. If he stays healthy for next year and starts for BKLN then I believe he plays himself into a new 3 year big contract in BKLN. He will then be 34-35 and can then play the valuable 6th man role for a couple of years. With some help there is the potential to win 2 championships. What can screw this up are the overpriced contracts of Mozgov and Crabbe.

  470. As far as Knicks are concerned, afraid that ship has sailed. Really really too bad.

    –“Were it not for JLin I would be done with basketball as I am will all pro sports.”
    Same here.

    I think if Lin is healthy and leads the team to wins, a lot of things will take care of themselves with the Nets.

  471. He never had any true power. The height of Linsanity was only a few weeks.

    Unfortunately, after that, it was Houston and LA. What popularity? What power?

  472. About the 76ers. Are you referring to Sam Hinkie, Daryl Morey’s disciple? Or Bryan Colangelo? if Embiid and Simmons were not injured, the 76ers would have been a year or two ahead in their rebuild.

    They are not doing too badly for a young team in their first real year of playing together. The talent pieces are there. And right now, wise enough to play vets like Redick and Booker.

  473. I am here because JLin is someone to cheer for in the pit known as pro sports. Even if I were not Asian I would follow this story. I still go online sometimes to look at the Linsanity videos and some of the Houston and Charlotte videos (never the Lakers though) for some inspiration. Linsanity is one of, if not the, greatest sports stories ever because of how it united basketball aficionados and fans and confounded pro players, coaches and administrators. The only thing to equal Linsanity will be a sequel. I know JLin can never return to MSG again but I sure would like to see him spend a couple of seasons with MDA.

  474. You know, when I was still bothering with Nets Daily before, they all assumed that the Pacers will be bad because they lost Paul George. They were eager to get that Indiana draft pick.

    When the Nets were playing the Pacers that first game. Before the tragedy at the end. I remember thinking that the Pacers will be pretty good. Their roster has talent.

    Even though they lost to OKC tonight, I don’t think they will miss PG13 at all.

  475. Good article by Brian Lewis.

    I’m not as convinced as KHuang, that Okafor does not have attitude problems. But let’s hope not. Let’s hope the coaches and the locker-room will get him in shape, in more ways than one.

  476. I agree that the center position is important, but in today’s NBA, it looks like it’s no longer the focus of the teams that are winning. Rim protection is still important on the defensive end. Offensively? Not so much. Maybe some highlight dunks.

    We’ve all seen that sometimes, it’s not the talent. It’s the fit. I haven’t seen enough of Okafor to have an opinion. Does Okafor fit the Nets? I’m hearing not.

    IMO, TZeller and JAllen are good fits.

  477. Once DMC re-establishes his value, watch Sean Marks trade DMC too.

    I’m not trusting Marks too much these days.

  478. Agree. I really like Dinwiddie and how far he has improved and helped the Nets win.

    He still hustles and plays hard. But these last few games, especially at end of games, SD seems to be calling more plays for himself, pounding the ball until the shot clock runs down. A lot less ball movement compared to the first 40 minutes of the games.

    Hope the coaches are going to help him get through this minor regression.

  479. Have only been to Phoenix and Scottsdale on vacation, and for conferences.
    From that perspective, really enjoyed the area. Didn’t look or feel like a city. Food in Chinatown wasn’t bad at all. How do you natives rate the food?

    When the Nets played the Suns, it seemed like there was talent there. Maybe the new coach will help. But it doesn’t seem like the place for Lin. (Even though it will be closer to Calif.)

  480. Totally agree with first paragraph.

  481. Wait, I’m confused. I thought you don’t think Okafor and Russell have attitude problems?

  482. I’m not bashing Kenny. I sincerely believe that he’s truly Lin’s best supporter right now. (Maybe Joe Tsai.) But, af all people, KA should know what Lin’s strengths are. So, I agree with you. I don’t get it either.

    For instance, KA has no problem running pick-n-rolls this year with Zeller and with Jarrett Allen. Last year, Lin with Lopez? Not much at all. Only a little bit with Booker. Was it because Lopez was not so good at it? I don’t know.

  483. This is going to be an essay. If you read this, hope you are sitting down. 🙂

    You raise interesting points. The comment has so many different and intense themes.

    First, I do not have a Christian background. Through following Lin, I have learned a little bit more. But, as such, I cannot speak to how Christian values and processes apply to sports. I will leave that to your knowledge and wisdom.

    I agree with your second paragraph, to some extent. I think FANS build up and idolize athletes. And then knock them down with “what have you done lately” mentality. I do agree that the media is complicit in their coverage and analyses. Pandering to the lowest common denominator of fans.

    However, I must disagree with the first paragraph. Parents, coaches, and players themselves, are just as guilty of buying into the hype. These players were given every advantage and chance to succeed. High expectations come with the territory. Having been lauded, praised, and catered to, it’s no wonder that these athletes become self-centered. That they develop the sense of entitlement.

    Unfortunately, by making excuses for them, isn’t that just encouraging and enabling the wrong attitude? They were coddled and empowered because of their talent. Yet, if there is any adversity, they have to “lash out with frustration”? IMO, that’s not a winning attitude. To me, that’s whining. That’s about only “me me me”.

    “When you have no way to win after being used to winning….” But all high draft picks end up playing for the worst teams in the league. Losing is the norm in those first few years. The draftees should know this, and not be surprised. Unless they think they could save franchises all by themselves?

    How about a different, but kinda same, example. Carmelo Anthony claimed to want to win. But we’ve seen evidence of his lack of humility. He wanted to be “the man”, and get the sole glory of winning. He was unwilling to share that glory, at least not with an undrafted off-the-bench Asian kid.

    I don’t live in the NBA world. No special insight. Just a casual observer of the NBA political agendas. From the perspective of a Lin-only-fan.

    Truth is, I haven’t seen much of Okafor’s game. Just what I’ve read. About his playing style, which doesn’t seem to fit Atkinson’s system. About his off-court issues. Also his resentment at the Lakers not drafting him. And then the 76ers not playing him.

    ACBC, I think you have mentioned that you are a tennis coach. Which probably gives you a unique perspective on individual athletes and their competitiveness. You seem to have more compassion and understanding about what star athletes go through.

    But IMO, individual talent and glory do not necessarily translate into wins. IMO, winning in basketball requires unselfishness, with teammates helping each other succeed.

    So, to the contrary, I’m afraid I have little patience or sympathy for those players who think they are automatically entitled to starts and minutes. Compare Okafor’s treatment to Lin’s treatment. No, I don’t think life is so tough for the high draft picks in the NBA after all.

    But, LET ME REPEAT. As a new player, with the change in scenery, I will give Okafor benefit of the doubt for improvement.

    If any of these players DO learn to play as part of a team, respect their teammates, and manage some humility, then that’s fantastic!

    And if they can help LIN WIN, even better! I will for sure give them the deserved props!

  484. Yes, no question that athletes are held up to be models and heroes. They have special talents that not everyone can have. If the athletes succeed, and then use their fame, and their platforms to help inspire and make society better, then all kudos to them.

    Yes. Just what JLin is doing now. A most unique person.

  485. And TZeller? I like Zeller too……

  486. Well, gee, if we go that route, then my list just got even longer, haha!

  487. Yes, there were quite a few fun videos and pictures from their connection in Iceland!
    Yes, that’s why we are all fans of Lin. 🙂

  488. We know Crabbe can play even he is paid a lot. As to Mozgov, I’m afraid that he needs to change his game and it aint easy.
    Lin and Russell are totally different. With Lin as a glue guy, Russell won’t be a problem. Without Lin, Russell will have a hard time to play as the leader and the team simply could not play at its potential.
    Here is another video about DLo and I think it makes tons of sense.

  489. They surely don’t. The team is young and is loaded with talents.

    They have our Bojan Bogdanovic being signed $10.5M shooting 42.4% at 3s.
    Darren Collison is currently paid $10M for this season really playing well as the PG.
    They have Big Al down low being paid $9.8M with a PER of 21.81

    Arranged in the order of PER, they have
    Victor Oladpio ranked 21 at 22.86
    Domantas Sabonis ranked 61 in the league at 18.67
    Myles Turner ranked 82 at 17.57
    Darren Collison is ranked 87 at 17.32
    Thaddeus Young is ranked 121 at 15.76
    Bojan Bogdanovic is ranked 178 at 13.93
    Lance Stephenson is ranked 217 at 12.46
    Cory Joseph is ranked 230 at 11.80

  490. Sean Marks can trade his parents if he wants but not DMC.

  491. He had enormous leverage during and after Linsanity. He singelehandedly caused an increase (and decrease) of msg stock. I live in NYC. At that time, Lin jerseys were everywhere especially kids wearing them and his picture was literally everywhere. Coupled with a growing and wealtjy asian american fambase and fans from asia (not just taiwan), he could have easily swung his stick around. But he chose a different path.

  492. See above. You forget that he was a gignatic anomaly, in addition to being a grrat player.

  493. Nicely written.

  494. No! I forgot! I came feom work so i had to rush there… i wear it though openly and proudly on the weekends 🙂

  495. Things happen for a reason. This time, Sixers really take that to OK4
    Let’s see what happen in 2015
    Jahlil Okafor Drops His Jersey, Philly Fans Lose Their Minds

  496. Its funny that i know you dont have to be a lin fan if you are asian, but almost all the asian people i saw with jerseys had someone elses. When clips of him talkimg or playing came on the megatron, it almost felt like they were embarrassed to acknowledge or cheer. I mean come on. You gotta support him, given the nba’s utterly ugly step child treatment of him and our societys current racist attitudes and history against asians and asian AMERICANS.

  497. Power ON THE COURT.

    For Lin’s entire career, he has been one of the top 5 dominant players in the entire NBA.

    Lin’s coaches hate his race, the American racist media always tries to trash him, and the NBA doesn’t want him because he’s considered an unwanted Asian foreigner despite his American citizenship. But those things have no impact on Lin’s actual ability to impact games when he is on the court. Even Lin being frozen out by racist coaches doesn’t prevent him from performing like a HALL OF FAMER.

    Linsanity never ended for me.

  498. It is IRRESPONSIBLE to blame ONLY Brook Lopez for the Nets’ failures.

    You pretend that Greivis Vasquez didn’t go down, that the Nets had an entire team of rookies other than the career sub Booker, that Atkinson wasn’t in his first year, that Lopez and Lin did not perform 0.500 ball despite having horrible worthless players like Randy Foye STARTING.

    I am a huge Brook Lopez fan, just as much as I dislike your useless boy Mozgov who who claimed was gonna be a stud for the Nets.

  499. I didn’t post about it, but I knew that the Pacers Thunder trade would dramatically help the Pacers and badly hurt the Thunder.

    The Thunder’s true strength wasn’t the NBA’s most selfish ballhog in MVP Russell Westbrook. No, it was their POWERFUL FRONT LINE that was as bruising and as big as any in the NBA. Add the super athletic Oladipo to that and no wonder OKC was a playoff team DESPITE Westbrook’s loser selfishness. And then OKC lost Taj Gibson (one of the NBA’s best power forwards) AND 7 foot reserve center Enes Kanter who is now starting for the Knicks. OKC basically lost its entire front line other than Steven Adams.

    Well, Oladipo (one of the few guys I’ve continually cited as being able to athletically match up against Lin straight up) and Sabonis are playing extremely well, Oladipo like an All Star. Meanwhile OKC gets battered on both ends of the court without their dominant size inside to rebound and defend.

  500. Jahlil Okafor will be a terrific Net – I’ve been writing that since the trade was executed.

    Since this summer, I have written on this forum that I’m not worried about Russell’s attitude or effort or teamwork. So far, I’ve found him to be terrific in those ways. But his SLOW FEET and LACK OF EXPLOSIVENESS, those cannot be erased by any amount of good coaching or positive attitude.

  501. The most important thing for Lin is to exercise his $12 million player option so that he gets PAID even if his body can no longer withstand the race based selective ref cheating of NBA competition.

  502. I would rate Lin’s chances of getting a new contract from the Nets as 0.00000%.

    I would rate Lin’s chance of being allowed to play again for the Nets as about 10%, and only as TRADE BAIT in a salary dump.

  503. I watched part of the Houston Charlotte game last night.

    As is always the case whenever I watch nonLin games, I could not believe how SOFT the players were and how many CALLS players got.

    When Lin plays, he gets constantly hit and hacked like no player in the NBA ever has. He rarely gets shooting fouls, and the racist refs also try to phantom foul him out of games.

    The intensity of defenses against Lin is like Game 7 of the NBA Finals, even in preseason. Teams guard Lin like he’s the MVP of the league, never with just one player and with sophisticated traps.

    A guy like Chris Paul is SO SOFT and SO UNGUARDED compared to Jeremy Lin.

  504. Crabbe UTTERLY STINKS.

    His defense is just as bad as it has been the last few seasons where he has been one of the utterly worst defenders in the NBA.

    At $19 million,
    Crabbe needs to produce more than the 12 ppg he’s putting up. Sean Kilpatrick at $1 million put up more than that in less minutes, as did Jeremy Lin.

    Crabbe has been a MONUMENTAL BUST for the Nets. There is absolutely nothing redeeming in his game.

  505. OF COURSE Lin WON’T be a Net next season.

    They’ll dump his $12 million either by trading or waiving him – and Joe Tsai can’t do anything about it.

    The Nets’ grand plan has been to use Lin solely to tutor their young players and then eliminate Lin off their roster. The plan was actually STALLED by Lin’s injuries the last few seasons.

  506. Any novice NBA fan can see that Lin was sent AWAY by the Nets in order to distance him from the team – a move that I openly predicted on this forum this summer when Lin was still

  507. Asian Americans, for the most part, distance themselves from Asian culture.

  508. Pfft, there’s TONS to write about.

    For a cynical veteran NBA fan like me who has endured too many years of watching bad pro basketball, Lin has been a welcome breath of fresh air because he PLAYS THE RIGHT WAY.

    The absence of Lin is just as fascinating to me as Lin himself playing, especially since Lin’s one of the few players in the entire league that singlehandedly shifts playoff seedings whenever he changes teams and is healthy.

  509. See, this is why we show up to this site. It’s fun to speculate and then see what happens. I don’t trust Sean Marks judgement when it comes to JLin and how to build a team. The emphasis on “youth” and not “talent” misleads his decision making. When JLin comes back and if he can remain healthy he can regain some leverage and then it will be interesting to see how JLin manages himself. I think he has gotten valuable experience on how the NBA works and how to manage himself into the best situation for himself. He has proven himself to be highly intelligent in learning the NBA, witness leveraging his one season in Charlotte into the contract with BKLN to be a starter with a coach who at least knew him (or professed to). It is such an interesting story to watch unfold, one of the best unrecognized players in the NBA looking to put himself into the surprising position of helping a thus unsuspecting team become and NBA champion. The current coach of Charlotte, Steve Silas, was an ally, friend and believer in JLin. JLin back in Charlotte without Clifford and in a city that was friendly to him would be interesting (though I don’t like the owner). But if JLin can come back next season, with Joe Tsai and JLin in New York maybe it will be Sean Marks gone.

  510. Like all Spurs personnel, Marks is ANTI LIN.

    His whole GM focus has been on only one thing: eliminating Lin.

    Kenny Atkinson bullied Marks into signing Lin. Marks would have rather had other players than Lin, but there were no available starting point guards on the market who would join the Nets. Since then, Marks has made every single move in an effort to RACE REPLACE Lin.

    Marks views Lin’s sole value as being an assistant coach to tutor the Nets how to be professional. In Marks’ eyes, Lin’s already done that and so LIN MUST GO.

  511. Marks will stay and Lin will be gone.

    Russian ownership still controls the team – and Russians in general HATE ASIANS. Doesn’t matter that Joe Tsai and Lin are now Nets. Tsai is a minority owner anyway, he has NO POWER.

    The Nets have made all of their moves to race replace Lin. It’s just a matter of time before Lin is ejected off the Nets.

    I’m not worried about Lin, though. He can go to any team in the NBA and contribute a ton if he’s allowed to. From a sheer basketball
    standpoint, Lin will easily survive but the Nets will not.

  512. Nets won’t play him a lot. Big Jah is going to be trained to play basketball that Nets do. That will take time; close to 4 months. He may play a few games here and there but he won’t be a factor until he signs a 2 years or more contract with the Nets.

  513. I wouldn’t go as far as thinking the Nets sent Lin away to Vancouver to exclude him.

    If anything, it reflects badly to Sean Marks as a GM because it is an admission that his Nets performance team cannot rehabilitate Lin 100% after 1.5 seasons.

    I think Lin’s camp requested the rehab with Nash’s old physiotherapist after talking with Nash and since Marks and Nash were good friends being Suns ex-teammates, he was open to the idea.

    Marks might be thinking he needs Lin to be 100% next season, whether to help the team or as a valuable trade asset.

    If Lin can’t be 100%, he and the Nets performance team is free of 100% responsibility. So it makes sense for him as a GM to approve the decision for Lin to try a different (but proven) method after Lin spends 1.5 out of 2 seasons injured as a Nets.

  514. I think he will be with BRKLN because of KA and because of the new Chinese ownership.

    You summarized it well.

    Were it not for Joe Tsai’s becoming an owner, trying to make the Nets brand popular in Asia, and declaring his favorite player is JLin, I think it’s very likely that the Nets will try to trade away JLin’s expiring contract next season.

    I was thinking of 75% chance. But after Joe Tsai’s purchase, it might go down to 10% chance.

    But that’s purely my gut feeling based on what Joe Tsai said to Bill Walton and his wife. I mean, Joe openly admitted JLin is his favorite player. At least he would fight very hard to keep his favorite player in his team, right? I know I would if I own any parts of NBA team ?

  515. Did you buy the game ticket before Lin was injured? Or maybe the tickets have become cheaper when Lin is not playing? 🙂

    One thing for sure is JLin would play as a Nets for half season because if he doesn’t play, Sean Marks can’t get good trade assets for him 🙂 If he plays like an All-Star, he would be so popular in China that Joe Tsai insists to Sean that he can’t trade him. Let’s hope so

  516. ? What is most impressive about Lin is his humility.

    It is very rare to see athletes who have tasted fame but is still grounded and treat others respectfully like a normal person. That’s why people love him. Most athletes think regular people are beneath them and they serve as the worst role model for kids.

  517. Food is quite good. Getting better all the time since more people from CA moved to open good restaurants. But traffic is definitely heaven compared to CA lol. People complain when it takes 30 minutes to get somewhere but Californians were shocked to hear that.

    Jay Triano is quite good but the GM and the owner are not good at all. If they don’t believe in Lin, it would be hard for JLin to thrive in a team. I think that applies to any NBA teams.

    After JLin’s 6 seasons in the NBA, most of us would have learned the importance of coach, GM, and owner support to a player. For now, Brooklyn Nets have the best situation for JLin. He just needs to be healthy next season.

  518. JLin ponders the mystery of contested 3s and layups of male urinals ?

  519. Warriors owner Joe Lacob could not prevent his cronies from eliminating Lin off the roster, and he owns the Warriors completely.

    Joe Tsai has NO POWER, Lin will be offed by Marks next season.

  520. Oh! Really sad if your mention becomes true.

  521. The GSW situation was different.

    Lin was a rookie and a nobody after a season when people thought he was only signed for marketing purpose. The coach and GM didn’t support him and only Lacob supported him since his son used to play with JLin.

    I think of it more as business, which is what NBA really is. JLin in 2017 is a well-proven NBA player. Not an All-Star but his Linsanity record still makes him the #3 most popular NBA player in China based on 2016/17 study.

    Phokhorov is close to finalizing 49% ownership by Joe Tsai. I’m sure he looks forward to expand the Nets to Asia to make more money. The bottom line for them is having JLin as a Nets/veteran PG to guide the young team would help them to popularize the Nets in Asia.

    I don’t think Sean Marks, Atkinson, Phokhorov, and Joe Tsai necessarily know or even believe JLin can be an All-Star or even be back 100% healthy. But his veteran leadership and desire to stay in New York, and most importantly his marketability is still a great asset for the Nets as a franchise.

    Let’s think about it this way. Even if JLin decides to retire immediately, Brooklyn Nets is still the franchise who can benefit most by having him as an assistant coach, assistant GM, the Nets ambassador to China, or even Alibaba’s sports ambassador. There is simply too much money to be make by Nets ownership by having JLin on their side.

    I could be wrong but I believe NBA is an entertainment business to make money first. And JLin is one golden goose who lays golden eggs. It’s hard to see the Nets let him go. If anything, they would offer lower salary to lock him a long-term contract so he can be the veteran PG to guide the young kids.


  522. Jeremy Lin posts tweet about urinal puddles, internet responds http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/nets/jeremy-lin-posts-tweet-urinal-puddles-internet-responds-article-1.3698674

    “Fans saw Lin’s tweet and hilariously responded.

    Some gave Lin props for the funny post while others couldn’t help but take a shot a Lin’s own shooting ability. One even threw in a comment about Stephen Curry.”

  523. Jeremy Lin posts tweet about urinal puddles, internet responds http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/nets/jeremy-lin-posts-tweet-urinal-puddles-internet-responds-article-1.3698674

    “Fans saw Lin’s tweet and hilariously responded.

    Some gave Lin props for the funny post while others couldn’t help but take a shot a Lin’s own shooting ability. One even threw in a comment about Stephen Curry.”


  524. The GSW situation was different.

    Lin was a rookie and a nobody after a season when people thought he was only signed for marketing purpose. The coach and GM didn’t support him and only Lacob supported him since his son used to play with JLin.

    I think of it more as business, which is what NBA really is. JLin in 2017 is a well-proven NBA player. Not an All-Star but his Linsanity record still makes him the #3 most popular NBA player in China based on 2016/17 study.

    Phokhorov is close to finalizing 49% ownership by Joe Tsai. I’m sure he looks forward to expand the Nets to Asia to make more money. The bottom line for them is having JLin as a Nets/veteran PG to guide the young team would help them to popularize the Nets in Asia.

    I don’t think Sean Marks, Atkinson, Phokhorov, and Joe Tsai necessarily know or even believe JLin can be an All-Star or even be back 100% healthy. But his veteran leadership and desire to stay in New York, and most importantly his marketability is still a great asset for the Nets as a franchise.

    Let’s think about it this way. Even if JLin decides to retire immediately, Brooklyn Nets is still the franchise who can benefit most by having him as an assistant coach, assistant GM, the Nets ambassador to China, or even Alibaba’s sports ambassador. There is simply too much money to be make by Nets ownership by having JLin on their side.

    I could be wrong but I believe NBA is an entertainment business to make money first. And JLin is one golden goose who lays golden eggs. It’s hard to see the Nets let him go. If anything, they would offer lower salary to lock him a long-term contract so he can be the veteran PG to guide the young kids.



    “Google decided to look into what we were searching for when it comes to celebrity hair, and let’s just say it runs the gamut.

    The top inquiry goes to Jeremy Lin, whose hairstyles, which range from man buns and mohawks to braids and dreads, have caught so much attention, GQ decided to interview the NBA player about it. Lin also took to The Players’ Tribune in October to explain what’s behind his hair choices.

    Two more men — Steph Curry (#2) and Javier Baez (#9), who are both professional athletes, as well — also make the list.”

  526. It amazes me that a simple, fun tweet for JLin can generate news articles.

    It tells us one thing: websites know they generate a lot of traffic and revenue on any Lin articles because there’s a lot of interest in Jeremy Lin.

    Being in NY also helps. He was more anonymous when he was in Charlotte.

  527. Agree.

    There are a lot of Lin fans yearning for his return and the NY media is fully aware of it. It is helpful that Lin’s team is in a large city.

  528. Agreed.

  529. Hinkie should never be given another job again. His brand of leadership is against all that is good about sports and sportsmanship.

  530. A friend had an extra ticket. It was fun but no lin, not really that fun.

  531. Without Lin, Russel or Mozgov (benched), the Nets are doing much better than Nets with Lopez. Sure we can second guess Marks now but Brooks was expiring and maybe Marks jumped too soon. What matters is that doing nothing may have been just as bad if not worst than making that trade.

    We can all complain he could’ve done better but the truth is in the stats. The Nets keep doing better!

  532. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry with this kind of number 1.

  533. Everyone should watch Kuzma, one of whom the Nets have given up for Dlo.

  534. russians hate asians? I don’t know about that.
    There are many Chinese who marries hot Russian females.

  535. well, lin chose to go to vancouver to rehab..so he is not even shown in the home games.

  536. I love your conspiracy theories.

  537. why is that

  538. To say Crabbe can play “even he is paid a lot” is saying the same thing as he is overvalued (same as Mozgov). If Russell has no value w/o JLin to support him then what is Russell’s purpose and value? Wouldn’t it be much better to dump Crabbe and his overvalued $19 M contract, keep JLin at $12 M for at least one more year to determine his true value and so they can at least get some use out of Russell and have the $7 M difference between Russell and JLin to get another good player or pay JLin another $3 M of that 7M for 3 more years and have $4 M to get another good player. This is monopoly money that is hard to relate to but it is hard to see holding onto to Crabbe when even his supporters admit he is overvalued.

  539. Maybe Latinos don’t like it so much there? Sheesh.

  540. If the Russians “hate Asians” then why did Prok take on an Asian investor (except for money). If Tsai has no power at all to go along with his investment why did he even bother? Is he that dumb? The Nets may have made moves to replace JLin and Marks may think that Russell and Crabbe are the replacements but I think KA might disagree and I don’t think Joe Tsai’s opinions and desires count for nothing. Basketball-wise JLin will do fine, it all depends on how much he is allowed to do. I just hope he does not go to a team that is going nowhere during his prime years. I think he is smarter than that and I think Prok and Tsai are also. Ditto KA. Marks I don’t know but I think he gets a little more credit than he deserves for his personnel moves. It is KA’s coaching that is making personnel decisions better than they are.

  541. Maybe it’s because you are ‘cynical’ veteran.
    you have those 1980s black vs chinese racism thoughts ingrain into your head.

  542. Lin is popular, very popular. That’s the conclusion I would draw from that.

  543. There are poorly made urinals and there are better urinals. The poorly made ones – splatter – because they aren’t well-shaped. Must be a headache for maintenance crews.

  544. Yes JLin is a veteran, but at 30 years old in the prime of his playing career assuming he recovers. Think Steve Nash and how effective he was after 30 winning 2 MVP’s. I don’t recall people saying he was on the downside until he got to the Lakers at 37. If JLin plays smarter i.e. reduces his reckless drives to the basket and acts as a managing PG who organizes his team (that is after all his greatest positive, making those around him better) then he can be great for another 5 years.

  545. The intensity against JLin started when NYK went to Miami to play at the height of Linsanity. Miami was not going to be embarrassed by JLin nor caught by surprise. The whole Miami team thugged JLin and the refs allowed it to happen. It was a sad thing, and JLin got injured too. But what really angered me was that nobody stood up and supported JLin on that NYK team, the bunch of ingrates who were nobody until JLin made them into somebody. At lot of those guys got great contracts after than season and promptly became who they were before their moments of glory during Linsanity. I remember being really angry that one of his teammates did not level Mario Chalmers or Dwaye Wade for their mugging. That game really showed who the NYK’s really were w/o JLin. Same thing in Charlotte when the refs let JLin get mugged repeatedly. One of his teammate should have taken someone on the other team out. That would have gone a lot farther than complaining about the refs. I was a little surprised that Hansbrough did not take on that duty.

  546. Popular? Yes, William Hung was very popular too.

  547. Good point. I truly hope that this Fortius mission to rebuild his body will be successful. What we still don’t know is whether the rehab process would include drills and practices that made Nash so successful to win his 2 MVPs.

    I certainly hope so because it is about time JLin needs to adjust his playing style so he can extend his NBA playing career until he is 37-39 similar to Nash’s

  548. Hansbrough wasn’t allowed on the court enough to take that role.

  549. de-fense de-fense

    when the nets hold their opponent under 110 pts they are 10-3
    when they do not they are 1-13

    additional note: this may be the first game this season (and one seemingly lin fans would be interested in as playing his “linsanity” team the knicks) when there were zero posts about the nets game. (before during or immediately after it was being played).

    i could be wrong but i dont recall it happening previously, this level of silence.

    seems to correlate with the movement of lin away from the nets to vancouver which imo was not a nets choice as suggested below but a lin choice.

  550. No it’s not.

    Lin would
    move on to a new NBA team, one that would either make room for him or waive him
    so that he can go where he is needed.

  551. You need to study Russian history and meet real life Russians as I have.

    Don’t talk garbage based off Internet BS. Go by the real behavior of real Russians, the majority of whom are very anti Asian for historical reasons.

  552. “except for money”.

    Case closed

    Tsai will learn the hard way how POWERLESS the Russians have made him.

  553. As usual, Crabbe got his butt kicked again.

    At $19 million, he is the BIGGEST BUST in the NBA.

  554. How dare you ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE!

    Crabbe is the Nets’ SAVIOUR, according to Marks and Atkinson.

  555. Shockingly STUPID TROLL post.

    You hate how I am always RIGHT.

    You Lin hate trolls are the stupidest idiots on the Web.

  556. What do you think, TROLL?

    What would a RACIST like you know about Asian Americans?

  557. When Lin first started messing with his hair, I predicted online that he would “get more attention for his hair than his game”.

    Nothing has changed and nothing will change.

  558. No it won’t.

    Okafor and Stauskas, unlike any other Net this season, actually have histories of positive NBA production.

    Stauskas probably won’t play much due to the Nets logjam at SG.

    But Okafor? He is a terrific proven NBA talent and will eventually force his way onto the court SOON.

  559. Totally INCORRECT.

    Why are you making lame excuses for the non Lopez rookies on the Nets last year getting schooled every game?

    Since when were you a Randy Foye fan, holding the worthless Foye blameless while Lopez scored his 20 points and was Top 10 in shotblocking?

  560. Your advice will make no difference.

    It’s not Lin’s
    conditioning that’s breaking him down, it’s the constant illegal NBA ref hits that make Lin the most abused player in NBA history.

    I am deeply concerned that when Lin comes back next season, the ref cheating and illegal hacking and handchecking and tackles will take Lin out again.

  561. Lacob had way more power than Tsai does and STILL Lacob couldn’t prevent his guys from eliminating Lin.

    The NBA, particularly a Russian owned team like the Nets, does not give a hoot about Lin’s popularity. If they did, they never would have RACE REPLACED Lin at the guard positions this offseason.

    The Russians were very careful to not let Tsai get full control
    of the Nets. They’ll exploit Tsai’s money, but they’ll
    do everything in their power to prevent Tsai from
    promoting Lin. Anybody who is aware of Russian vs Asian business is aware of this.

  562. Nash wasn’t the NBA’s most brutalized and ref cheated player like Lin is.

    Lin’s situation is not comparable to Nash’s.

    Nash had every team built around him, Lin had every team build him OUT of their plans. And Lin has taken far more hard hits than ANYBODY in NBA history has.

    I have always felt that Lin is a better NBA player than Nash ever was. But I also feel that Lin is more fragile than Nash, as Lin has already taken more hits than Nash did in his entire career.

  563. With the Nets, it’s not them “stopping” opponents as much as it is about weakened and hobbled opponents BEATING THEMSELVES.

    Any time the Nets face a team that isn’t missing a starter or isn’t mired in a deep slump, the Nets lose because their atrocious defense cannot stop anyone.

  564. That’s my take on Lin’s future as a Nets. Atkinson had to convince Marks to get Lin. He’s now not alone with the Chinese owner who’s a professed Lin fan and successful business man. Lin is a gold mine for getting high class product advertising.

    IMO, Lin will be a player that’s going to shuffled upstairs once his playing career is over. His smarts and business sense will help build this franchise to be the GSW of the east.

  565. lol…he didnt drop the jersey! 🙂 he left it on the table

  566. lets not throw accusation without any backing…personal opinion is fine, if you feel Marks doesnt like JL

  567. WHen you make comments like this, it makes all your other great comments much less believable.

    There’s no absolutes in Asian thinking, just as in the yin yang symbol that has a dot of good and bad in each other’s space in the circle. We think in relatives. Marks and Atkinson works with owners and players to create the right process. Life isn’t set in stone. Just because the Spurs didn’t want Lin, doesn’t make Marks a Lin hater. If he was, Lin would never have been a Net to begin with.

  568. Tsk Tsk Tsk. You are funny. No wonder why some people think you are being extreme. You are losing credibility by doing that and jumping to conclusions. tsk tsk tsk.

    You don’t even know me nor do you know what race I am. How can a Chinese be racist to a Chinese. Actually yes.. maybe an ABC can be racist against a traditional Chinese. Or a Chinese be racist towards another type of Chinese (Han vs whatever or Cantonese vs Fujianese). Or Chinese being racist to another type of Asian like Japanese or Korean. Maybe I am a troll by your definition..but if that is the case that everyone else who doesn’t agree with you is a troll. But a racist against Asian Americans without knowing the other person and just by a simple ‘why is that questions’, that make you lose credibility in what you say.

  569. So again what makes you think I’m a lin hate troll. You already lost your credibility without knowing who that person is or just by a small sample of what they ask which are neutral questions by the way.

  570. Just like you sound like you are losing credibility more and more with each and every post that you make by jumping to conclusions or saying anyone who doesn’t agree with you to being a troll.

    I don’t have to meet ‘real life’ asians. I know them. I also worked with Russians at work. Maybe the ones you are talking about are the low life and uneducated russians. But if that is the case, then that goes for all races who are uneducated including Chinese, who I think are just as racist. The more white collar ones even if they are somewhat racist knows one thing. the color green matters.

    The fact of the matter is, it is also not just about race, it’s about the looks at first. If you don’t look like them as in handsome and fits in, then you will get a more bias treatment. I have relative who looks like Aaron Kwok and he is married to a white blonde female from NY and also most of all his friends are non-asian. People treate him with respect . Maybe inside they might be racist, but no one will know. But from the action, they treat him just like other Caucasians. So does look have to do with it. yes. So I assume you probably doesn’t look as good.

    Maybe something happened to you in the past especially if you were a kid with you being Chinese and have that hatred in you, similar to how some Black people have that hatred against Whites. I have stuff happening to me when I was a kid and still have reminiscent of them now. But to your extreme no. Maybe you are much older as modern generations aren’t like those in the 70s or even 80s.

    Btw, google Sasha Chon, she is Russian and married a Korean. And go search for this Russian woman marrying a chinese miner, and you have ukrainian woman marrying a chinese guy. It’s happening out there and how knows what is the reason. So maybe you should get your head out of your 70s butt because the world changed while your head is still buried with those crp thoughts.

  571. Excellent post, even though I totally disagree.

    If Marks liked Lin, he wouldn’t have race replaced Lin with multiple guards that produce and win less than Lin does.

    Marks talks glowingly about building around Russell, but all he can do is point out that Lin is good for tutoring young guys in locker room culture. A real Lin fan wouldn’t just see Lin as a CHEERLEADER.

    Just as you are DEAD WRONG about Lopez being the ONLY reason the Nets struggled last season, you are dead wrong about Marks being a Lin fan.

    Lin’s ALREADY been replaced, you’ll see that soon enough.

  572. I have all the backing I need.

    I’ve been watching the NBA closely for too many decades to not be able to see what GMs like Marks are doing.

    Whenever a GM moves a player out of his favored starting position and hands it to an undeserving lesser player while also complimenting the new undeserving player and refusing to compliment the previous guy, it is setting the stage for ELIMINATING THE PREVIOUS PLAYER.

    Not even you can deny that the Nets have moved to replace Lin at the starting AND backup point guard AND shooting guard positions.

    Lin is a GONER, you’ll learn like everyone else will.

  573. Russians also love money.

  574. Not me. I love Asian food.

  575. It would have only taken a minute and who knows, in that one minute the thuggery might have stopped, at least while JLin was with Charlotte. If your teammates don’t support you then you are truly alone.

  576. Yep. Again, take on Mozgov at $34M for three years (?), a questionable character and limited athletic ability in DLO and no Kuzma in return for “salary dumping” Brook Lopez at $21M for only one year? Even without knowing about Kuzma or if BKLN would have drafted him that trade amounted to a net loss in paying salary of -$9M for DLO.

  577. The administrative value might be shaping up to be interesting in its own right. We have Prohorov as the controlling interest and Sean Marks as the GM. These two hold all the power at this time. On the other side, the JLin side, I see KA because he has to actually make the team function, and Joe Tsai, who though 49% owner and who hold “no power” nonetheless has made a multi-million dollar investment so “no power” has to be qualified as to exactly how little or much influence he actually has. This will be interesting to watch because it will all be over a Chinese-American basketball player with a bad knee! LOL

  578. Every player walks his own path, makes his own story. JLin will have to make his own way with whatever obstacles he must overcome in order to be successful, whether it is racism, can’t go left (!), can’t shoot 3-pointers (!) can’t defend (!). He is already successful and respected by his basketball peers as evidenced by the focus the defense always puts on him. Trash talk him all you want but this respect paid by his peers is proof that he belongs. And since it is the coaches who instruct the defense we can also assume that coaches know his true talent too. So his talent is absolutely not in question. It is the other obstacles he must figure out how to overcome and he will do so (if he can stay healthy). But I also figure he knows he has to stay healthy in order to play and if his teammates will not defend him then he must adopt a different strategy to stay successful. Using Steve Nash as an example, he used to drive through the defense all time, never giving up his dribble (like JLin) causing havoc until there was an open man. But he rarely challenged the interior defense by offering his head on a platter like JLin does. That worked for JLin during Linsanity but not now that he is a marked man.

  579. JLin is going back to New York, and rumor has it that he may appear in Nets home game vs Pacers coming Sunday night.


  580. Is he done with rehab and training already? Or is he just taking a break for Christmas holiday?

  581. FANTASTIC! It would be so good to see him back on court, even if sitting on the bench. These days we are all so glad for the little things.

    I wonder if the Nets PR will do anything to update his status, or give him some sort of promo boost on video at the game.

    hcaho, would you mind adding this post/link to the “rehab” thread also?


  582. My guess, along with some others, is that he’s taking a break for Christmas. Probably to spend time with family and friends.

    The next three games are at Barclays for the Nets. Hope he can be courtside for all three games, spend some time with teammates!

  583. BTW, NBA LEAGUE PASS will be free for the Indiana Pacers game! Good timing.

    NBA League Pass Free Preview Through December 17, 2017”

  584. it’s a good move to spend time with family and also getting to know new teammates so he can still feel to be part of the team.

  585. done

  586. Hope he can get a job!

  587. I would be happy for him!

  588. I wondered too. Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

  589. I am very happy for S. Kilpatrick since he will be playing along with the point guard, Malcom . Brodgon. The latter was a very well respected young man at the Univ. of Virginia. A very outstanding individual!

  590. well at least he has a job but hard to see him getting any more playing time than in brooklyn. will not just be playing with brogdon but now with bledsoe coming over even brogdon playing less and off the ball; then there is matthew d. injured but assumed coming back sometime and old jt and liggins–kilpatrick prolly the last man on the bench but at least in the league.

    non-drafted players as i have pointed out before dont get a lot of respect in the nba, and kilpatrick is one of the most productive non-drafted players.

    btw: sac kings with a lineup of 40 year old vince carter, george hill, garrett temple, cauley stien and koufous playing even with toronto 2day thrue half when nets were buried by toronto; nets sans lin (and of course russell and of course from last year lopez) seem to be slipping back to their mean after perhaps some over-achieving.

  591. I don’t think Lin is on the bench in the game now against Indiana. I don’t see him.

  592. I was wrong. He’s there!!!!

    I feel that good posts, which track Lin’s progress through his recovery, and then his re-joining the team, should not get lost in the game threads. It’s good to see it highlighted in the “rehab” thread.

  594. “back to their mean after perhaps some over-achieving” is great description.

    I didn’t want to be no-fun and criticize too much after wins. Wanted to give the Nets a pass. Playing in Mexico, and then back-to-backs. But, IMO, the Nets won those games against OKC and the Wizards only because those teams were also shooting poorly and beat themselves.

    Yes, individually, RHJ and Dinwiddie had career-high scores in the loss to the Knicks. But, after the bounce-back win against the Hawks, the Nets have not played well as a team.

    Without re-hashing each game since. It just feels like not enough ball movement. Shot selections were not great. Should be trying to get more open shots for the truer 3-pts shooters like Crabbe and Harris. Instead, Acy, or even Dinwiddie, would chuck these ill-advised shots. This philosophy of anyone who is open should shoot the 3-ball is getting old.

    Also, too much of pass-the-ball and then the next person just shoots it. No making the extra pass. Not enough patience and setting teammates up for better shots.

    Even though Dinwiddie’s assists are still high, and the turnovers low, it’s not enough to play it safe. He hasn’t been playmaking enough, nor creating enough opportunities for teammates. As the floor general, Dinwiddie has lost some of his “organizing” abilities from the earlier games. He needs to get back to that, and not trying to be a scorer, especially at the end of games.

    Maybe the pace, and the extra effort on defense, has finally tired them all out.

  595. I don’t always agree with you KHuang. 🙂

    But you are on point, especially as it relates to the wins against OKC and the Wiz.

    I don’t know who the defensive coach is on the Nets. But I see a lot of Nets with their hands up, just backing up from the offensive players going to the basket. I don’t see how that qualifies as defense. And, more-often-than-not, they just get the fouls called against them anyway.

    Brian Lewis form the NY Post usually writes good articles. But I disagree with him here.


  596. Speaking for myself, it’s due to this time of the year. There’s too much going on around the holidays. Gets busy.

    Also, obviously, NO LIN, not so motivated. STILL WATCHING THOUGH, just not while games are live. Watched league pass after games were over. Too late for commenting.

  597. Deep thoughts. This was hilarious! Many of the replies were just as funny. Extremely encouraging to see he hasn’t lost his silly humor.

    Too much physical rehab must have mushed up some brain cells. Really? TMI. LOL.

  598. This was very funny and much needed humor in the midst of this long rehab.

    On the other hand, it’s too bad only the funny (his hair) and controversial (Kenyon Martin) gets clicks. Wish his many philanthropic efforts, and when he was playing well on the court, got more mentions and clicks.

    But I guess that reflects how the Internet works. Oh well, any publicity is good publicity? LOL. Especially this season, so that he doesn’t become the “forgotten man”.

  599. Also posting this in “rehab” thread.
    All the JLin activities at Barclays tonight. Signing autographs, talking to teammates. Smiling. SIGHT FOR SORE EYES. Too bad no WIN for LIN.



  600. Watching Pacers game replay now.

    Pacers are playing really physical. Lance Stephenson bordering playing dirty. Joe Harris caught quite a few really hard hits. Carroll got clobbered by Stephenson on one play. And the refs were not calling them. SMH.

    Meanwhile, Nets making dumb fouls which get called. More SMH.

    Zeller is playing really well, within system. Had quite an athletic catch and make out of transition pass from Dinwiddie.

    I find that, right now, the most unselfish in terms of willing to make the extra pass are Crabbe, Harris, and LeVert.

    Crabbe was hot first quarter. 14 pts. Then sat. Came back and only scored 3 more. What the heck was that all about?

  601. They’re sorely missing the defense of JLin. The most underestimated of his talents.

  602. MUST LISTEN for more updates on JLin. Starts at 6:50 and ends at 11:20. At 12:48, SNARKY comments from the hosts about whether or not Jared and JLin watched Melo play the Knicks. Hahaha.

    Jared Zwerling is directing a net series with Jeremy for SI.com. The first episode is set to air in early January. Jared talks about meeting JLin’s grandmother, Jalen “chunkz”, and how down to earth JLin still is. But Zwerling wouldn’t give hints on what the series will be about. I’m guessing it could be about the rehab process??

    Well, if we can’t get to see Jeremy on the court, it will have to be seeing him on SI.com, off the court. SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO, Lin fans!!!!!


  603. Agreed. His defense is under-appreciated. (Except when he overhelps on the perimeter.)

    The other most under-rated talent is JLin’s court vision and his beautiful passing. Especially in transition. That pass he made to Sean Kilpatrick last year in the win over the Grizzlies was amazing. And SK was able to finish! Mike Fratello was like: “Touch-Down”!

    I enjoy his passing game highlights the most. He makes it look easy, but it’s not. It really does take talent to be precise. The ball has to be ahead of the player down court, so that he just goes straight to the basket.

    In recent games, several of the guys tried passing down court but did not deliver to the right spot. Players had to turn to catch the ball, then turn back to get to basket. That small timing difference meant that defenders can get back also, in time to even block the shots.

    Anyhow, yes, JLin’s defense is needed.

  604. Zwerling also talked about how JLin is, right now, trying to help the Nets point guards such as Spencer Dinwiddie. I hope so. I think it’s important for SD to do well, to hold the fort, until JLin comes back.

    Don’t have the time to look at advanced stats. Just using basic stats to support my observations on how SD has been playing. In the six games since the win over the Hawks, SD is 9/42 for 21% on three-pointers. He is 24/67 for 36% overall FG%. That is not good. (Even given that he may have had a couple of half-court heaves at end of quarters.) Take away the 3-pts, and he is 15/25 for 60%! Much better! I think he needs to make better shot selections.

    Has he gotten over-confident? Or are the Nets giving him the green light?

    I also had a thought about why SD doesn’t attack the basket that much, to draw the defenders away from perimeter. It looks like, even though he has a signed contract with the Nets, only $250,000 is guaranteed. He literally cannot afford to get hurt. Even though he plays with a lot of heart, it’s possible that he is trying to avoid injury.

    Hope Dinwiddie continues to improve and help the Nets win. I like him, I think he’s one of the good guys.

  605. Seems like every guard on Nets don’t attack the rim to avoid injuries. There’s really no good or bad about it, it’s called playing smarter. Better to have a full season then be like Lin and have 2 wasted seasons due to injuries. Label of injury prone is far worst than not attacking the rim. Especially nowadays with the emphasis on 3 pointers and taking jump shots, attacking the rim should be done sparingly if at all.

  606. From Brian Lewis (NY Post) today :

    Jeremy Lin, who had been rehabbing his knee injury in Vancouver, was on the bench Sunday. A source said he could be cleared to run and jump by April.

    Lin makes frequent treks to Vancouver where he works with personal trainer and Fortius Institute co-founder Rick Celebrini. General manager Sean Marks said he and the Nets are in lockstep with the point guard’s rehab process.

    “It’s three weeks up there, then he comes back here for two more weeks. It’s a detailed long-term plan we’re all in agreement on. What’s he going to do here while we’re on the road?” Marks said.

    Celebrini is the physiotherapist and head of sports medicine and science for the Vancouver Whitecaps, the MLS team co-owned by Steve Nash. He’d been the personal trainer for Nash, who was teammates with both Lin (with the Lakers 2014-15) and Marks (with the Suns from 2006-08).

    See : https://nypost.com/2017/12/18/nets-want-jahlil-okafor-in-better-shape-before-he-plays-again/

  607. Attacking the rim opens up the outside so it has great value. Remember Linsanity and how it made a star out of Steve Novak and got him his last big contract? It is also selfless to do so in order to help the team. But teams seem to beat up on JLin with impunity (1) because his teammates will not protect him (2) the refs swallow their whistles (3) the league apparently thinks it is OK to beat on Jlin. Re #1 the Nets need a Charles Oakley. This will help a ton. Re #2 JLin needs to get in the refs face, take a technical or 3 but let them know he ain’t happy. This will also get the leagues attention because it will incite JLin fans to petition the league.

  608. Sadly I think you are correct – but as I said last time hope he ends with the SUNS – then I will look forward to hear that you have purchased a season ticket!

  609. Not quite sure if he is directly “anti Lin” – think that he is more not quite buying into his previously stated aim of finding diamonds in the rough. Over payed second tier players – are not what I call diamonds in the rough.

    To me it sounds a bit like the ownership of the Nets are doing a similar development as before. Once it was players at their end of their long and fruitful carriers – now it is more players that never quite took off even they were lottery picks. That is buying names not skills. Anthony Bennett is an example… remains to be seen about others.

    What surprised me about the Nets´ management/ownership is their lack of patience. It looked to me last year that the Nets were coming together as a team. Lin and Lopez were ready to go – and then they killed that team. Not many left one year later. I like to think the 76ers patience with the process is to be recommended – note as well they have not white elephants in the room – costing them a fortune.

    I foresee next season we will see again a different team – would be surprised if we would see Harris, Carrol, Lin, Whitehead, Acy next year – if one looks at the contract 2019/2020 the only guys with contracts are Crabbe, Mozgov, Allen Levert and Whitehead. Therefore it would not surprise me that they tried to trade as many as they can before then to gather more draft picks.

    Going to be interesting – especially as it looks to me that the Nets do not have on their roster any MAX guys.

  610. He’s funny. Seems positive.

  611. Wow – “he could be cleared to run and jump by April”. April is a long time from now. But that’s very
    hopeful news!
    That “3 weeks gone, 2 weeks back” scheduling is probably just an informal description. Maybe the point is to have him back in NYC when the Nets have home games?

    As long as his rehab is not disrupted by this traveling back and forth. And while he’s in NYC, the Nets performance team will continue to help with the progress. Then, as mentioned before, it would be good for him to stay connected with his teammates.

    Hope Lin can help confirm this arrangement in future interviews.

  612. Ace, you may or may not know this. Dedicated Lin fans had already compiled the many flagrant fouls and had complained to the NBA, and NBA refs. Despite concrete proof, the league still denied that there was anything wrong with the non-calls. At the time, it garnered a lot of attention in all the sports media, ESPN, New York Times, etc…It’s hard to say whether there has been any change in treatment of Lin by the refs.

  613. Oh yeah, Lebron was ejected for the first time in his career a few games back. After the game, he was complaining that, as part of his style, he goes to the rim a lot. But he never gets foul calls.

    Well, JLin NEVER gets those calls either. A few years back, I think Lin was number two in drives to the basket, Lebron was number one. Meanwhile, Lebron is 6’8″ and 250 lbs. Yet Lebron’s out there “whining”.

    After Melo uppercut Lin in that Knicks game, Lin’s postgame reply was “that’s just the way I roll”. It seems like Lin won’t let them intimidate and bully him.

    I don’t think the current NBA generations have enforcer-type players any more. Kanter stuck up for Ntilikina. But unfortunately, I think it’s “old-school”. Maybe the older guys like David West.

    It’s not just the players who were weak. The only coach who has ever stood up against the refs, to support Lin, was D’Antoni. And I think Kenny would do it.

  614. Good point on why SD avoids attacking the basket too much. That said, his biggest value for the team right now is his ability and effectiveness in assists: He’s leading the entire NBA in AST/TO and among the top-most fews of other assist related numbers. For example, his AST Ratio 34 was #4 among all starting PGs, a little short of CP3’s 38. And his AST/adj Pass% was #7 among all players who played more than 10 games and more than 15 min each since 11/15 , next to Rajon Rondo, other leading players before them were all high-usage super stars, even Stef Curry was only #12 on that list:
    (Those numbers were from last time I checked after the nets-wizards game.)



  615. TRUE, at least as it applies to Lin getting hurt. Lin recognizes this. In his most recent Tencent interview, he said he is looking to adjust his style of play, to prolong his career. He knows he needs to play “smarter”.

    However, as Ace noted below. As part of Xs & Os, attacking the rim is an important way to mix up the offense. To put the defense on its heels, draw fouls, and create open perimeter opportunities. If players just play from the outside, it’s too predictable and too easy to defend. It’s not a winning strategy.

    But, as Ace also noted, if the refs are not making those foul calls. Ouch. Literally.

  616. Thanks for the Advanced Stats that I was too lazy to get. 🙂 (I like comparing the Secondary Asst & Potential Asst numbers.)

    However, I am a bit skeptical of the Asst to TO ratio. Not all assists are created equal. Just passing the ball on the perimeter generates assists too. SD’s low turnovers is an amazing stat. But, without spending a lot of time to analyze, do we know, how or why, he has been able to do this?

    I feel that playmaking, probing the defense, and creating opportunities for teammates, require some level of risk. Especially as the point guard.

    While SD is being compared to the “superstars” in the assist-turnover ratio, it is ironic that some of those guys on the list, Harden, Lebron, Curry, Westbrook, are known to have very high turnover games. And they are considered “superstars” because their teams are all winning.

    I am only questioning the trend that I am seeing lately. That SD seemed to have started to pound the ball more, running down the shot clock, then taking a contested outside shot. And missing. Which is why his recent FG % and 3 Pt % aren’t so great.

    People, such as Anthony Puccio, often bring up points scored. (Like with Melo.) To me, efficiency matters. Setting up teammates for easier shots, matters. Especially for a less talented team like the Nets. So, while having a high asst-turnover ratio is a good thing, it has not necessarily translated to winning.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to judge SD harshly. I think he has taken advantage of this opportunity of injuries, and stepped up big. An underdog making good. I like him a lot. (In a way, that’s how Linsanity started.) And, as a backup point guard, playing it safe is a good thing. Protecting the ball, with low turnovers, is a good thing.

    No doubt, the Nets are doing better than last year. SD is a big part of that. But, the Nets are now 4 and 6 of their last ten. It’s not the losses per se, more about the trend.

  617. The table I posted was for Players Passing numbers, and it was sorted on “AST to Pass% adj”. It’s not the advanced stats where AST/TO is listed, and if we look at the AST/TO number, high-usage players LBJ, Harden, Westbrook, Curry etc. are far down below (where their high TO’s belong) on the list sorted on AST/TO where SD’s #1:


    Last time I checked, not only SD had superior AST/TO number, he also had very good numbers on pretty much all AST/passing related numbers: AST%, AST Ratio, AST ADJ, AST TO PASS% etc. SD was on the top fews on any of those numbers. And that speaks loud and clear that his assists and passing are very efficient.

  618. First, thanks for the positivity and energy you bring to this site. I appreciate it.

    Sean Marks saying: “It’s three weeks up there, then he comes back here … . What’s he going to do here while we’re on the road?” seemed to be his attempt to dismiss concerns that Jeremy’s going to Fortius was a vote of non-confidence for the training team.

    Whatever the reality of the situation is, this seems like an arrangement that Jeremy can live with and will serve him well. Good for him and his team for working it out.

  619. I hope that is Lin’s stats.

  620. JLin’s congratulatory tweet to Kobe Bryant’s retirement jersey was gracious and admirable on his part. But it also surprisingly shed a good light on Kobe who took the time to text Lin on conditioning workout to improve his legs on back-to-back games after Lin moved to the Hornets. Kobe didn’t have to do that but their relationship might have improved more than JLin fans thought.

    @JLin7: Congrats on a storied career and well-deserved retirement jersey tonight @kobebryant … awesome opportunity to play with and against you!! Even when I was with Charlotte, you texted me a conditioning workout to improve my legs for back-to-backs #legend

    This gave me a new understanding about Kobe. He might have “turned on” JLin after Lin and Boozer criticized he shot too much in Game 10 loss vs GSW in the lone Lakers season. And he might gave harsh treatment to JLin during practice that made teamates uncomfortable in the mold of how MJ liked to roast his teammates to “toughen them up”.

    But if he texted Lin to help him get better in the Hornets, their relationship might got better because JLin never said bad words about Kobe in public and always admired his accomplishment.

    It gave me new appreciation that JLin’s peaceful, non-confrontational approach to NBA conflicts can turn potential enemies to friends. This diplomatic skill shows JLin’s high emotional intellgence that helped him to not only survive in the NBA but to thrive well.

    JLin never slammed his ball-hogging stars (i.e. Melo, Harden, Kobe, etc.) publicly so he never burned bridges with their relationship. That might be underrated but it definitely helped JLin’s NBA career not to have many enemies because he is a minority in the NBA.


  621. Great to see JLin’s funny response to a Reddit question if SDwinw is the GOAT ? and SDwinw’s humble answer. This is why it’s so easy to root for the Nets and the player’s great characters.

    dboff: “Is Spencer Dinwiddie the goat?”
    bkln_nets: “I’m the GOAT, he’s the baby GOAT. But for real, I love that guy and hes a heck of a ballplayer too”

    @dbearak: Hey @SDinwiddie_25 would you remind replying to what @JLin7 said? I am curious what you think lol #NetsFam
    Lol I echo his sentiments, not many better ppl than @JLin7 ✊?


  622. yes, as @arsenium12:disqus said,,we truly appreciate the positivity, passion, and energy that you bring to our forum. Without you, Arsenium, 1mtoldman, Kwok, Mak, khuang, hvjoy and many other good posters, it would be extremely hard to stay positive this year 🙂


  623. Kobe is, I guess the word to use is paradoxical. I guess Lin just sees the good in the players, what they offer that is useful. He’s not the type to go to war with another NBA player and maybe he sees the NBA as family with fights in the family sometimes.

  624. Lin is gracious. Doing good to those who mistreat/ try to abuse is among the most difficult things in life. Christ-like in this Christ-mas season!

  625. He Kobe may be a ball hog with a horrible egotistic personality but he is a legend. Kobe was so good that he could get shots all by himself anytime.

    We only wish Lin had such abilities being iced out so much. Except Lin is limited as a one on one player. He struggles to get his own off dribble or pull-up shots when his teammates don’t pass him open ones. It also doesn’t help that Lin insists on passing to teammates when he barely gets to shoot.

  626. Sure but look at Lebron, compared to the far more efficient, 3 point shooting of GSW, his rim attacking just isn’t as effective.

    Times have changed and Lin’s game needs to change as well. He always relied too much on his rim game while hesitating to shoot 3s.

    He should really focus on his 3s, mid jumpers, and floaters. His rim game was also less predictable when he mixed in more mid jumpers and floaters since defenders assume he’s going all the way to the basket.

  627. Got it. I see the point you are making. And I agree. Instead of trying too hard to be the scorer, especially at end of games, if SD can continue to build on his strengths of passing and assisting teammates to score, it will help lead the team to more wins.

    I think he’s smart, so I hope he will continue to improve and build on what he does best.

  628. Nice post. However, I am more unforgiving. Bryants mistreatment of jlin was unnecessary and public. His near decapitation, which was not even reviewed, seemed clear to me that he intentionally tried to hurt jlin or intentionally played with reckless disregard for jlins health. I would live to have seen jlin punch bryants teeth out.

  629. @JLin7
    its our 2nd mail call video?…appreciate all the letters and packages you guys sent!!

  630. I still dislike Kobe ever since his Colorado rape case. He is just a horrible role model. He wanted so much to be MJ but personally he’s much worse.

  631. I posted this rehab update from the Reddit Q&A on the other thread

    JLin provided more rehab-related update from his 12/18/17 Reddit Q&A with fans

    [–]laybron22 105 points 2 days ago
    Hey man, hows your recovery going?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 193 points 2 days ago
    Everything is going smoothly. I do my rehab split between Brooklyn and Vancouver. The Nets and Fortius have collaborated on a rehab plan that’s been amazing for me!!

    [–]pagereader 70 points 2 days ago
    Injuries have been a concern for you these past few years. Once you recover, are you going to change your basketball style for safety or stick to what you’ve been doing?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 129 points 2 days ago
    I have been super on top of my sleep and nutrition for quite some time, but the one thing I am doing is rebuilding my body from the ground up. Every joint and muscle, as well as tweaking a lot of my movement patterns to become even more efficient, healthy and explosive. It’s a daunting endeavor but I have the time and the willingness to take this challenge head on! It’s been super fun so far.


  632. as a human being lin is too good for the nba. they dont deserve him.

    also he seems to be getting better looking.

    probably the atmosphere in vancouver (as the lin-cyclopedia has pointed) the only plurality asian city outside of asia has contributed to his comfort level and radiance.

    they should resurrect the vancouver grizzlies (they’re a disaster in memphis) and lin could be the actual face of the franchise.

  633. Here is the complete 21 Reddit Q&A.
    When I have time, I will compile it in a post.


    [–]cashmoneyballer 145 points 2 days ago
    I’m sure you’ve had tons of time where motivation is hard to come by…what keeps you going during times like those?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 252 points 2 days ago
    My faith!! Nowadays, I’m just trying to glorify God and earn His approval through the way I work, treat others and play. The beautiful thing about that is I can glorify God in any situation, whether I’m injured, on the bench, in the locker room or playing in the actual game.

    And plus, I love the game too much to give it up!!

    [–]LeGoat21 115 points 2 days ago
    Who is your favorite teammate of all time so far?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 205 points 2 days ago
    I was probably closest with Landry Fields. I would say my best “vets” were Jared Jeffries and Marvin Williams. David Lee is up there too!

    3. Recovery Progress
    [–]laybron22 105 points 2 days ago
    Hey man, hows your recovery going?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 193 points 2 days ago
    Everything is going smoothly. I do my rehab split between Brooklyn and Vancouver. The Nets and Fortius have collaborated on a rehab plan that’s been amazing for me!!

    4. Funniest Teammate
    [–]glo-squad 100 points 2 days ago
    Who’s the funniest guy in the locker room?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 289 points 2 days ago
    Rondae, but most of it is unintentional

    5. Possible Coaching Career and Gordon Hayward gaming plan
    [–]Ipswitch35 96 points 2 days ago*
    You have established yourself as a great leader and on court presence, and are regarded as one of the nicest guys in the league. Do you think these qualities will translate to a coaching career after your playing days are up?
    PS: Have you ever played video games with Gordon Hayward? IIRC he challenged you to play DOTA (maybe league I don’t remember) in his How we play video

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 276 points 2 days ago
    Tbh I doubt I’ll be doing any coaching in the future except my future kids or underprivileged kids from my foundation. I love the game of basketball but I don’t think I want to coach in the NBA when I’m done. It’ll hurt time with my family and my ability to run my foundation.

    P.s. I’m working with Gordon on something, but we may wait until the summer for you to see what we’re up to

    6. NBA Surprise
    [–]Brandonlngram 87 points 2 days ago
    What was the most surprising thing about the NBA when you first joined it?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 157 points 2 days ago
    Just how tiring the NBA season is. All the flying/late night arrivals/changing of time zones catches up to you after awhile

    7. Injury Concern
    [–]pagereader 70 points 2 days ago
    Injuries have been a concern for you these past few years. Once you recover, are you going to change your basketball style for safety or stick to what you’ve been doing?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 129 points 2 days ago
    I have been super on top of my sleep and nutrition for quite some time, but the one thing I am doing is rebuilding my body from the ground up. Every joint and muscle, as well as tweaking a lot of my movement patterns to become even more efficient, healthy and explosive. It’s a daunting endeavor but I have the time and the willingness to take this challenge head on! It’s been super fun so far.

    8. Riddle
    So Jeremy, I hear you went to Harvard… Can you tell me which is heavier, a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers? Thanks.

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 295 points 2 days ago
    Middle school riddles won’t cut it. You’re gonna have to come at me with some more high-level stuff than that.

    9. Advice to High-School students
    [–]Illionaireambition 60 points 2 days ago
    Any advice to highschool students?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 231 points 2 days ago
    Slow down, enjoy everyday, stop wishing it was summer or college. High school is an amazing time and you’ll never get it back so enjoy it while you’re there

    10. Is Dinwiddie the GOAT?
    [–]zackboff 113 points 2 days ago
    Is Spencer Dinwiddie the goat?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 269 points 2 days ago
    Im the goat, he’s the baby goat. But foreal, I love that guy and he’s a heck of a ballplayer too

    11. Team Culture
    [–]Red_Lightning 47 points 2 days ago
    Thanks for doing this Jeremy and the team! I signed up for STM tickets partially because of Jeremy’s signing and although you haven’t been able to play as much as originally expected I do not regret the decision.

    A few from me:

    The team looks like it’s really embraced the family culture, and all the players have bought in to it. Does that make it any tougher to deal with when trades happen as it has a few times already (Bojan to the Wizards, Brook to the Lakers, Booker/Kilpatrick leaving in the Philly trade)?
    Much has been said about your connection to Kenny Atkinson and his talent in developing players – yourself as the big example and Rondae and Spencer are having big years this year. Where would you say Sean Marks influence has been on the organization been most visible?
    Fans and the media seem to be always looking for that unicorn rookie that makes a huge impact in his rookie season, but for every LeBron and Embiid there are a lot more players who seem to take a huge jump out of seemingly nowhere later in their career. Rondae and Spencer are having breakout years, and even yourself had bounced around a bit before you caught your big break on the Knicks. How do you think that moment comes?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 93 points 2 days ago
    It’s definitely tough and we’re a close-knit group. Book and SK were awesome people and I was close with both of them so it was tough to see them go.
    Sean has been visible everywhere. Literally everything. He’s changed the whole culture and made it all about taking care of the players and their families, while eliminating off-the-court distractions. I also love Kenny, thats my guy. I cant wait to absolutely destroy him in 1 on 1 like the old days when I get healthy enough.
    The moment is a combination of good, consistent habits and the right opportunity. Im super proud of Rondae and Spence!! They deserve it but they’ve also put in so much unseen work

    12. Nintendo Switch
    [–]Ye_Biz 81 points 2 days ago
    Do you have a Nintendo Switch? If so what’s your favorite game right now? Also wishing you a speedy recovery!

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 178 points 2 days ago
    Zelda. Im hunting lynels and taking their weapons hahah

    13. Favorite Naruto Character
    [–]SBmachine 119 points 2 days ago
    What Naruto character do you relate yourself to the most?
    Since Naruto is now over, have you been watching any other anime?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 173 points 2 days ago
    Naruto himself!! Stubborn, brazen, big dreamer, loud/obnoxious (only my family and close friends can vouch for me here haha)

    14. Favorite Drills in Practice
    [–]BasedGodProdigy 44 points 2 days ago
    What are your favorite drills to run in practice??

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 258 points 2 days ago
    Water breaks. Those are the best

    15. Sunday Sermon Logistics
    [–]leesanity7 78 points 2 days ago
    Hey, Jeremy,

    The biggest question I’ve had since your Knicks days was how you handle being a professional basketball player/celebrity and being a Christian at the same time.
    What I mean by this is, there are some Sundays when you have games and most likely miss your church services, etc., so do you listen to sermons on your downtime to have somewhat of a personal service? What is your favorite Christian book you’d recommend?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 96 points 2 days ago
    Yup I listen to a lot of online sermons! Also have bible studies or even just times of sharing with close believers (family, friends, agent, etc)

    16. ESports Investmentr
    [–]JJboogie 35 points 2 days ago
    Hey Jeremy, how did you get into starting your own esports team and why?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 96 points 2 days ago
    Because I love dota 2 and I hope that esports will become as established as the pro sporting industry

    17. Favorite Place to Eat in Brooklyn
    [–]srsblack7 64 points 2 days ago
    Hey Jeremy! What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 140 points 2 days ago
    Japanese: Ki Sushi Tapas: Traif
    Nargis is also a bomb restaurant in Park Slope

    18. Korean BBQ
    [–]Illionaireambition 21 points 2 days ago
    Any thoughts on Korean BBQ?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 65 points 2 days ago
    Bombbbb. #teamkalbiforlife

    [–]mendelsin 20 points 2 days ago
    Do you put your Christmas decorations up before or after Thanksgiving?

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 55 points 2 days ago
    Nope because I’ve been in Vancouver but I’m having a gingerbread contest tonight. Im a heavy favorite to win

    [–]Ghoul-Sama 44 points 2 days ago
    Can you send proof that you are indeed Jeremy?
    Also how much is the trip to mexico city affecting dudes in the locker room? It seems like since that trip the energy level is at an all time low.

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 84 points 2 days ago
    unsure how to do that here, but if you check the nets twitter you’ll see a picture of me and my sexy dreads lol

    [–]willywater88 62 points 2 days ago
    This is not much of a question but I just wanted to share this.
    I never had a girl break my heart in my life (mostly because I suck at dating) but when you left the Knicks, I was devastated for months. It wasn’t just because I enjoyed watching you play but it was because Linsanity bought my family together in a way that nothing has ever done before. Like many Asian households, my family never expressed much emotion and we rarely did things together so to see my mother and sister who don’t know a thing about sports scream and jump for you was one of the happiest times of my life. I hate that the Knicks didn’t give you an offer sheet but I am thankful for your time at the garden. My mother actually consider you her adopted second son so if you can’t find a place to stay in new york, we always have a couch for you here.

    On another note, I started a clothing line that aims to highlight Asians as leaders, attractive and interesting and prioritizes Asian Americans instead of leaving us an afterthought. Is it possible for me to get a couple of shirts to you? The site is 88keysclothing.com if you want to take a look.
    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 69 points 2 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! Cant wait for next season…I hope your family will be brought together to watch our games!

    [–]OFFICIAL REDDIT BK NETSBklyn_Nets [S] 123 points 2 days ago
    Thanks so much – signing off now, but really appreciate the support & questions!!

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/GoNets/comments/7knkf8/i_am_jeremy_lin_ama/

  634. or it could be the presence of supposedly GF in Vancouver to cheer up JLin 🙂

    It will be interesting if Grizzlies would move back to Vancouver. So far, it looks like Seattle wants their Supersonics back. Not quite sure if Vancouver can have strong fanbase like the Raptors.

  635. the Nets welcome the youthful-looking 40-yr old Vince Carter and Sacramento Kings tonight.
    Half-man, half-amazing.


  636. Jeremy Lin embraces his creative side in adidas’ newest ad campaign http://uproxx.it/2knhjfo
    creativity as “the combination of instinctual and spontaneous” and “the expression of feeling free #killerspinmove

    Note: JLin appears at [00:32] “It’s not about borders, ..”

  637. I forgot about that psalm!! Bryant is scum as is jordan. I dont understand why this society idolizes them.

  638. Hey Arsenium – Thanks for the kind words!

    To be honest though, I have many pet peeves about the NBA, and can easily go off on a rant. But the goal of this forum is to be positive, so I try my best. Haha.

    And may I say, in the mutual admiration club, your posts are always unique and interesting and informative. Always giving CONTEXT to any news that comes up. 1mtoldman’s nickname for you “lin-cyclopedia” is befitting, a deserved compliment! 🙂

    YES, agreed! However it works out between the Fortius team and the Nets performance team, as long as JLin gets healthy, and we get him back on the basketball court!

  639. The long-time posters deserve all the credit! I’m just a rookie here, coming off the bench, trying to fill in during the lull this season, while JLin is out.

    The TRUE KUDOS and RESPECT goes to you Psalm! For continuing to keep this site going. For continuing to have faith and belief in JLin. (many thumbs up!!!)

    (BTW, love this gif of Derek Jeter’s parents and his nephew. Soooo cute.)

  640. THANKS for the summary write-up! That must have taken some work…..

    (Not a big fan of the reddit format. I find it kind of hard to navigate through.)

    I think this AMA was important for NETS fans. Keeps JLin connected to them. Good to know that this was arranged by the Nets. They still care enough to continue to promote him.

  641. Can’t wait for next year April when jlin will be clear for running and jumping… btw, filing for my new income tax too.

  642. Yeah, have to agree with your paragraphs 2 and 3 above.

    Sean Marks is starting to behave like a typical GM. More concerned about draft picks and cap space. Now he admits it too. Comments like “I bet on my staff”, “I get the talent, I let Kenny figure it out”.

    So, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if your predictions come true.

    Constantly shuffling players on and off the team in these two years. And then the trades. First Lopez, and now Booker. It’s hard to win like that. Any built-up chemistry and continuity are lost, and not easily replaced.

    No doubt SM has a tough job, after what the Nets’ former management left him. But I had hoped he would think outside the box more. To try to win with some veterans, while developing the future. Not this losing and rebuilding, chasing the ultimate franchise player.

  643. It’s not that he’s getting better looking. It’s that he’s got better looking hair. LOL.

  644. JLin has some really really Lincredible fans

    What’s so heartwarming are all these letters and books and projects that are made by the KIDS.

    Good to see him give these shout-outs to the fans. For him to not take their support for granted.

  645. JLin takes the high road again! It wouldn’t be Jeremy if he didn’t.

    But, IMO, when Lin got traded to the Lakers, that whole thing with Kobe being Lin’s mentor was all forced and such BS. Just look at that second picture. So phony.

  646. JLin does the best he can to fit in. He is very much aware of his status in this league. He even poked fun at it with his video “How to Fit in the NBA”, got over 9M views.

    It’s such a small NBA world, with trades and free agents changing teams all the time. Like you said, it’s smart of him not to burn bridges.

  647. JLin giving away signed shoes…
    Worth watching the video to see that he seems to be moving well.

  648. Looks like Lin was on way back to Vancouver. So much for my speculation that he was back in NYC for Christmas and to hang out with teammates for these next 2 home games. Looks like it was to do more promos and marketing. Very important work. But I guess rehab must remain priority, as it should.


  649. Glad Lin went back, honestly hope he spends most of his rehab at Vancouver. I don’t trust Nets’ training staff at all! Their guards dropping like flies and JLin’s two season injuries says it all!

    Hope the whole jumping betweem Nets and Vancouver was merely lip service to save face.

  650. As posted on Official Brooklyn Nets site. More thoughts from JLin about this Nets team and its development. I can’t say often enough how glad I am to see that he is still strongly connected to the Nets organization.

    “Nets guard likes what he sees from team’s growing young players”


  651. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is to “save face”. I mean, to be “commuting” between two coasts can’t be all that much fun. Not exactly close.

    Yes, how the Nets handled the hamstrings were questionable. Holding him out for so long was also debatable. IMO, the patella thing was just a bad luck accident.

    I do think the Nets sincerely want the best for Lin. After all, it is to their benefit too to have Lin return, and continue to be a valuable asset. And Lin’s team is looking out for him, for the long term.

    So, at the end of the day. However it works. We just want Lin back!

  652. “@JLin7 will join Tencent live air #NBAChristmas Rockets vs Thunder to comment the game, watch his Xmas party and give Tencent members gifts.” And picture of the production crew.



  653. Watched the game on LP, after knowing the Nets lost. As always, they tried so hard, and played with so much heart. But again, I don’t understand some of Kenny’s rotations. And the decision-making and the execution just wasn’t there. It has been the same issues the last few games. The Nets shot 42 3PTA! Only the Rockets took the same amount, with more 3 pt specialists on the team. Sigh……

    This was another not-so-pretty loss. Even after having 2 days off.

    They just lost Booker to 76ers. Not that Trevor was perfect. But who is replacing his production, the rebounding, the post-play, the physicality, the energy?

  654. Trying to stay positive tonight is a real test.

    It’s not going to get better. Just looked at the Nets’ upcoming schedule. After the home game vs the Wiz Friday night, they have a B2B the next night on the road at Indiana.

    Then another B2B out west vs Spurs and Pelicans (more bigs for more trouble).
    Then travel back to East coast for away game vs Miami.
    Then another B2B, the first away at Boston. Next night travel back to Barclays to play the Magic.

    Hope the guys are up to the challenge. This is going to be brutal.

  655. Agree with everything… except one thing… within context of nba basketball, high road doesnt necessarily mean dont retaliate or at least protect yourself… hope jlin smashes anyones nose next time someone messes with him…

  656. Any scholars out there? I am thinking about writing an article about jlins discriminatory treatment based on his race in basketball, particularly in the nba in the employment context…and touch upon other areas as well such as asian discrimination in colleges admissions… anyone want to be a co author?

  657. Did he cut his hair?

  658. Sean Marks will talk to Evan Roberts today at 1:30. You can listen to it on wfan.com

  659. I think that society idolizes people like KB because of the oft repeated mantra “winning is the only thing” when it is not to many people. KB tried to make JLin in his own image which is obviously not for everybody and obviously not JLIn. JLin has a firm grasp on who he is and was not about to embrace the KB attitude of selfishness as opposed to his own character of selflessness. Winning games covers up a multitude of sins but does not absolve the sins.

  660. It certainly makes it clear that JLin’s return to Brooklyn was only to get to know new teammates (Okafor and Stauskas) and be part of a team.

    I wonder if Lin’s family will fly to Vancouver to be with him so his rehab schedule is uninterrupted.

  661. I guess sadly you are right. If true, how disappointing a species we are. But on a positive note, we have people ike jlin!

  662. The treatment of Lin is only the tip of the iceberg that threatens America.


    This is a book I’m reading and it talks about Harvard and Ivy League schools in one of the chapters. The pattern of exclusion is a playbook that is replayed in all institutions, including the NBA. It’s a cultural manifestation of selfishness and greed. Melo, Harden, they are the just like the 1% ceos and bankers who only cares about themselves and no one else. Their attitude is screw everyone else, I’m getting what’s mine.

    What makes Lin so important in our times is that he stands for everything contrary to greed. He stands for generosity, inclusiveness and teamwork. It’s why I’m so 100% behind Lin in a Nets uniform. The path they’ve taken to change the culture of the team is not easy because almost all players coming in will have cultural baggage of selfishness. If Lin and the Nets succeed, it’s a very powerful hopeful message that “ the rising tide raises all ships “.

  663. Very nice AcBc! Thank you. Im with you on this.

  664. Sean Marks said during his WFAN interview that the initial timeline for D’Angelo Russell’s return was seven or eight weeks, which would leave another two or three to go. Also, Jahlil Okafor remains a couple of weeks away from optimal fitness.

  665. Looks theyre doing just fine with dinwiddie

  666. Nets training staff and the way they treat their supposedly important players shows how incompetent they are. I’m willing to bet that Russel is fed up with the extended rest time after injury just like Lin last year. It’s just an excuse for tanking and so called development by throwing the season away.

  667. Nope. As a matter of fact, first thing back in Bklyn, he got his hair re-done by Nancy Moreau @beautenaturella.

  668. NETS WIN!!!!! And Rockets LOST again! So, my evening had a good start! LOL.

    A great team win again! SHARING IS CARING! Where was this team the last 6 or 7 games? (I know they only lost 4 in a row.)

    It was a beautiful game! Points, Assists, Rebounds, all nicely shared by almost every player.

    “…that team defensive effort….”


  669. It wasn’t a perfect game. The Wizards helped the Nets by just shooting horribly. But maybe because the Nets were playing even better defense. And the Wizards didn’t seem to play defense at all.

    Nitpick. Dinwiddie had 3 turnovers, but he was trying to move the ball by driving, and passing. IMO, those t/o’s are acceptable. It was in the interest of playmaking. He’ll get better at it. Meanwhile, he was 4 of 5 from three! I think he actually shoots better from WAY out, haha! But those were good open shots, not chucking it up.

    Nitpick. Crabbe and Harris still are in shooting slumps from three. But both played hard on defense. Crabbe contributed on rebounding. Harris had several pretty assists, good vision. They contested shots, hustled back in transition.

  670. If you guys get a chance to catch a game, watch this one. I think it’s worth it. It was fun to see them play unselfishly, and see the payoff with a win. And by blowing out the Wizards tonight and playing the bench more, this might give them more of a chance tomorrow at Indiana. If no time, see the highlights!

    Lots of ball movement, people cutting to get open, passing to more open teammates for better shots. Much better shot selection. Some VERY PRETTY ASSISTS!

    Even though they still attempted 41 three-pointers, they were attacking the rim more. Dinwiddie, Crabbe,
    Carroll, LeVert, all had nice drives and finishes at the basket. RHJ doing his new playing-within-control-improved-jump-shot and improved finishing at the rim. Doing good!

    AND THE DUNKS! Whoaaaa! Zeller, Harris, RHJ, two by JAllen, and Mozgov too! (I can’t quite say why, but I like Mozgov. I know he’s got butter fingers too but he always seems to put in effort. Good to see him get a few minutes tonight.)

    (this is only missing the nice dish from Harris to JAllen’s second dunk.)

  671. Thanks for the link. Listened to it. Gotta give the interviewer credit. He did ask some very pointed questions, but didn’t push all that hard.

    Sometimes I wonder why GM’s give interviews. Guess it’s for PR, and for supposed transparency.

    But, they rarely speak candidly, which is understandable. Maybe an update or two about status of team, as Arsenium posted above. Other than that, not revealing much at all.

  672. Hope he will have loved ones around him for the holidays. Whether it’s his family. [Or his GF, 🙂 ]

  673. We should all be thankful for the 1% ers (lin included) who carry the heavy lifting of the nation economy aka jobs jobs jobs and the public funding.

  674. Let’s not turn Lin into a symbolic totem of your thwarted ideals. He might not even agree with your take about him.

  675. Enjoy that ball movement until dlo returns.

  676. I’d rather Dinwiddie get TOs than play not to get them. It shows aggression. I still find Din to play a little too carefully, not drive enough. He hit a lot of 3-point shots but one should not depend on them. I love how CLV plays, the closest to Lin of anyone on the team. And I don’t care for Acy’s game. Good hustle and some toughness, but he’s just too limited and too small to defend opposing big men.

  677. I was disappointed that the interviewers didn’t ask about Lin. Marks mentioned Lin when the interviewers asked about Russell. But it was a lot of Russell, which makes some sense, and a lot of Okafor, who isn’t even playing now and just joined the team. I would have liked some mention on Lin and what the plan is for him next season.

  678. They asked nothing on Lin. That part was disappointing.

  679. Love it that Nets have a better record than Hornets and Lakers.

    Thanks for your dedication to Lin’s team! If it wasn’t for your reporting, I wouldn’t have know that they are 12/19.

  680. I agree with Lin, that playing the “right” way matters. Despite the first round draft picks on the Lakers, with Walton having coached on the championship Warriors. Despite the All-stars and max players on the Hornets. Here the Nets are, with a better record! Even though it’s only December, I think the Nets will continue to improve.

    I have to admit that there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the Hornets fall ever since Lin left. 😉

    Lin PROVED that, when freed, he helped the Hornets to a historic season for them. (PROVEN, not “potential”.) Lin PROVED that, when freed, he boosted the Knicks to a playoff seed. Yet, the Hornets, like the Knicks, failed to value JLin by rewarding him appropriately, with a respectful role, or a respectful contract. DEFINITELY THEIR LOSS.

    Prayers that JLin will finally get the proper basketball reward by returning healthy next year and leading the Nets again.

  681. Totally agree!

    SD played well last night, and made more moves towards the basket to draw defenders. Hope he continues to improve on that! (I think, if he’s hot, it’s okay to take a few more 3’s. When he was off, he should not have been taking the 8/9/10/11 attempts that he was doing.)

    Love CLV. and JA. Talk about “potential”!

  682. It’s always about the shiny new toys. 🙁
    I can understand, maaaaaybe not asking about Lin. It is kind of painful subject.
    But asking about the new minority ownership impact, could have been interesting.

  683. Another shooting guard? They just added Stauskas! Maybe because of second night of back-to-back? And chance to evaluate Doyle?


  684. Sean got to play some minutes last night for the Bucks, to help beat the Hornets. Surprised, because the Bucks are another team full of guards. But GLAD for SK.

    They are playing each other again tonight, as B2B for both teams. Wonderful NBA scheduling.


  685. What do you speculate the Nets record would be if JLin were playing in all games? Especially w/o having to deal with the Dlo distraction? I could see JLin and Din doing some nice things together. Two drivers of the ball and two 3 pt shooters would cause a lot of problems for defenses.

  686. I don’t agree about the Hornets. They made a mistake in totally overrating Batum, but they had a bunch of free agents at the same time. I’m happy about Lin’s time in Charlotte, he was happy there, he proved himself a big-game player in the regular season and playoffs, the utter nonsense about Lin not being a defensive player was proven false and Clifford promoted Lin as a defensive player and Lin said Marvin Williams was one of the most favorite players he’s had on one of his teams.

    Jordan and Cho chose Marvin and Batum and let Lin, Lee and Big Al go. And Clifford even said something like Lin needed to start on his own team. So, I’m fine with the Hornets. The Lakers, that’s a totally different story but at this time, it’s history. No Byron, no Kobe, I’ve moved on.

  687. Hi everyone. Thanks for keeping the posts rolling. I have been checking in regularly but not posting. I just feel like I do not have much to add to the discussion, especially since I have not been watching Brooklyn games.

    Also it has been hard to digest this latest challenge Lin is facing. Nevertheless, I am very glad we have Atkinson because I think he will show some loyalty to Lin. If instead we had some coaches from Lin’s past, things could be very grim for Lin’s career.

    I am happy for Joel Tsai’s involvement and I am sure it will have some impact on Lin’s role (but how much I really have no idea).

    I have mixed feelings about the team. Glad that they are growing and hopefully will be better by the time Lin returns. At the same time, I wonder if Russell’s play has been sufficiently bad for the mainstream fans to realise he is not a saviour. We need the whole team, led by Lin.

    I also have mixed feelings about Marks. He has done some good things but I do not like some of his moves.

    So yeah everything is a jumble. In all this, God is always good and we can always have hope for the future. Merry Christmas everyone!


    You’re a racist troll that fires racial slurs against Asians online.


  689. I’ve thought about how Fortius intends to “rebuild” Lin.

    The only thing I thought of was Lin’s running technique, as I’ve always felt Lin ran a bit flatfooted. I’m wondering if Lin getting a bit more up on his toes while running would decrease his leg injuries.

    Other than that, I can’t imagine how Lin can improve his game and physique.

    One thing that won’t stop: the unending illegal hits will keep coming. Lin gets illegally hacked and handchecked and phantom fouled and denied flagrant fouls more than any single player in NBA history. I strongly feel that there’s absolutely nothing Lin or Fortius can do to beef up Lin’s physique to withstand those unending illegal hits.

  690. It seems to me that the Nets are missing Lin’s steady hand. They might have been playoff bound if he was playing.

    It has been my most relaxed NBA season since Linsanity – still even though I like sleeping in a more normal way (not having to be awake and watching NBA games in an much earlier time zone) I miss the action. Hoping for the Christmas gift of Lin returning in a great shape.

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  691. No, the Nets absolutely would not have made the playoffs had Lin stayed healthy.

    There’s too little athletic and basketball talent on the roster for the Nets to sustain any kind of record past about 0.400

  692. The Nets have NOT shown any loyalty to Lin this far.

    They handed away his starting PG position to a former Laker race replacement and made sure Lin was replaced at other positions.

    Joe Tsai cannot prevent Marks from executing his singleminded goal of eliminating Lin.

  693. No surprises here – Kilpatrick was the 2nd best Nets player behind Lin entering this season.

  694. The Wizards lost because they didn’t have John Wall for long.

  695. 12-19, just like it is now.

    Lin’s good, but Lin cannot cover up the other 4 positions on the court from
    being badly outplayed.

  696. Nik Stauskas is good, but I’d rather have Sean Kilpatrick.

    If I had my way, Kilpatrick would start at SG and Harris would be the backup and THEN Stauskas. I wouldn’t even play Crabbe at all, he’s getting wrecked every game the way he was at Portland.

  697. I have some faith in Atkinson but not so much faith in Marks. Even if they do trade Lin I hope Lin goes to a good team (good team mates and good management).

  698. Joe Tsai is not absolutely powerless as it would appear you make him out to be. He has a voice ($$$$) and Marks must at least take notice. I believe Tsai invested with the idea of a Chinese connection and JLin is a crucial part of that investment. Now it may be that Tsai made a mistake in assuming how much influence he might have but if so that will be proven later when JLin is back. I don’t think Marks is “single-minded” in eliminating JLin. If that is the case he should never have signed him unless it was at the insistence of KA and if that was the case then KA will still want to have JLin to help the team develop. To try to rid JLin now is an acknowledgment of yet another mistake in signing JLin. JLin is on the books for potentially $12 M next year and Crabbe for $19M. For pure salary dump they should get rid of Crabbe (if they can find a taker which I doubt). I actually don’t think the best place for JLin personally is the Nets because I think he can be the catalyst for the right team to win in the playoffs. The Nets do not have the talent to contend in the near (or maybe distant) future. At this point though it is hard to see a good landing spot for JLin in the future. He must first play again and prove himself all over again, which won’t be until next year. That means Lebron will be gone from Cleveland and which was my first choice for winning a championship this year. D Rose failed in Cleveland and though Isaiah Thomas will be back he cannot win a championship because he would be exposed in the playoffs and not help Lebron. If Lebron was astute enough and not prejudiced he would have seen that JLin was the PG who could help him win in Cleveland. If the roster remains intact this year then Marks will have been responsible for letting SKil go, and taking on the big contracts of Crabbe and Mozgov and the unknown talent of D. Russell. They were better off with Brook Lopez and Brook was better off not being with LA. Plus they might have had Kuzma.

  699. Except the Nets are ranked 11 without Lin and Russell! If they had the extra talent they can totally squeeze in at 9 or 10th playoff spot!

  700. Not just that, someone mentioned they analyze and changed the way Nash moved and twisted his body. They find how where players over compensate for their weakness and changes those movements. With Lin’s two season injuries it’s no surprise his muscles and joints are over compensating for weak areas. Not to mention Lin always lacked flexibility. If Fortius can train Lin, the way they trained Nash for those MVPs he’d be a much better player with a longer lasting career.

    Notice how when asked about changing his game, Lin didn’t give a direct answer. Just said he has to rebuild from the ground up.

    How he plays will depend greatly on Fortius’ advice and what their end result is.

  701. I’m sure Marks will take into account that Joe will utilize his right from the deal to buyout and become the main owner of Nets! Surely he wouldn’t want to be out of a job 4 years from now!

    On one hand he needs to answer to the Russian owner but on another hand he can’t anger the “future” owner.

  702. I like Harris way better. Harris can do the same thing Kilpatrick can but he’s a more willing and better passer. Kilpatrick plays too selfish at times. I can see why KA doesn’t like him. I doubt KA likes Russell either. Even before the injury he trusted Dinwiddie way more. Honestly hope KA has a say in trading Russell away or benching him.

  703. Good to know “older” posters are still staying in touch!

    I know how you feel about Lin and the Nets and this season. I also have conflicting sentiments and questions about which direction the Nets are headed, and where Lin will fit in. Even assuming he comes back 100% healthy. But, I convinced myself not to worry about it. As you say, what will be will be. And hope is a positive vibe, so I’m going with that!

    Merry Christmas!

  704. IMO, KA & SM did originally intend that Lin would be the core of the Nets, at least for the short-term. To use Lin to get started with the rebuild. To bridge the gap for youth in the future. And Brett Yormark is well-aware of Lin’s marketing value.

    No one predicted that Lin would be hurt for basically two whole seasons. I have to wonder if Lin being hurt completely derailed whatever strategy they planned.

    I agree with your take on Joe Tsai. Tsai’s deal to become majority owner is an option. In theory, Tsai could walk away from that option. If Prokhorov really wants to sell the rest of the Nets at that time, I would think he would want to unofficially consider Tsai’s beliefs and ideas.

  705. I loved Kilpatrick. When he was playing with Lin, he was playing within his role, and helped Lin. It was when he was thrown in as ball-handler, while Lin was hurt, that SK got carried away.

    I agree about Harris. I also love what Harris brings to the team. He really is a perfect fit for Kenny’s system. He’s unselfish! He doesn’t take plays off, on offense or defense. He’s improved a lot from last season. Most of us have said that he’s just a very smart player. If he could be more consistent in making his threes…

    I think KA does not feel that Russell fits the system. But he has no choice. Marks expects him to re-mold Russell and develop him into a system player. We will see how much Russell will respond.

  706. And the Nets have been losing without Lin. So, they’re kinda even, right?

  707. That’s a great question!
    I actually looked at the 20 losses so far, and moved the following to wins, if Lin had played, and assuming Russell buying in:
    4 games, lost by 5 pts or less.
    2 games, lost to Knicks. As a starter, Lin has never lost to the Knicks.
    1 game, lost to Celtics Lin has always toasted Irving.
    1 game, lost to Heat Remember the playoffs?
    1 game, lost to Suns
    2 games, lost to Pacers. The Nets lost both, but were close games. (I don’t think they would have won the 1st game, even if Lin didn’t get hurt.) Lin always toasted Collison.
    So, that would make the Nets 23 and 9. 4th seed in the East. Then I had to laugh. Really? Maybe?
    Ah yes, purely silly speculation on my part.
    Unfortunately, I don’t remember much about how Lin played with Dinwiddie coming off the bench last year. I remember LeVert and Kilpatrick were improving. And then there was Foye in some stretches.
    Honestly, IMO, in an ideal world. If Russell would cede the ball-handling and floor general and leadership to Lin. Play some defense, and buy into the unselfish ball-movement system, his talent would help Lin. IMO, more than Dinwiddie. I think Dinwiddie would be great as second unit playmaker, playing safe, protecting the ball, and help protect leads that the starters would give them.

  708. Giving up sleep to watch Lin games. Wow, that’s a true fan! Wait till next year! Kudos!
    Merry Christmas!

  709. If what you say were the case, that JLin was brought on board to school and stabilize the youngsters they wanted to get and develop, then I think they told that to JLin and if so then he agreed to play the “role”. Maybe that is why he took (was granted) a 3rd year option at his choice. That makes sense, and having seen how JLin manages his own affairs I have confidence he has a plan. The plan, unfortunately did not include two season’s worth of injuries. So now he is back to square one where next year he either has to opt in and play for one year at $12M, not chump change, which he surely must do, with the idea that he could get traded to a contender at the trade deadline after having proven (again) that he is a hell of a player and teammate and could push a contending team into championship position. This is what I thought might materialize this year (my pick was Cleveland because I thought they were the only team that could challenge GSW especially with JLin). But that is not to be. So next it will be a role of the dice and that is exciting especially if the Nets and Marks, as indicated by some here, is determined to get rid of JLin. Where he would go is underdetermined as yet because next year’s teams have not been formed yet. But to speculate a little, and a little too early, if GSW should get beat this year ……then who knows.

  710. So, Lin is appearing tomorrow on Tencent Sports, to commentate on the Thunder Rockets game. That would be something – CRITIQUING MELO AND HARDEN! I hope he doesn’t choke up. Just Kidding! I’m sure JLin would be diplomatic as always!

    Really hope Lin’s dedicated fans will be able to upload it to You-Tube at some point. I would make time to watch that! LOL.


  711. Steve Nash is eligible and nominated for BBall HoF for 2018. Guess who congratulated him?

    May the FORTIUS be with Lin!


  712. Jeremy Lin just got 5 Million followers on Weibo. And he is of no value to the Nets? Or to Joe Tsai? Hmmmm……yeah, right……


  713. Great analysis of the numbers. I don’t follow the Nets team a whole lot so could not break things down as you have. 23 and 9 LOL! That would be great and as great as JLin is at making his teammates better at least with the NYK he had vets (and a very good center in T. Chandler) whereas with the Nets he has inexperienced players. But of the 11 possibles you mention if Nets had won only 4 they would be 16-15, not too shabby with limited talent. The Russell question is a big if regarding his willingness and attitude. Plus Khuang seriously questions his athleticism. But they do have a shooter in Stauskas, a good back up PG in Dinwiddie and they could have given S Kilpatrick more of a chance. If JLin had stayed healthy, Russell gone down then w/o Russell the Nets by default would have given JLin the ball and how JLin played and led the team would determine the role Russell would play when he returned- which I believe would have been second fiddle. The big wild card would have been if JLin could have made Okafor into something.

  714. Yes, the NBA is ever-changing. Who would have predicted any of the moves this past summer with the trades to the West and the free-agents? For Melo to leave the Knicks? And for Kyrie to leave Cleveland? I remember people were saying Mike D’Antoni would coach the 76ers, and that Lin should sign there. So, you are right. Too early now to see into the future.

    YES! Robo-Lin will be back! Surely he has more than paid his dues to the NBA.

    My optimism will say it absolutely cannot be worse, so it must be, and will be, an UP-year for Lin.

  715. And Harris has improved. And Carroll provides additional veteran leadership. And Jarrett Allen I think will be a beast. And Tyler Zeller is not too shabby as a solid player. And Crabbe can play, just needs consistency.

    All in all, I think Lin was right. Even before Stauskas and Okafor joined the Nets, Lin was convinced the Nets would make the playoffs.

  716. MERRY CHRISTMAS LIN FANS! HAVE A HAPPY AND PEACEFUL HOLIDAY, especially with family, friends, and loved ones!

    Something more to add to smiles:


  717. Used on purpose the word “might”! I was more thinking about the stabilizing effect Lin has when he is playing. For me Lin’s best tallent is how he gets other players to get the most of their skill set. So on that basis I still think they might have had a chance – in one of the stranger NBA seasons I have seen.

    I agree with you that the Nets could have been better in finding talent – and not letting them just walk away like with Kirkpatrick. I must admit that I feel sad that their basic Idea two years that is finding diamonds in the rough has been undercut by paying a pair of underperforming players a large part of their cap space.

    Sill looking forward to next season – whereever Lin might be playing!

  718. Will do!! Enjoy the holidays. Greetings from Iceland.

  719. Fully agree. I like Whitehead’s personality – but as a player he is not as good as Kilpatrick.

  720. Read the book first then come back with a real answer. Obviously you haven’t followed Lin very long. He is a team player that will go out of his way to help everyone around him. He even helped Beverly! Lin has always followed players that have been sent down to D-League and will send encouraging words to them.

    Lin has already stated that his race was the only factor in him not drafted by any colleges. He went on national prime time news program to express his feelings. But Lin’s racial bias is merely a symptom of the cancer eating the greatness of the American Dream. The psychopathic greed of those in power is the instrument of our destruction.

    If you look at it this way, what Lin and the Nets are doing is very important, beyond just sports. Teamwork, inclusion, generosity and unselfishness can be the symbol of hope for us all.

  721. sooooooooo cute

  722. The key to Nash’s improved “conditioning” was Nash being surrounded by max contract players in Phoenix that commanded far more defense than Nash himself did in Dallas.

    No matter who Lin is on the court with, opponents load up on him on both ends of the court while leaving Lin’s max contract teammates unguarded.

  723. Joe Tsai will find out soon enough how POWERLESS he is.

    It’s no different from Sacramento where Vivek Ranadive makes all the bad decisions and the other minority owners are enraged that they have no say.

  724. Kilpatrick can create his own offense, Harris cannot.

    I always prefer guys like Lin and Kilpatrick that can create their own offense, even though the Nets are hellbent of getting rid of them.

  725. It still does not make the Nets a team that could win even in the D league.

    The Wizards are constructed around Wall and play very poorly without him.

  726. Sure Lin is important to Joe Tsai, but Joe Tsai HAS NO POWER.

  727. Just as Lin could not prevent the Lakers from losing due to their self destructive Kobe Scott stupidity, Lin cannot prevent the unathletic lowIQ unskilled Nets from beinng wrecked every game.

    The dropoff in talent from this season compared to last season is so great, Lin wouldn’t come close to that 0.500 March record if he had stayed healthy this season.

  728. Adding Russell drops the Nets further.

  729. It’s NOT a jumble.

    Everything has proceeded according to design.

    I wrote this summer that Marks was seeking to eliminate Lin at all costs and was willing to sacrifice the playoffs in order to do so.

    Marks deliberately RACE REPLACED Lin at the backcourt positions on and off the bench.

    The initial plan was for Lin to start and tutor Russell and the Nets in how to win. Also, the Nets knew that Lin’s unselfishness would make some of their incoming high contract busts look less terrible. Lin would play low minutes on a decreasing basis, and then the Nets would either cut him or trade him.

    The plan was accelerated when Lin went down for the season. This is why we see a very smug satisfied Marks nowadays who refuses to acknowledge that Lin is a Net.

    Now, the Nets plan is to patch up Lin and showcase him on the court for a trade once Lin exercises his player option. If Lin’s not traded next season, then the Nets will gradually phase him off the court while he’d still healthy.

  730. Merry Christmas to all Lin faithfuls!

    I would like to remind everyone that now it’s the time to give to JlinFoundation.org to show our support for Lin. In this down year when his prime is being laid waste by a horrible injury, I think he would appreciate this token of support more than ever before.

  731. Merry Christmas to all Lin fans! May joy and peace be with you and your loved ones.
    JLin has a wonderful Christmas message

    @JLin7 (IG): #NeverDone – I wanna inspire others (and push myself) to not only make generous service an annual thing, but a lifestyle! Love radically, live sympathetically, judge slowly! 彻底得去爱,悲悯得去活,谨慎的去评判 Matthew 25:45 #MondayMotivation

  732. Happy New Year everyone….:P

  733. Well deserved!

  734. Spurs Pre-Game:


    “This is what makes Narsu’s analysis so fascinating. He attacks a question with an assumed answer and comes out with a whole new way of looking at things. That is statistical analysis at its best. We come away with an enhanced perspective on the game we love without closing any intellectual doorways—or losing appreciation for something as artistic as the mid-range jumper — in the process.”




  735. Thank you Pslam… Happy holidays!

  736. Wield that power jeremy!

  737. need to make another video to show the refs again

  738. Must admit that since the departure of Lopez – I never thought the Nets would get to 0.500 – l was more looking at Lin’s influence on Nick Young (Lin was never allowed to win at Lakers anyway) – and the Hornets Benchforce one and even last years Nets!

    For me this season is not so interesting – not just that Lin went out – but it seems to me that we are now in an inbetween period before the next great NBA team shows up (have not been too impressed with the Warriors nor the Cavs this year).

  739. that’s like 6 days too early 🙂

    But Happy New Year to you, too!

  740. Despite starter Beverly…

  741. Happy New Year

  742. Very good defense posture. 😉

  743. Happy New Year to you and your family. I enjoy seeing your kids updated pictures. They are soooo adorable. I can not believe even the baby girl is so big now. Are they adjusted living and schooling in Taiwan no problem?

  744. I absolutely consider the Warriors a great team and dynasty.

    They have the key ingredients needed to win titles:

    1) 3 players deep at the center and power forward positions apiece, and these guys focus on defense and rebounding and finishing around the rim

    2) a “Swiss Army” role player starter that can play inside or outside (Draymond Green) and will step up in the areas that the team needs.

    3) Unstoppable scorers on the perimeter that can break any single defender down and draw a double team. The Warriors have two of these guys:
    Curry and Durant.

    The reason Lin’s teams consistently win is because he himself brings elements of all three categories even when his teammates are failing

  745. JLin’s new hairstyle shows animation of a soaring eagle?https://twitter.com/Loveforlife0323/status/946406874609467392

  746. …look more like geese to me

  747. OMG, if my son had hair like that, I would faint.

  748. It’s hilarious. Creativity with hair.

    Future BBaller for sure!

  750. This was JLin’s message on his Instagram. I posted the link in my post. But I don’t see the link any more?

    “jlin7 Merry Christmas Eve🎄from Chunkzzz (and me) to everyone!! #notsochunkyanymore #futureheartbreaker #mynephewscuterthanyours #sorryimnotsorry”

    Hope everyone recognized cute little Jaden!

  751. Sooooo, the Rockets lost again. Always a good sign to start the evening.
    Talent doesn’t buy heart. Harden just doesn’t play with any. First sign of adversity, or defensive intensity against him (like in the playoffs), and he just wilts and gives no more effort. It really is too bad.

  752. These Nets! It’s like being a Lin fan. Ups and downs.

    When this team plays poorly, like in the past two games, they really look tired, and out of sync. No ball movement, bad shot selection.

    But, when they play well in those games that they’ve won, they look like a playoff team!

    The guys are rolling tonight vs the Heat. Up 35 at end of 3rd. Come on guys! Don’t take feet off the gas! KEEP IT UP! WIN THIS ONE!

  753. Just be glad it’s not a tattoo! Haha!

  754. Hate to say it, I agree….LOL
    Doesn’t quite look like soaring eagles….:-(

  755. My limited observation of shooting form…..

    Allen Crabbe doesn’t seem to have a really smooth release. A lot of his shots hit the rim hard, or halfway down, then back out. It seems like he just line-drives them at the basket. Kind of like the way Chandler Parsons used to shoot three’s. Hope Adam Harrington can help him improve.

    Good news, Acy has been hitting his three’s lately. He needs to be selective in when to shoot them. Not early in the shot clock, or whenever he’s open. That will help the team more. The two 3’s he made tonight helped change the momentum of the game.

  756. We are NOT the only ones who have fond memories of Linsanity. Those were such fun times for all basketball fans!

  757. THE GOOD GUYS WIN! A true blow-out – especially over the Heat.

    I like Spoelstra, he always gives Lin props. But the Heat organization, the announcers, and their beat reporters, are such whiners. During the playoffs against the Hornets, they complained to the NBA about the foul calls that Lin was getting. Then they slammed the Nets for sitting Lin and Lopez for the last game last season. Such sore losers.

  758. Since Dinwiddie’s 26 points in the loss against the Pacers, not sure what’s going on with him.
    The good: he cut down the bad 3PA. His assists and turnovers are still good.
    The not-so-good. Instead of being more aggressive, he seems to be even less so. And the starting unit hasn’t started well. They needed the bench to come in to give them energy.

    He did make a couple of pretty passes Carroll and Zeller. And a nice bounce pass to RHJ for a dunk!

  759. Am I the only one on this forum who still watches some of these Lin-less games? LOL….

    It was a very nice win! Not as exciting because they blew the Heat away. As I said, when this team has it clicking, they are not pushovers.

    Caris LeVert had a phenomenal game. I think he also has good court vision in finding open teammates. And knowing where to pass to them. Joe Harris was 4 for 4 in 3 pointers, and shot 78% overall! At one point, the two of them (and Acy) were +/- +23! RHJ can’t seem to miss those mid-range jumpers any more. (Good thing he didn’t miss, because a few of them were tough contested shots.)

    Jarrett Allen is improving right in front of our eyes. The chemistry between LeVert and JA is fun to see! The Nets, and Sean Marks, must be real satisfied about having drafted them, and seeing such great progress.

    Caris, JA and RHJ had a few more dunks tonight. And good passing even got Carroll a nice dunk!

    Scoring was shared. Rebounds were shared. Everyone got to touch the ball. They were cutting, and attacking the basket. Selective in the 3PAs, only 26. Not over-relying on it.

    Great team defense too. Making rotations to help as needed. After the first quarter, Miami was just missing everything!

  760. Cody Zeller was starting for the Hornets last season. He played well, and the Hornets played better, after he returned from a few injuries. But, as usual, NBA teams go star chasing and signed Dwight Howard. Not working well for the Hornets so far.

    Anyway, just found out poor Cody is out at least 6 weeks after torn meniscus surgery. Feel badly for him. But at least, it’s fairly routine recovery now for that type of injury.

    Having said that. IMO, Tyler Zeller has better offensive skills than Cody. He seems to be more agile and athletic at the rim. Sets solid screens and rolls well to the basket. Has good footwork and good hands, and can put the ball on the floor. Looks like another good signing by Sean Marks.

    Not sure why Brad Stevens couldn’t play TZ, even off the bench. But hope TZ has nice revenge game against the Celtics on Sunday.

  761. Here are more pics from Lin’s visit to his barber in Vancouver. He does seem to be in good spirits. Really comforting to see!

    However, yikes! Hope he’s not doing long-lasting damage to his hair. All the pulling and shaving off……


  762. Will post this also on “rehab” thread.

    “Great to see @JLin7 having progressed to ride a stationary bike”. This is definitely a good sign, right?


  763. Don’t see if this was posted earlier. As often stated. JLin has some awesome and devoted fans. This one puts JLin’s logo in concrete!


  764. Oh oh. The Warriors are down 10 against the Hornets. Come one Warriors! The Rockets lost tonight. Gotta get separation from them in the standings!

    Edit: Oh heck, the Warriors blew it. Must be good win for the Hornets (especially after the snarky things I just said about them. LOL.)

  765. Another young Lin fan. (obviously supported by parent). Seems like JLin is inspiring to ALL age groups.



  766. For those who speak Mandarin, and have the time, here is the link to the Tencent Christmas Day interview/commentary on the Thunder vs the Rockets game. Note what Lin said about his time with the Rockets. (Can’t say it enough, I hate the Rockets! More specifically, Daryl Morey.)

    Wow, wish Tencent would translate and transcribe the entire show! After all, Lin has plenty of fans here in the States who would be interested, if in English.


  767. Old news. Soon to be confirmed news. Will also post in “Joe Tsai” thread.

    “Just we are finishing the deal. I think Joe is a great partner and will help the game and help the NBA,” Prokhorov told The Post. “Sources have said the deal could be done by the end of the month.”


  768. More to post in “rehab” thread. From Dec.19th.

    “Just keep on this plan,” said Lin. “We’re not really putting any time or target date on any of the milestones for rehab really. It’s more just listening to the body, seeing how everything progresses. I have a year to do it, so there’s no rush. And then I just can’t wait to come back and hopefully be a better version of myself.”


  769. Slightly off-topic. Still have not gotten a Lin Nets jersey yet. To tell the truth, because I don’t like the colors at all. Black and white. So boring and bland. Fits the Spurs well, kind of bland, haha. But for young dynamic team? Wish they could do better.

    Past Lin jerseys were great colors. Knicks orange and blue. Rockets red and white. Lakes purple and gold. Hornets purple and teal. Stands out. Nets? Meh.

  770. Happy new year to you, Linthezone and to the others. .I just want to let you know that I faithfully watch the Nets game. However, my husband says he does not hear me yelling like I used to when Lin played! Go Nets..A very old grandmother from Washington,DC suburb.

  771. Thanks again for the update.

  772. Random Pre-Game Thought:

    I think Dinwiddie might be able to function as a Poor Man’s Batum when paired with Lin, because at least right now, Dinwiddie seems to have a better command of Nets deliberately purposeful half court offense, and also may fight over screens a bit better, too.

    And if he also defends opposing point guard, it may free Lin to defend off ball at his most naturally brilliant ‘free safety” position (with RHJ also locking down those passing lanes, too!!!), especially if opposing team small forward is primarily a catch and shoot three point shooter who can’t shoot with total confidence over Lin’s 8 ft 2 standing reach / decent enough hops, like often happened with shooting guard Lin on Hornets:

    Dinwiddie: https://lamarmatic.com/2015/03/15/hornets-playoff-push-mkg-keeping-point-guards-in-check/ RHJ: http://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/chicago-bulls/nba-draft-hollis-jefferson-wants-defensive-chess-match-next-level

    Lin: https://www.atthehive.com/2016/5/22/11700070/looking-back-at-jeremy-lins-recovery-and-weakside-blocks

    https://stats.nba.com/player/202391/passes-dash/?Season=2015-16&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&sort=FG3_PCT&dir=1 *

    * (note in particular the staggering difference in JLin’s shooting percentages off a pass from Batum, vs. those from his most frequent actual pairings with Kemba, Lamb, and Kaminsky)




    (Nets would also now have option of employing Byron Scott’s junk defense gambit from Jason Kidd era where he would deliberately put Stojakovich on other team’s best player, goading other team into taking tons of inefficient midrange jump shots, instead of driving to rim relentlessly against Nets total lack of rim protection then)

  773. Those are some big-time stats from the Hornets! I remember the game vs the Bucks, where Lin defended Middleton so well, that even the Bucks commentators were giving him props.

    I am very glad that Lin has debunked the “poor defender” myth. Ability to play defense is important to being a more complete player. To me, Lin being a good team defender is enough. Defense is still hard work, takes energy. IMO, that’s why most “stars” don’t really play hard on defense. They may make a few flashy steals once in a while, and get away with saying they’re defending. And teams try to hide most of them with their defensive schemes. So, if you think Dinwiddie could help Lin with defense, I’m all for it. No need for Lin to tire himself out.

    Not surprisingly, my joy in watching Lin play is on the offensive end. His court vision, his transition attacks, his lobs and touchdown passes, finding open teammates by breaking down the defense. Playing off-ball every so often, to keep defenses guessing, is okay. Otherwise, I still prefer to see Lin with the ball in his hands, to initiate the offense. Don’t forget Lin was coming off the bench, with Batum being main distributor. From that perspective, I’m not sure Dinwiddie is the best fit next to Lin.

    This is all moot anyhow. In the near future, D’Angelo Russell will be in the picture. How everyone fits together, offense and defense, will be challenging to Atkinson.

  774. If you have the time, here are some highlights of last night’s game vs Miami. Too bad it also includes too much of the Heat. (I miss those wonderful Lin-centric game highlights.)

    A lot of unselfish, on-target, pretty passing to teammates. Dinwiddie, LeVert, Crabbe.
    Unfortunately, couldn’t find any highlights that show all the dunks.

    Ian Eagle, on JA dunk, “it’s a FRO-DOWN party”!

  775. 🙂

  776. Hi gum! So glad to hear you are hanging in there watching the Nets too! When Lin does play, no such thing as cheering too loud!

    When Lin returns to the court next year, hope you and your husband will get a chance to cheer loudly for him in person. Maybe when the Nets face the Wizards, at Capital One Arena?

    Old? Just a number……and if being an “old” grandmother means blessings and gift of grandchildren, even better!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  777. Brent returns! Happy New Year to you and your adorable family!

  778. To start 2018 on a hopeful note. (I will post to “rehab” thread too.)

    Jimmy Graham, (current tight-end for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL)
    “@JLin7 my thoughts go out to you brother. I know what your going thru. Message me if u have any questions about the long road back. – 8:25 AM – 19 Oct 2017”

    “Graham tore his patellar tendon, one of the most severe knee injuries an athlete can suffer…..he came back from the injury without missing a beat…..Graham firmly re-established himself as one of the league’s better tight ends….Now (at 31) one year further removed from surgery, Graham is just about at full health…. ” – SB Nation – August 3, 2017

    Granted, it’s a different sport. But still, it’s a sport where athleticism is required.

    Graham’s message was heartwarming and most encouraging! To take the trouble to reach out to JLin. HOPE JLIN saw the tweet, and has contacted Graham!



  779. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best of Health and Love and Family to Everyone! And for JLin to return and play basketball again this year!

  780. CLV is turning into a dynamic player. Like Lin has with some big men, he’s developed a nice PnR chemistry with Allen. I think Crabbe has been disappointing, however.

  781. Things are going to change when Russell returns. I hope Dinwiddie and CLV can keep their involvement, but it’s going to be challenging.

    I like CLV with Lin best. Dinwiddie with Lin is ok, but Dinwiddie now is establishing his own facilitation.

  782. Jeremy Lin’s injury is troubling for all Lin fans. I’m sure all Lin fans feel the same that that he has to do something extra to make sure he remains healthy from now on. So how else besides working with Nash in Vancouver can Lin help himself to become stronger?

    Bball is a full contact sport with lots of mid air collisions that results in “freak” injuries. The league needs to protect players from these types of contacts. I agree that a rule needed to be made to stop Harden fouls where he initiated contacts. But rim attackers get hacked routinely and severely punished.

    “Proprioception refers to the body’s ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. This ability enables us to know where our limbs are in space without having to look. It is important in all everyday movements but especially so in complicated sporting movements, where precise coordination is essential. This coordinated movement is a result of the normal functioning of the proprioceptive system.
    What is the Proprioceptive System?
    The proprioceptive system is made up of receptor nerves that are positioned in the muscles, joints and ligaments around joints. The receptors can sense tension and stretch and pass this information to the brain where it is processed. The brain then responds by signalling to muscles to contract or relax in order to produce the desired movement.

    This system is subconscious, and we don’t have to think about the movements or the corrections to movement. Sometimes the reactions take place so fast they are termed reflexive.

    Following injury to joints and ligaments the receptors are also damaged, which means the information that is usually sent to the brain is impaired. As a consequence the joint feels odd or just doesn’t feel right.

    What are the Benefits?
    Once a joint has been damaged, or a ligament has been torn or partially torn, there will be a deficit in the proprioceptive ability of the individual. This can leave the person prone to re-injury, or decrease their coordination during sport. Proprioceptive ability can be trained through specific exercises and, in the case of the injured athlete, the improvement can compensate for the loss caused by injury. This has the effect of decreasing the chances of re-injury. Proprioception also helps speed an athlete’s return to competition following injury. The exercises should be initiated as soon as possible following injury.”

    The loss of proprioception also accumulates from injuries and our body loses touch of the injured parts even though they may have fully healed. Professional athletes can start to get repeated injuries due to loss of proprioception.
    A road side test for drunk driving used to be testing if the driver could close their eyes and touch their nose. Impairment from injuries can have a similar affect. I suspect that my closed eye test is probably not as accurate as when I was younger and not done as quickly either.
    The good news is that health science has become increasingly aware of how our body uses proprioceptors to walk, to dance, to juggle and to dribble while running and looking ahead to make split second decisions. We now have ways to retrain those receptors and train them as we build and train muscles for endurance or fine twitch activities. Let’s hope the Nets performance team uses these techniques to help Lin’s body to be more precise and faster in adjustments for all sorts of freak contacts in the future.
    My own lost of proprioception due to age and injuries has been a struggle. Not being able to do things I used to be able to do was very frustrating. But now I have hope again that I can rebuild some of those receptor nerve endings by learning to do simple tricks like juggling. This was something I recently learned from a PBS series about how one can improve their brain activities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redesign_My_Brain. Todd Anderson
    In one episode, he found that learning to juggle improved his neuro plasticity and proprioception. This is how I’m retraining my body again with yoga and tai chi movements. Lin however may need to train more specifically for his balance and proprioception to know where his feet are at all times. IMO, figure skating with precise angles and edges to create figures will rebuild his lower body awareness. Jumps like single or double twists in the air will require him to build up awareness of his precise landing points on ice in action. Or Lin can just learn to roll and throw a balance ball with his feet on his back!

    IMO, Lin’s repeated injuries has roots in his lost proprioceptors that inevitably comes with multiple injuries. Rebuilding and repair his bones, ligaments alone doesn’t repair the neuro receptors that makes his body awareness know exactly where his feet and body should be in motion. Lin must rebuild his neuro receptors again to know how to use his body again.

  783. Anyone else watching the Nets and what CLV is doing? He’s turning into a fine player. One that does a lot of what we like in Lin. He’s also religious and seems like a humble kid. But he plays aggressively.

  784. Just lov this young team! Can’t wait for Lin to come back and lead them to the roomies land.

    Does anyone have any news about Okafor progress?

  785. Yardbarker..”In an update on Jeremy Lin, who suffered a season-ending ruptured patella tendon in the right knee on opening night, he is recently started cycling, Bryan Fonseca of NetsDaily relays. Lin, 29, has been stationed in Vancouver to do his rehab with periodic visits to Brooklyn. He has until June 29 to decide whether he will exercise his option for a third season in Brooklyn, but after a season-ending surgery, it’s hard to envision Lin forfeiting guaranteed money.

    If it were solely based on talent, Caris LeVert would likely be a starter for the Nets. While he is currently coming off the bench, LeVert has made himself the leader of Brooklyn’s second unit, Brian Lewis of the New York Post writes.

    “He’s making it his group,” head coach Kenny Atkinson said. “You do need someone to lead a unit, and they’ve got nice chemistry going.”

  786. Before giving you predictions from experts, I want to take this opportunity to send my condolences to the prediction of Colin Ward-Henninger from CBS Sports who had predicted 14.2 wins for the coming season of this Nets team. Nets has won 14 games without their #1 and #2 PGs.

    Kunal Kohli (40 wins) 29/9/2017 Brooklyn Nets: Making the playoffs all but guaranteed

    Mason McFee (35:47) 20/9/2017 Sir Charles in Charge Brooklyn Nets 2017-18
    season primer: Building their way to relevance https://sircharlesincharge.com/2017/09/20/brooklyn-nets-season-primer-2017-18-building/6/

    Erik Slater (31:51) Brooklyn Nets 2017-2018 Season Preview 2/10/2017

    AlecNathan (30-52) Bleacher Report

    Brian Lewis (30-52) New York Post

    ESPN predicted (29.5 wins) Aug 3, 2017, Kevin Pelton, ESPN Staff Writer

    Vegas Prediction: (28.5 wins) 30/8/2017 Vegas releases over/under win totals for the 2017-18 NBA regular season

    Adam Fromal’s (28-54) Over? Under? Predicting Records for Every NBA Team Against Vegas Odds

    Bleacher Report NBA Staff (26 wins) August 19, 2017

    ESPN.com predicted (26-56) wins Aug 16, 2017

    Basketball insiders (25 wins) By Benny Nadeau on July 19, 2017

    ESPN Zach Lowe 22nd team The 2017-18 NBA League Pass Rankings, Part 1

    Josh Cornelissen (25:57) 19/09/2017 Brooklyn Nets: 2017-18 NBA season preview

    Vegas (21.5 wins) 6/7/2017

    Adam Iafrate (21: 61) (last season ranked Nets 20:62) Aug 24, 2017 Ranking the Atlantic Division: End of August edition

    CBS SportsLine (20.9 wins) Sep 5, 2017

    Colin Ward-Henninger @ColinCBSSports (14.2 wins) Jul 7, 2017 SportsLine

  787. CLV has also made lots of mistakes in the 4th Qtr.
    Dinwiddie, DeMarre Carroll and Crabbe saved the game for the team and hence had the highest RPM ratings.

  788. jlin7 (instagtam) #NeverDone – 2017 was a tough year with the most devastating setback of my life. Since surgery, I refused to rewatch the injury. I’ve seen my fans support me in the past but with this injury, you guys all collaborated to make gifts. Some of which included hundreds or thousands of fans pitching into one gift, and you kept using #NeverDone which is now my 2018 mindset. This injury hurts in the short-term but I truly believe it’ll help my career in the long run. Im rebuilding myself mentally, physically and spiritually. Im finding ways to be better than before, leaving no stone unturned. Its about to be an epic comeback! So as you guys approach the new year, take every last setback to fuel going forward. Adversity forces us to reevaluate, adapt, improve. It forces us to ask the tough questions, to go the extra mile and push our limits. Comfort is the enemy of progress. Dont run from adversity, beast it! And lets not forget God always has a sovereign, perfect plan! Happy New Year!! #lovemyfans #grownmencrytoo (🎥: @houseofhighlights)


  789. I don’t mind the mistakes. And they aren’t unlike a lot of the mistakes Lin made when he was young and inexperienced. CLV is only in his 2nd year now. CLV made a huge clutch basket, drove to the rim for a +1 and made his free throw. Crabbe, Dinwiddie, DMC all played well, but to be honest, CLV has been the consistent highest impact player on the team in the past few games.

  790. He’s also paired with Allen, who comes off the bench. They remind me somewhat of Lin/Davis. They have a good chemistry.

  791. KA says he plays next game.

  792. And you would know this how? Fotius definitely had a hand in prolonging Nash’ career. Don’t forget, Lin stayed healthy for full seasons before joining the Nets.

    Rebuilding all his muscles and from the ground up is not something the Nets or their young trainers know how to do. Taking Lin’s 3rd hamstring injury to finally asked other teams’ veteran staff for advice is total incompetence!

  793. https://twitter.com/NBA_Math/status/894679547693588482

    “Looking at Lin’s on/off four factors indicates that, based on historical records of teams with similar Four Factors, the Nets would win an estimated 37.8 games if the point guard were [had been] always on the floor.”




  794. I’m truly thankful Lin has found a home in Brooklyn. No other team would have treated him so well for the last 2 seasons of inactivity. This is why some believe Lin will be gone next season.

    This is my opinion and it’s based on nothing but faith and hope. I believe in Atkinson and the new 49% owner joe Tsai. They both know what Lin can do when healthy. Marks and the Russian majority owner were adamant that this new Nets team will be built on culture polar opposite to Billy Kings ways. Why would they change now when the seeds have started to sprout?

    What we are witnessing is the cultural payoff that was put in place by the owner and Marks through Atkinson. There is no one better to translate it than Lin to all players. As de facto leader endorsed by management, Lin is the driving force of change for players around him. You can see it with many of the young guys and how they’ve taken Lin’s lead to be a team player. This is the expression of the culture Marks has been wishing for. Why would they changed that up?

    The addition of a 49% minority owner, joe Tsai is another reason this team means to do what they’ve started. Tsai has expressed his views that Lin is his favourite player, but when you look deeper, you can see why. Tsai is a Christian and his faith aligned perfectly with how Lin is a partner to magnify their inner vision of how they can make the world better beyond their connection on the basketball court. Joe Tsai has publicly said that he hopes that Lin can inspire all Asians to become more conscious of how powerful physical education is for making the next generation into much better people. He hopes especially that China would recognize the real benefits of encouraging play to children. Lin can be that catalyst of change on culture as well as faith.

    Lin is money as well for the recognition and advertising that would propel the Nets financial health. He is a win win for the team. This is why I have real faith and thankfulness that Lin will be Nets for the rest of his career.

  795. Nets has been impressive playing team ball.

  796. Nets turned over the ball 11 times comparing to Timberwolves 4 AND yet leading at halftime 48:43. The team is playing heads up team basketball making good plays and the front court is getting stronger with the addition of Jarrett Allen and Big Jah to back up Zeller. Also the team led the wolves in rebounds 25:16. Who could have guessed they are screening out and getting rebounds with N. Stauskas and Allen Crabb leading the team with 5 rebounds each.

    Allen Crabbe is playing like an all round player now though he’s not shooting as well as expected. It’s an encouraging development for the team that team chemistry has been developed well with no elite players on the court. LeVert is not available and DeMarre is obviously not 100% but the team seems to play well.

  797. Nets won by 1 point!!!!!
    Dinwiddie does it again despite Quincy Acy almost gave the game away in fouling.

  798. Yes he is, he will a Net for life, an assistant coach after next season.

  799. I have never had doubts in my mind that the motion offence is the way to play in this modern era. People wonder how such poor talent can come together and prove all the doubters wrong. The reason is the system closes the gap between superstars and middle of the pack players. In a one on one against the likes of LeBron, few would believe they could out play the freak body and athleticism of LBJ. Basketball however is a team sport and that’s system can create separations and create space that otherwise can’t be achieved one on one.

    There a no doubt that having talent and athleticism makes it easier to win. Team play can make up a lot of shortfall and gap that separates athletes. In the era of shooting 3s, skill and system can overcome talent and athleticism.

    The process that Atkinson has put the team on has created an ability for rank and file to exceed who they were. I’m so looking forward to next season when Dinwiddle and Levert will crush every other teams second string players while Lin leads the Nets deep into the playoffs.

  800. This is how the game was won. Gritty plays from Crabbe, DeMarre, Joe Harris and most of all Dinwiddie.